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 - Class of 1957

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Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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qw - ' - f -- " -iff-' -nr - '. ,-,g.f,f.,.4,,. , 7.1 U A ,i .anna---A-ul-hQnr4,.f,.,. . " We Une 74 Wide granny! :Wane ...ff-f" .rf 0 .Tx -::: S-H' -1. Q. S-K "'VN- ..i.- 3 '-E? ' 4 E-t I L'- , ,- ,,,. :Il , 'X -11 1: "NO ONE IS WISE ENOUGH ALONE" Into a world of greed and hope and strife, A world where good and evil war and never cease, We enter now to start another life 5 ' We leave a world of books and play and peace. We leave behind us friendships warm and true, Glad days of laughter, youth, and joyous song, Of pleasant goals achieved, of knowledge new 5 Fond memories that will linger deep and long. But yet with hope we face the coming years, Bright plans for future tasks and youthful schemes. We pray that life will mix the laughter with the teaxs, And give us friends with whom to share our dreams. Carved in our hearts like letters carved in stone, We read, "No one is wise enough alonef' - Lawrence S herlaw 2 l ,J X I f " xi D . WE, THE CLASS OF 1952 DEDICATE THIS, OUR YEARBOOK TO WORLD FRIENDSHIP- MAY WE SEE IT THRIVE 3 .Y H i I 1 ! J I u Isl., , , AM. . . Mr. James Clark Superintendent Mr. Frederick T. Dacey Mr Paul Langlois Prmmpal Guidance Director Miss Ida Moggio Mrs. Beth Coggeshall Mrs. Silvia Bernstein ll so it 4fff,.f, 1 ' - s '--' 1 - sais'-ss:fg ' i alga l! " ? Miss Barbara Phelps Miss Eleanor Mmm. Miss Chrisanthe Carozi Class Advisor English English Yearbook Advisor Senior Play Advisor English Ssbsysss, X. pisses: Q KRW - x M, ,sstxqgylg fl w ss , x sf - fs X. 5. MN' Q kwa is .. Q iw -S X' ' W i l ssiwkgisiss .Q li s,',., ,,...' 1 sis. 'S s o-. sg sl X' TQ als.. X s .Eh sl, - ,s s. :fiisq -e . .. x MMAes..,s N 4 Q Qig., - gs-is ' x X 'KSN X X ws-Sissi :NCQ X Q55 .L gwswgxz X Q gi K x X s 5 K ' Q? N X X 'lm X Obs N X Q xisxxx X so XS Q rx X ox X xxx Q XX X X A X N X N X X X is 5 X s s A gxsx A xr s X M 4 gal, is N A X is XX X Mrs. Dorothy Holmes English English English Miss Marjorie WVard Mr, Richard Prime Mr. Richard Carbone History Higpm-y and Coagh Problems of Democracy Political Geography' Psychology Mrs. Katherine Kalloch Latin and English miii si e - iiiikigfi-ff Z Z ..5- X K 1 ' F i' x 35 ,gill il , ...s-... .. X wi. sbs 2 X 1 f I X X , 1 sv X Ap X SN X ex X ss X X . x . N . kssfif . s Qs:- .,.,s,q4Q2,go, ,. -. ,-s N .- wg. X..ssi,x,ws,..i. . , . Mr. Lawrence Bucldingto Chemistry s Ss ., ,.,...., fgx Ski ,V NW l f s Q 'rsgpi ,, Mrs. Phyllis Robbins Mrs. Marian Gleeson Commercial Subjects Commefcml Subleft-V U Mr, Peter Ball Mr, Harold Clark Chemistry and Biology 30611042 Head Librarian Mrs. Maria Sears French Mr. Rudolpho Altobelli Commercial Subjects History Mr. David Theodorowicz Biology lg 4 4. , Mrs. joan Marsh Science 2 Q ,, . X W E X . . x 'a ' .iss FQ' if -iii? X . . , Tig, Mr. Roland Pressey Drivers Education Miss Jane Durkan lllathematics Mr. Henry Baker Industrial Arts Mr. Harmon Smith Director of Physical Activities Miss Jennifer Mead MV- DHTCY Dads An Vocal and Instrumental Music Miss Eleanor Smith , if Q' s -,gs -. . X W- 1 X-A :'I:""i -X if liw ' 3 X ' s Rib'-, XX? 'sk Eff' ' DY Q3 xx X X Q, ,sf x S -9, X 51 X X Ax xx 4 Q Q wi fffxgx , W s X X X 3, ss X X -M X sr Xi N X as as X A I M1 Mr. David Skolnick Agriculture . , Judson Hastings Mrs. Mll'lam SllCI'l'I1B.I1 Mathfmatlff Mathematics Mathgmatigs Mr. Louis Vanasse Mathematics and English X -' . ss -s 1gfZgag?sQiX, 3' . Q - i:'Wi3f3E S Sys 1- sei- ...i :sizlefiw :Q-gi -- Q . . E05 - ' - izfifzi Fi S'E:1s2iii ' I.?fr sin s Lv S - i 1 :R a o 2...--1Q1.f,g1. 1g.Qf::- -. ,,.',1Qr:,. 2:3321-T' 'lic .. L.: .. X Mr. John Porter Industrial Arts C12lYg':x" ,zo V X Q MXQLQX X gwsk :Qs 1? Qs-0 :0 X -fn xgrgsfgsx -Si? , x X 5 N N w X Miss Emily McCormick Alathematics Mrs. Marjorie Kelly Household Arts , w sbs: A s,m52Xu1f .XXX , EXNNE Q 'XX NWN N X ju is Sis iss -lXSi?if X s ZX Q is si sci. xbissss K -b Q4 W sw NS Kiss X xxx sgssx .5 X QSX ian N Q bi wr KN sf XWYNEEYSXX 3 QKSMNXN x fw Msmfxiis N as as ns Nw 45+ X skis or X A - r, as 15251 Fi. var- 5 Q if a ges lf:- Nmbi-M: Wes XXSQB, -SU Ok ?:?Qi2i115i'5 wf iss? iswfqsifwi ,,s..Q-LCi'5'65' ix' 'SESS sri.. si: ffsisw-if ,-sSf s ssQ:ssfv Ls will fir iff ff, Q 5' :si Y f Q. Vi. Rx ' Q' M Er2ssmf,hf:?Ss s s19:.:"' " isis: msec ,ox ., 3- snot LM f 455:55-fyiffiifis l -5 FX X -: . ,Q Q is - X553 A Miss Dorothy Hastings Physical Training Mr. Harry Leonardi Physical Education Coach Mr. Frederick Scyocurka Geography Mrs. Elizabeth Langlois Household Arts F-75,1,..15w,..,.,,,,W,, .M.,V.,,, K . ..o, 1 . ,M zffifn A Ak I-via . is -: fir-'if if' ia-.sisrii Sk i n, - 1 , ft W ,- , .- of - ,. . 1 fs 'V :J s 1 1 115121 Mr. Peter Sarantopoulis Coach S A 1 w L 7, W 'slit 'A Y Ugfdem THOMAS E. LETENDRE 75 Letendre Avenue, Feeding Hills Tom - Sharp dresser - "Romeo" - cute - Hollywood, here I come!! Class OH-icer, President 45 Sophomore Party Committee 5 Junior Cabaret Com- mittee: Prom Usher5 Graduation Usherg Class Gifts Committee5 Western Mas- sachusetts Music Festival 35 Drama Club, President 45 Debating Club 35 Stu- dent Council 45 Senior Playg Operetta 3, 45 Library Staff 35 Senior Play. PATRICIA ANN ARNOLD pretty hair - cute. -GERALD FRANCIS O'KEEFE Suffield Street, Agawam Gerry - Mary - pet peeve, English!!! - big tease - good athlete - per- sonality plus. Class Ollicer, President 1, Treasurer 45 Student Council 35 Freshman Party Committee5 Sophomore Party Committeeg Junior Cabaret Committee5 Prom Committee5 Kid Party Committeeg Graduation Usher5 Class Gifts Committee5 Class Colors Committee5 Personality Club 15 Operettag Mirror Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Sachem Staff5 Football 15 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4. JUDITH BARBARA CLARK 9 289 North Street, Feeding Hills Patty - Bobby - always willing to lend a hand - one of the cheerleaders - Class Ofiicer, Vice-President l, 3, 45 Pro Merito, Vice-President 45 Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Drama Club 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Debating Club 35 Senior Chorale 45 Maytime Concert 35 Operetta 35 Mirror Staff 3, 45 Library 35 Sachem Staff 45 Freshman Party Committee5 Sophomore Party Committee5 Junior Cabaret Committee5 Prom Committee5 Kid Party Committee5 Class Will Committee5 Graduation Com- mittee5 Senior Choralette, 3, 45 Western Mass. Music Festival 35 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Tri-Hi-Y Basketball 3. 28 Reed Street, Agawam jude - Popular - sports enthusiast - friendly - all around girl. Transferred from Rhode Island in Sophomore year. Pro Meritog Class Officer, Secretary 3, 45 Sophomore Party Committee5 Junior Cabaret Committee5 Prom Committee5 Prom Usherg Kid Party Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 All State Band 3: Western Mass. Music Festival 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Treasurerg Drama Club 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer5 Biology Club 25 Debating Club 35 Model Congress 2, 45 Senior Coat Checkers 45 Student Council 3, Secretary 45 Vice-President 45 Maytime Concert 2, 3, 45 Mirror Staff 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 3, 45 Sachem Staff5 Class Hats Cornmitteeg Senior Play5 Western Mass. Student Council Convention 3, 4. J- 1l JAMES A. ARGIRO Silver Street, Agawam jimmy - One of the boys - RSLR bandleader - jazz enthusiast-"Knuckles Argiro." Sophomore Party Committee 35 Kid Party Committee 45 Glee Club 25 Mirror 35 Sachem Staff 45 Hockey 45 Senior Play. LOIS MAE BELVILLE 149 Maple Street, North Agawam ,Lois - Quiet - always friendly - George - wedding bells in June!!! Tri-Hi-Y 3. ARTHUR LYNN BILODEAU 54 Greenacre Lane, Agawam Arthur - Quiet - Always trying to sell something - Oh! those shop days. Graduation Usher5 Band 1, 2, 35 Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 35 Wood Shop Assistant 3, 45 Sachem Staff. JOAN CAROL BINNENKADE 194 Meadow Street, Agawam Bennie-Pretty hair - pals with Shirl - interest in Rainbow - full of fun. Future Nurses 4, Vice-President 5 Personality Club 2, 35 Scribes 35 Debating Club 25 Mirror Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Checker 4 5 Prom Committee5 Prom Usher5 Sachem Staff. BEVERLY ANN BINNS Kensington Street, Feeding Hills Bev - "Bucky" - always telling jokes and laughing - champ of the 100-yard dash to lunch!! - good secretary. Pro Merito5 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Personality Club 25 Mirror Staff 25 Glee Club 15 Western Massachusetts Music Festival 15 Band 15 Girls Sports l-25 F. F. A. Sweetheart 4. JAMES J. BITGOOD 1010 Suflield Street, Agawam jim - Quiet - accomplishes everything he sets out to do. Pro Meritog F.F.A. Basketball 1, 2, 35 F.F.A. Public Speaking Contest 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA ANN BONAVITA 55 River Road, Agawam Barb f- Pretty hair - what would English classes be like without Marie?- loves to talk. Personality Club 2, Freshman Party Committee, So homore Part Committee , ' ' P Y 5 Glrls' Sports 1. MARIE A. BORGATTI 22 Wilson Street, North Agawam Bright Eye: - Tony - wedding bells - Oh those stenography classes!!!! Pro Merito, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Personality Club 2, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Mirror Staff 3, 4, All State Chorus, Glee Club 2, 3, Girls' Sports 1, 2. sachusetts Student Council Convention 4 Music Festival 3, 4, Senior Play. THERESA B. CARDONE 232 Elm Street, Agawam Terry - Joe - always has an answer -- quiet until you get to know her - pretty eyes. Class Otlicer, Vice-President 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Personality Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Operetta l, Student Council 1, 3, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Prophecy Committee, Sachem Stall, Mirror Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3. - GERALD LOUIS CASIELLO , 61 Lealand Avenue, Agawam Ger - Mr. President - ski enthusiast - great talker - all 'round. Class Officer, Treasurer 1, 3, Sophomore Partyi Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Prom Usher, id Party Committee, Class Motto Committee, Prophecy Committee, Western Massachusetts Music Festival 3, Football 1, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Drama Club 4, Ski Club l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 25 Senior Chorale, Senior Octet, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Western Massachusetts Student Council Convention 3, 4, May- time Concert 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Library 3, Band 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Sachem Staff, Junior Marshal, Chess Club 2, 4, President 4. WALLACE J. BUBIEN 33 High Street Agawam Wally - sport enthusiast - curly hair ladies man Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Prom Usher Graduation Usher, Kid Party Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Prophecy Committee, Football 4 Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Student Council 3 4 Captain of Patrol, Mirror Staff 4, Band 1, 3, Sachem Staff Senior Play, Western Mas NANCY CATHERINE CANDIDO 1023 Shoemaker Lane Feeding Hills Nance - Carm - the wild one - pretty Oh' those eyes devilish Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Personality Club 2 3 Mirror Staff Sachem Staff, Color Guard 3, 4, May Time Concert 3 4 Western Massachusetts N JOHN FRANCIS COWLES johnny - Likes hockey - quiet - huh huh. Student Council 3 3 Hockey team 4. THERESA ANN CRUPI Little Craps -- Always Laughing - so very short - sports enthusiast. A Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 3 Girls' Sports 1-2-3-4. MARILYN DAPHNE CIMMA 14 Westford Circle, Agawam Mousie-Quiet until you get to know her - "Dad, can I have the car" - always ready to help. Pro Meritog Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Tri-Hi-Y 43 Personality Club 2, 33 Glee Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Library 3, 4, Christmas Play 2s Operetta 3g Girls' Sports 1, 23 Sachem Staff, Senior Play. EDWARD J. COLLINS 131 Southwick Street, Feeding Hills Eddy - Quiet - blushes easy. Sachem Staff. 1370 Main Street, Agawam 18 Kanawha Avenue, Agawam, Mass. MARLENE JOAN CUSSON 76 Royal Street, North Agawam Marsh - Connie's shadow - pint size pest -- likes OEice Practice Class??? Personality Club 1, 25 Tril-Ii-Y 3, 4, International Relations Club 3g Prom Committee 3g Junior Cabaret Committee 35 Mirror Staff 35 Graduation Usher 3 g Sachem Staifg Girls' Sports l, 25 Senior Play. ROSE MARIE DAIGNEAULT 159 Poplar Street, Feeding Hills Rose - ','Dave"-crazy driver!-always in a romantic tangle-Future Nurse. Freshman Party 5 Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret 5 Prom Committee g Gradu- ation Usher 3 Kid Party, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 5 Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3g Future Nurses 3, 45 All State Chorusg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Western Mas- sachusetts Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Color Guard 3, 4, Library 3, 4g Sachem Staff, Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play, Concert Chorale 4. I2 ful- WILLIAM GEORGE DEARBORN 62 Memorial Drive, Feeding Hills Bill - Big flirt-trombone player - real tall - his own ear??? Transferred to Agawam from Guilford High in Conn. in his Junior year. Western Mass. Music Festival 45 Operetta 45 Band 3, 45 Senior Octet 4. ANNA MARIE DeMICHELE 63 William Street, Feeding Hills Anna - Nice complexion - future teacher - conscientious-sports minded. Freshman Party Committeeg Sophomore Party Committee 5 junior Cabaret Committee 5 Prom Committee 5 Graduation Usher5 Kid Party Committee 5 His- tory Committee5 Class Secretary 15 Senior Choralettes 3, 45 Western Mass. Music Festival 1, 35 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Freshman Cheerleaderg Future Teachers Club 2, 3, 45 Librarian 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, President 45 Personality Club 2, 3, 45 International Relations Club 3, 4, Secretary 45 Drama Club 45 Glee Club I. 2, 3, 45 Debating Club 3, Recording Secretary 35 Library 3, 45 Sachem Staff 45 Class Hat Committee, Chairman 35 Delegate to Tri-Hi4Y Conference 35 Model Congress 3 5 Senior Play. MARIANNE R. DePALO LEONARD A. DesROSIERS Suffield Street, Agawam Lenny-has his own car-friendly-Why Teachers Get Gray!!!-Westfield??? Basketball 35 Sachem Staff. DORINE R. DONATINI 532 North Street, Feeding Hills Dor - Dino - A Westsideflitterdolll l - loves 'pizza - my green sardine can. Transferred from West Springfield High School in Junior year. Prom Com- mitteeg Personality Club 45 Biology Club 3 5 Sachem Staff 5 Girls Sports 45 Prophecy Committee. 15 Meadow Street, Agawam Marianne - small - one of our cheerleaders - nice voice. Personality Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Drama Club 45 Library 35 Sachem Staff 5 Freshman Party Committee 5 Sophomore Party Committee 5 Junior Cab- aret Committee5 Prom Committee 5 Prom Usher 5 Kid Party Committee 5 Class Gifts Committeeg Class Hats Committee5 NOMA Delegate 45 Cheerleader 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Western Mass. Music Festival 5 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 35 Senior Play. ANN MARIE DESCOTEAUX 60 James Street, Feeding Hills Little Annie - always happy - likes sports - an inevitable giggle - under five feet. Freshman Party Committeeg Sophomore Party Committee5 Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committeeg Prom Usher5 Kid Party Committee 5 Class Gifts Committee5 Senior Choralette 3, 45 Western Mass. Music Festival 3, 45 May Time Concert 3, 45 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 1, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 45 Delegate to Tri-Hi Convention 35 Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2 5 Senior Chorale 45 Future Nurses 45 Operetta 3, 45 Mirror Staff' 45 Sachem Staff 5 Senior Play. ANNE MARIE DUBIA ll Brookline Avenue, Feeding Hills Amazon Annie - Quiet - always seen with Ruthie and Marilyn-Eddie - has pretty hair. Junior Cabaret Committee5 Prom Committee5 Prom Usherg Personality Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Camera Club 3, Treasurerg Future Nurses Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Corresponding Secretary 45 Library 45 Sachem Staff 5 Senior Play. MICHAEL EGAN 27 Wilson Street, Agawam Beak -- Rink-rat at the Coliseum-hockey player - shy. Freshman Party Committee5 Sophomore Party Committee5 Junior Cabaret Committee 5 Prom Committee 5 Kid Party Committee5 Hockey Team 45 Basket- ball 15 Mirror Staff 35 Senior Playg Track 45 Western Mass. Music Festival 1. MARY SUSAN FARINA 1274 Suffield Street, Agawam Marianne - Our majorette leader--likes to dance-future baton leader-Joe. Glee Club 1, 25 Maytime Concert 1, 2, 3, 45 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader 45 Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Concert 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club and Band Concert 1, 25 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Girls' Sports 1. WILLIAM FEARN 129 Cooley Street, North Agawam Billy - F reckles - always smiling -- Miss Mi1ler's boy - devilish!! F. F. A. Basketball 1, 2, 35 F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM ARNOLD GAZAR Bill - The silent type - blushes Band 15 Music Festival 15 Senior Play. I DOROTHY ANN GIROTTI 79 Ottawa Street, North Agawam easily - loves English class??? 85 Cooley Street, North Agawam Dart - Tommy L- my kitty Tiger - big flirt - loves to dramatize. Freshman Party Committee 5 Sophomore Party Committee5 Junior Cabaret Committee5 Prom Cornmitteeg Prom Usherg Kid Party Committeeg Person- ality Club 2, 35 Mirror Staff 2, 3, 45 Sachem Stail'5 Operetta Usher 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sports 15 Senior Play Committee. I4 -lr MARY K. GLOWGOWSKI 33 Seymour Avenue, Agawam Mary - Ed - to always go steadily - nice personality - pet peeve "Richie" - pretty hair - cute. Pro Merito, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee 3 Graduation Usher, Kid Party Commit- tee, History Committee, Sachem Staff, Mirror Staff 2, Operetta Usher, Girls' Sports 2, 3, Glee Club, Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4 , Class Banquet Committee. EDMUND W. GOVONI Pooch - Mary - outstanding athlete - always seen with "Charlie". Cabaret Committee' Prom Usher- P o Freshman Party Committee, Junior , , r ph- Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Band 1, ecy Committee, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Sachem Staif. BEVERLY JEAN GRANT 1701 Main Street, Agawam Bev - pretty and slender - one of our singing cheerleaders - neat dresser. Personality Club 1, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Future Teachers Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 4, Student Council 3, Sachem Staff, Junior Marshal, Freshman Party Committee, Soph- omore Party Committee, Prom Committee, Prom Usher, Class Colors Com- mittee, Senior Play, Freshman Cheerleader, Cheerleader 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. MARY ANN GRASSETTI 47 Cooper Street, Agawam Speedy - "Have you got a piece of gum" - always ready to help - "Pepsi, anyone" Transferred from Cathedral High School in Freshman Year, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret, Prom Committee, Kid Party, Junior Red Cross 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Personality 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Biology Club 2, Library 3, 4, Sachem Staff, Operetta 3, Christmas Play 2, Senior Play. CHARLES A. GRASSO Meadow Street, Agawam Charlie -- Lee - "mighty mite" - eute -- "don't tell my girl!!' Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Class Gifts Committee, Hockey Team 4, Football 2, 3, 4 , Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, Baseball 3, 4, Glee Club 1 , Sarhem Staff 4. RICHARD THOMAS GRAY ' 42 Emerson Road, Agawam Richie - Quiet - big tease - blushes easily - likes to fish. Prom Usher 3, Camera Club 1, 2, Biology Club 2. I5 BARBARA ANN GUIDETTI 210 Leonard Street, Agawam Barb - is it Carnegie Hall or skating in the Olympics? - sporty dresser - likes to laugh. 1. R. C. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Personality 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Debating Society 3, Valentine Dance Committee, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Scribes 4, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Octet, Concert Chorale, Senior Play. HAROLD H. GUIDI 189 Springlield Street, Feeding Hills Batty - Big always smiling - nice dancer. Freshman Party, Sophomore Party , Library 4, Football 1, 4. ANDREW JAMES HALLOCK 940 Main Street, Agawam Andy - Carr - friendly -- our tuba player- Oh! that hot rod. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Class Will Committee, Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4, Sachem Staff, Senior Play. JUDITH E. HARRISON 318 Shoemaker Lane, Agawam Judy - Quiet? ?? - loves to sleep and eat - thinks her car is a jet. Tri-Hi-Y 3, Personality Club 3, 4, 5, Biology Club 3, Intemational Relations Club 3, 4, Girls' Sports 1, 3. s IRMGARD E. HARTWIG 96 Royal Lane, North Agawam Tiny -- Judy's conscience -- Air Force guys beware!! - "Let's drag um Judy" Personality Club 3, Girls' Sports 1. RUTH CAROLINE HASTINGS 155 North West Street, Feeding Hills - Ruthie-Fun to be with-good worker-dimples-Oh! those Bermuda shorts. i Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Kid Party Com- W mittee, Girls' Sports 2, Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, Maytime , Concert 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sachem Staff, Senior Play. N LAWRENCE WELLS HATCH Scantic Road, Hampden Larry--Future Farmer--Hard worker--quiet!!--capable F.F.A. Vice-President. F.F.A. Basketball 2: F.F.A. Public Speaking Contest 4: Chairman: F.F.A. Vice-president. I CHRISTOPHER ALAN HODGES 817 Main Street, Agawam Chris - "Judy" - very nice - likes the outdoors and Indians - big tease. Pro Meritog Student Council 35 Junior Cabaret Committeeg Kid Party Com- mittee g Class Will Committee 5 Football 35 I. R. C. 33 Operetta. RICHARD WAYNE HOWLETT Riverside Drive, Hampden Richie - Quiet - blushes - one of our Future Farmers. F. F. A. Sentinel 4g F. F. A. Basketball l. ROBERT W. JAMES 73 Cosgrove Avenue, Agawam Jessie - Seen at Riverside - always full of fun - has his own car - Pat!!! Freshman Party Committee, Library 43 Audio-Visual Aids lg Senior Play. SHIRLEY ELSIE JOHNSON Main Street, Agawam Shirl - Good bookkeeper - friendly - has her own car - drives??? Pro Meritog Mirror Staff 3 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Personality Club 25 Senior Coat Checker. JACQUELENE DIANNE JONES 20 Hastings Street, Feeding Hills jackie - Andy - cute -- oool convertible - West Island, here I come. Junior Cabaret Committee 3 Prom Committee, Prom Usher, Kid Party Com- mitteeg Tri-Hi-Y 33 Personality Club 2, 3, 4g Student Council 3g Sachem Staffg Senior Coat Checkersg Operetta 43 Tri-Hi-Y Choir 35 Glee Club 45 Maytime Concert 2, 3, 43 Western Massachusetts Music Festival 3, 45 -Girls' Sports 25 Senior Play. I7 KATHRYN N. KASPER Walnut Street Agawam Kathy - Chip-Oh! to have a high school sweetheart-pretty--nice dresser. Mirror Staff 3g Sachem StaH'g Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee, junior Cabaret Committeeg Personality Club lg Future Nurses 4. BRENDA F. KERBER 79 Carr Avenue, Agawam B. K. - Sonny - cute - one of the girls - likes a variety - mischievous. Freshman Party Committee 3 Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaretg Prom Committee, Prom Usher 3 Western Massachusetts Music Festival 3, 43 Girls' Sports l, 2g Tri-Hi-Y 3, Personality Club 2, 3, Color Guard 3, 45 Senior Coat Checker 3, Maytime Concert 3, 45 Sachem Staff 4-g Tri-Hi Basketball 25 Tri-Hi Choir 3. EDWARD F. KING 1181 Springfield Street, Agawam Ed -- Future First National Manager - owns his own car - "Sky King". Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 2. HERBERT CHARLES LABB 573 So. West Street, Feeding Hills Herbie - Quiet, till you get to know him - quiz kid!! - willing to try ZIIY- thmg once - hard worker. Pro Merito 4, Boys State Representative, Student Council 1, 35 Class Motto Committee 3 International Relations Club 43 Camera Club 4-. - if S ' Digg s ...asm W ...... . ? t 'ix eggs' .Silk 5 N N . . 5 ll SX is N . A ' V 'i i ' - .li V 1 Q-5? T . , fe si H . , few K g I ' -1 - S t. Q ti use l - X MQ Xwsxbisig If - ,smut wtfbwis 5, V- se,-gy, we sw Q A fs sw R . sf. 'Sf' f. , ss X ,Ns N '- - ' L-ai at it ' ' efsfsvrsss sz t b.. RICHARD JOHN LABUN 81 Randall Street, North Agawam Richy - Good sport - always willing to help - did you forget to renew your license???? Operetta 3, 4-5 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 second prize in Science Fair 2, 3. CELINE G. LA FLEUR 14 Washington Avenue, Agawam Celiney - Quiet??? - future nurse - ready with a smile - neat and proper. Freshman Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Usherg Kid Party Committee, History Committee, Class Hats Committee, junior Red Cross, Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Inter- national Relations Clubg Drama Club 4, Secretary 43 Class Colors Committeeg Biology Club 2g Debating Club 3, Corresponding Secretary 3, Future Nurses 3, 4, President 3, 4 g Senior Coat Checker, Student Council 2, 3, 4g Delegate to Western Mass. S. C. Convention 2, 3g Library 4, Mirror Staff 2, 3, 45 Sachem Staff, Senior Play. -..lg JANE ANN LANDERS 89 Hall Street. Feeding Hills jane - "Bill" - loads of fun to be with - giggler. Personality Club 21 International Relations Club 3. 4: Glee Club lg Library Club 3. 4: Girls' Sports 1, 2. ROBERT A. LANGEVIN 38 Oak Street, Feeding Hills Puffer - Interested in cars -- rest period - chemistry!!! - future mechanic. PAUL MCLAREN LANGLOIS Cooper Street, Agawam Mackie - Rosy cheeks - bashful - math whiz. Prom Usher, Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 Football, Man- ager 4g Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Glec Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 35 Senior Octet 3, 4 5 Pro Merito, President 4 5 Operetta 4, Senior Play, Mirror Stall' 4 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTER T. LETELLIER 186 Maple Street, Agawam Tex - Audio Visual Aids Man - lots of hair - joker - you always know when he's around. Football 35 Camera Club 1, 25 Library, Sachem Staff, Audio-Visual Aids 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4. RICHARD ANTHONY LETENDRE 34-5 North Street, Feeding Hills Ricky - Shy ,- ardent hockey fan - likes to tease. Camera Club 45 Sachem Staff, History Committeeg Senior Play, Band lg Western Mass. Music Festival lg Basketball lg Hockey 43 Senior Play. 1 ROBERT JAMES LIPTAK 50 Kensington Street, Feeding Hills N Bob - Wild women and cars!! - rugged defenseman - likes to talk. X Hockey Team 4g Audio-Visual Aids lg Camera Club 4, Secretary and Treas- urer, Band l, 23 Western Mass. Music Festival 1, 2g Graduation Usher 35 Sachem Staff. I9 THOMAS RAYMUN LOUER l4l Lealand Avenue. Agawam Tom-On the ball-future engineer-bashful?-math and vocabulary whiz. Transferred from New York in Junior year. Pro Merito, Class Motto Com- mittee, Class Gifts Committee, Student Counril 4. RAYMOND FRANK LUCIA 777 Silver Street, Feeding Hills Luc - Quiet - pals with Tom and Eddie - has his own car. Football 1, 2, 3. GERALD T. MAGISTRI 107 Franklin Street Gerry - Mischievous -- loves pizza - anti-homework. Sachem Staff. , JOYCE MARIE MARIEB 9 Mooreland Street, Feeding Hills Joyce - Witty -- great in sports - hard worker - bright future. Pro Merito, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Graduation Usher, Kid Party Com- mittee, Cap and Gown Committee, Class Will Committee, Junior Red Cross 1, 3, Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers Club 2, 3, Secretary 4, Presi- dent, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Chaplain, Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Debating Club 3, Student Council 4 3 Mirror Stati' 3, 4, Sachem Staff, D. A. R. Representative, Senior Play. BARBARA MARSIAN 22 Valentine Street Agawam Barb - Pretty - editor - among the top ten - golden blonde hair. Pro Merito, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Graduation Committee, All State Chorus 4, Senior Choralettes 3, 4, Western Mass. Music Festival 1, 3, 4, Girls' Sports l, 3, 4, Majorettes 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Personality Club 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club 4, Drama Club 4, Treasurer, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Scribes 4, President, Color Guard 3, 4, Senior Chorale 4, Senior Coat Checker 4, Student Council 4, Operetta 1, 3, 4, Mirror Staff 2, 3, Assistant Editor 4, Editor-in-Chief, Sachem Staff 4. LEON JOSEPH MASSA 515 Franklin Street. Agawam Leech - Always seen at Lincoln - good dancer - smart dresser. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Western Mass. Music Festival 1, Football I, 2, Glee Club l, 2, Operetta I, Sachcm Staff. 20 yi' ROSEMARY LOUISE MASSA 5l5 Franklin Street, Agawam Messy - Great dancer - friendly - potentiality - full of fun. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Prophecy Committee, Westem Massachusetts Music Festival 35 Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Personality Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3. 45 Biology Club 2, 35 Senior Play. PETER ROBERT MAZZAFERRO Mill Street, Agawam Peachy - "Gung Ho" - U.S.M.C. Recruiter - a ready smile. Prom committee 3, Kid Party Committee 4, Football 1, 4, Glee Club Ig Q Band lg Sachem Staff 4. H ,i JOSEPH FRANCIS McBRIDE 349 Pine Street, Feeding Hills Joe - Oh, those Friday nights!! - full of fun - dimples - good sport. Graduation usher, Camera Club 43 Senior Play. l BRENDA JOYCE MCCULLOUGH 113 Cooley Street, North Agawam- Bren - Freclsles -- pals with Flora - hard to please. Intemational Relations Club 1, 2, 35 Personality Club 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Glee Club lg Sachem Staifg Girls' Sports l, 2. I . CAROL ANNE MELANSON Main Street, Agawam Rocky - Pete - diamond in June - always laughing - a good athlete. openers 3g Glee Club 32 Girls' spore 3. ROBERTA ELEANOR MENARD 45 Southwick Street, Feeding Hills Bobbie -- Billie - cute and sweet - Ohl- those jokes - full of fun. Transferred from Westfield High School end of Freshman year. Sophomore Party Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Girls' Sports 25 Personality Club 2, Sachcm Staff. Il D4 ,YY 7,4 7, , ,W , . . , Y, W, 4 , 7, fwfr, 4 alll! BEVERLY ANN MOCCIO Bev - Quiet - crazy driver -- likes to eat - Pat?? Freshman Party Committee, Kid Party Committee, Personality Club 2, Inter- national Relations Club 2, Mirror Staff 2, S achern Staff. EDMUND L. MONAHAN Eddie - Active in Youth Fellowship - always a smile - Oh, that red hair- likes to have fun. Camera Club 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, Sophomore Party Committee. RICHARD MILLS 53 Ridge Avenue. Agawam Dick - "Carolyn" - has his own car - the mighty hunter - such muscles! Biology Club 2, Audio Visual Aids 1, 2. 3, 4. AGNES MAE MITCHELL 260 Elm Street, Agawam Aggie - Freckles - good in sports - great talker. Kid Party Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Western Mass. Music Festival 3. 4, Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, International Relations Club 4, Color Guard 3, 4, Senior Coat Checker, Maytime Concert 3, 4, Library 4, Mirror Staff 3, 4, Sachem Staff, Senior Play. 221 Rowley Street, Agawam l 32 Northwood Street, Feeding Hills MONA MARIE MORETTI Moe - Hard worker - music lover - sweet voice -- a leader. 135 Cooper Street, Agawam Class President 3, Student Council 3, 4, Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, International Relations Club 4, Biology Club 2, 3, President 2, 3, Drama Club 4, Vice-President 4, Scribes 4, Mirror Staff , Sachem Staff, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Class Song Committee, Class Will Com- mittee, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Western Mass. Music Festival 3, 4, Senior Chor- alettes 3, 4, Senior Chorale 4, Maytirne Concert l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, All State Chorus 4, Band, Color Guard 3, 4, Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 4, Senior Play, Christmas Play l, 4. WILLIAM JAMES MROSZ, JR. 246 Elm Street, Agawam Bill - Another mighty hunter-loves English???-nice dancer-good artist. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Prom Usher, Kid Party Committee, Biology Club 2, Library 4, Leader Corps , Sachem Staff, Hockey Team, Track 2, 3, 4. 22 JEAN ALICE MURPHY 30 Gale Street, Feeding Hills jean - Good student - friendly - excellent librarian. Pro Merito, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee: junior Cabaret Committee, Kid Party Committee, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Personality Club 2, International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Library 3, 4, Western Mas- sachusetts Music Festival l, 4, Maytime Concert 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Sachem Staff, Senior Play. PAUL RICHARD MYERS 17 Hall Street, Feeding Hills Paul - Chess player - quiet - trig class!!! gentleman. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, International Relations Club 3, 4, Senior Play, Sachem Staff, Chess Club 4. FLORA JANE OTTO 21 River Street, Agawam Flora - "Dave - pals with Brenda and Shirley - always ready to help. Sophomore Party Committee, Girls' Sports 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Personality Club 2, International Relations Club 2, 3, Sachem Staff. JOHN FRANCIS PHILLIPS 870 Main Street, Agawam jackie - Cute - Oh! that car - bashful - baby blue eyes. Class Treasurer 1, Biology Club 2, Sachem Staff, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Pnom Usher, Band 1, Football 1, 2, 3, Track 2, Hockey Team 4, Senior Play. EUGENE CHARLES POGGI 219 High Street, Nqfth Agawam Gene - Neat dresser - always in the Library. Freshman Party Committee, Sachem Staff, Band 1, Basketball 3, Baseball 3 , Football 4, Hockey Team 4, Senior Play. SHIRLEY BAKER POND Leonard Street, Agawam Shoosh - Richie-one of our cheerleaders-Oh! that temper-nice and tall. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Graduation Usher, Kid Party Committee, Senior Choralettes, Western Massachusetts Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Majorettes 2, 3, Cheerleader 4, Future Teachers Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Personality Club 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Debating Club 2, 3, Student Council 2, Senior Play, Maytime Concert 2, Operetta 1, 2, Mirror Staff 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, Sachem Staff 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Basketball, Tri-Hi-Choir, Drum Majorette. 23 WILLIAM K. PONUSKY 54 Cleveland Street, Feeding Hills Billy -- Black wavy hair -- girls, girls and more girls -- future Navy man - always seen at Johnny's. Football lg Baseball 2: Sachem Staff g Ski Club 23 Senior Play Committee. PATRICIA ANN PORTER . 12 Autumn Street, Agawam Pat - Sociable - always has a friendly word for everyone- short and sweet. Transferred from Commerce in Junior Year. junior Cabaret Committee 5 Prom Sachem Staff. GRETCHEN ANNA PRELLWITZ 861 Main Street, Agawam Gret - Loquacious - neat dresser -' ski fan - ardent reader. Pro Meritog Sophomore Party Committee, junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Kid Party Committee, Class Hats Committeeg Graduation Com- mittee 3g Tri-Hi-Y Basketball 35 Tri-Hi-Y Convention 3, Girls' Sports l, 2, 3. 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4g Personality Club 2, 3, 4g International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 35 Drama Club 445 Ski Club 2, 3, 4g President 45 Debating Club 2, 3, Student Council 45 Library 3, Mirror Staff 2, 3, 43 Sachzm Staff, Senior Play. SHIRLEY LORRAINE PROVOST 25 High Street, Agawam Shirl - Always seen with Flora and Brenda - wants a diamond - John. Junior Red Cross 25 Girls' Sports 2, Tri-Hi-Y 33 Personality Club 23 Inter- national Relations Club 2g Minor Stall' 25 Sachem Staff, Senior Play. Committee, Class Gifts Committee, junior Red Cross 45 Library Staff 33 ROGER NORTON REYNOLDS Known as Alfie - Good skater-pet peeve, Dawn-Oh those problem classes. 799 Silver Street, Feeding Hills Drama Club 45 Glee Club 4, Senior Octet, Operetta 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, West- ern Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 3, Audio-Visual Aids 2, Library 3-4, History Committee. SANDRA BRENDA SAITTO 67 Southwick Street, Feeding Hills "Sandy"-Clever with the brush--fashion expert-enthusiastic worker-smart. Pro Meritog Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committeeg junior Cabaret Committee, Prom Committee, Prom Usher, Graduation Usherg Kid Party Committee, Art Committee CYear Bookjg Junior Red Cross 2g Girls' Sports 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Personality Club 2, 35 International Relations Club 4, Camera Club 2, Secretary 3, Secretary, Biology Club 2, Secretary, Scribes 45 Future Nurses 35 Library 3, 4, Mirror Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Sachem Staffg Senior Play. 24 '1 l l l N 1 SONJA M. SCHMIDT 1028 River Road, Agawam Sonja - Quiet - good student - always smiling. Pro Merito, Kid Party Committee, Future Teachers Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Personality Club 2, Biology Club 2. LAWRENCE A. SHERLAW 66 So. Westfield Street, Feeding Hills Larry-Big tease-easy to get along with-has nice sense of humor-hard worker. Pro Merito 4, Hockey Team 4, International Relations Club 4, Camera Club 3, 4, President, Scribes, Librarian 4, Graduation Usher 3, Class Gifts Com- mittee, Class Poem, Western Mass. Music Festival l, 2 5 Senior Octet, Operetta 4, Band 1, 2, Sachem Staff, Glee Club 3, 4. RICHARD L. SIMPSON 1159 River Road, Agawam Simp - Actor - red hair - keen sense of humor -- brilliant. Pro Merito, Cap and Gown Committee, Class Will Committee, Track 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Concert Chorale 4, Senior Octet 4, Student Council 4, Operetta 4, Audio-Visual Aids 1, 2, Senior Play. KAREN SONJA SJOSTROM 128 No. Westfield Street, Feeding Hills Connie - Larry - what a temper!!! - loves to argue. Tri-Hi-Y 4, Personality Club 2, Future Nurses 3, Biology Club 1, Kid Party Committee 4, Prom Committee 3, Western Massachusetts Music Festival 3 , Band 3, 4, Sachem Staff 4. LINDA ANN SLATE 71 Maynard Street, Feeding Hills Slat: - jimmy - always seen at Riverside - that laugh - Marie's pal. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Cabaret Committee, Girls' Sports 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Personality Club 2, Glee Club lg -Mirror Staff 1 , Sachem Staff. BARBARA JANE SLIECH 1060 Shoemaker Lane, Feeding Hills Barb - Natural curly hair - likes to play poker - likes to drive. Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Personality Club 2, Junior Red Cross 4, Mirror Staff 2, Library 2, 3, Sachem Staff, Western Mas- sachusetts Music Festival 1, Glee Club 1, 2. I 25 JUDITH ANN ST. JEAN Judy - Pretty red tresses - willing worker - "Where's the party?" - class youngest. Pro Merito5 Freshman Party Committeeg Sophomore Party Committee 5 Junior Cabaret Committee5 Prom Committeeg Kid Party Committee5 Senior Chor- alette 3, 45 Western Mass. Music Festival 3, 45 Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 45 Personality Club 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 4. Ski Club 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Scribes 4, Vice-President 45 Senior Chorale 45 Operetta 3, 45 Operetta Usher 25 Mirror Staff 2, 3, 45 Sachem Stafl'5 Senior Play. LUCILLE P. STOLL Louie - So sweet and innocent!!-loves to bop-constantly talking-always fighting with Eddie. Freshman Party Com.mittee5 Sophomore Party Committee5 Junior Cabaret Committeeg Prom Committeeg Kid Party Committeeg Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Person- ality Club 2, 3, 45 Future Nurses 45 Sachzm Staffg Football Programs 45 Girls' Sports l, 2. RICHARD G. STEEVES Cannon Avenue, Feeding Hills Dick - Curly hair - flirt - likes mistle-toe. Freshman Party Committee 5 Operetta 45 Senior Octet 4. JOSEPH CHARLES STEIN 160 Silver Street, Agawam joe - Quietl- gentleman - baseball fan - makes friends easily. Transferred from Long Island, N. Y. Baseball 45 Biology Club. Anthony Street, Agawam 50 School Street, Agawam CATHERINE J. SULLIVAN 253 Leonard Street Cathy - Curly hair - rosey complexion - smooth dancer -- quiet. Freshman Party Committee5 Sophomore Party Committeeg Junior Cabaret Committeeg Prom Committeeg Kid Party Committee5 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Personality Club 2, 35 Debating Club 25 Sachem Staff. CAROLYN RUTH THOMPSON 103 Cooper Street, Agawam Carolyn - "Dickie" - brain child - always at church - future Minister. Transferred from Classical High in Junior Year. Pro Meritog Junior Cabaret Committee 5 Prom Committee 5 Kid Party Committee5 Class Song Committeeg Class Will Committee5 Personality Club 3, 45 International Relations Club 45 Drama Club 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Scribes 3, 45 Library 45 Senior Choralettes 3, 45 Western Massachusetts Music Festival 3, 45 Concert Chorale 45 Maytime Concert 35 Operetta 3, 45 Band 35 Voice of Democracy Winner 45 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 45 National Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Christ- mas Play 45 Sachem Staff. 26 QP V' CYNTHIA ANN TRICINELLA 24 Highland Avenue, Agawam Cyn - Smart dresser - clever with words - future Co-Ed - outspoken. Pro Merito Secretary-Treasurer-5 Girls' State 35 Student Council 35 Personality Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 International Relations Club 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 45 Scribes 45 Sachem Staffg Library 3, 45 Freshman Party Committee5 Sopho- more Party Cornmitteeg Junior Cabaret Committee5 Prom Committee5 Kid Party Committeeg Senior Play5 Girls' Chorus 15 Maytime Concert 15 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 35 Tennis 45 Christmas Play 45 Senior Play. THOMAS A. TRANGONE 77 Reed Street, Agawam Tom - Good dancer - one of the boys - likes sports. Freshman Party Committee I5 Sophomore Party Committee 25 Junior Cab- aret Committee 35 Prom Committee 35 Kid Party Committee 45 Hockey Team 45 Football 3, 45 Track 2, 35 Glee Club 15 Library 35 Sachem Staff 45 Senior Playg Baseball 4. JUDITH LOUISE WARREN 119 Albert Street, Agawam Judy - Chris - so very short -always willing. to help - future teacher. Prom Committee 35 Prom Usher 35 Kid Party Committeeg Cap and Gown Committeeg Class Gifts Committeeg Western Massachusetts Music Festival 35 Future Teachers Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Personality Club 25 Biology Club 15 Glee Club 3, 45 Senior Octet, Accompanist 45 Operetta 45 Color Guard 3, 4. IRENE CAROL WEST 349 Springfield Street, Agawam Irene - Buzzy - pixie hair cut - Mr. Langlois' helper - sophisticated. Pro Meritog Freshman Party Committeeg junior Cabaret Committee5 Prom Usher5 Graduation Usher5 Prophecy Committeeg Class Officer 1, Secretaryg Girls' Sports 1, 25 Western Massachusetts Music Festival 25 All State Chorus5 Future Teachers Club I5 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Personality 2, 35 Glee Club l, 2, 35 Op- eretta 15 Mirror Staff l, 25 Sachem Staff. JUDITH MARIE WHITE 72 Homer Street, Feeding Hills judy - Ray - platinum hair - loves to bop - uncontrollable laugh. Freshman Party Committeeg sophomore Party Committee5 Junior Cabaret Committeeg Prom Committecg Personality Club 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Senior Play Committee. ARNOLD MATZ 41 Belmont Avenue, Feeding Hills Arnold - A knowledge of five languages - born in Europe '- interesting to talk to - nice to have around. Transferred from Technical High. Graduation Usher. 27 'l' ' 11 I WALLACE BUBIEN Football Mirror, mirror on the wall, Give little Wally a new football. ANDREW HALLOCK Grease Gun To make sure Andy's having fun, We'll just give him a new grease gun. CHARLES GRASSO Wig Because he is so proud of his hair, A wig for Charlie to keep his there. RICHARD STI-:EvEs Cigar Because you like to smoke and puff, This big cigar should be enough. IRENE WEST A Poodle To be a sophisticated gal, A poodle for a perfect pal. RICHARD LETENDRE Glasses For a lovely girl you really should see, A, pair of glasses is a necessity. BARBARA GUIDETTI Sheet Music This sheet music you can transpose Into something you wish to compose. WILLIAM FEARN Tires When you take off in a cloud of dust, This set of tires IS really a must. BARBARA MARsIAN Perfume With this bottle of bait, You will find the perfect mate. MARY FARINA Baton When you lead the band in a song, Use this baton to help you along. MARY ANN GRASSETTI Bubble Gum Gum you are never withoutg Chew this gum day in and day out. RUTH HASTINGS Cookbook When you forget the ways of cooking, Open this cookbook and start looking. EDMUND MDNAI-IAN Teddy Bear We give you this red teddy bear, To match the color of your hair. RICHARD SIMPSON Oscar As an actor you will probably succeedg An Oscar for you, that's what you need. PAUL MYERS Eraser In case you are ever troubled by math, You'll need an eraser to smooth your path. HERBERT LAEE Slide Rule To be a flash in any school, All you need is a slide rule. ROGER REYNOLDS Book Because you like to read, A book is what you need. JUDITH WARREN Chris-co When you start your future in home- making, You'll need this to start your baking. MARIE BORGATTI Alarm Clock Take our advice, Use this device. ANNE MARIE DUEIA Notebook If you keep this notebook near, You can write whatever you hear. Joyce MARIEB Ruler To keep your students under control, This ruler will play the perfect role. EDMUND GOVONI Mary-go-round In case an amusement park can't be found, We give you your private Mary-go- round. SANDRA SAITTO Penny Since an artist you wish to be, - Here's a penny to help pay your tuition fee. ANN DEsoorEAux Brute Because you are so sweet and cute, We give to you this handsome brute. JOSEPH STEIN Map ln case you have trouble in getting aroun' We give you a map of our fair town. DOROTHY GIROTTI Car Take this car and drive it slow, If on a trip you wish to go. BRENDA KERBER Suitcase Take our advice, please take heed, For this suitcase you will surely need. I f 'FP BEVERLY GRANT Suit of Clothes We give to you this suit of clothes, For a good appearance in fnont of your beaux. ROSEMARY MAssA - Q Rubber Band If your hair starts to fly, This will keep it out of your eye. BRENDA MCCULLOUGH Sorority Pin In the sorority to which you belong, This pin will help you get along. WALTER LETELLIER Film With this film you need no excuse, TO keep your camera in constant use. RICHARD MILLS Umbrella In case you're in trouble and out in the rain, Dryness, this umbrella will help you obtain. WILLIAM GAzAR T Square An architect needs a square, l To draw a straight line with special care. LEON' MAssA Toy Horse Now you can start your private track, Take in a lot of fresh new jack. ROBERT JAMES Six Shooter To be like Jesse and have some fun, You need a silver plated gun. THOMAS TRoNooNE Hair Brush When your hair doesn't look so great, Use this bnish to keep it straight. THOMAS LETENDRI: ' Rolling Pin When you get married and she gets cross, Pick this up and say "Pm the boss." FLORA O'r'ro Knee Socks If in the winter you can't keep warm, Wear these socks to weather the storm. GERALD CASIELLO Scissors For anything you wish to cut, Take these scissors and limber up. DORINE DONATINI- Flashlight To find your wayiin the night, Use this handy flashlight. PATRICIA PORTER jewelry Box To keep the collection of rings at home, Take this box and don't let 'em roam. CAROL MELANSON Diary This is a diary for you alone, To write -down your thoughts, so they'll never be known. THERESA CARDONE Paintbrush A gift for you is an easy chore, For a career in art we know you'd adore. LucIL1.I-: S1-oLL Record When you feel so low and blue, We leave this record to help cheer you. BEVERLY BINNS Notebook When you leave school and start to work, We know you'll make an excellent clerk. NANCY CANDIDO Bell When you arrive early in the morning, Use this bell to sound the warning. RICHARD GRAY Shoe Polish To keep your shoes shining bright, Use this stuff every night. CHRISTOPHER HODGES Date with Judy A date we leave with no regrets, With the hope for the best time yet. THOMAS LOUER Radio Tube To help you in your future career, We hope you keep this very near. JOAN BINNENKADE Comb Because your hair is shiny and bright, We leave you this comb to keep it right. JUDITH CLARK Chieklets To Judy we leave this gum, The name reminds us of her chum. MARIANNE DE PALO Stilt TO boost you higher every day, This stilt will help you on your way. JUDITH HARRISON Vitamin Pill TO you we leave these vitamin pills, To cure you of your many ills. RICHARD HowLE'r'r Plow When the days are long and sunny, Use this plow and make some money. SHIRLEY POND Pen To record the greatest part of your knowledge, Use this pen while away at college. JACQUELINE JONES Cadillac In case you haven't got the jack, We leave you a new Cadillac. ROBERT LIPTAR Patent of Pufferonium Because you run wild with pande- monium, We leave you this Patent of Puffer- Onium. JOHN COwLEs Pencil As an artist you are good indeed, A sharp pencil will help you succeed. PETER MAZZAFERRO Razor Blades Because your beard is very thick, These razor blades will do the trick. EDWARD KING Gas In case your Chevy hasn't any pep, Just pour in this gas and yOu'll be hep. MONA MORETTI Address Book When you leave for college soon, This address book will be a boon. HAROLD GUIDI Agreement Because your differences are so petty, We give you this mutual agreement with Betty. JAMES ARoIRo Accordion RoEER'rA MENARD Piagafe An accordion you can surely play, To replace the friends you're leaving So practice on thIs every day. now, You have a steady one, and Howe! ARTHUR BILODEAU Wood On this wood you can cut and plane, LAWRENCE HATCH Chicken But please don't go against the grain. We ge yiiou this chicken that will help atc , RICHARD LAEUN Testube Of little chickens, a great big batch. Use this test tube to heat and boil' Maybe you'll find a new use for oil: AGNi:,htgT,i::LE0se gets Sh. d Pogghr ' Iny an re er IRMAGARD HARTWIG Em, Plugs Use this powder to make it bedder. i In case those telephones get you down, JOSEPH MCBRIDE Bank Use this and work w1thout a frown. Yqur future we Wm insure? A With this bank you'll feel secure. TIIERESA CRUPI Whistle In case sports begin to get rough, WILLIAM MROSZ l Sky Hook Blow this whistle and get tough. ?E,heiP ioukget UP 1115: 0111 the balk IS s y oo you can oo on a star. JUDITH WHITE Airplane EUGENE P0061 C If somewhere you wish to go in a hurry, Beca S h bl . . M This will be faster than a surrey. Elise you ave trou e In getting a ROSEMARIE DAIGNEAULT pep-up.pf11, Transportation this car will provide. 322. f::5J':,':.f.I:tt:::..0i.'heii:1HSeI.. LAWRENCE SHERLAW Hof Rod y PCP P P ' You're one of Agawam's future stars, MARILYN CIMMA pillow In the field of fixing souped-up cars. In case you want to take a rest, MARLENE CUSSON Diet This puffy pillow will serve you best. This is ,something you dank need, ANNA MARIE DEMICI-IELE Stationery S0 dont diet, P10250 fake heed. E Y0Uhl1aPPCfl Y0 be far 3:2155 BEVERLY Mocclo Calgndaf 'se t IS stationery every ay. To keep' your dates clear, . SI-IIRLEY JOHNSON Car jack Keep this calendar near. When yoiirekout in the dark and you GRE,-CHEN PRELLWITZ Fan Use This sjggky and it won't cost you a igsgziifeggigrifl aiilxirfafi Iain' buck. ' ' SHIRLEY PRovos'r Spatula WILLIAM DEARBOFN , Drum Because you like to cook and bake, A CalYP90 artist can t keeP ,mumi We leave you this handy keepsake. Bang your heart out on this drum. I l ' JUDITH ST. JEAN Thimble MICHAEL EGAN FW-if Aid KW Because we know you like to sew, In hockey you must throw.a fitg You'll need this, that we know. You'll surely need a first aid k1t. I SON-IA SCI-IMIDT Nogygmakgr WILLIAM PONUSKY Hat Because you are quiet and don't make a Soon you'll be riding the high seas' , solfndi You'll need a hat so you won't freehe. This wlll gall? US know that Y0U'fe aroun . GERALD MAGESTRI , Gas CAROLYN THOMPSON Dictionary To keep your car from being slow, If ou are at a 1 f d Yolfll need some gas to make it go' juslf look it up aniishiackre 30I1vl?Sxf3lf heard ROBERT LANGEVIN Motor KAREN S105-1-ROM Chain We all knmjf YOU' Cal' is hot, u If your old chain begins to wear out, B'-It maYbC 195 3- m0f0l' YOU admit got- We give you this new one so you won't be without. PAUL LANGLOIS Excuse You wander around so free and looseg LINDA Sl-ATE PCYICUI All you need is a. simple excuse. As a secretary you'll be dandy, Keep these pencils sharp and handy. LEONARD DEs ROSIERS Signal K If your car ever lets you down, ATIIERINE SULLIVAN . Skates Use this ,ig-nal so you,ll be found. Because you roller skate like a feather, We give you these to save shoe leather. ARNOLD M-WZ I Book JOHN PHILLIPS Nurse When you're wondering what to do, For a dentist's office to be complete, Open this book and take a look through. He needs a nurse so nice and sweet. 30 ' H A 7' CYNTHIA TRICINELLA Camera BARBARA SLIECH Gum To continue your photographic career, For every package of gum you chew, You can take pictures all through the A new surprise will come to you. year' Lois BELLVILLE Sewing Basket CELINE LAFLEUR Horn Here's something for you to do, For people who are so very quiet, While you wait for him to come no you. Here's a horn for Celine to start a riot. EDWARD COLLINS Hom JAMES BI-I-GOOD Trango, Toot this horn, Ed, loud and clear, Every farm needs some machinery, So well all know that you are here. A tractor for you to improve the MARY GLOWGOWSKI Eddie Pin scenery' To you we give this Eddie Pin, . . T h l k Edd' ' d . PATRICIA ARNOLD Bobby Pm 0 e P eep le m your . en We thought of Bob, we thought of you, GERALD O,KEEFE A Pafkmg Ticket But a bobby pin was the best we When you're out in the dark, could do. Be careful where you park. KATHERINE KASPER Car JANE Lf'sN'?ERS . Nuneis Cap A brand new car to call your own, will e admlrefi bY everlfone So he won't have to take you home. en your nurses Cap you ve won' JEAN MURPHY Book of Knowledge RAYMOND LUCIA . Bvdy Sheen Take this book, it will never lie, To keep your car shining and clean, And it'll help you achieve those goals We leave to you this body sheen. so high. Marianne DePalo Ann Descoteaux Judith Warren Thomas Letendre Patricia Porter Thomas Lauer Gerald O'Keefe I BI sg Hmmm THE TOWN: A super highway to replace Cooper Street. THE FACULTY: A supply of Instant Sanka for the teachers' room. MR. CLARK: A French parrot to talk to. MR. DACEY: A red light so you'll know when the mike is on. MR. LANGLOIS: A chair labeled "Film Producer." MISS PHELPS: A gold plaque denoting our GRATITUDE. MISS MILLER: A nursemaid for your plants. MR. BUDDINGTON: A yellow suit so the chalk won't show. MR. THEODOROWITZ: A promotion to the Cashew Department. MR, MARTIN: A pocket radio to keep in touch with the office. THE EIGHTH GRADE: A welcome to the ranks. THE FRESHMAN CLASS: Our old home-rooms. We won't need them any more. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS: Danger signs - since you're next year's victims. THE JUNIOR CLASS: A calendar to count the days before you become Seniors. LOUISE MERCANDANTE: A chance to play on the football team like the rest of the family. SANDRA MILLER: A nurse's cap and stripe. BARBARA O'CONNOR: A "real" boyfriend. FAYE PARKER: A post-graduate driving course from Mr. Pressey. LINDA PICKARD: A week's billing at the Roxy Theater. ELSIE PINGREE: A marriage license. RUTH TITUS: A public agent to make yourself known. SANDRA TOMLIN SON: An "Agawa.mian" accent. RICHARD GAGN ON: Your picture on the "Toni" box. THERESA GREGORY: The nickname of "Slugger." LEONA SAFF ORD: A nut cracker to help you out of your shell. BARBARA BELLANO: A private junk yard for those smashed-up cars MARIE CARESTIA: A needle and thread to tie your tongue. ARMAND PASQUALE: Another year to try to beat our Tony Klenakis, ANTHONY SARACINO: A seat in the Senior Class. MARILYN MARTEL: Some of Shirley Pond's voice. SANDRA GRAZIANO: An "A" in typing. JUDITH CHAGNON: Helpful hints on how to tint. JOY MONTAGNA: The realization that some angels do have horns. DUANE ASTA-FERRERO: A pair of hands for your back pockets. ANTHONY BUONICONTI: Mr. Dacey's permission to wear dungarees. RICHARD DEL BARBA: A machine to retrieve the rubber left on the road. JOHN FARINA: A rock and roll piano. RICHARD GLOGOWSKI: A pink shirt to match your blush. WENDELL GOSSE: To be known hereafter as Wendell alias Matt Dillon. RICHARD KARAKLA: A little snap and pep. PIERRE PHANEUF : A bottle of No-Doze pills. VERNON STORK: A leather-bound volume of Student Council rules. RICHARD LANGEVIN : Your own service station. JOSIANNE DeLEUW-FORD: An appearance on "Twenty-one." ANNA ROSE DeMICHELE: A permanent wardrobe for the mother parts in plays. GLORIA Di ,DONATO: A sign for the top of your head saying, "Please, don't tread on me." JOAN DREWNOWSKI: A Sound-proof booth. JANICE DUMOND: Our support as Dewey for Govemor. PENNY FITZGERALD: "More cents." MARGERY GIORDANO: A private road to Westfield. JANET HESS: A date with Mike Egan. SANDRA KNIGHTON: A life size picture of Jimmy Dean. FRANCIS LETOURNEAU: Dark glasses to dim that stare. JOSEPH RADWILOWICZ: A pair of football pants that fit, JOSEPH RINALDI: The title of "Mumb1es." PETER ROSSI: A record of "Je ne sais pas." DWIGHT SANGREY: A hand grenade so you won't miss that rabbit. EMILIO.SANTINI: A guitar to go with those sideburns. WAYNE SECORD: Another year to walk on your hands. ROBERT STRINISTE: A bottle of Geritol. ROBERTTETREAULT: A corner in the art museum to display your artistic talents. FRED USCHMANN: The realization that Flo is not a crutch. JOSEPH VOISLOW: A pair of roller skates to keep up with Janet. RICHARD WILSON: Our nomination as "Mr. Vogue." GAY REYNOLDS: A pocket joke translator. PENELOPE SPEAR: A nest for your "T-Bird." NANCY STEBBINS: A pair of hedge clippers. KAREN STEPHENS: Boxing gloves to spar your opponents. LILA THOMPSON: A supply of tranquilizer pills. CAROL TRICINELLA: A handbook on "How to Be Kind to Sisters." ELAINE CIRILLO: A peace treaty with Judy Chagnon. ROBERT CROSS: Lessons from Gene Krupa. JANET CASERIO: A seat in the Senate so your filibustering will have some effect. ROBERT BONOMI: A pulley to raise your voice. ROBERT' BROGGI: A birth certificate dated 1938. JAMES BRUNO: A year's supply of pictures to give to your fans. WALTER BUSH: A motorcycle for your accessories. ROBERT CHAREST: A different line for each girl. CHARLES CLARK: A patent on your plunging necklines. CHARLES COLLINS: A rocking chair for French 3. JEAN ALLEN: A year's supply of 3c stamps. JEAN ARNOLD: A course in map reading, JANICE BILODEAU: A grappling hook to catch him. SHEILA BURNS: Some of Anne Dubia's dignity. EDITH CAMMISA: A sign saying "Agawa.m', so people won't think you're from Brooklyn. 34 BEVERLY CLAMPIT: A stage to do your acting on. EMILE DAGLIO: A diary to record all your past experiences. RICHARD D'AMATO: A permanent library pass. DONALD DAVIS and ROBERT LANGDON: Another year to excell at ping-pon WILLIAM DeFORGE: A secretary to record your jokes. KENNETH MOLTA: A full season to reveal your basketball skills. ROBERT NARDI: A pair of handcuffs ..,. RICHARD PHANEUF : Another year to get over your "Beer" hangover. GLORIA FARNSWORTH: The gift of gab. JACQUELINE MacDONALD: A pair of elevated shoes. VIRGINIA LaVIOLETTE: A ticket to the Metropolitan Opera House. PATRICIA McGRADY: An alarm clock for those miserable mornings. ROBERT BODEN: A crew to give you a cut. NICK BUONICONTI: An agency that loans homework. CAROL TAYLOR: A book of S Sz H green stamps. BEVERLY WHITEHEAD: An automatic volume control. ROBERT PISANO: A fully equipped fishing outfit including fish. ROBERT HARKINS: A welcome back. DOROTHY ZUCCO: Your father's permission to use the car. RICHARD F ERRANTI: A Breck crew-cut stick. JOYCE MARIEB RICHARD SIMPSON PATRICIA ARNOLD ANDY HALLOCK MQNA MORETTI CHRISTOPHER Honcns CAROLYN THOMPSON 38 g. I 41 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I U I I I I I I I in . it Time: Scene: Eddie: f? high school. Hospital fEddie meets Celine, a nurse, in the hall and asks . . . if How's the other half coming along? Celine: Your wife's progressing very rap- Eddie: Eddie: Mary: Eddie: Roger Eddie: Roger M ary: Eddie: ' , Three years after graduation from e i Q Q I w idly, considering how badly you Q beat her. You really shouldn't have hit Mary over the head with the mop and kicked her in the shins just because she burned your ' supper. I just lost my head. I ought to . . be used to bumed suppers al la carte by now. QEddie walks into Mary's roomj Hello wench, boy do you look terrible! Well, what did you expect, miracles? Yes, I suppose it's just natural for you to look like that. fjust then someone stumbles into the room.j Oooooooh, Oooooooh! Oh. excuse me, Pm in the wrong room. Hey, Mary, look, it's Alphie! Alphie old pal, what hit ya? Oh, hi, Ed. You don't know what I've been up against. Qsob, sobj I've been on the college football team now for four years, and finally my big moment came. The coach called me to his side and said, "Rog, old boy, I want you to go out there and get that extra point, they'd never expect you to carry the ball." I felt the importance and the responsibility they were entrusting in me, and as I was running onto the field, the water pail got in my way. The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital with a broken head. Oooooooh, my poor beautiful head! Nasty break, kid. Yea, that poor water pail. fCeline walks into the room.j - Celine: I was just leaving and came in to say goodbye. Rickey Letendre is picking me up and Ricky: Anna: we're both going to Miss Miller's wedding. QAt this time, Ricky is just about to enter the room.l Whoops! Well, if it isn't good old Anna Demichele. What are you doing crawling around on the floor? Oh, Pm just working my way through college scrubbing Hoors. Celine: Come on in you two, and see the happily married couple. Anna: Eddie. Ricky: fEverybody is in Mary's room now.j e Gee Ed, I thought I'd never see the day that you and Mary would really get hitched. I remember when you two first started going together in our Freshman year at high school. Yea, those were the good old days, when you used to chase Wally Bubien down the hall and Charlie Grasso was so much in love with Charlie Grasso. Remember our first class meeting in room twenty-six, in the old school. We were really crazy, mixed-up kids then, especially when we elected none other than that confused, but genial guy, Gerry O'Keefe as our first class president. Patty Amold was Vice-President that year, and little Anna Demichele was our competent secretary 5 the honorable position of treasurer was filled in by the scrupulous Jackie Phillips. 37 Celine: Anna: Roger Eddie: Ricky: Celine: Mary: Anna: Celine: Roger Ricky: Mary: Anna: Roger Mary: Eddie: We really would have been in a disastrous situation when our class adviser, Mrs. Sherman, got sick, if Miss Hastings and Mr. Leonardi hadn't pitched in and helped us to organize the most successful Freshman Party ever put on in the Agawam High School. Besides having a successful party, we also had an enthusiastic freshman cheering squad fl was on itl with Ann Descoteaux, Patty Arnold, Bev Grant, Shirley Pond, and Marilyn Masure. The class of "57" was really lucky in their sophomore year: that's the year I entered Agawam High. I do hope you haven't forgotten that terrific Sophomore Party, "Les Fleurs Des Paris", the girls sat on one side of the hall, and the boys on the other. Despite that fact, the dance was by no means a failure, probably you can recall my courageous attempt to do a bop number with Joyce Marieb, and the drastic results. If I recollect rightly, that was the year Tommy Trongone started educating his cool cats on how to bop, and the exciting romance between Charlie Grasso and Cynthia Tricinella went on. Our four class officers in our Sophomore year were capable Anthony Saracino, President, Terry Cardone, Vice President, attractive Irene West, Secretary g and clever Gerry Casiello, Treasurer. lThe Big F ourj Miss Phelps had the envious job of class adviser for our last three years in high school, and she did a commendable job of pulling our class through the rough spots. In our Junior year we had to move into that two million dollar brain factory. Our class really made history that year by electing a girl president, Mona Moretti. That just goes to show that the girls are getting smarter all the time and the boys had better watch out. The rest of the crew were Patty Amold, Vice President, Judy Clark, Secretary, and Gerry Cas- iello, Treasurer. Our Junior Cabaret was a big social succcess, but we didn't make any profit on it, so to replenish our meager treasury, we put on the comical basketball game between the Varsity players and the Junior girls. The gym really rocked with laughter that night, and the Junior class was rolling in the green. Everybody worked hard and exerted their dusty and unused brains to the utmost on prep- arations for the Junior-Senior Prom, "Twilight Over Tara." Terry Cardone, chairman of decorations, and her committee did an elaborate job of transforming our new and gigantic gym into a beautiful plantation setting. I ldon't think the kids who went to that Prom will ever forget all the fun they had that night, especially later when they all went out to eat. I'll never forget how gorgeous Beverly Grant looked the night she and Gerry Casiello were Junior Marshals for the class of "56". Seeing those Seniors graduate reminded a lot of us that we had only one more year to make the most of our high school days a.nd to get into as much mischief as we could without being caught. Finally we reached our goal, to be GREAT BIG SENIORS. My good old cousin, Tommy Letendre became President g Pat Arnold and Judy Clark were re-elected for the position of Vice President and Secretary respectively 3 and poor Gerry O'Keefe had the horrible job of collecting three dollars, class dues, from every senior. Remember the first time we all wore our class hats to assembly! If anyone had said that they didn't like the class hats, I think Anna would have nailed them to the ground and beaten them to a pulp. She really worked hard to get the best class hats for the least amount of money and succeeded in getting her way with the poor unfortunate man who had to make the hats. Mr, Daicey looked the cutest in his little beanie g we should have given him a lollipop, and he would have looked even cuter. Bev Grant had a little difliculty in getting the kids to choose the class colors, some of the more ingenious boys wanted black and white or black and blue, but we finally ended up with the more common, but practical colors of blue and silver. : Mr. Wright also had a troublesome time when he took our individual class pictures. He didn't have too many good subjects to work with, but when the kids received their pictures back, boy! did they complain. Every girl probably thought she was as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe, and the boys must have thought they were as handsome as I am. The most exciting tirries I remember from my high school days were the football games. Our two fighting halfbacks, Charlie Grasso and Ed Govoni, together with the formidable Tommy Trongone, Gerry O'Keefe, Wally Bubien and Richie White in the line, made any opponent afraid to come in contact with them. Our enthusiastic cheerleaders, Ann Desco- teaux, Patty Amold, Terry Cardone, Marianne DePalo, Beverly Grant, and Shirley Pond also contributed a great deal to the noise, excitement and color of those Saturday battles. Of course, I couldn't leave out our band and color guard and the majorettes, led by skillful Mary Farina. 3l Y l Ricky: The Senior's private party, when we all dressed like kids and "let our hair down," was one of the funniest nights to remember. Gretchen Prellwitz's hair grew about a foot in one night, and Gerry O'Keefe had the curliest locks I've ever seen. Santa Claus, Chris Hodges, gave Charlie Grasso some cute unmentionablcs, and it was either Dicky Steeves or Carolyn Thompson who had a jump rope: at least they both had fun playing with it. Celine: The time really flew by in the last half of our Senior year. Working on the yearbook, Eddie: Ricky: Anna: Margiz getting adds, taking pictures, and organizing all the material about our grand old class was an enormous job, but it was well worth it after we saw the results of all our work. Don't forget the part I played in the Senior Play. Yea, you had one terrific line to say. I remember I was brother of the bride, who was Sandra Saitto, and Jackie Phillips was the groom. Cynthia Tricinella and Richard Simpson made a perfect mother and father. In addition to putting on a magnificent play, our class had a lively old time at-ll where we had our banquet. Besides all the food, I think the Historylwas the next best thing, of course, the Gifts and Prophecy were good, too. Finally our big day came - GRADUATION! The day we, and our parents thought would never come. Most of us looked as if we were going to our funeral, except for Charlie Grassog he had a big grin from ear to ear, but underneath, I think he was one of the sorriest guys to leave Agawam High. Celine: The class picnic was just the opposite, we all acted in the spirit of true Agawam Indians, R oger: Ricky: and just about everybody got ducked at least once. A Oh, Qsob, sobl I can't stand it. Csob, sobj I get so emotional when I remember back to those good old days at Agawam High. Letls get out of here before Roger floods the room. Goodbye everybody. Mary Glogowski Eddie Govoni Celine LeF leur Ricky Letendre Anna Demichele Roger Reynolds 39 The day was warm and sunny, and the night is cool and clear. But we wish that it were over, for as dawn is draw- ing near - Our weary bones are tired and the muscles all are sore, for Rose- mary, Beverly, Dorine, Gerry, Wally and Theresa - are sick of washing the floor. Wally: Gee, it's pretty tough having to clean up after our own 25th class reunion. jerry: Yes, but it would be a little easier if Dorine and Rosemary were here. CEnter Dorine and Rosemaryj Irene: It's about time you got here. Rosemary: We have just been talking with my brother Leon, who was on his way to his dance studio. Terry: Who's his star pupil now-'a-days? Dorine: Roger Reynolds who's geting along quite well with the dancing instructors. Bev: Yeh, I heard Dorothy Girotti, and jackie jones were helping out. Rose: Gee, the refreshments were good last night! I heard they came from Cynthia Trieinella's Bakery Shop. Terry: Is Pat Porter still the cashier there? Bev: I'm not sure, but Marianne Grassetti and Ruth Hastings are working in the kitchen with Cynthia. Irene: I hope Andy Halloek's gas station is open today 5 I need some gas. Dorine: I hear Arthur Bilodeau, our class real estate tycoon, has leased a plot of land to Tom Letendre for his used Cadillac car lot, across from Andyiv station. Wally: Tom told me last nigh't that he had just hired Tex Letellier to take care of the cars. ferry: Speaking of cars, I was at the "T 81 T" Stock Car Races Saturday night. A couple of the drivers were Eddie King and Harold Guidi. Harold came in first. Bev: Aren't Tommy Trongone and Tommy Flynn co-owners of the "T Sc T" Race Track? Rose: Yes, and Gretchen Prellwitz is their racing announcer. Irene: How about some coffee? Dorine: Okay, Let's go to Mona Moretti's Tea Room. Wally: Hurry back, I don't want to finish this all by myself. fExit Irene and Dorinej Terry: Are those rumors about Doctor john Phillips' wanting Dorine for his secre- tary true? . Rose: I don't know, but Dr. Richard Simpson has been trying to hire her for the last month. 4l jerry: Bev. Binns and Marie Borgatti are still working in Tommy Louer'.f engineer- ing firm, but he's been looking for some new secretaries as the business is growing so rapidly. Bev: He should be getting ahead: he has Paul Langlois and Herbert Labb working for him. Terry: Never mind the secretaries 3 I hope the girls hurry back with the coffee. Wally: Just think of the delicious steaks we could have from Billy Fearn's and jimmy Bitgoodir cattle farm if they were helping us. Rose: Be quiet, Wally! You're making me hungry. C Enter Irene and Dorinel Irene:'t you finished yet? I was hoping I wou1dn't have to do any more work. I had a Bat tire and the atomic research chemist, joe Stein, stopped to lix it. It took him about two minutes. Rose: Dorine, what ever happened to your old car? Dorine: The last I heard after Tom Letendre bought it, was that he donated it to Arnold Matzis' "Museum of Antiquated Objects." Irene: While I was waiting for our coffee Mona told me that Flora Otto, Shirley Provost and Brenda McCullough were all married and living in a three-decker house next door to the tea room. Dorine: She also said while you were paying for the coffee that Ann Deseoteaux is the school nurse and joyee Marieb is the college English teacher at good old A. H. S. Wally: Stop your yaking, you old hens, and get to work. fRose stoops to pick up a newspaper, Rose: Well, I'll be! No wonder Carolyn Thompson and judy St. jean weren't here last night. It says in their gossip column that they attended the successful opening of Barbara M arsianir play, "Tea and Teams". jerry: Can't you girls think of anything else but gossip! K Bev, interested, looks on with Rosej Bev: Oh, be quiet. Hey, listen to this. Miss Barbara Guidetti and Mr. james Argiro are making their debut, July 29, 1982 at Carnegie Hall. They will be presented by that well-known announcer and master of ceremonies, Gerald Magistri. Terry: That isn't all Gerry does. He travels as an end man with Lenny Desrosiers Minstrel Show. Irene: No kidding, t:hat's as good as Charlie Grasso and Eddie Govoni. They announce the commercial for Lord Byron's Pizza Grove on T. V. Bev: Are there going to be any pictures of the banquet in the newspaper? jerry: I don't know, but you can get some pictures by calling Chris and judy at their photo mart. Dorine: Where did they get the decorations for the banquet? Terry: Oh, they came fom judy Whiteiv and Barbara Bonavita's Novelty Gift Shop. Wally Richard Gray was telling me last night that he and Bill Gazar run judy and Barbara's delivery truck. Rose: Speaking of novelties wasn't Bill Dearborniv Harmonica Combo good last night? Dorine: Yes, Marianne DePalo's Calypso singing wasn't bad either. Irene: How come Celine LaFleur, joan Binninkade, Rosemarie Daigneault, and Kathy Kasper still had their nurses' un.ifonns on? Bev: I think it's because their reliefs, Karen Sjostrom and judy Clark got to the hospital late. jerry: Doesn't it seem funny that Dick Steeves owns the Growers Outlet now? Wally: Yeah, he's sponsoring Mike Egan, Eugene Poggi, and john Cowles' Agawam Indian Hockey Team. Terry: Bill Ponusky"s A 8: P is financing Jessie James, Mary Farina, and Lucille Stoll in the Roller Derby. 42 Bev: Gee, we do have a lot of famous people in our class. Irene: Did you hear that Sandra Saitto and Billy M rosz are the famous Cartoonists for Mad Funny Books, and jean Murphy writes Melvin the Monster? Rose: Weren't there quite a few vacant seats in the "M" section of the banquet table? Wally: That's all General Peachy Mazzaferroiv doings. He talked joe McBride, Ed Monahan, Dick Mills, and Paul Myers into making the Marines their career. Terry: Yeah, Gerry O'Keefe was lucky that his ship was in port the week of the banquet. It must be fun being an important admiral in the Navy. jerry: It would be nice to have some of those swabbies to help scrub this floor. Dorine: I'1l be right back. Pm going out for some more coffee. Wally: Oh no you're not, we're all going to stay here until this mess is finished. lSi1ence reigns in the dusty banquet hall for a period of 27 seconds, then the gossip mongexs are back on the job.l Rose: You know what, I still think Eddie Collins is cute even though he is bald from wearing his derby to court. Bev: He must be a. pretty good boss 'cause Brenda Kerber still is his secretary, but I bet she goes crazy with all that running around. Tery: Brenda really went crazy the times Ray Lucia tried to collect because termites were eating his wood, until the Exterminating Firm of Harrison, Hartwig, and Cusson saved Ray? lumber by getting rid of the pests. jerry: They don't run the exterminating machine themselves, do they? Dorine: No, Richie White is their right hand man. Irene: I hope Lois Belville never needs Mr. Collins legal assistanceg she seems so happily married. Bev: How did you like Theresa Crupi and Lawrence Sherlaw's juggling act? Rosemary: I thought Shirley johnsorfs flea act had more audience appeal myself. jerry: For a while there I thought Patrolman Ricky Letendre was going to get trampled when Herkimer, the trained flea, got loose. Dorine: Yeah, until Shirley Pond, the dauntless kangaroo trainer, captured the flea and put it safety back in his cage. Irene: Leon and Dorothy really taught Anne Demichele, Carole Melanson, Bev Moccio, and Barbara Sliech how to do that dance of the seven veils. Wally: Yeah, that was tremendous! jerry: Where did those purple and orange light bulbs come from? They were beautiful. Rose: Oh those! They came from Mrs. Larry Hatch's Colonial Decorating Shop. Dorine: Who is Mrs. Hatch? jerry: Why, you remember the fonner Pat Arnold. Irene: Oh yes, didn't they have a double wedding ceremony with Sonja Schmidt and Richard Howlet at the town's Justice of the Peace, Robert Liptak"s home? lKnock at lunchroom back door. Bev goes to see who it Terry: Did Linda Slate really send these tulips from her Tulip Palace in Holland? Wally: 'I:hat's what Robert Langevin said when he delivered them yesterday mommg. lBev comes back from answering doorj Rose: Who was it? Bev: Oh, Roberta Menard was collecting the silverware and dishes we borrowed from her. ' Dar: How did she lift those heavy boxes? Bev: She had Nancy Candida helping her. Nancy was telling me that they met Mary Glogowski and Kathy Sullivan climbing into their helicopter to deliver baby diapers. Irene: I bet Agnes Mitchell could use some of their services with her six kids. 43 jerry: Last night Marilyn Cimma seemed to be quite happily married to our class phamiacist, Richard Labun. Wally: Phew, After I finish this comer of the floor, I'1l be all finished. Irene: We will too, after we put these few chairs in place. Rosemary: You can say one thing. We surely accomplished a lot in the line of gossip. Dor: Do we have to put the equipment away? Bev: No, Ann Dubia, the principal's secretary and her assistant, jane Landers, said the janitoxs could take care of that. jerry: Well then, has everyone got a ride back to the "Studio." Irene: Oh, let's not think of any more work. Terry: After we have a cup of coffee you won't feel so bad. Wally: O.K. then, I guess we better go. We were lucky to get this much time off from our latest picture, "Five Brides For Two Lonely G.I.'s." Rosemary: Want to bet we all win an Academy award? All : Yeah! Doxmn DONATINI Rossmmw MAssA Tmsmasn CARDONE BEVERLY GRANT IRENE Wi-:s'r GERALD CAsmLLo WALLY BUBIEN 44 ,5 , A - TITLE Mr. I. Miss I . Q. Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl Most Mischievous Girl Most Mischievous Boy Best Dressed Boy Best Dressed Girl Best Natured Boy Best Natured Girl Class Wit Qboyl Class Wit Qgirlj Quietest Boy Quietest Girl Best Boy Dancer Best Girl Dancer Best All Around Boy Best All Around Girl Boy M ost Likely to Succeed Girl Most Likely to Succeed Best Boy Athlete Best Girl Athlete Prettiest Girl Most Handsome Boy Cutest Girl Cutest Boy Friendliest Boy Friendliest Girl Biggest Tease lboyl Biggest Tease Qgirlj Class Gentlemdn Class Lady Best Boy Singer Best Girl Singer Class Chatterbox fboyl Class Chatterbox fgirll Best Actor Best Actress Class Casanova Class Coquette Class Couple Class Choice for Brother Class Choice for Sister Class Artist H Class Musician g .o. gg K 5 I z 'If M Zelda! Zee FIRST CHOICE Herbert Labb Carolyn Thompson Gerald O'Keefe Judith Clark Rosemary Massa William F earn Thomas Letendre Cynthia Tricinella Gerald O'Keefe Marianne Grassetti Richard Simpson Joyce Marieb Raymond Lucia Sonja Schmidt Leon Massa Rosemary Massa Gerald O'Keefe Judith Clark Thomas Louer Carolyn Thompson Wallace Bubien Theresa Crupi Beverly Grant John Phillips Mary Glogowski Edmund Govoni Gerald O'Keefe Judith Clark Charles Grasso Joyce Marieb and Dorothy Girotti Qtie Christopher Hodges Irene West Leon Massa Carolyn Thompson Roger Reynolds Gretchen Prellwitz Richard Simpson Carolyn Thompson Thomas Letendre Dorothy Girotti Judith Warren and , Christopher Hodges Gerald O'Keefe Joan Binnenkade Sandra Saitto James Argiro 45 l 'tn' Q N' '-. ' fm Ill SECOND CHOICE Thomas Louer Jean Murphy Gerald Casiello Rosemary Massa Barbara Bonavita Thomas Trongone Charles Grasso Beverly Grant Richard Steeves Ann Descoteaux Roger Reynolds Barbara Bonavita Edward Collins Jean Murphy Thomas Trongone Dorothy Girotti Gerald Casiello Patricia Arnold Richard Simpson Cynthia Tricinella Edmund Govoni Joyce Marieb Mary Glogowski Gerald Casiello Roberta Menard John Phillips Andrew Hallock Patricia Arnold Gerald O'Keefe Rosemary Massa Gerald Casiello Anne Dubia Paul Langlois Dorothy Girotti Eugene Poggi Marilyn Cimma John Phillips Joyce Marieb Thomas Trongone Shirley Pond Mary Glogowski and Edmund Govoni Paul Langlois Judith Clark James Argiro Barbara Guidetti H444 Sang 442' Mia' 5fiL01ii?Qi4f :ami wife fwfr 'V' ga' E was - .nm tn as .www ,J - ea: , we have lemme.: fo - ony. 45+ 4, i ii' it? iii' Qefjgjljffujg IL QL if 294 if 51 EM 3'T1?fu,FF V -F nf E 5 j j b Q 4 4 1 Q 72556 are thing.: wc'll luue 88'b,'ldR y lpfgh Sdnol .nop an 3 7'5'uC am lo am .Ira -new-A.-o, 23, 'QS ,gnu - es: any me 13,1-t sg, s 5 I l 6 O fl F P fr L' 1' - - , 1' 1' w','::g.,1'z.,2:z:f I 46 Caaelyn 771-'MPS i ' 1 I 0 0 0 I 47 .J ,Tr Y,,, , ,, 4 'GLU ww '--' ' if Qi if K f w s '- My ' ' , Q-Lim 1 X. 14.51-i Shaw? Bw-nach. Y. W Om G0A.,i.T. T A , -. O f K z Wqh ' D . X av x Si ak 4' 'R 'W Q.,' Qu,-. fx K K 213.11-AQ. Ynwwa DW4 Q X Q gg!! , , . . - 9351 1 "2g.E1effX3 " ig-T -it Wifi 0 gi Q :I - wwf 1 ' N 5 i .:'-- .im .f x .WI si-1 R f .' - -X if -. x .qi X ,..'. .lxlfgik , MN' ' 4" Q Q T X 'Mm R , Ovwv- , ,L.: 3 , ' L. X-ST 2 KX X L6 , JQEQEA ' X 1 N 3 K X sw? .. .. W W 'S' f :gp 125 nf . ,. AWN . T at N" h i , . Jw, if WLAM. A NN ' .walk W3 EXSQQA' xi M Yvxrvfb. 1 4 4 1 i Y L-. . e H I Aw ww MW L Smwflake Seah! if 4' 5 f . 5 7wiZc9fu' 0am 7mm N P SENIOR PLAY On Friday evening, April 26, the annual senior play was presented. "Father of the Bride," a comedy in three acts, revolved around the complications arising from the fact that the bride and her mother wanted a large wedding while her father and the bridegroom definitely wanted a small wedding. The production was under the very capable supervision of Miss Chrisanthe Carozi. The play was enjoyed by everyone. CAST MR. BANKS ......... ....... R ichard Simpson DELILAH ............... ...... R osemary Massa MRS. BANKS ....... ....., C ynthia Tricinella MISS BELLAMY ......... ............... J oyce Marieb KAY BANKS ........... .............. S andra Saitto MR. MASSAULA Thomas Letendre BEN BANKS .................... ....... Ri chard Letendre JOE ................ A .................. ........... M ichael Egan TOMMY BANKS .............. .............. P aul Myers MRS. PULITZKI ........ Shirley Pond BUCKLEY DUNSTAN ....... ....... J ohn Phillips BUZZ TAYLOR .............................. Paul Langlois PEGGY SWIFT ...... .................... B everly Grant RED ...................... PETE ....,............... TIM'S MAN ....... TIM'S HELPER .......................... Gerald O'Keefe Thomas Trongone .. Edmund Govoni Ann Descoteaux E Q.- , . xr' gp .. wx F is M?-K W. ' Ax New if Q .. 'ff' : Q if XZ,.:.-Ig h. . 5 :Ex L gg E fiX'fKxxgXe:5w1g'M Q 5 P W 2 , M13 5 1 -- ,Q vt 'gig Q xg X ' X GL S X 4' 2 f 1 9 X X f S N' X , I as X 11 X , 4 A Q X 'Xe I Q E X f' , x -Jw 4 , . 3 3335 S A X 4 . Kill. TS 2 ap f Q X ,W-. ., 3x51zfui:f Q , E ' , ' di? , ..., , 5' 'I Af f - 5 -' 7' nv -' - 'Zee ART CHAIRMAN - SANDRA SAITTO PHOTOGRAPHY CHAIRMAN - CYNTHIA TRICINELLA CLASS SONG CLASS POEM BALLOT BOX STATISTICS CHAIRMAN - JUDITH CLARK CLUBS CHAIRMAN -- MARY GLOGOWSKI ' F M STAF E CH SA wi O'O SEE 505 55 bfi EE 'HU E3 Us Q? EE as Ji 'OD n-.M .-E: E66 -E2 5:1 PRO MERITO To become a member of the Pro Merito Society, one must maintain an average of eighty-I-ive per cent for four years. As a sign of their achievements, twenty-four members of the Class of 1957 were given Pro Merito pins at an assembly in March. The honor students of the ninth grade were familiarized with the requirements and functions of the Pro Merito Society at a special Valentine's Day party sponsored by the Society. President ............ ..... P aul Langlois Vice-President ............. ........ P atricia Arnold Secretary-Treasurer ....... ...... C ynthia Tricinella Adviser .............................................................. Miss Eleanor Smith Senior Mambers: Patricia Arnold, Beverly Binns, James Bitgood, Marie Borgatti, Marilyn Cimma, Judith Clark, Mary Glogowski, Christopher Hodges, Shirley Johnson, Herbert Labb, Paul Langlois, Thomas Louer, Joyce Marieb, Barbara Marsian, Jean Murphy, Gretchen Prellwitz,-Ijudith St. Jean, Sandra Saitto, Sonja Schmidt, Lawrence Sherlaw, Richard Simpson, Carolyn hompson, Cynthia Tricinella, Irene West. 64 if- x LIBRARY Our school library, formed in 1947, has continually grown. We were provided with a new and complete library in the fall of 1955. Many new books and maga- zines are now available for the student's use. The conference room is constantly being used for various types of meetings. Students often display hobbies in the glass showcase. Many interesting pastimes have been exhibited. ' t The staff, under the capable guidance of Mrs. Dorothy Holmes, is to be complimented. Senior Members: Marilyn Cimrna, Rose Marie Daigneault, Anna. Marie Demichele, Anne Dubia, Mary Ann Grassetti, Harold Guidi, Robert James, Celine La Fleur, Jane Landers, Agnes Mitchell, William Mrosz, jean Murphy, Roger Reynolds, Carolyn Thompwn, Cynthia Tricinella. 65 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, serving as an important liaison group between students and faculty, has done much to better our school. The Council effectively conducted the annual magazine drive and the patrol system. The first Student Council store was opened this year. Students could purchase novelties in school colors and with the school emblem. Delegates from the Council were sent to the Western Massachusetts Associa- tion of Student Councils Convention. President .............................. ........ G erald Casiello Vice-President ........ ........ J udith Clark Secretary .......... ....... J anet Caserio Treasurer ................ ............... J ames Bruno Captain of Patrol ..... .............. W allace Bubien Adviser .......................................................... Mr. Richard Carbone Senior Members: Andrew Hallock, Celine La Fleur, Thomas Letendre, Thomas Louer, Joyce Marieb, Gretchen Prellwitz, and Richard Simpson. 56 BENJAMIN PHELPS CLUB The Agawam chapter of the Future Teachers of America Organization is named the Benjamin Phelps Club in honor of Agawam's former illustrious superintendent, - The Club has undertaken many constructive projects: the collection of old eye-glasses for the Lions Club 3 the entertaining of the visitor from Guatamalag the publishing of a weekly schedule of events 5 and the aiding of other high schools to organize a. Future Teachers Club. President ........................ ....... J oyce Marieb Vice-President ..,..... ....... D orothy Zucco Secretary ............. ...... P atricia McGrady Treasurer ......... ....... ............ J can Allen Librarian ...... ................. Janice Bilodeau Adviser ...... ........... .................................... M i ss Emily McCormick Senior Members: Joyce Marieb, Anna Marie Demichele, Judy Warren, and Sonja Schmidt. 61 PERSONALITY CLUB E E-' E 8 CD -2 E if 2 'B QD E td E, .2 5 O U .EI +0 fa 'U SI .5 S U Z 2 Su 'UE' is Q-as 5.5 0-3 G E3 'Doa Lie ,ESE -D 55 P'-N .um 'Te' SE """U E52 435 EQ '15 EU 0.3 V1 53 .EE QE H. SE '25 .fag 558. V2 'S 5 3 5 -o E! E 2 Ek QE S2 .22 -is :D-4 2.1 52 13 .QV 5,2 Hia 5.2 ml: Secretary 5 EEE 2-'E 23 ge :E gowski, Glo Dubia., Mary C Ann orine Donatini, escoteaux, D D HH DePa.lo, A Demichele, Marianne a Marie Theresa Cardone, Ann old Arn Members: Patricia enior VJ A-'VB an an iii -Q .623 522 323 ies .rag .Safe as-3 EE: "0 'a-EO? 0 Erica 5762 E"ra.I1I 345 EBI- PY-180 -.355 55? iw S52 cd as 552 E05 .wa-Q 35:2 zrng O 'E'5-cs 5543 G. 2-E5 62,2 iw E-57" gas? 326 3.53 33-3 aww an 35? av ii .c:'5 ug pdl-I -Roi-5 E o"Q:1 1- 5 gs "' 'U Emi ago 2 A -521. E QSO :fs-5 v-wha. . .Ia . ::,,, ent Chaplain Adviser as 3: .. 2,2 8 SE Qs CCD is 8 dn 'Q . 0-65 0 ca -I .T-' 'U Marianne Prellwitz, J u is U .Civ .2-9 U Bfa 0:- Qc .2-U' HS 294 25 2-'LE' U2 -via Q' Sis 8-1 U 2 N 5: 25 I-'S . .can i . 533 H 2 G -I 5.2: 'U U1 50 5 '15-'H .wav sf? .Ed- Orme ES-5 :Eefll WEE-' 2135 SES Nu . Ubi? QTBFZ E35 I-'gg 'cflaf-1 -:s QQ E Anne ostrom, 4 Patricia neault, Karen S j ..b,, :-- . ESE QE S545 Eu: .E ...fa H D 3: vandrg JUNIOR RED CROSS The members of the Junior Red Cross worked hard this year and made a project which was taken to Monson Hospital for Easter. Also the girls put on a skit in assembly for the enrollment drive, and several members of the group to gether with Tech and Classical students, participated in a variety show at the Holyoke Soldiers' Home. President .............. Vice-President ........ Secretary .............. Treasurer ...... Adviser ..... .. ............... . ..... ................ Senior M embers: Mary Ann Grassetti, Celine La Fleur. 70 Sandra Miller Jean Arnold Louise Mercandante Joy Montagna Mrs. Marjorie Kelly BIOLOGY CLUB +542 0 5 Q3 vi -So .EE 35 .Eu 5 ESE BE .23 ,QB 50 Em G U'5 Q-3' 05, 252 :nog mme 5:3 X3 -30.20 OUD Ein Egg IA 55,3 d Saha- E 2503- 0 .3-Eg O'U -sag gain :ga OES 955-E 2-5-EOE W 6.53 Hee OJUI ..::'3 E53-is 'S '25 El ne De Mont Sandra Kellogg . Nancy Crean llliam Baumann Theodorowicz avid f . SEED .:'-5 Ez.. gzzg g?xNZ 2Es2, fa Q"f'sQ.3 SNL wws-,Na 5-wus! mlxwkv ,X ...xx . CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club, under the guidance of Mr. Buddington, is intended for those who are interested in photography as a career or as a hobby. ' The club had a very busy year, starting off with a trip to Robinson State Park last fall. The members developed many pictures and enjoyed guest speakers and films at their meetings, President ............ ....... L awrence Sherlaw Vice-President .............. ........ Do nald Moore Secretary-Treasurer ......... ..... R obert Liptak Adviser .................................................................... Mr. Buddington Senior Members: Lawrence Sherlaw, Robert Liptak, Herbert Labb, Joseph McBride. 72 MKWNMY was was X INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB This year, as in the past, the International Relations Club had another suc- cessful year under the leadership of Miss Ward, the club adviser. Among the very interesting speakers the club heard were Mrs. Walter Whittum of the Springfield Council for the United Nations, Miss Gills of Guadamala, and Tim Hopps of Colrain, Massachusetts, who spoke on his summer experience in Europe. Members of the club also had many interesting and worthwhile debates, slides, and contests. The highlight of this year's program was the trip to the United Nations in New York City. C The club enjoyed the annual Christmas party in December and ended the year's program with a picnic. President ................. ..................... J ean Murphy Vice-President ........ ........................ J osianne Ford Secretary .............. ....... A nna Marie Demichele Treasurer ......... ................. B arbara Advzser .......................................................,...................... Miss Ward Senior Members: Anna Marie Demichele, Barbara Guidetti, Chris Hodges, Herbert Labb, Celine La Fleur, Barbara Marsian, Paul Meyers, Agnes Mitchell, Mona Moretti, Jean Murphy, Gretchen Prellwitz, Sandra Saitto, Lawrence Sherlaw, Carolyn Thompson, Cynthia Tricinella. 73 SKI CLUB On various week-ends, the Ski Club has gone skiing at Bousquet, Mt. Snow, Blandford, Otis Ridge, and Stowe. A few of the members took a four day ski trip to Stowe. The club has had a good season this year, and the members hope that the activities of the Ski Club will be continued next year. President .....................,........................................ Gretchen Prellwitz Treasurer ..................... ........... J udith Clark Program Chairman ........ ......... K aren Stephens Adviser .............................................................. Miss Jennifer Mead Senior M embers: Gerald Casiello, Judith Clark, Paul Langlois, Shirley Pond, Gretchen Prellwitz, Richard Simpson, and Judy St. Jean. 14 AUDIO VISUAL AIDS The object of the Audio Visual Aids Club is to teach its members to operate various machines associated with the club so that the members may assist teachers, who plan on showing a movie or using any of the dilierent apparatus. This year the members were taught to operate movie projectors and tape recorders and to splice films. The club plans a trip to the Bay State Film Company and a picnic at John Magovern's camp in East Otis. President .............. ..... W alter Letellier Vice-President ........ ........ Ri chard Mills Secretary .............. ........ J ohn Magovern Treasurer ..... ..... F rancis Letoumeau Adviser ...... ........... ....... ........... ..... ...... M r . R o land Pressey Senior Members: Walter Letellier, Francis Letourneau, Richard Mills. 75 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Agawam chapter of the Future Farmers of America has been growing steadily every year. A group of the boys represented Agawam High School at the National Convention in Kansas City. The Chapter received the National Silver Emblem Award for the Hrst time. This award signified that the Agawam chapter is one of the best in the country. William Rhodes became State Future Farmers of America president this year. The last two presidents of the Massachusetts Association have graduated from Agawam High School. At the State F .F.A. convention, James Bitgood was elected State Vice- president, Larry Hatch was elected State Reporter, William Fearn and Larry Hatch were given Bay State Farmer degrees. The Chapter's exhibit placed second in the state wide competition. This year at the annual banquet, Beverly Binns was chosen as Chapter Sweet- heart. In addition to this great honor, she was secretary to Mr. Skolnick. The members of the Future Farmers have always tried to abide by their motto: LEARNING TO DO, DOING TO LEARN, EARNING TO LIVE, LIVING TO SERVE. President .................. ....... J ames Bitgood Vice-President ........ Larry Hatch Secretary .............. ..... W illiam Crane Treasurer ........ ..... R obert Boden Reporter .... ............ J oseph Ricco Sentinel ..... ....... ............................................... R i chard Howlett Adviser ..,..... ....... .... ..... . ...... ...... . ........................ Mr. David Skolnick Senior Members: James Bitgood, William Fearn, Larry Hatch, and Richard Howlett THE AGAWAM MIRROR was E8 D.. sw, s-F50 S-E ,suv-4 mE .ga Q3 .25 -3 .- KHE -38 Bug 35 E . ms? .50 -:J 3-S' E25 :E 'lun S55 3,8 H3 52 LSE. 2.2 ,eg-5 I-8 F-E we E3 H95 Eff .gg 25 SE. E... Q00 0 who 'Eb 'S 'So ga Q-5 gi CEE "QT: -55 x-E 32 ,Ho O0 255 D VIH-I 08 F52 U 3 O- Caserio Ct Jan t Editor Assistan s 3 -5 E I r 'CJ' E 2 - . - - Adviser Dorothy Girotti, teaux, C860 Marie Demichele, Ann D ardone, Judith Clark, Anna saC CTC enkade, Wallace Bubien, Th HD old, Joan Bi Am Patricia bers: Mem Senior 6' o-I Q-A .-1 N rn 5 C N va B! .E Ta' C s: D '5 E' 5-1 U ng. cf Fw 2 . H .cz w D. 94 33 E4 O -u E I Fin 5 5 5 Nl 5 E :rf U .a .Q E 5 4 E.. ni E N S -Q Z! N .5 -Q 2 3 S' Pb :-T 3 In N r-1 0 .E 1 U 5 -E O 'E E H IE ua DRAMA CLUB A new club at Agawam High School, the Drama Club, was organized to help all those students who are interested in acting. Some of the club's activities consisted of putting on a well performed Christmas Play for the student body at the Christmas assembly, and having a make-up demon- stration for the members of the club. President .......... ..... Th omas Letendre Vice-President ..... ..... M ona Moretti Secretary ........... .. ...... Celine La Fleur Treasurer ....... .............. B arbara Marsian Adviser .................... 4 ................................... Miss Chrisanthe Carozi Senior Members: Patricia Arnold, Joan Binnenkade, Theresa Cardone, Gerald Casiello, Judith Clark, Anna Marie Demichele, Celina. La Fleur, Beverly Grant, Barbara Guidetti, Thomas Letendre, Barbara Marsian, Mona Moretti, Shirley Pond, Gretchen Prellwitz, Roger Reynolds, Judith St. Jean, Richard Simpson, Carolyn Thompson and Cynthia Tricinella. 78 SCRIBES The Scribes, a comparatively new club at Agawam High School, write and criticize their own literary works. No dues are paid, but if anyone fails to turn in a composition at a club meeting, he is fined ten cents. The club plans to publish a literary newspaper containing work they have done throughout the school year. President ..................... ....... B arbara Marsian Vice-President ............. ........... J udy St. Jean Secretary-Treasurer ....... ....... B arbara Guidetti Librarian .................. ..... L awrence Sherlaw Adviser .................................. ....... ........, M iss Eleanor Miller Senior Members: Barbara Guidetti, Barbara Marsian, Sandra Saitto, Judy St. jean, Lawrence Sherlaw, Cynthia Tricinella, Carolyn Thompson. is T! CHESS CLUB A new and well organized club at Agawam High, the Chess Club, has as 1ts main activities, playing chess and teaching others to play chess. The club meets every Monday afternoon but plays chess only every other Monday, as the other meetings are devoted to the club's business affairs. To end the year, the members put on a chess all chess players. President ........,.... Vice-President ....... Secretary ............ Treasurer Adviser .......... . .......... ............ ....... . Senior Members: Gerald Casiello and Paul Myers. 80 tournament which was open to Gerald Casiello , ........ Donald Moore Rosemarie Reidi Thomas Provost Mrs. Dorothy Holmes FUTURE NURSES CLUB The Future Nurses Club was formed to give the girls who are interested in nursing a chance to learn more about nursing. The club has had a very interesting and successful year under the guidance of Mrs. Elizabeth Langlois, President .................................................................. Celine La Fleur Vice-President ............ ....... J oan Binnenkade Secretary-Treasurer .......... .,..... N ancy Fournier Corresponding Secretary ......... ....................... Ann e Dubia Adviser ........................................................ Mrs. Elizabeth Langlois Senior Members: Joan Binnenkade, Rosemarie Daigneault, Anne Dubia, Celine La Fleur, Lucille Stoll. GLEE CLUB This year, the Glee Club has developed into an assortment of different groups, namely the Senior Octet, Senior Choralette, Sophomore Choralette, Boys Chorus, Girls Chorus, Girls Glee Club, and the Concert Chorale, a combination of Boys Chorus, Senior Choralette and Sophomore Choralette. The big event of the Glee Club this year was presenting the musical production, "The Count and the Coed," which was very successfully presented in February. The smaller musical groups sang for a Christmas Program, and have appeared numerous times for assemblies and other school events. Other activities of the Glee Club were the Spring Concert, in which everyone participated and also the music festivals and exchange assembly with Tech High School, in which the Concert Chorale represented the entire Glee Club. Conductor ............................... . .... Mr. Darcey Davis, Jr. Senior Members: Patricia Arnold, Gerald Casiello, Rosemarie Daigneault, William Dearborn, Anna DeMichele, Ann Descoteaux, Barbara Guidetti, Christopher Hodges, Jacqueline Jones, Paul Langlois, Thomas Letendre, Barbara Marsian, Mona Moretti, Shirley Pond, Roger Reynolds, Judy St. Jean, Lawrence Sherlaw, Richard Simpson, Richard Steeves, Carolyn Thompson, Judith Warren. I2 THE COUNT AND THE CO-ED IAN OPERETTA OF COLLEGE LIFE, ra 52 3 5 Q ,S FE 3 E. E 3 :Ei u 5 U E 5 U 5 -a E 5 K 'E '75 2 e -E 3 5? E, 'za ra a E Ei' 'S 'E' .5 E ai 5, E Q 5 F E 3322 -'E S .E W 'U Rl A Us :Z i .S E ID 3 1: 5 N H 6' 8 v-w J va 2 'u n V-a i' E o E 3 5.3 16 ga '45 3 3 E fs 2 s U arbara Guidette, Gay Reynoldb .HB A ompanist V. U : Darcy Davis Director BAND The Band, under the energetic leadership of Mr, Darcey Davis, Jr., has had another very busy year. With the help of the cheerleaders, color ards, and majorettes, the band has lent much to the color and excitement of the football games and other school events. Of course, their contribution all of thc assemblies can not be forgotten and also the new addition of the dance Band which is a very popular feature. O -C A-I 'U C Q if U Q CI O U DD C ':: D. cl: 0 -5 'E .Z 13 0 u.. U nz E U -6-I N bi V3 'a P' U -C1 ill 75 D -c: Ill GJ nf. usic M ssachusetts Western Ma the 5 U 26-5 3:0 E250 'E GJ EE 'gl-1 BE .:: 's highlig mbly ZSSC nge 3 -2 4 . S If cxcha :A Af-.Mtg EE' D135 sig Hag, -1212 .sg ESQ is .L-I R.. N'- 3: 553 D-law IQS7 332 -NNN-m i1v2Q Sjostrom. Cn s, Kar ren. we - gs 0-E 'xii la I3 beF'l Ou. Mu 36.5 25g E-Em 255 ln 522 u .JD 'WS J ois, atbara che Ann Descoteaux, Beverly Gran rn, arianne DePalo, 'aft 52 -was .. 252 Q4 -. .Es as III 'S 3 M .Q 5. ob 'Z-9 all mi :- -UN :E 'Cu 5 .9 NTI .QQ m Dearbo neault one, M Clar semarie Theresa Car k, wg1 o D4 ello Judith do, sz Patricia Arnold, ...- 'D G 63 -O bs. .5 3 N N OZ -U .. -"B E Me Members, Members, Cheerleader Senior Senior S L 553 is .W Ee QQ no 'J N N -5 E u. 0 -4 H U ry Farina, Jacqueline jones. 3 M ajorzttesz bers, M 2771 mor M Sc lisa, Siam I 956 FOOTBALL TEAM CZ, 'E E 52 v-5 2 Q aa :Y e .Ll N Q 2 3 S 2 W .E M :ai .cf -2 O nd hi 5 I-5 a .QS is Eu if fi -5.2 0 S19 UE Ewa QS I SP EQ Q12 0. me C0-Captain ne, R. Sull 5 E. SJ E E..,.S'-1 3 yo H 35 E3 gm -J 95 35 S., .2 . U55 2 Tu 'fi ma" , Eve 1-...." as '25 .G 3 . 0521 Us -'-2 :Inca E Q3 .St 'C . M3 LE U E: QE .531 30 -'-'23 god 4 ..6 SU Q 9-ig' EE 3 . 'GFA A. Pasquale, J. Reynolds, C. Clark, R. Ferrero, .-n H c: .8 E S PQ rini, Ferra I-5 we is ON U2 QQ QE' SQ: Es is gd: 'ss Ui QE M35 Q? 9.2! Um ' . 6111073 . ..VJ 2 Q-13:4 23' E. -: . E-ed EDDIE TOM 7 At the sound of the whistle on opening day of the 1956 football season, Agawam was off to a tremendous start. A smashing 40-12 win over Westfield showed much potentiality in the Agawam team. The Brownies went on to win two more games. The overall record was 3 won, 1 tied, and 3 lost. In many people's opinion, the most impressive vic- tory was in Holyoke. The Brownies played with all of their heart and came on to win 31-6. This was the first time that Agawam had beaten the "Paper City Boys" at McKensie Stadium in 15 years. Agawam played their home games on the new athletic field this year. The iield was dedicated to Har- mon Smith as The Harmon Smith Athletic Field. Coach Leonardi had full responsibility of the team this year as head coach. He introduced a system of merit for outstanding linemen. The most impressive lineman in each game was awarded "Lineman of the Week." CHARLIE WALLY BASKETBALL Under the capable guidance of Coach Leonardi, this year's basketball team had a record of 4 wins, and 12 losses. The team worked hard and faithfully, and, like all Agawam teams, showed great spirit and sportsmanship. The highlight of the season was the tremendous victory over West Springfield, our chief rival.' This victory ruined West Sidels chances for the Valley Wheel Title Senior Members: Wally Bubien, Gerry O'Keefe, Richard White. ll T I 2 WALLY RICKY C-BERRY JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Coaches Harry Leonardi and Jud Hastings greeted approximately twenty-five candidates for the opening of the "57" baseball campaign. Of this number, six are returning lettcrmen, and a good part of the remaining squad are graduates of last year's junior Varsity team. The Brownies are once again members of the Valley Wheel. A bright spot in this'baseball picture is the fact that this year Agawam will be playing on the new field on Cooper Street. Everything points to a very successful season for the Brownies. Senior Members: Wally Bubien, Ed Govoni. Charley Grasso, Gerry O'Keefe, Joe Stein. ar-d Tom Trongone. Baseball Schedule April 23 Palmer May 17, Enfield April 26, at South Hadley May 21, at Ludlow April 30, Ludlow May 24, at Palmer May 7, Ware May 27, South Hadley May 10, at West Springfield May 29, at Ware May 14, Easthampton June 4, West Springfield' June 7, at Easthampton 90 HCCKEY This winter, Agawam High School had their first hockey team in twenty years. The new sport was coached by Mr. Rudy Altobelli, a former hockey star at A. I. C. Although the team was not in the Schoolboy League, the boys played well in the games that were scheduled for them. Senior Members: james Argiro, John Cowles, Mike Egan, Thomas Flynn, Charles Grasso, Richard Letendre, Robert Liptak, William Mrosz, jackie Phillips, Eugene Poggi, Thomas Trongone. 9l TRACK This year marked the second revival of Track as a sport at Agawam High School after the absence of a year. Mr. Sarantopoulos led the boys well into a fine season. The schedule was: May 4, Relays at Amherst 5 May 9, Triangular meet at West Springlield, Chicopee, Agawam. May 16, Quadrangular meet at West Spring- field, Amherst, Longmeadow, Agawam. May 23, Longmeadow at Agawam. June 1, Western Mass. at Westfield. The only senior member was William Mrosz. 92 GIRLS SPORTS Girls sports, organized in 1930, plays a large part in the development of good sportsmanship. This year the girls played tennis, badminton, golf, basketball, and softball. An innovation was the Apparatus Club which consisted of the side horse, the rings, the bars, and the trampoline. Director ........................ . ............................... Miss Dorothy Hastings Senior Members: Patricia Amold, Judith Clark, Theresa Crupi, Rosemarie Daigneault, Anna Marie Dernichele, Ann Descoteaux, Celine La Fleur, Joyce Marieb, Barbara Marsian, Rosemary Massa, Mona Moretti, and Shirley Pond. 93 My Nw? wwf A 5 Q xiii? L 3v"f74jf5,Zf7f'i Qffff xyji W ff' Ei, Mifjfgflffw mf 1 vw' Zag .- ' U Q J? 1-E wmwywf ffififijfwfia PM fijwfdf 94 'ff U I' I V. J. MORENO INSURANCE AGENCY Tel. RE 2-2263 369 Walnui' S'rree+ Agawam, Mass. l 1 l 1 l 1 Ll I Exposition Service Garage lO39 Memorial Avenue West Springfield Agawam Garage Towing - Auto Body Tune Up - Wheel Balance RE 4-7268 634 Main Street Agawam JOHN F. RCJSATI All Types ot Bulldozer Work - Trucking Crane Work Tires and Batteries Call: RE 2-9793 or RE 2-4567 415 SILVER STREET AGAWAM 1 CBLUED coAL 2 KKOPPERSD COKE HIGH GRADE FUEL and RANGE on. BARRY ooAL, Inc. , Mrs. Philip D. Barry, Owner and Manager ' Installation and Service -of ' al' ir YORK OIL BURONERS 'lr if ' Guaranteed by Good ,Housekeeping Telephones: RE 2-9791 - RE 243542 772 Union Street West Springfield S+andard Wood Proclucfs Co. IAIVIES MERCADANTE Manuiacturers of High Grade Frames Carving - Designing - Custom Work Tel. RE 4-5688 - RE 4-5689 48 Napier Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of I PERKINS MACHINE AND GEAR CO 059 CIRCUIT AVENUE WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS u n 1 L. Balfour Company Class rings, Commencement Announcements Club pins, Diplomas, Medals 61 Trophies IN-9 Taylor Yearbook Company The finest in High School yearbooks Caps and Gowns by Bentley ci Simon, Inc. GO-9 represented by Gron P. Lloyd, Mgr. P. O. Box 144 H. Bruce Riete Canaan, Connecticut Clark Jones WHGLESALE MEATS TELEPHONES: ST 9-6403 and RE 7-2598 385 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass. TRY YOUR LOCAL WHOLESALER F OR TOP GRADE MEATS AND SERVICE "If It's Worth Printing at AH, It"s Worth Printing Right" 1 V V Telephone RE 4-2187 State and Andrew Streets Springfield, Massachusetts it 1 ,. x C he Class of 1957 JASMIN'S PHARMACY AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTER I , BETT WISHLA to the CLASS Ol i957 P. B. ARNOLD 81 SCNS MILK and CREAM 556 Sprmgfleld Street Tel RE 6 1310 C' fl If f I Springfield Toro Co. POWER MQWERS G PCWER TOOLS Call RE 2 6448 F'n1XGIFuO1'l Aqnwfum -595 C pliments of BAY STATE FILM PRCDDUCTIONS, Inc Wg Com,plimcnls of W W L P -- Channel 22 The Springfield Area's First Television Station With Studios, Transmitter and Offices on Provin Mountain in Agawam Associated Engineers, Inc. Bowles-Agawam Airport Agawam, Mass "A Complete Service to lndustry" Branches in Boston, Worcester, Albany, Cincinnati and Los Angeles Consulting, Production Management, Engineering Product Design and Styling -- Tool and Machine Design Drafting - Tool and Machine Building - Test Equipment Contract Manufacturing .rw CHRISCOLA'S FARM EQUIPMENT, Inc. Wx S Farmal Tractors And McCormick Farm Implements - Milking Machines International "35O" Utility Tractors Home Freezers -'Refrigerators Parts anol Service Universal Electric Appliances R.C.A. Estate Ranges and Radios I-lavoland Motor Gil and Greases N RE 2-9432 - Telephones -- RE 7-5487 Suffield Street S Agawam, Mass. Compliments of - Dr. and Mrs. Simon J. Ramah Memo to: Park Edge Secretarial School 187 Sumner Avenue, Springfield I am interested in becoming a MEDICAL, LEGAL, or PRIVATE SECRETARY. I understand the intensive course may be completed in FOUR AND ONE-I-IALF MONTHS. q I . Name .......................................................... Address .....,......... ..... 'Mail to Miss Helen O'Keefe, Director or telephone RE 6-8931 for appointment Licensed by Commonwealth ot Mass, Board of Education BOSWORTH STUDIO Official Photographer of the Senior Class The best gift you can give is your photograph -fm - Today? pictures are tomorroufs keepsakes Z5 g Telephone BE 2-2211 l537 Main Street Springfield, Mass i' Compliments of Packaging Service, Inc. International Harvester Co 268 Park Street West Springfield, Massachusetts ges? Qflislues glrrauglwui Ilia Zfears From the Societies pf SACRED HEART CHURCH Feeding Hills, Massachusetts ir HOLY NAME SOCIETY ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY SACRED HEART SOCIAL CLUB KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR SOCIETY OUR LADY OF FATIMA SODALITY SACRED HEART A. C. SENIOR CHOIR CHILDRENS CHOIR 'A' Rev. Francis Keefe, C.P.S. Rev. George Linse, C.P.S Compliments of Fiberwoocl Confainer, Inc. ,. 'x 490 Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. GARDEN 81 HGME POWER EQUIPMENT "We Service Whaf We SeII" CHAIN SAWS PCJWER MCDWERS SWEEPERS GRASS SEED 81 FERTILIZER GRAVELY GARDEN TRACTORS WEIDENMILLER - MAGGVERN CO Springfield RE 3-6538 Piffsfield 3-I677 Harfford JA 9-2592 C pliments of N. J. De MONT CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc Builder ot Finer Homes ,jx 90 Albert Street Agcrwam, Mass. Congratulations and Felicitations to AGAWAM HIGH-CLASS OF 1957 S+. John +he Evangelisf Parish REV. JOHN P. SHANNON Compliments of Turc:oHe Manufacfuring Co. Tools, Dies and Special Machinery - 'N Telephone RE 4-8203 - RE 4-8204 28 Ramah Circle Agawam, Massachusetts pf ,ff ff r 7 x s ,Es X A A ma,-T X Il 'ii L35 E X .53 f"f.. l CII 'T SHOPPING 3. T ff -FOR 'T Vi" 'Zz B ? HTIJO -- CHECK WHAT YOU WANT: Good starting salary with regular raises Pleasant work with other girls and young men Prestige of a responsible job with a well-known and respected company If your list shows three checks, then you should check into what the Telephone Company has to offer you. Smart girls are doing it now, before they graduate from high school. Come in and see our employment interviewer soon. You'l1 enjoy talking with her. Act now, and you can say with pride, "Pm all set! I'm going to work with the Telephone Company!" See the Guidance Counselor at your school, and talk first with her about when and where to apply. H NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Charles Ferrero PLUMBING and HEATING oo-9 Tel. RE 6-6628 412 North West Street Feeding Hills, Mass. ESSG HEAT A. Borsari Gil Service, Inc. Bulk Plant 100,000 Gallons Capacity Oil Burners Installed and Serviced Printed Metered Delivery Ottice Tel. RE 2-2320 Res. Tel. RE 2-0702 1039 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Sincere Congratulations and llluch Success to Class of '57 S+. An+l1ony's Parish BEST WISHES Dr. William E. Coons MD. l Youa Agawam crmvnom DEALER 1.1 -- L-...- jcu EvnoLETf l SUBURBAN CHEVROLET 830 Springfield Street 195 So. Westfield Street ANDREW C. GALLANG DAVID C. GALLANO 1:: AMERICNS FAVORITE FROZEN DESSERT Western Mass. Tastee Freez Co., Inc AGAWAM, MASS. "Zi Stores in Operation" A so YEARS or 1907 LAUNDRY 5. DRY CLEANING 1957 "KNOW How" CURTAINS MOTR Preorime ELANKETS a U I1 I' WEATHER l9ROOFING HAND IRONING gg EUR CLEANING G SPECIALTY and CUSTOM f My CLEANERS and STORAGE Dial RE s-asia aaa Belmont Ave. since 1907 LET ONE CALL DO IT ALL Send Your DRY CLEANING With Your LAUNDRY Range and Fuel Oil Oil Burner Sales and Service Agawam Oil 8: Burner Service RE 9-2409 298 Springfield Street AQCIWGIH, Mass. Springfield Animal Compliments of ' A Hospilal Triangle Reslauranl' Dr. P. P. Lingua Dr. F . I. Conniglia do- Mgr. R. T. Wilson 332 'SUFFIELD STREET ' ' A, A. Alves C. I. Fcfriole 357 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass. STRATHMORE PAPER COMPANY p MILLS AT L WEST SPRINGFIELD and WOBONOCO, MASS. and TURNEBS' FALLS, .MASS. Manufacturers oi Bond, 'Writing, and Thin Papers 'A' Book Text and Cover Papers i' Artist Papers and Boards 'K' Blue Print Base Stock 'P' T Wedding Papers and Bristols i' Greeting Card' and Specialty Papers. Paper Is Part of The Picture L5 CQ Lwzeiaxnums wommsqume Buuoens or Spscuu MACHINERY - Courmcr MACHINE Wonx 270 MAIN STREET ALGAWAM. MASSACHUSETTS relephqnei SPRINGFIELD Rfpublit 4-4992 A GOOD PLACE TO WORK iff:-is-1.-V L.,,:,t1Z, , . . .. ef. 41:2 . f.N--be-B . s,--SfsXig:m2-iESsb- -. ' :f:SifSr?UeYs?2ss . -.sbS"'Jf.6.S'vx .. asv.:-k1:'rf-'-is--. ,N-5 ' -'L'-H..-.f:2q,2:-sgfzzfi-nerr' .... 1- 91 , ' f.3.55:.-QQ,-:3:'.-Skis-YA.1: tt I L W L mg 5357 Q 5 I' I --Q Q - i V ,--kLx1.!,fFGYz'S:lj eg F, I Y , , P Ml, ' - --fi l vii - f- --"JM . -.J H ,, W' 1 A . . J I W nga? I f ., ,WM 4, ,Q ,151 ,,,,f N -an E H i 5 " gg X, A M - Q ' 'w 'r ... k Lynch for Lumber Srlvilzg H'6'.Yf!'I'Il Nrzf' England for 6241" Yfars with a complete line of BUILDING MATERIALS - WHOLESALE or RETAIL IWe give SGH Green Starnpsi Phone RE 9-4781 366 Memorial Ave. Creari West Springfield, Mass. H. F. Lynch Lumber Co. Wooster Express, Inc. Motor Common Carrier Serving Connecticut - Massachusetts - Rhode Island New York - New Iersey -.Qs Telephone STate 80911 37 Ramah Circle North Agawam River View Atlantic Service Complete Lubrication Service Car Washing - x River Road and School Street D 81 H DELICATESSEN Specializing in Hot Corned Beef and Hot Pccstromi Sandwiches Fried Chips and Fish' for Friday For Delicacies See Us Tel. RE 2-7610 267 Walnut Street Agawarn, Mass. Conzplinzmzts of JOE'S AUTO BODY WORKS Phone IE 2-3727 4 Adams Street Hglygkel Mass Springfield Freigh+ Lines, Inc , x I 5 Foot of Western Avenue, West Side SERVING ALL MASS. POINTS Gilberi 8: Barker Mfg. Co. ' WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Precision PaHern Hudson TOQI CQ, Company, Inc. 'A' f 'A' Tel. RE 3-9072 14 NAPIER STREET 14 NAPIER STREET Springfield, Moss. Springfield I Massachusetts Lou's Family Shoes Allied Baking Co. -9, Shoes For The Entire Family HOME or SGH Green Stamps FINE BAKED Gooos -n-O-1 E A110 ' or Cwsms 361 WALNUT STREET lAgcfWcrm Shopping Mortl - Co1njJlirm'm'.v of HAMPDEN FENCE CO. I 5- x I9 SPENCER STREET North Agcxwcim AN EDUCATION 1 A cmd MONEY IN THE BANK WILL HELP TO SECURE YOUR FUTURE The Agawam Branch of the Springfield Nafional Bank I.. ...... .- Conzplirnentr of John A. MacPherson Upholstering and New Furniture For those Who prefer quality craftsmanship and clestirictive fabrics Reasonable Prices - Budget Terms Arranged For Free Estimates Call BE 3-7981 Open Daily, Thursday and Friday Till 9 416 Springfield Street Agawam Compliments of National Gage 8: Die Co., Inc., ., 11 Ramah Circle Agawam, Mass. William's Pharmacy 182 Elm Street RE 3-1007 677 Westfield Street RE 3-4017 me West Springfield The BEST Place in Town to BUY TIRES W if! 1 it x Fisk Tire Service, Inc. Guy P. Iones, President 10 West Street - Across from Baseball Park Bfipublic B-1887 1080 State Street at 'Willard Avenue STate 8-0921 Springfield C mplm ts f New England Prlnhng Co , Inc 'k WESTFIELD MASS Complzments of Zlelmskl Bros GENERAL CONTRACTORS ow Agczwczm Massachusetts 0 i en o 0 0 ' Q 'A' 'k 20 Arnold Street O O Q O Growers Food Centers Offers you a tuture in food retailing Contact Personnel Dept. Tel. RE 6-9688 2018 Main Street Springfield Atwater Nurseries NURSERYMEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Evergreens and Ornamental Trees ROSES - I-IEDGIN G - SHRUBS FRUIT TREES and SMALL FRUITS Specialists in Hybrid Blueberries Scotts Lawn Seed - Turf Builder Pest Control - Agrico Garden Fertilizer Peat Moss Phone RE 4-lB5l 368 South Street Agawam, Ma SS. James Morrison Florist' FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CORSAGES A SPECIALTY w N Agawam Tel. RE 6-0479 compliments of Dr. and Mrs. EBER A. WEIN CONGRATULATIONS' AND BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1957 DR. R. E. McCORMlCK R Professional Building 53 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass H50 095 I ET rest 425 Yi 9 q -FUNERAL SERVICE Qickinson-Qgreeter Co. 305 STATE STREET ' SPRINGFIELD, MASS. GEORGE W. STREETER RICHARD C. STREETER G. WALLACE STREETER. JR. Cornplimentx of A Friend lrma's Flower Shop Est. 1909 I Flowers For All Occasions School Gifts Oldest Auto School in New Englomd ou , N Tel. RE 3-0458 Phone RE 4-5712 20 Dwight Street Springfield, Mgss. 746 Main Street West Springfield, Moss CURRAN - JONES FUNERAL HOME Main Street West Springf ld Make Our Bank-Your Bank You can have the things you Wont by scrv g -- gulorly. We'11 Welcome your account. WEST SPRINGFIELD BRANCH WESTFIELD SAVINGS BANK Elm Street Opposite Th t Fred's Hardware Store I-IOUSEWARE - PAINTS - TOYS Garden and Grass Seeds SGH Green Stcrmps Tel. RE 7-0170 762 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments Of Ag awam Bowl YOUR RECREATION CENTER OO-9 Valentine R. Moreno, Prop. Hour Glass Cleaners One Hour Cleaning Service REpublic 9-4043 Pick Up G Delivery Service ...O- sso Walnut street ' AGAWAM sHoPP1NG CENTER DON'T LEARN SAFETY BY ACCIDENT Agawam Police Association G. A. Armstrong Heating Co. For All Types of Heating Systems Hot Water -- Steam - Radiant Heat Baseboard or Any Kind of Radiation Air Conditioning - Cooling and Heating Domestic and Commercial Free Estimates Given 65 Maple Street North Agawam Tel. RE 7-0338 Tel. RE 7-6355 Compliments of Southworth Company 3 I 3 Ernest J. Roy Auto Sales TRADES - USED CARS - TERMS Agawam Bridge End of Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Dealer in Top Quality Automobiles Telephone Springfield RE 3-2214 Res. Suffield, Conn. NOrth 8-2597 Compliments of Norma's Specially Shop Specializing in Women's Apparel on ST 8-6438 336 Walnut Street AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTER New England Aero Tech School of Aviation SCHOOL OF AVIATION '55 Tel. RE 7-0283 Bowles Airport Agawam, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '57 Donatini Bros. g Ac:rebrook of Agawam, Inc. 7 Best of Foods' and Liquors 'PIZZA S g Special Rates for 5 PARTIES BANQUETS WEDDINGS Orchestra Every Saturday Rte. 57 Feeding Hills Tel. RE 9-8575 L....... Pond Brothers, Realtors Insurance 0 Real Estate 0 Mortgages 719 Main Street Agawam Adam E. Letendre GENERAL CONTRACTOR cmd BUILDER of QUALITY HOMES 1 .k 1 75 Letendre Avenue Feeding Hills Ramah Realty Co., Inc Builders and Promoters of Agc1wcrm'Shopping Center iff Telephone RE 6-1846 339 Walnut Street Aguwcxm, Moss. West Side Auto Body ALEX GUIEL, Prop. Everything in the Auto Body Line High Grade Painting Is Our Specialty - Cor. Main cmd Mulberry Streets Phone RE 3-8844 West Springfield, Moss. Compliments of the Agawam Permanent' Firemen's Ass'n OUR SINCERE BEST WISI-IES he CLASS OF 1957 WICO ELECTRIC COMPANY WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR A8fP MANAGERS and CLERKS Dr. Richard Rabinowitz CNG Tel. RE 9-1945 12 Springfield Street Agcrwam, Mass. P 8: B Engraving Co. Photo-Engravers Fast Production - Fine Reproduction Q-Q1 1618 Main Street Springfield. Mass. Registered Iewelers - American Gem Society Landen - True, Inc. jewelers and Silverrmifhs Since 1862 on Rlffpublic 4-5658 1390 Mcrin Street Springfield, Mass. Western Mass. Distributor for HELPERIZE PAINT REMOVER Northeast' Airmotive Corp. The Original Wash-Away Paint Remover Contract Paint Removers Aircraft Maintenance - Machine G Tool Work 1000 River Road Agawam, Mass. Tel. RE 6-9313 Walter I. O'Connor FOR FREE DEMGNSTRATION Ride in the All New 1957 Ford Coll SARAT FORD SALES AGAWAMS FORD DEALER RE 3-3902 - Telephones - ST 8-9668 250 Springfield Street North Agcxwcrm C pliments of Calabrese Construction Co. CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS Tel. RE 7-3924 475 Suffield Street Compliments of Ken - Mar Tool, lnc. Tools, Dies, Moulds, Gauges and Developing W. H. Roberts 8: Sons Television and Appliances Frigidaire Complete Line Maytag Auto Washer - Dryers Zenith Television 168 Elm Street Agawam Sales and Service West Springfield, Mass. 1407 Main St. Agawam Mass O O Mlthneague Coal Cf"'1f""'1e"'f"f 8: Oil Company William P. Christian COAL COKE OIL Oil Burners Installed and Serviced Tel. RE 6-7935 S0 Front Street West Springfield, Mass D a v e 's Filling Station 758 Union Street West Springfield, Mass. Flowers for A11 Occasions Keefe Florist .QW 266 Walnut Street Tel. RE 4-4073 C mplzm nt f Federal Hill Club ,pn-x Agcxwcxm, Mass. Conllfjfinlcylfg of COIIIIIII-7ll6llf.Y of Royal Crown BoH'linq Co. Frederick Jewelers Sterling, Crystal, and Fine Chino: , Bottlers of ' s 1" '1 C1 b lem our ter mg S1 Ver u R.C.Co1c1 - New - Pm-T-Pak 1563 Morin Street Springfield, Mass. . 44 Rcrmcth Circle Agctwcm, Mass When you think of flowers think of . . . Flower Fashions, Inc. 1 Fiorcxl Designs as Fashionable ots the Times Ralph E. hum mm L mardi FULLAM 81 CO. R E A L T O R S , RE 6-6351 110 Elm St., West Springfield rx Tel. RE 3-0167 645 Westfield St. West Springfield, Mass. i-rsnnem A. Hollister Howard n. Bracket! Dalton Funeral Home ,W V" Xl ,f x X x S X it VF In Ek Ml Ei l I f N , --1 4 X S , t X Q Q A 'M M tgtta if , p -5?-3--I. I -lf1:: 1-fl -n v'!l 5 Vi!. S E M "-, M 1 Q 1 1'-L-A ' fu :' 3. 41 if ittktttttt 51tt3tHi1"5'5'fvsglt, ,tt ' TIP - ' -- t 1 f"' 'f .Liz RE Z-4644 954 Moin Street Agowarn, Moss For ct Good Buy on Used Cors or New See George D. Conegcdlo dt Springfield Buick Co. 089 630 Morin Street Tel. RE 2-4126 Springfield, Moss. I' . Agawam Printing Company LINOTYPE COMPOSITION OFFSET ond LETTERPRESS Farnsworth Coal 8: Oil Co. "Your Comfort ls Our Product" Cool - Connecticut Coke Mobilheot Fuel Oil Silent Glow Oil Burners W" SALES cmd SERVICE Telephone RE 7-4190 Tel. RE 6-6377 470 Westfield St. West Springfield, Moss. 884 Union Street West Springfield, Moss Compliments of Stanly Handling Equipment' Co. 00-9 Rcxmcth Circle Agcxwcim T. P. Sampson Co. Funeral Directors no 730 State Street 710 Liberty Street 500 Belmont Avenue B LW he tothe Classof'57 I M. Deloghia Trucking, Inc. HEAVY HAULING if ,y f AGAWAM, MASS. B t Wishes to the Class of 1957 Agawam Town Seledmen WALTER T KERR IRVING K. LQFLEUR IAMES P. KANE "Prescriptions Since 1895" Rya n Dru g Co. Prompt, F ree, Daily Delivery ik f 'A' 337 Walnut Street Agawam Edward I. Carroll Parkview Restaurant 8: Cocktail Lounge DOTTIE :Sf DAVE CORMIER Your Hosts Compliments of Rene's Speed and Custom Shop Motors - Cams - Oil Rings Quick Change Bears and Gears All Racing Equipment Drive Safely Tel. IElferson 3-0055 158 Chestnut Street Holyoke, Mass Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 W. T. Grant Co. IN-9 17 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. May we take th1s opportumty to welcome you to our new Restaurant at 456 SUMNER AVENUE Complzments o A Friend The Jaycox Res+auran+ ' f Custom Ccrr Wash Repairs PARTS 6. ACCESSORIES Lou's Texaco Service Station Louis Caruso Phone: REpub1ic 9-8661 308 Sutfeld Street Agcxwcxm, Moss. David D. Raynor GULF SOLAR HEAT Printed Metered Delivery Tel. RE 2-585U 60 Senator Avenue Agcwom Bext Wishes to the Class of '57 Mr. and Mrs. James A. O'Keefe Compliments of Dr. Robert A. Gannon GN-9 116 Elm Street West Springfield Compliments of Wilson-Thompson Post I85 THE AMERICAN LEGION ow Agawam, Mass. Compliments oi MAURICE CASEY, Inc. Established 1896 Wholesale and Retail MILK, CREAM and ICE CREAM 19 Dubois St. Westfield, Massachusetts Phone RE 2-8018 Established 1919 Duplex Tire Service Iolm B. Duplessis, Prop. RECAPPING - VULCANIZING NEW TIRES - BATTERIES i' 'k 'k Cor. Main cmd York Sts. Springfield 5, Moss, Compliment! of Cascio's Nursery ,453-N 262 Meadow Street Agcxwom, Massachusetts Compliments of Byron's Funeral Home Agawam P umbing 8: Healing Co. HOMER 1, PARC Reliable cmd Courteous Service - wk H Telephone RE 7-6947 Learn To Save Save To Learn Wesi Springfield Cooperaiive Bank 37 Elm Street West Springfield Compliments of Agawam Public Marke+ We Give UNITED TRADING STAMPS CNN, Tel. RE' 2-7476 768 Main Street Agawam Agawam Furni+ure Tas+ee Freeze Ou+Ie1- GNN! 363 Walnut Rea K h F F t ONE OF AMERICAS GREAT SHOPS FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN Haynes Second F1 1502 M St t Agcwcrm M VERNE SPEAR Spear Lumber Co .SQA West Sufii Id C Standard Industrial Supply Co., Inc. Distributors Boston Gear Works L. S. Starrett Co. Delta Power Tools Norton Grinding Wheels 246 Chestnut Street Springfield, Mass. Hedges - SaH'ler. Inc. W. E. Sattler, Treasurer -.EN Phone RE 2-3154 683 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass VERNE SPEAR Complimcntx of Cronin Co., Inc. Spear Lumber Co. 'W w ' West Suffield, Conn. ENIOY LIFE WITH SWEET LIFE Building Materials Du Pont Points , 161 Old Bridge Street West Springfield Mary Ann Dairy Bar and Restaurant Complete Line of Ice Cream F ull Line of Food 340 Walnut Street Agdwcfm Shopping Center WE WISH THE SENIOR CLASS SUCCESS -Iilanagenzmit C plimentsof Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Query Complimrnts of The Agawam Communi+y Y. M. C. A. O89 RE 3-8272 P O. Box 229 Agcxwam, Mass 'al' Cornpliments' of Barker Chemical Co Marceno Barber INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS -xii -O- Agcwqm Shopping Center West Springfield, Mass. 9-EVERY MEAL ' HOTEL 0 0 -'L 5 , Twm Brook Dalry Farms A pIfAgANT if , . MEMORY I' Q I ?- . E'-'Q S I Producers oi Quality Dairy Products : T ' li' Ii so I"I"I'I'I'I "" " I I"' "'- I .I Hornogenized "Vit. D" 'Z . Q 2- . I g E W IIHFEII LM ? is S 1383 Suffield Street Tel. RE 4-6110 A , pm lzylqefd Agawam, Massachusetts MASSACHUSETTS Merk's, Inc. Sporting Goods Store Fishing, Hunting, Archery, Skiing, Skating, Tennis cmd all other Sport Equipment. Brand names such as Spaldings, Rawlings, American Archery, Seamless Rubber, Cortland, Wilson, Dudley, and Mitchell and Ocean City Fishing Rods and Reels. Plus Outboard Motor and Boats. Owned and Operated by Mercadantes' Tel. REpublic 7-2309 378 Walnut Street Agawam Shopping Center Construction Service, Inc. 73 Rocus Street Springfield, Massachusetts TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE WASHED SAND and GRAVEL Plants Springfield RE 3-6631 Palmer 1598 N. Wilbraham LY 6-3964 Affiliated Plants Worcester, Southbridge and North Grafton, Mass. Manchester and Nashua, N. H. rs l I It I I I I I I It I1 I I I I I I I I I I 1 L. PHELPS, Inc. Complmemf CONTRACTORS -lx Tel. RE 7-4739 11 Andrew Street Springfield, Mdss. Dr. M. Dalifzlcy DENTIST i f i' Telephone RE 7 9678 717172 Mdin Street Agdwcim, Mass 333 Bridge Street Springfield, Mass. C' 11 77707115 of ALDERMAN 8: Mac NEISH Speed 8: Hegeman INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE Serving West Springfield and Agcrwcxm ,O-. Telephone RE 7-2604 54 Elm Street West Springfield I SPRINGFIELD ICE 81 FUEL CO. "I t Pleases Us to Please You" Processed Ice - Locker Storage Heating Oil , Tel. RE 2-5173 225 Hickory Street Springfield, Mass R. gwneraf Suawne Established Over 70 Years MARTIN W. MALONEY, Funeral Director , Telephone RE 2-2278 1065 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass Cornplimentx of the Joe Marieb's - TV and Appliance H. R. Hunthng Co., Inc. IN-9 Tel. RE 3-3186 29 Worthington Srtreeft Springfield, Mass. Compliments of State Line Package Store EARL SEIBERT, Owner Free Delivery Telephone RE 4-0180 1813 Morin Street Aqcrwom Ioseph Mcirieb, Prop. SYLVANIA M TELEVISION NORGE APPLIANCES Tel. HE 3-7079 278 Springfield Street Agctwcim The National Library Bindery Co. SPECIALISTS IN LIBRARY BINDING on 271 Pork Street West Springfield S+arzic Service S+a+ion Wheel Balancing Motor Analysis GENERAL REPAIRING ESSO PRODUCTS . N 1702 Memorial Av e, West Springfield' Mass. M 300 Springfield Street North A Di Donafo Sales and Service lohn Deere Tractors Will s C T y ars, rucks andleeps Telephone RE 2-7094 gawcxm, Mass My congratulations to thegraduates and th eir parents and teachers Edward J. Carroll Riverside Park The Drum Shop Temple of Music High Grade Teachers on All Instruments Accordions - Trumpets - Trombones Clarinets - Saxophones - Violins Drum - Vibraphones SHEET MUSIC RADIOS RECORDS Tel. RE 4-0309, RE. 3-3935 188 State Street Springfield, Mass. De Palma Motor Sales Co. H U D S O N SALES-SERVICE Genuine Parts PERSONALLY IN DORSED USED CARS Expert Lubrication - General Repairing Wheel Aligning and Balancing Radiator Pressure Purging - Steam Clean Telephones: Sales: ST 8-4889 Service: RE 3-7889 71 Garden St., Feeding Hills Agawam, Mass Universal CuH'er Service, Inc. "Sharp Cutter: Make Money" I I Phone RE 4-2960 33 Norman Street West Springfield, Mass. BeHy's Clde Town House .,. Now Available For All Occasions Tel. RE 4-9718 I..-... .................................. Hallmark Van Lines, Inc. I Del s Varlely Slore NJ I 'A' if 'A' I T 1 RE 3 4658 I SU Walnut Street Q96 M si 1 Q North Agaw M . Aga Mcr Q h tt Compliments of I Cplmf F-erranli s Package Slore Roberls Delivery -:fr I Service 1122 Memorial A I I' West Springfi ld M I Serra Baking Co., Inc. Easq- Couri- B k i f' O Auio Park Italian and French Bread Rolls "Service with a Smile" .QA Tel. RE 4-4484 1011 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass. Comer Efrsf Court Cifld Market Streets Stationery - Gifts - Cords .F-'I General Architect - EVINRUDE MOTORS Arihur L. Bilodeau LAURENCE N. KING no --o-- Phone RE 9-6615 54 Greenacre Lane Agawam, Mass. Feeding Hills International Harvester Co. MOTOR TRUCK BRANCH . N 268 Park Street West Spririgfi Co mplimentx of Truck Stop Garage IOSEPH MITCHELL eld Rising's Food Service, Inc. Catering at CAPTAIN CHARLES LEONARD HOUSE Joel E. Stuart Complete Radio and Television Service and hy, STORROWTON, EASTERN STATES EXPOSITION Also for Clubs, Showers, Weddings and Informal Parties t Telephone RE 3-0555 Tel- RE 5-0770 RE 5-2935 46 Washington Avenue Agawam, Mass Compliments of AGAWAM CAFE DINING and DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT RICHARD'S DRY CLEANING SERVICE Pick Up and Delivery Five Day Service GEORGE R. ROBINSON, Mgr. Tel. RE 6-6820 707 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of LISWELL HILL FARM GILES W. HALLADAY AGAWAM PAINT 8: HARDWARE Formerly GALLANO'S 303 Walnut Street Opposite Shopping Center 327 No. Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. A We Give SGH Green Stamps Esso Service Center H. L. Light, Prop. FEEDING HILLS, MASS. Compliments Of SCHERPA'S SERVICE STATION COUNTRY STORE 291 Springfield Street North Agawam Ee Fa Cool Compliments of Swecle's Jewelers Rocd Machinery and Contractors' Equipment 'yy 0-01- AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTER 716 Union Street West Springfield, Moss. "To Serye You ln Your Time of Need" F 8: A Development Agawam Funera' Corp. Home, Inc. Services ol Eloquent Beauty and Dignity Frank H' GPCSSO Based on Sympathy and Sincerity Walter Sojcf Alfred M. Grcrsso , Funeral Director - Registered Ernbcxlmer . Tel. RE 9-6483 91 Romoh Cir. Agawcrm 184 Main Street Agcxwcxm I 24 Hour T 3 Fred's Au+o Body elR L. Fred Beaulieu C pl t L lA to Bodies C' t izinq Specialist Speed Paris E 3 5407 91 Rcxmcrh Ci B tIV h t th Claxs of 1957 Wes+e rn Au'ro Associale S'I'ore QQ x BRIDGE SHOPPING CENTER Nelson's Variely and LuncheoneHe GO-9 760 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. lndependenl Fence and Iron Works, Inc 1349 M Residen -k ,gr ak T 1 REGUSSZ-RE 6-0132 orin Stre t A 1049 R Ro d Ago Complimentx of Supreme Diner , 287 Mernorictl Avenue West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of K. I. Morley sk 'A' 'k 39 Cttctwc Street North Agowcxm West Springfield Compliments of Cook Builders' Supply Co. Decxler in Mc1son's Supplies cmd Building Materials Telephone RE 2-3 l 93 850 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Moss. Dumond's Glass 8: Paint Window Gloss - Paint - Brushes Point Rollers -io.-.. 680 Springfield Street Tel. RE B-3722 Y Complimgms of Compliment: of Tin+i's Restaurant Cenhal Package Store, Inc. Accommodations for EDDIE ond RAY MASI, Props. WEDDINGS - BANQUETS - PARTIES Toi. 'k if 'k Telephone RE 3-6221 Z2 King Street North AQGWCIII1 52 River Street North Agowom U Jones Variety Store Agawam Lumber Co. 'XA Little of Everything" Cabinets - Hardware - Fixtures Lumber - Ploning - Point HALLMARK CARDS SANDER Fon HIRE if ,gr -k I O Tel. RE 4-9843 Telephone RE 9-9624 251 Elm Street West Springfield, Moss. 1804 Main St. Agowcxm, Moss im..,,,, W Y W f-f-W 7--f -H ff fffgf f 'YY 'f f iw Little Raceland A. BOCCASILE, Prop. FULL COURSE DINNERS CATERING TO BANQUETS :Sf WEDDINGS s N Telephone RE 24283 Altrecl M. Grasso Excavating Contractor if-x I Silver Street Agawam, Mass. Agawaml Mass' Front Street Market EDWARD W. TALMADGE Groceries - Meats - Fresh Vegetables We Deliver M 94 Front Street West Springfield, Mass. C. E. Smith Drug Store, Inc. George M. Aftkins, Reg. Pharmacist 101. Phone RE 2-1512 1162 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass Best IV I t tl Class of 1957 Riverview Qualily Riverside Rollaway Homes Th R' k 'iD pl George H. Campbell E ' gs 8 11 - Soi. S . Mot 2 5 U6-9 0 0 Ago M s 379 R1 e Rocfd Agcrwclm C plimenls of the Blessed Virgin Sodalily of ST IOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH Dont Forget Your Friendly Ice Cream S+ores Springfield Commercial Body Co., lnc. R. L. Gibbs, Manager Anthony Dump Bodies - Lift Gates Superior Busses 350 Main Street Agawcun Friendly Service Station Alba P. Hanks, Prop. LUBRICATION A SPECIALTY Tires -- Batteries - Accessories . N Tel. RE 6-9713 1718 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass Daniel and Frances Di Donato Franklin Printing Shop iob and Commercial Printing 1 .k if RE 6-7580 63 Franklin Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Everything for the Builder Lucia Lumber Co. Windows - Doors Oak Flooring - Inside 'Trim Framing Lumber - Roofing Material Insulating Material Native and Western Lumber Tel. RE 6-7286 Agawam, Mass, Com.pZin1erLti of The Guthrie Fence Co., Inc. C Connechcul Valley Block Co. -0- Cinder Concrete Building Block Tele. RE 6-3234 - RE 3-3901 and me 765 COLUMBUS AVENUE Springfield 5, Moss. 3 Bramble Avenue West Springfield, Moss. 0 ko Wanlews I Turkey Farm Poultry of A11 Kinds Chicken Borbecueing Our Specialty Turkey Pies cmd Turkey Medi Loclfs Boned and Rolled Turkeys FEEDING HILLS Telephones: RE 4-2491 - RE 4-6116 - RE 6-5917 C-Benton Clothes 004 1130 RIVERDALE ROAD WEST SPRINGFIELD Charles DuBois Hodges Photographic Hi-Fi Portraits Brides Groups .-:OT Telephone RE 2-6550 817 Main Street Agawarn Center SSH Green Stamps Ledger Bros. Garage GENERAL REPAIRING and ROAD SERVICE ' WHEEL ALIGNMENT GO-9 Tel. RE 2-7502 820 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS - Class of 1957 Boyer's Garage Compliments of Eddie A. J. Lelendre CONTRACTOR and BUILDER of V FINE HOMES f wk if Telephone L0 7-7095 6 Massachusetts Ave. Longmeadow l ,al Compliments of Bob Parks AHGNHC Service Wonder Meafs, Inc. Complete Repairs - Road Service CNN9 ..-OT DAY: RE 4-9589 NIGHT: RE 7-8910 55 gm Street W, Springfield' Mms, 385 Walnut St, Extension Agawam, Mass. ' ' Compl'm ts of Johnme Page, Florls+ ' en "Flowers Say It Best" I Stella s Restaurant ...ol 84 MAPLE STREET North Agawam, Mass. Dial ST 8-4632 "Where Every Bite is Iust Right" Agawarn Shopping Center Accommodations for Parties 379 Walnut Street Agawarn, Mass. Air Conditioned Liquor Compliments of Carol Jane Shoppe if if 1 Bay Path Junior College Courses of Study: Executive Secretarial Medical Secretarial Commercial Art Longmeadow, Mass. Telephone LO 7-3371 B. D. Nims Lumber Co. Established 1917 Lumber and Building Materials Paint 4 Masons' Supplies - Hardware 'k f 'k Tel. RE 2-6253 253 Baldwin Street West Springfield, Mass. Complinwnts of Newell's Radio and Television GOO 374 Park Street West Springfield, Mass. C t lallo - Clair of 1957 Compliments of Lauruente Nurserles, WebS+er'S Service Inc' Station UO-9 -.Oi 464 Main Sire t 798 Mcrin Street Agcrwam, Mass. Agawcnn Retail Furniture Compliments of the Warehouse, Inc. Briclgeview Grille Th Old t ci Largest Wayside F t Store in Western Mcxss. ..-O-1 GO-9 T 1 RE 7-1441 Agfrwfrm 1651 R d 1 Street West Springfield, Moss. Compliments of the CONGRATULATIONS! A AW PHAR M CY Fl2EE.,Sc2iuou7 amino . n A Fr-end L PRECISION TOOLS G GAUGES Oxford Tool 8: Gauge Co., Inc. The Wl1i+e Huf cw-9 WALTER DAUBITZ 'QA 280 Memorial Avenue Tel' RE 2-6214 West Springfield 198 Norman Streei West Springfield, Mcrss. I ' G 81 S MARKET Vincent Cataldo, Prop. Telephone RE 4-8744 72 Maple Street North Agawam We Give SGH Green Stamps HAIR CUT 31.00 Four First Class Barbers at Your Service Plenty of Parking Space ANGELO'S BARBER SHOP Agawarn Shopping Mart 371 Walnut Street Agawam Compliments of Complimrnts of AGAWAM LUNCH EON ETTE Where All Good People Jtfrrt RE 6-9728 RECORD SHOP 705 Main Street Agawam, Mass. FLEUR - DE - LEE Compliments of DOC'S BARBER SHOP Manufacturers of Fibre Flowers Member A. F. A. D., Inc. Phone RE 9-7981 8 Rowley Street O'Brien's Corner Agawam, Mass. Bl Compliments of SIHARA'S RESTAURANT CASTELLINI FUEL 81 OIL 42 Moore Street North Agawam KA - JA SPA Iarnes Cleary, Prop. 1350 Springfield Street Feeding Hills GUARANTEE TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE TYPEWRITER HEADQUARTERS Standards - Portables Sold - Rented - Repciired Exclusive Agents for OLIVETTI Portables "Direct from Italy" 138 State Street Tel. RE 7-0995 PAULlNE'S BEAUTY SALON Permanents and Hair Styling Tel. RE 3-4982 208 Maple Street North Agawam, Mass Complimrnts of HILLHOUSE LTD. 89 State Street Springfield, Mass. 9 Mosher Street West Springfield, Mass Compliments of SOUAZZA'S SERVICE STATION 1443 Main Street Agawam, Mass. SPUDNUT LUNCHEONETTE and BAKERY Telephone RE 9-0724 209 Elm Street West Springfield Compliments of TlSDEL'S BARBER SHOP Open Monday Through Saturday, 8 to 6 Agawarn Center JOSEPH D. GENTILE Plumbing Contractor Complete Line of Plumbing Fixtures Hot Water Heaters Sewer Cleaning Service Tel. HE 9-3469 346 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. h'gEe,,A , KELLEY'S JUNK BUSINESS Buys Rags, Paper, Metal and Iron RE 9-5880 49 Cooley Street North Agawarn Meet Me at Memo's COFFEE SHOP Memorial Avenue West Springfield LYNN'S DANCING SCHOOL OF AGAWAM, MASS. Complete Dance Training Children and Adult Classes Graduate cmd Member of the Dance Educators of America RE 3-5601 RECORD SHOP 41 Elm Street West Springfield AGAWAM MEN'S SHOP For Sport Wear and Ivy League Look DODGE and PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE IOB-RATED TRUCKS INTERNATIONAL MOTOR 326 Walnut Street CO' Tel. RE 6-1825 Agawm Shoppmg Center 138 Memorial Avenue West Springfield Your Neighbor HOME AND GARDEN CENTER Agawcun "From a Button to the Building of Your Garments Complete Tailoring Service AGAWAM TAILORING SERVICE 326 Walnut Street Agawam Shopping Center Q EARL'S AMOCO SERVICE A.A.A. Emergency Service General Repairing Tel. RE 3-4509 825 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. JOHN H. GOODWILL B. S. B. A. Public Accountant - Tax Consultant Dial RE 6-6410 Agawam Shopping Center 375 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '57 Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Phillips Complinzmzts of RIVERVIEW MARKET Free Delivery Tel. ST 8-9641 ST 8-9642 ST 8-9643 Cor. Bridge and River Streets North Agawarn MlKE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Rebuild - Specialize in Arch Supporters - Full Soles Shoes Made for the Crippled New Shoes Sale of Thorogood Shoes Tel. RE 6-7830 South Westfield Street Feeding Hills E. J. PICKARD Meat Wholesaler The Best in All Kinds of Meats Including Italian Products RE 3-5601 Agawam, Mass. Compliments of FEEDING HILLS PHARMACY BRAUN'S WELDING SERVICE, Inc. Specializing in Pipe Welding Structure - Tanks High and Low Pressure Boilers Custom Built Trailers - Shop Welding Tel. RE s-4109 I RE 4-0578 733 Memorial Avenue West Springfield IE 3-2708 120 Race Street Holyoke, Mass, ..,.......d SILVER STAR RESTAURANT Accommodations for WEDDINGS - BANOUETS - PARTIES Phone RE 4-9782 15 King Street, Agawam Compliments of COOLEY'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING Tires. Batteries and Accessories 24-Hour Towing Service Tel. RE 7-8827 -- RE 7-0890 1154 Springfield Street Feeding Hills BEST WISHES to the Class of 1957 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bonfempo Compliments' of EDDIE'S MARKET FINE GROCERIES Operated by HERMAN A. MUTTI Telephone RE 2-2941 600 King's Highway West Springiield SCHERPA'S BARBER SHOP CHARLES SCHERPA, Prop. 88 Maple Street North Agawam FEEDING HILLS PUBLIC MARKET T. Marieb, Prop. GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS, MEATS FLOUR and GRAIN 634 Springfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of JOHNNIES DRIVE IN Specializing in Sea Foods Chicken in the Basket - Grinders Cor. Springfield and Moreland St., Feeding Hills Compliments of DOM SHAER'S MARKET Feeding Hills Center HOT ROD HEADQUARTERS SPEED PARTS Fender Skirts - Glass Packed Mufflers Lowering Blocks - All Dual Exhaust Systems MEYER'S STRAUSS STORES Century Shopping Center Next to Sears West Springfield Compliments of RASCHI FENCE CO. 105 High Street North Agawam TORIANI GARDENS 241 Meadow Street Agawam, Mass. Complimcnls of THE CELESTE BALBONI BAKERY Since 1912 MAKERS OF FINE ITALIAN BREAD Tel. RE 6-3219 25 King Street North Agawarn Compliments of SHEA CLEANERS 227 Memorial Avenue West Springfield Compliments of the JITTERDOLLS Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Earle Houghton Compliments of PARO'S BARBER SHOP 13 Maple Street North Agawam, Massachusetts ' Diamonds - Watches - Iewelry - Gilts Greeting Cards LETALIEN JEWELER'S S G H Green Stamps "Expert Watch, Clock and Iewelry Repair" Fully Guaranteed 383 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. JAMES W. CESAN 8: SONS Growers of Vegetables and Tobacco Tel. RE 3-8709 407 N. West Street Feeding Hills CHAS. M. ROBINSON Range and Fuel Oils RE 4-0051 1504 Main Sttreet Agawam, Mass For The Finest In RADIO and AGAWAM RADIO 8: TV ENGINEERS Auto Radio Experts Washing Machines Repaired TV SERVICE Tel. RE 9-5923 717 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of FRAN'S BARBER SHOP Opposite the Coliseum AGAWAM SUPERETTE Wood - Bedore MEATS - GROCERIES - VARIETY 400 Cooper Street, Cor. Suffield Agawam, Mass. RE 9-5425 Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Daigneault Sylvania TV Washers Ranges Refrigerators LETOURNEAU 84 YOUNGS AGAWAMS TELEVISION CENTER Sales - Service - Installations , Telephone RE 2-9206 Cor. Cooper and Main Sts. Agawam, Mass. Awww We One 74 Wwe 540476 1-Wwe ,ff X 'hs' -- YW -f..Av 1 w. Wrffm V V256 - L, , -- -- V Y- lv 7 Y! . r 1 ..f.::.,.,a.-...f..1 .4...1.......' .... ,., .. - K ---:ns-'-fy--W .....- ---J-A - -4 --' A ,rf M- - -- wx., nv ..,., 3 5.

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