Agnes Scott College - Silhouette Yearbook (Decatur, GA)

 - Class of 1934

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' W7 iL. . , £tt .£,. .., F.c. THE SILHOUETTE 19 3 4 AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE Copyright 1934 ELINOR HAMILTON Editor-in-Chief PAULINE GORDON Business Manager photography by Stanley Studio engravings by Photo-Process Engraving Co. PRINTING AND BINDING BY FOOTE AND DaVIES Co. THE SILHOUETTE 19 3 4 ' ■ % 7$ i { • MHvw! 4 ' ,«, ft- ' - Student Publication of AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE DECATUR, GEORGIA VoiuTne Thirty DEDICATION MISS ELIZABETH JACKSON, ONE WHOSE CULTURE SHOULD BE AN INSPIRATION, HAS UNTIRINGLY ENDEAV- ORED TO INSTILL IN AGNES SCOTT STU- DENTS A REAL APPRE- CIATION OF ART, MU- SIC. AND LITERATURE. MAY THIS DEDICATION OF THE SILHOUETTE 1934 DULY ACKNOWL- EDGE HER INTEREST. MISS ELIZABETH JACKSON DESIGN For many successful years, progress has Deen the keynote in Agnes Scott ' s pro- gram. Now a nevk ' achievement is on its way with the erection of the Presser Foun- dation Music Hall — our fine art attain- ment. We welcome not merely tangible facilities for the study of fine arts ; we welcome also an incorporate symbol of the intangible fine arts on our campus. Through beautiful and representative buildings our comprehensive symbol is to be analyzed and elucidated. As do their significances celebrate arts, likewise will our building commemorate our learning, growth, organization, variety, beauty, and caprice. PLAN ART OF LEARNING ART OF VARIETY ART OF GROWTH ART OF ORGANIZATION ART OF COOPERATION ART OF BEAUTY ART OF HUMOR SSS SB - t »??«»9tr!r — 1 THE IVIED WALLS, THE SHADOWY COLONNADES, THE CONVENIENT COURTS FOR FRATERNITY BRAND OXFORD THE ROMANTIC CENTER WHERE THE ART OF LEARNING IS PRACTICED MOST SKILFULLY. THE CLOISTER IS WELL KNOWN. ART OF LEARNING Ywoa z HHT ,aj AW aaivi hht TVIHIM3VV103 HHT f aOAKKIOJOp QKA ia YTIV[ !3TA « 30T eT IUOO ilHTKHD 31TWAt 0!J 3Ht QilOHXO HHT .YJJlMJtlHZ Egos,-: aH3IT3A q .HWOM JJ3W 21 ; 3 rZIOJD 0VllVl5lka.l ' O T51K Eirirl ■f . l r- -v: v ? ' 31 = tJP ' t ' t V -. i?? ' : ' l , r 6 r ' i ' .t,, r % m ■:f«t ' m ■ivW0! r - ? ' . V5 4d Board of Trustees J. K. Orr, Chnirman Atlanta, Ga. C. M. Candler Decatur, Ga. W. C. Vereen Moultrie, Ga. J. S. Lyons Atlanta, Ga. F. M. Inman Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. Samuel M. Inman Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. C. E. Harman Atlanta, Ga. Miss Mary Wallace Kirk Tiiscuwbia, Ala. George E. King Atlanta, Ga. D. P. McGeachy Decatur, Ga. R. O. Flinn Atlanta, Ga. H. T. McIntosh Albany, Ga. J. R. McCain Decatur, Ga. J. J. Scott Decatur, Ga. W. A. Bellingrath Montgomery, Ala. G. Scott Candler Decatur, Ga. E. D. Brownlee Sanford, Fla. J. BuLow Campbell Atlanta, Ga. D. A. DuNSEiTH Clearwater, Fla. Miss Nannette Hopkins Decatur, Ga. John McMillan Stockton, Ala. W. J. Rushton Birmingham, Ala. George Winship Atlanta, Ga. M:ss Llewellyn Wilburn Decatur, Ga. Warner H. DuBose Mobile, Ala. Francis M. Holt Jacksonville, Fla. 1 q. yy President James Ross McCain, B.A., A.M., LL.D., Ph.D. Erskirie College, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Davidson College Dean Nannette Hopkins, Litt.D., Ph.D. University of Georgia, Oglethorpe University % ii ' - H» - Ad ministration Registrar Samuel Guerry Stukes, A.B., B.D., M.A. Secretaries to the Registrar Emmie J. Ansley Gladys R. Curtis Treasurer J. C. Tart Secretary to the Treasurer Betty Bonham Stukes Tart Cunnmgh; Business Manager R. B. Cunningham, B.S. Housekeepers Jennie Dunbar Fennell Lena Davies Matron Emma Miller Facult DEPARTMENT OF BIBLE Alma Sydenstricker, M.A., Ph.D. Wooster University Professor James Thornwell Gillespie, A.B., B.D., Th.M., Ph.D. Davidson College, Presbyterian Theological Seminary, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Associate Professor DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY Mary Stuart MacDougall, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, University of Chicago, Columbia University Professor Mary Westall, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, Columbia University, University of Chicago Associate Professor Ruth Janette Pirkle, A.B., M.S. Agnes Scott College, Emory University Assistant Professor Mary Auten, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Bluffton College, Ohio State University Acting Instritctor in Biology Blanche Miller, A.B. Agnes Scott College Sarah Bowman, A.B. Agnes Scott College Instructors Sydenstricker MacDougall DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Robert B. Holt, A.B., M.A. University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago Professor Philippa Garth Gilchrist, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Agnes Scott College, University of Wisconsin Associate Professor Margaret Whittington Davis, A.B. Agnes Scott College Instructor Leave of absence 19)5-)4. Faculty DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY James M. Wright, A.B., Ph.D. William Jewell College, Johns Hopkins University Professor Arthur F. Raper, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Vanderbilt University Acting Professor of Sociology DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH George P. Hayes, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Swarthmore College, Harvard University Professor M. Louise McKinney Professor Emma May Laney, M.A., Ph.D. Columbia University, Yale University Associate Professor ' ■ Annie May Christie, M.A. Columbia University Assistant Professor Janef Preston, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, Columbia University Assistant Professor Raymond Wilson, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, University of North Carolina Instructor Frances K. Gooch, M.A., Ph.D. Graduate Boston School of Expression, University of Chicago Associate Professor Alexander DEPARTMENT OF FRENCH Alice Lucile Alexander, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, Columbia University Professor Louise Hale, A.B., M.A. Smith College, University of Chicago Associate Professor Margaret Phythian, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor ,e of absence 19)3-34. Facult: DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN AND SPANISH Edith Muriel Harn, A.B., Ph.D. Goucher College, Johns Hopkins University Professor Melissa A. Cilley, A.B., M.A. University of New Hampshire, University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor DEPARTMENT OF GREEK Catherine Torrance, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. University of Chicago Professor Martha Stansfield, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Agnes Scott College, University of Chicago Associate Professor Lois Combs, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Agnes Scott College, New York University Instructor Davids, Harn Torrance DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY Philip Davidson, Jr., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. University of Mississippi, University of Chicago Professor Elizabeth F. Jackson, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Wellesley College, University of Pennsylvania Associate Professor Florence E. Smith, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Westhampton College, University of Chicago Assistant Professor Department of Art History Louise Garland Lewis U.niversity of Chicago, University of Paris, Art Institute Chicago, Academie Lulian, Ecole Delacluse Professor of Art History 1 f ) y Facult DEPARTMENT OF LATIN Lillian S. Smith, M.A., Ph.D. Syracuse University, Cornell University Professor Catherine Torrance, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. University of Chicago Professor Martha Stanseield, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Agnes Scott College, University of Chicago Associate Professor Lois Combs, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Agnes Scott College, New York University Instructor DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Henry A. Robinson, B.S., C.E., M.A., Ph.D. University of Georgia, Johns Hopkins University Professor Leslie J. Gaylord, A.B., M.S. Lake Erie College, University of Chicago Assistant Professor DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Christian W. Dieckmann, F.A.G.O. Professor Smith Robinson Lewis H. Johnson Student of William Nelson Burritt, New York; Alexander Heinneman, Berlin; Arthur J. Hubbard, Boston Voice GussiE O ' Neal Johnson Certificate in Voice and Piano, Agnes Scott College Assistant in Voice Agnes Adams Stokes, A.B. Agnes Scott College, Graduate of Atlanta Co.aservatory . of Music 4 Violin Eda E. Bartholomew Royal Conservatory, Leipzig Piano t V, Facult ' DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY Schuyler M. Christian, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D. Emorj ' University, Harvard University Professor DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION Samuel Guerry Stukes, A.B., M.A., B.D. Davidson College, Princeton University, Princeton Seminary Professor Emily S. Dexter, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Ripon College, University of Wisconsin Associate Professor Katherine T. Omvcake, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. George Washington University Assistant Professor Hanley Christian Stukes LIBRARY Edna Ruth Hanley, A.B., A.B.L.S. BlufFton College, University of Michigan Librarian Gwendeline Miller, B.S., A.B.S.L. University of Michigan Assistant Librarian Ada Page Foote, A.B., A.B.L.S. Mississippi State College for Women, Emory University Assistant Librarian Mildred Hooten, A.B. Agnes Scott College Assistant Librarian 1 934 Faculty DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mary F. Sweet, M.D., F.A.C.P. Syracuse University, New England Hospital, Boston Professor of Hygiene Llewellyn Wilburn, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, Columbia University Associate Professor of Physical Education Harriet Haynes, A.B., M.A. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, Columbia University Assistant Professor of Physical Education Assistant Dean Sweet Wilburn Carrie Scandrett, A.B Agnes Scott College Secretary to the Dean Andrewena Robinson, A.B. Agnes Scott College 193 ' THE PARIS OPERA HOUSE HAS BEEN THE HOM£ OF TRAGEDY, OF 1. COMEDY, AND OF THE DANCE. THE jg r. OLD WALES COULD TELL A CHARM - .4 ' ING STORY OF FORMAL DRAMA AND FROLICSOME INTERMISSIONS. ART OF VARIETY Faculty DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION vIary F. Sweet, M.D., F.A.C.P. IJniversity, New England Hospital, Boston Professor of Hygiene LlfALLLYN Vi ' lLbLRN, A.B., M.A. Agnes Scott College, Columbia University Ai ' ii ' icuile Professor of Phy ical Education Harriet Haynes, A.B., M.A. R;irnlolph-M.icon Woman ' s College, Columbia University A : taut Professor of Physical Education Iah azuoH A.aH10 llimast H ' Rean O (YQHOAilT HO 3MOH HHT iaaa T .aDMAQ aH T ao aviA ,YaaM03 M.aAHo A jjax aauoD 2Jjaw aso ' yiA AiAAJia jAM oa ao y iotz omi .zviouziMfiRrvii aM023iJ0.ara Carrie St andrett, A.B. Agnes Scott College Secretary to the Dtau AxDRcwrNA Robinson, A.B. YTa. 5lK.V ' O Campus Scenes Whiter callers. Winter splendor. Our Monday morning array Tennis action! Back and ground. Paging Houdini! The u ' ay of all students. Just looking around. Driiing right back out aga Well, (IS was sayhrj, I ' m fire CHIEF. I ' m just fooliiti fh i time. Through the tunnel and to Big Dec. And some place to go — Cotillion tea dance. At the Thanksgiving gala hoj). ampus Some bicycle enthusiasts Loie me, lore my mule. All raked uft! Pensile SYCG ' s. Off to Atlanta! The Faculty at Ease Miss Alexander stops to chat. Miss Hale does not mind stopping — thanks. Dr. Daiidson, Hey, make it a lore set — Brrrrrrr-rr. Miss Hayncs and Mr. Cunningham, our spectators. Dr. and Mrs. Daiidson pose pleasantly. Dr. McCain in silhouette. Dr. Sweet tiDiing in. Mr. Holt, Now for that golf game. Miss Wilhiiri? is just one of the team, too. A full house and I ' m happy, says Nurse Daughcrty. Miss Lancy and Miss Hale like exhibition games, too. Blackfriar Presentations Scenes from Noel Coward ' s HAY FEVER Given November 24th and lUh, 193}. Scenes from Juliet W. Thompkins ' ONCE THERE WAS A PRINCESS Given March 9th and 10th, 19 4. lomore-Fresninan Hostilities October 14, 1933 SOPHZ OF OZ Presented by the Sophomore Class. Cast Glinda, Good -Guardian of Ozma The Tin Woodman Scraps Scarecrow Ella. Professor H. M. Wogglebiig (H. M. — Highly Magnified) Tiktok Jack Piimpkinhead Ozma, Princess of Or. himan, Wicked Witch of the West. SHE CAME, HE SAW, SHE CONQUERED Presented by the Freshman Class. Cast Fresherella Seniora Sophia Sophronia Fairy Sponsor Prince of Wails. My dolly. Fhhiii} — for a Jiploiiui Little Girl Day November 3, 1933 Needles pins, friends forever. Splash! All clean and ood for Mother. Mother ' s angels. Investiture November 4, 1933 Traditional dignity and iymbolnin. Your turn soon ' . Hon ' did yon do if? The impressive moment. JB|Il..iJ They think they are swell! No fooling, I ' m a big shot. After investiture — a little demure — ? Founder s Day- February 22, 1934 The minuet. A courtesy. Bcnjiimin Franklin and Betsy Ross. Danny Boone tryiny to sec his way out George and Martha Washington. Step, step, boiv. A Spring Day at Agnes Scott First call to sleepy beach. Loitering to class. Sunning the bonk. Ready for a spin! Just a picnic lunch. That afternoon stroll. What a shoiver — ? Getting the first tints of summer. Ella wants the date to be on time. Mikado May 12 and 25 The Mikado was presented by the nes Scott Glee Club under the di- rection of Mr. Johnson. A group of young men from Atlanta and Decatur assisted in the presentation. . Jean Trabor Betty Lou Houck . Harry Hoey Ko Ko Pooh Bah Pish Tush Pitti Sing Peep Bo Charlie White Shirley Christain Alice Chamlee T Aksk ' er May 5. 1934 Misrepresented by The Senior politan Opera Company Scorpion ivooing Demy Tassy. Scorpion nabbing Any Lotus. Cariar Ossie stiff fronting the Firing Squad. La Fete du Mai May 5, 1934 La Reiire et sa Conr. La Reiiie. La Fete du Mai Lcs jongleurs y Les Pastoiireaiix. IP . V — - T jm f-m- w La RiJce de Bretague. La Farainlole dc Pioiriice. du-mu : .-■■■■- ..; ::--i-,,; -V •. oKmaW . isri r s ? THE CATHEDRAL AT COLOGNE, ONE OF Ttlt PUREST FORMS OF GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE IN EU- ROPE, IS A SYMBOL OF SPIRITUAL ASPIRATION. THE WORK STARTED i IN THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY WAS NOT COMPLETED UNTIL 1880. IT IS NOW A BEAUTIFUL CROSS- SHAPED STRUCTURE ENTREATING US TO STRIVE FOR A SIMILAR FUL- NESS OF SPIRITUAL STRUCTURE AND GROWTH. Jf ART OF GROWTH (HMOOJOD TA i .lA aHHTAD HHT •=R5 gMilOT T2aflU I HHT O HMO -U3 Vir i»UTD3TIHDaA DIHTOO jAUTi me joaMYz a zi ,aqoa UaTJJAT? AiO 1 a iV .VIOITA IZA YAi;T ia:; i n k:3h r«ifjT hht; ii .0881 aiTt- J o; THJ ! fe tok zk k -?eoiiD juiiruA-iii ■ woM zi ti OVflTA3;iTMj iHUTOU TZ aH AHZ -JU3 AJIIAR A 10 I 3VI T2 OT 2U 3 UT3U IT2 JAUTiailZ ' O ZZSVI .HTWO JO QKA lf?? ' W: J?J C9 HTW0510 ' O T5lk I -Lu ' is? f I n 4 P The Cardinal OFFICERS Oiii enior tiicers Louise Schuessler Vice-President Isabel Lovcrance Secretary | IH| M mi W d 1 RossiE Ritchie K H Ad President V y Junior Off unior tticers Leonora Spenser Vice-President Amy Underwood Secretary Vella Marie Behm President Sopkomore Officers Alice McCallif. President Carrie Phinney Latimer Vice-President Helen Ford Secretary Freskman Officers Kathryn Bowen Vice-President Katherine Printup Secretary Isabel McCain President Faculty Advisers Mascot Henry Valerie Hayes Dr. Florence Smith Miss Leslie Gaylord The Archbishop SENIORS 11(11 ' — •ii|ii —fi|i • ' .niii - ' iii|i---i)|ii— ' n(ii iii|i ' i|||i||i| iniimiwiiiniiiniitmiiimiiiitniw S wTi V -- jt(t( ' ' tifirutijiiiiuiiinx Sarah Austin Dunwoody, Georgia History Frances Adair Atlanta, Georgia English Mary Ames Decatur, Georgia English ' i(ji ' ' ii( |i iijii inn i|jii ' (j|ii ii||i ' ' !iiHMiifiii)ii!ii)iiiim(rMiFiiii (r iiMiiifiiiiiimMimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMrii 11 V II «2? e . «ii.,mu|Ijii.— .all].„-.ii ' iii, , .,illi;„„al!ij,...„ailiii,.....illk— alli jllii,..,,.,:- ■ ' ' Page !S r Aloe Risse Barron Atlanta, Georgia History Helen Bashinski Dublin, Georgia Chemistry •ii||ii ' ' inii iip r- I ' lllllllllllllllUUIIIIIIIi ■.lit- III ' si ' Hiiiimpiiiif f I « SilllillliiUliliilJililllSfiililii. »iili mil. .ili( ill I|ii ,.,1 1 mil. ili iillllS Ursula Boese Berlin, Germany History S ]IE A 11 C SB § H ' 3 ' ' iiiniirtiiiij f ' ' « jiii( ' Yii Helen Boyd Charlotte, North Carohna History Al.MA Brohard Grafton, North Carolina History ' U|Jl ' 111(1 Ijl I||l i||i ig II iiiiiiiiiiiii, ' iiii i|i: ' ' iiiiiiiiiiniiiltlK ; Laura Buist Greenville, South Carolina English lip [ III f ; i)r M ' T-% ' xj ii»r-N,r m ■im ' !!! ' ' 1(11 itir Dorothy Cassel Decatur, Georgia English loNA Cater Alexander City, Alabama Zoology ami Psychology r „ilh il III. Jli, .ill. ili AM Nelle Chamlee Canton, Georgia Chemistry © X: ' iM - Pauline Cureton Moreland, Georgia Zoology Dorothy Dickson Anderson, South Carolina Psychology ■ ' r ii lilTs iliiiilililllil Martha Elliot Marietta, Georgia French and English Martha Plant Ellis Macon, Georgia French Martha England Atlanta, Georgia French Virginia Fisher Decatur, Georgia Psychology ■i||i iil|i •w miiitiKiriiitiimni r uuiiHiminii ' ;! Ymmnmiiiuiiim Margaret Friend Petersburg, Virginia History Pauline Gordon Chicago, Illinois Mathematics and Chemistry |U.I1||J||1M .HJ,M .1H1..... ,||||, „|,|„ „|j(|, .,|||f MJ||I .,|j| .Ig jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiitiliiiiiiiJiuiii» iiijiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiji(iiiiiiii iiiiiii»m li r I Lucy Goss Decatur, Georgia Chemistry £ 111 E S 11 9 5 4 Slll„.„lll|l,.....,(llll„,„„llllu .lllll,. ,lll llllbf Il|llltu.,.,.|ll lllllll„.,MlE Sybil Grant Atlanta, Georgia History Mary Grist Blakely, Georgia English Alma Groves Byromville, Georgia History S E 111 C ' K S liiii «iii ' imm KtllHIIIttlltlirilllHlfltUMlli IK l- jT ■ ' liitbmUiutHlltattm jiiiiDfUiiiiuiiiin Elinor Hamilton Dalton, Georgia History Mary Hamilton Dalton, Georgia Mathciuatics and English l||J||l ' V ' ' l(Jll Iijll J)|( •illll i|J((|l ' .l)J|l l|j||i «|J|i ' jmiiiiiii ' iiiii[ii!miiii)iii;i,-na. iiiiii :;,iirtiiiiwiii; Elizabeth Harbison Kansas City, Missouri Psychology A II E s 11 5 4 aiii ...alllir..., iiiiii,„ |{i., iilljiu. .i|tlii ulli ' ' Page 66 ■.ugitiMuiuumiMtniuiitiii .r |ijin(ii Miin Ill Mill Miiii iii]i ' iiKi mil hji .i|[jnjs Laura Hart Decatur, Georgia History Elaine Heckle Atlanta, Georgia Psychology 4 J HI i|i ' i iiftii nil 11(1 n [I i|niii Miii g HIiR sniiiii -iKi mil ii .iiiii lid ,kAi •iilk till. iiilie Lillian Herring Greenville, Georgia English 31 iillb lU;....JUt llllla. I Page S7 % )IE A )l( MK S 1 5 A iiintiiiiiriitdiiuiiiiiititiiiiiimiui Elizabeth Hickson Cheraw, South Carolina Latin Claire Ivy West Point, Mississippi Zoology Mimrmniii ' i ' i = Mary Jackson Decatur, Georgia Latin r iiL € -ll ' jl.. illll. Ulllii. ' r Eleanor Johnson McAlpin, West Virginia Mathematics Dlllllll Mllll M|||U HH||. i|| l l,|| i||||r ' i!||||l il|i||i ' ||f( - Elizabeth Johnson Decatur, Georgia Chemhtry ' i|i ' inii Ill 1111 ' i|i [11 i|||ii i| ' I uiimiiuiiuiumiiiiimi ' : Jii ii!:ii7 5iipi lid ,.ii„ M A lib !i iiiifii Marguerite Jones Atlanta, Georgia Chemhtry and Mathematics ,ifli, jIIii, ]E A I ' K S 1 )J,A ,M,0„ Ruth Long Atlanta, Georgia Zoology Edith Kendrick Atlanta, Georgia Psychology Janie Lapsley Roanoke, Virginia Physics and Mathematics I i|i ' 1 ' W ' l|i ' ' III • % . F E .? .,Mtlr....H.illl.» ilbi,. .illi ' i lllli Lllllu. Isabel Lowrance Atlanta, Georgia History Jane MacMillan Atlanta, Georgia Psychology §!«!!!HI!i!l!NII!IIM 1 ■« silllMliiliillljIliteSi Louise McCain Decatur, Georgia Latin u hi, S Kathryn Maness Atlanta, Georgia Psychology and French Mary McDonald Brunswick, Georgia English and French Carrie Lena McMullen Hangchow, China Psychology Margaret Massie Lexington, Kentucky English Marion Mathews Atlanta, Georgia Chemistry I I|i « 1 4Sillllill!llill!lllil!;ilfilli. Ruth Moore Atlanta, Georgia English IE 1|[ Ci Slllli i! ! it ' ,J,li .Ill Ii, til ,il IK ' S ? Martha Norman West Point, Georgia Chcinhlry Sara Moore Decatur, Georgia English Josephine Morton Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics |l 1(1 ' 1(1 ' I|l ¥• i)i|i I) ' I)|i ' ]IL A 11 K S I! J % A ' 111(11 mil u 111(11 ' i|tii ii|ii ii(ii 1 1 ' iiiiiiuMiiiitiiiiiimi Frances O ' Brien Ridley Park, Pennsylvania Botany Lola Phillips Atlanta, Georgia English 1.1I I illii ■ ' lii: Dorothy Potts Atlanta, Georgia Bible llllMlllllllllllllri li m E y 111 S ' 3 ' ' k [t|l I|||ii nil IJIi ' ' I||l ' Ill ' I! A- itiiiinmMjj MT flKtHiniilitMiuiniiiiiMtiitii i ■« lf iiiiinipriiiiliill ■;il! Gladys Pratt Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics Florence Preston Soonchun, Korea Chemistry Kmiiig ! ' • Ill ■■ i|i ' iqi mis. mmuimmm r r- Virginia Prettyman Summerville, South Carolina English r ' n A £ nillllllllJIIIllllllMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIJIIIlMIIII IIIIMIIIIIIinilUl IIIIUIIIJMIMim . II.MUllllJr Ijli,.. llIll. llIjl«....Ai .allbfr lll1|ii uullllH.M tl ' lll ...iiirl t • ' - VT-i ' p Charlotte Reid Charleston, West Virginia English I ' ' ' 1111 ' i||||l || p nfipn i ' »iii(iimiiimiiiiiiiiiiMi GussiE Rose Riddle Athens, Tennessee Economics and Socioloz hHIi h lib illii Illl! Rossie Ritchie Birmingham, Alabama History ih iiiiiiiiintrirniiit y ..,., -vis ' IIKKItlKlllllrtlUllllllltlllHIIIIIIMi Louise Schuessler Columbus, Georgia History Margaret Rogers Fort Smith, Arkansas English Carolyn Russell Winder, Georgia Psychology l||l ' 11)1 | ' ir ' — Ml|l ■il ir( ( U)l ' I I ' »l|l S E 111 « £ ;niiiiiiiiiiiiijimiiniiiiiJiiiiiiiiiiijiiiKuuiiii ' i:i fiii,„.ii]ljii .iiUi.... Ilii il1jiL,..,tiilIii...,. i..,.»llllu.autlll Illlll||..,.il|i Tage 7! • ilf ' mil ' i|; uiiiiiiiiiiiNiiiiniiiiiiuMii Mary Louise Schuman Savannah, Georgia Chemistry Ruth Shippey Atlanta, Georgia Psychology Rosa Shuey Atlanta, Georgia Psychology Ill ' ' Illl Ill IP ' ' Illll ' ' Il)lll ' IIJIIIIMUIIIIUltltlX Martha Skeen Decatur, Georgia English Mary Sloan Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics , |i i|||l (j ' iiji ' ))ii ' «|i ■ ' i ||i M|i ' i ;!! ' ' iljii «g - ? :jn:iiiiiininiiiiiiii)iiiiii ii imniiHiwiiiiiiMviilHiit; ; RUDENE TaFFAR Decatur, Georgia English E II C 1 3 3 ' 4 ' »lll lll|l .».,iilUlh....llIl .. lllllu.,iilll .ulivi. ,„„„,„„,, Hf r ' ■ ' Mabel Talmage Atlanta, Georgia English lllllllli ' iiiu ' Illll Marjorie Tindall Atlanta, Georgia History Tennessee Tipton Tiptonville, Tennessee Mathematics nr l f anluiiiiKimiuimiiuiuHriuiiut Sjix-mC (IllfllllllllUllllHI Dorothy Walker Ripley, Tennessee Latin I Caroline Waterman Jacksonville, Florida History i ' l||||l ' fjJ|i ' l||jllM ..)|| ii|| .|)|(|i i)jir .|jiliM .|||||i.i iiiiiiijiiiiiinuiiirilniiJiMiiiiiif iiiJJiiiiiiiiiJiiiiwiii ii niiilliiiiiiiiiri iiiliiirf Katherine White Atlanta, Georgia Latin S Z M III C? R S - ( Isabella Wilson Lincolnton, North Carolina Latin Elizabeth Winn Greenville, South Carolina En alis j ...ilii. illlE Mary Winterbottom Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics and Chemistry . . II « E S I -? I t Illl Illll Ill ' lilllllj M ' ST-.- YlUtUU I (I Illll inilKIHI HIM 111111111 J o y -x ■ ' m( iniimiiiiii iiiui« Johnnie Mae York Atlanta, Georgia Zoology Flora Young Anderson, South Carolina English ' |||| ' ' Illl i|i 1 i;;|i i|j i||M »|||. .ig The Priest JUNIORS - t ' - ' ll — III WllllillllllMil« iaia(JH Marie Adams Mary Adams Elizabeth Alexander Martha Allen Mary Virginia Allen Vella Marie Behm Mary Boggs Gladys Burns Virginia Byers Marian Calhoun Trellis Carmichael Frances Cassel I O I-! N Jane Cassels Carolyn Cole Eva CONSTANTINE Sarah Cook RosALYN Crispin Sara Davis Mary Lillian Deason Helen Derrick Caroline Dickson Mae Duls Alice Dunbar FiDESAH Edwards cI 11 M I O B. S Frances Espy Mary Jane Evans Betty Fountain Margaret Coins Mary Green Carol Criffin Ann Scott Harman Elizabeth Heaton KaTHERINE HiRTZKA Betty Lou Houck Anna Humber Mary Hutchinson -f f ] TT T f) V. S Josephine Jennings Mary Louise Latimer Caroline Long Frances McCalla JuLE McClatchey Ida Lois McDaniel Marguerite Morris Clara Morrison Virginia Nelson Alberta Palmour Nina Parke Nell Pattillo Eva Poliakoff Vera Frances Pruet Madeline Race Martha Redwine LoicE Richards Martha Ann Rodgers Margaret Robins Dorothy Robinson Isabel Shipley Alsine Shutze Marie Simpson Suzanne Smith Leonora Spenser Mary Elizabeth Squires Margaret Stokey Catherine Swaringen BuFORD Tinder Mary Summers Sarah Thrasher Susan Turner Amy Underwood Laura Whitner Margaret Waterman Hester Ann Withers Jacqueline Woolfolk Elizabeth Young The Monk. SOPHOMORES l ■ T ' TT Lulu Ames Lena Armstrong Doris Batsell Anna Lillian Berry Dorothea Blackshear CoRRiE Blair Ida BuisT Meriel Bull Rebecca Cashion Alice Chamlee Shirley Christian Mildred Clark Carolyne Clements A% Ann Coffee Mildred Cohen Bazalyn Coley Virginia Coons Margaret Cooper Naomi Cooper Martha Crenshaw Catherine Cunningham Martha Louise Cunningham Sara Cureton Marian Derrick Helen Ford Ellen Davis Martha Edmonds ' Elizabeth Forman 7 J ORBS Sarah Jones Ruth King Rosa From Janet Gray Ruby Hutton Ethelyn Johnson Augusta King Eli.a Kirven Virginia Gaines Helen Handte Frances James Orisue Jones Gretchen Kleysf.cker Carrie Phinney Latimer Sara Lawrence Georganne Lewis Ovieda Long Dorothy Lyons Alice McCallie Lenna Sue McClure Frances McCully Sarah Frances McDonald Dean McKoin Sallie McRee Ann Martin Frances Miller Rosa Miller - Elizabeth Moore Sarah Nichols Myra O ' Neal Mary Potts Mary Richardson c f 1 % Adeline Rountree Emily Rowe Lavinia Scott Mary Snow Sarah Spencer Helen Stanley Janie Norris Harriet Peck Helen Ramsey Mary Gray Rogers f Mary Margaret Stowe Jane Thomas Sara Tomlinson ViviENNE Trice Marian Talmage Louise Tipton Marie Townsend Sarah Turner Virginia Turner Marv Vines Mary Walker Rebecca Whitle Nell White Sarah Catherine Wood 1L ' .1! J Cf V) J Iv The Choir Boy FRESHMEN TTTTFTT Eloisa Alexander Elizabeth Allison Margaret Alston Nettie Mae Austin Anne Baker Frances Balkcom Lucile Barnett Frances Belford Katherine Bennett Kathryn Bowen Mary Buchholz Dorothy Cabaniss Lucille Cairns Virginia Caldvc ell Frances Gary Helen Chandler Cornelia Christie Meredeth Crickmer FTl Kathleen Daniel LuciLE Dennison Helen DuPree Thyrza Ellis Elizabeth Espy Jane Estes Sara Forrester Michelle Furlow Mary Garland Mary Gillespie Hetty Harkness Fannie Harris Barbara Hertwig Barton Jackson Mary Jackson Dorothy Jester Ellender Johnson Martha Johnson FlRFor ff MF.II Sarah Johnson Catherine Jones Kathleen Jones Mollie Jones Rachel Kennedy Mary King Jean Kirkpatrick Mary Kneale Martha Sue Laney Florence Lasseter Dorothy Lee Jane Lewis ViviENNE Long Isabel McCain Frances McDonald Elizabeth McKee Mary Malone Jane Matthews Katherine Maxwell Nancy Moorer WlTA MOREIAND Elizabeth Morrow Ora Muse Frances Paris Margaret Pitner Virginia Poplin 9 Mary Alice Newton Rose Northcross Ellen O ' Donnell Elizabeth Perrin Louise Preas 9P Katherine Printup Helen Rayzor Isabel Richardson Virginia Sauls Marjorie Scott FRESH M Gladys Vallebuona Mary Neil Ventress Ann Walker Carmene Wallace Kathryn Wallace Nell Scott Marie Stalker Frances Steele Laura Steele Mary Stevens Helen Sullivan Martha Summers Alice Taylor Julia Thing Mary Jane Tigert Mildred Tilly Chrysanthy Tuntas Meredith Turner Margaret Watson Lilly Weeks Rosa Wilder Betty Willis Frances Wilson Dixie Woolford Jane Blick Mary Cornely Louise Jordan Gertrude Askew Sara Frances Estes aJ Elenore Gullion S9 THE TOWN OF POTSDAM WAS THE ADMINISTRATIVE CAPITAL OF THE PRUSSIAN PROVINCE OF BRANDEN- BURG. THE FAVORITE PALACE OF FREDERICK THE GREAT WAS THE HOME OF THE AUTHORITY THAT SO COMPLETELY AND EFFICIENTLY HELD TOGETHER THE GERMAN EMPIRE, ART OF ORGANIZATION 3HT itCW MAOZTOI HO mVoT aHJ - - ,; HHT HO JATI1A3 3VITA T2IV[IK«1A - • -vrag-t iA ' aat aDiyvo q viAig2u.«n - 3HT Ziril TA3 0 aHi 3I 3a3H3 TAHT MOHTUA fl j ' O SMOhV YJTvi4iDiHna.a i:4fir43T qMOD 02 VIAMflHO IHT Jiai-TTaOOT QjaH k- - - ■ i fF- ' ' ' • ■•:;-•:: ■;a;g: -. ' .Co ' sei PUBLICATIONS Basis of Award Originality Art Work Make-up Page Balancing Development of Theme Financing The Cup Awarded by Photo- Process Company The Silhouette has won permanent possession oi this cup given by Photo-Process Company awarded in recognition of the Ail-American rating won by The Silhouette, 1931, 1932, 1933. The National Scholastic Press Association judges the rating. The Silhouette 1931 Shirley McPhaul Editor Martha Tonv ' ER .... Bnsiness Manager The Silhouette 1932 Penelope Brown Editor Betty Peeples .... Business Manager The Silhouette 1933 Caroline Lingle Editor Jule Bethea Business Manager Lingle Bethea The splendid work of these editors and business man- agers and their high standards which Ail-American rating indicates is proudly recognized by the staff of The 1934 Silhouette. We dedicate these pages to Simouette Long O ' Brien Parke Cassel C. Waterman Christian Rogers Carmicliael Clements M. Waterman Miller A History: In 1891 Silhouette was first published in collaboration with the Aurora as a record of the school year together with the literary work of the students. In 1902 the prea ' nt publication Silhouette was organ- ized. EDITORIAL STAFF Elinor Hamilton Caroline Long France? O ' Brien . . Nina Parke .... Dorothy Cassel . Caroline Waterman Shirley Christian . Margaret Rogers . Trellis Carmichael . Carolyne Clements Margaret Waterman Rosa Miller . . . EiUtor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor P jotographic Editor . . . Class Editor . . Athletic Editor . . Feature Editor . . Kodak Editor . . Humor Editor . . Faculty Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor . Associate Editor Silnouette Purpose: The same as the first Editorial Staff: To cast upon these pages a silhouette of our life at Agnes Scott — an existence itself nd flitting as firelight shadows. BUSINESS STAFF Pauline Gordon Betty Lou Houck Business Manager Assf. Bnsincss Manager Georganne Lewis Ellen Davis ART STAFF Frances Cassel Art Editor Betty Fountain Sarah Spencer Adeline Rountree Cassel Spe: f Espy The Aurora History: In the early days it was a year- book, including all phases of activities. The Aurora was changed into a publication by the literary societies when the Silhouette became an annual publication. Gradually it became a quarterly containing only literary efforts, such as poetry, short stories, essays and back re- EDITORIAL STAFF Virginia Prettyman . . Editor-in-Chief Anna Humber .... Assistant Editor Doris Batsell ssociate Editor Mary Boggs Associate Editor Frances Espy Poetry Editor Prettyn Xlie Aurora Purpose: To present the highest literary efforts of the students and to create an appre- ciation of the best writing on the campus. Keyxote: Development. BUSINESS STAFF Elizabeth Hickson . . B?isii7C5s Manager Is. BEL LowRANCE . . Circulation Manager Ann Martin Exchange Eilitor 1 a -4 Agonistic Richards Elliott Stow Crispin Ames Shipley O ' Brien Ellis Mo Lowrance Hicks. i History: The Agouhfic was begun by the Junior Class of 1916 and was the special in- terest and property of that class until the paper became so popular that the campus adopted it to express their opinions. EDITORIAL STAFF Mary Hamilton .... Editor-in-Chief LoicE Richards .... Assisfatit Editor Martha Elliott .... Feature Editor Mary Margaret Stowe . . Society Editor Rosalvn Crispin . . . Exchange Editor Lulu Ames Exchange Editor Isabel Shipley .... Alumnae Editor Frances O ' Brien .... Sports Editor Martha Plant Ellis . . . Joke Editor Doris Batsell Giddy Gossip Elizabeth Moore .... Chib Editor Isabel Lowrance . Key to Current History Elizabeth Hickson Book Bits 1 %A Agonistic Purpose; To present campus news in as accurate and as interesting a manner as pos- sible; to encourage the growth of true jour- nalism among the students. Year ' s Work: To stimulate interest in the work a class contest is held each year and a cup is awarded to the winner. BUSINESS STAFF Mary Ames Business Manager Nell Pattillo . Assistant Business Manager Margaret Rogers . . . Make-up EJitor Eva Constantine, Assistant Make-up Editor Alma Brohard . . Circulation Manager Jacqueline Woolfolk Assistant Circulation Manager MVRA O ' Neal Bay Student Circulation Manager Elizabeth Thrasher Day Student Circulation Manager Pattillo Rogers Constantine Brohard W ' oolfolk O ' Neal Thrasher ' ii ' ' II ' ' ' (Ji Hl ' ' i|lt ' U if r r B li 111 a u U ii i 1 1 u n W Uljc gonisticl Ailminuli-iii..- lioni.1 (;r.iiii» | rmcMRiARS i I ' rivili ' oirNoii-Chi i.miiis. I Ithi.krrim h 0oni6tic[| CHARLOTTE REID ELECTED MAY QUEEN Moiii vr{ B(» i(o mam:s hid in wiio.nai, n - Nk-mlx-rs of Vgncs Scott - ' ' k,;„„jI, ' | ' ' . ' , ' J, ' ,, ' ; txtvutnc Mcnilxt- To Xne Agonistic Contest In the annual contest, the Freshman Class issue of the Agonistic won the Agonistic cup awarded to the class publication exhibiting the finest journalistic principles as judged by a representative of the Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta journal, one from the Southern Divi- sion of the Associated Press, and a former editor. FRESHMAN STAFF Laura Steele Editor Kathryn Bowen . . . Business Manager N-n«„„ .. Uui, Unlcrmtyir Complel, Dr.S.M. (.l;i-:;ou C.mhuls Prosran Planned I ' .iul ni I ' lli |-,rl;i K .,p,,;i AniuMi Wr.l; On Febiuar, 22 Mi iiilici- ,r Ann, .uiuril Bowen Steele y J - ORGANIZATIONS Boyd btudent Cjovernment Association OFFICERS Mary McDonald President Charlotte Reid .... Vice-President Alberta Palmour Secretary Mary Green Treasurer Isabella Wilson, House President of Rebecca Katheryn Maness, House President of Main Helen Boyd . . House President of Ininan Student Government Association History Th Stu den t Government A 5S0- ciation wa begu n in 1906, the fir t year of the college s exis encc b Jt with ve ry lim ted influence. It is now cl osely assoc ated V. ith every phas of c. mpu ac tivity, hav ng grc wn from four oflicer 5 inc ) a large exect tive ct m- mittee. REPRESENTATIVES Carolyn Russell . Senior Representative Mary Boggs . . . Junior Representative Mary Jane Evans . Junior Representative Dean McKoin . Sophomore Representative Sarah Catherine VC ood Sophomore Representative Dorothy Cassel, Day StudentRepresentative Carrie Lena McMullen, E -Officio Member McKoin Wood Cassel McMuUen Y. W. C. A. Hisiory: In the same year that the college as founded, the Y. W. C. A. was organized n the campus, and received a charter as a icmber of the National Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Carrie LiiNA McMullen . . . Prcsiticitt Louise McCain Vice-Pralilcnt Caroline Dickson Secretary Elizabeth Alexander .... Treasurer Martha Redwine, So.ial Sen ice Committee Elizabeth X ' INN . . Program Committee Sarah Spencer . . Publicity Committee McCain Dickson Alexander Redwine Winn Spencer 1 i%%h Y. V. C. A. Purpose: To promote ideals of Christian living in students which will remain with them in later years. OFFICERS GussiE RcsE Riddle, hitcr-Kucial Conniii fir Jacqueline W ' oolfolk. . Socitil Department Frances James, Day Student Reprcscntatiir Virginia Fisher . . Industrial Committee Ruby Hutton .... Music Committee Florence Freston Mission Interest Department Mary McDonald Ex-Officio Menihe James Fiutton McDonald = 7 YWCA % ' HI — (I • |» --i||l» — 11(11-— Idl ii|)|li-— ' iiljl — ipv - ' Iji- iig ■tf t - iiK. i|j| -mii— ' ini n» — -ic II iimiurii inuiiitii iiuimm iiiiiiviiii iiuinim mrnrn iimiiii uiwnm iiiiiiiiiuiiiininii miiumi iiiiuiiiti iiiimi iiimiiia tiimiiiii iiminiu niiiMiun Ames Gordon Friend Hamilton Mortar Board History: In 1916 a group of students founded Hoasc, the Agnes Scott honor society. In October, 1931, Hoasc became a member of Mortar Board, the national honor society for women ' s colleges. OFFICERS Elizabeth Winn President Elinor Hamilton .... Vice-Presiilent Louise McCain Secretary Margaret Friend Treasurer Mary Ames Quarterly Editor ■■- ' i|f 11)11 11(1 II Hli Mortar Board Purpose: To recognize those students who have over a period of three years shown that they possess certain worthy qualities; and to unite these students, that together they may render more effective service. MEM BERS Mary Hamilton Louise McCain Carrie Lena McMullen Margaret Massie Pauline Gordon Hamilton McCain McDonald McMullen Massie ' ' [H ' -iljr — ijn»— syic — 1| - — .qfft-- ' ii(t --sjr ' ' it —ii ft - ' Siirt- ' i|r -i)jii ' —- yi --- !, ' 7|p-- Gordon Mathews Goss Prcttyman Phi Beta K.appa History: The Beta Chapter of Georgia of Phi Beta Kappa was installed at Agnes Scott in 1926. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. James Ross McCain Miss Lillian Smith Mr. S. G. Stukes Mr. R. B. Holt Miss Mary S. MacDougall Miss Alice Lucile Alexander Mr. James M. Wright Mr. George P. Hayes Miss Catherine Torrance Miss Edith M. Harn Mr. Philip Davidson Miss Emma May Laney Miss Mary Westall Mrs. Margaret Whittington Davis ii MEMBERS Pauline Gordon Lucy Goss Marion Mathews Virginia Prettyman flonor Roll l ] «t£l£ia Purpose: To recognize those students who have attained a high scholastic average during the preceding school year are recognized. The following were honored for their work in 1932-1933. CLASS OF 1934 Laura Buist Pauline Gordon Lucy Goss Mary Hamilton Janie Lapsley Marion Mathews Carrie Lena McMullen Virginia Prettyman CLASS OF 193 S Martha Allen Mary Boggs Alice Dunbar Betty Fountain Katherine Hortzk.i Anna Humber Clara Morrison Nell Pattillo Eva Poliakoff Isabel Shipley Amy Underwood Buist Gordon Goss Hamilton Lapsley Mathews McMullen Prettyman Allen Boggs Dunbar Fountain Hertzka Humber Mo.riion Pattillo Poliakoff Shipley Underwood Christian Johnson Nichols Snow Townsend CLASS OF 193 6 Shirley Christian Ethelyn Johnson Sara Nichols Mary Snow Marie Townsend a ii o % 4 ►•■— |ii-- ' iii| ' iijr ipi- ,j, If- ,|f,. .,,( .,,,,,. Lecture Association Elliot Ritchie Redwlnc White Fountain Chamlee Pattillo Jt, Purpose: To brin noted personalities of curing of these lecture publicity for th tion of the As:ociatioi Year ' s Work: Th eluded Dr. Phillip N. to Agnes Scott the he time. (The pro- have been a means of college since the organiza- ation in 1921.) year the series in- Holmes, Miss Isabell Cooper, Upton Close and Louis Untermeyer. Martha Skeen Martha Elliot RossiE Ritchie Martha Redwin Nell White . Betty Fountain Nelle Chamlee Nell Pattillo . OFFICERS Student Chairman Student Treasurer Senior Representative E . Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Poster Manager Publicity Manager Day Student Representative 1 934 -If- •-•» ' — ir r ' May Day Committee May Day is a wonderful climax to the school year. The success of the day depends on the months of planning by the committee. A contest is held each fall and the best scenario chosen is presented. The queen and her cou.-t are elected in the spring. A large part of the student body participate in May Day; but the committee is responsible lor the success of the day. OFFICERS Mary Vircinia Allen ' .... Chuirnu-.u Virginia Fisher .... Business Mmiager Katherine Cunningham, Property Chairman Elizabeth Johnson . . Costume Chairman Martha Skeen .... Music Chairman Vera Pruet Scenario Chairman Anna Humber .... Dance Chairman Alice Chamlee . . . Publicity Chairman Shirley Christain . . . Poster Chairman Fisher Johnson Cunningh Skeen Humber Pruet Chamlee Christa 1% Student Officials Each year in the spring campus election-, threl student officials are cho:en, who, though not on the executive committee, are conudered otficcrs of the student body. Elizabeth Hakbison . . Student Recorder Louise Schuessler . . Student Treasurer FiDESAH Edwards Fire Chief Harbison Edwards 1 «J) 4 Sponsor Group Leaders The Sponsor Group was organized this year to try out a new plan of Freshman orienta- tion. Each of the group leaders has a small number of Freshmen to instruct very close contact with. The pi isful that Student Goveri ind make has been ent plans to nethod of Frances Adair E. Alexander Sarah Austin Vella Marie Behm Mary Boggs Alma Brohard Nell Chamlee Caroline Dixon Alice Dunbar Plant Ellis Mary Jane Evans Pauline Gordon Mary Green Anna Humber Elizabeth Johnson Isabel Lowrance Ruth Moore Frances McCalla Frances O ' Brien Alberta Palmour Nell Pattillo Martha Redwine GussiE Rose Riddle Louise Schuessler Marie Simpson Mary Sloan Elizabeth Harbison Leonora Spencer Katherine Hertzka Isabella Wilson Elizabeth Hickson J. Woolfolk fmmi mrn Ad.iir Alexander Austin Behm Boggs Brohard Chamlee Dixon Dunbar Ellis Evans Gordon Green Harbison Hertzka Hickson Humber Johnson Lowrance Moore McCalla O ' Brien Palmour Pattillo Redwine Riddle Schuessler Simpson Sloan Spencer Wilson Woolfolk Orcnestra Riddle. Smith, Chamlee, Hutton, Robinson, Kennedy, Parke The Orchestra has been organiyed for several years and continues to give entertainment at informal functions in the gymnasium. The most enjoyable feature of their work is the dinner music every two weeks on Wednesday nights. The Orchestra and students appreciate the interest that Miss Smith and Mrs. Robinson have shown in the year ' s program. MEMBERS GussiE Rose Riddle Leader Nell Chamlee Cello Nina Parke Violin Ruby Hutton ...... Piano Gussie Rose Riddle . . Xylophone Rachel Kennedy .... Violin Mrs. Henry Robinson . . . Violin Miss Florence Smith . . . Violin CLUBS |ll» Ijli- iii|»- ■■ ' ilif -Hf— ' iltf -■( r ||l ' -- - Hl ' - K. U. B. Adams Ames Balkcom Cairns Cassel Chamlee Clark Cook Crispin Dcason Edwards Grant Hert-zka King McDaniel Moore Phillips Redwine Rabins Roger Raine Shipley Stokey Stowe Swearingen Tinder X arson . ft History: K. U. B. was founded in 1920 as the journalistic society of Agnes Scott. In 193 1 it became affiliated with the Associated Press . PuRPosn: To bring Agnes Scott before the public and to arouse student interest in jour- nalism through contributions to the news- papers. OFFICERS Nelle Chamlee . President Suzanne Smith . . . Vice-President Mary Grist . . . Secretary Mary Louise Schuman .... Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Adams Augusta King Lulu Ames Ida Lois McDaniel Frances Balkcom Sara Moore Lucille Cairns Lola Phillips Dorothy Cassel Martha Redwine Alice Chamlee Margaret Rabins Mildred Clark Margaret Rogers Sarah Cook Emily Raine Rosalyn Crispin Isabel Shipley Mary L. Deason Margaret Stokey FiDESAH Edwards Mary M. Stowe Sybil Grant C. Swearingen Katherine Hertzka BUFORD TiNDcR Margaret Watson Chamlee Smith Grist Schuman t )JA Cni Beta Pni Sigma History: In 19:s, the Chemistry Club was organized by a group of students inter- ested in the practical knowledge of chemistry. The club became the Alpha Chapter of Chi Beta Phi Sigma, the national fraternity for the development of science in 193 5. Year ' s Work.: Well-info med rpeakers on various subjects are p.o idcd to broaden the scope of the information beyond that of the classroom. OFFICERS Lucy Goss President Mary Summers Vicc-Vresuleut Elizabeth Young Secretary Mary Winterbottom .... Treasurer MEMBERS Nelle Chamlee Sarah Cook Sara Davis Margaret Coins Claire Ivy Marguerite Jones Eleanor Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Martha Norman Mary Louise Schuman Mary Sloan Catherine Swearingen Goss Summers Young Wmterbottom Jones Nor Sloan Ivy ohnson John:, Schuman Swearingen I Blackfriars History; In 1915 Blackfriars was organ- ized and presented Midsummer Night ' s Dream as their first play. Under the direc- tion of Miss Gooch the organization has progressed towards adequate plays and careful OFFICERS Elaine Heckle President Ruth Moore Vice-President Claire Ivv Secretary Mary Hutchinson Treasurer MEMBERS Doris Batsell Anna Berry Mary Boggs Virginia Byers Marian Calhoun Dorothy Cassel Shirley Christian Martha Elliott Mary Jane Evans Martha England Margaret Friend Eleanor Gullion Betty Lou Houck Frances James Augusta King Carrie Phinney Latimer Rosa Miller Heckle Moore Ivy Hutchinson Batsell Berry Boggs Byers Calhoun Casscl Christian Elliott Evans England Friend Gullion Houck James King Latimer Miller J 1 c 9 4 ■• ' HI iir- -- ' iiutr mi- «|H ' -fi - - (f-r -iijic Blackfriars Purpose: Blackfriars provides a chance for those girls who are interested in dramatics to study and act. MANAGERS Hester Anne Withers, Property Matiaf cr Anna Humeer . . . Publicity Manager Betty Fountain . . . Costume Manager MEMBERS Alice McCallie Ida Lois McDaniel Mary McDonald Marguerite Morris Florence Preston Vera Frances Pruet Charlotte Reid GussiE Rose Riddle LoicE Richards Ruth Shippey Martha Skeen Margaret Stokey BuFORD Tinder Virginia Turner Nell White Mary Winterbottom Isabella Wilson f. r. % McCallie McDaniel McDonald Morris Preston Pruet Reid Riddle Richards Shippey Skeen Stokey Tinder Turner White Winterbottom Wilson It tiKiitifirnriNiniiif 1 19 4 Blair Crispin Dunbar Elliott Fountain Grce Johnson Kirven McCully Pattillo Richards Scot Stokcy Weeks Pen and Brush Club History: In 1926 Pen and Brush Club was organized by the art students. Purpose; To create a more active interest in art as well as train its members in art creation and appreciation, OFFICERS Frances Cassel Prcnifcnt Claire Ivy Vicc-Vreudcnt Sarah Spencer Secretary Adeline Rountree Treamrer MEMBERS Carrie Blair RosALVN Crispin Alice Dunbar Martha Elliott Betty Fountain Mary Green Eleanor Johnson Ella Kirven Frances McCully Nlll Pattillo LoicE Richards Marjorie Scott Margaret Stokey Lilly Weeks Cassel jyy Spencer Rountree i 1 934 Eta Sigma Pki History: The Alpha Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi was installed at Agnes Scott in 192 8 and is open to uppercUssmen. Purpose: To instill a greater appreciation of classical culture. OFFICERS Elizabeth Hickson President Dorothy Walker .... Vicc-PrcsiJcut Ev. Constantine . . Recording Secretary Eva Poliakoff Treasurer MEMBERS Martha Allen Mary Ames Virginia Byers Trellis Carmichael Pauline Gordon Sybil Grant Mary Jackson Louise McCain Marguerite Morris Josephine Morton Alberta Palmour Dorothy Potts Gladys Pratt Isabel Shipley Mary Elizabeth Squires Mabel Talmage Amy Underwood Katherine White Isabella Wilson Hickson Constantine Walker Poliakoff Allen Ames Bycr: Carmichael Go .rd. on Grar It Ja cks on McCain Morris Mortc m Palmour Potts Pratt Shipk ■y Squires Talmage Underwo od Whit e Wilson French Club mjSHS M. Allen VI. V. Allen Bchm Bull Calhoun Carmichael Christian Clark Coffee Cook England Ellis Fountain Garland Gray Hamilton Herring Hertwig Handte Harkncss Humber Johnson Miller Moore Morrison McCallie Pattillo Preston Printup Robinson Rogers Spencer Stokey Thomas Turner History: In 1920, French Club was founded as a social and intellectual society. Purpose: To provide the students with opportunities of using conversational French. ■Year ' s Work: The Alliance Francaise is invited to the campus during the year and ac the regular monthly meetings excellent pro- grams are presented. OFFICERS Martha Elliott President Mary Boggs Vice-President Augusta King . Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Martha Allen Mary V. Allen Vella Marie Behm Meriel Bull Marian Calhoun Trellis Carmichael Shirley Christian Mildred Clark Ann Coffee Sarah Cook Martha England Martha Plant Ellis Betty Fountain Mary Garland Janet Gray Mary Hamilton Lillian Herring Sarah Barbara Hertwig Helen Handte Hetty ' Harkness Anna Humber Ethelyn Johnson Frances Miller Elizabeth Moore Clara Morrison Alice McCallie Nell Pattillo Florence Preston Katherine Printup Grace Robinson Margaret Rogers Sarah Spencer Margaret Storey Jane Thomas Turner Cotillion Club History: In 1921, the Cotillion Club was organized and is the only strictly social club on the campus. Purpose: To uphold the highest social standards. Year ' s Work: The Thanksgiving Dance is sponsored by the club, and every two weeks throughout the year tea dances are held for the members. OFFICERS Martha Plant Ellis President Nell White . . Sccre my ami Tremnrer Nina Parke Vice-President MEMBERS E. Alexander Aloe Risse Barron Rebecca Cashion Carolyn Clements Virginia Coons Elinor Hamilton Mary Hamilton Helen Handle Betty Lou Houck Ruby Hutton Claire Ivy Mary McDonald Frances McCalla Jane McMillan Marguerite Morris Louise Preas Madeline Race LoicE Richards Gussie Rose Riddle Leonora Spencer BuFORD Tinder Julia Thing Josephine Jennings Chrvsanthy Tuntas Edith Kendrick Meredith Turner Augusta King Dorothy Walker Caroline Long Caroline Waterman Laura Whitner White Parke Alexander Barron Cashion Clements Coons E. Hamilton M. Hamilton Handte Houck Hutton Ivy Jennings Kendrick King Long McDonald McCalla McMillan Morris Preas Race Richards Riddle Spencer Tinder Thing Tuntas Turner Walker Waterman Whitner •«i|i ' - - ' p ' -- iir ' ' r »ii ' V — •] ' ir ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' f ' ' i|» ' --ij --- ' i]ii ' - - » ' ' -itii» ' ' - iihifirr ininnii) Mi ' iutMi iiiiiJintu imniim imiinrii innwniv ulimnur Mliimiiniilii iii imtni ' it ittTuinr mrniiiu tinnrfm niHiit iiuumu ii ' iimitjIM Pi Alplia PKi iT f t M MWM -y aa M History: Pi Alpha Phi, the honorary de j] J £ 1 1 1 ? .T l bating society of Agnes Scott, was organized Purpose: To encourage debating between W ' ' 1 the students of Agnes Scott and intercollegiate J debating alsi - . - iBl HI Year ' s Work: Triangular debates with J ' BP B Sophie Newcomb, Randolph-Macon, Gcorgi: •» - - D l ' ' ' ' ' ' Emory were included in thi i» K IHK H OFFICERS P BK Elizabeth Winn i i- tei. - -,r--t0 m Marian Calhoun .... Vice-President Ida Lois McDaniel Secretary Frances James Treasurer ' AW l m MEMBERS Mary V. Allen Eva Poliakoff I ' S Helen Boyd Martha Redwine I H H Mildred Cohen Gussie Rose Riddle I J Hm fil l Alice Dunbar Carolyn Russell I H j B B Mary Jane Evans Marie Simpson 1 | Alma Groves Mary E. Squires I H Helen Handte Marie Townsend . ; Carrie P. Latimer Sarah C. Wood Alberta Palmour Flora Young Winn Calhoun McDaniel James Allen Boyd Cohen Dunbar ■ V H ' Evans Groves Handte B H Latimer Palmour Poliakoff Redwine N ll Riddle Russell Simp.on fUPVII Squires Townsend Wood Young ,i| lU - ' HI - » ' ' f 1 ' I ' ' ' ' ' .iiouiliitMiKilii •mmm vuMiiin vlliliiiti uililiim miuiim uiiiniiH iimmim qhiu iniinmi iiluiKili uiltiHii International Relations Club History: The International Relations Club was organized in 1921. Purpose: To acquaint the students with affairs of current interest. Ye. r ' s Work: The program this year has been to study affairs of the United States as well as of Europe. OFFICERS Helen Bovd Preshleiit Mary Adams . . Secretary aiiJ Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Ames Sarah Austin Marian Calhoun Dorothy Cassel Frances Cassel RosALYN Crispin FiDESAH Edwards Mary Jane Evans Betty Fountain Margaret Friend Rosa From Boyd Elinor Hamilton Elizabeth Heaton Anna Humber Jean Kirkpatrick June Matthews Carolyn Russell Louise Schuessler Laura Steele Margaret Watson Hester Anne Withers Sarah C. Wood Ames Austin Calhoun D. Cassel F. Cassel Crispin Edwards Evans Fountain Friend From Hamilton Heaton Humber Kirkpatrick Matthews Russell Schuessler Steele Watson Withers Wood ■f i ' ' •r lij-jk Austin Boyd Cunningham Friend Green Hart Houck Jones Jones S. Jones Johnson Kennedy A. King M. King Lassitcr Massie Miller Riddle Russell Spencer Schuman Shippey Taffar Thing F. Wilson I. Wilson Wood York it Glee Club Purpose: To spon music under the direc isor good programs of tion of Mr. Johnson, Year ' s Work: Th at the college, over th e club ha: ,e radio, a presentations nd in Atlanta churches, which are oi ' wide-spre :ad enjoyment. OFFICERS Nelle Chamlee . President Anna Berry . Vicc-Preshlenf Alice Chamlee SccvefitTy Shirley Christian MEMBERS Nettie Mae Austin Florence Lassiter Helen Boyd Margaret Massie K. Cunningham Rosa Miller Margaret Friend GussiE Rose Riddle Mary Green Carolyn Russell Laura Hart Leonora Spencer Betty Lou Houck Mary L. : Schuman Margaret Jones Ruth Shippey Molly Jones Rudine Taffar Sarah Jones Julia Thing Sarah Johnson Frances Wilson Rachel Kennedy Isabella Wilson Augusta King Virginia Wood Marv King Johnnie Mae York Chamlee Chamlee Berry Christian Citizensnip Club History: In 1926 tlie Citizenship Club was organized and in 1929 it was made a part of the League of Women Voters. Purpose: To famiharize the student body with the principles of voting and current poli- tics so they will be well qualified to vote. OFFICERS Carolyn Russell President Helen Boyd Vice-Preshlent S.4RAH Catherine Wood Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Vella Marie Behm Ursula Boese Gladys Burns Iona Cater Martha Elliott Virginia Fisher Rosa From Carol Griffin Elinor Hamilton Eleanor Johnson Gretchen Kleybecker Sallie McRee Alberta Palmour Charlotte Reid Martha Skeen Russell Wood Boyd Behm Boese Bur ns Ca ter Elliott Fishe From Griffin Hami Iron ,Ioh, ison Kleybecker McR. Palmour Reid Ske en r- ' -WjP ' up yr- — Mijr- N|ir- np - |j,v. -iiy.. 1 ,. naLRMiiiuiuiimmitNitiiintiHiiiiiiuiumtiiiiiuiiiiMiii iiitiiiiiiiimiiHiiiuiiiin: Poetry Club Hertwig McCiatchcy NJ ' ' ■ ' IJi ' iji -iliif — w- -in[r - - jiF --» ur- • ■ ' — ii| -- iiijit.-— -.,|pi,.. History: Poetry Club was organized in 1921. Several of the members have received national recognition for their efforts. Purpose: To stimulate interest in contem- porary poetry and to encourage the writing of verse by the students. OFFICERS Frances Espy President Ann Martin . . Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Boggs Mildred Clark Eleanore Gullion Barbara Hertwig Isabel Lowrance JuLE McClatchey Sarah Turner Espy Bible Club History: About twelve years ago the Bible Club was organized. The members consist of students taking Bible and the officers are chosen from the majors of this subject. Purpose: To bring to those students sub- jects of interest related to Bible study and missionary work. OFFICERS Louise McCain President Marie Simpson Vice-President Dorothy Potts Secretary Sarah Austin Treasurer CHAIRMEN Lena Armstrong Helen Boyd Caroline Dickson FiDESAH Edwards Emily Rowe RUDINE Taffar McCai Pott: Simpson Austin Armstrong Boyd Dickson Edwards Rowe Taffar 1 93 ' Granddaughters Clut History: The Granddaughters ' Club is an important tradition at Agnes Scott. The club is composed of those girls whose mothers were Agnes S.cott students. OFFICERS Charlotte Reid President Elizabeth Forman, Secretary and Treasurer Martha Reduine .... Vice-President MEMBERS Mary Adams Lucille Cairns Lucy Goss Mary Hamilton Anne Scott Harman Fannie B. Harris Elaine Heckle Barton Jackson Martha Johnson Edith Kendrick Dorothy Lee Isabel Lowrance Frances McCully Clara Morrison Ora Muse Alberta Palmour Florence Preston Susan Turner Elizabeth Winn Forman Redwine Adams Cairns Goss Hamilton Harman Harris Heckle Jackson Johnson Kendrick Lee Lowrance McCully Morrison Muse Palmour Preston Turner Winn m Glut History: Several years ago students of German formed a club, with Miss Harn as supervisor. Purpose: To become more familiar with the spoken language and all phases of German culture. Barbara Hertwig . Premlcnt Marion Mathews . . . . Vice-President MEMBERS Mary V. Alle n Anna Humber Lulu Ames Ruby Hutton Ursula Boese Ethelyn Johnson Mary Boggs Margaret Jones Marian Calhoun Caroline Long Ann Coffee Frances McCalla Pauline Cureton Clara Morrison FiDESAH Edwards Gladys Pratt Rosa From Grace Robinson Pauline Gordon Margaret Rogers Sybil Grant Louise Sc huessler Janet Gray Marv L. Schuman Mary Grist Suzanne Smith Alma Groves Leonora Spencer Elizabeth Harbison Margaret Storey Katherine Hertzka Mary Sloan Elizabeth Hickson Betty Willis Isabell A Wilson Hertwig Allen Ames Boese Boggs Calhoun Coffee Cureton Edwards From Gordon Grant Gray Grist Groves Harbison Hertzka Hickson Humber Hutton Johnson Jones Long McCalla Morrison Pratt Robinson Rogers Schuessler Schuman Smith Spencer Stokey Sloan Willis Wilson « ' m ' % •■ ll« ■■ ' II ' l|l ' iljl ' ' |( Ml ■■•1)1 ' II ' I|l ■- ' « ' ■ ' B. O. Z. Young Prenyr .■■-■■• ■ •s.. A-. Aif , • ■ffi% ■ -; .: W. „, ■ ' il ' ' HI ' ' ' ij I» ' ■■■ r ■■, ■ History: In 1916 B. O. Z., the prose writing club of the campus, was founded. Purpose; To foster hterary effort among the students and to improve the writings of its members by mutual criticism and discus- sion at the meetings. OFFICER Anna Humber Preshle MEMBERS Mary Virginia Ai Lulu Ames Doris Batsell Mary Boggs Mary Hamilton Elaine Heckle Ann Martin Virginia Prettyw Flora Young ( I|» ' hV 93- Spanish Club s ago the Spanish the auspices of the History: Several yea Club was organized unde Spanish department. Purpose: To familiarize Spanish students with the conversational language and give in- teresting and valuable information related to the study of Spanish. OFFICERS Nell Pattillo Praiileiit RuDiNE Taffar Vkc-PrcuJciit Mary Louise Latimer Secretary ami Treasurer MEMBERS Lulu Ames CoRRiE Blair Trellis Carmichael Dorothy Cassel Jane Cassels Shirley Christian Cornelia Christie Mary Lillian Deason FiDESAH Edvi ' ARDS Carol Griffin Elinor Hamilton Laura Hart Mary Hutchinson Mary Jackson Lola Phillips Martha Redutne GussiE Rose Riddle Margaret Rogers Suzanne Smith Pattillo Latimer Ames Blair Carmichael Cassel Cas! iels Chri! itian Chris tie Deason Edwards Griffin Hamiltoi Hart Hutchinson Jackson Phillips Redwing Riddle Rogers Smith .III 93 B iMW-yw rrr ,v afgl«f.»J » 9iHS jumm rv a THE LOS ANGELES STADIUM WAS |THE SCENE OF THE 1932 OLYM- H ' PICS. SPECTATORS WITNESSED THERE SUPREME ATHLETIC SKILL; AND THE STADIUM ITSELF WILL BE A REMINDER OF THE FINEST ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT. ART OF COOPERATION 2AV I JJIOAT?. ZajHOl A 20J 3HT -MYJOr S .Ql HT H IHDZ 3HT a3Z23MTr» ' ' 8,ffOT. teH1E .ZDta ;JJEag DtraJHTA 3M3 I V2 H ISHT jjjV aJsttVi muioatt ' Iht qka TEakn vlHT .,!itt3 J PKIM ;! A 33 .T yT3M 3? 3 A 1 3 JHT A ' ' ' i ' jSK ' ' py - ' vpnf.f: ' :- ' ' f - ' :f ' - The Torchbearer Tne Atnletic Association McCalla Armstrong Spencer Simpson Atliletic Association History: In 1907 the first definite plans for an athletic association were made. Since that time the organization has grown in im- portance and has been the efFective agency which provides for new sports, seeks more adequate gymnasium equipment. The services of Miss Wilburn and Miss Haynes are inval- uable. OFFICERS Margaret Massie Prcsithiif Margaret Friend .... Vice-President Frances McCalla Secretary Leonora Spencer Treasurer MEMBERS Frances O ' Brien . . . Social Chairman Lena Armstrong . . Publicity Manager Marie Simpson . Lost anil Found Manager GussiE Rose Riddle .... Song Leader Margaret Friend . . . Camp Manager n 93 ' Atnletic Association Purpose: The Association arranges a sat- isfactory program of athletics to stimulate in- terest in healthy recreation and play for the joy of playing. MANAGERS OF SPORTS Betty Harbiso Ann Coffee S«7 Hockey Manage niiig and Wafer Polo Manager Helen Handte . Rosa Miller Leonora Spencer Frances McCalla Florence Preston Tennis Manager Hiking Manager Basket-ball Manager Volley-ball Manager Archery Manager -iui - ' ii|n ••i((« ' -- ' »9 earers of tlie A. S. The Athletic Association recognizes fine sportsmanship, abihty, and a true love of sport by awarding the purple and white monogram. Those winning the required number of Mary Ames Sarah Austin Helen Boyd Dorothy Cassel Virginia Fisher Pauline Gordon Elinor Hamilton Betty Harbison Frances McCalla Carrie Lena McMullen Margaret Massie Frances O ' Brien Louise Schuessler Leonora Spencer Marjorie TirDALL «siJV ' m Ames Gordon Massie Austin Boyd Cassel Fisher Hamilton Harbison McCalla McMullen O ' Brien Schuessler Spencer Tindall i 9 ' 5 4 Davis, Spencer, Baker, Stalker, Friend Cneer Leaders The cheer leaders are elected by the classes to lead the cheers and songs at games and stunts. Margaret Friend Senior Leonora Spencer Junior Ellen Davis Sophomore Ann Baker Freshman Marie Stalker Freshman Handle Goss Helen Handte won the hockey stick awarded by the Senior Class to the Sophomore making the finest record in sportsmanship and skill in hockey. Lucy Goss won the title of Miss Health 1934 at the contest held March 22, 19.H. w Athletic Program Theme: Personal Progress in Pep and Play. Rally: The Athletic Fair September 22, 1934. Health Weeks: Foot Clinic — December 4-9, 1933. Anti-cold Campaign — January 10-13, 1934. Interdormitory Health Contest — January 15-26, 1934. Posture Week— February 12-17, 1934. New Project: Saturday afternoon and night rec- reation. High School Play Day— April 14, 1934. Athletic Banquet — May 7, 1934. ■ ' . ' •. ' -;■;■■ ' ■• ' -- ' .■ ' . ' ' , ' - ' -■ ' •■.. ' ' ;; ' ' ' ' ■ ' • ' ■. ' ■ • ' %-v I ' • ' ■■ ' ' sr Fb ' i:r The Sprinter, by Lopez MAJOR SPORTS Results of the riockey Season Hockey Action October nth Seniors is. Freshmen 4-0 Juniors is. Sophomores 2-1 October 20th Seniors rs. Sophomores Juniors is. Freshmen 1-0 1-1 October 27 th Seniors rs. Juniors Sophomores rs. Freshmen 1-0 4-1 Norember }rd Seniors rs. Freshmen Juniors vs. Sophomores 1-1 1-0 Norember 10th Seniors rs. Sophomores Juniors rs. Freshmen 2-1 1-2 Norember 17th Seniors rs. Juniors Sophomores rs. Freshmen 1-1 0-3 : m November 24th Faculty vs. Varsity Hockey V arsity Massie, McCalla, Hamilton, Kneale, Harbison Maness, Tindall, Handte, Armstrong, McMullen, Forman . MEMBERS OF THE HOCKEY VARSITY Forivard Line Elinor Hamilton Helen Handte Frances McCalla Kathryn Maness Margaret Massie Marjorie Tindall Lena Armstrong Elizabeth Harbison Elizabeth Forman Mary Kneale Carrie Lena McMullen Senior rlockey 1 earn Maness, Massie, Austin, Russell, McMuUen Hamilton, Tindall, Boyd, Schuessler, Harbison The Senior Hockey Team played exceptionally consistent games, ex- hibiting fine team work. The Senior Team won the Hockey Banner. MEMBERS Kathryn Maness Captain Sarah Austin Manager Helen Boyd Margaret Massie Elinor Hamilton Carolyn Russell Elizabeth Harbison Louise Schuessler Carrie Lena McMullen Marjorie Tindall li iri} - ■y Junior Hockey Team es McCalla, Young, Duls, Woolfolk, Wu: Long, Green, Simpson, Palmour, Spe: The Junior Hockey Team showed some of the finest spirit during the season. They all played hard and well, tying for second place with the Freshmen. MEMBERS Frances McCalla Captain Caroline Long Manager Mae Duls Leonora Spencer Mary Green Margaret Waterman Alberta Palmour Jacqueline Woolfolk Marie Simpson Elizabeth Young Sopnomore liockey Team -t Estes, Townsend, Latimer, Coffee Miller, Crenshaw, Hart, Tipton, Handle The Sophomore Hockey Team maintained good spirit throughout the season. The players worked hard in the face of defeat and difficulties. MEMBERS Helen Handte Captain Lois Hart Manager Ann Coffee Carrie Phinney Latimer Martha Crenshavc Rosa Miller Sara Frances Estes Louise Tipton Marie Townsend J J- Fresninan Hockey Team (4 ■ r H ft i • ' t Wilder, Stalker, Gary Taylor, Baker, Kennedy The Freshman Hockey Team had to have some very enthusiastic new players to win the games they did. The team well deserves the tie with the Juniors for second place. MEMBERS Marie Stalker Captain Ann Baker Manager Frances Gary Rachel Kennedy Alice Taylor Rosa Wilder Life Saving Life Savers Green. Crenshaw, Handte, Wlllii Ames, Jackson, Fountain, Richardst Fisher, Coffee, Cassel, McMuUe Richardson, Bull 1, Palmour, McCalli , McCalla, Jester Life-saving examinations are given each year under the auspices of the American Red Cross. The following girls are entitled to be either Senior Life-Savers or examiners. Mary Ames Meriel Bull Dorothy Cassel Ann Coffee Martha Crenshaw Virginia Fisher Betty Fountain Mary Green Helen Handte Mary Jackson Dorothy Jester Frances McCalla Alice McCallie Carrie Lena McMullen Alberta Palmour Loice Richards Mary Richardson Betty Willis ►wimmin ing S eason SWIMMING MEET November 1, 193} Sophomores . . . .32 Points Seniors 21 Points Juniors 10 Points Freshmen 7 Points WATER PAGEANT November 23, 19}} NEPTUNE, TRITON, AND ARDITA Ann Coffee, Director 1 4. 3 Swimining v arsity Hamilton, Printup, Coffee, CasscI, Kneale, Gordon MEMBERS Dorothy Casse: Ann Coffee Pauline Gordon EtJNOR Hamilton Mary Kneale Katherine Printup ►enior D sviinmin gT earn The Senior Swimming Team had the desired balance between . ood swimmers and divers. The members were enthusiastic. MEMBERS Virginia Fisher . . Manager Mary Ames Dorothy Cassel Pauline Gordon Elinor Hamilton Hamilton, Fisher, Cassel, Ames, Gordo lunior OAvimTQin gT earn The Junior Swimming Team had more interest in the water sports than usual. The team lacked divers; they made a bet- ter record in specific swimming events. MEMBERS Mary Green . . Manager Fidesah Edwards Frances McCalla Alberta Palmour LoicE Richards Leonora Spencer Green, McCalla, Edwards, Palmour, Spencer, Richards i ■ :f (■■ 1 i j jl m 1 95 4 Soph opnomore owimmi ngT earn The Sophomore Swimming Team did the outstanding work of the season. The team mani- fested real interest which in part helped them to win the Swim- ming Banner. MEMBERS Alice McCallie . Manager Meriel Bull Elizabeth Burson Ann Coffee Mary Richardson Bull, Coffee, Richards. Fresn resnman Owimmin iT earn I.ickMin. Printup, Scott, Kncalc The Freshman Swimming Team was fortunate in having experienced swimmers from the start. Members of the team prac- ticed hard and were genuinely good sportsmen. MEMBERS Katherine Printup, Manager Barton Jackson Mary Kneale Marjorie Scott 193 J aA ' ater Polo v arsity Coffee, Lassiter, Ca,»d, Jolinsoii, lor MEMBERS Dorothy Cassel Ann Coi fee Elizabeth Forman Mary Johnson Florence Lassiter Water Polo was made a Spring sport this year. This is possibly the reason the class teams had to combine to have large enough groups for the games. The season has been very successful with many ex- citing games as the scores show. RESULTS OF THE SEASON Senior-Junior Team ; s. SornoMORE-FRESHMAN Team March 26th 4-5 -— ' April 6th 1-4 April nth 7-5 April 20th 5-6 April 2Uh 5-6 Water Polo r-J enior- J unior Dorothy Cassel Manager MEMBERS Betty Fountain Alberta Palmour Florence Preston The Senior-Junior Team did not have the enthusiasm and in- terest that was needed for prac- ticing. The games were played faithfully but not successfully. el, Palmour, Fount Sop nomore-Freshm an Team Alice McCallie . Manager MEMBERS Ann Coffee Elizabeth Forman Barton Jackson Mary Johnson Florence Lassiter Mary Richardson The Sophomore - Freshman Team ended the season as the decided winner and well deserv- ing the honor. Coffee, La r, Johnson, Jackson, Richardson, McCallie, Forman ,i Basket-Ball Season The 1933-34 Basket-ball Season was one of the most exciting in a number of years. The teams of the underclassmen exhibited almost spectacular skill. December Isf Seniors is. Freshmen Juniors is. Sophomores n-20 10-15 December Sth Seniors is. Sophomores Juniors is. Freshmen 12-24 17-23 February 2nd Seniors is. Juniors Sophomores vs. Freshmen 23-11 27-20 February 9th Seniors is. Freshmen Juniors vs. Sophomores 12-21 25-23 February 16 fh Seniors is. Sophomores Juniors vs. Freshmen 16-26 20-27 ' February 2}rd Seniors vs. Juniors Sophomores vs. Freshmen 9-8 26-28 93 Basket-Ball v arsity Tomlinson, Handle, Spencer, Staike Walker, Massie, Burron, Ames Helen Handte i Margaret Massie Sarah Tomlinson Ann Walker Guards- Mary Ames Elizabeth Burson Leonora Spencer Marie Stalker Senior Basket-J3all Au.tln, Barron, Ames Massie, Hamilton, Tmdall The Senior Basket-ball Team was handicapped as usual by lack of practice. The team had material which was unfortunately not used to its full advantage; yet the players were loyal. MEMBERS Sarah Austin Captain Marjorie Tindall Manager Mary Ames Elinor Hamilton Aloe Risse Barron Margaret Massie ' 9 - Junior Basket-]3all Team -- - A i McCalla, Richards, Green Young, Simpson, Spencer Unfortunately the Junior Basket-ball Team had several inexperienced players. The team as a whole, though, put up a fine front and is to be commended. MEMBERS Leonora Spencer Captain Marie Simpson Manager Mary Green Loice Richards ■- - Frances McCalla Elizabeth Young i ---HI mf ■n(|r-- Sopnomore Basket-Bali Team f nr ' Latimer, Handtc, Burson, Armstrong Stevens, Tomlinson, Coffee, O ' Neal, Estes The Sophomore Basket-ball Team made a splendid showing during the season. The number of girls out for the class team and the admirable playing made it one of the most popular teams of the year. MEMBERS Adelaide Stevens Captain Elizabeth Burson Manager Lena Armstrong Helen Handte Ann Coffee Carrie Phinney Latimer Sara Frances Estes Myra O ' Neal Sarah Tomlinson 193- Freshman Basket-Bail 1 earn Kennedy, Stalker, Thing Gary, Walker, Pceples, McCa The Freshman Basket-ball Team did not lose a game the whole season. They all played with a self-confidence and skill of splendid players. This Class team won the Basket-ball Banner. MEMBERS Isabel McCain Captain Marie Stalker Manager Frances Gary Beverly Peeples Rachel Kennedy Julia Thing Ann Walker 1 9 4 Ooccer Oeason Soccer was played for the first time on our campus this year. So many of the girls liked the sport that the experiment will probably be tried for another year before deciding whether to play baseball again. Due to many rains the soccer games were not played. The season ended in a tie that could not be played off. RESULTS Senior-Sophomore Team is. Junior-Freshman Team April nth 2-1 April 20th 0-1 5 ' Soccer V arsity w © ' V u- Young, Hart, Burson Stalker, Wilder, Gary, Kennedy Elizabeth Burson- Frances Gary MEMBERS ' ' w f Lois Hart Rachel Kennedy Marie Stalker Rosa Wilder Elizabeth Young ' I Senior-Sopnomore Soccer Team Clark, Hart, McKoin, Stevens Armstrong Rountree, Burson, Harbison, Townsend, Lawrence Lois Hart Manager MEMBERS Lena Armstrong Elizabeth Burson Mildred Clark Elizabeth Harbison Sara Lawrence Dean McKoin Adeline Rountree Adelaide Stevens Marie Townsend The Senior-Sophomore Team phiyed the new sport well after a few practices. The sister classes worked well together, making a good stand against their opponents. 93- Junior-Fresnman Soccer Xeam t- - E I -i t M rMM t : ' IT ' I -:. T i: 5 1 ' Thing, Young, Kennedy, Sutter Stalker, Johnson, Walker, Wilder, Gary Rosa Wilder Maiuis,cr MEMBERS Frances Cary Sarah Johnson Rachel Kennedy Esther Sutter Marie Stalker Julia Thing Ann Walker Elizabeth Young The Junior-Freshman Team enjoyed working up the new sport also. There were marks of future skilled soccer players. v , .v; ' 1 Sl ' v ' fefey-. Diana, by MacMonies MINOR SPORTS 1 ennis Cilub McDonald, Kiieale, Thing, Talmage, Handtc, Pictlyman, McCa Massie, Ames, Friend, Cassel, Lawrence, Pratt, Talmage The Tennis Club members are selected by well-supervised tryouts. This club sponsors the Fall and Spring tennis tournaments. MEMBERS Mary Ames Frances McCalla . President Secretary Dorothy Cassel Margaret Friend FIelen Handte Mary Kneale Sara Lawrence Frances McDonald Margaret Massie Gladys Pratt Virginia Prettyman Mabel Talmage Marian Talmage Julia Thing ' ennis OKC, Tain The Tennis doubles tourna- ment played during the fall was won by Margaret Massie and Mary Ames. This is the second consecutive year that these two have been named school cham- pions. Sara Lawrence and Marian Talmage, the Sophomores, well deserve their second place. The singles tournament was held late in the spring. Outing Glut A group ready for an uiiting The Outing Club was organized in the fall of 1932 for a more concentrated study of fun in the out of doors. Girls interested in doing camp work in the summer find an opportunity to get training and new ideas for their work. It is by all means not limited to these girls. The interest in the club has grown rapidly in the last year and new members are joining all the time. ' ■ Hiking J llandu, Ausun, J. lilair, Miller, horman, Johnson Deason, Edwards, Furlow, Tindall, McCalla, Friend Lee, McKoln, C. Blair, Kennedy, Gary The Hiking Club requires its members to have taken specified organ- ized hikes and informal ones. The Hiking Manager arranges the daily hikes during examinations. The trips into Atlanta for supper are regular features enjoyed most of all. MEMBERS Sarah Austin Frances Gary CoRRiE Blair Jane Blair Mary Lillian Deason FiDESAH Edwards Elizabeth Forman Margaret Friend Marjorie Tindall Michelle Furlow Helen Handte Mary Johnson Rachel Kennedy Dorothy Lee Frances McCalla Dean McKoin Rosa Miller Arck ery Peeples, Tindall, Cook, Jack . At the Archery Contest in the fall, Doris Batsell won first place, Sarah Cook won second place. The archery enthu- siasts are very proud of the improved archery equipment. m V ' Golf ILmuluiii, O ' BiRii, McCalla, KIi Interest in golf is very general this year. Quite a number of girls entered the fall golf tournament. Betty Lou Houck won the Golf Cup for the first flight. Ella Kirven won golf balls as winner of the consolation tournament. ?t rlorseback Ridmg s. Pr.M., ku.up, Lc Wluu, liovd, l .ilin,,ui-, ip. MEMBERS OF A TEAM Helen Boyd Ellen Davis Meriel Bull Margaret Kump Eleanor Lemmon Alberta Palmour Louise Preas Leonora Spencer Nell White Betty Willis Riding has become one of the most popular sports on the campus. The supper rides and horse shows are special ieatures of the classes. The advanced classes always go on the road; the beginners classes are carefully supervised in the riding range. Teams were selected at horse shows. ' - V olley-13all v arsity Talmage, McCalla, Lawrence, Young Stalker, Townsend, Massie, Walker, Tindall The Volley-ball Season this )fear was a great success. The Freshmen won the Volley-ball Banner easily. February 9th Seniors is. Freshmen Seniors vs. Sophomores 15-24 Juniors vs. Sophomores ; 18-41 February 16th Juniors is. Freshmen 7-26 February 23 n Seniors vs. Juniors 34-21 Sophomores vs. Freshmen 19-24 ■ ff ' ' ys —■ i r mm i. ii ' i ii T iiJtijv. rP3 -3 Hr fBtHEf SlONGULS DESIGNED LIKE TITANS AND fINISHED LIKE jewelers THE TAJ MAHAL, A MAUSOLEUM BUILT IN 1630 BY EMPEROR, SHAH JOHAN FOR HIS BEAUTti t Wlffe. SYMMETRY AND AERIAL GRACE- MAKE IT AT ERFECT MONUMENT TO BEAUTY. « tf-CAi f ' , ART OF BEAUTY -- Aais aavroieaa zjuokom hht 3: iia aaHMMST OMA zvtatit Ya Of.M M! ijiua MuajoeuAM gin HO VIAHOL HAH2 o iaqMH k aviA Y rr3MiySY2 .a ' w ju iTUAsa TD33aaq A ti. : iAM H,5A iO JA1 3A !5C : .YTUAaa OT TVI3MUHOM YT 3Kaa O T5lk 1 A ' A e . My dear Miss Haiiiilton: I have juci :ed beauty contests for a reat L-ier y years, i-iiii this is t..e first one I judi ed ' : ' !aere all , ine conteatante were pretty, so I had a very aif licult ticje picking , the oiifes.! liked best. - Aad, as ycu cun see ;for yourself, I couldn ' t coafir.e myself to seven I so I Lnrew in one for ood measure - It is fcJ-ways a gajmble picking ' out people from photographs as coloring plays such an important part in beauty, but by long alstance - these are ray choice. Cordially, m h fU U M November twenty- fourth ' MAXINE CRISLER M H ■■• ■■• A JV( . ' ' ] r3 .i y- -T r»-i ' 11(1 tijl ' ' IJIH ' f;!!) -■i V- .;jj[, V ' li li ' ' 1(1 W ' f ' : 7 A VIRGINIA TURNER purl REBECCA CASHION A MARY GILLESPIE A)l 4h ■ n y ill ' ROSA MILLER li ■• ' III ' If III ' ' V ' il ' ' CHARLOTTE REID I M m i ■ ■• r ■ ' r t - 1 ' T jir A •■■ I r riur m ? W MARGUERITE MORRIS .( Jj 1 NELL WHITE gdgHIUBMfo - ' l- .- A i .i.,,ff l.- .iiiii ; ' ji:ssJi!:» , i ii -tbim J. a M:r W x S0 ■ if V- ' nmT ' ' . x ' mB. »w,..r-- ' ; ;H THE WARMTH AND CONTENTED GLOW OF SUNNYSIDE, THE HOME OF WASHINGTON IRVING, BRINGS TO MIND THE EASY JOVIAL HUMOB. OP ONE OF America ' s famous HUMORISTS. ART OF HUMOR QHTVIHTKOD 6 IA HtMJUAW 3HT HMOH HHT (HQIZYVIMUZ TO WO JO ZOKI a .OVTIV I VTOTOVIIH2AW HO OMUH JAIVOI, YgAl EHT QVIIM OT 2UOMAH z ' aDI SMA HO aHO HO .erei oMUH 5lOM 3H ' O T5lk S| ?f| ' C»?-52 % . Beauties Caugnt Underwears a 5 ' o , ifor What ' s if to you, ] ■et car Nosey Ime y anc s ,0 0 ' ° ' ' rir ' ' e. V %t t3V ope power- ho, ho. ha , J aoc ' •I 7 i1»T coo 1 4 n ' t- Wt, T, B i OOooM-i ' !! -a tJiqKi-oiul •SHOKE Gcrs in yooR « €S» « -so PH I sTTi e a Tfio i i«vo y Local Color Masterpieces The Age of Innocence Venus de 1 know Marriage a la Mode Musings in Class — A. la Dorotny Parker Some Dumb-kluck moved that chair I like — the one with the tall back — this one is too low and the back punches my shoulder blade — so what? Um — what ' s the Old Duck putting on the board? Oh, not for us, thank Goodness — or whoever takes care of things hke that. Ah, my pet antipathy is sweeping in — whit ' s she doing with the Eager Student? Impression, I guess — If this class were just a little bigger I believe I could cut it easy — she never calls the roll. Wonder if we ' re going to have a lecture or if we ' ll get questions — lecture, I guess — yep, I ' m right — hope I have enough ink. What ' s that? Eager Student asking a ques- tion? — Now maybe we can push on. The Old Duck must have had that frayed book of notes for forty years — wonder how old she is — not forty — maybe thirty-five — she must have been a good gal in her day — a bit moth eaten looking now — but one docs get that way sooner or later — E. S. still talking about her own experiences? I wouldn ' t have thought that she ' d ever had any. What does she care whether or not yew trees keep their leaves all winter — she can ' t do anything about it if they don ' t. Wish that girl behind me would stop kicking my chair — Maybe if I wiggle she ' ll stop — nope — didn ' t work — The lecture is progressing now — oh, oh, I ' ve aced the Old Duck this trip because I read the book this lecture ' s from — all I had last year will be re-hashed. What ' ll they give us for dinner? Hash? Had that yesterday — about time for spare ribs — That hat on the creature sitting by the door makes her look like she just dropped down from Mars — Who ' s that walking down the hall? Oh, that goop who always gouges my ribs in the mail room — Wonder if I ' ll get any mail today — If I don ' t some- body ' ll get a note hot enough to make a fire-eater yelp for Unguentine — ' hat ' ll I say if I don ' t get that letter? Dear John — no , that ' s trite — My Dear John — no, that ' s too maternal sounding — John, dear, — that ' s better — How I wish I could see you — Do I want to see him? Of course not — that is — not here anj ' way — What would we say if he should come? Same old thing — he ' s absolutely devoid of originality — well, not entirely, because his letters — Oh, darn, the bell — and just as this class was getting interesting. LIST OF ADVERTISERS AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE J. P. ALLEN CO. ATLANTA BAGGAGE CAB CO. WALTER BALLARD OPTICAL CO. BAME ' S, INC. SAMUEL BAUM (Regenstein ' s) HOTEL CANDLER CAPITOL THEATRE COCA-COLA CRICHTON ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE DALY ' S MILLINERY DECATUR WOMAN ' S EXCHANGE DENNIS LINDSEY PRINTING CO. HARRY F. DOBBS EAGER AND SIMPSON ESTES SURGICAL SUPPLY CO. FOOTE DAVIES CO. COMPLIMENTS OF FRIEND GEORGIA THEATRE LOUIS ISAACSON, INC. NAT KAISER JEWELRY CO. KAMPER ' S GROCERY KINGSPORT PRESS ONE OF THE GROCERS J. K. ORR SHOE CO. PARAMOUNT THEATRE PHOTO PROCESS ENGRAVING CO. PHYSICIANS AND DENTISTS OF ATLANTA AND DECATUR SELIG COMPANY SILHOUETTE TEA ROOM STANLEY STUDIO W. Z. TURNER LUGGAGE CO. VERA BEAUTY SHOP i AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE • I A COLLEGE FOR j I WOMEN i I « i DECATUR, GEORGIA Pure as Sunlight 9 MILLION a day The proof of its purity is in the testing. Twenty-two scientific tests ioT purity, covering every step in its preparation, safeguard this drink of natural flavors. Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, Ga. IT HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT I Mistress: Mary, when you wait on the table tonight, please don ' t wear any jewelry. Maid: I haven ' t anything valuable, ma ' am, but thanks for the warning. !■— . .» .— ». ..— .. ..——.....................„....... SHORTHAND Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Filing, Mimeographing, Dictaphone, Etc. CorresponJnn-e Courses in S jorthaihl Corner Plaza Way and Pryor Street CRICHTON ' S Business College, Inc. 4r Years Catalog o„ in Atlanta Request HARRY F. DOBBS, INC. ♦ Hotel and Restaurant Supplies ♦ 28 5 Peachtree Street, N. E. ,J. L K A M P E R , 1 S i PURE FOOD STORES 53 Years of Quality and Service • Three Stores in Atlanta • When buying foods insist on having 1 the best j t t 1 1 1 Nokey : My uncle in Venice is sending me a gondola. How am I going to — 1 1 play it? [ Bert: ' You don ' t play a gondola! You throw it over your shoulder like a 1 shawl. —.4 COMPLIMENTS OF i A FRIEND — ' —— — —————— — . — „« — COMPLIMENTS OF THE i CAPITOL THEATRE 202 Peachtree Street SPECIALISTS IN ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHY Atlanta Georgia OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1934 SILHOUETTE . J. t t j Nat Kaiser and Company 1 i Appreciation 14 Years of INCORPORATED JEWELERS 3 Peachtree Street Atlanta ' ' Georgia Est. 1893 t I ♦ t t Student Patronage SILHOUETTE TEA ROOM Ainni Yoiiii ' i Alumnae Ilotiw Bride: Don ' t bring me any more of that horrid milk. What makes it so blue? Milkman: It ain ' t our fault, lady. It ' s these long, dull evenings as makes the cows depressed. ————•» COMPLIMENTS OF ' THE PHYSICIANS AND DENTISTS OF ATLANTA AND DECATU R BALLARD Three Stores j is esst ' ii iiil that your optician is competent to fill your oculist prescription correctly WALTER BALLARD OPTICAL COMPANY Three Stores 105 Peachtree Street, N. E. Medical Arts Bldg. 3 82 Peachtree Street, N. E. Doctors ' Bldg. 408 Peachtree Street, N. E. ATLANTA r — ————— —— ——— —t COLD STORAGE | CALL WA. 9776 And our messenger will call for yo I ' urs — to be stored in our most M Storage ' ault where thev will be from Moths. Heat. Fire. ' Theft or Our Insurance Policy Protects y anv and all loss — for a period montlis. In the Fall— Your Furs turned in the ' finest condition due culation of Cold Air in our Stora ir valuable ( adern Cold ( protected i Burglary. « ou against 1 of twelve ♦ vill be re- ) the Cir- ( ge ' aults. LOUIS ISAACSON, INC. 1 FURS O;- VASIIION L 210 PeachtritE St., Atl. nta, Ga. j I COMPLIMENTS y f OF VERA BEAUTY SHOP 210 Masonic Temple De. 1124 [ Mrs. Sydenstricker had been lecturing for half an hour on the major prophets and was about half way through the minor ones. At last she paused impressively and said: And Habbakkuh — where shall we place him? At this point Emily McGahee rose and said: He can have my seat, Mrs. Sydenstricker! Dennis Lindsey Printing Co. {hicorporateJ) Commercial Printing and Stationery Phone Dearborn 0976 421 Church St., Decatur, Ga. Headquarters for Laboratory Supplies, Baker C. P. Chemicals, Scientific Equip me iit ♦ Estes Surgical Supply Co. Atlanta ' ■ Georgia »■»—«—-.————————„„ . r — •» W. Z. Turner Luggage Co. ♦ Modern Lugsage ♦ 1219 Peachtree Street Walnut 6914 L J Ask for ' Sport Shoes ♦ made by J. K. ORR SHOE CO. Atlanta ' ' Georgia COMPLIMENTS i y OT PARAMOUNT THEATRE 4. J Miss Lewis (calling the roll) : Miss Kirvin — No answer. Miss Lewis: Miss Kirvin — Still no answer. Miss Lewis: Poor girl, hasn ' t she any friends ! Local and Railway Baggage ■] j Baggage Tranfcr r The Old Reliable ! Atlanta Baggage Cab Co. 1 Va. 0200 i- Taxi to Town y Wa. 3161 j MAKE UP A PARTY 1 FIVE RIDE TOR THi; PRICE OF ONE } 2 MILES 3 0c 1 Black and White Cab Co. 1 Wa. 0200 r Wa. 3161 Phiico, R. C. A. Atwater-Ken Victor and t Radios ■—• ? ,Vor.5,. .„, Leu, Victor „„J j,J Eh Bnnnu iliji- Refrigerators ,ck RecorJs B A M E ■ S . INC. 107 Peachtree Street Opposite Piedmont Hotel [-. 1 ■ ' ■ ' i : - w i ' i IL A iSl tr £ COMPLIMENTS i OF i GEORGIA THEATRE Atlanta ' s Favorite •7 r i i V s r . . . Our College Girl Section for Girdles, Brassieres, Corselettes, Etc. EAGER SIMPSON 24 Cain Street, N. E. ] i the wise girl makes a study of her clothes ' and ' shops at J.jP.ALILICN CO. Peachtree at Cain t • i Mary Lillian: I got Greec I on the r idio last night. 1 t ( 1 1 j Fidesah: We 11, why don ' t you wipe it ff? Dr. Davidson: Can anyone tell me w hat makes the Tower of Pisa 1 ( lean? j Alice McCallie I don ' t know or I ' d tak e some myself. ! j COMPLIMENTS OF ONE OF THE GROCERS ' ' who ' ' Supply Your College THIS BOOK IS CASED IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER KINGSPORT PRESS KiNGSPORT ' Tennessee VISIT THE CANDLER HOTEL Convenient to Asnes Scott 150 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue Decatur ■ Georgia DEARBORN 7 1 5 L = THE SELIG COMPANY Mainifiu iircrs Atlanta Georgia Disinfectants, Insecticides Sanitary Products In Your Service Since 1896 L- The Decatur Woman ' s Exchange and Flower Shop Flowers »■ Gifts Hose PARTY ORDERS DeKalb Theatre Building Dearborn 3 343 l.„. SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY HAVE THESE SERVICES nd the most necessary components of all really fine books including A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT MODERN AND COMPLETE PRICES REPRESENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE (Atlanta Qeorgia ' mn ' it mMu bs- S. V ..I ■

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