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Aga. 5 xii i if iz: . .Q -f e b RN .N '12, - -I- itil ia' . ..-,.....,. -M... ...W , .. - ..,,..,,:,.... .- I 4.lA4.f 1-nL44.a.f 9114 1-1.4 - - Yniryrlw ' fp KZ in 'Wh-4' Mglr School 9-21 Eh 'Fa Mglrgclmol: A9 IL K A Ouf v wer gm Jef Shea fm Mr J T Hudspeth, Mr .1 A Shields, Mr J Y Victor, Mr V C Gray and Mr L O Judd Mr J A Shields BOARD OF EDUCATION Marsh President Shields Vice President Gray Member Judd Member Ernest Welch Member J Y Victor Clerk J fl Mr Fred G Marsh Mr. Ernest Welcn Mr. Grey and Mr. Judd 416' ,.,.r.N,....-.,,.,.,., ,,., , ,. Cllfltigizf --" ,e::::: Miss Myrtle Hubbard -- -- Principal of Grade School Tiff." First Grade 'if IT.. i- -iv 11. -. ..l. ,... qi 11- -L -,-, ..11 il ..i.- ....-- ...- 'S 1'0" -A W., 1 . lf , I I I i Freda Bunch Fifth Grade Colleen Harrison Sixth Grade f F' 'Le 5 IF? -v . k . I ,,,J Y iii 5, M f b X , g? r A p ,-f 'A ,f'1 W Paul Victfor' N, T, Nalker ASSt Coach science ' iv.. "sa ,Q 5 ww, r ly 5 r if 1 - .5 me R , 54TH ...f heda Pickens mathematics Dorothy Hudspeth Fourth Grade Q Cecile Williams Home Economics 96" .J - ,A- . ,.?j Ludella Roseborough Social Science Iurs . Hazel Bronaugh Principal and English 'AR X' I' Coach Gene Wolf V In with UN Forces in Korea in I Winter of 1950-51 w I m , G. T' Clara Wiles Ollie WagY Third Grade Second Grade Writ: 9 d Lqiiawt . ku, I' f . f it - 1 fi Joe halocsay DOPiS Kirk Music Commerce 4:9 Cir' ff ME 5, G, Victor Agriculture Vary Lou Barnes Pep Club, Beta Club, Head Librarlan Vlce President Betty Ivle Wallace Band, Pep Club -4' '37 1 Reporter Bob Wallace Football Dolores Womack Hudspeth Treasurer Fernalee Neel Annual Editor, Pep Club Basketball, Band L1brarian, Beta Club 10' '-1 11" dw 'T' rv' Lucille Campbell Pep Club, Basketball Glee Club Buddy Palmer Jerry Scaggs F F A , Band Glee Club Helen Barger Band, Beta Club Pep Club Millie Story Peo Club Basketball Gene Johnson F F A , Football Annual Ray Gordineer Football, Basketball Elmer England F F A , Football Basketball C' Ng. fix yn uv-" 'rf Bob Thellen F F A , Annual Dorls Speer Marsh Pep Club Basketball Dorene Wllmoth Pep Club, Beta Club Lawrence Barger F F A , Football Jack wright F F A , Glee Club Mary Marie Johnson Band, Beta Club Librarian Darlene Siler Glee Club, Pep Club Reuben Tipton F.F.A., Annual qvfx S Y ' 1 9' kv li l if 1, "' uffgbv ,gm Us Iris Culver Glee Club, Pep Club Jimmy Cheek F.F.A,, Glee Club Howard Countryman Beta Club, Glee Club Ruby Lewis Miller Band, Pep Club Sue Long Rhodes Band, Pep Club Basketball John Duff Raymond Schulte '-5 Z ' r if 2, J - 45672135 JQIQDJWZX We Seniors are about to finish the great Cavalcade of our High School Life. We look at ou Senior year as it passes across the stage. As the curtain rises we see the great confusion, over what? Why, the choice of our class rings, of course. Then after a brief pause, we see ourselves assemblying in the Science room for a class meeting. We elected the follow- ing students as officers and also our sponsor: President---------Mary Lou Barnes Vice-President ---- -Betty Ivie Wallace Secretary----Dolores Womack Hudspeth Treasurer- ---- ------Fernalee Neel Reporter------ ---- ----Bob Wallace Sponsor-------Ludella Roseborough Time passes rapidly and we see the Senior boys with dress suits on and the Senior girls posing for each other. The occa- sion being the Senior pictures. Next moves across the stage what was to have been a hay- ride but due to rain we had a party on September 27. Everyone reported a good time. Then we see the class working hard on a Queen Contest for Homecoming football game. Betty Wallace was our candidate and we did our best for her. Another brief pause and we see our second party taking place in the High School Gym, on January 24. Everyone is en- joying himself im ensely. A longer pause and the presentation of the Senior play, 'Just Duckyn, on Friday, April 13. With the following Seniors chosen for the cast: Jerry Skaggs, Iris Jean Culver, Jimmie Cheek, Mary Lou Barnes, Dorene Wilmoth, Howard Countryman, Gene Johnson, Fernalee Neel, Lawrence Berger, Raymond Schulte, Doris Marsh, Millie Story. Everyone had many hearty laughs out of the play, as well as it being a financial success. The curtain is drawn to be reopened for a preview of the remaining events for the year. We see ourselves working for our Carnival Queen candidate Dorene Wilmoth. We had charge of the cake walk for the Carni- val held April 20. Flash and we find ourselves attending Senior Day in Miami at A. A M. College on April 27, with the Seniors from many other schools. Then back at school for our Class Day Program and the K 3. 46 l ,ff I -A '7 half day of entertainment yet to be planned, following our as- sembly. We then see eager Seniors looking forward to the Junior Q Senior Banquet on May 18. Oh, one more party we must have. Then the last and most important scene, our Baccalaureate on May 20, and Commencement on May 24. 'H vb fr Q' Y.: sz 3,4-1 ' qgs SLN., -6 3 'vs 6- ,ad gf? xy' 45 is .44 , ,,..-1 ul' 7? ,ff fi J' 5 f 00 ,,n'v J'F53 I I lO1'5 931 4. no qu 1' if 'U I 2 ll '57 Q' .BJQ Ila June Noore res Frei Jmlfh fllma arter er Tre J1F Plurkson Reporter 11113K Adl1US ladvs Konrzak dndq OPWTT 'aRonne smlth m ltt wO1C 1 1 Patsy Barnes Ernest Johnson Cola Qaner Wonald Hlder Phvllls Runge Urval 'Stafford Euvena Trlwble Barbara Jones llda Cook nd' Davld Dllllngham qlelah Klnzer Robert renlner Patrlcla Splnks Yenneth Jone Donna Ferguson Peorge Smlth Tae Dugan Patsv Klrk RPCTJ sller :om Blstaln C L Ut er Thelma Roberts Raymond Barger Ramona Hadley Bertha Tlpton not pictured f Q .' . .3 fi' Q.f,- a 4 --'--- P - - , Q ,V 3 ' if 1 F ', ------- V. Vres. X. 4 "" , Tw C' ---S ..- S. , J A - A ' I 1 xl" 1 .J4 . ., '. W J ' I x - V H X . , gc: , 01, -px :za ,s aa. , ij, 5 V t. f - ' -5 1,-4 we .1 2 M f - J J X f f , -J i A N 4 W f r N- M f J ,af t ff I I I 4 Q ijizjr t , s J l X "' 7' mx F' an Q "' h E V ,, fi ' . ' Z lc' 9 x': LZ! , ' -H 1 i , . f. , ' Ginn ' K4!f A N LJ! .gq ik T W. f ' x t 1- wr ' 2 R " '4' u . e 1 2 r If ,, ,- f r-- Z. fe 'T7 " ' - - - , Z 44 ' ,tif M W I - M' , L a A rhfk r V A D AY ' Gt , ' 1: 4 4: 'fx ,- H A Q JL A . .J . .4 5 ,N , It gk 4 to XA KS --1 f' I ,,,, ' f-5 A, gjgk ,X ,J X115 N X A- A , xr If f 1 N V V W I l,' !i',s ,F Ir' A - ' Y . 1 - NN V9 A at P V' ap-L Zi 'L 1 0 . -U 1 Q N. ' J "5 . 'fr' "'i P+' ' -1 I f iigf f- if lx g W 'W A ., 1 Q9 W1 r " f - wx. n iam, . Nr Ns Y fr fe 1 f, W qpvd H Q R J W g amor Q4ctu71t1eA On Monday September 4, lv5b through the earlv morn mn? a1r care the fam1l1ar peels of the nOl' School Bell' c earlv announclng the openlnp of anothew school year Re ore manv iavs had passed Supt Hudspeth called an as semblv and announced plans for class meetlngs Of course the Junlor Class vas away out ahead they hai thelr campalgn man per chosen, polltlcal flres burn lng, ani candldates llned up when the st rtlng gun was flred and thev were of' w1th a bang The class officers were electei as follows Presldent Ila June Moore Vlce Presldent Fred Smlth Sec 2 Treas Vllma Carter Reporter J1m Clarkson Sponsor Ha7el Bronaugh Soon the flrst class partv was planned, an outlng and velner roast,but due to the weatherman's lack of co operatlon bv orderlrg a voune flood ourparty was held 1D the School Gvm The class chose Datsv Klrk as thelr cand date for the Football Oueen and once agaln came out wlnners 'e were verv proud when we w1tnessed the CFOWH1Dg ceremonv at the Annual HOm9COHlNQ Game when our C3Ul1d8tS relgned as oueer of that event The members of tne Junlor Class hold an outstandlng record 1U allof thelr athletlc part1c1pat1on Thls class has h d more bovs on the football team than anv other class We are proud of thelr record The second class soclal w s ourChr1stmas Dartv w1th an exchange of plfts gnven 1n the home of our sponsor The house was decorated w1th a llghted ChF1Stm3S tree, mustletoe and hollv On FP1d2V, March 16, the Junlor Class presented 1tS annual plav a comedv drama 1U three acts WNORN,JAKF UD" The cast was Cola Baker Ila June Noore, Kenneth Jones, D3V1d Tee D1ll1ngham,Earnest Tohnson, Wllma farter C L Utter, and Manda Obarr Ofcourse the WOne Blg Pro1ectN for the Junlor Class is the E1VlHF of the Junlor Senlor Ranouet 1n honor of the Seniors Varlous fund FGISINF schemes have been car rled on, the selllnp of Chr1stmas wrapplngs, advertlslng on football programs, our turn ln the concesslon stand and our Junlor plav The date set lor the Banquet 15, Frldav, Nay 19 A Tullp F6St1V8l or carr1ed out Another party wlllbe heh before Dutch Theme w1ll be the close ofschool - 4 Bw-ers 4 '-5555-Z., Nifizgggig and profltable one fellowshlp that can Thls schoolvear has been a busv ve have en1oved the frlendshly and come only from loraltv to each other as a class and to our school Ofcourse we are 100k1HE forward to b6COmlUg 'DlgHl f1ed QEHIOFS' next vear ASI FOMAOI' 48' --15 misss """" opkomofes 4 1 ,Er Alf .42 ""? ll file- wx: ji T' 'S' 25 rs: T' I 'fr irtiv Tom Bunch Pres J1m R11ey V Pres Phyllis Waugh Sec Tres Shlrley Cox Reporter Ann Llndsey Don lhltesell Paul hcClendon Rlchard Moore Laverne Ouandt Kenny Brewster Sue Nell Fre l1ck AlJ1n Kuder Dallas Lewis 1? 3 .4 A-IW' ,af '55 If 9 l'1i X I q.nfKff Delores Todd Clen Hammock J B Jon s Wayne Powers Fayrene Brock Edd1e Countryman Freda F1ll1s Ea l Bowlln Margorle Jones Kenneth Kuder Roxanne Wells James Harrlson R1Ch3Fd V1nerard Douglas Klause Dorothy Womack i j 'f 5' 1 ix ,S 15: 43 f 0 4 ----- ------ . "6 - 4 -3 ., I """"' 0 o -1' s1v 'QW - --fff-- " ' ,ff ,gi E J ' if 1 .V 'v V 5 -ol ' al- 1 ' D q Vi 'J V " r ' Q 'whey 1 ,- .q -ek , flf -,-sfe ' ' ,1 , Q .12 - fl N +' ,Q . H' f-in Q r If Q f 1 . ' .85 --a ,Fr V9 3' 1 ' D gg J I I, Ivagene SSchmeling ' ' 0 X A J M It I ' s 'A f' ia 'dilfg u I. . A e ' e , 'I' 3 '7 - , . w K J , X X ,gp A.. Cl 1 h , , D . . ea SV LE? ' -ui ed. fsi D r - D - W' I . 4 s 4 1 IX, I Mil IIE J, I A-D ,- neg x Q25 n Ni. , F 'I- ' H -is 49- V . , ' A ' he " fsi ,, ' V 4 by I A " . J-ff, -, ,Q ,Qt ' A b J If W News . 1 gf - , J ' Q' D ffs ff .2 52:4 ivy - -1'-fr A If -I ' fsqr '-9 , f'g lfgl n..hN v ff .fs 14 . J W ,,.. ,, X. I Ili all a 'V if ,, ff? K. 2 ff! ,u N .I B ,v A 6' ' W - . l.Hg' L1 , xg Q , af ' 44 J -9 f X' fe' .,:: L :rl ,fi .Q K ,gig J g - , Af ff' 'lm X if x it 1 ft, ff ii 4 '- sr:- ng A , G! is ,lv MJ Q - P .f . V A 'iv 7 V W il Bob Taylor Ethel Tucker Donald Langley Pansy Jones Gerald Grimes Jennie Wright Jerry Newkirk Edward Chandler Tom Spinks Wilma England Berry Lewis Mable Adkins Marjorie Brown June Ivie Gene Miller uphumure ctivities At 8:30 on the morning of September 5, 1950, the Sophomores all gave a yell of delight and ran into Afton High School Building. Summer was over it had been fun, but so was school! So, as usual clamor arose as to the best leaders for the mighty Sophs. Class meetings were mentioned each time one saw the Superintendent until finally he gave the 'go aheadn signal. As a result, the following of- ficers were chosen: President- ---------- Tom Bunch Vice President- ----- Jim Riley Sec. Q Treas.--Phyllis Waugh Reporter--------Shirley Cox Sponsor---------Doris Kirk After a few seconds of speech making, the ver- satile Sophs turned their attention toward a weiner roast. Fun was had by all feven the amateur photo- graphersl as the class journeyed to Sailboat Bridge. J' Many Sophomore boys aided in giving renown and prestige to the class by their achievements on the football field. Still others added to the glory of their class through their scholastic accomplish- ments. We are duly proud of them. Soon Christmas festivities began to approach. A Christmas party was held in the school building. It was co olete with Christmas presents and Santa Claus. The last party of the year was another weiner roast on the Bunch farm. All in all, the Sophomores had a grand year working and playing together, and each member ex- pressed a wish that they would all be together a- gain next year. WS! !! 5 4 4 TIIEE r .S a 15 495' ,wk J Hg Q f, . , fr f-7 , y N e I 1 nhl! 71 NA K y 4 ,ff 3 43 ,fo- -J 4-7- its 5 '7 T 'QF Charles Pendley ------ -rres Carolyn Mciarland--V. Pres Alma Carter ------ dec.-Tres Shirley hard ------ Reporter Patr1c1a Roblyer Carro11Coll1ns Pattl Bluegacket Lyndon Dawson Mary Stafford Bobby Long Marlene Bandy Dan Llndsey Jean Sherman Blllie DuBo1s Joyce Grunden Jlm Russell Vlrgll Williams Clyde Smlth Mary Ann Jones nalph Dean Cole Delores Barnes I lil , 2 if 4 C- 5 VI, .xr , D . - f , ,' Xb 1 . . 1' Q sf 7 f . 'f I 1 A 2 r N, f - ' ,- . I-.vii V I Iv J! k'- pl 'ow' kr I 4 'Ag k'f! , af , ' ' . A Ei, lj W1 'V el - AQ H 0 Ar: pg on ra 2 f . f. gl 4 if I l l ' in 1 ' ' . A iq . i ? A N CL X iv ZW... ir? 'a' fl ,a I J. 9 4. 6 ' . 2 is Ak . , f ' K .J v A 4: 1'-' ,Q i I 5' V 3 Ralph Cook' ' K V ' :fast ' ' . . e, 3' f A 'I , ,eA,Qn15, 1 . 9 'Qi fg,f F .Eff-e,..,.fv""""!gE'4f J I 1 U- k,,v" I . -gl: 3' H EI .1 ! Y as .W Q' X. - ' Q - I - ,Q r -.L .J -- ' ix N ' - N ' Ng 1 ' - f 1 f - ' A: an-4 4fJ 41 4-'If ie? 4 if E ,.-0 '53 I 'Y Joyce B16V1nS Dean Sherman Joan Kuder Tommy Roberts Norman Oakley Dennie Kirk Faythe Knight aaa f rs' Fix be fr.-4 1 JU' f is f- ,1 - u 46 ep- , K? I Y v x . 3 In 3. 1 Q ' ffl 1 l f"f , N l I S 1:-'T E' 'df nw, A ' ..,' , 'a far. -1, f,i, ajjf 0 ' , ' xx' . 1 ,A 5 0 0 I f,.fMf yy 'gpm if ""' .1 ' " "' 3 fl ". , a' rf J' wqfj " .V A V f K xff gl ! I fu xv 1 Freshmen ctivities The Freshman Class of 50-51 elected the following members of their class as officers: President-----Charles Pendley Vice President--Carolyn McFarland Sec. Q Treas.-------Alma Carter Raporter-------Shirley Ward Sponsor-------Cecile Williams We have participated in all school athletics this year. The class has enjoyed two parties this year. weiner roast on the school grounds was our first one. The second was a Christmas party held in High School building. A good time was had by all at each. We are planning on having a party the last of school. Betty Abbott Billie Lewis Arthur Morgan Gail Rider Carlene Kuder Howard Crumley Geneva Cole Henry Floyd Mary Lou Seaton Gerald Jones Neva Ferguson Jerry Culver Doyle Howe Bill Abbott Gail Wheeler L- Our first year in highschool has been a successful one, and we hope that the years to follow will also be 1? successful. T26 nf xghth Grade 7' -A ,Q 5 -3' Rmak r 21,131.42 x9QQ9b .'Vf,w nv""wm 33 .J 'Ti' Hill :QA arli- E7 147 ., 329' F Lewls Smlth Pres Freda York V Pres Donna Bohannon Sec Tres Dee Culver Jo Wllla Garman Charles Bench Gene Vlneyard Hazel T1pton E J Barnes Burl RlCh8PdS Lloyd Gordlneer Robert Stotts Dickie Wheeler Ruth McGraw Odis England Dhuw Bommuwn Gall Helms Shirley Hale Dorla Sherman Lewis Johnson Patsy George Charles Vicory Elmer Jones Betty Siena Reporter Q-I is 'inn 4,-+ 71 Z S v ,S uni 415 K . Q CMN 1-A uylrr' f' Q SA' 7' 'aazfir ref'-Q 841: tk Grade 14Cfll7lfl6J tae beginning of the year we had e class mee' and elected the 'olloving officers President Levis smith 'Tice President Frefla Vork ecre+nr7 Donna Pohnnnon fieoorter -'lee ulver socnsor -me Malocsay At that meetlng we olanned to have e skating oarty which was a success when christmas time rolled around we drew time at our :arty we sent 'hristmas caro Our candidate for McGraw ne chose 'or names and had a. very nice invited and after the oarty the ernival queen was Ruth ner escort Burl Richards Our lass :laced fourth :Ln the contest LY' ue are nov alarming for our last oarty of the YEBI' ,-- Avg-XC eventh rade WEL I 4? 4 ff -ff ,ao o 'Ag ,Q .Q X V305 1 Duane Colllns Pres nlere Icrarland V Pres Allen hcFarland Sec Tres Barbara Trompson Reporter Mary Tucker Jerry Bohannon Donna Colllns Lyle h1ller Charlene Helms Preston Chandler Shlrley Ferpuson Glen Speer Ldna DcC1endon Buddy bchmellng Ladeen Crumley Sonny Bandy Margorle Colllns Peter Roth Thelma Mlller Ray Russell Etta Jane Garman Sldney Brownlng Yvonne Klrk Paul W1ll18mS Orvllle nobyler B kl g Patsy bmlth r 3? . --------- .- i 1 T1 W' ' :::" :- , k 'gi 'E vi IV .a 5 JM 4. N--a f .M-,ry 49 .1 F 5 - f 1 r , n 4 ,, ' f P far .V . A 'Ng W " H . In J' l 1' nf 3535" 1 -2 . 0 , n 4 'vi . Q , fa' I r , I ,lf p X 4 hr, ,fl ' f I-1 ' 4 Y L AZ Q ,E?,1r4s .- A 1 nl 6 0 4 vs l e 4 ' 1' 'a I J r I' V k . . . Q ...-fha If -A - 1' V, get K M .Q , ,Tv x v et ,rl q ' Q x M ,,.--ff Y- -Q , ,. My f,'5 A " ' - 'N ' J. . "nf Ke, 'fx' r ' 2 Q 3. , l".a-f"f: . . ' ning' 4 f S-GUN! fk qfgfg Cur first year in the highschool building has been nd we are looking forward, with much f enthusiasm, to the years to come. v ' ' very first class meeting about a week rted and elected our first officers They were as follows: very successful a we had our after school sta rom g , Vice-President---Alene McFarland J Q'b Sec. R Treas. ---- Allen McFarland President ---------- Duane Collins L . Reporter ------------- Jane Gaman ' - Sponsor ---------- ---W. T. Walker if N For our first party in highschool we went to the Sailboat Bridge in a truck furnished by Mr McFarland ,wx A good time was had by all 9 Our second class party was held at the h',nschool with br and Mrs DaulV'ctor as guests Bzwas a christ- mas party at which trere w s an exchange of gi ts ve are pl nning on t ir class party soon Our candidate for the carnival queen contest was Alene NcFarland The class worked ve y hard For her but only placed fourth in the contest The class also showed treirwillingness toget along whe they ll chi peo in and bought FOQCT wolf a going away present when he leit ior the Arry 'Nl v-lr f .ft 35121 x X tt L -H , g., Fcngor -ww f JA "' 'NN,, ill P 5:-... x Cq, if ' . ig. 1 . . -. A Q 1 . .N ' M 'J Q 7 -A a fb' a A A A .' E ,N g E .. . n r a .1 .Et Q - L K L' is L y a f If .- not Q .- 1-9' ' J 4' wg- Q : Q K ' ' U73 I dl gn, V 0' S 0' N Home g 0 ' K' ' -'ff' 9 1 X W U ll lc' - 5 K gill- h "X ' ' ' '!55:t:f- fa , - - 5- a all MG - I t-fr -. A N. a i v xx x I - 5 A 4 ,lx ' I 'l S' W- r if X i t 'ab ' i. m "" if so " U - X- if ,rf uf 4' 2 Y ' . 16" E413 ,A Str!! M,f'fr' J M -HW W I-as f Slxth Grade .MVQQQ akuwwewmiw. MHWJWQWHWWN BACK ROW Thompson, Buddy CENTER ROW FRONT ROW Roger Vineyard, Carol Jean McCoin, Carol Joyce Grlmes Kathleen Merritt, Betty Gabbard, Sue Ellsworth, Nancy Petty Bobby Trebilcock, Perry Knight, Andy King, Edward Seaton, Jlm Roberts, Jimmy Thorpe, James Kinkead, Billy Mack Harrison Geraldine Welch, Barbara Johnson, Joe Hammons, Charles Swabb, Jerry Bohannon, Kenneth Bohannon, Jean Lewis, Janice Sherman, Sally Wolfinbarger TEACHER Mrs Colleen Harrlson Plfth Grade BACK ROW: Victor Lane, Charles Clack, Dean Flsher, Nancy Jones, Vitra McCray, Janice Rider, Kenny Collins, Bud Bandy, Phil Hudspeth. Margaret Jones, Wllma McCray, Shirley Roberts, Mary Sue Oakley, Sharon Gill, Donald Stone, Ronnie Crockett, Leroy Turley, Leon Achord, Romona Lane, Jewel Pond. Marsha Goins, Ernest Graham, Joe Kuder, Betty Russell, Shirley Garman, Lois Grunden, Louis Jones, Martha Floyd Claudette Gray, Larry Thompson. TEACH R: Freeda Bunch CENTER ROW: FRONT ROW: 1, van. , an ' :w r 2 ' . 1 ., ' .5 Q Y' L,--,Wg N" ' ""' I ,. .Y -1174-.....h,, ,.... ,,.. I .,... ...... ', ,?, iifi n 13.132 --'R' ' I ' ' "My ff-'H '-'--- --W Q-'f iw f .J 1,319 . of W11eZ"9 , W- '33 'ff :i1M','e 4--,t.NvV7.W:y -l"1"T""'-' . " .." "' e. J " .JA , We ' V. 7 .15 ""P"' iq rff"""'.,m J ,, , ., 'MAIL " L. ' a M, Mn... -s,,,,.,y, . H ff we . , -, ,. ' 1 b ., f ,...+,gg -1. 3, g,Al,,v, ,2 L. A . -- 4 3 . J .- .J of -- ,jx C L k .- . . I-ya' ,L , r",i.,., ' at 5 4 v 5 f ' I , 1 1 I r . , , A A . f- V . I. ',.L f " It . . ' ,AI-.,,,.cf'." .. N X 1 . . ' 2 O . . n . Q O . . o n ' ..: D , .v 4 - - he Fourth Grade BACK RCM CENTER ROW FRONT RU-J Thlrd Gradem Margaret Seaton, Jerry Powell, Junlor Harmon, Georgia Ann Dugan, Donny Asher, Lell Woody, James Williams Larry Powell, James Infield, Darrell Philpott, Sandra Newkirk Teacher Dorothy Hudspeth Howard Helmick, Drue Oakley, Charles Reed, Arvella Gray, Jnmie Merritt, Sylvia Nelson, Carl Turley, Kenneth Grunden, Leon MeCoin, Jimmie Dde Buckallev, Max Helm, Harold Langley Jacklyn Baker, Margie Levis, Shirley Johnson, Paul Matlock, Ruth Hammon, Janice Wheeler, Bobbie Dubois, Rosita Hodge, Delmar Helmick, Sandra Roth, James Hale, Judy Trebilcock ...Ae .e0..AnhlQ...fig,JUt-I 1:11 17 ah-'mea 'V BACK ROW Della Pearl Kuder, Carolyn White, Jennine Johnson, Juanita Chandler, Tommie Lou Cole, Willa Schmeling Earnestulea Johnson, Sharon Woody, Alice Calhoun, Jurene Ferguson, Ralph Wright, Ronnie Kelly, Teacher Clara Wiles Eddie Tipton, Rory Darling, Gary Johnson, Anthony Williams, Peggy June MCCTBI, Barbara Wright, Joyce Knight, Jackie Tremble, Gary George Gerald Priebe, Bill Bandy, Billye Myers, MilnaRile5 Tomay Lee Bassett, Butch Barnes, Charles Russell, Larry MoClendon, Tonq Gill, Odis England CENTER R011 FRONT ROW P g I o Q l I JUS K.e....f . f Q 'I " A' f . . 5. ,V J 3, r , . . v . ,Q PM Q , ., A ,,-., I MY Q v- U ff3 1 -- -- 5 ,, -7'j' -5 ma J ,J 34 ' ' I v . vs' - - . , -I J 5 ,ai i Y - . f O' ' A it ' R J. .J . A nt g " ' 5 A ' 'rl , , m H . 13-" 9 O U I J 'Q rw' BACK ROW ecnnd rade Teacher Ollie Nagy Howard Moose, Billy Martin, Johnnie Fuser, Hubert McCray, Tommie Kirk, Polly Anna Duff, Sandra Cox, Clifford Oakley Sharon Golns, Louise Lens, Judy Helm, Larry Bohannon, Judith Gill, Sharon R1der, David Cole, Dannie Roberts Tony Gray, Treva Oakley, Julia Miller, Kay Kerr, Ruth Culver, Janice Hammons, Donny Thorpe, Patsy CENTER ROW FRONT ROW Garman Pxrst Grade Teacher Wrtle Hubbard BACK ROW CENTER ROW. FRONT ROW: Janle Turner, Mary Sue Mitchell, George Harrlson, Larry McCoin, Bllly wrlght, James A1v1n Edwards, Denny J ohnston, Ruby Beth England, Loretta McCray, Joyce DuBois Raymond Bandy, Ronnie Gray, Gloria Chandler, Leroy Johnson, Ray Darlmg, John Williams, Rannie wi.-L118l11S, Charles Klng, Jerry Buckallew, Danny Turley, Gary A119110 Max Bohannon, D1ck Bassett, Cecil Ray McCray, Kay Roberts, Jane Fisher, Zela Mae Pendley, Raylene Johnson, Betty Johnson, Lloyd Wolfenbarger, Bobby Kinkead. in-5 r- 1 1 K ' ,W . S, Y N,N , Q .-,-1 A ' ' , M 'f ax "'-.5308 --2 V , 'kg , . . . U . . . . l . . . I : . . O . 9 fa 1:95 'QB' 'lei '3 .-KTT September brings us good new friends, school begins and su mer ends The teachers of the Elementary Grades of the Afton Schools began the term, 1950-51, with this prayer that seems to express the aspirations of teachers all around the world 'Grant us new ties of friendship, new opportunities for service joy in the growth and happiness of children, clear thought and quiet faith ' Fortified with these thoughts a good year was enjoyed with 195 enrolled in the school family The school room walls, woodwork and some fu - nlshings had been made more homellke with a new equipment purchased for better teaching instruc tion The school participated in the crown1ng of the football and music 'Kings and Queens' and in the 'March of Dimes' The fourth, fifth and sixth grades presented the assembly programs and the operetta, 'Scrooges Christmas', in December The three primary grades were featured in the operetta, 'In Fairyland' in May Two interestlng events of the year were the visit of Miss Ruth Murray of the Scott-Foresman Company of Ch1cago, Illinois, and her conference with grade teachers on 'Readlng Readiness', and the two day District Teachers Meetlng at Tulsa in March The elementary school faculty closed the year with the same thoughts expressed by Edgar A Guest in the poem, 'Life' 'Life gives us bits of joys and bits of cares, And bids us fashion something as a whole, We choose our own design, and if it hears, The Stamp of merit God reward the soul ' an I "'s 4 gawk Lgdgdif icbvzhes . 7 x 1 s, 5 M e v , .H g . . Q V4 srl' r . D D iff! E ' 'Q ' ? '1' a- ' V. f gi , 4 p , .A p.hf4M:'!r:f u F .3-6 , 4 0 Q . ' e 'J J, . . '- l ,sq 5 1-1 ix V? r- M - 3 V . ' I N- I ww 3 my x I T- a- , , 114.2 B X K 2 'Q K 3 X , , 1 1 -13 'E " N 'S' W 1 7 4 M T :fs ' 'Zigi . it Q gk. A We we I-f' BACK ROW CENTER ROW: FRONT ROW CAPTAIN 3 Bob Wallace, Lawrence Berger, Gerald Grimes, Gene Johnson Em ett Powers, Tom Mustain, William Adkins, Elmer England Kenny Jones, Fred Smith Coach Wolf, C L Utter, Ray Gordineer, Ralph Cook, Charles Pendley, Glen Hammock, Jim Clarkson, Wayne Powers, George Smith, David Dillingham, Arthur Morgan, Carroll Collins, Jerry Culver Don Hhitesell, J B Jones, Jerry Newkirk, Dean Cole, Gale Rider, Donald Rider, Earl Bovlin, Henry Floyd, Raymond Barger, Gene Miller, Dean Sherman, Lyndon Dawson, Gerald Ghamplons Jones Sept Sept Sept Sept ct Nov Nov Nov S 2 3 9 9 SEASON RECORD AFTON Ketchum Commerce Picher Miami8 Wyandotte Grove Fairland QUBPBV Chelsea Skiatook TH Y D- CO-CAPTAIN 9 Zvaflaf Queen pdfgy KMA fwzm Wa -My fx ww 'Ov esfefifzl ff ,277 , 'X 5 'Y-XXX If , 9 AN uk 'Xia wx 3' Q55 4, rm G0 X 40 ,na ,nm aqua., s 4 '06 Ci.. C -x ' ik i,?EgZj' - Q1?.i Gmtnmqx Jill? PM UM BACK ROW SECOND ROW THIRD FRONT ROW CHEER LEADERS Sue Frellick, Laverne Quandt, Ivagean Smelllng, Patti Bluejacket, Ethel Trcker, Joyce Grunden Alma Carter, Roxanne Wells, Pansy Jones,Delores Toss, Marjorie Jones, Wllma England, Barbara Jones, Thelma Roberts, Eugenla Trimble, W1lma Carter, Phyllis Waugh, Galelah Klnzer, Patrlcia Spinks, Geneva Cole, Jean Sherman Mrs Williams, Donna Bohannan, Patricia Roblyer, Faythe Knight Delores Barnes Wllda Cook, Shirley Ward, Carolyn McFarland, Freda Fillis, Betty Siler, Mae Dugaq Mary Lou Seaton, Phyllls Runge, Gladys Konczak, Patsy Klrk, Hazel Tlpton, ar bara Colllns, Freda York, Thelma Miller, Alene McFarland, Jane Garman Rukq Miller, Patsy George, Shlrley Hale, Bett Siens, Dorothy Womack, Lucille Campbell,extreme Joyce McClendon, Diane Bohannan, Mary Lou Barnes Ir1s Jean Culver, Fernalee Neel, Dor1s Speer, Dorene Wilmoth, Millie Story, Darlene Siler, Mary Tucker, Yvonne Kirk, Charlene Helms, Sh1r ley Ferguson, Ladeen Crumley, Marjorle Colllns, Barbara Thompson, Ruth McGraw, Doris Sherman Shirley cox, Betty wallace, Sue LOHQ, Delores Hudspeth, Cola Baker, June Ivie 0 BACK ROW Rlchard Moore CENTER ROW FRONT ROW jacket Y Q Don Whitesell, Roxanne Wells, Ila June Moore, Mae Dugan, Carolyn McFarland, June Todd, Cola Baker, Mary Johnson, Jane wright, Marjorie Jones, Sue Frelllck, Wllma England Helen Berger, Doris Marsh Dorene Wllmoth Mary Barnes, Fernalee Neel Patti Blue P T ri ' ' , H ' if P f'YTeeaRm 2 . i ' . . . B - ROW: Y . ' y right: Jo Willa Garman. Sail :-2'-. 6 e zz u f -of-we ,ivy I . ! U 9 , - Ihgh chunl Band BACK ROW CENTER ROW FRONT ROW 'in- Joyce Grunden, Fernalee Neel, Helen Barger, Sonny Barbara Bandy, Kenny Brewster, David Dillingham, Thompson, Phyllis Waugh, Tom Bunch, Delores Todd, Sue Frellick, Gladys Konczak Cola Baker, Delores Barnes, Marjorie Collins, J Freda York, Jo Willa Garmen, Dorothy Womack, une Ivie, Patsy Barnes, Mary Johnson, Orval Stafford, Allen McFarland, J A Malocsay, Director B hannon Lewis Johnson, Duane Collins, Jerry o , Patti Bluejacket, Sue Rhodes, Wanda Oban, Doris Sherman, Wilda Cook, Betty Wallace, Jim Grey, Gail Helms X Qefmldme WH! ff 451115 500115 an I 65ZfWll'I!d! 6211 WW Him li nafseq 450k 567771376 'CQ' nr-N ix 4. I i I ,fr L . 1 xg , .5 ' ,. . A , U 4 5 K .... gijzfikzlfs-,,f. . ' 1 ' W .- .1. 'k ' ' - 2 ' r ' .if 'i - 'N 'n if ' 3 .. ' -11. gf-1 v- ' 9,2 , . . :Half ', :-E5 W ,,.,':: V V A Tfif 1 ' Q Q' 3, ' I 3 1,-iq f. - D114 9 I' if 3 X Y f 22 Affww Ethel Tucker, Shirley ward, Pansy Jones, Faythe Knight, June Todd, Margle Jones, bnuy Seaton Cola Baker, Donna Ferguson, Galelah Kinzen Geneva Cole, Patsy Kirk, Jean Sherman Ivagene Schmelling, Sue Nell Frellick, P8tT1Ci8 Splnks, Patsy Barnes, Patrlcia Roblyer, Freda F1l11s, Mary Stafford, Wanda Obarr, Milda Cook, Jannie Wright, Delores Barnes, Shirley Cox, Phylllq Runge J A Malocsay, D1T6Ct0T Alma Carter, Wilma England, Laverne Quandt, Joyce Grunden, Darlene Sller, Lavonne Smith, Iris Culver, Gladys Konczak, Eugene Trlmble, Wllma Carter, Lucille Campbell OJ BACK ROW: Jim Clarkson, Jim Cheek, Fred Smith, George Smlth, Jerry Scaggs, Howard Countryman J. A. Malocsay, Director FRONT ROW: C. L. Utter, David Dillingham, Wlllie Adkzns, Tom ' Bunch, Eddie Countryman fu A gr 1f35"a vs M, Kwik 4,4l F J 4 I AIM THE PRIMARY KIM OF THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA IS THE DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURAL LEADERSHIP COOPERATION AND CITIZENSHIP - I-'T r :Qf! l' :l gtgggc 5' 1. x o ar-'flojv 2'- E'0.1U' 1 F Axlxlzgkcigl A- es? ,Q V 5 ' f if- 7 fnk' .-avi, L 0 0 J ' c' !cg,,,19o' I U O MUTTO LEARNING TO DO DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE max BACK ROW Cl F1 E 0l,qL if FRONT slums- ol. ish iizifhhhh il Q dw Yiik ll!!! VWHIYL -I TRW? Thilb 3? ev-ev .a on lid 'QT' welwfagriig Robert Greninger, Jerry Scaggs, Arthur Morgan, Gerald Grimes Paul McClendon, Tom Roberts, Lyndon Dawson, Douglas Klaus, B111 DuBois, Dean Sherman, Richard Moore, J B Jones, Jim Riley Jerry Newkirk, Kenneth Jones, J1m Clarkson, Raymond Berger, Gene Johnson, Jim Gray, Orval Stafford, Edward Chandler, Dallas Lewls, B111 Abbott, Alfred Seaton, Donald Whitesell Jim Cheek, Reuben Tipton, Earl Bowlin, Elmer England, Emmett Power, Tom Musta1n,Wa'yne Power, Jack Wr1ght, Bob Thellen, Lawrence Barger, Glen Hammock, Bill Lewis Gene Johnson President Tom Mustain Vice President Emmett Power Treasurer Elmer England --Secretary Jack bright Reporter :Ki IRM' Ili aisnuun "" hun hawk Ill! ll"l hulkld Gb! iln huqn Cl nmnmk!-Q44-a 'mm 1, wmv vm 5 lllz::za5lUNmWf GDI? If Int Iknggm af' P.P uen . - .- I ' " " , -'e 7 f I ,, Y ' ' I I, ln' A A 5 . 1 l Q O RON: ' O ROW: Q I I bv 4 ,4d":1:,g, n,f:,mf:u,1-,a2- ,,fg,H Q '--'-' ' 5 ' - " 3, I v ,f -paw ' ' 5 ' "4'?F'T" ' ""' ' - V 5':fv?li.'vw-1J"g::2' -'5"?Y" : ' ,,,,,,,,,,, 4 -, N, f, Pnvf, :iff ' ' A 4'4" ,LW ,, s,,..v- V' ii -534: .. y ,v, .?.m,x,'., AL, Mr ' ' f , MwfA'4f ' ' H I W ' 9 4o.f. feeww k"f, ,QQ N Q 5 -9-"""' 'T Iva' :M lm ff' V' A M 1' " ' f .. f me-,,,' ' ', 5. 1 f wh,4 ,- Lf U ,d ,I us is " 4 V X tllvisfffjfmg -- 'nhl ' ' vs, ,,i: 4 gi . A ,4g43f , X L ,rf-be ag' ,yum 1 yr -. . .ivy ,U. . ,R . rv ,:- ' . ' , ... V' ' "' ,- 'vwrfrf - .W'.+,nmM.'M', ' '.- V ,gr ,.:, lggjg, 5 . N w'HL,N gl - arg ,feff5' Q pun 1 iQ! UIQ VH--vf ,ge 5 fe M I I A I I ,- .mvtaqif ev. ' ' U3 .il I K iul ' ,, . fn, ,I k., , C ,M-t- , A y- I : - ..1. , Q J' fi5f7'f5'ff,5Tf4'-V 3 5433 - ' f I , 39.4 -"I -7' I , 'ls I Al Q 'x NN 4-H Club Jheh meg: Duane Collins, Lewis Jonnson, Bob Long, Gale Helms, Dickie Wheeler, Allen McFarland, Orvil Roblyer, Peter Roth, Jerry Bohannon. Alene McFarland, Marjorie Collins, Barbara Thompson, Gladys Konzcak, Phyllis Runge, Ila Moore, Barbara Collins, Hazel Tipton. Buddy Infield. Mary Tucker, Thelma Miller, Wanda Obarr, Carolyn McFarland, Norma Wheeler, Freda York, Doris Sherman, Betty Siens. CENTER ROW: FRONT ROW: EXTREME FRONT: Ronnie George Ronald Langley ADVISORS: W. T. Walker MPS. Jim Williams ,f'gf11 1: ,gn :5f'..if s Y, 5 1 , ,Q V ' 4 . :S Q ,.Zff1T ' OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . . . . . Ila June Moore Vice President . . . . . . Gail Wheeler Secretary-Treasurer. . . . . . . . . . . Freda York Song Leader . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hazel Tipton Teacher Coaches . . . . . . . . . Mrs. Williams Q Mr. Walker County Agents . . . . . . . . . .Miss Whitehead A Mr. Hedges In November the L - H Club vent to Miami, to the Cafeteria on the North Campus of Northeast A. Q M. College. After lunch we went to the Coleman Theater. April 14, the Club went to Miami, and took part in the Rally. The following won first place on their demonstrations and timely topics: Team Demonstration--Hazel Tipton, Freda York Timely Topics-Thelma Miller, Patsy Smith, Freda York, Allen McFarland. Duane Collins won first place in the appropriate dress contest. The club won second place on songs and third place on ritual. Those representing us in the girls dress re- vue to be held on April 26, are: Freda York, Hazel Tip- ton, Barbara Collins, Ruby Miller, Thelma Miller, Carolyn Pogue, Patsy Smith, Wanda Obarr, We hope to be success- ful in this revue. x fllumpre 21151112 mfttfrratv uf luawil I a.4frWfss., The Lucky seven ochola t1c Monte t for tne l95O 51, term was held on Aprll 5 6 Thls contest, l1ke those ln p st years, proved a success for students of h H The students who were chosen for the honor of represent ng their school were V c A Fl 1Ch3Td Boore Donald whltesell James Gray A1 ebra I HlChaPa loore Donald Yh1U9S9l1 Ann Llndsay Blolo Patsy Earnes Fernalee Nee Lavonne Smlth Eookkee 1U Dorene A1 moth Iary Lou Barnes Ramona Wadley C1v1cs Pattl blueg cket Geneva Cole Corposlte I theratlcs En l1sh I are yn clarlend Jean Sherman Geneva Cole gll Shlrley Cox Roxanne Hells Fayrene Brock En l1sh otert Grenlnger Patrlcla oplnks Harona vadley nn llsh IV Mary ar1e Johnson Fernalee Neel Uorls I rsh ometgy ll June Ioore U3V1d J1ll1n har aorld H1 tory Delores barnes Arthur Dorian Joyce Blevins Coga Baker Donna sue Ferguson D vld Dllllngham 1 TW1Ild Oakle doxanne ells J nn1e Jr1,ht Fayrene Brock ooclology Dorls Marsh Darlene Siler Sue Rhodes General bclence 5 Ia l Carroll 9011128 Tom 0PlDkS Amerlcan hlstor Mae ugan Patr1c1a plnks Robert Grenlnger Oklahoma Hlstor a nh ean Cole Carolyn bcFarlan hary otaiford Home Econorlcs Iores Earn Joyce B18VlnS FaTJOF16 Jones Home DCOHOm1CS ne TV19 Jann1e Wrleht Shorthand T ry Lou Barnes Pary T rle Johnson Helen Berger vood ork I llas Lewls Bob T ylor LO JY3lT S fool ora ll IE r hngland Y 53,21 Biiiiigxahgma 3511117 351. 0 o Donor Soclety The fOl1OW1Dg students made the Oklahoma Hlgh School Honor ooclety for the year of 1950 51 Freshmen U olyn McFarland Pattl Blue1acket Delores Barnes Joyce Blevlns Geneva Cole Jean Sherman H102 lla June Moore Mae Dugan Patsy Barnes uben Tlpton buddy P luer Hhmor Ann Llndsay Roxanne Hells Rlchard hoore Donald Whltesell Jannle Wrlzht Senlors ry Earle Johnson Marv Lou Barnef This Cilerhfws 'ilhzrt THE MINE SHDE TS no kpzrehg afuarheh this Ulertrfuraie nf gllilerd fm' mrtstanhmg wzcnmplxshmeui m SCPDLARSHIP f PW- Hm I1 ' 43 U - D I amy, gilfi-fjfifff q ' rf 1' , ' 4- ' 'N - f O J A A . - . . Q . . Q . . D. 1 i - o . '. ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' . ' ' Bo My or ' En 'sh Il ' " ' . I 4 . r 'Q I . n . . 3 , ' ' III H ' A ' ' , . l ' ' U ' N 1 .' . 'J - 7' U - - X ' H' De es '. ' da 7- ' ' , G? A " do T II ' Ei S 'C Ju ' ' ' ' ' .' A - ' . C2 Jean Sherman ' Jack Uright Ivagene Jchmeling Z .A N' lo A. : V3 'Aa 2 ' o 5 V 'Q C ia ' T in I ' ' 1 J ' Da ' ' H 1 v ay a i ' ' m m LJ'.y T n ll H .U I 'T ' ' f' L e ' I H A ' To ' , ., H , el -v E ez A . - O , ' 4 - O So 95 ar , 1 Ju ' s - ' V Ma ' , , EK '.',,.'f , . 'I ' 2415555 gh! f p-Jvfhg-. N W EDITOR ASS ISTANT ED ITOR ,hun gr .4- ff I 2-if f BUS INESS MANAGER Fernalee Neel "T . X Cola Baker Jerry Scaggs SPORTS EDITORS Mil11e Story and Carolyn McFarland J1me Ivie, Gene Johnson, Reuben FINANCE COMMITTEE Tipton, Bob Theilen, Cola Baker, Exmnett Power S R 1 ltmx O err 11161 T cl I wore, r 1. e, ls, e n e rm lromlo how mr um q r 11118 torv, Dorls I arsh px! JAX W Gene of 'E f vii. EDITOR 4' X Y I X K x xxx? 'N XX N .. , A k 9 fl 7 5 Z 6 llllllf 4 2 5 as 1: xx my E! ,wr fix ind.. S G KBud Victor 5 mm x GC 2 x Q b f S z 'x 2' do -' 1 ....... ,... 1 , x 1 ew ,. ,,,, , -. ,,, .... ' I I- C-lx J'-'ff KX! l . ............... . 0 VQCYIDVCTIOH I'..'..'f?., LS ..... J ' Sczaff ' cu-ben 'TW B b I "H "Ju, Aix 'C '10, anne gl 5 121 i V "Ht, J' '2 C 'l ,.,, LL e A 1,51 fer, f' '. ' LJ , V ' -1 . f X f , I' . ,A F' X qv gm:-wg . Ax Q X. A -' '-' rf .14 i S lj. , of . ' -f' Q , A gs ' 1 X . 3 42275 Q ff ' 7 ip f-.2 K v . , !'4A bi .V ., L ' x' -f 924 fx, f S- ,gf ,MXL . XT "Tw A vw 1 . -r f . '- L fff S 'A Q- 4 r . . T31 e'x' fo' f I :B f ' ' ' 5 , " wp . 45 ,, o , 4... S g 2 Q ,fa ,'7fA 1-' Q . I xmgne A 1' 'A 'ig' A' 4 if H S e ,.. xx I1 Q Raw Q? .5 QW- wan' MUD. M-4-my Q-57 -sl V95 av-ff IPI 5054! UQ!! THE PAUSE THAT REPRESHES fb! Ufgiffff ID J dw 5f,e,h!.2s W5M!,W10725 am! pledging Refwshmenf f L?-wx! I W 7 f67 , if I f EAGLE STATION Zh HOUR WREIV D 5 PJ L COMPLETE LINE OF TRUCK k AUTO PARTS W E Q Lee Hunnicutt TEXACO TIRE REPAIR SERVICE WASHING GREAQ Cn Highway 66 hou Phone 272 service Clmt s IIIIIIJHF Famous For Pond DAY an NIGHT SERVICE HIGHWAVS 60 66 69 59 POPULAR PRICES AFTON, OKLAHOMA ffQb J X,j j 42,159 LEZEEQV 'T' NITH'S STORE UPERIUR FOUNTAIN ERVICE UNDRIEQ UP9 ILS n THE THE THE T E THE L N GRADUATE UNDLR RADUATE QU? RINTLNDENT PRINCIPAL TEA HERS llllliy . -LNG .. L 'wg' ' .Aa-. 24 1 P- , -J - X 1, -Q'-if 6. '1mf"'Z-- , , I if A -f 'I L.4f - N., QIQS , . I ' 5 K -fu, f" 5 57 I 1 m afe ' A -"why: , ' F '77 .L 5 O U R C O M P I M E T S TO E T -- ' TO ' 7. G - .O 0 E .Q - H A . , , TO H . -- TO C . -- ,mis X,-x.q-. da -v '-4' -',,f,A',-g,: x I ,l- - ,Plan I' ' A FARMERS STATE BANK Member of Fcdaral Deposlt Insurance C01p0Tatl0n SMALL TOMHJ BANK The xoun f mln most hlxdx to 5ucceed and 15 addmg to 11 xefularlv Capltal Sumplus 8 Undmx ldcd P1 Of1tS N00 000 O0 inn-I i V S, 6 ik' I ' X VY ' 5 is the one who has a savings account ' ' ' ' r ' ' . 1, 21 ., ' - 1 . . , ' 1' , - ' CONGRATULATION AND BEST WISHES 'IO ALL CI ASSFS Oh AFTON HIGH SCHOOL ON SCOTT LIVINGSTON AFTON s Q BIG + DEPARTMENT T STORE S THEIR COMPLETION OF ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR 5 COX FEATURING E V E R Y D A Y S FRESH GARDEN FRESH IVIEATS VEGETABLES BASSETTS Grocery 8c Market Frm Dchx erx TWICE Da1IV TELEPHONES 76 84 701 HIGH GRADE FOODS FEEDS PRODUCE IVIEATS FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS F M A 0 is W R O P K R 1 C E D E T A COMPLETE LINE OF STAPLE GROCERIES Compliments of Beatrice Foods Co. Meadow Gold Milk CWC Recommend Homogonized Vitamin D Miikb Cottaffc Cheese Cre'1m Butter Frozen Foode Ice Ci eam Afton Oki Phone 67 CONGRATULATIONS 'I O CLASS 1951 ALLISON Lumber Company 1 igwit-EY wxeen' Phone 250 kj A C n i A , cl. 1 Q 22335 . lj C' Y U He .ff "?i: 1 ' CITY BARBER SHOP Congmtulzltions And Luck Best of Seniors of To 751 BAKER S CAFE BR AND MRS L A DAVIS AFTON CO OP ASSO Feed Gram Farm Supplles Come to the CO OP for all xour farm supplles Phone 24 Afton Okla FAITHFUL SERVICE Telephone .210 Ambulance SGTXICE Dix and N1 ht 4 . . . . B F H ' - I U O R N M K E E l , H Q I A L Wholesales Retail CoME TO THE HORSESHOE CAFE or Good Se1v1Ce Oh H1 hu 'lx 66 Phone 211 Photopx mters Lmhoqraphers Prmters SEMCO COLOR PRESS ANN UAL Sz TEXT BOOK PUBLISHERS OKLAHOMA CITY 1 OKLAHOMA ROY H NOEL Post Offlce Box 1107 Phone 1412 Jophn MISSOUFI TRI STATE COIN MACHINE CO GOOD LUCK SFNIORS 1950 1951 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS We pix xou for ashes and Sell dnt cheap Ex on Folm of Ihsuranne N C MATLOCK INSUROR F . OF 51 OF ' f Comphrnonts of TALLON BARBER SHOP Nolth Mann St M A Tallon Jr H G Brevxstel 66 BARBER SHOP IN AFTON OKLAHOMA Comphm nts THE 1oHNsoN HosP:TAL Phone 83 AVON COU RT Phone Best W1ShGS The Class of 5 SHIELDS CLEANERS AND BEST WISHES PHONE Afton Okla 1 . of E M CONGRATULATIONS 151 S E N , ' I O to R S 19 1 . - Gulf Service Station SEE US FOR A MOTOR TUNE UP ON HIGHWAY 66 DRTVE DJ AT TI-IE GULF SIGN Palnter ml Un FOR THE BEST OF SERVICE STOP AND S ON HIGHWAY 66 i -' ui..-Ji PHEITIIUIU WIUTUH UH Manag Milli Tipt Ph 22 Phone 51 ' S I I S .nevvx 7 E 445' Q""5"'l.- R Q. " N af' 9 'n I 6 Nw E EE Us. E 91.- g X P-9 - f.f:- --- R 2 R I V G c V A er, ' e on 3 CURTliiv 6 oe an " UU T155 F UWYIS Qanufs eb! e 710 ur1Aln ment e llcaoub nutrilwub 70m Feanutb gm? 0571574 ve, sfm ZQQNWGWWQMWW?-Z5 .,A..'J9uw if Q fifwinm sm: fflmlfer Co GEN MANAGER--J L Rinker MANAGER-Fred G Marsh Ph E 06 ' b . . P , , li L ' 0 i i - . i O THE MEMBERS OF THE ANNUAL STAFF ' CONGRATULATE THE SENIORS OF 1950-51 FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS WE WISH THEM MUCH HAPPINESS STOP IN AND SEE US AND soon LUCK IN THE FUTURE 0 9 Z, I ,yn , We l 1 Q ' 1 ' , f ' ,,L,- AL, ,W ,MEI V .,, V ,, 1, W, ., , 13.1 ,42Q,f.,Ldzi?M' 43' 'f ,,,.g4,m '-,N W-Q "S -Fw my lv W ffl '91 .Q if if ,EZ A- ' -ff--ff fri, 1 . ffj ,1jL,j,jfv32g'F"i:ag1,55Na 'iileifg " ' T- ? i i 1 - ' fifi - fh , i, ..':fS If, 'li-

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