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 - Class of 1954

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Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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 mmi$tva1ion Mr. Frederick T. Dacev Principal Mrs. Marion Gleason Commercial Subjects Mr. Wayne Holmes English Mrs. Marjorie Kelly Vocational Household Arts Mr. Francis Gammie Driver lid. Con. Science Mr. Harmon Smith Physical Training, Coach Mr. Peter Sarantopoulos Coach Miss Dorothy Hastings Physical Training Mr. Raymond T. Harris Assistant Principal and Guidance Director Mr. Harry Lconardi Social Studies Mr. David Skolnick AgricultureMrs. Katherine Kollock Latin and English Miss Jane Durkan Mathematics Miss Marjorie Ward History Mrs. Miriam Sherman Commercial Mathematics Mr. Howard Crotty Band Mrs. Mary Coleman Commercial SubjectsSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Rookr Leclerc Secretary: Vice-President: Mary Pond Treasurer: Donaldine Roos John Cardone(Oncers ROGER LECLERC 15 Ottawa Street. North Agawam Rock—Frannic—Perfect gentleman—Natural athlete. Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Graduation Usher: Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee; Picnic Committee; Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2. 3. 4: Pro Merito: Student Council 3. 4: Class Officer. President 3. 4: Future Teachers of America 3, 4: Student Host to Governors at Exposition 4: Rep. to Good Government Day in Boston 4: Scholastic Athletic Award 3; Harvard Book Award 3. MARY ELIZABETH POND 15 Leonard Street. Agawam Mary—Good athlete-—Hard worker—Always ready to help. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4. president 4; Personality Club 2. 3. 4: International Relations Club 3: Ski Club 4: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Golf 4; Pro Merito; Student Council 3: Senior Play Committee; Maytime Concert 1, 2. 3: Operetta 1. 3, 4: Mirror Staff 3; Cheerleader 2, 4; Band 1; Sachem StafT; Class Officer, Vice-President 4: Future Teachers of America 3, 4, secretary 3, 4: Delegate to Mass. Girls State 3: Western Mass. Music Festival 1. 2, 3. 4; Delegate to Mass. All-State Chorus 4: Girls’ Sports 1, 2. 3. 4. DONALDINE ROOS 22 Pierce Street. Feeding Hills Tools—So dainty—Our class artist -Always being teased. Decoration Committee for Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Kid Party; Prom Committee: Motto Committee; Class Will Committee: Per- sonality Club 2, 3, secretary 3: Class Colors Committee: Girls’ Sports 1: Senior Reception: Pro Merito: Senior Play Committee: Library 3, 4: Sachem Staff: Class Officer, Secretary 1, 2. 3, 4: Red Cross 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3. President 4. JOHN CARDONE 232 Elm Street, Agawam Johnny—A lover—Phil’s little brother—Loves football. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee: Prophecy Committee; Glee Club 4: Picnic Committee 4: Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3; Baseball 1: Senior Play: Operetta 4: Sachem Staff; Class Officer. Treasurer 2,3.4. 5LUCIA ALFANO 53 Suffield Street. Agawam Lulu—Cute—Our Franny—Miss Mischief Freshman Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Graduation Usher; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Personality Club 2. 3. 4: International Rela- tions Club 2. 3, 4. President 4: Girls’ Sports 1. 2. 3: Pro Merito. Student Council 2. 4: Senior Play: Mirror Staff 1: Biology Club 3, 4: Class Officer. Treasurer 1, Vice-President 2. 3. JONATHAN ANDERSON 281 Soulhwick Street. Feeding Hills Johnny—Blushes easily—Quiet—Likes basketball. Graduation Usher 3; Camera Club 3; Pro Merito; Baseball 4. ROBERT ANDERSON 72 Reed Street. Agawam Andy—Tough as nails??—Neat dresser- -Hates to talk. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee: Picnic Committee; Football 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2. 3. 4. DONALD AVERY 44 King Street, North Agawam Don—Finels it hard to be a good kid—Nice wavy hair—Has his own car. History Committee 4: Library 3: Sachem Staff. ROSEMARIE BAGGETTA 240 Meadow Street, Agawam Rosie—Pals with Adrienne So very short! Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Person- ality Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Play Committee: Graduation Committee: Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3. ROLAND BANVILLE 185 North Street, Feeding Hills Rollie—Our star half back—Attraction in West-Side. Football 3, 4. 6ELLIOT BLACKBURN 76 North West Street, Feeding Hills Elliot—Smooth dancer—Man with the voice—And oh—that bass tone!— Those wavy locks! Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Usher: Grad- uation Usher: Class Will Committee; International Relations Club 2, 4: Camera Club 3: Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4, Treasurer 3; Class Colors Committee; Banquet Committee; Student Council 3: Senior Play Committee: Maytime Concert 1. 2. 3. 4: Operetta 1, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3; Biology Club 3: Sachem Staff: Model Congress; Mass. All State Music Festival 3, 4. LOIS BONTEMPO 648 Main Street, Agawam Lo—Smart dresser—Big brown eyes—Plays the field. Freshman Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Prom Usher: Graduation Usher; Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Per- sonality Club 2, 3. 4: Camera Club 3; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Sports 1. 2, 3. 4; Golf 4: Pro Merito; Student Council 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Senior Play Committee: Maytime Concert 2, 3, 4: Operetta 3. 4: Cheerleader 2, 4; Band 1; Sachem Staff; Class Hats; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Graduation Reception Committee. BARBARA C. CAMMISA 385 Springfield Street, North Agawam Barb—Card games—Good disposition—Always a laugh. Sophomore Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2. PHILLIP J. CARDONE 232 Elm Street. Agawam Phil—“Duchess”—Worthy Captain—A grocery man. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Usher: Kid Party Committee: Banquet Committee; Foot- ball 1, 2. 3, 4. Captain 4: Basketball 2. 3; Baseball 2, 3. 4: Sachem Staff; Class Officer. President 2. SANDRA CHANNELL 441 River Road. Agawam Sandy—“Texas"—Giggles—Those big blue eyes. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2: Glee Club 1; Pro Merito: Senior Play Committee: Operetta 1. RICHARD CHASE 37 Annable Street. Feeding Hills Dick—Quiet?—A P—Interested in the Junior Class. Operetta 4. 7BARBARA CHENEY 63 High Street, North Agawam Barb—Gordie—Interested in the U. of Mass.—Natural curly hair. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4. Secretary 4: Personality Club 2. 3. 4: Pro Merito: Senior Play; Senior Play Committee: Maytime Concert I, 2. 3. 4; Operetta Usher; Mirror Staff 4: Majorette 2, 3, 4. leader 3, 4: Sachem Staff: Class Hats Committee; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Sports 1. 2, 3, 4. ROBERT CLAMPIT 313 Leonard Street, Agawam Bob—Humphrey's pal—Avid French I fan for three years!—Big tease. Glee Club 2. 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Maytime Concert 2, 3, 4; Operetta 3, 4. RALPH COUGHLIN 17 Tower Terrace, North Agawam Ralph—Women hater???—Blushes easily—Future “Hell-Driver." Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Sachem Staff. RALPH D’A MATO 225 Springfield Street, North Agawam Ralph— Smooth dancer—Loves to Bop. Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Prophecy Committee; Camera Club 3: F. F. A. Basketball 1, 2: F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest 2, 3, 4; Pro Merito; Student Council 4: Biology Club 3: Junior Marshall 3; Audio-Visual Aids Club 1. 2. 3, 4, Vice-President 3, 4: F. F. A. Band 3, 4; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; State Executive Sentinel 1. CECILY L. DANFORTH 139 Elm Street, Agawam Duchess—Phil—Sophisticated lady—Nice clothes. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Uusher: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2. 3, 4: Banquet Committee; Pro Merito. Secretary; Graduation Committee; Sachem Staff: Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 4: Golf 4. JOAN DE MARS 86 Ottawa Street, North Agawam Joartie—Always willing to lend a hand—Nice clothes—Worries about every- thing—Hates to drive. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Person- ality Club 2, 3, 4: Banquet Committee: Pro Merito; Senior Play Committee; Mirror Staff 4; Sachem Staff; Girls' Sports 1. 8RHODA L. DICKENSON 130 Elm Street, Agawam Rhoda—She used to be shy—Looks so innocent—Couldn’t do without “George.” Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Person- ality Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2. 4: Senior Play: Maytime Concert 1, 2, 4: Operetta 1. 4: .Mirror Staff 4: Sachem Staff: Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 4: Golf 4; Western Mass. Festival 1, 2, 4. JANET DULONG 14 Belvidere Avenue, Feeding Hills Jan—Always on the phone-—Likes roller skating—“A. I. C.—here I come!” Personality Club 2: International Relations Club 3: Senior Play Committee. LOURDES F. DUMOND 45 Oak Hill Avenue, North Agawam Lou—That laugh -“Number Please!”—“Miami—here I come!" Prom Committee: Graduation Usher: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3; Class Colors Committee; Senior Play; Operetta 2; Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND FAVREAU 35 Lincoln Street, Feeding Hills Ray—Problem child- Knows all the gossip. Senior Play Committee 4. CAROL FLYNN 2 McGrath Terrace, North Agawam Carol—A1—Those Buicks!!—Freckles and a cute blush—Loves convertibles. Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee; Graduation Usher: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2, 3, 4: International Relations Club 2, 3: Senior Play Committee: Student Council 3; Library 3; Sachem Staff 4: Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3. DELORES M. GIORDANO 767 Mill Street. Feeding Hills Dee—The “problem” of Problem Class—Pretty wavy hair—Full of mischief. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2, 3: International Relations Club 3: Girls’ Sports 1, 3; Senior Play Committee; Mirror Staff 3, 4: Home Nursing 1. 9ANNETTE G. GIRARD 94 Mill Street, Agawam Ftenchie—Petite—Harold—Always seen with Rosemary. Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Personality Club 2. 3. 4: Girls’ Sports 2: Senior Play Committee: Gradu- ation Committee; Sachem Staff. Transferred from Cathedral High in Freshman Year. DORIS SHIRLEY GRANT 1701 Main Street. Agawam Tookie—Loads of fun—Physics class—Freckles galore. Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Personality Club 3. 4: International Relations Club 4: Class Colors Com- mittee; Pro Merito: Senior Play Committee: Mirror Staff: Sachem Staff. ADRIENNE GRASSO 318 Meadow Street. Agawam Gras—Paul Our choice as "Miss Whiz” in typing—Always has a good joke. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee: Motto Committee: Cap Gown Committee; Prophecy Committee; Personality Club 2. 3. 4: Class Colors Committee: Banquet Committee; Pro Merito; Senior Play Committee: Graduation Committee: Sachem Staff: Girls’ Sports 1. 2. 3: Gift for the School: Class Pictures Committee. FLORENCE ELIZABETH GRECO 43 Twin Oakes Road. Feeding Hills Groc—Tony—Oh!—That laugh. Freshman Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Personality Club 2: Glee Club 1: Pro Merito; Operetta 1: Mirror Staff 4; Biology Club 3; Sachem Staff: Girls’ Sports 1. 2. NANCY HALLOCK 940 Main Street. Agawam Nan—Potato chips her weakness—Keen interest in Rainbow- Likes to sleep late. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Graduation Usher: Class Will Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Person- ality Club 2. 3. 4. President 4: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Pro Merito: Student Council 4: Senior Play; Maytime Concert 1. 2, 3: Operetta 1. 3. 4: .Mirror Staff 3. 4: Cheerleader 2. 4: Majorette 1; Sachem Staff; Future Teachers of America 3. 4. President 3. 4: Girls’ Sports 1. 2. 3, 4: Western Mass. Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY HARRISON 582 Meadow Street. Agawam Shirl—Friendly—Neat looking—Always willing to help. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2. 3. 4: Graduation Committee: Sachem Staff; Home Nursing 1; Girls’ Sports 1, 2. 10MARY HAWKINS 1368 Springfield Street. Feeding Hills Molly—That nice red hair—Loves to bowl? Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Personality Club 2, 3, 4: Mirror Staff 4. Sports 1, 2. JUDITH A. HYLAND 411 No. Westfield Street, Feeding Hills Judy — Quiet — that is, until you get to know her — Always on a diet. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 1, 2, 3: International Relations Club 3: Senior Play Committee 4: Mirror Staff 3, 4; Sachem Staff 4; Girls’ Sports 1, 3. CARLO IMELIO 14 Oak Hill Avenue, North Agawam Greyhound — False Conceit — Interests at Westfield — Always wanted in the office. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Glee Club: Operetta: Red Cross 2. RICHARD JABRY 365 River Road Humphry — Likes to eat — History whiz — Harm's helper. Junior Cabaret Committee; Glee Club 1. 3. 4: Football 3, 4: Operetta 4: Rifle Club 2: Transferred from Technical High School in Junior Year. 144 No. Westfield Street, Feeding Hills “Lainey” — Boy Trouble — “North Carolina, Here I Come” — Big Sister Tri-Hi-Y 3; International Relations Club 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Pro Merito 4: Operetta 4. SANDRA KELLEY 22 Belvidcrc Street, Feeding Hills “Sandy” — Likes to sew — Always ready to help — “Jim" Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Personality Club 2, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Mirror Staff: Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. IIVAUGHAN KELLEY 22 Bdvidcre Street. Feeding Hills "Red" — Loves to sing in the Halls — Class comedian — Life of the party. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee: Class Song Committee: Cap and Gown Committee; Personality Club 2, 3, 4: International Relations Club 4: Ski Club 3: Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4. Treasurer 2, Vice president 3. Pres- ident 4; Banquet Committee; Football Manager 1. 2: Baseball 1; Student Council 2. 3; Senior Play; Senior Play Committee: Maytime Concert 1. 2. 3: Operetta 1. 3, 4; Graduation Committee; Band 4; Sachem Staff: Class Hat Committee; New England Music Festival 3: All-State Chorus 3: Western Mass. Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD KING 3 North West Street, Feeding Hills "Don" — A Pest — Likes cars and boats Gets sick on days of tests. Camera Club 4. ROBERT KING 188 South West Street, Feeding Hills "Bobby" Quiet until you get to know him Hot Rod enthusiast. ELIZABETH LANGLOIS 46 Cooper Street, Agawam "Liz — “Don’t call me Lizzy.” — Full of fun — Hard Worker. Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee: Class Song Committee; Class Will Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2, 3. 4: International Relations Club 3: Camera Club 3 Ski Club 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play; Maytime Concert 1, 2, 3 Operetta 1. 3, 4: Mirror Staff 3; Drum Majorette I. 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 3 .4 Sachem Staff: Graduation Committee: Golf 4: New England Music Festival 3 All-State Chorus 3, 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANK LIBERATORE 19 South Alhambra Circle, Agawam "Cheech" — Atlas student — Loves hard work — Life of the party. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Graduation Usher: Kid Party Committee. Senior Play Committee. ROBERT LIGHT 1054 Shoemaker Lane, Feeding Hills Bob—Likes a good time—That special girl from Conn. I—Swell kid. 12LOIS LINDBLAD 80 Rccd Street, Agawam "Lois’’ — That Junior Class! — Always has an answer — Loves sports. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2. 3. 4; International Relations Club 3: Camera Club 3: Ski Club 4: Glee Club 2. 3; 4; Pro Merito: Maytime Concert 3; Operetta 3, 4: Mirror Staff 2. 3. 4: Biology Club 4: Sachem Staff: Graduation Committee: Western Mass. Music Festival 2. 4: Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. ANTHONY LIQUORI 502 Cooper Street, Agawam “Ant’ny” All those girls?!!—Arc you really bashful? Likes to play ping pong. Pro Merito PATRICK LOSITO 177 Line Street, Feeding Hills “Pal” -- Quiet, but manages — Egor's buddy - Woman hater. Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. DOLORES LUCCARDI 25 Tower Terrace, North Agawam “Del” - Always laughing — Good Driver??? — Has a friendly smile and word for everyone. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Kid Parly Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Person- ality Club 2, 3, 4: Banquet Committee: Senior Play Committee: Mirror Staff 4; Graduation Committee; Sachem Staff; Golf 4; First Aid 2: Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY MAGAGNOLI 450 Silver Street, Agawam “Shirl” — Mac — Pretty hair — Pals with Joan and Patsy. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2. 3. 4: Sachem Staff. MARJORIE ANN MAGOVERN 160 Silver Street. Agawam “Marg” — Silver Street chauffeur — Friendly. Tri-Hi-Y 4; Personality Club 2. 3. 4; International Relations Club 3, 4: Camera Club 3; Golf 4: Senior Play; Senior Play Committee: Maytime Con- cert 1, 2, 3, 4: Library 3: Orchestra 1; Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Biology Club 3; Sachem Staff; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Western Mass. Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls’ Sports 1, 2. 13BARBARA MAIOLO 415 Adam Street, Agawam “Barb” — Nice clothes —• “What’ll I do now?” — “Just one more chance.” Prom Committee: Prom Usher: Cap and Gown Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Personality Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2. 3, 4: Maytime Concert 2, 3: Operetta 4: Operetta Usher 3: Sachem Staff: Girls' Sports 2. DONALD MARSIAN 22 Valentine Street, Agawam “Finnegan” — Our bachelor in defensive armor — Happy-go-lucky Oh. those Senior Play rehearsals: Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee: Basketball Manager 4: Baseball 1.2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: Senior Play: Class Hats. JEAN MAULE 20 Ottawa Street, North Agawam “Jeanie” — Loves to talk — Always argues with Joan — Fun to be with. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Person- ality Club 2. 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Banquet Committee: Golf 4: Senior Play Committee; Maytime Concert 1. 2. 4: Operetta 1. 4: Mirror Staff 4: Sachem Staff; Graduation Committee; Western Mass. Festival 1, 2, 4; Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. ROLAND MERCADANTE 54 Kensington Avenue. Feeding Hills “Rollie” — Little monster — Loves attention — Teacher’s pet. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee: Kid Party Com- mittee: Glee Club 4: Football 1, 2. 3: Basketball 1, 3; Track 1: Baseball 1. 3: Senior Play: Operetta 4: Sachem Staff. JULIE MERCIER 19 Grant Street. North Agawam "Jay" —- Always goes right home. — Are you really going to Germany? Always singing. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Prom Usher; Graduation Usher; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 3; Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Class Colors Committee: Student Council 3. Secretary 3: Senior Play Committee; Maytime Concert 2. 3: Operetta 3, 4: Mirror Staff 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 4: Sachem Staff; Graduation Committee: Western Mass. Music Festival 2, 4: Girls’ Sports 2, 3, 4. ROBERT MITCHELL 784 Springfield Street. Feeding Hills “Bobby" — Plays the field — Builds cars. 14PATRICIA MODZELEYVSKI 159 Mill Street. Feeding Hills "Patsy" Ally — Wedding Bells! Loves History — Has interests in Westfield. Tri-Hi-Y 3: Personality Club 2, 3: Sachem Staff. DANIEL MOLTA 447 Cooper Street. Agawam "Danny” - Conquered our foes single handed! — Dreams under lock and key — Loves English orals?? Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Football 2, 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Baseball I; Student Council 4: Senior Play. Sachem Staff. PAUL MONTAGNA 49 Spencer Street, North Agawam "Monty” - Oh. that accordian - - Marie — Always seen at Riverside. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4; Picnic Committee: Senior Play; Senior Play Committee; Operetta; Sachem Staff. THERESA MORASSI 15 Ralph Street. Feeding Hills "Terry’’ — Always busy—Personality plus—Our capable editor Lots of fun. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Tri-Ili-Y 3, 4. Vice- President 4; Personality Club 2. 3. 4: Ski Club 3. 4; Glee Club I. 3. 4; Banquet Committee; Pro Merito; Student Council 4; Senior Play; Maytime Concert 3. 4: Operetta; Operetta Usher 4: Library 3: Graduation Committee 3; Mirror Staff 2. 3. 4; Assistant Editor 3; Editor-in-Chicf 4: Biology Club 3; Sachem Staff 4: Red Cross 3: Girls’ Sports 1. 2, 3. 4. WILLIAM MORELLO 686 Springfield Street. Feeding Hills "Bill" — My Chcric! — Big tease — Future A P manager - Loves oral talks? Freshman Party Committee: F. F. A. Basketball 1; Senior Play Committee; Sachem Staff F. F. A. Secretary 1; F. F. A. Treasurer I. 2; Senior Play. DAVID MORUZZI 62 Suffield Street, Agawam "Frank” — Loves dancing — Room 13’s F. F. A. boy. F. F. A. Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest 1, 2, 3, 4: Mirror Staff; Audio Visual Aids Club.ALICE MUELLER 595 North Street. Feeding Hills “Al” — Likes to roller-skate — Pretty big blues eyes! —Quiet and innocent??? Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Personality Club 2: Mirror Stcff 4: Sachem Staff 4: Junior Cabaret Committee 3: Senior Play Committee 4. MATTHEW MULLANEY 55 Norman Terrace. Feeding Hills “TexaS — Loves to tell stories — Never a dull moment — Always smiling. Baseball 1; Senior Play Committee 4; Sachem Staff 4. SHIRLEY MUTTI 57 Spencer Street. North Agawam “Shirr — Pert and peppy — “Ma, it’s not late.” — Always willing to lend a hand. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Motto Committee; Cap and Gown Committee; Gifts Committee; Senior Play Committee; Graduation Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Treasurer; Personality Club 2. 3, 4; Banquet Com- mittee: Pro Merito: Mirror Staff: Sachem Staff: Red Cross 3: Girls' Sports 1, 2. 3, 4: Golf 4. HAROLD NOWILL 927 Shoemaker Lane, Feeding Hills “Curl” — That consumer science class! — Always teasing. Senior Play Committee; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. JAMES O’KEEFE 97 Sufficld Street, Agawam “Jim” — 3-letter man — Marilyn — Handsome — Terrific Guy! Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher: Graduation Usher: Kid Party Committee; Gifts Committee: Personality Club 2, 3: Glee Club I. 2. 3; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain 4: Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 1. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Senior Play: Maytime Concert 1. 2. 3; Operetta 1, 3: Operetta Usher; Graduation Committee: Sachem Staff: Class Officer. President 1: Western Mass. Festival 1, 2. CAROL PALLO 319 Suffield Street, Agawam “Carol” — Handy with a needle — Beautiful hair — “O my golly!” Freshman Party Committee Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Prom Usher; Kid Party Committee; Cap and Gown Committee: Gifts Committee; Picnic Committee: D.A.R. Representative: Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4. Chaplain 4; Personality Club 2, 3: Pro Merito; Senior Play: Maytime Concert 3; Operetta 3. 4: Library 4: Cheerleader 2: Sachem Staff; Junior Marshal: Student Council 4. 16KAY PARENT 46 Oak Street, Feeding Hills "Kay” Frannie—Trade High—So small- -Hopes to be a good bookkeeper. Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Pro Merito; Senior Play Committee; Mirror Staff 4; Sachem Staff 4. JUDITH PETERSON 85 Monroe Street, Agawam "Pete” — Miss Hayes’ assistant — Loves to walk. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Kid Party Com- mittee; Class Song Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 4; Personality Club 2. 3: Ski Club 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pro Merito; Senior Play Committee; Maytime Concert 1, 2, 3; Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4; Sachem Staff; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Western Massachusetts Music Festival; New England Music Festival; Girls' Sports 3. CONRAD PHILLIPS 24 Homer Street. Feeding Hills "Pudgy” — Bill’s buddy — Full of Pep — Likes to argue. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee: Kid Party Com- mittee: Senior Play Committee; Sachem Staff; Senior Play. BARBARA PICARD 29 River Road. Agawam "Barb" — Her one and only Ames — Wedding Bells?? — Oh. those problems classes! Senior Play Usher: Sachem Staff 4: Girls’ Sports 3: Transferred from Commerce Sophomore year. ELIZABETH ANN PICARD 29 River Road. Agawam "Betty” — Dave — Her thoughts are in Alaska — One of our twins. Senior Play Usher: Sachem Staff 4: Girls’ Sports 3: Transferred from Com- merce Sophomore year. RICHARD PISANO 83 Oak Hill Avc., North Agawam "Dickie” — Girls!! — Oh, that nice, black wavy hair — Quite a flirt — One of the gang. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee: Kid Party Committee: Glee Club 4: Football 3: Baseball 1, 3: Senior Play Committee: Operetta 4: Band 1; Sachem Staff. 17VIRGINIA PISANO 705 Springfield Street. Feeding Hills “Virg” — Mischievous — So friendly — Never without a witty remark — Loves parties! Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee: Graduation Usher: Kid Party Committee: Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2. 3, 4: Banquet Committee: Senior Reception 3: Senior Play Committee; Graduation Committee: Sachem Staff: Red Cross 3. 4: Girls’ Sports 1. 2: First Aid 2. 3. MILDRED POHNER 160 No. Westfield Street. Feeding Hills “Millie” — That “Irish” temper! — Always blushing — Our class tease!! Personality Club 2. 3: International Relations Club 3: Senior Play 4: Senior Play Committee 4: Mirror Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Sachem Staff 4: Girls’ Sports 1. 2. 3: Golf 4. JOAN PROVOST 25 High Street. No. Agawam "Joan” — Always Rennie — Lost without a car. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Kid Party Com- mittee: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Personality Club 2. 3. 4: Operetta Usher 1: Sachem Staff: Girls’ Sports 2: Golf 4. FRANCES RADWILOWICZ 6 Homer Street. Feeding Hills “Fran” — Mischievous eyes — Fun to be with — Personality plus! Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee: Kid Party Committee: Gifts Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Personality Club 1. 2. 3. 4, Treasurer 4: International Relations Club 4; Pro Merito: Senior Play; Library: Girls’ Sports 1; Golf 4; First Aid 2. JAMES REARDON Wilbraham Road. Hampden "Jim” — Good kid — “Sandra” — Very considerate — Likes farm work. F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest 4. Master of Ceremonies: F. F. A. Sentinel 2: Vice President 3: President 4: Chapter Star Farmer 4: Bay State Farmer 4: State Reporter 4. WILLIAM RHODES 33 Smith Street. Springfield "Bill” — Quiet until you get to know him — “That’s my Ford!” — Blushes so easily — Nice smile!! Gifts Committee 4: F. F. A. Basketball 3; F. F. A. Secretary 3: Vice President 4; Audio Visual Aids: Transferred from Forest Park Junior High Sophomore year. 18NANCY RICHARDSON 271 Cooper Street, Agawam “Nan” — Quite the driver! — “Itchy Richy”. Sophomore Party Committee: Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; History Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2, 3, 4: International Relations Club 2. 3, 4: Pro Merito: Senior Play: Senior Play Committee: Future Teachers of America 3, 4. Treasurer 3, 4: Girls’ Sports 1, 2. 3. SANDRA RIVERS 43 Spring Street, North Agawam “Sandy” — Jack — Wedding Bells — Always blushes when she laughs. History Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Com- mittee: Operetta Usher: Sachem Staff. BERTA RUBINO 87 Edward Street, Agawam “Berta” — Gift of gab — Everyone’s friend — A good sport — You always know when she’s around. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 3, 4: International Relations Club 3, 4; Glee- Club 3: Senior Play: Operetta 3. RAYMOND SARACINO “Ray" — Hard worker — Quick temper 68 Royal Street, Agawam Future town cobbler. Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Prom Usher: Graduation Usher: Kid Party Committee: Motto Committee: Cap and Gown Committee; History Committee; Personality Club 2: Ski Club 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Class Colors Committee: Banquet Committee: Football 2. 3. 4: Baseball 3. 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Maytime Concert 1, 2, 3: Operetta Usher 4: Sachem Staff: Future Teachers of America 3, 4: Gifts Committee: Red Cross 3. ELLSWORTH SHARPE 84 Spencer Street, North Agawam “Skip” — Oh, that Car?? — Bubbles. i unior Cabaret Committee: Prom Committee; Prom Usher: Graduation Usher: listory Committee: Personality Club 4: Camera Club 3: Glee Club 1: Football 4: Senior Play: Maytime Concert 1: Operetta 1; Sachem Staff. ROBERT SIGRIST 188 South Westfield Street, Feeding Hills “Bob” — The shy one — Likes roller skating — Enjoys living dangerously. Freshman Party Committee; Audio-Visual Aids Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4. I?ROBERT SLATE “Bobby” — Quiet???? — Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1, 4. STEVEN SLIECH “Steve” Miss Miller’s gentleman blond hair. SANDRA SJOSTROM 128 North Westfield St.. Feeding Hills “Sandy” — Quiet — Pretty blonde hair. JUDITH SLATE 71 Maynard Street. Feeding Hills “Dimples” — Quiet until you know her!!! — Very mischievous!! — Pet peeve, oral talks!!! Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Gifts Committee; Tri- Hi-Y 3. 4: Personality Club 2, 3: International Relations Club 2: Class Colors Committee; Banquet Committee; Senior Reception: Senior Play Committee: Mirror Staff 2, 3, 4: Sachem Staff; Red Cross 3: Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3. 4. 71 Maynard Street. Feeding Hills Lincoln Downs — Riverside fan. 1060 Shoemaker Lane, Feeding Hills !!! — Always seen at Riverside — Curly JANE SODEN 91 Carr Avenue, Agawam “Janie" — Hockey! — Oh. those jokes!!! — Loves Bookkeeping. Girls’ sports I. LOUISE SPAGNUOLO 7 Agnoli Place, Feeding Hills “Lou” — Likes roller skating — Always giggling — Remember you’re only young once! Girls’ Sports 2. 29JOHN SPINETTI 643 Mill Street, Feeding Hills “John” — “It's a snap!” — Neatly dressed — Educated book worm. Pro Merito: Student Council 3: Biology Club 3: Boys’ State. ELAINE MARIE STEEVES Carmen Avenue, Feeding Hills “Marie” — “Dreamer" — Clever dressmaker — Likes to Bop. Prom Committee; Kid Party Committee; Class Colors Committee; Banquet Committee: Senior Play Committee: Sachem Staff: Transferred from Technical High School 1953. MATHEW J. SULBORSKI 660 North Street, Feeding Hills “Mat”—Wise guy?—That morning cup of coffee at the White Hut!—Sociable. Prophecy Committee: Camera Club 3: Pro Merito: Sachem Staff: Audio Visual Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4: Senior Play Committee. JOYCE SULLIVAN 671 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills “Joyce" — Always laughing — friendly. History Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Senior Play Committee: Library 4: Sachem Staff; Girls’ Sports 2, 3. MARLENE THOMPSON 61 Valley Street. North Agawam “Marl” — Our Home Economics kid—Always up to something—3:00 A.M. ? Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls’ Sports 1. ELIZABETH VOISLOW 242 Elm Street. Agawam “Betty” — Always looks neat — Main interest, BOYS??? — “That gets me.” Sophomore Party Committee: Prom Usher: Kid Party Committee: Prophecy Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Personality Club 2, 3: International Relations Club 3: Senior Play Committee; Graduation Committee: Biology Club 3: Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3. THERESA WRIGHT FRANCES WILLARD 60 Monroe Street. Agawam “Frannie" — Rock — Friendly — Naturally wavy hair. Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee: Prom Usher 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Kid Party Committee; Class Will Committee; Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 3, Vice President; Picnic Committee 4; Girls’ Sports 1. 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4: Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Red Cross 3. MARILYN J. WILSON 808 Suffield Street. Agawam "Jeannie" — Those big, blue eyes — Jim — Loves to eat. Freshman Party Committee; Sophomore Party Committee; Junior Cabaret Committee; Prom Usher: Graduation Usher; Kid Party Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4. Secretary 4: Camera Club 3; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Golf 4; Senior Play; Maytime Concert 1, 2, 3: Operetta 1. 3. 4: Cheer- leader 2, 4; Sachem Staff; Future Teachers of America 4: Western Mass. Music Festival 1, 2, 4; Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. 1013 Main Street. Agawam “Terry” — Sparkling personality — A nursing career — Certain junior — fun to know. Kid Party Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4; Personality Club 2, 3, 4: International Relations Club 4; Student Council 1; Senior Play Committee; Graduation Committee; Sachem Staff; Girls’ Sports 2, 3. SUSAN A. YEAKEL 675 River Road. Agawam “Susie” — Personality plus — The girl next door! - Our accompanist — A friendly greeting for everyone — Great imagination! Class Song Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2: Glee Club 2. 3, 4: Senior Play Committee; Maytime Concert 2. 3: Operetta 3, 4; Girls’ Sports 2: Western Mass. Music Festival 2, 3. SANDRA ZERRA “Sandy” — Keyboard artist 43 Cooper Street. Agawam “Stardust'’ Pals with Liz. Class Song Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 1. 2. 3: Glee Club: Senior Play Committee: Maytime Concert 1. 2, 3; Operetta 4: Operetta Usher 1. 2, 3; Mirror Staff; Biology Club 4; Sachem Staff: Western Mass. Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPHINE ZABINI “Jo” — Good books — Quiet — Friendly — 81 High Street. Agawam ‘Want to go horseback riding?” Tri-Hi-Y 3; Personality Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 3: Girls’ Sports 1. 2?ANN ZUCCO 395 Suffield Street, Agawam Pet peeve, Vinnie — Brain Child — Accomplished sewer — Future Teacher. Prom Committee; Prophecy Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Personality Club 2. 3. 4: International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pro Merito; Senior Play Committee; Maytime Concert 1. 2. 4: Operetta 1, 4: Graduation Committee: Future Teachers of America. Vice President 3, 4: Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3. CLASS POEM The day of grief and joy has corne, Grief for the end of schoolday fun. Joy for the chance to win our goal, In memory will those school bells toll. What eyer the tasks we must endure Deep in our hearts we feel secure. Our alma mater's hand will guide Though far we wander from her side. Faith, not fear, will cheer our way If by her steadfast rules we stay. Our past may be forever gone But still the future beckons on. From friends well proven we must part, But there remains deep in each heart A loving memory, held in store. By the loyal class of '54. 23 r Judith SlateLucia Alfako Walking Shoes These walking shoes we think arc the best, To help you along the road of success. Jonathan Anderson A Test Because at everything you do your best, Let’s sec how you can do on this test! Robert Anderson Scorecard This scorecard we give to your honor and fame, So that you’ll remember the thrill of each game. Donald Avery Station Wagon Your car is now four months old. Use this when it has been sold. Rosemarie Bagoeta Cookbook When you forget about the ways of cooking, Open this book and begin looking. Roland Banville Football Shoes Since you have been our great little star, These football shoes should take you far. Elliot Blackburn Photograph Album In years to come you will have lots of fun, looking over all these with scmconc. Lois Bontempo Ticket to Paris This ticket to Paris we think you might need, So you can speak French with a lot more speed. Barbara Cammisa Deck of Cards This deck of cards is a joy for you. Because when you have them you’ll never be blue. John Cardone Tuning Fork John's a singer, who’s always on key? To him a tuning fork, to put him where he should be. Phillip Cardone Football Here’s a football for you to pass, Because you’re a Captain with plenty of class. Sandra Channels. Postcards When you're in the sendee having a good time, Take these with you and drop us a line. Richard Chase Promotion to Manager Since you’ve worked so hard at the A P, Someday you’ll be manager, wait and sec. Barbara Cheney Baton When you lead the band in song, You can use this golden baton. Robert Clam pit Football Contract A football player you think you’ll be-- Herc’s a contract in the League called “Pee Wee.” Ralph Coughlin Charles Atlas Course Charles Atlas was an AlbAmcrican boy, Try his course—it might bring you joy. Ralph D’Amato Mirror and Comb Here arc a mirror and comb for your wavy mass, As Mrs. Nardi said, “Don’t use them in class.” Cecily Dan forth A Stick This stick we hereby give to you, So you'll always have one to throw to Sue. Joan DeMars Bobby Pins Use these bobby pins the best you can, To lend your Mother a helping hand. Rhoda Dickinson Cloth The clothes you make we all adore, So we give you this cloth to make some more. 24Janet Dulong Ship Since it’s a Wave you want to be. Try sailing on this ship out to sea. I.OURDES Autograph Book When you're in Florida, right on the shore, Remember all your friends from the Class of '54. Raymond Favreau A Television Set We know what your future will be. So here’s our gift—a big T. V. Carol Flynn Car This isn’t a Buick—sad but true; We hope that this one will do. Delores Giordano Scotch Tape You’ve talked and laughed your four years through, This scotch tape should come in handy for you. Annette Girard Black Book To Annette we give this little black book, For all the men you have on the hook. Doris Grant Book of Knowledge A book of knowledge we give to you. To help you along with your high I. Q. Adrienne Grasso Gum Gum you never want to be without. So chew this pack day in and day out. Elizabeth Greco Polish Words These words wc think you ought to know, So you can keep that certain beaux. Nancy Hallock Bottle of Glue If curls you want, Nancy Lou, Set your hair with this bottle of glue. Shirley Harrison Box of Candy Because you arc so fine and dandy. Our gift to you is a box of candy. Mary Hawkins Shorthand Notebook When you take dictation from the boss. Use this book, and you won’t get lost. Judith Hyland Laughing Pills It’s a fact and a good one too, That these pills will cure you. Carlo Imelio A Boat A sailor boy you look like to me. So here is a big boat to sail the sea. Richard Jabry A Diet Here is a diet that will put you ahead. Because from the back you are getting the spread. Elaine Jones Picture of A. H. S. When you travel far away, Look at this and think of today. Sandra Kelley Ticket to Agawam Away to California you must go— Use this to visit those you know. Vaughan Kelley Pitch Pipe This pitch pipe we think is a must Because at times your voice can be rust. Donald King A Bell Because you never make a sound. Use this bell so we’ll know you’re around. Robert Kino Scissors If your sideburns should grow. Cut them off so your cars will show. Elizabeth Langlois Map of Mass. When dirivng alone, use this map of Mass., Then for sure you won’t be a lost lass. Roger Leclerc Coat Closet Here is a coat closet for you to take home, So you and Franny can be alone. Frank Liberatore Broom This broom is nothing new to you. For you’ve swept the hall through and through. Robert Light Tools With broken down cars you arc the best; Use these tools, they will do the rest. Lois Lindblad A Dress Because you dress so fine and neat. Our gift to you is a dress with a big pleat. Anthony Liquori A Scooter Upon girls wc know you don’t prey. So here’s a scooter to run away. Patrick Losito Razor Blades These razor blades we give to you, Wc hope they will do a lot for you. Dolores Luccardi Jalopy You had your license, that’s true. So wc give this jalopy to you. Shirley Maoagnoli Stop Sign We see that the boys tease you quite a bit, So use this sign so they’ll stop doing it. Marjorie Magovern Shampoo Your hair of red is bright and clean. Use this shampoo to have it gleam. Barbara Maiolo Address Book Away to college you must go. Take this to remember the friends you know. Donald Marsian A Rake A rake we give to you and nothing more. To pick up the towels on the locker room floor. Jean Maule Driver’s License We give you this driver’s license with pride, For finally you have learned to drive! Roland Mercadante Mistletoe At socials you arc shy, that’s so. So stand right under the mistletoe. Julie Mercier Clock Take this with you on a date, Then for sure you won’t be late. 25Robert Mitchell Diary This is a diary for just you alone. To write down your thoughts—because they’ll never be known. Patricia Modzelewski A Copy of “Modern Bride" In this book you'll find a wedding gown, That will make you the prettiest bride in town. Daniel Molta Basketball With this basketball you were gTcat by far. Carry it with you to keep up to par. Paul Montagna Accordion This accordion we know you really can squeeze; Most of the time you did it with ease. Theresa Morassi Can of Spinach This can of spinach will help you grow. The greatest little giant you’d ever want to know. William Morello A Smile If friends you want to gain, Bill, Use this smile and you will. Frank Moruzzi Lawn Mower When you arise at the crack of dawn, Use this to go out and mow the lawn. Alice Mueller A Horn Here is a horn that you can sound, So people will know that you’re around. Donald Mullanby Hair Brush Your lovely hair is our delight; Here’s a hair brush—use it every night. Shirley Mutti Candy Kiss Because you’re such a cute little miss, We give to you this candy kiss. Harold Nowill Gun You’re a hunter brave and bold; Here is a gun to have and to hold. James O’Keepe Banner Because you are such an all-around fellow, We give you this banner of black and yellow. Carol Pallo Honors To you, Carol, honors are in store. For a nice kid in the Class of ’54. Kay Parent Vitamin Pills These vitamin pills will help you to grow; Then everyone will sec you around, we know. Judith Peterson A Song Here’s a song for a singing maid— A song that’s on the “Hit Parade.” Conrad Phillips Box of Fudge Here’s a box of fudge. For the one and only “Pudge.” Barbara Picard Piece of Chalk A piece of chalk can be one of your cures, For that “Slate” that you call yours. Betty Picard A Pillow If while skating you happen to fall. Use this pillow—it will bear it all. Richard Pisano Curlers To keep your curls in nice and tight. Use these curlers every night. Viroinia Pisano A Yellow Canary Because you are so fine and merry. We give to you this yellow canary. Mildred Pohner A Flag This flag is a symbol of you. Hair, red; teeth, white; eyes. blue. Mary Pond Presidency Someday a president you may be. We know if you arc, you’ll serve capably. Joan Provost li'edding Band Wedding bells will be ringing soon. Will it be long after June? Frances Radwilowicz Perfume This perfume we give to you; It is sweet and matches your person- ality too. James Reardon Baby Beef With many baby beeves you have won prizes, To you we give this beef on this occasion that arises. William Rhodes Ford Here is a Ford that is brand new. And may it bring much joy to you. Nancy Richardson A Baby Bonnet As our “Baby Snooks" you win a prize. So try this bonnet on just for size. Sandra Rivers Rolling Pin When you’re married and he gets cross. Pick up this and say “I’m the boss!” Donaldine Roos Guitar Play this guitar—plink. plink, plink; You and your future it will link. Berta Rubino Oscar In Hollywood you'll achieve honors galore. But remember your first Oscar from the Class of ’54. Raymond Saracino A Medal When it comes to working, you’re the best. So here’s a medal we'll pin on your chest. Ellsworth Sharpe A Jet A jet is now the fastest way. To get her home without delay. Robert Sicrist A Brake When you come to a stop-light, use this brake. Because if you don’t—sad will be your fate! Sandra Sjostrom Daily Newspaper To keep you informed about all the events. This daily newspaper to you we present. 26Judith Slate A Copy of Seventeen This book will help in the coming year, For we know fashion will be your career. Robert Slate A Bat, Ball, and Glove We know baseball is your first love; To you we give a bat, a ball, and a glove. Steven Sliecii Toothpicks Toothpicks in your mouth always caused a fuss. So here’s a barrel of them just from us. Jane Soden Drum Because you arc extremely quiet. Here’s a drum to start a riot. Louise Spaonuolo Lipstick To keep your lips red and neat. Here’s some lipstick that can’t be beat! John Spineti Out Praises Our praises we think you deserve. For manners, appearance, and quiet reserve. Marie Steeves Paint Set These paints will aid you in your art. And make you an expert from the start. Mathew Sui.borski A Camera and Book Give him a camera and he’s all set; Give him some books and he still won’t fret. Joyce Sullivan Candy Cigarettes These cigarettes we give to you. Do you think they will do? Marlene Thompson Sewing Machine Your clothes you always like to make. This sewing machine you should appreciate. Betty Voislow Welcome Because of all your beauty and charms. Your patients will welcome you with open arms. Frances Willard A “Rock" Here is a “Rock” we give you without cost, So you’ll always have it, and never feel lost. Marilyn Wilson Diamonds Diamonds arc the subject that will arise, When we talk about your big blue eyes. Theresa Wright Medicine To be a nurse is Terry's desire. So here is some medicine she’ll require. Susan Yeakel Piano This piano will help you along. Because Carnegie Hall is where you belong. Josephine Zabim Typewriter This typewriter will always be on hand, To help you in the future you have planned. Sandra Zerra Out-of-Town License An out-of-town license is a must; We give it to you with our trust. Ann Zucco Notebook To help you in the coming year. We give this notebook; keep it near. Shirley Mutti Carol Pallo Frances Radwilowicz Judith Slate William Rhodes James O'Keefe 27JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Donald Hastinos Secretary: Vice-President: Alice Harpin Treasurer: Jane Manure Lawrence Gallerani The time is -drawing nigh, and soon we shall have to leave these hallowed halls. Therefore, we, the Class of “54”, do hereby leave our last will and testament. THE WILL TO THE TOWN: Money for a new high school. SEVENTH GRADE: A jab with a pin to get you going. EIGHTH GRADE: A suit of armor to protect you from Mr. Leonardi. FRESHMEN: Our hopes that at least your class will get to graduate from the new school. SOPHOMORES: A private Dorothy Dix. JUNIORS: An alarm clock to wake you up early enough for school. MR. DACEV: A sign for the new school reading “Please keep off the grass.” MR. HARRIS: A secretary to take Adrienne’s place. MISS PHELPS: A red golf ball to use when playing golf in the snow. MISS MILLER: A two-way wrist radio to keep posted with Miss Phelps. MRS. SEARS: Peace and quiet—at last. CAROL BAILEY: A year’s supply of jokes. CHARLES MITCHELL: A bag to punch instead of your friends. PEGGY CHECILE: Someone to wait with you for that certain call. RONALD LaFLEUR: A secret cubby hole in the physics lab. SHIRLEY WHITEHEAD and JULIETTE MARTIN: Noiscmakcrs to let us know you’re around. ROGER PHANEUF: A chance to fix up your own dates. CAROL ARNOLD: A new twist in dancing. LAWRENCE GALLERANI: An inch, but please don’t take a mile. JOYCE MINNEY: Another year, another party. BARBARA SIGRIST: A touch of femininity. FRANK MORI ARTY: Nothing. We like living. JANE MASURE: A chance to reform A. H. S. before you reform the country. DAVID HOWE: A coat closet that isn’t restricted. CAROL SULBORSKI: A chance to follow in Mrs. Gilbraith’s footsteps. DONALD HASTINGS: Some of Mary Pond’s basketball ability. SHIRLEY PERUSSE: A year’s supply of knee socks. ANTHONY KRZYKOWSKI: A pro merito pass so you can go hunting. AUDREY LETENDRE: An excuse that Mr. Dacey will believe. AVON PERKINS: A tractor to make your farm life easier. PATRICIA BOWNE: Free taxi rides between here and Holyoke. MARTIN LEHBERGER: Lessons from John Cardone. ROSEMARY KALLIPOLITES: A permanent dancing partner. CRAIG McEWAN: A reserved spot on River Road. 29ALICE ARNOLD: The honor of supplying the basketball team with gum next year. MARIANNE FIEKER: A fishnet to catch him for keeps. JOSEPH WOLLNER: Jane Russell, since you can’t have Marilyn. NANCY REYNOLDS: A year to lose your accent. LYNNE HIGGINS: Sunlight to do the tinting naturally. CARMELLA PETRUZZELLO: Somebody to go with your hope chest. GAIL SLATE: New territory to look over. NINO MORETTI: The bill for your Senior Class banquet. TOM FLANDERS: A halo to go with that angelic face. CAROLYN FOGG: A motorcycle to help you make your rounds. LEONARD RISING: A pair of glasses so you can sec other girls too. DOROTHY GREGORY: A nutcracker to bring you out of your shell. CHESTER NICORA: All the girls in the Junior Class, so you won’t be lonely. PHYLLIS STONE: Vitamin pills to give you vim and vigor. GEORGE JUKE: Another year to become a man of the world. THERESA SLEICH: The realization that there arc high school boys. WILLIAM HOWE: A girl to share the front seat in your nice ? car. MARGERY MORTON: A boy friend among your own classmates. RICHARD THOMAS: A course to develop your talents. JOHN FOLEY: A dollar to get a haircut. ANITA ROSSO: Strength to lead the Junior girls to win their first set of numerals. LOUIS MERCADANTE: Another night in the week to carry on your many activities. ELIZABETH GUIDI: An Agawam escort—for a change. RICHARD COBURN: Some of Miss Smith’s honesty. ROBERT WILMES: A wide-awake look so you won’t make everyone else tired. ALICE HARPIN: A crystal ball to find out who’s next. RICHARD DiLULLO: A private dentist for use during next year’s football season. ELIZABETH BEHRENS: A record of “Changing Partners.” ALBERT GIROTTI: An invitation to exhibit your sketches at the Louvre. VIVIAN HASTINGS: A date with John Bumstcd. JEROME DOOLITTLE: A chance to take Jeff Atwater’s place in more ways than one. BEVERLY MARIEB: A baseball bat for future use. ROBERT DeGEORGE: A place in Gary Brown’s heart. LINDA KNIGHTON: A special home permanent that lasts a lifetime. JOHN BELTRANDI: A leash to hold on to Alice. ROSEMARY DiDONATO: Courage with the opposite sex. GEARY HINSHAW: The ability to concentrate on one person. MARTHA GOTTSCHE: A looser skirt for more comfortable walking. RICHARD DAVENPORT: A season’s supply of skfis. ARLENE EGBERT: A book of study halls so you can really go to work. JAMES CREAN: The fact that girls do exist. PHYLLIS BLANCHARD: A nurse’s cap to wear on that pretty hair. SANDRA FAGNANI: A pair of attachable wings so you can fly around the corridor and sec what’s going on. PHYLLIS MISISCHIA: Will power to last another year. ROSEMARY GIORDANO: A private doctor to keep you well. GERALDINE MERCADANTE: Lessons from Kate Smith. BARBARA BORGATTI: A boat and an escort to make your trip around the world. JOSEPH MYERS: A portable bed to carry from class to class. GAIL TOOTILL: A book of instructions so your hair won’t turn green. JOSEPH DAVIO: Alka Seltzer to settle your moods. CORINNE ROBERTS: A date with a hair stylist. DONALD HALL: A chick to go with your chickens. BARBARA DiSANTI: A bucket for your mop. 30ROBERT MERCADANTE: Powder to cover your blushes. BEVERLY GIFFORI): Title of “Miss Freckles.” RAY FRENIERE: PEACE---------------. SARA JO CAMERON: Definition of the word “quiet.” CLARENCE SMARSE: A special signalling device to use during tests. BEVERLY BENSON: A Revlon kit to keep your nails sharp. CLYDE LIGHT: The honor of graduating from Agawam High. JEAN BREZINSKI: Our vote as the best sports fan in the Junior Class. CYNTHIA ALLEN: A license that can’t be taken away. JOHN BUMSTED: A chance to become a second Harry James. SANDRA TORP: A sedative. ERNEST DUMONI): Some of Andy’s extra inches. MARIE KLENAKIS: A year’s supply of sweaters. DOUGLAS NEILSON: Recognition on next year’s football team. GERALDINE BERUBE: A welcome to the ranks of A.H.S. DORA PAPACINI: Another chance with Sonny Merk. ROGER AVERY: A chance to distinguish yourself in your Senior year. AVALON SAFFORD: A change in the charter, making St. Michael’s Co-edu- cational. LEE ELLERSHAVV: A bird’s egg for your collection. HILDEGARDE HARTWIG: A swing to go with your sway. In evidence whereof, we the Class of 1954 do affix our seal on this day of June, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty-four. Frances Willard Nancy Hallock Elizabeth Langlois Donaldine Roos Elliot Blackburn Roger Leclerc 31SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President: Richard Stahlk Secretary: Barbara Meissner Vice-President: Eleanor D’Amato Treasurer: David MonaohanTime—1974. You Are There This is Mat Sulborski, your WHIZ reporter, bringing you the up-to-the minute news on the first rocket trip to the moon. Here by my side is Professor Lucia Alfano, the leading woman scientist of today, who helped make this trip possible. The outcome of this trip will depend mostly on Ace Sharpe, the pilot of this dual-hopped up space ship. The ship was to be piloted by Bill Morello, who was suspended from the air for flying on the wrong side of the air waves. Ace’s able co-pilot is Connie Phillips. Mat Sulborski over. And now we will switch to the rocket where the Christening is about to take place. Come in, Adrienne Grasso. We have about five minutes before the Christen- ing takes place. Looking over this great multitude of people, I see two of our eminent scholars: I)r. Ray Saracino, the famous English professor who studied under Dean Nardi, and Professor Finnigan Marsian, head of the Science Depart- ment at Smith College. Over on my right are the nationally famous “SPWFS’S.” That is “The Society for the Prevention of Wandering Flying Saucers,” whose members include Jo Zabini, Sandra Channell, Sandra Sjostrom, Shirley Harrison, Joyce Sullivan, and Dolores Luccardi. Standing directly in front of me arc two famous pianists, Sandra Zerra and Susan Yeakel. Our switchboard operator, Lourdes Dumond, has just informed me that we have but two minutes remaining before the Christening. I’ll return in a moment after this brief message from John Cardone. “Is your hair mousey and hard to manage? Does it have that half and half look? If so, try LIGHT AND BRIGHT. You will have that universal glow. Take a tip from Shirley Magagnoli, starring on our new stratospheric screen in ‘Thru the Knothole.’ ” This is Betty Voislow replacing Mat, who has just gone down to Robert Mitchell1 s Coffee Shop. At the site of the launching, Anthony Liquori s Can Can girls—Annette Girard, Marie Steeves, Kay Parent, and Berta Rubino,—are dancing to the music of Paul Montagna’s band, “The Swingaroos,” with Donaldine Roos at the guitar, Nancy Richardson on the piccolo, Marjorie Magovern on the violin, and Jane Soden at the cymbals. Coming through the line is Terry Morassi, reporter for the “Moon and Earth Consolidated.” Miss Phelps is about to christen the ship “Fifi” with a bottle of Miller High Life. 33Out in the crowd I can sec a sign carried by Pat Losito, the mortician, which reads, “If you don’t succeed, I will.” The hostesses, Janet Dulong and Louise Spagnuolo, are now closing the doors —maybe for the last time. A hush spreads over the crowd. The seconds tick away. Four—Three—A late news flash—Donald King will not be able to make the trip due to illness—Two—One— Hold It! Something went wrong. They’re having trouble with the exhaust. Dr. Jonathan Anderson is rushing forward, and carrying his medical bag is Barbara Cammisa, his faithful nurse. He calls for a stretcher. Here comes the stretcher. They’re carrying away—oh, yes—Frank Moruzzi, who stuck his nose in once too often. This is Betty Voislow switching back to Mat Sulborski at station WHIZ. Hello, folks. This is a very interesting spectacle we are viewing. I will now- switch you over to Ralph D’Amato, who is stationed on the rocket. This is Ralph D’Amato in Compartment A. Here on my left arc Roland Mercadante and Steven Sliech who are going to the moon to investigate butterflies and their habitats. Carrying their equipment is Robert Slate. In this same com- partment we have Dick Pisano, who is going up to draw sketches of the monstrous moon creatures for “Nature Magazine.” His writer, Ralph Coughlin, is accompany- ing him. Sitting next to me is Humph Jabry, the criminal lawyer, who is going to the moon to gather evidence for the mysterious murder of Don Mullaney. Humph is on the trail of Robert Sigrist, who, he believes, committed the murder. Mr. Jabry is being assisted by his secretary, Lois Bontempo. Over in the corner are the “three stooges” who have been banned from the earth—Millie Pohner, Judy Hyland, and Delores Giordano. We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin. Harold NowUl has just returned from a coon hunt sponsored by Ray Favreau Boone, Inc., the well-known manufacturer of coon skin hats. Speaking of hunting, Marilyn Wilson and Jim O’Keefe have gone house hunting again for their growing family. Judy Peterson and Vaughan Kelley arc now' appearing in the stage hit, “Beauty and the Idiot,” produced by Money Bags Dan Molt a, Narroway’s most eligible bachelor. We return you nowr to Ralph D’Amato. Dick Chase, star of that famous interplanetary program, “Fishnet,” is on the trail of the notorious moonshiners: Robert King, Robert Light, and Donald Avery. But little docs he know they are on the other side of this compartment disguised as the rocket mechanics. We will now switch back to earth. Come in Adrienne Grasso. The rocket is now out of sight, and the crowd is slowly dispersing. Driving away in Bill Rhodes’s taxi is Rev. Blackburn and his lovely wife, the former Elaine Jones, who also were at the farewell scene. Gliding away in her limousine is Julie Mercier and her agent gigolcttes, Lois Lindblad, Sandra Rivers, Joan Provost, and Doris Grant. Nancy Hallock must have made a killing with her Solar System potato chips; that is, if she didn’t eat them all herself. News Flash—We will now bring you the results of the “Greatest Fight of the Century,” between “Cheech” Liberatore, and “Mooch” Imelio. It was the easiest decision of the year. “Cheech” knocked Mooch out, but wfas knocked out himself when he stumbled over Mooch’s glove. Next week we have a special treat for all you men. A wrestling match between Frannie Radwilowicz and Molly Hawkins with Rocco Greco as the referee. 34We return you once more to the rocket. Come in, Ann Zucco. This is Ann in Compartment 2. Here in my compartment are Judy Slate and Rhoda Dickinson, who are going to the moon to fashion the latest in moonwear. Along with them to model these fashions are Joan DcMars, Barbara Cheney, Alice Mueller, and Theresa Wright. On my left is Rab Anderson, who is going to play basketball with the “Moon- beams.” Along with him is his coach, Phil Cardone and his ever loving wife, Cecily Danforth. We have another sports celebrity amongst us—Robert Clam pit and his all- American girls’ basketball team, Liz Langlois, Jean Maule, Virg Pisano, and Pat Modzelewski. In the front of my compartment arc Jim Reardon and Sandra Kelley, who are planning to start a dairy farm on the Milky Way. Also here is Barbara Maiolo who is going up to try to date the man in the moon. There seems to be some commotion in the next compartment. We will switch over to sec what the trouble is. A stowaway, Roland Banville, has been discovered by Mary Pond, the famous biologist who is traveling to the moon to investigate frogs’ eyes. Chief cook Frannie Willard and her bottlewashcr Rock Leclerc have just cooked the meal served by Rosemarie Baggetta and Marlene Thompson. As a public service, we will have a special radio program over our loud speaker featuring a popular singer, Carol Pallo, who revived her old favorite “Dear John.” The long awaited moment has finally arrived. The hostesses, Barbara and Betty Picard, are now telling everyone to fasten their safety belts. We’re coming in for a landing. “POW.” As the doors of the space ship are opened by Shirley Mutti, the surprise is too great for her; she faints. Wc hear some- thing approaching. What strange moon creature could have caused this? Is it possible there is life here? Someone walks in. Everyone clusters around John Spineti, the first mortal to reach the moon. When asked how he reached the moon wc heard the echo of his history-making reply, “It was a snap.” John Cardonf. Ralph D’Amato Adrienne Grasso Mathew Sulborski Betty Voislow Ann Zucco 35FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President: Vice-President: Gerald O'Keefe Secretary: Treasurer: Patricia Arnold John Phillips Anna DemicheleScene : Many years have passed since the illustrious Class of 1954 graduated from Agawam High School. Raymond Saracino, Nancy Richardson, Joyce Sullivan, and Ellsworth Sharpe have just recently sought the sanction of a friendly and peaceful rest home. Their quiet life is often brightened by visits from some of their former classmates. On one occasion Donald Avery and Sandra Rivers happened to visit the four inmates just in time for tea. As usual the group began to reminisce about the wonderful days which they had spent at their dear old alma mater. Their informal discussion sounded something like this: Ray: Nan: Joyce: Ellsworth: Nancy, do you remember our Freshman year at Agawam? We certainly thought that our class was the best, and in later years, it turned out to be just that. At our first attempt to hold an organized class meeting we elected Jim O’Keefe Presi- dent, and Holt Sawyer was given the position of Vice-President. Lucia Alfano was burdened with the task of collecting dues, and Donaldine Roos became our class Secretary. How could any of us forget that first glorious year? I remember so vividly our social debut at the annual Freshman Party. Jim O’Keefe was appointed General Chairman of this successful spring dance, known far and wide as the “Bunny Hop.” Jim must have been busy with his presidential duties plus his position as supervisor of the party, but he handled both jobs admirably. Mr. Tourvillc was also very helpful as our class adviser. Our Freshman year passed much too quickly, and before we had had time to appreciate our carefree life, it was time to make plans for our Sophomore year. I remember that Phil Cardonc became President, and Lucia Alfano was elected Vice-President. My failing memory also seems to recall that we chose John Cardonc to handle our financial affairs and Donaldine Roos to keep the records. Miss Phelps also obtained a new and enviable position — she became our permanent class adviser. Don: On March 14, 1952, we had a terrific Sophomore Party, namely the “Gay Prom- enade.” Jim O’Keefe and his staff did an excellent job. All the arrangements were perfect, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Sandy: Up to that time our class had earned a high reputation in Agawam, but the best was yet to come. In our Junior year we really started to work for perfection. We immediately elected an energetic staff of officers — Roger Lcclcrc, President: Lucia Alfano, Vice-President; Donaldine Roos, Secretary; and John Cardonc, Treasurer. 37Joyce: Roger Lcclerc and his committees did magnificently well in organizing the festivities for the annual Junior Cabaret. The “Shanghai Swirl,” held in December, 1952, was a gay and delightful afifair. Nan: But it was our Junior-Senior Prom that was truly spectacular. Under the direction of Raymond Saracino, we successfully carried out the complicated plans which we had made. On May 22, 1953, our Prom, called “An Evening in Paris,” made local history as one of the most elaborate and colorful dances ever presented at the high school. Ray: Senior Year! The most exciting, yet the most heartbreaking year. It seems like only yesterday that we were so busy getting ads for our yearbook, measuring for caps and gowns, wearing class beanies to the assemblies, and, in general, just having a riotous time. Sandy: We all enjoyed our Senior events so very much, but we were always rather sad too because we realized that our carefree days would soon be gone. Ellsworth: We started off with a bang by selecting a fine group to lead our class in its activities. Roger Lcclerc retained his position as President; Mary Pond became Vice-President; Donaldinc Roos maintained her job as Secretary for the fourth consecutive year; and John Cardone was re-elected Treasurer. Joyce: That was the year that our class made a record in the brilliance department; we had produced 28 Pro Meritos, the largest number Agawam High School had ever had. And of course our class wasn’t all brain; there was also quite a bit of brawn on the football field that year, as I recall. Don: It certainly was swell to have a legitimate excuse to act juvenile at the Kid Party. The party was held just before Christmas in 1953, and Richard Jabry was very convincing in his role of “jolly old Saint Nick.” Ray: Yes, but it was those Senior play rehearsals that were really tops. At first it didn’t seem as though the cast was ever going to get down to business, but as April 30th drew near, fear drove them to work. It paid off too; “Beauty and the Beef’ was the most hilarious play ever seen at our school. Joyce: I shall never, as long as I live, forget our Class Banquet. We relived our entire four years of high school in that one evening; it was truly a night to remember. Nan: The entire year was overcast with a shadow — the thought of leaving our beloved school, and all too soon, June 1954 was at hand and it was time to say our fare- wells. However, our graduation exercises were so impressive that very few of us thought seriously about the cruel future which was awaiting us until the ceremony had been completed. Ellsworth: I was always terribly fond of picnics, especially the food part, but I never had a better time than I did at our Class Picnic. The picnic was a gala event as opposed to the solemn graduation ceremony which preceded it. 3$Don: Sandy: Joyce: Sandy: Ray: We have all accomplished many great things and followed many different paths since June 1954, but, speaking for myself, I know that I shall always be grateful for the aid which my teachers and friends gave to me while I was attending Agawam High School. I wouldn’t have been half as successful as I have been if I hadn’t had my wonderful high school education behind me. Donald, you’re getting sentimental in your old age. I’m sure that our entire class feels the same as you do about Agawam High, but you don’t have to overdo it. It’s almost time for our dinner; won’t you folks stay and eat with us? No, I’m afraid we can’t; my daughter is expecting me home soon, so we really must be going along. Well, we really hate to see you leave, but we will see you and all the rest of the old crowd next week at the 45th reunion of the Class of 1954, Agawam High School. Raymond Nancy Richardson Ellsworth Sharpe Joyce Sullivan Sandra Rivers Donald Avery 39CLASS SONG rr: K 1 f. rzz • « 7 Pr 7 i r r « V "Pi h— « 4 • • Ic L o’f d A w Tft U v«l -Rs - • irv Men ••• ben Tt« pom, the 0 u ys «V ?o • Km A C ow rv Ul ¥ t-1—4— 1 t "l ne«c -- vt - ve irr ft To O r —r —f— i “i i j—r r= i- -= i—-t i i h J- J -4 I J 1 X-1 —f— • • 4 - • • 4 .1 • - 1 « • J d - • 4 W ■J- i K ■ 7 ft- — — Ti '—k J - K I A « r r— 1 « t d « - • J r - 4 • J J- dsftrt olo be - - - — AG - ft “ W ft M U-4 •• • A - M i ) It iTftft» i—1—i 4.-1 r Th L • U« O u — U UJt INI i 1 n U «« -- drft b Ao K — «will Fftrt AmU PL - - • wityj M i e ft ft e g I—M-J-R- -‘-77-— MS A • - • d • • • • • m • • J • - . a: ■4 -d P . K 1 A CHORI s » 1 r— , X. ?Yv 1 j f J n f f q —1 ? 7--, 1 « L L J J— -±-X- -y All • - ouft Ouft Loy • ni TJi» u yl)7S UmLI Fftiervc o Aifu be — R Afc — «- hr L - hi r A . 4 OH ft p I i»v MIV t ft Cowe - Vhe Fu. -Tuftf j-p 4 . ; k- - ft — » » ' f ■ ! « « • • 4 « i «I. - 4 4 — — r — 4-44 -4 4 » ■ 1— r ■ « L-ir L L=fl ifA1 :-5 — J • ‘ 4 - ■ T S ” OUft OiH»4- God http US To f»l •• Low Th W ft y 1- THAT Mr hftS 3 howW r » 1 — TfL [ J J 4 ' rr r r 1 —a -3 I ► » IT 3 « • 1 • • - -7 7 f 1 ? n r rz f » T 5 S . ► r 4 ! ■ » H — w - i 3 1 VAUGHN K ELLY SUSAN LJi VEAKEL £ ANDRA ZLRRA CIUDY PtTERSON TITLE FIRST CHOICE SECOND CHOIC Mr. I. Q. Mathew Sulborski John Spinetti Miss I. Q. Ann Zucco Lucia Alfano Most Popular Boy Roger Leclerc Raymond Saracino Most Popular Girl Mary Pond Carol Pallo Best Dressed Boy Ralph D’Amato Daniel Molta Best Dressed Girl Rhoda Dickinson Betty Ann Voislow Best Natured Boy Donald Marsian Vaughan Kelley Best Natured Girl Dolores Luccardi Theresa Wright Class Wit {Boy) Vaughan Kelley Ellsworth Sharpe Class Wit {Girl) Berta Rubino Lucia Alfano Best Actor Elliot Blackburn Donald Marsian Best Actress Elizabeth Langlois Barbara Cheney Quietest Boy Anthony Liquori Jonathan Anderson Quietest Girl Sandra Sjostrom Alice Mueller Best Boy Dancer John Cardone Raymond Saracino Best Girl Dancer Julie Mercier Carol Pallo Best All Around Boy Roger Leclerc James O’Keefe Best All Around Girl Mar ' Pond Nancy Hallock Class Brother Raymond Saracino Phillip Cardone Class Sister Shirley Mutti Donaldinc Roos Most Mischievous Boy Roland Mercadante Donald Mullaney Most Mischievous Girl Virginia Pisano Lucia Alfano Boy Most Likely to Succeed John Spinctti James Reardon Girl Most Likely to Succeed Carol Pallo Ann Zucco Boy Who Did Most for School Raymond Saracino Roger Leclerc Girl Who Did Most for School Mar)’ Pond Donaldinc Roos Best Boy Athlete Roger Leclerc Phillip Cardone Best Girl Athlete Mar ’ Pond Judy Slate Prettiest Girl Donaldinc Roos Carol Pallo Most Handsome Boy James O’Keefe Ralph D’Amato Cutest Boy William Rhodes Conrad Phillips Cutest Girl Marilyn Wilson Frances Radwilowicz Friendliest Boy Raymond Saracino Vaughan Kelley Friendliest Girl Frances Radwilowicz Sandra Kelley Biggest Tease {boy) Roland Mercadante Raymond Saracino Biggest Tease {girl) Lourdes Dumond Adrienne Grasso Class Flirt {boy) John Cardone Raymond Saracino Class Flirt {girl) Shirley Magagnoli Lourdes Dumond Class Gentleman Phillip Cardone Roger Leclerc Class Lady Cecily Danforth Judith Peterson Best Boy Singer John Cardone Elliot Blackburn Best Girl Singer Judith Peterson Susan Yeakel Class Chatterbox {boy) Vaughan Kelley Richard Jabry Class Chatterbox {girl) Berta Rubino Delores Giordano Class Couple Phillip Cardone Cecily Danforth Roger Leclerc Frances Willard 41 V V r w W ykzt J c3- jfyrtJUS J - o r c 0 r, ( 9 jrj - 7 Wv r Z%Zh ?c o-r Z - . (! "' '!rur r’fz? 'M c ¥ off 0' «5 £V K t£ BEAUTY AND THE BEEF Ginny Allen, from Chicago .................................... Barbara Cheney George Allen, her dad ................................................... John Cardone Laura Allen, her mother ................................. Elizabeth Langlois Lester Allen, her brother ..................................... Donald Marsian Professor Barton, the principal .............................. Paul Montagna Franny Barton, his daughter ................................... Lucia Alfano Beef, captain of the football team ......................... Elliot Blackburn Molly Woods, a girl with a bass drum ................................. Marilyn Wilson Foggy Ryan, drum major of the band ........................... Vaughan Kelley Miss Bigby, a teacher ....................................... Rhoda Dickinson WERE Nancy Hallock Carol Pallo Berta Rubino Raymond Saracino OTHERS IN CAST Daniel Molta James O’Keefe Ellsworth Sharpe Frances Radwilowicz Theresa Morassi EXTRAS Lois Lindblad Conrad Phillips Nancy Richardson William Morello Harold Nowill Directed by Katherine Kalloch On Friday evening, April 30, the annual senior play was presented. This year’s play was entitled “Beauty and the Beef.” It revolved around seventeen year old Ginny Allen, who was the smartest girl ever to graduate from the Junior Quiz Program, and because of this she was not very popular with the boys. The situations and predicaments in which she involved her family made a very amusing story. The play was under the direction of Mrs. Katherine Kalloch, who did a won- derful job. The play was enjoyed by everyone. 49 'mjvuS fvv wWa VftjjjnJALONG THEAGAWAM HIGH SCHOOL BAND Director ...................................... Howard Crotty Senior Members ............ Vaughan Kelley, Marjorie Magovern Senior Majorette ............................. Barbara Cheney Senior Drum Majorette ...................... Elizabeth LangloisGilbert and Sullivan's "H.M.S. PINAFORE" Senior Members: Elliot Blackburn, Lois Bontcmpo, John Cardonc, Robert Clampit, Rhoda Dickinson. Nancy Hallock, Carlo Imclio, Elaine Jones, Richard Jabry, Vaughan Kelley, Sandra Kelley. Elizabeth Langlois. Lois Lindblad. Barbara Maiolo, Paul Montagna, Julie Mercier, Jean Maule, Richard Pisano. Judy Peterson. Mary Pond, Marilyn Wilson, Ann Zucco. Directed by: Miss Mary F. Hayes. Accompanists: Susan Ycakel, Sandra Zcrra.PROMERITO This year the largest Pro Merito group in the history of the school was graduated from Agawam High School in June. The twenty-eight members received their pins from Mr. Montagna, assistant principal of the High School of Commerce, at the assembly held March 11, 1954. Mr. Montagna was a member of the Pro Merito group which graduated from Agawam High in 1934. This year the group had a very successful picnic. In May the State Con- vention was attended by a large number from the Pro Merito group. President .................................... Ralph D’Amato Secretary .................................... Cecily Danforth Adviser ................................... Miss Eleanor Smith Members: Lucia Alfano. Jonathan Anderson. Lois Bontempo. Sandra Channell. Barbara Cheney, Ralph D’Amato. Cecily Danforth. Joan DeMars. Doris Grant. Adrienne Grasso. Elizabeth Greco. Nancy Hallock, Elaine Jones. Roger Leclerc. Lois Lindblad. Anthony Liquori. Theresa Morassi, Shirley Mutti, Carol Pallo. Kay Parent. Judith Peterson. Mary Pond, Frances Radwilowicz. Nancy Richardson, Donaldinc Roos. John Spineti. Mathew Sulborski, Ann Zucco. 58STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council has been very active and successful during the past year. Once again the annual events, such as the magazine drive and the ‘Sock and Sweater” dance, were very enthusiastically supported by the Council and the rest of the school. Delegates from the Student Council attended the fall and spring Western Massachusetts Student Council Conventions in Westfield and Chicopee. The Council’s responsibilities included patrolling the stairways and corridors, and the opening and closing of the fire doors between classes. This year the Council established a Student Council Scholarship of $100.00 to be awarded to a deserving senior boy or girl. President ..... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer .... Adviser ....... .... James O’Keefe .... Lois Bon tempo .... Arlene Egbert .... Chester Nicora Mr. Wayne Holmes Senior Members: Lucia Alfano. Lois Bontcmpo. Ralph D’Amato, Nancy Hallock, Roscr Lcclcrc. Daniel Molta, Theresa Morassi. James O’Keefe. Carol Pallo, Raymond Saracino. 59©■ o PERSONALITY CLUB The Personality Club was organized in 1942 to promote the social life and improve the personalities of its members. This year, under the leadership of Mrs. Sears, the club sponsored two successful dances — the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance and the Valentine Dance. Speakers of special interest at this year’s meeting included a girl from Holland, a visitor of Turkey, and a handwriting analyst. President ....................................................... Nancy Hallock Vice-President ........................................ Donald Hastings Secretary ............................................ Marilyn Wilson Treasurer ...................................... Frances Radwilowicz Adviser .............................................. Mrs. Maria Sears Senior Members: Lucia Alfano, Rosemarie Baggctta, Lois Bontempo, Barbara Cheney, Joan DeMars, Cecily Danforth, Rhoda Dickinson, Lourdes Dumond, Carol Flynn. Annette Girard. Doris Grant, Adrienne Grasso. Nancy Hallock. Shirley Harrison. Mary Hawkins. Sandra Kelley, Vaughan Kelley, Elizabeth Langlois, Lois Lindblad. Dolores Luccardi, Shirley Magagnoli. Marjorie Magovern. Barbara Maiolo. Jean Maule, Julie Mcrcier, Theresa Morassi. Alice Mueller. Shirley Mutti, Mary Pond. Joan Provost. Frances Radwilowicz, Nancy Richardson, Sandra Rivers, Donaldinc Roos. Berta Rubino, Ellsworth Sharpe, Judy Slate. Marlene Thompson, Betty Ann Voislow, Frances Willard, Marilyn Wilson, Theresa Wright, Ann Zucco.TRI-HI-Y The Tri-Hi-Y, one of the oldest clubs in the school, was organized to create, maintain, and extend high ideals of living throughout the school and community. The club is composed of Junior and Senior girls under the fine leadership of Miss Miller. Tri-Hi-Y, with Mary Pond as President, completed a year marked by new, as well as traditional programs. The highlight of the year was the Mother and Daughter Banquet at which time new members were inducted into the club and the new officers installed. In March a group of twelve girls attended the Older Girls’ and Tri-Hi-Y Conference in Beverly, Massachusetts. The club also sponsored several service projects. Officers: President ...... Vice-President .. Secretary ...... Treasurer ...... Chaplain ....... Faculty Adviser ... Mary Pond Theresa Morassi Barbara Cheney ... Shirley Mutti .... Carol Pallo . Miss E. MillerTHE BENJAMIN PHELPS CLUB The Benjamin Phelps Club of Future Teachers of America is affiliated with the National Educational Association. The club’s activities have included speakers, discussions, and trips to State Teachers’ Colleges. Club members have also spent many hours observing classes in the elementary schools of Agawam. The club was represented at the State Convention of Future Teachers Clubs at Bridgewater Teachers College. President ..... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Librarian ..... Sponsor ...... .... Nancy Hallock ......... Ann Zucco ....... Mary Pond . Nancy Richardson .... Judith Peterson Miss Eleanor Miller Senior Members: Nancy Hallock, Roger Lcclcrc, Marjorie Magovern. Judith Peterson, Mary Pond, Nancy Richardson. Raymond Saracino, Marilyn Wilson, Frances Willard, and Ann Zucco. 62INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB This year, as in the past, the International Relations Club had another successful year under the very capable leadership of Miss Ward, club adviser. They planned some extraordinary meetings, having speakers from various places of interest, both at home and abroad. One particular speaker spoke about Turkey; others, about Germany, Mexico, and Brazil. The group also had several inter- esting discussions. A fun-packed picnic was planned to bring to a close their interesting and educational program. President ........................................ Lucia Alfano Vice-President ............................................ Ann Zucco Secretary ....................................... Arlene Egbert Treasurer ..................................... Patricia Bowne Adviser ................................. Miss Marjorie Ward Senior Members: Lucia Alfano. Elliot Blackburn. Doris Grant. Elaine Jones, Vaughan Kelley. Marjorie Magovcrn. Nancy Richardson. Frances Radwilowicz. Berta Rubino. Theresa Wright, and Ann Zucco. 63JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross, under the leadership of Miss Emily McCormick, has now completed another successful year. This year the girls sent a scrapbook with the theme “Life of an American boy and girl” to Sweden. Representatives from the club have attended monthly Council meetings at Springfield. A representative from the club attended the state conference in Boston. The club also packed gift boxes to send abroad. Senior Members: Donaldine Roos, Virginia Pisano. President ..... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Donaldine Roos Amber Wolcott Virginia Pisano ... Joyce MariebThe Biology Club is now in its third year. In order to join this organization, it is necessary to have started or completed a one year course in Biolog)’ and to have shown an interest in it. The Biolog)' Club is organized differently from the other clubs in the school. The members are divided into five committees. Each committee has a chairman and a secretary. This form of organization allows each member to participate actively in a small group. This year the group has had various speakers and has gone on field trips. A highlight of the year was a Science Fair. Each member contributed a special project to add to the success of the fair. The members have worked hard together this year and have received a greater understanding of Biolog)- as their reward. Senior Members: Lois Linblad, Elizabeth Langlois, Sandra Zcrra, and Lucia Alfano. Adviser: Mr. Paul Langlois. BIOLOGY CLUBGOLF CLUB Members: S. Mutti. M. Magovcrn, J. Provost. L. Bon tempo. J. Mercier, F. Radwilowicz, M. Pohner. D. Luccardi. C. Danforth, R. Dickinson, J. Maulc, M. Pond. Golf Coach: Miss Hastings. 66SKI CLUB The Ski Club, a well-organized group this year, took under its wing many new ski enthusiasts. The club made frequent trips to the surrounding ski areas, such as Blandford, Otis Ridge, Snow Basin and Bousqucts. President ......... Program Chairman Treasurer ......... Adviser ........... .... Craig McEwan ... Theresa Morassi .... Richard Stahle Mr. Francis Gammie Senior Members: Elizabeth Langlois. Lois Linblad. Theresa Morassi. Judy Peterson. Mary Pond, Raymond Saracino. 67AUDIO VISUAL AIDS CLUB The Audio Visual Aids Club is composed of members of the Senior High School. The purpose of the club is to maintain and operate the equipment used in showing motion picture films relative to education. President ...................................... Mathew Sulborski Vice-President ..................................... Ralph D’Amato Secretary ......................................... Robert Sigrist Treasurer ........................................ Geary Hinshaw Reporter ........................................... Frank Moruzzi Senior Members: Ralph D’Amato, Robert Sigrist, William Rhodes, Fiank Moruzzi and Mathew Sulborski. 68 Adviser : Mr. Charles Corcoran.THE F. F. A. OF AGAWAM HIGH SCHOOL The Agawam Chapter of the F. F. A. has been growing steadily, and this year they have a large membership. Much credit goes to their adviser, Mr. Skolnick, for the wonderful job he has done with the boys. This year they represented Agawam at the National convention in Kansas City. Their adviser and the chapter president each were awarded plaques, and the chapter received the Gold Emblem Award signifying that the Agawam chapter was one of the best in the country. The F. F. A. band also had the privilege of playing at the national convention. We were really proud of them. Each year, the F. F. A. sponsors an annual square dance, and at this time they pick an F. F. A. sweetheart. This year Donaldinc Roos was chosen as F. F. A. sweetheart. In addition she was Mr. Skolnick’s secretary. The chapter’s annual banquet was also very successful this year. The chapter members really abide bv their motto: LEARNING TO IX), DOING TO LEARN, EARNING TO LIVE, LIVING TO SERVE. President ...... Vice-President . Secretary ....... Treasurer ...... Sentinel ....... Reporter ....... Faculty Adviser James Reardon William Rhodes Ralph D’Amato William Martel ... Clyde Light ... Donald Hall ... Mr. Skolnick Seniors: James Reardon. William Rhodes, Ralph D'Amato, Frank Moruzzi. 69THE CAMERA CLUB This year the Camera Club had a new adviser, Mr. Koseman. This club teaches new techniques, styles and various other ways of taking pictures. Also the members learned developing techniques and the names and uses of many chemicals. This year the organization purchased a new enlarger. President ................................................ Amber Walcott Treasurer ..................................... Dorothy Gregory Members: Amber Walcott, Phil Hrmbdt. Richard Gray. Donald Gould. Edward King. Dorothy Gregory, Marian Templeman. Jerry Doolittle, Richard Prcw, Vernon Stork. 70LIBRARY Our school library was formed in 1947. and since then it has grown rapidly. Although it has been converted to a class room due to crowded conditions this year, it still provides books for enjoyment, reference material of all types, and magazines such as Life, Newsweek, National Geographic and Time. Head Librarian: Anita Rosso. Adviser: Miss Miller. Senior Librarians: Carol Pallo, Frances Radwilowiez. Donaldine Roos. and Joyce Sullivan. 71THE AGAWAM MIRROR This year there were again eight issues of the Mirror, four of which consisted of six pages. This was made possible by the loyal staff members, who sold an increased number of subscriptions, advertising space, stationery, and home-made fudge. The make-up of the Mirror was changed considerably with the introduction of horizontal columns for easier reading. Also the appearance of larger pictures and cuts made a more attractive-looking school paper. Editor ................................................. Theresa Morassi Assistant Editor ............................. Elizabeth Behrens Adviser ................................. Mrs. Marion Gleason Senior Members: Barbara Cheney. Joan DeMars. Rhoda Dickinson. Delores Giordano. Doris Grant.Elizabeth Grecco. Nancy Hallock, Mary Hawkins. Judy Hyland. Sandra Kelley. Roger Leclcrc. Lois Lindblad. Dolores Luccardi. Jean Maule. Julie Mercier. Theresa Morassi, Alice Mueller, Shirley Mutti. Kay Parent. Mildred Pohner. Judy Slate, Joyce Sullivan. Sandra Zerra. 72SACHEM STAFF Steering Committee: Phillip Cardone, Cecily Danforth, Raymond Sarcino, Donaldinc Roos, Mar)’ Pond, James O’Keefe, Marilyn Wilson. Adviser ............................... Miss Barbara Phelps Sachem Staff : Roger Lcclerc, Mildred Pohner, Roland Mercadante, John Cardone, Lois Bontempo, Joan Provost, Judy Peterson, Shirley Magagnoli, Shirley Harrison, Alice Mueller, Judy Hyland. Marjorie Magovern. Elizabeth Langlois, Nancy Hallock, Julie Merrier, Sandra Zerra, Barbara Maiolo, Joyce Sullivan, Kay Parent, Anthony Liquori, William Morello, Joan Demars, Frances Radwilowicz, Doris Grant, Shirley Mutti, Virginia Pisano, Dolores Luccardi, Carol Flynn, Judy Slate, Marie Steevcs, Nancy Richardson, Ann Zucco, Carol Pallo, Vaughan Kelley, Conrad Phillips, Elizabeth Greco, Annette Girard, Adrienne Grasso, Lois Lindblad, Theresa Wright, Sandra Rivers, Barbara Picard, Betty Picard, Betty Voislow, Richard Pisano, Ralph Coughlin, Carlo Imelio, Donald Avery, Paul Montagna, Rhoda Dickinson, Jean Maule, Frances Willard, Harold Nowill, Daniel Molta, Elsworth Sharpe, Elliot Blackburn, Mathew Sulborski, Donald Mullaney. 73SACHEM STEERING COMMITTEE Steering Committee: Cecily Danforth. Donaldine Roos. Mary Pond. Marilyn Wilson. James O’Keefe. Phillip Cardonc. Raymond Saracino. Adviser ..................................... Miss Barbara Phelps 74FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Mitchell, Phancuf, L. Mcrcadante. Pisano. Monaghan, Stahle, Munscll, Dn-yzga, Martino. Dubur, Nielson, R. Mercadante, T. O’Keefe. Second Row: Manager Rivers, DeGeorgc. J. O’Keefe . Molta . Anderson , Lcclcrc , Captain P. Cardonc . J. Cardonc . Jabrey . Clampit . Sharpe . Banvillc . Manager Saracino . Third Row: Ass’t. Coach Leonardi, McGuire, Robinson. Williams, Cobb. Krygowski, DiLullo. Bruno, Crean. Kinsley. Coach Smith. SeniorsFOOTBALL This year marked another very successful foot- bal season for Agawam High School. The team finished the season with an impressive record of six wins and but one loss. At the beginning of the year, even the most loyal Agawam fans were a bit skeptical as to the success Agawam would have during the football season; for there were only three returning letter- men — Phil and John Cardone and Roger Leclerc However, under the skillful coaching and guidance of “Harm” Smith and Harry Leonardi, the team turned into a really strong ball club. There were many outstanding players on the team, but even more important was the fact that the team always worked as a unit. Several Agawam players received mention when it came time to choose the 1953 All - Western Massachusetts football team. Center Roger Lc- clerc was placed on the first team, and Agawam captain and fullback Phil Cardone was placed on the second team. John Cardone, Bob Ander- son, Bobby Mcrcadante, and Roland Banville received honorable mention. Senior Members: Phillip Cardone, Captain; Robert Anderson, Roland Banville. John Cardone. Robert Clampit, Richard Jabry. Roger Leclerc, Daniel Molta. James O’Keefe, Ellsworth Sharpe: Raymond Saracino. Manager and Freshman Coach. 77Front Row: Ass’t Manager James Hauser. Hastings. L. Merccdante. •Co-Captain O’Keefe, Freniere, Molta, ‘Manager D. Marsian. Second Row: Ass’t Coach Leonardi, Drzyzga. Phaneuf. ‘Leclcrc, ‘Co-Captain Anderson. Krygowski, Coach Kistner. Seniors. BASKETBALL 1953-1954 Our basketball team, under the capable guidance of Coach Kistner, this year compiled a record of twelve wins and seven losses. The team worked hard and faithfully and, like all Agawam teams, showed great spirit and sportsmanship. The team had ten great players, all having many individual talents. Its starting five consisted of Co-Captains Jim O’Keefe and Bob Anderson, along with Donny Hastings, Dan Molta, and Roger Leclcrc. This five was broken up when Jim O’Keefe broke his elbow and Don Hastings fractured his hand, but the team still didn’t lose its spirit. They went on to whip West Springfield for the first time in fourteen contests, and Agawam finished second in the Valley Wheel. This was a wonderful group and deserves a lot of credit. 78BASEBALL This year Agawam High School’s baseball team had a new coach, Peter Sarantopoulos, a former infielder for Pennsylvania State University. The coach had a good foundation on which to build the team. There were five returning letter- men — Bob Anderson, Phil Cardone, Roger Lcclcrc. Don Marsian, and Jim O’Keefe. Agawam’s twenty-one game schedule this year included games with Trade, Ware, Chicopee, South Hadley, Cathedral, Easthainpton, Ludlow, Palmer, West Springfield, Classical, Tech, and Enfield. Senior Members: J. Anderson, R. Anderson, P. Cardone, Lederc, Losito, Marsian. J. O’Keefe. Slate. R. Saracino. assistant. 79GIRLS' SPORTS The senior high school girls are given the opportunity to develop good sports- manship through after-school sports. Basketball and volleyball are played during the winter, and in the spring baseball is played. The Senior girls won numerals for softball in their freshman, sophomore and junior years, and for basketball and volleyball in their junior and senior years. Director: Miss Hastings. Members: Lois Bontempo. Barbara Cheney, Cecily Danforth. Rhoda Dickinson. Lourdes Dumond, Nancy Hallock, Sandra Kelley, Elizabeth Langlois, Lois Lindblad, Dolores Luccardi, Majorie Magovern, Jean Maule, Julie Mercier, Theresa Morassi, Shirley Mutti, Mary Pond, Judith Slate, Frances Willard, Marilyn Wilson. 80AqammvU) HllLoiG BWiim + r- • i, - 'S ” ? «« Q »4 »1 $ • - , Jeoam '•  tAutographsPOND BROTHERS ★ INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance For: Wedding Gifts - Furniture - Dwellings Automobiles - Accident and Health ★ REALTORS Residential, Business and Industrial Properties Mortgages - Appraisals A Complete Building Service ★ 719 Main Street Agawam Center We Represent Stock and Mutual Companies£esl IfJishes throughout the tears From the Societies of SACRED HEART CHURCH Feeding Hills, Massachusetts ★ HOLY NAME SOCIETY ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY CATHOLIC YOUTH ORGANIZATION KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR SOCIETY OUR LADY OF FATIMA SODALITY SACRED HEART A. C. SENIOR CHOIR CHILDREN'S CHOIRRamah Realty Co., Inc. JOSEPH P. RAMAH, President Builders and Promoters of Agawam Shopping Center ------★------ Telephone 6-1846 330 Walnut Street Agawam, Massachusetts Flowers for All Occasions Keefe Florist ---★---- 266 Walnut Street Tel. 4-4073CHRISCOLA'S FARM EQUIPMENT, Inc. Formal Tractors And McCormick Farm Implements — Milking Machines Parts and Service Universal Electric Appliances R.C.A. Estate Ranges and Radios International Home Freezers — Refrigerators — Milk Coolers Havoland Motor Oil and Greases Telephone 2-9432 Suffield Street Agawam, Mass.Compliments of WARREN F. HOYE Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Simon J. Ramah(BLUE) COAL (KOPPERS) COKE (SOCONY) FUEL and RANGE OIL BARRY COAL, Inc. PHILIP D. BARRY, President and Treasurer Installation and Service of ★ ★ YORK OIL BURNERS ★ ★ Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping Telephones: 2-9791 - 2-0542 772 Union Street West SpringfieldSpringfield Ice Fuel Co “It Pleases Us to Please You” Processed Ice — Locker Storage Heating Oil Tel. 2-5173 225 Hickory Street Springfield, Mass. Strathmore Paper Company West Springfield, Massachusetts ★ Manufacturers of Bond, Writing, Book, Text and Cover Papers. Artist Papers and Boards. Blue Print Base Stock. Wedding Papers and Bristols. Greetings Card and Specialty Papers. PAPER IS PART OF THE PICTUREYou Will Enjoy Shopping at the AGAWAM FOOD MART In the Agawam Shopping Center We Give S H Green Stamps Save as You SpendBarufaldi Hardware Store Houseware — Paints — Toys Ranges — Oil Burners — Gas Units "We Sell the Best and Service the Rest” S. $H. Green Stamps Tel. 7-0170 764 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of Southworth CompanyCongratulations to the Class of 1954 JASMIN'S PHARMACY AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTERCompliments oj Calabrese Construction Co. CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS ★ Tel. 7-3924 475 Suflield Street Clark Jones WHOLESALE MEATS TELEPHONE 9-6403 and 7-2598 385 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass. TRY YOUR LOCAL WHOLESALER FOR TOP GRADE MEATS AND SERVICECompliments oj AGAWAM PUBLIC MARKET Complete Food Center ★ Tel. 2-7476 768 Main Street AgawamF. W. Hemsworth WHOLESALE MEATS Telephone 7-2598 — 9-3583 385 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass. Never a Bum Steer if You Buy Your Meat From FREDDY HEMSWORTH Compliments of PERKINS MACHINE AND GEAR CO. CIRCUIT AVENUE WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTSCompliments of MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH P. NORMANCompliments of The Connecticut Valley Block Co, CINDER CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCK and TILE 3 Bramble Avenue West Springfield, Mass. James F. Fenton ATHLETIC SUPPLIES FOR AGAWAM Tel. 2-6700 219 Dwight Street Springfield, Mass.BOSWORTH STUDIO Official Photographer of the Senior Class The best gift you can give is your photograph ★ Today's pictures are tomorrow's keepsakes ★ Telephone 2-2211 1537 Main Street Springfield, Mass.Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 X Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge ★ 505-509 Sumner Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts Compliments of WEST SPRINGFIELD TRUST COMPANY West Springfield, Mass. “THE FRIENDLY BANK” Member of Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationCompliments of A Friend ★ Health Accident My very best to each and every member of the Class of ’54 Lester M. Oberheim MONARCH LIFE INSURANCE CO. Phones 6-5651 - 6-2787 Life Hospitalization Bon Voyage to the Class of 54 from American International College Springfield, Massachusetts “Serving the Connecticut River Valley” History: Established 1885 Co-Educational. Enrollment 750. Non-Sectarian Branches: Bermuda - Dhahran - Saudi Arabia - Azores Recognized or Accredited by: American Council on Education - New England Association of Colleges American Medical Association - United States Office of Education Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York Degrees offered in: Liberal Arts - Elementary Education Business Education - Business Administration (Both day and evening) Also, a two-year program leading to degree of Associate in Commercial Science Many opportunities for part-time employment AIC The College Where "An Individual Counts”CROSLEY FIRST with door shelves FIRST with “care-free” automatic defrosting FIRST to let you serve cold drinks without opening the refrigerator door EXCLUSIVE CROSLEY Beverage Server WITH DRINK TAP Top it on »h« oultidv . . . chilling comportment on th« intide —no need to open the door! Jut! roite your glott ond pretfo — you've served yourself on Ice-cold drink! THE NEW, ALL NEW 1954 CROSLEY JWSHELVADOR Model CAF-125 Copocity 12.5 cu. ft. Width 31 You can own a genuine Crosley Shelvador for as little as $169.95 Atk to tee Model IF-7 (Not illuttroted) ► World's Leading Fully Automatic De- frosting. • Exclusive Crosley Deep Door Design doubles "front-row" si -»ce. » Butter Cheese Safe guards flavors, pre- vents foreign flavors. • Exclusive Coffee Me- ter holds ground cof- fee. maintains flavor, dispenses measured tablespoonful. 1 Giant Freezer holds up to 70 lbs. of frozen foods. • Meat Drawer of clear Polystyrene, pre- serves freshness. • Three lease" Ice . . with tray release. ■ Roll-Out Shelves put every inch of their surface right at your Anger tips! » Full-Width Roller Mounted Crisper. "Quick-Re- e Trays, each USE YOUR OLO REFR1CERAT0R AS DOWN PAYMENT T. SPEDDING REFRIGERATION Store — 193 Franklin Street Office — 31 Beauchamp Street Tel. 7-9807 Springfield, Mass.Steaks - Lobsters - Chops — Cooked to Order Willard's Restaurant Catering to Private Parties Breakfast Served at Our Cafeteria from 7 A. M. For Reservations Call 4-9760 141-143 Chestnut Street Springfield, Mass. Gilbert Barker Mfg. Co. WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 1POWER EQUIPMENT "We Service What We Sell" POWER MOWERS GARDEN TRACTORS CHAIN SAWS SPRAYERS Complete line of Grass Cutting and Mainte- nance Equipment and Supplies for Golf Courses • Park Departments • Estates • Airports • Highways • Cemeteries • Schools and Colleges • Institutions • Home Lawns. WEIDENMILLER - MAGOVERN CO. Springfield 3-6638 Pittsfield 3-1677 Hartford JA9-2592Compliments of Tinti's Restaurant Accommodations for Weddings, Banquets and Parties ★ 22 King Street North Agawam Main Cafe of West Springfield, Inc. TONY CHRISCOLA, Prop. Caterers to Weddings, Showers and Stags Air Conditioned — Private Dining Room Television Phone 4-9364 677 Main Street West Springfield, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class oj 1954 AGAWAM STUDENT COUNCIL ★ tCongratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '54 Dr. R. E. McCormick ★ 53 Springfield Street Professional Building Agawam, Mass. ROBOT AUTO - HEAT BOILERS — BURNERS — FURNACES SAVE DOLLARS — USE SENSE If You Have Heating Problems Call Your Distributor and Heating Contractor G. Arthur Armstrong 22 Cleveland Street Tel. 7-0338 Feeding Hills Tel. 7-6355Compliments of BAY STATE FILM PRODUCTIONS, Inc. ★  GmsosoKie TOEKgjcse. Builders of Special Machinery • Contract Machine Work A GOOD PLACE TO WORK ? .. Associated Engineers, Inc. Bowles-Agawam Airport Agawam, Mass. "A Complete Service to Industry" Branches in Boston, Worcester, Albany, Cincinnati and Los Angeles Consulting, Production Management, Engineering Product Design and Styling — Tool and Machine Design Drafting — Tool and Machine Building — Test Equipment Contract ManufacturingSYD'S RESTAURANT 340 Walnut Street IN THE AGAWAM SHOPPING CENTER Agawam's Newest Restaurant FEATURING COMPLETE MEALS — ALSO — SOUTH END SHOPPING CENTER 555 Columbus Avenue Springfield Opening Hours 6 A.M. — Closing Hours 7 P.M. 9-9529 Telephones 9-9566Mercury Outboard Motors King Craft Boats Harold A. King Compliments of Packaging Service, IncTurcotte Manufacturing Co. Tools, Dies and Special Machinery 28 Ramah Circle Telephone 4-8203 - 4-8204 Agawam. Massachusetts Hedges-Sattler, Inc. • W. J. Sattler, Treasurer ★ Phone: 2-3154 683 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass.Little Raceland A BOCCASILE, Prop FULL COURSE DINNERS CATERING TO BANQUETS WEDDINGS Telephone 2-4283 Silver Street Agawam, Mass. Country Store Deliveries Throughout the Week ★ 291 Springfield Street North Agawam Phone 2-8018 Established 1919 Duplex Tire Service RECAPPING — VULCANIZING NEW TIRES — BATTERIES Cor. Main and York Sts. Springfield 5, Mass. RANGE and FUEL OIL DELIVERIES Ledger Bros. Garage GENERAL REPAIRING and ROAD SERVICE Tel. 2-7502 830 Springfield Street Feeding Hill, Mass.Compliments of Sears Roebuck Company ★ 135 Memorial Avenue West Springfield Standard Wood Products Co. JAMES J. MERCADANTE Manufacturers of High Grade Frames Carving - Designing - Custom Work Tel. 4-5688 - 4-5689 40 Napier Street Springfield, Mass.Barker Chemical Co. Everything for the Builder INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS Lucia Lumber Co. ★ Windows — Doors Oak Flooring — Inside Trim Framing Lumber — Roofing Material Insulating Material Native and Western Lumber West Springfield, Mass Agawam, Mass. Compliments of G S Market Federal Hill Club G. GANDINI — TOM COLLI, Props. ★ ★ Tel. 4-8744 Agawam, Mass. 31 Bridge Street North AgawamOur Best Wishes to the Class of “54” Clarann Flower Shop, Inc. For Flowers with the "Personal Touch" and World Wide F.T.D. Delivery Service 645 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass. Standard Industrial Supply Co., Inc. Distributors Boston Gear Works L. S. Starrett Co. Delta Power Tools Logan Lathes 246 Chestnut Street Springfield, Mass.De Palma Motor Sales Co. Solitario Turkey Farm HUDSON SALES — SERVICE ★ Genuine Parts PERSONALLY INDORSED USED CARS Expert Lubrication — General Repairing Wheel Aligning and Balancing Radiator Pressure Purging — Steam Clean Telephone 7-1139 Tel. Springlield 3-7889 71 Garden St., Feeding Hills Agawam, Mass. 578 North Westfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass Compliments of Light's Service Mercolino Settembro Station Bakery ★ ITALIAN and FRENCH BREAD Wholesale and Retail Corner Springfield and Westfield Streets Tel. 3-9595 1294 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass. Feeding HillsBest Wishes to the Class of 1954 Tony Son's Shoe Repair SHOE REPAIR BARGAINS WHILE you WAIT SHOE REPAIR SERVICE 6 Rowley St. O'Brien's Corner William's Pharmacy Tel. 9-9624 ★ Agawam Lumber Coo 182 Elm Street 2-1007 677 Westfield Street 3-4017 Cabinets — Hardware — Fixtures Lumber — Planing — Paint SANDER FOR HIRE West Springfield 1804 Main St. Agawam, Mass. R. D. Toomey Refer Your Range and Fuel Oil Requirements to Funeral Home Bill Christian Established Over 70 Years Fuel Oil Service MARTIN W. MALONEY, Funeral Director ★ Telephone 2-2278 Phone 3-3592 1065 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass. 71 Cooley Street North Agawam, Mass. PARK EDGE SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Formerly Springfield Business Institute ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A POSITION AS: Aviation Stewardess Aviation Secretary Executive Secretary Accountant or Bookkeeper Operator of Calculator (Comptometers used) Private Secretary Medical Secretary Telephone 6-8931 for appointment to discuss courses which will train you for such positions 600 - HOUR COMPLETE SECRETARIAL COURSE Three Months to Ten Months Summer Classes Pre-College Typewriting and Shorthand Day and Evening 187 Sumner Avenue Springfield 8, Massachusetts Compliments of Agawam Cafe ---★-- DINING and DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHTIndependent Fence and Iron Works, Inc. Tel. 6-0552 295 Columbus Avenue Residence, 1049 River Road, Agawam. Compliments of Corner Package Store lames M. Moran ★ O'Brien Corner North Agawam Northeastern Airmotive Corp. Since 1941 Agawam - Springfield Sea Plane Base The quickest way to New York City and other Points, the Islands and the Cape CHARTER FLIGHTS — INSTRUCTION AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE HUNTING and FISHING TRIPS Call Springfield 6-9313 1000 River Road, Agawam WALTER I. O'CONNOR, Prop. Agawam Motor Sales EDWARD D. McMAHON BETTER USED CARS Gas — Oil — Service Dial 2-4951 634 Main StreetCompliments oj Wilson-Thompson Post 185 THE AMERICAN LEGION Agawam, Mass. L. G. Balfour Company Class rings, Commencement Announcements Club pins, Diplomas, Medals Trophies Taylor Yearbook Company The finest in High School yearbooks represented by Gron P. Lloyd, Mgr. Ralph T. Farnum, Jr. P. O. Box 144 Canaan, Connecticut Richard's Compliments of Dry Cleaning Service Roberts Delivery George R. Robinson, Mgr. PICK-UP and DELIVERY 5-DAY SERVICE FUR STORAGE Service Tel. 6-6820 707 Main St. Agawam, Mass Franklin Cleaners (Compliments of and Dyers FUR STORAGE Hardy Products Plant and Office on Premises ★ ★ Telephone 6-5449 — 6-5440 281 Mill Street Springfield Agawam. Mass. Serving Springfield Investors for Over 30 Years P. W. Brooks Co. Established 1907 1562 Main Street • Springfield 3, Mass. Telephone: Springfield 4-4924 Main Office: 115 Broadway, New York 6, N. Y. Our Sincere Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 Wico Electric Company ★ WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS.Compliments of Compliments of Norma's Specialty Shop Ferranti's Package Store ★ Specializing in Women’s Apparel 1122 Memorial Avenue Agawam Shopping Center West Springfield. Mass. Starzic Service Bay Path Junior Station College GENERAL REPAIRING Courses of Study: ESSO PRODUCTS Executive Secretarial Medical Secretarial ★ Commercial Arts 1702 Memorial Ave. West Springfield. Mass. Longmeadow, Mass. Telephone LO 7-3371Learn To Save Save To Learn West Springfield Cooperative Bank 37 Elm Street West Springfield Subscribe to The Agawam News $2.00 Per Year ★ P. O. Box 115 Agawam, MassachusettsCompliments of Compliments of Hampden Fence Co. Bill's Gulf ★ Service Station and 7 Spencer Street COCKSHUTT FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS North Agawam 949 Springfield Street Feeding Hills Compliments of Compliments of Whelan Drug Store Sam Salem, Inc. ★ ★ 1507 Main Street 1088 Riverdale Street Springfield, Mass. West Springfield, Mass.Sundial Shoes Tel. 3-3617 Lou's Sundial Shoes 369 Walnut Street In the Agawam Shopping Center Shoes lor the Entire Family Louis J. Sapia Expert Fittings Compliments of the Growers Outlet Food Center ★ 434 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass.AUTOMOBILE DRIVING SCHOOL Are You Thinking of Buying, Selling or Swapping West Springfield - Agawam - Feeding Hills Ask for Charlie We Call for You Karlou's Elm Auto School General Store Licensed by Registry of Motor Vehicles ★ Dial Springfield 4-7186 After 6 P. M. Call 9-4209 311 Southwick Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Rising's Food Compliments of Service, Inc. Charles Ferrero ★ Catering at Plumbing and Heating Captain Leonard House and ★ Storrowton Eastern Exposition Also for Clubs, Showers, Weddings and Informal Parties West Street Feeding Hills, Mass.Spring-field Bakeries, Inc. Makers of SILVER LAKE FARMS FINE FOODS Serving SPRINGFIELD PUBLIC MARKET and AGAWAM FOOD MART Tel. 4-5993 Construction Service, Inc. 73 Rocus Street Springfield, Massachusetts TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE WASHED SAND and GRAVEL Plants Springfield 3-6631 Wilbraham 6-3964 Affiliated Plants Worcester, Southbridge and North Grafton, Mass. Manchester and Nashua, N. H.Spic Span Dry Cleaners — Shirt Launderers ★ Giordano Bros. Agawam Leasing Co. 1 v 1 M U 1 1 V W 1 W J • Landscaping, Truck and Tractor Service Do It Yourself and Save Loam — Fill — Trap Rock Complete Truck Rental Service Gravel — Manure ★ Tel. 4-7405 51 William Street Feeding Hills, Mass 396 Main Street Agawam Phone 9-2525 625 Union Street West Springfield, Mass. Tel. 7-7724 Tel. 9-6128 Nino J. Mencarelli OPTICIAN — JEWELER ★ Phone 2-2067 54 Vernon Street Springfield, Mass.Telephone 4-2187 State and Andrew Streets Springfield, Massachusetts Compliments oI Milton Dali+zky, Dentist Agawam School Dentist Tel. 7-9678 333 Bridge Street Springfield, Mass.Music Bees Sarat Motor Sales Co. Parties — Dances FORD BUZZ WILUAMS SALES SERVICE ★ Passenger Cars and Trucks Used Cars Phone: Springfield 6-2459 Tel. Springfield 3-3902 365 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass O'Brien's Corner North Agawam Compliments of Congratulations — Class of 1954 Del's Variety Store Boyer's Garage ★ 50 Walnut Street North Agawam, Mass. P B Engraving Co. PHOTO-ENGRAVERS • FAST PRODUCTION • FINE REPRODUCTION 1618 Main Street Springfield, Mass. It's Smart to Save! West Springfield Branch Westfield Savings BankDr. Michael S. Nabeska Riverside Rollaway CHIROPODIST ★ X-Ray Diagnosis "The Rink of Discipline” Agawam Professional Building Evenings 8-11 — Sat., Sun. Mat. 2-5 Tel. 4-7058 ★ 53 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass. Agawam, Mass. Dr. Richard Rabinowitz Rejo Supply Co. OPTOMETRIST Maintenance and Restaurant Supplies Agawam Professional Building Phone 2-4503 ★ Office: 409 Suffield Street, Agawam, Mass. Tel. 9-1945 Warehouse: 53 Springfield Street Agawam, Mass. 21 Taylor Street, Springfield, Mass.Compliments of MAURICE CASEY, Inc. Established 1896 Wholesale and Retail MILK, CREAM and ICE CREAM Telephone 997 19 Dubois St. Westfield, Massachusetts Compliments of Zielinski Bros. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Agawam, MassachusettsLorraine's Beauty Center R. Puppolo Sons Plumbing and Heating Contractors ★ ★ Telephone 9-7614 334 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. Tel. 2-4719 or 3-0532 724 Main Street City Compliments of Donald Neill Insurance Agency Truck Stop Garage All Forms of Insurance ★ ★ Tel. Office 3-2161 — 2-9272 20 Alfred Street AgawamInternational Harvester Co. ★ 35 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. Springfield Freight Lines, Inc. ★ Serving Massachusetts DailyIf It's Dairy Center It Is Fresh Charles A. Wright, Inc. For All Dairy Products call EXCAVATING CONTRACTOR B. W. Nowill ★ ★ Phone Springfield 6-6955 Your Local DAIRY CENTER Dealer 70 Meadow Street Agawam, Mass. Pioneer Valley ENJOY LIFE Plating Co. EAT Joseph Losito — Edward Zakowich ★ SWEET LIFE Tel. 9-1948 FOODS 704 Springfield Street Feeding Hills. Mass. Congratulations and Felicitations to AGAWAM HIGH—CLASS OF 1954 St. John the Evangelist Parish Rev. John P. Shannon “America’s Favorite Dessert’’ TASTEE FREEZ C+-3 311 Walnut Street North AgawamSpringfield Buick Co. 630 Main Street Springfield B. D. Nims Lumber Co. Lumber and Building Materials Paint - Masons' Supplies - Hardware ★ ★ Compliments of WILLIAM C LYNCH Telephone 2-6253 253 Baldwin Street West Springfield, Mass. Congratulations — Class of 1954 Compliments of Mario Deloghia Trucking K. 1. Morley ★ ★ AGAWAM. MASS. 39 Ottawa Street North Agawam West SpringfieldA. L. Phelps, Inc. CONTRACTORS ♦ ★ ★ Springfield, Massachusetts Hawthorne Anddrea — Emerson — Spartan — Sylvania Compliments of Radio and Television U.H.F. Converters and Antennas Carol Jane Shoppe ★ ★ 6 Southwick Street Feeding Hills Compliments of Crystal Ice and Fuel C. P. Payson Co., Inc. Ice Cubes — Range and Fuel Oil Power Oil Burners Installed ★ ★ 609 Main Street Springfield Tel. 4-4104 Agawam Springfield Commercial R. Zerra Son Body Co., Inc. General Contractors and Excavators A. W. WHITE, Manager Anthony Dump Bodies - Lift Gates ★ Superior Busses Tel. 2617W Tel. 2-9170 350 Main Street Agawam 196 Claredon Ave. Chicopee, Mass.Imelio Borgatti Compliments of Contractors in Mason Work of All Kinds Springfield Toro Co. Free Estimates Lawn and Garden Equipment ★ • Tel. 3-5688 —Tel. 6-2277 Call 2-6448 Oak Hill Avenue North Agawam, Mass. 33 River Road Agawam WE PAY COLD CASH Compliments of FOR HOT ASHES Fullam and Company Springdale Farm Insurance Agency 110 Elm Street ★ East Elm Building West SpringfieldBest Wishes to the Class of ’54 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Bontempo Mr. and Mrs. D. Maiolo ★ ★ Regan's Oil Compliments of Heating Co. Eastern States Storm Window, Inc. ANTHONY CIRCOSTA 6 SONS Sales — Oil Burners — Service Manufacturers and Distributors of Telephone 3-0182 — Res. 9-5153 24 Hour Service Storm Seal Combination Storm Windows Screens and Doors 84 Mooreland Street Springfield, Mass. Tel. 7-5394 1004-1010 Memorial Ave. West SpringfieldRetail Furniture Agawam Plumbing Warehouse, Inc. Heating Co. The Oldest and Largest Wayside Furniture HOMER I. PARO Store in Western Mass. Reliable and Courteous Service Tel. 7-1441 1651 Riverdale Street West Springfield. Mass. Tel. 7-6947 Teagan Motors, Inc. Compliments of ★ Betty's Restaurant CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH Catering to Parties and Weddings ★ Tortellini to Take Out 501 Memorial Avenue ★ West Springfield, Mass. Agawam, Mass.Compliments of Chestnut Street Market □swell Hill Farm LOUIS MAGAGNOLI Groceries — Meats — Fresh Vegetables GILES W HALLADAY We Deliver ★ ★ 327 No. Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. 130 Chestnut Street West Springfield, Mass. John F. Rosati ANTONIO GIANNETTI Men's Hair Stylist To All Personalities All Types of Bulldozer Work — Trucking Tires and Batteries Tony's Barber Shop Nationally Known — Air Conditioned ★ Five Dependable Barbers at All Times Free Parking — 4 to 6 P. M. Call: 2-9793 or 2-4567 Telephone 4-9753 415 Silver Street Agawam 1048 Main Street Springfield, Mass.Rocky's Hardware Co. Friendly Service Station R. I. Falcone, Prop. ALBA P. HANKS, Prop. Paints — Tools — Wall Paper Lubrication a Specialty ★ Tires — Batteries — Accessories Phone 2-1031 Tel. 6-9713 991 Main St., Cor. Union Springfield, Mass. 1718 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. PRECISION TOOLS 5 GAUGES River View Market Oxford Tool PURE FOOD STORE Gauge Co., Inc. Meats — Groceries — Fruit — Vegetables WALTER DAUBITZ Free Delivery Tel. 4-0240 Tel. 4-5947-9-4537 198 Norman Street West Springfield, Mass. Cor. Bridge and River Sts. No. Agawam, Mass.The White Hut Edward T. Mish SILVERSMITH • Specialist in Silver Plating and Repairing of Silver ★ 280 Memorial Avenue Tel. 2-9607 West Springfield 214 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass The National Library Compliments of the Bindery Co. SPECIALISTS IN LIBRARY BINDING Blessed Virgin Sodality ★ of 271 Park Street West Springfield ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCHCompliments of Sincere Congratulations and Much Success Shady Side Farm to Class of 54 Fresh Farm Produce St. Anthony's Parish ★ 639 River Road Agawam ★ Congratulations — Class of 1954 Don't Forget Your Ted Keyes Atlantic Friendly Ice Cream Service Station S H Stamps Given Stores ★ 679 Main cor. Saratoga St. SpringfieldMike's Shoe Repair Feeding Hills Shop Public Market Rebuild - Specialize in Arch Supporters - Full Soles T. Marieb, Prop. Shoes Made for the Crippled New Shoes Sale of Thorogood Shoes GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS, MEATS FLOUR and GRAIN Tel. 6-7830 South Westfield Street Feeding Hills 634 Springfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass Di Donato Sales and Service Willys Cars, Trucks and Jeeps Agawam Printing Company LINOTYPE COMPOSITION JOB and COMMERCIAL PRINTING Tel. 2-7094 Telephone 7-4190 300 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass. 470 Westfield St. West Springfield, Mass.Joe Marieb's Home Appliance Tel. 4-2659 634 Springfield Street Feeding Hills Compliments of John A. MacPherson Upholstering and New Furniture For those who prefer quality craftsmanship and destinctive fabrics Call 3-7981 Open evenings from 5 tc 9 416 Springfield Street North Agawam Fiori Liquori Sons EXCAVATING and GENERAL TRUCKING ★ Call 7-9594 502 Cooper Street Agawam DeRosa GLADIOLUS and DAHLIAS Cut Flowers in Season Bulbs and Roots for Sale ★ 203 School Street Agawam, Mass. Joseph Marieb, Prop. RADIOS — TELEVISION NORGE APPLIANCESCompliments of Harold G. Benson Triangle Spa and Son LICENSED ELECTRICIAN A. A. ALVES Electric Water Haters ★ ★ Tel. 2-6765 Corner of Suffield and Cooper Street 27 Center Street Agawam, Mass. Jones Variety Store Houghton Motor "A Little 0 Everything" Sales, Inc. HALLMARK CARDS CHEVROLET SALES — SERVICE ★ USED CARS and TRUCKS Telephone 4-9843 251 Elm Street West Springfield, Mass. Tel. 3-5352 Feeding Hills, Mass.Letourneau Youngs Waniewski Turkey Farm “Agawam’s Television Center” Improved Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys Turkeys Sold All Year Around SALES — SERVICE — INSTALLATION COMMUNITY QUICK FREEZE LOCKER PLANT SYLVANIA Quick Freeze Lockers for Rent Compliments of 306 South Westfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass. LENNY LETOURNEAU AL YOUNGS Springfield 4-6116 Tel. Thompsonville 3411 “The cheapest thing in the world is— Speed Hegeman It doesn’t cost anything to be nice to people.” INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of REAL ESTATE Serving West Springfield and Agawam De Forge's Motor Service Tel. 7-2604 54 Elm Street West SpringfieldCompliments of Compliments of Cook Builders' Supply Co. William Caron Company Dealer in Mason's Supplies and Building Materials Television Service Installations Repairs — All Makes Telephone 2-3193 850 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass. Phone: 2-9788 764 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of James Morrison Florist Dave's Filling Station FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CORSAGES A SPECIALTY ★ 758 Union Street • West Springfield, Mass. Agawam Tel. 6-0479West Side Auto Body ALEX GUIEL, Prop Everything in the Auto Body Line High Grade Painting Is Our Specialty Cor. Main and Mulberry Streets Phone 3-8844 West Springfield, Mass. John Clo's Super Market, Inc. Telephone 7-2613 886-888 Main Street West Springfield, Mass. Brown's MEATS GROCERIES VEGETABLES Free Delivery Service ★ Tel. 4-9417 Main Street at River Road Agawam, Massachusetts Hegeman's Market Edward W. Talmadge ★ GROCERIES — MEATS — FRESH VEGETABLES WE DELIVER ★ 90 Front Street West Springfield, Mass.C. E. Smith Drug Store ROBERT G. BLACKIE, Reg. Pharmacist ★ Phone 2-1512 — 4-9783 90 Front Street West Springfield, Mass. Atwater Nurseries NURSERYMEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Evergreens and Ornamental Trees ROSES — HEDGING — SHRUBS FRUIT TREES and SMALL FRUITS Specialists in Hybrid Blueberries Scotts Lawn Seed — Turf Builder Pest Control — Agrico Garden Fertilizer Peat Moss Phone 4-1651 368 South Street Agawam, Mass. Twin Brook Dairy Farms B. BONOMI S SONS Producers of Quality Dairy Products Homogenized "Vit. D" 1383 Suffield Street Tel. 4-6110 Agawam, Massachusetts Compliments o Curran - Jones Funeral Home ★ WEST SPRINGFIELDCongratulationi — Class of 1954 Compliments of the Lauriente Nurseries, Inc. Bridgeview Grille ★ ★ 464 Main Street Agawam Agawam Compliments of Alfred M. Grasso Dr. Robert A. Gannon Excavating and Trucking ★ ★ 116 Elm Street Tel. 6-6020 West Springfield 628 Meadow Street AgawamCongratulations to the Class of 1954 Jerry's Launderette and Cleaners Agawam Lions' Club ★ 373 Walnut Street (Agawam's New Shopping Center) Bentley Simon, Inc. For Style For leadership For Correctness Manufacturers of Choir Gowns — Pulpit Robes Caps — Gowns — Hoods For All Degrees Outfitters to Over 3000 Schools, Colleges, and Churches It's Haynes Varsity Shop 7 West 36th Street New York 18, N. Y. 1502 Main Street Springfield, Mass.When the Need Arises — Let no one divert you from having Compliments of “The Best Service” — and “The Lowest Cost” Dubuc Bros. Dickinson - Streeter Co. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Funeral Service ★ ★ Tel 4-7425 — 4-5595 — 7-6410 305 State Street Springfield 187 Colemore Street Feeding Hills. Mass. Compliments to the Class of ’54 Best Wishes to the Class of ’54 Riverview Quality VERNE SPEAR Homes Spear's Lumber Co. GEORGE H. CAMBELL ★ ★ 379 River Road Agawam West Suffield, Conn.TRADES — USED CARS — TERMS Youth Needs the "Y" Agawam Bridge End o{ Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Developing Christian Personality Building Christian Society Dealer in Top Quality Automobiles Telephone Springfield 3-2214 The "Y" Needs You Res. Suffield, Conn. NOrth 8-2597 Compliments of The Friendly Genton Clothes Barber Shop ★ ★ 1130 Riverside Road 90 Elm Street West Springfield West SpringfieldSECRETARIAL TRAINING The kind that appeals to young women who wish to qualify for the better types of positions. Cecchi Farm PACE ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ... For young men who wish to lay a firm foundation for careers in business. Growers of Fine Fresh Fruits and Vegetables We Grow by the Carioad and Sell by the Pound From the Farm to You Gaugh School of Business Visit Our New Building Which Will Open Around June 15, 1954 182 State Street Springfield, Mass. Send for Bulletin 1131 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Broadloom — Carpets — Furniture Wall Tile — Linoleum — G. E. Appliances P. L. McCarthy FLORIST Bill Pofvin Flowers - Plants - Floral Designs Your Floor Covering Specialist Bulbs and Seeds Phone 7-7615 Phone 885 1458 Riverdale Road West Springfield East Main Street Westfield, Mass.Compliments of Compliments of Armory Lehigh Fuels, Cascio's Nursery Mart Incorporated ★ ★ 262 Meadow Street 715 Albany Street Springfield Agawam, Massachusetts Farnsworth Coal Est. 1909 Oil Co. Fairbanks Auto Coal — Connecticut Coke School Mobilheat Fuel Oil Silent Glow Oil Burners Oldest Auto School in New England SALES and SERVICE Tel. 3-0458 Tel. 6-6377 884 Union Street West Springfield, Mass. 20 Dwight Street Springfield, Mass.Compliments of Frederick's Jewelers New England Printing Co., Inc. GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATE ★ 20 Arnold Street WESTFIELD. MASS. 1563 Main Street Springfield, Mass. Congratulations — Class of 1954 from Adams Nursery, Inc. Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Visit Our New Nursery-Mart Beautify Your Home With Freshly Dug Nursery Stock Company ★ 1250 State Street Springfield, Massachusetts Westfield Street Westfield, Mass. Compliments ot A Friend ★ “The House of Quality” Belmont Laundry Compliments of and Custom Dry Cleaners Byron's Funeral Home Curtains, Blankets, Hand Ironing a Specialty Moth Proofing. Weather Proofing, Fur Cleaning and Storage Dial 6-3616 333 Belmont Ave. Since 1907 We Own and Operate Our Own Plants Compliments of Compliments of Cronin Co., Inc. Springfield Public Building Materials Market ★ 161 Old Bridge Street West Springfield ★ ELM GARAGE Compliments of "BOB" HYLAND, Prop. Experimental and Tool GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Engine Overhaul and Rebuilding Works, Inc. Carburetor, Ignition Complete Brake Service Front End Alignment and Wheel Balancing Tools, Dies, Moulds, Gauges and Developing Tires, Batteries and Accessories ★ Telephone 3-9498 9 Mosher Street West Springfield, Mass. West Springfield, Mass.Compliments of Webster's Atlantic Service Station GEORGE WEBSTER, JR.. Prop. ★ Telephone 2-6523 798 Main Street Agawam Best Wishes to the Class of 54 MR. and MRS. JAMES A. O'KEEFE M. MEADOWS Jewelers “The Home of Diamond Values” 2-8758 1616 Main Street Springfield, Mass. Charles DuBois Hodg es Photographer PORTRAITS — BRIDES — GROUPS Inquiries Invited Telephone 2-6550 817 Main Street Agawam Center WEST SIDE SHADE AND BLIND CO. Tel. 9-9673 11 Central Street West Springfield Compliments of EDDIE'S MARKET FINE GROCERIES Operated by HERMAN A. MUTTI Telephone 2-2941 600 King's Highway West SpringfieldTravelers Diner Compliments of Open 24 Hours Rowley St. Market Complete Home Baking ★ Our Slogan Is Quality 4 Rowley Street 218 Memorial Avenue West Springfield Finest Quality Meats, Vegetables and Staples Compliments of Andrew J. Callahan MIDTOWN BOWLING ALLEYS Telephone: 4-9729 2 Orange Street Springfield, Massachusetts ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR ★ Tel. 7-1600 Private Instruction Repairing On All Instruments MUSIC CENTER, Inc. 171 Laurel Road West Springfield, Mass. The Best in Musical Merchandise Holton Premier — Acme Excelsior 14 Dwight Street Springfield, Mass.Let's Stop at The Igloo For the Best Sundaes in Town Our Own Freshly Made Ice Cream Motor Parts Service Co. Automotive Parts at Wholesale Machine Shop Service Louis J. Fasoli ★ 589 Westfield Street West Springfield 157 Main Street Holyoke, Mass. Res. 12 Reed Street Agawam Bus. Phone Hoi. 2-3261 — Res. Springfield 2-3450 Compliments oi A FriendCompliments of Compliments of AGAWAM TRAILER COURT ALTOBELU'S MARKET Peace and Quiet PIONEER SHADE GRACE B. HALL SCREEN CO. Teacher of Piano 441 Armory Street Springfield, Mass. A. E. Ghareeb Phone: 7-5374 Tel. 3-9305 . U ioe Choice, K SUNHEAT 1 o High in heat, clean and economical. Top quality, too! C ee CORDNER CO., Inc. Tel. 3-4127 123 Day Street West Springfield Compliments of ARROW-HEAD FRUIT PRODUCE CO. Corner of Lyman and Chestnut Streets Springfield, Mass. SIGNS PAULINE'S BEAUTY BY SALON Permanents and Hair Styling AGNOLI 208 Maple Street North Agawam, Mass.FASHION ART SCHOOL Gifts Diamonds Watches Telephone 2-6500 Professional Education in Fashion Designing ALBERT J. FACEY and Illustration JEWELER AT THE X Complete Jewelry Repair Service Interior Decorating and Commercial Art 539 Sumner Avenue 573 Belmont Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts "Everything From a Pin to a Safe" WENDEMERE BROADWAY OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. Telephone 3-3129 55 Vernon Street Springfield, Mass. House of Distinctive Gifts A Wide Variety of Gifts for All Occasions Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Shower Compliments of PETE'S DINER McMahon rug co. Formerly Cracker Box 2039 Riverdale Road Good Food and Good Coffee West Springfield, Mass. 812 Union Street West Springfield EDDIE DONNER'S ROSE BUD RESTAURANT Tel. 6-9785 VENICE RESTAURANT Home of Pizzas Specializing in Italian-American Cooking Private Dining Room for Weddings, Banquets and Private Parties Lena and Jimmie Galano, Props. 973 Main Street — Near Union Street Tel. 4-8584 952-960 Main Street Springfield, Mass.Compliments of JOHNNIE'S DRIVE IN Specializing in Sea Foods Chicken in the Basket — Grinders Cor. Springfield and Moreland St., Feeding Hills Formerly Steve's Grill Compliments of SQUAZZA'S SERVICE STATION 1443 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments ol SCHERPA'S BARBER SHOP CHARLES SCHERPA, Prop. A FRIEND 88 Maple Street North Agawam AGAWAM PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Compliments of HOSPITAL SUPPLIES Free Delivery STELLA'S RESTAURANT Tel. 2-9753 Compliments of Compliments of TISDEL'S BARBER SHOP Agawam Center SHERPA'S SERVICE STATIONCompliments of LUCIA'S RESTAURANT Located at Bowles Airport STATE LINE PACKAGE STORE lust Below Riverside Park, Agawam, Mass. On Route 5A Phone 4-0180 Springfield "Sharp Cutters Make Money” UNIVERSAL CUTTER SERVICE High Speed and Carbide Cutter Grinding Cylindrical Surface and Automotive Saw Grinding 33 Norman Street West Springfield Compliments of L L HEAT TREATING CO. 349 Cold Spring Avenue West Springfield, Mass. Agawam's Business Is Appreciated MASS. FIRE EQUIPMENT CORP. 1392 Memorial Avenue West Springfield WINDSOR LOCKS SUPER MARKET Foreign and Domestic Groceries Meats — Beer and Wines Free Delivery Tel. 3-7805 878 Main Street Springfield Compliments of L. S. WOOD MACHINE CO. WIELANDS MARKET 740 Springfield Street 170 Norman Street West SpringfieldCompliments of FINI MARKET GARDEN Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grasso CALABRESE SON MARKET Free Delivery Tel. 3-5535 402 Cooper Street Best Wishes to the Class of ’54 ROSE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Tel. 2-4949 86 Ottawa Street North Agawam, Mass. BRAUN'S WELDING SERVICE, Inc. Specializing in Pipe Welding Structure — Tanks High and Low Pressure Boilers Custom Built Trailers — Shop Welding Tel. 6-4109 733 Memorial Avenue West Springfield BOND BREAD BAKERS Compliments of Edmund M. Dowling D. V. M. AITKEN FLOWERS Tel. 3-3104 22 Vernon Street Springfield Greenhouse River Road, AgawamQUALITY SINCE 1898 Compliments of TRUE BROTHERS, Inc. Jeweler BOSTON SEA FOODS, Inc. 1390 Main St. 982 Main St.f City Compliments of J. W. CESAN SONS FARM PRODUCE A FRIEND Tel. 3-8709 North West Street Feeding Hills CASTELLINI FUEL OIL BOBBY McGUIRE'S RINGSIDE RESTAURANT 42 Moore Street Liquor and Food North Agawam Tel. 7-3914 1815 Main Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of T. P. SAMPSON CO. ROBERT E. ALCORN Funeral Homes SpringfieldCompliments of Compliments of MEADOWBROOK LUNCH FREDRICK'S DAIRY VARIETY STORE Agawam 278 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass ED'S DRIVE IN Compliments of Closest To Home Cooking COLONY FURNITURE CO. Closest To Agawam High 2073 Main Street Memorial Avenue West Springfield Springfield, Mass. GERALD F. MORAN JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS Compliments of Open an Account — We Do Not Have Carrying Charges FEEDING HILLS PHARMACY 38 Vernon Street Springfield 3-4185 THE SILVER STAR “Home of Double Dips” 15 King Street DUFFY'S SPA 372 Belmont Avenue North Agawam SpringfieldCompliments of Compliments of DOM SHAERS MARKET MARCENO BARBER SHOP Feeding Hills Center Agawam Shopping Center Compliments of P. B. ARNOLD SONS JOHN SHIBLEY Milk and Cream AUCTIONEER Patronize Local Milk Dealers D H DELICATESSEN Specializing in Hot Corned Beef and Hot Pastromi Sandwiches Compliments of Fried Chips and Fish for Friday For Delicacies See Us A FRIEND Tel. 2-7610 267 Walnut Street Agawam, Mass. COUGHLIN S SERVICE Compliments of STATION WEST SPRINGFIELD MOTEL Comer Westfield and Boulevard Street COFFEE SHOP Phone 6-9551 West Springfield, Mass. Serving Breakfast from 9-11

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