Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA)

 - Class of 1958

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Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Sac e tt 958"Poem Now we stand upon the threshold, Glancing backward with regret On jour years of carefree school days, Happy scenes we'll ne'er forget. Lessons learned and tasks completed At our dear old A. H. S., Eager-eyed we start the journey That will lead to our success. Time that yields both joy and sorrow Brings the hour to depart, And we pledge to keep true friendship. Warm and lasting in our heart. Yet our hopes lie in the future Though the path way be not straight; Sun and shadow cross its windings For the class of '58. Sandra Tomlinson'Dedication The Class of 1958 WITH WARM AFFECTION DEDICATES THIS BOOK TO OUR FORMER CLASSMATE, MARGARET SULLIVAN, FOR HER EXAMPLE OF ENDURING FAITH, COURAGE, AND PERSERVERANCE IN HER FIGHT AGAINST POLIO. 3Occi rfcOtoitUtfriatitoi Mr. James Clark Superintendent Mr. Frederick T. Dacey Principal Mr. Paul Langlois Guidance Director 45 Oun facultyMiss Eleanor Smith Mathematics Miss Ida Moggio English . Mrs. Dorothy Holmes Head Librarian Mr. Richard Carbone Problems of Democracy Psychology Mr. Peter Ball Chemistry and Biology m Miss Marjorie Ward History Political Geography Mrs. Lydia Blakcslcc English Senior Play Advisor Miss Eleanor Miller English Miss Barbara Phelps English Yeaibook Adviu Mr. Joseph Moriarty English Miss Joanne DcBlois English Mrs. Hasmig Balsewicz English Mr. Louis Vanassc Mathematics and English Mr. Harold Clark Science Mr. Richard Prattc History and Coach Mrs. Maria Sears French Mrs. Miriam Sherman Mathematics Mr. Harry Leonardi Coach Physical Education Mrs. Miriam Macklcr History English Miss Jane Durkan MathematicsMr. Lawrence Buddington Physics Miss Barbara Drzyzga Commercial Subjects Mr. Alfred Laude Mathematics Mrs. Phyllis Robbins Miss Jennifer Mead Commercial Subjects Art ’ Mr. Frederick Scyocurka Geography Mr. Henry Baker Industrial Arts Mr. Roland Pressey Driver Education Mr. Frank Ball Industrial Arts 7 Mr. John Porter Industrial Arts Miss Dorothy Hastings Physical Training Mrs. Eleanor Norman Physical Training Biology Mr. Harmon Smith Director of Physical Activities Mr. David Theodorowic?' Mr. Darcy Davis Vocal and Instrumental Music Mrs. Elizabeth Langlois Household Arts Mr. Rudolph Altobelli Commercial Subjects History — Coach Mr. David Skolnick Agriculture President: Vice-President: SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Robert Broggi Secretary: Barbara Bellano Treasurer: Gloria I)i Donato Frederick UschmannPro Merito. Secretary-Treasurer; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee; Class Officer, Treasurer I, 3; President 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3. 4; Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Student Council 4; Mirror Staff 4; Sachem Staff; Representative to Boy's State 1957; Representative Cornell week-end guest; Christmas Play 2, 4; Senior Play. BARBARA JEAN BELLANO ] 7 Mulberry Street Barbara—Tommy—Beautiful Barbara Jean!!!—cute and popular—always seen with Carres and Tricy—nice dresser. Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee; Class Officer, Vice-President 4; Girls' Sports 1, 2; Cheerleader 1; Western Massa- chusetts Music Festival 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; I. R. C. 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3, President 4; Glee Club 2, Secretary 2; Student Council 1, 3, 4; Operetta 2; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play; Western Massachusetts Student Council Convention. GLORIA DIDONATO 63 Franklin Street Glo—Let’s go to Pete’s—Get your money out for gas—one of the girls. Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Cap and Gown Committee; Class Officer 3, Secretary 4; Personality Club 2; Camera Club; Glee Club 1, 2; Student Council 3, 4; Sachem Staff; NOMA Representative. X Meadow Street Kraut—Flo—problem child—always kidding around. Transferred from West Springfield in Sophomore year. Junior Cabaret Com- mittee; Prom Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Class Officer, Treasurer 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Mirror Staff 4; Sachem Staff; All Western Mass. Football Squad 4. 9JEAN ALLEN 63 Woodside Drive Beanie—Leon—wedding bells!!—lei’s go to the University—cute—long brown hair. Transferred from Classical High School in Sophomore year. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Cap and Gown Committee; Class Color Committee; Future Teachers Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Personality Club 4; I. R. C. 2, 3; Drama Club 4; Ski Club 4. Treasurer; Debating Club 4; Operetta 3; Library Staff 3, 4; Mirror Staff 3, 4; Band 2; Sachem Staff; Christmas Play 4; Senior Play. JEAN MARGARET ARNOLD 74 Bcssbrook Street Jeanie—Quiet—oh! those problems classes—pleasant—good student. Junior Cabaret Committee; Junior Red Cross 2, 3. 4. President 3, 4; Girls’ Sports 1, 3; Future Teachers Club 2. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 2; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Mirror Staff 2. 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. DUANE ASTA-FERRERO 36 Spring Street Duke—Joyce—quiet—friendly—one of the gang. Transferred from West Springfield High in Sophomore year. Graduation Usher 3; Senior Play 4; Operetta 4; Christmas Play 4; Sachem Staff. JANICE BILODEAU 54 Greenacre Lane Jan—Dick—quiet???—loves to drive???? Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Girls’ Sports 2; Future Teachers Club 2. 3; Personality Club 2, 3; Glee Club 2; Library Staff 3; Mirror Staff 2; Sachem Staff. ROBERT BODEN 1858 Allen Street, Springfield Bob—Quiet—oh! those hockey games. Hockey Team 3, 4; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Basketball 4; F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest 2, 3; Senior Play; Operetta 4; Library Staff 4; Sachem Staff. ROBERT BONOMI 1383 Suffield Street Bob—Very shy—blushes easily—pretty eyes. Biology Club 2, 3. 10JANET BORGATTI 108 Franklin Street Boggy—Naturally curly hair—Freddie—always seen with Beverly. Majorettes 2, 3; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 3; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2. JUDITH BRAYTON 398 North Westfield Street Judy—Always seen at Leo’s—always with Gloria—full of jokes—oh! those English classes!!!! Western Massachusetts Music Festival 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Mirror Staff 2, 3; Sachem Staff; Future Teachers Club 2, 3; Personality Club 2, 3, 4. V JAMES BRUNO 105 Kensington Street Turk—Quiet—outstanding athlete—good will ambassador for A. H. S. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Class Officer President 1, 2, 3; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Student Council 3; Treasurer 3; Mirror Staff 3; Sachem Staff; All Western Mass. Football Team 3, 4, Honorable Mention I. 2; All American Football Team, released by Scholastic Magazine 4; Mass. Italio- Amcrican Football Team 4. ANTHONY BUONICONTI 160 Rowley Street Tony—"The Angels”—future owner of the Triangle—always giving the girls a hard time. Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Operetta 3; Christmas Play 4; Sachem Staff. NICHOLAS BUONICONTI 160 Rowley Street Nicky—-Mouse—future D. J.—always seen with Storky—big pink Cadillac. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Hockey Team 4; Foot- ball 1; Basketball 1; Drama Club 4; Band 2; Sachem Staff. SHEILA ANN BURNS 7 King Avenue Burntie—Always with Bev. and Edic—always chewing gum—always talkini —anybody got a comb??? Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Commit Kid Party Committee; Class Motto Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Sports 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 4; I. R. C. 3, 4; Glee C ktf'2 Sachem Staff; Senior Play.WALTER ALBERT BUSH 46 Senator Avenue Bush—Handsome—Presley haircut—quiet—Marilyn—very sociable. Football 1, 2; Baseball 1,2; Sachem Staff. EDITH MARIE CAMMISA 22 Rhodes Avenue Edit—Quiet until you get to know her—oh! those office practice classes!!!! —always seen with Janice and Sheila. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Graduation Usher; Kid Party Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Girls’ Sports 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club; Glee Club 2; Mirror Staff; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. MARIE CARESTIA 37 Maynard Street Carres—Never stops talking—always strolling down the halls. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Graduation Usher; Kid Party Committee; Class Motto Committee; Class Will Committee; Girls’ Sports I, 2; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. JANET CASERIO 453 Springfield Street Jan—Joe—always willing to help—pretty—makes friends easily. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Girls’ Sports 1, 2; Model Congress 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Personality Club 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Biology Club 2; Scribes 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4ySachem Staff; W'estern Mass. Student Council Convention; Senior Play. JUDITH Cal GNON Shag—Bill—Inways with Penny—a West Side weakness for drummers—always at a dance. 65 Homer Street Jitterdall—RoselandH— Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Biology Club 2; Operetta 4; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff. 13oh£'i ROBfcfcT OHAREST « »lotl 97 silver St„„ Cap—Carol—loves to drive a car—future radio announcer. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Class Motto Committee; Foot- ball 2; Basketball 1; Drama Club 4; Student Council 4; Mirror Staff 3, 4; Sachem Staff. 12DENNIS CROWLEY 209 Maple Street Dennie—The man with all the sweaters—quiet—oh, those horses! Basketball 2; Glee Club 1; F. F. A. Basketball I, 2; Audio-Visual Aids 1. ELAINE CIRILLO 1708 Main Street Ciril—Sam—Dad, can I have the car?—daily visits to Norwood Street. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Girls’ Sports 2; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 2; Future Teachers Club 2. 3, 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Biology Club 2; Mirror Staff 2, 3. 4; Sachem Staff. BEVERLY CLAMPIT 26 Dyatte Street Bev—Loves to flirt—personality plus—dimples. Graduation Usher; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 4 Club 3; Glee Club 1; Sachem Staff; Color Guard 4; Senior CHARLES CLARK 24 Campbell Drive Buddy—Good natured—looking for the perfect girl—Army bound. Transferred from Cathedral High, Springfield, in Freshman year. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Class Song Committee; Class Color Com- mittee; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Drama Club 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Senior Octet; Operetta 4; Mirror Staff 3; Sachem Staff; French Club 4; Leaders Corps 3, 4; Senior Play. BRUCE COBB 95 Edward Street 71 Sally—Great sport enthusiast—admirer of Ted Williams—second love, W baseball. Freshman Party Committee; Student Council I; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES COLLINS 131 Southwick Street Charlie—The tall one—quiet—pals with Bob L.—Junior Achievement member. Junior Cabaret Committee; Biology Club 2; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. 13 EMILE S. DAGLIO, JR. 68 Ottawa Street Dag—Romeo??—parking in Westside—cute—football player. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Commit- tee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee: Junior Marshal; Class Officer, Treasurer 2; Hockey Team 4, Assistant Captain; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Student Council 1, 3, President 4; Sachem Staff; Mirror Staff; Christmas Party 2, 4; Good Government Day Representative. t DONALD DAVIS Donald—Quiet—blushes easily— RICHARD D’AMATO 1720 Main Street Dickie—Always seen at Riverside—good roller skater—friendly—oh, those psychology classes. Pro Merito, President 4; Senior Play. Riverside Worker!!!! 63 Cleveland Street WILLIAM JOHN DcFORGE 1176 Springfield Street Dede—Gladys—always seen with Chubby—blushes easily!!! Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Motto Com- mittee; Class Will Committee; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. RICHARD DEL BARBA Enzo—Wyatt Earp—good for laughs 624 Main Street -where’s the Bomb???—Figi. Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Usher; Hockey Team 1; Camera Club 1; Ski Club 1; Biology Club 2; Sachem Staff; Audio-Visual Aids 3. JOSIANE DE LEEUW-FORD 167 South Westfield Street Josy—Ideal student—cheerleader—good sport—French whir—quiet until you get to know her. Pro Merito; transferred from Classical High School in Sophomore year. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Prophecy Committee; Junior Red Cross 3; Girls’ Sports 2, 3; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Volley- ball 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3, 4; Operetta 3, 4; Library Staff 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play; French Club 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Representative to the 1957 Massachusetts Girls’ State 3; Tennis 2, 3; French National Contest Winner 2; Gymnastic Show 3. 14ANNA ROSE DEMICHELE 55 Highland Street Anna- Sig brown eyes—careful driver—love those English classes??? Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2. 3; I. R. C. 2. 3, 4. Treasurer 4; Glee Club 2; Library Staff 3; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. JOAN DREWNOWSKI 1104'Shoemaker Lane Joanie—Petite—pretty blond hair—wedding bells in the near future. Junior Cabaret Committee; Graduation Usher; Glee Club 2, 3; Senior PlayfLit f Operetta 2, 3; Library Staff 4. JANICE DUMOND 680 Springfield Street Dewey—Have you got a piece of gum?—big flirt—giggler. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Girls’ Sports 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Personality Club 2. 3. 4; I. R .C. 3. 4; Glee Club 2; Biology Club 4; Future Nurses 2, 3, 4; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. RICHARD FERRANTI 1 0 JOHN FARINA CjT U 1274 Suffield Street Johnny—Always in the Library—hard worker—oh! those problems classes!! Junior Cabaret Committee; All State Chorus 4; Glee Club 4; Senior Octet 4; Operetta 4; Library- Staff 3, 4; Audio-Visual Aids 2; Chess Club 4. 23 Dover Street Dick—That savage yellow Plymouth—talks too much??? Transferred from Cathedral in Sophomore year. Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Usher: History Committee; Biology Club 2; Library Staff 4; Sachem Staff. EZILDA FITZGERALD 719 Suffield Street Penny—Paul—always with Judic—a West Side Jitterdoll—Roseland—weak- ness for sharp cars. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Color Com- mittee; Girls’ Sports 1; Personality Club 2. 4; Drama Club 4; Ski Club 4; Glee Club 2; Operetta 4; Library Staff 3, 4; Band I; Sachem Staff.RICHARD GAGNON 20 Center Street Richy—Maureen—curly red hair—what happened at last year’s Prom?? Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Baseball 4; Sachem Staff. MARGERY GIORDANO 739 Mill Street Margie—Petite—one of the girls—friendly—neat—Hartford Bound. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Officer, Secretary 3; All State Band 2; All State Chorus; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 2; -r Tri-Hi-Y 3; Personality Club 2, 3; Drama Club 3; Glee Club I, 2; Biology T y Club 2; Future Nurses 4; Library Staff 4; Mirror Staff I, 2, 3; Band 1,2; rty Sachem Staff; Senior Play. RICHARD GLOGOWSKI 33 Seymour Avenue Bonzo—Blushes easily—great athlete—Miss Miller's pet peeve. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3; All Western Mass. Football Team 4, Second M. V. P. Western Mass. Football 4. WENDELL GOSSE gJL in Street Billy—Judy—oh, those English classes—great baseball player. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prophecy Com- mittee; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Biology Club 2; Sachem Staff; Audio-Visual Aids 2. 1 SANDRA GRAZIANO 83 South West Street Sandy—Don—always with Merk at Angie’s—Westfield???—the gray Buick. iTransferred from St. Mary’s High School, Westfield, Massachusetts, in Junior year. Mirror Staff 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. THERESA GREGORY 443 Suffield Street Tag—Always with Anna—good athlete—quiet. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3; I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 3; Glee Club 2; Sachem Staff. 1 +SANDRA KNIGHTON 144 River Road Cindy--Big flirt!!!—loves to tease—very witty—always has something to say, about whom??? Transferred from Cathedral High School in Sophomore year. Personality Club 2; Glee Club 2, 3; Biology Club 2; Mirror Staff 2, 3; Sachem Staff. JANET MAE HESS 264 Elm Street Jan—Shy??—fun to be with—future nurse. Junior Cabaret Committee; Graduation Usher; Kid Party Committee; Prophecy Committee; Girls' Sports 1, 2; Majorettes 1, 2; Western Massa- chusetts Music Festival 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Drum Majorette 3, 4; Senior Play. v : RICHARD LANGEVIN ROBERT LANGDON 75 Cleveland Street Bob—Shy??—Dad, can I have the car?—pretty eyes—oh! those Sunday nights!!! mgnts::: Bi y ub 3. 380 Oak Street Hoppy—Always talking—mechanical artist—mischievous. Football 1, 2; Kid Party Committee. I rTTC VIRGINIA MAE LA VIOLETTE 41 Channcll Drive Gin—Oh! that giggle!—a beautiful voice—fun to be with. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Kid Party Com- mittee; Class Song and Poem Committee; Cap and Gown Committee; History Committee; Class Color Committee; All State Chorus 3; Senior Choralette I, 2, 3; Junior Red Cross 1; Girls’ Sports 1, 2; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 2, 3; Personality Club 2, 3; I. R. C. 2, 3; Drama Club 3; Ski Club 3; Glee Club 1, 2. 3; Senior Chorale 1, 2, 3; Maytime Concert 1, 2, 3; Operetta 2, 3; Mirror Staff 3; Band 3; Sachem Staff. 17JACQUELINE A. MacDONALD 44 Silver Lake Drive Jackie—Quiet—pleasing personality—Bobby. Prom Usher 3; Senior Choralette 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 3; Personality Club 2; Glee Club 2. 3; Senior Chorale; Future Nurses 4; Senior VPlay; Operetta 2, 4; Operetta Usher 4; Mirror Staff 4; Band 3; Sachem Staff. MARILYN ELLEN MARTEL Marilyn—Quiet—slow but sure 276 Suffield Street -a cooking and sewing expert. Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 4; Future Nurses 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. FRANCIS MARTIN 145 High Street Fran—Quiet—exceptional gymnast—got a pencil??? Track 3, 4; Gymnastic Show 3, 4. PATRICIA McGRADY 374 Meadow Street Patty—Danny—one of the celebrities at the lunch table—nice red hair. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Girls’ Sports 1, 2; Cheerleader 3, 4; Future Teachers Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Personality Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Library Staff 4; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff. LOUISE MERCADANTE 15 Agnoli Place Murphy—Tony—one of the girls!!!!—always with Sandy—quiet???? Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; His- jbry Committee; Junior Red Cross 3, Secretary 3; Girls’ Sports 2; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 2; Personality Club 2, 3, Secretary 3; Glee Club 2; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; NOMA Delegate 4; Senior Play. SANDRA MILLER 36 Withcridge Street Sandy—Short and sweet—one of the cheerleaders—future nurse. man Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret mittee; Prophecy Committee 4; Class Officer, Vice-President 1; Junior Cross 2, President 3; Girls’ Sports 1. 2, 3; Cheerleader. Junior Varsity 2, rsity 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chaplain 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; nior Play; Future Nurses 2, 3, President 4; Operetta 1, 3, 4; Mirror Staff 4; Sachem Staff. 18Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 2; Student Council 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. JOY ELIZABETH MONTAGNA Joy—One of the cheerleaders 12 Lexington Street -nice personality—brilliant—pretty. Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; History Committee; Class Officer. Secretary 1 ; Junior Red Cross. Treasurer 3; Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader, Freshman, Junior Varsity 3, Varsity 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 2, 3, Secretary 4; Glee Club 2; Biology Club 2; Operetta 2, 3; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. C BARBARA O’CONNOR 214 North Street seen at Riverside!!!—a Manager some day????— Barb—Sonny—always wedding bells in June. unior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Committee; Girls’ Sports 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; 2; Operetta 4; Liberty Staff 4; Sachem Staff. Graduation Usher; Class Gifts Personality Club 2, 3; I. R. C. FAYE VERONICA PARKER 855 Main Street Flirt—Oh, those eyes!—always somebody new—sweet and neat. Pro Merito; Junior Cabaret Committee 3; Kid Party Committee; Class Song Committee; History Committee; State Chorus 1, 2, 3; Senior Choralctte 3; Junior Red Cross 2, 3; Secretary 2; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Ti-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2, 3. 4; I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Biology Club 2; Color Guard 2, 3, 4; Senior Choral 3; Senior Play; May time Concert 2, 3; Operetta 2; Library Staff 4; Mirror Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; NOMA Delegate 4. ARMAND C. PASQUALE. JR. 244 Elm Street Butch—Wild driver—out to make a million—still looking—a good kid. Junior Cabaret Committee; History Committee; Football 1, 2, 3; Biology Club 2; Sachem Staff. 0 BARBARA PEYMAN 16 Thalia Drive Bobbi—Talkative—good dancer—West Side. Transferred from Commerce High School in Senior year. ItPIERR 25 Ley Street Pete—Jean III ! FflMhman Party Commit! rodtball 1; Western Mai Sachem Staff. —and shy???—Fiji’s pal. Sophomore Party Committee; Hockey Team 3; ichusetts Music Festival I; Basketball I; Band 1; GAY REYNOLDS 581 River Road Cay—Dick!!?—wow, those legs!!—cheerleader—brilliant. Pro Merito; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Com- mittee; Class Song Committee; Prophecy Committee; Junior Marshal; Class Officer. Vice-President 3; All State Chorus 4; Senior Choralettes 4; Girls Sports 1. 2; Cheerleader, Freshman, Junior Varsity, Varsity 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 2, 3, 4; Mirror Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Operetta 2, 3, 4; Maytime Concert 3; Student Council 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Senior Chorale 3. 4; Color Guard 2. 3; Biology Club 2; Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Camera Club 1; Personality Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. President 4; Future Teachers Club 2, 3; Sachem Staff; D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award; Lions’ Club - Oratorical Contest 4; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4. RICHARD PHANEUF 12 Stanley Place Phoof—Smart dresser—talkative—flirt—big tease—always singing—ladies’ man. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Football 1. 2; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Operetta 1; Band 1, 2; Sachem Staff. LINDA JOYCE PICKARD 46 Greenacre Lane Lynn—What would Agawam be like without her dancing?—the Chevy bomb!! Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Girls’ Sports 1, 2; Personality Club 1, 2; Drama Club 3; Glee Club 1; Color Guard 4; Student Council 1; Operetta I, 2, 3. 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1; Sachem Staff. Rad—cleats—good tackle—always blushing—Barbery Coast. Freshman Party Committee 1; Sophomore Party Committee 2; Kid Party Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Hockey Team 3; Football 3. 4; Drama Club 4; Glee Club 1; Biology Club 2; Mirror Staff; Sachem Staff; Audio- Visual Aids. ROBERT PISANO 595 Mill Street Bobby—Quiet—future Prom Usher 1; Senior Play; Operett, anager—Jackie?? ? Grant's hfonaf RADWILOWICZ 45 Homer Street 20JOSEPH N. RINALDI, JR. Joe—Tall, dark and handsome—good football player. Freshman Party Committee; Junior Red Cross 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; All Western Mass. Football Squad 4. PETER ROSSI 1031 Main Street Pete—Tech—in and out of trouble—mischievous. Prom Committee 3; Football 1, 2; Track 2; Sachem S Aids 1; Senior Play. PAUL D. RUSSELL 76 Carr Avenue X-Swabie—What happened in Florida??—Royal Blood—get a job. LEOI JA -SAFFORD 35 Sunnyslope Avenue Leona—Quiet, but!!—our Miss Homemaker—maybe modeling. Girls’ Sports 2; Personality Club 2, 3; Senior Play. d DWIGHT A. SANGREY 15 Melrose Place Dwight—Our Mr. I. Q.—likes hunting ? and ? !—Witty old chap, aren't you? Transferred from Summit High School, Summit, New Jersey, in Sophomore year. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prophecy Committee; All State Chorus 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Student Council 3, 4; Senior Octet 4; Operetta 4; Sachem Staff; Harvard Book Award; Senior May. EMILIO SANTINI Coat—Fox and Bill’s friend—girls 883 Springfield Street -U. S. Air Force—Sizzlin Six—Westfield. Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Kid Party Committee; Basketball 1; Track 2, 3; Biology Club 2; NOMA Delegate 4. 21WAYNE SECORD 230 River Road Zeke—Gwen—Agawam River Rat —New Year’ Eve. Hockey Team 4; Football 1; Baseball 2. NANCY STEBBINS 789 Main s,reet Nan—Rick—hot Chevy—The Three Musketeers Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Glee Club 2, 4. KAREN KRISTINE STEPHENS 449 River Road Stevearino—Jim—wedding bells in June—ski enthusiast—good worker Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Class Motto Committee; Class Will Committee; Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 3; Ski Club 2, 3. 4. President 4; Library Staff 3, 4; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. VERNON STORK Federal Street Storkie—Our high school cutie—another year on crutches—card with the boys. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Hockey Team 3, 4; Baseball 1; Camera Club 1; Drama Club 4; Student Council 3. ROBERT C. STRNISTE 76 Monroe Street Buddy—Pam—quiet type—eventually will get a car. Western Massachusetts Music Festival 3, 4; Baseball 4; Camera Club 2; Glee Club 4; Biology Club 2; Senior Octet 4; Operetta 4; Sachem Staff. CAROL JOAN TAYLOR 526 South Westfield Street Carol—Quiet—always friendly—willing to help—a lady. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Graduation Usher; Tennis 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Personality Club 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. 22ROBERT TETREAULT 29 South Alhambra Circle Tate—Remember Asset ins?—loves cool music—girl troubles—always giving someone a ride. Basketball 1; Western Massachusetts Music Festival; Glee Club 4; Maytime Concert 2; Operetta 2; Sachem Staff. LILA LEE THOMPSON 14 Florida Drive Sadie—Future nurse??—pretty blonde hair—pals with Beverly—loads of fun. Transferred from Forest Park Junior High in Sophomore year. Prom Usher; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4; Personality Club 2. 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 3; Color Guard 4; Future Nurses 3, 4; Operetta 4; Library Staff 2; Mirror Staff 2; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. SANDRA TOMLINSON 21 Barney Street Sandy—Loves French class—slight accent—conscientious—oh! those ranks!! Transferred from Bethpage High School. Long Island, in Junior year. Kid Party Committee; Class Song Committee; Prophecy Committee; Senior Choralette 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Senior Chorale 4; Operetta 4; Mirror Staff 4; Sachem Staff; French Club 4; Senior Play. CAROL TRICINBLLA 24 Highland Avenue Tricy—Always dresses nice—a lot of fun—oh! those Will meetings—Putt . . . putt . . . putt. Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee; Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4, Treasurer 4; I. R. C. 2, 3; Biology Club 2; Student Council 2, 3; Library Staff 3, 4; Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Model Congress 4; Senior Play. 242 Elm Street JOSEPH VOISLOW Joe—Jan—oh! those blue eyes—big tease—athlete. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; «Junior-f? Committee; Proin Committee; Kid Party Committee; Prom Ifeh(g;(l5a Gown Committee; Hockey 1. 2. 4; Hockey Club 4. PresideAffSWball 3. 4; Basketball 1 ; Track 1. 2, 4; Mirror Staff 4; SacfQm tfftift fcll W Mass. Football Squad 4. BEVERLY ANN WHITEHEAD Bev—Ben—always with Sheila—mischifCous Walnut Street nts a liamond. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Graduation Usher; Kid Party Committee; Class Gifts Committee; Girls’ Sports 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; I. R. C. 2; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. 23RICHARD H. WILSON 61 Memorial Drive Richie—Virginia—good looking—blond wavy hair—oh, am I smart!—good hockey player. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee: Hockey 3. 4, Captain 4; Football 3, 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1; Track 3; Baseball 2; Drama Club 4. Treasurer 4; Hockey Club, Vice- President 4; Band !; Sachem Staff; Golf 3, 4; Senior Play. DOROTHY MARIE ZUCCO 395 Suffield Street Dotty—Cheerleader—pretty eyes--nice dresser—sunny smile. Pro Merito, Vice-President; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Graduation Usher; Class Song Committee; Senior Choralette 2. 3; Girls' Sports 1, 2; Junior Varsity Cheer- leader 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 3; Future Teachers Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Senior Chorale 2, 3; Maytime Concert 2, 3; Operetta 2, 3; Mirror Staff 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. 24v“U)o-v-:x 3 «XMi o'tet’fcc. - - Vflue ftvVe.v i G»pATHe ' o''vr s "T o v Suhi 0 Zajlccl o 1 fcda J ri KK' 2Ti OTV' :nc.-alfi.nt I I —TT Sii 8 ■ 1-1- d a ■ d - - « - -i VtlV- KC» uouu WV tV. - rma. nu. — ttv il5 tiwt -to SMi uoox»---BkC - OUV 1 - fft V. Wi w Wc - -ture , Wv fmoV.-io tN - - ev- J -VfMut. gftt h w I l . P i iLt F 1-1 1 uvtw '”£« TF ovotmjL a A. S A «, , »»l - “ uXfe- tfruj CWwifm £z Wv«- d»«v tUjA. ow sati -S ve vS«W Vo m m m-------------rf r g==g ‘ “ Fini. p S: I Ol I I 1 1 -9- s 9- Fof tKi Kn«w - - Ico c. v ow "Kaoc M» mwvVK =%M=- 1 1 i r] F§ ? f 1 1 u i J Hl| i jlJAM KtUD ano -tjOv sil lit OU. u.s u«'l l»ne Mp' - m j P f 25 -p- ;=r iIt’s the year 1988 and seven members of the class of 1958 from Agawam High School are launching a submarine for a trip around the world to see what their classmates are doing. Sandy Miller (Ship’s nurse): Golly, I never expected so many people to come to see us disembark for our trip around the world. Billy Gosse (Torpedo officer) : Hey: Look over there! Isn’t that Joe Rinaldi, the Mayor of New York City, shaking hands with Robert Broggi, President of the U. S., and his charming First Lady, Joy Montagna? Janet Hess (Navigator) : Joseph Voislow, Principal of Agawam High School, and his wife, Janet Caserio, Superintendent of the Agawam Schools, have collabo- rated to write a farewell speech for us. Let’s listen. Sandy Tomlinson (Ship’s first mate): I surely hope the tug from Bruce Cobb’s Tugboat Service doesn’t scratch any paint from our beautiful sub, designed by Paul Russell and Walter Bush. (Sub is tugged out of the harbor) Dwight Sangrey (Captain): Isn’t that the torch of the Statue of Liberty straight ahead? Through these binoculars, made by Richard D'Amato and Kenneth Molta, I spy some former classmates admiring our sub, The Dacey Ducey. Josiane Deleeuw-Ford (Language interpreter): Vous avez raison! It’s Elaine Cirillo, Robert Charest, Judy Brayton, and Charles Collins. I hear they are the new owners of the Hotel Agawam. (Time passes) Gay Reynolds (Engine Room officer): Be prepared! We’re about to surface! We’re in Bermuda. Through the high-powered periscope, another of Richie and Kenny’s inventions, I just saw Richard Ferranti and Faye Parker basking in the sun, enjoying their second honeymoon. Sandy M.s Let’s go through the Panama Canal. I want to see how business is with Dennis Crowley (the famous sweater vendeur) and Penny, the Fitzgerald Kid, who has a flourishing Panama hat business. Billy: Now that we have found that Penny’s hats are selling faster than Dennis’ crew necks, let’s go to Hawaii. (The sub cruises along) Isn’t that Franny Martin, the great long distance swimmer, practicing his strokes out there in the blue Pacific? Janet: Looking at my directional gyro, I see that we have reached the Hawaiian Isles. 26Sandy T.: Look at those fabulous guitar players! It can’t be our classmates, Robert Langdon and Robert Slrniste! Can they ever strum! Dwight: Never mind the guitar players; look at the Hula dancers. Nancy Stebbins, Sheila Burns, Anna Demichele, and Joan Drewnowski can certainly do the Hula. What do you say we stop here for a few months? Josy: That’s O.K. with me. I used to have a crush on one of those guitar players. Gay: My mouth is watering for some of those pineapples grown by Pierre and Richard Phaneuf and their wives Leona Safford and Marilyn Martel. (After eating the pineapples) Make way to sail again! This time for Australia. (Having landed in Australia) Sandy M.: I read in Marie Carestia’s article, “Nothing Escapes Me,’’ that two of the A.H.S. football stars, Richard Glogowski and James (Turk) Bruno, have trained the only kangaroo football team in the world. Billy: I’m hungry! Let’s go buy a steak at Boden and Bonomi’s Beef Farm. They’re known the world around for their thick, juicy, tender steaks. Janet: As you see I’ve re-adjusted our instruments, and we are now in China. Shall we hop off our sub and see how many of our good old school chums we can find? (Everyone agrees.) I sec one already. Karen Stephens is working in yonder fields, raising enough rice to keep her twelve children and husband alive. Sandy T.: Therc’e Dorothy Zucco giving Karen's children their morning lesson in etiquette. Dwight: Look at that crazy wheelbarrow — I mean rickshaw. Let’s take a ride! What do you know! The rickshaw business is run by the Robert Pisanos (she’s the former Jacqueline MacDonald). Josy: Well, Janet, head for India next. They say India has some interesting spectacles, namely, Donald Davis with his harem of three — Barbara O’Connor, Sandra Knighton, and Carol Van Wagner. Gay. Now that we’ve reached Calcutta, we can see the peak of Mt. Everest, the highest “hill” in the world. Oh! Who’s that on top of the huge mountain. Why, it’s — it’s the world famed mountain climbers, Joe Radwilowicz and Armand Pasquale. They must have taken their vitamin pills through the years. Sandy M.: Since Billy is turning green with seasickness and since our poor sub is about to fall apart unless it’s repaired, why don’t we cruise into Italy and tour other European countries? Billy: Good idea! My doctor, Richard Gagnon, is vacationing in Italy now. He should be able to give me some pills to remedy my ills. Oooooooh, am I ever sick! Janet: Don’t forget to tell our able mechanics, Richard Langevin and Wayne Secord, to bring our sub, after it’s repaired, to Spain so we can continue our trip. Meanwhile, let’s sec what Italy has to offer in the way of the Class of 1958. Sandy T.: Look at this poster! “Tonight at 8 in the Bop Canteen of Italy, Robert Tetreault and Nicky Buoniconti spin John Farina’s latest records. Special attraction — “Judy Chagnon and the latest American Bop numbers!” It’s too bad we don’t have time for the dance tonight, but we must be on our way. Dwight: I’m hungry, and I’m sure Billy is, now that he’s recovered. This Pizza Palace looks inviting. Well, if it isn’t Barbara Bellano and Carol Tncinella. Serve us your best dish, gals! 27Josy: I’ll never be able to climb those Swiss Alps after such a scrumptious and filling meal; but I must if I want to see my good friends, Carol Taylor, Barbara Peyman, and Jean Arnold manufacturing their special cheeses. Gay: Are my eyes deceiving me or is that Emilio Santini leading his goats out to pasture. Listen! Is he yodcling? What a voice! Sandy M.: C’mon kids! Our tour won’t be complete without a peek at gay Paris. Let’s hop in the helicopter and take off. (In Paris) Billy: My suit’s threadbare. I’d like to buy some new clothes here. This shop is appealing — "Richard Wilson’s Apparel Shop.” Say, is that the Richy Wilson from ’58? Maybe he’ll give an old buddy a discount. Janet: You really look sharp in that French beret, Billy. It’s just perfect for the Moulin Rouge Room. Let’s ask our taxi driver, Richard Del Barba, to take us to the Club. (At the Moulin Rouge) My stars! If it isn’t Beverly Clampit and Lila (Sadie) Thompson catering to the needs of Duane Asta-Ferrero, the M. C.! Sandy 7 : Have a seat, kids! I can’t bear to miss Janice Bilodeau, and Jean Allen’s specialty tap routine. Order me a glass of pink champagne, will you, Dwight? Dwight: I will — just this once; but remember we head for Spain and the glorious bull fights early tomorrow morning. Josy: Thank heavens we were able to buy tickets for the bull fights! Can that be Edith Cammissa throwing her red rose to the great matador, Peter Rossi? Gay: I’m so glad Pete didn’t get killed in the fight! (All agree.) We can’t leave Spain without viewing the celebrated ballet! (At the ballet) Sandy A .: Oh, no! Hand me my glasses, Bill. Freddie — Freddie Uschmann and Linda Pickard! I never knew Fred was go graceful. He must have acquired his ballet skill while catching those passes at the A.H.S. football games. Billy: (After the ballet.) Back to sea again! Shall w-c take a run to Africa? Who knows what we’ll find there. Janet: (In Africa.) I see Charlie Clark’s dream came true — Head of the French Foreign Legion for Women. His best soldiers arc Gloria DiDonato, Theresa Gregory, Beverly Whitehead, Janet Borgatti and Janice Dumond. Sandy T. Oh, this is too much! Onward to England. Change the gyro to north, Janet! Dwight: After we dock at Southampton, let’s proceed by train to London and an evening at the Palladium where we can hear the class vocalist, Virginia LaViolette. Josy: I want to purchase a few odds and ends at the Five and Ten. This is a new brand of dime stores — Vernon Storkworth’s — anything from soup to nuts, including the two best sales girls in the world, Louise Mercadante and Sandra Graziano. Gay: That was an interesting trip, but I’m dying to sec if Ireland is really all green. Let’s hop aboard and plow our way through the deeps of the sea to Erin. Sandy M.: I can’t go home without some souvenirs. Let’s try this shop! Pat — Patricia McGrady, my old cheering buddy! Of all things — you’re special- izing in ashtrays and sugar bowls. Your own collection? 28Billy: I’m tired of traveling. Homeward bound at last! There sure arc millions of islands in this vast ocean. Janet: I’ve always wished I could be on a desert island — oh, look! Isn’t that an old Agawam football jersey waving on that palm tree on that island? Sandy T.: Why, yes! Let’s look into this! Dwight: It’s — no, it can’t be — Emile (Butch) Daglio! Poor guy — Marooned and no women around! Josy: Such a tragedy — especially for Butch! Gay: Let’s take him aboard! Quick, Janet change the gyro! Sandy M.: Hi, Butch! Hop on! You’re a real lady-killer with your long gray beard, grandpa! Billy: Glad to have you join our crew, Butch. We should see our homeland, America, pretty soon. Janet: Here we are! The Statue of Liberty is looming once again before our weary eyes. Sandy T.: Here comes the tugboat. Home at last! Dwight: What a welcoming party! Billy DeForge, Secretary of the Navy, and his wife, Margery Giordano, came especially to offer their congratulations for such a successful voyage. Josy: We’re famous! Robert Harkins and Anthony Buoniconti are waiting to interview us for that popular T.V. show, “You Cried For It.” Gay: Our class is one which has spread the good name of Agawam High School to the four comers of the earth. We can all well be proud to have been members of the Class of 1958. Prophecy Committee Sandra Miller Sandra Tomlinson JOSIANE DeLEEUW-FoRD Dwight Sangrey Janet Hess Gay Reynolds Wendell Gosse 29JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Thomas Buoniconti Secretary: Florence Davio Treasurer President: Vice-President Jean Kasper Timothy LetendreJean Allen Diamond A ring you are looking for, So here is one at your front door. Jean Arnold Memo You can record all the ways, By which to reach success someday. Duane Asta-Ferrero Lawn Mower When the days are warm and sunny, Use this lawn mower to make some money. Barbara Bellano Sleeping Pill Since you never run out of zest. Use this pill to make you rest. Janice Bilodeau Magazine When you find you have nothing to do. Take this magazine to look through. Robert Boden Plow A good farmer you will make; Here’s a plow to take. Robert Bonomi Horn A horn for you to start a riot Because everyone knows you're so quiet. Janet Borgatti Gum What would you do without your gum? We bet your jaws would get quite numb. Judith Brayton Radio When you’re at home with nothing to do, This will help make all your skies blue. Robert Broooi Map A map you’ll need to get around Without Dag on the campus ground. James Bruno Book on Football Since you plan to go to college. We leave you this book on football knowledge. Anthony Buoniconti Tooth Paste To keep that sparkling smile so bright. Use this in the morning and at night. Nicholas Buoniconti Calendar We know of your troubles in keeping dates; . Here is a calendar to keep them straight. Sheila Burns F n To you we leave this pretty fan So you can find the perfect man. Walter Bush Mirror and Comb Here is a mirror and comb for your wavy mass, Please don't use them in any class. Edith Cammisa Book on Dancing Because you like record hops, Here's a book to make you tops. Marie Carestia Lipstick To keep your lips so red and neat, Here’s some lipstick that can't be beat. Janet Caserio Notebook At college a notebook will be a demand. So always keep this in your hand. Judith Chacnon Baby Doll You need much practice for things to be; Try bouncing this upon your knee. Robert Charest Pillow If ever you want to take a rest, Use this pillow which will serve you best. Elaine Cirillo Pep Pills When the end of the day is near, Take these pills to give you cheer. Beverly Clampit Luck Charm and String We give you this charm and string. In hopes that good luck they will bring. Charles Clark Mistletoe Hang this mistletoe on your door. To show the girls what it’s for. Bruce Cobb Baseball As a baseball player you were great; Now you’re our big league candidate. Charles Collins Book of Knowledge To you we give this book of knowledge. So you won’t end up in Sing Sing College. Dennis Crowley Horse Since your horse is so worn down. Use this one to get around. Emile Daclio Hockey Puck To you we give this hockey puck, In hopes that you will have good luck. Richard D’Amato Top Hat You are deserving of this top hat rare, For being a gentleman everywhere. 31Donald Davis Gun To a bi boy who is so quiet. Take this gun and look like Wyatt. William DeForge Basketball With this basketball you’ll be a star No matter where you are. Richard Del Barba Shoe Polish To keep your shoes shining bright, Use this stuff every night. JosiANNE De Leeuw-Ford Pen and Ink When you’re away at college, Use this to help you with your knowledge. Anna Demichele Pills Since you are always sick, here’s a jar of pills For headaches, pains, colds, and chilli. Gloria DiDonato Powder Puff Because you’re as sweet as marshmallow fluff, We give you this little powder puff. Joan Drewnowski House Here is a big, big house, To live in forever with your spouse. Janice Dumond Nurse’s Cap To you we give this nurse’s cap; Now don’t end up in a doctor’s lap. John Farina Comb This comb we feel will do the trick To keep your hair very neat and slick. Richard Ferranti String On your finger tie this string; We hope good luck to you will bring. Ezilda Fitzgerald Paint Set These paints will aid you in your art, And make you an expert from the start. Richard Gagnon Can of Spinach This can of spinach will help grow One of the nicest boys you’ll ever know. Margery Giordano Bobby Pins Use these bobby pins best you can To lend your mother a helping hand. Richard Glocowski Football Against Braintree you were a star; Carry this with you wherever you are. Wendell Gosse Horn Blow this horn and make some sound So everyone will know that you’re around. Sandra Graziano Cadillac In case you haven’t got the jack. We leave you a new Cadillac. Theresa Greoory Bell Because you never make a sound; Use this bell when you’re around. Robert Harkins S. O. S. If your Ford ever lets you down, Throw out this S.O.S. and you’ll be found. Janet Hess Thermometer This will help you as a nurse Whether your patients be good or worse. Sandra Knighton Canvas and Oil Paints We know you draw very well, So paint us a picture that’s swell. Robert Langdon Horn To help make yourself known, Here’s a horn which must be blown. Richard Lanoevin Flashlight If you can’t find your way at night, Use this ever handy flashlight. Virginia La Violette Box of Chocolates You have a humor that can’t be beat; These chocolate candies will be a treat. Jacqueline MacDonald- Elevated Shoes Each year you seem to be smaller, So we leave you these to make you taller. Marilyn Martel Needle Since you sew quite dandy, We hope these needles will be handy. Francis Martin Cymbals Clash these cymbals loud and clear, So we’ll know when you are here. Patricia McGrady Marriage License A marriage license you desire, So here is something you can admire. Louise Mercadante Curl When you were a little girl, You had the cutest curl. Sandra Miller Nurse’s Cap When your nurse’s cap is won, You’ll be admired by everyone. Kenneth Molta Physics Book A physics book we give to thee; So you’ll always be close to Mr. B. Joy Montagna Dictionary When typing a word and in doubt. We give you this to help you out. Barbara O’Connor Date Book When you leave school and have no mates, Look in this book for a date. Faye Parker Pencils Keep these pencils sharp and handy, For as a secretary you’ll be a dandy. Armand Pasquale Talking Pills Because you are such a quiet fellow, These talking pills will make you bellow. Barbara Peyman Petticoat Bells Because you seldom make a sound. We'll hear you when you’re around. Pierre Phaneup Bank Save your money while you’re young, For that rainy day to come. 32Richard Phaneuf Hot-Rod Muffler Now listen to us and please take heed. Add this to your car and do a good deed. Linda Pickard Contract Your talents are known to everyone here; Take this contract to start your career. Robert Pisano Whistle This is for you to use as bait, So you can get yourself a date. Joseph Radwilowicz Witty Remark Here’s a witty remark to add to your collection; We hope it will steer you in the right direction. Gay Reynolds Notebook Pad Take this notebook every day, So your notes will never stray. Joseph Rinaldi Microphone This microphone we know is a must. And it will carry your voice to us. Peter Rossi Toy To you we give this little toy, Because you’re such a handsome boy. Paul Russell Clock To keep you from being late each morning, This clock will give you fair warning. Leona Safford Thimble Since your fingers are so nimble. We present you with this thimble. Dwioht Sancrey Test Because everything you do is best. Let's see how you can do on this test. Emilio Santini Goat Because this is your nickname, We give you one that's the same. Wayne Secord Autograph Book To keep your old friends always in mind. Look at this book from time to time. Nancy Stebbins Dancing Shoes To you we give these dancing shoes. So you can dance away your blues. Karen Stephens Wild Flowers The wild flowers you brought have enlightened our days; This bouquet that we give we hope you’ll praise. Vernon Stork Book of Rules We know you’re fond of arguing, so in any verbal fight Use Roberts’ Rules of Order and be sure you’re in the right. Robert Strniste Coffee To keep you very wide awake, This coffee you should always take. Carol Taylor An Apple Pie For a girl who likes apples sour or sweet, Here’s an apple treat that’s hard to beat. Robert Tetreault Record Wc give this to the disc jockey who was great, To remember the class of “58”. Lila Thompson Blue Ribbon Prize Because you’re very witty and wise, We give you this blue ribbon prize. Sandra Tomlinson Suit of Clothes To you we leave the suit of clothes. To wear to meet your beaux. Carol Tricinella Notebook To college we know you are proceeding; This little black book you'll be needing. Frederick Uschmann Car This isn’t a Ford — sad but true. We hope that this one will do. Carol Van Wagner Bobby Pins Because your hair is long and straight. We leave you these bobby pins to make it look great. Joseph Voislow Hockey Stick For you a hockey stick. To score full many a hat trick. Beverly Whitehead A Benny A Benny is usually known as a coat, But the one you have chosen gets our vote. Richard Wilson Lock and Key This lock and key we hope will do To keep your dear from escaping you. Dorothy Zucco Key Use this key to lock your marking book. So your trusting pupils can’t take a look. 33 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President-. Theodore I)e Cosmo Secretary: Vice-President: Caroi. Scaknki.i. Treasurer Rosemary Beer Leonard CAST Pilot — Richie Ferranti Navigator — Butch Pasquale Stewardesses — Faye Parker and Joy Montagna Passengers — Louise Mercadante and Ginnie LaViolette AGAWAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please. Plane 27, Flight 19, will be leaving at Gate 2 in four minutes. If you have not done so, it might be advisable for you to take out an ins urance policy at the machine near the ticket booth. Scene: Cockpit Richie: Pilot to navigator! Pilot to navigator! Wo will climb to an altitude of 1,954 feet, and rise to an altitude of 1,958 feet. Please plot our course accordingly and give me our reading. Scene: Terminal Building Louise: Well, we have a long trip ahead of us. I can’t wait to sit in those comfortable plane seats; my feet arc killing me! Ginnie: Yes, we had better hurry; we don’t want to miss this plane. It is the only one we can take back. .Scene: Stewardesses checking flight list and greeting passengers boarding plane. Faye: Oh, Joy, look who is taking this flight with us — Louise Mercadante and Ginnie LaViolette! Joy: Remember Miss Smith and our homeroom? We certainly had wonderful times. I hope they get their scats right, considering the trouble everyone had with his scat in assembly and the debates over the seats. Faye: Hi! It’s been a long time. You will never guess who arc pilot and navigator of this plane — Richie Ferranti and Butch Pasquale. Louise: Oh no, with those two piloting the plane, we may land in West Side. Joy: As soon as everyone is seated, we can all go up to the cockpit and have a little reunion. Scene: Cockpit Richie: Pilot to control tower. Final preparations have been completed. We are prepared to take off upon receiving your signal. Louise: I hope this trip is as much fun as the one that we took through high school. Those days were perhaps the most enjoyable we shall ever have. Joy: Yes, you’re right. Remember our frantic Freshman year? We had Mrs. Sherman for our class adviser. Ginnie: And that Freshman Party! The boys sat on one side of the room and the girls on the other. Boy, they have sure changed since! The party was called the “Maytime Swing.” It was our first attempt at those big social events. Butch : We had double sessions too—all afternoon to do our homework or to enjoy ourselves. The Freshman cheerleaders, Barbara Bcllano, Carol Tricinclla, Gay Reynolds, Judy Murphy, Janet Caserio, and Joy Montagna spent many afternoons cheering for the Freshman basketball team. 35Faye: Our first class officers were Turk Bruno, president; Sandy Miller, vice-president; Joy, secretary; and Bob Broggi, treasurer. Richie: In our Sophomore year, you were moving into a new high school, and I was moving into a new town as well. Everyone was pretty clever those first few days, managing to get out of classes because he couldn’t find the right room. Louise: It seemed that the school was almost a maze of corridors until we became acquainted with it. Ginnie: Our Sophomore officers were Turk Bruno, Sandy Miller, Margie Giordano, and Butch Daglio. The outstanding event that year was the "Springtime Swirl.” Butch: It wasn’t so bad that year. At least everyone danced. Tinker Coons and Janice Bilodeau did a pantomime, entitled “Get Out of the Car.” Richie: Butch Daglio, Bob Broggi, and Larry Montagna did a hilarious take-off on the Three Haircuts. From what you tell me, that was the year Mrs. Kailock’s headaches began. She was fortunate enough to receive the honor of being our class adviser. Louise: What about the operetta that year. Ginnie had the female lead; she howled through the next year’s operetta too. Faye: “Terrible” Turk was re-elected in our Junior year. Gay Reynolds, Gloria DiDonato, and Bob Broggi were the other officers. We had a tremendous Junior Cabaret. Our assembly for that dance was really a success. Everyone put many hours into that, and it was worth it. We had no script to go by so every time we went over the skit, it came out differently. Ginnie: Wasn’t the Cabaret entitled “Moonlight and Memories?" Butchie Saracino was our capable chairman. He did a marvelous job, but what a tyrant he was! He really made us work. Butch: I guess we found out what the .Seniors thought of us. Boy, that “Will" put a lot of people in their places. Joy: May 31 was a memorable night; that was the night of our Prom, “Stairway to the Stars.” It was under the direction of Butchie Saracino. We were the first class to have use of the crystal ball donated by the Class of ’56. Ginnie: The floral decorations in that garden gave the scenery a realistic atmosphere and imprinted a lasting impression on everyone. I’ll never forget all the trouble we had with the leaky fountain. Faye: Members of our class served as ushers that night and the night of graduation, when Gay Reynolds and Butch Daglio served as Junior Marshals. Louise: Then our Senior year finally arrived. Bob Broggi, Barbara Bcllano, Gloria DiDo- nato, and Fred Uschmann were our capable officers. Butch Daglio was elected president of the Student Council, and Gay Reynolds was elected vice-president. The efficient Student Council made a valuable set of rules during our Senior year, Joy: in regard to dances held in the school. Our fabulous 1957 football team, composed of many Senior boys, won the Western Mass. A A football championship. Turk Bruno, who broke Joe Pisano’s Western Mass, record, brought great honors to A.H.S. Butch: Other outstanding members on that team were: Bob Broggi, Butch Daglio, Joe Voislow, Richie Wilson, Joe Radwilowicz, Ed Modzclewski, Chubby McCarthy, Pete Schindler, Dick Glogowski, Frank Kinsley, Bruce Cobb, Joe Rinaldi, Fred Uschmann, Charlie Clark, and Ray Fcrrero. Faye: Besides a championship team, we had cheerleaders of equal ability whom we were proud to have representing our school. They were Dottie Zucco, Gay Reynolds, Sandy Miller, Josy Ford, Pat McGrady, and Oh yes, you Joy. You can stop twisting Louise: my arm now! And don’t let us forget the very nice color guard that we had. You were one of the original members of the color guard weren’t you, Faye? It was your third year as a member and you were chosen Captain. I can still remember the drill you used to do. Butch: I hate to interrupt, but this map shows that we’re going to run into some rough weather. 36Richie: YVc certainly had a rough time making decisions in our Senior year. After a good deal of trouble we finally decided on ordering crew hats. Mr. Daccy commented on the various ways the hats could be worn to illustrate our individual personalities. We chose mint green and silver as our class colors, and started searching for a motto, which finally turned out to be “Our Ideal Lies in the Future.” Joy: Our Kid Party brightened our Christmas season. Again Butchic Saracino was elected chairman. Mrs. Kallock sat on Santa’s knee and, like all the other good children, received her gift. Ginnie: Everyone worked extremely hard oh their section of the yearbook, too. Louise Faye: Bosworth’s and Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!! Faye: I bet Mr. Wright was sick of seeing our handsome and beautiful faces. Butch: Remember the friendly feelings between the hockey and basketball teams. Both teams had a difficult season. Richie: Organizing the Senior Play w-as a big job, but like everything the mighty Seniors attempted, it was a big success. The title of the play was Finders Creepers, a mystery-comedy. Joy: Preparation for the banquet terminated in a memorable evening, especially when the History, Gifts, and Prophecy were read. Louise: Graduation was here before we realized what was happening. Those last few weeks we were busy measuring for caps and gowns and learning our mournful Class Song. Ginnie: With the graduation march still ringing in our ears, we left the halls of A.H.S. Our sorrow vanished as our Class Picnic began. Butch: There’s the signal; fasten your safety belts and pul away your handkerchiefs, we’re taking off on our unknown journey. Fayf. Parker Joy Montagna Virginia LaViolette Louise Mercadante Richard Ferranti Armand Pasqcale 37OFFICERS Thomas Buiso Secretary Philip Goit.p Treasurer Patricia Ramah Montagna President: Vice-President:39I WHO RATES IN ’58 TITLE FIRST CHOICE SECOND CHOICE Miss . Q. Mr. I. Q. Miss Personality Mr. Personality Miss Etiquette Mr. Etiquette Prettiest Girl Most Handsome Boy Best Natured Girl Best Natured Boy Best Dressed Girl Best Dressed Boy Best Girl Athlete Best Boy Athlete Best All Around Girl Best All Around Boy Class Wit {Girl) Class Wit {Boy) Girl Who Did Most for School Boy Who Did Most for School Class Coquette Class Casanova Girl Most Likely to Succeed Boy Most Likely to Succeed Biggest Tease {Girl) Biggest Tease {Boy) Class Chatterbox {Girl) Class Chatterbox {Boy) Best Girl Dancer Best Boy Dancer Cutest Girl Cutest Boy Class Sister Class Brother Class Artist Class Musician Best Girl Singer Best Boy Singer Most Mischievous Girl Most Mischievous Boy Quietest Girl Quietest Boy Class Clown {Girl) Class Clown {Boy) Best Homemaker Jack of All Trades Class Couple Josiannc Delecuw-Ford Richard D’Amato Barbara Bcllano Frederick Uschmann Joy Montagna Robert Broggi Janet Caserio Emile Daglio Louise Mercadante Frederick Uschmann Carol Tricinella Richard Wilson Theresa Gregory James Bruno Gay Reynolds Robert Broggi Marie Carestia William DcForgc Gay Reynolds Robert Broggi Penny Fitzgerald Vernon Stork Gay Reynolds Robert Broggi Marie Carestia Vernon Stork Marie Carestia Peter Rossi Linda Pickard Emile Daglio Jean Allen Richard Wilson Dorothy Zucco Kenneth Molta Penny Fitzgerald Richard Phaneuf Virginia LaViolette John Farina Marie Carestia Peter Rossi Leona Safford Robert Bonomi Marie Carestia Richard Glogowski Joan Drewnowski Joseph Voislow Janet Cascrio Joseph Voislow Gay Reynolds Dwight Sangrcy Gay Reynolds Robert Broggi Gloria DiDonato Robert Bonomi Linda Pickard James Bruno Margery. Giordano James Bruno Janet Cascrio Emile Daglio Karen Stephens Richard Glogowski Barbara Bellano Frederick Uschmann Judith Chagnon Richard D’Amato Janet Caserio James Bruno Judith Chagnon Emile Daglio Josianne Dclecuw-Ford Richard D’Amato Dorothy Zucco Frederick Uschmann Sheila Bums Frederick Uschmann Penny Fitzgerald Richard Ferranti Joy Montagna Pierre Phaneuf Sandra Miller Emilio Santini Theresa Gregory Gay Reynolds Linda Pickard James Bruno Margery Giordano Vernon Stork Marilyn Martel Robert Stmistc Janice Dumond Richard Phaneuf Leona Safford Armand Pasqualc 40"FINDERS CREEPERS" CAST Hercules Nelson Robert Broggie Wilbur Maxwell William DcForgc Celeste Nelson .... . Sandra Miller Nina Quigley . . . . Faye Parker Jason T. Quigley Charles Clark Frankie Nelson Jean Arnold Aunt Mary Nelson Sandra Tomlinson Uncle Bob Nelson Charles Collins Granny Dr. Brown .... Richard Wilson Madeline .... Janet Hess Harry Schuster Peter Rossi Daphinc, the maid Lila Lee Thompson Claude, the caretaker Dwight Sangrcy The annual Senior Play was presented on Friday evening, May 9. “Finders Creepers” was a mystery comedy in three acts. 41 SacAeat ( Ammittee CLUBS Jean Arnold, Chairman ART Theresa Gregory, Chairman 50 CLASS SONG AND CLASS POEM Virginia LaViolette, Chairman PHOTOGRAPHY Faye Parker, ChairmanSACHEM STAFF Steering Committee: Jean Arnold, Duane Asta-Fcrrcro, Charles Clark, Josianc Delecuw-Ford, Theresa Gregory, Faye Parker, Joseph Kadwilowicz, Dorothy Zucco. 51PRO MERITO In September, fourteen members of the Senior Class were named provisional members of the Pro Merito Society. In March, at an assembly given in their honor, they received pins. Certificates of full membership in the society, signifying an average of 85% for four years, were awarded at the graduation exercises. The state convention was held in May at the Technical High School in Spring- field. The Agawam Pro Merito Society was well represented at this meeting. President ..................................... Richard D’Amato Vice-President .................................. Dorothy Zucco Secretary ............................................... Robert Broggi Adviser .................................... Miss Eleanor Smith 52STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council serves as a liaison group between the students and the faculty. The Council has charge of the magazine drive and the student patrol system. The Student Council store was opened this year on a bigger and better scale than that of last year. This year the Council has made a list of very important rules which were used at the social functions. President ........ Vice-President ... Secretary ........ Treasurer ........ Captain of Patrol Adviser ......... ........ Emile Daglio ........ Gay Reynolds ...... Elaine DcMont ... Thomas Buoniconti ...... Kenneth Molta Mr. Richard Carbone Senior members: Robert Broggi, Emile Daglio, Dwight Sangrey, Gay Reynolds, Kenneth Molta, Robert Charest, Barbara Bellano, Janet Caserio, Louise Mercadante, Gloria DiDonato. 54BENJAMIN PHELPS CLUB The Agawam Chapter of the Future Teachers of America Organization is named the Benjamin Phelps Club in honor of Agawam’s former illustrious superintendent. The primary purpose of the Future Teachers of America is to acquaint its members with teaching as a career. The Benjamin Phelps Club has been active this year. It sponsored an assembly in November, honoring Miss Katherine Danahy, a noted local educator. A visit to the Westfield State Teachers College was the feature of the year. President ..................................... Dorothy Zucco Vice-President ............................. Patricia McGrady Secretary ..................................... Dorothy Lipps Treasurer ..................................... Cathie Hauser Adviser............................... Miss Emily McCormick Senior Members: Jean Arnold, Elaine Cirillo. Patricia McGrady, Dorothy Zucco. 55MIRROR The Mirror Staff strives each year to put out eight editions. Each staff mem- ber is expected to participate in four out of the eight. This year the pa|x r was enlarged, enabling the staff to obtain more advertisements and to sell more sub- scriptions to the students. Editor-in-Chief .................................. Janet Caserio Assistant Editor ................................ Elaine DcMont Adviser ............................................ Mr. Vanassc Senior members: Charles Clark. Fred Uschmann, Joy Montana. Joseph Voislow. Sandra Miller, Anna Demichele, Janet Caserio, Louise Mercadante. Elaine Cirillo. Jean Allen. Janice Dumond. Gay Reynolds. Carol Tricinella, Judith Chagnon. Dorothy Zurco. Karen Stephens. Sandra Tomlinson. Barbara Bcllano. Patricia McGrady. Jacqueline McDonald. Janet Hess, Jean Arnold, Robert Broggi. Emile Daglio, Faye Parker. Marie Carestia. 56PERSONALITY CLUB This year the Personality Club, under the capable direction of Mrs. Scars, had another successful year. The club had one meeting a month and the program dealt with some aspects of personality. The club sponsored two dances, The Sadie Hawkins and The Valentine Dance. President .................................. Carol Tricinella Vice-President ............................... Renee Benjamin Secretary .................................. Barbara Bcllano Treasurer .................................. Gladys Gaboury Senior members: Jean Allen, Jean Arnold, Barbara Bcllano, Judith Brayton, Sheila Burns, Edith Cammisa, Marie Carcstia, Judith Chagnon, Elaine Cirillo, Anna Demiehele, Gloria Di Donato, Marilyn Martel, Joy Montagna, Faye Parker, Karen Stephens, Carol Taylor, Carol Tricinella, Dorothy Zucco.TRI - HI TRI - HI, one of the oldest and most successful clubs of the school, was organized in 1934. The club consists of Junior and Seniors girls under the capable guidance of their new adviser, Mrs. Macklcr. Among the many successful activities of TRI - HI were a Covered Dish Supper in October, a Fashion Show in November, a Record Hop in January, and an assembly for the March of Dimes. Four girls attended the Older Girls’ Conference in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in March. The year was brought to a close by the TRI - HI Mother - Daughter Banquet wliere new members were inducted and new officers were installed. President .................................................. Gay Reynolds Vice-President ................................. Barbara Bcllano Secretary .................................................. Joy Montagna Treasurer ..................................... Carol Tricinella Chaplain ........................................ Sandra Miller Adviser ................................................... Mrs. Mackler Senior members: Jean Arnold. Barbara Bcllano, Sheila Burns, Marie Carestia, Edith Cammisa, Anna Demichele. Janet Hess. Marilyn Martel. Patricia McGrady, Sandra Miller, Joy Montagna, Gay Reynolds, Karen Stephens, Lee Thompson, Carol Tricinella, Beverly Whitehead, Dorothy Zucco.INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB This year, as in the past years, the International Relations Club had another successful year. The year’s program included debates, slides, contests, and movies. Among the interesting speakers the Club heard were Miss Mead, who spoke on her experiences in France and Italy, Vera McDonnell, who spoke on Ireland, and S. K. Kasinathan, who spoke on his native land, Veylon. The Club enjoyed the annual Christmas party and ended the year’s program with a picnic. President .......................................... Barbara Bellano Vice-President ............................... Josianc Dclccuw-Ford Secretary ....................................................... Joy Montagna Adviser ............................................... Miss Ward Senior members: Barbara Bellano. Sheila burns. Edith Cammisa. Josiane Deleeuw-Ford. Anna Rose Dcmichelc, Theresa Gregory, Joy Montagna. Faye Parker. Carol Tricinclla. 59BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club consists of students who have taken or are taking biology. The purpose of the club is promoting interest in the subject, listening to guest speakers, and going on field trips. The members of the club also added to the school dances by taking and selling pictures of the students attending the dances. President ............................................... Elaine DcMont Vice-President .................................................. Sandra Arnold Secretary .............................................. Maureen Grady Treasurer ................................................ Patrick Egan Adviser ...................................... Mr. David TheodorowiczLIBRARY Books of fiction . . . books of fact. All neatly stacked . . . upon the rack. Pamphlets for employment . . . magazines for enjoyment. Seventeen for the queen . . . Popular Mechanics for the keen. Maps are the magic carpet to lands far away: You see the unusual and strange in the showcase display. When students can’t find the right books or poems. Whom do they look for? Why. of course. Mrs. Holmes. When seeking material for a composition. Rely on the library for exposition. The library is here for all to use For work or leisure, be sure to choose. Library Reporter: Jean Arnold. Senior Librarians: Jean Allen, Robert Bodcn. Josiane Deleeuw-Ford. Joan Drewnowski. Richard Ferranti, Penny Fitzgerald. Margery Giordano. Patricia McGrady. Pierre Phaneuf. Karen Stephens, Carol Tricinella. 61JUNIOR RED CROSS Again this year our enrollment drive was started off with an assembly written, directed, and acted in by members of the group. We were happy to send our activity books to the Children’s Study Home. The above, along with the fact we have been a happy group working together, has made our year a successful one. President ......... Vice-President .... Secretary-T reasurer Adviser ........... .......Jean Arnold ... Vivian Francolini ....... Judith Burr Mrs. Marjorie Kelly 62 Senior member: Jean Arnold.CHESS CLUB The Chess Club meets every Monday in the library. The contestants are the teachers and pupils of Agawam High School. Here the pupil sometimes has a chance to beat a teacher in a game, if he’s lucky. President ..... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Thomas Provost Donald Moore ... Betty Panke ... Rudy Smith Senior Member: John Farina. 63SKI CLUB The members of the Ski Club, under the capable supervision of Miss Jennifer Mead, have been spending most of their weekends skiing at Snow Basin in West Cummington, Massachusetts. The past year has been excellent for skiing, and it is hoped that the years to follow will be as eventful and enjoyable as they have been since 1948 when the club was originally formed. President ..................................... Karen Stephens Vice-President-Secretary ...................... Sylvia Fcrrcro Treasurer .......................................... Jean Allen Program Chairman .............................. Susan Landen Co-Program Chairman .......................... Penny Fitzgerald Adviser ................................... Miss Jennifer Mead Senior Members-. Jean Allen, Penny Fitzgerald, Patricia McGrady, Karen Stephens. 64AUDIO VISUAL AIDS The object of the Audio Visual Aids Club is to help students to acquaint themselves with visual and audio equipment. This equipment includes Bell and Harwell projectors, tape recorders, filmstrip projectors, phonographs, opaque projectors, and lantern slide projectors. President .................................. John Magovern Vice-President ......................................... L. Mclansen Secretary ............................... Robert Magovern Treasurer ............................... William Pasquale Adviser ................................. Mr. Roland PresseyFUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Agawam chapter of the Future Farmers of America is a part of a national organization. There are over eighty-six hundred chapters in high schools in this country, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The yearly activities of the club included a rodent control program, live-stock judging, poultry judging, and the annual banquet. The motto of the Future Farmers of America is LEARNING TO DO, DOING TO LEARN, EARNING TO LIVE, LIVING TO SERVE. President ..... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Reporter ...... Sentinel ...... Adviser ....... ..... Robert Boden .... Joseph Ricco ... Norman LaPine ... Donald Haynes ...Luther Hosmer .... Leslie Sorrell Mr. David Skolnick 66 Senior Member: Robert Boden.FRENCH CLUB A new club at Agawam High School, the French Club, for all students taking French in school, was organized by Marilyn Pond and Allen Wallace. It was under the capable direction of Mrs. Sears. The year’s program included movies, slides, and Scrabble, played in French, The members enjoyed a French-style Christmas party in December. President ........................................ William Smidt Vice-President .......................... Josianc Dclccuw-Ford Secretary ........................................ Theresa Ryan Treasurer .................................. Richard Stachowicz Adviser ....................................... Mrs. Maria Sears Senior members: Charles Clark. Josiane Delceuw-Ford, Sandra Tomlinson. 67DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club was organized to help all those students who are interested in acting. Some of the club’s activities consisted of the showing of interesting films and having a make-up demonstration for the members of the club. President ........................................ Judith Wilson Vice-President ..................................... Terry Ryan Secretary ........................................ Kathy Sullivan Treasurer ....................................... Richard Wilson Adviser ................................... Mrs. Lydia Blakeslee Senior members-. Jean Allen, James Bruno, Nicholas Buoniconti, Robert Charest, Penny Fitzgerald, Joseph Radwilowicz, Vernon Stork. Richard Wilson.CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club, under the guidance of Mr. Ruddington, is intended for those who are interested in photography as a career or as a hobby. The members had a very profitable year learning to develop films and to run the school’s photographic equipment. Mr. Langlois and Mr. Pressey entertained the club as guest speakers. President ........................................ Donald Moore Vice-President ............................... John Magovern Secretary .................................... Suzanne Hyland Treasurer .................................... Robert Magovern Adviser ................................................... Mr. BuddingtonFUTURE NURSES CLUB The Future Nurses Club was formed to give the girls who are interested in nursing a chance to learn more about nursing. This year’s active program included: speakers from Wesson Memorial Hospital and Pittsfield General Hospital; tours of Wesson Memorial Hospital, Springfield Hospital, and Peter Bent Brigham Hospital; and interesting films. President ......................................... Sandra Miller Vice-President ............................................. Jean Arnold Secretary-Treasurer .................................. Janet Hess Corresponding Secretary ..................... Charlotte Beaulieu Adviser ................................ Mrs. Elizabeth Langlois Senior members: Jean Arnold, Janice Dumond. Margery Giordano. Janet Hess. Jacqueline MacDonald, Marilyn Martel. Sandra Miller. Lee Thompson. 70COLOR GUARD Seniors: Faye Parker, Beverly Clampit, Lee Thompson, Linda Pickard. MAJORETTES CHEERLEADERS Seniors: Dorothy Zucco, Gay Reynolds, Joy Montagna, Sandra Miller, Patricia McGrady, Josy Ford.THE FORTUNE TELLER (An operetta telling about the gypsy fortune teller named Musette.) Senior members: Dwight Sangrey, John Farina, Charlie Clark, Sandra Tom- linson, Gay Reynolds, Jackie MacDonald, David Wuesthoff. Accompanists: Gay Reynolds, Louise Olivo, Diane Mabb, Frederick Sliva. Director: Darcy Davis.CONCERT CHORALE Senior members: John Farina, Dwight Sangrcy, David Wuesthoff, Robert Stmistc, Charles Clark, Gay Reynolds, Jackie MacDonald. THE FORTUNE TELLER Senior members: Dwight Sangrey, Gay Reynolds, David Wuesthoff, Jackie MacDonald, Charles Clark, Sandra Tomlinson, John Sarina. 73BAND The Band, under the energetic leadership of Mr. Darcy Davis, Jr., has had another very busy year. With the help of the cheerleaders, color guards, and majorettes, the Band has lent much to the color and excitement of the football games and other school events. Of course, their contribution to all of the assemblies can not be forgotten. A few high lights of the year were the trip to Braintree, the alumni concert, the music festival at Bennington and the Spring Concert. President ........................................... Dawn Sangrcy Vice-President .................................. Richard Stachowicz Secretary ........................................... Judy Schinelli Treasurer ........................................... Thomas Buiso Director ...................................... Mr. Darcy Davis, Jr. Senior members. Color Guard: Beverly Clampit. Linda Pickard, Lila Thompson. Senior members. Cheerleaders: Faye Parker, Sandra Miller. Pat McGrady, Dorothy Zurco, Gay Reynolds. Joy Montagna. Josiane Deleeuw-Ford.FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1: M. Juzba, C. Clark . T. Clark. B. Mill . R. Wilton . Klenakis. W. De Forge . R. Ferrero, A. DeCola, P. Schindler. Row 2: J. Radwilowicz . F. Uschmann , B. Broggi . E. Daglio . J. Rinaldi . Capt. J. Bruno , D. Glogowski . E. Modzelewski, B. Crobb, J. Voislow . Row 3: Coach Leonardi. F. Kinsley, R. Morratsi. K. Mutti, J. Reynold . L. Charm. J. Modzelewtki. J. Moccio, W. McCarthy. Asst. Coach Pratt. Row 4: Manager Gibson, R. Phillips, J. Massa, R. Nacewica, D. Tomasrtti, R. Zavarella, J. Lafond, J. Thompson, T. Buoniconti. SeniorsFOOTBALL This year our football team had a most successful season, winning the West- ern Massachusetts Championship with an 8-1 record. The only defeat was at the hands of powerful Archbishop Williams of Braintree. The Champions were acclaimed by a host of notables in the sports world at a testimonial dinner given by the townsfolk . One of the high lights of the football season was Captain Jim Bruno's estab- lishment of a new scoring record. Bruno bettered the record of a former Brownie, Joe Pisano. Jim also accomplished a feat no Western Massachusetts player ever achieved — he made the Schoolboy All-American Team. Captain Jim Bruno, Joe Voislow, Fred Uschmann, Joe Rinaldi, and Dick Glogowski were chosen for the All Western Massachusetts first team. Joe Rad- wilowicz, Emile Daglio. Bruce Cobb, and Peter Schindler won honorable mention.•Joe'Rad Jot CoaeVv Tu K V conavi x ■Bvc Co vc.V Ti t COui ”W.vH "Bonxo K DcDt BoMiO TaTa TvkvVs Bor xo• rBASKETBALL The Agawam High School basketball team enjoyed a successful season under the guidance of Mr. Leonardi. In Valley Wheel comp ctition, the Brownies held a five win, four loss record and a six win, nine loss overall record. Senior members: William DeForge, Capt. Fred Usrhmann. Richard Glogowski. James Bruno, and Robert Broggi.Hockey was revived in Agawam this year after having been asleep since World War II. The team, under the guidance of Coaches Altobelle and Fontana, showed tremendous improvement as the season pro- gressed. The Hockey Team of Agawam High can become one of the top teams in Western Massachusetts if the box’s of the following years show as much enthusiasm for the game as the members of this year’s team did. HOCKEY TEAM Senior members: Joseph Voislow, Richard Wilson. Emile Daglio. Robert Bodcn. Vernon Stark and Nicholas Buoniconti.LEADER CORPS Last year Coach Harmon Smith, with the assistance of Mr. Jack Costello, organized a group of boys who showed special ability on the apparatus in the gym. This group became known as the Leader Corps. The corps was designed to pro- vide assistance for the gym class instructors and to give boys an opportunity to develop special skills on such apparatus as the high bar, flying rings, trampoline, side horse and parallel bars. The high light of the gym season was a gymnastic exhibition put on by the corps, and girls who showed an interest in gymnastics. The exhibition gave the boys a chance to show off the skills they had developed and to give the public a chance to see what was being done in Agawam in the field of physical development. Senior members: Charles Clark, Wayne Secord, Francis Martin, John Farina. 82TRACK The track team was established in 1955 by Coach Leonardi, and revitalized again in 1957 by Coach Peter Sarantopolis. The track team is steadily growing as more students take interest in this universal sport. The members of the team are coached in such field events as shot put and high jump and in track events ranging from the 100-yard dash to the mile. Senior member -. Francis Martin. Joseph Voislow. 83GOLF This year marked the second year that Agawam had a golf team. During the season, eight matches with surrounding schools were played. Harmon Smith was the coach, and members of the team played on the fairways and greens of the best golf courses in this area. Senior Members: Emile Daglio, Richard Wilson. 84Among the many veterans returning from last year’s cham pionship team arc infielders Bruce Cobb, Tim Buoniconti, Tony Klcnakis, and Lenny Charest; outfielders Richard Glogowski and Ed Mod elewski; and pitchers William DeForge and Wendell Gosse. Since last year’s team finished the season in a triple tie for first place in the Valley Wheel, Coach Lconardi expects the Brow- nies to do even better this year. Stnior members'. Bruce Cobb. William DcForgc. Richard Glogowski, and Wendell Gocse. 11V. J. MORENO INSURANCE AGENCY V. J. MORENO T. H. COPPOLA ★ ★ ★ Tel. RE 2-2263 369 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass.Com ilitncnls of W W L P Channel 22 The Springfield Area's First Television Station With Studios, Transmitter and Offices on Provin Mountain in Agawam Associated Engineers, Inc. Bowles-Agawam Airport Agawam, Mass. "A Complete Service to Industry” Branches in Boston, Worcester, Albany, Cincinnati and Los Angeles Consulting, Production Management, Engineering Product Design and Styling — Tool and Machine Design Drafting — Tool and Machine Building — Test Equipment Contract ManufacturingCompliments of Dr. and Mrs. Simon J. Ramah Memo to: Park Edge Secretarial School 187 Sumner Avenue, Springfield I am interested in becoming a MEDICAL, LEGAL or PRIVATE SECRETARY. I understand the intensive course may be completed in FOUR AND ONE-HALF MONTHS. Name ............................. Address ....... Mail to Miss Helen O'Keefe, Director or telephone RE 6-8931 for appointmentCHRISCOLA'S FARM EQUIPMENT, Inc. Formal Tractors And McCormick Farm Implements — Milking Machines International "350" Utility Tractors Home Freezers — Refrigerators Parts and Service Universal Electric Appliances R.C.A. Estate Ranges and Radios Havoland Motor Oil and Greases RE 2-9432 — Telephones — RE 7-5487 Suffield Street Agawam, Mass.Compliments of Fiberwood Container, Inc. 490 Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of Vanadium - Alloys Steel Co. South End Bridge Circle Agawam@esl 'lilishes Ohroughoui ihe % ears From the Societies of Sacred Heart Church Feeding Hills, Massachusetts ★ HOLY NAME SOCIETY ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR SOCIETY SACRED HEART A C. ★ Rev. Francis Keefe, C.P.S. Rev. George Linse, C.P.S.Congratulations and Felicitations to AGAWAM HIGH — CLASS OF 1958 St. John the Evangelist Parish Rev. John P. Shannon Compliments of Turcotte Manufacturing Co. Tools, Dies and Special Machinery Telephone RE 4-8203 — RE 4-8204 28 Ramah Circle Agawam, MassachusettsN. J. DeMONT CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS RESIDENTIAL — COMMERCIAL --★--- DIAL RE 6-8755 90 ALBERT STREET AGAWAM, MASS.STRATHMORE PAPER COMPANY MILLS AT WEST SPRINGFIELD and WORONOCO, MASS, and TURNERS FALLS, MASS. Manufacturers of Bond, Writing, and Thin Papers . . Ledger and Index Papers . . Book, Text and Cover Papers . . Artist Papers and Boards . . Blue Print Base Stock . . Wedding Papers and Bristols . . Greeting Card and Specialty Papers. Paper Is Part of The Picture (S V R£J£»11K)E TOECSScOKKSo Builders of Special Machinery Contract Machine Work 2 70 M A I N ST R E ET AGAWAM. MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: SPRINGFIELD REpublic 4-4992 A GOOD PLACE TO WORKCHECK WHAT YOU WANT: Good, starting salary with regular raises Pleasant work with other girls and young men Prestige of a responsible job with a well-known and respected company If your list shows three checks, then you should check into what the Telephone Company has to offer you. Smart girls are doing it now, before they graduate from high school. Come in and see our employment interviewer soon. You’ll enjoy talking with her. Act now, and you can say with pride, “I’m all set! I’m going to work with the Telephone Company!’’ See the Guidance Counselor at your school, and talk first with her about when and where to apply. NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANYCompliments of New England Printing Co., Inc. ★ ★ ★ 20 Arnold Street WESTFIELD, MASS. Compliments of Zielinski Bros. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Agawam. Massachusetts(BLUE) COAL (KOPPERS) COKE HIGH GRADE FUEL and RANGE OIL BARRY COAL, Inc. Mrs. Philip D. Barry, Owner and Manager Installation and Service of ★ ★ YORK OIL BURNERS ★ ★ Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping Telephones: RE 2-9791 - RE 2-0542 772 Union Street West SpringfieldCompliments of Dr. and Mrs. EBER A. WEIN CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1958 DR. R. E. McCORMICK Professional Building 53 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass.Compliments of BAY STATE FILM PRODUCTIONS, Inc.Enjoy Coke together. It’s such a sociable drink "CoJr " it a registered trade-mark. BOTTUD UNOER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COCA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF SPRINGFIELDCURRAN-JONES FUNERAL HOME 109 Main Street West Springfield Make Our Bank — Your Bank You can have the things you want by saving — regularly. We'll welcome your account. WEST SPRINGFIELD BRANCH WESTFIELD SAVINGS BANK 120 Elm Street Opposite TheaterL. G. Balfour Company Class rings. Commencement Announcements Club pins, Diplomas, Medals Trophies Taylor Yearbook Company The finest in High School yearbooks Caps and Gowns by Bentley S Simon, Inc. represented by Gron P. Lloyd, Mgr. P. O. Box 144 Frank J. McCracken Canaan, ConnecticutCongratulations Class of ’58 Wieland's Market Agawam's Original S £H Green Stamp Market FREE DELIVERY 740 Springfield Street Phone RE 4-9790 Compliments of A FriendCongratulations to the Class of 1958 JASMIN'S PHARMACY AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTERLearn To Save Save To Learn West Springfield Cooperative Bank 37 Elm Street West Springfield Compliments of Agawam Public Market We Give UNITED TRADING STAMPS Tel. RE 2-7476 768 Main StreetStandard Wood Products Co. JAMES J. MERCADANTE Manufacturers of High Grade Frames Carving - Designing - Custom Work Tel. RE 4-5688 - RE 4-5689 40 Napier Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of PERKINS MACHINE AND GEAR CO. CIRCUIT AVENUE WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTSBOSWORTH STUDIO Official Photographer of the Senior Class The best gift you can give is your photograph Today’s pictures are tomorrow’s keepsakes Telephone RE 2-2211 1537 Main Street Springfield, Mass.Best IVishfs to thr Class of 195H M. Deloghia Trucking, Inc. HEAVY HAULING AGAWAM, MASS. Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 Agawam Town Selectmen WALTER T. KERR IRVING K. LaFLEUR JAMES P. KANE' fl. 3). 3aameu S’uneml dloma Established Over 70 Years MARTIN W. MALONEY, Funeral Director Telephone RE 2-2278 1065 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass.Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Query Compliments of The Agawam Community Y. M. C. A. RE 3-8272 P. O. Box 229 Agawam, Mass.THERE ARE THREE BRECK SHAMPOOS FOR THREE DIFFERENT HAIR CONDITIONS Whenever you buy a shampoo, keep in mind one thought - the condition of your hair. It is either dry, oily or normal. For each of these hair conditions, there is a different Breck Shampoo. One Breck Shampoo is for dry hair. Another Breck Shampoo is for oily hair. A third Breck Shampoo is for normal hair. You will enjoy using a Breck Shampoo because it is mild and gentle in action and not drying to the hair. The Breck Shampoo for your individual hair condition leaves your hair soft, manageable and beautiful. JOHN H BRICK INC MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS • SPRING FI ELD | MASSACHUSETTS NEW YORK CHICAGO • SAN FRANCISCO OTTAWA CANADAExposition Service Garage (Affi) at Agawam Garage Towing — Auto Body Tune Up — Wheel Balance RE 4-7268 634 Main Street Agawam JOHN F. ROSATI All Types of Bulldozer Work — Trucking Crane Work Tires and Batteries Call: RE 2-9793 or RE 2-4567 415 SILVER STREET AGAWAMBest Wishes to the Class of ’58 METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. JOSEPH T. McGARR, Mgr. Local Representatives JACK THOMPSON JOHN STANISKI BILL FOLEY JIM JONESCompliments of PATSY R. LIQUORI Best Wishes to Jim Bruno and the Class of '58IMPORTANT NOTICE TO GRADUATES Many of you have been saving over the years through your School Savings program. But the need for saving does not end with graduation. How you handle your money will play an important part in your happiness, for if you spend unwisely, you will find your money gone and your real goals still unattained. Make this important decision now — that you will save regularly. As we have served generations in the past, so we look forward to sharing in the plans of all the young people who now are leaving Agawam High School for other ventures. We invite you to do your banking at any office of the SPRINGFIELD INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS 63 Elm Street 561 Sumner Avenue 844 State Street Springfield, Massachusetts 9 Springfield Street, Agawam A MUTUAL SAVINGS BANKOUR SINCERE BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1958 WICO ELECTRIC COMPANY WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Compliments of Southworth CompanyClark W. Jones Compliments of Stella's Restaurant WHOLESALE MEATS Try Your Local Wholesaler for Quality 84 MAPLE STREET and Service. North Agawam, Mass. RE 9-6403 "Where Every Bite is Just Right" Accommodations for Parties 385 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass Air Conditioned Liquor G. A. Armstrong New England Heating Co. Aero-Tech, Inc. For All Types of Heating Systems Hot Water — Steam — Radiant Heat SCHOOL OF AVIATION Baseboard or Any Kind of Radiation Air Conditioning — Cooling and Heating Domestic and Commercial Free Estimates Given Training for — A 5 E Mechanics Pilots — Private and Commercial Licensed by C. A A. and Mass Board of Collegiate Authority 65 Maple Street North Agawam, Mass. Tel. RE 7-0338 Tel. RE 7-6355 Bowles Airport, Agawam, Mass.Pond Brothers INSURERS — REALTORS Friendly Dependable Service 719 Main Street Gilbert Barker Mfg. Co Agawam WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS.S. Swede's and Co. Broz Sport Shop JEWELER Hunting — Fishing — Archery “If ll’t Jewelry You Need Shop Swede” Baseball — Basketball — Golf, Etc. Live Bait Anytime Watch and Jewelry Repairing 57 Springfield St RE 2-7055 Agawam Shopping Center 305 Springfield Street O'Brien's Comer All Work Guaranteed Best of Service Tel. RE 6-2695 Tel. RE 4-6736 Auto Sales Reed Borgatti Auto Body and Paint Shop Complete Body. Fender and Paint Work Tractor. Trucks. Trailers and Bus Facilities Jerry Cleary, Manager Commercial and Industrial Painting Telephone RE 6-7287 218 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. (Opposite Stop S Shop) 179 Franklin Street Feeding Hills, Mass.1958 FORD Sarat Ford Service AGAWAM’S FORD DEALER RE 3-3902 — Telephones — ST 8-9668 250 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Calabrese Construction Co. CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS Tel. RE 7-3924 475 Suffield StreetGeorge McDonnell invites you to enjoy Heavy Mortar an evening at the Company New Twin Oaks 104th Infantry, Mass. N.G.. N.G. Armory Catering to Weddings, Parties and Socials Tel. RE 9-8544 Need Part-Time lob? $1.30 per Hour to Start Learn Skills — Schooling Advancement — Social Activities Fulfil Military Obligation Twin Oaks Road Feeding Hills. Mass Armory Dr.. Chicopee Mass Compliments of Spear's Supply Sam Salem, Inc. Furniture — Interior Decorating 1357 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. 1088 Riverdale West Springfield, Mass. Flowers for All Occasions Keefe Florist xafified 266 Walnut Street £7£ Tel. RE 4-4073 Compliments of Federal Hill Club Agawam, Mass.lack Hughes, Prop. Tel. RE 4-9451 Acrebrook Road Service of Agawam, Inc. Hughes Sunoco Service Best of Foods and Liquors PIZZA Special Rates for COMPLETE — COURTEOUS PARTIES BANQUETS WEDDINGS Orchestra Every Saturday A-Z Lubrication, Tires, Batteries and Accessories Rte. 57 Feeding Hills Tel. RE 9-8575 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass Best Wishes to the Class of ’58 Compliments of Ciro's Restaurant Bjorn Tool Die Co. 870 Main Street Springfield. Mass. Compliments of Wilson-Thompson Post 185 THE AMERICAN LEGION Agawam, Mass. Compliments of MAURICE CASEY, Inc. Established 1896 Tel. LOgan 2-2321 Wholesale and Retail MILK, CREAM and ICE CREAM 19 Dubois St. Westfield, MassachusettsAgawam Catering Compliments of Service Arthur A. Fogarty, Inc. “Catering at its Best for the Least” Telephone RE 6-9728 211 Plainfield Street 705 Main Street Agawam, Mass Springfield. Mass Betty Beveleri Salon Edward's Drug Store HAIR STYLING Prompt Prescription Service Phone RE 6-6555 287 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass.Ace Signs, Inc. ★ Tel. RE 9-2433 360 Armory St Springfield, Mass. The Gaugh School Of Business Prepare Yourself for the Future Accounting — Shorthand — Speedwriting Typewriting — Comptometer — Business English Day and Evening 182 State Street RE 6-3366 Springfield • TOP QUALITY MERCHANDISE Our shelves and showcases contain only the highest grade meats, groceries, vegetables, and dairy products. • PRICES CONSISTENT WITH QUALITY . . . Quality governs the price — and our prices are the lowest possible for the grade of items we sell. • S H GREEN STAMPS Backed by years of solid standing, the S SH Green Stamp plan is the choice of millions of economy-wise housewives.Compliments of Joe Marieb's Newell's Radio TV and Appliance and Television Joseph Marieb, Prop SYLVANIA TELEVISION c NORGE APPLIANCES 374 Park Street Tel. RE 3-7079 West Springlield, Mass 278 Springfield Street Agawam Compliments of The National Library State Line Package Store Bindery Co. EARL SEIBERT. Owner SPECIALISTS IN LIBRARY BINDING Free Delivery Telephone RE 4-0180 1813 Main Street Agawam 271 Park Street West SprinafieldDalton Funeral Home 954 Main Street RE 2-4644 Agawam, Mass. “Experience Is the Best Teacher” V. H. Brinn Real Estate V. H. BRINN FINANCIAL and CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT Appraisals Licensed Connecticut Broker 379 River Road Tel. RE 4-3283 Agawam, Mass.Compliments o) I Barker Chemical Co. Marceno Barber Shop INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS ★ —o— Agawam Shopping Center West Springfield, Mass Twin Brook Dairy Farms B. D. Nims Lumber Co. Established 1917 Producers of Quality Dairy Products Homogenized "Vit. D" Lumber and Building Materials Paint - Masons' Supplies - Hardware ★ 1383 Suffield Street Tel. RE 4-6110 Tel. RE 2-6253 Agawam. Massachusetts 253 Baldwin Street West Springfield, Mass.Best Wishes to the Class of ’58 Standard Industrial Supply Co., Inc. ★ ★ 246 Chestnut Street Springfield, Mass. Hedges-Sattler, Inc. W. E. Sattler, Treasurer ★ ★ Phone RE 2-3154 683 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass.Agawam Printing Company UNOTYPE COMPOSITION OFFSET and LETTERPRESS Telephone RE 7-4190 470 Westfield St. West Springfield, Mass. Bay Path Junior College Courses of Study: Executive Secretarial Medical Secretarial Commercial Art Longmeadow, Mass Telephone LO 7-3371 Farnswor+h Coal Oil Co. "Your Comfort Is Our Product" Coal — Connecticut Coke Mobilheat Fuel Oil Silent Glow Oil Burners SALES and SERVICE Tel. RE 6-6377 884 Union Street West Springfield, Mass T. P. Sampson Co. Funeral Directors Cfi 730 State Street 710 Liberty Street 500 Belmont Avenueyour Agawam Chevrolet DEALER SUBURBAN CHEVROLET 195 So. Westfield Street Feeding dills. Mass. " It’s Worth Printing at All, It's Worth Printing Right” Telephone RE 4-2187 State and Andrew Streets Springfield, MassachusettsCOMPLIMENTS OF YOUR A P MANAGERS and CLERKS Mittineague Coal Oil Company William P. Christian S SH Green Stamps COAL COKE OIL Oil Burners Installed and Serviced Tel RE 6 7935 80 Front Street West Springfield, Mass W. H. Roberts Sons Television and Appliances Frigidaire Complete Line Maytag Auto Washer - Dryers Zenith Television Sales and Service 1407 Main St. Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Dave's Filling Station 758 Union Street West Springfield, Mass.Friendly Service Station Alba P. Hanks, Prop. LUBRICATION A SPECIALTY Tires — Batteries — Accessories Tel. RE 6-9713 1718 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of Dom Shaer's Market Feeding Hills Center1 Fred's Hardware Store DON'T LEARN SAFETY HOUSEWARE — PAINTS — TOYS BY ACCIDENT Garden and Grass Seeds Agawam Police S £H Green Stamps Association Tel. RE 7-0170 762 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. 1 Lou’s Family Shoes Allied Baking Co. Shoes For The Entire Family HOME OF S SH Green Stamps FINE BAKED GOODS —o— For All Occasions 361 WALNUT STREET (Agawam Shopping Mart)Anthony Construction Co., Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTOR 683 Cooper Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Traveling Plumbing Shop c+3 9 Long Hill Street Springfield, Mass.Charles Ferrero Wooster Express, Inc. PLUMBING and HEATING Motor Common Carrier Serving Connecticut - Massachusetts - Rhode Island New York - New Jersey Tel. RE 6-6628 — 412 North West Street Telephone STate 80911 Feeding Hills, Mass. 37 Ramah Circle North Agawam Sincere Congratulations and Much Success BEST WISHES to Class of ’57 Dr. William E. Coons St. Anthony's Parish M.D.Atlas Shell Casting Company, Inc. Ferrous, Non Ferrous and Aluminum Shell Castings Telephone RE 3-4006 279 Garden Street Agawam, Mass. Something New on This Side of the River Sunbright Formal Shop FORMALS for Proms, Dances, Banquets and Weddings PERFECT FITTING ASSURED BECAUSE We have been a Tailor for 25 years SPOTLESS FORMALS EVERY TIME BECAUSE We operate our own Dry Cleaning Plant SPECIAL PRICES TO GROUPS So I ask you: Why go into the city? PAUL G. KURUKIAN, Manager Sunbright Formal Shop Phones RE 7-9538 — RE 7-6260 Evenings Hours 8-6 — Thurs. 'til 9 754 Main Street West Springfield, Mass.Atwater Nurseries, Inc. NURSERYMEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Evergreens and Ornamental Trees ROSES — HEDGING — SHRUBS FRUIT TREES and SMALL FRUITS Specialists in Hybrid Blueberries Scotts Lawn Seed — Turf Builder Pest Control — Agrico Garden Fertilizer Peat Moss Phone RE 4-1651 368 South Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Packaging Service, Inc. James Morrison Florist FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CORSAGES A SPECIALTY Agawam Tel. RE 6-0479Best Wishes from The Parker House Service with a smile, Courtesy by the mile, Food served in style. Formerly Carol Jane's Variety Store 644 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Riverdale Drive-In Theater 935 Riverdale Street West Springfield, MassachusettsCompliments of the CONGRATULATIONS' Agawam 1 ▼ PBE£. ?: 14 ’iShu'cS . | ■ | 7iZZZr IS MAIN street 1 ..■ 1 7-9753j ; !uma c 7 vitR ■ A Friend PRECISION TOOLS GAUGES Oxford Tool The White Hut Gauge Co., Inc. WALTER DAUBITZ 280 Memorial Avenue Tel. RE 2-6214 West Springfield 198 Norman Street West Springfield, Mass. Clifford Bros. PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS Tel.: JU 3-8471 — JU 3-3880 Friends from R R Dental LaboratoryComftlimcnts of Frederick Jewelers Sterling. Crystal, and Fine China Join Our Sterling Silver Club 1563 Main Street Springfield. Mass. When you think of flowers think of .. . Flower Fashions, Inc. "Floral Designs as Fashionable as the Times" Tel. RE 3-0167 645 Westfield St. West Springfield. Mass. Compliments of Royal Crown Bo+tlinq Co. Bottlers of R. C. Cola - Nehi - Par-T-Pak 44 Ramah Circle Agawam, Mass. Ralph E. Fullam FULLAM CO. REALTORS RE 6-6351 110 Elm St.. West Springfield Kenneth A. Hollister Allan L. Baiardi Howard R. BrackettCompliments of Freddie Hemsworth Compliments of Carter Paper Co. JOHN W. HARTWELL and ERNIE REED Your Resident Representativesh V) u e----- FUNERAL © o SERVICE 7 2)ick in son-S tree ter Co. 305 STATE STREET . SPRINGFIELD, MASS. GEORGE W. STREETER RICHARD C. STREETER G. WALLACE STREETER. JR. Compliments of A Friend Est. 1909 Fairbanks Au+o School Oldest Auto School in New England Irma's Flower Shop Flowers For All Occasions Gifts Tel. RE 3-0458 20 Dwight Street Springfield. Mass. Phone RE 4-5712 746 Main Street West Springfield. MassSherwood Co. A Division of Ralph D. Jones, Inc. Since 1926 PROUDLY PRESENTS THE VESPA The Continental Sensation THE BORGWARD ISABELLA Germany's Most Popular Medium Car THE SPORTSCRAFT 145 Quality Boats for the Whole Family THE SEA-BREEZE MARINE 4 Here's Something New THE WILLYS 4 WD. VEHICLES We Carry a Complete Line of All Utility and Commercial Models 704 Worthington Street Springfield, Mass. Christopher’s Farm Produce Sweet Com Our Specialty Tomatoes — Peppers — Squash, etc. New Location — 170 Meadow StreetAdam E. Letendre Ramah Realty Co., Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Builders and Promoters of of QUALITY HOMES Agawam Shopping Center ★ ★ Telephone RE 6-1846 75 Letendre Avenue Feeding Hills 330 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. West Side Auto Body Compliments of the ALEX GUIEL, Prop. Everything in the Auto Body Line Agawam Permanent High Grade Painting Is Our Specialty Firemen's Ass'n Cor. Main and Mulberry Streets Phone RE 3-8844 West Springfield, Mass. Starzic Service Station Wheel Balancing Motor Analysis GENERAL REPAIRING ESSO PRODUCTS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE 1702 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Di Donato Sales and Service John Deere Tractors Willys Cars. Trucks and Jeeps Telephone RE 2-7094 300 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass My congratulations to the 1958 graduates and their parents and teachers Edward J. Carroll Riverside ParkCompliments of Bentley Simon, Inc. Moore's Express and Manufacturers of Choir Gowns — Pulpit Robes Caps — Gowns — Hoods For All Degrees Outfitters to Over 3000 Schools, Colleges, and Churches Hallmark Van Lines 7 West 36th Street New York 18, N. Y Compliments of Ferranti's Package Compliments of Store Roberts Delivery ★ 1122 Memorial Avenue Service West Springfield, Mass Compliments of Warren F. Hoye, Incorporated The Connecticut Valley Block Co. Manufacturers of Concrete Products Telephones RE 4-6533, RE 4-0540 West Springfield, MassachusettsSpring-field Commercial I Guthrie Fence Co., Body Co., Inc. Inc. R. L. Gibbs. Manager Anthony Dump Bodies - Lift Gates Superior Busses Tels. RE 6-3234 — RE 3-3901 765 COLUMBUS AVENUE 350 Main Street Agawam Springfield 5. Mass. Collina Bros. Everything for the Builder Lucia Lumber Co. CONTRACTORS Windows — Doors Oak Flooring — Inside Trim Framing Lumber — Roofing Material — Insulating Material Native and Western Lumber 37 Ridgeway Circle Springfield. Mass. Tel. RE 6-7286 Agawam. Mass• AUTOMOTIVE REPLACEMENT PARTS • — Complete Machine Shop Service — Ferrara Spring Parts Co., Inc. 740 Worthington Street RE 6-5446 Springfield, Mass. Branches: 535 Front Street, Chicopee LY 4-4776 66 Parker Street, Indian Orchard (Speed Parts) LI 3-2271 For an Evening's Entertainment The Robin Den DINE and DANCE Floor Shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Choice Liquors Main Street Route 5 Agawam, Mass.Compliments of Compliments of Tinti's Restaurant Central Package Store, Inc. Accommodations (or EDDIE and RAY MASI. Props WEDDINGS — BANQUETS — PARTIES ★ Telephone RE 3-6221 22 King Street North Agawam 52 River Street North Agawam Jones Variety Store Agawam Lumber Co. "A Little of Everything" Cabinets — Hardware — Fixtures HALLMARK CARDS Lumber — Planing — Paint SANDER FOR HIRE -o- Tel. RE 4-9843 Telephone RE 9-9624 251 Elm Street West Springfield, Mass. 1804 Main St. Agawam. MassCompliments of Agawam Tool Co., Inc. Gauges, Tools and Dies Tel. RE 9-8037 680 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. GARDEN HOME POWER EQUIPMENT "We Service What We Sell" CHAIN SAWS POWER MOWERS SWEEPERS GRASS SEED FERTILIZER GRAVELY GARDEN TRACTORS The Magovern Co., Inc. Springfield RE 3-6638 Pittsfield 3-1677 Hartford JA 9-2592 Stratford ED 7-7325Congratulations — Class of 1958 Lauriente Nurseries, Inc. 464 Main Street Agawam Retail Furniture Warehouse, Inc. The Oldest and Largest Wayside Furniture Store in Western Mass. o-o Tel. RE 7-1441 1651 Riverdale Street West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of Webster's Service Station 798 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of the Bridgeview Grille AgawamCompliments of Venetian Bakery DINO PICCIN, Proprietor Wholesalers of Italian and French Bread Specializing in Grinders, Rolls, Dinner Rolls, Pizza Shells and Donuts RE 7-6320 90 Baldwin Street West Springfield, Mass. Real Estate Mortgages Michael J. Megliola Insurance 0-9 Telephone RE 2-2687 121 State Street Springfield 3, Mass.A. L PHELPS, Inc. Complimen:r of CONTRACTORS Dr. M. Dalitzky DENTIST ★ 11 Andrew Street Telephone RE 7-9678 Springfield, Mass. 7171 2 Main Street Agawam. Mas;' 333 Bridge Street Sprinafield, Mass Compliments of Speed, Hegeman Dandy Franklin Cleaners INSURANCE AGENCY and Dyers, Inc. REAL ESTATE COLD FUR STORAGE Serving West Springfield and Agawam Telephone RE 6-5449 Telephone RE 7-2604 J 281 Mill Street Springfield 54 Elm Street West Springfield ( jA. Michaeli an Sons FINER FLOOR COVERINGS Phone RE 3-2046 418 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. Construction Service, Inc. 73 Rocus Street Springfield, Massachusetts TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE REpublic 3-6631 Plants Springfield, Westfield, North Wilbraham, Palmer, Amherst, Mass. Affiliated Plants Worcester, Southbridge and North Grafton, Mass. Compliments of E. F. Edson Co., Inc. Hill Side Drive Inn Road Machinery and Contractore' Equipment • 340 Springfield Street 716 Union Street West Springfield, Mass. Agawam P B Engraving Co. May we take this opportunity to welcome Photo-Engravers you to our new Restaurant at 456 SUMNER AVENUE Fast Production — Fine Reproduction -o- The Jaycox Restaurant 1618 Main Street Springfield, Mass ROSEN TEXTILE ENGRAVING CORP. HARRY ROSEN Compliments of AGAWAM HEATING CO. 41 Center Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of Doctor George A. Smyrl D.C. MASCARO FLORIST 513 Belmont Ave. 703 Main Street Agawam. Mass. At the “X" ANITA'S DANCE STUDIO BERKSHIRE TEXACO SERVICE Complete Dance Training STATION Tap — Ballet — Toe — Character — Acrobatic Robert E. Tower Ballroom — Exhibition Ballroom RE 7-3001 1653 Main Street Springfield, Mass. 566 Berkshire Avenue Springfield, Mass. Compliments of DR. E. M. DOWLING T. D. STABLES Horses Bought and Sold RE 3-9685 Suffield Street Agawam, Mass. Corner of Silver and Suffield StreetsALA Road Service Lou's Texaco Service Station B F. Goodrich Tires S SH Green Stamps Phone: REpublic 9-9552 308 Suffeld Street Agawam, Mass. David D. Raynor GULF SOLAR HEAT Printed Metered Delivery Tel RE 2-5850 $0 Senator Avenue Agawam Compliments of Dom Shaer's Market Feeding Hills Center Compliments of Dr. Robert A. Gannon 116 Elm Street West SpringfieldFor downright goodness. Nothing thrills the taste like a TASTEE-FREEZ SUNDAE . . . the pure dairy product made from fresh milk and cream, frozen right before your eyes . . . topped with your favorite fresh fruits and flavors. 311 Walnut Street, Agawam ADELE M. GALLANO Stop st The slan of Wholesome Hospitality me Jewelers and Silversmiths Since 1862 ★ ★ REpublic 4-5658 1390 Main Street Springfield, Mass S S Shoe Shine 1179 Main Street Springfield, MassBob Parks Emerson Sylvania Zenith Atlantic Service Hawthorne Complete Repairs Road Service Radio Television • Radio 6 Television Service DAY: RE 4-9589 NIGHT: RE 7-8910 Tel. RE 2-7541 55 Elm Street W. Springfield, Mass 6 Southwick Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 Independent Fence Western Auto and Iron Works, Inc. Associate Store ★ DON WINTER, PROP. Tel. RE 6-0552 — RE 6-0132 1349 Main Street Agawam BRIDGE SHOPPING CENTER Residence, 1049 River Road, AgawamWinnie's Drive In Dick's Sunoco Service Station BEST FOOD IN TOWN Grinders — French Fries "Bob” Frisbie, Jr.. Prop. Sundaes — Sandwiches Fried Clams — Soda Service Is Our Business 200 Yards Past Riverside Teenagers Welcome Hours 10 A. M to 2 A M. Parking in Rear 657 Westfield Street West Springfield. Mass Com tlimrntt of Imelio Borgatti Contractors in Mason Work of All Kinds Grimaldi Concrete Free Estimates Products Tel. RE 3-5688 Tel. RE 6-2277 123 Garden Street Oak Hill Avenue North Agawam Agawam, Mass.IMJ» R 0"V 2E23 D K W Foreign Car Dealer TRADES — USED CARS — TERMS Agawam Bridge End of Memorial Ave West Springfield, Mass Dealer in Top Quality Automobiles Telephone Springfield RE 3-2214 Res. Suffield, Conn. NOrth 8-2597 Silver Star Restaurant Accommodations for WEDDINGS — BANQUETS — PARTIES Compliments of Norma's Specialty Shop Specializing in Women's Apparel ST 8-6438 336 Walnut Street AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTER Best Wishes to the Class of '58 Donatini Bros. Phone RE 4-9782 15 King Street. Agav amAgawam Shoe Service Shoe Repair Feature Harold A. King While-U-Wait Service MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS Open Friday Til 8:30 KINGCRAFT BOATS C In the Agawam Shopping Center Westfield Motor Tonelli's Little River Sales, Inc. Inn Tourists Accommodated “New England’s Big Little Ford Dealer” Phone LO 2-3606 Telephone LO 2-3550 Route 20 Springfield-Westfield Road Route 20 Westfield, Mass. Westfield, Mass.Compliment. of John A. MacPherson Upholstering and New Furniture For those who prefer quality craftsmanship and destinctive fabrics Reasonable Prices — Budget Terms Arranged For Free Estimates Call RE 3-7981 Open Daily. Thursday and Friday Till 9 416 Springfield Street Agawam William's Pharmacy Agent for Western Mass. Electric and New England Tel. Tel. 182 Elm Street RE 3-1007 677 Westfield Street RE 3-4017 West Springfield Compliments of National Gage Die Co., Inc. The BEST Place in Town to BUY TIRES Ramah Circle Agawam. Mass. Fisk Tire Service, Inc. Guy P. Jones. President 10 West Street - Across from Baseball Park REpublic 6-1887 1080 State Street at Willard Avenue STate 8-0921 SpringfieldBON CHANCE BONZO and JOE JO-DON'S COFFEE SHOP Compliments of 288 Park Street SAL West Springlield, Mass CASTELLI'S PIZZAS Compliments of and GRINDERS J. ALBANO Tel. RE 4-7766 EXCAVATING Open From 10 A M to 1 A M 41 Washington Street Agawam Compliments of Hutchinson's Compliments of PEANUTS. POPCORN TAFFY A Friend Riverside Park, Agawam International Compliments of Harvester Co. K. 1. Morley MOTOR TRUCK BRANCH ★ ★ ★ 39 Ottawa Street North Agawam 268 Park Avenue West Springfield West Springfield Compliments of Dumond's Glass Cook Builders' Paint Supply Co. Window Glass - Paint - Brushes Dealer in Mason's Supplies and Paint Rollers — Wallpaper Building Materials Telephone RE 2-3193 850 Memorial Avenue West Springfield. Mass 680 Springfield Street Tel. RE 2-9689(.‘om tlimenly of The Connecticut Valley Block Co. Cinder Concrete Building Block and Tile 3 Bramble Avenue West Springfield. Mass. Front Street Market EDWARD W. TALMADGE Groceries — Meats — Fresh Vegetables We Deliver 94 Front Street West Springfield. Mass. Compliments of Montecarlo Cate West Springfield. Mass. C. E. Smith Drug Store, Inc. George M. Atkins. Reg. Pharmacist Phone RE 2-1512 1162 Westfield Street West Springfield, MassRising's Food Service, Inc. Riverside Rollaway I ALL KINDS OF CATERING "THE RINK OF DISTINCTION" SHOWERS. WEDDINGS OR PARTIES Evenings 8-11 — Sat., Sun Mat 2-5 Agawam. Mass Tel. RE 6-0770 RE 6-2836 RE 6-6074 Compliments of the FT uew v Blessed Virgin Sodality 1 C € CR€flm of ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH BRIDGE SHOPPING CENTER AGAWAM, MASS.Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 MR. AND MRS. ANELLO ZINI Compliments of HOFF AUTO PARTS 1317 Columbus Avenue Springfield. Mass CORDNER CO., Inc. Gasoline — Oil Fuels 123 Day Street West Springfield, Mass. ELTON R. TURNER ASSOCIATES, Inc. Auto Radio — Radio — Television Sales and Service Tel. RE 3-5135 579-581 Columbus Avenue Compliments of VALLEY CINEMA, Inc. E. L. STORK SON CONTRACTING Garages, Breezeways and Cinder Block Foundations RE 4-8109 140 Main Street Agawam. Mass. Imported Wines and Beers From All Over the World CAMEROTA SOUTH END PACKAGE STORE "South End Shopping Center" RE 6-3176 Springfield. Mass. Best Regards to the Class of 58 from KROVAL JIG BORE, Inc. Tel. RE 9-9847 168 Elm Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of The Cronin Company Spear Lumber Co. Building Materials 50 North Grand Street West Suffield, Conn. 161 Old Bridge Street West Springfield Betty's ENJOY LIFE Olde Town House WITH r SWEET LIFE Now Available For All Occasions FOODS Tel. RE 4-9718Compliments of James F. Fenton Experimental Tool Works, Inc. Athletic Supplies 64 York Street Telephone 2-6700 Springfield, Mass. 219 Dwight Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of Squazza's Service Eastern States Storm Station Windows, Inc. SUNOCO Try One of Six New Octanes 1010 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, MassachusettsCharles DuBois Hodges Photographic Hi-Fi CONGRATULATIONS — Portraits Brides CLASS OF '5H Groups Boyer's Garage Telephone RE 2-6550 817 Main Street Agawam Center S H Green Stamps Western Mass. Distributor for HELPERIZE PAINT REMOVER Ledger Bros. Garage Northeast Airmotive GENERAL REPAIRING and ROAD SERVICE Corp. WHEEL ALIGNMENT The Original Wash-Away Paint Remover Contract Paint Removers Aircraft Maintenance — Machine 5 Tool Work Tel. RE 2-7502 1000 River Road 820 Springfield Street Feeding Hills. Mass Agav am, Mass. Tel. RE 6-9313 Walter J. O'ConnorCity E ave Troughs Co., Inc. Compliments of EAVES TROUGHS and CONDUCTORS Complete Installation and Guarantee Wood - Copper - Galvanized - Aluminum Free Estimates — All Workmen Insured Quick Expert Service Developed by 36 Years' Experience Hampden Beef Co. RE 4-3934 203 Liberty Street 444 No. Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Springfield, Mass. Eddie's Market T. J. Murray H. A. Mutti, Prop. PLATING WORKS MEATS — GROCERIES — PROVISIONS FRUITS and VEGETABLES — c » Phone RE 2-2941 RE 2-3129 660 Kings Highway West Springfield, Mass. 964 Main Street West Springfield, Mass.CURTAINS BLANKETS HAND IRONING a SPECIALTY Dial RE 6-3616 OVER 50 YEARS OF LAUNDRY £ DRY CLEANING "KNOW HOW" fJelmonT laundry and CUSTOM W CLEANERS 333 Belmont Ave. LET ONE CALL DO IT ALL Send Your DRY CLEANING With Your LAUNDRY MOTH PROOFING WEATHER PROOFING FUR CLEANING and STORAGE Since 1907 Range and Fuel Oil Oil Burner Sales and Service Agawam Oil Co. RE 9-2409 298 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Triangle Restaurant Open 6 A M. to 2 P.M. 324 Springfield Street H. Papianou P. Rice Springfield Animal Hospital Dr. P. F. Lingua Dr. F. I. Conniglia Mgr. R. T. Wilson “ Tex " 357 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass.Compliments of Cora's Beauty Salon Leo's Drive-In Tel. RE 4-9218 Chicopee Falls, Mass. 766 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of Quality Homes Dubuc and Langevin Custom Built by Geo. H. Campbell GENERAL CONTRACTORS Call at Model Home Open Daily ★ Campbell Drive off River Road Tel. RE 4-7425 — RE 4-5595 187 Colemore Street Feeding Hills, Mass.Compliments of A. B. C. GENERAL MACHINE AND TOOL CO., Inc. Compliments of Doctor George Corcoran, Sr. Park Street West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of SANDREWS ONE HOUR CLEANERS 804 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass. Always Remember Dot, Gay, Joy, Sandy, Josy, Pat The Cheerleaders of '58 Compliments of ANDERSON AND BENSON, Inc. HAR-MON OF MASS., Inc. Real Clay Tile Distributors Telephone RE 2-6378 2009 Riverdale Street West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of KEELEY BROTHERS GALVANIZING CO. 1224 Suffield Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of MANSFIELD PAPER CO., Inc. 187 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass.Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 Bus. Phone IE 2-3261 Res. Phone JE 3-7093 Aga - Mart Taxi Motor Parts Anywhere, Any Time Service Co. Special Rates Machine Shop Service American Hammered Rings Koetherizing Tel. ST 8-6701 Louis Fasoli, Prop Located at Shopping Center 157 Main Street Holyoke, Mass. FIRST IN FORMAL WEAR Compliments of S. M. White HAMPDEN FENCE Formal Shops Company Fine Formal Wear to Rent — ★ — SOUTH END SHOPPING CENTER 19 SPENCER STREET Springfield North Agawam Compliments of Compliments of Koffee Kup Bakery Ray's Grinders Tel. RE 3-8114 816 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass. Charm Fashions, Inc. Compliments of Nationally Advertised Feminine Italian Sporting Club Apparel at Incredible Prices Shop Us and Be Convinced 1068 Riverdale Road Route 5 Cooper Street Agawam, Mass. Club "16" Compliments of ' HAL" PHILLIPS At the Hammond Organ Playing Sam Russell Your Old Favorites Thursday thru Sunday Nites 9:00 to Closing The Pleasure Is Yours (Cor. Market and Sanford Sts.) Compliments of Springfield Alignment Co. Eddie's Parking Lot W. G. Harrison — L. S. LaMountain “Service With a Smile” Alignment — Balancing — Shimmy Corrected Wheel Straightening — Wheel Parts — Sanford Street Springfield. Mass. 21 Charter Avenue Springfield. Mass.1. M. Press Formal Shop "We Will Impress You With Our Service” Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 From Correct Formal Dress Tuxedos Pink Jackets — Red and Maroon Jackets Mr. and Mrs. P. Vassallo White Dinner Jackets All Accessories 326 Dwight Street Springfield. Mass. ... Fred Giordano You Have Been Assisted by a Member of Truck and Tractor Service "Falcons" Custom Club Safety and Courtesy Shown Tel. RE 9-6128 Should Be World Known 94 Garden Street Agawam, Mass. For a Good Buy on Used Cars or New Compliments of See George D. Canegallo at Mutual Oldsmobile, Springfield Buick Co. Inc. Where the Dealing Is Mutual Tel. RE 2-4126 STate 8-4526 630 Main Street Springfield, Mass. 1515 State Street Universal Cutter 5000 Watts Service, Inc. WTYM Tool and Cutter Grinding Carbide Grinding — Form Tools Special Cutters and Tools Sweet 16 on the Dial “Hear All the Top Tunes on TYM” Tel. RE 4-2960 33 Norman Street West Springfield, Mass. From Sunrise to SunsetCompliments of John Verani Compliments of BUILDER and CONTRACTOR Golden O'Brien Tel. RE 4-3416 87 Oak Hill Avenue Agawam, Mass. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Springfield Federal Compliments of Savings and Loan Association Malcolm R. Hanson, Secretary-Treasurer K. V. Homes, Inc. Telephone RE 7-4774 133 State Street Springfield 3, Massachusetts 1160 Bay Street Springfield, Mass. Springfield, Mass. Fearn's Gulf Service Plumbing — Carpentry Heating — Tile Work All Type Repairs Auto Transmissions - Carburetors John J. Bilesimo General Contractor c Complete Remodeling Tel. RE 4-9886 Telephone: RE 2-2980 949 Springfield Street Feeding Hills. Mass. P. O Box 123 West Springfield, Mass. Residential — Commercial — Industrial Wiring Ray Giusfina Alfred Gallerani Locksmith Keys Made — Lawn Mowers Sharpened ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Saws Sharpened Phone RE 4-3770 RE 2-7298 361 Suffield Street Agawam. Mass. 51 High Street Agawam, Mass. Professional Auto Service Best Wishes to the Class of ’58 Tony Pezzini Larry Smith The Studebaker Our Specialty Service All Makes — Esso Products Will Committee REpublic 9-0443 75 Union Street West Springfield, Mass. Central Auto Trim Co. Allan Mackintosh Golf Professional Seat Covers and Convertible Tops GOLF EQUIPMENT Golf Clubs, Balls. Shoes, Jackets, Bags. — Caddy Carts and Golf Lessons RE 3-8823 —■ 15 Hickory Street Wilbraham Country Club Wilbraham, Mass.1 The Drum Shop De Palma Motor AND Sales Co. Temple of Music RAMBLER SALES — SERVICE Musical Instruments and Accessories Genuine Parts PERSONALLY INDORSED USED CARS Expert Lubrication — General Repairing Wheel Aligning and Balancing Radiator Pressure Purging — Steam Clean Telephones: Tel. RE 4-0309. RE. 3-3935 Sales: ST 8-4889 Service: RE 3-7889 959 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. 188 State Street Springfield. Mass. Harold G. Benson Friendly Service Station ELECTRICIAN Alba P. Hanks. Prop. Electric Water Heaters LUBRICATION A SPECIALTY ★ Tires — Batteries — Accessories Telephone RE 2-6765 • 27 Center Street Agawam. Mass. Tel. RE 6-9713 1718 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of ?'::nnc RE 2-SC1S Established 1910 Duplex Tire Service Thomas E. Cascio John B Puplessis. Prop Company RECAPPING — VULCANIZING NEW TIRES - • BATTERIES ★ ★ ★ 262 Meadow Street Cor. Main and York Sts. Springfield 5. Mass Agawam, Massachusetts Agawam Plumbing Heating Co. Compliments of HOMER J PARO Byron's Funeral Home Reliable and Courteous Service — ★ Telephone RE " 694 Pipe Welding — Structure Tanks General Shop Welding High and Low Pressure Boilers Modern Portable Outfits BRAUN'S WELDING SERVICE A.S.M.E. CERTIFIED WELDERS Call 6-4109 733 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. GINO'S TEXACO SERVICE Phone RE 2-3703 241 Park Avenue West Springfield, Mass BEST WISHES GEORGE RAMAH INSURANCE to the Class of 1958 AGENCY P. B. ARNOLD SONS Tel. RE 6-1846 MILK and CREAM 330 Walnut Street 556 Springfield Street Tel. RE 6-1310 In the Agawam Shopping Center Compliments of Compliments of STANLY HANDLING BAYSIDE HOSIERY EQUIPMENT CO. Sportswear — Ship Shore Blouses Ramah Circle Socks — Ties — Shirts — Underwear Agawam O'Brien's Corners Compliments of FRANKLIN PRINTING SHOP Daniel Di Donato, Prop. RE 6-7580 63 Franklin Street Feeding Hills, Mass. YALE GENTON CLOTHES RE 9-2079 1130 Riverdale Street West Springfield, Mass.Compliments of B L GARAGE SPENCER WRECKING CO. LA 5-7098 Specialist on Electrical Repairs and Gas Analysis RE 3-7681 65 Helen Circle East Longmeadow, Mass. 7 Long Hill Street Springfield, Mass. Greetings and Felicitations from ROCKY'S HARDWARE CO. TONY KLENAKIS Main Street Springfield, Mass. and FA FA FERRERO Official Truck Stop Dry Ice Compliments of S S SERVICE STATION, Inc. RICH MORASSI Formerly Nugers J. Solomon — A. Field DICK GLOGOWSKI Tel. RE 4-9863 518 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. "BROS" Compliments of "MOLT" BROOKSIDE CAFE "DAG" Springfield, Mass.ART-LITE SIGNS Manufacturers of Neon and Plastic Signs Tel. RE 3-1436 180 New Bridge Street West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of WONDER MEATS 385 Walnut St. Geraniums — Potted Plants Vegetables in Season — Vegetable Plants TORIANI GARDENS Gladiolus and Bulbs ROBERT TORIANI Tel. RE 6-6266 Greenhouse — 241 Meadow Street Agawam, Mass. JAY'S BARBER SHOP Specializing in Crewcut and Women's Haircutting 8 Rowley Street (O'Brien's Corner) Next to Norwoods Compliments of EASTERN STATES STORM WINDOW, Inc. 1004-1010 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. SPRINGFIELD PATTERN WORKS, Inc. Wood Patterns — Metal Patterns Pressure Cast Match Plats Tel. ST 8-7303 168 Elm Street Agawam, Mass AGAWAM SUPERETTE H. S. R BROWN Meats — Groceries — Frozen Foods 400 Cooper Street, Cor. SuUield Agawam, Mass. Phones RE 2-6679 — RE 4-6096 FRANCIS J. CALDON Auto Repairing — Body Work Refinishing — Welding DAY — TOWING — NIGHT 842 Main Street, Cor. School 75 School Street, Cor. Union West Springfield, Mass.Comftliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Agawam, Mass Compliments of AGAWAM SHOE SERVICE 322 Walnut Street Agawani Shopping Center Compliments of DOC'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of B' SHARA'S restaurant HAIR CUT $1 CD Four First Class Barbers at Your Service Plenty of Parkma- Space ANGELO'S BARBER SHOP Agawam Shopping Mart 371 Walnut Street Aaawam Compliments of NELSON'S VARIETY and LUNCHEONETTE 760 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass AGAWAM PAINT HARDWARE Formerly GALLANO'S 303 Walnut Street PAINTS — TOOLS — HOUSEWARES — CLOCKS CASTELLINI FUEL OIL 42 Moore Street North AaawamCompliments of Thomas L. Blanchard, D. M. D. DR. WILLIAM GERAN Ludington Court Elm Street West Springfield, Mass. 130 Elm Street West Springfield, Mass. Office: RE 9-1522 Res.: RE 4-2340 Best Wishes to the Class of ’58 KENNETH S. RAFFOL Mr. and Mrs. Albert Caserio INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 299 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. Sales Service Compliments of ALLEN LAWNMOWER CO. Edward J. Hartland, D.C. E. S. McLean. Owner CHIROPRACTOR Tel. RE 3-7837 100 Elm Street West Springfield. Mass. 20 River Street West Springfield, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 Compliments of MRS. LOUIS BONTEMPO A FRIENDANCHORETTE RESTAURANT P. N. KNOWLTON JEWELER and OPTICIAN Point Grove Road Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing Southwick, Mass. Phone 4-1704 505 2 Belmont Avenue Springfield, Mass. Compliments of MAJESTIC THEATER W. T. GRANT CO. 17 Springfield Street 133 Elm Street Agawam, Mass. West Springfield, Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of RIVERDALE SHORT GOLF WEST SPRINGFIELD Riverdale Road WOODWORKING CO. West Springfield, Mass. Bosworth Street HOFBRAUHAUS, Inc. Compliments of 1105 Main Street JUST RITE AUTO TRIM West Springfield, Mass.  BATTISTONI LUMBER CO. DANNY’S OIL HEATING CO. Yard, Phone JO 9-3421 Granville Road Daniel Pisano. Prop. Store, Phone JO 9-3355 College Highway Sales — Service We Give S6.H Green Stamps Fuel Oil — Range Oil Southwick, Mass RE 6-6222 636 Mill Street Feedinq Hills M. D. CASERIO CO. FRIENDLY BARBER SHOP Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry SIX BARBERS Fine Watch Repairing 54 Vernon Street Springfield, Mass. “We Buy Anything” O. "SMILEY" GRAZIANO FEEDING HILLS JUNK TRUCKING Tractor Service S. D. White 5 Son Loam Fill — Gravel Tel. RE 6-7637 Landscaping RE 9-4260 and ST 8-8951 53 Oak Street Feeding Hills, Mass 62 Garden Street Feeding Hills. Mass. MEATLAND Compliments of “The Discount Meat Stores” Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Gregory We Give Prudential Stamps 325 Walnut Street Agawam Ent. to Agawam Shopping Center hotel McDonnell GRIMALDI BROS. Eugene McDonnell. Prop. “The Carribean Room” ESSO SERVICENTER Tel. RE 9-8420 Charles and Frank 903 Main Street West Springfield. Mass. North Elm and Railroad Ave. Westfield, Mass. RIVERDALE GOLF PRACTICE DE FORGE MOTOR SERVICE RANGE Louis Raimondi, Golf Pro “If you can’t find what you want sec us” Walter Piekos, Manager Lessons by Appointment 750 Springfield Street Telephone: REpublic 4-9322 West Springfield, Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of WILLIAM A. HURLEY Insurance — Surety Bonds OLEKSAK LUMBER CO. 33 Elm Street Springfield, Mass. Westfield, Mass. PHOENIX RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE SOUTHWICK GOLF CLUB The Meeting and Fating Spot of All Mike Marge. Pro Particular People Choice Liquors — Quality Foods Golf Equipment — Golf Lessons Telephone LOgan 2-9783 Repairs 150 Elm Street Westfield, Mass. THE MANHATTAN TRIO Music with Appeal For Parties, Weddings, Dances Tel RE 2-6942 Comlilimrnts of LISWELL HILL FARM GILES W. HALLADAY 327 No Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. RICHARD'S DRY CLEANING SERVICE Pick Up and Delivery Five Day Service GEORGE R ROBINSON. Mar Tel RE 6-6820 707 Main Street Aaawatn. Mass Comfilinii iil of CONGAMOND CLEANERS College Highway Southwick (Esso) Light's Service Station Springfield and No. Westfield Street (Esso) Feeding Hills. Mass Compliments of ScHERPA'S Service Station Simplex Accounting Service JOHN H. GOODWILL B. S. B. A. Public Accountant — Tax Consultant Dial RE 6-6410 25 Agawam Shopping Court Agawam. Mass.KELLEY'S JUNK BUSINESS Buys Rags, Paper, Metal and Iron RE 9-5880 49 Cooley Street North Agawam Com tlimrnls of FEEDING HILLS COUNTRY CLUB Feeding Hills. Massachusetts DR. RICHARD RABINOWITZ OPTOMETRIST Tel. RE 9-1945 12 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass Your Neighbor HOME AND GARDEN CENTER Agawam Meet Me at Memo's COFFEE SHOP Memorial Avenue West Springfield WANIEWSKI TURKEY FARM Poultry of All Kinds Chicken Barbecueing Our Specialty Turkey Pies and Turkey Meat Loafs Boned and Rolled Turkeys FEEDING HILLS Telephones: RE 4-2491 - RE 4-6116 — RE 6-5917 DODGE and PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS INTERNATIONAL MOTOR CAR CO. Tel. RE 6-1825 138 Memorial Avenue West Springfield DEL'S VARIETY STORE 50 Walnut Street North Agawam, Mass.1 i EARL'S AMOCO SERVICE AAA Emergency Service General Repairing Tel. RE 3-4509 825 Springfield Street Feeding Hills. Mass Compliments of FRAN'S BARBER SHOP Opposite the Coliseum MIKE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Rebuild - Specialize in Arch Supporters - Full Soles Shoes Made for the Crippled New Shoes Sale of Thorogood Shoes Tel. RE 6-7830 South Westfield Street Feeding Hills Compliments of FEEDING HILLS PHARMACY John L. Prunulis RE 4-0578 Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry - Gifts Greeting Cards LETALIEN JEWELER'S S S H Green Stamps 'Expert Watch. Clock and Jewelry Repair” Fully Guaranteed 383 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass Compliments of RIVERVIEW MARKET Free Delivery Tel. ST 8-9641 ST 8-9642 ST 8-9643 Cor. Bridge and River Streets North Agawam E. J. PICKARD Meat Wholesaler The Best in All Kinds of Meats Including Italian Products RE 3-5601 Agawam, Mass Sylvania TV Washers Ranges Refrigerators LETOURNEAU YOUNGS AGAWAM'S TELEVISION CENTER Sales — Service — Installations Telephone RE 2-9206 Cor Cooper and Main Sts. Agawam, MassELM GARAGE "BOB" HYLAND. Prop. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Complete Carburetor. Ignition Brake Service Front End Alignment and Wheel Balancing Tires, Batteries and Accessories Telephone RE 3-9498 9 Mosher Street West Springfield. Mass. A-C MOTOR EXPRESS 84 Western Avenue West Springfield. Mass. LITTLE RACELAND A. BOCCASILE. Prop. Full Course Dinners Catering to Weddings and Banquets Telephone RE 2-4283 Silver Street Agawam, Mass. 117 State Street, near Main Springfield. Mass. LYNN'S DANCING SCHOOL of Agawam, Mass. Graduate and Members of D.E.A. Tap, Toe, Ballet, Ballroom Home Tel. RE 3-5601 Studio RE 7-4248 TONY'S BARBER SHOP 1072 Main Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of MILLIE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 62 Kensington Street THE VALLEY UPHOLSTERING CO. Wm. Maniscalco Upholsterers of Distinctive Custom Built Living Room Furniture Phone LOgan 2-4371 Shop: 57 Meadow Street Westfield, Mass.PAULINE'S BEAUTY SALON Permanents and Hair Stylino Tel. RE 3-4982 208 Maple Street North Agawam. Mass Compliments of COOLEY'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING Tires, Batteries and Accessories 24-Hour Towing Service Tel. RE 7-8827 — RE 7-0890 1154 Springfield Street Feeding Hills Compliments of RASCHI FENCE CO. 105 High Street North Agawam Compliments o TISDEL'S BARBER SHOP Open Monday Through Saturday, 8 to 6 Agawam Center Compliments of THE CELESTE BALBONI BAKERY Since 1912 MAKERS OF FINE ITALIAN BREAD Tel. RE 6-3219 25 King Street North Agawam FEEDING HILLS PUBLIC MARKET T. Marieb, Prop. GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS. MEATS FLOUR and GRAIN 634 Springfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass Compliments of JOHNNIES DRIVE IN Specializing in Sea Foods Chicken in the Basket — Grinders Cor. Springfield and Moreland St., Feeding Hills HOT ROD HEADQUARTERS SPEED PARTS Fender Skirts — Glass Packed Mufflers Lowering Blocks — All Dual Exhaust Systems MEYER'S AUTO SUPPLY LOWEST PRICES Century Shopping Center Next to Sears West Springfield

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