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Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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5. uf 1 , ,S 3 Q Q.: .N-. ,.n-u- +r- Q--,...:-Q. ., N , . ,. .. ....,. -g -x N X .-. is N--.N L.. , ,,- . -,xl . .. - - ,. : x -,-. . .-- 5. 1 -,.?.X.-i lg QY.,,- V j H...-- I A 4 A A ,-F., 5 L A-I-'JT--T,--:f,Q,,X. S--XXV z: 'Q Q-. -5.-L - 6 - V --,gg J-,111 R ,IN - ,IRQ Nix . . ' -Q p - ..x- ,. I , S M- E. i Xu 5 - E-is 4. xi: , L4 ,JR V, X. ,.,,,,- A ,:.,,- 1 ....N,::l.',:, ffffa. -:sig .,, ,..,'-1.- ' . - ,,......,- I , .-.s - s. - ,-.X .3 ,V-. - V, ff -, --,- - Q 'iff' X. Y -, V - 5- -L I L- -- Q-K 24, TXN. - W J-,. i.. 1 ,.,fQ. A- . X -x 'X ,- -X -. ,,. ,. .,... ff ' .- , Nix ,c ,- ,- gn, Q Q., S, x ,- x.. ,pf X ,f .N ,1 J ff 2 .1 ...f , f f,, ,- ..- L T.,,Li' f ' ,Q f,,. , K, A., ff L iq -gh ,. '--.-. fp f,. ' :Ja-g:'-,.,,l ,Y JS- an YQ v. ,V-X 1 . ,4 . .., X 13... f -1 .ff - -fat-, A. - :'-.ff ' p -- 7 ,,, J 3 4 , - , , r, -.. v ' .f-' QI- . v 3' , ' :-,..- Y ., , ,5 .- - ' '7::', 1 ... X x 5. ,-7 , -.. 54- .1-. ,,, iz' 'V Y F ,. , N, , ., 4 1 . .- -...'--' 2' ' f . ' . J. ,. -rp-.if .g,.-Nz, 3. , K' if ' 35, tx-Q' :7. ,I - Ji? -'1 -' V. Ti., 21 fini: --'sk' ' L. AQ-W1 .-4. +V . Q. , . Y A, . ' 'L ' f,-- f? .1 4- -,, ,L-7 .- 4. - -X -, xx 'XKX 's I I f-5 Q ,J 2? iff was 5 1114- I I .ff is JU - X in A iii . -.L J 7' L 1 w JW 1 I v 4 K , u X - I5 x WICKILIP I962 Agua Fria Union High School Avondale, Arizona CO-EDITORS ADVISER LYNDA MARQUESS MRS. MARTHA MOORE RICHARD PIERCE BUSINESS MANAGER PAT Howe 4 W Y za I ., 4 x K' fivfw 1-555, f?'2.ijNg -J fl g-AQYY1 mi K5 f wb In m lf' Q . - A gli, QQ t wyM,,,,,,M...,-.QM. ' 'K 'V' Q-f .. l Q Cf' , - 2 131' ' ,E , , As, N A rf' 4 :K N sssawf- f if 3 if fd 1 . -ur ,, , t A .V 343-ing W' v A' I 4 K . v W 1 1 , A ? . 4' ' . X , ' F f A 3 W. . f 4 4 q f ' x , 5 .. If 's fr f , 'Q x f A f 1? f ' A e 1 Foreword This year The Wickiup STaTT de- cided To do someThing enTirely new To The annual. We planned To Take a Typi- cal freshman looy and girl, show Their ideas, progress, and abiliTies from The Time of enrollmenT unTil graduaTion. Along wiTh This we Tried To show The progress of Agua Fria High. Our book has made many physical changes Too. These changes Took place by dropping old secTions and adding new ones. We feel These changes have added much To The Wickiup '62. The Wickiup STaff sincerely hopes you enioy This year's annual. 9 ' TW. . , s.. E 254- Q, v A Z' eh xx iss- f J , MS' 1 L T, ,. . 1 . .f .fi-iw -sg: Q, 2, s s l Q ans' 4 T fm fl at T. 'fb K - ,f 4 i with A K TT- fa W '- 'Ti , Ts, M T T, , 'Mc ' Visa , .4 ,R A f gk H KH A , ., K 7 fs A ug, V. ' wk T f T s Tsarar is TT T N All , . W-ig, A Elf if -W sf: ,H if' S: J k . , ,.,',,,,:,.J . if ruby 3 Dedication Since 1959 Agua Fria Union High School has made tremendous progress under the guidance of one who has been a beacon of light to hundreds of stu- dents. ln addition to taking a personal interest in every student, he is active in community and church Work. Due to his efforts, our school has a broader curriculum, increased enrollment, new buildings, and more school spirit. We, the Annual Staff, with pride, dedicate the 1962 Wickiup to Mr. Lester Kelley, our superintendent, in recognition of his outstanding work accomplished in the field of education. Here is a builderfa builder of schools, a builder of minds, and a builder of democracy. 4 fkig A 'S f L - . ' I xx A vat? Progress Through Effort 2 W iw 'S r 36,39 Aww rooo .wM M 'EM 5 Steps in Progress l I o 1 l Lowerclass e Q r 4.1 ... o r Honors .3 ' Curriculum Advertise o o 6 Administratio :Z '. P ez, class 1-- , Qu Q P P Page 1' , A Page 45 Nr Pa K Page a a : if-15 ,.:i A' gy? L , AZTZ P AJ er'T'50l , QQ' A A I e ' 5 .Q Q ' ' W 'P PP M h ? LS life: m in P 'PP - ments Page I I I Q 6 .1 4 x vi nf ' 1 g 6I X 1 6 S I tx! -rf 'E Q gn . f P Z :, 4 f ra ' Fu w. ! f ...Q V' ,A .will A N T' P V ,, Jw 14,2 1 5- Ira Y rg K' J 94 f me '5 V ' P X Q wax A ,U xgv 0 Pa'd.'..,,,,,.-- For -- 'W W-W PM To ...f--- ' AE Page 9 7 .Lf 5 P. Ks K f is vi'5 22-mg.Q.,W gn? ,a nu. W ,,f,,bq,, , F, 'HF - qw Z' . i' if-f ' X Administration A Framers of the Future BOARD OF EDUCATION Earle Rayner, Henry Brooks, James Humphreys, Ronald Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth McMillan SLIPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL LESTER KELLEY WILBLIR SULLIVAN I0 Student Government Organizations Roberto Garcia, Vice-President, Paul Stone, Business Manager, Sharie Mitten, Secretary, Robert Rayner, President. To provide a complete program of extra-curricular activities is the main purpose of the student council of Agua Fria. Highlighting their accomplish- ments were a fine homecoming celebration entitled Those Wonderful Years, a spaghetti dinner, and dance, and the annual foreign exchange student carnival. These student body officers represent the entire student body of Agua Fria at monthly Valley meetings and also at state-wide assemblies. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Left to right: Merrily Emery, Senior, Micheal Espil, Sophomore, Ricky Daggett, Sophomore, Kenny Cooper, Junior, Barbara Roach, Senior, Ivan Hunt, Senior, Mr. Kelley, Sponsor, Martha Luque, Freshman, Kathy Rhiel, Freshman, Julie Ash, Freshman, Judy Pigg, Freshman, Mary Bob Ross, Sophomore, Kathy Raymond, Sophomore. Not pictured: Joe Smith, Senior, Bob Henry, Denise Gould, Andy Bedoya, Juniors, Kris Kinser, Sophomore, Rickey Lammers, Fresh- man, and Judy Chambers, Health and Safety Council. HEALTH AND SAFETY COUNCIL SEATED: Judy Chambers, President, Karen Pigg, Pat Montgomery, Pam Blazer, and Judy Glass. STANDING: John Pecharich, Treasurer, Barbara Westphal, Sergeant-at-Arms, Betty McCullough, Susan Drake, Susan Wooton, Vice-President, Susan Haw- kins, Mary Wilson, Secretary, Bar- bara Porter, and Jim McArthur. The Health and Safety Council was formed in 1958 as a subsidiary of the Student Council. lt supervises an annual fund raising drive for the March of Dimes. They also supply food for the needy families and shut-ins, and provide shoes and medicine for students who would otherwise go without. On this ear's a enda were an assembl , a clothes drive, a rograrn on Q narcotics, an annual school-wide hearing test, and tree immunizations to those who desired them. MERIT COUNCIL SEATED: Betty McCullough, Mary Porell. STANDING: Collis Brown, Raymond Sanchez, and Mardy Clay- ton. The main purpose of the Merit Council is to give guidance and counsel to those who require it. Through necessary discipline this council and its advisor, Mr. Tom Hyde, try to make better citizens of Agua Fria's stu- dents, tomorrow's leaders. I2 Judy Glass, Jan Pecharich, tlQft'W'f? I Faculty .,f'j. ' ' ' 'A 3 'T ,: - .. . 59. A..-, - X. mi HERBERT ALPERS Auto Mechanics, Shop is az? '52 , rx I 2 V A . ' f , ,f 2' WM. fe ,-1 x N ' , 'L 'f,' , -xW wg x , I 4 'P 1 CHARLES BONSALL French, Spanish OPAL BROWN Librarian 'PNN if 'Zi g sf 'fix . f it .',. , -3 'A K Vg -I I ya sl si A 11- gy I ers PAUL BELL MISS ZADA BOLES Agriculture Physical Education Guidance LOUIS CHACON Typing Bookkeeping I ORIN FULTON KENNETH HAWK Q T33-,lg Biology Physical General Science . Education Guidance Health , , .J.. ,Z ..:, 3 5 .,,, I v ,,'fL.,, . , ez.r,,,,-3,-,,,-I W, - E ay, ,V I , .-x ' ., ,, . ,...., , gh.- CHARLES ELLSWORTH DONALD HAY Mechanical Drawing, El'1QllSl'I, Speech, General Math Drama I3 MRS. MAMI E HEEDER English THOMAS HYDE MISS AMINA KHAN . Science Seminar Home Economics A ' Biology l iiiif 4 iPS f Q 1 r K wi 2 5 9 'R wi in in J, 31555 -f rs Klkw i,.v, t tw lax Y an y 533 5 H22 gf wg 'Ra W , T 5 K wifi? y ei Q Q i jf 4 f 91 Q 5 gg X f i W, yi ,a ig 3 fm x N 'film , in of 4 U-gi: Y QW We . 2. 4 1' ,fnrfwiz JOHN LEACH Science Seminar Chemistry ,cii 7 -,,,r J jf , ff ig ' ., MRS. MARTHA MOORE GEORGE MOTTER in '.', 7 English English JOU 'a'lSm jig, Anmfal ARTHUR MARQUEZ Spanish I4 f .M GLEN KINDLE Geometry Algebra Trigonometry .f,. W , . ll1:i.,, ,V ,. ,.i,i 'arf S ,. , an .wc X A: 15, in Q Z2 E M rw T PS' 1 F filer T 9 ff O R T ,Y jf ff' yn'-4 il .fi lf :fe ,h.- ff H 571: ks DONNELL LINTHACUM Geometry Algebra World Geography EUGENE PETERSON World History Visual Aids Sociology JAMES O'BRIEN IVAN QUASS General Business American Hl5T0 Y English Civics MRS. RUTH OVERMAN JOHN PUTNAM Typing Band Shorthand Chorus 'fs ' ' if Secretarial Practice ,L 322 JSA nxt ki M , EM 'Ubi 2 f hl. , C -the it , ,. ,:.g -Q - :asa 1, f ...fx V- , liixi. l B, , s - Q. . . 5' MISS NANETTE RAINE W K' t . MISS SANDRA ROUNDEY Typing Art Shorthand English lf--.....,. ALVIN SCHIREMAN LAWRENCE WAHOSKI General Math English Drivers Education Guidance M'C'iftfiYAN Noi Plcfwedi WON FAUCETTE will l.VE5lll1AL Physical Education 'slllgeiara Shop Yslcs Photography I5 SECRETARY BUSINESS MANAGER 3 L V I r W g W ff j S AA il ',..5 A Mas. THELMA FRANKLIN MRS. LOLA DAVIS SCHOOL NURSE-ATTENDANCE OFFICER MRS. GRACE HUMPHREYS CONCESSIONS CUSTODIANS I QI Mrs. Rita Suggs, Mrs. Modene Phillips, Mrs. Avrice Jefferies SEATED: Gilbert Donaldson, Louis Hodge. STANDING: Bill Parker, Harry Esh, Buford Hood, Mearl Shroyer. I6 Llpperclassmen 7 Senior Class CLASS OFFICERS: Lynda Marquess, Treasurer, Joe Smith, Presidem, Toby Wilden, Sec- refaryp BeTh Ann Harris, Vice-President The Seniors of T962 are very acTive in exTra-curricular acTiviTies. This includes The magazine sale They have in order To raise money for Their diTch day aT The end of The year. CLA55 spomsoiz Many of The clubs are guided by The ouTsTanding leadership of MR' NUCKEY RYAN The Seniors. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: Gayy LyTle, Mary Wilson, Bob Young, Claudia Bensburg, Manuel Murillo, Pam Lawrence, John Raleigh, Giovanna MerloTfi. I8 Geneva Adams Juanita Barrera Mary Aragon Dolores Baker Katlweleen Beck Claudia Bensburg Duane Bishop Ronnie Blythe Frank Burk David Blyflwe Dennis Campbell I9 - - .,.,, fg.::,f ig, ff? ..L-f,: ii .f ii arrye ZI., f., I .,,. f-: 1 4, V, Qi. , ' vf5f5':ft?s-I H 5 ,F 55, 2 ,ga -'I , . 1 . ,,.m, . ,LW ,... zz-iw zaisif-. ' ' - - Q , J P We S, Asz1AIL17. -HM J M-,M I 1 az' wg Q 1 ff X 4 gcaixffrfimg f G in .rtiiz-1,5 wily! -X 3 awww 12 Clara Cavalier er L32 .. 5. V Y,b.A ai A ,,.-, mi .L f - uw, W r: 4 :FHL V -,A .edt GN fy! win- TLSLKQQ , fi' Wil' . , A v 1 f -1- , i' V bi? lk 'ifi25?1,'k1lw?z-325' if lf if wi ' 'X Judy Chambers Anna Chisum 'JSR I Mardis Clayton l-Q if . . ff., A 5 . ef .X r a ' aCCaC ,-1 Nereicla Coulter Brian Darnell Jimmy De Shazo Grover Edgell ,., , Merrily Emery Lou .lan Erwin 20 Rosemary Field Karen Fulfz . .,,, -1 ,'kL Q . , ii Eu Roberto Garcia Gordon Gill Pamela Gaefcke Kelly Gage 6311-n Sandra Ga rrefr Ernesfina Garcia John Garrison Nichole Golay Butch Gonzales Irene Gonzales Jack Green Doris Hall Manuel Griialva John Halcomb .hw f, ' Reba Harnrick Faye Hardy Beth Ann Harris Roger Hull Angela Hoff Glen Herzog Pat Howe 22 'R 13 l David Hunt Ruben Jimenez WGN HUNT Larry Hutro Jean Johnson Thomas Keesling Penny Kendall Terry Kohr William Lammers JOl'1r1 Kleine Pamela Lawrence 23 Danny Luellng Gary Lytle Jim LOHGY Lynda Jo Marquess Allan MBVSPWBH Sharlene Marshall Isaac Mason I-Giean MCCarley Linda Meneeley CurT McGIasson Kirby Meier 24 , Giovanna Merlorti David Miller Dick Merolick Sharie Mitten MTV Kenneih Mooney Geneva Moore Hector Moreno Ramiro Moreno Brenda Moser Socorro Munoz 25 Manuel Murillo 'f-gg 'X Elizabeth Murray Frarik Ortega Margaret Noah Ted Noyes Jesse Ortega Charles Pavey Stella Perkins Richard Pierce Harry Plumlee Dolores Phillips Mary Porell 26 Joe Pressley John Raleigh Vicki Prince Gegrge Pylam Roloerf Rayner DoroThia Reinch Robert Reser Earl Rlchardson Barbara Roach Terry Rhiel Kathy Ross 27 ilk W Xi Kenirh Ross Ernesf Salazar Margaret Salyers Arm Samsill John Senfz CoIeTTe Servocky Joseph Smifh Tony Soto Jim S16-in Patricia STewarT 28 Paul Stone if Joan Ann Strain Margne Summers an Roger Slosser Mary Svob We A-,ss Carla Swenson Randall Taber James Turrell Annie Vargas Gerald Waltman Harold Walfman 29 Darrell Watson Don Robinson Barbara Westphal Toby Wilden Sam Williams Mary Wilson Robert Young Senior Achievements GENEVA ADAMS Library Club 1-4. MARY ARAGON Girls' League 1-45 GAA 1-2. DOLORES BAKER FHA 1-4, Council 15 Pom Pon 2-4: Class Secretary: Class Council 25 Perfect Attendance 25 National Honor Society 45 Best Dressed Couple Western Day 4. JUANITA BARRERA Girls' League 2-45 Spanish Club 35 Honor Roll 2-3. KATHY BECK . Girls' League 1-45 Science Club 35 Bookkeeping Award 2-3. CLAUDIA BENSBURG FHA 15 Drama Club 45 Girls' League 1-45 Class Rep- resentative 45 Concert Choir 45 Perfect Attendance 1-4. DUANE BISHOP Chess Club 35 JV Basketball 2. DAVID BLYTHE JV Basketball 3. FRANK BURK FFA 1-25 Letterman's Club 1-45 Band 2-45 Tennis 1-4. DENNIS CAMPBELL FFA 1-4, Farm Mechanics Award 3. CLARA CAMILLE CAVALIER Transfer from Adak High, Alaska 35 Girls' League 45 Pep Club 3-4. JUDY CHAMBERS Drama Club 1-4, Secretary 3-4, Girls' League 2, Pep Club 2-3, Science Club 3-4, Secretary 3-4, Spanish Club 4, Honor Society 2-4, Secretary 3, Health 84 Safety Council 4, President 4, Student Council 4, Library Club 1, Best Actress 1, All-School Plays 1-3, 3rd Place Science Fair Award 3, State Forensic Tourna- ment 3, Foreign Language Tournament ASU 3. MARDIS CLAYTON Key Club 2-4, President 4, Honor Society 2-4, Vice- President 3, Science Club, Reporter 3, Merit Council 3-4, Spanish Club 3, Track 3-4. NEREIDA COULTER Transfer from Wilbur Wright Junior High, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2, Pep Club 2, Spanish Club 2-3, TFY Club 2, Girls' League 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Vice-President 4, Desert Howl 3-4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Publications Workshop Scholar- ship 3, Perfect Attendance 3. BRIAN DARNELL Band 1-4, Senior Representative, Freshman Football. JIMMY DESHAZO Spanish Club 3-4, Track 3, Perfect Attendance 1-3. BUTCH EDGELL Transfer from Rootstown, Ohio 2, FFA 2-4. MERRILY EMERY GAA 1-4, Girls' League 1-4, Secretary 3, Girls' Letter Club 3-4, National Honor Society 2-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Student Council Representative 2-4, Pom Pon 2-4, Captain 4, Annual 3, Editor 3, Class Council 2- 4, Tennis 1, All-School Plays 2-4, Perfect Attendance 1-3. LOU JAN ERWIN Transfer from Carl Hayden 2, Girls' League 1-4, Pep Club 2-3, Drama Club 2-4, Vice-President, GAA 3-4, All School Plays 2-3. PAM GAEFCKE FHA 1-4, Historian 3, Vice-President 4, Girls' League 1, 2, 4, GAA 1-4, Girls' Letter Club 4, Cheerleader 2, 4. KELLY GAGE FFA 1-4, sand 3. ERNESTINA GARCIA Girls' League 2-4, FHA 1. MONTY GARCIA Letterman's Club 2-4, Treasurer 4, Sergeant at Arms 3, Spanish Club 4, Freshman Football, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4. ROBERTO GARCIA Transfer from San Luis Potosi, Mexico 1, Student Council 3-4, Business Manager 3, Vice-President 4, FFA 3-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Treasurer, Band 1, Na- tional Honor Society 3, Arizona Boys' State 3, Per- fect Attendance 3. SANDRA GARRETT Transfer from Maricopa High, Arizona, Pep Club 2. JOHN GARRISON Transfer from West High, Phoenix 2, National Honor Society 3-4, Spanish Club 2-4, President 2, Science Club 3-4, Sergeant at Arms 3-4, Student Council 3, Varsity Football 2-4, Varsity Baseball 2-4, Junior Class President, Boys' State 3. GORDON GILL FFA 1-2. NIKKI GOLAY Transfer from Sherman High, Naples, Italy, GAA 1-4, Drama 4, Class Representative 3, Girls' League 2-4. BUTCH GONZALES Band 1-4, Class Representative 1, Student Council 1. IRENE GONZALES Girls' League 1, 2, 4, G.A.A. 1, Pep Club 1, Health 84 Safety Council 1-2, Girls' League Council 1. JACK GREEN Letterman's Club 1-4, FFA 3-4, Class Representative 3, Varsity Track 1-4, Varsity Football 3-4, JV Foot- ball 2, Senior Homecoming Attendant. MANUEL GRIJALVA FFA 2-4, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4, Farm Com- mittee Chairman 4. JOHN HALCONIB Track 3-4. DORIS HALL Girls' League 1-4, GAA 1-4, Tennis Manager 2, Vice- President 3, Girls' Letter Club 3-4, GAA 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Volleyball Sports Day 1-4, Softball Sports Day 1-3. REBA HAMRICK Transfer from Gilbert High, Arizona 4, Girls' League 1-4, Student Council Representative 1-2, GAA 1-4, FHA 3-4. FAYE HARDY Transfer from Glendale High, Arizona 1, Girls' League 2-4. BETH ANN HARRIS Girls' League 1-4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Council 2, Winter Fantasy Attendant 1, FHA 2-4, Pep Club 2, GAA 3-4, Drama Club 1-2, Spanish Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3, FHA State Degree 4, Drama Club Historian 1, Parliamentarian 2, Fresh- man Class Treasurer, Junior Class Vice-President, Senior Class Vice-President, All School Plays 1, Per- fect Attendance 1-3. GLEN HERZOG Key Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Honorary Spanish Club 4, Drama Club l-4, Science Club 4, Track l. ANGELA HOFF FHA l, Girls' League 2-4, Chess Club 2-4, Secretary 2-4, Library Club l-4, Treasurer 3, Reporter 4, Pep Club 3, TFY Club 2, Drama Club l-4, All School Plays l-3. PAT HOWE FHA 2-4, State Degree 4, Girls' League l-4, Annual Staff 3-4, Business Manager 4, GAA 2-4, Tennis Manager 4, Council 4, Freshman Class Vice-President, Carnival Queen in FHA Fashion Show 2-4. DAVID HUNT Transfer from Glendale High 2. IVAN HUNT FFA l-4, Reporter 3, Chapter and State President 4, State Delegate to National Convention 4, Sopho- more Class Vice-President, Student Council Represent- ative 3-4, Varsity Football and Basketball 2-4, Varsity Track l-4, Letterman's Club l-4, Homecoming King 4, Parliamentary Procedure Member 2, Gold Emblem Winner of the Agronomy Contest, FFA National Con- vention Representative 2, Annual King. LARRY HUTTO Transfer from Breckenridge High, Texas, Science Club l, 3, 4, Reporter 4, Chess Club 2-4, Recorder 2, Golf 2-4, All School Plays 3-4. RUBEN JIMENEZ Letterman's Club 2-4, Vice-President 4, Spanish Club 4, National Honor Society 2, Football l-2, Basket- ball l-2, Varsity Basketball 3-4, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Baseball 2-4. JEAN JOHNSON Transfer from West Phoenix High, Arizona, Girls' League 2-4, GAA 3-4. TOM KEESLING Transfer from Garden City High, California 2, Chess Club 2-3, Baseball l, 3, 4. PENNY KENDALL Transfer from Carl Hayden High, Arizona 2, Girls' League 2-3, FHA l, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Student Coun- cil Representative 3, Girls' League Council 3, Pep Club 3, Carnival Queen Attendant 2, Miss Con- geniality in T962 Miss Westside Pageant, State Degree FHA. JOHN KLEINE Transfer from Notre Dame High, Rome, ltaly 4, Photo Club 4. TERRY KOHR JV Baseball 2. BILL LAMMERS Letterman's Club, Hi-Y Club 3, Football 1, 4, Track 2-4, 4th Place in Shot Put in A North, Hi-Y Basket- ball Team. PAM LAWRENCE Girls' League l, 3, 4, Drama Club l-4, Treasurer 4, FHA 2-4, Spanish Club 3, Honor Society 3, Band 3-4, Class Representative 4, All School Plays l-4, Perfect Attendance l-4, Maiorette 3-4, Candidate for American Field Service. GARY LYTLE Honor Society l-4, Treasurer 3, Spanish Club 4, Science Club 3-4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Key Club 3-4, Class Representative 4, Golf l-3. LYNDA MARQUESS FHA l-4, Girls' League l-4, Council 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, National Honor Society 4, Spanish Club 3, Band l, Girls' Letter Club 3-4, Pom Pon 2-4, Class Treasurer 2-4, GAA l-4, Council 3, JV Ten- nis 2-3, Girls' State 3, State Degree in FHA, Home- coming Attendant 3, Winter Fantasy Attendant 3, FFA Sweetheart 4, Annual Staff 4, Assistant Editor, Perfect Attendance l-2. ALLAN MARSHALL FFA l-4, Reporter 4. SHARLENE MARSHALL GAA l, Girls' League 2-3, Library Club 3. lKE MASON Letterman's Club 2-4, Football l-4, Basketball l-4, Second String All-Conference Basketball 3, Base- ball l-3, Track l. LAJEAN MCCARLEY GAA l-4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Council 2, Girls' League l-4, Treasurer 4, Honor Society 2, 4, Student Council 2, Girls' Letter Club 3-4, Pep Club 2, Porn Pon 3-4, Freshman Tennis, JV Tennis 2-3, Varsity Tennis 4, FFA Sweetheart Attendant 4. CURT MCGLASSON Letterman's Club 3-4, Football l-4. KIRBY MEIER Transfer from Kubasaki High, Naha, Okinawa, Span- ish Club 4. LINDA MENEELEY GAA l-2, FHA l-4, Girls' League l, 2, 4, Pep Club 2, Winter Fantasy Attendant 2, First runner-up in 1962 Miss Westside Pageant 4, Class Representative l-3, FHA Chapter Degree 4. DICK MERDICK Letterman's Club l, Football l-4, Track l, l96O Car- nival King. GIOVANNA MERLOTTI Foreign Exchange Student from Italy 4, Girls' League 4, GAA 4, Student Council 4, Girls' Letter Club 4, Class Council 4. DAVID MILLER Letterman's Club 4, Football 4. SHARIE MITTEN Girls' League I, 2, 4, Student Council 4, Secretary 4, Girls' Letter Club 4, Pep Club 2, Delegate to Stu- dent Council Workshop 4, Delegate to State Con- vention 4, GAA I-4, Football Manager 3-4, Home- coming Queen 4, Perfect Attendance. KENNETH MOONEY Band I-4. GENEVA MOORE Transfer from Ralph Bunche High, Texas, FHA 3-4, Science Club 4. HECTOR MORENO Spanish Club 4, Freshman Basketball. RAMIRO MORENO Letterman's Club 3-4, Baseball I-4, JV Basketball 2-3. BRENDA MOSER Girls' League I-4, GAA 2-4, FHA I, Fashion Show I-4. MANUEL MURILLO Letterman's Club I-4, President 4, Spanish Club 2-3, Honorary Member 4, Class Representative 2, 4, Basketball I, Baseball I, Track I--4, Outstanding Typ- ing Award 2, Perfect Attendance I-4. BETSY MURRAY Transfer from Yamato High, Japan 4, National Honor Society I-4, President 4. MARGARET NOAH Girls' League I, 2, 4, GAA I-2. TED NOYES Spanish Club 4, FFA I-4, President I-2, Vice-Presi- dent 3-4, Chairman of Parliamentary Procedure Team 4. FRANK ORTEGA Spanish Club 2-4. JESSE ORTEGA Spanish Club 2-4, Letterman's Club 4, Varsity Foot- ball, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, JV Baseball 3, Varsity Track 4. CHARLES PAVEY Transfer from Seminole High, Florida, Concert Choir 4, Drama Club 4. DOLORES PHILLIPS Transfer from George Washington High, San Fran- cisco 2, Girls' League 2-4, FHA 3-4, Council 4, Library Club 2-4, GAA 3-4. RICHARD PIERCE Key Club 3-4, Football I, Baseball I-3, Annual Staff 3-4, Editor 4, Publication Field Day 3. HARRY PLUMLEE Transfer from Chandler 3, Chess Club 3, Treasurer, tional Honor Society 4, Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 3. MARY PORELL GAA I-4, Secretary 3, Girls' Letter Club 3-4, Pres- ident, Merit Council 3-4, Chairman 4, National Honor Society 2-4, Girls' League I-4, Council 4, Pep Club 2, Freshman Tennis, JV Tennis 2, Captain, Varsity Tennis 3-4, Captain, Sports Day 2-4, Pom Pon 4. JOE PRESSLEY Spanish Club 3, Track 2-4, Basketball 2-4. VICKI PRINCE Girls' League 2-4. GEORGE PYLANT Lettermen's Club 2-4, Hi-Y Club 3, Business Manager 3, Varsity Track 2-4, JV Football 3, Perfect Attendance I, Desert Howl Staff 4, Sports Editor 4. JOHN RALEIGH Drama Club I-4, President 4, Best Supporting Actor 2, Best Actor 3, Best Acting 3, Drama Festival 2, Speech Contest 3, Concert Choir 4, Vice-President, Class Representative, Carnival Attendant. ROBERT RESER Spanish Club I. TERRY RHIEL Science Club 3, President 3, Key Club 3-4, Class Representative I, Freshman Football , Freshman Base- ball. DON ROBINSON Transfer from Bangkok, Thailand 4. KATHLEEN ROSS Girls' League i-4, GAA I, National Honor Society 3-4, Library Club 2-4, Vice-President 4, TFY Club I-3, Secretary 2, Music Director 2, Pep Club I-2, Spanish Club 3, Concert Choir 4, Accompanist, Music Scholarship to ASU Music Camp I-2, Perfect Attend- ance 2-4. KENITH ROSS School Photographer 2-4, Basketball 2, Perfect At- tendance I. MARGARET SALYERS GAA 1, Pep Club 1, Perfect Attendance 1. ANN SAMSILL Transfer from Cortez High, Glendale, Arizona 4, GAA 1-4, Girls' League 4, Girls' Letter Club 4. JOHN SENTZ Drama Club 4, Choir Treasurer 4, Baseball Manager 2, All School Plays 3. COLETTE SERVOCKY Transfer from Qumon High, Guam, Pep Club 1-3, Girls' League 1-4, FHA 3-4, GAA 1. JOSEPH SMITH Student Council 1, 2, 3, Sophomore Class President, Senior Class President, Key Club 1-4, Secretary' 4, Science Club 3, Spanish Club 2-4, Perfect Attendance 1-3, Key Club 3. PAT STEWART TFY Club 1-4, Secretary 3, Music Director 4, Concert Choir 4. PAUL STONE Spanish Club 3, Class Council 3, Student Council 4, Business Manager 4, Freshman Football, Track 1, 3, Basketball 1. TONY SOTO Transfer from Peoria High, Arizona 3, Letterman's Club 3-4, Key Club 4, Spanish Club 4, President 4, Football 3-4, JV Basketball 3, Baseball 3-4, Foreign Language Tournament ASU 3. ROGER STOSSER Transfer from Wilson High, Long Beach, California 2, Drama Club 4, All School Plays 3, Letterman's Club 3-4, Varsity Football 2-4, Varsity Track 1-3. JOAN STRAlN Transfer from Suitland High, Maryland 3, Spanish Club 4, Girls' League 3-4, National Honor Society 4, ROBERT RAYNER FFA 1-4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, Key Club 2-4, Vice-President 4, Health 8. Safety Council 1, Letter- man's Club 3-4, Student Council, President 4, Rep- resentative ASU, Student Council Workshop 4, Var- sity Football 2-4, Varsity Track 2-3, State 5th Vice- President FFA 4, Third Year Secretary North Salt River Valley Federation, FFA, President 4. DOROTHEA REINCH Concert Choir 4, Girls' League 2-4. MONTY RICHARDSON Hi-Y Club 3, President 3, Desert Howl Staff 3, Managing Editor 4, Tennis 2-3, Golf 2-4, Track 2. BARBARA ROACH Band 1-4, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4, GAA 1-4, Recording Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, FHA 2-4, FHA Queen 4, Anytown Delegate, Girls' League 1-4, Girls' Letter Club 3, 4, Student Council 2-4, Class Council 1-4. MARY SVOB Pom Pon 2-4, Homecoming Attendant 4, FHA 1-4, Secretary 4, State Degree 4, Girls' League 1-4, Per- fect Attendance 3, Class Council 1-2. CARLA SVVENSON Girls' League l-4,GAA 1-4, Drama Club 1-3, Class Representative 1, Pep Club 2-4, All School Plays, Perfect Attendance 2-4, Desert Howl Staff, Girls' Sports Editor. RANDALL TABOR Drama Club 1-4, Freshman Basketball 1, All School Plays 3. JAMES TURRELL Transfer from Scottsdale High, Arizona. GERALD WALTMAN Key Club 2-4, Health 81 Safety Council 1, Sergeant of Arms 4, Board Member 4, JV Football 2-3, Varsity Track 3. HAROLD WALTMAN Honor Society 2, Health 81 Safety Council 1, Span- ish Club 4, Letterman's Club 3-4, Key Club 2-4, Treasurer 4, Football 2-4, Golf 2-4. BARBARA WESTPHAL National Honor Society 2-4, GAA 1-4, Girls' Letter Club 3-4, Health 84 Safety Council 2-4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Sergeant of Arms 4, Library Club 3-4, President 3-4, Science Club 3-4, Vice-President 4, Chess Club 2-4, Vice-President 2-4, Recorder 3, Pep Club 3, Girls' State 3, Perfect Attendance 1-4. TOBY VVILDEN GAA 1-3, FHA 1-4, Girls' League 1-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Class Secretary 4. MARY WILSON Girls' League 1-4, Council 4, FHA 1-4, Drama Club 1-2, Pom Pon 3, Class Council 3, Health 84 Safety Council 3-4, Secretary 4. BOB YOUNG Letterman's Club 1-4, Freshman Class President, Class Representative 4, Spanish Club 2-4, Sergeant of Arms 3, Band 1-4, Representative 3, President 4, Football 1-4, Basketball 1, Baseball 1-4. Junior Class OFFICERS: Bob Henry, Presidenfp Susan Hawkins, Treasurer, Caren Coor, Vice-Pres., J. Pecharich, SecreTary. SPONSORS DONNELL LINTHACUM LOUIS CHACON REPRESENTATIVES: TOP: K. Gailey, Jr. Fletcher, D. Coon, P. Hollingsworth. BOTTOM: C. Fraze, Jr. Cons, S. Munoz, S. Sherwood. 35 The Thrill of receiving Junior class rings was perhaps The mosT mem- orable experience of our Junior year. There were, however, many Things from The pasT year for Juniors To remember, such as The sore feeT resulTing from The candy sale which sub- sidized The Junior-Senior Prom, and The opporTun- iTy for us all To work in The Junior-class sponsor- ed concession sTand. Building our vocab- ularies in Junior English and sTriving vainly To lo- caTe unheard of places on maps disTribuTed by a cerTain hisTory Teacher are also unTorgeTTable parTs of The pasT year. All in all, Though, our Junior year holds for all of us many pleasurable experiences, The mem- ories of which will lasT for many years To come. Vera Bingham Elaine Booth Earl Bonham Melanie Bush 1 lf' Mary Celestino Nancy Clark Jerrie Cooke Dale Coon Soledad Alaniz Wayne Bateman Andy Bedoya Hazel Bewley Bill Bufler Barbara Cable Delores Campbell Gary Campbell ,x r jg, , , aylli C gl ,.. s . ' ra barll ' 2 Cl b fl' I - , f M, 1,5 . . i s giggmg A . V.1 K ' 4, W- 1, C L illif B Cai fi Haw, .ik 5 'Wi ful '5 '.M..mlru Kenny Cooper Caren Coor Billie Crotzer Jim Cunningham 4 riiiii Um-..,,,5t G .1 if, ,Ji- i r iff- ,aw . ., uf is , yan 1 , 2 X rg Q. 5- 5 Xb X gi V 3 E M. S . G, 'ills 'E r Q as 2 X qw ,x ig? Nancy Farmer Junior Fletcher Connie Fraze Karen Gailey . f 'x y W , ,-,k - Q. 1- fi fm' nw' K, like ., ,wig ., il 5' Chuck Davis Susan Drake Tony Enriquez Robert Estrada Sara Gonzales Denise Gould Dave Graham Augusline Griialva na? G- ' iiii A ,. G by G be in . . W' ii- , G, , GW Pat Grimes G l i . G Q ,,5..'n ..,. G, ' 'if' c'i' 'G ' GG . K . , 'il fi f Allen Gross r G oiec i 1 r G G Sharon Gunn jf -' Lf.. G' kkk, :hx V WM G J if GH ga. . f In Mike Harbuska ra by ' r y : V v :E K. iff.-lv? . ' iii 1 3 :'f ,.,,L, - V, t1 N 7 f , ., , ' , G3 ,Eff 4 K ' 55 l .iL., ',, , .V 1 - , 5 'f fr 511,13 ,assi G- ag fl I -.. Q K . KW! ly V KT V ni J, 1 ,gn-.rma G, G r G -ff - ' H r ' G , W, G' N' ai ,, Ll' F Siyfbfakir ' a rim ,.k. 1 , K ng I4 an '- , 2 5 A , 1 E J f GG ...c ' af xy fl' ., K, 37 i' awk NW ' ' ' r'ii ' G, GG ,,r-. 7 . i .., m: :i G ,ril . G r , 11,1 ,. f ' ,GGGG . L, .f.. ' ii f' GGGG if f ES - ,GGG. Pat Harper Barbara Harris Doug Hendley Bob Henry David Johnson Larry Johnson Pat Johnson Hal Keesling Linda Lee Paul Luellig Marilyn Marshall Angie Martinez Don Hilty Joyce Hollifield Paula Hollingsworth Barbara Jackson Joe Koester Joanne Koons Randy Lampus Larry Lawrence Jeri McArthur Randy McCauley Dan Mitchell Robert Miller Gilbert Pariga David Pearce Jan Pecharich Nancy Phillips - ,, , ,Q M ? lm iz, Q QL .r - ,, l it rn ,effigy .4 A Chuy Moreno Edgar Mosley John Murphy Mike Nickols 23: 'VIVL if ' Mm 'T' Muriel Rolando Tom Rose Robert Reuna Carol Sarnsill Brenda Price John Quass Zeke Rarnos Doug Richmond Raymond Sanchez Sharon Sanders Kay Schmidt Peter Schuler TOO BUSY Y I fl Y.. iq X x X ! ,lx Nof Shown Larry Snydal Tim Stein Alex Soto Carroll Suitor Charles Truman Frank Vallero Marie Walsh Charlene Walrad Q me x, 5 if ef 4555 of , ., Bill Schwab Terri Sharkey Susan Sherwood Gaylord Simon f' , L W' 'g 'Wt ll K a H4 a 5 3 we is tg W E 4 ' W. L Y he f A mfr , 6 T Q , 1 111, J, WM l , Q. N A I ,, - ' .,h kv ..,.,. is ll sils T it li gkk i- , :a i K 'l'i Larry Sullinger ,, Kay Thomas Mickey Thornton Dianne Trout 'Y P' ,f 3 '4 J Y I Q g' ,K f - lx ,, , ' A N ,,,, on , .t v 40 Bs John Whelan Jerry White Betty Wilkerson Jack Wright .l , k Nh ., Via. . -53 i w ,MV if 1 ww f , 'C' ' Q L-r:. . .RA iw, if ' Sh fi, . ,, ,. i ,J Q f . s . . A 4,x,,1:-V, al s f X i K Q fi. my ..-- X ii, 7, f , M M . .1-,wg 343 :' :. - f T? James Field David Hernandez Linda Lee Jackie Lision J, - c L X y ,gyififrrri y ff 1,5 1' lx f ef l a ':1'i 1 gi- 5- ,- ze Q fr f Chester Myers Dave Nelson Dave Pearce Lily Perez Andy Bedoya Pam Busey Bill Coble Junior Cons It i-cfm.. ,Q ,Q 1-Zn Gerald Marshall sera J Wayne McClenaghan Betty Kay McCullough J . Rose Murphy alien 1 L -i 9' 3 s' g 'Q iril Q . ,cy i , A ,Q Ms' , we as jf .T I , www ,Q A, 'I as ll V '55 -- rsfsis , ws, MWJW gli .ic isiia W I '- -' -' P .1 zz, , M Wayne Reichert J Carolina Roclriques war y! ,. srsr w i aw , 4l ,,w,g,i,, -JSI., 1 i'l r Velouris Vivelo Tom Williams is ,fi A Year Full of Fun I i I I I I K 1 E X I iff: Y, v 1.4, 'Vila wg? -,.,4u ci EW Sqvgnuii' Lowerclassmen Sophomore Class CLASS OFFICERS: Micheal Espil, Presiolentp Judy Roose, Vice-Presidentg Pam Vllilliams, Secretaryg Pat Tidwell, Treasurer. This year's sophomore class has obtained a head start on their iunior year's obligations by sponsoring an after-game dance and a bake sale. Throwing themselves into the school spirit, they also entered a float in the Homecoming Parade. During the Christmas Season they brightened the Multi-Use CLASS SPONSOR room with a decorated Christmas tree. MR. ELLSWORTH Class Representatives: Beryl Shearsg Rosemary Kingg Rusty Tillmany Sandy Wareg Don Pratt: Jane Herrick. 46 Arthur Gary Lee Roy Kenny Angie Nellie Allen Allen Allen Aragon Arce Arce Louis Arvizu ql T N 5, L V2 ' A 1 ,M ww , A sw fiz, ,H H - - ,iiw , L L K K 2 . f 3 Q H fix ,,,-, . Rx. 'K s-- A Wi wat- i .. if A r-ir A k.,,f K. irh, z ,Lk. My Manuel Regina Frank Marcie Pam Louise Avelar Baker Beiarano Berg Blazer Blythe w it ,- I fr L fn I if 4. -f so r C frr' rf- i X if , , K , ,J , . 1 27 . kk f, kg 13,5 I ' Diane Greg Jerry Jerry Collis Dallas Burns Bolties Brammer Brandick Brown Brown Mike Ed Mike Mike Virginia Linda Burke Carter Case Chambers Chaney Clevenger Fred Burk Sheila Alan Robert Richard Jerold Rodney Clevengel' Craff Dail Dagger Darden Davis 47 Eddie Davis G3 M M F - ' Lll' Q ' K f V : A I iii, ,.:, . 1 K ii. ,:r. .xl I K T HP' is WM, M, X, 5 5 k k ,. I 'N' 'Q x an y i ' I -- at VVLV kgiw 153 f -I A.-f ,L f 7 F U : fi E , I , xg!! ,,: V 1 : -F If ' ii J.,. i . ? ,,g. 4 5 I birr kg ,:A, . 5 1, :,7,,V,.tV,:A4. I ii? if i F or , qliw ie sf? if ' ' .1 ff , ' if fig? 5 -f':eLTi1ffeQ M 5 f 38 3 tif-it i el 6 A :lad mme: iiifzg Sharon Denamur 55 f K - ,S , if in ee an vi X xx ,Q r, if Exif If fav We Kwik 1 l . Tia? S, ' Benny Garcia 1 , Claude Dew Ja, f ,JP A fa :IM ., . mir-' Figci , . A 'fFf'5:,. . YV 1. Mike Espil Yiifgifgga .ax ,1 f? 'Mme- 'S L, 'il' 'Wg 7? Mary Garcia , Qg 5 Frank Ruben Dora DiVi1o Duran Egolf wr' 'Y' z Johnny Theron Donna Estrada Fleming Ford C 'kwa G A.V,, - .. , A' HQ Vr dgwlwi ,Q W , 1 M iiiir ,, F FF F ' !'F'F F G G H A - FF I ,- , -, L' A I V 1 v l 'I 4 e a, 5? 55,511 - f Alan Luanne Judy Gemmill Gibson Glass K V ,,,, V , A F 2 , nm-' r F I pix . 5 , r,A, ,, 1, 1.-Q, F we ' ' ,F Q Q Fery f W G - M iieri I I F F Fw G J V+ I Q -552'-, We , ,fk--, fi V. .aw f 1 16 ami A M .J iri or f -- i I F Fm' Diane Gregory Sandy Susan Mike Gunn Gunn Gushock i , rrrFr 3 G r 3 ay. ' I Ray Emerick A-is 'F L Q' I 'i 1 Eloise Furgerson A gr o G ,. ff,-, K Aff Ronnie Ersery . My 0-, , ' 1 A --'Q ff I :iii Q. F' C . Q dba K ' of 52 ll E J M 'XF ,,y V ' G ali a Carole Goodenough V c :r 1 we J Sharon Goodwin M ' 4-r Q ,F f-14,3 miie 'rr Y Q if Nancy Hart Connie Anita -laY Tony Jane Levaiia Fred Havrane Hedglen Henderson Herrera Herrick Hodkinson Hollifieid 48 RM 31 ,, , x 1 5? A J ' , ' 121 2, 5 '. ' rr, r- A if-' ' .. his f 5 S , L EE X , . J , '- -f f, . . -Z1 . ,,.f-. . , i ,,, H ,Xg, 7 , .f'fa,,, , , .Wy I .L 2 wr Q ' i 3 i.. li c .. as MQW .. 51 :5 f !.,, if Lk K, N ,V wk LU .ii kk ., ,V ' fr' in if f ' 5 Y, .F N V , r' su- if - , :UW .i V, A ,M , .Gi -My L 1 1. W ni fi ai ii, 1' G , J . . iiiiii V ' L -.. ,.-. A . fi - J a- 3 KW it A ' 'Q K ,A K iff i t JOY Paul Ted Ray Clifford Cindy Jimmy H0lllf1QSW0l'fl I Hood Hoover Howard lrving Jesser Johnson , Q or y in , ig r Sherry Bernice David Rosemary Priscilla Lynn Jordan Kandarian Kent King Lopez Lorenz 3 .bil - 5 . .. 1 if. f J J i ' L ii iiii J J ' s QE K lx . iii 'ig if J f is 5 Bill Bob Jim Tom Grace Ross Joyce Lueck Loney Martinez Mathias McCloud McElhaney McReynold . FA 'T Aly ,Vg 1 ,4... 5- ffi' L L H1 f L' J 1 . ' 2. . J . J .H .ig isis E. .f , jf . J MW, ,313 --V ., V I 'wx J. Marie Mary Minnie Joan Pat Paul Miller Mills Miranda Mitchell Mitchell Monelli Karen Arcelia Nancy Susan Don lla David Moody Moreno Murray Mutch Neill Newman Nichols 49 I kywm ,.,, ,B f as w A CP Ralph Livela Sharon Tommy Karen Donald Parker Pearce Pigg Pratt ,Q ,. I i , 5, iw. X , fi., 7, Es . tg. Mary Bob Ross Price Ramirez ., V -F4 4 ' M, S Dennis Ethel Nettie Judy Forrestene Reiley Richardson Rioias Roose ROSS 53: . HW? .X P V V -'-t M -F2596 . ,, . W :P , ,. VVK: y - 5 ' -lid f, ,F ffgga K f C' 5 5 ,-iw at I 6. Linda Tina Don Alice Johnnie Rothe Salcido Salyers Samaniego Sellers miil gym ' if Beryl Vicki Alan Danne Gilbert Shears Sholty Smith Somers Soto Kathy Raymond ' -2 ,V P R I 5 4-f Q As. 4 ,S . 1 Karen Sentz Diane Mary Jane Terry Arthur Wayne Sally Robert Spalding Stanley Stein Stellwag Sterling Sfich Summers 50 Quin x a ,Q , 5 .cgi as 4- s . 1-4: , -W3 if Bd' if ss t 3 J Darrell Mary Beck Clippinger ,. ' --- , I V wi ,., N 'ii'5i! fT1?axn: I .af- i fi AF . if X f... Peter Janie Hanley Jones Jim Liston X J ,V .. Ki W QW. .gs xi 'P N '- Chuck Brenda Jeanie Jeanie Deahl Jennings Hughes Fitzgerald I 'S f Y J: ,. q fkgg, psf ,i.A Lg, - J, JE Kris Steve Alice Jackie Kinser Lawrence Laymon Liston J s P J I K Vrkkkh 1? its is , 'fr l1l 'ik,b'h J n ' ,, by J i'., ,1 f fn v Richard Martha Karen Mathias Moberly Moody Lupe John Ed Ralph Charlotte Merlinda Moreno Pecharich Perkins Price Rice Rioias Tom Pat Dan Arthur Curtis Jim Schubert Sherrill Somers Stellwag Washington Watts 1 N 1 i 1 Freshman Class CLASS OFFICERS: Donna Bush, Secretary, Barbara Davis, Treasurer, Rick Lammers, V President, and Ricky Rhodes, Vice-President. Finding more questions than answers on the first day of school, the Two hundred and Twenty-five members of The freshman class began their years of high school. Now at the close of The year, several freshmen have Taken CLASS SPONSOR part in music and drama activities, others have Trained for sports events, and many have ioined one or more clubs. MR. ALVIN SCHIREMAN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES-FIRST ROW: Barbara Franklin, Linda Graham, Donita Reser, and Theresa Bell. SECOND ROW: Jack Walrad and Steve Sloane. 53 Andy Alcarvaz Andrew Alanez Gilman Anderson .lose Arizpe Julie Ash Stanley Ashby Lupe Ayala Theresa Bell Susan Bensburg Lynda Bewley Steve Black Louise Baugus Dan Bruce Betty Burden Joe Burke Donna Bush Ronnie Bufler Susan Boydsfon Edwin Campbell Robin Campbell Toni Campbell Margie Carter Horfensia Celestine Jennifer Chaney Larry Clark Linda Cleveland Wilma Clippinger Mary Ann Cooper Judy Coor Ann Cotton Susan Cozart Christine Cafaro Deanna Craft Don Cunningham Susan Cutri Cindy Davenport Barbara Davis Ronnie Davis Paula DeHuff Margie Diaz Alvin Dillon Robert Divifo A V is ' ug I , ' Q, 1 I a n .sy - f -,.. - '- V, .V N' s 'V 'T '-': lf' QW 9. 7' . i' n XML X, ,M M7 ' ' K fi if , A- f W X ' ww A . . VL. 4 V is V ' fag ' ! l5?'M W. -f f l , 'nv 4 , ki ,, Zvi Miyf Akkkk ri 4,,. Ei, i lv 7' y , V , . :V 1 K . 'MV ,A 5 L 5 EA . 5 K , fl mv fe -1 f 1 'X ff L 3' as , A - '7 Al i 'Vg ii X R 'il L ii'?f27f'2L3fi 2, i M -A WA A ' -.iVff7 ' - if 1. ' 3, .. ' fi' L V ME, ' 'L A 'ii' 'A ,Z ,, I 3 is alas, .A is ,Nh ' .Q n . . ,. A ii . . w up , -' -g Q 1 1 , .. -- .X ,ga if ?.l.5i,ff-,A gf , A 5- .. 3.1 Q R A L A' S? 2 -Y -ff F5 A l A fa, VL A A K fr- iiis. A M1 - . f L M 4 A Il ,LVEIVV 4, ,L , ,,, X 1 :,V 5 A : is we f'?5'se llll F A A fi rf ' A .z!:2J. :wm'f2.iai?14 Q A L 4 ' 5 :lf N , , I A ,V 5 L R as L C X 17 i i - rA f 3 ,file ' yd: 7:7 77 L V Ii f Q A '. .. , -'f- 12 51-i ilfrv -..- , ' l ' . 'w ' X' iiy 1, L ,iw A - X , R' - lx X ff f' l - L M K A V ,M . gf -?'..Q i ,, -i. . A C Q A : . 4, W' f L i ' , A W ,fan Ma or A f we as 5 of 'D' 5 f' s ff- as W as , i s ssiv W 3' L up is p 'wx-W ' Vihy ' ' S mayo, ig, lill 1 A eili . M - if L 1 K ' A F L i 3 V 5' Q- :zi n e ,gf ' Y Q , 5 5 , All ' ' .V a 'C' fi -fr idge i fi i B lx: , 'fni fixg-f ' E 3 ii - 5, i 1 is 1 54 J ,is ,V Lf ..,l Q 7 7 7 ssae ig 5 435 J z Q 7 7.. si 1 'fi i J 1 7, A 2 . 1.7 1 s. z :f 7 r. -1: ' P1 I . Q- 7. aw .7 at , ff .gf ' -, eff' L f-J ,rv UW ff ia. q , kr . W . 7 .xv Y 7 -73 X 73 - 'Y' ' iii? 7 i . Y' A ' , W- if , .1 M., , ,kh' A' . gy ' , rf M x,.v kxkh A gsifffrig Q f ,fr ' ,ff Fr 7 .A , f J ' siege Q is i f f - 5, I . Q I fi gf QL f. 7 X Q Q z 321' ,-.. ,Qi ,. ' ' ' - N .,, . 'gs' ' ' . , K .5 'S 7 'Q ., ,j 7 rim f . ., J J' im .lv 3 fair 4 G xr-.c Zi' '-' - 7 Q , A , ,LV,k , I 1 .. gy .., 5 we X, , s 7 ff is -ff. I M ' ' 7 Q . , . ' ,. , pun , ef ' J , W , zyvrgfy if' p . Q if K A M 71 k. . 7, 7,5 7. -33.3. -7 : if , Q4 7 .. 7 H ,N Ar, V, K V . ' V' ' .1 , fins 7 ff . f 7 A ii J M' i J -rf' 'X '.'7f..:...4M tZe57'f 7.52172 ,M 1 ff' lv . S xv 1 H M' ' ., J 7' sl 1 4 Q' 1 .5 1 , ij , 1 ,. X , xv t A i G Q . E Z . 1714 .Q ggi- , 3 .4 V 'off of :if af lv sl. 'fl-4 7 . QQIWNS X .Qi J y,y.i W , P91 yi .7 7: K 13: ff ., ' '7 7 7 J .1 ri! iw Q fly, E go l ' J Y . 7. ,, 1.7, ' tea 'f 4 are . Xvy. 1 ' W 7- 7 - 7 , , . x 77.-9 J Y V' V fx az 71 if Q - , . 7 as Vi 7 Q. : if ,r g g gi ! .Pl 'l'iW l i Q 7h 7 , gg, er 7. 7. In ge- ,M-ci. ,. Qf ' fr K 2 fi 1 .,. i N' fa . X u sl gg,-, ri - Ben Doherty David Dooley Peggy Dooley Janice Dorman Linda Dorman Nancy Durham Audrey Ellison Bobby Esquivel Sally Estrada Christine Field Pam Fisher Jeannie Fitzgerald Kim Flowers Sandy Fraze David Friesen Ortensia Galindo Joe Garcia Rosemary Garcia Ruthie Garcia Sal Garcia Stuart Garrison David Glaser Phyllis Gilbert Joe Gonzales Manuel Gonzales Ruben Gonzales Sam Gonzales Linda Graham Linda Grant Judy Green Gary Gregor Linda Grimes Suzanne Guard Helen Harris Richard Henry Joe Hernandez Rick Herrera Larry Hill Elizabeth Hilton Sara Hood Ann Jensen Leona Jesser Arthur Jhas, Mary Jiminez Charlotte Johnson Lee Johnson James Jones Donna Jordan George Kleine Kay Kleine Ricky Koester Wanda Kyle David Lackey Ann Lacy Rick Lammers Pete Laurnan Larry Lee Lowell Leslie Sally Lopez Dorthy Love Fred Lueck Martha Luque Violet Luque Linda Lytle Mat Madrid Pat Martin Gloria Mascarenas Tom Mascarenas Jim McArthur Mike McCauley Perry McCully Jane McGibney Donna McGowan Billy McReynolds Ralph Miller Fred Mitchell Bonnie Mitten Pat Montgomery Robert Moore Celia Moreno Leonard Moreno Lucy Moreno Richard Monte Barbara Morgan , W' ai - ,, QV: 1 iv 1 4 F , af ter- .Mi le' - la Ai 1 Q ,. F 3 , ,.,- , , . I - . 1 1 A, .1 1 e ig- . 34.1 yay., Awiy .. ,, L I T7-,V ,V Wad, , ,.AA X if 'Aff ,Q , ,-I Lak, We J: . i 5, 3' . 3 -Q9 lv Awww i 'f ieci riie ' . ' I ,5 - K 1 Q . f' 3 feel.. in ' ,, 555 f 1 J' Infra- ,. . .f ., 1.,-,, iw, ' in f. , :aff Z .. V I W, 3 wt we .l ,,.. yyyl 3, it 414 J.. l ea. lf ' . yiee Ov i t 5 , j, 2 J A f i' ' . Fl' f V M i,, 'ti J A ig, L ' i an ii A X. i.- i ,pm ' V. .Q,H,4. y .1 117:12 W L 1 if . wif P 5 -me iic K , ' get ag, of ,lk:,K,. 5, 5 - if 3 . S 0 ,am ' K, li f- ., a n '-:j f s Kaz: 'j .7 k l MY' A 2 if J as fi S5523 y 5 4? J, ., , K H, m ug ig, fl, f , Q A ,. A v ,' b ,Q Q .Q,,, Z, l A..V t ig ivn 4, X - . 5 an 13 -1, , vw , ' ww- wait: M ..., M +g, -' . 1 I 'Sv sf b ww ' , + 1 'k'5, E , K-SZ K- . ,g KE ,D as A jgjiwhz i ,. f,a,,,gV'?ff' ' ,V A I' fi in 5 . ' . f A 4' Hi V ,Q , - ' V3.9 . . M ' itil ! J . , y 1, J at Q f J i W f g 'f M' Q. T' J? P if - ' g ' V kr Q 5, L, f, .f. R ,si .J - If 1. 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J ' ' h , 'f l ' i 55 ni- f lb T 5 l'i J ffl' M' Sl M1 kj. -I See ,f is Rv Vi ll ' 'ii K 'K 5 xg' WW K 'ij qi PJ s fix L' rf T if 14 K in fil e,-v ksj W, ,' , 'r r fs- ' W ' . A ,al , fiiff FE 'fi it si 3, E 82, gi 5 Qi Ri i , J . I M y 11,5 , , .sig fs? ,Q -ff gm w g ' 'X . 's - 5 :L i 12 - 1 1 ,- 3 E fi K F5 - i ' s 1 Q-,.,f:635 I 57 ka i E A V I ' W LN' ii f ' 2 1 M G 1 . r George Munoz Louise Munoz Mary Munoz Olirnpia Nandin Yolanda Nandin lla Newman Rita Noble Judy O'Neal Betty Oliver Estela Orozco Angie Ortega Billy Padilla Dana Parsells Mickey Pearce James Peck Joe Perez Ed Perkins Eddie Peterson Jim Peterson Judy Phillips Roger Picard Judy Pigg Danny Ponce Mike Prince Jimmy Pulatie Phil Rackley William Rainwater James Raleigh Manuel Ramos Judy Rayner Glen Rector Paul Reeff Judy Reigel Donita Reser Shirley Rex Cathy Rhiel Ricky Rhodes Tommy Rick Elizar Rioias Gary Rifzler Tom Robinett Sonny Rubio Mary Lou Salazar Manuel Sanchez Rebecca Sanchez Carol Sandlin David Sandoval Amelia Samaniego Bobbi Samsill Lisa Schuler Tom Schubert Tom Schmidt Richard Schoville Joe Shanko Cindy Sharkey Sandra Sinclair Eddie Singleton lsiah Sims Steve Sloan Frank Soto Cynthia Spaulding Shirley Spraque Luanne Sterling Bill Strain Marvene Swenson Roger Talken Sherry Talken Arthur Taylor Bobbie Taylor Doug Taylor Stella Tellez James Truman Janice Tuntland Paul Tucker Elliot Turner Velda Vivelo Barbara Waddell Jack Walrad Debby Wilder! Dan Williams Sue Williams Diane Wilson Brenda Wood Susan Wootton fm Q . ,. we-Q' 'Z as M 5 .rstim X X ai Q 'X mga ' , he ., 'V ,VVVVV X M L L T ' V wi.. . rx S KW, , in :fwf- 'I S4 fr K i vc' f 'N Iqfxfl Y. -6 R9 , LQ.. ' is 1 F551-T i ' 'ik' - 5' ,M gl ,QM I V 'i,l3l, QR I :'V o I jiczlk ' . . S K VK F,ih g7. , X,5 K W M . 1 ag ii,::.Z,Zgggi7i .2 I Q.. f i f he B rf ij, 5 ii in 'A iii icii S B my M 1 , '11 if iiciii ci , ff:-fi gc ,,u,'v'Q1' .,,,f Q Scart! : H L Qi, I , A J T ,fry 'E 2 f if X 5, I it S f' 1- 1, S 5 :af lla 2, tx ' ' A. i ,ff , ' , '5 T S 'iii S., ' ,, t 'rg ' 'Y 'Urn . pgs, 4? , , 'A Q ,ui . I ii' - M55 wwe- Z V- 15.5 rl S K I WW , , 1 V- F new , fvfrfzf., ,,,: 1 ,wefw , f -- . f . 1 'fn N , -71735 ,J. 1,. V I 4 - .,, :, V ,- . Q , , f' ' S - E' A -M ,i A , h ' i, -I S S S eise S ri ii' i i ii'-e i'ii ii?'E ??'i Vile R 'ig 1 58 S1131 , igiiiix iz W . S? sf F ff-r 5 , 'Y f ,Q 'ff T i'i2.,,y,a if-M ,Lai ' r. ,. . . . v, 'F 'fi ' Q v W : ' F b' R F F F' 'gm A + s rr A r W me ' llii Q E ' , ,,, E' f F . Q 4 F A if if A fc y a , z L . , F R ii at ' i 'm 'AA , fe H W is f flasfi , - :swf ,ia A S 'i Rl R Me- xJ aw K - - W ' 'Ah '- ', M eel' X W it ,Q XENEE zzb -V 1 Q' ' i if R ' ii . , : as S . ,X is Z-Ei, fe ,.-' 1 N., r 'Fins .qky XV 1,::WmrVE .1 ' ' if F rs k iyi 64,12 I., 'R 7' ,S Y, M. What does everyone have against Freshmen? M x ' . , , M : 2 ,..,- A if K , Back for seconds! E . Stephanie Coe Esther Camacho Rita Dofalmier Barbara Franklin Donald Fletcher Eddie Gonzales Mary Garcia Ray Gutierrey Steve Harmon Susan Haycluk Charles Irons Geoffrey Lawrence Jim Liston Joyce NlcReynolds Doris Nloberly Lupe Moreno Barbara Porter Mike Richert Benny Rioias Willie Rogers Nancy Wolfe Carol Yocum Don Young Richard Youngkin Even Freshmen have to eat lunch' 59 f z. 'Q ui Nl Honors Valedictorian John Garrison 62 Barbara Westphal Future Farmers of America STATE PRESIDENT, IVAN HUNT ATTENDANTS LAJEAN McCARLEY TERRI SHARKEY Ivan Hunt, senior, was elected to the State Presidency of the FFA. In October Ivan led the Arizona delegation to the National Convention in Kansas, Missouri, where he served on the National Convention Committee and gave the com- mittee report to over 8,000 boys. In the past year Ivan has traveled throughout the state visiting various chapters for the FFA. He was master of ceremonies at all the state as- semblies. Ivan also represented the Future Farmers of America at all official functions where the organization was recog- nized. Lynda Marquess was chosen FFA Sweetheart and crowned at an after game dance in October. Lynda attended the FFA field days at Tempe and Tucson. She was also an honored guest at the Parent and Son Banquet held in April. ln August she will attend the State FFA Leadership Conference where she will be a candidate for State Sweetheart. 4551. Y 's -Wrtsa i -sf: F ., .ff gym: . at sl FFA SWEETHEART, LYNDA MARQUESS 64 ,V I Q-s wf Q as f , kgsfff - 5 - X J - u' , N, fx Km, , . , , 1 .ygigg 4, Y px ,L K is 'E 'Y Queen and' King , Paul Stone ,A Delegates to Girls' and Boys' State Agua Fria's representatives to Girls' State and Boys' State will be attending their respective ses- sions during the first two weeks of June. These are lust a few ofthe many individual awards and honors given To students at Agua Fria. Other awards were announced at The Awards Day program on The last day of school. NEREIDA COULTER Daughters ot the American Revolution JOHN RALEIGH Best Actor BARBARA ROACH Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow ANDREA BEDOYA Best Actress GIOVANNA MERLOTTI, foreign exchange student from Buscate Italy. CAREN COOR All-State Band STANLEY ASHBY FFA Greenhancl outstanding freshman awarc JOYCE JUDY All-State Choir ROBERT RAYNER Pres. Salt River Federation. State FFA sentinel. 1 Because character, scholarship, leadership, and service are qualities worthy of en- couragement in all schools, the Praestantia chapter of the National Honor Society was established at Agua Fria on June 6, l958. To be qualified for this society a student must be on the Honor Roll every grading period of the previous year, have a recom- t mendation from each of his teachers, and possess the above qualities. CO-SPONSORS , fi:-ff','1 -.Sz--111' S l l Officers of this honor group are Elizabeth Murray, President, Nereida Coulter, l Vice-President, Mary Porell, Secretary, and Harry Plumlee, Treasurer. 1 LAWRENCE WAHOSKI IVAN QUASS l l l Praesta ntia t l l Pictured at the National Honor Society installation are UD LaJean McCarley, Kathleen Ross, Joan Strain, Elizabeth Murray, Nereida Coulter, Mary Porell, Harry Plumleey C21 Dianne Trout, Dolores Baker, Judy Chambers, Merrily Emery, John Garrison, Tom Keesling, Gary Lytle, Lynda Marquess, C31 Cheryl Yellenn, Andrea Bedoya, Melanie Bush, Caren Coor, Denise Gould, Susan Hawkins, Betty Kay McCullough, Jan Pecharich, Sharon Sanders, C43 Collis Brown, Sharon Denamur, Franklin DiVito, Peter Hanley, Rosemary King, Bernice Kandarian, Paul Monelli, Karen Pigg, Kathy Raymond, Patricia Tidwell, and Elaine Wilbanks. Not pictured are Barbara Westphal and Daniel Mitchell. 70 Curriculum A study of world his- tory, American History, world geography, and civics composes our social study courses. Through these subjects we will be better informed to meet challenges. History links past and present govern- ment, and enables us to assume our responsibil- ities as citizens. Social Studies Physical Education 72 Where academic sub- jects have strengthened our knowledge, physical education strengthens our bodies and builds character. Basketball, ten- nis, track, archery, foot- ball, and baseball are a few of the sports in- cluded in our Physical Education Department, which builds fitness. Science Mathematics, the lan- guage of science, builds a foundation of logic. Mathematics, whether it is the multiplication table or analytical calculus, is the common tie between subiects. The well rounded Mathematics department of Agua Fria includes al- gebra, geometry, phys- ics, general math, trigo- nometry, and senior math. Mathematics The Science Depart- ment, with its goal im- proving our knowledge of biological, chemical, and physical environ- ment, with its goal of im- ization and instills in- sight into the future. Courses of biology, general science, physics, and chemistry, and science seminar are of- fered at Agua Fria. 73 Home Economics Agriculture is the basis of civilized existence. Without an intelligent agriculturalist, the land would support only rov- ing bonds. The main pur- pose of Vocational Agri- culture is to educate and train young men intelli- gently and efficiently in the many fields of Agri- culture. The study of Agricul- ture includes agronomy, farm management, ani- mal husbandry, plant ecology, and farm me- chanics. Perhaps no other de- partment in the school draws as much attention as does the Home Eco- nomics Department. The proof is in the tantalizing odors of food cooking, the modeling of tailored garments, and many service activities per- formed. Among the areas which help provide a well-rounded program are child guidance, cloth- ing, foods, home safety ancl care of the sick, and art in the home. Auto mechanics, a one year course offered to iuniors and seniors, is based on theory. The stu- dents, working mostly on mock-ups, learn to more fully appreciate their au- tomobiles. An under- standing and awareness of auto mechanics en- ables students to be- come better informed consumers. Photography Auto Mechanics Photography plays a maior role in annual and journalism, by supply- ing necessary pictures to the Wickiup and The Des- ert Howl. This course is offered for Two years to sophomores, iuriiors and seniors. Students learn first what makes a good picture. Then they begin by getting sharp nega- tives. After that they learn to develop and make clear prints. The third and final step teach- es the photography stu- dents the advantages of the enlarger. English is The basis for American educafion and provides The key To un- dersfanding. English is used Throughout our dai- ly life, and The loeTTer we express ourselves, The beTTer chance we have for affaining our goals. Enghsh Speech 76 During The year, speech acTiviTies range from reading Tongue- Twisfers To working ouT a case for formal debafe. The main purpose of speech is To give The sTu- denT a feeling of confi- dence when speaking in fronT of a group. The dil- igenT sTudenT will in- crease his poise and abil- iTy To Think clearly on his feet. Art l Y E .-L French, and Spanish are the languages that have opened new roads to us, roads of knowl- edge leading into spheres of interest. These roads introduce new cultures, develop understanding between peoples, and add interest to history, art, and literature. ilsl sls, sttstrs Foreign Language The study of art in most high schools in- cludes not only drawing, but art appreciation as well. Its purpose is to cul- tivate the powers of ob- servation, and to en- courage the use of draw- ing as a language for the expression of ideas. The course of study covers such subjects as form, color, design, and con- struction of articles. 77 Commerce Secretarial practice, a special course offered for girls interested in being secretaries, covers a com- bination ot all business courses. The business courses of typing, shorthand, general business, busi- ness lavv, bookkeeping and secretarial practice, ehable students to secure iobs after high school graduation, as well as aiding in college studies. In our generation, the demand for business leaders and workers has been great, and business prepares our students for these positions. Secretarial Practice 35 NNW x Organizations PAM GAEFCKE SHARON SANDERS ANDY BEDOYA Head Cheerleader As you can see, we've got about the cutest cheerleaders around. But besides being cute they've got talent. Our cheer- leaders are chosen by their abil- ity and personality. This results in a well balanced and coordi- nated group, who are able to work and strive together to give you the best possible cheerlead- ing squad around. JUDY ROOSE MARY MILLS heerleaders ADVISOR ICheerleaclers and Pom Ponlz MISS ZADA BOLES FRONT ROW: Judy Roose, Andy Bedoya. BACK ROW:,- Pam Gaetcke, Sharon Sanders, and Mary Mills. 80 MERRILY EMERY Captain DENISE GOULD MARY SVOB LYN DA MARQUESS KATHY RAYMON D Pom Pon To begin with we only had 5 Pom Pon girls, who had been maioreties and were Trained on the spur of The moment for The baskeibali games. Now we have The best. They work hard To add color and enteriainmeni To our games. MARY PORELL DOLORES BAKER MELANIE BUSH KAREN Piers 8I LAJEAN MCCAR LEY Library Club sl' a.... Hhf..i.ff..? 2 , if 1 T 'A', ii. A TOP ROW: M. Celestino, A. Maffinez, D. same, L. Rome, M. Miranda, c. Goodenough. sEcoND ROW: fi- G. McCloud, A. Hedglen, J. Watts, B. Wilkerson, G. Adams, B. Price, R. McCauley, C. Fraze. BOTTOM ROW: D. Campbell, K. Ross, B. Westphal, D. Trout, A. Hoff. MRS. OPAL BROWN Spanish Club The Spanish is composed of two parts, each second year Spanish class being the components. The club numbers thirty-six, with Tony Soto serving as president. Each part of the club elects a vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. MR. ARTHUR MARQUESS Girls' Letter Club ,Xa X ,... is iggaxif, V ' K Girls forming the A from bottom up are: Mary Porell, Denise Gould, Andy Bedoya, Barbara Westphal, L 'mi Betty K. McCullough, Pam Busey, .lan Pecharich, Susan Hawkins, Karen Galley, Rachel Salazar, Margie ' Garcia, center is Lynda Marquess. Forming the F bottom up are: Jaiean McCarley, Reba Hamrick, Giovanna Merlotti, Sharie Mitten, Merrily Emery, Doris Hall, and Sara Gonzales. Lettermen's Club MISS ZADA BOLES The Lettermen's Club is' composed of thirty-eight members. To be eligible, a boy must have lettered in at least one sport. This year's officers were Manuel Murillo, President, Ruben Jimenez, Vice-President: Wayne Bateman, Secretary, and Monty Garcia, Treasurer. MR. ORIN FULTON 83 Drama Club MR. DONALD HAY TOP ROW: Gilman Anderson, J. D. Senrz, Glen Herzog, John Raleigh, Randy Taber, Larry Hulfo. FRONT ROW: Ethel Richardson, Judy Chambers, Claudia Bensburg, Dora Egolf, Nancy Murray. Science Club MR. JOHN LEACH TOP ROW: Jim Waits, James Raleigh. SECOND ROW: Wanda Kyle, Mardy Clayton, Sharon Denamur, Charlolfe Rice, Kris Kinser. THIRD ROW: Roberto Garcia, John Garrison, Barbara Wesfphal, Gary Lylle, Judy Chambers, Larry Hufto. 84 POULTRY TEAM FFMHA Hayride . . To Develop Agricultural Leadership, T ' as PEE 4 . BT f - ,fm as if Q.. FW 9. fi -A , . -1. ,L 'K I GXFTIO A yA7r I fe T ll 0 JVM SX VM is . Qiffnjo Every detail of The naTional FFA emblem has meaning. The owl symbolizes wisdom and knowl- edge, The plow is symbolic of labor and Tillage of The soil, The rising sun signifies progress, The cross section of an ear of corn represenTs common agriculTural inTeresTs, and The eagle indicaTes The naTional scope of The organlzaTion. DAIRY PRODUCTS TEAM PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE TEAM CLe'lT To righTD M. Espil, A, Griialva, A. Marshall, C. Truman, L. Rhodes lChairmanJ, J. Fletcher, K. Cooper, C. Myers. Future MEAT TEAM 86 DAIRY TEAM Cooperation, and Citizenship. OFFICERS lLeft to rightj Allan Marshall, Reporter, Charles Truman, acting Secretary: Ivan Hunt, President, Robert Rayner, Vice-President, Jr. Fletcher, Treasurer, Kenny Cooper, Sentinel. Farmers AGRONOMY TEAM 87 FFA ASSEMBLY sfffv-,ffvfgwggxgigsiw V W . K k, RANGE MANAGEMENT TEAM FFA is an intra-curricular activity originating in a definite part of the school curriculum-vocational agriculture. Although this is true, FFA also func- tions as an extra-curricular activity, with its mem- bers engaging in such projects as holding a hay- ride, sponsoring dances, and presenting an as- sembly. The various FFA team represent Agua Fria in competitions from the district to the state level. The creed ofthe Future Farmers of America can be expressed, in essence, by the organizations motto: LEARNING TO DO DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE ii 2 1 , Camping Trip. The Statesmen provided live music for the Winter Fantasy. s l . ,J N N A... K .jg K- . 2 4 S yiqg :: vts,ff . . - 5 - ve., A A s 3 X '- MISS NAN RAINE Picking cotton is hard work! All-Girls Party ' 7 Girls Girls' League started its busy year with a get- acquainted paiama party. Shortly after this, plan- ning began tor the annual Winter Fantasy, which was held this year on January twenty-seventh. Because of its increased membership, Girls' League instituted a point system during the past year. This enabled seventy ot the most active of the club's participants to take part in the yearly camping trip. Also new this year were a slogan sucker sale and the sale ot Girls' League pins. Imaginative decorations set the theme, Over the Rainbow , for the Winter Fantasy. i ., . . A .. Q., if new V 1113, -QM 'Q 'F ' A ,H ..,- ,:,ii L km Q, . Q-'ski' -is , 'KQLI-' . I Nt, ,,,,L . g L, ,. ., . Setting out for the convention. All-Girls Party League A traditional Mother-Daughter Tea completed a very active and successful year for the club. Girls' League's activities have been ably guided this past year by its co-sponsors, Miss Miriam Iglehart and Miss Nan Raine, and by its council members: Lynda Marquess, President, Beth Harris, Vice-President, Denise Gould, Secretary, Laiean McCarley, Treasurer, Mary Wilson, Mary Porell, Melanie Bush, Pam Busey, Lynn Lorenz, Dora Egolf, Judy Rayner, Shirley Sprague. 89 MISS MIRIAM IGLEHART GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL Desert Howl Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Working on ads and correspondence are PaT Howe, Brenda Moser, Ken Mooney, Pam Gaefcke NEREIDA COULTER Ramiro Moreno, and Linda Meneeley. CAboveJ Pasfing-up an issue of The paper are KaThy Beck, .lim Field, Sandy GarreTT, MonTy Richardson, Carla Swen- son, Barbara Cable, Curt McGlasson, and Buddy PylanT. Publishing The DeserT Howl gave The iournalism class experience in all phases of newspaper work. IT included wriTing various Types of sTories, selling aclverTise- menTs, copy and proof-reading, and learn- ing To make-up and pasTe-up The paper. Perhaps The mosT memorable parT of The course was learning To meeT unyield- ing prinTer's deadlines. CLefTl Proofreacling is done by Margie Summers, Manuel Murillo, Rosemary Field, BeTh Ann Harris, Gerald Waltman, Paul Luellig, and Ernie--Salazar. fl.eft to right? Pat Howe, Business Manager, LouJan Erwin, Photography Edit Pearce, Co-editor, Charlene Walrad, Copy Editor, and Lynda Marquess, Co-editor. At the first of the year, the members of the annual staff composed a calm, normal-looking class under the direction of Mrs. Martha Moore. From this emerged the real annual staffewild-eyed and frenzied as they desperately attempted to meet rapidly approaching deadlines by searching frantically for misplaced pic- tures, lost layout sheets, and previously written copy. Somehow, the '62 Wickiup was com- pleted, and the staff sincerely hopes you enioy this collection of memories from the past year. iRightJ Adding the last touches in preparation for a deadline Cleft to rightbz Nikki Golay, Organizations and Activities, Joanne Koons, Juniors, Monty Richardson, Ads: Charlene Walrad, Organizations and Activities, Lynda Marquess and Richard Pierce, Cur- riculum, and Nereida Coul- ter, Honors section. or, Richard ADVISQR MRS. MARTHA MOORE CAbovel ln a rare moment of calm. Cleft to rightl: Pat Howe and Brenda Moser, Ad section, Ruben Jimenez and Dick Merdick, Sports, Sharie Mitten, Sen- ior section, Monty Garcia, Sports, and Claudia Bens- burg, Senior section. Sharie and Claudia helped immensely by doing most of the typing for the other sections. Majorettes: P. Busey, S. Hawkins, and P. Lawrence. ROW l: C. lrons, G. Lawrence, T. Mann, J. Raleigh, R. Lampus, B. Roach, E. Peterson, W. Mc- Clenaghan, R. Salazar, J. Coor, G. Gregory, K. Mooney, S. Drake and C. Coor. ROW 2: V. Sholty, B. Jennings, B, Wood, A. Cotton, C. Carr, B. Dar- nell, R. Sanchez, D. Coon, R. Lawhorn, J. McArthur, L. Hoberg, L. Allen, D. Young, D. Pratt, J. Cotton, F. Burk, A. Gonzales, R. McElhaney, R. Rhodes, O. Nandin, D. Gregory, L. Rhodes, M, Burke, and A. Alcarez. STANDING: B. Moore, D. Fletcher, A. Lawhorn, M. Thornton, C. Cons, and R. Tillman. Band MR. JOHN PUTNAM The AF band Cabovel was extremely busy during football season playing during the games and presenting half-time programs. While the choir and chorus Cfacing pagel us- ually work together to present fine musical enter- tainment, the choir was occupied also with out- side interests this past year. One of the high- lights of their year was a tour of California. The maiorettes work with the band spending many hours to perfect the routines they demon- strate at the football games. Susan Hawkin's fire- baton-twirling act was one of the most notable of their exhibitions. MAJORETTES: Cleft to rightl Pam Lawrence, Susan Hawkins, and Pam Busey. 92 Concert Choir TOP ROW: J. D. Sentz, Joe Cotton, Chuck Pavey, Bill Butler, Jack Walrad, John Raleigh, Kathy Ross, Pianist. SECOND ROW: Claudia Bensburg, Dorothea Reinch, Joyce Judy, Fred Lueck, Larry Johnson, Lynn Lorenz, Melanie Bush, Caren Coor. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Mills, Sherry Jordon, Virginia Chaney, Ross McElhaney, David Pearce, Dolores Campbell, Linda Lee, Diane Turner. Chorus TOP ROW: Eloise Fergueson, Patty Newman, Randy Tabor, Tom Williams, Chuck Pavey, Jack Walrad, J. D. Sentz, Susan Wooton, Velma Taylor. SECOND ROW: Tommie Sprinkle, Sharie Talken, Stella Wadell, Ted Noyes, Frank Burk, Priscilla Lopez, Elaine Booth, Vera Bingham, Barbara Franklin. THIRD ROW: Gracie McCloud, Susan Guard, Susan Cozart, Joan White, Polly North, Theresa Bell, Shirley Rex, Ethel Richardson. BOTTOM ROW: Lincla Graham, Barbara Morgan, Gloria Mascarenas, Carol Sandlin, Stella Tellez, Charlotte Dorman, Marvene Swenson. 93 RACHEL SALAZAR JUDY GLASS BBSkGTlJEill Volleybgll MELANIE BUSH Ping Pong SHARIE MITTEN Football Aiiin. Aiiifik ..nus:mmu31s ass '-fr fa .,s -lar ?9'fw F'-SKFQY vrwemnu .. . ei., 5' ' 52 U tl ,, 1 my-A Y .,.-1 5, iw n' s G.A.A. G.A.A. was organized in i956 with only 20 participants. Its membership has since swelled to 150, and with its expanded size have come increased activities. This past year, G.A.A. hosted the annual Volley Ball Sports Day and held a Mother-Daughter tea and banquet in the spring at which awards were given out. DENISE GOULD Baseball SAND Y WARE Archery .wif a.. ll 11 ix 1 ,,....., lm aaa JAN PECHARICH PAT HOWE 1 Badminton Tennis :-- 94 ,W J, Tw mf , , iz 'Ai s 'f 'i1Q,,t-55,1 n as ., , ,g1.s.sit:s- M i or .. sy A by se..,..., i Izlliflfl. Q sw. Y 5 JW!! W Q 1 ,i :aw JW? Sport pf ,-12, Q: .W 2?.Ag,w.. . . ,, 5 2 We , -f-1 ' d z fx or , Q 7 f f- . - ,f 9 ,Wk fm: ,Q K ' -'E 5 . il . 3 ' Q - I - . . , - Q- . , 'A 'X ' ' A G L , G 4 f L 5 g g, , 1 G L ' .,m.,fff.wvzf 'L , , ll, ,, ' ,Q 'K ,gif'1'f 3f'Vi- Q:f? ra?-fm,' 1' , , kdm-,V f, 2 ., Q. -. ' 3 l 1,-bfi, .,,- . ,. , -S' ' Lzikigxg 5 in A, Pegg l ,+:fw'f1g+ G 5 .- , Q1-S, ,,- j rg My ,, fm ,rz,',x win.-4 J 1 7 , 4 ,I 3 .,' W , , S. H 'N A' . w , Frank Vallero FB 4 L' N. ,- , K .SL 5 Wt-180-HT-51811 .'gfijk:g:. '. : Wig Ike Mason LH Ivan Hunt RH WT-175-HT-5'lO Wf-165-Ht-6'0 w X5 if O 3 , L e. A . g ' f L , - 6 E L'AA'1 5 f,,g,,, , ,ki m,,h,,,.: V, ,gm A Q ,,., ' ,L I G W m. ,, ' 1 . 7, .7 Ja Q ?!'..LYfJ5fLHri' V' r ,T-'MX -Y W J3wFv1'f3fr3+3ZfXz1uvklai-'W'X .1f.r,,1f, 1 ff 35-'ff e A , rf , QW 1 'V fs, gn, L, My .Egg as mrgifi faiyQf,5wp?j,,ir5.,i. . we , ff Ugly it-Ax . . x. W 351 gym ff Dave Miller FB Bob Young QB Tony Sofo RH W1-190-H1-5'7 W1-l6O-HT-5'lO ' W1-135-HT-5'6 efiffw Mflefw1w3wrQ3r :'f.-if fu :, fe 1 M1 f 1' H'- 2 ww? L! Q fr' jg ,gy Q 43 1 wife :Q .fl ,N Wil -n . 4 3+ :- 5 G ig ,u .-, if 1 5... I mmwxy 4? Jack Green LE Robert Rayner C Bill l-UECK RE Wt-150-HT-5'lO Wt-l 75-HT-5'l O WT-175-HT-6'2 re. L . ' -wirmi Wi 'awww K K . . ,R L I K 5 K I 2 2 1 K i K M L ,,,, ig K X , , N -L' yifi-ffiiffliniifrw-5 ,zw Ez l?9:fL,.. Aff' ' ' i ' ' 2 ,V - V ' R ' ?iWjg gy 1 ,L fe A, -bw rj, 'Q L X Q- .Q--Q L ,gh A L l I 'r f'-, ff' 73.v.r:W,,4g',,, UV: 53 Ijj A . ,, gf fy g., H' ' ' n ef in-A Qrlfvl - ' - 'T -f-3' ' viii 'L ' f'f'mgx3S5:-fri R 'fvQA5 71' f, 73 ,wx X '73 John Garrison LT Eleazar Arellano HB Danny Luellig RG l'lBfOlCl Walfmarl RT WT-lB5-HT-6'0 WT-130-Ht-5'7 WT-150-H1-5'7 WT-150-H1-5 l 'lu 96 l , ROW 1, Left to Right: lvan Hunt, lke Mason, Doug Hendley, Harold Waltman, Robert Rayner Roger Stosser Bill Lammers ROW 2 Dick Merdick, Buddy Pylant, Eleazar Arellano, Jack Green, Jesse Ortega, Chuy Moreno Frank Vallero ROW 3 Keneth Cooper Tony Soto, Junior Cons, James Field, John Garrison, Jerry White, Bob Young, Louis Rameriz ROW 4 Joe Pressley Dan Luelllg Gilbert Pariga, Doug Richmond, Charles Dorman, Fred Burk, Claude Dew, Don Grimes. ROW 5 Bill Butler Bill Lueck Benny Garcia CMan agersj Dale Coon, Larry Snydal, Fred Lueck. l 1 SEASON RECORD Agua Fria .,,,,,,e 31 Coolidge ,s,,, Agua Fria ,,,.,,a, 13 Aio .,..,,.., Agua Fria, ,.a.,,, 7 Kingman Agua Fria ,,,e.,., 7 Kofa Agua Fria ,e,,es., O Poeria ...., Agua Fria ,.,,.,,, Buckeye ,,,.,c,, Agua Fria ....,c,. 14 Phx. Christian Agua Fria ...,,., ., 6 Cortez .,cc.... Agua Fria a,,,cc,, O Tolleson - COACH MICKEY RYAN COACH AL SCHIREMAN 97 Junior Varsity Squad ROW l, Left to right: Paul Luellig, Mike Cashman, Tom Mann, Art Allen, Garry Allen, Mickey Thornton, Jack Wright Don Neill ROW 2: Earl Bonham, Mark Gemmill, Chuck Davis, Jack Shubert, Don Salyers, Edward Carter, Art Stellwag, Dennis Wilson Curt Washington, Ralph Price, Dallas Brown. ROW 3: Mike Espil, Jerry Brammer, Beryl Shears, Pat Grimes, Richard Daggett Jim Watts Tom Williams, Ronnie Ersery, Rusty Tillman, William Summers, Jesse Sanchez, Carlos Vargas, Ross McElhaney. Agua Fria s....s,, Agua Fria u,.s,., Agua Fria, ,,.,,s , Agua Friaw Agua Fria ,,,eu,.. i8 Agua Fria: ,Q,e,s. O J.V. Season Records Phx. Christian ...... i4 Agua Peoria ,,,s,,as,,,-,-s, 14 Agua Buckeye .,s,.-s....,.. 28 Agua Phx. Christian .,,..... 7 Agua Cortez ,s...s,, ---s,u 1 A Agua Tolleson - .,.,s, i 4 Agua Agua Fria .,,,s,c, O Fria Fria ,,s,.,.. O Fria Fria Fria Fria Freshman quad FROSH Phxf Christian Tolleson ,s..., Peoria .s,s.... Buckeye ....., Phx. Christian Cortez ..u,,.., Tolleson -- ROW i: Billy Padilla, Robert Esquivel, George Munoz, Pat Martin, Joe Gonzales, Mickey Pierce, Eleazar Rioias, Dana Parsells ROW 2: Coach-Dixon Faucett, George Klein, Stanley Ashby, Rickey Herrera, Paul Sausedo, Steve Sloan, Ronnie Butler, Ronald Lawhorn Coach-Kenneth Hawk. 99 Varsity Basketball Ike Mason QFD COACH FULTON Willie Butler CCI Wayne Bateman CFD Agua Fria completed the most successful season in the history of the school, climaxing an undefeated regular season with 20 straight victories. The Owls won the Arizona State Class 'A' Championship by defeating Aio, Snowflake, and Nogales in that order. The' only blemish on the record was a 56-48 defeat in the semi-finals of the District Tournament to Snowflake. The final game saw the close of brilliant high school careers for six seniors: Isaac Mason, Ruben Jimenez, Monty Garcia, Ivan Hunt, Tony Soto, and Joe Pressley. Mr. O.K. Fulton, the coach of this fine team, had this to say, It has been a great experience and a tremendous pleasure to work with these young men. They have shown excellence in every phase of the game. Each doing that which he could do best for the best inter- ests of the total effort. Agua Fria can well be proud of their l96l-62 basketball team. Ruben Jimenez CGI Ivan Hunt CFD Monty Garcia CGD IOO Joe Pressely fFJ Jerry Whife QFD Junior Flefcher ffij AGUA FRIA 70 Arcadia , ,,,...,, ,,,, .,. ....-V 4 9 64 Phoenix Christian .. Y.7, ,w,,,, 4 9 43 Peoria ai,,. .,.a,.,,a,.. ffa... 4 l 60 Casa Grande ...., -...-a 5 5 62 Buckeye .,,,,, ..f.. 2 3 56 Tolleson o.a,, efa... 3 3 54 Parker e,,,....,e,,,, ,.--- 4 3 79 Peoria ,,,,e,,,.,,..e,.,e .f--.. 5 3 76 Phoenix Indians 47 75 Kingman ,e..e,,,,.e., Affe. 4 2 75 Tolleson 43 67 Kofa ....,v,7 ef..- 5 l 78 Peoria sss.. T,.a..... .55f-- 5 2 73 Coriez e,,s....,e,,,,..V.e, ..55f 4 0 91 Phoenix Christian .v.,. V er.. 46 68 Kingman .,...,,.e,..,..., .ff.- 4 3 55 Tolleson ------ A -'-- -- 37 Eleazar Arellano CGD 57 Kofa ....7eee, --.-- 4 4 60 Buckeye ..,c.. ee--- 5 0 64 Aio ...................... Ac..cV.4.A....... 6 0 John Whelan KGB David Sausedo CGD Tony S010 CGD lOl i Whelan lays up an A.F. fast break as Mason and Garcia follow. Tolleson's Soto C33 lets Ruben on the base line for 2 points. rvgfffr- ' There is no question of who controlled the tip against Kota as Butler goes high. The traffic is somewhat heavy underneath against Aio. Mason shoots his patented iurnp shot as Butler positions for the re bound. l02 Junior arsity BOTTOM ROW: Benny Garcia, Gary Allen, Dick Moyer, Bruce Beacham, Leroy Allen Cruz Vigil, and Darrell Beck. TOP ROW: Mike Espil, Frank Beriarano, Rusly Tillman, Bill Lueck, Pat Grimes, Chuck Deahl, Rick Daggeh, and Paul Monelli. JV COACH TOM HYDE h FRESHMAN COACH KENNETH HAWK i BOTTOM ROW: Pat Martin, Fred Lueck, James Truman, Bill Strain, Salvador Garcia, David Friesen, and Stuart Garrison. TOP ROW: Eddie Golzales, Jose Arizpe, Gene Lawhorn, James Peck, Richard Henry, Joe Shanko, Rickey Herrera, and Eleazar Rioias. IO3 arsity Baseball Squad fi ,H V' YY BOTTOM ROW, Left to right: Ray Sanchez, Tony Soto, Celso Cons, Chuy Moreno, Frank Vallero, Ernie Salazar, Coach Chuck Ellsworth Jimmy Deshazo. TOP ROW, Left To Right: Ramiro Moreno, Pat Grimes, John Garrison, Ronnie Ersery, Tom Keesling, Ruben Jimenez, Bob Young Monty Garcia, Trainer. VARSITY ACTION ,g, S 45 John Garrison Delivering IO4 . . Baseball Squad TOP ROW, left to right: Coach Marquez, Rusty Tillman, Ronnie Ersery, Butch Suitor, Benny Garcia, Ricky Daggett, Claude Dew, Chuck Deahl, SECOND ROW: Lenny Rhodes, David Brownell, Dick Moyer, Chuck Coe, Gilbert Pariga, Art Allen. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Prunty, Gary Allen, Don Neil, Larry Holburg, Alex Soto. Freshman Baseball Squad TOP ROW, left to right: Coach Schireman, Joe Shanko, Ricky Lammers, Bill Strain, Stewart Garrison, George Munoz, Edward Gonzalas. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Richert, Jim Peck, Paul Sausedo, Rick Herrera, Bill McReynolds, Jim Liston, Mickey Pearce. l05 Track and Field Team VARSITY AND JAY VEE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Tony Soto, Danny Ponce, Bruce Beacham, Leroy Allen, Doug Richmond, Mike Chambers, Earl Bonham, Micky Thornton, Buddy Pylant, Ronnie Lawhorn, Steve Lawerence, and Charlie Dorman. MIDDLE ROW: Zeke Ramos, Mgr., Mike Nichols, Joe Hernandez, Don Grimes, Jim Martinez, Jesse Sanchez, Louis Ramirez, Johnny Estrada, Dan Luellig, Mike Espil, Eleazar Arrellano, Sal Garcia, Bill Schwab, Bobby Esquivel, Joe Pressley, and Coach M. C. Ryan. BACK ROW: Dave Sausedo, Mgr., John Kleine, Manuel Murillo, Frank Beiarano, John Whelan, Bill Lueck, Jerry White, Roger Stosser, Bill Lammers, David Hernandez, Fred Lueck, Pat Martin, Gilbert Soto. 'V ' - F . 'U . , W , 1 , wr, 'I C ,... . x yi J A , f- ,W iaii 'iii a s Q i ti 1-.i i V W ,,,,. , . K , . . Y-.X - . - . . .a.a if - H :fc .1 .,.. 1 ,.., i. . . ,,.,.i Q h 3 f V ,L a ' 1, can-xg ,,.,, 3+-af, , s ., J ii -'F A i ,gp gl . -X i in tm 'Q 1 'ii 'i 1' 'S' V 5365?-f9'c5i? . q . K Q , an ,L 9 Johnny Estrada and Jesse Sanchez finish another record break- Mike Espll and John Whelan fake 5 PVBCNCG TUV' On the low ing mile, lob boards. Cindermen in Action -- ,rm .: . , v - 'K ' -2 4 551 , '-fjzf ' :5:- ' .. - . - .... , ' - ...lf-1 yr, ,. .V. + ,H ,E -. ,Y ,,.. I ,, -' - V+ K i ' it ig i4,,4'Qg.,,Q?Fgg ,W slim UW N Mvfwm. P., 355 4.m?2?55w112Y:U? we aw sn WM' 2 W, fgpfggr gggfwgge, a mg' 5, 'king Q s..,MQf?qg,gfjgfva5r, 1 if if i ,glkgtfwii W 1 d n b W .1 5 3 f 9' nk i' l . Q 5 1 s. 3 . . , - 1, Sw ' ' ' - ' -, ,. ., 1 is . , .. . wp: is f.e.,sf-me ,ff W V, i ,V s K K X ,,,h .. , ' . K, ' ' , 1 a..5 wgig gg' K K ' 1 - ,. gm sLa,mff QQ..-'Swiss K wg 4 In get 1,5 ,M T K 1 5, H X, 1 .2 , ' E: ', . 1 - , , 9, . - 4 5 i.fs,iTgs-f . .Qlf'g5 rg ' ,f,i',aeg:7'fQg.l,3 i ksgwxgi ri f f '.f5 i 1:,, , if af as Y ffl, . , Q-ws! Q a we- foil I fvlf- '- ffrg if. XQgL,:Wi , , 1? ' r f fl . -, 1 fit it 'E '-if X f if ,L A. K , fa ,Q Y X if f at 20, fi , ' l ILL 1 1 2 4' sll , A,'. f' K , ig A .gpg Q, L, fgfft I 1 L, k.', :tj ' ', ,L . l-,f,spgV' ,115.ggf5,W 2 gg 9-,,,.i A Q, Eli 'yki We , .. J A. . .2 J. , V Bill Lueck and Jerry White skim over the high hurdles. Eleazar Arellano, John Kleine Cunattachedl, and Buddy Pylant get set for the 220 yard dash. Joe Pressley tosses the discus to lead Owl weightmen To another win. Bruce Beecham sails over the crossbar in his high iump event. Varsity Golf Left To right: Paul Monelli, Dave Miller, Don Praff, Coach Fulton, Harold Waltman, Michal Espil. Dave Miller, driving. Michal Espil, puffing. Girls' Jr. Varsity Tennis Team Left To right: Debbie Wilden, Bonnie Mitten, Theresa Bell, Janice Tuntland, Barbara Frank- lin, Julie Ash, Donna Bush. Left fo right: Judy Roose, Bon nie Mitten, Janie Herrick, Deb bie Wilclen, Mary Bob Ross. Freshman Girls' Tennis Team , . io9 , f Q H l 4 ,, M, I - f ,. ' ' -k,'. L .i If I,.,, - . is , - I- , ,m,V . , 221 ' A 5 A I l 'kk' ffl, 1 f -- ,1 L f , ai f'L U ' ' A DORlS HALL MARY PORELL Gm. , ug? , gxf g x K .T .L , ws. V V, M? V ,L,q, QQ ll L Z' 1 in s l 3 .WK H F1 DENISE GOULD TY 'K ,. 'Sf Girls' Varsity Tennis Team PAT TIDWELL Left to right: Doris Hall, Mary Porell, Denise Gould, Pat Tidwell, Laiean McCarley. ll0 Boys' Varsity Tennis Team Left fo right: E. Rioias, P. Luellig, F. Burk, L. Snydal, M. Harbushka, D. Coons, J. Arizpe, Coach Westphal, kneeling. 1, 'X QW A X a Q 1 f W X 'Vi' smw ntxw. f X mx f Q Q Q LARRY SNYDAL DALE CQQN L FRANK BURK MIKE HARBUSHKA I I I PAUL LUELLIG COACH FULTON RUBEN JIMENEZ TOP ROW Paul Stone Larry Snydal Don Jonson managers John Whelan Eleazar Allerano, Junior MONTY GARCIA Second Team Stare 613' 'Sf-'I A0 Ekr Q 15 SSA ESMAN R 9 S00 f ,nyc DATE 8 AMOUN 4' T1 461 0 ' P if ff-:sf 5-H V 133 x 1, 5: ok Q e , fi -ff, 'A W ' ' e , ff 'we 1- Z' ' I 4 if, 'A f f' , Advertisements f - I w ' 2 ' ,i GUUDYIEAR FARMS GQQ R Litchfield Park. Arizona RING AND SONS FURNITURE WesI'ern Avenue and CenI'raI Avondale AVON DALE'S WHITE SHEARS Flowers C rner of 5'I'I1 and Wesfern AVONDALE, ARIZONA I I4 CongraI'uIaI'ions From I THE VAL-GOLD A LITCHFIELD SERVICE STATION Goonfifun f IVIEDFORITS G CO D FOO D I FOUNTAIN vb-22-11',., GRILL I Bayless BUTCH RHODES FARM III..I,.4I,I.II,.,I Shopping CenI'er WATKINS MOTOR COMPANY Your CI1evroIeI' Dealer -I5 Goodyear, Arizona I J. G. BOSWELL COMPANY A SUMMERS WRECKING YARD and USED CARS Avondale,, Arizona GAGE'S GARAGE Refrigeralor Service Truck and Trac'l'or Service Welding Body - Fender Work 52l N. 8+l1 S+. lWE 5-465Il Avondale ll f SUPPLY COMPANY Complele Line of School Supplies and Equipmenl A+l'1le'ric Equipmenl' Slage Equipmenl' Duplicaling Supplies, Equipmenl . and Mainlenance l l 3209 Nor'll1 Cenlral Avenue PHONE CR 7-5477 PHOENIX. ARIZONA sf N 2 :: rw f by p35 In -'I if . BOWMAN DRUG A I Q-,ua f i ,,'A ' --'Q wigs, I eooDYEAR I Lk I is It I yr I 1 - A 5 A :M rf ,II wwf- For +he Fme-s+ ' E 'N I . . : ' I sf s te Prescrlphons l n Q A I Eess E 'n f' T0'IeI eS . AIIE ' e Tobacco A - I I l ness . A OIIE IIOOII f lZ C0mPIeIe F0U Ia ' 5e'V'Ce I I ,.,, 1'1 Q, I II --'A . Phone WE 5-9533 fm A I .,A., Qf,' ::-11 f I f .5 1 IIEOAII Isnnsss QY r ,M-ffifezsxgf,-:,, ., - 1, , -f . -M.:f-we-A . 1,-if ff- f V- -.-ww--,, f--. . - ,..,,.. M E. fwiq mf -f. ff IndusfriaI-Farm-Home-Commercial CornpIe+e Real Esfafe Servlce WALLICK REALTY 40I E. Wesfern Avenue AVONDALE, ARIZONA DRIVE-'N XE 213133 I2 NOFIII 8'II'1 SI'ree+ in AvondaIe SAM WALLICK Soaps-Waxes-Floor Finishes Insecticides-Cleane rs HAMMOND SOAP 81 CHEMICAL CO. II5 W. Jefferson S+reeI' PHOENIX AL 8-5307 II7 Dysari' Road and Van Buren CongraI'uIaI'ions From Groceries Hardware Avondale WE 5-3098 General Repairs BOLES GARAGE 9256 Wesi' Van Buren TOLLESON, ARIZONA Day WE 6-3539 Phone Ni+e WE 6-3734 24-Hour Wrecker Service .fffz AVON DRIVE-IN Avondale Wes+ern Avenue PAINT-WALLPAPER-FLOOR COVERING SL!M'S KlNGsBuRY's MOBII-GAS STATION Wesfern Ave. and Li+cI1IiieId Rd. GOODYEAR we 5-3231 Avondale Bes'I Wishes L 81 W AUTO SUPPLY Goodyear GOODALE HARDWARE 81 I SPORTING GOODS Congra'l'uIa+es 'II1e Graduafing Class of '62 WE 5-3657 I I6 E. Wesfern Ave. Goodyea Congra+uIa'Iions!!! SCH N EI DER REXALL DRUG STORE I 00 E. Wesiern Serving This Area Since I939 E. T. W. COULTER ReaI'I'or Fire and Au+o Insurance BOX 668, AVONDALE Avondale GOOCIYSBI' WE 5-3 I 72 WE 5-9272 SAGE 81 SAND T.V. CompIe+e Repair Work LUKE AIR FORCE BASE LOUIS BISCOE'S WESTERN CLEANERS 3rd and Wesfern WE 5-4272 Avondale, Arizona JEFF'S FOOD FAIR 81 Fresh Meais-Fresh Vegeiables Fancy and SIapIe Groceries Specialh' NoI'ions and Hardware Pina WE GIVE ORANGE PREMIUM STAMPS WE 5-36 Firsi S+. and Wesfern Ave. AvondaIe R. H. HUNT'S HONEY 75c a Ouarl' RouI'e I Box 5 Lifchfield WE 5-4025 MARTIN AND REI D PHONE WE 5-3962 Goodyear Bayless Shopping Cenier Leave Your Laundry WhiIe You Shop 'vklwmusfvnavrnannswvdzvnuaeauwvnnnmwavuwmrourv f:wwf1.rm frwanwwuuu:+w rf-u woneilsu vovnuns-umuvnlqnrmuwtao,---ann 1, ' I :eg :':':'. . I' --rfftflflg I 'I EDUCATION a magic carpet I that takes you where you 11 - want to go. It is the truly Great Q S Emancipator, the Great Commoner. fi As your stake in the future grows, guard well the freedom that lets ir Q :I:. Avzqb I I L j you plan today for tomorrow. g lv J I ':': :IZ :'l: 'l'l ,...... AI A ZO a P'-'PHC Selwce Q I vA-:',.A- v,-'-v-v.,:,A -.-v-v'-,.-v-' I -::::::--:::i: I ::::::A-::: :,:..,.,. Company' We rnust plan r ta t y Q K a a , d , l for I' '1'::: N' . . . . A ' 'f'l' l'l' ' :'f: l :A:': ': lrl X utility service is always a QQ 'SX '1 available for growing Arizona. I Q . ri Jw Ji I. ,Q ,, .E ir fy -Y I . -1 Q Q , . K Q I ij? .... I R y f..uj' gm, M . L i U '1 x.....r -x,,,J-LJ,.LJ-LZ lmrmj L3.f...IuU NPLJ ,,,,,.l 'X..J 't...J '-.i,.,.,.,,,..,,,..I..-um-va-.Wu x , vnw-wwnw--mum-mwnrm-wr-arawnwwumnwnnunww , ' ELLEN'S GIFT SHOP Souvenirs II 3 I I C Ceramics L C I Squaw Dresses . if f Lingerie .12 gg g l ' Q' Models 'gli NLP Costume Jewelry ii ff' ' Phone WE 5-338I . . . GOODYEAR, ARIZONA AMERICAN LINEN SUPPLY CO. KI ToweIs-Garments-Linens for AII Professional, Commercial Bayless Shopping Center and IHCIUSIFIGI USGS GQQDYEARI ARIZONA I875 W. BUCKEYE RD. AL 8-536I I20 WESTERN LANES HOCTOR LUMBER COMPANY For All Your Building Needs AVONDALE, ARIZONA Phone WE 5-9l5l MARTIN AND REID Phone WE 5-3962 Goodyear Bayless Shopping Cenier Leave Your Lzuxiry, While You I2I I GARC IA'S MARKET SCHOOL 81 SPORTS SUPPLY 326 WesI' Jefferson PHOENIX, ARIZONA AL 2-958I SMITH MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile Q PHONE YE 7-4747 IOI2 Easl' Glendale Ave. GLENDALE, ARIZONA School and Team EquipmenI' MORRIS ATHLETIC SUPPLY CO. I32 NorII1 Firsl' S+ree'I PHOENIX Complimenfs of WILSON CLEANERS Fine Dry Cleaning Wesl' of I'I1e Drug SI'ore in LITCHFIELD PARK l22 122 uh' savings 'mo 14 food 50015 I jifjour QNQQ 1 5 Q S X 1T'loNM. 3 W,,.,,. J su-INUCD 2- FIRST g l 3 NATIONAL 'bonu ,if K or ARIZONA Is i+ any wonder +ha+ This year's Seniors are happy since +hey're wearing class rings from JOSTENS and sending qraduaiion announcemenis from AUTREY BROTHERS, boih represenf- ed by SAM DEWITT. Be5+ Congra'ruia'rions Wishes Class GENE SAUER of CONSTRUCTION CO. 1962 l23 cw, wwlflw VaQQudL Look to your nearby Valley Bank office for friendly guidance as you enter the business world. We are vitally interested in you, for tomorrow's Arizona leaders will come from your ranks. We want you as a customer, and will appreciate your account, however small. Your banker can serve you all your life, so join the bank that offers more, the bank that gives you H the finest personal service in Arizona .' Member Fvdeml Drpnxil Insurance Cnrpomliun LITCHFIELD DRUG INC. A Baleman-Dah En'rerprise wiih ibe finesf of Qualily Drugs and Cosmelics HUGE SELECTION of Giffs 'For Graclualion Cosfume Jewelry Toilef Sefs NORMANDIE AIRCRAFT 232321 COMPANY Candfes l24 We look forward io serving you- , THE Congra1'ula+lons From WIGWAM Blu. JARNIGAN COUNTRY CLUB llpdike Sfudizfs YOUR ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHER TWO LOCATIONS: DRIVE-IN . . . 2035 Eas+ McDowell Ro cl Flrs+ Pho+ograpl1Ic Drive-In Sfudlos In Am DOWNTOWN . . . 5 Wesi' Washingfon PHOENIX I25 For Campus Fashions Try The COTTON PATCH LITCHFIELD PARK Congrafuiaiions From +i1e CACTUS LUMBER CO. A+hie+ic Supplies SUNVALCO Corner of Wesrern and Li'rch'Fie-id Road mwfwawwf f For Hwe Besi' in QWWWAW- Hairsfyling CQXQ,-gawk-, 575524K ,34 H s MR. JAMES WESTERN AVENUE Cong ra+uia+ions From an Old Farmer . . . Congratulations From the F.F.A. J 5 i f KW? pzngiz ftj F CLJ4DZZL2 C ifffdd - f777MM'!CM! 34 1 cm., IMMAQQ , -Q., v I IM Essex WZ! W Imam I lb J S 1' I, ' 7 I VJQ jf 4366 fiwfgwaiwlif I Best Wishes f SV X From the QF? LW STUDENT c:ouNclL My I II III NI R CID - IA gf PM ULAI-Igfx ,iq X W4 7,1 I L12 A X, CJ Qfco ,H l,yfW5,f!M J mm cv fyetgz IJ Good Luck From RONALD WOODS For All Your Furni+ure Need I+'s DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 50 I E. Wesfern I 27 Our Special Thanks To Mr. WesTphal, our offi- cial phoTographer, vve owe our hearTTelT Thanks for his per- severance and endurance and for giving unreservedly of his Time and energy To help us, The annual sTaTT, assemble This publicaTion Tor you. Many of his evenings were spenT here aT The school fTill nearly midnighT!J developing picTures and making prinTs and enlargemenTs To flT layouTs for The annual. More Than ThaT, we Thank him for his paTience, Tor lisTen- ing To and undersTanding our problems and, whenever pos- sible, guiding us Through our difTiculTies. Because of all These Things, we Take This opporTuniTy To voice our earnesT Thanks To our special menTor, Mr. John ThornTon WesTphal. l BoT Mr Westphal and Don developed pictures and made W'Ck'UP by DOW l'l'lTY 5l'l0W l ab0Ve prints ancl enlargemenls for us. 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Suggestions in the Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) collection:

Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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