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mv'-K. 8 ,J-4 Wg wiv. vig '-1, ,. '. " 3 5? w l K ' J. ,,,, f " fr Mi .4- ., mv G ., , 1 ffff' 2 , . ,z'ff"fi "hx .Q a if w ,Nw 4 Q'-1 "fa , V -1 mf. ,nw V 1,121 'Wi 'L ,J . N. -' g exqfsgfqgl-A. 4 ff at QM-ml Y , V., ' QQWJ-' '-S ,ix it ff 53' A: i X f f 6 as 1 4 QV ,.,.:,. ., 4 ay,- "lv 'fa ' Q p -Q YQ'X'.r if 'K J. , i'..,w8:x ,e I 'L J' ' J . ' RFQY. 5.5,-F: 'IQJA 6. . A-,xx ,.g,,,3.:k X, W x , , .. .I A .jvl - effpxf My., ' "gAQv 4- ,,, -, . gr' -4' 1 I V 3 QS ' ,..' .2 . xy. " 'X - Q, .Wi i A - , -' 11 ,N A .nu ' ' 'T' Q- , x - " . y X'l5 all Q -, '. 2,1-'.'v -A if f -, ... .16 , M- ,w ,' . "N - 5339 'gr' :Q . -1Ypg,x Nm ' ,AY R 3 3 'rem' v v !'K. NWA K, .. ' ' .M . ,,,u ff'Q R ,Wet ' 'ug ig: Vx Af .X yxms Wx ml 3 Jinx, .bv-1' H , x y H , X., 'gmc' S J' , B 4, t.,,, .N i. Q 89:35 g 3,3 J' M hw. J... :xv . nl Ljirgtyii, I N AK ss V- A 4 ,. U. ,A Ly fm ju. . . ya. ,. . I if . A n . ' , Q , , . , Q Q , 1 - A Q v v 4 .J ,, A N 1 ln .. Y' ' f 'N -3+ "".z lvl f , 4 ',' vi K-Qfl-Q 1 ' . -fu .--J i N " ' ' ' ' X ' A . JF K'-V . Q, 1 Q. , 4 N J. ' ' ' J J .,- 'I ,. 4 W 'is " "' , " '97 91:--' 5 .M . ,3 L . ':'1f! ' M :' 'U' . .. .- -04 rg .fx - , , - MW' Q".-f - gf - -' '- NL we A .A . - - H sf" -" 1 ' - - Ji . , K , Q ,-Wy- ,rv ,, vi N .xx , fr' -4 Q vu!-3 x,,',, ' s " 'nfw , ' "' 'K' ' ,Q W V5 , " ' Vg - 'X .. L ' 'N ."'l' 4 fa, .. .afffg 44 ,x . ' 'A , 4 fu ,-LE, W .5 flrrfj. Q ,' as ,. K, xl I g1 Q 1-45,5 --1: .A .-' 'Q' ,--,- J I -. ', .A..' --S... Q ,v 'Q it ' s- " 1 .' ' far 1 . 51- .h v 1, in , ax .gb .,1',,, - M -. i X f' '?'H -'M' V bas 4 . 'B Ax, nr We I . gk, -X f N. as sn' ua. 'law Q '-X ,u Free To Participate 10-31 Free To Compete 32-59 Free To Question 60-87 Free To Compile 156-159 Free To Relate 88-119 Free To Shop 120-155 Freedom ls .. Freedom is an abstract word Elusive as a flying bird. Explain, it you can, to me What it means, TO BE FREE. Having the chance to succeed A Iigntfooted steed Voluntary integration Casual attire Swinging in a tire .Q-g..... ,, 7, A choice of transportation Freedom Is ra-:av-fi i 'K Tasting a flake of snow Talking on a CB radio Havingones very own car Eating peanut butter from the jar Wi mms ,Q A game of Fuss ball A PRIVATE telephone Call .. .. , -,',,- ..-Y-n..-Hi' ' 'F -f-sw" K - M E E ' a National Events Cast New Light On Freedom Students became more aware of the importance of their freedom to vote when President Nixon resigned under the threat of impreachment and Vice-President Gerald Ford, Nixon's appointee, became President. Ford appointed Nelson Rockefeller Vice-President. Thus, for the first time in the history of the United States, the President and Vice- President were not elected by the people. Inflation became a serious threat to the country's welfare, and students in Advance were personally affected, especially when the price of bubble gum doubled. The Equal Rights Amendment was big news throughout the year, but it failed to become law. Nevertheless, women became more aware of themselves as people, not just females, and girls in Advance joined boys in the Little League baseball program. The Vietnam War ended, and thousands of refugees sought safety and freedom in the United States. W V, Free To Participate K 6 eeiag fx ,,,,, Q . , . , , I L, .. "" L' L ' LK'Lf.Ak:f I L'L- . L ,,,LL,LL L, , , 4 ' .,., ,L 5 ,A ' ' . Va ,QQ ,i-. :Y " 2 . - H My gm K 1 1 s Y .f f , y V. Z -:,,,, . .W S M nf 4 Q Vicki Palmer, Royce Yount Chosen Advancer Royalty Advancer royalty candidates Jeff Douglas and Sandy Dixon, juniors, gaze into each other's eyes as candidates Kathy Stehlin and Randy Beussink, sophomores, and Royce Yount and Vicki Palmer, seniors, relax on a quilt. Each year the Advancer king and queen are elected during the yearbook sales campaign. One vote accompanies the purchase of each Advancer. The couples - tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders - are nominated by their individual classes. Advancer royalty: Royce Yount and Vicki Palmer 13 , N L,-I N Xxx ,N X -X-. W .f-"' yy . - " we f .af-QE .ff . xx .N ,N N lin. N xxx ""'h'N?- 'fcliirl m. Cyn x KX W x +- ve. - , ri., My 2-.. ai X xg K .A ,Ng x X. I 1 43, Y. 0, vu Q ,kv v 'K vw in 'X ir X ,.,,,. .:q.,.,,q Qz. 5+ ...mes A a..u,,,., .,, + 1 --f' ,A 1 - v , ..,....' :' I N-'iifflw ..... A-T,. , .-,. .. Junior Sandy Dixon Claims Miss AHS Title Applauding parade crowds were greeted by friendly smiles and waves from Sandy Dixon, Miss AHS for 1974-75. Sandy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davis, was chosen by the Advance High School students to represent the school in various parades and contests throughout the year. Left: Enjoying a bicycle excursion are Miss AHS and can- didates, Kathy Stehlin, Kandi Sherman, Debra Birkman, Queen Sandy Dixon, Vicki Palmer, and Gwen Davis, Enter- ing her parade car, Above, is Sandy Dixon before the Bloomfield parade. 4 L Meme -wi Student Council Hosts First Faculty Breakfast The Student Council, under the direction of l-larold Tilley, adviser, treated the teachers, School Board, and administrators to a Faculty Breakfast, February 21, a first at AHS. The Council prepared pancakes, sausage, bacon, and orange juice. Rainy weather brought disappointment to Student Council members, as well as the student body, more than once throughout the year. The annual bonfire was postponed twice because of rain and was later canceled because of excessive illness in the high school. During Student Week in April, the slave auction was also rained out. Two skits and a commercial written by Gary Trout were performed for the student body duringthe Christmas assembly. Cans of food, collected as admission at the door, were later distributed by Student Council members to needy families around town. Council members sold Christmas and Valentine Heart-o-gramsfor 25c. Students buying a hea rt-o- gram composed their own messages. Council members delivered the communications if requested to do so. A f f 35 ft . .ffasisf mie? fax" Left: During the installation ceremony, Superintendent Floyd Liley svvears in 1974-75 Student Council president. Kenneth lVlcFerron. vvhile vice-president Janice Long lis- tens attentively. Serving faculty members William Teeters and Bill Daugherty is Phyllis Redman. Far Left, at the Faculty Breakfast. Karen Buttry. Becky Rendleman, and Tim l-lill. Above Left, dance at a sock hop to the music of the stereo sound system. Dressed as Santa Claus at the Christmas assembly is lVlike lVlatney. Above Center. Tame mie Hart delivers a Heart-O-Gram to Charles Young, Above. , I ,,,.,,dv"' 'jk if fwf.q,5 Above: Tammy Stilts, Jane Elfrink, Brad Berry. and Regina King perform a skit following the nominating speeches for Student Council president, On the way to get "hitched" are Vonda Dunivan and her catch, Keith Hendershott, on Sadie Hawkins Day, Top. Sitting on the curb during noon hour, Above Right, Keith Hawkins. Scottie VanGehnip. and Kevin Speer display their garbs on Greaser Day. Kathy Walker and John Young, Right, sit in English class in their farmer- western outfits. AHS Picks Cookson Student Council Head Only two candidates ran for Student Council president during Student Week, April 21-25. This eliminated the necessity for a primary election. ln the general election held Friday, April 25, Steve Cookson was elected president. Kelly Kidd became vice-president. Sports Day kicked off the excitement ofthe week. Everyone dressed as his favorite sports character. Other days included Greaser Day, Farmer- Western, Sadie l-lavvkins, and Dress-Up Day. Student Council: fBottom Rowl Gary Trout, ,lo David Cum mins, treasurer: Tammy Stilts, Kenneth lVlcFerron, presi dent: Harold Tilley, adviser. fSecond Rowj lVlike Matney, Sandy Dixon, reporter: Danny Long, Jane Elfrink, secre- i, l'. jj tary: Vicki Palmer. Tammie l-lart, Tess Daniel, Connie Wil- ton, fTop Rowj Marty Rodgers. Steve Vavak. Ricky Roper, Charles Wiggins, Mark Allison. Kelly Kidd, and Janice Long, vice-president. 7 - - , Kenneth McFerron Gets State Farmer Degree The first Fall Festival at Advance High School was held October 26 and was hosted by the Future Farmers of America and the Future Homemakers of America. Queen Vicki Palmer reigned over the festivities. Earnings tor the local chapter increased again this year with a yield of 35 bushels per acre on a tour-acre plot of soybeans. This was replanted in wheat. following the harvest ot the beans. In competition, the 1974-75 Soil Judging Team won seventh place in Southeast Missouri. Individual honors were bestowed upon two members ofthe local chapter. Kenneth McFerron was given the State Farmer Degree. Mike Moroni was elected treasurer of FFA Area Twelve. which consists of 25 Southeast Missouri Chapters. The organization again combined with the FHA to sponsor the Sweetheart Dance. 20 l tx Winning a trip to Columbia werei Randy Beussink. FFA Chorus: Mike Moroni. delegate, Soil Judging Team: Keith Kidd, delegate: Mike Matney. FFA Chorus: Kenneth McFerron, State Farmer: Robert Francis. Soil Judging Team: Ben Lanpher, FFA Chorus: Scott Mier, Soil Judging Team: and Flay Davis, adviser. Below Far Left: Reminding the viewer ofa scene from Hee Haw, the FFA boys pause from weeding their beans to pose for the camera. Sharing secrets at the Sweeth- eart Dance are Mrs. Kim Talley and Tracy White, Far Left. David Tropf, Left, sits on his 101-pound watermelon, which won first at the Southeast Missouri District Fair last fall. FFA: fFront Rowj Flay Davis, adviser: Ron Oller, sentinel: Tom Kalinski. treasurer: Rus Lanpher, president: Vicki Palmer, Fall Festival Queen: Kenneth McFerron, vice- president: Terry Griffin, secretary: Ronnie Veale, reporter: Marty Rodgers. Stu- dent Council representative. fSecond Rowl Ron Jordan, Vic- tor Morris, Mark Robins, Davie Nelson, Ricky Roper, Larry Jackson, Roger Hendershott, Scott Rhodes, Carl Ritter, Den- nis Mayberry, Terri Kiss, Donald Williams, Kevin Hindman, Billy Payne. fThird Rowl David Tropf, Tony Wiggins, Paul McFerron, Gary Davault, Keith Kidd, Mike Moroni, Randy Beussink, Terry Hill, Steve Dunivan, David Masters, Lonnie Daniel, Mark Stepp, Jimmy Jackson, Wesley Westbrook. CFourth Rowl John Young, Vince Hawkins, Tim Hill, Mark Delay. Robert Francis, Scott Mier, Ben Lanpher, Steve Cook- son, Gene Clayton, Timmy White, Richard Bowman, Greg Pace. Mike Anschultz, Rodney Stevenson. lFifth Rowy Dale Robinson, Jeff Reutzel, Steve Millington, Ronald Martin, Keith Smith, Steve Welch, Richie Jordan, Jeff Douglas, Randy Gre- gory, Ryan Holder, Jerry Clifton, Lee Caldwell, Donnie Bohn- sack. fTop Rowl Kevin Tidwell, Frankie Howard, Mike Speer, Scott Ward. Eddie Roper, Riche Fisher. Joe Noble, Mark Grindstatf, Mike Matney, Billy Robinson, Mike Rader, Randall Jackson, Danny Gramlisch, and Stanley Lanpher. FHA-FFA Choose Tropf, Stilts As Royalty The Future Homemakers of America and the Future Farmers of America changed the name of their first important social event of the year from "Barnwarming" to "Fall Festival." But the square dancing, the hearty menu, and the rustic atmosphere prevailed. The newly-installed members carried on the traditional shaving cream fights at the Bunking Party held at the Elementary Multipurpose Room on Jan. 17. "Love ls . .. " was thetheme of the Sweetheart Dance, which was held March 1. "Fletcher," a band from Cape Girardeau, provided the music. The climax of the event was the crowning of senior David Tropf and sophomore 19' x ,sea ff SK '-'u Tammy Stilts. Other candidates were: Erika Voss and Kevin Hindman, freshmen, Steve Vavak, a sophomore, Sandy Dixon and Ronnie Veale, juniors, and Teresa Shirrell, a senior. FHA: fFront Rowj Mrs. Mary Long, adviser, Jane Elfrink, Stu- dent Council representative, Kathy Stehlin, historian, Terrie Daniel, photographer, Gwen Davis, treasurer: Janice Long. se- cond vice president, Vicki Palmer, president, Teresa Shirrell, first vice-president: Sandy Dixon, secretary: Robin Scherer, parliamentarian, Ruth Ann Clayton, devotional leader: Linda Johns, recreational leader. fSecond Rowy Melinda Miles, Kelly Kidd. Tammy Stilts, Carol Bruce, Marilyn Wilfong, Tammy Berry, Lesa Cookson, Erika Voss, Janet Rodgers, Vonda Duni- van, Robin King, Kerri Seabaugh. QThird Rowj Terry Griffin, Joe UNE RE H MAKERS Anschultz, Tammy Wiggins, Nancy Towery, Regina King, Sheryl Rehm, Mae Ann Williams, Kim Rhodes, Cindy Rehm, Lisa Thompson, Brenda King. lFourth Rowj Patricia Johns, Olive Markham, Tammie l-lart, Kristi Carlton. Melody Fisher, Tina Bond, Rhonda Jordan. Becky Rendleman. Jeannie Hamlin, Kandi Sherman. Laurel Taylor. Jody Taylor. fBack Rowj Mike Matney, Terri Moore, Cindy Richmond, Tracy White, Amy Rhodes, Cheri Gaither, Barbara Ritter, Anetta Limbaugh, Marie Metcalf, and Linda Jackson. fv Below: During the installation of new members and of- ficers, recreational leader Linda Johns pins a ribbon on Tammy Berry. a freshman. Chosen Sweetheart king and queen are. Below Left, senior David "Stork" Tropf and sophomore Tammy Stilts. The royalty were crowned by Vicki Palmer and Rus Lanpher. At the Sweetheart Dance. Far Left, freshman Scott Rhodes and his date, Karen Steh- lin, an eighth grader. dance to the vibes of "Fletcher." As part of the installation, Vicki Palmer pledges her oath of office, Left, as the 1974-75 FHA president. Far Right: Kathy Stehlin. 4'9". looks up to David "Stork" Tropf, her 6'6" danclng partner. Among the bales of hay, Bottom Far Right, are Fall Fes- tival king and queen Joe Noble and Vicki Palmer. Below Right: Junior Ben Lanpher is deep in thought as he approaches the refreshf ment table. Nlae Ann Williams and her date, Ro- bert DeF'evv, Below, relax between dances with Scott Rhodes and Kevin Keene, Barnvvarming Royalty Candidates: David Nelson, Amy Rhodes. Joe Noble. king: Vicki Palmer, queeng Ben Lanpher, Kandi Sherman. Gwen Ann Davis. and Randy Beussink. FHA, FFA Organize October Fall Festival Changing the name of the traditional Barnwarming, the Future Farmers and Future Homemakers of America hosted a Fall Festival on October 26 at the Elementary Multipurpose Room. Seniors Vicki Palmer and Joe Noble were crowned queen and king ofthe event. The Coronation took place in front ofa backdrop, painted by art students, which depicted a farm scene. Decorations for the dance made the room appear as a barn. A smooch booth added to the fun of square dancing and playing games. Dancers also enjoyed refreshments of pickled eggs and sandwiches, peanut butter, crackers, and beverages. , , Right: Doing their version of cheerleading in the fifties, the cheerleaders give a pep rally skit to the sounds of whistting and hearty laughter. Fans cheer the A team to victory against Glasgow, Below Center, in the semifinal game of the State Tournament, Boosting spirit at a home game is cheerleader Tammy Wiggins, Below. KN Cheerleaders: Qsittingj Kandi Sherman, Amy Rhodes, Lesa Cookson. qstandingj Jane Elfrink cofcaptaing Tammy Wiggins, Sandy Dixon, and Vicki Palmer, co-captain. Pepperettes Spo nso r Alumni l3allGame T0 raise money for its treasury, the Peperettes held a basketball game April 25. The boys' intramural champs challenged the faculty in the first game and lost. The star attraction forthe night was the game in which alumni basketball players played the seniors of 1975. The seniors were victorious. The Pepperettes were occupied during January and February with plans and decorations for the l-lomecoming. The cheerleaders presented two pep rallies for the student body. They received peals of laughter for their presentation ofthe contrast between cheerleaders of the fifties and now. Pepperettes fFront Rowl Janice Long, reporter, Sandy Dixon, Student Council representative: Vicki Palmer, vice-president: Jane Elfrink, presi- dent, Barbara Ritter, Teresa Shirrell, treasurer. fSecond Rowl Kathy Stehlin, Carol Bruce. Mari- lyn Wilfong, Tammy Berry, Lesa Cookson. Erika Voss, Janet Rodgers, Vonda Dunivan, Robin King. fThird Rowl Rhonda Jordan, Tammy Stilts, Tammy Wiggins, secretary: Nancy Towery, Re- gina King, Sheryl Rehm, Mae Ann Williams, Ro- bin Scherer, Kim Rhodes. fFourth Rowl Olive Fay Markham, Tammie Hart, Kristi Carlton, Me- lody Fisher, Tina Bond, Amy Rhodes, Becky Rendleman. Jeannie l-lamlin, Kelly Kidd. fTop Rowl Patricia Johns, Gwen Ann Davis, Melinda Miles, Terri Moore, Cindy Richmond, Tracy White. Cheri Gaither, Terrie Daniel, Kandi Sher- man, and Tess Daniel. Athletes Select Kidd, Daniel, Yount - Royalty Kelly Kidd, a junior, was chosen Basketball Homecoming Queen by the junior and varsity basketball teams. She was crowned February 14. Basketball, volleyball, baseball players and cheerleaders selected Athletic Royalty for the Athletic Banquet, which replaced the former Pepperette Banquet. Kelly Kidd crowned Tess Daniel and Royce Yount at the dinner lvlay 9. Tess was awarded a trophy for Outstanding Volleyball Player. The following basketball awards were given out by Coach Carroll Cookson: most assists, Steve Cookson, most rebounds, David Tropt, best tree throw percentage, Brad Berry, highest field goal percentage, Royce Yount, and Spark Plug Award, Danny Long. The most valuable player trophy went to David Tropf. Athletic Royalty Candidates: C Front Rowl Sheryl Rehm, Jane Elfrink, Sandy Dixon, Vicki Palmer. lBack Rowj Ben Lanpher, David Tropf, Steve Vavak, .lo Cummins, and Ron Oller. 28 M, ccccc ,T if 1 Q 'F Left: Tess Daniel and Royce Yount, seniors, were crowned Athletic Royalty at the Athletic Banquet. Helping with the Homecoming stage decorations are, Top Left, Tina Bond and Kathy Stehlin. En- joying the dinner at the Athletic Banquet is Tony Wiggins, a basket- ball player. Top Right. Proudly sitting upon her throne, Above, is Basketball Queen Kelly Kidd with candidates Jane Elfrink and Robin Scherer. 'Celestial Stairway' Portrayed By Prom The decorations were the most memorable aspect ofthe Junior-Senior Prom held May 3, according to a random poll of those who attended. Under the direction of class sponsors, Mrs. Mary Long and William Teeters, the juniors transformed the Elementary Multipurpose Room into a "Stairway to Heaven," the theme for the annual event. Light blue, dark blue, and silver streamers were draped from a circular center, and from this center hung a large crescent moon surrounded by many stars. Fried Jam, a band from Cape Girardeau, provided the music for the evening, which, although less harmonious than celestial harps, kept the couples dancing until 11:00 p.m. , ,av Q N' Decorating for the Prom, Ricky Bohnsack hands Jane Elfrink a piece of tape. Left. Below: Ryan Holder lives to the music of Fried Jam. Checking to see that her hairdo is still intact is Terrie Daniel. Bottom Right, as Jeff Douglas. at the same table. waits for the band to begin again, Wearing a hat to complete the garden scene, Bottom Left, is Tammy Wiggins, Robert DePew busily examines the program. Far Upper Left: Engaged couple, Steve Welch and Debbie lVlcFarf lin seem unaware that they are alone. . la. lf? fu l Q 1 W Frcfae T6 Compete "A" Team Finishes Great Season, 29-3 "What a year!" exclaimed fans and players, as the basketball A team finished the season with an outstanding 29-3 record and first place in State. A high point ofthe year was when Wooddale, a Memphis team, met the Hornets at Advance and lost 72-66. The varsity Hornets brought home four first places out of their five tournaments this year. Taking first in the Stoddard County Tournament was especially exciting since an Advance team hadn't taken first in the tourney in 12 years. Cries of victory and tears of joy followed the Hornets' defeat of North Pemiscot in su b-state action. However, few people knew that the game was Coach Carroll Cookson's 200th victory since his arrival at Advance in 1966. Seniors David "Stork" Tropf, Ron Oller, and Royce Yount were honored at the end of the season for their fine prowess. David and Ron were chosen as All-Staters, All-Stars, and All- Conference players. Royce received honorable mention in each. All three were named All- District players. The team managers were Tom Kalinski and Rus Lanpher. Left: As a Wooddale player attempts to block Ron OlIer's shot, Ron makes two during the Advance victory. The score was 72-66. After a fast break, Ronnie Veale goes up for two in the Bernie defeat, Far Left. Nlaneuvering the ball is Steve Cookson, Bottom Left, during the Advance win over Dexter in the Stoddard County Championship game. Steve's dribbling and fast moves were a great asset on the Hornets' way to State. Bottom Center: David "Stork" Tropf, center for Advance, leaves the court for a lay up in the Stoddard County Championship win over Dexter. As the Wooddale team surrounds him, Royce Yount fights for possession of the ball as teammates David Tropf, Danny Long, and Ron Oller stand close by. Bottom Right. Opponent AHS Rivals Scott Central 54 58 Oran 112 49 Bell City 101 37 Wooddale 72 66 Illmo-ScottCity 54 43 Notre Dame 48 43 Matthews 93 47 Kelly 62 71 Delta 98 80 Bernie 78 44 Poplar Bluff 61 52 Richland 92 44 Puxico 84 48 Woodland 69 34 Twin Rivers 82 58 Bloomfield 64 47 Woodland lnvitational Tourney, lst Greenville 123 40 Woodland 81 47 Delta 84 64 Bloomfield Christmas Tournament Parma 91 36 Poplar Bluff 46 49 Stoddard County Tournament,1st Bernie 93 54 Bloomfield 102 41 Dexter 75 51 Regional Tournament, lst St. Vincent's 117 26 Meadow Heights 90 60 Viburnum 59 46 Delta 62 38 State Class A Tournament. lst North Pemiscot 66 55 Crocker 80 60 Glasgow 59 50 Northeast Nodaway 55 44 Above: The AHS team carries a jubilant Coach Cookson from the playing floor following the Regional champion- ship win over Delta. Right: An extremely happy cheer- leader, Sandy Dixon, shares her joy with Steve Cookson, as Brad Berry grips the arm of another player following the win over Delta in the Regional. Hornet fans ranged from the very old to the very young, as shown by Alana Faye Kirkpatrick, Right Center, who is being held by her mother, Mrs. Bob Kirkpatrick. Far Right: Unable to resist the temptation, Terry Hill claims the Regional net for Ad- vance. Above Right: "We're No. 1" proclaim Steve Cook- son and Ron Oller Choldingthe trophyj, IXYL Spirit Follows AHS To Regional Trophy "I'm a Mama Hornet. I love No. - Orange spirit stickers flooded the Zalma Gymnasium during the Regional Tournament, and proved prophetic, as the Hornets buzzed their way through the Regional Tournament on their way to State. The only time the Hornets' wings fluttered was when they met a tough Viburnum team Nlarch 6. The score of that game was 59-46. Before, Advance downed St. Vincent's of Cape 117-26, Meadow Heights, 90-60, and Delta, 62-38. When the Regional's final buzzer sounded, shouts of "Columbia, here we come!" filled the gymnasium, and an ebullient Hornet triumphantly claimed the net for the school's trophy case. 37 i? 7 , Jo David Cummins, Below, slaps on five to teammate Terry Hill after winning the State Class "A" Championship against Northeast Nodaway in Columbia. Right: Getting high oft the floor, Royce Yount, No. 40, muscles out a rebound from a Glasgow player. Far Right: After receiving the First Place Class "A" State Championship trophy, David Tropf responds nicely with a kiss for cheerleader co-captain, Vicki Palmer. Bottom Right: Danny Long and Coach Cookson walk jubilant- Iy to the locker room after the State championship game. Danny came off the bench to spark the Hornets to victory. E l .ggi mite 551 eggs Varsity Basketball Team: fFront Rowj Ronnie Oller Jo David Cummins David Tropf Royce Veale, Ryan Holder, Brad Berry, Gary Trout Steve Yount Danny Long Coach Carroll Cookson Cookson, Marty Rodgers. QRow 21 Terry Hill Ron Fans Slide To Stateg Hornets Win Again! Basketball fans who went to bed March 13 dreaming of an exciting trip to Columbia to watch the State finals were very unhappy to awake in the early morning hours of March 14 and find a three-inch snow covering a sheet of ice. But the dreadful weather kept only a few fans home. Peering fearfully through falling snow in the pre-dawn hours, driving 30 miles an hour for miles while holding their breaths, the fans reached their destination in time to cheer the Hornets to an astonishing upset over the number-one seeded Glasgow, who was trying for a 64-ga me winning streak - a streak which would have set a new record. The score was 59-50. The jubilant team defeated Northeast Nodaway, another undefeated team, 55-44 on March 15, to earn the State Class A Championship for the second time in four years. It was a slow, deliberate game, rather anticlimactic after the excitement of beating Glasgow. "We played the way we had to," Coach Carroll Cookson said. Upon arriving home, the triumphant Hornets were met by a train of approximately 250 cars who demonstrated the fans' pride by parading through the town, honking noisily. Basketball "B" Team Claims 8Victories, 11 Deteats The high point ofthe junior varsity season, according to Coach Carroll Cookson. was defeating first-seeded Puxico inthe Puxico Invitational Tournament. ln a regularly scheduled game, the AHS B team defeated Bell City, which had vvon three first place trophies in seasonal tournaments. The junior varsity took third place in the Puxico Invitational Tournament and fourth place in the Bell City tournament. They ended their season vvith an 8-11 record. . VJ 'S QHRETS ix 5988578 Basketball B Team: 1Front Rowj Tony Wiggins, Victor Mor- lVlark Stepp, Rodney ris, Wesley Westbrook, Ronnie Jordan, Keith Kidd, Paul CarrolICookson. lVlcFerron, Stanley Lanpher, Lonnie Daniel. QBack Rowl Stevenson, Mark Robins, and Coach Above: Mark Robins guards his man closely in the Home- coming game against Woodland, which the junior varsity lost. During the Oran game, Above Center, Mark Stepp, Mark Robins, and Rodney Stevenson battle for possession ofthe ball while Keith Kidd and Lonnie Daniel prepare for the outcome. It was a defeat for Oran. Awaiting the re- bound, Steve Vavak is ready to spring as Rodney Steven- son soars to get the ball during the Wooddale game, Above Left. lt was a victory for the l-lornets. Left: Fighting for the ball are Mark Robins, 44, and Steve Vavak, 34, in the Wooddale game, as teammates Mark Stepp and Keith Kidd stand by to help. , ,L U Seventh Grade Basketball Team: fFront Rowl Randy Davault, Troy Thompson, Ronnie Sitz, Coach Bob Kirkpatrick. CRow 21 Daved Payne, Pat Daniel, Brad Welch, Brian Winchester, and Keith Hawkins. X-K'- Randy Davault, fights to keep the ball, Above, in the se- venth grade win over Zalma. Right: Brad Welch tries for two against a block by a Zalma ball player, as fellow se- venth grader Pat Daniel awaits result. While teammate Terry Tidwell stands by to help, Far Right, eighth grader David Lorch attempts to get the ball during the Bell City , defeat of Advance. i Eighth Grade Totals LO Wins, 7 Losses EIGHTH GRADE SCHEDULE 10 wins, 7 losses Opponent AHS, Rivals Kelly 34 35 Bloomfield 24 21 Zalma 36 24 Richland 31 16 Puxico 21 49 Bell City 25 37 Woodland 20 32 Bernie 53 31 Scott Central 65 25 Dexter 34 25 Eighth Grade Woodland Tourney, 3rd Meadow Heights 38 28 Fredericktown 27 34 zaima 35 218 Eighth Grade County Tourney, 4th Bloomfield 54 45 Puxico 38 50 Bell City 46 49 Seventh Grade Schedule lwin, 8 losses Opponent AHS Rivals Bloomfield 20 26 Zalma 54 20 Richland 13 36 Puxico 23 49 Bell City 23 44 Woodland 33 40 Bernie 29 48 Dexter 19 27 Seventh Grade County Tourney Richland 28 32 ti ,g 751 74413 Q22 be : Eighth Grade Basketball Team: David Sims, Bryan sea- Parks Long, Ricky B6-SS. Terry Tidwell. David Lorch, baugh, Eddie Dunivan, Charles Wiggins, Man Sherman, Scott VanGennip, Jeff Boner, Coach Bob Kirkpatrick. Above: Gretchen Reutzel helps boost the spirit during the eighth grade victory over Bloomfield. Dur- ing the Zalma defeat, Above Right, seventh grader Brian Winchester makes two points. Attempting a field goal is eighth grader Wendell Reutzel in the Bell City win over the Hornets, Far Right. Shouting en- couragement, the junior high cheerleaders rush off the court, Right, during the high school B team's Homecoming game, which they lost to Woodland., Junior High Cheerleaders: Lori Cookson, Kim Emerson, Ginger Ward, Gretchen Reutzel, Kim Lanpher, Patti Veale, Phyllis Redman, l Seventh Grade Ends With Losing Record The junior high varsity captured one trophy this year, bringing home the third place statue from the Woodland Eighth Grade Tournament. They also took fourth place in the County Tourney at Bell City. The seventh graders suffered a losing season, winning one game and losing eight. Below: During LeopoId's victory over Advance, Sandy Dixon sets one up from the back row for spiker Sheryl Rehm. Spiker Jane Elfrink sends a far-reaching volley over the net, Right, as teammates Tess Daniel and Brenda Rainey stand by in the District game win over Leopold. Showing her approval of the referee's call, spiker Vicki Palmer, Right Center, returns to her position at the District Championship game against Zalma. Spurring her team to victory over Zalma is Coach Mildred Wiggins, , along with Terrie Daniel and manager Ruth Ann Clayton, Below Right. T17 Opponent AHS Rivals Puxico 15 4 15 1 Bloomfield 10 15 15 5 15 6 Bernie 15 10 15 7 Leopold 15 6 6 15 11 15 Bell City 15 1 15 6 Richland 10 15 15 4 9 15 Dexter 15 10 10 15 15 8 Zalma 15 8 15 12 County Tournament Dexter 11 15 15 3 15 11 Bloomfield 15 13 15 8 Richland 14 16 15 9 15 3 Notre Dame 15 6 15 O Woodland 15 3 10 15 16 14 District Tournament Chaffee 15 8 15 2 Leopold 10 15 15 6 15 10 Zalma 15 10 15 8 Q 'ET 'QA' 46 Volleyball ATeam: QFront Rowj Manager Ruth Ann Clayton,Tess Daniel, Sandy Dixon, Jane Elfrink, Sheryl Rehm, Tammy Wiggins Daniel, Vicki Palmer, Coach Mildred Wiggins, Janice Long, Brenda Robin Scherer, and Brenda Gregory. Rainey, and manager Tammy Stilts. fBack Rowl Kelly Kidd, Terrie "A" Team Takes First In District Tournament "We've gone as far as we can go this year. Next year it's on to State," exclaimed the excited and very happy volleyball players. Winning first in the newly-organized District Volleyball Tournament and the Stoddard County Tournament were highlights of the Hornet A team's 1974-75 season. The Hornets suffered only two defeats, losingto Richland and Leopold on the Hornets' home court. Leopold, Zalma, Notre Dame, and Woodland were new names added to the volleyball schedule's list of opponents. ' , f.-, .-.,, :-,ivffmguuu f Serving against Dexter, Bottom, Brenda Gregory helps with the Advance victory, Below: Awaiting the serve in the Leopold game are Brenda Gregory, Robin Scherer, Cindy Rehm, and Tammie Hart. Doing her part for the teams win over Leopold, freshman Tammie Hart concentrates on her underhand serve, Right. Tina Bond, Tammy Wig- gins, and Cindy Rehm rush off the court, Far Right, after the Dexter game, showingthe relief and joy of victory. Opponent AHS Rivals Puxico 15 5 9 15 8 15 Bloomfield 16 14 15 7 Bernie 12 15 12 15 Leopold 2 15 16 14 15 4 Bell City 15 4 15 4 Richland 15 2 13 11 Dexter 15 4 15 9 Zalma 15 5 14 15 15 13 County Tournament Puxico 13 15 15 3 15 13 Bernie 15 9 4 15 15 4 Dexter 12 15 15 12 3 15 Notre Dame 15 3 15 2 Woodland 15 6 15 5 U-Q-.---f' .J "B" Volleyball Takes Second In Stoddard Defeating Richland 15-2 and 13-11 after time had run out was the most exciting victory of the junior varsity's season. The B team suffered one of its three losses to Dexter during the finals of the Stoddard County Tournament, but the Hornets proudly carried the second place trophy home. Volleyball B Team: lFront Rowl Linda Johns, Mari- agerg Tammy Stilts, manager, Tammy Berry, lyn Wilfong, Lesa Cookson, Terri Moore, Robin Brenda Gregory, Rhonda Jordan, Tammy Hart, Scherer, Tina Bond, Cindy Rehm, Tammy Wiggins, Kristi Carlton, Mrs. Mildred Wiggins, coach, Jeannie Hamlin. lRow 2j Ruth Ann Clayton, man- ,W .H , . Q 1 Above: As a Delta player makes it to first safely, first baseman Kenny Carlton catches the ball, Delta won 8-4. Catcher Brad Berry, Above Center, prepares for the pitch dur- ing the Richland double-header, Both games were won by the Hor- nets. Winding up for the pitch is Mark Stepp. Far Right, during the Bernie game, which the Hornets lost. Right: Terry Hill gets ready for the Bloomfield tearn's pitch. ln the double-header. Bloomfield won one and lost the other, Baseball Team: fKneeIingj Ben Lanpher, Larry Robins, Keith Kidd, Jeff Reutzel, Robert DePew, Coach Bob Kirkpatrick. fStandingJ Kenny Carlton. Steve Millington, Gary Trout, Mark Robins, Jo Cummins, Brad Berry, Terry Hill, Dennis Mayberry, Donald Williams, Mike Moroni, and Mark Stepp. Baseball Squad Has Winning Season The Advance Hornets baseball team played a successful season this year, with a final record of 8-4. They were unable to play th ree of the scheduled games. They received one forfeit and two were cancelled because of rain. Junior Terry Hill led the team in runs batted in, totalling eleven duringthe season. Jo Cummins held the best batting average, .357. Opponent Rivals Puxico 7 1 Bernie 1 3 Bloomfield 1 5 5 4 Richland 7 2 13 10 Scott Central 8 1 Bell City 10 5 Delta 4 8 District Tournament oak Ridge 7 1 Woodland 1 3 Girls Play ln Basketball Intramurals For First Time Basketball intramurals created great excitement among the participants, giving all students a chance to compete. The girls, too, had basketball rather than volleyball intramurals this year. The third, fourth, and fifth hour girls' physical education classes held a tournament. Third hour vvon first. Bounding with basketball enthusiasm, the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior girls held a tourney. The juniors were the final victors. The boys' intramurals were between third, fourth, fifth, and sixth hour physical education classes. First place vvent to the sixth hour boys. ,yuja V Below Left: Eddie Roper clribbies ih for a shot past his guard. Steve Duhivah. Listehihg to ihstructiohs as the game buzzer sounds are Lehhie Bowman and Lesa Cook- soh. Below Center. Gary Trout. the fifth hour girls' coach. sighals for a time out. Below Right. DUVII'1g the third and fourth hour game. Below, Tess Daniel, Vohda Duhivah. Tammy Wiggins. Kristi Carlton. and Kay Cox get ready to piay as third hour takes the bail out. As Steve Nliilihgtoh arid Beh Laripher watch. Left, Joe Noloie goes up to score two. Advance Tracksters Tie For Third Place Advance tied with Bernie for third place in the Stoddard County Track Meet. Participants ranged from the fifth through the eighth grades. First place winners were: Melinda Bess, 60- yard dash, Bobby Sweeney, high jump, Eric Griffin, Donna Redman, Dana Sherman, and Patti Veale, sack race. Second place winners: Melinda Bess, Tony Anschultz, 50-yard clash, James Kennedy, Eric Griffin, spoon race, Diane Georger, Darrell Meador, sack race, Bobby Sweeney, 60-yard dash, and Matt Sherman, 70-yard dash and high jump. Third place winners: Melinda Bess, Lesa Hess, Robin Crites, Dana Umfleet, fifth grade girls' relay, Greg Seabaugh, James Kennedy, Tony Anschultz, Harold Miles, fifth grade boys' relay, Darrell Kennedy, high jump, Kelly Hindman, Brian Welch, hop, step, and jump, Charlotte Meador, Marla Cecil, Debbie Stepp, softball throw, Kay Weissenborn, Dana Sherman, Ginger Ward, Gina Hitt, seventh grade girls' relay, Keith Hawkins, sack race, and Angie Holland, 70-yard dash. Meador, Bobby Sweeney, and James Kennedy. I I .1 I W-'ff""' film: 5 if 4358 ' X 5 s..,.- ,, Junior High Winners: fFront Rowj Keith Hawkins, Angie Holland, Dana Sher- man, Ginger Ward, Patti Veale, Gina Hitt. fSecond Rowj Debbie Stepp, Kay l Weissenborn, Eric Griffin, Brad Welch, Ricky Bess, Matt Sherman, and Marla Cecil. Elementary Winners: fFront Rowl Darrell Kennedy, Greg Seabuagh, Tony Anschultz, Darrell Meador, Kelly Hindman, Harold Miles. QSecond Rowj Lesa Hess, Donna Umfleet, Melinda Bess, Robin Crites, Donna Redman. fThird Rowj Diane Georger, Charlotte Top Left: Bobby Sweeney, a sixth grader, high jumps to victory. Waiting for a member of the team to bring her the stick is Monica Shell, fRightJ, of the relay team, Left Center. Taking off from the starting line is Melinda Bess, fCenterl, in the 60-yard dash, Far Left. s7 Boarding a bus in the early morning hours, to take them to Dexter are Rhett Nlorgan. Rob Walker,and Tammy Umfleet. ' A"4M?'QW2'W5" 4: .psi i '1 ' if l V Junior High Participants: QFront Rowj Connie Lynch, Brad Fowler, Randy Davault, Celeste Francis, Shawn Grindstatf, Tanya Schrader. Martin. Not pictured: Darlene Johns and Kim Kay Weissenborn, Tammy Umfleet, Kathy Emerson. Bohnsack, QRow 21 Phyllis Redman. David Elementary Participants: f0n the Groundj Dennis Martin, Randy Long, Alan VanGennip. fFirst Rungl Susan Hahn, Julie Umfleet, Malia Moyer. fSecond Rungy Stacy Eggimann, Diane Georger, June Johns, Harold Miles, Brett Reutzel, Robin Taylor. QT0pjTim Shell, Mark Pace, Robert Walker, Rhett Morgan, and Brion Hahn. School Misses Place In Scholastic Meet Advance didn't place this year in the Stoddard County Scholastic Meet, which was a big disappointment to traditional winners. Students from grades four through eight participated. Fourth Grade winners were: Julie Umfleet, first, arithmetic: and Alan VanGennip, third, science. Fifth Grade: Brett Reutzel, third, spelling, Susan Hahn, third, language arts: and Harold Miles, third, arithmetic. Sixth Grade: Diane Georger, second, language arts, Tim Shell, second, arithmetic, Brion Hahn, second, science, Mark Pace, first, social studies: and Stacy Eggimann, second, declamation. Seventh Grade: Tanya Schrader, third, social studies. Eighth Grade: Phyllis Redman, first, language artsg David Lynch, third, spelling: and Kathy Bohnsack, third, declamation. Right: Acting as a gypsy fortune-teller, Melody Fisher adds to the fun at the PTSA Carnival. Tiffany Morgan clasps her hands in glee as she and Mike Middleton are named elementary royalty, Far Right. After the crowning of the high school royalty, crownbearer Shani Douglas, flower girl Tracy England, and crownbearer Rodney Crites stand beside the new king and queen, Mark Allison and Sherry Strauser, Bottom, as retiring couple Melinda Miles and Carl Dean Ritter look on. New Carnival Rules Alter Royalty Voting New rules set up by the Pa rent Teacher Student Association carnival committee added spice and excitement to this year's carnival. The first grade class, who earned the most money in elementary, won a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. The high school freshman class won a trip to Six Flags. Ballots were cast by persons attendingthe carnival for the candidates of their choice from one class in elementary and one high school class. Tiffany Morgan and Mike Middleton of Mrs. Ruth Liley's first grade were the royal elementary couple. Seventh graders Sherry Strauser and Mark Allison were crowned high school royalty at the annual event. Seniors Debbie McFarlin and Steve Welch were first runners-up in high school competition. ln the elementary division, first runners-up were Cheryl Owens and Bryan Welch of Mrs. Mary Rhodes' second grade. 1 ' is, K L Free To i Quest OI1 ,, ,,..,, gftenmsa ,SE-if-fm ., F Honor Students: 1Front Rowj Celeste Martin, Lorie Cookson, Tanya Schrader, Cindy Wiggins, Ginger Ward, Kathy Bohn- sack, and Vicki Schatte. 1Second Rowj Keith l-lendershott, Steve Cecil, Janice Long, Jeff Boner, Tammy Wiggins, Kay Weissenborn, Connie Francis, Kim Choate, and Barbara Cox. QBack Rowl James Martin, Mike Moroni, Scott Mier, Mike Croy, Kelly Kidd, Ronnie Veale, Jane Elfrink, Tim Rainey, Gary Trout, Gerald Cox, Brad Fowler, Kay Cox, and Jeannie Hamlin. Linda Johns Earns Top Rating ln Contest Winning a "two" rating at the State Music Contest in Columbia for their clarinet quartet were Jane Elfrink, Tammy Stilts, Vicki Palmer, and Kelly Kidd, Below. Linda Johns, Below Center, won a "one" rating at the state contest for her vocal solo. Upper Left, Kim Stehlin Talley, Betty Crocker Family Leader award winner, Mike Nloroni, the sophomore pilgrim to Jefferson City: and Janice Long, winner of Daughters of the American Revolution award, all "pitch in" for better citizenship. Posing amongthe posies, Left, are the junior delegates to Girls' and Boys' State, Kelly Kidd and Ronnie Veale. Above: Experimenting with a Ouiji board are psy' chology students Joyce James and Sheryl Rehm while classmates, Jeff Douglas, Kim Talley, Patricia Johns, and Debra Birkman, and instructor Bob Kirkpatrick fCenterl look on. Pointing out a geo- graphical location, Above Right, Earl Reinhart teaches his junior high history class. Listening to a lecture in lVlr. Reinhart's history class are Donna Gregory and Jo Ann Jennings fForegroundl along with other classmates, Below Right. High school social science instructor Bob Kirkpatrick, Right, examines a model city built by two of his students, Jo Cummins and Kenneth McFei ron. . ,o-" . A ,-.. ,W ,Q ff" affffvdn Q 54739 lll so t Psychology Explores The Psychic World Juniors and seniors had a freer hand in selecting social studies courses. Robert Kirkpatrick, high school instructor, offered four semester courses. They were psychology - government, the history of slavery and the Civil War - contemporary issues. Sophomores had a semester of world geography, and then switched to world history. Junior high social studies, taught by Earl Reinhart, gave students an insight into how different cultures and people adjust to their environment. The students also studied the Missouri and the U.S. Constitutions. Above: Looking at the first completed copy of The Avalanche is creative writing student. Tim Kidd. Marty Rodgers and Nancy Towery enact a play in which girls ask boys to date. Above Center. The speech class performed the play for fifth and sixth graders. Senior Jo Cummins, Above Right, vicar- iously lives the part of Hester Prynne while reading The Scarlet Letter in novel class. Reading their parts in a play aloud to their fellow eighth graders, Far Right, are Patti Veale. Phyllis Redman, and Mitzi Whittaker. Right: Mrs. Lois Vavak. junior high Eng- lish teacher. and Mrs. Jan Morgan, senior high Eng- lish instructor. compare notes on the day's activi- ties. i . r N. Q Q I .M QP Q .,,, 5 aff, ,f ,f AM' ,,,,, ,.1 Writing Class Publishes A Literary Magazine Since English lll was dropped as a requirement for graduation, Mrs. Jan Morgan replaced the course with four new semester electives. New classes added to senior high English were developmental reading and vocabulary, practical English, creative writing, and critical evaluation of the novel. The creative writing class launched a literary magazine, The Avalanche, a collection of the students' poems, short stories, and tables. Mrs. Morgan stressed vocabulary heavily in her classes, using Bergen Evans' audio-visual aids. Mrs. Lois Vavak's junior high reading and spelling classes worked in groups, with one student from each group acting as teacher. Her junior high English classes wrote and performed their own skits and plays, in addition to reading and performing other writers' materials. Speech class, also taught by Mrs. Vavak, utilized new textbooks entitled Patterns in Communications. The speech class performed a one-act play, "Girls Ask Boys For Dates" for the Fifth and Sixth Grades. 67 zz ,,, Right: Diane Pitts pours in bottle caps to add to tne collection ot tne remedial math class. The class, under tne direction of Bill Daugherty, tried to gatner one million caps to get a Conception of large nurnbers. instructing ner seventb grade class on converting fractional yards to feet is lVlrs. Viola Mayfield. Far Right. As tne Algebra ll class begins the next days assignrnent. Bill Daugherty cnecks the days work. Below Right. Working on ner Algebra l. Below Center, is Cindy Renrn. Doing ber work at the cnalk board, Below, is Algebra I student Jeannie Harnlin. Math Classes Receive New Books, Equipment A highlight of the physics class was the trip to the Science Department at Southeast Missouri University. Four physics students and Bill Daugherty, their instructor, attended the Bell Telephone Science Day at Howard Johnson's Motel. The remedial math class endeavored to collect a million soda bottle caps to gain a concept of huge numbers. Mr. Daugherty also taught this class, geometry, and Algebra ll. Mrs. Viola Mayfield's classes received new materials this year. They included magic squares, line designs, string designs, and books on construction and space figures. The Eighth Grade concentrated on a construction booklet, while the Seventh Grade turned in some interesting designs. Mrs. Mayfield instructed the Ninth Grade, too. F i Q l l 69 .X jj. Science Club Prepares For Archeological Dig Mrs. Davis' seventh and eighth grade science classes got a taste of the contract grading system. As one part of the contract for a high grade, a student had to do art projects. Work with gasoline engines was particularly interesting to the eighth graders, while dissecting frogs captured the seventh graders' interest. Future career goals were taken into consideration in advanced biology class. Subjects were studied that would benefit students planning to go into such careers as nursing and physical education. The Science Club, under the direction of William Teeters, planned an archeological dig. They prepared for this dig with books and films on the subject. was "' :si 'Se .-15" . r "ii t -Qs YW! Above Left: During the science unit on sound. eighth grad- er Patti Veale demonstrates howto make different pitches of sound by blowing across bottles with various levels ot water. Studying the backbone ot a covv is lunior Terry Hill. Top Left, in advanced biology. Top Right: Science Club: tFront Rowl Ruth Ann Clayton,Tammy Stiltsfess Daniel. Linda Johns. tBack Rowj Adviser William Teeters. Scotti Nlier. Mike Bailey. Danny Long. Mike Nloroni, Robert Fran- cis. and Becky Rencllernan. William Teeters dismantles the skeleton, Above Center, to distribute among the advanced biology class for examination. Showing the seventh grade class a hamster. Above Right, is lVlrs. Eglenna Davis. in- structor. Taking part in the unit on sound. Right, is eighth grader Dale Gregory, showing the various sounds pro- duced by applying different amounts ot tension to the string of his homemade instrument, 4 11 11 uv K I Above: Top Left: Grading tests is Harold Tilley. French teacher and counselor, in his office. Remedial education instructor, Mrs, Cathy Morgan, reads to her class. Top Right. Putting avvay books. Bottom Left, is Miss CathY Brown. the librarian forthe second semester. Talking to a student, Max Mayfield, the first semester librarian, files library cards, Bottom Right. Enjoying the spacious library, Right, Kim Rhodes, Ruth Ann Clayton, and Jerry Clifton read some of the new books. French students, Above Right, Kelly Kidd, Barbara Ritter, Sandy, Dixon, Mike Rader, Jeff Douglas. Jerry Clifton, Jane Elfrink, Karen But- trey, and Lynn l-linkle prepare to eat the French cuisine they prepared and used in a play. Above Center: Keith l-lendershott and Jeff Douglas assist each other during auto mechanics class. AHS Adds To Curriculum Vocational Technical Training For the first time, juniors and seniors participated in a vocational technical school at Central High in Cape Girardeau. Students were bussed to the school each day at 8:15 a.m. and arrived home at 12:20 p.m. Ten students were enrolled in the following classes: electronics, design and drafting, food services, auto body, computer programming, horticulture, and auto mechanics. Learning about life in France by corresponding with French pen pals was one ofthe interesting projects completed by Harold Tilley's French classes. Playing Bingo, which in French is called Bravo, was used as an exercise to learn numbers in French. The library was greatly renovated and was replenished with many new books and equipment. Right: Learning the parts of a camera at a photography work- shop are Terrie Daniel, Nancy Towery, and Kelly Kidd. Janice Long, yearbook editor. Right Center, studies layouts at MIPA Workshop. Pasting up The Hor- net, Far Right, is editor Gary Trout. Distributing The l-lornet to the elementary are Mark Grindstaff and Regina King, Bot- tom Right. Having fun on the river bank are the yearbook staff, lKneeIingj Mrs. Jan lVlor- gan, adviser, Kelly Kidd, jr. edi- tor, Tess Daniel, assistant pho- tographer. Qstandingl Janice Long, editor: Gary Trout. adver- tising manager: Brad Berry, as- sistant photographer: and Ter- rie Daniel, photographer. Not pictured. business manager Jo David Cummins. Newspaper Changes To Tabloid Format The journalism class expanded the size of The Hornet, the school newspaper, from a 7 92 x 10 four-page paper to a tabloid size of four pages, however, to cope with rising printing costs, the class published only every three weeks instead of bi-weekly. The class also solicited advertising to help pay for the increased size. The '74 Advancer, the school yearbook, again gained All-lVlissouri honors, the highest rating given by the Missouri Inter-Scholastic Press Association. The Advancer was also given a First Honors rating by Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia University, New York City. The book amassed 943 points of 1000. Four students won five state awards from IVIIPA, class G Chigh schools under 450 en rollmentj. Gary Trout won third place for an editorial and second for an in-depth article, Nancy Towery and Lynn Hinkle second in advertising, Terrie Daniel second in photography. Classes Prepare For Contemporary Problems The Home Economics classes' subjects dealt vvitn problems in today's culture. Subjects discussed included interior decorating, consumer education, foods and clotning. personal culture, and the nevvly-formed cbild care and development class. "All of our subjects are instrumental in makinga living, and are tnerefore interesting to tne students," stated Flay Davis, vocational agriculture instructor. lVlr. Davis's animal science and plant science classes utilized new books. Tney also concentrated on soil sampling and vaccination for cnolera and blackleg. lvlasonry class built a concrete block vvall six feet nign and twelve and one-nalt teet long, vvitn one window and a door, just for practice. lVlr. Davis instructed four ditterent welding classes. One of tne class projects completed was making tarm macninery to scale. Tney also did design welding. Left: Sewing his mother a dress for a clothing project is senior Steve Welch. Vocational agricultural instructor Flay Davis cleans the shop. Far Left. Patricia Johns cuts the meatloaf, Above Left, while Carol Bruce. Debbie lVloFarlin, and Steve Welch look on in anticipation of eating the full rneal the class has prepared. Showing a student a fine point of sewing is Mrs. Mary Long, home economics teacher, Above Center. Paul Warner fits the drill bit, Above, before adding a leg to a table. 'ig .Sh 78 Lower Grades Begin Regular Art Classes Everything was new and exciting in elementary and junior high art classes this year, because this was the first time art was a regular class in the lower grades. Dan Sitze, who taught art in grades one through eight, noted that the elementary grades seemed to enjoy making clay sculptures and puppets most. The junior high classes especially enjoyed painting with water colors. William Teeters' Art I class followed the same curriculum as last year, painting with water colors and oil, working with clay, and doing different types of sculpting. Antiquing and cjuilling were new activities added in lVlrs. Mary Long's Art ll class. ln quilling, one rolls strips of paper around corsage pins or some similar object to make leaves, flowers, etc. Art ll class also wove baskets and did embroidery and needlepoint. Far Left: William Teeters shows Ricky Bohnsack howto form an object with clay. Jody Taylor molds a clay vase, Left Center. Antiquing books in Mary Longs Art ll class, Left, are Tim Rainey and Joe Anschultz. Below: Marty Rodgers is deeply en- grossed in sketching in Art l class. Enjoying water- coloring, Bottom Right, is Charles Young. Bottom Center: Dan Sitze shows Chris Jones a sketch of a car drawn by Mr. Sitze. Mrs. Mary Long places a clay object in the kiln to be dried, Below Left. Q.. MX Above: During the bookkeeping cIass's field trip, Barbara Cox studies the reproducer in the IBM room at Inland Shoe Company. The machine repro- duces any part of a report an operator may choose. Taking dictation from tape recorders. Above Center, are Jody Taylor and Sandy Dixon. Mike Speer improves his proficiency on the adding ma- chine, Above Right. Assisting Richie Jordan, Far Right, in clerical practice, is teacher Ferrell Wiggins. Right: Bookkeeping instructor, Mrs. Mary Rich- mond. explains the drum to the key punch, which contains the program card. in the Inland Shoe Company's IBM room. egg. PM KN Bookkeeping lVlakes Field Trip To IBIVI Department The ability ofthe individual to move along at his own pace gained the favorable opinion of the Accounting I and Accounting ll students in evaluating the new system of learning under lVlrs. lVlary Richmond. Each student was required to keep a notebook of his test grades and records of homework turned in. At a glance, the student could see if he was attainingthe preset goals in each class. lVlrs. Richmond's general business class was busy learning the fundamentals of business. The section on banking was of particular delightto the students. Teaching filing, reception, and duplicating in the clerical practice course were Ferrell Wiggins' jobs. He also taught secretarial practice, shorthand, and two classes of typing. mia" Right: Coach Carroll Cookson, boys' physical education instructor, relaxes during his preparation perlod with conf versation and his mail. Refereeing a hockey game is the glrls' physical educatlon teacher, Mrs. Mildred Wiggins, Far Right. Boxing during gym class, Robert DePew lands a right, Above Right, to Jack Bailey. Eddie Roper awaits the serve, Top, in a game of ping-pong. Above: Enjoying an exciting game of hockey are Melinda Miles, Kristi Carl- ton, and Olive Fay Markham, Health Classes Study 4 7 Your Chance To Live The girls' physical education classes had a year of new beginnings. Under the direction of lVlrs. Mildred Wiggins, the girls tested their gymnastic ability in advanced tumbling and intricate bamboo hop patterns. The boys enjoyed boxing, calisthentics, wrestling, and flag football, while the girls concentrated on volleyball, and square dancing. Both took part in hockey, softball, ping-pong, crab socker, tennis, and basketball. With Coach Carroll Cookson's teaching, the boys learned a new game, mat football. ln health, lVlrs. Wiggins and Coach Cookson taught the students a new couse, Your Chance To Live. With books and films, they learned what to do when a natural or nuclear disaster strikes. High School Majorettes: Kandi Sherman, Terri Moore, Vicki Palmer, drum ma iorette: Amy Rhodes, and Kristi Carlton. Pep Band Musicians Spark l-lome Games Performing in the pre-game show of Southeast Missouri State University's homecoming game was a highlight of the Advance l-ligh School bands marching season. Astage band was organized this year.The bancl ' later became a pep band after the addition of 1 some clarinets. This band did indeed add to AHS's pep, as it provided lively entertainment l during home basketball games. if i Junior tuba-player Marty Rodgers, Above, blows his giant-size horn in tune and in step with the rest of the band. Nik K . :Q L. G I Stage Band: QFront Row1 Steve Cecil, Kevin Hind- man, Scott Ward, Connie Francis, Tina Dunivan Ronnie Martin. fRow 21 Mike Bailey, Tammy Stilts, Linda Johns, Becky Rendleman, Kim Lanpher, i April Hiett, Erika Voss. fRow 31 Larry Lanpher, James Martin, Terry Robinson, Scottie Mier, Mr. James Arnold, director. 1Row 41 Mike Matney Jerry Clifton. Nav! l-ligh School Band: QFront Row1 Mae Ann Williams, Kandi Sherman, Terri Moore, Vicki Palmer, Student Council representative: Gwen Ann Davis, secretary: Tom Ka- linski, president: Sandy Dixon, vice-president, Amy Rhodes, Kristi Carlton, Terrie Daniel, fRow 21 Terry l-lill, Kelly Kidd, Tammy Stilts, Melinda Miles, Jane Elfrink, Paul Mclferron, Keith Kidd, Jeannie Hamlin, Janet Rodgers, Erika Voss. Mr, James Arnold, director. fRow 31 Melody Fisher, Becky Rendlernan, Robin Scherer, Cindy Rehm, Kim Rhodes, Nancy Towery, Rhonda Jordan, Linda Johns, Marty Rodgers, Ben Lanpher, David Mas- ters. QROw 41 Jeff Douglas. Jerry Clifton, Gary Davault, James Martin, Rodney Stevenson, Scottie Mier, Sheryl Rehm, Kerri Seabaugh, Lonnie Daniel, Tim White, Scott Ward. fR0w 51 Davie Nelson, Kevin Hindman, Mike Bai- ley, Steve Cecil, Donnie Bohnsack. Ronnie Martin, Terry Robinson, Mike Matney. Larry Lanpher, Rus Lanpher, E Band Members Ta ke District, County Honors Winning seats in the newly organized County Band were band members Kelly Kidd, Mike Bailey. Scottie Mier, James Martin. and Kevin Hindman. Underthe direction of Mr. Al Poston, this band performed during the County Music Festival. On March 17 several AHS students traveled to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to participate in the District Music Contest. Kelly Kidd, Jane Elfrink, Vicki Palmer, and Tammy Stilts received a one rating for their clarinet quartet. Linda Johns received a one for her vocal solo, while Erika Voss got a two and Brenda King a three rating for their piano solos. Kelly Kidd represented AHS in the 1974-75 All-District Band. we .A e., uw Junior High Band: tFront Row! Kathy Kidd, Angie Ritter, Shawn Grindstaff, Ginger Ward. Elizabeth White, Dana Sherman, Gina Hitt, Kim Emerson, Kathy Bohnsack, Connie Francis, Celeste Mar- tin, Kim White, Sherry Jordan. tSecond Rowj Tonya Jackson, Conf nie Wilton, Cynthia Wiggins, Tammy Umfleet. Jackie DeGroot, Gretchen Reutzel, Darlene Johns, April Hiett, Kim Lanpher, Tina Dunivan, Donna Strauser, Billie Limbaugh. B6 fThird Rowl Mary Scherer, Teresa Welker, Sherry Strauser. Tonya Schrader, Kay Weissenborn, Dennis Limbaugh. Scottie VanGennip, Keith Hawkins, Bryan Seabaugh, Patti Veale. Karen Stehlin. fBack Rowl Brad Welch. Ronnie Sitz, Brock Morton, Pat Daniel. Kevin Leadbetter, Randy Davault, David Lynch, Jerri Moore, Teresa Um- fleet, Tressa Hamlin, Angie Holland, and director James Arnold. H' P' s,..e..,k ,g Sixth Grade Band: fFront Rowl Randy Steven- son, Leigh Ann Lynch, Todd Ward, Garry Mier, Timmy Middleton, Pam White, Rhett Morgan, Karen Lanpher, Linda Martin, Stacy Eggiman. fBack Rowj Brion Hahn, Charlotte Meador, Mike Long, Eddie Moore, director James Arnold, Bill Birkman, Rob Walker, Pau la Hamlin, Ted Masters, and Janet Mas- ters. le., we Chorus: Victor Morris, Terry Robinson, Steve Milling- ton, Terri Moore, Rhonda Jordan. Larry Lanpher, Mike Matney, Student Council representative: Brenda King, Jody Taylor, Patricia Johns, Pam Kinder, presi- dent, Brenda Gregory, Marilyn Wilfong, Darllis Wil- liams, Joyce James, Linda Johns, secretary- treasurerg Carl Ritter, Billy Robinson, Connie White, Robert DePew, Keith Hendershott, Richie Jordan, Joe Anschultz, vice-president: Steve Welch, and director James Arnold. Above Left: Band instructor James Arnold directs his jun- ior high band in a concert at a PTSA meeting. Boosting spirits at home basketball games, Left, is the AHS pep band. i If . 88. 'R fn- .1i...w Free To Relate y F X l ti i Advance Schools t Gain New AA Classification E 1s After an overall evaluation of the Advance school educational programs, the school was classified AA according to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In addition to the regular academic programs, vocational technical training and learning disabilities were added. ..,-W-J The elementary school also gained a new library. lt contains several hundred new books and new equipment. . , W l I ,.,. 1 Board of Education: David Holland. Ted Lanpher. Allen Kidd, Robert Crader, C.A. Martin. Gary Reutzel, and Floyd W. Liley, superintendent of schools. Left: Looking for information, Superintendent Floyd Liley examines some papers. High school principal Bernard Benjamin types a letter of recommendation for college for a graduating student, Above Left. Relaxing after the Stu- dent Council's Faculty Breakfast, Top, Board member Gary Reutzel, Superintendent Floyd Liley, Board member Allen Kidd, and teacher Bill Daugherty share small talk over a cup of coffee. Above: Mitchell Wills. the elementary principal, assists a visitor with directions. Right: Writing memos and making out checks are just some ofthe work done by Mrs. Odetta Daniel, the school secretary. Taking out a barrel of discarded boxes are the high school janitors, Charles Bennett and Hosie Richards, Below Right. Preparing lunch for elementary and high school students. Below Center, are Mrs, Georgia Long, Mrs. Ruth Sitz, and Mrs. Etta Miller. Below: Elementary, custodians Ralph Crosswhite. Mrs. Mary Crosswhite. and Joe Capps stop for a moment in a first grade classroom. Bus Drivers: fKneeIingj Bud Camren, Bay Johnson, Billy Smith. fStandingj Jerry Hamlin, Jim White. Lloyd Keene, Jeff Slinkard, and PaulVanGennip. .,""""'- AHS Renovates Study Hall, Now Large Library The enlargement ofthe library was one ot the most welcomed renovations at the high school during the year. The library was moved to include all ofthe old study hall. New shelving was installed to accommodate several hundred new books. The old tables were refinished with vinyl. New tables. chairs. and a newspaper rack were also added. lVlrs. Long's Home Economics Department received a new refrigerator, which will be replaced every year. according to a new school plan. New draperies were hung in Superintendent Floyd Liley's ottice. The school purchased a mowertorthe tractor. New additions to the elementary included a walk-in freezer built behind the cafeteria. An audiometer was also purchased. New pianos were bought for the high school and the elementary. AHS bought two new buses. Each holds 54 passengers. The School Board hired two new custodians. lVlrs. lVlary Crosswhite and Charles Bennett. Above: Giving his Com- mencement speecn is Student Council presi' dent Kenneth NlcFerron, Seniors Jerome Tidwell. Tess Daniel. and Royce Yount congratulate Gwen Ann Davis on ner birtne day at the prom, Right. 4' X if wi 'E W 4 'QL ff Q ,733 if 3 3 , gay.: 4324 ' 3 .r if ,wr ,Q-W' 'Snr X. f ' I It 5 JOE ANSCHULTZ GLENDA BELL BRAD BERRY DEBRA BIRKMAN YVONNEJENNINGS BROWN KENNY CARLTON GENE CLAYTON BARBARA COX JO DAVID CUMMINS THREASA SPANE DANIEL MARK DELAY RICHE FISHER Forty-One Seniors Graduate ln Class Of '75 JOE ANSCHULTZ W FFA 1,2,33 band 1,21 chorus 3,43 FHA 43 honor roll 4. GLENDA BELL 4 Chorus 4: FHA 123 Hornet staff 33 Miss Britts Advance winner 3. BRAD BERRY -Basketball l,2,3,4I baseball 1,2,3,4Q honor roll 1,22 FFA 1, 23 Hornet staff 3,43 class officer 13 FFA public speaker 1. DEBRA BIRKMAN f Chorus 2,33 Miss AHS candidate 43 Pepperf ettes 12,33 FHA 12,33 officer 3, YVONNE JENNINGS BROWN 4 FHA l,23CI1OruS 12,33 Pepper- ettes 1,2,3Q Hornet staff 33 volleyball 1,23 VICA 4. KENNY CARLTON - Basketball 2,33 baseball 4: FFA 1,2,3,4. GENE CLAYTON - Band 1.33 FFA 12,3,4. BARBARA COX - Honor roll 2.3,4. JO DAVID CUMMINS f FFA 13 basketball 12,3343 baseball 1,2,3,4Q honor roll 12.3.43 Student Council 2,3,43 officer 4: State Convention 33 PTA Carnival Royalty 23 class officer 1,2,33 Advancer King candidate 33 Barnwarming King candidate 1. THREASA SPANE DANIEL - Class officer 1,2,3,43 Student Council 1,2,4: officer 43 AHS candidate 23 Homecoming Queen candidate 23 Pepperettes 123.43 officer 2,31 band 1,23 chorus 1,23 All District Chorus 1: Advancer staff 43 Hornet staff 3,43 volleyball 1,2,4. MARK DELAY - FFA 1,2,3,43 State Convention 23 officer 43 Science Club 33 honor roll 1,2,3. RICHE FISHER - FFA 1,2,3,43 class officer 12,3 ...Q-Gi' TERRY GRIFFIN rift' MARK eRiNosTArr PATRICIA Joilws RICHIE JORDAN an 9+ . -f vw ik 3 3 L39 fr TOM KALINSKI LARRY LANPHER RUS LANPHER JANICE LONG -PM-ee - Q Seniors Prove Great Assets To AHS Sports TERRY GRIFFIN - FFA 1,2,3,43 officer 43 chorus 1,23 FHA 4. MARK GRINDSTAFF - Basketball 1,2,33 class officer 2: FFA 1,2,3,4: Hornet staff 43 Civic Oration 1. PATRICIA JOHNS - Pepperettes 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 chorus 4. RICHIE JORDAN - FFA 1,2,3,43 chorus 4. TOM KALINSKI - FFA 1,2,3,43 Science Club 33 Who's Who 33 basketball 1,23 Science award 1,23 band 1,2,3,43 president 43 basketbal manager 3,43 FFA treasurer 43 honor roll 1,2,3,4. LARRY LANPHER - FFA 13 band 1,2,3,43 chorus 43 honor roll 2,3,4. RUS LANPHER - Band 1,2,3,43 FFA 1,2,3,43 officer 33 president 43 State Convention 2,31 State Chorus 33 basketball 13 manager 2,3,43 PTA Carnival king candidate 33 Science Club 3. JANICE LONG - Pepperettes 1,2,3,43 officer 43 FHA 1,2,3,43 officer 43 Student Council 3,43 vice-president 43 State Conven- tion 33 Sophomore Pilgrimage 23 Girls State 33 Hornet staff 3,43 Advancer junior editor 33 editor 43 class president 43 volleyball 1,2,3,43 band 1,21 honor roll 1,2,3,43 VVho's Who 33 salutatorian 43 Daughter of the American Revolution award 4. MIKE MATNEY - Band 1,2,3,43 Science award 1: chorus 43 FFA 1,2,3,43 State Chorus 43 FHA 43 Student Council 4. DEBORAH MCCULLOUGH - FHA 1,2,33 Pepperettes 1,2,33 of- ficer 33volleyball 1,2,33 Hornet staff 3. Q DEBBE MCFARLIN - Pepperettes 1,2,33 FHA 1,2,33 officer 33 chorus 23 Hornet staff 33 volleyball 1,21 PTA Carnival queen candidate 43 Miss Britts Advance 3rd runner-up 2. KENNETH MCFERRON - FFA 1,2,3,4Q vice-president 43 State Convention 2,3,43 State Chorus 33State Farmer Degree 43 Stu- dent Council 1,3,43 president 43 State Convention 33 honor roll 1,2,33 basketball 13 Science Club 3. STEVE MILLINGTON - FFA 13 basketball 1,23 manager 33 base- ball 43 class officer 43 chorus 3,4. JOE NOBLE - FFA 1,2,3,43 basketball 1,2,33 Barnwarming King 4. RON OLLER - Baseball 1,21 basketball 1,2,3,43 All District 3,43 All State honorable mention 33 All Conference Team 3,43 Dream Team 3,43 All State Team 43 Basketball King candidate 33 FFA 1,2,3,43 officer 3,43 Barnwarming King candidate 2. VICKI PALMER - FHA 1,2,3,43 officer 23 president 43 Pepper- ettes 1,2,3,43 officer 3,43. cheerleader 3,43 co-captain 43 Home- coming Queen candidate 33 PTA Carnival Royalty 23 band 1,2,3,43 majorette 43 band office 3,43 class officer 23 Student Council 43 Barnwarming Queen 43 candidate 33 Queen 43 Ad- vancer royalty candidate 33 Queen 43 volleyball 1,2,3,4Q All Dis- trict Band 23 Miss AHS candidate 43 District and State Music Contest 4. BRENDA RAINEY -Volleyball 43 honor roll 2,3,4. 1 'X 403 Left: Janice Long and Gary Trout metaphoricaliy illustrate their race for top scholastic sen- ior by arm wrestling. Gary was valedictoriang Janice was saluta- toriari. MIKE NIATNEY DEBORAH IVICCULLOUGH DEBBE MCFARLIN KENNETH MCFERRON STEVE IVIILLINGTON JOE NOBLE RON OLLER VICKI PALMER BRENDA RAINEY TIM RAINEY BILLY ROBINSON EDDIE ROPER nr TERESA SHIRRELL MIKE SPEER KIM STEHLIN TALLEY JEROME TIDWELL DAVID TROPF GARY TROUT TIM RAINEY - Honor roll 1,4 BILLY ROBINSON -FFA 1,2,3,4Q chorus 3,4. EDDIE ROPER - FFA 1,2,3,43 class officer 1,3. TERESA SHIRRELL - Band 1,2,33 officer 33 Pepperettes1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 officer 3,43 volleyball 1,2,33 Barnwarming Queen candidate 1: Miss AHS candidate 33 class officer 23 Sweetheart Queen candidate 4. MIKE SPEER -Band 1,2,33 FFA 1,2,3,4. KIM STEHLIN TALLEY - Chorus 2,33 Pepperettes 2,33 Barn- warming Queen 23 Hornet staff 43 Betty Crocker Homemaker award 43 FHA 2,3. JEROME TIDWELL -Basketball 13 FFA 1,2,33 Hornet staff 33 VICA 4. DAVID TROPF - Basketball 1,2,3,43 All Conference 2,43 second 'Gr team, All State 33 All State 43 All District 3,43 All Star 43 Dream Team 33 FFA 1,2,3,43 Sweetheart King 43 FFA Watermelon Club 2,3. GARY TROUT - Basketball 1,2,3,43 baseball 3,43 Boys State 3, honor roll 1,2,3,43 FFA 13 Citizenship award 33 Hornet editor 3,43 Advancer advertising manager 3,43 Student Council 43 Who's Who 43 valedictorian 43 Civic Oration finalist 13 class officer 13 Science Club 3. STEVE WELCH -FFA 1,23 chorus 1,2,3,43 basketball 13 PTA Carnival King candidate 4. TRACY WHITE - FHA 1,43 Pepperettes 1,23 band 1,2,33 class officer 4. ROYCE YOUNT - Basketball 43 All State honorable mention 43 honor roll 43 Hornet staff 43 Advancer King 4. Senior English students, Royce Yount, Jo David Cummins, Rus Lanpher, Vicki Palmer, and Brad Berry, enjoy a farewell party in Mrs, .lan Morgan's class. Class Motto Let no man speak my mind Let no man judge for me my friends Let me fight for freedom: and against prejudice Let me do these for myself. Class Song: Free Bird by Lynrd Skynrd STEVE WELCH TRACY WHITE ROYCE YOUNT Senior Scholarships Provide Assistance Forty-one seniors were graduated May 22, ending twelve years of triumphs and disappointments and beginning an era of hope and freedom. Three students spoke at Commencement. They were Gary Trout, valedictorian, Janice Long, salutatoriang and Kenneth Mclferron, Student Council president. Several students received scholarships to the colleges of their choice. Gary Trout accepted three scholarships to Murray State University, Murray, Ky., a S500 Alumni Association, a S100 journalism, and a dormitory scholarship. Brenda Rainey received the 35250 MFA award. The Advance Lions Club selected Vicki Palmer as its scholar. Rus Lanpher and Kenneth McFerron were awarded general scholarships worth S220 to Southeast Missouri State University at Cape Girardeau. Janice Long received a grant to attend School ofthe Ozarks at Point Look Out, Mo., and Debby McCullough received a grant to attend the School of Beauty Culture at Cape Girardeau, Mo. , . i i Right: Donald Williams, a junior, admires his newly ac- quired senior ring. The juniors chose round rings with their favorite colored stones. Below: Performing a play for the elementary students are speech students, Tim Kidd and Sheryl Rehm. Jack Bailey Brian Bess Ricky Bohnsack Carol Bruce Jerry Clifton Steve Cookson Terrie Daniel Robert DePew Sandy Dixon Jeff Douglas Jane Elfrink Randy Gregory Keith Hendershott Terry Hill Lynn Hinkle Ryan Holder Frankie Howard Linda Jackson ,K at .1 1 tw 1 fi a if' V3 if ' , 7 4' 1 ,if YT . ,- ' af" :S I .., ES, ,. 'L :uae 'f " Q Xt A ., sg N '7 W .4 -- -Q.. 1 A-5 s yet : 'rv-fo' X 4 N T W J' if ' d z , ' f JQL fi, -KH tt ' site: s X ' at -. . s R is I' 'ff 'aft yi Juniors Adjust To New Graduation Requirements 05 ge 'M t Q - s l Q I+ . '. . ' J - K! ' f . 5 aw ij? 'li' . ya yo 1- f J' x vi S if E K b , ' K.. fist' '--r y A Rx -ri S . Lx ' A' L i ' T' . I 5 A E . i X, . 7 5' 'fig jf c, iilfmi i'.t., Q- "Q R ' .Z Z M .. gg 5 - Q -fv- I, Q i L W, , x g A rg 5 ii 4. "W: Q7 , - , ii.i ,F it QM ,ss . F K X ' ' trrttt t it f Randall Jackson Joyce James Kelly Kidd Tim Kidd Regina King Diana Klotzer Ben Lanpher Danny Long James Martin Mike Rader Kathy Rainey Sheryl Rehm Kim Rhodes Cindy Richmond Barbara Ritter Brenda Ritter Larry Robins Marty Rodgers Vicky Schatte Kandi Sherman Keith Smith Debbie Swan Trennis Talley Jody Taylor Nancy Towery Ronnie Veale Connie White Pat Whittley Donald Williams Karla Yancer Mike Bailey Randy Beussink Richard Bowman Stephen Cecil Ruth Ann Clayton Kay Cox Lonnie Daniel Gary Davault Gwen Davis Steve Dunivan Robert Francis Brenda Gregory Vince Hawkins Sue Jackson Gary Jarrell Billy Johns Rhonda Jordan Linda Johns Billy Kidd Keith Kidd Pam Kinder Brenda King Randy Lacy Ronald Martin David Masters Dennis Mayberry Paul Mclferron Scottie Mier Swim 3 N 5 tl my Sgr Q 1 R wg t wwf ' Q- an Sophomores Choose Mike Moron: . K .Ni i ,..,t,,. T. V t , W f Q. , it .-t If Q fig . K .. - . .MK qu ,sw-vang ' it on wa-1 A 1 - " xx -. . , Q . x , ' vw .Q - ' . .1 1 .- - f . 12 H L I :Y ff .,, - L -.yew L ., i ,wwe 1, ,H To Go Gn Sophomore Pilgrimage ff- if -- X '1 ,I A Ht if it gi' i " ' xv ' . Q -If fx . K F ! Q, ft n4..4,, 'ts Y E ,gi r, 5 w,-, , . 'J fb 4' Terri Moore Mike Moroni Becky Rendleman Jeff Reutzel Carla Riley Dale Robinson Robin Scherer Kathy Stehlin Mark Stepp Tammy Stilts Laurel Taylor Kevin Tidwell Dreaming of the summer months to come so phomore Kevin Tidwell lolls among the daffo clils. ,L' Z2 ,l V AI ., f W. ' ' '.f" , ,335 I A N T, , f T I. , E, , ' f, v ,f - L 7 '- l I ' Q , Y' K e Steve Vavak Kathy Walker Scott Ward Paul Warner Timmy White Tammy Wiggins Tony Wiggins Marilyn Wilfong Darllis Williams Rhonda Williams John Young Tena Young Mike Anschultz Tammy Berry Donnie Bohnsack Tina Bond Lennie Bowman Lee Caldwell Kristi Carlton Terry Clifton Clark Cloninger Lesa Cookson Michael Croy Vonda Dunivan Melody Fisher Tammie Ford Cheri Gaither Danny Gramlisch Glenda Gregory Jeannie Hamlin Lisa Hampton Tammie Hart Jeff Hawkins Roger Hendershott Tim Hill Kevin Hindman Jimmy Jackson Larry Jackson Ron Jordan Kevin Keene Robin King Terri Kiss " " W X 35 252225 i iii: N9 'i S ' + fs , MY. li? nwsgwxssigq e gm X . Sa Q,-g1mH- Vtth, , HH H1 f - 'HI A ,i.t ' 'Q 'ff' H bk ,E I ,x,k ' 1 2 E age fsee gf Q egeets iisss 'T if V im , te mmf? s , ef or Hf-.- x g - f, , 55' : J i t H - ' ii'ii 'M' A i', Z ' ,,t,:ii - ssrr tw is or i " I 7 H H H " tt,,,. Q ' - i" HQ' 5 JY V ' f, Q f 77 ,2 3 jr I I .Hr H M y '.V, K 5 Ei L eer ' - ,Q " f- V, K 1 i ' .. If L If' Vi ' I - if ",. - 1. . h fi L H ' 51. ,J ' -1 if tr- ww .3 H' M, ' , ' X' , I' H55 ' -- we Hfrfi rfre illif' ff H , N.., . ,,,, 'gin' .lefdpwawi A .yew defray xwvh H ,J I , K H 5 ,,, r ' f .,,, A - i 'iii 1 W .,Q55a,,f , 5 1 it H H it ssiii H H ,, by 43 I A K My Jig vi H ' K -I . it I . g: f,.' J 4' X A K gig I .4 , A t,:.t, J A . ,J ' .3 so A A 1-- .-2. -f X iw i"- i J "-, nf, H ' J I, H J H" ' i -, r.,t f so 2 1, H new ki 3 M H 5 L , , ,Tags I ---un. es' Taking advantage of the March winds, freshman Vonda Dunivan takes to the fields with her kite. . 4, 5 tix , ' iv., - L, K 9 I N 3 G. , iw it he Sin' C 05 r Q' 2: .is a 2 f ig -Q-' s in an ' f f Q " S JC 1 ff at N I Stan Lanpher Annetta Limbaugh Olive Fay Markham Melinda Miles Victor Morris Davie Nelson Greg Pace Billy Payne Cindy Rehm Amy Rhodes Scott Rhodes Carl Dean Ritter Mark Robins Stephen Robinson Terry Robinson Janet Rodgers Ricky Roper Kerri Seabaugh Rodney Stevenson Herby Sweeney Lisa Thompson Erika Voss Wesley Westbrook Mae Ann Williams -i- , Lisa Anschultz Ricky Bess Kathy Bohnsack Jeff Boner Kim Choate Carol Clifton Sonika Colbert Gerald Cox Eddie Dunivan Tina Dunivan Brad Fowler Connie Francis Connie Gregory Dale Gregory Eric Griffin Tressa Hamlin Steve Hardesty April Hiett Terry Hitt Angie Holland Darlene Johns Kim Johnson Sherry Jordan Eddie Kennedy Laura Kennedy Patricia Kidd Rebecca King Sylvia Kiss Ricky Lacy Kim Lanpher X H 54 9 we Q l, , ssl rriir li' t 'R s fu' , , sl. 1 , f - an , farmer R -W we 'farce Q N. i 'Q "NWN l " ' dis", A 3 i.f 'Q 2. 'x' .A Q" g li- ,Qw ,..,,I, . , . vu f fer xr 2 .-r ti 2 .Q ., t w I Pye w f ."". sf S 1 it I , F' . qi' ' , M L S H7 s L 5 4 ' is Billie Limbaugh --- ' :Egg STI I . ii. '.'-f 51 -- vt? Student Council representative Phyllis Redman serves breakfast to teachers William Teeters and Bill Daugherty, E raw et E tw ti f ff V1 1 A-Q 'is k . f . ilk 11 S2 .9 I + 1, Q Q vi' J -- fi 1 i i -r'-ir- is l K. i ! 1 L +1 X X 'Q W iw -.. 5.- 5 fl? at it 1 - 4' 2 G i f " i N' if' . A " '19 if '44 'Ni Q 'Sf Q ,f Q2 R 1 Steve Limbaugh Ricky Lizenbee Parks Long David Lorch David Lynch Eighth Grade Begins New Chorus , , lg ,C , gg .gg i .i J 4' g A 3. ,v.....fEk . s gt ,O E Q95 A as ,GFS li, ' it 'sf w':',yf 341. s' in messy . 45. Al rretiisisiissffdsffa .V "gi lgea-my is-NewmeLsf?see4Ps! Ex -are XR' 2.5 . ' :figi W - - mmmphh iw .,,. Q ,5g' , K Qi' -T x Q, .i at ibfiigli ii f e . Iii? ' , 'iii ' . if l. ,,ir mir g f 'V' - , -5: to ieeei e , de g riee fl T - 1. "'r' 1:m '. 25 iff 'l l -.,- iz: J. ' if-3' S A ,,,... 1'13fJ..i'f4Qi2g17 ,, Y 1 rrii rrrii T 1 1 S if ' ' T Vbypz I 21-'Q fi ' A C eeee iiii ffl so or S ee, W 2 2 Qi F' is E5 A X23 i 1. , it J a e i Celeste Martin Terry lVlCLain Brenda Meador John Payne Terry Powers Phyllis Redman Steven Rendleman Gretchen Reutzel Wendell Reutzel Randy Schatte Bryan Seabaugh lVlatt Sherman David Simms Julie Smith Karen Stehlin Debbie Stepp Donna Strauser Nikki Taylor Terry Tidwell Teresa Umfleet Scottie VanGennlp Darrell Vavak Patti Veale Brad White Kim White Mitzi Whittaker Charles Wiggins Wayne Wilfong Steve Williams Jennifer Young ...-,, Seventh grader Mark Allison dresses like a clown forthe Student Council's initiation. Mark Allison Linda Capps Marla Cecil Lorie Cookson Pat Daniel Randy Davault Jackie DeGroot Kim Emerson Larry Ford Donna Gregory Shawn Grindstaff Jennifer Hampton Keith Hawkins Gina Hitt Tonya Jackson JoAnn Jennings Tammy Johns Kathy Kidd Jeff Kiss Kevin Leadbetter Dennis Limbaugh Kelly Limbaugh Martin Limbaugh Sheila Maloney Randy Mangrum ir. we iz . 3 9 iiilfilifi jii' -1" f 5 IQ' 9 F Y of 5 rl i-1' Q 5 6 1 'Q Q11 I ,. .,,,. i Q' s Q' 2 2. L v F 'ff M v 1 5 't 2 HL . wi .'lf - Rmim i i 'fr get , r i ,iii y '34 W W , 25,35 in ,,,-, . ,J H as , 1 ' iy rjf 4 :V iff it lissf iss Wanna-, T.- we if - 3 X 1 Q32 Fl! 3 In ii Seventh Grade Enters Junior High Volleyball E elefele it A Ixos . I 5, , ,few glif-fees it l:'i,,fiii'7i"f! 5 F ' - gt 43... gy N XJ. IYQ iv or , as . ,f 4' M 'Av . f f ,i W A 'Q All , 9, - +2 M .if at u rd' ' l'r x is ,,l ' 2 l f T , f J,,,, ,L V ,L ,,.T T - f, V JF xl 5 i iff! ,vw x .Q ae 7' ww X, gud' --C Q - .slr I. I -2 H, 11255 K L if if ig. , '12 ' Vvmff , x C. M, p , X ' , , gi , 'eye ,W A ' X5 J, Q 15,1 X5 3 . xt 5. 7? 2 l " .T , +L , VV ,...,f wi ' as :1ff,1ew.l- i is V, l -,fm fcfrw-,ws Robert Manning Jiles Markham Jerri Moore Brad Morton Ernie Parks Daved Payne Diane Pitts Scott Poe Angie Ritter Janice Robinson Mary Gale Scherer Tonya Schrader Dana Sherman Ronald Sitz Sherry Strauser Troy Thompson Tammy Umfleet Ginger Ward Gary Watkins Kay Weissen born Brad Welch Teresa Welker Eliza beth White Rose Whittley Cindy Wiggins Kenny Willard Ronnie Williams Teresa Williams Connie Wilton Brian Winchester Charles Young Nena Young Bill Birkman Rodger Bowman Gary Clifton Stacy Eggimann Diann Georger Brian Hahn Carolyn Hall Paula Hamlin Randy Hendershott Rhonda Hill Kelly Hindman Kevin Johns Kenny King Ronald King Alex.Kiss Karen Lan'pher Michael Long Leigh Ann Lynch Kathy Mangrum Linda Martin Janet Masters Ted Masters Charlotte Meador Tim Middleton Garry Mier Jerry Miller Eddy Moore Rhett Morgan Mark Morris Regina Nothdurft Mark Pace Ben Pate Angela Pfeffer Robin Pittman Kim Powers Dan Shell Monica Shell Tim Shell Joan Smith Tammie Speer Randy Stevenson Bobby Sweeney Julie Thompson Paula Thompson Keith Voss Robert Walker Todd Ward Pam White Donnie Williams Rusty Williams ss is X is 2, 1132 51,51 X 421115, t v' , L ix. . Q .4 5 fl U 1 v QS Q , KX-.,. . . ":it 57" " ' - in fan mini! 1' . s isli 5 . f- wc' Her Sixth Wins PTSA Awards , .. mt. J. B V l 1 'fgi - ' i ff 'C " ,'f,va, u-' .tv f Z' nfl: QI f ,wlttfi t..44. QM. 1 Wfgey Fifth Graders Learn To Play Chess Tony Anschultz Kathy Bailey Melinda Bess Angela Cantrell Joe Capps Robin Crites Rosetta Dunning Cassie Eggimann Jeff Garner Susan Hahn Richard Hale Teresa Hale John Hall Craig Hardesty Kevin Hawkins Lesa Hess Jeff James Juney Johns Kim Jordan Darell Kennedy James Kennedy James Kennedy Russell Lacy Bobby Lee Tena Mangrum Barbara Martin Nelda Mier Harold Miles Susan Noland Scott Owens Juela Pate Mendy Pickett Ray Allen Propst Donna Redman Brett Reutzel David Robins Greg Seabaugh Donald Sitz Teresa Sweeney Robin Taylor Tina Thompson Donna Umfleet Teresa Van Gennip Tony Van Gennip Arthur Warner Paula Welker Edward White Pamela Whittley Jeff Young Tina Ashby Patricia Biggs Lori Brock Karrol Caldwell Cindy Camren Gene Casey Donald Cato Selena Daniel Delaine Ford Jerry Hall Dana Hampton Steven Hefner Cindy Kanady Reading Pl LaVonda Kelm Randy King Rhonda King Lyn Lanpher Stanley Leadbetter Randy Long Dennis Martin Tony Masters Chris Morris Ronald Morton Malia Moyer Tammy Nunn Allison Powers Donna Rropst Mitzi Rader Michael Seabaugh Jane Smith Pam Smith Terry Sparkman Terry Sweeney Julie Umtleet Alan VanGennip Don Warner Jimmy Watkins Jeanette Welker Joe Wilson Sherry Wiseman Kevin Young firr 1 i i.5 T X , is it if fy vt E x 3 A -s aiu X e R, S x ' at Q , 4, c 1-A R-af ,, , f M il ' if Y A R E S? 1 C 1 Q' 1 f mam C :r 5 , 2 I X , .,is,..s,. V, , K s ?!?5E5555: Q' if i Q 4' is r . f Q , 'x ' 4 , gg are :Weak YM W,,a .t. . , Q J ' qllb, ,M t -ar Q Q X S J sit" T ,if - 1- 'wif . , T, kk Nia, Z- f bf i .- an E, V 'Q Ulf , Q I 3 f he s an New To Fourth Grade Teachers if 'i ve N 4 vs 1 ,B 1 A . , rs S 'T N' ,. Ne h - 1, M333 7 'K ' S w J , xii, :T is 1 g. if ,Ji J 1 3 - fr' 1 if ,, ,.,, I ..tC - .i,' tte it Ssists J W , Ng T . .f,. , ,-.f - 2 . it M l yy 3,3 is sttt i ti -f 2+ v l, . f-" , .1 S -r"w- 1 S 5 ,, .i " A 1 it , - , - is xi-E in S w S f' "': W QIT zif 1 - T ' it f Q ' ' "' ' , ui v 'Q' 11 sh 3-It ,-. ,. Q t Q P i t Q it 1, J ,ez S l S l X f we ft Q J X i , f 2 1 X lah, X ,- . rift . ' 3' A it -unu-- M V7 l l Cheered on by his fellow third graders, a blindfolded stu dent prepares to break their Christmas piffata. U ' A LL - L PL L as , N 'xv Q - X-.I L V, NLVEQ' 'F ,gi qw as LI' Liga "Ewa: Q Ll , .. L. L s Liv z ak , 3 -T 1. . '- -rv 4 H if L ., T L i -L1 , . X A P , Lg: zzifffffi ' T - 1 11imf?I?i?f.s' Toni Bechtold Tammy Brewer Diane Bueter Stewart Dunivan ,1-- AL t--i t1-iig-- -,1. VV iiwi' L iii Angela Dunning Q' r ' rf V Angie Garner Roxann Garner Todd Garner f V K v , X3 E Tina Hall Tl l f W Leslie Hendershott L, P L I V 3 X-Q--f' Ronald Hill l 4 in A .L ,,it tiittri ., rst E Fw . ii' 957 T T ZI' L L.. Don Hudson L - V H VV V V L Nanie Hudson i V ', -VL T L L V VL Kevin James l -. f V 3 I VV- C' 'L ff Debbie Jones l ,LL ' L T 'mf ,L - -T 51 L, ode-il Kanady l L LLL V VV ' V V " L VL TW" L L XLW 4 David Kennedy 4.Ez VV ',., VVVV L.1:- : LJ:L.LL:L., 1 . Lorne Kiss Q '- LV - L L, ii"' ' L T Terrisa Loughary Ty' 1. L fl L , fl Lf, r " DarrellMangrum '.:,L L -AL V' A " M' 2 - .L T L. T L Terri Mayo VV f if V -ig Ti- L T QT... r -ft QV, TTQLLVVLLT gf fl Jeana McFerron L TT L, i -,' L -. K T T ' T Wayne Montgomery E ' L i'i - .L 'T DM Moron' r !!!Xi!'Y':K isifizzez. Li i ii ' l ,-:"..... -P - 1? WTLLL --LQ f . ,L Bruce Morton f L, - 'T ' L- 2 Paul Noland L 'L TV V Ii ,ZLL V L Lori Norman li 'L T L ,L L r VVVQ ' if" ' "' ' ff Martha Pace n Ls: V, , .V 4 Lf-vw' L- " M- jf' s 2 , w 'A L S' . . L f , VL, LL Q rj P XV' Q LL: L- 1 ,L ,sr V L f77'f Teresa Phillips -Q V X V 5 -"V L 59 pi P ' lx ,Y LLLL, T L Tana Robins ' - ' Z TTT T TT T L lfff s r' f- T P Mike Sparkman ' XL, 5 w ' V 'K-.L - , - T . Af . Third Graders Enjoy A Pinata At Christmas Eff - LL zvkhl TT T T 1 A . , V V Pam Stevenson 'T Q , V .FLT V,,, L, V LLLLL V V Melody Sweeney V SL VV V Jr V V ff ,gf .L Brenda Taylor ' K' ' ' "T L ' ' T- ' V ,TL , 'V r Clay Thompson 3' L ff N- V 5 we Barbara Welty 'f ' Terry Wiseman Tracy Abbott Becky Ashby Cheryl Bates Charles Beardsley Scott Buchanan Lisa Buehler Randy Caldwell Carl Carver Becky Duley Dirk Eggimann Telena Garner Cynthia Griffin Jonna Hamlin Kelly Kennedy Bobby Kidd Juanita Klotzer Jeanie Lanpher Jennifer Lanpher Debbie Lee Alecia Long Cynthia lvleador Scotty Moore Keith Nunn Cheryl Owens Clarence Reynolds Bradley Rhodes Jimmy Rhodes Keith Robinett Kevin Robinett Stacy Roe Robert Schwartz Tammy Simms Jeff Slinkard Matt Spitzmiller Terry Umfleet Roger VanGennip Bryan Welch Bennie Williams Anderia Young cn, X X..J 7 wh ff? R gt. s r r me ' f + "" llll L 9,--. wig : f ,Q 1 , 7 H 5, be ' ' y 1-3, xc lfys he - ,J 1, 8 N ' -g2,.,iQ s A i.'1 S if 7 ' 1--xy , i g 1 .Q 5' .., , 1+ ! i' '. - -5: f"i I fe x Q - J- i .gf I tt is ,,. 5 ' . Q - ' X- xyZt,i ae. ' ls l' - iillii 'W ,....- li,ttt, "-i - .Y - me ,c1, , 11" if "M , 0 i Q. . ' J 'i if M , -5? 5. 'X A H .t,,1 A ,.., i .195 'iii' I :XV..,.f LV 1. W A .uf .,,-LVk K- I A kl- L 1 if Y " gf.. s' V 1 A . is f issr is . .. f , ggwgaify .T A 1 5 xi K: ,.k, fi fx: KM. R Q K ic c s 1 s' s E fn, ,S K ,ffl x if -bf f Z" K K J . W by E ,V it A it ..,, i 'K Q ' r If K . 1,-Y-,mm fn 3 igisiitft t i ig '- 1. Ml A-is f ',,- J " 'i'i - llll A . . V- , . , 'V 514 7 . s. ve g -Q :A M f S - it it W 5 5 . A ,X . sf 'Wy . ww e f., M! of at ccrs wil lg? I ' i X it Second Gets New Encyclopedias J l '- f R ii" r ur. cu- si. ' '- isx , lijw Q kkyk 'T J tfn kr idx, fe, ,xxx C gy' ' iff' ' iff .if First Grade Observes Fire Prevention Kelly Anschultz Patricia Bechtold Sandra Blankenship Chris Brewer 22' Teresa Bryant 5'-e"fff Rodney Buchanan Dale Bueter 'tis H ks, Wendell Caldwell Steve Cantrell -. - Michael Davault ' Chris Dillie Billy Dowler Chris Eggimann l. V Tabb Garner 'S as , . , G 1.,.. f"s'-sg fib ': r 1,54- . ' 54 ' 1 1 Eg , T I 1 sf , N ' Ronniel-lale 5 i J , A Us .1 Q Y Lf' in V -. Randy Geo rger i f f. ,T ,M 5 Calvin l-larness Q, ,,... Y ff ' Tma Hart dv A ,B Michael Hefner R N J T . "T V - ,, Boyd Hobbs ts Y ' .-sat 1 ,e-rr' Q , - V if-1. W ,, sf I 'S 9 'S S Ji of I, Mike King if J , Janine Lorch t Kevin Markham i A 'V Dx at ,W , f ' James Overby V Robert Overby . T ff" Cherrie Pate xx : N. ' Ps Q. ' Mike Middleton S Q X 'A' T Tiffany Morgan i If fe K r 'K t 1 E ,. V E' ifi. I , Scott Payne is S T - esil up J T' chris Pickett t P '. it Johnny Pittman ' P ",1' r tii swf' J T 3 P Sharon Pittman . . N ,M ' 1 Tammy Pittman 1 f '- T - '- .. Q ii f? it 7- Jackie Propst m -5, -tt 4, M y m - Cindy Robins . in P ' Tracy Scott 9 I 'R--5' -1' Joe Smith -1, 1 1 Douglas Stephens A .Q Owen Stephens N '4 Kathy Stepp , S 3 J if-xx ,134 lj . as Us Rena Thompson Scott Walker Jimmy Weishuhn 'L i ,W DonnaWhittley Q i U m - James Whittley T if V . Amy Wiseman tx X yt X .Til Participating in Fire Prevention Week, enthusiastic first A ' graders clamber over the city's fire truck. ,.. --W ---1--k-A V H -D- Tona Ban Chrystal Barnes Steve Beal Sheri Beardsley Bernard Bechtold Shandra Bird Don Bond Brian Boner Richard Casey Brian Cato Rodney Crites Shani Douglas Tracy England Brad Gaither Stanton Garner Jesse Hill Hollis Hudson Kinderga Bradley James Lynn Kanady Joe Kiss Scott Lanpher Mildred Mangrum Neil Miles Frankie Montgomery Jerry Moore Steven Moroni John Morse Daniel Nothdurft Ginger Payne Bridget Pulley Cindy Sparkman Tammy Stephens Randy Stepp Rodger Taylor Marsha VanGennip Karl Voss Gregory Wheeling Tarnmy Younger Students in the afternoon kindergarten class, Ginger Rayne, Danny Jansen, and Chrystal Barnes, use sticks to figure sub- traction. iikagfim , W 14 4 :" K :Vk k,.f , Qiwqgisb "ii' 1' ,L ' aifl sf ? f 1 W ,,.. " M' etiii J J iill iirrrfr , H , Sriie' f'i r i' M iwifiii- V15 .il rx w X, QL. , 'ijjffl' wi , , E gg., 'rf N itilt tree f ij ,-il r A k f w .ss,ii W .. rten Encounters Weekly Readers - is ii' B B V , -- G- ' 1 ies it 2 , i ' J it H -1 X if , ww, ' ' I . V E " ' A K ,.i.." K ,, .. HQKMQYZ . S1 1 5 ,zifiiizffiifpil ggi? ,, ,. . ,f - 'T Q f , mg- 1, ,iz .',' ff' 'ir . f ffl' 4' ' P 2 IIK' 5:1 ,, 11122217 'lt " rl it . 2 Er r J , + -4 4. , -' ,,i -, .f" ? , . S' ' ily i r'-- 'V 'i i -,it f ,,, ' ',:.' W'1- X ,fr - . 'K' '42 W .. '--,-' rt" -' f , , s,ti'r t,i.i,: ,y,c ',gg yys 1 j . it J . . ' 'ii W L , ' ' - 1 ' ' r 3 ."k ..,kk K TW" ,4 "i"' E7 . A ':., ,, R757 ' 5, f .U ' V i.:: S ' 'y'b l ,, 1 1- Xl H . s . A do A r or f ss'ee rls ' i Z nd N ,, 'f9i3'i'fif'l'fiilifflrftikfia-TP? K -. ':1fi:"ff ""s.f.-51",-'-1-'Z'-MM K K,,V Q, if " l H -4. if ' in J' " X ,I ' iw 1 1. .' " 'L if . 6 , V. .A ' 52311 , ' -H ang, 'i , LWz,14f1.g, kk y I A , M 7 it iis , . ss fi 1 , Jiei i lesl W '27 ' it J ' "" 1' Q i J S V I 77 Eiememafy TQBCHGVSZ QKneeIingj Mrs. Mary Rhodes. Second Grade: Mrs. Christine Crader. Third Grade: Mrs. Rozelle Cookson. teachers' aide. fStandingJ J. Moore, Fifth Grade: Mrs. Ruthanna Benjamin. Sixth Grade: Mrs. Ida Scott, First Grade: and Mrs. Ruth Liley, First Grade. I 118 Elementary Begins New Learning Disabilities Class This year the elementary school began a new program, learning disabilities, This is a program designed for children with some problem which keeps them from reaching theirfull potential. Brief instructional periods were scheduled for students throughout the day. ln the class, students received individualized instruction. A memorable occasion for the First Grade was a trip to the St. Louis Zoo on April 26. The class won the trip by making the most money forthe PTSA Carnival. Under the coaching of Fifth Grade teacher, J. Moore, the fifth and sixth graders played many more basketball games. The Sixth Grade increased its schedule from four games to eleven, and finished with a 5-6 record. The Fifth Grade increased its scheduled games from four to nine and ended the season with a 4-5 record. The elementary library received several hundred new books during the year. Elementary Teachers: fSittingl Mrs. Carla Tilley, kinder- garten: Miss Mary Gayle Rhodes, special education: Miss Barbara Berrong, music. fStandingj Mrs. Carol Harshaw, Third Grade: Miss Cathy Brown, elementary and high school librarian: Mrs. Doris DeGroot, Fourth Grade: Mrs. Evelyn Matney, Second Grade: Mrs. Grace Wilburn ,Sixth Grade: Mrs. Linda Glastetter, speech pathology: Mrs. Liana Jenkins, learning disabilities: Mrs. Wanda Jenkins, Fifth Grade: Mrs. Dorotha Dumas, remedial reading: and Mrs. Juanita Lynch, Fourth Grade. 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Henson Errin Masters Kow and Mike Eddie Spane Sophia True Ed Hill and Company Mary and Bill Rivers Mr. and Mrs. James Wiley Mr. and Mrs. Billy Davis Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lanpher Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pirtle Mr. and Mrs. David Crader Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reinhart Jerry's Upholstery makes you want to wear out your furniture! Jerry's Upholstery Advance, Missouri 722-5237 CGvven Ann Davisj Our advertisers are dear to us. If you would like to buy a yearbook ad contact the Journalism Class, Advance High School Advance, Missouri . 722-3584 QBambiJ ,, Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daugherty DC., CK., T.K., and Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Benjamin Carole, Randy, and Lu Ann Yount Mr. and Mrs. Wilbern Bruce and Carol Buck, Wanda, Kenny, and Kristi Carlton Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Fisher and family Mrs. Bernice Loyd, Avon Representative Mr. and Mrs. Bill Limbaugh and Billie Mike, Shabie, and Shandra Bird Cricklewood Racing Industries Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Wills Mr. and Mrs. Perry J. Yount Mr. and Mrs. Robert Towery Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rhodes Jerry and Linda Eggimann Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Liley Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hart Robert White and family Rus Talbert Lanpher Jeff Douglas Abbot. Tracy 114 Allison, Mark 7, 19, 58. 108, 150 Anschultz Anschultz. Kelly 115 Anschultz. Lisa 106 Anschultz. Mike 21.104 Anschultz. Tony 55,111 Arnold, James 85. 86, 87 Ashby, Becky 114 Ashby, Tina 112 Bailey,Jack 5,82.100 Bailey. Kathy 111 Bailey, Mike 71.85.102 Ban, Tona 116 Barnes, Chrystal 116 Bates, Cheryl 114 Beal. Steve 116 Beardsley, Charles 114 Beardsley, Sheri 116 Bechtold. Patricia 115 Bechtold,Toni113 Bell, Glenda 61, 94. 144 Benjamin, Bernard 90 . 15 .Joe 10. 22. 79.87.94 4 Index People Caldwell. Lee 21, 104. 139 Caldwell. Randy 114 Caldwell. Wendell 115 Camren. Bud 92 Camren.Cindy 112 Cantrell. Angela 111 Cantrell, Steve 115 Capps, Joe 92 Capps. Joe 111 Capps, Linda 108, 143 Carlton, Kenny 59, 95, 142 Carlton, Kristi 22, 27, 49, 53. 82, 84 104, 133 Carver, Carl 114 Casey, Gene 112 Casey. Richard 116 Cato, Brian 116 Cato, Donald 112 Cecil, Marla 55,108,151 Cecil. Steve 62.85.102 Choate. Kim 62,106.151 Clayton, Gene 21, 94 Clayton, Ruth Ann 22, 46, 49. 71, 73 102 Benjamin, Ruthanna 117 Bennett. 93 Berrong, Barbara 119 Berry, Brad 18, 36. 38, 50. 74, 95. 99. 143 Berry, Tammy 22. 27, 49. 104 Bess, Brian 100 Bess, Melinda 54, 55, 111 Bess, Ricky 45, 55, 106 Beussink, Randy 12. 20, 24, 102, 149 Biggs. Patricia 112 Bird, Shandra 116 Blrkman, Bill 87, 110 Birkman. Debra 7, 14,64,95. 146 Blankenship, Sandra 115 Bohnsack, Donnie 21.85.104 Bohnsack. Kathy 56. 62. 86. 106 Bohnsack, Ricky 30.78, 100 Bond, Don 116 Bond, Tina 22,27.28,49,104. 152 Boner, Brian 116 Boner, Jeff 43. 62.106, 153 Bowman, Lennie 52,104 Bowman. Richard 21,102 Bowman, Rodger 110 Brewer, Chris 115 Brewer, Tammy 113 Brock, Lori 112 Brown, Cathy 72, 118 Brown, Yvonne 61, 95. 138, 147 Bruce. Carol 22. 27, 76. 100 Bryant, Teresa 115 Buchanan, Rodney 115 Buchanan, Scott 114 Buehler, Lisa 114 Bueter, Dale 115 Bueter.Diane113 Buttry, Karen 16. 73 Caldwell.Karrol112 Clifton. Carol 106 Clifton. Gary 110 Clifton. Jerry 21,73.85,100. 127 Clifton, Terry 104 Clifton. Terry 104 Cloninger, Clark 104, 122 Colbert, Sonika 106 Cookson Cookson .Carroll 3, 36. 38. 40, 83 .Lesa 22. 26, 49. 52, 104, 129 Cookson, Lorie 44. 45, 62. 108, 145 Cookson.RozeIle117 Cookson .Steve 21. 34, 36, 38. 100 Cox. Barbara 62, 80, 94. 132 Cox, Gerald 62.106 Cox, Kay 53, 62, 102 Crader, Christine 117 Crader, Robert 90 Crites. Robin 55.111 Crites. Rodney 58. 116 Crosswhite, Mary 92 Crosswhite, Ralph 92 Croy, Michael 62. 104 Cummins, Jo David 11. 19, 28, 38. 50. 67, 95. 99, 123. 141 Daniel, Lonnie 21. 40. 41. 85, 102 Daniel Odetta 93 Daniel. Pat 42, 86, 108 Daniel, Selena 112 Daniel, Terrie 10, 22, 27, 30, 46. 74. 85, 100, 141 Daniel, Tess 11. 19. 27, 28, 32, 46, 53. 71,74,94, 141,145 Daugherty, Bill 3, 16, 69. 91. 106 Davault, Gary 21. 85. 102. 137 Davault, Michael 1.15 Davault, Randy 42. 56, 86, 108 Davis, Eglenna 71 Davis, Flay 20.21.76 Davis, Gwen Ann 15, 22. 24, 27. 85, 102, 155 DeGroot. DeGroot. Doris 118 Jackie 86. 108 Delay, Mark 21,95 oeeew. Robert 24.30, 5o,83.s7. 100 DiIIie,ChriS115 pawn. Sandy 12. 14319.22 26, 28.32. 36, 46, 73, 81. 85, 100, 128. 141 Douglas. 134 Jeff 12, 21, 64. 73, 85, 100. Douglas,Shani58,116 Dowler, Billy 115 Duley, Becky 114 Dumas. Dorotha 119 Dunivan, Dunivan, Dunlvan. Dunivan. Dunivan. Dunning. Dunning. Eddie 43. 106 Steve 21.52.102 Stewart 113 Tina 85. 86 Vonda18,22.27,53,104 Angela 113 Rosetta 111 Eggimann. Cassie 111' Eggimann, Chris 115 132. Eggimann, Dirk 114 Eggimann, Stacy 57.87.110 Elfrlnk, Jane 18, 22. 26. 28. 30, 32,46 62, 73, 85, 88, 100,129 Emerson. Kim 45. 56, 86, 108 England, Tracy 58.116 Fisher. Melody 22. 27. 58. 85. 104 Fisher. Riche21, 95 Ford. Delaine 112 Ford, Larry 108 Ford. Tammie 104 t.1ENCY EXIT Fowler. Brad 56, 62. 106 Francis, Connie 56. 62. 85. 86. 106 147 Francis. Robert 20, 21. 71. 102 Gaither. Brad 116 Gaither, Cheri 22, 27, 104 Garner, Angie 113 Garner, Jeff 111 Garner, Roxann 113 Garner. Stanton 116 Garner, Tabb 115 Garner.Telena114 Garner, Todd 113 Georger. Diane 55.57.110 Geroger. Randy 115 Glastetter, Linda 118 Gramlisch. Danny 21.104 Gregory. Brenda 32. 46, 48. 87, 102 Gregory. Connie 106 Gregory. Dale 71,106 Gregory. Donna 65.108 Gregory, Glenda 104 Gregory. Randy 2. 21. 100 Griffin, Cynthia 114 Griffin. Eric 55.106 Griffin, Terry 21, 22. 96 Grindstaff, Mark 6. 21. 56. 75, 96. 146 Grindstaff. Shawn 86.108141 Hahn, Brion 57.87,11O l-lahn,Susan 57,111 Hale, Richard 111 Hale, Ronnie 115 Hale, Teresa 111 Hall,Carolyn110 Hall. Jerry 112 Hall. John 111 Hall.Tlna113 Hamlin. Jeannie 22. 27. 49, 62, 68, 85 104 Harnlin,Jerry 92 Hamlin.Jonna114 Hamlin, Paula 110.87 Hamlin, Tressa 86,106.142 Hampton. Dana 112 Hampton. Jennifer 108. 143 Hampton, Lisa 104 Hardesty. Craig 111 Hardesty. Steve 106 Harness, Calvin 115 I I-...L Harshaw, Carol 118 Hart. Tammie 17. 19. 22. 27. 48. 104 Hart, Tina 115 Hawkins, Jeff 104 Hawkins, Keith 19. 42, 55. 86. 108 Hawkins, Kevin 111 Hawkins, Vince 102 Hefner, Michael 115 Hefner. Steven 112 Hendershott, Keith 18. 62, 73, 87. 100 Hendershott, Leslie 113 Hendershott. Randy 110 Hendershott, Roger 2154104 Hess. Lesa 55,111 Hlett, April 85. 86. 106 Hill.Jesse116 Hill. Rhonda 110 Hill. Ronald 113 Hill. Terry 21, 37. 38, 50, 70, 85, 100 Hill, Tim 16. 21, 104 Hindman. Kelly 55,110 Hindman. Kevin 21.85.104 Hinkle. Lynn 60,73.100, 141 Hitt, Gina 55,86. 108.145 Hitt. Terry 106' Hobbs, Boyd 115 Holder, Ryan 21, 30. 38, 100 Holland, Angie 55, 86, 106. 140 Holland, David 90 Howard, Frankie 21,100.135 Hudson, Don 113 Hudson, Hollis 116 Hudson, Nanie 113 Jackson, Jimmy 21,104 Jackson, Larry 21,104 Jackson, Linda 22.100 Jackson, Randall 21, 101 Jackson.Sue102, 135 Jackson, Tonya 86,108 James, Bradley 116 James, Jeff 111 James,Joyce 64, 87. 101 James, Kevin 113 Jarreli, Gary 102 King. Rebecca 106 King. Regina 18, 22. 27. 75, 101, 143 King. Rhonda 112 King. Robin 22, 27. 104 King. Ronald 110 Kirkpatrick. Alana 37 Kirkpatrick, Bob 42. 43. 50. 64 Kirkpatrick, Rita 37 Kiss. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss. Klotz Klotz Alex11O Jeff 108, 145 Joe116 Lorne 113 Sylvia 106 Tern21,104 er, Diana 101 er.Juanita 114 Lacy, Randy 102 Lacy, Ricky 106 Lacy. Russell 111 Lanp her. Ben 20. 24. 28, 50. 52, 85, 101.124 Lanp Lanp her,.leanie114 her. Jennifer 114 Lanpher, Karen 87.110 Lanpher, Kim 3, 7, 44, 85, 86. 106. 146 Lanpher, Larry 85.87, 96 Lanpher. Lyn 112 Lanpher. Rus 21, 23, 85. 96, 99 Lanpher. Scott 116 Lanpher. Stanley 21,40.88.105. 135 Lanpher. Ted 90 Leadbetter. Kevin 86. 108 Leadbetter, Stanley 2, 112 Lee, Bobby 111 Lee, Debbie 114 Liley, Floyd 17.91 Liley, Ruth 117 Limbaugh, Anetta 22.105 Limbaugh, Billie 86. 106 Limbaugh, Dennis 86. 108,152 Limbaugh, Kelly 108 Limbaugh, Martin 108. 142 Limbaugh, Steve 107 Lizen bee. Ricky 107 Jenkins, Liana 118 Jenkins. Wanda 118 Jennings, Jo Ann 65,108,139 Johns, Billy 102 Johns, Darlene 56, 86. 106 Johns,June 57,111 Johns. Kevin 110 Johns, 102 Johns. Patricia 22, 27, 64, 76. 87. 96 Johns, Tammy 108. 144 Johnson, Kim 106 Johnson. Ray 92 Jones, Chris 79,138 Jones, Debbie 113 Jordan, Kim 111 Jordan, Rhonda 22. 27. 49. 85. 87, 89 102, 146 Jordan. Richie 21,81.87,96.142 Jord Jord Jord an. Ronnie 21, 40. 88. 104 an, Sherry 86. 106, 148 an. Steve 135 Kalinski. Tom 21.85, 96, 150 Kanady. Cindy 112 Kanady. Lynn 116 Linda 22, 49, 63, 71. 85, 87, 89. Long, Alecia 114 Long. Danny 11. 19.35. 38. 71. 101 Long Georgia 92 Long. Janice 11. 17, 19. 22. 27, 32, 46 62. 74, 96, 41, 160 Long, Mary 22, 77. 78 Long, Michael 8, 87, 110 Long, Parks 8. 43, 107 Long. Randy, 57. 112 Lorch. David 43, 107.147 Lorch.Janine115 Loughary. Terrisa 113 Lynch, David 11. 56. 86, 107, 126 Lynch. Juanita 119 Lynch, Leigh Ann 87.110 Maloney, Sheila 108. 145 Mangrum. Darrell 113 Mangrum, Kathy 110 Mangrum, Mildred 116 Mangrum, Randy 108 Mangrum,Tena111 Manning, Robert 109 Markham, Jiles 109, 143 Markham, Kevin 115 Markham, Olive Fay 22.27.82,105 Kanady. Odell 113 Keene, Kevin 24, 68, 104 Keene, Lloyd 92 Kelm, Lavonda 112 Kennedy. Darrell 55, 111 Kennedy, David 113 Kennedy, Eddie 106 Marti Marti Marti Marti Marti Marti Marti n. Barbara 111 n. C.A, 90 n. Celeste 56, 62. 86, 107 n, Dennis 57,112 n, James 62. 85, 101 n, Linda 87,110 n, Ronald 21,85,102.149 Kennedy. James 55.111 Kennedy, James 111 Kennedy, Kelly 114 Kennedy. Laura 106 Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd .Allen 90, 91 ,Billy 102 ,Bobby 114 ,Karla 113 , Kathy 60.86.108 Kidd, Keith 20. 40, 50, 85. 102 Kidd. Kelly 19, 22, 27, 29, 32, 46. 62, 73, 74, 85. 101, 127, 141 Kidd, Patricia 106 Kidd, Tim 66,101 Kinder. Pam 87,102 King, Brenda 22. 61, 87. 102 King, Kenny 110 King,ivlike115 King, Randy 112 Masters. David 21,85,102.148 Masters. Janet 87, 110 Masters. Ted 87, 110 Masters. Tony 112 Matney, Evelyn 118 Matney, Mike 7, 17. 19, 20, 22, 85, 87 97, 144 Mayberry, Dennis 5, 21. 50, 102 Mayfield. Max 72 Mayfield. Viola 69 Mayo, Terri 113 McCullough, Debbie 30, 76.97 McFerron, Jeanna 113 McFerron, Kenneth 11, 17. 19. 20. 94. 97 McFerron, Paul 21. 40, 102 McLain. Terry 107 Meador. Brenda 4. 107. 148 Meador. Charlotte 6, 55, 87. 110 Meador. Cynthia 114 Meador, Darrell 55 Metcalf, Marie 22 Middleton. Mike 59.115 Middleton. Timmy 87, 110 Mler, Garry 87.110 Mier, Nelda 111 Mier, Scottie 20.62. 71,85, 102 Miles, Harold 55.57.111 Miles, Melinda 22. 27. 58. 82. 85. 89. 105 Miles, Neil 116 Miller, Etta 93 Miller, Jerry 110 Millgrggton, Steve 21. 50. 52. 87. 97. 1 Montgomery. Frankie 116 Montgomery. Wayne 113 Moore. Eddie 87.110 Moore. J, 117 Moore, Jerri 11. 86, 109 Moore. Jerry 1 16 Moore. Scotty 114 Moore, Terri 22. 27. 49, 84, 87. 103. 126 Morgan. Cathy 72 Morgan. Jan 66. 74 Morgan. Rhett 56. 57.87 110 Morgan, Tiffany 59.115 Moroni. David 113 Moroni. Mike 20, 50. 62. 71. 103 Moroni. Steven 116 Morris. Chris 112 Morris. Mark 110 Morris. Victor 21. 40. 87, 88. 105 Morse. John 116 Morton. Brad 109 Morton. Brock 86.153 Morton. Bruce 113 Morton, Ronald 112 Moyer. Malia 57.112 Nelson. Davie 21.85.105 Noble. Joe 21. 24, 25. 53, 97 Noland. Paul 113 Noland. Susan 111 Norman, Lori 113 Nothdurtt. Daniel 116 Nothdurft, Regina 110 Nunn. Keith 114 Nunn. Tammy 112 Oller. Ron 21. 28. 35. 37, 38. 97 Overby. James 115 Overby. Robert 115 11 s. ' : I Jigtzzfiiv , W f L. Owens. Cheryl 114 Owens, Scott 111 Pace. Greg 21,88,105 Pace. Mark 57.110 Pace, Martha 113 Palmer, Vicki 12, 15. 19, 21. 22 24. 26. 28. 32, 39, 36. 63. 84 88. 97. 99. 129 ParkS.Ernie109 Pate, Ben 8.110 Pate, Cherrie 115 Pate, Juela 111 Payne, Billy 21,105 Payne. Daved 42.109.152 Payne. Ginger 116 Payne. John 107 Payne. Scott 115 Pteffer. Angela 110 Phillips. Teresa 113 Pickett.Chrls115 Pickett,Mendy111 Pittman. Johnny 115 Pittman, Robin 110 Pittman, Sharon 115 Pittman. Tammy 115 Pitts, Duane 68.109 Poe. Scott 109 Powers. Allison 112 Powers. Kim 110 Powers. Terry 107 Propst. Donna 112 Propst.Jackle115 Propst. Ray Allen 111 Pulley.Brldget116 Rader, Mike 21. 73. 101 148 Rader, Mitzi 112 Rainey, Brenda 46, 47.97 Rainey. Kathy 101 Talney, Tim 4, 62, 79, 98 Redman. Donna 55,111 Redman. Phyllis 11, 16. 44. 56,67, 106 Rehm. Cindy 22, 49. 68. 85, 105. 140 Rehm, Sheryl 22. 27, 28, 32, 46. 64, 85. 101 Rennhart. Earl 65 Rendleman. Becky 16. 22. 27. 71, 85. 103. 147 Rendleman. Steven 107 Reutzel. Brett 57. 111 Reutzel. Gary 90. 91 Reutzel, Gretchen 44, 45. 86, 107 ReutzeI.Jett21.50.103 Reotzel, W endel11.45.107 Reynolds, Clarence 114 Reynolds, Jerrold 115 Rhodes. Amy 22. 24, 26, 84. 105 140 Stllts. Tammy 18, 22. 27, 46. 49. 63 71,85,103, 150 Straoser. Donna 58 86.109 Swan. Debbie 101 Sweeney. Bobby 54, 55. 110 Rhodes, Bradley 114 Rhodes. Klm 22.27. 73.85. 101, 141 137 Rhodes. Mary 117 Rhodes. Mary Gayle 118 Rhodes. Scott 21, 22, 24. 105 Richards, l-losue 93 Richmond. Cindy 22.27.101 Rlchmond. Mary 80 Riley. Carla 2 103.150 Ritter. Angie 86.109 Ritter. Barbara 22. 27. 73. 101 Ritter. Brenda 101. 126 Rutter. Carl Dean 10 21, 58. 87, 105 Rooinett,Ke:th114 Ro6lnett,Kev1n 114 ' Roolns,Glndy115 Robins.Davld111 Robins. Larry 50, 73. 101 Robins. Mark 21. 40, 50, 88. 105 , Robins. Tana 113 Sweeney. Herhy 105 Sweeney. Melody 113 Sweeney. Teresa 111 Sweeney. Terry 1 12 Sweeney. Teresa 111 Sweeney. Terry 112 Talley. Klrn 20. 62. 64, 98. 134. 141 Talley. Trennls 101 Taylor. Brenda 113 Taylor. Jody 22.78, 80.87.101 Taylor. Lao rel 22. 60, 103 Taylor, Nlkkl 107 ' Taylor, Robln 57.111 Taylor, Rodger 116 Teeters, William 16. 71, 78, 106 Thompson,CIay113 Thompson,Julle110 Thompson. Lisa 22.105 Thompson. Paula 110 Thompson. Rena 115 Thompson. Tuna 111 Robinson. BilIy21.87,98 Robinson. Dale 21,103,130 Robinson.Janice109, 143 Robinson.Stephen105 Robinson, Terry 85.87,105 Rodgers. Janet 22, 27. 85. 105 Rodgers. Marty 19.21. 38. 66. 79.84, 101 Roe. Stacy 114 Rogers, Janet 136 Roper. Eddie 21, 52, 82. 98 Roper. Ricky 19, 21, 105. 151 Thompson. Troy 109.42 Tldwell.Jerome94.98 148 Tldwell. Kevin 21. 103. 131 Tidwell. Terry 43.107 Tilley.CarIa 118 Tilley. Harold 19. 72. 89 Towery. Nancy 22. 27, 66. 74. 85. 101 141, 147 Tropf, David 20, 23. 25, 28, 34, 38, 98 Trout. Gary 19. 38, 50, 53, 62, 74, 97 98,141 Schatte. Randy 107 Schatte. Vicki 5. 62. 101 Scherer, Mary 60. 71. 86. 109 Scherer. Robin 22. 27. 29. 46 48, 85. 88. 103. 144 Schrader. Tanya 56. 60, 62. 86. 109 Schwartz. Robert 114 Scott. Ida 117 Scott. Tracy 115 Seabaogh. Bryan 43, 86. 107 Seaoaogh,Greg55,111 Seaoaugh.Kerrl22.85.105 Seabaugh. Michael 112 Umfleet, Donna 111 UmfIeet,JuIie 57.112 Umfleet, Tammy 56.86,109 Umfleet. Teresa 86, 107 Umfleet, Terry 114 VanGennip .Alan 57.112 VanGennip, Marsha 116 VanGenmp .Paul92 VanGennlp. Roger 114 VanGenn1p, Scottie 19. 43, 86, 107 133 VanGennlp . Teresa 111 VanGennip, Tony 111 Vavak, Darrell 107 Shell. Dan 110 Shell. Monica 54,110 Shell. Tim 57,110 Shell. Tim 57.110 Sherman. Dana 55. 86, 109 Sherman, Kandi 14. 22, 24, 26, 84, 101, 129 Sherman. Matt 43, 55. 107. 139 Shlrrell, Teresa 22. 27,98 Simms.Dav1d 43,107. 137 Simms. Tammy 114 Sltz. Donald 111 Sitz.Ronn1e11,42,86,109 Sltz. Ruth 92 Sltze, Dan 79 Slinkard,Jett114 Slinkard. Jett 92 Srnlth.Jan e112 Sm1th.Joan 110 Sm1th.Joe 115 Sm1th.JuI1e107 Smith. Keith 21.101 Smith. Pam 112 Sparkman.Clndy116 Sparkman.Mlke113 Sparkman.Terry112 Speer. Karen 150 Speer. Kevin 19 Speer. Mike 21. 81. 98, 147 Speer. Tammy 110 Spltzmlller. Matt 114 Stehtln. Karen 22.86.107 Stehlln, Kathy 12. 14. 22, 2 103 Stephens. Stephens. Stephens. Douglas 115 Owen 115 Tammy 116 Stepp, Debbie 55,107 Stepp, Kat ny115 Stepp. Mark 21,40 41.50.103 Stepp. Randy 116 5, 27. 28. Vavak, Lois 66 Vavak, Steve 7, 19, 28, 40, 103 Veale, Patti 44. 55, 67. 70. 86. 107, 149 Veale,Ronn1e 7, 21. 34, 38, 62, 101 Voss, Erika 22, 27, 85, 89, 105 Voss, Karl 116 Voss, Keith 110 Walker, Kathy 18. 103 Walker, Robert 56, 57, 87, 110 Walker, Scott 115 Walker, Teresa 86 Ward. Ginger 44, 55. 62, 86, 109 Ward, Scott 21, 85, 103. 129 Ward.Todd 87,110 Warner, Arthur 111 Warner, Don-112 Warner, Paul 2, 77, 103, 145 Watkins, Gary 109, 151 Watkins,Jimrny 112 Weishuhn,,.limmy 115 Weissenborn, Kay 55, 56. 62. 86, 109 Stevenson. Pam 8.113 Stevenson. Randy 87.110 Stevenson. Rodney 21. 40. 41. 85, 105 Welch. Welch. Welch. Brad 42. 55. 86. 109 Bryan 114 Steve 21 30, 76, 87, 99 Welker. Jeanette 112 Welker, Paula 111 Welker. Teresa 109 Welty. Barbara 113 Westbrook, Wesley 21. 40. 88. 105. 122 Wheeling, Gregory 116 White, Brad 107 Whlte,Connle2.87. 101 White. Edward 111 White. Elizabeth 60. 86, 109 White. Jim 92 White, Kim 86.107,154 White. Pam 87.110 White, Timmy 21. 24. 85. 103 White. Whltta Tracy 20, 22. 27. 99. 129 ker.Mltzl67.107.149 Whittley. Donna 115 Whlttley. James 115 Whittley. Pamela 111 Whittley. Patricia 101 Whittley, Rose 109 Wiggln Wiggln Wiggin Wiggun Wiggin s. Charles 19, 43, 107 s. Cindy 62.86.109 s, Ferrell 11, 81 s, Mildred 10, 32. 46, 49, 83 s. Tammy 22. 26, 30, 32. 46, 49 53, 62, 103, 129 Wiggin s, Tony 21, 29. 40. 103 Wilburn,Grace 118 Wiltong, Marilyn 89.103152 Wiltong. Wayne 107 Willard. Kenny 109 Williams. Bennie 114 Williams. Darliss 87.103 Williams, Donald 21, 50. 101 Williams, Donnie 110 Williams. Mae Ann 10. 22, 24, 27,85 105 Williams, Rhonda 103 Wllllams.l?0nnIe109.145 Williams. Rusty 110 Williams, Steve 107 Wllliams, Teresa 109 Wills, Mitchell 91 Wilson. Joe 112 Wilton, Connie 11. 19, 71. 86. 109 Winchester, Brian 42, 44. 109. 154 Wiseman. Amy 115 Wiseman, Sherry 112 Wiseman, Terry 113 Yance Karla 101 Y, Young, Anderia 114 Young. Young. Young, Young. Young. Young. Young. Charles 17. 79, 109. 137 Jeff111 Jennifer 107 John 5.18.21. 103,140 Kevin 112 Nena 109 Tena 103 Younger, Tammy 116 Yount, Royce 12, 29, 33. 35, 38, 94, 99. 1 27,141 Advertisers Advance Cut Rate 151 Advance Frozen Food Locker 149 Advance News 149 Advance Tire and Appliance 138 Advance Quick Shop 145 Arbor VaultCompany 151 Arbuckle's Store 143 Auto Tire and Parts 144 B81 M Pool Hall 150 Bank of Advance 123 Bank of Bloomfield 148 Bank of Marble l-lill144 Barker, G. R. Furniture Store 143 Beauty Box. The 143 Bell City Fabric Shop 146 BellCity Store 151 Ben Franklin Store 150 Beth's Beauty Shop 140 Bishop's Music Shop 147 Bollinger County Bank 151 Cape State Bank St Trust Co. 129 Cauble 81 Field. Inc. 153 Central Foods. INC. 134 Chem-Co Diversified Corp.128 City Motor Sales 151 Corral lnn Motel 142 Crader's Texaco 126 Craig Photography Studio L Gall 141 Dexter National Bank 130 Elfrink Truck Lines 133 Evans-Buick. Olds, GMC. Inc. 153 Family lnn. The 135 Farmers Cash Store 136 Fashion Two-Twenty 152 First Federal Savings 8 Loan 142 First National Bank 137 Flower Fox Florist 127 Ford's Body Shop 144 Gamble's Store 152 Gardiner's Cafe 139 Harnes Building 131 Harold's TV 81 Appliance 150 Hefner's Barber Shop 154 Henson's Grocery 149 Hickory Log 150 Inland Shoe Mfg. Co. 122 Jenkins MFA Insurance Agency 138 Jerry's Upholstery 155 Jordan's Barber Shop 135 Kitchen Corner, The 133 Lambert's Fabrics Unlimited 144 Lorch, Dennis J.lnsurance136 Lorch Standard Service 147 Lutesville Motor 145 MFA Exchange Division 152 Maries Beauty Shop 148 Mayberry's 66, 146 Medler-Davis Chevrolet 149 Millington Trucking Co.136 MirlylmplementCo.131 Monarch Feed Mills, Inc. 127 Moore's Feed 81 Seed Store 151 ery Morgan Funeral Home 138 Morgan. Homer Furniture Co 137 Nickens Pharmacy 140 Nowell's Camera Shop 154 Oran State Bank 132 Pepsl Cola Bottling Co. 128 Portraits by Rhoton 125 Price Furniture L Appliance Co 147 Reutzel. L. O, Construction Co.130 Rhodes. Bill Oil 81 LP Gas 134 Richmond Hardware 8- Lumber Co. 135 Ricketts Lumber Co,142 Rudy's Furniture 140 Sally's Beauty Shop 146 Sarah Coventry 132 Shell Feed St Supply Co 145 Sherman Land Improvement 139 ShirrellReady-Mix152 Sikes Sporting Goods 146 Sskeston Motor Co 134 Southeast Co-op Service 139 SouthwayCafe151 Styles by Betty 133 Sunny Hill Farms Dairy 124 Superior Business Machines142 Two-Toriy's Smorgasbord137 Wards Grocery Store 129 Western Auto Associate Store 145 Wiggins Motor 81 Mobile Home Sales 143 Wiley's Laundromat 148 Worley lmplementCo, 126 Organizations Band 84. 85, 86, 87 Chorus 87 Future Farmers of America 20, 21, 24, 25 Future l-lomemakers of America 22. 23.24.25 Pepperettes 26. 27. 28, 29 Science Club 71 StudentCouncil16,17,18.19 Editor's Last Words Few people realize what a job it is to be editor of the school yearbook. I know I didn't when I agreed to be editor. However, all the work has been worth it, for I can look through this book and remember something about each spread - how hard it was to get a picture, or how we had to dig for some copy. I worry, now in lVIay, 1975, just how the students will accept this book. lt's sort of like hoping your child will do well as an adult. I, with my help, have worked hard and long on this yearbook. We hoped to convey our theme and compile the story of the school year simultaneously, and I believe we did. Attimes, when I was especially tired, I would almost regret being editor, but as we turned in the cover design, which received such good comments, and as we met a deadline, I would feel so good, so high, and so on top of it all. Then I would realize what an expanding experience editing a yearbook is. I can honestly say I don't regret any of it. It was worth it all. Skim through this book the first time, looking at the pictures. Terrie Daniel has shown her worth as a photographer. Then go back and read the copy. It will mean more to you as the years go by. I love this book, a child of my brain. The theme, Free to be Ourselves, expresses the feelings of today's students, and the freedom we as American citizens enjoy. Please accept this book with a free and open mind. I would like to extend a special thanks to lVlrs. Jan Morgan for her help and understanding. Thanks to Babe-tte Morgan for her encouragement and help. l'd like to thank my junior editor, Kelly Kidd, and the teachers for being so tolerant ofour interruptingtheir classes to kidnap their students for ad pictures. Thanks also go to the administration for being so lenient when we needed to leave the school grounds to take pictures. Last I would like to thank my mom who put up with my odd hours and working and griping continually. ECll'fOl' i FA? Thanks, friends, for sticking by Janice Long

Suggestions in the Advance High School - Advancer Yearbook (Advance, MO) collection:

Advance High School - Advancer Yearbook (Advance, MO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 19

1975, pg 19

Advance High School - Advancer Yearbook (Advance, MO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 6

1975, pg 6

Advance High School - Advancer Yearbook (Advance, MO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 53

1975, pg 53

Advance High School - Advancer Yearbook (Advance, MO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 114

1975, pg 114

Advance High School - Advancer Yearbook (Advance, MO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 94

1975, pg 94

Advance High School - Advancer Yearbook (Advance, MO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 109

1975, pg 109

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