Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA)

 - Class of 1981

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Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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Rcuj, VKJYQPLKJUNFX ddwk i3lfYY152VLJQJMQvLUCSvba9l9Nx,OJ"JL0Lflf6 ' OJUQMJFQUJM 'LyCMAOJuQb,Cx1'ilCLCyw,2JCJJi1JYvvQ vyw JwwQLcrMw06MWvwwJWlyQQi, RUJYPLQ Djwwcyw fg,1M7fi2M51 nv Aww? Q ,mn-L93 fmwkwk you vqycm wwwwwo fm W My www MX MWUQMJ VUJCLQ JQJQ5 vM wnJ 1,oJnJu,U .' Jus wx MGM CMM Mu JQMfvY1fWUfl3 WML Qfoff' C50 WG CQJJUKQ fYYLV, Q bww Mrlwww MDM LAM xgucwcll yuwwfx wymkml l gUwP.LJGswk JNDJUXQ JQQQJYN Q Wgwid W CSLJYKQX QLJSJYU JMHSAJUQ' MDM OAL mu? :L Jgigimi Q51 CQ NYULGJW doc CULJOJUUQJQ Vq,0Jwk.OJx,U,NULl.JbVv0i33 'QPffQ'LUNUXX'QD9PWw0 QQJYYX QM ,UXyULii5,jYX HGUMW U Jmq,mfxfwxUg, Mfwyd JU-MU? fYUUJJ1? Aybflfl Vifyq Jill WI fYULfKj ,QdlJLfCkflLCuoq,f3f 01,1-UN JJ,ij!VYLfVV1,Lf1J KM, SXiLwg , , Sm f we B45 us wamiQ3 U1 2 wf X '- -"' -f f !' 1 f 1 ' - V ' .' 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'Z ,, gxr A 645, 'YHA Q - 'Nr '+' V' -1:1 - '- ff.: .1 f. Q A i . ' ?':.4,' -212 -Wffqsra-1,. 'Y QSQNQ 1 lnrkrl , Q .fuk t t V Q. wx J V5 A. . X .F I fx!! .V QM I " it V' ts: Y X Q owne-. GRAB ' irfkmfw ' it ' "1 w 'C - 3.9 v I ,, ,. 'N l fe'-if Q it A , ! , 5' 'xgf A J X 1 I . ' 1 , r ' A I 1- . I- Q 'qi 5 ' Q .., . Ye 0 "ff','2" ' 1 H, 1 L r QQ R7 ,f -Sm ' gif'--" 0-3 4 W li' - . .-,O , L, x. -Y 's:.??. r am! . . . " AL 'V 'v ' ' ' , 1 . 4 1 3' Q. 8. n!s.'4. . A J: K - ' .va ' Q 'O ' 4 K 'V ' o ' ' '--. . ' - - .f ,. . k ,. , f A '45 xx.. '65 K6 I A t Q 4 'Lt , A - .3 ' . V,r . -' .V ,Jw 1 k ' . --. .r tr, , A A - . fb.. 1 .i' f- , . gl' 5 . 2 L - , ' -Q l , l R 6 tx kg." Q .A ' xr' N J I . ' ' f' ' 3. " ' 'Ps . . H, -+-.- ' Q dvi J J: snows , ' O N I ' . I ' f 1 , f -A ' ,, ,Q ' 5 9 f lava? V Q.. I if . a 5. ' 1 ' r ' 5 --"ff ' . QL 'H 1 . f K Q .Q5'.:fi,.' 6 . 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'WJ .x TQ f .m ,MAL , W i 'wif 3 -1 YV' x ,K H1 ,fl V if wtf all' E PM A .. v: 5 .192 row: Laura Schwake, Kerrie Lupi, Kris Bratzier, ny Hall, George Holmes, Cathy Mouton, Dave Kane, d Taylor, Cori Eckel, Aaron King, John Jabara Cen- row: Kristen Irwin, Alicia Hawkins, Beth Marits, Dana dy, Holly Atkinsom, Joanne Bromwell, Jamie Living- L, Paula Harris, Cindy Kerby, Jim Davis, Sherly Brat- nt Bow: Terri Croner, Wende Wither, Kim Walker, nnon Yarber, Carrie Aitergott, Jodie Alcon, Su- rne Cole, Jon Siegler, Bob Gates, Jill Galiher. .ss ' j j as 3 X , it t g E fr Q it , S 5 fi ,JC Dave Kane-ASB President Student Council Dear friends, teachers, students and Fresh- men The reason for my immense popularity and number of followers is the group of people on the opposite page, Student Council. This year, council has been responsible for many activities, and to list them all would take up this whole page. To thank all ot the responsible people would not only be long, but also extremely emotional for me. l'lI save my tears for graduation. There are a few people that deserve special recogni- tion, though. Today's Rumor of the Week is about Holly Atkinson, the best Commis- sioner of Communications ever. It is ru- mored that Holly is secretly in love with Bob Gates and that they plan to elope to the Far East and start a Japanese Soap Opera. Dana Brody, the poster-making Commissioner 'of Publicity, deserves spe- cial recognition of merit, so a special, "Thanks, I love you" is dedicated just to her. One day l'll be President of the United States and l'Il beg the 1980-81 Student Council to be my Cabinet. My Presidential advisor will be James Christiansong Mr. C. to all of you. I thank him, especially for his patience and guidance, never have I met a nicer man. This year has been special for me. Being chosen to be the leader of this school brought many responsibilities my way. I look back on this year and believe it a success, three other guys have pierced their ears, the spirit of Agoura is "sky high", and I almost fell in love. The ones that deserve the most thanks are the mem- bers of the Agoura student body. Not only did they accept a lunatic for a president, but they made him feel like a leader be- sides. Thanks, David Kane 7 1 4 W I f T JI r ,. , if, WN N IMO ,J gA"'i3L,f fxf,if X5 X 5 0 1 .fm ' 4 i gif' ' . u' 35 K hx N42 , , we ff N Q 'fx Q, . Ai x5 , fx wld, af' lj xgfff ' x N A A :UA AAS' M5 KA 'A A 'fy -.V N , fwcgg KLA N ,. rj H, 6, xv ,Y U1 wink? . A ANU-X1 X .J H N .V ,V 'J x 1 U fi' J N fx -U 4. '-mv Q2 QU AV , GSNJV NW Q 1 xx W X. A MNIJ V f 5 ' AXAXJJ 5 ff . W jx M-QNf Qj1f wixisxxgf ' mf gf , X QKJXA WAXA. AA QL ' ff' A A .JL .LIQQJ Q Af za Qj A ATV , P., ,X Wy My ' ,. - 'LN' E Q mf ,qx ' - KW ul L -X V, X, lx., - V -' ,J 5 X, 1 ,Xi KW! NL, X du' fx? R Vkx sf X, ' 3. , f ALFA x A Ki AAR-fc ' S X , zlmfxx' 'XJ ' fvx Q X MFT' A NGN , X mf -. ,X J wi X , ,,,1 Y QV ,-'fjv 1 'X if ff, X ' dxlb ' Xi V T2 A N A ' - x win X U 1 .XVSN SJ xx K ,A A , J B A xxx' .N X .1 V ' J 1 AN 'A ' X ' X fxj w W1 ' KJ' ,I -,S A , P, X f Xxx L if X K. --2'--N f vfffgfwf ..."1.g,1-funn.:-' ie 5 A ' nn A 1 , I 1 pf , Q01 ' U ,ef v li ' P A" W -f . '12 ' Vu-N4 'sq 4.' V. 55 4. f . M? PZ., Wg, 'ew :W ' Y af 2.21 -V ' V r I .x. D " s 5 ,,'.f' 'J , .ff if ' 1 ' Q W , 3, ' fer i sn N ' A-N , 1 N W H 3 - V! X " ' V . . , Y fi 'J ' 'x 40 ' 'I I V .K . 5 A 5 1 , A X A . s If ' ' wx ' ff. - K-., pn . . 4 . -A, Q :, fu L. 4 . , - V , . KV H Y A , 4 . --. eu Y . 'rg . . -, .L. .LAL 11- , rx., .. 'ax..,..-1 -vw, . ., g' Y' i4 ,K , -J was 1 0 1 ATT, .ine 5' t J' ' H! if 1,A1 K g!,'1:-'g7,YfgJ--,,,.uu ,zu .A 1 I K V I i ,, ,, 3 +12 W 2' " Q-W 'E Alf I X ,WS 'Lfxzgggm-n.Q.-.. . , ., - I N.-""'l' 'F' .. r, A of of A 'fw , ' SJ- . 'NYU' . 1'-fliii W g P .-P w,-Q.g, IW? 1 Q? 2 .,',.r,Q: , , A A' E .9 . H . 1 I ., ,r an E we df' 4 M K 'R 1' ,. X 7 W7 2? rf, A. ,A .H " f, ' ., ff" ' up X Y . , 1 Q- I , I X 'A . -J M. Q AA w 5 .. 1 . lf . L W' "" "K"'W!' ff ' 1: a,1'fr'1g': .. X f- -Y,-qw, , V 3 ' I A 'Rf V - , :W i 0 5 L ' 1 5 1 l Q r L 'WL 9 V fx ' " ' ' J' ,-X" I ' ' 1' A f H , , - . Q , V qi? ' g 1, , 1, f - ,,,A gmsn-Q A '1-ill, W 5' ' A 'T ' e:"'?Xf' ' E "" -- " , 1 ' RQQ, Iwlvr I 1-1 xv I tlijx - I , x 0 4 1 1 M Q E 'qw' Y 'Q ,. ' ' X . 1 1 X 3 .H ':: 1 fi I M' 'A' ff- , Q, M 11 J, wg f 1-j. W ' ' ' f ' 'Z " M- V. H. fl 2 ,JW 4' ,uf 1118927 'Wnw J-5 1 " - '-f" lqfb- '- , , 'T ff?-fi f ,X W + , H ' x .. ' ' ' r - NW! , S NN- ,1 M if, ik R :tx ,I fix' .gy V ,Milf K VY gi VV! I V -T! , Y-.-busy-ri r4:"3' "k f ' ' ,' ' LIZL.-1 Mis I ,Y X' ,A ,ww v My ' ' fy I f ,Im qfp-.1-gf dl X K5 MA use ffwgj-,', 5 ,gf pfffgs. j.,.,jff , r - 'g.QV'Pf . Qfff'1fA 'f,:1ff5 'f vw ' 4' lf' l. I , Af 1 .1.nMa.q,,, ,wrt - . 4- X -w ".. -f- .f.f:: H Ma. , ,yu-,'1',1-L if Hz'-3-'fc p, A ,- If , W . mg. ' iE3.1.Q, .v-. mu- vf' 1 5,-nad 1-5142. 9,1 g'v'1U .M , 1 ,,, Q - ,::"T-'a1'-- - -wx- :f"'N,,iQx,f .fx 1 A'-A: E'-41 G' ir 5' ,.. v .f n,,.g.-4 H, 1- T 1. .. 1. 4 ,-J' w -.1 1, .x"w'vx,,n ,Vi Q h G., .. U A W2 -.vw . .A V M an Q, . - g'f' , .. 5 ' ,Q ' . , 4 gm.,-,. -. z.. , ,U 43 ' V1--.Ml L 17251,3,a4-Zj'1"w-.,S'-i.,.,, ,vt .3 t:f',,":17gK"': "NWT "Q.g,'.z!.V'z ' : -,,."f.-,425 -'4 Q, XM Lg, 4,7 mi '.,.g.:1.., :uw - .1 gif! ' .,,,:".s'2..',-Q., L xx.,.' ,, Q. ,L-W. M- .WN ,A 4 N,n::'i:-f--441 ' fp- . V., fi : v-K , A U 5 4 5.-I 45, .-Q-.pry 5,14-js -. .,fA-:tip-.-V! 4, "'-fN'q"A:j5"'1 yin, :E , Qigfgifih-5,5 'y,.:,,,4 -ff-!::.'.,.7 F-"A '1-'B'j2Q-.' 4 ,Q :.,1"'f '-.- , . Wliliijv 9'-f-'w'avV?- 'qw' N .wr N : -,f 15 :wx:'2,.L.,g --V' Q '- ,rn bg" - ..g Jhfff-Sf L V,-. .1:,f.s.,:,-. '.ef-:'i.'zf-:W ' M fT,"1'?.1' 'PFW C M?-'5fjjjx.1g, g, fg L, :gl 31. 31 N -:Mig ,fg1g'g"4gf,:, U12 , P 4, X .::,,'.,.vg: -4:-.,-,.!,g,.,,k.,z Y, r -',' f.',.a.,- -"' '1'--.v"Rwg,.j, X, ' '- K .. .,., wwf" Q, , .m 1-fra ., .,.A , -L .xv ' 'A Luv-5.-' " ' hug' '-f ,fx , .,-gn Q F Q--,-:AY J.,1--LMI: r-W-51'L.,.fa if " 'V K -M' M , H A V ,...Q-4.,,,F.L1ii?Y,-,-' . , W: , X , ',,,,- x . f- " -- F -55,-pw' 5171. ' ,- ,.,,,1f' U' ' 1" R, in v--- 2355 3' -- ,, a.-+519 .QI ' FI 1, 4 '. ' ' K Q 3--f" ., 5 , ' A . . - V -Z., ,if 35 5 'uf ' Wx a 'vi -"Q "' "',i4MfL"f - "' .X ' -x 1.,f- , J- 1-5 K . -. . gf. ,- ' " mg 'ff X 4 'EVP if - '29 1' VWXS Er ' ' S"' . ' ' 531- X "!fv .w 1 - -xx X.: 1- x.'r2:1,:? .:J1.Lx. A I W' -QQ Hlk k A W-.... iq, D .h WWW. 11,13 k fu .. ,M , , . . 4'7- , .. , .-W., ,S f 1 ,W-fm v W. ' , , L W .Wg :J 4 ,, 51, , V , H ' 414 . -. - - X "W K W fx gk-.nn ff 11? M W, . ifmif , .ia Q. ,za Q il Af? 2 .1232 v" I xg 1 1 ll A, X X Aff 1 1 , 1 Q . Q , M ii 15 if sihff ' .Q 4 wx , 1 y r x I . x , 4 Q - + V . V ' "f 5' 'A I 'r ., A3 , '-"' u K, 1, Hiyxwl 1 ' LE 'I IAA 'M V fa .,.zN1l .1'x v ', L, kn nf. ' 0 1, L , 5, L1 1 Q, V, Q, , 'XD' 'I ' f"'L'iK1 'F L"'1 xr, ' '- , ,Q i. MAT-. yn 1 .qA?g91,,:.,r Wg A 1 I ' ,p f' 1 W ' I 1, hAffqgqf4y'wx. Qa N ' 1. - -' 1 - ea f , xx 1, .HQ gfu " S . ' X . - fyfvf '- m K'f,' N 'W ' ' . 5, "Yf1'9:- .1515- ,,n 11 f LW, x f- rm' ' JMff,' . ii a 1,4-r: I, M-j 3 KX Wiki fgfnai 9 7 idk- . R 153:-jiif. . .. 'X I w lp: - "f"M"'f im, "1 'X E+! ' L - ff 'f 5? l t' V " Mini? ,. 1 w . 4 'A ' - . fb ? A ' ' 'Vf:faJ4wfa '1f-M1 Ju , - ' ' :Ti v..1,f.m' ji.. ,E MON' 4.,llM?,,,i?- A ,A z ' Avi' -TE!! W N , 1 - . P -1 'Q -.AI-f-.,, , v V w-v-IH -' " 1+-"w- 1' w '+- V w g, Ei'r.rnsffefff -5LQL:1... ,....:,L. .. QTYWT-.lW4Z4?'1?'1w"'mA2-. '9fi:QI'i"'4?-a1W'4 bra,-,sligxx fry 'vQ'w,,h'Ql-Hugh, 'idginggfyb 4-K-img r 5 5? Anim i W :Mmm 5 QQ Q mwgQ.,.4i Eff vw ' -:+ia'?'a ?ffa.':?-f ez: :sw gL?37' f' f Vg vgpqafv ff - A 'W Q2ff15h2QW ' f' UAV' MT i i, 1 Y f H V IFJ. ' U V g. 1 T, .', ' 1 4 , V 'V' Ei . , W 'yn f I ,f ' nf ,L E w I J, f x . Wi K 53 Administration The Decision-Makers ,.. .5 tilts' 'Q-it , 'l if 1 gag? 1 t M, -A 1? 55791 The most powerful group of individuals in almost any school district is the Board of Education. Yet when you look back over this school year you probably won't even recognize the names of this influencial group. You may recall, however, some of the important measures which were passed under this year's board. Some of these include using the CTBS test as a proficiency test, setting the activities fees at S55 and 375, and replastering the swimming pool. As the student representative this year it was my job to inform you, the students, of the Board's decisions and express your opinions to them. I hope as you look back, you look with understanding and favor on the Board's decisions. Carrie Altergott Student Representative to the School Board Above-Superintendent Ken Osborne. Below, clockwise from top left: Mr. Ralph Kuhn, Dr. Ken Osborne, Mr. Martin Birdt, Mrs. Sally Schneider, Mrs. Alice Stelle, Mrs. Joann White. 1, e-an te ffl of .13 ,Q 2-9 i If 3 . a 3 , we BOIJ Ross Mr. Bob Ross is the principal of Agoura High School. To list Mr. Ross's many obligations and duties at Agoura would require more space than is available. Suffice to say that the final authority at Agoura rests with Mr. Ross. For instance, during this year the school board was concerned about the sen- ior's test scores. Mr. Ross took it upon him- self to go about to senior's classes and ex- plain the situation to each individual senior. That exemplifies Mr. Ross's concern and dedication to his position. Concerning this school year, Mr. Ross is es- pecially appreciative of the reaction of the student body to the campus changes that have occured. He tells that the year has gone well, and points specifically to the re- newed success of our athletic teams and the improved tests scores. He can count that as a personal victory. The entire school can appreciate Mr. Ross. Right,"'Ginny Aide-Mr. Ross secre- tary andla lady who keeps things running at Agoura like clockwork. :tration Dun Batngate One will probably be surprised to find that it is not the standard, "High School Assistant Principal speech to the senior class in the Yearbook." ln fact, it is not even being writ- ten by the Assistant Principal. It is however being written about the Assistant Principal. Everyone sees Mr. Bathgate around cam- pus, but very few probably know what it is that he actually does. Actually, this school could not function without Mr. Bathgate's diligent work. He is in charge of the curricu- lum and plans the master schedule at Agoura. He has the unenviable task of evalu- ating the staff and hiring the classified per- sonnel fcustodians, gardeners, cafeteria workersl, not to mention the tact that he must balance the school budget. Our thanks to Mr. Bathgate. Above - Assistant Principal Don Bathgate Below - Mr. Bathgate's secretary, Theresa Dickson 21 o Q Ai 'Maw 1 K vp at l T55 '51 ll' XR 'x R I Az. 'Tl i w Q 'Q X' 'fix J' I' P55 in H , .gfl J J J "4 it 4 . . ,... .m,,l: e 'T , Qifia Y.. "' ,W My 'M vw' ff . X 1 4,-ff X I 9, 1 5 if if The Problem -Solvers The Agoura High School Counselors play a very important role in every student's life. They provide information to students regarding High School graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, career information, financial aid information, and college entrance examination information. They meet vvith students individually to discuss personal problems and academic problems, goals and plans for High School and after High School. They meet with parents and students who are having dificulties academically or school adjustment problems. They act as resorce to teachers with regard to individual students. Last of all they handle program change requests and course selections fro the coming school year. . F S .X f A 1 l ..., ......... . ...M -,-.,,,--... .QW ...- K 'I Nxkww N Nwrw . S Yi 3 5 2 Rs. A . g g Y ' 'Qm5QAgxA.-L K f S Q4 ,J QNANWK . f ' New f 292 if Thanks To You, lt Works For All Oi Us CHARGER CLUB-To promote interest and participation in athletic programs at Agoura High. -' - q mug, T 0---vi MQ""'s..,,.,,.. ' .4 ,, nl rift' . 1 ......r .,,. J., , t. P, nk, as 'WT A ' A l P.F.C.-The P.F.C.'s main intent is to the faculty student activities and keeping a line of communication between home and school. "9Q!s4q,.- ""VN-lCuuuu.,,,- W '5 gap! A fm , , .. . . 73, A.: I A 1 . i , Q i , Ms g 14' ri an-'DKK W" ' MUSIC BOOSTERS-A support all music programs of and at Agoura High Library-Student Store 3,1-i A 3,.,'. ei fn. !'f,",f ' 5 v ' 1.35 'H'-'...'-'. ' -Y--' v . 6 ' f J .. .r .Wx 153.011 'J 2 I N l J- Ja'..xP'.. T- :.. ,,- has M 3 as -. -.: 1 ., .. r at 4, a lyxii' K. Mrs. Rogowski is our new librarian this year,Iand she is doing a finejob. She helps the Agoura students find the resources that each student needs at any time. We are very happy to welcome her to our staff. Mrs. Helland is the library clerk. She has been with us for five years now. Her job is processing magazines and books, overdue notices, text books, and audio- visual equipment. She has always worked for us, and we are lucky to have her. The nice lady in the Student Store is Mrs. King. li you have ever needed school supplies or tickets to activities or practically anything else, l'm sure you found her very helpful. 15 V :N 1 . o f ..,. ,. Q. QQ? 1 fi V1 . 1 -wgikggsr. X. sf . E Ji' 1-Mrs. Helen, Mrs. Flogowski. 2-Lorraine Baessler, Mrs. Marylyn K Theresa O'Ftoarke. 3-Theresa Weir. 4-The picture speaks for itself. .pw LEFT TO RIGHT Cheryl Williamson Penny Lambach Helen Drisiane, Manager Dorothy Lawson, Fran Fringer, and Herminia Risdon. With the exception of a few very lost people, everyone is probably aware that we again have a cafeteria on our campus. For you Sophomores and Juniors having a cafeteria on campus is a totally new experience, because we haven't had one for the past two years. For you Freshmen, everything is a totally new experience. The Seniors are the only ones who can remember having a cafete- ria, and everyone is very appreciative of the one we have now. The entire cafeteria staff has done a great job all year and it's nice to have good food at a good price on campus again. X E gs-E ' ,A 1q:5, , w16 ' W 12 QW .4 , 3 5 f , , W ' 3 l'7 5 3 'Q it iff , A f x ' 9 ,f- V 71 2 J fix! U45 5' Vw: MJ f we , W E Q if , Q ,rx QR 'mn-I rgpk A-f ,W r K , ,,..,N My F, 'Ex N. R W ,Qu QQS5 :tw .W ix. --FY, Av wr Nik I l TQ S QV Y! - 1' x Kg ' wfjai 3 -, ffm' x . K 3 L. kg, t ,, ppl in '5'x.,q I lf Q lf tw .T k 2 "aj 39' ff'?'. fl iz A Q tx: K 1 it., ....w,,,.,h9,i.k.A sf. . K ia I 5 af- 1 M-9'uf,e,,:Q X 41. ax, Q A 32 ' 1-QR' .fkpkf NNW x .! Senior .L ww ww mg ? J ui' K 1 M 3 W ' 1 ' .g is Sr +L 'Win' 5 Q M' w J,a Q.W jqh i a Am Agn W :vi img I W 2 N LW., ,,,, ........ X "' 7 ., Q- W M? V ' -g 1 mf " T 'Y 4' .f W A , ff 3 in mf ng, mf' ' E' W 57. ww K if Qi , . 'sg 1 ..., , M, ' -H' "' ,. 5 ' f 51:11 .. fr 'gg . ,4sMgsn' gq if f ' 2 fw, 96' lv' M ws V ' W.-N 1 Q me , 1 1-:gi AQ' J MH 4 Q , 437 9 va MH, f ,A NwL F A 117, ,V -pf UP -3 :if nr' iii? .., ,,'a- ,Q-.. ,M, 'il nm "AH QM QW' F l 1 ,-1. Q , I ,..,., Q, 0' u ' ,L A f ' f Q. , lin Ye It L r M ' ' A. ,qs - . l I X -qu A 1 lllgtll 1, 5 if Q 14 'f 1 '-5' T11 my .nn ' 2 Us -u v-uw -mr- Q , il' we '- K 4"'5 iii' v Ita II- V - . 1.1 5- ,. F" Lf x 4, ,v- , .,. lx. M.. -' N :Y rv Q'-gg' rg, 4- gg. -ini'-. UV.: . ,, ,Q ',-33,17-"sry, .. ..- ',g, n.,.1J. A".,y -X, .,,4 1, 5, 'Mi '1,x,-1.-.W ,"q'q,. f' 'N Xxilfl VT?" !':'k4'1Ma Vain X','wh ,ui 1 X ' f 4- fu! I-F. 1f'7'wx" -, fn, . x , X-,xv U 2 l I. X 's 1 N 4 . H 1, .Qi X 9 MX ,.',"fxt . ' I, , ' ' N TK .H Y . r-xx , , Q.,i,A ltzf , l A I , 1 3 ., xg T75 N,! if MQ' X ' 1.4 ,V A ,. my mi " lm 4 P , .-. uf--ffm gfgf,-..+ ,e,4., -1. J , -nr' 1 'N - " 1 mfr' V' ,R ,ff 5 1 . WA? rr' A 'f' -uri .- ' --sa I A Vx E.. XT P X lx If "fx, "I 92513 ww .lb 5 ,gum -2 Q if 'tug me 5 'Fir lm U, lov' N 6 Wifi 45 Q 2 M Q wi M we M Lx A ! J if we- Q' . ,QW ' W 'M WS M , Q 4.. wi' w 'M 'oy 3' 21' fm Ayn. . wa ,W V M iw 'ww 581 521, fs. K Xu" u mu "'2.f"w H' , ,I V . .5 .4 if s f W w F I 1 -. '3-3" l aw. fix: WZ ff ' ,X PAK r' :Y U' fa 'Z -V xf W' .un 4 'V"iF an nw uh Q ..,, f .r' 4 W M71 1- W we -..- V '11 if X- ik s. 5 Q W. '-if 'T 0 N jun' . ,- gvfy f fyf nw W k ,,.w M . Q -my we wx.. my K. wk ff HW W, , QEECWLTQ 215' "Q.'2 43,0 ' Mg V .H-f kwa ,, 'F . A 5? J! ,fr- '- 'z-2' 4. il' QTY. A M ,sm 'WEB' HG A 4- A -av amz' 3' mf 'W .. 1+ nf jug, M wf . 'if -eq ,ww sem 4.-in En. ,, .3 M 1 We .wwf V 17 if L Iv N11 .NL- QM if.. - Hu.- nf. wx- yr If if -ov ,fp K J f IW Ml vi 1 . ?!' xigf ,Q 4 9 . asjw .3 ' 'im M ,, -sl :f 3 X if vo X QI 1 Y , we 'gufliz-A i 15 -X L ,, hz!! 4 Q if XNTX M J um 9 ' V , I - A uf " 'Jar ,W L W? x 371 ,.. ' .Mrk In -up 53 . r 5 ' :L 16 ii wi - J an ,Awfiif wi . M E1 ,W A 4 Q, g ,Q Jgg, J' . M Ea Ak, .4 , if 'LW ..., 'HF -" ij QM. I wx.. 4 My ' ,wif V A ig no' -mr Q .-Q. sw' .1 'QC W yy? 9 Q , Q.- : T, 1,2 15 if-in wg, Mx.. , 'Jin " fl I' fs W, f 1 , QL! wi ff! ,ns sw '21 'u BM' QP , ve: Q.. W As. EIBCTBCI SEHIOI' FaVOl'II9 Senior Favorite Classification: Bookworm Name: Tessa Bennett Birth Date: 05-24-63 Senior Bookworm Comment: "I learned to read when I was three years old-and I haven't taken my nose out of a book yet! l've been sighted running laps in P.E. with a book in my hand, which did not endear me to the teacher!" Name: non Blum Birth Date: 03-24-ea Q Senior Bookworm Comment: "Beware of the man of one book." Quoted from Isaac D' Israeli-Curiosities of Literature xi Senior Favorite Classification: Most Spirited Name: Alicia Hawkins Birth Date: 03-25-63 Name: Captain Agoura fAIias-Dominick Anninol Birth Date: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Senior Most Spirited Comments: "We owe it all to clean living, milk, 'and a loud mouth." Senior Favorite 49 Senior Favorite Classification: Best Dressed Name: Pamela R. Weldon 0 Birth Date: 05-07-63 . Senior Best Dressed Comment. "I was born with excellent taste in clothes. Its aninheritance from my parents and their blood in 100'Mi Vogue." Name: Marty Keegan Birth Date: 05-28-63 Senior-Best Dressed Comments: "My mom picks out all my clothes for me, I just pose." 50 Senior Favorite Classification: FLIRT Name: Trac DiPonzio V Q Birth Date: 05-19-63 Name: George Holmes Birth Date: 11-28-62 Senior Flirts comment: "lt's a hobby 5-nior Favorite Classification: Friendliest ame: Jill Ann White irth Date: 04-30-63 ame: Jim Eaton irth Date: 03-15-63 enior Friendliest Comment: "If there is one thing we don't like it's peopIe." Senior Favorite Classification: Best Looking Name: KeIIy.J. Peterson Birth Date: 10-11-63 Name: Mark C. Bohn Birth Date: 01-05-63 Senior Best Looking Comment: t"Yea Right!l!"l V I ' - Senior Favorite 51 . ,.- Senior Favorite-Most Likely To Succeed John Jabara 07-16-63 Comment: "Success is Cheating, Lying, and getting away with it." Kim Walker 01-23-63 Comment: "Success is achieved only through ambition, if you have to step on a couple of heads, so be it fwell, that's the way it goesl. napk- 'QV' i 8-0' sv' in..-v W?"1Is . .9 l,fg'lI11r 'itz Senior Favorite-Class Couple Lisa Lakotas 02-28-63, and Mike Wildermuth 07-08-63 Comment: ...hx Senior Favorites-Most Athletic Todd Taylor 2-26-63 Comment: "I don't know, I just throw the ball Joan and Jean Marek 2-14-63 Comment: Senior Favorites-Class Clown Pam Lydon 9-18-63 Comment: My amoebae made it happen Dominick Annino 1-10-63 Comment: 3 Senior Favorites-Prettiest Hair Laura Lee 4-18-64 Doug Wicks 2-10-63 Comment: We attribute our healthy shiny hair to selsun blue and dippity doo. Senior Favorites-Prettiest Eyes. Lori Ehrhorn 9-30-63 Mark Mesko 11-19-63 Comment: We got our eyes from mom and dad, with that there isn't a doubt. But good old Visine made them bright and got the red out! Senior Favorites-Best Buddies - Doug Wicks 2-10-63 Brian Sutton 8-14-63 A Comment: Beauty and the Beast. 1' is . .L V gr u Q . L F I S -Q t K4 K 'X , Senior Favorite-Best Buddies: Pack Five Vicki Stewart 01-14-63, Dana DiPrima 05-07-63, Traci DiPonzio-05-19- 63, Lisa Borland 02-05-63, Kristin Tibbitts 08-21-63 Comment: Beauties and the Beast. Senior Favorite-Best Body Laura Schwake 05-21-63 Comment: "Sometimes people get confused when I tell them how I got my body to look like this. They think I'm on a seafood diet and that I weight train every day, what they don't seem to understand about my diet and training is this: on food, if I see it l'Il eat it. On training, I usually wait till its too late." Gus Peterson 01-02-63 Comment: "I even amaze myself at times. Just when I think I'm beginning to understand me and the crazy things I do, I pause and say as always: Gus Peterson, you are unreal. Usually I don't tell myself that other people do that often enough. However, one cannot help but feel he is unreal, especially when you consider he is a demi-god." Senior Favorite-Prettiest Smile Cindy Kerby 02-05-63 Comment: I owe it all to Crest! Lance Burkhart 02-08-63 Comment: "No I didn't have braces." SENIOR WILLS - I AGOURA HIGH WILL I David Acton, would like to will all of my calculators, twenty l.O. points, three GPA points, and more than oneehundred SAT points to Timothy T. To Ekin N. I give a letter of acceptance to UCLA and a pair of eyes to read it with, To Ron B. in exchange for his prurient reference material, an overnight visit to any red light district in Paris or Hamburg. To Mr. Patterson, a room full of screaming freshman. To Mr. Litton, my coffee mug and 300am starchters. To Frank O. an old beat up VW Bug. To Allison T. a substitute for her spoons and finally, to Beth M, a muzzle and a sedative to keep her mouth shut during calculus. I Lynne Ackerman, leave my freshmen, you're great, to the clarinet section, remember to have fun and good luck. To Mr. Litten, finally a year without me and thanks for being a great teacher. To Mr. Jackson, my screams, a good clarinet player so you can be happy, all the fun you made possible and an old cat tail, To Erin, a scarf and another Inch to face all my friendship and the determination to never give up To Shannie our afternoon talks, five years of friendship and a place always. To Melinda, fun at Irvine. To Sickee everything that makes you happy and l'lI always care To the Moocher, don't be shocked okay? To Sheri All action and no talk. To Mike, Sharon and Dena doors opening very slowly. and to J.f. I leave a duckie named Precious our walks talks about J.K.-S.L. and J.K.-L.B. her own hospital and a week with nothin to do. I also leave her all of M.T.'s love and thanks for being the bestest buddy M.T. ever had. I Lisa Adler leave Lisa Freidman all the great times that we shared together and always being there when I needed someone to talk to. To Lorla F. Mr. Smith, her tree pants, Steve F., Taco Bell and a typewriter so that she can get her typing assignments in on time, without slipping. To Mark, I leave my first car the TANK, my l.S.P, and D.C.E. and my study habits. To Pebbles I leave the Pitts habits the telephone so we can have our daily one hour conversation, late Saturdays at Sumba's and always being there to listen and under- stand my feelings. I hope you get whatever you want in life because you deserve the best. To Mrs. Ade for being a true Arhee and sharing her stories with me, To my senior class of 1981, I wish you all the best of luck, and Especially to Mrs. Grossman, the best teacher a student could ever have. I, Cris Anders, leave Donna M., my love and gratitude for the many times shes helped me through the night. I also leave her all the good times at lunch and on weekends. To Alane M., all my warm memories of her and all the laughter we shared, and my muddy nikes from playing football in the rain. To Traci S., all the parties and partying Ive done with her over the 6 years. To Traci D. all the excuses of why we couldn't make it to class, and all of my empty bottles of Pierre' and finally To Ken Neely all my absence slips from yearbook. my patience just in case he has another student like me. To all my friends with all my love and thanks. I, Teri Anderson, leave my endless friendship to Jill W. To Alicia, a Westwood Penthouse to carry on the Hage-Daaz tradition, all the wonderful times spent at VDM, and the opportunity to become Connie Chungs rival, To Marybeth, I leave Floger, Carl, and Crespi: To Karen 81 Susan, the fun and memories from camp. To Marty K., my maturity. To Beth, my Cris Atkinson postcard and the one eyed carwash to become reality. To Doug, my special thanks and lastly to Mr. Feinman, I leave Jodi K., to take my place and lots of chocolate kisses . . . I Cris Aines, definitely the youngest of the Senior class, will to Laurie Sacks, my thanks, you have given me alot Lor, more than I ever really deserve. It might not- seem like it. but I still love ya. To Jean Marek, my love and best wishes in your future. It holds so much for you, always look ahead and never behind. To Joan Marek, the most unique person I know, my inspiration. Have confidence in yourself, God Knows you have had it in me. I don't think I could have survived without all the vitamins. To Barbera Sommerfeld, a million thanx, my love, and don't worry Barb l'll survive your graduation. To Harriet. definitely the coolest of the cools, My many thanx for your support in the major emotional crisis' and WHAT THE - IS YOUR PROBLEM BABY, YEAH . . . To Bern. thousands of BANANAS to bounce off of peoples heads, then runl Not to forget Art, Thanx a million buddie, you have helped me more than youll ever know and good luck in Canada. To the finest person in yearbook, Kelly Amish, my thanx, you have taught me well. Just slow down a little in your four wheel drive Mustang. To "UNCLE ED", thanx for your friendship, I only wish some of your charm would have rubbed off on my obnoxious brother. Have confidence in yourself, you'll go far in life. Lastley I leave to J8-J, my love to you forever. fnow all I have to do is talk them into letting me graduate with you alll, l, Dana Akemon, leave: to Missy Reynolds-all of our laughs and the great times in the "Z" on the way to the beach, To Kent Gleason, I leave some sanity lyour completely insanel, To Julie Paul all the love in the world with Pete, To Mara I leave a scream that isn't quite so piercing and my friendship foreverg To Erica I leave a lifetime supply of gum and mints and all of our swingtn' times in the V.W. and the beach and my friendship forever: To Joe my friendship finally: To all the motor heads I leave my V.W. for experimentation and that someday you can shut your motor mouths: To Mrs, Hart, Thanks for everything. To Michelle I leave the friendship that we once had and the memories l'll never forget, but, l'll never regret not being your friend anymore! To Michael H., I leave a good so that you will never starve and a sedative so that you can hyper down. To Hohn, Gary, Francio and Darryl, a place for you guys to always party and my friendship and love forever, I Carrie Altergolt, leave to Mr. Fienman, the complete verse of "carry me back to ole Virginia" To my secret pals, endurance to continue, to Mary, hours of deep discussions, to Suzanne, messy writing to Jim D. a jar of candy to replace what late and a stomachache for all those cookies he ate in front of me, To Shuichi, my station wagon with it's orchestra parts, to student council a recording of all my unheard board tapes, which I know will be cherished forever, to Melinda, a million laughs and hool times, to Allison a smile to greet her throughout life, to M.T. all the ducks it can handle, and last but not least, to all the Agourians who remain hope that their high school years will be as fantastic as mine have been. 56 O O O I Kel Amish, leave to: Lisa-my bowed legs for waterskiing, extra quarters, G.E. and Mt. Shasta, Thankyou for everything you and your family have done for me, and may our friendship continue ani become closer in years to come: Tra-Thanks for all the good advice you've given me in my life, All th contempo clothes in the world, a fantastic career, to become closer soon and always: Mar-Every song eve sung by Lynyard Skynard, an extra set of her car keys for 5 other people, the "PERFECT" boyfriend, lasting summer tan, and much happiness in everything you do fl'll miss ya A lot next year.j My lastin, friendship always: Kelli:-"Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine," "Freebird," "GreenGrass" and High Tide: forever" Our future apartment! Westwood experiences, 9th grade parties at Lindero . . . Fun With S.K. an D.K.-H-HaHaHal I thank you especially for being my good friend for so long and I know it will be foreve B.S.-My unchangeable "cIodness," many relaxing vacations with beach houses. tons and tons of talkin Ceasar Salads, "this and that" with "good intentions" Swenson's icecream and my extra lbs, and a syste for understanding each other, Craig- Every picture of yourself printed 8x10 or bigger and a life time suppl of hyper pills: Judy, Judy, Judy-Every beauty pageant left to enter and the fun in the ones we participate in. Flingles, Muholland Hwy turns at high speeds improvisations loads of energy and more guts, and thank: for everything: L.B.-A BIG THANK YOU for the fun times we had, the view from Pepperdine, 2O!20, hig hopes to hear from you in the future land not one more Y. B. class ever againlg Kern Nerly lkenj-Yeeeee Your solution for the population growth, all deadlines and perfect YB's, thanks for everything you taug meg V.S. My graceful snow skiing avility, my driving skills, homemade icecream, water skiing on the dock the boys next door lB.B.l Bribes into everything, afternoon homework while watching "Heaven Can Waitf windy beach days, and for the most part a revived friendship, D.B.-memories of all the trouble we ev created, Aloha Surf nights, being sneaky and happiness always for you, G.F.-cute guys with black truck return phone calls and letters, no more k-chunk's, 2 more years of miller, a driving license on you 16 B.D my hours and hours of studyingg Little Aines-CHS, a camera with a ball and chain, my athletic abilities, m' worried complexes, my photo editor job, passes to any where off campus: C.A.-Coathangers, "censored' letters, B.S,'s parents, good excuses for never being there, and our exciting 2nd period. I Domminick Annio, leave to Holly P., my permanent tan and my personal supply of sun-in, to Pete B., leave my terrific sense of humor and ability to be a perfect idiot, since he tries so hard to be other than TO HIP, To Pam and Robin, I leave my collection of punk albums, kumb clothes, checkered toothbrush, an tie, book of two thousand and two ways to wear a safety pin, to Pete I.. Kevin 1 and Kevin 2, I leave m kingsize titanic unsinkable mollygrown water bed, a dyna gym, an a foolproof plan and airtight alibi, di tubs of electric toothpaste and sixteen ounces of presqueezed turnip juice. To Dave K., I leave my hair sinc he tries to desperately to keep up his own, to Mr. Bekher I leave my lime green 8- khaki VW bug and a ne O.P. shirt, to Mr. Busher my gasoline powered turtleneck sweater and a gallon of premium. To John W., leave my fully illuminated chrome plated full accessory shift knob, To Trace D., I leave my most prizel possessions a 47 piece collection of real live simulated indian jewelery my Guchi shoe tree, a McCuIlac chainsaw and Bob Dillons new unlisted phone number. I Holly Atkinson, being of sound mind and body leave to my Jerry the most special and incredibl' scandalous evening of ditching rehearsal, the Oaks, the beach, and hot chocolate. to Steve P., legj authorization to change your name to Lance as well as a lot of other neat stuff, to Alicia, a designer Pro dress from the salvation army, to the 1980 homecoming court, I leave a complimentary dinner at Arnold Farm Houst, to Todd M., I leave lots of oranges, head stands, "Heaven Can Wait", the agreement to star i "School house massacre", a manual of me fixing my hair and my friendship for as long as you're a Todcl To Mr. K., I leave my sincere thanks for what began with Godspell and at the very least two complimentar tickets to my first Broadway show. To the G Building I leave you with the memories of all the shows frorl Godspell to Cabaret all the magic all the feelings t got from being on stage all the tears, except for Davi you'te the only one who would want them, who would understand. I Phil Archibold leave to Dominic A., Valley free beaches, To Pete I., I leave the Ramones, To Cris B., an John W. I leave the top of Mammoth, To Bill C., I leave Chico State, and last to Frank O., I leave hangmanl I Andy Armstrong, leave to Agoura H.S. all my days of non attendance. Thanks Moml, My sleeping throug class to Mr. Litten and Mrs. Grossman. My running injuries to Coach Smith. I leave half off my tires to th parking lot all my thanks for the English homework and essays, d.c.e., and l.S.P, To Teri A. My many thank to the people who made my four yrs. at Agoura excellent, B.N., L.B., JA., D.I.. M.K., T.T., and all the rest you, Finally, I leave Agoura High School . . . Totally. I Ed Ball, leave a braided rug to Mr. Litten and a rubber cat to Mr. Rizzardi. To Steve P. I leave my soon t be released novel The Insane Years: What? covering such areas as word association Howard Borde lnitiations, and ethnic dancing. To Rod S. I leave a llama, some movies a pig mask and a map with the hop- he will someday realize where he is and fund his way back. To Kim W. I give my love and my spike, and oni week of complete happiness. Last and not least, to Bum-Bum I give thanks for her true friendship, and th memories will had together, and I leave her all of my love forever. I Holly Ballard, leave to Jennifer L., all the pleasurable things she desires, and a successful education Davis. To Sheryl B., the corner of driver Ave. and the access road. To Pam M., and Karen C., a swift punc in the arm. To Kelly M., a Drivers Ed. teacher and a ride to school. To Steve P., all the beautiful flowers h has ever received. To Cristin T., I leave the squirrelliest laugh award and the best smile. To Mrs. Jan Wil Goodes, all the whales in the world, a tame dog a happy marriage, another wonderful shorthand class an her ability to teach with such enthusiasm to Mr. Litten his ability to capture my attention. To U.B.K. all m love and understanding, To the class of 1981, high hopes for a satisfying future until next time 1991. errick Beale, will to Lori all my love, my TR7. and thanks for letting me win my bet, To George a hose nster, To Seigler some padded underwear and a belt to hold up your pants, To Marty I leave Lori so he n warm his hands. ulie Behl, leave to Beth, a gallon of ice cream, a frisbee partner Doug, a bad duckling, and a Barbie irnshkins and Kenny Cling-on set. To Kathy, a flashlight to help you find your way back to our cabin. iite pants, the bridge, and a skipper doll. To Laura, a portable ashtray, and half of a vitamin O does more n two. To Missy and Julie two tickets to "Seems Like Old Times" that we missed because . . . To Missy ew dart board, a box of Mr. Bubble, my broken voice, front eat my , and a trophy for the rld's fastest mouth. To Julie the directions from my kitchen to the garage, All of Missy's clothes, and a at future to you and Pete, To Kelly, my tires that "tried so hard", and all the volleyball games with the rntles, To Jim C., half of coca-cola, and a contract with Crysalis Records, I know you'll make it. To Pete, E other half of coca-cola, a trip to Colorado, Julie, a lifetime supply of Visine and all my love and ndship. To Paul I give you your memory back just long enough to remember the time we spent together. I Paula a book on how to make pancakes, a controlled fall, "I knew that", the crash and all my love and endship that will continue no matter what distance is between us. To Dana, all the love and luck he'll need make it through these next couple of years, To everyone who is special to me I'rn leaving Agoura, but lding on to the memories of you and the time l've spent here. Good Luck. essa Bennett, leave my paint jeans and shirt to some other 5' techie. To Doi and Mr. Litten, a lifetime Eply of donuts and invisible honors students to sneak out and get them! to Stewart, some sanity and ny practical jokes for closing night. To Mr. K., dry ice, a fog machine, my everlasting complaints, and rdworking techies to replace us. To his students unlimited paint for dights, a set of "G" building keys, d an epic water fight. To future physchology students, Corpsie tmy cut-up carl, Mr. Lasnik's sense of mor, and 3:00 am study hours for essay exams. For Mr. Litten, I strike the verb "to be" from the English Lguare! To Mr. Albrezzi, my shoes. To Mr. Rizzardi's students, Xerox copies ofthe quizzes he gives every r. To Thespian Troup 81814. remembering especially Alethea, Holly, Ican, Pam, Karen, Michelle, Brian, eg, Mike, Lynn, Kevin, Angisa, Craig, Dena, Jennifer, Heather, Walt, Janene, Jake, Stewart, Todd, Rick. lvid, Steve, Stewart, Steve Kathryn. Lisa Carleen, Stacy, Vicki, Joan, Laura, Julie, Jerry, Wayne, Allison, ibert, Allyson, And all others, green pens, vegetatian recipies, great shows, my phone, book. much love, d all my wonderful memories of the past four years! ris Bratzler leave to my sister, cold duck, fritos, 8. M8.M'S, Barry, A book on how to follow cars, A script milk and honey, Randy and two undizzi years at Agoura. To Beth I leave A pair of binoculars, our ating" system. A bag of oregano and Betsy Beaver tmay she rest In peacell To Kimmy I leave the last 3 les. Corey, A bus ride to Phoenix and another year of swimming dedication. To Craig I leave A roll of TP., date with P.P. and A "wonderful" lunch at pioneer chicken. To Michele I leave Luke Spencer. two breasts im pioneer chicken, and Joel. To Stacey I leave better taste in men and my promise of keeping in touch. I Laura F. I leave A lunch at Burger King without Larry, all my geometry notes and Mr. Holden. To Joanne ave John, To Jill Oviat-sit down up front and to Mr, Rick Rezinas I leave Jan Covall, in the tradition of at W.P. managers and someone who can swim the 2 and the 5. To B.J. I leave myself, To the "gang" nks for the mrmories and I love you guys. To Agoura High-good-bye! Iiane Brenner, leave Kris Tina Spoer, all the good times, and A few ofthe bad. I leave her grandmas apt. d a trip to EI Capiton. I also leave her unlited rights to Leo Carillo state beach, to do with what she ases. I leave Kris a summer long since spent. but not easily forgotten. all my love and friendship. To Ecy Sneed I leave the movie "Dawn of the Dead" remember Trace? To Val Tasso I leave A lifetime pply of combs, and brushes, now you dont have to ask me. To Paul Fellick I leave 500. he knows whats worth. To Pat Kale I leave all the crazy things that have been done in his class. P.S. can I borrow your lp? and lastly I hope that everyone mentioned will always remember, yet not livein the past. . ichelle Brooks. leave Craig Harasyn Jane Neilsons purple carpet vest, leave Kris Bratzler Luke Spencar, ve Joanne Bromwell a job, leave Jane Schauerman one of the above, leave Robin Ramsey 20 poinfments, leave Kim Anderson A lifetimes supply of bagels, leave Mrs. Stewart lessons on how to Bch English, and leave Sue Gordon 8. Lisa Fishman Marc 8. Brian. eresa Buckley leave to Kathlene Gullick all the great memories and the great times we have shared, I wish u the best of luck with Tony F., to Val Graham my "ski buddy" all the great times we've had with skiing, wling, and Westwood with Tony N. and M.E, To Kara Duty I hope she gets A Boyfriend older than A shman. To Sharon Rich thanks for all the great memoroes your A great friend. To Dave Reisman all the mories we've shared and I wish you all the luck in the future, To Tony O your the best lriend ever I will ays treasure are friendship.p, To Susie G. Debbie T. Jamie L. Teresa C, And Kim C. thanks for making s year great I wish all of you the best of luck in the future. And last of all I leave Tony N. all my love and derstanding. Elon Blum, leave to my brother Jeff, all my tO0,000 pages of notes. To Dave, Kurt, and Steve, all my erence material, in hopes that they may broaden their educational abilities. To Tim, a new typewriter, in pes that he will learn how to type. 'Peter Borawski, leave to Vicki Stewart, some more of her CASUAL clothes to her friends on Skid Flow d many thanks for our mature adult friendship and her ability to make others feel good when she's not Eiund. To the Pack 5, a lifetime amount of self-improvement classes at Marilyn Shores Studioes. To Doug, ain course of smegma along with a little Jodi and Cheryl on the side. To Marty, a mannequien, the only I he wouldn't hit and C 81 R Clothiers. To Jamie, my T.V. room and refrigerator while l'm at college. To nny, directions tothe nearest AA meeting. To Todd, a UCLA T-Shirt. To J.D. Smith, a Jimmy Jordache wnjacket. To John, my telephone list with the names of all my girlfriends from Calabasas. To my sisters, license plates. Lastly, I leave one final TOO-HIP GOTTA GO. Dana Brody, leave to Jenny H., the official title of H.C.P. To Candy Mead, a hundred dollar gift certificate Safeway's cheese dept. To Beth, I guarantee one full hour of unlimited frog beating. To Alicia, the amous book "101 Versions on Roses are Red" To Kim, a car with nothing but front seats in it. To Dave the complete musical score to "A Fiddler On The Roof". To Mrs. Croner, a year full of quiet and laceful first periods and to "KiIler Miller, "Scoop", in hopes that he may find someone equally as worthy bestow it on. To Kima, 5 years of violin lessons with her favorite maestro-Ron Williams. To Jerry S., an extra long ace bandage to do To Christina and Monique, six armed units of the national guard to watch your lockers next year. And finally to my successor as commissioner of publicity. my rubber stamp and pad, and I hope that your Co-commissioner will be as helpful as mine was. I, Lori Brady, leave to Jennifer and Shari all the hockey players they can handle. To Jennifer R., all the colored pencils and magazines she needs. To Sheryl "Freshman" M., a few inches of height, a busboy at Gepetto's, a better-timed scream at concerts, and a blond surfer to follow her around. To Lisa C., all the call slips in the counseling office, Bruce Springsteen and Styx, A little love in the afternoon with G.H. tor a real Kermitl and the chance to be frisked by a Security Guard. To Jeniffer L., the guy who sells flowers in Inglewood, an evening on the beach with the hockey player of her choice. and a little man in an apartment in Manhatten Beach tBut I get his roommatel! To Shari L., a years supply of Stanford clothes and another puck from 22. I, Sheryl L. Bralton, leave to Mr. Patterson a dozen doughnuts, six periods of Freshman Health for next year. and his continuous endless school spirit. To Pam M., a case of bagels, and an indestructable baja bug along with North Ranch golf course for a day. To Jennifer L., her own private Party Taxi Service, a life time of bases, and all the assigned Honors English books she can read. To Beth K., a home tutor. To Jenny K. the endurance to survive AHS. To Holly B., her own parking space. I, Joanne Bromwell, leave my car to my brother Tony. To Mr. C., a funfilled year with next years student council. To Mr, Anderson, a safe .year of skiing. To Catherine, I leave B.J. To andrea. her Arizona sweetheart. To Michelle, a lot of luck in typing. To Jamie, I thank you for all the good times we had in spanish And to J.T. I leave myself. I. Mark Bohn, leave to Sue Steck my hearty acceptance of her "friendly handshake" and a "High-Five" in return, plus TNTg to George, Jamie, Peter, Marty, and John, seven wonderful days and funfilled nights with the Pack 5 on Fantasy Island tze plane, ze planelg to Laura Schwake -t- Cory Eckel thee heel, to Tra C, "Don't I know it", to John, happiness not Including AHSL to Karen H. the great tenth grade memories: to Wendy Pease some heighth, to "Jackson" t5'7", 150 lbs. of man . . .j, my mucho appreciation for the best of friendships and the wild times and SS. and the best of luck always, to Kristin in Cal., Thanks: to Amy, all my love for what it was, what it is, and what it shall become! And to Agoura High School, it's time to ramble on! I, Steve Perrin, being of sound mind and better body, only wrote this will so I could make that one joke. I. Rod Smith, being of sound mind and Brazilian body, leave to Ed Ball, Patty Yellep to Beth Marits, I leave a prick to tease, to Steve Perrin. I leave Paide McMullen, to Lance Burkhart, I leave the "Bionic Tongue"g to Mark Bohn, I leave Patti Palmer in leather: to Derrick Beale, I leave a monster to hose: to Lori Ehrhorn, I leave a S10 rebateg to Doug Wicks, I leave something besides Jail-Bait tl don't know what you're going to do next year without sophomores aroundlg to Marty Keegan, I leave another shot at Beth Marits, to Gearge Holmes, after he leaves Agoura. a girl as gullible as the one he has now fthe Beav'l: now I wish I could think of others to burn. If you want to get back at me, l live in Brazil, Good luck! I, Lance Burkhart, being of spaced mind and the ability to recognize it, leave to Steve baby. a copywrite to the word "indeed" and the ability to forget the word "yearbook"g To Kelly, many untorgetable memories and many more tenth grade fantasies: to Andy, I take with me a friendship that has lasted through every conceivable tramap to Blazin' Devon, I leave the ability to drop a girl gently, all of you're parents trust in me, and all of my sense of responsibility, and to Uncle Ken, the ability to get out of the "day care center business" and get a real job. I, Denese Bulac, will to Lane Walkin the ability to "cut straight" and A big thanks for all the laughs and fun times in newspaper class. To Mary Hass A wall to hold up in case she has no one to dance with. To Teresa Montgomery A years supply of food to pay for all the lunches she gave me when we were juniors, and the best of my friendship always. To Anne Reader another fun power reading contract to do when shes bored. To Pete Irwen the ten pounds I told him i'd lose, but never did. To Chris Lang an LP of "He's So Shy", and A complete camoflauge wardrobe, To Jill Oviate, another fun day in Stnta Barbara, dead pictures Ibig wavesl and her own "whole" chocolate chip cookie. Finally my love and friendship to Chris, Anne, and Jill for being super friends!! I, Pam Callie, leave to Lisa R. all the ya-ya's, sara's, empty champagne glasses, hot cocoa, peanut butter and crackers, chocolate shakes, natural cut potatoes, coffee, mating cars, a piano to burn, the happiness of being kid of "leash and puppet", my wine mock-rap Ieotard, bar, Julia, Agnes, memories and more to come. Jojas, "dealing" with "high schooI", Felicia, Sissy or Sunny, shopping for nature snacks. Downy to put in your wash, a breathing bag, lovely Marjorie Lord, puppy feet, pumpkin breath, C,H's eyes, Pat Benatar, Cliff, Don, Billy, beautiful words, Christmas vacations and another New Years Eve. To Terri B. thanks for wonderful memories, To Todd M., Beautiful hair and sisters. To Mrs. Johnson,-Thanks. To Lisa R.. again thanks for always being there and caring and tons of memories. And to Craig. velour shirts, my nails, success, "money", less nerves, and uncertainty for the future, quasies, and lots of love. I Agnes Campaniello leave to Bird-Kim "Madam A Mia", the luck you'll need to make it till next June, the pick we should of used to pry open the locker and all the memories of our sweet 4th period class. To Adam. my big toe and a book of jokes so we can all see him laugh one day. To Frankie Gee, all my fake readmit slips, a track composed of all the laps I never ran, and all the "Ameoba" students he can handle. Finally, to my bestest friend Kan, all my shoes, a week on a deserted island with Normy-Poo, a years supply of want ads excluding the ones the Beckies run, and a one way ticket out of this exciting town of Agoura, of course one for me too so we can both get the hec' out of here together. P,S. l'll call ya! I Karen Caruso, leave to J.D.S. a fresheclean pair of socks and an oder later for his shoes. I also leave him the many memories we've had and a "thank-you" for all his hard work and effort to get us to C.l.F. I leave to C.S. all the love and luck in the world and a trip to Europe on her Honeymoon with J.G. To J.S., a never ending friendship and the good times we've shared together on x-county, a date with BC. all expense paid. To P. P., all the patience he can find for another freshman health class, along with a treasure chest full of 100 dollar bills. To V.G., all the help and kindness she gave to me through English and "thanks" for being a great friend. 57 I, Joe Casey, will to Steftan Valentino a personal auto body shop. To Randy Commans, a motorcycle he can stay on for more than one race and always get the maximum out of it. To Todd Kelson real tires for the front of his car, and my ski boots in place of his castle guard boots. To Tom Weir, 10 feet of fresh powder and 10 lines of fresh snow. To Gret Weir, a gray and blue powder jacket and 20 feet of "back scratched" air. To Mark Mesko, a Honda car with ski racks and all rocks removed from the center dividers. To Rob Presson, another condo in Mammoth and a key that will start his car. To Greg Eisenberg, a cassette with Bruce Lee sound effects, and styrofoam nuenchalks. To Ray Scott, a redline T-shirt, To John Bt Bill, my car and an unlimited expense account. To Angie Cicero, no more car accidents and unlimited use of my air compressor. To Mara Merrill, a paved driveway. To Teresa Weir and Kelli Ervin, mirrored glasses for skiing and continued luck forever. To Holly Haliday, my oceanography notes-all 4 of them. To Mr. Albrezzi, Mr. Ross, and Mr. Bathgate, a clean parking lot free of spinning tires, I, Theresa Chaides, leave a special thanks to Shannon Leyden for putting up with me for the past 10 yrs., for being the best lriend ever. To Diane Janedis, I leave all the black Porsches in the world 8. the babes who drive them. To Jill I leave Francis 8. to Chris I leave forever happiness. To Kim Anderson, I leave a field in just towel St my support in the ever so strong movement against Evita! To Mr. Litten I leave a special thanks for everything 81 I leave his 3rd per. class with a huge sigh! To Derrick Beale I leave some brains to be able to realize he belongs with . . . To John 8. Rich Jabara I leave the memories of those Sunday afternoons at the skating rink, love ya both, Patty, Mike Lang, Archbold, Gatch, Pete, Susi. Jodye, Mrs. Grossman, Mr, Pete. Mr. Bushner 8. Paul Miller, I leave, the best of luck life Z9 Happiness. Finally .. . here it goes , . . to Gus Peterson, I leave me!! I, Dean Chairenza, leave to Phil Gatch all the Pens inthe world which will benefit other people in the future. To Les Lade I leave the most perfect goll swing in the world. To All of the freshman I leave my sympathy. I, Karen Chesterman: Leave to Kim apart of my headliner as a memory of the price with one door. To Adam all the french fries he can possibly fit in my backpack. To Mr. "G" all the happy moments of gym class and mine and Agnes smelly gym clothes. Last but not least, to my wildest and bestest friend Agana, a trip to ARVARDA, KANSAS, all the Normans she can handle, non-frizzy hair and her very own room at Ken and Shirleys' house-also never forget the Beckies. I, Angie Cicero leave Marilyn a new job and memories of our nightly gossip sessions. To Shelly, I leave the memories of summer 80' and all the fun times I will never forget, To Marla. I leave thanks and appreciation for everything, all the luck and happiness in the world and my love and friendship always. To Robbie. I leave my friendship and the best of everything. To Joe, I leave "No Story Here", all the love and good times, luck and thanks for everything. To D.T., I leave all the memories of the past luck and happiness for the future and all my love always. I, Steve Clancey leave to Mike Wolf a years supply of chewed gum to throw at all the Himee's you see, a 101 pg. book of cutdowns, one pumpkin head, every thursday off from school to go moto-xing, and a clicking stick to click Hermans. To Mike Hanover. one house thrashing BUBBA PARTY, a motorcycle license, a black T.A., and a rematch with Rio Mesa, To the Agoura wrestling team, a full A kicking team and to my Michele, a beach house of your own, an Audi with a sunroof, tinted windows, and me . . . I, Narci Cleland, will my black and white checkered pants to Dominick A. I leave my car keys and car to Katia W. I will a poem by L.B, to Nancy N., to remember all the laughs we had together about C.J. I will my height to Mr. J.P. Smith. I, Suzanne Cole leave to T.O, many more insane lunches in the band room. To Shuichi, I leave a philharmonic orchestra and a subservient wife. To George, I leave an end to our fued. To the student council, I leave a lifetime supply of leadership camp food. To Jon, I leave the wish of ten times the many happy days you have given me. To Andy I leave someone who will make you happy. Lastley, to Shannon. Allison, and Carrie I leave love 8 friendship- I could have never made it without you. I, Kari Conriella, will to David a survival guide and corduroys guaranteed not to fade, Christy a lifetime supply of peanut butter and a complete comprehension of the flute and its players, to Lisa an extra inch, stretching equipment and a lot of hope, to Leslie I leave a lot more wasted time fyou'lI miss it when you don't have itl and countless crazy, happy memories, to susie all the happiness and love you deserve and the emotional stability required to survive as a senior, to Cindy the hope for some sanity, and to Julie Anna memories of good times, thanks and love. I, Shawn David Coulter, leave all my scrap wood to all the first year wood students and all my speeding tickets to Mr. Tapie, my first driver's training teacher. I, Julie Crosby, leave Danielle Rizzo lots of luck and my loud voice so she can get my sister to school on time. to Sue McOuire the flag squad, patience, and a fake I.D. so she can carry on our tradition and to my baby sister Cindy, a travel-everywhere battery-operated curling iron. I, Charlie Curtlss, leave to Sonya Fox all my homework and okay grades. To Fran Boyes all the cigarette butts we smoked. To Jason Bourne. my old band uniform in hopes that you don't grow anymore. To Barbara Sommerfeld, S.M. in hopes that our bet comes true. To Tim Foster and the rest of my Spanish Il class, all my unfinished homework, and dirty jokes, To Barbara Hutoon, trips to the black hills during lunch. To Colleen Schoeneman. a shoulder to cry on. To the people in the bathrooms, a campus. I, Steve Daley. being of not very sound mind and character wish all of my friends at Agoura a good summer and a real happy rest ol their lives. I wish my good friend Mike Klienlelter good luck, especially with his car. I will give Guy Mazza a giant GEED before this year is over and I wish him the best of luck. I wish the best of luck to all of my friends who will graduate this year. all except one. I always wish good luck to those soccer players next year: hopefully you can have as good a year next year as l did with you guys this year, Finally. and most importantly, I wish all of my love to Valerie Graham. hopefully we can be together lorever. I really don't care who reads this. because Val, I love you, and that's all that matters. I, Denise Dallons, leave to Mimi M. my freckles. To Mr. Christianson all 6,384 of my relatives in Mexico. To Lora M. my brother David. To Deborah B. my American accent. To my counselor, Mr. Feinman all my old 58 report cards. To Dikran M. my drawings of Mr. Goldberg. To Richard M. my creative writing notebook. ' Lonnie O. my spanish book. To Mrs. Hart S500 for the Phone bill. I, Steve DeGennaro, leave to my little brother and little sister my shoes, and hopes that they can fill thei To the Pack-5 some "real" friends in college. To George Beeh a new wardrobe of designer clothes an car of his choice whenever the fads change. To Uncle Beale 10 free lessons at Mr. Wheelers janitor school. To fish, a new Garr when he goes to college. To Mr. Rizzardi one free trim at Poodle Paradis Finally to Kelly, I don't leave anything. I take with me all the memories ofthe times we have had and all t love that has kept us together for so long. I, Lori DeHart leave to Ms. Lundquist 10 pairs of sunglasses so she will never run out. To Mr. Rebd. "St assignments to give late students", To Holly B. 100 "your adorables". To Rena and Jill, thanks for all t great times we had together. I, Craig Dellinger, leave to Mrs. Grossman all my Tardies. To Scott D. the most radical 2602 in the wor some tire chains, and the perfect girl. To Ron a front row ticket to see ACIDC. To Jay J. and A on evs vocabulary test and the book "How To Pick Up Girls". To "the Kid", a quarter and a glass to practice, he might be able to get me back. To John W. a season lift ticket to Mammoth. And good-luck to everyon left out. I, Leslie Derrick, leave to Sue, all the memories of fun times weve had. For Kari, I leave behind all my wasti- time and the pain of the bad memories. but will always cherish the good times. To Lori Ann, all the fun tim of our "hot dates" and hope they continue. And to the '81-'82 tall flag, rifle and banner squad all the luck the world. I, Tia C DiPonzio, leave Mr. Bushner, my absence. Mark Bohn "your weIcome". Todd Derylock Groburg much luck with TTKA, , pikes and their mega parties . . . Timmy Finn, fmy cousinl try to stay with my tal of clothes, even my red and yellow plaid pants, wear them with style. George Holmes, all my lovin, Ste DeGennaro "REALITY" is where I come from and I will let you follow in my footsteps. Sue Kerby, a drawnout monotone "HELLO". Ken Neely, just a smile. Brian Murphy, thanks for all of your nice wa hugs. I almost forgot Marty Keegan, I leave you, nothing, I knew there was a reason I forgot you. Dan Walters the pleasure of talking about made up stories. At parties about Pack 5 without us lindout out , P.S. next time don't tell my neighbor! Doug Wicks what could I possibly leave you? To Lance B. Hecl already gave you an ulcer with gray hair. Peter Browskl my vote for best dressed. Wendy Peas, my voi To Tom, Greg, Mark, and Rob, I'Il give it to you later. Chris Anders, Juans Bt I-Iarlans love letters. the Lastley, to Dana, Lisa 8 Vicki 's for Hawaii, and to Kristin l'II leave you patience. l, Denise Dubic, leave to all my under classmen friends any advise they may want. To Ms. Packard, ma sunny days and good luck in finding a new job. To Mr. Bushner all the smiles, hugs and "Good storkes" can handle. To Mr. Kale a few pairs of new pants. To Ms. Karbo all my triple pirroettes she never sa' I, Sue Duclos, leave to my sister Carolyn maturity, Mike, and a fun senior year. To Sharon, a "brief" guy. Mike W., a green grasshopper and a wet leaf, To Diana O., Steve. To Lisa L. a big hug for being suc I great friend for the past 8 years. To Amy N. a musgrat. To Cindy K.. a boop-de-boop curl. To Joanne B life time supply of bubble yum. To Mike R. many thanks for helping my reputation by letting me talk to h when other people are looking. And to my best buddy, Karen H. a hundred guys on Catalina Island. I, Kara Duty. leave to Kim my Friendship. Jamie, a little black boy at a party and all the lun times. Theresa a little pudgy boy in a blue Z. To Ivan, Kevin, Glenn. Brad, Eric, Steve and John memories 0 great year and good luck. To Stu, my friendship forever. And to Tim, Myself and all my love. I would lea some of my height but I can't spare any. I, Lori Ehrhorn, Leave to my best friend Sue all our great memories and a lifetime of happiness. To Dan rl black nightgown that he heard so much about but never saw, and all our great phone conversations at 1: in the morning. To Derrick, the IOS he never received after winning his bet, our dream to be fulfilled and my love. To Marty, a car heater and a pair of gloves to keep warm with. To George. someone else to do shopping with you and all the good times we've had. To Jan Goodes, my cheerleading skirt that was t inches too short and all our unfinished song routines. And lastly to A.H.S. my little sister Kathy to follow my footsteps. l, Greg Eisenberg, leave all my unseen burnouts in the parking lot to Mr. Bathgate. To Rob. Joe, Tom, Gr and Mark lifetime ski lessons in Santa's Village. To Missy and Julie a permanent stage pass for the Go Show and a book of all the In Jokes that we've laughed at. To Scott and Alain a case of Near Beer. To Ma R. a ticket to see Generation X. And to the Freshmen, a lot of sympathy. I. Craig Ekman, leave Mike T. a weekend of skiing with "the kid". To John B. lessons on how to ski and I- girlfriend. To Eric L. bagels and gas money. To Ron P. all the beer in my house and a ride to lunch in t "rad" Rabbit. To Ty M. my position as hallback. To Mike W. a great day of surfing with myself. To Pete lj weekend at Malaga Cove to see our old friends, and if I had any punk rock albums I would give them to yrl To Walter K. my speed on the soccer team. To Cindy K. another chance to Chris H. jealous, it's fun. Kelly L. a wasted time driving around to find a party and a lot more years of Friendship. To Laura S. a f time at the beach and many more years ol Friendship. To the rest of my "friends" always to be friends I the rest of our Lives. I, Kelly Ervin, leave to: Teresa. a never ending rainbow and a red Porsche, fertilizer for dreamland rainbo and a future of awesome times: To Kara-massive dreams. A hotline. binoculars. for typing,a house for m my ear, and a light socket for more curls: To Tra- a ticket to paradise, first place for her jokes Roger Dog a road map to Beverly Hills and high heels like mom: To Pam I give free marriage counseling. a raw chick and a sailboat with Rich in it: To Erica-an umbrella for her moped a billyclub for the boys and endl rainbows: To Mara-a piece of gum, a new H.C. dress, and a shot of radicalness: To Sandra-a happy way her road to success: To Sue-unlorgotten memories, a houseboat and Todd: To Al-Prince Charming o white horse and my lake notes: To Kende-Neil Young: To Holly-a plane ticket to San Francisco and an A typing: To Jose-long talks, massive gas for the BB, earplugs, pokerchips, his bottle for burro and our redli team lorever: To Mark-a third ear, a new paint job. a great lawyer and no more gossip: To Tommy, a n verything for the Maz. his own ski resort and many women and one rad future: To Egg-a summer of "79" a aid, total skiing in Tahoe, a new box and a Honda car so we can race. To Rob-another story here and any more zany times: To Craig-a new green tennis ball and mud wampers To Stefan. a million dollars, a ut shovel and a great life: To Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Lingle - many crazy years at Agoura and free carryouts o your cars. . Natalie Fechner leave to Mike W.. Cheese to feed me with, and a cork for his mouth. To Mike K., a new amaro and a life membership to Safeway news, To Kim, Katie. Cristy, Danielle and all the 3rd period ancers. laughs and jokes so they make it through another year, To Val Bernstein, a Jap-free ski run, lots of um to share. and Steve SweetPea. To Missy. Walter, drugs, Rock and Roll, and Safeway, To Cristy, a knife 0 backstab the backstabber To Jaime, Paul. and more nights to sneak out. To Beth, Love, and thanks for neing a great friend. To Greg, memories of fun times and hopes for much more, . Phil Gatch, leave to Pete Irwin clean underwear and a blue mohawk. to Brett Mehan a book on " 101 ways 0 pick up girls". To Aaron King a S2'0O0 eating spree through Thriftymart. To society I leave Tom Dolon to ure all desperation. to Vidal Sassoon I leave Bill Cobb. to the world I leave John Wilson, the principal of igh society. to Beth. Jenny, Chris, Jody, Becky. and Jill an all expense paid trip to Cambodia, Honduras, ran, and Siberia, , Bob Gates. leave to Mr, Patterson a years supply of giant donuts at the donut inn. To Mr. Jackson a band ull of "Santa Monica Quality" musicians. To my successor as activities assistant a new, modern. electronic arquis. To Dave Woodruff a book of logic. To Dave Kane a period of solace so he can stop worrying for st a moment, To Dana Brody and Alicia Hawkins. Dave Kane so that they'Il have someone to disagree ith, and finally to Beth Marits a thousand favors for her to do for me. , Susie Gellink. Leave Jaime fmy b.b.l all the memories and good times we've shared and many more to ome. to Sharon all the J's she left behind. to Jill all her "I'm so sures." To Diane. Greg Z, 8 her porsche. To d. all the girls he can handle to "lush" fT.C.l Buddy Holly. To Leann I leave you good times for the rest of igh school 8. thanks for talking with me. To the '81-82 cheerleaders I leave you all the quarrels 6 good imes to come. To all the friends who shared my high school years. I thank you and wish you the best lalways, and last but not least, I leave! . Dave Golfing, leave to "Uncle" Beale a free nose job with the doctor of his choice. To Craig Enis a years upply of bagels. To Brad Wise my collection of fashion "underoos" to Kelly Busch a years supply of hesseburgers. To Ken Neely my collection of Rolling Stones tapes and paraphenalia. To Todd Taylor my ollection of throw pillows. . Valerie Graham, leave to my best friend. Debbie "stubby"stubby" Tepstein a lasting Friendship and all he good times we have had. To Theresa Buckly my 'lski-buddy" a Jap-Free ski slope, a purple bowling all. To Natalie F, all the gum I ever had and a smooth lake. a fast boat and a slalom ski. To Watermelon, .L.. I'Give back everything that 1 borrowed to Mike K. a new CAMARO. To Steve D. my "sweetpea" all y love for the rest of my life. . Dessa Grimmond. leave to Holly a lifetime supply of every possible shade of aligator shirt and vans tennis shoes ever made, another chance to four-wheel in the hills or at Grama's .. ., a date with a certain ndividual who occupies a red yota truck and a familiar green aligator shirt, tankfuls of gas to waste down anan and Zuma One and Leo Carrillo and County Line . . and also guaranteed 20-20 vision for the rest of our life as it seems to come in handy quite often. and a neckbrace in case you acquire whiplash . . . to ane a pet bumble bee- trained and all: a date with . . . let's see who it is this week? To Lynn someone her wn age so it doesn't lead to , uh . trouble7? and memories of all our exciting lunches with All My hildren waiting til one o'cIock . to Sandy a lifetime supply of diet supplements of which you never need in he first place and a new wardrobe of kids size 14 clothes which you will soon be wearing if you don't star ating again. to Jeff J. a compromise of pur heights. To Scott W. a long-time deserved apology and hope or a future friendship again. To Kevin Kelley a new adjective in your vocabulary instead of everything being 'typical' and a great girlfriend-you deserve it. And also a few more freckles. To Laurie Sacks a hit in the tomach to Karen. Diane, Candee memories of our exciting nutrittons vegging on the rock . . to all girls, a ook, entitled "Everything you always wanted to know about why some guys treat girls the way they do but ere to upset to ask" and to all the people left at Agoura. good luck ttying to dtich school without getting aught it's getting tougher every year. , Kathleen Gullick, leave all my fond memories from kindergarten through high school to little T.B., all the onderful times and our personal times. I leave you with all the happiness with Tony and all the crazy eople we've come across. lastly I leave you my little tin can bug. which has gotten us so many places. To zzey, l leave your pumpkin image. your great pep talks. and our bear hugs everyday, all the memories of owling on Lovecrest with C J. and my Love, To Mary, I leave my crazyness. all the crazy times at the car ash. and some shrooms. To Sharon I leave you a foxy hubby for the future, who you greatly deserve For ara all the ankle bitters you can break in. and for myself I leave Anthony all for myself. . Karen Hall, leave to George H.. all the boat party memories to Mark B.. I leave the tenth grade fun. to oug W., I leave a big slap on the back. To Carolyn, the ability to stop being a freshman, to Mike R.. I leave day to really become a cowboy. To Mike and Lisa I leave each other forever, to Lisa I leave all the stoggy imes To my brother I leave the height he needs to become a pro. To Deanna I leave a gorgeous surfer and he great fun we've had. To Sue, I leave a friendship forever and the lun we've had and we will continue to ave. I leave Agoura High School Fullfilled. . Monica Haynes, leave to my loving friend C.G a years supply of "lik-a-kitty" pops to eat: To the designer leave one validated parking ticket: To Debbie and Graham I leave all my concert ticket stubs. Dave Neggly nd the complete works of the Andrew sisters to share with Dena: To Lori Andell, I leave a book on how to vercome sillyness and a week in the Hawaiian Is.: To Elena I leave Mr. Rogers. to Denise. I leave the Sunset trip. all our crazy dances in dance class and the Dead Kennedys: To all my friends I failed to mention here. leave my love. friendship unforgetable memories and best wishes for your futures. Thank you. . Shelly Hughes. leave to: Mr. Pete and Mrs. Siegler a very special thanks for all their help and understand- ng: To John. my shoulder to use whenever he needs it: To Kevin. all my excuses for ditching class and unfortunately 2 more years at wond4rlul Agoura High: to Dom, a bittle of wine, a jacuzzi and an everlasting sunset. To Mr. Feinman, that weekend we never had fyou devil youl To Angie a can of mace for when she leaves the house, all the Carvel Ice Cream she can eat fisn't it low-cal'?l a box of kleenix for all the tears we've shed over you-know-who, sunglasses that block our baby blue eyes and all my love forever: To Missy every pair of shoes J,J.'s ever chewed up our designed togas, a new phone so I don't always get a busy signal and 2000 pads of writing paper. a raincheck for all the lunches we never went out to and enough love to last forever: To Pete, a new car. a life supply of chapstick and lotsa love and happiness with Kendyi To Kendy, all my morbid poems. our midnight pig-outs all the dirty looks we got in Oceanography a bill for S100 worth of emergency breakthroughs and the memory of our beautiful friendship with a wish for happiness in the future fwith me in itj: I leave to John, a bottomless pot of coffee. a million pennies. a clean room, tires that never go bald, a valid drivers license, a life time of back massages, and that awful word I hate. an "Eternity" of unbreakable drumsticks and a gigantic hicky. But mostly. I leave a heart full of love just for you. a kiss for luck and the memory of all the good and bad times we made it through together. I love you. I, Pete Irwin, leave to Larry Pesetski, my bird legs and cliches, To Chris B., I leave a mohawk and Black Flag. To Kevin B., a safety pin through his cheek and new shoes, to Kevin W., total desperation and the sex pistols, To Brett M.. braces and a clue To Dominique, the VALLEY Because he should live where he belongs to Jerry S., Himself, to Mrs. Grossman a place in the sun, and to Mr, Bushner someone to talk to. I, David Kane. leave to Agoura High School, my constant devotion. To D.B., Love, To B,M., , To S.P.. Jokes to my secret admired. friendship, To the student body. I leave all the memories we will have of this year and the friends I have met, loved and grown up with, I leave all the joy I have felt to anyone and everyone that smiles. I. Todd Kelson. leave to Steve R.. a haircut, to Kevin W., a free pass to phases, To Joe, a ten year supply of paint jobs, To Rob, Mark. and the Weirs, a new ski outfit every year, To Dave L., a toupe'. To Karen H., a good job, to Mara. some real cowboy boots, to Ray S.. a new car To Randy C.. the skill to win a race and to Mr. Albrezzi and Mr. Bathgate all the time back that they spent lecturing me about how to drive. I. Karen Kieldergaard, leave my car to my favorite mechanic. To Tracy Hiner I leave my blue rumbas. early morning practices, all the cold seats she can handle S next year someone to keep them warm. To Lisa 'Atypical freshman" Hatch. I leave her favorite drummer. Dave Hooper. To Dave Hooper I leave the 3 freshmen stooges. To K,C. I leave my cold hands to warm up 8- continuous use of coupons, To "the Krenik" I leave the poem under the windshield wiper on 10l31l80. To carrots Two carrots I leave the Mormon football jock in the morning, alter school, 8- band trips, Northridge. icecream splurges. our private "convo's." shared bus seats and totally max days. I leave to my sister a date with Kevin S the next three of Agoura, To Brett 8. Mary ' leave my almost good grades. good times in Algebra. Thanks Agroua Tall flags. band 6. banners, 6 my best buddies for all the memories. I. Mike Kleinfelter, leave Agoura High happy. that is happy to get out! I thank my good friend Steve Daley for getting a 21-year-old l.D. card, also I thank him for getting me blitzed at lunch 8- work. To Dave Grossberger Lunn I leave a can of gunk. To Kilpatrick I leave a box of lucky charms. To Valerie Graham I leave Steve Daley 8 hope everything works out. To Guy Mazza I leave a hefty round of beads. To Chuck "meIIonhead" Marshall I will him a new brain. To Natalie Fechner all of the luck in the world. To Missy Reynolds I leave Dennis Webb. To Paul Reynolds l leave him luck in his future. To all my other friends I wish them the same., I. Kara Kline, leave M.M. a humungous bag for shopping, our own "Laverne 8. Shirley" apartment. a very skimpi bikini. a chainsaw for D.A.. my friendship forever, much happiness with S.C. To T.S. a muffler for her footer, her own counseling office S my friendship forever. To K.E. a private ball retriever. a punch bowl, a fairy to grant her wish. 81 more radical times. To R.R. more driving lessons and a bag to go over her red lace for setting off the bank alarm. To P.L. a trip to Texas to see the Chainsaw Masacre. To H.B,, J.B, Kadison 8- a private plane to fly to S.F. anytime. T. K.L. a lifetime supply of Cinnebar. To P.M. a matching outfit. To T.W. lots of luck 6. a years supply of gas for her senior year. To L.D. permission to stay out as late as she wants. To D.H. a trip to Australia 8. my job. To Agoura High students I leave my secret plans to escape from the noon aids 8. guards. I. Shuichi Komiyama. leave one single quotation to be perished for the Agoura High Class of 1981 -- "Love once, But love always. Forever. I. Philip Kraft. leave Kevin Poley my book on 101 ways to lie without being caught. among other things. I leave Greg Miller all my socks 8. underwear which he lacks. I leave Steve Rawlings my book on penguins B. ducks. I. Anita Krook. leave Agoura High with a sigh of relief. To Anette A. a book entitled "Agoura 8 Simi ValIey's Hot memories of the "good times!" 8. my friendship forever. To Theresa O. a U-Haul for your studio assignments. To Bruce W. . . . a shower, To Susan Mc. all the luck you'Il need to survive a senior year at Agoura. a pair of 3 inch heels. a bag of cookies to eat while you are on your diet. the wish that- all your dreams come true. and last but by no means the least I leave you all the understanding you gave me. the good times in the past IO years. 8. a future filled with love 8. friendship. To everyone who helped me make my senior year a great one . . THANKS! I. Walter Kubelun, being of sound mind 8- body leave to Kim Anderson all my Yoplait yogurt without spoons. To Mr. Bushner I leave a decent film projector for his super film class. To 72 I leave my sleeping bag 8. her Friday nights free. To Pat Croner I leave a year's supply of kitty litter. To Todd I leave 4 years of great friendship. To MicheMicheal Scott Thomas I leave my super speed on the soccer field. To Jaime I leave all my passing English papers. To my little brother I leave my little black book. To Carrie I leave a new respectable toothbrush. To Randi I leave my phone bill. To Kathy I leave my great job at the club. To val 8. Jul's I leave my great body 8- Oceanography grades. To Sharon Rich I leave an autographed picture of Jay Joyce. To Bunny I leave all my Baby's albums 81 all our fun times. To Stewart. I leave boxing lessons. To Marci I leave all the good times we had 8. the part of Sally. To Frank I leave Plan II. Westlake 6 my muscles. Please continue on page 180 59 smith: 1145: niiiiflf' w K Curriculum Sem. Science Formulas For The Future .X si . , ., ..-n .. . is f -3 'wld . ,f"" is bf 5 'ff ui , 433 , - ABOVE: Mr. Lasnik and "friend" ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Smith Department Head LEFT: Jenny Hall takes a break from writing during one of Mr. Lasniks incredible lectures. This year the Science department is headed by Mr. Smith, a well known and much liked Oceanography and Biology teacher at Agoura High. Mr. Smith has been teaching science classes at Agoura for many years and has been known to get very involved with his work, much to the delight andfor dismay of his students. Besides Mr. Smith, the other science teachers at Agoura include Mr. Lasnik, a veteran of the Science department who teaches Biology BSCS and Physiol- ogy, Mr. Ramirez, who is best known for his Ornamental Horticulture work, Mr. Patterson, a physics and chemis- try teacher, and Mr. Harms, Earth and Life Sciences instructor. An average day in one of these teachers' science classes may prove to be very interesting with labs, informative and often very good films, and even the opportunity of hearing guest speakers or taking field trips, in addition to everyday lectures and assignments. Producing Dreams The Art department is a big department here at Agoura High, but amazingly enough, it is only run by three teachers. lvlr. Patrick Kale is the department head this year and he has earned this position with his dedication to his classes and helpful instruction to art students. This year Mr. Kale is teaching Ceramics, Stained Glass and Slipcasting. The other two teachers in this department are lvls. Feldtkeller, who teaches Drawing Land, Stained Glass, Commer- cial Art and Silkscreening, and Mr. Neely, who teaches photogra- phy and is also the Yearbook advisor. RIGHT: lvls. Feldtkeller giving a most satisfying look. BELOW FNGHT: Another fine stained glass project in its completion. BELOW: Mr. Patrik Kale, Department Head. BELOW LEFT: David Schellesinger with one of his earned creation 'S it . , - f - . . 'ff . ite 'ESQ - WSI 6? Curriculum Business Planning Our Tomorrows 4 The Business department has many interesting and useful classes to take, such as Vocational Typing, Business Law, Personal Typing, Account- ing, Shorthand and Vocational Job Skills. The de- partment is headed this year by Mrs. Goodes, who in addition to teaching Typing and Shorthand, is in charge of Agoura High's Spirit Team. Mrs. Lund- quist, new to the department this year, is teaching Business Law, Accounting and Journalism. This was Mrs. Fisher's last year in the Business depart- ment. She retired at the end of the first quater, after having taught Vocational Typing. BELOW: Mrs. Goodes LEFT: A typical day in the typing class. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Lundquist enjoys her Business classes here at Agoura. ggggg R i g' X NSN. Curriculum 63 du ,JH ' - 92? 1.39 X. ah E ,i r .,L 4 1.132 V 46'-fd .. - V sp. .bl f-A .,,, I L3 ig Fw I c,- QA .3 a .A Math Adding To A New Tomorrow The Math department is definitely one of the most com- plicated departments at Agoura High, with its endless array of "equations, postulates and theorems," all of which only serve to confuse math students. The teach- ers of this department have done much to improve the student's understanding of the work, however. These teachers are Mr. Berke, Mr. Belcher, Mr. Holden, who is also chairman ofthe department, Mr. Falkin, Mr. Harms, Mr. lsenburg, and Mr. J.D. Smith and Mr. Fiezinas, who in addition to math classes also coach successful sports teams at Agoura. New to the department this year is Mr. Goldberg, who also teaches English. The math subjects that these teachers teach include Pre Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, General and Consumer Math, Math Analysis and Calculus. LEFT: Mr. Holden, Department Chairmen BELOW: Karen Finke en- joys her lunch during class BELOW LEFT: Mr. BeIcher's Math class hard at work BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Belcher lends a helping hand Curriculum 65 'G' S wg, as wx K ,. v , 4 V 'S Q s a-Y S I w 0 ,..,,...... 9 X 5. Qs ,S Q , -- X .av 2. 5 gs, .,.,,.,4-M , g in 4i"',,f""' ....,.,., si , - . ' , I .,,, A' K ss - ' AV ' l' .QA . S 4 QW' J V I, - 66 Curriculem oreign Language Communication ls The Key YQ. tx X T, . H -- -, I g g i. Z: ,L Q ,. A Axv r X as tl, ,,........... , ' ti' ,gr- mxx- Q X" r ' X. X X T " . f 'lf A sas ' A ea" Y" r A ' . W' r .Q-Q. 'S : r w. dm . M., . The use of foreign languages is a very essential part of our culture, and one of the objectives of the foreign language department at Agoura High School is to stress their impor- tance. The department consists of two subjects, French and Spanish. The French department is headed by Mrs. Myer, who loves to teach French and tell humorous tales about her exper- iences abroad. The Spanish department is under the direction of teachers Mr. Christionson, Mr. Quint and Dr. Steffen. Mr. Ohristionson, who once lived in Mexico, came to Agoura to teach Spanish. This year he is teaching Spanish I and ll in addition to his Leadership class. Mr. Quint, a renowned Ger- man teacher at Agoura, is teaching Spanish l and ll, as well as English, since the Foreign Language department has dropped its German courses. Dr. Steffen, who has a Ph.D. in the lan- guage ot Spanish, is teaching Spanish ll and IV this year. Though some students have found foreign languages difficult to learn, the teachers of this department will always be remem- bered by those who were fortunate enough to have mastered these languages with their help. LEFT: Craig Brink, a master of all languages. BELOW: Mr. Quint is shown teaching one of his many Spanish classes. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Myer, who is in charge of the depart- ment, is definitely one of our more interesting teachers at Agoura. BOTTOM BlGHT: Mr. Christianson displays one of his infectious smiles. fi . Q i . fri. . . : 'r QNX Q Q' it tel- i wr, A5 . + t - sit s .sw E 1.1 -. - . K .1 'Q st E I i S h Imaginative Prose This year, the English department is under the direction of Mrs. Graham. Mrs. Graham has made a name for herself in the Agoura High English department by winning many awards of recogni- tion for her contributions to the English language. Her capacity for teaching has shown itself in the classes she is teaching, World Literature and Eng- lish ll Honors. Our other fine teachers of English and the classes they teach are as follows: Ms. Antonucci, English I Honors and Communication Skillsg Ms. Bishin, World Literatureg Ms. Doi, Eng- Iish ll and Illg Mr. Litton, Classical Literature and English IV Honorsg Mr. Maitland, English I-lllg Ms. Packard, English 12, and Mrs. Stewart, British Literature, English Composition and Power Read- ing. RIGHT: Mrs. Graham, our honored English instructor. BELOW: Ms. Antonucci, caught at a rare monent. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Stewart one of our most enthusiastic English teachers. f 5 237: it . K .- X it . X. x ag? wif' 68 Curriculum i as , ff 4-m.,..,, ,L , isp Special Education pp -ff is Lg M 'girl 68,5 ,V -In Q 'mf' Nglff' fi' p T.. wi, f fwtfsgbxsf ah, ivan N """""""'7 ,,, jj rfi-r"'f M. A , at - 4, f A1:,1 we V ' 'te t a -.critic . .. , for .wt . " W ykliil hz Q: Y 'wh ' awww 'x,vQw,.. ...,.-.,, .. g ga' 5 ,- mrs -+A-'fd .Nui U ,,,,,. sian", WMWA' A X Agoura High School has several special education programs for students with special needs. The programs include speech therapy, adaptive physical education, the resource specialist program, the self-contained special education class, and the severe language disabilityfaphasia program. Students enrolled in a special education program receive instruction that is designed for their individual learning needs and abilities. Special Education students also take classes in the regular program of instruction. Some students have as little as one hour per week of instruction in a special educa- tion program. Other students may have from one to four classes per day in their special education program. Social Science. . . Training Tomorrows Leaders Today. PsychoIo9y. World Studies, Philosophy, U.S. History, Gov- ernment, and student and law are just a few classes that is offered in the Social Science department. t 11 Mr. Tapie, U.S. History and Driver Education 21 Brian Case, listening very carefully not to miss a word. 31 Mr. Miller, World Studies l, and U.S. History 1 41 Mr. Bushner, Psychology and World Studies ' f 51 Mr. Petersons, World Studies, Speech and Government , 61 Jamie Wayne, a student that feels Social Science is his best subiectl 1 71 Mr. Crow, U.S. History and driver education 70 SOCl8l SCiel'1CB fy f" 'xr ..,, ws M 'ix K Social Science Marching Band Marching Towards Our Dreams Marching Band is a successful course on campus. Taught under the supervision Tom Jackson, the band has appeared in many parades and festivals. Some of the highlights of the year were appearing in "Fantasy on Parade: at Disneyland, a concert at the Los Angeles Boneventure and appearing in the All Western Band Re- view. This competition spans from San Francisco to Mexico City. Out of 78 bands, Agoura placed 3rd!! Other shows they participated in were, Walnut Field Show, 1st. place, Azuza Field Show 2nd. place, Mission Viejo Band Review, 2nd. place, C.S.U.N. Field Show, lst. highest music score, West Arcadia Band Review, 1st. place, Cal. Arcadia Band Review, lst. place 13rd year in a rowl and Antelope Valley Field and Parade, 1st. in parade and 4th. place in field. They also won overall music at Antelope Valley. CONGRATULATIONS to our marching band!!! .411 The Members of the band are, L. Ackerman, C. Altergott, B. Andell, M. Antoniades, D. Armstrong, D. Behl, R. T. Boelens, M. Brown, M. Bucholz, K. Carpenter, M. Cicero, S. Cole, C. Curtlss, P. De Minico, J. Emmons, Eschenbruecher, D. Fransen, H. Gates, M. Gehri, W. Gillette, L. Glass, C. Golden, D. Hansen, D. Harmen, D. Hooper, Irwin, K. lrwin, C. Johnson, T. Kappl, L. Klevs, P. Kramer, D. LaBruyere, D. Lashbrooke, C. Long, A. Mac Innes, Manion, A. Mellinger, E. Rentz, R. Rummell, J. Rutherford, S. Schwab, K. Shute, D. Singer, T. Sorner, M. Stribling Task, D. Loops, G. Wanner, G. Wong, K. Yarber and S. Yarber. The Members of Flags and Banners are, S. Balter, R Bellinson, D. Burkman, W. Callaway, J. Crosby, M. DeGennaro, J. Derrick, C. Dellemore, J. Foster, K. Garvisch Hemond, T. Hiner, T. Holm, A. Holmes, S. Householder, K. Kzeldegoard, A. Lyons, A. Mac Murtirr, L. McDonough McGure, L. Moore, S. Sperrs, P. Tims, K. Wellner, S. Wool. L S NA a r C . h i n Q Band u .4-aff" P Physical Education-Shaping Bodies ei P f 'rf QA , . . 2 .,:,?,h,-, ' . . E '- .Q 1 s A .f ,f 1 ' ' ' 'S f 3 ' 7 ""f' 1 , 'f 5 ' . '. fi L . . I j E1 1 T' Q .JM k - WA, .,...,ff , K ' ' 4 - LK, L Ag 'nik-'-iii m g::'f 4-f ' " ' 1 ga-13?-2 1 ', 'f '55, if qi . fX'4f1f'T sf,,f,,"51.-5',,v7 A' : fi ' 712' -:L-2 1-if-if 5 ,STH A . 4' if :' .- gf arf: - ' X V, . .. A . . H . f V1 'asf ,Q ' -.A r L Wifi . Y 6 'W 4 Q - A- , X iv, X I -3 A1 .,,,,. . 5 367. ff w '14 Q " . . Q ,gg , I if 3, Ne," f w -I ' K 4' ,Q -, 1.1. L4 Y xiii ' V. - .L A ' . -.- fr, ' ,W - . A zu, -- . 4?'5''5 5 C .Ef5"6f97f'?'-5 . . 1131-,r QF., L.. .. L 'Ziff j . ,' ?" ' fJ 'fl' fjffz ' fry! f Y. 5, ' r :Sli 'h - 4' ' -' li' V , 'wt 1. 'fsf , W ' B 'imdv 'ifwae f Lf-.Dia - x 'N "- - . K' '. r" Q' ' ' H",' ,.. L 1. 3 ff 1.'Q-'-4 1 315, --'gig - 'lug-, '.' "f , "-. . " ' fi , 673' if ' aff . 3 N ,X ,, ..IX:tL W K X' "'k'i?"k'!QRn A . ' ' -". i it--.1 , x..f2 ? A X ,gk 151' -. xv-,ug.,1..L,... . ,N Ml - 'ff1,ff'. 1 4- . Q V W, , O 'ik 'NA X, 4 K 34. 5 QK1? gf!! dl ti 1 if . :K ,' "J 'LQ ' 6' V -,wi lf tl Violence, Emotion, - The Year That Was As I sit here on the day of March 13, I Lok back on the year of 1980 and see at we grimaced, we smiled, we wept, we rughed. We hated we loved. The year flickered across our faces, but randed our hearts. We saw injustice. We saw violence. We aw nature kill thousands of our neigh- ors. And mankind, too. But still, we hope and we prayed. We hoped through all 31,622,400 sec- -nds that a bearded religious man would ee 52 of us held hostage in a distant und. We enter the next year still hoping. We hoped we could jail a worldwide ickpocket-inflation. And we hoped we -ould kick the oil habit. There were reasons for hope. We were Earning more about our bodies and the avens, finding new limitations and new otential. And we found out - finally - who hot that TV oil baron named J.R. The second hand had spun. Nature wrote plenty of headlines . . . The earth moved Italy. And belched in Jashington state. Ferocious winds fed timberland fires in outhern California and homes were con- lumed. Soaring temperatures in the Unit- d States parched crops and claimed lies. Floods and storms took land and es from California to India. . . and mankind wrote a few head-lines, oo. A grisly prison uprising in New Mexico, 're FBl's Abscam inquiry, race riots in iami, war between Iran and Iraq, Soviet adow' in Poland. Republican Ronald Reagan, former Elalifornia governor and actor, became e oldest man elected president in the J.S. history-at the age 69- by defeating immy Carter. Independent candidate ohn B. Anderson won few votes, but se- ured a footnote in history by making bal- Pts in every state. Republicans took con- ol of the U.S. Senate for the first time in o decades. Among Democratic losers ere such longtime senators as George cGovern, Frank Church, Birch Bayh and arren Magnuson. Some 125,000 Cubans streamed to lorida on the "Freedom FlotiIIa" with Fi- el Castro's blessing. A few were disap- ointed with the land of the free-six flights ere later hijacked to Cuba in the worst pate of air piracy in 11 years. At year's nd, some 6,000 Cubans were in a resett- ment camp, and thousands were in pris- n. The year had its disheartening mo- ents Our standard of living eroded. Inflation .Jas not to be roped. The U.S. economy ank into recession, and the recovery was haky. Interest rates rode a roller coaster. Buyers stayed home. Mount St. Helens lew its top, turning a lush pine forest into lumberyard. Mountain Man, Harry Tru- an wouldn't leave, and became a leg- nd of sorts in death - a fate shared by tome sixty others. Ash hurled 11 miles High and drifted and turned day into night w Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The capitivity of 52 Americans in Iran, , ., ...,. ...iwwvx . A . KEY WEST, FLA. MAY 17 - GUARDED POSITION - A Coast Guard patrol keeps an eye on a shrimp boat loaded with refugees as it makes it way to port in Key West. Federal Authorities are siezing all boats returning from Cuba with refugees and stopping all boats planning to go to Cuba. l Q l ,,aF BALVANO, Italy, NOV. 24 A rescue team goes through the debris toward the church that col- lapsed burying some 50 people. The strong quake that struck Southern Italy killed at least 400 people. ' JOHN LENNON SLAIN IN NEW YORK - The Beatles, with John Lennon at right perform in I New York in September of 1964. Lennon was ' shot and killed in New York outside his apart- ment building. Other Beatles in picture are from left, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr on drums. had trees sprouting yellow ribbons in the United States, and the nation and its leaders prayed, protested, and pursued solutions. Nothing helped. A secret rescue mission was aborted when three helicopters broke down. As the U.S. servicemen left an Iranian desert, two aircraft collided, and eight men died. Finally the ordeal ended, as the negoti- ations reached an agreement, and 52 happy Americans boarded a plane for Wiesbaden, West Germany to the cheers of the world. An earthquake racked Algieria, leaving 400,000 homeless, and at least 10,000 people dead or missing. Another 200,00 lost their homes and 3,000 their lives when an earthquake devastated South- ern Italy. Two hotel fires in a week - one in Las Vegas, Nevada, one in White Plains, N.Y. - killed 110 people. We thought about fire safety. A summer of 100-plus temperature in much of the nation claimed more than 1,200 lives. The heat and Drought turned tender stocks of grain into tinder in over a dozen states, doing some 12 billion in damage. A thirty-six hour rampage at the New Mexico State Penitentiary at Santa Fe left 33 inmates dead and revived the old question-what are we going to do about overcrowding in our prisons? Toxic shock syndrome, a sometimes fatal disease caused by a common bacte- rium, was linked to tampons, but more -I ar- 4 4 , ' 'fs xr Dafa Q0- WAFI TRAINING An Iranian mullah wearing a turban fatigues and running shoes trains a group of "holy warriors in the arts of warfare in Iran s embattled Kermanshah Province UP SHE GOES - Mount St. Helens roars to life on the morning of Oct 17 sending a plume of smoke and ash skyward. The volcano is located 45 miles north-east of Portland Oregon in Washington Next to Mount St Helens is Mount Rainier, a dormant volcano. The plume was estimated to be 50 O00 feet NON KILLED - This is a 1980 handout photo of former Beatle John Lennon, left, with his wife Yoko Lennon was shot to death outside his New York apartment building. Soviet troops entered Afghanistan and the United States responded by halting grain ship- ments to Russia. The President called for - and got - a U.S. boycott of the Summer Olympics in Moscow, and the events became a Soviet romp when 36 nations stayed away. Rioting broke in Miami streets after an all- white jury acquitted tour former police officers in the fatal beating of a black man. 18 people died, and the S100 million in damage made it the most costly urban disorder in U.S. history. Undercover FBI agents offered bribes on behalf bogus Arab shieks, paying out almost S500,000 to public officials, in the largest in- vestigations of political corruption in FBI histo- ry. A U.S. senator and six members of the U.S. House were indicted because of the Abscam inquiry, and trials successfully tested the FBl's newest type of evidence -videotapes. The senator was not up for re-election in Novem- ber, and voters rejected five of the six con- gressmen. The year 1980 also it's heartening moments Although it seemed nothing could be done for most of the hostages, six Americans es- caped Iran after nearly three months in hiding in the Canadian Embassy, United States citi- zens cheered their northern neighbor. And the Iranians freed hostages Richard Queen because of an illness they couldn't ex- plain. It was multiple Sclerosis, and he's OK. In one ofthe most dramatic scenes in Lon- don since World War ll, commandos stormed the Iranian Embassy and rescued nineteen people. Three of the terrorists, members of the Arab ethnic minority in sourhern Iran, were killed. The terrorists killed two of their hos- tages during the six-day siege. The cruise ship Prinsendam caught fire in the cold, stormy waters of the Gulf of Alaska, and in the largest rescue at sea in recent histo- ry all 500 passengers and crew members sur- vived. The luxury eventually sank. Maxie Anderson and his son, Kris, became the first to traverse North America nonstop in a balloon. The elder Anderson promptly made plans for a nonstop balloon around the globe. The world gots its best view ever of the solar systems sixth planet when Voyager I skipped through Saturns rings. Scientists found a way to produce interferon in commercial quantities. But after touting in- terferon as possibly THE cure for cancer, sci- entists backed off. Studies continued. The gutsy U.S. hockey team won the gold medal at the Olympic Games at Lake Placid, N.Y., besting, among others, the top rated Soviets. And a muscular 21-year-old Ameri- can, named Eric Helden, won five Golds in speed-skating - a record in Winter competi- tion. KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla., Dec. 30 - MOV- ING TOWARD LAUNCH PAD - The space shuttle - Qolumbia begins it's 3V2 mile journey from the Vehi- cle Assembly Building to the launch pad, for final preparations before it's March lift-off. This is Ameri- ca's first reusable space craft and will carry Astro- nauts Robert Crippen and John Young on it's maid- en flight. 77 -nf' LOS ANGELES, JAN. 13 - JUST FOR LAUGHS - President-elect Ronald Reagan laughs and points during light moment of lucheon in Reagan's honor in Los Angeles, It was Ronald Reagan Day in Los Angeles. Ninety years of white rule and ten years of civil war ended when Rhodesia became the independent nation Zimbabwe. Robert Mu- gabe, a black leader, was elected prime minis- ter by a landslide. The government stepped in to help relocate over 700 families at Love Canal, long a chemi- cal dump. The leaking toxic wastes caused chromosome damage, the Environmental Pro- tection Agency said. It was a year of returns . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau, ousted as Canadian prime minister in 1979, won his old job back. lndia's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, ousted and indicted in 1977 was swept into office with a clean slate. Bernardine Dohrn and Cathlyn Wilkerson one-time members of the Weather Under- ground, surrendered after hiding for a decade. Another fugitive radical of the anti-war move- ment, former yippie leader Abbie Hoffman, also surfaced. exile The Soviet Union's Andre Sakharov, a No- ble laureate, was sent to internal exile for criti- cizing Soviet intervention in Afghanistan and supporting the Olympic boycott. .. . acquittals .. . Former U.S. Budget Director Bert Lance, was found innocent of bank fraud charges - three years after resigning amid controversy over his personal finances and practices as head of two Georgia banks. Ford Motor Co., was acquitted of reckless homicide in a case brought by relatives of three Indiana teenagers who burned to death when their 1973 Pinto was hit from behind by a van. QQ Six Klansmen and Nazis were acquitt charges they murdered five communists "Death of the Klan" rally in Greensboro, in 1979. and deaths Former Beatle, John Lennon was gu down, and millions spent a silent 10-mi mourning the singer-songwriter and the demise of the Beatles, the most succ rock group of all time. Twenty black children were killed in Atl and two were missing. Blacks and joined a search for the killers. The exiled Shah of Iran died in Egypt guslavian Josip Broz Tito died in the co he led for 35 years. And Col. Harland San the fried chicken king, died at age 90. Alfred Hitchcock, the director of film made millions sweat, jump and shiverg J Durante, a comedian whose bulbous nos came a trademarkg and Mae West, b queen of the double entendre, all died as genarians. But the careers of two other top actors cut short. Steve McQueen died at fifty heart attack after surgery for the canoe had ravaged his body: and Peter Seller cumbed at 54 after a third major heart in 16 years. We suffered, We rejoiced. But we always hoped. We enter the next 31,536,000 secon hoping. WASHINGTON, JAN. 20 - REAGAN TAKES OATH - Chief Justice Warren Burger administers the office to Ronald Reagan at the Capitol. Reagan's wife Nancy holds the Bible. Outgoing President Carter and his wife Rosalynn are at right. Sen. Mark Hatfield, R-Ore., is third from left. 'VELCOME f Toi' REEDOM N, ,J ggi IN-MAIN AIRBASE, FRANKFURT, JAN. 21 - BACK TO FREEDOM - One ofthe 52 American ex- ages, David Roeder, shouts and raises his arms as he gets off an Airforce DC-9 medical plane at the kfurt Airforce Base shortly after he and the others arrived here from Algeria, their first stop in freedom r 444 days of captivity in iran. 4 4 v L, Q -urs.: 1 I , ,. 1 W. . s 4 5 .. , I, XA 'K '5 1 ,i- A A t A 4 'N , tl ' :SL ' - l .l , , if--I A r , . 'z ' E ..4'S,!5 O -'A , , .. H V S 1 rr' it - , gvinigrgpgyygpsrly , Y ' Q V It X:,Iy 559 ,KP rum ty -uf -argl iv.-9 3 -I I . , f ,Q , X MVT, 'fu' "wil l 'UE' 1 ' 'XJ-'Vl f , ,. ,gy 7' 5 1-'..-' wr ' P'--' 1' Q-r ' . K' it ,I ,I Q " . , VL.. ..,,K,g . ' f ,,, Q. .N ti,f,,W K A .X ' . . -uvuw-:pi-.awni vw.-u-.vz K, . , ' A'1'. ll' 2. "il xw ,s -..E 5 Q ? .i 1 2 'S its 1 X " N ' T . - 1 is sv wt 1 - Af fs- i 1 WM . . - g y T 'l'?"" IHNQXQN WASHINGTON, JAN. 27 - TICKER TAPE PA- RADE -Shredded paper fills the air over the buses carrying the former hostages and their family mem- bers down Pennsylvania Ave. for a reception at the White House. The Capitol dome is in the back- ground. WASHINGTON, JAN. 27 - FORMER REP. KELLY CONVICTED - Former Florida Rep. Richard Kelly bids reporters farewell outside the courthouse in Washington where he was convicted on charges of accepting a 325,000 bribe. Kelly was the only Re- publican Congressman charged in the FBl's Abs- cam investigation. ,....--T ry-rv Www , Evevx -Hfwc5a,xc51fN Xllbwk Cam QX 'PCH-CU 3901 1: +h-Wk WM Q VQCNXN Q-wa lvl Yx L. - , - . X C YN VX 'S CX X WTXUL Lx Cfxyxl CST' Yxqyxx Y rf x Q MKS-Dx Lxcxck Swxvx x fN AVMX m 1 ,HQ X W Xl 'VQCQT ajuxvxwm ' -X 'L N ., M 3 1 QQ ,Suk YNCNVQ CK NNQCQXX L O2 WW CNW W -T Ciwuv Q x T wx fi- f lc 'X cYik-CN QSQL Xl XJ M XJCQUK Low-L LW 7 Creativity , X' f Az' , 'ff V -f .N ' , V ., , ,, , X 3fQ, ff! f zz, VK, I jf, fu, b , T V I, -,fy ,. If ,LQ fi, , . 1 y f , ,ffk L L. Q, Lf, , Y A X K , V ff - 1 , W 4 4 A L jug 4 K-' f 3 ,I 5 1 A L Y I, - f I ,f -' . ,rf L , X . kr , I, L Ll! !,.- I, , r V!! Q ,N r A V. . 1 L, 1 ' ' ' :A M t rx ' If fx I , x .f , n 1 , -f t ft, Z :- x F :-3 ' idly ' to N' . lQv QINX Q 135' Q RJ J . x NX., Cf? jx 5' ,v IQ M, tywq- .P Q2 se' LHS 4' by ff? of QAM-Qoflk if or Us P fu fa l , N ko? 'Aw if ,Y KJV L bf-. , , 5 : W : mst. Ca tu . fe tw .1 Y, f' lx ,if Y '.. -U 54 fo: my fy - 5 ff wth i x f gf -, K i ' he i 9. Q M gy X1 VJX -U. ,f 1 xx N - f - l sw- '. A t so -1 - ft i Tl x ot- VN xy -fr Yu -.3 L l E! V 1 fs!!-fir XJ fl L L A V, u X 2 tu . G s f l"-QQ? U if gf gf f' Sk! WU xr N-D.,v ',...l3 ji JL. . l ff OA-g 'if it .725 EQ! . fs' it sei t wi M. H1 X .f t f C of TXJ .h NX A1 :lily Y F xl NXJJ tl iv S., b X .QQ X - -,O A Zikzixf' 1 : .- 1 1 U fit Qfffjvf J " i All 2' avi N MQ? it C1 ,. K kj KJ T, wi Q ::'Nlf::f.E?:,:f .E5!"::,i Sf gl. f 2 ' X1 MV 1' ,J F p J J i f , is w 1 U K Pl XJ 1 xf'f.lQt4 l I gf p ' Rf Aj . . .... .. .... . H ' ...url 7'xq 'A 'T' 'Ei'-f. 'S' XIV! 1 :1'M. vw . ,v ' ,1,,,.-L-Q U.: is W .. , . ,, 1 - 1, l l,.l 30 hnqn':n'v-pun, ' ' ' .' -' .Q W W xfuq, J , lvl ' 1' 1 I ,' 5. X,,A1q, all", X L l JN OJ f nd. . xml, yt . , , M, o Q ,ir P FW .H f ff .1 o 0 H f -. OJ..-6:0 ' 'fdwyftzy ., f U ' , . . O N 5 O In .:v'Ej Ev W .2 .:Ql,s " Al gf I' N 4'f.'.'3 'I who '- V 'P asf' it ltr! X! .'n l X 'u it.. ,l:'a. '4 ".,. Q si ct! ' ' I X X" 'ir -, :hi v1.:'.V' . 9:61. 'sn K -h 'bs' 'Q A. ' '. Y .e . f' ' '. - t -' l.'f u an .5 A I" P 7' .13 'f"' O 5 xi' 'F :.i:""'l ' 'L " ' Nw XG! J i I v I' ' :.:' l 0 ."a gill l: 'Ji:::" ' ?f..1::sQ ' l if -- . aL t-'wi' - " - .fzvf t- - -. J f qu... ,.s h I. .5 IA.:'C 'qv'-Q ... C, .-- g , ' 4: l . ..-1-ns -u ni.-..-. nnnunnqun-uu.y.4.f:, ,, 'A Q.-. 'lt' X C, fb ng, ,, qoqunnunn,-1 x .. gj bb' 1 n 'X 'aw 1 4 , L t1 J AN , I Q, .,,. l'm sailing away on my course of dreams, setting my destiny for the futureg hoping the sea will guide me towards happiness. As the waves tumble about me, life's hardships become a reality. But I know that through perserverance and loyalty, the wind will fill my sails and carry me onward to my ultimate oal Q . Creativity 81 5 ,HU m m S 82 Creativity I Love you. These words that make such a brief appearance on the line. Yet they sum up all the emotions raging inside me, all of them fighting to surface. I Love you. How simply it is written on the page. Why can loving you not be as simple as writing about it. However along with the tears and heartache, would the euphoria felt when you smile at me go also? I Love you. How few words, yet too many for either of us to say. How fantastically silly to think these three simple words would put to an end my dark feelings of doubt, anger, and loss . . . But they would. I Love you Marci Weidermiller ly.. U Q L4 g. .Je n Q.. I . sf' --L f '53 A0159 If , . N G - . N 3 ., t " I , y fl! P if "LL ,-' Ag 1 - JM GW EWS m y X i if Nz ' Q , 4 " - ..-,,,' X ll t. .- I k w ww" if XS 'IN xx ' "I - A X Q-7,4 I , X: , . -" 551. T- J ni I I . , , X x I" 7 li' f f t J yi Creativity 83 For Joe As black as the night Yet gentle as the air the purr chills the tune cranks the air mellows and we go on People pass, watch Trying to understand Although l do l feel the sensations running through My mind races from memories of past and thoughts of future and the song goes on There is a meaning of life and love It reveals in the friendships We have lived And of these friendships we have yet to know We seek out the truth in ourselves learning from others We are happy and life goes on- Kelli Ervin AW' I I '14 4 1, 'i SW f W I, 'Y ffrlv I 'I ' 6 X Mr V ff' ?M ff? "' INN A334 ., f .95 J,-' is- 'G' 'V v 1 QW .,. f b! I If at I4 f 5 H-gui d" If '49 421 'uv " , ' x I xfzfi' if ,dial 1'5?"',f'7-r""' 0 u ,, -. VIUHJ LGF. a 1:-4. ' F Vw-Clqf : 4 I Y J7gf M- FWHHD W 0 a 'S' 1,9 h 'nz' .. 4,1-7 . . 3-,Fings zafrgdy ? ,Mk X 1-nag? ' .4 f' 1" . NX - ."1: ' 54' XNN5 '11 A14 'v I xg! . x 13.1. " nr" 1 1-A X E f f Qkffyk Alderac '22 I X ,,-:li fri, Nix X X .X X x f- ' 2' f f X 7ff Creativity 85 Love is such a beautiful thing, Especially the love I have with you. I can share my feelings with you and discuss my problems. Although you do not always understand me, I know you do your best to comfort me. Not everyone has a special someone like you, One that is there when you need them. When I was in trouble, you were there to help. When I needed a shoulder to cry on, you loaned me yours. When I needed someone to talk to, you spent endless hours listening. You have done so many things for me and I shall do so many for you. Our love is eternal! Susan Newirth 7 4 1 . J? li! T ' ,T ,Q f 6 N , in-i gy k Y L 5-G-q"' LUX 1-4 I k XX h 1 35. f 1' ,f of -i 4 X I '95 - iv ' . if av! .2 ' Aff ' ,Cc ,, ' liz! f6"'L ,ffl ?'4 7 f 4 5 ij? I J X ""4::?I8hs f' ' x 1 ' f 45F3:' " XX x i I 35.1-i issitls 1 I X X ,, f ' tiitrxx? f Pkg x I R tz kif w i' I ' !. ,- . I f is -5 it IO N . Y 5' I 86 Creativity 35 it RX it- -X fxx- xv ., ' 'A YW QM x K ,M K -f"'f?r'A Qi I 5 f if ,ff J ff Sy , if A 1 W U' 1 I I, , , I M f ff! GX WL My Q , is f +2 fi Z fi 'NL Creativity 87 WQMA, - Cj 31710 CUL LOOQ JLG 88 Creativity Friends are like Rainbows through those weary and rainy days Friends are like rainbows Though friends have their ups and downs and rainbows are like friends. there is usually a brighter side the treasures and secrets they share Friends bring happiness into our lives, are something to behold. like colors of a rainbow brighten the skies. Like the end ot the rainbow holds a pot of gold! through our sometimes sad and despairing ways, Just like a rainbow shines, by Kara Kline Friends can help see the light Ogfrogl gxovr LD UPG i Ckftfvx Q r SAK GJWKFC., Qfbsekvv 7 N-?12!7'1 X9 0 Qbwf-22 ,QM Calc ww s LU-'C LQINCDDW Qqfejx cA3fLJVYw O'-L,Jf'L,,P QQ Urbq OJ JYbU1rLVX kemcgijf a ELA' ffQfl.JfVVX.ftfwx4JX., flfe Lfkl 4' C 'NCQ- QIQ jj 89,95 elk, ! a Lf fic QQM ADfo'tNx,g WkL 6191-411555 . . .JUST EYES A tiny box, a secluded square, I view outward, into the air, Then myself judged, as the cover lies, ln everyone I see, I see their eyes. It's not that I hate you, Or that you oan't see mine, And it's not that I love you, But how you leave me behind. Run with cosmic strength and speed, Then stop to reasses the need, We together breathe beneath the skies, I ISS? lll. AN it . Qpljxw J X01 2 H' of ji - my . ,tyy J ,555 9 ylvW.yg0UfJ If Qiitfiplv . I lf- ly we J Q Nw Ln, ix ' N' Om W U M01 Oi5mwN'l'Uvll5U WWI is A39 ML ,N I F I H IJ tftdfx Q ry Nev' If Q1 K I if oy K A lv In everyone I see, I see their lt's not that I hate you, Or that you won't see mine, And it's not when I love you, But what is left behind, . . .Just eyes . . .Just eyes, . . .Just eyes . . .Just eyes the window of your a mirror to console, seeds to be sown, so elusive to won. By Dan Rosenberg, eyes. SOU photo by Kelly Amish his F-R39 The Far away Counselor l've got to talk to somebody Why not you? You seem to know the right things to do. My mind wanders and I lose control. You are the only one who can soothe my soul. You are far but easily reached. My soul cries to you as a whale that's beached I see times through troubled eyes. Times that go by with no dreams realized. I feel sensations that rock my soul and still I fall into that gaping hole. I touch things both tame MADNESS and wild. My senses tell me, "you are still a child," I smell the flowers, orchids and daiseys. They say to me, "rest here child and be lazy." I hear the birds with their ' beautiful songs. My lord says, "just wait it won't be long." "you have no need to fear, never need you shed a tear." "your dreams will all come true, my light shall always shine on you "the experience you yearn for is coming soon," My life, it seems, is run from beyond. My lord whispers quietly "lt won't be long." Tamara Gazaway ONE S EP BEYOND... A FRIEND A friend is a person that is honest. That sometimes hurts with her truthfulness, And saves you from more pain later on. A friend is a person that is tactful. That reasures you and builds your confidence And fills your emotional strength. A friend is a person that is original That does her own thing beautifully, And lets you do yours. A friend is a person that follows, That learns from others what is wrong or right, And teaches you. A friend is a person that dreams. That can push away reality for a while, And accept impossibilities. A friend is a person that thinks. That understands what needs to be done, And does it. A friend is a person that cries. That can feel hurt and make mistakes, And is loved for it. A friend is a person that laughs. That can see the humorous side of situations And makes you see it too. A friend is a person that is there. That helps you up when you've fallen, And sets you straight. A friend is a person that cares. That understands and sympathizes with you, And gives you comfort. A friend is a person that talks. That gives advice and councels you, And always turns out right. A friend is a person that listens. That lends a sympathetic ear when needed, And acts forever willing. A friend is a person that is all this and more, And blessed are those with a friend like You. Lisa- I am blessed. by Robin Renee Flummell photo by: Mark Mercer- 1,f p4vi Sports V. Football Advances To CIF Playoffs . , ,, g. fi xyjsig, .c 1..:fff'H .3 "vs vi if-ff' ag 1" Y.. an ' I 5.1, After five games of the season, it looked like Agoura's chances of making the playoffs for the first time since"76 were next to nothing. 4 of the Charger's 5 preseason gmes were against 4A schools. Narrow defeats to rivals New- bury Park Q7-OJ and Westlake 120-OJ were discouraging, but they didn't quit. October 18 marked their first Frontier League game and Homecoming against Calabasas. Cala- basas vandalized the school and cut down the team, but on the field it wasn't even close as Agoura won 42-29. The victory foretold the rest of the season as the Chargers rolled to a 4-1 record in league, good enough for a playoff berth in CIF and second only to powerhouse Rio Mesa. The Golden Chargers drew Lawndale for the first round. Despite combacks and spurts of perfection, the game was to be Lawndale's 41-33. The 1980 season was a very exciting one, and with a promising JV team coming up, next year is certain to be just as thrilling. x ,AQ N ,f 1. Dave McLaughlin drops back to pass against Newbury Park 2. Coach Greminger contemplates the next play. 3. John Wilson and Peter Irwin after the Santa Clara victory. L, .pmt 1. Chargers dig in against Nordhoft on fourth and one. 2. Dave McLaugh- lin hands off to Mark Bohn Front Bow ll-ri: Anthony Bertola, Don Helvey, Darren Wise, Mark Bohn, Lonnie Ogden, Todd Taylor, Oren Prosser, Oave Kane, Tim Foster, T Alane Monasevitch. Second Plow: Mgr. Leslie Moore, Mgr. Anita Krook, Stewart Aiken, Danny Walters, Steve Singleton, Jay Joyce, Pete Irwin, s N' VKL z ' in 'X.. i , A ' Bathgate, John Bacchus, Steve Sherman, Coach Frank Greminger, Coach John Goodes. Third Bow: Coach Larry Pesetski, Paul Hamel, Cory Ecke John Jabara, Steve Eisner, Bill Cobb, Tom Dolan, Brett Meehan, Dave McLaughlin, Damion Kirkelis. Top Bow: George Holmes, Frank Overton, Bra Wise, John Wilson, Aaron King, Phil Headrick, Mike Ledato, Greg DeGennaro, Steve DeGennaro. 1 4 s 1. Tom Dolan catches a pass and looks up field for daylight. 2, Todd Taylor enters familiar territory. 3, Diving tackle stopped this Nordhoff runner from a big gain. new , A ly., ,, .. .. acl Q ., M. w , Aflfkk bw.. . ,1 . Q4 i .--, .1 -.ard a....+siangA..'4'54"'.' K "K 14 , gegsma W' tal: ru-uh' . elif-fa, - 'Y N: 3--...w'. nv ie, frlififiw' . irc- " 0 fr x 1. f A Q 51 1' ng 7 'V i 1 yy if . 'KwIli1,.s..M,,rY r h -35 x X 1 I A -. l 95 J.V.'s Are A Winner r rm.. ,r. ,V ..f. ., ,K A . , ,Q ,A mf fs! This year's J.V. football team had an outstanding season. With a final record of 7-3, they surprised many teams this at year including powerhouse Muir 34-O. They also beat West- ...g,,....,,,..,......,...,,,,,,,,, k lake in a close game 15-14. The Chargers started league with a bang, whipping Calabasas 44-O. The team's final league record was 3-2. Carrying the offense in the backfield were Dave Pitts and Jon Debrowski with Park Elmore anchoring e .- it 5 s.. 5' - rm B B the line. Coach Frank Greminger looks forward to having this M gp ,xg g. ,W - - I -tw f ' . ,..r' it -V tune group of Sophomores move up to the Varsity level next gsgrr gg gg g 4,f,g kkLr-V xr K 'V . Y, M.. ki 5, Qi 1. Chuck Smith hurdles a Calabasas' players futile attempt to tackle him. 2. r Dave Pitts kicking deep. 3. A Charger makes it around the end. -A ' ' krf- . I . we Q .1 1 , Q ,, fx-..' First Row ll-ri: Mgr. Carla Moffet, Mgr. Laura Farsakian, Brett Ross, Doug Neumeier, Chuck Smith, Dave Pitts, Bob Rosenthal, Mark Boos, Dalessandro, Chris Botsford, Dave Reisman, Kevin Dietzman, Mgr. Denise Moreno. Second Row: Coach Bob O'Connor, Rob Stewart, lvan Anderg Duane Decker, Steve O'Connor, Greg Frum, Dannie Williams, Jim Overton, Joe Muephy, Jeff Shelton, Coach Fred Williams. Third Row: Dikran Mahakl Mike Sheets, Jeff Richardson, Tim Concannon. Top Row: Mike Focht, Ralph Colantuono, Tim Sornen, Parke Elmore, Hector Guevara, Shane Gazan, I Mallory, Tony Fiori, Bill Cole. Not Shown: Coach John Crow, Morgan Petty, Robert Vallance. Frosh Football as A au. . , A ii. .. 4 f , r 'Q we M. ' -1 k W, 5 A F A . .. 1-Chargers celebrate after TO. 2-Think we'll get in this game? 3-Craig Brink tires a pass through two defenders. This year's 1980 Freshman team had a tough season Cdon't they alwaysl. Although playing all out and working hard in practice, their final record was 106, the season ending on an upswing with a victory over Hueneme 22-6. "They're super kids", said Coach Belcher of his team, "and I see a lot of potential for Varsity." and 1' so irst row fl-rj: Michelle Burge fmgr.J, Kevin O'Connor, Ryan Peterson, Andy Day, Robert Stilson, Erik Andersen, Paul Fernandez, Barry Stukes, Steve odriguez, Karen Zimmermann fmgrj. Second row: Coach Flitterbush, Chris O'Connor tmgr.J, Jerry Yalowitz, Chris Stilson, Scott Gould, Jason Alvey, us Jursch, Darryl Singer, Paul Houghtaling, Jow Oxx, Stephanie Stricker tmgr.t, Coach Belcher. Top row: Mike Causey, Kevin Carter, Keith Smart, John erry, Craig Brink, Guy Ouimet, Gary Hougardy, Gary McCarthy. ' A Q4 .X F . . ..,,ff'-g J K2 '30 'YE s w 97 The Best Ever For the Agoura Varsity Water Polo team, the 1980 season proved to be the most outstanding in the schooI's history. Taking second place in the Frontier league, the Charger tankers advanced into post-season C.I.F. competition, a first for Agoura Water Polo. Offensively, the speed of Eric Lundstrom and the muscle of John Brody combined to for the Charger attack. Guarding the goal for Agoura was first-year goalie Ed Ball, wh led the Charger defensive attack. Mike Mulligan and Steve Hobman helped Ed great- ly, using their defensive skills to fen off the opponent. Tanker mentor Rick Rezinas was ecstatic over the sucess of his "speed o seven" looks forward to a promising 1981 season. 1. Gary KauFman and John Brody await the start of their C.I.F, play-off match. 2-Coach Rick Rezinas gives G. KavFman tactical stratagies dur- ing the fourth quarter. 3-John Brody pictifies Water PoIo's roughness during Calabasas game. ,iii 1 ' , 1' J g..... , 1 ,. Vnliir, eff , 1 , 5 .K.L I . Y 3 4 ' ?q"'zm 1 ' I -'7 ' ,f wx, at , ,il,..,, . ,. V, . , A 5, if " ,S ., ij: 'ff' ,. K' , 1 L..., K " A . A . .fr ,Y K f , t i- gkat. U , t kg g , Q, af 33,,,, X if K . ABOVE: Eric Lundstrom, Steve Hobmann, Gary Kaufman, Mike Mulligan, Ed QCool Dudei Ball, Jeff Richardson, Carrie Cooper, Jon Brodie, Rick Rezinas- lcoachi, Jay KauFman, Francis Shelley, BELOW: Lori King, Kim Anderson, Beth Marits .1 l dsx i L , me S M A Q .. . ' 4: , .V , X ' ' 1-Jeff Richardson interupts Calabasas play while Steve Hobbmann awaits result. 2-"Cool Dude" goalie Ed Ball, launches powerful down- stream shot against glaring sun. xii if? Iezinas, K. lshimaru, J. Borland, G. Viola, R. Reice, C. Getz, P. Nani, FRONT ROW K. Anderson, M, Bulluah, lvl. Viola, T. Geri, D. Minor, M. Feldman, D, toro, J. Covell V. Cross Country Places First In League. Agoura has one of the best Boys Varsity Cross-Country teams in the state, third best to be specific. Our Varsity squad placed number three in California interscholastic Federation's Finals this season. That is news to many people here at our beloved school. Jim Kelly, Dave Trussel, Chris Spitz, Robert Van Wessel, Tom Zallinski, Andy Arm- strong, Lance Burkhart, and Dave Elder. These Few, proud soldiers of long distance know no fame, no glory. Only the eternal satisfaction in knowing their have done their best. 1-Andy Armstrong-"dedication sucks." 2-The recovering David Trussel psyching up for CIF finals. 3-Chris Spitz engaged in pre-race warm-up. 4- Chris Witwam looks on enviously as varsity letter is handed out. DATE DAY OPPONENT LOCATION TIME SCORE Sept. 25 THURS. THOUSAND OAKS AGOURA 3:30 21-40 Oct. 2 THURS. 'NORDHOFF AGOURA 3:30 25-30 9 THURS. 'CALABASAS AGOURA 3:30 15-45 16 THURS. 'RIO MESA RIO MESA 3:30 19-42 23 THURS. 'SANTA PAULA SANTA PAULA 3130 18-40 30 6 THURS. 'SANTA CLARA SANTA CLARA 3:30 15-50 Nov. THURS. LEAGUE FINALS TBA 'LEAGUE GAMES COACH: Jim Smith AGOURA HIGHSCHOOL BOYS CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE 1980-81 1 . at v..7 . V :3f ...s .. jf A . - 15 'H ft .2 ' J.V.'s Win League ,wr ,qt gf an 4:71 , ,,, , A t. frm at ,fag a Y ' f .fx if -,K,.,,- , 3 +2 ' in W' I .hp -'av s.-A wt L 4, t ,iffy I ,,,,, 'Sl s X M wr- M, 1 Junior Varsity Cross-Country Harriers'put themselves at the top of the 2A Frontier League. At League Finals, this team placed in Five of the first six finishers. Paced by Richard Jabara, Chris Witwam, Rod Silver, and Bob Zim- merman, the team took first through third place, fifth and sixth in a field of five other high schools. Dave Elder's times were fast enough to put him in varsity throughout the league meets and CIF Finals. With most all of the varsity squad graduating. this leaves plenty of places for these promising J.V's to move up into. 1-Chris Dickerson keeps pace with James Dison. 2-Rich Jabara outlasts a Calabasas runner. 3-Brian Jennings with 1 mile to go. 4-Kevin Valance sprints to the finish. TOP ROW: Will Giverns, Dave Elder, Jeff Cagnon, Doug Offerman, Mike Cassidy, Brian Jennings, Bob Zimmerman, James Dison. LOWER: Rod Silver, Chris Dickerson, Al Calce, Rich Jabara, Paul Brennan, Kevin Valance, Chris Witwam. ' 101 Cross-Country Girls Capture CIF Title Girl's Cross Country has been carried by the Class of "81" for all three years of its existence. As the fourth season began, there were doubts that there would be a 1981 season because there were only two sophomores and a freshman out in the '79 season. But, Agoura High was blessed by three very talented freshman and a junior 440 runner who was giving cross country a try. The LA Times ranked the team sixth in its preseason 2A poll. Coach Smith couldn't understand why. It didn't take him long to realize that maybe in the 2A division, Agoura did belong in the top 10. The girls had to adjust to being a winner after being pushed around in the Marmonte f4AJ year. The Chargers rushed through the Frontier League and finished in the top five in all lnvitationals against 3A and 4A competition. margins. The Varsity won the Frontier League finals wit points and moved up to 33 in the final regular season 2 poll. In the CIF prelims, the girls had their worst showing of the but were able to qualify for the finals by getting second in heat. Going into the finals, Alemany was the heavy favorite it was for naught. The team goal was doing their individual and running as a team. It workedg each of the top five impr her semifinal time by 40 seconds and Susanne Muchitz's dropped 90 seconds. The combined efforts of the girls to 87 points, edging out Alemany's 98 points and giving the and Agoura High their first CIF championship in a girl's s Congratulations to the team's dedication and to Coach for his help in bringing this about. Alemany, ranked aift in 2A, beat the team twice but by small JD- , d"f'+'kfQ'in1.v,ki3" -If Sei. if-4 4 af' A -A ff , A i f'.:,,,.gg,a-.fp wwf' irri i f1vS?f?l' 'ii pm' it . Q 0 wif - fa f n 4-A' L A , .ff srei 1 pr . Q" .8 J L 37? ' ' e . , 5 digg.-sf" rii. I ,glqgfflwf FAM, .3"f'jg,:6:i tF5s,'3' , 1 wiw.:s.ff' -.Mi 4 ' an s-:'f1-'f.' ' f. f ini'-Q 1 ' -,,v T.. v- " X . gr V 'n 0 . 1980 CIF 2A Southern Section Champions: fl to Rl Janie Schauerman, Michelle Simon, Lisa Ash, Coach J.D. Smith, Susanne Muchitz, Karen Caruso, Alison Edwards, and Candee Sumner. .. X i ,Q fr Q . , . :Q i . ,ff1ii.ifE' WH. E .iw , ,, i '1- "Ms ' i -is 'f 2J?1f:V' " i -, 'i f .1 1 r . ', I . i f -' 'aix qfflii' . i. 1 -. 1 ,..1-ir , 1 . . fi, his ' , ' L i 5152 is , J T f JW E. 'aw xi ,i iw N1 ' 'H' H i F R Ki if, ' wi. . A . .. 1 ,ri H W J' M ,,iE1,y,t,Q ,. wi , . .. a X -", ' f i Y - V - , ,, 'P Y ' ' S ', -'ff , f Q' ,, H I if 1 '-,- " ' "-h -. T 2 '.'A - I ,, S S i E in S -- 1 'N' ig 'H 'QF-1 V. H L' A 3 Q ll Kari' ' f. , ii f , iQ 2- ' 'f fa -' ' 7.,' i .. , r . Ag- 2 is 'A"' L " .. ' ',f" " - 1 '... ' 7 , - , I A- I i ,L" ",, i ,.,.,, "hk Y . " ' " ff -"' V ' - - .. ii .,'- -- U if 3 '2-. .i g E . ,LL, .. .,,L ,. .W,,LL ,, , .. ,...,. -V ,Q +511 Spf :QL iiigif? h ii 5 is , . , A . ,. ... ,, 5. H i . -5 F' K' ' - 11, I ' VY? . : W - 1: EH if Ii,.5?Mg,,k,,gg ,," in -- uk ',.,i. Iyjig, i-'Wk 55533 k,,, giHLVf5iLf.An,i..l kzgg ,I-Q", V, .gi in M1 . S ' ' in izmzmefif 1-5.-'af .' 1. Candee Sumner stay up with Karen Caruso in a close race. 2. Michelle Simon pushes herself to clock a good time. 3. Susanne Muchitz winds her way through the Agoura course. ,mn ,gi my-inn. my , 5' Q 66: sh! I A ,3 X 'M - Frosh Gains Experience The trademark of freshman volleyball this year was great effort and enthusiasm on the part of both the team and the coach. The team was headed by a new face at Agoura, Miss Suzanne Packard, who's spirit and devotion led her team through a season full of excitement and experience. The spiking ability of Monique Sury, the serving of Andrea King, and the setting of Sharon Borawski and Elizabeth Faulkner were great assets to the team, which finished 1-9 in their league. The experience that the girls acquired this year will help them a great deal next year as potential J.V. and Varsity players. . Left to right, top row: Manager Erica Harasyn, Kerry Martin, Lisa Litcha, Andrea King, Sharon Borawski, Amy Cunningham, Heidi Donahue, Eliza- beth Faulkner. Bottom Row: Andrea Contarino, Karen Zimmerman, Char- istina Brody, Colleen Nolan, Monique Sury. N krgk m RQ5iNgf3'f . . 1 at r , T .r,s f rirres an . ,rsr rr,' ,'V' Q..' . ii, .fwi,wvitis'ili? ' S A crril - ,, Definitely An Improvement Coach Bob LaBelle's Varsity Basketball team provided both improvement and disappoint for the Charger coach this year. The improvement was a 5-15 record after a 1-19 record last year. The disappointment was a fourth place finish in the Frontier League with a 4-6 season, just missing the play-offs. The Chargers made the mistake, when they moved to 1-A of moving to the powerful Frontier. The Chargers were led offensively by the one-two scor- ing punch of seniors Derrick and Brian Sutton. Between them, these two averaged over 34 points a game. Beale also led the battle of the boards along with senior center Doug Wicks. Senior guard Steve Perrin ran the club and did the majority of the ballhandling, with help from Junior Dave Dobrowski. Sophomore forward Charlie Robbins began the year on J.V., but before long was promoted to a starting Varsity position. Junior Greg DeGennaro and Senior Mark Weston also saw consider- able playing time, and Senior Danny Walters and Junior Doug Burkman contributed their respective shares to the team. With four players returning, and a strong J.V. team moving up, the Chargers can expect a successful season next year. ,X wt nr., K 'X' D JY . A A r, ' .,,,, M I w., .. Left to right: Dave Dobrowski, Brian Sutton, Doug Burkman, Mark Weston, Doug Wicks, Derrick Beale, Charles Robbins, Greg DeGennaro, Danny Walters, Steve Perrin. Q u 2 1 1 vis-rin!!! i 5 'un A1355 'ln I fs awk 3 L1 as Rf 5. 3 E 1-Agoura ballhandler Steve Perrin 1255 brings the ball up the court while Coach LaBelle and the Agoura bench look. 2-Doug Wicks goes high for the jump ball while Brian 1245, Mark Weston 1345 and Charlie Robbins vie for position. 3-Greg De-Gennaro shows good from the free throw line. 4-Derrick Beale 1455 battles for a rebound against Simi and 5-rises above the crowd for two against Santa Paula. 6-Doug Wicks 1555 takes the ball to the hoop, while Charlie Robbins 1445 prepares to crash the boards, ftp Jeff Buchignani puts up a free throw against Santa Paula, Q25 Freshman center Stewart Meyers goes high for the tip against Nordoff while Jeff Richardson l33i goes for the ball and C33 against the Santa Paula while John Dobrowski 1353, Jon Siegler 4321, and Jim Hall all watch the ball closely. lLeft to Righty John Krongold, Jim Hall, Jeff Richardson, Wes Carter, Scott Hig- gins Stewart Meyers, Coach Rich Gold- berg Jon Siegler, Jeff Buchignani, John Dobrowski, Jeff Frum, Richard Dimino, Kevin Heath. J.V.'s Place 3rd In League The Agoura J.V. Basketball Team finished a respectable third in their Frontier League race this year. It seems even more respectable when you consider that the chargers were dominated by sophomores and started a freshman against other teams made up mostly of juniors. Starters Jim Hall, John Dobrowski, Jeff Buchignani, Jon Siegler and freshman Stewart Meyers were vital to the charger effort as were sopho- more Jeff Richardson and juniors Rich Dimino and Jeff Frum. You may expect to see many of these people on next year's varsity squad. CA ,-. K sf 1 P ....., . M- - .A ,. HA W , ,,.. 5 J V i a t .. Q f K y Q.. nie... . .-...,.weM.+.m.:., ..... t 1 - ,Z .nf 9, 2 s ' vw af' I . KW . . ...K lv- ...Ai '-.. 'rosh-Sophg Frontier Champions G 1 by The Agoura Frosh-Soph basketball team, a group of ten individuals who had never played high school Q basketball before, won the Frontier League Cham- s iw . pionship with a record of 8-2 this year. lt was quite an A 1 impressive achievement considering that the team, consisting of 8 freshman and only two sophomores, often played against much larger sophomore-domi- nated teams. Russ Parcell, Russ Spitz, Greg Rous, Richard Jabara, Chris Brown, Brian Scott and Todd Dreddick all played consistantly well throughout their championship season. Many of these young men could grow up to be excellent varsity players. Russ Spitz goes up for two, while Richard Jabara battles for rebounding position. 111 Todd Reddick scores inside as Russ Percell and Chris Brown look on. 121 Greg Rous intimidates an opposing player with some aggressive defense. 131 U it 4 l . ' 2 . ,... 5 e eq X 'E z M,- 43 3, ij--'4' L '.1 ' , ?KM,.., watfw-1 t K 'at'-1 . L krhk " .1 M, N ms., to Righty Kelly Mulligan, Russ Spitz, Brian Scott, Todd Reddick, Alfred Leary. Coach Chris Mussack. Russ Percell, Chris Y, ii . n, Greg Rous, Richard Jabara and Mike Goldberg. G llll L Mm' 111 1 an + GirI's Varsity Basketball The girls varsity basketball team did great this year. Their skills and knowledge have been shown throughout the year against such rivals as, LaReina, Nordhoff, and the ever popular Calaba- sas. During the 3 months of training the girls have shown much dedication and friendship toward each other. When talking to their coach, Mr. Larry Pascetzski, he has nothing but supportive comments to make about his girls. With the strong team work of Laurie Sacks and Jean Marek how could the team go wrong. Don't miss out on watching these girls in the years to come, in college ball. 1-Pat Wahl lshootsl 2- Laurie Sacks, Jean Marek, Babera Sommerfeld, Angie Zenardo, Joan Marek 3-Dia Zwemke, Pat Wahl, Angie Zenardo, Kate Nolan 4- Barbera Sommerfeld up for the shot lagainl 5-1223 Laurie Sacks, q13l Pat Wahl, 1253 Dia Zwemke Es hi. I iiigffg 3- 'I QQ sw? x Q... Yr 112 re -,'f... ,,..s,....-mm ,I if we v v--u-nu-uuu RD , ..t v lx s. 'wail' ga! X if"5 45?-W 1 Annette Knttndge on the fastbreak 2. Leann Livingston goes up for jump ball 3 Karyn Auth splits two Panthers 4. Top Row tl-rj: Janice iBurlJ Fabian, Lisa Targan Middle Flow Karyn Auth Annette Kittridge, Leanne Livingston Bottom Row Teresa Keegan Chris O Conner, Chris Eifert, Erin Nolan Floor: - . Il' S Ollh 3 J V G' I R db II 6 Qi! ' U A . U ag Cheryl Jacooson 5. Chris Eitert tries to tip the ball to waiting Karyn Auth. 1 QQ 5. J I .t gt . . Q Q. I welcome i 'Um .fofz Us '11-wing n. W ' --ii-5:37 'i-sE7'HQ'4 4 . l.,..,, A Q1.. .Y Varsity Soccer. . .tit 2 -.,t ,gi . I A.:. 'i.y . W.-tlfiiigj t aw X-gfiggf .M ,... N-mm. 1 K . f .vLTTtikQ'..31i9fi"! The Agoura High Soccer team completed its' most successful season in 5 years. The team came in first place in the Fromteir league and beat Calabasas for the first time in Agoura history. The team was led by all league players: Craig Ekman, Steve Daley, Mike Wildermuth, league M.V.P. Mike Thomas, Kevin Majors and Kevin Kelly. Senior Marty Keegan and juniors Darren Strong, Bert Morefield, Cory Eckel and, Chris Berty. The team made it to the 2nd round of CIF playoffs before being eliminated by 3rd ranked Glendale. The team coach, Dick Leonard, who has completed his most successful season ever, was voted "Coach of the Year" by other fronteir league coaches. 1-Thomas brings the ball under control. 2-Kubelun eludes defender. 3-Kaiser starts the attack downfield towards Miller. 4-Daley sets up for one of his lethal shots. : V -. .,,' ,... Q 'W . ,ff 'Qu M 'V . ...,, s .,-.w..w eu, au. , ., ' Y ' 'aura-lswm xx. f' 'F Mc F af . M., f I A, .Q an ,i,.,-: is .-.:,g- - -w I X W K Q , X., N zfys. K. . E 1 .- s ml. I1-Q Q vi 1' 1 i .5 . , "' K we . ravi' ' 3' "in 4 ser.. A ' ' . ,.. Q . .... 65 3. .. V iit. I ' ' r. 'I B V ...t g-f , aum!iH ?f'3',Sf1,1g' 4.- 953 -rt' - Q , K 53' . .. g ,-,.,. - o f k a g gf, N' K ' -may im, Standing: Keving Majors, Bart Morefield, Cory Eckel, Gary Kaiser, Darin Strong, Ftob Cusner, Steve Daley, A Marty Keegan, Mike Wildermuth, Coach Dick Leonard. Kneeling: Mitch Thomas, Carl Saynay, Walter Kubelun, Todd Walsh, Bob Jacobs, Darryl Cass, Kevin Kelley, Craig Ekman. Sitting: Ty Miller, Chris Berty, Mike Thomas. 114 Q is -r. 1111.4- 1 , 2 , ,,- 4 fin A i 1 www 24,15 if K- J W f WW? lx are--we-.W " an-M ,, ,.i.. W-Q , If rf'-"'7::' V fggvu' f , . .. ,. Q ' Q- Q . l , -5411 , W Je-ln... .,, vs-K ,W ky -...V Wmwv A . A - ,.,.,,., .., --sr msg? E ,o,,,,,,k,,1,.i-,inn-iw -f f M .wi 1-Berty prepares to make a save. 2-Eckel about to stop the Calabasas attack. 3-Thomas scores again. 5-Ekman clears the ball downfield. :W--7' E55-:if .553 I gf :L rg O 2, A 'Qin y ,X wi. ' . , igyg-'Lg , '-Q35-,, ga...-5 , gf -7554 -Q-,-41.1.5 We a , ls H- 1 i f' . K was ,ani V .,, N. AK A ,I Y Q 5 A. glljif Q M .. X . , ' f ' wwf Mike Thomas outleaps an Oxnard defender as Craig Ekman watches on. Q . U , M!-V A.. .lx i K-wff www Y: 5 V5 . K Migtiy C - , , .W .- Kzllfiihkis "'jffgA L " Qi ' A r r ,. ,,.. ,., ..,,. , , L - ,, ,N .l,,.-+ .1 v- -fvfmw 3, 4 .Q .0 .Aff ' K Q , . K W. .,,e,- 5 A M K Q , . i K A f.. M .. . K ,f ,W , K , - M j h -Us , ,X . f- sa.. , In V, hm I mu I , , Mm M . M, U5 Je, ..4 . 115 V. Grapplers Stay On Top This years wrestling team with varsity coach Steve Smith and J.V. coach Dennis Ritterbush had a very successful season. Returning varsity wrestlers Steve Singleton and Steve Clancey enjoyed an excellent year with some very exciting matches. Also having a fine year for the Chargers was Mike Sheets. The 80-81 team was a very young team with only three seniors on the varsity squad. The team had a very productive season, taking second place at the Agoura-Pierce Tournament, and placing well at other tournaments. Next years team will again be a young team but should have a successful season. Most outstan- dirg went to Steve Clancey. Most improved went to Mike Sheets. Coaches Achievment Award went to Ed Norick. Four Chargers got to CIF preliminaries. Sr. Ryan Pete Peterson, Jr. Babak Sadraie, Sr. Steve Clancey 81 Sr. Steve Singleton. Varsity Captions: Glenn Bishop wins another match, Kevin Bathgate working his brake downs, Steve Singleton using one of his forceful crosstaces on a Rio-Mesa wrestler NB - F-T. i YN paws we gsm Q 3 , ,.. H - Varsity lL-RJ- Top Row: Manager Michelle Mohomidie, Phil Rivera, Kevin Bath- gate, Mike Sheets, Mike Hanover, Steve Singleton, Hector Guerave, Manager Leslie Moore, First Row:Manager Dana Akemon, Ed Norick, Steve O'Conner, Steve Clancey, Babak Sadraie, Glen Bishop, Ryan Peterson, Manager Kara Duty, Coach Steve Smith. J.V. Wrestling gym we I .if 1,1 . . . , . 7 S N H56-v Qs...-1? ui if Cliff Brainard, Dwan Decker, Craig Brink, David Holland, Andy Mellinger. Front: Steve n, Geoff Cagnon, Dan Akemon, Brad Sumner, Jerry Yalowitz, Joe Murphy, Coach Dennis bush, ln J.V. action, Agoura had an inexperienced team but was helped tremendously, by Dan Akemon and Geoff Cagnon. Most outstanding went to Craig Brick. Most improved went to Brad Sumner. The J.V. team took second place in the league. J.V. captions: Brad Sumner working up to his base. Another Charger getting ready for the second round. Dan Akemon going after his opponent. Brad Sumner being broken down from his bases. 1 you -...Af J.V. Soccer r I The J.V. soccer team proved to be an excellent experience for all of the players. Considering the fact that the team was made up mostly of Fresh- men, we competed nicely. The J.V. record was 5-4-3 and all of the games were well played. One especially exciting game occurred at Rio Mesa, finally ending in 1-O victory for the Chargers, with Steve Kubelun scoring the winning goal. All in all, the J.V. team had an enjoyable and worthwhile season. l-Tim Finn rolling the ball down field against Noldhoft, while Tony Bromwell looks on. 2- John Ledlord making another game-saving stop. 3-Monty Cook leaping over a Nordhotf player for an excellent header. 4-Bromwell with some fancy footwork. Team picture, left to right, top-Steve Boyd, Evan Salus, Tim Finn, Pat Hedges, Jeff Naylor, Tony Bromwell, Darren King, Ftob Wallstrom, Coach John Berry. Bottom-Manager Andrea King, Steve Bos, Monty Cook, Flob Shelton, John Ledford, Barak Li-or, Alan Lasker, Andy Davis. Cheryl "R A F' Q . fy "2 1 5 - F ifrwf ' 1' 'gf' at ' I m 2 - A H , ,,,4,h,,,,., . -s....4,-......n,..M4n,.. :rig . n :Q 2 -.,, I vi.: My H H, , , grins T W 1... - 2' " W' , A . 'NGK , i- 4 any v av- ' ,-Q P 1 'fl li1 . X - ,fr Q, I , U Sf'-f.'.'.'.'1 ' 'rv . A Q LV' " v . ' a. 'lr 'tg J. 4 ' '.'.'.'. J. .- E ,ms . 4:-:4-ze-:ee .y In x Jw: ,,W,,,g,,4 . ,. .4-pq-:A xfmwm wp. 5'vvvNw:TN'3i,f1 vJf""l'H- .x , e ,av 4. -os" " A. , .H . an wa' A' ' so .,fWf,.m E . , 31 S Y' 4 ' -Q-J,l'r-, '55 z 1- 2" ., -A 'A . ' TV 3' . - ., xg.. ,mqxy ai Q , "ip aj' 'f 14,2 I .3 rw . 'rn' 1 'of ' 'N 'Stu 'L - .. .9 . 1 A, vt x :wiv . , 2, , K . 'E- . . N A tr" """t1""fQ1""gle1"f1"'f" A 4' . ' ' S k,,,V ,M V , g . . . , A , M V 4351 Y it .kr K, k-,- . - .- xg .1 cr .1 1 5? j , ' vt .ug ' fC. ' I Q it K. I x . V, K .. Wm. ' I ' w f Q , . U o 9 , ' "e 4. ,Q 5,5 . ts ...ff C we .I get r ' , L' L .Q 36 ga V' 4 r f ' is .. 4 I X! as rw' with K' V - Q 3, T if K . M 6 t . , ' . ,. . , ,,V y N 2 , 1 "' 0 I . we te un va I -I W '. . i I k ' K , 3 f f ' . 5? ,, , f Q df' .ll XK.. i .. . . R I . Ig., ww 1 , '---4 K .,. . as -f-v,ww at is 'T , H A ' 5 A T 4? . . ,... . ,., - , Ju., ...K -- f . . -a ' f W' I , ,,- ,,,., .......,-4......'--41'w--.-ai- , '.'b ' A ' r . . 'T ' A vs -gf N -2' A A :WW N Z jf ' 1 Q 1 g ' 'M W - 'N' 'C' 1 V all ,W vt s:"'f 'M QS-7 i 1 1 . 0. fri-2fWii"""' 'i i" """7'1 ""'f?T"f'7 - -. ' 4 X' D. 'Y ' W- ' - il" 'J 'WQQ lip r'ii . 5 1 t.. '-s wf f f' ,TM xi it , . . g MZ.. iliilf if "' ,, r,,.. ...., . ' . l ' 4.8.2 ' 3 , f . N 15... mw 4 5' V f "' K' " l A ' 1' A C "'i' ,, . g , ., . . 'LJ pf 'wp-'LQ 1 U 5 , - ,, ""-v ff- H"'4, H--1-1' MW! " , . ,. ,. ' -P ...Q . L' 118 SPRING sPon'rs ,ff F , , ' 1, ' ' if A , , " A - g , ,5-', 'I 1 i. X ., 5 , A 4 53 Q55 If I 'lv 7 -- M ..4...,-..w"L ' ..,- ' I sq 1 I Varsity Baseball Sparked by four experienced infielders and two re- turning pitchers the Chargers look forward to a fan- tastic year. With Agoura back inthe Frontier League, Coach Fred Williams believes his ballplayers will have a winning season. With the help of junior pitchers Erick Mason and Bart Morefield, the Varsity pitching staff has depth, as does the hitting attack, powered by the bat of Steve DeGennaro. Transfer student Joe Pone and Mike Mulligan will put some speed in the outfield for the Chargers. With a lotof experience and new talent, the Varsity team awaits a great season. The key this year for Coach John Crow's jayvee's is balance. The sophomores have quality infielders and outfielders, plus a talented bench. The combined power hitting of Andy Marcus and John Dobrowski will set the pace for the Charger's offensive attack, along with the overallspeed on the basepaths. The Chargers also have great depth on the mound with four strong pitchers. With talent, balance, depth and a lot of ambition the jayvees will have a fantastic year. 1. Strike one, Strike two, Strike three! Another Ranger out. Standing il-rl: Mgr. Wendy Pease, Mgr. Mary Beth McEvilyn Mgr Terry Croner Steve DeGennaro Jlm Eaton Mike Krenick Erick Mason Greg DeGennaro, Chris Brewster, Doug Burkman, Chris Berty. Kneeling Dave Dobrowskr Tony Mello Joe Pone Todd Taylor Mike Mulligan Steve Eisner Bart Morefield, Flob Presson. 120 N M jg., ,N N x,A X X- w .X 'X xx JSVX 'NS xg E xxx i xx x R V www bww Wk WG' wie, 'WSE nn Nm. '+ve ' rf' Jw I m . ffw '. J, 4 ,MS 122 ,I 'EP'- aff 7.5 , iv J LL,L'L -f I was ,J -. Standing ll-rl: Jeff Shelton, Craig Difirolamo, John Hawkins, Jeff Buchignani, Bill Cole, Jon Dobrowski, Gary Goldstone, Craig Mello, Coach John Crow. Kneeling: John Nelestuen, Ken Kraas, Danny Williams, Mike Wheeler, Doug Neumeier, Glenn Salfen, Morgan Petty, Andy Marchus. W. wmv! g ,,, I , 1 N' f.--,,,,. ll: ' -L 1' ,, lfw1lvm,,, Q I - 1 ,577 V,-wi' --1 its A Q74 . .. , sr Todd Taylor throws to first. Bart Morelield watches the action. K , ' 0 4 ' N 'Z' A Golf Team Agoura's golf team played expertly last season . . . This year they plan to do the same. Agoura's PUTT-masters have placed consistently on top of their league Jeff Richardson and Mike Russel why should place high in C.l.F. Finals when they roll around. Coach Jim Christian- son expects his underpar specialists to birdie their way to the top of the Frontier league once again 1 1 t 3 gig X LLi'2 qs, S W its in in sr K it t sf' ---N R. t. . y , i,,t k V "A':, ,tii , t il, rt s ittst 1 ilisal a t,ti is iitr T5 E his tl Bill Gillette played an outstanding season for the golf team this year. 21 Jeff Richardson swinging to hit his drive down the first fairway against Simi. 33 Agoura's No, 1 player on the golf team this year, Mike Russell, at the top of one of his powerful drives. From Left: Mike Goldberg, Peter Billing, Les Lade, Steve Boyd, Jeff Naylor, Mike Russell, Bill Gillette, Jeff Richardson. '81 Boys Tennis I I . -l l , , 1981 Boy's Tennis Team ll-rj: Bryan Jennings, Coach Bill Harms, Don Neulmeier, John Elder, Colin Thomas, Flueben Halili, Mark Heller, Al Calce, Tln'i Concannon, Chris Dickerson, 2ND ROW: Paul Brennan, Scott Ash, Ron Lasley, Todd Prepsky, Scott Phelan, Paul Burroughs, John McKee, Chris Guerin, Steve Ash, Stewart Myers. not pictured: Brian Walsh. I I - I I s I a I J r l l l l l l 1 l Agoura has always fielded strong tennis teams, and despite some setbacks, this year's addition should to fine indeed. Be- sides losing many players to graduation, the Chargers suffered a severe blow when top player Bruce Walsh broke his arm and was lost for the year. Number one player Chris Guerin, 42 Don Neumeier, 43 John McKee, 44 Ron Lasley and the rest of the rest of the Agoura netters will have to brave the Frontier League without Walsh, under the guidance of Coach Bill Harms. They're prospects look quite good for success. 0 Track Take On Frontier .x4" ' MPSF 4 J ,aw v--A IE? e"?91' TL!! fif.i5'045g-r-Q - ew---v f X, if -af' A '1 5 . nfl " Q 1- A r o Ort' Q , Y ,J,.p,v, ,V+-' e . ,N tg 5. by 1 x tux. 3 ,K h PM is f...l. - i 5 Q i , , . M. wi' f r Lili- 'K bm- , "Wav 'fir YPA i . i u was-fIJZ3r.C.f1.'.r:-L . " " 4 " ' A t"l ' -qvwwyai-:2'f . .,,.,, , t .1 A W, -- ,cz-wszi-H. f, - K 1 Dave Elder, Chris Whitwam, out kick their opponents in the soph-frosl 4, .5 :Q y2..,iY.ri. y H f yard dash. 2 Jaylwilliamson floats over high hurdeles. 3 Tim Soronen 1 ng :V ' 'ah ,- - A - . over long jump pit. .- ua- 3. s 'Track 8t Field at Agoura High holds promising prospects once again. Being in the reletively uncompetative Frontier League, out team plans to finish first in league competition. With the individ- ual performances of Will Givens and Mark Boos in the short dash events, Brett Meehan and Steve Knorr in the hurdles, Lance Burkhart, Andy Armstrong and Dave Trussel in middle distance runs, Bob Bowmann and Jim Kelly in the long distance runs, Brian Case at the pole vault, and Aaron King at the shot-put. Most if not all will compete at league finals and ultimately . . . C.l.F. finals. All of this, of course, wouldn't be made possible without the guidance, leadership and never-ending diligence of coaches Bill Belcher and J.D. Smith. 125 .4 , ' ,W ,.Lf '93Q-A H '- f re.-,gy-My A edt.- y sg i 'v-455 f'1fff-lrw-i.w.flg,-,+,,. ,',Qf.h.z..-my . . . -4- M- rf 44.141, . Q 'Q' , '- 1 . . 7 'S-'I v:' V-'W ' -1 fe" wus . is Whitwam in 880. 2-Lance Burkhart starts in varsity 440 yd. dash. 3-Todd I has proven to be an up and coming vaulter. 4-Jim Kelly warms up before the rle. ,- ,Q ls J if 4 ,P -x 1312 Feb. Mar. April May 27 5 12 19 26 2 9 16 24 1 El Camino!Calabasas Chaminade!St. Genevieve Brethren Rio Mesa' Nordhoff' Calabasas' Santa Paula' Santa Clara' League Prelims Rio!Mesa League Finals ' League Games ff l I1 1-Pat Perry on a flying start. 2-Will Givens dusts opponents in the 220, ,........--f A P' TOP ROW. Aaron King, Brett Meehan, Steve Knorr, Tom Zielinski, Eric Flothberg, Bryan Case, Bob Bowman. 2ND ROW. Todd Scribner Kev: Dave Woodruff, Steve Peele, Todd Beutel, Kevin Vallance, Rod Silver, Pat Perry, Chris Witwam. 3BD ROW: Tim Finn, Doug Offerman, Will Scott Higgins, Mark Boos, Andy Armstrong, Tim Soronen, Jay Williamson, Dave Horn, Dave'Elder. Girls Win League row, Jill White, Michele Simon, Karen Caruso, Carla Yates, Lisa Ash, Julie Lamoreaux, Valerie s, top row, Coach J.D. Smith, Kristen Anderson, Kim Walker, Beth Landy, coach Frank Greminger, er James, Ceana Glinke, Elizabeth Faulkner. NOT PICTURED: Tamie Ratzan, Wendy Hall, Jamie , Stacie Neumann. na Glinke jumps her longest, 2 Kim Walker finds the pain of being a winner, 3 Michele Simon anchors ile relay 4 team shot Our female tracksters here at Agoura have proven to be one of the most talent- ed teams in years. With patience and in- spiration of coaches Frank Greminger and J. D. Smith our team will finish first in the First in the Frontier League. With the likes of Kim Walker, Stacie Neuman, Mi- chelle Simon, Carrie Ftose, Beth Landy, Ceane Glincke, Lisa Ash, Allison Ed- wards, Wendy Hall, and the true master of distance running, Karen Caruso. All these girls and more shall amuse us as usual at the CIF finals. ek BILL 1 I ! . SH!! ' , ' ' - f - A 4 K 4- l l l . 129 l Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. April April April April May 27 10 12 19 26 2 9 16 24 1 EI CaminofCalabasas Chaminade!St. Genivieve Brethren Rio Mesa' Calabasas' Santa Paula' Santa Clara' Nordhoff' League Prelims At Rio Mesa League Finals 1-Carla Yates. 2-Kristen Anderson sprints the 440.-3-Kim Walker awaits start of mile relay. 4-Michelle Simon 1 2 NE ii breaks the tape in the 220 with Beth Landy placing. , N -sv' if "' 95 1 , . 4 ws .. A - -fa F . sz 'WN' A ,-2: ff " '- -' I .Q-, ' rff 'r, . 130 2, .s f fs. in HN ,M S' W . 1 ,..4...,mW- rl x3X . gg Q-ffl? kk ,una ip" X- Q A i sbihntb U es - - qgibgilfrlsllekxlil Girl's Swimming 4K-tri ' - ,f . -50331 7' 'tythililiiizibllldfl' K L K, rr"45Y",+. lax.-in W, , 4 ,u.y,.J5"5"AA r 3-19-3--qpfav "'XF7,f:A V ,fax r.stmm45t,,z'i ' . 1, V V' . L 2, A .J , , U ,.,, 14 .Jiffy , 'Jr .' - av 'W Pr ' :W wa, 'qyvr . .- -Vt S31-,Q , . ,. if l X ,,g.i.n-i"'5'J eslie Baldasti in a close backstroke contest. 2-They're oft! 3-Cathy er "pushes .2-1-'Y' ,....--- ,-yt.. 'Qi ,: . . The word for the Girl's Swim team at Agoura is tradition. Agoura has always had a strong team, and this year should be no exception. The team is strong in all areas and will be very competitive in Frontier League competition. With several young swimmers in the group, the tradition should continue through the years to come. Top row--Coach Rezinas Third row-Leslie Baldasti, Stacy Rosenthal, Kerry Cooper, Kim Anderson, Mindy Benioff, Monique Sury. Second row-VKris Bratzler, Jenny Helland, Dianna Outmesguine, Jackie Olson, Beth Kincaid, Lisa Moffet, Wenda Windle. Front row-Julie Berman, Becky Hays, Fluthellen Nack- man, Christina Brody, Shelley Parcell, Eileen Spinner. K . 'R 4 .. K .. yr g 9 1. Q . K 7 Q-az.-c . . -.......'f' ' -' ' T g- '- ' znuggqii-'-X' A - .... l if ..,. A , ..?s,.Q-wi-,Marist ..g,.......W-fa my-sf.. -frr -f is rs as ,,. ,A .12 .t A j . Q LW. ' sf .K . yg.. . gggg, ji.. y . Q ls..n f .wt , fi 5 f' 5 A A K . I I J Y ,v 'W " ' A QT! 'Y . 'S 357 .pf , A t , Q ' I V- ' Y gf ' -.,. . gi Qi . 'uk ' t fm-S A L' it T-Qt" . . , . f"Lfvi.i1t '1 ,. Kr 'ag O L A' .f-,fx .. :ggi zu ' .1 3 A,,w!'f'L-.'1 .. M n A -'-.-eh,,.'7 - i A , -M - M 1 an . T, h A 1 LS 1 . sf .Z' . 1 is QW , -. ' 8 " - , V ' - fx sig ' K , . 2 , .- 1-" x ' 'U 3, -sq , 131 Boys Swimming This year's Boys Swim Team, coached by head mentor 975' .i . -1 -WYE sg., 1 r , . ,. we . .M Qi.-f , t. .V Y .-K X ...F Rick Rezinas, is a very promising group. The team is strong ff, due to returning lettermen John Brodie, Steve Hobman, Eric Lundstrom, and a strong group of Juniors. Coach 9 T S g Fiezinas is hopeful for some CIF qualifiers. S 1. Bob Horshaw in a medley race, first butterfly then 2. backstrokes to the finish 3. John Baldast starts to straighten for a clean entry 4. Eric Lundstrom . 14th from rt.J gets a quick start. 'fa v- .sl . J . f s ' M fl i'f1i1f-iM..,i'ggz .Mx-it... C ..ri T 1 l.ts tt ' K . xg :fl le k,-.4 Fl 1. ...x X A 'IWW . g A 5 ' 3, , n Qf: 4gLE1l"' fl V G . 5 1117 2901 Q 31 if A if AAI rib, N ft V, , ?2, -2 u if-1 wr' , Kr Q! an an , st.. . it G ,..-...u ,gy --S A , "fm . J i' i-we f . ff AA-.t.-..s Q r VM X 1, il k! ' af A V . ' f . 4 if ' J ,bw A .. Top: John Wilson, Bob Gates, Mr. Rezinas, Bruce Edge, Steve Hobman, Gabe Viola, Flick Fieiss, Tom Schilling 3rd: Eric Lundstrom, Craig Getz, Stephan Valintino, Jay Kaufman, Steve O Conner, John Boland, Andy Mellinger 2nd: John Brody, Mike Beavliv, Scott Gould Front: John Baldast , srl "'wz,,.., ul.lj,i3i5', Mb Tw - ""'Nhln fa., . ,, sl ,, if .Y jf vi . ,I t, Z '-v 4 ' . L , of-, 'r ' ' ' if , ' "M S. , 43: wgwy , VA , 4 I ,M '-5--'fwiwa - I N.-.. "af.,g K in A nmlfa ,,1. , . .. , few ,if as-f1.m,:, M-' 17 , IV. A ' il- W- V g, ' ' K i 1, , X' K M H I . xww In W H Wa A W X I .. ,, 1 .fa-l kiiyik Lkgk l im? ty, ,dk ,gh V - L iijv 'fl' Z,,Z,,' - A my ' ,V i. tw ' M fr ' - ' X .., ,wffffi 'F L+ A L C ' 'I' Karole Caldwell explodes to the ball Jackie Alvarez pitches another strike Cris Aines Karyn Auth Carole Cinney Debbie Freedman Sue Hall Lisa Hamre Jennifer Jones Andrea King X Lisa Lichaa X Sheryl Mash Colleen Nolan lr? Karen LaBruy7 Tresa Ogden Anit Orr Stacee Stanley Katherine Walters Manager-Mimi Cinney Lean Livingston Erin Nolan Coach-Larry Pasetski W vfi sxrwuww -Q ' ' - ,. 53555 'Lt yy.,-.' , Karyn Auth "Maybe l should go back" Girls Softball Another year has come and gone, along with another season of Varsity and J.V. softball. Both teams did especially well this year. They went in with much enthusi- asm, which kept them on top in their league. Fine coaching ability was dis- played by coach John Goodes, as well as coach Larry Pasetski. The Varsity went through the whole season scarse on play- ers, But even with this handicapp, they have managed to show that they are not a team to take lightly. On the J.V. level the team showed much potential through the whole season. We will be watching for these girls in the years to come. Special thanks was given to the managers on both teams. Joan Marek waits for the pitch. Coach Goodes: giving us the eye. Joan Marek Jean Marek Barbara Sommerfield Tracy Spinner Susan Marschke Erica Harasyn Karole Caldwell Camille Dubois Jackie Alvarea Val Auth Teresa Keegan Manager-Mary Harms Coach-John Goodes or .. trf A T 313932 f 'i , - fit r ,r,, r . Q' 'Wir 3 S ,T ,525 ig . sax A ,rv F ,YQ M . . wwww. .-M-an-u-n----n + 1 Above: Cheri Oliver "just hanging around." Below: Pam Ftentz demonstrates her ability on the balance beam. , ww Above: Angie Zanardo preparing for her floor routine. Below: Celine Rose stretching out in preparation for their first meet this year. 40+ Spirit Team 1980-81 The 1980-81 Spirit Team had a success- ful season. These 32 girls were responsi- ble for Varsity, JV, and Frosh athletics during the Fall, Winter, and Spring sport seasons. They covered all home games for every sport and every away game for football and boys basketball. Other activi- ties include Pep Assemblies, Fund Bais- ers, and attending a summer camp at UCSB. They returned with loads of enthu- siasm which they carried throughout the year. To prove this, they brought home from camp several blue ribbons and re- ceived a spirit stick while attending the camp. They all felt it was a memorable experience and had a lot of fun. First Row QL-RJ, Bev Nichols, Carla Yates, Teri Anderson, Lori Erhorn, Jill White, Marybeth McEvily. Second Flow: Susi Gellenck, Susan Borawski, Laura Schwake, Susan Brownfield, Karin Finke. Third Row: Lisa Grey, Sue Steck, Tracy Nine, Kim Kincaid, Kellie Argue. -L gm.w M --4-,s-fsf.ammg "We've got Spirit ggi? .,,1' Q.. KJV? Jenny Helland Robyn White Jackie Olson e 1 W ' in F N C ,45-'ni -WI! l Wg. X g ' . .- an-A First Row QL-Ry Lisa Allison, Carla Bathgate, Mirith Schilder, Jenny Helland, Cheryl Benson, Tara Terino, Christy Mead. Second Flow: Beth Kincaid, Mary Hass, Jodi Krenik, Jackie Olson, Shelly Parcell. Third Flow: Lynn Hill, Chris Miele, Lisa Ashby. , ,Ly Playing Hard A , " ifvzrm . -il- ' fa' UW ' N f . "'- ' "' 'Ji' A 3 yu ix' 'nv W' ' W-.1 - I 1 fl., . ' fi!-131 A af X' a f 1 , ,. V M x , 1 , i Qf4', :fl Q- x U ,fir Avg .Wigs , il' . ., 1 i 'inf V64-u YJ?" 5 ff., f 1 - . N J 1 .X Q" ' i, M ' I 1 ,i 4 ri . . A 5 J, " . i ' ,V - '17 f , , 1 .-' K ,Q f-2. x, , Al, A M 1 1 ' " . Wg, g , L V F loi- Q 5 5 1 I I W,,,., www' My if 3 xl f 138 , Q95 R Q-wg-vxrs f 'S' r,,.,.., ,q, A h pk M, X g Wk W ig .Q ,V -N, Y I S Q-A L ii .Q-, Q fi 'W , 'F' jf' -1. I jf., L is Q if, W , ,, , K 5" I i' X f' f 1 K A Mi g'z5iQSf:iA 'AAi' A .c Y 31 . 5 , .. . AA! 1 S Y x Txt , K K 1 k.hki E I .Ii1, :1.2 A kk . A K Q 1 by S ,Q iw . W ,, , E qb 1 , L QM! Q sg X N., Q , M Q ff! Fel f 3 in V " f , 4 ivy 1 ' X ,wif ,K 9 gr X we MQ R si 139 I L 1 . E A 1 1 X -77' 1 ' 1 J x " f n 1 9 r v Y w v . ,Y , ,,,,,,,,' I Z - 1 ' I 1 4 i i 2 1 J i 3 W I 1 p Juniors class of '82 I feel has worked together to make this year a great success. ,got through the ups and downs involved in our activities-and fundraisers by ing each thing as it came and we worked them out together. Our school lit has grown since our freshman year and I know that it will be even greater I stronger next year because we have spirit that will stay with usalways. h the help of my class, Mr. Antonucci and Mrs. Croner our advisors, and my :ers Cory, Monique and Andrea my job was made so much easier and :h more egigyable. Next year as seniors with our togetherness and superior it, it will be the best year of our Agoura High Schoolfoareer and a year to lember throughout our lives. I am proud to say that I belong to the class of I2 andl wish them luck always. ' V I I LEFT: Monique Antoniades, Andrea Lemons and Cory Eckel. BELOW: Pres. 'Jill Galiher Junior Athletes Something about our "Dedicated" Junior Athletes, of which their are many. We have such talented individuals as Kate Nolan lvolleyballj, Will Givens ftrackl, Susan Crouse ltennisl, Kris Jester ftennisl, Cory Eckel ffootballl and many others working hard to give our school a name to be proud ot. They put a lot ot time and effort into their individ- ual sports and we know that our great athletes from the Class of 1982 will never let our Agoura Athletic Depart-i ment down. Keep up the good work! Wendi Adler Dana Agin Stewart Aiken Deborah Allen Jackie Alvarez Edward Andrino Monique l Antoniades Kellie Argue Katie Armstrong Todd Arron Shawna Art Scott Ash Cory Eckel Jeff Aubery Valerie Auth Jon ,Babicka Toni Baffo Leslie Baldasti Stacy Baller Kevin Bathgate Anne Batten Greg Bauchman 144 Juniors 1 V Hillary VonTeuber and Erin Mclntire 5 ww , fp fXXXV"" ' ' ' ,AN . f- EN Ffwwfj . -. V x w 1" ew. ,wwf .- -Wggii . r"'l 9. Q 1 L 5 Ni , ' J AXE .XV Vg if s if ,s?,,.,, - i- 'L HJ' f ' 4 11- 1. , ww , 1 N Z i 2 ffm l fc x.: ""' ' ' A A vs , ' A ' 4 'A K' F 1 X , - 1 4' Q S 9' Q ' 1 P ' 'a 'XV I + ff? wg! T all V N. 7 M: 1 jqfsprf I . W x ,, A ' ' H H " A . , , A , ' i " if: g, , Az 4 f.kb A, ix gb, if Q-, flu 1 Q .J x 1 k 3 r . , 4 0 V K L f v-Ei ,I x.v i 4 . Xw M J. S N V Y' 1 v AA .vs -: 1 x fy W' -1 I ,.,.,w-W l ,M 1, F ' W A Hg ,.,, - -1- , X A A fi? f , - . ,g , . " ' x 1- ' R.. X - 1 Q cf' , ' -.QQ 1' 7 ' ' , .igygi 'N , 1 - ri - ,Q S fa ' -Q. a, , , mh . AA ' X f X ,X 1 QQ x jx 5 ' '29 ' ' I A Y 5 6 , . , 1 ig K 1 ,D X3 ' xx 'Y S ""'1..f'f7 - ' . ' . Q -f --.,f-S-2 ---.vm . Q,--wal E V '- , 49'- .A nr vu - at? ' -1 V ' 1 Q f .. .- A eh 1:3 ff 0 ' 1 ' ' Q ' ,I- I I J s X :tl .1 - ,v ' , - F.. kr .-.w x ,o A -Q , I - , n, , 5 , S Y. --. - F 7 1 ' ar J .5-3,21 H ' N," N Q X 3455. 524 aw f ' AQ" .gy A gg, '- . ' ------ ff? 5 ',.. .x.' 5 - 'V JW: H en ' Q k 'Sz , x , if 1 ,V x f. 'qw fu f L x"lfu Y r -:A qi Zak 1 I- K 5- 1 ,LZ - F' 'ef 4 . VSE9' " ig h 'T 1 1- Q X , 4 N1 4 if , 'WL- 'nh ,, . Y? 51 v 4 sf F.. I A . gf 5 gn. Q. f Q f 1- .N M " . - ', . h 1 . 'A ' L. 55:1-,.A. uf- -N , Wh fv vw ' '- av I , ,Q ffilyl- si, I P ff- xl .. -...Ti L 1 Q, f - -Aff we -rv We-xg m LI., aw f f- Q wi 4 - va 1 ,l . A- ? Y 2 .gg , ' Q gg, 1 v .fa ,.,.- fit V' auf- Wx K 1 u .io Q f ip , f vi 31 s . A 'KL .4 i , i x'7 7': ' 421445, fx K - ll' 4, ,, K ,MMV ,,m,W. , I QQ , 1 if . ,, A ,,,,,, A fy I' -3 ! 1 , ,. ,, .,,,,,.. ., A .,,,, ,..,,,,5 ,,,, 4. ,,1f ,,..L..- ,iw L,.1N,, ffw.'1a:w,mf-1, .,qW,.,,H,-,f ,,f,,,f, ,.,, H W., ,, ,,,f WW, fy,g,,f . f f "f"fE'Z?IF If W1 A, -I W Q, 13 I .1 24 2 .,.. , ,.,, . ,. ' " 't 2 I 4 A 9 ff i , ,,,, I If . '- . we , C 5233 if .iz ' W1 ff: -A 3 w Q A'!.,.,m Nita W qi 3 Y fe - ....,.,.. , -X' vw 'W' ,.: MW..,wf W ,,,.V,,.., ,M 'f ,V 'Www Tl' .lff 533553 Ex f fi I rg ,fn if fmQ? .7 - , MWKM. W , FW , 5 , 'iw g?2i5f 6' ' 5 '. r' ' " , L42 ,,,Q?yg?7 y li in ,Z Q ' 4 qi 4 49 Q, ww 'yi 5 I fu 4 2, , 5' l f ,Q 'NA' Q. 5 i -s 4 wg? wp -'-ffm Wfm .Pdf w W 'Q N"!Ym 32 ww -1-H52 3, Sf 'fm 3-V5 Eli? if 'rn MF Hf'H5?5 f ,f!'S'5H ' lp. ,i, , fifg5 f QQ 4 ,mi ff?" 'L' if , ,. . ,I Y Yg 11 ,V A HJRQ -- Qs L if L. .f .-,mg J, Q55 'gl . . .vm 1. fy nvfgh 35 .S+ '54 ,jj E 1 L ,x r .N xr U,k,gQI: 7 , ixgfvfgkw 'F ,ff QQ . wg pf wa., .,,. ., K V " ' - f ,4 f , za ,V ff fy ' , ' f 'w ' ,, 1. 'Q ' -5 L ' f'Q-iff ,.. M 454' .V fi " . 'gif 'S' f , ,Cf -,,' . L,,,L,, , , ,, ,, . , - . X ' -5, 'gf k I L, ,f ' W M , x . f , 4' 1' .M , 1 . , , 1, .,,,' f ,mf Vw: , 2 M . ' 1 n . if if H ' " ' 15551, ,ii , K . ,W f i K 1 , 9 1' A V 1, 1 W if ' , ' 'WZ l 4, A-' W f Qi, - ' ' f if . f f-f, :WV x , W if 'X N' , w , . Z' ' '," H M 3 ,ly I - L , Q , gk , , J 1 W A A 1 J: ,i H W E , Q 1 l , I I .g if Vfg 7 ' If f.f,m ,,,,,.. ,,,., , L '-,, ,,,. , X W W ,U f ff-:ygf,.f,,,.,z'gf: vw-,,ff,,,.1,:4:1: . mm f ' ' , ' -,,u-1 ' ,f ' i ' ' Q ' ' 25 f, r ' V , Eg g ' A A ' ' . 2, -QL W? -,a L . 'A H , n A 1, M,,v-5 :V,,, j!:-,..4ea ,mv kg , In , F54 ,Q-ai ' 3 . , ., ,. , .,,,, , , . - ,, ' "" ' L I W ' 'f' ' V , X , 53 ' 1 . , 22 K"' ' Q' I , . , ' Kp S' - - ' A ', - 1 V, X X X f ,. IQ xg, ., - X , ' ,:"':,:g ,,,, f - ,,, W ,,, L 1 s if 1 S , X, X ggi fi 4- 4 '5.w1.,'Y r-wi, , .. .K wa. ,. , H , ,.i1,53,.,55 W ,gif-xy? - - A , , 3 , 'D ' 1, Y' x 1. 5,1 -:'. " x . Q' 3. x , 4 A .35 :lg gg . l 'X f ,,, Mp H, x as Q11 fx L . 'U . Z s ,A ., .. . , xr f, , L" "L 1 'rm , . ' f f ' , w ', ", f 2, ,A f' N F M lx f i- , 4 , I I ' 5,62 ,,--, 1 ,f,, hw, ' f ' ' M W X I , ,, W I if W ,, ,, W,,. L W W fff,L W., 4 fiilrw ,,,' -. if mf L53 ,, ,. ,,,L. W Dan' ' X 54 5 " Q- lelle Rnzzo and Jeff Burgess , " , ' H Vf ,. W Www f 'A fy My 'f "" ', vm ,L " 2 " ' ,,., ,.,. ,. H - , Q 1: 'Mfifff .gf L 1, ,',' ' -f!f1W7vA ff! w ,, ' 'f f' , ' , 7 ' ,fj4,5j3Pf-M ' Q ,-,, A , ,. ,, ,, , ,,,,, , , I - I ' f " 'i . ' 5 "ig f ,f,,gE M ' fi -Z, 3 575' 'sf 'f ,Q ,f-::,f ,sv - Hr- Mwyfiwt v ., ,. ,, - wannnw .pm-. f-' vnmvmq 5..?....?...:... K. ki.: ...,x k...,..k..:...k..i,...,.,E..k:ii.K W ' - ' - K,-a:f,1,?xX. cj.-. I F F ,,,,..,. .X . ggf...g:--X. Q . X ., XX .. Q Q 'I x X .. , L, : Y I! .... ........i . F Q . . Q it ., X -M: K- Q ' . -ff. 2- Ni . x X "' 'K KN, X 64 Q Wi L . Xs - 4 . -N. - W if W 4: is ...1 k..,A.:: .. .. QQ. Q ga Ni' X .X X f X ,L-XX . X X of .. Q .RY css? .I ' "lj il' 'fx k X T R XA X ' LR P ! TK Q er 4 axfgit . . X x ag K F L ' -ff! F +5 R . x -X , ., 'il :.. ' - ENT' L- rj' x N -. lfimif- KILLIL . ., L1.L H ZIL . a X. NX 5 " MW S X is M z vs -'Y ii- X Q -' A .. A N, ,X,. -.K .-.k V... X X 1 X 1- Q X. .., Xi X. .wi I 3 in xii.. ...U I .. i..55..5- , X k . X , .ts C? E , Q 9 5 Q ' mf- A' . X Wqxxfgzxmstvx wg.. - . !:'?fxGW5W'i"3'gf Waziziiaaxav I-t:...m-MLZM 'TX lf!-m...-.m F63- X 3 X 1 5 1-1 - X T ' -fviiiffifi' -. .. A X5 . . ij.ff..1ff .- gi::gX.i3jgg5?g : M . .. A L M . .ERR K E, ,.. KX 1-XXX. kg .gg .. .X K gg-. '1-1. Y .. N113-"1 I., X X 1 XX Xl V W ' .. 2 :fs Robin Mitnick, Lynn Pagtiaro il . .. 1 5 6 F if 2355 . g 4. Si M, 5. . . D Juniors At The Zoo Our class of '82 has always been very spirited. They have proved this by winning the Spirit Can in both of their first two years at Agoura and by winning the overall Spirit Week com- petition their Sophomore year. This year they continued to show their spirit as the Juniors hit "The Zoo." We refer to they newfound "zoo" in the Agoura Stadium. This section is 1 served for those students who will help support the team cheering and generally making fools of themselves. Ma thanks to all those foolish Juniors. Chris Morgan Ashkan Motamedi Saeed Moussavi Michael Mulligan Mirelle Munoz Will Montgomery Colleen Mushet Jill Nani Robert Nelson Lynne Newman John Nielsen Tracy Nine Kate Nolan Calvin Northrop Stewart O'Flourke Sabrina Ogawa 1 Hillary Von Teuber and Tom Carmichael "dress" one a during a pep assembly. Lonnie Ogden Cherie Oliver - Dianna Orr Diana Outmesguine Lynn Pagliaro John Papanickolas Scott Papenfus , William Park 152 Juniors A View From The "Zoo" At C , ki f J v ' gi .v v. w, 'fig ' ' his , , H. U- T ' 4 " ' ' A -K wx, -EA . - N . 1 E22 -s 'Ez sg 4x4- 4 '54 i , . W Imp ,W f ?f3'?f'm'Ffff' 1 2 K M 'S " 1 is" , , I V., ,m K , J, pi j1 .f' ' T' , M5433 .fig ,J 45 25? 'fx Hi, by 110' 1 'ggi , .A xq ff 5 X '3' ' "TQ l flitiwfvl' " A , ,f f xy +595 - X igkjgfg M' K 37-, 'A xx J Iii H, . Q. 1 K ,' ,yi Q. Q3 . ,, 151,11- , 95 15 + awww:-1 5 215 V' EEG , Y .. f A A A fl f 2 '. "fi,-tqzgifif .1 f ET L' I , 1 , lfnifrhf "mix" -, , Aw sf ' Q w my MQ' , Ml M- - - V ' A , x gifs - ,Higgs f 6 x 4' ' M , - , 4 4 Rf' AV 1 . ,gl ii ev , N - 'A ig 1 Q 3? 'AT'-' , 5' 5 ,f 'K x -S5 L4 5 X ' " Q mi' 5 e , V 2, , Q, 7 Q 1 V, ,1 , grim 725,22 1 w f If 1 X - '1 ' , 10 c ""' A' m ! K X I 4 fl if -Q' W ' " 'm l X T ,QE 5 ,j'ZfEff'. ? fggy zff? ' if jqff ew M, I xr , h 5 125 3. , 'Az - xy I " . X, Q1 ' , V'7fiV'- '?fT'w2ii2' ' A i'Q?2,L' A s f 1' I W f N Q , .' V fix I A I n JV' 2 .ffl I I 5' ,. V' QUE 4, P M f 5 vi. AU ' 'Qflifg in ,,f -1, ,, , - V f .4 ' e , ,. K X '55 ,,,..i ' 57-J , Qijrhi , ew, W, -' ,-1 'V i ,W -H v 4: 4 . Y, , k 1 ,I . , '3 4' ' -Q . but 1, -if g ,J YQ a I 5 B K. ,.Cif,.w,,7 4, 32 'i f sf wfiqfif sm: 5 fr W1 -av ,fffx .fi . , ,Egg . 4 Y I I' 1 , Ra, ff ' v1 -1 5 , 1 ' P MQ: xi 6- 4 ' iff 1 fi f 'Y7T,7'9 W,,rL , i E '. . 5 A I 0 , . ' if I L ww: X ,ma ,au 2732, , 5, X P-.V 'in K1 Lf' ww, A , , ,W , y 5 25 ,. Y 'U ,M lt' I' K 9 I , z 1 3 K A, W, ,wif ' more baloons during a half-time show a es s A -, Q 6 f. 1 W 1 n 0 U v . J' 1 1 ,ln -," 4 . MW, ., , . ,,,, , M I ,, fx , .5 V ,- J! I i 1 Q53 .J Q I ff' x av 4 V+-.m,,,',--, W. WMM I fi H2352 t V 1" 'sf' 3' fi ff? by 'iw W 'W '44 'Li ffi' ,L in ,W ,u: Q, , ,,,...,,k .LNB ff., x I . A F: I. i A f ' ii? , 'Z if , gf J " ' , ,agr 'f' ' M f A 4 Q - 'Q . . ,L M- , 1 f x 'wx . my I x .' if ' Q hu 41 Q5 i K X I ' ' ,J -QiWC',fJ?T!g'2Him A ' ' X X ' 'I , ,,,, '2?""f ' f ' ' , N- iw 55 m f 3' , A A f Php' K. .. , . N my ,, ,N f 3 WW ' If w , " W 4 'N wx A Y ' 'ii - A . ' ' . v 'A 'A in ' E 3 .ff : S , 6 . K I.. ,SEK H .,,x Q I V X Q ' 5 .-A .. - .q tw ,335-,Ein at Fax E., ., . ' if 1 I! . .Ax A. 4. ,,,, sg N xt rj, 0 .W .x I . In H W 1 . 4 is V ,. E. I X A g . , . -u S 1 T ""' if , 3 X 6 Eff' . I, if ,- la ..1'f'f .i , 2, 1 ' - fl 4 K Y. ,+ , . 4 ,, N fx X f 5 ' r X " ' 'X v B X-41.,.'fLi! .y - PQK, ' f 7 my . Y. w Fi ,F -Y ,., ..,i " 'Y 2 5 . ' ff. . nr ww ' "1 ' ' 'Ct -If f -f , f - ... f yi . . . . I .W R ,L ' iii.. f . ' UPI? if:-'Y 5 .-'k,--.' 1 - f'. ggi, 1 1 .L ,, 7 V Q .- QI K ' .A N ' in iff-wi' - I' e ' .5 ii? . 'jg-fx 7' A , M -fr , f tiigl 3 , I V . f 1 fl .55 . iw Sl H ' K - 3 X 75 f il . M. . ,AZV K W L b 2 5 . L- 'V ' I 14 W .Nw 1 A ,Wi Y ' ' fx.. , V' gfgiffi A , X 1 si.. ' ' A ,-uP' 5 Q MQQN N 11 4 4? ws .N 1 .f I Y 'W ,M v. 0 X ,VX X 5- W an ' I 1,,..t..,,T.-.- .,,,, g....W Q.. ,. . , . l.3.g,,.........f..-.+...f.-..d,- L -,M . 4 ww.. 21. mmf, 9 1 . K , .gg U x:,.1 W A A kg: 4 I - , A ,Qui - . xfi .3 , if: 'L L '. A 3 ., .' , Nt' 'x 5' ' ' I ,Q ffx rv. -A F 1 LL" W ' ' 1 . A +1 wx. g ' 1, ' , 1 V 1 'L 1 A 5 L F f 5 , ' " :V 'H ' A WY I -'fr 'rw I V A "' K " , f x 5 j K 2 S hui' V I .SW ' i - . ! , f f 5 gg, -, X , gl t A ' 1 Q, X W . ', N 'X 0 S, :A A X 3 X AH., fs .-1 43 S ,- .. Q ' 'Ki 'sm Y: .B X M Nr . Q 1 Q R .513 w 1 1 If I Q hx M ..., , W S 3, 6 ' R r - 3 J 'iii ,bf -"KY g X- 1 - - , if'i W 2 - - - x-.' "" ' -' - xL.' - , a zlLzf ?' ?' - A -i -L- 1.-iff 4 , 4 1 ., X, X , ,E 1 e . A ' M - 'J. fl . a 1 5. . K g , W, f 1 . my fr .-it 1 ' ' I .5- 4 ' k ,i ' . f. K 'x if ' '62 . 5 i J - 71 S 4. 3 "5 'iw N 5 eff' -'Fw' gp 2 f-axft' ffi, " -' skis, I , M, . L', , 2-V 2. ,mi ' A . - , . ,,, , . gi Y A 'fs f ,f , + 1 A M . 2 2 , - , J J r' H K , L S -'mf .4.x,,,. 2 K, df Y V 1 l I I Y 1, K '- x '54. vw: 4 ,. ,5.xYE,, , A ff., 56 g 5' RM' g,1v5" N I 9 Y - ' X , , 1 ANS, L A. X , 6 Q 3 t X' Y Qin rr I JP S Y ! , 4 f W f mzhw' N1 ' wa-6.f Qs.....1 vw . V Aff' rf' T - , ' N . ' -M K-fy' 3 F ,. N' Q P . ' M i K 1, - g gi. K ' t ' Q Qf"?f"'V 'Z ' A -1- K' ' I ' Ask 1, N Y 5 J In xg Aavfwi 4 "SE, 36 N ,. waiifw HJ, 46 f ,.. 5. , ff. . Students Not Pictured Cheryl Art Gary Bisgrove Heather Bjornstad Liz Callahan Noel Dizon Susan Dustin Cristin Gagnon Daniel Gelman Jim Greenhalgh Kevin Heath Anitra Hoisberg Ken I-lorwirtch Kristine Kiitredge Sindy Koffman Steven Murphy Mark Nottdi Joe Pone Loren Roberts Shelli Succa Gabriel Viola Sandy Weer The Unknown Junior. Juniors 157 W in .twynh J 'K 'Qin v ,. my 'vfw A H lk fr ,Q M . i , .J M3 , i mg .1 f.,. 1 w , H, - 'B ,M af. .. Y Q m ' ' mf ' .. ' , ' "if " . ' " ',.Kk,:w f 'A wwf. 4 4""',,,.- af 'K 4, yan ,.f,: - 1 R, ffff.:ff'4 '91 ' +A Hf?W?f'f wp fLs'4M494?1'L'v Y' H V ' 535- '?','f1f'5, ' ,r ,.,' A 'T fsfffQv,i:?6jKg?v.i' K ffffg' ' fini ,W ,f'wW,Y XJ' 42,3 W' K wh ' Af J' ffufffhtnvf' 5131? 51,55 ' ff: 5iT2g',mfQ,wfHf'g4'Mix :amd ,,,' ,a ' v - ,Z ,, 441, f X1 1' ,'s?4l. A , ' 1+-W wa, ,.f -va. 5. X . ., mx aw ww ..,,, Y 4-L 2 V r . - . : Aa .gn t K 1 gf '11 'Tf?:2-iii? f. w az 'r . ' ' 'fi ,! ' . wily- ,M + ,,, ,f f - A ., ,,,, M :wk J I Ya: L! L 4 X .Q si-M ,fn r Q f N ,Mm my A I 2?i4 - V rw: ,,,, , A. L Q QQ. Z R N . ff. 'V Y x, . W wx., . XX Mails . , I in A.- Q.. .. b ' ,Tw ,, 4 ' K sm .. R in Q 'Y RQ. 9 , V , W f' ' Q ' as B x - -,K S' ' 2 ,, ,, z af '11 W4 ' 'E X - - ' .. 3' M 'K .. V K ,af A , . ,,,,f if ,ww t xs- w.. ,.,,..4,, -- lv f, .ximi W- Q- iff 'Yi K' . A J 3. rm 1 . . .Ny - Ti Zvi' S' 1 Activities N an b Q ,R . ff iw x. .AW "" """"Y0'Q-1-.-W, . , 3 ..,- 4' 'Wi JA, , 4, yn 41 :Wei ,J J' . r - F , ,wr 1. I Af f ' 453 A A N... V, A gwwf 4 V A ..v"+.f M. - ve- 4 4 4... W.. 'Q 5""4 E 1 W Av . K -le MM. N wg ,G ' 4 Q, 105 A gl? xgvkxiufasiffh-45-'go av. T M -K 'Wx V W V A 7 , .V V , n V S, E K WP A A, WSW, W jg, kg 4 1. if f Q53 - fxal, 'K b f,f" f, ii? in ff Si, 4 ,v tw' T1 Q g 'cf -'T' ,,5, Q ext f "'.r'L 'V' ,3 The Cheerleaders of '64 Another Homecoming attraction this year was our Homecoming assembly, held Friday October 17th, which made a lot of people anxious for the home- coming activities to follow. This assem- bly consisted of the usual class com- petition yells, and routines performed by our 1980-81 J.V. and Varsity cheer- leaders. We had our usual visit from our own Jane Curtin and our informa- tion- update, too. There was also the uncovered mystery of "Who shot J.D.?", but the highlite of the morning was the return of the breath-taking 1964 alumni cheerleaders, who per- formed a talented cheer from the good old days. Some of the members of our band that does such an excellent job at all of our assembli Below-The 1964 Agoura High cheerleaders build the pyramid that topped off their fabulous routine. ---R - lr E . , ,R s M , F i Q y 1:51 2 wif? wg. E Q . xwiwig., ,. K 3 xi 35 me a Y 'Ei W X- 1 , , V ,fmfz 1.51. v - , ' ., Lg .,j1-sv, gk - g2'3'g ' f , -. 1 ii ' 'P 5- 352-3 ' 9 5525, .. tin w f A fi' I if , J, ,.4, -QW' ff Li av . 53 ig M. 1 Y' Above Agoura's spectacular half-time show featured a performance by the California Aerial Parachute Team. Homecoming 1980 was an all- around success. The day be- gan with a double victory on the football field, J.V. winning 42-O while the Varsity stunned archrival Calabasas with a 42- 21 win. This years half-time show was a memorable one. First of all, our Marching Band and Banners performed, fol- lowed by an exciting para- chute show by the California Aerial Parachute Team. Then, this year's Homecoming Queen, Cindy Kerby, was crowned by 1979's Queen, Shannon Pond. After the half- time festivities the many stu- dents and alumni present watched as our varsity team returned to the field and sewed up their victory over the Coyotes. Agoura 4 fr. Above-The Chargers gather before going out to give the Coyotes more of what they deserve. Below-Steve DeGennaro leads the Chargers back onto the field with a 21-7 half-time advantage. x 0 'rt 1,45 FNSQAQVSXA N , KV. fs... .4 X'-at ir sf AIN' alabasas 21 get .fu ,. I v Slot gn .LJ tlliilt . 5fE??i1ii:zil??f9 Above-One more view of the breathtaking parachute performance during half- time of the Homecoming game. Left-The jubilant Chargers exult in their glorious victory over the Coyotes and lift their trophy aloft. Below-Calabasas's final hopes die as the Chargers score still another touch- down. vibe ' k'x' 'fEF5VEEQ:QEff:Eii:5'f ' X- o- 7 X C l K ............n.-s.-W ...vs My Xie. is .sr Q A Dream Came True This years Homecoming dance was surely a dream come true. Agoura's G building was filled with many happy Agoura students, students from other schools, alumni's . . . and freshmen. The dance began at 8:00 after which the featured band, The Electric Warriors, played a variety of our students favorite types of music. The dance honored this years homecoming court, Donna Marion, Jenny Helland, Susie Jacobson, Holly Atkinson and Cindy Kerby, and they as well as everyone else who attended had a wonderful time. The dance ended at 11:00, but for most couples, the evening continued. Clockwise-from above right-Michelle Mohamedi and Steve Clanceyg John Ledtord and his date, Junior Class Princess Susi Jacobson, Senior Class Princess Holly Atkinson and Jerry Stratton, the Homecoming Dance i ,I fl HL x 'W K ' Queen Chosen For Homecoming luv'f,e. are .fx--xmp. 2,,:gmm:mmmm I N X wif s 71 V Q L V V N Q2 nf W . ' 41" f, 9 1 x 5. 5 S '4-n W 1 9- N , fs s v-'Y J Y ?f- Q Q ,441 ,, wg! J' 15. E.-rw. , , . . ---......,.,. W.- - nag, Q9 9 Q5 N 4 fu f4q5',5,u 415 .WW . ,ff SN 1 I l ,W ,,,,,,1 V ? J fu' 4' ' 1, J-'ff 1 iJ 5f...,g 'fiu 9 v ' Q 'HC g, , , . X915 1 fb is IX 155, . A Y +3650 A... ', 411511 I ,mv-. ,xx - 'Q if .' 1 " x, l A-4 r"Y"'w k I , 1. A- f 5 ,f . . ff G5 C Lf A f 'tj Y Y J ,Q 3 . ,I, 4 :S if ,V f if J' if 25. Qv ! ...f in ,, xv' I, HQ. -Q Q I. Q ,Z tk More Mice Than Monsters , it-.U"N.x f H' ,, we , at 1 f :if ' iarfylx q '. 50 ,f-new ' . Q M I ' 'M ' 'A 4 'A - H' il V 3 f f 4 ' " ,im A ' 'V-1 ' his 4 K .5 If V Q ., -pr um , ,, f I ' , f , ' - ' A ik, , mgwsfy k v AVVV rj, I : Q vm, M AKV, 7 , In Sexy Agoura cheerleader Brad Wise Above - President Kane or King Tut? Below - Lori Ehrhom and Sue Steck, two of the mice that overran Agoura Halloween Day 4, t K X iff- .K kk d-.g A 1 s e t .. kb . Ei' M iii ' L F' Above - "Pink Panther" Paula Harris. elow - The lovely Lisa Bourland and Traci Diponzio rom Rocky Horror, and their friend Wonder Woman ana Diprima. At Halloween, Agoura High transforms itself into a sort of Transylvania. Not your basic, everyday Transylvania, but like it for instance, there were alot of mice running around campus, and not too many monsters - it was scary, nonetheless. Other attractions were the dress-up contest, the haunted house and a visit from the Great Pumpkin Halloween morning. On the whole, Halloween was a very enjoyable day. Above - Unknown monster reflecting on the school. Below - The well-dressed Mike Thomas and Craig Ekman. Career Day """""""""' W" " f ful? A ORCE A great way of life. Career Day this year at Agoura was very successful, interesting and students had lots of fun while learning alot too. Career Day was on November 20, taking the place of second and third period that day. Career Day gives students a chance to learn about different careers, and meet professionals in a variety of fields. A week prior to career day, students choose two classes in careers to attend from a lengthy list consisting of Cosmetology, Real Estate, Photography and many, many more. Agoura feels this is a great way to help their students prepare for the future and most everyone enjoys it. top right: Jamie Wayne listens with interest. mid- dle left: One of the professionals answer a stu- dents question. middle right: Photographer, Mike Pressler explains about his profession. bot- tom: Robin Gonzales gets a professional make over. .M fm' :si X Aboveg Susan Newirth has a good laugh with one of the Career specialists. Belowp Dave Kane finds out all he wants to know about a career in modeling. C Q, 'K 'v+. .-If Aboveg A representative from Bank of Amer- Belowg Another professional prepares ica tells what the banking business is all Agoura students for the business world. about s -2, ' - " ' f ' K A-M ' r f V digg , ui - - L fi if ns- , A ws. --V l J ,ruff ,,.'Vv' J W, T0 Jaime again l leave my raw animal magnetism 8. my waxed cracker. I, Tammy Lachman, leave Laurie parrot, all the punk rock albums she can handle. To Marla Meisl a drivers license 8 my Pat Benatar tape. To Shannon Shutak a lifetime supply of Gifts 8 good advice. To Scott Selstad a big thanks for getting me through our English class 8 of course Tami Hammond. To Jay Joyce all of the dirty letters he can remember 8 a package of Bic pens. Most of all to Mark Ozbourn-Me! I, Lisa Lakotas, leave to Carrie Rose a new car with doors that will stay closed. To Mike Russell I leave a wardrobe of unwrinkled Jordache jeans. To Doug Wicks a whole bunch of lox 8. bagels. To Laura Lee I give a collection of Leo Sayers albums that she can sing 8 dance to at parties. To my friends Sue, Karen, 8. Deanna I leave good luck 8 fun times for the future. To Mike I leave all the love I have. I, Chris Lang, do hereby leave: Jill Oviatt a case of sunkist, her own room at Seven Oaks Ct. Denise Bulac a whole cookie. Anne Reeder a starring role in a movie with Chevy Chase. Paul Miller Olive, me. Stacy Newman a guy who is worthy of you. Theresa Chaides all of the Beatles everything, Diane Janedas a poster ffor me?l Brian Murphy a pipe, the sand trap at the golf course. John Brody 22 lbs. of chocolate chip cookies. Steve Peel my entire earring collection. Mr. Litten a coupon for a case of Lipton tea bags. Mr. Pete a winning track season. I, Shari Lee, being of sound mind 8 body, leave to Dawn 8. Loral Lee my ISP, DCE, cliff notes, 8 all the luck in the world. To Pat Wahl, I leave 100 gallons of Swiss Orange Chip icecream, a tall guy, maybe M.M. 8. "Patricia-Hola, que pasa usted?" To Lori Brady, I leave Jim Fox iHey 19l. To Leslie Gagnon, I leave Mike, Rob, D.W., 8 an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii. To Holly Sinclair, I leave a good conduct medal for making it to school most of the time. To Jennifer Love lkidl my best f8 craziestl friend ever, I leave a puck 8. a stick, Kings La, Dave Taylor, 818, Larry Murphy, 35 fl get Steve Jensen 322 8 Buckl, partnership in owning the Los Angeles Kings, doodle arts, "Which Way is Up?," "Do you . . "would you? really!!!," "Aqua Velva, 8 here he comes!" "What did you slip on?" "Butter, butter?" "no Parkay!" M.M., cap over brow, "by the sea right?," Texas, General Hospital, can you believe we are seniors? Bob 8 Pete, talking In the rain, S.C., Richard, peachy, smooth sailing, camp, horseback riding, round trip airfare to Hawaii, Manhattan Beach, season seats fwith our names engraved 8 no smokersl in section 10 or section 27, a lifetime subscription to Hockey News, da da da da charge! Da da da da sargel, "He shoots, he scores!" Much happiness always, and all my love! To everyone at Agoura High lteachers tool, good luck in the future!!! I, Shannon Leydon, leave to my sister, Regan, a happy 3 more years of Agoura High School, 8 to her friends jwhom she brought over at lunchl the reassurance that I really don't hate you all. To Theresa Chaides, a 105h year of good times 8 the patience to put up with me for another 10. To Melinda Hedges. an eggnog toast to your wit 8 my goodness. To Luanne, the Karmic wisdom to follow the eternal light. To Wayne 8 Darrell "adios amigosf' To my gymnastics class, all double backs. To all my teachers a sincere "thankyou" and to the Class of 1981 - lots of fun!! I, Diane Lindgren, leave to Gina Richardson lessons of how to get off a ski lift without having to stop the entire lift 8 have a ski instructor carry you off! A gas credit card in my name, another "Rocky" sweatsuit to wear to Rocky Ill, the money we paid to go up to the snow for our hot chocolate 8 the gas 8 most of all I leave to you the thankfulness of making my life a lot easier by having you as my friend. To Laura the money to go to Sears Driving School, a pizza, our emergency earthquakes kit, a trip to Europe, a Corvette. To Wendy I leave my license in exchange for her car, longer legs so that when I sit in the front I won't have to adjust the seat. A kiss with Richard Dawson, all my change for lunch. To Mary all the years in the world, Richard Gere 8 my love to the best sister anyone could have. To Polka, K.B. 8 a new pair of P. E. shorts so she won't ruin mine! To my mom 8 dad I thank you for everything. To Twinkle the chance to bark for 1 hour straight. I, Jaime Livingston, leave to Leann, size five shoes, in hopes that her feet will shrink 8 hoping that her next 2 years at Agroua are as fun as mine were. To the "Veenie-Oueen", I leave guys - 2 years filled with great memories, 8 many more to come. I leave to Natalie "dodo waa's" 8 Spiderman 8 a future filled with more fun memories. To Marty I leave his own personal "10" 8 his own gossip column. To Kara I leave next years Freshmen. I leave to "Hawk-eye," to many good times 8 your own talk show. To Porky, I leave brew! To Hippo remembrance of all the memories we've shared 8. a ski boat. To Holly, I leave Phil my room, 8. my clock radio. To Walt I leave a box of "Waxed crackers" 8 all of the old call slips we delivered during 1st period. To Paul, I leave my brother, more hiking trips 8 more fun times together. Finally I leave!!! I, Jennifer Lockett, bequeath to Holly Ballard all the quarters for bagels I owe her. To Mr. Litton his own personal T.A. To Pam Molsick her own set of keys to my car. To Sheryl Bratton a case of Tom Collins mixer. To Denny Kane a "jet to the john" card. I, Curtis Long, leave the keys to my Camaro 8 a lifetime supply of McDonalds hot fudge sundaes fwith nutsl to Debbie, Mellissa, 8 Kristin. I leave for Mr. Jackson somebody to teach his new liord show. Mrs. Antonucci The Lord of tho Ringo. For Messers. Ftizzardi, Patterson, 8. Rebd my thanks 8 respect. For Mr. Bushner, China. Mr. Litton, Mrs. Grossman 8 Mrs. Bishin, thanks for being me mans new thoughts. For Dean I leave a Steinway, a Spitfire, 8. Appalachian Spring. I, Jennifer Love, leave to Dawn Lee my DCE 8 all the last rninte latenight homework assignments I crammed in. lleave to Glendon all the hamburgers Idryl, pizza, 8 math classes together including Rob 8 all of his spaced out stories that left me scared to death! Thanks for the great weekend in P.S. I leave Johnne Bromwell a pair of ice skates 8 a back brace 8 our phone calls telling each other what kind of trouble we have gotten into, I leave Lori Brady my latest hockey convert, popcorn to throw at the N.Y. Rangers fans that ever chant "here we go Ranger's, here we go." A video tape of our legendary walk behind Greg "twice" also the one 8 only Jimmy "foxie" lWooofl! To Shari Cass I leave all our midnight munchies, talks in the rain, 8 crazy adventures - not to mention Buck 8 Richard. I also leave you a sidewalk of butter- no Parkay! For all the times I made you wait after hockey games so that we could hide in our car, l'm giving you your own parking space at the Forum 8 those 2 seats right behind the fall right Jensen, go Davey Babyl players bench so that you don't have to hang from the rafters. l'm also giving you the 822 8. Steve Jensen scoring on a breaking away ishorthandedl to beat the flyers. Ownership of the best hockey team in the world so I can own the other half to go along with Reed Larson, Bill Baker, Mark Johnson, Pat Hickey 8. 180 the rest of our "dream team" Finally I leave youga Stanley Cup Championship for the Kings! T lsenberg 8 Mr. Cohen my thanks 8 best wishes. To all my friends I leave the best of luck for the future friendship always. I, Pamela Lydon, will Robonic the nerve to cut her hair, a fat punk wardrobe, a maid to do the ironing, own personal key to the cometary 8 Mark's house, a visit with Earnest Angley, your own blanket for t. cold nights in my car, 10 extra minutes on the phone, a K-mart wiggy, a safety belt for Laurie's car, al lox 8 bagels you can eat, 8 all my love 8 friendship. To M.M. I leave a string bikini, 8 glasses of wat sleeping bag in the closet for Steve's quick getaways, Sible's puppy piddle, Bobby Buswell's swell sen humor, "Aye mates" eye patch, a faster car to escape trouble, a voodoo doll of D.A. to pike at, 8 a other crazie memories that we have had fun making. To Laurie W. I leave all our memories of Hen Martha, Darrel 8 Paul, 8 Brandy from camp 8 all my hopes for your future! To Pam M. I leave my hair new Big Wheel for Fiich's next door neighbor. To Dominick I leave a blow up doll so he will leave my fri alone 8 my thanks to a perfect class clown partner. To K. Kline I leave her own chainsaw to play with video tape of her in her pj's. To Amy I leave some good times at the Hungry Hunter, some more fun with Jerry Lewis's son 8 my thanks for always being there when I needed you. To Todd Kelson I le permanent tatto and the prize for the dirtiest fellow in Oceanography. To Kent Gleason I leave his pai permission for him to convert to Judaism. To Greg 8 Guy I leave Monasevitch Kosher dill pickles, rr balls stuffed cabbage, som pennies to put in the bank 8. a large Bar Mitzvah. I, Annis Maclnnes, leave to the clarinets all the luck inthe world plus plenty of unbroken reeds, to my sj all our great times, to the band all my "happy memories." To Lisa I leave lots of love 8 friendship. To ll plenty of "hellos!" To Mary I leave the memory of our great carpool full of beautiful voices, 8 ou "picnic" in the band room. To L.A. I leave lots of french fries, "scary" movies, laughter, good time hopes that someday we'Il both get our "bears", To Mr. Jackson free passes to all amusement parks, a food you can get at Kavkaz, 8 a special thanks for the help you gave me "the God!" To Ed the memory years of science, I, Jean Marek, will to Janice Fabian an unending supply of warm fuzzies 8 a life lasting friendshi Barbara Sommerfeld Tim Curry 8 100 free passes to the FI.H.P.S. To Cris Aines my Biltmore hat 8. haircut. 8. the will to say no, coach Crow a straight jacket with which to control coach Pesetski during basketball games. To Coach Goodes a life's supply of Beechnut chewing Tobacco with which to spit oi softball players when he gets mad, at last but not least I would like to will to my sister Joan all my lo' Clark Gable. I would also like to thank Mr. Miller for making learning an enjoyable 8 worthwhile experts 8. Coaches Pesetski 8. Goodes for making my athletic career at Agoura enjoyable 8 memorable. I, Joan Marek, leave to Janice "cub" Fabian all my trophies 8 friendship always. To Barbara Sommer' leave my 2 good ankles. To Cris aines I leave all my Merle Haggard albums. To Mr. Miller, I leave my th. 8 appreciation for being a special friend 8. helping me to discover what life is really about. To Mr. Peset leave my appreciation for all the hard work 8 energy he put forth for me 8 the girl's basketball tea Mrs. Sveda, I leave my thanks for giving me encouragement 8 confidence. To Mr. Goodes, I leav supreme thanks for all the motivation 8 inspiration he has given me. Also for showing how hard wo effort can turn a bunch of confused 8 disorganize girls into a ball club. We may not have won a whole I games, but we sure had a lot of fun. To my parents, I leave all my love 8 appreciation for all encouragement, support 8 love they have given me fthat is so very often overlookedl. To all of the abo others not mentioned I leave all the happiness 8 love that life has to offer 8 a special "thankyou' making my four years at Agoura so special. To Jean, my love 8 Tom Sellick. I, Beth Marits, leave to Mr. Rezinas a manager who cares about his teams as much as l did. To Mr. Rizsl a Iifesize poster of me. To Mr. C. I leave a student council with as mucb talent as we had this year. T Holden my big mouth. To Mrs. King, a commissioner of finance who loves you as much as I do. To Hyi leave a boyfriend who embodies everything she wants. To Kim a date with Mr. Right 8 unlimited succe happiness. To Dana a live frog who will turn into a handsome prince 8. sweep her off her feet. To Jenn' least I0 friends who understand you 8 love as much as I do. To Jodi at least 40 more boyfriends in the 2 years. To Craig a date with P.P. 8 fond memories. To Steve P. a date with 3 girls instead of 2, an en supply of love. To Brian 8 Doug 2,000 lbs. of oranges 8. my thanks for all the good times. To Kris, ana Geometry class with Mr. Kinberg 8. my honest thanks for many beautiful memories. To Greg my ellie my love forever. To Alicia, Teri, 8. Natalie my sincere thanks for loving me and reassuring me all the ti to all my friends Candee, Teri, Alicia, Natalie, Dana, Jenny, Jodi, Kim, the following: Thanks for listenin caring, hopes that all your dreams come true 8 finally every ounce of love I ever had 8 will have the bee friends anyone could ask for. To Alicia the funniest person in the world I leave a date with you know I Apunching bag with D.l.'s face on it 8. an academy award. To Agoura, - I Leave!! I, Donna Majors, leave to my good friend Criss Anders the fun memories of burnt toilet paper, Mr. O pink shorts. I couldn't have made it without you, thanks buddy! To the one 8. only big Cease-I Ieavet my dirty thoughts, a loaf of bread, 8. lemon drops. Alane Monich you get most of my laughing, side a 8. tears. To a no. 1 teacher Mr, Laznik I have the warmest memories of Agroua from your classroom personal friendship that we have. To Ken 8 Scott many thanx for givine me a lift when I needed it. Suz Packard you receive my admiration 8 wish I was 6 years older. Donna Debas, Julie Bartolotta, Val T you 3 get all the weekends that you 8 I were going to go out on. Hopes it's not like this after graduatio Mrs. Johnson the smile on my face, My tears from leaving Agoura. l will miss you much. Wendy. Iittl have a good time here. I wish you the best. I, Todd McKee, being of sound mind 8 body, leave a couple of oriental-amazons to Stewart O'Rouk Walter Kueblen I leave a pair of platform shoes so he may continue to stand in a crowd.J leave the expert, Steve Perrin a new wife since the last one ran out on him. I leave Holly Atkinson all my singing a so that she may become a super star. To the Barbizon Beauty I leave luck in rooming together at US Marci Weidemueller I leave a complete book on the rules of monopoly 8 hoe to be'a good sport. T Amirkan I leave all my good jokes . . . he needs them! To Lotiann Hemond I leave apermanent name t I can continue to remember her name. To my sisters Lisa 8 Pam I leave super bond so they can contin be best of friends. To the ever darling Mary Hass I leave my good looks, 8 fantastic memory so that sh be able to continue with her "C.G." Image. I, Dana McWilliams, leave to my best pal Jen ITwinkle Toesj success in whatever you do, happiness alv- h Tim, 8. thanks for putting up with all my rainbows. To Carla, your own tennis court 8 a successful law ictice. To N.M. a very outgoing personality 8 to L.W. Straight A's throughout life. To Steve, fGruteJ, I ve millions of hugs. To Karen warm 8 dry ski clothes 8. more Snow Valley ski trips with Eric. To Nancy, bert 8. Omid, a much better job. To G,H. fa person l've always had a secret crush onl, I leave my broken art. To my little sister Kimmie, I leave love 8 a new pair of Nikes to walk to school in. Dandy Mead, leave to Kim 8 Jenny Taylor, everlasting joy. Dave Kane, the girl of his dreams. Kim derson a closet full of dull grays 8 beige's. Dominic a big hug. Ed Ball, happiness. Jill, F.S. 8 all my love, n Walker, the ability to re-live every happy memory she's ever had, Lerri B., My apologies 8 all my love. risty a boyfriend 8. lots of luck. Kerry Cooper, her very own Unicorn. Mr. Patterson, my patience. Mr. ten, every "is" I ever deleted. Jenny Hall my romantic attitudes. Dana, a handsome prince. Aarla Meisl, leave Tammy Lachman all the cheat notes at Agoura High, my speak n spell. I leave Laura llers all the sun 8 sand on the West coast. To Scott Selstad I leave my Mr. Microphone 8 an "A" in glish. To Larry Rogavin, I leave Tammy Lachman. To Dana I leave a hole in the wall. To John Manion I ve my only "Who" tashirt. To Kevin Waters l leave the Universal Ampitheater. lark Mesko, leave Joe four armed guards to guard his black tor is it bIue?J paint job, I leave Tom, Greg. ob with all the snow bunnies they can handle. Rob I leave you a new tailgate, Marylou, I leave Hanging ide down in the 280zx. T.M.W. all the great memories. Good luck next year. 'oni Mills, leave my determination of senioritis to my 12th grade teachers. The best of luck to the nicest icher I ever had, Miss Rankin. My friendship to the few people that tried to help me through school when l lved out here, And to the friends I have out here who said "hi," The best of luck to cool teachers like Mr. derson 8 others, One of the best teachers anyone could have, who made learning about the world fun- Pete, To the noon aids of this year who were smart, but not smart enough. The best of luck to the inselors who were there to help. lawn Milton. leave to Julie Phelan all of the memories of T.O., O'Shea Leonard 8 the unmemories of Vice rsa, To B.B. Rena the fun 8 laugh at Anthonys, skating 8. Jungleland, taxi rides with 3 up front tBruntonl, Cheryl Bensen from Dawn, Rena, 8 Julie the signature ditch notes, 8 new words to add to squid 8 wead. To Vicki Bankos all the notes from Dear Abby Dimple Face. To Lil' Greenwood the hopes that her il' Hanover will stay together for good. Lil' Aines memories of all the freshmen jokes 8 longer legs to p up with people. To Kelly Amish all my love. To Paul Fellick an IOU for 75 cents. To Koslov 8 Singleton son tickets to the Kings games. To Mike Hanover absent notes every 2 days signed by "mom" To Jeff eff thanks for my "New Look" on my car. To the lingering Malibu Lakers-A lot of luck keeping our iutation. To Blake Scribner, thanks for the concern 8 triendship you have given me. To Mr. Neely-the mories of myself, Hanovers, Bob, etc. We all love ya. And last to those stunts unlimited studs with the rsches-Julie 8. I leave any stunts unlimited that their hearts desire, lichelle Mohamedi, leave to P.L. a personal chauffeur to drive her to school, memories of our get away 'n the 2 bandits, a low-cut t-shirt to show off her cleavage, a room deoderizer for her house boat, so her im won't smell like the Pirates of the Carribean, a weekend at P.S., a hatchet to kill Sybil, all my love and opiness for the Iuture. To K.K., a chance to get together with A,M., apologies for not being ready in the trnings, all the free salad plates, some punching gloves to punck out D.A., and a friendship that keeps on twing. To MR. that special song "Styx", a never ending romance with Walt, my rugged x-friend D.A. to up with, 8 our future B.L. sessions. To SG., a can of red hair paint, 8 jokes about "skin". To R.R., ne eye glasses to see the stop signs on rainy nights. To M.W., a pumpkin head blow up doll. To Steve C., Linbow with a Datsun 4 wheel drive at the end of it, our memorable maneuvers to get into the mobilhome. progressing new body, and my utmost love 8 forever lasting commitment. Finally to D.A., I leave a ind of cheese. 'am Moore, leave Barbara Heatherly a special "thanks" for being the best friend I could ever have, along h all of the love 8 happiness that life has to offer, 8 our friendship that will never end. To Holly Parker, "gardner" of your choice, lots ol patience next year living with me in P.V. fYou'II need itl 8. my clean m tHA I-lAi, also a life size poster of EH. to hang in your room. To Teresa Weir all of the fun times we've If 8 will have in the future, a guy that is PERFECT for her, 8 good luck next year. To Tom 8 Greg Weir, 5 sy lessons on how to become an excellent skier, with lessons from me. To Paul Hammel, much happiness ood luck always. To Laurie Whittlesey, memories of our triendship that l'll always cherish forever, To Lydon 8. Robin Ramsey, their punk rock hair cuts they've always wanted. To Kevin Kelley, my dphones with his initials engraved on them. To Mr. Rizzardi an aid to take his attendance daily. To Pete rn a "thanx" for teaching me everything you know. P.R. 8 his very own hair dresser. To Mr, Laznik, the lity to continue writing poetry, 8 many more years of great teaching. To Betsy Heatherly, good luck with rk 8 a Iuture full of luck 8 happiness. And last but ALWAYS 1st to Rich, I leave my stubborness, my ioxious moods, my endless questions, and all of my love forever. teve Moroz, will to all the future "motor heads" of Agoura a nice burn-out mark in the upper parking lot the "Badest-l" this will save the administration from repaving. To Joe Casey another paint job. To Dave in a good future in the air force, 8 keep that hair short. Thanks to Greg lsenberg for all his zany antics n we need a laugh, and to all my friends Dave, Joe, Mike, Greg, Tom, Mark, Greg, Todd, Randy, Terry, ck, Chris, Cheyrl, Carla, Marylou, 8 to these friends thanks for a great time in Agoura High. Last but not t Coach Williams for being a great teacher. but most of all a "great friend". obin Naranjo, leave to my kid sisters Lynnie 8 Heidi, San Fran, "The Rock, a "Westlake High Sucks," nper sticker, and all the love, understanding, encouragement, 8 good times we've shared tl love you pksll To Alain his very own space ship 8. my fondness for junk food. To Holly a physiology test she can't 2. To Mike A. my smile so he can wonder what Mike 8. I Have been up to. To Jeff a fast Mustang 8 my :eless collection of Billy Joel albums. To Jenny a knife of her own. a curfew, 8. memories of some wild urday nights. on Neumeier, leave all of my grades to my brother. I bequeath two Sear's muzzlers. one for Ron LasIey's . 8 one for Robin Gonzalez's mouth. I leave my exceptional height to Jon Siegler, all of my problems to e Berman, I will all of my Biology tests to Lisa Grey. To Steve Ash I bequeath an entire year of rides to ool for free. To Scott Ash I will a customed designed racquet cover complete with a chew holder. To Cindy Kerby I leave all of my new clothes. To the Los Angeles Zoo I bequeath Carrie Rose, Lastly, I wish all of my fellow graduates good luck. l, Ed Norick, leave Mrs. Hart all of my excuses, To Ken Neely my many thanks 8 all the obnoxiousness in the world plus all the photo l's he can handle. To Chris Aines all my driving abilities 8 Ken Neely. To Mike Wolfe 8. Mike Hanover all the great times 8. almost fights 8. all the J.D. you can handle 8 Bubba parties. Last but not least, that wrestling have many more great seasons 8. keep our image as disgusting, rude, perverted guys up! Many thanks Agoura. I, Jill Oviatt, leave Denise Bulac her own box of cookies, to Pete Irwin I leave a giant pin cushion filled with a never ending supply of needles. To Teresa Chaides, a lifetime subscription to Soap Opera Digest, a tape of Brenda Vaccaro, the thousands of S of gas I must owe her. To Anne Reeder, I leave the blond bombshell 8 a Goldie Hawn look alike award. I leave to the 1980 cheerleading squad a big banana. To Janie Shonerman, I leave her one 8. only love, Kelly Smith . . . but when there's Bill Cobb . . . 8. we can't forget Jeff Moss But what about . . .? To Candy Mead an "F" in French and a big hug for all her sympathy 8. understanding. To Jeff Ganzer I leave my Toyota, my grace 8. my balance. I leave to Todd tKansasl Kelson not Idaho, not Ohio, But the state of Iowa. To Staci Newman, I leave Derrick Beagle IBarkl 8. my friendship forever. To NASA I leave Miss Karbo's space suit, To Mr. lsenberg I leave a seat in the house. I leave Dave Trusel my suntan lotion. Since we're running low on Wesson Oil 8 butter lParkayj, to Mr. Litten I leave an pen invitation to our grammar parties 8. the awesome amount of love 8 caring he's given us. To John Siverson, I leave the everlasting title of grammar king. I leave to Wendy Salin, nothing fl love ya-get out of herell 8. the memory of "that night" in S.B. To Kelly Ward, my love. To Kim Anderson I leave La Paz Pina Colada Mix 8 my Vice-Versa date. To Mike Krenik I leave a tear drop, To Steve Perrin, I leave an autographed picture of Chris Lang fhands offll 8. a Christmas card. To myself I leave Pam Molsicks wardrobe. To Dominick, lleave a big kiss without the silver wrapper twe're not talking Hershey'sl I leave my fat feet to Patti Palmer. To Patti Yelle, I leave Ted Johnson 8 a lot ofcrazy memories. I leave Craig Harasyn 100 hours of continuous lsenberg lectures 8 P.P. To Frank Overton, I leave one good ioke. To Walt Kublan, I leave my sense of humor. To Brett Meeham my friendship 8 the momory of our off-roading experience. To Mike Lang, the best second brother you could ever have. I leave you my love always 8 many thanks for all the swell pictures he made for me. I leave Steeve Peel memories of Straw Hat 8 a book of J.G. iokes. To Dana Janedas I leave everything in the world she desires, an apartment in Westwood, the book "100 ways to get Jill in the conversation," M.B., R.P. but mostly M.K., 8 finally my laugh tYou got itll To Chris 8. Paul I leave each other, and last of all l leave Francis Shelley. I. Cam Parsonn, leave Mike Wolfe in the dust for not buying a Honda, Joe Casey a lot of burning rubber like on the way to night class. Greg lsenberg, a collection of Rush albums. To Pete 8 Julie the best of luck in your relationship 8 I hope that "Literature," makes things best for you in the future, To R.C. for all the crazy times we had together. To Jim Capaldi, the best of luck in your music career. To Larry 8 Paul I leave all the "shmidies" that they can take. To Missy 8 Paul Reynolds I hope they leave us some more crankin parties. To Steve Rawlings I leave a pound of snow to play with 8. to the Withers family, thanks for all the fun times and of course to Staci I leave my love 8 everything else I can. I, Julie Paul, leave Joe Casey, a car that never needs fixing 8. a license to practice physchology, I leave Robbie Pressen a stage, an audience, 8 an ounce of that evil stuff. I leave Greg lsenberg all the punk rock tapes he can load in his car, some new back tires, 8 ofcourse, his Zeppelin albums I borrowed. I leave Him Capaldi, all the luck 8 success inthe world with his music 8 someone to keep him company through it. To Steve Rawlings, I leave, 100 free passes to Phases 8. all the women he can handle. To Paul Hamel, I leave a picture of Leslue 8. a new car tl should talkl. To Larry Rogavin 8 Paul Fellick, I leave lots of luck 8. happiness with Brett. To Julie Behl, I leave all the good times, good talks, good highs, 8 good luck in Colorado. To Missy Reynolds, I share, not leave, all the good times, bad times, close calls, laughs 8. growing up. l leave her a car that never breaks, a field day at the Oaks, a beach chair, the plastic chicken lost in her car, one free pass to ditch an assembly, a good pair of running shoes to get away from the aides, I leave her a gift certificate to Datsun, to the Hallmark store, to Safeway, to Taco Bell, to CarI's Monk, to B - King, 8 to Denny's. I leave her all the crazziness we've been through 8 all the embarassing moments. Memories ot Bob's Big Boy when we were 14 8 15. Knott's Berry Farm, 8 her favorite place, Angel Fire, New Mexico. Our memory of how far we've come 8. l leave her Walter Francis Kelley the Ill 8 all his love, 8 all my love 8 friendship forever. And most of all, l leave Peter, anything his heart desires. I, Wendy Peterson, leave Gina Richardson all the chocolate eclairs she can eat. To Diane Lindgren, I leave all my "spare" rubberbands to hold up her retainer. To Laura Gasbarri, I leave all my "extra" boyfriekds, 8. thanks for being the best friend ever! To all you three I leave my thanks for the best years ln high school. l, Kelly Peterson, leave Carla Yates, Steve's other sock. To coach Harms my pair of blue ruffled tennis pants. To Marty Keegan, a new book of excuses this other has grown old from too much wear 8 tearl. To George 8 Bev, Todd 8. Sue, my talent of choosing those first class horor movies. To Greg a pair of extra long pants 8 much luck in your senior year. To Monica, an escort to get you to Class on time 8 a million 8 one thanks for being such a special friend. To all my senior friends a big "good Iuck." And to my one 8 only Steve, I leave you many thanks, many kisses and all my love for ever 8 ever. I, Jill Poremba, leave Rena Cochran a car stuffed with eight fatsos plus me bouncing around in the hatchback, a house in no less than perfect condition after one of her "calm" parties, 8 inthe coming years I wish her all the guys she can handle. To Lori Dehart, I leave all the apple fritters, Numero Uno pizzas 8. pitchers, burrito sumpremes we ate. I also leave her a battery that won't go dead even if she leaves her lights on, 8 a door that opens by combination when she locks her keys in the car, To Dennis I leave two things: all my love 8. our future. I, Rob Pressen, leave to Joe Casey a paid lifetime gas credit car, 8 a pair of slicks. To Tom Weir a paint job for his car 8. the ultimate ski conditions. To Greg Weir more outrageous ski trips with excellent conditions, 8 lots of women. To Greg lsenberg, another pair of Nunchakus, a razor to shave off his Hitler moustache, 8 every Bruce Lee movie ever made. To George Holmes. the coolness he thinks he has. To Brad Wise, a head shrinker. To Danny To Danny Walters Boobco 8. a picnic basket. To Kerri Lupe a zipper for mouth. To Vicki, Dana. Kristin, Lisa, Tracy-my triendship. To Mr. Albrezzi, Mr. Bathgate all of the trouble we caused with our cars. To Missy 8 Julie my phone number because I think they forgot it. To Angie all of our cool memories 8. hopefully some better ones in the Iuture. To Teresa my friendship forever, To Sharon, good Please continue on page 199 181 Square Dancing Ya Qt few.,- Square Dancing has been a tradition here at Agoura for several years, and the students have kept it going because of how much they enjoy it. The week before school lets out for Christmas vacation, the PE. classes and their teachers give up their regular P.E. schedule to learn some good old-fashioned square dances. The P.E. teachers and coaches teach the students some old favorites such as The Virginia Reel, King of the Road and everybodys favorite " Heel and a Toe". Its always one of the funnest school Activi- ties of the year, so most everyone always gets out there grabs a partner and has a terrific time. 182 Left, 'LAII join hands and circle to the left" Below, Jill White and Kevin Kelley try to keep up the pace 'rf lxgx' hp. av-A -til A Above, Students await their next dance. A' Above, Jill Oviatt and Susi Gellinck making adorable couple. abovei Steve Boyum promenades Marti below: Janie Shawerrnan doesn't understand. '19-P , x -4- sf" av' 0 above: Staci Newman'S got the hang of it but her partner just goofed. 53- .. ' -nf above: Nancy Lakotas and Olaf Schuett having a good time. fm 4 Battered Donkey Basketball is an interesting phenomenon. Each year, various students and teachers mount the mules and proceed to make utter fools of themselves before an audience, and yet each year there are plenty more volunteers to embarass themselves in this way. They don't even get paid, The audience certainly enjoyed this year's edition of Donkey Bas- ketball, judging by the large turnout and enthusiasm. Apparently, even the riders had a good time, despite bruised egos and assorted other bruises. As usual, the jackasses did a fine job, and so did the donkeys. 9' -if 81 Bruised 5 La 'Q .T J, 5 wr-:.-.Qg,-1 X . . . . 'X is-isis., . .. fa! a 1 fb, - 'rw . .W ,., 5- h f Ai 'Q ,wr L2 s I I . ' fi::':'Sltt -' 5 'fx Vi i t N gs xl' QIQS ' . . -- ,nm 2' rgifigfisigi Q K of' F? Mae-suL3.fra 1 'MEI' .A-V' '1.- MA.. 1-Alane Monasevitch and Mr. Goodes meet at half court for the opening tip-oft, as Mr. Kilpatrick looks on. 2-Scoring a basket in Donkey Basketball is no easy task, as these players found out. 3-One stu- dent team consisted of fleft to right, top row firstl: Pat Shelley, Ron Lasley, Valerie Auth, Todd McKee, Tim Sorenon, Natalie Fechner, Kathy Walters, Sue Brownfild, Walt Kubelun, and Kim Anderson. 4-Alli- son Weekly would rather wave to friends in the crowd than play Donkey Basketball. 5-Tim Sorenon discovers the true meaning ot the phrase, "Stub- born as a mule," as Pam Molsick dismounts in the background. 6-As much fun as Donkey Basketball is, it does have certain drawbacks. Aggressive Women :- -1, ' 4 1-Traci DiPonzio, Greg Weir. 2-Jerry Stratton, Holly Atkinson. 3-Lisa Lakotas, Mike Wildermuth. 4-Dana Brody, Dave Kane and Kelly Peterson, Steve DeGennero rx.. X . if 4 R ' A 0, ,F ,- ., WA - ff, . if M. ENG' Q,,.. fif.A1,..EfW 5 " if 9x f, H I lx ,Xs- X ,- ls... 1-Alane Monasevitch and Mr. Goodes meet at half court for the opening tip-off, as Mr. Kilpatrick looks on. 2-Scoring a basket in Donkey Basketball is no easy task, as these players found out. 3-One stu- dent team consisted of lleft to right, top row firstj: Pat Shelley, Flon Lasley, Valerie Auth, Todd McKee, Tim Sorenon, Natalie Fechner, Kathy Walters, Sue Brownfild, Walt Kubelun, and Kim Anderson. 4-AlIi- son Weekly would rather wave to friends in the crowd than play Donkey Basketball. 5-Tim Sorenon discovers the true meaning of the phrase, "Stub- born as a mule," as Pam Molsick dismounts in the background. 6-As much fun as Donkey Basketball is, it does have certain drawbacks. Burn Rubber The auto show this year at Agoura High School was a fantastic display of all the totally "HOT" and wild ma- chines on wheels that cruise the streets of Las Virgenes County. The auto students were proud to show their fast cars. Greg Weir was one of the winners on that Saturday afternoon in February. A judge congratulating Greg Weir. - 2..:-"- . '4 ..,:: "' ,F T., . , ..- Fx,-' 'if' 1 MJ' 8 ,Q . f' 'T ,g,.. .X w. -4' 1 21,54 V . . A'TAfLM..J..:,,v .. ,vu ffl, . K "' .:W1 '. fi ,r3+i 'S?f' T ' A ., L , . W, f". ' 2 .- ,inn-1. f 'fra Mike Voorhies checking over his car, Some auto experts hanging out in the back if a Datsun 'ring ., A Trans Am shining in the sun. ' Sv ,L gym! Judge John Jabara averaging his scores. ......::"K Dave H. working on a car. ' " ff Y xi I I ' L ,f QM Ki! " " in W fir f e N g4 . s r " GLEN ' V ,NF A our-'G , "-1,.,, V -5 ig .. A- M 1 U, N.. , ' V ' ' ' if ' ,, N , ,. V ,M if r.. Fiilwr ' , ,J A 1. ,rw-' .' " ,L ff u ' Q qfrfm, H' 'T '1 . f. k,,g,i3,M..x I gr .5 f , f F15 gr. B. A , 4' 5 J reri'f ff - k 'k" j M ' , 3435 725 ' . , Q--4, 1' N. . . ' Glen and Greg showing their trophies. Aggressive Women 1. Q. A I 1-Traci DiPonzio, Greg Weir. 2-Jerry Stratton, Holly Atkinson. 3-Lisa Lakotas, Mike Wildermuth. 4-Dana Brody, Dave Kane and Kelly Peterson, Steve DeGennero 19" 4, ' mer NA- t lf' ,v-0 fu A K 3' f ,W ,J 1- ...on the dance floor Todd Taylor, Sue Steck. Ml f L F ' xg'4l"'x'. O , L-when i lf ig e in 71 Z Kelly Peterson 3, 22:4 Q A 51, e . Q 1 x ,Qi 1 13, , We we ,wi , M, k4sfwP,.f f7 Q ,M Q3'S':'5. , Ay- Q: ' , M K--.. 2' A . ... -4- sl f- e . fl my f . . ,f 431. 'Q ' in Q Q 3' x X X X -i i . Y X X fx 5 F . . : - L iifxfwf-9 'F -W - 1. . 1 1 'sf-X! '45 - 1. .. A W.. L , .-ef!-Z' .K f Q- - f wgf K .. .A ,Q n X f M I ,, fr Qf X .S bay.. 79' , ,- ' L h:L ' m K. K. hx. .f' ,jew N m ,k .. -Q- .vw ,f px x. Sw X The Original Love Bug This year Agoura got a treat as the Performing Arts Department presented a musical for the fall production. Usually musicals are reserved for the spring, but we got an extra treat as the Agoura theater presented the delightful "Amourous Flea." Greg Daignault starred as the letcherous Arnolphe, raising the beautiful Agnes lLisa Ran- dolphj in ignorance for his own pleasure. Unfortu- nately, the handsme young Horace lMike Sobell appears on the scene to try and steal Agnes away. The situation becomes extremely compli- cated, and the only sane ones around are the servants Alain and Georgette fFlobert Ward and Karen Christiansenl. "The Amorous Flea" all ad- ded up to a delightfully funny musical, well worth watching. Above: Mike Sobel and Lisa Randolph 1 Above: Todd McKee, Craig Harasyn, And Alan Phinney. Above: Karen Christianson, and Robert Ward Above: Greg Daignault joins Karen and Robert in this scene .xv .""' Q , X! J!! , H r 1 A I Q V X ,,., tft A s b 4 Fw. f l ,fr at W' ' rr t rrr 1 X M -' 'i v'....'fLP' i " Above: Karen Christianson and Robert Ward doing some fine acting 'yy ., . w -vf i N A Above: Mike Sobel and Lisa Randolph. 193 Encore Encore Encore H50 For 3 consecutive nights in February residents of Agoura could hear thunderous applause, loud cheers and shouts of general excitement coming from the Agoura High G- building. The reason- "Encore" - Encore"' an evening of Thespian sponsored One- Acts, proved one of the most enjoyable theater experiences at Agoura. Theatre veter- ans, as well as a few newcomers, transformed the Agoura stage into a variety of settings, a tense court-room for the original one act "Testimony" written by Holly Atkinson, Dena Harmon, Alicia Hawkins and Jerry Stratton, an old country barn for the delightful satire "Rainy Afternoon" featuring Jon Amirkhan, Loriann Hemond, even a football field for Katie Saarf's touching performance of t'l.ast of the Pom Poms". Congratulations are in order for all who par- ticipated in 'tEncore" ' The audiences so enjoyed this impressive production that they demanded fnaturallyl an Encore the responseg CABARET lN MAY!!l. U Jon Amirkhan, Lori Ann Hermond, Alicia Hawkins 23 Holly Atkinson, Jerry Stratton 37 Lisa Ransolph, Todd McKee 45 Jon Amrrkhan, Alicia Hawkins Si Jennifer Nelson, Allison Weekly, Nancy Zorehkey, Laura Schwake 63 Holly Atkinson, Alicia Hawkins, Dena Harmen R P Life I A Cabaret "Life is a Cabaret," and so is Agoura High this spring as the Agoura Performing Arts Department presents the hit musical, "Cabaret"! The show promises to be a great success, and the enthusiasm is rampant. The ever popular Holly Atkinson portrays the "strange and extraordinary" Sally Bowles, and Jerry Stratton is her lover, Clifford Brad- shaw. Steve Perrin is the ever present Master of Ceremo- nies femoeei at the Cabaret. Dave Kane and Dena Har- mon play Heir Schultz and Fraulein Schneider, in love and in danger in pre-WWII Germany. Craig Harasyn is Ernst Ludwig, a political activist of his day and Cheri McCray is Fraulein Kost, a lady of questionable repute. The action centers around a Berlin Cabaret, and there is plenty of action, singing, dancing and romance. The "Cabaret" at Agoura figures to be "perfectly Marvelous." '- 1-Cliff and Sally fJerry Stratton and Holly Atkinsoni meeting at the Cabaret. 2-Marney Whited, Steve Perrin, Lisa Randolph, Teri Anderson, Holly Atkinson, Suzanne Cole and Stewart O'Rourke performing at the Cabaret. 3-Kit Kat girls Amy Nunnally and Lisa Randolph flanking emcee Steve Perrin. 4-The cast of "Cabaret". 5-Kit Kat girls Amy Nunnally, Suzanne Cole, Lisa Randolph and Marney Whited present . . . 5- Kit Kat girls Alicia Hawkins, Teri Anderson, Karen Christiansen, Denise Bulac, and Pam Callie. 7-Todd McKee serving Heir Schultz fDave Kanei and Fraulein Schneider fDena Harmony. ' N i V f I i I , ,T P 1 Q W Q k 'l Q - kb!-H if ' :-. v. . f Q13 ' ' 9 O. 5 '."f.5'.! . 0 . 'fofhg' , 0' - J "eq4gs'ny. 11, ', 1, " ,Q 'iii ', 'U v sv, 2 fl' ' p,1 .. ,i J' ,n v lf . Er K ' ri' ' Y wr- . 'N MW . in -1 . ", ,n 42 S fvitw' .2 N x . 8 2? 5M Congratu Kerby "QCA ur Cindy .Q-nl ,. To Mara, all of our memories. To all my motorhead friends, a complete set of muffler bearings, finagin ., 8 piston return springs, To Mr. Anderson, Lots of thanks for all of the extra help you gave through my 's. To our gang all the good, zany, 8. crazy times we had. obi Ramsey, leave Pam Lydon a date with Rodney on the rock, memories of cemetary men, gutter ibing, cow riding, stop song stealing, punk rocking 8. my friendship forever. To Dana Akeman a handle ter car door. To Pete Irwin, free passes to all his favorite gigs. To Amy Sussman, a swing-set for her k yard 8. ferbis protection from all the murfs at Agoura, take back all the puppy love for Todd Kelson 8 'e him with my friendship. To Wendy Peterson, a rematch of our cake fight on the beach, To Dominic iino I leave the ownership of vertlgoes. Bill park, a change of music from country to Punk Rock. To Kara , a partnership for bank robbing, 8 my continued friendship. To Laurie Whittlesey, appreciation for her rosity. To Holly Parker, time off from work at four on Tuesdays, anew surf board, 8 thanks for her great idship. nne Reeder, leave to Jill Oviatt, F.S.8 E,P. falias blond bomb shelll, 8 loads of bananas to "GO iIANAS" when ever she wants l8. any extra to stuff into her beautiful rnouthl. To Chris Lang a year ly of lunches because we always ate yours, besides you need some extra lat on your bones! To Denise c, binoculars so she can find herself lyou gal's I lova yall To Mr. Maitland, my ISP that l never returned ably because I didn't get an "A" in the class. To Ms Bishin, a big thankyou for making English so much To my little sister, as much fun as I had in my years at Agoura lbut work hardl. To Oge, I leave, I leave he aggravating times we had with certain someones, but we'll have the fond memories. To everyone l've had the pleasure of knowing at Agoura: Love, Luck, 8 Happiness. Finally I leave Agoura High. os! issy Reynolds, leave to Joe C., a "Father of the Year Award," 8 his own maid to keep his messy room n. To Rob P., I leave a Mr. Microphone 8 his own radio show. To Dana I leave all the tan lines 8 enough jhs to last a lifetime. To Julie B., I leave the self confidence she needs 8. the sincere hope of a new inning in Colorado. To Shelly H.. I leave, a friendship that means a lot to me 8 another puppy to keep company. To Laura H., I leave, my P.S. dartboard 8. a mountain of snow, To Kathy 8. Cindy, I leave, a ch with no valleys 8 their own gossip column. To Kevin K., I leave, the 'eys to my Ferrari. To Mike K., l e, the girl of his dreams 8. a car that runs. To Nat, I leave, the hope of new beginnings 8. a pair of ski's. Paul, l leave, a thanks for making me grow up, a formula one race car, 8. a big "l'm sorry" for all of the ies. To Michell 8. Steve, I leave, a lasting love 8. a weekend at our beach house. To Steve R., I leave, ieone to scratch his back, the graduation he deserves, 8 a mountain of snow to ski 8 blow. To Larry 8 I, I leave name tags to separate the Man from the Dude, To Peter, I leave, my bestest buddy, 8. the carnation of Jim Morrison. To Julie, I leave a lasting friendship, endless memories, the only one she ever id for, Peter, some very clean baseboards, her own chain of Bob's Big Boy restaurants, a Ferrari 308 S, a two bedroom apartment, surgery to remove the phone from her ear, lots of cottage cheese, tuna 8. sion figs, a trip to Chile, 8 an invitation to my wedding, always remember "don't be chicken!" To Kathy leave, free driving lessons, 8. tell your big brother I love him, 8. he gets everything else. iul Reynolds, being of sound mind 8 body, will 8. bequeath to Eric G., A GS 1100 8 a long twisting hwy de it on. To W.K.. I leave, you with 8. rust a blessing, my sisters love. To Julid P., I leave, my playboy 'erfold collection. To Mike K, I leave, the keys to my house in Morro Bay. To Kevin K., I leave, a pair of ing gloves, 8 an upper cut in the jaw. To Kathy K., I leave, you will. your two brothers 8 a whip 8 a r. To Rich P., I leave, the key to my sand rail 8 a desert full of sand to ride it up 8. down, nrry Rogavin, to Peter Borowski, Fraizer Smith. To Miss Packard I leave a trip to the snow. -irrie Rose, leave to Deanna Miller, Keith Jansen so she will never have to drive past the T.O. gas station n. To Laura Lee, I leave, a Iife's supply of Huru Chews to remember our exciting lunches by. To Beth dy, I leave, my numerous pills so she can run like crazy. To the track team I leave, my stripped socks. To Thomas I leave my spies so he will know that l'm always watching him. I also leave him many more ories of walks on the beach 8 romantic rendevous by the full moon. Iespecially leave him all my love 8 ort for ever 8 ever, aurie Sacks, leave Tracy Nine, one free pass to Kinderphoto, John Thalbergs body, 8 one ear plug to I whatever there is in there. To Kelley Bush, crackers and chesse. To the J.V. basketball team, all my ps so nobody "Gels" next year. To Karen Auth, an edible plate because she likes to eat faster than she scoop. To Michelle Brooks, an "Argument Ad Philosaphotatum" also the night to have an affair with as Lorenzo Spencer." To Holly Parker, a new middle name . . , "O.P." Also a camera that takes res . . . all by itself!! To Janice and Leann, the most worn in pair of boxing gloves around. Also Leann ed Mark Bohn. To Pat Wahl, the term "Futuregel" 8. alot of luck, good times and happiness in the e. To Deia Zuemke, the famous "Dr. Z" pass. You know the one where you throw before you look? To ie Jenidas, fuckin her search for the ultimate . And for always being there. To Kate Nolan, iy thoughts of her blood curtling scream 8 a new and improved device so you wont have to worry about ig your teeth ever again, fP,S. I dont hate youl To Wendy Paese, all the excellent times we had on the 8 mainly for just putting up with me. Also the Incredible Shrinking Woman. To Mindy Beniolt a tu-tu wings so she'll feel in place on the D-ball court next year. To Chris Aines, the "howto goto a different ol every week" book. To Mr. Neely, a 35mm camera with no F-stops 8 shutterspeeds. To Mr. Ross a h of bananas. To Theresa Keegan, my shot 8. whatever else comes along. To Jane Shauerman, a tie 8 a referee uniform 8 all my love. And last but not least to Erin Nolan . . ldont know? Whatever. . . inie Schauerman, leave to Diane Janedis, a date with the beautiful R.P., some money to buy a car, 8 ikyou for our friendship. To Holly Parker, another chance with the one and only S.H.. some binoculars lfistant objects, a yellow X19 8. thanks for our friendship, To Lynn Leavell, thanks for keeping me out of ble. To Candee Sumner, all the weed she can pull, McDonalds, Westlake Inn 8 all our other jobs, 8 our rious friendship to continue at UCLA. To Karen Caruso, thanks for trying to keep me in shape, getting hrough all the classes we had together 8 thanks for our extra special friendship. To Laurie Sacks, all pacey nights 8. dedicated friendship. To Jill Oviatt, all our misunderstandings. To Allison Edwards, Lisa 8 Suzanne Musitch, all of my freshman jokes to use on upcoming freshmen. To Dave Trusel, a bottle of e. To John Amirkan 8 Bill Cobb, all the crazy lyrics they can think of and the fun in Mrs, Stewarts class. Aichelle Brooks, Mrs. Stewart. To Coach Smith, an apology for my laziness 8. thanks for your effort. To -girls varsity cross country team, thanks for getting us into CIF 8. good luck, I love ya. To all my other friends, thanks, To Mr. Van Dyke, a new checking account for the extra cash he receives from sports. And last of all, I leave AHS permanently. I, Sherri Schulner, leave to Ken Neely a complete set of Perry Como Albums. To this school, my younger brother 8. all his interesting friends friends, a large dose of the ENGLISH language 8. good luck next year. To Robby, all of my idiosyncracies, as if he hasn't had enough already, To the attendance office, all my absence slips. To Mr. Mathieson a big thankyou for all your patience, To Brian 8. Ken all the gum they can possibly chew, I, Laura Schwake, leave to Miss California of 1981, all of the luck 8 happiness in the future 8 a big thankyou for our friendship and all of our fun memories, To Paula, the most understanding 8. helpful person, I leave to you everything you deserve, 8. all the success 8 happiness in the world. To Wende the Wiz, I leave my money to pay for my overdue physchology bill, thanx flame! To John Jabara, I leave my trademark smiley faces. To Susan Brownfield, I leave the light pole inthe Agoura parking lot. To "Borowski," I leave all my appreciation for what she's done 8 keep in touch. To Cory Eckel, I leave one case of "World's Finest Chocolate Bars," and to the 1980-81 spirit team, "l like you because . . I, Blake Scribner, Leave, to Mr. Neely I leave my buck skin jock 8 to one who has helped me the most in photo 8 girl watching, I also leave my four million dollar cable release. To Joel Aleasch, I leave my two foot garden hose 8. how to get a divorce the easy way. To Mr. Tapie, you get my know how to run for public office book. Mr. Bushner gets my party booklet 8 my black phone book. I, Randi Senter, leave to Mr, Greminger, all the packages of bubble gum he desires, all the super jocks, and all of my support 8. friendship. To Mary Hass, besides my friendship, all the popcorn in the world, 8. Todd. To the entire football team, I leave my black eyes. To Carl Saynay, a variety of colored combs. To Bart Morefield my Dodger scarp book, To Richard Jabara our garage basketball hoop. To Agoura High my sister. Last, to my fellow graduates a future of luck 8. happiness 8. to remember all of the times we've had together. I, Merrilee Seyfert, leave to Mr. Werheiser my three speeding tickets, to Carrie R, The memories of our friendship to Tara P., all the parties and fun times we've shared, to Sheri O., I leave, Steve and my friendship forever to my sister, The Calvin Klein model, to Greg C,, my woeds "Wish You Were Here", To B.J., the Coors Brewery and Bonita, To K.M., all the happiness inthe world, and Anna, To Mike H., my goldfish and fish food, and Finally to Dan all my Love, I, John Siverson, do hereby will all my sympathy to the faculty for having to put up with the freshman. To Robert 8. Toni I leave my study habits. I will the green tank back to my mother, lminus the stereoj. To Mike Thomas I leave no luck at all because he doesn't need luck. To seniors I hope to see you all in 10 years. Finally to all the lower classmen 8. classmen to come, I leave the challenge to be as bitchen lgreatj as us, I, Cindy Smith, leave my best of wishes to Debbie Tepstein 8. the best of luck to my sister Lisa. I, Barbara Sommerfeld, will to my basketball shoes along with my starting position on varsity to Janice Fabian To Laura Friedman I wish to give all of my "Courage," To Charlie Curtis goes one evening with Dr. Frank-n-Furter, 8. a boyfriend with a body like Rocky, who has hands like Jacob. To Christy Wellner, I leave my permission to be able to stay out until 2 AM, on the weekends 8. also my prayers for swelling. To Joan Marek, l'll give her my ability to start her car, and a lifetime membership to the Merle Haggard Fan Club. To Jean Marek, I'lI give you my sympathy for all the hassels she goes through 8. a lifetime supply of "UH YEAHSV' To Allyson Thomas a partner with whom she may do the "Time Warp" dance with. To Chris Aines the ability to win in at least one argument with Jean Marek her big sister. I, Tracy Spinnier, leave K.K. a lifetime membership to my counseling sessions, my footer, a trip to the twilight zone, the salad plate, a guy with respect, a lifetime of happiness 8 our friendship forever, To K.E. a year's subscription to Playgrl, a fake l.D., all the radical parties, 8. our friendship always. To T.W. a leather outfit, whip 8. chains, a ski instructor, 8 memories to last a lifetime. To A.C. a life free from "Dad," a driving course for intoxicated drivers, D.T., many thanks 8. an unending friendship. To A.C. 8. H.D. my congratula- tions on becoming non freshmen, all the wild parties 8. men they can handle, and my friendship always. To D.T., all the trips to Leo Carillo he can handle 8. a car that runs. To Lisa Donahue, I leave the perfect guy, a mud wamping puddle, a supply of bubble bath for the jacuzzi parties, a beach apartment, trips to Leo Carillo with the surfers, a lifetime supply of bubble gum, my unending trust, devotion, and love for our friendship forever. I. Sue Steck, leave to Kelli E,, Tracy S., 8. Kara K., the very best always. To Mark Bohn a friendly hand shake. To Laura S. a big "hi" along with chocolate chip icecream. To Bev N. a supply of Captain Crunch, 8. Christmas records for her college day studying, To Marty K, the book Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. To Johny the biggest THANKYOU for always being there when I needed you, and a friendship that will always be there. To Todd a thankyou for all the fun times that I will always cherish tapples scrabble, to different words, 8. a clock to tell you the timel, Good luck I love you!! To Lori my best pal, all the luck 8. happiness that you deserve. P.S. From tears to laughs we have come, but now life has really just begun. I, Vicki Stewart, the following to Agoura High. To Peter Borowski, many thanks for our mature adult friendship 8. your ability to make others feel good. To Marty Keegan just a halloween mask. To George Holmes my remembrance of my love for you 8 your buddies. To Kevin Majors, I leave a quality word "charmer" for his divine way to tantalize the ladies. To Todd Gruberger l leave A "hi, no not today." To Mr. Feinman I leave a big hug for all our crazy notes. To Mr, Belcher many thanks for having patience with me through all the years of math. To Brian Murphy, I leave my quality of brightness that a nine out often lacks 8. a thankyou for a very special friendship, To Dominic Annino 8 John Wilson, Lisa Bourland, a shower full of memories. To the doublemint twins I leave our charm, talent 8 bright characters. To the class of 1981 I leave you all to the San Diego Zoo. I, Candee Sumner, leave to Jane Schauerman a bunch of bananas 8 a friendship to be continued at UCLA. To Karen Caruso, all my laziness so that it will slow you down at running. To Alison Edwards, Lisa Ash, 8 Susan Mushitz I leave coach. To Coach Smith I leave all my excuses 8. a big thanx for putting up with them Will for four long years. I leave to my brothers' Brad 8 Stu all my Agoura spirit. To Beth Marits all the trips to Brad's which led to the fun we had in calculus 8 good luck in whatever you do. To Kris Bratzler all the exciting moments we had in Kinberg's geometry class. To Keith Carlson, all the dents in my car 8 S173 to Bob Bishop lots ol luck in the future. Finally I leave the memory ofthe 1980 girls cross country team winning the CIF championship, 8 I leave Agoura High! I, Tim Takeuchi will to Mr. Hart a year supply of acid "fried" circuit boards. To Mr. Holden 8 Mrs. Helland, ghosts of computers. To Mr. Litten 8 Ms. Doi, one less essay to color red. To Jim Evans, the title of the greatest karate fighter at last! To the freshmen class, a bottle of HCI each. For the rest of the underclass- men, the board of education. I, Allison Taylor, leave to Geoff the part of me only he can have. To my love David, I leave everything else for always. To Carrie, my whoelhearted love 8 admiration. To Suzanne, all my love, 8 the rights to my autobiography. To Steven, a girl who is far too good for you, my partnership in crime. To Marci, a lot of laughter, a few tears, 8 the clandestine circle, To Marney, a supply of arsenic tfor mel 8 a love potion tfor Geofll, To Alan, my friendship 8 love, many thanks 8 elephants, And last, to my secret pal, I leave a dozen roses, a snowy mountain, 8 more love than you can know. I, Todd Taylor, will to John Jabara a left hook to the kidneys. To Coach Goodes, a six pack of crvex. To Mark I leave Amy, to Amy I leave Mark, To Marty I leave Cheryl Meuman. To George B. I leave a pot belly stove. To Coach J,D, Smith, I leave a pair of Paul Perfect designer jeans. To Peter Borowski l leave a USC t- shirt. To Sue Steck I leave myself and all of the love that goes with me. Adieu, Adieu. I, Debbie Tepstein, leave my best buddy Valerie lSmileyl Graham a book on how to talk a cop out of a ticket when in Mike K.'s car 8 happiness with Steve D. To Cindy Smith I leave a loaf of Wonder Bread to eat with me so we can grow, Also all of the luck in the world with Warren, To every one else, luck in the future. I, Micheal S. Thomas, H? 10121 leave Mrs, Croner my sense of humor since she is constantly in a bood mood, I leave the entire Agoura High School Soccer Team a team B.B.O. 8 continued years of bicycle kicks. To Terry Croner, I leave my "calcuIator." To my brother Mitch, I leave "my little black book" which he hasn't had the good fortune to be filled in yet. To Scales, I leave Val. To Val I leave Scales. To Mike Wildermuth, I leave my weight set, because thats the kind of guy he is, God knows they didn't help me. To The Kid I leave powdered packed snow 8 many "off the lips" 8 "European diving headers" to continue the flash attack. To Greg Degennero, I leave a bushel of juicy gems. To Carrie Flose, I leave my Barbara Streisand album, my rubber kiss tl hope I never need it.j I also hope she never needs another wrestling partner. I also leave my fond memories of interrupted candle-light dinners, windy beach nights 8 midnight rendezvous. I leaver her also a 10 o'clock curfew 8 a special potion to get her jealous, she needs it. Most of all I hope she gets with the program 8 that she will always be my favorite pal, Mike. I, Dave Trusel, leave to my good friend Phil, a clever plan to rid himself of Poley 8 all the sneetchels he can handle. To Heidi, Amy, Tracy, 8 Lisa, I wish you all the luck at Zuma Beach during the summer. To Coach Smith I leave three good x-country seasons 8 one flop. To the noon goons I leave homestudy 1, 2, 5, 6. To the "Jet Set," sorry guys. To Mrs. Graham. I leave. To Angie I leave the memories we shared 8 a wish for happiness in the future 8 to the classes of '82, '83, 8 '84, good bye 8 good luck, I, Karen Vanselow, leave to Nancy Tudman all the memories of our never ending, unbelievable adventures ltrashcans, Laurel Canyon, Scott Baio etc.l A life-long friendship that is continuously growing, 8 a chance for one night with M.C. 8 or, J.F, To Jennifer Nelson, l leave my singing voice 8 a one way ticket to Jim Capaldi's heart. To Diane Janedis I leave all the laughs from big C., a wall size poster of Mark Bohn, 8 thanks for all the help 8 heartache that caused me, all ofthe advice she will ever need or want about Mike Kleinfelter. To Mike Kleinfelter, I give you my Blue Machine to replace his car, plus all the oil that goes in it. I, Elaine Villalovos, leave to Mr. Bushner all the copies of "People of the Lake," to my hubby I leave the house, the bills, 8 the dog, good luck! To Sandy, I leave you a year supply of vanilla shakes from Burger King. I, Kim Walker, leave to Jenny, all my love 8 our 5 years of memories, To Dana, a new roommate lmel. To Beth, a private telephone line from B,V. to L.A. so she can keep in touch. To Kimmmay, all our nights at Swenson's etc. To Alicia I leave, those memories, of that summer of "traumas," laughs, waterguns 8 beaches. To all "the group" I leave, our many memories, laughs 8 crazy times of way back when. To Mr. Flizzardi, my secret pal, I leave all the Almond Roca he can eat, 8 memories of his most brilliant U,S. History Honors Class. To Ms. Feldtkeller, my secret pal 32, my good wishes. To Mr. "C" I leave all of Agouras future politicians, 8 my thanks for being that special person who really cares. To Mr. Litton, I leave, a new word pronouncer, 8 all of my enthusiasm las il he needs ill, 8 thanks, To Ken Neely I leave all my leisure to me, ability to relax, 8 all my thanks for being such a great friend. To King Kane, I leave a Burger King crown to appease any future power urges. To Ed, I leave. all the pickles he threw at the Burger King windows, a new V.W. bug, a lifesize poster of Rod, 8 all ol our summertime memories. To Steve, I leave ole memories, good wishes, melted ice, 8 my neck. To Candy, I leave, all of our memories of backpacking, long takks, "romance", dreams, 8 everything we have in common, 8 thanks for being such a special person 8 friend, To Jimmy, I leave, our Hawaiian Tropic, a bucket of sand, a picnic lunch, 8 a boogie board to brave the still waters at "the beach," 8 my thanks for sharing all his smiles 8 friendliness with me. To Tony, I leave, all of those wonderful memories, all my love, 8 my phone number, so you can call if you ever need that special friend you never wanted to lose, 8 never will. I, Dan Walters, will to Dave Dobrowski, all the senior classmates I gave him 8 all the luck in the future. To Lori, a new nightgown, 8 a new boyfriend. To Derrick my grades 8 ability to handle booze. To Sue, I give sole possession to the excuses "but I have to work." To Amy, I give her Greece, To Marty 8 John, dates for next years vice-versa. To the sophomore group, a bottle of Bacardi. To G-G-G George, a new pack 5 for college. To Brad, a pair of my lose Levi's. To Peter B., a vote for best dressed for the past 4 years, I, Christopher Warme, leave my leather jacket to Mr. Albrezzi, Mr. Vandyke, Mr. Bathgate, 8 Mr. Floss. They can fight over it when l'm gone. I also leave all my heavy metal albums to anyone who believes Rock 'N Roll is here to stay. I, Kevin Waters, will to Paul Miller 8 Brian Murphy a brand new Sherman Tank to be used only in desert warfare in the middle East 8 a golf course of their very own. To Pete Irwin, a can of shoe polish 8 a brand new kilt. To Todd Kelson a new transmission. To Mr. Busher some new jokes. To Art Dellassandro, a clue. 200 To Jeff Naylor, I leave many beautiful 8 lovely years at Agroua High School. To Kevin Brissick, brothers, To Tom Dolan, l leave Jim Nabors, Slim Whitman, 8 Boxer Willie. To all the noon aides with boards a grenade. I, Marci Weidemiller, leave to Robert, my gratitude for being so funny 8 for being so patient with irrita people. To Stewart an Oriental woman who can tolerate his obnoxiousness. To Todd all that is good in To Walter Mazeltou, 8 to Steven my heart 8 the most sincere wish that he gets everything he deser I, Greg Weir, leave to Joe Casey a swiss bank account for his car 8 a new gas tank. To Todd Kelso bigger engine 8 smaller tires. Training wheels for his car. To Mr, Anderson, thanks for being such a g teacher. To Tom Weir a gallon of paint 8 50 feet of air 8 Tyrolia 360'Z Bindings. Personal ski lesson G.H. To Brad Wise a head shrink 8 a comb. To Mark Mesko, cloud 9. To Randy Commans, A a G.T.G,O To Vicky S., Kristin, Dana, Tracy, Lisa, my friendship. To Flob Pressen, a lesson on driving an ATC, 20 I powder, 8 some Olin Ski's. A driveway on Westlake Football Field. To George Holmes a big shovel. M.M,, C,P., E.L., a sack of acorns. To Pam Moore, I leave Flich Weir for you. To Greg lsenberg, a lesso Nunchunk by Lee G,W. Hitop tennis shoes, Christian girls in Kentucky Fried Movie. To Mike Kleinfelt clown outfit. To Steve Morose, I leave Taco Bell. To Natalie Fechner, all my love, To Dave L lGrossbergerl a wig. To Stephan Valentino a body shop. To Kelli Ervin, our memories. To Teresl my car. my motorhead friends hood gaskets, muffler bearings, piston return springs. To Cary Lupe, a muzzle. Danny Walters, BooBoo 8 a picnic basket. To Tracy Nine, some cheese. To Marty Keegan, pink socks. Mr. Bathgate some driving lessons. I, Tom Weir, leave to Marty Keegan a deeper voice. To George Holmes a back brace 8 ski lessons. Danny lYogij Walters a fake board 8 a picnic basket. To Randy Commons, his first date, To Mike Flus his first ski trip. To Brad Wise, a head shrinker. To Vicki, my friendship forever 8 anything else she wants. Kristin, Dana, Lisa, Tracy, I also leave my friendship. To Tracy D. someone to keep up with you. To G lsenberg, a longer moustache 8 all the video cassets of Bruce Lee, To Rob Pressen, all of the zany ti plus some faster ski's. To Joe Casey, a real excuse for not coming to school. To Miss Packard I leave all wandering eyes. To Karrie Lupe a mouth gag. To Mr. Anderson, a thanks forthe extra help 8 good ti through the years. To Flob Stewart, good luck with the girls next year. To Greg Wrir, Weir, "please s looking like me!!!" To Mrs. Hart, my company in the office, To Mr. Albrezzi 8 Mr. Bathgate, all of problems 8 tire marks from our cars. To Marylou, driving lessons, 8 don't follow me next time. To our g "Thanks for some outrageous times." I, Doug Wicks, bequeath to my fellow classmates: Brian Murphy, a new "Members Only" jacket, for cold nights at the golf course. To Pete Ski, a little smeg' with an order of fries, To Lisa Lakotas, a high american style. To senior class prez. Mr. John Jabara a pleasant "hello" at Pearl Harbor! I, Micheal Wildermuth, will to Ms. Graham my cat from physiology class. To Paul 8 Brian, I leave my ra active clothes from San Onofre. To Mr. Neely, I leave a top quality grade 8 print. To Ty Miller, I will Liz fr aerobics class. To Jim Eaton, I leave another year of the best English class we ever had, To Amy at Ie one full day of attendance to all of your classes. To Lisa, I leave my special days ahead. Last I leave, Lasnick my brain for extensive study. I, Dawn Williams, do hereby bequeath to Dena Harman a year supply of "Anthony," 8 other invitatio twenty million bizzare stories about my adventures at "Phases," the "Odessy," and thanks for being best friend anyone could have, I also leave to you a book entitled Howto be Butch by our favorite Irie To Craig Harrison, a book called How to Handle the Various Phases ol Dawn Williams, 8 10 qu easy lessons on mod dancing. To Pete Irwin, I leave a 5 yr. supply of punk paraphenalia including assor bondage straps, bandanas, 8 steel toed rocker boots. Also thanks for being so understanding, 8 off- t wall. To Mr, Lasnik, I leave, many thanks for being thewe. there. To Dominic Annino, 100 pairs of bizz shoes that fit, a year supply of hugs 8 kisses. To Stewart Margolis, a book called, How to Control y Uncontrollablo daughter. To Danny Kaufman, all the bagel, lox, 8 chicken soup you can eat, 8 a supply of cheek-pinching-prevention-cream. To all the little "mini-punks," wandering around Agour leave, a book entitled 10 Ways to Spot a Poser. To Lisa Forwalter, thanks for being so nice 8 a wardr of totally cool clothes to go with the ones you already have. My final will 8 testament, Gregory S. Wong. I, Gregory S. Wong, being of sound min-uh, being of sound - uh, being sound, do bequeath to Jerry Lasnik my wishes of health 8 happiness, 8 his terranium. To Pete, I leave my old track shoes 8 new unlisted phone no. To Mr. J.P. Smith, particular case of Africa Sleeping Sickness, which only affects me during oceanography, To Agoura H School, I leave, the past 4 years of my life 8 my little brother. To the marching band I leave my feet. To M jmy little brotherl, I leave Agoura High School. To Robin Rummel, a copy of an application of employm at Burger King, our times in psyc. 8 gov't. To Laura Friedman, I leave, all the famaldrahide 8 dead frog the science prep room. To Mark Weston, I leave that which he likes most: A psyc. book 8 a copy of articles in gov't. To Lisa Glass, I give the greatest thing any one person can give to another: My he I, Shannon Yarbor, leave to Kellie Knue Rapunzel, withour the wispies, without the painlulness, the pea butter obsession, 8 with me for the constant. To Sheri Task, I leave 200 uniforms, a flute section, 8 succ in her senior year. To Tom Humes, I leave lyrics, lor his songs, Gone With The Wind, "lt's a small Worl 8 more good times together. To Suzanne Cole, I leave more revealing necklines, 8 luck for the future. Lynn Akerman, I leave, our English class 8 music. To Kirsten, I leave 3 more fun-filled years at A,H,S. tot 1980-81 flute section I leave as end to pitch problems, Finally to Mr. Miller, I leave a lifetime supply of l, Patty Yelle, will to Theresa Chaides, a 8x10 gloss of Gus Peterson in his speedo, To Kim Anderson I lea my hair. To Hillary VonTeuber, I leave my stack of straw hat salad plates. To Francis Shelley 8 G Kaufman, I leave all the chocolate chip cookies I never made them. To my freshman sister, Megan, I lea luck so that she will never get a teacher like O. again. And last of all I would like to ask Jill Ovlatt 8 Kar Caruso to take care on my good friend Jackson Browne. I, Shelley Yount, leave to Dawn, a sling 8 bandage for all her skating injuries, a bottle of Bengay, memori of running lfrom coachl, a mature college guy, a thanks for being a good friend, To Les, I leave memories Pioneer 8 Larry, rollerskating, wild nights, driving around Agroua dressed in sheets, a good prom night wi Rob, 8 my love for being a sweetie. To Sherrie, I leave, a smile for her very own. To Coach Smith, a map all the shortcuts Dawn 8 l made up for long runs, 5 tons of aluminum cans, 8 many more enjoyable L Vegas runs. To Miss Graham, a full 2nd period class that brings doughnuts every day, To S. 8 L,, lots T.P. The year is 1981 with the usual clubs having their pic- ture in the yearbookg but this year we thought we would put an old group of people, that have been around high schools for a few years, as well as a new breed of individuals that could possibly be a trend in the future. These people are the surfers and the punk rockers. The surfers eat, sleep, and think surfing and when Sat- urday comes around chances are you will see one of Agoura's local surfers heading down Kanan Fld. early in the morning, to catch that perfect wave. The punk rockers have a new and unusual way about themselvesg their hair is usually short, maybe dyed. Their clothing is varied from bright colors to Viet Nam attire. The music they listen to is energetic, intense, and a completely new sound, I think one can say it would be the opposite of Perry Como goes to Hawaii. As future editions of the yearbook "Ouixotian" are in the making, we plan to include more clans, cliques and clubs that take place during your time in high schoolg it is our job to document what takes place on our campus and what interest our readers, Punk Rockers, Brett Ross, Kevin Brisick, Pete Erwin Surfers-Grant Dyer, Eric Erram, Glenn Bishop, Steve Brisick Mark Rusin, Lisa Forwatter, Jamie Brisick, Steve Cuznar if fkffii' vt f- usa. u J-fi? li 1 2' x xi. E' Q1 ' , .N 'Ga -s , . ...,1: , W M N , 2' 'VH Ts, , 'W ' 'iss .ugh fl' Luydgfvlll MLILQQ chu .Ja Chg J,kq,Q ,,L AJVM f M if Ol' fVVZ GUM .LC i4,g m JHVIL ' L 1.1 ,gk njfg. 'C CM Q G12 01 QQ. -Jog ba of my Ja az HU, 90530 A 'Lf CL. JCL Og QJZ,.gA,, .XQJLIL -1 CL-QC ,42,LADf7LLQ,f-Qfb, dfuat was KL Jk ,.Lfu' Z-uw muy! J "vj2 JOGMUY? XXL! at ,iffcl JZ OL O5 WJ ' ' i up WJUUQ 1 . 10-C C6 ,mH7L QA QF x,t,1z,g9 ,bJf fU. XVQJLJQ 1 Qpgjuaa? CUL 7Q,L ,x95L Ji. ,qnk 0L Qc of fiuflg A 'CL Uk ,Lujg QL ,f3 Q,U ' HULL VCU. :Ji 20510 ,A ,,ClUC Q6 XVBXMHL, OL, ,till CRFKLULQ Clklfyv CLAL CJ? 734451 04,40 Q-vc 01 Clf 'li C ff,4,q,CC16Q Q!7 51043, gfmbuw 41 JL! cpl fu,-41 I Q72 Q44 Cf kjfm--7 ,gi Cl Of' Lpul ,LQ Z3A,LLpff'Q. gfffb ff ' CL,ULQfL!,g,P Lk?,Q,f2iZfCf'7lfLfQ J 'we ,Lu Ou of A mv Q Cow 40 402' -Jkm CL.CM,'afpf,Q JLMVQ LK LMA, fgll ,fjcyyml Qi 7L,L '+C +3 wgf lJ,M,',QQlg Lfau -UU J,L,LfQ!C UML VJ aim, 11,046 156104. Aja, who ni K2 qmm CL CL, JOOL, LAXQL 0 Vfjlgwiif JO Kl,QA,Cff7fP k,fl L, fkljgl ff0kA,Qgf gb ijgia 01 - 76 UWUZL Kifmof -fini 'A ,ba QP WY-LQIL off 0,7-21? fnf of RLc CL gw i 'acufgg' vm ,L v xfZc'7Lg9fy f7cL a'fC V CM M4 17,9f5,L L QQ ,fm Ja wi!-I fvcfu Kina Lic LUKE all V' UKQMUE QVGA, A 7ifJ71,g,k . - ,. ' , ,0 DCLCL Q1 . O JM! 7235? KLUUQVUY KJ UQJL Qu CWM iam X 55195 ffZ,fifU,,Q ULCJ Na x .Q gg Q bf QC? ,X -J V lsubdhsl scnnm su 'L f I - 501501 Bus - Class Officers This marks the end of another memorable year at Agoura. I hope it was an enjoyable one for students and faculty alike. Without the dedication of Les Van Dyke and Jim Christianson, many of my goals for this year's Sophomore Class would not have been realized. Thank you gentlemen! I would like to thank my officers: Jon, Kerrie, and Jodye for their help and understanding. It has been a great year. Lots of luck future sophomores! Jim Davis Sophomore Class President we - 5 f sy alles 74 LQQ5 ?"'i'efff ff" T for 25 7-are 450.02 V71 Os 5 ff-DC Co 0 lei vxkfl- HCT S A C ff f 555' rf,,,. X , rl X.. .L MAS S1075 l UW5' Top L.g Jim Davis- President Lower L.p L to H: Kerrie Lupi- Secretary, Jon Siegler- Vice President, Jodye Alcon- Treasurer jg Q Us 0 J CLW 77 egg shown Q'x5OPICI- -fl M is -S f-ff QL ff can ,SLOQIS Q4 - , N Z fue +ve 5 fi , TJ R 7, AQ fjtjwfs QQ. 'fic , Ogg - btDG,a'Xe,. 'liao fl f BWSUCS' Q lk . r 5 Ck si Wk . fsfocv'-3 CL ypgm 5 kpfyfplday-N Cl ,tl 00 Aix -K-P 75, ef Q A Ka f?CL5 Zqfofao 5- Ho 'W 54 , HQA V? , CT ltts 'Y-Qffpe FU M J 9 is John Aberle Wendy Agin Chris Aines Danny Akemon Lori Albus Jodye Alcon Lisa Allison Brian Andell Ivan Andersen Kristen Anderson Wendy Anderson Lisa Antoniades Cheryl Art Diedre Art Nadia Arzaghi Thomas Ashbrook Lisa Ashby Karen Auth Paul Balyoz Vicki Bankos Carla Bathgate Kathryn Becker Randy Beetz Payman Beheshti Dana Behl Grant Bennett Cheryl Benson 204 Two Down Two To Go ' ,..4tl ' if y In S f t L L A as lr ' . E' elif' , if gm 'hw 5? it QT? fin-If 1 L . . l . ' x H A X. Q x aw' l wwf ' -'VA I Brad Sumner Steve O'Connor 3 wif Susan Blabon Kevin M. Bledsoe Shari B. Blonder Mark Boos Steve Bos Chris Botsford John C. Bourland Frances M. Boyes Doreen Bozung Martin William Bradford Clifford A. Brainard Mark Brennan Paul C. Brennen Steven Brisick Tony Bromwell Christopher Brown Mike Brown Steve Brown Todd Brown Jeffrey Buchignani Debra Burkman AI Calce Wendy Callaway Thomas Campagna 205 Frank Campana Tracy Canter Alisa Capretta Wes Carter Lisa Chen Mark Chen John Ciaramella Michele Cicero Carol Cinney Jacquie Colangello Ralph Colantuono William Cole William Collier Isabel Collins Jack Combs Larry Commans Tim Concannon David Connella Monte Cook Kerry Cooper Tama Cooper James Cordell Angela Covone Kenneth Crocker Cindy Crosby Jennifer Cross Michael Crowe Jennene Cunningham Steve Cuzner Jeff Dalessandro 206 J' :X Q x gg.. . i sfo f- L i,,: vs if ' "l' ' A 'W i . ' . ' 1 1' V V i,ii If k.l-' Viv L U b L 5 W Q J , i'-, f - J my s 5 ' W -S Q. hk'h fi' ,L" , ffff -i" Q 'L'L" Q W f i V! ,l-i J ' M, '-,'l . if i, f eii M , - ' f Jiros. 5 lisif , ilyo ,sli i - - l f ,.i ., o ,,l., rssile aiss lilo sliiss 5 l M s ,f Q 2' who - W '-".' l 7k,L '-" f -,ki' 1 K i I ' I . fff3I:?Z::,i K ' z"-1inl'f9ffbff2i7g'f-7535 ,".L-,' lik 7'.i'i , . L' Q' I A AA 35 ,ti b 1 l if r , gl . , ., U, L g5Z,9.h,i A Al Ng, f ii' B- K A X ' 1 ' 5 Y n ,r w K 2 A Us . . 5 f 3 .27 il N 5 .rv 9 X Above: Mirith Schilder Left: Jaoquie Olson, Bob Rosenthal Lower Right: Brett Ross, Duane Decker W--lx.-.m:,,,,,x Y - ., l , 125' L - . A, f AA . . - fy J Y , aj' inf? ,I ,V x .1 " ' ' C!,Yf' ,A ls. N v i gggifiii P2351 :Q .-Q" " 5 5, . . - f . : If , Q 5. gf!! fx. if f...a..K 3' Uk! 1. , N 1 X' qw it A R K 4 1A .1 f -N f 3- . J .. , ,, 'F i l ' I 5 Q N 7 ,gy gf ,af i bdirit '13 r g ,I AK S 0... :Sli 'uk eer' f 1: ,L K V 13 Steve Danon Karen Davies James Davis Steve Dawson Monica DeGennaro Denise DeRosselt Duane Decker Andrew Devine Jamee Dickerman Kevin Dietzman Craig Dlgirolamo Jon Dobrowski Chris Dolan Susan Dustin Vicki Dyer Kimberly Earle David Elder John Elder Parke Elmore Lisa Eschenbruecher Laura Farsakian Jane Fink 207 Paul Finkel Anthony Fiori Lisa Fishman Gina Fletcher Michael Focht Billy Foster Laurie Foster Shannon Fox Gina Friedman Joy Fringer Greg Frum Shevaun Gallant William Gardhouse Kristin Garvisch Robert Gazan Travis Gehri Craig Getz Seana Glienke Michele Goei Chris Golden Jill Goldstein Lisa Goldstein Gary Goldstone Susie Gordon LuAnne Gorrie Jennifer Graham Frank Grayson Shanan' Greenwood Hector Guevara Kevin Gullick Kenneth Haldane Jim Hall Douglas Hanson Robert Harshaw 208 wg te r , -i is if 7 . J Y P' ,, V L . gk fill' to H ,K wx Jf- '-' 1 Ac. 3 41 li 1 ' ev it " my 5 , 'nv -rtt e, . -:gil-5: Q 'Z I nv-P -1 v it A 5 N xt 5 lb 1 Kr, Q s nf, X .... c Fm Yu? A R V' 'V J , . M L L r, , f . ? V' A l W. L I x get E ig ?' f MQ f , ,.,., at .yi S54 f ' 4' ' 4 ,0 '3 -x ,f , Upper Class Of The Lower Class at Lunch f- .. ,. M . if ,W A fc ifftlt 'S' .' f ,ti , t 'uni 'ls Q K .4 rr S ' f K Randy Hart Mary Hass Bob Hawkey John Hawkins Becky Hayes Betsy Heatherly Jenny Helland Howard Henderson Scott Higgins Lynn Hill Tracy Hiner Art Hodge David Holland Tracy Holm Libby Holmes David Hooper Sherri Householder Rhonda Hume Todd Humes Scott Hunter Debbie Hunter Richard Jabara Fahimeh Jahangiri Yvette Jaime Jon Janiro Mark Jeppson David Jewell Carolyn Johnson Julie Johnston Robert Johnstone Jennifer Jones Leann Jorgensen Kim Kadish Karen Kaiser 209 Jenny Kane Anne Kappl Danny Kaufman Teresa Keegan Kari Keeney Karla Keesling Kathleen Kelley Beth Kincaid Jill Klayman Thomas Knotek Patricia Koch Kenneth Kraas Paul Kramer Jodi Krenik Jon Krohngold Karen La Bruyere Kent Lamoreaux Beth Landy Erica Lawson Allred Leary Brian Leitch Christine Lewis Mai Lindquist Leann Livingston James Lockett Chris Loftin 210 R , k Q - t T 4 ' ir -sl W, ' . , , Q A N ,rf az ABOVE: Lisa Allison, Tim Sorenen BELOW: Chris Brown Dlx s, 'H ijfjv' ,X 9,-I Amn,-1,1 Kimberly Logan William Lohman Jackie Lombano Valerie Lopez Lisa Lorraine Robert Lovelace Kerrie Lupi Michael Mac Gregor Brett Mackinga Dikran Mahakian Wendie Majors William Mallory Brent Mandel Mary Manion Andrew Marchus Susan Marschke Anthony Masci Brett Matzner Robert Mazza 211 Scotty McClintock Lori McDonough Graham McKinney Kelley McLeod Christine Mead Craig Mello Susan Merriman Stacie Meyers Chrisine Miele Jeffery Miller Mathew Miller Ty Miller Doug Minor Mossein Mirza Carla Moffet Kelli Monson Denise Moreno Maureen Mouton Joseph Murphy Robert Murphy Thomas Murphy Stewart Meyers Gina Nardizzi Jeffrey Naylor 212 Danny Williams X ' 'Hz-1 , .L Q -1 War-r X....t 54 QM 'Wm KM? ' 5? X' 4 .K ,Y ,Xi ,f Ai Robby Stewart Suzie Blabon, Cheryl Benson N -, ,if -1 -. tw? John Nelsestuon Jenifer Nelson Andy Neskoromni Anastasia Nesterenko Doug Neumeier Tom Nial Julie Nichol Erin Nolan Billy Nystrom Steve O'Connor Thomas Offerman Jackie Olson Anita Orr Tim Ott Jim Overton Michelle Ozbourn Georgene Pantelas Shelly Parcell Micheal Parr Laura Parrott Carolyn Pennock Amy Perlstein Pat Perry Shelly Peters Brenda Peterson Debra Petrillo Morgan Pettey Adam Pinkstafl Dave Pitts 213 Mike Pond Amy Potter Mark Pyle Tami Ratzan Kris Reeves David Reisman Erin Rentz Darryl Rettig Jeff D. Richardson Jeff S, Richardson Victoria Riebe Heidi Ried Charles Robbins Barry Rogovin Kristi Roscitto Linda Rosenberg Bob Rosenthal Brett Ross Gennady Rubinshtein Robin Rummell Andrea Rusin Michael Ryan Carie Sahagian Anne Sailors Glen Salfen Evan Salus Derek Santoro Katy Sarlf 214 S ' S 5 29 S Y O A 1 Q 5 1 ,Em x Nag Q Yr I we 'f l 5 'Cf' ' lg A .. . '55 , Xt, . Mft' + Q I g fri s. Mg S3 y N X f 'sgfvif e 3 QZJE 14' 5 ft. 1-'it N--. .2 W-gg 4. l tg-gig W 1: '52, ' L . - ' ' 53,534 I Q lg. . Q l 1 ,..1- f J. ' Qs, fit- . K 7 fix i x . v Mirith Schilder Thomas Schlaak Bobby Schlesinger Steven Schube David Schulte Ralf Scott Ray Scott Wendee Seyfert Michael Sheets Jeffrey Shelton Kevin Sheridan Karen Shute Jonathan Siegler Gail Simpson David Singer Wendy Singleton Adra Smith Blair Smith Charles Smith Edward Smith Timothy Soronen Karyn Sparks Sherri Spears Eric Speicher Geraldine Stanley Shellee Stanley Tracy Starbard Flobert Stewart 215 Paul Stimson Michelle Story Tim Stratton Brad Sumner Wayne Suter Bambi Syvertsen Daryousk Talasazan Teresa Ten Eyck Tara Terino Terri Terlazzo Brady Thomas Colin Thomas Lorraine Thompson Heather Timbers Pamela Tims Daryl Toops Tracey Torres Thomas Townsend Noele Underwood Julie Unternahrer Flobert Vallance Koorosh Vasseghi Denise Ventimiglia Nicky Vriondes Sandra Walker Wesley Walker Katherine Wallen Kathryn Walters Glen Wanner Andrew Ward Mark Wheeler Michael Wheeler Jill White 216 v ' 1 Q5 .5 zu. 4. X -A . 1 'A ' Al Q. .. . e Vg ,x it -i ?,.:,:u-- 4. f 2 ' ,z R 5 NX' ,S P1 Q 4 Q C , A Q 3 'L , fi, , A A 1 .,, wi I l' wtf - X 4 v N 5 13' 1 if Hip! .Y ig? ', 4 ff if Z' 'f ,-AJ, u I 1 Q X ' if I' . 1 ,rf Shelly Parcell Q 'Vx 4? gn- ,Q-., Christy Mead ,lf N I' ABOVE: Lee Mallory, Dave Pitts BELOW: Jamee Dickerman Matt White Robin While Chris Whitwam Robert Wiese Danny Williams Mark Williams Valerie Williams Debbie Winstein Martin Wolf Jill Wunderlich Suzanne Yows Chris Zimmermann Robert Zimmermann 217 1 W, 1 111 J Y V ., Q, 1 xjl f 11. ' N ' 'N K' I 1 V ,D 1 17, UA ff - KJ' - 1, 1,11 Q 1 ' , W Y 1 11 ' 1 ,1 1 1 1 4 1 , , , 111 JJLK , 1 19 ' , KUf 7' 1 I xy I Xxx 1 XE , xx 1 . 1 V W 1 x 1' ' N 1' VW K f I , 1g, -X ,D ff 1 1 11 7 1 V, , k 11 1 1- 1 .1 ., K , . ' ' , , 1 1 . fi! 1 1 1 -J I 1 ,W-,. . I 1 , l , I . 1 1 ,1 , 1 , 1 f 1 1 , M, ,1 f 1 ,. A 4 1 Af V L .I X 1 ,. f .,,. ' 1 W I b. .11 1 f J 3 1 1 f v f J 171 uf A 1 ' 1 1 l .1 N1 , 1, Vx, 1 The New Clubg J.S.A. . kk I , 1 ' Top row - Matt Budoff, Adam Possard, Kim Birch, Mr. Pete, Marney Whited, Alan Phnney, Mark Share, Loren Roberts, Wayne Turner, Bottom row- Cheryl Bratten, Jennifer Locket, Ron Blum, Jeff Blum, Steve Danan, John Babeka, Tom Carmichel, David Woodrut, Steve Hobmann high school campuses across the country, there are students tcerned with what is happening around them, students inter- ed in politics, government, education, and change. The Ju- 'r brings exists for these and all students in the country. The tior state is A non-partisan, non-profit student run organiza- w which has been in for 45 years. The Junior state brings gether thousands of high school students, from diverse back- iunds, and serves to involve educate, and represent them in Q political processes which govern their lives. , s year marks the first time the Junior State has been on the' oura campus. With the help of the students involved we .naged to organize a successful chapter. We have brought to e campus: debated candidates, rights, political faires and Jth in government days. Our main activity this year was our 'ing convention in Sacremento. We stayed at the Woodlake tel for the weekend and attended numerous seminars and Dates. Some of the topics we protisipatedin were very contro- sial such as, that the death penalty be abolished in California, that homosexuals not be allowed to adopt children, that Mari- juana be legalized, licensed and taxed for use by those over eighteen years of age and that the patenting and commercia tnot experimentall genetically engineered microorganisms be banned for a period of not less ,than five years. We all had a great time and learned a lot. For a new club on campus, I feel that we accomplished a lot and established a good reputation on campus. Without the help ol my fellow officers I would have never survived. Thanks to my treasurer, Steve Hobbman, Secretary, Mark Share, Publicity officer, Barbera Heatherly, and my Finance editor, Darril Cass, and his assistant Dave Woodriff, for thier time, effort, and dedi- cation to our Junior State Chapter, special thanks to Mr. tPetel Petersons for his support as our teacher advisor. Sheryl Bratton tChapter President Organization 219 The Band 0f Agoura Hi h Concert Band at one of their many shows. Some musicians at one of their productions. Mr. Jackson conducting a production x 20 Organization And BroughtToYou By A - N A Ken Neely-Advisor Lance Buckhart-Editor KAW kffmewm 0 , l Kelly Amish The Yeal'b00k Staff FJ ' z I ff' "fi-'ai Qfaitzifii . LF- 3 , , Qil"li5Z?qlfi'i' 1 , ,X vt. ,, lffifi ' gg ' it Y 5 33 5 L an W , wg. wg 1 ,gs Egg s if 1 'ian in G.-is MMJNJ E f. in it A 5 . ., A 7125, ' Steve Perrin Copy Editor Alisa Capretta Copy Co-Editor , Activities Co-Edito 1 f Kevin Brooks Sherri Schulner Ads Editor Ads Co-Editor "e1 ' 'K LIL, i' i iritvt A I 3 1 , Till , . ,, -t f'3n"- 1 Vttt' 11:75 l ' Monica Haynes Tom Knotek Curriculum Editor Curriculum Co-Editor Missy Reynolds Mark Bohn Staff Sports Editor Cindy Cicero Creative Editor Kristi Eifert Ads Co-Editor Organizations Co-Editor Peter Borawski Faces Editor Senior Co-Editor Craig Ekman Sports Co-Editor Vicki Bankos Lori Segal Copy Co-Editor Sophomore Editor Activities Co-Editor Ted Nagel Andrew Barry Index Editor Index Co-Editor Cindy Harbarger Jami Wayne Statt Senior Co-Editor Terri Anderson Joyce Siple Lav-Out Editor Faculty Editor l 'aul Stimpson Xdministration Co-Editor Marla Federman Photo Co-Editor ' o ' Donna Debbas Faculty Photographer Of 1980-81 Sue Duclos Anette Kittredge Administration Co-Editor Junior Editor Photo Co-Editor Criss Anders Cris Aines Photo Co-Editor Photo Co-Editor Traci DiPonzio Jeff Ellis Staff Photo Co-Editor Freshman Editor Organization Editor ,Q ff- W ' ii ,3 52 nf rf. .r , a ,' i Co 'tif 3: .H if y fe Mft If tl " " lf 4 . Wendy Pease , Micki White Junior Co-Editor Junior Co-Editor Q Laurie Sacks Kelly Lewis Photo co-Editor Pnofil co-Editor The two people on the yearbook staff that are not pictured are Sue Gordon who worked on Copy and was also Activi- ties Editor 81 Vicki Stewart Who was Photo Co-Editor. Thank for your help!! We would also like to acknowledge Mr. Pete and Mr. VanDyke, Kathie Eafs also Ken Neely, Kelly Amish 8. Lance Burkhart with out there help the staff would have been no-where. We would also like to thank the office staff for putting up with our constant running in and out of the office, also we would like to thank the faculty for there cooperation and patience when we needed to interupt thier classes while we took pictures or asked ques- tions. Lastly we would like to thank the students whose faces fill this Yearbook, without all of you there would be no Quioxtian Jeff Ellis wi af L, ' 'M " 1' wy 'f 1 1 J yd if x f J? I W if . , ,, Q. .. A 4. Company Of Song y 'Wm , V 392--Yi, X - if, sg,--5 a M -2 . 15 Af sf W - ' ,s or If P ,gil i YN ' ---w , fy- lv'-. -M1., '53- ' is Mrs. Pete teaching the one and only Company of Song . . . 1- Alicia Hawkins 2-Sherri Heltzer 3-Doug Chorpenning 4- Nancy Zorehkey 5- Jenifer Nelson 6-Jody Claramella 7-Laura Schawb 8-Cheri McCray 9-Alyson Weekly 10-Mrs. Pete 11- Kelly McLeod 12-Sandy Lu 13-Tanya Tosberg 14-Donna McGee Not Pictured- Roni Roland, Ken Crocker, Julie Holland, Dana Margolis, Shyne McAree, Michelle Zackmairg, Bob Can- oll, Bob Heatherly, Francine Giolnick, Sheri Lindsay. Jenifer Nelson, Alyson Weekly, Nancy Zorenky, at choir practice. 2 4 fl Q s A C I 2 1511 J Organization 225 , 11304- 226- The Photo Club Top: Mr. Ken Neely fAdvisorl Tara Perry, Laura Lineberry, Fiobb Staley, Michael Pressier, Erica Bogner, Brett Machinga, David Fluke, Anita Krook Carolyn Pennock, Matt Fluwell. Front: Stephanie Stephens, Kim Walker, Sierra, Mohammad Haghdad, Lisa Garland, Adam Posard, David Golllng Theresa O'Flourke, Lesha Freedman, Shasta-Yosemite National Park February 1981 Carolyn Pennock, Erica Bodner 8. Rob Statley Mohammad l-laghdad, Tara Perry The American Field Service lA.F.S.y "And" The Newspaper Club 1 3 5 J X M ag 1 05? 1 Qlfflih-., Cindy Cicero, Coleen Mushet, Rick Reese, Morica Haynes-President, Craig 'Getz-Vice President. Back Row- Leanard Haynes, Laura Meyer, Keri De Woody, Denise Bulao, Doug Emhoff, Lane Watkin, Dana Brody, Eryan Case, 8r Jackie Ryan. Front Row- Jeff Collard, Narci Cleland, 81 Caty Hill. Not Picture-Lora Mears, 81 Mike erman. Auto Sho Q' 1' ' v Wi Kevin Stegall Scott Jacobson ve. rf' ' A in 'b 1 ...if Robert Nelson Top Row Left To Right: Stacy Rosenthal, Steven Nicks, Dena Harmon, Karen Christiason, Todd McKee, Robert Ward, Stewart O'Rourke, Dawn Williams Stuart Margolis. Bottom Row Left To Right: Steve Brown, Anne Marie Watkins, Mr. Kilpatrik, Walt Kubelun, Marci Weidemiller, Tessa Bennet, Laura Schwab i l Top Row Lett To Right: Robert Ward, Mr. Kilpatrik, Stewart O'Rourke. Clockwise From Top: Vicky Riebe, Laura Schwab, Anne Marie Watkt Bottom Row Left To Right: Dena Harmon, Karen Christiansen Nancy Zorehkey, Stacy Rosenthal If The Yearbook Club Advisor-Mr. Neely, Editor-Lance Burkhart, 3- Jeff Ellis, 4-Kelly Amish, 5-Joyce Siple, 6- Steve Perrin, 7-Andrew Barry, 8-Jamie Wayne, 9-Ted Nagel, 10-Sherri Schulner, 11- Craig Ekrnan, 12-Traci Di Ponzio, 13-Peter Borawski, 14-Kelli Ervin, 15-Criss Anders, 16-Donna Debbils, 17-Cindy Cicero, 184Paul Stimson, 19-Tom Kooiek. Not pictured-Chris Aines Vicki Bankos Mark Bohn Kevin Brooks, Alisa Capretta, Sue Duclos, Christina Eifert, Marla Federman, Sue Gordon, Cindy Hargarger, Monica Haynes, Anetle Kit lredge, Kelly Lewis, Wendy Pease, Missy Reynolds, Lori Segel, Vicki Stewart, Mickie White Laurie Sachs Zh! Y FREL HME an ruff' + 'f W--1 Treasurer-Hayley Fish, Secretary-Cathy Mouton, President-Kristin Irwin, Vice-president-Debbie Freedman J ft B L ii . ,ii V x -it 'r 5 . President-Kristin Irwin. 1 t. 2 Well everybody, we finally made it through our first year at Agourao High School. Although this is one year that is gone by of our school days, we still have three more years to establish our goals and find out who we really areff I know that we are a class with fantastic school spirit, we have determination and above all, we have pride in ourselves and in our school. Every single individual contributed to the suc- cess of our school year. We had great things happen like Homecoming and all the football games and all the fund-raisers. Thank you for all the help and support you gave me. I can tell that the Class of 1984 is going to be excellent! See you next year, ww A I K ml x 'a v L, w em i 'P kg 4' R M , Q r R .,.Jkx .f g M - , xzg, M 1. , g ' iff r 4' v .tg-4 52? 'f ' .5 X 4 -1 .x ..,,. kg 1. l iii. 3, 2 fv 2: H Je N Q. l -455 Q, , -f Q, ,mix 'K . . r X V35 r .qw , 4 5 3 jg I' 1 I N 1 x A L xx 9 ':. tl A an 1- f is E? gi 4 "' f F Ji X, K Q5 if A T' ' 1 I if i xx fs .-wif' 6' 'iinw V EP. . ki ,Q ' af: Y F X 'Q . ,ge ,QQ il W Q NW A 'Y 'S if Q-1 W Q-, :Em 31 - M 53 as 'ki 3 a I V' .ex 'yii Ez? W3 ,, 'uf I f 'ffm J 'L , ,Q K i , X . ,f A th , , ' KV 'fc , m by 5 his ' X I N , V' I 4 5 .I 4 ' a 'LI tg, ,, 3 ' 1 1.. X93 . " 4 , ' 3 'Y '5 0, ii ff' 7 Q ' "" ' - H Q gift? - " ' A ' xi ' f A E I' ' . K K' 5 V l V 'Z ay, 3 ' Bi in . 1 j : W' xbx . M wi ' -7,.7 .- K' ' ' vw 'wg .i f X , -- -Qmf Q , ,. ,A a an qi l "' ' A ASS: ...ny V 'Q q .. kr m' '52 A 1 M at "wk fv f .Q . 'x fu , F. xl 2 'L "fi 5 emu' uf X 1 + Yu " ' bidi I Q 'x A ' xc 11 a Q 'M .V ,fn' . , ni, Mi! 2- ff, 5 , ISYS- KY 3 x L Q FS- ' if xl? ,.. P-,f ' f ff5fH'.' ,Y ' 2 t 659. H A J'1,,l in ' Y 4 wk VY, f 1 x v , . " 5,5 Q ff, " If K h 4 "W, ' '54 ' ' Mi s 4 4 HZ u . I I xx., iwqharg, ,, I 1. A 4' LTA 'ww V 49, ., R Q I '- 1 4 I' Q K .JL Jas' .-1. , my 1-qvg2g'jg1 4,1151 if -:A LA:.TM!.,5,-M' . -- 1 QW' 4" " if ,. J- ,f f f 1.41 ' 2' ' g 4 f ww wr' v ' . 1 W2 ' , 'f K- H , Y I ,- -+ ff. fi I I ,Q gg M 1 4- f: ' ' 4 f, ,. 4 ' Y 5 . v 5 s ' W f . 1 3 di! . -gg 'W 53 Q A S "" X gf 'L av' H, . V 'W ' V i if h , , .T , wr 3 W 5, 'Ya t ga ' I 1 1 Q ,ik N. ' 4 . Deonne Fator Joseph Fesse Jonathan Feldman Myles Feldman Paul Fernandez Marni Finger Alice Fink Flobert Finke Tim Finn Hayley Fish Erik Ford David Forman Tanya Forrest Lissa Forwalter 0 Tanya Fosberg Debra Freedman Sherri Ganopole Robin Garvisch Henry Gasbarri Vickie Gautreaux John Fehart Devra Gellman Craig Gillette Jennifer Gilman Marc Girsky Deirdre Godwin Michael Goei Michael Goldberg 236 Freshman Q Devra Gelfman Enjoying a good book John Baldasti Having a cold carton of juice for lunch su or 1 ,, .,,,, .., . ,, ,. . . . .., , "' 5' - '7 5' x ,, f"'1 'W ' A Q ' s I.- ff: 5 s - , I fi' A U . 15 5 f,- S' N s xi S' , ,rw 1 -x W wr -W. Wm., if--.wg .,,. 1 3 F ld ' Y 'F- ' ,. .. ,. 1. M . x V' ff ' ' 0 . ff ' 'A ' Q' l ' Y-U, mn. .. ,, bw, K .. My--'ipg ' 'N . . fsigjw, ' vb "f ' s. ,I vm .Q "" X ,, -. v t , X ,, f, ,vm Q 55 .. 2, K x:m1SxQ'f' 32 g , ,V V- any .,-4 V - x 2, .H , rlfx K X X X me Y' Q I r ,- I "1 f . 1 I V 'z 1 1 H ,, ws W ,N '14 ,. Y x Him -04' R . - 4, , V. , f L ' 'lf 4 3 I AX- ,F 'A o , , ' '. sl .- , ,,, ff - K , ., nfs' 'L " Q ' 3 - A ' ' , ,f 4! l Q +73 'i x X A 'hx A' XX I X ix -. . 1'- K q bfi, f if Y ?q ,V Q ,V 5 . .QM f a-3,... , ri - -W 3 3 A , A V 1 ' R" . " A ' 'X E R X E k ' !i,5A,ff'kE. . i .fvwq is 3, M' 4'. Y . Q' .ar Lk hw zji , 'xx J ,iff X , H I I ,LLL , V LL.- E - W Y 5 ,L ,. - Ml ,, X 4 r A, .- X :ff-T - ,. A W ' A Xi, 7 A X L, ,A W X f' ' ,4 , A R i E71 E W A wg, X X X s , . xi . 47? ' !'I'Jf4: ' " x Q W , - Q X4 1 Q - Q- N "'-, nu -f ' aim , ,.., X 4 ' ,, 5 5 4 w Q , 1 A C4 i,f',iL I ,-2 n tl V . 5 , ef f "i Y Q ' , k l ff' Gyn- t' A F " " t kr A y ,V .f,, w w' if ' ' , ' ,I . . , L' r .ffl , , ,ig 1 , , . it W ? ' , 1 ' ,. , A 'x v , ' H X gx A W 1 , 'A ,, ,N . . Q 1, et' i 'FQ K im , gm' gX45, iff! ' xr , ' z X 'Q 4 Y! 5'l , , ' " I A 4 In . fl we A fum A A NH ,.....,.. 'If ' f , ,hi x kk 'B -fn E, X Ava 4 4 Wesley Mizrahi Raymond Moccia Ramin Modiri Andrea Moe Patrick Monast Heather Moon Susan Mount Catherine Mouton Kelly Mulligan Susanne Muschitz John Nagel Paul Nani Lauren Neil David Nichol Randy Nichols Steven Nicks Colleen Nolan Dawn 'Nolan Denise Nolan Eric Nystrom Christine O'Conner Kevin O'Conner Liz O'Gara Tracy Ochoa Douglas Offerman Teresa Ogden Kelly Olsen Timothy Olson Scott Osborn Robert Osborne Guy Ouimet Jonathan Oxx Perimel Pascual Eric Peek 940 Fl'EShlT13f1 ,vw , if A Q W ' r Ig. u if n , ,iw ,!,, A , W Af'? .V M I A .. I ,4 . 1 ff K? ..-y I A "' t . ' L K1 X ...uf f r Y in , x iii, 'Ax . 3.4 ,Q-' xt 154 'z .. ,,.-- GI 4' . g W.. :nj 2 , 5 n 'kk 5: eg 12, , I. X22 , xz,. r I - x, . X Q X i- v - ,N - 'R-un 5 ..' ,. ,V Y V .7 . , 553, 1 . g 1 I X ' jg ' ,gf ,G vi it f V. fa' Q , - . i 0 -'R r . xv - fqpw: . V75-J h - - ' X 'AX iv' .- " , wr -V X L it Y f -. . , Q 1 1' Q , iT , -R l, Ei: , 1 atb N , 1- sf wA"'w1 ' 1 ' Y 391 1 VK,,A,.i 5 , M nl-If , , Q "5 .z 1' , 'arm 4 5 1 X , , -.3 4 fs, "'.-1 ak' , 9 af , A if .E we .jg-, . i'4 2b5 - ,J , 4 Q ' 1 fa u 1 f, f- ' , f . 'x , Q' ' I i 7: ' 'F 1 . 5, g Y - I w X , N f 1 Q . . + ' 5 J, Q I X X A B. -. o is- Sr Q in x-, - x ' ,N ,, . . 1' n x L49 ff .um 4 ' . N A 'SP A 1 g, l+.!1 'Q """'5 x "A" ' ,,,' YN X A 'Q- f it f Y X5 I T - N . 1-v-nr -r .. ' " ,""' "f .' f ' W V Y' ff .' 'F W if -gi 11 , 5 ' llffriff If f . Q .11 A , fa- - .-3-ff.:-QW , A + gf 4.44 . :v-?,,,'.,7,zv:3-w',,n,z5xX,y. "3 mx, lg ' Q .- 41: '- " w ' A ' 4,5 E' .fx--x 1.4 T? "7.Tws'l24fHki' :HN :T f'k ", 'wwf - " A fm f--t W- , . A vp-W : x N fx, ,wfqi-,-1 . -,: - x if is Q4 . , :Q -' X x fy W. - 1 ' L ' . W b ,QQ-v 7 JSif ".,iL.i'7'lw.x f - sf 55-, fi?- f'5'??5?if5S7N17f 223 75??54'b4 . " . .V Y A , A V , I V - W W ffllffli' ,- mf ul .. Q . ,g?'1f5ArLxij1.iI Q- i'.J-JLi.'. x , X . 0- . W- A 1 4., ,.g2fz5-.,,.'1-- lx- - ' 1 " 1 xv Q va' ' '-' x, - ,m, M, 5 wg v ay ' - ' ffm-'QA ' fr. Q Af. b f 5 V ' viii Q 91311543 . ' S. 355515 I L QF- QQ ' " X ' ,. , 'in 'Nm 4, 35 'mit an G ..- 'V4 W SM 1,33 5? aim LJ W4 'N LB? ps.. Q , s, K f . .QM . x .1 . x W1 XX 'if S3 ,. ,,h. 3 A x K X' N '-iQ.12i:5',S3f?' .Q .A 4' a Y 1 I X fx W -.Y rw. S Q N F , K . K 2 '-- , " 1 N L Q A 47 - , 'IA ' 3 rj 53, X 1 Es.. -1 9 1 f if ' x- f W ...4 i :.m.N, JAX.'1l 1 M ' ,. RW H fl n 3 iw 1 r '19 'K r X '- Z f ww X ARE: Yifk ' Q M X R X ' !-1 E W 'Fil-:Ah-4 an Elf Y I 'R Z K ,xx 95 I ' v 1 Q NW fr t f. ff 'H Mr Greg Silverman Daryl Singer Kristine Singleton Joyce Siple William Sluder Christina Smallen Keith Smart Brian Smith Deanna Smith Greg Smith Lisa Smith Joyanne Spirito Russell Spitz Ted Staff Robert Staley Stacee Stanley Jerry Stevens Shawn Stiles Christopher Stilsor Robert Stilson Charlotte Stoneback Michael Stribling Stephanie Stricker Barry Stukes Freshman 243 Stuart Sumner Monique Sury Mark Tabladillo Dean Tagawa Stephanie Takahashi Debra Tamburello Vanessa Terino Verney Thomas Gail Toibb Lynette Townes Larry Troglia Michelle Troncatty Robin Turocy Laura Vaccarello Kevin Vallance Vince Vignolle Mauricio Viola lrene Vogtmann Trina Walker Robert Wallstrom Bryan Waters Sharon Weizer Scott Wells Dorothy Whelchel William Williams Steve Winkler Brent Wise Todd Wise Lonna Woll Olga Wolosewicz vlichael Wong Nade Woodgerd Anne-Marie Wotkyns 3ruce Wyant 944 Freshman Stacy Rosenthal 8. Laura Schwab 1 -'W-R1 Chris Burgner intensively studying in his math class Andrew Yago Jerry Yalowitz Jeffrey Yant Kirsten Yarber Megan Yelle Banafsheh Zarrabian Robert Zielinsk Karen Zimmerr Nancy Zorehke Deia Zwemke Freshman 245 F 41 cr ' A Y on fun -1 1 4 -' ' N u U' .Q I J Q' lv-- r 0 6' xki. I' I 1 4 f- 5 ,Q ' Ji t Art Dept. Creativity At lt's Excellence The Art department is a vital part in the development of a well rounded educational experience. As an Art school program, we are extremely fortunate to have a strong professional staff. 1-Ms. Feldtkeller conducts the Art program in creative design with an array of classes as in drawing and landscape, silkscreen, and Commer- cial Arts. Mr. Kale, a talented potter by trade, shares his knowledge and experiences with his students. His classes range from Ceramics to Stained glass. 2-Mr. Neely is the Photography teacher at Agoura who makes it a point to bring the outside work of photography into the classroom. Some of the projects are studio portrai- ture, color printing, photo journalism, studio illustration, special effects, and the list goes on. The Art program is ever changing with new ideas developing all the time. .iii uv ,Q--. if lli El' Language Department Speaking Out To Communicate With Your Dreams 1-Mr. Quint teaches Spanish I and ll in addi- tion to two English classes during his school day. 2-Mr. Christianson, more commonly known as Mr. teaches Spanish I and ll while advising the Student Council in his Leadership class. 3-Dr. Steffan teaches the school's only Spanish IV class plus a couple of English classes on the side. Mrs. Myers Inot picturedl is the Foreign Language de- partment chairperson. She teaches every French class in the school not to mention a couple Spanish classes. Mr. eacher. Arithmetic Falkin is a Geometry, Algebra I, and an Algebra ll teacher. 25 Mr. is a Math Analysis, Algebra l, Algebra ll, Calculus, 81 Pep Algebra 35 Mr. Goldberg is Agoura's own General Math teacher 45 Mr. enburg is our Geometry teacher 55 J.D. Smith is an Algebra I, Algebra ll, re Algebra 81 a cross country coach. 65 Mr. Rezinas is a Pre Algebra, eometry, Algebra I, and Water Polo coach 75 Mr. Belcher, Algebra ll, ath Analays, Geometry, 81 Track and Freshman Football coach. Business Dept. Preparing For Practical Dreams 1-Mrs. Lundquist is new at Agoura High School this year. Some of you may remember her from Lindero Canyon Middle School days. She teaches begin- ning and personal Typing and Accounting in addition to pro- ducing the EI Escudero school newspaper in her Introduction to Journalism class. 2-Ms. Wild is the chair person of the Business department. She teaches a cou- ple of Typing classes, a class in Vocational Job Skills and a class in Shorthand on top of being the Spirit team advisor. Mrs. Fisher teaches classes in Vocational and Personal Typing, to round out the Business department ,If ,Q Industrial Arts Building Strong Minds And Establishing New Foundations """ at tt 1-Mr. Anderson is Agoura's one and only Auto Shop teacher. He must be good at it. 2-Mr. Strawn teaches Wood Shop at our high school. He, too, teaches his one subject all day long, and he is improving. There are other industrial arts instructors whose pictures do not appear on this page. Mr. Hart is the electronics teacher and also helps the department. He also teaches wood shop one period a day. Mr. Williams teaches classes in Architec- tural drawing and mechanical drawing in addition to coaching the Varsity Baseball team. The ever popular Mr. Goodes teach- es a class in metal shop, to round out Agoura's industrial arts offerings. English Department . ,.,,,,4Mz Helping People Spell Out Their Dreams 1.Ms. Antonucci teaches English I tnot to mention English l Honorsl, English lll and Communication Skills in addition to being a really nice person. 2-Ms. Bishin teaches English Il all day long with but one break in her World Literature class, but l'm sure she enjoys it. 3-Ms. Doi teaches 3 English Ill classes including English Ill Honors, Communication Skills, and English II. 4-Ms. Graham chairs the English department while teaching World Literature and English ll Honors. 5 , s Q Q 2 W? X, Q F' rrrr 5 his My Q. l if r xi lg, .- ' f ,V , 5 .S ...ti I , .5 H 252 3 1-Mr. Litten teaches English Ill, Communication Skills, English IV Honors, and Classical Literature during his diversified English day. 2-Mr. Maitland teaches English I through Ill plus Communication Skills in his equally diversified day. 3-Ms. Packard only teaches English ll and English 12 during her comparatively dull day tjust kidding Ms. Packardi. 4-Mrs. Petersons teaches English Il and English I after her choir class. 5-Mrs. Stewart may win the prize for diversification in the English department. She teaches English ll, British Literature, English Composition and Power Reading. There are other English teachers not pictured. Mrs. Fisher teaches 3 English l classes. Mr. Kilpatrick teaches 3 English 12 classes, Mr. Quint teaches a couple English ll classes while Dr. Steffen teaches a couple English l classes and Mr. Lal3elle teaches a class in English ll to round out the schedule. 253 Physical Education 1-Coach Crow teaches Health and a couple Driver Education classes in addi- tion to his P.E. 9 class and his responsi- bilities as Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Coach and J.V. Baseball coach. 2- Coach Greminger teaches two general math classes, one class in P.E. 10-12 and one in Adaptive P.E. in addition to being the head coach of the Varsity Football team. 3-Coach Goodes teach- es Consumer Math and Metal Shop plus P.E. 9-10-12 and coaches football and softball. 4-Which brings us to Mr. Harms. Mr. Harms is really a science teacher, but apparently somebody thought it would be cute to put him in the P.E. department. He does coach the girl's tennis team, but he should've been in the Science department, just the same. Building Minds And Bodies IQ? YINLA, muse! I uf ,,t.,, Q .-,X 1-Ms. Karbo teaches dance and gymnastics at Agoura High School. She also has two Health classes in the afternoon. 2-Coach LaBelle teaches two Driver Education classes and two Physical Education 10-12 classes plus an Eng- lish 11 class before his Varsity basketball team practices. 3-Coach Leonard teaches P.E. 10- 12 twice a day and then some Consumer Math before coaching his soccer team. 4-Mr. Werk- heiser teaches two P.E. 9-10 classes in the morning, but he also teaches Biology and Health on top of his duties as Athletic Director. 5-Mr. Williams teaches all of the Archetectural and Mechanical Drawing offered here before teaching P.E. 10-12 and coaching the varsity baseball team. 'l Special Education Special People With Special Dreams 4'-X' Many people at Agoura High School may not be aware of the people in our Special Education Department, but they are a very important portion of our faculty. 1-Dr. An- derson is the Chairman of the Special Edu- cation Department. 2-Mrs. Craik is another vital member of the department, as are 3-Mr. Pesetski, 4-Ms. Murdoch and 5-Mr. Gold- stein. You may not see or hear about these people around campus, but they are essen- tial to our school. Each one dedicates his or her full day to their special purpose of Spe- cial Education. 256 X--' Y Ns""' .9 -3 Home Economics Designing New Ideas -egg .V W , 3 1 V ,g'7g'g""r'r"' t -wg -2 .M H .L fs' . V X.s.f,,:,'f,L:5gR5,5 W I-j K . . . K M .trutig-. - .5 g ,filu 'WW ' -:Qgfgmw Mrs. Wheeler is the sole member of the Home Economics Department at Agoura, but she does an excellent job by herself. She teaches classes in Indi- vidual Living, Cloth Tech and Food Tech in addition to being in charge of all costume construction for most all of Agoura's productions. She does an ex- cellent job in all of her duties. Mr. Pe- tersons is not in the Home Economics department, however we couIdn't fit his picture in the Social Studies seo- tion, so we put him here. l'm sure Mr. Pete won't mind fl hopel. ' 257 A Salute To Our Performing Arts Instructors Tom Jackson Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Wind, and Banners P58 John Kilpatrick Theatre Performing Arts People Acting Out Their Future There is a newly formed Performing Arts de- partment at Agoura High School and the man you see before is most responsible for its existence. Mr. Kilpatrick is Agoura's di- rector and on top of his three English 12 classes and his Theatre and Technical The- atre classes, he is also the chairman of the Performing Arts department. Mr. Jackson teaches for should I say conductsj all of the Band classes fMarching, Symphonic, Sym- phonic Wind in addition to being the banner consultant and teaching World Studies I. Mrs. Petersons is new at Agoura this year, and she controls the vocal portion of the Performing Arts department in her Choir class. Ms. Karbo Teaches Dance for the Per- forming Arts department. 259 Social Studies Discovering The Past To Understand The Future 1-Mr. Bushner gets to teach all of the fun classes at Agoura like Anthropology and Film Appreciation and Psychology, but he's got an extra World Studies Ill class thrown in just to keep him honest. 2-Deputy Irwin contributes his morn- ings to Agoura by teaching 2 periods of Student and the Law. 3-Mrs. Grossman gets some tun classes too, like History of the American West and Sociology and Psycholo- gy plus U.S. History. 4-Mr. Flebd co-chairs the department while teaching World Studies I and ll and Government. 5- Mr. Rizzardi teaches 2 periods of World Studies ll and 3 of U.S. History, including the U.S. History Honors class. 6-Mr. Tapie co-chairs with Mr. Rebd and teaches U.S. History and Driver Education. 7-Mrs. Watt is a Guidance Counsel- or, so naturally she teaches Guidance Classes, 5 periods a day. Mr. Miller and Mr. Petersons forgot to get their pic- tures taken tor we misplaced themj, but we could never forget them. Mr. Miller teaches World Studies I and U.S. History while Mr. Pete spends his day with World Studies ll and Government. i ,riffs-: A W A 13 Mr. Lasnik is a Biology and Physiology teacher. 23 Mr. Ramirez is an organic horticulture and biology teacher. 33 Mr. Patterson is a Chemistry, Physics, and Health teacher. 43 Mr. J.P. Smith is an Oceanography, and Biology teacher. I he Campus Aides Top row-Marie Mulvey, John Boyes, Ken Hutchinson Bottom row-Elizabeth Tellrani, Joan Bensinger, Joan Swick. CASA oe 2 snip ,i Q' 3-I Advertising I I t.. -A WB I' N Animal Shelter Maler Dmow Developers Stonecrest Homes and Stonecrest Patlo Homes Class of 1981 18401 Burbank Blvd Sulte 207 Tarzana Ca 91356 12135 991 6426 Congratulations 1 'I'R.-XINS H0 ATS MUDI-II.S I LANI-IS GT HOBBIES 29043 Thousand O'nks BIvd..Ay.,nura.051.91301 GARY LARKINS TINA LARKINS 13131 339-4715 FASHION FABRICS - NOTIONS - PATTERNS 5162 KANAN ROAD AGOURA CALIF. 91301 JEAN BURK LOWELL BURK 12135 991-3439 TS CARDS 0 GIFTS 18051 497-8341 WESTLAKE HILLS PLAZA 3955 IIIOI NXNIJ OAKS III XII. IIIUINANII OAKS! N ll HU 12131 889-1976 d Axwsms Standard BEAUTY SUPPLY THOUSAND OAKS WESTLAKE HILLS PLAZA 497-6104 JANSS MALL RALPH S PLAZA 495-8002 498-4800 Penn: Burbldge PEDRO 81 GENEVIEVE VALEN-I-'NO 5288 Kanan Road 0 Agoura Calif 91301 I Gran THOUSAND OAKS NEWBURY PARK A I D r I , Kemaln Rd lIt'I'I'I!llISiII'1!IIJiiIKS I-llxd. lq ' I f I m good luck grads Ag 9 1213, 991 3020 We know your clty We know your neighborhood We know your street 368 N. Kana Rd oura Calif. 1301 1 l l A 1213: no 2020 Ancnmm L KOBAL. D D s ' ra onrnonounos La lfgenes Optometnc Center 48051497-0721 DR. DAVID I. HALPERT' 246 LOMBARD ST. THOUSAND OAKS CALIF. 91380 1213! 889 2444 cou'rAc'r Lenses 5011 KANAN R0- cl-m.on:Ns vision cams AGOURA CA 900' ALAN M FINK DDS ' ""0'0G"""" ...W ..LZ'T."..'i.T2Z'3 822A HAMPOHIRI RD WEITLAKI VILLAGE CA 1213! B89-4220 ACCESSORIES X f805Y 495-7079 Chuck Archer Bob Archer 3302 Thousand Oaks Bouleva d Thousand Oaks Calnforna 91360 PARTS-SERVICE N r 0 , n TRUCKING 00" AL SFIEAKLEY,213f889-4785 H 2osN. sAruNvvooo Ave., AGQURA, cAo1ao1 HERE? g 'p,,,d','lOi WHERE IN THE WORLD woULD You LIKE TO BE RIGHT NOW,fl 5627KANANRD. AGOURACA91301 421378892246 ACCORD Q PRELUDE CIVIC O CVCC D Fa! Auto mnsreuosur Mcronv nwueo Honda Car Speclalnsts SER CE Q REPAIR I PARTS HONDA 281 19 DOROTHY DR G URA CA 9 3OI B AM 6 PM 1213! 991 1350 JOE DEFALCO O A a co . . VI . MON-SAT A O . Y ' . . WNER Q 992' M uk The Ice Cream Factory .4 6 sr Sr Lv, -.54 WWQZQ lce Cream of Agoura extends our warmest congratulatrons to the graduating class of 1981 'MLC Q x-o 1 if X wb 4 tx It 3 'Q cp 6-t' Q r- f Sy 1 x ibfawvilwl ,117-117' WW! 419' For the occasron, we are featurlng a complete assortment of custom decorated graduation ace cream cakes complete wrth a layer of flame! s excluswe chocolate fudge crunch We feature soft 8: hard W lce cream fountam 81 novelty Items and we MM 'DQS speclalnze nn custom IXI, decorated ace cream l cakes for all occasions cz mm bm V 5148 Ki--fm Rd S.?.:"'::.:'.."::.':.. 10am 10pm 991 9371 fBel'nnd McDonald s and Pizza Hut, olfrl 8- Su l a m ll p m Phone AGOURA All Wiki Ice cream products are made FRESH and are certufred Kosher by 0 K Laboratories r' H Q4 ' CFL , s I5 I, 5 E ,.-.niqfgsvs vm: .1-ilpfzw' Q .9967- V be X 'QQ 4:30 A J .. , 02:2 ng 2 ' in - . 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Contemporary Clothing Shoes Accessories and fantastic friendly Service! 889-5818 0 Vln 0 MnhrChlrgo c Layaway WESTLHKE VILLAGE PLAZA - NORTH END Open Mon-Sat 10:00-6:00' Sun 12:00-5:00 ,,,, ... 1 , M W3 ' q!!1, 'Jr Q 'Q 'L l M 3 Q' ah L ,I 51 A PI E :Z fc , I 1 sm -- E15 - 449 -1- '5' 5-112 ' ' ,, -..,.- ...1 A v ' 3 I' ,YQ A YOLY S Needlepoint Agoura Meadows g 5635 Kanan Rd. 12135 991-1 Agoura CA 91301 HAIR QUARTERS 5011 Kanan Rd. Agoura CA. 91301 SOUREN BEAUTY suPPl.v 2731 Agoura Rd 12135 991-0728 YVONNE S NAIL 720 N. Moorpark Rd. 0 Thousand Oaks 12131 889-3963 18055 495-4080 ln Westlake Village curl' wa ne Beautiful Things For Everyday Living 12131 889-4380 968-10 Westlake Blvd Westlake Vlllage Ca 91361 18051 497 3017 12133 889 2540 9 I' 250 , -H,-DEQ , GET DN TIIE TOP SELLER lIS'I', CENTURY 21 0 Listing with our Neighborhood Professionals" at CENTURY 21 lBroker's name herel gives you the selling edge. Our knowledgeable sales associates have helpful advice on ways to cope with today's high interest rates. ways to finance buying and selling real estate. In fact, from your flrst call until the closing. our Neighborhood 889.3812 Professionals will guide you with every aspect of selling your house. mfs, If you're anticipatin sellln 495 6404 g g or buying a home. take Tw salma. Q advantage of our expertise. Call l mm 2' us at our CENTURY 21 office. sus Powens scuemen .menus wm.1sn nowmm scnemsn ANN muon P V .JEANNE cnov SANDY n I HERITAGE REALTORS 799 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. 4955 Las Virgenes Rd. Calabasas, Calif. 91301 , l I I PARTNER ROD LEGATE C P A DAVIS 81 LEGATE AN ACCOUNTANCY CORPORATION 675 WESTLAKE BLVD. SUITE 201 WESTLAKE VILLAGE CALIFORNIA 91361 12131 889-4740 C8051 497-2286 RUUFI STORER CABLE TV 30901 A oura H mud Westlake Vi Inge IA 91361 'i he Ultlmate In flutntlnna Science business opportunity for those who seek financial independence. NOVA Nutritional Products, Inc 5115 Douglas Fir Drive Calabasas CA. 12131 888-3272 O I I I l Presenting State-of- the-art nutritional supplements for the aware individuals of our age, and a unrque I I I Lorelei Zaaofeaa Dell 81 Restaurant 5190 Kanan Road Agoura Cahfomla 9l30I JOHN KELLY I2I3I 99' 5704 25029 Canwood St. Agoura Ca. 91301 . 12131 889-9911 Alta Dena Dairy '50 lon D A Mexlcan Restaurant and Danclng Place 6424 Canoga Ave. 12133 340-5653 I I l I Woodland Hills, CA. 91364 Ollver Books H 1' 'll '- 1 A li ' ' " 'l' ' 4607 Lakevievvl Canyon Fld. 1 l -111.1 Westlake Village Calif. 91361 12131 991-3608 U, . I NIH Qwfligi 9 ' Im X' I mu. 1 I I" ll ' '25rllU'1i41 I 1,-1. lgpllllf' , Nl 'Til 'l CHECKS 81 BALANCES COMPUTER BOOKKEEPING SERVICE MAFZSHA SIPLE 6103 CEDROS AVE 18051 497 2053 VAN NUYS, CA 91411 12131 785-2185 Lic. 348830 ASTRON SOLAR 2426 Townsgate Rd. Unit E Westlake Village CA 91361 12137 991-3042 LARRY L. KLONE 18051 497-9388 Mgr. Solar Design 81 Sale Members of the New York Stock Exchange Inc. 137 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks CA. 91360 Paine Webber Hamlet ,M V U QQ- : SAND 1' CEMENT BRICK BLOCK SSTON 1- -a n 2131 qaosy sas 1315 497-6904 29149 Ag na Ag I k N . ?,Q.J 1 E c," " ' ,I c m TU . C Qongratulatlons and Best Wishes to the Agoura Hlgh School Graduatmg Class of l98l! TL ENTERPRISES INC PUU 1 5 . A 1 q . 5 . X . X X I 43 One ofthe nation's leading , of rocroalon and V leisure-Oriented magazines, and dmctoliet P.F.C. gm X fs. 'JL' i fig rl, ., aff! 5 , , ,. um A ,g,, Q 'A ,I ' 'Wax H L m"' L V ' 3 3' V ,,' R V 3 Rs Yr X f - . X '- , f. . 4 -wg., -,.,, M ,M g A A 5 'rw ' , fi I , , at M fum . An- 1? r I J, W. 6 , I, Q ln, , My ' f p . x W 'f, 1 A 4, J I K f W: M' 9 q ' ' 4. K " ' , , mf, 'z , , i -greg . , ,, . . . Y i 9 ff -i"'X x 4. ll gi, X Q w 5 3 ' Lf, .5 ' w 'fi A 1 V . fwn. w 5 v H - ' w A Q 1 K ' f 'fx i Af K ' K f 4 J . -. i 0- , N f 5 3 - ' ' Y ffl , ' - . v 0 ,yu ,AV1,:',z,,v , wh sl 'fi m We K f if " . , Q' ,h ,w ,,, k .L ,A fe' t Y M X' VT, 4 m 'W F ,, V: mg- ' N ,s ' fi . , 1 ff . Y 15 ' ' 31 3' . f H f 3. Q A" f L.. Ig 1 1 4. ,gf 4 ,M V, , ' as Q Q KX ' 1 'Z 1 M ., V, ff 432 3 K A2 ,,, NM 4-g g' A f1"""?LN ' " ' -2554. , . W . V f - , ' ff""'X A W W I X Q., f ww if Kai ,gy ff L., fa" ' Qffzw Q.. A , , ,, W 4' Qz..a, - , Club t9 0 ' Congratulations and ' Best Wishes To The , Class ot 1981 Woman And Gentleman 31149 Via Colinas Paul E Norick 'NO ' XVCSIIBKC village CA. 9l36l l2l3l 99l-5670 Reagan 84 Associates Land Investment and development California 8t Arizona 30686 THOUSAND OAKS BLVD Acoulu CALIFORMA 9t30t Agoura California Mighael Reagan umnx s Goulsens canst 991 otoa Q213l 889-6438 President Classic Clothing For The Traditional 'S Q aw. We ZW 5298 N KANAN RD AGOURA 1213! 707 1660 Cgest QXULQM Q Bnownl Realfons Serving the Conelo Valley Since 1958 110 THOUSAND OAKS BLVD 333 SO WESTLAKE BLVD THOUSAND OAKS WESTLAKE VILLAGE 339-0304 495-2175 339 1333 495-1043 R E A LTOR ' L 3 From A Seniors Ackerman, Lynne 331 72 Acton, David 33 Adler, Marian K. 33 Akemon, Dana Ann 33 Aldredge, Jennifer Alesch, Joel J. 33 Aloi, Robert Arnold Altergott, Caroline L. 73 33: 72 Alvarez, Michael 33 Amirkhan, Jonathan 33 Amish, Kelly Jean 33: 80: 2211 231 Andell, Laurie 33 Andersen, Christa T. 33 Anderson, Anette 33 Anderson, Kim Marie 33: 98: 99 Anderson, Terise K. 33: 136: 2221 224 Annino, Dominick 331 49 Archbold, Philip R. 33 Armstrong, David Andrew 331 100: 1281 224 Arron, Derek Hal 33 Ashby. Carla L. 33: 105 Atkinson, Holly 71 10: 332 1681 1711 188 Austin, Danny M. 33 Avery, Catt E. 33 Bacchus, John 332 94 Baessler, Lorraine J. 33 Baker, Sandra Jean 33 Ball, Edward John 331 981 99 Ballard, Holly Lee 33 Bartolotta, Julie Ann 33 Beale, Derrick 341 108, 109 Bebetu, David Marron Beher, Steve Martin Beht, Julie Renee 341 72 Bellinson, Robert L. 34: 72 Bennett, Tessa Mary 34: 49 Bensinger, Terry Lee 34 Benton, Stuart H. 34 Best, Gregory Dale 34 Bilodeau, Paul Douglas 34 Bilodeau, Paula Denise 34 Birch, Jenniler 34 Bishop, Robert Paul 34 Blackman, Mark J. 34 Blum, Ronald A. 34: 49: 219 Boelens, Thomas E. 34: 72 Bohn, Mark C. 34: 51: 942 222 Borawski, Peter J, 341 165: 172: 173: 222: 2 Bourland, Lisa C. 34: 177 Boyum, Stephen C. 341 183 Brady, Lori Ann 34 Bratton, Sheryl 71 341 219 Bratzler, Kristine 7: 34 Brenner, Diane 34 Brewster, Christopher 34 Bromwell, Joanne 351 7 Brooks, Michele 35 Brust, Bernadette 35: 106 Buckley, James J, 35: 162 Buckley, Theresa M. 35 Bulac, Denise Elaune 35 Burkhart, James Lance 351 1001 1273 221 Burkholder, Terri 35 Callie, Pamela Lynn 35 Campiello, Agnes 36 Canter, Curt Capaldi, Jim Vincent 362 163 Carlo, Craig S. 36 Carlson, Keith Arthur 36 Caruso, Karen Jean 36: 102: 1031 220 Casey, Joseph D. 36 Chaides, Theresa Ann 36 Chairenza. Dean E. 36 Chater, Ann 36 Chen, Jim Chu-lung 35 Chen, Kurt 35 Chesterman, Karen Lou 35 Christensen, Karen E. 35: 230 Cicero, Angie 35 Cinney, James Lee 35 Cirocco, Anthony Claessens, David L. 35 Clancey, Steve J. 35: 168 Clark, Dean 35 Clark, Robert Thomas Clelang, Narci 35 Cobb, Bill Dale 35: 94 Cochran. Mary A. 35 Cochran, Rena Marie 351 163 Cole, Suzanne 351 72 Commans, Randolph 35 Connella, Kari Lynn 35 Coulter, Shawn 35 Crosby, Julie Ann 35: 72 Curtiss, Charlotte 35: 72 Daghdevarian, Judy 36 Daignault, Gregory 36 Dalessandro, Arthur 36 Daley, Steven Chris 361 113 Dallons, Denise 36 Darnell, Wrightly Cecil 36 Day, Jeannette E. 36 DeGennaro, Steven 36: 941 1661 188 Det-tart, Lori M. 36 DeLaney, Robert 36 DeMinico, Paula J. 351 72 Debbas, Donna Marie 36: 2231 231 Deel, Christopher G. 36 Della Penna, Peter J. 351 163 Dellinger, Craig Alla 36 Derrick, Leslie 361 72 DiPonzio, TraC Ann 361 501 174: 177: Diprima, Dana Marie 37: 177 Dolan, Thomas 371 941 95 Drozen, Estelle M. 37 Dubuc, Denise 37 Duclos, Susan Lynn 37, 223 Duty, Kara Renae 37 Eaton, James Michael 37: 51 Eckess, Barry J. 37 Eggebrecht, Timothy 37 Egger, Aaron 37 Ehrhorn, Lori E. 37: 136: 1761 224 Eisenberg, Gregory J. 37 Ekman, Craig 37, 1151 1621 1771 222: 231 Ellsworth, Christopher 37 Ervin, Kelly Lynne 371 841 231 Ettegui, Alain M, 37 Fechner, Natalie 37 Federman, Marla S. 37: 223 Fellick, Paul Emmitt 37 Foster, Jeffrey Lee 37: 72 Foster, Michael E. 37 Foster, Stephen 37 Fox, Beth 37 Fransen, Dean Patrick 371 72 French, Mary E. 37 Friedman, Laura M. 37 Friedman, Lisa M. 38 Gabrielson, Eric J, 38 Gagnon, Leslie P. 38 Gallenberg, Dana J. 38 Ganzer, Jetlrey W. 38 Gasbarri, Laura 38 Gatch, Phillip H. 382 162 Gates, Robert Louis 3: 38 Gehri, Matthew D. 38: 72 Gellinck, Susanne M. 38: 136: 182: 224 Golling, David R. 38 Gorrie, Bryan F. 38 Graham, Valerie Ethel 383 64 Grimmond, Dessa 38 Grode, Heidi Lynn 38 Gross, Lauren J. 38 Guerrero, Pricilla 38 Gullick, Kathleen M. 38 Haas, Kenneth 38 Hall, Jennifer Lynn 7: 381 1061 165 Hall, Karen Ann 38 Hamel, Paul J. 391 194 Hamilton, Tod M. 38 Hammill, Michael V. 38 Harasyn. Craig L. 38 Harman, Dena 38: 72: 230 Harris, Paula J, 7: 381 177 Harwood, Kimberly A. 38 Hawkins, Alicia J. 7: 38: 49: 1723 225 Haynes, Monica Punk 382 2-2 Headric, Phil 94 Heatherly, Barbara 39 Hedges, Melinda Mary 39 Hedman, Diana Lynn 39 Heller, Kenneth Gary 39 Helvey, Lisa A, 39 Henderson, Jennifer 39 Heywood, Robert 39 Hill, Cindy 39 Holden, Robert David 39 Holmes, George B. 7: 391 501 94 Hood, Cynthia 39 188: 223, 231 Householder, Dawn 39 Howard, Veronica 39 Hughes. Jane M. 39 Humes, Jack Thomas 39 Hunter, Ronald 39 Huntoon, Barbara 39 Irwin, Devon Thomas 39 Irwin, Peter W. 39: 94 Jabara, John F. 7: 39: 94 Jacobson, Frank R, 39 Janedis, Diane L. 39 Januzik, David Walter 39 Jenkins, Karen Sue 40 Jensen, Curtis Paul 401 63 Jimenez, Sandra 40 Johnson, Dutl 40 Jones, Jenniler Lynn 40 Jonte, Robert Lee 40 Joyce, Jay Edward 40: 94 Kahn, Denise S. 40 Kain, Peter Russell 40 Kiaser, Gary V. 401 113 Kane, David Prez. 7: 40: 90: 176: 1792 188 Kane. Elizabeth 40 Kassan. Harriet 40 Kaufman, Gary 401 98 Keegan, Martin L. 40: 501 113 Kelley, James Joseph 40: 100: 1261 127 Kelson, Todd Frank 40 Kerby, Cynthia Ann 7: 40: 169: 171 King, Aaron Leon 71 40: 941 128 Kiser, Steven 40 Kieldergaard, Karen 40 Kleinlelter, Michael 40 Kline, Kara 40 Knipprath, Michael 40 Knop, Zachary E. 40 Knorr, Stephen Douglas 401 128 Komiyama, Shuichi 40 Kralt, Philip Gerard 40 Krenik, Michael 40 Krook, Anita P. 401 94 Kropel, Debra Kubelun, Walter H. 40: 113: 185 Lachmnan, Tamara M, 41 Lakotas, Lisa Marie 41: 188 Lang, Christine 41 Lawton, Tina M 41 Leary, Susan May 41 Leavell, Lynn Marie 41 Lee, Laura Marie 41: 109: 105 Lee, Shari Lynn 41 Lewis, Kelley Suzanne 411 223 Leyden. Shannon Lynn 41 Liittschwager, Eric 41 Lindgren, Diane S. 41 Livingston, Jamie A. 71 41 Lockett, Jenniler Lynn 411 219 Long, Curtis 411 72 Lopez, Magda V. Love, Jenniler Lynn 41 Lundgren, Alan Wayne 41 Lundstrom, Eric M. 41, 98 Lundy, Cindy Louise 41 Lunn, David Bowden 41 Lydon, Pam Kay 41 Maclnnes, Alexandria 41, 72 Maiors, Donna Lee 41 Mandracchia, John 41 Manion, John C. 411 72 Manwarren, Nancy Lea 41 Marek, Jean 411 112 Marek, Joan Mary 411 112 Margolis, Stewart W. 41 Marits, Elizabeth 7: 42: 98 Marshall, Charles 42 Mazza, Guy Michael 42 McCray. Cheri L. 42 McDull, Darryl L, 42 McKee. Todd 42 Mclain, Kelley Dean 42 McLaughlin, David D. 42: 931 94 McWilliams, Dana Lynn 42 Mead, Candra 421 106 Mears, Lora M. 42 Meehan, Brett Forster 42, 941 128 Meisl, Marla 92 Mello, Tony V. 42 Mesko, Mark S. 42 Militello, Thomas 42 Miller, Deanna Lyn 42: 106 Miller, Paul Scott 42 Miller, Steven M. 42 Mills, Anthony 42 Mitchell, John Moaura, Janice 42 Mohamedi, Michelle 12 Molsick, Pamela R, 42 Monasevitch, Alane 43: 94: 165: 185 Montgomery, Teresa 43 Moore, Pamela J. 43 Moroz, Steven 43 Moshiri, Shabrashoub 43 Moshiri, Shahrok H. 43 Moss, Greg William 43 Motamedi, Hossein 43 Mozatfari, Farhad 43 Muger. Linda Marie 43 Murphey, Brian A. 43 Nadel, Dana Lyn 43 Naranjo, Robyn L, 43 Naugle, Diane H. 43 Neumann, Maria Anasta 43 Neumeier, Donald P, 43 Newirth, Susan M. 43: 86: 179 Nial, Steven James 43 Nichols, Beverly Ann 43: 136: 224 Nielsen, Richard F. 43 Norick, Edward Neil 43 Nunnally, Amy Kay 43 O'Rourke, Theresa A. 43: 83 Oberman, Gary Evan 43 Oltson, Maria Ann Overton, Frank E. 43: 94 Oviatt, Jill M. 43, 182 Oxx, Sheri, Lynn 43 Ozbourn, Mark C. 43 Palmer, PattiAnn 44 Pantelas, Paul 44 Parker, Holly Gail 44 Parsons, Cam 44 Paul, Julie 44 Peeters, Ruby Ann 44 Pellechia, Ronald 44 Pencall, Marilyn Ann 44 Perkins, David Chas Perman, Robert G. 44 Perrin, Steven 44: 108: 109: 222: 231 Peterson, Gus Gordon 44 Peterson, Kelly J. 44: 51: 104: 105: 188 Peterson, Wendy L. 44 Petrusson, Jim B. 44 Phelan, Julie Anne 44 Pinkowski, Gina 44 Poley, Kevin C. 44 Porenba, Jill 44 Potts, Marion E. 44 Prentice, Michael Prepsky, Todd Allen 44 Presson, Robbie Ray 44 Preston, Joseph D. Prouty, Jenniler Kay 44 Ramsey, Robin Rene Rausch, Jellrey K. 44 Rawlings, Steve R. 44 Ray, Jenniler Ann 44 Reebel, Richard 44 Reeder, Anne Leslie 44 Reiner, Lisa R, 44: 105 Reynolds, Missy 44: 222 neynoius, Paul 45 Rich, Sharon D. 45 Richardson, Gina L. 45 Riddle. Robert D. 45 Ried, Brenda Marie 45 Rinaldi, Sandy Lynn 45 Rodriguez, Lizette 45 Rogovin, Lawrence 45 Rose, Carolyn Joy 45 Rosenberg, Daniel 45: 89 Rowshanzadeh, Omid 45 Rumanuk, Steven 48 Rumbaugh, Brian 45 Russell, Mike Patrick 45: 123 Sacks, Laurie 45: 112: 223 Satin, Wendy Joanne 45 Sanderson, Susan Lynn 45 Sandlin, Edward L. 45 Schauerman, Jane 45: 102 Schenck, Carolyn 45 Schenck, Deborah Sue Schlesinger, David W. 45: 62 Schnept, Glendon Schott. Coquette 45 Schuh, Brownell A. 45 Schulner, Sherri Ellen 45 Schwab, Steven 45: 72 Schwake, Laura Ann 7: 45: 136: 224 Scribner, Blake John 45 Seidensticker, Jett 45 Selstad, Scott T. 45 Senter, Randi Lynn 45: 175 Seyfert, Merrilee 45 Shelley, Francis J. 46: 98 Shulman, Mark S. Silverman. Kendra 46 Sinclair, Holly 46 Singleton, Steven 46: 94 Siverson, John M. 46 Slanchik, Nancy Marie Smith, Cindy Marie 46 Smith, Lesia Michell 46 Smith, Luann M. 46 Smith, Rodney Wayne Sneed, Tracy Marlene 46 Sommerleld, Barbara 46: 112 Sotos. Paul 46 Spinner, Tracy 46 Spitz, Christopher R. 46: 100 Spoer, Tina Marie 45 Steck, Susan 46: 136: 176: 189: 224 Stewart, Vicki Marie 46: 221 Stratton, Jerry R. 46: 168: 188 Sullivan, J, Peter 46 Sumner, Candace 46: 102: 103 Sutton, Brian H. 46: 108 Takeuchi, Timothy 46 Tasso, Valerie J. 46 Taylor, Allison G. 46 Taylor, Todd Norman 7: 46: 94: 95: 189 Taylor, Virginia 46 Tepstein, Debbie Lynn 46 Terlazzo, Lorilyn L. 46 Thomas, Allyson G, 46 Thomas, Jack R. Thomas, Michael Scott 46: 113: 115: 177 Thommen, Kenneth D. 47 Thompson, Danny 47 Tibbitts, Kristin 47 Torabian, Keyvan 47 Trusel, David 47: 100 Tseng, Cindy Yi Turkel, Steven D. 47 Valentino, Marc D. 47 Valentino, Stelan A. 47 Van Maanen, Darryl 47 Van Wessel. Robert 47: 100 Vanselow, Karen 47 Vasseghi, Mandana 47 Vernon, Grant 47 Villalovos, Elaina 47 Vogt, Derra 42 Wahl, Patricia M. 47 Walin, Danielle 47 Walker, Kimberly Ann 7: 47: 106: 130: 165: 220 Walsh, Brian D, 47 Walters, Daniel S. 47: 94: 108 Warme, Christopher 47 Watters, Kevin 47 Wayne, Jamie 47: 178: 222: 231 Weidemiller, Marcia 47: 83: 163 Weir, Greg 48: 188 Weir, Tom 48 Weldon, Pamela 48: 50 Wellner, Christy M. 48 Weston, Mark 48: 108: 109 Wheelock, Kevin 48 White, Jill Ann 48: 51: 136: 182: 220: 224 White, Robert 48 Whitllesey, Laurie 48 Wicks, Douglas 48 Wieringa, Jolanda 48 Wilcox, Chris F. 48 Wildermuth, Michael 48: 113: 175: 188 Williams, Dawn 48 Williamson, Jay Russe 48: 126 Wilson, John 48: 94 Wilson, Stephen D. 48 Wise, Bradley G. 48: 90: 176 Wohl, Laura A. 48 Wolfe, Scott Alan 48 Wong, Gregory S, 48: 72 Yarber, Shannon L. 7: 48: 72 Yarnall, John Patrick 48 Yates, Carla M. 48: 130: 136: 220: 224 Yelle, Patricia E. 48: 105 Yount, Shelly 48 Zaslove, Lisa 48 Zielinski, Thomas 48: 100: 128 Zundel, Laura 48 Juniors Adler, Wendi Ann 144 Agin, Dana Ellen 104, 158 Aiken, Stewart Craig 94: 144 Allen, Deborah J. 144 Alvarez, Jacqueline 144 Andrino, Ed 144 Antoniades, Monique 72: 143: 144 Argue, Kellie Dee 136: 144: 151: 224 Armstrong, Katie 144 Arron, Todd 144 Ash, Mathew Scott 144 Aubery, Jett S. 144 Auth, Valerie Anne 144: 285 Babicka, Jon 144: 219 Balto, Toni 144 Baldasti, Leslie Anne 144 Batter, Stacy Diane 72: 144 Bathgate, Kevin C. 94: 144 Batten, Anne 144 Bauchman, Greg T. 144 Beard, Lee B. 145 Beasley. Scott 145: 155 Benioft, Mindy 145 Bennett, John 145 Benson, Diana 145 Berman, Julianne 145 Bertola, Anthony M. 90: 145 Berty, Christopher 113: 115: 145 Beutel, Todd Walter 126: 145 Biddle, David 145 Birch, Kimberly Ann 145: 219 Bisgrove, Gary W. Bjornson, Paul G. 145 Bodner, Erica B. 82: 145 Bohanon, Scott James 145 Bohlke, Maryann G. 145 Boland, John T. 145 Borawski, Susan J. 136: 145: 224 Born, Holly Faith 145: 109 Bowman, Robert J. 128, 145 Bradley, Elizabeth 145 Brisick. Kevin 145 Brody, John Eric 98: 145 Brownlield, Susan K. 136: 145: 185: 224 Budoll, Matthew Jay 105: 219 Bunn, James Brett 145: 159 Burgess, Jettery 145: 150 Burkman, Douglas WM 72: 108: 145 Bush, Kelly 145 Buyer, Susan Linda 145 Cagnon, Geottrey H. 101: 145 Calcagno, Anne-Marie 145 Callahan, Liz Ann Campbell, Claire P. 145 Campbell, Lisa 145 Canter, Kimberly Ann 145 Cantrell, Scott Lee 145 Carmichael, Stanley 105: 152: 159: 219 Carpenter, Karla Sue 145 Carroll. Kandi Maura 145 Carter, Marcus Y. 145 Case. Michael Bryan 146 Cason, Sharon Lynn 146 Cass, Darrell L. 113: 146 Cassetty, Michael F. 101:146 Choate, Edwin G. Jr. 146 Cicero, Cynthia 146: 222: 231 Clancey, Cathy 146 Cole, Susan Lynn 146 Collard, Jettery S. 146 Cooper, Michael L, 146 Cotter, John Lloyd 146 Covell, Jan Kathleen 146 Cox, Shane Alan 146 Croner, Terry J. 7: 105: 146 Crouse, Susan 146 Cuzner, Robert Guy 113: 146 Dahlen Lea Ellen 146 Davis, Doug 146 Davis, Robert E. 146 DeFalco, Vince 146 DeFrancesco. Robin 146 DeFusco, Mike A, 146 DeGennaro, Greg M, 72: 98: 108: 1 DeHart, Scott D, 146 DeJesue, Yvonne Dempsey, Colleen L. 146 Delrick, Mark S, 146 Deveau, Scott 146 Devine, Jessica 146 Dimino, Richard C, 110: 146 Disney, Richard 146 Dizon, Noel L. Dobrowski, David G. 1081 106: 158 Dobyns, Jennifer M. 146 Dollemore, Caroline 146 Donohue, Lisa Jean 146 Dougherty, Bridget A. 146 Druckenmiller, Laura 146 Dube, Denise 147 Dubois, Camille 147 Duclose, Carolyn Ann 147 Dustin, Susan 147 Dyer, Grantham R, Dyson, James 147 Eckel, Paul Cornell 7, 94, 113, 1152 Eilert, Kristi Lee 113: 147: 222 Eiland, Steven 147 Eisner, Stephan E. 94: 147 Emmons, John R. 72: 147 Enck, Vidas 147 Evans. Jim 147 Evans, Tamara 147 Fabian, Janice M. 113: 147 Fabian, Sallyann 147 Finke, Karin E. 65: 136: 147: 224 Flaid, Sheila 147 Florentin, Donna L. 147 Fluke, David 147 Forno, Diana Marie 147 Foster, Susan Louise 147 Foster, Timothy Conlo 94: 147 Fox, Sonya 147 Franks, Kirk Allen 147 French, Christine 147 Friel, John C. 147 Frum, Jeffrey S. 147: 159 Fry, Scott Thomas 147 Gagnon, Cristin Galiher, Jill A. 7: 143: 147: 165 Gallagher, John F. 147 Galloway, Amber 147 Galippo, Michael 147 Garland, Lisa L. 147 Gates, Heather K. 72: 147 Gay, Jim 147 Gazaway, Tamara S. 147: 155 Gelman, Daniel M, Gelt, Brian M, 147 Gillette, William M. 72: 123: 148 Givens, Will 101: 123: 148 Glass, Lisa A. 72: 148 Gleason, Kent A. 148: 149 Goldberg, Cathy 148 Goldberg, Kenneth W. 148 Golden, Chris A. 72: 148 Gonzales, Robert Sue 148: 178 Goon, Jell Lee 148 Gramza, Brian M, 148 Greene, Alison M, 148: 158 Greenhalgh, Jim Grey, Lisa 136: 148: 224 Gross, Cindy 148 Gruetter, Steve E. 148 Guerin, Christophre T. 148 Guerny, Marylou 148 Haghdan, Navid M. 148 Hin, Wendy 145 Halliday, Holly 148: 205 Hamilton, Adam 148 Hamilton, Heather 148: 159 Hammond, Tami C. 148 Handwerker, Robert 148 Hanover, Mike 148 Harbarger, Cynthia J. 148: 222 Harms, Mary June 148 Hartung, Robert 148 Headrick, Allison 149 Hegdges, Scott G. 109 Hevley, Donald 94: 149 Hemond, Loriann 72: 149 Henkel, Lisa M. 149 Hill, Todd S. 149 Hottman, Bradley 109 Holman, Catherine J. 149 Holland, Julie Ann 149 09: 146 143: 144: 147: 172 Holsberg, Anitra Horn, David Donald 128: 149 Horwich, Kenneth 149 Huttman, Jellrey 149 Husserl, Brett E. 149 lshimaru, Kenneth 99: 149 Israel, Karen E. 149 Jacobs, Bobby G. 113: 149 Jacobson, Susi L, 149: 168: 171 Jaskol, Kathy A. 149 Jenkins, Brenda L. 149 Jester, Kristin 149 Johnson, Frank G. 149 Johnson, Michael L. 149 Johnson, Susan M. 150 Joyce, Jell G. 150 Jursch, Charles A. 150 Kappl, Todd M, 72: 150 Kassman, Jared B. 150 Kaulman, Jay 98: 150 Kaulman, Jodi A. 150 Kelley, Kevin M. 113: 150: 182 Kerby, Susan E. 150 Kincaid, Kim 136: 150 King, Darren 150 King, Lori Beth 982 150 Kirkelis, Damion B. 94: 150 Kitlredge, Anette 113: 150: 223 Knue, Kellie L. 150 Kobabe, Valerie A, 150 Koch, Robert C, 150: 159 Kollman, Sindy R. Kress, Michele 150 Kundell, Jill 150 LaBruyere, Denise M. 72, 150 Lade, Les Michael 150 Lakotas, Nancy Ann 147: 150: 183 Lamensdorf, David M, 150 Lang, Mike 150 Langlands, Cindy R, 150 Large, Janene 150 Larson, Chris Anne 150 Lasley, Ronald H. 150: 185 Lawrence, Lorne 150 Lazarus, Bill Lee. Brian John 150 Lemer, Alain 150 Lemons, Andrea 143: 150 Lestak, Richard K, 150 Lodato, Michael W. 150: 154 Lorraine, Larry N. 150 Lowe, Rick 150 Lyons, Allyson E. 72: 150 Mac Donald, Kellie 150 Mac Murtrie, Allyson 72 Madigan, Teri Lynn 150 Major, Kevin John 113: 150 Malone, Robert J. 151 Manning, Nancy 151 Marchetti, Anibal R, 151 Marqua, Ron 151 Mason, Erick Gary 151 Masters, Kurt Andrew 151 Mathews, Clare N. 151 Mc Aree, Shayne 151 Madigan, Teri Lynn Major, Kevin John McDonald, Joseph 151 McEviIy, Mary Beth 136, 151: 224 McGuire, Mary Beth 136: 151: 224 McGuire, Susan C. 72: 151 McHugh, Robert Sean 151 Mc lnlire, Erin 1053 144: 151 Mc Kee, Kelly Dawn 146: 151 Mc Leod, Sean P. 151 Mc Vey, Erin Lin 151 Meisenholder, Robert 151 Mellinger, Andrew 151 Mercer, Mark Jay 151 Merrill, Mara 151 Meyer, Christine L. 151 Meyer, Laura 151: 158 Meyers, Ron J. 151 Mills, Chandra 151 Mitnick, Robin C. 151 Molfet, Majalisa 151 Moore, Leslie Jean 72: 90: 151 Moran, Arthur Lewis 152 Morefield, Bart 1133 151 Morgan, Christopher J, 152 Motamedi, Ashkan 152 Moussavi, Saeed 152 Mulligan, Michael 152 Munoz, Mirelle 152 Mushet, Colleen 151 Nani, Jill Lynn 151 Nelson, Robert 152 Newman, Lynne Ilene 152 Nielsen, John 152 Nine, Victoria 136, 152, 224 Nolan, Mary Kathleen 112: 152 Northropp, Calvin 152 O'Rourke, Michael 152 Ogawa, Sabrina 152 Ogden, Lonnie Keith 94: 152 Ollson, Jeanette Lena 183 Oliver, Cherie L 152 Orr, Dianna 152 Pagliaro, Lynn 151: 152 Papanickolas, John 152 Papenlul, Scott E 152 Park, William C 152 Paul, Richard 15" Pease, Wendy 152, -..3 Peele, Steven Edward 153: 154 Pelletier, Frank 153 Phelan, Scott 153 Phinney, Alan John 153: 219 Pitts, Debra Ann 153 Pond, Casey Joseph 153 Posard, Adam 153: 219 Pratt, Kathryn Press, Glen 153: 159 Prosser. Oren H 90: 153 Proud, Denise 153 Quattlebaum, Robert E 153 Randolph, Lisa V 153 Redman, Mark Fredrick 153 Reisman, Darlene 153 Reiss, Robert Eric 99: 153 Reizman, Neil Martian 153 Rentz, Pamila D 153 Rinaldi, Hilary Ann 153 Risdon, Marta S 153 Risvold, Lisa R 153 Rivera, Phillip 153 Rizzo, Danielle T 150: 153 Roberts, Loren 219 Rodriquez, John 153 Rogal, David S 153 Rose, Celine Ann 153 Rosenthal, Marla Ann 153 Rousso, Tod Adam 153 Rowe, Dustin L 154 Rusin, Mark 154 Ryzow, Stacy 154 Sadraie, Babak 154 Sailors, Gary Keith 154 Saynay, Carl 113: 154 Schatz, Julie Ann 154: 158 Scherban, Stephan 154 Schilling, Thomas 154 Schoenneman, Colleen 154 Schuett, Olal John 154 Schultz, Lisa R 154 Segel, Lori Ann 154: 222 Share, Mark Lowell 152: 219 Shimek, David J 154 Shutak, Shannon 154 Sibbald, Lynda 154 Simon, Michelle R 102: 103: 130 Sinacori, Charles 154 Singleton, Lisa Marie 154 Skinner, James N 154: 155 Sobel, Michael 154 Soebbing, Brian John 154 Soronen, Todd 72: 154 Spicer, Bryan E 154 Stacy, Brian Lee 154 Stegall, Kevin P 154 Stephens, Stephanie 154 Stone, Rebecca 154 Strong, Darin Keith 113: 154 Succa, Shelli Sur, Wendy Lynn 154 Surwin, Edward 154 Suski, Greg 154 Sussman, Amy 154 Sweitz, Eric Milton 154 Swiman, Hally 154 Targum, Lisa 113: 154 Task, Sheri 72, 155 Taylor, Kim 155 Taylor, Todd Allen 155 Terry, Kevin Brent 155 Thalberg, Jonathan 155 Thomas, Mitchell 113: 155 Tudman, Nancy 155 Turner, Wayne 155: 219 Vaccarello, Anthony 155 Vassie, Kirsten 155 Verruso, Stephanie 155 Villescas, Nancy E 155 Viola, Gavriel Andres 99 Von Teuver, Hillary 105: 144: 147: Waite, Marianne A 155 Walker, Richard 155 Walsh, Todd 113: 155 Walters, Peter S 155: 159 Ward, Robert 155 Ware, Elizabeth 155 Watkin, Lane Alison 155: 158 Webb, Joseph M 155 Weekly, Allyson 155: 85: 225: 245 Weer, Julie Ann 155 Weer, Sandy Lynn Weir, Teresa M. 155 Wellner, Kathy 72: 155 White, Michelle M 147: 155: 223 Whited, Marney L 155: 219 Wiederkehr, Katia 156 Wiener, Scott Paul 156 Williams, Cincy J 156 Windle, Wenda C 156 Wirthlin, Cheryl 156 Wise, Darren J 156 Withers, Wende 7: 156 Withrow, David Wolfe, Michael A 156 Wong, Sandy 156 Woodruff, David Earl 128: 156: 219 Woods, Ouitha Anne 156 Wool, Sanie Gayle 72: 156 Wunderlich, Suzanne L 107: 156 Yago, Melyssa 156 Yamamoto, Jack 156 Zanardo, Angela 112: 146: 156 Zundel, Dana 156 1 Brown, Christopher Ad 204 Brown, Mark Brown, Mike 72: 204 Brown, Steve T 204 Brown, Todd 204 Buchign ani, Jeffrey L 1103 204 Burkman, Debra Lynn 204 Calce, Louis 204 Callaway, Wendy 204 Campagna, Thomas J 204 Campana, Frank P 205 Canter. Tracy G 205 Capretta, Alisa 205 Carter, Wesley A 110: 205 Chen, L isa Li Ju 205 Chen, Marrk Cho Mow 205 Ciaramella, John F 205: 225 Cicero, Michele L 72: 205 Cinney, Carole P 205 Colangelo, Jaquie 205 Colantuono, Ralph 205 Cole, W illiam 205 Collier, William F. Collins, Isabel M. 205 Commans, Lawrence L. 205 Concannon, Timothy 205 Connela, David Lee 205 Cooper, Cooper. Cordell, Cothran Covone. Kerry L. 98: 205 Tama Lisa 205 James Jay 205 , Kelly J. Angela 205 Crocker, Kenneth W. 205 Crosby, Cynthia 205 Cross, Jennifer L. 205 Crowe, Michael 205 Sophomores Aberle, Jonathan A 203 Agin, Wendy C 203 Aines, Christine 203: 223 Akemon, Danny P 203 Albus, Lori 203 Alcon, Jodye S 202: 203 Allison, Lisa Anne 137: 203: 209 Andell, Brian 72: 203 Andersen, Ivan 203 Anderson, Kristen M 130: 203: 220 Anderson, Wendy Jo 203 Antoniades, Lisa Y 203 Art, Cheryl Ann 203 Art, Diedre M 203 Art, Shawna Lee Arzaghi, Nadia 203 Ashbrook, Thomas M 203 Ashby, Lisa M 102: 137: 203 Auth, Karen E 113: 203 Balyoz, Paul 203 Bankos, Vicki 203: 212 Bathgate, Carla A 137: 203: 224 Becker, Kathryn 203 Beetz, Randy Lee 203 Behesti, Payman 203 Behl, Dana C 203 Bennett, Grant Owen 203 Benson, Cheryl 137: 203: 212 Blabon, Susan L 204: 212 Bledsoe. Kevin M 204 Blonder, Shari B 204 Bohanon, Shawn Boos, Mark 123: 204: 205 Bos, Steve 204 Botsford, Chris 204 Bourland, John C 99: 204 Bowen, Mia 204 Boyes, Frances M 204 Bozung, Doreen 204 Bradford, Martin Wm 204 Brainard, Clifford A 204 Brennan, Mark 204 Brennan, Paul C 101: 204 Brisick, Steven 204 Bromwell, Tony 204 Cunningham, Jennene 205 Cuzner, Steven E. 205 Dalessandro, Jeffrey 205 Dallaqua, Joseph 206: 219 Davies, Karen Lee 206 Davis, James D. 206: 7: 202 Dawson, Steve C. 206 DeGennaro, Monica M. 206 D'Rosset, Denise A. 206 Decker, Duane D. 205 Devine, Andrew 206 Dickerman, Jamee Lyn 2061 216 Dietzman, Kevin 206 Digirolamo, Craig W. 206 Dolan, Chris 206 Dyer, Vicki Ann 206 Earle, Kimberly D. 206 Elder, David Robert 100: 101: 126: 206 Elder, John Robert 206 Elmore, Parke W. 206 Eschenbruecher, Lisa 72: 206 Farsakian, Laura M. 206 Fink, Jane Therese 206 Finkel, Paul B. 207 Fiori, Anthony D. 207 Fishman, Lisa Claude 207 Fletcher, Gina Marie 207 Focht, Michael 207 Foster, Billy C. 207 Foster, Laurie Ann 207 Friedman, Gina L. 207 Fringer, Joy L. 207 Frum, Gregory T. 110: 207 Gagnon, James B. Gallant, Shevaun J. 207 Gardhouse, William II 207 Garvisch, Kristin L. 72: 207 Gazan, Robert S, 207 Gehri, Travis M, 99: 207 Getz, Craig Martin 99: 207 Glienke, Seana K. 207 Goei, Michele L. 207 Goldstein, Jill A. 207 Goldstein, Lisa Joy 207 Goldstone, Gary P, 207 Gordon, Susie 207: 223 Gorrie, LuAnne 207 Graham, Jennifer 207 Grayson, Frank 207 Greenwood, Shanan 207 Guevera, Hector J. Jr. 207 Guirell, Gerald C. Gullick, Kevin G. 207 Haldane, Kenneth E. 110: 207 Hall, James E. 110: 207 Hansen, Douglas G. 72: 207 Harshaw, Robert W. 207 Hart, Randy Patrick 208 Hass, Mary E, 137: 208: 224 Halter, Edward V. Hawkey, Charles 208 Hawkins, John Earl 208 Hayes. Rebecca Lynn 208 Heatherly, Elizabeth 208 Helland, Jenny J. 137: 169: 171: 20 Henderson, Howard 208 Higgins, Scott C. 110: 128: 208 Hill, Lynn 137, 208, 224 Hiner, Tracy L. 72: 208 Hodge, Art 208 Holland, David 208 Holm, Tracy Lynn 72: 208 Holmes, Ann Elizabeth 72: 208 Hooper, David Lane 72: 208 Householder, Sherri 72: 208 Hume, Rhonda L. 208 Humes, Todd Edwin 208 Huntsicker, Eric L. Hunter, Christopher S. 208 Hunter, Deborah Lynn 208 Jabara, Richard M. 111: 208 Jackson, Ty E. Jahangiri, Fahimeh 208 Jaime, Yvete Hayde 208 Janiro, Jon M. 208 Jeppson, Mark 208 Jewell, David Scott 208 Johnson, Carolyn 72: 208 Johnston, Julie Faye 208 Johnstone, Robert M. 208 Jones, Jennifer 208 Jorgensen, Leann M. 208 Kadish, Kim E. 208 Kaiser, Karen Ann 105: 208 Kane, Jennifer L. 209 Kappl, Annmarie 209 Kaufman, Danny 209 Keegan, Theresa 113: 209 Keeney, Kari Elaine 209 Keesling, Karla S. 209 Kelley, Kathleen E. 209 Kincaid, Beth L. 137: 209: 224 Klayman, Jill Sharon 209 Knotek, Thomas C. 209: 222: 231 Koch, Patricia R. 209 Kraas, Kenneth M, 209 Kramer, Paul R, 209: 72 Krenik, Jodi Lynn 137: 209: 224 Krohngold, Jon E. 110: 209 LaBruyere, Karen J, 209 Lamoreaux, Kent R. 209 Landy, Beth S. 130: 209 Lawson, Erica 209 Leary, Alfred T, 209 Leitch, Brian R. 209 Levitt, Shari Fern Lewis, Christina M. 209 Lindquist, Mai lola 209 Livingston, Leann G. 113 Lockett, James R. 209 Lottin, Chris 209 Logan, Kimberly 210 Lohman, William R. 210 Lombano, Jackie K. 210 Lopez, Valerie 210 Lorraine, Lisa M. 210 Lovelace, Robert N. 210 Lupi, Kerrie Ann 7: 202: 210 MacGregor, Michael 210 Mackinga, Brett J. 210 Mahakian, Dikran A. 210 Majors, Wendie Sue 210 Mallory, William 210: 216 Mandel, Brent Howard 210 Manion, Mary 72: 210 Marchus, Andrew 210 Marschke, Susan 210 Masci, Anthony M. 210 Matzner, Brett , 210 Mazza, Robert M. 210 McClintock, Scotty 211 McDonough, Lori A. 72: 211 McKinney, Graham S. 211 McLeod, Kelly P, 211 Mead, Christine 137: 211: 216: 224 Mello, Craig S. 210: 211 Merriman, Susan C. 211 Meyers, Stacie L. 211 Meile, Christine 137: 211: 224 Miller, Jeffrey S. 211 Miller, Mathew Jon 211 Miller, Robert T. 211 Minor, Doug 99, 211 Moffet, Carla M. 211 Monson, Kelli L. 211 Moreno, Denise A. 211 Mounton, Maureen 211 Murphy, Joseph J. 211 Murphy, Robert 211 Murphy, Thomas C. 211 Myers, Stewart J. 211 Nardizzi, Gina Lisa 211 Naylor, Jeffrey A, 211 Nelsestuen, John M, 212 Nelson, Jenifer 212, 225, 245 Neskoromny, Andy 212 Nesterenko, Anastasia 212 Neumier, Douglas M. 212 Nial, Thomas, M. 212 Nichol, Julie Ann 212 Nolan, Erin M. 113, 212 Nystrom, Billy A. 212 O'Conner, Steve P, 204, 212 Oflerman, Thomas R. 212, 128 Olson, Jackie Ann 137, 206, 212 Orr, Anita M. 212 Ott, Tim D. 212 Overton, James 212 Ozbourn, James 212 Panteles, Georgene E. 212 Parcell, Michele R. 137, 212, 215, Parr, Michael 212 Parrott, Laurie Lee 212 Pennock, Carolyn 212 Perlstein, Amy 212 Perry, Patrick 126, 128, 212 Pters, Shelly 104, 212 Peterson, Brenda B, 212 Petrillo, Debra 212 Pettey, Morgan 212 Pinkstuff, Adam 212 Pitts, David Alan 212: 216 Pond, Michael 213 Potter, Amy R, 213 Pyle, Mark 213 Ratzan, Tami 213 Reeves, Kristine C. 213 Reisman, David S. 213 Rentz, Erin D. 72, 213 Rettig, Darryl V. 213 Richardson, Jellrey D. 213 224 Richardson, Jeffrey S. 98, 99, 110, 123, 213 Riebe, Victoria D. 213 Ried, Heidi C. 213 Robbins, Charles E. 213 Rogovin, Barry M. 213 Roscitto, Kristi Lynn 213 Rosenberg, Linda J. 213 Rosenthal, Robert E. 201, 213 Ross, Brett M. 206, 213 Role, Eddy N. Rubinshtein, Gennady 213 Rummell, Robin Rennee 213, 72 Rusin, Andrea 213 Ryan. Michael D. 213 Sahagian, Carle 213 Sailors, Anne G. 213 Sallen, Glen R. 213 Salus, Evan Fredric 213 Santoro, Derek A, 99, 213 Santoro, Derek A. 991 213 Sartt, Kathryn C. 213 Schilder, Mirith 137: 2062 214, 224 Schlaak, Thomas J. 214 Schlesinger. Bobby 214 Schube, Steven 214 Schulte, David 214 Scott, Ralph G, 214 Scott, Ray L. 214 Seylert, Wendee L. 214 Sheets, Michael 214 Shelton, Jetlrey S. 214 Sheridan, Kevin K. 214 Shute, Karen J, 72, 214 Siegler, Jonathan Hal 7, 110, 202, Simpson, Gail M. 214 Singer, David J. 72, 214 Singleton, Wendy M. 214 Smith, Adra Jackln 214 Smith, Blair 214 Smith, Charles A. 214 Smith, Edward F. 214 Sneed, Shannon Layne 214 Soronen, Timothy A, 128, 209, 214 Sparks, Karyn M. 214 Spears, Sherri Lynn 214 Speicher, Eric V, 214 Stanley, Geraldine 214 Stanley. Shellee S. 214 Starbard, Tracy L, 214 Stewart, Robert R. 212, 214 Stimson, Paul J, 215, 223, 231 Story, Michele 215 Stratton, Tim R. 215 Sumner, Bradford S, 203, 215 Suler, Robert W. 215 Syvertsen. Bambilynn 215 Talasazan, Daryousk 215 Ten Eyck, Teresa D, 215 Terino, Tara E, 137, 215 Terlazzo, Terri L. 215 Thomas, Brady W. 215 Thomas, Colin M. 215 Thompson, Lorraine 215 Timbers, Heather 215 Tims, Pamela Ann 72, 215 Toops, Daryl S, 72, 215 Torres, Tracy Ann 215 Townsend, Thomas M. 215 Turocy, Elizabeth M. Tutini, Anthony Underwood, Noele R. 215 Unternahrer, Julie 215 Vallance, Robert M. 215 Vassighi, Koorosh 215 Ventimiglia, Denise 215 Vriondes. Nicky 215 Walker, Sandra 215 Walker, Wesley W. 215 Wallen, Kathryn 185, 215 Wanner, Glen A. 72, 215 Ward, Andrew T, 215 Wasilio, Arthur Wheeler, Mark P. 215 Wheeler, Michael E. 215 White, Jill M. 215 White, Matt C. 216 White, Robin 137, 216, 224 Whitwam, Christopher 216, 126, 101 Wiese, Robert A. 216 Williams, Danny A, 211, 216 Williams, Mark R, 216 Williams, Valerie 216, 220 Winstein, Deborah A. 216 Woll, Martin 216 Wool, Robert F. Wunderlich, Jill A. 216 Yows, Suzanne Z. 216 Zarringhaba, Mozhgan Zimmerman, Robert P. 101, 216 Zimmermann, Christine 216 Zoric, Robert A. Freshmen Abisalih, Brent G. 234 Adema, Brenda Sue 234 Adler, Marcus 234 Agro, Anthony 234 Albert, Jenny 234 Alvey, Jason 234 Andersen, Erik 97, 234 Anderson, Teresa L. 234 Archie, Karen Denise 234 Ash, Lisa 220: 234 Ash, Steven Troy 234 Baccus, Michelle 234 Baldasti, John W. 234: 236 Baller, Alisa Beth 234 Bandich, Susan M, 234 Barakat, Basel W. 234 Baratta, Michele 234 Barlow, Brett Howard Barry, Andrew J. 222, 231, 234 Beaulieu, Michael J. 234 Beeson, Karren 234 Bencomo, Brenda 234 Berg, Kevin H. 128 Bergner, Chris 234: 235 Berry, John 234 Bigelow, Nicolas A. 234 Billing, Peter S. 234 Bishop, Glenn 234, 241, 242 Blabon, Jennifer 234 Blankenship, Lewis E. 234 Blum, Jeff S. 219, 234 Bluth, Tim R. 234 Borawski, Sharon 107, 234 Bourne, Jason Parker 234 Boyd, Steven 234 Bradley, Kim 234 Bradshaw, Yvette 234 Brandolisio, Cathy 234 Brandolisio, Linda Brente, Marla M. 234 Brink, Craig 11, 07, 234 Brisick, Jamie 234 Brody, Christina 107, 234 Brooks, May Kevin 222, 234 Broughton, Cynthia A. 234, 239 Brown, Christopher 111, 234 Bucholz, Melissa L. 72, 234 Bulac, Diana 234 Burge, Michelle Marie 234 Burgess, Patty Burke, Jamie Lynn 234 Burroughs, Paul Caldwell, Karole E. 235 Cantrell, Mike 235 Caplan, Traci Lee Carlo, Lesley 235 Carlson, Benita 235 Carpenter, John 235 Carpenter, Kris Noel 72, 235 Carter, Lloyd Kevin 235 Cason, Deborah Louise 235 Cassetty, David 235 Causey, Michael 235 Cheney, Tamara 235 Chipko, Tammie Marie 235 Chorpenning, Douglas 225, 235 Ciarameila, Jodi Lynn 235 Cinney, Miriam Eileen 235 Cleaveland, Alena 235 Clements, Beth 235 Combs, Jack Shane Commans, Glenn Alan 235 Contarino, Andrea M. 107, 235 Cunningham, Amy Lynn 107, 23 Cunningham, Collin 235 Cunningham, Jeanine 235 Currier, Kevin J, 235 Daiely, Matthew 235 Dang, Kim-Van 235: 240 Davis, Andrew Todd 235 Day, Andrew Jakob 235 De Baeeos, Donna June 235 De Woody, Kerri 235 Decker, Deidre 235 Dick, Gwendolyn 235 Dickerson, Christopher 101, 235 Dickson, John Stanley 235 Dietzman, Jessica 235 Dizon, Herbert 235 Dobyns, Andrea 235 Donohue, Heidi 107: 235 Doody, Jami Lynn 235 Dorgelo, Kathrin Ann 235 Duclos, Sharon 235 Eckel, Stephanie 235 Edge, Johnathan Andrew 235 Edwards, Alison P. 102, 235 Eisner, Julie 235 Elder, Stacy 235 Ellis, Jefferson T. 223, 231, 235, Evans, Matthew 235 Falkner, Elizabeth 107, 235 Fator, Deonne 235 Feese, Joseph E. 235 Feldman, Jonathan 235 Feldman, Myles Jacob 99, 236 Fernandez, Paul 236 Finger, Marni Susan 236 Fink, Alice Rita 236 Rinke, Robert 236 Finn, Timothy P. 128, 236 Fish, Hayley 233, 236 Ford, Erik 236 Forman, David James 236 Forrest, Tanya 236 Freedman, Debra 233: 236 Ganopole, Sherri Lyn 236 Garvisch, Robin S. 236 Gasbarri, Henry 236 Gautreaux, Victoria A. 236 GeHart, John 236 5 242 Gelfman, Devra Lynn 236 Gillette, Craig E. 238 Gilman, Jennifer L. 236 Girsky. Marc Jeffrey 236 Godwin, Deirdre S. 238 Goei, Michael J. Goldberg, Michael L. Golden, Brian 236 Goldman, Gregg 236 Golds, Lisa S. 236 Goldstein, Joy Lynn 236 Gould, Scott 97: 236 Greenwood, Kelly Lee 236 Grossman, Melinda 238 Gunn, Adam Matthew 236 Haggard, Tina 236 Meisenholder, Mary L. 239 Meyer, Stuart M. 110: 239 Miller, Jeffrey Scott 239 Miller, Terri Denise 239 Mirza, Hossein 240 Mizrahi, Wesley R. Moccia, Raymond M. 240 Modiri, Ramin 240 Moe, Andrea 240 Mojahed, Amir B. Monast, Patrick 240 Moon, Heather 240 Mount, Susan Noell 240 Mouton, Catherine 7: 233: 238: 240 Mulligan, Kelly 240: 241 Muscitz, Susanne A. 102: 103: 240 Shulman, Staci Lynn Silver, Roderick A. 101: 128: 242 Silverman, Greg 243 Singer, Singlet Daryl Wade 243 on, Kristine 243 Siple, Joycelyn A, 222: 231: 243 Sluder, Smalle Smart, William 243 n, Christina 243 Keith 243 Smith, Brian Wayne 243 Smith, Deanna M. 243 Smith, Gregory F. 243 Smith, Lisa Ann 243 Splrito, Joyanne 243 Spitz, Russell 111: 243 Staff, Ted 243 Hall, Susan Marie 236 Hamre, Lisa E. 236 Hanson, Douglas A, 236 Hanson, Kinbrly A. 236 Harasyn, Erica C. 107: 237 Hatch, Lisa Michele 237 Haynes, Leonard L. 237 Heatherly, Robert J. 237 Hedges, Patrick 237 Heim, Jennifer Lynn 237 Heller, Mark Allan 237 Henry, Holly 237 Hertz, Timothy 237 Hill, Brian Scott 237 Hill, Cathy Lee 237 Hoffmann, Brian C. 237 Hougardy, Gary Martin 237 Houghtaling, Paul 237 Hutton, Kevin C. 237 Irvine, Deirdre 64: 72: 137 Irwin, Kristin 7: 10: 72: 233: 237 Jacobson, Cheryl 113: 237 James, Jennifer C. 238 Janos, Stacy Jo 238 Jefferys, Jamie Sue 238 Jennings, W. Bryan 101: 238 Johnson, Alan W. 238 Johnson, Cam 238 Johnson, Cynthia 238 Johnson, Julie Marie 23B Jursch, Gustave J. 238 Keller, Michael P. 238 King, Andrea Lynne 107: 238 Kirkland, Theodore Kieldergaard, Kathy 72: 238 Klevs, Lisa M. 72: 238 Kobabe, Andrea Beth 238 Kubelun, Steven Adam 238 Kuehn, Kristina K. 238 Lamoureaux. Julie 220: 238 Lashbrooke, Dana 72: 238 Lasker, Alan Brett 238 Leary, Debbie 238 Ledford, John R. 168: 238 Lee, Dawn Ellen 238 Lee, Thomas A. 238 Levack, Vicki 238 I Leyden, Regan Anne 238 Liberts, Marc Howard 238 Lichaa, Lisa Ann 1071 238 Liebman, Lauren 238 Lindgern, Mary M. 239 Lindsay, Grogan Sheri 239 Li-Or, Babak 239 Lipaz, Gil 239 Lockyer, Darin R. 239 Lombardo, Stephanie 239 Long, Lori F. 239 Lortie, Bret Jay 239 Lupi, Kim 239 Mackinga, Darin Scott 239 Maldonado, George 239 Maloney, Sheila M. 239 Margolis, Dana Hope 239 Marion, Donna Gail 1053 169: 171: 239 Marlin, Jaqueline A. 107: 239 Martin, Kari 239 Mash, Sheryl 239 Masthay, Michelle 239 Mathewson, Gregory 239 McCarron, Patricia A. 239: 201 McCarthy, Gary J. 97: 239 McCosker, Bretl R. 239 McCrackin, Mark 239 McGonley. Christa 239 McKee, Jon Eric 239 McWilliams, Kim Ann 239: 201 Nagel, John Edward 231: 240 Nardizzi, Valerie Neil, Lauren Anne 240 Nichol, David E. 240 Nichols, Randy 240 Nicks, Steven 230: 240 Nolan, Colleen Marie 107: 240 Nolan, Dawn 240 Nolan, Denise L, 240 Nystrom, Eric A. 240 O'Conner, Christine 113: 239: 240 O'Conner, Kevin 97: 240 O'Gara, Elizabeth L. 240 Offerman, Douglas 101: 240 Ogden, Theresa 240 Olsen, Kelly Ann 240 Olson, Timothy J. 240 Osborn, Scott M. 240 Osborne, Robert W. 240 Ouimet, Guy A, 240 Oxx, Jonathan James 240 Pascual, Perimel P. 240 Peek, Robert Eric ll 240 Perram, Eric 241 Perry, Michael Sean 241 Persell, Russell 241 Peterson, Michele 241 Peterson, Ryan 97: 241 Phillips, John M. 241 Phillips, Olwen 241 Pietrzyk, Karin 241 Pine, Kathleen 241 Porras, Mike Louis 241 Potts, Steven 241 Powell, Julie K. 241 Prentice, Kelli ann 241 Price, Richard 241 Puckett, Michele 241 Ray, Suzanne 241 Reddick, Philip 111: 201 Reebel, Patrick L. 241 Reebel, Timothy M. 241 Reeder, Tracy Lee 241 Reich, Chris James 241 Reilz, Michael P. 241 Riberdy, Raymond 241 Riddle, Matthew Guy 241 Riendeau, Wayne T. 241 Ringrise, Nicola 241 Robbins, Christi 241 Robson, Russell E. 242 Rodriguez, Monique 973 242 Rodriguez, Steven 242 Roland, Ronniese 230: 242: 244 Rosenthal, Stacy L. Roter, Cherilyn 242 Rous. Gregory Scott 242 Rowell, Matthew T. 242 Ruddy, Kathleen M. 242 Rutherford, Julie 72: 242 Ryan, John 242 Sabbaugh, Fredrick G. 242 Sacks, Charles A. 242 Sacks, Elissa Robin 242 Sargent, Anthony 242 Shcerillo, Vincent 242: 245 Schober, Gerald 242 Schulner, Keith A. 242 Schilte, James S. 242 Schwab, Layra Amy 225: 242: 243: 241: 245 Scott, Brian C. 242 Scott, Nancy M. 242 Scribner, Todd Neal 128: 242 Shaffa, Payman 242 Shelley, Patrick J. 85: 242 Shelton, Robert Scott 242 Shorthouse, Todd 242 Stalet, Robert T, 226: 243 Stanley, Stacee Lin 243 Stvens, Jerry Lee 243 Stiles, Shawn Edwin 243 Stilson, Christopher Stilson, Robert H. Jr. 243 Stoneback, Charlotte 243 Stribling, Micheal 72: 243 Stricker, Stephanie 239: 243 Sumner, Stuart 244 Sury, Moniquie 107: 244 Tagawa, Dean 244 Takahashi, Stephanie 244 Tamburello, Debra 244 Terino, Vanessa 244 Thomas, Verney 244 Toibb, Gall Laura 244 Townes, Lynette 244 Troglia, Larry 244 Troncatty, Michele 237: 244 Turcoy, Robin Jean 144 Vaccerello, Laura 244 Vallance, Kevin 101: 128: 241 Vignolle, Vicent 244 Viola, Mauricio 99: 244 Vogtmann, lrene 244 Walker, Beth 244 Wallstrom, Robert 244 Waters, Larry 244 Wells, Scott 244 Whelchel, Dorthy 244 Williams, William 244 Winkler, Steven 244 Wise, Todd 244 Wolf, Lonna 241: 244 Wolosewicz, Olga 244 Wong, Laurent 244 Woodgerd, Wade 244 Wotkyns, AnneMarie 244 Wyant, Bruce 244 Yago, Andrew 245 Yalowitz, Alan 245 Yant, Jeffery 245 Yarber, Dana 245 Yelle, Kathleen 105: 245 Zielinski, Robert 245 Zimmerman, Karen 107: 245 Zorehkey, Nancy 225: 245 Zwernke, Deia , ,W Y ...- - -.f-..,.:-w . f"" I-f i Ex.. 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Suggestions in the Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA) collection:

Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 241

1981, pg 241

Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 284

1981, pg 284

Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 78

1981, pg 78

Agoura High School - Quixotian Yearbook (Agoura Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 149

1981, pg 149

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