Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA)

 - Class of 1951

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Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1951 volume:

J A Q . 41, ,. - A.i.1,mx TI-IE SENIOR CLASS AGNES IRWIN SCHOOL preomfa ja Jani gran! of 951 WYNNEWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA OF THE Q 7 ib86LfC6lfL0l'L To Mass Helen M Wullnamson we dedmafe Jrhus book IH deep epprecuahon for her undersfandmg and guidance IU' , ,wwf ,, W , ,, Q a ' 'v f' - 9 1 if V Y SANDY ga1fewooJ Jdlloff WYNNEWOOD Alfhough Sandy appears lo be a quuef nnduvndual her spnrufed reac hons an husfory class fell us dnclerenfly She is a conscnenhous worker and very afhlehcally nncluned Shrewdness svngle mmdedness and a confempl for frnvolfly personuly her na+ure Her mann lnferesf hes un lhe sea and berng an able slupper she has fold us many sforues of sanlnng af Cape Cod She us an achve member of 'rhe Arf Club and presvdenl of +he Science Club She hopes +0 go +o lvlounf Holyoke nexf year and we wash her lhe besf of luclc +here Enlered 7939 A+ Club 12 Secreiary Treasurer Camera Club 9 10 ll ll 12 S ro lfivovernmenl 9 Bullelln Board lO Class Reprosenhvye ehcs l-l ckcy 9 4th Crosse w el a lO -'H l Honor Roll A ademnc ll I2 2nd d 0 VLVL , Y' T ' . , , , l2-Secrelary-Treasurer. Science Club 12-Presldenf. Taller 12, Alhleflc Assn, , . ch o - ' , - E . Alhl ' I O ' Y- lO-2nd ll, l2-lsl. La 9, 'O-2nd, ll, 12,-lsr. Baslc b ll - h, I, 12-3rd. : c ' , - , 3r . .1-Midi' Nfgvvwf-f-Q MWQTQ - aqui lfwc 1o4..,.l4aa2,., A MA ,lllu-ejv, 04.2,-'Q lCl24.ox.0 l a.,Qg ,albwlhbe n0,,f,u.Q,, I X210 1 JUDY Udfbge A1710 Judd Z?d,AOI' WYN NEWOOD Whefher nn school or ou+ Judy personnfles enlhusaasm and energy A loyal supporfer of lrwnn s for many years her school spurs? ns ever presenl' Tacfful and generous she IS always ready wnfh a lcmd word and a helping hand Her abnlmes shune forlh an afhlehcs as well as nn her poused managemenf of assemblues A conscnenhous s+uden+ she ns frequemlly on fhe Honor Roll Cnhzenshnp as well as Academuc Faufhfulness reluabulnly and lnvely personahly characlernze Judy as a greal' assef 'ro lhe class Enfered l945 Chour9 10 ll l2 Lubraruan 9 Camera Club 10 ll School Governmenf IO-Vuce Presndenf of class Assembly Comm ll Sludy Hall and Assembly Comm I2 Head of Assembly Comm A elucs Hoclrey IO--3rd Crosse IO ll d Baseball 9 I0-Isl Honor Roll A ademuc ll lsf 41h 5th bfh I2 2nd 3rd Cnhzenshup 9 year ll I f 2nd y I2 I 1' Yearbook Board Pho+ography Editor HTA.. 5 ' I C She is fasfidious in her appearance and neaf in her school worlc. fhl ' 2 H -1 . La ,Q -2n , 12-Isl. , A 2 c ' - . . . : - , . " ' - . - s . : ear -- s . -- ' . 'Casas Cf.,csv-as " Uzbsmj suszell Us bib-1. b'Q,v-L. V3C,,voY.A.f TT! sD1.,.,lz, L-I--v.n,?ir'mal-4,6 MERION Buzzy s nonchalance and carefree alr have undeed added lhenr share 'ro 'rhe general personalvfy of 'rhe class When she saunfers down +he hall her slum hgure evokes 'fhe envy of us all and her ambuhon 'fo be a model ns sure fo be fulhlled Her colorful fales of Lake Placed have been a defnnnfe source of amusemenl' of whnch we never 'nre Allhough nof academucally unclnned Buzzy s affrachveness sense of humor and vnvacnfy guaranlee her a happy life Enfered 49 Cu re f E enls Club ll I2 Scho I Go er men? ll Welfare Co 12 Welle e Co Lu ch oom Co I ' a J Q.a,D ll B ,J .Q zxfgfl ,Q r , S ., . Y vb 22, Q' Z? Z? J 01181168 1424? ZPL ere ' ' . f' FI V . ., . O V T1 T Lino-D ' GESQLM-JbQ,.lJlEOG LQQILE bbw bb LJ? oec-Job: QF:-.DL cox Ll ubi- c,, fic--3 ?DLJ.D'2.1VhlqLcDcl3 ,L-2252255 QQAQQD JOAN I E 06617, Qfglflflf 0 HAVERFO RD Spurul de+ermunaInon and an nndependenf mund have made Joan one of Ilwe leaders nn +I1e class as has been proved by her success as presndenl of nl' +I'1us year Slulled rn all sporls she has been rewarded wnfb a whale blazer for ber many years as a varsuly player Vllalnly slubbornness and versarlllfy cbaracleruze ber nafure and malce her a popular member of 'rbe class and an ardeni' parhclpanl In Ilwe Dremahc Club We are sure Ilnaf Joan wnll always be as greaf a success as she has been al Irwnn Enfered I939 Choir 9 Dramahc Club IO II I2 Camera Club 9 Irwlnran fare Comm II Vuce Presadenf of School I2 Presndenf of Class efucs I-I cIuey9 .Srd IO d e a n Crosse n Honor Roll Cnfnzenshup I2 Isl Academnc I2 2nd Yearbook Luferary Board , 2' I YI L In S IO. School Governnrnenf 9QCIass Rep., Traf'IicICornrn.I IO-Lunchroom .and Wel- Afhl 0 -' : -zn .i1. I2-Isf. Bask fb II 6-2 d. Io, 11, I2--Isl. La 9-2 d, IO, II, I2-Isl. Q-ix 13" f P Ziff Fwy 0,109 WWW 6ll'LCy CUZ? lf MJ' PAGLI The eHlcnen+ head of +he Afhlehc Assocnahon Nancy has exhlblfed her en+husuasm as a sfaunch supporfer of fhe varnous sporls Always ready wnlh a frnendly smule and cheery word her sweef dnsposuhon has loeen an unspnrahon +o +he class Among her many aflrcbufes as her profncuency nn The dramahcs A loyal fruend and a vnvaclous personalcfy Nancy has nndeed confrnbuled a generous share +o fhe school n ered l947 Char I0 12 Camera Clu 10 ll Currenf Events lO ll 12 Dra a'rc Club I2 School Go ernmen? ll Sfudy Hall Comm 12 Head of Afhlefc Assn Afhefcs H clcey 10-4+h Il 2nd 12 Isl Lacrosse 9 2nd l0-2nd Honor Roll C zenshup ll d Yearbook Board Assxslanf Busuness Manager , n M fc , Y ' A Q 71 ff, f, 5, 0 ,. - 0,7 I I :QAA ' -GLA 0 Q -P El .y i ,11, . b , . I i : lo l , - . - . - . , 11-1s+, I2-lst : iii ' -3r . - ' ' l'l"0"wf- o 060505 -D 11 cvfwvvlyrfwvb MOMJQWIM wwf ucow. annex osslanfgvfl K,'22!A M LKCJXA SAN LKONJJ1 9-. .s wsiw 'D bun., usb-03 ov.. MLXIQLAA, bca'-KA-9.1 can lan QQ., Sucks LLDLL9 Ywcoovcfz Q23 L9-CIJLUI. Cl QKLCD.,-149 Lzsummm WM V-L-.aswoudxixzs N-lrdoeab Ye S 16 qos ,yl-ls 1:31-4.u.c 1 em' CD Qnwxh-N.-u M51 A-'se'-L--lfuiuz LKQJSOJ Egg lf my 5LzaAefA onmzge 1-D EXTON As one of lhe orngunal members of fhe class Mary s lnvely personalzly and charm have won her lhe love of all Among her many allrnbules are found a hugh soprano voice which she has conlrnbuled fanlhlully lo chonr and 'ro lhe lrwmlans and dramalnc lalenl' which she broughl lo lnghl as Abby an Arsemc and Old Lace She has +wo ucluosyn crasues for whuch she as lcnown her enormous collecllon of shoes and her Prnnceron boolccovers Femrnnne pehle and lallcahve Mary has been a capable edrlor for our Yearbook and a greal assel ro 'rhe class Bonnue ns lhe name for Mary ered 1941 o r a man D a alc u 11 n 1 Taller 12 School Go ernmen 1 Un form Co udy Hall Comm 12 rench Club 12 e Ho o Roll zenshp 11 2 lsr Yearbook IL , ' ' A N I . i. ,... I , 1 2 .X 1 V . I - l ,JL 7. . 11' 1 ff' g Q . - my BON I .4 -Xgwi. , . 4 11 Cu..uQ ggi flfll lJ-Q1-'-5'2- 1 "" Enl . Ch I 9, 10, 11, 12, lrwinlans ll, 12-Ch lr . r m i Cl b , 12. lrwlnla 1 . . v 1 1 - 1 mm,. 12-Sl ., -F , -Currenl Ev nls. n r : Cill i -3rd, 1 - . Edilor. BOBBIE dl" ara l"0bUl'L ST DAVIDS Alfhough dnmnnuhve nn snze Bobble s years belle her appearance ln nnnfh grade demernfs were fhe bane of her exuslence Now she us fhe efhcuenl head of fhe Sludy Hall COmmIlle9 reprlmandmg culpruls herself Besndes being a popular member of 'rhe class she us also capable Her arhshc and lulerary lalenls lend 'rhemselves respechvely Yearbook Bobble has been an unvaluable member of 'rhe class and we are sure of her success In fhe fufure Enlered 1947 Currenf Evenfs Club ll 12 Dramahc Club ll Arr Club IO 12 Science Club IO French Club I2 Taller 12 School Government ll Class Rep and Sfudy Hall Comm 12 Head of Sfudy Hall Comm Afh efncs Hockey 9 61h ll Ist and 2nd Baseball 9 onor Roll Cn szenshup ll s and 3d l2 ll Yearbook Board rl Edafor +o fhe Ari' Club and 'rhe Taller Board. She is also Ari Edi+or of The l l ' : - .I , -- . . l U H : 'f' ' -l 1 r , - s . -A SHERIE sgzflffig 5-AZ6lL8tA CA6l,9WL6lI'L RADNOR Shnrley ns defnnnlely one of fhe mosl' mdnvndualnshc gurls un fha class lmagnnahon orngnnalnfy and lnfellecl' combine fhemselves an her per sonalufy Her confroversnal +endencles have provudecl man an amusing hour In fhe classroom Cafs anyfhung purple a her enormous pofenhalnhes for eahng are lhe fhree 'rhnngs whlch are 'ryplcally Sherne A sfrnlung member of fhe class she has been In fhe Dramahc Club for four years has done an amazing 'ob wufh +he Ta+ler as fs able edrfor and as +o be commended 'For lhus confrnbuhon fo +he school Enfered 1944 Choir 9 ll Currenl Evenls ll Dramahc Club 9 I0 11 I2 lrwu a n I0 Il Assf Edufor I2 Eclnfor Tafler Camera Club9 Lunchroom Comm 12 School Governmenf ll Vlce Presldenf of Class Afhlehcs Hockey IO-3rd and 4fh Baslre+ball I0-3rd and 4+h Tennis ll I2 Honor Roll Academnc ll lsi' 5+h bfh 12 ls? Yearbook Lnferary Board I I .' .. .I E . 'n'a ,.- l. l' -. j ' .I .I l . I l I JULIE 8 ZPL ld, OZ 6d,I'l'L8I"0l'L IA 0 WL WYNNEWOOD Julae or Chusy as she as fondly called by her friends has one of 'rhe mosl nnlereshng personaluhes In +he class Affer an unassumlng enfrance four years ago she has blossomed Info one of lhe leadlng Dramahc Club She has also proved herself a capable organizer her and +o +he Bazaar dad no+ go unapprecnafed Julnes socual acfuvnhes occupy a greal par+ of her fume wlfh unuforms holdmg a parhcular fascmahon for her For her explosnve femper sense of humor and wufhcusms we shall always remember her bu+ above all for her loyalfy Enfered 1947 DramahcClubl1 12 Presndeni Camera Club? 10 Currenl Evenfs Club ll School Governmenf ll 12 Welfare Comm Honor Roll Cmzenshlp ll I f 3rd I2 f yd QA! acfresses in +he school. 'Besides fhis she presides as presiden'r of +he l . .1 l ' . f l: ' ' . ' l: ' ' ' - s , I, zlsf. D TWT? ALLLQE, -L CU-Duoqgu KLDLDJQL LCLDL QQJSC5 em L,L-162,51 LNOOOSQQ, TDECLSL1-Iglgu bu mqglgfjdial Dock Q9-0 uuEep+4LD5Q Souodllhcccf, LJ-.-LJ BETSY gzzageflz yfnaalwon C264 A versahle unduvndual' Befsy can play any+h4ng from classical 'ro ulfra modern 'azz on 'rhe pnano She possesses a lovely snngung vonce and ns a consclenhous sfudenr She as +he relnable Treasurer of rhe School and a member of +he Chozr and 'rhe Irwnnnans The only redhead nn +he class Befsy boasfs of a sunny cllsposnhon unusual for one of her colornng Her popularuly bofh nn and our of school us mducahve of her sense of humor and complefe na+uralness wnfh people Enferecl 948 Chor 10 ll un ans I2 Currenf Events u 12 Camera Club 10 School Governmenf 11 Sec efary Treasurer of Class I2 Treasurer of fhe School Honor Roll Cnfuzensh p I0-3rd I l . .1 0 E5 , - I L1 . 1 V! 5 H .' S wg? S 3 . l , ,l2. lrw'l . Cl b lo, ll, 1 . """' I' ' I 1 : " h i . 'tts'--K 4:1519 , 'DL6.sguxs.YxxxxxXL. xqz-26. voo.SL,L, JN' CXQ-R-ri Xhvgmr., Q-oxpwgwokwnzz umzimub. Qi 1-qpgqusxq-may thi. L., Qq,gQ-Ng- NVYXL. CXQ3 vbx.NN3 0- svmxlb on NXQA- Sami' SKINQY.. NXQQ. XNQQL, WNRNLL CQ Amen Nxmgs Qfgxxmbkgm xx Qkxuz. wow QQ. BSIB-Lcx-4x.1.6. 'Nb QC.: I- CNDQXNQRL Nxbu. M911-Qx Kina EOQ45 Lo 'X'5'b Lusk Ywxuxk. Nvbowxgkxx G5 TXXQQL QQCIXXQXXX lx QQQQ wxxzkkz. qbu. CZQL va'-cs.. Yxurb. on Nm-tx max ucv-Xs.s.d.urxqxQ.xwqKwfg G-Abc L. N3Xc5w,wz..No2..v..n Gs GXQ-Log: QQUNAYXQUX AUBREY 0-KXQL L Norwwo opus. XX xox. xx-54-Ux sv.Qs..L.s.,'n.S .Lx- QQXXLCX2. 'Qux'Y'cxL.g,ao...x xi' A. 1Nx.Lb. J ouwe .xdugrey CWQ6- ako? HAVERFORD Khmnsmhuziucxg One of fhe mos? affrachve members of 'rhe class Aubrey ns possessed of a greaf deal of charm and vnvacuousness She has an emohonalQ""5bv7- nafure which lends Hrself avndly fo an exfraordunary gall for debale She us fhe compefenf head of lhe Unuform Commnflee and Presldenl of 'fhe French Club Also she formerly conlrubuled her 'falenls +o +he Arf Club and 'ro Chonr We shall always remember her slaunch supporl of fhe Solncl Soulh her enfhusnasm and her ganely E ered 1945 A f Club 9 10 ll Chor9 IO ll Currenf E en+s Club I0 ll 12 French Club I2 Pres de + Sc en Club 10 ll School Go ernmenf Z: Assembly Comm lO Unform and Sfudy Hall Comm 12 Head of Uniform Ornffl Afhlelcs H clcey9 3rd I0 3d B ebell'-7 IO Hono Roll Cfzenshnpll 3rd Yearbook Board Crculahon Manager I f I , ' Y I . X , , , K . I B J A K, . . n !, i f A ' N' 71, rf J. , ' 4 C ll xl LU , " 1- g KCYDL tkgxggc. ' I l ! nf . r , . . i . . . v , , . - i n. i ce . . v ' -- ., -- l ., - ' I i : o -- . -- r . as . , ll. r Z il ' - . - i ' . JLL ROSEMONT We consuder ourselves very luck an havmg Jull back afler a years absence One of lhe more soplluslucafed and mafure members of the class she has greal posse and os a capable worker She has always been well dressed and impeccably groomed ln fulure years we wnll lhmlr back and remember The wonderful hospulalnfy exhnblled by Jnll al' her numerous parlues Sarcasm and sweelness combine lhemselves lo produce an nnlereslung and unlellugenl' andlvndual who has been an assel lo our class Enfered I947 Chonr 9 Currenl Evenls Club 12 Dramahc Club 9 10 School Governmenf l2 Assembly Comm Umform Comm Honor Roll Academnc l2 3rd Yearbook Lferary Board gapfidfe .abr lxflftqflfivliil ANGIE Vbge 61, lflf56ll'I,l'L6l L 61, lf ROSEMONT Angie ihe friendly advisor of 'rhe class is always willing fo lend a hand no mailer how 'rrivial +he problem. She has a lceen sense of humor and her 'rales of lfaly have been a source of amusemenl' all 'rhrough 'rhe year. Angie has coniribufed her +alen'rs fo fhe Ari Club and 'rhe Choir. Alfhough her energy is noi exercised on 'lhe afhleiic field her lively personali+y has won her a very aciive social life. Her cufe smile and winning ways will malce us remember her always. e ed 1949. A 'I' Cl b 11 . C e f E enis Club 11 12. French u 12. Cho'r 11 12. School Go ernme 1' 12-Traffc Co m. and Sfudy Hall Co m. Afhlefcsz Baseball 11 12. Yearbook L'ferary Board. ,fs-.L :Gui vw.. 0 1-C4-114.2 J.-.LJ,, 44-'J'-C KDL4... J f' -u.1Lg,L gt!! 14-4-444-I--4434-1.4, 1.4007-4.L?a 414-F4 cuz.-l.uJL ,Lqq ji-'-4 I ffnf 12.4.7 ,zona- Cia ,pllnflulj l-u41ffu.4- f.4,:.Ju.1f4v-u.4. 4-4-44- nv-la 1014.111-C 64946 4.7 KOLLAJLMJ ,Maw Xpkgynrq L! 4..t,L. Q-QL 0paL,1fL,..4J.4.e,r.4.4.A.. Lfau ll bl-A4-VHP. .i Aff- 44'-4'-, 1-141.67 f-fling- .u-4. -f4dm4, CCLBZL : Z I' .X ' x ' ' . 1 .Lt Q up - Q LQXV. . -., . . .V Q. A - liqztj' V fl L- fi-H' -lf. 1 -' A E Sp-.4!u.ou.f , 1 I Zia. 4' K3 gui fr Enf r r u . 12 urr n v . Cl b 0201 ,485 Jtllldf- ew! "P-'Q' Www CLAIRE ' Cpfcure .Min Jokfzdon WYN N EWOOD We feel fhaf New York s loss has been our gaon Possessnng a unique sense of humor and a dlsposlhon which cannof be beafen Clanre has made many new frnends af lrwun s l-lavung a flair for fhe dramahc she has enferfanned us all There vs also a serrous snde for Clanre ns one of fhe mosf consclenflous members of The class whlch shows bofh nn wruhng and nn her clever speech On weekends however fhe Mann Lune vs marked by her absence for she IS usually found soufhern bound Besudes an nnferesf un The mfellecfual Clasres acfnvufnes Include fhe Choir We only wnsh we could have known her sooner She wall always be remembered for her walling cooperahon and fruendlvness Enfered 1950 Choir 12 Currenf Evenfs I2 School Governmenf 2nd ferm Umform Commnffee Honor Roll Cufnzenshup I2 lsf I ' E I r rf , ,L ' 62. l ' 1 fi. iii- "'o sss' ... HELEN ALR C-Zf6lf,9I'l'L6lfI'L JMJJOIZ One can always fund Helen an some corner of 'rhe hall lcnnlhng anofher pavr of argyles and lceepung up a sfeady sfream of chafler One of fhe few afhlehc members of lhe class she parhcnpafes nn all malor sporfs Helen IS also presudenl' of Ar? Club and an invaluable member of Chonr Ofher malor rnferesfs 'rake her lo many norlh eas+ern colleges Helen as known for her prolsxufy her credulnfy and her Enfered l940 Ari' Club 9 l0 ll 12 Pressdenf Currenf Evenfs Club 10 Il 12 Scuence Club 10 Afhlehc Assn I2 French Club I2 School Governmenl 9 Vnce Presndenf of Class I0 ll Sfudy Hall Comm 12 Traffic Comm and Study Hall Comm Afhlehcs Hocl:ey9 2nd I0-4th Il 2nd I2 Isl Basl:e+ball9 I0-3rd crosse r 1 s+ Baseba d Honor Roll Cmzenshup ll ll 3d I2 I f Yearbool: Board Sports E :for f y fs effervescence which have confribufed generously fo +he class of '51, 11.12-151. La 93 d. '11, 12-I .- ' lI?1Cl. ' ' . : ' ' ' - s . r . - s . - ,fx Q., 4,5 si iii? ,o,s"'a1-Q si if ,fi J we sv J' as 5,55 59 sffosssifzo? man ..!41! .jQ,9!Larf MERION Susie lefl lhe class for a year or so buf much lo our pleasure she Susre prances nn on Frnday ready +o deparf for 'rhe weekend Asnde from o+her achvnhes she has exerled much energy In revnvnng lhe French Club whuch has blossomed nnlo one of +he leading clubs an lhe school She possesses a lun lovung na'rure and we shall oflen recall her happy go lucky ways Enie ed 1945 Cho 9 lO e es e S+ e Go e nmenf 12 Assembly Comm X Q O S U 0 .V .59 , o as ' ' is YT A y A : ' of ' I g K A7 V I L relurned lasf Spring. Wearing anofher pair of her infriguing earrings, r . ir , , ll, 12. French Club 12-Vic Pr id nf. ud n'r V I' 1 . Abcnrlrlclcn lnmxr lrslw-x. L,-.sou-Sh qui' ruxns. Dew- SPL'-L25 Shuncffxj' ll0u.u.f'cr 1- it Qnlgcoff -l ll rmnnhwcr.-.mrx 4,339.8 HMM alma l-Ku En.:--llC.hcx1..a wnlwppxvnj -l que,- '-1cx.. ll-.czli Bi Hg f-pol -lnc.ucr- UQ-,ua cus been, T PK-X' Qngue BE. CR-lll L-Dell ecutqwlwx Mona Q T9-msgrcug Hcsrvsiltx Linen Angus lg Cu-X'DALE S C"-Q YNCn.n.gLQ1.p. YN cJqxNL.t-CLA-r Lecagn l,v..,g-lg UOKCZ ld! o!lll'L6Z46Ly S'fyl1shly dressed and w1'rh an a1r of soph1sf1ca+1on Dale s aHracl1ve ness w1ll nof soon be forgollen Allhough she has nof exercused her a+hle+1c lalenfs she has been a member of Cho1r and Currenl Evenls Club for some years As an en+hus1as'r1c cheerleader she lcepl fhe s1del1nes 1n a cons+an+ s+a+e of agnfahon buf has now rel1nqu1shed +h1s pos1+1on 'ro an underclassman Alfhough Dale IS 1ncl1ned +o be somewha+ frank 'rhere IS def1n1+e sweelness underneafh whlch com b1ned w1'rh loyally as an mlegral parl of her characler ered 1947 C o1r 9 IO rrenf enis ub 12 Sc oo Go ernme +9 Unform Comm l2 Lunchroom Co m Cheerleader 9 French Club I2 elcs Hocl1ey9 3d10 2d ll 3 Ba a 0 r ll 3r ase a 'K . ' A J- DX , Lg . 1 lm , , S. ,, . - LIN , , ' A I l1I"L4,, . R .- . Z K A " ls 53? I 8 Em .H 11- , .12. Cu Ev CI 10.11, . 11 1 V T1 1 I ., 1 VU , . Afhl 1 1 - 1 . - 11 , , 12- fd, 51611, II 9-ard, 1 -3 d, - 11.11 13 II 9. 1o, 11, 12-lsf 11,...N-l1.L...' LSA! -U.:-.,r ocean., Qxgmw o.n.M.n.Lc.c5- WSGL 1,1..u.o.u.u5u uw .bro Lgupvl- ix..8r ug fav' D-B Wm CARYL 66ll"yf,JQ!6Ll!Lf6Ll'L6! OZ, C! NARBERTH One wonders how Caryl manages lo devore so much energy and hme fo all her acfnvuhes Musncally falenled she ns Presndenr of 'lhe Chonr a member of 'rhe lrwunnans and a vnrfuoso of 'rhe keyboard Havnng a decnded rn'reres'r an polmcs she us also Presnclenl of 'rhe Curren'r Evenls Club Shll anorher allrubule ns found nn her rohcnency af sporls Born an +he Sourh Caryl ns shll hghhng lhe :val War and for 'rhus reason our huslory classes have been made unfe splrufed Wulh 'rhese qualuhes plus an amazing abulrly for mal' emahcs she us one of 'rhe mosl lnlellngenl' and nnfereshng In our class Enlered 1945 Choir 9 10 11 Vnce Presnclenf 12 Presudenf lrwlnuans 9 10 11 12 Currenf Even+s Club 10 11 Vice Presuden? 12 Presndenf Dramahc Club 9 Scnence Club 10 12 Cheerleader 9 School Governmenf 9 Sludy Hall Comm Assembly Comm 10-Class Presndenl 11 Traffic and Lunchroom Comm 12 Unuform Comm Traffic Comm Afhleflcs Hockey 9-4111 10 11 3d 12 1s+ Basketball 9 10-3rd 11 osse 9 11 B a Honor Roll Academuc9year 10-51h and 61h 11 1 2nd 51h 12 1s1 2 d 3rd Cmzenshnp9 3rd 11 11 b+h 12 Yearbook Board Busxness Manager ul 5 N . -Ls 1 191' y, ., y,v4 5? .3 1 K 4 Ol" - ' : .I . .I - r . - . . . . 12-lsf. Lacr , -2nd, 12-151. aseb 119. 10-1sl'. H ': '- . .-sl, . - , - s, . . - . .whiff wjw me XJ F9995 1-ffv' J' ', 0? ,Q vywysyiff of qoigglzgwcoizp jffgsff' Ffyixy ydygv-f'9vff'f?o549 .5 We if 0 XANDRA GJSQXX vi Qganalra We Cur y MERION Defnndely one of 'rhe lnvelner members of fhe class Xandra s effer vescenf personalnly and sense of humor have added a greal deal She has been a slaunch member of Choir and of lhe lrwumans for years Al+hough no? very afhlehc she us known for her cheerleadmg Her perpefual km++mg and mfechous laugh are her +wo ndnosyncrasues She rs femnmne and arlrachve and 'rhese characfernshcs plus her gauely have been an adds? on 'ro +he class of 51 e 12 Sfude + o 12 Asse o Ch e lead Alhl + B b X . - .gf N Os , 5 91 X sz A ' K K f 0' . s f , 1' , I - . 0 1 Q- -x .c. iii - A I 'SH , Y vp' 1 . R . n . Q i I ' I Enferecl 1941. Choir 9, 10. 11, 12. lrwinians 9, 10. 11. 12. Currenl Evenfs Club 10. 11, 12. Sci nce Club 10, 11, . n G vernmen+11, -- mbly Comm., 12-Unif rm Comm. French Club 12. e r er 10. e ics: ase all 12. EILEEN 'Q 1 Lien Cwaflua mm ,JW MERION A leading member of lhe Choxr and of The lrwnmans Eileen has Taller Board plus beung a greal assel lo lhe Arl Club Besndes all her varned nnleresls Ealeen s sweel dasposuhon and enlhusnasm have endeared her +o u all Erlacnenl and conscuenlnous nn wha? she underlalces she IS a so a very a++rachve person and possessed of a lovely complexuon whuch as very much envied Her boundless energy wunmng smlle and gracnousness wall long be remembered nfered I947 Club lO :ce res: en our 9 refary Treasurer l Camera u Franc Cu Currenl Evenls Club l2 School G-overnmenl IO Class R p ll Um orm Comm 12 Secretary of Class 12 l-lead of Los? and Found Sfudy Hall and Assembly Comm l-lonor Roll C zenshup ll Zn 3d I2 ls? Yearbook Board Assus an Ar? Ednfor f R 6 I if ,,,g""rgs'3r t .S I' many Varlrlslic falenls. She has conlribuled To lhe Yearbook and lhe E . Ar? , ll, l2--V' P 'd Y. Ch ' . lo, ll, I2-Sec - . rwinians ll, l2. Cl b 9, h l b 12. . - e .. - 'f I 3. I+! ' - d, r , - . -- 'Y f LORLE 00,14 Orff, parm VILLANOVA Lorle one of The arfrachve Pafzau fwms has been wslh us for many years Shy +o begun wu+h she ns now one of fhe oufsrandnng members of fhe class Wnfh a finger rn every ple she parhcapares In a grear varnery of exfra currrcular achvnhes She rs no+ only School Govern menl Secre+ary buf Presudenl of 'rhe Camera Club and Chanrman of fhe Lubrary Commulfee Lorle never ceases 'ro asround us Nol only us she capable nn ever lhung she does af school she makes her own clolhes We can safey predncf lhaf 'rhns energehc member of our class wnll go on fo bugger and beHer 'rhmgs Enfered 1940 Currenf Evenls Club 11 12 lrwnnnan 11 Camera Club 9 10 11 Secrefary Treasurer 12 Presldenf School Governmenl 11 Assembly Comm '12 gecrelary of fhe School and Vuce Presndenf of Class Library Comm 11 12 resl en Honor Roll Cnhzenshup 11 Year Cmzenshup 12 1s Afhlehcs Tenms12 1s1 sr L . . . . ' : : I 1 ' . I . : ,I . . 1 1 I .I . , .-1 +I. I I 1 MARIETTA mdfbeffd 5AZdL8tA p6ltZ6llft Marue++a has been an lrwun gurl sunce 2nd grade and an rnregral parf of fhe class I-ler manner ns reserved and yef suggeshve of a sublle sense of humor She as +he compe+en+ head of fhe Welfare Commnffee and an mvaluable ard nn furfherang class dances prolecls and drives Marne++a ns also +he lucky possessor of nafurally curly drnve an +ennns 'rhaf makes her a varsrfy player En+ered194O Currenf Evenls Club 11 12 C mera Club 9 10 11 12 V e Presudenf School Governmenl 11 Welfare Comm 12 Head of Welfare Comm ehcs Tennis 10 11 12 Honor Roll Cnhzenshlp 11 C1hzensh1p12 15+ Yearbook Board Phofo graphuc Ednfor 5 hair, fhe albilily +o make her own clolhes and a sizzling forehand . . . . a , , , - ic Alhl ' : , ., --1s1.' - A 6'Lfl"LCLH, 61,119 2t9l"50l'L ST DAVIDS Pals mfechous guggle and 'rhe gemal roar of her buggy a 1 explodes our of fhe ga+es af quarfer of four are her lrademarlcs around school l-ler classmales mnghl also add lo her 'rrademarks her accomplushmenfs as a poef and her nncessanlly good Englnsh papers l-ler slam hgure clofhed In one of her Tres chic sulls IS +he envy ol her achve parhcnpahon rn class dnscussuons and nn achvmes around school have made her beloved by all and wall guvde her successfully 'rhrough her comnng years af Smnfh ered 1939 Cholr 10 11 D nc Cl b 0 1 12 Currenf Even s un 1O rea r wuman 12 Sc oo Governrnenl 10 Class Rep 11 Sludy l-lall Trafllc and Welfare Comm 12 Sludy 1-lall and Traffic Comm Alhlehcs Hockey 12 3rd Honor Roll A adernnc 11 blh 2 C: lzens up 2 1 1 Year oo Board Luferary Ednfor .M - 2 P T I I U ' H ll ll S E all. Pa+'s good-nafured generosily, her ready laugh and sympalhy, En? . ' . . 12. ramal' u 1 , 1 . . 1 Cl' , ll, 12. French Club 12. Cheel de 1Q. Ir " 10, 11, . h l .:'c T- l- .12--nd. 'l' h' l--s. b lr wx,,,1R,,v.NzS-.L-Q...nA.ll.n.,,J. LMAA'lD.aT9-we-1 AEK,-5 5v,uvv-J C mmm.. wcciggu. -Qui C?5g.2,,..,.mv-DL 24-x,xx...L... lil-Dlx 'C.5lf..-fzwig Oo-L Lea-A-'D K:- DIANA Q,QAf-I'- l,6lI'L6l VILLANOVA class l-loldnng fhe 'rop poslhon un fhe school as Presadenf of Sfudenf Governmenf she has clone 'rhus 'ob wufh fhe u+mos+ abulnfy Well rounded an everylhung she has been a varsuly player for some years one of lhe mosf prommenf aclresses In fhe Dramahc Club and an academuc produgy Dlanas oursfandung school spnrnl nnlegrnly and aflrachve manner have been an honor lo lhe Agnes lrwln School Enfered l940 A1hlehcAssn 9 lO Dramahc Club 9 10 ll l2 lrwunxan 9 I0 ll School Governmenf 9 Traffic and Welfare Comm 10-Trafllc and Wel fare Comm ll-Class Presndenf I2 Presndenl' of the School ehcs l-'lockey9 I0 ll l2 s eball 9 n Lacrosse9 I0 ll 2 Honor Roll Academnc year 9 Cuhzen and Acaclemuc year I0 Academuc I2 Isl' 2nd Cnhzenshup-ls? Yearboolr Luferary Board X 9 Diana is a glrl respecfed and looked up To as a leader by all 'rhe Athl , , I :1 1, Baskf -2 J, lo, ll. I2-lsr. . . . l -lsr. - I I ' 7'-we IJMA., tl 0-43" 44-"W-'V -Aff M,-L :A-Q muaku V, V14-1--A1.4,a-Q.. 'aflrfl-v.J'Z..m4 fl 144-4.54f J '49 4 6141 Lbgkjksj iff Iyar- limb-P LUMZLKAZILL - -Lff AMW wwf-4 7599 0440-'V 5-6110 uf'-4 fm-M M IQQJQCAM-a Q '4""U"..w1-..c mf. 52012 ST DAVIDS Tall and affracfive Sues gaiefy and lus+ for advenfure personify her nafure. A 'rhorn in fhe side of The Sfudenf Governmenf in fhe ninfh grade she has now climbed fhe arduous roacl +o success. This year as a member of fhe Execufive Commifiee she has been 'rhe eflicienl head of fhe Lunch-room CommiH'ee. Her in+eres+s ofien drif+ 'ro a cer+ain spo+ in Connecficul where she may be found whiling away many pleasanf hours. Also an ardenl member of 'rhe Dramafic Club Sue has confribufed enfhusiasm vifaliiy and imagina- 'rion 'ro fhe school. En ered 1947. Choir 9. Currenf Evenfs Club 10 11 12-Senior p. Dramafic Club 11, 12. Science Club 10. French Club 12. Ta+ler 12--Business Manager. School Governmenf 11-Class Rep., Traffic Comm., Lunchroom Comm., 12-Head of Lunchroom Comm. Afhleficsz Hoclcey 9. 10, 11-5ih. B eball 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Roll: Citizenship 11-lsf and 3rd. EMMA .MCG A701013 ,7AlflJ'L6 PHILADELPHIA Emma who has been wulh us sunce 2nd grade leads a very cosmo polulan Irle Suave polsed and a lrvlle arroganf she rs one of 'rhe mosl allrachve and well dressed gurls In 'rhe class Somewhaf on Ihe Iemperamenfal sude her nalure IS neverlheless possessed of a clever sarcasm Her mudwunler 'ran due 'ro many hours under Ihe sunlamp IS Ihe envy of us all Frequen+ Irnps across Ihe Aflanllc have provrded her wn+h many unlereshng and unusual experuences She has been a faulhful member of lhe Irwnnnans Choir and Dramahc Club Emma s nnfellngence and wldespread knowledge are sure 'ro malce her a success nn Isle n ered I94O Afhlehc Asn II Chour 9 :mans ramahc Club II I2 Currenl Evenls Club II I2 WIDI O Tal er School Governmenf IO Class Rep II Trafhc Comm I2 Head of Trafhc Comm French Club I2 Ahehcs H clcey 9 IO 3rd L crosse IO II nd Honor Roll Cmzenshnp I2 Isl Lnlerary Board I2 bsfsxtkl 33,1 . f--N HI, l El . ' S . . ' , IO, II. l2. Irw' ' II, I2. D ' . . ,I . lr ' 'an I , II, I I2. I I ' : o I, - . a , -2 . :Deg +k-:-.Ien- .Llfn Qs FSC!-5'-9':Qnd as can DE'-"fe b'5L,l,,.l-LDrTel'3 L+ ccbfff-as 40, H533 lik-C3,P5-I5 u 142.004- , hand: 'nugiuf-:E H! LHKQL'-' hOf ' ' . hui bc' Lffucuc -LIUWQLD ggi? mow vol-Jqn um -P-lqunq C0166 ADELE be me wg hood- nec IHC jx! ljogyarcfner ,MA5fer L Adele has an nnfechous guggle her eyes are brnghf biue and her sweef dusposuhon has been a greaf assef fo 'rhe class She us by nafure generous and haphazard Among her frademarks one can hs? her merry smule replefe wnfh dimples her prohcuency around and on horses and a vas? circle of 'Fruends coverlng ierrurory from Soufh Carolnna 'ro Vermonf y H II T rr 12 Welf s dy H H c Afhlef H kyv bfh 10-5+h 11-41h I x . I Q LU , 0 2 Enfered 1946. Choir 9, 10. Il, 12. Current Evenfs Club 12. School Govern- menf 9-Lunchroom. 11-Lunchroom. Sfud a , ra uc Comm., - are Comm., fu a omm. ics: oc e - , . . l -4 0 ,f' v 4 Ei x' W . . ,. 1 1,915- ... ' '1 g. L. . Q: ' if ' 4, T I L 6,I 'MI . :'-sp f . .., ' n P 3, n 3 u 5 . leflfs 8 f 1 nu" 2- , Q J ' 5 . f 1 " gs xi ,'f2':"-Faq' Y fi Q I ff., -A .ci CLASS Es er Bonnage Judson Baker Pelerson Berguldo Wesferlneld Chapman Sco 'r S Scoll D Baker Brown Lor Bonnage Bendere Thune For Benclere Judson Chapman Sco++ D Baker Chnsholm Palzau L Scoff D Pafzau L Esler Kephar+ QVLLOI' Besf A lress off Slaqe Besl Driver Mosl Naive Mosl Tallcahve Besf Mixer Mos+ Slubborn Mosl Vague Bxggesf Ealer Furs? Married Mosl Popular Nea+es+ Cufesf Besf Apple Polisher Mosl' Feminine Bnggesf Bluffer Mosf Poised Mos+ Sophnshcafed Mos? Happy Go Lucky Mos+ Gullnble Mosr Lnkely To Succeed Mosf Afhlehc Mosf Tacfful Wnfhesl' Mos+ Consclenhous Mosf Versahle Mosf Capable Mos+ A++rachve Mosf Energehc FACULTY Esler McCurdy Baker Bonnage Chnsholm Bulur Chisholm Balmer Esler Scoll S Chapman Bendere Kepharl Wesferfueld Chapman Brown Scorl' D Scolf D Bonnage Es er Bonnage Kepharf Chlsholm coll D Thune McCurdy Judson Chapman ScoH D Berguudo Pa+zau M Thune Abboh' Pafzau L Chapman Scoh' D Lord Scolnl' D Murphy Lord ' Q! l ...,..,..... c .4... , d ............ ' .....,. l Chisholm .,...... Mos? Temperamenlal ..... Thune d .,.......... ' ' ...... . l-lalr ee leolh vw Sml e Flgure U Funds Legs Beal Dre ed Be l Dusooslhon Poslure Personaluly College Beverage Clgarelle Song Aclor Adress Dance Magaznne Sporl Mr ecf egznior L85 Coles Es er Judson Weslerluelrl Murph, Weslerllelo Benclere Esler Judsor Lndsa, Berguido Bonnage Llnclsay Balcer Abboh Murphy Thune Prnncelon Champagne Chesferfueld Thnnlong of You S Granger lvl Clif? J Allyson l Bergman Charleslon L1 e Foolball El, . A , , A . , l Nose V, Cor olefrw , . , . , X lvlo lh , , . ,, . , 1 lc . , ,. , I N' Amusemenf . ,................,.,.....,......... Parfies ' ....,.,.. .,..... ..., . ..,... ...,... ' ' ' f" Jw W! mf clafczmenf Helen Judson leave my place In lhe fron? seal lo anyone fasf enough 'ro acquire 1+ Joan Berguudo leave my problems lo Pal Troubles Fleldung Dnana Scoll leave lo l. B Newlrn a parr of Bales Sux foolers so lhal she may someday look down on someone Nancy Bllur leave my fragzle body for a lulure physiology class Aubrey Esler leave lo L B Newlnn a plckle an refurn for 'rhe one she once gave me greal chance Dale Lindsay bequealh my bed un lhe nnhrmary lo fhe Juniors Marlelfa Palzau leave l6000 books of lrwnn malches To anyone ambmous enough +o sell fhem Bobble Brown bequealh my body lo lhe Science Depf for fhe advancemenl of blologrcal research Julne Chnsholm leave Mr lbbolson wrlh besf wishes for a speedy recovery Jrll Ford bequealh my alhlehc abulufy To any needy Junnor Sandy Abboll being ID a sfale of menfal exhaushon and physical collapse leave The school To recuperale 61, Buzzy Bendere, leave my books lo anyone who wanls to lake 'rhal Angle Glrlbaldn leave fhe Wynnewood lax: +o Nancy l-lunler or lhaf exlra lull In lhe mornings Elleen Murphy leave my pleading exoressuon lo anyone who needs a rude +o or from school Palsy Pelerson leave my lrmouslne lo Helen Arndl' so lhal' she may rude home In sfyle Caryl Lord leave lo Frances Judson fhe rughr lcnclcer for her lefl fool IH hopes lhal lwo are beller lhan one Sherue Chapman leave lo lhe Los? and Found rvvo molh balls Judy Balcer leave lo Sandy Sfrauss one deck of well worn Canasla cards Clamre Johnson beung slnghlly demenled leave my snngrng abvlnly lo Jerry Parke Sue Scoll' leave my Monday mornnng blues +o Sally Malcuver Belsy Coles leave my allergy +o anyone who lS nol already allergic 'lo men' Susy Kepharr leave my opposahon To Wes? Pounl +o anyone who has been To The Brogade Cohllnon Lorle Parzau leave lo lhe Slrouds lhe so called rnghfs of lwnns Xandra McCurdy do hereby leave' Mary Bonnage leave +o June Berguwdo anylhrng I mnghf have borrowed from Joan Adele Weslerlweld leave lo lhose an need my alhlehc excuses Emma Thune leave my place ln lhe end o fhe lunch Innes fo any one who wanfs fo reduce , f rw- nu - - ' r r , . - If -I , . , . I r , . I 1 r ' . , . I I , . - r . Y . 4 . Coma ,219 ec? The confunes of Thus greaT room begun To press around me The IughT slowly forms a glowung ball and grows gradually smaller and brughTer STrange musuc fulls The growung black IT us The duscord of a sungle blarung French horn IT us A fIaT The ball of lughT ruses slowly and floaTs Toward me IT us a clear round crysfal fulled wuTh The movung clouds and shufTung fogs of The fuTure BuT wauT uf clears DusTorTed wuThun uT I see The number 51 The number fades and The room now becomes fulled wuTh The sound of many sungle puano noTes I look unTo The ball and see Caryl Lord preparung for her debuT aT Carnegue I-lall She us Tunung her puano Clouds shufT before The ball agaun Then become clouds of smoke and fure IT us a Iune of baTTIe on some dusTanT fronT A Tured buT unflaggung fugure us wavung The men Toward The vucTory IT us Julue Chusholm from enlusTed woman To four sTar general The scene changes I see anoTher famuluar face IT us Emma Thune world Traveler buT wauT There us more A vasT room comes unTo vuew fulled wuTh men from many naTuons IT us The U N buuldung I see U S delegafe Emma Thune vugorously debaTung some weughTy maTTer wuTh Andre Vushunsky now a worn and less Talkafuve old man Agaun The glass clouds and Then clears I peer unTo a lush busuness offuce Myruads of secreTarues hurry back and forfh To do The rouTune work of The one aT The large rnaple desk un The back There us a greaT Televusuon seT un one corner Many busuness men fule un wuTh sheaves of programs Ah I see all now They are The Tycoons of Televusuon come To ask Buzzy Bendere The greaTesT Televusuon experT of Them all her opunuon on Theur program udeas The scene shufTs IT us a sunny afTernoon un Shube Park Backung Andy Semunuck us The only female umpure un The husTory of baseball Joan Berguudo Presudenf of The Phullues Duana ScoTT sTs confudenTly on The bench Thus year The Phullues wull wun The pennanT from The A s The green of The park fades To a waverung blue and The vasT sTreTch of Cape Cod waTers us un The vuew A small buuldung aT The edge of The waTer forms A beauTuful saulboaT floaTs un The waTers of The cove and a Trauned poluce dog wafches over The fronT door A sugn waves un The breeze IT says The AbboTT School for Young Saulors Sandy AbboTT Prop The glass clouds Now whaT why uT us a long green Cadullac converfuble A bluThe and debonaure fugure sfeps ouT clad un a whuTe suuT and The mosT fabulous danglung earrungs BeneaTh her arm she carrues a besT seller for The year l97O ITs TuTIe us slowly comung unTo focus IT us called IOI Easy MeThods Recommended for Paunless Ear Puercung by Susan KepharT Thus Tume The glass has a duffuculT Tume focusung There us a fugure clad un a gym Tunuc and sneakers franfucally blowung a whusTle IT us Jull Ford Teachung gym aT Epuscopal The scene changes agaun I see lvlarueTTa Pafzau us un The raulroad busuness She has organuzed a new Iune IT us called PrunceTon s Peakes or BusT IT us shorTer and more durecT Than The Pennsy Agaun The scene changes There us Lorle PaTZau presudung aT The head oT The ladues commuTTee To umprove The peTunuas Tor our Taur cuTy The scene changes agaun Wonder oT all wonders There us Xandra McCurdy modellung Tor The IaTesT Varga calendar The glass clouds and clears There us Nancy Bulur conTracTor enlargung The Thurd draun on The baslceTbaII courT unTo a swummung pool Irwun us modernuzung Ah whaT have we here' A used car IoT run by PaTsy PeTerson Busuness seems To be boomung and I see PaTsy suTTung un her IuTTIe oTTuce worlcung on her IaTesT buology TreaTuse Tor a B A un scuence Thus Tume The pucTure us bIoTTed ouT by a dull roar and The beam OT many IughTs A vasT auduence us cheerung Aubrey Esler acTress oT The era SuTTung un The auduence oT her laTesT producTuon I see Claure Johnson wuTh her Two seTs oT Twuns Two boys and Two gurls Who wull be nexT un Thus changung crysTaI7 I see many brughT colors IT Helen Judson oT Phuladelphua and Lake Placud wearung The IaTesT plaud I-Ier coIlecTuon oT plauds us now among The world s ToremosT The menTuon oT Phuladelphua and The glass clouds agaun I see a small school beung run by a peTuTe Tugure un new hugh heels IT us Mary Bonnage and her IcundergarTen school The sugn says she prepares young men Tor Penn CharTer She us Tallcung To an anxuous moTher who 1usT arruved un a ueep and who seems To be surrounded by a red headed brood yes There are sux red headed boys all belongung To BeTsy Coles Agaun The glass clouds And Then shunung Through uT I see Judy Baker The place Ioolcs Tamuluar why she us a house moTher aT The UnuversuTy oT Vurgunua Thus Tume The scene opens un sunny CaIuTornua A large house rambles over The neaTIy cuT lawns CoruverTubIes lune The druve IT us The home oT Adele WesTer Tueld ParamounT duscovery Those blue eyes and dumples have rocI:eTed Adele To sTardom Bobbue Brown us runnung a ST Davud s Taxu servuce compIeTe wuTh a cugareTTe machune A cuTy looms unTo vuew There us The BuIleTun Buuldung A member oT The BuIIeTun sTaTT us Sue ScoTT Busuness Manager and Bell Runger Whenever any dusorder appears un The news room Sues bell loudly rungs News has uT ThaT she has OT IaTe donaTed a suren To The Irwun lunchroom The glass clouds agaun and clears Sounds OT sweeT noTes wung Through The aTmosphere Euleen Murphy s clear aITo us heard among The baruTone secTuon oT The WesTmunsTer Chour Thus Tume I see Angue Gurubaldu She us clad un hob naul booTs These booTs are represenTaTuve oT her proTessuon You see she us a guude un The ITaluan Alps The Tour she us abouT To embarlc on us composed oT The PresudenT OT The U S and The TursT lady Dale Lundsay She preTers Europe To Key WesT AnoTher pucTure comes unTo vuew There us a Tugure cloThed un sandals and loungung pauamas answerung a whuTe Telephone The genTIe purrung oT a peT leopard Tulls The aparTmenT wuTh uTs genual roar Thus woman seems To have made her marlc on Amerucan ITeraTure She has developed a subsTuTuTe Tor The novel The Tugure becomes more dusTuncT Good Lord uT s me SEC - u u . . . 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Lukens, V. McCoy, P. Wendler, J Jarre++ Isf' H Arndf P Fiekiing S S+rauss M Cox N Llo d N. Merrick, D.Wa+era1l. Absen+: B. Beer, N. Hun+er, S, Monfgomery. union! Presidem' ..... . . 50556 Baer Vice-Presidenf ,.... .... M ary Cox Secrefary-Treasurer . . . . . . Nancy Lloyd Back row: J. Bunn, P, Parlre. B. Payne, C. Robinson. P. Churclwman. J. Loclcharl M. Hulme, N. lloflerer, M. F. Buckley, B. Buller. Znd: K. Kane, J. Woolman F. Judson, A. Pierson, B. Davis, B. Crowell, B. Mcllvain, S. Rieqer. C. Douglas 'Ish B. Marlin, D. Longmaid, A. Neaflwery, P. McPherson, P. Lockhart S. Rake sfraw, A. Nicholas. K. Johnson, B. Roberfs. Abseni: F. Powell. .Sip omored Presiden+ ..... ...,. P al Locklwarl Vice'Presiden+ . . . . . . Sandra Ralcesfraw Secrefary-Treasurer . . . . . Palfy McPherson Baci row: l. Holt W. Miriclr. J. Chapman. N. Hill. N. Mills. J. Carpenfer, A. Zcnfzinqer. E. Kenl. B. Worrell, W. Websler. M. L. Cowper. C. Stoll. Znd: M. Fielding, V. McCloskey. W. Wood. S. Sfoud, S. Brandi. R. Rowland. B, Thayer. K. Lockhart, A. Gray. Je. Balmer. F. Harris. M. Siroud. L. Hepburn. Ish B. Peler- sen. B. Crozer. B. Churchman, F. Abbofl. Ju. Berguido. L. B. Newlin. C. Barnett. L. Keebler. T. Donan, N. Savage. P. Carrigen, Absenf: M. Tryon. A. Young. N. Farnum. JP85 WLBIZ Presideni' ...,. .. , Lucy-Bell Newlin Vice-Presideni' ...... , , Calhy Bamell Secrelary-Treasurer . . . , . June Berguido 529144 Qin e Back: J. Reeves, K. Eisenbrey, B. Wlclcwire, G. Sexlon, K. l-lefnpsleacl, G. Saunders S. Simpson. Znd: B. Kirkland. T. Reed, G. Flreslone, E. Wclerworflw, M. Knox G. Coales, H. Ely, K. Keplwerf N. Dlngrnen. 3rd: C. Grav, B. Levin-er. B. Long raid. M. Sebring, M. Jacobs, S. Dafs T. Ralmesfraw. Absenfz W, Donoqhue P. Edgar A. Ellicll, B. Grange. 9l!QlfLfA 961 0 Back: B, Beige ci, S. Dolan L. dOfief, S. Chand ee, A. Jordan T Cafherwoo E, Dame' B. Bale. 2nd: NI. Nlclwolas, C. Van Alen, N. Lindsley N Wen e S. Cessafl S. lvl:Vey, L. Pallerson. G. l-lays, E. Rulon-Miller 3r A Mon gomery, B. Jones, S. Elwrel, L. Day, M. Willing, S. Mcllvain, R Sclwaw K Youn S, Mclnnes. Absenf: C. Dent 1. - ..: Gx ,,f"'s ,Q 11 03' Q I rv W1 I ' .is Eli fa!!! ' ,ku k J I M E . , Lg? A .3 . AEW ' gm Q 4 Q .. .2 . gl 11 4 4 l lflili Back: B. Brown, N. Biiur, P, Loclchurf, Jo. Berguido, S. Scofl, Ju. Baker. M. Pafzau. E. Thune, L. B. Newlin. 159: A. Esler. S. Sfrauss, D. Scoff, L. Pa+zau. B. Coles. Absent B. Baer. gjveculfiue Cnmmiffee Presidenf ....... ................... D iana ScoH Vice-Presidenl .... . . . Sandy Sfrauss Secrelary ......... r ...... ...... L orle Pafzau Treasurer ....,.,............ ........ B efsy Coles Presiden+ of Ninlh Grade .... ..., L ucy-Bell Newlin Presidenf of Tenlh Grade ..... .... P ally Loclcharf Presidenl of Elevenlh Grade ..,. ..... B obby Baer Presidenf of Twelf+h Grade . .. .... Joan Berguido Chairman of Uniform Comm. Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Presidenf . . .. Aubrey Esler ....EmmaThune of Assembly Comm. .... ....... J udy Baker of Sfud -Hall Comm. Barbara Brown of Lunchroom Comm. .,..,....... Sue Scoff of Welfare Comm. .,.. Mariefla Palzau oi Afhlelic Associafion .. ...... Nancy Bijur of Traffic Comm. n J fi- ali- V .-A--,,.q-,,,- . , .f ,W fn x, .- .. j: ' f-5-,mf 1+ ff?,af:'w.' qw X. 21' ,'7" 5 , X Lwgm : 2 , -5 lk 3- K: 115, NX, 1 Q QQ' Ag ,W , , .Q -v.uu,-...1.urvc:f-1"T" z' 1 , ap, V Q' .-.QL , A -1--.-g-,wg-w-W, - 4, .xv ft ,, .4 f f 1 .y . P ,Y 6 l:.zx4i'.11l.4..a-Fi-Ll J. - , , Y , 4, I -.- .-1 --f-15 -5 mfuekff , ., . ' -'i-,"f"?- 'j I A - ,J :L y Q, . , . . .1 Back row: V. McCoy. N. Hunrer, J. Lockhart H. Arndf, F. Judson. B. Thayer. P. Peferson, K. Johnson, J. Jarreff, Froni row: B. Powell. E. Murphy, S. Abboft S. Scoff, S. Chapman, B. Baer, E. Thune, M. Bonnaqe, R. Rowland. jazfir EW Ediror ....... ... Shirley Chapman Assisfanf Echror . . .... Bobbie Baer 'fi I5 . 2 Back: H. Arndr, S. Chapman, F. Judson. N. Biiur, S. Scofl, P. Loclchar+, D. Scoff 2nd: B. Pefersen. L. B. Newlin, C. Barneff, B. Worrell, P. Churchman. S. S+roud C. Scolt M. Sfroud, B. Payne. A. Nicholas, M. Bonnaqe. B. Thayer. 1s+: J. Chis holm, R. Rowland, J. Jarre++, P. Peferson, E. Thune, Jo. Berquido, P. Fielding. Presiclenl ..,..,. ........,................,.... J ulie Chisholm Secrelary ,.... ........ ....,.. .......... P a f Fielding ,7 ibramafic The grea+es+ show on earlh!" lhal is whar enlhusiasfic supporlers of l'he Dramalic Club exclaim. Miss Reiser, our able direclor, has sug- gesrecl a modern play called "LeHers lo Lucerne," as our produclion for l95l and lhe club has voled unanimously in ils favor. We have enioyecl ourselves immensely lhroughoul' +he year and have been forlunale in having Julie Chisholm as our presiclenl. Ever one's inlense inleresl in +he procluc+ion's evenlual success has macle lhis a oulslandinq year in 'rhe colorful hislory of The Dramalic Club. CAST OF CHARACTERS Erna ....,.... D. Scolf Felice ...,.. M. Slroud Marqarelhe ,, B. Payne Marion .,,. C, Barnell Olga .,..... C. Slroud Koppler , .. J. Berquido Mrs. l-lunler Bingo ,.,.... B. Thayer l-lans ..... L. B. Newlin S. Monlgornery Sally ,,... A. Nicholas Francois R. Rowland Miss Linder . ,A N. Biiur Gusfave .... F. Judson Baclr: W. Miriclc. V. McCoy. N. Merriclc. Znd: E. Murphy. B. Crozer. S. Makiver B. Brown C. Robinson. hi: H. Judson. N. Savage, B. Churchman. W. Wood. M L. Cowper. D. Weferall. S. Abboff. Absonf: M. Tryon, A. Giribaldi. N. Hunfer B. Baer. Presidenf .......... ............... ......... .... H e l en Judson Vice Presidenf ..... .. . Eileen Murphy Secrefary-Treasurer , , , Sandy Abboff Af CM Wifh The help of Helen Judson, president lhe Ari Club has had an especially successful year. The members have parlicipaled in a good many differenl acfivifies. Every Wednesday afiernoon a new subiecl is presenfed 'ro ihe members such as: a professional model, siill life, museum 'rrips and man ofher inleresling subiecls. As a new feafure 'rhis year, a prize will be presenied io fhe girl who has added +he mosl' +o 'rhe Ari Club in in+eres+ as well as accomplishment i T T 2 .E , Q an s if .1 i r I ' I -me L 1 A - V- . , 1 rx N A 5 q'llPil"4?l Baci: J. Carpenfer. Ju. Balmer. B. Marlin, A. Gray. H. Judson. P. Peferson. K. Johnson. S. Rieger. F Judson. P. McPherson. W. Websfer. J. Chapman. 2nd: L. Lukens, S. Brandt. A. Zanizinger. M. F Buckley. S. Sfrauss. N. Biiur. V. McCloskey. A. Nicholas. V. McCoy, C. Barneii, N. Do+ferer. L. B. New- lin. C. Johnson. 3rd: D. Waierall, W. Wood. N. Merriclx. T. Donan, M. Slroud. D. Lindsay, M. Fielding L. Keebler. E. Kenf. D. Longmaid. Je. Balmer. S. Siroud. P. Carrigan. C. Scorf. 1s9: B. Pefersen. M. Bon' nage. P. Fielding. A. Neaihery, H. Arndf. C. Lord. E. Murphy. 8. Payne. X. McCurdy, E. Thune. B. Coles Absoni: F. Abboif. B. Baer. M. Cox. A. Giribaldi. N. Hill. B. Mcllvain, S. Montgomery. J. Parlre. P Parlre. B. Powell. F. Powell, R. Rowland, M. Tryon, J. Woolman. Presidenf ...... .... . . . Caryl Lord Vice Presidenf .... ................... H elen Arndf Secrefary-Treasurer ................. .. Eileen Murphy Librarians .... Ann Neeihery. Diane Longmaid Grail' The Choir has offered hard work and a greaf deal of pleasure 'ro all 'rhose who have an inleresl in choral singing. Under fhe adepf leadership of Mrs. Zimmerli, ihe group has iurned oui polished performances of "Summer+ime." "The Village Gossip." "Thanks Be To Thee." "Silenf Siringsf' "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor." and "Gloria, from rhe Twelffh Mass." This year concerrs were held with fhe Hill and Lawrenceville Schools. The Episcopal concer+ was given ai Agnes lrwin and offered besides rhe usual reperloire of rhe iwo schools. iwo join? numbers which were "Gloria in Excelsisu and ihe "l5O+h Psalm." L. lo R.: C. Lord. M. Bonnaqe, B. Coles, H. Arndl, S. Monfgomery, E. Thune, B. Payne, E. Murphy, A, Nealhery. Absenf: B. Baer. P. Fielding, M. Tryon, X. McCurdy. Chairman ..,.....,..... ..,.....,.... . .. Mary Bonnage rwiniarw The lhirleen girls who comprise lhe group of lhe lrwinians have been selecled for lheir musical aloilily and comperence lo worlc as an inlegral par+ of a specialized group. This year The lrwinians excelled in such numbers as: "Thus 'rhen lhe Law of The Spirit" "Nymphs and Shepherds," "PIaisir D'Amour" and "You'll Never Walk Alone." f.. 'M sNf ' K 1' 1 Ka f, V r 7 P 9: ' ' nfixff-,Q-75 VYVVYY 5 S! r 1 ' A 1 ,W Uk V fu 1.35 W I ll -s Q16 f 'ex ,1?:-Liga V 2,132 . 5 n' uu 1nunW ll il'1l'u if Q Back: B. Crozer. W. Mirick, I. Holi, J. Chapman, R. Rowland. K. Lockhart N. Mills C. Barneff, A. Nicholas. B. Worrell. 2nd: V. McCloskey, M. Fielding, L. Hepburn L. Keebler, S. Sfroucl. F. Abbo+f, B. Churchman. Je. Baker, F. Harris. N. Lloyd, N Savage, 1s'l': K. Johnson, S. Rakeslraw, P. Lockhart M. Parzau, L. Pafzau, S. Abboff P. McPherson, M. Sfroud, P. Carrigan. Presidenf ......,.......,..................,..,... Lorle Pa+zau Vice-Presideni ............... .... M ariefra Parzau Secrefary ...... .... S andy Abbo++ .we 66lI'l'L8l"6L The primary purpose of lhe Camera Club is +o fur+her lhe knowledge of rhose in+eres+ed in pho+ography. This is accomplished by leclures and demons+ra+ions, given bo+h by fhe members and our- side speakers. Various confesrs are held +hroughou+ rhe year, lhus requiring aclive parlicipaiion from each one of The girls. I+ is largely 'rhrough 'lhe work of This club, rhal snapshols are oblained for lhe Yearbook and Taller. Of +he members lhe club requires no special laleni or knowledge, only a genuine in+eres+ in rhe work as an enioy- able and prac+icaI field. Back: P. Fielding. E. Murphy, B. Coles, V. McCoy, 5. Sco+f, H. Judson, E. Thune K.Jol1nson, F. Harris. 3rd: M. F. Buclcley, P. Churchman, N. Dofferer, J. Loclcharf B. Mcllvain, B. Marfn, S. Rieger, N, Farnum, C. Robinson, B. Bufler, D. Lindsay Znd: J. Bunn, B. Perersen, B. Powell, A. Nearhery, S. Ralcesiraw, B. Crozer, P. Carri- gan, L. Hepburn, M. Bonnaqe, V. McCloskey, A. Giribaldi. 151: L. Keebler M. Fielding, Ju. Berguido. S. Kepharf, A. Esler, Fl. Arndf, S. Monlgomery A. Pierson, D. Warerall. Absenf: P. Peferson. Je. Balmer, B. Brown, C. Douglas X. McCurdy. S. Srrauss, B. Baer, N, l-lun+er, S. Makiver, A. Young. Presndenf ........................................ Aubrey Esler Vice Presidenf .... Susy Kephar+ Q.. PQVLCA French Club, lhe recenlly reorganized gaihering for French enlhusiasls, meefs every olher Friday affernoon. The officers, chosen al' lhe beginning of lhe year, have successfully arranged an inleresl- ing program consisling of movies, spealcers, records and a few games. An imporlanl characlerislic of lhe club is ils sfricl adherence 'ro speaking French during ils sessions. Many lhanlcs are exlended To Madame Roulineau and Mademoiselle Menzel for fheir help and inspirarion. L. fo R.: C. Lord, F. l-larris, R. Rowland, S. Abbofl, J. Jarrelh N, Llzydi B. Peiersen, J. Chapman W, Wood, L. Pafzau. Absent X. Mclfurdy. President .,.... . ....,,..,....... ...... ...,. S a ndy Abbolr cience C 01,4 The Science Club has been reorganized This year for fhe pleasure of all lhose inferesfed in ihe sciences. Hs purpose is "io prornoie an inieresl in Science and creaie a belier unclerslanding of +he puroose and melhods of scienlilic invesligaiionf' Under The able supervsion of Miss Evans Jrhe members have done some biological experimenls, lalcen visifs lo lhe laboralories al Bryn Mawr l-lospilal and 'wave lisiened lo some inleresling biological leciures. r-,,. X! Sfanding: M. Fielding, l-l. Judson, B. Thayer, F. Judson. l-l. Arndf, S Ab oT+ P. Fielding. Sealed: N. Biiur. Absenf: M. Hulme. Presidenf ......,......................,..... Nancy Bilur .xgmific ,xdsdociczfion The Afhlelic Associafion, under lhe able direcfion of Nancy Bijur. has done a wonderful job lhis year. Nof only did fhey lake lime lo cu+ oranges before our games, louf fhey provided delicious refreshmenfs affer +hem. This year Nancy and lhe Aihlefic Associa- fion ins+i+u+ed some new compe+i+ion. Olher years our compefilion has been confined lo ofher schools or ping-png +ournamen+s. bul fhis year class compeiifion was srarled. Each class malces up 'reams and plays lhe o+her classes. The seniors were baslcefball champs and lhe sophomores won The volley-ball +i+le. l-lals off +o lhe A. A. for a very successful year. 'ICH row: C. Scoff, B. Worrell. B. Churchman, S. Mekiver. W. Websfer. B. Payne, B. Thayer. F. Judson, P. McPherson. J. Woolman. C. Barneff, Ju. Berquido. S. Sfroud. M. Fielding. Znd: H. Judson. N. Biiur, D. Scofi, B. Mcllvain, L. B. New- Iin. F. Powell. Ish C. Lord. P. Fieiding. S. Abbo++. Jo. Berguido, H. Arndf. Varsi+y Capfain ..........,.......,... Sandy Abbo++ 2nd Team Captain .. ... Frances Judson .MCA8 g l Jx ,. 14 , fun!! mY" , 'fr - Back row: L. B. Newlin. B. Worrell, B. Thayer, P. McPherson, P. Loclcharf, L. Lulcens, Ju. Berguido, B. Churchman. M. Fielding. hh S, Makiver, D. Scofl. F. Judson. C. Lord. Jo. Berguido. H. Judson. H. Arndf. Ewleflaf Varsify Capfain .......... . ,..... Caryl Lord 2nd Team Capfain . . , . . . Pal Loclcharf Back row: B. Powell, S. Malxiver, J. Woolman, V. Mcrnerson, Ju, oaxer, D. lvlculvam B. Payne, J. Jarreff. Fronf row: P. Fielding, N. Bijur, D. Scoff, C. Lord, H. Judson? Jo. Berquido, F. Judson, H. Arndt S. Abboff. Capfain. A. , Diana SCOH 61, Cnodde Back Row B Butler J Parke B Marhn B Coles Froni Row D Lindsay S Scoff A Gurubaldo E Murphy P Parke Absenf A Esler Capfam Angle Glrnbaldn Eawaff Back row C Barnefi A Pnerson Ju Balmer Fron+ row S Chapman M Pafzau L Pahou S Siroud l 0l'Ll'Llf5 Capfain ..................... Sherie Chapman EpfyM ef W5 85 POIWL f 8 6Ll'l'L8I"0'L A++ G H OSh R """""":2:2:2"VViA7:2:2'fvxf"":2:2:i,,-":2:1vvv-"" ' 12:1-:2:A:A:A. """"'":2:A:2:2:-:A. "' "1-:-I-I-:-I-I-L Main Line Homes WALTER C. POLLOCK 335 Montgomery Avenue CYNW7YD Busy Selling Real Estate for 31 Years Trinity 7-3030 We-Ish Valley 4-3400 SPOTLESS Cleaners and Dyers, Inc ,Vain Office and Plant 2033 N. 63rd Street Trinity 7.3771 can and ln-liwry sf-nice Deluware Market House Lzmvuster Pike YVAYNE 'I he best ood or your lable Compliments of A FRIEND Gifts Xntlquu 011 xmonll Pure-1 .mill nntul I'llI'lllllll'l Made to Order Furmturt Interlol Dum mon THE LITTLE HOUSE SHOP 63 St james Plum ARDMORIL Pl NNSXI X AINIA Xl0l"l Vs Fltler Ardmore 7919 CC ' I I , 95 ' ... I ' rg .-.... V B Hz " ' 2 ' 1 K H' - 'z ' 1 ' ' x 1, , x ' 1 ' . A - .. ' , 1 ., . ' 1 ' ' 1 wt - v 1 V 7 y 1, , . , Jr . M 4 1. v . 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Ballet -- Acrobatic - Ballroom Best of Luck Fox Trot - Waltz 1 Rhumba Congo TO CLASS OF '51 Beginners - Advanced from Private by Appointment THE ART CLUB 529 Montgomery Avenue BRYN MAWR, PA. Bryn Mawr 2814 ASBESTOS and YOUR HOME A besto mas be ln the hmgle on the roof or Idea of vour home lt mm be ln the electrle lord atlaelnd to tour ton ur or x u num cleaner or lt mas be maulatmg vour heating cqulpment A be to prolul won agamt fire .md lo of heat A bestow mea lne and monex lxea bex 8 Math on Lompunx 1 a pioneer m the a lseatoa mdu Irs manufacturing 1 bestos product for u e ln the hom: on uhm farm and ln mdu trv lf won would like :1 copw of Legends of Aabeslos write to Dept ET KM KEASBEY 81 MATTISON COMPANY 0,1 cn? I 5 AMBLER PENNA n as Founded m 1873 s J s ' ' 5 ' S s' , ' . ' ' I ' . 1 '- 5 5 . -Q . , ' '. ' . ' . ' P ' . 5 S s " P ' 1 ' ' s ' ss . 5 ' 5 5 ' ' ' ' s '. , is V Y ' .S V .S . V . S y 1 . 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Suggestions in the Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) collection:

Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1914 Edition, Page 1


Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 46

1951, pg 46

Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 88

1951, pg 88

Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 51

1951, pg 51

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