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 - Class of 1955

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,WM gm, sz. QW same S N K sf v- fig, Nw' MW? Q5 is-SN Y 35' S" x THE AFHI UA fer Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Five APPToN JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL APFTONA Mo. VoLUME TWENTY Two AFHISCAN YEAR B Editor-In-Chief AA A AA AA A Supervising Editor AA A Business Manager A Treasurer AA Literary Editor A A A A A Class Picture Editor A A Informal Picture Editor AA A Secretary AAAA A Art Editor Chief A A A Senior Section Chief A A AA Parent Organization Editor Advertising Section Chief AA Subscription llflanager A Eaculty Coordinator A AA A A Advertising Finance Manager Advertising Finance Manager Group Picture Editor AAAAAA A Girls Athletics Editor A AAAA AA Boys Athletics Editor Sponsors Assistant A A Typist A AA AAAA Division Page Editor AA Intramural Editor A A ooK STAFF A A AAAA Margie Rube AA A John Schrader A A A A A A Euonne Leonard Kay Zotos A Meredith George AA AA A Joan Erler Joyce Kraemer A A Barbara Burrows A A A Nick Mirkay A Martha Herrmann AA AA Marilyn Cole A Lou Ann Oberg AA Joan Luepke A Sue Robinson AA AA Kay Whitesitt Pat Whi'tesz'tt A AA Carol Hors! A AA Ellen Lischer A A John Huber AA Charlotte Burks Rosalie Heaton AA Barbara Dotzman AA Gloria Schoenfeld Maint. 8 Aux. Staff Chief.. AAAAAAAAAAAAA Gary Shannon Coronation Editor AAAAA A A A Art Advisor AAAAA A A A A Sponsor AA AA Sherry Walker Mrs. Jeannine Cook Mr. I. Keller l' I 0 WE, THE 1955 AFHISCAN STAFF, DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL TO THE UNITED NATIONS, IT'S PHILOSOPHY, IDEALS, AND PRINCIPLES. vii' 'J-"Ai: . F-21 "-'ni ' 0 Q'..' .,. ,1. . uv' ,. 's , ' 'PZ .:f!2 -".' .I -.,, iff: ,- O -.'. . , 1.. .4132 vl' I '.,.g 'aff ...T ' .. . ' -Lb ' '.ar' .- -4: ' v 1' Q' .f."c . 15: fill' . P 1:55 , .1 ha.: .FH Ov '. 2.21 '21-4 -3525 1. 4 1 .2 'wi "- . 'Jim ' .Mg .3 -'3 .J - .. ., ,O .I :'0 .', ,.g :SQ .90 vi. -5y:'. ., 12 '-I ' -PT? .ing 0 lil' .' a '-" ' . .-. ng 95? 'fax' Z 5,1 :. ' .ti .'..f 9 LO:- . -4' ' n U. '-qi.. ,- S191 . . ft :XE 5.125 1.13 n H... :J '-:wif , , If 1' . .jyl , ..,: -. .FWS Mx ' V '-.L n UP 1 . 'u n.. ,, my 1.4 . f .u 1 .9 ... ' -45?-1 .J ,, fd: ' .Q I Four Admini tration MR. CHARLES J. MESNIER M. A. Superintendent of the Affton Schools . E MR. W. F. GAUNT MR, RICHARD FAULKNER M. A. M. A. Principal of Affton Associate Principal of Afton Jr., Sr. High Schools Jr.. Sr. High Schools Miss MARIE T. BERGMANN MR. JAMES EASTMAN M. A. M. A. Guidance Director, French Business Manager Board of Efllwation Mr. Richard Jauer. Mr. Lloyd Pounds, Mr. William Thompson. Mr. Paul Leupold. Mr. Lester Geil, Mr. Walter Zacharias, Mr. Walter lVlcNickols. The Board of Education of Affton is a group of men elected by the people of Affton community. The Board is a group of six members, elected for a term of three years with two members chosen annually. Through the Board of Education the people of Affton com- munity act to provide the school facilities. Aside from their regular business meetings from time to time these members can be seen attending some of the school's various activities. Five Jw. Ram I , iff MISS RUTH CLARK B. S. Mathematics MR. CHARLES SNYDER M. A. Social Studies Jr. High Basket Coach MR. MR. Langu ARNOLD BEKEMEYER A. B. Commerce MISS DORIS AHI M. A. English M ball R. EARI SEAI B. S. age, Arts Science IENS ISS DOROTHH JANE WALTHI R B. S. Girls Physical Education NIR. EDWARD STEVENS M. S. Science Coach MR. WII.I.lAM CAVALLO B. S. Band and Orchestra MR. I-I. A. BOERLNHI IDE A. B. Physics Cooperative Occupational NIR. DONALD KUI-IN M. S. Boys' Physical Education Coach Education Chemistry MRS. EVA MAGILI. B. S. Mathematics MRS. MARY Lucius ADAMS M. A. English Associated Public Schools System Coordinator MISS GLADYS EAKINS A. B. English MR. IRVING KELLER B. S. Commerce MRS. MARY A. LANIBI RT M. E. Mathematics Social Studies, Science Seventh Grade MR. LAWRENCE COULON B. S. Social Studies, Psychology Guidance MR. MARTIN A. TESSLER A. B. Social Studies MR. .IACK PEPIN B. S. Social Studies MR. MARVIN SCHUMAN M. A. Mathematics, Chemistry MR. JAY WARNER A. B. Drama, Speech Six Faculty MRS. DELLA SEAL Art, Music Miss LETA LESLIE English, Lalin MR. OLIVER PRESS M. S. Industrial Art Drivers Education MRS. HELEN ASHLEY Commerce. Speech Counselor MRS. KATHLEEN C. STODDARD S Vocal Music MR. JOHN MURPHY" Industrial Arts MR. KENNETH WILSON MISS PEARL WILLIS MRS. CAROL MR. JAMES COLLINS MISS CARLEEN SCHOTT B. S. Ed. B. Ed. WASHBURNE M. Ed, B. S. Mathematics. Science Mathematics B. S. Social Studies Home Making Language Arts MR. RALPH E. GENTRY MISS PHYLLIS MRS. JEANNINE COOK MRS. MARY COOKSON MR. KELLOGG A. WELLS M. A. LIMBAUGH B. F. A. B. S. Ed. M. A. Industrial Arts B. S. Ed. Art Library Work Superuiser Drivers Education Home Making Science English Guidance MRS. GLORIA DIXON MRS. CAROL STEPHAN MRS. LOUISE SHAUL Secretary to Mr. Mesnier Secretary to Secretary to Mr. Gaunt Miss Bergmann NDI pICtUl'9dZ BABER, JOYCE ELAINE: HENSLEY, CLARENCE W.: FRANKE. EILEEN3 KELLY, EDYTHEZ GLENN, JANET. Seven ',,.4- ,f ffjfggsx ., -'IN , .'A .X f' ' wx' E -x ,WH ". 'Q x ' mx 1:1 4? . . 1 I, 1 'W ugh say' y sflff ff V nfiifff' . O. 2 L' . . ,O ?,t"":.,?f,9'9fsr, .On- .P . . . . . L. I, . QL2 . . ' Q . 5 1 , - . n . l . ' . , Q D . 4 1 . I D . 1 I I ' L . . A 0 'Os fy iff f K 1 . 1 x 2 4 1 1 1 ome exc u iv ment ' a carte In 32.50 par peraonne us Rl-:COMMAN coquille -i la Roclrefell r n tre creation! 1.00 Huftrea ii la Foe . 0 Canapff Ba Huitres bonne emme . Canape St. A uitrea bourguigno ne .80 Canape Rotlm nur canape 1.25 nc ois sur canape 1.00 Crevettes rernol. ti a Inariniere . vocat Caribaldi .80 Cocktail aux crew H la Richman . Crabes Lucullus .80 Cocktail aux crabes Pite de foie gras 5 la gelee fimportil 1.75 Clxampignons frais sous cloclze 1.25 Clzalnpignons frais sur toste .90 reviases cardinal 1.00 Crabea St. Pierre .80 POTACHY Combo Creole .50 Potage tortue au sllerry .50 Bisque d 'ecreviues cardinal .50 Conaomme chaucl au verrnicelle .40 Connor-nine Iroid en tasse .40 .50 Soupe -i l'oignon grntinee 130 minutes, POLYSONS truite rneuniere 1.50 Filet de truite arnandine I de truite S la Marguery 1.50 Filet de truite florentine 1.5! Filet de sole Colbert 1. 50 Casburgol sauce lzollandaise 1. 50 Pompano gril16 I. 75 Pompano en papillote 1.75 Pompano Pontclzartrain 2.25 Pofnpano arnandine 2.00 Pompano ti la rnariniere 2.00 Crevettea 5 la Creole 1.25 errapene 3 la St. Antoine 1.75 Langouste Thermidor 1. 75 Hornard G votre clzoix selon grosseurl ouillabaisse Ji la Marseillaise fcornrnander dlxvancel 2.00 Raie au beurre noir fcornlnander d'avaneej 1.50 Matelote d'anguille K commander d'avancej 1.50 Filet de truite en papillote 1.50 j grilles 1.75 Crabs: Inoue frits 1.75 OEUFS nature .60 Oeufsqrdou 1.00 gqpagnole 1,00 122 Oeufst. Denis 1.00 froid Balthazar .90 Oeuf Coquelin 1.00 Oeufa la florentine .90 Oeuf Coolidge 1.00 eufg aux tornates St. Antoine .90 Oeufa la tripe .90 ENTR1-Iss Poulet S la parisienne 2.00 Poul Pouler en cocotte 130 rninutesl 2.0 Poulet aux chafnpignons fraia 2. grille 1.75 crapaudine I et saute dvr" ' 0 P'-"' 50 2.00 pf. f fr y .A"'?JI9'f.Zw'.T- 'fir 'X , .I Al L4-JUN 'I-"lb g'J.l,,fw" ,vtfval JU I ig C DONALD DELMAR I DECKER HELEN ADAINIS Pfemdenf "fl quiel mixx, get fheerful mu. 'Full of mischief um! full of fun, Citrix like her are t'l'lt1futL'." Ye! ever 11 frlvml In eL'eryr1nr'," H . , , Intramural Basketball l. Z. Intramural Football 1. Intramural Soft- l'mf"'Ld from S0u'lW'b' 4' ball 3. Intramural Track Z. Class Viceepresident 3, Class President 4, Library Board 4. LESLIE F GOODIVIA . N Vice-President "Wim his laugh A THERESA BACK U I "Manner fulm uml plcuxunr. , L fm wffh hw '-Ulf Sweetness ever present," Les wxll ulu.'r1g.s make u hui." qjhmus 1, Track Tram I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, Class Vice-President 4. Chorus l. Z. 3, 4. Student Counril 3. Afhiscanettc Editor 4, Trans- ferred Roosevelt I. CAROL JEAN CHILES DOLORES AN Secretary Mm J N BIEDI-ERMANN "Always vlaughing and full of fun. shlgsm IZZJFSULQI K3-nduzgg sm-N ., Carol rs liked by euvryont-." Afh' M Ad 1 Ch 1 2 3 '4 Gul I ' 5 Intramural Softball Z, Intramural Volleyball Z. 3. Class Secretary 1 Esclgn 4ageni5r IQLTIUZ Dem Mgr: iwCIEl:lbT2Q .Iep glut' 4. Chorus 1, z. S, 4, Arfwnmfs 1, om Club 2, Afhimn 4. "" Y ' ' ' E ' ' 'mm' - DALE ERNEST EDWARDS Treasurer .M shy he um, ,O ,NI MARLENE LEWIS BOCKRATH Heres a lad with a jolly personality." "Happy-go-luckya fair und free. Intramural Basketball I. Class Secretary 3. Class Treasurer 4. "E" Aolhmg fhfff 'S 'hal bmhws me" Average Certificate l, Honor Society 3, 4. Honor Society Vice-Presi- Cr. A. A. 2. 3, 4. Intramural Volley Tennis 3. Intramural Ping Pon dent 4, Chorus I, Senior Play 4, Stock Roo-m Clerk I, N, C. C, J. Z, 3. Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, Intramural Ba k 2. 3. U. N. Mo-del General Assembly 3, 4. l, 2. 3, 4. Soccer Tea - 2 s etball Z, 3, Pep Club ' m 2. Biology Club Z, Ten GRACE ELLEN BODINE "Full of snap, pup and zest, Crum' m't.'ar ftnJx u momenfs rest." 'Ticntlt' and suuwt. tluinly and ncat. Batttnmll Ha" 1. Volleyball "A" 1. s. 4. Volleyball "B" 1. fl1'1LIP'f"f"'l'ff'f"""""' 'mf' 'f' 'W' f""'-" G. A. A. I. Z. 3. 4, Golf Club I, Intramural Basketball I. 2. 3. Afhiscan Maid Z. G. A. A. 3. Intramural Volltyball 3. Office Cltrk Intramural Volleyball l. Z. 3. Intramural Ping-Pong 2. 3. Intramural l. Z, 3, 4. Pep Club 1. Z. 3. 4. U. N. Dclugatv 3, 4. Volley Tcnniw 2, Intramural Soccer 2. Office Clerk I. Chorus I. Z, 3, 4. Pep Club I. 2. 3, 4. Psp Club Offtcer 4. Spanish Club 3, 4. V MARY ANN DAVIS "rl rvatly smilr on hrr fare. 'jSltt"s ulwuyx anriling tmtl full oflfun. Ill- ull ugret- shtfa qultt' u raw." 'SMS k'7'm"7 '1"V7'U"bV """"'V"'I"' Intramural Basketball I. Z, Intramural Softball 2, Intramural Soccer G. A A I. 4. Pep Club I. Z. I. 4. l, Intramural Volleyball I. Z. Intramural Vollcy Tcnnii 3. Chorus I. 1. I, 4. Office Clvrlx Z. 3, 4. Ilcp Vlub l. 4. Purfrct Attrndancc Certificate l. GEORGE JOSEPH BUB 'VIII of his frrwmlx rttiv him high. W Ht-'x what t,'ou'tI ful! u rvgtllur guy." Baxkrtball Stntlcnt Manager Z. Track Tcam I. Z. Intramural Iiaxlwtf Hfl,I""" "I h"PI7V "ml mu' Il' Mlflwf ,V ball 2. 3, 4. Intramural Softball 3. 4. Intramural Football I. 4. In HV!! "wk" l'l"'7lI5 ul'7"""U"" h"H 9'1- tramural Socccr 3. 4 Intramural Traclx. Class Sgt.fat-Arms Z. Cf. Ii. I' tlaw I'l.1V Z. Ilroirctlon Kllub I, 4. X i BARBARA LEE DOTZMAN "Quvt'n ol' our rltlxa. "Harm is tt lxtwlq tnv. Yvx. .xhtfs quilt- tt lam." flfwv-Y ful' uf H'1'1f"H'fU"- Afhiwcan 4. Bavkctball "A" 2. Baekctball "ts" 1. ca .A, A, 1, 1. 1. Intramural llawlwtball Z. I. 4. Intramural Softball I. 4. Intramural 4. Sccrvtary 4. Softball Tcam Z. Volleyball "A" 1. Intramural Bad Sprcdball I. 4. Intramural Snccur 3. 4. Intramural Football 3. 4, ntinron Z. Intramural Iiaslwtball I. 2. Intramural Vollty Tvnnis I, Intramural Vollcyball 3. 4. "E" Avcragc Vcrtlbcatc I. l. 3. Ilantl Intramural Vollryball l. Z. Intramural Softball 5. Intramural l'ingA I. Clhorux l. 2. 3, -I. if lr. Il. Cflaw Play l. Stuck Room Vlurk l. Ilong l. "E" iavuragu Clcrtillcatt' Z. 3. Vlm-rus l. I, 4, Aflloncttus I. I'rojt'ction flub l. f , .,-.ex k,'Af4,.4f4f . if K ' cw Y 0 awww' fildfv' ,sf wwf' M ?"lff,5.,x . W M-1 3? B BHIUI Eleven 'enior STEPHANIE ELLA ERICKSON "A lull girl. nl-ullu liunssl-ll. fla u frivnd' shi' rlu.wrL'rs Ihr hui." Alhixranvllu 4, G. A. A. 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3. 4. XVlI.I.lAlVl FESLER "In ham! hr plum rl' Q. .f rlurmrl. :I rucvr boy iL'r'u' m'L'rr mul." Basvball 4, Intramural Baskrtball l, Z, 3. -l. lnlramural Football Z, 3. 4, Intramural Softball 3. Intramural Sccccr 3, 4. lntramura Spccdball 3, 4, flats Trcasurcr Z. "E" Avcragv Uvrlihralv Z. 3 JOAN ANITA ERI ER Honor Society 3. 4, Honor Society Trcasurvr 4. Band l. 2. 3, 4 , All County Band l. 3, Orchestra Z. 3, 4. Pvrlcct Allrnnlancr Cer- ...rhu Umm ,hm wmv ann tificatv l. 2, Studcnr founcil l. U. N. Doll-gaic 3, 4. N li. C. J. - ' v IVIII who hvr luughlcrf' "' Afhiwcan 3. -l. Basketball "A" Tlcam Z. Baskrtball "B" Tcarn l ' , 1 G. A. A. l. Z. 3, 4, Softball Tram 3. Softball Tram Mgr. Z. Vollry- -FEURIING ball "A" Team Z, 3. Volleyball "B" Team l. Intramural Vollcyf "fl 57004 SPU'lU'7dlU1S U' UW- -- hall I. 2, Intramural Fsaekclball I, 2. Intramural Ping-Pong l. 2, Tuul! Ut"-'l'f ffm' U !lUV"" Uml Intramural Vollvy-Tcnnis. Intramural Softball 3, Intramural Bad' Tmnsfm-,nj from Nommndy High 3, minion Z. 3. Library Beard 4, Chorus l. Z. 3. 4. All-Counly Cflmruv ' 2. 3, 4 Afftoncttcs 2. Mixcd Iinsumblc 3. 4. Clvc Club I. 2. 3. Spanish Club 3. Pep Club l. Z. 3. 4, "At home on both diamonds and ruurla. lurk is good in all kinds of sporlsf' ' Baskctball "A" Tr-am l, Z. 3. 4. Captain 4. G. A, A l. 1. 3. 4, Prvsidcnt Z. 3. Softball Tram l. Z. 3. Vullcyball "A" Tram Kim! of quiet. kim! of Shu. U I. Z. 3, Intramural Volleyball l. 2. 3. Intramural Baskrrball l. Z. 3. Bur ,WS FVUIIU U WV!! 'HU' 9101- Intramural Softball l. Z, 3, Intramural Vollcy-Tcnnis 3. Intramural thmug ly 1, 3, 4 Smgk Room Vlyfk 1, 4, Ping-Peng 3. Library Board 4, Pcp Club l. Z, 3, 4. JOYCE ANN FEHRMANN Lnls of spirit. lots of fun. Svums h ' MEREDITI-I VAIL GEORGE 'llt rr rcrlnmly 11 greaf treat. 'Irv mve! U pfrson so siteelfi - r X "S l'I3l'fI IU!! f'L'l'fVU'7f'-V Afhiscan 3. 4. l3asIu-tball "A" 4. G. A. A. l. Z. 3. 4. Vollcyball Volleyball "A" Tcam 2. Vollcyball "B" Tuam 1. Intramural Vollcv' "BH Z' Inmmuml Bndmmcn 1' 2' I""am"'al Vullwbaii 1, 1. 1. ball l. Z, Intramural Vollcy-Tunnis 3. Intramural Badminton Z, 3. Intramural Ping-P092 Z4 3- Inlflmllf-31 Baskvfh-'II I I I office Clerk 1, 2. 1, 4, mp Cilub 1, 1. 1. 4, swim Play 4. mural Vvllvv-Tvnnis 3. Ch 7 Chorus l, Z. 3, 4, S. A. li. Lhorus 3. Mixud Chorus 3, 4. GI' i N. C. C. .I. Z, 3. Twelve . ,. , Iniraf orus l, -, 3, 4. All-County Kfhtirux 3, 4. me Club Z. 4, Mixrd Chorus l. Z. 3, 4, Pup Club l. 1. 3, Aflwixcani'ttt- 4. JANET LEE GILBREATH "Al hrs rt Ihr' girl ruirh dancing fcct. Hrr frrunrlly way is hurd Io brat," G. A. A. I. Z. I. 4. Volleyball "A" 3. Intramural Basketball I, 2, Z. 4. Intramural Volleyball I. Z. I. Intramural Badminton l, 2, Softball Team I, Chnrua I, 2. 4. Pep Club I, Z. I, 4, Mixcd Chorus I. 1, 4, S. A. B. Chorus Z. ARTHUR BERNARD GUST "rl l7t'lIt'r' irlluw cun not br' found, Thinga liven up whvn he's around." Basketball "B" I. Z, Track Team Z, I, Intramural Softball Z, 3. Intramural Basketball I. Z, 3. Intramural Soccer 3, Intramural Foot- ball 3, Intramural Spccdball 3. Library Board l. Cho-rus I, Z, 3, 4, All-County Chorus Z. Projection Club I, C. E. P. Class 2. MARTHA JANE HERRMANN "Thr Lirllr' girl with cum of blue, Shox full of fun and lively. too." Afhiscan 4. Bavkctball "B" Tram I. Z. Volleyball "A" Team 3. G. A. A. I. 2. I. -I. Vice-President 4. Intramural Basketball I, Z, 3, 4, Intramural Soltball I. Z. 3, Intramural Soccer 2. I, Intra- mural Vollcyball I. 2, Intramural Badminton Z, 3. 4, Average Certificate I. Honolr Society 4. Chorus I, Z, 3, 4, S. A. B. Z, Mixed Chorus I, Z 3. 4, Oflicc Clcrk I, Prp Club I, Z, 3, 4. Scnior Play 4, Intramural I'ingYPoug Z, Intramural Volleyf'I'cnnia I, U Y Dvlcgatc I, 4. BETTE KAY HOFEIVIANN "l'rir-rrdlrf crnrl chvvrful ax run bv, ll'hurt-vcr rhcrtfx fun, lflrltrfs sure ltr hr." Afhiscan Maid I. Basketball "B" Team I, Z. Basketball "A" 3, 4. Golf Club l. Vollryball "B" I. Vorllcyball "A" Z, I, Captain 3. Softball Tram I. G. A, A. I, Z. Intramural Softball Z. Ir. In- tramural Badminton I. Z, 3. Intramural Basketball l, Z, 3, Intra- mural Vollcyball I. Z. 3. Intramural Vollcy-Tcnnis Z, 3, Pep Club I. 2, 3. -I. Prcsidcut -I. Prrfcct Attcntlancc Crrtihcatc I. DALE BYRON HOSS "fl rrgular fallow il is Iruv, Full of pup and misrhivf, too," Baseball Team I, 2. Baskrtball UB" Team I. Z, Track Team I. 1. l.ibrary Board Z, Chorus l, Z, Sprcial Choral Group I, Z, Senior Play -I. HENRY FREDRICK HUBATCHEK "Hr:r1ry is quiet, thcrus not rr doubt Wt' xrflrirvm hcur' him laugh or sl-roar." Intramural Softball 3, Projector Club Z. JOHN STEVEN JAMBORETZ "To haur- his frir-nrlship is rrrrlly u lr Boys like Johnny rrrr' ham' to burr," r'Lll. Intramural Football I, Intramural Baskctball I, Chorus I. 1. I. 4. All-County Choruw l. I. 4. Psp Club 2, Motlcl Plano Club I, Prof ti.-frm crab z. MARY JANE JECK "Mary Jamfx rr girl so lim- rrmi swt'ur, Thrrt you will limi hvr hrrrtl to bmi." Softball Tram I. Cihoruv I, 1, 3, 4, Intramural Vollry-Tvriniw Z, Intramural Badminton 3. C Il II III I' Thirteen eni III' CAROL MARIE JENSEN ALEXANDER MATT KLEIN "I-ull uf fun tm shr' t'11n bv, "Hvru'a 11 fvllutu with many 41 frruml. 'I hr gtrl u.'11h pt'rsrmuIity." With 11' lrxr nf r1u11I1lit'x that nvuur mtl." G. A. A. I. Z. 3, -I. Vcnllcyball "B" Tram Z. Intramural Badminton Oratcrical Context l. Z. 3, XVon 4. Baseball Team 4, Track Tram l, Z, Intramural Vollcyball I, Z. Intramural Baskctball I. 2, Intraf 3, Intramural Football l. Z. 3, Intramural Praxlirtball l. 1, 3. Intra- mural Snfthall Z. Intramural Soccer l. Class Secrutary I, Chorus I, mural Softball 3. Latin Club Z. 3. Prcsiclvnl 3. Chorus I, 2, 3. 4. 1. 3, 4. S. A. I3. l,hnrus Z. Mixul fxhcruv I, l. 3, 4. All-Ciuunty Chorus Z, 3, Mixctl Enwrnblv Z. 3. S. A. I'3, 1, 3 Affronaircs Z, 3, Pvrfuct Attcntlancc Licrtiucatc I. Scniur Play 4. Mixud Chorus I. Z, 3. -I, U. N. Ihlrgatu 3. -I. IVIARGOT KATHERINE KNEILE "xlI1.1.'uys Iuuyhtvlvg und Icflv uf plaq. "Nm ur-Izuc in spwrrv. uc all ugrvv, 'him hw "ms" tbl' Um" 4"""'U' Hu! thy Iruvsr .uzrl r1f11fr14'ndti.s hu." il. A. A. 3, 4, Vollvyball "A" 3, Intramural Psatlrmiiritun 3. Intra' Afhiimn Fqcon I Bmknbm HB-. -I-Nm I Imrmmml Bwkcdmll 7 mural Ycllcyball 3, lihr:r11s 3. 4. Sprcial Choral Group 4. Ilrp Club 3, Intramural Softball 3. 4, Captain 3. Intramural Football 3. lilmrus 3' Al' rlmnsfuhid fmm Lmhcmn 3' 3, 4, Stock Room flvrlt I, Prrnjcctori Club Z, JACQUELYN LUCILLE KOEI-ILER "fl ryurrl. lint' fr1'1'mlItf mrtirf, Whtfs ultuuya rvurlu to lrmi hrr tml." Afhiscan Maid 3 Baskvtball "I3" l Z G A A I 7 3 -I Valley BARBARA ANN KALTENBRONN mu "A" S. vt11'1tyb.111 "ts" 1, z. -Intl-am-ural' 11.1'am'1nf1Sn 2. 1 Intrai .4 1, , - Y - mural Iiaxlwtball I, 2. Intramural Volleyball I, Z. 3. Claw Surc- ff Wuff 'U u'f"'k'I' 3' "IW" "ffm" tary 2, tihmy Buarrl 4. Cfhotruv 1. 1. 1, 4. Psp 411111 1. 1. 1, 4. Hurbrlru 1.x nm- ut- :rm rvcrwmnvend. Pvrfvu Aucndmw Ccrrinmw I c1f.f11t 1. 1. 4. Pr-p 011113 2, -1, Miata Chorus 1, 4. ' ' JOYCE ANN KRAEIVIER "Juut'1' will ulmrwt Iturl':tt'r11't1'x hwnrl, 'lu lvmi tr hum! 111 any fr1'v17rl," NANCY LEE KATZ Alhixcan 4. Ba71rgl1b.111 "B" Tami a, ca A. A. 1, 4. vr111v,-11.111 "B" H , , ,. Valle-yball A 3. Intramural Xullcyball I. Z. 3. Intramural I3aQ- Qmf' f1'HI1!f"11W "WIN-H lictball l. 2. 3. I11tramur.1l Srttball Z, Intramural I'3.1tln1i11tcm l, 3. YH 'UH 'if 'Un 'I H715 MM- Intramural Vollvy-Tcnnix 3, Cihurux l. Officc Vlvrlx 3, 4. Pup Vluh G. A. A. 3, Pvp Flub I, Z, 3. lr 4. Fourteen RICHARD IiDWARD KROM NACKER "A hupntf Iurl. with tt nmarcul flair. Whoxt' prvxt-mt' is ft'II vm-ryLL'ht'rt'." Intramural Basltrtball 3. "I:" Avvragc Cfcrtiflcatc 3. Iihorut 3. Art Award 3, Transfcrrrd Irtsm l'lvvt'land High 3. ROY STILES LARSEN "Nui lim srrmux. mv! mn guy. Bu! rr rvul hm' fullmt' in uv.'vrytl't1y." 'Iraclx Tram 3. Chorus I, Z. All-County Vhorus I. Mixvtl Cfhtrrui Z. liitwlogy Club 1. Prvxitlrtrt 1, Pmivttur Club Z. N. lf. Cf. J. l. Stuck Iivvm Vlcrlt. ROBERT J. LEE ".-I wry mtv ht-u. wry quicl. Illrtls yusl tIr1n'I st't'n7 It: bt' In kts dirt," I3awbaII 'Iram 3, Intramural Softball 3. -I. Intramural I3aslxctbaIl 3. Intramural X't.Ilt'vhall 3. 'lramfcrrctl frcm I3Isliop I7uI3tIurg 3. JOSEPHINE ANNA LEONE "II'ht-n uzhvrx :Imp tr Iuslt um! rfuil. Iirpvmi tm Jn lo linixh il." Uraturical Vuntmt I. I3asltvtbaII 4' ' Tram I, Z, G. A. A l. 2. 3. -l. Point Officer 3. Prvxidcnt -I. llvyball "l3" Tram I. Z. Intra- mural I3askt'tbaIl I. l. Intramural lluyball I-, Z. 3. Intramural Bad- mrntcn I. 2. Intramural I'iugfI'on 2. glass Prcxidvnt I. Hunrfr Str, civty 3. -I. Ollicc tklurlt I. 3. 4, I u I. 2. IH-rfurt Attt-ndancv txt-rtiucatv I. Ycllryhall 3. -I. . fX ,L I IN ' I X . fl vu . J N :xlxjru Ii f I f . I I rr I I 7 ' HERBERT JEROME LEVY "II'ht'rt't't'r u willy saying is lutzml. Yutfrt- sun' to limi Jvrrtf uruumif 4 I3aw-hall 'lxcam I. 2. 3. 4. I3axltctbaIl "B" Tcam l. 'I'ra1:lt I. 1. Intramural Snccvr 3. Intramural Bailwtball I Iaall 3. Vuronatitwn Ifxccrt I in ' 'It . Intramural I .. Ian Vrcv-Ilrcwitlvnt I ELLEN ANN LISCHER ".-Iltutlyx tuzllirvg uml I-uycr lu plvusv. Hvr kim! urimnx pu! um' al cum' " Aflriscan Staff 4, U. A. A. l. 3. 4. Intramural Baslwtball 1, Inlrt mural Volleyball 2. Intramural Softball 1. Intramural Soccvr Z. Intrt mural Ping-Ilong Z. Latin Klub 4. I3antl I. 1. 3. -I, Clrurtm I, 2, 3 -I. Mixvd Cfhorui 2. 3. 4. Orchcxtra Z. 3. -I. Ilvp tfluh 2 3. 4. III ltct Attrndanrc Vrrtilicatc Z. Srniur Play -I. CAROL ANN LONGVVORTH "f'urt'l is om' who ix st17t't'rt'. llvr trrlmnx tlltuutu nmltv hwr tlvtrrf' St-ftl-all Tcant I. 3. Vullvylvall "A" 'Il-am I. 1. Vhnruv I. IH-p t'Iu I, Z. 3. Afhiscanrttv Stall' 4. NANCY MAKSIN "With I-vr guy spirit tht' tnltlv lu nur rluss. slflvr aut' gfutiutttu. tt't"ll min Ihix luxxf' Iiatkt-tball "A" 'IK-am Z. Baslwtball "I3" Tram I. G A, A. I. 1. 3. -5. Strfthall Tram I. 1. Yi-Ilvylaall "A" Tram l. 1, 3. tkaptain 3. Intramural Vullcyball I. 2, Inlramurrl liaslu-tball I. Z. Intramural Badminton I, l. Intramural Iling-Pong 1. l.atin Club Z. Vlmrus I. 2. 3. -I. Glcc fllub I. Z. Of1ict't'It'rlt I. 1. -l. Ilvp t'Iub I. Z, 3. -I. Nlixctl Chorus I, l. 3. -I. Claw Srrgraxtt-.1tfArntx 3. senior' .nniiun EDWARD JAMES McCAULEY "lIf'l7ater:er he did was done with eusu. And whul he did wus dom- to please." Chorus l. Z. Tranwferred Southwest I. JEANNETTE MARY McDONALD "Her gentle usurtls, unrl smiling eyes, Have brightened up the darkest skies," Afhiscan Maid 2. Afhiscanctte Reporter 3, Basketball "B" I, G. A. A. l, Z, I. 4, Secretary I, Softball Team Manager I. Intramural Bas' ketball l, 2, Intramural Volleyball l, Z, Intramural Softball Z. Chorus l, Office Clerk I, Z. 3, Pep Club I. 2. 3, 4, Ciheerlea Spanish Club I. Officer 3, Mixed Chorus I. NORMA JEAN MEISSBACH "Norma is U pleasant lus,:. Ami surely un asset to our clussf' Average Cerliucate 3, library Board -l, Cfhoruc 3. Transferred Bayless 3. LAWRENCE MEISSNER "Not loo full, not tors short, Larry excells in any sport," Basketball "A" Team 3. Basketball "B" Team l, Basketball l, Intramural Softball 3, Softball Student Sixteen der l, 2, 3, 4, 4. imp Club 4, 2. Intramural Manager Z. BARBARA DOROTHY MIKULIN "Huppy at work. happy at play. fl ,my to 1111 who rome her wily." Chorus I. 2, 3. 4, Afltonettes 3, Pep Club l, 2. 3, 4, Tranwferred from Bayless 3. NICHOLAS AUGUST IVIIRKAY "ll"ben In life he does his pari. Iris sure to he in :he lim- of url." Afhixcan 3, 4. "E" Average Certilicatc Z. Student Council 3, N. C. Cf. J. l, I, Transferred from Cleveland Z. Honor Society 4. GAY ANN MISSLER "FriemiIy. laughing. always yay, She'II find forlune in her Jay." G. A, A, I. 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball l. Z, Intramural Volley- ball l. Z, Intramural Softball 1. Chorus I, Z, 3, 4. Mixed Choruw l, 2, 3, 4. Pep Club I, Z. 3, 4. Secretary 4. Senior Play 4, Intra- mural Badminton Z. DAVID GLEN MYERS "Heros a friend rl-1111's really true. One who will always remain with you." Intramural Basketball I. 4, Intramural Softball 3. 4. Intramural Ifootf ball 3, 4, Intramural Soccer 3. 4, Intramural Volleyball 1, 4, Perfect Attendance Certificate Z, Transferred from Eureka Z. . .ptatn 3. Stock Rtmm Cf Club 1. Spauixl! f'lub 3. ROBERT JOSEPH NEBEL "Bob, u tall uml ltmk MARJORIE ANN RABE y guy. "HvIpfuI. nirt-, and Uvru stut-rt. I: m't't'r boltl. rx always shy." For u truu friend sho t'un't be brat." Pcrfcct Attcndancc Vcrtihcatr 3. Afhiscan 3. 4, Editur 4. Girls State Rcpxrwntativu 3. Cr A. A, l 2, 3. 4, Vnllcyball "B" Team l, 1. Volleyball "A" Team 3, -I Intramural Softball 3, Intramural Baslwtball l, 2. Intramural Vollc ball l, 1. 3. Intramural I3adminton l. l. Intramural l7ingAl'ouyz 1 "E" Avcragc Cvrtiliratc l, 1, 3, Honor Sucirty 3, 4, Sccrvtary 4 LORETTA JANE NORMAN Chorus 1, 1, 1, 4. um cilab 2. Affttwnrlttw 1, Marta Vhorux 1. 1 --Aiwuuq ,NJN Wim U ,mmm 3, -l, S. A. B. Cihnruv Z. Officc Cflrrk 3. 4. Pep Club l. l. 3. 4 INRIA, 'X H f!.l'l,m1 u,UrthLL,hl1u -1 Scnior Play 4, Studvnt Council I. Motlvl U. N. 3, 4. Stutlvnt Vouncll ' ' C' 't-'3,l - Y l l'.l""-1,3, ur.aam.u chant.-at 1. N3'un 1, Bwketball "A" 'tum 1. ta. A. A, lmmg Umm'I" ""'gm"" mn' l'r"L"u l, l. 4. Intramural Bawltcthall 2, Choruv l, Z, 3, 4. Afflonctrcs 2. Offiw vuft 1. P.-p C'lub 1. 1. 4, atixaa cjhafm I, 1. 1, 4, S. A. B. KENNETH WAYNE RAND-Aldli Vhorux I, 1, 3 -I, Xlclluwtlt'ttt'Q 4. A .Bunn-ttrmfs qurrt, aonn-trnnfx xutl. Hrrtfx tu u ut-ry l'rit'mllrf mtl." Intramural Softball 3, -l. Intramural Fuutball 3. -l. Intramural Spwd ball 3,1-4. Intramural Pvaxlwiball 3, 4, Intrrmural Succvr 3. -6, Ilhurus RUSSELL EDWARD MCKUP 1- l3ff'l'flU" Hub 1, 4- ".'l qurrt ivlluu' wht- rurvly mtrlzvx u xound. :Ind ut-t th' wrt uf rhup trot: like urttundf' Intrtmural Spcmlball 3 in ' lcrlt l. Pruicctur PERRY EUGENE PYBAS "rl Iilzt-ubltf ft'.'lmt' with u fumrg u.'uy. Whu rhihkt zlurt plz . ru rx hurt- In stnuf' Xfhixcant-ttf -l. Baxltetball Student Managcr 3, Intramural l3aslwtball l. 1, 3. -I, Intramural Softball 3. 4, Intramural Football 3, 4, Inf tramtzral Sprcclball 3, library Board l, Clhorux 2, 3, 4. Allvffountx' thurux Z. 3, -I, Af3'twt1.lirt's 1, 3. 4. Sruiu 3 ' ' 3 4. r llay -I. Mlxvtl Chorus l v wurh ur n Intramural l3axlwll1all I. 3, Intramural Fun lall 3. -3. Intr I RONALD HUGH RATH Ht-mg an athlvtt- ol spirit .llukvx him th- ' um! at tum. t tt-ntvr uf u1trtrrtum," l'3aslwtball "A" Team l. Z. 3. 4, 'l'r.tclt 'I't'.1m l, 1. 3. 4, Intra mural Softball 3. 4, Intramural Football 3, -l, Intramural Soccrr 3, 4, Intramural Spcsdball 3, -l. Clmmus l. 1, 3. -l. Nlixt-tl Quartrt 3 Senior Plav 4, Stutlcnt Vouncil 1, Mlm-tl Vlmrux l, 1, 3 -I Flaw Prriimlvnt Z. flaw Svrgcantfat-Armx 3. WII.LlAM ART HUR ROSENI2 fl thtn.1uhtful guu with u quttl xl frivml tt: ull i1 ' tt'.ttJ. lug . " crl tuca lball 3, lutrautural Sul! amural Sncccr 3, l't'rft'ct Atlrnthntt K' ' It l 'enior Seventeen eniur BEVERLY DOLORES SAAKE GEORGE RICHARD SCOTT "Our lirlll- lass so stuver aml small. ".'Ifrlc'mlIglr1d,Ltvfrsllfy. Bw: ls .1 frruml of um' and all." lI'v'rv pruurl of him al flfflun High." Afhiwcanvttu ll, G. A. A. I. Z, 3. -4, Intramural Badminton I. 2. 3, Trark Tvam 3. 4. Intramural Fuotball 2. Intramural Basketball Z. Intramural Vollcy Tcnnix 3. Intramural Volleyball 1. 2. 3. Intraf mural Softball l, Z, Chorux l, Z. 3, -4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Intra- n1ural Basketball I. Z. Mixed Chorus l, Z, 3, 4, N. C. CI. J. Z, VICKI LEE SHERER "fl happy girl willv uyvs of browrl. . You rvrtwr sur' hvr wrlh u frown." "Hn rllvu uf rr pvrlurt duty, K X , lux wmk und num, pfuvu Cr. A. A. 3, 4. Intramural Vollryball 3, Prp Club 3, 4, Chrcrlvadc 4' 3,-t,S" lr 4,T. 'I' 'df P' I'l'h3, H 4 Intramural Baskctball 3, Intramural Socccr 3, Intramural Football 3. Lmorpw rms Un mm 'OHIO lg Dum CL-uw Intramural Softball 3. 4. Svninr Play 4, EUGENE OTTO SCHMIDT JOHN ARTI-IIIR SIGNORELLI HH, b E ., H V "Has lull of pep. has lull of fun. ' ASL?lL1.,f1uUi,lIgll, ILS Could bv'-' I-'or un all-rsrounll good Ivllrrtv. Jack'x Ihr omn' 3 , I t u al I3.,'k'lball Z, 3, Intramural Sn-ftball 3, Chorus I, Z, 3. 4. Lntramural Softball 4. Intramural Football 2. 3. 4. Intramural Sorter ahora? amun 2, 3, 4' Pwnc! Ancndimcc Ccrrmcnlc I' Stock ,. 3. 4. Intramural Baskrtball 3, 4, Intramural Specdball 3. 4, Junxor R Cl k I B jk Ib ll T' 1 , Achicvemcnt 4. Chorus Z, 3, 4. Projzcrion Club Z, 3, 4, Tranvfcrrcd Com 'cr ' as C A mm ' " firm Eurrka Z, DONALD BRUCE SCI-IUCH WILLIAM FREDERICK STEINBRUECK "Nm for gferg, ,mr fm- funn, "fl wull-known bo-u around the crowd, Jus! for Ihr ns! uf the gamc. NUI ICU fl'-Nfl' V507 1110 loud-I Basketball UA" Tram 3. 4. Baikrtball Tcam I, Z, Intramural Oraltorical Contcst ll. Z. At't1l'J8i' Cffllflfaff lr L I Softball 3. 4, Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4, Spccial Choral Group Z, 3, 4. Svntcr Play 4. Spanish Club Prtid Eighteen atm Club 2, 3. 1 cn! 3, 4. ALFRED IVAN STR ENTZSCI-I PETER HERMAN VOGT "Good in sports, in sludtus too. "Haag to lilac. may ru know, .St-cms rhenfs norhing AI can'r do." A Igkmblt. boy, ufwuys on ,hc gn." B0l"5 sf-iffrylltlaresentatlve 3. Baseball Team I, Z. 3. 41 C0-CDP!-1ll'l 41 Intramural Basketball 3. 4, Intramural Softball l. -I, Intramural Soc- B-lskflb-'lll 'A Tram 3' 43C-1Pta1n 4, Basketball "B" Team I, 2, ccr 3. 4, Intramural Spcrdball 3, 4, Chorus I, Stock Room Clerk French Club I, 2. Honor Society 3. 4, President 4. Student Council I, 1, IM-Qjqkrgr Club 2, Z. Prcsidcnt 4, Clasa President 3, Vice-President Z, GAIL ROSE WALKER "Full of glen' und plenty lu say. Sho Itkvs In talk and dom ul! Jay." DONALD RAY STUEVEN liaskctball "B" Tram 1. 2. G. A. A. 1, 2, 1, 4, Volleyball "B" -' ' ' .', , Tram l. Z, Intramural Baskctball l, 2, Intramural Ping-Pong 2, H?"Qrff.ef",if',QfLZ1,n'u,l,QQL,Qfffff"f7'l'nm... Latin Club 2, 3,4Chorui 1. z. 1. 4. wp gi1ub.1. 2. 1. 4. Mixed Lhorus Z, 3. 4, S. A. Il. Chorus Z. 3, 4. Crlcv t.lub Z, 3, 4. Intramural lhskctball l. 2, 3, 4, Intramural Softball 3, 4, Intra- mural Football 3, 4, Intramural Vollryball 5. 4. Intramural Soc! ffl' 3- 4- MARY ELLEN WALI. ".'llust lhings Mary tlurs wry tvrll. Bur in smging shc rt-ally dues t'.t't'vll," Baakctball "Il" Team I, Z, Volleyball "B" Tvam l, Volleyball UA" - ' - H . I CARI Team 2, 3, Intramural Badmmtnn l. Z, I. Intramural VnlItyb1ll . ' 2. Intramural Basketball I, Z. LI. A. A. I. 2. 3. Claws Trcasurvt l. 'Thusv around him hc makes glad, Avg,-agp Cqrrihqarq 1, Z, 3, Hmm-r Surivty I, 4, Cho-ru: I, Z, lr. .Var many of his kim! nrt' to be had." 4, Allfffounty Chorus 2. 3. 4-. Alltnnrltcs l, Z. Glcfkflub I. Z, 3. Ilawball 4. Track Team 3, Intramural Basketball 3, Intramural Spcetl- Eflvffd lgnwmblv 3' 4' Mlxvd g'lm""lyl'x3z' alll' Pfpxkulh 1' Z' 3' 'I' ball 3. Spanith Vlub 3, Tra11Qft'rrt-d from Evansvillc. Ind. l. UW' ll-'Y 4- sulllfnl counfll Z' L4 ' - I 'WI' ' ' KATHRYN ELAINE VVI-IITESITT "Kuthrtfn'a rr girl so xtL'1't'l. - Nrlw' ax um! qoual fart- ro mt-I-I." HAR N ANN V I. A ' .. E Afhiscan 4. Volleyball "A" Tram l, Vollryball "ll" Icam 1. In- If-'J hu" Ixmhvr "u'5"md""9 hqfum' tramural Basketball I. Z, Intramural Volleyball l, Z, Intramural ol lll' H11 4'9"'l' If S hafd ffl hm' hw- cy-Tennis 3. Intramural Badntinton I.. Z. Chnrts A. A. Z, Chnrui l. 3. 'I'ranwfrrrrd XVvbstt'r Groves l. ifhnrus 1, 3, 4, Officr Clerk 'S 7 v 1 1 1. 2. 1. 4. Max-.a , 1.-p c.1ub 2. 1. I3 ll I 0 I' Nineteen Senior PATRICIA JOYCE WI-IITESITT Of subtle charm I do declare, This maiden has more than her share." Afhiscan 4. Basketball "A" Team 3. 4. Basketball "B" Team l. Cv. A. A, 3, Volleyball "A" Team 3, Intramural Basketball 2 tramural Volle T ' ' , 3, In- y- ennis 3. Intramural Badminton Z. 3, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, Intramural Soccer 2, 3. Drum Majorctte 2. 3, 4. Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4, S. A. B. Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Office Clerk 3, Pep Club I, Z, 3, 4. BARBARA ANN WITOWSKI 'Her disporsilion is us good as gold, And she's as sweei, l'1.'e been told." Afhiscan Maid l, G. A, A. Z, Volleyball "B" Team l. Intramural Badminton 2, Chorus l 2 3 4 AFI HELEN LUCIL "Always jolly and full of fun, As u friend, she's a special one." Chorus 2 3 Glee Club , , Z, Office Clerk 3, Pep Club Z, Transferred from Russell High Z. LE WEISS WOHLSCHLAEGER KATHERINE ZOTOS "Kay is the alhlelic sorl. Who merils crezlil in any span." Afhiscan Staff 4. Afhiscanelre 3, Basketball "A" Team l. Z. 3, 4, Captain 3. Volleyball "A" Team 3, 4, Volleyball "B" Team l, 2, Captain Z. Intramural Badminton l, Z, Intramural Softball I, Z In tramural Basketball l. Z. Intramu l S ' Cl A ra occer Z, Intramural Ping-Pong zi .ass Sergeant-at-Arms Z, Latin Club 2, 3, Chorus l. 4, Pep Club . , . , , tonettes l. 3. Pep Club l, Z, 3. l, Z, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, Senior Play 4, N. C. C. J. Z. 4. Mixed Chorus 2, 71, 4. C' E. I7. Z. Mixed Chorus 4. It's June And summer And school's out. For 84 of us high schools over. We'll scatter now. Some of as will go to college, Get jobs, Be married, Or work for Uncle Sam. There's one sure way of bringing us all together again- Memories. We'lI all have different memories when we rhink of Aflton, A friend, Classes. A teacher. lVe may never see th 4 ese scenes again, B ' I ut well never forget It's part of us. We're togethe r as a class for the last I ime To the tune of "Pomp and Circumstancef' It's June And summer And g But there's tomorrow . . . the years behind us are closin Twenty Sept. 10-Vacation over, School begins. Sept. 13-First baseball game with Valley Park. Sept. 15-Class officers elected. Sept. 28-T.B. Assembly-A close look. Oct. 5--Afhiscan Field Trip to Beacon Paper Co. Oct. 8-Big Top Hop. Jr. Start Road to Prom. Oct. 12-13-14-Class Pictures. "Watch the Birdy." Oct. l6-Teen O'Clock at the Chase Club and Tea Dance. Highlights Jan. 3-School Resumes. Jan. 10-Human Relations Assembly. Cour- tesy Vwfeek. Jan. ll-15-Louisianna Tournament. Cou- gars visit La. Jan. 21-End of the first Semester. Time is passing. Are You? Jan. 23-Big decision on Yearbook Cover. Jan. 25-Girls first basketball game. Jan. 26-Dental pro-gram begins. Open wide!! Feb. 1--Hancock Tournament. Feb. 12-Teen O'Clock Finals. Feb. 21--Patch test begins. Operation arm! Oct. 19-General Business Field Trip to Bank. Oct. 29-30-Senior Play, "Father of the Bride." The big night. Nov. 1-NCCJ. Assembly. Nov. 2-3-Ad Day. Money!!l!! Nov. 5-Last Day of Class Pictures. Memo --New Camera. Nov. ll-Armistice Day. Holiday. Sleep Latellll Nov. 17-Report Cards. Nov. 19-Junior Tacky Dance. Nov. 25-29-Thanksgiving. Turkey Dinner. Nov. 30-Pep Assembly. Dec. 1-First game at Ladue. Basketball sea- son starts. Dec. 3-First game here with Festus. Dec. ll-Coronation Ball, Tippy Dotzman crowned queen at the annual Coronation Ball. Dec. 13--Group Pictures. Dec. 21-All County Band Broadcast at KFUO. Dec. 23-Mixed Chorus Sings on Christmas Holidays. Heard by Student Body. Christ- mas Holiday Starts. Feb. 14-Valentine Day. Feb. 15-College Day. March 7-High School Band Concert. March ll-Jr. Class Dance. State Student Council Convention. March 14-Affton wins Carl Burris Award. March 15-X-Ray Unit. March 19-Honor Society Rummage Sale. March 25--8th Grade-Jr. Dance. End of third quarter. One more to go! April 8--Good Friday. No School! April 15-Soph. Dance. April 29-Freshman Dance. April 30-Finals District Class B Track Meet at Principia. May 6-Finals South County Track Meet. May 7-Jr.-Sr. Prom. May 16-High School Chorus Concert. May 20-Class A Track Meet. May 26-State Baseball Tournament. May 30-Memorial Day. June 2-Jr. High Graduation. June 3-Sr. High Graduation. Last Day of School. Twenty-one Seninr Last Will and Testament Don Decker, will my pleasant ways and being president of Senior class to Ken Rickli. fPres- identj Leslie Goodman, will my Notre Dame pen- nant to an aspiring halfback. CVice-Presi- dentj. Carol Chiles, will my cheerleading outfit to a certain someone. fSecretaryD Dale Edwards, will my part in the Senior Play to anyone willing enough to take it. CTreasurerj. Helen Adams, will my ride to Steak and Shake to Ginger Greeves. Theresa Back, will my seat at Caldwells to anyone who wants it. Dolores Biedermann, will my seat in chem- istry class to any able bodied person. Marlene Bockrath, will my hot spot in Eng- lish Literature to anyone who likes steam heat. fNear radiatorj. Grace Bodine, will my ability to keep a straight face to Alice Lischer. Betty Brozovic, will my shorthand ability to Charlotte Burks. George Bub, will my physics book to Al Se- baugh. Harry Budde, will my safe driving to Carl' Clark. Jo Ann Chavis, will my halo to Marilyn Mc- Cauley. Mary Ann Davis, will working in the office fourth hour to Judy Wellons. Al' Doerr, will my huge muscles to "Crusher Klugf' Barbara Dotzman, will the thrill of being Afhiscan queen to my successor. Stevie Erickson, will all of Southwest High with three exceptions to Bev Mertz and Char- lotte Burks. Joan Erler, will' my job in the library to Bill Borcherding. Gene Evans, will my job in the storeroom to anyone who likes privacy. Joyce Fehrmann, will my "happy times" as Assistant Director of the Senior Play to next year's director. Twenty-lwo Bill Fesler, will my long walk home from school to Pat Foley. Marion Eeuring, will my first year and last to all my friends in the senior class. Jackie Frintz, will my athletic ability to Ron- nie Kreh. Meredith George, will my two enjoyable years on the annual staff to the future liter- ary editor. Jan Gilbreath, will my pink toe shoes and costume to Lanny Lamont. Art Gust, will my record of "Perdido," to Jerry Alyea. Martha Herrmann, will all the fun that goes with the senior play to the '56 cast. Bette Hoffmann, will the honor of being Pep Club President to next year's president. Dale Hoss, will my philosophy of life to a certain someone. Henry Hubatchek, will my ability to type to Jerry Nuckolls. John Jamboretz, will my position in the Senior Class to Dave Weitz. Mary Jane Jeck, will my E in shorthand to Rosalie Heaton. Carol Jensen, will my perfect attendance to a certain friend. Roger Jung, will my "E's" in physics to anyone who deserves them. Barbara Kaltenbronn, will all the good times l've had at Affton High to future seniors. Nancy Katz, will my drivers license to Bev- erly Mertz. Alex Klein, member of the class of '55, will the advantages of our school to the class of '56 Margot Kneile, will my gym clothes to any- one who is willing to use them. Jackie Koehler, will my bookkeeping home- work to anyone who attempts to take it next year. Joyce Kraemer, will my height to Elaine Hampton. Richard Kromnacker, will' my collection of worn out phonograph needles, tubes, con- densers, and pencils to Robin Ashton. Seninr Last Will and Testament Roy Larsen, will my ability in physics to anyone that wants it. Robert J. Lee, will my '53 Chevrolet and my ability to drive it to John Meyers. Jo Leone, will the oven in the cafeteria to Lou Ann Oberg. Jerry Levy, will my long wavy hair to Ed Schenk. Ellen Lischer, will all the fun I've had in high school to my brother' Alan. Carol Longworth, will my ability to love animals to anyone who wants to be a future veterinarian. Nancy Maksin, will my black hair to Joyce Zinselmeier. Ed McCauley, will my great height and abil'- ity to play basketball to Robert Samuels. Jeannette McDonald, will my four years of fun on the cheerleading squad to Barbara Machalek. Norma Meissbach, will my job at the Crest Theater to anyone who likes hershey bars and buttered popcorn. Nick Mirkay, will my ability to draw car- toons to Charles Title. Gay Missler, will my 5'2" height to Barbara Hershey. David Meyers, will my great weight lifting ability to Ray Stinehart. Barbara Mikulin, will my ability to drive and look out the back window at the same time. Loretta Norman, will all my happy exper- iences to any under classman who wants them. Russell Pickup, will my Worn-out pair of all-star basketball shoes to Robert Samuels, Perry Pybas, will my curly hair to Jim Wal- ters. Margie Rabe, will' my last minute walk to school to Shirley Woodmansee. Kenneth Randall, will my ability in art to anyone who wants it. Ron Rath, will by Basketball uniform to anyone it fits. Arthur Rosene, being of sound mind, leave my flying saucer to Cindy Gorden and my Turbo car to Affton High School for ex- perimentation. I, I I I I I I I I I I I I I. Bev Saake, will my Julius La Rosa auto- graph to Earline Ray. John Sanderlin, will my seat in English class to anyone who wants it. Gene Schmidt, leave locker No. 34x to next year's occupant. Don Schuch, will my typing ability to Myrne Williams. George Scott, will' my ability to play foot- ball to George Knickerbocker. Vicki Sherer, will the fun that goes with the live weeks practice before the Senior Play to next years senior cast. Jack Signorelli, will my happy times to George Knickerbocker, Bill Steinbrueck, will my French accent in the Senior Play to anyone who can under- stand it. Al Strentzsch, will my hot Chevie to any one who will take it. Don Stueven, will my Southern accent to Carol Brewer. Carl Trantham, will my hideaway to some lucky juniors. Sharon Verble, will my broken records and one used eyebrow pencil to Liz Metz plus all the tenor sax music she can stand. Pete Vogt, will my warped foot square to shop class. Gail' Walker, will my love for "Gym" to Jerry Schmidt. Moi, Marie Ellen Wall, dispose de la joie, de I I I I I, l'amusement, et des experiences, de mes tempo des etudes, a tout le monde au Lycee d'Affton. CI, Mary Ellen Wall, will' the joy, fun and experiences of my high school days to every- one at Affton High School.j Kathryn Whitesitt, will my ride on the school bus to Barbara Frost. Pat Whitesitt, will my walk up to the top of the street every morning to Janet Nichols. Barbara Witowski, will my desk in speech class to Barbara Biehler. Helen Wohlschlaeger, will my good fortune to my sister-in-law, Gene Wohlschlaeger. Kay Zotos, will my yo-yo from the senior play to Ginger Greeves. Twenty-three 5 . 1 '25 A, :F , . .J ,. ,. -I-0 w ,,- ,J ., ll ,. "Q , . :5f',Q Q - QQ: 19: , ,.,:12 an " 15" Kujn K- I - 1 - N g.:-,bah-tw:-1',..-V :,. .f-f::m- - 1:- Q-15 - :,.m.-aF.-- : , ' .'.- -, L "'i-' 1 'i-:'C.-.f-'H -e . 'j, ..,: 72--'-Q E' 1 .9 w '.,.,-!.- k".,I ' , "3 ,u 1 A .,'4,' , -'.g , I " 'I '. og..-Z--.' u .. ,l'.""'l' ...W If , X "' .r. ..,al.- X f "-4 f. f n . ,,. 1 N ,'. ' . 1 . - Q L v- 1 'Q . - . --- . , ..- ..'l:.r,,, . .-. . , - . ,Y - 0 .' ,. ' .nr 1 J -' - I . - .' V,-.-, O: Q 'L W ff! 'a , 01:-ff fa.. fexx xx ,,, .. f E Xxx. NA .'4i.,,,,-- 2 'W l fs-'g -5 -X -u'- 9-Air! L i s.-,.-.-1- 5, Xxkxx ,rx K v.x H 'L-x viii ah". S .v-,s.x' t 4 5 ..-,,, 5 + YXQS- l L ,As-A.. X ix.. -A 'SA' --is G-X 4' ,fu ff ' ff- ' ,-, . 'ff ,ff Y Li ".'.'Nu- --...- '-S Tag' " 4, ,.. ... wg Xbha... 1155! fr 'g --fvff ' - Xf...-A . ' , ""' .77 ff' li-1 254.54 RK ,s . - -Q Yr-'-ff., Lss x i fiaf Lf., 'Y f q,.lV -S -Q- Q '-Y 'xx 'ins ' ' E-X 1 , 1,4 ,,1, K 4 xx, Q.- Www 11 :ul Juniors Lanny Lamont, E President Wendell Barber. Vice-President Joyce Peterson Secretary David Ward Treasurer 5 Jerry Alyea l S Joyce Arendes ' Robin Ashton Y s Robert Aufderheide Thomas Bargery Barb-ara Biehler Patricia Brandon Jeanette Buechlein Janet Buehler Kay Bumb Carol Bundschuh Charlotte Burks l Barbara Burrows Lauralea Cain Floyd Cannon Anthony Classe Twenty-six Robert Coulter .luniurs Bruce Dawson David Detchmendy John Dively Lenore Doerr Michael Dowl Duane Du Vall Nancee Evans Donald Figler Ralph Fisher William Foley Barbara Sharon Geil Darlis Goins Frost David Gosnell Ginger Greaves Carole Haas Donald Hageman Lorraine Hamlin Elaine Hampton Twenty-seven in ffilmfili 1, .lunmrs A 1 'V' W MQW cw i l X '17, xp X 1 - X i Willy lf l 3 Roger Harbison li Arnold Harder XX Q Rosalie Heaton Janet Heitzmann David Hoffmann Allen Horst Carol Irion Jeannine Jacob George Knickerbocker Karl Koch Barbara Koenig Nancy Koeppe Anelta Koerber Nicholas Koskolos Dorothy Kraemer William Kraemer Ronnie Kreh Marlene Lammering Mary Lechner Leo Louvier I7 W ,I W, we fl W7 WWA Twenty-eight Juniors Joan Luepke Barbara Machalck Noel Maze Edward Medley Beverly Mertz Elizabeth Metz John Meyers Loretta Micke Colebert Miller Terrance Miniea Donald Neu Donald Nickols Carole Niebling Desmond Nuckolls Jerry Nuckolls Lou Ann Oberg Robert Ochonicky Harold Paneck Robert Phelps Carol Price Twenty-nine Juniors William Quigley Earline Ray Richard Robb Carol Rogers Robert Samuels Vernon Sandeen Edward Schenk Joan Scherer 39 N few gif Beverly Schmid Geraldine Schmidt Patricia Schuessler Carol Schwartzkopf Merle Shelton Meryl Smith James! Sporleder Raymond Stinehart Glenn Swartz Marlene Turner Clifford Uhlig Alan Veninga Thirty wb -of 1 James Walters 3 Daniel Ward 1 Patricia Ward Lynn Weber David Weitz Joyce Wetherbec Myrne Williams Marcia Wilson Terrence Wippler Gene Wohlschlaeger Betty Wolf Shirley Wondell Shirley Woodmansec Beverly Wotli Virginia Zimmerman Not pictured: Rex Lucie. Al Sebaugh, Wagne Wickman Juniors Thirty-one ophomores Bill Borcherding. President David Hatta Vice-President Donna Ely. Secretary David Wilde Treasurer Joseph Albrecht Nancy Allen Philip Anderson Charlene Bachmann Joseph Becker Milton Berwin Donald Bingenheimer Walter Breville Carolyn Brewer William Budr Matthew Burkart Janis Busch Marilyn Cole Marge Denser XVilliam Dieckmann Nancy Dixon .Ion Dressel John Dyess Patsy Etter Barbara Evans Thirty-lwo Neff' an wi Q A K: 4' :. lk if i. .ff ze: , Wifi Ars - ,, ,, . 'ophomores Clayton Farrow George Fischer Leroy Fischer Maureen Foley Gene Gapsch Judy Gilpin Carol Glass Melvin Glass Marjorie Grantham Virginia Hamilton Betty Harrison Ronald Healey Lee Herbergcr Richard Herbergs Barbara Hershey, Laverne Hill Rosalie Hilribidal Caroljane Hoffman Carol HorsL .Iohn Huber Jack Karg Janet Kehr Joy Kessler Carole King Thirty-three ophomores Russell Klein Lillian Klinger Donna Klug Rodger Kohler Wayne Kuchn David Lang Evonne Leonard Alice Lischer Nedra Matter Marilyn McCauley Sharon McDonald John Mclncrney Joseph McKean Jeanette Moeller Terry Montgomery Donald Murray Jim Musgrave RoselVlarie Nebel Nancy Norrenbcrns Jim Novara Ronald Philippi Robert Pickett Donna Pickles Sharon Pinion Thirty-four ' r -, -In .i ,ft ophomores Barry Presley Judith Puriccllio Judy Rindcrcr Susan Robinson Gcorgc Rocr Ronald Rolfcs Albert Rudcr Rogrr Schmcidcr Ronald Schmitt Barbara Schmitz Donald Schneider Marilyn Schncidcr Gloria Schocnfcld Diane Schocnhcrr John Schrader XVarrcn Schuch Bill Schucrmcycr Neil Shanklin Gary Shannon David Sprcngcr XValtCr Stass Bill Stcinmctz Bob Sttlmach Craig Stiebel Thirly five Sophomores Judy Thomas David Voelke Bob Waggener George Waites Sherry Walker Marlene Wallner Pat Welden Kay Wilcox Larry Winn Russell Wippler Bill Woodrome Joyce Zinselmeier Thirly-six Not pictured: Gerold Abmeyer. Connie Hortig, George Hutch- ison, Morris Sweatman, Joy Wagner, Judy Wagner, June Wagner, Nina Wolfe. Cougars. Dandf Cungr.1lul.1lionsf Yeung at heart. The gang. On I11CUl'1lighl hay? Seniors. A good old summer day. Back to hack. Guess: who! Dunk he luv. Swingf liar Fleming Chef? Buddha? Our queen? Having fun, Thirty-seven Freshmen President Dale I Rollings, Vice-President Susan Winn. Secrelary Joyce Elliott Treasurer Dolores Antonucci James Applequist William Archer Ann Atkins Richard Bachstein John Bargcry Nana Bennett Sharon Berwin Robert Biedermann Jules Blattner Karen Bockrath Jean Boecklen Gloria Boing Theodore Bradley Delores Bramley Foster Brown Edward Brueggeman Judith Bucchting Norman Buechting Joseph Bullmer Nelda Byrd Carolyn Cadwell Gloria Callan Gail Chandler Steven Chase Karl Clark Patricia Cline Joan Cook Thirty-eight Fre lumen Susan Culli Woody Dauernheim Robert Dematti Joseph Ditz Donald Doerr Ralph Evans Carol Fahlkamp Donald Farr Douglas Fink Michael Foley Aurelia Franke Ralph Freulcr Sharon Gansner Vv'illiam Garcia Sandra German Janice Gleiber . , K as i r 7' K , Q "V ali? :ref .gin 2' ' in BS 1 'f QR? M , e X sl yr fl' rr . I A I v M frgzmme , an ., wi.. - New - if 1, Y YT' , rg- gk Q11 , uf' I I ,l:.' J . x W J . ,WAW Li -J il i. ' . rfg i g ri. - in Donna Grantham Marvin Grantham 1 gif? J .r i Juanita Guinn ii Martha Hansmann A S A Craig Harrison 4 A, James Hebcl . i iii' Edward Hcnric 5' all X J - G 5 Courtney Henry 5 ,:iA"' 'i .,,"" ' i i Robert Heper ' 'i" ' J Judirh Hoffmann , V V . '.A. A Joan Huntley "' '.:.' r r . . I, xqaq Kg Robert Jackman ,f Nancy Jacob , - . Q- b I ' Thomas Jamboretz , Q ' Richard Jauer ' in M V- A ' - ' X X D' J al- k - J Q3 A 3 Thirty-nine A l V ' X 5 25' A Freshmen , ., .3 Q, Leah Johnson Joyce Kehlenbrink Alois Kirchhofer Kay Knickerbocker Robert James Koerner Darlene Lammering .Jacqueline Larrahee Robert l.a'I'urno Jack Leonard Caryl Long Ida Ludwig ' Q ' I 5, Kenneth Ludwig m m Vz . gi f t , . -:' Marlene Manhal -""'l William McKean I Janet McNichols 'ffl t Judith Menley Raymond Meyer Robert Meyer Raymond Michler Carolyn Micka are Allifreda Micke Glenn Miller Joan Miller Ronald Mowery Kent Mueller Gary Murphy VValter Niebling Michael Opitz Ellen Patterson Ronald Reichatd Robert Reschak Kenneth Rickli Ronald Scherer Forty Frank Schmer Virginia Schmidt Fre hmen Sandra Seener Richard Sherer Sandra Siegel Judy Steinmetz Robert Stevens Carol Stuerman Karen Sturdy Jacquelen Thias Diane Thomas James Till Charles Title John Trantina E SN +5 Virtcs Turner I .X Paul Uffmann xi .wb Roland Ve rncll Norman Vinyear Mary Viviano Gary Walker Margaret XValler Jerry NVaters Georgann Weber Harold White Ronald Vvlhiteaker Sharon Vwlinter Sue Wolf James Harold Wood Ronald Vvfoodson Ronald Yeates Sandra Zacharias Gail Zimmerman Norman Zimmerman l E TJ R f " t f iff ,T Y Q Q wi. af X v ' We if L5 izti T X Y "ax gg-ta ,at l 5 J .J is Indiv i y Ap N-1' K if fit "ww t , f. ,, , t t , ,J ' K 'fmt X K L. , , 1 Q. Haba., W . . if 'iw - 1 'U 'ik- viii' V ' K milf v-" ,,, fllwiz. ata i a,Zm.j3f. t if ids si. ,Q 9 , W Q a. .F rw 1 X ,, ij . Wx, my -Q . . --W K ,I , , Y, . , 5 , Wu if W avi?-:A ,, y , vq-wwf 'W we Q- 1'-M, 1. Y www-Q - ' 'xxx S , ,tax-1, 'Q ga, ff! Not pictured: Martha Barnes. Carol Beile. Ronald Garcia. Barbara I-lergenroeder, Arthur Schneider, Ralph Steph- enson. Emil Kedro. Forty-one 4 .,-, !! ,ll 1 ,:,, . fl? at. g, QKL g ea .,,. . . ' g Wg at we . 9 H , aa fl K .sf-.rf 2,9 '- an, its pm' ,IK ig! K ig Fortyatwo Eighth Grade Joan Albrecht, Valerie Baltz, Glenda Bardel- meier, Paul Beckey, Joan Bennett. Marilyn Bledsoe. Iris Bliss, Vwlilliam Boeck, John Bonham, Albert Bowles. Patricia Bringer, James Cain. Robert Cald- well, John Carrier. Aline Cervenka. Thomas Claridge, Donna Collins, Harold Culli. Tamara Dahlheimer, Ann Darstatter. Bonnie Davidson, Marion Dawley, Jon De- Bruin, Donald Didier. Carol Diehl. Elmer Diehl, William Diehl. Carol Divincen. Dorless Dow, Dennis Dreyer. Kenneth Edgar, Joyce Elliff, Gordon Evans, Joan Faerber, Peter Flaron. Robert Franke. Walter Franke. Linda Gaines, Christopher Geisler, John Greiner. Lewis Gordon, James Graham, Charles Greenlee. Patricia Gruenthal. Daniel Hahn. Judith Hallof. Sharon Hartmann, Mary Hayes. Patricia Hensley, Claude Herschel. Eighth Grade Sandra Horst, William Jackman. Richard Jensen. XVarren Johnson, Dennis Jordon. Betty Karh, Meredith Kasten, Gerald Keeney. Ronald Key, Carol Klein. Carol Knes, Paul Koerner. Joan Komo. Mil- ton Kramer, Lauramae Kromnackcr. Michael Kuenzel. Dale l,acho, Joan Leuen- hcrg. Alan Lischer. XVilliam Lotkette. Hilda l.oesch. Sally l,oesch. Patricia Mahalfey. Torn Martin. David Maze. Peggy McDonnell. JoAnn Meek. Thelma Meeks. Donald Meissner. Jeanette Melchoir. Beverly Menley. Paul Meyers. David Miller, Mary Miller. Edward Moeller. James Moore. Sandra Moser. Elaine Mueller. Jack Musgrave. David Neu. John Niederkorn. Ronald Nuckolls. Carole Ochonicky, Michael O'Dowd, Jolene Pant- land. Nancy Parker, Gregory Pelster. Judith Pfeif- fer, Sharon Phelps. Jerry Phillips. ,af tr:-' 1 I "1 swf? 1 f tr "gif . w . J Lf A tf'ff'f ' 1 .. Forty-three tm l me Forty-four Eighth Grade Lloyd Phillips, Sandra Polly. Alice Pruetzel, Ruth Rabe. Edwin Reeve, Sharon Reilly. Jean Rcuter, Richard Richter- meyer. Clarence Robb, Jac- queline Rock. Janet Roesch, Clifford Roll. Richard Rosenberger, E l a i n e Scheidt. N 21 d i n e Schmidt. Robert Schmidt, W a y n e Schmidt, Gary Schneider. Robert Schneider, John Schnell, David S c h o h e r. Charlotte Schrader. Landon Skiles. Den- nis Smith. Louise Smith. Renae Smith, Judith Sporleder, S h a r on Spraul, Terry Stevens, Jack Suetterlin. Gertrude Sumner. Vincent Te- deschi. Sharon Teubner, Ron- ald Tiefenbrunn. M a ri l y n Toennics, Beverly Tyler. Arline Uffmann. Elaine Uff- mann, Gerald Urban. Diane Vaughn. Gene Vredcriburgh. Robert Ward. Willard NVarner. Samuel Wat- son, Janet Weddle, Judith Wellons, Evelyn Wilcox. Robert Wolter. Norma Wondell. Paul Wondell. Carol Wiiebbiins. J u d i t h Youngman. G le n n Zeller. Thomas Zotos. Not pictured: Judith Allan. Betsy Barnes. Carole Burrs. Janet Ewing. Deanne lwig. Robert Kaber, Terressa Small. Roger Weston. eventh Grade larsl Row Frticric Akvrs. Janna AI- lan, Barbara Allrn, ffharlcs Alyva, Robrrr Alyca, Carol Anderson. Sccond Row: Patricia Amlvrmn, Hubbell Backcrs. Suxan liacr. Robert Bailcy. Anthony Bailcy, Mary Inu liargvry. Third Row: .Iudilh liarrvll, Merrill lkaurr, lVlich.1t-l liurwin, Vlilwutlurv Birrmann, Barbara l'ringaman. Annctlv Blnnkmann. lwmrth Row. karl lluhnr, Carol llxrand- hnrwt. Marcia Brown. Judith Brnxun, Vharlrs Budl, Stuphvn Bugg. lfrtrh Row: Barry liurlix. Lilcnda Bun- drick. Raynmnd Byrrlvy, Strphaniv Valvin, Jnwph Chanibcri. Sondra l harpcntier. Sixth Rvw: .lanitw iiuullrr, llulh Kirin- lwlmrvrr, Shirlcv Dt-rwilvr. Norma Doldc. l.arry Dalton, .Icannvllc Dar- lnw. Seventh Row: Sharon Docrr, llianni' Drcycr, Gcnila lihlvn. Barron lfichrn' bvrg. Marilyn lilchingrr. John lilv. lfighlh Row: Diane lzmnwncggur. Craig lfppcs. l.arry Ftlvr, Jean lfvanx, XX'il- liam lives, XK'illiam liarruw, Ninth Row: Paul Faust, Gvrald licslrr, Carols liilichuvmlii, Ucnnis Finnvgan, Fred lflswvvrx. Dale litwrstrl, ,3 :Q r 'Q' Nt B gi Ma - ,af S -via S U7 . - , gi .. W 1 .2 1 -fu r Sf, S .Q .... K ,iw J' W .. X J , Q... Fcrtyhfive nf--'X i V r X w 'fl ','LL Q 'Z 'F i i Q W, 1, Y A i ' Q 'Q ' 3 ,- . x., 3 , e g ..,. M V. . f Y q Qu ,.., , nn ' F . f M ., m : f .G . 51 A ' ' g? J ..,,h. V .I ,Ui . 3- -6: . A., .f ,.. Miwgjlf Q . , .. , -..uhh . 3 , in gk. in f 4554 ii . . . . - .. " 31:-GF. ' 'L 'U ii f 4-A, J M YW' X Q. R 1 ll' A A i Away- pm' . , 'run ,W I' ,ws SQ ki' R+ Q If W we , if E . 5 ,, 0 r. A .. M 9 Q. QQ-f' if P 1. K Q pw W L 4 X E., A I i if 2. ii . 1 3' J V i i .. i in D' I , - 1- -, H ' .,-. E ' . J .. ,.' A . V V A -it l 'Mi 'J .. ., .M Forty-six eventh Grade l'irxl Row, Maru- Qinhcl. Lirrmnn. Albrrm Ciilnwrv, Jnnwx Gipwn, Billie Glvihcr. I.ind.1 Gmhaxn. Sandra Grvcn- NlYYK't. Svcund Row: Jnmcx Climblctt, ffnmlyn Qinml, Harold llam- nwr. Jack llnnncbniini. .Ioycc Ihrding, lhiiricia Hmm. XVil- liam Huchl, Third Ruw. Kcurwlh llcnsul, Runnlil Hcrbrrgcr. Ann Hcrf mn. Hrrxchvl. 'llrry Hi-ful. Vhnrlvui- Hufvr. flimlu Hiuiw. lvurlh Ruw. lhuvllc Hubbard, .lun Huhcr. Bcvviiy Hug, IM-ily Humbixrg. lfugrnin Hulthi-ns. Civrnld In in .1 n. lilvnn .lube Milli Row 'furry Juhnwn, .Innci .lwhiistuiiu .ludilh lx .i ni v r. Sharun Kigi-r, Rnburl Kvllvl- knmp. C'.irl.i Kirfhhofrr. Pn- iricia Kliun. Smith Ruw- .luhn Kmwxiig. Knlh li-rn Km-pgw, linvid Knapp. Donna Kuurbvr, .luhn K ron- niuvllrr. Arthur l..1ng, Xivmn l,iimmcring. Svwxiih Row Snndm Inniprrl. Ilanicl IArsi'n, lkxrbnrn Luc, l7mi.ilii li-iipwld, David I,in- rur, Mini.: lungwiih, Mich' .wi lukvnx, lwghlh Ruw. Kvlilwlli Manion. lhmald Maru, Ruxina Mall. S.1mIr,1 Mciilullnriil. Judith Mclhunihi. lJ.ii1ii-l Muliuwrli. lh-unix Mil coii. Xinlh Rvw Cinil ML-rll, Leu IX1vniwnin.1. Rmynmnd Mcycr, Uvnliix Xlrvi-ix. Yirgini.x Mi kulin. Jnnu Millvr. .Iuiiilh Millrr. 'IX-nrli Row: Rogrr Misxicr. l..iwr.-ncc Munmn. ii.xil Mur- riw, .limiiiln O'l5rynn. Ji-fTrsy Ui-mi. i.iiiy Oilwllcr. Sli'- phcn l'.illi'rwi1, eventh Grade I.. :nl Raw Sulnnnc IH-lric, iunniu Pinion. .lnnct Pitt. Vmrulc Puunde. Snllv Prof mn, Wnvm' Reinhold. Mx' clmrl Rludus Semxui Rcw .Mhfrl Richard, 5-Icphvn Rvhmwn, .Nlicv Ru -rm-. l'u'll1iv Rrlh. Juan Rulwimy IM-n.1ld Rudur. Rush .um Rumivr, 'Hzml Row lknrul Rucggr. .klvlplw Schnin, Dclurm Schlnngv. Dmnr Sch.-ntlln. 1.x rmmr Schlmwr, Prlcr Schnudr. llayxummi Sclaxvmll lfmurlh Rrw X'l.1ni.l Schlwldrr. Rubcrl Scubvr. Rubcrl Schuvssf lrf. Rnw Svhr, l.lnd.1 Shank Im. ffdwnrd Sharp. 'IX-rrv Snnnmnx. -:Nh Ruw LII-ni.: Sh-un11rnx, llmcr Suku. Iawrcnfu Surlh. lkrmn Spvngrn1.1nn. Juyu' Spring. .lack Slnnlrv. Cdrul Slrudvll. xixlh Row Ruhvrl Slucrnmn, L .xmlyn Sxxnihrlnwr, John Swnwt, LnrmvlThn'1ln1.11l,K.hrri' Ivnn 'I'hcwrn,n 'lrvrrvll Thump wn. 1 vnlhm lmhvr rvrnlh Rum' .lmwl Tmuth. Sidney Tm1.1hn. Janvllr 'I nrnrr. Jancl Turncr. XVH- lmm K'.1rw1g lmmlvn Vim-r. .I-'hu X uvmrm. lghlh Row Rugrr Yundvr Brurggr, Ronald Wngm-r. Ar lhur XY.11lwr. .laxwl XV.lrnL'r, 'I hcmlnrn XX'vbvr, Shnmn XVrl1alm'lirl. Ivxllc XVvlnlcll, mth Ruw N.xncx' XVrx1 Sher- rx' XXX-xx, XX'.1m!.1 Whnlcu. Yrrm' XYilll.1n1x. SHQM1 XVHI nur. I-Ilcn XYipplcr, Hun' XK'mulrnnw, mth Raw Marcin XX'umlxm1 Pnlrlcm Xmxnlll. kflrl In-rn.l. Iinnnls Zimvnsr. XY.1gm' Zim' nxrrnmn. XY1I1i.xm Y.1x'vrwkx'. ur Pxcxurcd John Buluhcl, Klarv ln.m1hIin, John Clrvin. I.ynd.1 Hcrmann. Brucr Knop- nmnn. Paul Whrvling. -up-' , S I v X was qi is - .54 W . ix Ng B' N s 3' 1 V .4 K , -vw' , - Forty-seven 4545 ' T22 F .gi , 1-.1 , 561.5 1 . Fl I 5. ., . g- 1- 54' ' 1- -1+ -11- , , I, 4-. P 4 ' I I 4 1 Varsity Basketball Front Row-Trantham, D. Schuch. Strentzsch, Rath, Gust. Second Row-Kuhn. Foley. Medley, Weitz. Williams, Louvier, Swartz. Nichols. Back Row-Wilde, Voelke, R. Klein. Murray. The 1954-55 Cougars led by captain Al Strentzsch finished the year with a 13-12 mark, with a 6-6 record in league play. The indivi- dual high light of the year was the thrilling "sudden death" overtime victory against Eure- ka. Other highlights were the close losses to Fifty l. S. D. and Hadley Tech. in tournament final games. Strentzsch with 336 points and Ron Rath with 260 points led the team in scoring, and their line all around play helped them to be se- lected to the league first and second All-Star Teams respectively. Good sportsmanship prevailed throughout as evidenced by the winning of the Carl Burris Sportsmanship Award for the '54-55 basketball season, and with seven juniors on this year's team, things look bright for next season. 1954-5 5 VARSITY BASKETBALL Affton SCORES Opponent 38 Ladue 42 52 Festus 35 29 St. Charles 28 52 Eureka 65 48 Bayless 50 49 Lindbergh 39 47 Mehlville 46 63 Berkeley 41 61 Hancock 69 44 Lindbergh 35 59 Valley Park 60 58 Eureka 57 57 Bayless 63 76 Valley Park 43 49 Fairview 33 59 Hancock 84 56 Mehlville 47 "ll" Basketball Front Row-Schmitt. Stclmach, Borcherding. Sherer, Hatt. Second Row-Kuhn, Mueller. Herberger, Dyess. White. Ditz, Hartman. Schmer, Musgrave, Back ROW-Fink, Stass, Hebel. Roer, Anderson. Rollings, Kuehn. Uffman. Doerr. Rickli. Not Pictured-Berwin. B-TEAM BASKETBALL The l954-55 B-Team ended the season with an outstanding overall record of 17-3 inf cluding a 15-game winning streak, After losing their first game the Jr. Cougars Went to work and didn't taste defeat again until the last regu- lar game of the season. ln the finals of the an- Fifty-two nual B-Team tournament the Cougars lost to Mehlville 36-35 to gain second place honors, With a keen desire to win and a great deal of experience gained by all 25 members of the squad, these boys should put Allfton on top for several years to come. l954'5 5 B-TEAM BASKETBALL Afftcn SCORES Opponent 2l Ladue 27 36 Eestus 27 38 St. Charles 30 49 Eureka 32 46 Bayless 24 29 Lindbergh 21 38 Mehlville 30 54 Berkeley 40 40 Hancock 34 49 Lindbergh 32 52 Valley Park 50 52 Eureka 26 37 Bayless 25 57 Valley Park 34 39 Fairview 32 37 Hancock 34 49 Mehlville 53 B-TEAM TOURNAMENT Affton Cpponent 43 Eureka 28 56 Lindbergh 33 35 Mehlville 36 Baseball Front Row-Medley, Chase, Murray, Fink, Clark. Applequist, Sandcen. Second Row--Stelmach, Dieckmann, I-latt, D. Nuckolls, Foley, Schmitt. Rollings, Schmer. Third Row-Lamont. Borcherding. Sherer. Nichols. Ward. Mueller, Swartz, Musgrave. Back ROW-Coach Kuhn, Strentzsch, Trantham, Levy, Fesler. Klein. Albrecht. Wippler. Not Pictured-Sprenger, Although starting off slow, as a young and green team will. the Cougar diamond men showed the results of hard work and ended the season as one of the stronger teams in the league. With a 4-7 mark, including two thrilling one- run victories to end the season, the Cougars left promise of big things to come next season as I9 54 BASEBALL SCORES Affton Opponent lO Valley Park 2 l Mehlville 10 0 Lindbergh 1 1 3 Bayless 7 1 Eureka 3 3 Hancock 9 17 Valley Park 0 2 Mehlville 13 2 Hancock 3 5 Lindbergh 4 7 Bayless 6 only 5 of the 27 squad members depart through graduation, Although Strentzsch's .524 batting average and Levy's timely hits will be missing. a strong mound corps should bulwark a well balanced team. Co-captains Strentzsch at 2nd base and Lamont at lst base made the league All-Star team. Filly-three Track competition. April 4 April 7 April 12 April 15 April l8 April 26 April 28 April 30 May 3 May 6 May lO May 13 May 20 May 21 A sure sign of spring is Affton's track team practicing almost every day after school. Sprint- ing, running dashes, high jumping, pole vault- ing or the discus throw are all an important part of the track program and the south county TRACK SCHEDULE Fairview Clayton Hancock Valley Park Ladue District Class B Prelims Lindbergh District Class B Finals South County Prelims South County Finals Dougless Classes B '25 C Meet Class A Meet Class A Meet Fifty-four Front Row-Neu. Fink. Doerr. Roeschak, Henry, Uffman, Rickli. Second Row-Borcherding. Knicherbocker. Dematti. Dyess. Kromnacker, Budt. Third Row-Murray. Herberger, Goodman. Pickett. Gust. Stelmach, Figler. Bockenheide. Back Row-Koskolos, Dieckmann, Duval. Alyea. Klein. Mueller, Foley. Hart. llirls' "ll" Basketball AfTton's girls once again had a successful season. Although quite a bit more limited in their action, than the boys game, the girls proved bas- ketball to be an exciting and enjoy- able sport for both boys and girls. llirls' "ll" Basketball Surprising everyone. this year's "B" team proved to be undefeated. Of the eight games played with neighboring schools. they succeeded in holding their opponents to a minimum of points. Front Row-B. Hoffmann. P. Whitesitt, Wcwodniansec. lirinll Erler. Kehr. Second Row-Walther. Foley. Bodine. J. Schmidt. J. Jacob. Buechlein. Goins. Third Row-Machalek. Dotzman. Pinion. George. Geil. Cain Zotos. Front Row--B. Evans. Allen. Pickles. Leonard. Hill. Zinsel meier. Second Row-Larrabee, Kehlenbrink. Cook, Schoenfeld, N. Jnf cobs. Hershey. Back Row-German, Manhal, Patterson. Sturdy. S. W.ilker. Filly-five "A" VOLLEYBALL GIRLS Front Row-Krch, Frintz. Doitzman, B. Holfmann, Leone, Zo- tos. Schmidt. Second Row-Machalck. Cain, Rabe, George. Bodine, Erler Herrmann, Buechlein. Back Row-Koehler, K. Whitesitt, Wall, Luepke, J. Jacob, P Whitesitt, Geil. "B" VOLLEYBALL GIRLS Front Row-S. Walker, Pickles, Kehr, B. Evans. M. Barnes, Wagner, Zinselmeier, Second Row-Wagner, Pinion. Leonard, Hershey, Nebel, Jed link. Wagner. Back Row-Paterson, N. Jacob, Schoenfeld, Hortig. Kehlen brink, Antonucci, Hill. Fifty-six Girls' Volleyball "A" TEAM Using their knowledge of spiking. serving, and good defense, the "A" team had another enjoyable and suc- cessful season of games with such competition as Clayton, Hancock, and many of the other county teams. "B" TEAM The "B" Team, composed of Freshmen and Sophomores, should supply our girls' Varsity with very capable athletes next year. Under the direction of Miss Walther they have shown us great promise for the fu- ture. -v v Top Row Sr, High Softball-Championship Sr. High Basketball-Championship Jr. High Softball-Championship lr High Vollcyball-Championship Third Row Sr. High Volleyball-Championship Ping-Pong Badminton Jr. High Basketball-Championship wramu the fine extra curricular activities offered to the ambitious Affton student ' h is t e intramural sports program Besides the feeling of good sportsmanship and a health h l- , y c a lenge, the participating student receives points which help him earn a letter. The tea Another of IHS BIC l'il Second Row Volleyball Tennis Sr. High Softball Basketball Front Row Soccer Football Golf Spccdluall I ports chose cam elect their captains. The boys play such games as football and basketball while the girls par- ticipate in volleyball, badminton and ping-pong All in all, these sporting events provide a good time for everyone. n from volunteers and in turn the t' Fifty-seven Front Row-Knes. Melchior, Miller, Hayes, Komo, E. Uffmann. Collins, Hensley. Second Row--Bennett. Wondell. Teubncr. Meeks, Rabe, Hartmann, Sum- ner, Wellons, Devincen. Third Row-Phelps. Smith, Vaughn, Pantland, Barnes. Davidson. Hallof. Junior High Girls' Basketball In order to gain valuable ex- perience. the Junior High Girls' Basketball team plays m a n y games with the ninth grade. arranged to be played after school in the many excited specta- both grades looking Games are before or gym with tors from on. Back Row-Weddle, Dahlheimer, Bliss. S. Loesch, Reuter. A. Uffmann, Kasten, Moser. Not Pictured-H. Loesch, Gains. Dow. J ' H' h B 9 It k more intricate plays of the senior high game e a is attained. Enjoyment and good sportsman- By participating in basketball in the junior ship are other qualities acquired for use in fu- high years, the experience necessary for the ture years. Front Row-P. Meyers, Graham, Jordon, Key. Nuckolls, Bowles, G. Evans. Second Row--Burlis, Zimmerman, Rosenberger, Moeller, Snyder, Musgrave. Lischer. Jackman. Schncll. Back Row-Didier, Meissner, Hahn. Vredenburgh, Kuenzel, Dreyer. Claridge, Pelster. Not Pictured-Lacho, Berwin. Sorth, Meyers, Carrier, O'Dowd. Fifty-eight First string tips. Phcwf Dchs. The big night. Ya dont say, Thu linv: up. Two roscs and three thorns, A rousing start. Girl Tarzan. Star center. looking a the futurc. Let's cat. llnstur pnrndc, llclloff So then: you are? No sleep. Thrill? Ladies of thc lake? Tally Ho! The star. Thr fashion pa rade Fifty-nine ffffff - . , 7155 if W ,Q X V71 'i ,-IQ: I 1.4, - -,g.,... . G 1.... ..f. .- . ..,,a 0141. 0 0 X-S B Q2 3333 X 0 1 J 7 Q , V! p an 0 4 CY X , .XA Af 7 022 QP its J , A? if ,EB A ww V3 J A , S' 'W UU , L if ? 10-5 :' ,E Riff wiv: 'FF riqfu 1: ns gg fw 352 i K' A mg! 3,2 4- 'i"! .vs 11: 'C f' -C U1 L- 'gr s- ,N FV .au " 'Q- Q an wx 7 26 Z 71' Lzgfff ' -ag .rf 'SEM 'J '5 W' H5 9 'L 4 TC E ' 5.35 EMIS, ,wmzgflig ff' F1 KL at --'- 9,5-rm L17 ri if naval! 3 up - fx- uv: fo -VU 'C rf via --VC vw P-QQ-',' :pr n Jhrr 'rx-'ff OIF: yzrsxi ff' 73 DW QM' -Q 'I una, 2 216 EN 70 .11 Q Qu -c - Q: mvg G 4 U1 fx?-gg - ff VA 3, vm P5 + x U1 A 0 . J. VC 001 -5 V 'mga M E255 if " gl, we-ki . ff TEH aw 019 U1E-m V32 H vyg ygb 7 P U, Q I lnlui mi :X 522593 new x nu -T1-' ...--Y-f , "n'l. 'WFS +firlnf2f2f3 A 51551111 if Q: 21-13 .65 Q ,fmf-qu, . 'AEE W E K? 5 2 u, ---- - - -X 1. fi .1 W fl as as Q1 :ei 5.8 fauuifsixr we -- fvf -,X 1,1 -mg --if 1' - 7- f - iifigrzqv-zrigfg H KL 5? 6 H +R 1 L 5,11 -M L fins-mfg 4".:QnaE .gl - mer u wi xwamc ,N rggziggxi ' num mm sr 50 ri 1. an 325-0 331-o sw 13 Q- WI: 0 ' " N ix .. , - .Y , :ma 1ocu 2 - .... .....-..- .,...... - , . , rm 2796: !4"!"i:- m 420'0 424-2 ,Q?'QgQ'Ef 'I' n '96-suns? EW ""-" '-' 'EE '?H,?,' iii , , ,, v T 6 lf .L 15 YU. 1 a .T- uma if Q: m A i- -ri ns, nm an , "' - U 9 , H uw mm A r A WA iii 6 44 7 V? 575 fn: I! F? 52 FI 'Q- H7 BD K w Fi F! 1 H 105 213 137 AI W -UQ Tk, rf.:-rxn E QQ-u 4, E-L:P'ifL . xl' 'lY1..vFlh Y' UL A f' ,V lx 'J 2 WRU A A 1 . .pw ' 2 JE mail? Wrfllfg EEZ! 70JE Q1 H1 -X 4. . ,ii I Ili N F G1-its 1. 42 QSJJSQSZEWIE II 5 lb E BZ li 03 fl? E515 - Q QEQSEUK F101 zqziix I 'f K si 55203 if-E mama. -ar i .T 1 D' iii IW I! E52 1112 E Z-cumm I I ........,- ...ff ,,...- ,,...-v" , , , xy, ff Ns.. .,.f 0 Us nad" A ....-nv" Coronation Maids JGAN WENZEL Retiring Queen CAROL CHILES VIRGINIA ZIMMERMAN GINGER GREEVES SHARON McDONALD LAVERNE HILL SUSAN WINN Sixty-four IDA LUDWIG 3 5 2 E fmwmhs-xwsxwx,s-K.'.X-'IH-vwwfw -Y I Coronation lloorl, 'Hmong l Carol Chiles-Donald Schuch Donald Vilcnlcl Virginia Zinimcrman-Jerry Alvca Ronald'crnc Hill Alfrcd Strcnwsfh-Barbara Doilman l anno' lninonlfllinucr Qirccvcs Ciarv Murphv--Susan XVinn Sharon McDonald--David Halt lila l,11dwig+l7rs'd Hartman Sixty-six On the nights of October 29 and 30. the senior class presented "Father of the Bride," a delightful comedy concerning the problems of a young couple's marriage. The efforts of the cast. stage crew and director, Mr. Jay Warner, were greatly rewarded by the well attended performances. The smell of grease-paint and the glare of footlights will remain in the memories of the participating members of the I955 Senior Class for years to come. Dale Edwards Mary Ellen Vvlall Vickie Sherer . Ronald Rath . , Katherine Zotos Alex Klein . Dolores Biedermann Martha Herrmann . Nlargie Rabe . , . NVilliam Steinbrueck Perry Pybas . Cuay Missler A John Sanderlin . Dale Hoss . Ellen Lischer . CAST enior Play Mr. Banks Mrs. Banks .Kay Banks Ben Banks Toni Banks Buckley Dunslan , Peggy Swift . Delilah Miss Bellamy Mr. Massoula Joe Mrs. Pulilzki Rea' Pele . Tim 's XVoman Who has moved eighty people from There's nothing you can't ask me But Buckley, you can't see me before "Church Only" to the reception. Buckley. the wedding. Oh! Mother. he'll never make it. The Oh-nobody worries about its being Come on Pops!'s go knock 'em Dunstans will be furious. sacred . . . it's a free show . . . free dead. ears Sixty-seven tutlent Uounuil The Senior High Student Council is an organization consisting of nine members. Each class elects two representatives to serve one year. Its purpose is to foster, through author- ized student activities, the spirit of responsi- bility. leadership, personal growth, civic- mindedness, self-discipline, and devotion to the ideals of education and democracy. Mr. Coulon and Mr. Gaunt are advisors. Front Row-Pinion. Alyea. Treasurer: Strentzsch. President: Lamont. Vice-President: Dotzman. Secretary. Back Row-Stevens, Schmitt. Coulon, Oberg, Ludwig. Front Row-Leone, Fesler. Treasurer: Rabe, Secretary: Strentzsch. President: Edwards. Vice- Presidenr. Machalek. Second Row-Mr. Gaunt. Wall. Budde. V. Sherer. Barber. Miss Bergmann. Mr. Bockenheide. Back Row: Dotzman. Peterson. Mirkay, Oberg, D. War'd. Herrmann. J. McDonald. Honor oviety To be chosen for the National Honor So- ciety is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon an Affton student. Its mem- bership consists of eighteen pupils from the Sixty-eight junior and senior classes who have exhibited qualities of character, scholarship, leadership. and service. Every spring they take a trip to an interesting city to broaden their personal experiences and do a service project for the school. punish llluh Every other Eriday during class the Spanish Club meets. They discuss Spanish customs, food, dress, living conditions, and plan for par- ties with a Spanish Havor such as their long awaited Spanish banquet. Occasionally, they sample some of the highly seasoned Spanish food at an unusual foreign restaurant. Their officers are: President , ,,i. ,... . . Barbara Dotzman Vice-President . . , .. Donna Pickles Secretary .,.i... ,. . Sharon McDonald Treasurer. .... ,. ,.,,,. ,... ,.,, B a rbara Evans Front Row-S. McDonald. B. Dotzman. Pickles, B. llvans. Second Row-Franke. Quigley. Steinbrueck. Wilcox. Back Row-Price. Schmid, Bodine. Gilpin. Not Pictured-Carol Glass. l Front Row-Horst, E. Lischer, Barber. Wolf, Schuessler. Second Row-Robinson, Kessler, Patterson, Leslie. N. Evans. German. Jedlink, Bichler. Back Row-Koerner, Clark, Walters, Maze. Waters, Sturdy. M. Grantham. Arendes. Oberg. Latin Club The Latin Club which meets every week, is becoming more familiar with the Romans, their language, and their customs. Their highlight of the year was a Roman Banquet. They have had an enjoyable year under the sponsorship of Miss Leslie. Sixty-nine Pep Club Afftons cheering section got off to a good start with the official opening of the basketball season at the annual bonnre. Consisting of l68 members. this year's Senior High Pep Club did an unusually fine job of promoting school spirit li-ini Rim' lloru, S fN'lcl7nn.ulil fxlatlmlelt. ll. lvans. .l kleliunalil Chiles and attendance at The oHficers are: President , Vice-President Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Secretary Ibm lman. X' Slit-ref Nt-tvml Rove flmvls li XX-ull, l'vlvlwn XX'e.lll1erl1et', XVol1ls.l1l.wger, l7aylx. l'rler ,X Micke lxelulrnbxmlx llullman. l5.n'hlnann .I lamln. liirhlcr lxuhl. Qolr. g2lIUCS, l'-ntlml' lux at home and away. Betty Kay Hoffman Grace Bodine Kay Zotos Carol Hoffman Gay Missler ns, li Ilullmann. Xlusslsi l llmtl Rm" llalwe. l' lxxeh .l. Stlimnll llarixwn. llm'x'r Niebling. Siegel Nl. Sclmeicler XVelllcu, Hillel Price. llx'.lniluu. Nmrt'lxlu'l'1n Rnlvlnwlnt A. llstlier, lhylin. Malxsin, Jensen. haake. XYilowslu, l'elH'm.lnn. lim-llc. Xl-:ussbafli lfmst, liuvkx Xl'-Ill 'Xlleu luuillx limi lint-mg. ll Silmvni. Meiuini-lf. 11 Nhmnll, XYmwrs, Look. N. .Iac-sbs. Kn-urge, Ulu-ig Krwppv Rav. Lireevrw Kam. Kit-il. Slwllml. Ll. XX.1llwu. llt-irm.iun, lx llscher. N lvans XXnlwn. Cnlpm, lulll' Row li-tml-. llumxvn, lloins Set-neu. farlianms. Cileiber, Knitlwrbotl-ter ll.-,non Wull. Winn 'llv1.u. li lMvckx.utlu. l-lliwl, Welwr, Sthwaull- lfupl. llwurrous, llumlw. llenwr. lnnwlnmewr lfrmll. l. XY.illt-rs. Mlltulun, l, Micke, l,eon.utl Mr! .xult-xy lit-xsleu. lip Rim lznliwn, Ix.lf .lulmsim lloeelxlm. ll llmiuas. luilvug Ci !lmmeru1.:n. Azutmxlntcl. Stllomlelrl falilut-Il XlcXltlwls Bclmt-xslt-i ll.i.xs. l.xlxllx.ump. Qmymsluer .l llaunllwn, liusch. llill lily. l'ieklt-s llmmu. ll:mlerer l'mnl llow Koehler. XXhulr+lll, .Mlaitxx lirler Nlaclialelx, Ilnlt-s, l.n'oue, ll-'rx'n1.il1n. Krhr. l5nl1m.m .l fXlcl7nn.vlrl, Krhlenbrlnlx. A. Nlifl-v, .l .lac-vlvs. llvrsl, Allen, Kult' i Svc--ml Row .l. 51nmlill. lxieh ll. Sclimlll. Kwlxxg. Si-'gel Xl. Sclml-illvr, XY1ltlrn, lVl.Hlrr. Price, l5l.wi.dun. lltixhex' Nulvrvibcriix liubinwn, liseher Jensen. haake Kllxsler Lillpm. Kneile. lirosl, liueclllvlu, llarrimn. Xlcfnlllt-Y ilhlrtl Row Sli-lnnvvll. Ci Schmidt. Lllelln-r. linltlwllwtker. N. .lac-xbs, Cleurge Uberg, Ray. Qrrrevu lotus. lain inexl. Slwllun, Ci XX'allwr, lil' dine. l7rinlL. XX'.llXu'x, Nlilxulln. XYllsun. l Nlitlw. l'ul1rlh Row l.'eli.lli.1s lnvloilllcu. U. ililmmax, lullwig Ci llimmrrm.m, Xlfirtl. llealuu XYMH. 'lluas li li-vtltratli lllml Xlflwr, Srlmwaillluvpl lSuml1, lienser Xwselmen-r. llill l'ly, fi llnllmsn llmmn 5 Mcl7on-llll. l.e1vn.H'-l lkulx lim- lrlclnun, l'urufuvlt', Kali liurks. Nlerll Cmlns, XYileux. lwuley, .Nl Rabi' la XX'uIl l't-lerwil, Selmlnlrlil, lltlxtlw. llaiuploil l'iclxlvw Klan hal. larlahet' lxxlwllxamp il.mxmr. li lvans Nlwrrr teams. When the necessary IOOO points are ac- G A A cumulated a letter is awarded. while extra points 0 0 I Through participation in girls athletics the girls have found sports to be fun. healthy, ex- citing, and informative. Points are earned in all types of sporting events, intramurals, or Seventy earn stripes. This year's officers are: President . . . , . Josephine Leone Vice-President . Martha Hermann Secretary. . , ,Barbara Dotzman Treasurer , .Janet Kehr Cheerleaders Led by Captain Carol Chiles, these eight girls did a wonderful job of enthusiastic cheer- ing. Their lighting spirit and good sportsman- ship was evident in the inspiration they gave the team and spectators. PURPLE AND GOLD HEY I Hey, we got a team that's right, right. right. Purim and gold iight fight' Hey, we got a team that'll fight, fight, fight. Purple and gold fight fight, Hey, we got a team that's on the beam. We got the pep and we got the steam. who Hght? Hey rah, rah: rah, rah, rah, WC fight, Hey rah, rah: rah, rah, rah. Hey rah, rah: rah. rah. rah. Purple and gold fight fight. Team team team. Front Row-B. Evans. Chiles, Machalek. Back Row-J. McDonald, Sherer. Horst. Dotzman. S. McDonald, Seventy-one Senior High llrche tra The orchestra. an ever growing group, has provided many hours of enjoyable entertain- ment. It meets once a week with the director, lironl Row lim-bb. Koslwlos, Philler, Seiberi. Jaclinmn, l,nepke. Mr. Vw'illiam Cavallo. to practice for yearly concerts. Besides the annual Christmas and spring concerts, the Aflfton High Orchestra lends its musical talents to other schools in ex- change concerts. fmxultd Row Sehoenleltl. l'1.irm'x. ,-Xnileimn. llirlow. Ciermnn, Inllrin. Vesler. Uberg, llrlil. Arennles llmiiig, fools. Back Row linime-man. Kohler. Kruninaclier XYuebbonx, l'rm'ort. Morris. XVinlers, Pinion. Archer S XX'rell.l1 l,isther liurlinrr. ll Wipplei, Riclili, Sporleder. 'I Vhpp Bndt. Kuehn, Stanrling Sieinmelz, Schurrnieycr. Meyers, llenry. liranlce, Roer, Chase. lfuui llu Front Rowff-llnrsl, Fesler, Oberg. Mnnhnl, .l. Spnrleder. Gernian, Kinllnn. l,.irinbee, Arendt-4. Second Row Schnier. XX'nller, lf, XX'ippler. lihlen. Gable. Miller. Snyder, Archer. S. Xllolf. l'lurlx.1rl. Xlfillers, lining. Cmili. J Schniitll. Thirti Rczw--l..ilurnu-. Gilmore. Sehr Vaghn. Sunlheimer, Biehler, Kuehn. Buzlt. T, XK'ipple, lleper. liively linuer, Phillips, 'I'roi.1lin. Voniler llrueg ge, Biernmn, Winters. Stevens F. l.ixcher, Till, A. l,ischer. R. XX'ippler. Anltlerlieide. Dot-rr. Riclili. J Sporlecler. Standing Schuernwyer, Sleinmell. Henry, Mclnernry. Walker, Meyers. liranlu-. liner. Vhaxe l.ii'.illo BAND Rehearsals and participation in concerts, bas- ketball games, and exchange concerts with other schools, provided our band with a very busy season. Under the direction of Mr. William Ca- vallo, the members of Affton's band are out- standing musicians. Seventytwo MAJORETTES In their gay gold and white uniforms they lead the band in all of their musical activities throughout the year. Without them the spirit of the band would not be complete. NlrXJORl1'l"l'liS S. XVolf. Boing. ll. XYliitesill. Schniiill. liuhlln .ivi ip. l. irr. ibee, XK'.iller lion: limi Siigiioielli. lsutlili- Nluxgiavi-. lhveri, A lxleiu, ll Mhutli. Sit-tlil.u-l Xl.-vers, Jung. L.viiu-in Seuvitil limi Xlule, Quiglex. l' XYippler lezivit-i. llollmgs. Xlowelx, iiust lleulv Nichols :X-slit-vii lvavis Ntlilieruuirx lluril lion llltxall lliliivvltilxrv, l'i'lvY. ll llivllman llulles lllhliylpl, l'XlW.1s Slmllvuhll lltuxkzl, Lllwlig, Slevriis, llallllxtin. lxiwtilei link lion li lilim Stbvnei Nletllev XYMU. .Nltlxcv l .ilulno K luxe lvll llexbeigs l'lilxeIl, liantma Yirlilivig lxlwlilil. l laik 1 . l . N1 ax ' . . '..1,1 .1 hennu High Hoy Lholu. The Boys Chorus is a very capable group of boys. lhey have performed before the stua dent body, at visiting schools, and at concerts at various times during the year. lt is a group of boys, who are given the opportunity to voice their talents musically as a group. Mrs. Stod- dard is the director. tensor High hill Lhulu. Boasting l-+4 members, the largest chorus in Afftons history began the term with a class- room program, whereby each member, individu- ally or in a group, sang or played an instru- ment. Quartettes, trios, duets. and solos, both vocal and piano, hlled the air lor a week. 'lihe highlight of the year was the performance lor radio station WIEXV. Among some of the other activities was the yearly Christmas Concert. The chorus year came to a dramatic close with the annual concert in the spring, l li nl iii xx Y latiilvs XY.'lil llvell, lluvt'lili'ln XX'ulixtlJlaegel lxiwtlwr. Siut-llviati Xl Nilmritlvl, XX'elileu, Xlallvl Siegtl Nlivtlilanl Milpllv Xl. faulei llillilmlal l lxer l ilrt, l5.lvis, .l Jacobs, l'wirliler. Stlixxaltllsopl Neiivlnl lion Kiieppe lltletliltng, Nlixslel haake. llialtm Nvtlvnbrrns, llvrslvii llaln lxwelilii l' Wilnlesili, lhlrvsun. li 'Null l l isiliii ll.t1 risen. l. llamilton I Silimidi. Stliui-sslt-q Witiwwiki, K Wliittwitt, - - y lhlitl lion Xluthler lanimering, bteinmell, Ki Sclimltll, Scliiwnleltl l lli Ion l'i:iw:1 Kivuigv, Kliltulin li-liim.x:in, it XX'.illwi, lsivtline, li lvaii lilllrtwxxs, Keliu ,Nlleu Nebel. XY.ill. Xlakxin. tlulrx lltfpke ne livrd ll.-irminn lliitfiuaii tain Rav. Lili-mu fwtix tit-ul Nlnl y .lt nun lxueile livuitli limi llumlstlvl-li .l fmlwleu. N lvanx. ll. lnautliani, .l. llullmau, liste. .Xxitmrilt-1, lloetlslln, 'lilil..s. lliaiiilun li Nlvmiil lxvenlyi llampliiu l'vuml' Ylx'l.llii:. talilzvtll S, Xl.l5'1lvll4l, llitlxltx.'i' Nlalilml. lxelvlenlumli. Nleiswlxltlw ftixselmriel. lwllstli lk-nxt: llmcl. ll-'x llixliiil-'v, X listlivl. ll.lusm.ln. .l Nliller Sluxslv, Nl iltlrnir, Xlielwvi Y iliuxnct. li. ftmliieltimlv. luilxxig ll llvvmas XX'iul.-is lit--li lliyblusin, Xlt'Yiikiils. King, XY.illii-I lQiiulu'llnvtlu'i Kulli. lliwlst 'Sovonty-throw MIXED ENSEMBLE Affton High is well' represented by the Mixed Ensemble who are the members of the All County Chorus from our school. They can often be heard rehearsing for one of their pre- sentations for a school program or for the All County Concert held each spring at a neighboring school. liront Row-Steinmelz. Louvier, Meyers. Erler, Vvlall. George. Cain. Horst. Pybas. T. Wippler. Ma7e. NINTH GRADE SEXTETTE A new group, the Ninth Grade Sextette. composed of six of our Freshman girls is under the direction of Mrs. Kathleen Stoddard. They are gaining valuable experience by performing at most of Affton's musi- cal affairs. Front Row-Buechting. l.arr.1bee. German. Sleinmetz, D. Thomas. J. Hoffman. AFFTONAIRES At assemblies. concerts, and social functions the Affton audience often sees and hears this group of boys blend their voices in good harmony. Spirituals, barbershop. novelties, and popular selections comprise their rep- ertoire. After a fine evenings enter- tainment it isn't unusual to hear the audience humming their catchy tunes as they leave. Ifront Row-Doerr, Musgrave. T. XVippler. Vlfalters. Sleinmetz, Pybas. Meyers. Lou- vier. MELODY MAIDS This group of four girls has been sharing their talent for making beau- tiful music for about four years. Their songs have been enjoyed at school assemblies and other singing events. Their singing styles range from negro-spirituals to popular songs. Pinion. B. lfvans. S. McDonald. Horst. AFFTONETTES Five girls chosen for their voice quality and ability to harmonize form the Afftonettes. These girls do all types of selections and provide in- teresting entertainment in our musical programs. Front+Bumb, Robinson. Pinion. Koeppe, Hershey. Seventy-four Jr. High Uheerleaders Thcse are the girls whom we see all season at the Junior High games cheering our team on to victory. Their aim is to promote better sports- manship among the spectators and between the teams and to bolster the moral of the team with vigorous and sincere yells and cheers. l liront ROXV-VVyl'li1lCl'1. NVellonx. Nlerlf. Back Row-A. Uflimann. Pounds. lf. Uflniann. XX'ith membership open to those with a good ing the junior high battles so often heard going strong voice and abundant school spirit, these on in the gym after school. enthusiastic spectators have a good time watch- lfronl RowiG. ixlCl'lZ. li. Uffmann. J. XVellons. A. Uflimann, Pounds. Vfhalen. Second Row-B. German. Spring. S. Reilley. Davidson. Diehl. Ruder. Tyler. Parker, Sumner. lhird Row--l1vans. Mikulin, Allen. Ui-chinger, Petrie. Anderson. Hayes, Gains. Albrecht. Yoiingmann. Gruenthal S. XVin1ers. Ifourih Row-I.aniherl. l.oech. Bledsoe. Rock. Meek, Gleiber. Graham, J. Roussin. Teubner Divincen. Smith. Back Row-Bundriclx. Baer. O'Bryan. Herschel. Brown, VN'ondeIl. Karg. lJru't'.'l. S itl, VH is ' P X c IL mi 1 ugg. Ciroat, Iinion, Ruegge Henslev. Seventy-five Human RehnjonsCluh The Human Relations Club is a new club at Affton this year. They meet once a week. Their aims are to promote better relations and brotherhood between the peoples of the com- munity. nation, and world. At the present time there are 25 members. Out of these members there is a steering committee which meets with representatives from other schools, to discuss the problems of today. The sponsor this year is Mr. Coulon. Front Row-Horst. Goins. Heaton. G, Schmidt. Barber. Peterson, Hill. Ely, l.eonard. Second Row-M. Grantham. R. Thomas. Schmid. Oberg. B. Wolf. Coulon, Pinion. Schoenfeld. German. N. Evans Sporleder. G ll H b'son. Maze. Koerner, Arendes. Bundschuh. l. Scherer. Back Row-Christy. Hansman. D. Grantham. osne , ar 1 - 1 -- - 1 . 2. - , .. i , . . V, V My A M Front Row-Longworth. Pybas. Goodman. M. Grantham, Meyers, J. Scherer. Second Row-Schuessler. Brandon, B. Schmid, Wolf, Saake. Adams. Geil. Hill. Horst. Heaton, Back Row--Doerr, N. Evans, Kreh, D. Kraemer. J. Schmidt. Leonard. Pinion, Koerner. Aihisoanette This staff is responsible for the excellent ticles and colums such as A'Celebs About Town school paper which goes to press once a month. or "Senior Sketches." Although this is a hard Included in the paper are many interesting ar- job it is valuable and rewarding experience. Seventy-six Inxiliar and Maintenance Staffs OI-I'IC',I: CIIRIS IIFOIII Row --Chiles, I'UIlI'I11Jll. Kuhr. I.cun.ird Knuppc. Hershey. Sccond Row-Zinwlincicr. Vs'iIcux. Jock. XVi low-Iii. Sturdy. D. Krncmcr. Krch. Ifly. Gail 'lihird Row-RAIN, Davis. Picklcs. Vv'olIi. Sic gvl. Inidwig. Kilchcn I'ron1 IluwfHuIwr. Unxwon. Ilorsl, Back Ron'-Crusslcy. I3.1cInsIcin, Not I7ICIllI'CkI-IICYYIIUV. CIOOKS Irunl Ilowfijhillips. Pmqlmiis. Dnwxon. Back Rmv+B.1cI1slcin. Boswell, Jnckson. Nui Picturudfliinmvrman. Shaw. Cllunn. BUS DRIVERS XX'iIIi.1n1 R. Iconnrd. Rav Reis. Kcilh I.. Cook Noi Pict ii rod-Guo rgc Drincol I, LIBRARY S'I'AIfI-' I-ronl Row-Iirlcr. Ifriniv. XViIdc. McCauley Hnriwn. Back Row-NIcissh.icI1. Koehler. Pclcrson. Cook son, Anlonucui. King. Schocnfcld, Hampton Not I5iclL1rc4I+I3cr win, Sp rcngur. CUSTODIANS IilINV.1l'd XX'aIkcr. James McNccIy. 'I'hom.1s Crowe. Seventy-svven Front Row-Leone, Huber, V. Sherer, S. McDonald, Chase. B. Evans. Second Ro-w-Rabe, Stevens. Alyea, Hartman, Barber, Wolf. Coulon. Back Row-Jauer, Callan. Gosnel, Edwards, Oberg, Koerner. Not Pictured-Brandon. ll. ll. Delegates The U. N. Delegates are stu- dent representatives from vari- ous high schools who attend the U. N. Mock assembly. The pur- pose is to discuss world affairs. Sixty schools participate in this project, each representing a dif- ferent co-untry in the U. N. Our school' representing Burma, votes, attends meetings, and takes part in discussion as Bur- ma would participate. This group is sponsored by the Jun- ior Council of World Affairs. Parents' llrganizatiens PATRON ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President .....,.,.,,...........,..,...........,.,.......,. ..,......,,...........,.....,..... M r. P, Mastin Vice-President .,.,.,.....,.,........,...l.,............. ....,... M r. C. Scheidt Treasurer ,........,.,...,...,...,...., ....,..,...,.... .,., . , . ., Mr. E. Bugg Secretary i...... ........... .,,.... ,,.. .............r........,.......,.,,....,....,,.....,., M r . F . Heine AFFTON JR., SR. HIGH SCHOOL MOTHER'S CLUB OFFICERS President .,.,...,.........,.,....,................,.......,....,.,.................. . , Vice-President .....,......,.,,,,.....,...,.......,.,.,.,............,............... Recordin Secretar g y ...,.,..... Corresponding Secretary .,..,.. Treasurer ..................,,.,.....,....,..... ........, ,.... Sergeant-at-Arms... ,,..,.,..... ...,..,......,,......... . REAVIS MOTHER'S CLUB OFFICERS President ...,.,......,...,.,.....,...,,...............,.,...,.,.... ..... Vice-President ...,,.,,..,.,........,..........,.............. ...., Recordin Secretar g y ...,,...... Corresponding Secretary ...,... Treasurer ...... .....................,.,...,.....,.,.....,,. . . Sergeant-at-Arms ....,....,...........l4.,....,..,,,..,.......... McKENZIE MOTHER'S CLUB OFFICERS President ........,............,................,.,,..,..,.,..,.,,..., ........ Vice-President ,................,..,,.,. .....,.........,,,...... ...,.... Mrs. B. Davidson ..Mrs. M. Wellons Mrs. L. Bugg .......Mrs. J. Sturdy ..,Mrs. G. Stanley Paneck .......Mrs. R. ....Mrs. A. Berwin ..Mrs. D. Gravelle ...Mrs V. Knock .......Mrs. H. Fugate S. Price ...,...Mrs. F. Wedge .Mrs. L. Meagher Mrs. V. Hoffman Recording Secretary .,..,...... .. ........ Mrs. M. Henze Corresponding Secretary ..,,.. ....... M rs. M. Pavlisin Treasurer ......,...............,...........,,...,.......,... ..... Sergeant-at-Arms ,.,.....,.,.. ,..........,..,.....,..,,.,. ,..., HEEGE MOTHERS CLUB OFFICERS President ..,.....,..............,.......,,..,..,.........,..... ,.... Vice-President ...,.............................,,........ ..... .Mrs. M. Spindler ..,Mrs. D. Varwig ......Mrs. A. Bugg ..Mrs. R. Claridge Recording Secretary ....,...... ....,....... M rs. Ci. Reeve Corresponding Secretary ..,. . ........ Mrs. W. Hawkins Treasurer ....,.,.........,.,....... ....,,........ M rs. F. Stein Sergeant-at-Arms ..,........ ......, M rs. H. Newcomb Seventy-eight Her The crowning The rcccssional. niajcsly. The court. The Lcamr' The wind-up. Balloons from hcnvcn. Baller-up. Our lurid. XVilh long swccping bow, Strike 'im out. XVl1o's got thc ball. Gerry. "Hi thcrcf' Couples. XVomcn in their war-paint. Glamour lovclics. Severity-nine AFFTON PROVISION CO. Wholesale and Retail U. S. Government Inspected Meats 9731 GRAVOIS PLateau 2-0234 AFI-:TON TILE COMPANY Genuine Clay Tile Installations oEoRoE E. STELMACH 9614 GRAVOIS FLanders 3-25 52 GRAVGIS DRUG CG GRAVOIS AT MORGANFORD FLanders 2-1234 Cl-1FRQKI-I- DRUG CG. CI-IERGKEE AT CALIFORNIA PRospect 6-7609 MAFFIT DRUG CG. KINGSI-IIGI-IWAY AT IVIAFFIT FOrest 7-1645 PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS FILM Complete Stock of all Camera Needs Eastman-Polaroid-Revere-Bel1 '25 Howell AL. STRENTZSCH SR. - in Charge. ED1TH,S TOTS T0 TEENS COMPLETE LINE OF Infants and Childrens Wear and Pre-Teen 34 Hampton Village 2817 Cherokee 10215 St. Charles Rock Road CUSHMAN SCOOTERS Goewert Hardware 81 Supply 7446 GRAVOIS l:l.and2rS 2-4580 BRIGGS E5 STRATTON ENGINES Compliments j. BEN MILLER REALTY C0. Your Local National Homes Dealer 3814-18 Hampton ELanders 3-0800 DSBORN ELECTRIC C0 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Industrial and Commercial Institutional and Residential Wiring 5516 SOUTH KINGSHIGHWAY Ph e, PLanders 2-4222 St. Louis, Mo Phone, FLanders 2 - 9 8 24 Gus Berry's Shell Service Tires, Batteries, Lubrication 8613 GRAVOIS ROAD' St. Louis, Mo. Lakewood Park Cemetery Assn. South St. Louis Co-unty's Most Modern Burial Park Two Entrances River Des Peres Drive io' Loughborough or 7801 Genesta AEFTON. MO. ELanders 3-8240 ELanders 2-6827 MANHAL '65 SON PAINTING COMPANY 9280 MCKENZIE ROAD I-1Udson l-4736 M. ELBERTS MARKET Tom Boy Store 7424 MURDOCK Mlssion 5-9550 HIGHTOWER BEAUTY SALON 9719 GRAVOIS Jerry Brda Cliff Markland Mack's Service Station SHELL GAS AND' OILS Lubricating - Tire - Battery and Motor Tune Up Service Goodyear Tires - Carr Batteries Phone, FLanders 2-8938 Affton, Mo. FLanders 2-9927 7900 GRAVOIS AVE. FLanders. 2-4300 NOTARY PUBLIC I-IERRING'S PHARMACY mrhe Prescription Store, Moellenhoff Bldg. 26 Realty Co. Ftandefs 1-4464 Realtors 6811 GRAVQIS ST' LOUIS' MO. 6814 GRAVOIS AVE. St. Louis, Mo. Kohler's Standard Service PENA S JEWELRY 1-1Udson 1-6154 Sunbeam Products BIG EEZQISNLIIEELEDE Diamonds 4 Silverware - Watches ' Watch and Jewelry Repairing WOod1and 1-9449 Webster Groves, Mo. GIFTS 7706 GRAVOIS .1EfIerson 2-1024 LOU'S TUXEDOS FOR RENT Summer F ormals Cutaways 4610 GRAVOIS St. Louis 16. Mo. MARTIN LUBBES 8700 Gravois Ave., Corner of Philo INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Notary Public . Loans . RealEstate Real Estate Loans Made for 3 to 15 Years FLandcrs 2-5420 Best Wishes from LESLIE'S TOM BOY MARKET CONCORD' VILLAGE Didion '25 Sons Foundry, Inc. 8070 WATSON Vlctor 3 -4722 Standard Oil Products MILLER BROS. Super Service FLanders 2-96 54 9103 GRAVOIS ROAD Affton, Mo. MATTY's SERVICE STATION 9530 GRAVOIS Brake Work and Ignition Service Road Service Eagle Stamps HUdson 1-9536 Eighty-four COVERS AND BINDING For The 1955 BRADBURN AFHISCAN SCIIOOI Co. by 6552 NEOSI-IO STREET FI.anders l-3811 COMPANY I , ST LOUIS MISSGURI School Supplies - Craft Supplies Plant Phone Office Phone Whitehall 842209 FLandcrs 2-6388 "If 11's Good - It's Grand" DAIRY COMPANY "More People Drink Peuely Milk Than Any Milk in Town" Walter Freund Bread Co. 920 South Taylor Ave. Bakers of Olde Tyme Rye Delicatessen Rye Cap Sheaf 10076 Whole Wheat and Tender-Crust: Pies Grand Packing Co. ANTONIA, Mo. OZARK COUNTRY BRAND MEAT PRODUCTS Store Hours: Monday to Thursday. 9-6 Friday and Saturdayv 9-7 Represented by: Rt. 2, Box 391 A. M. KLEIN IMPERIAL. MO. "Congratulations" CLASS OF '55 MONTI JEWELRY CO. Arcade Building St. Louis, Missouri Eiqhly-f It Defies Comparison . . . Completely Redesigned The New Underwood Standard Model 150 with "TTT" New Styling - New Touch Ask to see it! HOWARD ROBB 1610 LOCUST CH. 1-5090 WROBEIQS Professional Cleaners and Tailors We Offer 25 Years: of Experience XfVe Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant WOODROME MOTORS 5570 NATURAL BRIDGE 1 1 Y Dealers in High Grade Automobiles Avenue Camera - oNE-DAY SERVICE AVAILABLE - Store FI.anders 2-5222 6656 CHIPPEWA Expert Photo Finishing ii? i??:' """ if . Cameras and Flash Outfits - Darkroom f ,K Equipment - Photo Supplies 'Trfi , . ,T f. . , Q. Home Movies ' ' 1' , 1 BARBERS If 2306 ss. GRAND PR. 2-6401 '5759 CHIPPEWA -'T' .1 Mac's Super Market 4025 WILMINGTON FL. l-5003 BOOSTERS Ames Drug Store Shelby's Barber Shop 4903 Tyrolean Happy Hollow Service Station 3429 Watson Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Clara Hemplemann Marie's Beauty Shop Lubeley's Yorkshire Bakery 8071 Watson - WO. l-7160 Reik Hardware Al's Vulcanizing 7929 FLETA Car Heege R61 FLanders 3-8940 Affton 23, Mo. RETREADS SUBURBANITE 1 1 1 I i I - Regular Tires, New io' Used - Town U Country Foto-fel Wheel Balancing All Work Fully Guaranteed Eighty-six COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Established 1901 Digmfed Service ZIEGENHEIN BROS. "The Original Zieghenhein Brothers" Formerly Located Cherokee 'id Texas Albert Ziegenhein. Pres. Ziegenhein Bros. Livery 'ii Undertaking Co., lnc. 6409 Gravois ELanders 2-1000 3 Blks. E. of Kingshighway -Free Parking- WE RAISE OUR OWN CHICKENS Opp's Restaurant, Inc. CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS Make Reservation for Card and Weddz'ng Parties Highway 30 at Meramec River J. A. VOSS. prop. DAvis 6-0037 SIEBERT PET id GARDEN SHOP CHINCHILLA FARM 12348 TESSON FERRY RD. Vlctor 3-4755 STATE FARM AUTO INSURANCE LEN RUZICKA Agent PRospect 2-8040 3521 SOUTH GRAND, at GRAVOIS Prescriptions - Cameras - Cosmetics Three Registered Pharmacists A. Neels T. Strebler R. Thompson AEFTON DRUG COMPANY 9440 GRAVOIS PLateau 2-7900 Affton. Mo. "A FRIEND" Specializing . . . Portrayals and Columns Z. E. HENDRICKS ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS 6613 Gravois FLanders 3-6080 C. HOFEMEISTER Colonial Mortuary 6464 CHIPPEWA STREET Flsanders 2-1938 Eighty seven Installers for Polychoke tl iQf,9!,f5x l I 1 4 Stocks Built to Order : Rebluing : Factory H X f... Jewewn? X . . ""oPromemLvrs XV Nichols-Gunsmith Diamonds 3 HU. l-3240 . Watches ' " Repazrs on All Makes of Guns Jewelry Silver Gifts YV Phone, PRospect l-6064 5264 GRAVOIS ,..- T.15,JAf I Two floors of 4. 2016 GRAVOIS St. Louis 4. Mo. Beautiful Gifts wxwsgfaf ' FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS Call or See CARL J . BENDER PRESIDENT Carl Bender Realty Co. REALTORS 3651 SO. GRAND AVE. PRospect I-8200 "'ii43ii'i'6MheHuifiiiQi?'EiijBQ'bkI1iiiQj""""i5E"' :li ll 'Rim eM I ' ,.e--e-- - ' A I H Xi'-1, 2 1 15, 45 .-.:,5 3. Znl It . -- I Ikbuu S- l"'ii'i' ll,,.ll,.., '--" 'i" "'i S Qf1ze1f.fffHfi'i lii. "i' I nf-1"" I mr- 06772225 dp, wlwfw suv swlulrsm 'ms num! 6-an nu-none neue: 221 4 0 O N I W 3 Q Z5 ve 5 In Z U 'CS O Q 'N' Cf Q E CD 5 Z I" "' Q m- 70 FU E- w 3 5 X E Q -1 fn 'Q 'Si E1 Q 2, S E up Z F Z' E5 "4 I U1 -1 rg 4 O S "'1 K4 D Cf! v-4 5 O ' 3- S-' E' O si W 9? E Q 5 3 A. Sd U1 CD 'U v-9 IXJ . S. O D CD Eiqhty-eiqhi RALPH SPENGEMANN PLUMBING CO. 265l Utah -- MOhawk 4-0795 Res.: 9101 Maureen Lane FLanders 3-6825 rIohnny's Super Market GRAVOIS E3 DENNY RD. Sappington, Mo. Vlctor 3-4865 RUBICAM SCHOOL Offers Q Th rough preparation for Secretarial Steno-graph d A g P s. 0 Eff Pl S rvicr with h g pl y R b C d Q S Cl Sh h d d Typ g INDIVIDLAI d GROUP INSTRUCTION Compliments ... of L H. E. CHANDLER General Contractor 8500 SKYLINE CT. Day and Evening Class 3473 SOUTH GRAND BLVD.-PR. 2-0440 4933 DELMAR BLVD.-FO. 7-3900 Writv or 'lbluphone For Our Calnlog 64 Years of Service "Congratulations" Compliments Class of 1955 of WALTER FRANKE Plumbing and Repairs ZESTO HUdson 1-7637 9305 ATHEA "Music for all Occasions" 9529 GRAVOIS Affton, Mo. Roselen Kramer L. Kramer HARVEY KINCER and HIS ORCHESTRA EVergreen I-2151 For Good Eating Try FRITOS and SO-GOOD WAVEES SO-GOOD POTATO CHIPS Eighty-nine HORST SERVICE Shell Products Tires and Batteries U. S. 66 AND LACLEDE STATION ROAD WOodland 1-2586 St. Louis County HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSES GASEN'S DRUG STORE 9509 GRAVOIS AVE. Placke Chevrolet PRospect 2-4609 Guaranteed O. K. Used Cars 32,000 Sq. Ft. Parking Area 2244 S. KINGSHIGHWAY at Vandeventer 8 Southwest SUSIN'S MARKET 5602 HEEGE ROAD We Have Home Made Sausage O. H. Long FLanders 2-1314 Phone . . . . FLanders 2-9746 V1.3--+822 Swan Construction EiriCh'S Floral Shop Company General Contracting ANY JOB - ANYWHERE 8615 Laclede Station Road Lou Swanter ST. LOUIS 23, MO. 7021 GRAVOIS FLanders 2-0139 Building Trim Stone - Wall Coping - Fire Places Comices - Sills - Ornamental Cast Stone Furniture for Garden and Porch St. Louis Ornamental Stone Mfg. Co., Inc. Manufacturers Cast Stone Products 6641 Weber Road, Affton, Mo. Jos. E. Strobl, Pres. FLanders 2-2750 Schain's Drive - In Sandwiches Our Specially Chicken and Fish Homemade Chili and Pie 6965 GRAVOIS at Blow C arry Our Orders I-lUdson l-9695 HUdson l-9695 Ninety Equality Savings and Loan Association 4131 SOUTH GRAND BLVD. FLanders 3-7670 Ins. to 310,000.00 COMPLIMENTS OE A FRIEND FOR YOUR FUTURE- Cuergs Co. Realtors WISH You succisss 6425 HAMPTON HUdson 1-4964 COMPLIMENTS Booker - Lind Bundschuh, Inc. 5210 Chippewa St. ELanders 2-6470 Dealing in New Y5 Used Cars Since 1920 JOSEPH N ESSER MOTORS, INC. 6536 CHIPPEWA FLanders 1-6300 CHAS TODD Overall Cleaning Co. 2720 so. 9th sT.LoU1s 18, Mo. CALL PRospect 2-9400 FOR RENTAL SERVICE TED'S MOTORS PLYMOUTH-DeSOTO 7486 Manchester STerling 1-5557 St. Louis 17, Mo. FLanders 3-9595 JOS. S. THUM Super Shell Service Road Service - Motor Tune-Up Brake Service 10,000 Gravois Rd. Affton 23, Mo. Nin AFFTON'S NEWEST FAMILY SHOE STORE Weather-Birds for Children Velvet Step for Women City Club for Men Vanity Footwear' 9501 GRAVOIS Phone FL. 2-7685 Business. PRospect 6-0548 Herman Fender Works l'Specializing in Dent Work" U Cl 11 S. E. Cor. 18th E5 GRAVOIS SAVING Makes It Possible! . . . AND THERE IS MORE TO SAVING THAN MONEY You want protection for your savings. You want profit-at an above average rate of return. A11 this We give you, plus, the convenience and friendliness which has given us the reputation we proudly cherish. ACCOUNTS S10 TO 310,000 MISSOUII Savings Assn. Member Federal Home Loan Bank Systemu.. Open Friday Evenings - Open Sats. 'til Noon 5209 Hampton Ave. HUdson 1-0500 Skrainka Construction Company Skrainka Pavements Trademark Registered OVER 100 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE PAVING CONSTRUCTION PArkvieW 1-0963 7173 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis 5, Mo. HAY RIDES and RANCH HALL SUNNY SIDE ACRES Ideal for Receptions, Parties, Picnics. Dances, etc. Cool in Summer . . . Warm in Winter . . Room to Park . . . Kitchen and Bar Facilities OPEN ALL YEAR 5275-77 S. LINDBERGH St. Louis 23, Mo. Ronnic's Drive-In is Across the Road For R eser vations , . . Call VI. 3-4700 MARSH'S BARBER SHOP 4 BARBERS 9434 GRAVOIS ROAD FRIBIS BROS. MACHINE SHOP Sales and Service Saw Filing . Power and Hand Lawnmowers 7120 Rock Hill Road Vlctor 3-4080 E. F. GILLMAN Jeweler 223 LEMAY FERRY ROAD Ninety 1 o JIlVI'S CITY SERVICE STATION 6032 GRAVOIS OLD ORCHARD CLEANERS 668 E. BIG BIEND I-I. 8 S. CLEANERS Pl-tif? Up and Dvliuerif Iilresidc I-4077 6263 GRAVOIS Sappingtcn Beauty 8 Gift Shop Gravois Rd, XV. of Lindbergh VI. 3-5605 GRAVOIS MUSIC CENTER INC. 4626 GRAVOIS I"I..itcau 2-7300 Gudcrmuth I-Iardwarc fo' Painting Co., Inc. 7l-H Villanova Plaza St, I.ouis 23, Mo. YOUR BEST FOOD BUY Valley Farm Dairy Milk DAIRY PRODUCTS Tops in Value I3Rospcct 2-6226 3147 IOWA GRAVES GULF SERVICE 4011 BAY1.iass I:I,AI"ldCl'5i 220751 EDDIES BAYLESS MARKET E N J O Y Tss llllllill VARIETY AT YOUR DEALER Complinlcrils of MEREDITI-I V. GEORGE AND KATHRYN E. NVHITESITT DEL-TON . . . BEAUTY BAR JEANETTE BOGARD Mission 522714 232+ WATSON ROAD XV C, SULLENTROP 25 SONS Gvrzwal Eleftrii' Appliunu-s LAUER-ENLOE HELLRUNG CARPET Op,O,,,L,m-8,5 CQMPANY zogxrxg Eiwingizji. Klskifofsyfilii 31:3 - . W F . r c - -I 3 r view - -- 6089 Chippewa NH' 7-3900 By Appointment St: I.ouis Nine ly-Ihr VE. 2-0295 Nash Spcc. Business, FLanders 1-2424 AFPTON MOTORS CREST FLOWER SHOP Autopgefag 'tg girly 8 iam? Work Flowers for All Occasions lc -83pl 5 GRXSEISQIVICQ 8630 GRAVOIS Orlou and George Homer Colson Affton 23, Mo. Affton 23, Mo. Dotzman Complete Optical Service FLanders 2-4647 AFFTON CYCLE SHOP 1 P DR. EARL L. DICK, O. D. Pick-up and Delivery Office Hours: NEW AND USED BIKES 9:00 a. m. to 12 Noon-1:00 to 5:00 p. m. 6:00 to 8 p. m., Daily-Except Wednesday Model-Hobby Saturday Night by Appointment Only 9412 GRAVOIS RD' VEUIOH 2-2288 8620 Gravois Ave. Sr. Louis 23, Mo. Paints, Drapery Hardware Venetian Blinds Auto Repair HYDRAMATIC 'id POWERGLIDAE AFFTON DECORA SHOP "Supplies for the Home Decorator" 8510 WATSON RD. Vlctor 3-4661 8809 GRAVOIS FLanders 1-1169 Topmost Prints Agton Dry Goods 8 Glft Hardware and Implements Shop Frigidaire Appliances 9424 ORAVOIS AVENUE CONCORD VILLAGE PL3te3u 2-2421 Affmn 23, MO, St. Louis 23, MO. Vlctor 3-5800 v2"99 "4v S,-WWA EITE SERVICE 'jf HA RE -C' N D 'X-P Gas . Tires . Batteries 0 l' 4 T 5 2 -'Off .9 xs- 'S0,L Eundef-S 2-9970 5608 HEEGE ROAD s 54' T 7 1 BRHNKER S MARKET Flori-Ambassador Cleaners, FREE DELIVERY Inc 8821 GRAV015 7912 GRAVOIS FLanders 2-9737 Affton 23, Mo, Flpanderg 2-4565 Sam Brown Mac Brown Fresh Cut 'IQua1ity Mgatsd G I OPITIOSI I'3l'l IOCCHCS BrOWn'S Service Station HANOVER Fmsh modm Texaco Products SUPER MARKET 7201 WATSON ROAD We DH,-ue, Hy. 66 at City Limits HUdson 1-9807 7722 GRAVOIS F1-Anders 2-0205 Conqplirnefyfg Wedding and Birlhday Cakes Made to Order f o 5519 S. LINDBERGH Victor 3-4483 Concord Village S Ninely-four SIDING '25 ROOFING SALES COMPANY 818 LEMAY FERRY ROAD LEMAY 23, MO. HUdson 1-8962 HUdson 1-8963 The Independent Oil Co. Shell Fuel Oil SINCE 1914 JEfferson 1-1335 3930-60 Chouteau MILLERS MUTUAL of Illinois HOME-BUSINESS-AUTO Insurance at a SAVINGS a221010101f2I4v1s2421914 TED BOHLMANN, Repr. 8507 Mathilda Ave. Affton 23. Mo. PLateau 2-9537 GArt1e1d 1-2059 Hallof Shoe Repair Co. 1003-1005 PINE STREET Quality Service ST. LOUIS MERIT Specialties Company, Inc. Precision Screw Machine Products 205 E.. DAVIS STREET Ben H. Sh-anklin Jos. E. Adlon VErnon 2-1706 Wm. J. Mundy Sr. Louis 11. Mo. MAY AFFTON HIGH BE TOPS IN PROGRESS FOR 1955 Signed C. S. Compliments of HEEGE WOMENS VOLLEYBALL TEAM SISLER-HUMMEL Sporting Goods Co., Inc. 1114 LOCUST ST. St. Louis 1, Mo. "Best Wz'shes From A Supplier" Wayne-Pelke Body Co. Distributors of Wayne School Buses "Americas Safes! Way to Go ro School" Phone for Prices. 3810-12 SO. SPRING AVE. TOwnsend 5-1356 3810-12 So. Spring Ave. TOwnsend 5-1385 St. Louis, Missouri Compliments ALLEN FOODS INC. Institution Food Specialist Phone. MAin 1-3575 - St. Louis, Mo. Navy Brand Mfg. Company 2025 WASHINGTON AVE. St. Louis 3, Mo. CHestnut 1-6161 Nmeiy five Wedding Invitations - Calendars - Book Matches Announcements - Sales Slips - Business Forms ORRIN D. DECKER PRINTING 8 ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES 9316 Althea Ave. FLanders 3-2356 WEBCOR PHONOGRAPHS Complete Record Department Berger's Record Shop 7700 GRAVOIS PLateau 2-1040 AFFTON RESTAURANT 9713 GRAVOIS Hu. 1-9648 COMPLIMENTS OF Chapman Insurance Agency 10 No. Old Orchard Webster Groves 19. Mo. WOodland 2-7686 CONCORD CLEANERS PICKUP and DELIVERY 5517 South Lindbergh Vlctor 3-4765 Concord Village Shoes 5521 So. Lindbergh Vlctor 3-3727 "BETTER SHOES FOR LESS MONEY" DO-NUT DRIVE-IN Special Attention Given Clubs Groups and Organizations 6525 CHIPPEWA Mlssion 5-7714 Hours: 8 a. m. to Midnight Slip Covers 1 Upholstering - Yard Goods Phil Steher Draperies Open Tuesdays fd Fridays until 9 p. m. STerling 1-9519 7001 LANDSDOWNE Universal Bookkeeping Service, Inc. Bookkeeping Service For All Small Businesses MOhawk 4-7607 St. Louis Lithographing Co. COMMERCIAL AND LABEL LITHOGRAPHERS 6801 So. Broadway VErnon 2-1105 COMPLIMENTS H. P. Bockrath Jr., D.D.S. KAY'S WOMENS WEAR Nationally Advertised Coats. Suits, Dresses 5003 GRAVOIS EI.anders 2-9029 WEST MEAT CO WHOLESALE MEATS WEST EOR THE BEST 9530 MANCHESTER Phone. wo, 2-6945 FEET HURT ? Try RED GOOSE SHOES for Children J. C. ROBERTS for Men Zimmerman's Dept. Store 708 Lemay Ferry Road HUdson 1-9623 Double Eagle Stamps Every Monday Eden Dry Goods '25 Gift Shop 9933 GRAVOIS AVE. HUdson 1-11975 ST. LOUIS Dr. Frank Nichl, Optometrist Examination of the Eye -- Phone PL. 2-9669 HOURS: 9 a. m.-12 a. m.:2 p. m.-5 p. m. Evening 7-8 o'c1ock. Except Wednesday, Thursday U Saturday 3219 Meramec Street St. Louis Missouri Ninety-six Look for the SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY NEWS 8901 GiRAVO'IS "Delivered Weekly by the Mail Man" WEISS DRUG 8 200 GRAVOIS FLanders 2-4419 We Never Close FLanders 3-9973 Sunnyside Farm Products Schnarr's Ben Franklin Store 8520 oRAvo1s Headquarms South St. Louis County's Leading Fruit For School Supplies and Vegetable Market 9421 GRAVOIS AFFTON, MO. Yorkshire Hardware Self-Service 8073 WATSON ROAD WOodland 1-0494 Siding 3 Roofing Sales Co. sis LEMAY FERRY ROAD HUdson 1-8962 Kentile Asphalt Tile--Armstrong Floor Coverings-Broadloom Carpeting GILBERT BUICK. Inc. For a New Buick or a Gooa' Used Car 3510 GRAVOIS PRospect 1-5200 Open Evenings SCI-IRAMM'S HARDWARE Dealers of PheIan's Paint FI. 1-1286 8624 GRAVOIS SHEAR'S DEPT. STORE Complete Line of Men's, Women's and ChiIdren's Clothing Including Shoes, Yard-Goods, Household Items and Patterns 9415 GRAVOIS S if S Air Compressor S6 Machinery Co. 2203 GRAVOIS AVENUE St. Louis 4, Missouri We Give Eagle Stamps Afffon 23- MO- M. L. Schainker Phone, PR. 3-0622 Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry H '55 A Service Station SLOMER Your Texaco Dealer JEWELRY AND OPTICAL CO. Tires Tsrgiklibegegzcfiatterles Dr. Rudolph A. Slomer, Optometrist FI-Anders 2-9638 8214 GRAVOIS 5232 GRAVOIS AVE. HUdson 1-3850 Established 1915 FLanders 1-4080 HUdson 1-4238 Open Sundays '25 Holidays BERT'S FLOWER SHOP Cut Flowers - Funeral Designs' - Potted Plants Rose Bushes - Shrubs L. A. SASSEN. Prop. 5418-20 Gravois Ave. St. Louis 16. Mo. Brinkmann Realty Co. Real Estate Insurance - Loans - Management -1910 GRAVOIS HUdson 1-3010 BRIGGS BROS. SERVICE Bear Cold Process System Frame, Wheel Aligning SHOW US A JOB WE CAN'T HANDLE WRECK WORK A SPECIALTY All Colors Guaranteed Matched 6804-6-8 Gravois St. Louis 16, Mo. Vlctor 3-4448 R. 14, Box 1000 BENDER NURSERY AFFTON 23. MO. lSchuess1er Rd. quarter mi. West of Tessonl Evergreens - Shade Trees - Flowering Shrubs Potted Roses N ine-ty-seven FRIDLEY BROTHERS, INC. FACTORY DISTRIBUTORS 6510 PAGE BLVD. - -- 4 CBS - COLUMBIA 'I'.V. ff RADIO Gibson Products Home Freezers Electric Ranges Air-Conditioners Refrigerators WHOLESALE FACTORY E F 4 A - M- J 4 PA, 1-8600 Vw' If BCOR PRODUCTS Tape Recorders VJ' R d ire ecor ers Hi-l3i Iionographs Portable Fonographs Record Players Record Changers Table Model Fonos. AUTHORIZED PARTS E5 SERVICE SKILES TILE CO. 9343 EVANDALE Aflfton 23. Mo. PI-. Z-5080 llrinting of Dzisiinclion . Nabor News Print, Inc. lVernon Schertell Congrcztululrons Io fhe Class of l955 Foley Lock Service 36l9 BATES ST. PI-. 2-2033 416 LEIVIAY FERRY RD. ELanders 3-8028 Printers of "The Afhrscrrnelfen ROOF REPAIRS nfaea rf' iw Syxxskswlllm ' 35" SINCE 1916 ly-eight Best Wz'shes to Our Friends at AFFTON HIGH SCHOOL FLANIGAN INSURANCE AGENCY 3504 LINDELL BLVD. ST. LOUIS 3, MO. OLiVe 2-7614 i I N S U R A N C E FoR Auto - Home - Life - Business Qualified Experience Associated Insurance, Inc. WALTER H. KELLER, President FLanders 2-3382 - JEfTerson 5-2255 2 4030 C1-IOUTEAU ST. LoU1s, Mo. 3 He'll love a Tichacek Portrait of you, sparkling with loveli- ness and charm. As for you, how about a hint that you'd like a line informal portrait of him . . . something in a sweater and shirt with an open collar. You'll both love the results you get in the air-conditioned comfort of TICHACEK STUDIO HUdson l-6349 8714 Gravois Nly Congratulations arf-iss or '55 Hampton House Furnishers 4645 GRAVOIS PLateau 2-3166 REALTOR BUILDERS Harvey Vatterott Realty Co. 9111 GRAVOIS AVE. PLateau 2-8234 HUdson l-3406 Kertz Iron Works 4817 Fairview STRUCTURAL STEEL ORNAMENTAL IRON The Standard of the American Road THE 1955 FORD sUNsET AUTo c:oMPANY, Inc. Established 1912 GRAVOIS ROAD West of Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis County 23, Mo. Vlctor' 3 4431 Service at Sunse ffiimiiji Ferd J. Kertz Vincent A, Kertz One Hundred Hmw. Voncler Bruegge Structural Engineering Consultant REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURAL STEEL and TIMBER DESIGN For GIFTS You Give with Pride Let Cuquet Be Your Guide CUQUET'S Jewelers - Optometrists 513-15 ARCADE BLDC. PLUMBING SERVICE CO. Plumbing and Heating Contractors 6324 BARTMER St. Louis 14, Mo. "Congratulations" CLASS OE 1955 Walter Franke Plumbing Co. Plumbing and Repairs HUdson 1-7637 9305 ATI-IEA FLanders 3-4575 W. C. SALES CO. Wholesalers and Distributors of Premium Merchandise 10134 ELISE DRIVE Charlie Turner Aifton 23. Mo. Fred J. Roedel Carl T. Roedel ROEDELQBROTI-IERS, Inc. Motor' Trucks 8 Refrigeration Parts - Sales - Service' 1035 N. KIRKWOOD RD. KIRKWOOD 22. MO. 'I'AyIor l-4013 YOrktown 5-2322 One Hun BARRETT WEBER, COMPLIMENTS OF I n c , A 3122 South Kingshighway At Arsenal F R I E N D One of the Community? Oldest Ford Dealers PRospect 6-0707 John L. Ziegenhein and Sons FUNERAL DIRECTORS FLanders 2-2600 7027 GRAVOIS AVENUE Consolidated Pattern 81 Mfg. Co., lnc. 8106 Rosalie Avenue - - - Brentwood 17, Missouri Telephone Mlssion 5-4928 WOOD and METAL PATTERN EQUIPMENT-JIGS-MODELS d dT C omplimen rs of GEBHART CHEVROLET COMPANY 5616-28 GRAVOIS AT BATES HUdson 1-8030 COMPLIMENTS OE GRAVOIS BANK CHILES CATERING CO. 3 8 3 2 MERAMEC ELanders 2-9444 FOR LOW COST EI-IA - VA or Conventional Loans See GEO. C. DOERING, Inc. Realtors-Mortgage Bankers 6756 CHIPPEWA STREET HUdson I-3535 O Hundred Th Group and Undergraduate Photographs IN AEHISCAN BY LANGE STUDIO 743 7 Manchester Maplewood 17, Mo. MIssion 5-0986 MOhawk 4-8877 PRospect 1-9641 MOTOR REWINDING HOIST REPAIR ZELLER ELECTRIC 4039-41 Ciravois Ave. St. Louis 16, Mo. ED. ZELLER, SR. Gas--Oil-Tires and Accessories ROEHRIG SERVICE STATION HUdson 1-9728 99 59 GRAVOIS A FRIEND Dr. Elmer J. Diehl '65 Son, O. D. Optometrist and Optician 4571-73 GRAVOIS AVE. QAt Neoshoj ST. Louis 16, Mo. C. E. DALTON Designer and Builder 5124 DEVILLE AVE. Shrewsbury 19, Mo, FOR GOOD EATING F R O S G. Nuckolls Auto Sales And 8614 GRAVOIS So Good Wavees Best Buy on Clean Used Cars So Good Potato Chips lcyuanders 2,9310 H ndred Four WILLIAMS FABRICS, Inc. I-'ine l'Illbf'1iCS for Home Sewing 5835 CHIPPEWA Hampton Village "Why Buy When We Supply" Clean Coverall Supply Co. Industrial Laundcrcrs 7:11 id PARK CHcstnur I-9329 Get th e Best .... Get MILK - - ICE CREAM ST. LOUIS DAIRY CO. CEntral I-3900 Compliments of Syl. G. Schmidt fo' Associates Architects and Engineers 1819 Railway Exchange Bldg. SYI.. G. SCHMIDTHA. 1. A. ITERD PAOLINELLI-A. I. A. G. I.. KORFF-I. E. Stocker Hausmann Company Catering Io Restaurants. Institutions and Schools ICES ...... SI-IERBETS ...We Make Our Own . .. Affton Ice Creamery 8534 McKenzie Rd. Affton 23, Mo SPRING FOREST PICN IC GROUNDS SWIMMING POOLS ATIas 7-2290 Elm IN MEMORY OF er V. Knecht, Jr. Class of 1947 T I 0 v- 42, E -4 9336 v x Q . -P ui " 3 0 . . . . 45 gon mars 694' 'VALUE-5 I-IUdson I-0470 TESSON FERRY Affton 23, Mo. ROAD One Hundred "Compliments of a Friend" Compliments of a Friend LIFEWALL Embossed, Enameled Aluminum Siding HELGOTH SERVICE and SUPPLIES Typewriters, Adding Machines - New . . Rebuilt - Supplies - Office Furniture - VON BROCKEN OfHce Equipment Co. 685-87 E. Big Bend Blvd. Repairs - Rentals Webster Groves 19. Mo. WOodland 2-5655 Phone MI. 5-9195 - Authorized Sales and Service Station "Sheaffe'r" "Parker" "Euersharp" FOUNTAIN PEN REPAIR DEXTER'S PEN SHOP Factory Trained Men 1 Factory Prices 7308 Manchester Ave. Maplewood 17, Mo. Authorized Seruice on CARbureTER Sun Testing Equipment - Brake Service Drum Turning 1 Brake Dokter Auto-Lite - Delco-Remy - Holley Affton "Phillips 66" Service 8500 GRAVOIS AVENUE FL. 2.3354 Chas. Deppe - Frank Stephan - Jerry Rolfes FLanders 1-0917 RONALD YEATES Hampton Record Shop 5404 Hampton fat E'Che1be'gefl Best Radio and T.V. Service pmnders 1-3882 St. Louis' MO, 8811 GRAVOIS st. Louis 23, Mo. Photographic Service, Equipment and Supplies FLanders 3-9705 705 Lemay at Bayless Commercial Photography FRED'S PHOTO STUDIO 7262 GRAVOIS AVE. FLanders 1-1154 St. Louis 16, Mo. Fred Birkicht Bob Kranze MO. 4-7279 Res.. PR. 6-3885 PRospect 3-0200 PRospect 2-0201 Hartmann-Heinrich REALTORS 3563 Grace at Gravois. St. Louis 16, Mo. F. S6 N. SERVICE SHOP 6115 GRAVOIS - St. Louis, Mo. Hand and Power Mowers Machine Sharpened Engine Rcpai ring-Sales-Service-Parts Cusanelli's 8 Mile House Merchant Lunches Spaghetti - Ravioli - Chicken - Steaks - Chops PIZZA PIE DAVID KATZ FURS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FLander's 1-1271 5020 GRAVOIS AVE. St. Louis 16. Mo. Eagle Stamps Jim Silver, Prop. No City Tax Silver's Service Station Moen PRODUCTS p1CKUp..HUdsOn 1.4500-DELIVERY 7450 GRAVOIS AVE. FLanders 2-9695 Phone' PRXOsp!ect 6-7946 ROY RUSSO Robert J. Paulus Walter L. Paulus RO I BL ND RoBERT PAULUS SS I S Cornices-Aluminum Combination Storm Sash Aluminum Framed Window Screens CONTRACTORS Aluminum Awnings PRo5pect 6-1654 2203 Macklind Avenue St. Louis 10. Mo. 3441 Morganford Rd. St. Louis 16. MO. One Hundred Six JOSEPH BATSCH WATCHMAKER - JEWELER Phone: Vlctor 3-4040 7232 ROCK HILL RD. AFFTON 23, MO. McClintock's Cafeteria 2020 GRAVOIS PLATE LUNCHES and SANDWICHES PL, 2-1220 HA. 7-4232 From A J. W. Wood Realty Co. . R I E L I Frzend ea state T OHDS l flsllfllflfe 4731 Morganford Rd. 9409 W. Milton Kenner's Sportswear Shop 517 OLIVE STREET AND 2531 WOODSON ROAD FLanders 2-8350 PIESCHEL 26 KUNTZ Jewelers - Watchmakers Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry 6818 GRAVOIS at KINGSHIGHWAY Best Wishes to Class of 1955 From A FRIEND PAUL'S "66" SERVICE EXPERT LUBRICATION Gravois U Lindbergh Vlctor 3-8590 LARRY ZEREGA ARTISTRY IN FLOWERS . . . FLOWERS and GIFTS . . . 5411 CHIPPEWA VErnon 2-0444 J -K SERVICE STATION JOE KREMER. Prop. 8001 GRAVOIS AVENUE FLanders 2-9842 St. Louis 23. MO. "Orange" Aluminum Combination Storm Windows United Air Control Aluminum Jalousies Windows United Roofing 'Eff Siding Co. 6727 Manchester Ave. STerling 1-8242-43 Vlctor 3-8574 Carry Our Orders Herzig's Restaurant and Bar Chicken, Steak. Fish and Sauerbraten Hungarian Goulash our Specialty Rathskeller for all Occasions Highway 21. One-Mile South of Lindbergh Get Acquainled With Cliff '85 Penny's Shell Service Gravois at Lindbergh Phone. Vlctor 3-8532 - 24 Hour Service EST. 1899 HUdson 1-5227 TRAUTWEIN'S Grace Walker - Red Goose - John C. Roberts SHOES Specializing in Comfort Fitting 5227 GRAVOIS Free Customer Parking 2 Doors North COMPLIMENTS OF National Cover 'ES Mfg. Co. INCORPORATED' 6727 SO. BROADWAY - ST. LOUIS. MO. FLanders 3-7470 LAZAR '65 SONS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TELEVISION SALES AND' SERVICE NORTH: 6725 W. Florissant Jennings 20. Mo. CO. 1-5525 CENTRAL: 2206 S. Broadway St. Louis 4. Mo. PR. 1-7150 SOUTH: 8632 Gravois Alfton 23, Mo. FL. 1-9000 One Hundred Seven Ask for VELVET FREEZE ICE CREAM LEMAY BEAUTY SHOP Specialize in Hair Timing and Hair Cutting Lois Coleman, Owner 263 Lemay Ferry Road FLanders 3-8885 St. Louis 23, Mo. LANDMANN'S MARKET 1008 GRAVOIS QUALITY-SERVICE-SATISFACTION We Deliver VErnon 2-1950 MAJOR JALOUSIES Visit Showroom at Either 6408 DARLOW DR. - Affton -- D. I. Biggs or 2425 BIG BEND -- Maplewood MAJOR SALES CO. Mlssio-n 7-3084 QUAKERMAID BAKERIES OTTENAD BROS. Baked Rite-Tastes Rite 7240 Gravois 9407 Gravo-is ' 1 Lydia s Flower Shop Artiicial and Fresh Cut Flowers Funeral Sprays. Pot Plants, Grave Coverings and Evergreens of All Kinds 7300 Gravois, at Cherokee Bus Loop FLanders 3-9626 Gate of Cemetery at McKenzie 'id Watson Ressurection Cemetery on Sundays id Holidays Gene But1er's Service Station SHELL PRODUCTS 8600 WATSON - St. Louis County 23. Mo. Vlctor 3-4258 THE FINEST IN CLEANING METRO CLEANERS Free Pick-Up and Delivery VErnon 2-3535 381 1 So. Kingshighway South Side: 5652 Gravois - I-IUdson 1-9547 North Side: 5843 Easton -- CO1fax l-6877 St. Louis Brake Service Co. COMPLETE BRAKE AND WHEEL ALIGNINGI SERVICE Authorized Bendix and Hydraulic Dealer Kingshighway Cleaners HOWARD J. HOPKINS FLanders 2-7400 5514 So. Kingshighway St. Louis 9, Mo. RED-E-GAS COMPANY DEALERS IN BUTANE I5 PROPANE GAS 9000 WATSON ROAD Vlctor 3-4021 OLive 2-1911 JEfferson 5-9716 P3gl13CC1,S Pizzeria RESTAURANT and COCKTAIL LOUNGE Famous for Pizza Free Parking -- Kingshighway 25 Manchester GRAVOIS VARIETY 9223 GRAVOIS OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL soo lce Cream Specials-Quart 45c Half-Gallon 85c ICE CREAM FOR YOUR DEEP FREEZE 2M Gallons 33.92 - 3M Gal. SQ. 85.54 All Ice Cream is 12W Butterfat 1 SI-IERBETS Thick Malfs - The kind you eat with a spoon H '25 L ICE CREAM 8206 Gravois - Since 1930 - FLanders 2-7835 DAILY GLOBE-DEMOCRAT SUNDAY GLOBE-DEMOCRAT POST-DISPATCH RAY BISCI-IOFF 2' I Newspaper Delivered lo the Home WE DELIVER Telephone: FLanders 2-2508 8411 VALCOUR AFFTON 23 MO. One Hundred Eight Cordes Electric Co., Inc. lulliiluri' um! .lpgvlmmiw 1ir1g1i1.11ri' A11p11.n1ci's lronrilc lmliviw '1'i'lcx'1xio11 5251 NATURAL BRIDGE Sl. 1,ouis 15. Mo. 1X ' 1111111 1iX'rrgrcr1 3 llll Y! O Compliments of 4 Schindler's Mens Wear 2 Q 5200 GRAVQIS St. Louis 16, Mo. 'll- o Sl. I.ou1's' Mos! Beautiful C'u1m'lvr11 : Sunset Burial Park P 10180 GRAVOIS ROAD m Vlclor V-1066 z x Tom Cat Country Store Q 8617 GRAVOIS S Flaindtrs 2-0051 m fimiiiiix, Iiuiirfiiulv, full ,Yur'.'II1'iw. lL111i'1i1l 1 1J.wiqm. IH111.-ii Plimu E Wolf's Flower Shop z x'1xx'.111 1111 18811 1101111 111' 111.41 0 9600 Gmvois, Jl Maclicnic Afflon 13. 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One Hundred 'Ten A Firm is Known by the Quality of Work it Does A 2 'T 'H If I Ii "6-r 5.155313 .QS -THAT'S WHY EVERY YEAR SEES MORE SCHOOL ANNUALS BEING PRINTED BY Wiese -Barnes Printing CO 2123-29 PINE STREET ST. LOUIS 3, MO. CENTRAL l-3669 O H d AUTUGIRAPIIS MW ,-'Qfton fm, Sm. 74,95 Sedan! gl . . Sy x

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