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XY 'Jay 0 'W xx HI PGINT Q Maj 1 1940 pJb'i Frm r studp fs w A ar H1 r Qvkorl Agar, oJt Sf L X A ,r f rf ff A f V X X 1 K X 5' X V f f rf I 'x L 5 F N F Y XX m P I A ,Q xx M Q 'w mls + R .-:af .-: ,Q-. k :iI M 5 w '7 'Q the -nk, .f 'Q L'gH ',1 , J. 31 Ulst- fxf N X' -.X zz: .1 T ECE- T5mmm Q 'TP ..4..... J CWC C 4! L, X N- ! -1 X K f g . 1 A L---M' v Q'--41'-A 4 Eggfif-5 wif -:f i 7 A AH T 'Q'ifi'?'L5 ?ff.P3'A 2- l1., 4 f 1.1, 5 f'?,,' 'F VX K, '- ' , f f N,, 'i'.i ig A Q flax f -,I H , all .. 'MN fs'1': .Q ,df if-A K ' fied V' 4 ' Q ff 'H CS, C' 4 P 9.1 ' Q kj, f , , ml- TW' ,' 'Lf X'--J 5 igi. F1 ,, f LJ I 17 fn' f y- V' J. ... . .. wh ' Af A . . . vw. ' I, ,nf - ,.,. 1 . ' 1 v Y . 4 . FACULTY Supt A A Thompson D State College, f Freshmen Soonsor Basxetball Algebra Typlng M155 Puth Graeber Envllsh U Ol f1DH Luther College, A JUHIOT Sponsor Senlor S,cnsor 500181 Cclence Booxr e lng J ara fUFl1S1 3 Nr Rayrond Koupal S D state Po 1pgp,B S Sophomore upon or Agrlculture Soclal SClPnC6 Fenerql Qc erce ,, 'V I ' 'l If QU ,X f , wr X 1 A v .1 , I' ', 1 o 9, A 4 -' , n ft' l' rl' I ' I 7 A . 4 , 1 -.q-asn-uuv-s-- A Q O 0 lg , h Superintendent t Agriculture S. . B.S. i . . J l -J, . U. o S. D., M. A. ' ' J L , A S I , y A1 n n V- . . 1 I! le f 1. 6 iii - l i ln . L I O . I 4 11. I -, E. . . U, 1. .L xx .1 , '1e,n' 'r l tics ff 'F f............. ,x fjffi W H fkxjj, Q... 1 N f'X X ' I f,- Ly I I ff --- -- fy ---if -,-Lg-M J-- ff ,,,,,,,,,,,, X x f ' ' A' 5 ,. . N 1 Q ' ff f .: ' 'x Q . f ' ' ' g 4 Q sf Q Q 4 f f L JJL .xqon SQMV1' -' X! f ll, ll ii fif'fI ,1 Ay xg gg Hr 'Q C. 2? fgvlf' 'ff-W. - , ,Aww 'y--'fx ' A, J ' Fig , yr ' 4' 4' 'i . , ,v. I ' Y ' I ffl- f 1' JI I V A i fl ,lg ,i,I 4, N., . ... ,W 1 1 i ' In hx, ,- j , . I' V 1 5 A -.'f f f'1x y., rp 4 mx- f f lyo olpl 1' -1- ' If ' ..................ff 5, if b ,X hi, , 1 v If Eusne I I I I I I I I I Glee Club '36-'37g Glee Club and Annual Staff '371'385Junior Play '38 393 Annual Staff and Senior Play '39-'40, 'Diligence is the moth- er of good luck.W Doaofuv CARR Junior Play and One Act Play '38-'393Glee Club, and Annual Staff '39- 'AO. Senior UYou needn't Play 'LO. be rich to be happy, You needn't be famous to smile.n 5 VqE5TPHRL ' Basketball '36-'373Bas- ketball, Annual Staff, and Senior Play'39-'LO. WSloth, like rust, con- sumes much faster than labor wearsg while the used key is bright.W Annual Staff, and Vlce 6 Annual Staff and Junior Play '38-'39: Senior Play '39-'LO. NThe crafty men condemn studies,simple men ad. mire them, and wise men use them.n Glee Club '36 '37,cand, Glee Club '36 '37,Fand Glee Club,and Orchestra Orchestra, SBFIOP Play, , Annual Staff,Glee Club, Band, Glee Club,and One - and Junlor Play'37 '38, Act Play '38 '39,Sen1or One Act PlaJ,Glee Club, Junlor Pla Pand Sen 1CP Play, and Annual Staff '38 '39 Senlor P1ay,Student Lody Pres 1dent,and Annual Staff 13910 defect,every dolcct an NTO be great 19 to be Cavfxuauen J CARQL LOMHHM Oavule Glee Club '36-'37, Band and Glee Club '37-'38, Band, One Act Play, and President of Class '38- '39g Band and Annual Staff '39-'40, WThere is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conclusion that envy is ignorance.U ELLA Ox.soN Glee Club '36-'373 Glee Club, Declamatory Con- test, Vice President of Class, and Junior Play '37-'385 Glee Club, One Act Play, Orchestra,De- clamatory Contest,Band, Junior Play, and Cheer- leader '38-'39, Cheer- leader,Declamatory Con- test, Glee Club, and Band '39-'LO. WNothing can bring you peace but yourself.n 7 ICAC!-um ll Vice President of Class '36-'375 Glee Club,Sen- ior Play, and President of Class '37-'38, Glee Club, One Act Play, and Secretary and Treasurer of Class '38-'39, Pres- ident of Class, Glee Club, and Annual Staff '39-'LO- NThere will be sleeping enough in the grave.N CLASS HISTORY On September 4, 1937, twelve bashful freshmen sat on the north side of the assembly on the first day of school They were Elle Olson, Carol Lomheim, Eugene Westphal, Helen Westpha1,Vivian Crosby, Levi McC1endon, Orville Vagner,Ela1ne Asmussen, Dorthy Joachim, Dor othy Carr, Geralv Cavanaugh, and Elsie Cavanaugh In the spring of the year, the fre hmen were joined by George Barr who formerly went to Gettysburg Hla School Helen Westphal moved with her folks to Oregon during the year The freshmen class was quite active in glee club and orchestra Vivian Crosby was elected president of the class and Dorthy Joachim , vice president Mr Thompson was class sponsor At the beginn1ng of the sophomore year,there were eleven in the class Eugene Westphal had not come back, but he attended a junior high school near his home Dorthy Joachim was elected class presi dent and Ella Olson, vice presldent, Mr Dalke was chosen as class sponsor The sophomore class vas again active in school activities All but two of the members of the class Joined glee club Vivian Crosby was in both Junior and senior class plays, Ella Olson was in the senior play, and Dorthy Joachim was in the junior play Ella and Vivian also took part in the declamatory contest Joyce Millar Joined the class at the beginning of the third year Orville Wagner was elected president and George Barr vice president The class sponsor was Miss Graeber The class presented ber 17 The Junlora won fnrst place The junlor class gave its three act play,UMother Mlnen Aprll 14 Mlss Graeber was director of the play, and, under her dlP8Ct1OH,lt turned out to be a great sue cess Kenneth Bandy played the part of the leading boy very well Vivian Crosby won the hearts of young and old by playing the part of the sweet old lady, NMother Mlnen The money from this play was used for the Junlor Senlor Banquet held May 13 in the high school gymnas ium Levi McC1erdon moved with h1s folks to Miller, South Dakota,on March 1, 1939 Elaine Asmussen did not come back to finish the last year with the rest of the SCHIOTS of Agar High School She attended school al Martin, South Dakota Eugene Westphal once more Joined the merry throng, and George Barr dropped from the class Dorthy Joachim was elected presldent of the senior class and Carol L0mh61m, Vice presi dent The Junior class gave a banquet ln honor of the seniors on April 13 The gymnasium was very attractively decorated as a ship The senior play,VProfessor, How Could You'Vwas given on May 10 The examinatlons over the four years were taken by the seniors May 9 and 10. On May 12, the Baccalaureate Services were held. The nine seniors received their diplomas at the Commencement Exercises on May 8 'ElmerW as its play in the play contest between the classes on Octo- 16 ' CLASS WILL We, the senior class of Agar H1gh Sohool,do hereby make our last will and testament as follows I, Dorothy Ann Carr, will my South Dakota history knowledge to Eileen Merrltt, who will be needlng lt ln few years, my smile to Ralph Hanson,and my boots to Ralph Palmer,p JVld1Hg he can wear them I, Gerald James Cavanaugh, w11l my basl tball playlng ab1l1ty to Sherman Rausch,who w1ll need lt to keep fro beatlng Onida too bad in 1942 I w1ll my report card to Blll Shrlever for the next two years I,V1vian Maxlne Crosby,w1ll my beautlful blue eyes and t1ny,l1ly whlte hands to Shlrley Seward, she wlll now promise not to wlnk at Warren too often I w1ll my typ1ng ab1l1ty to Alice Cavanaugh, pro v1d1ng she wlll type letters deallng strlctly wlth buslness alone I, Carol Loulse Lomhelm w1ll my slttlng stlll ablllty to Harry Cass and B111 Shrlever and my offlce Job to Paullne Hanson I wlll my S129 to Morrls Bardf I, Dorthy Amella Joachlm, wlll my cough drops to Eloise Bos, my helght to Jesse Rausch,and m, sunny d1spos1t1on in SOCl010gy class to Mr Koupal, who 13 Fadly ln need of lt my halr to Morrls Bandy, and my Job as a cheer leader to Delores Har r1s Orvllle A hagner, w1ll my wavy, black hair to Hazel Flood,my argulng ablllty to Bruce Shrlever for h1s future soclology class, and my mlddle name to anyone who may care for lt I, Eugene Rlchard Westphal, wlll my mu cle to Elolse Eos,my dlm Dles to Fern Joyce Todd,snd my basket b ll aylne abnllty to h m who lS man enough to take lt I, Elsle Merle Cavanaugh,v1ll my D A R certlflcate to Zona Sew ard for the comlng year, my prlmary room superv1sor's job to Robert Mlkkelsen, and my locket to a yore vuo U flnd lt We, the senlor class, Wlll our Engllsh III notebooks to M1ssGr or whom me have appolnted admlnlstrator of th1S wlll The Senior Class 9 I . . . . L . , ,K . . . . 5? . . . . . - . . I . . . l Q., . . , .LJ 3 . . X .,. . V . . . . I, Ella Marie Olson, will my speaking ability to Vernon Brandt, I, ' . U ' ' Q . . A 3 . I . - . , , 9 ,DWL ' . ,J . D ' li. J. 0 u 4 . . ' ' J , 2' .V JI Lay ' ' . . . , . . an ,NA Y Y . . . . . o. , - . CLASS PROPHECY WHello everybody' We have with us here at this time a man who has seen into the future and erected the locals for a paper ten years from today I hear it has somethlng to do wlth our Seniors Prophecy, step right up to the microphone Listen folks lf you would like to hear the dolngs of the present seniors ten years from today W NMiss Dorothy Carr, teacher of the fifth and sixth grades in the small town of Gettysburg,is spend1ng the week end with her fr1end Ei leen Merritt of Agar Miss Carr tells us she likes Gettysburg for two reasons Teachlng 18 one, what 1S the other? WMr Gerald Cavanaugh, head mechanlc of a garage in Minneapolis, drove down to see a dlstant relatlve near Spring Valley, Mlnnesota on Sunday of last week He found his n1nety year old great uncle in the best of health 'Miss Vlvian Cro by, day nurse at the Methodist Hospital near Mltchell, South Dakota, spent Sunday with her friends and relatlves in Onlda Although nurslng is hard work, and the working hours are long, Vivian engoys carlng for the sick WMiss Dorthy Joachlm, owner of Dorthy's Beauty Shoppe in Rapid City, spent Saturday nlght at the Schultz home near Agar She was on her way to Delmont, South Dakota, to v1s1t her relatives there WMISS Carol Lomhelm, the famous author of nPO1S6, and How To Ac quire Itu, left her home 1n Agar by traln Wednesday to give a demon stration on grace and beauty 1n New York Clty Frlday afternoon She w1ll return home on Monday of next week WMiss Ella Olson, the famous woman orator of South Dakota, wlll speak at l OO P M ln the Onlda audltorlum on Thursday of thls week especlally lnterestlng to a number of g1rls of Agar WMr Eugene Westphal, the basketball coach at P1erre, South Dak ota,was up to Agar on Tuesday of this week to see how the H1 Polnters were playlng th1s year He went home feellng rather downcast about the Pierre vs Agar game on Wednesday of the comlng week NMr Orvllle Wagner,teacher of muslc lh Agar Hlgh School,has 1n v1ted everyone to a muslcal program to be given in the gymnasium on ednesday of tb1S week Orv1lle and hls mUS1C18DS have all been very busy lately practlclng for the event nMlSS Elsle Cavanaugh, primary teacher at Agar,South Dakota,left last Friday for Mltchell, South Dakota, where she vlsited her slster who 15 employed at that place Mlss Cavanaugh returned here on Sun day to resume her teachlng Monday mornlng nTh1S lS the end of the locals deallng with the 1940 S6n1OFS Watch for these locals everyone You'll see them about ten years from today At th1S time next year, I well be here to read the future loc als for the jUh1OFS of today U 10 O ' ' U Mrs The name of her topic is UChoosing a Wife for a Maidn. This will be Keats Perry Vlcky Randolph Grandma Perry Grandpa Per John Apples Prlscllla Morley Butcher Valerie Boggins Boy Bean Whitman SENIU CLASS PLAY WProfessor, How Could Youln A young professor The bane of hls llfe n 0111 L sou mmf n ys aroer A H l ful 1 lend A sweet young thlng Her big brother A southern charmer The sporting butler Kenneth Bandy Elsie Cavanaugh Carol IOWHPlm Gerald Lev naugh Eugene Westphal Dorothy Carr Ralph Palmer Dorthy Joachim Vlvian Crosby The senior play,WProfes or, How Could You'W,was given on Mayl0, 1940 Thls was a story of a young professor who was offered the dean shlp of a college lf he marrled The rofessor asked h1s friend John Appleby to help select a wlfe After much Pl understandlng on every one's part, the professor chose Vlcky Pandolph,+he bane of hls llfe The COmmltt6PS for the play were Bus1ness Manager Orvllle Wagner Property Comm1t ee Cer ld Cavanaugh, Tlla Olson, and Eugene vestphal Dlrector Mlss C1 her A H S Rev ew Four years ago, lt seems an age, So many lessor books ve've paged, And yet, when we revlew them o' We flnd the years are only four Teachers and fr1ends who've helped us through, We want to extend our thanks to you. Wlth what we've learned from A. H. S. Our llV6S should be a great success. ll ---H --------A f T. 1-------------n T - YT---H N- -Q Af io: L ,I-.1 t 'C 2 . ' . -------- , ' A . ' '47 xy-4-,I---A-, -,-.--- 6 any - nl-1 ' --.----.---,---4 I ' V A Tootsie Bean---- ---- -----A plump spinster-----------------Ella Olson s . 0 ' . . . Q, . T I . ,. r.n l's ' - 4. -f . A . 1 . I - - . Q .f ts ------- ---- ., Q' 5 , U7 , 1 . . -- -- ' ----'- -'-'----'-'--'-- -- -'-- -' --'- . 5 . X 'FM . , O I O i - ' . er, O . 9 I' .ff L X 'fa'- f'Z1'Q1 l X I J ik nk. ' NA - -'W NM ,..w..f , X X J . W , Q in LX X K 3 E x-. nf XX E fx 1 X X X , 3 1 xxx I f X -ffl? iA' H. X in J! V 3222 WE? 2' N5 -.'- 5 r f-.,f C., f ' i Q4 f ,MM ,mum A--Q ,QM .jj if-'rmxx '9 4 - Gold ' Y f nr c 1 -,W ! ,Lf x f , hh :J lr f gy ,I 1 nun N -V Q -V 4 Ill, ,- 'f uf ,If K vl 1 J U N j Georg: Barr.- U ,, F3 r-N J President---Morris Bandy FRONT: Zona Seward, Doris Weischedel, Eloise Bos, Joyce Harris, Pauline Hanson, Delores Harris, BACK: Robert Smith, Jesse Rausch, Morris Bandy, Richard Martin, CLASS OFFICERS Vice-President---Robert Smith Secretary and Treasurer---Pauline Hanson This year eleven students began their third round of high school. One of the students, George Barr, fell through the ropes during the second semester. One new year, Eloise Bos who attended school This class was well represented activities. Eloise Bos,Doris Weischedel and student entered the ring this in Gresham, Oregon last year. in all of the extra-curricular Pauline Hanson entered the loc- al declamatory contest in the dramatic division. Winning first,Pau- line Hanson entered the district contest at Gettysburg. All of the junior girls were members of the Peperette club. The offices of the club were all held by juniors. Eloise Bos was presi- dent, Delores Harris, vice-president, and Doris Weischedel, the sec- retary and treasurer. Eloise Bos, Delores Harris, Zona Seward, Joyce Harris and Pau- line Hanson were members of the Girls Glee Club. Delores Harris was president of this organization. All the Boys Glee Club. Richard Martin Rausch, attendance secretary. of the junior boys belonged to was the president and Jesse Jesse Rausch, Richard Martin, Robert Smith,and Morris Bandy re- ceived basketball letters. Jesse Bausch and Richard Marin were co- captains of the team. Joyce Harris, Delores Harris,Eloise Bos,and Pauline Hanson were members of the volley-ball team. Delores and Pauline were oo-Qap- tains of the NSockersN team. 13 JUNIOR PLAY WLet's Get Togetherln A three act comedy was glV6D by tre Junior class on March 15, 1940 The cast played an All Amerlcan family, vlth those All Ameri- can troubles. The Commlttees lor the play were Buslness Manager Propertles Jesse Rausch, Robert owltn an D1rector Rlchgrd Martln Paullne Hannon Miss Graeber The cast of tre lay was es follows The banquet Mr Eversman Mrs, Everswen Bonnle Eversmar Lucy Eversran Jack Eversmen Roger Eversnen Bobble Eversm n Grenny Lversrln Clark Newell Patty Newell tle rather the notner elder daughter younger daughter eldest son brotner beby Ol nersell nelglbor key els 'lSE9T of Jack famlly DAP Morrls Paullre Delores Joyce Rlchard Bandy Person HGTPIQ HQFTlS hartln Robert Smlth Elolse Bos Dorls Uelsohedel Jesse Rausch Zona Seward r ofrr of the CHlOF class of l9AO wxs hele Aprll 13, ln the gyrn class colors, bl Blll acrrlf PQ V l 6 In onerce f tre tables was Joyce PHFTlS, the dlSV9S Dorl ischedel, food 3ll1HG Henson, decoretlors, Delores HHTTIS, progrem, Blofse Bos and Zona sewerd lr the prograr Mrs Duhloulst s rg nS1llor TofnW,tre dlrw senlor rembers of t flrl glee c ub ss1g 'The Sea So gn, quartette smrg Nd rbor Llbrtsn s Nymphs' Paullne naneor was t C o lOWlUg people Nr Thom,s n MOPPlS Benny, all G1,or, 1v naugt, and Orvlll Wnerer The alurrl of tke AF r close of the pre rer A l rp Ars Donflc M t1n rl served punch rd cooxles to t l fl s+s lA llr lol was decore a srlp ln tre ue lor Sherman Rauscr, nernet B ndy, Melvlr CUTT19' 'e the on tne ofer layec pluro solO,n A l FF Q A she crl to on tke s Jr eber, r Youp l,Dor+hy dO1ChlW Cro by, ElSlG Cav nnugr,uerl Q env crool ere lHV1+Fd to e oencef'tbe 1rbfr T+endeH Tne WUSlC . s pl yei 1 ck? at twelve o'clock,t 0 J1Y1OF A . . f 1 , . . . , .. y - . . , A , ' A I ' I F . -1-:nun-in----11-nunmxzcn--an-u-fxuniq 1 . . , - -- . A . , . t. : ' e f .. , d L ' :--------------------------------------- V U1 ,f ' . p . ., . N -------- w ' --------------..- ' . . L 'A 1:-u-n-1--1 H 4 can-1:---Q--1--ng---3-1 ' e.. . . U - .r-- . . A A ..... R. ............ , V 1 J, ---.....-.. 'tv' A --.....-..........-..... R F' 11--1-1 1 -up---.-n--Q. I I . J , L, ...... -- . . J Ah ...... 4 ............, 1 A . I ' , . . AG ..... ................ , F , -. . . . A A, ..... I y .............. --- 1 . A --------A el ,J -- .... ---------- L A , , L l ....... M Q I ................. .. V , Tm .1 l. 1.1.5 . V . j.. 31-..f- ere ' - . ,, ', 4 : .. . J ' M , ' ' ' ' T R as T. an ,L . 'ted ns . .- r.n ' Lf 21 , A t . . fn ' : .. wr . F V . . -- 'Jr' , A . 1 A I. cf. x 4 J- , ,. ,1 ' f ,. ' ' ' Herbert Vetter fe. James sa ner dressel es SLllOTS were the W5ltSFS. 7 9 ! . , . - , . . . J ' 1 f' Li ' V 4 . ' M S A - X. 3 . ' q, E,q - , - .' 1 P ' ' and . . . A , , l N l . T - 1 ' .2 V ' ' - . . Q J L s. .n a.V f 2 ' . .lcr -.G . . , .1 he f ls , , l -us ' M . 2. ' and V f . . W ., W, . ,. .n - fa . mrs. A 5 p . M a -H l Se. i O . ., . . I ,Q ' - . ' .pe ttastk st ess,,nl . f -el . .- fol- - -- - 1- -- -r ' . : l 0 . A yi C. , .QLS W 34- iw . L u fl M . , l ,.,.r . . 1. A ' , - n qs . J -ln -sb nl , A . , rl f - a n V ' e ' s.e.. ' , ' ,. 1: f-L 1 W ' ' 1 , . 4 11 A , .1 fx. f,4.E 1. u A ., ir, .1-- M. '-. -H' - f. , -f, - X . Y 1, ' ' vu,-, .- 4 .. .fri 1- ..' ' -'E .. fn .. 1 1 ,J .Ag A 1 mu. 4.5. -w 1 T ' T E' 1' A 1 ' - ' rw by I . 1 . far i.f mr. .ns x.e. ., J , . n. Tl Q ' - V ' Ll -I - , Q- ev U9 T 3,C .'. xx fm V-'N fmw FN Uv Q I f -.....T Tgff' Ng .ap L 'Y '?'IT. 7 KKKID FN 1 Lf EW X -1 --v H-: 1.1, ,,LT, iv- X., --.,.,...............- N , ff DI . K l . Nl no V 3 V U Q -' o D 9 I gi 3 Q W--N.-sv B 41' gi 'tifi f I 'f'A i 5 3 - A ' i f ! . ,, - ,- . ' :W J ffl? CNA '4 K' 1 ,X 4,4 I -K X' 'rviuwm .uv tx-U? 3 k'v1f'1'x 'fi 1. ' ff' f 5 L K K., B 2 Qf X gxx f X, 5 D I rl xi' FRONT: R. Olson, E. Merritt, B. Carr, N. Rausch, F. J. if Todd, A. Cavanaugh, M. Currier, BACK: W. Schriever,R. HJ Todd, K. Bandy, S. Rausch, H. Vetter, J. Wagner. R CLASS OFFICERS ET President ------- ---------------------- ----James Wagner FK Vice-President --------------- ------------- Kenneth Bandy in Secretary and Treasurer ------------------ Sherman Rausch Class Sponsor ---------------------------- --Mr. Koupal The sophomores began their second round of high school on Sept- ember 4, 1939. On Monday, October 23, l939,the Sophomore class gave its annual schorl partv. This year fear ri Lie ropkorcrs boys, Kenneth Bandy, Sherman Rausch, and Willi'm Schriever, received letters in basketball. All of the girls joined the nPeperettesN, a girls' recreation club. Betty Carr, fern Joyce Todd,and Eileen Merritt entered the loc- al declamatory ccntest. Betty entered the district contest in Get- tysburg. The English II club,oalled WThe Browning ClubU,was organized on January 30, 1940. Sherman Bausch was elected president, Betty Carr, seoretaryg and Kenneth Bandy, vice-president. On Wednesday,March 27, the Browning Club held its first party which was a great success. A picnic was held at Cottonwood Lake on April l8. The sophomore class played a great part in making the annual school carnival a success. One of the sophomore girls, Betty Carr, was chosen as carnival queen. Norma Rausch, Betty Carr, and Eileen Merritt were members of the Girls Glee Club. Eileen was attendance secretary after Vivian Crosby dropped out of the club. All the boys belonged to the Boys Glee Club except Richard Todd and Vernon Brandt. Fern Joyce Todd, Norma Rausch, Kenneth Bandy, and James Wagner were members of the band.Kenneth was also a member of the brass sex- tetteg and Norma and Fern Joyce, members of the clarinet trio. 16 Ai... -..X 3,,.,A..- 1' W f X if T i, ,, 1 . 4 -liz l.'.---1-A N Q I 'i 5 h 5 IA - - --....x..-L24 Q--Q --xiii? 1 5 N' ff' 5 - I V i I ! xx A -A 1 f , A 4 4 ' 1 ' 'u ' ! I 1 .f v 5 A. 1 1 f 5. A 1 ,f ' ' , n ' A , . . I ' N . 1 1 ' Q, f 4 1 ei Q 1 I t I P A lf ll! f 1 ? .X X V I . ff . X 4 f , x ll.. ' w 4 .X w 1 f 'SL i , ' J Q l 1 ' A 1 ,I ii ' J f' X ,Q ii X jg 5 1 U A ' F , . f, , 1 I Ll, -, 157- 2 A,x-,v, . I -. -AA ., , xxj I T X 1 -,A A-AAA A AA AA A A AA A4 -' E A-Af -Af - -A , ..Aff fl I Y A AX AAAQ A , A A :Al A.-H A -- J.LM-EL, 'G V, ll ' ' L . 252, A J x I F N ' X ,.,, '. N ' ' T A -x x - , X x 5 X r 1. N - KA , f-, ,J 'Km f ,fx .J X X, , . I 4 , I 1 'N A x i Iv KN I ,al K XA NX A ,M-,ff ' ' - ,.-sxssx f ix'-A K xA J XX 1 J N ' .vb- dh-.11 mu JW rw ff ,, f X ! F V J Q fl., f'N J I j'j FRONT: Harold Mundt, Shirley Seward, Helen Eecker,Nada X Schultz, Hazel Flood, Deloris Westphal, Bruce Schriever BACK: Kenneth Efestphal, Ralph Hanson, Ralph Palmer,Ro- ,J bert Mikkelsen, Warren Lytle, Harry Cass. F' X4 CLASS OFFICEPS President --------------------------- ---L ----- Harry Cass Vice-President ------------------------- Kenneth testphal Secretary and Treasurer -------------------- Helen Becker Class Sponsor ------------------------------ Nb. Thompson September 4, lQ39, began a four year career for the fourteen rev pupils who fnrolled in Agar High School. After the first week of school, Frances Tobin left school, leaving only thirteen tc finish the first round. During the third scbocl Week officers were elected and the freshmen were initiated by the seniors. The girls had to dress like boys and the boys like girls. In the evening after initiation the freshmen were sent cn a scavengfr hunt,and after returning they rerc given a party by the seriors. The freshmen were vell rfpresintcd in the local declaratory contfet :ith Hazel Flood and Ralph Hanson fntering in the humorous division an: Yarrcn Lytlc, in the dramatic division. Ralph Hanson won in his division and went to Gettysburg. All of tht freshmen girls joined the Feperette Club. Shirley Seward, Nada Schrltz, Helen Eecker, and Delcris Hest- phal were in the Girls Glee Club. The boys who belorged to the Boys Glee Club vars: ?arrfn Lytle, Robert Mikkelscn, Ralph Henson, and Kenneth hestpnal. On March 18, l9LO, the fr shran class gave a successful school party. Nada Schultz, Hazel Flood,ird Ralph Hanson were on the lunch committeeg Ralph Palmer, Kenneth Wcstphil, 1nd Halen Becker were on the entertainment committee. Helen Becker, Deloris Westphal, and Nada Schultz were cn the girls volley ball teams.Nada was the captain of the WSwsttersV team. Ralph Palmer was the only freshman boy to recfive 7 letter in basketball. l8 -X fn SX 4 N I f,.....r I ,- i--f ,Z ,T T--- M- rf'-X 1 ff , x , , f X gx I . If I ., x I Q ' Y I - '1 , RK , A. X '. I Q HI, - 1 , ,V .- , . . L l, ..- I- I ! f,..,-A.,,--4.- N.. f N, ri fi P, X ff I, i - Q7 5 Q X 1 1 jf ,,f ' r' W, ,Q - ' ,H A . A . 1 x, Q Y I . U A ,f X xi 1,1 ' 'N .!, '., f mx-uf' A . wx , 3 f i K N .M X ' 'K . 3 R f : xx -4 5 1 '-' 1 J , . 1 1 ,L ,K 1 rx In k ri N X ff! 1 - 7 F Q ' X XL -, N ' :He .KL-, .f A ,' Q V 12 1 ' 1 f ' Y' M ,K A , J!' f , A A - 1 D .. hi. df- - ' 1 ' T' ' f i , ' ' p, .-. f j 3 f I '- -'Q'-'- ' , ,Y I, I . 6 I I , qi .. I V i l P i A 2 N U Vs STANDING: Shirley Seward, Carol Lomheim, James Wagner, Donald Drew, Harry Cass, Ralph Hanson, Robert Mikkelsen, Virgil Mik- kelsen, Ronald Evans, Orville Wagner, W. D. Moyer. SITTING: Norma Jean Bandy, Nada Schultz, Fern Joyce Todd, Ella Olson, Norma Rausch, Warren Lytle, Helen Becker, Kenneth Bandy, Ken- neth Westphal, Harold Mundt, Kenneth Smith, Eugene Venner, Maurice Merritt, James Seward, Richard Martin,James Carr,Zona Seward, Joyce Harris, Morris Bandy. There were eleven new members in the band this year: Warren Ly- tle, Norma Rausch, and Kenneth Smith, clarinetsg Harry Cass, Virgil Mikkelsen, and Robert Mikkelsen, trombonesg Helen Becker,and Kenneth Westphal, saxophonesg Eugene Venner, alto horn, and James Seward, cornet. Mr. Moyer and a group of students attended three of the band clinics held at various towns. The reason for these meetings was to practice festival numbers. Norma Jean Bandy and Ronald Evans attend- ed the first clinic held at Pierre, Kenneth, Morris, and Norma Jean Bandy, and Carol Lomheim attended the band meeting at Gettysburg, those who went tc Highmore were: Joyce Harris, Fern Joyce Todd, Bob Smith, and James Carr. The band appeared at the local Music Program April 19 and play- ed WE Pluribus Unium,U nSide By Side,U Wwestward Ho,H WLee's Favor- ite,Wand WThe Get Away.U The brass sextette, made up of Morris Eandy Richard Martin, James Carr, Kenneth Bandy, Ronald Evans, and Harold Mundt, played NCome Where My Love Lies Dreaming.N The clarinet quar- tette consisting of Norma Jean Eandy, Fern Joyce Todd, Norma Rausch, Kenneth Smith, and Warren Lytle also made their appearance at this program.At the Music Festival in Pierre the entire band played HUnd- er the Double Eagle,UUMagic Garden Overture.nUSouthern Roses Waltz,N and WE Pluribus Unium.N The Agar band was one of the groups making up the massed band which played: nAmbassador March,N HNestward Ho,U NLee's Favorite,W NUrbana Overture,U and WCome Sweet Death.H The band completed the year by playing at the senior play and the commencement exercises. M W 20 -S f' 1 vi' Q Y E5 J 5 Ev F: FRONT: Robert Mikkelsen, Jesse Rausch, Kenneth Bandy,Mor- 5:d ris Bandy, Sherman Rausch, Herbert Vetter MIDDLE:Pauline rf Hanson, Robert Smith, Warren Lytle, Richard Martin,George Il. Barr, Mrs. Dahlquist BACK: Royal Olson, Ralph Hanson,Eu- N gene Westphal, Melvin Currier, James Wagner,Kenneth West- EJ phal. L1 The Boys Glee Club started the year of 1939-LO with 17 E53 members. Of this number five were freshman. Harry Cass dropped out during the year. The first tenors were: Eugene Westphal, Ralph Hanson, and War- ren Lytleg the second tenors were: Kenneth Westphal, Kenneth Bandy, Royal Olson, and Melvin Currierg the first bass were: Jesse Rausch, Robert Smith, Richard Martin, and Sherman Rauschg the second bass were: Morris Bandy, Robert Mikkelsen, James Wagner, and Herbert Vet- ter, At the first of the year, the glee clubs started a race to see who would have the least absences and tardinesses during the year. The boys lost the race, so they had to give the girls a party. The party was greatly enjoyed by the girls, and everyone reported a good time. The glee club has practiced the entire year. It first appeared at the Agar Chrnstmas Program held December 21. April 19, the glee club, appearing at the Agar Music Program, sang: WSing Me a Chanty With a Yo Heave Ew,HHPassing By,WWChorus of the Pirates,nandHThere's a Gold Mine in the Sky.N April 26, the entire glee club went to the Pierre Music Festival and there sang NSing Me a Chanty With a Yo Heave Hon and UStout Hearted Men.U The next appearance was at the senior class play where the boys sang nKentucky Eaben and HChorus of the Pirates.W The glee club's last appearance of the year was at the Commencement Exercises where WStout Hearted Menu was sung. The Boys Glee Club loses only one senior member, so next year, it comes back with a veteran force of two first tenors, four second tenors, four first bass, and four second bass, for what is hoped to be one of the most successful years ever had. 21 -5 Lf diarrh- C1 l Ll Dllll U '3 P10217 CDD' l- P-'CD 'SP' I-'MG Ulm :DOW mgm 1394 ZJHH BTW in DAD EZ 'S CD54 FD' 'TUIP' CL '1'4 Qirf' l-'- H' KDS' NEW DAG! UWB 'IT c+C5 I-'CD 'STP' '?fi,O S HW P-'CO CDP-' Ol- Ui -CDU: Ld :SLD Glue 27+-1 mm mm UD OIDC-4 UJCDO '-ICU 'EXW Or-' 0 '15 O CD EU' WUI SD 5L'J Il'l Ol'- W MO' 0-'HH 00 9-'H MUG L-'ml-h Bg O'-dm U U5 gm gf! Cbrb P- MEN Q-:C+ 3920 'rib' ' Z5 ' Q-SD :Pm U' SD OZUJ 734 HOG WD :PHS CS 27500 34+ '4SD'1 SBD O.- CDKD vo I5 1'-:SU O OSD I-' SDC U15 omtfl Of!! :TOO-' 53 9 3'f-' 'I B'SD CV' FRONT: Dorothy Carr, Delores Harris, Betty Carr, Nada Schultz, Pauline Hanson, Deloris Westphal, MIDDLE: Helen and Patricia Schriever joined the second semester. The sopranos were: Shirley Seward, Norma Rausch, Eileen Mer- ritt, Eloise Bos, Carol Lomheim, Helen Becker, Vivian Crosby, Joyce Harris, and Zona Seward. The altos were: ,-1 Dorthy Joachim, Ella Olson, Dorothy Carr, Delores Harris, 5:1 Betty Carr, Nada Schultz and Deloris Westphal. Officers 9 elected at the first of the' year were:Delores Harris-Pres identg and Vivian Crosby--attendance secretary. After these two girls quit glee club,Eileen Merritt took over the duties of the secretary. The members of the Girls Glee Club enjoyed the party the boys gave for losing the tardinesses and absences race. At the party, most of the boys and girls danced. For those who didn't dance,WFly- ing Dutchman,H UPing-Pong,U NDrop the Handkerchief,W and NKaremsW were played. The boys also lost the race the last semester, and this time they gave the girls a picnic. The glee club first appeared at the Christmas Program. At the program the mixed chorus sang several Christmas songs. Its next ap- pearance was at the A. A. A. Anniversary Banquet held at Onida. The members sang the NCzechoslovokian Dance Songu and Whho Will Come to The Sea.U The Agar Music Program, April 19, brought the girls back to sing Nln ltaly,U WHO La Li,N NGlow Worm,W and HCzeckoslovokian Dance Song.H The entire glee club went to the Pierre Music Festival. As its part of the program it sang HCzeckoslovokian Dance Songn and WGlow Worm.N At the senior play the girls sang WHO La Lin and NGlow Worm.NThe glee club finished the year by singing WLord,Thou Art Mindfulu at the Baccalaureate Services and HGiannina Mian and HCzeckoslovokian Dance Songn at the Commencement Exercises. The five senior members who are graduating this year are as fo- llows: Ella Olson, Dorthy Joachim, Dorothy Carr, Carol Lomheim, and Vivian Crosby. This leaves fifteen girls who have had experience and should provide the nucleus for a good organization another year. 22 f r- Cf' 'N x fm '3.. ' C? 0 P wma: 3 kv ff 'fri-1' -:-ff 14'-,fffvf ,,..,,,..,,,,,,, Q f .--.TN L, 1 f 5 if ' 5 X ' 3 , ' VX ff? :' f 3 1 'fL.'f1. ..'l':. 3 .inn ! ,. ............... .X f J gi r A Q! J ggi? CN L! CD H x 1 T7 5 QONT R Dmltb, R Palmer, K Pandy, J Rausch, S Bausch W Nartln BAPK R Hanson E Testpkal M Banqf, I S uric I u er K Sm,+H TFAMS Lebanon Canning Harrold Gettysburg Plerle lndlars ODlf1 P191 Q F rn Agar Step Ree Helgbts Plerr HBH Blunt St Laference Ft Plerre Harrold Cannlng Pierr 1h6lPUS 1dTY JH' A THFY S PVR C NT O O V79 3 X49 P+ OO 175 FJO 1 1 i ir' 'W' ' , 1 f L I : o N ' A . , 1 . . 'M ' . 7' , 1 'Y I n -A 5 -.1 Q . 4, g .. 1, , ,,.,v ' ..i, Cz f,Qn-, M, Q fri, , -, 4,w, SFSSTW XFCORI , WE m': TE 2 39 F 3A 15 A6 18 L3 19 33 Q2 7E lj 35 17 21 19 . 'e . K . 1 Blum? 35 QU ' '3, 'DU A2 21 ZA 31 t. Pierr, 27 l7 77 ,JL F 'W' TFVCT3 ST?'.1f71'I .4 Ill IO T M E ff 1 1 O han 1' 1 QUOO ' . 7 3 'ro ' G 5 5 :OO Y 9 lo . V A f Zff . ' 2 A 333 - 3 3 3 . 3 3 - e .', O ? JP 2 SEASON'S PLAY The Agar basketball squ d tarted lts season with only two lei- ter men After loosing markable progress under Durlng the season, the runner up trophy ln champlonship trophy for lng the season seven letter men 1n '39, the boys showed re the able coachwng of Mr Thompson the souad showed their abllity by wlnnlng the conf renee tournament and winnlng the sfason's play Agar lost to Onida twice dur The boys that recelved letters th1s year were Jesse Bahleh, Richie Martln, Kenneth Bandy, Robert Smlth, Morrls Bandy, Sherman Rausch, Ralph Palmer, Eugene Vestphal,JW1ll1am Schrlever, and Melvin Currier Eugene Westphal 1S the only player graduatlng thls year There vill be ten lettermen back next year,supported by strong sub stltutes Jesse Rausch and Rlchle artln were elected co captalns of the team for the season Rlcrle M rtln was chosen as a guard on the all conference tear, ard honorary team selected of all players by the coaches Jesse Rausch led the SCOTlNg, accountlng for 196 points He was supported by Past and clever passlng of the other boys who scored over lOO po nts each Agar averlged a score of 34 to thelr team opponents 20 P011 Ella Olson d Kenneth V etch l acted as cheer leaders for the season They rt oduced many new yells and oreanlzed lnterestlng programs whlch m put on ln the ssembly They also gave flne port to the team, ln f ct thelr sp1r1t and sportsmanshlp were a sup good example to all wie nttended the games The squad owes mucr of 1ts succes to the strong second Wlth next which was champlon of lts cla s with nlne wlns and no losses all veteran player, we expect n even more successful season year GIRLS VOLL YVQLL The glrls organlzed two volleyb ll teams whlch they named the 'Sockers' and the NSwatters' The members of the Sockers team were as follows Pauline Hanson and Delores harrls co captalns, Mrs Dahlqulst, Delores Westpral, Patrlcla Schrlever, Vlvian Crosby, Car ol Lomheim, and E101S6 Bos The swatters were Nada Schultz-captaln, Ella Olson, Miss Graeber Dorthy Joachlm, Norma Jean Bendy, Helen Becker, Joyce Harrls, and Elleen Nerrltt The glrls held thelr games ln the gym about once 1 week when the basketball boys d1dn't use the floor They played flve games each t1me so there were ro t16S 25 Q ' P. S , ' . - . .. - f .., 0 g . . . . J. . . .. J fa . g , - - ' . 0 . . 0 , , , V - . . , . . . . . . 0 0 f A v.. - . l - - X, . . iv. - . . X 6 . V .- 0 1 O. ' l A . f 4 . . a J -J I o - .. Y ,l . - . 7' IIS, K fo Q . .- c I .A , 4 W X . . . j Q. A L 5 su ril'fi R , . , ' M - A . . . . - CA. , 4 v i c c 4 v T ' ' s . . . A v. . . . 0 I 1 ga . L.. . U T .. U. . . . ,- C, .. 1 I I va 1 . I ' v . . n ' A . . . . . T A .. . I U - , Q , A 4. . . . I u . . . I f 4 , . , . . 1 0 TOURNAMENTS The Plerre Indlan School was the slte of the conference tourna ments Agar's f1PSt game was w1th St Lawerence Th1S game Agar won by 14 polnt Ag.r's next opponent was Harrold The pointers defeat ed Harro1d's rugged team by 18 polnts Agar was then 1U posltlon to play Plerre HBH, a snappy 11tt1e team, who turned the tables by de featlng Blunt the day before Agar won thls game by a 17 polnt mar ln Heachlng the flnals, the polnters were dest1ned to play Plerre Indlar After a fa t battle the Plerre team won, g1V1Rg Agar second place 1U the tournament After the season play it was found that Plerre lndlans had beer playlng 1ne11g1b1e men, therefore the Pler re boys forfelted tnelr games to Agar The D1StP1Ct 16 Tournamert was held lh Onlda Ln the new mUHlCl pal a d1tOPlUm Agar's flret game was wlth On1da Onida's Jarrlors succeeded ln agaln defeatlng the Polnters, thls tlme by the narrow merglr of 3 polnt It wa a close game to the last second, both teams olayed good ball Wlth TlSlHg splrit Orlda won over Plerre In of the dlstrlct tournament and xert on to wln the reelonal The Cheyenne boys entered the state tournament but were defeated by Gregory The Cheyenne tear lo t tne tllrd place tltle to Flandreau ln the c rsolatlon PAQKLTEALL RVCCRD PROP 1931 LO FIRST TEAM SVCOFD TEAM Oh hOST WO LOST 1031 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 26 g. ' n n n o 0 . . u L X .IA . 3 . . . , A . - dians but lost in a close game with Cheyenne: Cheyenne was champion W ' ' N , -32 16 4 11 O '33 16 5 7 O -34 8 5 1 O -35 18 4 -36 13 6 2 3 -37 5 12 1 8 -38 24 2 8 2 -39 21 2 8 O 6 -LO 20 3 9 0 ff' 'K 459 www ywq WN .. xx- 6- l T V3 z N . V 5 V f A j H , 1 ., 4' : g l I i 55fQ-3-n..fX-WE? 1 e 1 1 f 1 j ...A U-,-W Q-v--'om---A rj f W 4 fm F C Q SEPT O port T Yes, SCHOOL CALENDAR A Vacation 1S over Let's really work thls year 13 Well, we've been at it for six weeks now How does your re card look? 25 Carnival held 1n gym Queen? Guess who' Betty Carr Klng? it's Jess 26,27,28 Hot Diggety' F1ve whole days of vacation' The teach ers went to the SDEA meeting at Pierre NOV 21 Dlstrlct Declam Contest at Gettysburg Pauline Hanson,Betty Carr, Ralph Hanson, and Ella Olson went to represent Agar NOV 2A This day marks the end of another session Thlngs look lots brlghter now NOV 30 DEC L Hurray' Thanksgiving 18 here spelllng V a c a t i o n DEC 21 Agar gave a Christmas program Nearly all of the suuaanss took part ln the performance, either in the musiclal sect1on or in the plays The program was well attended DEC 22 Well, here lt 151 What's here? Don't you know? Christmas vacatlon, of course DEC 23 Radio program at Pierre D1d you have your dial tuned to KGFX? Well, if you did you know what the others missed 2 Oh, Gosh! Back to school agalnl l2 End of one semester, meanlng that school is half over AN JAN 3 FLIP W 8,9,lO Conference tournament held at Plerre Indian School ChHmp1ODSh1p award was g1ven,but Agar and Ree Heights were both giv en runner up trcpr1es FEB 23 School i two thirds gone'Only twelve more weeks until lib- ertyi FEB 23, 24, 25 D1StP1Ct tournament at Onida Champions? Cheyenne MAR 15 The Junior class presented their play in the form of a three act comedy, 'Let's Get Togethern Everyone enjoyed it APR 5 We1l,fellows, you've Just passed the fifth milestone in your high school career for 1939 40 It's been smooth saillng all along the way but there 15 st1ll another mllestone so everybody do your best, APR 13 The JUn1OT class honored the seniors and faculty wlth a lovely banquet held in the gym APR 19 The annual local music program was held in the gym, and was FEB reported as being a very good APR 26,27 Music festival at performance Plerre Just th1nk of it Two whole days of fun and mus1c or AAY 9,10 Senlor exam1nat1ons you, and you'll surely be 10 Senior class play 12 Baccalaureate serv1ces 15, 16--Semester exams mark the end of nlne months of study Can you belleve it School is over missed in A0 Ll Good luck 28 CT o I 0 ' OC u ' . . o n 0 . OCT. -L . ' . - J 0 ' . o . I the unfortunate, WCheer up! Now's the time to turn over a new leaf. I-'2' ' l I 0 ' 3 . -Q r MAY 8- . T . . . .. f ' s u 0 MAY ' 0 I 1 . o MAY ' . ij 'I r-,J f' r-J Li, F? f-J 1 FJ 21, FRONT: D. Carr, H. Becker, B. Carr, N. Schultz, P.Han- ff son, A. Cavanaugh, D. Westphal. MIDDLE: R. Graeber, D. J Ham-is, V. cmsby, D. rneischedei, J. Harris, z.sewa1-fi, E. Clson, Mrs. Dahlquist. BACK: S. Seward, N. Rausch, L, Lsrritt, E. Eos, C. Lomheim, F. Todd, D.Joachim, H. Flooo, V h The girls of the Agar High School held a meeting on January ll, 1940 and organizvl Q recreation club, which was called HThe Peper- ettesu. All the 5 rls in achoc2,twenty-four in number,joined. Eloise Bos was elected y'friientg Deloris Harris, vice-presidentg and Doris Weischedel, secr Vary and treasurer. Vivian Crosby and Fern Joyce Todd were appoint . to select the hostesses for each party. The de- cision was that mtitings wouli be held every two weeks on Monday and Thursday nignts,respeotively,Three hostessess were to not each time. They were to serve three thinfs, a beverage and two other foods. DFCLAHATORY CGKTIST The local declamatory contest was held in the assembly,November 9. Those entering dramatics were: Eileen Merritt-HCherokee Rosesug Fern Joyce Todd-HThe Wheels of Timengiarren Lytle-HMickey's Markerng Pauline Hanson-WThe Qarien Across The Streetng Eloise Bos-NEmperor Jonesng Doris Weiscnriel-UThe Angel of Lonesome Hilln, Pauline Han- son received first end Warren Lytle second in this division. Those who entered the iumcrfus iivision were: Hazel Flood-NMy Financial Careerng 1a'fh L1:sizm'Tith the Enotographern. Ralph Han- son won in this div sion. Elle Qlscn, git ng Hlhe Qurrere XenaceH,w1s the only one enter- ing in the cry ary, pr or fy 'nrr, giving URizpahN, was the only one entering in the pceiry division. Those vhs received first place went to Gettysburg to enter the district c'p1ffi peld there, November 21. 29 F , ff A 9 M. H. E3 Nationally vocational agric Future Farmers o This organiz sors various undo t treasury. At the ucational as welQ W The Agar F. which netted a t Each year a judging contest The individuals at Gettysburg we and Orville Wagn test. FRONT ROW: R. Palmer, R. Mikkelsen, J. Rausch, K.Bandy, Bandy, S. Rausch, G. Barr. MIDDLE ROW: O. Wagner, Cass, R.Smith, W.Lytle, R.Martin, R.Todd, R. Koupal, Advisor. BACK ROW: R. Olson, B. Schriever, R. Hanson, J.Wagner, W.Schriever, M.Currier,E.Westphal,K.Westphal. F. F. A. OFFICERS Jesse Rausch ------------- President Orville Wagner ------- VicePresident Richard Martin ----------- Secretary Kenneth Bandy ------------ Treasurer Morris Bandy --------- ----- Reporter known ani consisting of young boys enrolled in the ulturf departments of the nation is the F.F.A., or 7 .morica organization. tion conducts business meetings monthly and spon- akings for the purpose of creating funds for the i of the school year a tour is taken which is ed- s enjoyable. A. chapter sponsored a card party and a circus idy sum for the treasury. group of F. F. A.boys enters a district and a state in competition with other schools within the state. participating in the district contest which was held re: Robert Mikkelsen, Sherman Rausch, Kenneth Bandy er. These boys, as a group, placed third in thecon- E. The boys participating in the state contest were: Robert Mikk- elsen, Sherman R Jesse Rausch, an ing contests: li ausch, Kenneth Bandy, Richard Todd, Melvin Currier, d Orville Wagner. They participated in the follow- vestock judging, dairy cattle judging,poultry judg- ing, meat judging, and identification of crops. The F. F. A. organization is worthwhile for many reasons, such as: creating a them in parliame them to prepare cooperative atmosphere among the members, training ntary procedure and conducting meetings,and training themselves for future farm life and adjustment. 30 f X j az'- -M-fx f GFX ff'-'--'--'H--M'-X ff 9:7 1 Q 13 HE!! 9 M i W- 1 !-- Cf I ..........N. Lf Y X 1 V W 4 N! N- 1 - I . 'cj f f X? A ' r f '2,Q, ' f X l ,ii 1, ILL H xi: 4-4.-L fxg Wygjq Z if S N K,,,.,!! I ' wf f A., Q A ,gs -,g 7, ,,,, - LAN .---NX I -.4 gvlgqg ,v,, vi ff xx ' ' - -' -' A-fr , qv- - 'fx 3 f .,-. A X ix W H 0 S W H CJ J-Dr r VHDVJ 'DQVIUU' Greatest Asset Most Representative Senlor Girl Most Representative Senior Boy Most Popular Glrl Most Popular Boy Neatest G1rl Neatest Boy Most Industrlous G1rl Most Industrlous Boy Most Beautiful Glrl Handsomest Boy School Clown Most Athletic Glrl Girl Most Llkely to Succeed Boy Most Llkely to Succeed Girl Most Willlng to Help- Boy Most Wllllng to Help Best Best Best Best Most Most Most Leader fG1rll Leader fBoyl Dressed Girl Dre sed Boy Dependable Girl Dependable Boy Cheerful Girl Most Cheerful Boy 32 Pauline Hanson Elsie Cavanaugh Orville Wagner Delorls Harris Jesse Rausch Nada Schultz Robert Mlkkelsen Zona Seward -Gerald Cavanaugh Delorls Harris Jesse Rausch Morrls Bandy Paullne Hanson Elsie Cavanaugh -Gerald Cavanaugh Dorls Welschedel Kenneth Bandy Ella Olson MOTTIS Bandy Delorls Harris Robert Mlkkelsen Zona Seward Gerald Cavanaugh Nada schulta Ella Olson MOTTlS Bandy 7 fN JN 'X -3 'X 'Q I -3 I -N N l Most Athletic QQQ-Q-O---1----------Q-1u--------II1 Richard Martin AGAR HIGH A 15 for Agar, A schco rlght up to pal. Mr Thcmnson gU1dPS the hapnw throng lhrougr t0P1F four years long Fl'St n the row tue freshles are seen, Tlnld shy, and oh so green' MHFQBTIHQ around .he assembly hall, Paaxerlng for t e teacnef's call Next n 11ne Homes fha soprowore class In marker wlfe Cf laws ard flve of lass hey also koast OI n y arts, Basketball, band and S4HFlHg ln parts The 3u.Lors' Bullt for work as well as pleasure, UD to snufl 1U everv reasure FlT5t 1n sports and f1'St lf QtUdlGS, StTlVlNg a a o a u e r hurdles Last but not least tk 'HlOFa stand, e clas ' at s aluax 1U vreat deran . ext yfar perl Qlef club, scorts as well, r ll r ther no Qvewyere can se ,ou'vf L + 1 ar n Q J ctor, ' 1 stl 'Os H1 Aleu rO D V H IUCUFFT icrrls f ou ere cf an aaole wou'd be an anole vcbldn't you9 P Fouva T mfg t Ve xorw 'me w so ru af POUWV ea' a r e sou Q on asf e aw OP + + door ss Grae PP ser t '+ ex1st G vears ako twat 15 Qqb rx Je a as a m, e A D a+ W 5 f c ck 0 a earefy,and lf? oi A ol 9 Q o 33 V I Aviv I - -' A., 1 ' I ' L . l . S , . dw ' A. , 1 4 1 n w P. . + . - , ,. . , . , , .. .., - . A, i Q , . , V . H A . 111 , A -AA., XF A . 1 l T ' f s ,N T81 L j . . . AL -Q 'T I . W, . A . . .. A . U . . . . 1 . U f .L .L 5 . ' '. Jw ya t i' thsi 1 ' . , s .e s- ' s A Th s sk '. ,1'mfs ' Qi , , . d N A ', , Ha.A, y 5 A L Wi :Lss As, ee 1 ,Q ,., ' ll. Now V J hearl a'0u, gf, 'ibh. 'i 3 alxays is suv hal e cry. So ve'2J bid J H fc 1 auf- , Becaus: what we've said is nothing new. ' Of qOi Taf 1. L ' : I y ' w- part A :A J A A . AA ' i . fir. , 1: - L,h . a ' Pal. r: I'l I :g-3 I ,, -1 ,V auytlixg. Jess,: F 11 y ' ,aQ th- j A -F via, A ? Mi' be : Name ewAe hing that didn . L 10 U aj la ' of ET-f+ irpcrtuuce. F r ld: Y- M 'A ms. YexNe+h: Th U Ls 'ff 0 a ni 'en,lf3 ,F - .,A' - ' 5 Q ft. Xcrma: Chic.g . AGAR HIGH SCHOOL WTA DTH WORC1uI Cloudy Those reports Hot The basketball team Felr The faculty Cold The boy who has Just been turned down F lr and sllghtly cooler The young lady who has turned hlm down Ralry Eyes, when we fall the exemptlon llst la m Arguments ln SOC10lOgy class Unsettled Freshmen Calm and steady The serlors Maxlmum temperature Just before tests Mlnlmum temperature FT1d3yS, after school Stormy The boy w o report ln the Tngllsh room at A OO Pleasant Our numerous lolldag 9? AGAU HV ODFRN HISTORY XYZ Affalr Crlme of 57 rlts of ASSlSt8DCe Chlld Labor Open Door Pollcy Act of Supremacy Era of Good Feellng Test Act Great Avakenlng Llberals CODSeTVat1V6S 54 LO or Flght' Emanclpatlon Proclamatlon Grand Model row Notnlngs DpO11S Sy tem Quadruple Alllance Loyallsts Dark Ages Lalssez falre Gold Rush Gentlemen's Agreement RBCOHStFUCtlOn Act Trlple A111 nce B111 of R1 hts Algebra te T Test rrades An A tudrrt's rote Those asslgnments During teacherfs absence Inltlatlon Just before vacatlon At the erd of every 6 weeks' End of pernod ose who brlng extra paper to class Those who don't Revlsed '94 90 or Flunk hen the teachers aren't around Senlors Freshmen Junior boys The four classes Chcering squad Just before a test Boys and the peperettes Paylrg play practice frne Six weeks bookkeeplng test Kro peeking Buylng new typeJr1ters School board, faculty, student body COHStltUt1OH 34 ' ,Tlx 1f'l L-J,, . 4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , 3. . , Q - - . . ---- - - - , s 'k , ' ' p ' . : - - - - M - - ----- -- ------ . 1 ' fs. l-. l M 1 ' .......-.. ........ .......-....-..... 5,5 - - - .. .................. - , or 3? ' ' ---- - - - ---- - --- s . L s Central Powers- - - - - - - -Mr. Thompson, Miss Graeber, Mr. Koupal J ' -..-....... ...-.-.. .. ..... ', ' - - - - - - - - - - - -Th ' ' f-- ----------- -- ------ V: H - ' 1- - - - - - - - - - - - - ' - v - 'O O . . . 1, V uni 111t1:111 11 :::11 ions-nts-11 I V ,. 1 nl ' ------ ----- -----'----- . fr ' S, ....---- .... ----------. -..- - - - ------------- - ' 1 . , '..s - - - - - , ' A L T 1 ' ..,,., .....,... ,.,-., ' 'ny ' ' 'a - - - - - - - - - . . .W L . . L .................... - DORM LANGUfGV HZO, Gunga Dln NACL, Iodlne Iron Towr broat Butterfa+ henfrul Dorm steak Sweetness ow Tlmberfood Sorglun Ferdlnano Mllk of wagnesla Wltn sulonur LF lt Berrles I dor't 1lk9 lt but 1t's fllllng ter ve go ro , 3a9 J WKRAUWS Rlchie Don't on on vlve you heartburno Water Salt Carrots Bread Butter Eggs Mlnced han Sugar Mllk Toothplcks Syl' UP Beef Padding Peas Orvllle I've bl lots of romances bmt l never had a hfartburn yet SIuE'ALKS Dorotly Excuse W for walklng on your feet Sherman Oh, that's all rlgrt I walk or them myself SOCIGLOGY FLAGS Don't ever go to the shov wlth Mr Koupal Let Hlm save h1S money for a couple of horsfs For further lnfornatlon see Mr Koupal TOO BAD' Elleen There was an awful accident down at Bla1ne's today Delores that happened9 Eileen A car ran lnto the garage SCORF' MISS Graeber Name two collectlve nouns J1m: A wasteoaper basket and a vacuum cleaner. JUST OUT: NHow Wo Be An Absolute Non-Day Dreamern by Zona Seward. 35 ,, , . ..- ..................... -r . :linux-as-11711:-sraninmc-111:-u-n-nk ..----.........-.--............--..-....-..-- L ................. ... ........ V V ............... -.. ....... .... , V 'L a U ...... .... .. .......... .. .... - .. . A -........-..- .......... ..........-.., A - ............... ..-..........-...-- C'.........-............--...--.........-..................-' . . .. ......... -....- ...... -........ H0gfOOd....--...-..--..-......-..-...........--........COI-n 1A.........-......--..-....---..-...-..-...-...... h .. ......... ........ .. ........ A I 'L -..-......--....-..-1 . . . X . . . L ... , I f.LYf - fi! 'VTV l,:J. .. ' . 4 'v . l s O . l . . v 1 ffw 1 I -V .- A A I 'N-'v .. . his ' . ' 0 Z 1. ' . o . J.Q 4 -V. li I I 4 VU .1 I I Q O . . . I U nv 21 o. . . U C ll . . O U U . f Jw X '? 'V'H 7'7'r xx ...... 5 MMM.. M- WTR ' ACQN X If ,ffftngs y 3 I 1' fp ! TQ f VP 5 ' w Y! i x W I, f 1,4 x 41 Xf,f:f!.kT w y X X' N KA , , I MQ! I Q Q-N-Q-,Q MQQ... x-5 -1 xl-J el' mme 9 ,-lr' WOut Where the West begln n'NhB,C' 8 16 Lint eat 'N yr Z, ,rf UThe end of the Raoen WPals Wwhy am I so bashfpI0' WOh gee, Man 37 1 , U QE f HI! dkQh6hWj HPeek a boon Our J HJQFQ O19 nS55xa 'How bigu this time QU- X, ri Qklgh Q.....l nAm I Freshn THEN and RV91, Wrong' door nN0wn 38 '-'G nior mguler nv O J 'Soup'S On' OUI' Opb P Ld: omO?'e rr rm I 559 G r z 5 - n 1 1 If : n.l Y 1 'V , we F A xy I I - A, -' Y N tg. A D 'T sf U V A: ,QA -' - ' A 'In every circus there are clowns and--W 39 Oban X i 7 f'7'77 '?' df' KJ .X W x C7 PLN . f 5 1 ..l ,f fx? A x ' X Z!! V 55 if 0 qi! fm R 7 M' 2 M - f y ff N ' ' ,J I 5 L , , f ' A Lf 'fx'-5 5 'N-f 455 ' L fl 4115.1 , M' . 1 1 5 Vik If --N------fx iii? CJ A-H- Q -n...,- 1 gf 5 LM! uf If u X af 'DIV Mff ,,,f,gx:r F I VJ HQUV AIN? 'J 'fu I? 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Suggestions in the Agar High School - Hi Pointer Yearbook (Agar, SD) collection:

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