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Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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the way it was before the flowers on the hillside, the kites above the town, the skating on the mill-pond, while the snow was falling down; ah, the years of laughter, but laughter comes no more, and i wish it was the way it was before. the dappled days of dancing, the nights too warm to dream, when all the friendly animals would gather at the stream; ah, the endless summer, but summer comes no more, and i wish it was the way it was before. the way it was when we could talk to one another, with words; only words; and a friend was a friend and a lover was a lover; and when you prayed to god, you felt he really heard. the flowers are all dying, the kites are sailing down, i guess the friendly animals have come along and gone ; i used to wait for summer, but summer comes no more, and i wish it was the way it was before. 1973 sachem agawam high school agawam, massachusetts volume 46ah, the years of laughter I ▼ T t ▲ ▲ 2ISupuep joof dreamiwhen a friend . . .was a friendwhen we could:alk to one another.. . with words . . .T ▼ ▼ AAA only wordsiving, laughing, learningdr. robert gardner, superintendent mr. david theodorowicz, principal dedication, decision, detention mr. john a. morrissey, assistant principal mr. david k. bates, assistant principalcounsel, courses, college boardspoetry, parody, prose mr. lawrence o'brien, jr. mrs. cvelyn hamilton mrs. belly c. duganmrs. charlotte shimel — librarian mrs. judith day mrs. dorothea nardi, dept, headmr. albert baggctta mrs. dorothy holmes, librarian isosceles, induction, interpolation mr. waller g. willard, jr. mr. edward stentaford mr. roger a. Icclerc mr. david pulaski miss madeline t. hayes mr. jamesc. ramah miss jane a. durkan, «opt. head tf Z froa ? £ Ccofl mr. iohn h. whallcy, 3rd mr. loo c. burquo miss lorraine junkermr. john ferranti mr. john ferraro mrs. lynn litchfield mr. lawrence shcchan mr. joscph filzgeraldmr. joscph zabielski mrs. marie massa mr. edward mcrrill mr. lee nacewicz mr. Icon brunelle mr. wayne morse mr. kenneth I. dean sulphur, scales, skeletons mr. russcl j. ramah mr. richard h. joseph mr. arthur r. gage mr. john m. faheymrs. elaine snieder miss patricia flynn mr. bill jobbins mr. harold dark, dept, head mr. ralph zavarellabien, bueno, bonum mrs. ida mogRio, dept head miss sandra c. stone miss teresa rose scovera mrs. helen b. krajewski mrs. hasmig ryer mrs. frances barefield mrs. florence b. strasbergdebits, dictation, dividends mr. rodolfo altobelli, dept head mrs. beverly j. baggetta mr. Charles donavan mrs. arlenc j. ma za mrs. phyllis robinssneakers, showers, shuttles mr. Howard j. murphy jr. mr. joseph mod clcwski mr. lifford kibbic, athletic miss dorothy r. Hastings mrs. miriam hirst hhautmiss geraldine a. schilling mr. darcy davis, jr., supervisor mrs. mary wvesthoff strudel, stitches, safetypins mrs. elizabeth prew . mrs. anne eckancomputers, communication, commerce PROCE 5 5 irOG- mr. john I. kiwim' im «lavi«i skolnn k work %tu K mr. roland h. prcssev — AVA mr. robcrt a. gilmore — data processing ifmr. john burns mr. Charles hcyl mr. john hitchcock mr. ralph merullo'fones, fil-es, frustrations 34 mrs. anne bartinick mrs. elizabeth barrymops, macaroni, medication mr. nino bcllini mrs. grey mr. frank crcmonti — attendance officer mr. carmen rossi mr. richard kellogg mr. al kellogg mrs. Catherine hallaman — nurse.clubs andorganizationsmusic recommended for all-stale: rob turnbull. district chorus: roberta grcguoli, rob turnbull, robert trempe, marc fuller, mark provost, dave gingras, mary ann hajec. 38 girl's chorale madrigals: mark provost, mrs. wuesthoff, stove grimaldi, roberta grcguoli, dave gingras, joy fournier, rob turnbull, kim cosman, patti haynes, susan hurley, mary ann hajec, deb- bic taupicr.boy's chorale •ale officers: secretary mary ann hajec, publicity coordinator kirn cosman, treasurer rta greguoli, vice president gary paro, librarian susan hurley, and president Steve laldi. choralettes first row: meg caprera, jackie taupier, francine mancini. second row: dori ann chmielewski, ellen horacek, janet dyer, elaine gregory. third row: ellen fuller, kathy st. peter, debbie kaminski, Car- olyn mish. fourth row: donna arsenault, sue gillan, martha simone, jane dyer. 39band eastern states' parade "how the west was won"a discussion of future plans. dave gingras confers with the library committee. library staff book fair assist the librarian s-h-h-h! mrs. schimel mrs. o'keefe keep books in order? hopes of future enlargement dave gingras mrs. schimel, mrs. o'keefe, and the library schools match wits teammates look on as Steve explains jcff daydreams as teammates work o'bricn's "wits" are hard at work 43office of student affairs providing scholarships for qualified seniors to promote interest and understanding between the students, faculty and the administration . " see suzie about it!" . suzie hurley — director mrs. snieder establishing school activities, winter Olympics 44 typical tuesday activity period discussion.student patrol patrolling cafeteria area — halls lightening the burden of teachers to establish a smoother running school . mr. zavarella . "where are you supposed to be?" fund raising drive for scholarships student patrol and advisor mr. zavarella. 45math league competition participating in meets with other schools miss hayes five minute timings practice tuesday miss hayes limes a hard problem. the team and miss hayes hard at work. 46 concentration settles over the cafeteria. leonard rising strategically moves his pawn.personality club the sadie all profits go to scholarships for deserving seniors mrs. reed "tickets will be sold at all lunches" francine mancini cookies and cupcakes — bake sale officers bliev, maucini, lombardini. collecting tickets at the sadie. planning session for the sadie dance. head thinkers: fuchs, ennis, janik, web. 47 weekend thinkers club the pursuit of happiness through better learning expansion of the inner self jim ramah "if you've got the time, we've got the club — thinking is fun!" . t. ennis, master thinker establishing a better understanding among members through open discourse mr. ramah and group.mirror staff the mirror our newspaper truly a literary master- piece for only twenty-five cents mrs. carter creating chaos? "any news that's fit to print editor-in- chief debbie goguen informing students of events in and around school debbie, donna, and roberta take a break from writing. deena swamped with work.getting into some sticky business got to make that deadline sharp shooting teddy getting ready how the job is donepresident ellen horacek conducting a meeting les etudes francaises french club making french dishes for a spring banquet . acquainting students with aspects of french life and customs . . mrs. stras- berg . "est-ce que vous avez paye vos taxes?" ellen hora- cek . suprise — partie de noel . . guest speakers a la bonne heure .. . slides of paris . mrs. strasburg aiding a confused mind rick pointing out the better aspects of the language los muchachas felices Spanish club . fiesta de navidad giving interested students further opportunity to use the language and become familiar with cus- toms of Spanish speaking countries . miss moggio la pin- ata Spanish skits and games "una cosa es decir y otra cosa es hacer" ... richard stefanik meetings once a month . homemade Spanish pastries .. what do i hear tor this fine piece of Spanish art?national honor society . annual library tea exploring new areas of interest utilizing free time constructively . mrs. barefield .. "all members of n.h.s. may leave homerooms for free activities" sue hamel an accumulative average of at least 85 percent encouraging school citi- zenship and personal responsibility mary assists mrs. barefield in tallying ballots. members attentively listen to sue's speech. officers of the society are treasurer doug janik, president susan ha- mel, vice-president jim saliba, and secretary diane skowera. ifuture teachers club visits to local schools for observational purposes an attempt to expose members to the rewards and skills in the "art" of teaching mrs. litchfield possible field trips to montessori school and the living and learn- ing center in Springfield teacher's aides education wants you mrs. litchfield unveils the mysteries of educating seniors demonstrating the art of teaching business club chocolate bar sale first hand contact with the business community . mr. altobelli activity periods in room 10 sue godet scholarships widening business interest and experience members take in the aspects of the business world 52 business club officers advisor mr. altobellihealth career club guest speakers field trips to local hospitals insight to medical fields available mrs. hallaman loving care debbie aequaro scholar- ships in the spring take two aspirins and get plenty of rest 'where does it hurt?" so you think you want to be a nurse? 53bowling club . candlepin bowling riverdale lanes ten pin bowling increasing interest . mr. willard "strike" . "oh no, the7-10 again!" ... agawam high bowling club members weight lifting club steve mason, senior weight man. jgjw jm’s muscle men making the 200 club, going for the 300 club steve mason developing better athletes mr. modzelewski eating spinach? getting in shape . building better bodies all 12 ways! take it from me "fellas"art club sprinkling color over the school a supplement to the art program for creative-minded students miss schilling . "ex- press yourself" julie mccaffrey plaster pins and fried mar- bles field trips this will never work out! schilling's picassoes 55ski club france . Wednesday nights at mt. tom . promote skiing . mr. joseph . “no stopping" bob marcus . hopeful improvement of skiing techniques . skiiers discuss various techniques. 56 site of the club's 1972 trip to Canada.lynn takes off for the slopes. the lodge and slope of mont tremblant in Canada. skiiers enjoy a scenic ride to the top jim marcus falls after taking a jump. club advisor, mr. joseph, speaks to club memberssophomoresclass of 1975 under the guidance of mr. joseph, the sophomore class hopes to be the "class of accomplishments", the class officers; rick mastroianni — president, ann osolinski — vice president, kathy ayre — secretary and jane brodeur — treasurer, has thus far carried on a class dance, future plans include a bake sale, a courtyard dance, a showing of popular movies, and a candy sale — all in preparation for the coming big event in their junior year, the junior-senior prom, toward the end of the year, the sophomores will order their class rings, which will always hold memories of their precious high school years. sharon abbey jim adams jimafflitto debbie andcrson frank andruss many andruss mary arcouette marion armtield gail arsenauli lillian attardi marcia atwater kathy ayer diane bailey donna bailey donald bailleau frank ball marge barncs debra barriffaldi kim bassani tom basseit phillip battles sandra bauman connie beaudette dan bedard linda bachta debra beltrandi Steve benoit mark benedict jane benerakis diane bercier peter bertera daniel be rube elaine berger john bessette rich bianchi robert bielinski lori biscoe tom bitgood brian blackak david bodurtha 59bruce buckingham kcvin burnctt kathy burns mary buynicki joe cabral karen Campbell sherry Campbell dave campurciani barry capponcelli peter capponcelli Steven cardwell raymond carestia susan carey jeffrey carmody nancy carrier karen castelli leigh catchepaugh paul ceccerini barry cesan william cesan camille cesan rosemary chapman marie charest richardcharland mark chase doriann chmielewski Stanley choiniere nancy chyba penelope ciak anthony cincotta john cirillo candi clairmont james borgatti jerry boucher steven bousquet jane brodeur joan brodeur eric brown scott brown levi bryant deborah dark james comee kimberely comstuck robert considine mark consolini john conte niel cormier edwin cooksteven darnell martin davilli michael davio timothy dearborn douglas debiasio sharon dcitclbaum steven della guistina roland denoncourt gerry depalma jan desmond carol diclemcnti jamesdi dementi donna disanti charlene doody cathleen dowd harold dowling connic downey diane drcwnoski cynthia dudley marie dufault kathleen dugan randy economidy elaine edwards gary eggleston craig clliott john fedora thomas fenton john fergie jill fattini albert flynn thomas forgues david formaggioni gregory forsman gary fortier edward francis gregg fuchs deborah fuller doreen fydenkevez leo gagnicr william gamelli gregg garfield john gerry marc gideos rcnee gonnello mary gormley linda grassetti ted graziano richard greco 61alan greene kathy griffon sal guardion joan guernsey cheryl hallbauer william hannon dianc harby dean harrison ken hedges ron hedges kalhy hersey Sylvia hilbig Chris hill dave hill gary hill carl hopkins debra horrax dan howe jean hoy joan hoy donna hulsc liza james mikejenks chuck jutras suekaminski cathy kana dan karakla ron kelley dave kerr debbie kerr gary kerr mike kerr debra kimel dan king lori king connie kinnell holly kinnell julie kisielewski robert klimaj sue klundt belly knapik glenn knowles john knowlton calhy kozak sue kulas john kwail wayne kabranche lorn lancour 62mike lockwood kim locke linda longhi terry losito karen lottermoser sally lovotti sally lynch ellen madamas charlene maniscalchi steve martin (hia martinell linda marzano anthony masciotra matt mason rick mastroianni pamela maule bruce may kim maynard glenn mayo annette mercadante richard merchant steve merklein helen meyer doug miller george miller mark mina ann miodowski carolyn mish russ mitchell kathy moore keith morcau joanne moriarty susanne moriarty jim morin huguette morin marie morin nancy morin roberta morin mike morisset dianc morrisseau kathy mustain terri munsell ann murray susan nadeau joan natoli al newman terry nieroda debbie noack pam noack joan noonan mickey norton linda nunziato joyce nuzzolilli jim o'bricn karen o'brien laurie o'connor 63jamesolbon sue Oliver jeff orr ann osolinski sarah palin ted palin grcg paqucttc kathy par row linda pisano rick paton tim paton sue paul rich pelley dennis perry mike perry doug pcrussc richard peterson sue pictroniro debbie pilegi lisa pineo ccdric piscgna maryann poggi debbie puolos clarine price marsha prior jim quill tomquinn cd radwilowitz roxann raymond dave regnier robert richier dale ringer annmarie ringuette dennis roberts tom roberts joe rolland linda romano joe rossi kathy saliba john sa pelli john sanders patty sands lynnesaslow rick scafuri karen scarpa tom schmidt susan seddon doug sessions 64c- gary sypteras diane tanguay tom tatro jackie taupier john lesney davc theodorowicz wayne thresher clem tinnemeyer barbara tourville bob trempe bob turner vannassc {ony verteramo puy veronesi C'nancy votzakis sue walker bob watt penny webster danny williams john williams cathy williamson beth wislocki marie withee mark wood bill wysocki peter young maureen shoemaker wendy simpson Virginia skovholt dianne smith leslic smith rich snyder waiter soverow bill spear ron squazza chuck Stanton philstawarz rick stefanik linda sterling albert st. peter debbie subotin Stanley subotin dennissuffriti tom sullivan pam sweeney sandi sweet brian young ron zanotti !■ •••V i ; 65class of 1974 led by president susan wheeler, vice-president pam dubour, secretary liz norman, and treasurer denise pep- per, the junior class became the first to break tradition by holding the prom, with the theme “three roses", in the form of a dinner dance at chez josef's. class rings were distributed and a candy sale was con- ducted under the supervision of class advisor mr. shee- han. other activities of the vivacious juniors included a Christmas bake sale and a spirited junior class-faculty bas- ketball game. the dedication and enthusiasm of the class officers led the junior class through a socially successful year. annetie aequaro ed adamchek mario albano susan amabile donna annone mikeanton linda arcouette Kat ardizoni , nn arnold robin arthur ron ashion sieve bailey rich balderelli jane baldiga Charles ball scolt barker frank bava joyce bcrcicr pam bertram joanne bigda brenda binnenkade bonnie blair joanne blair colleen blakesley mike bodurtha art bogue denise boissonault debbie bolduc dave bonk nancy booska bob borgatti dan borkosky debbie bouchard lea bouchard jim bouley gary brown Virginia broz bruce buckingham scon burgess david capodagli 67clarinc carey david carey irene carney daniel cassanclli barbara castellanos joan cavanough laura chagnon karen childs paula Christopher david cimma joann cirillo brian colby michael colson michael consedine cathleen cook patricia cook william corbin lawrence cross timothy crough joel cummings lynn dahlke tony d'ambrosio david d'amours beth deforge mark deforge herbdeitelbaum adela demko ann depalma josie depalma brenda depalo deborah deragon doreen desantis janet desjarlais brenda devinc richard donais Charles douchette III jan downey karen downey timothy doyle lawrence dowd joannedraghetti pamela dubour david duda norman dufault Charles dwyer lydia dymon chris ckstedt georgc ezckiel 68brian farmer nancy farmer rick fattini john femmel paul fontaine dorccn forni joy fournier jim frenette ellcn fuller sue fusick barbara gallup Patrick gates john gaudino joe gazillo bob geiger ron gendron bill gensheimer mary gentile mikegirard Steve gould lori granger deena grant maryellen grant cathy greany david greco elaine gregory linda griggs carmino grimaldi cheryl hadden dennis haffler mike hajec tina hamel ray hanechak denisehannon laura hardina gary hare scott harris gordon harrington chris hayden diane iannuzzi 69patti haynes doug heckman carl hill richard howe edward hope leonard horniak cynthia houle Christine hreschuk valeria janulewicz jill johnson kevin jones carole kane cynthia karam lisa karen Clifford kibbe laura kibbe theodore kopyscinski noreen krygowski john kudlic dale kunasck henry lach daniel lancour nancy lane debra laplante suzannc laplante peter larini laura lariviere james laurino gerald lavalley bernard leduc david lefebvre john lens jeffrey locke sharon lomelino phil lomonaco peter longhi thomas lucia donna lund donald lunden richard mahoney jeffrey makuch Virginia malanson dennis malley diane mallory james marcus terri marquis sandy martinelli john martino david mason charlene mathieus |V— 70mike maynard valarie maynard julie mccaffrey laurel meissner greg meister tony mercadante jim melloni debbie mcrryman mike messier david michalak cliff montebello donald moraski joann morawski tony mowrer scott murawski dennis murphy cheryl mush rush linda mutti john nascembeni valli nichols jeff nolin elizabeth norman debbie nostin maurcen o'connor lory oliver michael palazzi bob papillion andrew parker bob pcderzani gary peiffer bob pelley denise pepper holly perella sue perreault vince perrotta mike petrucci pam piccin mike plasse lance poirier mark poirier 71francis potis kevin powers wendell prior kathy provo nancy prystupa donna pugh dave quigley lori rachi carol racicot gloria rackliffe nancy rackliffe joe ramah janet raymond harry reimcrs guy remington bob rennell cindy reutt karen riley norman ringuette leonard rising ray rivers robert robbins dave rossi mike rossi mary ruddock kim saliba rich sardello erin scanlon roger schmidt joe serra daniel shea dannyshean matt siano rick simonds martha simone kathy sipitkowski mikeslinski marcia smith andy soffen fred soffen mike sopct chris sorenson elizabeth sosnowich sherry Stanton mary Stapleton donna steele mark sterling bill stone 72richard strawn hal Stuart tom suffriti mark sullivan shavvn sullivan diano sweeney elsie sweet debbietaylor debbietaylor mary tessicini robert tetreault debbie thresher mark torre lisa trimboli lisa turowsky joe valenti dom vecchiarelli nancy viens susan viens mike vinesett linda vining mike walsh karen waniewski pat waterman joan werner marie west debbie west sue wheeler marion white mary white richard whitney joanne whittle pat willette dave williams heather wills bruce winne gary woods keith woushnis frank wysocki Charles yelinek cindy zepiel nancy zucco waiter ziemba 73sportscheerleaders "hey, capt.!" "practice tonight at seven!" "who's baking friday?" "the bus leaves at five o'clock!" "who's driving to kibbe's?" "let's take the posters out of the cafeteria and put 'em up in the locker room." "who's banging on the lockers?" the a.h.s. varsity cheerleaders are always busy making posters, trying out new cheers, and getting ready for rallies, with her inspiration and many good ideas, miss hastings helped the girls on to a suc- cessful cheering season. our senior cheerleaders are peggy agawam defenders take down an intruder. agawam's shawn sullivan breaking one tackle, rushes for a few more yards. the 1972 season was a tragic one. after the victories over greenfield and holyoke, agawam's football expectations soared, however, this was soon erased by the tragic events of the remainder of the football season. with the loss to tech, the downfall began westfield, cathedral, chicopee, chicopee comp, however, this disaster was soon to end as we salvaged a 12 to 12 tie with westside and maintained our 10 year undefeated record. our expectations, once more aroused, were further stim- ulated by coach kibbe's optimism based on next year's 22 returning lettermen. those seniors; captain steve mason, ray barbieri, john waterman, bill zerbenopoulos, mike richards, paul broz and ed gibson, are to be commended for the ex- citement they gave us — win or lose. agawam's john martino attempts a tackle on a greenfield player. coaches modzelewski and kibbe plan our next play with quarterback mark sterling.varsity football captain: senior Steve ma- senior members: (I. to r.) Steve draghetti, albert sapelli, frank talbot, john waterman, Steve mason, ray son with coach cliff kibbe. barbieri, bill zerbenopoulos, paul broz, kevin sullivan, ed gibson, mike richards, fran marchand. first row: coach modzelewski, d. mason, s. sullivan, i. roberts, j. waterman, j. locke, s. mason, s. barker, f. talbot, j. martino, p. perreault, d. borkosky, m. mason, a. sapelli. second row: coach locke, d. miller, b. zerbinopoulos, m. sterling, d. michalak, j. bonavita, b. capponcelli, r. barbieri, j. ramah, p. longhi, m. deforge, t. quinn, m. richards, f. marchand. third row: coach provo, b. watt, c. doucette, r. snyder, j. fedora, g. maccavoy, k. sullivan, d. cassanelli, p. broz, s. ramah, t. cincotta, c. kibbe, t. impoco, coach kibbe. fourth row: coach murphy, s. darnell, b. blackak, w. labranchc, r. howe, c. yclinek, d. hill,s. cardwell, e. gibson, h. dowling, m. palazzi, d. regnier, b. stone, s. draghetti.agawam's mark deforge runs for yardage. quarterback mark sterling releases a pass just in time. agawam's dave micholak carries for a few yards. doug miller runs for a touchdown behind the fine backing of the agawam line. agawam prepares for a kickoff. 79cross-country the agawam high cross country team had a very good year, fin- ishing with a record of five wins and two losses, the team, with seniors tom houle, dave harriman, bob bouley, and andy robbins, was led by coach joe haggerty, who was assisted by team manager jim roberts. two of the team's lettermen, juniors hal stuart and "flea" robbins, show great promise for next year. team members: first row — j. robbins, r. robbins, b. bouley, p. losito, m. harriman. second row — t. bassette, a. robbins, d. harriman, and t. houlc. members of the team take a minute to relax during a meet. senior bob bouley stops for a breather. senior dave harriman senior tom houle senior andy robbinsgirls' field hockey although the field hockey team's record wasn't a winning one, the girls gained the experience needed for a young team, the team's spirit and drive, led by seniors nancy beauregard, suanne darnell, candy gal- lucci, holly garvey, diane ghedi, roberta greguoli and anne mccaffrey, and under the coaching and supervi- sion of miss hastings, is sure to be carried on next year. 1972-1973 girls' field hockey team (standing): miss hastings, h. garvey, n. beaur- egard, d. chmielewski, I. marzano, I. Oliver, a. mccaffrcy, a. fontaine, j. draghet- ti, d. ghedi, r. greguoli, s. darnell, s. oliver, k. griffen, j. morawski. (kneeling): I. o'connor, s. sweet, s. kuriz, c. sulborski, k. dugan, c. kozak, c. gallucci, p. Chris- topher, n. baillie, I. vandergrift. candy gallucci encouraging her team mates. roberta greguoli studying a play down the field nancy beauregard awaits the outcome of a play. suanne awaiting the start of the game senior goalies diane ghedi and ann mccaffrey — holly garvey anxiously awaiting "are two heads better than one?" for her chance to return to actionsoccer a successful beginning for any sports team creates a positive outlook, however, the 1972 soccer team began its year against powerful teams and finished out its season with a 2-9-1 record, one of the highlights was the selection of gary webster and doug janik to the coaches all-league team. we must bid a farewell to eleven seniors this year and hope that the j.v. squad can supply some outstanding replacements. senior coaches all-league goalie doug janik and friends, the a.h.s. fullbacks. senior fullback chris muld- rew with his perfect form in action. 1972 a.h.s. soccer team — front row (I. to r.): john devine, tom depalo, doug heckman, mike walsh, captain doug janik, gary webster, steve geckler, jeff mccarl, marty davilli. second row — coach willard, tom ennis, chris fuchs, bob liptak, joe gazillo, chris muldrew, john karakla, mike bodurtha, tom byrne. senior forward tom byrne breaks past a top forward tom ennis taking aim on the ball for a pass to a slower minnechaug defenseman. teammate. right wing steve geckler looks on as the referee calls a foul against agawam.forward gary webster robbed of a goal. center tom depalo bringing the ball up for an agawam goal. senior john dcvine booting the ball out of the agawam zone. gary webster and chris fuchs setting up a pre-game play.swim team the 1972-73 swim team may be small in number but they're big in spirit, this second year team, under the leadership of coach dave smith is hoping for a successful season, led by seniors bill andrews, mark provost, and outstanding underclassmen, things should go swimming by this year and for many years to come. 1972-73 a.h.s. swim teambaseball the 1973 baseball team will be looking forward to repeating last year's outstanding season of 12-2. last year's team was the valley wheel champion and was invited to play in the western mass, tour- nament. of agawam players selected for the all- league team, returning will be waiter ugolick, who last year led the league with six home runs, coach smith looks forward to a strong season with returning seniors bud ramah, and rick berard, and outstanding underclassmen shawn sullivan, mark deforge, david michalak, and david rossi. agawam's slugger waller ugolick connecting for another home run against ludlow. senior rick berard warming up before a game. agawam's ace bud ramah throwing a few.1972 varsity baseball team, standing: coach smith, joe borowicc, david rossi, waiter ugolick, bill sapolli, david michalak, rick devall, mark deforge, cd daudelin, albert sapelli. kneeling: mike pietroniro, shawn sullivan, frank santinello, pete shibley, bud ramah, mike morcau, bill daudelin, jim lauri- no, rick berard. agawam's mike moreau en route to one of his three shutouts.ww safe on team the 1972 agawam high golf team was one of inexperience with only one re- turning player, dave d'amours. yet, the team's record of ten wins and five losses would seem to state the opposite was true, although they didn't do well individ- ually in the western mass, tournament, as a team they were certainly above par. re- turning seniors bob kelley, dale burnett, and paul bickford are ready to lead the '73 team on to the league championship. senior dale burnett polishing up on his short game maybe if you were just a little more deter mined, paul? putting up a good fight good news, mr. leclerc? 1972 vanity golf team: k. blackwood, d. burnett, d. d'amours, b. kelley, p. bickford, p. vanasse.boys' tennis the 1972 boys' tennis team ended with a winning season of 10-7. they ended in a third place tie with east longmeadow. the team made it to the semi-finals, only losing to cathedral, who ranked second in new england. coach zabielski looks forward to this season with returning seniors paul trimboli, chris muldrew, paul randall, and jeff hart, underclassmen are tom tatro, ron ashton, jeff orr, and rick stefanik. senior paul randall practices his explosive serve. senior chris muldrew warms up before a match. the tennis team takes time out for a picture, standing are: rick stefanik, tom tatro, jeff orr, coach zabielski, and ron ashton. kneeling are: paul trimboli, paul randall, and chris muldrew. senior paul trimboli practices his pow erful forehand.girls' tennis we had "a real good year" and next year "we will be hard to beat." these are the words of the 1972 girls' tennis coach, carol cianfarani, speaking about the 1972 team and the up and coming 1973 team, this year's team will be led by seniors debbie brignoli, candy gallucci and robin mclellan. the team will also be inspired by returning singles susan wheeler and marcia atwater. 1972 girls' tennis team (standing): r. mclellan, s. wheeler, d. parchick, d. brignoli, miss cian- farani, c. gallucci, m. moriarty, I. stefanik. (sitting): c. kinnell, c. blakesley, s. carey, m. atwa- tcr, h. kinnell, I. trimboli. coach cianfarani pondering the out- come of the match senior candy gallucci taking a swing surprised, debbie? think you got the hang of it now, robin ?girls' softball last year, a girls' softball team was formed, although the team wasn't a member of the regulation league, the players went on to win more games than any of the league teams, under the coach- ing of miss ruth tripp, the team, which in- cluded this year's seniors lauren roberts, janet dalmolin, holly garvey, and nancy beauregard, played a fine season, having an excellent record of 8 wins and 2 losses. coach tripp giving some pre-game tips lauren roberts waits for her turn at bat. 1972 girls' softball team (first row): s. hadden, d. pugh, a. hill, r. dalmolin. (second row): s. ghedi, c. kanc, I. pisano, k. smethurst, d. bailey, c. ekstedt, j. benerakis. (third row): n. beauregard, j. dalmolin, I. roberts. missing: h. garvey. senior holly garvey at the plate senior janet dalmolin weighing their chances senior nancy beauregard at first basetrack the 1972 track team, led by coaches craig norton and joe modzelewski, had both good times and bad. while doing well in the dist- ance events, which were led by seniors dave harriman, tom houle and notably by under- classmen robbie robbins and hal Stuart, agawam was hurt in the field events, high- lighting the team were weightmen Steve mason, joe pisano, and ray barberi, with mason finishing highly in the western mass, track and field championship. Tifinfffrirf senior distance men harriman and ramah awaiting the start. joe pisano unwinds after taking first place in the shot-put. senior hurdler tom houle getting ready to compete against longmeadow. weightman Steve mason with a winning throw. ray barberi looking determined to win one for agawamfirst row: lou ramah, frank grabinski, dave harriman, tom bassett, scott brown, hal stuart, gary randall, ralph morin, clem tinnemeyer. second row: bob watt, guy veronesi, richard snyder, bruce winne, robbie robbins, tom houlc, kcvin jones, dave mason, ken hedges, third row: coach modze- lewski, joe ramah, ray barbieri, john waterman, Steve mason, john robertson, matt mason, chuck collins, coach norton. ienior diane ouimet tallies the score as flea robbins ookson. agawam's best man in the long jump, senior chuck this year's team got off to a good start with victories over greenfield, westside and a 75-73 overtime victory over min- nechaug. coach kibbe has great expectations for this season, although the team has no giants, they make up for it with brains and speed, with fast breaks and clutch shooting, agawam is able to rack up the points, seniors wait ugolick, ray barbieri, mike richards and paul henault add depth and morale to the team, coach kibbe is looking forward to next season with even greater confidence, returning starters Steve byrne, cliff kibbe, tom quinn, dave michalak and lettermen dan lunden, mark deforge, dave d'amour, bill stone, and rich sardella give coach kibbe reason for his confidence. agawam’s basketball team — (kneeling); captain Steve byrne, coach kibbe, (standing); cliff kibbe, tom quinn, mike richards, dan lunden, dave michalak, ray barbieri, paul henault, wait ugol'1 1 J •- - ............ dave michalak shoots for two all eyes on the tapsenior ray barbieri paul hcnault sinking it senior waiter ugolick starters tom quinn, dave mickalak, Steve byrne, wait ugolick and cliff kibbe. senior mike richards 'control the tap, wait". tom quinn is just too fast for the camera. 95junior varsity team get the rebound, Steve. steve byrne makes a lay-up. be like the navy, sink it-sink it". captain steve byrne with tonight's victims sharpening up before the game girls' basketball this is he thifd year of organized girls' basketball at aga- wam high school, the team is basically a young one led by senior co-captain janet dalmolin and junior co-captain brenda devine. the girls started the season with two scrim- mages and played a total of sixteen games, this spirited team of nutty brownies, coached by mrs. hirschhaut, may be short in height, but they are big in spirit. coach hirschhaut explains an important play to team members. 73 girls' varsity basketball team, standing are mrs. hirschhaut, s. darnell, h. garvey, n. votzakis, d. moraski, k. , p. alexander, m. dufault, v. starzyk, j. bencrakis, m. may, h. kinncll, d. arsenault, and I. morassi. kneeling are j. in, r. dalmolin, p. johnson, c. gallucci, I. dark, and r. saliba. co-captains are j. dalmolin and b. devine. missing are land I. dark. junior co-captain brenda devine takes a jump ball in the restraining circle. senior co-captain janet dalmolin takes a shot. holly kinnell shoots but the shot is the 1972-73 hockey team, under the direction of russ ramah and art gage, is beginning it's second season in the tough berry division, the first year in this division resulted in a playoff berth. this year the brownies got off to a slow start, but they were hopeful for a playoff position again this year, but with a record of 4-11-1, their hopes were diminished. one of the highlights of the year is a 0-0 tie to a power- ful amherst team, the brownies also recorded their high- est goal output in two years with an 8-1 victory over taconic. the brownies skates are lead by doug janik, bud ramah, tom ennis and brian telford. other seniors are barry econ- omidy, rick loncrini and jamie fenton. doug janik and bud ramah both have received players of the week honors, doug also was named all western- mass first string goalie. senior captain doug janik senior captain bud ramah senior captain tom ennis senior captain brian telford 98senior jamie fenton senior barry economidy senior rick loncrini •he a.h.s. varsity hockev team, standing are coach russ ramah, manager al sapelli, jamie fenton, mike kerr, captain bud ramah, brian kecley, jeff nolin, steve gould, captain brian teltord, tom fenton, randy economidy, john martino, rick loncrini, scott brown, barry economidy, captain tom en- nis, tom dalmolin, dave mason, assistant coach art gage, manager tony vctcramo. kneeling arc gary brown, captain doug janik, and brian colby. 2To- dLCfc-V' irQ. 99 T ' Jhnd ski team the ski team had another year of frustrating snow con- ditions, as did the rest of the teams in the western mass, league, but if that wan't enough to worry about, mr. jo- seph was the coach for both the boy's and girl's varsity ski teams, the girls, led by senior captain ann mccaffery, and the boys, led by junior captain jim marcus, both have ten members and are looking for winning seasons this year. mark takes a good look at the course he went that-a way! 101president paul henault seniors at their best! me seniors had the spirit!debra aequaro janice adams sandra adams "oh, bananas!" easygoing kid party pastel blue mt. tom lobster misplacing car keys deb. playing the harmonica sensitive Vermont "i'm sick!" driving through the country happy . jan. sandy sarah adams sandra adamski margaret ahern optimistic band going to foot- ball and hockey games physics blue sarah. always talking hockey games green gullible tennis emo- tional kid party sandy. dunkin' donuts being with friends pink nutty talkative pe- tite understanding peg. debra ainey david ainswortb diane albano "hello there!" congenial the beach kid party hockey sin- cere quiet sweet deb. dave otis "gimme, gimme" open campus spending money tan- trums pickles reserved diane.james anderson richard alien robert albro shop area brown hot dogs 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"the gut" purple prime ribs football kid party zerb. photographs not taken ... thomas byrne sherry dearborn richarddias angelo ferraro ralph king gary paro joseph pisano Steven richards richard snow robert touchettethe heart does not forget those things that made it feel so light — the loving memory of her voice her smile so warm and bright ... the heart does not forget these things we're certain, that's for sure, for our hearts remember countless joys we've known-because of her. she was very skillful in the "arts" — the art of thoughtfulness, the art of understanding in things that she expressed . .. the art of being needed in a world where very few are gifted with gentleness, and certainly the art of cheer is one that she's acquired ... she was a warm and welcome someone who will always be admired ... she'll always have a smile to wear and a place in many hearts for the many talents she displayed in all life's finest "arts". in loving memory of cathy niemiec 1955-1972 149senior directory debra aequaro 78 norris st. bowling club 4; future nurses' club 1,2,3,4, president 4; graduation daisy chain 3; hockey pep club 4; prom committee 3; ski club 3,4; student patrol 3,4. janice adams 209 pineview cir. business club 1; ski club 1,2,3. sandra adams 67 Campbell dr. sarah adams 77 woodside dr. band 1,2,3,4; math league 4. sandra adamski 29 briarcliff dr. inter-class play 3; library committee 3; library staff 3; national honor society 3,4; operetta 2; personality club 2,3; sachem staff 4; safe hal- ioween program 3,4; Spanish club 2,3, treasur- er 2; west side rally 4. margaret ahtrn 44 hendom dr. inter-class play 3; kid party decorations 4; operetta 2,3,4; personality club 3,4; sachem staff 4; west side rally 3,4. debra ainey 279 adams st. personality club 2,3; sachem staff 4; safe hal- ioween program 4. diane albano 138 suffield st. bowling league 3; future nurses' club 2,3, chairman 3; graduation usherette 2,3; operet- ta 3; pep club 1; personality club 2. robert albro richard alien 1059 shoemaker lane 602 springfield st. william andrews 629 main st. basketball 1; cross-country 3; swim team 2,3, 4, captain 3,4; track 1,2,3,4. debra andruss 16 liberty st. business club 1; color guard 4; future nurses' club 2,3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; library staff 3. linda antico 24 forest rd. business club 1,2; future nurses' club 2,3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; library staff 3. Christine arcouette phyllis arcouette kevin armstrong soccer 2; swim team 2,3. 10 cross st. 10 cross st. 32 wilson st. donna arsenault 95 mcadowbrook rd. basketball (girl's manager) 2,3,4; business club 1; future nurses' club 1,2,3,4. joanne atanas ski club 1,2,3. lydia balboni cheerleader 1,2,3; ski club 2,3,4. 19 hamilton cir. 91 parker st. raymond barbieri 37 church $t. basketball 4; football 3,4; track 3,4; weightlift- ing 3. lisa bazzano 350 meadow st. personality club 4; west side rally 4. ellen beauchane 86 homer $t. art club 2,3, vice-president 3; future nurses' club 2; pep club 1; prom committee 3; west side rally 3,4. nancy beauregard 208 school st. field hockey 3,4; future teacher's club 4; na- tional honor society 4; safe halloween pro- gram 4; softball 3,4; west side rally 4. Charles benson 59 oak lane band 1,2,3,4; baseball 1,2; soccer 2; swim team 2,3. richard berard 19 highland ave. baseball 1,2,3,4; football 1; ski club 4. Catherine bercier 8 squire lane richard bessette 523 franklin st. football 1,2. paul bickford 35 elbert rd. david blanch 249 springfield st. biology club 2; operetta 2. thaddeus blaszak 256 south westfield st. art club 1,2; biology club 1,2; mirror staff 3,4; sachem staff 4; ski club 1,2. barbara blier 1101 north westfield st. personality club 4. peter boadry 188 line st. susan borgatti 179 franklin st. chicopee rally skit 4; chorus 1,2,3,4; gradua- tion daisy chain 3; inter-class play 3; operetta 1,2,3,4; personality club 2,3,4; prom commit- tee 3; west side rally 3,4. joanne bosini future nurses' club 4. 23 memorial dr. robert bouley 353 river rd. baseball 1,2,3; basketball 3; cross-country 4; tennis 4. diane bousquet debra brignoli tennis 2,3,4. scott brindle 17 thalia dr. 23 begley st. 48 barney st. paul broz 24 broz terr. band 4; football 3,4; ski club 3,4; weightlift- ing 3. adele brunelle 72 amherst ave. art club 4; chorus 4; future nurses' club 3,4. thomas brunelle james burgamaster dale burnett golf 3,4. bernard bussolari 333 springfield st. 128 reed st. 197 south st. 339 poplar st. cheryl buynicki 216 south westfield st. color guard 3,4; international relations club 1; sachem staff 4; ski club 1,2,3,4. Constance buynicki 24 clover hill dr. art club 1; biology club 2; Christmas windows 2,3,4; environment club 3; prom committee 3. thomas byrne 37 hastings st. soccer 1,2,3,4; swim team 2,4. ronald beaudette 125 brian sf. joseph Campbell chorale 2,3. 143 south st.darlene cardone 103 raymond cir. deborah caroleo 1214 suffield st. boy's ski team manager 3; class vice-president 4; color guard 3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; graduation usherette 2; inter-class play 3; kid party decorations 4; personality club 2; prom committee 3; safe halloween program 4; ski club 1; ski team 4; student council 1,2,3; west- ern mass. asso. of student council delegate 1, 2; west side rally 3,4; winter Olympics 3. laurie cassidy 227 mill st. chorus 1; gym club 1. waller daubitz 251 jama st. hockey 3. cdward daudelin 77 high $t. baseball 1,2; football 2,3. diane davis 301 school st. homeroom representative 1; ski club 3,4. lynrt davis 1215 main $f. color guard 3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; majorette 4; personality club 2; prom com- mittee 3; sachem staff 4; ski club 2,3,4; chico- pee rally skit 4. kevin cawley chorus 1,2. ircne cesan bernard charland 85 broz terr. 1234 north sf. ext. 27 river rd. lynn cirillo 3 colony rd. business club 2,3,4; junior red cross 2,3; latin club 3; library committee 3,4, secretary 3,4; library staff 3,4; national honor society 3,4; sachem staff 4. deborah clarke 43 royal st. sherry dearborn 16 broz terr. business club 2,3,4, secretary 4; library staff 3, 4. richard deblois 12 franklin st. michael delucchi 95 spencer st. thomas dennis 41 hamilton cir. a.c.o. 4; football 1; homeroom representa- tive 3; latin club 3,4; math league 3; national honor society 3,4; prom committee 3; safe halloween program 4; ski club 4; weekend thinkers' club 4; west side rally 3,4. brvce cobleigh 55 porter dr. band 1,2,3,4; chorale 1,2,3,4; dance band 1,2; operetta 1,2,4; sing-out 2,3,4; student council 3; track 1. susan dcnoncourt 222 fames st. cheerleader 1; class vice-president 1; color guard 3,4, captain 4; graduation daisy chain 3; homeroom representative 2; inter-class play 3; operetta 2; pep club 1; prom committee 3; safe halloween program 4; tennis (girl's man- ager) 2. thomas depalo 73 fairview st. baseball 1; bowling club 3,4; soccer 3,4. maria cockoros peter cockoros Charles collins football 1; track 3,4. lenore conant operetta 2. 181 shoemaker lane 181 shoemaker lane 72 maple st. 43 Windsor st. jacquel deschenes john devine 61 valley st. 60 Campbell dr. colleen conroy 780 suf field st. future nurses' club 4. judith corbin 131 river rd. cheerleader 2,3,4; chorus 1,2; operetta 1,2; personality club 2; west side rally 3,4. richard dias 83 parker st. michael dimauro 570 mill st. chess club 2,3,4; football 2; model rocket club 1; prom committee 3; sing-out 4; stage crew 2,3,4; weightlifting 2. celeste cosimini 77 reed st. ski club 1,2,3,4. kim cosman 38 alfred st. all-state chorus 3; art club 2,3,4, president 3, treasurer 4; biology club 2; chorale 3,4; dis- trict chorus 3; library staff 3; madrigals 4; op- eretta 3,4; sing-out 3,4. marjori donovan craig dore noberta dougherty michael doyle basketball 1; stage crew 2. 67 clematis rd. 181 garden st. 660 main st. 171 florida dr. judy cote 71 high st. leslie cote 865 river rd. bowling club 3; graduation daisy chain 3; operetta 1,3; pep club 1; personality club 2. sheryl cote 44 wright st. inter-class play 3; operetta usherette 1. rebecca craig 334 school st. band 2. claudia Cunningham 940 main st. martin daglio 48 howard st. a.v.a. 4; operetta 4; sing-out 4. janet dalmolin 11 senator ave. basketball 2,3,4; national honor society 3,4; softball 3,4. suanne darnell 53 hall st. basketball (girl's manager) 2,3,4; chorale 4; field hockey 4; sing-out 4. patricia daubitz 232 colemore st. Steven draghetti 45 north west field st. football 3,4; operetta 2,3,4; sing-out 4. judith drewnowski 200 leonard st. color guard 3,4; french club 1,2; national honor society 3,4; operetta 2; sachem staff 4; safe halloween program 4. barbara dubour 1023 Springfield st. future nurses' club 3; library staff 3; Spanish club 2. michael dugan 27 hamilton cir. nancy dutton 232 south west st. library staff 3,4. jane dyer 203 school st. art club 1,2,3; chorale 4; choralettes 3,4; cho- rus 1,2,3,4; future nurses' club 3; graduation usherette 3; national honor society 3,4; oper- etta 3,4; sing-out 3,4. janet dyer 203 school st. choralettes 4; chorus 1,2,3,4; future nurses' club 2,3,4; operetta 1,2,3,4; teens for excep-tional children 1. john dymon 69 coronet dr. football 1,2,3; ski club 2,3,4. barry economidy 43 depalma st. thomas elliott 120 clover hill dr. cynthia enderly 596 suffield it. national honor society 3,4. thomas ennis 76 arnold it. golf 2; hockey 1,2,3A captain 4; inter-class play 3; soccer 1,2,3,4; soccer kick board club 4; student patrol 4; weekend thinkers' club 4, president 4; winter Olympics 3. marie faits 443 north west field st. personality club 2. Steven famsworth 265 north west st. math league 3,4; model rocket club 1; operet- ta ticket committee 2,3,4; chairman 3,4; sach- em staff 4. robert fearn 539 shoemaker lane a.v.a. 1,2,3,4;operetta 1,2,3,4; sing-out 1,2,3,4. james fenton 55 adams st. band 1; hockey 1,2,3,4. angelo ferraro 75 belvedere st. robert ferrell 92 river rd. edward field 176 north st. biology club 2,3; prom committee 3. robert formaggioni 65 ridgeway dr. baseball 1; hockey 1. greg fortier 46 gif fin place Christopher fuchs 16 alfred st. as schools match wits 4; baseball 3,4; biology club 1,2; golf 1,2; national honor society 3,4; soccer 3,4; soccer kick board club 4; weekend thinkers' club 4, vice-president 4. marc fuller 61 peros dr. peggy gacona 60 highland st. cheerleader 1,2,3,4; class secretary 1,2,3,4; future nurses' club 2,3,4; operetta 2; prom usherette 1; sachem staff 4; west side rally 3,4. candace gallucci 532 southwick st. cheerleader 1,2,3; field hockey 3,4; math league 3,4; Spanish club 2,3; tennis 2,3,4; ten- nis club 1. field hockey 4; future teachers' club 4; hock- ey photographer 4; national honor society 3; ski club 4; tennis club 1; west side rally 4. edward gibson 56 homer st. football 2,3,4; homeroom representative 1; operetta 2; sing-out 4. susan gillan 50 homer st. band 2,3,4, librarian 3, secretary 4; chorale 4; choralcttes 2,3,4; chorus 1,2,3,4; dance band 3,4; national honor society 3,4; operetta 1,2,3, 4; pep club 1; representative to mass, girls' state 3; sachem staff 4; sing-out 2,3,4; Spanish club 1,2,3, president 2, secretary 3. david gingras 41 monroe st. art club 3; chorale 1,2,3,4; library staff 3,4; madrigals 3,4; operetta 1,2. daniel gloster 46 althea cir. football 2,3; track 1,2. susan godet 209 north st. art club 3,4; business club 2,3,4; chorus 1,2; library staff 3,4. deborah goguen 142 franklin st. mirror staff 3,4, editor 4; national honor so- ciety 3,4; operetta 2; pop club 1; personality club 2; tennis club 2. deborah gormley 34 portland st. business club 2,3,4; library staff 3,4. carol gosselin 27 channell dr. band 1 A3. diane gottsche 78 south st. douglas gregor 55 thalia dr. roberta greguoli 19 brookline ave. band 1,2,3,4; chorale 3,4, treasurer 4; choral- ettes 2,3; chorus 1,2,3; field hockey 4; madri- gals 4; mirror staff 3,4; operetta 1,2,3,4; Span- ish club 2; sing-out 2,3,4. james grimaldi 1285 Springfield st. Stephen grimaldi 18 cherry st. as schools match wits 3,4; a.v.a. 1,2,3,4; cho- rale 1,2,3,4, president 4; dance band 3; elec- tronics club 2; madrigals 1,2,3,4; operetta 1,2, 3,4; sachem staff 4; sing-out 1,2,3,4; soccer 3; teens for exceptional children 1. carl grzebien 184 north st. chorale 3,4; mirror staff 3,4; operetta 3,4; scu- ba club 3,4; sing-out 4. holly garvey 65 south alhambra cir. basketball 2,3,4; chorus 1,2; field hockey 3,4, captain 4; french club 3; softball 3,4; west side rally 4; winter Olympics 3. steven geckler 58 letendre ave. biology club 2; chorale 1,2,3,4; madrigals 1; operetta 1,2,3,4; sing-out 1,2,3,4; soccer 1,2,3, 4; track 2. linda geiger 116 kensington st. chorus 1,2,3; operetta 2; pep club 1; prom committee 3. nancy george 491 north st. advisory council 4; class president 3; inter- class play 3; personality club 2; prom commit- tee 3; safe halloween program 4; ski club 2; student affairs 4; student council 1,2,3; west- ern mass. asso. of student council representa- tives 1,2; west side rally 3; winter Olympics 3,4. margaret gerry 62 garden st. diane ghedi 117doancave. robert gurski 110 parker st. latin club 3,4; national honor society 3. maryann hajec 596 north st. chorale 3,4, secretary 4; chorus 2; color guard 3,4; future nurses' club 2,4; inter-class play 3; madrigals 4; mirror staff 3,4; operetta 1,2,3,4; pep club 1; personality club 2; sing-out 3,4; ski club 1,2,3,4; tennis club 1. susan hamel 47 kensington st. color guard 3,4; environment club 1; french club 1,2,3,4, vice-president 2; national honor society 3,4, president 4; sachem staff 4. william harbey debra hardina david harriman 23 new york ave. 124 anthony st. 76 roberta cir. lorrie harris 555 river rd. jeffrey hart 32 king st. football 1; tennis 3,4.leeann hart 50 edward it. chicopee rally skit 4; chorus 1,2; class vice- president 3; color guard 3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; homeroom representative 1,2; inter- class play 3; kid party decorations 4; mass, asso. of student council convention delegate 3; operetta 1,2; pep club 1; personality club 2, 3; prom committee 3; sachem staff 4; safe hal- loween program 4, student supervisor 4; ski club 1,2,3,4; student council 1,2,3; tennis club 1; western mass. asso. of student council dele- gate 2; west side rally 3,4; winter Olympics 3. g enn hast in gs 22 parkview dr. cross-country 1; swim team 3. laurain hauff 74 bessbrook st. basketball (girl's manager) 2; student patrol 4; tennis club 2. steven hawkes 110 south park terr. Steven hebert 107 Campbell dr. environment club 3; math league 3; soccer 1; swim team 3. paul henault 825 north west it. basketball 1,2,3,4; class president 4; football 1; golf 1; mass. asso. of student council dele- gate 2; sachem staff 4; student council 1,2,3, treasurer 3; student patrol 3,4; weekend thinkers' club 4; western mass. asso. of stu- dent council delegate 2,3. john hermans 274 cooper sf. homeroom representative 2; inter-class play 3; student affairs 4; student council 3; winter Olympics 4. paul heywood 733 suffield st. football 1; ski club 3,4. nancy hill 456 silver st. business club 2,3; cheerleader 1; pep club 1. richard hill 66 south westfidd st. football 1; national honor society 3; track 3. andrea holman 942 north west st. dlen horacek 179 maynardst. chorale 4; choralettes 2,3,4; chorus 1; french club 1,2,3,4, treasurer 2,3, president 4; grad- uation daisy chain 3; national honor society 3, 4; operetta 1,2,3,4; pep club 1; personality club 2; prom committee 3; ski club 2; sing- out 2,3,4; west side rally 4. thomas houle 131 suffield st. cross-country 4, co-captain 4; track 2,3,4. dawn howe 29 memorial dr. michael hubs 40 meadowbrook rd. band 1,2,3,4; bowling club 3,4; chess club 1,2; math league 4. suzan hurley 165 south west st. agawam advisory council 3; chorale 3,4; mad- rigals 4; national honor society 3,4; operetta 2,3,4; regional advisory council 3; sachem staff 4; sing-out 3,4; ski club 2; student affairs 4, director 4; western mass, district chorus 2. elena iannuzzi 206 pineview cir. douglas janik 61 royal lane baseball 1,3; golf 2; hockey 1,2,3,4, captain 4; inter-class play 3; national honor society 3,4, treasurer 4; soccer 2,3,4, captain 4; soccer kick board club 4; weekend thinkers' club 4, treasurer 4; winter Olympics 3. diane Jenks pamela ones 154 mill st. rcbccca Jones 77 corcy colonial apts. national honor society 4. mona Jordan 21 pineview cir. patricia Julian 439 meadow st. national honor society 3,4. deborah kaminsky 300 regency park dr. art club 3,4; biology club 2; chorale 4; choral- ettes 4; chorus 2,3; future nurses' club 2,3,4; math league 4; operetta 3,4; sachem staff 4; safe halloween program 4; sing-out 4. cynthia kane 46 taft st. John karakla 826 south west st. soccer 3,4. Joanne kelley robert kelley golf 3,4. Jan king band 1,2,3,4; operetta 2. 72 witheridge st. 44 dbert rd. 264 leonard st. ralph king 113 parker st. nancy klundt 12 hall st. pep club 1; personality club 1,2. nancy knowlton 62 roberta cir. basketball 2; chicopee rally skit 4; inter-class play 3; library staff 3; national honor society 3, 4; prom committee 3; winter Olympics 4. leslie kovalchick 224 silver st. sally krolicki 28 memorial dr. sandra krolicki 28 memorial dr. national honor society 3,4. judy lacroix 36 amherst ave. chicopee rally skit 4; color guard 3,4; inter- class play 3; kid party decorations 4; library staff 3; personality club 2; prom committee chairman 3; safe halloween program 4; west side rally 3,4. sandy lamothc 5 moore st. nicholas lascala 775 Springfield st. janice lasky 28 hamilton cir. business club 1; ski club 2. Joan lavallee 304 silver st. band 1; bowling club 4; future nurses' club 3, 4; student patrol 4. bonnie lawor 55 annable st. business club 2. nancy lawrenchuk 47 edward st. environment club 1; french club 2,3,4, secre- tary 2, vice-president 4; future teachers' club 1; mirror staff 3,4; pep club 1; national honor society 3,4. laurel lerkjc 60 mountainview rd. chorale 4; french club 3; future teachers' club 4; graduation daisy chain 3; operetta 3,4; sachem staff 4; sing-out 4; west side rally 4. paul legrand 44 south park terr. lori letendre 338 north st. color'guard 3,4; environment club 1; french club 1,2,3,4, secretary 3,4; graduation usher- ette 2; junior marshall 3; national honor so- ciety 3,4; pep club 1; prom committee 3; sachem staff 4. 77 dover st. nancy liddell 28 federal ave.joann limotti 115 edgewater rd. personality club 2; prom committee 3. robert liptak 31 brookline ave. band 1,2,3,4; basketball 1,2; football 1; soccer 2,3,4. Pamela lombardini 24 oak hill ave. operetta usherette 1,2,3; personality club 4, vice-president 4. rkhard loncrini 128 cooley st. football 2,3; hockey 1,2,3,4; homeroom rep- resentative 1. john os 96 royal lane joanne losito 611 mill st. future teachers' club 4; hockey photographer 4; inter-class play 3; mirror staff 3; national honor society 3,4; personality club 2; safe hal- loween program 4; ski club 4; Spanish honor society 2. joseph losito 611 mill st. william lowell 37 gunn-geary lane band 1,2,3,4; chorale 1,2,3,4; operetta 1,4; sing-out 1,2,4. pamela lucas 332 rowley st. Christine Iuciani 61 highland st. sachem staff 4; ski club 4. environment club 3; ski club 1,2,3,4; presi- dent 4; soccer 2. james marquis 39 norman terr. harold martin 19 corcy colonial apts. gary masciotra 41 kensington st. Steven mason 14 norris st. baseball 1,2; football 1,2,3,4, captain 4; hock- ey 1,2; junior marshall 3; national honor so- ciety 3,4; track 3,4; weightlifting 3,4. alan massaro 44 briarcliff dr. dennis matt 506 north westfield st. soccer 1. kenneth maynard 38 brookline ave. baseball 1,2; basketball 1,2,3; inter-class play 3; winter Olympics 3. edward meade 252 silver st. thomas meehan 829 shoemaker lane colleen meissner 115 Campbell dr. chorale 4; chorus 1,2,3; gym club 2,3; library staff 3,4; operetta 1,2,3,4; personality club 4; sing-out 1,2,3,4. daniel melbourne 26 gale st. susan lucier 129 south park terr. personality clubl. john lynch 29 Charles st. ann mccaUrey 13 squire lane a.c.o. 3; field hockey 3,4; hockey statistician 4; ski club 2,3,4; ski team 4; tennis 2; winter Olympics 3. elisabeth mccaUrey 13 squire lane future teachers' club 1,2. mary mccarthy 536 north westfield st. environment club 1; inter-class play 3; oper- etta 1; prom committee 3; safe halloween program 4; student advisor to school commit- tee 4; west side rally 3; winter Olympics 4. phyllis mccobb 20 ridgeway dr. color guard ; graduation daisy chain 3; na- tional honor society 3,4; personality club 2; prom committee 3; west side rally 3,4; chico- pee rally skit 4. mary mccormkk 24 g iff in place chorus 1; prom committee 3; winter Olympics 3. robin mclellan 527 north st. band 1,2,3,4, treasurer 4; operetta 3,4; ski club 1,2,3,4; ski team 4; tennis 2,3,4; tennis dub 1. john memordie 25 colonial ave. band 1,2,3; bowling club 3; chess club 2. cheryl mcnamee 358 southwick st. lynda melbourne 23 ruth ave. pep club 1; personality club 1,2. wendy merchant prom committee 3. robert messier david mezzetti Stephen milewski math league 3,4; soccer 2,3. 303 school st. 38 south alhambra cir. 454 meadow st. 86 florida dr. lynn monachcsi 43 coronet cir. prom committee 3; ski club 1,2,3,4; ski team 4. diane montagna 28 florida dr. mary morin 208 adams st. as schools match wits 3,4; cheerleader 1,2,3,4; chorus 1; national honor society 3,4; pep club 2; personality club 2, secretary 2; prom com- mittee 3; prom usherette 1; sachem staff 4; Spanish honor society 2; west side rally 3,4. suzanne muise 70 regency park dr. chorale 4; chorus 1,2; national honor society 3,4; operetta 4; sing-out 4; Spanish honor so- ciety 3. chris muldrew 25 poinsetta st. baseball manager 1,2; basketball 1; national honor society 3,4; soccer 4; tennis 3,4. deborah murphy 119 maple st. graduation daisy chain 3; ski club 1,4. linda maepherson 420 Springfield st. art clubl; gym club 2. mattie netherton softball 3. 385 north westfield st. joan mallette 113 line st. operetta 1,2. francine mancini 58 royal st. chorale 3,4; choralettes 2,3,4; chorus 1,2,3,4; color guard 3,4; drama club 1,2,3; graduation daisy chain 3; majorette 4; operetta 1,2,3,4; personality club 3,4, president 4; sing-out 2,3, 4; west side rally 3,4. joyce nicholson 211 eolemore st. marianne norman 79 school st. color guard 3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; homeroom representative 2,3; mass. asso. of student council convention 3; personality club 2,3, secretary 3; prom committee 3; sach- em staff 4; student affairs 4, secretary 4; stu- dent council 3; west side rally 3,4. francis marchand 19 trinity terr. baseball manager 2,3,4; football manager 2,3, 4; ski club 1,2,3,4. 180 suffield st. Catherine obrien 11 joseph st. color guard 3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; in- ter-class play 3; kid party decorations 4; per- sonality club 2; prom committee 3; safe hal- loween program 4; west side rally 3,4. robert marcusative 1; soccer 1,2,3; track 3. cdward organck 27 spencer sf. diane ouimet 139 line st. diane paige 128 ridgeway dr. business dub 3,4; pep club 1. patricia parchick 119 coronet cir: art club 2; basketball 2; graduation daisy chain 3; personality club 4; tennis 4. Catherine parent 228 leonard st. gary paro 492 north st. sandra reimers 30 federal sf. ext. graduation daisy chain 3; sachem staff 4; ten- nis club 2. jan reynolds 74 Springfield st. chorus 1; french club 1,2,3; mirror staff 4; na- tional honor society 3,4. michael richards 49 hamilton cir. baseball 1,2; basketball 1,2,3,4; football 1,3,4; national honor society 4; student patrol 3,4; track 3. richard pease theresa pelley Christopher pennock environment club 1,2,3. roger perusse band 1,2,3,4. 42 poinsetta st. 566 Springfield st. 110 federal st. ext. 345 adams st. Steven richards steven richter football 1. william ringer andrew robbins cross-country 4; track 2,4. 40 western dr. 27 mill st. 198 mill st. 21 fenton st. leonard petrangelo 96 royal lane diane phillips 286 south st. chorus 4; math league 4; national honor so- ciety 4. gayla piccin 18 mulberry st. homeroom representative 1,2; ski club 1,2,3, 4. joseph pisano 2 megrath terr. football 1; track 1,2,3,4; weightlifting 1,2,3,4. george plante 545 cooper sf. ski club 1,4; ski team 3,4; soccer 3. margaret polopek 61 senator ave. cheerleader 1,2,3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; graduation usherette 2; inter-class play 3; kid party decorations 4; mass. asso. of student council delegate 3; national honor society 3, 4; pep club 2; personality club 2; prom com- mittee 3; sachem staff 4; safe halloween pro- gram 4; ski club 1; student council 1,2,3; west- ern mass. asso. of student council representa- tive 1,2; west side rally 3,4. kathy potito 16 witheridge st. lauren roberts 41 royal street kid party decorations 4; mirror staff 3; sachem staff 4; softball 3,4; west side rally 3,4. gary robinson 14 laura cir. baseball 1,2; basketball 1,2,3. donald rosner 117 maple st. jane rudowski 79 reed st. chorus 1; future nurses' club 2; graduation usherette 2; national honor society 3,4; pep club 1; personality club 2; ski club 3,4. kathleen st. peter 62 cooley st. band 2,3,4; chorale 4; choralettes 4; chorus 1, 2,3,4; library staff 3; operetta 2,3,4; sing-out 4. james saliba 1 doaneave. biology club 2; national honor society 3,4, vice-president 4; student patrol 4; tennis 4. james santillo 83 alfred cir. albert sapelli 427 meadow st. baseball manager 1,2,3,4; football manager 1, 2,3,4; hockey manager 1,2,3,4; student patrol 4. harold potts 36 carol dr. model rocket club 1, vice-president 1. kathleen rachelc 386 meadow st. color guard 3,4; inter-class play 3; kid party decorations 4; operetta 1; safe halloween program 4; west side rally 3,4. linda racine 142 garden st. ann sapelli 244 james st. future teachers' club 1; operetta usherette 1, 2; sachem staff 4; student patrol 3,4. donna sausville 54 Charles st. art club 3,4; biology club 2; mirror staff 3,4; operetta usherette 3. susan sausville 205 mill st. louis ramah 140 senator ave. class president 1,2; corss-country 2; home- room representative 3; inter-class play 3; mass. asso. of student council representatives 2; prom committee 3; ski club 1,2,3,4; student council 1,2; track 1,2; western mass. asso. of student council representative 1; west side rally 3,4. victor ramah 145 senator ave. baseball 1,2,3,4; class treasurer 1,2,3,4; hockey 1,2,3,4; inter-class play 3; prom committee 3; soccer kick board club 4; west side rally 3,4; winter Olympics 3,4. paul randall 426 north st. all-western mass, district band 2; band 1,2,3,4; chess club 4; chorale 3; dance band 1,2,3,4; math league 4; national honor society 3,4; swim team 3; tennis 3,4. mark scales 80 reed st. ski club 4; ski team 4; track 4. donald schebel 900 Springfield st. elaine schulze 394 Springfield st. chorale 1; pep club 1. ethel seriva 90 broz terr. chorus 1. harry sheffer 264 silver st. carole shibley 51 rowlcy st. chicopee rally skit 4; future teachers' club 1; graduation daisy chain 3; national honor so- ciety 3,4; pep club 1; personality club 2,3; prom committee 3; sachem staff 4; west side rally 3,4. robert shoemaker 8 monroe st. karen rawson 260 southwick sf. david simmons 28 channel! dr. donald raymond 292 adams st. john simpson 57 valentine sf. jean raymond 58 hayes ave. steven skiba basketball 1; hockey 3; homeroom represent- basketball 2; biology club 3. 187 adams st.diane skowera 81 belvedere st. chicopcc rally skit 4; color guard 3; french club 1; future teachers' club 1; national honor society 3,4, secretary 4; pep club 1; personali- ty club 2,3; sachem staff 4, editor-in-chief 4; student council 2; weekend thinkers' club 4; west side rally 3,4. society 3,4; operetta 1,2,3,4; sachem staff 4; sing-out 2,3,4. ronald (elford 55 barney st. hockey 2,3,4. richard (hies 1005 main st. nancy smigcl patricia smigelski richard snow mason soja 14 liberty ave. Steven thorsen 19 stewart lane 1001 suffield st. 59 south westfield st. 184 main st. mark tidwell 588 north st. a.v.a. 2,3,4; hockey 2; ski club 1. lucinda toelken 32 elm st. national honor society 3; student patrol 3. Charles souliere 30 north alhambra cir. band 1,2,3; baseball 1,2,3,4; football 1; nation- al honor society 3,4. elizabeth spear 292 south west st. as schools match wits 3,4. robert touchettc 32 columbus st. paul trimboli 7 old mill rd. baseball manager 1; chess club 3,4; interna- tional relations club 1; soccer 3; soccer man- ager 2; tennis 2,3,4. kathleen stahovich 62 annable st. homeroom representative 2; personality club 2. katherine Stapleton 24 ridgeview terr. personality club 2; ski club 1,2,3,4; ski team 4. deborah Steadman 86 hendom dr biology club 2; color guard 3,4; graduation daisy chain 3; operetta 2; personality club 3; prom committee 3; sachem staff 4; west side rally 3,4. paula troie 69 randall st. personality club 4; west side rally 4. robert turnbull 39 carmel lane all-state chorus 3,4; band 2,3,4; chorale 1,2,3, 4; chorus 4; homeroom representative 2; madrigals 1,3,4; mass. asso. of student council delegates 1; operetta 1,2,3,4; sing-out 1,2,3,4; ski club 1,2,4; Springfield symphony chorus 4; student council 1,3; western mass, district chorus 3,4; western mass, youth honors cho- rus 4. james Stephenson 9 park edge dr linda stone 986 main st ski club 1,2,3,4. kevin sullivan 10 kirkland st. football 2,3,4; weightlifting 2. frank talbot 28 federal ave. deborah taupier 64 woodside dr. band 1,2,3,4, vice-president 4; choralettes 2,3; chorus 1,2,3; dance band 1,2,3,4; future teachers' club 1; madrigals 4; national honor robin turnbull 39 carmel lane cheerleader 1,2,3,4; chorus 3; class vice-pres- ident 2; color guard 3; drama club 2; gradua- tion daisy chain 3; homeroom representative 1; inter-class play 3; kid party decorations 4; national honor society 4; operetta 2,3,4; prom committee chairman 3; prom usherette 1; sachem staff 4; safe halloween program 4; west side rally 3,4. waller ugolick 693 north st. baseball 1,2,3,4; basketball 1,2,3,4; football 1, 3; student patrol 4. carol walker 98 valentine st. nancy walsh 107 maple st. cheerleader 2,3; graduation daisy chain 3; graduation usherette 2; inter-class play 3; kid party decorations 4; mass. asso. of student council workshop 4; pep club 2; personality club 2,3, treasurer 2, vice-president 3; prom committee 3; safe halloween program 4, stu- dent supervisor 4; student affairs 4, assistant director 4, treasurer 4; student council 1,2,3; west side rally 3,4. robert watson 271 elm st. basketball manager 1; biology club 1,2; latin club 3; math league 3; sing-out 1. gary webster 137 leonard st. inter-class play 3; mirror staff 4; soccer 1,2,3,4; soccer kick board club 4; weekend thinkers' club 4, treasurer 4; winter Olympics 3. martha woscott 146 high st. bowling club 4; color guard 3,4; future nurs- es' club 1,2,3,4; personality club 4; sachem staff 4; ski club 1. Stephen whitman 107 fairview st. environment club 3; ski club 1; track 1. lawrence whittle 26 walnut st. band 1,2,3,4; baseball 1,2,3,4; chorale 1,2,3; prom committee 3; west side rally 3,4. thcodore wislocki 124 mallard cir. soccer 3. mark withee 253 rowley st. biology chib 2,3. susan wotus 61 granger dr. graduation usherette 3; national honor socie- ty 3,4; personality club 3; prom committee 3; west side rally 4. cheryl yelinek 12 elmar dr. william zerbinopoulos 57 harding st. football 2,3,4; track 2,3; weightlifting 2,3; west side rally 4.ballot box class chatter-box; paul trimboli and sue borgatti. class artists; connie buynicki and larry whittle 4 best all-around seniors; suzie hurley and bud ramah. class flirt; al sapelli and debbie brignoli. 157 most quiet; sandy krolicki and james marquis.class lady and gentleman; steve mason and class dramatists; robbie turn bull and francine mancini. class couple; ellen beauchane and doug janik. marianne norman. mr. and miss a.h.s. spirit; joanne losito and bud ramah. miss class athlete; janet dalmolin. mr. class athlete; doug janik. 158mr. and miss personality; bud ramah and nancy walsh most likely to succeed; suzie hurley and paul henault. mr. and miss i.q., deb goguen and Charles souliere. class clowns; sue borgatti and al sapelli.class musician; chip benson and robin mclellan. best dressed; francine mancini and jim saliba. 160 best looking guy; jim anderson. best looking girl; marianne norman.rp,. i jfo-S 02 £ r e b ffm J 1 ) ?7J F mm—4 o J i r ji i Lr r r- Thttouik d i —o j"—f—f—— fa Wb erf H m 'r£ y y» 4 r j 1 1 r n' o « fP 4 A i $ fwv - Fmy.) 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J RffAch- m 'T F aJ-1 )■ b — j j-i nr1 T?=U? i 2 -g — - H ( o j j a ai£ =r=F 3£o nK H n = = —J- -O y -)— =t± 161nostalgia well, it's almost dawn, and i can't believe that i made it through last night, what with speeches, “pomp and circumstance", all those congratulations ... and that darn tassel! it sure feels good to get it out of my eyes, might as well put it in the drawer with all my other odds 'n ends, i really should clean this drawer out some day — what's this? an elevator ticket??? oh, i remember! that was when i was a dumb freshman and some tough senior walked up to me and conned me into buying it. yeah, and wasn't that the year when the dress code was dumped so everyone could look and learn comfortably? i bet the upperclassmen thought i was nuts, but i really couldn't help staring at all the locker lovers i saw every time i turned a corner, i got my first taste of student government that year by electing class officers, i chose louie ramah as president, sue denon- court as vice-president, peggy gacona as secretary, and buddy ramah as trea- surer, and by some coincidence my candidates won. with the help of advisor mr. baggetta, they put on a wicked dance; i think the band was “jack veronesi and friends", and it added quite a bit to buddy's bank book, and i'll always remember my first experiences with the school lunches .. but i guess being a freshman wasn't that bad after all. looking back, it's amazing how one year changed me from a frightened fresh- man to a sophisticated sophomore, as an upperclassman, i was given the "privi- ledge" of attending rallies, although it seemed more of a punishment during class competitions when i was overwhelmed by the juniors, i'll never forget that after two weeks of begging, borrowing and stealing the ten dollar deposit for my class ring, i was awarded with a blue plastic band to wear in its place un- til the order would come in the following year, louie, robin turnbull, peggy and buddy led me through my second year at good ol' a.h.s., and mr. tatro re- placed the retired mr. harris as principal, i think that was the year i voted for students to represent me at the council of sixteen, which was formed to try to close the communication gap between the faculty and the students, it seems like bake sales were on the rise that year 'cause i can remember cleaning burnt pans as one of my duties as a member of "buddy's volunteer brownie bakers", well, by spring, i had settled down to the routine of high school and i felt that my sophomore year was easier to swallow than the first. then i was a junior, and i proudly flashed my class ring around the school, my favorite memory of that year was seeing the disappointed seniors when i won the decorations competition for the west side rally for the first time in a.h.s. history, i remember another first for our school was organized girls' varsity sports, with the girls' softball team losing only one game, i won the inter-class play with my performance of sha-na-na. i had to wash my hair five times after- wards to get the grease out, but i guess it was worth it. after that was the annual school play, "the sound of music", and woody coggswell did a fine job as a lead, nancy george was class president that year, leeann hart was vice-presi- dent, and peggy and buddy hung in there for a third year, since i was a junior, it was my job to pick a theme for the prom, i kinda liked the idea of "Scarbor- ough fair" at the high point motor inn, and it must have been a good idea 'cause everyone had a great time, i was sorry to see my junior year end, but i couldn't wait to be a senior. senior year was fantastic! it started off with senior hats and shirts, (i can still hear the senior cheer), my second victory with decorations for the west side rally and football season, the band and colorguard were chosen to represent the area in a national competition in Philadelphia, and they came home with a third place trophy in parading, mr. davis was so proud of his band . i had of- ten spent my studies in the library, which had been under the direction of mrs. holmes for seventeen years, but i guess she had enough years of arranging, fil- ing and advising because she retired early in the year and mrs. schimel became our new librarian, in january, all four classes piled into the gym to listen to (and stare at) senator kennedy, who visited our school while on tour of the area, the excitement was unbelieveable! the band played, the colorguard saluted, the press snapped pictures and the students cheered, mr. tatro was chosen princi- pal for the new junior high, so mr. t. replaced him. the freshmen left for the new school in january and i remember that for the first time i could walk to my classes without getting trampled in crowded halls, suzie hurley was appointed director of the office of student affairs, which replaced the student council, and for the last time i chose my class officers: paul henault as president, debbie caroleo as vice-president and peggy and buddy for the fourth year in a row. when open campus started, i spent first period at dunkin' donuts, g period at macdonald's and last period driving home, with laurie leduc and robbie turn- bull as the leads in "my fair lady", tickets were sold out. for the first time, the prom was held in the form of a dinner-dance at chez josef's with the theme "three roses", but, i think the most fun i had all year was at the kid party, i can remember smudging painted freckles, pulling up my ankle socks, looking for my teddy bear and dancing and laughing. and then last night at the coliseum i was so happy when dr. gardner handed me my diploma — but i didn't even think ... it's all over now. i guess i'll kinda miss it. an elevator ticket??? guess i won't be cleaning out this drawer for awhile, i didn't even get to say good-bye to everyone — maybe tomorrow by the way, in case you're wondering who i am, i'm the class of 1973, and this is the way it was before.sachem staff 1973 layout: chris luciani, martha wescott, debbie Steadman, sue gillan and editor lynn davis. assistant photographer: ted blaszak. sports: editor steve grimaldi, mary morin, paul henault and debbie kaminsky.literary: co-editors lori letendre and sue hamel, debbie taupier and laurie leduc. class song: robbieturnbull andsuzie hurley. business: sandy reimers, editor marianne norman and robin turnbull. dvertising: ann sapolli, lecann hart, cheryl buynicki, sandy adamski nd editor judy drewnowski. ballot box: peggy polopek, editor peggy gacona and peggy ahern. secretary lynn cirillo and advisor and photographer mr. david mrs. wm. aequaro mr. mrs. william luciani mr. mrs. norbert adamski mr. mrs. lawrence mackler mr. mrs. william r. ainey mr. mrs. robert h. marcus rudy t. altobelli the great mr. mrs. peter mazza mrs. laurance andrews mr. mrs. h. mezzetti mr. mrs. albert baggetta mr. mrs. john m. morin mrs. frances barefield morning mist mr. mrs. russei bellico mr. mrs. wayne morse mr. mrs. richard borgatti mr. mrs. simon w. muise mr. mrs. ernest a. bouley mr. lee nacewicz mr. brunelle mr. mrs. joseph norman mr. mrs. paul cavallo lawrence f. o'brien mr. mrs. john b. cirillo j. e. petrone mr. mrs. darcy davis mr. mrs. john porter mr. mrs. robert day mr. mrs. david pulaski mr. mrs. Stanley drewnowski j. ramah mr. mrs. george dugan mr. mrs. roger richards anneg. eckart roberts, shibley, skowera ltd. john m. fahey mr. mrs. eugene v. ryer mr. mrs. m. b. farnsworth sandy, judy, corb, sue mr. fitzgerald mr. mrs. a. sapelli mr. mrs. paul flynn teresa r. m. scovera mrs. emelinda gacona mr. mrs. peter shibley arthur gage mr. mrs. george skowera mr. mrs. george e. gillan mr. mrs. gerald smith mr. mrs. ronald hamel mr. mrs. norman Steadman mr. mrs. lenville r. hart florence b. strasberg dorothey r. hastings mr. mrs. david Stratton mr. mrs. robert hirschhaut superfoot, gumper, web, t. j. b. friends of 28 mr. mrs. al taupier mr. mrs. richard n. joseph mr. mrs. r. w. toelken mr. mrs. richard kellogg mr. mrs. robert turnbull mrs. helen b. krajewski mr. mrs. james wescott mr. mrs. roger leclerc mrs. mary wuesthoff mr. mrs. bernard leduc joseph zabielski mr. mrs. edward a. letendre mr. zavarella mr. mrs. leo a. loncrini mrs. ernasta zillibusiness patrons acorn printing mailing service inc. 168 elm st. agawam, mass. j,s,a,c,l, co. 760 cooper st. rm. 40 agawam, mass. agawam funeral home 184 main st. agawam, mass. keg package store 56 river st. agawam, mass. agawam pine furniture 160 garden st. feeding hills, mass. malone's farm garden center 338 silver st. agawam, mass. agawam public market 768 main st. agawam, mass. dr. alien paley 717Vi main st. agawam, mass. j m aluminum 699 sumner ave. 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Springfield, mass. because loring studios is new england's leading portrait, bridal, and yearbook photographer, you can be sure of the finest crafts- manship at the most moderate prices! 188 for the best in portraits, see loring. say whiskey!our amerkan yearbook representative much sweat and hard work goes into the production of a yearbook, behind the scenes is the publisher's representative who tries to keep the staff from total con fusion, the yearbook staff consists of 'green horns' in the publishing business, and without a representative who has a special knowledge whkh co-ordinates our ac- tivities, the staff would be in a frenzy most of the year, the yearbook staff gratefully acknowledges the help and support from american yearbook representative, don lendry. high level conference? american yearbook company box 209 forest park station Springfield, massachusetts area code 413-732-7692 don lendry representative nketie! 189CM Will you remember today twenty years from now ? A yearbook never targets in the effort of producing this yearbook, sach- em staff has tried to capture love-lasting mem- ories of the 1972-1973 school year, it is our sin- cere hope not to have merely produced a pic- ture book, but rather to have stimulated a sense of pride and happiness when reflecting upon the way it was before. on behalf of sachem '73, i would like to express my sincere thanks to don lendry, american yearbook representative; loring studios; ron ashton, artist; and most of all to our neat advi- sor, mr. david pulaski. ctia.Tie sWcHjoe x— editor-in-chief, diane skowera (on left!) "the way it was before", lyric by rod mckuen, copyright c 1967 by editions chanson co., from 'the world of rod mckuen songbook', published by ran- dom house, inc. 192 advisor and photographer, david pulaski$ V , f r v n .l h .A 4 y cn J jr ta«. K is Q-fa ( yfl 2 y oa «u4 •iSVxft 0. .0, O 4 - S t:5 - hP ifr' v o v vD -» L '-»■- §dr ( A) V-O X «V V, O- ' (LOvIa-m c£Lo 0 cvioJ CtA i - -U- C- Ci VAjCLo Sijut ’. KV ’hPs $£ k W st) ■AJ%t , y ei 'ivl T s£?' 3 -vxoVl ' V - , „., K (5 Tvurv •Yr oo wv cW o , •. ' —° ny r i rrv«A U, ,v -, .- w s nv . n vr vv? n w'! ft""00 IfT (jsw vv °r lP ' w s CMT3 ■ YftTD5V' w. vn-r rr TT

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