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II Published by the students of AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE Decatur, Georgia SARAH HANCOCK, Editor JEAN NIVEN, Business Manager HE LEADS US As a symbol Of progress — In intellectual seeking, In living to the fullest; He is The theme of Agnes Scott . . . PRESIDENT JAMES ROSS McCAIN . . . he has gained for us LEFT: Presser ' s dedication, 1940, one of many milestones. . . . BELOW: The quiet reassurance of Saturday Chapel. . . . RIGHT: The closeness of a family due to his personal interest in all of us. K . ABOVE: Seniors about to become " full fled g ed M at Investiture. RIGHT: New Looks pass on; main portico, caps and gowns V i«% . . . th e mea ns of intellectual expansion . . . A CAMPUS LIFE EN RICHED BY TRADITION . ABOVE: A. S. C. beauties, makers of daisy chains— " he loves me, he loves me not, he LEFT: The Spirit of the Sea invaded the campus for May Day, 1950. From Threadgill ' s in the good olc days to men and music at Cotillion ' s Bubbl . . a developing social ideal v - , IN A COLLEGE WHERE SKELETONS MEAN PROGRESS j£3tor " " 1 A lesson in architectural profession. White House in Gibson Girl days. The new Infirmary in all its gleaming splendor. The powerful growth of the Dining Hall. M f a c u 1 1 y — teacher, trainer, preceptor, instructor, director, master, coach, tutor, lecturer, reader, monitor, mentor, instructor, mis- sionary, preacher, pioneer, guide, chalk talker, savant, governor, example — friends all. Agnes Scott s president. Dr. James Ross McCain, is a true friend to the entire college community; for, ,„ spite of the demands of his position as chief administrator of our and IrfivW« yS r » u 6 u ime t0 tab a P er50nal interest in al1 occurrences and activities, great or small, which concern our campus. Dr. McCain ' s quiet dignity of k„owi n ng y him " ' ° a " wh ° ' PP " «d privMege JAMES ROSS McCAIN President WALLACE McPHERSON ALSTON Vice-President Although this is only his second year on our campus, our popular vice-president, Dr. Alston, has gained the admiration and respect not only of those of us who are now at Agnes Scott, but also of those who have gone out from our college. The friendly interest which he shows in the individual student and her problems and his frequent visits with alumnae groups have made him well-known and liked by all. SAMUEL GUERRy STUKES Dean of the Faculty and Registrar Dean Stukes is beloved by the entire campus because of his keen understanding of students ' problems and his sincere desire to help each girl gain satisfaction and en- joyment in her life at Agnes Scott. Never too busy to discuss with us either academic or personal problems, Mr. Stukes always sends us away with a smile and a brighter outlook on life. CARRIE SCANDRETT Dean of Students Agnes Scott ' s Dean of Students, Miss Carrie Scandrett, is a friend to every girl on campus. On our first day at college she impresses us with her poise and charm and with her desire to help each student make a place for herself in the life of the Agnes Scott Community. Throughout our college career she remains eager to give us aid and encouragement in all our undertakings. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES P. J. ROGERS, JR. istant Business Manager-T The administrative offices at Agnes Scott are characterized by a friendly efficiency which gets things done with a smile. In ad- dition to the year in and year out job of managing the registration and record-keep- ing at the college, this year our administra- tors have had the task of bringing to com- pletion Agnes Scott ' s eighth endowment campaign. The million dollar goal was not only reached; it was exceeded as the year 1949 drew to a close. We at Agnes Scott are proud of our very able administration and of the fine work which it is doing. LAURA STEELE Assistant Registrar ELEANOR NEWMAN HUTCHENS Director of Publicity DORIS SULLIVAN Alumnae Representatrv of STUDENTS ' OFFICE HARRIOTTS BRANTLEY Assistant Dean of Students An inter-fraternity council dance, Dooley ' s Frolics, an opera, a weekend at home — these activities and many more keep the Dean ' s office in an exciting flurry of pink and white sign-out slips. The Dean ' s office is the center of campus social activities and the base-of-operations for all off-campus life, such as movie dates, all-star concerts, and the long-awaited vacation at home. In addition to being the center of social life, the Dean ' s staff performs such services as sending telegrams and ordering taxis. More intangible contributions to student life are the morale and encouragement given by the Dean ' s office and the help its staff provides in developing and smoothing out human relations on the campus. The convenient location and the friendly atmosphere of the Dean ' s office easily make it the most popular place on campus, and its welcome to students and visitors alike is always a warm one. MARGARET MILAM Assistant to the Dean of Students ISABELLA WILSON LEWIS Assistant Dean of Students " Minnie Pearl Clarke " of Grand Opry fame. THE LIBRARY STAFF One of the beauty spots on the Agnes Scott campus is the library. This handsome building in the Collegiate Gothic style im- presses us with its comfortable spaciousness and with its quiet and plea sant atmosphere. There are at present about fifty-four thou- sand volumes in the library, and the number is increasing every year. Under the direction of Miss Hanley and her very able staff, the library functions smoothly and fulfills ad- mirably the need of the Agnes Scott com- munity. IRENE HUDSON HAWTHORNE Assistant to the Librarian LILLIAN NEWMAN Assistant in the Library EDNA RUTH HANLEY Librarian JENN PAYNE MILLER Secretary to the Business Manager-Treasurer JANE BOWMAN Secretary to the President and Vice-President REBECCA WILLARD Secretary, Office of the Registrar BUSINESS OFFICES ANNIE MAE F. SMITH Supervisor of Dormitories AND INFIRMARY JOHNNY FLYNN STEPHENS Assistant to the Supervisor of Dormitories CLEO BELL ROBERTSON Resident Nurse ALICE BOYKIN BRAY Resident Nurse HELEN SMITH HOOPER Assistant Dietitian BARBARA SCHEELER KIMBERLV Manager of Bookstore ENGLISH The best in English literature from BEOWULF to modern poetry is offered by the English department, which seeks to in- still in its students a deep appreciation of good literature. English is among the most popular subjects taught at Agnes Scott, for it is a source of inspiration which is not only rewarding during one ' s college days, but which provides for a fuller appreci- ation and enjoyment of life when college is over. GEORGE P. HAYES Professor ANNIE MAE CHRISTIE Assistant Professor JANEF NEWMAN PRESTON MARGRET GUTHRIE TROTTER Assistant Professor Assistant Professor CONSTANCE MORENUS Instructor HISTORY The history department, realizing the necessity of understanding the problems of our world today, offers a wide-spread sur- vey of modern European history, more concentrated studies of specific countries, and analytical studies of political science. Not to be ignored are courses in the ancient histories of Greece and Rome, which have laid much of the foundation for our modern civilization. " I say, M. H., " exclaims the King of Hearts, " here comes AM, WALTER BROWNLOW POSEY Professor CATHERINE STRATEMAN SIMS Associate Professor FLORENCE E. SMITH Associate Professor ELIZABETH FULLER JACKSON Associate Professor LANGUAGES The departments of classical and modern languages offer a wide variety of courses designed to acquaint the stu- dent with the literature and life of peoples of other countries, both in times past and in times present. The members of these departments recognize the neces- sity of being familiar with the thought and customs in countries other than our own, if we would live wisely and well in a world which by virtue of scientific progress is ever decreasing in size. Classroom instruction in these depart- ments is supplemented by language clubs, which furnish an opportunity for more informal discussions on topics of interest; by record classes, which make for pro- ficiency in speaking languages, and by the instructive and delightful language tables in the dining room. ore potato chip won ' t hurt. ' M. KATHRyN GLICK Professor of Classical Languages and Literatui MURIEL HARN Professor of Germai and Spanish ELIZABETH McDANIEL BARINEAU ELIZABETH GOULD ZENN Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of French Classical Languages and Literatures MARy VIRGINIA ALLEN Instructor in French and German LILLIE BELLE DRAKE Instructor in Spanish MARGARET TAyLOR PHyTHIAN Professor of French LOUISE HALE Associate Professor of French MELISSA ANNIS CILLEy Assistant Professor of Spanish FLORENE J. DUNSTAN Assistant Professor of Spanish MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE The original " Agony Four " at the faculty HENRY A. ROBINSON Professor of Mathematics Because of the ever increasing de- pendence of modern civilization on the discoveries and accomplishments of sci- ence, the mathematics and science de- partments at Agnes Scott have taken on added importance and popularity. The students find mathematics an aid to logical and orderly reasoning and an excellent companion subject to the study of the sciences. The science departments offer courses in astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics. In these courses one finds emphasis on exactness of study. The laboratory experiments are both in- teresting and informative. The campus is eagerly awaiting the completion of the new observatory and the arrival of the telescope which is to be placed at Agnes Scott. We are also looking forward to the erection of the new science hall which will mark the expansion of the science departments. ELIZABETH AYLOR CRIGLER Associate Professor of Chemisti LESLIE JANET GAYLORD iistant Professor of Mathematics ANNA JOSEPHINE BRIDGMAN Associate Professor of Biology MARY STUART MacDOUGALL Professor of Biology WILLIAM JOE FRIERSON Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM A. CALDER Professor of Physics and Astronomy ANNETREADWELL Assistant in Chemistry NANCY PENCE GROSECLOSE Instructor in Biology BILLIEMAE REDD Instructor in Physics ALICE FITZGERALD FLOURNOy Assistant in Biology JUNE DAVIS SHADE Assistant in Biology BILLIE LOUISE WRIGHT Assistant in Chemistry ART The art department at Agnes Scott offers both historical and practical courses which lead stu- dents to a deeper appreciation of art. Frequent exhibits are sources of inspiration to the entire campus community. The department plays a large part in the student ' s cul- tural development. ANNE WEBBER Instructor MUSIC HENRY CHANDLEE FORMAN Professor The music department offers theoretical, historical and cultural courses which promote deeper understanding and appreciation of music. Piano, organ, voice, and violin lessons are offered and may be taken either for college credit or as extra-curricular activities. CHRISTIAN W. DIECKMANN Professor LEWIS H.JOHNSON Associate Professor REBEKAH McDUFFIE CLARKE RUTH DABNEY SMITH ISABEL MAWHA BRYAN LILLIAN ROGERS GILBREATH Instructor Part-time Instructor in Violin Part-time Instructor in Piano Part-time Instructor in Piano BIBLE The Bible department at Agnes Scott offers both inspiration and instruction. Its influence is felt throughout the entire campus community. Students may take courses on the teachings of the Old and New Testaments and those dealing with religious beliefs over the world today. SAMUEL A. CARTLEDGE Visiting Professor MARY LILY BONEY Instructor NOT PICTURED: Felix Bayard Gear, Visiting Professor of Bible PAUL LESLIE GARBER Professor SPEECH The influence of the speech department is widely felt on the Agnes Scott campus. Stu- dents are taught to use their voices correctly and to make their bodies respond to the de- mands of correct speaking. They learn to speak and to read aloud effectively and to express themselves more clearly. ROBERTA WINTER Instructor PHILOSOPHY, EDUCATION, AND PSYCHOLOGY EMILY S. DEXTER KATHARINE TAIT OMWAKE JOHN INKSTER GOODLAD Associate Professor of Associate Professor Visiting Associate Professor Philosophy and Education of Psychology of Education The departments of philosophy, education and psychol- ogy are concerned particularly with the understanding and improvement of human life. The intense interest in philosophy, both ancient and modern, which the present age is experiencing makes this department one of the most important on campus. The psychology department opens many new vistas of human behaviour, enabling students better to understand themselves and others; and the department of education offers not only a substantial background in the development of education, but a splendid teacher training program so that its students may be equipped for passing on to others what they them- selves have learned. SAMUEL GUERRY STUKES Professor of Psychology and Education SOCIOLOGY AND ECONOMICS Courses offered by the department of sociology and economics give students a fuller and more comprehensive knowledge of how labor, management, and social condi- tions are affected by the financial and sociological con- ditions of the country. Both current theories and con- temporary problems are discussed in sociology and eco- nomics classes in order that the student may have a better understanding of these theories and of their applications. MILDRED RUTHERFORD MELL Professor of Economics and Sociology ANNA GREENE SMITH ociate Professor of Econon and Sociology PHYSICAL EDUCATION MARGARET VANCE Professor of Physical Education Because of the belief that a sound body is as necessary to an Agnes Scott girl as is intellectual attainment, the physical education department carries the responsibility of helping to fulfill the third part of the Agnes Scott ideal — physical well-being. There are carefully regulated classes in body mechanics, plus the swimming pool, badminton courts, and hockey field as splendid places for working off excess energy and clearing the cobwebs from tired minds. Basketball, hockey, and volleyball offer opportunities for interclass competition and provide, besides excitement and friendly rivalry, a means for developing further class unity. LLEWELLYN WILBURN Associate Professor of Physical Education HARRIETTE HAYNES LAPP Assistant Professor of Physical Education EUGENIE LOUISE DOZIER Instructor in Physical Education HELENA WILLIAMS Instructor in Physical Education a ■- s s e s — backbone of college life in which we find our friends, life long friends with whom we share the bitter and the sweet of today and tomorrow. the SENIOR CLASS Graciously attired Senior class leaders — Norah Anne, Patty, B. J., and Vippie. OFFICERS NORAH ANNE LITTLE . . . President BETTY ANNE CROWTHER Vice-President VIVIENNE PATTERSON Secretary PAT OVERTON Treasurer 36 " The beginning of the end. " NOW THAT WE ' RE SENIORS ' A happy gathering in No. 122. ' ' Ehhhhh — what ' s up, doc? " ELIZABETH ANN ADDAMS Atlanta, Georgia Art MARGARET LOUISE ARANT Atlanta, Georgia Psychology ELIZABETH GODFREY ASBILL Raleigh, North Carolina Music CHARLOTTE ANNE BARTLETT Tampa, Florida History SENIORS WILLA WAGNER BEACH Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics DOROTHy MEDLOCK BOND Decatur, Georgia English JULIA PATRICIA BUIE Spartanburg, South Carolina Economics-Sociology SARA JANE CAMPBELL Jackson, Mississippi English SENIORS JESSIE LINN CARPENTER Delray Beach, Florida Biology HELEN MIRIAM CARROLL Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics JO-ANNE CHRISTOPHER Greenville, South Carolina History-Political Science, Economics-Sociology CAMA CLARKSON Charlotte, North Carolina English SENIORS JANE SHARKEY COBB Decatur, Georgia English BETTY JANE COOK Atlanta, Georgia Spanish BERYL KATHERINE CREWS Huntington, West Virginia Psychology BETTY JANE CROWTHER Honea Path, South Carolina Psychology, Biology SENIORS GRACE NELL DAHLBERG Atlanta, Georgia English, French CATHERINE LENOIR DAVIS Liberty, South Carolina English DOROTHY DAVIS Mason, Tennessee Mathematics PATRICIA ANN DeFORD Atlanta, Georgia Bible SENIORS KATHERINE DICKEY Atlanta, Georgia Chemistry ELIZABETH HENRY DUNLAP York, South Carolina Bible HELEN HOPE EDWARDS Auburn, Alabama History JEAN EDWARDS Saluda, South Carolina Economics-Sociology SENIORS CHARLOTTE EVANS Talladega, Alabama Psychology, Economics-Sociology MILDRED C. FLOURNOy Brodnax, Virginia Mathematics, Art MARION ELIZABETH FLOWERS Clarkston, Georgia English CLAIRE FOSTER Roswell, Georgia Chemistry SENIORS EVA SUE FOUNTAIN Atlanta, Georgia English LYDIA LEE GARDNER Danville, Virginia Mathematics CAROLYN W. GARRISON Atlanta, Georgia Bible ANN D. GEBHARDT Columbus, Ohio Economics-Sociology SENIORS FRANCES MARIE GIVENS Decatur, Georgia Economics-Sociology MARGARET GLENN Atlanta, Georgia Economics-Sociology JULIA PRATT GOODE College Park, Georgia Chemistry SALLY ANN GREEN Danville, Virginia Biology SENIORS ELIZABETH ANN GRIGGS Conyers, Georgia Biology MARY ANN HACHTEL Atlanta, Georgia Psychology, Economics-Sociology MARGARET ANNE HADEN Charlottesville, Virginia Economics-Sociology SARAH ISABEL HANCOCK Decatur, Georgia Mathematics, Art SENIORS LOUISE FRANCES HARANT Atlanta, Georgia Spanish POLLY ANNA PHILIPS HARRIS Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics, Physics JULIA MARIE HENG Augusta, Georgia Chemistry, Biology JESSIE AIKEN HODGES Atlanta, Georgia History SENIORS MARGARET WEBB HOPKINS Brunswick, G eorgia Psychology FRANCES L. HOWERTON Charlotte, North Carolina Psychology MABEL ALICE BURCHFIEL HUDSON Decatur, Georgia Economics, Sociology ANNE IRWIN Richmond, Virginia English SENIORS MARGUERITE JACQUELyN JACKSON Atlanta, Georgia Journalism, Spanish MARTHA JANE DAVIS JONES Decatur, Georgia English MARIE JOSEPHINE KANE Atlanta, Georgia Economics-Sociology HAZEL BERMAN KARP Atlanta, Georgia English SENIORS LILLIAN LOUISE LASSETER Springfield, Illinois Psychology BARBARA ELIZABETH LAWSON Cristobal, Canal Zone Art ADELE PARKHURST LEE Decatur, Georgia French MARGARET WILLINGHAM LICHTWARDT Atlanta, Georgia Psychology, History SENIORS BETTY PHILLIPS LINDSAy Emory University, Georgia English NORAH ANNE LITTLE Wichita Falls, Texas Psychology EVELyN DORIS LONG Atlanta, Georgia Spanish BESS LEW ELLyN LUNDEEN Stone Mountain, Georgia History SENIORS MARJORIE MAJOR West Hendersonville, North Carolina Psychology, Mathematics ALLINE BALLARD MARSHALL Albany, Georgia Biology NANCY RANDOLPH MARTIN Miami, Florida Psychology JANE TODD McCAIN Southern Pines, North Carolina English SENIORS mary alice Mcdonald Columbus, Georgia English HARRIOT ANN McGUIRE Wooster, Ohio Psychology CAROLYN SUE McSPADDEN Charlotte, North Carolina Bible GABRIELE MENZEL Munich, Germany English SENIORS GRETTA RUTH MOLL Cochran, Georgia English, History BETTY JEAN COMBS MOORE Decatur, Georgia Bible, Mathematics MARY FRANCES MORRIS New Bern, North Carolina Music JEAN NIVEN Dunedin, Florida Music, Spanish SENIORS JANE DOWDY OLIVER Vidalia, Georgia French NANCY JEAN OSBORN Chickamauga, Georgia Biology FAYE PATTERSON OVERTON Shelby, North Carolina Spanish GENIE DEAN PASCHAL Dawson, Georgia Economics-Sociology SENIORS VIVIENNE PATTERSON Chester, South Carolina Biology IDA PENNINGTON Atlanta, Georgia English PEGGy IRENE PENUEL Decatur, Georgia English JOANN PETERSON Ailey, Georgia English SENIORS PATTy RALEIGH PHILLIPS Richmond, Virginia Psychology ANN HUBBARD PITTS Seneca, South Carolina Economics, Sociology JOANN PLASTRE Wilmington, North Carolina Psychology EMILy LOWE POPE Decatur, Georgia English, History-Political Science SENIORS ROSELLEN GILLAM POTTER Atlanta, Georgia History-Political Science, Economics-Sociology JUNE BLYTHE PRICE Greenville, South Carolina Art EMILY ANN REID Chattanooga, Tennessee Biology ALBERTA JOYCE RIVES Atlanta, Georgia Psychology, English SENIORS RIGMOR KOCK ROWE Emory University, Georgia English ELEANOR SEARCY RYAN Atlanta, Georgia History MARy CAROLyN SCHWAB Decatur, Georgia Economics-Sociology, History MARy VIRGINIA SKINNER Jacksonville, Florida Psychology SENIORS JANET GARVIN SOWELL Brewton, Alabama Psychology, Economics-Sociology EUGENIA LOUISE STAPLES Atlanta, Georgia Psychology MARTHA ELIZABETH STOWELL Decatur, Georgia English SALLy RHETA THOMPSON Easley, South Carolina Psychology SENIORS KARIN MADELAINE THORBECKE Atlanta, Georgia Chemistry ISABEL TRUSLOW Richmond, Virginia French SARAH ELLEN TUCKER Laurel, Mississippi History-Political Science, French BETTy COLE VAN HOUTEN Atlanta, Georgia English SENIORS MARTHA TERRELL WARBURTON Williamsburg, Virginia History-Political Science, French MARY LOUISE WARLICK Statesville, North Carolina Psychology MARY OLIVE PARTEE WATTS Decatur, Georgia English ELIZA WHITE Atlanta, Georgia English SENIORS NANCY GREENE WILKINSON Greenwood, South Carolina French CATHERINE ANN WILLIAMSON Monticello, Arkansas English FLORE NCE WILLIAMSON Woodville, Virginia English MARY IDA WILSON Atlanta, Georgia Chemistry, German SENIORS LENORA ANN WINDHAM Opelika, Alabama English BARBARA ANN yOUNG Decatur, Georgia English NOT PICTURED: HILDA C. ALEXANDER Emory University, Georgia DONNA BARNETT KNAUER Jacksonville, Florida MARTHA WILLIAMSON TURPIN Emory University, Georgia SENIORS " Just Annelle and Marg. 1 WHEN WE WERE THREE ' Familiar faces on the campus. " " A Wee Bit of Scotland. ' " The Rape of the Lock. ' the JUNIOR CLASS " UBlBBfc v . Relaxing on the steps of the library are Junior officers — Joann, Mary, " Country ' and " Quat. " OFFICERS BARBARA QUATTLEBAUM President JOANN WOOD Vice-President MARYSTUBBS Secretary FRANCES SMITH Treasurer DOROTHY ELIZABETH ADAMS Atlanta, Georgia ESTHER ADLER Thomasville, Georgi MARIJEAN ALEXANDER Decatur, Georgia FRANCES ELIZABETH ALLEN Gaffney, South Carolina JUNIORS VIRGINIA STANFORD ARNOLD Newnan, Georgia ETHEL ELIZABETH AVERILL Montezuma, Georgia MARY HAYES BARBER Pittsboro, North Carolina NOEL HALSEY BARNES Atlanta, Georgia CHARITY GERTRUDE BENNETT Waycross, Georgia SU CAROLYN BONEY Decatur, Georgia ANNE BROOKE Decatur, Ge BARBARA ANN CALDWELL Gay, Georgia MARY REGINA CANTRALL Atlanta, Georgia NANCY KING CASSIN Miami, Florida FRANCES BENBOW CLARK Atlanta, Georgia MARy GEORGE CLINE Atlanta, Georgia JUNIORS JIMMIE LEE COBBLE Atlanta, Georgia FLORENCE JOSEPHINE COMBS Stone Mountain, Georgia ESTHER LETICIA CORDLE Augusta, Georgia JULIA REyNOLDSCUTHBERTSON Charlotte, North Carolina NORMA ANDREA DALE Columbia, Tennessee MARy ANNA DaVAULT Charlotte, North Carolina MARy ROBERTS DAVIS Decatur, Georgia SALLy LOU DICKERT Atlanta, Georgia ANN VIRGINIA DUNN Camilla, Georgia BETTY LOUISE ESCO Decatur, Georgia VIRGINIA FEDDEMAN Chester, Pennsylvania MARJORIELOIS FELDER Decatur, Georgia ELIZABETH RIDLEY FINNEY Columbia, Tennessee LORNA SUZANNE FLOYD Decatur, Georgia NELL DUPREE FLOYD Atlanta, Georgia SARA LUVERNE FLOYD Decatur, Georgia BETTY JANE FOSTER Atlanta, Georgia BARBARA ANN FUTRAL Griffin, Georgia CAROLYN GALBREATH Hattiesburg, Mississippi SUSAN RAEGAUGER Augusta, Georgia JUNIORS ANN ELIZABETH GOODWYN Atlanta, Georgia ANNAGOUNARIS Savannah, Georgia FREDDIE MARYLIN HACHTEL Atlanta, Georgia CORNELIA HALE Tuscaloosa, Alabama BETTY BEATRICE HARRELL Savannah, Georgia JOANNE HARRIS Atlanta. Georgia LOUISE BRYANT HERTWIG Macon, Georgia WINIFRED LOUISE HORTON Atlanta, Georgia JOAN MILLER HOUSTON Decatur, Georgia NANCY LUCILLE HUDSON Paris, Kentucky ELLEN HULL Marion, Virginia EDNA MARGARET HUNT Griffin, Georgia JUNIORS MARY PAGE HUTCHISON Leesburg, Virginia SARA ELIZABETH JACKSON Rock Hill, South Carolina MARY ANN JAYNES Atlanta, Georgia AMY WHITFIELD JONES West Point, Georgia JUNIORS GERALDINE MARIE KEEP Chattanooga, Tennessee CHARLOTTE KEY Knoxville, Tennessee ANNE LOUISE KINCAID Moultrie, Georgia JEANNE TONER KLINE High Point, North Carolina HARRIET JANE LaMASTER Clemson, South Carolina SARAH BABETTE LEVY Shreveport, Louisiana MARY CAROLINE LINDSAY Atlanta, Georgia KATHARINE WARREN LOEMKER Atlanta, Georgia MONICA JEAN LONGINO Atlanta, Georgia MARy LOUISE MATTISON Anderson, South Carolina BETTy LEE McCLAIN Marble Hill, Georgia ELEANOR LEWIS McCARTy Dalton, Georgia JUNIORS JIMMIE ANN McGEE Starr, South Carolina SARAH ALLEN McKEE Morrillton, Arkansas JACKIE SUE MESSER Waynesville, North Carolina ANN ELIZABETH MILLER Covington, Virginia MARTHA McGREGOR MITCHELL Livingston, Alabama BETTy FONTAINE MOBLEy Columbus, Georgia CAROL LOUISE MUNGER Chattanooga, Tennessee BETTy JEAN NEEL Decatur, Georgia KATHERINE MARIE NELSON Palatka, Florida MARY ANNAOGDEN Augusta, Georgia MARJORIE CLAIRE ORR Marietta, Georgia ELIZA GASTON POLLARD Columbia, South Carolina BARBARA QUATTLEBAUM Savannah, Georgia CHRISTIE WILTON RICE Richmond, Virginia STELLA LOUISE ROBEY Savannah, Georgia SARA McKEESAMONDS Durham, North Carolina ELAINE SCHUBERT Decatur, Georgia ANNE SEARS Atlanta, Georgia MARIANELASEGURA Ponce, Puerto Rico MARy ELIZABETH SHONTZ Cleveland, Tennessee JUNIORS ANNELLE SIMPSON Gastonia. North Carolina CARONELLE SMITH Atlanta, Georgia FRANCES LEE SMITH Atlanta, Georgia RUTH JENELLE SPEAR Kinston, North Carolina CELIA SPIRO New York, New York BARBARA LOUISE STAINTON Anderson, South Carolina MARTHA ANN STEGAR Abingdon, Virginia MARY STUBBS Savannah, Georgi; MARJORIE HOOPER STUKES Decatur, Georgia MARY VIRGINIA SUTTON Augusta, Georgia RUTH ROSS VINEYARD Mobile, Alabama MARTHA MARILYN WEAKLEY Clarksville, Tennessee JUNIORS ELIZABETH ANN WILLIAMS Sandston, Virginia JOAN WILLMON Decatur, Georgia BETTIESHIPMAN WILSON Shelbyville, Kentucky JOANN WOOD Schenectady, New York ANN MARIE WOODS Atlanta, Georgia SUSAN YARBROUGH Waycross, Georgia BETTY DORIS ZIEGLER College Park, Georgia DOROTHY JEAN HARRISON Sandersville, Georgia ANN MARIE MILIKIN Jesup, Georgia HAROLDINALEE Chamblee, Georgia CATHERINE CANDLER WARREN Atlanta, Georgia DONNA JEANNINE LIMBERT Atlanta, Georgia ELIZABETH PEEPLES WILSON Atlanta, Georgia JUNIORS ' Yea team. " having a wonderful time " Jenelle during a busy day. " " Summertime and the living is easy. " One Sunday afternoon. ' %Ai In? i i ' Sticking together. ' the SOPHOMORE CLASS 1 9r ' ' " B All dressed up are Sophs— Phyllis, Catherine, and Kassie. OFFICERS CATHERINE CROWE President PHYLLIS GALPHIN Vice-President KATHLEEN SIMMONS Secretary-Treasurer 78 AND NOW WE ARE TWO " LaWahna, the Sophs ' Bonnie Lassie. " " M-E-O-W. " $ £ " Watch it, Willie, them thar things is loaded. " DOROTHY MOORE ALLISON Lawrenceville, Georgia MILLIE LOU ALLISON Roswell, New Mexico CHARLOTTE ALLSMILLER Winchester, Kentucky SARAH MARGARET ANDES Knoxville, Tennessee ANNE ATKINSON Nashville, Tennessee SOPHOMORES GRACE CARSON AUSTIN Roswell, New Mexico LILLIAN COLLIER BEALL Atlanta, Georgia KATIE BERDANIS Pensacola, Florida ELAINE CHRIS BLANE Thomasville, Georgia FRANCES ANN BOTTOMS Gadsden, Alabama SARA ANN BOYER Athens, Tennessee MARy JANE BREWER Birmingham, Alabama BARBARA BROWN Columbus, Georgia MARy BRUNER Emory University, Georgi. BILLIE BRyAN Charlotte North Carolir EVELYN JEANNINE BYRD New Orleans, Louisiana JUNE CARPENTER Richmond, Virginia BETTY ROSE CHENEY Cairo, Georgia JEANNE CONE Hapeville, Georgia SOPHOMORES ANN BURTON COPE Union Springs, Alabam SYBIL CORBETT Fayetteville, North Carolina PATRICIA CORTELYOU Marietta, Georgia LANDIS LEE COTTON Atlanta, Georgia ALMA CAROL COX Atlanta, Georgia ANITA COYNE Atlanta, Georgia MARY ANNE CRAIG Atlanta, Georgia CAROLINE JO CREA College Park, Georgia CATHERINE CROWE Wilmington, North Carolir KATHERINECURRIE Carthage, North Carolina LA BELLE DAVID Calhoun, Gcorgi,, NANCY ELIZABETH DcARMOND CORNELIA DICKERSON Erwin, Tennessee Rutherfordton, North Carolina THERESA Columbus, DOKOS Georgia SOPHOMORES DOROTHY DUCKWORTH Atlanta, Georgia LOUISE DUNAWAY Atlanta, Georgia CLAIRE ELIZABETH EATON Atlanta, Georgia MILDRED ELAINE EVANS Atlanta, Georgia SARAH EMMA EVANS Stone Mountain, Georgia ALICE FARMER Atlanta, Georgia SHIRLEY FORD Decatur, Georgia MARTHA ELIZABETH FORTSON Atlanta, Georgia KATHREN FREEMAN LaGrange, Georgia CAROLYN RUTH GAINES PHYLLIS GALPHIN Brevard, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolin MURIEL LEONA GEAR Decatur, Georgia KATHRYN GENTRY Sumter, South Carolina MARY ANN GOOLSBY Augusta, Georgia SOPHOMORES BARBARA GRACE Atlanta, Georgia JO ANN HALL Opelika, Alabam. LAUREL SUSAN HANCOCK Okeechobee, Florida MARTHA JEAN HANSEN Decatur, Georgia CLARA JANE HART Atlanta, Georgia MATTIE HART Gabbettville, Ge ANN TIFFIN HAYS Mobile, Alabama SHIRLEY HEATH Talladega, Alabama ANN PARK HERMAN LaGrange, Georgia JANE HILL Mobile, Alabarr JULIA ELIZABETH HOLLAND CAROLYN HOLLIDAY SARAH HELEN HUIE Marietta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia LaGran g e, Georgia MARY LEE HUNNICUTT Decatur, Georgia SOPHOMORES JOYCE HUTCHESON East Point, Georgia MARGARET INMAN Charlotte, North Carolii LOUISE JETT Lexington, Kentucky GWENELLE JOHNSON Sumter, South Carolina JOAN FAYE JORDAN Atlanta, Georgia JEANE JUNKER Salisbury, North Carolii MARGARET ANN KAUFMANN Atlanta, Georgia FLORA LOUIESA KIBLER Morganton, North Carolina JACQUELINE KING Hapeville, Georgia MARTHA HOLMES KING Jacksonville, Florida HELEN FRANCES LAND New Orleans, Louisiana MARy JANE LARGEN BETTY JO LINTON College Park, Georgia Princeton, Kentucky NANCY LOEMKER Atlanta, Georgia SOPHOMORES MARGARET LUMPKIN Dalton, Georgia MARy FRANCES MARTIN Monroe, Georgia ANNE McLEOD Seabrook, South Carol!. WYNELLE MELSON Atlanta, Georgia BETTY ALICE MOON Decatur, Georg.a SYLVIA MOUTOS Augusta, Georgia BETTY JEAN MOYER Forest City, North Carolina MARTHA HELEN O ' FERRALL Jackson, Mississippi BEVERLY ANN OLSON Decatur, Georgia ANN MARSH PARKER Asheville, North Carolina FRANCES PAT PATTERSON PATRICIA PATTERSON Jackson, Mississippi Avondale Estates, Georgia EDITH ELEANOR PETRIE BETTY ANNE HART PHILLIPS Decatur, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia SOPHOMORES NANCY PATTERSON PHILLIPS Atlanta, Georgia HILDA L.PRIVITERI Chamblee, Georgia JANE PUCKETT Spartanburg, South Carolir CATHERINE LIMING REDLES Valdosta, Georgia ELIZABETH JANE RICHARDSON Atlanta, Georgia LaWAHNA DAWN RIGDON Norton, Virginia DOROTHY JEAN RING Kingsport, Tennessee LILLIAN OLA RITCHIE Decatur, Georgia EDITH ANN ROARK Franklin, Kentucky HELEN JEAN ROBARTS DOROTHY JEAN ROLLINS Decatur, Georgia Canton, North Carolina MIRIAM A. RUNYON HAZEL ADELAIDE RYALL Decatur, Georgia Waycross, Georgia ALYCE RYAN Atlanta, Georgia SOPHOMORES ANN FRANCES SELLS Johnson City, Tenn. DOROTHY SMITH SHARP Decatur, Georgia JACQUELYN REESE SIMMONS Atlanta, Georgia KATHLEEN SIMMONS Pascagoula, Mississippi BARBARA JUNE SMITH Gainesville, Georgia JEANNE SMITH Spartanburg, South Carolir CAROL MILLER SOLOMON Waycross, Georgia WINNIE LOUELLA STROZIER Atlanta, Georgia PATRICIA ANNE THOMASON Atlanta, Georgia HELEN PAULINE TRITTON Atlanta, Georgia MARIE UNDERWOOD Atlanta, Georgia FRANCES VANDIVER Decatur, Georgia SARA BRYANT VEALE New Haven, Connecticut JO CAMILLE WATSON Eliiabethton, Tennessee Not Pictured: ATALANTE ANASON Atlanta, Georgia CAROLINE CAMP Decatur, Georgia NIMMO HOWARD Atlanta, Georgia LOUISE TOLLESON MOORE Atlanta, Georgia CAROLYN JOAN WOODS Decatur, Georgia MARY ANN WENN Atlanta, Georgia CAROLYN WETTSTEIN Hopkinsville, Kentucky RUTH AMANDA WHITING Camilla, Georgia LORNA WIGGINS Birmingham, Alabam PATRICIA WILLIAMS Sumter, South Carolina SYLVIA SUSADA WILLIAMS Norcross, Georgia JANE CLAIRE WINDHAM Hope Hull, Alabama CATHERINE ANNE WINNINGHAM Stone Mountain, Georgia FLORENCE WORTHY Cairo, Georgia ' They don ' t even know canasta exists. " • • • Sophs at work and play. " And the best to you too. ' Sophomore spirit or a tickling spree? " " Cornelia thinks studying is fun! " " These two think it ' s -funny!! " " Getting acquainted. . . . SO IT BEGAN A warm reception in spite of the cold night. ' " And a Merry Christmas to all. ' ' Sing for the Kitty. " the FRESHMAN CLASS Jane, Rosalyn, and Sue were the enthusiastic Frosh leaders this year OFFICERS JANE NEWLAND President SUE PETERSON Vice-President ROSALyN KENNEDAY Secretary-Treasurer 91 ELIZABETH ALLEN Elhabethton, Tennessee KATHRyN HOWE AMICK Lewisburg, West Virginia ALLARDYCE ARMSTRONG Miami, Ha. GERALDINE FAY ARMSTRONG Kingsport, Tennessee BETTY LOU ARTHUR Charleston, West Virgin!, BARBARA ANNE BARBER Decatur, Georgia MARY CAROLYN BARKSDALE East Point, Georgia BARBARA ANN BARTENFELD Atlanta, Georgia ANNE EVELYN BASSETT Fort Valley, Georgia DOROTHY ANN BAXTER Matthews, North Carolina ANNE PLATT BEASLEY Monroe, North Carolina MARY BIRMINGHAM Trenton, Tennessee FRANCES BLOUNT BLAKENEY Matthews, North Carolina CORRIE GRACE BLANSIT Atlanta, Georgia MARY ALVERTA BOND Oak Ridge, Tennessee SUANNE BOWERS Atlanta, Georgia GEORGANNA BUCHANAN Ft. Lauderdale, Florida CONSTANCE ANN BYRD Columbia, South Carolina FRESHMEN PEGGY CARLOS MARY JO CHAPMAN EDGERLEY LOUISE CLARK JULIA DIXON CLARK Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Hot Springs, Arkansas Henderson, Kentucky DORIS LILLIAN CLINGMAN FRANCES ELLEN COLEY EUNICE TURNER CONNALLY SARAH FRANCES COOK New Orleans, Louisiana Waynesboro, Virginia LaGrange, Georgia Rome, Georgia FRESHMEN ANN BROOKS COOPER VIRGINIA LINDSEY CORRY MARGARET ROSE COUSAR JANE CRAyTON Chapel Hill, North Carolina Tifton, Georgia Richmond, Virginia LaGrange, Georgia BETTY LOUISE DAUGHTRY DONYA JOAN DIXON SUSAN WALTON DODSON RAINSFORD FAIRBANKS Avondale Estates, Georgia Eufaula, Alabama Columbia, South Carolina DUDNEY Sewanee, Tennessee DONNA ANNE DUGGER Sheffield, Alabama FRANCES CAROL EDWARDS Athens, Georgia MARy FRANCES EVANS Thomasville, Georgia MARGARET LOUISE EVINS Atlanta, Georgia PHyLLIS ANN FISHER Paris, Kentucky PATRICIA ANN FREDRIKSEN Raleigh, North Carolina MARY ANNE GARRARD Decatur, Georgia LOIS FRANCES GINN Covington, Georgia PATRICIA ANNE GLEATON Greenville, South Carolina CATHERINE EMERy GOFF Atlanta, Georgia BETTy ANN GREEN Augusta, Georgia RUTH DAHLGUDMUNDSON Columbia, South Carolina GENE GUILD Wiggins, Mississippi JANE LATRELLE HAMBRICK Bainbridge, Georgia MARy ADELAIDE HAMILTON Decatur, Georgia SARAH CREWE HAMILTON Decatur, Georgia FLORENCE MAy HAND Pelham, Georgia GAyLE AGNEW HARBOUR Huntington, West Virginia DOROTHY NEILL HARDIN Augusta, Georgia PEGGY ANN HARPER Huntington, West Virgin!, ADA JOYCE HATFIELD New Orleans, Louisiana VIRGINIA CLAIRE HAYS Moultrie, Georgia SUZANNE HEFNER Coral Gables, Florida ALINE ANN HIGHT Little Rock, Arkansas BETSY LEE HODGES South Hill, Virginia JOSEPHINE REED HOLLIMAN Huntsville, Alabama HONORINE JANE HOOK Tampa, Florida MARGARET E. HOOKER Scarsdale, New York ELLEN EARLE HUNTER Mew Orleans, Louisiana CAROL LOU JACOB Decatur, Georgia BARBARA ANN JOHNSTON Atlanta, Georgia ANN JONES Beaumont, Tex, ANNIE WORTLEY JONES Dalton, Georgia CONSTANCE DOROTHY KAPETANAKOS Abbeville, South Carolina FLORENCE ROSALYN KENNEDAY Meridian, Mississippi PATRICIA ANNE KENT Owatonna, Minnesota FRESHMEN BETTY KAY KRAUTH BETTy LOUISE LAM MARy JANE LEAKE SARAH ANN LEATHERS College Parle, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Cincinnati, Ohio Decatur, Georgia MARy MILLS LINDSEy JEAN ANNE MacDONALD MARGARET LOUISE MAIER HELEN PATTON MARTIN Griffin, Georgia Clinton, South Carolina New Orleans, Louisiana Sheffield, Alabama FRESHMEN DESPO MATHESON GWENDOLYN MATHIS JERRY LEE MAULDIN BETTY MARIE McLELLAN Tampa, Florida Decatur, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Dalton, Georgia MARGARET R. McRAE EVELYN FARMER MERRILL MARILYN HARPER MICHIE ADALINE MILLER Wadesboro, North Carolina Eufaula, Alabama Durham, North Carolina Savannah Beach, Georgia BELLE NEEL MILLER Atlanta, Georgia CAROLYN RUTH MONROE Waycross, Georgia PATRICIA MARIE MORGAN Americus. Ga. DIANE KENT MORRIS Decatur, Georgia HARRIETT FARMER MURRAY Atlanta. Georgia MARY JANE NEWLAND Brevard, North Carolina MARTHA CARLENE NICKEL Avondale Estates, Georgia MARTHA VIRGINIA NORTON Gaffney, South Carolina DOROTHY ELIZABETH OATLEY Atlanta, Georgia LILLA KATE PARRAMORE Valdosta, Georgia SUE SMITH PETERSON Alloy, Georgia JACQUELINE SUSAN PFARR Alma, Michigan DOROTHY ANNE POTTS Gabbettville, Georgia LOLA SUE PURCELL Hammond, Louisiana DORIS ANN RAMSEY Atlanta, Georgia JOAN ELLEN RILEY Thomasville, Georgia PEGGY RINGEL Brunswick, Georgia MARY IRENE RIPLEY Atlanta, Georgia MARY ELIZABETH ROBINSON Auburn, Alabama JUNE ANNE RODGERS Atlanta, Georgia ETHEL ROSS Palm Beach, Florida LOUISE WEBB ROSS Hattiesburg, Mississippi MARILYN JEAN ROUSH Atlanta, Georgia NANCY VIRGINIA RUFFNER Barnesville, Georgia RUTH ADSILA RUNYON Decatur, Georgia MARIAN RUTH SANDERS Atlanta, Georgia RITA MAY SCOn Atlanta, Georgia EDITH SEWELL Atlanta, Georgia BETTY JANESHARPE Alma, Georgia DIANNE SHELL Atlanta. Georgia PRISCILLA MARY SHEPPARD Laurens, South Carolina NATALIE STRATTON College Park, Georgia FRANCES SUMMERVILLE Aliceville, Alabama LINDY ANN TAYLOR Atlanta, Georgia SHATTEEN TAYLOR Atlanta, Georgia MARGARET ELIZABETH THOMASON Copperhill, Tennessee FRESHMEN CAROLYN A. THOMPSON FRANCES ANNE THOMSON FRANCES ELIZABETH TIPPINS CHARLINE V. TRITTON Olanta, South Carolina Tampa, Florida Claxton, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia HELEN MARIE TUCKER NORMA JEAN WALDREP SARA MARGARET WALKER LAURIE F. WANNAMAKER East Point, Georgia Greenville, South Carolina McDonough, Georgia St. Matthews, South Carolina VIVIAN LUCILLE WEAVER Mobile, Alabama BARBARA ELIZABETH WEST Johnson City, Tennessee DOROTHY ANNE WESTON Baltimore. Maryland ROBERTA ELLEN WILLIAMS Dalton, Georg.a SARAH JANE WILLIAMS West Point, Georgia MARy ANN WyATT Roanoke, Virginia MARY KIRBy yOUNG Atlanta, Georgia MARy V. yOUNGBLOOD Jesup, Georgia FRANCES CAMMACK Atlanta, Georgia MARION POULLAIN MERRITT Atlanta, Georgia SPECIAL STUDENTS CHARLOTTE ALLAIN Avondale Estates, Georgi. HELEN CHIU Peiping, China MARTHA KIM Seoul, Korea BETTy LIBBEy Atlanta, Georgi, MARY NORAS Atlanta, Georgia NORMA WANG Shanghai, China ANNE DODD WARREN Atlanta, Georgia JOAN WHITE Atlanta, Georgii JEANNE WINTERS Atlanta, Georgia " The Freshmen are entertained. ' that younger generation! " We are the girls of the Freshman chorus. " " But where Is Santa Claus? " The Russian Freshmen ain ' t Stalin for the kilty. i ' " .... activities — the meeting place of work and play where work is fun and play is creative. Silhouette staff members Dokos, Polly Anna Harris, Tiffin Hays, Margie Maj . . . NOT PICTURED: B Kitty F All, cu Moute ■ e Hill, Theresa ue Messer, Ann i, Joyce Rives. Carol Solomon, n, Twig Hertwig, Betty Holland, Jean Hansen, Anne Windham, Anne Brooke, Carolyn Galbreath, Mary Lee Hunnicutt, Charity Bennett, Sylvia Williams, Mif Martin. lual. FIRST ROW: left to i Eaton. . . . SECOND ROW: McKee, Cathie Davis, Sue Floyd, Sylvi, ainton, Joan Willmon, Ann Boyer, Louise Putting in final touch nd Bett Addams the 1950 SILHOUETTE This year the members of the Si.houette staff have chosen to make the annual and all its features a tribute to our president, James Ross McCain. We want all the campus to be aware of the expansion and growth that have taken place at Agnes Scott during his long period of devoted leadership. Throughout this volume you will find evidence of the many changes and improvements which he has achieved as well as an impression of the enduring spirit which he has helped to preserve. All set to get in those ads are left to right: Nancy Cassin, Barbara Brown, Barbar Lawson, Ann Griggs, Cissie Spiro. . . . NOT PICTURED: Lorna Wiggins, An Parker, Betty Holland, June Smith, B. J. Sharpe, Nell Floyd, Shirley Ford. Telephone contacts are made by Jean Nivcn and Cissie Sp STAFF Editor Sarah Hancock Associate Editor Elizabeth Ann Addams Assistant Editors Betty Averill, Betty Jane Foster Class Editors Barbara Stainton, Jackie Sue Messer Club Editor Marjorie Major Organization Editor Joyce Rives Faculty Editor Ann Windham Sports Editor . . Catherine Davis Feature Editor Barbara Young Copy Editor ... Polly Anna Philips Harris Business Manager Jean Niven Assistant Business Manager .... Celia Spiro Members of this year ' s editorial staff. . . . FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Boyet, Ann Parker, Pat Thomason, Betty Asbill, Jean Hansen, Dottle Allison, Betty Cheney, Sylvia Williams. . . . SECOND ROW: Ann Craig, Nancy Wilkinson, Louise Arant, Katherine Nelson, Marijean Alexander, Helen Edwards, Harriot Ann McGuire, Kathryn Gentry, Sally Veale, Joyce Hutcheson. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Marguerite Jackson, Martha Ann Stegar, Cissie Spiro. Monday nights find Dot and Allin the AGNES SCOTT NEWS How would we have ever known about all of those engaged seniors, which class won the game last Friday, and when the Webster players were coming for " The Taming of the Shrew " if it had not been for the NEWS? Wednesdays were red- letter days with the paper ' s thorough coverage of what had happened and what was going to happen on campus. Fa- vorite features this year were Culture Corner, C. A. Halo, Play by Play, and a large number of excellent editorials. Those clever little cartoons, Aggie ' s Antics, had their share of campus approval, also. Agnes Scott has ample reason to be proud of the NEWS. STAFF DOROTHY MEDLOCK BOND .... Editor ALLINE MARSHALL .... Managing Editor MARIE WOODS, VIRGINIA FEDDEMAN, CHARLOTTE KEY . . . Assistant Editors HARRIOT ANN McGUIRE . . . Society Editor MARGUERITE JACKSON . . . Sports Editor MARTHA ANN STEGAR .... Copy Editor CELIA SPIRO Feature Editor PEGGY PENUEL Editorial Assistant MARIJEAN ALEXANDER Cartoonist MARY ANN HACHTEL . . Business Manager MARTHA ANN STEGAR Assistant Business Manager GREGOR MITCHELL . . . Circulation Manager The business staff posts a letter: Betty Moon, Edith Petrie, June Carpenter, Martha Ann S tegar, Ann Haden, Ann Griggs. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Susan Gauger, Jane Puckett, Ann Parker. The NEWS ' assistant editors: Charlotte Key, Taking care of all financial matters is the job Ass.stant business manager, Martha Ann Stegar Marie Woods, Virginia Feddeman. of business manager, Mary Ann Hachtel. and circulation manager, Gregor Mitchell, work on the NEWS ' files. Aurora staff enjoys a sunny day on the steps of the Alun Marijean Alexander, Marie Woods, Alice Farmer, Sar Muriel Gear. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Margie Ma LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: STANDING: Eliza Pollard, the AURORA AURORA, a quarterly publication at Agnes Scott, is a literary magazine for student expression which seeks to integrate creative ability with the spirit of the college. In each of the three publications this year, students ' creative expression has been related respectively to philosophy, to psychology, and to the literary genius of the ages. Students are encouraged by AURORA to attempt ex- pression of their ideas and to present for publication poetry, essays, short stories, book reviews, and literary criticisms. It is the purpose of AURORA, by this publi- cation, to stimulate further creative writing on the campus. Students of art also have opportunity for creative expres- sion on the cover of AURORA and in the illustrations for short stories and poems. This year members of the faculty joined students in contributing to AURORA theme ar- ticles for the three issues. r. 1 - m 1% Three successful and original issues of AURORA have appeared this year under Franlcie Howerton ' s capable leadership. STAFF FRANCES HOWERTON Editor ELIZA POLLARD Associate Editor MARJORIE MAJOR .... Assistant Editor SARAH McKEE Poetry Editor MARIJEAN ALEXANDER .... Art Editor JO-ANNE CHRISTOPHER . . Business Manager MARIE WOODS, DINA LEE, ALICE FARMER, MURIEL GEAR . . . Editorial Assistants Members of Lower House after a successful meeting. . . . SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vir g inia Arnold, Louise Hertwig, Jenelle Spear, Clalrelis Eaton, Carol Jacobs. . . . STANDING: Charity Bennett, Jackie Sue Messer, Barbara Futral, Anne Sears. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Katherine Dickey, Betty Cheney, Donya Dixon, Susan Gauger, Ellen Hunter, Amy Jones, Ann Jones, Mary Jane Largen, Phyllis Fisher, Mary Beth Robinson. In mm ii ,i far ?% § ? pN whm •it " ' fe. -W V ' STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Officers SARAH TUCKER President TODD McCAIN . Vice-President, Judicial Chairman EMILY POPE ... Day Student Representative HELEN EDWARDS . . . Orientation Chairman NOEL BARNES Secretary SALLY LOU DICKERT . . . Student Treasurer JENELLE SPEAR . . . Lower House Chairman MARJORIE STUKES .... Student Recorder Student Government Association continues to set high standards and to help the student live more fully on her campus and in the larger community. Freshman Orienta- tion, followed by a formal reception for all the campus community, initiated the program for the year. Class enthusiasm soared as the students vied to win Student Government ' s class spirit cup. This year, under Student Government ' s guidance, Agnes Scott became a member of the National Student Association, an organization which enables the campus to see what other students are doing throughout the nation. Exec in all its dignity and splendor. . . . FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Edwards, Emily Pope, Todd McCain, Sarah Tucker, Betty Jane Gowther, Sara Jane Campbell, Jessie Hodges. . . . SECOND ROW: Mary Caroline Lindsay, June Carpenter, Betty Ziegler, Sally Lou Diclcert, Katherine Nelson, Jenelle Spear, Sara Samonds. . . . THIRD ROW: Noel Barnes, Frances Morris, Mildred Flournoy, Jeanne Kline, Marjorie Stukes, Landis Cotten, Sybil Corbett. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Ann Cooper, Mary Lindsey. C. A. ' : Willis. abinet enjoys the fire in Murphey Candler. LEFT TO RIGHT: Muriel Gear, Su Bone sn, Sally Thompson, Flora Kibler, Charlotte Bartlett, Virginia Skinner, Sue McSpadden, Charlotte Allsmiller, Barbara Brown, Anna DaVault, Nina Hale, Nancy Lu Hudson. . . IN PICTURE: Mary Hayes Barber, Margie Thomason. CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION " Be aware . . . Care . . . Share — f or the love of Christ constraineth us, " is the theme around which Christian Association has centered its activities this year. A sincere effort has been made to interest each girl on campus in the part she must play as a Christian citizen of her com- munity, nation, and world. Off-campus activities of service such as the work at the Negro Mission, Scottish Rite Hospital, yWCA Industrial Girls ' Club, and various church day camps have been especially emphasized. A new project, leadership of Girl Scout Troops in the surrounding community, was begun this year. Christian Association sponsored chapel and vesper pro- grams on a Christian ' s position in politics, in society, and in government, and also a series of lectures on Christian courtship and marriage. Religious Emphasis Week discussions and talks led by Dr. John Rustin, pastor of Mount Vernon Methodist Church in Washington, D. C, also were designed to add emphasis to the Christian Association theme of the year. In an effort to interest freshmen in local churches, Christian Association sponsored Agnes Scott day at many of the churches in Atlanta and Decatur. The newcomers were welcomed also at C. A. ' s Davy Jones party. Our president, Ann Willi, whose Icadcrsh of AGAPE. dviser, and Charlotte Bartlett, hymns for Sunday Vespers. iident, go OFFICERS ANN WILLIAMSON President CHARLOTTE BARTLETT Vice-President CORNELIA HALE Secretary ANNA DeVAULT Treasurer VIRGINIA SKINNER Freshman Adviser C. A. ' s Council makes Christianity a living principle. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Andes, Betty Joe Linton, Charity Bennett, Twig Hertwig, Charlotte Bartlett, Jeane Junker, Margaretta Lumpkin Anne Kincaid. . . . SECOND ROW: Carolyn Galbreath, Betty Holland, Anne Haden, Theresa Dokos Mary Jane Largen, Libby Dunlap, Gabriele Menzel, Ruth Vineyard, Louise Arant, Helen Edwards Mary Ann Hachtel, Isabel Truslow, Pat Williams. . ia Mortar Board ' s members acted as hostesses at thi; year ' s day student tea. Mortar Board ' s talented and vivacious president: Cama Clarkson. Combining forces with Social Standards, Mortar Board gave a gala New Year ' s party. Marriage class — one of Mortar Board ' s popular annual projects. Agnes Scott ' s leaders— members of Mortar Board: Cama Clarltson, Alline Marshall, Frances Jane Sharkey Cobb, Sarah Hancock, Charlotte Bartlett, Mary Louise Warlick, Helen Edwards McCain, Ann Williamson. MORTAR BOARD One of the most active and influential societies at Agnes Scott is Mortar Board, national honor society for college women. Each spring juniors who are outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and service are chosen for mem- bership. Mortar Board ' s service and activities add much to our campus. Among its activities for this year have been the day student-faculty tea, the Junior Banquet, and, to help students after graduation, a forward-looking pro- gram including marriage classes and vocational guidance. In 1931, HOASC, the honor society founded at Agnes Scott in 1916, believing its ideals to be in harmony with those of Mortar Board, became a chapter of the national organization. The members strive to achieve its noble aim: " To provide for the cooperation between senior honor societies for women, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among uni- versity women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " HARRIS POTTER KARP WINDHAM PHI BETA KAPPA Cama Clarkson Sarah Hancock Polly Anna Philips Harris Hazel Berman Karp Alline Marshall Faye Patterson Overton Rosellen Gillam Potter Ann Windham Election to Phi Beta Kappa is one of the highest honors that can come to an Agnes Scott girl. The purpose of this organization is to " recognize and encourage scholarship, friendship, and cultural interest. " The qualifications for mem- bership are high scholarship, liberal culture, and good character. " Only those students, moreover, whose work has been definitely liberal in nature shall be eligible for membership. " Agnes Scott ' s chapter, the Beta of Georgia chapter, was established twenty-four years ago. Our college was the one hundred and second institution and the ninth woman ' s college to receive this high honor. students last year. . . . FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kitty Freeman, Betty Phillips Caroline Oea, Margaret Kaufmann, Mary Lee Hunnicutt, Muriel Gear, Sybil Corbett, Anita Coyne! . . . SECOND ROW: Ann Gebhardt, Hazel Karp, Rosellen Potter, Polly Anna Harris Martha Ann Ste g ar, Eliza Pollard, Louise Hertwig, Martha Weakley, Marie Woods, Batty Jane ' Foster THIRD ROW: Sue McSpadden, Todd McCain, Francis Morris, Cama Clarkson Alline Marshall Sarah Hancock, Marjorie Stukes, Kathleen Simmons, Carol Munger, Landis Cotten Virginia Arnold HONOR ROLL SENIORS Charlotte Anne Bartlett Cama Clarkson Jane Sharkey Cobb Katherine Dickey Eva Sue Fountain Ann Dalpe Gebhardt Sarah Isabel Hancock Polly Anna Philips Harris Marguerite Jackson Hazel Berman Karp Evelyn Long Alline Ballard Marshall Todd McCain Carolyn Sue McSpadden Mary Frances Morris Faye Patterson Overton Rosellen Gillam Potter Janet Garvin Sowell Lenora Ann Windham Nancy Nisbet Anderson Virginia Stanford Arnold Noel Halsey Barnes Celeste Trentlen Barnett Rebecca Ann Bowman Frances Benbow Clark Joan Coart Sally Lou Dickert Betty Jane Foster Frances Williams Hale Betty Beatrice Harrell Louise Bryant Hertwig Ellen Clyde Hull Sara Elizabeth Jackson JUNIORS Charlotte Key Sarah Allen McKee Lula Dean Morris Tiny Marguerite Morrow Carol Louise Munger Eliza Gaston Pollard Elaine Schubert Martha Ann Stegar Mary Stubbs Marjorie Hooper Stukes Martha Marilyn Weakley Alia Eugenia Wilson Ann Marie Woods SOPHOMORES Zena Dorminey Cate Anne Burton Cope Sybil Barrington Corbett Landis Lee Cotten Anita Taylor Coyne Caroline Jo Crea Catherine Graeber Crowe Dorothy Duckworth Alice Porter Farmer Martha Kathren Freeman Phyllis Lucile Galphin Muriel Leona Gear Ann Park Herman Mary Lee Hunnicutt Margaret Ann Kaufmann Betty Anne Hart Phillips Kathleen Kell Simmons Rebecca Ann Williams Corn and Laught |BACK ROW: Dot Davis, Virginia Claire Hayes, Cornelia Diclcerson. . . . SECOND ROW: Margie Major, Ann Gebhardt, Jessie Carpenter, Ann Miller. . . . FRONT ROW: Martha Norton. . . . NOT PICTURED: Betty Williams, Jo-Anne Chris- | topher, Ruth Vineyard, Barbara Futral, Barbara Quattlebaum, Janice Williams. SOCIAL STANDARDS The main purpose of Social Standards is to pro- mote gracious living on campus. This organization has served refreshments for the Cotillion Club dances this year, has given coffees, and joined Mortar Board in giving a New Year ' s party for the purpose of emphasizing more social activities on the campus. It is composed of a representative from each dormi- tory and one from each of the classes. It meets every week to discuss various aspects of social living on campus from dining room conditions to campus- wide dance activities. Miss Brantley has been its faculty adviser and an inspiration to all who have worked with her. Warburg Miss Laney poses with the Margaret Webster players. LECTURE ASSOCIATION The purpose of Lecture Association is to bring to the campus persons outstanding in such fields as economics, international relations, poetry, art, and drama. Lecture Association has had a very in- teresting and inspiring series this year including a lecture by James P. Warburg during the fall quarter, Margaret Webster ' s Shakespeare Company in THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, Robert Frost ' s annual visit during the winter quarter and, finally, to conclude its series, H. S. Ede, a British art critic during the spring quarter. These lectures are open to the public as well as to the campus. LAST ROW: Ellen Hull. Ann Gebhardt, Frances Clark. . . . SECOND ROW: Bess Lunde Barbara Young Harriot Ann McGuire. . . . SEATED ON GROUND: Mary Hayes Barber. . NOT IN PICTURE: Virginia Brewer, Nancy Loemlcer. ETA SIGMA PHI Eta Sigma Phi, national honorary classical fra- ternity, is composed of students who not only excel in the study of Latin and Greek, but who also strive to create an active interest in the classics throughout the campus and in nearby high schools. As a part of their program for this year, members of the Alpha Delta chapter at Agnes Scott presented a delightful Roman banquet which provided an opportunity for students to be entertained in true Roman style. During the Thursday afternoon club meetings, mem- bers enjoy stimulating discussions of Greek and Latin drama. To encourage proficiency in the study of Latin in local high schools, the organization an- nually awards a medal for excellence. Officers: Martha Weakley, President, and Nell Dahlbe over Plato. . . . NOT PICTURED: Ann Windharr etary-T, dent, ponde LEFT TO RIGHT: Su Boney, Ginnie Fedd Martha St , Anita Coyne, Katie Berdanis, Mary Lee Hunnicutt, ell, Susan Hancock. CHI BETA PHI The Alpha Sigma chapter of Chi Beta Phi, national honorary scientific fraternity, has the distinction of being the first women ' s chapter in the national so- ciety. Since its establishment at Agnes Scott in 1933, the organization has sought to promote in- terest in scientific achievement by means of lectures, movies, and discussions. Programs for this year have featured as speakers alumnae of Agnes Scott who were members of Chi Beta Phi and who have main- tained their scientific interest through occupation or further study. Membership eligibility is based on scholastic achievement and interest in science, and a key is awarded annually to the chapter ' s most outstanding member. OFFICERS: Freddie Hachtel, Recording Secretary; Mildred Flournoy. Tre Heng, President; Katherine Dickey, Corresponding Secretary; Polly Anna President. BACK ROW: Julia Goode, Martha Ann Stegar, Virginia Am Ann Reid, Betty Jean Moore, Willa Wagner Beach, Ann Tn close. . . . FRONT ROW: Sarah Hancock, Esther Cordle, C PICTURED: Mary Wils. B. J. Fostel veil, Katherin Munger, Su Futral. Alline M„,sh, Loemker, Mi: an Gauger. . % TOP ROW: Gene Guild, Sara Jane Campbell, Nancy Wilkinsc Gretta Moll. . . . THIRD ROW: Jeanne Kline, Jean Osborne, l Jane Leake, Ann Atkinson. . . . SECOND ROW: Louise He Charity Bennett, LaWahna Rigdon, Ann Pitts, Libby Dunlap Barbara Caldwell, Mary Noras, Anna DeVault, Margaret Walker, . Vivian Weaver. . . . NOT PICTURED: Betty Asbill, Patricia Patte breath, Helen Chiu, Pat Buie, Lindy Taylor, Joan Riley, Helen Ed Flowers. Martha Ann Stegar, Carol Munger, ah Ann Little, Carol Soloman, Mary ig, Marjorie Stukes, Joann Wood, FIRST ROW: Jenel le Spear, kle Kii ng, Jimmi e Anr i McGee, n, Am n Thomsoi 1, Car olyn Gal- •ds, Vi ppie Patt erson, Elizabeth GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, which is composed primarily of voice students, contributes a great deal to activities on and off the campus. This past fall quarter it gave its annual Christmas Carol Concert with the help of other choral organizations on campus. Winter quarter the Glee Club jointly presented with the Tech Glee Club the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta H. M. S. PINAFORE. During the spring quarter the most outstanding contribution of the Glee Club was the Spring Concert. In addition to these major activities throughout the entire year, the Glee Club has participated in Chapel prog rams and other services. The club has as its able director Mrs. Rebekah Clarke, who gives generously of her time and effort to Glee Club activities. BACK ROW: Alline Marshall, Gretta Moll, Reglna Cantrell. Eliza Pollard, Vippie Patterson, Jane Cook, Emily Ann Reid, Anna Gounaris, Barbara Futral, La Wahna Rigdon, Jeane Junker, Noel Barnes. . . . FRONT ROW: Frances Smith, Joan Willmon, Caroline Crea, Marijean Alexander, Jackie Sue Messer, Charlotte Key. . . . NOT PICTURED: Ann Brooke, Jimmie Lee Cobble, Alice Farmer, Carolyn Gal- breath, Ann Griggs, Dorothy Jean Harrison, Louise Hertwig, Nimmo Howard, Sally Jackson, Amy Jones, Helen Land, Dina Lee, Jean Niven, Emily Pope, Adelaide Ryall, Winnie Strozier, Ann Bottoms, Jinnie Brewer, Nancy DeArmond, Sue Floyd, Tibby King, Edith Petrie, Catherine Redles, Stellise Robey, Camille Watson, Sue Yarbrough, Janette Mattox, June Carpenter, Theresa Dokos, Carol Solomon, Sylvia Williams. BLACKFRIARS Blackfriars is the dramatic association on campus. New members are admitted on the basis of tryout. These try- outs are held twice a year: in the fall and early spring. Blackfriars is composed of two separate divisions — the acting staff and the technical staff. The acting members give two major productions each year. This fall they presented EASTWARD IN EDEN, the love story of Emily Dickinson. Each class represented in the club presents a one-act play sometime during the year. Once a year the technical members present independently a one-act play. In addition to the instruction received in acting, stu- dents learn to work with scenery, properties, lighting, make-up, costumes, and other backstage necessities. Our director, Miss Roberta Wini LEFT TO RIGHT: Hazel Karp, Mary Hayes Barber, La Wahna Rigdon, Frances Howerton, Mr. Hayes, Barbara Quattlebaum, Clairelis Eaton, Charity Bennett, Dot Davis, Gssie Spiro. . . . NOT IN PIC- TURE: Mar g aret Andes, B. S. Crowther, Rosellen Potter, Susan Hancock, Margaret Ann Kaufmann, Jessie Hodges, Dot Bond, Betty Moyer, Jane Oliver, Frances Sells, Barbara Caldwell, Barbara Brown. OFFICERS: Dot D PI ALPHA PHI To encourage clear thinking and to promote in- terest in current affairs, Pi Alpha Phi was organized as the debating society at Agnes Scott College in 1922. Members acquire skill in argumentation through inter-club debates and discussions and by participation in the All-Southern Debate Tournament. A high light of the activities this year was the Oxford Debate in which Pi Alpha Phi members matched wits with the team from Oxford University over the question of government control of industry. The society was also represented in a round-table discussion at a meeting held at the University of Alabama. LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OFFICERS: Joyce Rives. Vice President: Mabie Hudson, President: Pat Deford, Secretary. NOT PICTURED: Eva Sue Fountain, Treasurer. The League of Women Voters, one of the newer organizations on campus, was estab- lished for the purpose of educating individual citizens to vote wisely and to strive for better government. Although the League at Agnes Scott is affiliated with the Georgia League of Women Voters, membership is open to stu- dents from all states. .The organization en- courages all women to participate actively and intelligently in their government by using their privilege of franchise and by closely observing state, national, and international policies. BACK ROW: Mrs. Mary Davis, Ca Lillian Ritchie, Edith Petrie, Lou SECOND ROW: Louise Moore, Reseller, Gillam Potter, Joyce Reeves, burton, Jane Cook. . . . FIRST ROW: Esther Adler, Jane LaMaster, Gregor Catherine Davis, Charlotte Evans, Jo-Anne Christopher, Nancy Lu Hudson. . . . PICTURE: Mary Hayes Barber, Noel Barnes, Jessie Carpenter, Carol Cox, Eaton, Alice Farmer, Nimmo Howard, Sarah Levy, Betty Phillips. II War- Mitchell, NOT IN Clairelis All members of the student body are invited to join the Interna- tional Relations Club. However, history majors are especially urged to join since one of the foremost purposes of this organization is to bring to the campus outside speakers informed on international af- fairs. As a member of the collegiate council of the United Nations, it sponsored the UN celebration held this year on the Agnes Scott campus. Another valuable service rendered by the club is the posting of headlines on the Current History bulletin board in the library. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS: Gregor Mitchell, S Potter, President; Jane LaMaster, topher, Vice-Prc Rosellen Gillam r; Jo-Anne Chris- LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Hull, Libby Dunlap, Kitty Currie, Margaret Inman, Todd McCain Margaret Andes, Nancy Lu Hudson, Mildred Flournoy, Ann Pitts. NOT IN PICTURE Charlotte Allsmiller, Barbara Brown, Bett Linton, Lorna Wiggins, Louise Jett. The Bible Club is open to all students who are interested in Bible study. At its bi-monthly meetings the members, and anyone else who is interested, are afforded an opportunity for serious Bible study and discussion. The aim of this organization is to encourage deeper knowledge and consideration of the Bible and to develop more re- sponsive Christian leadership. Outside speakers invited to the meet- ings aid in stimulating this interest. BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS: Elle Hull, Vice President; Margaret I ; Libby Dunlap, President. the LITERARY CLUBS POETRY CLUB The purpose of this organization is to develop skill and in- terest in the writing of poetry. At the monthly meetings in the home of Miss Emma May Laney, the club sponsor, the members learn form of writing and how to give and take good criticism. Since the club encourages creative poetic writing, each member reads some of her own poetry at these meetings. LEFT TO RIGHT: Anita Coyne, Helen Land, Sarah McKee, Cissie Spire . . . NOT PICTURED: Catherine Crowe, Betty Phillips. Cobb, Eliza Pollard, Marjorie Felder, B. O. Z. The purpose of the B.O.Z. is to encourage creative writing among the students. At its monthly meetings, held at the home of Miss Preston, the writer-members exchange well-guided criticism of their short stories, plays, essays, and sketches. Bi-annual try- outs determine membership. FOLIO To freshmen with creative ability and the desire to write, Folio Club offers member- ship. At informal meetings the aspiring young writers read and criticize each other ' s essays, short stories, poems, and plays. Every spring Folio Club publishes an an- thology including each member ' s best work. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Jane Leake, Ann Bi Kenneday, Julia Clarke, Charline Tritton, Belle Ann Wyalt, Fi sley, Mai Ailler, Pri; mcesCole et Maier, Miss Trotter, Shephard, Edith Sew Rosalyn I, Mary FRENCH CLUB French Club was created to stimulate interest in and further the students ' knowledge of the French language, literature, and life. At monthly meetings the girls gather to hear outside speakers, to see movies, and to participate in programs. Likewise, there is a club-sponsored table in the dining room at which only French is spoken, giving the stu- dents an opportunity to put their knowledge to practical use. Membership in the French Club is limited by tryout. OFFICERS: Ann Good Secretary; Isabel Truslow, Vic le Oliver, President. BACK ROW: Sarah Tucker, Ann Goodwyn, Jane Oliver, Terrell Warburton. . . . SEC- OND ROW: Carol Munger, Sarah Levy. . . . FRONT ROW: Barbara Young, Isabel Truslow, Joann Wood. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Mary Hayes Barber, Karen Thorbeclce, Jo-Anne Christopher, Margaret Evins, Mary Jane Leake, Adele Lee, Marjorie Felder. SPANISH CLUB Spanish Club gives its members an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the everyday use of the Spanish language and with the ways of Spanish- speaking peoples. Membership in the club is open by tryout to girls who are interested in Spanish and who have studied it. At meetings which are held every month, outside speakers, discussions, and lec- tures are presented. By meeting socially with a group of girls who are interested in speaking this language, each member has an opportunity to im- prove her knowledge of Spanish. OFFICERS: Pat Ov Simmons, Sc iident; Ann Pitts, Vice President; . . NOT PICTURED: Mary Stubbs. BACK ROW: Martha King, Anna Gounaris, Elaine Blane, Fra SECOND ROW: Louise Harant, Jane Cook, Shirley Heath, Lc ROW: Ann Pitts, Kassie Simmons, Jane Hill, Phyllis Galphin, Bll Stubbs, Sybil Corbett, Ruth Gaines, Betty Harrell, Jerry Keef, . Ma es Vandiver, Joyce Hutcheson, Purcell, Grace Austin. . . . FR Bryan. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: in Niven, June Price, Lorna Wi. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Birmingham, Ruth Gaines, Julie Cuthbertson, B. J. Foster, Peg g y Ringel, Evelyn Bassett, Pat Cortelyou, Sarah Hamilton. . . . NOT PICTURED: Charlotte Key, Jenelle Spear, Esther Cordle, Cama Clarkson, Andrea Dale, Edith Sewell, Kitty Currie, Emy Evans, Mattie Hart, Kassie Simmons, Jane Oliver, Claire Foster, Barbara Quattlebaum, Marjorie Stukes, Ann Williamson, Ann Boyer, Catherine Crowe. GRANDDAUGHTERS The Granddaughters ' Club is an exclusive but in- formal organization composed only of the daughters of Agnes Scott Alumnae. The purpose of the club is to create and promote interest in the college among the students. A purely social organization, the club designs its meetings to provide entertain- ment for its members. Each year during fall quarter, the freshmen members are welcomed to the Grand- daughters ' Club at the annual weiner roast given at the Harrison Hut. In the past the group has had as an interesting project " baby sitting " during Alumnae meetings. OFFICERS: Lillian Be et Gle ident. President; Margaret Lumpkir i ■1 •: ' f " t ' B Bfc cr- j9 3 v naBflrr ' l - y WL 1 WLfc.- Jane Hook, Betty Van Houten, Bett Addams, Eleanor Ryan, Bett Linton, June Carpenter, Pat Patter- son, Norah Ann Little, Frances Givens, Jessie Carpenter, Joann Peterson, Margaret Hopkins, Annelle Simpson Marg Hunt, Harriot Ann McGuire, Jane Oliver, Sara Jane Campbell, Barbara Brown, Lyd Gardner, Margaret Glenn, Adele Lee, Dot Rollins, Mary Jane Largen, Joan Jordan, Lillian Beall, Margaretta Lumpkin, Adaline Miller, Sara Samonds, Dotty Allison, Mary Birmingham, Sally Veale, Suanne Bowers. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Charlotte Bartlett, Beryl Crews, Liza White, Charity Bennett, Sally Jackson, Ellie McCarty, Betty Williams, Pat Williams, Mary Hayes Barber, Betty Esco, Joan White, Betty Wilson, Mif Martin, Sue Peterson. Officers: Syl COTILLION CLUB The Cotillion Club is an organization which pro- motes social life at Agnes Scott by its campus-wide dances, parties, and other smaller social gatherings for its members. One of the high-lights of fall quarter this year was the dance given by Cotillion Club for the freshmen and their dates. During the early part of January, Cotillion Club gave its annual dance for the entire campus. This year its Bubble Ball theme was effectively carried out with multi- color balloons suspended from the ceiling of the gym with spotlights from the balcony catching the rainbow hues. ' ■- " „- a t h I e t i c s Grace, poise and assurance acquired in gym suits and carried on . . . athletic association A A Board members who were respons.ble for campus sports activities. FRONT ROW: Cathie u u ' « ' ■ c Ha °. htel ' „ E er Adler ' J,mm!e Ann McGee BA « ROW: Barbara Lawson, Gretta Moll, Wmnie, Barbara Caldwell, Ann Herman. ... NOT IN PICTURE: Genie Paschal Helen Jean Robarts, Marguerite Jackson. Junior cheering section letting go at a hockey g Veep Jane Sharkey Cobb and President Warlick in front of gym. Junior officers, Julie Cuthbertson, secretary, and Wilton Rice, t Athletic association has always been an integral part of campus life. On the day of registration, the weary, impatient freshmen and their parents found a welcome open-house in Murphey Candler, with friendly members of A. A. board to make them feel at home. Soon after their arrival, freshmen found an opportunity to see Atlanta on the sight-seeing tour sponsored by A. A. Early in the quarter the freshmen enjoyed an excit- ing scavenger hunt given by the association. The club was hostess this year to the Georgia Athletic Federation of College Women of which Barby Law- son was president. Students from colleges all over the state were entertained on campus. The point system of athletic recognition was re- vised this year, and for the first time, letters were awarded for a given number of points accumulated during the years. White and purple sweaters with the Agnes Scott seal on them were sold by A. A. This organization not only helps in developing in- terest in sports and physical well-being here on campus, but this year has gone to the Methodist Orphanage to help direct a sports program there. Hockey Varsity Members. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Isabel Truslow Kitty Currie, Mary Louise Warlick. . . . STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jenelle Spear, Genie Paschal, Winnie Strozier, Eliza Pollard, Alline Marshall, Wilton Rice, Cathie Davis. Gretta Moll. Jimmie Ann McGee. Sub-Varsity Players in Goal Cage. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT- Frances Cook, Anne Potts, Charline Tritton, Sybil Corbett. . . . STAND- ING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Julie Cuthbertson, Joann Wood Terrell War- burton, Barbara Stainton. . . . NOT PICTURED: Jane Windham Charity Bennett, Virginia Claire Hayes, Cornelia Dickerson, and Laurie Wan- namaker. Sophomore goalie Wettstein drives intended Junior goal out of bounds. u O SENIOR TEAM, ROW ONE: Genie Paschal, Isabel Truslow, Jane Oliver. . . . ROW TWO: Mary Louise Warlick, Nancy Wilkinson, Gretta Moll. . . . ROW THREE: Sally Thompson, Barbara Lawson, Cathie Davis. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Frances Morris, Terrell War- burton, Alline Marshall, B. J. Crowther, Helen Edwards, Ann Williamson, Cams Clarkson, Jessie Carpenter, Beryl Crews, Lyd Gardner, Ann Griggs, and Emily Pope. JUNIOR TEAM, ROW ONE: Louise Hertw.g, Barbara Staint, ROW TWO: Wilton Rice, Eliza Pollard, Susan Gauger. . . . THREE: Cornelia Hale, Jimmie Ann McGee, Jenelle Speai NOT IN PICTURE: Ginnie Feddeman, Julie Cuthbertson, Stukes, Joann Wood, Charity Bennett, Frances Smith, Sar, monds, Marry Hayes Barber, Mananela Segura, Kitty Loe The cheering which was heard on Friday afternoons dur- ing fall quarter can be attributed to the enthusiasm aroused by the hockey games which were played then. At the end of the hockey season there was a sister-class game instead of the customary varsity-sub-varsity game. In addition to the class teams, the White and Purple teams were organized for beginners. An Agnes Scott hockey team composed of players from each of the classes was hostess to a newly organized University of Georgia girls ' hockey team. At the end of an exciting hocky season of keen class competition, the Seniors emerged victorious and won the coveted Hockey Plaque. The Senior-Sophomore team won the sister-class game which was played at the end of the season. SOPHOMORE TEAM, ROW ONE: Cornelia Dickerson, Adelaide Ryall, Carolyn Wettstein, Sybil Corbett. . . . ROW TWO: Barbara Brown, Landis Cotton, Jeannine Byrd, Catherine Crowe. . . . ROW THREE: Jean Hansen, Florence Worthy, Betty Jean Moyer, Ann Herman. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Jane Windham, Mattie Hart, Bett Linton, Kitty Currie, Helen Jean Robarts, Shirley Heath, Char- lotte Allsmiller, and Ruth Gaines. FRESHMAN TEAM, ROW ONE: Frances Blakeney, Adaline Miller, Laurie Wannamaker, Anne Potts. . . . ROW TWO: Gayle Harbour, Martha Norton, Margaret Cousar, Virginia Claire Hayes, Virginia Corry. . . . ROW THREE: Mary Beth Robinson. Frances Cook, Ann Baxter, Ann Thomason, Frances Ginn. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Charline Tritton, Betty Ann Green. (0 D CO Q Senior-Sophomore varsity baslcetballers Hart, Strozier, and Robarts front of teammates Redles, Byrd, Warlick and Paschal. Senior forwards about to sink one in game with Freshmen. Junior-Freshman varsity team. FRONT ROW: Key, Esco, Hachtel. SECOND ROW: M. Thomason, Arnold, Quattlebaum, Ziegler SENIOR TEAM. ROW ONE: Alline Marshall, Frances Givens, Genie Paschal, Betty Van Houten, Charlotte Evans. ROW TWO: Mary Louise Warlick, Barbara Lawson. Dot Davis, Ann Griggs. NOT IN PICTURE: Margaret Glenn, Mary Ann Hachtel, Marguerite Jackson. JUNIOR TEAM LINED UP FOR ACTION: Cha Louise Mattison, Kitty Loemker, Virginia Arnold, Barba Ellen Hull. Barbara Q uattlebaum, Betty Ziegler, Betty Barbara Caldwell. NOT IN PICTURE: Elii immie Ann McGee, Je rd, Barbara Stainton, Basketball, Agnes Scott ' s major winter quarter sport, is a game for friendly rivalry and incentive for raising class spirit. Every Friday afternoon the class teams compete, each team meeting every other one twice during the quarter. Everyone is invited to come and cheer her team on to victory. The teams, sponsored by A. A., are coached by Miss Wilburn. This year Helen Jean Robarts, school basketball manager, and class managers Carol Jacob, Jeannine Byrd, Betty Ziegler, and Charlotte Evans headed the teams. SOPHOMORE TEAM. ROW ONE: Mattie Hart, Catherine Redles, Winnie Stroiier, Jeannine Byrd, Helen Jean Robarts. ROW TWO: Edith Petrie, Adelaide Ryall, Anita Coyne, Kitty Currie, Lillian Beall, Betty Moon, and Betty Jane Sharpe. NOT IN PICTURE: Dot Rollins. FRESHMEN TEAM: Ca ol Jacob, Adel maker, Mary Virginia Youngblo Adaline Miller, and Anne Potts. Ann Baxter, Frances Cook, Jerrie Pfarr, Betty Lou Daughtry, Bird Thompson, Laurie Wan d, Margie Thomason, Mary Linds NOT IN PICTURE: Margaret Evi Mauldin, June Anne Rodgers. Jac : Bond, and Sarah Crewe Hamili The Seniors captured first place in the swimming meet fall quarter with 48 points; the Freshmen and Sophomores were second and third respectively. The events were the back tandem, free-style relay, breast stroke-form, back crawl, front crawl, medley relay, and diving. Manager Betty Van Houten demonstrates back-stroke. Racers take mark in intra-mural swimming meet sponsored by Dolphin Club. s» dolphin club Star swimmers pose for club picture. IN WATER: Barbara Lawson, Bett Addams, Emily Pop( DIVING BOARD: Catheri ne Redles, Jessie Carpenter, Betty Van Houten, Charlotte Evans, Beryl Crews. NOT PICTURED: Betty Esco, Jinnie Brewer, Mi Martin, Barbara Brown, Sally Veale, Charlotte Bartlett, Ruth Vineyard, Carolyn Wettstein, Sue Yarbrough. At regular Dolphin Club meetings members try to im- prove their form and efficiency in swimming and diving. They also originate and practice new routines. This year Dolphin Club participated in the swimming meet fall quarter; spring quarter they presented a water ballet in which they took the spectators on a " trip around the world. " They presented a Viennese waltz, an American dance, a rhumba, a Parisian dance, and an oriental dance. tennis club Tennis club members Esther Adler, Jeannine Byrd, Nancy Wilkinson, M TURED Tennis club had a favorable season last fall in spite of the shortage of courts. Many girls participated in the singles tournament which was won by Jenelle Spear. (Now that new courts have been graded, more girls are able to take part in the activities of the club.) A doubles tournament in the spring completed the tennis year. Partners Adelaide Ryall and Jeannine Byrd laugh off warm-up match before the doubles tournament. Golf clubbers, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Stainton. Julie Cuthbertson, Jlmm.e Ann McGee, Kitty Freerru Kline, Jane Sharkey Cobb, Kitty Loemke lancy Wilkins and Barbara Bett Addams, n, Jeai Brown. md Cha NOT PICTURED: ity Bennett. Junke Jeann Each spring tfie number of enthusiastic golfers increases. The excursions to various clubs in Atlanta become more numerous. The Avondale and East Lake courses are the most popular. At other times beginners and advanced students alike practice teeing off on the campus hockey field. Each year tournaments are held in golf classes or among individual students. Gebhardt laughs at Je v o 1 1 e y b a I Every Monday anyone who is interested in taking some vigorous exercise by playing a rousing game of volleyball is welcomed at the court in the gym. No credit nours but plenty of fun can be derived from this sport. The club with Genie Paschal as manager sponsored a tournament including all four classes during spring quarter. outing club Volleyball club in gym. FRONT ROW: Freddii Hachtel. BACK ROW: Barbie Lawson, Mar chtel, Genie Paschal, Mary An uise Warlick, Virginia Skinner. ft ' » ' ,i " 3l« jSfi The Outing Club encourages hikes and cook-outs. Not only does it sponsor these activities for its members, but it also encourages hiking as an individual acti vity. This year its members enjoyed a hike and steak-fry. During fall quarter they prepared and served a picnic supper to the Georgia Athletic Federation of College Women convention held at Agnes Scott. Outing club is rapidly growing in the scope of its activities. It hopes to include an annual overnight hike in its projects. Outi Barb dub p Caldv is, Su. sparing to pose. ROW ONE: Barbara Lawson ill, Carolyn Wettstein. ROW TWO: Tibbi. Floyd, Jeannine Byrd, Julie Cuthbertson. Archery club members aiming for that bull ' s-eye: Dot Davis, Anita Coyne. Elaine Schubert, Su Boney, and Freddie Hachtel. NOT IN PICTURE: Esther Cordle, Camille Watson, Ruth Whiting, Risse Rowe, Barbara Futral, Lu Floyd, Martha Ann Stegar, Alyce Ryan, Caroline Crea, Joyce Hutcheson, Betty Phillips, Rene Dudney, Diane Morris, Carlene Nickel, Margie Thomason, atld Caronelle Smith. This year badminton seemed to interest more people than ever before. Membership of the club has doubled, and many players signed up for both the singles and the doubles tournaments during winter quarter. Activities of the club are increasing. Every Wednesday night the entire campus is invited to come and bring guests to play badminton in the gymnasium. Joint games with Tech and Emory students were the closing event of the year. archery Archery club, or as it is more formally known — the William Tell club, consists of nineteen accomplished archers who enjoy one of the favorite spring quarter sports. Freddie Hachtel heads the group as man- ager this year. Each fall the club conducts a local tournament which was won this year by Camille Watson. Risse Rowe was the winner in the Junior Columbia Round. In the spring the club participates in a national tournament at which the highest scorer wins the Agnes Scott Archery Cup. badminton Badminton club: Esther Adler and Mary Louis Davis and Julie Cuthbertson while Bett Addams ai look on. NOT PICTURED: Betty McClain, Fred, guerite Jackson, Gerry Keef, Katherine Nelson, Joai Wettstein, Noel Barnes, Ann Baxter, Frances Cook, son, B. J. Foster, Margie Stukes, and Euni. Cathie Virginia Skinner Hachtel, Mar- louston, Carolyn ary Beth Robln- Connally. ance group White and Dot Rollins, Barbara Brown and Frances Pat Patte s Lundeen. . . . NOT IN PICTURE: Mary Stubbs, Wilton Ric, Molly Milam, Celia Spiro, Margaret Hopkins, and Betty Williams. Betty Dance group under the able direction of Miss Dozler presented to the campus this year a ballet written for the group by a student, Celia Spiro. The ballet was based on the mock-satire, " Rape of the Lock " , by Alexander Pope. The leading lady was portrayed by Bess Lundeen. The group has added interest in modern interpretive dancing to its former concentration on the classical ballet. This club has grown considerably in size since its origin five years ago, and its annual production has now become a tradition on the campus. wearers of the letter Winners of the ASC letter: FRONT ROW: Gretta Moll, Jimmie Ann McGee, Julia Cuthbertson. Charlotte Ev Mary Louise Warlick, Isabel Truslow, Genie Paschal, Marguerite Jackson, Wilton Rice, and Barbara Lawson. . Cobb, Cathie Davis, Beryl Crews, Jessie Carpenter, Betty Van Houten, Ann Williamson, Charity Bennett, Jenel s. . . . SECOND ROW: NOT PICTURED: Jane Spear, Winnie Strozier. CHARITy BENNETT JESSIE CARPENTER JANE COBB BERYL CREWS JULIA CUTHBERTSON CATHERINE DAVIS CHARLOTTE EVANS MARGUERITE JACKSON BARBARA LAWSON JIMMIE ANN McGEE GRETTA MOLL GENIE PASCHAL WILTON RICE JENELLE SPEAR WINNIE STROZIER ISABEL TRUSLOW BETTY VAN HOUTEN MARY LOUISE WARLICK ANN WILLIAMSON u m i f e a tures — the icing on the cake, without it life would lose its glitter. Turn on to find the glamour and the smiles . . . Darlen, Con Fob. 15, 19 as he judged Feature Editor The SILHOUETTE " .gnee Scott College th em . . Dea uns: Thank you for the privilege of seeing the b-aautles for vhe honey section of the 1950 Silhouette. I thlnfc any one of the as 1 have choaen would look very fine on a magazine cover, and igne acott College U to be congratulated on ' Its caapua. ruth gudmundson COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA norah anne little WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS ■ margaret hunt GRIFFIN, GEORGIA • : -.. : - : . martha fortson ATLANTA, GEORGIA PUSH I N ' The traditional high spot of fall quarter is Black Cat, which has a special charm for us all. In 1915 Dr. Sweet, a former physician of Agnes Scott, sug- gested this unique way to replace hazing of the freshmen. Good will, free-hearted competition, enthusiastic teamwork are the distinguishing marks Dreams come true for Helen, Mif, and Ju Lady of the moment, Sweet Sue. BOOTS MEETS ATOMIE CAT in this contest of wits and talent. On October 15, 1949, the Sophomores and Freshmen, supported by their sister classes, met for this annual duel. The Sophomores took the black cat to reign over Re- bekah Scott Hall for 1950 only after a hard battle with the class of ' 53. Both sides, much to the en- joyment of the audience, showed originality in their skits, sang lively songs, and displayed enthusiasm and class spirit. The Sophomores chose a fairy tale, " Pushin ' Boots " , to enact, and the Freshmen did a take-off on the comic side of current events in their play, " Atomie Cat " . For a whole quarter after the occasion, part of the celestial decorations remained in the gym as a starry reminder of the big event. A party at the Dickinsons ' — poised, proper, and poet ehind the scenes . . Eastward In Eden The oldest organized club on the campus is our dramatic group, the Blackfriars. Under the direction of Miss Roberta Winter they present a variety of plays and dramas each year. In addition to acting, the students belonging to Blackfriars work with scenery, proper- ties, lighting, make-up, costumes, and other stage necessities. The admirable results are productions such as the one portrayed here. The Blackfriars ' production, " Eastward in Eden " , was an important event of Novem- ber 23 and 24. It was primarily a character study of the poet, Emily Dickinson, and of her life. The dialogue was unusual, for it was poetic rather than dramatic, and the costumes were of mid-nineteenth century fashion. Sally Jackson and Margaret Hop- kins played the role of Miss Dickinson on alternate nights, and they had an interest- ing and talented supporting cast. The group is known for its ability to please and the production was thoroughly enjoyed by the campus community and many visitors. The ecstasy of being understood. " A little powder . nd paint guy what he ain ' t. BONNIE Aye! The Bonnie Briar Tavern was a very gay place. All the lads and lassies came for the crown- ing of the queen. Sure the bagpipes played and all the hearts were light. Soon " twas Bonnie Annie Laurie " who made her appearance, and ' twas Mary Beth Robinson of the Freshman Class. Junior Joint of 1950 at Agnes Scott was a great success. It upholds tradition here. Junior Joint was, in years gone by, " Mardi Gras " , sponsored by the Junior Class with colorful floats for participation. Now, times have changed and each class con- tributes as its participation a stunt or skit. All other entertainment is taken care of by the Junior Class. BRIAR TAVERN Dina drills the Macjuniot clan. ' It ' s a grand night for swinging upon the stars above . . . " when Heidi, the pretty Seniorpolitan star, thinks George A. Tech is in love with her. Complications arise when Countess Barbarossa comes to the Wunda Bar Inn, but all ' s well when Heidi decides she loves Hans, her Swiss sweetheart, after all. Many comic characters appear before the happy ending. From the " dish rag " song of the waitresses to the antics of " a couple of swells " , all is hilarious variety. The bright cos- tumes and realistic scenery add much to the total effect. Music from many well known operas as well as from popular nonsense songs is arranged especially for the Heida orches- tra, and all the words are original. Yes! With all the mar- riage day revelry— the foaming goat ' s milk and the jubilant ory minstrel sings . . . goafs milk foams . . . Lowen grins! wedding guests— " it ' s really a glorious day " . The idea for the first mock opera on campus originated with a stunt given by the dramatic group in 1913. At that time the production was a " free-for-all " and not exclusively a senior performance as it is now. The first opera was Madame Buttermilk " , and some others of early years were Do He Grins " " Car Men " , and " The Frying Dutchman " , gradually, it has become a tradition that this activity be the last contribution by the seniors. There is a touch of sadness as the final curtain closes, for the bonds of friendship in the class, close as they have been during work and play together for four years, have become even closer during the weeks of practice, cooperation, and fun involved in puttinq on Senior Opera. Barker Staples interviews reckettes ed by " men about town " Robins Alston. Gretta is our Senior Opera chairma for she ' s a jolly good fellow! " IT ' S A GRAND NIGHT FOR SWINGING... " Heidi Hans HEIDA PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS, MAY 6, 1950 Norah Anne Little Countess Barbarossa Alline Marshall George A. Tech Papa Wunda Catherine Davis Sara Jane Campbell Mary Louise Warlick Village revelry at Ammett-By-The-Se Mugsy displayed another talent as May Day cha ay Court: Ruth Gudmundson, Marg ary Jane Largen, Betty Jo Linton, r the Sea: Diane M Matth Beth Robins it Hunt, Joan White, , . .-.-ah Anne Little, Spirit maid of honor: Cama Clarkson; ith; Queen: Beryl Crews, Maty Ruth Whiting, Heli Betty Ziegler, Lydia Gardn Edwards, Sally Jacks, •n Lvrnf b r tibkv f m s .Jt j play In wav ming tide Dark beauty is of the richer type . . . Queen Beryl THE NET A SEA LEGEND BY ELIZA POLLARD May Day! And to entertain the 1950 queen and her court is a sea legend, complete with waves and sea creatures. As usual, the out-of-door finery gives the spectators the full import of spring. The scene is Ammett-By-The-Sea. Carla, a pretty village lass, intrigued by the strange beauty of the sea, is caught in it. Paul, her sweetheart, attempts to res- cue her and is also trapped. They would have been prisoners of the waves and the spirit of the sea forever had not the villagers come out to fish. The two are rescued in Paul ' s fishing net, and the scenario comes to a happy conclusion. The first May Day performance at Agnes Scott was a simple affair in 1903, but the tradition ac- tually began in 1913 and was sponsored by the y. W. C. A. Students have always done the plan- ning and costuming in cooperation with the physi- cal education department. At first, spoken lines and choruses were the dominant interest. In 1930 more pageantry and dancing were added, and this, now, has completely replaced the lines and songs. We emerge this year with a legend that even ex- cludes the May Pole Dance in favor of the undersea mysteries. DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS L. D. Adams and Sons, Inc. 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