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Q PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE DECATUR, GEORGIA Member Plssociated Collegiate Press LIVE A N D BE H A P P Y WORK The center of our campus life as expressed on the sundial casts a fitting summary of our busy hours on campus. Four views of buildings around the sundial sym- bolize our ideals of life at Agnes Scott. Within the domitories we develop Christian social standards; the dining hall furnishes good food for our physical well-being; in the classroom buildings the faculty deeply stirs our intellectual curiosity. Life on the campus is encompassed by a simple religious faith. TO DR. WALLACE McPHERSON ALSTON WHO WORKS UNCEASINGLY WITH AND FOR US AT AGNES SCOTT. WHOSE FRIENDLY " HELLO " MAKES OUR LIVES ON CAMPUS HAPPIER. AND WHOSE LIFE EMBODIES THE CHRISTIAN IDEALS AND PRINCIPLES UPHELD BY OUR COLLEGE. DEDICATION CONTENTS FACULTY ADMINISTRATION 20 CLASSES 70 FEATURES 83 ACTIVITIES 105 ATHLETICS I 14 ADVERTISEMENTS SENIORS . . . JUNIORS . . . SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN . . . SPECIAL STUDENTS BEAUTY SECTION SPECIAL EVENTS . PUBLICATIONS . . HONORARY GROUPS ASSOCIATIONS . . CLUBS FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO. THROUGH THEIR EXPERIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING. HAVE GUIDED US IN OUR DEVELOPMENT IN THE YEARS AT COL- LEGE. THEY WORK WITH US IN THE CLASSROOMS AND ASSIST US IN THE OFFICES: THEY PLAY WITH US IN CAMPUS PRODUCTIONS AND SPORTS: THEY LEAD US IN MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL GROWTH. WALLACE McPHERSON ALSTON PRESIDENT In his two years as President of Agnes Scott, Dr. Alston has come to be an inspiration to all who know him. His capable leadership and his pride in our college command respect and admiration from everyone. To us as students he presents a challenge for the future. SAMUEL SUERRY STUKES DEAN OF THE FACULTY REGISTRAR As a personal friend and an academic counselor, Dr. Stukes means a great deal to the students of Agnes Scott. We especially value his sincere interest in others and his friendly understanding of each individual. These qualities explain why he is an invaluable part of every phase of campus life. In Miss Scandrett the Agnes Scott ideal comes to life. She inspires all who know her with her poise, graciousness, unselfishness, and amazing insight. No other person on the campus means so much to the personal happiness of the students as does Miss Scandrett. CARRIE SCANDRETT DEAN OF STUDENTS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS OFFICES " Would you please cash this check? " and " Mr. Jones, I need some lights for the play next week, " can be heard in these offices most any hour. Students and faculty alike deeply appreciate the helpfulness of the Business Man- ager ' s office and the efficiency of the Treasurer ' s office. LAURA STEELE The Registrar carries on many tasks which are important to the student. Registration, course selections, the sending and record- ing of grades, the catalogue, and post- graduate and job findings are all carried out by this office. PUBLICITY AND ALUMNAE OFFICE Every time one walks by the mail room, she sees the publicity board crowded with news of Agnes Scott from the newspapers. How nice it is to see your name in the paper and not to have known it was going to be there! The student, who will some day be a member of the Alumnae Association, has plenty of opportunity to know the organ- ization while on campus through its teas and the Alumnae Quarterly. " Congratulations on your birthday! " comes from this office to the surprise of each stu- dent every year. Friendly greetings, helpful talks, and making announcements for stu- dents are just a few of the services that this office pleasantly renders. ANN JACOB SECRETARY ELEANOR HUTCHENS DIRECTOR OF PUBLICITY AND ALUMNAE AFFAIRS SYBIL CORBETT MARTHA WEAKLEY ALUMNAE REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE MANAGER t t f • 1l 1 V M DORMITORY SUPERVISION ANNIE MAE F. SMITH NADA RHODES WYNN SUPERVISOR OF ASSISTANT DORMITORIES DINING HALL The efficiency with which all the dormitories and cottages are cared for is attributed to the management of this office. Everyday life is made easier and more pleasant by the man- aging of the two capable supervisors and their faithful negro staff. Efficient management of Agnes Scott s beautiful dining hall guarantees a cheerful atmosphere and well-planned meals for faculty and students who eat there together. OFFICE OF DEAN OF STUDENTS ISABELLA W. LEWIS ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENTS The co-operative staff in the dean ' s office keeps the students ' non-academic life flowing smoothly. No student is unknown or unwelcome by any individual in the dean ' s office. LILLIAN SMITH OCTAVIA GARLINGTON McCRACKEN ASSISTANT TOJHf ASSISTANT TO THE DEAN OF STUDENTS DEAN OF STUDENTS ELA BURT CURRY ADELAIDE RYALL BEALL ASSISTANT TO THE ASSISTANT TO THE DEAN OF STUDENTS DEAN OF STUDENTS LIBRARY ' Happy Is The Man Who Findeth Wisdom " is one of the inscriptions which greets the student as she enters the library. The thoroughly executed planning by Mrs carried out by her diligent staff, makes the library a haven LittL FAC U LTY ART The art department of Agnes Scott makes an important contribution to campus life. Inter- esting lectures and exhibits are regular feat- ures. There are a variety of courses offered which are suited to both the professional art student and the casual admirer. The Bible department of Agnes Scott is a fitting complement to a Christian college. Through the perceptive insight of the instructors the individual ' s faith is reaffirmed and her spiritual and intellectual insight enlarged. Religious thought and history are thoroughly covered in the variety of courses. NOT PICTURED: MARY LILY BONEY INSTRUCTOR ON LEAVE 1952-1953 BIOLOGY The biology department offers its students an understanding of the life around them, be if a microscopic plant, a single-cell animal, or man himself. With the microscope as a tool, students in the laboratory can actually observe and compare the vital func- tions of the living world. NOT PICTURED: NETTA ELIZABETH GRAY INSTRUCTOR NANCY PENCE GROSECLOSE ASSISTANT PROFESSOR CHEMISTRY In no other field of knowledge today is there such rapid development as in the field of chemistry. Agnes Scott chemistry students in classroom and laboratory learn principles that enable them to fully appreciate these developments. The well-equipped John Bulow Campbell Science Hall provides tools with which advanced students may do independent study and laboratory work. NOT PICTURED: MARY WALKER FOX ASSISTANT CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE Under the auspices of the capable department of classical languages and literature the student is able to unearth the rich cultural treasures of the past for her own enjoy ment. Through the appreciation of the past this department helps the student to eval uate and discriminate in future life. ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY The department of economics and sociology aids the student in developing an insight into financial and social problems within and outside her community. Interesting field trips and guest speakers are highlights of the courses. I MARGARET GUTHRIE WALTER EDWARD McNAIR TROTTER ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ENGLISH The English department is one which reaches all Agnes Scott students. By offering a wide range of courses, it provides a rich background for a liberal education. Besides directing students ' footsteps in profitable paths during college days, the capable members of this department furnish a basis for a rewarding intellectual life beyond campus experience. SPEECH Nearly everyone has some of the actor in him. One of the better known functions of the speech department is to train students in dramatics and play production. How- ever, before one reaches this stage, he must first study the fundamentals of effective speech. The dramatics club, Blackfriars, gives fine performances quarterly, and speech students often sponsor chapel programs that entertain the entire campus community. JANET LORING INSTRUCTOR FRENCH The members of the French department recognize the necessity of being familiar with the thought and customs of countries other than our own, if we would live wisely and well in a world which by virtue of scientific progress is ever decreasing in size. This awareness makes the French department one of the most up-to-date on the Agnes Scott campus. A speaking and reading ability of the language is acquired plus a kn edge of the country itself. GERMAN One of the most popular language departments at Agnes Scott is the German de- partment. Emphasis is placed not only upon conversational ability but also upon a broad reading knowledge. The work in this department is made even more interesting by language clubs, record conferences, and special language tables in the dining hall. - v CATHERINE STRATEMAN SIMS ASSOCIATE PROCESSOR HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Through a knowledge of past civilizations, the Agnes Scott history students learn to interpret present-day issues of world-wide interest. The history department offers courses that range from the early Greek and Roman periods to current events; from Renaissance civilization to American polit- ical parties. By taking advantage of this variety of studies one acquires a sound background for becoming an informed citizen. MATHEMATICS The day when women were excluded from the realm of mathematics has passed. Agnes Scott students are offered courses that train them in exact thinking, and may progress to such advanced subjects as analytic geometry of space. Students interested in mathematics find a challenging program at Agnes Scott. MUSIC LILLIAN ROGERS GILBREATH INSTRUCTOR Agnes Scott students benefit in many ways from the active program of the music department. They may take practical courses in organ, piano, violin, and voice; they may study the theory and history of music; they may attend the chapel programs and concerts presented by the music faculty, individual students, and the glee club. The entire Atlanta area appreciates the extra- curricular activities of the music department. NOT PICTURED: ISABEL MAWHA BRYAN INSTRUCTOR EDWIN CHAPPELL WHITE INSTRUCTOR Jt PHILOSOPHY The philosophy department offers Agnes Scott students an opportunity to develop their own powers of clear reasoning. Contact with the great thinkers of the past stimulates independent thinking within modern in- dividuals. No matter what philosophy students study or plan to do after graduation, their philosophy courses enable them to deal with questions concerning the ultimate meaning of life. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH JANET ALEXANDER COLLEGE PHYSICIAN PROFESSOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Every girl on the campus is aided by the physical education department in achieving the Agnes Scott ideal of physical well-being. The wide choice of activities wthin ithe department includes instruction in dancing and most sports, classes in health, inter-class team competition, and extra- curricular activities for individuals. Thus students gain skills and poise as well as receiving the benefits of medical care. Agnes Scott ' s roomy infirmary has staff and facilities adequate for any emergency that might arise, while daily it serves the less serious medical needs of the campus. PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY In the Bradley Observatory and the John Bulow Campbell Science Hall, Agnes Scott students keep up with the expanding world of science. Through the fine Agnes Scott telescope they explore the universe, while in the physics lab they discover what natural laws govern our world. In the physics and astronomy departments science takes on new significance for everyday life. JOHN INKSTER GOODLAD SAMU EL PAUL WIGGINS PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION KATHERINE TAIT OMWAKE ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY EMILY S. DEXTER ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY The psychology department strives to promote an understanding of the principles of psychology that students may apply to learning and all their contacts in life. Courses in the methods of experimentation lead to more advanced instruction in personality and the problems of psychology. SAMUEL GUERRY STUKES PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION NOT PICTURED: CHARLES BOWMAN WALDEN ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION SPANISH Both the written and spoken language find a place in the instruction of the Spanish department. By looking into all phases of the literature and civilization of another people, students broaden their minds ' horizons. They also acquire fluency in speaking the language so that it lives for them. HESTER POOLE MATTHEWS INSTRUCTOR LOUISE McKINNEY PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH, EMERITUS MARY F. SWEET PROFESSOR OF HYGIENE, EMERITUS ALMA WILLIS SYDENSTRICKER PROFESSOR OF BIBLE, EMERITUS CATHERINE TORRANCE PROFESSOR OF CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES, EMERITUS ROBERT B. HOLT PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY, EMERITUS LUCILE ALEXANDER PROFESSOR OF FRENCH, EMERITUS CHRISTIAN W. DIECKMANN PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, EMERITUS LEWIS H. JOHNSON ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, EMERITUS FRANCES K. GOOCH ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH, EMERITUS MARY STUART MacDOUGALL PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY. EMERITUS CLASSES INVESTITURE . . . OUR SYMBOL WHICH ACCLAIMS THAT THE STUDENT WHO HAS SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED HER FIRST THREE YEARS AT AGNES SCOTT HAS REACHED THE DIGNITY OF SENIORHOOD. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DONNA DUGGER PRESIDENT MARY ANN WYATT VICE PRESIDENT JANE HOOK SECRETARY-TREASURER Our depiction in campus diction of life at Agnes Scott; Liberal Arts is our theme; Graduation, our dream. Our relation to education is really something to see, While struggling to get that BA degree. Lessons that take us all night; Classes that take us all day. Don ' t let us break your heart, we really ain ' t that smart — We still get to play. Tech and Emory, Cheese and broccoli, Them ' s things that we ' ve got. We ' re whooping it up, At Agnes Scott. SENIOR C LAS S CHARLOTTE STIRLING ALLAIN AVONDALE ESTATES, GA. MATHEMATICS ALLARDYCE ARMSTRONG PSYCHOLOGY SENIORS PAT BAUMGARTEN. CHARLOTTE ALLAIN, EVELYN BASSETT, AND DICHE ARMSTRONG ANNE EVELYN BASSETT FORT VALL£ V , GA. PSYCHOLOGY PAT BAUMGARTEN ATLANTA, GA. ENGLISH ANN BAXTER MATTHEWS, N. C. CHEMISTRY CONNIE BYRD. BERTIE BOND. ANN BAXTER, AND FRANCES BLAKENEY FRANCES BLOUNT BLAKENEY MATTHEWS. N. C. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE 19 5 3 MARY ALVERTA BOND OAK RIO HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE CONSTANCE ANN BYRD MARY JO CHAPMAN SYCHOLOGY PEGGY ALICE CARLOS DORIS CLINGMAN NEW ORLEANS, LA. ENGLISH ATLANTA. GA. BIOLOGY DORIS CLINGMAN, BUNNY COLEY, MARY JO CHAPMAN. AND PEGGY CARLOS SENIORS FRANCES ELLEN COLEY WAYNESBORO. VA.1 ENGLISH EUNICE TURNER CONNALLY SARAH FRANCES COOK LA GRANGE, GA. ROME, GA. HISTORY PSYCHOLOGY ANN BROOKS COOPER ALBANY, GA. HISTORY VIRGINIA CORRY TIFTON, GA. PSYCHOLOGY FRANCES COOK, EUNICE CONNALLY. ANN COOPER, AND VIRGINIA CORRY 9 5 3 MARGARET RALEIGH COUSAR TSHIMBULU. BELGIAN CONGO, AFRICA HISTORY . ' - JANE DALHOUSE ANNE CARTER DEWITT GAINESVILLE. GA. PSYCHOLOGY DONYA JOAN DIXON GORGAS, ALABAMA SENI ORS DONYA DIXON, MEG COUSAR, AND JANE DALHOUSE. NOT PICTURED: ANNE DEWITT 3B SUSAN WALTON DODSON COLUMBIA, S. C. PSYCHOLOGY 19 5 3 DONNA DUGGER, SUSAN DODSON, AND MARY EVANS, NOT PICTURED: CAROL EDWARDS DONNA ANNE DUGGER SHEFFIELD, ALA. PSYCHOLOGY FRANCES CAROL EDWARDS ATHENS, GA. FRENCH MARY FRANCES EVANS THOMASVILLE. GA. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SC N MARY ANNE GARRARD CORDELE, GA. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE D FRANCES SINN SENIORS LOIS FRANCES GINN CATHERINE EMERY GOFF PATRICIA ANN GREEN ATLANTA, SA. ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOG RUTH DAHL GUDMUNSON COLUMBIA, S. C. PSYCHOLOGY -3N MARY ADELAIDE HAMILTON DECATUR, GA. ENGLISH RUTH GUDMUNSON, FLO HAND, MARY HAMILTON, AND SARAH CREWE HAMILTON SARAH CREWE HAMILTON DECATUR, GA. MATHEMATICS 19 5 3 FLORENCE HAND PELHAM GA. SENIORS BETSY HILL SAVANNAH. GA VIRGINIA CLAIRE HAYS MOULTRIE, GA. ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY BETSY LEE HODGES SOUTH HILL, VA. ENGLISH GERTRUDE KELLER HENDERSON DORAVILLE, GA. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE 19 5 3 NATALIE HOWARD, JANE HOOK, MARY HOLLAND, AND PEGGY HOOKER MARY ANNIE HOLLAND ATLANTA, GA. PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY MARGARET E.HOOKER SCARSDALE, N. Y ENGLISH JANE HOOK GAINESVILLE. GA. NATALIE STRATTON HOWARD colle:-;, chemistry ELLEN EARLE HUNTER NEW ORLEANS, LA. BIOLOGY CAROL LOU JACOB DECATUR. GA. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE SENIORS CAROL LOU JACOB, ELLEN HUNTER. ANN JONES, AND BARBARA JOHNSTO BARBARA ANN JOHNSTON ANN JONES ATLANTA, GA. BEAUMONT, TEXAS MATHEMATICS ENGLISH JACQUELINE DEAN KING HAPEVILLE. GA. MUSIC SARAH ANN LEATHERS DECATUR. GA. MUSIC DESPO MATHESON EVELYN FARMER MERRIL TAMPA, FLA. EUFAULA, AL ENGLISH PSYCHOLOG MARY MILLS LINDSEY GRIFFIN, GA. ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY NANCY SARGEANT LOEMKER ATLANTA, G « ENGLISH EVELYN MERRILL, MARY LINDSEY, AND NANCY LOEMKER. NOT PICTURED: DESPO MATHESON SENIORS 1ARION POULLAIN MERRITT RANTA, GA. I STORY ADALINE GRAHAM MILLER SAVANNAH. GA. ENGLISH BELLE NEEL MILLER ATLANTA. GA. ENGLISH PATRICIA MARIE MORGAN AMERICUS, GA. CHEMISTRY ADALINE MILLER, PATTY MORGAN, BELLE MILLER, AND MARION MERRITT 9 5 3 BETTY MARIE McLELLAN DALTON. GA. SENIORS MARGARET REDFEARN McRAE WADESBORO, N. C. BIBLE LILLA KATE PARRAMORE VALDOSTA, GA. INTERDEPARTMENTAL SCIENCE 1 «■ 3V « ' ri ' 1 SUE PETERSON, MARGARET McRAE, BETTY McLELLAN, AND LILLA KATE PARRAMORE SUE SMITH PETERSON ANNE POTTS GABBETTVILLE. GA. BUSINESS ECONOMICS 9 5 3 RUTH BROWN REEVES DILL ATLANTA, GA. PHILOSOPHY MARY BETH ROBINSON AUBURN. ALA. BIBLE I E POTTS. RUTH DILL. MARY BETH ROBINSON, AND LOUISE ROSS LOUISE WEBB ROSS HATTIESBURG, MISS. SENIORS NANCY VIRGINIA RUFFNER BARNESVILLE. SA. CHEMISTRY RUTH RUNYON DECATUR. GA. BOTANY AND BIOLOGY UTH RUNYON. SHIRLEY SAMUELS, AND NANCY RUFFNER. NOT PICTURED: BONNIE SANDERS SHIRLEY JEAN SAMUELS ATLANTA. GA. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE T BONNIE SANDERS ATLANTA, GA. SUANNE BOWERS SAUERBRUN ATLANTA, GA. RITA MAY SCOTT MONTGOMERY, ALA. MATHEMATICS CHARLINE TRITTON SHANKS ATLANTA, GA. BIBLE 19 5 3 PRIS SHEPPARD, CHARLENE SHANKS PRISCILLA MARY SHEPPARD LAURENS, S. C. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE rsm. SENIORS DELE THOMPSON, MARGIE THOMASON. LINOY TAYLOR, AND MARIE STOWERS MARGARET ELIZABETH THOMASON COPPERHILL, TENN. ENGLISH LORIA MARIE STOWERS rLANTA. GA, OCIOLOGY ADELE THOMPSON OLANTA. S. C. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE INDY TAYLOR ATLANTA, GA PSYCHOLOGY 19 5 3 ANNE THOMSON, NORMA WANG, VIVIAN WEAVER, AND HELEN TUCKER FRANCES ANNE THOMSON TAMPA, FLA. ENGLISH NORMA RA-CHEN WANG HONG KONG, CHINA MUSIC HELEN MARIE TUCKER EAST POINT, GA. SOCIOLOGY VIVIAN LUCILLE WEAVER MOBILE ALA FRENC BARBARA ELIZABETH WEST JOHNSON CITY, TENN. ECONOMICS ROBERTA ELLEN WILLIAMS DALTON, GA. SOCIOLOGY RAYMOND JONES MARTIN, JR. DECATUR. GA. MASCOT OF THE CLASS OF 1953 MARY ANN WYATT ROANOKE, VA. ENGLISH •AS. AND BARBARA WEST ELIZABETH FULLER JACKSON Elizabeth Fuller Jackson came to Agnes Scott College in 1923 and served as associate professor of history until her death in February 1952. During these years she rendered valuable and inspiring service to the changing generation of students coming under the charm of her rich information and her warm friendlinesss. She had an infinite capacity and enthusiasm for work and a talent for friendship. The interest she felt in European History, in English, in Russian History, she succeeded in communicating to her students, and instilling in them a real appreciation of Art, Music, and Litera- ture. A deep personal interest in her students was the outstanding characteristic of her teaching. The faithfulness and loyalty that marked her service to Agnes Scott was a reflection in our sphere of her brave Christian Character and in her faith and loyalty to God and her church. Her fine, rich spirit which had poured itself out so generously in the years of service and responsibility found itself sustained and soothed in her sufferings, and she faced death with dignity, courage, and faith. N MEMORI AM In memory of Phyllis Ann Fisher who would have graduated this June. Phyllis was born February 6, 1931, and her home was in Paris, Kentucky. At Agnes Scott her major was Biology, and she served as an active member of Christian Association Council. A beloved member of her class, she was known for her genuine friendliness, sense of humor, and zest for living; her death shortly before the opening of this school year has meant a loss to us all. PHYLLIS ANN FISHER SENIORS ' SPECIAL INTERESTS IN CAMPUS ACTIVITIES CHARLOTTE ALLAIN: DICHE ARMSTRONG: EVELYN BASSETT: PAT BAUMGARTEN: ANN BAXTER: FRANCES BLAKENEY: 52-53 blackfriars, silhouette. ■49. ' 50 blackfriars, a. s. news; 50-5 1 Spanish club, black- friars a. s news; ' 5 1 ' 52 a. s. news, Spanish club (treas.). canterbury club (treas.), blackfriars; ' 52- ' 53 a. s. news, Spanish club (v. pres.), canterbury club (pres.), black- friars. 49- ' 50 freshman choir, granddaughters ' : ' 50- ' 5l string ensemble, granddaughters ' (sec.-treas.) ; ' 5l- ' 52 glee club, silhouette, bible club; ' 52- ' 53 glee club. ' 52- ' 53 sh denom. group CONNIE BYRD: Transfer 5 1 - ' 52 a. s (treas.). 49-50 a. a. rep., dolphin; ' 50- ' 5l Softball mgr.. dolphin club; ' 51-52 chi beta phi, dolphin club, jr. pint (money man), a. a. (sec); , 52- , 53 a. a. (pres.). mortar board, chi beta phi. who ' s who. ' 49- 50 fr. bible club (treas.), hockey team, c. a. council; ' 50-51 c a. council (chr. comm.). hockey team, french club bible club. Softball team; 51-52 c. a. council (chr. comm.), student gov. exec. comm. (house pres.). Softball team; ' 52- ' 53 student gov. exec. comm. (house pres.), hockey team, Softball team, french club, bible club. 50-51 blackfriars, v. pres. soph class; ' 51-52 blackfriars. c. a., intercollegiate council (v. pres.); ' 52- ' 53 exec, (house pres. rebekah). intercollegiate council (treas.). ' 49- ' 50 fr. choir, bible club, c. a. council; ' 50- ' 5l bible club club, chorus, c. a. council; ' 5l- ' 52 bible club (sec), gl (pres.). g qlee club. llee club, prayer chr. 3rd main; ' 52- ' 53 bible ' 52-53 chi beta phi (rec. sec.) ' 49- ' 50 blackfriars, fr., choir; ' 50- ' 5l blackfriars; 51-52 lecture assoc. (pub. chr.), student gov. lower house (rep.). glee club, blackfriars; ' 52- ' 53 student gov. exec. comm. (cottage pres.), mortar board (historian), blackfriars (pres.). 49- ' 50 fr. choir, black cat. jr. ioint; ' 50- ' 5l cotillion club, a. s news, hockey team; ' 5 1 - ' 52 social comm., cotillion (v. pres.), hockey team, a. s. news; ' 52- ' 53 social comm. (chr.), cotillion, student gov. exec. comm. (rep.) BUNNY COLEY: 49- ' 50 folio, c. a. council; - 50- ' 5l glee club, a. s. news, c. a council; ' 5l- ' 52 glee club. a. s. news, bible club. jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 glee club, bible club. 49-50 badminton club, glee club; ' 50- ' 5l bible club. b. s. u. (rep. s. s.); ' 51-52 blackfriars. jr. joint (ticket chr.). |b. s. u. pres.). jr. sponsor, c. a. council, may day; ' 52- - 53 blackfriars. silhouette (faculty ed.), b. s. u. (prog, chr.), ' 49- ' 50 fr. choir, dolphin club, black cat; ' 50- ' 5l dolphin club, (sec.-treas.), a. a. (badminton mgr.); ' 5I- ' S2 dolphin club (sec.-treas.), a. a. (archery man.), jr. joint: 52-53 dolphin club, swimming mgr., hockey mgr., camp fire girl leader, black cat. PEGGY CARLOS: MARY JO CHAPMAN: DORIS CLINGMAN: EUNICE CONNALLY: SARAH FRANCES COOK: ' 49- ' 50 student gov. exec. comm. (rep.); ' 50-51 c. a. council (intercollegiate chr.); ' 5l- " 52 student gov. (sec); 52-53 student gov. (v. pres.), mortar board, who ' s who. 49-50 fr. choir, hockey team; ' 50- ' 5l Spanish club, hockey team; 51 - ' 52 Spanish club, aurora, hockey team; ' 52-53 Spanish club, aurora, hockey team. ' 49- ' 50 folio, fr. bible class (sec), bible club; ' 50- ' 5l c a. council: ' 51-52 bible club (v. pres.), c a. council; ' 52- ' 53 bible club (pres.). c a. council (comm. chr.), glee club (librarian). transfer ' 51-52 jr. joint: ' 5l- ' 53 black cat, sr. advisory comm., art student ' s league (pres.) transfer 50- ' 5l dance group; 5 1 - ' 52 dance group, cotillion, bapt. student group, aurora, a. s. news; ' 52-53 phi beta kappa. ' 49- ' 50 student gov. lower house (rep.); ' 50- ' 5l dance group, may day; ' 5 1 - ' 52 dance group, dolphin club, int. news center, jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 silhouette (bus. man.), camp fire girl leader, sr. advisory council, dolphin club, dance group, cotillion. 49-50 glee club, c. a. council; ' 50- ' 5l qlee club, c a council, ' 5l- ' 52 student gov. lower house (rep.), jr sponsor jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 west, fellowship (pres.). inter-faith council (pres.), c a. cabinet. DONNA DUGGER: ' 49- ' 50 a. s. news, fr. choir, pres frosh class (1st quarter)- 50-51 c a. council, cotillion club; 51-52 c a. cabinet ' dolphin club, coti ' lion club; ' 52- ' 53 dolphin club cotillion club, pres. sr. class, who ' s who. ANN COOPER: VIRGINIA CORRY: MARGARET COUSAR: JANE DALHOUSE: ANNE DEWITT: DONYA DIXON: SUE DODSON: CAROL EDWARDS: MARY EVANS: ' 49-50 dance group, chous; ' 51 - ' 52 french club; ' 52-53 french club. ■49. ' 50 newman club, black cat; ' 50- ' 5l newman club (v pres.); ' 5 1 - ' 52 newman club. jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 ne man dub (v. pres.), black cat chorus. MARY ANNE GARRARD: ' 49-50 a. s. news; 50-5 1 a, s. news; ' 5 1 - ' 52 asst. orienta- -., blackfriars. a. s. news. int. news center; 52-53 ibinet, blackfriars, mortar board, int. news center. FRANCES GINN: ' 49-50 hockey team; ' 50- ' 5l cotillion club basketball tea 51-52 chi beta phi, cotillion club, jr. sponsor may d jr. joint; ' 52-53 chi beta phi (coir, sec), cotillion cli c. a. council, may day. KITTY GOFF: ' 52- ' 53 social comm.. aurora (exchange ed.), lecture a : ' .dent rep.}, sr. advisory council. PAT GREEN: RUTH GUDMUNSON: MARY HAMILTON: SARAH CREWE HAMILTON: ■ransfer ' 5 1-52 newman club, jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 ne silhouette. ' 49- ' 50 may court, beauty sectir. 50-51 may court, beauty sectio houette, cotillion club; ' 5 1 - ' 52 m silhouette, cotillion club, hockey cotillion club, hockey team, camp silhouette, black cat; .ilhouette, aurora, sil- court, beauty section am. jr. joint; 52- ' 53 girl leader, bla ck cat. VIRGINIA CLAIRE HAYS: KELLER HENDERSON: ' 5l- ' 52 blackfriars, methodist denom. group (pres.); ' 52- ' 53 blackfriars (props chr.) 49-50 dolphin club, blackfriars, granddaughters ' , black cat, jr. joint; ' 50- ' 5l dolphin club, blackfriars, eta sigma phi, granddaughters ' ; ' 5 1 - ' 52 dolphin club, eta sigma phi (sec), granddaughters ' (pres.), silhouette, social standards comm., chi beta phi, a.s. letter; dance group (scenery); ' 52- ' 53 silhouette (ed.), eta sigma phi, chi beta phi, dol- phin club, black cat, may day (art comm. chr.), art students league, basketball team. ' 49- ' 50 granddaughters ' club; ' 50- ' 5l granddaughters ' club; ' 5 1-52 granddaughters ' club, jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 granddaugh- ters ' Club. ' 49- ' 50 social comm., sub-vars. hockey team, black cat; ' 50-51 2nd rebekah garden club (pres.), c a. council, hockey team; ' 5l- ' 52 student gov. lower house, sub-vars. hockey team, a. s. news (society ed.). jr joint (comm. chr.): ' 52- ' 53 may day (sec), c a. council (comm. chr.), hockey team, sr. advisory council. ,- •■:■ ' 50-51 dolphin club; ' 51-52 v. pres j joint (co-chr.), dolphin club. c. a. council (int. chr.); 52-53 orientation chr., mortar board, wl BETSY HILL BETSY HODGES: 49-50 transfer ' 52- ' 53 jr. joint, black cat, may day (mus chr.). :ws, black 50-51 a. s. news, eta sigma }hi; ' 51-52 a. s. news (ass ' t. ed.), eta sigma phi (treas.); 52-53 a. s. news (man. ed.), eta sigma phi, jr. joint (sr. :hr.), black cat (music comm.). basketball. MARY HOLLAND: transfer ' 5 1 - ' 52 student go ' 52- ' 53 student gov. lower council (meth. pres.). (ir d. JANE HOOK: ' 49-50 ' 53 ec-treas.), cotillion club; ' 50- ' 5l cotillion club, c a. council, a s. news; 5 1 - ' 52 student gov. lower house (corr. sec), cotillion club, a. s. news; 52- ' 53 sec.- treas. sr. class, student gov. lower house (corr. sec), may day (pub. chr.). cotillion club, c a. council. ' 49-50 dance group, chorus, granddaughters ' club; ' 50-51 dance group, granddaughters ' , jr. joint, a. s. news; ' 5I- ' S2 c a. council, granddaughters ' , jr. joint, a s. news; ' 52-53 c. a. council, granddaughters ' . ' 50- ' 5l soph, helper; ' 51-52 jr. sponsor, jr. joint, chi beta phi; 52-53 chi beta phi (treas.). ' 49- ' 50 student gov. lower house, dance group, honor roll; 50 - ' 51 dance group, honor roll; ' 5l- ' 52 student gov. lower house (sec ' t.), exec, board int. news center, chi beta phi, phi sigma, honor roll, class archery mgr.; 52 ' 53 student gov. exec. comm. |main house pres.). mortar board, (v. pres.). phi beta kappa, chi beta phi, phi sigma. CAROL LOU JACOB: ' 49-50 student gov. lower house (d. s. rep.); ' 50-51 stu- dent gov. exec. comm. (soph rep.), pi alpha phi; ' 5l- ' 52 student gov. iower house (chr.), pi alpha phi; ' 52-53 mortar board (pres.). pi alpha phi, who ' s who, phi beta kappa. PEGGY HOOKER: NATALIE HOWARD: ELLEN HUNTER: BARBARA JOHNSTON: ANN TEXAS JONES: phi; ' 52- ' 53 chi beta phi (pres.), ' 5l- ' 52 chi beta kappa •49-50 student gov. lower house, black cat. folio, jr. joint; ' 50- ' 5l student gov. exec. comm. (soph rep.), poetry club; ' 5 1 - ' 52 student gov. (student recorder), jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 student gov. (inman house pres.). ANN DALTON JONES: 49- ' 50 bible fr. choir 50-51 glee club and special chorus, bible club, garden club; ' 5 1 - ' 52 jr. joint, :. a. cabinet, bible club, glee club and special chorus, 52- ' 53 mortar board, who ' s who. sr. opera (co-chr.) c a. sabinet (v. pres.), black cat, glee club and special chorus. ' N KENNEDAY: ' 49-50 v. blackfriars JACKIE KING: 49-50 g 1 club, dan (pres.), m rosh class, folio; ' 50- ' 5l pres. soph class, d.), blackfriars; ' 5 1-52 transfer; 52 ' 53 ews, art students ' league, phi beta kappa. group; 51 - ' 52 gle c club. en voters; ' 50- ' 5l gle :lub; ' 52- ' 53 glee clul SARAH LEATHERS: 50- 5 1 eta sigma phi, silhouette, student gov. lower house (soph d. s. rep.); ' 5l- ' 52 eta sigma phi (v. pres.), sil- houette (assist, ed.). student organ guild (corr sec); 52-53 eta sigma phi (pres.), silhouette (assoc ed.), student organ guild (pres.), phi beta kappa. MARY LINDSEY: 49- ' 50 student gov. exec. comm.. black cat: S0- ' 5I student gov. exec comm., cotillion; ' 5l- ' 52 cotillion, pres jr class, black cat, jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53; cotillion. NANCY LOEMKER: DESPO MATHESON: MARION MERRITT: ' 48- ' 49 folio; ' 49- ' 50 lecture ass ' n.; ' 5 1 - ' 52 blackfri ' 52-53 art students ' league (sec.-treas). ' 49- ' 50 black cat; ' 50- ' 5l black ' 49- ' 50 dance group; ' 50-51 social comm dance group; ' 5 1 - ' 52 lecture ass ' n., a s ed.), cotillion club; ' 52- ' 53 cotillion club, dent correspondent for alumnae quarterly, ADALINE MILLER: BELLE NEEL MILLER: BETTY McLELLAN: MARGARET McRAE: ' 49-50 cotillion club, hockey team; ' 50- ' 5l cotillion club, a, s. news; ' 51 - ' 52 cotillion club, a, a. board, a. s. news, (sports ed.); ' 52-53 cotillion club, student gov. lower house (fire chr.). social comm. •49- ' 50 honor roll, folio; ' 50- ' 5l sec.-treas. soph class, honor roll. c. a. cabinet; ' 5 1 - ' 52 student gov. (treas.|. honor roll; ' 52- ' S3 student gov. (pres.), mortar board, honor roll, who ' s who, phi beta kappa. ' SO- ' SI c. a. council; ' 5 1 - ' 52 student gov. exec, comm. ' 52 -53 student gov. exec. comm. (Cunningham house pres.)! ' 49- ' 50 fr. bible class (pres.), a s. news; ' 50- ' 5l c. a. cab- inet (world fellowship chr.), modern dance group, bible club, a. s. news; ' 5 1 - ' 52 c. a. (trees.), eta sigma phi. jr. joint, west, fellowship of ga. (pres.); ' 52- ' 53 c. a. (pres.), mortar board, student gov. rep. council, honors program, who ' s who. phi beta Icappa. PATTY MORGAN: ' 50- ' 5l b. s. u. (sec); 5l- ' 52 c. a. council, cotillion club; ' 52- ' 53 c. a. council (camp fire girl program), cotillion club. ' 49- ' 50 swimming mgr. for class, granddaughters ' club; ' 50-51 dolphin club, silhouette, a. s. news, blackfriars, granddaughters ' club (v. pres.); 5 1 - ' 52 dolphin club. blackfriars (house chr.), silhouette (sports ed.), a. s. news; ' 52- ' 53 swimming mgr., dolphin club (pres.), a. a. board, silhouette (sports ed.), blackfriars (pub. chr.), a. s. news. ' 49- ' 50 black cat (fr. chr.), v. pres. fr. class, folio, cotillion, fr. choir; ' 50- ' 5l student gov. lower house (soph rep.), cotillion (sec ' t.-treas.), meth. group (officer); ' 5 1 - ' 52 student gov. exec. comm. (house pres. boyd), cotillion; ' 52- ' 53 music club (pres.), cotillion. ' 49- ' 50 jr. joint: ' 50-51 dolphin club, a. s. news, black cat; ' 5l- ' 52 sec.-treas. jr. class, a. a. board, lecture ass ' n., dol- phin club; ' 52- ' 53 lecture ass ' n. (treas.), may day comm., dolphin club, sr. advisory board. ' 49-50 student gov., lower house comm.; ' 50- ' 5l social comm., c. a. council; ' 5l- ' 52 c. a. cabinet (sec ' f.); ' 52- ' 53 c. a. cabinet (fr. adv.). ' 49- ' 50 choir; 50-51 choir cotillion club; ' 5l- ' 52 hockey team, cotillion club; ' 52-53 hockey team, cotillion club, ' 49- ' 50 fr. chorus, blackfriars; ' 50- ' 5l blackfriars, c. a. council; ' 5 1 - 52 blackfriars, glee club; ' 52- ' 53 chi beta phi. ' 49- ' 50 chorus; ' 50- ' 5l chorus; ' 5l- ' 52 glee club, jr. joint (props co-chr.), chi beta phi; ' 52- ' 53 glee club, chi beta phi (vice pres.), may day (props chr.). LILLA KATE PARRAMORE: SUE PETERSON: ANNE POTTS: MARY BETH ROBINSON: LOUISE ROSS: NANCY RUFFNER: RUTH RUNYON: SHIRLEY JEAN SAMUELS: BONNIE SANDERS: SUANNE SAUERBRUN: transfer ' 5 1 - ' 52 jr. joint (decoration ' 49- ' 50 orchestra; ' 50- ' 5l orchestra; ' 5l- ' 52 orchestra, bas- ketball, glee club; ' 52- ' 53 sr. opera. ' 49-50 cotillion; ' 50- ' 5l cotillion; ' 5 1 - ' 52 cotillion, silhouette (adv. mgr.), may day court, may day (costumes co-chr.); ' 52- ' 53 cotillion, lecture ass ' n. (pres.), eta sigma phi. RITA MAY SCOTT: CHARLINE TRITTON SHANKS: PRISCILLA SHEPPARD: MARIE STOWERS: LINDY TAYLOR: MARGARET THOMASON: ADELE THOMPSON: ANNE THOMSON: HELEN TUCKER: NORMA WANG: VIVIAN WEAVER: " 49- ' 50 pi alpha phi. may day; ' 50-51 orients ... a. council, blackfriar;. pi alpha phi, n 5I-52 biackfrlar. j ilpha phi (treas.). may day; ' 52-53 chi bota phi. blackf, houotte. may day. ' 49- ' 50 folio, a. s. news, hockey team, I I ■50-51 a. s. new poetry club, bible club; ' 5 1 -52 am hockey, jr. joint (co-chr.). a. a. board (ess ' t. pub. rtar board, aurora (ed.). phi beta kappa. ' 49- ' 50 adv. council, honor roll, a -,. news; ' S0- ' 5 1 I a. s. news, pi alpha phi, french clul nor roll; 51-52 aurora, organ guild, a. council for united rations (ga. state chi ' 52- ' 53 a. s. news (ed.), mortar board, honors program. phi bota kappa. transfer ' 5 1 - ' 52 jr. joint (decoration comm.), may day (props ' 49- ' 50 glee club; ' 52- ' S3 glee club. ' 49. ' 50 c. a. cabinet. ' 53 club (pres.); ' 50- ' 5l a. a. board, may court, may day scenario author; 51-52 a. a. board (treas.). may court; 52-53 mortar board, c. a. cabinet [rel. emp. wk. chr., chapel chr.), nors pro- gram, phi beta kappa. ' 49- ' 50 basketball team, may day scenario; ' 50- ' 5! a. 5. news, baskefball team. c. a. council; ' 51 - ' 52 basketball team (mgr.). jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 social comm. (sec ' t-treas.), may day (bus. mgr.), lecture ass ' n. (social chr.). ' 49-50 folio, glee club; ' 50- ' 5l glee club (treas.), pi alpha phi (treas.), blackfriars; ' 5l- ' 52 glee club (treas.). black- friars (scenery chr.). black cat (chr.). a. a. board; 52-53 a. a. board (v. pres.), glee club, orientation com- ' 50- ' 5l glee club, bible club, blackfriars; ' 5l- ' 52 glee club (sec ' t.), student gov. (jr. d. s. rep.), blackfriars: 52- ' 53 student gov. |d. s. chr.), mortar board, glee club. ' 49- ' 50 chc ' 51-52 gle II; ' 50- ' 5l chorus. ouncil; ' 52-53 gl. ' 49- ' 50 glee club; ' 50- ' 5l glee club, french glee club (v. pres.), french club (sec ' t.-trB palian group (pres); ' 52-53 aurora (bus. mgr (copy ed.), glee club, intercollegiate council. BARBARA WEST: ' 49- ' 50 fr. cho ROBERTA WILLIAMS: MARY ANN WYATT: . s. news; ' 50- ' 5l dek-it comm. glee club, a. s. news, campus directory (ed.). silhouette; 5l- ' 52 a. s. news (ass ' t. ed.). glee club. jr. joint (program and waitress comm.); ' 52- ' 53 glee club, a. s. news (club and admin, ed.), dek-it comm. (chr.). ' 50- ' 5l dance group, cotillion; ' 5 1 - 52 class cheerleader cotillion; ' 52- ' 53 class cheerleader, cotillion (pres.). social ' 49- ' 50 fr. adv. council, student gov. rep., folio, may day. jr. joint; ' 50- ' 5l blackfriars, c. a. council, hockey team, may day; ' 51-52 a. s. news (adv. mgr.), blackfriars. hockey team (mgr.). jr. joint; ' 52- ' 53 a. s. news (bus. mgr.). hockey team, v. pres. sr. class, blackfriars. When the Class of ' 54 returned to Agnes Scott In the fall, they numbered only a few more than 70. However, they have continued to show the enthusiasm which won for them the Spirit Cup during their sophomore year. Junior sponsors made their large sister class feel at home on the campus during the first weeks of school. On Feb- ruary 7th " Glory Be, " or " 215 in One Fell Swoop, " gave the campus something to talk about for many weeks. With such eagerness and enthusiasm in the past, bigger and better things are certainly in store for this class next year, and with the coming of a new term, " Hail to the Red and White " will again be heard. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JACKIE JOSEY PRESIDENT SUE PURDOM VICE PRESIDENT BETTY STEIN SECRETARY-TREASURER JUNIOR CLASS JUNIORS LOIS ANNE DRYDEN HARRIET DAVIS DURHAM KINGSPORT. TENN. MARIETTA, GA. T. " - CHOR JEE GOH SINGAPORE, MALAYA CAROL VICTORIA HANCOCK KATHERINE GLASS HEFNER L J- ' S HESS OKEECHOBEE, FLA. LINCOLNTON, N. C. ATLANTA, GA. J U N.I.O R S JACOUELYN MADGE JOSEY BARBARA JOAN KELLY P A A , T 4 R ' ?i A r . N N E ENT RARTOW GA. ATLANTA, GA. ATLANTA, l=A. NANCY McLAURINE LEE OANViLLE, KY. CAROLINE WATERMAN LESTE MA. GA. (o(fiW! -AROL ANNE McCAULEi ' (CATHERINE ANN MATTHEWS ATLANTA, GA. D -- A MARIAN FRANCES McELROY MARY LOUISE McKEE ATLANTA GA. J U N I O R 5 JUNIORS NOT PICTURED: d CLASS OFFICERS CONSTANCE CURRY PRESIDENT LUCY JANE MURRAY VICE PRESIDENT ALICE NUNNALLY SECRETARY-TREASURER Sporting black and gold beanies decorated with ' 55, the Sopho- more class has made itself well known on Agnes Scott ' s campus this year. Rebekah teemed with the warhoops and Indian, symbol of their class. Dances and yells have enlivened every sports affair. The formulating of the annual campus directory was the class ' main project. With two years remaining at Agnes Scott, the Sophomores, if they continue as they have in the past, are headed for many more honors and awards. SOPHOMORE CLASS " SOPHOMORES JULIA CAROLYN BEEMAN MARGARET FRANCES BRIDGES CUTHBERT, GA. CHARLOTTE. N. C. YVONNE IMOLA BURKE SUSANNA MAY BYRD DECATUR. GA. GASTON IA. N. C. ?o E ,? ' BELLE CHRISTOPHER NANCY ANN CLARK faKIH-IN. GA. SIGNAL MTN.. TENN. Jc h l A J " HOMPSON CROWELL KATHRYN LEWIS CUMBEE BIRMINGHAM. ALA. NDERSONVILLE. N. C. SOPHOMORES MARY JANE DAVIDSON MARY ALEXANDRIA COMMERCE, GA. ANDEI MARJORIE McLEOD FORDHAM BETTIE LUCILLE FORTE BEAUFORT, S. C. COLUMBUS, GA. SOPHOMORES HARRIET CHOATE HAMPTON ANN HANSON CHARLOTTE. N. C. HOUSTON. TEXAS DOROTHY ANN HOLCOMB MARY PAULINE HOOD eOODWATER, ALA. CORNELIA, GA. S O P H O M O R E S ERLINE APNOLDA LIC E GWENDOLYN ANN McLEROY PEGGY ANN McMILLAN DECATUR. GA. KNOXVILLE, TEN MARY CAROL MILLER JACKSON, MISS. HELEN MOUTOS JANE ELIZABETH NELSON VIRGINIA ALICE NUNNALL1 SPRING HILL. ALA. MEM : ' SOPHOMORES GRACE DAVENE OLERT PATRICIA FRANCES PADEN RICHMOND, VA. ATLANTA, GA. MARY C. PRICHARD BETTY JANE SCHAUFELE LEGRANDE GUERRY SMITH OUITMAN, GA. ELIZABETH ANN PASCHAL ATLANTA, GA. SOPHOMORES LILLIAN BEVERLY WATSON DECATUR, GA. MARGARET WILLIAMSON MONTICELLO. ARK. NOT PICTURED: MARTHA ANN HEMPERLY EAST POINT, GA. MARY BROWN WILLIAMS LITTLE ROCK, ARK. BARBARA ELIZABETH WYNNS WILLIAMSON W. VA. The Freshman class descended upon Agnes Scott in the fall of ' 52 one-hundred-eighty strong. In Black Cat the versatile talents of the newcomers — dancing, singing, and even an orchestra — were demon- strated. In sports the class of ' 56, spurred on by much class spirit, has excelled. January 20 was " get acquainted " day for the boarding and day students; a treasure hunt, skits depicting boarding and day student life, and dinner together in the dining hall ended the day with each girl feeling closer to her classmates. " The Freshman class is mighty fine. " CLASS OFFICERS BARBARA BATTLE PRESIDENT MARY ELEANOR SWAIN VICE PRESIDENT RUTHE NORTON SECRETARY-TREASURER FRESH MAN C LAS S FRESHMEN ANNE LOWRIE ALEXANDER CHARLOTTE. N. C. LOUISA JANE ALLEN BUFORD. GA. MARGARET ANN ALVIS ILION, N. Y. ZORA LENORE ANDERSON GREENVILLE, MISS. NORMA JEAN BAINBRIDGE PALATKA, FLA. PAULA MARGARET BALL GAINESVILLE. GA. CYNTHIA STONE BASKIN CLEARWATER, FLA. BARBARA HELEN BATTLE MIAMI, FLA. PEGGY ANN BEARD ATLANTA, GA. MARY CAROLYN BIBB BELLE MINA, ALA. STELLA MARTHA BIDDLE OSWEGO, S. C. JULIETTE VIRGINIA BOLAND ATLANTA, GA. ANN FAIN BOWEN TRYON, N. C. BARBARA ANNE BOYD PANAMA CITY, FLA. MARTHA LEE BRIDGES PANAMA CITY, FLA. JULIA HEARD BROWN COLUMBUS. GA. NONETTE BROWN BIRMINGHAM, ALA. LOTA LOUISE BRUCE PALATKA. FLA. MARY BOLAN BRUMBY MURPHY, N C. MARTHA ANNE BULLARD LAKE WALES, FLA. NANCY MAL1NDA BURKITT NASHVILLE, TENN. MARGARET STOWE BURWELL CHARLOTTE. N. C. H. DIANA BUTLER WATKINSVILLE, GA. AVARILLA CALDWELL SAY, GA, SHIRLEY ANNE CALKINS UNIONTOWN, PA. VIVIAN THERESE CANTRALL ATLANTA, GA. MARY JOSEPHINE CARPENTER ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. DOROTHY JOANN CARRISON McCOMB, ILL. OLIVE PATRICIA CARTLEDGE ROANOKE, VA. NORMA RENEE CHAMBLEE GRIFFIN. GA. MARGARET JANE CHILDERS BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MARY EDNA CLARK NEW ORLEANS, LA. CAROL ANN COLE CHARLESTON, W. VA. ALVIA ROSE COOK GAINESVILLE. GA. VALERIE DEE CUNDIFF FT . BENNING, GA. JERELYN WASSUM CUNNINGHAM COLUMBIA, S. C. FRESHMEN MARY EMMYE CURTIS COLLEGE PARK, GA. MARY LOUISE DANIEL MARIETTA, GA. SARAH McCARDELL DAVIS CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS MARY E. DEAN ALTO, GA. FRANCES ABIGAIL DEWITT GAINESVILLE, GA. MARTHA COUCH DICKERT ATLANTA, GA. MARY BAYNE DICKINSON GRIFFIN. GA. SARAH HELEN DOOLEY DELAND, FLA. FRANCES LEE EARNEST KINGSPORT, TENN. GLORIA ANN EDMUNDS ATLANTA, GA. ETHEL EDWARDS SALUDA, S. C. MARGARET BELL ELDRIDGE WAYCROSS. GA. ELEANOR ANN ESTES HARALSON. GA. ANGELINE WILHELMINA EVANS ATLANTA, GA. MARY ANNA FESLER GADSDEN. ALA. BARBARA LEIGH FLESHMAN BLUEF ' ELD, W. VA. MARY CLAIRE FLINTOM CHARLOTTE. N. C. NANCY LOUISE FRASER DECATUR, GA. JANE ELIZABETH FRIST MOBILE, ALA. JUNE ELAINE GAISSERT ATLANTA. GA NANCY LEE GAY WAYCROSS. GA. ELIZABETH CECIL GEORGE ASHEVILLE, N. C. GUERRY GERTRUDE GRAHAM CHAMBLEE, GA. FR ANCES DUKE. GREEN ATLANTA, GA. SALLIE LINDSAY GREENFIELD KERNERSVILLE, N. C. ANN LEE GREGORY WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. JEAN CATHERINE GREGORY DUNDALK. MD. HARRIETT GRIFFIN FROSTPROOF, FLA. MARGARET PLATT GRIFFIS AUGUSTA, GA. LINDA RAE GUENTHER KINGSPORT, TENN. SARAH EMMA HALL ANDERSON, S. C. KATHERINE SEVIER HANNA SPARTANBURG, S. C. LOUISE HARLEY COLUMBUS. GA. EMMIE NEYLE HAY CHARLESTON, S. C. HELEN HAYNES JACKSONVILLE. FLA. HILDA JEAN HINTON ATLANTA, GA. H FRESHMEN BARBARA ANN HUEY SPARTANBURG. S. C. MARY CAROL HUFFAKER ATLANTA. GA. SHIRLEY ANN HURT ATLANTA, GA. ALBERTA A. JACKSON JACKSONVILLE, FLA. NANCY CRAIG JACKSON ROCK HILL. S. C. VIRGINIA JEANNETTE JAKEMAN SPRING HILL, ALA. EVELYN ALICE JAMHOOR ATLANTA. GA. JANE ALSTON JOHNSON ARRINGTON, TENN. ALICE FRISCHKORN JOHNSTON DUNEDIN. FLA. CAROLYN ANNETTE JONES DUBLIN. GA. FRANK HARRIS JONES CORDELE, GA. MARGARET ANNE JONES CORDELE. GA. PEGGY JEAN JORDAN ATLANTA. GA. FRANKIE MARIE JUNKER MOCKSVILLE, N. C. BETTY JO KELLEY ATLANTA. GA. ALICE ANN KLOSTERMEYER CHARLESTON, W, VA. MARJORIE NELL KOEHLER TUNICA, MISS. MARJORIE LINN LASH PORTSMOUTH. VA. TABITHA GAYE LINDER THOMASTON, GA. MARION VIRGINIA LOVE MORRILTON. ARK. HARRIET YVONNE MALLARD BLUE MOUNTAIN, ALA. BARBARA SUE MANN MARIETTA, GA. JUNE ELLEN MANSOUR NEWNAN. GA. MARGARET HAMILTON MARTIN ATLANTA, GA. CAROLYN ELLIOTT MAY ATLANTA, GA. PATRICIA ANN MAYTON ATLANTA, GA. JUDITH CAROLYN McDANIEL TULSA. OKLA. ADDIE ELIZABETH McFARLAND GRIFFIN, GA. CAROLYN PATRICIA McGEE SPARTANBURG, S. C. MARY JOYCE McLANAHAN ELBERTON, GA. ELIZABETH DODD MICKLE ANNISTON. ALA. JOANNE PROSS MIKLAS TAMPA. FLA. ELEANOR JANE MILLER COLLEGE PARK, GA. RUBYE HOLLINGSWORTH MINOR ATLANTA, GA. MARILYN PATRICIA MOBLEY WEST POINT, GA. MARY NELL MOBLEY ALBANY. GA. FRESHMEN SYLVIA CAROLYN MOON ATLANTA, GA. MAY DAVIS MUSE ALBANY. GA. RUTHE LOUISE NORTON ROSWELL, N. M. FRANCES JOHNSTON OGDEN NEW ORLEANS, LA. JUDITH PEACE GREENVILLE, S. C. MARY ANN PEARLSTINE CHARLESTON. S. C. ETHEL PENDLETON SHELBY, N. C. JACQUELINE PLANT TALLASSEE. ALA. MARY ELIZABETH PONDER TALLADEGA, ALA. BOBARA LOUISE RAINEY EATONTON, GA. BETTY CLAIRE REGEN FRANKLIN, TENN. RAMETH FAY RICHARD IRON STATION, N. C. MARY ELIZABETH RICHARDSON GAINESVILLE, GA. ROSEMARY ELIZABETH ROYSTER TAMPA, FLA. JOYCE ANN SAYRE MARIETTA, GA. MARYKE SCHEPMAN MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA. S. A. EMMY LOU SESSIONS ATLANTA. GA. BARBARA JEAN SHEDDEN ATLANTA, GA. ROBBIE ANN SHELNUTT ATLANTA, GA. SALLY SHIPPEY ATLANTA, GA. SHIRLEY LOU SIMPSON GASTONIA, N. C. POLHILL SMITH LOUISVILLE. GA. JOANNA McRAE SOLOMON WAYCROSS, GA. SYLVIA JOAN SORENSON NEWPORT NEWS. VA. PATRICIA ADELE SPIVEY HELENA, ARK. MARY JANE STANLEY CHATTANOOGA, TENN. PATRICIA DELL STANLEY MARION, N. C. JUSTINE GAMBILL STINSON ASHLAND, KY. CAROL STEARNS STROUD GREENSBORO, N. C. DOROTHY JANE STUBBS NORFOLK, VA. ANNE MARIE SVITAK DECATUR, GA. MARY ELEANOR SWAIN MARIETTA, GA. NANCY WHITE THOMAS RICHMOND, VA. SANDRA LOU THOMAS ATLANTA. GA. JOAN THOMPSON MONTGOMERY. ALA. SUSAN ALICE THORNTON ATLANTA. GA. FRESHMEN prpj ALICE ANN TRAMELL JELLICO. TENN. VANNIE LOUISE TRAYLOR MARYVILLE. TENN. CLAIRE PERLE TRITT FOREST HILLS. N. Y. WINIFRED AURELIA TURPIN ATLANTA, GA. BARBARA LOUISE UPTON BIRMINGHAM. ALA. MARJORIE VANN BIRMINGHAM. ALA. VIRGINIA EARL VICKERY ATLANTA, GA. ANNE ROWLAND VINCENT ASHLAND, KY. HOPE ELLEN VUNDERINK CLARKS SUMMIT. PA. ALLISON MAXON WALLOF TAMPA, FLA. MARY CURRY WARD ST. SIMONS ISLAND. GA. MARY ANNE WARNELL GRIFFIN. GA. DOROTHY JOYCE WEAKLEY CLARKSVILLE. TENN. CORNELIA ANNE WELBORN TRION. GA. JUDITH ANN WELCH MARIETTA, GA. SALLY JEAN WHITE ASHEVILLE, N. C. DORA JEAN WILKINSON NEWNAN. GA. CATHERINE TUCKER WILSON LEXINGTON, KY. SALLY L. WILT EUSTIS, FLA. ERIN FAYE YOUNG WEST POINT, GA. EVE BARRINGTON YOUNG ATLANTA, GA. MARJORIE ELEANOR YOUNG DAWSON, GA. NOT PICTURED: JULIA NAN ARWOOD MOULTRIE, GA. TENA MIDDLETON DECATUR, GA. EVA FAY NEWMAN PENSACOLA, FLA. BLANCH SPENCER ATLANTA, GA. SPECIAL STUDENTS NOT PICTURED: MRS. SARA LONGINO DALTON ATLANTA, GA. MRS. MARTHA YOUNG EMBRY ATLANTA, GA. MRS. DOLORES HIGGINBOTHAM . . . EMORY UNIVERSITY, GA, MRS. ELEANOR GAMBLE PINKERSON DECATUR, GA. MRS. JESSIE RUFFNER BARNESVILLE, GA, MRS. JOAN DEAN ZELLER DECATUR, GA, GLADYS SPENCER ATLANTA. GA, m FEATURE OUR HAPPY TIMES TOGETHER THIS YEAR ARE REPRESENTED IN THIS SECTION. BEAUTIES, SPECIAL PRODUCTIONS — " GLORY BE. " " KISS ME AGNES, " " A FLOWER FANTASY, " AND ESPECIALLY " SHELLBOUND II " — AND MOCK ELECTION DAY WERE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR. OUR JUDGE THE STUDENT BODY — THOSE WHO KNOW THE TRUE BEAUTY OF THE GIRLS BEST — WAS CHOSEN TO BE THE JUDGE THIS YEAR. ■■ ■ } FIRST PLACE HARRIETTE POTTS NEWNAN, GEORGIA SECOND PLACE MARY BETH ROBINSON AUBURN, ALABAMA SARAH PETTY SELMA, ALABAMA THIRD PLACE FOURTH PLACE FRANCES DUKE GREEN ATLANTA, GEORGIA GAIL ROGERS MONROE, GEORGIA FIFTH PLACE NANCY WHETSTONE GRIFFIN, GEORGIA JOANN HALl DOTHAN. ALABAM SHIRLEY HURT ATLANTA, GEORGIA VIRGINIA LEE FLOYD STATESBORO, GEORGIA JUDY McDANIEL TULSA, OKLAHOMA ELEANOR HUTCHINSON SENOIA, GEORGIA RUTH GUDMUNSON ;OLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA RUTH POSEY MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA NANCY CLARK SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE KATHERINE HANNA SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA NORMA CHAMBLEE GRIFFIN. GEORGIA BETTY McFARLAND GRIFFIN. GEORGIA JANE DALHOUSE ATLANTA, GEORGIA RELIA TURPIN ATLANTA, GEORGIA SPECIAL EVENTS COMMUNITY DAY Shades of autumn! The black cat ' s bells jingle again. The traditions. soph-frosh skit night makes its third appearance in its rejuvenated community day form. The event features an afternoon of sports competition, a picnic supper, and an evening of entertainment. Community day is primarily to welcome the freshmen, but everyone gets a chance to get into the act. OFFICE OF DR. McJUNG, PSYCHIATRI! DR. McJUNi MISS FIT MISS NAUTILU ' S H E LLBO U N D II " Via musical comedy, the faculty succumbed to campus requests and presented a take-off on both professional and student life. All class- room and dormitory ruses were burlesqued in letter-perfect form. KATHARINE AND HER CREW WORKING HARD ON THE SCENERY JUNIORS TURNED INJUN SOPHS SUPPORT CONFEDERACY JUNIOR JOINT " Glory Be! " Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, and the Juniors proceeded to show what happened. American history was reviewed including whooping Indians, Prairie Schooners, the Union, Sheiks, and many songs and dances. The Sopho- mores supported the Southern " cause " and offered " Atlanta Crackles. " In the end everybody decided " 215 was never like this, " and Miss Liberty (Norwegian Variety) rules over all. ■FLAPPERS? YES SIR. ONE OF THOSE! ' THE GRANDE FINALE - fS CHOOSE CECIL; ANOTHER SAYS WILLIE; ANOTHER WELLINGTON. WHICH ONE, AGNES? BUT WHEN ITS TIME TO SCOLD YOU. YOU HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS AND SAY, OH MY, OH MY, OH MY GOODNESS! " Mary Beth Robinson, Quean of the May, being crowned by Ruth Gudmunson, M MAY DAY " A FLOWER FANTASY " A prince was sad and lonely. As he was sitting in the palace garden, a fairy princess came to him. She tried to make the prince happy by restoring the beauty of the garden, but the prince was still lonely. Finally, the sweetheart rose came forth, and the prince fell in love with her. They were married and lived happily ever after. The May Day Dell made a natural setting for the brilliant colors of the dancing blossoms of this original fairy story. Scenario by Florrie Fleming May Day Chairman, Louise Ross ling through the gard ' The May Court: Center: Mary Beth Robinson. Queen. First row: Judith McDoniel, Roberta Williams. Ruth Gudmunson. Elin Krohn-Erichsen, Eleanor Hutchinson, Ruth Posey. Second row: Joann Hall, Norma Chomblee. Harriette Potts. Margaret Thomason. Suanne Sauerbrun. Sarah Petty. Blanche Spencer, accepting the proposal of the prince. Louisa All STUDENT GOVERNMENT RECEPTION Student government gives an annual reception each fall to welcome the newcomers as well as the old students and faculty. A good time was had in meeting new people on the campus and also in renewing old acquaint- ances from last spring. TRUSTEES ' DAY On November 20 the trustees of Agnes Scott attended a joint dinner in the dining hall with the faculty. After a coffee in the library, they were guests at the Blackfriars ' fall production in Gaines. Informal contact such as this helped the trustees and faculty to become better acquainted. " ■■ HI M MOCK ELECTION On October 23 at chapel time the halls of Presser resounded with cheers and shouts of " I Like Ike ' ' and " We Say Adlai. " At the rally General Elbert Tuttle spoke for Eisenhower while Mr. James Mackay spoke for Stevenson. Immediately after the speeches the students voted on new voting machines in Buttrick Lobby. This project, sponsored by Mortar Board, gave a feeling of actual participation in a nation-wide movement. RECEPTION FOR SIR GLADWYN JEBB One of the distinguished guests which Lecture Association presented was Sir Gladwyn Jebb, British Diplomat and head of his country ' s delegation to the United Nations. His topic for discussion was " The United Nations and the World. " Following the lecture, a reception was given for Sir Gladwyn and Lady Jebb in Murphey Candler. ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES— PUBLICATIONS. HONORARY GROUPS. ASSOCIATIONS. AND CLUBS — ARE A LARGE PART OF AGNES SCOTT. SENDING AND RECEIVING NOTICES OF MEETINGS. MEET- ING DEADLINES, WORKING UP COPY. RUSHING TO PLAY PRACTICE, MAKING A POSTER OR CARD FOR THE BULLETIN BOARD — ARE EVERYDAY OCCURRENCES THAT ENRICH THE MEANING OF OUR COLLEGE LIFE GREATLY. PUBLICATIONS THE 1953 SILHOUETTE We who have worked on the 1953 Silhouette staff hope that you will find this book an adequate record of this school year. We have worked hard to make it an unusual and interesting picture book; we hope it truly represents the simple dignity embodied by Agnes Scott. We thank all those who have made this book possible, especially Mr. Warren and Dr. Alston for their helpful advice. STAFF SARAH CREWE HAMILTON. SARAH LEATHERS SUE BORN I JANE ZUBER f EUNICE CONNALLY) LUCY DOYLE ) GENEVIEVE GUARDIA SARAH PETTY LILLA KATE PARRAMORE HARRIET DURHAM JAN VARNER -ASSOCIATE EDITOR -ASSISTANT EDITORS -FACULTY EDITORS CLUB EDITOR -FEATURE EDITOR — SPORTS EDITOR CLASS EDITOR -PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR DONYA DIXON CAROL JONES al Staff: First Row: Sarah Pelt I Row: Anne Siyvester, Julia Gr Dryden, Eunice Co Kate Parramore. L d Genevieve Guardia. Not Pictured: Peggy Ann McMillan, Rita May Scott, M Ad Staff: First Rov : Anne Siyvester Betty Stein. S line Reinero, Caro Tye, Addle Stean s. Not Picturec Pat Green. Pat Ke it. BUSINESS MANAGER -ADVERTISING MANAGER v: Catherine Lewis. Ca Adams, Charlotte Alia THE AGNES SCOTT NEWS Ann Wyatt and Pris Shephard working out a budget. Anne Slyvester, Lou Hill, Mary Ann Wyatt. and Liz Craig — sue STAFF PRISCILLA SHEPHARD- BETSY HODGES JOYCE MUNGER I CAROLINE REINERO I. JOAN SIMMONS CAROL JONES BETTY STEIN VIVIAN WEAVER- JANE LANDON LEAH FINE BARBARA WEST ION MERRITT- MARY ANN WYATT- LOUISE HILI MANAGING EDITOR -ASSISTANT EDITORS SOCIETY EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR COPY EDITOR FEATURE EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHER -ADMINISTRATION AND CLUB EDITOR CARTOONIST ELIZABETH CRAIG- BUSINESS MANAGER —ADVERTISING MANAGER -CIRCULATION MANAGER The Agnes Scott News is the voice of the campus for the students, faculty, trustees, and off-campus friends. Published weekly and supervised entirely by the students themselves, the News gives information, recapitulates major events, fore- casts future activities, reports and analyzes campus opinion and sometimes even launches a crusade — as the highly suc- cessful one last fall which led to the production of the faculty revue. The unsuspecting reader never knows when he will unfold a paper with a picture of Dr. Posey with a Pogo sign, or when the feature writer will break into Ogden Nash poetry, the sports reporter into Bill Stern superlatives, or the editor into international politics. Top-Notch Editon and Joan Sir Shephard, Joyce Munger. Betsy Hodg The Editorial Staff: First Row: Nancy Lee. Margaret Rogers. Carolyn Aiford, Peggy Pfeiffer. Joan Pruitt, Carolyn Crawford. Vivian Weaver, Li lla Kate Parramore. Second Row: Betty Stein, Caroi Jones. Gwen McLeroy. Genevieve Lucchese. Mary E. Knight, Phyliss Hess, Barbara West, Jane Landon. THE AURORA The Aurora is " a literary magazine for student expression. " Its key- note is creativity; its purpose is to stimulate interest in extra-curricular writing. The Aurora accepts original poems, short stories, essays, and sketches — in fact, anything literary. The staff considers originality and literary merit, plus student appeal. Entries are illustrated, and the final product, i.e., writing with art, is circulated free to the stu- dent body once each quarter. STAFF CHARLINE TRITTON SHANKS- JANE LANDON SUE PETERSON CATHERINE GOFF KATHARINE HEFNER EDITOR -ASSOCIATE EDITOR POETRY EDITOR -EXCHANGE EDITOR ART EDITOR ANN ALLRED CYNTHIA CARSO JOEN FAGAN, JACKIE JOSEY, MARY LAND, NANCY LEE, BETTY JO McCASTLAIN, MARGARET THOMASON VIVIAN WEAVER VIRGINIA CORRY„ ..LITERARY ASSISTANTS -BUSINESS MANAGER -BUSINESS ASSISTANT Editorial Staff: Jackie Josey. Mary Land, Joen Fagan, Nancy Li Mary Evelyn Knight, HONORARY GROUPS PHI BETA KAPPA On April fifteenth after Dr. Sims gave a brief history of Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, the eleven new members elected from the senior class to the Beta chapter were announced. Election is based on achievement in scholarly pursuits, manifestation of high character, and interest in the college life. Agnes Scott ' s chapter was established in 1926, the one hundred and second institution and the ninth women ' s college to receive this high honor. Lou Jacob. Pris Shephard. Margaret Thorn; ah Leathers. Third Row: Barbara Johnston, switt George and Charline Tritton Shanks. Second Row: Margaret McRae, alyn Kenneday. Belle Miller. Not .;S3BpS»J 5E MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board is a national honorary organization for college women. Members are chosen in the spring of the junior year for their scholarship, leadership and service. Since 1931, HOASC, the honor society founded at Agnes Scott in 1916, has been a chapter of the national organization. Black Cat Night — delicious fried chicken, skits, and songs; Mock Political Rally — speeches for Eisenhower and Stevenson, the band, the electric voting machines; feature articles on Agnes Scott ' s trustees in the News; marriage classes during winter guarter; and movies on Saturday nights are some of the Mortar Board service projects for 1952-53 — a year of dedication to the real fulfillment of the goals of Mortar Board: " To promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of fellowship and service among university women, to promote and maintain a high standard of scholar- ship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " The 1953 Hoasc Chapter: Belie Miller, Ellen Hunter, Charline Shanks, Anne Cooper, Ann Baxter, Margaret McRae, Carol Lou Jacob. Ann W. Jones, Mary Ann Garrard, Mary Jo Chapman, Margaret Thcmason. Keller Henderson, and Pris Shephard. Mortar Board Officers: Margaret Thomason, Secretary, Ellen Hunter, Vice Pres.. Carol Lou Jacob, President, Keller Henderson, Treasurer, Mary Jo Chapman, Historian. mpaign speakers mock election da Mackay (Stevenson Supporter). Jo nd General Eibert Tuttle (Eisenhow ne Mikla supporte sponsored by Mortar Board: Carol Lou Jacob, Pris Shep- - „ m!™ VQ J IA MM m Bi iRLiSl:fll " il-Ji V ' The chapter on recognition morning with the Gaylord, and with the speaker for the occasic Mr. K.ine, Miss Leyburn, and Mrs. Holcombe Sn WH O ' S WHO HONOR ROLL 1951-1952 Ten seniors were chosen for " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " They were elected by the senior class, ap- proved by an administration committee, and accepted by the " Who ' s Who " board. The Members— First Row: Pris Shepherd, Donna Dugger, Margaret Thomason, Carol Lou Jacob. Second Row: Keller Henderson, Margaret McRae, Ann Baxter, Anne Cooper, Anne W. Jones, Belle Miller. CLASS OF 1953 ANNE DEWITT ELLEN HUNTER CAROL LOU JACOB SARAH LEATHERS BELLE MILLER MARGARET McRAE CHARL1NE SHANKS PRISCILLA SHEPHARD MARGARET THOMASON CLASS OF 1954 anne r. clayton elizabeth craig joen fagan dorothy fincher florence fleming genevieve guardia carol jones jackie josey nancy lee ruth malette joyce munger marion Mcelroy MARY PRITCHETT JUDY PROMNITZ ALMA SCOGGINS BETTY STEIN JOANNE VARNER CLASS OF 1955 ANN ALLRED ANN ATKINSON BETTY JEAN BARTLETT GEORGIA BELLE CHRISTOPHER CONSTANCE CURRY LEAH FINE ELIZABETH GRAFTON LETTY GRAFTON ANN HANSON BETTY ANN JACKS BEVERLY JENSEN GENEVIEVE LUCCHESE ALICE NUNNALLY BETTY JANE REINEY SUE WALKER PAULINE WALLER MARGARET WILLIAMSON First Row: Georgia Belie Christopher, Alice Nunnally, Betty Ann Jacks, Constance Curry, Sue Walker. Second Row: Ann Allred, Genevieve Luc- chese, Betty Reiney. Pauline Waller, Ann Hanson. Third Row: Elizabeth Craig, Genevieve Guardia. Judy Promnitz, Dorothy Fincher, Carol Jones, Nancy Lee. Fourth Row: Mary Pritchett, Jacgueline Josey, Marion Mc- Elroy, Betty Stein, Joen Fagan. Jan Varner. Fifth Row: Carol Lou Jacob, Belle Miller, Margaret McRae, Sarah Leathers. The Alpha Sigma chapter of Chi Beta Phi, national honorary scientific fraternity, proudly claims the distinction of being the first women ' s chapter in the national society. Since its establishment at Agnes Scott in 1933, the chapter has sought to promote interest in all fields of science, which has been done this year by well known and interesting speakers. Membership is based on scholastic achievement and interest in science. Each year a key is awarded to the chapter ' s most outstanding member. CHI BETA P H Members: First Row: Jean Drumheller. Jane Landon, Irene Sasso, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Joen Fe.gan, Betty Ellington. Second Row: Barbara Johnston, Ruth Runyon, Sue Born, Peggy Carlos, Ellen Hunter, Frances Ginn, Jacqueline Josey, Ann Baxter, Miss Grosceclose, faculty sponsor. Not Pictured: Anne Clayton, Natalie Howard. Lilla Kate Parramore, Sue Purdom, Rita May Scott. Officers: Peggy Carlos, Recording Secretary, Ruth Runyon, Frances Ginn, Corresponding Secretary, Natalie Howard, Barbara Johnston, President. Eta Sigma Phi is a national classical honorary fraternity. Pleasant afternoons at Miss Zenn ' s and Miss Glick ' s — the amusing stunts from Maggie and Jan — the coffee and cookies and raisin bread — impressive secret initiations — Oedipus and Medea and Clytemnestra — lively (or unlively) discussions on Greek plays — the afternoon of clean- ing the " museum " in Buttrick 207 — getting ready for the national convention — and the convention itself — the banquet at the Plantation House and election of officers . . . these are Alpha Delta chapter ' s activities this year. ETA S I G MA H Members: First Row: Nancy Lee. Miss Glide, Faculty Sponsor, Sarah Leathers, Marion McElroy. Helen Jo Hinchey. Second Row: Miss Zenn. Faculty Sponsor, Joyce Munger, Georgia Syribeys. Betsy Hodges. Not Pictured: Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Margaret McRae. Suanne Sauerbrun, Pat Paden. Officers: Nancy Lee. Secretary, Marion McElroy, " Leathers, President. ASSOCIATIONS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Student Government is a hard working organization which governs the students efficiently and fairly. The association began its year of activities on campus with an orientation program designed to provide valuable assistance to the new students. A formal reception for the entire college community under the sponsorship of the organization climaxed the events of the opening week of school. Included in the year ' s program of student government activities were a new sewing machine for the campus, planning discussions for student government chapel, dis- cussing dormitory rules, sponsoring a treasure hunt for the freshmen, serving as the national student association committee on campus, conducting discussions on the new election procedure, and carrying on the many routine activities in enforcing dormitory regulations. iittee: First Row: Judy Promnit7, Keller Henderson, Bertie Bond, Belle Miller, Anne Cooper. Ann Jones Pat Patterson. Second Row: Mary Pritchett, Joann Hall, Ann Gregory, Ellen Hunter. Mary Jo Chapman. Weaver. Vallie Burnet. Betty McClellan. Lucy Doyle, Harriet Durham, Florne Fleming, Eleanor Hutchinson, Helen Tucker, Louisa Alien, Betty Schaufele, Sue Walker iident, Anne Coope OFFICERS - - - SECRETARY ELEANOR HUTCHINSON STUDENT RECORDER Lower House: First Row: Sally Greenfield, Alice Nunnally, Judy Promnitz, Sue Purdon, Nancy Thomas. Judy Welch. Second Row: Judy Brown, June Broxton, Adaline Miller. Third Row: Corlyn Alford. Jane Henegar. Peggy Bridges, Clara Jean McClanahan, Harriet Stovall, Margaret Williamson. Barbara Northey, Alice Thornton, Ann Hanson, Erin Young. Martha Dickert. CHRISTIAN ASSOC IATI O N Margaret McRae, C. A. President MARGARET McRAE ANN W. JONES CHOR JEE GOH MARY BETH ROBINSON.. VIRGINIA LEE FLOYD PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY FRESHMAN ADVISOR TREASURER " We then, as workers together with Him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain, " (II Corinthians 6:1) was chosen as Christian Association ' s theme passage this year. This passage was chosen to fill a need, to emphasize a part of its program, and to help each student grow in her spiritual life. Christian Association is the fulfillment on campus of the fourth Agnes Scott ideal — simple religious faith. Its program including vesper programs, prayer services, chapel programs, which are car- ried out on campus is under the charge of the Cabinet. The Council supervises all off-campus activities, such as the Scottish Rite Hospital and the Negro missions. Dr. Frederick Olert, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church of Richmond, Virginia, was the Religious Emphasis Week speaker. Chapel sermons, group discussions, and personal conferences with Dr. Olert strengthened the religious faith of all students. Christian Asso Betty Stein, Hi Jan Verner. Sa iation Council: Carol Jone: ■riet Durham, Barbara Kelly, 5 h Petty, Mary Pritchett. Lo Beverlv Watson, Mary Pri e Steans. Carol Tye, Ellen Griffin, Donya Di uie, Elizabeth Craig, Betty Schaufele. Dot Fine in, Peggy Bridges, Betty Ann Jacks, June Brox Ann Hanson, Carolyn Crawford, Mickey Sc SOCIAL COMMITTEE Members: First Row: Mrs. Curry. F acuity Sponsor, Roberta Williams Caro Stroud. Mrs. McCracken. Fac ulty Sponsor. Second Row: Carolyn Randolph. Jan Varner. Florence Fleming, Ha riet Potts. Du cky Green. Hannah Jackson, Ann Atkln on, Ann Thomson, Virginia Lee Floyd, Ada ine Mill er. Not Pictured: Kitty Goff Beverly Watson. Social Committee is a representative organizatic which has as its main functions the promotion of th ideal of gracious living, and the participation social activities on campus. As their 1952-53 projec Social Committee, with the aid of Miss Scandret Mr. Rogers, and other faculty members establishe a Snack Bar in the Recreation Room. It has com to be one of the popular gathering places on th campus. In addition, Social Committee added t their list of activities the re-equipping of Murphe Candler, the care of the Main Bulletin Board, an the fashion show presented for the freshmen durin orientation week. The group meets once every tw weeks to discuss plans for the campus with its spor sors, Mrs. McCracken and Mrs. Curry. LECTURE ASSOCIATION This year tlie Agnes Scott Lecture Association has brought to the campus three outstanding attractions. The first of these was the production of Shakespeare ' s Love ' s Labours Lost by the Players Incorporated, a high comedy per- formed in an admirable way. The second attraction was the visit to the campus made by Robert Frost, famed American poet, with whom student members of the Lec- ture Association dined one evening. Interest was also aroused by the lecture delivered on campus by the out- standing British diplomat, Sir Sladwyn Jebb. These three events, which were sponsored by Lecture Association, are adequate proof of the value this organization has been to Agnes Scott. Lecture Association at dinner with Mr. Frost: First Row: Mr. Robert Frost Suar Sauerbrun. Second Row: Kitty Goff, Anne Potts, Sue Peterson, Dele Thomps. Katherine Hanna. Sidney Newton, Mary Land, Sarah Van Schoick Harriet Stov, Not Pictured: Miss Laney, Faculty Advisor. an Suanne Bowers Sauerbn CLUBS B LAC K F R I A R 5 :ene from the " Che ,a Phi National Con Jones, Sarah Legg, ■e the chorus. ephori " Rita M the Greek Play presented in the spring during the Eta The chorus: Joan Adair, Helen Jo Hinchey, Mary Hood, iy Scott, and Anne Slyvester; Orestes, Louise Hill, stands Blackfriars, the Agnes Scott dramatic club, claims the distinction of being the oldest club on the campus. It was organized in 1915 under the leadership of Miss Frances K. Gooch and offers an opportunity for students to study acting and play production. Each year the group presents two full length plays. " Take Two From One " was an out- standing production of this fall. Blackfriars is now under the direction of Miss Roberta Winter, and membership is based on dramatic or technical try-outs. Officers: First Row: Virginia Clift. Frances Sistar, Rita May Scott, Chor Jee Goh, and Caroline Relnero, Committee Chairmen. Second Row: Anne Slyvester, Vice President. Betty Ellington, Stage Manager. Mary Jo Chapman, President, and Louise Hill. Secretary. Not Pictured: Betty McCast- lain, Treasurer, Ann Atkinson, Lilla Kate Parramore, Mary Hamilton, Committee Chair- bers: First Row: Mary Jo Chapman, Mary Hood, Ann Atkinson, Rita May Scott, Carolyn Alford, Allain, Ann Allred, Connie Ballas, Bertie Bond, Claire Clark, Virginia Clift, Jane Gaines, Mary Ham- Jee Goh Lilla Kate Parramore Gertrude Awbrey, Susanna Byrd. Second Row: Catherine Kite. ilton, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Katherine Hefner, Mary Ann Garrard. Pat Hale. Genny Lucchese, Betty line Reinero, Anne Slyvester, Louise Hill, Helen Jo Hinchey, Betty Ellington, Grace Grier, McCastlain, Peggy Pfeiffer. Joan Pruitt, Louise Robinson, Frances Sistar, B. J. Shauffele. Sarah yn Kenneday, Diche Armstrong, Mary Ann Wyatt, Eunice Connelly. Not Pictured: Charlotte Van Schoick, Helen Tucker. Faculty Advisors: Miss Winter and Miss Lonng. COTILLION The purpose of Cotillion is to promote social activities on campus. A highlight of fall quarter was the " Autumn Leaves " formal given by the club for members of the freshman class. The annual elaborate Cotillion formal was a gala event of the spring. Informal teas and parties were sponsored throughout the year for the entire campus community. All students are eligible for Cotillion Club, membership being based on a system of try-outs. Members: First Row: Virginia Lee Floyd, Joanna Solomon Car;- Randolph Betty McFarland Barbara Northey. Patty Morgan, Norma Cbamblee. Second Row: Mary Daniel Shirley Simpson ' ■ :nardson. Gail Dewitt. Ann Atkinson, Gertrude Awbrey, Erline Lide, Jamie McKoy, Mar Dickinson. Tnird Row: Allison Wallof. Betty Ponder, Letty Grafton Sue Peterson Frances Ginn Donya Dixon. Carol Stroud. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Grafton, Lucy Murray Louise ' Ross Caroline Lester Constance Curry, Mary Newel l Reiney. Harriet Ports. Nancy Whetstone. Lois Dryden Kathe- nne Hanna, Donna Dugger. Roberta Williams, Elin Krohn-Erichsen. Vivian Hays Lib McPheeters Not Pictured: Ruth Gudmunson. Jane Hook. Mary Lindsey. Marion Merritt, Adeline Miller Katherine Cumbee, Hannah Jackson, Mabel Miiton. ART STUDENTS ' LEAGUE The Art Students ' League got off to a late but running start just this year. Organized to stimulate interest in art among all students as well as its own members, the League immediately began making plans for such projects as an annual Beaux Arts Ball, a square dance, and the redeco- ration of the Snack Bar. Many creative masterpieces, a new awareness of art in its many aspects, and memories of lots of fun working and playing together are a few of the things this year ' s work has given us. Members: First Row: Nancy Loemker, Secretary-Treasurer, Jane Dalhouse Presi- dent. Second Row: Diche Armstrong, Rosalyn Kenneday, Ruth Reeves Dill ' Sarah Crewe Hamilton. Flo Hand, Margaret McRae. Not Pictured- Katharine Hefner Vice President. LE CLU Bible Club, open to every student at Agnes Scott, is ex- pressly for those interested in obtaining a fuller under- standing and appreciation of the Bible. An aim of this club is to develop more responsive Christian leadership. Varied programs include reviews of religious books, dis- cussions of religious topics, and biographical studies of Biblical characters. F.rst Row: Bunny Coley, Margaret Cousar, President, Nancy Clark, Fin, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Connie Byrd, Patty Hamilton, Hinchey, Miss Irma Lee Shepherd, Faculty Advisor, Chor Jee Goh. red: June Broxton, Vice President, and Mr. Paul L. Garber, Faculty Officers: Jacqueline King, President, Sue Walker, Treasurer. Ellen Griffin, Libra- rian, Caroline Lester, Vice President, Carol Jones, Secretary. Not Pictured: et Cousar, Libraria n. The Agnes Scott Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Roxie Hagopian, seeks to bring to the campus community programs of fine choral music throughout the year. The Christmas program is the climax of the organization ' s fall activities and is eagerly awaited by the campus and a Atlanta. This year the Glee Club presented Benjamin Brit- ten ' s " Ceremony of Carols " at its Christmas concert. The spring concert featured Mozart ' s opera, " Bastien and Bastienna " and a group of popular and folk songs. The Glee Club also serves as a choir at the weekly convo- cation services. GLEE CLUB MUSIC CLUB The Agnes Scott Music Club is a new organization on campus which has many future aspirations. Already it has become a member of the Georgia Federation of Music Clubs, which is affiliated with a national group. At its monthly meetings students of voice, piano, and organ give performances of the music of one certain great com- poser, about whom the club centers its program theme. This group hopes to fulfill a need on the campus by fur- thering interest in a subject that offers inexhaustible re- sources of pleasure. It realizes that a small beginning does not necessarily mean small future prospects; this is a club with a gleam in its eye. 3 o ' ft J Members: First Row: Margaret Rogers, Mary Hood, Joan Adair, Ida Rogers, Frances Ogden, Frances Earnest, Rameth Richard. Second Row: Betty Reiney, Barbara Kelly, Ellen Griffin, Sue Peterson, Alice Johnston. Third Row: Patty Hamilton, Linda Guenther, Harriet Durham, Marilyn Vance, Katherine Matthews, Cotton Williams, Virginia Love, Barbara Northey, Martha Dickerf, Dorothy Weakley, Carol Jones. Officers: Cotton Williams, Secretary- Treasurer, Sue Peterson, President, and Barbara Kelly, Vice President. Officers: Loi Betty Reiney Sarah Uathe Dryden, Vic Secretary-Tr( :, President. Members: First Row: Janet Greene, Ann W. Jones, Sue Waller, Sarah Leathers, Betty Reiney, Lois Dryden, Jane Stubbs. Frances Ogden. Second Row: Mary Pritchett, Mary Louise McKee, Grace Olert. Third Row: Margaret Martin, Carolyn Crawford, Chor Jee Goh, Justine Stinson, Patty Hamilton. ers: Gra ie Greer. Cottc n William , Joan Si nmons, Joen Fagan McCastla n. Not Pictured Dot Holcc mb, Nancy Lee, Joyce Munger ie Willian s. Jan Varner, J ne Zuber. The Organ Guild is a student group sponsored by the Georgia chapter of the American Guild of Organists. It is composed of all the organ students on campus. The Guild meets weekly to study registration and organ literature as well as to give members the opportunity to perform for the group. A high- light of this year ' s activities was the recital presented by the student group for the Georgia chapter, A.G.O. Mr. Raymond Martin is the faculty advisor for the group. ORGAN GUILD P I ALP H A P H I Pi Alpha Phi was organized in 1922 to encourage clear think- ing and to form a medium for discussion of current problems concerning school, national, and international affairs. The de- bating society of Agnes Scott, it trains and encourages poten- tial debaters. Under the competent guidance of Dr. George P. Hayes, faculty advisor, the members take part in inter-club debates and also debate teams from neighboring colleges and universities. The club furnishes the members of the inter- collegiate debate team which represents Agnes Scott in various debate tournaments throughout the South. With the exception of 1953, the club sponsors the All-Southern Debate Tournament held on campus. Offic Cotto Williams, Treasure President. Not Pictured Joyce Munger, Debate Manager, Brownit Williams, Secretary. Members- First Row: Peggy Pfeiffer. Elizabeth Craig, Barbara Huey. Nancy Thomas, Carol Cole. Betty Forte. Second Row: Sally Greenfield, Lib Wilson, Vivian Weaver, Nansi-Lee Smith. Julia Beeman, Betty Reiney. Genevieve Guardia. Ann Ailred. Officers: Genevieve Guardia, President. Patty Hamil- ton, Vice President, Betty Forte, Secretary-Treasurer. French Club was created to stimulate a deeper under- standing of and appreciation for the French language, literature, and customs. At each meeting the girls gather to hear outside speakers, and to participate in programs. FRENCH CLUB S PAN I S H CLUB The Spanish Club strives to give the students an oppor- tunity and an incentive to converse freely in the Spanish language and to familiarize themselves with as many Spanish-spealcing countries as possible. Meetings are held monthly, at which programs in the form of plays, musicals, lectures, and discussions are presented. Officers: Allardyce Armstrong, Vice President, Caro- line Reinero, President, Betty Stein, Secretary-Treas- Members: First Row: Mickey Scott. Nancy Whetstone, Clara Jean McClanahan, Diche Armstrong, Carolyn Reinero. Second Row: Betty Ann Jacks, Tena Middle- ton, Betty Stein. H H Hi Upperclassmen Writing Club . . . pleasant evenings be- fore the fireplace at Miss Preston ' s . . . listening to short stories and essays from the club . . . guest authors to spur us on . . . the frantic dash to finish a story on time . . . the dread of reading it . . . and helpful criticism from the other members. B. O. Z. FOLIO Folio Club is for freshmen with creative ability and the desire to write. At informal meetings the members read and criticize each other ' s writings. Every spring the club publishes an anthology containing each member ' s best work. Members: First Row Wilson. Second Row Wea!:ley. orton, Vannle Traylor, Ca»he Marv Carol Huffaker. Dorc Members: First Row: Evelyn Bassett, Agnes Scott, Letty Grafton, Peggy Pfeiffer. Georgia Belle Christopher, Jan Varner, Jane Gaines. Second Row: Memye Curtis, Erin Young, Louisa Allen, Betty Ellington, Carolyn Reinero, Anne Slyvester, Carol Jones, ►Catherine Hanna, Jerry Cunningham. Lucy Murray, Elizabeth Grafton. Not Pictured: Mary Brumby, Gail Dewitt. Ann Bowen, Mary Edna Clark, Elizabeth Mickle, Mary Ann Pearlstine, Polhill Smith. Mary Jane Stanley, Mary Ann Warnell, Margaret William- son, Joen Pagan, Sarah Petty, Legrande Smith, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Peggy Hooker, Ann Cooper. Ann Hanson, Louise Hill, Marion Merritt, Lilla Kate Parramore. Ann Patterson. Mary Hamilton, Harriette Potts, Brownie Williams. GRANDDAUGHTERS ' CLUB Officers: Agnes Scott, Treasurer, and Jan Varner, President. Not Pictured: Ann Hanson, Secretary. The Granddaughters ' Club is composed exclusively of those girls whose mothers or grandmothers went to Agnes Scott. A purely social organization, the club designs its meetings to provide entertainment for its members. During fall quarter its main activity is an informal tea at which all the old members greet the freshman granddaughters. GARDEN CLUB The Distinguished Members: strong. Adaline Miller, Virgin Donna Dugger, Ann W. Jones, Diche Arm s, Betsy Hill, Roberta Williams. Frances Ginn The Second Rebekah Garden Club was established in the early fall of 1950 by a very select group of interested nature lovers. The primary purpose of this small, but active group was more bushes for the colonnade. How- ever, this was not the only purpose — the real goal being general beauti- fication of the campus. Members went around in their merry, little way, scattering seeds of happiness and culture into fertile soil. The ladies were guided through the rainy and dry seasons by their beloved sponsor and sweetheart, little Wally Alston. Their familiar cry-bushes — can still be t heard ringing through the colonnade. V. C. Hayes. Horticulturist Supreme, presenting a lovely bouquet to Miss Winter after the Faculty -w» " C ' MON, LETS SET THAT CLASS SPIRIT! " SUCH ENTHUSIASTIC YELLS ARE COMMON ON FRIDAY AFTERNOONS AROUND THE GYM. A. A. BOARD HAS SPONSORED " OP- ERATION BLACKOUT " WHICH HAS STIMULATED MUCH INTEREST IN ALL KINDS OF SPORTS. ATHLETICS HAS AN IMPORTANT PLACE IN CAMPUS LIFE. ATHLETICS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Athletic Association sponsors the extra-curricular sports on campus. There is interclass competition in the major sports, hockey, basketball and softball, and tournaments are held in archery, badminton, tennis, golf, swimming, and ping pong. The Sports Cup is awarded each year to the class which has won the most tournaments; letters and stars are awarded to individuals. This year A. A. has sponsored the building of an outdoor fireplace, the purchasing of a new three speed recorder for the gymnasium, the operation of Lost and Found, the selling of food at the games, and th = selling of Agnes Scott sweaters. Anne Thomson, Vice President, and Ann Baxter, President and Julia Grler, Secretin Athletic Association Boa. d: First Row: joen Fagan. Betty Stein, Julia foner, Anne Thomson. Ann Baxter. Marion Mctlroy Julia Beeman. Second Row: Sarah Legg, Lilla Kate Parramore Marianne McPherson, Mary Evelyn Knight, Caroline We: . BeHv Enjoying the new fireplace: Ann Baxter, Julia Grier. Liiia Kate Par Evelyn Knight, Sarah Legg, Marion McElroy. Anne The- Junior Team: Jackie Josey, Jane Crook, Florrie Fleming, Pat Patterson, Betty Ellingto Joen Fagan, Katherine Matthews, Nancy Lee, Judy Promnitz, Juiia Grier. HOCKEY This year the Sophomores received the Hockey Plaque for winning the most games of the season. The medal for good sportsmanship went to Mary Beth Robinson, a forward on the Senior ' s team. Miss Wilburn, Joen Fagan, the school hockey manager, and the team-work of the class teams made this season a most exciting one. The Varsity Team: Julia Beeman. Caroline Wells, Sarah Legg. Louisa Allen, Betty Richardson. Nancy Thomas, Julia Grier, Pat Patterson, Mary Beth Robinson, Ann Baxter. Sophomore Team: Nancy Clark, Margaret Williamson, Harriet Hampton, Pat Hale, Joann Hall, Sarah L egg, Julia Beeman, Ann Allred, Mary Evelyn Knight, Connie Curry, Caroline Wells, Donna McGinty, Peggy Bridges. Freshman Team: Alberta Jackson, Barbara Huey, Nancy Clark, Barbara Battle, Sally Wilt, Mary Richardson, Louisa Allen, Joann Miklas, Julie Boland, Emmy Lou Sessions. Senior Team: Ann Baxter, Ann Thomson, Adaline Miller, Mary Beth Robinson, Betsy Hodges, Barbara West, Sarah Leathers. Sarah Crewe Hamilton. Junior Team: Mary Newell Rainey, Jackie Josey, Mitzi Kiser, Joen Fagan Julia Gri Pat Patterson, Vallie Burnet, Florrie Fleming. BASKETBALL " Jump ball! " " Did you see that shot? Wonder what the score is now! " Such comments can be heard in the gym on Friday afternoons during winter quarter. As usual basket- ball is everyone ' s favorite. Each class plays six games, and the season ends with a varsity game. There was this year a big turnout for the games and practices. The Freshman class won the basketball plaque, and Mary Beth Robinson was awarded the Sportsmanship Medal. Mary Evelyn Knight was school manager, and Mrs. Story coached the teams. The Varsity Team: Caroline Wells, Harriette Potts, May Muse, Donna McGinty, Lo Allen, Harriet Griffin. Sophomore Team: Mickey Scott, Betty Ann Jacks, Libby Wilson, Pat Tooley, Lib Flynn, Evelyn Mason, Caroline Wells, Donna McGinty, Mary Evelyn Knight, Harriet Hampton, Georgia Belle Christopher. Freshman Team: Barbara Battle, Emmie Hay, Rameth Richard. Jane Frist, Louisa Allen. Sally Shippey, Betty Richardson, Mary Dean, Nancy Gay, Alice Tramell, Sally Wilt. Harriet Griffin, Dora Wilkinson, B. C Regen, Joanne Miklas. ADMINTON The badminton season officially got under way in January when the tournament started. Barbara Kelly was the badminton manager for the campus, and Mary Beth Robinson, Carolyn Randolph, Nancy Clark, and Joanne Miklas were the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman class managers respectively. Mary Beth Robinson defeated Katherine Matthews to win the singles championship; Frances Cook and Mary Beth Robinson were the winners of the doubles tournament, while Katherine Matthews and Barbara Kelly were the runners-up. A highlight of the season was a clinic for all badminton enthusiasts; Mrs. Dobson of the Atlanta Athletic Club came to teach anyone who wanted to learn to play. ARCHERY On most sunny afternoons this is a familiar sight from the library windows. Archery, under the management of Sally Legg this year, has its big season in spring quarter when the tournaments are held. Of special interest was the inter-collegiate telegraphic tournament from May 13th to May 23rd. Cake and grab bag shoots on our own campus were also a big attraction spring quarter. SOFTBALL The Softball manager for this year was Caroline W ells. The spring intramural games are the main Softball events. When the annual went to press, much speculation was being made as to who would win the tournament — would the seniors continue their lead and graduate triumphantly, or would the freshmen bring out hidden talent as they did in other sports? Our ardent fan, unofficial coach, and accurate umpire, Mr. Jones, spurs our efforts and zeal during the Softball season. TENNIS During fall quarter the tennis tournaments were held. Mary Beth Robinson defeated Nancy Burkitt for the singles championship. Ten- nis was managed this year by Marianne McPherson. Tournaments and the tryouts for tennis club were held during spring quarter The first anniversary of our laykold surface tennis courts finds them in constant use fall and spring quarters. w DANCE GROUP An integral part of our campus activity is the dance group directed by Miss Eugenie Dozier. The main purpose of the dance group is to intro- duce the art of dancing to girls who have had little experience in this particular field. The annual production of this group has become a tradition of our campus. This year Dance Group presented a contem- porary ballet, Rodeo, and the Nutcracker Suit. The members of the group did their own choreography. The Four Leads in the Rodeo Number: Marilyn Vance. Judy McDaniel. Louisa Allen, and Norma Chamblee. The Finale of the Nutcracker Suite: Marilyn Vance. Around the Semicir Hanna, Beverly Espy, Judy McDaniel, Marjorie Young, Mary Dean, Gene Norma Chamblee. Ann Sayre, Louisa Allen, and Mary Hood. Rubye Minor, Katha e Lucchese, Ann Han Members: First Row: Donya Dixon, Lilla Kate Parramore, Jane Crook, Sue Born. Second Row: Sarah Petty, Margaret Rogers. Third Row: Sarah Crewe Hamilton. Peggy Bridges, Jane Gaines, Hannah Jackson. Not Pictured: Martha Crowell, Addie Steans, Carol Tye. Cotton Williams, Ann Baxter. Frances Cook, Donna Dugger, Keller Henderson, Margie Thomason, Ann Montgomery, Marianne McPherson, Betty Nell Scott. DOLPHIN CLUB Dolphin Club gives those girls who are interested in water sports a chance to perfect their strokes, stunts, and dives. This year Dolphin Club presented a water circus, " Under the Big Top, " for its yearly water ballet. Scenes from the club ' s picn with faculty sponsor, Mrs. P W EAR ERS OF THE LETTER The girls who have shown wide interest and have taken active partici- pation in sports are awarded the Agnes Scott letter. However, skill and sportsmanship are important factors to be considered before any one is entitled to receive one of the letters. Winners of the ASC Letter: First Row: Lilia Kate Parramore, Joen Fagan, Katherine Matthews, Caroline Wells, Pat Patterson, Anne Thomson, Sarah Crewe Hamilton. Second Row: Julia Grier. Anne Potts, Margie Thornason, Ann Baxter, Mary Beth Robinson, Florrie Fleming. ■ 1 SBr ' . SSm -- J? K AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE Decatur, Georgia Founded 1889 In fide vestrit virtutem, in virtute anient scientiatu. DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS AGNES SCOn COLLEGE ANGELS, INC. BARGE-THOMPSON CO. BEN S. FORKNER REALTY CAGLE PRODUCE CO. COLONIAL STORES DEKALB OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. DIXIE WHOLESALE CO. FAIRVIE W FLOWER SHOP H. E. LUPO CO., INC. IRVINDALE FARMS J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING CO. JANS LADIES APPAREL LOGAN WILLIAMS MOORE ' S ICE CREAM NEWSOME ' S SHOES ORKIN PONCE DE LEON SERVICE CENTER RICH MORGAN, INC. SCOTTDALE MILLS SALESROOM SCOTT DRIVE-IN SOUTHEASTERN ELEVATOR CO. SOUTHEASTERN MEAT CO., INC. SOUTHERN CHEVROLET CO. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. THE VARSITY THREADGILL PHARMACY WAGSTAFF MOTORS WHEAT WILLIAMS REALTY ZEP MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Pat Kent, Pat Gr. salesmanship. nd Carol Jones, three of our " Ad Getters " ready to try the WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION TO THESE ADVERTISERS WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE SUCCESS OF OUR ANNUAL. PLYMOUTH MOST TRULY BALANCED CAR IN LOW PRICED FIELD Now Available with HY-DR1VE NO-SHIFT DRIUING Also THE DISTINGUISHED NEW De Soto « w DeSOTO fire dome 8 De Soto PowerMaster 6 uraq staff SPRING AND EIGHTH ST., N.W. Both Available with FULL POWER STEERING -i -ft -U i? MOTOR COMPANY INC. RfBOTORS ATLANTA, GEORGIA GREAT CARS Fine Service A Square Deal Southeastern Elevator Company Designers and Manufacturers of Passenger and Freight Elevators Oil Hydraulic Elevators Electric Dumbwaiters Residence Elevators il Currier St.. N. E. Atlanta, Ga. TYPEWRITERS Office Machines and Portables New and Used— Sold— Rented— Repaired Discount ti Students and Teachers DeKalb Office Equipment Co. 232 Atlanta Ave., EVerereen 5522 J. P. Stevens Engraving Co. ESTABLISHED 1871 SOCIETY STATIONERS WEDDING . . . RECEPTION . . . VISITING CARDS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY 1 10 Peachtree Street Atlanta SOUTHEASTERN MEAT CO., INC. Purveyors of Fancy Meats and Poultry To Hotels - Restaurants - Clubs - Institutions 914 Howell Mill Rd., N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Sales - Rentals — Insurance Wheat Williams Realty " REALTORS ' 119 E. Ponce de Leon Av( ., Decatur CR. 2601 CR. 2607 cr COLONIAL STORES SCOTTDALE MILLS SALESROOM SCOTTDALE, GEORGIA s Miles from Atlanta— EV. 1721 Curtain and Slip Cover Fabrics Roadtex . Osnaburgs . Other Materials . Display Fabric in Gray Finish . Finished Corduroy . All Year Round Weight Wool . Bath Towels Irvindale Farms RICHARD HULL 1 129 Spring Street, N.W. VErnon 7703 THE VARSITY Fresh Foods Curb Service C o m p I i m ents of BARGE-THOMPSON COMPANY Engineers and Contractors 136 Ellis Street, N. E. Atlanta 3, Georgia Compliments of Cagle Produce Company Wholesale Fancy Freshly Dressed Poultry and Strictly Fresh Grade A Eggs LAmar 3646 H. E. Lupo Billy Martin " Whe re Your Business Is Appreciated " H. E. Lupo Co., Inc. QUALITY PRODUCE ISA. 2153 " IF ITS IN TOWN, WE HAVE IT " " Your Dependable Chevrolet Dealer " Southern Chevrolet Co. 243 West Ponce de Leon Ave. Decatur Georgia Compliments of Zep Manufacturing Corporation Atlanta, Georgia Compliments of Dixie Wholesale Company POLLY DEBS NEWSOME ' S SHOES 117 Clairmont EV. 1411 ecatur Georgia ' All the Better Things of Life " Threadgill Pharmacy The Prescription Store DE. 1665 309 E. College Avenue Decatur, Ga. Your Nearest Drug Store Compliments oj " World ' s Largest Pest Control Co. " EM. 4541 713 W. Peachtree Compliments SCOTT DRIVE-IN DE. 9484 DECATUR DE. 8114 YOUR COMMUNITY I III AIRES The Sherwin-Williams Co. of Georgia Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Leads, Oils Enamels, Brushes and Painters ' Specialties 127 Ponce de Leon Ave. Decatur, Georgia CR. 1751 Compliments Ron S. Forkner Realty Avon-dale Estates, Georgia ran s oLadie5 -yyrpparel 3463 E. College Avem e Decatur. Ga. Phone EVergr ■en 5566 Compliments of Rich Morgan, 316 Peters St., S.W. Atlanta, Ga. Inc. ANGEL ' S, INC. 325 Eli abeth St., N ' .E. Atlanta. Ga. CYpress 2: 92-3 DISTRIBUTORS FOR Genera Budw Foods Corp. ciser Yeast Angel ' s Food I ' roc Hotel and Restaurant Kraft Foods Oleomargat ucts Products Co. Atlanta ' s only complete natio brands institutional it nally Oilvertised stributor GUARDED QUALITY ICE CREAM 54-56 I n IMA ST., S.W. I ' linne V V 1965 All M , G ■ Compliments of LOGAIV WILLIAMS 321 Palmer Building Atlanta, Ga. Agnes Scott ' s Florist Fairview Flower Sfa. op Flowers by wire —anywhere —anytime 301 Church Street DE. 3309 s n Compliments of Ponce do Loon Sorvieo Center 203 W. Ponce de Leon Jf ere ' s to good times and good friends ay you always have an abundance of both Iffl " 1 THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY F. W. Woolworth Company 5 - 10 - 25c STORES DECATUR C. C. I unison Service Station 70 Covington Ret. AVONDALE ESTATES Compliments SEVERAL FRIENDS Ytmtfy 2 ff 0?.j portrait color ustrative commercia creative art in photography c w 2529 PEACHTREE ROAD, N. E. Atlanta 5, Georgia CH. 5963 CH. 2325 wee awn o e ceamt WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS FOOTE DAVIES, INC PHONE WALNUT 4600 POST OFFICE BOX S109 FOR REFERENCE Do Not Tako From This Boom ;.;- i g .:f t HS ' L t Ks K: • ' ; " - : ' ' ' i- ; •ZPslla " ' ••• ' fil ' • ■ : ]

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