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Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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X LL, .1fm-4, ,M cfc 0 4 V01 9 0 ' 13 J .. f' 9 0 5' ff . E f Y' A I . N lk - , ' . Q Q 'f Q l 9 3 , 1- ' I i Q . O lx Q .y " 1 1 f ' 1 i , -' - .. :P 1' .if ' 741 ' 1 f I 4 . X K h 6 . 4 x ' 1 S V , Xgo90N,e N ' PxPK9xX'I-DNF f' ' , ff 3 , i f tn,, f Q 4 27 5 G ffl fa U vt u KM ME? Q1 1 J4! flue worfclzi a rifage, ana! af flue men an women mefefy lffayefrf Venessa Hubbard takes the cake. M. Van Buren and K, Barber enjgy 3 peaceful T. Homan sneaks a peak at L. Kircsh's lunch. lunch. A 'Q I Betty Petro gives the look of determination. Students be-hopping at the X X WICKIUD Live Aeua frm Llve ........, 2 Derformins! Arts ..... I7 Honors ............,.... 37 Snorts Dreanizations ....,... 85 Classes 8: faculty . . . 103 Closine ............ Q . . 172 Ads ......... .... I 79 Index ........ ..... I Q3 Dedloatlon .... ,... 2 00 5 Stud nts at Work and p ,. f .,,, ,Am . jk, 1. 1 1 Q 52 9 ' V952 Yi , 'U v. 'ZIIf3? 1 W' " 4522, . ls, ai 4,2 fi, we ,, ,im 3, mwfw iigiiieiff.-,iiiifii45i55Tfi i- -e 52,11 -i a . k f 1 wffawz wwf: 1 Messy Jim Ellis. -is Melinda Tainter saves a few for herself. 4'--W 'wo ,H I f---" L- l'!"'1 Shara Mosely just can't Hgure it out. ,,-, -7 . 1 s -mat: ,. . . .., YQ., 'W 'QF--ml' V Thlfsgfff' . ':U5gP'3f'J. W! r ri- l wi-N,-K 1. , N 1 X72 l Egg-I . -fx' J ' -5. l Students compare notes. D C R b d J S w quiet momen J H b k 1 f'!Q:t:o:oj020L'6:ozO2 . 0000. .4 ff X?o'o'o'o'0'O0 'NPQOOOOA 402020204 mis'v.0.0.Q.o.o.4.9.Q 4-.Lx-,muxfui V . , Red and Grey. 66 ,,, W t, I 'x N are X 1. 5 . di!" r Mr. Lavin Frida afternoons bring out spirit The pep assemblies of this year," commented Michele Moreno, "are more fun, not boring, riled up and all-out rowdyf' The pom and cheer line brought out the animal that had been trapped in everyone, for some more than three years. The skits performed by the football team and pom and cheer line entertained the entire student body. The Pinata breaking may have been the start of a new tradition. Friday afternoons the crowds awaited the toss of candy, and the class with the loudest yell won prizes of miniature footballs. X 8 x l mtervlews Mr Bad Teachers, K. Ruach and M. 7? Ranma! S. Leach and C. Green are llttle drummer boys. up-4' 1 F- fu- Underarms warfare!!! OH! That Smell. watch assembly antics. X I- I. , 1 l W9 , 'kj Z' if E E' tar?- . A vt 19" - 1" Y, A'-M .ll. .. I ,af ' Nxt? in X life il 5, .na I as, I4 G5 ff t 1 "Jr 1- ' is ' w A fi I 7 I-mv "'A it X. 1 5 . .f" .jv- Q 3' lim E L 'PD C. Ili-gi as I.. 10 N .Wo 1 wi . f if 4 8 'i . A .,v:'L- kv A K , , . A H M,...Q.,.-, ,iv ., x ,M , ,1 ly . mt H S. Leach tries to donut hang "And we all fall down." Pretty maids all in a row "Miss Billy Moore" contestants. +- Diane Hendrix whispers secrets to Mary Jo Lorenzi D.J.'s J. Sainz and J. Bringer. Practicing the grapefruit pass is difficult. 7 wr, :,. ,3- . -'f"'.A:5' vx 'z 'N As' .1358-Y ' - "h Qu: M .xr ., 1 " :"'wY"'ft,'.4 ' ,Vw ' V 'Jr 331' ' . . .gegy L Q . ' ,Asia X X- H Wmli 1 4 Ji Q -vm. Sylvester mingles with the crowd. ctivities bring students alive. IJ ights, curtain, action! Live on campus, it's the Agua Fria student body. The student body is active during homecoming week with their noontime ac- tivities and dress-up days. They get involved throughout the rest of the year by cheering at the pep assemblies and attending school games to keep the spirit alive. Among other activities occurring at school were the Junior class candy sale for the funding of the junior- senior prom and the student council's donation of S300 to the United Way Foundation. "The activities were fung students react well to them and teachers are helpful and understanding," said senior Mitch Cornell. Tom Rosztoczy punks out Wendy and Julie tell jokes in the crowd. X IQKX arhe Wolffe s talent IS cont try square dancing. The crowd reaches for the gusto The two musketeers, Laura Hayes and Deanna Banks. Q. ,. W W 3 U ',- .r , ,A wr " ,H , .. A 5 if-. Q M an , I N ,. f' "' .. 5-61. 5,615 wg v f1"Y' ' .ff J, 'i r 8 9 YL 1 k 4: x-. X ... 3 .I 'x is l,. yr . s.,' is ' . b ' . t . . T' ' pm--1 .J ' 5 I .. -, 'ous ': , I ' ' ' . ' . milk! Y' A ' 1 L' D .Q ' ', 'I . 5gN'x 'NS Qs ' ,F 1 'I .v 'Q,'9'h? J. . 'NV ' M-:' I A uw M, .1..Kc, ,I K X X , s , x - A I f 04 -fikiff .T"'3 . ' ' , ' xx 1 . . . l'v' 'I 4 f - . ix Q S Q n , M x Q xx X R ' ' N . f ' "IQ, " xx fxzt nxi' 1' ' , x I ' I Vt .X Y, ni A, . X 1 V 5, at x ff- 'X-WC V -' 1 'J I, V -X xx s X I N , , ffl.. ,, ' ' Q v I E, 1 'Y'- gs dance s the ,Ig 'K r'-6 33 H ML r, 5 ! .2- 4 A 4 J- , M' 'WHY A ,.,,, ,,,,..., -M . 1. 'P-M f-mf ww-w'w6-ww-Mwwwiw-w...w-n,..-wwnslv-4rM...-a-Q. .-0-oo-M y,.,,w,...,.,,.,,, .--me-1 ,..,..,,,. .,, , ., ,, -- . .- . -...-W... f 1 4 + 32 0 'Jiri bf- no ...-vw.,-w, tvs Rf X59- QX pax ll ,V L, . W gs' xi JX'1f-xr, gf 'xv Q f wiv 'fm- Qing- I z..."- 'nn T1 DI-!l'f0l'l11il1Q IIDW as Q E? fx S X. Q.:-.:. N, I Drama Club performs with style and class he two plays performed by the AF drama club this year, "Paint the Town Pink" and "Flowers for Algernon" were produced and directed exceptionally well. "Mr. Judge, the newest drama instructor has done an outstanding job with the drama students in the short time he has been here at Agua Fria," commented a student from the senior class. The drama club has always been very popular with students at Agua Fria and has a reputation for being outstan- ding at entertainment. This year's students were no excep- tion. The two plays performed by the drama club were done with much professionalism, and were given compliments from everyone. Top Row L to R: Rhodi Fischer, Leonard Chayrez, Torn Brittain, Sherri Faulker, Dana Hill, Diane Anderson, Monica Piccolomini, Eric Braverman, Kathy Allen, Margie Oviado, Brian Kilbourn, Rob Rosztoczy, Jack Malysa, Middle Row: Brenda Venable, Shawna Guess, Beth Pearson, David Hunt, Nicci Beaumont, Mitch Cornell, Sheila Cano, Laura Rayner, Lisa Martinez, Cheryl Cook, Susan Schreiner, Norma Lowe, Rhonda Lawson, Tim James, Nancy Schell, Mr. Judge, Rhea Flenner, 4th Dawn Miller, Melody Arnold, Shari Hayes, Gaylene Moyers, Wendy Edwards, Becky Schwald, Dawn Gilmore, Alice Reske, Jeannette Viteri, Kristin Shears, Rhea Flenner. K 186 Mernorizing lines is an easy task for D. Hunt. ,pu ,,-ar Lg Xw.XQ . . . Nw, Sk f""'N1y Wi Hard work pays off for Thespians he Thespians Club was named after the Greek actor Thespis. The club was formed many years ago in memory of this great actor. For many years, Agua Fria members of the drama club have strived to accumulate enough hours by working in plays, in front of or behind the scenes, to be eligi- ble for initiation into the prestigious Thespians Club. Return- ing Thespians this year were David Hunt and Eric Braver- many new members included Shari Hayes, Rhea Flenner, Nor- ma Lowe, Nicci Beaumont, Rhonda Lawson, Mitch Cornell and Tim James. tl E. Braverman, D. Hunt, and S. Hayes, collaborate on the play's new lines Lft. to Rght.: Mr. Judge, D. Hunt, R. Flenner, E. Braverman, S. Hayes, N. Lowe, N. Beaumont, R. Lawson, M.Cornell, T. James. IX 1 20lx l. ...M W..-,. , -1 1 vi. Mr Faris leads the ranks. Band of Wls Marches to Success his year Agua Fria's Marching Band of Owls made a drastic change to a corps style. This included a rennovation of the uniform, a total change in mar- ching style and a conversion of the pom pon line into a dance corps. "I think the new look really makes a positive dif- ference. It modernizes our band," said one of the members. During the football season the band performed during every halftime and for the pregame show at most of the away games. At mid-football season the band com- peted at the Northern Arizona Universi- ty Band Day. They received the rating of '2' and became eligible for the state band festival. This year the band per- formed at the State Fair, Rodeo of Rodeos parade and many other parades. They also conducted a cheese and sausage sale in order to go on tour to California. The band is conducted by John Faris, the flag corps by Ms. Leslie Anderson and the dance corps by Mary Conway. M h B d T R L R: R. Loy, A. Harris, J. Edgely, C. Green, V. Lopez, W. Grant, E. Bryant, D.'Harvey, L. Dominquez, K. Loraine. Third Row: L. Mgbielrig Dlbrinindjllijez OW Behn, M. Kindel, K. Schartzkopf, D. Harvey, S. Mora, M. Woods, D. Grumbllng, G. Maloney, C. Sallen, D. Dano, M. La Voie, J. Smith Second Row C Hoffman, S. Brooks, T. Edgely, B. White, A. Martin, R. Pierce, H. Nickele, L. Johnson, D. Lopez, P. Elizondo, D. Healy, L. Cox, S. Platt T Holllngshead Bottom Row: C. Cole, L. Johnson, A. Erickson, M. Gilmore, D. Hammitt, L. Ritchy, G. Lundmark, D. Miller, S. Motomatsu, G. Green, S Pew S Taylor C Rizzo Front: Mr. Faris, Directer, John Marshall, Drum Major. x X 21 l Br ,ik fee, ullnxi-4 if ,.-f Diana, Hammitt up! IH!! -Q--uv g ,. ... pg W -faq 'E QQ, Z' Abe Harris practices hard for the band's next performance. 5 lx 5 22x " 11 i .i -rags , 5 The Agua Fria Dance corps entertains Agua Fria fans during half-time. X Sheila Motomatsu and Dawn Miller toot horns. .- 'F' Q 1 i f 5 .Am-15. 3 I.. n N N A . KN if lu b Y A . . L . W f ' - Y Hi, A -i- f' f .rs I f " v if 0 f ' :' if ' 'if h :,k X , 1 Beth White and Anne Martin keep busy dui band class. N X V .. 14 , . , .li I 1 - we-swf? S "" ' .. ..X.A ' A perfect piccolo player, Kristen Schwartkopf. The hot sun never stops the band from getting the practlce needed Q ,kkx M .. ey, K. e,.r 6 S, iff ,ppgsfsgz K , , wi A 2 .9 K x . . I , ,J .zfm Q Y, s k , .s, - . f 2 . is ll A M M e S ' fr y,,. K f ., S r 1. r- K .. . v 'T S ' E 'E . . 3 , x Mfg M, 3 .- Vffi-.X X 'K 1 of .3 gin V lr ,:5fgj,.l,::SY i K A. lj K V l any . K, K b 5-,tg . , 5 Q i T XQ f Q Q Q , ., 'Zm..,P N Yg.'E'?'iQfgja4.X Q l' X' ' p,"f'l5N K i K , K L so l , Qing X pgfifsgggy . H x . Q5 g. Q X T f . ff. X P 3 -1 in .gg . : - . r . M . ' -n . l . fi .4 . f -. M- Hffsf. 5 N iw -, ' vt'-'W af l y WS-row ., Q lam J- ff- Q we ' Q, gfifgf 'il gf. , Q-N1 Q f - Q - F P x ' ewes 'Xi 5 .N 1 , l S M L in .fa e' ewii' 1 Q. ff A 3. ' e'w"'N 111:-vi-..f3k" ze. Q John Marshall leads the band to another great performance. Council directs band with dignit his year's band council has done a great job, along with the support of Mr. Faris. The band performed at foot- ball games. It was a major task for the council to keep the band together with least amount of problems possible. The band council is credited with satisfaction of having a well performing band. :fn f 4' Robert Loy, Monte Kindle """""""""'4-as W. Q 3 i Row: Diane Lopez, Sunrdae Taylor, Melissa Gilmore, Sara Mora. w V Worth the effort' I .x 1 24 X I ww.. , R f as -ask. A . .,.n.v,.X,x.M.... . 23: .fp , i .. MQNQWNW Y - xx Dlane I opez Qundae Taylor Monkevmg Around Hootin Dandies play for spirit at games he name Hootin Dandies originated from a television show back in the 6O's. Throughout the basketball season they supported the team by playing at every home game and rais- ing the morale of the Agua Fria fans. Since the Hootin Dan- dies are all volunteers, credit should be given to Mrs. Leslie Anderson and her players for the great support they have given to the basketball program. Laura Simmons blows her horn. .X 'v Q . X M. Kindel, K. Schwartzkope, S. Mora, L. Johnson, G. Maloney, S. Piatt, Second Row: S. Brooks, S Leach, A. Erickson, T. Edgely, B. White, A. Martin, R. Pierce, W. Grant, V. Lopez, Bottom Row: S Johnson M. Gilmore D. Hammitt D. Miller G. Lundmark P. Elizondo S. Motomatsu S. Pew T Hollingshead V. Lopez and A. Martin take a break. Beth White toots joyfully away viii , 26 .Y l Drummers Pace arching Band he drum corps were an important part of the band and displayed outstanding spirit that crowds enjoyed at all football games. They led the band with excellent precision and skill and displayed a professional manner at all times. Besides showing spirit at games, the drum corps also aroused excitement from Agua Frians at the assemblies. At assemblies or games you can be sure to hear Agua Fria's Drum Corps beat their drums with pride. vii ,., , . ch... ii ss ,-.- 2 Top Row Lto R: A. Harris, M. Gilmore, T. Edgely J Edgely A Erickson S Brooks D Cano Bottom C Green R Loy J Marshall M Kindel, S. Leach. orth Campus breaks shells, Baby Band of Owls created This year's freshman band was composed of 34 members. The members sign up each year when they register for their classes. But to ensure that the band has ualit sound the stated, "I can't wait until next year, I mean if Freshman Bag IS this much fun then South Campus with varsity and th activities must be great." Q Y r registering students are required to have previous playing ex, perience. After the band has been formed, their many ac- tivities include performing at freshman pep assemblies, play- ing with the varsity band at South Campus pep assemblies, performing at concerts with the Varsity Band and choirs and during parades the band performs again with the Varsity Band. Even though the Freshman Band has not been involv- ed in any competition this year, it is considered by the members as a year full of experiences. As one freshman Top Row Left to Right: Aaron Tull, Tim nsta , ree orme, reg age, h avi or1 , nan epfif David Eplin, Errol Allen, Shelli Nelson, Tom Bradley, Brad Anderson, Denise Bell, Joe Snyder, Middle Row: Irma Salas, Sernas Beck Galindo Celestina Rivera Stace Baker Marrie Lanebert, Jackie Kennedy Tahnee Ashby, Bottom Row' Re O d C d H ' G P D 'd G1 't B ' Sh d, Scott Fitch, Leo C: , y , x , y , . 7 . . - g Wichman, Elizabeth Reid, Tauna Little, Jill Mahoney, Francine Lavoie, Heather Plette, Sondra Valentine, Robin Harwood. i xx 1 28 fx ,. The Freshman Band played a variety of music. It reflef the capabilities of our Baby Owls as they performed. ' music played by the band ranged from John Philip Sousa more contemporary composers. All in all, Mr. Farris working with the band as he stated, "I feel that they played quite well." As the incoming freshmen look forward belonging to Varsity Band and their performances, Mr. F vsiilluprepare for a new batch of Baby Owls to break s e s. .J 1 iq J "I A , .,. Y ew- 1 .at 1 - ' I, . 1 A . RX.. fx gr? Y Y n Y S 45 35? 0 6, W f lx A SFQ4 Ek - ,ggi , xr .ki 'S . 1 Eff F L . S fi fd Nw N-... 4--"" -...Lf V Q. W V ,L I n Lf 'Xb I! . 'I is VI xg' --' , , 1 I x Gd. ., Q .' A I' . 1-, . x V .LQ ax J ' ,, ? 4' J 1- J 1 1 fi, M1 ,. fu. ..,, 'I -4. , .ani W- - -- fs-0' X I 9 ik "I Q' fx L2 .k P - f M! Qs x w Q , 2, 6 A 9 l P- Q P - ,gn AN' 1 k . 95- 1 w, f Msgs ', hx, 1? it Z hm' 'iq if A Y lx. Wooten En ks Mr.Fgris as H 2 X ' 5 I . K . n wr , H 5,1 'x ' ! Usd? Q4 E.. ,gf if f ..f:P"inbg 5' JN x 1 '3 ,. ."f' Am Flag Corps waves With pirit, pride his years Flag Corps added a lot to the half-time w at this year's football games. "Miss Anderson did a mendous job in training and directing the Flag Corps," member stated. Practices were strenuous and required a lot from us. iss Anderson put in much of her time too, which made us more dedicated," said another member of the 1982-83 ng Corps. , . ag, me sunk . 'Q ., -JJ ztuvwip ' '3'a'2?e+'i",f?i" "'i'3f',f' fr' yN'!'f2'.,1f '. -' '. In W m,N,Hpi'Iof.,,, B ,r 'V . . Hylrw 1,,4,,.i. . 444,-.5 Q rr -4 ,."'i ,ag - 'n A , . - .. . ' ,'f ,A ' 1 I 'lfigggif '. 'A 'r 'E K 'f.s,l 'fx r s., 'sl . w. 4'--. tau..- '1 . . 44'-ls' iilfgifvf? , I In .. , f 4 H 1 . 4 5 , f x .. iv f , A - f"f- -"E-1'.1-'fi-i,.'wtN I a',,X:,y..e L' 'A , 4' ' K ' I ' 5 L ".4,X ' 'A K. A ..- f- Q ug. - , It ' , 5 vs yin C1 , --x.-, ' : da M ,,,.,...-.-p-M 'A . .,'M.a" .nfNi.",- W- " :V fo.3."g,p4-f ' G ' . H+ .gag ' -,rn -5 G Y, ,N , am ' 'th 5 1 Wai its -'a AMN. in ii... . 'u .fi M . N- vi ,. - Q v 1 . Hollingshead, Chris Rizzo, Jeanne Smith, Linda Pettigrew, Kathy Lorraine, Leeann Moore, Julie Rivera, Tina Dominguez, Kathy Halsey, Cori Cole, Laura Johnson. k f-Q . Hoffman 1 -t I 1 aw, plan' ul 9, 'KU' Q 1, 1 5. "f, .--nf Zi 2 1. ? pu- ,v- .-"'-'5""" K X 53' 'ik-,, ,-vgy. 9 l' 6 Above Top: Tammy Ter- willger scores a slab, Above Bottom: Dawn Gilmore looks over her Art notes. lx I 35 X ,, R753 Speech competes, achieves goals he Speech Club spends the entire year preparing for their greatest competition, the AIA District Speech Tourna- ment, by entering smaller local tournaments. Through the Speech Club the members practice discipline and commitment. We spoke to Mitch Cornell, president of the Speech Club, and she said, "We really learn a lot in this club and we have fun too." "It is one of the few clubs on cam- H , , i,p, - W 'N-se. pus that anyone can join regardless of intellectual or athletic ability," said Ms. Ziobrowski, the club sponsor. ' 'li 3 The Speech Club discusses their next tournament. Speech Club in action L to R: Willie Cordova, Niki Baumont, Yvonne Cornell, Rhea Flenner, Kim Thompson, Angela Graziano. I X se 5, ,. Award Winning l3Bl'f0l'n1i:lnCOS r D P in l 'W ' :zz 'N' Q9 . 1 f 11 . J4 fifyaf df? 9 .F. ro alt reigns over 1983 RX I Homecoming Monarch Vince Lopez. Hgmecoming Regency Jackie Sainz, Ni psf? so N ei. l Junior Attendents: Sophofnore Attendents: Fl'0Shl1'lHI1 Atterldelltsi I X Woody Neighbors Kc Natalie Abbott. David Solis 8L Alisia Solis. S818 NiCh018S fN0t Pidillredi Rocco Monacf 38 C X Homecoming Royalty for the year 1982-83 - Standing L to R: Keith Carrigan, Jill Watkins, Jill Bringer, Glenn Rogers, Sitting: King Vince Lopez and Queen Jackie Sainz. .Q 'Sf 1 film 1 J S97 . ? Jones and Sara Friedman as Hansel and Gretel on the German fioat. wi NIL-- . dy Qs., fa A Af Y' . a . f . - ,U K . M f -. 'fr'-F I sur' i ' ' D 5,5 ' nn' ro JA-. e -.Q 011-It , 1 lf, s ., ' N ef . J., ,-4 ,. W Q f?',..f , e '21 f X sq' ,H 4 The Spanish club leaves the sign of Zorro. l Wx 1-f,,7 4c'1Kx' ,Q JA x fgl JF? Eric Potter crowns the 1983 homecoming king, Vince Lopez. Paula Quiggle was crowned the A.E.J.R.O.'I'.C. sweetheart. lx 1 M 41 A 33 li 5 I l N.H.S.: Top Row L to R: Carrie Rice, John Johnson, Tor Sorenson, Dan Kosecki, David Wichers, Edwin Ervion, Robert Loy, Brian Beukiema, Chris Scharven, Mark Lucasic, Rob Rosztoczy, Mike Horner, Tim Moore, 2nd Row: Diane Murdock, Darlene Healey, Sylvia Brooks, Debbie Putman, Jill Watkins, Erin Lee, Leeann Moore, Lori Tomlinson, Kristin Schortskopf, Annie Martin, Johnathon Cartsonis, 3rd Row: Keith Carrigan, Kim Kleppe, Stephanie Miller, Kathy Larson, Julie Chambers, Ann Ericson, Laura Seitz, Pam Wootton, Sundee Taylor, Debbie VanBuren, Carolyn Ritchie, Denise Shoemaker, Tom Rosztoczy, 4th Row: Tracy Larson, Sheila Motomatsu, Susie Marquez, Chris Wong, Melissa Gilmore, Rene Ford, Lisa Ramey, Pam Riggs, Cori Hoffman, Gaylene Moyers, Anna Madrid, Erin Leach, Bottom Row: Eduardo Rivera, Dan Grumbling, Dan Abraham, Chris Kellings, Roger Del-loog, Mike Cartsonis, Doug Clay, Curt Cullen NATIONAL HONOR SOSIFTY 5 L I A X FW C Vs if Boys' and Girls' State: Kevin Mahoney, Rob Rosztoczy, Erin Leach, Mike Horner, John Johnson, Not pictured: Kathy Larson Top Students Honored t takes a good grade point average, school participation and admiration imong teachers and friends to be recognized as these people have. They have een devoted to school, not only academically but spiritually as well and are be- ig rewarded by this recognition. They are candidates of receiving different cholarships and are expected to do well in the future. ten seniors pictured above in alphabetical order: Brian Buekiema, Keith Carrigan, Roger Chris Kellings, Dan Kosecki, Sheila Motomatsu, Tom Rosztoczy, Debbie VanBuren, David Sara White .4-ul Valedictorian Tom Rosztoczy. Salutatorian Sheila Motomatsu . I iyuk .gf "N -I XL, Hiya. 4 , f . , ar X J K S :gr X Q Q f S F A, , Melinda Tainter does it Seniors choose their favorite, most and best enior superlatives is a poll ot' those seniors who were recognized throughout their high school years as the favorite, most and best of their class. The senior class nominated and then voted on those deserving seniors whom they felt earned the respect and recognition of t.heir peers. Each year some superlatives change and others are added along with the Changing times. 'l'om Kirsch XL Melisa Gilmore are the most talented. '-u--w...,,, 491' X7 X91 'fi Wi The most all around are Keith Carrigan 8: Jill Bringer. E I ouis Mena and Kim Kleppe are the most dependable ebb ' The most outgoing and most athletic are Glenn Rogers and Jill Bringer. The class Clowns are Eric Braverman and Melinda Tainter IJ. A' 46 it l I , 57' A ,Sf N 'wks' 5, ' f ,I gig YS 'X K N xv X Wx X X3 X N X A V E X., Keith Carrigan and Denise Stupka have the nicest legs Randal Mcllaniel and George Batts are best buddies. 'llflm RUSZUPCZY and Laura Seitz are the Cutesl COUPIG- Jill Hringer and Jackie Sainz are best friends. 48 ,. wr Q af be EQ? WW Keit 'S ui! h Carrigan and Jackie Moredock are the best looking. Billy Blackburn and Not pictured Wendy Duynx are the most punk. Ngw g C5'Nf ' mr kj . Q F ' Q! E5 lbw' , A vit 1 t l x t C l 1 i J A. T , -R. A " 'Ee , I I , gk ' ' f as ,iff A I 1 L 4' L A ii lt ,ff V .l T 'Q el V "1 J tl Q 7 f " l , .,N, -,. . X H 1 V 4 .L I i N , . V I . Y , ,P I E 5? Y, r Q Q, - E A 'Y' Nz 4 Y., ' 'M 31 V V Q gf v 2 + N Y I' 'T , - ,- A 1 ,T 5 x. . , . . , , P. 1 - A Q . ,A n . .., . - .. . . , 1 x, A .: I I ' X V I., - 3 3, pw ,Q . , H I ' ' 5 5 N is - -1 L I-. Q ., If . . 3 1. A ,I I . f 2 , L + , ' 9 - , 'I ., " 1 ' . QA ,. A A 'gy , My 793.795 iffr,,f 4 J I Avy lb, Ak Vs Q A 'Mtg Q AJ! VN.. in ' , w p 1 A I E , ., H , I. ,V lx 3 , , v. Il N .-9. V.: Q 54 It N ,M .T 2' V. N , A K . ,A X r I 1 lg Vg 'tt 1 '.. ' ,r l,x fl . 'fn H Q lf . H I " wi. 1 A 1 R T ff' 1 N N l . ', 4 e' V - ' ' I Q1 N ll X at . 48. af , ' 1 S . 4. ff. , .. y -G l A 5 4 - , - ' Q, f ' ' . M pl V 5 X In , . , V . , , Q .A .. h A W ,va , ,arf Wh f. , ',,'f,hQL,. - . W F. V, ,li fs 1 lf V, , . -V -,. ,I l.c,3,..., kr., x.,, , ,. , .Y . .. - A - . - , I .o h A . - '. , . 7 V , way ., . H, ., -. L - 2 A ' 1 '. W N 1 A 1 .. X ,- J . V. Top Row L to R: Carlos Moreno, John S. Johnson, Roy Samaniego, Scott Muse, John Be ford, eorge atts, . . o a, a dall McDaniel. Center Row L to R: Coach Pat Lavin, Trainer Cherly Zidow, Vince Lopez, Ken Germana, Gary Lewallan, T B h D T k N h C R b G t' r D nn O'Dea C10 ce Lamb Coach Frank Dudle , Coach Tom Goodw us ong, an ras , ac o ano, u en u 1er ez, a y , y , y Bottom Row L to R: Manager Robert Lopez, Sean Yohe, Tom Crane, Sean Early, Kevin Daniels, David Hamiliton, Rogers, Shawn Gilbert, John E. Johnson, Steve Brown, Manager Kevin Mahoney. l G B JCRhlR o 1 G. Rogers D. O'Dea S. Gilbert E , h l ri! C Y. Lopez J. Johnson T. Crane J. Belford 50 K X R. McDaniel Y G. Batts J. C. Rohla . M, K. . ,Qs f un.-up ii... f Randall McDaniel runs with it. '46 ir tatla t The 1982f83 season was a good year as the team went undefeated. The team's hard practice and training was seen as the Owls began the season seventh in state and slowly moving into the position of third in the state. Because Agua Fria was defeated by Maryvale during the first round of playoffs, they were unable to become number one in the state. This is the second time since 1964 that the Owls have gone undefeated. The three co-captains were selected by the teammates, they were quarterback Shawn Gilbert, lineman Danny O'Dea and running back Glenn Rogers. Rogers broke the record of the most E touchdowns made in a season. The record was held by Bob Lueck in 1960 with seventeen touchdowns, and Rogers completed nineteen touchdowns this season. Also, Rogers set a AAA state record with 358 yards and six touchdowns in the game against Carl Hayden. "The key to winning this year was the coaching staff and the team's pride. Coach Lavin had set rules at the beginn- ing of the year and teammates followed them and this was the key to success", said Gilbert. The Owls ended the season with the score of 9-1-0, the best since 1964. Coach Bogen inspects the game. 5, Game 10 49-12 Arcadia Running back Vince Lopez's outstanding performance gave the Owls four TD'sz Roger's scored three TDls and Batts scored one TD. V1 q all it Www .. - - 1-L. Game 9 41-7 Tolleson Rogers led the Owls rushing for 210 yards and two touchdowns, consisting of 67 and 64 yards. Lopez scored on a 61 yard run and caught a 23 yard touchdown pass from Gilbert. we , ..hnU""rK. gg 'X ... . . K NM 0 Y fi W ff 'isfsR?".:::-:se ,. .. .. Nei is 'X if , Game 8 49-3 Glendale Gilbert throws for five TD passes totaling 173 yards in the first half. Gilbert threw a 68 yard pass to McDaniel to com- plete a TD, and another 12 yards. Lopez made a TD and Batts made a 216 yard TD. Rogers scored three TD's. is 52 ix i, .Y Game 1 14-0 Cortez Rogers, a quick-footed tailback, racked up 151 yards the night, and scored both touchdowns. An 80-yard was guided by Gilbert about halfway through the quarter. Rogers scored on a 25 yard run and a 60 yard run. . sttt . are V s so 1' Si . is on-v""""" JAM Game 7 47-0 Carl Hayden Rogers rushed for a record-setting score of 358 yards in 26 carries and scored six touchdowns with the help of the fine blocking of his teammates. ., .' I if K 1 .. t ,. .,,,4,,-3 -, :' vw, f -A 1:-S, 1: 1 - f .gffiigfgfig .fur ' 'fix'-:",,r',.el:"'f,Q "4 " -cfs' ld Q... ,,.,. ,ja gi..,j.,-M v:,J'.-"f-'f vii 5' 1 - 7:.?'J.'34x5fefi Game 2 7-7 Thunderbird Rogers scored the only touchdown for the Owls against Thunderbird High. The game, which was Agua Fria's first home game of the season, dropped the Owls ranking to No. 9 in the state AAA division. g. 'egg yy. 1 K. . Us h A" J' ' 1 g E r,. i . Game 6 27-0 Casa Grande Rogers bolted through the Cougar defense in a 54 yard dash to score the first TD. Twenty-one seconds into the se- cond quarter, Rogers completed the second TD. McDaniel received a TD pass from Gilbert and Lopez made a 60 yard rushing TD. ,,,rv- rf' Game 3 34-14 Cactus Gilbert threw his first TD pass of the season, a 37-yard fourth-down prayer to Cloyce Lamb. Rogers ran a 92-yard kickoff return. S .rntk .. ' 'Q- Game 4 13-6 Trever Browne McDaniel grabbed three passes from Gilbert. Batts gain- ed 13 yards on the first down and Gilbert then carried it over from the one yard line for a TD. Gilbert ran 63 yards and passed 130. Lopez ran 63 yards, Rogers rushed 70 yards. ',-,.,,f, QVAEX-'Qg.-.N ,. G-"IEW-I' 5 -f"' -A l ' ' Q., s 1 A . v l T F I ss ' 4' F sv. fs- - -Ja 7 5 A 'Lb , f"- 5-3, ' Game 5 19-14 Scottsdale Late in the first quarter, Rogers scored for a TD and Early made the extra point. Rogers sparked 34 yards to the one yard line in the winning drive and Lopez scored the winning TD. K 9... l .v 3 . "sr ZIVIIIE Front Row L to R: Matt Meese, Kevin Cooley, Manual Castrillo, Bobby McGinty, Paul Sarver, Hank Legg, Doug Clay, Rick Osborne. Middle Row L to Lauriano, David Belford, Mike Simington, Jose Reyna, Ray Juarez, Derrick Risley, Rick Wichman, Barry Greer. Standing L to R: Rick Maldando, Tim borg, Alfred Medrano, Keith Cooley, Larry Stephens. IN 54 Q 'l Ms.,.,,,, .no-0' Q ,,.......nls wwf!-'Q"" ? 1 .4 N ny. -'V g .J '-f ' L 2 1 l '1 V52 Q7 H 17? 1: - ': rin! W' V xx 'JUTGI ,A 219,50 32 31 7 5 7 7 Q 9 V1 x J ' iii". 1-:QZS 453 B .J .:,,u any Eg... '46 x ew Dance Corps As the porns made their entrance on the field for the first football game, the crowds reaction reflected different opi- nions. Instead of the traditional poms in their red and white polk a dot dresses, they appeared as the new Agua Fria Dance Corps. They wore black and red silk capes and black velvet hats with a white plume. "I think we looked sharp with the band, but our appearance while stan- ding behind the cheerleaders wasn't what we expected," said Kirstin Cotter. Standing L to R: Ginny Waitt, Kim Cashmen, Melinda Talnter Sheila Cano Krlstin Cotter Natallie Abbott Alicia Solis Bottom Cathy Larson Moyers, Pam Wootton, Stephanie Miller, Jackie Samz Not Pictured Sponsor Mrs Conway X 56 N. Stephanie Miller at her best. Q Melinda Tainter. E Dance dance to "Pac Man Feve Dance Cor S E QYNWRQWN rn N X A"x" " -.. W ml, ps giving an outstanding performance. I K , X ix 1 57 ,, Cheers create spirit. Through rain or hail, intense heat or cold, they would be out there cheering with red faces and sore throats. Who had that much school spirit and dedica- tion - none other than the Agua Fria Cheerleaders. Soon after tryouts were over, they began to practice twice a week during the summer, learning the old chants and inventing new ones. "This hard practice paid off at camp, when we received three superior ratings. Also, during the summer we had a car wash, which paid for our school spirit outfits," said Carrie Corbett. Our Spirit Carrie ties up Danny 0 Dea. ,IA 58 V Front L to R: Tanya Lisa True, Cara Moyers, Kelly Chandler, Lissa Wallick. Row 2: Lalissa George. Row 3: Ronda Rayner, Liz Lessard, Jill Hegudus. Row 4: Christen Wherty. Fresh, JV, show talent for AF At the beginning of the school year, twenty freshmen girls tried out for the cheer line and only nine made it. Through l C the year, their job was to keep the school C spirit flowing down at North Campus. J V sponsor Mrs Debbie Schlensig. "They had pep assemblies before the games to get the class rowdy," said Kelly Chandler. They sold spirits pins to help pay for their cheer outfits. "The girls made 1 , L new friends and enjoyed Mrs. Pfiffer", said Kelly Chandler. This year's junior varsity cheer were , a kept busy throughout the year. They made ,W aswnmwff ejw K. QQ, me gsgsq posters for the J.V. football games and YK participated in the pep assemblies. Throughout the year, we became closer and made new friends", sald Tina Wingfield. ' V ,lf W According to Mrs. Schlensig, J.V. spon- r c cn sor, "They got off to a rough start, but they s 4 came a long way and ended up doing ex- e i gg tremely well. X V Girls golf take th Girls Golf is often overlooked because it mainly takes place far from the school. The girls had a 6-3 record and placed fifth in State. High individual honors went to Carrie Rice, who placed 10th in State and Shel- ly Mays, who placed fifteenth. The team was made up of juniors which included Teri Cooper and Kim Barber, and one sophomore Kim Hayes. With all these members returning next year, the outlook is good. 3, I among is H . , 3 at . A 7 rib 'Kiera-an-,7m,, J V V ' at i , Q N' 225 :, r uzwag 4 ir L- , A ...gif "1Qx1',:p.5.g..m:,N I . 7 vig y ' K wwf Jggpvyys, ,. ,fs 2 7 w 44 5 W vf f U ff-.3 4' is ' ' N 5 ' 1 Al' '4" ' 'l 1 S Q - . - , aa 1, 4, A ig, N1 M f' '.. . ,.. in, , MA .vga 1 . . -fr -Y , -7 f , W- QA x H . 'V-'iz -'Q "neva f :Ayr '-5-14-i "YV ' Q,1,Q-- -., -,ge we 'f i if Lrg i t 1 if 'I ,gQ"s' f p ' H - ff' y - .. - 'nm 'V -Q, if nf we ,g " A '. fl," ' , A v 4 fm.. M . , fXg.X,2f.-f,g:fqaj- A-ff i we .A o -mane o 71 fa '? e f.,.'m 4, if i Kim Hayes Tern I ,, f 6 fl ,Qs ,, ,Ni X , 4 Q J M, -, lst Row L to R: Susie Roehling, Stacey Baker, Elizabeth Reid, Terri Cooper. i fr 2nd Row L to R: Kim Barber, Carie Rice, Sandy Roehling, Kym Hayes, Shelley Mays. K 60 C I i Shelly and Kim discuss their game Shelly Mayes is happy with her score I A 1 Pr' Boys follow through Under the direction of Coach Wayne Bateman, the boys' golf team finished the season with a 5-8 record. The five man team consisted of Dan Cano junior, Mark Scott and Charlie Kimes, sophomores, who all lettered. "Mike Sweeting and Mike White played exceptionally well, making the top two players" said Bateman. ,,.w,5,tg,'! All . , We L - Q : . a ...A na 2 , Mike Sweeting 'e X L to R: Coach Wayne Bateman, Mark Scott, Mike White, Dan Cano, Mike Sweeting, not pictured: Charlie Kimes. C Mike White B" 1, ,144 61 Teamwork 2 means strength 7 in volleyball Z X X "The girls varsity volleyball team this year was a learning experience," said Mar- cia Lopez. 'tThe team was young and ag- gressivef' said Christina Morales. THey only had two returning players, so they are planning on a strong team next year. The outstanding player was senior Sandy Harbert and the most improved player was sophomore Debbie Rickel. Top L to R: Coach Debbie Pina, Angie Mora, Olga Gonzalez Monica Plccolommi Marcia Lopez Sherry Adams Bottom Christina Morales luanita Guerrero Debbie Rickel, Sandy Harbert, Sheila Cano. lx K N , f -A++. fri t 4 .1 -- ' , 4 3-5 ps-,,,,Q-,L-P Q Q Aux. t if ,f W-11"1ff-M-.4 -J., 5 11-5... ix I I 1 A A I Top L to R: Scott Sims, Robert Loy, Chip Goodall, John Barton, Mackie Johnson, Charile Wolff, Tom Brittain. Taking time out for a rest. C Q C Q d e Q The Boys Cross Country season for the 1982f83 year ended up with a record of 1-12, in the Metro League. John Barton, most valuable player, placed consistently well in all the races. "There were other great improvements in the performances of the other team members," said Coach Smith. According to Chip Goodall, "Even though we had a loosing season we had a lot of fun and became closer. Coach Smith is a great person to work with, we all ap- preciated the time he spent with us. fri. I X QV! 63 2' ,wi 'xi .- XXX f We f ' X N, A 55' Qs 'U LTLLQ ff. in p: Sheila Motomatsu, Patricia Martinez. Middle L to R: Gail Maloney, Kristen Schwartzkope, Laura nmons, Sylvia Brooks. Bottom L to R: Debbie Duncan, Erin Leach, Debbie Rickel, Gay Lundmark. f Celestina Rivera, Kristina Brown. Middle L to R: Linda Pettigrew, Anbela Brooks, Elizabeth Tina Hilty. Bottom L to R: Rachel Brockey, Vicky Hernandez, Esmie Avila, Alice Reske, Carrie Archers take aim Archery coach, Carol Hopkins feels good about this year's team. 'l'hey're starting oft' this year where they finished last year and I think they're going to be the ones to con- tend with. The girls are expected to repeat. or even better last years third place finish in the State tournament. The season opener for the girls was a vic- tory over Tempe High. l i ss' tj..-ea: ,Q rgffg ' Ai, xv- flwf-'fa Coach Hopkins. E l I 'sw--Q .s Ifl- Sylvia Brooks. 1 U . ' 'J 'wr 65 Soccer players show off A.F.'s fancy footwork. The boys ended their season with a score of 9-1. Tom Rosztoczy said, "we had fun at practice and everyone worked well with one another. Mark DeCroce, Rocye Samaniego, Kevin Whorl and Tom Rosztoczy made All-division 1st team. Rob Rosztoczy, Jack Ewert, Tom Brittain, and Tim James F . , X 4 '. Q , , "audits 'Wi'1l""' '-ts.. . , 'Q ... . A A. A 5 ,. s,s,.i- 'Q if ,. .R s-f..-11+ J fssegsgf-2-'i T o .few ' ' ..., 8 ...,, J: ,wk .. , . -.1 ,s R A -,,s,... 5- VM. gj..g.g56, ,..,,, K .4364 'X gr. ,gs V, Q VM F-K Q -fs K WQHZA.. -s8wfi'f:jki""i?g.w x . why:-5 . , .. sith fancy: W K4 45miAX4L3:?gs5..R.... ...M .Q K .nik if . .. .. .. -N . y -. -.fa fit' o 7 w. .. 1, as N. .. 5 -'3 .1 ,,x,,,v-ttf'-W-? 3'.l'Qv5:-lg gi ',f'.'!l,Q Ji ati.-'af f It 0 .aw rw., 1.-paiss'X.u'X3Y ' iff' i ' Wes' X f'5"r 'M Chris Burkett shoots for two. 00 C f 1' J .6 :- ll. m r' -1, l- .X Vyqhqr 5 , " - ' I A g 2. 5. ' Q N -. t gf g L ' .L f L7 F ' ' 'Al lj V in , ,r 5 M 4 ,h,. : .ig . tn: FRI2 Vw ,:Uf- l A , 'p X Q , if jf. 5 if HI 5'5 " ' JV , , .fn , , F in A 4. U 'il ,rx V' V K A, . Z L F if 1 3 ' '77 X: , A., . vi , Y X f -'cf 5 at 4-'ff V' mia 1' "WM ' A . .Asawf M " .ta ' ' Y ' 2 'Q F3131 K 1 "5 " ' ' .4 . 'Ji i . 'J iff X L ,N 1 V x 1 4 , f , f' mn' or o. 'wi 1 . "1 c W! 1 Z if l , N ire . y ' e aacc ' a . xi 2 W: I up N "'A b RI . c R A? 1 , ' .. " c .'f'f:+, - . J A yt . Arsr ennr A .4 A gn LAX 5 D r '5 1 r '- V 1 . f . ' ' ' A i Maul 3 QUIK 4 1 I Bottom L to R: Tom Brittian, Eric Ellis, Larry Steveson, Kevin Whorl, Jim Ellis, Middle L to R: John Wallick, Rob Rosztoczy, Stuart Taylor, John Gibbosn, Jack Ewert, Mark DeCroce, Top L to R: Asst. Coach Mr. Rosztoczy, Tom Rosztoczy, Monte Kindle, Chris Burkett, David Wichers, Eddie Ervin, Rocye Samaniego, Tim James, Coach Brittian. yr sei were honorable mention. The team was led by Mr. Brittian and Mr. Rosztoczy. Their hard practice and effort paid off well for this year's soccer team. Many of the players will be returning next year, so th are planning to have another good year. ey Tom Rosztoczy stretches for a goal. Y sd Har Eddie Ervin. M p row L to R: Coach M. Gailland, C. Horine, R. Pitts, R. Castenada, J. Rohla. Middle L to R: ach W. Williams, W. Bagewell, J. Castillo, S. Yohe, J. Reyna, A. Zuncia, T. Gathercole. Bottom to R: K. Germana, M. LuJan, M. Stmtngton, R. Rodriguez, C. Wolff, Captain D. O'Dea. C. Kitchens, A. George, L. Jimenez, L. Humphreys, R. Murillo, R. Mendoza, C. Murillo, K. K. Schiefelhein, K. Germana. Middle: E. Fernandez, R. Garcia, A. Gonzales, K. Mer- T. Olague. Bottom: R. Jimenez, A. Olgin, D. Rodenhurg, J. Chapa, N. Garduno, L. Gotcher, L. Williams, D. Bell. Pin Down ore Win The 1982-83 Wrestlers has a victorious season. Coach Williams had many fine returning letterman such as Sean Yohe and Danny O'Dea. Danny O'Dea placed first and Sean Yohe placed third in Divisionals. Coach Williams said, "that they had a great yearf, Danny O'dea wins Divisionals. Sean Yohe places third. I N I X 67 Boys start with a splash The boys Varsity Swimming team did it again this year and made the school proud, with the record of 9-1. "This year the swimming program has quality freshmen swimmers who have generated a new in- terest in promoting training, competition and swimming excellence for the entire teamf' said Coach Himebaugh. Diving, which had been cancelled last year, was brought back this year. Eddie Morton placed fourth in the Diving Event and Jim Ellis qualified sixth in diving for a place at State. Cam McCown set records in the 200-yard Individual Medley and the Backstroke events: Tom --V- s., " zy won the 50-yard Freestyle and the 100- yard Breaststroke, Doug Nelson set two Divisional records by winning in record times in the 200 and 500-yard Freestyle events, while Kris Mineau won the 100- yard Butterfly in record time and the Freestyle relay team also won a place at the State Meet. The Boys won the Metro Divisional Championship and the medley Relay team took fourth place at state. Doug Nelson. Bottom Row L to R: Jimmy Ellis, Jeff Larson, Scott Edgley, Scott Piette, Eddie Morton, Middle Row L 'W WM L F to R: Mike Cartsonis, Dan Grumbling, John Cartsonis, Robby Vetter, Rob Rosztoczy, Top Row L to R: . Cam McGown, Tom Rosztoczy, Kris Mineau, Doug Nelson, Joel Jenson. lx 68 Qi K-nlnvs...,., Kffggg 5 .-,. fl "Na, , gd Ls! . .3 . it Yew Y?" an 45" W.-. Q , Q -4 ' Al' ra ,ul far., as 'f J Vetter. Tom Rosztoczy Stroke, stroke The girls Varsity Swimming ended their season, with a score of 6-4. This year, the boys and girls were combined together, and the season was longer. The coach for the boys was Tony Evans and the coach for the girls was Dick Himebaugh. Stephanie Miller, a third year returning Varsity Letterman said, "we had fun at practices with the boys and there was more school spirit this year." The girls placed fourth in their Divi- sional Championship. Julie White plac- ed fourth in the 200-yard Individual Medley and third in the 100-yard Breaststroke. Other girls who had been selected for their performance to attend the State Championships were Jill Br- inger, Tiffany Morrissey, Debbie Put- nam, Pegeen Tebbe and Debbie Van Buren. iv- W .. 3. 5.,. K, if X Diving Team: Eddie Morton, Jimmy Ellis, Mary Jo Lorenz, Shawna Guess, Not Pictured: Jennifer Bedard. -Q.: -s.. Debbie Putnam. Stephanie Miller. Stephanie Miller, Mary Jo Lorenz, Debbie Putnam, Jill Bringer, Debbie Van Buren, Row 2: Casey Kendy, Denise Bell, Kaki Hunt, Loy, Rachel Brockey, Row 3: Michelle Owitterschreiber, Julie White, Tiffany Morrissey, Pegeen Tebbe, Sherly Reese, Shawna 69 Varsity does it again Agua Fria's Varsity Basketball team opened its season on a sour note as they were defeated by Paradise Valley. The visiting Owls played a opening game with numerous turnovers, poor shooting, and ragged play. With four key players from football having only one week of practice, the Owls struggled in the first game. The Owls ended their season with a 16- 10 record. Agua Fria used balanced scoring and various plays to wear most teams down. In almost all the games, players such l as Randall McDaniel would continually score in double figures. Also, senior Keith Carrigan often dominated larger op- ponents inside on his way to double figure averages in both scoring and rebounding. Sophomore David Solis was another bright spot, providing both scoring and reboun- ding with consistency. The Owls won the Christmas Classic and Randall McDaniel and Mike Horner were named to the All-Tournament Team. Randall McDaniel. 'S Coach Bateman. ll Front: Glenn Rogers, Second Row L to R: Mike Horner, David Carrizoza, George Batts, Tim Moore, Angel Perez, James Peters, David Solis, Mike Moore, Cloyce Lamb, Keith Carrigan, Randall McDaniel. lx I 70K .. ,f W . h ' N' 1 i "eff ' e- i :.:.M.gSqV X Sz. S x G 5 5 'F' i I t a - Glenn i W 'N David Solis. Keith dnbbles for two .R , +A X G1 Q R Q Randall McDan1el, Glenn Rogers. Keith the David Solis, George Batts. .lf S" Y..-41.54 lx fx 71 . . Players: Talented Young The 1982-83 Agua Fria J.V. basketball team blended a mixture of youth with ex- perience. For the past 26 years, Mr. Wayne Descombes has led the J.V. Owls to numerous victories. This experince com- bined with eight sophomores, three of which comprise the starting team, and four juniors. The new season was equiped with overall team speed and quickness, strong outside shooting, hustling defense and ge- nuine desire to win. With these in mind the owls were confident going into the season. J.V. often the preliminary to the varsity games, provided excitement for all who at- tended. The owls compiled a - record. With potential the J .V owls look promising in the future. L to R: Coach Wayne Descombes, Ray Maldonado, Steve Brown, Scott Muse, Abe Harris, Mark .Lukaisk, Calvin Brown, Clint Larson, John Kempber, Denis Moses, Rick Maldonado, John Barton, Carlos Garcia. 72 iw ,y 'X .X xi i ,- M -QQ 1 M Ng. i 3. . 1 11 Q Q1 11511 MJ W . f.V. uvwf .K.- if . W5 -T 5 L W lik -mx - I wsfewwam' g namawf X rlL'21 mn Serve 'Em Up The boys' Varsity Tennis Team is on it's way to another winning season as they opened up against Glendale and came away with an easy 9-O victory. Then on Feb 14, Trevor Brown was overwhelmed by the owls 9-0. On Feb 17, Catus visited the Agua Fria courts and lost 7-2. Coach Don Shilliday feels this year's varsity is well balanced with the top four players can be able to beat each other on any given day. '-.. X Tom Rosztoczy Jimmy Ellis The R's Show brotherly team work. E.2ift"' 5 .-1' X 2"'?"f""5 I i 1 du, x if 'Q Chad Corbett From L-R: David Wichers, Danny Abraham, Tom Rostztoczy, Rob Rosztoczy, Jimmy Ellis, Chad Cor- bett. Not pictured: Coach Shilliday. yi. f X 74 T 'Y Y. in Q. me 'M I , -f is 71 3 Q 'UR We 3? .. ,L W--...h in.:- i i Q . Beth Riggs. at ss X S S Q MN S RN gs R wsxk NN F X - , M ., gg SQA N te e X K Q0 .ifm-3 ,mi -- -so. - X-fm5.1sQ-::ss:rf :L ' lf: -- -K - : I- .Ms .,,to...- is ss . X arsity girls start on a good stroke The Girls' Varsity Tennis Team opened their season beating Glendale 9-0. Then they went on to beat Cactus 5-4 and Trevor Browne with a score of 9-0. There were a number of out standing performances by individual players such as Jackie Sainz, Beth Riggs, and Diane Hendricks. Coach John Arle said, "After having all the girls return this year, we are at an advantage with experience and team work." ' N .dmv-..1f.,,,,,,,....., 3 3 "Best Friends" Beth and Diane. MN n x 'l f Q , . ' I lx T C Q 5 3 . 1.5. 'Y' . ., . of , R-'Am A-' 4 1 N""""'Tll'fia1rli?li21.f5s'x. gsfvrfflkfff--A if'75??Y'l K nT,s F " . ---- -- 5.',fgf-.IU-91,535.41-i.nhnf,iL ' 5 s. --s....,,,,,---Q , , .f,' 3 -- Coach John Arle, Diane Hendricks, Kamila Naifeh, Kym Hayes, Bottom: Kristin Shears, Jackie Beth Riggs. Jackie Saine. lx i 75 X I Team Work Pays Off Hitting, fielding, and pitching are the main attributes in baseball, but softball relies on the same three aspects. The 1983 season of the girls softball team was full of enthusiasm, and as Coach Bob Gray said, "ability" Many individuals including Lisa Cooper and Christina Morales batted well for the Owls during the season. Shelley Mays as well as being a fine hitter, pitched the team to victory after victory, ending the season with a 12-11 record. ,., 'vii'-r , - , q,f,.a..,,q Q ,, sgigg-,1a3lI48?'l5'Nif3,..i1W:f,'. gy 1 .t .,,. .. ,,. Jr, W., A. :A w, E4 w,.,l -- F -313' J' "'4'-Q any - '. -, -,,. , ' .",l 'K ".44.. ,,, -. , .4-0-Wfafj f '!"i Carrie Rice and Christina Morales. 'T Top L to R: Shelley Mays, Carrie Rice, Olga Gonzales, Cheryl Adams. Middle L to R: Angie Mora, Carrie Sarrelmeier, Marcia Lopez, Noe Johnston, Coach Bob Grey. Bottom L to R: Christina Morales, Edie Altizer, Sandy Harbett, Lisa Cooper. 12- I 76 LY! Coach Bob Grey. New coach takes over. Girls sports have progressed Ehenomenally in the decade since Agua ria opened. One sport that contributed a reat deal was softball at both the Varsity nd Junior Varsity levels. Not only did .oftball pave the road for a strong girls ports program, it also gave many girls the irpportunity to excel competively. l Coach Crystal Stephens stated, "they -vere the best JV ball club I've ever seen, -ve ended the season with a record of 15-I." .-,4-u-C' ...-v Stephanie Vaughn has a close encounter. p Row L-R: Man. Norma Lowe, Annie Martin, Tina Holinghead, Stephanie Vaughn, Coach Stevens. Debbie Riekel makes 3 great can-h, Row L-R: Sheri Diggs, Sophia Marquez, Tiffany Morrissey, Teresa Gonzales, Isabel Cruz, Pegeen bbe. Bottom Row I.,-R: Debbie Rickel, Michelle Quittschreiber, Suzanne Altizer, Kym Hayes, Shelley ssler. ski' ,,,.... ei . allen-3 'Nw J' p.. H. fw. :Abs v!x N, 7 7 Boys' and Girls' Track require stamina "The 1983 track team season was very promising. We had many talented runners returning." Stated Mr. Bob Grey coach of the track team. The boys team consisted of 70 to 75 members which showed great improvements as the season went on. Among the returning was George Batts. George was ranked third in state last year in the 300 meter hurdles. George also participated in the long jump and relays. Another outstan- ding sprinter was Vince Lopez. Vince ran the 200 meter, and 400 meter dash. He also ran on the relay team which had an outstanding season. Other returning were Kevin Daniels and Henry Buckson. The distant runner for the season were Mike Moore, Robert Loy, Doug Delong, and Tom Brittain. Guiller- mo Zuniga, Jim Van Trump, and Shane Arnold did well in the shot putt and discus events. Russel Fryman, Henry Buckson, and Billy Blackburn dominated the High Jump and Pole Vaulting events. "New members to the team that were ex- pected to do well is Cush Johnson, Tim Wiley and Randal McDaniel' stated coach Grey. Returning letter people for the firls this year were Jill Br- inger, Michelle Quickschriber, Anne Erickson, Edie Altizer, and Mary Jo Lorenz." "They had a small number of talented girls this year but could have used more," stated Mary Jo . Mrs. Conway was the coach for the girls this year. The girls meets will be combined with the boys this year. Going all the way Boys Track, Top Row: M. Whitehead, J. Barton, R. Loy, R. Garcia, F. Medrano, R. Giggs, D. Delong, G. Zuniga, M. Kindle, V. Lopez E Spencer B K. Cooley, G. Page. Mid. Row L-R: S. Sims, T. Moore, W. Smith, G. Barney, J. Cartsonis, S. Yohy, B. McGmty, D. Fahrenbacher T Osborn F Perkings T Knapp. Bottom Row L-R: 'l'. Britian, K. Colley, J. Smereckly, M. Lopez, D. Epplin, C. Wolf, M. Normington, S. Kleppe, K. Stenevik K Germana flu. 78 lx . 1'-p -,.- .-. ....-.... .- . .. -Q ,Y ,j ' lirrls' 'l'rac-k, Top Row L-R: E. Erickson, D. Hammit, J. Bringer, M. Quitschrieber, S. Guess, M. Lorenz, A. Martin, C. Lakey, C. Flowers, C. Adams, K. Germania, M. Quinm, K. Maslin, L. Stokes, K. Smith, L. Cooper. Middle Row L-R: B. White, C. Sattlemeir, C. Reese, Cay, C. Russo, D. Miller, K. Schefelbim, -l. White. Bottom Row L-R: C. Rivera, A. Madrid, H. Stockten, E. Reed, J. Hegedus, J. Aldorn, T. Holm, M. Lamlmert. Carie Sattlemeir on her form. -'EE Mary Jo Lorenz unable to stop, 1 H f tx t 1 X, 79 A yy., -N .5 . . . Am., '..,1 ., g , ..'.' 22"- 1'f.,f,w 4' 5, .. "fav ,W .. 4 Hard at practice is Henry Buckson. Tim Moore and John Barton race for the finish. vi X . AX-x , A ' X-5iQ'iXxX5XliX We f-'X lx 1 80 X, I Russel Fryman leaps over the high jump. Monte shows us perfect form in discus. A . , yi, X , XX ,X ww f e wikw-Qviw is x -c A xi. JN AA evgxf... 'MA NX x ' K xxx K' 'x5'x"'x'X 83 Varsity Baseball, Red and Gray Network The 1982-83 Varisty Baseball team played in the Metro visions. Strong defense and tough hitting were the trade- rks of the season. Returning four year letter man Shawn Gilbert and third ar returning men Paul West, Keith Carrigan, and Larry rsh, anchored the Owls both in the field and with the bat. actice began in early February, so head Coach Wayne esCombes could condition the players for a second season. , W-,,, . I. ..xn..n Paul West and Shawn Gilbert. t 5 J- sq 'Q 5 Kai t g .,. .A.- :5i:55!'ig'5ti577 - ivpwrkft f 5? . ,fffaf it -aw A uwj XIX,-, Ax Wifi-A 5 'tb' 'aalisnr 1 , - In 8 V A 5 ' gdyfg 1-4,1 '39, 'Jn vp, , IVF Q ,ug .- xr. . - f 3 , . -K 3 J " fur'-. ., , T : -.A ,J K , . ' J ' ' L Q10 Shawn shows us his fierce swing. silt? Asst. Coach Fred Moreno, Glenn Rogers, Shawn Gilbert, Tim Guzman, Rogelio Samanlego, Mike Manuel Moreno, Dan Trask, Asst. Coach Gary Bringer. Top: Coach Wayne DesCombes, John David Solis, Paul West, Keith Carrigan, Larry Kirsch, David Carrizoza, Ignacio Cano, Ton I. xvvnww is , 9i,,3,i2sf Awif 411' x y G. Bringer, W. DesCombes, F. Moreno. L. Ki? Front L to Charlie Kimes players ho off I-is -Fifi R S' R 3, 1 1 - af- ' Q X- 7, -, - .-is'. "'- -1 K ' it . r. in ,, , 'uw' ji 'Tl ze'-2 -,, -- Q ' . V' A "" The J.V. baseball team began thei .P G' fi d fi' 1 i- ,. , training in early February so they could --f A R 2 .K g :. N' . . . Kg W my by g r ggw get into condltlon for the 1983 season . ,. rrr Q .'q- :-:- L lr:s 1" ' nuff. '- "' f - 45, r,- , N They opened their season with a vu i f 1 1 1 Q 1 tory over Trevor Browne 11-10 an , M, ' - Q -- g ifs.. ' f :aff be R .g t e easy then went on to beat Glendale 14-2, an A M e'e. for 4 then lost to Maryvale. e lg resif Coach Gary Bringer Said, "This year ::- - - ' F 'i G. team is well-balanced wlth the bat an or rtr if in the fieldg we are looking towards ' . . ,, winning season. . In lk ,L e if at Mike Black R: Rey Maldonado, Herman Gonzalez, Tony Juarez, Barry Greene, Jose Reyna, Carlos Gar- cia, Russell Mee, Coach Gary Bringer. Back L-R: Scott Ford, Mike Black, Scott Muse, Clint Lawson, Jack Ewert, Charlie Kimes, Roy Samaniego, Wes Grant. lx 82 K0 Scott Muse ' The bab ow s are up to bat The young but talented north campus freshman baseball team were ready to swing into action at the beginning ol' the season. The sprouting players received the assistance they needed by their coach Frank Dudley. This year's players have many seasons to go and many seasons to improve and learn to make them successful. The team warms up and stretches out. Practice, Practice, Practice!!! Yrll A X vb l. to R: Bradley Arun-ri-zon, bafford Frank, Billy Bedford, Robert Morales, Frank Saulley, Ozzie Gonzales. 2nd Row I, Io R: Terry Galhcrcole. Manuel Charles lic-nnon, Kevin Galloway. Keith German, 3rd Row l. to R: Coach Frank Dudley, -lon Mann, Rocco Moaco. David lielxhold. -lofi' lrarson, .I il ' r as l f l . . tennis players strive for perfection 'l'eam Roster Norma l.owe Jennifer flonzalas Ruth Cunnigham Shelly Hunt Rodi Fisher Kimberly Thompson -Vw, Norma Lowe f nzg4,.:,gA,yj5 . . 8 lx 4 , . we Kristin Shears Mike Horner. Ruth Cunningham Team Roster Eric Ellis John Kemper Mike l-lorner .lay Fernow Scott Fitch Kent McMillian Mark Paulino Ed Rivera Tate Sorenson Joe Mellody Dan Tucker David Glorit Joel Hicks Dff stage lflBl'f0l'l11Bl'S 4-N S Student council foundation of campus activity his year as in past years, the Student Council was the backbone of campus activi- ty. They sponsored such things as Homecoming week, the Christmas Formal, and many other major activities on campus. This year as the officers and representatives changed, so did the advisers. Mr. Given took over as adviser this year replacing Mr. Enz. Jill Bringer Student Body President, said, "Mr. Given has been a pleasure to work with, and if it wasn't for him we wou1dn't have been able to do so much. To start the year the members attended a Leadership Training Conference. During this conference, the members attended workshops that taught them how to be good leaders. They learned the essentials of good communication and the importance of cooperation. Senior Executives Student Body Officers: S. Brooks, D. VanBuren, P. Wootten J T. Rostoczy, L. Seitz, J. Bringer, M. Lorenz, J. Bedard. It .J 1 A' Y , iv f Q 1 , we ,I 0" va... ! AEP . ,, yr 1 Q 9 'I 1,3 " Q Q JV Q91 ga. . X .. , xl, 4 x x J ,pf ,. J ff I n ,V . ,W i. ,s'. ..y.. 4 1 3 ry L C t , fs' X f Q. x f S gm 5, .,....., , ss ' X. f ! ' X P iff -eg F. no XX K X .JF - ,N - X . 1 ' 5 5:1 - ' fx' N kk if '4 , 2 xslt , William May shows Mr. Purcell how its done. Auto mechanics achieves experience, recognition n the years past the auto shop has not had much recognition. This year the people in auto mechanics class, headed by Mr. Purcell, have accomplished a tremendous amount, from, rebuilding engines and transmissions, to doing basic tune-ups and routine maintenance. By first learning the basics in Mr. Cooper's Theory of Engines, students then advance to more complicated techniques learned in Mr. Pucell's tune-up, transmission, and overhaul classes. A growling engine is fought off by Kevin Malin CJ h if lx I 88x, 'op Row: L. Jimenez, T. Kirsch, M. Cartsonis, S. Guess, J. Johnson, J. Cart- C. Brown, A. Chruch, D. Condie, L. Cooper, G. Doubleday, E. Ellis, J, Fe,-. mis, I.. Thomlison, A. Martain, T. Sorenson, Bottom Row: L. Williams, S. now, S. Fitch, D. Glorit, L. Lessard, S. Leuniz, J. Mellody, E. Mooris, J. Iiotomatsuy, K. Maslyn, J. Viteri, M. Bombard, R. Del-loog, A. Erickson. Munoz, K. McMillan, J. Nelson, T. Onstad, T. Sorenson, M. Viteri, C. Wolff. dvanced semina1'CSouthJ Advanced seminarf orthl he Advanced Seminar was very active this year, doing pro- jects and going on numerous fieldtrips. These included, con- certs, plays, and informing tours. A new club has been added to the club roster here at Agua Fria, Industrial Arts Club formed this year. Members complete creative projects with wood and design technical drawings. Industrial arts . Lf! C. Goodall, T. Dorough, K. Mosier, H. Craft, A. Madrid, D. Osborne. X x 89 Photo staff Photo Staff: J. Stockstill, S. Sims, G. Goodall, J. Raleigh, C. Corbett, E. Burkett, K. Cot- ter, W. VanDuyn, J. Ginza, Dawn Procter. :EA ,Mi s .- . - i- rv 4 . N . ' -fto3i.:' " .A K- Telling too many lies, makes one's nose grow into a camera as Chip Goodall displays. 1.. f X so , , K Inspecting Negatives is a favorite hobby of Chad. Picture AF photo staffg FFA prepares for Vocations he Agua Fria Photo Staff is small group 4 photographers picked by Mr. Doyon to photograph school a tivities, as well as pictures for the newspaper and tl: yearbook. The Future Farmers of America at Agua Fria had a gou year. They raised animals for the state fair and won first pla in parliamentary procedure on the district level. Th represented the district at the state convention held at t University of Arizona. Two FFA delegates represented t Agua Fria chapter at the annual national convention held Kansas City. F.F.A. F.F.A. members Susie Blackburn and Karen Trudgeon enjoy caring for animals. 11"-'Y 0 ' ,f"' xx if 091' 4 W .... N' ,af . orth Campus FFA Z!! FBLA CSouthJ Top Row: M. Oviedo, W. Cordova, G. Cordova, H. Ingram, L. -Jimenez, J. Castillo, S. Shriender, D. Murdock, D. Healy, First Row: P. Love, P. Wirrick, T. Larson, T. Reda, D. Shoemaker, E. Moore, R. Mylam, S. Hubbard, D. Lopez, Second Row: T. Hamilton, M. Cornell. FBLA C orthl L to R: T. Little, T. Olague, P. Castillo, F. Cribbs, L. George, R. Jimenez, S. Parker, D. Harris. FBLA is tops in state, dance club is born at A.F. Tlie F.B.L.A. at Agua Fria, is one of the top in the State. F.B.L.A. has been outstanding this year, their cann- ed food drive at Thanksgiving made all proud. This year also brought another new club into existence at Agua Fria. The Dance Club formed by Mrs. Zidow, will probably become an all time favorite. Members practiced Mondays and Fridays while many of us were still sleeping. Ten members also attended a special dance workshop at Arizona State University. Dance Club . 5 X mg is ' L Q -,N Phe, releve, and stretch! 92 652 X , QL A . . , 'rf' , 3 - , f 'K ,J -,J 4,31 QF? X' 1 i I A 'Q ' 1 'ff lj, , S3 ' N779 'I' 3,6 - CIN NY--I 1 '. . 1 .4 . 1 X, r ,' .V . M, L. X. . ,,.. X. 1 Q.. x,.'q,,v, in .N , .- ' "gf f ? 2: Q Q g Y X' S 'A fr . . 3 , M X at ,, ,. '1-'ff' ,z. A H ,W . N 1' W X 1- gf N.. 'Y X QQ Gm ' ,X K.. ,Y -J, i, -v---..., if xl x. ' . i U.. ' 1 Hfzzf 7'! I frm, vl mx, Nor lo llllhfi nl inn! Nur on x Saalx x iw,-'FRYNSPSS -lol S-s N65 Ace -NJ 'F Q Q tonal The Desert Howl Edu gua Frip and its prioritiegg X ' A--A-'-f-ating. M5 S ii I D ix . LMA. -.A t if 81' ow staffers er Agua rla S IIBWS J " tg .iffxi 2-Q, F -51 , I 5 I gglmx i',..Ni,gx,, JW K., ,g,., ,QW j,g,g,..,, H ,, , K, Q. E 32. s . f A ff? w-:vw-fi.l:s'f!1 -1-f ww' .k'w1f'f3!"-Q 9"' ' lxl' f .""' k"'L N' x ' x ni 3 . 3 ' A 1 fFfS91.w!5xr s1hU?.n1.ns9m4Q Mivmf U--. fwffw "' Q' fi", ' ' 4 L" Ml ,V ix? k"""' H+ fix 1 X" 3' ' nr S . 'fx wif! wffv fa If-Q. w A ,QA sf. Q 1.1 rv? f 'uf www'-Q ' . xna Qifl' 71 :5'1q 5f6'5"' i'g'I ' K If . ,nf k.i,,q , ., .. Q -K 1 'wk 'ML vhnewf-xg vnu .J 3295 'S ,, 1 v Q.. iw -if-v . FYOITI the ww M 0 ., l?r'vw'3-1 -' . me ff 4 -M, 1 Haw fm in-.HJ S5-A? W N Hint' Ulf Npufrfnmm' fwnsnx hun! mi-y if y mf! Em IX' Wvly xtfaf 1: NY .wh :MM .Jin fmg 1' ff e n Muff of gm 6: Jffvr .HS mm. fdurv dry' frrf if s Jdnqrn ton pmml Ni' Jw ru .1 M CHM YN Unkfvz qv' bf4'NFv X It x also rumvrfl 131.11 lies. Shucha! MTI yur' ff uwfl H411 mmf! fvgu-1 at :iv um: ll! This M154 01 an nib! If ill!! lvfilli vrff Tlwr HRV! MW' pain! ml naming and Jams-J the uri ghd al fiffflfi' fw du chu vj rd!! hold ws swarm amazing unify I Qumran fnJ.:ym.vs1fx,3 .MJ wi-fl' .IEP 'N I Q ww A Q ' Qxeawf wifi., ti f biiqr-J 5" ,-,li gfff .img-ei! ,Q J -Q uf' ,"1, Howls' Klgevu C533 1 , 3 .Q . kffv lwxh 'V ,est ., . s f ke . -'il 'Riha- s Miner W X "More ,fllvff ldv! hal the same as the rest hyisndclmvn ,N NN, .K , 'spnnufduvw ni ,X 1 I .. ,.- it Y KSN 5 X, E 94 I e x . - P ew ' 7 uixi fs? Q 'W ' 3 fs, Pak, 'H i EQ' 5"'1 ' 5' 'IE A fu kyulgy SN e ai mv' Q ' 2 ' A Wills snr' Envy tm: sh 1 nb Lumix fm., fl, gn-gn . 5,,,,4 ,,4 5,4 A A Ma.-f "ff" e A - J Q S , ! , , 5 u 'L e bnwonrxnu ,mygjw gk. ,Nik e .nf . . A ,. -Q'f - ws :Ss 9 4' The Desert Howl Agua Fria Union High School Editor-in-chief Pam Wootton News Editor Laura Seitz Sports Editor Lisa Cooper Feature Editor Gaylene Moyers Circulation Managers Mitch Cornell Nanci Dempsey Staff Roger DeHoog Melinda Brown Sandie Harbert Terence Kelling Stephanie Miller Rob Rosztoczy Tom Rosztoczy Denise Shoemaker Brenda Venable 3 gowns-uc-AH A umm new n fn NN in num 1 rnurunuss 1- U1 an Nil U!! I Ii CNS Sports Honwrmning dvlvnds uinrninqg n-1 Q5 Frie ' he Desert Howl staff has had the task of bringing Agua Fria students and faculty the news perti- nent to campus life. This included updates on sports ad social events, and other newsworthy occasions. The editor, Pam Wootton, said about the past year, "It was very nerve wracking, but I enjoy jour- nalism and it was a great challenge." Another staff member, Terence Kelling, remarked, "It was a unique experience and it has helped me im- prove my grammar. I am looking for- ward to next year." The staff has also taken field trips to the Arizona Republic!Gazette of- fices, Channel Twelve and the second and third year students attended journalism camp over the summer. ,.-.Q--a-v -111 tice menus ""' crises 4' X X . 'I it llwunlg, 5 gi 95' P R.O.T.C reports another top flight year his year the Agua Fria R.O.T.C. had another outstan- ding year. Under strong leadership from Colonel Lorenz and his cadet staff, this year has been a complete success. The Drill Team had another award winning year at state meets. And the Color Guard performed exceptionally well at games and pep assemblies. 27' American Legion presents a flag to A.F. R.O.T.C. R.0.'I'.tT. "A" Flight TopRuwl.-R:t'.Spnrks,lJ.Alimlluln,H.Hut'ksin,G.Yowler,lS.Stotl.R.lVls-1-.R.lN1uyt-11.5,Hut' ter, li. Ames, 'l'. Snnturo, I.. Bryant, Middle Row l.-lt: t'hicl' Msg, t'. liroonihead. 'l'. lie-cd, M. Stone, H. Brock, lt. Bell, S. Maulen, S. t'oH'n1an, V. 'l'hurston, A. Lauriano, t'. Cullen, M. Boone, lit, Cul. H. linrt-nz, M. Muck, l,. Hunnuld. ll. Rizzo, li. Mnncayu, P. Quigglo. -l. Stone. H, Allen. lt. Flcnner, D. Hutchinson, .I. Hrooklmuscn. I:- 96 "wa: ROTC members play chess during time off "li" Flight . . , . . lop Row l,-li. 5. Morrls,41. Loers, M. Mziyt-n. lx, l alrns-ru, li. I-rymun. I . I. tlu Nt-es, H. Bryant, fl. Marshall, Middle Row lflt: Viet' lirnonilivznl. S. Allin-r. on l' lutus M M ns l C'ov.en IJ Hi ilt lt Vol lin nl llmtl s , .. 1 ' , . un un, .. ..v - runilhml lt lt. llc-t-rli, l lurre, M. N:-irr, lt. Mnirlg, R. Lyman, l . Johnson, l.. liulmnil li U li rm Mint-ht-ns. Vt 'E 2 iq ' n U - 3 1 ., nv 1. D .. qi, 'iv .- h V n , Q V XX ' . A 1 K ,Al . ! . , , . , . ' 1 -ffl l ' F' i K M ,X ,. 1 i .. 5 5.j,5iSQ:- ff . . 4 L X ,,,, .,. , , F X 1 2 , f -..Nm M, M, f v f 1 ' , . , . f .1 it R S' J N 1 . Q 'I 51 fl I 5.51 ' V K I ,, . A : - ,. ', . , -K ,',, ph -2211 A X JVM F!! af, K. AU. 1 Ks -Q .-S ' ' , J- ' V I If Q U 3 as lil ,, -' I . -. sf ...ww ff? -' 99? , . .ru - v-- Q fix' 2 V' n ' f J ,XX Hiking Club Frisbee Club K i .- K . , X J f i E ig gf, ,, ,. I 1 A club for everyone Book Club v For those who are active, the Hiking Club and the Frisbee Club are the clubs to belong toy and if you are a bookworm, naturally, you should be in the Book Club. If prestige is what you want, make sure you are in Interact. And for those who want to work, become a Cafeteria Worker. All four clubs kept active this year by hiking, throwing, reading, offering com- munity services, and serving food. Interact Cafeteria orkers jX I 98 X A, 4, .F. histor made by club, chess achieves new strategy hess club was formed to give students interested in a Chalice to play against other students at school. History Club went to A.S.U.'s Department of History for an all day field trip. Professor Ron Smith talked tothe club did not play any other school this year. "The club a chance for students to be with others that share interests," said Roger Dehoog. A small, yet active about the history of monks during the Dark Ages. As Mitch Cornell stated, "The history club give you a Chance to learn about things you wouldn't in a high school clasrooinf' Club: Top I.-R: D. Abraham, R. Gutierrez, J. Cartsonis, D. Koseiki, D. Wichers, R. Fryman, C. Scharven, T. Rosztoczy, IC. Irving. Bottom I.-R: S l,. Seitz, C. Kelling, M. Cartsonis, C. Cullens, R. Dehoog, D. Garber, E. Rivera. Club: Top L-R: J. Mendez, S. Ford, C. Rice, J. McKennon, R. Havers, M. Sweeting, S. Gilert, D. O'Dea, N. Schell, H. Bryant, -I, Lopez, M. White, D. nd Row I.-R: T. Rosztoczy, D. Healy, C. Humphrey, J. Rowe, W. Cordova, T. James, S. Mays, T. Carlos, K. Whorl, D. Naylor, F. Ayalla, P. West, E. n, Mr. Reed. Bottom I.-R: I.. Johnson, M. Arnold, E. Mora, S. Taylor, B. Allen, T. Hamilton, S. Harbert, tMitc'hl Yvonne, Cornell. T. Dominguez, l.. lx l, 99 ' 1 1 Letter perfect concessionaires -WS? he Letter Club is a longstanding tradition at Agua Fria. Students who have lettered in a sport or other activity are invited to join the club. Each year, Letter Club members sell snacks at the football games. This year members also sold programs. As one member stated, 'fIt's a privilege to be a part of Agua Fria tradition." R .33 The Casa Grande Cougar gets carried to the fire by G. Rogers, D. O'Dea, and V. Lopes. Excitement mounts for J. Bringer and S. Guess. Letter Club: Top Row L-R: T. Rosztoczy, M. Horner, R. McDaniel, K. Carrigan, J. Carstonis, S. Simms, T. Moore, C. Goodall, D. O'Dea, R. Rosztoczy Grumbling, D.Nelson, 2nd Row L-R: C. Minoe, C. Salem, M. Moore, R. Fryman, M. White, M. Kindall, D. Cano, J. Johnson, D. Trask, K. Mahoney, 3rd L-R: V. Lopez, C. Rice, M. Sweeting, P. West, B. White, M. Piccolomini, J. Bringer, S. Guess, J. Bedard, D. Hendrix, D. Vanliuren, 4th Row L-R: M. Lorenz, D. Putnam, J. Viteri, N. Lowe, K. Hayes, S. Miller, C. Morales, Marsha Lopez, J. Cooper, K. Maslin, 5th Row l.-R: G. Justice, B. Blackburn Johnson, S. Gilbert, M. Cartsonis, S. Early, J. Elis, T. Crane. 1oo il, .5 D.O. offers students jobs, community served by Key Club or any student interested in work experience during DO, those who already have one are accepted first. igh school, DO is the organization to belong to. Among many community services, the Key Club spon- Mr.Hagerman supervises the DO program. Students at- sored a dance for Cerebral Palsy and put forth their efforts end school during the morning and use the afternoon for for the Far West Special Olympics. ork experience, receiving credit for sixth and seventh On April 14, 1983 the Key Club attended the annual our. South West convention held in Phoenix. Although it is possible to be placed in a job after joining Key Club: Top L-R: N. Schell, J. Watkins, L. Mena, K. Cotter, A. Martin, B. White, L. Tomlinson, S. Roehing, S. Roehing, K. Schwartzkopf, M. Piccolomini G. Maloney, Third Row L-R: T. Rosztoczy, E. Lee, M. Barker, D. Anderson, K. Hayes, E. Wuthier, D. Putnam, J. Bedard, K. Larson, S. Miller, A. Madrid, M Lukasik, Second Row L-R: G. Moyers, W. John, M. Mitcher, T. Dominquez, N. Abbott, C. Crujido, G. Lundmark, L. Ritchey, D. Rickel, L. Johnson D. Miller First Row L-R: M. Horner, T. Dorough, K. Mahoney, C. Wong, L. Moore, P. Wootten, L. Seitz, E. Rivera, S. Baker, R. Rosztoczy. lj! lx rg 101 The Ne Club Club never Jelned a club IJIBEISB sian YDUI' l1ill119 if YDU W limited Sh0Wil12! as -Q 'QU . . 7 if " 5 2 + 4' k', io 7 UIQ! I- X xl., Y S L4 'L its To the graduating class of nineteen eight -three We can recognize the graduating seniors of nineteen eighty-three for what they have accomplished and what they have yet to finish. They have accomplished the task of earn- ing a piece of paper thatiyellows with age and ties together yesterday and tomorrow with a red ribbon of memories. They have yet to finish the task of learning. With eight years of preparing for high school and four years of preparing for col- lege, we see these young people enter a never ceasing life of learning. They will learn by loving, hurting, seeing and ex- periencing. Through these experiences they will have the op- portunity to seek and to find themselves. Experiences are self perpetuating as it is through others we experience. Con- gratulations to the class of nineteen eighty-three for a job well done! All f in-Qmllff U3 lyiflb nut. Oil ri can LN-QM Rhbumofv Y wwmme Nw ,amd will 'iii' U, do uwul hh. wmmwwjuw UTY1 CHU-Fd Q 'W ilu as Uffbxuh 0,3 astra WWW flu mm, ow ffm Ham, Grilling , Ujiild U-NJC9 ng!-FW 1 - Aflfsmxyki M U! A" Pu Wimdfil- l.L1AfW1'O ww' ' QJYJQL Lyxp G Ywnuyny Hu Um 157105 Seniors express their feelings about graduation. Chad Corbett and Dawn I Proctor show their spirit at the bonfire. ' ' 1 X l hai Nw!-gig is ix gi, 3 ss? aN,!w-wsyuu.-M-A-Y-Y Early morning at the dent parklng lot . lx O4 is I 2. F" psig . Txv . f k,.. ,.R. -, ER, ' :'fLgif,g - 1 gif?-ii ' if .vt its 5 X1 wi v . , My 2 vw BECK JENNIFER BEDARD RITA BELL PAUL BELSTERLING l 'filf X Debbie Van Buren, Carolyn Ritchie, and Dawn Proctor cheer on the football players. X I LINDA BOONE 'Nw PATTI BIRINGER i 6, I 4' A ,I 1 A ..- E I BILLY BLACKBURN 'VRF i CHERI BLAKLEY 5 . X .w ,K .f ' 4 ERIC BRAVERMAN JILL BRINGER LAURIE BROOKS YTJY l ig l if if L Q lo A . SSI Q 'e.M""', , eff X, . 3 , 2 In ,,. 5 AQ I X P ,I , . 5? gig k I' Q SHERRI BIRINGER 9, , SUSAN MICHAEL 'Ui SYLVIA BROOKS l fail il - W , SWE? 1 A I ' 'wif' A, -til EDDIE BRYANT MYLES BURCH HENRY BUCKSON LEE BRYANT CHRISTOPHER BURR K 106 RAY BUSH AMETRIA CANIDY CARTSONIS 4 A X TROY COMBEE gl! ALISA COOPER Af ' I ff, FRANKLIN CAIN DOUGLAS CANNON MICHAEL CARTSONIS w--ww JOANNE CUNNINGHAM it 'QP' CHAD CORBETT n ,sf Q, DANIELE CAMACHO .WL ., 1 SHEILA CANO IIR Af- fl -A 1 I II, RN., 5 A f I QR ,Q I-hk kxsik I 1 ACAIACN 7 L,L..Lg5xQ:I,.N ,IIII fl ..I...., Q ff. JUSTO CASTILLO '04 I fk .. N ' J lg OK RONALD CO C. 89 LEANNE CAMPBELL MARIA ELENA CANDELARIA .S lx? Y?---Y KEITH CARRIGAN DAVID CARRIZOZA Us 5 'A CAROL CLARK CAMMY COLE x , ,, A 4 . g 1 f I 112 I . A it GEORGE CORDOVA Randall McDaniel says, "Where's the football?" K X 101 I A My K' i KRISTIN COTTER JOHN COVEY CURRY OLVIN CUTRIGHT ROGER DEHOOG 10 The class twins clown around. W 'nh-f THOMAS CRANE W:-.V mezae:er'w--:1,- ' ' A " " 2Wmi5sJ'E5i',:f 'W BETTY DELAPAZ NANCY DEMPSEY ..., . A TINA DOMINGUEZ A T TTTS A K' A ' i 52 1 6 9 55 x "" 'F -+ DAVID ELMER PATRICIA CURTIS CULLEN DOUGLAS DELONG SELINA DIGGS C L V, "', ftg i fiq S A , gi q W A 'ASEAN DUFFY N- -,Nw-H' EDWIN ERWIN -.O.,. .... ,I ,,. i H' - :.. mm ' ,E ,X , . AWRENCE EVANS PHILLIP ESPINOZA RUDY ESTRADA I 1 ' LARRY FAHRENBACKER ESTHER FERNANDEZ , , .- . I ' Q L: Jill Watkins has a Big Mac attack. NM .AUDE FLETCHER AQUANETTA FOLKS DOLORES FORD WALTER GARCIA JERRI GIEMZA S, f f Q 'J' 1 g-IAWN GILBERT MELISSA GILMORE KELLY GONGAWARE CHIP GOODALL Sin.,-I, K GONZALES DAVID GOODMAN GRAHAM THOMAS WAYNE GRA NT Yff GONZALES , vw .IVR ff ANGELA GRAZIANO x X 109 J JUSTIN GREEN ELSA GUZMAN JONELL HALL SHARI HAYES JIM HOFFMAN K I' EFS .,... , ' ,,,, 1 ' wwf ' V Q 5555? Qiigg Wi , 1E?1'?Y:':: " r 1' "iiZZfEE:l.'5k E , , A 1 RAYMOND GUTIERREZ RICK HAILE I., TANIA HAMILTON 3 s S I 3' I I DARLENE HEALY U O,MM, G sim I I hV : , fk- Q VU, ' E TINA HOLLINGSHEAD Seniors are on their way to first place in the amoeba race. I K? X ANDREA HANDLEY BRYAN HANSEN DONALD KARA HENDRICKS YOLANDA HERNANDEZ ERIK I Q2Q" . h , LOL LAAA LAQAA I X I LLLO I ,,,L... ,M fp ,,L. Af I THADDEUS HOMAN DAVID HUNT . MARY HURST - - 123 E I ' ,523 ,El I Q ' Us f If 1 A l I V ALLA 'L 1 I 4. X X3 X X X I n ' O A' WAYNE HURST STEVEN HUTTER TIM JAMES iff O Q, O A ,., ff: -ei I fi' 'Tal' Q E O 'D.J." JOHNSON QUENTIN JOHNSON RANDI JOHNSON Q' fl 2 A Q v Y Q s ' 3 1 A Q S rf ' R , . , A -,1 Q, 5 KEITHJESTES 1 ,QOO M O E H 4f'O's H R 4" '35 7-Q QS' ai - ml Q A F5 F ' l Q-1 JOHN JOHNSON GARY J USTISS CHRISTOPHER KELLING Ns N X N., WALTER KILBOURN DEAN KING ,fr "Hey bud," says Eric Braverman. LARRY KIRSCH MONTE KINDLE MARCUS KINION kv' TOM KIRSCH X 5 VVVIC H .,, I k 'K I X ' .,,. .I WP , . gf- A '- A . A 5 A I C5521 f iz Q3 , .KIMBERLY KLEPPE' DANIEL KOSECKI at K KN f-Eff' DIANE LOPEZ JOHN LOPEZ V W., A O, ,, , I M LMI i lbll, ' ' I l A ' ' 3 I x. L mv I PAM LOVE ROBERT LOY ERIC MARCHETTI JOHN MARSHALL I I ,, J , 1-yn' 1 PATRICIA MARTINES SANDEA MARTINEZ , N 112 ix ,, 3 'Jw IL I fw- TRACY LARSON RHONDA LAWSON JANINE LEACH ,,, , MONICA LOPEZ VINCENT LOPEZ MARY JO LORENZ D. Rena LYMAN MICHAEL MADDEN KEVIN MALIN L . . I .., MW. ... . A A , . . " S. A , 31 I- 'Y K A,-4' H - 2 1 Jeri Giemza and Debbie Van Buren, the good and the bad. C4 , . . . , - - L. V Jim Van Trump "kicks back" with his friends. S I I 5 , 1 S S 1 I, , I 3 I , McNABB PATRICIA MEDINA MAGDALENA MEDRANO 1 s E A if 5 , -fy 'YQ Q 2 I . ,xx 3 if 'M I , Ki Aw. ff I 4 I ' A I 5 N' 71 N N .- 5-Liv .VI , A I - W, ., LOUIS MENA LINDA MIKEAL DALE MILLER .. . VV4- Y .. A I My I I "':L A L' ' I -2 514 MISNER BRENT MIX TERRI MIZELL if SHERRY LYNN MARTINEZ WILLIAM MAY LISA MEFFORD -s-My STEPHANIE MILLER ,muh ADELAIDO MOLINA MICHEL MASLYN RANDALL McDANIELS fv-' 'SZ' , . ROGER MEIXELL Ag Q. Six, -, 727- :Qi- I ' K KRIS MINEAU V 3 I IN MICHAEL MOORE I 'x 113 in ,. Laura Seitz takes notes as Susan Schreiner gets ready for the grapefruit pass. MICHELE MORENO .ag In is A I fy. A . RONNIE LEE MUNOZ CYNTHIA ORTIZ jf x 114 IQ A' 7' - E ,, I- 1 , A f f A gf ' ' QQ I ECCC ' , i f Q R - ,. X x I 5 . .. , .nib SHEILA MOTOMATSU DOROTHY MUDRICK if ROSEMARY MUNOZ VICTORIA MUNOZ ' B., -I MARIA PALACIO f-3 I yu - 2 'V 2 I 1 If TIMOTHY MOORE ELVA MORA , 1 5 . SARA MORA ' JACQUELINE MOREDOCK Q fag 'U 0 f. JESSIE MUNOZ PAUL MUNOZ :.: Q ZVI if 'ff L f X I KENNETH NAYLOE DANIEL O'DEA 5.1 E, CASEY PATTERSON LORI PATTON 1 I ,V I . I 4 Q ., I X2f31!'f'f v J 1 f 1 ,, z I 3 H: Q: 4, . ' S1 .rc P,M aaa? ,,,. ,::..R,,Z ,Q f If V? in s 1 ff , ' 6 ,P 2 -I Z? 1 3 Ig ,i X , : JAMES PETERS HDMER PIATT MICHAEL PEREZ Q52 , , I 543' , V, 's l M - ,, Q' A 4 1 T, ' K i 1 Y f.- 1, ! 4,-v I 1 a' I 4 nw I fi Q, . wb.-1 I- ek ff .-A 1 1 I QMS REGINA PRICE DAWN PROCTOR DEBBIE PUTNAM ,uf V. , fl JEFF RIDDLE PAM RIGGS CAROLYN RITCHIE fix ROGERS LUPE RODRIQUEZ J. C. RCI-ILA SUSIE PLOURDE PAULA QUIGGLE :swf ' .igfzggg - ,fin . X 4' K' Qin ' . E M . 9 F 3 1 4 4 sz P'-1 'U i I STEVEN ROBERTS Q Q I si.,- T17 X JEFFPORTER fsWkffva"ffffw:1ffw ,' Q 21. N ff' 'I :J ', '-vu, . Ps ,A - IETF 'W 'QQ x-,, , 4..., it.. xv - A MONTY RICHMOND ROGERS 1 . ' ROSZTOCZY JENNIFER ROWE Always in a good mood is Mary Jo Lorenz. ' I x 115 1 M 47 .5 2 I CHRISTOPHER ROYALL JUDY SANCHEZ 1 v y fs. dffx 19-gr, 5 ANDY SCHENKEL 1 '- J "' -fy, .Vw . .- . E " 'wa ,en R I , Hake 2 2 I U ,:..,, M, 'W Q Q I I i 'nil 'If fx I sf in . 'J75'X 4 I ' eeee JACQUELINE SAINZ f"'..5E CARRIE SATTELMEIER , ,ru Q .y.,..,. I A f "ee " C7125 " I w ' ew A Y ":' S ig DIANE SCHLABACK SCOTT SIMS CHARLENE SMALLEY JEANNIE SMITH u CHERI SCHMIDT CMADDENJ SUSAN SCHREINER 'DBZ SCHARVEN Seniors get radical at the pep assemblies. OW LAURA SEITZ LILIA SOTELO RONALD SHOWKEIR LEEANN SPANO X 116 xbg, STEPHENSON GAYLA 5- Q., GEORGE STOTT CHARLES STUL 1 N J! I I-11.2 ,dl 1 , W-, , 'I DENISE STUPKA v- xK LAURA TAYMAN TROHALIS AREN TRUDGEON Qt A 1 4 ' VAN BUREN MELINDA TAINTER TAMMY TERWILLEGEE LORENZO TROTTER QYK 'V WENDY TRUELOVE WENDY VAN DUYN 5 ' v.. 5- 'f7"FU95i1i E ' ' fn f'El 'TP' 225, X I , l M 'X 2 - A it 'V as 2 ii W , , X I 'Y 1 x 4 v " -'lg K 1 ' 4 ,-A Q ' I KIMBERLY TALBOTT DEBBIE TAYLOR SUNDEE TAYLOR , 'Sf' ' .Pu li vm X if s 1 , -1 X-gb CAROL THOMPSON CAREN THURSTON KEVIN TIOHINEL Q O, 4. Two hard workers in the library, Carrie Sattelmeier and Darlen Trohalis. -YF "IQ, 44 , ix ' ' Ji ,Dr A , -KX A ,mu 1' f 4J'.Qi3,:. . , JAMES VAN TRUMP JILL WATKINS PAUL WEST X N 117 .v . -Mgr e E of ' 5 1 Qfw ,Q xx fo 'wj -, If - ., x , X V n 5 Sea X n ly , x Tk I x vfe' A i'f"1'i" . p 1 s 'gfs P Randi Johnson takes tune to pose for a quick plcture CHARLIE f' fggfoli K' 173 X s gm sc .4 . MARK WOODS PAMELA WOOTTON X 118 X A R1 IZA 1 s Ag RQDNEY YANCY GUILLERMO ZUNIGA to NN -S A-f.".-- Q.. Q X The unusally empty student parking lot at the end of the day. Y wi' X' -,--- ' we vw Q. f X wk he we X ff X X fksiigwx .N Q X XX we RAMIRO NESIQ llifhlgi' . ' , H 5 - John Johnson says goodbye as he anxiously p tur ROBERT XAVIER ROMERO SAVAGE their strategy for the balloon toss OUGH 1 Nfl :is ' . , DAVID THOMAS if 5 school. 120 X ,fi gn E SNES E558 SSWWREN -.ff ,..,,,, A. ' ' LA Q , 'MAA ,V,l -V , 113 1 3 ' 's'f:LfJmQ1 ..,,A 2 W 'V 4 ..' 5.J?232ffi1iw,a,:g1bQ, gig. , A .V ,, , ' V Tw, gy -A. V M4 A:, VV, V 1, f M ,A ,. ,W gggwwg, H M ,,,yA 1 I-,H , Ag, VV WVV, V, A K ,V - K A Ag, ,,VM,,-gf , H1 A 'f P211-.VA A '- Yue, eff!!-w we A , 'a5.:+M,,,f,,gj,AMA ' -2 , 'Z - , , V A N A , if W VV aff,-IF' ' Vw- w V -,?1T':A- '-A? ff f A ' w -'X f 'f f ' V-V , . -V -- - A- 2 had vi w, , ' - .1-ff , A. pf , ij Ay- . I, .V A, VA, ,,q,, w, in -Mffizwx R ,Vjyfg fr- " QQ, ,Q ,A jj' , lmgfmi, "" in i .f A A , Ny., ,, , f x NA,,,V ,Vafpgg V I my I ,, I A ,Y 4: A .Q ir ,K ,U Vw, ,, "" i n MV ' My QAM' V A - , .,, , A J V 1 4 vi V V ' A - w f,, wg 41' ,.p:!'q+Wf ' " "asm" 1 ': : V?",4'ff "1' i ' ing. w "W " as ' 1 wsm' 1 ' W 9 If S " ' - V RMMVVV. 'N , ii r+f2VhVVg VH . gjjim Z2 ,, ' V W ' 4 wi MVA ' 40 " fm-g -iw ,"-13 H V Y V V ' A , AA Q . M , ww. 3 V .1 .13-,F P ' Q5 fs- WV. 'V' -V V V If - , ' gu y? 'V A ' 4,1 A, Vg., if ,Q-, in v ':, 5, A 1 ff? 3 A ff ' 2 K A !iw,A,yw rr V, , V, As yy sg. ,Ag V ,gi A+ Vi , ' I sl QMWV NX QQ N Q B? S Q ,ww 'Z 4 'V , A f 4 ' A +1 ,A,, A A, - 5 IX If Q 4 V 11 4 4 M XV A13-L Juniors . . . third time up his' is the third season that the juniors have had the opportunity to perform before an audience of peers. Performing comes easy for the junior class because, "They're a great bunch of kids, with lots of ambi- tion" declared Mr. Arley, junior class sponsor, and also as Stacy Marler, a new student, added "They're friendly and easy to get along with." Their biggest production this year has been the traditional candy sale. Juniors were to be found all around the campus selling Crunch, Crispy- Nut and S100,000 chocolate candy bars. In early October, juniors gathered around the front of the O.K. Fulton gym to choose and purchase class rings. There was an abundance of col- ors and styles to choose from, yet, many of the students chose to have their birthstones and names engraved on their rings. Later in the month, juniors began preparing themselves for yet another tradition at Agua Fria, Homecoming. This is an event that every junior becomes actively involved in. According to Gaylene Moyers, junior class president, "Our class worked hard and put a lot of effort into our float this year, although it didn't place as high as we thought it should. "The float, The Jungle Book, placed third in both school competition and in the Billy Moore Parade competition. Overall, juniors placed second in class competition. During the month of April, juniors began preparing for the juniorfsenior prom. The prom which was held at the Arizona Club, has always been put on by the juniors in honor of the seniors. Soon after the prom, juniors anxiously look forward to the end of the school year, yet, during the summer, they will anticipate their last cur- tain call. ' x 12212 1 26 K Q I i A i.. ll fb ix s Rh Q lik 1 ss' S Natalie Abbott Dan Abraham Gari Adams Barbara Allen Kathy Allen Laura Allison Edie Altizer Tony Alva Alexander Aranda Elsa Erismendez Shane Arnold Esmie Avila Glen Bachman Jeff Baker Chris Ball Q 5 sm ii 5 S 4. L . Qf QQCL EIIINIE Deanna Banks Kim Barber Lynne Barry John Barton oe Beadle Nikki Beaumont David Belford Matt Stevens and Rich Wherty cutest couple Steven Belluzzi Kim Bethurem WSW Wiggle Simone Blean Jody Bonham Sk Chrissy Boothman Patrick Boyer za X 21-n Tom Brittain Heidi Brook Theresa Brookes Ca vin Brown Melinda Brown Elizabeth Burkett, Isa Burney 1 , 4-h 3 s . t if Qi, iw eil Jan Burton Rebecca Bustamante Jill Cadzow Daniel Cano Ignacio Cano I-Q f 124 X r it , Q A -ii iw 5 -' . 1 I Manuel Cano Pedro Casteneda Julie Chambers Evelyn Champaign Leonard Chayrez z I X Yo i 'Qin' 'Sl ll -it ' 5, f F14 , ,wr Y 'Y Dan Trask, a proud football player. x ' ' r,t. Q fl I. J Ilydia Jimmy Keith fjisneros Contreras Cooley Iloug Cheryl 'l'erri Clay Cook Cooper J 'F ' Iliff! ers -K ' I 3 759 t lf :5' 1.1 ' so X N S. x Q A nv K J lewi s s Cary Copeland Willie Cordova Linda Cornett Robert Cornett Heather Craft , . lammy Crow Anita Cruz Joe Cruze James Culhan Kevin Daniels 1. yy sf. Q 9- 3 F' 9 r Robert Darden Mark Debroce Dora Derose Christine Dewey Heidi Hooter ,.ti,g ,. , 4 'V r ., l -'fs,J,. Robby Dewey l' dwynna Dooley 'sa Dominguez ' om Dorough Debbie Duncan , .... --,. if F fe ' J A ., YQQYTWEX r - f if - ' i QQ v . 5 " x .. i . T K S '1' , Q. fl- " 5. .. .. hike: -. can 14 . 1 A am, V I 1.1. . Y in fr , r Q Q X Nmg 4 . N -:fam . W Q V 'ff ww - sf, sg Y., A is us I h t Eiflmuis 25 M, tuna eeiei ,yyfeeeee Rfii ' lllmml ' f 1 xxx f Wi im Edgley Wendy Edwards im F. is L Ricky l' nriquez Rosa Fnriquez Anne l' rickson I 1 Rich Wherty as Mobely, in the flesh Sally Estrada Susie Estrada Diane Farley Sherri Faulkner Jon Fernow 'lfom Fitzpatrick Lenora Flowers Junior Folks IX Q b NH., 4.3 .. YT., i A on - X G A Y 2.55. .. X N ,, 'Q I wi 1 5 xt 'Q 5 'Sf e A ' S14 X L -- ft - rr' 3, ik Q ' . A .H Q ,, .. r , . i is SZ. .iw . . . I if A '9 "'!' Pep rallies bring out the animal in juniors and Woody Neighbors. .Y N! , F 95 ,J llill Renee Ford Scott Ford Esther Garcia Robert Garcia Tammy Garcia M if f, 126 N Cass Garza Terri Geist April George Toni Germana Olga Gonzales Sam Graziano Charlie Green James Green Joe Green Kelly Greenmyer Joelle Gruden Danny Juanita Grumbling Guerrero J06 Scott Guajardo Guess John Gurch Jay Gutierrez Ruehen Gutierrez Terry Gutierrez ' ik ii ii 1' H f l S-E t ij -X -hifi QT5 sq K X X rise A kknl ' ' - :il QS sig.: RUN ff ' wwe: ,, - 's t lim Ellis, Rob Rosztoczy, Dan Grumbling and friends compete in the amoeba race. 'l'im Dianna John Carla Guzman Hammit Heffington Henderson Kathy Robert Kimberly Diane Halsey Havers Heller Hendrick VVVL . :-- 2 his is Susan Hernandez Angela Hickert Joel Hicks Donna Hilty Tina Hilty W xl Cori Earl Hoffman Hurst Harold Jamie Hopson Jameson Mike Joel Horner Jenson Susan Wendy Hubbard Johnn Cathy John Humphrey Johnson IW W J ix! 127 ,, B. White and J. Stockstill Sittin' around watching noontime activities. - ,fr..x..::-wo . N I - x SE r - sy 1 5 . . .ai -r ? TW ax x k I 128 N Laura Ray Johnson Juarez Pamela Tony Jones Juarez X 1 Thon Kaeluean Sherry Kester Angela Kauffman Annette King Tim Knapp Todd Knapp Shawne Knell Cecil Kramer Clifford Lackey X I 3. , 5 i t Sf y in ,305 ,r uu uuuyiu ,. .i..,,u Clgyce EaSteI' Lamb Lawson David Efifl Lane Leach Kathy Kim Larson Ledford Staci Erin lgttison L99 Arturo Hellfy Laureano Legg Sf? ff' '23 nb- T' 'x I is a -. Q ., , ll 'r f ' 4? F lolxxl .ip I . ff' X my X Marcy Levario Gary Lewallen George Loers Debra Lopez Dora Lopez Marcia Lopez Margaret Lopez Kathy Loraine Norma Lowe Paul Lucas me 5 ff ff, ""'f:-'.f ,is-' ,fail as an K p.pp X H as ki. , , ...V 'if S l. QQ- . .7 fi I N. ., Q i' FA I 3- 41 Nm, L are ,A .x 5 4, 1,-x 1 , ax in X-. Chuckie Salem Chug-a-lug. Christine Anna Kevin Ron Rig-ky Lujan Madrid Mahoney Mailman Maldonado Milie Lina Kevin Kayleen 'l'rac'y LUJHU Madrid Mai Majeske Markowski Mark Lukasik Paul Maddalla Albert Maddox ll X lx 129 ll M 91 2 12.11 -.2, ' 491, ' Q , , X f' 1 if 1 Ep, 1 U' 1 y s ' B ' V 'Q . I A fil l I, ' vga ' Z' al, ft ,.. S, M . ,,., 1,1 . ,N V, 6 VfjpQ,,,MaJ Celeste Betty Jo Manuel Martinez Stacy Manuel Marler Martinez Rebecca Raymond Marshall Martinez Anne Martin Mary Ann Martin jp. f x 130 1 V vw, i , T Looking at class rings. on rings takes time. Sharon Martinez Betty May Shelly Mays x mit W. x 'S N lf, M Joe D011 McBride Mellon John Andy McKinnon Mena Darrell McKinny W ' if , gf' I 49' ,,.,g',ff A Rosa Mendoza Rhonda Milam Christina Miller Roger Moncayo Barbara Moody LeeAnn Moore Scott Moore Angie Mora 4' .Y ,. mx, Christina Morales Manuel Moreno Bobby Morrow Paul Mosely Gaylene Moyers i n e iw v x Xml 1 if Mary Muck Phil Munoz Diane Murdock Rosalinda Murillo Tim Nairn ZH xg: Q S .Y 'S J' -A5 X Q W!! 1-2' N f 'Q Ahlff X ,' rn-. ,r f Becca Marshall, Laura Rainer and Chris Schilz dress for rock day. 'f X A if ' i f s i- , is uv Q N M ' Q, A, Lil ,- - . ii , Michelle George Doug Richard Angel Ilglgiearrette Nees Nelson Olgin Perez Naylor Wfffldy JoAnn Anna Becky Nfflghbors Nicholas Oviedo Perez Margie llzlchel Oviedo Pere! Kevin Michelle Owens PCQCFS Mercy Betty Paz Petro I X 5 x gr QS if .NA ' VW X awww wwvvm-Ns-'X Rob Rosztoczy competes in the pie eating contest. R t i 1: Q , -, R 5? , fill X N P5 1 ,. ff 335. 'K :El-Z' K' Don Rene Pettit Prtezt David John' Piatt Raleigh Robin Pierce Scotte Piette Tanya Priest 1 x A' X l, Lisa Ramey Johnny Ramos Thomas Ramos Valerie Rawlings .AX . '- , . I f its .- ssl' Q- 5 R xiii? is Shelly Ray Laura Rayner Alice Reske Sandra Reyna Q Carrie Rice I 5 , Steve Riddle Beth Righs Alice Rivas Lori Rivas Veto Rivas Edouard Rivera Julie Rivera Rosalva Rodriquez Roh Rosztoczy Paulette Rowe ru 'I . Carol Rosemary Rucker S2-ll3Zal' Rich Chuck Ruehrmund Salem Roy Rick Ruiz San Miguel Margaret Salas Jessie Salazar 0 A G :S . , f K X X . lk gag' X N -33 if l Q I X ll k x ,l ., X. - iii X eeei Q S - ,Q 3 7 S Q5 li ,X ' ' l ki J x glans Mark Samuel Denise anc ez C IZ Scott Shack Shoemaker gagged' grgsten k f Alex Bob Albert c a c wartz op Se,-nas Shepard Silva Nancy Julie Ch - Schell Scott Tor Sorenson Remberto Sotelo mfr? 'N 133 u iw Y iw Ss X QR 9 E S 3 if 13 Lorenza Soto Misty Starr Matt Stephens X A l ,, X, Jon, Jim, Chrissy, Jamie, Angela, Mike, Kim, Calvin, Timmy and Veto make a run for - I I . V AL s X J eff Stewart Jim Stinett Jason Stockstill Decisions, decisions Richard Sullens Mike Sweeting Jeff Thompson mSQ,.x'fE?'l' .xx Laurle Susan Leona Susie Tomlinson Towey Underwood Vasquez Jessie Dan Valdez Trask Lupe Kevin Valdez Tyler Denise Viteri Charlie Walters Kent Walton Leonard Chayrez passes the lifesaver to his partner. f X J " 2 i t Mi f 1. kj X Ted Ava Lisa Waterman White Wimbley Maria Beth Chris Weidow White Wong Rich Mike Emilio Wherty Willand Ybarra Darla Acuna Mike Beccerra Mattew Cloninger J uaquin Coronado Adam Duniningham Shawn Deadwiller Jesus Elizondo Willie Galindo Steve Gladart Rick Haile Mike Hainline Lonell Hall Virginia Howard Theresa Huerta Veronica Isom Bryan Johnson Cush Johnson Robert Mayer Micheal Mayer Tony McCown Martin Mendez Ninfa Montanez Anthony Ortiz Celia Perez Doreen Perez Richard Randall Monty Rosalez Judy Sanchez Tony Sanchuro Athena Strazzi Scott Taylor Tracy Thomas Ricky Velez Larry Williams Not Pictured: L Nh Ken Chug. Yoder i Nacho C Sherri Zinkl Mike White 4 ano participates in the Rootbeer I 1 x N 135 ,, Sophomore involvement peaks at homecoming ne of the most difficult tasks facing any sophomore sponsor is trying to get the sophomores involved and pushing forward on their three-year journey to graduation. We spoke with a couple of this year's spon- sors, Mrs. Akin and Mrs. Graziani. Mrs. Akin said, "The sophomores are a great bunch of kids." " These sophomores always have a comment, they always have something to say," stated Mrs. Graziani. The sophomores did get involved this year. In homecoming class competition, the sophomores came in second with their float, "Alice in Wonderland," and fourth in overall class competition. Last year the sophomores had the run of the north campus, but this year, at the south campus, they got to be with the upperclassmen. W Kristin Shears said, "I like it a lot better, and I get to meet more people." Most sophomores agree that this year will be their best year yet. fe. Robert Dan-ell Suzanne Diane El'f1ffSt0 Acuna Aldridge Altizer Anderson Avltla Tim Sheila Brian Melody Frank Ahrenberg Allen AIIIBS Arlwld Ayala X 136X Michelle Ricky Barker Bernal George Carl Barney 1- Jennifer ChriSt6 Batson Bingham Walter Mike Behm Black Ruben Neil Bergstery Blain S me 'Ein X 1 lf x? 5 s Casey Kennedy has spirit. Mark Boon Mitchell Borders Tina Brashers Robert Brock O O U L'-1 ,AWQS Carla lCleopatral Crujido. Kim Brooke Steve Brown Jim Bruchhauser Lori Bulfer X t 3 N . N- W if if ' F X, , .J Q. xi ' 2-f K H I 'Y 4 Ly 1 N , S I xc xx X l 1 3 vi W .4 David Bush Tom Bushong Paul Bustamante Louis Buzzard Kelly Byassee Linda Bylotas Lee Cox David Campos Orlando Cano Martin Carabjal l37 A S N3 Sophomores prepare for class. r NA? . a ' Terry Joanne Larry Carlos Chapa Cole Kim Jose Leticia Cashman Charvin Colorado Manuel Steve Trisha Castrillo Coffman Cffmbee X l X Kevin Cooley Carrie Corbett Tim Craft Denise Crane Carla Crujido Isabel Cruz Dan Cunningham Hazel Cunningham Ruth Cunningham Vanessa Cunningham Tina Dean Dionicia Diaz Sherry Diggs Theresa Dominguez Scott Donaldson , .,.,. Q :, Q ,fy n ' .. ' 1 ' 1 ' - " , Q . .'..r,n. V ' 0 0 , O Zi ' f .Q 1 95 l 1.6 O C-Q Q. tg O O.q 0.5. O 5. asai- Ruth Cunningham, Diane Petro and Krista Holucoft in Wonderland. Irma Elizono Joe Elias Martin Enriquez Jesus Esparza Patricia Esparza Andy Jack Brendon Rodi Ewert Fellows Firlhel' Dan James Rhea Esquivel Fahrenbacher Fifer Flenner Carla Flowers Don Forrister x 9139 X L Li f -5-..... ' if "wr N Sophomores participate in class competition. Timothy Randy Doug David Frank Freberg Garber Gardner Sara Linda Carlos John Friedman Gage Garcia Garduno Shelly Edward Rosemary Shane Frost Galindo Garcia Garrels Chris Garrett Ken Germana l 40 A Sean Gibbons Larissa Giesenregen Dawn Gilmore Lisa Godsil Dominic Gonzales Margaret Gonzales Teresa Gonzales Tammy Goodson Jimmy Gower Wes Grant 'Z- lf' g Y s ,A , ,X Larry Hainline David Hamilton Lisa Hannold Vanessa Harbert Abraham Harris David Harvey Denise Harris Kim Hayes Louise Hensley Alice Hernandez 2' 1 ., W' 33 4,3 I "Lx I i X if-D Q Joey Pompa tries to escape Juan Hernandez Manuel Hernandez Olivia Hernandez Debbie Hicks Richard Higgins Cindy Hill Dana Hill Amy Hillman Krista Holdcroft Irma Holguin so ,A ,L A 1 V 7 , ,kkk gm K. , , .k,,:k,S Vrkk .i I-is :X K , A C 55. KKVK Sophomores stop off at their lockers. A if ,... ' ' V. V ff' ",- E A rr - 3 ,fav J "H fi We l ff oc- ol is Rudy Sherry Shelley Holguin Hubbard Hunt Michelle Venecia Rose Howell Hubbard Ingram l x 142 C Lisa J amenez Cheri Johnson Cheryl Johnson Harry Johnson Noe Johnson Gwendolyn Jones Jay Jones Cheri Kaieta Terrence Kelling John Kemper Casey Kennedy Troy Kenson Shelley Kessler Charlie Kimes Pete Kirsh Matt Konecki Charlie Koontz Allan Kosecki Allen Landaal Michael Lavoie -. 1. Clint Scott Todd F.. '?' ' ,Q M P-Q 1 S I ill Lawson Leach Ledford ' be R ., W wi, Q -31 . A. ,wi 'ef 'J ' f.' 'S '5- F-NS X"-sire ' s m. Q, "1 , X riff: gf- as A W' Sl 1 me N if l L ff, WKR H' i I Yi Q . 4 X. . Q 3 . Q.. JN-,X 5' '. s xt.. ' . ."g f . Tracy Cunningham is loved. s , " . .Qs 5 is 'vias X e,s. L An sex' X . -r 1 Mx at L s l Yi sf, by . tx XR ' ,K x A Anita Levario Teri Lorig Gay Lundmark James Lyman Tim MacLeod Pam Mackenthun Lori Madrid Rey Maldoavado Gail Maloney Jack Malysa Sophia Oscar Marquez Mauricio Bob Mike Martin Mays Paul Timothy Martin McAniff George Mary Martiner McBride Kelly Lynette Maglyn McCombs I X 1 X I 143 A , - Q -1' 4, RMT ugh 'er VX. x K H 412. T 4 W if i i: 2 Y V' wr " s ty V "Light: vi i A 1: " ' K f l 'f Rusty McCoy Bobby McGinty J achie McGinty Dawn McNitt Rusty Mee ,lk 144 Michelle Meeker Alfred Medrano Matt Meese Jesse Mendaz Kim Mershon .4. . ,I x li Mex ,.,-' ' Q 4 . A '--X sz 1 f A if x - 5 Roy Millage Dawn Miller Dave Mills Gloria Mincher Kathleen Mitchell A i . F! Michelle Moldovan Lisa Montano Danny Mora Carlos Moreno Gwen Moreno T. Morrise, R. Cunninham, M. Hunt and S. Whor horse around Scott Moreno Tim Moreno Tiffany Morrissey Rachel Moseley Shara Moseley Dennis Moses 5 1 . N MQ a xe. K J ak 5 ,' X S W X, , ,w A n 4 -ga ,- V,- . 1 .1-Q , ' x - i , E 'diva A R - Eff, wif? lifts Xi S X S' 5 at , :EETTSSS Q. X ' V st- , . s ew 1 , X Y x e X B X X X' sw X X X as il fi X it Q ir UE X 'Q NN 44' s 45 X Rebecca Murillo Scott Muse Dan Mrkvicka 4 Q .Q x.. Mike Simington is center attraction at pep-assembly. Kim Myers Vince Nagle Kamila Naifeh Tina Nichols Helen Nickele Jeff Oaks Anna Olgin Rebecca Olivarez Richard Osborn X ASQ s N X Q Y Fi X l X S Q nn- X , '- 5 r I' Q. Dale Osborne Irene Pacheo Ester Pariga Kaven Parry Mark Paulino Milo Payton Margaret Penroza Corina Peret Becky Perez Kathy Perez Xa g. if W Richard Perez Jesse Perkins Gary Peterson Diane Petro Lynda Pettigrew V X x 4 J Sophomores enjoy a walk. 333 Scott J oey Phillips Pgmpa MOniC8 Karen Piccolomini Prieto I -- . 1 e Q ow 1 Sarah Ann Pugh Victor Quesada X Teresa Quiggle Michelle Quittschreiber Griselda Ranguel Freddy Ramirez Sherry Ramirez Freddy Ramos Griselda Rangel Z1 ' SR si Anthony Reed Sheryl Reese Jose Reyna Juanita Richmond Debbie Richel Terry Redes Hector Rivas Ceelin Rivera Isabella Rivera Derek Risley sl' i , f S r ,E MSM: -X s -- "" New as aug., ,psi ' :Sw is 9' V x ggi S N 1 , . .i 4 R arf 'YS 'Ei- x gal iv .1-gg. el Q 4,1 if-f x f Q all ,X Xxvlfgg Kristin Shears walks to class. L0ri Irene Jerry John Becky Patty J ere Ritchey Rodriguez Rose Sanuagui Schwald Seckar Sessions Peggy Sandy Steve Rogelio Michelle Pauletta Berne Rizzo Roehling Ross Samaniego Scism Seitiz Shack J Odi Susan Diana Rosie R0bbiI'l9 Roeling Ruehrmund Sanchez Hugh Stefani Christine Ed Roberts Rogers Saenz Sandoval Dana Lucy Norma Paul Rodenbery Romayor San Miguel Sarver I K f N f K X 1 cf? Mrs. Akin, Sophomore English teacher and sponsor. 3 X Q Q E vm QT' -'rf 4. . v Q as 5 i YQ ' , NWT Y K A H r X K KW x Ui ':'s FV S ii r x g X 5. I Q-.-.f 1 . lx 223: was K I, Kristin Mike Cheryl Alicia Luci Rod Stuart Shears Simington Smart Solis Stanton Stokes Taylor Scott Laura Paul David Margie John Pegeen Sherman Simmons Smith Solis Starr Stone Tebbe Mary Ann Todd Alice Omar Jay Lance Kimberly Silva Sinclair Snook Soto Stephens Syverson Thompsc Royce Susan Taber Thompsc Lori Sherry Tarves Toogood fl! A 148 T X l , . A "ba ,J . ,Til ,,i!i. Donna Troy Teresa True Tammy Uhl Mary Valdez Mark Van Buren Dan Vaughn Stephanie Vaughn Chris Vaught Brenda Venable Jonett Uiteri - f air: 'Q x .A is M ll' Q' , 1 3 I A 'khh' Wi 1 2- X I , '. 4 1 . K K V .FP v-R R11 V- L X .S D Geraldine Waddy Ginny Waitt John Wallick Sally Whorl Rick Wichman Mfr The local hang out for Sophomores. Tim Wiley Denise Williams Lisa Williams Rory Williams April Wilson val. gr, Tina Pamela Wingfield Wyrick Elena Sean Wuthier Yohe Rachel Young Gary Yowler lk C J Baby owls swoop, enthusiasm shows he Baby Owls of Agua Fria proved that they're ready to fly by their spirit. Mrs. Conway, the freshman sponsor, had quite a bit to say about this year's class. When asked about the enthusiasm, she replied, "They're a good class, they're hard workers and they have a lot of spirit and pride. Yes, our freshmen have made quite a statement this year as their float took first place at homecoming. In accordance with this year's theme, their float was taken from the book, "Clash of the Titans." It featured a horse with moving wings. The beauty of the freshmen really showed this year and we can proudly say, fly Baby Owls, be free to show your spirit. ' Q VA XA , ' " fs M + its WL? J . as X . , 'ml I --' rf W sf X' . if I1 1 L- .-5j,igQ2"'R :tw gi ' 95: 'iff vi . 1 ' 53,3 'isgfj f .fQ'i5' if .37 -' ..' Z - 'A 5 AV t ,f . :ls 'Q Qggfy-rig: ,I tg: 3 R I mftm " . ' . www T, 311 if 3 ,,.,,,,,m if j --yyfgg, 25193: 'Y,-...4.,.,,...ww' Cheryl Adams Eric Ahartz Rick Alexander Annette Allison Connie Alvarez X 150 N f 4, ,- lv X. A N Vincent Amabile Gloria Anaya Brad Anderson Ray Anzar Tahnee Ashby Rexna Avitia Nicole Ayerza Sylivia Baca Fred Bailey Stacey Baker S .- . 3322: . A K if ur it L Wal. .-U .. .WM 9""f rmmll is Q t 'Q Ar In N f .a Steve Baker Scott Banks Olga Barajas Carol Barden Todd Barker A ..,.:.ffq..,k , -+ H S 'Q S'- -fli J fi 1 in ra", 'vs F X U L W 1 ,. ,Q , P. Y R , f A ,.. , T 1 ' L ' if r X- :B sv. ,, Q., l ' xx' 1 s A. ii , 5 11 is x Y Y +9 Pauline Barreras Armida Barron Donald Barbon Frankie Barton Billy Belford iam. if 537 Z3 li' 2 Deidre Bell Denise Bell James Bell Renee Bennson Kim Benson A Kelly Bethurem David Betzhold Rick Black Patty Boothman David Bouche K . - l is , 5 Thomas Bradley Gloria Bravo Rachel Brockey Angela Brooks Kristina Brown X 3, Q! 'V Y Q u 4 N in 1 ., xl N M Ri .V w' fr XX s. . ew sq S ,,., . l 9 Y ..,. Q' -.1 4g.....r-'rx t -xl, 1' Y wx . ' I -, ' 'W' ' ' 'F' f Q." - -, .67 - ..+-f- sf-SU Jr - thxt t U -i I . 1 sk as A rs .E 1:3 - Q uf fr sl :V . 4 si by 1 I 1 .,': X ,r,r , Ky, ,k i C A v we P 383' 1 Ci ' ., -1 xy . I gi - i or 'ii' -4 4-"R B R C Edgar Leonardo Christie Buckson Caro Chatfield Michael Raul Robert Bueno Castaneda Chilcoat Poli Patty Wayne Cachin Castillo Christner Clint Debra Alan Campbell Channave Church Sylvia Kelly Maria Cano Chandler Cisnersa fr x. I ww Ronnie Clark Dennis Clouse Freddy Cobrera Beth Collmeyer Robert Combee 151 r' 'L I E H N..-W . -i -' get i 'Q W 411 xl xx x K U l' g jcsxk-:hz l 152 X Douglas Condie Laura Cooper Doug Cooperman Tami Copeland Erwin Cordova X Fayedra Cribbs Dawna Crosby Elva Crus Manuel Cruz Peter Dahm Q 5 w 7 lx J x sr QNX he N 5 lx F X W5 .ki ,',: ,, , K A ,i I IA Q . . C , J I h The north campus' front yard adds the extra touch. 1 Julie Darden Michelle Delong Scott Densford Kim Donaldson Gina Doubleday Bill Dougan Pat Drennan Julie Dumdei Adam Edes Kevin Edgley Thomas Elenner 4, E- ...C Erik Ellis Eric Engelmann David Epplin Allen Errol Jewel Escabar Enrique Estrada Janie Estrada Kathy Fahrenbac Cynthia Felix ,fflx ernandez HY ernow elli inney cott itch Tom Flenner Cleveland Folks Lashelle Folks Terrell Folks Melissa Fryman Becky Galindo Kevin Galloway Todd Garter Terry Gathercole Kellie Geist o ,:,'N G 5' k":. 4- f A . fl G - FX' v Corinne Gendron LaLisa George Keith Germana Kelly Germana David Glorit li! X ixlkx.-MQ 5 lx Xa S 4 North campus gets underway in 1977. Albertina Ken Rodney Chai-leg Gonzales Graham Green Greer Laura Mark Bobby Jan Gotcher Grant Greene X x i er e H .AV I if D , j 4 ,,, il ' ' X IIL 4 H. ' , A ' , 9 'ziffw K lux, -.,, ' Rr' Nv,. ,L X A ' 'E Qs if r ., - me Hey bud, is itall there? 1 '. . 8 ,. gl K I . f X - 'fill 2. Rst gfggy Kris Guffey Angelia Hall 154 Susan Derek Hansen Hannis Dana Kimberly Hamilton Hardy 1 Tonya Harper Robin Harwood J ill Hegedus Kent Heiner Ben Hernandez xi n-we-CE y -. 1' Felice Hernandez Irene Hernandez Martin Hernandez Vicky Hernandez Armanda Herrera X me in X -Q9 X ' Q 1 , .., W" 2 l- K Q . we A " " , 5 - N E If sf? f! L 1 Oscar Paula Hildago Hoeffliger Terry Tina Hilty Holm Fermin JHITIGS Hinojosa Hood Doreen Creed Hinton Horine Mike Michele Hirth HOU iii in A Carl Johnson Kirsten Johnson Rick Johnson Jeff Jones Lynn Jones wr ss' ull' J' 7' ' 5 5 -aff. I ul Wi X I . Law: V J r Patty Jordan Dia Jorgenson Jackie Kennedy Charles Kennon Russell Kessler 6 if . 4 i 4 HE 3 r 4 4 y kk' 1 4 E f' is L, - L1 il 'brig if N 4' in 1 N Q m K V' 5 P 3 . C-. 2, 4 - We f iff L if if -f It ga -4 ' W '-'W'-51:2-fL..5rSE.a F K-m',s,gQ .hi Q, , ' b If ' fl 1 f' - T l l Q' 'Q I 2 x Vx. .15 ii. -Q ., 5 n .. .. fx 6 ' -ft, 34? Nia ". A fe M 'X , ff .J . X . Rpiaggf-. ,A . ig n .T . .AI 1 L. I 5, ?" 5, l Freshman style! Q 2 Harvey Jeff Frank Steve Freddy Kesweden Lal' S011 Leijli Leunlz Lopez Carri Francine Liz Tauna Jorge Kitchens Lavoie Lessard Little Lopez Scott Lim Matthew Kleppe Lindsey Lopez Corine Ramona Ramona Lakey Lahfman Lopez Marnie Anim Kathleen Lambert Lopez Loy '7. - 4' 1 S 5' s Roy Loza Lupe Madrid Elena Maldonado Jill Maloney Jon Mann 155 I 5 'i 4 Q lr 1, fl - f if A . 3, 4 N .T " ,rf A " Na J ' ' Y , li , f ii 051 vnlv K, V H J k in - I ?:A'i' lr , 1, A L A ,G Q ?. , Q ' n -'l .. ,,, i 3 . 'f K ' VZZV li i i' X 9 N , , A M4 .. I 41- T." Are you lonely Lissa? . 5 1 Q' ' e 5 ,129 Stephanie Manning Toya Mapp Steve Markowski Y' .sh g' 1 air? :kr -1. 'F A ,. A 4l of x gf Pk 2 a SN f'iN,'i. Q V1 Barb Martinek Henry Martinez Terry Martinez Cam McCoWn Kerry McDaniel Martha McKenna Kent McMillan Michael Meehan Rosa Mejia Joe Melledy Jay Metzler Ken Mickelson Michael Miller Carrie Mineau Rocco Monaco Annette Monagas Dan Montanez Susanna Montanez Jim Montgomery Scott Montgomery Theda Moody all 8 Y ' V 5 1 . ,M ,aw 11.5 X Robert Morales Teresa Moreno Elizabeth Morris Eddie Morton Sharon Mosier P" Q as so tra p O ,f, Q " o A. L N ff" if ii A xLi'f-1- V - Jllm I Lkir ki X-i ,KR xl ii " A' 'QT' 'K Christine Nairn James Nelson Shelli Nelson Tanya Nevills Sara Nicholas 1 1 kX A ,N ai ' L-4 .- fi Mickey Normington Keith Noyes Chris Nuels Troy Oakes Tammie Olague E ,. 4 5 , ,f " W I -- ' ff-X' T up -ku 3 if ff! 1-L1 Y i? Tim Onstad Max Ortega Monica Ortega Galindo Ortiz Jesse Oviedo Jennifer Ozanne Tommy Pacheco Greg Page Rosemary Pariga Shannon Parker I '2 - 'Ji ' ,A J' " 'vc In A-'Xl North campus invokes sports and spirit. ,l 1, f. 1, -mil 9,57 I - 2 ww ri Y ,se 5-9 1' r E ,. ML .1 g sr vo - Aw lf 42: 'N sr i Q ,.. 1 ff 'W L-N 3 Alfredo Patino Yolanda Patino Katie Paulino Chris Perez Elio Perez Lupe Perez Martin Perez Bear Peterson Heather Piette Danny Pina M ' z" N ' i s I -NN Robert Pitt Samone Poureetezadi Teri Prawdzik Missy Quinn Efrain Ramirez ' Q-1' sr " i s. S 35.3 YF E s.. A DS K1-A Za. Jim says, "Hi there!" as K v. .l1. fic - ' X L L1 ' L' x . 1 Ronald Randall John Rayner Ronda Rayner Elizabeth Reid Jody Repass Jennifer Resch 1. X. Steven Reynolds Steve Reza Kristen Rily Celestina Rivera Carrie Roberts Lori Robbins Ricardo Rodriguez Tim Rogers it Frank Romero Rachel Romero Michael Ross Tom Rowe Carolyn Russo Sy Q 1? s 3 .J . A 2. F f V.- -I qv! 1 I , x L E x sr Eiw I . L22 . .,n 7 axis p 'r .sh 4 'K F.. p S ' 5 . , - .X ill . if. ,pf 1 . ul.. gmt ' ml I S X. - 1 if. r Howard Jesse Ryan Sanchez Philip Javier Sadler Sandoual Maria Frankie Saidana Saufley Irma Matt Salas Schamens Glen Kim Sanders Schiefelbein ? He said that about me? i 1 iz., K 2- 3 P' 3 ' .aff 4 mf " X 5 ij ' J .s 1 5 .2 J 4, , Anti 5 Gary Irma Tammi Scott Sernas Shenandoah Nina Wade Brian Scott Shaffer Shepard Q . y, .f Q Ss s s -49 S . e .r ,, , K R we fl . QQ? x , t ,Sh 2 K - krkk S - A K 'S A ix i N . X 35x ff XX ixjv xl 1 gg - frfiiw "i'l as 'Y x m i ,. X John Short John Smerecky Connie Smith Kelly Smith Wes Smith Tye Smoole Joe Snyder -' I . , 'E ff , Aix 54-.. L-. L. ,"f?"'- N 5' Z-Q .yi . A rw 1.- 'rf' -1-v. Earl Spencer Tait Sorenson Adriana Sotelo Diego Soto Ken Stenevik I.. ' X. N: I 159 X , at ' 0 . .r was Q Q K -v: Sui, X ,W I gh -. u v as 4 Q VN - f w N Q x .1 ,'. x -, lx A + A V r i ..r A r V W5 M 3 S X ' o a on e M Marg . , Q ,.'. 'kk' i U' . 3 i f ' , Q 4 Y s Y 1 .M l Trayci Stephenson April Stevens Tandy Stevens Cathy Stewart Jeanette Stinnett V x Heather Stockton Lashonda Stokes Billy Stout Brian Sullins Brian Sutton Becky Thomas Wayne Thurston Cynthia Tijerina Gilbert Torres Nora Torrez Curt Tosh Charline Troy Tanya-Lisa True A lonely patio beckons our starving freshmen. 44 JC wise 5""i'i 4? ... Andrew Trumbull Danny Tucker John Tull Eric Userey Sandra Valentine Luz- Valenzuela Arthur Valdez Viola Vowell Martha Vallejo Valljo Roy Vallejo Margm Vasqun 5... V34 lj Rob Vetter Monica Vlten John Vlzzerra Lnssa Walllck Darla Watkins lm Westmoreland N X .. I Krlsten Wherty J ulne White Mnchael Whltehead Regma Wxchman B111 Wlggans -lfxwi ' A .P Y as 6, S' rf wi I ya Q .X. 1.5 Tom Wllhams Tressle Wxlson Charles Wolff Bo Wolhtz Mnlton Wood I N Q lava Tammy Wood Laura Worthy Naoml Young Krlsten Zermg Alfred Zumga I A a. Q, 1 1 -, 0 n W et no ee 1?-Q W Q, W '- if it W xx .W we t w A '0.fE4-F? V l . 5 ' t i I . if 2 , W ' 'if A A,,, L ,Q lx T ' " el ' l e- 4 . A 4 4 J. in . . I bu u. 16 Faculty, Staff Backbone of AF. hose of us who have been at Agua Fria for four years can look back and remember those teachers who have made a permanent impression on our lives,', commented Shari Hayes. This is because of the strong bond between teacher and student. That bond will carry on throughout the years and will be passed on to future students and new teachers beginning at Agua Fria. As another student, Tom Kirsch, added, "Tradition at Agua Fria has always been a very important asset in the orientation of new people." Teachers are no exception. This year's new teachers were, Mrs. Linda Anthony, Mr. Brian Bogen, Mr. Buddy Deimler, Mr. Frank Dudley, Mr. John B. Fink, Miss Debi Raffin, Miss Mary Ruben, Mr. Rick Spears, Miss Crystal Stephens, Mr. Jim Dawson, Mrs. Lynda Arnold, Mrs. Connie Cooley, Mrs. Susie Saufley, Mrs. Joyce Hogan Sz Mrs. Carol Ray. We welcome you all and hope you enjoy being an Agua Frian! 'S Miss Kathy Crill does her impression of Kermit the Frog. x 2 C I Abbott, Mr. Bob Trades 8x Industry Akin, Mrs. Peggy English .sf 9- :Q A 'W Sf Aragon, Dora Arnold, Linda Attendance Library Aide ,f , Billingsly, Mrs. Elaine Bogen, Mr. Brian Reading Center Science Brown, Rose Byram, Miss Karen Asst. Principal Sec. English Anderson, Miss History 'W rff. Bateman Mathematics wall' Brough, Mrs. Special Services Campbell, Mrs. Attendance Clerk all f Louise Clark, Mr. David Fine Arts Cooper, Mr. Joe Trades and Industry I 1 . ,W .. . . 5 ll 'Q . .- ' M t ,,2f Conway, Mrs. Mary Science Coor, Mr. Chauncey Tech. Drwg.fArch.Dr li. fi , 12.9 .1 f Cutler, Mrs, Farrell Dauphinais, Mrs. Martha Business Education Foreign Language , . V r Dudley, Mr. Frank Mathematics Dunn, Mrs. JoAnn Registrar Cooley, Mrs. Connie Special Services Dawson, Mr. Jim Business Manager .ww Xt? Espil, Mrs. Yvonne Bookstore Clerk Morning announcements are given daily by Mr. Given. Deimler, Mr. Buddy Agriculture Estupinan, Miss Anita Farris Mr John English Fine Arts ei a if fi . f 1 .S S -- a Fink, Mr. John Force, Mrs. Marnie English Supt. Secretary Gay, Mrs. Shorty Goodwin, Mr. Tom Attendance Clerk Physical Education Fullington, Louise Cafeteria Manager Godfrey, Mrs. Ruth Nurse Garber, Mrs. Vicky Social Studies f ,en 1- i Q ,.. 1 N Graziani, Miss Trinna English JN 164 Qi , .1 He came, Goitia, Mr. Dave Grey, Mr. B Special Skills Social Hagerman, Mr. Clary Hamlmro, Mrs. Business Education Reading 5--9' Q.. J' .VH Henderson, Mrs. Pat Library Clerk .. t b N5 M Ya 2 gs : w- A, O 'fl . . -r i .. i l ' Holm, Miss Carol Special Skills . x, X. Rn "2 F5 S ns x ,Y ,X w Himebaugh, Mr. Dick Guidance Counselor ff- L: - News - NN '- if ., " , X as 1, fs if'f 5 Hogan, Miss Joyce Special Skills 1' rf -F ,'Qsf'r5t2'f fsks W nu. mums' :S . -KLA' K , z Hodge, M N. Camp -Q .uv w l s m Hopkins Physivnl ilwv l i . K X V I f XX , -lavkson M r 5 lnlliglislx . Mi sq r I -. S R - -"Q U55 3, f Jensen, Mrs. Judy Guidance Koontz, Mrs. Patsy Business Education ic ,n,,..., nnnn . ,Mc 5 , . ww ,---- , McPeak, Mr. Don Guidance 3' Naerhbass, Mrs. Jo Social Studies 52 L. -" V X' -Q Q . Johnson, Mr. Mickey Johnson, Mrs. Shirley Special Skills Switchboard Kotalik, Miss Karen Business Education J sss iiye ,,... . Miller, Mrs. Lucy Library Clerk Netherton, Mrs. Shirley Administration Sec. .X it ' ..,,,...... s 5 Lavin, Mr. Pat Physical Education f is X L: Judge, Mr. Byron English!Fine Arts 2, V f . If bf Q S ...- pg- Leach, Mr. John Science ss S SFS ll Kennedy, Mrs. Carlene Bookstore Manager .jsggggqif - K 3 '--2 s ii , l xx S Lorenz, Lt. Col. Barney Aerospace Education Mrs. Zidow displays her strength by lifting 40 pounds A R' ,K .ff ' x nb 'V W' Nez, Mrs. Verna Attendance Mrs. Tracy Economics ing' hla, Mrs. Carole idance Records Clerk O'Br1en, Mr. Jim English Pina, Mrs. Debbie Physical Education Ruben, Miss Mary English Mrs. Whitney assists Sheri Zinkl with library resources. Purcell, Mr. Lloyd Trades 8: Industry 1 .1 1- e . . V. . , I ' . X- gs... K A wk! Q, Q . fb Qs ' 5- m is s .s.. 5 Rusch, Mrs. Kathy Business Education Raffin, Mrs. Debi Special Skills Saufley, Mrs. Susie Principal Sec. E as W Ray, Mrs. Carol Special Ed.fReading Scheidt, Mrs. Sandra Guidance Sec. J ,. I f I . ,my Q Reed, Mr. Ken Social Studies lf iv 1 LX X 3' .s 40 I Schireman, Mr. Al Physical Education ' ' s . . 1 if ., S F f r , r fix " 'f' ' - ii: .." AQT, , Q ,. rg, V s , Schlemmer, Mr- Chris Schlensig, Mrs. Debbie Schreiber, Mr. Dick Social Studies Home Economics Mathematics Solano, Mrs. Mary Business Office Clerk Trout, Mr. Bob Counselor Wicht, Mr. Bob Special Skills ,lk 168 YW at 7 'Qp' A Solorzano, Mrs. Elsa Foreign Language gf Tualla, Mr. Paul Driver Education Williams, Mr. Mike Mathematics ,'Jf Stephens, Miss Crystal Science jail: A X , ' 'K' if ' sie. ., C , T451 g f Q5--Q ' 1-A1 , . V H -' ,fx -- '-ir, 'weigh - - fi J f I K Turney, Mr. Farrell Industrial Arts Zidow, Mrs. Cheryl Dance Dept. Shilliday, Mr. Don Counselor Stephens, Mr. John Science Anthony, Mrs. Linda Mathematics Ziobrowski, Miss Mary English Smith, Mr..Guy Social Studies N-A Stevenson, Mrs. Patricia Tomlinson Mrs Nurse Home Economics Walter, Miss Debby Special Skills Montana, Mr. Bennie Maintenance Z "' Campus Cafeteria Staff: From Left to Right: Mrs. Tobe Lindsey, Mrs. Lois Harsch, Mrs. Louise Fullington, Mrs. Gert Mrs. Melva Frazier, Mrs. Bessie Lopez. North Campus Cafeteria Staff: L-R: Ima Love, Elsie Summers, Rose Fisher. 'Y NX X Roderick, Mr. Don Maintenance Supervisor Y F 'Q , K. 9' , i I T. ,1 'f 3. L if if - 1 , .i Parker, Mr. Bill Maintenance SYN Riojas, Mr. Marcos Maintenance I X I x I nm., . ,G Administration AF's Leaders hen we hear the word "administration" what usually comes to mind is ad- vice, guidance, leadership and most of all discipline. ln our administration all of these qualities are found. They use their knowledge and experience to guide students in the right direction and lead them toward successful and productive lives. They use their discipline to reform students and send them into the demanding world we all enter after high school. We students at Agua Fria thank you, the administration, for your help and understanding. We hope you are as proud of us as we are of you. 1415 Q. 'gr' Mr. O.K. Fulton Mr. Don Enz Assistant Principal Athletic Director Principal!North Campus K 170 I x I , Mr. Duane Given PrincipalfSouth Campus Agua Fria School Board: L-R: Mr. Ferenc Rosztoczy, Mr. Ronald Wood, Mr. Ronald Rayner CPresidentJ, Mr. Lawrence Fergus, Mr. Herman Moses. fs? Im w .gr ,MQW xx, ,- ul S ' t d t . , uperm en en :Tammy meetings can be fun when a foursome like Mr. Fulton, Mr. Given, Miss Raine and Mr. Enz get oge er. Mr. Harold Porter 'lik' I 2-.1 W' ,Z ,QV Miss Nan Raine Personnel Director, Staff and Curriculum Development, Stuent Services lx I AX 171 The final ACI 'fi' I :zz f IN iN Y 1 -A1 if S. s - J Y! 4 f 04 Q ,yr 'TC 5 Q !::l:::R 'III 'III mega!! 62 P-if? X Po Paul West waits for the big moment. Pep assemblies bring out spirit. Agua Fria Live he students at Agua Fria Union High School have gone through a number of different changes in clothes, personality and attitudes. However, one characteristic which has always stood out in our school is school spirit. Pep assemblies, wear- ing red and gray, spirit week and attending games are just a few examples of how "alive" we are. ! ,Sv vv- A Maryann Silva chugs away. The varsity football team gets everyone spirited for the game against Trevor Browne. X 173 E Offstage pe i,,-,-null!! The uniform says it all for Junior Molina. hroughout the year there have been many students who work after school or during school with the Diversified Oc- cupations Program. These students not only need to maintain good grades at school but they are also required to Gifts III supports Denise Stupka's gasoline bill. X 174 x bw. t.o. rformances show good performance at work. As Mr Fulton said, "I greatly admire student: who work and are able to keep a goof grade point average, particularly when working is a necessity? I I f? 1 1 .- - Q rr. I N I if IZI: X l l " I - .. Q . it aaa 2 I I :fi I X ggggggg eg I V, K f I 'K N ' ESE F Q: I Eric Marchetti and Chris Ayres work busily at Luke AFB Commissary. x F l , 3' 5 Q .. xx i ..: William May enjoys working at the Agua Fria Garage. . U f f! . 4' , msn-' , q 1- my-f iff? -,fi I After school, Paula Quiggle works at Sunvalco. Skip Trotter cleans the vats at McDonalds. 1..- ""1l1' ' fl 'x Wad Pam Riggs keeps busy at the Hallmark Gift Shop. When shopping at Alpha Beta, you will often see Brent Mix. It U i175 orth and south campus alone ow many times have you just sat back and really enjoyed our school? It's not very often that you get to see it without students, teachers, or any other person on the campuses of either north campus or south campus. The north campus of Agua Fria is a new and very modernized building whereas the south campus is an older building which has developed special characteristics of its own. These two buildings have absorbed the spirit of those people which have attended them in one way or another. Maybe that is why Agua Fria Union High School is so "alive"! I X W X v I 1 i ,sgixg is sri: fel X ,. . K esqlg ,giggxi A '41 P? is .J 4.- ' A - 6 lr--ww . M g,, , , . S K X M ---- . X K A .... ,Q W .4.A..N.,..,. - NX. H M . A wwwexxww, 9. gg: V ' x 1 4.5-Ejyfgi -Q Q X 4. six. ' . ,,, ,N UNITS . Q A mf' Q, 9 A' vi i by 4 .V 4 v "' s., Q 'Q-G 177 s -Fil A mx . ii f IW we fx 1 gs xx S l , 2- ' 5 if .e gy 10 I r' Q N mnqkvnsm SDDIISDYBU by KV M Qggf x 'HHS Owl- WY- 29 I Ag EJ With diploma in hand . . . there's ffyq . no limit to what you can achieve! "' Of f ff? Whether you're heading for ,' A furfher educoiion or plonning Io .K sfcri in on your career, we wish you I all success and future happiness I I Avondale-Goodyear Litchfield Park Chamber of Commerce I Soiuiesihe IIGUII FRIA UNION HIGH SCHOOL CLIISS OF 'Il 4151 I I . , PROGR Se ...WORKING TOGEIIER FOR A BRIGHTER FUIIRE JIM 8: EVELYN FOUGHT, Owners HARLAN LAMBRECHT Sz GARY DENNING, Manager K W'fwWff..,,,,e,, - x . . ,W ,Q ,,. l ,xvx ' i fsg iif E e .. I ii i I L U M .ehi L . eoe .III E I . I L I i k ' ' 1h LVV- - I, ii. VV V I " ',.", -I I I I Q li f 1 "". 2 ":. , ,,, W fi --"rr3 I 1, if . , f"o'i. I I N' ' "'- ,ii. L '1,,. J ..I: ei' , ,,I: - ,,'I '.I.'o ,-:. ' 129 E. WESTERN AVE. - GOODYEAR, Az. 85338 Phone: 932-3080 Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 - 6 Sat. 8 - 5 Sun. 9 - 3 NMIONAI BANK WE GO OUT OF OUR WAY FOR YOU AVONDALE OFFICE LITCH FIELD PARK OFFICE VALLEY NATIONAL BANK SEE ME FOR CAR, HOME, LIFE, HEALTH, BUSINESS INSURANCE JOHN MANOBIANCO X 181 820 E. VAN BUREN, SUITE 114 GOODYEAR, ARIZONA 85338 932-1820 932-2908 TAINTER CONSTRUCTION fNC. sun run 501 W. Van Buren, Avondale, Arizona 85323 I Kg Phone: 932-2116 Q13 X Phone: 932-3081 WHITE SHEARS FLOWERS - Parties 1 v ' 2 - Weddings W? my 9 - Funerals - Plants ef'Q --4 'K' I. ,LA .4 . life: X E 4, ,WW 410 E. Western Avondale, Arizona 85323 CAROLE HELLAND Off P d I C PY 9 BARBARA BRAINARD BARBARA ROBEY W I X! mam Q V .rgBXx.7!TTs W , . A ? Printing Rr! me v Discount Sportswear for the Family G dy AZB 880 E. Van Buren, Suite E Goodyear, Arizona 85338 CHARLENE CARTER SH ROLYN HOHMAN x 932-91 37 82 C FCRD PEST CONTRCL Congratulations Class of '83 IYIEIL WELTZIN ,w-,S 1-U1.- . .. .- - I 9 :Ur Q1 g- ,. K -- , . S- . X - . Congratulations from O fo U ffLMCCH'PRl?EfSERVICE I I RONALEANQGEEERDOY - 1 x X 'N f XX tlO2b 33 3588 55 k AZ H K xx X " - - f-m N f J' xU'S0,- 5 mn c 1 0 . Q, 'T -' 1 . f SQ - .Z fx! 'fA. , - . f . , s NA Auf, ,x 5 - 1 5 n H - 7? 10, NN V1-' '. L1 TQIUX 3 395 ,,muQ,v L1.h1 I 1 F . ' fi . -1 g . 1' , . 5 1' , EX I r 4 -': 44 iff-A-""" " " :M r N 5' xx ZX N . f l L, N4 , ., , I x ' x- 1 ' . X " r Q -Q x Q. 5' -. Z Vw xx x f f ' N' Q ' -5' 3: V I X --T K. i f ' - - --'- . -- -'-1" T 2 a W '- - ' T - I I 5 , 4 -A -ii b , . 'Q 1 -11111-1 l+z+ CLAY'S SANDWICH SHOPPE 419 W. Western Avenue Avondale, Arizona 85323 Congratulations Patti and Sherri ANN MARIE'S FLOWERS The Wigwam 935-1763 1 14 N. Litchfield Road 935-5332 Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 Potted Plants Silk 8: Fresh Flower Arrangements Distinctive Gifts Sub: Senseman-McKisson Companies 932-5160 4 , .l ,, 1 we new i' Clay and Lois Biringer, Owners ' 4' 'sv VMC' K H Murano i - - .DNYINUUM I mf ...Lg X ,X WI! X IBM? X! CGHPAlTi'liiS I 1 I c 5 932-4650 Life - Auto - Business Homes ' Mobile Homes Boats - Motorcycles Farm - Health - Bonds Motor Homes - Sr 22's For All Your Needs! Call SENSEM -MQKISSON-ROSS 1412 N. Central Ave. ' Suite A - Avondale, AZ ' 85323 It ri 185 1 "PLUMBING FOR TOMORROW" DiPietro Plumbing Corporation DEERFIELD, ILLINOIS JAMES DIPIETRO PRESIDENT Congratul t t Class of 83 LUIS E. MENA, M.D. 303 North Fourth Street Buckeye, A na 85326 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 83 FROM YOUR FRIENDS THE WIGWAM AT 0' 5 CR SSRCDADS INN The Management and Staff of the Crossroads Inn Would Like to Wish the Graduating Class of 1983 Crm: Over to the Ben 1770 Nonb Dyson' Road Goodyear, AZ 85338 932-9191 Peace and Prosperity Throughout Their Future 160 Beautifully Decorated Room Cocktail lounge W! Live Emenainmem W dnesd -S d c ay arur ay 8: Complimentary Hors d'oeuvres Banque: Facilities for Groups 10-125 fmcv nowens 6 OPERATED BY N 188 lx PHONE: 939-3698 140 H. LITCHFIELD RD. wmmuvvww Ml Kiel' gettext, Wayne Dykstra nes 16021993 eaos TIEFRFRA ASSCDLIATEQ 501 Rea! Eszate lnveszmenfs W VAN BUREN AVONDALE ARIZONA 85323 5721932 4Cf:0 .X D m. 'J I x fix 189 I 9 EVERGREEN cast iii. 838 E VAN BUREN BILL l JUDY KELLY EVERGREEN SPONSORS A F KEY CLUB GOODYEAR AZ 85338 932-0013 -3 ' unlnmnwu lovnrluav . ' . 12 - 1 'j.- . ' - nv ' . FAMILY FUN 'N' GAMES 880 E. Van Buren 932-0290 Goodyear, Arizona Across From Chevrolet Dealer ,fu 'Wm "Eff 192 Sponsorship by: DAVIS 8: LAYTON P.C , 'P Thi! CHSI iilid CFQW 'fi' I ::.-za Q KZ D X ' ED W j .2 , Q 7? I IKE 193 9 :gi ,A4. .cr 4 KX Wiokiup staff creates record of A.F. memories T he Wickiup staff this year was a little different. For one thing the staff was led by co-editors, Sherri Biringer and Louis Mena. The staff was m ade up of fourteen wild and crazy people. Everyone on the staff was new to this kind of serious work, but somehow they stuck it out and put together a complete book of the year. There were times during the year that tried everyone's patience, like deadlines or the lack of photos, but somehow everyone pulled together to complete the book. The hardest thing was waiting for the results at the end of the year. C6 7 very mand wor, wlzeflzer if Le Eferafure and Louis Mena. Co-editors Sherri ,af ' - f s-1 I Staffers K. Trudgeon and C. Corbett smile while they work. I or anyflzing ede, L5 Cl wayd Cl ,90l"fl"6lLi 0 imde 7? - Buffer Advisers help sometimes too BN wif N 1 5 jx M'xTiON xii 31,55 . t f '55 P12039 K. Barnes and D. McKinney promote yearbook sales. A, 5 Top Row: C. Corbett., K. Cotter, R. Johnson. I.. Menu, K. 'l'l'Lldg60I1, J. Porter, D. McKinney, Bottom Row: C. Manuel, V. Patterson, K. Kleppe, G. Zumigzi, Ms. Estupinun, Floor: ll. Hunt. QF? I-4... lf -5... 'K-.wk .5 -, G. Zuniga and K. Kleppe review their work. L... C. Corbett in deep concentration. C. Manuel draws our owl with perfection. Qi 195 x I .1 OOO Oo i'9,o'5q, 09 0 lf og Q06 A I E I , O00 GOT ODI O 000 00100 CD O1 'N k-' X f OOOOCPOOOCOOIO0 OOUOOOOOCU ' ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom QOOOOOOOOOG CDOOO Q30000OiOOOOO L 'Q I8 O CDCJOOOOCIBOOOOOGDI GOTO OOD ooooooooooooocoooooooooooooooooooooooccmog Qs , if Q 51 V xa , iL. in , .. XV 'F if I 4 E ""' 6 A VT' ' 1 I i .W : -i T A . ,-as ik '31 , 1 . 'R Q1 . 3 L- Q , 5 ',,:-A Y 3 """k"""Q-- N ...Q -V ffvf ---T. w .R 5 ,. . ,X ,X- k ji-j,A.j 1 ' "xff"7' - ,v,prQfk lg N, Kg ,. TT A' -S X EQ hw-. - 5 44,11 E 31 1 , ' , ,L , .tg Qs uf ! x S

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