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Communication, 0; Class of 71, 79; Class of 72, 152; Class of 73, 160; Class of 74, 168; Administration, 177; Faculty, 194; Directory, 232 feiiiiiiiiiftffiHiifiiaiiiiiiiiiiBWis Communication educated sensitivity Words. Four years affected affecting Feeble attempts to tell you what I mean. college years the resulting me Mere labels for what it means. Agnes Scott College Names. Yet you know what I mean. You know what it means. It is mine. It is yours. It is ours . . I am discovered, touched where I never knew was. I am filled, altered, shaken, rearranged, drained, extended, crushed, tailored. I am awakened to the me that is, to the me that is filter to all that is given, to the me that must give. I am giver of the evolving, extending, expanding sensitized, humanized, educated me. lawuji ' metmmsm at MM U.U Lj I reply. Communication through Service. 64 Those who know riarLt:- iii .: aaiBESiLiEa» 5MaJ21 what they know to me :i.aMimiii|l: ' °° ' =° !iJi8«liiiiliiiS8ii«iS8 »»ft ' =s i:ifaa!jjifij ;. ' t i!v PRESSER HALL-AGNES SCOH COLLEGE WED. DEC 9-8:13 P.M. Though I despair at knowing more than a life-time sized volume, , pfilncamar step by step l ' ' - ' ll ' ' ' ' ■• ' • educating the me that is student. LlllLLiiLliJjjIJij: Hijiiilild m mrnimmi What I have heard, I possess. It becomes me, the me that is more than student. Given to, filled, I dare to respond, to give. pnci wi ' r igrfV wryg. ' ?va:»-jy ■ Alerted, aware, concerned, I dare to narrate today. sensitized, moved, touctied, filled, moved to create, filled witfi what demands expression Words. Phrases. Yet you know what I mean , . . J ht - ' mrjim ssM tl kiJk discover creations. learn to feel beauty, awe, ecstasy, love, chaos, pain, peace. WiMA BK to feel what is hard to say, but presses to be expressed. I discover expressions. ti ' - lxmj And I learn to express, to create. M jnpi- ' mi f Hipi 1 HrI II m a I learn to contain in words what is too much for words, BO.Z : Marian Berman. President; Pal Auslin. Secretary; Kalhy Bowden; Alice Faullsner; Lisa Harvey; Capers HuKman; Betsy Haynes, Gigi Laughrtdge, Karen Adams, Deborah Bailey; Cathy Ryder; G,G- Sydnor; Marta Powell; Judy Maguire; Caroline Turner; Celeste Wallner cHf Mt f. PUBLISfl. • — CnUctvt essOAJ — irvro r. .1 eSSc f P oce entries in JOr ase. boi ii , Deodl iw; •Jinuary lb ■ ' r f ? T ' ' — 1 to pass on the word, Profile: Bev Walker. Editor; Ginger Ri Johnsion; Priscilla Offer; Ellen Willinghj Candy Colando; Carole Kroc; Tyler McFadden; Virgin Lennte Bussey; Jan Fredrickson; Cindy Harvey: Pa ' Pidgeon; Susan Propst; Janet Short. 1 to express in picture and print this place, this time ' Editor; Debbie Jordan, Administration Editor; Suzie Miller. Faculty Editor; Nancy IwlcGee. Advertising; Eileen Bluerock, Directory Edi- tor. Jane Causey, Photograptiy, Pat Carctiidi; Judy Hamilton; Andy Hankins; Betty Haynes; Nadja Sefcik; Lee Walker; Genie Wtiite; Gena Williams; Lady Wornat. Bllll3l! 5iial8i8!!S liiMI!!«li!i to say me, to create with color and form, ■ ffVRMI jmamwrn ma W9 IJbVlll if aiii to create with sounds, spill what I want to say into song, ne Kruizenga, Pi y Martin, Secretary-Tre Linda Wilson, Tour Cl Mary Beaty; Diane Beeli Margaret Cassingham: Ka Molly Duson; Jennifer Fi ' ; Wendy Johnson! Kristin Koch; Meg Lin Kathy Moon; Lucy Moss; Greta Olson; Linda Par Pidgeon; Penny Poats; Celia Reily; Lucia Reily; Debbie Walker; Lindsey Watt; Nancy Wea ' dent; Julia Couch, Vice-President; Debbie Jordan, Pub- irer; Dona Drake, Secretary; Ginger ; Gretcrien Smith, Arts Council Representative; Scotly Marianne Bradley; Camilla Brannen ryn Clark; Pam Cofley; Kay Colvm; Patsy Cook !r; Ellen Flynn; Jerry Kay Foote, Julia Goodloe; I learn to condense into, create with, appreciate the mediums- words, color, sound, the podium, the stage, to create on stage . . . our own themes characters, setting, plots of our own laughter at ourselves Sophomore Parents ' Weekend Product WHY?BECRU5E WE LIKE YO w9 to re-create on stage !38illllilliltiili»liiiaiiiiiiBiir31it g JE Sfeii Myself awakened, discovered, evolving, earn more of me to give, to give more of me, to ask more of those who give to me. I welcome you to me. ' ia!!t ! .- We are together. iimfTiJ- 1 give what is becoming me. discover and explore what is becoming you. 2iji K-T j ' mmmws ' vi .. ' i ' ja ' 7 ' ' HTIl f| ' qgiy ' ; ITITFriaTT! :ig%:: - WUBMiJi ' VI»i. ' » ' J »J ' . ' »Wr tf We are being together, I jiiiif iKiiiTR Lookinq -for something +0 do Sunday evening see Charade 7 HUB ii Jl Lli!, I :;lB8aaiiilBiillfl!8!!JI!gg ' J : ' .!: : : ' : ' tR ' lilSiiiliajiliSliiSiiSKiaastia 5 r. ' SS ' .•»- • •3»JKWi = -Tin ' i C -n ,t .«f ■. ' . • ' v. - ?. .-»--5. !•«■.:■ P together being this place, this time. I Sophomore Parenis ' Weekend mHi -Wi4 ri M- hear you, understand you, speak to you, make you understand. • 3 r- ■ ' ■. •» iff learn to say, Come into my world, You are my world, I understand. m 1 1 iHi 1 1 1 ii»B4. 8 i B ' C j Hpw r 1 V Q Sh W v • jli R Hi ' H ■ V-v -•rS-ft ' -OiJt I give. I take. a8 !l ' JiliiliM3S!!!l£a!ig!l ' ' Eiii!iatt the spirit of effort, the pride of mastery. the exuberance of win, the frustration of lose Words, felt in, said with my body. As a team, we feel together, try together, achieve together. - ■ M r . ■ J i stJ 1 B 1 1 5 p4 Pv Rfi p l 1 fE p l 1 gg Athletic Association: Fran FuUon, President; Betty Noble, Vice-President; Jerry Kay Foote. Secretary; Kattiy Sloan. Treasurer; Fran Amsler; Carolyn Arant; Becky Dillard; Elain Ervin; Annette Friar; Ellen Gilbert; Wendy Hellings; Becky Naylor; Mary Nease; tylary McN lartin; Leigh Ann Peterson; Marta Powell, tvtary Ann Powell Lulu Safavi ; Sally Schrader. jjjfU liP 1 1H A - 1 N % Jt kB ■ ji? ' ™ p , ;C ' a. jI ' t ■ ■ - - ' r •%j « iiiiiwiy Mjwr, i;:i »-i i .5 . . ' j - - Me. My body. Action gives rise to feeling. Action gives outlet to feeling. :i:ni;!ffli6:WJi:6iiiia msm gratitude, response, action, what I can do. service You know what I mean . . . I have discovered, have been discovered. taught, touched, expanded. I must give of it filtered through me I must communicate me in action. With time, talent, effort, I act to give to what has extended me, for here, for now, for us. ' M HE v ' V if : M r - gr £ fll l Representative Council: Carolyn Cox, President; Margaret Taylor, Vice-President; Betiy Wilkinson, Secretary; Donna Reed, Treasurer; Marylu Benton; Fran Fulton; Connie Morris; Shierry Stith; Karen Conrads; Dale Rudolph; Melodey Mozeley; G.G. Syndor; Cassandra 3wn Salhe Johnson Betheda Fries; Harriet Gatewood; Gigi Wilson; Su atie ' Divine- Louise Hardy Belita Stafford; Cathy Ryder; Betsy Anderson; Martha Fo ne MacKenzie; Clare Smitti; Becky King; Betty Binkley; Lynne Webb. Honor Couri: Angie Jarrelt, Chairman; Ctndy Ashworth, Vtce-Chairman; Claire Hodges, Secretary: Karen Lewis: Marsha Springs Margaret Guirkrn, Juliana Winters: Alice Bruce; Marcia Knight: Molly Duson. ' Dorm tory Co uncils Hopkins: Debi Long, Secreta ry; Lind Nancy a Wils on. Inma : Pat I arter Secretary Car olyn Galley: Ttion- as: Cynth a WHk ' s. Ma n: Jeanne Kauir nann. Secret ary: Do a Dra ke: Virgin ia Esle s; Sue an Stimso n:-Ce lia Tanner Rebeka h: Na ncy Jones , Secre tary: L mda Adan s. Ja ne Benbow Edith ennir gs. Walte rs Pan 1 Wes moreland. Sec etary, Sally Bryant Brenda Bulla d: Julie Codin gton. And Han ins: Priscill 3 Often Wins nip: Sriaro n Jone s. Sec retary: Je nnie Bruning: K tfiy Clark: A Faulk ner: Dit ne Floyd: Maxin 2 Moc re. Cottage : McCa n: Di ane Gerst e; Bow en. Me linda Lotti =: Ga nes, Mary M artin; H ardetr an, I act to give to more than here, the world, more than now, posterity, more than us , . . I have been spoken to I hav bee C| l am moved ic -- i e. I touch I create I ac Words. Mere words. Butyj w what You have felt Y pve taken vqli have responded tt ave ' en. Y ' Class of 71 Edyth Patricia Johnston Dramatic Arts Mary Virginia Nease History Lynn Napier White Sociology Lee Horton McDavid History Mary Elizabeth Morris English Eleanor Hunter Ninestein Mathematics Cassandra Martha Brown Biology Martha McKay Eubanks (Mrs. Art Ellen Thompson Willingham Psychology Elizabeth Kirkland Jones Dramatic Arts Ellen Rebecca Naylor German Linda Helen Laney Spanish Patricia Maurine Lindsay French Stewart Lee Nelson French ■ 5 Janice Elizabeth Johnston English Susan Elkin Morton Biology Susan Blanche Winchester Biology Janace Ann Anderson Art i • ■ ' tr, ' I Jan Elizabeth Roush Psychology Edith Louise Jennings Biology Carlene Kirkman Duncan (Mrs. Psychology Miriam Jerdone Corson Dramatic Arts Julia Virgil Couch History Mildred Watts Pease History Grace Granville Sydnor English Helen Tyler McFadden Psychology 7; - Alexa Gay Mcintosh Mathematics Karen Lane Conrads Art Cynthia Ann Ashworth Psychology ff iffll:. ±2. L A . ' f Frances Anne Fulton History Brenda Jane Bullard History Dea Elizabeth Taylor Sociology - ■o iiisvmifeKffaiiia ' am t Lj ■ yy ' iik Randolph Jones Psychology Lucy Ann Bigham History Deborah Banghart Psychology Carol Dianne Floyd Interdepartmental Science Ellen McG 11 1 Tinkler English t f0i Elizabeth Martin Jennings Biology Beulah Kasselberg Sociology AS Candace DuBignon Lang French ' W: Linda Lea Wilson Biology Nancy Ann Newton Psychology — Mj ; Anna Gordon History Mary Lucille Benton Chemistry Penfield Elizabeth Poats Art Ann Appleby Jarrett Mathematics Elizabeth Hansell Palme Chemistry m H ■ £% il . 1 1 -,3 B 1 pr H i Rl l Ji » Tfr ItfHpif J p 4 L 1 ll ■ i iSwii s -J-W m ■ ■ Paula Hendricks Culbreth (Mrs.) Chemistry H HIRITSTIS Julianne Lynes Crohn (Mrs.) German Ellen Kathleen Bowden Art ' J ' Mary Alice Isele Art Kathy Suzanne Smith English Cynthia Carol Newton Sociology m ' i H aS k ■■ f - Carol Gibbs Durrance Sociology Annelle Capers Huffman English Sharon Sue Roberts Philosophy Beverly Joyce Walker Sociology Marsha June Springs English Evelyn Antoinette Trautman Art lary Caroline Turner English Rose Anne Ferrante Spanish Swanna Elizabeth Cameron Psychology Sallie Daniel Johnson (Mrs.) History Nancy Dale Coulton French Jane Helen Carlson French Julia Dabney Watlington Psychology Shervll Marie Stith Psychology Evelyn Young Brown Mathematics Vicki Linda Brown Mathematics Carolyn Oretha Gailey Mathematics Jo Ann Perry Psychology . € y Mary Carolyn Cox Political Science Susan Gail Hummel Psychology Frances Imogene White Art mmmmmimmhi m mem lellnda Anice Johnson Music 126 k ■■ i»iSKSs y%5f-:. fcA .1 Amy Hatfield Dill (Mrs.) HKI Art Betty Scott Noble Psychology Ann Harrison Davis History Jane Ellen Duttenhaver French Katherine Ann Triplett Art ' t »-.:u v-. Callaway Tharpe Cutler English Dolly Grey Garrison English , ■ :Vv5»u-?. s Rebecca Sue Orlich English Christine King Fulton History Karen Derrick Moon (Mrs.) Psychology ISffl ' ippiss ' iifWfflrrf Catharine Hoar Hardin (Mrs.) German Linda Krebs Davis (iVIrs.) Biology Martha Patton Drennon (Mrs.) Mathematics Carolina Morrison Hill Political Science r s Brenda Lee Dance Political Science Patricia Kay Schellacl Dramatic Art Wimberly Warnock Chemistry Mae Annette Friar History Clare Bard Perkins (IVIrs.) Sociology Rebecca Martin Gilbart (Mrs.) Economics Karen Elizabeth Lewis Psychology .siSiamssK . Cathy Bloodworth Hewelett (Mrs. Economics Katherine Leah Mueller History Celia Mai Tanner Psychology Bonnie Mcintosh Roughton (Mrs. Political Science Deborah Elizabeth Arnol Bloloc Dale Derrick Rudolph (Mrs. Biology Susan Earle Propst English Anna Mills Wagoner (Mrs.) English Margaret Thompson Davis (Mrs. English Bettieda Stuart Fries Mathematics Laura Sears Buckner (Mrs.) Sociology Margaret Funderburk O ' Neal (Mrs.) Psychology Edna Patricia Lowe Sociology Class Officers: Ja ne Carlson, Secret ary-Treasurer Cfiarlene M w J i T 3 fp m - - ■ iga. Vice President; G.G. Sydnor, President; Vicki Nesbill, Spinl Ch Wfio ' s Wtio in ttie Class of ' 71, Cindy Astiwortti; Cassandra Brown, Vicki Brown; Marylu Benton; Carolyn Cox; Betheda Fnes; Fran Fulton; Angle Jarrett, Connie Morns; Rudolph, G,G, Sydnor; Bev Walker Ptii Bela Kappa Cindy Ashworth, Evelyn Brown, Carolyn Cox; Carolyn Gailey Betsy Jennings, Candy Lang, Karen Lewis, Eva McCranie, Alexa Mcintosh; Eleanor Ninestein; Barbara Paul; Sherry Roberts, Dale Rudolph, G G Sydnor, Class Sponsors; Ivir, Wilde; Miss Cox MMJtkin « Class of ' 72 11 irnnDfini i up l.ii |ta J ■ ijaroTITfllRStKHlJi S Jennifer Clinard Lynn Davis Jerry Kay Foole Margaret Guirkm Faye Hamlin Nelia Head Catherine Cline Anne Dillard Elizabeth Gales Rosalie Haley Louise Hardy Terri Hearn Amy Cooper Bealie Divine Debra Gay Susan Correnly Dona Dral(e Dianne Gerstle Kalhleen Coslellc Fran Ellington Cindy Gillum Cynthia Current Elaine Ervm Janet Golden Gayle Daley Ellen Flynn Ela Gonenc Margaret Belize - P J ' pHb[ m Ilfmy M ' J H Z ' r w r;H JI H t 1 nil • - --W wo!!B m r t . Lin K 7 J J ■j ar J 1 r ' I ' -iwiffiiji ' BTfienLastt Jeanne Kaufr Anne Kemble Sidney Kerr Mary Jane King Margarel King Mary KirchhofI Susan Landers Amy Lamer Cherri Meacha Martha Perkerso.. Lynn Perkins Leigh Ann Peterson Mary Ann Powell Genie Rankin t argai-et Ratchtord Prissy Rayburn Donna Reed Laura Reeues Jacqueline Rinn Jane Roberts Helen Roddy Virginia Rollins Michele Rowe Behta Stafford otte Stringer eri Stuebing Ann Tomlm Kalrma Van Duyn Lindsey WatI Pamela Westmoreland Maureen Wil Juhana Wmte Carolyn Withers Frances Woodward Bene Zasiove Gmny Simmons, Frances Means, and PaulaWiles ■ ., , of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland Photograph by T,W. Farquh Scotland, jusl as our books are the symbol of our hard work and Ginny ' s ' hat the symbol of the c ' oTd ' tkL Juniors on their Year Abroad Class of 73 fi j - ' %j- Anasiaoa Coclm Oeana Cra(t Pal Carchidi Julia Codinglon Eleanor Cullens Nancy Carter Candice Colando Janme Culvern Edna Gary Caron ColNns Deborah Dalhouse Ann Cassilly Deborah Corbeli Lyn Deen Kathryn Clark Ann Cov.l Ivonne det Portill Margaret Clark Ann Cowley Sheryl Oenman Becky Dillard Maureen Emmel Rebecca Frankland Laura Gleason Carol Gordy Joan Groo Deborah Dunn Virgin ia Esles Carol Frederickson Julia Goodloe Mary Gray Ham Rebecca East Alice Faulkner Susan Freeman Gloria Garrelt Ellen Gordon Judith alee Eggleslon Martha Follz Landen Galley Penny Gilbert Nancy Gordon Karen GriHilh Lei ah Hami . ' .i. i«r, a.ji-,:, i:!i33 n[ii:i:n i:;3iii5a.i;-- i:t3!MJj2ai£i|i £ii ■ ;;, . Mary Hamilton Palncia Hamilton Dorothy Hammond Andy Hankms Anne Harl ness Judith Harper Alice Harvey Cynthia Harvey Carolyn Hassett Elizabeth Hayne Cheryll Hodges Melissa Holt Meredilh Howe Debra Jackson Jody Hopwood L.z Hoy Janet Jackson Wendy Johnson Maurme Hunter Ehse Jepson Susan Jones Jane Kelchm Marcia Knrghl Jean Lee Carol MacKenzie Mary McMartin Christine Knight Carole Lewis M argaret MacLennan Laurie McMurray Kr.stin Koch Margaret Lines Judith Maguire Janifer Meldrum Carole Kroc Brenda Litlle Mariha Manuel Roberta Meyers Juha LaRue Constance Loveless Nancy McKinney Louise Minor Lynn Lassiter Mary Paige Lucas Diane McLeod Denise Mttchell Gigi Laughndge Anne MacKenzie Melanie McManus Debbie Mitchell Carol Moxley Donna Parke Frances Murray Jane Parson: Ci ndy Percival Marga el Piller M nlyn Perkins Kalhle =n Pityo Ca thy Pidgeon Palrici a Powel Ka thieen Pinckney Leede Pftnce Libby Rhell Margi e Richa Pally Robinsi Pamela Roge Meredith Roppe Catherine Ryder Martha Schabel Sally Schrader Nadia Selcik Judy Sharp Erin Sherma Janel Short B ms2 ' . - j:i: Deborah Sieker Charters Smith Susan Snead Patricia Sleen Ch istme Tankersley Bonnie Troxler Ann Sowder Mary Sugg Judith Taylor Ka herme Trimble Laurie Turner Shelley Stall Tinsley Swann Gay Thompson Joy Trimble Eleanor Vest ioaa Nancy Vick Wallef Kathie Warn Lee Walker Celesle Wallner Suzanne Wa Nancy Wallace Marti Ward Betsy Watt Eugen.a Wil Jocelyn Wil Peggy Wil Class of ' 74 ue Argo Elizabeth Aye Deborah Bailey Susan Blackwood Sara Barrel! Kathy Boyd Belsy Bean Marianne Bradley Diane Beeler Camilla Brannen Nancy Belcher Lucile Brockman Julie Bennett Cynthia Brown Betty Binkley Frances Bryant - iSi ' irf ' r ' iii Gail Buchana n Donna Cleueng Beth Budd Pamela Cotley Gayle Burr Kay Colyin Mary Cassilly Paincia Cook Margaret Cas singham Elhel Cox Mary Ann Ca hopoulis Belsy Crabill Teressa Dev, aiiffluiiiiuiim.iiii ' asiijiii ' iifla jfiiyjiklLa Leila Kmney Teresa Lee Pal McClmlc Vickie Kirby Julie Lipscomb Lib McGreg Hope Kren Anne Loden Trie a McGui Carolyn Lacy Karen Lortscher An McMillE Mary Lawless Mary MacLauchlin Bell da Mellc my Ledebuhr Katherine Martin Sus in Micha Elizabeth Lee Kathy Maynard Betsy Middleto 3 ami a Bi iiii iiiiii n a iMflllMiiimE8lg!a8M!llll]!l33ili!i|l l i i ' l Mehsha Miles Melinda Muchel Becky Miller Kathleen Moon Mary Miller Melanie Moore Cheryl Neel Suzanne Ne Bellina Nun Fay O ' Brien Claire Ov. Eleni Papador Ann Palters Elizabeth Parnsh Joan Pears. Linda Parsons Elinor Perk 1! Paullin Ponder Maria Powell Mary Praylor Mary Ryar Janet Sarbaugr Linda Savagt Sarah Scol Suzanne Sheffe Jennifer Shelter Rebecca ShernI Martha Stephenson Martha Sulh ES n » fn Iff 1 ' Hj S - Syv J. f ' V K 7- -r 5l± .-- Mary Walker Wendy Whelchel Candace Wooll Jennie WarO Elizabeth White Mary Tiller Mary Warren Eleanor While Chris Weaver Mary Whitesides Karen Wysor Margarel Webb Brooke Wilding Nancy Yates Deborah Welch Eleanor Williams Debbie Walker Barbara Whalen Special Students Administration Board of Trustees 1 Office of the President 1 u.t,,..ift,iiMMi,i 3i.i I I, i Li,,i,,r. m Office of the Dean of Faculty Julia T. Gary, Dean of Faculty B ym Office of the Dean of Students Office of the Registrar Offices of Development and Public Relations Offices of the Treasurer and Business William M Offices of Alumnae Affairs and Dormitory Supervisor i-.-: r ' ;iftri7ms4 Library and Bookstore George G. Stewart, Lib Senior Residents fkTj mm i In Memoriam Ann Worthy Johnson B.A. 1938 Agnes Scott College, M.A. 1940 University of North Carolina Director of Alumnae Affairs and Editor of the Agnes Scott Alumnae Quarterly A leader holding many positions in the American Alumni Council. Having a history of long association with the American Red Cross and recent service with the Atlanta Y.W.C.A. With a vast and detailed knowledge of the Agnes Scott alumnae used effectively in her work. Faculty Art Robert F Weslervelt. Art Bible and Religion Philosophy Biology Josephine Bridgman, Chairman, Biology -™w: Classics :iiiiii ' |yi ' ii?aij r;i:,i,: . ' :., i }]mst£KM2 ' i immiimmsiiLmmia!iimsB ' se ii:: - Economics and Sociology .KiiHi«:j«.jii!SMiJB!8iSiia»i. Education English u,,,,,„5MB2Mjiami!i,»M!=.|iiSISii:3ii-iit.y:tE ' E lt.i!s French Russian German u JX. History and Political Science iiMiiii Mathematics Music Physical Education Jl8»i» !; .»;:Bj!»iiiii».i. Physics and Astronomy Psychology tLjiiiJawsaffifcffliiiasKk. Spanish Speech and Drama In Memorium Netta E. Gray B.A. 1936 Lake Forest College, M.A. 1940 University of Illinois Instructor in Botany at Agnes Scott College 1951-70 Auttior of numerous papers. Recognized througtiout the world as an authority on the morphology and taxonomy of the genus Podocarpus. ' . :t«J»j •. .l JJMi J ' ' Morgan Studios, Atlanta Mildred Lives! . .■i;idaiiiiiiiii,iiii«aiiiiil j||jjl,: Hardeman Cottage Herff-Jones Company Ray Smith and Company Stevens Tire Co., Inc. 2683 Easl College Av Decalur. Ga, 378-4547 Smith Hardware Company South Decalurs Largest and Leading Hardware Compa 601 Easl College Ave Decalur. Ga. 373-3335 The whole is equal to the sum of its parts Need a bungler? See S.L.J. Dairu Queen. David ' s North Decalur Pla Norlh Dekalb CenK Decatur Co-op Cabs ymourji Watson Pharmacy 892 Murphy Ave. Atlanta, Ga. 755-7907 Bowen says, Hi! 31j:S E?5Jiii:Jil;:E tjfi2ti3Eii;a i2£Si«:3a»ll!IIIIi!;i!ffiaL,.li ' ' j;:NMiJli! . ' it!!i!;r Inman Inmates Atlanta Flooring Co mplele Floor Service Kt 5006 Roswell Rd. NE -4 Atlanta. Ga, 255-7931 Fulton Supply Co. Sharian, Ind, Rug, Carpe!, and Furniture Cleaning W Ponce de Leon Ave. Decatur Ga 373-2274 Sherwin-Williams Co. • : ■ ' «%! niiiiMissimssmiim. Old Fashion Foods Dinkier Belvedere Motor Inn Fealuring King ' s Table and Castle Club 3480 Me Decalur. 289-6633 Mah-velous McCain Phoenix Wholesalers Plumbing supplies 3920 Green Industrial Way Chamblee. Qa- 451-2361 Higgins-McArthur Longino-Porter, Inc. Printing 196 Manetla St. NW W$((fltCORN£R 133 Sycamore Sl- ■■on ttie Square Decatur, Ga. North Dekalb Center LZ) J Jriitacrat ICE CREAM Get off, your apathy. IlKC f TXj:! AUGUSTA Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company I am grateful for the communication between Caroline and myself in regards to the theme of the 1971 Silhouette. With the patience and help of Eric Lewis of Morgan Studios, Bill Wolfe of Hunter Publishing Company, and Lucy Lewis, my (unofficial) advisor, the 1971 Silhouette has become a reality. My appreciation to Morgan Studios for having their summer workshop, and to Janet for attending. I know your appreciation, as mine, goes to Candy and Caroline and the other staff members for their hard work and time spent that made our 1971 Silhouette possible. Bunny Ay t. Spoken to learning to listen eager to hear more. Answering learning to respond eager to return. Words and pictures experience and memory but you know 1971 Silhouette LXVIII . . . Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia

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