Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA)

 - Class of 1956

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Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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3 m i qina quo ajqoK qqmttriplea t iia§arimit 105fiAgawam lftgl|(0ur Alma iRatn flomn CUSS OF '56 Four years have passed since first we came As eager freshmen seeking fame — Four years of work, and fun, and play. We've worked and played 'long the way. But now the time has come to sigh And say good-by to Ag warn High. All the sad times and gay ones too. Just memories as we start the new. That great wide world lies just ahead Enchanting, new the road we tread, But still ivith grief we close our books, And backward cast our fondest looks. Old Agawam High we leave to thee Our deepest love and loyalty. Farewell, farewell dear Agawam High Your loyal seniors say good-by. Georgia Mae Oberjin ittrnumj We, the Class of ’56 Dedicate This, Our Yearbook, To Our Classmate, Francis Belcher Who Has Gone on Before Us. 5gUmiinistration anil Jfacnltp Mr. James Clark Superintendent Mr. Paul tanglois Guidance Director Miss Jane Durkan Class Advisor Mathematics Miss Eleanor Miller English Mrs. Ma Coleman Commercial Subjects Miss Barbara Phelps Yearbook Advisor English Mr. Roland Presscy English Drivers Education Mrs. Marian Gleason Commercial Subjects Mrs. Dorothy Holmes Head Librarian Miss Chrisanthc Carozi English Senior Play Advisor Miss Joyce McDowell Commercial Subjects Mr. David Skolnick Agriculture Miss Ida Moggio English Mrs. Maria Scars French Mrs. Katherine Kalloch Latin Mr. Darcy Davis Vocal and Instrumental Music Mrs. Marilyn Gabel EnglishMr. Lawrence Buddington Physics Mr. Harold Clark Science Mr. David Thcodorowicz Science Mr. Henry Baker Industrial Arts 9 1 Mr. John Porter Industrial Arts Mrs. Marjorie Kelly Household Arts Miss Emily McCormick Bookkeeping Miss Eleanor Smith Mathematics Mr. Albert Laude Mathematics Mr. Frederick Scyocurka Mathematics Miss Joan Czaja Science Mrs. Elizabeth Langlois Household Arts English Mrs. Miriam Sherman Mathematics Mr. Harmon Smith CoachSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Thomas O’Keefe Secretary: Caroline Ai.drich Treasurer: '1 if Elizabeth Ann Cote Donald Gould (Class (Ofttm's THOMAS L. O’KEEFE 97 Sufficid Street, Agawam Tommy—Nice smile, cute dimples—personality plus—neat dresser. Class Officer: President 3-4: Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Class Will Com- mittee; Sachem Staff; Steering Committee; Mirror StafT 1-2-3: Agawam-West side Rally Committee 4; Student Council 2-3-4; Delegate to Western Mass. Student Council Convention 3; General Chairman Student Council Dance 2-3: Good Government Day Representative 4; Personality Club 2-3-4: Glee Club 1; Operetta 1; Western Mass. Musical Festival: Football 1-2-3-4. CAROLINE ALDRICH 70 Elm Street, Agawam Carolyn—Personality plus—vigorous cheerleader—pretty red hair. Transferred to Agawam in Junior Year from Sumner High School. Holbrook. Mass. Class Y’icc-President 4; Sachem Staff 4; Pro Merito. Vice-President 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, President 4; Mirror StafT 4; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Graduation Usher; Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee: Girls' Sports 3-4; Cheerleader 4; D. A. R. Representative; Class Hats Com- mittee; Senior Play. DONALD H. GOULD 37 Federal Street, Agawam Don- -Man with the golden trumpet—always has an answer—neat dresser. Class Treasurer 3-4; Freshman Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee: Class Song Committee; Personality Club 3; Camera Club 2; Glee Club 2-4: Audio-visual Aids 2-3; Mirror StafT 4: Sachem StafT; Band 1-2-3-4; May time Concert 1-2-3-4; Operetta 4; Mass. All-State Chorus 2-4; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-4. ELIZABETH ANN COTE 263 Meadow Street, Agawam Betty Ann—Oh! those eyes—loves sailors—friendly with everyone. Class Vice-President 1; Class Secretary 4: Freshman Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Gifts Committee; Mirror StafT 2-3; Sachem StafT; Student Council 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Personality Club 3; International Relations Club 3; Debating Club 3; Graduation Uusher 3; Band 4: Senior Sports: Girls Sports 1-3. A smile makes a good beginning 9NANCY ANN ADAMS 27 Harding Street, Agawam Nan—So small—Friendly's—Dottie's pal. Fro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sachem Staff; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Per- sonality Club 2-4; International Relations Club 2; Mirror Staff 3; Girls’ Sports 1; NOMA Delegate; Senior Play Committee. JOSEPHINE ALFANO 53 Sufficld Street, Agawam Jo—Quiet!—love those Yankees!—agreeable. Pro Merito; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 2-3-4; Camera Club 4; Biology Club 2; Scribes 4; Debating Club 4. Vice-President; Sachem Staff 4: Future Nurses 4; Model Congress 4; Senior Play Committee; Girls’ Sports 1-2. 80 Elbert Road. Agawam JANE M. ANDREWS Janie—Good personality—looks so innocent—smart dresser. Sachem Staff; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Prom Usher; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 2; Ski Club 2-3-4; Glee Club 4: Biology Club 2; Color Guard 4; Girls’ Sports 1-3; Mirror Staff 4; Senior Checkers. PHILIP EDWIN ARNOLD 251 North Street, Feeding Hills Phil—Quiet type—friendly when you know him—hard worker. Pro Merito Treasurer; Junior Marshal; Freshman Party Committee; Sopho- more Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Sachem Staff; Biology Club 2; Chess Club 3; Harvard Book Award 3. RICHARD D. ARNOLD 74 Bessbrook Street, Feeding Hills Richie—Marlene—beautiful smile—ladies’ man--quict??? Sachem Staff; Sophomore Party Committee 2; Junior Cabaret Committee 3; Prom Committee 3; Prom Usher 3; Kid Party Committee 4. MARY M. BELCHER 73 Adams Street, Agawam Mary Good piano player—interest in the Sophomore Class—likes to eat. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; Inter- national Relations Club 3-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Debating Club 3; Future Teachers Club 4; Mirror Staff 2-3; Maytime Concert 1-2-3; Operetta 1-2-4; All State Chorus 3-4; Music Festival 1-2-3; Girls Sports 1-2-3-4. All would be well if there were no buts 10ROBERT A. BELTRANDI 112 Walnut Street, North Agawam Bob—Always talking—Oh those English classes!—good sport. History Committee; Sachem Staff; Senior Play; Baseball 1-2-3-4; Basketball 4. CAROL ANN BONA VITA 63 River Road, Agawam Carol—Always seen with Bert and Mary—personality plus doesn't believe in one way signs. Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Sachem Staff; Mirror Staff 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 3-4; Glee Club 4; Band 4; Senior Checkers 4; Girls' Sports 2. MICHAEL R. BONAVITA 50 River Road, Agawam Wedding bells in June—dark and handsome—friendly- quiet. Entered Agawam High School in Senior Year. L. WILLIAM BLANCHARD 644 North Street, Feeding Hills Billy—Doesn’t like girls???—big tease—always blushing—ready to help. Sachem Staff; Senior Play; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Gifts Committee; Band 1; Football 4. BILLIE ANN BREWER 770 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills Babs—A faithful Rainbow girl—a terrific little sewer—KEN!! Mirror Staff 2: International Relations Club 3; Girls’ Sports 2. RICHARD V. BRINN 379 River Road, Agawam Dick—Love those eyes—a woman lover—always ready to help someone. Band 3-4. Energy and persistence conquer all things iMARY BROOKS 228 Mil! Street. Agawam Always seen with Carol—our majorette—full of laughs—slow as molasses. Freshman Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Kid Party; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Personality Club 2-3: Glee Club 1-4: Maytime Concert I-2-3-4; Mirror Staff 2-3; Band Concert 1-2-3-4; Senior Checkers 4; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-2-3-4; Majorette 1-2-3-4. JUDITH ANNE BROWN 3 Alfred Circle. Agawam Judy—“Butchie”—always seen with Jane and Janet—so sweet and innocent?? Pro Merito: Senior Checkers; Sachem Staff: Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; Glee Club 1-4; Operetta 1; Future Nurses 4: Mirror Staff 4; Girls’ Sports 1-3-4. RALPH BUTLER Main Street, Hampden Ralph—Loves English Classes??—wild women and hot Fords!!! LAWRENCE CATANIA 49 Doane Avenue, Agawam Larry—Always friendly and joking—willing to try anything once. Transferred from West Springfield in 1954. RICHARD A. CEBRELLI 31 Ottawa Street, North Agawam Ceb—Expert librarian?—Mrs. Sears’ pet peeve—“Got a pencil?” Freshman Party Committee; Sachem Staff; Camera Club 3; Chess Club 3; Library 4. PETER A. CECCHI 32 Shoemaker Lane. Agawam Pete—The wild one—has his own Hot Rod—nice wavy hair. Pro Merito; Mirror Staff; Library; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; F. F. A. Basketball: F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest. To err is human, to forgive divine. —Pope 12JOYCE M. CHRISCOLA 1185 Sufficld Street. Agawam Half-pint—Interested in New London!—Friendly’s—Rock and Roll fan! Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 3-4; Mirror Staff 3-4; Library 3; Sachem Staff; Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Conference 3; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3; Senior Play. FRANCIS M. COLLINS, JR. 131 Southwick Street, Feeding Hills Fran—Future A P Manager—quiet—always hurrying. Sachem Staff. PATRICIA CONNOR 204 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills Pat—Jerry—wedding bells?—jitterbug?—full of pep. Girls’ Sports 1-2; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Parly Committee; Kid Party Committee; Senior Play Committee; May Time Concert; Sachem Staff; Band; Senior Checkers; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; Inter- national Relations Club 2; Glee Club 4; Mirror Staff 1-2-3-4. FAYE L. CUMMINGS 75 Elm Street, Agawam Gerry—Quiet—always willing to help—friendly. Transferred from Commerce High School, Springfield, Mass., in Senior year. Mirror 4. ELEANOR D'AMATO 225 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills El—Sonny—future nurse?—lots of fun—smart dresser. Class Vice-President 2; Girls’ Sports I; Freshman Party Committee; Sopho- more Party Committee: Kid Party Committee; Senior Play Committee; Tri- Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 3; Glee Club 4; Mirror Staff 1-2-3; Sachem Staff; Future Nurses 4; Senior Checkers. Ti JEAN DE FORGE 1176 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills Jean—Pals with Georgia—has her own car—quiet—Windsor Locks???? Sachem Staff; Senior Play Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3; International Relations Club 3-4; Glee Club 2; Operetta Usher 2; Music Fes- tival 2; Girls’ Sports 1-2. The less men think, the more they talk 13STANLEY F. DRZYZGA, JR. 1477 Main Street, Agawam Stan—Hard worker—likeable-humorous future coach. Sachem Staff; Student Council 2-3-4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Cap Gown Com- mittee; Class Will Committee; Glee Club 1; Senior Play; Senior Checkers; Mirror Staff 3; Band 1; Operetta 1-4: Football 1-2-3-4; Basketball 1-2-3: Baseball 3; Representative Eastern States Good Government Day. GERARD E. DUBUC 187 Colcmorc Street, Feeding Hills Gerard—Colossal—handsome—teacher’s pet. Sachem StafT; Steering Committee; Senior Play; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee: Football 1-2-3-4. ROBERT G. DUDLEY 39 Royal Lane, North Agawam Bob—Quiet—always with Bill—well known in the office. Camera Club 1; Audio-visual Aids 2; Ski Club 2. ALBERT P. FINI 43 Harding Street, Agawam Al—What a car!—pals with Leon-Padittle!!! Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Sachem Staff. MARY J. FLARO 115 Liberty Street, Feeding Hills Sniffles—Witty?—“I can get the car . . . maybe.”—always with Connie. Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Sachem Staff; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2; International Relations Club 2; Future Teachers Club 4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3; Model Congress 4. MURIEL F. FLEMING 554 Main Street, Agawam Moo!—Dicky—marriage-minded—make-up hater. Pro-Merito; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Personality Club 2-3; International Relations Club 2-3-4; Glee Club 4; Biology Club 2: Sachem Staff; Girls’ Sports 2. It is better to be alone than in bad company 14LILLIAN MAE FOURNIER 62 Northwood Street, Feeding Hills Lill—Dave—always seen with Carol—loves bookkeeping. Sachem Staff; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Operetta Usher 2; Maytime Cnccrt 2-3; Glee Club 2-3-4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Girls’ Sports 1-2. JEANETTE FURLANI 27 Highland Street, Feeding Hills Jeanie—Pals with Joyce—Friendly’s???—quiet, till you get to know her— neat dresser. Pro Merito; Sachem Staff; Senior Play Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4: International Relations Club 3-4; Delegate to NOMA Conference 4; Basketball 1-2-3-4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4. LILLIAM M. HARRISON 318 Shoemaker Lane, Agawam Lit—Donnie—always has a friendly word—loves to do the bulletins. Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 3-4; Glee Club I-2-3-4; Girls Sports 1-2-3. JAMES L. HAUSER 111 Elm Street, Agawam Jimmy—The whole world loves a lover—Myrna. Pro Merito, President; Student Council 2-3-4; Boy’s State 3; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Gifts Committee; Sachem Staff; Class Banquet Committee; International Relations Club 4; Camera Club 4; Ski Club 2-3-4; Glee Club 2-4; Biology Club 2; Audio- Visual Aids 2; Chess 3; Operetta 2-4; Baseball Manager 2; Scholastic Athletic Award 2. JOHN C. HAUSER 111 Elm Street, Agawam Chasatonga—Favorite expression, “Gees good night”—hot rod fiend. Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Biology Club 2. JERRY EUGENE HAYNES 25 Deering Street. Agawam Chez—Oh! that accent—cute, but serious—women hater??? Transferred in Senior year from Flushing High School. Flushing, New York. Happiness is a good that Nature sells to us 5LEON FRANCIS HEBERT 1152 Main Street. Agawam Lee—Jean—always with A1—always has an answer. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Uushcr; Sachem Staff; Prophecy Com- mittee; Class Song Committee; Glee Club 2; Band 1-2; Operetta 2; Maytime Concert 1-2; Audio-Visual Aids 1-2-3. MYRNA L. HYLAND 441 Shoemaker Lane, Agawam Myna—Easy to get along with but hard to please—Jim. Pro Merito; Student Council 1; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Colors Committee; Sachem Staff; Mirror Staff 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. Treasurer 4; Glee Club 2-3-4; Camera Club 3-4; International Relations Club 3-4; Personality Club 2: Debating Club 3; Band 1. WILLIAM IRWIN 26 Melrose Place, Agawam Teddybear Our answer to James Dean—false conceit—unpredictable. Transferred from St. Peter’s High School in 1954. Sachem Staff; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Football 3-4; Basketball 3-4; Senior Play. CAROLYN MARIE JACQUES 36 Wright Street, Agawam Caro—Don—smart dresser—hope chest!!! Prom Usher; Sachem Staff; Prophecy Committee; Cap and Gown Committee; Glee Club 2-3-4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. BARBARA ANN KARAKLA 74 South Westfield Street. Feeding Hills Barb—Lenny—marriage minded—a good librarian. Prom Committee; Sachem Staff; Personality Club 4; Library 4; Mirror Staff 4; Glee Club 4; Girls’ Sports 1. ARTHUR KING 188 South Westfield Street, Feeding Hills Art—Our chauffeur—hard worker—women hater??? Orchestra 1; Band 1. One wrong does not justify another 14GEORGIA KING 927 Shoemaker Lane, Agawam Red—A big boss someday?—carrot top—Windsor Locks!?! Transferred in Senior year from Hartford. Conn. Sachem Staff. JANET M. KNAPP 184 Silver Street, Agawam Nappy—Pretty—needs to be tamed—a lot of fun—what good is a Pro Merito Pass?? Pro Merito; Sachem Staff; Student Council 4; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 2; Senior Checkers; Maytime Concert; Majorette 1-2-3-4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4. CAROL A. KOSSICK 200 School Street, Agawam Carol—Everyone’s friend—our little telephone operator—pert and peppy. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Graduation Usher; Sachem Staff; Personality Club 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; International Relations Club 2; Future Teachers Club 4; Band 1-2; Maytime Concert 1; Girls’ Sports 1-2. CHESTER KRYGOWSKI 40 Ley Street. Agawam Chet—Neat dresser—quiet??—natural athlete—likes to sing. Junior Cabaret Committee; Football 1-2-3; Basketball 1-2-3; Track 3; Baseball 2; Sachem Staff; Steering Committee. AUDREY LA COURSE 64 Woodsidc Drive, Agawam Aud—Dago—always has an answer—pretty eyes. Transferred to Agawam High in Sophomore year from Chicopee. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Maytime Concert 4; Library 4; Sachem Staff; Future Nurses 4; Senior Checkers; Color Guard 4; Glee Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 3: International Relations Club 3; Mirror Staff 3. SUSAN G. LA FRANCIS 66 Wilson Street. Agawam Susie—P. D. S.—one of the three—Saturday night chauffeur. Pro-Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Senior Play Committee; International Relations Club 2-3, Secretary 4; Glee Club 4; Mirror Staff 3; Sachem Staff. Every man can do good by being good himself 17CAROL ANN LEGER 73 Cooper Street, Agawam Carol—Sailors beware—beautiful hair—Roger and Frank Pro Merito; Kid Party Committee; Gifts Committee; Sachem Staff; Steering Committee; Personality Club 2-4; Glee Club 4; Senior Checkers 4; Senior Play: Usher 4. STANLEY C. LIPSKI 181 Leonard Street, Agawam Stan and Shirl—One of the boys—very tall—always full of fun. F. F. A. Basketball 1-2-3; Band 1-2-3; Glee Club 3. BERTHA LUCILLE LONGEY 199 Poplar Street, Feeding Hills Bert and Harve—Nice things come in little packages—full of fun. Graduation Usher 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; International Relations Club 3-4; Glee Club 4; Senior Checkers 4; Band 4; Mirror Staff 3-4; Sachem Staff 4. MARY I. MAGOVERN Birch Hill Road, Agawam Mary—Active—our most celebrated traveler—drives?? Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Inter- national Relations Club 2-3-4, President 4; Personality Club 2-4; Camera Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3-4. President 4; Model Congress 3-4: Senior Play Committee; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Band 1-2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-4; Maytime Concert 1-2-3. JOAN ANITA MARSHALL 143 North Street, North Agawam Joan—Dick—wedding bells—a nice smile. Sachem Staff; Mirror Staff; Senior Play Usher; Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee; Graduation Usher; International Relations Club 1; Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. WILLIAM MARTEL 276 Suffield Street, Agawam Bill—Our strong, silent type—Stan’s buddy—loves English. F. F. A. Basketball 3. There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience 19ROSALIE MASCARO Bucky 36 James Avenue, Agawam -One of the gang—a good friend—great accordion player!! Sachem Staff; Freshman Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 3-4; Camera Club 4; Biology Club 2; Girls’ Sports 2-3-4. ROSEMARIE JOAN' MAZZA 92 Suffield Street, Agawam Ro—Always busy—likes to talk—always seen with Carol. Sachem Staff; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 2-3-4, Vice-President 4; Mirror Staff 4: Library 4: Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Maytime Concert 1-2; Operetta 1-4; Operetta Usher 2; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3. CONSTANCE M. McGOVERN 27 Alhambra Circle. Agawam Connie—Personality plus—always has a car—nice clothes. Pro Merito 4: Student Council 4; Sachem Staff 4; Steering Committee; Mirror Staff 3-4; Future Teachers Club 3-4, Vice-President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. Secre- tary 4; Personality Club 2-4; Maytime Concert 2-3; Biology Club 2; Debating Club 3-4, President 4; Majorette 2-3-4; Freshman Party Committee; Sopho- more Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; History Committee; Girls’ Sports 3. BARBARA I. MEISSNER 28 Withcridgc Street, Feeding Hills Barb—Chet—always with Barb—nice personality—likes to talk Class Secretary 2-3; Student Council 1-3; Freshman Party Committee; Sopho- more Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Gradu- ation Usher; Sachem Staff; Class Will Committee; Motto Committee; Cap and Gown Committee; Glee Club 1-2-3; Secretary Librarian 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Songleadcr 3; Camera Club 4, Vice-President 4: Mirror Staff 2-3-4; Library 4; Operetta 2; Maytime Concert 1-2; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4: Majorette 1-2; Cheerleader 4; Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Conference 3-4; Senior Play Uusher 4. JOANNE E. MEISSNER 28 Withcridgc Street, Feeding Hills ya Johnny—Miss Miller’s Secretary—future dental nurse. Student Council 2-3-4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Freshman Party Com- mittee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Com- mittee; Graduation Usher; Sachem Staff; History Committee; Glee Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. Vice-President 4; Personality Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 4; Mirror Staff 2-3-4: Librarian 4; Camera Club 4; Operetta 2; Maytime Concert Usher 2; Majorette 1-2; Cheerleader 4; Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Conference 3-4; Agawam-West Side Rally Committee 3-4; Lunchroom Assistant 4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4; Senior Play Usher; NOMA Delegate 4; Tri-Hi-Y Conference Delegate 4; Banquet Committee. JOYCE ANN MERCADANTE Joy—Nice clothes—always with Carol- 544 Mill Street, Feeding Hills our majorette—pretty hair. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; History Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Personality Club 2-3-4; Inter- national Relations Club 2-4; Glee Club 1-4; Maytime Concert 1-2-3-4; Operetta Usher 2; Mirror Staff 3-4; Sachem Staff; Class Officer 1, Secretary; Majorette 2-3-4; Leader 3-4; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-2-3-4; Band Concert 1-2-3-4; Special Chorus 4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-4; Freshman Cheer- leader 1. Kindness gives birth to kindness. —Sophocles 19MURIEL M. MILLER 807 Main Street, Agawam Mur—Always giggling—Mrs. Coleman's pet???—that car???—never seen without her kerchief. Sachem Staff: Senior Play Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; International Relations Club 3-4; Biology Club 2; Camera Club 4; Glee Club 2; Music Festival 2; Girls' Sports 1-2-3-4. DAVID MONAGHAN 67 Monroe Street, Agawam Red—Witty—a perfect gentleman—life of the party. Class Officer. Treasurer 1-2; Sachem Staff; Senior Play; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Mirror Staff 4: Christmas Play 4; Football 1-2-3-4, Captain 4: Basketball 1-4; Baseball 4. 40 Annablc Street.. Feeding Hills Barb—Art—the little cheerleader—friendly—always with Barb. Sachem Staff; Mirror Staff 1-2-3-4; Library 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; Camera Club 4; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party: Class Will Committee; Basketball 1-2-3-4; Softball 2-3-4; Volleyball 1-2-3; Junior Cabaret Committee; Freshman Cheerleader; Cheerleader 4. WILLIAM MORGAN 12 Parker Street. Agawam Bill—Class genius—lady-killer—likes to argue. Entered Agawam High School in Senior Year. Senior Play. BARBARA G. MURPHY 30 Gale Street, Feeding Hills Barb—Miss Whiz—natural curly hair—likes to read. Pro Merito; Kid Party Committee; Sachem Staff; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; International Relations Club 2-3-4; Future Teachers Club 3-4; Personality Club 2; Basket- ball 1-2; Volleyball 1-2; Softball 1-2. GEORGIA MAE OBER 23 Norris Street, Feeding Hills Georgia—Quiet—a future librarian—“Scribes" Pro Merito; Scribes 4; Library 3-4; Class Poem. Truth is often eclipsed but never extinguished 20JAMES OEKY 33 Monroe Street, Agawam "Oogie”—Quiet—friendly—loves to sleep. JOAN BARBARA O’CONNOR 21 Warren Street, Agawam Joanie—Strawberry blonde hair—Kings Point—good artist—full of fun. Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. Chaplain 4; Personality Club 2-3-4; Glee Club 1-2; Girls’ Sports 3; Maytime Concert 1-2; Operetta 1-2; Mirror Staff 2-3-4; Sachem Staff; Steering Committee; Junior Marshal; Senior Checkers; F. F. A. Sweetheart 4; Tri-Hi-Y Convention 3-4; Western Mass. Musical Festival 1-2; Senior Play: NOMA Delegate 4. RICHARD M. ORR 63 Church Street, North Agawam Dicky—Always blushing—energetic—friendly—a little interest in the Junior Class! Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Cap and Gown Committee; History Committee; Sachem Staff; Student Council 3-4; Camera Club 3; Chess Club 3; Basketball 3-4. STANLEY J. OSOWIECKI 83 South West Street, Feeding Hills Stash—One of our Future Farmers—cute and quiet?? F. F. A. Basketball 1-2; F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest 1-2-4; Mirror Staff 4. WILLIAM PARENT 69 Walnut Street, North Agawam, Mass. Willy—“Gail”—terrific singer "Tutti-Fruitti"—black wavy hair. BEVERLY A. PAUZE 48 Royal Street. Feeding Hills Bev—Quiet—likes driving class—pals with Billie. Tri-Hi-Y 4; International Relations Club 3; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3. Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know ?'BARBARA ANN PEPE 414 North Street, Feeding Hills Barb—Always studying—quiet!!—hard worker. Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3; Personality Club 2: Library 2-3; Girls Sports 2. ALBERT A. PERRAH, JR. 1235 Suffield Street. Agawam Al—Agawam High’s sailor—one of the three. Entered Agawam High in Junior year. Camera Club 3; Chess Club 3; Scribes 4. BEVERLY ANN PLOOF Fred Jackson Road, Southwick Bev—Likes to talk—friendly—always in the library. Mirror Staff 2-3: Sachem Staff; Library 4; Future Nurses 4; Personality Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Sophomore Party Committee; Prom Committee; Graduation Usher; Senior Play Usher 4; Senior Checkers 4. LAWRENCE POHNER 160 North Westfield Street, Feeding Hills Larry—Individualist!—always has an answer—juvenile. F. DICKSON PREW Federal Hill, Agawam Dick—Our contribution to the Ivy League—very friendly—“Sky King” Camera Club 2-3-4; Ski Club 2-3-4; Chess Club 3; Audio-Visual Aids Club 1; Band 1-2-3; Basketball 1; Baseball 2; Track 3-4. PHYLLIS T. RADWILOWICZ 45 Homer Street, Feeding Hills Phyl—Pretty blond hair—love that pizza!—always talking! Pro Merito; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2; International Relations Club 2-3-4; Sachem Staff; Girls’ Sports 2-3-4. No man is wise enough all by himself 22JANICE A. RESKE 188 Rowley Street, North Agawam Janice—Pretty hair—quiet—always friendly. Transferred from Commerce High in Junior year. Tri-Hi-Y 4; Personality Club 3; International Relations Club 4. HARRY J. RIVERS, JR. 282 Silver Street, Agawam Zeke—Girl hater—Harm's faithful helper. Sachem Staff: Football Manager 1-2-3-4. HELENA L. ROBBINS 632 Southwick Street Dolly—Has her own car—always seen with Joan—quite a cook. Sachem Staff; Senior Play Usher; Glee Club 1-2; Operetta 1-2: Voice Class 1-2. CHARLES H. ROBINSON, JR. 1168 River Road, Agawam Charlie—Good athlete—blond hair and blue eyes—skier. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; History Committee; Senior Play Committee; Mirror Staff 4; Sachem Staff; Personality Club 4; Ski Club 2-3-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Audio Visual Aids 1-2-3; Band 1-2-3-4; Operetta 2-4; Maytime Concert 1-2-3-4; All State Chorus 2-3-4; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-2-3-4; Football 1-2-3-4. JUDITH E. ROBINSON 106 Witheridge Street, Feeding Hills Judy—Lots of fun—great pals with Hattie—one of our cheerleaders—keen comedienne. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Person- ality Club 2-3-4: International Relations Club 3; Glee Club 1-2; Cheerleader 4: Basketball 3; Softball 1-2-3; Student Council 3-4; Mirror Staff 2-3; Majorette 1-2. CHARLES R. ROGERS 11 Westford Circle. Agawam Charlie—Future Marine—always teasing Shortie—quiet?? Class Gifts Committee; Sachem Staff; Football 1. A coward’s fear makes a brave man braver. —ScottishDOROTHY JEAN ROOS 22 Pierce Street, Feeding Hills Babe—Loves to dance—Oh, that look!—great artist!! Pro Merito Secretary; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Com- mittee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee 3; Kid Party Committee; Prophecy Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-4; International Relations Club 2-4; Camera Club 3-4. President 4; Debating Club 4; Mirror Staff 3-4; Future Nurses 4; Glee Club 4; Sachem Staff; Steering Committee; Graduation Committee 3; Ticket Seller 4; Senior Play; Operetta 4. CAROL SCHMIDT 1028 River Road, Agawam Carole—Lenny—always seen with Rosemarie—short and sweet. Prom Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3; International Relations Club 3; Biology Club 3; Mirror Staff 4; Girls' Sports 1. HARRIET A. SHEA 91 Union Street, Agawam Hattie—Great personality- -good athlete—“those eyes”—editing whiz. Pro Merito; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Cap and Gown Committee; Prophecy Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. District Rep- resentative 3; Personality Club 2-3-4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Class Colors Committee: Biology Club 2; Cheerleader 4; Freshman Cheerleader 1; Girls’ Sport 1-2-3-4; Student Council 1-4; Mirror Staff 2-3-4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Sachem Staff; Class Vice-President 3; Future Teachers Club 2-3: Secretary 3; Class Hat Committee. THERESA ANN SLAIMEN 41 Poplar Street, Feeding Hills Theresa—Miss Miller's problem—quiet until you get to know her. Girls’ Sports 1; Glee Club 1; Audio Visual Aids 4; Freshman Cheerleader. GORDON M. SMARSE 50 Hall Street, Agawam Gordie—"An apple a day keeps the ‘UY away”—little villain—Mrs. Sherman’s pet peeve!?! Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Glee Club 2; Gifts Committee; Sachem Staff. RICHARD M. STAHLE 58 Albert Street, Agawam Ricky—Short and cute—blond hair—ski enthusiast—good athlete—Judy. Class President 2; Student Council 1-2; Freshman Party Committee; Sopho- more Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prophecy Committee; Sachem Staff; Prom Usher; Graduation Usher; Personality Club 2-4; Ski Club 1-2-3, President 4; Glee Club 1-2-4; Biology Club 2; Operetta 2-4; Baseball 1-2-3; Basketball 2-3; Football 1-2-3-4. Advice is least heeded when most needed 24EARL VAN WAGNER Harsham Place, Feeding Hill Stretch—Money bags—girl shy!?!—Abe. F. F. A. Basketball 1-2-3; Band 1-2-3-4; Orchestra I-2-3-4. DANIEL J. SULLIVAN 675 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills Danny—Wise guy—teacher’s pet—very friendly. Sachem Staff; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Glee Club 2. LEO VERGNANI 19 Spencer Street, North Agawam Brud—Likes baseball—quiet until you get to know him. Baseball 2-3; Sachem Staff. AMBER U. WOLCOTT Amber—Happy-go-lucky—everyone’s friend- Sky Acres, Agawam clever artist. Sachem Staff; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Colors Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4; Camera Club 2; Future Teachers Club 4; Scribes 4; Glee Club 1-2; Junior Red Cross 1-2-4. CARMEN RODIO 93 Anthony Street, Agawam Carm—Carol—all around guy—devilish!!! MARION RITA TEMPLEMAN Gibbs Road, Blandford Marty—Class artist—always willing to help—lots of fun. Sachem Staff; Library 4; Senior Checker; Color Guard 4; Scribes 4; Biology- Club 2; Glee Club 4; Camera Club 2; International Relations Club 2; Per- sonality Club 2-3: Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party- Committee. JANET D. THORPE 1161 Main Street, Agawam Jani—Mischievous—lots of pep—plays the field. Student Council 1; Sachem Staff; Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Prophecy- Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Personality Club 2; Inter- national Relations Club 2; Ski Club 2; Senior Play; Glee Club 1-2-3-4. Vice-President 4; Operetta 1-2-3; Maytime Concert 1-2-3; Band 4. Transferred from Exeter, Pennsylvania, in Senior year. Basketball 4; Sachem Staff. 2S(Sifts Nancy Adams Car We present you with this car, So you can always travel far. Caroline Aldrich Roller Skates To help you in your great haste, We give you these roller skates. Josephine Alfano Memo You can record all the ways. In which to reach success someday. Jane Andrews Hairbrush Use this on your golden hair, So it will always look so fair. Philip Arnold Notebook We know you study and do not fool. Record in this what you learn in school. Richard Arnold Boots To you we give a pair of very nice boots. So you’ll keep dry while on your paper route. Mary Belcher Sheet Music On the organ you always play; We hope you reach success someday. Robert Beltrandi Car Now with a car, when you pick up your date, You will be sure you’ll never be late. William Blanchard Powder Since you don’t like to blush, This will cover your rosy flush. Carol Bonavita Jokebook So it won’t get dull for the folks, Here’s a book of brand new jokes. Michael Bonivita Map If you plan to marry in June, You’ll know where to go on your honeymoon. Billie Brewer Camera Take pictures of your friends before you separate, To start your new life with your very loving mate. Richard Brinn S.OS. If your Ford ever lets you down, Throw out this S.O.S., you’ll soon be found. Judith Brown Thermometer When you finally become a nurse. Always keep this in your purse. Ralph Butler Bell Because you seldom make a sound, We will hear you when your around. Lawrence Catania Vitamin Pill When your’rc tired from lack of rest. Take this pill to give you zest. Richard Cebrelli Piano Many people you will please. When you tickle these keys. Peter Cecchi Fertilizer To help you sell some vegetables at tops, Use this to improve your crops. Joyce Chriscola Pen When you arc in college, Use this to record your knowledge. Francis Collins Bank Save your money while you’re young, For that rainy day to come. Mary Brooks Two Batons Let’s face the facts — with two You can perform more thrilling acts. Patricia Connor Lock and Key So your sailor will not roam. Lock the door to keep him home. Do the headwork before the handwork 26Elizabeth Cote Paper Doll In order to win every debate. Always argue with this mate. Eleanor D’Amato Penny Since a nurse you plan to be, Use this toward your tuition fee. Jean DeForoe Cookbook If you serve good meals at home, Your man will never want to roam. Stanley Drzyzoa Name A name we give to you that’s easy to spell, And one that’s easy to pronounce as well. Gerald Dubuc Dentist Appointment A dentist appointment for your use. Whenever your two front teeth feel loose. Robert Dudley Book of Passes Use these passes when you get caught. Being someplace you ought not. Albert Fini Polish If you want a shiny car. Use the polish in the jar. Mary Flaro Ruler When you start to teach school, This will help you keep rule. Muriel Flemino House When you get married and have a spouse, You can use this little house. Lillian Fournier Sign (clerk) When you graduate and go to work. You will make a very fine clerk. Jeanette Furlani Eraser If you make a mistake when you type. Erase it and then make it right. Donald Gould Trumpet On your trumpet you do blow; With it you will now make dough. Lillian Harrison Perfume A man you have already caught; This will make him love you a lot. James Hauser Address Book If you ever have more than one mate. This will help keep track of your dates. John Hauser Rope If your girl starts to stray, Use this rope to make her stay. Leon Herbert Store If you own your own store. The money you make will be much more. Myrna Hyland Jalopy For you this gift will be lots of fun, To keep the pedestrians on the run. William Irwin Picture of J. Dean A movie star you can be. If you act like Jimmy Dean. Carolyn Jacques Passport to Paris, France For you, a trip to Paris, France; To learn to swing the Parisian Dance. Barbara Karakla Record Music you enjoy we see, So here’s a record by Libcracc. Arthur King Crown Since you have a stately name. We give you a crown to fit the same. Janet Knapp Train Ticket Since you plan to move out of town. You can use this ticket we found. Carol Kossick Key With the girls you like to be, This little key will set you free. Chester Krygowski Tie To keep you from being so shy, We present you with this loud tic. Audrey LaCourse Boat Use this boat to go sec Davy, When he is far away in the Navy. Susan LaFrancis Token (of thanks) This is to show we really care, For one who does more than her share. Carol Leger Two Sailors Since sailors attract you. You can have not one, but two. Stanley Lipski Wrench Use this wrench to fix your crate. Do it now before it's too late. Bertha Longey Plane Even if Harvey is stationed in Timbuctoo, With this plane you can be there too. Mary Magovern Ticket Here’s a ticket to a sunny land, Where you can find a handsome man. Joan Marshall Carriage When you go into marriage. You may need this baby carriage. William Martel Milk Pail Take this milk pail and sit, Until Betsy docs her bit. Rosalie Mascaro Audition On your accordion you do play, We hope everyone will hear you some- day. Rosemarie Mazza Hook and Line Catch your "Fish” with this line; Then you can say "This one’s mine.” Constance McGovern Bank Loan We give you this bank loan. To buy a car of your own. No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess 27Barbara Meissner Marriage License Ever since you’ve met, It’s always been you and Chet. Joanne Meissner Charge Account When you’re tired and don’t want to sew You can now charge all of your clothes. Joyce Mercadante Diet A diet to make you thin, So you won’t weigh as much as him. Muriel Miller Safety Belt When you go for a drive, Use this belt to keep you alive. David Monaghan Horse To go with your legs so round, Take this horse and sec the town. Barbara Moras si Ring When you give away your heart, Give it to the man named Art. William Morgan Book of Manners Always try to be polite. Whether you’re wrong or right. Barbara Murphy Diploma A diploma you do deserve. For your smartness and reserve. Georgia Ober Bicycle If you arc far from town, Use this bike if your car breaks down. James Oeky Tape Use this tape to hold your car together, It is useful in all kinds of weather. Joan O’Connor Comb and Scissors Since you can’t be a professor, Why not be a hairdresser. Thomas O’Keefe Toy We give you this toy, ’Cuz it rhymes with handsome boy. Richard Orr Gas Here’s a new kind of gas, So you can really travel fast. Stanley Osowiecki Guitar A comedian you surely are; To complete the act, use this guitar. William Parent iVindex Washing windows is a bore. So use Windex for this chore. Beverly Pauze Lead M'eight A good mark you will get, If you always keep this set. Barbara Pepe Driving Lessons Because you like to drive a car. Make sure you learn before going far. Albert Perrah Mop Since you were a sailor, by heck, Here’s a mop to swab the deck. Beverly Ploof Book At pretty pictures you like to look. So we give you this picture book. Lawrence Pohner Toni If you have many curls. You’ll attract many girls. Dick Prew Candy If you gain a lot of weight, You’ll always have lots of dates. Phyllis Radwilowicz Pad When you take dictation for your boss, Use this pad and you won’t be at a loss. Janice Reskf. Hair Bow Your hair is pretty and long; Take this and you can’t go wrong. Harry Rivers Mistletoe This mistletoe is to hang on your door, So you can show the girls what it’s for. Charles Robinson Football After you finish school. Use this for a playful tool. Helena Robbins Apron A housewife we know you hope to be. Here’s an apron for everyone to sec. Judith Robinson Rolling Pin Use this all your life, In your role as housewife. Charles Rogers Rifle When you go to shoot your deer. This is part of your hunting gear. Dorothy Roos Pin This pin shows you’re not only smart, But also talented in the subject of Art. Carol Schmidt Stilts A pair of stilts because you’re short, So you won’t be left out of sports. Harriet Shea Sleeping Pill If you ever run out of zest. Use this pill to make you rest. Theresa Slaimen String On your finger tie this string, We hope good luck it will bring. Gordon Smarse New Car A car for you, Gordie; We hope you like it sporty. Richard Stahle Rake When the days are warm and sunny, Use this rake to make some money. Danny Sullivan Bicycle If all your girls give you too much trouble, Here’s a bike that will only carry double. Self-conquest is the greatest of victories 28Marion Templeton Pencil Crayons We know your drawing is very good. So draw us a picture, if you would. Janet Thorpe Autograph Book It would be a very nice trait. To get the autographs of your dates. Earl Van Waoner Tubeless Tire Here is a gift that you will admire. To bo sure that you will never get a flat tire. Leo Veronani Bottle of Glue We know you like to saw so well, So here’s some glue for the horse that fell. Amber Wolcott Paint Set Here's a set of paints for you; Use them on the pictures you do. Carmen Rodio Date book When you have a lot of dates, This will help you keep them straight. Georgia Kino Brush To brush your hair, For red is so fair. Faye Cummings Magazine When you find you have nothing to do, Take this magazine to look through. Jerry Haynes Map of Agawam Since you are new in town. Use this to find your way around. Bertha Longey Betty Ann Cote William Blanchard Gordon Smarse Charles Rogers Carol Leger A good name is better than riches 29 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Mona Morf.tti Secretary: Judith Clark ■■■■■■■■IBHBMaMMi Vice-President: Patricia Arnold Treasurer: Gerald CasielloTO THE CITIZENS OF AGAWAM: Our thanks for the new high school. FACULTY: A television set for your beautiful lounge. MR. CLARK: Your own of- fice in the new school. MR. DACEY: Our apprecia- tion for all you’ve done for us. MR. LANGLOIS: A Dean of Girls. MISS DURKAN: Someone to tease you now that Gerard is leaving. MR. PRATTE: Our appreci- ation for the wonderful job you did in taking Mr. Holmes’ place. MISS McCORMICK: An- other year to carry the name of Agawam in the N. E. T. A. MRS. EGGLESTON: An- other year to get acquainted with A. H. S. EIGHTH GRADE: Success with your first class activity. FRESHMEN: The realization that you’re getting off to a good start with our class advisers. SOPHOMORES: Watch your step — You’re the next victims of the will. JUNIORS: A year to live up to the standards of the Class of ’56. PATRICIA PORTER: Another year to grow out of the fickle stage. ROGER REYNOLDS: A chance to donate your height to next year’s basketball team. GERALD CASIELLO: A chance to become president of the Student Council. VERNON STORK: Agawam’s little big man. KATHERINE SULLIVAN: Some of Caroline Aldrich’s voice. IRENE WEST: Another year to wait for Buzzy. LOIS BELVILLE: A publicity agent to make yourself known. THOMAS LOUER: A welcome mat. HAROLD GUIDI: A lifetime pass to Riverside Roll-A-Way. SANDRA SAITTO: A pony to go with your tail. EDMUND GOVONI: A book on How To Get Along With Girls. CAROLYN THOMPSON: A Bible to get you off to a good start. RICHARD LETENDRE: A little of Stanley Drzyzga’s nerve. SHIRLEY WALKER: The realization that there are five school days a week. THERESA CARDONE: Someone to take Charlie’s place. CHRISTOPHER HODGES: Determination to play football. SONJA SCHMIDT: A bottle of vitamin pills. LAWRENCE SHERLAW: An “A” in gym. DAVID WRIGHT: The title of ‘‘Stretch.” THOMAS LETENDRE: The knowledge that the Cadillac doesn’t make the man. PETER MAZZAFERRO: A recruiting office in the high school. ANDREW HALLOCK: The title of ‘"Mr. Friendship Plus.” GRETCHEN PRELLWITZ: Another year full of skiing trips. LINDA SLATE: An appointment with a hairdresser. Better keep peace than make peace 31LUCILLE STOLL: A chance to spread a little of your pleasing personality. LAWRENCE HATCH: Another year down on the farm. RICHARD HOWLETT: An office in the F. F. A. HERBERT LABB: A laborator)- with all the apparatus to carry on your experiments. RICHARD LABUN: A partnership in the Agawam Pharmacy. GERALD MAGISTRI: A better excuse for your late nights. ARTHUR BILODEAU: A chance to become an architect. MARY FARINA: Success as head majorette. BEVERLY GRANT: A chance to follow in your sister’s footsteps. CYNTHIA TRICINELLA: A chance to be head librarian next year. THERESA CRUPI: Our nomination as best girl athlete. SHANNON PENNY: A future with Dick Prew. BARBARA BONAVITA: Nothing, since you think you’ve got it all. NICHOLAS BUONICONTI: Flora Otto’s undivided attention. PATRICIA ARNOLD: A chance to be on next year’s cheering squad. DOROTHY GIROTTI: 'The realization that you’re not a model yet. PATRICIA CZERPAK: Another year to decorate the library. JACQUELINE JONES: A license to chauffeur Andy around. GERALD O’KEEFE: A private phone for you and your girl. JUDITH CLARK: A chance to be at Gerry’s side next year in Student Council. ROSEMARY MASSA: A muzzle so other people can be heard. JUDITH ST. JEAN: A date with the Senior Class President. ROBERT CHAREST: The knowledge that you could never keep up with Wallace. JUDITH WARREN: A private table in the lunchroom for you and Chris. MONA MO RETT I: Another year to attempt to take away a man’s job. BARBARA MARSI AN: The opportunity to keep the editor’s name out of the Gossip Column. JOAN BINNENKADE: A chance to model for Breck. MARIE BORGATTT. A poodle to go with your hair cut. MONIQUE ANTO: An English dictionary. JOYCE MILLER: A chance to be Red’s girl in every port. SHIRLEY PROVOST: A diamond ring. BEVERLY BINNS: A year to break away from the click. MARY ANN GRASSE'ITI: A year’s supply of bubble gum. JAMES BITGOOD: Another year to participate in the F. F. A. speaking contest. EUGENE POGGI: A chance to play on Springfield’s hockey team. BARBARA GUIDETTI: A debut at Carnegie Hall. JUDITH HARRISON: A microphone so you can be heard. RUTH HASTINGS: Our nomination as “Miss Housewife of 1960”. ROBERTA MENARD: You’ve got Billy — what more can you want??? BEVERLY MOCCIO: A reminder that a diploma comes before the wedding bells. MARILYN CIMMA: A sedative so your sufferers won’t suffer. ROSEMARIE DAIGNEAULT: A boyfriend who approves of the modem age. GLORIA FARNSWORTH: A bottle of “Pep” pills. WILLIAM FEARN: A display case for your many F.F.A. awards. DENNIS CROWLEY: The title of “Dennis the Menace”. ROBERT JAMES: The title of “Jessie”. MICHAEL EGAN: A signed contract with the Springfield Indians. ANNA DEMICHELE: The title “Miss Pereonality” ROBERT” McGUIRE: Another year to try to graduate. WILLIAM MROSZ: Another year to show your artistic ability. JEAN MURPHY: A year of perfect health. ROBERT LANGEVIN: T he realization that girls do exist. MARIANNE DEPALO: Roller skates to take you around the school faster. ANN DESCOTEAUX: A position on a professional girls’ basketball team. FLORA OTTO: A year’s supply of knee socks. RICHARD GRAY: Another year to be on the Honor Roll. RICHARD MILLS: A new ’55 Ford. ROBERT LIPT'AK: Free lessons from Harry James. ROBERT” HARKINS: Fifty head of cattle to get you started. PHILLIPS HEMBT: A bottle of sleeping pills to calm you down. The secret of success is constancy to purpose 32WILLIAM PONUSKY: An appointment at a barber shop every two weeks. AGNES MITCHELL: A chin strap to keep your jaw from getting tired. CHARLES GRASSO: Another year to TRY to be “Mr. Football”. BRENDA KERBER: A permanent pass, to eliminate sneaking out of the library. NANCY CANDIDO: A record of “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”. EDMUND MONAHAN: Another chance to be head grounds keeper for the football field. JOHN PHILLIPS: Jazzy suspenders to keep your pants up. CAROL MELANSON: A realization that there is a girl’s basement upstairs IRMAGARDE HARTWIG: Someone else to go strolling with besides your sister. WALLACE BUBIEN: A basketball for a big shot. JOANNE ROBERTS: Another year to hog the mirror in the girls room. SHIRLEY JOHNSON: A chance to make Pro Merito. MARLENE CUSSON: Some of Kate Smith’s extra weight. SHIRLEY POND: A peace treaty between you and Richie. BARBARA SLEICH: Another year on Nancy’s gossip staff. THOMAS FLYNN: A one-way ticket to Florida. KATHERINE KASPER: The statement: “Gee, I’m cute”. EDWARD AUSTIN: A driver’s license. MARILYN MASURE: Your own show to star in. BRENDA McCULLOUGH: Spot remover for your freckles. MARY’ GLOGOWSKI: Another year to keep the torch burning. ANNE DUBIA: A pulley to raise your voice. JAMES ARGIRO: Another year to hang around with the so-called “big boys”. JOHN COWLES: A whistle so we’ll know you’re around. LEON MASSA: A reserved seat at Lincoln Downs. FRANCIS LETOURNEAU: A marriage license . ARNOLD MATZ: Another year to get acquainted with the Agawam students. RAYMOND LUCIA: A girl to go with your new car. RICHARD STEEVES: A clown suit for your personality. LEONARD DESROSIERS: A year to act your age. RICHARD SIMPSON: A week off from school to go mountain climbing. JANE LANDERS: A car all your own. JOYCE MARIEB: A diamond ring to replace the other ring. EDWARD COLLINS: A chance to play center on next year’s basketball team. DORINE DONATINI: A transfer to West Side. KAREN SJOSTRUM AND ROBERT BOSTWICK: A date. WILLIAM GAZAR: A chance to let your classmates know you’re around. WILLIAM DEARBORN: The title of “Mr. Giggles”. WILLIAM LETELLIER: Another year to be in Audio Visual Aids. PAUL MYERS: A date with Barbara Morassi. CELINE LAFLEUR: Success in your search for the ideal man. JOSEPH McBRIDE: An opportunity to play first string baseball. EDWARD KING: Another year to participate in Air Scout activities. JOANNE GURLEY’: Another year to enjoy A.H.S. Barbara Morassi Barbara Mrissnf.r Caroline Aldrich Gerard Dubuc Thomas O’Keefe Stanley DrzyzgaRing-Ring-g Ring-g Joanne: Hello, Hi Joyce. Yes, I’ll be home tonight. Sure, call a few of the gang and have them come over. Wc can talk about the good old days. See you about seven. Ding-Dong. Joanne: The door is open kids, come right in. Hi Richy, Hi Joyce. Arc Connie and Charlie coming? Joyce: Yes, Charlie is picking Con- nie up, and Bobby Behrandi is coming, too. Is he still try- ing to win a baseball game? Richy: No, he gave up pitching after his senior year. A car has just driven in the yard. It must be Charlie Robinson with Con- nie McGovern. Joanne Hi kids, Joyce and Richy are already here. Come in and join us. Connie: Where’s Bobby? Joyce: He said he’d be here, but he’ll most likely be late. Richy: Remember our class committee meetings? Every time we had one, Bobby was always late. Charlie: Hey kids, remember our first class meeting? That was a very feeble attempt to start our class in the right direction. Connie: But with the help of Dan Barufaldi, Student Council President at that time, and Mrs. Sherman, our class advisor, we began our Freshman year. Joanne: Earl Frenier was our first president, and wasn’t Betty Ann Cote our vice-president? Richy: Yes, and Betty was also secretary our Senior year. Joyce: Oh, I remember!! I was secretary our first year, and David Monaghan was Treasurer for both the Freshman and Sophomore years. Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! Connie: That must be Bobby!! Joanne: Hey Bob, just in time to help us out! We’re trying to recall our Freshman Cheerleaders. Do you remember! Bobby: Of course I do. They were — oh — ah — yeh — Richy: Barbara Morassi, Harriet Shea, Jane Andrews, Judy Brown, Janet Knapp, and Joyce Mercadante. Bobby: Sure, sure, I knew that all the time. Revenge is the poor delight of little minds 35Joyce: We didn’t have a very active year, but we did have a successful Freshman Party. Charlie: That was “Cuban Capers” — The girls sat on one side of the hall, and the boys sat on the other. It was lots of fun, even though no one wanted to be the first to dance. Joanne: Our Sophomore year was lots more fun, because we could join the clubs — and work in all the other activities. Connie: We started off slam-bang and elected Ricky Stahlc president. Bobby: Barbara Meissner who was chosen Secretary, kept this office for two years. Joanne: I hat was the year we went into our permanent home rooms, and Miss Durkan became our class advisor. Richy: That year we had the crazy party — “Dixie Land Jazz”. Joanne was general chairman, and Johnny Bcltrandi and his band supplied the music. Even Harry Rivers, the woman-hater, danced. Connie: Joanne and Barbara Meissner, Judy Robinson, Mary Brooks, and Janet Knapp were major- ettes the Freshman year, and Joyce Merk and I joined them in our Sophomore year. Joyce : Remember how excited we were just before Christmas our Junior year, waiting for our class rings? At the same time we were planning for our Cabaret — “Winter Wonderland.” Stanley Drzyzga was general chairman. Charlie: Don’t forget, Tom O’Keefe was elected President and we were very fortunate in having him as President our Senior year also. Also Donnie Gould was treasurer for two years. Hatti Shea was vice-president. Oh yes, and she was Editor of the Mirror our Senior year. Stanley Drzyzga was Student Council President and he and his patrol enforced the law. They certainly made a lot of arrests at the fire doors. Joanne: Betty Ann, General Chairman of the Prom, and her committees outdid themselves to make the dance a great success. We chipped bricks and chipped bricks and chipped bricks. I don’t think anyone will ever forget the beautiful evening we all had. It was the last dance to be held in the old school. Bobby: Joan O’Connor and Phillip Arnold were Junior Marshals for the last graduation at the old school. Joanne: Remember how proud we felt to be the first Senior Class in the new high school! It really was fun trying to find the right class room during our four minute rush between periods. Bobby: I remember asking the janitor directions to room 28. All he did was stand there and laugh. He didn’t know anymore than I did. But, I soon found it and had no trouble finding it after that — it was my homeroom. Richy: We received our class hats in September, and everyone wore them at the first assembly, which was held in the new gym because the auditorium wasn’t completed when school started. Connie: I remember the day when the Cubcttcs tried out for cheering. After the election, Mr. Daccy called the four groups that had tried out, into his office. He held the results in his hand, and just looked at all the girls. Then finally the words were spoken. Cubettes. Judy Robinson broke down in tears, and if it hadn’t been for Barb Morassi, Joanne and Barbara Meissner, Carolyn Aldrich, and Hatti Shea, everyone would have thought they had lost. We were really proud to have the cheer-leaders from our class. Charlie: Joyce, will you ever forget the kid party? That was the night Mr. Lconardi sat on Santa Claus’s knee (Gerard Dubuc). It really was lots of fun to go back to kiddie land. Richy: Tom O’Keefe was in the hospital, so a group tried to crash in and see him, but we didn’t succeed. Joyce: Then came the tedious task of picture taking at Bosworth’s Studio. Mr. Wright kept every- one laughing with his funny remarks. Joanne: Bill Morgan had the lead in “Girl Crazy”, our class play. Playing opposite him was Caro- line Aldrich. David Monaghan and Tom O’Keefe were in the supporting cast. Thanks to Miss Carozi, who went through a terrific struggle, the play was a great success. A long tongue shortens lifeCharlie: There was a lot of hard work in putting our yearbook together. Everyone tried to make our yearbook the best ever. Bobby: Bill Morgan was chairman of the committee for the class banquet, which was held at the Bradley Field Terrace Dining Room. It was fun hearing the Prophecy, History, and getting our class gifts and year books. We realized then that our happy school years were now quickly- coming to a close. Connie: Gerard Dubuc was chairman of the picnic committee. Remember what fun we had at Ocean Beach and how cold the water was? Joanne: Our caps and gowns were purple and white. Every one had a hard time keeping back the tears at graduation. Richy: It’s getting late; I think we better get started. It really has been great talking about our good days at A. H. S. I’m sure no one will ever forget our school days; they certainly were wonderful. Joanne Meissner Constance McGovern Joyce Mercadante Robert Beltrandi Richard Orr Charles Robinson Pride often borrows the cloak of humility 37% (Maas S’mtg WoeDS ®5" MUSIC « DONALD GOULD LEON HEBERT |,L4 jll j:i j. m The FUeet-ihg years Have brought the $ay woras of fond a-dieu OuR PR DE IN fitW AhJ Mod - ERM HAU.S IN MIM-o- Rt W»U. L »Si m 0 -e— l-i H —h i f , J. I) K C J • v J 1 1 J 2 aU Ji 1 ■ 1 1 I ' ’ rr P - - - - 1 T f Suii-iMs Hami 5 With PA-r.eNce Missis, To twe Scm. . We're so « To miSS-6ooj - PART-IN SoR- Kow l»M ©OR HEARTS Rot PraIS-ES on OoR LiPS-.A Sa- - ► j1 © © © s s V. r C : r r 5T ► • h — b L ©—© • » p- r V » n ' a i r r— BYE Anx thanks AU- THE Best fRo TWE CLASS OF Fifty- SIX. LUTE To THEE O A - - WflM FROM the CLASS OF FIFTY- Six.TITLE Miss Quiz Kid IHallnt FIRST CHOICE Josephine Alfano Mr. Quiz Kid Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Prettiest Girl Best-looking Boy Best-natured Girl Best-natured Boy Class Lady Class Gentleman Best-dressed Girl Best-dressed Boy Philip Arnold Caroline Aldrich Stanley Drzyzga Jane Andrews Thomas O’Keefe Caroline Aldrich James Hauser Stanley Drzyzga Eleanor D’Amato Thomas O’Keefe Joyce Mercadantc I)onald Gould Cutest Girl Cutest Boy Class Chatterbox {girl) Class Chatterbox {boy) Class Coquette Class Casanova Most Mischievous Girl Most Mischievous Boy Best Girl Athlete Best Boy Athlete Best All-around Girl Best All-around Boy Girl Most Likely to Succeed Boy Most Likely to Succeed Girl Who Did Most for School Boy Who Did Most for School Friendliest Girl Friendliest Boy Quietest Girl Quietest Boy Class Wit {girl) Class Wit (boy ) Best Actress Best Actor Best Girl Singer Best Boy Singer Best Girl Dancer Best Boy Dancer Biggest Tease Class Choice for Sister Class Choice for Brother Class Couple Betty Ann Cote Richard Arnold Caroline Aldrich Gerard Dubuc Carol Leger Betty Ann Cote William Irwin Carol Bonavita Carmen Rodio Harriet Shea Chester Krygowski Caroline Aldrich Stanley Drzyzga Constance McGovern Philip Arnold Harriet Shea Stanley Drzyzga Caroline Aldrich Stanley Drzyzga Georgia Ober Francis Collins Carol Bonavita Carmen Rodio Caroline Aldrich William Morgan Mary Belcher Charles Robinson Carol Bonavita William Morgan Gerard Dubuc Constance McGovern Stanley Drzyzga Myma Hyland James Hauser Max SECOND CHOICE Constance McGovern Caroline Aldrich James Hauser Joanne Meissner Thomas O’Keefe Betty Ann Cote Richard Stahlc Barbara Meissner William Morgan Joan O’Connor Richard Stahlc Eleanor D’Amato Thomas O’Keefe Chester Krygowski Joan O’Connor William Irwin Carol Bonavita Harry Rivers Janet Knapp Stanley Drzyzga Janet Knapp Harry Rivers Caroline Aldrich David Monaghan Betty Ann Cote Thomas O’Keefe Caroline Aldrich James Hauser Caroline Aldrich Thomas O’Keefe Betty Ann Cote Carmen Rodio Carol Schmidt Richard Orr Audrey LaCoursc David Monaghan Janet Thorpe David Monaghan Mary Magovcrn Donald Gould Janet Thorpe Carmen Rodio William Irwin Caroline Aldrich Thomas O’Keefe Judy Robinson Richard StahlcOFFICERS President: Thomas Buoniconti Secretary: Rknee Benjamin 1 I -1 A INK Dkmqm fropljttg It is the year 2,000, in the spa- cious city of Agawam. Leon Hebert is flying down the street in his low, custom built atomic car. Screech! He comes to a slow stop in front of a drugstore! He waltzes gaily into the drug- store and buys a package of plaid, gold - tipped puffs (cigarettes). As Leon is leaving, Carolyn Jacques darts into the drugstore! Ka Boom! She and Leon clunk space helmets! Carolyn’s main- spring is knocked off! She lies un- conscious on the floor! Leon lifts her quickly and, placing her in his atomic car, flies her to the nearest replacement plant (hospital). Head nurse, Dorothy Roos, receives the patient and calls immediately for Dr. Ricky Stahle. They rush her to the replacement chamber, where Harriet Shea and Janet Thorpe, two mainspring experts, assist Dr. Stahle in replacing Carolyn’s mainspring. Upon finishing the “operation” the six of us (Harriet, Carolyn, Janet, Dorothy, Ricky and Leon) discover we arc all former members of the “Class of 56”! Wc then decide it would be fun to take a tour through the much changed “town” and reminisce. Piling into Leon’s atomic car, we fly toward the center of the metropolis oi Agawam. Our first stop is at the Atom Refueling Station, owned and operated by Arthur King. Inside, repairing a jet, arc two well-known jet-mechanics, Ralph Butler and Stan Lipski. Our atom box quite full, wc blast off once more. Why, there are space patrolmen Bill Parent, Bob Beltrandi, and Gerry Haynes decked out in their latest pegged space patrol suits in that striking new shade of fuchsia. There’s Josephine Alfano, Agawam’s school patrol woman, directing little “idiots” across the street! Coming to a high-flying stop on the school roof top, we’re greeted by Al Fini. James Okey quickly anchors Leon’s car onto the roof. Sliding down a ramp in the middle of the roof, wc find ourselves in the middle lobby of the school, where Miss Caroline Aldrich, Principal, tells us, in her usual quiet voice, how pleased she is to see us once more. She then begins to show us around the school. We’re first introduced to the head history teacher, Connie McGovern. Going from room to room, we find that Mary Flaro is the family relations expert. Mary Magovern is the financial economist instructor. Entering the library, we arc greeted, with smiles, by Georgia Ober, head librarian. Quiet Jeanette Furiani is Georgia’s “obedient” secretary, and Phyllis A little body often harbors a great soul 41Radwilowicz is her speedy typist. At the farther end of the library is Beverly Pauze, very carefully, and casually, dusting off the books. Across the hall there is a new addition: “Reske Robbins Beautician's Course." Seated under the same automatic dryer arc Joyce Mercadante and Mary Brooks, who are looking at Amber Wolcott's Fashion Art Digest and winking at tall Bill Martel. Adjoining the beautician’s room is the F. F. A. Room (Future Farmers of Agawam). Here we are greeted by the chapter mother, Joan O'Connor. Pete Cecchi, easy-going instructor, then takes us to see “some of the boys.” Leaving Pete’s office, we sec Stan Osowiecki, who has tw o young chickens in his arms. At the farther end of this room we see Earl Van Wagner, working on his latest idea, a super-duper earth remover. We then leave the F. F. A. Room, and we notice a crowd that has gathered during one of the three-second space intervals between classes. Upon inquiring, we discover a date bureau has also been added, under the capable direction of Barbara Murphy. We’re then led by the head janitors, Larry Pohner, Danny Sullivan, and Leo Vergnani outside the school, where we see “Carmen's Rodio of Morgan Horses"! Here we find many high-society women who are “keeping in trim”: Jean De Forge, Carol Kossick, Lillian Harrison, and Faye Cummings. Leaving the horse rodio, we sec veterinarian, Dr. David Monaghan, crying bitterly over the death of an itsy-bitsy Morgan pony, with nurse Judy Brown, trying to comfort him. Saying good-bye to all our friends, we leave the school and head for the Meissner sisters' “Twinburger House"! We give our order to Barb Morassi, the short-order cook! Upon finishing our twinburgers, we hear a band outside and rush out to sec a parade coming down the street. From the conversation around us, we find the parade is in honor of Al Perrah, Mike Bonavita, and Gerard Dubuc, heroes of World War III. The Mayor, Philip Arnold, is directly behind our three heroes. Following him arc Francis Collins, witty lawyer, Tom O'Keefe, top insurance agent, and Stanley Drzyzga, owner of the “YOU NAME IT” amusement park. Among the high-stepping space patrol force we recognize Gordon “Smiley" Smarse, Richard ,(Dick" Brinn, Charles “Trigger" Rogers, and Robert “Dimples" Dudley. On the side lines we see Jimmy Hauser and his wife (nee) Myrna Hyland, and Mrs. Davenport (nee) Muriel Fleming, with her twelve ‘lil darlings! Sitting in his black atomic car, we see John Hauser, and his faithful chauffeur, Susan La Francis. We then see Richard Cebrelli, who we discover is the owner of the biggest bakery on the main drag of Agawam. He invites us in to see his establish- ment. Upon entering we recognize Joyce Chriscola and Nancy Adams, who arc really in the dough. The parade having passed, we leave Dick’s Bakery and proceed down the street. We pass “Karakla Brewer's Funeral Home," where Audrey La Course is the solemn head-embalming agent. The six of us, now in the mood for excitement, decide to go to the night club across the street, namely, “The House of Night Lights.” Upon entering, we are greeted by the host Bill Blanchard, and hostess, Eleanor D'Amato. We check our coats with Pat Connor, and arc then pulled along the magnetized wall until we come to the corridor of pink lights, which leads to die Champagne Room. Here, slender Janet Knapp leads us to our sunken table, and waiter, Dick Orr, gets a beverage for us from die bartender, Larry Catania. Bertha Longey briefs us on the program for the evening. Richard Arnold, cute, little Master of Ceremonies, then comes on to the stage and introduces the first act, which features Theresa Slaimen, Queen of the Bubble Dancers! Donald Gould and his orchestra then play If you utter insults you will also hear them 1the “Jazz Jump” with Mary Belcher plunking at the piano. Next on the program is a comedy act, starring Carol Bonavita and her trained mice. Last on the program, but certainly not least, is Handsome Harry Rivers and his well-known chorus girls: Georgia King, Carol Schmidt, Muriel Miller, Beverly Ploof, Barbara, who's Pepe, Marion Templeman, and Lillian Fournier! Tonight they arc all wearing Rosalie's Mascaro! The show over, we notice Jane Andrews sitting near the stage, decked in furs, elegance galore, proprietor of the “House of Night Lights,” talking with the cigarette girl Joan Marshall. We begin to leave, when suddenly a commotion is heard in the back room. We follow the hall of red lights to the gambling casino, illegally run by Bill (Teddy Bear) Irwin, and Betty Ann Cote. Passing through the gambling room, we approach the door to the back room where we hear the familiar voice of singing star Carol Lcger, and her agent Charlie Robinson, who are having a terrific argument with Chet Krygowski, M G M’s newest movie producer. They quickly reach an agree- ment, and all is normal once more. We then leave the “House of Night Lights” and start back toward the car. While walking back, we hear a dull roar, and looking upward, we see Dick Prew and his new bride Rosemarie Mazza, flying by in Dick’s new souped-up jet! Quite exhausted, we enter Leon’s car and head for Dr. Stahle’s mansion. We arc invited in to relax by his wife (nee) Judy Robinson. And so ends our day’s reunion with our classmates with whom we shall always share so many secret memories! Harriet Shea Ricky Stahls Carolyn Jacques Leon Hebert Janet Thorpe Dorothy Roos Manners often make fortunes 43diyfa l cL' —: ELr :j£ . $ 9? p U. jb Aa.srKs (fix, 4zajol »v Xo k s r ffA Jl f psr . .. Oft yft: l V f «45  L •■■KlL I if tf iff Kit f'f UlNl IAJ II tlllfl.f MV III if M1 Slftlt 1 ®Wt JtB Nutia lyiMMa- i r n j I ' Ji . "GIRL CRAZY" Danny Churchill, a Playboy ................ William Morgan Louie, a taxi driver ...................... David Monaghan Molly, the postmistress .................. Caroline Aldrich Jake, a caretaker ............................ Richard Stahle Rose, a telephone operator ...................Janet Thorpe Lank, a killer ............................... Stanley Drzyzga Sam Mason, another playboy ................. Thomas O’Keefe Tess, from Chicago .................... Elizabeth Ann Cote Cactus, a cowboy.............................. Gerard Dubuc Lucky, a cowboy .............................. William Irwin Pete, a Mexican bandit ....................... Carmen Rodio Eaglerock, a real Indian ..................... Philip Arnold Lieutenant Caddigan, of the Police ..... William Blanchard Betty ...................................... Audrey LaCoursc Janet ........................................ Dorothy Roos Laura, from Chicago and points East......Marion Templemen Sally ...................................... Joan O’Connor Babs..........................................Carol Bonavita The annual Senior play was presented on Friday evening, April 20. “Girl Crazy,” a comedy in three acts, centered around Danny Churchill, a playboy, who went to his newly inherited ranch to elude the girls in New York. The play was under the direction of Miss Chrisanthe Carozi, who did an excellent job. The assistant director was Robert Beltrandi. The play was enjoyed by everyone. Little is done where many command 48SACHEM STAFF Steering Committee: Gerard Dubuc, Muriel Fleming, Myrna Hyland, Chester Krygowski, Cami Leger, Constance McGovern, Joan O’Connor, Thomas O’Keefe, and Dorothy ££fit aaquiawg GoTirtO G,V r x Tf' J ■- Q o PRO MERITO The Pro Mento Society honors those students who have maintained an average of eighty-five per cent or better during their four years of high school. This year twenty-one members of the Class of 1956 were presented their pins at a special assembly held in May. The speaker was Dr. William C. Hill, former principal of Classical High School in Springfield. At the mid-year the club entertained the honor students of the Freshman class. In May, the annual State Convention was sponsored by our Pro Merito Society. The interesting program and the tour of the building was enjoyed by a large number of delegates. President ..... Vice-President Secretary...... Treasurer...... Adviser ....... ..... James Hauser .... Caroline Aldrich ..... Dorothy Roos ..... Philip Arnold Miss Eleanor Smith Members: Nancy Adams. Caroline Aldrich. Josephine Alfano. Philip Arnold, Judith Brown. Peter Cccchi. Albert Fini, Muriel Fleming, Jeanette Furiani. James Hauser. Myrna Hyland. Janet Knapp. Susan LaFrancis, Carol Leger. Constance McGovern. Barbara Murphy. Georgia Obcr. Joan O'Connor, Phyllis Radwilowitz, Dorothy Roos. and Harriet Shea. The greatest fools are the greatest liars 59BAND The Band has had an active year under the direction of Mr. Darcy Davis, Jr. It played at all of the football games in the fall and at the basketball rally at the Springfield College Field House. Among their other activities they have played for assemblies and other school events. A highlight of the year was the joint concert with the Bennington High School Band at Agawam and then a repeated performance at the Bennington School in Vermont. The Band has adopted a merit system which has proved successful in holding the students’ enthusiasm for the Band. President .......... Vice-President ..... Secretary-T reasurer Student Director .... Director ........... .....Gerald Casicllo ....... Judith Clark .... Andrew Hallock ..... Donald Gould Mr. Darcy Davis, Jr. Senior Members: Carol Bonavita, Mary Brooks, Patricia Connor, Elizabeth Ann Cote, Donald Gould. Janet Knapp, Bertha Longey, Mary Magovem, Joyce Mercadante, Charles Robinson, and Janet Thorpe.CHEERLEADERSSTUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council has enjoyed a successful year under their new adviser, Mr. Richard Carbone. Some of the activities of the Student Council were establishing a student patrol during the lunch program, regulating traffic in the halls between classes, and the playing of music during lunch periods. This year’s main activity was the sponsorship of the annual magazine drive. The Western Massachusetts Association of Student Councils conventions were held in Orange and Greenfield this year, and delegates were sent to both. President ...................................... Stanley Drzyzga Vice-President .................................. Joanne Meissner Secretary........................................... Judith Clark Treasurer ................................................ Gerald Casiello Adviser ................................. Mr. Richard Carbone Senior Members: Elizabeth Ann Cote, Stanley Drzyzga, James Hauser. Janet Knapp. Constance McGovern, Joanne Meissner, Thomas O’Keefe. Richard Orr, Judith Robinson, and Harriet Shea. Eyes can speak and eyes can understand 62TRI-HI-Y Tri-Hi-Y is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in the school. Miss Miller, the capable adviser, has been one of the main factors in making the club’s many projects successful. This year the club sponsored a Tri-Hi-Y basketball game against the women faculty. The faculty proved too much for the girls and beat them thoroughly. The Older Girls’ Conference was held at Lynn, Massachusetts and was attended by fourteen girls. The highlight of the year was the Mother-Daughter Banquet, at which the new members were inducted and new officers installed. President ....................................................Caroline Aldrich Vice-President ....................................... Joan Meissner Secretary ......................................Constance McGovern Treasurer .............................................Myma Hyland Chaplain ........................................................ Joan O’Connor Adviser ........................................ Miss Eleanor Miller Senior Members: Nancy Adams. Caroline Aldrich, Josephine Alfano, Jane Andrews. Mary Belcher, Carol Bonavita, Judy Brown, Joyce Chriscola, Elizabeth Ann Cote, Jean DcForge, Mary Flaro, Muriel Fleming, Lillian Fournier, Jeanette Furiani, Lillian Harrison, Myrna Hyland, Carolyn Jacques, Carol Kossick, Janet Knapp, Audrey LaCoursc, Bertha Longcy, Mary Magovern, Joan Marshall. Rosalie Mascaro, Rosemarie Mazza, Constance McGovern. Barbara Meissner. Joanne Meissner, Joyce Mercadante, Muriel Miller. Barbara Morassi, Barbara Murphy, Joan O’Connor, Beverly Pauze. Barbara Pepe, Beverly Ploof, Phyllis Radwilowicz, Janice Rcske, Judith Robinson, Dorothy Roos. Carol Schmidt, Harriet Shea, Janet Thorpe, and Amber Wolcott.GLEE CLUB This year the Glee Club has met once a week under the leadership of the new director, Mr. Darcy Davis, Jr. The Glee Club sang at the dedication of the new school with several other groups and has also performed at various other times. The group has spent the greater part of its time working on its music production, “Assignment: Gilbert and Sullivan,” which was success- fully presented on May 11. President .......................................Charles Robinson Vice-President...............................................Janet Thorpe Secretary-Librarian ................................ Beverly Grant Conductor ................................... Mr. Darcy Davis, Jr. Senior Members: Jane Andrews, Mary Belcher, Carol Bonavita, Mary Brooks, Judith Brown, Patricia Connor, Muriel Fleming, Lillian Fournier, Lillian Harrison, Myrna Hyland, Carolyn Jacques, Barbara Karakla, Susan LaFrancis, Carol Leger, Bertha Longey, Mary Magovern, Joyce Mcrcadante, Charles Robinson, Dorothy Roos, Richard Stahle, Marion Templeman. Janet Thorpe, and Amber Wolcott.PERSONALITY CLUB This year, as in past years, the Personality Club has had another prosperous year, under the capable guidance of Mrs. Maria Scars. The club sponsored two successful dances, the Sadie Hawkins and the Valentine dance. The meetings included discussions, a fashion show, and several speakers of special interest. President...........................................Harriet Shea Vice-President ................................. Patricia Arnold Secretary.......................................Anna Demichelc Treasurer ...................................... Joanne Meissner Adviser ........................................ Mrs. Maria Sears Senior Members: Nancy Adams, Caroline Aldrich, Josephine Alfano, Jane Andrews, Mary Belcher, William Blanchard, Carol Bonavita, Judith Brown, Joyce Chriscola, Patricia Connor. Elizabeth Ann Cote, Eleanor D’Amato, Stanley Dncyzga. Gerard Dubuc, Mary Flaro, Jeanette Furiani, Barbara Karakla. Janet Knapp, Audrey LaCourse, Carol Leger, Bertha Longey, Mary Magovern, Joan Marshall. Rosalie Mascaro. Rosemarie Mazza. Constance McGovern, Barbara Meissner, Joanne Meissner, Joyce Mcrcadante, Muriel Miller, Barbara Morassi, Joan O’Connor, Thomas O’Keefe, Richard Orr, Barbara Pcpc, Beverly Ploof, Helena Robbins, Charles Robinson. Judith Robinson. Dorothy Roos, Harriet Shea, Richard Stahle, Janet Thorpe, and Amber Wolcott.BENJAMIN PHELPS CLUB The Benjamin Phelps Club, Future Teachers of America, was organized to create an interest in the teaching profession. The club is affiliated with the Massa- chusetts Teachers Association and the National Education Association. This year the club’s program has included speakers, discussions, and trips to State Teachers Colleges. The members have also spent time observing classes in the elementary schools of Agawam. President ..................................... Mar)’ Magovcrn Vice-President .............................Constance McGovern Secretary .......................................Joyce Marieb Treasurer ....................................... Beverly Grant Librarian ...................................... Anna Dcmichelc Adviser .................................... Miss Eleanor Miller Senior Members: Caroline Aldrich. Mary Belcher. Mary Flaro. Myrna Hyland. Carol Kossick, Mary Magovem, Constance McGovern. Barbara Murphy, and Amber Wolcott. Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good 66FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA The Future Nurses of America was newly formed this year to create an active interest in nursing. The club has had an active and successful year under the guiding hand of Mrs. Elizabeth Langlois. President ....................................... Celine LaFleur Vice-President ..................................... Anne Dubia Secretary-Treasurer.............................. Marilyn Masure Corresponding Secretary........................Audrey LaCourse Adviser ................................ Mrs. Elizabeth Langlois Senior Members: Josephine Alfano, Judith Brown, Eleanor D’Amato, Audrey LaCourse, Beverly Ploof, and Dorothy Roos. No one can give you better advice than yourself 67JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross has been very active this year under the guidance of Mrs. Marjorie Kelly. A group of the girls went to Holyoke Soldiers’ Home to entertain; cookies made by the household arts girls were sent to Westover Field; and stuffed animals were made for the children at Monson State Hospital. The group also made an album containing pictures of the building and descrip- tions of activities of the new Agawam High School and sent it to schools in Italy. Amber Wolcott, the President, was a member of the Inter-Council Executive Board this year. President .................................... Amber Wolcott Secretary..................................................Faye Parker Treasurer ........................................ Nancy Crean Adviser................................... Mrs. Marjorie Kelly Senior Members: Dorothy Roos, Marion Templcmen, and Amber Wolcott. Ethics is the art of living well and happily 68BIOLOGY CLUB This year the Biology Club has a new adviser, Mr. David Thcodorowicz. The club, composed of students who have taken or are taking Biology, was organized to promote an active interest in the subject. Each member does an individual project, and the club as a group goes on field trips and entertains speakers. President ..................................... Mona Morctti Vice-President ................................ Carol Tricinclla Secretary...................................... Barbara Bellano Treasurer ..................................... Armand Pasquale Adviser .............................. Mr. David Thcodorowicz No Senior Members. Who don’t keep faith with God, won’t keep it with man 69CAMERA CLUB This year the Camera Club, under the capable direction of Mr. Lawrence Buddington, enjoyed a successful and profitable year. A darkroom complete with the newest equipment did much to aid the members in learning developing and other darkroom processes. A field trip to Forest Park highlighted this year’s program. President ........................................ Dorothy Roos Vice-President ............................... Barbara Meissner Secretary ......................................... Sandra Saitto Treasurer .................................................. Anne Dubia Adviser .............................. Mr. Lawrence Buddington Senior Members: Josephine Alfano, Mary Belcher. James Hauser. Myrna Hyland, Rosalie Mascaro. Barbara Meissner, Joanne Meissner, Joyce Mercadante. Muriel Miller. Barbara Morassi. Dickson Prcw, Dorothy Roos. Happy is he who owes nothing 70INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club has had a varied program this year. Foreign students from American International College spoke on the problems of Jordan and Korea. Mary Magovern, Mona Moretti, and Miss Czaja told of their summer experiences in Europe, while Josiane Delcuw-Ford spoke of life in her native Bel- gium. Club members participated in group discussions and quiz programs. The club enjoyed the annual Christmas party in December and ended the year’s program with a picnic. President ..........................................Mary Magovern Vice-President .................................. Rosemarie Mazza Secretary ..................................................... Susan LaFrancis Treasurer ........................................ Grctchcn Prellwitz Adviser .................................... Miss Marjorie Ward Senior Members: Mary Belcher, Joyce Chriscola, Muriel Fleming, Jeanette Furiani. Lillian Harrison. James Hauser. Myrna Hyland. Susan LaFrancis. Mary Magovern. Rosalie Mascaro, Rosemarie Mazza. Muriel Miller, Barbara Murphy, and Dorothy Roos. Hatreds are the cinders of affection. —Raleigh 71SKI CLUB The Ski Club had a very active program this year. The members went to Mt. Snow, Vermont; Hogback in Brattleboro, Vermont; and Big Brownley in New Hampshire. Next year the club hopes to have just as much snow as this year to enjoy their wonderful sport. President ...................................... Richard Stahle Treasurer .................................... Richard Simpson Program Chairman ............................... Judith Clark Adviser............................... Mr. David Theodorowicz Senior Members: Jane Andrews. Janies Hauser, Dickson Prcw, Charles Robinson, and Richard Stahle. Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed 72AUDIO VISUAL AIDS Audio Visual Aids is a group of boys trained to run the various movie projectors and recorders that we have in our school. The group is under the capable management of Mr. Roland Prcsscy. No Senior members. Nothing is easy to the unwilling 73FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Agawam chapter of the Future Farmers of America has been growing steadily ever)' year. A group of the boys represented Agawam High School at the National Convention in Kansas City. The chapter received the National Gold Emblem Award for the third time in succession. This award signified that the Agawam chapter is one of the best in the country. William Rhodes became State F. F. A. president this year. The last two presi- dents of the Massachusetts Association have graduated from Agawam High School. This year at the annual banquet, Joan O’Connor was chosen as Chapter Sweetheart. In addition to this great honor, she is secretary to Mr. Skolnick. The members really abide by their motto: LEARNING TO IX). DOING TO LEARN, EARNING TO LIVE, LIVING TO SERVE. President ..... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Reporter ...... Sentinel ...... Adviser ....... ..... Peter Cecchi ..... Stanley Lipski ..... James Bitgood ..... William Fcam . Stanley Osowiecki ..... Charles Skinner Mr. David Skolnick Senior Members: Ralph Butler, Peter Cccchi, Stanley Lipski, William Martel, Stanley Osowiecki, and Earl Van Wagner. Nothing is beautiful from every point of view 74LIBRARY Our school library, formed in 1947, has continually grown. This year the library has added many new books, and there arc more than thirty different monthly and weekly magazines on the rack. Any students wanting to work and study in the library arc especially fortunate to have such a well-equipped and well-planned room. There arc tables and chairs for formal study and lounging chairs for reading. A show case in the center of the library has been made available for anyone who might want to display a hobby or special interest. The conference room is an outstanding feature and is constantly in use. The staff is to be complimented on its management of the library under the capable guidance of Mrs. Dorothy Holmes. Senior Librarians: Richard Cebrelli, Barbara Karakla. Audrey La Course. Barbara Meissner, Joanne Meissner. Barbara Morassi, Beverly Ploof. and Georgia Ober. No one respects a talent that is concealed 75THE AGAWAM MIRROR This year, as in the past, the Mirror had a highly successful year. The pub- lication of eight news-packed issues was made possible by the untiring efforts of the staff, who sold subscriptions, stationery, and advertising space. Editor .............................................. Harriet Shea Assistant Editor...................................Barbara Marsian Adviser.....................................Mrs. Marion Gleason Senior Members: Caroline Aldrich. Jane Andrews. Judith Brown, Patricia Connor. Joyce Chriscola, Faye Cummings, Donald Gould. Myrna Hyland. Barbara Karakla. Carol Kossick. Rosemarie Maz?a. Constance McGovern, Barbara Meissner. Joanne Meissner. Joyce Mercadante. David Monaghan. Barbara Morassi. Joan O’Connor, Stanley Osowiecki. Charles Robinson, Dorothy Roos, Carole Schmidt. Harriet Shea. The doors of wisdom are never shut 76Skill and confidence are an unconquered army 77 DEBATING CLUB The Debating Club had its second successful year under the guidance of Mr. Wayne Holmes and, later in the year, Mr. Richard Pratt. Five delegates were sent to the Model Congress at American International College, and the club sponsored two bills. President ................................. Constance McGovern Vice-President ............................... Josephine Alfano Recording Secretary........................... Anna Demichclc Corresponding Secretary......................... Celine LaFleur Adviser ...................................... Mr. Richard Pratt Senior Members: Josephine Alfano, Mary Magovern. Rosemarie Mazza, Constance McGovern, and Dorothy Roos.fflustral (Ealpnftar of 1055 - 1056 September Opening of School ............................... “A B C Boogie” Football Season .............................. “Mr. Touchdown” October Sadie Hawkins Day ........ November First Report Card ........ Thanksgiving ............. December Kid Party ................ Christinas................ Junior Cabaret ........... January New Year’s .............. Basketball Season ....... February Valentine’s Day .......... Measuring Caps and Gowns “The Man That Got Away” ‘‘Ain’t That a Shame” ..................... “He” .................. “Toyland, Toyland” ... “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” ..................... “Young at Heart” Wake the Town and Tell the People” ...................... “Mr. Basketball” “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” ...........“Five Feet Two” March Tri-Hi-Y Conference ... “Thirteen Women and Only One Man in Town” Play Tryouts................. “There’s No Business Like Show Business” April Band Concert .................................... “The Little Musicians” Easter.................................................“Ain’t She Sweet” Senior Play ..................................... “Lullaby of Broadway” Yearbook Deadline ........................................... “So Tired” First Baseball Game ................. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” Spring Hop ............................................ “April Showers” Seniors’ Paper Drive......................... “Whistle While You Work” May Maytime Concert .... Pro Merito Convention “Music, Music, Music” ..... “It’s Wonderful” June Prom ........................................................ “Stardust” Class Banquet ...........................“Three O’Clock in the Morning” Exams............................................... “Wang Wang Blues” Graduation Night................................. “Moments to Remember” Last Assembly.......................................... “Cry Me a River” Class Picnic.............................................. “By the Sea” Memories Are Made of This” The will to do, the soul to dare 78 1957 Class ReunionFOOTBALL TEAM First Row, left to right: R. Norman, T. Trongone, D. DiDonato, S. Tesscsini, S. Drzyzga, R. Stahle, C. Grasso. E. Govoni, W. Irwin. T. Klenakis. Second Row: H. Smith, coach; J. Grasso, assistant manager; F. Kingsley, F. Uschman, A. Saracino. R. McGuire. G. Dubuc, T. O’Keefe, co-captain; D. Monaghan, co-captain, C. Robinson. J. Pisano. J. Bruno. R. White. H. Lconardi, assistant coach; H. Rivers, manager. Third Row: C. Clark, E. Daglio, R. Broggi, J. Phillips, R. Glogowski. C. Hodges, J. Rcnaldi, W. Lctellier. W. Blanchard. R. Aversa, A. Pasquale, W. McCarthy. Seniors.FOOTBALL With the opening of the 1955-56 football season, Agawam High saw the return of Harm Smith as head coach, after his one year’s leave of absence. During this season the AA Football Conference of Western Mass, was formed. It consisted of the top eight football teams in this area with Agawam being included in the conference. Our eleven had an eight game schedule but due to the inclement weather only six of the eight games were played. Of the six games our boys won only one, tied one, and lost four. This was more or less expected this season due to the fact that we produced a young, green, and new team. Prospects for next year shape up rather smartly. Our senior ballplayers were Thomas O’Keefe and David Monaghan, captains; Stanley Drzyzga, Richard Stahlc, Gerard Dubuc, William Irwin, Robert McGuire, Charles Robinson, William Blanchard, Harry Rivers, manager; and Chester Krygowski, freshman assistant coach.D. MONAGHAN BASKETBALL This year’s varsity basketball team was the first to play on the new Agawam High School court, which is the best court in the area. Although the team practiced hard and diligently, they suffered an unsuccessful season as they managed to win only one game. This was due partly to the lack of height of the players; and as a team, inexperience. Mr. Kistncr, who has been head basketball coach for the past eight years, resigned at the end of the season to accept an administra- tive position in the Agawam system. Senior members were Robert Bcltrandi, William Irwin, David Monaghan, Richard Orr, and Carmen Rodio. W. IRWIN R. ORR SCHEDULE Commerce Classical Easthampton Home Ludlow Away West Springfield Away Enfield Away Ware Away Easthampton Away Ludlow Home West Springfield Enfield Ware Home Dec. 16 Dec. 20 Jan. 3 Jan. 6 Jan. 10 Jan. 13 Jan. 17 Jan. 20 Jan. 24 Jan. 26 Jan. 3 Feb. 3 R. BELTRANDI C. RODIO JUNIOR VARSITYBASEBALL This year’s baseball team was coached by Coach Leonardi. Coach Leonardi worked hard with the boys during spring training in an effort to produce a good snappy team. He had a successful season, producing a number of good ball players. Installed at Agawam High was the first pitching machine ever used in Agawam or any other school in Western Massachusetts. This fantastic machine can whip a ball over the plate at a rate of speed of between 80 and 90 miles an hour. Senior Members: R. Bcltrandi. D. Monaghan, S. Drzyzga, C. Krygowski. Managers. SCHEDULE April 17 Easthainpton Home April 20 Enfield Away April 24 Ludlow Home April 27 Palmer Home May 1 Westovcr Away May 4 Westovcr Home May 8 South Hadley Away May 11 Ware Home May 15 West Springfield Away May 18 Easthainpton Away May 22 Enfield Home May 25 Ludlow Away May 29 Palmer Away June 1 South Hadley Home June 5 Ware Away June 8 West Springfield Home June 12 Longmeadow Home 83GIRLS’ SPORTS In previous years the program has included volleyball, basketball, and softball. This year, so that the girls will be able to make use of the new tennis court, softball will be replaced by badminton and tennis. Director....................................... Miss Dorothy Hastings Senior Members: Mary Belcher. Joyce Chriscola, Jean DeForge. Jeanette Furiani. Georgia King, Rosalie Mascaro, Barbara Meissner, Joanne Meissner. Muriel Miller, and Barbara Morassi. Who can enjoy alone 84Autngraplia 86POND BROTHERS c+s INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance For: Wedding Gifts - Furniture - Dwellings Automobiles - Accident and Health REALTORS Residential, Business and Industrial Properties Mortgages - Appraisals A Complete Building Service 719 Main Street Agawam Center We Represent Stock and Mutual Companies Everybody's business is nobody's businessLearn To Save Save To I earn West Springfield Cooperative Bank 37 Elm Street West Springfield T. J. Murray SPECIALIZING IN HARD CHROME PLATING Chrome, Nickel, Cadmium, Zinc Silver Plating Antique Finishes, Polishing, Buffing Rapid Delivery — Work Guaranteed Production and Job Work Phones: Bus. RE 2-3129 - RE 2-3120 — Residence RE 3-4231 964 Main Street West Springfield, Mass. Silence is more eloquent than words. —Carlyle(BLUE) COAL (KOPPERS) COKE (SOCONY) FUEL and RANGE OIL BARRY COAL, Inc. Installation and Service of ★ ★ YORK OIL BURNERS ★ ★ Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping Telephones: RE 2-9791 - RE 2-0542 772 Union Street West Springfield Never a wicked man was wise STRATHMORE PAPER COMPANY MILLS AT WEST SPRINGFIELD and WORONOCO, MASS. Manufacturers of Bond, Writing, and Thin Papers ★ Book Text and Cover Papers ★ Artist Papers and Boards Blue Print Stock Wedding Papers and Bristols Greeting Card and Specialty Papers. Paper Is Part of The Picture 7 (§ V imgCMS TOECSScCR]@0 Builders of Special Machinery Contract Machine Work 270 MAIN STREET AGAWAM. MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: SPRINGFIELD REpublic 4-4992 A GOOD PLACE TO WORK An impudent face never marriesModerate measures succeed bestG. A. Armstrong Heating Co For All Types of Heating Systems Hot Water — Steam — Radiant Heat Baseboard or Any Kind of Radiation Air Conditioning — Cooling and Heating Domestic and Commercial 65 Maple Street North Agawam Tel. RE 7-0338 Tel. RE 7-6355 Compliments of Southworth Company A friend is to be taken with his faultsRest 'Wishes throughout the ears From the Societies of SACRED HEART CHURCH Feeding Hills, Massachusetts ★ HOLY NAME SOCIETY ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY SACRED HEART SOCIAL CLUB KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR SOCIETY OUR LADY OF FATIMA SODALITY SACRED HEART A. C. SENIOR CHOIR CHILDREN'S CHOIR Rev. Leonard M. Della Badia, C.P.S. Rev. George W. Connors, C.P.S. The more understanding the fewer the wordsCompliments of Fiberwood Container, Inc. 490 Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. • TOP QUALITY MERCHANDISE . . . Our shelves and showcases contain only the highest grade meats, groceries, vegetables, and dairy products. • PRICES CONSISTENT WITH QUALITY . . . Quality governs the price — and our prices are the lowest possible for the grade of items we sell. • S £H GREEN STAMPS . . . Backed by years of solid standing, the S SH Green Stamp plan is the choice of millions of economy-wise housewives. Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingersCongratulations to the Class of 1956 JASMIN'S PHARMACY AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTER He jests at scars that never felt a woundThe National Library Bindery Co. SPECIALISTS IN LIBRARY BINDING c+s 271 Park Street West Springfield Construction Service, Inc. 73 Rocus Street Springfield, Massachusetts TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE WASHED SAND and GRAVEL Plants Springfield RE 3-6631 Palmer - Wilbraham LY 6-3964 Affiliated Plants Worcester, Southbridge and North Grafton, Mass. Manchester and Nashua, N. H. Who has lost his freedom has nothing else to loseCompliments of RIVERSIDE PARK BOWLING ALLEYS 18 Automatic Pinsetters OPEN ALL YEAR AROUND Call for Reservation RE 7-1438 RE 7-1439 What's past help is beyond preventionCongratulations and Felicitations to AGAWAM HIGH-CLASS OF 1956 St. John the Evangelist Parish Rev. John P. Shannon Compliments of Turcotte Manufacturing Co. Tools, Dies and Special Machinery Telephone RE 4-8203 — RE 4-8204 28 Ramah Circle Agawam, Massachusetts He who loses his temper is in the wrongGARDEN HOME POWER EQUIPMENT "We Service What We Sell" POWER MOWERS GRAVELY GARDEN TRACTORS CHAIN SAWS SWEEPERS GRASS SEED FERTILIZER Complete line of Grass Cutting and Mainte- nance Equipment and Supplies for Golf Courses • Park Departments • Estates • Airports • Highways • Cemeteries • Schools and Colleges • Institutions • Home Lawns. WEIDENMILLER - MAGOVERN CO. Springfield RE 3-6638 Pittsfield 3-1677 Hartford JA 9-2592 It is better to bend than breakHedges - Sattler, Inc. W. E. Sattler, Treasurer Phone RE 2-3154 683 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass. Steaks - Lobsters - Chops — Cooked to Order Willard's Restaurant Catering to Private Parties Breakfast Served at Our Cafeteria from 7 A. M. For Reservations Call RE 4-9760 141-143 Chestnut Street Springfield, Mass. The object of oratory is not truth, but persuasionCHRISCOLA'S FARM EQUIPMENT, Inc. Formal Tractors And McCormick Farm Implements — Milking Machines International "300" Utility Tractors Home Freezers — Refrigerators Parts and Service Universal Electric Appliances R.C.A. Estate Ranges and Radios Havoland Motor Oil and Greases RE 2-9432 — Telephones — RE 7-5487 Suffield Street Agawam, Mass. Never injure a friend, even in jestSPRINGFIELD ICE FUEL CO. “It Pleases Us to Please You” Processed Ice — Locker Storage Heating Oil Tel. RE 2-5173 225 Hickory Street Springfield, Mass. $1. 2). Soximeu Sfunemi Slcmie Established Over 70 Years MARTIN W. MALONEY, Funeral Director Telephone RE 2-2278 1065 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass. Some folks are wise, and some are otherwiseCompliments of BAY STATE FILM PRODUCTIONS, Inc. All good things which exist are the fruits of originalityf FOR FREE DEMONSTRATION RIDE IN THE ALL NEW 1956 FORD Call SARAT FORD SALES AGAWAM'S FORD DEALER RE 3-3902 — Telephones — RE 4-1331 250 Springfield Street North Agawam Mary Ann Dairy Bar and Restaurant Complete Line of Ice Cream Full Line of Food 340 Walnut Street Agawam Shopping Center WE WISH THE SENIOR CLASS SUCCESS — Management The more noble the more humbleCompliments of FriendCompliments of Dr. and Mrs. EBER A. WEIN CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF ’56 DR. R. E. McCORMICK Professional Building 53 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. No sunshine but hath some shadowCompliments of N. J. De MONT CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. 90 Albert Street Agawam, Mass. Big words seldom go with good deedsCompliments of HAMPDEN FENCE CO. 19 SPENCER STREET North Agawam HOW OUR BANK SERVES AGAWAM The Town of Agawam is made up of people; and the business of a bank like ours is helping people with money matters of every kind. We safeguard your deposits; and share our experience in financial problems. The entire Agawam area — individuals, families, businesses — benefit from our services. Whether you want to start a savings account, borrow to improve your home, finance a car, or meet a payroll — our friendly folks wili help you at your Agawam community branch bank. SPRINGFIELD NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation He who endures with patience is a conquerorBOSWORTH STUDIO Official Photographer of the Senior Class The best gift you can give is your photograph Today’s pictures are tomorrow’s keepsakes Telephone RE 2-2211 1537 Main Street Springfield, Mass. He is well paid that is well satisfiedCURRAN-JONES FUNERAL HOME 109 Main Street West Springfield Make Our Bank — Your Bank You can have the things you want by saving — regularly. We'll welcome your account. WEST SPRINGFIELD BRANCH WESTFIELD SAVINGS BANK 120 Elm Street Opposite Theater Who never climbed never fell9}iteKnaticna£ FOUNDED 1885 Springfield, Massachusetts “Serving the Connecticut River Valley” History: Established 1885. Co-Educational. Enrollment 800. Non-Sectarian Branches: Bermuda - Azores Recognized or Accredited by: American Council on Education - New England Association ot Colleges American Medical Association - United States Office of Education Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York Degrees offered in: Liberal Arts - Elementary Education Business Education - Business Administration (Both day and evening) Also, a two-year program leading to degree of Associate in Commercial Science Many opportunities for part-time employment A1C The College Where An Individual Counts” Wishes won't wash dishesOUR SINCERE BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1956 WICO ELECTRIC COMPANY WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR A P MANAGERS and CLERKS One today is Worth two tomorrowsSure.... your friends can come, too! When you go to work for the Telephone Company, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a pleasant, congenial group your own age. WORKING FOR THE TELEPHONE COMPANY OFFERS MANY ADVANTAGES ★ Good starting salary — regular raises ★ Responsibility in a position of real im- portance to your community ★ The pleasure of working with congenial people in pleasant surroundings ★ A secure job with a reliable company that’s known and respected everywhere There are lots of excellent opportunities for girls finishing High School. Come in and talk to us today. We’ll he glad to give you all the details. Talk with your Guidance Counselor, if your school has one, about when and where to apply. ® We're looking forward to seeing you. “No” and “yes” cause long disputesCompliments of Guthrie Fence Co., The Inc. Connecticut Valley Block Co. — Cinder Concrete Building Block Tels. RE 6-3234 — RE 3-3901 and Tile 765 COLUMBUS AVENUE 3 Bramble Avenue West Springfield, Mass. Springfield 5, Mass. Waniewski Turkey Farm Genton Clothes Poultry of All Kinds c s Chicken Barbecueing Our Specialty Turkey Pies and Turkey Meat Loafs Boned and Rolled Turkeys 1130 RIVERDALE ROAD FEEDING HILLS Telephones: RE 4-2491 — RE 4-6116 — RE 6-5917 WEST SPRINGFIELD A man's true wealth is the good he does in the worldBest Wishes to the Class of ’56 Mario Deloghia Trucking ★ AGAWAM, MASS. F. W. Hemsworth WHOLESALE MEATS Telephone RE 7-2598 — ST 9-3583 385 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass. Never a Bum Steer if You Buy Your Meat From FREDDY HEMSWORTH A wager is a fool’s argumentCURTAINS BLANKETS HAND IRONING a SPECIALTY We Own and Operate Our Own Plants and CUSTOM W CLEANERS MOTH PROOFING WEATHER PROOFING FUR CLEANING and STORAGE Since 1907 Dial RE 6-3616 333 BELMONT AVENUE Esso Service Center H. L. Light, Prop. FEEDING HILLS. MASS. Compliments of Triangle Restaurant Emerson Sylvania Zenith Hawthorne Radio Television 332 SUFFIELD STREET A. A. Alves C. J. Fcrriole Radio Television Service Tel. RE 2-7541 6 Southwick Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Wisdom goes not always by yearsCompliments of Packaging Service, Inc. International Harvester Co. 268 Park Street West Springfield, Massachusetts Who can control his fateCompliments of Compliments of Tinti's Restaurant Central Package Store, Inc. Accommodations for EDDIE and RAY MASI, Props. WEDDINGS — BANQUETS — PARTIES ★ Telephone RE 3-6221 22 King Street North Agawam 52 River Street North Agawam Jones Variety Store Agawam Lumber Co. "A Little of Everything' Cabinets— Hardware — Fixtures HALLMARK CARDS Lumber — Planing — Paint SANDER FOR HIRE — Tel. RE 4-9843 Telephone RE 9-9624 251 Elm Street West Springfield, Mass. 1804 Main St. Agawam, Mass. Modesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praiseFlowers for All Occasions Keefe Florist 266 Walnut Street Tel. RE 4-4073 Compliments of Federal Hill Club Agawam, Mass. They conquer who believe they canCompliments of K. 1. Morley CONGRATULATIONS! ★ ★ ★ CLASS OF 1956 A Friend 39 Ottawa Street North Agawam • West Springfield PRECISION TOOLS 6 GAUGES Oxford Tool The White Hut Gauge Co., Inc. WALTER DAUBITZ 280 Memorial Avenue Tel. RE 2-6214 West Springfield 198 Norman Street West Springfield, Mass. Speech is the gift of all, but thought of fewSpringfield Freight Lines, Inc Foot of Western Avenue, West Side SERVING ALL MASS. POINTS Gilbert Barker Mfg. Co. WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. An ounce of vanity spoils a hundred-weight of meritJoe Marieb's Home Appliance Joseph Marieb, Prop. RADIOS — TELEVISION NORGE APPUANCES Compliments of Webster's Service Station Tel. RE 4-2659 798 Main Street 634 Springfield Street Feeding Hills Agawam, Mass. Retail Furniture Warehouse, Inc. The Oldest and Largest Wayside Furniture Store in Western Mass. Compliments of the Bridgeview Grille Tel. RE 7-1441 1651 Riverdale Street West Springfield, Mass. Agawam Hear much, speak littleClark Jones WHOLESALE MEATS TELEPHONES: ST 9-6403 and RE 7-2598 385 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass. TRY YOUR LOCAL WHOLESALER FOR TOP GRADE MEATS AND SERVICE ‘7 IPs Worth Printing at All, IPs Worth Printing Right” Telephone RE 4-2187 State and Andrew Streets Springfield, Massachusetts ’Tis our quarrels that spoil our prayers Bay Path Junior Compliments of College Carol Jane Shoppe Courses of Study: Executive Secretarial Medical Secretarial Commercial Art Longmeadow, Mass Telephone LO 7-3371 B. D. Nims Lumber Co. Letourneau Youngs Established 1917 “Agawam’s Television Center” Lumber and Building Materials Paint - Masons' Supplies - Hardware SALES — SERVICE — INSTALLATION SYLVANIA Compliments of Tel. RE 2-6253 LENNY LETOURNEAU 5 AL YOUNGS 253 Baldwin Street West Springfield, Mass. A good wife makes a good husbandStandard Wood Products Co JAMES J. MERCADANTE Manufacturers of High Grade Frames Carving - Designing - Custom Work Tel. RE 4-5688 - RE 4-5689 40 Napier Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of PERKINS MACHINE AND GEAR CO. CIRCUIT AVENUE WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Who doth no evil is apt to suspect none1 Compliments of William's Pharmacy John A. MacPherson 182 Elm Street RE 3-1007 Upholstering and New Furniture 677 Westfield Street RE 3-4017 For those who prefer quality craftsmanship and destinctive fabrics Call RE 3-7981 Open evenings from 5 to 9 416 Springfield Street North Agawam West Springfield Compliments of National Gage Die Co., Inc. 3n itlemorp of iflrs. ffl. 3- Babis 11 Ramah Circle Agawam, Mass. Stop eating when you are enjoying it mostP B Engraving Co PHOTO-ENGRAVERS • FAST PRODUCTION • FINE REPRODUCTION 1618 Main Street Springfield, Mass. Associated Engineers, Inc. Bowles-Agawam Airport Agawam, Mass. "A Complete Service to Industry” Branches in Boston, Worcester, Albany, Cincinnati and Los Angeles Consulting, Production Management, Engineering Product Design and Styling — Tool and Machine Design Drafting — Tool and Machine Building — Test Equipment Contract Manufacturing When a rogue kisses you count your teethCompliments of Compliments of Dubuc Bros. Dr. M. Dalitzky GENERAL CONTRACTORS DENTIST ★ ★ ★ ★ Tel. RE 4-7425 — RE 4-5595 — RE 7-6410 Telephone RE 7-9678 187 Colemore Street Feeding Hills, Mass. 7171 2 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Bill's Gulf Service Station and COCKSHUTT FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS Speed Hegeman INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE Serving West Springfield and Agawam ★ Telephone RE 2-1252 949 Springfield Street Feeding Hills Telephone RE 7-2604 54 Elm Street West Springfield Bad memory has its root in bad attentionCompliments of Dr. and Mrs. Simon J. Ramah Memo to: Park Edge Secretarial School 187 Sumner Avenue, Springfield I am interested in becoming a MEDICAL, LEGAL, or PRIVATE SECRETARY. I understand the intensive course may be completed in FOUR AND ONE-HALF MONTHS. Name ....................... Address ................ Mail to Miss Helen O'Keefe, Director or telephone RE 6-8931 for appointment Licensed by Commonwealth of Mass. Board of Education Time and opportunity are no man’s slaveCompliments of Marceno Barber Shop ★ Agawam Shopping Center Twin Brook Dairy Farms B. BONOMI £ SONS Producers of Quality Dairy Products Homogenized "Vit. D" Visit one of the most modern Dairy Farms in this area. 1383 Suffield Street Tel. RE 4-6110 Agawam, Massachusetts Barker Chemical Co. INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS West Springfield, Mass Aitken Flowers Telephone RE 3-3104 22 Vernon Street Springfield C4 3 Greenhouse River Road, Agawam Better an empty purse than an empty headA. L PHELPS, Inc. CONTRACTORS Tel. RE 7-4739 11 Andrew Street Springfield, Mass. Best Wishes to Class of 1956 S. S. KRESGE CO. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Heaven would often be unjust if it answered our prayersSpringfield Commercial Body Co., Inc. Friendly Service Station Alba P. Hanks, Prop. A. W. WHITE, Manager LUBRICATION A SPECIALTY Tires — Batteries — Accessories Anthony Dump Bodies - Lift Gates Superior Busses 350 Main Street Agawam Tel. RE 6-9713 1718 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Agawam Leasing Co. Everything for the Builder Do It Yourself and Save Lucia Lumber Co. Complete Truck Rental Service Windows — Doors Oak Flooring — Inside Trim ★ ★ ★ Framing Lumber — Roofing Material Insulating Material Native and Western Lumber Tel. RE 4-7405 Tel. RE 6-7286 396 Main Street Agawam Agawam, Mass. Faults are thick where love is thinBEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1956 P. B. ARNOLD SONS MILK and CREAM 556 Springfield Street Tel. RE 6-1310 Compliments of V. J. MORENO INSURANCE AGENCY 375 WALNUT STREET Agawam, Mass. Tel. RE 2-2263 The secret of success is constancy of purposeCompliments of Ace Signs, Inc. Twin Oaks, Inc. ★ ★ Tel. RE 9-2433 FEEDING HILLS. MASS. 360 Armory St Springfield, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of State Line Springfield Toro Co. Package Store POWER MOWERS S POWER TOOLS EARL SEIBERT. Owner Free Delivery Telephone RE 4-0180 Call RE 2-6448 1813 Main Street Aqawam 33 River Road Agawam Distrust is poison to friendshipPETER P. NORMAN INSURANCE AGENCY ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE RE 6-2059 2766 MAIN ST. Springfield Compliments of THE AGAWAM NEWS YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER Borrowed garments never fit wellDr. Richard Rabinowitz OPTOMETRIST Bobby McGuire's Steak House LIQUOR and FOOD CK9 Tel. RE 9-1945 12 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. Tel. RE 9-8431 386 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. Dr. Michael S. Nabeska Western Mass. Distributor for HELPERIZE PAINT REMOVER CHIROPODIST Northeast Airmotive X-Ray Diagnosis Corp. The Original Wash-Away Paint Remover -o- Contract Paint Removers Aircraft Maintenance — Machine 5 Tool Work Tel. RE 4-7058 1000 River Road 1 12 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. Agawam, Mass. Tel. RE 6-9313 Walter J. O'Connor What a man desires he easily believesL. G. Balfour Company Class rings, Commencement Announcements Club pins, Diplomas, Medals Trophies Taylor Yearbook Company The finest in High School yearbooks represented by Gron P. Lloyd, Mgr. P. O. Box 144 H. Bruce Riefe Canaan, Connecticut Compliments ol MAURICE CASEY, Inc. Established 1896 Wholesale and Retail MILK, CREAM and ICE CREAM 19 Dubois St. Westfield, Massachusetts Every man judges of others by himselfBob Parks Compliments of Atlantic Service Wonder Meats, Inc. Complete Repairs — Road Service DAY: RE 4-9589 NIGHT: RE 7-8910 WALNUT STREET 55 Elm Street W. Springfield, Mass. NORTH AGAWAM, MASS. Johnnie Page, Florist Compliments of “Flowers Say It Best” Stella's Restaurant 84 MAPLE STREET North Agawam, Mass. Dial ST 8-4632 Agawam Shopping Center "Where Every Bite is Just Right" Accommodations for Parties 379 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. Air Conditioned Liquor A quiet tongue shows a wise headAcrebrook of Agawam, Inc. Best of Foods and Liquors PIZZA Special Rates for PARTIES BANQUETS WEDDINGS Orchestra Every Saturday Rte. 57 Feeding Hills Tel. RE 9-8575 Compliments of The Agawam Community Y. M. C. A. c+s RE 3-8272 P. O. Box 229 Agawam, Mass. He is most cheated who cheats himselfBattistoni Compliments of Lumber Co. Dr. Samuel P. Sawyer j ★ ★ ★ — COLLEGE HIGHWAY Southwick Massachusetts 20 MAPLE STREET Springfield. Mass. Edward J. Carroll SALES SERVICE Parkview Restaurant Cocktail Lounge Allen Lawnmower Co. E. S. McLean. Owner Tel. RE 3-7837 RIVERSIDE PARK C -9 DOTTIE S DAVE CORMIER Your Hosts 20 RIVER STREET West Springfield, Mass. Whoever lives true life will love true loveMerk's, Inc. Sporting Goods Store Fishing, Hunting, Archery, Skiing, Skating, Tennis and all other Sport Equipment. Brand names such as Spaldings, Rawlings, American Archery, Seamless Rubber, Cortland, Wilson, Dudley, and Mitchell and Ocean City Fishing Rods and Reels. Owned and Operated by Mercadantes' Tel. REpublic 7-2309 378 Walnut Street Agawam Shopping Center Compliments of The Third National Bank and Trust Company of Springfield Offices in Springfield and West Springfield for your convenience Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I Content is more than a kingdomCharles DuBois Hodges CONGRATULATIONS — Photographic Hi-Fi Portraits CLASS OF 1956 Brides Groups Boyer's Garage Telephone RE 2-6550 817 Main Street Agawam Center S SH Green Stamps Compliments of Ledger Bros. Garage Eddie A. J. Le+endre CONTRACTOR and BUILDER GENERAL REPAIRING and ROAD SERVICE of FINE HOMES ★ Tel. RE 2-7502 Telephone LO 7-7095 830 Springfield Street Feeding Hill, Mass. 6 Massachusetts Ave. Longmeadow A good conscience is a continual ChristmasMay we take this opportunity to thank our many friends for their past patronage and we are looking forward to seeing them at our new address. Cocktail Restaurant Lounge 456 Sumner Avenue Allen and Adele Jaycox For a Good Buy on Used Cars or New See George D. Canegallo at Springfield Buick Co. 630 Main Street Tel. RE 2-4126 Springfield, Mass. Every why hath a wherefore1 For Style For Leadership Compliments of For Correctness It's Haynes Varsity Del's Variety Store Shop 50 Walnut Street 1502 Main Street Springfield, Mass North Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Ferranti's Package Compliments of Store Roberts Delivery ★ Service 1122 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. Sloth makei all things difficultCompliments of ALDERMAN Mac NEISH JOHN F. ROSATI All Types of Bulldozer Work — Trucking Crane Work Tires and Batteries Call: RE 2-9793 or RE 2-4567 415 SILVER STREET AGAWAM A man is not better than his conversationAtwater Nurseries NURSERYMEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Evergreens and Ornamental Trees ROSES — HEDGING — SHRUBS FRUIT TREES and SMALL FRUITS Specialists in Hybrid Blueberries Scotts Lawn Seed — Turf Builder Pest Control — Agrico Garden Fertilizer Peat Moss Phone RE 4-1651 368 South Street Agawam, Mass. Rocky's Hardware Co. R. J. Falcone, Prop. Paints — Tools — Wall Paper Phone RE 2-1031 991 Main St.. Cor. Union Springfield, Mass. James Morrison Florist FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CORSAGES A SPECIALTY Agawam Tel. RE 6-0479 To be proud of knowledge is to be blind with lightAlways A Good Deal At Agawam's Only Chevrolet Dealer SUBURBAN CHEVROLET, Inc. NEW CARS USED CARS We Service All Makes of Cars Open Evenings GORDON SALMONSEN 195 So. Westfield Street ED McMAHON RE 9-3814 ANDREW C. GALLANO DAVID C. GALLANO AMERICA'S FAVORITE FROZEN DESSERT Western Mass. Tastee Freez Co., Inc. AGAWAM, MASS. "21 Stores in Operation" Riches either serve or govern the possessor. —HoraceAgawam Printing Company Farnsworth Coal Oil Co. LINOTYPE COMPOSITION OFFSET and LETTERPRESS Coal — Connecticut Coke Mobilheat Fuel Oil Silent Glow Oil Burners SALES and SERVICE Telephone RE 7-4190 470 Westfield St. West Springfield, Mass. Tel. RE 6-6377 884 Union Street West Springfield, Mass Nino J. Mencarelli Quality Since 1898 OPTICIAN — JEWELER True Brothers, Inc. Jeweler Phone RE 2-2067 54 Vernon Street Springfield, Mass. 1390 Main Street He who does no good does evil enoughStandard Industrial Supply Co., Inc Distributors Boston Gear Works L. S. Starrett Co. Delta Power Tools Logan Lathes 246 Chestnut Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of Wilson-Thompson Post 185 THE AMERICAN LEGION c Agawam, Mass. A good servant makes a good masterAdam E. Letendre Ramah Realty Co., Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTOR and BUILDER of QUALITY HOMES JOSEPH P. RAMAH, President Builders and Promoters of Agawam Shopping Center ★ ★ 75 Letendre Avenue Feeding Hills Telephone RE 6-1846 333 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass West Side Auto Body Refer Your Range and Fuel Oil Requirements to ALEX GUIEL, Prop. Everything in the Auto Body Line High Grade Painting Is Our Specialty Bill Christian Fuel Oil Service Cor. Main and Mulberry Streets Phone RE 3-8844 Phone RE 3-3592 West Springfield, Mass. 71 Cooley Street North Agawam, Mass. All good things are not given to oneCompliments of New England Printing Co., Inc. ★ ★ ★ 20 Arnold Street WESTFIELD, MASS. Compliments of Zielinski Bros. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Agawam, Massachusetts The sting of a reproach is the truth of itCustom Car Wash Repairs PARTS 5 ACCESSORIES Best Wishes to the Class of ’56 Lou's Texaco Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Louis Caruso James A. O'Keefe Phone: REpublic 9-8661 308 Suffeld Street Agawam, Mass. Home and Garden Compliments of Center Dr. Robert A. Gannon Tel. RE 2-9011 599 MEADOW STREET 116 Elm Street Agawam, Massachusetts West Springfield Unkindness has no remedy at lawCampbell Service Compliments of Installing and Servicing All Makes Stoves, Oil Burners, Swede's Jewelers Gas Units and Washers Tel. RE 6-4923 AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTER 28 Jasper Street Springfield 9, Mass. Compliments of Chicopee Engineering Asso. Best Wishes to Class of “56” METAL FABRICATORS Frank Moriarty 7 Springfield Street Chicopee, Mass. Suspicion often haunts the guilty mindVERNE SPEAR Compliments of Cronin Co., Inc. Spear Lumber Co. Building Materials Du Pont Paints West Suffield, Conn. 161 Old Bridge Street West Springfield ENJOY LIFE Simone WITH Upholstering Co. SWEET LIFE FOODS Telephone RE 2-6007 277 Garden Street Feeding Hills, Mass. A good conscience is the best lawRange and Fuel Oil Oil Burner Sales and Service Agawam Oil Burner Service RE 9-2409 298 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. 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Roy Auto Sales TRADES — USED CARS — TERMS Agawam Bridge End of Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass Dealer in Top Quality Automobiles Telephone Springfield RE 3-2214 Res. Suffield, Conn. NOrth 8-2597 New England Aero Tech School of Aviation SCHOOL OF AVIATION Tel. RE 7-0283 Bowles Airport Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Norma's Specialty Shop Specializing in Women's Apparel C+-9 ST 8-6438 336 Walnut Street Agawam Shopping Center Best Wishes to the Class of ’56 from Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company —o— 1250 State Street Springfield 1, Massachusetts We know what we are, but we know not what we may beSerra Baking Co., Inc. East Court Bakers of Italian and French Bread Auto Park Rolls "Service with a Smile” Tel. RE 4-4484 1011 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass. Corner East Court and Market Streets The Gaugh School Compliments of Of Business Franklin Cleaners and Dyers Prepare Yourself for the Future Accounting — Shorthand — Speedwriting Typewriting — Comptometer — Business English FUR STORAGE Plant and Office on Premises Day and Evening Telephone RE 6-5449 — RE 6-5440 182 State Street RE 6-3366 Springfield 281 Mill Street Springfield A good word is as soon said as a bad oneFred's Hardware Compliments Store of HOUSEWARE — PAINTS — TOYS Agawam Bowl Garden and Grass Seeds "We Sell the Best and Service the Rest" YOUR RECREATION CENTER S6 H Green Stamps c+s Tel. RE 7-0170 764 Springfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass. Valentine R. Moreno, Prop. Hour Glass Cleaners One Hour Cleaning Service Compliments of REpublic 9-4043 Pick Up Delivery Service Meissner Landauer 386 WALNUT STREET Agawam, Mass. The greatest of all human benefits is independenceHowell Machining Redden - Sanderson, Grinding Co. Inc. J. Arthur Howell — Robert W. Howell GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS Kenneth A. Howell cw 120 Memorial Avenue 14 Napier Street Springfield, Mass. West Springfield, Mass. Sweet's Pharmacy, Independent Fence Inc. and Iron Works, Inc. ★ Tel. RE 6-0552 — RE 6-0132 Tel. RE 7-8881 1349 Main Street Agawam 140 Elm Street West Springfield Residence, 1049 River Road, Agawam. I fear explanation explanatory of things explainedCharles Ferrero PLUMBING and HEATING C+J Tel. RE 6-6628 412 North West Street Feeding Hills. Mass. ESSO HEAT A. Borsari Oil Service, Inc. Bulk Plant 100,000 Gallons Capacity Oil Burner Service Printed Metered Delivery Office Tel. RE 2-2320 Res. Tel. RE 2-0702 1039 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Sincere Congratulations and Much Success to Class of ’56 St. Anthony's Parish BEST WISHES Dr. William E. Coons M.D. A useless life is but an early deathLittle Raceland Alfred M. Grasso A. BOCCASILE, Prop. FULL COURSE DINNERS CATERING TO BANQUETS £ WEDDINGS Excavating and Trucking ★ Telephone RE 2-4283 Silver Street Agawam, Mass. Tel. RE 6-6020 628 Meadow Street Agawam Front Street Market C. E. Smith Drug Store EDWARD W. TALMADGE Groceries — Meats — Fresh Vegetables We Deliver ROBERT G. BLACKIE, Reg. Pharmacist ★ 94 Front Street West Springfield, Mass. Phones: RE 2-1512 — RE 4-9783 90 Front Street West Springfield, Mass. Truth is the highest thing that man may keepCompliments of FIRST IN FORMAL WEAR Experimental and Tool Works, Inc. S. M. White Men's Shop Fine Formal Wear to Rent Tools, Dies, Moulds, Gauges and Developing — ★ — West Springfield, Mass. SOUTH END SHOPPING CENTER Springfield Paul G. Query Compliments of Dentist Dave's — Filling Station Telephone RE 4-3820 Moreno Professional Building 758 Union Street 375 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. West Springfield, Mass. Debate is masculine; conversation is feminineJohn Clo's Riverside Rollaway Super Market, Inc. "The Rink of Discipline" Evenings 8-11 — Sat., Sun. Mat. 2-5 Telephone RE 7-2613 C+ 9 886-888 Main Street West Springfield, Mass. Agawam, Mass Compliments of the Don't Forget Your Blessed Virgin Sodality Friendly Ice Cream of Stores ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH He that knows no guilt can know no fearPrecision Pattern Hudson Tool Co. Company, Inc. Tel. RE 3-9072 14 NAPIER STREET 14 NAPIER STREET Springfield, Mass. Springfield Massachusetts Allied Baking Co. Lou's Family Shoes HOME OF FINE BAKED GOODS Shoes For The Entire Family S H Green Stamps For All Occasions 361 WALNUT STREET (Agawam Shopping Mart) Patience is the companion of wisdom 10 la) FUNERAL SERVICE 2)ick inson-Streeter Co. 305 STATE STREET . SPRINGFIELD, MASS. GEORGE W. STREETER RICHARD C. STREETER G. WALLACE STREETER, JR. Compliments of H. G. Arnold MILK and CREAM Est. 1909 Fairbanks Auto School Oldest Auto School in New England Tel. RE 3-0458 20 Dwight Street Springfield, Mass. Let's Stop at The Igloo For the Best Sundaes in Town Our Own Freshly Made Ice Cream 589 Westfield Street West Springfield He that will conquer must fightPhone RE 2-8018 Established 1919 Compliments of Duplex Tire Service Hill Side Drive Inn RECAPPING — VULCANIZING NEW TIRES — BATTERIES ★ ★ ★ 340 Springfield Street Cor. Main and York Sts. Springfield 5, Mass. Agawam Agawam Plumbing Heating Co. Compliments of HOMER J. PARO Byron's Funeral Home Reliable and Courteous Service — ★ — Telephone RE 7-6947 Nothing is well said or done in a passionCompliments of B D Motors, Inc. Frederick Jewelers Main Street Springfield, Mass. Ace Signs, Inc. Tel. RE 9-2433 360 Armory Street Springfield, Mass. NEW and USED CARS — ★ — RE 9-2384 138 Westfield Street West Springfield Allan L. Baiardi Ralph E. Fullam FULLAM CO. REALTORS RE 6-6351 110 Elm St., West Springfield o. k mm Konnoth A. Holli tor Howard R. Brackott Justifying a fault doubles itCompliments of Agawam Furniture Sears Roebuck Co. Outlet 135 Memorial Avenue 363 Walnut Rear West Springfield Agawam, Mass. Agawam Oil and Burner Service BEST WISHES Gino Rossi, Prop. to the CLASS OF 1956 Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien's Corner Walter A. Meissner Agawam If we are wise, let us prepare for the worstCompliments of Agawam Luncheonette 705 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Starzic Service Station Wheel Balancing GENERAL REPAIRING ESSO PRODUCTS 1702 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Di Donato Sales and Service Willys Cars, Trucks and Jeeps Telephone RE 2-7094 300 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass Who bravely dares must sometimes risk a fallCompliments of Compliments of Armory Lehigh Fuels, Springfield Public Incorporated Market ★ 715 Albany Street Springfield Green S H Stamps FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1176 MAIN STREET Motor Parts Service Co. Louis J. Fasoli Automotive Parts at Wholesale Machine Shop Service Business Phone, Holyoke JE 2-3261 Residence. Springfield RE 2-3450 157 Main Street Holyoke, Mass. Res. 12 Reed Street Agawam Compliments of Cascio's Nursery 262 Meadow Street Agawam. Massachusetts All doors open to courtesyCompliments of Agawam Garage Supreme Diner ALA 24-Hour Towing Service GENERAL REPAIRS Automatic Transmission Repairs c+s 287 Memorial Avenue WILLIAM SISCO EDWARD RUSSELL West Springfield, Mass. Main Street Agawam, Mass Compliments of “The cheapest thing in the world is— Cook Builders' It doesn't cost anything to be nice to people” Supply Co. Compliments of Dealer in Mason's Supplies and Building Materials De Forge's Telephone RE 2-3193 Motor Service 850 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass — Comparison is not proof DONALD C. BILODEAU Signs ARTHUR L. BILODEAU General Contractors Buy! Agnoli Phone RE 9-6615 54 Green Acre Lane Agawam, Mass. Flower Fashions, Inc. Compliments of "Floral Designs as Fashionable as the Times" West Springfield Woodworking Co., Inc. • • 120 Bosworth Street Tel. RE 3-0167 West Springfield, Mass. 645 Westfield St. West Springfield, Mass. Sorrow is brief but joy is endlessD. Fini Sons Corner Package Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season James M. Moran, Prop. Tel. RE 3-9392 39 River Street West Springfield, Mass. Cor. Springfield and Rowley Streets Near Agawam Bridge Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of Royal Crown Aga-Mart Taxi Co. Bottling Co. At the Agawam Shopping Center Bottlers of Stephen Labun - George Labun R. C. Cola - Nehi - Par-T-Pak Tel. ST 8-6701 44 Ramah Circle Agawam, Mass. 79 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. Whatever is common is despisedRWELL KENNELS Dogs Boarded Tonelli's Little River Inn —- ★ — Tourists Accommodated RE 6-1306 30 North West Street Feeding Hills Telephone LOgan 2-3550 Route 20, Springfield-Westfield Road Westfield, Mass. Rising's Food Service, Inc. International Harvester Co. Catering at CAPTAIN CHARLES LEONARD HOUSE and STORROWTON, EASTERN STATES EXPOSITION Also for Clubs, Showers, Weddings and Informal Parties MOTOR TRUCK BRANCH Tel. RE 6-0770 RE 6-2836 RE 6-6074 268 Park Street West Springfield There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it soLynch for Lumber Serving Western New England for “24” Years with a complete line of BUILDING MATERIALS - WHOLESALE or RETAIL (We give S SH Green Stamps) Phone RE 9-4781 366 Memorial Ave. (rear) West Springfield, Mass. H. F. Lynch Lumber Co. Wooster Express, Inc. Motor Common Carrier Serving Connecticut - Massachusetts - Rhode Island New York - New Jersey Telephone STate 80911 37 Ramah Circle North Agawam River View Atlantic Service Complete Lubrication Service Car Washing River Road and School Street D H DELICATESSEN Specializing in Hot Corned Beef and Hot Pastromi Sandv iches Fried Chips and Fish for Friday For Delicacies See Us Tel. RE 2-7610 267 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of THE SILHOUETTE CLUB Enfield Street Thompson ville. Conn. When one will not, two cannot quarrelGraham - Wallengren Funeral Home, Inc. Compliments of Henry M. Wallengren, Pres. Truck Stop Garage JOSEPH MITCHELL RE 3-5174 619 State Street Springfield 9. Mass. Hill Top Acres, Inc. Joel E. Stuart Complete Radio and Television Service ★ 9 Grant Street Telephone RE 3-0555 Springfield 46 Washington Avenue Agawam, Mass. Fear always springs from ignoranceDiamonds - Watches - Jewelry - Gifts Greeting Cards LETALIEN JEWELER'S S H Green Stamps "Expert Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repair” Fully Guaranteed 383 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. CHAS. M. ROBINSON Range and Fuel Oils RE 4-0051 1504 Main Sttreet Agawam, Mass. Compliments of FRAN’S BARBER SHOP Opposite the Coliseum Congratulations — Class of 1956 LAURIENTE NURSERIES, Inc. 464 Main Street Agawam JAMES W. CESAN SONS Growers of Vegetables and Tobacco Tel. RE 3-8709 407 N. West Street Feeding Hills OAK GROVE USED FURNITURE ANTIQUES Frederick Campbell, Sr. Phone: Springfield JOrdan 9-3233 Springfield Road Southwick, Mass. AGAWAM SUPERETTE John Polopek, Prop. MEATS — GROCERIES — VARIETY 400 Cooper Street, Cor. Suffield Agawam, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of ’56 BOB'S VARIETY STORE 134 Eastern Avenue Springfield, Mass. Bad men excuse their faults; good men leave themSILVER STAR RESTAURANT Accommodations for WEDDINGS — BANQUETS — PARTIES Phone RE 4-9782 45 King Street, Agawam Best Wishes MASS. FIRE EQUIPMENT CORP. 1392 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of BEST WISHES EDDIE'S MARKET to the CLASS OF 1956 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bontempo FINE GROCERIES Operated by HERMAN A. MUTTI Telephone RE 2-2941 600 King's Highway West Springfield PIONEER DAIRY CO. FEEDING HILLS PUBLIC MARKET MILK, CREAM and ICE CREAM Tel. Southwick JOrdan 9-6132 T. Marieb, Prop. GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS, MEATS FLOUR and GRAIN Springfield Street Southwick, Mass. 634 Springfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass Compliments of JERRY'S LAUNDERETTE JOHNNIES DRIVE IN AND CLEANERS Specializing in Sea Foods Chicken in the Basket — Grinders Cor. Springfield and Moreland St., Feeding Hills 373 Walnut Street (Agawam's New Shopping Center) The art of silence is as great as that of speechG S MARKET G GANDINI — TOM COLLI, Props. Telephone RE 4-8744 31 Bridge Street North Agawam Compliments of AGAWAM CAFE DINING and DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Compliments of DOC’S BARBER SHOP SECCHI'S MUSIC SHOP MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — INSTRUCTION REPAIR SPECIALISTS Tel. RE 3-4886 State and Maple Streets Springfield, Mass. THE GARDENS RESTAURANT DINNERS — LUNCHES — SANDWICHES Home Baked Pastry Novelty Salts and Peppers Tel. JO 9-3249 College Highway Southwick, Mass. BROWN’S MEATS GROCERIES VEGETABLES Telephone RE 4-9417 Main Street at River Road Agawam, Massachusetts BAYSIDE HOSIERY DEPT. STORE We Specialize in Teen-Agers’ Apparel S H Green Stamps O’Brien’s Comer Springfield Street North Agawam CASTELLINI FUEL OIL 42 Moore Street North Agawam That war is only just which is necessaryCompliments RICHARD'S DRY CLEANING SERVICE of AGAWAM PUBLIC MARKET Pick Up and Delivery Five Day Service GEORGE R. ROBINSON, Mgr. Tel. RE 6-6820 707 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of AGAWAM PAINT HARDWARE LISWELL HILL FARM Formerly GALLANO'S GILES W. HALLADAY 303 Walnut Street 327 No. Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. PAINTS — TOOLS — HOUSEWARES — CLOCKS Compliments of NAPOLITAN POULTRY FARM Compliments of NELSON'S VARIETY and LUNCHEONETTE 760 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of COUNTRY STORE SCHERPA'S SERVICE STATION 291 Springfield Street North Agawam Make us happy and you can make us goodTEAGAN MOTORS, Inc. PAULINE'S BEAUTY CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH SALON Permanents and Hair Styling 501 Memorial Avenue Tel. RE 3-4982 West Springfield, Mass. 208 Maple Street North Agawam, Mass SPECIALTY ELM GARAGE Where Everyone Meets 'BOB” HYLAND. Prop. EARL'S RESTAURANT GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Steaks — Chops — Chicken — Sea Foods Grinders — Pizza — Spaghetti Just Good Food Cooked to Your Liking Complete Carburetor, Ignition S Brake Service Front End Alignment and Wheel Balancing Tires, Batteries and Accessories Tel. RE 6-9703 Telephone RE 3-9498 812 Union Street West Springfield. Mass. 9 Mosher Street V est Springfield, Mass. Compliments o Compliments of SQUAZZA'S TISDEL'S BARBER SHOP SERVICE STATION 1443 Main Street Open Monday Through Saturday, 8 to 6 Agawam, Mass. Agawam Center SPUDNUT LUNCHEONETTE ANGELO'S BARBER SHOP and BAKERY 371 Walnut Street Telephone RE 9-0724 Agawam Shopping Mart 209 Elm Street West Springfield Four First Class Barbers at Your Service Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifleKELLEY'S MR. MEMO'S Buys Rags, Paper, Metal and Iron COFFEE SHOP RE 9-5880 Memorial Avenue 49 Cooley Street North Agawam West Springfield Agawam’s Smartest Specialty Store FASHION FAIR 377 Walnut Street RECORD SHOP "In the Agawam Shopping Mart" Tel. RE 9-7376 41 Elm Street Featuring Nationally Advertised Women's Apparel West Springfield Dresses - Skirts - Blouses - Slacks - Hosiery Coats - Suits - Sportswear - Lingerie Bras - Girdles - Bathing Suits and Summer Sportswear Complete Radio Service — Television DODGE and PLYMOUTH CARS EDDIE'S RADIO AND DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS TELEVISION CO. INTERNATIONAL MOTOR Sales — Appliances — Service CAR CO. We Are Fully Equipped ot Serve You Refrigerators — Ranges and Washers Tel. RE 6-1825 Phone 9-4309 138 Memorial Avenue West Springfield 1138 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. ACADEMY OF DANCE ROBINSON FLORIST Tap — Toe — Acrobatic 1854 Main Street Ballet — Toe Tap Springfield, Mass. 1653 Main Street Springfield, Mass. Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changingHOT ROD HEADQUARTERS SPEED PARTS Fender Skirts — Glass Packed Mufflers Lowering Blocks — All Dual Exhaust Systems MEYER'S STRAUSS STORES Compliments of RASCHI FENCE CO. Century Shopping Center. Next to Sears West Springfield 105 High Street North Agawam Compliments of Compliments of THE CELESTE BALBONI BAKERY PASTRY SHOP Since 1912 MAKERS OF FINE ITALIAN BREAD 290 Park Street West Springfield Tel. RE 6-3219 25 King Street North Agawam Compliments of Compliments of SHEA CLEANERS CONGAMOND CLEANERS 227 Memorial Avenue West Springfield College Highway Southwick Open for Your Future Compliments of Weddings — All Occasions PARO'S BARBER SHOP OLD TOWNE HOUSE 13 Maple Street and GIFT SHOP North Agawam, Massachusetts Envy is the sorrow of foolsEDWARD W. TALMADGE j : Compliments of FRONT STREET MARKET JO-DON'S COFFEE SHOP Tel. RE 3-1179 288 Park Street 94 Front Street West Springfield JOHN H. GOODWILL B. S. B. A. Public Accountant — Tax Consultant Dial RE 6-6410 Agawam Shopping Center 375 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of OLD MILL LUNCHEONETTE 644 Suffield Street Agawam, Mass. MIKE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Rebuild - Specialize in Arch Supporters - Full Soles Shoes Made for the Crippled New Shoes Sale of Thorogood Shoes Tel. RE 6-7830 South Westfield Street Feeding Hills SHOP AT MICHELMAN CLOTHING STORE Fine Clothing for the Whole Family Complete Line of P.F. Sneakers Tel. RE 2-2596 Agawam Shopping Center 57 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of FEEDING HILLS PHARMACY RE 4-0578 DONALD NEILL INSURANCE AGENCY All Forms of Insurance Tel. Office RE 3-2161 — RE 2-9272 20 Alfred Street Agawam Using and enjoying is true havingCompliments of STANLEY HANDLING EQUIPMENT CO. Ramah Circle Agawam Compliments of ITALIAN SPORTING CLUB Cooper Street Agawam Compliments of A —C MOBILE SERVICE STATION S H Green Stamps 703 Main Street Agawam, Mass. MILLIE'S BEAUTY SHOP 62 Kensington Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of BROOKS BROS. Excavating Contractors Tel. RE 9-6157 —ST 8-7011 223 Mill Street Agawam GEORGE B. TAZZ1NI FUNERAL HOME Tel. RE 4-7926 22 Locust Street Springfield Compliments of HARDY PRODUCTS Agawam, Mass. BRAUN'S WELDING SERVICE, Inc. Specializing in Pipe Welding Structure — Tanks High and Low Pressure Boilers Custom Built Trailers — Shop Welding Tel. RE 6-4109 733 Memorial Avenue West Springfield IE 3-2708 120 Race Street Holyoke, Mass. How use doth breed a habit in a tnanVINCENT F. CIRILLO TV and RADIO SERVICE RE 9-4275 1710 Main Street Agawam, Mass. HARRY J. RIVERS Carpenter - Paint Work General Repair Tel. RE 2-8426 282 Silver Street Agawam. Mass. Compliments of Compliments of COOLEY’S GARAGE R. E. DE STEFANO GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING REAL ESTATE INS. CO. Tires, Batteries and Accessories Tel. JO 9-3785 24-Hour Towing Service Congamond Road Tel. RE 7-4717 —RE 6-3741 Southwick, Mass. 1154 Springfield Street Feeding Hills Compliments of TEAGAN MOTORS, Inc. CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH GINO'S BRASS RAIL 501 Memorial Avenue Southwick, Mass. West Springfield. Mass. Compliments of Compliments of FEEDING HILLS COUNTRY CLUB METROPOLITAN INS. CO. Feeding Hills, Massachusetts SCHERPA'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of CHARLES SCHERPA, Prop. DOM SHAER'S MARKET 88 Maple Street North Agawam Feeding Hills Center A man of courage never wants weapons: twuflttrtpka t 0

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