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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1951 volume:

L 1951 SILHOUETTE te euu t Published by the students of AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE Decatur, Georgia Betty Jane Foster, Editor Jackie Sue Messer, Business Manager raMflfc " ' t s XV ,,:,, » ' : Sl| V: | :. 4MB - ««« « " -«-. and visualizes campus life in terms of intellectual growtli religious faith HSKP. JSSsjSf. .SHMSPI physical development social activities UJedi tic Lcauon To Miss Margaret Taylor Phythian whose high intellectual standards, strong Christian character, and warm personality lead us toward a fuller realization of the Agnes Scott ideal, we dedicate THE SILHOUETTE of 1951 Foreword It is fitting that the French theme should be the keynote of this volume of The Silhouette. The French Department is an important one at Agnes Scott. Miss Phythian, its head, is a graduate of Agnes Scott College and is a Docteur d e l ' Universite de Grenoble, France. Because of her continuing interest in our College and affection for Miss Phythian, Miss Priscilla Lobeck, formerly a member of the Art Department at Agnes Scott, made the sketches of French scenes for this volume during her travels in France in the summer of 19 50. We are deeply grateful to Miss Lobeck for these charm- ing and distinctive contributions to the 1951 Silhouette. Mr 0K THE FACULTY 13 The Faculty plays at their annual Bacon Bat and graciously receives the college community at the Opening Reception Dr. McCain ' s Birthday Party More than six hundred guests — Agnes Scott Trus- tees, alumnae, faculty, students, family, and friends — attended a luncheon at the College on April 9th, honoring Dr. McCain on his 70th birthday. Warm tributes were paid him and in appreciation of his great services to the College during the twenty-eight years of his Presidency it was announced that the Library is henceforth to be known as the McCain Library and that more than S 14,000.00 has been given toward the McCain Endowment Fund for the Library. A volume containing hundreds of letters from alum- nae, faculty, and students, in appreciation and affec- tion for Dr. McCain was presented to him, the stu- dents sang an original song in which the principal achievements of his administration were cited, and last but not least, he was given a handsome new Buick car. JAMES ROSS McCAIN President, Agnes Scott College 1923-1951 Educator Churchman Builde Friend Respected as an Educator throughout the country and holding important positions in its educational associations; recognized as a leader in the Southern Presbyterian Church and member of several of its principal committees; builder of a greater Agnes Scott both in the realm of physical equipment and in the intangible values of the liberal arts ideal; possessed of a rare spirit of friendliness and a genuine and personal interest in all members of the college community — for these and other qualities of mind, spirit, and character so unselfishly dedicated to Agnes Scott College, we say " Thank you " and " Godspeed " to Dr. McCain as he lays aside his responsibilities as President. WALLACE McPHERSON ALSTON Vice-President The profound religious faith, fine intellect, and vibrant personality of Dr. Wallace McPherson Alston have made a deep impression on the college community during the three years that he has been vice-president of Agnes Scott. The destiny of our college will continue to be in the hands of a strong and devoted leader when Dr. Alston assumes the presidency of Agnes Scott on July 1st. SAMUEL GUERRY STUKES Dean of the Faculty and Registrar Mr. Stukes is an ever present help to Agnes Scott students both in academic and personal problems, always giving us wise counsel and a brighter view of life. With his keen understanding, his sense of humor, and his sincere interest in each individual, Mr. Stukes has become the friend and counsellor of all. CARRIE SCANDRETT Dean of Students Miss Carrie Scandrett, beloved Dean of Students, is largely responsible for making Agnes Scott a real " home away from home. " Her understanding nature and her sincere interest in all our joys as well as problems makes her our friend; her graciousness and warm friendliness win for her a firm place in the hearts of all Agnes Scott students. English The English Department, through its wide range of courses, provides for students a rich background for a liberal education during college days and for a rewarding intellectual life beyond the campus experience. Whether studying one of the basic courses or adventuring into such advanced courses as " Chaucer " , ' Modern Drama " , or " Shakespeare " , students find rich rewards in working in this popular department. George P. Hayes Professor Ellen Douglass Leyburn Associate Professor Emma May Laney Associate Professor Annie May Christie Assistant Professor Janef Newman Preston Assistant Professor Margret Guthrie Trotter Assistant Professor Amelia Jo Wier Instructor History The history department believes that the solution of present- day problems may be found by a precise examination of recent facts coupled with a study of the record of past experiences. Its variety of courses ranges from a study of current problems as recorded in the New York Times to the history of the an- cient Greek and Roman civilizations. By work in this depart- ment, the Agnes Scott student is instilled with a special interest in today ' s world problems and is enabled to approach these difficulties and uncertainties with a thorough knowledge of past experiences. Walter Brownlow Posey Professor Florence E. Smith Associate Professor Elizabeth Fuller Jackson Associate Professor Catherine Strateman Sims Associate Professor Languages Agnes Scott ' s language department offers an opportunity to acquire that poise and ease in a foreign languag e that is so nec- essary for a well-rounded education. The members of these departments recognize the necessity of being familiar with the thought and customs of countries other than our own, if we would live wisely and well in a world which by virtue of scientific progress is ever decreasing in size. The classical languages introduce the student to the cultures of past generations, while modern languages, such as German, French, and Spanish, have their practical application in many jobs and recreations today. The work in this department is made even more interesting by language clubs, record con- ferences, and language tables in the dining hall. M. Kathrvn Glick Professor of Classical Languages and Literati res Muriel Harn Professor of German and Spanish MARGARET TAYLOR PHYTHIAN Professor of French Elizabeth Gould Zenn Assistant Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures Elizabeth McDaniel Barineau Assistant Professor of French Melissa Annis Cilley Assistant Professor of Spanish FLORENE J. DUNSTAN Assistant Professor of Spanish Mary Virginia all, I Instructor in French and Ge LlLLIE BELLE DRAKE Instructor in Spanish %, ADELE t. bROT Instructor in French On Leave Louise Hale Associate Professor of French Mathematics Henry A. Robinson Professor of Mathematics Mary Stuart MacDougall Professor of Biology William Joe Frierson Professor of Chemistry William A. Calder Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Science The best evidence of Agnes Scott ' s interest in the progress of present- day living is the science and mathe- matics departments. These depart- ments offer excellent instruction in biology, physics, chemistry, astro- nomy, and mathematics. In these courses one finds emphasis on exact- ness of knowledge, and the labora- tory experiments are both interest- ing and informative. The up-to-date instruction avail- able in these fields will be tremen- dously enlarged next year by the modern facilities of a new science hall. During this past year the new Bradley Observatory, containing the largest reflecting telescope in the Southeast, has intensified the interest in Astronomy both on the campus and in the surrounding community. Elizabeth Aylor Crigler Anna Josephine Brifgman Leslie Janet Gaylord Associate Professor of Chemistry Associate Professor of Biology Assistant Professor of Mathematics Nancy Pence Groseclose Assistant Professor of Bioloy Not Pictured: Octavia Garlington Assistant Alice Fitzgerald Flournoy Assistant in Biology Julia Pratt Goode Assistant in Chemistry Ruth Dickey Hatcher Assistant in Chemistry Art The art department of Agnes Scott has a variety of courses pertaining to the theory, practice, and history of Art. These courses are well suited for both the professionally interested art student or the casual admirer of Art. The part played by this department is not limited to the courses offered. AH the campus community may enjoy the interesting lectures and exhibits sponsored by the art department. Henry Chandlee Forman Professor Florence S. Bishop Instructor Music Michael McDowell Professor The music department reaches all Agnes Scott students by its wide-spread activities. At chapel programs the school community enjoys music by the various choirs and a stu- dent or faculty organist. Throughout the year special musical programs, enjoyed by the whole Atlanta area, are presented by the members of this department and their guests. Piano, organ, voice, and violin lessons are offered and may be taken either for college credit or as extra-curricular activities. Roxie Hagopian Associate Professor of Music Raymond J. Martin Associate Professor of Music Isabel Mawha Bryan Part-time Instructor in Piano Lillian R. Gilbreath Part-time Instructor in Piano Irene L. Harris Part-time Instructor in Piano Edwin C. White Part-time Instructor i Music Bibl It is fitting that a Christian college such as Agnes Scott should have a fine Bible department. The uniqueness of our Bible department is the balance obtained in possessing the Bible both spiritually and intellectually. " Church History, " " American Religious Thought, " and " The Teachings of Jesus " show a bit of the variety offered in this department. Samuel A. Cartledge Visiting Professor Felix Bayard Gear Visiting Professor Paul Leslie Garber Professor Mary Lily Boney Instructor Speech Speech students at Agnes Scott learn the fundamentals of speech as well as the art of dramatics and play production. They apply what they have learned, bringing enjoyment to the entire campus community, through short stories, readings in chapel, and productions of Blackfriars, the dramatic club sponsored by the speech department. Neva Jackson Webb Instructor in Speech Frances K. Gooch Associate Professor of English On Leave: ROBERTA WINTER, Assistant Professor Philosophy-Education and Psychology The departments of philosophy, education, and psychology, deal primarily with the understanding and improvement of human society. Philosophy holds a special interest for students in this age when basic concepts of knowledge and ethics are being challenged. The psychology department helps us to understand the behavior patterns of both in- dividuals and groups. The education department offers a substantial background in the development of education and provides a practical teacher training program. SAMUEL GUERRY STUKES Professor of Psychology and Educati Emily S Dexter Katherine T. Omwake John I. Goodlad Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Visiting Associate Professor Philosophy and Education Psychology of Education Samuel P. Wiggins Assistant Professor of Education Sociology and Economics Sociology and economics do a great deal to strengthen a student ' s interest in her community and in the financial and business functions of that community. Through the economics department students can study and understand more thoroughly the perplexing problems of labor, management, and finance. The sociology courses are highlighted by guest speakers from Atlanta and by trips to points involving sociological problems in Atlanta. Mildred Rutherford Mell Professor of Economics and Sociology Anna Greene Smith Associate Professor of ..Economics and Sociology Physical Education Striving for the third ideal of Agnes Scott, the physical education department stresses the well-being of students through medical super- vision, exercise, and sports. Our rich program of athletics provides instruction in badminton, tennis, archery, swimming and dancing. Team-work and class spirit are encouraged by interclass competition in hockey, basketball, and baseball. Chester W. Morse College Physician and Professor of Physical Education LLEWELLYN WlLBURN HARRIETTE HAYNES LAPP Associate Professor Assistant Professor Eugenie Louise Dozier Instructor Helena Williams Instructor 29 Administrative Offices What a wide variety of activities originate in these offices! Managing registration, keeping records, handling promotion and publicity, running the book store — all these and many more duties are performed in an able and efficient manner by the fine admin istra- tive staff of Agnes Scott. J. C. Tart Business Manager-T; P. J. Rogers Assistant Business Manager-Treasurer Raymond M. Jones Engineer Betty Jean Smith Secretary to the Business Manager-Treasurer Laura Steele Assistant Registrar Eleanor N. Hutchens Director of Publicity Emily Higgins Bradley Office Manager Doris Sullivan Alumnae Representative 30 Office of the Dean of Students What would we do without the office of the Dean of Students? In spite of the flurry of signing out, ordering taxis, sending telegrams, and carrying on many other activities, the staff always has a cheery welcome for everyone — students, faculty, family, and friends. The center of all social life on our campus, the Dean of Students ' office is always a busy place. It is also the quiet spot where students are sure of finding sympathetic understanding, encouragement, and friendly advice. Elizabeth Bowman Shaw Assistant to the Dean of Students Isabella Wilson Lewis Assistant Dean of Students Anita Albright istant Dean of Students Nellie Scott Assistant to the Dean of Students Edna Hanley Byers Librarian Library Staff Both the interior and the exterior of the Library make this building one of the most outstanding on campus. Its quiet, pleasant atmosphere is ideal for the preparation for classes and the research work that is done here. There are always intriguing displays, artistically arranged, to brighten a hard day, and, for anyone who has a moment to spare for relaxation, there are novels to be read and magazines to thumb through. The Library staff performs a great service on our campus by running the library and by being so willing to help those that request their aid. Irene H. Hawthorne Lillian Newman Louise Harvey Woodbury Assistant to the Librarian Assistant to the Librarian Secretary to the Librarian ( X » , i TIT Harriotte Winchester Faye P. Overton Ruth Hunt Morris Assistant in the Library Assistant in the Library Assistant in the Library Business Offices and Infirmary Jane Bowman Secretary to the President and Vice-President Rebecca Willard Secretary, Office of the Registrar Ethel Johnson Hatfield Dietitian Helen Smith Hooper Assistant to Dietitian Clara P. Skelton Assistant to Dietitian Martha Ann Board Howell Manager of Bookstore Annie Mae F. Smith Supervisor of Dormitories Cleo Bell Robertson Resident Nurse Nada Rhodes Wynn Assistant to the Supervisor of Dormitories Alice Boykin Bray Resident Nurse ;eiv BcoBA Gre, U)€(VlS ,f (a,e, vi 5t«-l9A30 j£ £ CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OF 1951 Our gracious senior officers, Mary, Virginia, Joan Sayles, and Joan Willmon. Officers Virginia Arnold President Joan Wood Sayles Vice-President MARY Stubbs Secretary Joan Willmon Treasurer 36 Marijean escorted by Billie Rogers, No. 1 man for ' 51. " Come, jump rope, Dr. McCain The Beginning of the End Little girls ' day comes once a year " Kid Day " version of " Alice in Wonderland " DOROTHY ELIZABETH ADAMS Atlanta, Georgia Music-History ESTHER ADLER Chicago, Illinois History-Political Science MARIJEAN ALEXANDER Decatur, Georgia FRANCES ELIZABETH ALLEN Gaffney, S. C. English VIRGINIA STANFORD ARNOLD Newnan, Georgia Mathematics BETTY AVERILL Montezuma, Georgia Psychology MARY HAYES BARBER PlTTSBORO, N. C. English NOEL HALSEY BARNES Atlanta, Georgia English 39 CHARITY BENNETT Waycross, Georgia English-Music SU CAROLYN BONEY Decatur, Georgia English ANNE BROOKE Decatur, Georgia English BARBARA CALDWELL Gay, Georgia Biology MARY REGINA CANTRALL Atlanta, Georgia English NANCY KING CASSIN Miami, Florida French FRANCES BENBOW CLARK Atlanta, Georgia French MARY GEORGE CLINE Atlanta, Georgia Psychology PATRICIA ANN COOPER Decatur, Georgia Spanish-History JULIA REYNOLDS CUTHBERTSON Charlotte, N. C. English NORMA ANDREA DALE Columbia, Tennessee History MARY ANNA DA VAULT Charlotte, N. C. History MARY ROBERTS DAVIS Decatur, Georgia History MARTHA ANN DEADMORE Abington, Virginia English-Mathematics ANNE VIRGINIA DUNN Camilla, Georgia French-History BETTY LOUISE ESCO Decatur, Georgia Chemistry -Mat hematics 43 VIRGINIA FEDDEMAN Chester, Pennsylvania English MARJORIE FELDER Fulton, Illinois English ELIZABETH RIDLEY FINNEY Columbia, Tennessee Journalism NELL FLOYD Atlanta, Georgia Sociology-Economics SARA LUVERNE FLOYD Decatur, Georgia Art BETTY JANE FOSTER Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics BARBARA ANN FUTRAL Griffin, Georgia Mathematics ALICE CAROLYN GALBREATH Hattiesburg, Miss. English-Psyche SUSAN RAE GAUGER North Augusta, S. C. Pbysics-Matbematics ANNA GOUNARIS Savannah, Georgia ANN GOODWYN GREENWOOD Atlanta, Georgia French JIMMIE LEE GUPTILL Atlanta, Georgia Psychology-Bible 46 FREDDIE MARILYN HACHTEL Atlanta, Georgia Chemistry-Mathematics CORNELIA SPARKS HALE Tuscaloosa, Alabama SUE FLOYD HARDY Decatur, Georgia Biology BETTY BEATRICE HARRELL Savannah, Georgia Music-English DOROTHY JEAN HARRISON Sandersville, Georgia Sociology LOUISE BRYANT HERTWIG Macon, Georgia English WINIFRED LOUISE HORTON Atlanta, Georgia Spanish-French JOAN MILLER HOUSTON Greenwood, Miss. English NANCY LUCILE HUDSON Paris, Kentucky Bible ELLEN CLYDE HULL Marion, Virginia English EDNA MARGARET HUNT Griffin, Georgia Mathematics MARY PAGE HUTCHISON Leesburg, Virginia Music-English 49 SARA ELIZABETH JACKSON Rock Hill, South Carolina English MARY ANN JAYNES Atlanta, Georgia Journalism AMY WHITFIELD JONES West Point, Georgia History-English GERALDINE MARIE KEEF Chattanooga, Tennessee Spanish CHARLOTTE KEY Knoxville, Tennessee Music ANNE LOUISE KINCAID Moultrie, Georgia Psychology HARRIET JANE LAMASTER Clemson, South Carolina History-Political Science Economics-Soci DONNA LIMBERT Atlanta, Georgia Sociology MARY CAROLINE LINDSAY Atlanta, Georgia History KATHARINE WARREN LOEMKER Atlanta, Georgia Biology STELLA LOUISE ROBEY LOGAN Savannah, Georgia Psychology MONICA JEAN LONGINO Atlanta, Georgia Sociology JEANNE KLINE MALLORY Decatur, Georgia Music JANETTE MATTOX Enterprise, Alabama Spanish ELEANOR LEWIS McCARTY Dalton, Georgia English BETTY LEE McCLAIN Marblehill, Georgia Spanish JIMMIE ANN McGEE Starr, South Carolina Psychology SARAH ALLEN McKEE Mountain Home, Arkansas English -French JACKIE SUE MESSER Waynesville, North Carolina Psychology-Math ematics ANN MILLER Covington, Virginia French 54 BETTY FONTAINE MOBLEY Columbus, Georgia Mathematics LOUISE MOORE Atlanta, Georgia English CAROL LOUISE MUNGER Chattanooga, Tennessee Mathematics-French BETTY JEAN NEEL Decatur, Georgia French-Music KATHERINE MARIE NELSON Palatka, Florida English MARY ANNA OGDEN Augusta, Georgia English MARJORIE CLAIRE ORR Marietta, Georgia Psychology ELIZA GASTON POLLARD Columbia, South Carolina Chemistry BARBARA QUATTLEBAUM Savannah, Georgia English CHRISTIE WILTON RICE Richmond, Virginia Psychology SARA McKEE SAMONDS Durham, North Carolina Psychology JOANN WOOD SAYLES Schenectady, New York Music-French ELAINE SCHUBERT Decatur, Georgia ANNE SEARS Atlanta, Georgia Music MARIANELA SEGURA Ponce, Puerto Rico Psychology MARY ELIZABETH SHONTZ Cleveland, Tennessee Chemistry ANNELLE SIMPSON Gastoni a, North Carolina Sociology CARONELLE SMITH Atlanta, Georgia Sociology-Economics FRANCES LEE SMITH Atlanta, Georgia Sociology -Economics RUTH JENELLE SPEAR Kinston, North Carolina Biology CELIA SPIRO New York, New York History-Political Science BARBARA LOUISE STAINTON Anderson, South Carolina Psychology MARY STUBBS Savannah, Georgia Spanish MARJORIE STUKES Decatur, Georgia Music MARY VIRGINIA SUTTON Augusta, Georgia History-Political Science RUTH ROSS VINEYARD Mobile, Alabama Psychology CATHERINE CANDLER WARREN Atlanta, Georgia Sociology MARTHA MARILYN WEAKLEY Clarksville, Tennessee Latin JOAN COTTY WHITE Atlanta, Georgia French ELIZABETH ANN WILLIAMS Sandston, Virginia Psychology JOAN WILLMON Decatur, Georgia Psychology BETTIE SHIPMAN WILSON Shelbyville, Kentucky Biology ANN MARIE WOODS Atlanta, Georgia German-English SUE YARBROUGH Waycross, Georgia Art BETTY DORIS ZIEGLER College Park, Georgia Psychology 63 JUNIOR CLASS Kassie, Mif, and Phyllis on the Infirmary Terrace Officers Phyllis Galphin President Kathleen Simmons Vice-President Mary Frances Martin . . . Secretary-Treasurer Three and one half Juniors I Bet and June on Parade ' Lorna has to explain Five little Junior " helpers " CHARLOTTE ALLSMILLER Winchester, Kentucky ATALANTE CHRIS ANASON Atlanta, Georgia SARAH MARGARET ANDES Knoxville, Tennessee KATIE BERDANIS Pensacola, Florida ELAINE CHRIS BLANE Thomasville, Georgia FRANCES ANNE BOTTOMS Gadsden, Alabama SARA ANN BOYER Athens, Tennessee MARY JANE BREWER Birmingham, Alabama BARBARA HUNTER BROWN Columbus, Georgia MARGARET EMILY BRYAN Charlotte, North Carolina JEANNINE BYRD Metairie, Louisiana LORETA JUNE CARPENTER Richmond, Virginia 66 BETTY ROSE CHENEY Cairo, Georgia JEANNE CAROLE CONE Hapeville, Georgia ANNE BURTON COPE Union Springs, Alabama SYBIL B. CORBETT Fayetteville, N. G PATRICIA CORTELYOU Marietta, Georgia LANDIS LEE GOTTEN Atlanta, Georgia MARILYN RUTH COX Atlanta, Georgia ANITA TAYLOR COYNE Atlanta, Georgia CAROLINE JO CREA College Park, Georgia LILA AMELIA CRONIN Savannah, Georgia CATHERINE G. CROWE Wilmington, N. C. KATHERINE M. CURRIE Carthage, N. C. Juniors 67 NANCY E. DeARMOND Erwin, Tennessee ANNIE THERESA DOKOS Columbus. Georgia DOROTHY DUCKWORTH Atlanta, Georgia K. LOUISE DUNAWAY Atlanta, Georgia CLAIRE ELIZABETH EATON Atlanta, Georgia M. ELAINE EVANS Atlanta, Georgia SARAH EMMA EVANS Stone Mountain, Ga. ALICE PORTER FARMER Atlanta, Georgia SHIRLEY L. FORD Decatur, Georgia MARTHA E. FORTSON Atlanta, Georgia M. KATHREN FREEMAN LaGrange, Georgia EDNA LOUISE FURBISH Atlanta, Georgia Juniors PHYLLIS LUCILE GALPHIN Charlotte, N. C. MURIEL LEONA GEAR Decatur, Georgia MYRTLE KATHRYN GENTRY Sumter, South Carolina MARY ANN GOOLSBY Augusta, Georgia BARBARA JOYCE GRACE Atlanta, Georgia JO ANN HALL Opelika, Alabama LAUREL SUSAN HANCOCK Okeechobee, Florida MARTHA JEAN HANSEN Decatur, Georgia CLARA JANE HART Atlanta, Georgia MATTIE ELIZABETH HART Gabbettville, Georgia ANN TIFFIN HAYS Mobile, Alabama RUTH WALDO HEARD Decatur, Georgia 69 SHIRLEY S. HEATH Talladega, Alabama ANN PARK HERMAN Lagrange, Georgia NANCY HANES HOBBS Atlanta, Georgia JULIA ELIZABETH HOLLAND Marietta, Georgia ZAROLYN MARY HOLLIDAY Atlanta, Georgia CAROLYN E. HOLTREY Columbus, Georgia SARAH HELEN HUIE Lagrange, Georgia MARY LEE HUNNICUT Rock Hill, S. C JOYCE J. HUTCHESON East Point, Georgia ELEANOR CAROLINA INMAN Thomasville, Georgia MARGARET G. INMAN Charlotte, N. C. JAMIE GWENELLE JOHNSON Sumter, S. C. JOAN FAYE JORDAN Atlanta, Georgia JEANE JUNKER Salisbury, N. C. MARGARET ANN KAUFMAN Atlanta, Georgia MARTHA HOLMES KING Jacksonville, Florida HELEN FRANCES LAND New Orleans, La. MARY JANE LARGEN College Park, Ga. MARY FRANCES MARTIN Monroe, Georgia MARGARETTA B. LUMPKIN Dalton, Georgia BETTY JO LINTON Princeton, Kentucky MARY TERESA MCDONALD Decatur. Georgia NEVAIDA ANNE McLEOD Seabrook, S. C. ELIZABETH W. MELSON Atlanta, Georgia Juniors BETTY ALICE MOON Decatur, Georgia SYLVIA MOUTOS Augusta, Georgia BETTY JEAN MOYER Forest City, N. C. BEVERLY ANN OLSON Decatur, Georgia ANN MARSH PARKER Asheville, N. C. EDITH ELEANOR PETRIE Decatur, Georgia BETTY ANNE H. PHILLIPS Atlanta, Georgia NANCY P. PHILLIPS Atlanta, Georgia JANE R. PUCKETT Spartanburg, S. C. LOLA SUE PURCELL Hammond, Louisiana CATHERINE L. REDLES Valdosta, Georgia ANNE CRAIG REEVES Atlanta, Georgia Juniors LAWAHNA DAWN RIGDON Fort Valley, Georgia LILLIAN OLA RITCHIE Decatur, Georgia HELEN JEAN ROBARTS Decatur, Georgia MIRIAM kUNYON Decatur, Georgia HAZEL ADELAIDE RYALL Waycross, Georgia JACQUELYN R. SIMMONS Atlanta, Georgia KATHLEEN KELL SIMMONS Pascagoula, Mississippi BARBARA JUNE SMITH Gainesville, Georgia CAROL MILLER SOLOMON Waycross, Georgia WINNIE LOUELLA STROZIER Atlanta, Georgia VIRGINIA ANNE TATUM Atlanta, Georgia PATRICIA ANNE THOMASON Atlanta, Georgia MARIE RILEY UNDERWOOD Atlanta, Georgia FRANCES VANDIVER Decatur, Georgia SARA BRYANT VEALE New Haven, Connecticut JO CAMILLE WATSON eLizabethton, Tennessee RUTH AMANDA WHITING Camilla, Georgia LORNA ANICE WIGGINS Birmingham, Alabama SYLVIA SUSADA WILLIAMS Norcross, Georgia JANE CLAIRE WINDHAM Hope Hull, Alabama CATHERINE WINNINGHAM Stone Mountain, Ga. FLORENCE C. WORTHY Cairo, Georgia CAROLINE MERCEDES CAMP Decatur, Georgia KATHRYN E. N. HOWARD Atlanta, Georgia LOUISE MONROE JETT Lexington, Kentucky HELEN PAULINE TRITTON Atlanta, Georgia What was your score, Miss Laney? Oft " to the races Faculty Smiles " Come right in, girls- Did you remember to sign out? The Sophomore Class Rosalyn, Belle, and Birdie, popular sophomore officers, return from a ride Officers Rosalyn Kennedy President Mary Alverta Bond Vice-President Belle Miller Secretary-Treasurer 16 Sophs enjoy a box from home Oh, my aching feet! Illlllillil WlilllilHHyiiin It won ' t be so bad next year! Three for the Beauty Section of ' 53 And it was so much fun ALLARDYCE ARMSTRONG v[. CAROLYN BARKSDALEBAREARA A. BARTENFIELD ANNE EVELYN BASSETT Miami, Florida DOROTHY ANN BAXTER Matthews, N. C. East Point, Georgia MARY BIRMINGHAM Trenton, Tennessee Atlanta, Georgia FRANCES B. BLAKENEY Matthews, N. C. Fort Valley, Georgia MARY ALVERTA BOND Oak Ridge, Tennessee PAT BAUMGARTEN Atlanta, Georgia SUANNE BOWERS Atlanta, Georgia GEORGANNA BUCHANAN Atlanta, Georgia CONSTANCE ANN BYRD Columbia, S. C. PEGGY CARLOS Atlanta, Georgia MARY JO CHAPMAN Atlanta, Georgia JULIA DIXON CLARK Henderson, Kentucky DORIS CLINGMAN New Orleans, La. Sopho FRANCES ELLEN COLEY EUNICE T. CONNALLY SARAH FRANCES COOK ANN BROOKS COOPER VIRGINIA CORRY Waynesboro, Virginia LaGrange, Georgia Rome, Georgia Chapel Hill, N. C. Tifton, Georgia SUSAN ANN COULTRAP MARGARET ROSE COUSAR Atlanta, Georgia Congo Belge, Africa JANE CRAYTON LaGrange, Georgia ANN CARTER DeWITT DONYA JOAN DIXON Gainesville, Georgia Gorgas, Alabama SUSAN WALTON DODSON Columbia, S. C. ALLENA CARTER DOGGETT Williamson, W. Va. RENE FAIRBANKS DUDNEY Sewanee, Tennessee DONNA ANNE DUGGER Sheffield, Alabama FRANCES CAROL EDWARDS Athens, Georgia MARY FRANCES EVANS Thomasville, Georgia mores 79 PHYLLIS ANN FISHER Paris, Kentucky BETTY ANN GREEN Augusta, Georgia PATRICIA A. FREDRIKSEN Raleigh, N. C IUTH DAHL GUDMUNDSON Columbia, S. C. MARY ANNE GARRARD Decatur, Georgia MARY A. HAMILTON Decatur, Georgia LOIS FRANCES GINN Covington, Georgia SARAH CREWE HAMILTON Decatur, Georgia CATHERINE EMERY GOFF Atlanta, Georgia FLORENCE MAY HAND Pelham, Georgia GAYLE AGNEW HARBOUR Huntington, W. Va. DOROTHY NIELL HARDIN Augusta, Georgia G KELLER HENDERSON Doraville, Georgia ALINE ANN HIGHT Little Rock, Arkansas BETSY LEE HODGES South Hill, Virginia MARY ANNIE HOLLAND Atlanta, Georgia Sopho HONORINE JANE HOOK MARGARET E. HOOKER Gainesville, Florida Scarsdale, New York JO ANN HORN LaGrange, Georgia ELLEN EARLE HUNTER New Orleans, La. CAROL LOU JACOB Decatur, Georgia BARBARA ANN JOHNSTON Atlanta, Georgia ANN JONES Beaumont, Texas ANNIE WORTLEY JONES FLORENCE R. KENNEDAY BETTY KAY KRAUTH Dalton, Georgia Meridian, Mississippi College Park, Georgia SARAH ANN LEATHERS Decatur, Georgia MARY MILLS LINDSEY Griffin, Georgia MARGARET LOUISE MAIER New Orleans, La. HELEN PATTON MARTIN Sheffield, Alabama " W mores DESPO MATHESON Tampa, Florida BETTY MARIE McLELLAN Dalton, Georgia MARGARET R. McRAE Wadesboro, N. C. MARION P. MERR1TT Atlanta, Georgia MARILYN MICHIE Durham, N. C. ADALINE GRAHAM MILLER Savannah Beach,.Ga. BELLE NEEL MILLER Atlanta, Georgia CAROLYN RUTH MONROE PATRICIA MARIE MORGAN DIANE KENT MORRIS MARY JANE NEWLAND MARTHA CARLENE NICKEL Waycross, Georgia Americus, Georgia Decatur, Georgia Brevard, N. C. Avondale Estates, Ga. MARTHA V. NORTON Gaffney, S. C. KATHERINE E. OAKLEY Atlanta, Georgia LILLA KATE PARRAMORE Valdosta, Georgia BARBARA ANNE PATUREAU Atlanta, Georgia SUE SMITH PETERSON Ailey, Georgia JACQUELYN SUSAN PHARR Alma, Michigan Sopho DOROTHY ANNE POTTS Gabbettville, Georgia NANCY V. RUFFNER Barnesville, Georgia DORIS ANN RAMSEY Atlanta, Georgia RUTH ADSILA RUNYON Decatur, Georgia MARY IRENE RIPLEY Atlanta, Georgia BONNIE SANDERS Atlanta, Georgia MARY BETH ROBINSON Auburn, Alabama RITA MAY SCOTT Atlanta, Georgia LOUISE WEBB ROSS Hattiesburg, Mississippi EDITH SEWELL Atlanta, Georgia BETTY JANE SHARPE Alma, Georgia DIANNE SHELL Atlanta, Georgia PRISCILLA M. SHEPPARD Laurens, S. C. GLORIA MARIE STOWERS Atlanta, Georgia FRANCES SUMMERVILLE Aliceville, Alabama LINDY ANN TAYLOR Atlanta, Georgia mores SHATTEEN TAYLOR Atlanta, Georgia HELEN MARIE TUCKER East Point, Georgia MARGARET E. THOMASON Copperhill, Tennessee ADELE THOMPSON Olanta, S. C. SARA MARGARET WALKER VIVIAN LUCILLE WEAVER McDonough, Georgia Mobile, Alabama FRANCES ANN THOMSON Tampa, Florida BARBARA E. WEST Johnson City, Tenn. CHARLINE V. TRITTON Atlanta, Georgia DOROTHY ANNE WESTON Baltimore, Maryland SARAH JANE WILLIAMS West Point, Georgia ROBERTA ELLEN WILLIAMS Dalton, Georgia MARY ANN WYATT Roanoke, Virginia BETTY LOUISE LAM Atlanta, Georgia PEGGY ANN HARPER Huntington, W. Va. NATALIE IRMA STRATTON College Park, Georgia VIRGINIA CLAIRE HAYS Moultrie, Georgia MILLIE LOU ALLISON Roswell, New Mexico JACQUELINE DEAN KING Hapeville, Georgia Meet the Alston ladies The faculty cheering section Loveliness, Loyalty, Leisure, Loitering Hey, Mrs. Shaw-now You are soing to be late for class The Freshman Class M « ' » ■ " Freshman officers, Harriet, Patti, and Eleanor, at home in Inman Officers Eleanor Hutchinson President Patti Boring Vice-President Harriet Durham .... Secretary-Treasurer 1 Ifc 1 j SHH r% 1 E Hi | - ■ ' -■ I k s Snow! Can this be Georgia Mary Lou welcomes the Snow Some of Our Latest Editions Third Inman gets together Lots of food — no customers — CLARA ADAMS Atlanta, Ga. PATRICIA DALE BORING Tampa, Fla. JANE ALBRITTON MCMlNNVILLE, TENN. SUE BORN Pensacola, Fla. JEAN ASKREN Atlanta, Ga. JUNE BROXTON Montgomery, Ala. MARILYN BELANUS Birmingham, Ala. MARY FRANCES BURKE Atlanta, Ga. BARBARA ANN BOLEN Atlanta, Ga. VALERIA BURNET Waycross, Ga. Fresh men CLAIRE CLARK Atlanta, Ga. BEATRICE DANIEL Ft. McPherson, Ga. ANNE R. CLAYTON Atlanta, Ga. GWYNNETH DAVIES Webster Groves, Mo. VIRGINIA CLIFT Ft. Smith, Ark. MITZI DEWS Stuttgart, Ark. ELIZABETH CRAIG Idabel, Okla. LUCY DOYLE Andalusia, Ala. JANE CROOK Charlotte, N. C. JEAN DRUMHELLER Staunton, Va. LOIS ANN DRYDEN KlNGSPORT, TENN. ELOISE EUBANKS Atlanta, Ga. HARRIET DURHAM Marietta, Ga. JOEN FAGAN Rome, Ga. PHYLLIS EASON Atlanta, Ga. DOROTHY FINCHER Naval Base, S. C. JANE EDWARDS Decatur, Ga. FLORENCE FLEMING Augusta, Ga. BETTY ELLINGTON Lynchburg, Va. VIRGINIA FLOYD Statesboro, Ga. Fresh men MILDRED GASTON Griffin, Ga. VIRGINIA HANCOCK Atlanta, Ga. JULIA GRIER Charlotte, N. C. KATHARINE HEFNER Hickory, N. C. ELLEN GRIFFIN Hamlet, N. C. MARY HENDERSON Houston, Texas GENEVIEVE GUARDIA Statesboro, Ga. PHYLLIS HESS Atlanta, Ga. NANCY HALL Ft. Worth, Texas LOUISE HILL Decatur, Ga. 89 BARBARA HOOD Atlanta, Ga. CAROL ELOISE JONES Orangeburg, S. C. ELEANOR HUTCHINSON Senoia, Ga. JACQUELYN JOSEY Bartow, Ga. ARLENE JACOB Talbotton, Ga. BARBARA KELLY Atlanta, Ga. LYNN JOHNSTON Laurel, Miss. CATHERINE KITE Decatur, Ga. MARGUERITE JOHNSTON Greenville, S. C. MARY LOU KLEPPINGER Mexico, Mo. Fresh men LILLA KNEELAND Arlington, Va. JENNIE LYNN Savannah, Ga. JANE MARIE LANDON Atlanta, Ga. CAROL MACAULEY Atlanta, Ga. NANCY LEE Danville, Ky. CORNELIA MAJOR Hendersonville, N. C. CAROLINE LESTER Montezuma, Ga. RUTH MALLETTE Birmingham, Ala. ARDEN LOCHER Lexington, Va. MARY JANE MARTIN Atlanta, Ga. 90 JOANNE MASSEE Atlanta, Ga. KATHERINE MATTHEWS JEANNE MARIE MAYER Decatur, Ga. Ferriday, La. MARY ALICE McDOWELL Decatur, Ga. marian Mcelroy Birmingham, Ala. CAROLYN McELVEEN Atlanta, Ga. MARJORIE MAYFIELD Cairo, Ga. HELEN McGOWAN Jackson, Miss. BETTY JO McCASTLAIN Memphis, Tenn. CLARA J. McLANAHAN Elberton, Ga. Fresh men MABEL MILTON Nashville, Tenn. CLAIRE NOBLIN Geneva, Ala. BARBARA MOON Washington, D. C. BARBARA NORTHEY Decatur, Ga. MARY MULDROW Jasper, Ala. DOROTHY OATLEY Atlanta, Ga. JOYCE MUNGER Chattanooga, Tenn. ADELIA OGDEN Washington, D. C. SIDNEY NEWTON Denver, Colo. CONSTANCE ORMSBY Fayetteville, N. C. t7 KY) ANNE PATTERSON Bluefield, W. Va. GLORIA ANNE PRICE Dalton, Ga. JOANNE PICKELL Greenville, S. C. MARY ANN PRITCHETT Atlanta, Ga. HARRIETTE POTTS Newnan, Ga, JUDITH PROMNITZ Atlanta, Ga. DORIS JEAN POWELL LlNCOLNTON, N. C. ELLEN PROUTY Dalton, Ga. ELIZABETH PRICE Jackson, Miss. SUE PURDOM Guilford College, N. C. Fresh men MARY RAINEY Americus, Ga. SARA ROSE Chapel Hill, N. C. CAROLYN RANDOLPH Decatur, Ga. MARCIA ROSEFIELD Sumter, S. C CAROLINE REINERO Decatur, Ga. IRENE SASSO Greenvile, S. C. KAY RICHARDSON Jacksonville, Fla. CECELIA SCHOR Birmingham, Ala. GAIL ROGERS Monroe, Ga. SELMA SCHROTH Chester, Pa. ALMA SCOGGINS Commerce, Ga. MARY A. SNAKENBURG Waycross, Ga. BETTY NELL SCOTT Decatur, Ga. ADELINE STEANS Springfield, III. JOAN SIMMONS Americus, Ga. BETTY STEIN Americus, Ga. GAIL SIMPSON Dallas, Texas KATHLEEN STOUT Dunfermline, Scotland MARY FRANCES SISTAR Atlanta, Ga. SARA SWANSON Erwin, N. C. Fresh men ANNE SYLVESTER Decatur, Ga. CAROL TYE Albany, Ga. ELINOR TAYLOR Atlanta, Ga. MARILYN VANCE Atlanta, Ga. MARION TENNANT Lancaster, S. C. JOANNE VARNER Thomaston, Ga. CARMIE THRASHER Jackson, Ga. CAROLYN TINKLEPAUGH Birmingham, Ala. NANCY A. WHETSTONE KATHLEEN WHITFIELD Griffin, Ga. Huntsville, Ala. MARIAN F. WORSHAM Decatur, Ga. CAROLYN WILLIAMS Tallahassee, Fla. MARY B. WILLIAMS Little Rock, Ark. BARBARA ANN YO WELL JANE ELIZABETH ZUBER Orlando, Fla. Birmingham, Ala. Special Students CATHERINE G. DEWAR Decatur, Ga. JEANNE W. WALKER Atlanta, Ga. GHOR JEE GOH Singapore, Malaya NORMA WANG Shanghai, China MARTHA KIM Seoul, Korea MARY C F. WILMER Atlanta, Ga. MARY LINK Atlanta, Ga. PEGGY SURTIN YOUNG Chamblee, Ga. C. A. Angels " Good night, Irene " — Faculty Four KR£ Miss Hagopian directs Campus Chorus Registrar and Treasurer look things over THEATRE , " p R.15, ACTIVITIES The 1951 Betty Jane Foster Editor BETTY AVERILL Associate Editor Clairelis Eaton, Kitty Freeman . . Assistant Editors Barbara Stainton Class Editor Carolyn Galbreath, Sue Hardy .... Club Editors Carol Solomon Organization Editor Alice Farmer Vacuity Editor Ann Brooke, Louise Hertwig .... Sports Editors Mif Martin Feature Editor Virginia Feddeman Copy Editor JACKIE Sue Messer Business Manager MARY Lee HUNNICUTT . . . Assistant Business Manager B. ]. and Betty pause in their rounds of picture-taking for the Annual THE FAITHFUL EDITORIAL STAFF. Left to right: Theresa Dokos, Carolyn Galbreath, Barbara Stainton, Ann Brooke, Belle Miller, Sarah Leathers, Ann Tiffin Hays, Carol Solomon, Barbara West, Louise Hertwig, Mary Frances Martin, Alice Farmer, Jane Crayton. Not pictured " : Sue Floyd Hardy, Virainia Feddeman, Lilla Kate Parramore, Svlvia Moutos, Silvia Williams. Silhouette Kitty and Claitelis gather ideas from past SILHOUETTES Mary Lee and Jackie Sue plan ways and The 1951 Silhouette, developed around the French theme, is presented with respect for our French department and its head. Miss Phythian, to whom this volume is dedicated. We hope the French scenes so charmingly sketched for us by Miss Lobeck, will bring to mind the richness of the world beyond the campus, and remind us of the rare and beautiful experiences which we enjoy at Agnes Scott. The Ad Staff starts out for an afternoon of hard work. Left to right: Margaret Ann Kauf- mann, Maty Holland, Billie Btyan, Maty Lee Hunnicutt, Lorna Wiggins. THE AGNES STAFF Charlotte Key Editor Mary Ann Jaynes Manag ing Editor Ann Boyer, Sylvia Williams . Assistant Editors Martha Fortson Society Editor Nancy DeArmond Copy Editor Helen Land Feature Editor Katherine Nelson .... Faculty Reporter B. J. SHARPE Editorial Assistant JANE LaMASTER Business Manager Ann Parker Advertising Manager Mary Jane Largen . . . Circulation Manager Ann Tiffin Hays, Camille Watson Assistant Circulation Managers Meet the Staff . . . Left to right, seated: B. J. Sharpe, Sally Veale, Ann Boyer, Sylvia Williams. Martha Fortson, Ann Brooke. . . . Standing: Priscilla Sheppard, Barbara West, Nancy De- Armond. Charlotte and Mary Ann meet " the Deadline " Ann and Sylvia check " the copy " SCOTT NEWS On Wednesday afternoons we find our mail boxes holding a vital force for progress — the Agnes Scott NEWS. Our newspaper is one which reaches into all " newsy " nooks and crannies of the campus and helps to keep us informed about what is going on in the world about us. " Date book " is helpful in keeping our meetings straight. This year the editorial page has been most sensitive to the needs and problems of the campus, the nation, and the world. The Agnes Scott News has won first-rate approval not only with the students but also with the national Asso- ciated Collegiate Press. Tif checks the News post office box Ad staff members not pictured: Donna Dugger, Adele Thompson Jane balances her bank account Mary Jane and Ann read the latest Edii THE STAFF Marie Woods Editor Barbara Brown Associate Editor Sarah McKee Assistant Editor Mar jorie Felder Poetry Editor Eliza Pollard Business Manager Marie heads up the AURORA staff Eliza works hard to balance her budget The Business staff meets in Murphey Candler . . . Left to right: Betty McClain, Georg- anna Buchanan, Amelia Cronin, Virginia Tatem . . . Not pictured: Ruth Gudmundson. AURORA AURORA, a quarterly publication at Agnes Scott, is a literary magazine for student expression which seeks ro integrate creative ability with the spirit of the college. Stu- dents are encouraged by AURORA to attempt expression of their ideas and to present for publication poetry, essays, short stories, book reviews, and literary criticisms. AURORA thus endeavors to stimulate further creative writing on the campus. Illustrations for short stories, poems and the cover provide an opportunity for art students to contribute their creative expressions. The gifted Editorial Staff . . . Left to right: Louise Hertwig, Clairelis Eaton, Sarah McKee, Rosalyn Kenneday, Priscilla Shepperd, Barbara Brown, Sally Veale, Marjorie Felder, Edith Sewell, Muriel Gear. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Exec is challenged by the words of Socrates framed on the wall of their room . . . " Four things belong to a judge: To hear courteously: to answer wisely: to consider soberly and to judge im- partially. " Sealed, left to right: June Carpenter, Mary Lindsey, Mary Caroline Lindsay, Janelle Spear, Marjorie Stukes, Charity Bennett, Betty Cheney, Vallie Burnett. . . . Standing: Sara Samonds, Catherine Crowe, Carol Jacob, Barbara Brown, Barbara Quattlebaum, Ellen Hull, Ann Jones, Nancy Lu Hudson, Ann Herman, Sybil Corbett, Frances Smith, Landis Cotton, Pat Patterson, Anita Coyne. Officers Marjorie Stukes President Jenelle Spear Vice President FRANCES Smith Day Student Representative Barbara Quattlebaum . . . Orientation Chairman June Carpenter Secretary Sybil Corbett Student Treasurer Catherine Crowe .... Lower House Chairman LANDIS Cotton Student Recorder Student Government Associati on at Agnes Scott continues to help the student to live more harmoniously on the cam- pus and in the larger community. Freshman Orientation, followed by a formal reception for the campus group, initi- ated the Student Government program for the year. A popu- lar project of Student Government is the Class Spirit cup, which plays an important part in creating enthusiasm among the students for their own Class. This year Lower House took on many additional duties, including a share of the important judicial branch. Student Government is an important medium between Agnes Scott and the Na- tional Student Association, of which the college became a member a year ago. ASSOCIATION Lower House — an integral part of Student Government . . . Seated, left to right: Julia Clark, Alma Scoggins, Frances Sum- merville, Martie Hart, Catherine Crowe, Jean Drumheller, Carolyn Randolph, Kassie Simmons. . . . Standing: Camille Wat- son, Sue Peterson, Sara Rose, Virginia tee Floyd, Winnie Strozier, Emy Evans, LaWahna Rigdon, Margarer Inman, Sarah Learhers, Bettie Wilson, Jackie Simmons. . . . Not pictured: Mary Birmingham, Anne Sears. CHRISTIAN C. A. Cabinet radiates a spirit of friendliness and service . . . Seated, left to right: Mary Hayes Barber, Virginia Feddeman, Su Boney, Carolyn Monroe, Betty Holland, Muriel Gear, Anne Cooper. . . . Standing: Jimmie Ann McGee, Betty Jo Mc- Castlain, Bett Linton, Nina Hale, Margarer McRae, Anna DaVault. . . . Not pictured: Helen Land. Officers Mary Hayes Barber President Su Boney Vice President MURIEL Gear Secretary BETT LINTON Treasurer ANNA DaVault Freshman Advisor 1 itt37 1 fV Bt ' 5 3jHp " -i m yUJ IE! — m B . BL " I M H ' IJVjB Mary Hayes, leader of religious life on our campus. Anna and Su plan the Freshman picnic. ASSOCIATION C.A. Council puts the Agnes Scott Ideal of Service into practice . . . First row, left to right: LaWahna Rigdon, Jackie Sim- mons, Mattie Hart, Su Boney, Jackie Pfarr, Frances Coley, Priscilla Shepherd. . . . Second row. Amy Jones, Nell Floyd, Lorna Wiggins, Louise Dunaway, Ann Tiffin Hays, Jane Windham, Mary Ann Wyatt, Martha Norton, Frances Blakeney, Pat Fred- riksen, Mary Anna Ogden, Charlotte Allsmiller. . . . Third row: Constance Byrd, Belle Miller, Kathleen Simmons, Mary Beth Robinson, Theresa Dokos, Sally Veale, Caroline Crea, Page Hutchison, Norma Wang, Bettie Wilson, Mary Jane Largen, Jinnie Brewer, Susan Dodson, Donna Dugger. The " Christian Association has had as its theme for the year, " I Would Thou Wert either Hot or Cold " . A sincere effort has been made in all C.A. activities to stress the meaning of this topic. Chapel and Vesper programs have been varied, with special speakers, good music programs, meditations and student talks. The Council has increased its off-campus activities by adding the Methodist Orphans ' Home to its list, which in- cludes Negro Mission, Scottish Rite Hospital, Y.W.C.A. Industrial Girls ' Club, Girl Scouts, and the Central Presby- terian Day Camp. The Inter-faith Council has had an active year. It has been in charge of the bus taking Agnes Scott girls to church on Sunday and also has planned most successfully a campus Day of Prayer. C.A. Cabinet Members operated a baggage clinic for the Freshmen on their first day at college. The newcomers to our campus were welcomed at a C.A. " Star " party. Dr. George D. Heaton, pastor of the Myers Park Baptist Church of Charlotte, N. C, led the discussions and talks of Religious Emphasis Week, all of which gave support to he Christian Association theme for this year. MORTAR BOARD One of the most influential and important organizations on the Agnes Scott campus is Mortar Board, national honor society for college women. Its three ideals of leadership, service, and scholarship are felt in many phases of college life. Each Spring Juniors who possess these qualities to an outstanding degree are elected to membership in Mortar Board. The Chapter at Agnes Scott received its charter in 1931, its parent organization being HOASC — Honorary Order of Agnes Scott College — founded in 1916. The Chapter has as its aim: " to provide for co-operation between senior honor societies for women, to promote col- lege loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " In addition to its traditional activities at Agnes Scott, during the past year Mortar Board co-operated with the Alumnae Association in the development of Career Con- ferences, organized Marriage Classes, and sponsored the showing of popular movies on the campus for the college community and friends. Agnes Scott ' s chapter of Mortar Board . . . Left to right: Charlotte Key, Barbara Quattlebaum, Nina Hale, Marie Woods, Noel Barnes, Mary Hayes Barber, Marjorie Stukes, Su Boney, Julie Cuthbertson, Anna DaVault. Betty Jane Foster. . . . Not pictured: Sally Lou Conlin. Noel, Mortar Board ' s gracious president. Mortar Board pictured with Miss Glick, the speaker for their Recognition Service. 109 Ann Marie Woods PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa, national honorary scholastic organization, has as its purpose " to recognize and encourage scholarship, friendship, and cultural interests. " Each Spring the Chapter elects to membership those members of the Senior Class who possess the quali- fications of high scholarship, liberal culture, and good character. The Beta of Georgia Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was established at Agnes Scott College on March 23, 1926, and was the ninth college for women to receive this high honor. HONOR ROLL SOPHOMORES Peggy Carlos Rene Dudney Patricia Fredriksen Aline Hight Jane Hook Ellen Earle Hunter Carol Lou Jacob rosalyn kenneday Mary Jane Leake Margaret Maier Belle Neel Miller Priscilla Sheppard Margaret Thomason Charline Tritton JUNIORS Mary Jane Brewer Sybil Corbett Anita Coyne Caroline Crea Theresa Dokos Sarah Emma Evans Kathren Freeman Mary Ann Goolsby Ann Tiffin Hays Ann Park Herman Mary Lee Hunnicutt Joyce Hutcheson Wynelle Melson Betty ' Anne Phillips Kathleen Simmons Frances Vandiver Sarah Bryant Veale SENIORS Noel Barnes Su Boney Anne Brooke Frances Clark Sally Lou Dickert Conlin Mary Roberts Davis Betty Jane Foster Barara Futral Susan Gauger Ellen Clyde Hull Sara Elizabeth Jackson Charlotte Key Jean Longino Carol Louise Munger Sarah Allen McKee Eliza Pollard Celia Spiro Barbara Stainton Marjorie Stukes Martha Weakley Ann Marie Woods First rou left to right: Ann Herman, Anita Coyne, Martha Weakley, Noel Barnes, Marie Woods, Ellen Hull, Joyce Hutche- son, Theresa Dokos, Rosalyn Kenneday, Kassie Simmons, Pat Fredriksen, Kitty Freeman, Su Boney. . . . Second row: Cissie Spiro, Barbara Stainton, Ann Goolsby. Ellen Hunter, Mary Lee Hunnicutt, Mary Roberts Davis, Frances Vandiver, Anne Brooke, Jane Hook, Aline Hight, Caroline Crea, Betty Phillips, Charline Tritton, Sybil Corbett. . . . Third row: Jinnie Brewer, Carol Jacob, Wynelle Melson, Ann Tiffin Hays, Charlotte Key, Sally Veale, Frances Clark, Liza Pollard, Belle Miller, Priscilla Sheppard, Margie Thomason, Betty Jane Foster. First row, left to right: Nina Hale, Sarah Leathers, Virginia Feddeman. danis, Mary Lee Hunnicutt, Su Boney, Anita Coyne, Martha Weakley. . . Hancock. . . Second row: Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Katie Ber- Not pictured: Betsy Hodges, Carolyn Monroe, Susan ETA SIGMA PHI Eta Sigma Phi is the national honorary classical fra- ternity on the Agnes Scott campus and its member- ship is composed of those students whose scholastic record and active interest in Greek and Latin warrant their election. The Alpha Delta chapter at Agnes Scott is one of the forty-four currently active chapters in the United States. The fraternity has the four-fold purpose: " to keep in touch with classical activities through the nation; to interest the student body in the study of the classics; to foster interest among its own members; and to promote in the nearby high schools an enthusiasm for classical study. " Each year a special topic is selected by the chapter for study and discussion at its meetings. This year the chapter chose Plutarch ' s Lives as the basis of study for their Thursday afternoon meetings. The members participate in the national contests sponsored by Eta Sigma Phi and Alpha Delta was represented at the national convention of the fraternity held recently. Officers: Mary Lee Hunnicult, Secretary; Anita Coyne, Vice President; Vi. ginia Feddeman, President; Katie Berdanis, Treasurer. Ann Goolshy, Ann Tiffin Hays, Kitty Freeman, Susan Gauger, Ann Boyer Betty Jane Foster, Virginia Arnold. . . . Not pictured: Martha " Ann Deadmore, th, Joyce Hutcheson, 1, Katharine Loemker. CHI BETA PHI The Alpha Sigma Chapter of Chi Beta Phi, national honorary science fraternity, was established on the campus in 1933. Agnes Scott has the distinction of being the first woman ' s college to have a chapter accepted for membership in this society. The object of Chi Beta Phi is to promote interest in all fields of science. Students are elected on the basis of their scholastic standing and their interest in science. This year Chi Beta Phi has sponsored lectures by nationally prominent scientists, moving pictures of scientific in- terest, and several projects contributing to campus activities, one of the latter being the annual " Chemical Stunt " featured on High School Day ( May Day ) . Also of great importance is the key awarded annually to the chapte r ' s most outstanding member. ticers: Freddie Hachtel, President; Emy Evans, Vice President; Betty Phil- lips, Treasurer; Carol Munger, Corresponding Secretary. . . . Not pictured: Elaine Schubert, Recording Secretary. Virginia Arnold Barbara Quattlebaum Mary Hayes Barber Jennelle Spear Noel Barnes Marjorie Stukes Cornelia Hale Marie Woods Charlotte Key Betty Ziegler WHO ' S WHO One of the highest honors a college student may receive is election to Who ' s Who among students in American Universities and Colleges. Students are nominated and elected on the basis of scholarship, co-operation, and leadership in academic and extra- curricular activities, citizenship, and service to the college, and promise of future use- fulness. We are proud that Agnes Scott is among the 600 institutions participating in this program. U4 BIBLE CLUB Bible Club is expressly for those interested in a deeper knowledge of the Bible. Stimu- lating discussions of the Bible led by club members and guest speakers and the promo- tion of Christian leadership are the goals of this group. Bible Club meets bi-monthly and is open to all students who are inter- ested in serious Bible study. First row, left to right: Frances Blakeney, Charlotte Allsmiller, Constance Byrd, Bert Linton. . . . Sec- ond row: Margie Thomason, June Smith, Margaret Couser, Margaret Inman. . . . Third row: Sally Veale, Eunice Connally, Charline Tritton, Anne Jones. . . . Fourth row: Margaret Andes, Nancy Lu Hudson, Tibby King, Carolyn Monroe. . . . Not pictured: Amy Cronin, Anne Jones, Sarah Leathers, Pat Martin, Sue Peterson, Mary Beth Robinson, Helen Tucker. Louise Jett, Secretary-Treasurer; Margaret Inman, Vice President; Charlotte Allsmiller, Preside SOCIAL COMMITTEE The main purpose of Social Committee is to pro- mote the ideal of gracious living on campus and serve where the need may arise in social activities of the college community. The organization this year has reported dormitory society news, sponsored a fashion show and a good grooming program, and conducted surveys of campus social functions in order to provide reference material for future planning. The commit- tee is composed of a representative from each hall and cottage, one day student representative, the sec- retary, and the chairman. This group meets every two weeks to discuss various aspects of social living on campus and plan activities. Miss Nellie Scott has been the capable adviser of the Social Committee. Ruthie leads the campus Social Committee. First row, left to right: Jane Windham, Mary Beth Robinson, Claire Noblin. . . . Second row: Shirley Heath, Nancy DeAr- mond, Sidney Newton, Mary Jane Largen. . . . Third row: Martha Notton, Mation Merritt, Ruth Vineyard, Ellie McCatty, Marian McElroy. . . . Not pictured: Marilyn Belanus, Allena Doggett. 116 LECTURE ASSOCIATION Each year the Lecture Association brings to Agnes Scott notable personalities in such fields as music, literature, art, and the drama. This year the series began with a lecture by the noted composer, Aaron Copland, whose subject was " Appreciation of Con- temporary Music " . In February, the Association pre- sented the famous author. Pearl S. Buck, who spoke on " Backgrounds for Understanding " . Robert Frost, one of Agnes Scott ' s favorite and perennial guests, visited the campus in March and as always, gave the audience a most enjoyable evening of poetry. These lectures were enjoyed by the public as well as by the campus family. Lecture Association with Miss Laney, its faculty advisor, first row. left to right: Martha Fortson, Kassie Simmons, Ruth Whiting. . . . Second row: Joan White, Katherine Nelson, Sally Jackson, Miss Emma May Laney, Advisor; Page Hutchi- son, Jane Williams. . . . Not pictured: Mary Jane Newland. Sally, Lecture Association ' s efficient chairman. Miss Laney and Dr. Alston welcome Robert Frost. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, composed primarily of voice stu- dents, is an active campus group. The Christmas Carol service held in conjunction with other campus choral groups, the performance of Debussey ' s BLESSED DAMOSEL, and the Spring Concert were the main activities of the Club this year. The Campus Chorus, made up of those interested in singing but not mem- bers of the Glee Club, contributes to the musical activities of the campus. Both groups participate in chapel programs throughout the year and often sing for Atlanta churches and clubs. This year the Glee Club and Campus Chorus were under the able direc- tion of Miss Roxie Hagopian. OFFICERS. Left to right: Jeanne Kline Mallory, President; Mar- garet Walker, Librarian; Jimmie Ann McGee, Vice President; Anne Thomson, Secretary-Treasurer. First row. left to right: Jackie King, Pat Fredriksen, Barbara Caldwell, Kitty Currie, Vivian Weaver, Jimmie Ann McGee, Frances Coley. . . . Second row: Anna DaVault, Jinnie Brewer, Caroline Crea, Charity Bennett, Anne Thomson, Berry Hol- land, Bett Linton. Miss Roxie Hagopian, Director. . . . Third row: Margaret Walker, LaWahna Rigdon, Miriam Runyon, Helen Tucker, Allena Doggett, Jeanne Mallory, Joanne Sayes. . . . Not pictured: Jean Dmmheller, Caroline Lester, Ann Miller, Carolyn Galbreath, Margie Henderson, Anne Jones, Carol Munger, Carol Solomon, Sylvia Williams, Louise Hertwig, Tibby King, Catherine Redles, Ann Boyer, Marge Felder. BLACKFRIARS Mix a little grease paint with a lot of hard work and long hours of practice and the re- sult will be a Blackfriars production. Black- friars was organized in 1915 and has con- tinued to be one of the most active clubs on the campus. The rewards for the work that goes into each production are two-fold: there is always the coveted applause from an ap- preciative audience, and three is the personal satisfaction of a job well done, rewarded by the rare privilege of " living " another life through a dramatic role. Two full length productions are given yearly plus several one act plays, all of which are also open to the public. Ample oppor- tunity for both acting and technical exper- ience is given by Blackfriars. OFFICERS: Amy Jones, Vice President; Liza Pollard, Stage Manager; Mary Stubbs, President; Carolyn Galbreath, Secretary. . . . Not pictured: Winnie Strozier, Treasurer. Seated, left to right: Amy Jones, Ann Bottoms, Adelaide Ryall. . . . Standing: Carolyn Galbreath, Ann Parker, Mary Jo Chapman, Lillian Ritchie, Anne Thomson, Caroline Crea, Tib by King, Theresa Dokos. Ann Herman, Mary Ann Wyatt, Anne Brooke, Liza Pollard, LaWahna Rigdon, Jinnie Brewer. . . . Not pictured: Marijean Alexander, Allardyce Armstrong, Regina Cantrall, June Carpenter, Jimmie Lee Guptill. Nancy DeArmond, Alice Farmer, Sue Hardy, Anna Gounaris, Sarah Crewe Ham- ilton, Dorothy Jean Harrison, Louise Hertwig, Nimmo Howard, Sally Jackson, Ann Jones, Jean Junker, Helen Land, Margaret Maier, Janette Mattox, Wynelle Melson, Jackie Sue Messer, Lilla Kate Parramore. Edith Petrie, Catherine Redles, Stellise Lo- gan, Nancy Ruffner, Edith Sewell, Frances Smith, Carol Solomon, Winnie Strozier, Mary Stubbs, Camille Watson, Lorna Wig- gins, Sylvia Williams, Joan Willmon, Sue Yarbrough, Frances Summerville, Rosalyn Kenneday, Helen Huie, Betty Jane Sharpe. 119 Left to right: Anne Thomson, Priscilla Sheppard, Carol Jacob, Clairelis Eaton, Cissie Spiro, Susan Hancock, Mary Hayes Barber, Charity Bennett, Rita May Scott, Margaret Ann Kaufmann. . . . Not pictured: Catherine Crowe, Louise Hertwig, Ann Parker, Jane Puckett, Barbara Quattlebaum, Florence Worthy. PI ALPHA PHI Pi Alpha Phi, the debating society of Agnes Scott College, was organized in 1922 to encourage clear thinking and to promote interest in current affairs. Besides matching wits with each other, the members debated this year with teams from University of Georgia, University of Virginia, Emory Uni- versity, Georgia Tech, and North Georgia College. They participated in the All-South- ern Debate Tournament held on the Agnes Scott Campus and debated against the team from the Combined British Universities. The society was also represented in a round-table discussion at a meeting held at the University of Alabama. OFFICERS. Seated: Barbara Brown, Treasurer; Susan Hancock, President. . . . Standing: Dr. George P. Hayes, Faculty Adviser; Margaret Ann Kaufmann, Secre- tary; Betty Mover, Vice President; Cissie Spiro, Tournament Manager. Seated, left to right: Nancy Lu Hudson, Mary Caroline Lindsay. . . . Standing: Nina Hale, Cissie Spii Jackson, Jackie Pharr, Priscilla Sheppard, Berty Williams. Not pictured: Sally CURRENT AFFAIRS FORUM The Current Affairs Forum is a new group on - campus which is filling a need for an opportunity for students to get together to discuss world affairs in- telligently. The Forum, which is open to all students who are interested, meets in the chairman ' s room in Main once a month. At these informal get-togethers the students discuss some phase of current history about which they have read before the meeting. Cissie, our chairman, looks over current magazines. POETRY CLUB BOZ Left to right: Sarah McKee, Ann Jones, Helen Land, Marjorie Felder, Charline Tritton, Theresa Dokos, Anita Coyne. . . . Not pictured: Catherine Crowe. Left to right: Eliza Pollard, Marjorie Felder, Sarah McKee, M uriel Gear, Marie Woods, Louise Hertwig, Jane Hart, Carolii Crea, Nancy Phillips. Exclusively for the Freshmen, Folio offers membership to those with creative ability and the desire to write short stories, essays, plays, or poetry. Under the guidance of Miss Margaret Trotter, the members read and criticise their own literary efforts. In the Spring, Folio publishes an anthology containing the best manuscript of each member written during the year. FOLIO OFFICERS: Jane Landon, President, and Jennie Lynn, Secretary. Poetry Club members use their wits and inspiration to improve their skill in poetry composition. At monthly meetings in the home of their sponsor, Miss Emma May Laney, the members criticise their efforts and endeavor to improve their style and originality of thought. Betty Phillips, Poetry Club ' s president. Creative writing among Agnes Scott students is encouraged by B. O. Z. The members of the group exchange criticisms on their original short stories, plays, essays, and sketches during the monthly meet- ings in the home of Miss Janef Preston. FOLIO Marge, president of B. O. Z. First row: Anne Sylvester, Jennie Lynn, Miss Margret Trotter, advisor; Jane Landon, Carol Jones. . . . Second row: Jackie Josey, Patti Boring, Judy Promnitz, Joen Fagan, Sara Rose, Lil Kneeland, Marguerite Johnston, Nancy Lee. . . . Not pictured: Eloise Eubanks, Vallie Burnet, Katharine Hefner, Betry Jo McCastlain, Mary Brown Williams, Mary Jane Martin. FRENCH CLUB The aim of the French Club is to stimulate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the French lan- guage, literature, and culture. To carry out this aim the club, at its monthly meetings, has studied French music, art, family traditions, and contemporary prob- lems. Guest speakers have enriched the members ' un- derstanding of these subjects. By the use of games and a club-sponsored French table in the dining room at which only French is spoken, the club has given its members opportunities to learn and practice con- versational French. OFFICERS: Joan White, Vice President; Frances Clark, Preside Winnie Horton, Secretary. First row, left to right: Priscilla Sheppatd, Frances Blakeney, Winnie Horton, Ann Winningham. . . . Second row: Caroline Crea, Frances Clark, Joan White, Nancy Cassin. . . . Not pictured: Rene Dudney, Carolyn Holliday, Joanne Sayles. SPANISH CLUB Habla el espanol? If you do, then the Spanish Club is for you. The Spanish Club is open to all those who are interested in Spanish and South American languages and cultures. Membership may be obtained by try-out. In an effort to bring Spanish out of the classroom and to make it a useful skill, the Spanish Club members devote much of their time to gaining proficiency in language and literature through the study of songs, plays, and poems and by conversing in Spanish. Guest speakers are also featured at the club meetings and make valuable contributions to the programs. OFFICERS: Janette Mattox, Treasurer; Kassie Simmons, Vice President; Mary Stubbs, President; Shirley Heath, Secretary. First row, left to right: Billie Bryan, Winnie Horton, Phyllis Galphin, Joyce Hutcheson, Pat Cooper, Mary Stubbs, Janette Mattox, Dot Weston. . . . Second row. Sybil Corbett, Shirley Heath, Lorna Wiggins, Allardyce Armstrong, Barbara Stainton, Elaine Blane, Tibby King, Frances Vandiver, Kassie Simmons. . . . Not pictured: Anna Gounaris, Betty Harrell, Jerry Keef, Lola Purcell, Margie Thomason, Ruth Heard, Wynelle Melson. COTILLION CLUB First row: Sara Samonds, Frances Summerville, Adaline Miller, Mary Hayes Barber. . . . Second row: Ber Linton, Louise Ross, Roberta Williams, Sue Peterson, Secretary- Treasurer; Barbara Ttainton, Margarerta Lumpkin. . . . Third row: Amelia Cronin, Betty Williams, Harriette Potts, Donna Dugger, Ruth Gudmur son, Ruth Vineyard, Lil Kneeland, Barbara Brown, Mary Lind- sey. . . . Not pictured: Charity Bennett, Betty Esco, Louise F errwig, Carolyn Galbreath, Sally Jackson, Elite McCarty, Joan White, June Carpenter, Ann Goolsby, Eleanor Inman, Carolyn Holttey, Mary Jane Largen, Mif Martin, Jane Puckett, Sally Veale, Sylvia Williams, Mary Birmingham, Suanne Bowers, Toris Clingman, Frances Ginn, Jane Hook, Marion Merrirt, Mari- lyn Michie, Margie Thomason, Jeanne Mayer, Barl ara Northey, Carolyn Randolph, Nancy Whetstone. A swirl, a rustle of delicately colored " formals, " and soft music from the gym tell the campus of the annual Cotillion Ball. A delightful prelude to springtime, this year ' s campus-wide formal was held in the early spring and was one of the season ' s most festive events. Each fall the Freshmen class is Cotillion Club ' s special guest at a small formal dance which serves as an in- troduction to the many on-campus as well as off- campus activities that are held throughout the year. Teas and other informal parties are also sponsored by the club for the campus community. Cotillion Club has as its purpose the furthering of social activities on the Agnes Scott campus. OFFICERS: Annelle Simpson, Vice-President; Marg Hunt, President. 126 GRANDDAUGHTERS CLUB First row, seated, left to right: Katherine Hefner, Pat Patterson, Joen Fagan, Jan Varner. . . . Second row, seated: Peggy Hooker, Lilla Kate Parramore, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Betty Ellington, Ann Boyer, Margretta Lumpkin. . . . Third row, standing: B. J. Foster, Ann Sylvester, Lilla Kneeland, Caroline Reinero, Ruth Heard, Evelyn Bassett, Mattie Hart, Sara Rose, Carol Jones, Julie Cuthbertson. . . . Not pictured: Joanne Massee, Harriette Potts, Brownie Williams, Mary Birmingham, Pat Cortelyou, Kitty Currie, Catherine Crowe, Emy Evans, Charlotte Key, Andrea Dale, Barbara Quattlebaum, Kassie Simmons, Jenelle Spear, Ann Cooper, Marion Merritt, Edith Sewell, Margie Stukes, Louise Hill. The granddaughters are an exclusive group on campus, including only the daughters of Agnes Scott alumnae. Granddaughters Club is purely a social organization, the purpose of which is to bolster the school spirit of the students and to provide entertainment for its members. Many relaxing hours of fellow- ship were enjoyed in the informal get-to- gethers of the past year. This year the group has had an interesting project of baby-sitting for alumnae to permit the mothers to attend Alumnae meetings. OFFICERS: Evelyn Bassett, Secretary-Treasurer; Margaretta Lumpkin, Presi- dent; Lilla Kate Parramore, Vice-President. 127 P K1S : == iM F( W i jH flio«4 «n Sff ufc ATHLETICS ATHLETIC! Betty and Julie on their way to the gym Winnie and Helen Jean enjoy reading about sports. Officers BETTY Ziegler President JULIE CUTHBERTSON Vice President Winnie Strozier Secretary Helen Jean Robarts Treasurer The cheering section. 130 ASSOCIATION A. A. Board sample their wares. First row, left to right: Winnie Strozier, Adelaide Ryall, Mattie Hart, Ann Baxter. . . . Second row: Jeanne Kline Mallory, Kitty Currie. . . . Third row: Frances Cook, Eloise Eubanks, Margie Thomason, Freddie Hachtel, Anne Brooke, Betty Esco, Jinnie Brewer. The Athletic Association is an active, as well as enegetic, unit of campus life. Meeting Freshmen at the train, helping them through registration, taking them on a sight-seeing tour of Atlanta, entertaining them at a Square Dance — these are the ways in which A. A. helps the new Hottentot get off to a good start. Not only does A. A. help to develop an interest in sports and physical well-being, but promotes such projects as the Lost and Found office, the sale of candied apples and cokes at class games, and the sale of the purple and white sweaters bearing the seal of Agnes Scott. It also sponsors the award of A.S. letters based on a point system of athletic achieve- ment. This year our Association was represented at the meetings of the Georgia and the National Athletic Federation for College Women. HOCKEY FRESHMAN TEAM. First row, left to right: Sue Born, Judy Promrutz, Jeanne Askren, Florie Fleming, Jane Crook, Betty Ellington, Pat Patterson. . . . Second row: Nancy Lee, Julie Grier, Arden Locher, Jackie Tosey, Cecilia Schor, Lil Knee- land, Claire Noblin, Gwyn Davies. . . . Not pictured: Phyllis Hess, Jane Landon, Joen Fagan, Dee Ogden. SOPHOMORE TEAM. First row, left to right: Mary Beth Robinson, Frances Cook, Mary Ann Wyatt, Ann Baxter, Louise Ross. . . . Second row: Belle Miller, Gail Harbour, Virginia Claire Hayes, Charline Tritton, Ann Potts. . . . Third row: Ann Thompson. . . . Not pictured: Frances Blakeney, Virginia Corry, Charlotte Allain, Doris Clingman, Lilla Kate Parramore. VARSITY MEMBERS. First row, left to right: Kitty Currie, Winnie Strozier, Arden Locher, Gwyn Davies, Charline Tritton, Jane Crook, Sybil Corbett. . . . Second row: Liza Pollard, Jenelle Spear, Wilton Rice, Jimmie Ann McGee, Julie Cuthbertson. SUBVARSITY. Left to right: Mary Beth Robinson, Charity Bennett, Janes Windham, Barbara Stainton, Ann Thompson, Joanne Wood Sayles, Marjorie Stukes, Ann Herman, Frances Cook. . . . Not pictured: Nina Hale, Virginia Corry. JUNIOR TEAM. First row: Miriam Run- yon, Jane Windham, Margaretta Lumpkin, Caroline Crea, Anne Parker, Kitty Currie, Charlotte Allsmiller, Mattie Hart. . . . Second row: Shirley Heath, Bet Linton, Ann Herman, Jeannine Byrd, Barbara Brown, Tibby King, Sybil Corbett, Winnie Strozier. . . . Not pictured: Jeanne Junker, Barbara Grace, Landis Cotton, Jane Hart. SENIOR TEAM. First row: Barbara Stain- ton, Jenelle Spear, Jimmie Ann McGee, Eliza Pollard, Julia Cuthbertson, Charity Bennett. . . . Second row: Barbara Quattle- baum, Margie Stukes, Wilton Rice, Ginnie Feddeman, Joann Sayles. . . . Not pictured: Nina Hale, Esther Adler, Jinx Sutton, Frances Smith, Nancy Lu Hudson, Betty Ziegler, Betty Esco. Hockey season opened on Black Cat Day and, notwithstanding superstition, rolled on to a glorious finish with the seniors receiving the much desired Hoc- key Plaque. Credit goes to Kitty Currie, school manager, for the success of the inter-mural tournament. Two plans were introduced during the Fall quarter and, as a result of their success in the hockey program, were used in all the other team sports. For the first time inter-mural competition became entirely extra curricular. Also a varsity council, composed of the school and class managers, a member- at-large from each team, and two fa- culty members, was set up to choose the varsity and sub-varsity and to select the girl whom they felt had shown the best sportsmanship. Eliza Pollard re- ceived this award — the sportsmanship medal. -,: . , fWT - V fc £ ■ 4 ' for a goal. ' • BASKETBALL FRESHMAN TEAM. First row: Vallie Burnet, Joen Fagan, Florrie Fleming, Katherine Matthews. . . . Second row: Bar- bara Notthey, Betty Jo McCastlain, Elinot Taylot, Honorary Captain; Arden Locher. . . . Third row: Julie Grier, Irene Sasso. . . . Fourth rou - Sue Born, manager. . . . Not pictured: Jackie Josey, Harriette Potts, Sara Rose, Dee Ogden, Joanne Massee. SOPHOMORE TEAM. Mary Beth Robinson, Adaline Miller, Frances Ginn, Mary Lindsey, Donna Dugger, Patt Martin, Carol Lou Jacob, manager; Adele Thompson, Margie Thomason, Anne Potts, Honotaty Captain. . . . Not pictured: Bonnie Sanders, Sarah Crewe Hamilton, Ann Baxter. JUNIOR TEAM. First row: Edith Petrie, Jeannine Byrd, manager; Betty Moon. . . . Second row: Jane Haft, Helen Jean Robarts, Batbara Brown, Winnie Strozier, Honorary Captain; Elaine Blane. . . . Not pictured: Catherine Redles, Mattie Halt. SENIOR TEAM. Left to right: Betty Ziegler, Barbara Cald- well, Virginia Arnold, Freddie Hachtel, Barbara Quattle- baum, managet; Katharine Loemker, Jenelle Spear, Anna Gounaris. . . . Not pictured: Betty Esco, Honorary Captain. 134 Ho o oool ■ A I f I r : 1 1 J A VARSITY. First row: Jenelle Spear, Betty Esco, Betty Ziegler, Helen Jean Robarts, Winnie Stro- zier, Elinor Taylor, Adaline Miller. . . . Second row: Virginia Arnold, Freddie Hachtel, Catherine Redles, Jeannine Byrd, Mattie Hart, Arden Locher, Margie Thomason. . . . Not picture Quattlebaum. Basketball, the major winter sport at Agnes Scott, is an important phase of the campus athletic program. The tour- nament consisted of seven games. The first six were inter-class and the seventh a varsity-sub-varsity tilt. The Seniot class came out on top, and Margie Thomason was awarded the medal for good sportsmanship in basketball. Miss Wilburn turned over complete responsibility for coaching the teams to class managers Sue Born, Carol Jacob, Jeannine Byrd and Barbara Quattlebaum. Margie Thomason served as school manager. Beginning this year captains were not elected. The manager appointed a captain for each game, and at the end of the season the teams elected an honorary captain. " Get it in there, Katharine! " 135 DOLPHIN CLUB Our star swimmers. First row, left to right: Catherine Redles, Margie Thomason, Ann Baxter. Ruth Vineyard, Pat Martin, Keller Henderson, Mif Martin. . . . Second row: Anne Potts, Betty Ziegler, Sally Veale, Barbara Brown, Jinnie Brewer. . . . Third row: Betty Esco, Sue Yarbrough, Frances Cook, Gayle Harbour, Lilla Kate Parramore. . . . Not pictured: Sarah Hamilton. At Dolphin Club meetings, members work together to im- prove their form and efficiency in swimming and diving and to work up new routines. In October, on Community Day, Dolphin Club was in charge of the swimming meet between the Freshmen and the Sophomores. The meet, which included form and racing, was won by the Sophomores. In November, Dolphin Club sponsored a swimming meet for the whole school. This meet included diving, racing, form, and comic skits. The Sophomores captured first place, and the Seniors won second. In March, the club swam at Shorter; and in April they presented their annual water ballet which was entitled " Follies. " 136 Agnes Scott ' s athletic program is a well-rounded one, including both team and individual sports. Archery is one of the most popular of the Fall and Spring games. Badminton demands both teamwork and individual skill. 137 DANCE GROUP First roil ' , left to right: Jackie King, Patty Morgan, Doris Powell, Georganna Buchanan, Dot Fincher, Jane Crook, Virginia Clift, Mary Ripley, Dot Oatley, Roberta Williams. , . . Second row: Peggy Hooker, Kathie Amick, Joanne Massee, Kathleen Stout, Barbara Northey, Marilyn Vance, Phyllis Hess, Donya Dixon, Mary Alice McDowell. . . . Third row: Mary Muldrow, Ann Sylvester, Adaline Steans, Ann Miller, Marion Merritt, Margie Henderson, Kassie Simmons, Diane Morris, president; Pat Thomason, Jane Edwards, Jane Hart, Barbara Moon. Ellen Hunter, Anne DeWitt. . . , Not pictured: Margaret McRae. The purpose of dance group is ro introduce girls who have never had dancing to the art. The purpose was fulfilled this year through weekly classes conducted by Diane Morris. Dance group has grown considerably since its origin six years ago, its membership having increased from one to fifty members. In February the group presented to the campus its annual ballet production. The program included " Les Sylphides, " some modern numbers, and featured both choral and solo dancing. WEARERS OF THE LETTER First row, left to right: Ann Baxter, Frances Cook, Charlotte Key, Julie Cuthbertson, Jenelle Spear. . . . Second row: Jij Ann McGee, Winnie Strozier, Catherine Redles, Freddie Hachtel, Eliza Pollard, Jeannine Byrd, Betty Ziegler. . . . Not pictured: Betty Esco, Charity Bennett, Wilton Rice. The students who have shown their loyalty to Agnes Scott by their interest and partici- pation in sports, are awarded the Agnes Scott letter. This purple letter is given to athletic Hottentots on the basis of a point system. Eight hundred points are required for a letter. To obtain her letter a girl must have won points in more than one sport. FEATURES RICHARD W. MURPHY President, Student Body Princeton University " One look is worth a thousand words " — Old Chinese Proverb 54 Little Princeton, N. J. 2 February, 1951 Miss Mlf Martin Feature Editor, The Silhouette Agnes Scott College Decatur, Georgia Dear Mlf, This has been an extremely difficult task, made tougher by two facts: you have an unusually good-looking crop of girls, and my selections have had to be made on the basis of pictures and not of the girls themselves. My five roommates and I have Bpent several hours In the past three days passing the pictures around and dis- cussing their merits. Opinions have been so divergent that every one of the twenty girls has been suggested at one time or another. The only way I was ever able to come to a decision was to have my roommates write down their choices and give them to me. Then, with these as a basis, I constructed the list which you have before you. The final result, therefore, embodies my own Judgments, the others serving as aids only. It would be Impossible for me to list the criteria which were used, since the choices rested In the final analy- sis on the overall effect of each picture. How success- fully the photographer was able to create a mood was doubtless very Import ant In this, thereby making factors of significance out of the lighting, shading, angle of the shot, etc. After all, the beauty of the picture gives but an Indication of the beauty of the girl. No one Is more conscious than I of the Injustice done to the fourteen eliminated girls. The central question, therefore, was always: How pleasing Is the picture? How much grace does It capture? Does It reveal any depth ? When all had been Inspected In this way, those with the best general effect were retained. Then the process was repeated, each time with closer comparison, until the final choices - which were the most difficult. I hope this 1b satisfactory. Please keep me posted on what happens from now on, and Include clippings, pict- ures, and names, please. Best of luck to all of you from Fifty-Four Little Hall: Cy, Charlie, Bo, K. C, Donny, and Dick. int vSetk Kobinion AUBURN, ALABAMA NEWNAN, GEORGIA THIRD PLACE f iitk Ljiidmundioii COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA FOURTH PLACE (Luzabeth srackion ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA SIXTH PLACE JUNE CARPENTER GAIL ROGERS BETTY JO LINTON SUE PURDOM ELEANOR HUTCHINSON RUTH WHITING MARY LINDSEY GAIL SIMPSON 147 HELEN LAND BETTY ZIEGLER MARTHA FORTSON DIANE MORRIS MARGARET THOMASON ADALINE MILLER Ziegfield Girls from the faculty. COMMUNITY DAY A brilliant October day set the scene for the birth of a new tradition at Agnes Scott. Community Day began with an afternoon of hockey games, swimming and archery contests, faculty races, and was topped off by a picnic chicken supper. Class songs, the Frosh talent show, faculty and student presentations, continued on into the night. Agnes Scott ' s first Community Day ended with the Sophomore president presenting the beloved Black Cat to the Freshman Class for " good luck. " ' • ' " ' £ ' m ' " -! ■■ ■ Junior cheerleaders decorate hockey game. Senior group at Out-Door Supper The Juniors Give their Regards to Broad JUNIOR JOINT Broadway!! Time ' s Square!! Bright lights!! Adelaide and Randy plus the chorus, Stell Huie, and many helping hands from various classes made the night starry and glorious on Broadway. A twinkling marquee, a plush red carpet, and uniformed doormen made it " a night to remember. " " Medea, boom, boom, the tragic lover Mr. First Nighter and his Broadway Angels. MAY COURT; First row: Harriette Potts, Margie Thomason, Jackie Sue Messer, Sally Jackson, Maid of Honor; Billy Rogers, Crown Bearer; Barbara Stainton, Helen Land, Ruth Gudmundson. . . . Second row: Mary Jane Largen, Ruth Whiting, Gail Rogers, Marg Hunt, Queen; Mary Beth Robinson, Bet Linton, Betty Ziegler. at J-)a i The extravagant beauty and fantastic imagery of the mysterious East was presented in " The Adventure of Prince Abdul-Kader, " given as the May Day entertain- ment. In the atmosphere of dancing girls, giant ele- phants, and snake charmers, cymbal and drums beat the tempo for the genie to carry out his fiendish plots and for the Prince to recover the lovely and radiant maiden. Our gracious Queen, Marg, and Sally, her lovely Maid of Honor. 152 Ah! The dancing girls Elephants stomped, snakes were charmed. The mysterious throb of the d Jenelle Spear, Bottom; Jeanne Mallory, Chairman; Margie Stakes, Conductor; Charity Bennett, Titania; Mary Hayes Barber, Pyramus; Louise Hertwig, Lady Thisbe. girls all three, quoting poetry for George P. . . . " Senior Jt ? era Seniors exhibit wit and ingenuity in their operatic production, " Mid Some Nightmare " or " Shakespeare Takes a Beating. " Titania woos Bottom, Thisbe takes time out from party giving to pursue Pyramus in spite of her vigilant chaperone, and all ends happily amid singing and dancing by the principals and chorus, accompanied by a full fledged orchestra. , " Joy, joy for evermore, our story now is done. FQ.. Drs. McCain and Alston unveil portrait of the donor of our new dining room. With help from Emory University, Blackfriars do their stuff. 155 DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS L. D. Adams Company Agnes Scott College Angels, Inc. The Atlantic Company Barge-Thompson Co. Bealy Smith Agency Bowen Press Campus Grill Capitol Fish Company Coca-Cola Company Colonial Stores Cooper, Bond, and Cooper Costa Jones Pharmacy The Cotton Patch Cross Keys Restaurant Decatur-DeKalb Theaters DeKalb-New Era Fairview Flower Shop Fulton Supply Company Gordon Foods Hearn ' s Jewelers Hearn ' s Ready-to- Wear Irvindale Farms Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Leon Frohsin Company Logan Williams, Architects Lovable Brassiere Company Marguerite Smith Cleaners Montag Company Morgan Cleaners Newsome ' s Shoes NuGrape Soda William C. Pauley, Landscape Architect F. H. ROBARTS, Insurance Scott ' s Pharmacy Sexton and Co. J. P. Stevens Company Tatum ' s Pharmacy Threadgill ' s Pharmacy Wagstaff Motors F. Graham Williams Co. 156 fyheJ £cvtt College DECATUR, GEORGIA L. ■ . Adams and Sons, Inc. General Merchandise 125-129 E. Court Square DE. 0426 Decatur Georgia A Mark of QUALITY FOODS T COLONIAL STORES Compliments of the New Era Publishing Company and the DeKalh New Era COTTON PATCH, INC. 70 North Avenue, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta ' s Finest Drive-In and Restaurant Dining Rooms Available for Special Parties Compliments of The Georgia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Montag Brothers, Inc. Manufacturers of FASHIONABLE WRITING PAPERS and BLUE HORSE PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES Drive-In Service - Cash and Carry Discount Morgan Cleaners and Laundry Decatur ' s Finest Cleaning and Laundry Service CR. 1731 200 Atlanta Ave. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts DIFFERENT TASTY SATISFYING 449 Ponce de Leon Avenue, N. E. TATIJM ' S PHARMACY Compliments of William C. Pauley Landscape Architect American Savings Bank Building ¥A. 7346 Complim e nt s of BARGE-THOMPSON COMPANY Engineers and Contractors 136 Ellis Street, N. E. Atlanta 3, Georgia Scott ' s Decatur Pharmacy So. West Court Square Decatur, Georgia Compliments of F. H. ROBARTS Insurance Compliments of CAPITOL FISH COMPANY Compliments of CROSS KEYS RESTAURANT Specializing in Good Food At the Right Price 237 Peachtree CY. 8181 BOWEN PRESS Printers DEarborn 3383 316 Church St. Decatur, Georgia CR. 2565 Marguerite Smith ' s Radiant Dry Cleaning 248 Ponce de Leon Avenue Cozart C. Smith Decatur Georgia POLLY DEBS NEWSOME ' S SHOES 117 Clairmont EV. 1411 ■ecatur Georgia Compliments . . . of . . . HEARN ' S Jewelers DECATUR C o m pi i m ent. of LOGAN WILLIAMS 321 Palmer Building Atlanta, Ga. Bealy Smith Agency The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company General Agents for Georgia 1004 C. S. Bank Building ATLANTA Pension Plans Individual Retirement Annuities Personal Life Insurance Program Compliments of Costa and Jones Pharmacy " Tivo Stores to Serve You " Twin Oaks EV. 1741 Scott Blv. at N. Decatur DE. 5747 161 ' All the Better Things of Life " THKEADGILL PHARMACY The Prescription Store DE. 1665 309 E. College Avenue Decatur, Ga. Your Nearest Drug Store Compliments of ANGEL ' S INC. Distributors of General Foods Corp. HOTEL AND RESTAURANT PRODUCTS 1039 Ponce de Leon Ave., N. E. AT. 3840 a : V: w Flowers by wire — anywhere — anytime Agnes Scott ' s Florist W. S 301 Church Street DE. 3309 162 Established 1910 F. GRAHAM WILLIAMS COMPANY INCORPORATED " Beautiful and Permanent Building Materials " 1690 Boulevard, N. E. HEmlock 2256 Atlanta 5, Ga. The Following Materials Were Furnished by Us for This Building EXTERIOR FACE BRICK CRAB ORCHARD STONE FOR INTERIOR FACE BRICK ENTRANCE LOBBY FOR FLOORS CUT AND CARVED LIMESTONE AND WALLS CERAMIC STRUCTURAL GLAZED TILE FOR KITCHENS AND WASH ROOMS 163 Thirst, Too, Seeks Quality AUTOGRAPHS Aik or it either way . . . both trade-marks mean the tame thing. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ACKNOWLEDGMENT The editor and business manager of the 1951 Silhouette wish to express their gratitude to the staff and all others who have made this annual possible through their interest and cooperation. Cherry Preserves Crystal cane sugar cooked slowly with tree-ripened fruit. If you cannot purchase this in your home town— write us — P.O. Box J. S., Chicago (90) Sexton Qualify i?o x - THEY ' RE BETTER BECAUSE « r flB3ter Pick up the bag with the little Red Truck on the label. Always crisp and tasty! They are guaran- teed to be fresh! GORDON ' S fft4 POTATO CHIPS! Compliments DeKALB DE. 8121 DECATUR DE. 8114 Your Community Theaters Fashions from Leons are gaily styled for active campus life and date filled calendars. Jeoft-frokfliv I 225-27 PEACHTREE What ' s In a Name? We naturally look for the maker ' s name on a manufactured article to determine its worth. The average person is impressed by an ap- pearance of quality, or the lack of it, but he verifies his appraisal by observing the trade mark or imprint of the maker. Fine products are identified by the name of the producer. The " Stevens " imprint on en- graved stationery has earned an enviable rep- utation through more than half a century ' s experience. When considering the purchase of engraved stationery, consult this establish- ment. J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING CO. SOCIETY STATIONERS 110 PEACHTREE ST. Atlanta, Ga. GET THE HABIT Meet Me at CAMPUS GRILL 106 McDonough St. Decatur Com pliments of Lovable Rrassiere Company Frank Garson - — Bernard Howard Dan Garson - -Arthur Garson HEART ' S READY-TO-WEAR Such Lines As JANTZEN - VANITY-FAIR BARBIZON • HOLEPROOF and many others 133 Sycamore St. DE. 1065 NV GRAPE SODA SINCE 1883... The South ' s Leading Jeweler Starting With One Store Back in i Now We Are a Group of Five! Sliop Your Decatur Store KIREEMAN BRO. 122 Clairmont Ave. Decatur, Ga. SIZED ICE Atlantic Ice Coal Company Decatur, Georgia ' ' It Pays to Support Your Friends " Irvindale Farms Dairy FCLTOIY SUPPLY COMPANY Industrial, Textile Contractors SUPPLIES AND MACHINERY Atlanta Georgia iuee the JLa wtt o ,e eeviiviz WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS FOOTE DAVIES, INC PHONE WALNUT 4600 POST OFFICE BOX 5109 WM ' X

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