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i , r Y — , -.v " •v 1 ¥ ' r ' f ' 7 Silhouette — 1972 Agnes Scott College Decatur, Georgia Volume LXIX Cod moves from Whole to Parts: but the human soul Must rise from Individual to the Whole. — Pope I was ready to be sought by those who did not ask for me. I was ready to be found by those who did not seek me. I said, " Here am I, here am I. " — Isaiah 65:1 I wanted only to try to live In accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so difficult? — Hesse 10 And since you know you cannot see yourself So well as by reflection . . . I your glass Will modestly discover to yourself That of yourself which you yet know not of. — Shakespeare I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume. For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. — Whitman Table of Contents Opening 4 Special Events 17 Administration and Faculty 33 Seniors 87 Juniors 153 Sophomores 173 Freshmen 1 93 Organizations 215 Closing 240 Ads and Index 250 yupy I am moved by fancies that are curled Around these images and cling: The notion of some infinitely gentle Infinitely suffering thing. — Eliot Special Events Orientation upper left — : excerpt from The Prime of Miss lean Brodie: upper right excerpt from The Prime of Miss lean Brodie : lower left — Vespers; lower right — Rush Orientation. INVEST IIL ' RE Noveober 6, 1971 Adams Culrkln Hees Van Duyn Alexander Raley Hctts Vogt Allen Haclln Miller Watklna AlEOS Hardy «oncrle£ Watson Arnold Head Moody Watt Ausdo Hearn Morris Webb Barrlnean Heltlel Neb Westmoreland Barron Hemphill Ou-eo Wllse Sartaslus Hendrlx Parks Wiles . , Be roan Hlers Patterson Wilkinson Bluerock Hodges Peet Williams, l. Boggu- Holbrook Perkerson Williams, M. Borcuk Horney Peterson WUllamB, S. Brandon Hudson Powell Wlllson, N. amn Jarrett Rankin Wilson, S. Carr Jennings Ratchford Winters Carter, P. Johnson Reed Withers Causey Jones, N, Reeves Woodward Chacpe, K. Jones, S. Rinn Yrutng Chafflpe, L. Jordan, D, Roberts Zaslove Christian Jordan, C. Roddy Cllnard Kaufcunn Rollins eMiR Kemble Rcwc Cooper Kerr Safavl Correoty King, H. M. Shannon Costello King, M. J. Shuman Paley Klrchhoffer SLcoaons DlUard Landers Sloan Olvlnc Lanier s..,. ■■,, C. Drake Lloyd Soith, J. Ellington Long Smith, K. Ervlo Lov Smith, S. Faraer Lutcpkin Snook Flyrji Maloy Stafford Footc H.irtln, M. L. SCeagall Prancke Wartln, M. J. Stlmson Gates Martin, S. L. Tenney Gay Cerstle Maynard McCuUoch Thomas, B. Thcmas, N. GlUum HcGce Tomlla Golden HeachaD Trinchcr Gonenc Means Uhl ■-„% Investiture v%.4 k i k i 1 7 : , jci ' wte. r— --111 ■»!— »qsaaCT T»« « ' i 25 this page, right - |ohn Jacob Niles; below left - Julliard Quartet; below right - Sir |ohn Rothenstein; tar page, above - Founders Day, Dean Rusk; below - Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, the Honorable Lester Maddox. m Quatercentenary Celebration of the Birth of John Donne Inauguration of the James Ross McCain Lecture Series special Lectures - Dr. Frank Manley, Emory University; Dr. Louis L. Martz, Yale University; Dr. Patricia C. Pinka, Agnes Scott College. n Memoriam Edna Hanley Byers 1901-1972 May no fate willfully misundersTai And half grant what I wish and snatch me ■■blQ-l. to return. Ea rth ' s the right place for love XdorjTlcnow vvTi-e :rtt it l (Q l y to gD. be.t.te r. I ' d iike to go by " climbing a birish tree, And climb black branches up a snow-white i Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more, But dipped its top and set me down again. That would be good both going and coming back. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches. from " Birches " — Robert Frost S :- We are all personalities that grow and develop as a result of our experiences, relationships, thoughts, and emotions. We are the sum total of all parts that go into the making of a life. — Axline v=.:7 Z - - ' -,V v n -t- Administration and Faculty M 1( 1 l1 BHJ office of the President office of the Dean of Faculty ulia T. Gary, Dean of the Faculty. office of the Dean of Faculty Mildred Petty, Assistant Dean of the Faculty. office of the President left — Bertie Bond, Administrative Assistant and Secretary to the Pres- ident; below — Lucy Lewis, Secre- tary in the Office of the President. office of the Dean of Faculty far left — Katherine Turner, Secretary to the Dean of the Faculty; center — Kathryn Turenne, Secretary in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and Mrs. Turner; below — Kathryn Turenne. Recorder-Financial Aid Officer right — Anne Stapleton, Re- corder and Financial Aid Officer. Office of the Registrar Laura Steele, Registrar and Director of Admissions. Office Of Admissions Assistants to the Director of Admissions: above left - Janice Cribbs, below left - Ann Jarrett, above right - Sally Tucker; below right - Wanda Stevenson, Secretary in Administrative Offices, Linda Anderson, Secretary in the Office of the Director of Admissions, Carol Ann Fuller, Secretary to the Director of Admissions. Office of the Dean of Students this page — Roberta K. Jones, Dean of Students; next page upper left — Mollie Merrick, ' Assistant Dean of Students; lower- left— Mary Currie, Assistant Dean of Students. .v )r2npjLj:,-s- ' i-, -tf=-«vv. -T office of the Dean of Students right — Lou Voorhees and Roberta Crocker Sullivan, Assistants to the Dean of Students; lower left — Mary B. Queen, Faye P. Parks, Virginia S. Hall, and Concepcion P. Leon, Assistants to the Dean of Students; lower right — Mary Lindig, Secretary to the Dean of Students. office of Development Public Relations below - W. Edward McNair, Director of Public Relations; right - Paul M. McCain, Vice President for Development. Public Relations and Development above — Virginia L. Brewer (left), News Director: right — Dorothea S. Markert, Assistant to the Director of Public Relations. rruEAXSBOt v ' J ' t ' . JM above left - Joe Saxon, Supervisor of Buildings and Ground; below right - Dorothy Turner, Supervisor of Dormitories; below left - Sandra Speigner, Manager of the Maiiroom. MUUV " " " ' right — lone Murphy, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Vocational Services; below William M. Hannah, Treasurer. left - Ann Potts, Assistant in Treasurer ' s Office; Kate Coodson, Bookkeeper; Miriam Smalley, Assistant to the Treasurer; below left - Juliette Tiller, Assistant in the Business Office; Winona Beal, Assistant in the Business Office; Marianne Wilson, Secretary in the Business Office; below left - Lottie O ' Kelley, Assistant Supervisor of Dormitories. . " t-iic -ar Library below - Carol Culpepper, Assistant Cataloguer, Mildred Walker, Acquisitions Assistant, Barbara Jones, Assistant Librar- ian and Cataloguer; right - Lillian Newman, Associate Librari- an and Chief Reference Librarian, George Stewart, Librarian; center right - Kathy Bell, Acquisitions Assistant; far right - Elizabeth Ginn, Periodicals-Reference Librarian; far right below - Nancy Douglass, Secretary, Reba Jones, Reserve Room Assistant, Mary Carter, Assistant Reference Librarian. --■ ' ■ » ' ' " ll jMf i I Iff " I iM i " I rl jm below — Katherine C. Holden, Food Service Manager; Barbara F. Saunders, Dietitian; Faye D. Robinson, Assistant Dietitian; above right — Elsie P. Doerpinghaus, Assistant in Bookstore; below right — Verita M. Barnett, Bookstore Manager. right — Rosemonde S. Peltz, M.D., Physician; below — Irene A. Phrydas, M.D., Consulting Psy- chiatrist. r right — Mildred Hardy, R.N.; below left — Ann Troglin, R.N.; below right — Elsie Boyer, R.N. .;- .5Ji. " ; " -, . J . . ' . . 51KSS i ' i . left — Barbara M. Pendleton, Director of Alumnae Affairs; Deborah Arnold Fleming, Assistant to Director of Alumnae Affairs; Louisa A. Botkins, Manager of Alumnae House and Assistant in Alumnae Office; Kay Beebe, Secretary; Carey S. Bowen, Associate Director of Alumnae Affairs; below — Barbara M. Pendleton. Twm Art above — Marie H. Pepe, chairman; Bonnie R. Beaver. right — Robert Westervelt; below Leiand C. Staven. Bible and Religion left — Paul L. Garber; lower left — Mary L. Boney, chairman; right — Kwai Sing Chang. Biology upper right — Nancy P. Croseclose, chairman; lower left — A.Josephine Bridgman; lower right — Sandra T. Bowden. upper left — Martin A. Bordner; upper right — Beverly N. Shep- herd; lower left — Ardis L. Cramer. Chemistry right — W. Joe Frierson, chairman below — Marion T. Clark. left — Mary W. Fox; lower left — Julia T. Gary; right — Alice J. Cunningham. Classics upper left — Elizabeth Zenn; upper right — M. Kathryn Click, chairman; lower left — Priscilla S. Boskoff; lower right — Myrna G. Young. Economics and Sociology upper left — John A. Tumblin; upper right — William H. Weber; lower left — Faith M. Willis; lower center — Edward C. Johnson; lower right — Sevgi O. Aral. Education upper left — Shirley Davis; upper right — Lawrence R. Hepburn; lower left — Margaret P. Ammons, chairman; lower right — Joanne Ellis Fowler. English left — Margaret W. Pepperdene, chairman; Jack L. Nelson; lower left — Margaret C. Trotter; right — Jo Allen Bradham. right — B. W. Ball, Patricia C. Pinka, Gretchen Schuiz, Mark S. Siegchrist; lower left — Linda L. Woods; lower right — W. Edward McNair. French left - Mary Virginia Allen; lower left - Josephine P. Raffety: right - Chloe Steel, chairman. French upper left - Vladimir Volkoff; upper right - Huguette D. Kaiser; lower left - Claire M. Hubert; lower right - Denni K. Johnson. German eft - Cunther Bicknese, chairman; lower left - Ingrid Wieshofer; lower right - Erika M. Shiver. • V- ' History and Political Science upper right — Michael J. Brown, chairman, and Penelope Campbell; lower left — Ceraldine Meroney; lower right — John L. Gignilliat; opposite page, upper left — W. Edmund Moomaw; upper right — Mani D. Kamerkar; lower left — David W. Orr; lower right — David W. Robson. H i; i P i 1 ' 1 1 1 s Ll- Si Mathematics upper left - Sara L. Ripy, chairman; upper right - Robert A. Leslie; lower left - Ronald B. Wilde; lower center - June Plachy; lower right - Virginia A. Diehl. Music left - Michael McDowell, chairman; lower left - Jay C. Fuller; lower right - Elizabeth E. Chapman. upper right — Theodore K. Mathews; lower left — John L. Adams; lower right — Raymond J. Martin. Philosophy left - Richard D. Parry, chairman; lower left - Linda Cornett; right - Richard M. Wolters. Physics and Astronomy leh — Philip B. Reinhart; below — George H. Folsom. Psychology e, ' •••gsj upper left — Miriam K. Drucker, chairman; upper right — Thomas W. Hogan; lower left — Roberta E. Bayles and Cheryl H. Pruitt; lower right — Katherine T. Omwake. left — Florene J. Dunstan, chairman; lower left — Eloise Herbert; lower right — Constance Shaw Mazlish. r Speech and Drama right — Ceraldine M. Rentz; lower left — Elvena M Green; lower right — Roberta Winter, chairman. II ■ - Knowledge comes ' but wisdom lingers, and I linger on th ' st ore, And the individual withers, and the world is more and more. — Tennyson Seniors km i?3 i fe ■ - 5 ' - ' Biology. left — Linda Gail Adams, ' Biology; below — Mrs. aret Smith Alexander, 87 right — Gertrude Allen, Psychology; below left — Harriet Elizabeth Amos, History; below right — Pamela Hope Arnold, Sociology. --•{ ' m left — Patricia June Austin, Philosophy; right — Eleanor Hamil Barrineau, English. 90 left — Sarah Hutton Barron, English; middle — Mrs. Ann Kabler Bartasius, Dramatic Art; right — Marian DeVera Berman, English. i jjjigpir, 1 m right — Deborah Anne Boggus, English; below left — Rose Eileen Bluerock, Economics; below right — Susan Marie Borcuk, Biology. 4 7 ' - ; ' ' " s ' ■ ' •■ ' 1 ' ; " " ;: ' lit j .-.- j»6?= f eft — Mary Emily Brandon, Biology; below left Constance Ann Brown, Dramatic Art; below right Charlene Card, English. 93 tar left above — Susan Elizabeth Carr, Political Science and History; far left below — Mrs. Melissa Carman Carter, English; left — Patricia Carter, En- glish; below — Jane Antionette Causey, Art. 95 left — Kathryn Champe, History; right — Lizabeth Champe, Biology. left — Mrs. Melinda Loftis Christian, Biology; below left — Jennifer Evelyn Clinard, Art; below right — Catherine Craft Cline, Art. right — Mrs. Jean Jennings Cornwel Classics; below left — Mary Ames Cooper, English; below right — Susan Claire Correnty, Art. i left — Kathleen Costello, English; above — Cayle Sibley Daley, Psychology. below - Lynn Davis, Psycholo- gy; right - Martha Anne Dillard, Dramatic Art. 100 above — Frances Carol Ellington, Psychology; below — Elaine Arnold Ervin, Philosophy. below — Ellen Susan Flynn, French; left — erry Kay Foote, Music. 103 left - Donna Diane Francke, Spanish; right Elizabeth Rose Gates, English. below right — Debra Ann Gay, Psy- chology; below left — Catherine Dianne Gerstle, Classics; left — Cynthia Anne Gillum, Psychology. left — Janet Bell Golden, Biology; right — Ela Conenc, English. far left above - Rosalie Susanne Haley, Art; far left, below - Mrs. Betty Shannon Hall, Chemistry; lett - Faye Garrett Hamlin, Political Science and History; right - Louise Scott Hardy, Philosophy. right — Nelia Young Head, Psycholo- gy; below left — Theresa Jaye Hearn, English; below right — Margaret Wilson Heltzel, Religion. 110 left - Julie Lane Hemphill, English; right Rebecca Louise Hendrix, History. I . far left — Terri Jane Hiers, English; above left — Claire Anne Hodges, English; above right — Mrs. Candace Apple Holbrook, English; left — Mary Jean Horney, Mathematics. i above — Barbara Elizabeth Johnson, So- ciology; below — Elizabeth Mae Johnston, English. far left above — Nancy Lynn Jones, Psychology; far left below — Sharon Lucille Jones, English; left — Deborah Anne Jordan, Biology; below — Wren Celeste Jordan, History. far left below — Sidney Jeanette Kerr, Psychology; far left above — Jeanne Elizabeth Kaufmann, Psychology; center — Anne Stuart Kemble, Philos- ophy; left — Mary Jane King, English; below — Mrs. Margaret Myers King, Mathematics. 119 below left - Mary Leicester Kirchhoffer, Sociology; right - Kathy Susan Landers, English; below right - Amy Corley Lanier, Biology. left — Sally Douglas Lloyd, English; right — Deborah Long, Psychology. ipl right — Marilyn Virginia Low, German above — Linda Sue Maloy, Mathematics. left - Margaret Lucinda Martin, English; right - Martha ane Martin, Biology. 123 right — Sarah Lee Martin, Dramatic Art; below left — Mrs. Lynn Kelley Maynard, Spanish; below right — M. Kathleen McCulloch, History. ■ " " ■— ' «, below left — Susan Elaine Mees, Psychology; below right — Kathryn Marie Metts, English; right — Mary Susan Miller, Biology; far right above — Mrs. Diane Ludwigsen Moncrief, Art; far below left — Mrs. Elizabeth Sherman Moody, Spanish; far below right — Mrs. Jane Roberts Mooney, Art. below — Mary Jane Morris, Psychology; bottom — Virginia Norman Neb, Political Science and His- tory; right — Nancy King Owen, History. right - Susan Downs Parks, English; left - Mrs. Cynthia Current Patterson, Political Science and History. Mmm QM imi above right — Sybil Blanche Peet, Political Science and His- tory; above left — Martha Douglas Perkerson, Philoso- phy; below — Martha Lynn Perkins, History. 131 ■m 1 1 mmim far left — Margaret Susan Ratchford, Psychology; left — Donna Louise Reed, History; below left — Mary Laura Reeves, English; below — Jacqueline Anne Rinn, History. 133 above — Helen Raid Roddy, Biology; below — Virginia Merritt Rollins, Music. bottom — Mrs. Gene Rankin Sherard, Economics; below — Barbara Anne Shuman, English; right — Virginia Simmons, Philoso- left — Katherine Bruner Sloan, Psychology; right Gretchen Smith, Music. left — Sandra Lucille Smith, En- glish; below — Christine Denise Snook, Sociology. t : 1 left - Belita Eileen Stafford, Sociology; right Susan Frances Steagall, Art. above left — Susan Bryant Stimson, English; left — Sharon Jean Stuebing, Art; above right — Barbara Leigh Tenney, History. below left — Barbara Helen Thomas, Economics; below right — Nancy Delilah Thomas, History; right — Ann Tomlin, Psychology; far right above — Rose Corinth Trincher, Biology; below — Mary Virginia Uhl, Art. left — Vera Ines Vogt, German; right — Mrs. Mary Beaty Watkins, Biology. left — Susan Elizabeth Watson, Politi- cal Science and History; below left — Mary Lindsey Watt, English; below right — Helen Watkins Webb, Eco- nomics. right - Pamela Gene Westmoreland, jT Chemistry; below - Paula Ann Wiise, ] French. above left — Paula Mildred Wiles, English; above right — Elizabeth Henrietta Wilkinson, English; left — Lucy Landram Williams, French. bc!ow — Maureen Williams, Political Science and History; right — Susan Williams, English. below — Sarah Virginia Wilson, English. ■UHbgJLIi ■ -df fc 1 J r S iF dBB i ' ljRg. ' .v ,S . 1 M il¥ ' Wm ll R :X P: --;-• " - left — Ann Yrwing, English; below Bette Bulter Zaslove, History. Juniors above — Charlotte Robinson, Ann Bradshaw, Melissa Holt, Cynthia Wilkes, Martha Schabel, Edith Waller; left — Wendy Williams, Donna Parker, Betsy Smith, Cheryl Hodges. upper left — Julia Coodloe, Donna Bergh, Karen Griffith, Alice Faulkner; upper right — Shirley Wyatt, Debbie Newman, )udy Sharp, Sheryl Denman; lower right — Margaret Clark, Stacie Coclin, Kate Trimble, Sandra Carber. " xjjiji ill right — Caia Boddie, Patty Robinson, Libby Rhett, Julia LaRue, Jane Parsons; below — Erin Sherman, Linda Lambie, Kay Campbell, Martha Bell, Peggy Williams, Julie Codington, Carol Frederickson, Jean Lee, Jan Lee, left — Andy Hankins, Nadja Sefcik, Barbara Black, Susan Freeman; lower left — Betsy Anderson, Kay Pinckney, Margie Richardson, Lee Walker; below — Marlsu Kennedy, Kathie Warne, Cigi Laughridge, Ellanor Cullens, Pam Rogers. ' ' m-1 157 right — Nancy Garcia, Karen Atkinson, Claire Beckham, Patty Bartlett; lower right — Karen Adams, Peggy Burch, Laurie Gleason; below — Cherry Wood, Candy Colando, Cindy Harvey, Janet Short. left - Christine Knight, Pat Carchidi, Marilyn Perkins, anet Jackson, Lya Deen; below - Liz Hoy, Debbie Mitchell, Nancy Cordon, Lucy Moss. 159 right - Pat Hamilton, Susan Jones, Connie Blacl ford; lower right - Nancy McKinney, Socorro Capo, Roberta Myers; below - Ann Cassilly, Kay Kenny. •f ' k ( j. 1 ■ . w tB|| lM wjp ll . ' y i ' V - ' - ' " ' ' ' ' 1 left - Nancy Vick, Celeste Wallner; below - Judy Hill, Debbie Jackson, Margaret MacLennan, Resa Harris, Beth Winfrey. 161 Tinsley Swann, Mary Gray, Suzanne Warren. J.. . ! J( left - Priscilla Offen, Yee Chee Hor, Lynn Lassiter, Chris Tankersley; below - Betsy Wech and son, Leedel Prince. " TT " " .V yjif-k. j V - iat - ' 1} --. Meg Allen, Edna Cary, Brenda Little. Cena Williams, Pam Todd, Nancy Wallace. top — Carol Moxley, Karen Hamann; bottom — Becky Dillard, Mary McMartin, Nina Sotolongo. left — Margaret Pittenger, Lawton Webber, Pat Bell, Janet Bolen; below — Sally Bryant, Polly Barnes, Mary Paige Lucas, Jocelyn Williams, Judy Hamilton, Sally Schrader, Janifer Meldrum, Betsy Haynes, Meg Lines. left — Carolyn Arant, Penny Gilbert, Jeanine Hagen, Marilyn Johnson, Lady Wornat, Pat Powell: below— Joan Greenwood, Lucy Hamilton, Ann Cowley, Marti Ryman. Sue Snead, Bonnie Troxler, Carol Hassett, Pat Steen, Jody Hopwood, Judy Maguire, Sue Borop, Jane Benbow. 1 " Junior Year Abroad above — Debbie Dalhouse: left Lennie Bussey and friends. Sophomores Wjl g WB MjM ■- 9| ii,. J f v , pB |0 left - Becky King, Leonita Worth, Angle Dunn; below - Calie Jones, Betty Binkley, Marty Rutledge. this page — Jeanne Hanna, Ann Poe, Becky Harrison, Karen Swensson; tar upper — Margaret Cassingham, Julie Bennett, Susan Higgins; far lower — Ruth Sikes, KayColvin, Susan Skinner, Bettina Nunn, Teressa Dew, Debbie Garfield, Mary Praytor. ..f,.. — Laura Lavery, Liz Lee, Karen Lortscher, Becky Miller S; an drc " o " dLt:: " ' ° ' -- -- Howard o " e£ upper left — Elinor Perkins, Mary Jane Kerr, Julie Lipscomb; upper right — Anita Kern, Sandy Stogsd Melinda Mitchell, Sally Harris; lower right — Lucy Brockman, Tricia McGuire, Becky Zittrauer, Beth Holmes. left — Taffy Stills, Teresa Lee, Clare Groover, Marta Powell; below — Lib McGregor, Claire Owen, Jo Ann Hensley, Betsy Crabill, Scotty Anderson, Anne Fulton, Mercedes Vasilos, Wendy Heilings. 179 right - Candy Woolfe, Betsy Bean, Lynne Webb, Lynn Ezell; below - Davara Dye, Louise Huff, Judy Carol Duncan; far upper - Ellen Redd Cretchen Keyser, Amy Ledebuhr, Margaret Jackson; far lower Debbie Walker, Ann Patterson, Deborah Bailey. .- i ■ -, right - Wendy Whelchel, )udy Greene, Cynthia Henelt, Susan Walker, Harriet Fowler; below - Mamie Crisham, Karen Dick, Beth Smith; center series - Patty Hughes, Janet Sarbaugh, Belinda Melton, Jennie Ward, Lynn Williams, Donna Clevenger; far right - Kathy Maynard, Rosanne Harkey, Suzanne Newman. J below - Ramsay Tilson, Melisha Miles, Angelynn McCuff, Ann Christensen; center - Diane Beeier, Gloria Wyatt, Christine Clark, Carolyn Sisk; upper tar right - Beth Abbott, Lynn Soules, Marianne Bradley, Ann McMillan; lower far right - Beth Budd, Sara Barrett, Judy Gerald, Jennifer Shelton, Jan DeMoisey. 185 right — AnneCwynn, Blue Argo, Reta Dulaney; center right — Laura Johnson, Gayle Rankin, Linda Hill, Mary Ann Shirley; far right — Kathy Ryan, Cecilia Henry; below left — Vickie Kirby, Jennifer Fisher, Paullin Ponder, Nan Harvey; below right — Mary Wade, Mary Cay, Linda Parsons. } below — Arleen Shumate, Sharon Padgett, Susan Sherrill. below — Martha Sullivan, Jean Hallett, Mary Margaret MacLauchlin, Ann Young. mSmjmtmffigSmmmmt iSm left — Fran Lawless, Betsy Middleton, Sallie Crift ' is, Eleni Papador, Leila Kinney, Debe Cuevas, Mary Starling; below — Cayle Davis, Jane Hyde, Karen Wysor, Cindy Brown, Kathy Tarwater. right — Melanie Moore, Nancy Dodd; below — Anne Kerner, Jonoise McCehee, Linda Savage Susan Blackwood, Hope Kren, Diane Hatfield, Cayle Burr; far right upper — Karen Foltz, Eleanor White, Dotti LaMon, Katrinka Allen; far right below Pam Coffey, Camilla Brannen, Mary Jane Warren, Kathy Moon Molly Hand, Jan Fredrickson. 190 Freshmen preceding page — Mary Alice Woodward, Susan Stigall, Ann Fincher, Joyce McKee, Barbara Philhps; top center— Susan Sulcer, Sarah Harrison, Susan Shiv- ers, top right — Fran McGuire, Paige Lane, Mary Jones; below left — Melissa Schuster Kathenne Powell, Cindy Moses; below center — Lyn Satterthwaite Patsy Hilton, Karen Hale; below right — Vicki Baynes, Lynda Weizenecker, Sandy Fraser, Kenee Hopwood, Jane Evans, Betsey Wall. right — Catherine Pugh, Carole Williams, Kathy Maxwell, Howell Hampton, Vicki Burgess, Janey Andrews, Anna Case, Beth Wickenberg, Louise Dawsey, Vail MacBeth, Helen DeWitt; center upper left — Linda Duke, Shelby Cave, Nell Jordan, Dawne Stripling; far upper right — Judy Thompson, Marianne Brinker, Debi Belt, Karen Rahenkamp; lower left — Melodye Brown, Donna McWhorter, Lynne Jameson, Robbie Coodall. above left — Linda Woodward, Michelle Oilman, Margaret Williams, Sarah Brooke; below left — Marene Ennanuel, Mary Pender, Beth McFadden, Lucy Holliday, Marie Newton; right center — Carolyn McKinney, Terry Davis, Mindy Rapp, Liz Glance; far right — Janice Burr, Ruth McAliley, Debra Openshaw, Becky Thompson. 199 far left — Carrie Schuiz, Rebecca Parham, Frances Weston, Gee Hay; left center — Lou Anne Cassels, Marsha Tfirift, Isabelle ohnston, Sally Stenger; upper right — Mitzi Bell, Vicki Cook, Charlotte Cillis, Hatsy Newton; lower right — Becky Wilson, Martha Carr, Leedy Bomar, Sandy Sheridan. 201 202 r far left — Susannah Stevens, Susan Antfiony, Katfiy Halligan, Connie Bowen, Tammie DeVore, Lisa Heatly; left center — Stacye Corbitt, Wendy Rutledge, Janie Johnson, June Thompson; above left — Allyn Fine, Debbie Carter, Rose Ann Cleveland, Missy Schlegel; above right — Kay Teien, Jill Johnson, Nancy White, Joan Phillips: below — Heidi Toeike, Jayne Peterman, Betsy Ayers. left - Wendy Lemen, Linda Cullatte, Carmen Banks, Margaret Gumming; be- ' - low - Christie Brown, Teresa Bramlette, Shelli Treadway. right - Beck Fulmer, Virginia Etheridge, Ceorgeann Ramsay, Heather Beaton; below - Mary Anne Bleker, Dana Kegley, Deanna Houk, Becky Meador, Whit Worman, Allison Grigsby, Beth Fite; center right - Bonnie McCoy, Jan Helms, Knight Webb, Beth Fairbairn, Carolyn Webb; far right - Becky Weaver, India Culpepper, Joyce Agee, Mary Louise Brown. i 1 1 above far left - Charlie Duncan, Becky O ' Connor, Becki McSwain, Mary Gay Morgan; below far left - Nan Berry, Tomlyn Barns, Margaret Samford, Suzie Brinkley; above right - Cathy Pirkle, Mary Norfleet, Margaret Robison; below right center - Viki Roberts, Deidre Wilkes, Tania Gumusgerdan, Christi Roberts; below far right - Angle Rushing, Virginia Parker, Mary Stuebing, Delia McMillan. 209 above left — Sally Turner, Kay Griner, Nancy Oliver, Karren Tllley; below left — Denise Hord, Allyson Buzzini, Ruth McManus; above right — Joanne DeLavan, Eva Adan, Cynthia Lowrance, Susan McLarin, Lynda McCray; below right — Jean Patton, Susan Landham. Special Students right — Anna Lawrence, Sacha Bunge, Forsythia Chang; below — Mrs. Barbara Durkin. ¥i -« t ; -i 1 ! ' !■ : } li ■ Organizations Athletic Association Mary Martin, Nadja Sefcik, Davara Dye, Marta Powell, Carolyn Arant, Ann Patterson, Lane Ervin, Miss Peggy Cox, Karen Dick, Jerry Kay Foote. Board of Student Acitvities Betty Wilkinson, Martha Foltz, Virginia Uhl, Sidney Kerr, Betsy Smith, Gigi Wilson, Juliana Winters, Beatie Divine, Jerry Kay Foote, Sally Martin, Sara Barrett, Cinny Simmons, Jeanne Kaufmann, Mary Jane King. Orientation Council upper — Judy Hill, Teresa Lee, Sally Barron, Cayle Daley, Cynthia Wilkes, Miss Mollie Merrick, Resa Harris; lower — Miss Mollie Merrick, Freshman Advisor. jjnpX Christian Association upper — Sidney Kerr, Socorro Capo, Michele Rowe, Pam Arnold, Ann Tomlin, Judy Carol Duncan, Suzanne Newman, Rosanne Harkey, Jocelyn Williams. Interdormity Council Susan Mees, Pam Westmoreland, Jeanne Kaufmann, Captain E.J. Stafford, Barbara Johnson, Dianne Cerstle, Susan Landers, Linda Adams, Nancy Jones, Pat Carter. 219 Honor Court Sharon Jones, Marcia Knight, Claire Hodges, Debbie Long, Sally Bryant, Juliana Winters, Molly Duson, Janiter Meldrum, Becky King. Dorm Council Cottages — upper left — Susi Parks, Bonnie Troxler, Cathy Pidgeon, Susan Mees, Susan Jones; Walters — upper right — Nancy Jones, Ramsay Tilson, Melisha Miles, Elinor Perkins, Blue Argo, Shera Lynn Hudson, Vicki Cook, Faye Allen; Winship — lower left — Mary Jane Kerr, Ruth Bennear, Mary Jane King, Susan Landers, Ellen Redd, Karren Tilley, Laura Gonzalez, Betsy Bean; Main — lower right — Margaret Clark, Joy Trimble, Barbara Thomas, Liz Hoy, Linda Adams. Dormitory Councils above — Cottages — Bonnie Troxler, Susan Mees, Susi Parks, Cathy Pidgeon, Susan Jones; above right — Rebekah — Bette Zaslove, Andy Hankins, Dianne Gerstle, Mary Margaret MacLauchlin, Beth Winfrey; right — In man — Julia Goodloe, Pat Carter, Julie Bennett, Marty Rutledge, Sheri Stuebing. PfiXi: Representative Council Members of Rep; Sybil Peet. Nancy Thomas. Clare Smith, Anne MacKenzie, Linda Malo ' . Beatie Divine, Louise Hardy, Leigh Anne Peterson. Betts ' Wilkinson, Fran Amsler, Alice Faulkner, .Martha Foltz, Tinsley Swann, Betty Binkley, Jan Fredrickson, Lib McGregor, Lynn Webb, Linda Cullatte. 1 i Arts Council Betsy Haynes, Janet Sarbaugh, Jane Roberts, Becky Miller, Sally Martin, Cathy Pidgeon, Gigi Laughridge, Karen Atkinson, Lou Minor, Sandra Barber, Paige Lane. Social Counci above - Cynthia Wilkes, Kay Boddie, Margaret MacLennan, Janey Andrews, Linda Parsons, Helen Webb, Virginia Uhl; below - Cathy Cline, Chris Tankersley, Pat Carchidi, Betsy Middleton, Jamie Osgood, Virginia Parker, Ellen Flynn. Blackfriars above - Anne Dillard, Betsy Wall, Carolyn McKinney, Deanna Houk, Diane Moncrief, Miss Roberta Winter, Gigi Laughridge, Miss Elvena Green, Julie Smith, Pam Rogers, Lawton Webber, Becky Mill- er, Ellanor Cullens, Karen Lortscher, Kathie Warne, Martha Howard, Faye Allen, Ruth Bennear, Ann Bartasius; below - Jennifer Clinard, Allyson Buzzini, Ruth McManus, Pat Austin, Liz Lee, Miss Jerry Rentz, Kay Campbell, joy Trimble, Susi Parks, Margaret Clark, Connie Brown, Harriet Fowler, Gayle Burr. Dance Group Betsy Anderson, Pam Arnold, Karen Atkinson, Mitzi Bell, Beth Budd, Vickie Burgess, Karen Hale, Molly Hand, Susan Higgins, Liz Hoy, Dana Kegley, Fran Lawless, Anne McKenzie, Nancy McKinney, Cindy Morris, Marie Newton, Lucile Palmer, Margaret Robison, Carrie Schuiz, Mary Frances Shine, Ruth Sikes, Sandy Stogsdill, Karen Tilley, Sally Turner, Wendy Whelchel, Cherry Wood, Mrs. Marylin Pickard. Soprano I: Joyce Agee, Dona Drake, Ellen Flynn, lulie Hemphill, Janet Jackson, Leila Jarrett, Sally Martin, Jean Patton, Marti Ryman, Becky Weaver, jocelyn Williams, Bette Zaslove. Soprano II: Peggy Burch, Lou Anne Cassels, Pam Coffey, Cynthia Coldthwaite, Julia Coodloe, Clare Groover, Pamela Hanson, Wendy Lemen, Julie Lipscomb, Jonoise McCehee, Barbara Phillips, Ginger Rollins, Janet Sarbaugh, Marsha Thrift, Pam Todd, Eleanor White, Laurie Williams. Alto I: Blue Argo, Marianne Bradley, Marianne Brinker, Nancy Carter, Patsy Cook, Jerry Kay Foote, Patty Hughes, Greta Olson, Michelle Oltman, Cathy Pidgeon, Celia Reily, Margie Richardson, Cretchen Smith. Alto II: Camilla Brannen, Margaret Cassingham, Molly Duson, Sandra Garber, Carlotte Gillis, Louise Huff, Isabelle Johnston, Debbie Jordan, Karen Kreimann, Elinor Perkins, Lou Minor, Lucia Reily, Susan Stigall, Debbie Walker, Linda Woodward. Glee Club Becky Weaver, Dona Drake, Janet Sarbaugh, Mary Watkins, Nancy Willson, Susan Stigall, Pam Todd, Marty Perkerson, Camilla Brannen, Alice Faulkner. 229 Music Club Greta Olson, Lou Minor, Jocelyn Williams, Nancy Carter, Dona Drake, Ginger Rollins, Martha Sullivan, Jerry Kay Foote, Janice Burr, Faye Allen. Not pictured: Gretchen Smith, Sandra Garber, Sally Martin. Organ Guild Mr. Raymond Martin, Sally Martin, Sandra Garber, Gretchen Smith, Lou Minor, Faye Allen, Lucia Reily, Virginia Parker, Nancy Carter. Aurora Pat Austin, Betsy Haynes, Marian Berman, Barbara Shuman, Blue Argo, ennifer Clinard. Sally Stenger, Karen Adams, Marian Berman, Beth Wickenberg, Betsy Haynes, etsy Anderson, Alice Faulkner. Young Democrats right — Lucy Hamilton, Becky Miller, Mary Cay Morgan, Susan Watson, Mary Gay, Pam Westmoreland, Juliana Winters, Howell Hampton, Beth Winfrey, Linda Parsons, Sybil Peet, Resa Harris, Janice Burr, Andy Hankins, Janet Jackson, Maureen Williams, Kay Pinckney, Sally Barron, Linda Hill. Young Republicans lower right — Lynn Lassiter, Debbie Welch, Becky Zittrauer, Janifer Meldrum, Reta Dulaney, Mary Frances Shine. Lecture Committee lower left — Beth Abbott, Debbie Jackson, Kathi Metts, Debbie Jordan, Meg Lines. Not pictured: Faye Hamlin, Julie Lipscomb, Mr. Nelson. Profile Tric ia McCuire, Tania Cumusgerdan, Marianne Brinker, Chris Clarl , Karen Hale, Priscilla Offen, Linda Hill, Kathy Maxwell, Candy Colando, Howell Hampton, Terri Hearn, Nancy Jones, Cathy Pidgeon, Reta Dulaney, Janet Short, Kay Picnkey, Ginny Simmons, Jan Fredrickson. Not pictured: Kay Campbell, Ellen Flynn, Lucy Hamilton, Debbie Jordan. n Silhouette this page - Andy Hankins, Taffy Stills, Janet Golden, Maureen Emmet, Suzie Miller, Lynn Ezell, Linda Savage, Betsy Haynes; far page - Karen Adams, Lady Wornat, Susan Watson, Judy Hamilton, Julie Hemphill, Margaret Alexander, Lee Walker, Debbie Jordan, Belinda Melton, Patty Hughes, Wendy Whelchel, Vivienne Drakes, Anne Kerner, Cena Williams. r-. ' ,- Alpha Psi Omega upper — Pam Rogers, Ann Bartasius, Julie Smith, Sandra Smith, Pat Austin, Sally Martin, Kathie Warne, Cigi Laughridge, Miss Green, Trina Van Duyn, Anne Dillard. Eta Sigma Phi j middle — Harriet Fowler, Camilla Brannen, Fran Woodward, Edna Cary, Mary Wade, Jean Jennings, Patty Hughes, Carolyn Arant, Lee Walker, Louise Hardy, Dianne Gerstle; not pictured Miss Myrna Young. Mortar Board below — Claire Hodges, Lane Ervin, Gayle Daley, Anne Dillard, Sharon Jones, Lulu Safavi, Virginia Uhl, Louise Hardy, Jerry Kay Foote, Betty Wilkinson, Sally Barron. French Club left — Debbie Jackson, Mrs. Kaiser, Paula Wiise, Karen Griffith, Cindy Henelt, Lynn Jameson, Linda Parsons, Betsey Wall. Spanish Club right — Beth Moody, Mary Louise Brown, Sarah Harrison, Pauilin Ponder, Nina Sotolongo, Becky Wilson, Mrs. Dunstan, Debbie Carter, Ellen Cordon, Diane Hatfield, Renee Hopwood, Lucy Moss, Mrs. Mazlish. Dolphin Club Betsy Bean, Judy Carol Duncan, Rosalie Haley, Faye Hamlin, Diane Hatfield, Renee Hopwood, Leila )arrett, Jean Jennings, Susan Jones, Leila Kinney, Suzie Miller, Mary Norfleet, Lyn Satterthwaite, Sally Schrader, Nadja Sefcik, Nancy Thomas, Mary Wade, Jennie Ward, Nancy White, Paula Wiles, Cigi Wilson, Candy Woolfe, Miss Kay Manuel. .- ■ % ' IV ,v ' ■ All serv ' d, all serving! nothing stands alone The chain holds on, and where it ends, unknown. — Pope 239 I Some time early in life he recognizes that he is a partici- pant in, and yet someone apart from, events in the physical and social world in which he lives. — Jersild The desire tor community — the wish to live in trust and brotherly cooperation with one ' s fellows — has been a part of life since the beginning. — Asbury 242 — Wf.ii :, i: Each of us has an individuality — a being requiring speciality, uniqueness, solitude, . . but this individuality, so tightly intertwined with the basic and overwhelming needs, reaches out for other elements to integrate into its whole, seeking sympathy, compassion, companionship, and friendship, . . . For when two hujhan bei| once he has touc|i6cjVthe ) ways again, can never be I permanent attachrnentsvyti Acknowledgements A great deal of effort goes into a publication such as the 1972 Silhouette - and a lot of the behind the scenes work should be recognized. The staff would like to thank all friends, who, under a slight bit of force, volunteered their talents: the darkroom contingent consisting of Carolyn Arant, Martha Bell, and Penny Gilbert; special speed typists Jean Jennings and Pam Westmoreland; and quick action photographers Cindy Percival, John Howick, and Cavett Taff. For special effects we would like to thank Miss Cile Tanner and her second grade class at Toney Elementary School. And with much gratitude we appreciate the co-operation of the Dean ' s Staff and the Security policemen for those late night dates in the Campbell darkroom. Without the generosity of Dr. Ardis Cramer and the Biology department for the loan of the darkroom, half of this year ' s book would be dedicated to glorious white space. Also, we appreciated the Atlanta Braves humoring us and allowing us to interrupt their pregame practice. Finally, and of considerable importance, the integral " cogs " in the production wheel - our pub- lisher ' s representative Mr. Bill Wolfe who encouraged and criticized as needed, Mr. Eric Lewis who, in my book, still remains the miracle worker come materialization of needed supplies and or pho- tographs, Suzie Miller for her inspiration and good-natured adaptibility, Montie Smith for her patience and thoroughness, and Lucy Lewis, perhaps my ultimate critic, but a great source of information and a very helpful friend when one is in desperate need. I personally would like to express my appreciation to the staff for their patience; I consider myself very lucky to have had such a dedicated and hardworking staff despite the numerous set backs. And then there is my Assistant Editor, Lady Wornat, the most discerning proof-reading eye on the staff and the best darkroom assistant I have had and who has freely volunteered her time at the critical moments - much to my relief - thank you. Photo Credits: Cavett Taff - pages 3,16,56,57,251,145,165; Cindy Percival - pages 240,241. Silhouette Staff Editor Janet Golden Assistant Editor Lady Wornat Business Manager Lee Walker Emphasis Editor Suzie Miller Cover Design Art Jane Roberts Administration Susan Watson Faculty Lee Walker Lynn Ezell Belinda Melton Organizations Julie Hemphill Wendy Whelchel Senior Class Debbie Jordan Maureen Emmet Taffy Stills Junior Class Andy Hankins Caron Collins Anne Kerner Sophomore Class Betsy Haynes Pam Hanson Freshman Class Judy Hamilton Becky Harrison Patty Hughes Ads and Publicity Gena Williams Ellanor Cullens Linda Savage Directory Montie Smith Ann Poe Photography Jane Causey Margaret Alexander Karen Adams Vivienne Drakes Production Notes Paper stock - Matte, Dull Enamel, Stippled, Embossed Enamel Binding - rounded and backed Type style - Optima Headline s tyle - Optima Publisher - Hunter Publishing Comany Publisher ' s representative - Bill Wolfe Professional photographer - Morgan Studios l f , I ; t " ' ' " 1 (M» f » ' j 3 ' ro. " 1 Ads and Index ,tJ f ; s: N ' 1 The Cake Box 112 Clairmont Avenue Discount for Scotties on Cakes Sharian, Inc. Care for Rugs Carpets 368 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue Decatur Fairview Flov er Shop 1026 Sycamore Drive Decatur Smith Hardu are 601 E. College Avenue Decatur Everything in Hardware Hearn ' s Jewelry Store 131 Sycamore Street On the Square - Decatur Montag, Inc. Atlanta Morgan Studios Atlanta Watson ' s Pharmacy 309 E. College Avenue Decatur 253 - Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Columbia Mall Shopping Center Dairy Queen - Brazier 253 Trinity Place Decatur Smith ' s Shoes On the Square Decatur .. jd Higgins - McArthur Lorgino Porter, Inc. 196 Marietta Street, N.W. Atlanta Jack the Stripper Decoupage and Craft Shop 115 Church Street Decatur i 0 V Guf£e Shield ' s Produce and Grocery Sycamore Street, Decatur Near the Square Decatur Cleaners Hatters 145 Sycamore Street Decatur ?Jl .i MM. ' - £ ' f t ' S :2lB y t: ' -i:-ifLfj ' ' ' :a3L i ' ' ' ' :MiH GiWuwMitor.s£ »a Sturgiss Cottage below — (floor) BO, Nancilee, Beetzer, Grendel alias Sheila, (middle) Sadoodoo, VA, Susie Q., LA, (back) DJ, Mole, Mom, Stretch, Ducky Drake, TJ; missing Connie Cunta. Belvedere-Dinkier Motor Inn King ' s Table Restaurant 3480 Memorial Drive Decatur Shield ' s Produce and Grocery 141 Sycamore Street Decatur Stan ' s Sandwich Shop On the Square in Decatur 600 Greenv ood Avenue Waffle House Restaurants All Over Atlanta 1827 Columbia Drive Decatur 261 A. .-. Aristocrat Ice Cream 165 Haynes Avenue, N.W. Atlanta Fat Albert ' s Sandwich Shop Open nights til 8 P.M. On the Square in Decatur Old Fashion Foods Vending Machine Service Mableton, Georgia Pizza by Candlelight Across From the Campus East College Avenue Decatur Herff-Jones Company Class Rings and Announcements Atlanta Sherwin-Williams Paints 217 Trinity Place Decatur North Georgia Tree Service P.O. Box 943 Decatur - Stevens Tire Company 2683 East College Avenue Decatur Phi Beta Kappa Harriet Elizabeth Amos Eleanor Hamil Barrineau Sarah Hutton Barron Gayle Sibley Daley Joy Angela Farmer Catherine Dianne Gerstle Sharon Lucille Jones Gayle Sibley Daley Jerry Kay Foote Louise Scott Hardy Claire Anne Hodges Mary Jane King Sarah Lee Martin Mary Jane King Linda Sue Maloy Gretchen Smith Pamela Gene Westmoreland Paula Mildred Wiles Sarah Virginia Wilson Frances Hardin Woodward Who ' s Who Mary Susan Miller Susan Downs Parks Sybil Blanche Peet Mary Virginia Uhl Elizabeth Henrietta Wilkinson Sarah Virginia Wilson Hardeman Cottage Ladies of Charity Thrift Shop Got the Main idea? Fine Clothes 267 I saw that this situation of mine was the precise situation of every mortal that breathes; only, in most cases, he, one way or other, has this Siamese connexion with a plurality of other mortals. — Melville w HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY BILL WOLFE. ATLANTA, GEORGIA m X.:.

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