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Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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the nineteen -seventy dgnes scott college table ol contents emphasis activities 3 organizations 4 seniors 8 ads directory ... 15 administration 1 faculty 19 classes 21 silhouette vol. Ixvii decatur georgia EXIJ ACiNKS SCOI r COLUXil-: is beautifully situated on one side of the Georgia Railroad (see Genesis 1:25), whose trains have a remarkably regular schedule, never in all the glorious history of the institution having once failed to pass during prayers, chapel, or song recital. The campus is quite unique among campuses. It is adorned with green trees, grass which one must not tread upon in the spring and twelve imposing buildings. 7 ' he first building to meet one ' s eye after one has undergone the terrors of the underpass is a large structure made of red brick topped by the famous I tower which one may not ascend in body, but 1 which has nevertheless made many a Freshman ' s ♦ ' spirit soar into the realms of poetry. I ' he effect of the whole is sufficiently impressive to render — — this building worthy to contain the powers that be. the telephone and several of the torture chambers. -Vbove these, for two stories, people live and still higher up they sing and paint. When .Miss Hopkins makes an announcement she calls the place ' ' Agnes Scott Hall, but we ourselves can never picture it by any other name than ' ' Main Building. Hung to one side of this construction by means of the far-famed colonnade is that superficial adjunct of Higher Learning — a place to eat and sleep — Rebekah Scott Hall. It is piously constructed in the form of a cross, with dainty little Juliet balconies really meant to be fire-escapes, hung to the skies. On the ground floor Is the great assembly hall of the multitude when they sing songs and pray prayers — the chapel. There are the Society halls, where you have to sing for twelve days In two weeks and then one night vou listen to debates. 1 1 li 1916 silhouette ;l outside the open window the morning air is all axwash with angels. -richard wilbur emphasis: ruth hyatt activities: cathy oiver organizations: sarah ruffing robbins L A 3ere 3ernes ful 3erne, and 3eldez neuer lyke, J?e forme to pe fynisment foldez ful selden. SIR GAWAYN AND JjE GRENE KNY3T -.- S. d year passes full swiftly, and never yields similar events tfie besinning to tfie end ull seldom follows course. ' Sir gawain and thie green knighit as d part of nature mankind is cyclical, but each individudl life is not. perfiaps tfie nigfitingale can achieve genetic eternity, but each man is too differentiated from his fellows to do so. thus we can see a man as an arrow, moving forward in the temperal dimension within the cyclical gyres of nature. it was but yesterday i thought myself a fragment quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life. now I know that i am the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.-gibr K ID O • ' I, ' . -- ii} ' - ' M%. H- S ' ury- l f ' %( , ' .j-g j! i- ii,cr S ,- j!- -A t iC - y ' fr4 ' ' „j- r ' la ' t tvr 0! ' 4% „ ,e solitude IS d silent storm that beaks down all our dead branches; izl It sends our living roots deeper into the living heart of the living earth. --gibran i-s-A- .: ,5llSiSSSil 1 ... SUO.:: ir. — ...i,. id the people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. --exodus 32;6 i ' i ' ' bwer IS nothing but ca ' With d college education --twain :CAMELaV :m»: t man ' s uniqueness lies in the faculty of his reason :il iaiL JiliSi) a i and gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche. -chaucer it such IS the irresistible nature of truth 3t all It dsks and wants, is the liberty of appearing. --paine across the morning sky all the birds are leaving oh, how can they know it ' s time for them to go? before the v inter fire, we ' ll st ' ll be dreaming, i do not count the time, who knows where the time goes? --Judy collins in dlternating bells have you not heard all hours clapped dense into a single stride? forgive me for an echo of these things and let us walk through time with equal pride. --hart crane orientation winter weeker junior jaunt )phomore parents weekend loren elnsley ince group investiture capping ' H i i ' S E a ' » - ,..«s ffi«- HkT ' ' V grddudtion organizations 1 who ' s who I +0 r: n. rhodes, d. kenyon, a. marquess, e. crum, h. Icnowlton, m. harrls, s. skardon, c. a. mckenzie. m. w. hatfield, m. gamble, j. mauldin, p. chapman, tucker, b. brown. 48 phi beta kappa bonnie emmy brown mareta wilkins chambers barbara leilani darnell marion daniel gamble sherian Pitzgerald hodges hoi lie duskin kenyon hollister knowlton Janet eliza levy oma kathleen mahood anne nichols marquess Valerie pearsall Virginia crane reeves norma jean shaheen marylu tippett . . . mary jean vs all 49 «— I to r: 5. head, j. duttenhaver, b. g. grayson, t. daunt, miss green, p. Johnson, c. hutfman, p. swann, miss rentz, m. corson, m. d. pollit, a. Washington, c. a. mc- kenzie, miss winter, c. pense. ilphd psi omega etd sigma phi o r: b. kinney, v. pearsall, s. daniel. g. reeves 51 rep council I r: c. Holland, n. rhodes, m. benton. m. -foltz, m. w. hatfield, a. mizell. c. smith, c. a. mckenzie, b. guill, e. crum. m. Harris, a. iarrett. p. chapman. I to r: s. borcuk, ]. mauldin. d. gantt, b. Stafford, b. fries, c. brown, b. todd, s. parks, pictured: I. a. peterson. c. cox, b. brown. a. bullock, s. skarron, d. kenyon (pres.), s. danlel, I. hardy, not judicial counci I to r: p. chapman, c. ashworth, a Washington, d. taylor, k. lewis, a. marque;: e. ninestein. . bean. n. rhodes (chairman), b. shepherd, m. powell, d. kenyon, son, k. mahood. k. rhyne, e. lowe. c. padgett, c. hedges, I. widdersheim. brown, a. bruce, b. divine, m. knioht, d. wynne. b c hristian associdtion a++, j. Williams, c. morris. athletic association THE SILHOUETTE I to r; m. smith, g.b. dantzler, f. woodward, s. marshall, j. bell, j.k. foote, b. noble, V. sloan, I. crum, (pres.), f. fulton, g. fisher, s. miller, e. gilbert, s. stimson, m. nease. not pictured: c. arant, p. rayburn. Freshman Basket-Ball Team Annie Kvlf., Captain the 1914 silhouett •r- S I L H O TLJ E T T: E arark (Ivmn Sl.cKiAN: Bttit it If) lit,- It-ii-roiii ti l9l5silhouet+i social council I to r: m, hunter, j. roush, h. webb, v. uhl, s. snead. sharman, j. perry, d. derrick, 1. laney, w. bridges, c. h opposite page, I to r: f. hamlln, m. merrell, m. w. ha field (pres.), m, groseclose, i. comer, not pictured: Cameron, s. stith. sponsor: b. bond. arts council I to r: k. champe. It. van duyn, It. ryder, g. smith, j. roberts. s. downs, d.a, clal borne, s. martin, 1. white, c. holland, c.a. mckenzie |. mcmullan, |. rogers 62 63 h ouse oresi dents ' council h I to r: c. granade, b. lee. e. mccurdy, s. donald, g. miller, s. skardon (f ouse council I to r: b. haynes. m. perkerson. c. wilkes, I. lynch, k. conrads. n. carter, j. harper, d. gerstle, d. parker mueller, j. kaufmann, b. humiennny, p. hendricks, e. tinkler, s. landers, h. knowlton. perkins, s. freeman, d. dalhouse, c. snook, s. lone D te DciUnolM Obiect Letvbc Bmwb «nd PermiftMon D«!« l » ' - 4 f . • ' ' , )ttdge presidents 4 IV -g. ' IH)! 0. ! 5 ! i: ! .. fe-. V.MX : . .. Dale Church Attended or Excuse 3 : ,. i- -iJL-iic 6 » . I .■■■■■- ir i 1 n ; J w,fcr. ij Otiii ? ' ■ »» -J n f tf n r ' - 03 m-j: ... -. L£ 9 ' 0-rrcu. „!; ' - Chareli ABeoded r Excuse - i t lign out— 1915 c. chandler, c. fulton, a. mcintosh, r. hyatt. not pictured m. cotte orientation council to r: e. mathes (editor), d. Jordan (business manager), b. walker (assoc. ediio 69 silhouette I to r: s. henson, j. perry, b. folk, r. hyatt, d. kennedy, s. r. robbins e. ninestein. h. knowlton. below right: a. hoefer. editor holly knowlton assistant editor dare bard business manager Janet drennan seniors susan henson emphasis ruth hyatt organizations sarah ruffing robbins classes tyler mcfadden ads annette friar faculty jo perry administration bunny folk activities cathy ollver copy ann hoefer directory cheryl granade 70 71 durord bidckf ridfs d ance group glee club -Q Q. E E o E ' i c ' nusic clu b I to r- m. ;r n:or. rd r rj,zer,a ecture committee I to r: s. downs, (chairman b. truesdel, s. tucker, a. mc intosh, g. wilson. nsd ki pc wel; LTHE llLfiOVr Tc. I seniors: susan nenson h senior class orncers ffi Caroline mitchell; sec.-treas., martha Harris; pres., sally tucker; vice-pi A «« :r ' ti. y. V . .«4.»- € ' m M Vi i ' ■ . ;-F zabe+h ann anstine ciology koula ashiotou english Joan pleasants bell economics anne leslle buchanan english mary agnes bullock english elizabeth page burgeni art beverly ann cain history marcia caribal+es psychology 92 2iiL. mare+a wilkins chambers (mrs.) philosophy ca+heryn ann chandler political science history m ' ellen gordon chrlstenberry (mrs.) psychology margaret chapman history deborah ann claiborne art 95 E o -4- o u ' -E £ o6 10 (D 1 O C % 0) Joan ervin conner (mrs.) psychology jr+ha francis cotter 3th carol Crosby history 0) : • o bryn couey daniel (mrs. history P - evii- V-:i 9f: i ! Tt« . patrlcia daunt sociology susan snelling defurio (mrs. history - y cathy patterson delcampo (mrs.) psychology AJtki.kk sarah emily dennard history Barbara summers dobbs (r Spc ' »rtgt! ' .- »;. .M ' -K susan evans donald french sharron lee downs math Janet ruth drennan math edi+h guyton edmiston (m political science hist( L«! : cynthia wendling ferguson (mrs.) economics 107 lynne gar 108 melissa andrelle groseclose psychology 1 farrar gul donna lynn halley art ttsmmS fJi A Jv] mar+ha credle Harris math sherian fitzgerald hodges (mi ann mccallum hoefer english ' i5E ' ?= 55?3iB ' ruth hya+t political science history 116 harriette lee huff classics mary elizabeth humienny chemistry 117 y»H ' 4 ' , jsan cathcart ketchin nglish hollister knowlton biology mary ka+hryn little psychology r -3 -T elizabeth ann mafhes english ' ' Jx7. Judy lee maulc psycholoc 128 JKas... tricia eileen mccurdy onomics jane tiffany nricmullan english carol ann mckenzle dramatic art helen chris+ine mcnamai! bioloci mcpherson lydia marilyn merrell psychoiogy Catherine bowman ollver % .--x,y . «i 54?i Jps ' :: ' - - ' . - V. ,- -. V .$- :,; - ? x ami v-.jjLj . f MkJjsw. -= : margaret thomas powell english molly douglas pollitt (mrs. dramatic art ItraMM rMfci WH mary delia prather mathematics H jane roblnson english Virginia reev germ KstaMKKCSjMht le rogers bet+y sale psychology carol sue sharman history sally ann skaro hist« -mm HU aus9K;i!V? iW mar+ha mizell smith ma+h sally jean sm enql; paula knight swann dramatic art CD D -4- ■ o -2 E marylu tippett Spanish sally slade tucker arf 3 t rebecca wammo histc anne hamilton washing+on biology carol king watkins sociology 153 ura el!en watson iglish Jennie ru+h wheless math nnellnda jane whi+lock sociology Lie bransford weathers ociology patricIa loulse wilkie art Sandra nell wilson english ads: annette friar directory: cheryl granade admir istration: bunny folk faculty: jo perry Classes: tyler mcfadden, eleanor ninestein brown — wrIght hofel supply 640 tenth street atlanta, ga. ph. 873-1825 complete institutional equipment and supplies decatur north decatur plaza north dekalb center pick-up and delivery 377-5465 decatur cleaners and hatters sterilized and odorless cleaning all work done on premises 145 sycamore st. 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JSIAtHBl ' iia! old foshion foods vending machines ' - l4■- -t(:i■fm■. ray smith co. 2588 cascade rd. atlanta, ga. ph. 758-1352 the sherwin-v illiams CO. paints — varnishes — lacquers — enamels — brushes and painters ' supplies 377-1751 2 I 7 trinity place decatur, ga. 164 n 165 T .jfPFgSrg phoenix wholesalers. inc. for all occasions 377-3866 377-1701 writing papers that create forget traffic an impression worries — take 1 a cab montag, inc. decatur 1 ' co-op cabs atlanta, ga. 310 howard ave. new york terrel, texas 24 hrs. service . 166 ... a personal e pression of thanks to the students and faculty of agnes scott college jIm wampler herff Jones company 5105 peachtree Industrial blvd. ■j gHH atlanta, ga 3034! l3 404-457-1313 f Sfl class rings announcements and personal cards pins — charms — sorority pins medals — av ards — trophies enjoy j4rlsbcrat ice cream all the name implies ' atlanta, ga. plantation cafeteria 140 dairmont rd. decatur, ga. 378-6202 f . graham williams co. 1 690 monrise drive atlanta, ga. 167 n :■ .■ n»Tia r; ' — LWW n ;;i..mPWi|i II MUM!- n 1 there is no safer place to keep your savings readily available . . . thanks to Coca-Cola only continuous patron of agnes scott 1898-1970 reprint -from IVI5 yearbook ieman cottage n flow, flow, flow, the current of life Is ever onward . . kobodaishi june in memoridm p. j. rogers jr. 1921-mdrch 14, 1970 chairman hal smi+h uncle gary board of trustees dean emeritus stukes mayor ivan alien jr. dr. Wallace m. alston mr. g. scott candler mr. nell o. davis dr. marshall c. dendy mr, r. Howard dobbs jr. dr. harry a. fifield mrs. William a. fllnn mr. alex p. gaines mr. I. I. gellerstedt mr. I. I. gellerstedf jr. mr. ben s. gllmer dr. massey mott heltzel miss mary Wallace kirk mrs. leonard e. lesourd (Catherine marshall) mr. wilton d. looney Ir. d. p. mcgeachy [r. dr. p. d. miller ir. James a. minter jr. mr. j. r. neal mr. h. g. pattillo dr. j. davison philips mrs. Joseph c. read mr. j. j. scott mr. John a. sibley il 1. smith (chairman) dr. s. guerry stukes mrs. s. e. thatcher william c. wardlaw Jr. mr. g, lamar westcoti ■s. william t. wllson Jr. r. george w. woodruff 179 administration r«fiS:«C 5 president wdlldce m. diston deans of fdculty julid t. gary and mildred I. petty dean of students robertd k. jones ione murphy mollie merrlck mary louise cur 186 nary b. queen Virginia s. hall 187 concepcion p. leon ■ ■ i S ' m, whitley, switchboard : ?si, df. peltz, m. copple; infirmary 189 c. stave n; art art beaver; art marie h. pepe: chairman; art 191 e religion charles b. cousar: visiting, ' 69-70: bible kwai sing chang; bible nary I. boney: chalrnnan; bible • -Tj 5enton kline: visiting, winter: philosophy philosophy e . v alker: chairman, rlchard d. parry; philosophy 193 englis h p. g. pinka, b. w. ball; english 194 I. to r.: w. e. mcnair, b. w. ball, margret g. trotter, patricIa g. pinka, iack I. nelson. Catherine b. Calhoun, jo alien bradham, margaret w. pepperdene: chairman, linda I. woods; engllsh V-T T ' ' 4 ?■». ■ « Ai ' i .-:-i v» „ - elizabeth e. chapman; music raymond j. martin; music 196 nusic speech and drama rentz; speech and drama 197 .«cnr i -.-ff a rndtheiTidtics ronald b. wilde: math sara I. ripy; math on t. dark, ailce ]. Cunningham; chemistry mary w. -fox; chemistr :hemistry ' i ' - - er-,;:try j. frierson: chairman; chemis+ry - -.- ijri ia im i- r-MWia Bm b lolosy ry gillespie, netta e. gray, Josephine bridgman: chairman: biology physics astronomy rdls I, Cramer; biology William a. calder: chairman; physics and astronomy 201 spams eloise berbert; Spanish classics •i»?r ..Ki-T;i.j rai iBKj-i.ii. - -. -m -r- KA ' tV »■ ' - mmmm huguette d. chatagnier; french denni k. Johnson; french gernridn rika m. shiver, erika h. Icocltert; germa gunther bickne 205 n Ufi-vy ' --t j . . i ■.]M- .. t i- -| r ,,j -- -: f - 4i«£ history political science ' . edmund moomaw; political science, John I. gignilliat; history V • .jmjfKL 4»»U I -iMW»JJ ' ' -«-W— A .M nmnHHB psychology ■iam !c. drucker: chairman; psychology lee b. copple; psychology 208 r conomics and sociology nneth r. whit+emore: socioloq John a. tumblin, jr.: chairman; economics and socIologY 209 physical education mary carolyn byrum; physical education margaret ioulse cox; physical education education uTiL-tazi-i V .ii fcaiM BStHHBIWKn ' . ' 7= w. . M •- siLHOTjTEnn E: Stllunwttr Staff the 1916 silhouette the iuni juniors trudy alien bipper anderson deborah arnold cIndy ashworth deborah banghart carol banister dare bard marylu benton lucy bighann Cassandra brown evelyn brown Harriett brown - d ? W.- 4 - i. A ■ . -: [ - r- t . S ' ?r brenda bullard swanna Cameron eva ' s can jane Carlson karen conrads Julia couch dale coulton Carolyn cox Callaway cutler claire danlel sallle daniel ann davis V JP karen derrick - ; sally dunkle ' J carol durrance Jane duttenhave Sandra finoitl dianne fioyd bunny folk annette friar betheda fries Caroline sue hummel ary altce Isele angle jarrett betsy jenningi edifh Jennings 215 e-VK TC -iET S: 3, 216 n kathy mueller becky naylor mary nease stev art lee nelson vIcky nesbl+t Cynthia nev +on nancy nev lon eleanor ninestein betty noble margaret o ' neal becky orlich knot o ' tree betty palme martha patten jo perry grace pierce marco polo myki powell susan propst linda reed ruth reynolds sherry roberts jan roush Sarah ruffing Q ik 217 laura sears katherine setze hope somers ■narsha springs sherry stith g. g. sydnor celia tanner dea taylor margaret taylor peggy thompson ellen tinkler bernie todd anna mills wagoner bev walker wimberly warnock iudy watlington imogene white lynn white kathy whitman ellen willingham linda wilson Susan Winchester vicki yandle 218 the sophomores linda adams harrlet amos candy apple pam arnold pat austin eanor barrineau sally barren mary beafy marian berman eileen bluerock debbie boggus Susie borcuk mary brandon Connie brown melissa carman pat carter jane causey beth champe kathy champe melissa dark cathy cline Julia cole amy cooper 220 Susan correnty ■i Itathleen costello gin crane elleen crouse Cynthia current gayle daley Stephanie daugherty lynn davis madeleine del por+lllo ginger demarest Barbara denzier anne dillard beatie divine dona drake ■fran eilington elaine ervin gale fisher jerry k. foote paula foster didi francke elizabeth gates debra ann gay RBI dianne gerstle Cindy gillvjm Janet golden margaret gulrkin rosahe haley louise hardy nelia head margaret heltzel Julie hemphill becky hendrix terri hiers claire hodges glenda hodges jeannie homey shera iynn hudson mlchal hunter leila iarrett jean Jennings barbara Johnson elizabeth Johnston melissa Jones nancy Jones sharon Jones celeste Jordan debbie iordan ann kabler Jeanne kaufmann anne kemble Sidney kerr ann kllpatrick mary Jane king mary kirchhoffer susan landers amy lanier befsy laseter melinda loftis debbie long marilyn low dianne ludwlgsen mary lumpkm leslle lynch linda maloy 223 jane martin lucinda martin Sarah martin ginny mccabe casey mcculloch laurie mcdonald nancy mcgee carol mcicenzle Tiarcia mcmurray mia meacham frances means susan mees kathy metts susie miller marcia mohney mary |ane morris peggy morris molly myers Virginia neb nancy owen susi parks 225 226 227 in memoridm nancy griffin class ol 1972 the freshmen edith baile7 marilyn barger patty bartlett claire beckham martha bell susan be jane benbow greta benjarmin ruth bennear donna bergh barbara black Connie blackford kitty blair missy boaz cala boddie ianet bolen mary borop 230 Utty bosvraod mlrlam wendy bridges allce bruce jeanie bruning sally bryant margaret burch Jennie bussey kathleen Campbell socorro capo pat carchidi nancy carter edna cary ann cassilly irma cathopoulis kathy dark many dark stacie coclin iulia Codington candy colando caron Collins llnda comento deborah corbett iulia covil ann cowley deana craft a ' lanor cullens lanice culvern debbie dalhouse barbara davis 232 debra Jaclcson Janet jaclcson lisa jepson Susan Johnson Wendy Johnson Susan Jones susan |ones Virginia Jones kay kenney jane ketchin Christine knight marcia knight Christine kcch Carole kroc Julia larue lynn lassiter gigi laughridge jean lee Carole lewis kay lewis margaret lines brenda little Constance loveless llnda lowe mary lucas anne mackenzie carol mackenzie argaret maclennan iudith maguire martha manuel tathryn mcar+hur mary mcbee nancy n-ickinney 236 bonnie froxler eleanor vest nancy vick lee walker nancy Wallace edith waller celeste wallner mary ward kathle warne Suzanne warren betsy watt betsy wech lawton webber Cynthia wilkes eugenia Williams jocelyn williams peggy Williams Wendy williams elizabeth willis delia wilson po Hoo vHoea m ElMAPEMWafCieAl ?! special students why is it that everyone loves farewell songs but hates Farewells? torn paxton who hasn ' t written about time and change? maybe that ' s why we chose that theme-- of time passing, for this book, we ' ve tried to capture the little things that make up a changing year... any year... this year in particular, perhaps your busy days did not allow you time to see them yourself, or maybe these pictures will help you to remember, the flowers, the seasons, will alter only slightly in their recurring pattern, but the people, the time will never be the same, this book is a record of the people of agnes scott as they are now. or were then, we would like to thank all of you whose help and enthusiasm made the book, especially the senior section, possible. v • •■ if I ' M u photography jane causey bob heffron, ruth hyatt, georse Jameson, holly knowlton, gilbert poilitt, anne Washington Staff members eleanor barrineau, eileen bluerock, melissa dark, gin crane, cindy current, Julie hennphill, nancy Jones, debbie Jordan, debbie kennedy Sidney kerr, barbara schuman, ann tomlin, ruthie wheeless, imogene white, dianne wynne photograph page 28, reprinted with special permission of william garnett copyright 1955. very special thanks to eric lewis of morgan studios for his countless hours of assistance and his unfailing patience. -and thanks forever to ruthiC jamie and lucy for their help and encouragement.

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