Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA)

 - Class of 1935

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Text from Pages 1 - 238 of the 1935 volume:

t ' - . m .Sat. ' I II ' l i. ■ - i :«:; ' . ' .■ " ' ' ' ' - 1 ' ' 5- SfPTEM E.!?. I ' j3 4 Sum Mo ) lye. wed thu tri sat UilC O M rLOtl£j Li. (ScLLLor L usIn£.S5 Jail oiiJWiak 1Q55 nwlimzM Jon. mt byuuctunib crr cLai 5 | oa 5 TiVomv " Dx xariu ic- mar ro-ur- cfoLC TcaLcic loS- ' J CX3 5lcur},ur aa5S 5 xa- mat rxnu ohuvLrtA afootxf We dedicate the SILHOUETTE of 1935 to the Mothers and Fathers whose inestimable love and cherished ambitions for us have made these years at Agnes Scott possible. T ' . 9 A ' - y- The Staff of the 1935 SILHOUETTE attempts to give an accurate picture of life on the campus of Agnes Scott College. We hope, as the years pass, this volume will be a source of recurring pleasure in recalling memories of student activities and interests during the year 1934-35. One of the most frequent methods of preserv- ing a lasting record is by keeping a diary from day to day; therefore this idea has been em- bodied in our theme. As a diary preserves mem- ories throughout the years we have attempted to compile this volume in its likeness. j kcKT " LJxartp iJ ' z.cJiwr cs OxJfuyCn iDz QATLS 5. G O CLs sll£, SZLS Qj0 nt5 OocM y ■ - r , f :dx :- t ' j if X. y( - .-« ' . •v W ' : ' M i i lllF■f «m mT ' h sfOj; ' .■ ' ng .«s «a ' r, u ' M 1 1%. . ' ?]?M»3 ' ' ' » ' MW .TfJ • " 4sL- ' ' ' w . ' ■■■ 1 ' " " ■• ■ ' x ' ■ ..■ " a v ■ yw r ' ♦ j0 ' ' T ff V • ' S O ht tnAMZA BOARD OF TRUSTEES J. K. ORR, Chairman Atlanta C. M. CANDLER Decatur W. C. VEREEN Moultrie, Ga. J. S. LYONS Atlanta F. M. INMAN Atlanta MRS. SAMUEL M. INMAN Atlanta MRS. C. E. HARMAN Atlanta MISS MARY WALLACE KIRK Tuscumbia, Ala. D. P. McGEACHY Decatur R. O. FLINN Atlanta H. T. MclNTOSH Albany, Ga. J. R. McCAIN Decatur J. J. SCOTT Decatur W. A. BELLINGRATH Montsomery, Ala. G. SCOTT CANDLER Decatur E. D. BROWNLEE Sanford, Fla. J. BULOW CAMPBELL Atlanta D. A. DUNSEITH Clearwater, Fla. MISS NANNETTE HOPKINS Decatur JOHN McMillan " ,..... Stockton, Ala. W. J. RUSHTON Birmineham, Ala. GEORGE WINSHIP Atlanta WARNER H. DuBOSE Mobile, Ala. FRANCIS M. HOLT Jacksonville, Fla. MRS. J. F. DURRETT Atlanta i;;i;ii;;i;;i;!i:!i:;iiiiiiii;i;!i;ii;ii;!ii:)Wiii;;ii;ii;i!iir)ixi ' .ii;;ii:i;i);:i::i:i;;i;:i!;i:; " , ■ :u:] zi%i:m:iaxi :m:ni Mux; mxMi:!WiKm SIDNEY DICKINSON ' S PORTRAIT OF DR. J. R. McCAIN The portrait was a gift of the Student Body, the Faculty and the Alumnae PRESIDENT JAMES ROSS McCain, A.B., M.A., LL.D., Ph.D. Erskine College, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Davidson College DEAN NANNETTE HOPKINS, L;tt.D., Ph.D. University of Georgia, Oglethorpe University. ADMINISTRATION REGISTRAR SAMUEL GUERRY STUKES, A.B., B.D., M.A. SECRETARy TO THE REGISTRAR GLADYS R. CURTIS TREASURER J. C. TART RESIDENT NURSES HARRIET V. DAUGHERTY, R.N. EMILIE THOMAS, R.N. CUNNINGHAM BUSINESS MANAGER R. B. CUNNINGHAM, B.S. SECRETARy TO THE BUSINESS MANAGER EMMIE J. ANSLEY HOUSEKEEPERS JENNIE DUNBAR FINNELL LENA DAVIES MATRON EMMA E. MILLER i:;i;;i:;i:i:ii;:i:;iMli;ii;i:!i:!i:ii:!l!i)i;i:ii;:ii;i;:i;ii;ii:i;ni;ii:!i;;)::i::ivi:;);:i!;i;; ;;i;;i;;in ra g = : p;i:;i:;i::i;:ii;i;;i;ii;;;;;|:;i ' ;;;; ;:i:;o;:ii:ivi;:i;;i;)(;:i;;i;;i:;ii;i;;iiri;; ;;ii;i;;i::r i:;)i;i;i;)( FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF BIBLE ALMA WILLIS SYDENSTRICKER, M.A„ Ph.D. Wooster University PROFESSOR JAMES THORNWELL GILLESPIE, A.B., B.D., TH.M., Ph.D. University of South Carolina, Colunnbia Theological Seminary, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Sydcnstncker DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY MARY STUART MacDOUGALL, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, University of Chicago, Columbia University PROFESSOR MARY WESTALL, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, Colu University of Chicago ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR bia Uni versity, THOMAS W. WHITAKER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. University of California, University of Virginia ACTING ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR BLANCHE MILLER, A.B., M.S. Agnes Scott College, Emory University. INSTRUCTOR IN BIOLOGY SARAH B. BOWMAN, B.A. Agnes Scott College INSTRUCTOR IN BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY ROBERT B. HOLT, A.B., M.S. University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago. PROFESSOR PHILIPPA GARTH GILCHRIST, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Agnes S ott College, University of Wisconsin ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR MARGARET WHITINGTON DAVIS, A.B. Agnes Scott College INSTRUCTOR of absenc ;ii;;i;;i:)i;;i:;i;iiiM;ii:!i;ii;!ii:)iii;iii;ii;i;;i;ii; ' )iM;ii;;ii;i;x:i;;ivi;;i::i:;i;;);;i:ii;;i FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY JAMES M. WRIGHT, A.B., Ph.D. William Jewell College, Johns Hopkins University PROFESSOR ARTHUR F. RARER, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Vanderbilt, University of North Carolina ACTING PROFESSOR OF SOCIOLOGY Wrisht DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH GEORGE P. HAYES, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Swarthmore College, Harvard University PROFESSOR LOUISE McKINNEY PROFESSOR EMMA MAY LANEY, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Mississippi State College for Women, Columbia University, Yale University ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR ANNIE MAY CHRISTIE, A.B., M.A. Brenau College, Columbia University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR JANEF PRESTON, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, Columbia University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ELLEN DOUGLAS LEYBURN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Agnes Scott College, Radcliffe College, Yale University INSTRUCTOR FRANCES K. GOOCH, Ph.B., M.A. University of Chicago, Graduate Boston School of Expressioi ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR MARION RUSSELL VAUGHAN, A.B. Agnes Scott College ASSISTANT IN SPOKEN ENGLISH DEPARTMENT OF FRENCH LUCILE ALEXANDER, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, Columbia University PROFESSOR LOUISE HALE, A.B., M.A. Smith College, University of Chicago ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR MARGARET TAYLOR PHYTHIAN, A.B., M.A Agnes Scott College, University of Cincinnati ASSISTANT PROFESSOR THELMA RICHMOND, A.B. Agnes Scott College ASSISTANT PROFESSOR i;;i;ii;iXi;ii;!i:;i;iiiiii:i;ii;:i;ii;.ii:)iii;iii;i;;i;;i:ii;iixi;ii:;i;i);ii;:i;;i i;;i:;i:;i;;j;;i:in t:]:l:;l:;l::l::ll;ll:l:ll:;l::|::l ' ;l;;l;:l. J;;l::ll:lV|:l|::):Jl:ll:;l;;l::ll:l;;ll:l:;l.vl::» FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN AND SPANISH MURIEL HARN, A.B., Ph.D. Goucher College Johns Hopkins University PROFESSOR MELISSA ANNIS CILLEV, A.B., M.A. University of New Hampshire, University of Wisconsin ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF SPANISH DEPARTMENT OF GREEK CATHERINE TORRANCE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. University of Chicago PROFESSOR MARTHA STANSFIELD, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Agnes Scott College, University ot Chicago ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF GREEK AND LATIN DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY PHILIP DAVIDSON, JR., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. University of Mississippi, University of Chicago PROFESSOR ELIZABETH F. JACKSON, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Wellesley College, University of Pennsylvania ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR FLORENCE E. SMITH, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Westhampton College, University of Chicago ASSISTANT PROFESSOR LOUISE GARLAND LEWIS University of Chicago, University of Pans, Art Institute, Chicago, Academic Julian, Ecolc Delacluse PROFESSOR OF ART AND ART HISTORY ffira:ii;:i:;i;iiii)i;i;ii;:i;ii;!i;;)ii);iir,ii;K;i;iirii;)j ;ii;;iii);;i;:i;r if;i:;);;):;i;:ii:i;:):ia::|::r;i, tvi. x " ii:ivi;:i;!i;)i;:i:;i;;i:;ii;i;;ii;);;H:;ii;i;;i: FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF LATIN LILLIAN S. SMITH, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Syracuse University, Cornell University PROFESSOR MARTHA STANSFIELD, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Agnes Scott College, University of Chicago ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS HENRY ROBINSON, B.S., C.E., M.A., Ph.D. University of Georgia, Johns Hopkins University PROFESSOR LESLIE JANET GAYLORD, A.B., M.S. Lake Erie College, University of Chicago ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC CHRISTIAN W. DIECKMANN, F.A.G.O. Fellow of the American Guild of Organists PROFESSOR LEWIS H. JOHNSON Student of William Nelson Burntt, Nev York, Alexander Heinneman, Berlin, Arthur J. Hubbard, Boston VOICE AGNES ADAMS STOKES, A.B. Agnes Scott College, Graduate of Atlanta Conservatory of Music VIOLIN EDNA E. BARTHOLOMEW Royal Conservatory, Leipzig PIANO i:;i;;i;;i3:ii;;i:;ii;ii;ii:i;.i:ii;ii;!i;;iii);iii;ii;i!;i;iir)i;iirji;;i:i;;;i;:i:;ivi;;i::ii;i,;T:i;ii; uxtarnxiirm. FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY SCHUYLER MEDLOCK CHRISTIAN, B.S., M.S., M.A„ Ph.D. Emory University, Harvard University PROFESSOR DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION SAMUEL GUERRY STUKES, A.B., M.A., B.D. Davidson College, Princeton University, Princeton Semin PROFESSOR EMILY S. DEXTER, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Ripon College, University of Wisconsin ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR KATHERINE TAIT OMWAKE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. George Washington University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR LIBRARY EDNA RUTH HANLEY, A.B., B.A.L.S. Bluffton College, University of Michigan LIBRARIAN GWENDELINE N. MILLER, A.B., B.A.L.S. University of Michigan ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN ADA PAGE FOOTE, A.B., B.A.L.S. Mississippi State College for Women, Emory University ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN MILDRED HOOTEN, A.B. Agnes Scott College ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN l;;|;Jl;ll;;l:)l;. ' l:;lilll;)l:l;:l;:l;||;!l;;)l;l;ll:;l;;l;;l:lli ' )l;llr.)l:;l:;);; ;. •:lvl;;ll;l, u■ll;ll;;l ):;);:i;:ii:i!;i;ira::i::r;i. t T ' a;:ii:ivi;:i:;i:ji::ni;i:;ii;i;;ii:i:n:, ' ii;i;;i.:r)i;:ii;i: FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION MARY F, SWEET, M.D., F.A.C.P, Syracuse University, New England Hospital, Boston COLLEGE PHYSICIAN LLEWELLYN WILBURN, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, Colunnbia University HARRIET HAYNES, A.B., M.A. Randolph Macon Woman ' s College, Columbia University ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION EUGENIE LOUISE DOZIER, A.B. Agnes Scott College INSTRUCTOR IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION EDNA PAGE ACKERMAN, A.B. Agnes Scott College ASSISTANT IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION CARRIE SCANDRETT, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College ASSISTANT DEAN MARGARET BELL, A.B. Agnes Scott College SECRETARY TO THE DEAN WMiMffl;ii;i LJ 55 5 O zxyUL. x9m W 1 " ' ' i Tr .y u HARRIET HAV Randolph-Macon Woman ' s ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 1 EUGENIE LOU Agnes Sc INSTRUCTOR IN Pl- i;;i;ji;ii;i:)i;. ' i:;iMiiiii;i;iiiii;ii;!ii:n;i;ii!;ii;ii;i;ii;iix ;ii;:i ' ,i), " ) ocru ZAiAxyr CHARLES RARER ADVISERS AND MASCOT MISS ANNIE MAY CHRISTIE MISS HARRIETTE HAYNES MR. ROBERT B. HOLT CHARLES RARER Mascot ;i:ii;;i:i:iia::iiiii:ii:i:ii:!i:ii:!i;:)ii);iii:i;:i;:i:iwiM:ii:;ii!);x:i::ivi:;i::ii:i;;i;ii:;ii:H Left to Risht: ALEXANDER, ESPY, SHUTZE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ELIZABETH CALL ALEXANDER President FRANCES KATHERYN ESPY Vice-President ALSINE SHUTZE Secretary and Treasurer i::i:ii:;i3:;i::i:;i;ili!ii:i;!i!!i:ii;fii:)i!);ii!;i;;i;;i;ii;ii;)5 :ii;:i:!ia::i::i;i:;i!:i!;i;;i;;):;i;;ii:iM L M. T. ADAMS rt fflim- ■• i ■ ■ " - A ■ MARIE ADAMS Moultrie, Ga. HISTORy Citizenship Club, ' 34, ' 35. MARY THOMAS ADAMS Eatonton, Ga. ENGLISH AGONISTIC Reporter, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: Chemistry Club, ' 33; Citizenship Club, ' 35; Granddaughters ' Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; In- ternational Relations Club, ' 34, ' 35; K. U. B., ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 34, ' 35. ELIZABETH CALL ALEXANDER Atlanta, Ga. MATHEMATICS AND CHEMISTRY President Senir Class; SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 35; Cotillion Club, ■34, ' 35: y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Freshnnan Sponsor, ' 34; Bible Club, Secretary, ' 33; Chemistry Club, ' 33; Mathe- matics Club, ' 32; Riding Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Class Volley -ball, Manager, ' 33; Class Swimming Team, ' 33; Tennis Manager (Classl, ' 32. ' i::ii:ixiv,i:;i:;i:i:jirjH;.i:irii:iiiii ' Jii:ii:iiyi;Ti)Hi, ii;:j ' ii::i:ai.i,)i:Ki„i;i!:i)iii.:ii.i M. V. ALLEN M. E. ALLEN MARY VIRGINIA ALLEN Clarksvllle, Va. FRENCH AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32, ' 33; AURORA Staff, ' 33, ' 35; B. O. Z., ' 34, ' 35; French Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; German Club, ' 34, ' 35: Lecture Association Treasurer, ' 35; May Day Committee, 33, ' 34; Phi Alpha Phi, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Stunt Committee, ' 33. MARTHA ELIZABETH ALLEN Monroe, Ga. LATIN AND MATHEMATICS American Mathematical Association, ' 35; Archery Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; French Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Chi Beta Phi Sisma, ' 34, ' 35; Eta Sigma Phi, ' 33, ' 34; Treasurer, ' 35. VELLA MARIE BEHM Decatur, Ga. FRENCH President of Day Students, ' 35; Student Recorder, ' 35; Presi- dent Junior Class, ' 34; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34; V. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34; French Club, ' 34, ' 35; Citizenship Club, ' 34, ' 35; Stunt Committee, ' 33; Chemistry Club, ' 32. 1 tmm t( ■;■ ■.■ 4 t |ir:»!|;:V;;r,:CT ' i;i;:|i)|:;|i:ii;i;ii;:iii;;|:i:;ii:i!;iiji;|jv.i|r4 ' ;,i;;|i;|;|i; BLACKSHEAR DOROTHY LENORE BELL Decatur, Ga. ENGLISH llackfriars, ' 35; French Club, ' 34, ' 35; Honor RoH, ' 33, ' 34. DOROTHEA BLACKSHEAR Atlanta, Ga. HISTORy Citizenship Club, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 34; Basket-ball Team, ' 33, ' 34. MARY BOGGS Birmingham, Ala. FRENCH AND GERMAN Editor of AGONISTIC, ' 35; Phi Beta Kappa, ' 35: Mortor Board, Vice-President, ' 35; German Club, President, ' 35; Poetry Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; B. O. Z., ' 34, ' 35; Student Government Repre- sentative, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Honor Roll, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Editor Junior AGONISTIC, ' 34; Editor Sophomore AGONISTIC, ' 33; French Club, ' 33, ' 34; Blackfriars, ' 32, ' 33. Kimmxmauiiiiimym ALICE GERTRUDE BURKE Atlanta, Ga. ENGLISH AND HISTORy l«-)53 GLADYS PARKER BURNS Macon, Ga. HISTORy Citizenship Club, ' 34, ' 35. VIRGINIA FELDA BYERS Atlanta, Ga. ENGLISH AND HISTORY ackfriars, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Eta Siqma Phi, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. fl .ltt:1 t( © 7 V l« ' ;itili:i;xii;:illi;:W ' itf:ii)|::|i:ii;i;ii;;»i;:i::i:;ii:i!;ilji;i;H;;i ' ;i!;i;:ii:|:ii:aii::i:4l;i ;nu M. CARMICHAEL T. CARMICHAEL MARION CALHOUN Asheville, N. C. HISTORY House-President Aflnes Scott Hall, ' 35; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 32, ' 33, (Vice-President), ' 34, (President), ' 35; Blackfriars, ' 34, ' 35; French Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; German Club, ' 34; International Relations Club, 34, ' 35; Junior Hockey Team, ' 34; Spanish Club, ' 35. MARJORIE CARMICHAEL Atlanta, Ga. PSVCHOLOGy TRELLIS ELIZABETH CARMICHAEL McDonough, Ga. FRENCH AND SPANISH Eta Sigma Phi, -34, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 35; French Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 34; Spanish Club, ' 35. ' n::ii:i ' ]:Ki:;i: i;i:iui;iii;:i:ir)i:ii)H:iii:ii:iiyi;:iiii,i;iii]:j ' ia:iii:ii)iw;;i::i!:irrii::ii.i:,iM,a CHAMPION VIRGINIA JANE CASSELS Ellenton, S. C. PSyCHOLOGV Bible Club, ' 34, ' 35: Freshman Sponsor, ' 35; Mathematics Club, 32; Spanish Club, ' 34, ' 35; South Carolma Club, ' 32. JENNIE CHAMPION Atlanta, Ga. ZOOLOGY Lecture Association, ' 35; May Day Committee, ' 35; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 34, ' 35; German Club, ' 34, ' 35; Granddaughters ' Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. CAROLYN COLE Savannah, Ga. PSyCHOLOGY Citizenship Club, ' 33. riMa:iv.;i;iM; ' X ' ii.v ' .ii)i:;ii:iiii;« CONSTANTINE ! mmn 1 ; - j .H a EVA CONSTANTINE Savannah, Ga. LATIN AGONISTIC Staff, ' 34, ' 35; French Club, ' 35; Eta Sigma Phi, ' 33, ' 34, (President), ' 35; French Club, ' 35; Hockey Team, ' 32, ' 35; Tennis Club, ' 35; Vice-House President Inman Dor- mitory, ' 34. SARAH COOK Collese Park, Ga. BOTANY AGONISTIC Reporter, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Archery Club, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 33: French Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: K. U. B., ' 33, ' 34, (Vice-President), ' 35; May Day Committee, ' 35; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 33, ' 34; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 33, ' 34, (Treasurer), ' 35. ROSALYN CRISPIN Gulfport, Miss. HISTORY AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32, ' 34, ' 35; International Relations Club, ' 34, (President), ' 35; K. U. B., ' 33; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 35. :ir.ii.ivj:;i:)i:i ' :ii ' i::ili;:i:i|]i;iiiii:iii:ir.ii ' ji;!ii-iii);iii):;r)i::):iii:ii)i:Ki:;i::i!:i)rii::i;j;iiM,j SARA GRIFFIN DAVIS Atlanta, Ga. MATHEMATICS Bible Club, ' 33; Chemistrv Club, ' 32, ' 33; Cotillion Club, ' 35: Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 34, ' 35; Vice-President Day Students, ' 34. MARY LILLIAN DEASON Lumpkin, Ga. CHEMISTRY Bible Club, ' 33; Chemistry Club, ' 32, ' 33; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 35; German Club, ' 34, ' 35; K. U. B., ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Outing Club, ' 34, ' 35; Spanish Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. HELEN DERRICK Augusta, Ga. ENGLISH H)35 EBIihI ill ■, = f 4 V W ' ;H;iiMir.:i;r4 ' a ' ' itit;ii)i:iii:iii,ir:iiii.i:j;ji:ir,r.i[iii;i,H:,W ' ii;j ' i 11,111:; 65S03 195 CAROLINE DICKSON Anderson, S. C. PSyCHOLOGV Bible Club, ' 34, ' 35; Citizenship Club, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34; Hiking Squad, ' 33; SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 33; Vice-Presi- dent Sophomore Class, ' 32; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 32, ' 33, (Secretary), ' 34, ( V.ce-President) , ' 35. HARRIET DIMMOCK Waycross, Ga. HISTORy AGONISTIC Staff, ' 33: Bible Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Fresh- man Stunt Committee, ' 32; Granddaughters ' Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; International Relations Club, ' 35. MAE DULS Charlotte, N. C. SOCIOLOGV AND PSVCHOLOGY AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32; Bible Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Hockey Team, ' 32, ' 34; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34. :ii;iil ;i:iOi;i:iu;;ili;Xiili:irilt;rii:ii;ilvi; ' iiiiii;iii);;rii;:);iii:wi:M,;i;i!:i)rtiij;.iMt« ALICE DUNBAR Troy, Ala. HISTORY AGONISTIC Staff, ' 34, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34, ' 35; Pen and Brush Club, ' 34, ' 35; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 34, ' 35. FIDESAH MARGARET EDWARDS New Orleans, La., and Dallas, Texas BIOLOGY AND HISTORY AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 34; Chemistry Club, ' 32, ' 33: Fire Chief, ' 34; German Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Hikins Squad, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; International Relations Club, ' 34, ' 35; K. U. B., ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Mathematics Club, ' 32; Outing Club, ' 33, ' 34; Spanish Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Swimming Team, ' 34; Water Polo Team, ' 33. FRANCES KATHRYN ESPY Dothan, Ala. ENGLISH AGONISTIC Staff, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Basket-ball Team, ' 34; Lecture Association, ' 34, (President), ' 35; Poetry Club, ' 34, (Presi- dent), ' 35. 1955 i EB Ull ■■: = ' P 4 k ff:ii!l;:m::i;ii::W ' ii.i.;ii|i::|i:iiii;ii;;i:|:i:ji:i!,il.iM:ilM:;i::i ' :|:ii:.|il WILLIE FLORENCE EUBANKS Decatur, Ga. LATIN E ta Sigma Phi, ' 34, ' 35; French Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: Honor Roll, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, MARY JANE EVANS Fort Valley, Ga. HISTORY AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32, ' 33: House President Inman Hall, ' 35; Executive Committee, ' 34, ' 35; Mortar Board, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 33; Blackfriars, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34; Inter- national Relations Club, ' 33, ' 34; May Day Committee, ' 33; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: Vice-President Freshman Class, ' 32. BETTY GRACE FOUNTAIN Nashville, Tenn. FRENCH AND HISTORV Bible Club, ' 32: Blackfriars, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; French Club, ' 32, ' 33 (Secretary and Treasurer), ' 34, (President), ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 35: Hiking Squad, ' 33; Honor Roll, ' 33, ' 34: Inter- national Relations Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Lecture Association, ' 33, ' 34; Pen and Brush Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, (Vice-President), ' 35; SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 34, ' 35; Swimming Team, ' 33, ' 34; Water Polo Team, 33, ' 34. ivi::ii:rr]u:;i:?i:i:iui;:iii;:i:irii:iW)i:i ' ii:ii:iivi;:iiiiii;iiij;.riH:iii:iji:ivii;i::i::i):i;ii::ii.i:.ii,ij.) MARGARET VIRGINIA COINS Atlanta, Ga. MATHEMATICS Baseball Team, ' 32, ' 33; Chemistry Club, ' 32; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Hockey Team, ' 33, ' 34; Volley Ball Team, ' 32; Winner Freshman Tennis Tournament (Doubles), ' 32. MARY WARING GREEN Decatur, Ga. HISTORy Mortar Board, ' 35; Vice-President Student Government, ' 35; Basket-ball Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Citizenship Club, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34; Glee Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Hockey Team, ' 33, ' 34; International Relations Club, 35; May Day Committee, ' 33; Outing Club, (Vice-President), ' 34; Pen and Brush Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Swimming Team, ' 34; Treasurer Day Students, ' 33; Treasurer Student Government, ' 34; Treasurer Freshman Class, ' 32; Volley-ball Team, ' 34. CAROL HOWE GRIFFIN East Granby, Conn. BIOLOGX Chi Beta Phi Sigma, " 34, (Secretary), ' 35; Citizenship Club, ' 33; Spanish Club, ' 33, ' 34. n) 35 l« ' ' ,l ;ii;;:i;ii;:v;X ' «iiv,ii)|:;ii:iiii;ii;;iiiv.|;ir,ii:i!;i;ii ' ,ji;a;H ' 4 ' il ' . ' .i;;i ' :l- 55 ANNE SCOTT HARMON Atlanta, Ga. PSyCHOLOGY Archery Club, ' 34; Basket-ball Team, ' 33; Bible Club, ' 32; Citizenship Club, ' 33: Mathematics Club, ' 33: Granddaughters ' Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. ELIZABETH HEATON Tallapoosa, Ga. HISTORY ;ible Club, ' 33; Citizenship Club, ' 35; International Relations Club, ' 34, ' 35; Orchestra, ' 32. KATHERINE MARGARET HERTZKA Atlanta, Ga. CHEMISTRY AND GERMAN Phi Beta Kappa, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34, ' 35; German Club, ' 34, (Vice-President), ' 35; K. U. B., ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. ln:ll: r] :;l;)i:l:l :l;;|| ;:l:l |l;yj) :l il:il:il7l;:li li;|;iliJa■) ::):;ll:li)l:l l;;|::l::l;:l;l|::ul:,lM HUTCHINSON BETTV LOU HOUCK Bradcnton, Fla. SPANISH Business Manaser SILHOUETTE, 35, Assistant Business Man- ager, ' 34; SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 32, ' 33: Blackfriars, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Cotillion Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Glee Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; " Miss Health, " ' 33; Winner Golf Tournament, ' 34; Winner of Cup for Best Actins of Year, 34; Sophomore AGONISTIC Staff, ' 33; Sophomore Manager Mardi Gras, ' 33: Hockey Team, ' 32. ANNA STALLINGS HUMBER Clarksdale, Miss. FRENCH AND ENGLISH President Mortar Board, ' 35; Honor Roll, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Editor AURORA, ' 35; AURORA Staff, ' 34; Chairman Eristics, ' 35; Blackfriars, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; B. O. Z., ' 32, ' 33, (President), ' 34, ' 35; AGONISTIC Staff, ' 33; French Club, ' 34, ' 35; German Club, 34, ' 35; Freshman AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32; International Rela- tions Club, ' 34; K. U. B., ' 32; May Day Committee, ' 34; Swimmins Team, ' 33; Water-Polo Team, ' 33. MARY ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON Atlanta, Ga. PSyCHOLOGY Treasurer Blackfriars, ' 34, ' 35; Blackfriars, ' 32, ' 33; Chemistry Club, ' 32; Citizenship Club, ' 35; Mathematics Club, ' 32; Spanish Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. F)5 ' If S HI ■I ; • V. I ' l« ' ' .ir.i;;i ' , ' ,i ' .H;;i;ii;:a ' ' H.f.;ii|ri|i:iiii,ir,;iiri;i;:r.,ii:i!;i ' ,ir,,ii;i,ir-i rii.jii;;i:iiM;iv.fiw:iiA.uii:i.ii:jirii:T:ii;wi({i:iii:i; ' irii:iiiaitfi:;ivii jpH ' A:J . ' ' l 4- U. i4 -LL-L JOSEPHINE SIBLEY JENNINGS Milledgeville, Ga. HISTORY AGONISTIC Staff, ' 35; Cotillion, ' 34, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 35; K. U. B„ ' 35. MARY LOUISE LATIMER Decatur, Ga. HISTORY AND SPANISH Spanish Club, (Vice-President), ' 34, (Secretary and Treasurer), ■35. MARY PHILLIPS LOGAN Atlanta, Ga. HISTORY Poetry Club, ' 34, ' 35. •|:ir.ixiU ' .ii;)i:r.ii ' i;;in;j:irii;iiiii:rii:ii:iiyi, ' rii»i;iiiJ:j-|i:i:.iii )i:Ki,,i,i ' iiiii;ii.i,i CAROLINE LONG Slatesville, N. C. ZOOLOGY Editor SILHOUETTE, ' 35; Assistant Editor SILHOUETTE, ' 34: SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 33; Mortar Board, ' 35; Chi Beta Phi Sisma, ' 34, ' 35; Cotillion Club, ' 34, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 33; Ger- man Club, ' 33; Hiking Squad, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Hockey Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Outins Club, ' 34; Riding Team, ' 32. MARGUERITE MORRIS Marion, N. C. GREEK Blackfriars, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: Cotillion Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Eta Sigma Phi, ' 34, ' 35; SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 33, ' 35; German Club, ' 34; Bible Club, ' 34. CLARA MORRISON Atlanta, Ga. FRENCH Honor Roll, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Citizenship Club, ' 35; French Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Granddaughters ' Club, ' 32, 33, 34, ' 35; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 32; German Club, 34, ' 35. 1 )55 IPBIFI ■.•I if ■ . • ■ .!Q, W ' -: ' V- --U ' — fy UJ k V l« ' -.H!liniv.:Mi::H ' r,i:;ii|r:|i:iiir,ir;.iiii.i.i ' ;ji:ira;i[.iii;i ' ril ' K McCALLUM McCLATCHEy lO- miia: ' ■ ' ■ . -» r a)J ' FRANCES LUCINDA McCALLA Little Rock, Ark. MATHEMATICS AND ZOOLOGY President Athletic Association, ' 35; Athletic Association, ' 33, (Secretary), ' 34; Mortar Board, (Secretary), ' 35; Cotillion Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Executive Committee, ' 32; Outins Club, (Secretary), ' 34, ' 35; Tennis Club, ' 34, ' 35. CAROLYN McCALLUM Dothan, Ala. ENGLISH Executive Committee, ' 35; AGONISTIC Staff, ' 33. JULIA ANDERSON McCLATCHEY Atlanta, Ga. FRENCH French Club, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 35; Industrial Commit- tee, ' 35; Poetry Club, ' 34, ' 35; Y. W. C, A. Cabinet, ' 35. •|: ' ii:i ' iiU ' .;i:;ii;i:jcii;iii;j:.lli:iriii ' j ' ii;ii:iiyi;riiHi;iirj:j ' ii;:):iiiT )i:iMi,i:i!:i)ii|j).i McCONNELL CLARA MITCHELL McCONNELL Atlanta, Ga. HISTORY IDA LOIS McDANIEL Atlanta, Ga. ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGy AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: Blackfriars, ' 34, ' 35; K. U. B., ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Vice-President Pi Alpha Phi, ' 35; Secretary PI Alpha Phi, ' 34; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 35. EMILY McGAHEE Columbus, Ga. HISTORy Cotillion Club, ' 34, ' 35. I ' l •;;: : 1 ■■ ' .■■ A J — Vr 4 k ' n va m : ;mm-mu w 1955 VIRGINIA NELSON Atlanta, Ga. CHEMISTRy AND MATHEMATICS Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 34, ' 35. ALBERTA HANSELL PALMOUR College Park, Ga. HISTORY President Student Governnnent, ' 35; President Sophomore Class, ' 33; President Freshman Class, ' 32; Mortar Board, ' 35; Secre- tary Student Government, ' 34; Citizenship Club, ' 34; Grand- daughters ' Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Eta Sigma Phi, ' 34, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34; V. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 35; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Baseball Team, ' 33; Hiking Squad, ' 32, ' 33; Hockey Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Riding Team, ' 34; Swimming Team, ' 34; Water-Polo Team, ' 32, ' 33; Volley-ball Team, ' 32, ' 33. NINA WOODS PARKE Philadelphia, Pa. ZOOLOGy President Cotillion Club, ' 35; Cotillion Club, ' 32, (Secretary), ' 33, (Vice-President), ' 34; SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Athletic Association, ' 33, ' 35; Orchestra, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Winner Archery Cup, ' 34. ' orrra NELL TILGHMAN PATTILLO Decatur, Ga. FRENCH Business Manager AGONISTIC, ' 35; Assistant Business Man- ager AGONISTIC, ' 34; AGONISTIC Staff, ' 33; Mortar Board, ' 35; President Citizenship Club, ■35; French Club, ' 34, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34; Lecture Association, ' 34; Pen and Brush Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Spanish Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34. EVA POLIAKOFF Abbeville, S. C. HISTORY AND LATIN Phi Beta Kappa, ' 35; AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Eristics, ' 35; Eta Sigma Phi, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; German Club, ' 34; Honor Roll, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; International Relations Club, ' 35; Rich Prize, ' 32; Baseball Team, ' 32; Hockey Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 35. VERA FRANCES PRUET Opelika, Ala. ENGLISH Vice-President Blackfriars, ' 35; Blackfriars, ' 32, ' 34; Freshman Sponsor, ' 35; Cotillion Club, ' 35; Lecture Association, ' 35; K. U. B., ' 32, ' 34, ' 35; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 32, ' 34, ' 35; Y. W. C, A. Cabinet, ' 32. I;il4 :|.i:|:1 W ;:• ' . ' . ' •. Lr " .. " r i K n!li:hXli::i;fcW ' li;c;ii)|:;|i:ii;i;ii;:ili;;i::i;;ii:i!;i:ii:,|i;i;H:;y;i:;i;:ii;lli:,IH:ii:;iU;% Ill 1E ' -1]S|1 ' :■,[ ■ ' ' ■ ' ■ .... A : « :, JULIETTE PUETT Cummlng, Ga. ENGLISH Honor Roll, " 32, ' 33; College Chorus, ' 35; Spanish Club, ' 32, ' 33. MADELINE RACE Valdosta, Ga. HISTORy Cotillion Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; international Relations Club, ' 35. MARTHA HENRIETTA REDWINE Fayettevllle, Ga, ENGLISH President V. W. C. A., ' 35; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 32, ' 34; Mortar Board, ' 35; President Granddaughters ' Club, ' 35; Granddaughters ' Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Executive Committee, ' 35; K. U. B., ' 34; Lecture Association, ' 33, ' 34; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Spanish Club, ' 34, ' 35; AGONISTIC Reporter, ' 32, ' 33. ' n;:ii:ix ' ig:;i;)i;i.iu;;iii;.i;irii:ir H;rii:ii;ilvr,!iiini;ii,j;;i ' ii;:);;ii:i))(:H,;);:i!:i)r G. ROBINSON MARGARET ERWIN ROBINS Asheboro, N. C. ENGLISH AND PSYCHOLOGV AGONISTIC Staff, ' 35; B. O. Z., ' 35; German Club, ' 34, ' 35; Honor Roll, ' 34; International Relations Club, ' 33; K. U. B., ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. GRACE ROBINSON Avondale Estates, Ga. FRENCH French Club, ' 34, ' 35; German Club, ' 34, ' 35. MARTHA ANN RODGERS Chattanooga, Tenn. ENGLISH H)5 ' ffilill: 1 ' , . ] :;•: r ff;h!iiM:ii::i;ir4; ' X ' iii-:ii)i:;;aiii4::i:iin!,ii.ii;iiiH ' .iM ' J 1955 ISABEL KNOX SHIPLEY Greensboro, Ga. ENGLISH AND LATIN Phi Beta Kappa, ' 35; Eta Sigma Phi, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; K. U. B., ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; French Club, ' 34, ' 35. ALSINE SHUTZE Atlanta, Ga. PSVCHOLOGY Secretary and Treasurer Senior Class, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 33, ' 35; Citizenship Club, ' 35; Spanish Club, ' 32; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 35. MARIE SIMPSON Decatur, Ga. BIBLE President Bible Club, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 34; Secretary Citizen- ship Club, ' 35; Athletic Association, ' 34: Baseball Team, ' 33; Basket-ball Team, ' 32, ' 33; Hockey Team, ' 33, ' 34; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 34, ' 35; Y. W. C, A. Cabinet, ' 35. i i:ii:i :iu:iUi;aci:;iM::i:aii:ii ii:iii:ii:iivi; ' iniii;iii):.riP:iinaiw.;i::i!:iri:ii:: SARAH JACKSON SIMMS Atlanta, Ga. HISTORY Bible Club, ' 34; Citizenship Club, ' 35. SUZANNE GALL SMITH Bramwell, W. Va. ENGLISH President K. U. B., ' 35; K. U, B., ' 33, (Vice-President), ' 34 Bible Club, ' 33; Chemistry Club, ' 32; German Club, ' 34, ' 35 International Relations Club, ' 33: Lecture Association, ' 35 Spanish Club, ' 34, ' 35: Sophomore Stunt Committee, ' 33. ETHEL LEONORA SPENCER Rock Hill, S. C. ZOOLOSy Vice-President Athletic Association, ' 35; Athletic Association ' 32, ' 33, (Treasurer), ' 34; Cotillion Club, ' 34, ' 35; A. S. Club ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Baseball Team, ' 32, ' 33; Basket-ball Team, ' 32 " 33, ' 34; Cheer Leader, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 34 German Club, ' 34, ' 35; Glee Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: Hiking Squad ' 33, ' 34; Hockey Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Outing Club, ' 34, ' 35 Swimming Team, ' 34; Varsity Basket-ball, ' 33, ' 34; Vice-Pre dent Sophomore Class, ' 33; Volley-ball Team, ' 33; Y. W. C A., ' 32, i:|i:V. ';iCTfliA ' :ii|i::iqiilili;:illi:|:j ' ;j|:ir,ilJ ' ;4.H ' il ' .l ' ;i;a l ' IL IfftSllIi :• ' « ;■ MARY ELIZABETH SQUIRES Greenville, S. C. LATIN AND GREEK lible Club, ' 35; Eta Sisma Phi, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; K. U. B., ' 34, ' 35; Pi Alpha Phi, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34. MARGARET CLARKE STOKEY Atlanta, Ga. FRENCH AGONISTIC Staff, ' 33; Bible Club, ' 34; Blackfriars, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Chemistry Club. ' 32; French Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; German Club, ' 34; K. U. B., ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Pen and Brush Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. MARY SUMMERS Atlanta, Ga. BOTANY Freshman Sponsor, ' 35; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, (Vice-President) ' 34, (President), ' 35; German Club, ' 34, ' 35. ::ii;r). ivj ' .i«i;i:iu;;ii t ' j;irii:ii iH;rii;ii:ii7i; ' ii)iii;iii;;ii ' )i:i:iii:r )i:iviiii:T X I L Z. THOMPSON G. THOMPSON SUSAN NELL TARPLEY Hampton, Ga. CHEMISTRy Bible Club, ' 35. MARY ZACHRy THOMPSON McDonough, Ga. PSyCHOLOGY lible Club, ' 32; Blackfriars, ' 35; Glee Club, ' 34, ' 35; Sccreta of Day Students, ' 33. MILDRED GLASS THOMPSON McDonough, Ga. PSYCHOLGGy lible Club, ' 32; Blackfriacs, ' 35; Glee Club, ' 34, ' 35; Treasurer of Day Students, ' 33. l«-)55 W ' ;inimi;;i;ii;« ' H,f;ii|i;;p;ii;Mi;;iiii;i;:i;iii:ii;i:ii:,i!W;HM;:i i:ii UNDERWOOD 1955 SARAH ELIZABETH THRASHER Decatur, Ga. PSyCHOLOGV AGONISTIC Staff, ' 34, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Citizen ship Club, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 35. SUSAN TURNER Newnan, Ga. MATHEMATICS B.ble Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: Granddaughters ' Club, ' 32, ' 33, 34, ' 35: Mathematics Club, ' 32, ' 33; Orchestra, ' 32, ' 33. AMY EUGENIA UNDERWOOD Decatur, Ga. LATIN Student Treasurer, -35; Chemistry Club, ' 32; Citizenship Club, ' 35; Eta Sigma Phi, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; French Club, ' 34, ' 35; Fresh- man Sponsor, ' 35; Honor Roll, ' 32, ' 33: Spanish Club, ' 35: Treasurer Junior Class, ' 34. iu::ii:rilu:i):)i;i:iui;;ili::i:.lii:iiiia ' ii:ii:ilvi;:ii)i;i;ili):a ' H;:)::ii:rai:ivi,;i::i!:iri:i|ji;iiiaM MARGARET WATERMAN Larchmont, N. Y. MATHEMATICS AND ECONOMICS AGONISTIC Staff, ' 32; Bible Club, ' 32: Chemistry Club, ' 32; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 34, ' 35: Hockey Team, ' 34; SILHOUETTE Staff, ' 34; Swimming Team, ' 32, ' 33; Tennis Team (Manager), ' 34, ' 35; Water-Polo, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34. LAURA LOOMIS WHITNER Atlanta, Ga. CHEMISTRV May Oueen, ' 35; Chemistry Club, ' 33; German Club, ' 34, ' 35; Golf Club, ' 33; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 34, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ■35. HESTER ANNE WITHERS Waynesville, N. C. ENGLISH President Blackfriars, ' 35; Blackfriars, ' 33, ' 34; Cotillion Club, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 32, ' 33; French Club, ' 34, ' 35; Freshman Sponsor, ' 35; Freshman Stunt Committee, ' 32; International Relations Club, ' 33, ' 34; Sophomore Stunt Committee, ' 33; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 33. l -)5 ' III mmm f| ■ - ,yH , 4 t " r:iri;:Ki:ii::i;Ka ' »;i-:ii)i;:iqi;iulniiii:ii:i:;ii:i!;iliii;Hl ' iVKi;a ' :rii:aii::i:;i«;i ;i:iM jEill ;: ;■::■.; 4 : « : VIRGINIA CATHERINE WOOD Atlanta, Ga. ' :CONOMICS Glee Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 32: Citizenship Club, ' 35: French Club, ' 32, ' 33. JACOUELINE EUGENIA WOOLFOLK Fort Valley, Ga. ZOOLOGV House President Rebekah Scott Hall, ' 35; AGONISTIC Staff, ' 34; Baseball Team, ' 33; Cotillion Club, ' 35; Hiking Squad, ' 33; Hockey Team, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Volley-ball Team, ' 34; Water- Polo Team, ' 33; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 32, ' 34; Secretary and Treasurer Sophomore Class, ' 33. ELIZABETH YOUNG Atlanta, Ga. zooLoey Freshman Sponsor, ' 35; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, ' 33, ' 34, (Corre- sponding Secretary), ' 35; Baseball Team, ' 32, ' 33: Basket- ball Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Bible Club, ' 33; Hockey Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Volley-ball Team, ' 34; Varsity, ' 34. i:riia:;i;)i:i:iui:;in;.i:,rii:ii iu-ii:ii:ii!;i; ' iiii;i;Hi;a ' n::):;ii:ii;Kig;;i::i::i)i:ii.:i .i4J» J-uru AiOLOr ' «»■ ts»v imiif lAA Left to Risht: FORMAN, KING, STOWE I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ELIZABETH FORMAN President AUGUSTA KING Vice-President MARY MARGARET STOWE Secretary and Treasurer i::i:)i:;i;:i:ii::i::i;;i;;iiii;ii:ii:ii:ii:)iii;ii!;ii;i;;i;iini:ijii;;ixi::i::ix;i:ri:;);ii:ii::ii Top Row: AHLES, AMES, ARMSTRONG, BAETHKE, BATES, BEASLEy Bottom Row: BISHOP, BLICK, BROSNAN, BULL, BURSON, CHAMLEE ELAINE AHLES Atlanta, Ga. LULU AMES Decatur, Ga. LENA ARMSTRONG Sebrmg, Fla. ELIZABETH BAETHKE Hewanee, III. CATHERINE BATES Greenville, S. C. MARY BEASLEY Columbia, Tenn. KATHERINE BISHOP Augusta, Ga. JANE BLICK Atlanta, Ga. SARAH BROSNAN Atlanta, Ga. MERIEL BULL Winston-Salem, N. C. ELIZABETH BURSON Decatur, Ga. ALICE CHAMLEE Canton, Ga. i:i ' H:M;ii;;v;(;;(;i:xit:i:;i;)i:;i:ii;;t;.rM;ii:;i;;L TH:;iv,i;,r.i-iir,i,;iv.i;:ii;iniT.ii;|.iiiX ' X.a Top Row: CHRISTIAN, CLARK, COFFEE, COLE , COLLIER, COONS Bottom Row: M. COOPER, N. COOPER, CORNELV, CRENSHAW, CUNNINGHAM, CURETON SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN Chattanooga, Tenti. MILDRED CLARK Eilenwood, Ga. ANN COFFEE Decatur, Ga. BAZALYN COLEY Fairbum, Ga. MARY COLLIER Atlanta, Ga. VIRGINIA COONS Atlanta, Ga. MARGARET COOPER State Park, S. C. NAOMI COOPER Columbus, Ga. MARY CORNELY Abbeville, S. C. MARTHA CRENSHAW Huntinston, W. Va. CATHERINE CUNNINGHAM Decatur, Ga. SARA CURETON Moreland, Ga. .ra ' l)!r;ina;);yi;i;;;:;i;;)i:ii:r:ii;i;;)):i;;r;)i:ii:i;;);iiii:ivii.T iv ' ii;ii;;i;.i;;ii:r;i;ra Top Row; DAVIS, DERRICK, ESTES, FORD, FORMAN, FROM Bottom Row: GAINES, GOSS, GRAY, HANDTE, HART, HOFFMAN ELLEN DAVIS Columbia, S, C. MARION DERRICK Clayton, Ga. SARA FRANCES ESTES Gay, Ga. HELEN FORD Decatur, Ga. ELIZABETH FORMAN Birminsham, Ala. ROSA FROM Union, S. C. VIRGINIA GAINES Atlanta, Ga. LITA GOSS Atlanta, Ga. JANET GRAY Winston-Salem, N. C. HELEN HANDTE Sumter, S. C. LOIS HART Chile, S. A. CELIA HOFFMAN Atlanta, Ga. w: ; ' i:ii;;i;i;:r:i:;i;ic.r.;r,ii:;i:ii;;r;,i ' ;i;ii::i;;i;.i:i|;;i;ii;-,i;Tii;-,ir,ii ' ,i;;ii,iviii;iivi X 1 L 1 AJkA Top Row: HULL, HUTTON, JAMES, JOHNSON, JOHNSTON, O. S. JONES Bottom Row; S. JONES, JORDAN, KING, LATIMER, LAWRENCE, LEIPOLD MARY HULL Aususta, Ga. RUBY HUTTON Abinsdon, Va. FRANCES JAMES Atlanta, Ga. ETHELYN JOHNSON Atlanta, Ga. ELLEN JOHNSTON Decatur, Ga. ORIZABA SUSAN JONES Atlanta, Ga. SARAH JONES Canton, Ga. LOUISE JORDAN Atlanta, Ga. AUGUSTA KING Atlanta, Ga. CARRIE PHINNEY LATIMER Honea Path, S. C. SARA AMANDA LAWRENCE Atlanta, Ga. KATHRYN LEIPOLD Augusta, Ga. nmm%rM;my, ,llx ■x ■ n:l xn Top Row: LOZIER, LYONS, MARTIN, MERLIN, MILLER, McCALLIE Bottom Row: J. McCLURE, L. S. McCLURE, McCULLY, McDONALD, McKOIN, McREE GERTRUDE LOZIER Atlanta, Ga. DOROTHY LYONS Cartersville, Ga. ANN MARTIN Atlanta, Ga. EDITH MERLIN Atlanta, Ga. ROSA MILLER Fort Leavenworth, Kan. ALICE McCALLIE Chattanooga, Tenn. JOSEPHINE McCLURE St. Petersburs, Fla. LENNA SUE McCLURE Atlanta, Ga. FRANCES McCULLY Sharon, S. C. SARAH FRANCES McDONALD Jefferson, Ga. DEAN McKOIN Monroe, La. SALLIE McREE Trenton, Tenn. i:ni;M;ii;;i;v,:f;i;;i:ic.i:;i;ii:;i:ii;ir.;rj;ii;:i;;L;i:ir.H;-,i;i-iini ,ii ' .i;;ii;inn:ii,-nii u « - ?«. AA.Jf kiL Top Row: NICHOLS, NORRIS, O ' NEAL, PECK, PERRY, RICHARDSON Bottom Row: ROBERTSON, ROWE, SCOTT, SNOW, SPENCER, STEVENS SARAH NICHOLS Atlanta, Ga. JANIE NORRIS Atlanta, Ga. MYRA O ' NEAL Decatur, Ga. HARRIETT PECK Atlanta, Ga. MARY PERRY Nashville, Ga. MARY RICHARDSON Black Mountain, N. C. EVELYN ROBERTSON Atlanta, Ga. EMILY ROWE LaGrange, Ga. LAVINIA SCOTT Milledgeville, Ga. MARY SNONV Atlanta, Ga. SARAH SPENCER Columbia, S. C. ADELAIDE STEVENS Forrest City, Ark. .r.T.M););;;i;i;;): i;;jr.ii;i ' :«;i;i)i:i:.r;)i:ii:i::h;j:jii: v)i:rii 7;ii;ii; i;ii,ii:ni;;i -♦ 7 " " WJki ' Likki ilkAlkJLd Top Row: STOWE, SUMRALL, SVMMS, TALMAGE, THOMAS, TOMLINSON Bottom Row: T0WN5END, TURNER, VINES, WAGNER, WALKER, WEBB MARY MARGARET STOWE Belmot, N. C. WILLIE LOU SUMRALL Avondale Estates, Ga. EUGENIA SYMMS Augusta, Ga. MARIAM TALMAGE Atlanta, Ga. JANE THOMAS Atlanta, Ga. SARA TOMLINSON Marietta, Ga. MARIE TOWNSEND Decatur, Ga. SARAH TURNER Atlanta, Ga. MARY VINES Quincy, Fla. MARIE WAGNER Manila, P. I. MARY WALKER Atlanta, Ga. JANE ALLEN WEBB Lexington, Ky. " A A Top Row: C. WHITE, N. WHITE, WHITEHURST, WHITLC Bottom Row: WILLIAMS, WILSON, WOOD CAROLYN WHITE Aususta, Ga. NELL WHITE Talladega, Ala. LILLIAN WHITEHURST Marshall, N. C. REBECCA WHITLEY Bolton, Ga. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Detroit, Mich. IRENE WILSON Atlanta, Ga. SARAH CATHERINE WOOD Keyser, W. Va irJi: ' l)Tin ' j;;ii;ii:;):ii;;)i:ii:ivii;i;;)i:i:;)v)i:ii:i::);;;.;ii.)v)i:iiiv);ii:ii.7i;,i;;ii:i:i;;H;)):i!j:;i::ii:i;M J U N i our lAA Left to Right: McCAIN, THING, JESTER SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ISABEL McCain President JULIA THING Vice-President DOROTHY JESTER Secretary and Treasurer r:ii:ii;;i:;i:ii:!i::iMii;ii:i:!i:ii:ii:!i!:ii!liii!;ihi;ii:o:ia:ii::i:!M:j::r;i:;i::im i:;i:;i::i::ii:i::i:ii:;i::i::i ' ;i;;i;:i:;i;;i::ii:i ' ;i: i:i):)i:Mi:i::ii:i:iii:i:M " ii:i " i ' ' Top Row: ALEXANDER, ALLISON, BALKCOM, BELFORD, BELSER Second Row: BONX EN, BUCHHOLZ, CAIRNS, GARY, CHRISTIE Third Row: CRICKMER, DANIEL, DENNISON, DuPREE, ESTES ELOISA ALEXANDER Atlanta, Ga. ELIZABETH ALLISON Auburn, Ala. FRANCES BALKCOM Blakely, Ga. FRANCES BELFORD Savannah, Ga. EDITH BELSER Sumter, S. C. KATHRYN BOWEN Atlanta, Ga. MARY BUCHHOLZ Gainesville, Fla. LUCILLE CAIRNS Gainesville, Fla. FRANCES CARY Greenville, S. C. CORNELIA CHRISTIE Decatur, Ga. MEREDITH CRICKMER Holden, W. Va. KATHLEEN DANIEL Decatur, Ga. LUCILE DENNISON Atlanta, Ga. HELEN DuPREE Jacksonville, Fla. JANE ESTES Gay, Ga. |:i:«;M:ii;;r;i;:i ' ii::i;it;iviJi:;i.ii;:ivi-;i;ii;;i;;u;i:H;:i:T a;i:iiiii.;aJ;;ii.invi:iKi:iia;u;;i:nj(;H Top Row: FLEECE, FOWLER, GARLAND, GILLESPIE, GILROy end Row: HANNAH, HARRIS, HENDERSON, HERTNX JG, HOLLAN Third Row; HOLLIS, HUNT, JACKSON, JESTER, JOHNSON CHARLINE FLEECE Atlanta, Ga. PEGGY FOWLER Decatur, Ga. MARY GARLAND Atlanta, Ga. MARY GILLESPIE Atlanta, Ga. NELLIE MARGARET GILROY Atlanta, Ga. ALICE HANNAH Cass, W. Vi. FANNIE B. HARRIS Rome, Ga. MARY HENDERSON Chickamausa, Ga. BARBARA HERTWIG North Adams, Mass. EVELYN HOLLAN V ynne, Ark. ELIZABETH HOLLIS Sautee, Ga. RUTH HUNT Calhoun, Ga. BARTON JACKSON Charlotte, N. C. DOROTHY JESTER Lynchburg, Va. MARTHA JOHNSON Lithonia, Ga. Top Row: M. JOHNSON, S. JOHNSON, C. JONES, K. JONES, M. JONES Second Row: KENNEDY, KIRKPATRICK, KNEALE, LANEY, LASS6TER Third Row: LONG, MALONE, J. MATTHEWS, M. C. MATTHEWS, MOORER MARY JOHNSON Chamblee, Ga. SARAH JOHNSON Washington, Ga. CATHERINE JONES Ball Ground, Ga. KATHLEEN JONES Inverness, Miss. MOLLY JONES Decatur, Ga. RACHEL KENNEDY Newberry, S. C. JEAN KIRKPATRICK Anderson, S. C. MARY KNEALE Atlanta, Ga. MARTHA SUE LANEY Tupelo, Miss. FLORENCE LASSETER Fitzgerald, Ga. VIVIENNE LONG Decatur, Ga. MARY MALONE Atlanta, Ga. JUNE MATTHEWS Smyrna, Ga. MARY C. MATTHEWS Keysville, Ga. NANCY MOORER Walterboro, S. C. Top Row: MORROW, MOSS, MUSE, McCAIN, McDONALD cond Row: NEWTON, NORRIS, NORTHCROSS, PARIS, PEACOCK Third Row: PERRIN, PITNER, PRINTUP, RAMSEY, RA SOR MARY ELIZABETH MORROW Albemarle, N. C. PAULINE MOSS Royston, Ga. ORA MUSE Decatur, Ga. ISABEL McCain Decatur, Ga. FRANCES McDonald Atlanta, Ga. MARY ALICE NEWTON Dothan, Ala. LOUISE NORRIS Wadley, Ga. ROSE NORTHCROSS Tupelo, Miss. FRANCES PARIS Brunswick, Ga. KATHRYN PEACOCK Decatur, Ga. ELIZABETH PERRIN Spartanburg, S. C. MARY PITNER Franklin, Tenn. KATHRYN PRINTUP Atlanta, Ga. HELEN RAMSEY Darlinston, S. C. PEGGY RAYSOR St. Matthews, S. C. mmn%ai:a:Knx Mm:yM Top Row: RICHARDSON, ROACHE, ROGERS, SAULS, SCOTT Second Row: N. SCOTT, SOUTTER, STALKER, STEELE, STEVENS Third Row: STRICKLAND, SUMMERS, TAVLOR, THING, TIGERT ISABEL RICHARDSON Washington, Ga. BETTY ROACHE Atlanta, Ga. MARY GRAY ROGERS Fort Smith, Ark. VIRGINIA SAULS Savannah, Ga. MARJORIE SCOTT Milledgeville, Ga. NELL SCOTT Atlanta, Ga. ESTHER SOUTTER Atlanta, Ga. MARIE STALKER Atlanta, Ga. LAURA STEELE Atlanta, Ga. MARY FAIRFAX STEVENS Huntsville, Ala. ELIZABETH STRICKLAND Concord, Ga. MARTHA SUMMERS Atlanta, Ga. ALICE TAYLOR Alexander, La. JULIA THING Asheville, N. C. MARY JANE TIGERT Gainesville, Fla. L Top Row: TILL , JUNTAS, M. TURNER, V. TURNER, VALLEBUONA Second Row: WALKER, WATSON, WEEKS, WILDER, WILHELM Third Row: WILLIAMS, WILLIS, WILSON, yOUNG, CLARK, TERHUNE MILDRED TILLY Decatur, Ga. CHRYSANTHY JUNTAS Atlanta, Ga. MEREDITH TURNER LaGrange, Ga. VIRGINIA TURNER Summerville, Ga. GLADYS VALLEBUONA Atlanta, Ga. ANNIE MERTS WALKER Huntsville, Ala. MARGARET WATSON Greenwood, S. C. LILY WEEKS New Iberia, La. ROSA WILDER Sumter, S. C. DOROTHY WILHELM St. Petersburs, Fla. DOROTHY WILLIAMS Stone Mountain, Ga BETTY WILLIS Culpepper, Va FRANCES WILSON Rockford, III MARTHA YOUNG Coral Gables, Fla JANE CLARK Atlanta, Ga ELEANOR TERHUNE Atlanta, Ga n; mm:m:;mx irMm:ymxxa j-rtMunarU ' Left to Right: LONG, PAST FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS MARTHA LONG President MARY PAST Secretary and Treasurer ;i:ii:;iXii:)i::ii;i;;ii:i:!i;ii;ii:iii:ii!)iii!:ii;ii:i;ii:ii;isiwiiX!n::i:ri:;i::i!:i:;i;ii::i::ii:i;; -90- -[dp Row: B. ADAMS, J. B. ADAMS, ASEE, ALLEN, ALLISON, ANDERSON nd Row: ANTHONY, ARMI5TEAD, J. AUSTIN, N. M, AUSTIN, F. BAKER, M. A. BAKER Third Row; BARNETT, BARRETT, BENNETT, BLACKMON, BOWDEN, BRADLEY BETTY ADAMS Florence, S. C. JEAN BARRY ADAMS Charlotte, N. C. MARTHA AGEE Shelbyville, Ky. MARY RICE ALLEN Decatur, Ga. NELL ALLISON Kiangsu, China BETTY LEE ANDERSON Lake Hamilton, Fla. EFFIE OLA ANTHONY Henning, Tenn. CAROLINE ARMISTEAD Rockingham, N. C. JEAN AUSTIN Chattanooga, Tenn. NETTIE MAE AUSTIN Dunwoody, Ga. FRANCES BAKER Atlanta, Ga. MARY ALICE BAKER Bethune, S. C. LUCILE BARNETT Sumter, S. C. MARY HELEN BARRETT Frankford, Ky. KATHARINE BENNETT Molena, Ga. TOMMY RUTH BLACKMON Gainesville, Fla. ELIZABETH BOWDEN Norfolk, Va. MILDRED BRADLEY Atlanta, Ga. iyit; ' i:iii;t;i::f:i::i:ict::i:ii::i:ii;:CT;i:ii::i:;u:i:imixi:ii; iixii:ii;ivivi:iivi:Ui.i;u o y i n 1- Top Row: BRITTINGHAM, M. P. BROWN, M. F. BROWN, V. H. BROWN, BRXAN, BYRNES Second Row: CABANISS, CALDWELL, CASTLEBERRV, CHAFIN, CHALMERS, COIT Third Row: COX, CULLUM, DAVIS, DUNN, FAIRLV, FAUROT KATHERINE BRITTINGHAM Portsmouth, Va. MARTHA PEEK BROWN Cartersville, Ga. MILDRED FROST BROWN Charleston, W. Va. VIRGINIA HILL BROWN Thomson, Ga. SUSAN BRYAN Reynolds, Ga. ESTHER BYRNES Atlanta, Ga. DOROTHY CABANISS Columbus, Ga. GENE CALDWELL Charlotte, N. C. FRANCES CASTLEBERRY Atlanta, Ga. MYRL CHAFIN McDonough, Ga. JEAN CHALMERS Atlanta, Ga. LAURA COIT Richmond, Va. ETHEL ANN COX Atlanta, Ga. ANN CULLUM Johnston, S. C. MILDRED DAVIS Orlando, Fla. DORIS DUNN Decatur, Ga. MARY LILLIAN FAIRLY Richmond, Va. NORMA HOPE FAUROT Larchmont, N. Y. :p. ' i:M););m;; -fl;;ji:ii:iv)i;i;;)):i:;)v)i:ii:i::).a-i)i:ia.jir;);ii:;i,7i;,i,;ii:ii-; « A n t A.Mi Mi m ik. A. M Top Row: FITZPAIRICK, FORD, FOSTER, FULTON, GOSS, GREEN Second Row: HARRISON, HARROLD, HART, HASHAGEN, HAWKINS, HEMPHILL Third Row: HERTZKA, HIGHTOWER, HOFFMAN, M. E. HOVLE, P. HOVLE, HUDSON KATHRYN FITZPATRICK Austell, Ga. MARY FORD Avondale Estates, Ga. MARTHA FOSTER Atlanta, Ga. ANNA KATHERINE FULTON Eutaw, Ala. DOROTHY GOSS Decatur, Ga. MARTHA ALICE GREEN Harlem, Ga. REBECCA HARRISON X ' est Point, Ga. MARIAM HARROLD Gainesville, Fla. VIRGINIA HART Atlanta, Ga. JANE HASHAGEN Gastonia, N. C. HELEN HAWKINS Leesburg, Fla. NELL HEMPHILL Petersburg, Va. RUTH HERTZKA Atlanta, Ga. VIRGINIA HIGHTOWER Thomaston, Ga. CATHERINE HOFFMAN Mount Holly, N. C. MARY ELIZABETH HOYLE Cleveland, Tenn. SARA PAULINE HOYLE Cleveland, Tenn. MARY McCANN HUDSON Greenville, S. C. nnri:ii;;i:H::ni::i:i ::i::i;ii::i:ir.:u:;i:ii::i;;u:i:»;:i;T ,i;Tiirj:;»;:iiuaii:iva ' .iia f wi. Ak. ' 1 jik.M A M . M A i jik. m HARWITZ, JEFFER5, A. W. JOHNSON, E. JOHNSON, KELLER, KELLERSBERGER scond Row: D. KELLV, O. KELLY, KINNETT, KUHR, LEMMON, LITTLE Third Row: LONG, McAFEE, McCALLIE, McCAMV, McKAV, McKEE REGINA HARWITZ Atlanta, Ga JESSIE JEFFERS Florence, S. C ANN WORTHY JOHNSON Rome, Ga ELLENDER JOHNSON Atlanta, Ga MARGARET KELLER Staunton, Va WINIFRED KELLERSBERGER .... Belgian Congo, Africa DOROTHY KELLY Hendersonville, N. C. OLA KELLY Monticello, Ga. FLORENCE KINNETT Stone Mountain, Ga. EDA KUHR Augusta, Ga. ELEANOR LEMMON Sumter, S. C. ELEANOR LITTLE Louisville, Ga. MARTHA LONG Maumee, Ohio MARTHA McAFEE Winneconne, Wise. ELLEN McCALLIE Chattanooga, Tenn. WYNUNEE McCAMY Middlesboro, Ky. LETTIE McKAY Union Springs, Ala. ELIZABETH McKEE Cynthiana, Ky. ! - ' ' ' inxnauK mim xmmxm Top Row: McMURRAV, McWHITE, MATHI5, MATTHEWS, B. MERRILL, J. MERRILL ;cond Row: MIDDLETON, MILLER, MORELAND, MORRISON, M. P. NOBLE, V. NOBLE Third Row: NORMAN, O ' DONNELL, PAST, PHILLIPS, PRICE, RAINEV BEAUFORD McMURRAY Ocala, Fla. JACQUELYN McWHITE Atlanta, Ga. ELIZABETH MATHIS Atlanta, Ga. JEANNE MATTHEWS Atlanta, Ga. BERTHA MERRILL Eufaula, Ala. JANE MERRILL Jackson, Miss. ENID MIDDLETON Birminsham, Ala. VIRGINIA MILLER Washinston, D. C. WITA MORELAND Woodbury, Ga. MARGARET MORRISON Atlanta, Ga. MARY PRIMROSE NOBLE Smithfield, N. C. VIRGINIA NOBLE Ellenwood, Ga. FRANCES NORMAN Gainesville, Fla. ELLEN O ' DONNELL Atlanta, Ga. MARY ELIZABETH PAST Chattanooga, Tenn. CAROLINE PHILLIPS San Beuito, Texas HELEN PRICE Sweetwater, Tenn. MARJORIE RAINEY Decatur, Ga. iuir;i;ili;r;i;;t:i:;i;ii.r.:i;ii:;i:ii;;t.:i-;i:ii:;i;;L " i:H.;i.ii;,i;iii; i,;i .ii;ii;van:iivuia Top Row: RICKS, ROBINSON, ROPER, SEAy, SLOAN, SMITH Second Row: F. STEELE, S. STEELE, STIPE, TATE, TAVLOR, TELFORD Third Row: THOMPSON, TRIBBLE, TUCKER, TAYLOR, TURNER, WARDEN CATHERINE RICKS Jackson, Miss. FRANCES ROBINSON Dayton, Tenn. JOyCE ROPER Spartanburs, S. C. ELISE SEAY Macon, Ga. SARA B. SLOAN Belmont, N. C. MARY VENETIA SMITH Colunnbia, S. C. FRANCES STEELE Anniston, Ala. SARA STEELE Anniston, Ala. MARY STIPE Decatur, Ga. RUTH TATE Banner Elk, N. C. ANNE TAYLOR Mobile, Ala. JULIA TELFORD Abbeville, S. C. ANNE THOMPSON Richmond, Va. MARY NELL TRIBBLE Hot Springs, Ark. DORIS TUCKER Decatur, Ga. ALICE JANE TAYLOR Atlanta, Ga. JANE TURNER Atlanta, Ga. ELIZABETH WARDEN Decatur, Ga. ' ra:ii:rjTOimMOT 4. i Ik. fl Top Row: WARE, WATSON, WATTS, A, WEBB, E. WEBB, WELLS nd Row: WEST, WHEATON, WHITACER, WHITSON, WISENBAKER, WOODFORD Third Row: WRIGHT, WyATT, FLOVD, HASTIE, yOUNG EDNA WARE Greenville, S. C. ELLA VIRGINIA WATSON Greenwood, S. C. MARY ELIZABETH WATTS Bryan, Texas ANNA WEBB Rosersvillc, Tenn. ELIZABETH WEBB West Point, Ga. ZOE WELLS Decatur, Ga. ELSIE WEST Newport News, Va. GEORGIANNE WHEATON Savannah, Ga. ANNIE LOU WHITACER Tuskesee, Ala. ELEANOR WHITSON Atlanta, Ga. GERALDINE WISENBAKER Lake Park, Ga. DIXIE WOODFORD Toccoa, Ga. MARGARET WRIGHT Chattanooga, Tenn. JANE WYATT Easley, S. C. MURIEL FLOYD Jellico, Tenn. ANNIE HASTIE Stockton, Ala. GERALDINE YOUNG Angier, N. C. Top Row: BOOTE, WAID, WALL, JONES Second Row: GRIMSON, RODRIQUE, RONNECKE SPECIAL STUDENTS MRS. DOROTHY BOOTE GLADYS JONES Atlanta, Ga. Shelbyville, Ky. FRANCES WAID LILIAN GRIMSON Atlanta, Ga. Rosario, R. Argentina EVELYN WALL ELIZABETH RODRIQUE Brookhavcn, Ga. Nantes, France LISELOTTE RONNECKE Han nove Ger Tiany i:;i:il;ii;;i:ii;:i::i;;ii!ii:i;!i:!i:ii:!ii:niliii!:ii;i!;i;ii; ' ii;i3:ii!;iM::i::ivi:;)::i::i:;i;a :i:;i:;i::i::ii:ii:i:ii:;i::i;:i ' ;i:;);:i::i:;i::ii:rjvi:!i:)i::i:x:i::ii:i;;ii:i:;i:;)::ii:i::i:Tii: ijTZ.cuiiJur C5 MRS. DOF Atla FRAN Atla EVEL- Brookl i:j;ji;iiii ' .ii;. ' i:;ii;iiiii;i;, ' i;ii;ii;!ii " )i:i;ii::iiii " Kii:ii. ' i:i ' ' .ii;;i ' ,;Ki;. p EARL CARROLL ATTRACTIONS SEVEN WEST FORTY ■ FOURTH STREET VAnderbilt 3.5890 NEW YORK CITY December 19 19 3 4 Miss Nina Parke The Silhouette Agnes Scott College Decatur, Georgia My dear Miss Parke: I have the pictures which you so kindly sent me to judge, and I am rating the young ladies as follows: 1st Place Miss Virginia Turner 2nd Place Miss Marie Wagner 3rd Place Miss Jane Hashagen I consider the next five young ladies of equal merit, and find it difficult to give them an individual rating: Miss Marie Gillispie, Miss Rosa Miller, Miss Pruet, Miss B. L. Houck, Miss Frances Espy. I hope that all the young ladies, whom I have not included, will forgive me - but please have them remember I have been looking at beauty for so long that the brilliancy of it all is slowly blinding me, and thus my lack of properly exer- cising the " judgment of Paris " , EC:R e-i-f - |ll( J jJ ujc v A " C - aiJ .-AJlJi-X. LJii Ji-J [)co-;i z m u A-. •=%, UjUul, yfoa y)tuii i iut " 3. Uy q2 -,{L A ' U W Mti 1 j . s. a QM nits MR. GAITHER SANFORD Editor ' s Favorite MR. PULASKI LETHBRtDGE SMIIH Business Manaser ' s Favorite SOME STAFF FAVORITES Kodalc Editor ' s Favorite. No wonder Rosa prefers Now we know why Mary G. West Point. is such a self fan. Sarah thinks there is " safety in numbers! " Faculty editor ' favorite. Eloisa and Elizabeth have similar tastes. ( e must sec Janet about this. Nina ' s favorite. Jennie likes the " Good -old --fashioned way. " SOME SENIOR FAVORITES Be a sport and show There seems no doubt about It him to us, Mary Jane! to Wallace. It ' s a game! Ask " Mad " if he is We ' re just " up a stump. " practicing! " We ' re the top " — Peg, Pat. Stone Mountaii What ' s the matter, Jimmy? Camp and Charlie, What could be better? Look who s here ag Hold tight " Hutchif J)AjJi i JiQJS S5S 1 J 1 r jWixmicm L k jk: kJlLl Top Row: MILLER, GRAY, GAINES, LANEV, ELOI5A ALEXANDER, ELIZABETH ALEXANDER Second Row: PARKE, MORRIS, CHRISTIAN, FOUNTAIN, WELLS SILHOUETTE HISTORY: In 1891 The Decatur Female Seminary published the record of the school year in collaboration with the AURORA, the literary publication of the students. In 1902 the present SILHOUETTE was organized. EDITORIAL STAFF CAROLINE LONG Editor-in-Chief ROSA MILLER Assistant Editor ELIZABETH ALEXANDER Photographic Editor ELOISA ALEXANDER Class Editor SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN Athletic Editor NINA PARKE Feature Editor VIRGINIA GAINES Kodak Editor MARGUERITE MORRIS Faculty Editor MARTHA SUE LANEY Senior Class Editor CAROLINE LONG i:;i;j|;;i!;i:iiiii;;liil;,ii;i;ii;:i;ii;!li;)iii;ii:;i;;i;;iiiirii;i3;ii:iili);;);;i;:i;i r;i:;i;;j;a l;;l;,l;;l;;ll:l:;l;l);;l:;l::l■;l;;l;;l:;):;;;:ll:lv ;;|;;l:Jl;:l:;ll;|:;li;l;;ll:l;;l ' ll;l;;|;!l ' ;K DAVIS, GILLESPIE, JONES SILHOUETTE PURPOSE: Years of growth for both college and annual have not altered the pur- pose of the editorial staffs: To cast upon these pages a silhouette of our Hfe at Agnes Scott — an existence, itself, as transient as firelight shadows. BUSINESS STAFF BETTY LOU HOUCK Business Manager ELLEN DAVIS Assistant Business Manager MARY GILLESPIE SARAH JONES ART STAFF BETTY FOUNTAIN ZOE WELLS WWMM BETTY LOU HOUCK GOSS, ESPy, GILROy, MERLIN AURORA HISTORV: The keynote of the AURORA is Development. In the early days it was a year-book, including all phases of activities. When the SILhHOUETTE becanne the annual publication, the AURORA was changed into the organ of the literary so- cieties. Gradually it becanne a quarterly containing only poetry, short stories, essays and book reviews. EDITORIAL STAFF ANNA NUMBER Editor-in-Chief LITA GOSS Assistant Editor FRANCES ESPy Associate Editor NILLIE MARGARET GILROY Associate Editor EDITH MERLIN Associate Editor ANNA HUMBER i:;i;ji;;i!;i:)i;ii:;iiiiimii;ii;ii;!i!;nii;iii;ii;i;;i;o;i;rii:iiM;:i::r);;)i:ii;K i:;);;i;:i;;ii:i;;);i);;i;:i::r;i;;);:i;;a;:)i:iv)::i:;);ji::i:;ii;i:;ii;i;iii;):;n:;ii;i;;i:!l ' ii::iix;i;i( .f ■- , . -« ROSA FROM AURORA PURPOSE: To present the highest literary efforts of the students and to create an appreciation of the best writing on the campus. BUSINESS STAFF MARY VIRGINIA ALLEN Business Manager ROSA FROM Circulation Manager MARy VIRGINIA ALLEN iiw;;i;ii;:i;;iiii;iii:i;ii;:i;ii;!i;:)iiliii!:ii;i;;iiii; ' ii:i!i;ii;;i;!);)i;:i;;ix;i::i:;i;;;;:i;ii;;i I Iklk ' A L J Jk Top Row: AMES, CARy, CRISPIN, ALLISON, STOWE, HERTZKA, CONSTANTINE Second Row: CLARK, TISERT, ROBINS, PERRIN, CAIRNS, PRINTUP, KING AGONISTIC HISTORY: The AGONISTIC was begun by the Junior Class of 1916 and was the private and special interest of that class until the popularity of the paper became so great that the campus adopted it to express their opinions. MARY BOGGS EDITORIAL STAFF MARY BOGGS Editor-in-Chief LULU AMES Assistant Editoi FRANCES CARY Second Assistant Editoi ROSALYN CRISPIN Feature Editoi NELL ALLISON Book Note; MARY MARGARET STOWE Society Editoi RUTH HERTZKA Alumnae Editoi EVA CONSTANTINE Make-up Editoi MILDRED CLARK Assistant Make-up Editoi MARY JANE TIGERT Assistant Make-up Editoi MARGARET ROBINS Current History ELIZABETH PERRIN Exchange Edito: LUCILLE CAIRNS Exchange Edito, AUGUSTA KING Club Edito i;;i;;i;ii;i:!ii:i:;i;iiiiii:i;ii, i;ii;!ii:)i:i;ii;;ii;i;;i;iirii;iirji;;i:;i;; ;:i:;ivi;;i::ii;i;;);;i;;i;;ii i:;):;i::i;:ii:i::i:ii;;;;:i:;i ' ii;;);;i:;i;; ::ii:ivi;:i::):)i::i:;i;;i::ii;i;iii:i:;i;;)::ii;i;;i:;i ' )i;;ii;i:;i;)( CHAMLEE, THRASHER, BOWEN, STEELE AGONISTIC PURPOSE: To present campus news in as accurate and as interesting a manner as possible; to encourage the growth of journalism among the students. Year ' s Work: A class contest is held each year to stimulate interest in the work and a cup is awarded to the winner. BUSINESS STAFF NELL PATTILLO Business Manage ALICE CHAMLEE Ad ertisins Manage ELIZABETH THRASHER Circulation Manager KATHERYN BOWEN Business Assistant LAURA STEELE Business Assistant i:ii:ii;;i:i:;i;:i:;iiiii;iKi;ii;:i;ii;!i;:)iii;ii;;iiii;;i;ii;ii;); :ii;;i::);;K:i:;ivi;;i:;i:;i2;i:ii;;ii:n NELL PATTILLO i:j:;i::i::ii;i;:i;ii;; ;;i;:i ' ;i;;);:i;;n;:ii:rj;:i:;i;ji;:i:;i;;i:;ii;i;iii:i;;i3;;ii:i;;i:;i ' )i;;)i;i::i;)i BASIS OF AWARD ORIGINALITY PAGE BALANCING DEVELOPMENT OF THEME The Cup Awarded by Photo-Process Company The National Scholastic Press Association judges the annuals on the above mentioned points. The SILhHOUETTE has won permanent possession of this cup given by the Photo-Process Company awarded in recognition of the Ail-American rating won by The SILHOUETTE, 193 1, 1932, 1933. i;;i;ii;;i;;i:)i;!i;;iilii,iiii;ii;!i;i|;!iwi;):iii;ii;i;;ilii;ii;iir)i;;iiii;;i;:i:;ivi;;i::i!;i;; ;;i;;i;; i:;):,i;:i;:ii:i;;):ii;;i;;i::r;i!;i, ' :);; ;;i;:ii:ivi;:i;;);)i::i:;i;;i::ii;i;iii;i;;i:; :;ii:i;;tTii;:;i THE SILHOUETTE 1931 SHIRLEY McPHAUL Editor MARTHA TOWER Business Manager THE SILHOUETTE 1932 PENELOPE BROWN Editor BETTY PEEPLES Business Manager THE SILHOUETTE 1933 CAROLINE LINGLE Editor JULE BETHEA Business Manager THE SILHOUETTE 1934 ELINOR HAMILTON Editor PAULINE GORDON Business Manager ELINOR HAMILTON PAULINE GORDON In Recognition of the 1934 Silhouette The staff of the 1935 SILHOUETTE dedicates these pases to Elinor Hamilton and Pauline Gordon in recognition of their splendid work and their high standards which ALL-AMERICAN rating indicates. The SILHOUETTE of 1934 won the highest rating it has received since 1931. Jm»;i;ili;ii:i;ii::i;ii;!i!:)i;);iii;ii;i;;i;iiiii;i; ;)i;;i::n;;i g " r n i 11 r t ii i t i u u rjS I)e Agonistic k ID TO PHI BETA KAPP 5 W ■■ ' . .-SCTV. Miss Tiirranre % , ' " ' " W-, Mak« Address NiSi - " . f ' ' - — 1 AKIitipelScrvii ,| k - " " ' i. . . jT , ' ' - ' :r. " - " i " i; " :t?.:;,r ' ; ' ; ' !;;. ' i ' - i) n 11 1 u r t D i 1 i u u Sl)e Agonistic FOUR EiRhl N„niin:i F.pi- Miiv (. Support Blarklria! ■- " Craig ' s Wifc " Juniors Send Invii-.ilions For Bao(iuet Mjircli 2 " ' t. " i;,:i ' ' l ' . ' A;,™i ' I r. .Mclain Itoports l ' -l)ruar - 22 Wfck-Enil Brinj s ' arii. ' d Activities I ' hi Hi ' la Kapa " I 11; ' . ' . " " m i;. . " " ' LAURA WHITNER TO BE MAY QUEEN m B n i It a 111 11 r r t£ ii i t i u it Dr. I)a hi-.,ll to Mak.- ,l,lrr- [Ir. [ ' ,.l,al I- (,lr, (liil. t.. t ' r. ,nl lljx-r.-.. At liilci-C.II.-ial, ' t:.inMi]|i,.i, . .S|„.Mk,T -ITral,-nl l ' ,iizaii,v. " ln Ma If X t s li 111 a II t: ii 1 1 1 1 Gll)e 0on|| Kamiiii- ArlisI frislaiifii llibali ' l.i-cliiriT l)i (,ui M Whuliii Hi il.ii I laitisl Kinnr anil Ti-ili i,,., S|)i ikv u i II..1 lu I n 1 iid i- 1 id,n «ilh lliiiMi THE AGONISTIC CONTEST Won by THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Each year, the Agonistic sponsors a contest in which each class publishes an edition of the paper. The winning class is awarded a cup. This year the entries were judged by the editors of The Sundial, Randolph-Macon; The Radcliffe News, Rad- cliffe College; Vassar Miscellany News, Vassar College; The Ennory Wheel, Emory University and the city editor of The Atlanta Constitution. Laura Steele and Kathryn Bowen were presented the cup. i:;i;)i;;i;;i:ii;:i:;iiili:ii:i:ii;!i;i|i!li:)i;i;iii;ii;i;:ilii; ' ii;)j;:ii;;ii:i;;);;i::i ' ;i;;i;;i:;i;;(;ii;i l3;l:;);;l:;l;:ll:l::l;ll;;l:;|:: ;l ' );;l;;l;; ■:ll: ;J;:|:;);)l::l:;l;;l;;ll;l;;ll;l:;l;;ll;ll; Oro xm ' aiions Top Row: GREEN, JAMES, STEVENS, EVANS Second Row: CALHOUN, WOOLFOLK STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION HISTORY: In 1906 the Student Government Association was begun contempora- neously with the college ' s existence, but with a very limited influence. From four officers it has grown into a large executive committee closely associated with every activity on the campus. OFFICERS ALBERTA PALMOUR MARY GREEN Vice-President FRANCES JAMES Secretary ADELAIDE STEVENS Treasurer MARY JANE EVANS House President of Inman MARIAN CALHOUN House President of Main JACQUELINE WOOLFOLK . . House President of Rebekah ALBERTA PALMOUR D:j|;;i:i:ii;:i::i;ili;ii;i:ii;!i:i|;!l!;)lii:ili;ii;i;;iliBi:i;i!ii;;i:!ia::i;;i:i;;i:ji;i;;;;ii:;i:;il: McCALLUM, McCALLIE, McKOIN, WILSON rd Row: ALLISON, BOWEN, REDWINE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS CAROLYN McCALLUM Senior Representative ALICE McCALLIE Junior Representative DEAN McKOlN Junior Representative FRANCES WILSON Sophomore Representative ELIZABETH ALLISON Sophomore Representative KATHRYN BOWEN Day Student Representative MARTHA REDWINE Ex-Officio Member i;;i;ii;;i;,r!i:ii;;i;iiiaiii;ii:ii;ii;!iwiX ' iii;ii;iHi;ii: ' )i;i5i;n;iiiii;;);;i;:ivi;;):;i!;K ;l;:ll:l;:|;l):;l::|i; ;l, ' :l:;a;:ll;lVJ;:|:)l;Jl::l:;l;;l:;)l;l;il|;|;;l;;J:;ll;l;;l;lrll ■)l,T:l; Top Row: DICKSON, SPENCER, ARMSTRONG, SIMPSON Second Row: LATIMER, MALONE Y. W. C. A. HISTORY: The Y. W. C. A. was organized on the campus the sanne year that the college was founded, and soon received a charter as a member of the National y. W. C. A. MARTHA REDWINE OFFICERS MARTHA REDWINE President CAROLINE DICKSON Vice-President SARAH SPENCER Secretary LENA ARMSTRONG Treasurer MARIE SIMPSON Social Service Committee CARRIE PHINNEY LATIMER Program Committee MARY MALONE Publicity Committee i:;i;ii;a:;i::i:;ii;ii!ii;i;!i:ii:ii:iiauiiii:ii;i;;i;ii;iix;:ii:;i:!i;i):;i::i:i;;i::ii;a Top Row: HART, HUTTON, HERTWIG, JOHNSON Second Row: STEVENS, PALMOUR, ADAMS Y. W. C. A. PURPOSE: To promote ideals of Christian living in the students which will sustain them in the years to come. OFFICERS LOIS HART Intec-Racial Committee RUBY HUTTON Social Department BARBARA HERTWIG Industrial Committee SARAH JOHNSON Music Committee ADELAIDE STEVENS .... Mission Interest Department ALBERTA PALMOUR Ex-Officio Member JEAN BARRY ADAMS .... Freshman Cabinet Chairman rafflMMii;i;!i;ii;iis W YWCA V TawramTTrxrMn i;kkj COFFEE, HANDTE, PARKE, THING, McCALLIE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HISTORY: The first plans for an Athletic Association were made in 1907 and since that time the organization has grown in importance: It has been effective in provid- ing new sports as well as in seeking more adequate gymnasium equipment. The services of Miss Wilburn and Miss hiaynes are indespensable to the Association. FRANCES McCALLA OFFICERS FRANCES McCALLA President LEONORA SPENCER Vice-President ANN COFFEE Secretary HELEN HANDTE Treasurer MEMBERS NINA PARKE Social Chairman FRANCES McDonald Publicity Manager HELEN HANDTE Lost and Found Manager LEONORA SPENCER Song Leader SARAH CATHERINE WOOD Camp Manager ii;W:;i;:i:;iiiii;ii;i;ii:ii;ii;!ii:niiiii;;ii;i;iKii;iira;ii:;iix;);:i:;i " i;;i::ii;a n;i:;H:;i::ii:i::i:ii:;i::|::i ' ;i;;);:i:;i;;i::ii:r;i:!i::i:)i:i:;i::i::)i:i;iii:i " i:a::ii ' i " i:Tii:iiixi:i WOOD, BUR50N, CAR , WALKER, STALKER, McDONALD ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PURPOSE: The Association arranges an excellent program of athletics to stimulate interest in sports and " play for play ' s sake. " MANAGERS OF SPORTS ANNE WALKER Hockey Manaser ELIZABETH BURSON Swimming Manager JULIA THING Tennis Manager FRANCES GARY Hiking Manager LEONORA SPENCER Basket-ball Manager SARAH CATHERINE WOOD .... Volley-ball Manager ALICE McCALLIE Archery Manager MARIE STALKER Socker Manager LEONORA SPENCER i;ii;ii;ii;;i:ii;:i:;iiiii;)i;i:ii;:i;ii;!li:n;i:iii;i;;i;:i;ii;ii;D:H;;iX)::i::i:i;;);:i:;i;;i;;i;;i;;ii:i;i BOGGS, EVANS, GREEN, NUMBER, LONG MORTAR BOARD OFFICERS ANNA NUMBER President MARY BOGGS Vice-President FRANCES McCALLA Secretary MARY JANE EVANS Treasurer MEMBERS MARY GREEN CAROLINE LONG ;ji;;a!ii::i:;i;ili!iia:ii;ii:ii!:ni)iii!:i;;i!;iiiiffl:i5i:)i;;im:;i;;ivi:;i::i!;i;;H McCALLA, PALMOUR, PATTILLO, REDWINE MORTAR BOARD In 1916 a group of students founded Hoasc, the Agnes Scott honor society, with the purpose to give " recognition to those students who have over a period of three years shown that they possess certain worthy quahties; and the uniting of these students, that they together may render more service. " In October, 1931, hHoasc became a member of Mortar Board, the national honor society for women ' s colleges. The ideal of Mortar Board is Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. MEMBERS ALBERTA PALMOUR NELL PATTILLO MARTHA REDWINE j;)i;ii;;i:ii; i:;iiiiiiiiii:ii:ii;i|;fflii);iii;ii;i;;Kii;ii;);i;H;;ii:i;;i::i:;i:i;;i:;ra;;i;;i:;i g=:;:[H:i;;);;i;:i;:ii:i;:i;i):;i:;i;:iM;:r;a;:ii:rj;:i;ia;:i:;i;;i:;ii;i;;ii:i;M kAMA BOGGS, HERTZKA, POLIAKOFF, SHIPLEV PHI BETA KAPPA HISTORY: The Beta Chapter of Georgia of Phi Beta Kappa was installed at Agnes Scott in 1926. o DBK MEMBERS IN FACULTY MISS LUCILLE ALEXANDER MR. PHILIP G. DAVIDSON MRS. MARGARET NWHITTINGTON DAVIS MISS MURIEL HARN MR. GEORGE P. HAYES MR. ROBERT B. HOLT MISS EMMA MAY LANEY MISS MARY STUART MacDOUGALL MR. JAMES ROSS McCAIN MR. ARTHUR F. RAPER MR. HENRY A. ROBINSON MISS FLORENCE E. SMITH MISS LILLIAN S. SMTH MR. S. GUERRY STUKES MISS CATHERINE TORRANCE MR. JAMES M. WRIGHT MEMBERS MARY BOGGS KATHERINE HERTZKA EVA POLIAKOFF ISABEL SHIPLEY i:ii;;i;ii;,r.iii.T;ii;i;;i);i;fi; ' ii; ' i;:)i:);ii:;ii;i;;i;iiiii;)iviii;ii:;);ii;:i;:i;i;;i::i:;i;;);;i;ii;;» mUim: :iixaKni::m!iixa::n;tN}nn:: mvm xa!yvmM WALKER, BOWEN, CARV, DENNI50N, HERTWIS, McCAIN, PERRIN, PRINTUP, TILLY, WILSON. HONOR ROLL PURPOSE: To recognize those students who have attained a high scholastic average during the preceding schoolyear. The following are honored for their work in 1933-34: CLASS OF 1935 MARTHA ALLEN DOROTHY BELL MARY BOGGS WILLIE FLORENCE EUBANKS BETTY FOUNTAIN KATHERINE KERTZKA ANNA HUMBER CLARA MORRISON FRANCES McCALLA EVA POLIAKOFF MARGARET ROBINS GRACE ROBINSON ISABEL SHIPLEY CLASS OF 1936 SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN ELIZABETH FORMAN LITA GOSS JANET GRAY ETHELYN JOHNSON AUGUSTA KING EDITH MERLIN SARAH NICHOLS MARY SNOW MARY WALKER CLASS OF 1937 KATHRYN BOWEN FRANCES GARY LUCILE DENNISON BARBARA HERTWIG ISABEL McCain ELIZABETH PERRIN KATHRYN PRINTUP MILDRED TILLY FRANCES WILSON i;;i;j|;ii;;i:ii;:i:;iiiii;iiii;ii;:i;ii;!ii;ni);ii:j;;i;;i;ii;iira:ii;iiM;:i::i:i;;)::i!n :i);;i;;i;:ii:i;:i;i);;i;:i;;i ' ;i;;i;:i;;i:;);:ii:i ' j;i;i);ii;:i:;i:;i:;ii;i;iii;i;;ia;;ii:i;:i;;i ' ii " )i;i;;i;)i Top Row: ALLEN, THOMAS, PRUET, WHITE Second Row: TIGERT, SPENCER, SMITH LECTURE ASSOCIATION The aim of the Lecture Association is to further intellectual life on the campus by bringing to Agnes Scott men and women who have won distinction in science, litera- ture, history, and public affairs. This year Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet; Dr. C. C. Harrold, archeologist; Dr. Arthur Compton, physicist, and Dr. W. W. Jernegan, his- torian, were presented. -i. OFFICERS .-|3 I FRANCES ESPy Student Chairman Wk 1 MARY VIRGINIA ALLEN Student Treasurer " " ■ VERA FRANCES PRUET Senior Representative - .-y NELL WHITE Junior Representative MARY JANE TIGERT Sophomore Representative 1 SARAH SPENCER Poster Manager H SUZANNE SMITH Pubhcity Manager Hl , 1 JANE THOMAS Day Student Representative FRANCES ESPy i;;i;ii;ii;,i:ii;ii:;iiiii!iiii:ii;!i;ii;!iii)iii!iii;i;;i;;i;ii; ' iixi:ii:;i;:);)i;;i;:i:i;;i::i:;i;;);ii;iii ;i;,i;:i;:ii:i!;):ii;;);;i;:i ivt ' ;i;;);;;;:ii:ivi;:i;;);)i::i:;i;;i:;ii;i;;ii;i;;i:;i;;ii:i;;i;.rii;:ii: NICHOLS, KENNEDy, COOK, KIRKPATRICK, STEVENS CHAMPION, CHRISTIAN, SNOW, ALEXANDER, BLICK MAY DAY COMMITTEE May Day is always a wonderful climax to the school year. Months of planning make the day an outstanding success. Each fall a contest is held and the best scenario presented is chosen. Late in the spring the May Queen and her court are elected. A large group of the student body take part in May Day, but the day is successful because of the earnest work of this committee. OFFICERS CATHERINE CUNNINGHAM Chairma JANE BLICK Business Manage MARY SNOW Property Chaii ELOISA ALEXANDER Costunne Cha JEAN KIRKPATRICK Music Chaii SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN Scenario Chai ADELAIDE STEVENS Dance Chai JENNIE CHAMPION Dance Chai SARAH COOK Publicity Chai SARAH NICHOLS Poster Chai RACHEL KENNEDY Poster Chai £A CATHERINE CUNNINGHAM i:ii;)i;ii;;i:ii::i:;iiiiii)i;i;ii;:i;ii;!i;:)ii):iii:ii;i;;i;ii;ii;i; :)i;;i;:i;;(;:i::ivi;;i::ii;i;;);;i;ii;; ;);:i;:ii:i;:i;i);;i;:i::i ' ;i;;i;;i:;i:; ;:ii:rj::i;;);ii:!i:;i:;i::ii;i;;iix;i;;):;ii;i;;i:i™;!)i;i:;i;)i UNDERWOOD, BCHM, BALKCOM STUDENT OFFICIALS In the spring elections each year, three student officials are chosen, who, though not on the executive committee, are considered officers of the student body. OFFICERS AMY UNDERWOOD Student Treasurer VELLA MARIE BEHM Student Recorder FRANCES BALKCOM i:ii;ii;;ia:)i;!i;;i;ili;ii;i;!i:!i;ii;!li!)iiliiii;ii;i;;iiii;ii;i5i;)i;;i;in;;i::ri;;i::i!;i;; ;;i;ii;;ii;i SPONSORS The Sponsors were organized last year to inaugurate a plan of freshman orientation. Each Sponsor has a small number of freshmen to instruct and become acquainted with. The plan was so successful that Student Government used this same method of orien- tation this year. LEADERS MARY BEASLEY TRELLIS CARMICHAEL JANE CASSELS MARGARET COOPER NAOMI COOPER CATHERINE CUNNINGHAM SARAH CURETON ALICE DUNBAR SARAH FRANCES ESTES BETTY FOUNTAIN VIRGINIA GAINES JANET GRAY KATHERINE HERTZKA JOSEPHINE JENNINGS ETHELYN JOHNSON AUGUSTA KING GERTRUDE LOZIER JULE McCLATCHEY DEAN McKOIN SARAH NICHOLS VERA FRANCES PRUET MARY SNOW MARY MARGARET STOWE JANE THOMAS ELIZABETH THRASHER SARAH TURNER AMY UNDERWOOD LAURA WHITNER HESTER ANNE WITHERS ELIZABETH YOUNG MARY GREEN i:;i;ii;iiX)i;:i:;i;iiiaiii;ii;:i;ii;!i;;)ii);iii;ii;i;;i;iiiiiM;)i::i:;);;i;;i::ivi;;i:;);;ra u%%mmTn ' XD Tnuxx;ux Left to Right: A. CHAMLEE, N. CHAMLEE, HUTTON, PARKE, FULTON. McKOlN, JONES, JOHNSON, SMITH ORCHESTRA HISTORY: The orchestra which has been organized for several years has become an integral part of the cannpus life through the Wednesday night dinner music and their entertainment at informal affairs in the gymnasium. MEMBERS RUBY HUTTON Leader NELLE CHAMLEE Cello ALICE CHAMLEE Violm NINA PARKE Violm ANNA KATHERINE FULTON Violm DEAN McKOIN Violin ORIZABA SUSAN JONES Violm SARAH JOHNSON Mandoline MISS FLORENCE SMITH Violin i:ii;)i;;);i:)ii:i:;iiiiiiii;i;:i:ii;ii;!ii:ni);iii:ii;i;;i;ii;ii;););ii;;i::);;);;i:; ;r;i::i:;i;;);ii;ii;;n :;):;i: :i;;ii:i!:);ii;; ;;i::i ' ;i;;i;:ivn;:ii:i ' j;:i::):ji::i:;i;;i:;)i;i;iii:i;;M:;ii:i " i:ii ' N;f)irui ■a K JUxAyb 1 1 ' - ,?- 4 f M - -4 I- -1 f --f i ' Top Row J ADAMS, M. ADAMS, CAl CS, CAIRNS, CHAMLEE, CRISPIN, DEASON, EDWARDS, FAIRLy, HERTZKA Second Row HULL JACKSON JENNINGS, KING, McCLURE. McDANIEL, NICHOLS PRUET, RICHARDSON, ROBINS Third Row: ROGERS, ROWE, SHIPLEY, SQUIRES, TOMLINSON, TURNER, VALLEBUONA, WAGNER, WHITEHURST K. U. B. K. U. B., founded in 1920, is now affiliated with the Associated Press. As the journal- istic society of Agnes Scott, its purpose is to bring Agnes Scott before the public and to arouse interest in student activities in journalism through contributions to the newspapers. OFFICERS SUZANNE SMITH President MARY MARGARET STOWE First Vice-President SARAH COOK Second Vice-President MARY WALKER Secretary y " " i " MEMBERS JEAN BARRY ADAMS JOSEPHINE McCLURE MARY ADAMS IDA LOIS McDANIEL CATHERINE BATES SARAH NICHOLS LUCILLE CAIRNS VERA FRANCES PRUET " W ALICE CHAMLEE MARY RICHARDSON ■ L H ROSALYN CRISPIN MARGARET ROBINS All H MARY LILLIAN DEASON MARY GRAY ROGERS FIDESAH EDWARDS EMILY ROWE MARY LILLIAN FAIRLY ISABEL SHIPLEY i - «? KATHERINE HERTZKA MARY ELIZABETH SOUIRES ' MARY HULL SARA TOMLINSON BARTON JACKSON JANE TURNER JOSEPHINE JENNINGS GLADYS VALLEBUONA L M AUGUSTA KING MARIE WAGNER i|[ JH LILLIAN WHITEHURST Top Row; SMITH, STOWE econd Row: COOK, WALKER tt M- r;.i;ii;ii;;i:)i::i;;i;iiii)i;i;!i;ii;ii;!i;:Hi);iii;ii;ir,i;iirii;)!i:ii:iiii);;);;i;;ivi;;):;iia =■■ :|s;i;;):;i;;i;;ii:i!:):)i;;);;i:;r;i;;);:i:;n;:)i:i ' ;i;:i;;i;)i::i:;ii;i;;)i;i;iii:):;i;;K;ii m i; A ilrrinmii ix P = , ALLEN, CHAMPION, DAVIS, LONG, MARTIN, NELSON i: NICHOLS, SNOW, WALKER, WATERMAN, WHITNER CHI BETA PHI SIGMA Chi Beta Phi Si3ma was organized as the Chemistry Club in 1925 by a group of stu- dents interested in a practical knowledge of Chemistry. It became the Alpha Chapter of the national fraternity in 1933. The purpose is to broaden the scope of informa- tion beyond that of the classroom. OFFICERS MARY SUMMERS President ANNE COFFEE Vice-President CAROL GRIFFIN Recordms Secretary ELIZABETH YOUNG Corresponding Secretary SARAH COOK Treasurer MEMBERS MARTHA ALLEN JENNIE CHAMPION SARA DAVIS CAROLINE LONG ANN MARTIN VIRGINIA NELSON SARAH NICHOLS MARY SNOW MARY WALKER MARGARET WATERMAN LAURA WHITNER i;;i;ii;ii;i:ii;:i:;illliiliii;ii;ii;ii;ili:)lilliii;ii;i;;iliir)i;);i:ii;;i:! ;;);;i;:ivi;;)::i:;a Sir " ■ Top Row: SUMMERS, COFFEE, GRIFFIN Second Row: YOUNG, COOK - 159- • a» 0 . , Top Row: BEASLEY, BELL, BVERS, CALHOUN, CHRISTIAN, DENNI50N, DERRICK, EVANS, FLEECE Second Row: FOUNTAIN, HOUCK, JAMES, KING, LANEV, LATIMER, McCALLIE, McDANIEL, MORRIS Thiid Row; MILLER, PRINTUP, STALKER, STEELE, STOKEY, MARY THOMPSON, M. THOMPSON, TURNER, WHITE BLACKFRIARS Blackfriars, the oldest club on the campus, was organized in 1915 under the direction of Miss Gooch, who has guided thenn to adequate plays, careful and sincere acting, giving those girls who are interested in dramatics an opportunity to study and act. OFFICERS HESTER ANNE WITHERS President VERA FRANCES PRUET Vice-President KATHERYN BOWEN Secretary MARY HUTCHINSON Treasurer MEMBERS MARY BEASLEY MARTHA SUE LANEY DOROTHY BELL CARRIE PHINNEY LATIMER VIRGINIA BYERS ALICE McCALLIE MARIAN CALHOUM IDA LOIS McDANIEL k SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN MARGUERITE MORRIS J LUCILE DENNISON ROSA MILLER ■ MARIAN DERRICK KATHRYN PRINTUP ■ k y ' " ' % MARY JANE EVANS MARIE STALKER K JB Jl CHARLENE FLEECE FRANCES STEELE ■jf ..-.. ' E " " FOUNTAIN MARGARET STOKEY " ' BETTY LOU HOUCK MARY THOMPSON — ! « FRANCES JAMES MILDRED THOMPSON H W jj AUGUSTA KING VIRGINIA TURNER W k. . H NELL WHITE Top Row: WITHERS, PRUET Second Row: BOWEN, HUTCHINSON iMiom ft m f i Top Row: ADAMS, BEHM, BLACKSHEAR, CURETON, DAVIS, DERRICK, DICKSON ;cond Row: FROM, GREEN, HEATON, HOFFMAN, LAWRENCE, MORRISON, NICHOLS Third Row: ROACHE, ROWE, SHUTZE, THRASHER, TOWNSEND CITIZENSHIP CLUB The Citizenship Club, organized in 1926, became a part of the League of Women Voters in 1929. Its purpose is to familiarize the student body with the principles oF voting and current politics so they will become intelligent, well-qualified voters. OFFICERS NELL PATTILLO President MARIE TOWNSEND Vice-President MARIE SIMPSON Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS . ' ■■ " ' Ji jr 1 i MARY ADAMS ,1 VELLA MARIE BEHM ' ' " » ■ W DOROTHEA BLACKSHEAR ' ■ ■ W SARAH CURETON ELLEN DAVIS MARIAN DERRICK CAROLINE DICKSON ROSA FROM B MARY GREEN m ELIZABETH HEATON 8 CELIA HOFFMAN fl SARA LAWRENCE " CLARA MORRISON iBsr-ii Ji» »».l SARAH NICHOLS ' " ■ BETTY ROACHE H EMILY ROWE ■ ALSINE SHUTZE ' . " ELIZABETH THRASHER .-- - k m MARIE TOWNSEND , H Top Row: PATTILLO, TOWNSEND Second Row: SIMPSON i;;i;ii;ii;,rji: ' i:;r,iiii)i;i;ii;ii;ii;!i!:)i:i;iii;ii;i;;iiiiiii;i;i:)i;iii!i;;);;i;:i:i;;i:;iira;;); ;;ii;i:ii;i);; ::i:;r;i, i;;i:;ra;:)i:iv);:i;i);ji;:i:;i;;i:;ii;i;;ii;i;;ni;ii:i;, ' i;;r)i;. ' j|ii:;i;)| t - ' A AAALk A. Top Row: BAKER, DUNBAR, GREEN, M. JOHNSON, E. JOHNSON, McCULLY, MALONE Second Row: SCOTT, TAYLOR, THING, WEEKS, WHITAKER, WRIGHT, WYATT PEN AND BRUSH CLUB Pen and Brush was organized in 1926 by the art students for the purpose of creating a more active interest in art and of stimulating the talent of the members. OFFICERS SARAH SPENCER President BETTY FOUNTAIN Vice-President VIRGINIA GAINES Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS FRANCES BAKER ALICE DUNBAR MARY GREEN MARTHA JOHNSON ELLENDER JOHNSON FRANCES McCULLY MARY MALONE MARJORIE SCOTT ANNE TAYLOR JULIA THING LILLY WEEKS ANNIE LOU WHITAKER MARGARET WRIGHT JANE WYATT Top Row: SPENCER, FOUNTAIN Second Row: GAINES i:;i:)i:ii;:i:ii::i:;i;;ii;ii;i:!i:!i:ii: ' i!iii:i;ii!:ii;i;;i:iui:ia:ii;;iM::i::ivi:;i::i!g!i:ii;:H:in iAJUUiMUkA Top Row: BATES, BVERS, COLEV, CARMICHAEL, CLARK, EUBANKS, GOSS, LVONS Second Row: MORRIS, NORRIS, PALMOUR, POLIAKOFF, SHIPLEY, SQUIRES, UNDERWOOD ETA SIGMA PHI The Alpha Delta Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi was installed at Agnes Scott for students of Greek and Latin among the upperclassmen. Its purpose is to cultivate a greater appreciation of the classics and ancient culture. OFFICERS EVA CONSTANTINE President ELIZABETH FORMAN Vice-President GERTRUDE LOZiER Secretary MARTHA ALLEN Treasurer MEMBERS CATHERINE BATES VIRGINIA BYERS BAZALYN COLEY TRELLIS CARMICHAEL MILDRED CLARK WILLIE FLORENCE EUBANKS LITA GOSS DOROTHY LYONS MARGUERITE MORRIS JANIE NORRIS ALBERTA PALMOUR EVA POLIAKOFF ISABEL SHIPLEY MARY ELIZABETH SQUIRES AMY UNDERWOOD Top Row: CONSTANTINE, FORMAN Second Row: LOZIER, ALLEN i:;i:;ii;i:;i:;i;:i::ii;ii;)i;i:ii:ii:i|;!ii!ii:i:iii;ii:i::i:iBi:D:ii:;i:T;i::i::ivi:;i::i!:a:;i:ii::ii:ii:iala Top Row: M. ALLEN, M. V. ALLEN, ALLISON, BEHM, BELL, BULL, CARMICHAEL, CARV, CLARK, COFFEE, CONSTANT! NE, COOK Second Row: COOPER, EUBANKS, GRAY, HANDTE, HUTTON, JOHNSON, LYONS, McCLATCHEV, McKOIN, MORRISON Third Row: PATTILLO, PERRIN, PRINTUP, ROBINSON, SHIPLEY, SPENCER, STEVEMS, STOKEY Fourth Row: SUMMERS, THOMAS, J. TURNER, S. TURNER, WAGNER, WALKER, WITHERS FRENCH CLUB In 1920 the French Club was organized as a social and intellectual society to provide the students with opportunities of using conversational French. Plays, nneetings with the Alliance Francais of Atlanta and a French Cinema have been parts of the programs for this year. OFFICERS BETTY FOUNTAIN President AUGUSTA KING Vice-President JULIA THING Secretary-Treasurer , - MEMBERS • MARTHA ALLEN DOROTHY LYONS MARY VIRGINIA ALLEN JULE McCLATCHEY NELL ALLISON DEAN McKOIN VELLA MARIE BEHM CLARA MORRISON DOROTHY BELL NELL PATTILLO m - " m MERIEL BULL ELIZABETH PERRIN K M TRELLIS CARMICHAEL KATHRYN PRINTUP M FRANCES CARY GRACE ROBINSON — MILDRED CLARK ISABEL SHIPLEY ANNE COFFEE SARAH SPENCER EVA CONSTANTINE FAIRFAX STEVENS SARAH COOK MARGARET STOKEY NAOMI COOPER MARTHA SUMMERS WILLIE FLORENCE EUBANKS JANE THOMAS JANET GRAY JANE TURNER HELEN HANDTE SARAH TURNER RUBY HUTTON MARIE WAGNER ETHELYN JOHNSON ANNE WALKER HESTER ANNE WITHERS Top Row: FOUNTAIN, KING Second Row: THING i:;i;j|;ii;;i:ii;ii:;iiili!ii;i:ii;ii;ii;!i;:iii);iii;ii;i!iiiii:iiM:ii;xii;;);;i:;ivi;;)::ii;i;;i;ii;;i;;ii;i;;ra i;;i;;);:i;;ii:i:;i;ir; ;;i::i7i;;i;;i:;i:;;;;ii:rj;:i:;);ii:;a;;K;ii;i;iii:i:M:;ii;i " i;Tii;i iii;;i;)i Top Row: ALEXANDER, BISHOP, BR05NAN, CABANISS, COONS, E. DAVIS, 5. DAVIS, DERRICK, HIGHTOWER HOUCK, HULL Second Row: JENNINGS, JONES, LONG, McCALLA, McGAHEE, MILLER, MORELAND, MORRIS PRUET RACE, SCOTT Third Row: SMITH, SPENCER, STRICKLAND, THING, TURNER, TUNTAS, WHITNER, WITHERS, WOOLFOLK COTILLION CLUB The Cotillion Club, organized in 1921, is the only strictly social club on the campus. Its purpose is to uphold the highest social standards through the annual Thanksgiving and Founders Day dances and the regular tea-dances for the members. OFFICERS NINA PARKE President NELL WHITE Vice-President AUGUSTA KING Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS 0 ELIZABETH ALEXANDER EMILY McGAHEE f ' f Jl KATHERINE BISHOP ROSA MILLER B H W SARAH BROSNAN WITA MORELAND | . ; : DOROTHY CABANISS MARGUERITE MORRIS VIRGINIA COONS VERA FRANCES PRUET ELLEN DAVIS MADELINE RACE SARA DAVIS LAVINIA SCOTT . MARIAN DERRICK MARY VENETIA SMITH VIRGINIA HIGHTOWER LEONORA SPENCER fit li BETTY LOU HOUCK ELIZABETH STRICKLAND ■ - - MARY HULL MEREDITH TURNER M JOSEPHINE JENNINGS CHRYSANTHV TUNTAS B " SARAH JONES LAURA WHITNER S - ■! | CAROLINE LONG HESTER ANNE WITHERS Mg« , B FRANCES McCALLA JACOUELINE WOOLFOLK . H " Top Row: PARKE, WHITE Second Row: KING i:;i;;i:;i:;i:a::i::i;ili;ii;i:!i;!i:i|;iriii):ii!:i;ii;;i;ii;»i;i;i:)i;;i:;i;;i::i::i;i:;i::i::i:;);;i;;i;;ii: ::i::ii:i " i:i)a::i::i ' ;i;;i;:i!;n::ii:ry!i:ii;)i::i:;i;:i::ii:i;;ii;i:;i;;ii;ii:i;;i:!i ' ii;;;i!i:;i;il x ' ¥ - ' ? ' ft 1 ,: 1 5 (t: Q Top Row: ALLEN, BALKCOM, BELFORD, CRISPIN, DENNI50N, DUNBAR, GILROY Second Row: HANDTE, HARRIS, JAMES, LEE, McCAIN, PALMOUR, POLIAKOFF Third Row: PRINTUP, PRUET, REDWINE, SIMPSON, SQUIRES, STALKER, TOWNSEND PI ALPHA PHI Pi Alpha Phi, the honorary debating society, was organized in 1920 to encourage debating between the students at Agnes Scott as well as intercollegiate debating. The triangular debates and the debate with the University of London were interesting features of the year ' s work. OFFICERS MARIAN CALHOUN President IDA LOIS McDANIEL Vice-President SARAH CATHERINE WOOD Secretary CARRIE PHINNEY LATIMER Treasurer . l MEMBERS ' Wf . . W MARY VIRGINIA ALLEN DOROTHY LEE , -. • ' tik ■ ' FRANCES, BALKCOM ISABEL McCAIN f .- ' W FRANCES BELFORD ALBERTA PALMOUR Ik, A ROSALYN CRISPIN EVA POLIAKOFF 1 t LUCILE DENNISON KATHRYN PRINTUP a ' li ALICE DUNBAR VERA FRANCES PRUET 4 , M. NELLIE MARGARET GILROY MARTHA REDWINE „ " HELEN HANDTE MARIE SIMPSON w. ' -. ' FANNIE B. HARRIS MARY ELIZABETH SQUIRES L ' «2 . FRANCES JAMES MARIE STALKER | H|| ll B MARIE TOWNSEND Top Row: CALHOUN, McDANIEL Second Row: WOOD, LATIMER :;i:;iaii;:i::i;;iiai!i;ii:ii:ii;!i!:)i!i;ii;:ii;i;:i:ii: ' ii;i5ni:xi);ii::i::ivi;;i::i!:i:;):ii:ii;:ii:i i ■ ■is mM ] i g:i:;i:;i::i::ii:i::i:ii:;i::i::i ' ;;:i::i:;i::ii:iv):!i::ni::i:.rj::)i:i:;ii:i::a::iiN i « -9 9 ' Top Kow; ADAMS, BATES, CALHOUN, DERRICK, DIMMOCK, EDWARDS, FOUNTAIN, GOSS Second Row: GREEN, GRIMSON, HEATON, JAMES, LAWRENCE, POLIAKOFF, RACE, TOWNSEND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club was organized in 1921 to acquaint the students with affairs of current interest and world problems. OFFICERS ROSALYN CRISPIN President SARAH CATHERINE WOOD Vice-President ROSA FROM Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS MARY ADAMS CATHERINE BATES MARIAN CALHOUrj MARIAN DERRICK HARRIET DIMMOCK FIDESAH EDWARDS BETTY FOUNTAIN LITA GOSS MARY GREEN LILLIAN GRIMSON ELIZABETH HEATON FRANCES JAMES SARA LAWRENCE EVA POLIAKOFF MADELINE RACE MARIE TOWNSEND Top Row: CRISPIN, WOOD Second Row: FROM l:;i;)i;ii;,rji;:i:;i;ili;ii:i;ii;:i;i|;!i;;)iii;iii;ii;ii;i;ii;ii;);i:ii;;ir,i;;i::i::i;i;;);;i:;i;;i;;):ii;;ii;i mxrsMmiinrarn: " % fi) ai ' 1 o (•: Top Row: AUSTIN, .CHRISTIAN, CLARK, CUNNINGHAM, HART, HOUCK, JOHNSON, JONES Second Row: KENNEDY, LASSETER, MILLER, SPENCER, THING, MARY THOMPSON, M. THOMPSON, WOOD GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Johnson, always attempts to present good music programs. Their presentations at the college, over the radio, and in the various Atlanta churches are of widespread enjoyment. OFFICERS EVELYN WALL President AUGUSTA KING Vice-President FRANCES WILSON Secretary ALICE CHAMLEE Treasurer tfitllk. ' " ' ' ' " MEMBERS ii NETTIE MAE AUSTIN » SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN ' JANE CLARK CATHERINE CUNNINGHAM fl 1 BETTY LOU HOUCK HL , HIIiL .JiiO SARAH JOHNSON SARAH JONES RACHEL KENNEDY FLORENCE LASSETER ROSA MILLER LEONORA SPENCER JULIA THING k. HHfefc. " ' " WW MARY THOMPSON k " 11 A MILDRED THOMPSON .iH . 1 VIRGINIA WOOD Top Row: WALL, KING Second Row: WILSON, CHAMLEE i:;i;ii;;i;,i:)i;:i:;i;iii;ii;i;ii;:i;ii;!i!:)iii:iii;ii;i;;i;iiiii;)ji:ii;;i:);ii;;i::i i;;i:;i:;a:i:ii:;i = ' ra:i;;i;;i::i;:ii:i;;i:ii;; ;:i::r;i:;);:i;;);;);:ii:w:i;;i;)i:!i:;i;;i:;ii;i;;ii;i;;ra COLLEGE CHOIR Back Row: VIRGINIA WOOD AUGUSTA KING LILLIAN WHITEHUR5T BETTY LOU HOUCK SARA LAWRENCE LOUISE BROWN LUCILLE CAIRNS C. CUNNINGHAM LEONORA SPENCER LOUISA HART BETTY MOLLIS JESSIE JEFFERS HELEN PRICE MARY ALICE NEWTON BERTHA MERRILL ROSA MILLER JANE CLARK Second Row: ROSE NORTHCROSS MARY HULL ANNE TAYLOR JULIETTE PUETT JOYCE ROPER FRANCES STEELE LOUISE NORRIS JANE ALLEN WEBB EUNICE JOHNSON ALICE HANNAH SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN MEREDITH TURNER MARIE STALKER JULIA THING MARY PAST Third Row: JEAN BARRY ADAMS GENE CALDWELL FRANCES WILSON NETTIE MAE AUSTIN FLORENCE LASSETER SARAH JOHNSON MARGARET KELLER PRIMROSE NOBLE BETH BOWDEN K. BRITTINGHAM SARAH JONES ANNA K. FULTON KATHERINE LEIPOLD NELL HEMPHILL FRANCES ROBINSON ANNE W. JOHNSON EVELYN WALL MILDRED THOMPSON SARAH B. SLOAN CAROLYN ELLIOT SPECIAL CHORUS Back Row First Row; RUTH TATE SARAH STEELE MARTHA YOUNG CAROLINE ARMISTEAD MARY RICE ALLEN GERALDINE YOUNG KATHRYN PRINTUP RACHEL KENNEDY MURIEL FLOYD ALICE CHAMLEE MILDRED DAVIS LETTIE McKAY CAROLINE PHILLIPS MARY THOMPSON ROSA MILLER JANE CLARK EVELYN WALL SARAH JONES BETTY LOU HOUCK MARY PERRY VIRGINIA WOOD Front Row: MARY THOMPSON MILDRED THOMPSON SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN ALICE CHAMLEE MARTHA YOUNG AUGUSTA KING GERALDINE YOUNG i:;i:ii;a:ii;!i::iiiiw;!i:ii:ii;!l!:iiii;iii:ii;i!:i, ' ii:iixr)i:;i:!i;;i::i:;i i:;i!:im :):;);:i;;ii:i:;i;i);;i;:i::r;i;;);:i:;i:;);:ii:ra;:i::M;:i:;i;;i:;ii;i;iii;i;;i;;i!;ii:i;;i;T)i;;iix;i;i( Top Row: BOGG5, MARTIN, PRINTUP, THOMAS Second Row: TURNER, WOOD POETRY CLUB Since its organization in 1921 it has been the purpose of the Poetry Club to stimulate interest in contemporary poetry and to encourage the writing of verse by students. Several members have received national recognition for their work. OFFICERS FRANCES ESPy President MILDRED CLARK Secretary MEMBERS MARY BOGGS ANN MARTIN KATHRYN PRINTUP JANE THOMAS SARAH TURNER SARAH CATHERINE WOOD i;;i;ii;;iirji;:i;;r,iii!ii;i;ii;:i;ii;!ii:n:):iii;ii;i;;i;iirii;i;rji;;i;:i;;i;:i::ivi;;i::i:;i;;;;)i;ii;;i i;;i:;i::i;:ii:i:;i;ii;;i::i:;i i;; ;;i:;i;; ;:ii:ivi;;i;;);)i::i:T j::ii;i;;ii:i;:i;;):;ii:i;;i;Tii;:; Top Row; ALLEN, CASSELS, CHRISIIE, DULS, HUDSON, HULL, JOHNSON, JONES Second Row; MORROW, SHUTZE, TILLV, THRASHER, TURNER, WHITE, WARE I BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club was organized for students of Bible twelve years ago. The officers are chosen from the majors in Bible, and the purpose of the club is to bring subjects of interest related to Bible study and missionary work to its members. OFFICERS MARIE SIMPSON President ADELAIDE STEVENS Vice-Preside nt IRENE WILSON Secretary FRANCES CARy Treasurer MEMBERS MARTHA ALLEN JANE CASSELS CORNELIA CHRISTIE MAE DULS MARY HUDSON MARY HULL ELLEN JOHNSON ORIZIBA SUSAN JONES ELIZABETH MORROW , «li ALSINE SHUTZE ' M - iSSm % MILDRED TILLY djj J T - ELIZABETH THRASHER ' ' ' ' SUSAN TURNER CAROLYN WHITE | " 1 PEGGY WARE , fllA Top Row: SIMPSON, STEVENS Second Row; WILSON, CARY i:;i;j(;;i:i;)i;.T;i;iii;ii;i;ii;!i;ii;!ii.ii:i:ii;;ii;i:;i;ii;ii;); ;ii;;i::0;:i::ivi;;)::i:;i;;);ii;ii;;ii: ::ii:i;;):ii;;i;:i;:i ' ;i;;;;:i:;):; ;:)i:iV)::i;i):ji::u;;i:;ii;i;;ii;i;;);a:;ii:i;;i:M;;)i;i::i;)l Top Row: ADAMS, ARMI5TEAD, CAIRNS, DANIEL, DIMMOCK, FORMAN, HARRIS, HENDERSON, HULL Second Row: JACKSON, JOHNSON, LEE, McCULLY, MORRISON, MUSE, PALMOUR, TRIBBLE, TURNER GRANDDAUGHTERS ' CLUB Since its reorganization in 1930, the Granddaughters ' Club has again become a tradition of the campus. It is composed of those girls whose mothers once attended Agnes Scott. The Christmas banquet was an interesting feature this year. OFFICERS MARTHA REDWINE President VIRGINIA GAINES Vice-President BARTON JACKSON Secretary-Treasurer Cgj Hj ] MEMBERS i V la ift ' MARY ADAMS MK S 40m CAROLINE ARMISTEAD LUCILLE CAIRNS r KATHLEEN DANIEL J HARRIET DIMMOCK ELIZABETH FORMAN FANNIE B. HARRIS . MARY HENDERSON MARY HULL BARTON JACKSON MARTHA JOHNSON DOROTHY LEE FRANCES McCULLY CLARA MORRISON ORA MUSE ' d MT ALBERTA PALMOUR fl MARY NELL TRIBBLE i H SUSAN TURNER Top Row: REDWINE, GAINES Second Row: JACKSON i;;i;ii;ii;,l:)i;:i:;i;iii,ii!i;!i;:i;ii;!li:)iii:iii;iiii;:iiiir)ix;;ii;;ii:i;; ;;i;:i;i;;i:;i:;i;;);it ;i:;i::i::ii:i!:i:ii:;);:i;:i7i;;i;:i:;):;i::ii:n:!i::i:)i::i:;i::i::ii:iHii:i::i:;i " ii:ri: i ' ' i " iiii-i;il Top Row: ALLEN, AMES, CLARK, GOSS Second Row: NUMBER, LANE , MARTIN, ROBINS B. O. Z. B. O. Z. was organized in 1916 as the prose writing club of the campus in order to foster literary efforts among the students and to improve the writing of the members by mutual criticisms and discussions at the meetings. OFFICER EDITH MERLIN President MEMBERS MARY VIRGINIA ALLEN LULU AMES MILDRED CLARK LITA GOSS ANNA NUMBER MARTHA SUE LANEY ANN MARTIN MARGARET ROBINS i;:i;ii;;i;;i:)i::i:;i;iliiii;i;!i:ii;ii;!li:)ii);iii;iiii;;i;!i;ii;);;:)i;:i:!i;; ;:i:;ivi;;i:;i:;i:;j;ii:i i:;);;i;:i;:ii:i;;i;i);;i:;i:;r;i;;);;i;M;:ii:r;i;:i;;i:ji:i:;ii;i::ii;i;;ii:i;M;;ii;i;;i:ii ' )i;; i;i:;i; •-« -ij f f ' " f L. t Ik k A Top Row: ALLEN, AUSTIN, CALHOUN, CHAMPION, COFFEE, DEASON, EDWARDS, FROM Second Row: HERTWIG, HUTTON, MARTIN, MORRIS, MORRISON, PECK, POLIAKOFF, ROBINS Third Row: ROBINSON, SMITH, STOKEV, SUMMERS, TURNER, WALKER, WHITNER, WILLIS GERMAN CLUB The German Club was organized several years ago with Miss Harn as the supervisor. The purpose of the club is to help the students of German become more familiar with the spoken language and all phases of German culture through outside speakers and interesting programs. OFFICERS MARY BOGGS President KATHERINE HERTZKA Vice-President ETHELYN JOHNSON Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS m m " ■ VIRGINIA ALLEN CLARA MORRISON JEAN AUSTIN HARRIET PECK MARIAN CALHOUN EVA POLIAKOFF J||||L 1 JENNIE CHAMPION MARGARET ROBINS k J H ' COFFEE GRACE ROBINSON MARY LILLIAN DEASON SUZANNE SMITH FIDESAH EDWARDS MARGARET STOKEY ROSA FROM MARY SUMMERS BARBARA HERTWIG SARAH TURNER ■ ' RUBY HUTTON MARY WALKER ANN MARTIN LAURA WHITNER A MARGUERITE MORRIS BETTY WILLIS Top Row: BOGGS, HERTZKA Second Row; JOHNSON i;;i;ji;ii;;i:ii;:i:;iiii;;ii:i;ii;!i;ii;!i;;)i;i;iir,i;;ii;iiii; ' ii;ia!ii:;i;:););;;i::i;i;; ::i:;a ' i):;i; a ' i;;);;)::i;;ii;i::i;i);; ;;i;:r;i. ' :i:;i;;i;:ii:i:j;:i:!i;ji;:i:;i;;i:;ii;i;iii;i;;);;ji;ii:i: ' rT« Top Row: BULL, CASSELS, CARMICHAEL, CORNELY, DEASON, EDWARDS, GRIM50N Second Row; HUNT, HUTCHINSON, REDWINE, ROWE, SMITH, WAGNER, PHILLIPS SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club was organized several years ago under t he auspices of the Spanish department in order to familiarize Spanish students with the language in conversation and to give information relating to Spain and the study of Spanish. OFFICERS LOIS HART President CORNELIA CHRISTIE Vice-President MARY LOUISE LATIMER Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS MERIEL BULL - JANE CASSELS " I TRELLIS CARMICHAEL MARY CORNELY MARY LILLIAN DEASON k % J| FIDESAH EDWARDS B k J LILLIAN CRIMSON • " RUTH HUNT , J ' MARY HUTCHINSON ] ■ CAROLINE PHILLIPS f|| MARTHA REDWINE EMILY ROWE SUZANNE SMITH !■ MARIE WAGNER » Top Row: HART, CHRISTIE Second Row: LATIMER i;;iyi;;i;;i:ii;:i:;ii;ii;iiii;ii:ii;ii;!ii:ni)iiii;ii;ii;iiii; ' i;iirji:ii;!);;);;i:;i;i;;i:;i:;i, ' ;j;i);iii: ;:i;i);;f::i::r;i3;:i:;i:;i;:ii:ryii::ni:ii:;i;:i " ii:i:iii:i::i:;):;ii:r ' :Tii:iii;i:;i:)l jcuJLuriL: -X- LhA U yiZ SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM JACQUELINE WOOLFOLK Manaser FRANCES McCALLA Captain MEMBERS EVA CONSTANTINE CAROLINE LONG FRANCES McCALLA ALBERTA PALMOUR EVA POLIAKOFF LEONORA SPENCER JACOUELINE WOOLFOLK ELIZABETH YOUNG Top Row: POLIAKOFF, PALMOUR, CONSTANTINE, YOUNG. Bottom Row: McCALLA, WOOLFOLK, LONG, SPENCER. RESULTS OF THE SEASON October 19th Juniors vs. Sophomores 7 - I October 26th Juniors vs. Freshnnen 4 - November 2nd Sophomores vs. Freshmen 2 - 5 JUNIOR HOCKEY TEAM MARTHA CRENSHAW Manager MARTHA CRENSHAW Captain MEMBERS LENA ARMSTRONG ELIZABETH BURSON MARTHA CRENSHAW MARION DERRICK SARA FRANCES ESTES ELIZABETH FORMAN HELEN HANDTE LOIS HART ROSA MILLER ADELAIDE STEVENS MARIE TOWNSEND ii:CT:ii::i:;i;iii;iiii:!i:!i:ii;!l!:nii;iii;ii:i::i:iii«:i:a ' ii::iM::i::ivi:;i::i ' ; H:i:;i:;i::i;:ii:i::i:ii;;i::ii:i ' ;i:;i;:i::i:;i::ii:ri:Tii:)i-»»i::ii:i:iii; SOPHOMORE HOCKEY TEAM ROSA WILDER Manager MARY KNEALE Captain MEMBERS EDITH BELSER FRANCES CARY CHARLINE FLEECE BARBARA HERTWIG BARTON JACKSON MARY KNEALE FLORENCE LASSETER FLORENCE LITTLE ALICE TAYLOR ANNE WALKER ROSA WILDER Top Row: BELSER, CARY, FLEECE, HERTWIG, JACKSON, JOHNSON. Bottom Row: KNEALE, LASSETER, LITTLE, TAYLOR, WALKER, WILDER. RESULTS OF THE SEASON November 9th Juniors vs. Sophomores 3 - I Seniors vs. Freshmen I - November 16th Juniors vs. Freshmen - I Top Row: ALLISON, BROWN, HASSELL, HIGHTOWER, ROBINSON, TRIBBLE. Sottom Row: ADAMS, BLACKSHEAR, COIT, HENDERSON, JEFFERS, THOMPSON. FRESHMAN HOCKEY TEAM ANN THOMPSON Manager LAURA COIT Captain MEMBERS BETTY ADAMS NELL ALLISON ELIZABETH BLACKSHEAR MARTHA PETE BROWN LAURA COIT HIBERNIA HASSELL KENNON HENDERSON VIRGINIA HIGHTOWEP JESSIE JEFFERS FRANCES ROBINSON ANN THOMPSON MARY NELL TRIBBLE ;);;i:;i:;i;:i(:r;i;:i:i);)i::i;;i;;i;:ii;i;;ii;i;;i;;)i;ii;i;:i;!l ' ii;;)i;i;;i:)( Top Row: BURSON, CRENSHAW, FORMAN, HART, STEVENS, WALKER, ottom Row: ARMSTRONG, COIT, FLEECE, HANDTE, MILLER, THOMPSON, WILDER. HOCKEY VARSITY ELIZABETH BURSON LAURA COIT CHARLINE FLEECE HELEN HANDTE LOIS HART ADELAIDE STEVENS ANN THOMPSON ANNE WALKER LENA ARMSTRONG MARTHA CRENSHAW ROSA WILDER ELIZABETH FORMAN ROSA MILLER RESULTS OF THE SEASON November 23rd Freshmen vs. Sophomores I - 3 Juniors vs. Seniors I - I The banner was won by the Junior team. ii;j|;;i;;l!ii;:i:;ii;iiiii;i;ii;!i;ii;!li:)ii)iiii;ii;i;;i, ' ii;ii:iirji;iiii);; ;;i:;i;i;;);:i:;i;;i;ii;;i:;iiT =;m;i:;i;;i;:i;;ii:i:;);M;;i:;rii;;);ri:;i;:ii:iv);:i;:M;w:;i::ii;i;;ii:i:ii:;K;ii;i;;n Left to Risht: BULL, COFFEE, RICHARDSON, McCALLIE, BUR50N. Left to JUNIOR SWIMMING TEAM MERIEL BULL Manager MEMBERS MERIEL BULL ELIZABETH BURSON ANN COFFEE ALICE McCALLIE MARY RICHARDSON SOPHOMORE SWIMMING TEAM MARY JOHNSON Manager MEMBERS BARTON JACKSON MARY JOHNSON MARY KNEALE FLORENCE LASSETER KITTY PRINTUP MARY JANE TIGERT I FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAM ANN WORTHY JOHNSON Manager MEMBERS FRANCES BAKER BETH BOWDEN KATHERINE BRITTINGHAM JEAN CHALMERS MARY LILLIAN FAIRLY KENNON HENDERSON ANN WORTHY JOHNSON JEANNE MATTHEWS MARGARET MORRISON CONSTANCE PARDEE KATHERINE RICKS MARY VENETIA SMITH MARY STIPE MARGARET WRIGHT The Banner was won by the Sophomore team. PARDEE, CHALMERS, STIPE, HENDERSON, FAIRLY, WRIGHT, BRITTINGHAM, BOWDEN. -: BAKER, SMITH, MATTHEWS, MORRISON, RICKS, JOHNSON. . iVorrr 0;. i:;i;ii;ii;;i:ii;!i:;i;iii,iiil:i ' :i;ii;!i;:iii!;iirj;;i;;i,ii;iir):ii;;i;:i;;i::i::i;i;; ::iin S:;. !M;);;);;)::i;:ii:i::i;i);;i::i:;i ' ;i;;i;:r;a;:ii:i ' j;:i;i):ji::i:;i;;i:;ii;i;;ii;iM RIDING TEAM GENE BROWN MARY HUTCHINSON VERA PRUET LORRAINE SMITH NELL WHITE Nell White won first place in the horse show held in the fall at the Biltmore Riding Academy. Left to Risht: WHITE, HUTCHINSON, BROWN, SMITH, PRUET. HIKING SQUAD FRANCES CARY Manaser MEMBERS MARY ALICE BAKER GENE BROWN FRANCES CARY HIBERNIA HASSELL DOROTHY LEE FLORENCE LITTLE BERTHA MERRILL ESTHER SOUTTER MARIE STALKER ANNE WALKER REBECCA WHITLEY- Top Row: TALMAGE, WOOD, FORMAN. WHITLEY, O ' NEAL. Center Row: DEA50N, McCALLA, McKOIN. Bottom Row: CUNNINGHAM, STOWE, BEASLEV. OUTING CLUB MARY MARGARET STOWE President MEMBERS MARY BEASLEY CATHERINE CUNNINGHAM MARY LILLIAN DEASON ELIZABETH FORMAN FRANCES McCALLA DEAN McKOIN MYRA O ' NEAL MARY MARGARET STOWE MIRIAM TALMAGE REBECCA WHITLEY SARAH CATHERINE WOOD i:;i;;i;;i;;i:ii::i::i;iiiiii;i;ii:!i;ii;!ii;)iii;iii;i;;i;;i;ii;ira:ii;iiiiD;:i::i:i;;i::i!;tt;i;i« a■l:;l:,r;l;:ll:l;;);)l. ' ;l;:|:: ;l!;)::l;;ra;:ll:lv ;:|;;l;Jl;:l.■;l;;l:;ll;l;ill;l;;l, ' ; ' ll:l;; LIFE SAVERS ELIZABETH BURSON MARTHA CRENSHAW MARY JOHNSON MARY KNEALE JEANNE MATTHEWS ALICE McCALLIE ALBERTA PALMOUR MARIE STALKER EUGENIA SVMMS COFFEE, HANDTE, McCALLA, ARM- STRONG, BURSON. CHEER LEADERS Senior LEONORA SPENCER Junior ELLEN DAVIS VIRGINIA GAINES Sophomore RACHEL KENNEDY MARIE STALKER Freshman BERTHA MERRILL MARY VENETIA SMITH ii;;i;;i;;i:)i;:i;;i;iii;ii:i;ii;ii;ii;!|i;iiil!ii:;ii;i:;iiii;ii;)a:)i;;ii:);)i;:i:;i ' ;i;;)::i!;aii;ii;;ii:i;; left to Rignt: BURSON, SYMMS, STALKER, PALM- OUR, CRENSHAW, KNEALE, McCALLIE, MATTHEWS, WEARERS OF THE A. S. C. LENA ARMSTRONG ELIZABETH BURSON ANN COFFEE HELEN HANDTE FRANCES McCALLA A letter is given to those girls who have made a certain number of points meas- ured by ttieir achievement in various sports. KENNEDY, DAVIS, SPENCER, STALKER MERRILL, SMITH. Insert: GAINES. i:;);;i;:i;;ii;i;:i;i):;):;i::i ' ii;;);:i;;i:;);:ii:rj;:i:;i:)i;:i:;i;;i:;ii;i;;ii:i;;D:;ii;i:i::rii;i)iii:;i;i( TENNIS WINNERS DOUBLES TOURNAMENT First Place MARY KNEALE FRANCES McDONALD Second Place MIRIAM TALMAGE SARAH LAWRENCE This tournament was held in the fall. The singles tournament was played late in i the spring. Left to Risht: TALMAGE, LAWRENCE, KNEALE, McDONALD. TENNIS CLUB MARY KNEALE President MEMBERS MARY KNEALE ELEANOR LEMMON FRANCES McDONALD LISELOTTE RONNECKE MIRIAM TALMAGE JULIA THING SARAH CATHERINE WOOD MARTHA YOUNG Members of this club are chosen through well-supervised try-outs. The tournaments held throughout the season are sponsored by this group. Left to Right: McDONALD, RONNECfE, TALMAGE, THING, yOUNG, KNEALE, LEMMON, WOOD. SW kMEa, lill ;Vr-B- ' ' V A .-V- L A : i ramxi;ili:ii;i;!i;:i;ii;i|i;)i:i;iii;i;;i;;i;iini;i! M :ii:i;:i;ii:; ;:i::i ' ;i;;;;:i;;n;:ii:i ' x;i:;):)i:M;;i:;ii;i;iii:i;;D:;ii:i;;i:Tii;!ii;i:i;)( WINNER OF THE GOLF TOURNAMENT VIRGINIA WOOD A golf tournament is held every year in the fall, the win- ner receiving a cup which she retains throughout the year. MISSES HEALTH NELL WHITE HELEN HANDTE These girls tied in the contest the end of hHealth Week for the the healthiest hlottentot. held at title of WINNER OF THE HOCKEY STICK ANNE WALKER This stick is awarded annually to that member of the Sophomore hockey team who has shown the most ability and skill in playing. IMOT bwu.,v-,4 " " Jiw, - JA -.i ' -M ' .i.JJ4 .y WATER POLO SENIOR-SOPHOMORE TEAM JUNIOR-FRESHMAN TEAM MARY JOHNSON Manager MEMBERS BARTON JACKSON MARY JOHNSON FLORENCE LASSETER KITTY PRINTUP MARY JANETIGERT ANN WORTHY JOHNSON Manager MEMBERS MARTHA PETE BROWN GENE CALDWELL MARTHA CRENSHAW ELIZABETH FORMAN ANN WORTHY JOHNSON SARAH JONES BERTHA MERRILL KATHERINE RICKS RESULTS OF THE SEASON February 19th Senior-Sophomore vs. Junior-Freshman 2-2 February 27th Senior-Sophomore vs. Junior-Freshman 4-0 i;;i;ii;;i;i:;i;ii;;i;;i;iii:i;!i::i;ii; ' ii:ii;);ii;;ii;i;;i;iir i;)ir.ii;;i::);;;;:i:;ivi:;i::i:;i2;i:ii;;ii:i;; i:;i;;i::i;:ii:ii;i;)i;; ;;i;:r;(. i;: ;;i;x ' :ii:i r i;;);)i;:i:.Tj;;ii;i;;ii;i;;);; );ii;i;;rr i;;ii;rjJ Left to Right: STEVENS, WALKER, BURSON, BISHOP, BENNETT, SPENCER, HANDTE. BASKET-BALL VARSITY Forwards KATHERINE BENNETT KATHERINE BISHOP HELEN HANDTE ADELAIDE STEVENS ANNE WALKER Guards ELIZABETH BURSON LEONORA SPENCER MARIE STALKER The banner was won by the Junior team. JESUITS OF THE SEASON January 25th Juniors vs. Sophomores 37-22 Seniors vs. Freshmen 31 - 15 February 1st Freshmen vs. Juniors Sophomores vs. Seniors 31-38 36-13 ;l;il;;l;1;;l;:l:; ,illlll;l;ll;;|;ll:!|;llll):lll;ll;l;;|;ll; ' )l;llr.ll;;l;:);;);;l::lvl;;l l:ra;i);;ll:ll:l :ii:i:;):ii;;);;|::i i;;i;:i;;ra;:ii:ivr.:i;!);)i;:l:;i;;i:;ii;i;;ii:i;;i;;j:;ii:i;;i;:ivi;;)i,T.,T,)( Left to Rishl: ALLEN, ESPY, POLIAKOFF, VOUNG, SPENCER. RESULTS OF THE SEASON February 8th SENIOR BASKET-BALL TEAM ELIZABETH YOUNG Manager LEONORA SPENCER Captam MEMBERS MARTHA ALLEN FRANCES ESPy EVA POLIAKOFF LEONORA SPENCER ELIZABETH YOUNG Freshmen vs. Sophomores 31 -31 Juniors vs. Seniors 41 -5 February 15th Freshmen vs. Seniors Sophomores vs. Juniors 34-19 24-18 ■ Top Row: BISHOP, BURSON, ESTES, HART, STEVENS. Bottom Row: ARMSTRONG, BR05NAN, DERRICK, HANDTE, LATIMER. JUNIOR BASKET-BALL TEAM SARA FRANCES ESTES Manager ELIZABETH BURSON Captain MEMBERS LENA ARMSTRONG KATHERINE BISHOP ELIZABETH BURSON MARION DERRICK SARA FRANCES ESTES HELEN HANDTE LOIS HART CARRIE PHINNEY LATIMER ADELAIDE STEVENS i:;i;ii;;i;;i:ii;. ' i:;iiiii;)iii;ii;ii;ii;!ii;)rjiiii;ii;i;;iiii;ii;); :ii;;ii:i;i);;i:;);i;;):;i:;i;;j;;); i):;):;i;;ii:i;;);ii;;);;ii:i i i;:i;;):; ;:ii:r.r i;:);ji::i:;i;;i:;ii;i;:ii:i;;i;ii;;ii:i;;i;:rii; SOPHOMORE BASKET-BALL TEAM CHARLINE FLEECE Manager MARY KNEALE Captain MEMBERS EDITH BELSER KATHERINE BENNETT CHARLINE FLEECE BARBARA HERTWIG MARY KNEALE FLORENCE LITTLE isoBEL McCain MARIE STALKER JULIA THING ANNE WALKER Seniors vs. Sophomores II -35 S; -.- Top Row: BENNETT, HERTWIG, LITTLE, STALKER, WALKER. Bottom Row: BELSER, FLEECE, KNEALE, McCAIN, THING. RESULTS OF THE SEASON February 18th Freshmen vs. Juniors 26-42 Freshmen vs. Sophomores 22-4! Juniors vs. Seniors 38- II Top Row: ADAMS, ALLISON, BLACKSHEAR, COIT, DAVIS, JEFFERS, KING Bottom Row: MIDDLETON, NOBLE, PARDEE, ROBINSON, THOMPSON, TRIBBLE, WARE. P V » ■m 1 . L ik kz - B FRESHMAN BASKET-BALL TEAM FRANCES ROBINSON Manager CONSTANCE PARDEE Captain MEMBERS BETTY ADAMS MELL ALLISON ELIZABETH BLACKSHEAR LAURA COIT MILDRED DAVIS JESSIE JEFFERS ELIZA KING ENID MIDDLETON PRIMROSE NOBLE CONSTANCE PARDEE FRANCES ROBINSON ANN THOMPSON MARY NELL TRIBBLE EDNA WARE i;xvi;;ia:fl;:i:;iiii;;ii:i;:i:ii;ii;!ii:)iii;iii;i;;i:;i;ii;ii;); :)i:;i::);; ;:i::ivi;;)::i:;i;;);:i:ii;:ii:i ; ' iM;i:;i:;i;:i;:ii:i " i:ra;;i::i ' ;i;;) " i:;a;:ii:ivi;T;);ji::i:;i;;i:;)i:i;;ii:i;;n:;ii;i;;i:!r i;i;i Back Row: DERRICK, CLARK, ARMSTRONG, CRENSHAW. Front Row: KNEALE, WEEKS, BURSON, HART, JOHNSON. ARCHERY GROUP This group is representative of those girls who went out for a sport which is beconning more popular on the campus every year. SOCCER GROUP Class Managers MILDRED CLARK Junior ROSA WILDER Sophomore WINIFRED KELLERSBERGER Freshman There were no soccer class teams this year since the number of girls playing soc- cer was not large enough to be divided into three or four teams. Left to Risht: MOORER, PERRIN, SCOTT, McDONALD. GOLF GROUP Interest in golf was quite widespread this year. Many of the girls took part in the golf tournament held in the fall at Forest Hills Golf Club. i::i;ji;;i;;i:ii:;i::iiiiiiii;i:!i;ii:ii:.i!!iiii!iii;ii;i;;i!ii;u ' ia;ii;ii:!);;i:;i::ivi;;i!:i!;i;;):iiw :;):;i;:i;;ii:i;;i;ir;i;;i:;r;i;;);;i:;n;:ii:n;!i;:i;)i:i:;i:;i;;ii;i;iii:);;M;;ii:i;;i:!r«: ' )i;i;;i;ii CO)(g(]:®l]o©[p nS ururiM cLi k. This Is the way we learned their names. So thees eez Amerrica! Could we dare call this Spring tree just blossomed a symbol of the Freshman Class? FRESH What! Admirers " fron Seminary already! Branded! They ' re BIRDS! A kid party substitute thi fo yea ratti ng. Sla noro JS s ght to new eyes The baby took fi to rst the prize eft SCHOOL BEGINS! Everything but kitchen sink the A familiar haunt. To classes, to classes, What! Leaving us s jiggety-jig! soon, Caroline? Fresh ar ivals And did you have a nice time during the summer? Presenting little sister! The same olj quadrangle. " Show me the way The faculty ' s back to go home. " on the job, too. STUNT NIGHT Oct. 13, 1934. Winners of the Black Cat — Sophonnores. Soph. Stunt — Barbara Hectwig. REVERE THE SOPH. Heed, the town crier. Revere, the Soph. Boo, the Frosh. What! the villager. Probably, the Dean. It ' s, the girl. She ' s, the lady. Why, the house-president? Page, the waiter. Chairnnan Freshman A MARS CONFECTION. Touchdown, the hero. Kitty, the heroine. Queen of Mars. Big Dec Little Dec. Sophomore Sophless. Bot Zoo. Mail Caller. Stunt— Mildred F. Br, THE FACULTY AS WE KNOW THEM Miss History Smith Our California coach Mail ' s up! Hello, there! Miss History Smith Our California coach Mail ' s up! Damon Pythias Mr. J. is just Wayve. Looks li! e a pal. Miss Gooch. Janef, poet. Miss Lewis ' s Miss McKinney Any fever? The 3 Muskrat-eers. stately figure. can ' t take it. Scotch nice. Miss Haynes is anything Whitaker in a Our artist Information bureau. Parlez-vous? but a crank. huddle. again. . En route to officiate A famous pace. Back of Miss Laney, at chapeL We want a goal! Huddle! And just for the sake of contrast — Fanny. CAMPUS PEP A minute ' s respite. Her side won. Ready — set. We eat Grape-Nuts! Warning all passersby. What more ins piring than a picnic at camp? Germany well represented. GO! Aw, shux, miste You quit . . . Behave, Fidesah! Let ' s play like • ■ S-jints a cherub. True to type. Mickey Mouse Club. Lost again! LITTLE GIRL DAY Too windy for Jenny Another famous Fluff. Little Miss Muffet. Look pretty! Leggo my curls! Isn ' t he toot! Skipping— to Buttrick! Tug o ' war? Aren ' t they kittenish? » % ' i ' i One of Asnes Scott ' s famous traditions. Transformed! (Yessir, we said Seniors!) INVESTITURE Sweet young things! Here comes the thrill, girls — and the tears. " Ancient of Days. ' The sister class leads the way. Just before taking. The procession. I BLACKFRIAR PLAYS Produced under the production of Miss Frances K. Gooch. Scenes from you NEVER CAN TELL, by George Bernard Shaw, CRAIG ' S WIFE, by George Kelly, presented Nov. 16 17, 1934. presented Mar. I 2, 1935. (See if you can recognize Betty Lou Houck, Hester Anne Withers, Ida Lois McDaniel, Vera Frances Pruet, Mary Hutchinson, Alice McCallie, Jimmy Jepson, Marion Camip, and Bob Gillespie.) L WELL-KNOWN FACTS AND FIGGERS Behind scenes. All set to set ads. The pause that refreshes. On the sidelines at a hockey game. Who ' s winning? Ditto. Oh, Betty Lou! What a chance to make Bealy fall for you! Freshmen always turn out. Action! Dispute between referees? Back again? Give our patient photographers a hand! |; i - i if . »■ MORTAR BOARDS ON AND OFF-GUARD National Honorary Senior Society. Two sunny dispositions, Martha ' s and Nell ' s. Anna, our beloved President! Officers all Mortars without the board. Why so glum, Frank? " Tinke " and " Brother ' " The surest sign of ' Oman ' s worth . . . ' How many scholarships did you say, Mary? The forum and the rostrum. FASHION PARADE Sponsored by the SILHOUETTE and Cotillion Club. [Dresses from Muse ' s, Rich ' s, and Martel ' s.} Even an orchestra. (What! You here too!) Nifty waitresses, eh what? Master of Ceremonii All set to meet Spring in a gay way. »« " ' ■ » Ben Franklin — " en-lishtnin ' " Dan Boone — squeezing elbow roorr Pat Henry— " Gimme . . . " Once more the minuet. FOUNDER ' S DAY Feb. 22, 1935. George and Martha. Cornwallis Is evidently a lady ' s man. Colonial tableau. Laura Whitner, the Queen. Butterflies. MAY DAY May 4, 1935 PETER PAN The Fairy Queen and Court. Fairies. Crowning the Queen. White Bunnies and Toadfrogs. John, Wendy and Michael. Carpenters. MAY DAY May 4, 1935 PETER PAN Peter Pan and Wendy. Lost Boys. Daisies. Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. Pirates. SENIOR OPERA May 4, 1935 SAM ' S SON and THE LILAC. (SAMSON and DELILAH). Lilac and Her Maids. Socrates and Xantippe, (1 ain ' t got no money — she ' s the reason why). Lady Good Iva, (Fight— boys— fight!) Abimelech and the High Priest. The Cast en masse The Famous Hair-cut. Hallel jahl! Lilac will help Athens Tech! GRADUATION Scenes on Commencement Day and Class Da With special mention of the Sophomore daisy chain in the center — an impressive rite and a task not soon forgotten! AWERTI5EnENT5 — -Hit Se.- v,oT s fen C3 C=7 I H s i i L ( 6tt in + rM Bveacl- Inne. ■b-a if -t-he-iH- +ft »«lt TR H S H MEM «c (OjNNH T. OX I IT- H S TflCKSo-i - m " Hue eoUt cyc pv ope. vTU Co irtt uvcAj " VOTE FOR — TOST o rtce. " vTv3 -e J q ivl s! LIST OF ADVERTISERS AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE J, P.ALLEN COMPANY ANTONIO ' S STUDIO WALTER BALLARD OPTICAL COMPANY SAME ' S, INC. SAMUEL BAUM BOWEN PRESS BRUMBY CHAIR COMPANY HOTEL CANDLER L. CHAJAGE COCA-COLA COMPANY CRICHTON ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE C. A. DAHL DECATUR BEAUTY SALON DeKALB THEATRE HARRY F. DOBBS, INC. DOCTORS AND DENTISTS OF ATLANTA AND DECATUR THE DRAUGHON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE EAGER SIMPSON EDWARDS SAYWARD ESTES SURGICAL SUPPLY CO. LOUIS ISAACSON, INC. KAMPER ' S PURE FOOD STORES LAWRENCE ' S MARTEL, INC. MELBA CAFETERIA GEORGE MUSE CLOTHING COMPANY J. K. ORR SHOE COMPANY THREADGILL ' S PHARMACY W. Z. TURNER LUGGAGE COMPANY THE VARSITY THE WOMAN ' S EXCHANGE AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE A College for Women DECATUR, GEORGIA THREADGILL ' S PHARMACY • " All the better things of life including Elizabeth Arden ' s famous toiletries. " I " THE CHOICE OF THE j Compliments COLLEGE GIRLS " ! j of . . . ♦ I j MEET YOUR FRIENDS . . . at . . . LAWRENCE ' S I A . 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Suggestions in the Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA) collection:

Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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