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Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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  Miss Jane Durkan Class Advisor With sincere appreciation, we dedicate to you this Sachem. Class of ’53“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it; but while I drink, I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. Its thin current slides away, but eternity remains. I would drink deeper; fish in the sky; whose bottom is pebbly with stars” Henry David Thoreau foreword We, the class of ’53, in composing this edition of the Sachem, have endeavored to “turn back the clock” to our first year at Agawam High School and to take you with us on a tour of our four unforgettable and happy years there, showing you us as we saw ourselves growing up — Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors — at work and at play with our classmates, teachers, and friends. We have endeavored to make this edition of the Sachem a synopsis of our activities and accomplishments and a memento of our friends and memories of Agawam High School, to go with the memories we shall always hold in our hearts.Mr. A. Jerome Goodwin Mr. Frederick T. Dacey Mr. Raymond T. Harris Superintendent Principal Assistant Principal and Guidance Director mini$tvation M»ss Eleanor Miller Latin and History Mr. J. Joseph Freme Science Miss Dorothy Hastings Physical Training Mr. Richard Carbone Social Studies Mrs. Marjorie Kelly Vocational Household Arts Mrs. Miriam Sherman Commercial Mathematics Miss Eleanor Smith Mathematics Miss Mary Hayes Vocal Music Mrs. Mary Coleman Commercial Subjects Mr. Harry Lconardi Assistant Coach Mr. David Skolnick AgricultureMrs. Maria Scars French and F.nglish Mr. Henry Baker Mar.ual Training Mr. Francis Gammic Driver Ed. Con. Science Mr. Paul Langlois Science Miss Margaret Connelly Domestic Science Mr. Charles Kistner Coach Mrs. Dorothea Nardi English Miss Jane Durkan Mathematics O acuitv Miss Marion Holton Commercial SubjectsSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Richard Hall Secretary: Lucille Ferrarink Vice President: Cynthia Hoye Treasurer: Daniel BarufaldiRICHARD HARVEY HALL 480 Silver Street, Agawam "He made a thousand friends; Yes, and he kept them.” Claw President 1-2-3-4; Student Council 3-4, Treasurer 3; Library 3-4: Pro Merito; Ski Club 4; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party. Sachem Staff; Junior Marshal; Harvard Book Award; Scholastic Athletic Award; Alternate for Good Government Day; Senior Play; Basketball 1-2-3-4, Captain 4; Football 1-2-3-4; Baseball 4. CYNTHIA HOYE 54 Barney Street. Agawam “A friend may well be reckoned the Masterpiece of nature.” Class Vice-President 4; Personality Club 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Mirror Staff 3-4; Student Council 1; Operetta 2, Glee Club 2-3: Cheerleader 2; Graduation Usher 3; Committees: Chairman, Freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom: Kid Party. Cap and Gowns; Sachem Staff; Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3; Golf 4. Clad5 Ofjfccerd LUCILLE MARY FERRARINI 223 Springfield St.. North Agawam "A wise and understanding heart.” Class Secretary 1-2-3-4; Personality Club 2-3-4, Vice President 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; President 4; Mirror Staff 1 -2-3-4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Student Council 4; Pro Merito; Delegate to Eighth Annual Mass. Girls’ State 3; American Legion Oratorical Contest 2; Valley Wheel Oratorical Contest 2; Cheerleader 4; Glee Club 3; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior- Senior Prom, Kid Party; Prom Usher 3; Prophecy; Senior Play; Girls' Sports 1- 2-3; May time Concert 3. DANIEL J. BARUFALDI 606 Springfield St., Feeding Hills "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Class Treasurer 4; Personality Club 3-4, Treasurer 4; IRC 4; Biology Club 3-4; President 3; Camera Club 3-4; Mirror Staff 1-3-4; Student Council 2-3-4, Pres- ident 4; Library 4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom; Prom Usher. Kid Party; Sachem Staff; Governor’s Student Host; Good Government Day Representative: Senior Play; Football 2- 3-4, Co-Captain 4; Wrestling 2.JEFFERY STEWART ATWATER 68 Monroe Street. Agawam "The poetry of speech." I.R.C. 3. 4, Vice-President 4: Pro Merito; Personality Club 4: Biology Club 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Camera Club 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 4; Operetta 4; Orchestra 1. 2; Class Song; Committees: Senior Play. RICHARD A. AUGUST, JR. 65 Federal Street Ext.. Agawam "The eternal feminine draws him on." Personality Club 3; Ski Club 4; Camera Club. President 3. 4; Mirror Staff 4; Orchestra 1, 2: Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom, Prom Usher, Kid Party. Sachem Staff. Senior Reception, Senior Play; Basketball 1,2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT STANLEY AUGUST 65 Federal Street Ext.. Agawam "Gaily the troubadour touched his guitar." Student Council 1. 3; Personality Club 3; Biology Club 3; Ski Club 4; Com- mittees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party. Cap and Gown. Sachem Staff. Senior Reception. Senior Play; Bas- ketball 1. 2, 3. 4: Baseball 1. 2. 4; Football 1, 2. HENRY BALDARELLI 67 Maple Street, North Agawam "It is better to learn late than never." I. R. C. 2, 3; Committees: Freshman Party. JOAN A. BARBI ERI 233 Leonard Street, Agawam "Serene, I fold my hands and wait." Personality Club 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4: Operetta 2. 4: Music Festival; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Committees: Senior Play; Girls Sports 1. 4; Golf 4. BEVERLY BEAUCHENE 635 Springfield Street. Feeding Hills "I just think that dreams are best." Personality Club 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 2. 3, 4; Operetta 1. 2; Majorette 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Music Festival 3; Maytime Concert 3, 4.IRENE MARIE BOISSONAULT 321 Springfield St.. North Agawam “With virtue and quietness one may conquer the world.” Personality Club 2-3 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 1-2; Operetta 1-2; Commit- tees: Sachem Staff, Senior Play. BARBARA VIOLET BORGATTI 104 Franklin Street. Feeding Hills “Life has a value only when it has something valuable for an object.” Pro Merito 4. Secretary; Student Council 4. Vice President 4; Personality 3-4 Vice President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Secretary 4; Library 4; Biology Club; Commit- tees: Freshman Party; Class Gifts, Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3. DANIEL E. BRAYTON 398 North Westfield St.. Feeding Hills “I believe because it is impossible.” Ski Club 4. Treasurer 4; Biology Club 3-4; Camera Club 3-4; Committees: Class Prophecy: Wrestling 1-2. JOYCE ANN BRISSETTE 50 Harding Street, North Agawam “Still to be neat, still to be dressed, As you were going to a feast.” Personality Club 3-4; I. R. C. 3; Committees: Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1-4. RICHARD L. BRISSETTE 445 Main Street. Agawam “Sport that wrinkled care derides.” Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party; Basketball 1-3-4; Baseball 4. MARCIA R. BINNENKADE 194 Meadow Street, Agawam “Wise to resolve, and patient to perform.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Committees: Cap and Gown, Sachem Staff, Graduation Usher, Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1-3. [9]RAYMOND G. CARESTIA 37 Maynard Street, Feeding Hills “They that ask no questions aren't told a lie." Committees: Freshman Party. RAYMOND LOUIS CASELLA 535 Main Street, Agawam " Twas his thinking of others That made you think of him." Personality Club 4: I. R. C. 3-4. President 4; Camera Club 3; Operetta 4; Glee Club 3-4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party; Senior Play, Sachem Staff. DAVID R. CASIELLO 507 Silver Street, Agawam "Silence is more musical than a song." Pro Merito; Band 1-2-3-4; Committees: Senior Play. ROBERT J. BRUNO 105 Kensington Street. Feeding Hills "Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others." Biology Club 3; Audio-Visual Club 3-4; Glee Club 3; Library 4; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret; Sachem Staff; Football 1-2: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Baseball 2-3-4. LILLIAN A. BRUSSEAU 309 North Street. North Agawam "Poetry, poetry hath its sway.” Personality Club 2-3-4: Ski Club 4: Operetta 1-2-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; May Time Concert 3-4; All State Chorus 4; Western Mass. Music Festival 3-4; Senior Play; Class Poem; Girls’ Sports 4. LUCILLE E. BRUSSEAU 309 North Street, North Agawam "Good humor is allied to generosity." Personality Club 2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; May Time Concert 3-4; Western Mass. Music Festival 3-4; Committees: Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 2-4. [10]JAMES E. CHENEY. JR. 63 High Street, North Agawam "Live while you live ” Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party: Basketball 2-3-4; Baseball 2; Football 2. SOPHIE CHMAEL 145 James Street, Feeding Hills “Work and win." Personality Club 2-3-4; Committees: Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 2-3-4. ELLEN MARIE CLAUS 155 South Street, Agawam “Whose little body lodg’d a mighty mind.” Pro Merito; Biology Club 3-4; Personality Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-4; Committees: Freshman Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior- Senior Prom, Cap and Gown, Senior Reception. Cla-s Poem; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4; Golf 4. ROBERT J. COUTURE 681 River Road, Agawam ‘Wo pleasure endures unseasoned by variety." Personality Club 2-3; Ski Club 4; Camera Club 2-3-4; Mirror Staff 3-4; Op- eretta 1-2; Glee Club 1-2; Committees: Prom Usher, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, lunior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom, Kid Party. Sachem Staff; Senior Play; Basketball 1-2-3-4; Baseball 1-2-3-4; Football 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 4. CATHERINE J. CREAN 140 Walnut Street. North Agawam “By the work one knows the workman Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Camera Club 4; Mirror Staff 3-4; Op- eretta. 1-2-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Vice President 4; Music Festival 1-2-3-4: Maytime Concert 2: Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party, Senior Play. Class Will; Junior Marshal; Cheerleader 4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3. JOYCE B. DALI MONT 160 Garden Street. Feeding Hills "The confidence which we have in ourselves Gives birth to much of that which we have in others." Pro Merito; Personality Club 2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 1-2-3-4; Library 3; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party, Senior Reception. Senior Play. Class Gifts. HUADELINE J. DiCARLO 515 Meadow Street. Agawam 'Good nature and good sense must forever join." Transferred from Commerce High in 1951. Personality Club 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 4; Committees: Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Senior Play. Senior Reception; Golf 4; Girls’ Sports 3-4. ESTHER S. DIDOMENICANTONIO 515 Meadow Street. Agawam "A pretty step is a great gift of nature." Transferred from Commerce High School in 1951. Personality Club 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 4; Red Cross; Committees: Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom. Sachem Staff, Senior Reception; Senior Play; Girls Sports 3-4; Golf 4. BRUCE KING DODD 976 State Street. Springfield “I want free life and I want fresh air." Transferred from Technical High School in 1952. F. F. A. MARLYN J. DRAGHETTI 120 Homer Street. Feeding Hills ",She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen.” Personality Club 1-2, Secretary 3, President 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Ski Club 4. Sec- retary 4: Mirror Staff 2-3-4: Student Council. Vice President 3; Glee Club 2-3: Maytime Concert 3; Operetta 2; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party; Sachem Staff; Senior Reception; Peanut Bowl Queen 3; Cheerleader 4; Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3. BARBARA A. DRZYZGA 1477 Main Street, Agawam "For they can conquer who believe they can.” Transferred from Chicopee High in 1950. Personality Club 2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Chaplain 4; Biology Club 3-4; Commit- tees: Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom: Prom Usher. Sachem Staff; Senior Reception, Senior Play; Golf Club 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Girls’ Sports 2-3-4. SHIRLEY J. FERRARANI 232 Walnut Street. North Agawam "She is as kind as she is fair For beauty lives with kindness.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 4: Glee Club 3; Maytime Concert 3; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom, Kid Party, Sachem Staff, Senior Reception; Cheerleader 4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3. (12]CATHERINE FRANCES FERRERO 398 Suffield Street, Agawam “My heart is like a singing bird." Transferred from Commerce High School in 1952. Personality Club 4; Biology Club 4; Glee Club 4; Operetta 4; Library 4; Com- mittees: Senior Play: Girls’ Sports 4; Golf 4. RICHARD J. FITZGERALD 151 Suffield Street, Agawam "Second thoughts, they say, are best.” IRC 3-4. Treasurer 4; Camera Club 3-4, Treasurer 4: Student Council 4; Com- mittees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret, Kid Party, Sachem Staff. Senior Play; Basketball 1-3; Baseball 1-3-4; Football 1-2; Golf 4. JAMES D. FOGG 45 Kensington Street, Feeding Hills "Genius must be born and never can be taught." Pro Merito; IRC 4; Biology Club 3-4, Treasurer 3. President 4; Mirror Stafr 4: Camera Club 4; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior Cab- aret. Kid Party, Chairman; Cap and Gown; Class Prophecy; Senior Play; Golf 4. MERILYN FRISBIE 331 Springfield Street, North Agawam “All’s well that ends well." Glee Club 4; Operetta 4. RICHARD FRISBIE 331 Springfield Street, North Agawam “Men are only boys grown tall." Student Council 1: Glee Club 4: Operetta 4; Basketball 1; Wrestling 3. NICHOLAS J. FUNTOS 205 Leonard Street, Agawam “I never think of the future; it comes soon enough.” Band 1-2-3; Golf 4. I 13 ]JOYCE ELEANOR GAZAR 66 Liberty Street. Feeding Hills “Enjoyment is sharpened by toil.” Personality Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Biology Club 3-4. secretary 4; Glee Club I-2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-4; Library 3: Minor Staff 4; Committees: Freshman Party. Junior Cabaret. Class Prophecy: Golf 4. CHARLES R. GRANGER 854 North Street. Feeding Hills “Nature, that is the seal to mortal wax .” F.F.A.; President 2; Sentinel 3; Bay State Farmer 4; Inter-School Tractor Con- test. Member of Winning Team. JEAN ANN GRAVEL 34 Portland Street. Feeding Hills “Give truth, and your gift will be paid in kind .” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Student Council 4; Glee Club 2-3-4; Operetta 2; Committees: Freshman Party, Junior Cabaret, Sachem Staff; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3. ROBERT F. HARDINA 50 Federal Avenue, Agawam “A well-balanced mind is the best remedy against affliction.” Pro Merito. President 4; Representative at Boys’ State 3; Camera Club 3-4; Orchestra 1-2; Operetta 1-2; Band 1-2-3-4; Maytime Concert 1-2; Western Mass. Music Festival 3: Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party, Cap and Gown, Class History, Senior Play. Class Song. FRED W. HARKINS 103 South Street, Agawam “Quiet and busy hands” Transferred from Classical High School in 1952; Committees: Sachem Staff, Senior Play. EILEEN E. HASELTINE 335 School Street, Agawam “Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in a woman.” Personality Club 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Band 1-2; Majorette 3-4; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-2-3-4: Committees: Freshman Party, Sachem Staff, Senior Play. Graduation Usher; Girls’ Sports 2-3-4. I n ]CLEMENT B. HOBBS 95 Carr Avenue, Agawam “There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight.” Scholastic Athletic Award; Glee Club 3-4; Operetta 4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom, Senior Play; Foot- ball 1-2-3-4. ANITA R. IMELIO 14 Oak Hill Avenue, North Agawam “There is dignity in toil.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Committees: Freshman Party. JOAN J. JASMIN 47 King Street. North Agawam “As merry as the day is long.” Personality 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Biology Club 3; Glee Club 3-4; Operetta 4; Red Cross 4; Mirror Staff 4; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Partv. Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom. Sachem Staff. Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 2-3-4. Maytime Concert 2'4; Western Mass. Music Festival 3-4. A. JEAN HEBERT, JR. 1152 Main Street, Agawam “That is as well said as if I had said it myself.” Camera Club 3-4; Band 1-2-3-4; Operetta 1-2; Maytime Concert 1-2; Western Mass. Musical Festival 1-2-3-4; Orchestra 1-2; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party, Prom Usher, Senior Reception, Sachem Staff, Senior Play; Golf 4. JOHN YAEGER HESS 264 Elm Street, Agawam “A great step towards success is a good humored stomach.” Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom, Sachem Staff. MARIAN M. HESS 264 Elm Street, Agawam “The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid.” Class Treasurer 1; Vice President 2-3: Pro Merito; Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri- Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 3-4; Orchestra 1; Operetta 1-2-4: Glee Club 1-2-3-4; May Time Concert 1-2-4; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-2-3-4; Cheerleader 2; Committees: freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom. Senior Play, Class Will; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3, Captain 4; Golf Club 4.LOISANN JOHNSON 62 Elm Street, Agawam " have loved my friends as I do my virtue, my soul, my God.” Personality Club 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Student Council 3; Mirror Staff 4; Glee Club 2; Operetta 2; Jr. Red Cross 1-2-3-4; Cheerleader 2; Committees: Fresh- man Party. Sophomore Party. Graduation Usher. Senior Play: Girls’ Sports 1-2-3. EDWARD F. KELLEY 49 Cooley Street, North Agawam "Curfew must not ring tonight.” Transferred from Technical High School in 1951. NEIL H. LAWSON 38 School Street, Agawam “A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men.” Personality Club 4; Biology Club 3; Ski Club 4; Camera Club 3-4; Band 2-3-4: Operetta 1-2; Orchestra 1-2; Music Festival 1-2; Maytime Concert 1-2: Mirror Staff 4; Committees: Freshman Party. Junior Cabaret. Class Motto. Senior Play. Sachem Staff; Baseball 4; Golf 4. JOHN H. LIPTAK. JR. 50 Kensington Street, Feeding Hills "Carnival! Carnival! Life is laughter.” Audio Visual Aids 3-4; Glee Club 3; Maytime Concert 3: Music Festival 3: Committees: Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. GERALDINE LONGEY 21 Springfield Street, North Agawam “Busy here and there.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Gluec Club 2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-3; May- time Concert 2-3; Music Festival 2-3; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior-Senior Prom. Sachem Staff. Senior Play; Golf 4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4, Captain 4. MARY ELIZABETH LYNCH 413 North Street, Feeding Hills "Her dimples so merry” Transferred from Commerce High in 1952: Biology Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4: Per- sonality Club 4; Glee Club 4; Operetta 4; Music Festival 4; Committees; Kid Party, Sachem Staff, Class Motto. Senior Play: Girls’ Sports 4; Golf 4. I »6 1DONALD E. LYNDE 60 School Street, Agawam “He gain’d from Heav’n ('Twas all he wish’d) A friend.” Transferred from Tenafly High School, New Jersey in 1951. Committees: Senior Play; Golf 4. ALAN W. McEWAN 15 Virginia Street, Agawam “Practice is the best of all instructors.” Class Treasurer 2-3; Personality Club 4; Ski Club 4, President 4; Camera Club 4; Band 1-2-3-4; Operetta 1-2; Orchestra 1-2; New England Music Festival 3; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-2-3-4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom, Prom Usher, Sachem Staff, Senior Play. ROSEMARY A. McMAHON 29 Central Street, Agawam “Endurance is the crowning quality. And patience, all the passion of great hearts.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Biology Club 3-4; Camera Club 4; Band Band 1-2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-4; Music Festival 1-2-3; Library 4; Committees: Sachem Staff, Senior Play; Girls Sports 2-4. LOIS ANN MERWIN 164 Walnut Street, North Agawam “For even though vanquished, she could argue still.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 4; Operetta 1-2-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Orchestra 1-2; Maytime Concert 1-2; Music Festival 1-2-3; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom, Kid Party, Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 2-3. RICHARD A. MILLER 807 Main Street, Agawam “It is not good that man should be alone.” Transferred from Methuen High School in 1951. BARBARA J. MILLIKEN 13 Mooreland Street, Feeding Hills “Come, sing now, sing, for I know you sing well.” Personality Club 3; Operetta 1-2-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Maytime Concert 2-4: All State Chorus 4; Girls’ Sports 1-2-4. I 17 ]JOHN A. MORASSI, JR. 550 Cooper Street. Agawam “An able man shows his spirit by Gentle words and resolute action." Student Council 1-3-4; Committees; Freshman Party. Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party. Class Hats. Class Will. Senior Play; Basketball 1-2, Assistant Manager 4; Baseball 4, Manager 4: Football 1-3-4. MAUREEN I. MURPHY 16 Warren Street, Agawam “Full many a flower is born to blush unseen.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Biology 4; Glee Club 1; Operetta 1; Com- mittees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom. Senior Play. Class Gifts; Girls’ Sports 1-2-4: Golf 4. 77 Edward Street, Agawam Senior Play; Golf 4; Baseball 4. ANN-SYBIL OBERHEIM 26 North Alhambra Circle. Agawam “Let all things be done decently and in order." Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Operetta 2-4; Red Cross 3-4, President 4; Head Librarian 4; Cheerleader 2; Committees: Freshman Party. Class Hats. Class Prophecy. Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1; Golf 4. CARL A. PALLO 319 Suffield Street, Agawam “You see him in travail to produce bons mots.” Pro Merito; Camera Club 3; Student Council 4; Operetta 1-2: Band 1-2-3; Orchestra 1-2; Music Festival 1-2-3; Maytime Concert 1-2; Oratorical Contest School Representative 2-3-4; Committees: Class Pictures. Freshman Party. Soph- omore Party. Junior Cabaret, Kid Party, Class Will; Football 1; Baseball 1-2-4 ROBERT MOULTHROP 96 Hall Street. Feeding Hills “He travels the fastest who travels alone.” Biology Club 3; Audio-Visual Aids 1-2-3; Wrestling 2. LOUIS J. MULDREW “Ask and learn.” Transferred from Technical High School in 1951; I 18 )ROSEMARIE A. PEDULLA 327 Meadow Street, Agawam "I’m very happy where I am.” Personality Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4: Operetta 2 4; Maytinie Con- cert 3; Music Festival 3; Committee: Sachem Staff: Girls’ Sports 3-4; Golf 4. GAIL PEESO 268 South Westfield Street. Feeding Hills “Sings like a lark.” Ski Club 4; Glee Club 2; Operetta 2; Orchestra 1-2; Maytime Concert 1. BEVERLY L. PFERSICK 36 Central Street, Agawam “Thank God! for that sunny spirit.” Pro Merito; Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Mirror Staff 2-3-4; Glee Club 2; Operetta 2; Music Festival 2; Cheerleader 2; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret, Sachem Staff. Senior Play: Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4; Golf 4. PAULINE G. PLACIDO 64 William Street, Feeding Hills "A magnificent spectacle of human happiness.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 1-2-3-4; Operetta 1-4; Glee Club 1-4; Library 3; Cheerleader 4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Kid Party, Sachem Staff, Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1-3. LEO POLANZAK 346 Springfield Street, N. Agawam "He knows the precise psychological moment when to say nothing.” Student Council 4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Senior Play. Sachem Staff; Baseball 3-4; Basketball 2-3-4. BARBARA PUFFER 46 Tower Terrace, North Agawam "She stood as slim, as clear, as cool.” Personality Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; I.R.C. 3; Committees: Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret; Girls’ Sports 2. I 19 JIRVING W. SENESAC, JR. 21 Edgewater Road, Agawam "A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar." IRC 2-3-4; Audio-Visual Aids 1-2-3; Band 1-2-3-4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom, Class Will, Senior Play: Basketball Manager 1-2-3-4; Baseball Manager 2. JANET E. SHIELDS 129 Elm Street, Agawam "She wore her halo rakishly." Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1; Golf 4. GERALDINE M. A. SIMPSON 829 River Road, Agawam “Friendship doth bind, with pleasant ties." Personality Club 2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-4; Maytime Concert 1-2-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Committee: Junior Cabaret; Girls’ Sports 2. RICHARD A. RAINBOTH 66 River Road, Agawam “A man that blushes is not guile a brute." Audio-Visual Aids 1; Camera Club 4; Band 1-2; Operetta 1-2; Orchestra 1-2; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-2; Maytime Concert 1-2; Committees: Kid Party; Football 1-2; Wrestling 2. BETTY JEAN SCHOOLCRAFT 61 Anthony Street. Agawam “Every day should be passed as if it were your last.” Pro Merito; Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Biology Club 3-4; Treasurer 4; Ski Club 4; Library 4; Committees: Junior Cabaret. Prom Usher. Sachem Staff. Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 2-3. ANNE MARIE SCOTT 46 Monroe Street, Agawam “Neat, not gaudy." Personality Club 1-2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; IRC 2-3; Mirror Staff 2-3; Operetta 1-2-4; Maytime Concert 1-2-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Secretary-Librarian 3-4; Western Mass. Music Festival 1-2-3-4; Committees: Sachem Staff. Class Motto: Girls' Sports 1-2. [ 20 ]JOSEPH J. SLIECH 56 North West Street, Feeding Hills "I have not yet begun to fight” Student Council 3; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret, Class Gifts, Senior Play; Basketball 3; Baseball 2-3-4; Football 3-4. STEVEN WILLIAM SLIECH, JR. 1060 Shoemaker Lane, Feeding Hills “Good — Bad — Indifferent.” Committee: Junior Cabaret; Football 4. MARGARET ELIZABETH SNOW 16 Lcaland Avenue, Agawam "To pity distress is but human; to relieve it is Godlike.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Biology Club 4; Band 1-2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-4; Library 4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; New England Music Festival 3; Committees: Class History. Senior Play. DONALD WINSLOW STAHLE 58 Albert Street, Agawam “A portly prince and goodly to the sight.” Personality Club 2-3-4: Ski Club 1-4; Camera Club 3-4; Student Council 1-2-3; Operetta 1-2; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Prom Usher, Kid Party. Senior Play. Class Gifts; Baseball 4; Football I-2-3-4; Wrestling 2. BARBARA ANN STATKUN 1141 Main Street, Agawam "The reason firm, the temperate will, endurance, foresight, strength and skill.” Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Treasurer 4; Biology Club 3-4; IRC 2; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Sachem Staff. Senior Reception. Senior Play; Golf. President 4: Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4, Captain 4. DOROTHY ARDEN STUART 46 Washington Avenue, Agawam "A tender heart, a will inflexible.” Class Vice President 1; Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; IRC 4; Camera Club 4; Student Council 4; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Proin. Prom Usher, Class Hats, Senior Reception, Class History, Senior Play; Girls’ Sport 1-2-3.BRUCE TYLER 46 Charles Street, Agawam "To see, be seen, to tell, and gather tales." Camera Club, Vice President 3-4; Committees: Junior-Senior Prom, Sachem Staff; Football 1. JOHN WALKER III 799 Main Street, Agawam ‘7 was a stranger, and ye took me in." Transferred from Technical High School in 1952. Committee: Sachem Staff. BEVERLY ANN WHITE 606 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills "A smile is a flower blooming fair." Personality Club 1-2-3; Mirror Staff 1; Operetta 1; Glee Club 1; Committees: Sachem Staff, Senior Play, Senior Reception; Girls’ Sports 1-2; Golf Club 4. RICHARD R. SULLIVAN 671 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills “Strong are the barriers round thy domain." Audio-Visual Aids 1-2-3; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. ANN ELIZABETH TATE 907 Main Street. Agawam “Blushing is the color of virtue." Pro Merito; Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; IRC 3-4. Secretary 4; Biology Club 3; Mirror Staff 4; Library 4; American Legion Oratorical Contest 4; Com- mittees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party. Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom. Sachem Staff, Senior Play; Girls' Sports 2. THEODORE TWAROG, JR. 196 Elm Street. Agawam “Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad." Personality Club 3-4; IRC 4; Biology Club 4; Ski Club 4; Camera Club 2; Operetta 1-2-4; Mirror Staff 4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Music Festival 1-2; Maytime Concert 1-2; Committees: Freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior-Senior Prom, Prom Usher, Sachem Staff, Senior Reception, Senior Play. [22]GERALDINE ANNE WHITE 72 Homer Street, Feeding Hills “Friends and schoolmates we have gathered.” Pro Merito; Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Mirror Staff 3-4; Student Council 3; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Operetta 1-2-4; Maytime Ccncert 2-3-4: Music Festival 1-2-3-4; Cheer Leader 4; Committees: Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior Cabaret, Junior-Senior Prom, Kid Party, Senior Play. Sachem Staff; Girls’ Sports 1-2-3-4. JANET MARY WILLARD 60 Monroe Street, Agawam “A willing hand was never wasted.” Pro Merito; Personality Club 2-3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Vice President 4; Biology Club 3-4, Vice President 3; Camera Club 4; Mirror Staff 4; Operetta Usher 4; D. A. R. Representative; Committees: Freshman Party, Junior Cabaret. Junior- Senior Prom, Prom Usher. Kid Party. Class Hats, Senior Reception. Class Will, Senior Play; Girls’ Sports 1-2; Golf 4. Cladd Poem When the doors around us open, We step forward in the dawn, And survey the world around us Like a wobbly legged fawn. To find a way or make a way Is the goal before us now. As wc go into the world today, We’ll try to earn renown. Not all of life is lovely; There are the sad parts too. Don’t let our life depress you. You will come struggling through. The road’s not always easy; The paths are rough, they say. Our spirits can’t be conquered — We’ll find or make a way. f 23) Lillian Brusseau Ellen Claus ■■ JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Vice President: Rogkr LrClp.rc Lucia Alpano Secretary: Treasurer: Donai.di.nk Roos John CardoneSince the time has arrived for our departure from this high school life, to play our cards for Success in the world’s great game—we, the Class of 1953, do hereby make our first, last, and only will and testament in which we dispose of our high school possessions. We leave and bequeath the following: TO THE CITIZENS OF AGAWAM: Our warmest thanks and appreciation for your interest and support throughout our school years. MR. GOODWIN: A special policeman to keep cars from parking beside the side of the building. MR. DACEY: A patent on the phrase "There’s a small minority—” MR. HARRIS: Two private secretaries from the Class of 1953. MISS DURKAN: A pair of split-proof ski pants. MRS. NARDI: A signature that can’t be forged. MISS HOLTON: A plan to manage your household budget as well as you do the high school’s. THE FACULTY: A raise in pay. JUNIOR CLASS: The strength and stamina to uphold the reputation left by the class of 1953. SOPHOMORE CLASS: The privilege of being the first class to graduate from the new high school. FRESHMAN CLASS: The honor of having the best home room teachers. EIGHTH GRADE: Our sincere hopes that you will have a place to sit in. SEVENTH GRADE: A ladder to climb up from the bottom of the pile. ANN ZUCCO: The privilege of having your name read first instead of last. LUCIA ALFANO: Our choice as Valedictorian of the Class of 1954. NANCY HALLOCK: Another year to carry on your love life. BARBARA MAIOLO: A hunk of cheese to catch the “rat.” ANTHONY LIQUORI: The realization that girls don’t bite. JAMES REARDON: A Toni Home Permanent. BARBARA CAMMISA: A horse to go with your laugh. HOWARD PARSONS: Another year to walk Arlene home from school. DONALDINE ROOS: Our choice as “Queen of 54.” DONALD AVERY: A partnership in Jasmin’s market. ADRIENNE GRASSO: A pillow to land on when you come down to earth. SANDRA RIVERS: Our hopes. JOHN SPINETTI: The privilege of taking Jeff Atwater’s place. RALPH COUGHLIN: A girl-friend from Agawam so that you don’t have to go to Westfield. CECILY DANFORTH: A leash for—your dog. SHIRLEY MAGAGNOLI: A chance to take Marilyn Monroe’s place. ROBERT ANDERSON: A pogo-stick so you can get off your feet in a basketball game. ( 25 ]ANNETTE GIRARD: Agawam’s answer to Artie Shaw-. FRANK LIBERATORE: A landscaping business of your own. VIRGINIA PISANO: A job at DiDonato’s. JUDITH SLATE: A left-handed bat to knock some more home runs in Gym class. LOIS BONTEMPO: A chance to be on next year’s cheering squad. CARLO IMELIO: A Charles Atlas course. PATRICIA MODZELEWSKI: Some of Ann Tate’s dignity. CONRAD PHILLIPS: Agawam’s dead-end kid. DORIS GRANT: The title of “Miss Freckles of 1954.” MATTHEW SULBORSKI: An “intelligent” look. ELIZABETH GRECO: Another year to uphold the name of Greco at A. H. S. ROBERT LIGHT: Richard Miller’s secret on how to be heard. MARIE STEEVES: A Welcome Mat. JOHN BELTRANDI: We’d like to inform you that you’re 5’ 2” not 6’ 2”. FRANCES RADWILOWICZ: Personality plus. JONATHAN ANDERSON: Some of Lucille Ferrarini’s pep. MARY’ HAWKINS: Another Tri-Hi-Y Halloween party. CHARLES MITCHELL: Another girl to wrear your Peanut Bowl jacket. BERTA RUBINO: A nerve sedative. RAYMOND FAVREAU: Some girlfriends to go with your rings. ROBERT SIGRIST: A cowbell so Rosie will know you’re around. JUDITH HYLAND: A legal holiday so you, Dolores, and Millie don’t have to skip school. JOAN DcMARS: Courage with the opposite sex. ROLAND BANVILLE: The title of "Mighty Mouse” on the 1954 football team. SHIRLEY' HARRISON: Some vitamin pills. DONALD MARSIAN: Another chance with Martha. NANCY RICHARDSON: A date with H. P. RICHARD PISANO: A reserved scat at Riverside. CAROL PALLO: A chance to become the Carol. ELLIOT BLACKBURN: The lead in next year’s operetta. VIRGINIA DWYER: A friend to take Beverly’s place after she graduates. PATRICK LOSITO: A chance to show Mr. Kistner your basketball ability. MARY' POND: The honor of being the “best all-around girl.” SUSAN YEAKEL: A debut at Carnegie Hall. JOHN CARDONE: A special appointment with Dorothy Dix. JANET DULONG: Best wishes in your future as an airline hostess. CLYDE LIGHT: You’ve got so much more than Tyrone, why fight it? BARBARA BETTY PICARD: Labels so we can tell who’s who. PHILIP SEYMOUR: Another chance to take violin lessons. SANDRA ZERRA: A chance to carry out your plans of becoming a nurse. BARBARA CHENEY’: A scholarship to the U. of M. SHIRLEY LAURITSEN: Our choice as the F. F. A.’s yearly project. JOAN PROVOST: A marriage license to go with your diploma. RALPH D’AMATO: More girls to add to your fan club. SANDRA CHANNEL: A microphone so you can be heard. ROBERT CLAMPIT: A chance to show your ability on the football team. DOLORES GIORDANO and MILDRED POHNER: Another year to giggle together. RICHARD JABRY’: A lounge-chair to rest in during football practice. SANDRA KELLEY: Suspenders to hold up your socks. JULIE MERCIER: ’The lead in “Romeo and Juliet.” JAMES O’KEEFE: By popular vote, Captain of the Romeo squad. JUDY PETERSON: Lessons from Jeff—Skiing, that is! PHILLIP CARDONE: The title of “Duke” to go with the “Duchess.” RICHARD ROBERT CHASE: A co-managership in the local A P. SHIRLEY MUTTI: A chance to show your talents on the accordion. RAY'MONI) SARACINO: A D.A. to go w'ith your suede shoes. CAROL FLYNN: Someone to help you make up your mind. DONALD KING: A date with Elaine Jones. I 26 ]FRANK MORUZZI: A contract with Joe Chitwood’s Hell-Drivers. UMBERT GOVONI: A chance to succeed Benny Goodman. SANDRA SJOSTROM: Some of the senior girls’ excess talk. ROLAND MERCADANTE: A deferment from the army so you can finish high school. FRANCES WILLARD: A steady boyfriend. DOLORES LUCCARDI: A compromise with Joan DeMars. DONALD ML’LLANEY: A pair of spurs and a horse to go with them. BETTY VOISLOW: Another year to watch T.V. with Chick. ROGER LcCLERC: Our choice as “Class Gentleman.” MARILYN WILSON: A secluded parking spot. THERESA WRIGHT: A twin sister so both the Chase twins will have a date. MARJORIE MAGOVERN: A chance to take over your father’s business. JEAN MAULE: A date with Robert Moulthrop. DANIEL MOLTA: Our hopes that you will excel in football as you did in basketball. LOURDES DUMOND: A bear-trap to get a good hold on “Rollie.” ROBERT KING: “Curlers.” THERESA MORASSI: A pair of elevated shoes. RHODA DICKINSON: Someone to argue with after Janet’s gone. ELAINE JONES: A year to lose your “drawl.” DAVID KUNASEK: A one-way ticket to all points South. PAUL MONTAGNA: A year’s supply of pegged pants. VAUGHAN KELLEY: Our hopes for many curtain calls in your future on the stage. ELIZABETH LANGLOIS: Another year to lead the band. ROBERT MITCHELL: Handcuffs so that you and Morcllo can’t be separated. ALICE MUELLER: Sugar and spice. HAROLD NOWILL: Some talent to go with your height. WILLIAM MORELLO: A butch hair-cut. LOUISE SPAGNUOLO and JOYCE SULLIVAN: An introduction to all your classmates. LOIS LINBLAD: Our choice as the Louclla Parsons of Agawam High. BARBARA KIESSLING: A partnership with Shirley Lauritscn. WILLIAM RHODES: An office in the F.F.A. JOSEPHINE ZABINI: An expert driving license including trucks, tractors, and cars. ELLSWORTH SHARPE: A column of your own entitled “What the Well-Dressed Student Should Wear.” MARLENE THOMPSON: A cook book of your own. JANE SODEN: A rifle to catch vour dear. ROBERT SLATE: A “B” in Algebra. KAY PARENT: Esther D’s secret on “how to grow tall.” ALFRED GLADDING: A paved parking lot. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we, the Class of 1953, do hereby affix our seal on this eighteenth day of June in the year of our Ix rd nineeteen hundred and fifty-three. Janet Willard Carl Pallo Marian Hess Irving Senesac John Morassi Catherine Crean [27]SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President: Vice President: Donald Hastings Avalon Sapford Secretary: Treasurer: Alice Arnold Craio McEwanJ4i-Story The Scene—A class reunion at the old Agawam High School in the year of 1963. Some of the boys have slipped out of the reunion and are talking over the old times while leaning against a radiator in the upstairs corridor. Bob August, Don Stahle, and Dick Hall are now speaking. Bob: Say it’s been a long time since we graduated from good old Agawam High Dick: It surely has. Remember when we first entered the hallowed halls as Freshmen? Don: Do I! We all felt “pretty small” when we looked at those distinguished upper- classmen. Bob: Remember our first class meeting? Mr. Hall was our advisor and we elected Dick Hall as our president. Don: Yes, Dick was our president for all four years, and a darn good one, too. Dick: Oh, cut it out, you guys, you know that we had a few other officers, too. Don: Why, that year we had Dot Stuart for our vice-president, Marian Hess for our treasurer, and Lucille Ferrarini for our secretary. We certainly had “quite the class.” Bob: And what a freshman party we had! I think it was called the “Freshman Frolic.” It was the first event we planned and executed ourselves. Were we proud when the bulletin came around congratulating us on the party! Dick: It certainly was a thrill, but there were plenty more things to come. When we entered school the next year as sopho- mores, we certainly felt like “big wheels” even though we had the priv- ilege of being the third class in line to hold our class meeting. No more “small-time stuff’ for us.Don: Bob: Dick: flofc: Don: Dick: Don: Dick: Bob: Dick: Yes, remember, Marian Hess became vice-president, Lucille Ferrarini was our secretary and A1 McEwan served as treasurer. That was the year we moved from rooms 6, 12, and 26 and got our permanent rooms, 19, 20, and 21. We also had six lively cheerleaders from our class that year—Loisann Johnson, Marian Hess, Cynthia Hoyc, Ann-Sybil Obcrheim, Bev. Pfersick, and Jean Squazza. And do you remember “St. Pat’s Shindig,” our sophomore party? Cynthia Hoyc, our general chairman, was in the hospital and a group of us crashed the hospital at 10:00 P.M. Joe Sliech and Anita Imelio, chosen the King and Queen, had the privilege of leading the first dance. Hey, what about our junior year? Remember how proud we were when we heard that our team was to play in the Peanut Bowl in Columbus, Ga., against Richmond Acad- emy? Susie Draghetti was elected our queen, and we thought she was the most beautiful girl in the parade at Georgia! Bob Couture had the honor of being chosen the “Most Valuable Player of the Peanut Bowl.” That year we kept the same officers and worked together on the Junior Cabaret, “The Sea Waltz.” Remember Clem Hobbs and Irene Boissonault dancing to the tune of “By the Sea?” Before the embers of memory had died, we were working on the Prom. I can still see the looks on the boys’ faces when they saw the receiving line, and I can even remem- ber the theme—Cinderella. The decorations were really something. Susie Draghetti did a superb job on them, just as she did for all the other class functions. And then the last event of the year, the Senior Reception. We were quite solemn as we realized that next year we would be the hon- ored guests. Dick, you and Kate Crean were the Junior Marshals. Yes, our senior year was something. We had a slight change of officers again and we were on our way. Didn’t Dan Barufaldi take over the loveless job of collecting dues? He did, and Cynthia Hoye was elected as our vice-president. And we had another set of peppy cheerleaders from our class—I think they were: Polly Placido. Gerry White, Lucille Ferrarini, Susie Draghetti, Shirley Ferrarini. and Kate Crean. The Kid Party was the first event of the year. Remember the cute costumes we wore, and the fun we had playing all those children’s games and getting our pres- ents from Santa Claus? Jim “Santa Claus” Fogg and his committee really should be commended for planning the party. We had fun all the time. We had to have class hats to distinguish us from the rest of the students. I 30 )Don: Dick: Bob: Don: Dick: Bob: Don: Bob How about our senior play, “Turn Back the Clock”? Oh, those 1928 costumes! And couldn’t we Charleston? Betty Schoolcraft, Bob Couture, and Dick Hall were the stars, and Mrs. Nardi did an efficient job of directing it. Don’t forget we had worries that year, what with the year book, caps and gowns, and planning for our class banquet. But they all turned out all right. And then came graduation, and we were both proud and sad to think that we were leaving good old Agawam High. But we could always remember that with the help of Miss Durkan, our class advisor, we would leave Agawam with the knowledge that we had done our bit to keep up its traditions. Well, we had better get back to the reunion or our wives will be wondering where we are. It’s surely been fun recalling all the good times we had together. Let’s do it again some time. Dick: That we will! Robert Hardina Margaret Snow Dorothy Stuart 1311FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President: Vice President: Earl Freniere Betty Ann Cote Secretary: Treasurer: Joyce Mercadante David MonaghanJeppery Atwater A new expression you’ll find in this book. So open it up and have a look. Robert Bruno Leash A use for this leash you’ll certainly find; To hold that girl you’ll be leaving behind. Lillian Brusseau Bottle of Glue To lose your twin would never do; So “stick together" with this glue. Lucille Brusseau IVhite House The White House is empty without Mar- garet's voice, So move right in and we'll all rejoice. Richard Auoust Boxing Gloves A pair of gloves to help you spar; We doubt if they’ll get you very far. Robert August A Speedometer At this speedometer we hope you’ll look, So your name won’t go down “in the book." Henry Baldarelli Hot-rod Muffler Now listen to us and please take heed, Add this to your car and do a good deed. Joan Barbieri Pass to N. Y. We know you like this city so much. We hope this pass will keep you in touch. Daniel Barufaldi Pass to Arthur Murray Studio We know you want to learn the jive, We hope this pass will keep your nights alive. Beverly Beauchene Paintbrush Because in art you did excel. We give you this paintbrush; use it well. Marcia Binnenkade Apron When you set up housekeeping very soon. We think this apron will serve as a boon. Irene Boissonault Roller Skates These skates to whirl around the floor. We hope you'll use forever more. Barbara Borgatti Stilts Stilts to help you be a little tall. So you won’t look so very small. Daniel Brayton Spelling Book This spelling book of immense knowledge. Will help you enter your favorite college. Joyce Brissette Cook Book We hope you’ll like this little book, A recipe it’ll give at one quick look. Richard Brissette Score Card This score card we give to you so. You can keep track of the points you throw. Raymond Carestia Bells These bells will help you make a sound, So we will know when you’re around. Raymond Casella Ladder To reach those high notes this ladder would be handy; We love your voice and think it’s dandy. David Casiello Aspirin For those headaches you have each day, Here’s an aspirin to drive them away. James Cheney Address Book In this address book you’ll easily find The names of those you'll be leaving behind. Sophie Chmael Box of Popcorn This popcorn which we got from Loews Will help keep you on your toes. Ellen Claus Kitten This kitten will put a gleam in your eye; Although it’ll cause you many a sigh. Robert Couture Adhesive Tape Here’s a roll of tape for you, To keep you looking like brand new. Catherine Crean A Mirror We give this mirror to you. So you can enjoy those dimples, too. Joyce Dalimont Suitcase The modern teacher is not an old maid, So pack your things and don’t be afraid. Adeline DiCarlo Pencils To help you with all your stencils. We give you this box of pencils. Esther Didomenicantonio Gymsuit A gymsuit you'll need; in fact even two; Here is one which we think will do. Bruce Dodd Stationery For not writing you’ll have no excuse, With this stationery for your personal use. Marlyn Draghetti Box of Crayons This box of crayons that you have here, We hope will help in your career. (33 JBarbara Drzyzca Chair This chair will be useful as you will see; Use it in place of the boss's knee. Lucille Ferrarini Witty Remark A witty remark to add to your collection; We hope it will steer you in the right direction. Shirley Ferrarini Bicycle A bicycle can carry only two; A lot of arguments it’ll save for you. Catherine Ferrero Buttons and Bows In buttons and bows you’ll look so sweet; Just like candy, you’re a treat. Richard Fitzgerald Gold Star A regular fellow is what you are; So we think you really deserve this star. James Fogg Pad A pad to take down all your notes, And help you on all those famous quotes. Merilyn Frisbie Roller Skates Polish these skates every day, They’ll do you proud on the rollerway. Richard Frisbie Class Hat Here’s the hat you wouldn't buy. Because you thought the price too high. Nicholas Funtos Billiard Ball When you’re aiming with a cue. This billiard ball will certainly do. Joyce Gazar Patience Although patience is an abstract noun. It’ll help keep your temper down. Charles Granoer Tractor Here’s a tractor for you to steer; It’ll certainly help out in your future career. Jean Gravel Lip Stick This lipstick we give you we know is a pip; Just make sure it stays on your own two lips. Richard Hall Nomination Since you’re president of our class, we do foretell That as the first Agawam president, you’ll do quite well. Robert Hardin a Test Tube This little test tube will help you mold All the theories that you hold. Fred Harkins Car Because the bus you have to take. We give you this car for you and your date. Eileen Haseltine A Baton A baton we give this cute little girl, And hope she’ll give it a great big twirl. Jean Hebert Can of Peas A can of peas to stock on the shelf Of the grocery store you’ll own by yourself. John Hess Tools Mechanically minded we know you arc; We hope these tools will help you go far. Marian Hess Horn A horn for you to start a riot; Because everyone knows you’re so quiet. Clement Hobbs Side-car You know, of course, what this is for. To scat those girls that you adore. Cynthia Hoye Airplane For a quick trip out to the coast. Here’s a plane of which you can boast. Anita Imelio Autograph Book In years to come you'll laugh with glee; At these autographs from the class of ’53. Joan Jasmin Private Telephone We give you this private telephone, To talk with your mother when you’re not home. Loisann Johnson Set of Rings We know you’ve already received his wings, And will gladly accept this set of rings. Edward Kelley Tintair To help keep the color of your hair, We give you this bottle of tintair Neil Lawson Stamp We hope this stamp will be approved After you lick it and the glue is removed. John Liptak Can of Jet Fuel A few drops of this is what you need, To provide some energy and some speed. Geraldine Lonoey Comb A comb to use, as you do without fail, To help you catch that certain male. Mary Lynch Blue Hair Ribbons Little ribbons of delicate hue, To match those eyes so big and blue. Donald Lynde Can of Oil When with that car you tinker and toil, Remember it was we who gave you the oil. Alan McEwan Picture of Betty This picture of your one and only We hope will keep you from getting lonely. Rosemary McMahon Chalk In teaching, a piece of chalk you’ll need; To put across your knowledge with speed. Lois Merwin Steady Date To you we give a steady date, And hope he’ll end up as your mate. Richard Miller Book of Future Careers You have no plans for the future to be, So you’ll need this book to help you see. Barbara Milliken Metropolitan Opera House Pass Since you’re the greatest singer of our class, We give you this Metropolitan Opera House pass. John Morassi Clock This clock to keep her father from waiting. When you’re out with your girl dating. Robert Moulthrop Excuse It's time you got a new excuse To replace the others stale from use. [34|Louis Muldrew Bobby Pins These bobby pins will bring many sighs. By keeping the hair out of your eyes. Maureen Murphy Cash Some extra cash to spend at college When you go to gather knowledge. Ann Oberheim Whistle Blow this whistle and make some sound. So everyone will know the librarian is around. Carl Pallo A pair of Fins We know you’re able to swim like a duck; We hope you’ll accept these as a token of luck. Rosemarie Pedulla Stenography Notebook Pad For work in the office this pad will be fine; Just jot down the notes you take over the line. Gail Peeso Grocery Store To start you and Bob off in life. And make you a rich and prosperous wife. Beverly Pfersick Daily Bulletin To keep you informed on the latest event, This daily bulletin we proudly present. Pauline Placido Organ To an organ you always rush with glee. We hope this gift will bring joy to thee. Leo Polanzak Gum This stick of gum, which we have bought. We hope you’ll chew—but don’t get caught. Barbara Puffer Skating Skirt A skating skirt for you to wear, In case the others you should tear. Richard Rainboth Wig To solve your worry about extra hair. Here’s a wig to save wear and tear. Betty Schoolcraft A Looking Glass This looking glass to help you see What God has made you to be. Anne Scott Sailor Doll This sailor doll to sea can’t go. Although it happened to your beau. Irvino Senesac A Red Roadster This little roadster of fiery red. To match the curls upon your head. Janet Shields Pass to Yale Here you’ll find gobs and gobs of guys. Either short, tall or medium in size. Geraldine Simpson A Cottage A little cottage so cute and rosy. We hope you and hubby will find it cozy. Joseph Sliech Crystal Ball Look into the future and you will sec. The greatest little baseball player of 53. Steven Sliech Curler A curler for you to whirl, And keep that great big golden curl. Maroaret Snow Nurse's Cap You’ll be admired by everyone. When your nurse’s cap you’ve won. Donald Stahle Toothbrush Here’s a brush to help keep that smile. Which we hope you’ll have for a long, long while. Barbara Statkun Life Preserver This life preserver we give to thee. To make you friendly with the deep blue sea. Dorothy Stuart A Dog We know you want to be a vet; Here’s a dog you’ve never met. Richard Sullivan Gun If into the service you decide to go. This gun will be handy in fighting the foe. Ann Tatf. Book of Knowledge Take this book; it’ll never lie. And it’ll help you achieve those goals so high. Theodore Twaroo A Horse Here’s a horse to pull your plow. In hopes that he will teach you how. Bruce Tyler Life-Saver No S.O.S. you’ll need to send. If you let this life-saver be your friend. John W'alker Carrot Wc gave you this to match your hair, But to make you eat it wouldn’t be fair. Beverly White Box of Wheaties Because you’ve been sick so very long, Wc give you these wheaties to make you strong. Geraldine White Candy Cigarettes Candy cigarettes for you to chew. Although wc know they won’t quite do. Janet Willard Ruler A ruler to enforce teacher’s looks. And make the kids study their books. Barbara Borgatti Joyce Dalimont Maureen Murphy Donald Stahle Joseph Sliech ( 35 1INSIDE THE PEARLY GATES (Bruce Tyler, one of the last remaining survivors of the Class of 53, finally got around to kicking the bucket. His last words were “Life gets tedious, don’t it?” Dr. Deke Stahlc performed the autopsy, assisted by Nurse Margaret Snow. Services were rendered by Reverend Theodore Twarog, and Bruce’s body was laid to rest by August Brothers, morticians. Their motto is “August coffins, they are fine, made of satin, brass, or pine; if your friends should pass away, let them go the August way.” His spirit is now slo-owly approaching the Pearly Gates. As he nears the gate he sees Jeff Atwater diligently polishing the pearls.) “Tyler! Where’s your pass?” derisively cries a familiar voice from the gate door. “Dan Brayton! What are you doing here?” “I was given the gate to watch.” Knowing all too well the loquaciousness of Dan Brayton, I dashed by him and ran into the Celestial Ski Patrol, led by Ex-Olympic Ski Champ. Neil “No-Knees” Lawson. As I was helped from the air by Alan McEwan and Betty Schoolcraft, authors of the book, “Cheaper by the Dozen and a Half,” I couldn’t help but think how this book might have helped the spinsters Kate Crean and Janet Shields, not to mention the elusive bachelors Richard Rainboth and Leo Polanzak, who were always escaping in Dick’s “big” car. In the group I noticed Susie Draghetti and Dick Hall, the famous man and wife skiing team. The celestial music halted abruptly and Lois Merwin’s voice (well-known to all radio listeners, as she’s on the air twenty-four hours a day) echoed forth. “Bruce Tyler, arc you-all coming up to the equipment headquarters?” “Taxi, bud?” bellowed a voice from an orange and black monstrosity which sidled up to the curb. I 36 ]“I’m looking for equipment headquarters, cabby. Why, it’s Dan Barufaldi! The last I heard, you were selling Packards in Agawam for Ed Kelly.” “Hop in.” And off we went in a cloud of smoke. “Dan, have you seen any of the old gang up here?” “Well, Clem Hobbs and Henry Baldarclli were the first arrivals. Clem coasted in on the motorcycle which he had wrapped around a tree, and Honey Baldarclli flew in on one of his test rocket flights. Bob Hardina blew himself sky-high, boiling test tubes at Monsanto.” Suddenly Dan was cut short by a thunderous wheeze escaping from under the hood. I could see voluminous clouds of steam rising all about me, and for a moment I thought Dan had taken me “down under.” My meditations were inter- rupted by Bob Couture, fireman extraordinary, who had been summoned by Dave Casiello, English professor, who happened to see the accident. After ruefully surveying the damage, I ran to a nearby phone to try to procure a mechanic. The telephone operator was none other than Eileen Haseltine, who connected me immediately with the Funtos, Lyndc, and Muldrew Auto Body Works. Since I was in the vicinity of headquarters, I started walking down the main drag- Just Acn a flash of color caught my eye. It was one of those straight skirt creations of Shirl Fcrrarini, still trying to put the flare out of business, and worn by school marm Joyce Dalimont. On a billboard advertising the local hotspot, Friendly’s, a familiar face loomed before me. It belonged to Red Senesac, the Gene Krupa of the Celestial Circuit, whose aggregation was being featured there. Illustrious members mentioned included that well-known crooner Ray Carestia; Cyn Hoye, character dancer; Irene Boissonault, jazz singer; and Lillian and Lucille Brusseau, the singing sisters. On the way I passed Joan Jasmin’s Jewelry Outlet and stopped for a moment to window-shop. Upon entering headquarters, I met Gerry Longcy, secretary to the director of equipment headquarters. I walked into the placement office and was warmly greeted by the receptionist, Loisann Johnson. There I found the rest of the office staff, who were in charge of assigning positions to new arrivals. “Do you have any particular job in mind?” asked Buddy Lynch, statistics secretary. “We’ve had very good luck placing old grads of A.H.S. In the field of sports we’ve placed Dick Brissette as a basketball coach; Joe Sliech made the Cherub Bowl with his football team; and Barbara Statkun has made a name for herself in girls’ softball. In the medical field, Barbara Borgatti has become our chief brain surgeon; Dot Stuart is working in the animal division as a veterinarian; and Rosemarie Pedulia has become a proven nutrician expert. In the theatrical field, Ann Tate has become the matinee idol of every Howdy Doody fan, with her secretary, Jerry White, taking care of the fan mail. Gail Pccso, a virtuoso in her own right, is currently making headlines with her magic violin. Marcia Bin- nenkade is kept busy handling her correspondence and arranging her tours around the country.” “Well, I don’t know. I thought I’d take it easy for a little while longer before going to work,” explained Bruce. “Before you start taking it easy, you’d better pick up your equipment across the hall.” At the door Adeline DiCarlo took my papers, ushered me over to Dr. “Fris” Frisbie for a thorough physical, and placed me on a moving belt which whisked me into a long, narrow room. At regular intervals assistants were passing out equipment. I was amazed at the complexity of this system of outfitting the newarrivals. Bev White slapped a pair of wings on my back. Joan Barbieri slipped a halo on my reeling head (some how I just couldn’t get used to it.) Anita Imelio placed a harp in my hand and told me that I could get instructions from Maureen Murphy, the harp—ist. I was rapidly approaching the end of the assembly line, where Cathy Ferrero gave the novices their send-off with a chccrly “Bon Voyage.” Before I could learn how to manipulate the landing gears of my newly acquired apparatus, I crashed into the Heaven and Hello, a super-market located on the “border” line. Bob Bruno, Lucky Strike salesman, had no sooner picked me up when his assistant cigarette tester, John Liptak, cornered me with the be- ginnings of a high-pressured sales talk. I told them smoking was too strenuous for me and was just about to praise myself for giving them the brush-off, when Pauline Placido, your favorite Bird’s Eye saleswoman, grabbed me, saying, “Try some quick-a frozen pizza.” Avoiding her and dashing toward an exit, I was startled by the shrill voice of Jean Hebert, head cashier, crying, “Stop! Thief!” Manager John Walker quickly appeared on the scene and thus avoided a scene by promptly clearing me of the mistaken charge. “You forgot the soap! You forgot the soap!” excitedly sputtered Esther Didomenicantonio to her husband Johnny Morassi, who was patiently and quietly bearing the load of groceries. Then and there I decided to get out of that place before I went mad. 1 strolled into the park across the street to rest my oh-so-wcary bones. I was on the verge of peaceful sleep, when— “Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Bruce Tyler arrives.” “Hey, boy, how about a paper?” “Yessir, yessir,” mumbled Jim Cheney as he handed me a publication of the “Star.” I turned to the classified section in search of a position suiting my disposition. My eye automatically focused on the “good things to eat” column. Tantalizing chickens were described in Ray Casella’s poultry ad. Bruce Dodd's Dehydrated Milk Company boasted of the virtues of Milky Way Mild. Sid Granger offered double your money back if his frozen food products did not defrost. I flipped the page to the furniture ads, where Jack Hess seemed to hold a monopoly on custom- made furniture. Opposite the society page there was a picture taken at the Comet County Teachers Association’s annual convention. Dignitaries of particular note were Janet Willard, superintendent of Comet County high schools; Rosemary McMahon, principal of the junior high school; Barbara Milliken, singing instructor in the elementary schools; Marian Hess, the square dancing teacher; and the speaker for the convention, Professor Richard Miller, who gave his theory of Neo-Einsteinism. On one comer of the society page there was a column edited by Bev Pfersick, giving advice to the lovelorn. I noticed a question sent in by a worried housewife, Jean Gravel. I also noticed an ad concerning Cloudside Park, managed by Barb Drzyzga. It was getting too dusky to read, so off I went to do the town. But first I decided I had better find a room. I entered the Heavenly Arms Hotel and regis- tered with the manager, Bev Beauchcne. At the time she was talking to Steve Sliech of the Rest Your Back Mattress Corporation, who was trying to make a big I 38 ]sale. She rang for Carl Pallo, captain of the bellboys, to carry my luggage to my room. In the game room, the pool shark Dick Fitzgerald was engrossed in a game. I inquired directions to the hotel gymnasium, where I found Dick Sullivan taking bets on the next day’s parimutual. Big Bob Moulthrop, the renowned physical culturist, was playing a game of hand ball. The night was still young and besides I was hungry, so I left the hotel to grab some grub. I took a survey of the nearby beaneries. One name rang a bell. I strolled into Harkins’ Hashhouse, owned and operated by Fred Harkins. Behind the counter, slinging hash, was Ellen Claus. I was winding my way toward an open table when I was hailed by Gerry Simpson, a housewife from way back. “Bruce, it’s nice to see you again,” she said. Joyce Brissette was also seated at the table, bubbling over with news of her newly acquired home and talking with Anne Scott, interior decorator. I sat down at my table and gave my order to Sophie Chmael, the waitress. The meal was delicious and prompted me to send my compliments to the cook, Merilyn Frisbie. Back at the hotel lobby I met Barbara Puffer, who was in charge of the registration of all souls behind the Pearly Gates. “How did you like your first day here?” asked Barbara. “Well, I found it very interesting and somewhat rushed, and I enjoyed bump- ing into old friends, but I did miss four members of our class—‘Cillc Ferrarini, Ann Oberheim, Joyce Gazar, and Jim Fogg.” “Oh, we don’t speak of them anymore. They didn’t make it!” James Fogg Lucille Ferrarini Ann Oberheim Joyce Gazar Daniel Brayton ( 39 ]CinderellaSENIOR PLAY On April 17, 1953, the Senior Class presented “Turn Back The Clock,” a three-act comedy, under the direction of Mrs. Dorothea Nardi. The action was set in 1928. Everyone enjoyed seeing the Seniors “Charleston their way through it.” CAST Evie Palmer Charlie Hill Johnny Stone Mrs. Palmer Mr. Palmer Sally Palmer Larry Palmer Irene Isherwood MaybeUe Harrison Phyllis McSorley Barbara Bannister Ollie Bannister Chubby Bascolm Hilda Extras — Shirley Ferrarini, Richard August, Alan McEwan 1431to 53 SECOND CHOICE James Fogg....................Mr. I. Q............................Jeffrey Atwater Lucille Ferrarini.............Miss I. Q............................Ann Tate Robert Couture.............Most Popular Boy....................Richard Hall Lucille Ferrarini............Most Popular Girl...................Susie Draghctti Donald Stahle.................Best Dressed Boy.....................Richard Hall Joyce Dalimont................Best Dressed Girl....................Susie Draghetti James Fogg....................Best Matured Boy.....................Raymond Casella Cynthia Hoye..................Best Natured Girl....................Janet Willard Clement Hobbs.................Class Wit (boy)......................James Fogg Lucille Ferrarini............Class Wit (girl).....................Lillian Brusseau Carl Pallo....................Best Actor...........................James Fogg Betty Schoolcraft.............Best Actress.........................Ann Tate Richard Miller................Quietest Boy.............................David Casiello Marian Hess ...... Quietest Girl..........................Gail Peeso John Hess.....................Best Boy Dancer......................Richard August Marian Hess...................Best Girl Dancer.....................Lucille Ferrarini Ann Tate Richard Hall..................Best All Around Boy..................Daniel Barufaldi Lucille Ferrarini.............Best All Around Girl.................Susie Draghetti Richard Hall..................Class Brother............................Raymond Casella Barbara Borgatti..............Class Sister.............................Mary Lynch Daniel Brayton................Most Mischievous Boy...............Steven Sliech Pauline Placido...............Most Mischievous Girl...............Shirley Ferrarini Richard Hall..................Boy Most Likely to Succeed .... James Fogg Lucille Ferrarini.............Girl Most Likely to Succeed .... Susie Draghetti Richard Hall..................Boy Who Did Most for the School . . Daniel Barufaldi Lucille Ferrarini.............Girl Who Did Most for the School . . Janet Willard Robert Couture................Best Boy Athlete.....................Richard Hall Barbara Statkun...............Best Girl Athlete.....................Marian Hess Donald Stahle.................Cutest Boy...............................Richard Hall Susie Draghetti...............Cutest Girl..............................Pauline Placido Richard August................Friendliest Boy..........................Raymond Casella James Fogg Mary Lynch....................Friendliest Girl.........................Lucille Ferrarini Robert Couture................Class Flirt (boy)........................Robert August John Hess Janet Shields.................Class Flirt (girl).......................Lois Merwin Richard Hall..................Class Gentleman .........................Daniel Barufaldi Ann Tate.....................Class Lady..............................Susie Draghetti Clement Hobbs................Best Boy Singer.........................Robert Bruno Barbara Milliken.............Best Girl Singer........................Lucille Brusseau Richard August...............Class Chatterbox (boy)..............Jean Hebert Lois Merwin..................Class Chatterbox (girl)..............Pauline Placido Richard Hall and .... Class Couple...................................Alan McEwan and Susie Draghetti Betty SchoolcraftWORDS + MU51C ar BOBHARD W + TEFF ATWATERCla33mate3cActivitledTHE AGAWAM MIRROR This year there were eight issues of the Mirror. This was made possible by loyal workers who sold subscriptions, home-made fudge, stationery, and advertising space. During the year members of the staff attended meetings of the Western Massachusetts League of School Publications to learn more about journalism and to discuss, with other students, the problems confronted in the editing of a school newspaper or yearbook. Besides the usual monthly news and regular columns, the Mirror had roving reporters take a poll called “Question of the Month”; introduced a new column entitled “Agawam Indian Says,” which gave helpful advice; exchanged news- papers with other schools and printed interesting articles from them; and con- ducted a survey to find out what students like most about Agawam High School and their suggestions for improving it. This year the Mirror, for the first time, sponsored a short-story contest to inspire original writings by talented students and awarded prizes to the winners. Along with the enlargement, another “first” was initiated with the introduction of an edition containing pictures. Tentative plans are now being made to reor- ganize the make-up of the Mirror. Editor .................................... Lucille Ferrarini Assistant Editor .......................... Theresa Morassi Advisor ............................... Miss Marion Holton Senior Members: Richard August, Daniel Barufaldi, Robert Couture, Catherine Crean, Joyce Dalimont, Adeline DiCarlo, Esther Didomenicantonio, Marlyn Draghetti, Lucille Ferrarini, Shirley Ferrarini, James Fogg, Joyce Gazar, Marian Hess, Cynthia Hoye, Joan Jasmin, Neil Lawson, I ois Merwin, Beverly Pfersick, Pauline Placido, Ann Tate, Theodore Twarog, Geraldine White, Janet Willard. ( 53 ]STUDENT COUNCIL Once again the members of the Student Council have served Agawam High School to the best of their ability. Not only have they continued to organize the annual magazine drive and amateur show but, this year, they sponsored a very successful “Sock and Sweater” dance, which proved to be quite popular with the faculty as well as the students. The main purpose of the council is to serve as a link between the faculty, administration, and student body. President .................................... Daniel Barufaldi Vice-President ............................... Barbara Borgatti Secretary ................................................. Julie Mcrcicr Treasurer ........................................ James O’Keefe Advisor .................................... Mr. Wayne Holmes Senior Members: Daniel Barufaldi, Barbara Borgatti, Lucille Ferrarini, Richard Fitzgerald, Jean Gravel, Richard Hall, John Morassi, Carl Pallo, Leo Polanzak, Dorothy Stuart. I 54 ]PRO MERITO The Pro Merito Society, this year, can well be proud, for it has the largest number of members that Agawam High School has ever produced. These students must maintain an average of eighty-five per cent during their high school career in order to attain membership in the state organization and receive a certificate at graduation. Eighteen members of the Class of 1953 were awarded Pro Merito pins at an assembly in February. Dr. Clarence Chatto, principal of Classical High School, was guest speaker. President ....................................... Robert Hardina Secretary .................................... Barbara Borgatti Advisor .................................... Miss Eleanor Smith Members: Jeffery Atwater, Daniel Barufaldi, Barbara Borgatti, David Casiello, Ellen Claus, Joyce Dalimont, Lucille Ferrarini, James Fogg, Richard Hall, Robert Hardina, Marian Hess, Carl Pallo, Beverly Pfersick, Betty Schoolcraft, Dorothy Stuart, Ann Tate, Geraldine White, Janet Willard. [551FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve” — that is the motto which the Future Farmers of America follow. We are proud to have such a fine organization in our school. For these boys it is not all work and no play. This year they organized a very fine band, which won the support of the school and made many public appearances. The band was not the only new idea instituted this year. At the annual square dance, Eileen Hascltine was honored as “Sweetheart of the Agawam Chapter.” Eileen, a member of the senior class, served as secretary to Mr. Skolnick for the past year. Other activities and projects which these boys undertook besides managing their farms and animals were the annual parent and son banquet, the speaking contest, and cattle and poultry judging at the University of Massachusetts. President ....... Vice-President ... Secretary ....... Treasurer ....... Sentinel ....... Reporter ....... Faculty Advisor .... Gary Hinshaw .... James Reardon .... William Rhodes .... Peter Hallock .... Charles Granger .... Frank Moruzzi Mr. David Skolnick Senior Members: Bruce Dodd, Charles Granger. [ 56 IBIOLOGY CLUB This has been the second year of this newly-organized club. Each member of the club must have taken a course in biology and have shown an interest in it. This organization gives the student an opportunity to further his knowledge in the field of biology which appeals to him most, and gives him an opportunity to get better acquainted with people who have the same interests. The members of the club were divided into five groups, each consisting of six members. Each group chose a special project about which they prepared experiments and speeches to be given at one of the meetings. Among these special projects one was devoted to microscope work. Another was a bio-chemistry meeting which showed the value of certain foods. The botany committee planned a trip to the Flower Show at the Eastern States Exposition. Also there were movies shown to the members concerning many types of insects. And last, but not least, the dissecting of a cat helped the students get acquainted with the internal organs of a mammal. The club finished this year with a greater knowledge of biology, which will be beneficial in later years. President ....................................... James Fogg Vice-President ............................... Barbara Borgatti Secretary ....................................... Joyce Gazar Treasurer .................................. Betty Schoolcraft Advisor .................................. Mr. Paul Langlois Senior Members: Jeffery Atwater, Daniel Barufaldi, Barbara Borgatti, Daniel Brayton. Ellen Claus, Barbara Drzyzga, Catherine Fcrrero, James Fogg, Joyce Gazar, Mary Lynch, Rosemary McMahon, Maureen Murphy. Betty Schoolcraft. Barbara Statkun, Dorothy Stuart, Theodore Twarog, Janet Willard. V [S7JAGAWAM HIGH SCHOOL BAND AND MAJORETTES Howard Crotty, Director Senior Band Members'. Jeffery Atwater, David Casicllo, Robert Hardina, Alan McEwan, Rosemary McMahon, Irving Senesac, Margaret Snow. Senior Majorettes'. Eileen Hascltinc."CROCODILE ISLAND" Senior Members: Jeffery Atwater, Joan Barbicri. Barbara Borgatti, Lillian Brusseau. Lucille Brusseau, Raymond Casella, Ellen Claus, Catherine Crean. Catherine Ferrero, Richard Frisbie, Joyce Gazar, Jean Gravel, Marian Hess, Clement Hobbs, Joan Jasmin. Geraldine Longcy, Mary Lynch, Lois Mcrwin, Rosemary McMahon, Barbara Milliken. Ann Oberheim. Rosemarie Pedulia, Pauline Placido. Anne Scott, Geraldine Simpson, Margaret Snow. Theodore Twarog, Geraldine White, Janet Willard. Director: Miss Mary Hayes.INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB This year, as in the past, the International Relations Club had another successful year. Under the very capable leadership of Miss Ward, their advisor, they planned some extraordinary meetings, having speakers from various places of interest, both home and abroad. One particular speaker came from South Africa; others, from China, Gcnnany, and various states in our country. A fun-packed picnic was planned, to bring to a close their interesting and educational program. President ...................................... Raymond Casella Vice-President .......................................... Jeffery Atwater Secretary ............................................ Ann Tate Treasurer .................................... Richard Fitzgerald Advisor ................................... Miss Marjorie Ward Senior Members: Jeffery Atwater, Beverly Beauchene, Daniel Barufaldi, Raymond Casella, James Fogg, Richard Fitzgerald, Dorothy Stuart, Ann Tate, Theodore Twarog. [60]JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross, under the leadership of Miss Emily McCormick, en- joyed its second year of active work for local and international causes. One of the activities which the club successfully undertook was the filling of Red Cross gift boxes for the needy. The soldiers at Westover Air Force Base were entertained by several of the club members who donated their time and talent. The artistic members of the group undertook the decorating of the audi- torium at Leeds Hospital in Northampton for the dances given in honor of the patients. President ............................... Ann-Sybil Oberheim Vice-President ............................. Loisann Johnson Advisor ............................ Miss Emily McCormick Senior Members: Robert Couture, Esther Didomenicantonio, Joan Jasmin, Loisann Johnson, Ann-Sybil Oberheim, Janet Shields. f 61 ]TRI-HI-Y Our Tri-Hi-Y is one of the oldest and best-organized clubs in the school. Under the fine leadership of Miss Miller, the girls have displayed their purpose “to create, maintain, and extend throughout school, home and community, high standards of Christian living.” This year they had the traditional events that go with Tri-Hi-Y, among which were the covered-dish supper, the Halloween Party, the Christmas Party, and the popular Older Girl’s Conference, which this year was held at Wavcrly, Rhode Island. The girls brought their pleasant moments of the 52-53 season to an end with a very fine Mother-Daughter Banquet, at which new members and officers were installed, and they look forward to an even larger and more active group next year. President .................................. Lucille Ferrarini Vice-President ................................. Janet Willard Secretary .................................... Barbara Borgatti Treasurer .................................... Barbara Statkun Chaplain ..................................... Barbara Drzyzga Advisor ................................. Miss Eleanor MillerPERSONALITY CLUB Under the leadership of Mrs. Sears, this club had a very well-planned program. The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance and the Valentine Dance were both successful. This year’s meetings included speakers from Hawaii, China, and a local dance studio. One speaker from within the club, whom we shall never forget, was Miss Slipscovich (played by Ted Twarog). Senior Members: Jeffery Atwater, Joan Barbieri, Daniel Barufaldi, Beverly Bcauchenc, Marcia Binnenkade, Irene Boissonault. Barbara Borgatti, Joyce Esther Didomenicantonio, Barbara Drzyzga, Lucille Ferrarini, Shirley Ferrarini, Catherine Ferrero, Joyce Gazar, Jean Gravel, Eileen Haseltinc, Marian Hess, Cynthia Hoye, Joan Jasmin, Neil Lawson. Geraldine Longey. Mary Lynch. Alan McEwan, Rosemary McMahon. Lois Merwin, Maureen Murphy. Ann-Sybil Obcrheim. Rose- marie Pedulia, Beverly Pfcrsick, Pauline Placido. Betty Schoolcraft, Janet Shields, Geraldine Simpson, Margaret Snow, Barbara Statkun. Dorothy Stuart, Ann Tate, Theodore Twarog, Geraldine White, Janet Willard. President......................................Marlyn Draghetti Vice President ................................ Barbara Borgatti Secretary ..................................... Donaldinc Roos Treasurer ..................................... Daniel Barufaldi Advisor ....................................... Mrs. Marie SearsBENJAMIN PHELPS CLUB The Benjamin Phelps Club of Future Teachers of America is affiliated with the National Educational Association. The purpose of this club is to develop interest in teaching as a profession and is open to all students in the junior and senior classes. President ..... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer ..... Librarian .... Sponsor ....... .... Nancy Hallock ....... Ann Zucco ....... Mary Pond . Nancy Richardson .... Judith Peterson Miss Eleanor Miller [64]LIBRARY Since our school library was started in 1947, it has shown rapid development. Each year it has greatly increased the number of books until it now has well over three thousand books. There are books for enjoyment, reference material of all types, and popular magazines such as Life, Newsweek, Seventeen and Time. A bulletin board keeps you posted on the new books that come into “your” library. Head Librarian ............................ Ann-Sybil Oberheim Assistant Librarian ..................................... Daniel Barufaldi Advisor .................................. Mrs. Dorothea Nardi Senior Members: Daniel Barufaldi, Barbara Borgatti, Robert Bruno. Richard Hall. Ann-Sybil Oberheim, Rosemary McMahon, Betty Schoolcraft, Margaret Snow, Ann 'Fate. [65]CAMERA CLUB This year the Camera Club has had a very interesting year. Its membership has increased by fifty per cent. Many challenging projects have been carried out under the capable direction of Richard August, who has been president for the past two years. New members have learned the correct technique of developing film. This should prove to be a great help to the members in the future, either as a vocation or as an avocation. Enthusiastic members entered the National Photo Contest, sponsored by the Eastman Kodak Camera Company. President ...................................... Richard August Vice-President ................................. Frances Willard Secretary ......................................... Dorothy Stuart Treasurer ................................... Richard Fitzgerald Advisor ..................................... Mr. Joseph Frcmc Senior Members: Richard August, Jeffery Atwater, Daniel Barufaldi, Daniel Brayton, Robert Couture, Catherine Crean, Richard Fitzgerald, James Fogg, Robert Hardina, Jean Hebert, Neil Lawson, Alan McEwan, Rosemary McMahon. Richard Rainboth, Donald Stahlc, Dorothy Stuart, Bruce Tyler, Janet Willard. f 66 iAGAWAM OPPONENT Hz 167]Kneeling: Sliech, Saracino, Banville. Robert Mcrcadantc, T. O’Keefe, Roland Mercadante, L. Mcrcadantc. Second Row: Coach Smith, J. O’Keefe, Stahle. Hall. Couture. Barufaldi. Hobbs, August, Asst. Coach Lconardi. Third Row: Kunasek, Mitchell, Clampit, Krygowski. LeClerc. P. Cardone. J. Cardone, Molta. Co-Captains. FOOTBALL As the whistle blew, the Brownies were out on the field, fighting to the last crack of the gun. Even though they got off to a slow start this season, after injuries and inexperience, they showed that they could play good ball once they got rolling. Their impressive 47-0 victory over Worcester Classical is an example of this. A lot of credit goes to the boys who kept up their courage despite some close losses. Co-captains Bob Couture and Dan Barufaldi with their spirit and courage bolstered the morale of our team throughout the season. The accurate passing of Dick Hall and the superb blocking of the linemen were also assets to the great team that we had. Even though the boys didn’t come out on top in the lineup of teams, they still rate high in the minds of the fans of Agawam High School. Senior Members: Co-captains—Daniel Barufaldi, Robert Couture: Richard August, Richard Hall, Clement Hobbs, John Morassi, Joseph Sliech, and Donald Stahle.Kneeling: Bruno. Polanzak, Couture. Captain Hall. Brisscttc, O’Keefe, August. Standing: Coach Kistner. Cheney. Cardone. Anderson. LcClcrc, Managers Senesac and Morassi. BASKETBALL TEAM The basketball team this year truly had one of its outstanding years. Coach Kistner did his best with the team. Talented ball handling was displayed by Dick Brisscttc and Bob Couture throughout the season. This year, also, our team was very fortunate in being invited to the Western Massachusetts Small School Basketball Tournament at the University of Massachu- setts. In our first tournament game, Captain Dick Hall led the quintet to a 63-42 decision over highly-rated Arms Academy. In our second game, we were not up to our usual par, thanks to the measles epidemic, and lost the decision despite the excellent ball handling of Bob Bruno, the phenomenal shooting of Jimmy Cheney and the undaunted spirit of Bob August. But even though our boys didn’t come through with a perfect season, we can be sure that they played to the best of their ability and made a great showing of sportsmanship. Our team’s final record of this season was 13 w’ins and 7 defeats. Seniors: Richard Hall, Captain; Robert August; Richard Brissette; Robert Bruno; James Cheney; Robert Couture; Leo Polanzak; Irving Sencsac and John Morassi, Managers. Kneeling: Frenier. McEwan. Hastings, Mcrcadantc. Losito. Standing: O'Keefe. Cardone. Krygowski. Mitchell. Molta, Coach Carbone.First row: Mcrcadante, August, Brisscttc, Fitzgerald, Couture, O’Keefe, Stahlc, Captain Slicch. Second row: Pallo, McEwan, Marsian, Muldrcw, Lawson, Hall, Cardonc, Coach Freme. Third row: Girotti, Morretti, Prcw. BASEBALL “Play ball!” called the umpire as the Brownies ran out on the field; Couture was behind the plate, taking all that the great hurlcr Kunasek could throw. At first base we had LcClcrc; second, Saracino; third, Brissctte; and at shortstop, Captain Slicch. Then in the outfield we had O’Keefe, Cardonc, and Hall, all capable of handling a big bat. After getting off to a slow start, Agawam roared back to unseat South Hadley, the Valley Wheel leaders, by a 7-0 defeat. Under the able coaching of Mr. Freme the team worked hard and came up with a good ball club. Senior Members: Joe Sliech, Robert August, Richard Brissctte, Robert Couture, Richard Hall, Richard Fitzgerald, Neil Lawson, Louis Muldrew, Carl Pallo, Donald Stahlc. i 70 |Sealed: A. Oberheim, E. Didomenicantonio, J. Brissette. E. Haseltine. C. Fcrrero, B. Drzyzga. E. Claus, M. Lynch, A. DiCarlo. Standing: G. Longcy, R. Pedulia, M. Murphy, B. Pforsick. Miss Hastings, Coach; J. Jasmin. M. Hess. B. Statkun. R. McMahon. J. Barbieri. GIRLS’ SPORTS Convinced that skill in sports effects a pleasurable avocation in later years, Miss Hastings spent many after-school hours encouraging the Agawam girls to participate in active and enjoyable extracurricular activities. The girls not only learned the rules of each game but developed a sportsmanlike attitude, thus inspiring every girl before she graduated to share in the friendship and fun that can be found in all sports. ( 72 ]GOLF CLUB Seated: N. Funtos. J. Gazar. E. Claus. M. Lynch, J. Willard. J. Hebert, B. Statkun. President; B. Drzyzga, Secretary-Treasurer; C. Ferrero, E. Didomenicantonio. J. Fogg. Standing: D. Lynde, R. Pedulia. J. Barbieri. L. Muldrew. Miss Hastings, Advisor; M. Hess. R. Fitzgerald, M. Murphy, B. White, N. Lawson. Kneeling: L. Johnson. B. Pfersick. M. Hess. Standing: J. Squazza, A. Oberheim, C. Hoye. c. UP. h"'- M CHEERLEADERSSKI CLUB The Ski Club is not a new organization in our school. However, this year the club was re-organized under the leadership of Mr. Gammic. The club took frequent trips to places such as Big Bromley, Dutch Hill, and Bousquets. President ........................................ Alan McEwan Vice-President ................................. Craig McEwan Secretary ..................................... Marlyn Draghctti Treasurer ...................................... Daniel Brayton Advisor .................................. Mr. Francis Gammic Senior Members: Jeffery Atwater, Richard August, Robert August, Daniel Brayton, Robert Couture, Marlyn Draghctti, Richard Hall, Neil Lawson, Alan McEwan, Betty Schoolcraft, Donald Stahlc, Theodore Twarog. [ 74 ]" Bo b" 4 '-'r, J „JAt, 7 , ,„, tA ° h r CK" .. r - X« 5" u- "r Artt AA. ✓ j ■' jf ■ ■; X . A S . h £ H XsxJha -' xj " £( u yc, -t(% v5 Cta jJc5AutographsBest Wishes From Our School Bank WEST SPRINGFIELD TRUST COMPANY “THE FRIENDLY BANK” ★ Member Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationCompliments of POND BROTHERS, REALTORS Real Estate Sales Mortgages Construction Loans POND BROTHERS INSURANCE AGENCY When In Need of Insurance, Call Us Howard W. Pond Clifford (Cud) D. Pond 719 Main Street Tel: 3-4541 Agawam CenterBOSWORTH STUDIO Official Photographer of the Senior Class The best gift you can give is your photograph Today’s pictures are tomorrow’s keepsakes Telephone 2-2211 1537 Main Street Springfield, Mass.Compliments of Phone 2-8018 Established 1919 Webster's Atlantic Duplex Tire Service Service Station RECAPPING — VULCANIZING GEORGE WEBSTER, JR., Prop NEW TIRES — BATTERIES Telephone 2-6523 798 Main Street Agawam Cor. Main and York Sts. Springfield 5, Mass. Compliments 0 Best Wishes From A Friend Stanley Home Products, Inc. Westfield — Easthampton, Mass. “Originators of thr Famous Stanley Hostess Party Plan"Bon Voyage to the Class of ’53 from American International College Springfield, Massachusetts "Serving the Connecticut River Valley" History: Established 1885. Co-Educational. Enrollment 750. Non-Sectarian. Branches: Bermuda - Dhahran - Saudi Arabia - Azores Recognized or Accredited by: American Council on Education - New England Association of Colleges American Medical Association - United States Office of Education Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York Degrees offered in: Liberal Arts - Elementary Education Business Education - Business Administration (Both day and evening) Also, a two-year program leading to degree of Associate in Commercial Science Many opportunities for part-time employment AIC The College Where “An Individual Counts” Health Accident My very best to each and every member of the Class of ’53 Lester M. Oberheim MONARCH LIFE INSURANCE CO. Phones 6-5651 -6-2787 Life HospitalizationCharles DuBois Hodges Photographer PORTRAITS — BRIDES — GROUPS Inquiries Invited Telephone 2-6550 817 Main Street Agawam Center INVEST IN THE BEST BUY FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES from Roberts' Television and Appliances 147 Elm Street West Springfield Next to Majestic Theatre Bennett School of Secretarial Training “Springfield's Outstanding Business School” Founded 1933 BUSINESS ENGLISH — TYPING — SHORTHAND HUNG — DICTAPHONE — PENMANSHIP ONE YEAR DIPLOMA COURSE in Secretarial Science. Co-educational — Day and Evening Classes. Also 6-12-24-36 Week Courses. Re- fresher — Beginners — Advanced Students. Effective Placement Service "SUMMER SCHOOL" 6-WEEK COURSE ... $60 Starts June 2 — July 7 — August 4 1200 Main Street 3-7813 Elm Hardware Co. THOMAS M. O'CONNELL, Prop. Telephone 6-3758 201 Elm Street West Springfield, Mass.Gesi liJish es throughout the tears From the Societies of SACRED HEART CHURCH Feeding Hills. Massachusetts ★ HOLY NAME SOCIETY ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY CATHOLIC YOUTH ORGANIZATION KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR SOCIETY OUR LADY OF FATIMA SODALITY SACRED HEART A C. SENIOR CHOIR CHILDREN'S CHOIRFarnsworth Coal Oil Co. Sweet's Pharmacy, Inc. Coal — Connecticut Coke Mobilheat Fuel Oil Silent Glow Oil Burners SALES and SERVICE Tel. 7-8881 Tel. 6-6377 140 Elm Street West Springfield 884 Union Street West Springfield, Mass. William's Pharmacy De Palma Motor Sales Co. HUDSON ★ SALES —SERVICE Genuine Parts 182 Elm Street 2-1007 PERSONALLY INDORSED USED CARS Expert Lubrication — General Repairing 677 Westfield Street 3-4017 Wheel Aligning and Balancing Radiator Pressure Purging — Steam Clean West Springfield Tel. Springfield 3-7889 71 Garden St., Feeding Hills Agawam, MassCompliments of A FriendMILLIE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE JEEPS JEEPS JEEPS STANDARD WILLY SALES, Inc. Where you find the most Beautiful and Economical American Cars 568 Main Street Tel. 3-2312 Compliments of DEL'S VARIETY STORE 50 Walnut Street North Agawam, Mass. Compliments of SQUAZZA'S SERVICE STATION 1443 Main Street Agawam. Mass. M. MEADOWS Jewelers “The Home of Diamond Values” 2-8758 1616 Main Street Springfield, Mass. Tel. 7-9311 62 Kensington Street Feeding Hills. Mass Compliments of JOHNNIE’S DRIVE IN Specializing in Sea Foods Chicken in the Basket — Grinders Cor. Springfield and Moreland St., Feeding Hills Formerly Steve's Grill Compliments of DIESEL PETE U. S. Army GO BY TRAILWAYS WEIDENMILLER MA0OVERN CO. "We Service What We Sell” Chain Saws - Power Mowers - Garden Tractors Springfield, Mass. Wethersfield, Conn. Tel. 3-6638 Htfd. 9-2592Compliments of MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH P. NORMANCompliments of Cook Builders' Supply Co. C. E. Smith Drug Store ROBERT G. BLACKIE, Reg. Pharmacist Dealer in Mason's Supplies and Building Materials Phone 2-1512 — 4-9783 Telephone 2-3193 850 Memorial Avenue West Springfield, Mass 90 Front Street West Springfield, Mass. Jasmin's Market Gallano MEATS and GROCERIES FRESH MILK-FED POULTRY PAINT and HARDWARE • • • Tel. 3-8158 Walnut Street N. AgawamCompliments o 9( arren 5. %»} ’Barker Chemical Co. INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS ★--- Est. 1909 Fairbanks Auto School Oldest Auto School in New England West Springfield. Mass Tel. 3-0458 20 Dwight Street Springfield, Mass. Speed Hegeman INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE Serving West Springfield and Agawam RANGE and FUEL OIL DELIVERIES Ledger Bros. Garage GENERAL REPAIRING and ROAD SERVICE Tel. 7-2604 54 Elm Street West Springfield Tel. 2-7502 830 Springfield Street Feeding Hill, MassYou Can't Make a Mistake ON ANY PURCHASE YOU MAKE — AT A P! ★ This is more than a promise —it's a guarantee that you'll never risk a penny on any item you buy at A P. At A P the sale is never completed until you're com- pletely satisfied. The sale must measure up to your every expectation — or, A P will promptly refund your money . . . no questions asked. You can't make a mistake on any purchase you make at— A P SUPER MARKET ★ The Agawam Public Market N. and J. CARDONE, Proprietors --------★--- Alfred M. Grasso TRUCKING and TRACTOR WORK BULLDOZING and EXCAVATING LOAM - CINDERS and FILL 1039 Memorial Ave. West Springfield Tel. 9-9624 Agawam Lumber Co. Cabinets — Hardware — Fixtures Lumber — Planing — Paint SANDER FOR HIRE 1804 Main St. Agawam, Mass. Fashion Art School Springfield, Massachusetts 6 WEEKS' SUMMER COURSE July 14 to August 22, 1952 COURSES in Drawing and Painting Fashion Designing and Illustration Interior Decorating — Textile Designing Contact the Fashion Art School, 1694 Main Street Drop in July 14 — from 9 to 11, or from 1 to 2 or Telephone 6-6833 KATHERINE FEIGE, DirectorCompliments of G. A. Armstrong Heating and Air Conditioning Servil Room Conditioners 22 Cleveland Street Tel. 7-0338 DiCarlo Sons Landscaping Tel. 6-4251 515 MEADOW STREET AGAWAMPhones: Bus. 2-3129 - 2-3120 Residence 3-4231 Rogers Heating T. J. Murray Engineering Co. SPECIALIZING IN HARD CHROME PLATING Chrome - Nickel - Cadmium - Zinc and Silver Plating Antique Finishes - Polishing - Buffing Rapid Delivery — Work Guaranteed Production and Job Work Salt Spray Testing — Anodizing on Aluminum YOUR IRON FIREMAN DEALER 24 Hour Service "We Sell the Best and Service the Rest” Tel. 7-6879 964 Main Street West Springfield, Mass. 709 Main St. West Springfield, Mass. Compliments of Count' y Store Carol Jane Shoppe Deliveries Throughout the Week • • • 291 Springfield Street North AgawamCompliments of Southworth Company ★ Barufaldi Hardware Store Houseware — Paints — Toys Ranges — Oil Burners — Gas Units “We Sell the Best and Service the Rest” S. H. Green Stamps Tel. 7-0170 764 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass.Di Donato Sales and Service FERGUSPN SYSTEM Tei. 2-7094 300 Springfield Street North Agawam, Mass Nino J. Mencarelli OPTICIAN — JEWELER Phone 2-2067 54 Vernon Street Springfield, Mass West Side Auto Body ALEX GUIEL, Prop Everything in the Auto Body Line High Grade Painting Is Our Specialty Cor. Main and Mulberry Streets Phone 3-8844 Congratulations — Class of 1953 Ted Keyes Atlantic Service Station West Springfield, Mass. 679 Main cor. Saratoga St. SpringfieldCompliments of Zielinski Bros. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Telephone 7-3113 Agawam, Massachusetts Trailways Serves the Nation at Scenery Levels With Nation-Wide Bus Service Telephone 7-3531Compliments of Compliments of Mercolino Settembro William Caron Bakery Company ITALIAN and FRENCH BREAD Wholesale and Retail Television Service Installations Repairs —■ All Makes Tel. 3-9595 1294 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass. Phone: 2-9788 764 Springfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of Midtown Recreation Dave's Filling Station Bowling Alleys 758 Union Street Tel. 4-9729 West Springfield, Mass. 2 Orange Street Springfield, Mass.Compliments of Keefe Florist • • • 266 Walnut Street North Agawam, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 X Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge ---★--- 505-509 Sumner Avenue Springfield, MassachusettsWEST SIDE SHADE AND BLIND CO. Tel. 9-9673 11 Central Street West Springfield Compliments of RAY GAGNE'S SERVICE STATION SHELL PRODUCTS 260 Columbus Avenue Springfield, Mass. Compliments of BAY STATE FILM HALLADAYS TURKEYS FOR THE HOLIDAYS Phone 4-4277 PRODUCTIONS, Inc. GILES W. HALLADAY 328 North Westfield Street Feeding Hills Compliments o STELLA'S RESTAURANT Compliments of TISDEL'S BARBER SHOP Agawam Center D. FINI AND SONS MARKET GARDEN MIKE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Rebuild - Specialize in Arch Supporters - Full Soles Shoes Made for the Crippled New Shoes Tel. 6-7830 South Westfield Street Feeding Hills FUNERAL SERVICE, 2)ickinson,"Streeter Co. SPRINGFIELD BRATTLEBORO GEORGE W. STREETER PRESIOENT AND TREASURER Adams Nursery, Inc. Visit Our New Nursery-Mart Beautify Your Home With Freshly Dug Nursery Stock Westlield Street Westfield, Mass. Everything for the Builder Compliments of Lucia Lumber Co. Curran - Jones Windows — Doors Oak Flooring — Inside Trim Framing Lumber — Roofing Material Insulating Material Native and Western Lumber Funeral Home ★ Agawam, Mass. WEST SPRINGFIELDIn Memory of BENJAMIN J. PHELPS AGAWAM PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE HOSPITAL SUPPLIES Free Delivery Tel. 2-9753 THE CELESTE BALBONI BAKERY Since 1912 Makers of Fine Italian Bread Tel. 6-3219 25 King Street North Agawam Compliments of WIELAND'S MARKET 746 Springfield Street Feeding Hills. Mass. Compliments of A FRIEND SCHERPA'S BARBER SHOP 20 Years on the Same Corner CHARLES SCHERPA, Prop. 88 Maple Street North Agawam Compliments of CHAT LUNCHEONETTE O'BRIEN'S CORNER NORTH AGAWAM QUALITY SINCE 1898 TRUE BROTHERS, Inc. Jeweler 1390 Main St.Houghton Motor Sales, Inc. Compliments of Blue Bird Palace CHEVROLET SALES — SERVICE USED CARS and TRUCKS PETER FRAMGEIA, Prop. DINE AND DANCING Tel. 3-5352 Tel. 4-4907 Feeding Hills, Mass. Springfield Street Feeding Hills John Clo's Super Market, Inc. MEATS Brown's GROCERIES VEGETABLES Free Delivery Service Telephone 7-2613 886-888 Main Street West Springfield, Mass. Tel. 4-9417 Main Street at River Road Agawam, MassachusettsProperty Management • Appraiser Harold G. Benson Real Estate • Mortgages and Son Ramah Realty Co., Inc. LICENSED ELECTRICIAN Tel. 2-5559 Electric Water Haters 314-320 Cooper Street Tel. 2-6765 Agawam, Massachusetts 27 Center Street Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of American House Triangle Spa Hotel A. A. ALVES JOSEPH STATKUN, Manager Corner of Suffield and Cooper StreetCompliments of Calabrese Construction Co. CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS • • • Tel. 7-3924 475 Suffield Street Compliments of Springfield Toro Company LAWN and GARDEN EQUIPMENT 33 River Road, Agawam Call 2-6448Compliments of DeRosa Fullam Co. GLADIOLUS and DAHLIAS Cut Flowers in Season Bulbs and Roots for Sale REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 203 School Street Agawam. Mass Compliments of Frederick's Jewelers Teagan Motors GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATE STERLING SILVER 510 Memorial Avenue West Springfield 1563 Main Street Springfield. Mass.Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Simon J. Ramah ---★ Springfield Ice Fuel Co. “It Pleases Us to Please You” Processed Ice — Locker Storage Heating Oil — Cooking and Heating Appliances Tel. 2-5173 225 Hickory Street Springfield, Mass.Franklin Cleaners and Dyers Moore's Express FAST PACKAGE DELIVERIES FUR STORAGE LIGHT and HEAVY HAULING Telephone 6-5449 — 6-5440 ★— • Plant and Office on Premises 281 Mill Street Springfield 396 Main Street Tel. 4-7405 Independent Fence Richard's and Iron Works, Inc. Dry Cleaning Service Tel. 6-0552 George R. Robinson, Mgr. PICK-UP and DELIVERY 5-DAY SERVICE FUR STORAGE Tel. 6-6820 295 Columbus Avenue Residence, 1049 River Road, Agawam 707 Main St. Agawam, Mass. 766 Springfield St. Feeding HillsIt's Smart to Save! West Springfield Branch Westfield Savings Bank Associated Engineers, Inc. Bowles-Agawam Airport Agawam, Mass. • • “A Complete Service to Industry” Branches in Boston, Worcester, Albany and Cincinnati Consulting — Production Management Engineering Product Design and Styling — Tool and Machine Design Drafting — Tool and Machine Building Contract ManufacturingFeeding Hills Fiori Liquori Sons Pharmacy EXCAVATING and GENERAL TRUCKING JOHN L. PRANULIS. Reg. Ph. • • • Tel. 4-0578 Call 7-9594 1355 Springfield St. Agawam, Mass. 502 Cooper Street Agawam Calabrese Son Compliments of Market Friendly Service GROCERIES and MEATS Station Delivery ALBA P. HANKS, Proprietor Phone 9-2798 402 Cooper Street Agawam 1718 Memorial Avenue Tel. 6-9713Construction Service, Inc. 999 Page Boulevard Springfield, Massachusetts READY MIX CONCRETE — SAND and GRAVEL Springfield 3-6631 Affiliated Plants: Worcester and North Grafton, Mass., Manchester, N. H. P B Engraving Co. PHOTO-ENGRAVERS • FAST PRODUCTION • FINE REPRODUCTION 1618 Main Street Springfield, Mass Feeding Hills ENJOY LIFE Public Market EAT T. Marieb, Prop. GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS, MEATS Sweet Life FLOUR and GRAIN 634 Springfield St Feeding Hills, Mass Quality Foods Little Raceland Compliments of A BOCCASILE, Prop. Old Agawam Cafe FULL COURSE DINNERS • • • CATERING TO BANQUETS S WEDDINGS DINING and DANCING Telephone 2-4283 EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Silver Street Agawam, Mass. Light's Service Solitario Turkey Farm Station ★ Corner Springfield and Westfield Streets Telephone 7-1139 Feeding Hills 578 North Westfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of Hampden Beef Co. Federal Hill Club 203 Liberty Street Springfield, Massachusetts Agawam, MassCompliments of Compliments of BONTEMPO HAIR STYLISTS LOU’S GENERAL STORE Main Street 311 Southwick Street Agawam Feeding Hills, Mass SARAT MOTOR SALES CO. SALES — FORD — SERVICE Compliments of PASSENGER CARS and TRUCKS USED CARS Tel. Springfield 3-3902 SHERPA’S SERVICE STATION Open Evenings Till 9:00 P.M. O'Brien's Corner North Agawam ELM BARBER SHOP Compliments of 242 Elm Street BOSTON SEA FOODS, Inc. West Springfield, Mass. 982 Main St., City Compliments of PAULINE'S BEAUTY SALON BERT’S VARIETY Specializing in LUNCHEONETTE PERMANENTS and HAIR STYUNG 760 Springfield Street Telephone 3-4982 Feeding Hills, Mass. 208 Maple Street North Agawam, Mass.Congratulations — Class of 1953 G S Market G. GANDINI — TOM COLLI, Props. Boyer's Garage Tel. 4-8744 31 Bridge Street North Agawam Northeastern A. J. Letendre Airmotive Corp. "EDDIE" Since 1941 Agawam - Springfield Sea Plane Base BUILDING CONTRACTOR The quickest way to New York City and other Points, the Islands and the Ckrpe CHARTER FLIGHTS — INSTRUCTION • • • AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE HUNTING and FISHING TRIPS Call Springfield 6-9313 1000 River Road, Agawam Phone 3-0111 111 Letendre Street WALTER J. O'CONNOR, Prop. Feeding Hills, Mass.Compliments of Le+ourneau Youngs Byron's Funeral Home “Agawam’s Television Center SALES — SERVICE — INSTALLATION BENDIX — SYLVANIA Compliments of LENNY LETOURNEAU AL YOUNGS Pioneer Dairy Co. MILK - CREAM and ICE CREAM Phone South wick 216 — Ring 2 Springfield Street Southwick, Mass. Compliments of A FriendChriscola's Farm Equipment INTERNATIONAL TRACTORS and FARM IMPLEMENTS HOME FREEZERS and REFRIGERATORS PARTS and SERVICE Telephone 2-9432 Suffield Street Agawam, Mass. F. W. Hemsworth WHOLESALE MEATS Telephone 7-2598 — 9-3583 385 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass. Never a Bum Steer if You Buy Your Meat From FREDDY HEMSWORTHNEW RAY'S GRINDERS and CHIPS R. Santinello Compliments of Roberts Delivery River Road Agawam, Massachusetts Compliments of C. K. Taylor Service BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 53Clark Jones WHOLESALE MEATS TELEPHONE 9-6403 and 7-2598 385 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass. TRY YOUR LOCAL WHOLESALER FOR TOP GRADE MEATS AND SERVICE Compliments of Fiberwood Containers, Inc. • • • 490 Westfield Street Feeding Hills, Mass.Compliments of Hegeman's Market Cascio's Nursery Mart Edward W. Talmadge • • • GROCERIES - MEATS — FRESH VEGETABLES WE DELIVER 262 Meadow Street Agawam, Mass. 90 Front Street West Springfield, Mass. R. D. Toomey James Morrison Florist Funeral Home FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Established Over 70 Years CORSAGES A SPECIALTY MARTIN W. MALONEY, Funeral Director ★ Telephone 2-2278 1065 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass. Agawam Tel. 6-0479Strathmore Paper Company West Springfield, Massachusetts ----★----- Manufacturers of Bond, Writing, Book, Text and Cover Papers. Artist Papers and Boards. Blue Print Base Stock. Wedding Papers and Bristols. Greetings Card and Specialty Papers. PAPER IS PART OF THE PICTURE CSmSME KJOtaCSSJlWSo Builders of Special Machinery • Contract Machine Work A GOOD PLACE TO WORK Congratulations to the Class of 1953 from Compliments of Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Capuano, Inc. Company 1250 State Street Springfield, Massachusetts Sincere Congratulations and Much Success Compliments of to Class of ’53 John A. MacPherson Upholstering and New Furniture St. Anthony's Parish For those who prefer quality craftsmanship and destinctive fabrics • • • Call 3-7981 Open evenings from 5 to 9 416 Springfield Street North AgawamJames F. Fenton ATHLETIC SUPPLIES FOR AGAWAM Tel. 2-6700 219 Dwight Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of A FriendNew England Printing Co , Inc Rear 20 Arnold St. Westfield, Mass.“If It's Worth Printing at All, IPs Worth Printing Right” Cc he Pond-Ek eig Co l Printers i VSpringfield Massachusetts Telephone 4-2187 State and Andrew Streets Springfield, Massachusetts Compliments of A FriendCompliments of Compliments of Armory Lehigh Fuels, Incorporated Friendly Ice Cream Stores ★ 715 Albany Street Springfield 1261 Westfield Street West Springfield, Mass. Jones Variety Store Refer Your Range and Fuel Oil Requirements to "A Little of Everything" Bill Christian Fuel Oil Service HALLMARK CARDS Telephone 4-9843 Phone 3-3592 251 Elm Street West Springfield, Mass. 71 Cooley Street North Agawam, Mass.Compliments of PERKINS MACHINE AND GEAR CO. CIRCUIT AVENUE WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS The Name "Balfour" Stands for the Finest in Class Rings, Commencement Announcements, Club Pins, Diplomas, Medals £ Trophies L G. Balfour Company GRON P. LLOYD Box 144 Canaan, ConnecticutCompliments of GENTON CLOTHES Compliments of LONG HILL SERVICE STATION SOCONY PRODUCTS Telephone 6-9668 Columbus and Long Hill Streets Springfield, Mass. DOC'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of and Fishing Tackle MR. AND MRS. ROY LENVILLE O'Brien's Corner North Agawam Best wishes to the Class of ’53 Joe Marieb's MR. and MRS. JAMES A. O'KEEFE Home Appliance Compliments of Joseph Marieb, Prop. RADIOS — TELEVISION NORGE APPLIANCES DOMIT J. SHAER Quality Fruits and Vegetables Tel. 4-2659 634 Springfield Street Feeding HillsThe National Library Bindery Co. SPECIALISTS IN LIBRARY BINDING ★ 271 Park Street West Springfield Compliments of the DUnjilDUflHS CUlilPlIDY 5 Alh«mb«« Circle Wholeule Diflributor A wrm, Mm • AUTOMOTIVC • H. A. Tetreault, Owner Telephone 6-3084 Motor Parts Service Co. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AT WHOLESALE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE LOUIS J. FASOLI 157 Main Street Holyoke, Mass. Res. 12 Reed Street Agawam Bus. Phone Hoi. 2-3261 — Res. Springfield 2-3450Tinti's Restaurant Tel. 2-5830 Compliments of Eddie's Market 22 King Street North Agawam Twin Brook Dairy Farms B. BONOMI SONS Producers of Ouality Dairy Products Homogenized "Vit. D" 1383 Suffield Street Tel. 4-6110 Agawam, Massachusetts FINE GROCERIES Operated by HERMAN A. MUTTI Telephone 2-2941 600 King's Highway West Springfield Atwater Nurseries NURSERYMEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Evergreens and Ornamental Trees ROSES — HEDGING — SHRUBS FRUIT TREES and SMALL FRUITS Specialists in Hybrid Blueberries Scotts Lawn Seed — Turf Builder Pest Control — Agrico Garden Fertilizer Peat Moss Phone 4-1651 368 South Street Agawam, Mass.Compliments of Frank G. Prew Electrical Contractor 7-8282 Federal Hill Agawam Compliments of M. Scafidi Co., Inc. ★ Beauty Brand Tomatoes“The cheapest thing in the world Li— It doesn’t cost anything to br nice to people.” Compliments of Shady Side Farm Compliments of Fresh Farm Produce De Forge's — Motor Service 639 River Road Agawam Congamond Cleaners Waniewski Turkey Farm “Your Clothes’ Best Friend” Improved Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys Turkeys Sold All Year Around 2 DAY SERVICE COMMUNITY QUICK FREEZE LOCKER PLANT Quick Freeze Lockers for Rent Southwick Center, Mass. 764 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills 306 South Westfield St. Feeding Hills, Mass. Springfield 4-6116 Tel. Thompsonville 3411Compliments o 1 MAURICE CASEY, Inc. Established 1896 Wholesale and Retail MILK, CREAM and ICE CREAM Telephone 997 19 Dubois St. Westfield, Massachusetts Congratulations and Felicitations to AGAWAM HIGH — CLASS OF 1953 St. John the Evangelist Parish Rev. John P. ShannonCompliments of Joel E. Stuart Hardy Products Complete Radio and Television Service — Telephone 3-0555 Agawam, Mass. 46 Washington Avenue Agawam, Mass. Compliments of Hawthorne Corner Package Store SPARTAN — SYLVANIA - ADMIRAL lames M. Moran ZENITH — ANDREA RADIO and TELEVISION Television Demonstration at Your Door in Our Specially Equipped Truck O'Brien Comer North Agawam 6 Southwick Street Feeding Hills, Mass.Compliments of A FriendBentley Simon, Inc. Manufacturers of CHOIR GOWNS — PULPIT ROBES CAPS — GOWNS — HOODS for All Degrees Outfitters to over 3000 Schools, Colleges, Churches 7 West 36th Street NEW YORK 18. NEW YORK Compliments of Vanguard Corporation Chicopee, Massachusetts Bayside Hosiery Mills Retail Store — at O'Briens Corner — North Agawam, Mass. Save 33% on all kinds of socks for men; dress socks, athletic socks, ankle socks, sheer and semi-sheer hosiery, anklet socks for women. 100% nylon slips and underwear at a 25 % saving. Open daily 9:30 A M. to 5:00 P.M. 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Suggestions in the Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) collection:

Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Agawam High School - Sachem Yearbook (Agawam, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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