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ILHOUETTE Published by the students of AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE DECATUR, GEORGIA KITTY FREEMAN, Editor LORNA WIGGINS, Business Manager w-v " « ,, i PRESENTING AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE . . . where we have found a time for mental development through study and experiment ... a time for spiritual growth through worship and meditation . . . -Wr- ; . -v ifwv (T Jj 7 JT ; ' v j|M! T Rp II 1 ■ 1 • ' 1 iiiiiiiinir BR v " f £ " " fe ■ ' , ' " " te- P P jf f 1 JM|P • r -I v ylw .: ' rr . . . physical well-being and enlargemenf of personality through " time out " for sports and social activities . . . 4 FOREWORD Time is a valued element in our life at Agnes Scott. It is more than a regulator of scheduled routine; it is our " seed-field, " in which are rooted the experiences capable of enriching life, both in time-present and in time-future. The 1952 SILHOUETTE has attempted to " stop the clock, " thus por- traying these experiences as visualized in the past year. DEDICATION to rv isi r jancu f ence LjroieciOi for her vital faith in God and man, her enthusiastic support of all phases of campus life, and her high vision of service to Agnes Scott, we dedicate the 1952 SILHOUETTE. A C U LT Y . . . colorful dignity of academic processions . . . confer- ences on third Buttrick . . . Friday morning chapel services . . . kindling minds . . . patient guidance . . . £N d A highlight of the year 1951-52 was the inauguration of Wallace McPherson Alston, third president of Agnes Scott College. On the morning of October 23, more than 250 official delegates in colorful academic costume, accompanied by a white-clad student escort, processed to Gaines Chapel for the inaugural service. Sarah Gibson bHanding. President of Vassar College, delivered the principal address, after which Dr. Alston was formally inducted into his office by George Winship, chairman of the Board of Trustees. Even the heavy rain failed to dampen the spirit of enthusiasm and goodwill shared by members of our own campus and our many visitors. INAUGURATION OF WALLACE M. ALSTON Faculty marshals lead their procession through Presser Hall immediately before the inaugural ex- ercises. For the " after " view, see page l3. Miss B landing delivers her address. Wallace Mcpherson Alston President Agnes Scott has long been proud of her presidents. This year, as Dr. Alston assumes the office, we are especially conscious of all that he and his predecessors have meant to us. In so short a time, Dr. Alston has won his way into the confidences and into the hearts of all of us. He commands respect and admiration from each of his associates, and real love from those who have come to know him. To us he is a personification of many worthwhile and necessary qualities. We know how fine our president is, how capable in guiding our school, and how loyal to all we claim as a part of Agnes Scott. SAMUEL GUERRY STUKES Dean of the Faculty and Registrar Because of his constant understanding of all our problems, his never-ending willingness to aid any one of us, and his bright sense of humor which always finds the sunniest spot on a gray day, Dr. Stukes has become an invaluable part of campus life and academic activity. He is never too busy to advise in decisions, never too preoccupied to give a cheery smile. He is truly a friend interested in all. CARRIE SCANDRETT Dean of Students Miss Scandrett ' s fame has spread far, carried by those girls to whom she has been almost a mother. How she remembers all our names, faces, and biographies we will never know, but she never forgets to give a friendly greeting or remembrance. Her poise, graciousness, charm, and capabilities set an example for us students to follow. ENGLISH George P. Hayes Professor One of the most popular departments on our Agnes Scott campus is the English department, with its many courses covering the literature of all ages. Through its capable members we are led to a deeper appreciation of all the hidden treasures of both prose and poetry. Although we may suffer while writing a research paper or analyzing poetry, we finally feel richly rewarded for our efforts and carry away a real understanding of and inspiration from the greatest works of all times. Emma May Laney Associate Professor Annie May Christie Assistant Professor Janef Newman Preston Assistant Professor Margret Guthrie Trotter Assistant Professor Amelia Jo Wier Instructor HISTORY The department of history offers the student an insight into the civilizations of the past in an effort to help her better understand the civilization of the present. The varied selection of available courses ranges from the history of ancient Greece to a survey of modern Russia. Not to be overlooked are in- teresting courses in the history of our own land and a survey of political processes. y v. J vT iSj Bfc v W y " 1 • : 5SHH v £i if-ssjBff SvvH ' Bi W 1 ■ 1 v ' Walter Brownlow Posey Professor Florence E. Smith Associate Professor Elizabeth Fuller Jackson Associate Professor Catherine Strateman Sims Associate Professor LANGUAGES The departments of classical and modern languages provide an opportunity for " visiting " far-away lands through the study of their languages and customs. Emphasis is placed upon conversational ability in Fre nch, Ger- man, and Spanish, and upon the development of a broad reading knowledge in Latin and Greek. Language clubs, record classes, and lan- guage tables in the dining hall supplement classroom instruction in offering students a means of increasing their proficiency in and enjoyment of the languages. M. Kathryn Glick Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures Margaret Taylor Phythian Professor of French Elizabeth Gould Zenn " Assistant Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures Melissa Annis Cilley Assistant Professor of Spanish Elizabeth McDaniel Barineau Associate Professor of French FLORENE J. DUNSTAN Associate Professor of Spanish MATHEMATICS AND Henry A. Robinson Professor of Mat hematic Mary Stuart MacDougall Professor of Biology Nancy Pence Groseclose Assistant Professor of Biologv SCIENCE Prof William A. Calder sor Hi Physics and Astronomy William Joe Frierson Professor of Chemistry Evidence of Agnes Scott ' s interest in the progress of present-day living is seen in the emphasis given to the science and mathematics departments, which offer excellent instruction in astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. In these fields of knowledge the student finds a challenge, to logical and orderly reasoning and acquires habits of exact- ness in study. The Bradley Observatory and the newly completed John Bulow Campbell Science Hall have greatly augmented instruction in the sciences. Polly Anna Harris Instructor in Phvsics OCTAVIA GARLINGTON Assistant in Biology Julia Pratt Goode Assistant in Chemistry Netta Gray Part-time Instructor in Biology Marie Huper Assistant Professor of Art ART The Art Department of Agnes Scott offers a variety of courses pertaining to the theory, practice, and history of art. In addition to regular class work, frequent exhibits and lectures sponsored by the department lead the student to a deeper appreciation of art. Michael McDowell Professor of Music MUSIC The music department reaches an increas- ing number of students through its practical courses in organ, piano, violin, and voice, as well as through its instruction in theory and history. Throughout the year, special music programs presented by members of the department are enjoyed by the entire Atlanta community. Roxie Hagopian Associate Professor of Music Raymond J. Martin Associate Professor of Music Isabel Mawha Bryan Part-time Instructor in Piano Lillian R. Gilbreath Part-time Instructor in Piano Irene L. Harris Part-time InstructOI in Piano Edwin C. White Part-time Instructor in Music BIBLE It is fitting that a Christian college such as Agnes Scott should have such a fine Bible department. Courses are offered in the teachings of the Old and New Testaments, as well as those dealing with the religious beliefs ot the present day. Through these studies the student gains both a spiritual and an intellectual insight into the Hible. Mary Lily Boney Instructor Roberta Winter Assistant Professor SPEECH Everyone on campus has heard of Blackfriars, the dramatic club sponsored by our speech department; everyone has been thrilled by one of their fine performances. But this is only part of the department ' s work. Behind the stage pro- ductions lie those fundamental courses which teach the cor- rect use of voices and bodies for most effective speech. All those who enroll in a speech class become conscious of the importance of reading and speaking correctlv. PHILOSOPHY - EDUCATION PSYCHOLOGY To help students understand the human mind in its physical and its more intangible aspects and to show them how to mold young minds through the process of education are the aims of the departments of philosophy, education, and psychology. Students have found in psy- chology many practical applications in learning and in social and business contacts. The education courses lead to a teaching certificate. Philosophy, with its challenge to clear thinking, proves valuable in considering the ultimate questions of life. Emily S. Dexter Associate Professor of Philosophy and Educatu Katherine T. Omhv Associate Profess of Psychology John I. Goodlad Visiting Associate Professor of EJucatio Samuel Guerry Stukes Professor of Psychology and Education SOCIOLOGY AND ECONOMICS Anna Greene Smith Associate Professor Mildred Rutherford Mei.i. Professor Labor problems, the family, social theory, and racial prob- lems come within the range of the Department of Eco- nomics and Sociology. Those interested in the financial and social conditions within the community, the nation, and the world find its courses helpful. Llewellyn Wilburn Associate Professor Janet Alexander College Physician and Professor of Physical Education Harriette Haynes Lapp Assistant Professor PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical Education is very important in furthering Agnes Scott ' s ideal of physical well-being for each student. The develop- ment of physical fitness is accomplished through the attention of the medical de- partment and through the rich program of athletics, which provides opportunities for the acquisition of individual skills and for team-work in class competition. Eugenie Louise Doz Instructor tricia Ashley Story Instructor ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES At the times when Buttrick is not alive with students going to and from classes, the administrative officers of the college are still busily pursuing their never-ending work. On the first floor where the faculty, students, and visitors can readily find them, are the offices of the registrar, the treasurer, and the business manager, whose varied services include the supervision of registration and classification of students, management of college finances, and keeping of records. College publicity and alumnae activities are handled through the Alumnae Office. The efficiency of our capable administrative staff is an asset to the entire campus. P. J. Rogers, Jr. Business Manager Laura Steele Assistant Registra; Eleanor X. Hutchexs Director of Publicity Raymond M. Jones Engineer THE DEAN ' S OFFICE Students feel that many phases of campus life are centered in the Office of the Dean of Students. Here they may send telegrams, order taxis, sign out for dates, or stop for a friendly chat. Staff members, who prove never too busy to offer en- couragement and advice, are always eager to share both our problems and our good news. Lillian McCracken Assistant to the Dean of Students Irma Lee Shepherd Assistant to the Dean of Students THE LIBRARY The pleasant calmness which exists in the library and the regular efficiency with which it is run make it an ideal spot for study or research. The credit for this atmosphere goes directly to our library staff, whose untiring; efforts give us such a fine library. Without them ther e would be no attractive displays arranged in the main reading room and no one to help us with those problems that constantly appear. Lillian Newman Assistant Librarian Polly B. Tucker Assistant to the Librar Jenelle Spear Assistant in the Library Anna Da Vault Assistant in the Library Annie Mae F. Smith Nada Rhodes Wynn Supervisor of Dormitories Assistant to the Supervisor of Dormitories Alice Boykin Bray Resident Nurse Inez Owen Resident Nurse Ann Jacob Secretary to the President Virginia Iredell Rebecca Willard Secretary to the Treasurer Secretary, Office of the Reyistr Ethel Johnson Hatfield Dietitian Helen Smith Hooper Assistant to the Dietitian Martha Ann Board Howell Manager of tlie Bookstore BUSINESS OFFICES AND INFIRMARY n j LASSES . . . footnotes and fact tests . . . unexpected cuts . . . life-cycles, rime schemes, and idioms . . . blue-backed exam books ... the 1 :00 dash for the lunch line . . . SENIOR CLASS Shirley, Ann, and Emy lend gracionsness to any scene. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ann Herman President Emy Evans Vice President Shirley Heath Secretary-Treasurer Patty P aye ' s rival. Smoke gets in your eyes. 3i i m This is the way we brush our teeth. Nature girls. s E N I O R S CHARLOTTE ALLSMILLER WINCHESTER, KV. Bible ATALANTE ANASON ATLANTA, GA. Chemistry SARAH MARGARET ANDES KNOXVILLE, TENN. Psychology KATIE BERDANIS PENSACOLA, FLA. History 1 9 5 2 ELAINE CHRIS BLANE THOMASVILLE, GA. Spanish ANNE BOTTOMS GADSDEN, ALA. English SARA ANN BOYER ATHENS, TENN. Chemistry MARY JANE BREWER BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Music s E N I O R S BARBARA BROWN COLUMBUS, CA. History-Political Science BILLIE BRYAN CHARLOTTE, X. C. Spanish CAROLINE CAMP DECATUR, GA. Economics-Sociology LORETA JUNE CARPENTER RICHMOND, VA. English 1 9 5 2 BETTY ROSE CHENEY CAIRO, GA. Psychology JEANNE CONE HAPEVILLE, CA. Psychology SYBIL BARRINGTON CORBETT FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. History-Political Science LANDIS COTTEN ATLANTA, GA. Psychology s E N I O R S ANITA COYNE ATLANTA, GA. Classics CAROLINE CREA COLLEGE PARK, GA. English AMELIA CRONIN SAVANNAH, GA. Sociology CATHERINE GRAEBER CROWE WILMINGTON, N. C. English 1 9 5 2 KATHARINE CURRIE CARTHAGE, NT. C. Musk NANCY DeARMOND ERWIN, TENN. Mathematics ALLENA DOGGETT WILLIAMSON, W. VA. English THERESA DOKOS COLUMBUS, GA. Psychology s E N I O R S LOUISE DUXAWAY ATLANTA, OA. Psychology CLAIRE ELIZABETH EATOX ATLANTA, GA. German ELAINE EVANS ATLANTA, GA. Economics-Sociology EMY EVANS STONE MOUNTAIN, GA. Mathematics 1 9 5 2 SHIRLEY FORD DECATUR, GA. Psychology MARTHA FORTSON ATLANTA, GA. Chemistry KATHREN FREEMAN LA GRANGE, GA. Biology EDNA FURBISH ATLANTA, GA. Economics s E N I O R S PHYLLIS GALPHIX CHARLOTTE, N. C. Psychology MURIEL GEAR DECATUR, CA. English KATHRYN GENTRY SUMTER, S. C. .Mathematics ANN GOOLSBY AUGUSTA, CA. Chemistry 1 9 5 2 BARBARA GRACE ATLANTA, GA. Art JO ANN HALL BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Mathematics LAUR EL SUSAN HANCOCK OKEECHOBEE, FLA. History MARTHA JEAN HANSEN DECATUR, GA. Psychology s E N I O R S JANE HART ATLANTA, GA. English MATTIE ELIZABETH HART GABBETTVILLE, GA. History-Political Science RUTH HEARD ATLANTA, GA. Spanish SHIRLEY HEATH TALLADEGA, ALA. Mathematics 1 9 5 2 ANN PARK HERMAN LA GRANGE, GA. Psychology NANCY HOBBS ATLANTA, GA. Sociology JULIA ELIZABETH HOLLAND MARIETTA, GA. English CAROLYN HOLLIDAY ATLANTA, GA. French s E N I O R S CAROLYN ELIZABETH HOLTREY COLUMBUS, CA. Psychology JEANNINE BYRD HOPKINS DECATUR, GA. Psychology KATHRYN NIMMO HOWARD ATLANTA, GA. Psychology JOYCE HUTCHESON HUGGINS ATLANTA, CA. Mathematics 1 9 5 2 SARAH HELEN HUIE LA GRANGE, GA. Art MARY LEE HUNMCUTT ORANGEBURG, S. C. Greek, Latin MARGARET INMAN CHARLOTTE, N. C. Psychology LOUISE MONROE JETT LEXINGTON, KY. Chemistry s E N I O R S GWENELLE JOHNSON SUMTER, S. C. English JOAN FAYE JORDAN ATLANTA, GA. Mathematics MARY JANE LARGEN JORDAN DECATUR, GA. Bible JEANE JUNKER SALISBURY, N. C. Mathematics 1 9 5 2 MARGARET ANN KAUFMANN ATLANTA, GA. Mathematics MARTHA KIM SEOUL, KOREA Biology MARTHA KING JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Spanish HELEN FRANCES LAND NEW ORLEAN, LA. English s E N O R S BETTY JO LINTON PRINCETON KV. Bible MARGARETTA LUMPKIN DALTON, GA. Interdepartmental Psychology-Sociology MARY FRANCES MARTIN MONROE, GA. History MARY TERESA McDONALD DECATUR, GA. History-Political Science 1 9 5 2 BETTY ALICE MOON DECATUR, CA. Psychology SYLVIA MOUTOS AUGUSTA, CA. Chemistry BETTY JEAN MOYER FOREST CITY, N. C. English ANN PARKER ASHEVILLE, N. C. Biology s E N I O R S EDITH PETRI E DECATUR, GA. English BETTY ANNE HART PHILLIPS ATLANTA, GA. Chemistry NANCY PATTERSON PHILLIPS ATLANTA, GA. History-Political Science JANE PUCKETT TRYON, N. C. Economics-Sociology 1 9 5 2 LOLA PURCELL HAMMOND, LA. Sociology CATHERINE LIMING REDLES VALDOSTA, GA. Psychology ANNE CRAIG REEVES ATLANTA, GA. Sociology LaWAHNA DAWN RIGDON FORT VALLEY, GA. Economics s E N I O R S LILLIAN OLA RITCHIE DECATUR, CA. Art HELEN JEAN ROBARTS DECATUR, GA. Psychology MIRIAM RUNYON DECATUR, GA. Biology HAZEL ADELAIDE RYALL WAYCROSS, GA. Psychology 1 9 5 2 BETTY JANE SHARI ALMA, GA. Psychology JACQUELYN SIMMONS ATLANTA, GA. Sociology KATHLEEN KELL SIMMONS PASCAGOULA, MISS. Spanish CAROL SOLOMON WAYCROSS, GA. Psychology s E N I O R S WINNIE STROZIER ATLANTA, CA. French PATRICIA ANNE THOMASON ATLANTA, GA. Economics-Sociology DOROTHY DUCKWORTH TODD ATLANTA, GA. Psychology HELEN TRITTON ATLANTA, GA. Psychology 1 9 5 2 ELEANOR TURREXT1NE ATLANTA, GA. Sociology MARIE RILEY UNDERWOOD ATLANTA, GA. Psychology FRANCES VANDIVER DECATUR, GA. Spanish SARA BRYANT VEALE NEW HAVEN, CONN. English s E N I O R S JO CAMILLE WATSON ELIZABETHTOX, TEXX. Chemisfry IUTH WHITING CAMILLA, GA. French LORNA WIGGINS BIRMINGHAM, ALA. History SYLVIA WILLIAMS NORCROSS, GA. History-Political Science 1 9 5 2 ANNE WINNINGHAM CLARKSTON, GA. French FLORENCE WORTHY CAIRO, GA. History A ot Pictured: ALICE FARMER SNEAD ATLANTA, GA. English BOBBY THOMPSON DECATUR, GA. Mascot of the Class of 1952 JUNIOR CLASS Keller, Anne, and Mary relax on the steps of Mi. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mary Lixdsey President Keller Hexdersox Vice President Axxe Potts Secretary-Treasurer Juniors sing for the kitty ALLARDYCE ARMSTRONG Miami, Fin. WINONA BENNETT Atlanta, Ga. ALINE HIGHT BROWN EVELYN BASSETT Fort Vallev, Ga. FRANCES BLAKENEV Matthews, N. C. CONSTANCE BYRD Columbia, S. C. PAT BAUMGARTEN Atlanta, Ga. MARY ALVERTA BOND Oak Ridge, Tenn. PEGGY CARLOS ANN BAXTER Matthews, N. C. SUANNE BOWERS Atlanta, Ga. MARY " JO CHAPMAN Tampa, Fla. JUNIORS DORIS CL1NGMAN New Orleans, La. VIRGINIA CORRY Tifton, Ga. DONYA DIXON Gorgas, Ala. EUNICE CONNALI.Y LaGrange, Ga. MARGARET COUSAR Richmond, Va. SUSAN DODSON Columbia, S. C. FRANCES COOK Rome, Ga. JANE DALHOUSE Atlanta, Ga. DONNA DUGGER Sheffield, Ala. ANN COOPER Coronado, Col. ANNE DeWITT Gainesville, Ga. CAROL EDWARDS Athens, Ga. JUNIORS MARY FRANCES EVAN ' S Thomasville, Ga. CATHERINE GOFF Atlanta, Ga. SARAH CREWE HAMILTON PHYLLIS FISHER Paris, Kv. PATRICIA ANN GREEN Atlanta, Ga. DOROTHY HARDIN Augusta, Ga. MARY ANNE GARRARD Macon, Ga. RUTH GUDMUNDSON Columbia, S. C. VIRGINIA CLAIRE HAYS Moultrie, Ga. FRANCES GINN Covington, Ga. MARY HAMILTON Decatur, Ga. KELLER HENDERSON Doraville, Ga. JUNIORS BETSY HILL Savannah. Ga. MARGARET HOOKER Scarsdale, N. Y. ANN JONES teaumont, Tex. BETSY HODGES South Hill, S. C. ELLEN HUNTER New Orleans, La. ANNE W. JONES Dalton, Ga. MARY HOLLAND Atlanta, Ga. CAROL LOU JACOB Decatur, Ga. IACQUELINE KING Hapeville, Ga. JANE HOOK Gainesville, Fla. BARBARA ANN JOHNSTON Atlanta, Ga. SARAH LEATHERS Decatur, Ga. JUNIORS MARY LIN ' DSEY Griffin, Ga. MARGARET McRAE Wadesboro, N. C. KATHERINE OAKLEY Atlanta, Ga. NANCY LOEMKER Atlanta, Ga. MARION MERRITT Atlanta, Ga. l.ILLA KATE PARRAMORE Valdosta, Ga. OESPO MATHESON Tampa, Fla. ADALINE MILLER Savannah Beach, Ga. SUE PETERSON Alley, Ga. BETTY McLELLAN Dalton, Ga. BELLE MILLER Atlanta, Ga. JACQUELINE PFARR Alma, Mich. JUNIORS ANNE POTTS Gabbettville, Ga. RUTH RUNYON Decatur, Ga. PRISCILLA SHEPPARO Laurens, S. C. MARY BETH ROBINSON Auburn, Ala. SHIRLEY SAMUELS Atlanta, Ga. MARIE STOWERS Atlanta, Ga. LOUISE ROSS Hattiesburg, Miss BONNIE SANDERS Atlanta, Ga. NATALIE STRATTON College Park, Ga. NANCY RUFFNER Bamesville, Ga. RITA MAY SCOTT Atlanta, Ga. FRANCES SUMMERVILLE Aliceville, Ala. JUNIORS ANNE THOMSON Tampa, Fla. VIVIAN WEAVER Mobile, Ala. LINDY TAYLOR Atlanta, Ga. CHARLINE TRITTON Atlanta, Ga. BARBARA WEST Johnson City, Tenn. MARGARET ELIZABETH THOMASON Copperhill, Tenn. HELEN TUCKER East Point, Ga. ROBERTA WILLIAMS Dalton, Ga. ADELE THOMPSON Olanta, S. C. NORMA WANG Shanghai, China MARY ANN WYATT Roanoke, Va. JUNIORS CHARLOTTE ALLAIN Avondale Estates, Ga. Not Pictured: FLORENCE HAND Pclham, Ga. CAROLYN B. LINGER East Point, Ga. RUTH REEVES Atlanta, Ga. Three henils are belter than one. Who wants to make a fourth: C A songbirds. SOPHOMORE CLASS All set for the " go " signal are Betty, Pntti. and Sin. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Patti Boring President Sue Born Vice President Betty Stein Secretary-Treasurer ind just tchat would you like to know? Bright ideas at class meeting. SOPHOMORES CLARA ADAMS Atlanta, Ga. MARILYN BELANUS Birmingham, Ala. BARBARA BOLEN Atlanta, Ga. PATTI BORING Tampa, Fla. SUE BORN Pensacola, Fla JUNE BROXTON Montgomery, Ala. MARY BURKE Atlanta, Ga. FRANCES COLEY Waynesboro, Va. VALERIA BURNET Wavcross, Ga. ELIZABETH CRAIG Idabel, Okla. CLAIRE CLARK Atlanta, Ga. JANE CROOK Charlotte, N. C. ANNE R. CLAYTON GWYNNETH DAVIES Webster Groves, Mo. VIRGINIA CLIFT Fort Smith, Ark. MITZI DEWS Forrest Citv, Ark. LUCY DOYLE Andalusia, Ala. JEAN DRUMHELLER Staunton, Va. LOIS DRYDEN Kingsport, Tenn. HARRIET DURHAM Marietta, Ga. SOPHOMORES BETTY ELLINGTON El Paso, Texas ELOISE EUBANKS Atlanta, Ga. JO EN FAG AN Rome, Ga. JULIA GR1ER Rock Hill, S. C. FLORENCE FLEMING Augusta, Ga. ELLEN GRIFFIN Hamlet, N. C. VIRGINIA LEE FLOYD Stateshoro, Ga. GENEVIEVE GUARDIA Stateshoro, Ga. MILDRED GASTON Griffin, Ga. CAROL HANCOCK Okeechobee, Fla. CHOR GEE GOH Singapore, Malaya VIRGINIA HANCOCK Atlanta, Ga. SOPHOMORES KATHARINE HEFNER Lincolnton, N. ( ' . PHYLLIS HESS Atlanta, Ga. LOUISE McKINNEY HILL Decatur, Ga. BARBARA HOOD Atlanta, Ga. ELEANOR HUTCHINSON Senoia, Ga. LYNN JOHNSTON Laurel, Miss. u I CAROL JONES Columbia, S. C. CATHERINE KITE Decatur, Ga. JACQUELYN JOSEY Bartow, Ga. LILLA KNEELAND Arlington, Va. GRACE KANE Atlanta, Ga. JANE LANDON BARBARA KELLY Atlanta, Ga. NANCY McLAURINE LEE Danville, Kv. PATRICIA KENT Atlanta, Ga. CAROLINE LESTER MARY ALICE LINK Atlanta, Ga. CAROL ANNE MACAULEY Atlanta, Ga. CORNELIA MAJOR Hendersonville, N. C. RUTH MALLETTE Birmingham, Ala. SOPHOMORES JOANNE MASSEE Atlanta, Ga. [CATHERINE MATTHEWS Decatur, Ga. TTY JO McCASTLAIN MARIAN McELROY Memphis, Tenn. Birmingham, Ala. MABEL MILTON Nashville, Tenn. JOYCE MUNGER Chattanooga, Tenn. HELEN McGOWAN CLARA JEAN McLANAHAN EVELYN MERRILL Jackson, Miss. Elherton, Ga. Eufaula, Ala. SIDNEY NEWTON Denver, Col. BARBARA NORTH EY Decatur, Ga. CONSTANCE ORMSBY Fayetteville, N. C. SOPHOMORES ANNE PATTERSON Bluefield, W. Va. HARRIETTE POTTS Newnan, Ga. DORIS JEAN POWELL Lincolnton, N. C. MARY PRITCHETT Atlanta, Ga. JUDITH PROMNITZ Atlanta, Ga. ELLEN PROUTY Dalton, Ga. SUE HOLLINS PURDOM MARY NEWELL RAINEY CAROLYN RANDOLPH CAROLINE REINERO Guilford College, N. C. Americus, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Decatur, Ga. MARCIA ROSEFIELD Sumter, S. C. IRENE SASSO nville, S. C. CECELIA SCHOR Birmingham, Ala. SELMA SCHROTH Chester, Pa. GAIL ROGERS Monroe, Ga. ALMA SCOGGINS BETTY NELL SCOTT Decatur, Ga. JOAN SIMMONS Americus, Ga. SOPHOMORES MARY FRANCES SISTAR Columbus, Miss. JOAN SPARK Macon, Ga. ADELINE STEANS Lake Bluff, III. BETTY STEIN Americus, Ga. SARA SW ANSON Erwin, N. C. CAROL TYE ANNE SYLVESTER Decatur, Ga. MARILYN VANCE Atlanta, Ga. ELINOR TAYLOR Atlanta, Ga. JOANNE VARNER Thomaston, Ga. MARION TENNANT CAROLYN TINKLEPAUGH Lancaster, S. C. Birmingham, Ala. JOREE WALKER NANCY WHETSTONE SOPHOMORES KATHLEEN WHITFIELD Huntsville, Ala. DOROTHY F. WILLIAMS Atlanta, Ga. GLADYS COTTON WILLIAMS Birmingham, Ala. LLEWELLYN WOMMACK DeQueen, Ark. ARBARA ANN YOWELL Orlando, Fla. JANE ZUBER Birmingham, Ala Not pictured: MARY CASWELL Atlanta, Ga. PATRICIA MORGAN Americus, Ga. PEGGY ANN HARPER Huntington, W. Va. MARY JANE SWANEY Atlanta, Ga. MARY MARGARET HENDERSON Houston, Texas MARY BROWN WILLIAMS Little Rock, Ark. All dressed up with no place to cjo. i nm Maggie ' s Pups Muff, Jan and Duff ■ m Maggie Glick and Heather Leyburn Nussin Jones Mickey Harx Roxie Trotter CAMPUS CANINES Stormy Calder FRESHMAN CLASS A trio of bright notes are Margaret, Alice, and Harriet. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Margaret Williamson President Alice Nunnallv Vice-President Harriet Stovall Secretary-Treasurer Aliss Graduate of ig 5- Freshmen always " take the cake. FRESHMEN JOAN ADAIR Montgomery, Ala. NORMA JANE ADAMS Decatur, Ga. BETTY LUCILE AKERMAN .... Atlanta, Ga. CAROLYN ALFORD Lawrenceville, Ga. ANN ALLRED High Point, N. C. JULIA NAN ARWOOD Moultrie, Ga. SARA ANNE ATKINSON Greenville, Ga. GERTRUDE AWBREY Dalton, Ga. CONSTANCE BALLAS Memphis, Tenn. JOANN BARRETT Lexington, Ky. BETTY JEAN BARTLETT Atlanta, Ga. JULIA BEEMAN Cuthbert, Ga. PEGGY BRIDGES Charlotte, N. C. LUCILE BROOKSHAW Atlanta, Ga. SUSANNA BYRD Gastonia, N. C. MARIAN CALLAHAM Atlanta, Ga. CYNTHIA CARSO New Orleans, La. ANNIE EVELYN CECIL .... Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. GEORGIA BELLE CHRISTOPHER . . Griffin, Ga. NANCY ANN CLARK Signal Mt., Tenn. LAVENIA ALICE CLARKE Oliver, Ga. FRESHMEN CAROLYN CRAWFORD Maryville, Tenn. MARTHA CROWELL .... Hendersonville, N. C. KATHRYN CUMBEE Birmingham, Ala. CONSTANCE CURRY Greensboro, N. C. NANCY DANIEL Savannah, Ga. BARBARA DEAN Cape Girardeau, Mo. SANDRA DICKSON Anderson, S. C. LILLIAN DIXON Gorgas, Ala. SARA DUDNEY Sewanee, Tenn. BETH DUGAN St. Petersburg, Fla. CATHERINE EICHELBERGER . . . Clinton, S. C. BEVERLY ESPY Decatur, Ga. ANN EVANS Statesboro, Ga. LEAH FINE Atlanta, Ga. JULEANN FLOWERS Dothan, Ala. ANN FLOYD Opelika, Ala. NELLE ELIZABETH FLYNN Seneca, S. C. HELEN FOKES LaGrange, Ga. MARJORIE FORDHAM Beaufort, S. C. BETTIE FORTE Columbus, Ga. SAMMIE LAURA FRIERSON .... Pampa, Tex. FRESHMEN JANE GAINES Atlanta, Ga. RENEE GALANTI Atlanta, Ga. TILLIE GALANTI Atlanta, Ga. ELIZABETH GRAFTON Staunton, Va. LETTY GRAFTON Staunton, Va. GRACE GREER Lakeland, Ga. WILMA HACHTEL Atlanta, Ga. PATRICIA HALE Staunton, Va. JO ANN HALL Dothan, Ala. MARY LOU HALL Racine, Wis. PATTY HAMILTON Orlando, Fla. HARRIET HAMPTON Charlotte, N. C. ANN LOUISE HANSON Houston, Tex. JACQUELINE HARPER tlanta, Ga. JOAN HATHAWAY Atlanta, Ga. VIVIAN HAYS Moultrie, Ga. JEANNE HEISLEY Atlanta, Ga. JANE HENEGAR Copperhill, Tenn. BARBARA HILLMAN Atlanta, Ga. HELEN JO HINCHEY Caruthersville, Mo. LAURA HOBBS Atlanta, Ga. FRESHMEN DOROTHY HOLCOMB Goodwater, Ala. MARY PAULINE HOOD Cornelia, Ga. MAE HUIE LaGrange, Ga. ELIZABETH JACKS Decatur, Ga. HANNAH JACKSON Cartersville, Ga. BEVERLY JENSEN Atlanta, Ga. MILDRED KATER Houston, Tex. MARY LOU KLEPPINGER Mexico, Mo. MARY EVELYN KNIGHT Houston, Tex. BERTHA KWILECKI Moultrie, Ga. SALLIE LAMBERT Louisville, Ky. MARY LAND New Orleans, La. SARAH LEGG Thomasville, Ga. JEANNE LEVIE Jackson, Mich. CATHERINE LEWIS .... Avondale Estates, Ga. MARY LOVE L ' HEUREUX . . . Georgetown, S. C. ERLINE LIDE Columbia, S. C. ANN ELIZABETH LLOYD . . Queens Village, N. Y. GENEVIEVE LUCCHESE Atlanta, Ga. JUDITH MACKENZIE Atlanta, Ga. FRANCES MARBURY Atlanta, Ga. FRESHMEN EVELYN MASON Mobile, Ala. CALLIE McARTHUR Goldsboro, N. C. JO ANNE MCCARTHY Charleston, S. C. DONNA LEE McGINTY Moultrie, Ga. SARA McINTYRE ....... Lumberton, N. C. MILDRED JEAN McKAY Columbus, Ga. JAMIE McKOY Dalton, Ga. GWENDOLYN McLEROY Decatur, Ga. PEGGY ANNE McMILLAN .... Knoxville, Tenn. ELIZABETH McPHEETERS . . . Greensboro, N. C. MARIANNE McPHERSON Marietta, Ga. MARY CAROL MILLER Jackson, Miss. HARRIETTE MITCHELL . . Daytona Beach, Fla. HELEN MOUTOS Augusta, Ga. MARY JANE MOYE Atlanta, Ga. LUCY JANE MURRAY Miami, Fla. GAYLE NORTON tlanta, Ga. ALICE NUNNALLY Memphis, Tenn. GRACE OLERT .... PATRICIA PADEN . . ELIZABETH PASCHALL Richmond, Va. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. FRESHMEN SARAH PETTY Selma, Ala. PEGGY PFEIFFER Atlanta, Ga. ANN PHELPS Decatur, Ga. RUTH LESTER POSEY Montgomery, Ala. MARY PRICHARD Milton, W. Va. JOAN PRUITT Westminster, S. C. BETTY JANE REINEY Lewisburg, Tenn. BETTY ROBERTS Savannah, Ga. LOUISE ROBINSON Charlotte, N. C. IDA REBECCA ROGERS Dalton, Ga. MARGARET ROGERS Easley, S. C. MARY ANN RUSSELL Atlanta, Ga. DOROTHY JEAN SANDS Detroit, Mich. BETTY JANE SCHAUFELE Miami, Fla. AGNES MILTON SCOTT Decatur, Ga. NAN SCOTT Oklahoma City, Okla. SARAH SHYMLOCK Atlanta, Ga. LeGRANDE SMITH Quitman, Ga. LINDA SMITH Dothan, Ala. NANSI-LEE SMITH Decatur, Ga. SALLY SMITH Wilmington, N. C. FRESHMEN EVELYN STEGAR Abingdon, Va. HARRIET STOVALL Atlanta, Ga. JANE SUTLIVE Savannah, Ga. GEORGIA SYRIBEYS Montgomery, Ala. PATRICIA TOOLEY Wilmar, Ark. CLIF TRUSSELL Atlanta, Ga. ANN TURNIPSEED .... Emory University, Ga. CORA SUE WALKER Decatur, Ga. PAULINE WALLER Decatur, Ga. ANN KAYE WALRATH . . . Keystone Heights, Fla. BEVERLY WATSON Decatur, Ga. PATRICIA WATTERS Dalton, Ga. CAROLYN WELLS Atlanta, Ga. JANE WICKHAM Oklahoma City, Okla. MARGARET WILLIAMSON . . . Monticello, Ark. ELIZABETH WILSON Gastonia, N. C. BARBARA WYNNS Williamson, W. Va. Not pictured: JANE NELSON Spring Hill, Ala. MAXINE MERRELL SIMPSON Decatur, Ga. MARGARET TRASK Anderson, S. C. HELEN DEE VANN Pontiac, Mich. SPECIAL STUDENTS DANIELLE DREY Lyons, France IEANNE WINTERS WALKER Atlanta, Ga. ADA PATRICIA MOORE Decatur, Ga. CHIZUKO YOSHIMURA Gifu, Japan JFe don ' t ALJf ' AYS look like thi Peggy presents freshman awards to the " Hockey King " Just look at us now! CTIVITIES . . . black-robed meetings . . . spring retreats . . . deadlines and copy sheets . . . unpaid dues . . . installation services in chapel . . . election-day excitement . . . t V THE 1 952 Sarah L. ami Sarah C. equipped for work. Editorial staff members scan past Silhouettes. First roiv: Genevieve Guardia, Lucy Doyle, Jan Varner, Theresa Dokos, Joyce Monger, Mary Burke, Harriet Durham. . . . Second raw: Betty Stein, Julia Grier, Ellen Griffin, Barbara Northey, Jane Zuber, Caroline Reinero Virginia Hancock, Lois Drvden. . . . Not pictured: Sue Born, Betty Holland, Mif Martin, Lilla Kate Paramore, Carol Solomon. SILHOUETTE STAFF Kitty Freeman Editor Mary Lee Hunnicutt .... Associate Editor Sarah Leathers Assistant Editor Sarah Crewe Hamilton Assistant Edito, Theresa Dokos Class Edito Carol Solomon Club Edito, Betty Holland Organization Edito. Lilla Kate Parramore Sports Edito Mif Martin Feature Editor Katharine Hefner Artist Lorna Wiggins Business Manager Suanne Bowers Advertising Manager We of the 1952 Silhouette staffs hope that you will find your annual an enjoyable review of the year ' s activity in work and picture. We have worked hard writing copy, taking pictures, selling ads, and doing the various other routine jobs that are all a part of producing an annual. If we have been successful in " stopping the clock " on highlights of 1951-52, we shall feel that our efforts have been well worth the while. The ad staff returns from a successful trip to town. Left to right: Mary Newell Rainey, Carol Jones, Virginia Clift, Evelyn Bassett, Genevieve Guardia. . . . Not pictured: Ellen Prouty, Katie Berdanis, Jackie Pfarr, Selma Schroth, Frances Sistar. THE AGNES SCOTT NEWS The appearance of the Agnes Scott News publication each Wednesday afternoon is an event eagerly anticipated by faculty and students alike. Because it reflects public opinion, it has become an essential part of our college community. The News endeavors to present campus, national, and world activities in a manner which will stimulate the thought of each student. " Did You Know " selections are clever new sports presentations; " Date Book " proves in- valuable to us. Even several want ads appear occasionally! We are proud that the News is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press. Our appreciation goes to the editorial staff with its " nose for the news " and the busi- ness staff with its " nose to the grind. " Their combined efforts have made this honor possible. Martha and Ann check copy. Monday nights in the news habits for Betsy, Pris room are weekly ■id Barbara. Ann looks through her business file STAFF Vnn Boyer Editor J.-VRTHA Fortsox . . . Managing Editor Jetsy Hodges J ' riscilla Sheppard . . . Assistant Editors Urbara West Virginia Claire Hays . . . Society Editor Jetty Jane Sharpe .... Copy Editor iIarion Merritt .... Feature Editor Vdaline Miller Sports Editor INN Parker Business Manager iIary Ann Wyatt . Advertising Manager pRANCES SummervilLE Circulation Manager These are the gals ivho get the news. .-It foreground table: Phyllis Hess, Barbara Hood, Marji Henderson, Jovce Munger. . . . Standing: Caroline Reinero, Allardyce Armstrong, Mary Anne Garrard, Jane Zuber, Carol Macauley, Nancy Lee, Marian McElroy, Marion Merritt . . . Sealed: Sarah Swanson, Joan Simmons. Not pictured: Virginia Claire Hays, B. J. Sharpe, Adaline Mi Jean Drumheller, Doris Clingman, Frances Cole Patty Morgan, Lilla Kate Parra Lil Kneeland, Nancv DeArmond. and Mary Ann set out to distribute III latest issue. T H E Abundant creative ability is possessed by members of the editorial and literary staffs. Left rovi, bottom to lop: Sally Veale, Jane Landon, Priscilla Sheppard, Nancy Phillips, foen Fagan, Betty Jo McCastlain It top of steps: Helen Huie, Margie Thomason. . . . Right row, top to bottom: Mary McDonald, Anne DeWitt, Charline Tritton, Anita Coyne. STAFF Clairelis Eaton Editor Anne DeWitt issociate Editor Sally Veale Assistant Editor Anita Coyne Poetry Editor Nancy Phillips Exchange Editor Caroline Crea Business Manager lis and her faithful car arrive for a day ' . AURORA Business Manager Caroline Combi: Writing with Financing. Northey, Jackie Jos 7arol Macauley. The Aurora, published quarterly, is a literary magazine for student expression which provides an opportunity for the circulation among members of the college community of original poems, short stories, essays, reviews and literary criticism. It is the objective of the publication to stimulate creative literary expression and to awaken interest on the campus in the extra-curricular writing done by students. Artistic talent is also employed in the Aurora in the illustrations for various literary pieces and in the designing of a cover for the magazine. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Sybil Corbett President June Carpenter Vice-President Landis Cotten . . . Day Student Chairman Kassie Simmons . . . Orientation Chairman Axx Cooper Secretary Belle Miller Student Treasurer Carol Lou Jacob . . Lower House Chairman Ann Jones Student Recorder Sybil ' s sunny smile sets the sundial ahead. Coram ttee iiep arcs I or a Monday night session Seated: Elizabeth McPheeters, Carol I -on Ja cob, Ann 1 ones , Am ■Ml Co bett, Jim c Cat penter, Belle Miller, Marga ret In nan, Mattie Hart, Sally Veale. . . Sta iding: Landis Co tten |ud Eleano r Hut chin son, J ) Ann Hall, Barbara Browr Mary Holland, Pat Patter , Kas son. . . sie Simmons, Frances Blakenej . Not pictured: Betty McLellan. • Slle Peters n, Phyllis Cia Iphin Lower House meets on Tuesday afternoon. . . . Seated: Marian McElrov, Nan Scott, Susan Dodson, Jane Hook, Ellen Hunter, Sec- retary, Virginia Hays, Florence Worthy, Connie Curry, Betty Re inev. ... Standing: Sue Walker, Carolyn Crawford, Mary Pritchett, Kathleen Whitfield, ' Florrie Fleming, B. J. Schaufele, Nancy Clark, Allardyce Armstrong. ... Not pictured: Carol Lou Jacob, Chair- man, Man- Jo Chapman, Sue Purdom, Jackie Simmons, Helen Tucker. Believing more than ever that Student Government is an integral part of life at Agnes Scott, Student Government Association began its year of activities on campus with an orientation program designed to provide valuable assistance to the new students. Under sponsorship of the organization, a formal reception for the entire college community climaxed the events of the opening week of school. Later in the quarter, the group presented a two-day emphasis of the Honor System, with helpful talks in chapel and discussions in the dorms and cottages. Included in the year ' s program of Student Government activities were its aid in obtaining a television set for the recreation room in Rebekah Scott, a redecoration of the smoker, operation of the second-hand bookstore, sending of delegates to the N. S. A. Congress, and continuance of those early morning fire drills. Student Government owes much to June ' leaders iip and mature judgment. capable CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION m Muriel and Bet enjoy the sunshine CA cabinet members. First row: Anne Jones, Keller Henderson, Muriel Gear, Charlotte Allsmiller. . . . Second row: Bet Linton, Donna Dugger, lane Crook. . . . Third rota: Helen Land, Betty Holland, Mary Beth Robinson, Virginia Lee Floyd, Margaret McRae. . . . Fourth row: Kitty Currie, Vallie Burnet, Alma Scoggins, Georgia Belle Christopher. CA council. First Second row: La Wah Peggy H Rigdc Genevieve Guardia, Jan Varner, Joyce Munger. Bertie Bond, Lois Dryden, Elizabeth Craig, Cotton Wil Third row: Frances Blakeney, Marian McElroy. OFFICERS Helen Land . . . Muriel Gear . . . Mary Beth Robinson Margaret McRae . Betty Jo Linton . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Freshman Advisor " Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by ? " . Christian Association ' s theme this year illustrates well an awareness of all the issues that should concern col- lege students. Because of this concern, C. A. has increased efforts in all its projects both on and off campus. The Council is in charge of off-campus activities, including Negro Mission, Scottish Rite Hospital, Methodist Orphans ' Home, Y. W. C. A., Industrial Girls ' Club, Girl Scouts, and Day Camp. On-campus activities are supervised by Cabinet with the help of many volunteers and draftees. This year cabinet members arranged a prayer room on campus which is open at all times. Dr. Elton Trueblood, author, lecturer, and pro- fessor, was Religious Emphasis Week speaker. The many lectures, discussions, and informal conferences were well attended by students, faculty, and off- campus friends, who felt the magnetism of the speaker. Dr. Trueblood re-emphasized the theme, applying it to all situations of life. The 1952 HOASC Chapter. Left row: Kassie Simmons, Sybil Corbett, Phyllis Galphin, Muriel Gear, Ann Herman. . . . Next to rail: Catherine Crowe, Clairelis Eaton, Kitty Freeman, Charlotte Allsmiller, Helen Land, Landis Cotten. MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board — how significant are these two words; how much they imply. Mortar Board is the honorary organi- zation for outstanding senior leaders. The members are chosen for their scholarship, leadership, and service. Juniors who possess these qualities are elected to Mortar Board each spring. To maintain a high standard of scholarship, to encourage leadership, and to advance the true spirit of service are the aims of Mortar Board. As " quiet molders of campus opinion, " the HOASC chapter at Agnes Scott supported a service program designed to seek out and to meet specific needs of the campus. It presented a series of eight excellent movies for the college community throughout the year and sponsored marriage classes for seniors and engaged girls during winter quarter. On November 16-17 the organization was hostess to the Regional Mortar Board Convention, exchanging ideas with chapters from colleges in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Sybil Corbett Anita Coyne Caroline Crea Theresa Dokos Claire Elizabeth Eaton Kathren Freeman Muriel Gear Ruth Heard Mary Lee Hunnicutt Betty Ann Phillips Kathleen Simmons Sara Bryant Veale PHI BETA KAPPA Each spring Phi Beta Kappa elects to membership those girls from the senior class who are recognized as outstanding in their achievement in scholarly pursuits, mani- festation of high character, and deep interest in the college life. Agnes Scott ' s chapter, the Beta Chapter of Georgia, was established in 1926, the one hundred and second institution and the ninth woman ' s college to receive this hitih honor. A ' s went. First row: Anita Covne, Pat Thomason, Clairelis Eaton, Kassie Simmons, Ani. ..M,i row: Genevieve Guardia, Theresa Dokos, Margaret Ann Kaufmann, Phyllis Galphin, Kitl Margie Thomason, Sybil Corbett, Sally Veale. . . . Third row: Charline Tritton, Mary Pritchett, Elizabeth Craig, Fourth row: Joen Fagan, Joyce Munger, Mary Lee Hunnicntt, Nancy Lee, Florrie Fleming. Sheppard. Jacob. icills ol Loi HONOR ROLL 1950-1951 CLASS OF 1 954 Anne Rossei.ot Clayton ' Elizabeth Anne Craig Margaret Joen Fagan Florence Hart Fleming Genevieve Guardia Louise McKinney Hill Carol Lynn Johnston Ruth Marguerite Johnston Nancy McLaurine Lee Ruth Baldwin Mallette Joyce Elizabeth Munger Lula Sidney Newton Mary Ann Pritchett Judith Ann Promnitz Sue Hollins Purdom CLASS OF 1 953 Aline Hicht Brown Peggy Carlos Susan Ann Coultrap Anne Carter De Witt Ellen Earle Hunter Carol Lou Jacob rosai.yn kenneday Margaret Louise Maier Margaret Redfearn McRae Belle Neel Miller Carlene Nickel Priscilla Mary ' Sheppard Margaret Elizabeth Thomason Charline Virginia Tritton CLASS OF I952 Sybil Barrington Corbett Anita Taylor Coyne Caroline Jo Crea Catherine Graeber Crowe Annie Theresa Dokos Dorothy Duckworth Kathren Freeman Phyllis Lucile Galphin Ruth Waldo Heard joy ' ce hutcheson huggins Mary Lee Hunnicutt Margaret Ann Kaufmann Betty Anne Hart Phillips Anne Craig Reeves Kathleen Kell Simmons Alice Farmer Snead Patricia Anne Thomason Sara Bryant Veale ETA SIGMA PH I Eta Sigma Phi is an undergraduate honorary classical fra- ternity. Its purpose is " to further the spirit of cooperation and good will among the memhers of classical departments and to stimulate interest in the study of the classics and to increase our knowledge of the art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. " There are more than thirty active chapters of Eta Sigma Phi in colleges and universities throughout the nation. Active memhership of individuals in a chapter is by invitation, and is normally conditioned upon superior work in Greek or Latin. The activities of the Alpha Delta Chapter have con- sisted of bi-monthly meetings, held at Miss Gli ck ' s house, where selected dialogues of Plato have been the topic for discussion ; in awarding Latin medals to local high-school seniors for superior work in this subject; and in serving at a tea for the Southern Classical Association. Eta Sigma Phi officers discuss " What ' s new in Ancient Greece. " Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Secretary; Sarah Leathers, Vice-President; Mary Lee Hunnicutt, President. . . . Not pictured: Betsy Hodges, Treasurer. Members of Eta Sigma Phi. Left to right: Mary Lee Hunnicutt, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Marian McElrov, Alma Scoggins, Anita Coyne, Joyce Munger, Nancy Lee, Charlotte Allsmiller, Katie Berdanis, Susan Hancock, Sarah Leathers. . . . Not pictured: Margaret McRae, Betsy Hodges, Carolyn Holliday. CHI BETA PHI Members of Chi Beta Phi at Agnes Scott College proudly claim their membership in the Alpha Sigma Chapter, which has the distinction of being the first women ' s chapter of this national honorary scientific fraternity. New members are initiated into the so- ciety bi-annually, eligibility being based on active interest and excellency in the study of the natural sciences. This year ' s program sought to create on the cam- pus an awareness of and an interest in scientific adancement throughout the world. Chapter mem- bers served as ushers in the new John Bulow Camp- bell Science Hall on the afternoon of its formal dedication, sponsored outstanding lecturers in vari- ous fields of science, and acted as hostesses to the national convention of Chi Beta Phi held here in spring quarter. Officers of C ii Beta Phi admire Mr. Skeleton ' s bone structure. Left to right: An Goolsbv, Cor esponding Secretary; Emv Evans, President; Margaret Ann Kauf mann, Treas irer, and Miriam Runvon, Recording Secretary. ... A ' Bettv Phillips, Vice-President. t pictured Supporters of the sciences. First row: Ann Goolsbv, Sylvia Moutos, Kathrvn Gentry, Jeane Junker, Miriam Runvon, Ruth Runvon, Ann Baxter. . . . Second row: Nancy DeArmond, Shirley Heath, Martha Fortson, Margaret Ann Kaufmann. Emy Evans, Frances Ginn, Kitty Freeman. . . . Not pictured: Ann Boyer, Joyce Huggins, Barbara Ann Johnston, Betty Phillips. Susan presents her argument to members of Pi Alpha Phi. Standing: Susan Hancock. Scott, Margaret Ann Kaufmann, Jovce Munger, Cotton Williams, Harriet Rosenbau Worthy, Brownie Williams, Barbara Brown, Bettv Moyer. . . . Not pictured: Catheri Jane Puckett, Pris Sheppard, Anne Thomson . Seated, first row: Dr. Haves, Rita May . . . Second row: Ann Parker, Florence Crowe, Clairelis Eaton, Carol Lou Jacob, PI ALPHA PHI Potential debaters on the campus are trained and encouraged bv Pi Alpha Phi. The members participate in cluh and inter-collegiate debates, which furnish a medium for dis- cussion of current problems concerning school, national and international affairs. Such activity stimulates the develop- ment of logical thinking and nimbleness of tongue. Several members of Pi Alpha Phi represented Agnes Scott at a round-table discussion held at the University of Alabama last fall. In March, the club acted as host for the All- Southern Debate Tournament, competing with teams from various southern colleges. Officers, left to right: Rita Mav Scott, Kaufmann, Vice-President; Bettv M Worthy, Secret: Margaret Ann dent; Florence COTILLION CLUB The purpose of Cotillion Club is to promote social activities on campus. A highlight of fall quarter was the " Cinderella Ball " given by the club for members of the Freshman class. The annual elab- orate Cotillion formal was a gala event of the spring. Informal teas and parties were sponsored throughout the year for the entire campus com- munity. All students are eligible for Cotillion Club, membership being based on a system of try-outs. Cotillion Club officers, left to right: Ma dent; Nancy Whetstone, Secretary-Trei Vice-President. retta Lumpkin, Presi er; Doris Clingman Members pose in Rebekah lobby. Left to right, first ro u Mabel Milton, Carolvn Randolph. . . . Second row: Ja.„. t Ginn, Suanne Bowers, Frances Summerville, Caroline Lester, Lou Wommack, Barbara Northev arv Newell Rainev, Virginia Lee Floyd, Harriette Potts, Doris Clingman, McKoy, Erline Lide, Jane Hook, Doris Powell, Mary Lindsey, Frances Third rota: Patty Morgan, Ginn, Suanne Bowers, Frances Summerville, Caroline Lester, Lou Wommack, Barbara Northey. . . . Third rota: Patty Morgan, Hannah Jackson, Ann Evans, Liz Lloyd, Connie Curry, Lib McPheeters, Sue Peterson, Anne DeWitt, Lucy Murray, Ann Atkinson, Nancy Whetstone, Donna Dugger, Margaretta Lumpkin. . . . Fourth row: Trudie Aubrey, Marion Merritt, Louise Ross, Adaline Miller, Roberta Williams. . . . Not pictured: Barbara Brown. June Carpenter, Amelia Cronin, Bet Linton, Mil Martin, Sylvia Williams, Jane Puckett, Carolyn Holtrey, Margie Thomason, Ruth Gudmundson, Lil Kneeland, Kathryn Cumbee. Members of Social Committee. Seated, left to right: Margaretta Lumpkin, Helen Je Robarts, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Harriette Potts, Shirley Heath, Sidney Newton, A Sylvester, Jean McKay, Nancy DeArmond, Betty McLellan. . . , Standing, left to rig. Allena Doggett, Katherine Oakley, Agnes Scott, Ruth Posey. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Social Committee is a representative group which promotes the ideal of gracious living on the campus and which takes a large part in campus activities. One of their contribu- tions this year is the recreation room in Rebekah. The committee also has charge of the bulletin boards in Main and of the kitchen in Murphey Candler. Their fashion show presented for the freshmen during orientation week was particularly enjoyable. The group meets every other week with their advisor, Mrs. McCracken, to discuss plans for the campus. LECTURE ASSOCIATION Each year Lecture Association brings to the campus outstanding speakers in various fields. Included in the series for this year were Robert Frost, beloved poet and lec- turer, the London Repertory company ' s production of the " Tempest, " and Professor Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, noted astrono- mer of Harvard University, who spoke on " Cosmic Evolution. " The presentations of Lecture Association are enjoyed both by members of the Agnes Scott community and by off-campus visitors from Atlanta and Decatur. Members of Lecture Association, left to right: Florence Worthy, Anita Coyne, La Wahna Rigdon, Miss Laney, advisor for the group; Mary Jo Chapman, Anne Potts, Gail Rogers, Ruth Whiting. . . . Not pictured: Shirley Ford, Anne Jones, Marion Merritt. Members of the Glee Club. First row: Ellen Griffin, Jackie King, Frances Coley, Carolyn Randolph, Elizabeth Flynn, Carol Jones, Kitty Currie, Caroline Crea, Sylvia Williams, Miss Hagopian, Anne Thomson, Barbara West, Vivian Weaver, Ann Boyer, Georgia Svribeys, Bet Linton. . . . Second row: Joan Simmons, Sarah Legg, Gail Rogers, Carol Solomon, Marv Jo Chapman, Jackie Josey, Sarah Mclntvre, Ellen Prouty, Anne W. Jones, Catherine Redles, Frances Sistar, Margaret Cousar, Betty Holland, Tibby King, Betty Reiney. . . . Third row: Norma Wang, Evelyn Bassett, Cotton Williams, Carolyn Crawford, Caroline Lester, Miriam Runyon, Catherine Eichelberger, Connie Bvrd, Ruth Runyon, Allena Doggett, Joen Fa Mitzi Dews, Jinnie Brewer, Barbara Brown. . . . Not pictured: Charlotte Allsmiller, Patt Boring, La Wahna Rigdon, Nancv Ruffner, Helen Tucker, Margaret Andes, Mildred K GLEE CLUB The Agnes Scott Glee Club, composed primarily of voice majors, fulfills the musical needs of the campus. One of the outstanding services of the group this year was its contribu- tion to the inaugural exercises. The Glee Club ' s Christmas program is eagerly awaited each year by the campus com- munity and by all Atlanta. In cooperation with the Agnes Scott Dance Group, the club presented " Sleeping Beauty Waltz. " Its spring concert featured sacred and secular music. The Glee Club and Campus Chorus are under the direction of Miss Roxie Hagopian. Sue Walker, Acco other officers look Runyon, President: Weaver, Vice-Pres Not pictur strikes up a melodv Standing, left to right: nne Thomson, Treasurer; t; Caroline Lester, Librari Helen Tucker, Secretary. BLACKFRIARS Blackfriars, the Agnes Scott dramatic club, claims the dis- tinction of being the oldest club on the campus. It was organized in 1915 under the leadership of Miss Frances K. Gooch and offers an opportunity for students to study acting and play production. Each year the group presents two full length plays in cooperation with the Emory Players. " The Stranger in the House " was an outstanding produc- tion of this fall. Blackfriars is now under the direction of Miss Roberta Winter, and membership is based on dra- matic or technical trv-outs. The face must go on! Officers of Blackfriars, left to right: Frances Summerville, Treasurer; La Wahna Rigdon, Vice-President; Ade- laide Ryall, President; Lorna Wiggins, Stage Chairman; Mary Jo Chapman, Secretary. Members of Blackfriars, First row: Anne Sylvester, Joanne Massee, Anne Bottoms, Barbara Hood. . . . Second row: Catherine Redles, Rita May Scott, Mary Anne Garrard, Catherine Kite. . . . Third row: Nancy Loemker, Mary Jo Chapman, Caroline Reinero, Jeane Junker, Lorna Wiggins, La Wahna Rigdon, Jinnie Brewer, Bertie Bond, Theresa Dokos. . . . Not pictured: Deche Arm- strong, Caroline Crea, Virginia Clift, Nancy DeArmond, Bettv Ellington, Chor Gee Goh, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Katharine Hefner, Louise Hill, Nimmo Howard, Helen Huie, Tibby King, Betty Jo McCastlain, Lilla Kate Parramore, Ann Parker, Edith Petrie, Lillian Ritchie, Nancy Ruffner, Carol Solomon, B. J. Sharpe, Anne Thomson, Helen Tucker, Camille Watson, Sylvia Williams, Mary Ann Wyatt. POETRY CLUB Poetry Club is open to all upper classmen through try-outs which are held semi-annually. The members meet monthly with Miss Emma May Laney to read and criticize their original poems. Some of the poems written by members have been published. BOZ members gather in the library Kneeling: Nancy Lee. Seated: The resa Dokos, Nancy Phillips, Joen Fa gan, Bern- Jo McCastlain. . . . Stand ing: Jane Hart, Caroline Crea. . . Not pictured: Muriel Gear. Members of Folio. First row: Be Helen Fokes, Ann Allred. . . . S, Donna McGinty, Margaret Wi i p sli s: Sarah Mclntyre, Mary Genevi. tie Forte, Mary Land, Cvnthia Carso ond ro w: Pat Hale, Beverly Watson iamson, Betty Akerman. . . . Goint, Hood, Harriet Stovall, Miss Trotter ve Lucchese. FOLIO Folio offers membership to those freshmen with creative ability and the desire to write short stories, essays, plays, or poetry. Under the guidance of Miss Margret Trotter, the members read and criticize their own literary efforts. In the spring, Folio publishes an anthology containing the best manuscript of each member. Hele Foii-s, Sccrctm and Ann Allred, Pre. dent, examine R o b c Frost ' s picture. The primary aim of B. O. Z. is to encour- age creative writing among Agnes Scott students. The members of the group ex- change criticisms of their original short stories, essays and sketches during their monthly meetings in the home of Miss Janef Preston. Caroline, talented pr 117 ident of BOZ, looks up a quick reference. FRENCH CLUB Aimez-vous le fran ais? French Club members re- spond with an enthusiastic " Oui ! " . The aim of the club is to stimulate a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the French language, literature and customs. Throughout the year the programs are so planned as to give the club members a taste of French life, music, art and contemporary problems. Each year a carefully selected group of guest speak- ers contributes greatly to the understanding of these subjects. Officers brush up on their pronunciation. Left to right: Carolyn Holliday, President; Anne Winningham, Vice- President; Vivian Weaver, Secretary-Treasurer. SPANISH CLUB Members of Spanish Club, left to right: Caroline Reinero, Mary McDonald, Mary Burke, Bettv Stein, Virginia Corrv, Lorna Wiggins, Elaine Blane. . . . Not pictured: Billie Bryan, Eunice Connally, Sybil Corbett, Phyllis Galphin, Shirley Heath] Margie Hender- son, Joyce Huggins, Nancy Phillips, Kassie Simmons. Singing Spanish songs, studying and presenting Spanish plays, and listening to speakers from Spanish countries provide opportunities for members of Spanish Club to use their knowledge of the language. Seeking to promote interest in the cultures of various Spanish-speaking countries, the club spon- sors such projects as art exhibitions and displays from Spain and South America. The feature of the club ' s activities is the annual tea which is given during Pan American Week in honor of foreign students at Agnes Scott and neighboring colleges. Officers, left to right: Ruth He Vandiver, Secretary; Allardvce Tibby King, Vice-Pi Bible Club members. First row: June Broxton, Amy Cronin, Ellen Evelyn Bassett, Charlotte Allsmiller. . . . Second row: Connie Byrd, Tibby King, Chor Gee Goh, Joyce Munger. . . . Standing: Margaret Cousar. . . . Not pictured: Frances Blakeney, Eunice Connally, Lois Dryden, Florrie Fleming, Genevieve Guardia, Margaret Inman, Louise Jett, Anne Jones, Sarah Leathers, Nancv Lee, Bet Linton, Margaret McRae, Pat Patterson, Mary Newell Rainey, Mary Pritchett, Mary Beth Robinson, Frances Sistar, Margie Thomason, Charline Tritton, Helen Tucker, Jan Varner, Dorothy Williams. BIBLE CLUB Bible Club, open to every student at Agnes Scott, is expressly for those interested in ob- taining a fuller understanding and apprecia- tion of the Bible. Among the club ' s services this year were aid to a foreign missionary and presentation of religious movies on the campus. Varied programs included reviews of religious books, discussions of religious topics, and bio- graphical studies of Biblical characters. iffin, Secreta GRANDDAUGHTERS CLUB The Granddaughters Club is one of the oldest campus organizations and the only purely social one. It is com- posed of girls whose mothers or grand- mothers attended Agnes Scott, and is frequently referred to as the " second generation " on campus. The projects of the club this year have been selling cook-book covers, compiling a cook- book for Murphey Candler, and aid- ing Social Committee in decorating the new recreation room. Members of Granddaughters Club. First row: Ann Evans, Margaret Williamson, Letty Grafton, Libby Grafton, Joen Fagan, Jan Varner, Ann Sylvester. . . . Second row: Agnes Scott, Lucy Murray, Sarah Pettv, Le Grande Smith, Bettv Ellington, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, President; Peggv Hooker. . . . top row: Jane Gaines, Margaretta Lumpkin, Catherine Crowe, Ann Cooper, Mattie Hart, Evelvn Bassett, Pattv Hamilton, Ruth Heard. . . . Not pictured: Ann Bover, Georgia Belle Christopher, Kitty Currie, Emv Evans, Kitty Goff, Mary Hamilton, Katharine Hefner, Louise Hill, Carol Jones, Lil Kneeland, Joanne Massee, Marion Merritt, Lilla Kate Parramore, Ann Patterson, Peggy Pfeiffer, Harriette Potts, Caroline Reinero, June Carpenter Phyllis Galphin Sybil Corbett Muriel Gear Winnie Stro .ier Landis Gotten Ann Herman Kathleen Simmons Catherine Crowe Helen Land WHO ' S WHO Ten members of the class of 1952 were nominated by their classmates for election to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Students are selected for the honor on the basis of scholarship, cooperation and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities, citizenship and service to the school, and promise of future usefulness. Agnes Scott is one of 600 American educational institutions participating in the program. 121 THLETICS . . . skid of rubber soles on the gym floor . . . white sweat- shirts and wire baskets . . . cheers from the benches . . . the AA cup . . . gloves and goals, bows and bases, rackets and races ... ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Those AA Board memt Anne Potts, Ann Baxter Mif Martin, Frances C Thomason, Julia Grier. Eloise ] . Not pi, hanging ai ■r, Carolvn hanks, Hele red: Elinor und the ells, . , Jean 1 gym. First row: Jinnie Brewer, . Second row: Charline Tritton, obarts, Adaline Miller, Margie Adelaide Rvall, Anne Thomson. Athletic Association is designed to meet the need of recreation at Agnes Scott. In cooperation with the physical education department, AA presents a well-rounded sports program, which gives each student an opportunity to maintain physical fitness and to develop good sportsmanship. Class competition is held throughout the year in each of the major sports. Winning classes receive points toward the Sports Cup, which is presented each spring. Tournaments are held in the individual sports, the winners receiving class points and individual points toward a letter. The organization sponsors a lost and found service, conducts Agnes Scott sweater sales, and pro- vides hicycles for campus use. Special features of the association ' s year include the freshman picnic, the travel bureau, the faculty-varsity softball game, and the swimming pageant. The most impressive occasion of this vear was the inauguration of Dr. Alston as President of the Agnes Scott Hockey College. OFFICERS . President J ice-President Secretary Treasurer Yea, team! Our tear, Senior players salute the hockey king. Freshman team, kneeling: Libby Wilson, Julia Beeman, Sarah Legg, Connie Sophomore team, kneeling: Betty Ellington, Jane Zuber, Gwyn Davi Curry, Jo Ann Hall, Alice Nunnally. . . . Standing: Pat Hale, Ann Allred, Mallette, Judy Promnitz. . . . Standing: Florrie Fleming, Nancy Lee, Pa Carolyn Wells, Jane Move, Peggy ' Pfeiffer, Margaret Williamson, Harriet Patterson, Joen Fagan, Ginny Lee Floyd, Julia Grier. Hampton, Nansi-Iee Smith, Mary Evelyn Knight. HOCKEY Symbolic of the successful hockey season this year were brisk October afternoons, candied apples and class yells. The sopho- mores and juniors tied for the champion- ship, receiving the Hockey Placque in recog- nition of their outstanding playing. Miriam Runyon, a member of the senior team, was awarded the medal for good sportsmanship. The varsity, composed of players selected from all class teams, was announced in November. The success of the season mav be attributed to the coaching of Miss Wil- burn, the direction of school manager Anne Potts, and the hard playing and good sports- manship displayed by the players. Hockey brings spills as well as thrills. Junior team, clockivise: Anne Potts, Anne Thomson, Frances Summe Mary Ann Wyatt, Doris Clingman, Virginia Corry, Charline Tritton Frances Cook, Ruth Gudmundson, Ann Baxter, Mary Beth Robinson. Senior team, front: Winnie Strozier, Ann Parker. . . . Kneeling: Kitty Cur rie, Svbil Corbett, Lola Purcell, Margaret Ann Kaufmann, Charlotte Alls miller. . . . Standing: Barbara Grace, Amelia Cronin, Nancv Hobbs, Barbar: Brown, Miriam Runyon, Shirlev Heath, Lorna Wiggins, Ann Herman Margaretta Lumpkin, Jane Hart. Hockey King for a Day Varsity lined up for action, first ro-v:: Ann Herman, Winnie Strozier, Libby Wilson, Mary Beth Robinson. . . . Second row: Gwyn Davies, Sybil Corbett, Julia Beeman. . . . Third row: Charline Tritton, Kitty Currie. . . . Not pictured: Anne Thomson, Frances Cook. Not p Freshman team. Kneeling, left to right: Carolyn Crawford, Donna McGinn, Mary Evelyn Knight, Manager, Carolyn Wells, Jane Henegar. . . , Stand- ing: Libby Wilson, Ann Floyd, Sara Mclntyre, Evelyn Mason, Betty Ann Jacks. . . . Not pictured: Dottie Holcomb, j ' ane Moye, Peggy Pfeiffcr, Pat Tooley. BASKETBALL SCORES Ian 18 36 7 Jan. 25 18 14 Feb. 1 28 8 19 Feb. 35 15 21 Feb. Sophomores 36 5i Feb ?,n 37 Juniors 25 Sophomores 14 Juniors 12 Juniors 50 Freshmen 25 Sophomores 15 Freshmen 14 Sophomores 33 Juniors 33 Freshmen 25 Juniors 21 Sophomores Freshmen . . Juni, left to right: Mary Beth Robinson, Barbara West, Anne Thom- -indsey, Margie Thomason, Dele Thompson, Manager. . . . Not pictured: Carol Lou Jacob. Senior team. First ro lean Robarts, Manag Hart, Winnie Strozi. left to right: Edith , Katie Berdanis, Am Catherine Redles. . Jane Hart. rie, Jeannine Hopkins, Helen over. . . . Second rote: Mattie Not pictured: Elaine Blan K Basketball, popular with players and spectators, gives that extra something to counteract the after- Christinas slump. It is the highlight of the winter sport season. The tournament consisted of seven games. The Sophomore class came out on top, and Helen Jean Robarts was awarded the medal for good sportsmanship in basketball. Julia Grier was school manager. Members of the varsity. Seated, left to right: Elinor Taylor, Harriette Potts, Ma Thomason, Joree Walker, Donna McGinty. . . . Standing: Mattie Hart, Cathe Redles, Jeannine Hopkins, Helen Jean Robarts, Winnie Strozier. DOLPHIN CLUB Dolphin Club memt Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Ann Herman, Cotton W erine Redles. . . . Not P Margaret Rodgers, Sara right: Donva Dixon, Elois Sally Veale, Sue Born. . . . Second row: ( illia ' ms, Keller Henderson, Margie Thomas cturrd: Ann Baxter, Mif Martin, Lilla Kate i Pettv, Martha Crovvell, Jane Crook, Nanc; Frances Marburv, Jane Hart. Euhanks, Frances Cook, rol Tve, Jinnie Brewer. , Donna Dugger, Cath- ' arramore, Jane Gaines, Daniels, Joanne Massee, Dolphin Club is composed of a group of students who are interested in water sports. They meet to- gether once a week to perfect the form and efficiency of their diving and swimming through regular prac- tice. Climaxing Dolphin Club ' s activities of the year was the colorful water ballet presented in the spring. Club manager for the season was Eloise Euhanks. kerps in the Miscellaneous sports enjoyed during the year . . . DANCE GROUP Campus interest in the ballet has become more and more apparent, thanks to the efforts of Dance Group, which seeks both to further interest in dancing; and to provide entertainment. This year, Marilyn Vance and Miss Dozier conducted weekly classes in danc- ing. The highlight of winter quarter was " The Sleeping Beauty, " presented by the combined efforts of the Glee Club and Dance Group. The original costumes and artistic interpretation of the dances were evidence of the talent possessed by the group, who did their own choreography. WEARERS OF THE LETTER First row: Anne Potts, Eloise Eubanks, Frances Cook, Winnie Strozier, Ann Baxter, Mary Beth Robinson. . . . Standing: Jeannine Hopkins, Barbara Brown, Margie Thomason, Helen Jean Robarts, Ann Herman, Julia Grier, Jinnie Brewer. . . . Not pictured: Catherine Redles, Mattie Hart, Kitty Currie. A purple and white Agnes Scott letter is given to each girl who has amassed eight hundred athletic points, and a star for each additional four hundred points. Athletic points are won as a result of a wide participation in sports — from playing ping-pong to serving as president of Athletic Association. The girls who wear these letters are recognized as skilled athletes and good sportsmen. 133 E ATURES . . . silver bells for the black cat . . . parasols and Parisian " can-can " girls . . . Cyranose de Georja Tecque . . . orchids and late permission . . . dress rehearsals . . . Ju,r Tilda JOHN ROBERT POWERS JOHN ROBERT POWERS February 1 1 h , 1952 Mis : Mi I Marl in ; cs ' uc Editor, " The Silhouette " Agnes Scott Col I cge Decatur, Georgia Dea i Mi s s Ha r t i r : It has been a great pleasure to judge the beauty contest tor your yearbook, " Silhouette " . The photographs ol the candidates, which you submitted, were all so attractive that I found it difficult to mak a decision. It was also difficult to make my selection without seeing and talking to each contestant. The winners were selected on the basis of personality, character, and intelligence, as well ' as for natural beauty. My choice was influenced, of coursi by my great interest in and admiration for the Natural If the contestants are ever in Mew York, it would be a rleasure fc meet then-:. With best wishes to the contestants, to the staff of the " Silhouette " and to the students of Agnes Scott Colleqe, I an SELMA, ALA. FIRST PLACE Marrlette [- otti NEWNAN, GA. SECOND PLACE Liaii o, MONROE, GA. THIRD PLACE lam lOeth l obinson AUBURN, ALA. FOURTH PLACE COLUMBUS, GA. FIFTH PLACE 1 fa n ci J L -iark SIGNAL MT, TENN. SIXTH PLACE BETTY JO LINTON SYLVIA WILLIAMS BELLE MILLER MARY LINDSEY RUTH POSEY NANCY WHETSTONE RUTH GUDMUNDSON HELEN LAND SUANNE BOWERS RUTH WHITING MARY LAND JO ANN HALL Patti presents the coveted. Black Cat to Margaret. COMMUNITY DAY Our traditional Black Cat roamed the cam- pus. Excitement was in the air . . . again it was time for the annual Black Cat festivi- ties. Included in the activities were athletic events, a picnic supper on the hockey field, class songs, and skits. Community Day, an integral part of Agnes Scott, serves to unite the freshman class, stir up pep and spirit, and most of all, just give the Frosh a great big welcome. The Garden Club in full dr Senior cheerleaders " strut their stuff. ' Faculty members literally let down their ll -Wp-U-i. Pastel parasols twirl and spi, Bon Soir, Mad JUNIOR JOINT Cafe Parisien featured on the Left Bank at Agnes Scott presented us with an evening in Paris never to be forgotten. Such artists as Van Poe and Ciga walked by the Seine. French waiters, candlelit tables, and music for dancing provided by a jazz combo straight from Monmartre completed the setting. The Belle Femme for ' 52 was won by the sophomore class. French atmosphere at the Cafe Parisien Battle between the Red and White Chess Courts May Court: Mary Beth Robinson, Jo Ann Hall, Helen Jean Robarts, Suanne Bowers, Margie Thomason, Williams, Queen; Bobby Thompson, Crown Bearer; Ruth Whiting, Maid of Honor; Bettv Jo Linton, Hele son, Ann Evans, Nancv Whetstone, Gail Rogers. Harriette Potts, Sylvia Land, Ruth Gudmund- MAY DAY All of Toyland turned out in full array to celebrate the birthday of Princess Linette, the dancing doll. Clowns, rag dolls, panda bears, the spinning top, Jack-in-the-box, and other toys furnished lively entertainment. Princess Linette ' s love for the White Chess Knight led to a battle between the forces of the Red and White Chess Courts. After a severe struggle, the White Court won, and the lovers were joyfully united amidst the merry dancing of the toys. - » • 6 • ' ■ % | ,; V v • T—c - ■ — ai ir : ' i ? nil f I 1 J " .,• 4 fF 7 $£ THr«ir n m ' ° l " " " • l, " ■ . ' ' - Queen of the May Day fe SENIOR OPERA " Willie ' s Tale, " produced by La Scotta Opera Co., under the direction of Kassie Simmons, presented intrigue and murder in the Villa de Telloverture. Sir John wooed Marsha, whose brother Jim fell victim to a murderer ' s contempt. Justice triumphed in the end, as Willie unfolded his tale and revealed the identity of the murderer to the surprise of the entire Villa. Duet by John and M ident Government Reception DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS ATLANTIC CO. L. D. ADAMS AND SONS INC. AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE LOGAN AND WILLIAMS ANGELS INC. LAY ' S FOODS ALLAN GRAYSON REALTY CO. LOVABLE BRASSIERE CO. BOWEN PRESS LUPO AND CO. INC. BEALY SMITH AGENCY MYRON E. FREEMAN BARGE THOMPSON CO. MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. COLONIAL STORES NEWSOMES SHOES COCA COLA NEW ERA PUBLISHING CO. CITY CAB COMPANY RICH AND MORGAN INC. CAMPUS GRILL RONNIE COOPER— D EKALB NEW ERA DOWMAN ' S INC. DEKALB THEATER RUSTY ' S DRIVE INN DECATUR THEATER SCOTTDALE MILLS SALESROOM DECATUR CO-OP CABS SCOTT DRIVE-IN THEATER R. H. ROBARTS SMITH, BEALY AGENCY FAIRVIEW FLOWER SHOP SOUTHERN CHEVROLET CO. FULTON SUPPLY CO. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. GORDONS iHREADGILL PHARMACY HEARNS READY TO WEAR TATl MS PHARMACY HEARNS JEWELERS THE VARSITY IRVINDALE FARMS WHEAT WILLIAMS REALTY J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING CO. CO. JONES SERVICE STATION We wish to express our appreciat on to the above advertisers who have contributed to the success of our Annual. AfHeA £cctt College DECATUR, GEORGIA SCOTTDALE MILLS SALESROOM SCOTTDALE, GEORGIA 8 Miles from Atlanta - EV. 1721 Curtain and Slip Cover Fabrics . Roadtex . Osnaburgs Other Materials . Display Fabric in Gray Finish . Finished Corduroy . All Year Round Weight Wool Bath Towels ANGEL ' S, INC. 325 Elizabeth St., N.E. CYpress 2592-3 Atlanta, Ga. DISTRIBUTORS FOR General Foods Corp. Budweiser Yeast Kraft Foods Co. Oleomargarine Angel ' s Food Products Hotel and Restaurant Products Atlanta ' s only complete natic brands institutional d nally advertised stributor ROWEN PRESS Prin ters DEarborn 3383 316 Church St. Decatur, Georgia H. E. Lupo Billy Martin " Where Your Busii ess Is Apprec ated " II. E. Lupo Co., Inc. QUALITY PRODUCE RA. 2153 " IF ITS IN TOWN WE HUT IT " HEARN ' S READY-TO-WEAR Such Lines As JANTZEN - VANITY-FAIR BARBIZON - HOLEPROOF and many others 133 Sycamore St. DE. 1065 A Mark of QUALITY FOODS cr COLONIAL STORES POLLY DEBS NEWSOME ' S SHOES 1 I 7 Clairmont EV. 1-111 Decatur Georgia Compliments of New Era Publishing Company and the DeKalb New Era Compliments of Rich Morgan, Inc. 316 Peters St., S.W. Atlanta, Ga. Compliments SCOTT DRIVE-IN DE. 9484 DeKALR DE. 8121 DECATUR DE. 8114 YOUR COMMUNITY THEATRES Allan-Grayson Realty Company Sales - Property Management - Leases 30 Pryor Street, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia WA. 1696 Compliments of Lovable Rrassiere Company Frank Garson — Bernard Howard Dan Garson — Arthur Garson ICE Keeps Foods Fresh Drinks Colder Atlantic Company Decatur, Ga. Compliments of F. II. ROB ARTS Insurance Decatur ' s Only Radio Cabs DECATUR CO-OP CABS 24 Hour Service — Passengers Insured TRIPS ANYWHERE CR. 3866-7 CR. 1701 Compliments . . . of . . . HEART ' S Jewelers DECATUR A Mark, of Distinction! ILaus Tops in Quality and Flavor " All the Better Things of Life " THREADGILL PHARMACY The Prescription Store DE. 1665 309 E. College Avenue Decatur, Ga. Your Nearest Drug Store TATIJM ' S PHARMACY Bealy Smith Agency The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company General Agents for Georgia 10(11 C. S. Bank Building ATLANTA Pension Plans Individual Retirement Annuities Personal Life Insurance Program IRVINDALE FARMS and RICHARD HULL THEY ' RE BETTER BECAUSE HQ? Pick up the bag with the little Red Truck on the label. Always crisp and tasty! They are guaran- teed to be fresh GORDON ' S Wi POTATO CHIPS! )mce 1388... SfiC £3 $£» ■ jewelers BUCKHEAD ATLANTA DECATUR SHOP YOUR LOCAL DECATUR STORE IttREEMAN BRO. 122 Clairmont — Decatur, Ga. C o m pliments of LOGAN WILLIAMS 321 Palmer Buildiru Atlanta, Ga. w Agnes Scott ' s Florist Flowers by wire —anywhere —anytime w 301 Church Street DE. 3309 Refresh... add zest to the hour BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY C o in pliment: of BARGE-THOMPSON COMPANY Engineers and Contractors 136 Ellis Street, N. E. Atlanta, 3, Georgia Southern Chevrolet, Inc. 243 West Ponce de Leon Avenue CRescent 6414 Decatur, Georgia Ronnie Cooper Dowman ' s, Inc. Millinery Dresses Gifts Hose Hallmark Cards Lingerie 124 Clairmont Avenue Decatur, Ga. DE. 3343 Compliments of RUSTY ' S DRIVE INN Phone EV. 6661 CITY CAB COMPANY 24 Hours Dependable Service 437 N. McDonoueh St. Decatur, Ga. Wheat Williams Realty Co. REALTORS Real Estate - Renting - Insurance 1 19 E. Ponce de Leon Ave. Decatur, Ga. CR. 2606 The Sherwin-Williams Co. of Georgia Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Leads, Oils, Enamels, Brushes and Painters ' Specialties 127 Ponce de Leon Ave. Decatur, Georgia CR. 1751 CAMPUS GRILL Finer Foods Faster Service Open 6:30 A.M. Close 9:00 P.M. L. D. ADAMS AND SONS, INC. General Merchandise 125-129 E. Court Square DE. 0426 Decatur Georgia Montag Brothers, Inc. Manufacturers of FASHIONABLE WRITING PAPERS and BLUE HORSE PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of A FRIEND Ackhcu le4$M t The editor and business manager of the 1952 Silhouette wish to express their gratitude to the staff and all others who have made this annual possible through their interest and cooperation. FULTON SUPPLY COMPANY Industrial Supplies Atlanta, Georgia ' Right next door to Agnes Scott ' JONES SERVICE STATION Corner College McDonough DE. 9172 THE VARSITY Fresh Foods Curb Service J. P. Stevens Engraving Co. ESTABLISHED 1874 SOCIETY STATIONERS WEDDING . . . RECEPTION . . . VISITING CARDS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY 110 Peachtree Street Atlanta ii4.ce, tke Jia wn a .e cen WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS FOOTE DAVIES, INC PHONE WALNUT 4600 POST OFFICE BOX 5109

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