Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA)

 - Class of 1947

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Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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645401. Eyygpga 8 ef dx q .pbdgbg Affktge MQQWMOJ 'ce 6O'd,0 .ftp 4V'3,f'o, 0250+ df 1 'alia d'ZA'f0f3"1fSrY,o9',g,'A Jc9""o ? 4'W'fv"v0,a"qe'y 0 gf. 0 t . N00 x 0 dffl W 0nMJr'Jy"qU4f,gv9' 0 ,P",v": '-J-,ff 3 . Y' dfxfvpwxv z9x,9'7 P' ffiigipx QW Ov' Wfnfnawfdy fr 0 v 4255: Oiivgaef gil cgfjyff gl! ff ZW u g'3g"'5A vmijyffw Q W' 1 H A . - . , ' ' - ' -P wg, V 4. ' ' ff 4.2 ' V' !'Ay"' . I 'i, .B-' ' jg Q' '-'-.1 '-.' 37. ' " vsprli' - .Ar Y ' sy I k. 3 QM I X XV Cijfjydygfb 0125 5372 ' uf fyfdgfgmv W M 59 6-Q X QS 10263 MQW O-2 A195 . SAO QR fig R a Nfifwu qQJ311e+"4NQL7' . see gym? MQ . :if 5 Will? x Ujgigfqii' QQQQ, at iii D2o'5Q1 ' is I 0 V nnweehne QW, 0505595 1'7g9-JV do Sgihodflggusf Syfggf Lum mom 1 .xdfma Wafer Sing we our song To Thee, proise, honor, vicTory, For ever more be Thine, Almo MoTerl FosT roll The yeors by, soon musT we porT BUT sholl Thy memory resT in every heorT. Chorus l-loil Then Alma MoTer Our help, our guide, our Triend The love we bear Tor Thee ls love ThoT hofh no end. 4-X1 I9 ki J Give we our pledge To Thee, ioiTh, love, ond loyolTy For ever more be Thine, Almo McTerl Moy we whoTever liTe sholl give Keeping Thy sTondords, worThy oT Thee live. It :xl f v , ,, '11, Z ecw50oL f I 7 ,,..,.-fur. .1-.,..,..f..,-.1-.,.',..f-.,-.f-.11-1..Inf-.fe.y-..f1.fufu-.1--.ruff.lufu -fu1uf--f-u.4-.fe-f-.y- .1ufv..fw..f-.1-.1--.4 sp R 'E ,u'f PIIBIISHIII BY IHE SENIIIII IIlASS IHI AGNES IRWIN SEHll0l wvmmfwuun PlNNSYlVANIA HIAIIMISIRESSES MRS. GRIER BARTOL MISS EDITH H. MURPHY 4 THE Top Row: Miss Piclrel, Miss Powell, Miss Auslin, Miss Drayfon, Miss Evans, Miss Jones. FACUITI Second Row: Miss Rogers, Miss Fanelli, Miss L'Heri+ier, Mr. Ibbofson, Mme. Haussman, Mrs. Zim- merli, Miss Hannah. Fronf Row: Mme. Raulineau-Sfern, Miss Irish, Mrs. Barlol, Miss Murphy, Miss Jusfice, Miss Len+. In Absenfia: Miss Smarf, Miss Taylor. M',.V, MRS, GRIER BARTOL MISS EDITH H. MURPHY Associafe Hecdmisfresses MISS MARIETTA DEAN LENT ... .... English MISS CHARLOTTE P. RIDPATH ,.. ,...... ....,Arf MISS RITA FANELLI ..,....,....,............ English MRS. PERCIVAL H. GRANGER ,... Hislory of Ar? MISS ALYCE ADRIENNE L'I-IERITIER .... Laiin, English MRS. FRANCES ZIMMERLI ......,......,..... Music MR. GEORGE HAROLD IBBOTSON ..,,,. Mafhema+ics MR. WILLARD BELING ............ Religious Educalion MISS CAROLINE L. JUSTICE ..... Mafhemafics Science MISS AGNETA M. POWELL ...... Direcfor of Alhlelics MISS JEANNE F. EVANS .,,. . .,.....,, ...Science MISS VIRGINIA A. PICKEL ..Ass'+ Direcfor ofA1hIe+ics MISS FLORENCE C. IRISH ,. ....,.,...... His+ory MISS ELAINE D, JONES ...,........ ...,... L ibrarian MISS DOROTHEA L. SMART ...,.. Hisrory, Geography MISS ALICE R, TAYLOR ..,.. .... D iefician MME. LUCIE ROUFINEAU-STERN .....,...... French MISS MARY CLAIR AUSTIN ..... Secrefary MME. CHARLOTTE HAUSSMAN ...,........, French MISS CAROLINE T. DRAYTON ..,.. Secrefary NLISS ELIZABETH L. HANNAH French, German, Spanish MISS MARY CARTER ROGERS ..... Secrefary zfwii f , of' XP' 1 si 3 S J' N: ,J Mas! gc C,,.o 5 L5 aff. QSC' F 0 -'R' Illlllllllllll 1 7 l O Miss Coroline L. Juslice, who hos louglwl' us wilh polience ond kind sincerily os well os willi books ond knowledge . . WE DEDic:ATE Ti-us Book. 6 342 Cfdcid 1947 vga! KB M ,Y if aw ...Q N N x surf! , .Annabel .Angus "l-ler mirTh The world required She baThed iT in smiles of glee." Enfered I946. V Hockey Team: CurrenT Evenfs Club. A shiny Ford canverTible driven by a iovial liTTle bruneTTe whizzes by: Annabel is oh' Tor anoTher weekend whirl. The boys seem To Tind her as much Tun as we do. Her iokes are price- less and her merry laugh is mosT inTecTious. You'll Tind iT hard To surpass her when iT comes To Telling abouT some amazing experience. Un- TorTunaTely, we've known This lively, TascinaTing member of our class only a shorT Time, buT we wish her The besT possible luck and hope Thai' she will conTinue To add To oTher circles as she has ours. Triscilla goan Ball "Will of yew, and hearT of gold, STill her charms are scarcely Told." Enfered I940. SaTeTy paTrol '43e'45: lrwinian Board '44-471 Co-EdiTor of Irwinian '45-'46: PubliciTy Com- miTTee '44-'45: War STamp CommiTTee '44-'46: Sec- reTary-Treasurer of Class '45-'4-6: CurrenT Evenfs Club '45-'46: AThleTic AssociaTion '46-'47: Yearbook Board '46-'4-7: Chairman of Assembly CommiTTee '46-'47: Ex- ecufive CommiTTee '46-'47: lll Hockey Team '43-'44-: ll Hockey Team '44-'45, VarsiTy Hockey Team '45-47: ll Lacrosse Team '44-'45: VarsiTy Lacrosse '45-'47: lll BaskeTball Team '45-'47g Baseball Team '45-'47. Whenever you hear, "Please, Pris, will you help me wiTh my homework?" you can be sure ThaT iT is iusT anoTher of us "average morons" aTTer "The Brain." However, Pris does noT con- Tine herself enTirely To schoolwork. She has Tak- en parT in every sporT and is known Through- ouT The school as one of The mosT capable and versaTile members of our class. Pris is The pos- sessor of a subTle wiT' and maTure undersTand- ing, which combine To produce a charming personalify. Indeed The TuTure musT hold greaf Things Tor Priscilla Tor she has The energy and abiliTy To go Tar in This inTricaTe and TasT-mov- ing world. Edith Jlflarion 'Branin "High fligh+ she had, and wir al will And so her Tongue lay seldom s'rill." Enfored I944. Assembly Commiffee '45-'46g Welfare Commiffee '46-'47: Yearboolc Board '46-'4-7: Dramafic Club '46: Currenf Evenfs Club '45-'467 Cheerleader '46- '4-7: ll Hockey Team '45-'46: Ill Hockey Team '44-'45. '46-'4-7: Varsiiy Lacrosse '46-'47. Edie, in a high chirping voice, asks more quesfions fasrer, wirh more confusion and less breafh Than anyone else in fhe world. H seems Thar Edie simply cannor slap rallcing or laugh- ing. Because of 'rhis she can always be counfed on ro malce everyone happy, 'lor no one can resisf +ha+ confagious giggle. Edie has a good- looking hgure, and her acrobalic abiliries make her a marvelous cheerleader. Our of school she furns her enlhusiasm +o Princelon, where she seems +o find plenry of fun. We predicl Thai' Edie will die wilh her mourh open! .ff" you.-S ja" Maja dv 90 2 Nl' A ,uwl"7L"J" TMJ-Ulwb up-qffl' blculbufv d,u,4,044 quail Uirginia Dunwoody 'Buckley "A merry hear? fhaf laughs al care." Enfered I94I. Riding Club '44-'45: Choir '45-'46: Red Cross '44-'46: Ar? Club '44-'47: Presidenf of Ari Club '46-'47: Currenf Evenls Club '45-'46-g Irwinian '45-'47: Sfudy Hall Commi'r+ee '45-'46: Assembly Commiffee '45-'47g IV Hockey Team '43-'44: IV Baslcefball Team '43-'45: V Hockey Team '44-'47g III Baskefball Team '45-'47. Ginny is a familiar sighr around school, bouncing down fhe hall in a perpefually happy- go-lucky mood. Af home her "horse-dog" gal- lops around behind her: a+ dances rhe boys follow her 'and a+ school all 'rhe 'Teachers clam- or affer her for lafe papers! All in all, fhere is never a dull momenr in Ginny's life, Versarile. original, and arfisfic, Ginny has been a fine Presidenf of fhe Arr Club, and her lively humor has made her a class. favorife. w:,f'.,LL. 51" Sloan Amelia 'Butler "Her voice wos ever soff, genfle ond low: An excellenf fhing in women." Enfered I943. Acfivifies: Sfudy Holl Commiffee '44-'47: Uniform Commiffee '44-'46g Traffic Comrniffee '46-'47g Clcss Represenfofive '46-'47: Choir '43-'47: Currenf Evenfs Club '45"46: V Hockey '45-'47g Il Lacrosse '45- '47 A crooning voice, frequenfly inferrupfed by "Mon of War," "Radnor l-lunf" ond such horsey phrases, floofs ouf of fhe locker room. A few minufes lofer Joonie, wifh her cufe grin, emerges en roufe To fhe sfobles. However, fo fhose of us who prefer fo keep our feef firmly plcinfed on old ferro firmo, Joon's friendly per- sonolify ond sincerify ore more oppecling. When she is seofed wifh o group of us Ground The piono or fhe bridge fable, Q congenicl spirif is sure fo permeofe fhe oir. We feel sure Joonie will succeed whefher she selecfs 'rhe sfobles or The sfoge. Dmmufkweuiz UJu9..9Ni,o-s..u.LNlAJ ' 'bro-xy., S1-L1-PC., Jlflary go Qhurchill "A good counsellor never locks clienfsf' Enfered I944. Choir '44-'46: Currenf Evenfs Club '45- '46: Dromofic Club '45-'47, A foscinofing girl wifh c greof deal of fol- enf in fhe fields of music ond ccfing, Mory Jo hos found on odmirer in ecch ond every one of us. Her clever conversofion ond her subfle wif, which surprises us of fhe mosf peculiar mo- menfs, keep us laughing for fiffy percenf of eoch day. The ofher fiffy percenf we spend in wondering how she con monoge so mony men of once. Jklargaretta Stevens Qox "A friendship fhaf like love is warm, A love like friendship sfeady-" Enfered I934. Re-enfered I946. Ar? Club '46-'47g Home- room Commiffee '46-'47. On The 8:lO Sally lkniffing, always kniffingl pulls us from gloom fo merrimenf wifh her cufe mannerisms, persisfenf chaffer, and sprighfly vivacify, Buf fhis human package of good na- fure has a serious side as well, for Sally is in- feresfed in her sfudies, all school acfivifies. and, mosf of all, in arf. She will undoubfedly go far in fhaf line because her nafural falenf is combined wifh perfinacify and conscienfious- ness. Realizing whaf we've been missing, we regref fhaf Sally has nof been among us longer. .flflarian Qodey Dechert "Wisdom, power and goodness meef-" Enhred l942. Safefy Pafrol '42-'457 Sfudenf Govern- menf '42-'47: Welfare Commiffee '43-'44: Sfudy Hall Commiffee '43-'467 Luncheon Commiffee '44-'45: Uni- form Commiffee '44-'46s War Sfamp Commiffee '43- '45: Afhlefic Associafion '43-'46: Presidenf of Afhlefic Associafion '45-'46: Choir '43-'463 Currenf Evenfs Club '45-'467 lrwinian Board '4-43461 Yearbook Board '46- '47g Execufive Commiffee '46-'4-7: Presidenf of Senior Class '46-'47: IV Hockey '43-'44: Varsify Hockey '44- '47: lll Baskefball '43-'45: Varsify Baskefball '45-'471 Il Lacrosse '43-'44s Varsify Lacrosse '44-'47: Varsify Baseball '43-'47: Varsify Tennis '45-'47, "lf you have a iob fo be done, lef Marian do il'." All of us, af some fime or ofher, have followed This advice, much fo our advanfage. Marian is recognized as a good sfudenf and a sfar afhlefe, buf more 'rhan fhis, fhe fhing fhaf you nofice mosf abouf her is her affracfiveness and her winning personalify, Will we ever for- gef fhose wonderful parfies where Marian has proved herself a gracious hosfess and has made us all feel af home. Marian's school spirif knows no bounds and she has been, in every way, a marvelous Presidenf of fhe Sen- ior Class. Elizabeth Ujistar Drayton "lt's the steady, quiet ones who win the lite-long race." Entered I934. Re-entered I94I. Class Representative '44-'46g Secretary ot Class '46-'47g Study Hall Com- mittee '45-'4by Trattic Committee '45-'46g Welfare Com- mittee '46-'47g lll Hockey Team '44-'45: Baseball Team '45-'473 ll Hockey Team '45-'473 lll Basketball Team '45-'47g ll Lacrosse Team '46-'47g ll Tennis Team '46- '47. With her beautitul tigure and pertect dis- position, Bessie is sure to stand out in any crowd. She is always triendly and ready to help and has come back to lrwin to enjoy popularity and success. Bessie is an enthusiastic athlete and an active member ot the Student Government. Out ot school, this twinlet may trequently be tound buying those striking clothes which are so indicative ot her good taste. However, the quality which most im- presses us is Bessie's ability to be a patient listener to our many trials and tribulations and to be the proverbial triend in need. Jlarriette fphebe Drayton "A true triend is torever a triendf' Entered I934. Re-entered l94I. Trattic Committee '45- '47: Vl Hockey Team '45-'46: IV Basketball Team 515346, Phebe is the second ot "those Drayton twins." Completely ditferent in appearance, these girls possess many ot the same attributes. Crazy about Saranac, Phebe is known around school tor her continually happy mood and triendly manner. She abounds in school spirit and is out to cheer at almost every game we play. Be- cause ot her naturally curly hair, beautitul complexion, and charming smile, Phebe is one ot our most attractive seniors. A happy lite comes to those who are happy, and we are pleased to say that Phebe tits perfectly into this pattern. .Couise ,Audrey Qivens "A perfec+ woman, nobly planned, To warn, 'ro comfort and command." Eniered I944. Vice Presidenf of Class '45-'46: Sfudy Hall Commiffee '45-'46: Welfare Commiffee '45-'46: Lunchroom Commiffee '45-'46q Volunfeer Commi+1'ee '45- '-16: VI Hockey Team '45-'46g Chairman of Homeroom Commifiee '46-'47, Chairman of Sfudy Hall Commil- fee '46-'47, Dramafic Club '45-'47, Execufive Commii- fee '46-'47, Full of slories of her busy weekends, Louise is sure 'ro come info rhe senior room one half second before The bell wifh The Monday morn- ing blues. However, during momenis of less s+ress and srrain, Peewee becomes an acrive member of rhe school governmeni. l+'s im- possible 'ro pur anylhing over on her in siudy hall. Peewee is a'Hrac+ive and o ular, as well P P as kind, and you should see a+ leasl +en of us jammed inlo her lillle green conver1'ible.Thanlcs, Peewee. We'll be seeing you ai our firsf class reunion, your wedding! P pfjfif ' 'xii Q5 fgxlyjlbli F? arlJ'gfafQX3,df if 15 , UN' ing greai wgdggchi e enfhusiasm-" Enfered I944. Business Manager of lrwinian '6-' Yearbook Board '46-'47: Dramaiic Club '45-'47,i - ' renf Evenis Club '45-'46, If you hear peculiar noises coming hisfory room some morning, you'll Barbara leffing ou'r her ideas aboul cra+s, Never was fhere a more lican. However, Barbara, brown eyes, good-looking clofhes, ring, is noi only a Republican bul' a very vacious, lallcaiive, and generous girl. Thai gem erosily should be accenied, for we'll never 'lor gel fhe wonderful parries we've had a+ her house. And when she becomes +he Republican candidafe for Presidenf, we can all look back wi+h pride and say, "We"kriew her when-." fl Na I , v'i'. , 'la .fi w ,Susan U3c1rrish Qackson "-, lair and wise is she, , The heavens such grace did lend her." 4 Enfered I943. Class Represenlafive '43-'44: Safeiy Por- -, rol '44-'45, Head of Tragic Commifree '45346: lrwinian Board '45-'47q Head of Uniform Commirfee '46-'47: Execufive Commifiee '45-'47, Yearbook Board f46-'47: Choir '45-'477 Dramafic Club "44-'477 Ill Hockey feam '44-'46, - i, "Smile please, riow hold ir"-a flash-of,-lighi -Susie and her camera are wi+h us again. However, Susie capfures our hearfs as well as our pic+ures wifh her big blue eyes, cheerful smile, and generous cordialiiy. No one could possibly resisl her symparhelic, unassuming manner and spirifed humor. She's noi only a preify wonderful all-round girl buf also a girl of superior inlelligence and greaf Taleni as an aciress. Our only regref is Thar offer gradu- aiion she inlends lo pack up her wonderful qualifies and migrafe +o "+her +har" lirfle- Ver- moni farm of her dreams. -rod.. Cf: Dorm-,Q Qyphfguf kOOl'W'l' JJ. lo... qqqgi Ilgua' QUT-Q ewqil mc' D.c.i..-.mQ,U,,g Uifh . so 0 ' mggn,h'm.'.- Augustine arnerganewayg' ' JY1-L LHQLS C3 fix 1 ' r+hl courage, honor, These indeedi ' fl J your susfenance and birfhrighf arefcj Eniered I946. S+udy Hall Cornmii+ee '46-'47: Lunch Room Commirree '46"47g II Hockey Team '46-'477 Bas- kerball Squad '46-'47? . 'T xr Inu.. :T LD' v . As Tina breezes info sldhool on Mondgypwggf morning 'rhe firsf 'Thing we nolice is her week- end sun fan, acquired in Allanfic Cify. Bu+ 'rhe lcungn sun ian is noi The only Thing which awakens our inreresl, for her clever, original ideas and I l her abili'ry fo manage a hockey slick or a bas- LA keiball are really amazing. This lucky girl has I a calm poise and an undersfanding nafure rhdfc which makes her frequenlly soughi af+er for helpful advice on our many problems lespeci- LBUJ-42 ally 'rhose concerning +he Yearbookl, We wish Tina had joined us sooner bu+ we dfq 'glad 'ro have had a+ leas+ one year wi'rh her. 1 AUX clckitcf .Helen ,Kellogg gusti . "A merry hearl' makes a cheerful counlenance-" Eniered I934. Re-entered l942. Secreiary of Class '44- '45g Homeroom Represenfafive '44-'45g Homeroom Commiffee '44-'45: Assembly Commiiiee '45-"47: Lunch- room Commiliee '46-'47q Dramafic Club '44-'47g Head of Dramafic Club '45-'46:.Choir 314347: Ocielfe '45- 'Abg IV Hockey Team '43-'46. Gay and popular: lhese +wo adieclives de- -scribe Helen perfec+ly. Voled ihe besr mixer in 'rhe class, she is always cordial and ready +o help. Our ol school Helen allraclrs bol'h sexes wilh her vivaciiy and charm, while in school she -may be 'Found enleriaining a laughing -crowd of girls wilh her endless siream of hu- mor. The school irsell has gained by her pres- ence lor she has conlribuied in no small way 'raihe Siudenl Government Dramaric Club, and Choir. Everyone will always love and re- member Helen because she is so lull of lun and 'such a wonderful friend +o have. r Eleanor Shelburne Keady 'iMl'here'er she mei a siranger ,ihere she f ' leif a friend." Enfered l938. Assembly Commi++ee '43-'44g lrwinian Board '43-'44, '45-'47: Choir '43-'47: Dramafic Club '43-'47: Yearbook Board '464'47g Ocfeffe '46-'4-7: Choir Council '46-'47g Secrelary of Garden Club '44-'4-73 Vice- Presideni of Sfudenl Governmenf '45-'46: Secrelary of Sfudenf Governmeni '46-'47: Execuiive Commilfee '45-'4-7. Peer info a group of laughing people and nine limes our of 'ren you will find Ello giving forrh wifh an hilarious iale of somerhing 'rhal iusr happened 'ro her. Ella always seems lo be doing somerhing for +he school, whelher i'r's 'raking an ac+ive par'r in Sfudenr Governmenr or digging in +he 'rulip garden. During lunch period, she lives in a siaie of mad confusion be+ween explaining demeri+s and bidding grand slams. Recognized in 'rhe Class Poll as ihe mosl aHrac+ive senior, her personaliry and wir, makes friends wherever she goes, Who? would we do wi+hou+ her? QF 2 N Sloan Brown Jklcfldoo "The highesl proof ol virlue is lo possess boundless power wilhoul abusing il." Enlered I943.. IV Hockey Team '43-'44: Ill Baskelball Team '43-'44, Assembly Commillee '44-'46: Lunchroam Cammiflee '44-'45g Sfudy Hall Commiflee '44-'467 Afhlelic Associafion '44-'463 Ill Hockey Team '44-'45: Presidenl al' Class '45-'46, lrwinian Board '45-'46g Var- sily Baskelboll Team '44-'47g Varsily Baseball Team '43-'473 Varsily Lacrosse Team '44-'47g Varsify Hockey Team '45-'463 ll Hockey Team '46-'47: Varsily Tennis Team '45-'46, Execulive Commillee '45-'47g Presidenf ol School Governmenl '46-'47, We poinl now wilh much pride lo lhe girl voled The mosl popular in 'rhe senior class. As presidenl of lhe school, Mac has been un- usually capable and laclful, and is very much admired for her handling of lhe iob, Bur we like her as much as a person as we do as an execulive. She is allroclive and enlerlaining, and as ready 'ro give lorlh wilh lhe lalesl ioke or piece of gossip as she is wifh a demeril. All in all, Mac is a fine person and a wonderful friend, and she deserves in every way fhe re- specl, praise, and ahfeclion which will always be hers. gulia ,Coke jklcjlflillan "A voice so lhrilling ne'er was heard-" Enlered I939. lrwinian Board '42-'47, Safely Palrol '42- '45: Choir '43-'477 Alhlelic Assacialion '43-'46: Wel- fare Cammillee '43-'46: Assembly Cammillee '43-'45: Vice Presidenl of Garden Club '43-'47: Oclelle '45-'47: Co-edilor lrwinian '45-'46: Class Represenfalive '45-'46: Traffic Commillee '45-'473 Study Hall Committee '46- '47: Edilor ol lrwinian '46-'47g Vice-Presidenl of Choir '46 '47, Varsily Hockey Team '45-'47: Varsily Baskefball '45-'47, Varsily Lacrosse Team '45-'46g Caplain ol La- crosse Team '45-'46q Varsily Baseball '44-'45. Whenever we hear lhal lighl and airy laugh. we know wilhoul o doubl lhal Julie is near al hand: lor her laughler as well as everylhing else aboul her rellecls lhe music 'rhaf is so much a parl of her, We all remember 'rhe many 'limes we have been enchanled by her singing in assembly. In adclilion lo her musical abililies Julie has oulsloncling lilerory lalenls which have been displayed in her excellenl ediling of lhe lrwinian. She possesses in abundance grace. charm, and poise, and her many lascinaling mannerisms make her a dislinclive individual. Elizabeth Durst U3eterson "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart-" Entered I943. Co-Business Manager at lrwinian '44-'45I President ot Garden Club '44-'47: Assembly Commit- tee '45-'46: Lunchroom Committee '454'46: Associate Editor of Irwinian '45-'46g Assistant Editor ot lrwinian '45-'47: Treasurer at Student Government '46-'47: Ex- ecutive Committee '46-'4-7: Choir '45-'47: Octette '45- '4b: Current Events Club '45-'47: Art Club '43-'47g Dramatic Club '44-'46. Pete is one ot those girls who can do just about everything. We are all tamiliar with her talent as an artist, actress, pianist, and "brain," A strong rooter tor Army, Pete always has wondertul stories to tell us about her exciting trips to West Point, Perhaps some day we can persuade her to get us blind dates. Pete never misses an Irwin game, and her ever-present school spirit and willingness to help make her welcome in any school activity, We might add also that her bridge playing has kept us in stitches at lunch period. Eleanor U3eale Roberts "A horse! A horse! My kingdom tor a horse!" Entered I944. Homeroom Committee '44-'45: Lunch! room Committee '45-'46: Assembly Committee '46-'47g President ot Athletic Association '46-'47: Associate Edi- tor ot lrwinion '45-'46: Red Cross '45-'47g IV Hockey Team '44-'45: lll Basketball Team '44-'45: ll Lacrosse Team '44- '45: Baseball '44-'47: Captain ot Baseball '45-'46: II Hockey Team '45-'47: Captain ot Il Hockey Team '46-'47: Varsity Basketball '45-'47: Varsity La- crosse '45-'47. A notebook drops to the tloor and pictures at every known horse stream out. Immediately, it becomes obvious that Eleanor is in the room. She is probably trantically trying to do Julie's Latin and someone else's math, tor we always seem to be taking untair advantage at her willingness to help. She is President ot the A.A. and has been a valuable addition to every team. Somewhat reserved when she tirst came to the school, we have now come to de- pend an Eleanor tor a triendly word or much needed advice. Www ir y i yi of -V .. 71.lplJ ,V 'ffl e rf'+w" WJ of -Q Qarol Jlflarie Uiyarz "A good disposiiion afar preferred lo gold." En+erad I945. Choir '45-'47g Dromalic Club '45-'47: VI Hockey Team '45-'46: Food Drive '45-'46g Execufive Commi++ee '46-'47: Chairman of Welfare Cornmiffee '46-'47g Ociefie '46-'471 Cheerleader '46-'47. Carol Marie, who lives on The "Sunny Side of 'rhe Slreeif' makes all who know her feel gay and laugh wilh her. Even ihe hardesi iobs become fun when Carol appears on fhe scene as her capabiliiy and versariliiy make life run smoolhly. Oufside of school lhis very al'+rac- rive blond is a model as well as a popular fig- ure in lhe social circle, Even Carol Marie's fa- mous arl and dramaiic work are made vivid by her sparkling sense oi humor. Carol isla good sludeni and has a srrong sense of respon- sibilily. Since she possesses These characieris- lics and has such a winning personaliiy, we are sure lhcwarol will find gr X iness in lhis We U4 WW 4 'CT' . aff' gg ea Qoxiogfp Qgf Y A .flflary .Ann Snyder "So beauliful, so dainly sweel-" Eniered I945. V Hockey Team '45-'46g Choir '45-'47: Current Evenis Club '45-'46g Drcmalic Club '45-'47: Siudy Hall Cornmiiiee '46-'47: Vice Presidenf of Clcss '46-'47. Allhough Mary Ann was slighled as far as heighl is concerned, ii has been more ihon made up 'lo her in good looks and amiable qualilies. Her pe+i+e figure, golden locks, and prelly feaiures sei off by +he mosl adorable clofhes have made ihe class vofe her as one of ifs mosl affraciive girls. Bul Mary Ann has more 'rhan looks, for she's endowed wiih a hearf of gold, ions of pep and personalify, and a quick mind, For her 'rhere's never a dull week- end: how could rhere be? Mary Ann is iusf one of fhose lucky girls who seem lo have everylhing, so we know life will never be a problem for her. wg Wflilik' WCW srl ll M iffml ' 0 Milf! Wgilirkl W lfliikfkiif We A iw Ml iVyiiB+'Lf71l5 I 1' .Mary .Kay Stewart "Earnestness and industry and yet a merry heart." Entered I945. Choir '45-'57: Octette '45-'47q Executive '46-'47. When the "Bundlebuggy" pulls up and a good-natured gal pops out, you are contronted with Kay, our peppy little blond with the pixie ears. Generous and sympathetic, she is as good at ruling her lunch room kingdom os at keeping us in hysterics with her many antics. But perhaps her greatest gitt is that melodious voice which we all enioy hearing anytime, sing- ing anything trom "Blues in the Night" to "Ave Maria." You may rest assured that once this determined little person decides what her tu- ture career is to be, neither "hell nor high water" will stop her. Qane Slocum Stone "Little-but oh my!" Entered l945, Assembly Committee '45-'47: Editor ot Yearbook '46-'47: Red Cross '46-'47: Chairman ot Cheerleaders '46-'47g Current Events Club '45-'47g Var- sity Hockey '45-'471 Lacrosse '4-5347: Tennis '45-'47, Janey Stone. How can those two little words indicate so much ambition and energy? Although Janey is tiny she never passes un- noticed, tor her vitality and good sense make her one ot the most etticient and respected girls in the class. Always cheertul and alert, she is on asset in the classroom and on the athletic tield. Out ot school Janey's main in- terest is skating, and we hope that some day her dreams ot o little rink in the mountains will come true. ,..s,. . XAQUQ'-. q,"'1-asIN-o:4'XK'R'l,,,J' Vs htssssvxk,-xNCgrmK14k.b ani Y 'ioctl' QSAJC 'Cb RQTQSJ' "ls9'l- -in-i5".. i nut Xfsqidii .H X901 Tag d' pail, K ,VH who 'luxrusdslon o-va CX.YL'k'L3X'-- Kiwr 61.-.eK, Cl rin-as .Margaret .Tatricia Uollrner "Panling lime loils aller her in vain-" Enlered I944. Lunchroom Commillee '46-'47: Assembly '46-'47: Sludy l-lall Comrnillee '46-'47, Head of Losl and Found '46-'47, Alhlelic Associalion '46-'47g Choir '45-'47g II Hockey Team '44-'45, '46-'477 Vorsily Hockey '45-'46: ll Baskelball '44-'45: Varsily Baskelball '45"47: Baseball '44-'47q Tennis '44-'47. Quick, hold on lo somelhing so you won'l gel swepl oll your leel because here comes Pally, lhal "bundle ol energy." She is never slill and seems lo have almosl inexhauslible vilalily, Polly adores horses and is exlremely dangerous on any alhlelic lield. Walch oul, because on lhe road she's even more danger- ousl Well groomed and well liked by every- one, Pally will always have many lriends, lor il is impossible lo resisl such an overflowing good nalure. ,Anita warder "She has a voice ol gladness, and a smile and eloquence ol beaulyf' Enlered I942. lrwinian Board '43-'45: Class Represenlce live '44-'45q Arl Club '42-'477 Sludenl Governmenl '43- '47g Choir '45-'47: Yearbook Board '45-'47g Junior Red Cross '42-'47q Wellare Commillee '46-'47, See lhal allraclive girl wilh the lovely brown eyes slaring oul ol lhe window? Thal's Anila in reverie. Popular "Nilsie" has a way ol en- lrancing bolh boys and girls wilh her soll voice, sweel lemperamenl, and friendly man- ner. Nol only is she hersell beaulilul: her works ol arl are also beaulilul. Anila's lalenl in lhis lield is very apparenl, especially when girls are lhe subiecl. We ollen see one ol her painlings adorning lhe school hall, and who knows lo whal halls ol lame Anila wilh' her abilily and genlle nalure will someday rise? .Nancy wetherbee "The efernal feminine draws us on-" Enhrod I944. Lunchroom Commi+fee '46-'47g Red Cross '46-'47: Choir '45-'463 Ar? Club '45346: Currenl Even+s Club '45-'4b. Allhough she is quiel and sornewhal re- served, none of us has failed lo realize how sweel mannered and consiclerale Nancy is. l-ler perfecl figure and beauliful raven hair malce Nancy an excellenl model for her many slun- ning and original clolhes. Many of us have longed 'lo be able lo con'rrol our lempers as well as Nancy does. H seems simply amazing lhal anyone could be so very alfracfive and so very nice. We are glad 'ro have lcnown you. Nancy. Susan Qaclwell Ufillits "Good sense and good nalure are never separafed-" Enfered I946. Lunchroom Commiflee '46-'47g Sludy Holl Commiflee '46-'47g Secrelary-Treasurer of Chair '46-'47: Dramafic Club '46. Sue's greal wil and cheerful friendliness have won her firsl place in our hearls despile The lac? Thaf she was born fo be placed af lhe end of +he alphabel. She loves people and is always enferlaining a laughing crowd wirh her 'ralenf as a iifferbug or adress. lWill any of us ever forgel' "Jealousy?"j No girl could be a fruer friend or have a bigger hearl' 'rhan Sue. We will always lhinlr of her as "winning 'friends and influencing people." lIlASS Pllll CLASS FACULTY Ryan , . . ...,.... ..... F irsi married ,..... ,........... G ivens Declwerf ,.... To be mosi' famous .... .,.. B all, Decheri B. Drayfon .. Besi' disposifion ..,. ...... J ackson Decheri . . . Besf A1-hlefe ...... .... D eclwerf Keady .... Mosf A'Hrac'I'ive .. .... Warder McMillan . Mosf poised ..... .... K eady Willifs .. Mosi' Personalify .... ...... ? McMillan . Mosf Versoiile ......... ..... M cMillan Buckley Mosi' Happy-go-lucky ...... Branin Willifs . 4 Besi' sense of humor . .... ? Bronin . Mosi lnquisiiive ..... .... P eferson Ball . . . Mosi' Conscienfious ..,. ...... B all Snyder . Mosi' Feminine ..... .,......, S nyder Stone . . Mosi' Enihusiasiic . . .........r..,, Sione Jusfi . . . Besf Mixer ...... .... G unfer, McAdoo Warder . . . Vaguesi' ........ ........,.. K eady Declwerf , . . Mosi' Capable ..... .... D echerf Peferson . . . . Mosf Naive .... . . , . ? McAdoo ........ Mosf Popular . . .... McAdoo Snyder, Jusii, Bronin Cufesf ......... ..... S nyder McAdoo ........ Mos? Tacfful .... . . .McAdoo Decherf . . . . . Jackson . Vollmer . Cox .... Buckley . . . Givens . Jackson . CLASS Snyder . Warder . Jusii ..... P. Draylon .. Jackson . . . Branin .. McMillan . Cox . . . .. . McMillan . . . Branin ...... B. Drayfon .. McMillan . Besf Organizer .... Mosi Sincere ...... Mos? Energeiic . .. Mos+ Gullible ..... Mos+ Original ..... Mosf Sophisiicafed . Mosf Temperamenhll Plllillli SINIIIII .....Hair ....Eyes ...,Nose ...,.Complexion ....Smile... ....Figure .....Mou'l'h.... ....Tee+h... ....Pos+ure ...,,Hands,... ...,,Legs.... ....Voice Q 22 ........S+one . . . .Rober+s, Ball ........S+one ... .Warder . . . . .Churchill . . . . .Givens ... .Willifs FACU LTY . . . , .Snyder ....Warder ......Vollmer Dray+on .....Keady, Ryan ...........,.Brcnin . . . . .P. Drayfon, Branin ...............Cox ..........Decher+ .......Branin, Bufler . . . .Ball, P. Drayion .............Ball .rm , nf! 7, ff U a A 3 xxx 0 ' 5 . 'K 2552, z-I' Tim: , 2 - ffvi fa' YI 1 1 WW' Q 91 WW: -f: I I I .,,.,, - . 5 1--W: . Sill IIIIIITIIAIIS 1 Neme ANNABEL ANGUS PRISCILLA BALL ,EDITH BRANIN VIRGINIA BUCKLEY JOAN BUTLER MARY JO CHURCHILL SALLY COX MARIAN DECHERT BESSY DRAYTON PHEBE DRAYTON IOUISE GIVENS BARBARA GUNTER SUSAN JACKSON TINA JANEWAY HELEN Jusn mo KEADY JOAN Mcfiooo JULIE McMILLAN ELIZABETH PETERSON ELEANOR ROBERTS CAROL RYAN MARY ANN SNYDER KAY STEWART . JANEY STONE Pam vou.MER NANCY wen-lenses ANITA wnnoea SUSAN wnurs mi IJ ., V E 1 'r I al, Pet Possession My ugly pills School ring Penguin Anything I can get my hands on My 'hoyyay" lhorsel ? Pleasant memories That chair in my house My sapphire ring My charm bracelets My male lmaill A gallon of gas My bracelet My ability to laugh at my- self Rags. my teddy bear My eyelash curler My red bandanna Baby pillow Red loaters My blue ieans and my monkey My man Saturday My automobile cushion from "Pep Boys" Gownless evening straps My Stanzione 'figure slrates My white blazer A certain photograph What I haven't Iyetll My dog. 'Put1ie" ,-fl ' si-,lam Idiosyncresy Losin' everythin' Knitting about ten dilierent things at once Talking fast Catty girls--catty boys are interesting and harmless One-sided grin Holding bridge calds back- wards Pumps. bobby socks. and fur coats worn with slaclcs My uncontrollable curiosity Talking with my hands Being double-iointed Raising one eyebrow My stubby pencils Covered with hayseeds Falling upstairs Losing everything High heels in the closet. bal- let slippers on the feet ' My horse laugh Doing math the hard way Coming in on the end, ol conversations My absentmindedness Patty's, "Well" 22-inch waist My Mid-western accent Dashing somewhere leaving a trail of papers, etc.. be- hind me CaroI's 'Well" Tripping over things Funny thumbs Losing my temper. than apologizing profusely Ambition To get married To build and equip my own house To travel foi' National Geo- graphic To get some sleep without Miss Irish butting in To capture Kilroy for willits To go around the world To catch a man I To be ambitious To spend my last years at Saranac To get up on the water skis To come baclr and teach Miss Smart history Parlm Avenue penthouse A little term in Vermont Road inspectress between Atlantic City and ALLS. To learn how to trip over a chair gracefully Toy drive out the front en- trance ot the school To brealc every regulation in the school To do anything except be e To own a car To ride to the West Coast An eighteen room apartment To see over the hood of the car Singing in Carnegie Hall ol- i someplace Q To own e car of my very own To own a ranch To marry a doctor To be an artist To own e "Lucien Le Long" gown sec reta ry 1 Sill PIIIITIIAITS Desliny Pei' Aversion Pasfime Poi Remark To become a nun Conceifed and sophislicaled Long drawn out phone con- Censored people versalions A furnished room Chipped nail polish Worrying "Oh. dealh" To die laughing Pafenf lealher and laieness Daydreaming "Oh, for Pe're's sake" To be fhe face al which lhey fhrow fhe balls To have Kilroy calch me Malh 'reacher To be an arfisf Dealh, evenlually To run a conlinual house- parly of Saranac To sink lo lhe bolfom of 'lhe lake To be an alhlefic leacher 4lh and Filberl Burning lhe midnighf oil un- +il my 83rd birlhday The snake pil You figure if ouf, l can'l' Padded cell To have lhe resl of my Sal- urday mornings forever oc- cupied To pound a lypewrifer To conlinue lhumbing rides Apf lo be anylhing A Two room flal The back seal Singing in lhe Bowery To lr-ol along on my dogs To be a bareback rider in a circus To zig when l'm supposed lo be zagging Selling pencils on Markel' Slreel Build a beller mouse lrap fo cafch Gunler in The 8:26-ugh! School Homework Ullra sophislicaled people who aren'+ People who say, "l'm noi' supposed lo fell anyone" and don'+ lnsincerily For women in slacks E While wool bafhing suils McAdoo's red bandanna People who do lhings "for your own good" Foreign Policy Bullelins Gushing females Peferson's bridge-playing Keady's minules Being nexf lo McAdoo in fhe alphabef and having 'lo do all fhe fhings she won'+ do Kilroy Gun+er's red comb Men drivers Monday mornings Ofher people's slupidily People who never have any- fhing lo do Food Talking io Mary unlil 3 A.M. Malicious gossipers Two faced people 25 ln school-loafing, efc., wilh Annabel-ouf of school- well- Reading Kilroy nolices Dancing Loafing: daydreaming Worrying aboul lhe lulure or somelhing Lislening fo lhe radio or viclrola Daydreaming of Saranac Playing hockey, of course Laughing al my own iokes Racing fhe clock Reverie Laughing Planning wilh Gunler 'rhe plasfic surgery on our noses Giving McMillan my dirly work Talking my way our of more darn lhings Underbidding Reading lhe sporls seclion Lisfening lo Mary Ann's es- capades Being a laxi Trying lo diel, someday- Mufilafing some parl of my onaiomy wilh my skales Talking on lhe phone Daydreaming Wrifing lellers Trying lo collecl VolImer's belongings if ii ii if "LET me fell you!" "Do you really think so?" Nobody loves me" Now nofhing rash, dearie!" l'lI be darned: Holy cow!" You're kidding" You know" Judas Minnie" Well!" "l can'+ lighf il" "Pooh bah!" No, Mac, l haven"r done lhe French" Honesfly, how can you be so dumb!" Bid, Pelerson. for lhe sweei love of heaven!" NO!" Honesl 'ro Johnl" Keady. don'f shool, l really didn"r have a good hand" Oh, no!" Sul l can'+ play bridgel" "Ah, Honey!" Jusfl. you owe me a lunch" Marian, how much more money do we need?" Well, wadda ya' know!" Oh, for John's sake!" Well, lhal may be--" Believe me!" CHARACTERISTICS M8115 , A " Ball C W Butler L NJ 4 Buckley fic GOI , X 6.5. 5.x A,, .ff ff " if B. Drayton '?"'4 I J Branin ,n. ' Agp, Dechert A :Mil I "gf19-:I 1 ...J Civ? AC' 'L 0515 P. Drayton ,rn Givens 4? Sw' Churchill Ass" Jackson QM? - J usti ,.-if""'s- Janeway g' K, X ja? ,-LE 9,5 1:-, 26523- Qui. 26 CHAIIAIIHRISIIIIS Q13 H , 0 Stone , "' 3... fx,-"v as ' " WPS J. f I .fl QV' ' Peterson 4 I--ji O i I I K L " fp , J A JVZTFF ,h 1 'ss "" ffr McAdoo I N d. I X VIA Sny er Roberts Stewart warder A fm M MM Z wunzs Iwi Q Frromlc BOMEQ, ,gigs Q ,-91,,""n lI,',,v N Wy, 747' Wm? 'b Wether ee vollmer wi - McMillan Q I 9 Ll 'N?'n37""' :sf--5,6-"-Rx Keady Gunter H-U. 27 While wandering down ChesTnuT STreeT The oTher day, ducking frequenTIy To avoid The woman heIicopTer drivers, I began To wonder whaT had happened To all The A.I.S. seniors of I947 while I had been invesTigaTing The problems of The world. Much as I haTed To admiT iT aT leasT fifTeen years since Those wonderful days aT Irwins had passed and I knew ThaT Things musT have changed greafly. The TirsT Thing ThaT I noTiced on reTurning To Philadelphia was The moderniza- Tion of The enTire ciTy, and, my curiosiTy aroused, I decided To explore one of The Town's biggesT deparTmenT sTores. Passing one of The large show windows, I noTiced Nancy WeTherbee decoraTing a new display. Upon making furTher inquiries, I found Tho+ she had become one of PhiIadelphia's leading designers. Wondering if The resT of The class had done as well, I enTered The sTore. I was compIeTeIy overcome by The "modern design" and wandered around for several minuTes, sTaring aT all The gadgefs like a child making his firsT visiT To a Toy sTore. Coming somewhaT ouT of my daze, I recognized Sally Cox surrounded by her brood of Ten children, who were all Talking aT once. I rushed To speak To her and found ThaT she was buying some "Edu- caTionaI Socks" which, she Told me, were kniTTed by Priscilla Ball. Pris had goT The idea of kniTTing physics formulae inTo her Argyle socks and, apparenTIy, she was making a forTune from Them. Sally Told me ThaT Phebe DrayTon had a iob in a Travel bureau and was sending everyone To Saranac. We always knew Phebe would do someThing To "puT Saranac on The map." The oTher half of our Twins-Bessie-had doubled The family record, and was now happily raising a family of quadrupIeTsl Leaving Sally I made my way To The cosmeTic deparTmenT where I found ThaT Helen Jusfi had iusT opened a new salon which specialized in UITra-JusTi make-up. Louise Givens came in To congraTuIaTe Helen, and was receiving congraTulaTions her- self, for having developed eIecTricaIly heafed school uniforms which are giving The Irwin girls more comforT Than she ever enjoyed on cold days. Louise Told me ThaT Ello Keady was making life easier for The modern Irwin girls, Too. Apparenfly, Ello has invenTed an eIecTric demeriT sysfem, which is saving The Secrefary of The ExecuTive CommiTTee unfold hours of figuring and correcTing. I saw Kay STewarT walking by Helen's salon modeling a new hair sTyIe called an "ear-do." IT looked perfecf wiTh Kay's pixie ears and lovely hair. Passing The noTions counTer on The way ouT of The sTore, I noTiced an adverTisemenT which read "Buy a Warder Calendar: The Calen- dar ThaT Adorns Walls ThroughouT The CounTry." ApparenTly, AniTa had noT losT her Touch, for The calendars were going like hoTcakes. By The Time I had IeT+ The sTore, I was Thoroughly impressed wiTh The success of The girls in our class who had sTayed around Philadelphia, buT I wondered whaT had happened To Those who had lefT The home Town. I felT ThaT The besT way To cafch up on all The news was To buy several papers and read Them from cover To cover, I seTTled in one of The comforTabIe easy chairs in The new park and sTarTed To read. On The fronT page I read of The poliTicaI campaigns of Barbara GunTer and Marian Decherf who were running for The posT of CiTy Canine CoIIecTor. I gaThered from The conTenTs ThaT These Two girls were confinuing The long argumenTs which began P, 28 IIIASS PIllll'HHIY---- - TiTTeen long years ago in hisTory class. The enTerTainmenT secTion was Tilled wiTh news aT my old classmaTes. EdiTh Branin is TasT gaining Tame as Danny Kaye's TuTor. She makes him smoke Mary Ann Snyder's Tamous ''Sinless-STainless-Smokeless-Sigan eTTes," which enable him To Talk wiThouT breaThing. IT is amazing how Danny's popu- lariTy has increased since EdiTh Took conTrol, Susie Jackson has become ukuleleisT wiTh Phil SpiTalny's All Girl OrchesTra and Julie McMillan is breaking all records aT The MeT. Julie has discovered a new noTe and has musicians all over The counTry acclaiming her high "z." Joanie BuTler combined her Two main ambiTions and is sing- ing blues in The Diamond horseshoe! The review aT Sue WilliTs revival oT "Annie GeT Your Gun" was ecsTaTic over Sue's comic acTing abiliTy. This was no surprise To me Tor Sue always kepT us in sTiTches around school. Mary Jo Churchill has replaced Joan Davis on The radio and The paper reporTed ThaT her Hooper RaTing was Tops. Looking up momenTarily Tram The paper, l saw Joan McAdoo rushing by. l called To her and she sTopped long enough To Tell me ThaT she was on her way To lrwins To pick up her Two daughTers, one oT whom was PresidenT aT The Middle School while The oTher was PresidenT oT The Upper School. lT would seem ThaT Mac's daughTers have inheriTed all Their moTher's good TraiTs. ReTurning To The paper, I Tound ThaT The sporTs secTion also spoke aT ex-Irwin girls. Ginny Buckley had won several prizes riding her GreaT Danes in The Devon Horseshow. A long column was devoTed To Janie STone, who had inTroduced The TirsT women's hockey game on ice. I noTiced also, ThaT Eleanor RoberTs was Taking pic- Tures oT phoTo Tinishes aT Pimlico Race Track. She seems To have made Two hobbies inTo one proTession very successTully. Suddenly l heard a police siren and, being an inquisiTive person, l sTarTed look- ing around Tor The cause. Finally, l realized ThaT The commoTion was caused by a cop who was chasing a reckless helicopTer driver righT over my head. As The helicopTers landed, l recognized PaTTy Vollmer, The offender, and Annabel Angus, The Temale cop. I TelT ThaT Annabel probably had cause Tor her acTions, Tor PoTTy used To be The "Terror aT The Main Line" wiTh her driving, ATTer geTTing The TickeT, PaTTy saTis- Tied my curiasiTy by Telling me abouT The remaining Three members oT our class. ElizabeTh PeTerson has iusT Taken over The posiTion aT head housemoTher aT WesT PainT. We agreed ThaT F'eTe had been desTined To end up aT The PoinT Trom way back. l was noT surprised when PoTTy Told me ThaT Tina Janeway had succeeded Mr. Beling aT PrinceTon, Tor Tina was anxious To learn Hebrew and Greek as soon as she leTT school. Carol Marie Ryan, when PaTTy lasT heard Tram her, was seTTing OTT on a Trip around The world on her new ieT propelled moTorcycle. PaTTy was noT quiTe sure iusT how Carol inTended To cross The oceans, buT we decided ThaT The oTher members aT our Class aT I947 had been capable aT doing amazing Things and ThaT Carol was probably no excepTion. As PaTTy Tlew oTT in her helicopTer, endangering more lives, l seTTled back in my chair and iusT wondered how many aT our long-suTFering Teachers would have ThoughT ThaT our Class aT '47 would become so Tamous. M.G.D. 29 4,9 34 fa XOK 0 071 L -'V l X' 1 L , ,wqni ' 1 f ,. i b 0 yi' ry! , . - V X Q 1. L A A . f. W , -. , 1 9-f7?'fJ?of"t?i'Q' ' 4 I m if". . 811 IASNQ-ETON.Y75w-1 1 A-'H 1-,1,iJ'?, . , ani, fn. R .ai 4 Cb W1 2 I .in 1- H' .KRW .,,, V , ,374 , A K ,K Ak. N--"Q, V A . 2 ' Aff ,- Q, , 1 E9 -,f f.. ' F' ' ' 2 . ' ' ' - :nv .v A ' a 5 2- w, QM nm., 'QW M A1 IIIASS Wlll I, Priscilla Ball, do hereby bequeafh my seal in Ihe Religious Educalion class 'ro any member of +he faculry who is in+eres+ed in I+. I, Edifh Branin, do hereby leave my "gill of gab" Io anyone who can possibly calch up wi+h il. I, Virginia Buckley, do hereby leave my greal desire for knowledge and over- whelming energy +o Jane Rogers, in 'rhe hope 'rhal if won'+ Ihrow her for a loss. I, Sally Cox, hereby bequealh one of my exfra diplomas Iii I don'+ need il' myselfl Io any iunior who could use il. I, Marian Decherf, do hereby bequealh nexl year's Army-Nolre Dame game Io any girl who is lucky enough Io gel Ihere and have as much lun as I did. I, Elizabelh Draylon, do hereby bequealh my marhemalical abiIi+y Io Rulhanne Clark. I, Phebe Draylon, bequeafh Iales of Saranac +o Joan Church. I, Louise Givens, do hereby bequealh my a+hIe'Iic abilify 'ro Joan Gidley, in 'lhe hope Ihaf berween +he Iwo ol +hem rhey can make a Ieam. I, Barbara Gunler, do hereby bequeaih all of my Iifrle problems and 'froubles 'Io Sarajane Smi+h. v I, Susie Jackson, do sorrowfully leave my wonderful summers "under +he+ +har s'rone" in Purney, Vermonl' Io Nancy Jane Hewson. ' I, Helen Jusli, hereby will my mosl feminine roles in Ihe Dramalic Club Io Cloie Cohen. I, Eleanor Keady, do bequealh my Iillle spar among +he Iulips 'ro Mr. Ibbofsen. I, Joan McAdoo, do hereby bequearh my marks 'ro 'rhe biology deparfmenr for micro- scopic research. I, Julie McMillan, do hereby bequea+h my good poslure +o Miss Evans +o compare wifh +ha+ of 'rhe skelelon. I, Elizabelh Peferson, do hereby bequealrh my greal bridge abilily Io Culberlson. I, Eleanor Roberfs, do hereby bequealh cerlain bils of frayed yellow clolh 'ro The s+a'Ff Io be used as dusl' rags, I, Carol Ryan, do bequealh my Ihree day diel Io Barbara Smilh. I, Mary Ann Snyder, hereby leave Valley Forge Io Dorofhy Brewsler and Carol Evans. I, Kay Slewarl, being sound of mind and body, hereby leave The mos? beauliful ears in 'rhe class +o Dumbo, and my "fIivver" Cloie Io Carol I-Ioran. I, Janey Slone, do hereby bequealh my nose lwhich somehow always meels Ihe ground in a hockey gamel 'ro Barbara Penrose. I, Palricia Vollmer, will my English abilily To Jean Tomlinson. I, Anifa Warder, do hereby bequealh my ar'ris+ic Iemperamenl, 'rogefher wilh all absenr-mindedness a++endan'r Ihereon +o Cassie Shober, Io use wilh whal discrerion she can lsomebody screw on her headl. 32 jk? MOU! Top Row: Bufler, Willifs, Cox, Drayfon P., Churchill. Second Row: Weiherbee, Gunfer, Jusfi, Keady, Janeway. Third Row: Ryan, Vollmer, Jackson, McAdoo, Ball, R0b9flS, Angus, Buckley. Front Row: Givens, Peferson, Drayfon E., Decherf, Snyder, Branin, Sfewarl, Worder, Sfone. ln Absenfia: McMillan. IHE Sl IIIRS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl' . , . ..., ,,....., M orion Decherl Vice Presiclenl , . Mary Ann Snyder Secrelory-Treasurer i Bessie Droylon Class Represenlralives , 4 l-lelen Jusfi loom Boller 34 Top Row: Foofe, Boyd, Brosius, Ervin, Gidley, Sfull. Second Row: Marsh, Mon'I'gomery, Bradley, Weadley, Dana, Snow, Rogers. Third Row: Shauss, Cohen, Kornblum, Robinson, Smifh B., Baruch. Front Row: Fifler, Grosholz, Church, Morris, Tomlinson, Byers, Mifflin, Hewson, Clorlr. In Absen io: Armslrong, Kinnebrew, Klopp, Seiple, Vrooman. Q .5 3, . r', 1 Cap BNA -ff' 1 ' 'fu .Air-l3.rfI 991. E yi J' A Y - N. "S 72: 'A S ' " I A i W fig, Lacy. 44.47 gk ,L-TS x I D ' S lt' A iid-JPG-ff - - fe A f ff ,gy vera- he A - L .. ,xi -Maint .lu inns 'Jo 'W l'l""J2's ,L xo.:-10 X 'Q' wr .S ff- W A C. 5 1 Vw o-" 44 ' ' f , "V Jo ij,-,,,p 13 l,d,.,J2f ,LI if , A FN tk-.V L,-,V .-,Q-' JXQAN' Vff' ' V JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl' ...,,,... .,.......,.,......... Vice Presidenl .,... Secreiory-Treosurer A A . Closs Represenioives . . 35 Jeon Tomlinson , .l-le-len Morris .Borboro Byers Fronces Mifflin Joon Church v i . A . N fi" X- N -4- ' " x X4 - x N. Brix THE SIIPHIIMIIIHSQ :f"':2'f2N I ky It if -: . XX-.yfisxi E-N L,-fkkr FQ 25 47" Sf 5-,Q by L, my 'j ax ., Q 1 N, if ' ES. ff Y Y Xp 'fk,mVNPij ,Kal xfj LK. Ab, .- ' xi-W' 1' ff V " FW W fe. 'V r lff' , ifpv 9" ra Q" f V li I iw, 1' i Y-' " ' r l 1 19 W9 45' flxe, -:',o,.0 5 'il 4 l 'KJ if iff' 'rf ff 'N 5 ffl 'J 'y .X l SQPHO c3rigE,ctfs's OFFICERS ,f . jg" S . . V, f J, preside-nl , i., ..... 1 A V? ,,,. ,. ,.4.. Eugenia Dillon l 11 Vice Presidenl .,,. . . , . . Georgene Von Sciver V 5 fl, Secrelory-Treasurer l ...A.. Polricio Shoyer al fi fl 2 Class Represenlalives . , , l ,Susan Wallworlh f Ll A. Laura Thomas of e' l x , 4 ,1 9 6 il' ,Q-2 if Top Row: Cornwell, Smilh S., Wendler, Page, Binford, Shober, Sllerrell, Shoyer, Wilne, Second Row: Scoff B., Wolferlh, Wallworfh, Pillion, Aldridge, Hughes, Seal, Van Sciver. Fronl Row: Penrose, Fielding, Sfovell, Dillon, Thomas, Scoll A., Churchill, Horan. 36 IHE HHSHME ll Qvflafgjwfs l impwmwx.. gawk ii FRESI-IMAN CLASS OFFICERS Pre-siclenf ,. ,...A...,,... .....A...,..4.., J ayne Be-rguido Vice Pre-siclenl ..A.. . . .Elizalaeflw Carmichael Secrefary-Treasurer . . . . , . . . .Belh Davis Class Represenlalives .... ..,.,. J aan Kellell Marllia Rowland Top Row: Brewsfer, Rowland, Simpson, LeBou+illier, Robb, Bryon+, McCall. Second Row: Show, Shore, McNeely, French, Davis, Kelleff, Thayer. Fronf Row: Evons, Kephurl, Crowfher, Carmichael, Berguido, DeTor, Burpee. 37 EXECUTIVE EZIIMM IEEEE Top Row: Dillon, Givens, Cohen, Ryan, Juclson, Ball, Sfeworf, Berguido. Froni Row: Tomlinson, Keody, McAdoo, Hewson, Peferson, Decheri. Presidenl ,, .. . . . Joan Mcfxdoo Vice Presidenl' , , . , Nancy .lane l-lewson Secreiary . . . Eleanor Keady Treasurer ,, E . ..... . Elizabelh Peierson Presidenl of lhe Senior Class , , , . Marian Decherl Presiden+ of lhe Junior Class . . . .. Jean Tomlinson Presidenl of The Sophomore Class 4 . .Eugenia Dillon Presideni of The Freshman Class . . . A . , Jayne Berguido Chairman of fhe Sfucly Hall Commiifee ., ,.. . , Louise Givens Chairman of Ehe Uniform Commifiee ,.... .... 4 Susan Jackson Chairman of 'rhe Assemblyrpublicily Commiiiee . , . Priscilla Ball Chairman of Ehe TraEEic Commiiiee ..,,, . A . . . Cloie Cohen Chairman of lhe Lunchroom Commiliee . . . , , .Kay Slewarl Chairman ol lhe Welfare Commilree ,... Carol Marie Ryan 38 THE YEAIIBIIIIK BIIARII Top Row: Worder, Jackson. Second Row: Gunier, Bronin, Keady, Ball. Froni Row: Decherf, Sfone. Edifor-in-Chief ..,.. ....A........,... J one Sfone Business Managers ..... ..,Marian Decherf, Priscilla Ball Adverfising Managers .... . . ,Eleanor Keady, EdiH'i'Branin Ar? Eciifor .....,,.,. .........,,.. A nifa Warder Spor+s Edifor ..4... , , . . , .Barbara Gunfer Phofography Edifor . . . ..,. Susan Jackson 39 IRWINIAN llllilllll Top Row: Wolferflw, Van Sciver, Rowland, Slrerrefl. Second Row: Joclrson, Berguido, Byers, Keody, Monfgomery, Morris, Boll. Fronf Row: Tomlinson, Gunler, Grosholz, Church, Peferson, Buckley. ln Abseniio: McMillan. Edilor-inecliiel , .,,Julia Mcfvlillan Assislanl Edilor ... ,.. ..,.... .....,.,,.....,,.. J oan Clwurclw Business Managers .,........,......,,.. Barbara Gunfer, Jean Tomlinson Edilorial Board , . , . Elizabelh Peferson, Marllna Rowland, Jonny Slcerrell Associale Edilors .. ....., Virginia Buclcley, Virginia Groslwolz, Virginia Monlgomery, Georgene Van Sciver Sclwool Evenls Edilors . . . . ,Susan Jackson, Carol Wolierlli, Barbara Byers, Jayne Berguido Allilelics Noles ,. ,.,l-lelen Morris, Priscilla Ball Columnisl . .. ,, , ... ,,,,.,......... Eleanor Keady Middle Scliool Edilors . ., .... Virginia Coopre, Palricia Pelerson 40 THE ART Top Row: Churchill, Page, LeBouiillier. Second Row: Cox, Penrose, Pe'rerson, ScoH' A. Front Row: Shober, Warder, Buckley, Kornblum, Seal. Presidenl , , Virginia Buckley Vice Presidenf , Anila Warder Secrerary-Treasurer . . .. Ann Kornblum The year '46-'47 was lull ol inleresring aclivilies for The Arl Club. There were frips lo lhe Universily Museum and lhe Academy ol Fine Arls. Wilh our many lalenled new members we have sfudied lhe analomy ol lhe body and lhe recnriique ol various lypes of painling and sculpluring. Some meer- ings have been lurrher enhanced by models who have provided us wirh on excelleril opporlunily lo apply lhose sludies and our skill. We feel lhaf in The pasl year we have accomplished a areal deal under The able guidance ol Miss Ridpalh and our Officers: we nol only worked, buf we had lun and 'rhoroughly enioyed ourselves. 4 I THE IIHIHH Top Row: Wendler, Ryan, Cornwell, Page, Dillon, Von Sciver, Simpson, Shoyer, Monfgomery, Ervin Tomlinson, Morris. Second Row: Rowland, Brewsfer, Keady, Weadley, Wolferih, Hughes, Slovell, Wallworfh, Byers Cohen, Mifflin, Grosholz, Sfrouss, Sfull. Third Row: Jacison, l.eBou+illier, Pelerson, Seal, Fielding, Shore, McNeeIy, Carmichael, Hewson French, Kepharf, Rogers. Front Row: Jusli, Warder, Burpee, Shaw, Bufler, Sfewarf, Church, Willifs, Berguido, Aldridge, Snyder. In Absenliaz McMillan. OFFICERS Presidenl . , . , . . . ,Joan Church Vice-Presidenf , ,..Julio McMillon d Secrefory-Treasurer . . .Suson Willi+s K- L- CHOIR COUNCIL 5 HJ Senior . ,, . . . ,..,...,.,.... . . ,Eleanor Keody Junior .., , .....,,.,... Roxy Slull ,lg Q '6 Sophomore . . . . , ,Georgene Von Sciver Freshman A . ....,..,,. Mimi French E,-I 1: X li O ' i. 42 THE Illlll li lilllll Top Row: Shore, McNeeIy, Armsirong, Bryanf, Snow. Second Row: Robinson, Smifh B., DeTar, Crowiher, Clark, Fronf Row: Boyd, Bradley. L f .. OF 1 'ri Ml .l . ', , This year fhe Riding Club has been very acfive. Every Tuesday affer- noon ifs fourleen members have gone fo 'rhe Pancoasf Riding School in Broomall where fhey have ridden ihe bridle palhs and gained a greal deal of helpful informafion from 'rheir insirucfor, ln The spring some of fhe more advanced members 'fried 'rheir skill af jumping and some even parficipafed in ihe Pancoasi Horseshow. 43 IHE BURKE I EVE IS lllllll Top Row: Church, Srrouss, Sfull, Brosius, Ervin, Tomlinson, Smllh S., Wendler, Page. Second Row: Brewsrer, Wolferlh, Slrerrefi, Hewson, Byers, Thomas, Rogers, Kornblunr. Front Row: Mon+gomery, Thayer, Morris, Sfovell, Wollworflx, Seal, S+one. 0 ff C2538 l . ,f- 'mf l2llll"l'a l l TN, yeor the Currenl Evenlw Club Under We vwellonl ouldonco ol lLf1'VTVTlF'l Morri: how proved 'ro be nmol lnlerrwllng To Hs -Hevorol members. Eorlv ln The yeor o Cornmlllee Conskllngq ol Ann Browiuw, loom Clwrflw, Nonfy low- Hrfwuon, ond Euralofe Thoyer wow elfmpd lo 'w9lGl'kl loplff, for diruw lon tlwfry Inova rcrloinly done o good job. Tlw voriom wludenl ond visiling ,Ly f',f olcrw lwove lollced on llwe mod imporlonl inlornolionol problQr'n-- ol flue pow? ycvor, Tlwr: Club fried lo gel llne poinlw of View ol oll llme nwolor Coonlrlerb ol THQ world, Some! meelings were enllveaned wlllw lwl dcbolee on c'onlrQvAc:v-slol irwmvn, ln amnmingq up we lolce oll our Holm lo Mi-Q2 Smorl, our locullv od vw-r ond lLennie,M ond wlslv rexl yeof-W Club good luckl 44 OVQ ftp' -c 9 Xfyjsibi AIHlHIII Assucm sf' gf ' Gif? if T , C, ESMRZZLf11lE"RZiiTlf''liliff' A" M S" Cohen' Bm' B PresidenT - Eleanor RoberTs Senior lQepresenTaTives .,,,,....., Priscilla Ball, PaTricia Vollrner Junior RepresenTaTives . . .. Elaine Baruch, Cloie Cohen Sophomore RepresenTaTives ...,.. A, ScoTT, Saraiane SrniTh Freshman RepresenTaTives . . MargoT I.eBouTellier. EusTace Thayer A new seT aT yellow Tunics Tor The varsiTies, donaTed by The AThleTic AssociaTion, was a much needed and very welcome addiTion To our aThleTic equipment Providing Tor The TuTure as well as The presenT, The AThIeTic As- sociaTion is now saving iTs money Tor a Tield house To be louilT ouTside. Aside Tram maTerial beneTiTs To The school, The AThleTic AssociaTion has conTrilouTed To The morale and school spiriT oT The Teams and The whole school. Under The leadership oT Janey STone, a group aT cheerleaders was organized and The underTalcing proved To be a greaT success. The AThleTic AssociaTion, as well as The whale school, suTTered a greaT loss when Miss Powell leTT 'Tar England early in February, buT under The guid- ance oT Miss Piclcel, and Eleanor RoberTs, who has done a wonderTul jab as President They carried on Their good worlc Tor The resT aT The year. 45 IIIIAMAIIII Illllll Top Row: Brosius, Gunier, Jackson. Second Row: Willifs, Jusli, Keady, Thayer, Slrerrell, Shoyer, Wilre. Third Row: Foofe, Ryan, Sfull, Slewarf, Givens, Clarlr, Pillion, Binford, Churchill. Fronl Row: G-rosholz, Cohen, Smilh S., Mifflin, Snyder. Presidenl , Frances Miicllin Serrelary-Treasurer Saraiane Srnilh Thik, year The Drarnalic Club was exlremely lorlunale in having Misa Reimer an ilu, dlreclor, She haQ been loads ol lun 'ro work wllh and from her we have learned a areal deal aboul professional acfina, l-lere's hoping shell be bark wilh ua lor many more years. The play chosen lor praducfian woe Hprelude la lzranfep lhe slory ol Joan ol Arc 2 early childhood, The four principal characlers were played by Jean Wilco, Suwon Jackson, Eusie Thayer, and Dinny Grosholz, wlh Dinnv doing an oulfilanding jab ai loan ol Arc, A good year lor fhe Drannalic Club, welll all aareel 46 if f ig Q 1 ,QR Q as , f sv nf' 3' W 5 M, .M sw Top Row: Hewson, Ball, McAdoo, Vollmer. Second Row: LeBouTillier, RoberTs, DrayTon E., Mifflin, Clark, Baruch. Third Row: French, Tomlinson, DecherT, Fielding, Penrose, ScoH A, Front Row: Cohen, Thayer, STone, Church. In AbsenTia: McMillan, ScoT'f B. Hlllllill VarsiTy Slone . Tomlin'on Thayer Penrose . Church . French Fielding A. ScoTT Decherl Cohen McMillan Aw The maioriTy oT lasi yearis varSiTy reTurned To The Team This year, The hoclcey ic,-anon gioT oTT To a Tine sTorT, However, good sioiriT was noT prominenT unTil aTTer The CQermanTown game, aT which Time The Team began To Teel The inTeresT and supioorT oi The fTiJdenT body which had been aroused by The enThusiasTic cheerleaders. lrwin'S aefeivc-d special honors when Marian DecherT and Eusie Thayer won posiTions on The All Main Line Team while Mimi French and Barbara Penrose won honorable menTion. The Tailiire To win The Springside game was a disaiopoinTmenT To all oT us, l-low- ever wc- realize ThaT our Team played a Tine game, bringing The hockey season To a ali'-,Tadory cloae. Second Team , .. R.W. B. DrayTon I-XX , R.I. l-lewson 'iywxflflg c cimi fl I T , T ,L.I. Boii -- , A . . ,L.W. B. ScoTT g nik 'iff' Q6 . Ri-i. Merriam e T C.H, Baruch yi: A L.l'l. , Janeway 6 .. R.F. RoberTs 'Q W L.F. voiimef WW QED G Le BouTillier Top Row: Boyd, Ball, Cornwell, Smilh S., Draylon E. Second Row: Baruch, French, Cohen, Morris, Thayer, Berguido, Janeway. Fronf Row: Foole, Tomlinson, McAdoo, Vollmer, Roberfs, Decherl. The baslrelboll learns were very lorlunale lhis year in having mosl ol lhe vorsily relurn and in having Joan Mcfaxdoo lor caplain again, Aller a lol of diligenl prac- lice and coaching under Miss Piclcel, The lirsl game was played wilh Shipley: if was lied. l-lowever, lhe highlighl ol lhe season came in The following weelc when lhe varsily succeeded in delealing Baldwin, lhirly-one lo lhe Irwin girls conlinued a very successful year. McAdoo Roberls . lornlinson Decherl Foole . . .laneway Varsily Forward Forward Forward . Guard . Guard . Guard l-lewson Scoll, B. Vollmer . Church Cohen . Mclvlillan nineleen, Wilh lhis line slorl Second Team Forward Forward Forward Guard Guard . Guard Top Row: Hewson, Grosholz, Cohen, McAdoo, Tomlinson. Second Row: Ball, LeBou+illier, Dillon, Ervin, Church, Morris, Scofl B., Smifh S. Third Row: Decherf, French, Thayer, Droylon E., Miffiin, Bufler, Berguido, Byers, Baruch. Fronl' Row: Scoif A,, Thomas, Penrose, Stone, Rober+s, Bronin. In Absenlioz McMillan. lAlIIHlSSl SCHEDULE Baldwin .... April Il Friends Cenirol , , . .April 25 Shipley ............. April I8 Springside . ..M'1f ' Swcrlhmore , . , Mcw Ib 50 HNNIS Top Row: French, Vollmer, Drcyfon E., Church, Cohen, Tomlinson Fronr Row: McAdoo, Roberrs, Decheri, Boll. Top Row: French, Droyion E., Ervin, Tomlinson, Clark, Sfone. Front Row: McAdoo, Vollmer, Decher+, Thayer. 51 mx M2 'H Q I :A . V 1 Q fs 1 i ' .4 79 ' 252 'Q Vi QM W., Q K is lx 2 , w 'T . ,,, X, 3 af LL ' 'iii ANNABEL ANGUS ... PRISCILLA BALL .... EDITH BRANIN ....,.. VIRGINIA BUCKLEY ... JOAN BUTLER ........ MARY W. CHURCHILL MARGARETTA COX .... MARIAN DECHERT ELIZABETH DRAYTON . H. PHEBE DRAYTON .. LOUISE GIVENS .... BARBARA GUNTER ... SUSAN JACKSON ....... AUGUSTINE JANEWAY HELEN JUSTI ,,,..,... ELEANOR KEADY .... JOAN MCADOO JULIA MCMILLAN .... ELIZABETH PETERSON . ELEANOR ROBERTS .... CAROL MARIE RYAN . MARY ANN SNYDER . KAY STEWART ...,.. JANE STONE ........ PATRICIA VOLLMER ,... ANITA WARDER ...... NANCY WEATHERBEE SUSAN WILLITS ...,.. ?" IIIIIEIZTIIIII GIRLS ADDRESSES . . . . .23I7 Delancey Place, Phila. . . . . .6452 Overbrook, Ave., Philo. .. . . . . . .The Mermonl, Bryn Mawr . . . . .6386 Sherwood Rd., Overbrook . . . .460 Broolclield Rd., Drexel Hill ........5Q83 Drexel Rd., Philo. . . . ,Valley Forge Rd., Phoenixville .. . . .R. D. il:I, Bridgeport Pa. ....Gulph Rd., Villa Nova, Pa. .........,Gulph Rd., Villa Nova, Pa. . . . . .Cambridge Apls., Germanlown 44 .. . . . . . . I306 Knox Rd., Wynnewood ....... .Mermonl Plaza, Bryn Mawr ....IO7 S. Auslin S+., Venfnor, N. J. . . . . . . . I30 Llanlair Road, Ardmore .....4IO Hillbroolc Road, Bryn Mawr . . . . . I3I I Hillside Road, Wynnewood Locusl SI., Phila. . . . .Bryn Mawr Courf Apls., F-2, Bryn Mawr ... . . . . .534 Manor Road, Wynnewood . . . . I8 Hilaire Road, S+. Davids .. . . .425 Bellevue Ave., Wayne .....,........254S.2ls+ S+.,Phila. .. . . . .Paper Mill Road, Newfown Square . . . .Airedale 8: Wyndon Avenues, Rosemonl . . . . . . . . . . .Avonwood Road, Haverford . . . . . . . .Sproul Road, Broomall . . . . .6630 Lolus Road, Overbroolf 54 HELEN Z. STONE INCORPORATED 12 East 38th Street NEW YORK SCHOOL and COLLEGE OUTFITTERS GANE and SNYDER 'A' FOODS OF QUALITY 834 Lancaster Avenue COMPLIMENTS BRYN MAWR, PA. OF A THE MEXICAN SHOP, INC. IMPORTERS 69 St. Iames Place ARDMORE, PA. t Ardmore 4330 DISCRIMINATING THE GIFTS Our Twentieth Anniversary ." 'I 1'-S if .,.... .. ,A , ,,,5,fg+ .5 I. .iff YA I BRYN MAWR, PA. FICTION, NON-FICTION SPECIAL EDITIONS CHILDREN'S BOOKS 1420 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA. PA. Klngsley 5-0158 Famous for . BARBARA PAGE CARAMELS 39 Coulfef Avenue ARDMORE, PA. PAGE 6. BIDDLE. INC. Afdmofe 5446 21 St t' R d , C' 10" on DIESINGER s HAVERFORD. PA. JEWELERS SINCE 1888 Founded 100 Years Ago in the , Merchants' Exchange of Philadelphia W 'l 1 if 1 if 5 Iiliiihi I 1847 - THE PENN MUTUAL - 1947 LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY AUTOCAR TRUCKS Fon HEAVY DUTY Superbly engineered and precision built by Autocar. They cost more because they're Worth more. Manufactured in Ardmore, Pa. SERVICED BY FACTORY BRANCHES AND DISTRIBUTORS FROM COAST TO COAST 57 I Rv r an nn H INIIIPUHKPI N1 --xIX'V11xH1!I'INN ul lm DOROTHY LANDIS IEWELER and SILVERSMITH 2120 N. 63rd Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. Opposite Overbrook Station TRinity 7-0363 eee e e , 'Q-. .., ak. P it I3 H af. oo e I e WM f W' I-J, Q? Mini nusmw THE THOMAS HUBER SHOP 652 Lancaster Avenue BRYN MAWR, PA. ANTIQUES and WEDDING GIFTS Ardmore 0630 GILMAN 'S 47 Saint George's Road ARDMORE. PENNSYLVANIA The Finest and Most Complete China and Glass Store in Suburban America Q 6.0 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND GEORGE SAYERS SPORT SHOP Supplying the Main Line With the Best in Sports Equipment 520 Lancaster Avenue HAVERFORD, PA. 1 Block West of The Haverford School Bryn Mawr 0256 58 hvfv' 74317274 1501 Walnut Street PHOTOGRAPHERS All the photographs in this book have been made by us. Compliments of Compliments of C, SMEDLEY and MEHI.. FRIEND COMPANY ARDMORE, PA. CHEVROLET MULFORD 61 DILKS Phone: Bryn Mawr 2000 551 Lancaster Avenue BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA Good-bye and Good Luck To the Class ot '47 RICHARD STOCKTON BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA FINE SHOES AND CASUALS WALDO M. CLAFLIN 1606 Chestnut Street Fine Shoes Since 1868 Compliments of THE AGNES IRWIN ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Complete Banking Service any Many people find the easy accessi- ' ' ml' "' bility ot this bank an attraction when E S 5 it comes to opening a Deposit or 3 llliif E Checking Account. Several other ...,, 1 .. 523: 55255 5333 factors, of course, deserve your con- Effff ffiffi K sideration in making a banking con- IIIII ' i SEEEEI . . nection: Stren th and stability, t . Q im: E f 3373. '0n"'n""'t'y capital and surplus in relation to HH: . I iiiii! Llltrulvd . . . :mg ,gg..: Qffffr obligations, completeness and flexi- I-I-Ilil :li-K tilt' bility of service, for instance. On all these points, you will find Liga 'I' g.g,.,1l4!:f-'FW fa' that Fidelity-Philadelphia meets your , ,, -.,g1- .' 3- 5, , 17'.'."" " 9 Q requirements. ' T FIDELITY-PHILADELPHIA TRUST COMPANY ORGANIZED 1866 135 South Broad Street, Philadelphia 9, Pa. Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1702 x C COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND I t ii 1 .E I I ' W ATYOU comucnr ma by tus. co. or Noun menu Insurance Company of North America Philadelphia-Founded 1792 All types of insurance except Lite 6I Country Homes and Farms On Philadelphicfs Main Line C. N. AGNEW REALTOR 106 East Lancaster Avenue WAYNE. PA. CQMPLIMENTS QF Telephone: Wayne 1271 APPRAISALS - INSURANCE WEADLEY'S Compliments of HAIVIBURG HEARTH TO THE CLASS OF 1947 E , A .A lx ff Q . ggi We .Qzylf Wax ' ,WW We wyffgzm U C 1 JI IW 5 x Nl .J IIIIIHITIIY ll. BULLITT, INU. S I A lx AllDM0llE CHESTNUT Inu. ,M I W A f f QW? 62 I BEST WISHES TO THE MEMBERS 0F THE CLASS OF 1947 Established 1905 By Appointment G. STANZIONE CUSTOM MADE SKATING SHOES TO ORDER FOR ICE AND ROLLER SKATING Worn and recommended by the leading Amateur and Professional skaters the World over. Mail orders promptly attended to. Mail order blanks and catalogue sent upon roqucst. 50 West 56th Street, New York 19, N. Y. Telephone Circle 7-4517 63 lThis space is given by a Friend of the Schooll THE AGNES IRWIN SCHOOL FUND Through the gifts of many Friends of the School in the past, acting through the medium ot The Agnes Irwin School Fund, the School has been able to buy the Wynnewood properties and till many needs. In its operation the School maintains a balanced annual budget, but for capital and special purposes gifts are necessary in large and small amounts. Gifts by will are especially helpful, By such contributions, graduates and parents of graduates may show their appreciation for the help received from gifts of others in past years. No student pays in regular tuition the full cost of her own education. As the School is a non-profit corporation under Pennsylvania law, gifts to it are deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Annual giving to the School operates as a "Living Endowment". THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE AGNES IRWIN SCHOOL Mrs. Pierce Archer Mrs. Iohn Hampton Barnes Mrs. Grier Bartol Edward M. Biddle W. Atlee Burpee, Ir. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Alexander I. Cassatt Herbert Church William L. Day Robert Dechert Van Horn Ely, Ir. Spencer Ervin Thomas S. Gates, Ir. Greville Haslam George H. Ibbotson Mrs. Roderick G. Kellett Miss Bertha M. Laws Mrs. H. Gates Lloyd Mrs. Richard R. Montgomery Mrs. W. W. Montgomery, Ir. Miss Edith H. Murphy Mrs. E. Mortimer Newlin George Brooke Roberts Ernest Scott C. Alison Scully Mrs. R. Ellison Thompson Mrs. Iohn Van Pelt Mrs. Iames D. Winsor, 3rd S OF A FRIEND 2:1 Compliments ALEXANDER-EVAN S NASH COMPANY 2271 Garrett Road DREXEL HILL, PA. Sales - NASH - Service Compliments of a FRIEND Serving the Main Line For 35 Years HUBBS STORE 850 Lancaster Avenue BRYN MAWR. PA. GROCERIES - MEAT - PRODUCE Free Delivery Bryn Mawr 0570 IEANNETT'S BRYN MAWR FLOWER SHOP Mrs. N. S. T. Grammer 823 Lancaster Avenue BRYN MAWR, PA. PHILCO RADIOS RADIO-PHONOGRAPHS REFRIGERATORS AIR CONDITIONERS 71mm WQW4? mvfmfawf Delivery Ardmore 0390 H. I. MCHUGH DEPENDABLE DRUG SERVICE WYNNEWO OD. PA. Good Luck to the CLASS OF 1947 DEL-MONT MOTORS, INC OLDSMOBILE BRYN MAWR, PA. URSULA MURRAY SCHOOL OF DANCING Ballet - Acrobatic - Tap - Adagio A11 Types of Ballroom Beginners - Advanced Classes Daily Private by Appointment 529 Montgomery Ave.. Haverford Bryn Mawr 2814 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1948 67 -uv.. . . . arc as ncccssary in ilu' lvuilnling nl? a llne x'L'a1I'lmunlX as lllcx' arc in llw cmwnslructinn nl' a SlxX'SCI'iIl7L'l'. llcrc at LWLIIIIPLIS wc llavc' gallmvrul, mor IllL' ycars, an lII'gLlI1IYLllIUl'1 of slgillul artists anal inlca IIICIT . . . cxpcricncul printing, CIIQIYIXIIIQ anml l5I'1IllllL'lIIIII lncn . . . all wclclul into a tcaln lllat is rcacly to xwrli u'ill1 yvu anal Im- you. In lwlln lmuilnl your ycarluoolQ into a lucllcr annl llncr pulmlicannn. LNLIIIIIHIS CUIIIIFIUIL' SL'I'YIL'C L'II1ll3lL'S YOU to gcl l'I'UIIl QI SIIIglC SULIFCL' L'YCI'YIlIIIIg IICL'llL'll to p1'mlL1cc RULII' lmwulx, all unclcr a singlc luunlgcl cnnlml llmat insurus you against uncxpcctul 'n'xlras." 'I Im scrx icu inclunlus cvcrx' lvlmasc ol' the july Irwin planning anal layout to cowl'- IIIAllxIlIQ aml llnal printing anal lminclinq. I , I CILIIIIIILIN llas lmvllwcl lILllILlI'L'llS ol' Stalls luuilcl annuals llmat will Im IIIClI10I'LllJlL' Im' a lIlL'IIIllL'. I aulm war scxcral Q alnlvns l5l'JLlLlL'L'kl annuals lalxc lop Iwnurs Ill Nanunal UIIIIIICIIIIUII. E IIAIVIPIIS PIIIILISHINH HH' 'l"'2f'N' ""Xf!"1"N I"'1l I"""l"1'1"N "I 1-120 wALNur STREET, PHILADELPHIA 2, PENNA. Uulslumllug Irnrlwmlcx in Iln' lm! 37 WALL STREET, NEW YORK 5, N. Y. PRINTING - ENGRAVING - OFFSET-LITHOGRAPHY - ART AND LAYOUT SERVICE ENGRAVPRINT CAMPUb PUBLISHING 1420 WALNUT ST., PHILA fn 41:1 GQ 124 1 ,JM , v . . A Q r - I , . . , . ,.. ' 1 , 152 "3-W f X , I, , . f I -. 1 'I . E .J L4 I f w . . 5 411' 4 . V' A vh'f"V21rv.Nf?'?'- sv. As! . 1 -K'-A ' 1-.M',1' , , - If f,, 1 ' 199 ,J-Wjgf -z " la, , I . S- Q--vwi?3 Q - . si ,l-ug' ' 1 , 1-1,Arg:x,f ' Y . ' 'fag-02, f. " m, Qs ,- ' 5.1,,'yf,, ,yn -:',.- air 2--Y - ' 1 1' :rf fl-K-rQf5,?'f.f l 1 1 'H:,gg,.5fggj,rf - . A H-, 17 ' ' . ' I ' '. - . .V , -A v . 3.4" . V1 ' V - . U I 1 , ,- . 44 1 ,. .nr A ' . ,Q ,V ,, ,-'. 1 ff , ztfgf' ,fy 36' ",f.f.1s.,L:.Im . - lr " f.-21.11 .n,.,Lr-I .4 H, .,: 4 '..2,. :FL , s 'Q' '.-,:4..2"..f r'1.:..',rln-I-1 L-.-V , 1 F

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Agnes Irwin School - Last Strand Yearbook (Rosemont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 31

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