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.,3A.k,Q,, A... , 3 'rgprf' ls 2: 'W12'Taztzmf- 1'.ff-sg:rfAx'-.1N:.v, wrgfifv 4 A -L. I-13 ' 'VP 35? 'W' I T Q N . .twirl X fv'V?QS3' fk'wQi-Jf?3i1f?Q.4?u'?v-waf'f1f1igftl Egg' W. 522I'5i,E MNA: L-.555-,i5s 'q 3, ,1,,:1rwexg:4'A - w- wf fgfgaff gfgiicxfi f.x:2,.y. Q' 5633: 125 :fig 1, 1-'21 1 .V 51553, . --15, f-gf' fm-M-vz,f-1 Ewm 9wg'4ffff :+ my . SM fzfrfv W- :'ff-wiwfffynv:'A-ff--.2-:-'rv 11. 1-1 w 'ff u,,,.I:- ,., , hw ,fx L1-J -,W , H 1 Q ,Q , ne-: vf A., ff' gf. f v.'i..w, if g 1- fi.-1 ,Y 5? , -. . Aff' Qahfkifkg-fki5u'il'i'4:11A -f ' 5 Y H ' W-H 'fx A t L.-fl Ikkfiggiff U Z uf N 213,14 1, , P , vv 1 5 s . gk:-W.. . N, . gg 1 Ag, ' 'W W,me+1 ?f1m QM- M , ,,,irvy?:W My J M H :. ' '. 1 'M w4wfm'v, XJMML '1I'V5f3?C,.' V w Wmiie:wf6,'WM,ywmfQi-twA N: X, aff 1,7 51315-.55 ,H -qfyg: .I M' ww AN , ,:,',,.gLg4'l'gQi:1-3WL'f A'mk,fgfF,':g' ,L Q ,I bi , f1.fvi,, ', f'f-fwjygfdqgglipflg, K' 51, H 24 i,'- , -' ,A - ' f la . 531-54 3 , f ' eirgfi- , .. 1 .0:-. Q v f .M 3 . ' , 1 , fx tx if- aww K :Ls .1 'Q 1 3 'L P X SY 'egg WW ,M i 9, 5 e New VVXIX Q'ielvW f hnfv' . ic K. I A x.7'cfSfYW M 45 CHQ of AI-icfQ1 7 I I I . -24 4 e WCG E fm gif! IIA! 4T fi 5 eff! ROY Cam Evlbam, f 1 Q' M 7 - if l l Index l KM 3 Board of Education tl Administration and Secretaries Faculty 1 l 7 Personnel 8-16 Seniors 1 17-24 1-ugh school 9-11 X 25-32 Middle School 6-8 33-34 Who's Who 35-44 Elementary K-5 45-66 Organizations 67-83 Athletics 84-91 Royalty 92-97 Recognition 98-99 Prom Graduation 100-101 Special Recognition Thus year s annual staff would like to dechcate the 1987 88 annual to Gexr B1orkhe1m Ge1r the son of Sverre and Slssel B1orkhelm IS a forelgn and IS currently attendmg Afton Hugh School as a semor Some of Gelr s actlvltnes Include we1ghtl1ftmg F C A and track Genr also plays football where he puts hxs past soccer play mg experience to work In klckmg Gelr IS currently staying wlth Reuben and Colleen Tipton and wlll be returnmg home ID June 913. I' ... . age - . 1 J- L . 1 ' A' . . . , . . ky 5 tx exchange student from Norway , . . ., Board of Education dim. 5 C ,,., , , L to R: Gary Gaines, Memberg Lyle Crane, Vice Presidentg Jerry Chandler, Presidentg Charles Marsh, Clerkg Charles Spurlock, Member Unicorn Style Barn Afton, Okla. 257-5159 3 Leroy Orr Superintendent Theresa Speer Secretary Thomas Dack H S Prmcnpai Gloria McCom H S Secretary Randy Gardner K 8 Pnncipalf Coach Margie Hudson K 8 Secretary Administrations 1- Pat Addington H.S, Math Almeda Carroll 6-7-8 Grades Mary Clogsron 5th Grade Pat Durham EnglishlSocial Studies Carl Forrest Vo-Ag Susanna Franklin Home Ec. Sally Fuser Ist Grade Leslie Gibson 6-7-8 Grades Darla Gossett 3rd Grade Rod Graves 67 8 Grades! Coach Donna Hightower German I Math Nancy Hill 6 7 8 Gradesfbbrarian Lynnette Johnson 6 7 8 Grades Vickie Jones 2nd Grade Teresa Pickens Speech Therapy lno photo avaxlablel Williams Feed Store Afton, Okla 257-4262 Sheila Pickle Remedial Reading Larry Radford Business f Coach Gerald Sergeant U S HistoryfCoach Carol Smith English! Speech Jamie Stewart Intern f 3rd Grade R Dale Sturgeon Band I Music Teacher Nancy Turlington Kindergarten Donna Victor Specxal Educatlon James Warren Am History I Elem P E Carolyn Weaver 4th Grade Joe Tom Weaver C V E T Cynthia West EngllshfYearbook Tracy Wheatley Intern I Bus. I Coach Phyliss Williams Biology ,I English Verda Wright 6-7-8 Grades Facult I wwf WM? uw! JVM 1 Q If , W '41 Personnel fans 055:11 'gggluunn Q. 1 W A -4' 142 X Rosalind Carroll Elem. Aide Angie Speer LibrarylElementary Linda Angien Bus Driver Ronnie Chandler Bus Driver Leroy Schulte Bus Driver Cathy Oakley Supervnsor I Cook Martha Giles OO Fay Long Cook Debbxe Wright Cook Chester Hogan Bob Tinley H S Custoclran Brog Turner Elem Custodnan Mary Kang Elem Aide KNQ Photo Avanlablel Butch Henderson Bus Dnver KNO Photo Available! l L - errlririf C lc v D D A ' J.H. Custodian ,,,, ,nav T . D, N , l f f f N 9 .F l l I 2 6 -ff 1....-.. lx' ' X I wi , Q ' lr l A Carroll's Muffler Afton, Okla. 257 5695 l lllillll if GW TY 25? Qwllw A Sr. Class Officers Pres. Justin Johnson, Vice Pres. Shannon Atchison, Sec, Carla Chandler, Treas. Jeannie Cook Class Flower Rose Class Colors: Rose and Silver . C f? 31 f 2 I' -L Class Motto: What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. ' I .fr D' 4 'L 1: '-gr Carrol 's Auto Parts Afton, Okla. 257-4262 Senior Snaps Break into Dad's closet? , 25 fe 1 When's the wedding? I 0 0 0 Ta-dah 2579 1 V ' 3 Twinkie Twins . . . almost. That's why they call them monkey bars. Ar' I need a drink! 's df' '-Ns. e Min if l l'm Bad! Monday morning. P-. 1 f P 'gf V , Did someone say PARTY? A face only a mother could love. 55 1 Hall bums. We didn't do it. Green Country Cafe Afton, Okla. 74331 257-5140 ' : ,Q ,A f f limi! When Trouble 50 0 Us 'X 55 5 X E 'U s S- Q- ! ff X Y Q I...-em? V .4 Nl . Q .. First Began Quick Stop III Afton, Okla. 257-5544 '-' Senior Who's Whg lux 4 ? 'Q 14 . . . ,s. 1 Q Betty's Dairy Ranch 1. Biggest Party Animal ...... Dawn Wolfe, Randy Gower 2. Biggest Imagination ....... Mike Durham, Debbie Thomas 3. Most Talkative ........... LeaAnn Matlock, John Scott 4. Most Spirited ............ Jeannie Cook, Kenny Kelsey 5. Biggest Flirts ............ Gayle Fisher, Charles Miller 6. Most Likely to Succeed .... Carla Chandler, Justin Johnson 7. Most Mischievous ......... Kookie Summerlin, Kenny Kelsey 8. Most Popular ............ Heather Mendenhall, Charles Miller 9. Best Dressed ............ Janet Lane, Keven Horton 10. Most Talented .......... Chris Woods, Carla Chandler 11. Most Athletic ........... Jeannie Cook, Chris Woods 12. Shyest ................ Dale Powell, Carla Chandler 13. Most Congenial' ......... Gearld Henson, Terri Dorsey 14. Friendliest ............. Gearld Henson, Carla Chandler 15. Mr. and Miss Senior ...... LeaAnn Matlock, Justin Johnson Afton, OK. J . Seniors Mottos: Michelle Adams: Treat people for what they are not how much money they have. Robert Andrae: While some people go to college and set goals, others join the Air Force and achieve them. Shannon Atchison: The best victory is to conquer self. Geir Bjorkheim: My body is for use not abuse! Paula Bliesath: I love them that love me and those that seek me early shall find me. - Proverbs 8:17 Vallarie Borton: What we anticipate seldom occurs: what we least expect generally happens. Carla Chandler: Shyness is a state of mind which can be overcome. Mary Childers: Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. - Galations 6:9 Jeannie Cook: Make the best of what you have because you can't have everything. Brian Davis: The driver is safer when the roads are dry. The roads are safer when the driver is dry. Brad Day: Better late than never! Clinton Deacon: Enjoy your friends while you can 'cause they won't be here forever. Terri Dorsey: Make the most of your life because it's too short to waste away. Mike Durham: Whenever you dream you're holding the key, it opens the door to let you be free. Larry Elliott: The guy that stops on the five yard line to congratulate himself will never make a touchdown. Gayle Fisher: Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true at last there is life and i0v- - Proverbs 13:12 Darla Fry: Some people search around the world to find their happiness but I found mine in the Woods, Justin Johnson: I ain't shy, you just don't know me very well. Kenny Kelsey: For when the one great score comes to write against your name, he writes not that you won or lost but how you played the game. Jerry King: Life goes by fast, if you don't stop to look once in a while you might miss it. Janet Lane: Accept me as I am, only then will we discover each other. Rich Lawson: One nice thing about being imperfect is the joy it brings to others. LeaAnn Matlock: With determination you can become what you want to be. Heather Mendenhall: A faithful friend is a source of strength, and he who has found such a friend has found a treasure. Charlie Miller: Those who follow paths of others are only second best. Dale Powell: My work may not be the best as long as it is my best. John Scott: The greater the obstacle the more glorious the triumph. AS Garrett Spencer: Mosh it up now while it's still here to enjoy. A Brent Sturges: I set out to conquer the world: who tripped me? I SALUTATORIAN Carla Chandler Carla Chandler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Chandler, captured the title of salu- tatorian by maintaining a 3.638 on a 4.0 point grade scale. She has attended Afton Public Schools grades K-12. Carla's warm smile and friendly personality will be deeply missed by her fellow classmates and teachers. VALEDICTORIAN Justin Johnson Justin Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Johnson, received the title of valedictorian. Jus- tin's grade point average was a 3.902 on a 4.0 scale. Justin has attended grades K-12 at Afton Public Schools. He will be not only remembered for his academic abilities but for his leadership qualities as well. Co-SALUTATORIAN Keven Horton Keven Horton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Horton, shares the title of salutatorian with Carla Chandler. Keven holds a 3.805 out of a possible 4.0. Keven's joking manner and pos- itive attitude will long be remembered in Afton High School. Afton High School's 1987-1988 Student handbook attendance requirement states, Those seniors not completing seven semesters at Afton High School but attaining the first or second rank in the class will share the val- edictorian or salutatorian honor with the next highest senior who has satisfied this attendance requirement. Michelle Adams Robert Andrae Shannon Atchison Geir Bjorkheim Paula Bliesath Vallarie Borton Bryce Chandler Carla Chandler U..-r'17 vs--4? Mary Childers Jeannie Cook Brian Davis Brad Day ., f fx Clint Deacon Debra Dooley Terri Dorsey Q Micheal Durham Larry Elliott Gayle Fisher Darla Fry Piclure g Noi Available 's Heath Gibson Randy Gower Gene Harris Gerald Henson ,. . 4- L, 2 : f Todd Hicks Randy Hogan Darla Horner Keven Horton Justin Johnson Kenny Kelsey Jerry King M 435 16 C I , QW Q MM Emi '3 TY -V XX X E Juniors Paula Beck Brad Bryant Frank Buckallew Gregg Carroll Rowdy Cawlfield Bobby Coffman Denise Davis Twila Ford Heather Frost Chad Gibson Keith Gunter Tammy Garrett Dion Griner James Hale Janie Isorn Chad Jones Crystal King Misti Kittrell Paul Kittrell Chris Lemmon Jeff Lewis Wade Lowe Pam Marlow Late again! A . 4,5 'D ' - ,wifi ,.-ns 'K QW , ' 2 A . A ' 'L ' yoke . gm t, K3 W V' 5 V, PN ls: 1. J' f' Q fy -,.- Wm! l ,. i if ' gi , . wg A 41- U W, A4 V, 9-. , l ?' V' ' , it V, o f all To raise money for the prom, the Junior class has sold pizza, spirit towels, and candy bars. We also gave three performan- ces of the play, Wash- ington Never Slept Heref, In addition to this, we sponsored the marriage booth at the Halloween car- nival and held a few dances to help out our cause. L l Bet you can't do this fi L to R Cathy Webb, Presidentg Russ Matthews, Vice Presiclentg Melissa Stratton, Secretaryg Janie lsom, Treasurer. K Q I ' t Nflifw Q, V if is e . it 7,-f x K N emu H Ji, I I v., J gg' e 'Z Q. , 4 I W ,. . 1 A ff 4' Yi. ,V,AA A J Mike's Day N Nite Afton, OK 257-8122 Russ Matthews Melton Minnick Stacy Morrison Melissa Mullin Kenda Myers Louise Poe Danny Price Steve Schulte Steve Sergeant Jan Sharp Lisa Shoemaker Reggie Stone Melissa Stratton Junior Sumby Tracy Vinson Stacy Wade Joe Weaver Cathy Webb Trish Williams Mary Yaws -1 Sophomores Steven Allen Krista Anglen Delana Biddle Amy Blair Angela Blalock Steven Cave Jerry Chandler Maria Chandler Scott Countryman Adam Crane Kristy Cron Melissa Dooley Doris Dougal Gabe Etzel Angelia Franklin Kim Fuser Darrin Fuser Eron Gibson Lil Gibson Warren Giles Wesley Greninger Leslie Helm Thomas Helm ,VCI .. sa ,, fr 3 r ff. r ,Q 4 2' ,KL Z h X 'Z ls . o ll x ! We are innocent. 5 W , ipgwf , 1 ' ' r ' .' 4, 'L h af 5. y vm Us A .' 1.1 , 1 . yy .W 1 . -er l 5 ' ' H ,rlf l l 1,112 .v K ,A H if nnre rrnn h if Q 3 E Sophomores are the age of tricks and games. The pranks and capers are what they play. School work is what they would like to tame. Enjoyment is about this group we say. We use Shake n' Bake. i i 5 , , L 'f 3' 4 2 T iq., a 1 I H AZ 4 , ,, Z ',,', 53 4 f i ii H S. Becky Hogan Travis Horton Amy Johnsen Heather Kaai Jeanna King in , i ,',, ' U Q I 'I , V A ' Z 'f' ' , 1 ' , . , 1 TA , 3' T George Mantooth ,W f ff' i n A mu ii ' Jami Maxwell Q A V ' , Ti - ' Mariana McCartey L 1 f i , I q I ' 'X 1 Jeannie Messimore M I F Kimberly Palmer V -:., fi. f' J, V 4 '-,1, 'f , ,ff if VE 'f I ' , ' 9 4 Jeff Rinehart W , , W Q., V 'QI ?ebra Rgbirts ., , i V ' Q N ,V eremy o erts ' Q ' A , E, ,I ' David Sergeant in iiVV V e A ' , Tana Shelby 4 k '. .I I . M L 'j f ' A , V 1 Gary Simmons V w V LM , , Rosa Strother V g' 1 , - i ' i V V ' Darron Turner in 5 W' ,, V 'A i ? ' V, .v , VVV V Brenda Tomiison , l V , M Kristy Waiton 1. xiii.. V x i Y x X L to R: Kim Fuser, Presidentg Darrin Fuser, Vice Presidentg David Sergeant, Secretaryg Steve Allen, Treasurer. Allison Drug Afton, OK 257-4213 N infh mL Ri5 PfQsideht,iSL1san Johnsong Vibb Pfesideht, Sandy Abkidfig Sbcretary, Malinda Bohannang Tieaiuref, Debbe Miller. sandy Abbott Kim Bird L Malinda Bohakman, Chuck Bbrtoh m Scott,Borton V Desiree Cline Kimberly Griner -Georgia Heaton Darrell Henson L LSusafnL Johnson - 'Sissy Kelsey ' Misty Korur L Magma? Kbscheski Jagsbri Kfbpff 5 ' V A L Jf R. LangleyL L Kfxyia Lawrence Kevin Lewis TerryLeWis 'V Bifemia LinnL f Robeirt Mackey V X xx 'X LQ W L WSP: 'UW L.,, L .,,, ,.-'LL g L LL, s A L T ' - L, LL ,,,.X LW . f N -e' 'lf ' ' 3 L - i? ' Fi 3' H as if - L L 1 X L - L L 2 V f V ' .L EF X A V I P' -9225: f is W- 51--f x ' - 4 vu fa 5 ' ' Wf- L 1 L L J L A ' L V 3 L L Ax if, ff A t, :Zak if 'S as x g K . X ri: .f, ,tw .., . S M1 .N .asv as 1 t ' if A R V i f 5' s' -I f 'Q .Q M, K ty -A xv W 'Impossible to discipline, loud and boist- erous.' These adjectives were used by prev- ious jr. high teachers to describe the fresh- man class. With such a glowing recommendation high school teachers weren't sure what to ex- pectg however, as a sponsor of the freshman class, I found them boist- erous, but willing to cooperate if guided by a firm hand. They are 'the new kids on the block' but they have adjusted very well. Phyliss Williams Are you sure Dr. Johnson started this way? af' In Q- A ra ..,... . kr' Q KE. If it f ' K av-4 XX ,. Q A NN . , t its to Q 1 -vm .. YJ, Beth McHaffie Debbe Miller Ned Myers Daniel Palmer Steven Poe Jacob Roberts Stephanie Schulte John Smith Chris Tinsley Ricky Troutman Brian Turner 1 in 1'-. What's Cool-tin? Is this class over yet? Afton Co-operative Association Afton, OK 257-4201 h ig.. I High School Snaps .. ..., ,F ' , I Hllllil W QXGXQ My Em? -' 11 Eighth Class Officers Treasurer. Angie Adams Stephanie Allen Chris Benge Shawn Buckallew Terry Cook Chad Crane Jason Fuser Chad Gaines Terri Gordineer Jimmy Harper Shanne Helm Crystal Henson Melissa Hester Tracy Horton Eric Johnson Rocky Johnson Carol Lane Angela Larson Allen Messimore Lisa Payne 'Q-8' L to R: Jason Fuser, Presidentg Lori Hester, Vice Presidentg Carol Lane, Secretaryg Crystal Henson 6 4 ' I 4 I , 11 2- , .Q - e l . . fl Us o - ' ' X ' A ll s,nTn X ' r r V ,4 'X fr: 1' ,.,,. ,, ,Q 4 A A he o r , Q V ' in W 9 N v- V ,N an V W ,, D ff X H, , sw mf , , was f ' 1 1 N , rv l K S no l f L. lf no 'IS H4 A J, Z 1 ' A ,, , 5 n.h, . 5 .. ,h is Us A N Nj M , V V , .1466 U 'f' 40 1, . 9 A W- K ' .5 , , l ' la. vt , r A ' i my 44 A pg.- . . 4 . f I ivv . , ' ? W y M h ,, ,rip . ,Q to no fm , I: W A A Pete Rozell Julie Schulte John Smentowski Ernie Shelby Sheila Speer Phillip Story DeAnn Unger Jimmy Wryick Charles Yaws RM Jr. High HAS SPIRIT! Look at me. What a bunch of idiots. The eighth grade class has been very busy this year. In Oc- tober we sponsored the base' ball, football, and basketball throw at the carnival. Our king and queen candidates were Tra- cy Horton and Julie Schulte. To raise money for our graduation, we had a bowl-a-thon in Jan- uary. By the end of this year, we hope to have enough money for a nice graduation and a class trip. Sergeanfs Angels l hope she doesnlt notice mel Afton American Afton, OK 257-4231 T Seventh Ryan Atchison Charles Beck Patrick Beehler Jason Carroll Jamie Chancellor Allen Colvard Donald Colvard Melissa Countryman Angie Ellias Jason Etzel Jared Puser Regina Griner P, J. Hargis Tom Hubbard Sherman Lowe , lr g 5 iir E .. A efl .- 1 3 kk ', -- A 1 'rr.L M .. - L 4, 1 'T ' is ww L it . E., . wx 'Q ii xx 5 ' 'Q vs. -.,-- ls. .. .,.,. I -13-15555 lo 5 X , . X 3 Hfiiiiiizs l .... ,1 - . ws X K is Q x X 2 iz A QS I N 28 N if The seventh grade could be N considered a time of transition. It is a time when boys begin to notice girls, and girls begin to notice clothes. This year the sev- enth graders are beginning to take on some of the responsi- bilities that they will be facing in high school. They sold balloons and suckers at the carnival. As a representative of the class, Nenth Oakely won the Ottawa County essay contest. y,5i,, .sf 4 Si I if , Class Officers -- L to R: President,,Jason Etzelg Vice President, Neneth Oakleyg Secretary, Melissa Countrymang Reporter Levi Schroeder. V1 ,.,, i -,'f,QW fa' srr.r W W ZW? f f fl . i -at rf Y Bassett's Grocery Afton, OK 257-5267 Lance Marsh Tim McFarlane Terry Miller Michelle Myers Neneth Oakely Kathy Parish Audrey Pilkington Jonathon Saylor Levi Schroeder Charley Selsor Scot Story Tiffany Talbot Bob Yaws William Yaws Cindy Benge Heather Braden Kevin Cron Micheal Davis Thomas Eighmy Jake Frost Jason Gibson Josh Gibson Shanna Harton Lenny Jetmund Cathy Lynn Leslie Malone Sammi Messimore Sixth K, W Yi : f-:vi R' x W 1 1 RV 'S' I r,e..u I LL l +r1,,..,,,by 2 Class Officers - L to R: President, Cathy Lynn Vice President Leslie Malone Secretary Jason Gibson Treasurer Wendy Shelby. The sixth grade class leaves behind the elementary scene. We now enjoy changing classes every hour. If one teacher gets mad at us, it can only last one hour. We really like having our own sched- ules and changing rooms, We also have lockers now to keep up with at the first w of school. Lockers, schedules and the salad bar. 'l'hat's really a big deal to us. We also have basketball again. This year's been lots of fun, Each year just keeps getting better. as s-'c - i N r, , .X . I A . t N , Scott McCleary t . A 1 A -.xL zsg - g - Uriah McHaffie t -. Q- b y i t . V 1- Jason Miller it In 'N - 4 - R A it ' it Q Kelli Troutman ' ' ' 1 'W ' ' 't ' .Q Amy Tipton . 4 . i - K x , X , Eddie Stotts Q' 'W iil Wendy Shelby g AV 9 Q April Shaw i H 5 Matthew Riley N Q gk Mike Reynolds Chris Parrett Cody Parish . ' . ,- Dons Super Market Fairland, OK. 676-3240 Middle School Snaps N : L -' UNDERCLASSMAN WHO'S WHO z..-an . dr Jan Sharp and Keith Gunter were chosen Biggest Flirts' lpic. ill by the Junior class. Jan likes to play the piano and was manager of the boys, basketball team. Keith is the manager of the football team and plays the drums. The Sophomore class chose Debra Roberts and Gabe Etzel as their Most Creative students. lpic. 021 Debra is the daughter of Danny and Kay Roberts. Gabe is the son of John and Sandra Etzel. Sandy Abbott and Steve Poe represent the Fresh- man class for Best Personality. lpic. +tf3l Fairland Lumber Fairland, Okla. 676-3240 -1 Middle School Who's Who Carol Lane and Jimmie Wyrick were chosen L'Most Talkativen by the eighth grade. Carol is a jr. high cheerleader and secretary of her class. Jimmie is active in football, Weightlifting, and track. lpic. all Tiffany Talbot and Jared Fuser were chosen as the seventh grade's Most Giggly students. Tiffany plays basketball and runs track. Jared is a member of Afton's 4-H club. fpic. aif2l The sixth grade chose Amy Tipton and Jake Frost to represent their category Most Mischievousf' Amy is a cheerleader, twirler, and a member of the 4- H club. Jake plays basketball and belongs to Afton's 4-H club also. fpic. 4St3l illlilif 955242 9 Qdwol W fl! I l,, , I l gl I I I I I Fifth Mark Adams Jason Blalock Brian Blythe Courtney Cannon Tomi Countryman Allison Crane Chris Dooley Mark Dunbar Connie Eighmy Jonathan Elkins Brandon Elliott Colby Fuser Jennifer Fuser Cassie Gardener Wesley George Kimberly Hale Kimberly Huffman Penny Jetmund Melissa Johnson Troy King Tony Kittrell Russell Manning Erika Marsh Tara McCoin Benjamin Oakley Kimberly Poe Becky Rice Rebecca Rinehart Shawn Ryan Rebecca Slusher Kimberly Stafford Holly Tipton Jackie Wilkins ' mass ' uiiefiii if-Ei if 4-A .:.' 15, th 'till' - My ..,, ' ,lx E i . 5 lsr' 5 . .vol mx 'E ,N Q, 4 , B- vb Q- Qi ' B as L i 1 - ola W Q - i' . yi sili. . N 1 A' h l . 1 , . V if T . . fe- K . 4 ef BF' 'll . -4- v-B' .. ii X I Q , ll 1 Q 4 it to f E ' Y A ... A ff 5 - Q 'ln Qs 4' K .. ls ' 1 V Y V r X , ,ig , X L r ' n i ll E thi -WV tw. Q .q. , ' B I 33 B h i lll i so i was Q- , - - 1, 'Q , Q ff ,.... - ' ,tm N- L , t ,. 1 -. -Mil- The fifth grade class raised the most money for the carnival. Their candidates, Kim Poe and Brandon Elliott, were crowned grade school King and Queen. The fifth grade students also received a free pizza party , cv x 3 if 'le oss' Q U- -af -i +L -assess my its C 3 xxx Q R T W s X05 Ii .f' B rw Q -it for reading seven books per month from Oct. to Feb, W K msgs Q 3 X x x l ' Sf tr 1 l i K 425: 5 1 N we iw Q ri an sk L W gi X i is Q if fi by ' lx so :W - Fourth .e - - Inl U ..- -1-2 1 .K 5 . git- '- Cory Ayers Carrie Benge Rachel Cole . w u Crystal DOOIGV 1 A -ft N x,,. Mad' -1 f' ' QQ I R Carrie Elkins m Heath Gaines Q , ' Jenifer George Kayla Griner Kelli Harper Amanda Howard Cassie Jones Blaine Kunkler Tonya Kittrell The fourth grade class participated in several fund raising activities this year. ln October the students sold raffle tickets, candy, and cookies for the school carnival. They even had a Hop-a-Thonf' Crystal Dooley won the Spelling Bee championship which enabled her to compete in Missouri. N 2 Mindi Malone ' A' ...M rv- ff ,T M Adam McFarlane , , W- - ' W 'is ' Brenda Payne --,.- Q 1 TT T , T Cory Payne , ' K . 1 , . T f i ' t, T' Q 'Ji' f5?v',JHi7 1-' 1 -Q ' Q: ,. .57 , it ltl it Angi Phelps t ,X If Lt 5, T Kim Sanders ,V i 2- i Charlotta Selsor T 4 A Olivia Simmons g ui sv V it -my Tosha Turley ,- 5 Lk A ,. -f 7 H is xl'i V T A H f Misty Trimble P x Li .s all Brianna Williams - ' 'W 'F Steven Williams ' 1' . Lahoma Yaws T - . , ' , Willie Yaws . .13-L' . Q -,za :.::::- -n - - . - . ' 'W Lorene's Restaurant Fairland, OK 676-3953 1 Third Becky Allison Josh Atkinson Christina Browning Shelly Burleson Niki Cannon Amy Carroll Kristy Chandler Cody Cook Charles Frost Sheila Gibson ,1 cv ' ,V 3 1 , k Fi lm.. ' ,V .V f f , - I V A V - ,aww . ,i g , rtti i 2 , , x y W W mar A llf A 52 ' ' 1 ' z , A iii ,Si m , K ,, , 5 ,, ff 1 M NW!! r or Q iiii i ii , i i , r ., ' ,, , 1, : uf . ,l,, N , vi ,M r y r i t f it li ' iti - A A ,,.i, t i. ln li r , Xffivwgq AVZV I .Q 1 A I ZW' vi A ' I et '. fi 'N Y' I at N kg s 1 ' ' , 2 Ego 5 I A gli, lg v fl' I '.-1 L' f - it ' 1 K gr The third grade of 1987-88 has been a remarkable class. They are a group of well behaved, polite and bright children. I have enjoyed so much having them in my room, and l look forward to seeing them progress through the years! Darric Griner Andy Hilton Gingalea King Micheal Korb Kandi McHaffie Heather Parrett Amanda Pilkinton Kevin Poe Jenifer Smentowski - Not Pictured - Amanda Blair Amanda Mitchell w 'M Y 'i'-r'ii if V, ,. -5 if My .W y A i X ' ,fi i.. 4. I f I Mrs. Gossett f fi iirraartir, r ay iii , 2 I C ie nl 5 - Second , QI W N ie , X ' - , i f H' ., L N V L , V 6 rf ' fa,' g. H .fs fm., it vifg ,, on we as , , L I , 1 -v X , ' Q 0 fix fi, v E ,Q I 'Q , S 'f 'x ,, I ri ,r , f' x ,ff f al' an - -fe, ,, -fn, f te fir f ,5 -M, -me fn U- lm' , , ', 94 or T tlts 44 7 .f, 'Q qXN v CT Western Silhouette H: .f fl . , L i it H f . v- A i . 2 , T f 4' ,,. L 2, eww' 9 ,,, La g . .. to ,,,- :wen ', ,. , ' , , . in g qmz v - J! Y ' ,ff I 'Q ip. ,.i,,.,, W,., if -we My I -W ., T 1 The second grade has been doing some creative writing. The stories were displayed in the hall for others to read. The children en- joyed the aquarium, hamsters, and gerbils. 2 Y ,T we in i V 4, 3 ,W , WY' ' ' f at , 'li 'C f , -an W3 tx 2 f A 'Y Q ff V ,ff , i I , I, J il 'V M, Q V Fairland, OK 676-3970 Allison Adams Lisa Barton Brian Blanton April Blythe April Braden Jimmy Coffman Danny Colvarcl Eric Crane Shawn Hilton Trena Horton Trent Horton George Hubbs Latisha Johnson Ginny Malone Matt Marsh Alicia Miller Melissa Miller Scott Mitchell Tabby Phelps Jenny Rice Cris Smentowski Jason Speer Matt Tipton Sara Turner - FIRST Josh Ball Ricky Barton Ashley Blanton Billie Collins Carl Combs Leroy Deacon Shelly Dicesare Chase Gaines Zach Gardner Ronny Hilton Danny Kittrell Michael Lawson ff s 'h st' . r f S A . . .W f s K Y We Q 'msn K . il Jr-sv i 5 fi rf' bf -- . K Q HEY, Y A .. A ' . S. f 'Er f' ' g ' We it tg K A , 'J' r' w 4 Q A 3 The first grade this year is a Special one. My students will tell you they are Smart and special first graders. I am really amused at their vivid imaginations. They love to share their many exciting experiences. The best thing of all about all of them is their love for reading. Each morning every reading group wants to go first - isn't that great! Molly Panther Alex Parish Joey Phelps Jimmie Rexwinkle Nora Rinehart Beau Rosenberry Derek Sanders Travis Schroder Cassy Stewart Dallas Thomas Jeremiah Trimble Shandi Turley Sally Fuser gig, g ,Rim 3 ..t.isff X ti ' I to I s ,.:gt A , l uv, 'si ' an t,,,t.,..i.t . is 'wmv D i U .5 v- ' ff 5 it 1 ' an wifi 81, 5 Q 7 1 Q 'S -f as .e I Sf' if-24 ki mr: A Sq ,Assn-+ Q if a , .... X .Q Kindergarten X user. 1 X k , A 0 , HSM :SESS :?-: T3 .. , 0 lll llil 0 rrse s ' ' Q ' i es -, ..11 s 0 1 Pf1UlA11iS0f1 44 , r g .rc . Q r ylli is s Delanie Baird A , 0 'lt fi 5 - Q i A .g l 2 3 Shannon Barton al ' i f' izif 3 ,Q Browning Ify ,A , li' - 'E'i ' -5A L r g ' A David Chandler : I L.4Z: 3 N' - fiIN,..-- ' Q, ' 1 1 ' '1 v s s 0 r sssr rit es . .L:1..,LL , I NR H hxzt A x l Z x K 'ffi ,k.V . , Michelle Clogston A 'S ,A Barbara Coffman 1 , ,k Colt Collins Q X- A Toni Cundiff A 35 i f fnl -VAA f Q Dustin Dicesare Mark Dugen s Jeffrey Goins Katherine Heeny Brett Hightower This year's Kindergarten class has been a very special group of boys and girls. They've enjoyed a world of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, hamsters, and goldfish. They've learned to share, to play fair, to wash their hands before they eat and to love one another. They've learned the Pledge of Allegiance, the days of the week and they've developed some school spirit. They've dressed as cowboys, Indians, pioneers and acted out nursery rhymes and fairy tales. These boys and girls will be the last graduating class of the 20th century, the class of 2000 . . . Nancy Turlington 0 illi ' llii t Carrie Hoipkemier gf X i 'A ' K L Il' Ceri Landrum f V , xl lr! J 2 1' s Buck Marsh is A A ., ir. A ' 1 Q Christina Miller s ' W -ff L . K 1- in . 5 1 ., 1 :kk K kk I KLV h 1 Llkkiy . to 5 - i '- f r , ,wrg 'f ' . I ? if l reee ,ei,iiii,r 3 131 r r l l 4' rw.: I I 7 ' ,.. ,r ilsi 1 I I: r,,. ,,,, z , , f l ',, E V an M C-4 C- L. if 5. 5' in of 9 3? E 5 9 - -- 3 5 B sw to co Q, cz m eu :s N 3 .... 6, N ,. 3 :L cu .-. :: 2 2 eu V' 91 -+ Q ... ,... 'C -4 ,..i U7 Q Orc 5 ? -3 -3 D' -3' 9- no 2 D' 5 w s as Q 9- m r- 3 B g, :S -vs O Q m Q U .0 :s 5- .-. -. :s 'C cm 2 fb 2 E. K 'V CD Belks Dept. Store Miami, Okla. 542-8491 T K-5 SNAPS Q r mwwv-M-wwmw ww vi 3 A li x ,Q E ,J l . ,Q1,m5'fg1Q1 sffggi Eu , , , 7 , , 4 i A K Nm. as ffw .. sg .,., 42 5QQ.,,fffi,.f-,K K Grade School Who's Who 5th Grade ,.,. , . . 4th Grade .,,. ..,,, 3rd Grade ..,. .,.. 2nclGrade... 1stGrade,.. Kindergarten .,.. ...., .Most Bashful . . . Most lnquisitive . Most Imaginative . . . . . . Most Talkative . Most Helpful , , . Sweetest a.m. , . Sweetest p.m. . . Wal-Mart Miami, Okla. 918-542-6654 Kimberly Stafford Wesley George Charlotta Selsor Corey Ayres Heather Parrett Charles Frost Tabby Phelps Jimmy Coffman Cassie Staurt Beau Roseberry Carrie Hoipkemeir David Chandler Michelle Clogston Buck Marsh School Snaps 1 ii i -2-P-'::.. - ., . ,-ai ang m,, If D 'Y' S 3 E -ni. V zi W .. J 1 im 5 ,W. b M H+ Q- hz M if i Q in .. ,, .. .. . L if . , g T' 1 M.-L R. 5 L K 4-.M -E , ' I ,Z i r T ' ASM 1 Q ' ' VE W ,, , 1-fu, SN S-.MS N- xx ' N 1 F 4' f,7? v 1 W' -Q W --.. , i X . 2 ne gi - N L ' ,7'A, .1 XFX 1 -' - ' M 14-T df V X afw i R k - . 5 nf K .L K t Us . - K I , K - ., S .Q , -..W.., ,. ,. 13. LYIIL, V A R 0 ,XQQXQ Oggbmfkiauj 4 Jr. High Cheerleaders 'mmm' WA! We X z W9 4UmMll9Wl'5' Top to Bottom, L to R Mnchelle Myers, Mehssa Countryman, DeAnna Unger, Terr: Gordlneer, Juhe Schulte Carol Lane, Lon Hester ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,W,,,y ,,:: ,, ,.,.w,,. ':z:,,f , , I--ww M- M q ' . if V+ ' , ' ,r r r V 1 r , ee 7 - wi ,ff r. V i ' M X1 B. f V- 3 Q 3 . A X , 1 Varsity Cheerleaders Right, T to B: Kim Palmer, Janet Lane, Kristy Cron, Melissa Dooley, Jeannie Messimore, Melissa Mullin. N Janet Lane, the Senior cheerleader, is the daughter of Ronnie and Shirley Lane. In school she has been not E only involved in cheerleading, but also holds the title of Yearbook Queen, chosen as Best Dressed for the Seniors' Who's Who, Scholastic All American, Honor Roll, Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents, and chorus. B8zB Auto Supply Miami, Okla. 542-5515 - Eagle Varsity Band Dale Sturgeon, Band Directorg Carla Chandler, Majorette. lst Row: Debbe Miller, Angi Blalock, Marie Chandler, Amyt Blair, Frian Turner, Regina Griner. 2nd Row: Jason Fuser, Sheila Speer, James Schulte, Sandy Abbott, Tim McFarlane. 3rd Row: Steven Poe, Susan Johnson, Ricky Troutman, Pete Rozell, Paula Bliesath, Chris Benge, Jody Myers. Pres. Paula Bliesath V. Pres. Carla Chandler Sec. Maria Chandler Treas. Sandy Abbott Rep. Debbe Miller Representative Jason Fuser 48 -' JR. HIGH BAND AND GRADE SCHOOL BAND S, '.-D 11 I5 l J 'F' ' 'G 9' .,.D,g C D C T to B: Dale Sturgeon, Director, Kevin Crom, Jason Carrol, Sherman Lowe, Jared Fuser, Tim McFarlane, Jason Miller, Regina Griner. Eddie Stots John Saylor, Ryan Atchison, Mathew Riley, Jason Gibson, Cindy Benge, Sammie Messimore, Tommy Amy, Terry Miller, Tiffany Talbot, 1 . F -mfs-W T to B: Dale Sturgeon, Director, Jackie Wilkins, Chris Dooley, Colby Fuser, Wesley George, Bengi Oakley, Troy King, Sean Ryan, Jennifer Fuser Allison Crane, Rebecca Slusher, Kim Hale, Kim Stafford, Kim Poe. Tera McCoin, Cassie Gardner, Courtney Cannon. Miami l.G.A. Miami, OK 542-5251 49 -1 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President Heather Mendenhall V. President Reggie Stone Secretary Maria Chandler Treasurer Charlie Miller 'N .- MVXQWVLQN6 MEMBERS T to B: Melissa Mullin, Ricky Troutman, Sissy Kelsey, Jer- ry Chandler, Carol Smith ,Spon., Heather Mendenhall, Reggie Stone, Maria Chan- dler, Charlie Miller. 50 - A CLUB 1' ANNUAL STAFF Miami Sales Miami, OK 542-6693 L to Rg T to B: Kayla Law- rence, Susan Johnson, Tracy Vinson, Amy Johnson, Jeana King, Sissy Kelsey, Michelle Koscheski, Trish Williams, Louise Poe, Melissa Stratton, Rebecca Hogan, Darla Fry, Jeannie Cook, Lea Matlock, Larry Radford - Spon, L to R, B to T: C. West -- Spon., Janet Lane, Dawn Wolfe, Terri Dorsey, Rowdy Cawlfield, Stacy Morrison, Jan Sharp, Misii Kittrell, Me- lissa Mullin, Lisa Shoemaker, Paula Beck, Charlie Miller, June Isom, Geir Bjorkhiem, Kenny Kelsey, Frank Buck- allew, 5 - SCIENCE CLUB Officers L to Rg T to B: Phyllis Wil- liams - Spon., Kevin Horton, Kristy Cron, Stacy Wade, John Scott, Kim Fuser, Jeannie Messimore Members T to B, L to R: Phyllis Wil- liams - Spon., Jan Sharp, Jane lsom, Angie Blalock, Warren Giles, Stacy Wade, John Scott, Kim Fuser, Je- annie Messimore, Kristy Cron, Kevin Horton. -' SCIENCE CLUB SNAPS ALIIJPQ PROM THEN? ANHYIJRIUFQ Cui 'Q .Q CWS Digi I Q Ol ,Wm FRESH. YUM C X Q SINE! CWS Y -1 Amos C couuggrons WWW ELECTRICQTY Sooner Printing Miami, OK 540-2422 - FCA B to T, L to R: Randy Gar- dener - Spon., Tracy Vin- son, Shannon Atchison, Jerry Chandler, Eron Gibson, Le- Ann Matlock, Darron Turner, Geir Bjorkheim, Steven Al- len, Daniel Palmer, Reggie Stone, Clinton Deacon, Garry Simmons, Rowdy Cawifield, Jami Maxwell, Charlie Miller, Jeannie Cook, Steve Ser- geant, Frank Buckallew, Lou- ise Poe, Trish Williams, Russ Mathews, Kevin Horton, Da- vid Sergeant, Adam Crane, Wes Greninger, Warren Giles, Keith Gunther, Darren Fuser, Larry Elliott, Kenny Kelsey, Darla Fry, Chris Woods, Brian Turner, Geath Gibson, Scott Countryman, Travis Horton, John Smith. -'- TH CLUB B to T5 L to R: Shannon Atch- ison, Tracy Vinson, Janie Isom, Pat Addington - Spon., Maria Chandler, Kevin Horton, Carla Chan- dler, Jeannie Cook, Jerry Chandler, Amy Johnson, Me- lissa Mullin, Paula Bliesath, Garrett Spencer, Jarni Max- well, Rebecca Hogan, Kencla Myer, Louise Poe, Trish Wil- liams, Reggie Stone, Kim Fuser, Russ Mathews, Wes- ley Greninger, Reggie Stone, Mike Durham, Eron Gibson. - DR MA CLUB A-H ., N Nqj X is 5 R, sw 'Y Officers L to R, B to T President Kevin Horton Vice President Stacy Wade Secretary Melissa Mullin Treasurer Stacy Morrison Sponsor Carol Smith Parliamentarian Jeannie Cook Historian Tracy Vinson Reporter Janie lsom Members B to Tg I. to R: Gerald Hen- son, Kevin Horton, Stacy Wade, Melissa Mullins, Stacy Morrison, John Scott, Pam Marlow, Carol Smith -- Spon., Tracy Vin, Reggie Stone, Jeannie Cook, Jane lsom, Adam Crane, Warren Giles, Jami Maxwell, Eron Gibson, Gabe Etzel, Steven Allen, Darron Turner, Travis Horton, Scott Countryman, Paula Bliesath, Terri Dorsey, Jerry King, Jeremy Roberts, Darrin Fuser, Tina Shelby, Marlana McCarty, Angie Blalock, Heather Kaal, Rob- ert MacKey. -1 SENIOR HIGH STATE HO OR SOCIETY - B to T1 L to R: Wesley Grin- inger, Jeannie Cook, Misty Korb, Desiree Cline, Rich Lawson, Garret Spencer, Carla Chandler, Kevin Horton, Dale Powell, Justin Johnson, Melton Minnick, Melissa Mullin, Kim Fuser, Jeannie Me-sssimore, Jami Maxwell, Amy Johnson, Georgia Heaton, Kim Griner, Angie Blalock. - JR. HIGH HO OR SOCIETY B to T, L to R: Jason Gibson, Crystal Henson, Jimmy Harper, Chris Benge, Regina Griner,.Tlffany Talbot, Amy Tipton, Jason Etzel, Levi Schroder. -' RDS W 1. Georgia Heaton Creative Writing 2, Jeannie Messimore English 3. Susan Johnson Creative Writing 4. Kim Fuser and Rebecca Hogan Typing 5. Bobby Coffman Math 6, Paula Beck and Tracy Vinson History 7. Frank Buckallew Yearbook 8. Jan Sharp and Steve Sergeant History Williams Jewelry Miami, OK 542-3237 '-' GRADE SCHOOL 4 H Pres. Colby Fuser, Vo Pres Rebecca Slusher Sec Jennifer Fuser Rep Chris Dooley Reps Heath Games Mind: Malone F to B, L to R: Colby Fuser, Rebecca Slusher, Jennifer Fuser, Chris Dooley, Heath Gaines, Mindi Malone, Kelly Harper, Alisson Crane, Cassie Jones, Rebecca Rice, Cassie Gardner, Erika Marsh, Me- lissa Johnson, Carrie Benge, Yahoma Yaws, Connie Amy, Steven Williams, Rachel Cole, Tonya Kit- trell, Jennifer George, Misty Trim- ble, Tosha Turley, Bengi Oakley, Willy Yaws, Tony Kittrell, Steven Adams, Cory Aryes, Adam McFar- land, Wesley George, Troy King. SR. 4-H B to T5 L to R: Jason Fuser - Treas., Adam Crane A Rep., Jami Maxwell - Sec., Kim Fuser A V. Pres., Stacy Wade - Pres., Shawn Buckallew, Eric Johnson, Chad Gaines, Terry Cook, Phillip Story, Jason Carroll, Tom Amy, Ryan Atchison, - JR. HIGH 4-H B to T3 L to R: Lance Marsh, Jason Etzel, Melissa Countryman, Jason Gibson, Jason Frost, Jared Fuser, April Shaw, Tim McFarlan, Leslie Malone Kathy Linn, Scott Story, Willy Yaws, Tom Eighmy, Lenny Jetman. Security Bank and Trust Co. Miami, OK 542661 - CVET Officers T to B5 L to R: V. President Thomas Helm Reporter Larry Sunby Sponsor Joe Tom Weaver President Jeff Rhinehart Treasurer Paul Kittrell Secretary Steve Shulte Members L to R5 T to B: Rick Trout- man, Jacob Roberts, Jason Kro, Jeremy Roberts, Kevin Lewis, Thomas Helm, Jr. Sunby, Joe Tom Weaver -- Spon., Scott Borton, FR. Langley, Darrell Henson, Charles Borton, Leslie Helm, Jeff Rhinehart, Paul Kittrell, Steve Schulte. -1 CVET SNAPS . QW! -'W-I-nusuqym Q N .. fr' 6, as-Q.,--N. Software Center Miami, OK 542-6198 Q 4 i: ,- ,E -FF 2: . T to B, L to R: Chad Jones, Larry Elliot, Justin Johnson, Jerry Chandler, Wade Lowe, Mr. Forrest, Spon.g Randy Hogan Steve Allen Dale Powell Joe Weaver Garry Simmons, Wes Greninger, Jeff Lewis, Greg Carroll, Melissa Stratton, Jami Maxwell, Darrin Fuser Daniel Palmer Steve Cave Eron Gibson Jeannie Cook, Gabe Etzel. Justin Johnson, Afton senior and son of Lekoy and Connie Johnson, was awarded FFA's Star Farmer. Since first donning his blue and gold FFA jacket, Justin set for himself the goal of becoming a state Star Farmer. During the past four years his list of accomplishments include: Star Greenhand, Chapter Farmer and State Farmer. Those achievements propelled him on to the district competition where he was named Northeast District Star Farmer. And out of the five district Star Farmers, Justin was chosen as the best of the best. Courtesy of Farm Talk Vol. 15, No. 16 FFA SN APS Rickmans Frames and Photo Miami, OK 542-9296 1- FHA Officers L to R, T to B: President Heather Mendenhall V, President Gayle Fisher Secretary Heather Frost Treasurer Cathy Webb Parliamentarian Stacy Wade Historian Janie lsom Chaplain Shannon Atchison MEMBERS L to R3 T to B: Desiree Cline, Susan Johnson, Kathy Lewis, Stephanie Schulte, Sandy Abbott, Debbie Miller, Val- larie Borton, Amy Johnson, Lisa Shoemaker, Paula Beck, Kim Fuser, Stacy Morrison, Susanna Franklin - Spon., Stacy Wade, Janie lsom, Shannon Atchison, Tracy Vinson, Heather Men- denhall, Gayle Fisher, Heath- er Frost, Cathy Webb, Brian Turner. FHA Snaps E lL r :ww 3 .. se:- fg fi! X l . . 2 - -as , , . i K' 3 . Cathy Webb Heather Mendenhall LeRoy Schulte Sandy Abbott Tracy Vincent Brian Turner Amy Joynson Heather Mendenhall Heather Frost Shannon Atchison Susan Johnson Jacob Roberts Mrs. Franklin Mrs. Franklin Desiree Cline I grit: i S s V8zV Drug Vinita, OK 256-7505 gg. ORTHEAST Vo TECH AM B to T5 L to R: Vallerie Borton, Stacy Wade, Paula Beck, Gregg Carroll, Todd Hicks, Jeff Lewis, Brad Bryant, Heath Gibson, James Thompson, Wade Lowe, Randy Hogan, Rowdy Cawlfield, Chris Woods, Dion Griner. Vo-TECH B to Tg L to R: Debbie Thomas, Kookie Summerlin Cathy Webb, Crystal King, Twila Ford, Pam Marlow, LeaAnn Matlock, Michelle Adams, Darla Horne, Heather Frost, Delana Biddle, Darla Fry, Rich Lawson, Robert Andrae, Gene Harris. HHH 'Qiiffi A z-Maw W Varsity Football '-T? ,,l ,Z 8 ..,? ff' ffl: fx Lu'-831,53 7, ' '75s We M ,L Q wh l aney ? -N-' if A fe fi g K A ' 4 3 1 ,I W . W 1 , X N M r - - 1:-fha . ' ,-A .1, H T to B, L to R: Coaches - Larry Radford, Gerald Sergeant, Rod Graves, Randy Gardener, Players: Brian Turner, Daniel Palmer, Jacob Roberts, Travis Horton, Steve Cave, Manager, Keith Gunter, Wes Grenlnger, Wade Lowe, Garry Simmons, Tom Helm, Darron Turner, Jeremy Roberts, David Sergeant, Darrin Fuser, Rowdy Cawfield, Adam Crane, Frank Buckallew, Steve Sergeant, Scott Countryman, Reggie Stone, Eron Gibson, Steven Allen, Larry Elliot, Jerry King, Shannon Atchison, Clinton Deacon, Kenny Kelsey, Heath Gibson, Charlie Miller, Geir Bjorkheim, Chris Woods, Mike Durham. E IOR FOOTBALL PL YERS ibgkiml K . . Charlie Muller lleftl Mike Durham lbelowl Fi , Y '1 -QR: J -Q lr wk-. 2 J 4 ul! P 4QN'f' x 5 . v -. . Mzwfl.. . 'I N 4,sgZ kbs! , wk .il F . 3 if V. , 'N V'---W. -Y. ,-ala, ?3i5 xfmv1,s'?-'GRN 4 if vim 'Y zggydp V ' Geir Bjorkheim lleftl fi 5 .1 V Kenny Kelsey .jg Nw 1 Lx O Larry Elliott lno photol .tail '-. WM- '1 1. -f , , WALMART VINITA, OK 256-7505 Mw- 'l Q, 'v 4. u w 69 SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Heath Gibson Clinton Deacon Chris Woods Jerry King 4 JR. HIGH FOOTBALL T to B5 L to R: Mr. Sergeant, Jason Etzel, Ernie Shelby, Ryan Atchison, Chris Benge, Jason Carroll, Allen Messimore, John Smentowski, Sherman Lowe Tim McFarlane, Jamie Chancellor, Lance Marsh, Shane Helm, Charles Selsor, Tom Hubbard, Terry Miller, Jimmy Wyrick, Phillip Story, Jimmy Harper Terry Cook, Tracy Horton, Chad Crane, Jason Fuser, Chad Gains, James Schulte. .ag WLAL i x. Liyyb K A. 'E W ..,f-- C.L.A.S.S. Vinita, OK 334-3533 71 VARSITY GIRLS BASKETB LL CJ! ' !5 1'4 +-t x 5 O fy, fwk J R or se F to BQ L to R: Jeana King, Rebecca Hogan, Darla Fry, Jeannie Cook, Crystal King, Sissy Kelsey, Heather Frost, Kim Fuser, Melissa Stratton, Jami Maxwell Coach Gerald Sergeant, Amy Johnson, Susan Johnson, Louise Poe, Lil Gibson, Trish Williams, Coach Radford. 72 Senior Jeannie Cook Senior Darla Fry ARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL ,J l X Q 5 i fi! Q X Eg rj Q3 AUX, H 1, Q UU BBBB g F to B, L to R: Coach Gardner, Rowdy Cawfield, Brent Sturges, John Scott, Jerry Wayne Chandler, Chris Woods, Warren Giles, Steve Sergeant, Kenny Kelsey, Frank Buckallew, Larry Elliott, Coach Graves, Scott Countryman, Reggie Stone, David Sergent, Eron Gibson, Travis Horton. Vinita. Jewelry Shoppe Vinita, OK 256-3394 xlllfg 73 l +55 +50 S8zB Sports Shop Vinita, OK 1. Larry Elliott 2. Chris Woods 3. Brent Sturges 4. John Smith 5. Kenny Kelsey Afton seniors Jeannie Cook and Kenny Kelsey were chosen to play in the Grand Lake O' The Cherokee All Star Classic basketball game, FRESHMAN GIRLS BASKETBALL if lug B to T, L to R: Kayla Lawrence, Sissy Kelsey, Susan Johnson, Michelle Koscheski, Stephanie Allen, DeAnna Unger, Angela Larson, Mr. Sergeant, Crystal Henson, Terri Gordineer, Julie Schulte, Lori Hester, Lisa Payne, Carol Lane. Q 'K' ' A B to T, L to R: Brian Turner, Daniel Palmer, Kevin Lewis, Robert Mackey, Jon Smith, Steven Poe, Jacob Roberts, Mr. Graves. 76 -7th 8z 8th GIRLS A D BOYS BASKETBALL - 1 ah- 'g' 3 t 4. fx N--1, .SSL B to T, L to R: Carol Lane, Terri Gordineer, Lisa Payne, Crystal Henson, Melissa Countryman, DeAnna Unger, Coach Sergeant, Angela Larson, Tiffany Talbot, Julie Schulte, Lori Hester, Stephani Allen. Q B to T5 L to R: Jason Carroll, Terry Cook, Terri Miller, Shane Helm, Jason Fuser, Chad Crane, Jimmy Harper, Tracy Horton, Eric Johnson, Rocky Johnston, Tom Hubbard, Charlie Selsor, Tim McFarland, Levi Schroder, Coach Graves, Sherman Lowe, Lance Marsh, Jason Etzel, Jared Fuser. Draper's Clothes Vinita, OK 256-2780 77 SENIOR HIGH TRACK N 5 J px A R I A I ,. C C J X t 'J' - 'A ' I 1 E. A f ,Lg X L J 'Rfk' B to T3 L to R: Larry Elliott, Eron Gibson, Shannon Atchinson, Charlie Miller, Kenny Kelsey, Coach Sergeant, Frank Buckallew, Garrett Spencer, Jerry King, Steve Sergeant, Clinton Deacon, Darron Truner, David Sergeant, Geir Bjorkheim, Brian Turner, Darren Fuser, Robert Mackey, Coach Gardner, Paula Beck, Kevin Horton, Brent Sturges, Warren Hiles, Steven Allen, Travis Horton, Adam Crane, Rowdy Cawlfield. 04,5 A C2 ' T' 1, xigty x B to T, L to R: Michelle Koscheski, Sissy Kelsey, Lil Gibson, Jeana King, Kristy Cron, Amy Johnson, Kim Fuser, Kayla Lawrence, Coach Radford, Jeannie Cook, Trish Williams, Jami Maxwell, Darla Fry, Susan Johnson, Jeannie Messimore. 78 The Afton High School Boys track team has shown great improvement and character. Afton is a 1A Class school and the first two meets at N.E.O. and Kansas, Okla. we competed against the larger 3A Class schools and under, said Coach Gerald Sergeant. At N.E.O. Afton finished 4th place again, behind Vinita, Wagoner and Chelsea, 3 and 2A schools placed first. I am very proud of our kids and the effort they have put forth, concluded Coach Sergeant. tCourtesy of Afton Americanl Susan Johnson, a freshman, won Individual High Point performance at the Picher junior high girls track meet and was presented a trophy for her effort. She took 1st in the 100m, 2nd in the discus, and was the anchor member of the 400 relay with a lst place showing. tCourtesy of Afton Americanl Vinita Discount Center Vinita, OK 256-5671 JR. HIGH GIRLS A D BOYS TRACK ,pf-I Pad, T to B, L to R: Tiffany Talbot, Deanna Unger, Angela Larson, Lori Hesten, Sissy Kelsey, Julie Schulte, Crystal Henson, Lisa Payne, Terri Gordinere, Johnson, Carol Lane, Michelle Koscheski, Kayla Lawrence. T to B, L to R: Brian Turner, Bobby Macky, Steven Poe, Jon Smith, Coach Sergeant, Terry Cook, Jon Smentowski, Cameron Hines, Allen Messimore, Chri Bange, Chad Crane, Shane Helmes, Tom Hubbard, Sean Buckallew, Ernie Schelby, Jimmy Harper, Ryan Atchison, Jason Fuser, Tracy Horton, Jared Fuse Jason Etzel, Levi Schroeder, Patrik Beeler, Tim McFarland, Charlie Selsor, Sherman Lowe, Terry Miller, Jamie Chancellor, Lance Marsh. 80 --'CLEAN UP AFTON DAY Wt' .I Wm May 5th was designated clean up day for the town of Afton in preparation for annual Afton Day. Afton's students and faculty helped with this project by forming bag brigades and picking up loose trash items on roadways and streets through out the town. rl County Fire Service Afton OK 257-5480 Royalty 'ii' Jeannie Cook Basketball Queen Heather Mendenhall Football Queen Melissa Stratton FFA Sweetheart Janet Lane Annual Queen Paula Bliesath Band Queen Kimberly Palmer Carnival Queen Warren Giles Carnival King Geir Bjorkheim FHA Dreamboat Kenny Kelsey Annual King ANNUAL KING AND QUEEN Janet Lane Kenny Kelsey G ve Printing and Office Supply Grove, OK 786-9429 OOTBALL KING A D Q EE Queen Heather Mendenhall, King Charles Miller, Flower girl Brigette Resnck, Ring bearer David Chandler . . FOOTBALL ATTE DANTS A D ESCORTS top picture: Geir Bjorkheim, Kim Fuser, Sophomore, Jerry King, Clinton Deacon, Darla Fry, Senior, Chris Woods, Mike Durham, LeaAnn Matlock, Senior, Heath Gibson. bottom picture: Larry Elliott, Trish Williams, Junior, Shannon Atchison, Rowdy Cawlfield, Kim Bird, Freshman, Kenny Kelsey. . A A Q U i, 1 cg gig yi A H rr, A A K Q A .h ii 5 O J ,' A X .-1. L' . l ':'LY 1 ,i , H J XM, , f K AWK., 'Lit' In 4 1, 0 1, 1 Andy Eck Music Co. Grove, OK 786-6006 BASKETBALL KING AND QUEEN Afton High School Basketball King and Queen coronation ceremonies were held at t the AHS gym. Jeannie Cook was crowned as the 198788 Basketball Queen by King Chris Woods. Attendants and their escorts were: seniors, Darla Fry escorted by Chris Woods, and Brent Struges served as es- cort for Queen Cookg junior Trish Wil- liams was escorted 'by Kenny Kelseyg sophomore Kim Fuser escorted by Larry Elliottg freshman Susan Johnson escorted by John Scott. We A s Serving as flower girl and crown bearer were: kindergarten students Michelle Clogston and Paul Allison. A -el ,M X i X Q09 4 we ,ff ,..t a V 2 2 7 Q- V 2 'Q 2 2 ' ' t .:: Q I ff' - 1. ' ff, i . L' 552 JE A2531 f 115: zzaz 15 ' , L -A fl we X A . if W 'Af .,.., 3 L l, t ri ' Lf 5 ' f WN- .1 fr- f 12:5 ,.x,, 2, -. XB .'.'x,. 'k': s . ' - n B . - x - Q1 ff' 1 mu m s , 3 T 2 ett A i, Q , K , ' I , f , 5 3 , 'f A ' k 1 t ' ' 5 ' -e 'xx - . ,Q ' 1 ' Z' Eg , ' 2 1 . t k E k qw X N X .3 . . ga J , W K by K : jg W qt ' 3 K .f , - Q 2 H- 2 X e ee ' Q ' M . hh1A 2 - - 'X , Y , A ,, QQ' ' L., Q n M W I :I I9 A , aff 2 rm Lakeside Motel and Restaurant Grove, OK 786-2212 87 FHA-FFA ROYALTY A FFA Sweetheart Melissa Stratton FFA President Justin Johnson FHA Dreamboat .M F -X '4 Geir Bjorkheim X X Sater's Business Machines Grove, OK 786-5121 Q ARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN ----' 1 re Queen Palmer re King Giles Lacie Oakley, Flower girlg Brett Hightower, Crown bearerg Heather Braden, Kevin Kron, Kim Poe, Brandon Elliot l Wx, 3.8 Dink's Serv. Sta.fArt's Garage Grove, OK 786-2379 91 V5 Y 92 ACULTY SN APS 3 ,,.-- ' l T --Recognition Nancy Hill was chosen Teacher of the Year for 1987-88 by the Afton Classroom Teachers Association. Mrs. Hill teaches sixth grade social studies, library science, and also serves as school librarian for grades K-12. She received a Bachelor of Science degree and a Standard Certificate in Library Science for Northeastern State Uni- versity Tahlequah. Mrs. Hill is a member of the National Teachers Association, and the local Afton Classroom. She is the building repre- sentative for Junior High. Mrs. Hill has taught in the Afton schools for the past 14 years. lpictured with Mrs. Hill is Kenny Kelseyl Paula Bliesath and Garrett Spenser A vere mistakenly omitted from the State 'lonor Society group pictureg therefore, ve felt they deserved to have their pic- ures on this page since they ranked ourth and fifth academically in the senior zlass. Ronnie Chandler lpictured with Mr. Sergeantl was given a plaque by the 87-88 senior class in appreciation of the time and effort he has given to Afton's students. Ron has been employed by Afton Public Schools as a bus driver and head of maintenance for the last five years. Ron said, I really enjoyed the students at Afton. PSO Grove, OK 786-2222 93 -EIGHTH GRADE GRAD ATIO A D SNAPS- F to Bg L to R: Julie Schulte, Crystal Henson, Jimmy Harper, Ernie Shelby, Chad Gaines, Eric Johnson, Chad Crane, Sheila Speer, Lisa Payne, Stephanie Allen, Rocky Johnston, Tracy Horton, Shawn Buckallew, Allen Messimore, Terry Cook, Angie Adams, Carol Lane, Lori Hester, Leslie Gibson Spon., DeAnna Unger, Angela Larson, Terri Gardineer, Jason Fuser, Shane Helms, James Schulte, Pete Rozell, Jimmy Wyrick, John Smentowski, Cameron Hines, Rod Graves, Spon, Lynn Johnson, Spon. 94 Sz. Q Kindergarten Graduation sq' iw 5 5 - 4 Not in Order of Picture: Paul Allisonm, Shannon Barton, Rachel Brancecum, David Chandler, Michelle Clogston, Colt Collins, Toni Cundiff, Dustin Dicesare Mark Allen Dugan, Kathrine Heeney, Brett Hightower, Carrie Hoipkemier, David Kittrell, Cari Landrum, Buck Marsh, Courtney McGuire, Lacie Oakley Brigette Reszneki, Rocky Schumacher, Angie Scioli, Chandi Speer, Jennifer Taffner, James Talbot, Tammie Tanner, Julie Wilkins, Kyle Williams, Ms Nancy Turlington. S 4 96 PROM SNAPS 6Qv ff zgifggfh -iff W' ii 54 f 1 W 3 ' b Y V f ,,. X f Q 'AJ L Einili? 32525522222 .X -- A 'ii McDonalds Grove, OK 786-7149 Q7 QW... SENIOR ASSEMBLY NEO Electric Vinita, OK 256-6405 99 RAD ATION SNAPS E A if ,5 K 1 if ,f 3 What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. 100 'Timm v 3..19 wig 'X Q Unicorn Style Barn Afton, OK 257-5159 Carroll s Auto Parts Afton OK 257 4262 Green Country Cafe Afton OK 257 5140 Afton Co operatnve Assocnatron Afton OK 257 4201 Betty s Dalry Ranch Afton OK Lorene s Restaurant Falrland OK 676 3953 Wnlllams Feed Store Afton, OK 257-4333 Trl County Tue Service Afton OK 257 5480 Mlke s Day and Night Afton OK 257 8122 Afton OK 257 4231 Don s Super Market Falrland OK 676 3240 Western Snlhowette Falrland OK 676 3970 arroll s Muffler Afton OK 257-5695 Allison Drug Afton OK 257 4213 Quick Stop III Afton OK 257 5544 Afton OK 257 5267 Falrland Lumber Falrland OK 676 3282 Belk Dept Store Mnaml OK 542 8491 C , Afton American Bassett's Grocery Mnaml Floral Mraml OK 542 2864 CLASS Vnmta OK 1 800 334 3533 Draper s Clothes Vmlta OK 256 2780 Wal Mart Mlaml OK 542 6654 Mnaml Sales Mlaml OK 542 6693 Rrckmans Frames and Photo Mlaml OK 542 6661 V8zV Drug Vlmta OK 256 2541 Vlmta Jewelry Shoppe Vlmta OK 256 3394 Vmlta Dlscount Center Vmlta OK 256 5671 B8zB Auto Supply Mlaml OK 542 5515 Sooner Prmtrng Mlaml OK 540 2422 Security Bank and Trust Co Mlaml OK 542 3237 Wal Mart Vlmta OK 256 7505 S8zB Sports Shop Vmlta OK Andy Eck Muslc Co Grove OK 786 6006 Mlaml l G A Mlaml OK 542 5251 Software Center Mlaml OK 542 6198 Williams Jewelry Mlaml OK 542 3237 Q Q - 1 1 1 QQ QQQQQ , .. .., a Q u , QQ , Q Q .. 1 , so 7 Q Q Q - ODI so one 'I 1 1 1 Q Q QQ .. Q. -- 1 1 1 Q Q QQ e 1 1 ,, - - 1 Grand Federal Savmgs Bank Grove OK Busnness Machmes Grove OK 786 5121 IGA Thrlftway Foods IIC Grove OK Grove Prmtmg Office Supply Grove OK Lakeside Motel Restaurant Grove OK 786 2212 McDonalds Grove OK Dmk s Service Station Grove OK 786 2379 Grove OK NEO Electric Vmlta OK 256 6405 . . Sater . PS0 . - , -'Yi X My Thx 4 'H ' 1 Q Mmm 'Q 'K'-if 1- Xa' ws, x s , , , -1 ' F12 if - N' ' xv. ' Q 121 A ...R R 9. -r WA ?'? e?' L M I Q A, git a 1 3 ., i A. N . 1 5 r f , 3' 1 ' W' , 1 K . Y I X wg K J J E 1. ,LQ Lai .41 f 7 K ' I 3 xii, 5' '42, he . Q N IQ! I l, 4 , W K 1 1 - ' 'K 32211. , . V ' 1 Q W ' 3' . A . A 4 1 f-. 5 . ' . A .,,mw... w1fsf+S4', W ' I ,L N I ,Q . 2 L A 4 A , - uf rf wi J 'C I 11 xAJ IW' 1 fic X 00,112 8 E I P P 'Y 4 1 R 'ide Pits. Y e' gl -B V ! ' - up

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