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• tM i m V s congratulations! you attend an institute of higher yearning. you need 50° o more iron than that big nnale animal. you will walk for 7.5 consecutive minutes and cook " love feasts for two. " your marriage is nnore likely than ever to end in divorce, despite 4,95B " how-to " manuals on the nnapket. you are 99.44° o pure, but you beat men again in the 1SBS mobil economy run of stock cars in the rookies. you share SS.S mien with 33 other future max A ell housi wives. you can look forward to 2.5 children and a white, ford station-wagon. you ' ve got your own. cigarette now, baby, there ' s a heart- shaped bathtub waiting for you in the Poconos. Modern science will give you 74.2 years of soap opera bliss in living color in every room of your split-level house. but your future husband may have been killed in Vietnam. •m. (X : %A ■ «iPl you ' re off to see the v vizard . . . you think you know the road . . . you believe you have a clean perspective on yourself and your companions. yet horizons continuously shift . . . you only feel sensations of a magical world swirl ing around you . . . a carefree timelessness suffusing all horizons. but you go over the at 30. you have silver legs, sport at least three mammoth rings, wear bell-bottoms and fun . . . 1001 looks for 1001 days in the city. try everything on for size. buckle a fad around your waist. try to be feminine in a pant-suit . . . and make sure your hair ' s longer than his. what crease-resistant fun! . s i m 1 f fe d il stop you ' re hardly accustom- ed to your- self—much less your husband- when the baby you ' ve helped to make is born, now you change from " I " to " we " . . . now your actions have pernnanent conse- quences, you — as the product of the post- war baby boom, raised in the cold war era of affluence — see the flaws in the A ay your mother reared you but for the first time you under- stand hen. and so — you seek a balance between prinnordial instinct and spockian freud, between breast- feeding and bottle babies. W im- lib. . iiiW» ' V ' ' - m i ' can you imagine us yeans from today... how terribly strange to be seventy, long ago... it must be...i have a pnotognaph. preserve your nnemories; they ' re all that ' s left you. " paul Simon conscientious objector, you if you can prove that you are e won ' t go to Vietnam this yean. if you ' re studying to become a doctor, a veterinarian, and a minister, you won ' t haul a pack through marshes. neither will you be drafted if you ' re under 5 feet or are your mother ' s only means of support. there ' s only one safer category- you could be even since adam ' s nib, you have been considered only in relationship to men. can a girl like you find happiness and fulfillment in a nnale-free environnnent? worrYOU OR a ARNY NEAREST RECRUITING STATION tmmtmiammimimf advertising strips you of mystery and neclothes you A ith better-living fibers, when you need security, you can only find a foundation garment, advertising equips you with a pain of pne-shnunk, poly-unsaturated, rose-tinted glasses. in a time A hen slogans and images bombard your senses and evokes computerized responses, are you any more than a mannequin to be stripped and dressed at will? when comnnu- nication is so cheap and novelty is all, are there no words A ithout built-in obsolescence? Y .V ' n )iirriitt • 1 -, " )iirrittt »«» iii A ne RoilHHUiiirli ofGoo CHRIST tv.Harrit Supcniisor i ! 1 msmu ILH m 1 i tp I lX B 1; ?S : -%- A ell, then, escape aS-wonds-on-less jungles. escape all plastic Images of you — the mysterious, the free. escape Into " the real, the outside vj orld. " but you can ' t get outside yourself and the life you want to build. I " a woman is better equipped to influence society if s ne has an educated mind, tlie quality of her influ- ence is enhanced through a liberal arts education, liberal as used here means ' liberating. ' it frees her mind from prejudice and narrow views, it allows her to explore, to take into herself, the heritages of his- tory and to use these as, symbolically, a deep well from A hich she draws sustenance for her daily decisions. " — mrs. sarah f ranees mcdonald decatur lawyer in our society today, the A oman is " in. " her influence is felt and reflected in . . . her ' iron hand in a glove ' sort of indirect povA er ... in everything from the pan in the kitchen to the swank indoor swimming pool .. .today ' s A oman is an impor- tant asset to her executive husband, many large companies interview the wife along with the husband, the wife ' s person- ality, poise, capabilities as a hostess greatly influence the selection. " —mrs. Julia h. goza southern bell telephone and telegraph company " very seldom are women thought about except as exten- sions of men. perhaps my greatest responsibility as a wo- man is to stop looking upon myself as a woman, to look on myself as an individual human being, the great issue of our generation and of this century is whether or not human be- ings shall be stereotyped by color, religion, and nationality; i believe that before the century is out, sex will have been added to that list, modern life requires little of that brute force which once was necessary for survival, in fact there is no place in our society for brute force or sheer strength, the strengths which our society requires are not female or male but human strengths ... a wife kills her personality by succumbing to the idea that her husband ' s survival depends on her submission to him. " -mrs. eliza king paschal[ agnes scott collef " mostly they treat me like a younger sister and laugh a lot, but as long as i know they ' re laughing i know they ' re not mad at me. " —norma adanns taxi driver, decatur co-op cab company ' behind every man is a good woman ' should be updated to read ' by the side of every man is a good woman. ' " — mrs. Christie r. tanr " the career woman is a unique creation of our society, someone for whom new doors of free- dom and opportunity are opening constantly, she can bring to hen A ork not only the spiritual equipmient of a woman, but also the intellectual training that used to be reserved for men. with- out either denying or overemphasizing her fem- inity, she must learn to handle her new privileges and influence, i believe that she can maintain her businesslike efficiency while practicing the com- passion and grace that a man may tend to forget or be afraid to show. " — miss karen gearreald agnes scott college, 13BB ph.d. candidate, harvard university " what about the millions of women past and present who are virtually nameless " ? each one has lived and is living up to her own feeling of responsi- bility in her life, achieving goals with talent, courage, and love, such is Vi oman ' s greatest in- fluence on society -the fulfill- ment of her own ideals. " — miss Janice burr therell high school atlanta. " in my opinion, the days in which we could attribute certain societal influences and reflections to one of the sexes are in the past — if, in fact, they ever existed ex- cept in the imagination, affirmative influences and re- flections occur when dedicated, rightly motivated peo- ple participate generously in family, religious, community and business life. " — miss susan k. spruiell community relations manager southern bell telephone and telegraph company " i ' m A orking for the federal government where by law women have to be treated equally on the job with men. despite this, each work day i find myself in all kinds of plays- guerilla tactics-and harassments-to fight for my right to be something besides a secretary, it ' s in- credibly hard to overcome decades of habit; A omen are supposed to do the typing and filing, i sometimes think if i get called the office ' girl ' - meaning secretary- one more time I ' ll scream, i think i now really understand what it ' s like for a black man to be called ' boy ' ... i see the educated woman ' s unique responsibility as this; do anything you have to do to make the business world accept what you have to offer, this is by no means the only way women should influence our society; but if vje don ' t meet the challenge in man ' s realm, we ' ll be on the defensive for god knows how long, — miss felicia guest agnes scott college, 1SBB emphasis pags 1 activities page 22 organizations page 46 student life page 84 administration page 104 k! ■ ' :- ;■■ «» ' " M mum P faculty page 122 classes page 148 ads St directory page 212 credits page 234 afterword page 23B a... « fl -i " ■$. activities: trisha auclair organizations: susan henson student life: many chapman adelaide sams orientation but the first thing you have to learn is how to Icis H a li: i: r .. M " wha do you mean it sets a bad e«ample7 " R H lit BR I HII 3u ' ' B - ' H ■ 1 9 Wi ' H Hi V 1 fi r T I H P y ' W ■ ' ' ' ' ■« b J y|M M Ei ■; 11 a mortar board tapping w wwp . ' m - , i u i nnl | Hl» i ]LI investiture i i . I h i 1 i- ta k ■m 1 ' i Mm y- m d . M 4 i.A L . m ' m fi f ii f :i ' : V ' mw-- .-s . iv ' •-n r?.« 1 V. . J graduation SH rr.-Ji; S- language plays- antigone sophomore parents ' weekend w ■ . ' - " w r winter dance weekend H Vy-flB w a f j r! B ' ■ ■k. I I I H tx l l ' w - n 1 ' I H H ' " iJ H |H 1 Hi pB H xjj H If B ' JiJi l ' i: . ' lIH HjH m iliISilL ' ' fall production glee club concert with harvard n .ii % V J installation ■ith reflection and solemnity the torch is passed ITS-: standing: I. potter, r. a. hatcher, m. chapman, a. at I- frank, r. haves, p. [ohnston. g. gellerstadt, d. boll parks, s. Stanton, seated: b. brown, m. b. mothes. m giiiesp.e. v. prf M.M judicial counci may, |. quNlman, b. wllllamso c. hedges, p. chapman, s. dan ndy, s. wood, m. a. bulloclt, t. brownley, ' i ' ■ " °° ' ' " •, - bullock, t. brownley, a. sama, m. garllngton, I. Jordan, b. brewer, r. hya ker, I. frank, chmn., h. gatewood. p. burr. k. musgrave. c. englehard, r. wilklns, n. rhodes. ; athletic association I. to r.: p. lee. k, frieze, b. Jennings, e. anegletti (pres.), j. bell, s. dowsley, g. fisher, k. Johnson, f. fulton, c. cox. w. wooten (v. pres.), m. smith (treas.), g. bowers, e. crum (sec), l. van duyen, i. scott. 52 rW K iPi 1 ' ' ' ' ' ii! B BI 1 11 1 Iw | J n n i J arts council ' . house pnesidentj council to r.: d. hamp+on, c. chandler, s. yandle, t. sv arhel. p. fridy, a. aberna+hy, p. matthe mm-zm mSr i - y% . y. Jordan, p. may, e. angeletti, m. cha to r: m. b. mothes, 5. wood, I. potte mortar board lecture committee profile left: mclntosh, morrlson, auman. mcfadden, nister, roush, walker, simons, mathes, laney. left: imons. bus. mgr.: s. earley, ed.: k. parl:erson, •is- .% »- m H ' Hfe • ' m ' tHHi m M Hl mM i ' " ' ' " ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' wWvm 1 B ' » - i HFk h : . 10 JPi H pH r Jw W 2 i||k 1 qCf H K BKl - ' jB k.- m l ■ ' v ■L l OL g ik H i lpH blackfnianj front row: I. smith, e. Jones, p. swann, c. pence, s. dennard, c. apple, k. metts. a. pabler. second p. barnes (pres.), c. Holland (treas.), h. gazes, p. briggs. third row: c. adams, t. johnsfon, m. co m : ' ohnson, p. burr, m. wilson. dance group !: ' q lovett. d psrlird b Vi-ne. b zas ' ove. s. wilson (sec), e. seymour, J. roberts. steps: m. co+ter, i. hemphill, g. rolllns. ' j. Stafford, s. pete, j. todd, m. mozeley, c. Holland, m. a. bullock, m. holtman, m. parker, , b. mann, [. rogers, I. hardy, e. mccranie, d. Jordan, c. Iruizenga, p. poats, e. stockman (pres.), r. hall, m. powell, m. j. king, m. parkerson, I. mcdonald, m. I. mcghee ! 70 wmr 3l . Dpp lop Spanish m 1 tippet b brswn b naylor r a ferrante 1 smoth | g martin, i, reed, b. saunders. opp. bottom: german: seated; k. Jordan, b. herring, g martin c owen standing k van duyn t langston b naylor b paul b dye d. duval, above, french: V. sholtu. b. Isahdottlr. I. bowden. m. garlington, m. gamble | duttenhaver f ansley I van duyn d duval p gafford b dye b herring, n. newton, r. a. ferrante, I. smith, k. Jordan, s. donald, d. shrader. language clubs - ' K X ' " .Ji sports clubs p ••• ' ' 2 y i above, dolphin club: 1 to opposite, tennis and badm r: c. pence, b. dye, b, godfrey, b. laroche, n nton. dowsley, m. gilbert, a. gilbert, t. Stanford, v. brown i ' alpha psi omega I. to r.: t. Johnston, m. douglas, b. he who ' s who millard fillmore society chiefs: hooki-lau, p., banana, little meg, courtenay, pg, blossom: indian: aesth mm " minding true things by what; their mockeries be. " — nnarguerite kelly, fnomi Shakespeare ' s henry v " i was ready to go when the hub burned, but i ' m here, since miss scandnett ' s going, I can ' t retire, can i? somebody ' s got to keep things going. " — eva lewis " i used to wonder why i camie to agnes scott. i still do. " — sybil peet " Hon ' t even rnianny a mian if you can ' t beat on his chest and tell himi how terrible he is while he has his armis around you. " — miniam drucken " did you hear about the naked mian walking down ponce de leon in front of the knispy kneme? " — betty noble " happiness miakes up in height what it lacks in length. " — bonnie brown, from nobent frost " nil admirani " — kathryn glick " with weary tread, each wrapt in hen own doom, they wander, wander, on sit fonedone and desolately ponder through sleepless hours with heavy drooping head. " — ann hoefen, fnonn david Worcester " people just brush by each other here, it bugs me. all you have to do is just relax and be yourself, it ' s so easy. " — elsie doenpinghaus " nothing is at last sound but the integrity of your own mind. — kanen hazelwood, .rom emerson " you can get a horse to water, but if you can get hinn to lie down on his back and float, you ' ve really got something. " — susie boncuk, from campbell " it is better to live in a desert land than with a contentious and fretful woman. " — jack nelson, from proverbs -bp margaret pepperdene " if you will tell mewhythe fen appears impassable, i then will tell you why i think that i can get across it if i try. " ■from marianne moone, " i may, -light, i must, " in — o to be a dragon :i.vm». vH!lR »-v •bp genaldine meroney: " i have said before that the past experience revived in the meaning is not the experience of one life only but of many generations— not forgetting sonnething that is probably quite ineffable: the backward look behind the assurance of recorded history, the backward half-look over the shoulder, towards the prinnitive terror. " •fromi t. s. eliot ' s dry salvage ' l i,«L.4 " bp randy jones: " it is only with the heart that one can see nightly, what is essen- tial is invisible to the eye. " —from st. exupeny ' s the little prince bp dusty kenyon: " start smiling and enjoy the miracle of now. bp peggy cox: " sometimes i ' d like to see my classes stand on their heads, laugh, cry... do anything that ' s some sort of expression. " bp lou frank: " it takes twenty-three muscles to smile, it takes forty-three muscles to frown, so conserve energy. " — bp penny burr: " i feel the courage, forth into the world to dare, the woe of earth, the bliss of earth to bear. " — from goethe ' s faust ■bp nancy sowel " i thank heaven somebody ' s crazy enough to give me daisy " from e.e. cumnnings ' " 73 poems " 1 ■bp many chapman: " for all that has been — thanks for all that will be — yes " -from dag han-imRnskiold ' s markings ■bp tina bnownley: " I ' ll take agnes scott on the virgilian note — ' facilis descensus avenno ' for warning, ' fonsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit ' for comfort, ' dux femina facti ' for inspiration. " ■ bp merle walker: " if timie for you has never stood still and problems fallen away, then you are neither truly educated nor fully human. " bp libby potter: " one of the most fascinating human beings i ever met was the stranger who lives in my body. " " ' -,3: m administration: ruth hyatt faculty: bonnie brown classes: linda owen ■ ■ deans of faculty: kline gary ■irt a iiijt n wij i i liWj i itlM i i i r .i S :S Trr, :vy: f ' - .« ' dean ' s staff: dean scandnett merrick nnunphy curnie chapman hall leon lindig board of trustees dean emeritus stukes public relations dr. mcnaip library staff: edna hanley byers newman canter ginn Jones blackstone skelton Culpepper alumnae office: ann worthy Johnson pendleton diseke r cargill Cnot pictured] alunnnae house: margaret cobb not pictured treasurer: William hannah mailroom: mns. lewis bookstore: mrs. doerpinghaus mrs. nay infirmary staff: dr. r. peltz glosson hardy SNA ain dining hall staff: caldwell saundens evans business and donmitoriej 5TUDENT USE OF POWER UIPMENT PERMITTED ONLY IN THE PRESENCE OF AN ITHORIZEO FACULTY MEMBER speech and drama: winter ' fl , nentz music: mcdowell martin adams chapman matthews fuller P J philosophy: kline walker parry § english: pepperdene trotter mcnair nelson ball bnadham calhoun richnnan woods H r 1 |ii W52 Jg 1 HBSI I psychology: drucken omwake copple hogan sociology and economics: tumblin smith Johnson thimester whittemone 133 Spanish: dunstan mazlish herbert . 1 gernnan: shiver bicknese kockert rr)05- ' be iurned On dun ' n ab sessions - Ub. D.r. ii french: steel alien illien hubent Johnson volkoff trotter classics: glick young matsen ' . astronomy and physics: calder reinhant i. • Q physical education: mckemie mckinney bynum cox tillman biology: bridgman gnoseclose bowden gray cranner mccnacken chemistry: gary frierson dark Cunningham fox ann aberne+hy patricia auclair anne alien Catherine auman evelyn angeietti beth bailey frances ansley peggy barnes sally giliespie: it ' s made all the other years worth it. I ' ve finally adjusted - it ' s a shame i have to leave, but i ' mi ready; how many miore days? trisha auclair: senior year is hell, but it ' s a relief, too. Sandra beck tina bender carol blessing t!na brownley :»j carol ruff: it ' s a timie filled with different emotions for miost people, there are so many of us ready to be out of here, but there ' s almost a fear of what lies beyond, it ' s been fun, because we ' ve learned something, i have a sense of accomiplishment. seniors cheryl bruce joetta burkett penny burr lucy chapman mary chapman Julie cottrill iudy dewitt sally chapman jan cribbs iane dillard candy choatas janle davis bonnie dings martha cooper Virginia davis sharon dixon seniors Carolyn gray diane hale dee hamp+on mildred hendr margaret green bekab hall mary hart beth herring lalla griffis pat hames ruth anne hatcher carol hill gayle grubb nancy Hamilton ruth hayes marion hinson seniors seniors clyde maddox Johnnie gay martin polly matthews patsy may Suzanne moore seniors becky ramirei Carolyn robinson carol anne ruff patsy rankin sally rayburn Joanna reed jean rodman adelalde sams flora rogers maria sawyer leanne ropp ma+tle lee sayrs dorothy schrader linda Seymour 01}TH eilCINI TO Pf}oC oT£ THfc HUAfifOflS. noT o J ' Cpjf?£: ' rue %E:c(?cr J. rs of aaj t-iooo A oAy Tues , act 31 T fu ■SAT AfPii unH eii ifJi, CB patricIa wise suiy wilson winkle wootton mar+ha wilson gayle wunder bet+y woodruff jo Wilson sharon yandle sally wood rosie wilson bet+y your g the junior year margaret boyd betsy brewer ruth goeller: it ' s a year for self-ap- pnaisal and prac- tical decisions, it ' s the most impor- tant time to learn what interests me, where i fit in now and after graduation. sharron downs: although this year is even more cdiffi- cult than the last two and I ' ve had to work harder, I ' ve also enjoyed it more, the longer i stay, the more i ke it! bonnle brown pat brown leslle buchanan many agnes bullock page burgeni Icaren cappel marcia canbaltes barbara cecil bev lee: i love it. most of the pres- sure is gone, i en- joy courses more and the social reg- ulations are a lot -atter. i Uk. „Slf - wBL M mAw fiS 1 i M PK|K% JKI QJ L 1 1 k , ca+hy chandler P ggy chapman charloHe coat lily comer judy conder carol cook donald mary douglas sharron downs Janet drennan cathy du vail joan ervin sherie fitigerald 1 7 I gamble lynne garcia hope gazes ruth goeller ellen gordon cheryl granade bebe guill melissa groseclose edi guyton 168 sharon hall mary wills Hatfield susan henson beth humienny mar+ha Harris susan Head Barbara hobbs ruth hyatt camille Holland susan ingle harrlette huff bryndis isaksdottir sally James julianne Johnson randy Jones myra Jordan . n debbie kennedy Joyce kitchens holly knowlton mary little nnary macmillan betty mann dusty kenyon darrow long kathy mahood judy markam susan ke+chin Judy lange bev lee barbara krnney ann miiell kay parkerson chris pence mary prather gail rogers cathy Oliver linda owen Sandra parrish Janet pfohl paula putnam Jessie rogers cathie patterson gail pinckney nancy rhodes mary lou romaine cindy padgett Valerie pearsall margo powell norma shaheen carol sh. beverly shepherd w ., ... - .,i» 3»g -.1,1. m -» g:!tjmj juniors becky wammock cyn+hia wenoling charlotte williams carol watkins laura watson sue weathers ruthle wheless pat wilkie rita wilkins Sandra wilson boo winey marilyn wootton sue Wright diane Wynne the sophomore year 1 tins adams trudy alien janace anderson deborah arnold cindy ashworth carol banister clare bard becky belcher holly bauer mary lu benton lucy bigham ka+hy bowden Cassandra bro evelyn brown tina adams: during nny sophomore year i have be- come aware to an even greater ex- tent that, if agnes scott continues to maintain its rigid ideas of education, this college will be defunct within a short time, no stu- dent will be able to learn nor teacher educate in an at- nnosphere which neither extols nor tolerates the dy- namismi of the in- dividual. hope sommers: i can ' t wait till the freshmen start gaining weight, sophomore slumip- i didn ' t believe this yean would be so different. y mLJ ' bitsy kasselbupg: unlike last year, we have some re- quirements out of the way. socially, it ' s not quite the same, but we are more at ease around campus. 177 i fv. ■ «t. H vw irw HV " I JJ. : robbie butler swanna cameron karen conrads jean Cornwall ' " ida corder miriam corson Julia couch dale coul+on sophomores Carolyn cox brenda dance ann davis scobey dowsley jane du+tenhaver Callaway cutler sallie daniel sarah dennard sara dunkle tricla edwards Icaren derrick ka+hryn durden rose anne ferrante dale derrick carol durrance Sandra finotti margaret funderburk Carolyn gailey dolly garrison Harriet gatewood " • Scott Cj; n street line side property 1 " if Repairs as foil ►vements: ' , .,, gayle gellerstedt ellen gilbert- boo godfrey anna gordon •.ege Buttrick St. - Add ...Add pai . 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' editor sharon dixon associate editor holly knowlton business manager many anne murphy copy editor holly Jackson photography peggy bannes Carolyn gray carol blessing peter shellhorn holly knowlton Sharon dixon we wish to express special thanks to eric lewis of morgan studios for his patience and josey caldwell for the use of her " madonna " on page 5. p.s. this year we decided to use the yearbook to explore some- thing we felt qualified to define — you. since the idea was good, but the project impossible, our results were rather general, we hope there is a virtue in generalization and that each of you can find something here that you recognize as true, we feel it should be tremendously exciting to be a woman now and that we are surprisingly unaware of our A omanness: enjoy it. our 1SB9 yearbook has had more student participation than previous books and we thank those of you who came for pic- tures, took pictures, wrote about the pictures and looked at the pictures, this book is simply for you to enjoy, please do. the nineteen sixty-nine yearbook of agnes scott college decatun, georgia Ixvi S{ !g!i!!iii[ililiiia!li!M5!n;i;i li«iai!i{«!!:5:;!-aniim:i!Hi n;iLM::i;.

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