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Y, Y CFS kk l 10 a V H , T3 fx 1 T1U'5Q'f'J'77LmI T x- F wwf Jew-fa f fy C5 WMV J ff C , ,, QP Q3 A " "k f .5 X, 9, C-I C 5154.0 Ccg 5-6? :V jf --2, f, ,J ,SMI 6 521 A 5' 0 gps 'H 4xV,s7'm2'J' Q , if f Rx x N, Rxj . "BP fx i f mfgi fi QQEXX Z E if The great class of fifty-nine will be the last class to graduate from the present high school building. The sophomores and juniors are to carry on in the new building next year, but we, the seniors, are casting off the old and seeking a new life for our- selves. The little character depicted below is our answer to "OFF WITH THE OLD" and may be found throughout the book, representing our feelings towards the old. He symbolizes the students, the faculty, the custodians, and many events. The Sickle Staff proudly presents 0FF WITH THE OLD--- THEME e j fx P n D 'K y X Dedication JAMES DESPAIN In recognition of one of the outstanding teachers of our faculty we dedicate this yearbook to Mr DeSpam The one characteristic that belongs to hum solely is his remakable sense of humor Through his dry wit and friendliness he has made and retamed a close friendship with everyone with whom he comes in tinguishes hum in an honorable fashion Mr DeSpam has a sincere devotion and keen interest towards athletics and coaching ln his will ingness to cooperate and assist his students and athletes he hopes to prepare them for a well adlusted and beneficial future He will truly be remembered as a prominent figure of our hugh school Q contact. His casual, proficient manner clearly dis- Table of Contents Dedication Board of Educahon Aclmumstrahon Teachers Bulldung and Grounds Semor Class Offucers Semors Jumor Class Offrcers Jumors Sophomore Class Offlcers Cmzenshlp Orgamzohons Clubs Dromohcs Musnc Sports Aclverhsmg Durectory Adverhsmg 134-168 ' ' ,. A , 2 ' 4 . . . 516 7-l l ' ' l2 ' ' 13 ' ld-46 ' ' 47 ' 48-52 ' 53 Sophomores A 54-60 . . . . . 61-70 71-94 ' . 95-98 ' 99-100 lll-132 ' ' ' , 133 Board Education CHARLES E HICKMAN PRESIDENT WILLIAM WALKER SECRETARY ROBERT FRELIGH TRUSTEE W L AUSTIN ROBERT C BIRMINGHAM SUPERINTENDENT VICE PRESIDENT H D GARDNER LOUIS E ROBERTS TRUSTEE ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT JAMES H FRIDD MRS ELLIS BAILEY TRUSTEE TRUSTEE of ' Administration ROBERT L HAYDEN BS M A PRINCIPAL AGNES M NIELSEN B S M A. CHESTER E DAVIDSON B E M.A Iowa State Teachers College University of Ilhnols Columbia University Psychology Michigan State Boy s Counselor Co Advisor Future Teachers Advisor Student Council Girl s Counselor HENRY W LUTZ BA Unlverslty of Mlchlgan Bookkeeping Commercial Law Commercial Geography Business Organization Advisor B O C Financial Advisor WILLARD H DEJONGE B A. Western Michigan College English I0 Director of Adult Education C0 advisor of Booster Club DONALD T WHITNEY B S M A General State Teachers College University of Minnesota Vocational Co ordmator ALVIN R. WYSE, B.A., M.A. Manchester College Ohio State University Bookkeeping Related Instruction Advisor of Co-op Club J.V. Basketball Coach 6 CLIFFORD NELSON B S B A College of Wooster Bowling Green State Unlvers American History Athletic Director L EON A DI EHL Presbyterl an Training School for Nurses Albion College Advisor Future Nurses Club PAUL RAINIER B S M A University of Iowa Supervisor of Music RAYMOND C. MACKEY, B.A. Eastern College Biology nty MILDRED M ARMSTRONG B A Adnan College Unlverslty of Mrchlgan Columbia University Engllsh Llterature English I0 Co advlsor of Future Teachers ALVIN BOHMS B S M M Mlchvgan State Normal College Umverslty of Mlchlgan Band Instrumental Muslc C M BU SACK, B A. College of Wooster UHIVBYSIIY of Oregon Unlverslty of Washington Spanush World Hustory Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Assistant Football Coach Advisor of Spanush Club JAMES CRETCHER B A M A P M h Alblon College Olnvet College Unlverslty of Wlsconsln Speech Eng Ish 3 4 Advisor Sensor Class JEAN DAVIS B S Bowlnng Green State Umverslty Physical Educataon Advisor G A.A Advlsor Leaders Club 91 RICHARD C ALVERSON Adnan College Unlverslty of Mlchugan Algebra I 2 Plane Geometry CHARLENE N BRAGG Adrian College Purdue Unlverslty American Literature E EDWARD CARLSON B A Central State Teachers College Metal Shop MARY W CRETCHER BA MS Albion College lllmols State Normal French Home and Family Llvlng Great Books JON CHARLES DAVIS B A Michigan State Unlversvty Arnerlcan Hlstory World History Assnstant Football and Track Coach Co-advisor of Booster Club JAMES DESPAIN M A Iowa State Teachers College Unlver slty of Michigan Algebra Geometry Wrestling Coach CAROL L EVARTS B S. Bowling Green State University Physical Education RICHARD GAVER A B College of Wooster Kent State University American History Jr Varsity Football Coach Reserve Basketball Coach Reserve Baseball Coach LINDSEY L GORDON B S Northeast Missouri State Michigan State Unuverslty George Washington Unlverslty American Government Economics LORENE HANSEN B.A. M A. University of Illinois Columbia University Home Economics Cafeteria 'gin MARILYN A DUKE B S Mlchlgan State Eastern Michigan College Home Economics Advisor of F H A ARTHUR A FOX, B S Defiance College Bookkeeping I Shorthand General Business Commercial Math Typing I ARTHURJ GITTUS A B B E University of Toledo World History CLAUDE R HAMPTON Michigan State Normal College American Literature Advisor of Sickle English 3 Advisor Junior Class FRANCIS C HAZEN B A University of Michigan Physical Education Tennis Coach Swimming Coach BRADLEY HENSON B S Eastern Mlchlgan College Umverslty of Muchlgan Graceland College Biology Asst Football Coach Track Coach C HUBERT HOWE B S Western Mlchlgan College Mechanical Drawing ALFRED M HYATT B S Mlchngan State Unlverslty Senlor Science Buology JOHN J KOSICH B S Wyoming Unlverslty Physical Education Football Coach Asst Track Coach GERALD D LEWIS, B.S., M M. Juilliard School of Muslc Unlverslty of South Callfornla Orchestra Instrumental Muslc We is I' JEAN M HORVATH B S MlCl'Ilgdl1 Stote Umverslty Slena Heughts College Home Economics Advisor of F H A HELEN C HUTCHINS B S Western State Mlchugan College ff MILDREDL KINGON B S Bowling Green State College Battle Creek College Iowa State College Homemaklng ll EMILIE KOVANDA B S M S Western llllnol s State College Simmons Col lege Librarian Library Science RUTH LIBBE, B.S., M.A. Unlversuty of Toledo Unlverslty of Clncannatr TYPH19 Stenography Office Practlce Secretarial Tralmng NORBERT E LIBBY B S Northern Michigan College University of Michigan Auto Shop FRANCIS K McMULLEN B S M S Michigan State University Vocational Agriculture Advisor F F A SAMUEL D MILLER B S M M Penn State Teachers College University of Michigan Choir Glee Clubs CHARLES H OSGOOD B S , M A Michigan State University University of Michigan Attendance Records Study Hall EUGENE G PLUMMER B S, M Western Michigan Michigan State High School English Reading Drivers Training 10 MARY JEAN MAYS A.B University of Pittsburg English 'IO Adylsor of Sophomore Class LOIS MILLER B S Bowling Green State University Northwestern University University of Michigan Latin Director of Senior Play Advisor Latin Club GEORGE NIELSEN A.B M A Western Michigan College University of Michigan Physics DUNCAN PATERSON B A. M A Adrian College University of Michigan Biology Advisor of HI Y ALICE E RICHARD B A M A Adrian College University of Michigan Columbia University Advanced Algebra Trigonometry Advisor College Preparatory ARLO RUSSELL B S M S Adnan College Unlverslty of Mlchugan Northwestern Unlverslty Drivers Tramlng GERALDINE M STEWART A B Adnan College Umverslty of Michigan World Hlstory MAXB SWEET BA. MA. Mlchlgan State Normal College Unlverslty of Mlchlgan Chemistry Advisor Chemustry Club ROBERT L WHITACRE BM M M Unlverslty of Mlchlgan Instrumental Music VIOLA BONE OFFICE SECRETARY QW Z RUTH E SHERMAN B A Unlverslty of Mlchlgan Englush Composmon Journallsm Advisor Maple Leaf EDWARD STROBEL B A , A. Mlchlgan State Normal College Unuverslty of Mlchlgan Machnne Shop ALICE E TEUGH, B A Western Mlchlgan Unlverslty Umverslty of Mlchlgan Slena Heights College French 'I Clvlcs Economics Typing l 2 Advusor of French Club EDWARD ZEBROWSKI B A , M A Umverslty of Mlchlgan Clvlcs Economics Psychology Socnology HELEN SMITH OFFICE SECRETARY Building and Grounds 331 ..f Ps HARVEY SAGER HAROLD WINZELER BERTON WARREN BU'Id'n95 Und Grounds Maintenance Shipping and Receiving LOUIS SNEDEKER JIM WINZELER AMIL FILTER CUSf0d'0n Custodian Director of Cusfodlcns ',,..,..a ,, X ARDEN SAGER ELMER BOYD BILL PAULSQN O O ... I M2 l S A .f -- 2- tvf t X H x 5 I ' , "Q, l , TW f 521- . , A I y 65,3 ' '- A A V X nz Q ' 'L ,, X ' is 1 E A R 9 ' N Y 1 1 2 . - . 3 , 1 b '1 D R ' N U 1 A' . 12 Bus Driver Bus Driver Activity Bus Driver Senior C ss ficers 6' 'wr -V' '51 ,M , f'3:-fm'-I PRESIDENT Franz FISHER VICE PRESIDENT NANCY sm SECRETARY CHERRY WASSWK TREASURER JANIET S NTLE SERGEANT AT ARMS DAVE MATHESON V , t 'x, nf' ' 6 X i , -x,4f5jL,l 4 r 3 I, , Ii, -I i i I V R f ls - i "V, af -',, ' ' V "iffy-f.. .4 ' Qfiibra , . E Mary Carol Aldrlch DynamIte Some thInk she IS an ang el, but her halo gets caught In her horns Mary works and plays Wlfh equal zest She has belonged to the Booster, Selaca and Future Teachers Clubs She was home room secretary treasurer, PICYIISY for the Selaco Club, and ID the All School Play We Shook the FamIly Tree Durlng her senlor year she was a mem ber of the Student Councul, on co operatlve traInIng, and presIdent of the Co op Club Mary plans to enter Western Mrchlgan Unlversuty In the fall and major In teachlng Sherry Avernll TI get If all else falls, follow dlrectlons Sherry IS one of our llvely seniors who IS well known by every one She was a member of the Archeology Club, French Club, and Glee Club In her sophomore year She was a member of ChoIr and the Maple Leaf Staff In her Iumor year Her Janet C Allshouse Jan She looks safe and sound but so does synamlte ln her three years of hIgh school Janet has partIcIpat ed In qUlf8 a few 0CflVIfleS she was a member of the anlsh Club for two years She was also a member of the cholr and took part In the Varlety Shows Janet served oh Student CouncIl and as a semor she worked on Co op and became a mem ber of the Co op Club She also served on the robe commlttee as a senIor Janet s plan for the future IS colleae nf' Jo Anne Amo The color of my haIr does n t always show my dIsposI tIon Iust sometames Jo has been actIve In the BusIness Organlzatuon Club and the Co op Club Her fav orIte foods are hamburgs and candy bars Her hobbles are danclng and a certaln 59 Black Rambler wlth o red streak She works as a Jum Anderson Andy Some tImes I Iust sIt and thunk but mostly I lust slt JIm hasn t parnclpated In many actIvItIes In hIs three years of hlgh school, l though football has been hIs mam Interest ln the tenth grade he played as tackle on the Jumor Varslty He won a letter In l'llSIUI'1l0f year for playung guard on messenger at the Commerclal the varslty A broken leg SGVINQS Bank Her plans for the future are to contInue worklng Ruth Ball Ruthle Gloria Baughey Glory She can resist anytl-Img Blessed are they who are but temptatlon Ruth has a real sweet smIle and a specIal talent for won nlng frlends and maklng peo ple happy She loves tennls dIll plckles classlcal mus IC and especnally late hours DurIng her past years In hlgh school she has been a member of the orchestra, In sllent for they can t be quoted ulorla has taken commercIal sublects durlng her hlgh school years, but enloyed working as a Nurses Alde at the Blxby Hospntal on Cooperanve tralnmg so much she Intends to make nurslng a career She be- future plan IS to be aNurse sfh, Spqmsh Club for fwg longs ta the Co op Club and Alde at BIxby HospItal yu-Us and gn Co gp Hu des the Future Nurses She alsc Later on she plans to take gmqgmn Afncq Those engoys sports movIes, and U fl""99 month Pfachcal cannlbals need an educatlon rock Gnd I'0ll nursIng course at Ann Arbor Sh, may get there foo 14 kept Jlm from playIng foot ball In hls semor year Jlm was an actlve member of the F F A After graduahon Jlm plans to engage In farmln Judy Bauschka Judy She s the qUlBfl8Sf untul you lnow her Judy IS Interested In muslc She has been an actlve mem ber of the band for the last two years and has played Ih the orchestra for one year She was a member of the Future Nurses Club In her senIor year Her favorlte hobbles are ICB skatlng and readmg books Golng to Adrlan College for the next four years IS Included In her plans for the future She hopes to malor In the com mercual fleld 1 X- I t , II - I . I, I, IIJO II I II . II II II - - II - - - I II . . - II l ' -- ' - ' H - . , I . . . U -. , , H , . I . . . I , . . . . . I - - - - U- . . , - Sp , A . . . . ' I . . ' C - ' . I . . . U , , , I o I . I I I . . . . - II - ' ' I . ,, , . . . . . - , . , D - . . . . . . . A . I . - u I a ' ' O . . O ' . I ' - ' I . . . 9. . I I Qf ' 4 .N 1 Ma - QF - II - II II - II I II II U " Ig - H . . II lc I ' ' -.- , , ,, , H . I . in I II I . . , . . . - . . . . , A . . - - . , , , . . . . I l , ' . . . - - I - . I , , 0 . . . I I I . , . . . - . . . . , . . . . . . I , . - - I . . - I - I . , . I i D - , . . I . . . ' o I ' ' . , . . . . ' . I I Patrlcla Beach, Emmons Pat" Her future IS planned b he rung on her left hand Most of Pat s actlvltres ln her hugh school years were centered around the Selaco and Future Homemakers Clubs She also was a mem ber of the Co op Club and the Archeology Club Pat works at G C Murphey s on co op Her favorite food IS meatballs and speghettl Although she IS qulet one couldn t fund a more pleas Ing personality un anyone If C t Q Jerry Blohm Bloomer The greatest undeveloped terrltory In the world lles under his hat " Durung has school years Jerry put most of his time unto sports He was on the football team one year, track team two years, and cross country team two years He dndn t 'om many clubs, but was In the Buss ness Org Club Jerry was also vsce-president of hrs homeroom one year Hls hobbles are Ice skatlng and gurls Jerry plans to go to Adrlan College after gradua hon Chrlstlna..l Bemls Tlna The qulet ones are the ones to look out for Tana has partlclpated In the Future Nurses Club and the Co op Club Her favonte food IS pizza WI th a bottle of coke She llkes all sports, but prefers roller skatln dancing and swlmmlng best ln her spare time she can usually be found llstenlng to Rock and Roll and Hull bllly records She IS now working at the Blxby Hosp: tal under the Co op program After graduation she plans to continue her work at the hospital Barbara Bond Brandy She s as quiet as the sum mer skies, tll you see the mlschlef In her eyes Durlng her sophomore year Barbara was actlve In the Latln Club and the Glee Club ln her lunlor year she was a member of the Booster Club Brandy was a member of the Spanish Club In her senior year Her hobby IS collecting 777777 If you know her you can guess what Also she IS the secre tary and treasurer of the Y P E In her church Janlce Brrmlnham Blrmy She may be llttle, but This perky sensor has been a great asset to the class of 59 When Blrmy was a lunlor she was chairman of the decoration commlttee for the prom ln her sopho more and lunlor years she was a member of the cholr, Spanish Club, and un the Varlety Show Al so m Janice s sophomore and sensor years she was a home room officer and par tlclpated In the Pool Show Blrmy s educatlon wlll be continued at Western, where she plans to mayor In blolo Chris Bormg Tramp Stand ln llne, gurls Don t all rush at once Chrls was a charter member of the Road Saints car club He dldn t do much In hugh school sports, but he dud partlclpate In seventh eughth, and mnth grade swummmg and track H loves sports and always attends all the home games Hls hobbies are horses, gurls, and cars After grad uatlon Chris plans to follow un his father s footsteps and race horses He has planned on thus occupatuon for a long whale and doesn t thunk he would like anything else Su zanne Kay Blanchard e Sport that wrinkled care dlvldes, and laughter hold- lng both his sndes Come and trap It as you go on the lught fantastic ree Durmg her last three years of hl school Sue was In the first orchestra ln the tenth grade she was In the Pool Show and she lolned the Booster Club IU the eleventh grade In the twelfth grade she continued ln the Booster Club and helped wuth many of the Club s GCfIVlfl8S When s e flnl shes hugh school she hopes to go to college and then enter alrlme steward ess work A Wnlllam Boudreau Bllly A tough row to hoe7 Just call Boudreau Bull, as the klds at school know ham, has not partlcl pated In many school actlv mes, but loves sports Bull has been a member of the sensor hugh school cholr for the last three years and has played o part In the Vanety Show all three years He has also been on the track team for two years as well as the football team Hls plans for the future rs to attend Adnan College all A ' ' ' Q - - - a 1 - 9 r - - - 1 1 - rl ' ' n :Su u 1 1 - r 1 . . ., , I I v .U .7 . , . 3. - . . - p . . . . , , , ' ' ' . . . . . l ' ' ' ' ' l. . . s u .4 Q gh ' ' gr ' . 9 . . . , ' - . . . - . , . . . . . - 1 . . I , . , . . h . . I gy. . . - I '. U ' lp, .5 f QQ, S 9 7 I I I I Y . I I I I u ff y I , , I I , I ' I I I I I - - 4 I . . . , , , s n . 1 I .. 'I . . 0 . . . H 7 ' ' ' ' - 9 . . . . .- . - - . . . I . 1 . . . . . I . . 0 ' . . . . . q , .7 . 15 'Phyllls R Bournes To her happuness one clue, a certaun all dressed un blue Pl-,yll Bonnue Lou Bowerman there us BON Aur Cadet She us w: se, she us wutty, DU"""9 he' h'9l" School Years she s un love, whar a p:ty"' Phyll has partucupated un m'm7 School achvllles and Bonnue has been un the clubs She has been an UC F H A for the last two tuve member of the chour for Yoors, homeroom woe ores three years Phyll enloys musuc of ary style, espec:al ly uf ut s danceable he also enucys sporus of all kunds as c spectator as well as a portucupator Her nature us such that her foes are Few and her fruends are many After graduatuon her plans unclude o weddung and possibly beung a beautu cuan :dent un the tenth grade and homeroom presudent un the eleventh grade All durung her hugh school years she has magored un commercual subuects Bonnue loves dancung and lustenung to records, whuch take up her extra tume After graduatuon she has been thunkmg of goung to a beautuclan school -Mm Dorus .lean Bowerman ogncm Mane Boyle .leannue Pat She looks luke angel, Women luke to conquer, ut but ,S sho?" even better to be conquered .leannue came from Burdsall Ferndale s loss was Adruan s school un her freshman year gaun, when Pat came to Durung hugh school she dud Adruan un the begunnung of not take part un many school her gunuor year Gettung act:v:t:es except the Frenchrught unto the swung of Club :n her sophomore year Durung her lunuor year she and her famuly luved un Ruversude, Calufornua She has taken commercual sub lects and plans on a busun ess career after graduatuon Jeannue llkes roller skatung and spends a lot of her tume at the Skatf Arena Her fav orute pcustzme us wrutung to and also of gettung marrued he' 9'-'Y In C0l'f0"""0 thungs, Pat served as person nel manager of her Jr Achuevement Company, and louned the French Club Contunuung her actuvntues, Pat was elected vuce pres: dent of the French Club, uouned the Booster Club and the Guemustry Club, and went out for the Pool Show She also plays untrcmural basketball Rodney Brad: sh 11 11:1 l If 16 Ron Brehmer Ron What? No gurls un heave Well, then, lust leave me here." Ron d:dn't have too many school actuvutues, but he lukes art and mechanical draw:ng best of hus sublects. Thus year he has partucupated un the Co op Club. When he :sn't home he can usually be found un the "Topper," or some other place where the "Road Sa:nts" can be found. Sudney A Brockley Sandy l m the quuet type " Sandy has been actuve un quute a few actuvutues durung hus years un hugh school. He was a member of the Spanush and Booster Clubs. On the sport sude, he was a member of the baseball team un hus sophomore and gunuor years ond the basketball team un hus lunuor year. He was a member of the Homecomung Commuttee un hus lunuor md senuor years and the Prom Dorothy Brown Always happy, always gay always fruendly ln every way." Dorothy, a new member of Adruan hugh school, has not had on opportunuty to partuc :pate :n many of our school actuvutues. Her maun hobbues are practucung on her trumpet and roller skattng. Her fu ture plans cure to attend an aeronautucal school. Commuttee un hus lunuor year. He also was on the Maple Leaf Staff. Qi- ' ' , 9 ,, . ., "1 ,sf ' 1 1 . 2 1 M mgqf- 1 .1 I ,ga , Si' .I ..,. . ,.. o, - 5-.gee 'f..I4,,-' ,. - 4 , u ' ' . P , , . I - 1 I I I I l I ' ' I ' I ' . . , , . A 1 - at b . , , 1 1 - . . . I I r . A - 1 . 1 1 , . ' ' ' ' ' ' I f . , l . . . - ' ' 7 fl . 1 s . . I I S ' . ' , 5 b 1 1 1 n 1 1 . . ' , - . . . - - 1 1 1 . . I 1 I I . . , , . . u 4 1 u . . , . . . , - U -.Vx 2 , , ,s - 17 ' j " ,.f.l?7.'."-.4 A1 . '-iff", 955 ,f , rif zf.. ,.. ,,,.e,.,,, vu I u , r r : u . Il . 1 1 I 1 ' . I I I . Y skatlng and bowl Ing After Karan Sue Bumb e She turns her back on boy then run backwards Constance Bumpus Bumpy Janet Burdette A blonde halred lassle, A friend remams a friend as sweet as anyone you wall forever chance to meet' ' Sue has been an actlve mem A former West Vlrglnlan, ber of the Future Nurses Bumpy has participated nn Janet has enloyed her two Club In her lunlor and semor everql schggl qcfryrfles years at Adrian Hugh Schoo years Tl-us year she workedjurmg her four years These She based her hugh school f Clf the h0SpIl'dl Oh The COOP Include fwo yeqrg In the eratlve tramlng program Spqmsh Club, gng year gf She llkes Cllmosf Clll kinds the Glge Club qnd one yeqr of foods as well as popular wvth the chour Durnng her ITIUSIC Her fGVOfll'B pdsflmesgnlor year she has been Q are dancing, readlng and lnstenmg to records Upon graduation she hopes to go to Butterworth Hosputal In Grand Raplds for R N Tralnlng member of the Maple Leaf Staff ln her spare moments from the telephone office, she can usually be found dancing until the wee hours at Temperance Her plans for the future are to attend college to prepare for a teaching career What Me worry7' ' While In the tenth grade In h'9h school Bob took metal Shop ln the eleventh grade he took first year machine Shop, and as a semor he took the second year of 'nachlne shop Upon grqduq tnon Bob plans to go mfg the Navy, where he hopes he will get an opportunity Patrlcla Ann Byrd Byrdle curriculum with the idea of malorlng ln English lltera ture In college Her school interests consisted mainly oftheFHA andFTA Clubs Flshlng, boating, swimming, tennis and stamp collecting make up her other favorite actlvltles Sandra Anne Busklrk Buskv She s pretty to walk with and wntty to talk with Sandy has been a member of the G A A for two years and the French Club for three years, being secretary or the thlrd year She was also secretary of her semor homeroom, a member of the Pool Show for three years, the Archeology Club for one year, Forensics for one year the choir for three years, the Gnrls Ensemble for three years, a leading character two out of three years In t Variety Show, and In two all school talent shows Sandy plans to be a nurse or a physucal education teacher In the future To her happiness there us PVBHY Us G P'Cfl-W6 UICB one clue, a certam Marine frame work 700 dressed In blue Judy as a llttle brunette who IS loaded with fun and has a Most of Pat s time IS taken Cheuful Personalny He' U wnh her ob an the n favorites are Toledo and a l luke work, nt fasclnates me l can slt and look at It for hours Joyce has enloyed being a member of the class of 59 Ge eral Telephlne Co She be certam curly haured someone longed to 'he F H A. m hor who lives there During her 'Umor Your Ahhough she hugh school years her school didn t partlclpate an many actuvltles have been few but school actuvltues she enloys well don' Sh' has been Q member of the French Club graduation she plans to con and was on the Maple Leaf hnue with her ob Staff for the last two years, I ln which she served as to study electronucs Bob s PUSYIHIQ IS playing basket bull, although he also Iukes fo swm, second page editor After graduatnon Judy plans to attend a secretarial college In Toledo, where she plans to reside entermg from Palmyra ln 54 She has been an actl ve Member In the Glee Club durnng her four years here During the semor year she was a member of the Ggfls Ensemble Joyce was a member of the Booster Club un her lumor year Her o bles are playmg the piano, sleeping, and square danc mg Joyce IS an actlve mem ber of the Ralsln Presbyter lan Church 17 io-bert Butchart 1 "Bo.b" H ' 'J I J I JL H g "Judy .Ann Cadygn '!JL,tdy" :jfjge C,il'I,Fu',j nCag.y.. W Edwin Calkuns due No sunner, no saunt, per hops, but the very best of chaps Eddue s school actuvutues consusted of track un hus uunuor year and two years un the furst band He works extensively un hus church sungs un the chour, and plays the trumpet He us the pres udent of the church youth group He us an actuve mem ber of the Maple Cuty Kus toms Hus plan after gradu atuon us the Aur Force Un tul then you can see hum rudung around un that red 53 Chevy Convertable with that certain college ur Aluce Colecchua Cluck l m a dreamer, but aren we all?" Aluce has been a member of the Selaco Club and FHA for three years. Last year she was the scrube for the club. Thus year she us also un the Co op Club. She loves to dance very much. She also lukes to bowl, swlm, uce and roller skate, lusten to pop musuc, fush, wrute letters to pen pals and go horse back rudung. Aluce really does love to eat, especually that Jerry LeRoy Carter Jerr What? No Faggo on Mars Jerr us doomed Jerry hasn t been very actuve un school but un the tenth grade he played Junuor Var suty baseball He has ma lored un general shop work Jerry has had one year of auto shop, one year of meta shop, and one year of ma chune shop He also has ha two years of draftung and one year of undustrual arts After graduatuon Jerry plans to go unto the tool and due busuness Barbara Coller Barbue She us wuse, she us wu y, she s un love, what a puty. Barbue has been an actuve member of her class. She was a member of the G A.A. for three years. The chour, three years, the Booster Club, two years, un the Var' uety Show for three years, the Pool Show two years and an offucer of her home room for three years. ln her lunuor year she was on the Prom Commuttee. She enloys dancung and havung slumber wonderful ltaluan food, puzza Pcrhes' Nex' Yea' she Plans and spaghettu. I wonder why 18 7 to attend Western Unuversuty. Jane Giesney But, Mr Osgood, l dud know the gun was loaded Jane has been goung to Adruan Hugh School sunce the nunth grade She hasn t been too actuve un school functuons, except for Glee Club un the nunth, tenth, and eleventh grades She has attended all the football and basketball games that she could when she wasn t work ung at the telephone offuce She started workung there when she was un the eleventh grade In school her maun unterest and one of her malor sublects was art After grad uatuon she plans to further her studues un aut Wu l l uam Coutant B My only books, were wo men s looks, and they taught me nothung but trouble. Bull has been a member ot the baseball team for three years. He also lukes to hunt and fush. He us goung to go unto the Navy when he gets out of school. Jerry Cohen er He s shy he s dark he prefers to park Durung hus senuor year Jerry partucupated un many actuvu tues, both un and out of school He was actu ve un hus homeroom and was elect ed vuce presudent He was a member of the Booster Club un hus lunuor and senuor years, and was also a mem ber of the Spanush and Busu ness Organuzatuon Clubs Through out hugh school he was a member of the senuor chour and the tennus team Upon graduatuon he plans to seek further educatuon un the fueld of busuness admunustratuon Charles Frankl un Cox Chuck It women unterfere wuth work, quut work Durung the last three years Chuck has been pretty busy. He was a member of the Latun Club, the Varsuty "A" Club, and the Booster Club. He has been on the swum team for the last few years, and also un the chour. Thus year he was a student coun cul representatuve and also un the varuety show. In Chuck's lunuor year he re ceuved the honor of beung chosen to qo to Boy's State. - ,v,,, A ' ffr' ' ig :",.f,Q:, n' jf., ,u 5112 QT"'+'12'1 , A . " - - urEd - ul uu lr "J " H ' I I H 9 ru . ' lu 1 I . l su A .H I ," I ur . I - . . . ..r . . . . I . I , ' ' 8 - u a p ' ' ' I . . . I . ' ' . d ' u s a ' ' ' '- n ru ' , - . ' I ' 1 v 4 9' I. ' '- ' ' ' - , . H D H au - n - - uu inn - u. ru I' . 't 1. . Q I .tt ll - . . . ,, r uu - - ' - ru - ur lbw mi J ames Cox fNl no wmv: uo Charlle Davl s Whitey Women are made to be loved, not understood. Charlue has been a member of the varsity wrestlnng team for three years. He was co captain In has senior year. He played J.V. football In hns lumor year and varslty football un has sensor year. He IS a member of the Vars :ty A Club. Cl'1arlle's future plans anclude college, malor mg ln the held of electronics. N 'br Herman Cremeans ' Runt Do unto others before they do It to you Herman was actlve In foot ball ln the tenth and elev enth grades Hrs hobby was automoblles and In his sen lor year he took auto shop to further his hobby Herman has been for two years an active member of the Maple Cnty Kustom s of Adnan Keep em running Herman before they start running after you Frankl In Davis Frank lt s nlce to be good but you mass a lot of fun During the last three years In hl gh school Frank has always partlcupated ln ath letlcs. He was a member of the football, wrestling, and track teams and dad well on each of them. He was a member of the Booster Club, a member of the Governing Board of the Varsity "A" Club, and co-sports edltor of the Sickle Staff. Frank was selected on the "All Twin Valley" football team as defensuve end. He plans to enter college next fall and hopes to make the football team. Ro bert Leo Curtl s Beware I may be great yet This actlve senior boy par tsclpated ln tennls and won a vorslty letter Bob be longed to the Varslty A Club Booster Club and Latm Club He was a member of the Student Council for two years, and president of his class ln the sophomore year ln his lumor year he held the offlce of vlce president of the lunlor class He head ed the committee for sensor trap this year After gradua tlon he wall study pre law at Mlchngan State University Raquel DeLeon lmqulet lmshy lm bashful, I m a llar. Raquel Ia a senior who al ways has a smlle for every one, ram or shme. She has been fairly actlve through hugh school. ln her sopho more year she was a memner of the Spanish Club and glee club. She was president of the Pan Amerlcan Glrls' Club of Adnan ln her senlor year. Her hobbnes are danc mg, tennus, ana roller skat mg. Her future plans ore to get a career nn anrlmes or get a lab. Janet Damon l Il never betray the heart that loves me Durmg Janet s three years of high school she has been very active As a sophomore she was a member of the Student Council the choir and the Spanish Club ln her lumor year she was presldent of her home room an active member of the cholr and also worked after school ln her senlor year she was on co operative tralnlng Janet has her future cut out for her for preceding graduation she wull be a Mrs Jean Demlow Jeanne A good friend true to the en . Jean IS an actlve member of the Latm Club, G.A.A., and Future Teachers'. She has served on the make-up crew of the Pool Show and of the Varnety Show, and she also served on the sound effects crew of the All School Play. Her plan at the present tame IS to become a teacher. She loves sports, music, and reading books. She has a smile that makes everybody her frlend. 19 1 . . . f Q ...I . .1 2' . I gf I' I 1' : 1, -' ' I3 I L-' 9 Q, 'Z az. I .gf if war, ' , ,ZA Y? E A ' A f I DI 1 I lBobl I If . , I a I l ' . I I ' ' I t I I . , . . - . . ' ' l . u l I s - ' , ' . I . I I I , . . . ,J - ' ' ' ' I Q . ' 1 a I X . 0 , , . - . . . I . . I . I 0 ' I . I . Q - ' . - ' ll I ll - I ll ll IIRGII ll ' ll I I I I . 3 I u 1 - r r A I - . I 10 ' ' I I, H Ill d I-C Elalne Dempsey Lanle There s a deal of devlltry neath her mIId exterlor Although Elaine has not par hclpated In many hIgh school actIvItIes, she has been QUITB busy workIng on Co op as Nurses aId qt the hospltal She has galned valuable ex perlence, and she plans to enter Nurses traInIng In OhIo after graduatIon In her two years at Adrlan HIgh school she has belonged to the LotIn and Future Nurses Clubs Also she was home room secretary In her lunlor year Her hobbles are skatlng, Wflflng letters and Ilstemng to records 3' in EP fl J' 9. or Q. U o Q. Q- -apo' Davld Denms Dave Llnda Lou DIbbIe I I m not asleep I m gust The mlschelf In her eyes restmg my eyes IS for real DurIng hls hIgh school Llnda has not partlclpated years Dave played J V In many hugh school actIvI football In hIs sophomore tles, although she has sung year and was also VICB In the cholr for four years presldent of hIs homeroom In her sophomore year she In hIs rumor year he dId belonged to the French Club partIcIpate In any school and was homeroom treasurer actIvItIes because he was In her senlor year she was workung In a local drug homeroom program chanrman store In hIs senlor year She has always had average he was presldent of the marks In her studles She Buslness Organlzatlon has taken commercIaI stud Club Durmg the three years of hIs hugh school, he was an UCIIVG member ofthe HI Y Hls hobbles are dancIng and the oppo slte sex ddsle John Dowllng Hockey IS a wonderful Work IS the curse of he game I thlnk It IS hIs dflnklng classes mIddIe name John worked most of the Doddsle partlclpated In J V tIme so he dldn t have any football and wrestllng In hls tlme for school CCIIVIIIBS sophomore and Iumor years When he wasn t worklng he HIs maIn sport IS golf, hav was foollng around wlth hIs Ing played on the varsIty hobbles John dldn t care for the last three years to sit and watch sports, he Doddsles real Interest IS would rather get out and playlng hockey, In whlch he partlclpate, so hIs hobbles spent most of hls tlme In Included huntlng and flsh hIs senIor year he played Ing, guns and dogs, and for the Toledo Rebels In gIrIs' When John wasn't In Toledo, OhIo He led the school he could be found In Team In scorlng wIth a I 8 a duck bIInd or In a corn goal per game average To fleld, tryIng to help balance go to MI chugan State Unxver nature In hIs own way sIty IS his goal Ies throughout hlgh school Nancy DI sbro DI zzy Don t confuse me wlth h facts I know what I mean Dlzzy hasn t partlclpated In many club UCIIVIIISS In her hlgh school years, but, how ever, she was a member of the Future Nurses Club In her sophomore year She Iukes all sports, one of her favorItes belng bowllng Her hobbles are talklng, collectung records and havlng fun She Ilkes all foods, especIelly PIzza and hamburgers After grad and plans to have a busInessuatIon she plans to IoIn Cl career She Ilkes all sports, branch of the armed SSYVICBS especlally skatlng, swImmIng and danclng 3-1 I deal BIII Drager aIadIn What BIII doesn t kn w may not I'rurt hIm, but It sure amuses a Iot of eachers BIII was a very actlve mem ber of school clubs He was In the Chemlstry Club, the LatIn Club, and he also par tIcIpoted In forensucs In the tenth grade BIII was on the Student Councll and In the eleventh grade he was a home room offlcer BIII plans to enter some branch of avIatIon after graduatIon BIII, at the tIme of gradua hon, was o member of the Road Salnts car club Paul Dunlap I d rather flunk hones Iy then flunk cheatmg Paul s spare tIme has been taken up by VGYIOUS 0UfSlde Interests Includlng track, cross country, and wrestlung In hIs IunIor year These actIvItIes, plus school work and worklng after school and on Saturdays for hIs father, took up a large part of hrs tIme Upon enterIng hIs senlor year, he enrolled In the COOPBYUIIVQ traInIng program and therefore attended school In the morn Ings only Hls afternoons were spent worklng for hls father and ocqulrung very useful knowledge I V ? i , . - f I X ,V f- gg A if ' 'Z .T A U ,rw . I ,f I N ,, ., at . " ., I . I C S ' :I - Ir - - II II ' - :ID-bn - :I - II ' 1 , ' I I I . Q . I I - I 1 I I I ' t e I - - I I . , , . , , I I 5 U l I 0 l . . . . .- . . . . . . . . , . I . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . , . . : . . . I . . . I . , , . . t . l I I I I I - D . . . . , . - . - ' , . 5 I r " " A"'t: ' "" f I 'I .,.. ,. fi ' 7- I 4 I-f ' I I ' I ' ', ,, , " f .I ..,. r f' 'X W' -' , ' ' g ' '21I1 , - , . A , ' I Q 7 ,fix I Q A , . ,,I Q 1 1 Do s I I 1 I I CP ' I I I I I I 1 1 f I I ' 1 o I I I t . . . . . . . . ,,, - - - . III ' I I . t If I ' . . . . 0 . . . I - - . . . . . . . . - - - . . - . . . g . . - ' . . . - . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . , - - . . . . . , . . . . . , . , . . - - . . . . . . - . . . - , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . 0 . - . . James M Dusseau y Janet Mae Ehunger an Count the day lost when A swell gal un every way you don t do somethung fs l Nelson Ehunger Scroogue All the great men aue dy ung, and l don t feel well myself wrong Janet has been actuve durung her three years un hugh Jum went out for Swummmg school All three years she team un the tenth grade ln has been 0 member of the the twelfth grade he was on Latun Club and the Future cooperatuve traunung He ls Teachers Club She played very proud to be Q member un the hugh school band for ofthe Road Saunts car club four years and un the arches tra for one year Durung the last four years she has been presudent of her homeroom Her future? She plans to attend Adruan College wuth the hopes of becomung an elementary school teacher Nelson has been an actuve member of the Booster Club the French Club and has served as vuce presu dent of the Chemistry Club Although he has not served as a homeroom offucer or as a student councul represent atuve he has served on various committees of these organuzatuons He was also actuve In the all school play, Buy Jupiter Nelson expects to enter Adruan College next fall Sharon Kay Elsch Ish Jo Farrant Dark haur shunnung eyes, Sweet, adorable lukeable merry wutted, she s a pruze that s our gal, Jo Sharon has had a very Jo us a sweet gal, llked by busy and ecutung three years everyone Durung her hugh un hugh school She has beenschool days, she partucupat a member of the G A A and ed un the Booster Club and Chour for three years and of spent two years on the glee the French Club, Booster club Jo has al so been a Club, and un the Varuety home room officer for two Show for two ln her sopho years After graduatuon Jo more year she was un the plans to attend Adrian Col Pool Show and secretary of lege to study secondary her homeroom She was on hugh school teachung the Student Councul un her uunuor year In her senuor year she was appounted Homecomung chaurman and she was vuce presudent of her homeroom Marcua Fedar Marcy Don t blame me Blame my eyes and my smule Thus luttle muss has enqoyed the trups made wuth the Archeology Club French Club Mardu Gras, and the Busuness Organuzatuon Club She adores puzza, dates un T town, and a certaun red converable She duslukes her haur un bobby puns, quuet boys, and alarm clocks l m sure she would never leave A H S wuthout thankung Mr Lutz for puttung up wuth her antucs un hus classes After graduatuon she plans to attend the Carnegue lnstutute In Detrout Juduth A Euchstaedt Judy It good thungs come un small packages, what happened to me' ' Judy has been actuve sunce she entered uunuor hugh as a freshman She has held two homeroom offuces sophomore treasurer and senuor secretary As a lunuor, Judy was Prom chaurman Jounung Future Teachers and Latun Clubs un the tenth grade, Judy was FTA presudent and Latun Club treasurer un the twelfth grade Other events of her senuor year Included the All School Play She was also page one edutor of the Maple Leaf as a senuor f Claude Fusher Just another Fisher man Claude s only extra actuvuty In school was track Being the best pole vaulter In Adruan Hugh s hustory, he has placed thurd un both the Twun Valley and Albuon lnvutatuonal meets He had hugh hopes of settung a new record un these meets un hus senuor year, but we have no way of knowung by the tume we go to press Outsude of school, basket ball took the spotlught for Claude Durung hus senuor year he played un the cuty league, havung an average of ten points a game 2 . II I ' I IJ I I ' I I I I - ' - u u 1 1 I I I I - , , l t u ' ' I . ' I I I I 1 I I I . . . l I 1 ' .. - . . . I - - - . . . . . . I . l , . . . . Q I V ' . . . I s - ' u I I - I I . . ,, . . . . ' ' u . u ' u f 7, ' A . Q M Z, ' 4. M 'Q '-5.1 . 2, ' I 5. 'i ' I I I I I IJO I I ' I I I I ' 1 I - - - u n . u u u I A a - - t I I ' - u - . r r . I r - . u 1 . , , . . . . ' n U ' ' . ' ' . - 1 . - - . . I . I ' ' . ' I u - I 1 ' ' I . . . . 5 . I s n n I ' . . - ' , l l . I I I . n I ' . . . . . l U . . . I - . . - . Q I I . I . . Frltz Frsher Frosty He may appear to be hot but he s real cool Fritz has been actlve In sports, In homeroom md class duties In has sopho more year, he played lunlo varsity football, reserve basketball, and varsity baseball He also was a member of the Latln Club and Varsuty A Club I hrs rumor and sensor years he played varsity football basketball, and baseball He was President of the senlor class md honorable mention on the all Twln Valley Football Team Margaret E Force Peg Just glve me a Chesher cat " Peg has worked slnce the nlnth grade, so she hasn t had time to partlclpate In many actlvltles or belong to clubs She lnkes to read, dance, and eat best of all She was a member of Bus: ness Organlzatlon club In the eleventh grade Her future IS qunte well planned as she IS getting merrled un June of this year 22 Kenneth Fleming en Every day IS ladies day with hum When ken was ln the mnth grade he moved to Toledo, Ohro, where he spent two years at DeVllblss Hugh School However Ken pre fered a school un a smaller town and returned to Adnan lh hrs lumor year so he could flnlsh school wlth hrs old frlends Ken spends most of hls spare time read Ing automotive magazines and worklng around cars Ken was treasurer of hrs homeroom In his senlor year After graduation he plans to attend college Clyde Frautschu Frosty I m not a fllrt, lust tryln to be friendly Clyde has been on the swlm mlng team all through hugh school and a member of the Varsity A Club Hrs mam Interest IS his 50 Chevy, which he uses to deliver papers He keeps lt lookmg good and runnlng well with auto shop help He as treas urer of the Maple Cnty Kus toms Car Club After grad uatlon he will go to an alr lanes school or loln one of the servlces 'SF Wu I I lam .lame s Fogel song Don t worry about rt Bull llkes to hunt and flsh He enloys archery, and rs a member of the archery club He was a member of the Marching and Concert Bands rn Clanton for four years be- fore commg to Adrian Uh the mnth grade He llkes to read and llkes to llsten to Rock n Roll records Hls maln Interest IS his 50 Ford, md he rs always trying to lm- prove at After graduation he hopes to enter the Alr Force GN? Y John Ml chael Fretwel Mlke It s been a struggle but I made It Mike IS Interested In me chanrcs and In farming He malored an agrlculture, but after graduation plans goin the Alr Force and take up let mechanics Make has been an the 4 H for our years and In the F F A three years He IS a member of the Farm Bureau Young People and was president last year 'He has also been un the Booster s Club and B 0 C He llkes to roller skate and :ce skate along with dancing Karen Foor Frve Luke a revolving door, she never shuts up Malorlng ln English and Math, Karen us planmng to continue her education In order to be an elementary teacher e has been a member of the French Club slnce the mnth grade and llkewlse, a member of the F T A. since the tenth In her sophomore year she took up lournallsm so as to be able to work on the Maple Leaf She became editor of the fourth page ln her senior year 45? LeRoy Frless Not too sernous, not too gay, but an all around fellow un everyway Although LeRoy dldn t par tlclpate In many school ac tlvltles, his lrkklng to work around machlnes urged hum to take shop courses through out has years ln hr school Hls favorite pastime IS lush Ing and Ice skating After graduatnon he IS planning to work un a machme shop or serve an apprentrceshlp as a tool and due maker r' . I I I I . 5 I K ' ' . . J 4 l ' I "Bill" 4 r ra 1 ,I I , , , , l I . . ' . ' ' ' ' . ' I r 4 I - n , p U ' ' ' ' ' ' . Sh . n a n . n . . . . . . ' ' I I . . . . D . U ' . I . . ' I . . - . . . g , . - ' bf- , lf' ' fz f . ,. , . W, Q. , , .. g ' -, I5 A ' " " " ..: I A x ig , it gg If , 1, I 4 L - I A 9 2 at I I I I u I C I I . ' I I ' I I I I ' Il I I l ' ' - g I I ' . l II Ii I . ll I . I I . I , 1 v 1 - . - - I - . - - - - I r r l r to - - . . . , . . 1 ' I Her frnends, there are many Dorothy Gadomsk1fMacGeorgeJ Esther Garcia 55 Dottle Dorothy hasn t been very active In school GCfIVIfl8S but she has been a member ofthe Lotlh Club, two yeqrg the French Club, l year and the Co op Club 'I year Thus year she worked at the publlc library durmg the morning fCo op and attended classes ln the afternoon Durrng the Junlor Bowling League year of l957 58 she and a friend took frrst place rn the doub les at the Christmas tourna ment Her favorlte pastime IS reading hlstorlcal novels T0 ner happiness there us one clue, a certaln Marlne dressed un blue Esther IS a very small gal but as she says, l d rather be short than not at all She dldn tpartlclpate In many extra CCfIVIflBS, but she was always wllllng to help rn anyway possible She was secretary of the Pan American Gnrls Club of Adrian In her lunlor year and belonged to the Spenrsh Club Her future plans are to go to a beautlclan school or get a 'ob Ml ch ael Kent Gardner Mike ld luke to help you out Which way dld you come ln? Mike s hugh school years have been very fun fllled and wrll be long remembered He has belonged to the Booster Club and Latln Club, and has been a mem ber of HI Y for all three years, becomung president nn hrs semor year In hrs lunlor year he was on co op and was the Student Council representative from that home room He has worked for Jlm Green s Men s Store during has lunlor and semor years Ollvxa Garza Libby It s easler sald then done Oluvla us her name but you never hear anyone call her that It s either Lubby or Liver , which ever you prefer Llbby has been qulte a busy glrl In hugh school She has been In the Glee Club, Chour, Spamsh Club, Selaco Club and F H A ln her semor year she was secretary of the Pan Amerl can Glrls Club of Adnan She also partlclpated In the Pool Show Yes, Lrbby was always busy, no wonder she was always late James Gautz lm He won many bouts That s our Jlm Gautz Jlm came to Adnan Hugh from Madison Junior Hugh He has been a wrestler, a football player, and a mem ber of the Varsity A Club Jlm studied agriculture md has been a member of the F F A for three years He enloyed sports, especially as a partlclpant, and was Adnan s first state wrest lung champion In 'l958 Jlm has been a 4 H member for eight years eggy Joyce George Peg Always happy, always gay, always smllung all the way Peggy hasn t been In many hugh school actlvltles durlng her years at hugh school but she has been In the Glee Club for one year, and the Selaco Club for two years Skatmg as one of her favor lte actlvltles After gradua hon she IS planning to go to Kentucky to a busmess school gui John Garrison He knows how long co :vs should be mllked the same as short ones John has been an active member of the Future Farm ers of America for four years, serving the club as Senior Treasurer, and semor Presrdent He also served ln various clubs outside of school Hrs favorite hobbies are hunting and flshxng, and his future plan ns to be a farmer Susan Joy GI bbs Susle her foes, are there any'7" Most of Susie s tame as taken up with her pob on co op where she works at The Bank of Lenawee County Susue was In the Spanish Club dur mg her sophomore, rumor and senlor years a member of the sophomore cholr an her sophomore year, a Boas ter Club member an her lumor year and a member of the C0 op Club as a semor Susie plans to contmue un the banking business after grad uatuon A C T ll . I . HE ,, . ' , . , D . . v , - an all V Y T 4 . in is ' s ' J ' ' H ' " uJ- ll -3 H u . H . U 1 , I - . ' -.- - . . . . - 23 Arnold Golembuesku Pasquale l rn not arguung wuth you, lm ellung you"' Arnold s maun unterests are chess and uce skatung He us a well luked guy and en loys havung fun wu th hus classmates Durung hus lunuor year he was home room vuce presudent He en uoys sports very much and us a great sportsman when tryung to defeat hus fellow classmen un all dufferent types of actuvutues Of course he has some faults He us very untellugent, but he duslukes all school sub- lects fwfr 3 Robert Gruffun Hustler "Make much of me good men are scarce." Bob, moved to Adruan from PIQUU, 0l'1I0- ln the short tume he has been here he has made many fruends. Two of Bob's favorute hobbues are the study of hand guns and chess. He us glad he us able to complete hus last year of hugh school un Adruan. 24 Bully Wayne Green Curtus Green Jr Hullbully Hullbully Save your confederate mon He often burns the mudnught ey, boys The South us goung oul, but sad to say tus not for toul Bully has made ut a pount to engoy hus hugh school years Hus maun unterest us gurls pretty gurls He has kept hus southern accent ever sunce he came to Adruan Hugh from Alabama on .lanu ary 2 l956 Besudes enloy ung hugh school, he enloys attendung Sunday School l fact he has only mlSSed Sunday School three or four tumes sunce he has been un Adruan He us full of fun all durung the school day We James Hall um "You never lose untul you quut tryung." Although Jum's actuvutues were not very many, he has enuoyed his tume un school. ln hus sophomore and senuor years he was a member of Junuor Achuevement. ln get tung hus educatuon he has made many fruends that wull last throughout the comung years. Jum was a member of the Co op Club un hus senuor year. After school us out, he plans to go unto some lune of sellung. to ruse again Curtus favorute subuect un school was machune shop QTake note, Mr Strobel, Curtus wants a good recom mendatuon After graduatuon Curtus would luke to go to a trade school and learn the tool and due makung busuness We Il bet he makes ut too That us uf hus Uncle Sam doesn t fund work for hum un hus large famuly of hugh school graduates Thomas Ed ward Hamul ton Sleepy "Sleepy, hus name, gurls not hus game. Just a luttle rest, that's when he us the best." Although, "Sleepy" has not partuclpated un many school actuvutues, he has been awfully busy. Englush and hustory attracted Ed, and he took every course avaulable to hum. He us a member of the Hu Y and De Molay and loves to eat puzza, swum, dance, and skate. Hus favorute pastimes are workung on hus "55" Ford, workung un the Road Saunts car club, and a certaun gurl. Ed spends most of hus nughts at home, but not hus home. Robert Green Bo He has two speeds, low and super low Bob has spent hus last sux years un Adruan Junuor and Senuor Hugh School He dudn t belong to many organ uzatuons, but was a member r f the Busuness Organuza tuon Club and the Co op Club un hus senuor year Some of hus tume us spent at the Commercual Savungs Bank where he works un the mornungs and on Saturdays Hus favorute food us puzza and shrump He attends most of the football games and enuoys water skuung and swummung un the summer After graduatuon he plans to contunue workung at the bank Maruanne Handy Annue "Always happy, always gay, always fruendly un everyway" Maruanne uouned the Selaco Club un her sophomore year and the Co op Club un her senuor year. She us on co op eratuve traunung and works at the Board of Educatuon offuce. Among her hobbues are swummung, dancung and sewung. She also wrutes to students un Japan. Maruanne's courses have been mostly of the busuness type, whuch wull help her un the career she has chosen. As a career she wants to contunue her secretarual traunung and be come a good secretary. A " ml 5'f'Qfsfi iff: 7'ff'Y' asf by r A, ., , ig t 4' u i A s T l fr 1 f . . ' ' l I ' ' I O I I bl 1 lr ru Cl ' ' Y' gg ll r u u . . uc . . . . un 9 t . - 1 . . . ul , , l - us . . . I - . ' I - ' - . . , , I , . . . . . I . - I I l . , . . u - I , I . a . . . , ' ' . I a I1 ,,. A , V " ' Aix! . ., ' f fav- A or T - ' Q if ' P . 1. xv Alf lg A A . . H ,, HJ- If ' ' U ' U ll ll Donald Hunrwlu Herbert Havrlqnd Butch Hand Balls l saw the Devrl s hook A lrttle nonsense now and and couldn t help nrbblrng then IS relished by some of at hrs bolt the better men Butch as hrs friends Attendrng Boys State was called hum durrng hrs probably one of the most trudge through hrgh outstandmg experrences school whrle earnrng hrs Don has hdd He has been diploma was elected vrce G membel' of fl'l0 Slfikle president of hrs home room Stuff for TWO Years and WGS rn the tenth grade and pres elected a Junror Rotarran ,dem rn fha eleventh H ln l"lS Semol' YOU' D00 has was also a member of the been rn the Latln Club for Business Orgqnrzqtron three years and the Booster Club Oufsrde of school he Club for one year He was works for the Kroger Compo chairman of the l958 Home ny and rs a charter member comrng Parade stage man of fhe Road Sqrnts ager for the All School Play Burch s hobbres are fast and has done some speech cars and watchrng for the work sun rrse Garry Lee Hawley Pratt Eat, drunk and be merry for tomorrow you may dre Garry has had a very busy time srnce entering A H S ln hrs sophomore year he partrclpated rn football basketball, and baseball Garry s bug thrrll came rn hrs senror year when he was startlng defensive end for the frghtrng Maples football team He was also rn chorr for two years the Student Councrl for two years and the Latrn Club for two years Larry Hawley am not crazy l lust act that way for entertarnment Larry has not been very active In school actlvrtres the last three years of school because of workrng after school He lrkes to play football and baseball but best of all he lrkes to go bowling He has bowled rn a league for the lost three years Larry has won two trophies one rn srngles and another rn a mixed doubles tournament Hrs favorite hobby rs eatrng bumbreburgers and drrnkrng mrlk shakes CGI'0l M H0280 Af'-W1 Karen Henderson Imogene Herrrng Jean der her arm ' led a busy hugh school lrfe Carol s actrvltres rncluded the G A A., Leader's Club. Cl"0'Yr Student Councrl, and the Latrn Club, of whrch she was presrdent. In her rumor year "Atom" was oppornted Girls' State alternate. The next year, to follow up wrth honors, she presented the Pool Show solo. The future holds studies and good tlmes at the U. of M. when She enters 0 F0051 She looks qurte safe but l want to lrve as If l ex the boys stop look and so does dynamrte pected to lrve a hundred Whlsfli years but might dre tomor Karen moved to Adrran from row That glfl Wlfh fl'l6 blonde Medina Ohio In the mlddle pony tall and the books un of the frrst semester of her Imogene has not partrcrpated SCWO' Y'-WI' She l'10S made rn many clubs and organlza many frrends srnce then trons rn hrgh school although Durrng Karen s rumor and she dad belong to the nlnth sensor years she has been and tenth grade glee club. Glrls' Ensemble, Forensics, a member of the G.A.A. She was very octave rn her Some of her favorrte pas art classes and made posters times are tennls, reading, and much scenery for school and roller skating. Karen actrvrtres. Her future plans plans to porn some branch Include gorng to college for of the armed services after the next two years, and then she graduates, preferably she wants to become an arr the Women's Marrnes Corps. lrne stewardess. if K 5 ,l ALS .7 ' .1 - rt Q- 1 Q Q L r .. PQ. - ru In rr ar ll - ll ll - I sl . ul - I . rl . g . . . In ' l" - - . . n . rr . rr u - - . . . - - ' - , . . . . r . . . . n rv - - - - ' I - - . . . . . . . 4 . . . . , r I . . . . - . I - - . . . e . . - . . . . . , . . . . . . . ' I . . . I 0 ' ' , 0 ' - - M - rp ' ' ' , . , , , . - . o ' I nr rr . 4 yr . . u or n rr . ,, . . 1 , ' - n - "' ' I . - n . . r u - . I - . - - - rr .rr . rr - - . . . . r 1 - . . . I , , , . . U . ' . . r . . , , , . , , . . . . . . , , , , , . . . Retha L Her shman Hershey As sweet and quiet as the summer skres untrl you see the mrschvef rn her eyes Being a cheerful grrl Retha shares her brightness with everyone around her Retha sang wrth the Glee Club for two years. She also partrcr pated rn the actrvltres of the G.A.A. and Leaders' Club. She was a member of the 'French Club and In her senror year added Co op, which took most of her spare time. Although Retho has been busy with school actrvrtres, she has found trme to partrcrpate rn out srde actrvrtres and to be a church planrst. John Hull Deacon Early to bed, early to ruse, makes a man muss the best part of the day John has been very actuve throughout hugh school He was on the varsuty tennus team three years un a row and played varsuty basket ball ln hus senuor year John won the magazune sale con test two years un a row and attended Boy s State last summer He was an actlve member of the Varsuty A Club, and the Latun Club Deacon also played un Buy Juputer and was a Junuor Rotaruan John Houtman Moose He s good and he s wuse, and an athlete besudes John has had a successful and satusfyung hugh school career He has had the dns tunctuon of earnung three varsuty letters un two sports, football and baseball, and two letters un basketball In football he was elected to the All State Class A furst team, and an Honorable Mentuon on the Hugh School All Amerucan He was presu dent of three clubs, Latun, Spanush, and Varsuty A receuved a Magna Cum Laude' excellence award un Latun, was a Junuor Ro taruan and also a homeroom offucer Lunda Hullman Elmo Dynamlte comes un small packageslu Although Lunda has not par tucupated un many school ac tuvutues, she has gauned a great many fruends In her lunuor year she was In the Busuness Organuzatuon Club and a student lubraruan She has mauored un home econo mlcs and hustory Lunda s favorite sports are dancung and skatung Her future us undetermuned unless that certaun guy un the Navy can change her mund for her W' 4 'KE James L Hunt um There aln t no stuff luke that around here Jum us the luttlest male sen uor un the 1959 graduatung class He has not partucupat ed un any school athletucs but he was the vucerpresu dent of hus homeroom durung hus senuor year Outsude of school he us secretary and treasurer of the Road Saunts car club He also enuoys bowlung, Ice-skatung, roller skatung and goung out on dates He plans to go unto the Navy sometume durung the summer Sue Hunshaw Susue Proper, kund and swee , he kund you d luke to meet " Sue lakes nothung better than doncung wuth a certaun someone However, foren sucs, speakung contests and the Booster Club, whuch she was presudent un her lunuor year, helped pass the tume away Sue was one of the two gurls to break the Ice for membershup unto Chemustry Club Attendung Girls' State last summer, she was guven the honor of alternate to Gurls Natuon Thus summer she wull be an exchange student un Europe Mary Lou Hunter Mary Rel uabl e, reserved, and remembered Durung her three years of hugh school, Mary Lou por tucupated un a varuety of actuvutues Her maun Interest was the Future Homemakers of Ameruca, of whuch she was secretary as a lunuor and vuce presudent as a senuor She was also a mem ber of the French Club and chour un her lunuor and senuor years Servung as secretary treasurer of her homeroom un the tenth and eleventh grade was another duty Mary Lou us plannung to attend college ,wan 'KW Nucholas J Hotra Nlcky If you ve got a mlnute l ll tell you all l know ln three years of senuor hugh school Nlcky Hotra s extra curricular actuvutues consusted of playung J V football for one season and beung a member of the Arch eology Club for one year Out of school, on free tume, he played hockey un a cuty hockey league, trued out for a cuty baseball team, and louned the Y M C A for a year Hus favorute hobbues were stamp collectung, buuldung models, chess, drawung, and astronomy Januce Louuse Huyck Jan She s never early She s always late But then she smules, and so we walt Durung her three hugh school years, Januce has been a member of the chour and on the scenery commuttee for the Varuety Show, servung as chaurman one year She was a member of the G A A bowlung team her lunuor and senuor years ln her lunuor year, she served on the Prom program commuttee and on the Homecoming decoratuon commuttee That year she was chosen as one of the escorts for senuor graduatuon exercises She was her home room secretary her s0ph0mOl'0 year I4 3 "3 2 W R" ,. A , - Rs r N . x . H , . . ,, ,, . n . su . . ,, . ,, I R , H . . 1 n - ' u u 1 . , , t - I - . u II l , , , . . . . . , " I . l , . . . I . . . ' , o Q n , . . . p - - - , . . . . . . , I ' , , . . u ns - l - D ' ' ' . ' un - n - - ' ' .,.u-,-V - . f , W 2 J 5.6 0 'EW 3'- ,J if ' , ' n n u ua . . nu su . IIJ' 'I uu 9 1 - H . u I . U n - r . 1 - .uv H In 2 ' . v u . I . . . . . . . . . . . , . D . . . . . . . . . . . . . ., . - - na I . ,L . u . . - - - . . . . U . . . O I Sharon Kay Hyde Heldl Nursle you can hold my hand There s nothing sllller than a sllly laugh' Karen llvnnen La vonln This happy semor has been actlve during her years of Karen 5 cufe and popular hlgl' school Sh' has been leader In our school has 'n the Glee Club for 'Wo been very active during her YSUFS1 U membel' of fl"0 hugh school days Being one Future Teachers and Nurs of ghe foffunafe few fo be 'S Clubs' and was on the elected as a Varsity Cheer Mapl' Leaf Sloll ln lm" leader and on the Homecom IUNOV YB'-'ll' Her Sem'-'ff YOU' mg court for three years, has been a BUSY one' GS she Karen also was the local, 'S wofkmg al B'XbY Hosp' dlstrlct, and regional wlnnen lol as G nurse md' She ln the humerous dlvldlon of plans to attend the Toledo Hosputal for nurse s tralnlng awd pammpam In the after graduation Can t eu Y Booster Club, Leader s see her, a fledgling Florenceclubl G AeA' and I-atm Nlghtlngale soothing the ' Club She also sang In the brow of a handsome soldier? ensemble Chen and the Darlene Jenkms Darling Variety Show 'HL Happy go lucky, carefree, Porky and gay, she spreads llfe s sunshine along the way Darlene s semor year was forensics She has been an Theodore lott Te I m not a mllllonalre as yet, but glve me time You won t regret, In years a 'ob from me you ll get Ted transferred to Adrian Sensor Hugh two years ago In his spare time he has par tlclpated ln the Jumor Achievement Program, bemg presldent of the Revgacks In his semor year He IS a member of the Maple Cnty Kustoms also Hls Interests are many and varied Camer as and equipment keep hum broke most of the tlme, al though he does many other things well David lrwln Dave Why worry when there are better hlngs to do Durung Dave s semor year nr hugh school he held the of face of president of hus home room He was also a Student Council Representatlve Out of school Dave ns a member ofthe Road Salnts car club, In whnch he held the posltlon of sergeant at arms Some of Dave s pastimes were his 51 Ford, swlmmlng, and Ice skatmg After Dave gradu ates he plans to work as an apprentlce tool and due maker Leon Kenneth Jenkms Jerry Johnson Don t lust do nothing What' Me Fatl' Stand there"' Leon dndn t have too many Jerry came to Adnan from Ruta Jordan l never talk to a stranger less It s a man Durmg Ruta s three years In filled with belng a good school actlvltues, although P0n'1SYlVU""9 l0f l"'5 SOUIOI' h'9h 5Cl"00l1 The Fl'6"lCl'l he was on Q-he 5-,,,,mm,,-,g year Although he dnd not Club 'V' l"9f 50Pl"0m0"9 YQUY co op student In her soph was the only actlvlty In omore and lumor years she team hls sophomore year PUYTICIPOTO H1 GUY school was a member of the semor Leon s mam interests are UCTIVINCS dUf"'9 hls SCWO' w"'Ch sh' P"""C'P"f9d Her Spode and eehng hu fave, Yee, he was ,n 'he glee mann hobbies are lrstenmg :te food, hamburgers wlth Club and Varuetles In Penn to f0ClG Gnd roll music Ensemble Her outside unter mustard and onions During sylvama In has lunlor year and wrlflng l0'f0fS Af most esfs fell m the held of mus his spare time he llkes to He enloys rock and roll mus "HWS 5l"0 C00 58 f0Ufld at ,C yolcel Plano and organ attend sporting events, such IC and roller skating, but Som' 'GHG' Sk'-'7'n9 """k' She has hmlfed her qcflyltlegUS football, Basketball, and hls mam Interest IS a 50 WIN' lm' 'lm'-'9l"l5 'N 7l"0 Lone Star State cholr In her sophomore year she was In the Girls fo gh,-ee years m gh, French baseball Hts only hobby ns Ford After school Jerry Club' and Co gp Club ,n her tmkermg wath has 37 Ford plans to go to college and semor year, ln order to mqkg One of hrs plans for the make sclence his career room for the busy GCflVlfI8S fl-ITUYQ IS to enter the Ufllfbd of her church Stvtes Navy 27 3 115 J "'T fa-T ' v. V 'HQ . .E ,lt ' ffffwff 59' , .. ,nawv L he 15 55, T3 .gauge Qxgi 1,12 1 V ' Y ,.fffir'l-TZ-Aj 1 I - - r r I I . ' ' . I d I I . . 5 1 p 5 1 A - ' I l l . . . I I ' ' ' ' . v 1 . . . l - u U - - ' - - . t ' . ' ' ' - I 1 r - - , . , . . t , . . , . . - D i . . l . . . ' . ' . . . . , . . . . - - . I l l . . . . . - - - - ' ' ' ' . . . . . ' . . n - - 1 I I n e s 5 ' , y . . . Q 9 - ' ' ' ' . .. . . . . l ' ' - l ' - . I . . . ' s ' . , . u I . . -' i V, 1 i - 4 I - n 1 i . I I - - I I I I . 1 I u I - - ' ' . . . . ' , , , , ' U n - v O r 1 . . . . 1 - - 1 - ' ' ' ' - - - . . I ' . . . . . . . - , p . , . . . . . . ' I - . . , , , . , . . . . 0 a r o . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . - - - . . . . . . . . - I ' ' . D - . 0 . , .... g - I , , . . . . , . Carolyn Kafer Carol Always happy always gay lots of fruends come her way Carolyn s actuvutues unclud ed beung a member of the Business Organuzatuon Clu un her lunuor year, and the Future Homemakers of Ameruca un her senuor year She has been a 4 H Club member for seven years an holds the offuce of reporter thus year Among her favor ute pastumes are roller ska ung, dancung, swummung an wrutung letters Carolyn plans to work as a telephone operator after she graduates, or to further her educatuon Ruchard Kell uc They saud, Cheer up Thungs could get worse l cheered up and sure enough thungs dud get worse Duck dudn t partucupate un very many school actuvutues because he worked most of the tume he was un hugh school Durung hus senuor year he louned the Naval Reserve He plans to be come an el ectronucs man and make a career of the Navy Duck has a pet dachsund and spenda a great deal of hus tume un guvung obeduence traunung to ut 28 Howard L Kafer Howue Barbara Ruth Kapnuck Numble fungers, quuck mund always on the go Howard was un the furst band throughout hus hu school years Musuc has been hus malor Interest sunce he was very young ln both the nunth and tenth grades Howard belonged to the Clarunet Quartet Church Barbu e Joy and happuness was born a twun and made to be shared Barbue, as her fruends know her, enloyed her hugh school days very much, even though she dudn t partucupate un all Ruchard A KaDf1lCk Elmef Hosputals can be educa tuonal Durung hugh school Elmer belonged to the Latun Club, the Booster Club, and the Chemustry Club Outsude of school he belonged to the Methodust Youth Fellowshup of the actuvutues Durung the DWWQ the 5'-fmmefs befor' sophomore year she belonged the fenlh and elevenll' la s a bu art un Howard sm the French Club and was P Y 9 P a member of the sophomore lufe He has held pasutuons un local, sub dustruct and dustruct M Y F lMethodust Youth Fellowship ln the future Howard plans to go unto mussuonary educatuon work chour Her lunuor year unclud ed the French Club the Fu ture Teachers Club, and the chour Because of Co op un her senuor year, she confuned her clubs to the Co op Club Sandra Keller Sandue Robert Kelly What' Me take hugher l stand on my rughts' educatuon7 Lufe, luberty, and the happu Although Sandue has not ness of pursuut nartucupated un many school Bob s maun Interest un hugh actuvutues she has many school were hus studues and hobbues Two of her hobbues of course, gurls He trued are cake decoratung and 'rot to confuse the two but collectung ear rlngs She Nas not always successful plans to carry her hobby of 3ob hasn t partucupated un cake decoratung further be nany school athletuc pro cause she funds ut very un grams because of hus extra- terestung and she enuoys ut urrucular actuvutues out very much She mught change ude of school Hus favorute her hobby of collectung ear xastumes are dancung, sports, rlngs to the collectuon of druve unns, playung drums lust one of another type of and burd doggung rung grades Ruchard had the pruv ulege of attendung the B4 Ranch un Wyomung, and un the summer before the twelfth grade he ran a soft uce cream busuness Al though Ruchard plans to attend college he hasn t decuded exactly what he wants to be JW' Beverly Ann Kidd Bev ' l'm happy, but when do we eat?" Bev has been actuve the past few years un the Selaco, Booster, Co op and Future Nurses Club Thus year she s workung at the Bu xby Hospital on the Co op traun mg program Durung whatev er spare tume she has, she dances, skates, lustens to Hullbully and rock and roll musuc, and eats Her favor ute foods are puzza and hot tamales Upon graduatuon she s goung to Jones School un Ann Arbor for L P N traunung e , ll 4 ' ' ' 'gh . . . . . b . . . ' l . ' d l v ' ' . . . ,. . - . . I D - l A D -- . . . . d ' ' . . . ' ' I . . O - L D . - . . . . - A ' er UD- ku 4. . H ..Bobn - uu n un I - H . . . - . ua ' ' Muchael Kundunger Dunger The quuet shy type In hugh school Muke was falrly actuve He partuclpat ed un the Booster Club and Hu Y actuvutues He also worked durung hus hugh school years for a veterun ary Muke luked to take trups and also to collect thungs other than gurls FJ' Bob Kungon It usn t school l dlsluke lt s the pruncupal ofthe thung Bob was somewhat actuve durung hus hugh school ca reer He was a member of the Latun Club hus sopho more and uunuor years H was actuve on the Maple Leaf Staff whule carryung the heavy schedule of a Robert Knu ght Once a kung always a kung Once a knught that s enough' Bob has been very actuve ln the fueld of sports durung school He was a member of the track team for one year and the football team for three years He was chosen captaun un hus senuor year Basketball has also been senuor Bob plans to attend Bob S mums' He played Albuon College and hopes Muke received better than average marks durung school and plans to go to Muchugan State Unuversuty to college where he wull study veterunary work In school Muke enjoyed and took many scuence course on the varsuty for the last to becomfl ahdenhsl He two years and un hus lunlor worked O t me yeas of year was on the All Canter hugh school and was de ence team He was also a pnved of many olher lhmgs member of the Spanush Club he would have luked to have the Booster Club and the undertaken He was however Varsity A Club of which he S an avud sports enthusuast was elected was president Carolyn Louu se Kal z Kolzue That duamond wull soon have a mate In her sophomore year Carolyn was un the chour Latun Club and Future Nurses Club She has not partlcupated In many school actuvutues during her uunuor and senuor years Her hob bues are roller skatung, danc and llstenung to records M,cl-mel Kopke Cfgpq Prusculla Elaune Kovuc Fruends, Europeans and countrymen Please lend me your gurls Muke better known to hus lruends as Cropa has been very actuve un hugh school In hus sophomore year he played on the J V basketball team and played J V football un hus lunuar year He was un the Latun Club for two years, the Stu dent Councul for two years, Percy If I can t fund a way I ll make one Percy has partlcupated un the Future Nurses Club the G A A and the Co op Club Her favorute food IS Sloppy Joe s wuth potato chups and a oke Of all sports she lukes roller skatung, bowlung and danc mg the best ln her spare tume she can be found lusten Chour for three years and un to Rock and Roll and mg reading' and colledmg the Varuety Show for three Hullbully records She us now workmg In her pawn' S years Thus year Cropa workung at Buxby Hosputal gore takes up mos' of her played lester Krmkle un the under the co-op program after school time all school play Buy Juputor After graduatuon she plans Cropa us goung to tour Europto further her nursung career thus summer sungung un the at Jones School un Ann Muchugan Chorale Arbor Madal yn Koehnl eu n Full of pep full of fun never quuet always on the run Madalyn was un GAA for three years and was awarded her pun un her senuor year For three years she served on a commuttee for the pool show She was also a mem ber of the Latun Club for two years The Booster Club for one year the orchestra for one year and the Suckle staff for two years Her greatest honor came when she was chosen most out standung achuever un .lunuor Achuevement and attended the Natuonal Junuor Achuev er s Conference un her lunuor year 3' Emul Krall Bu When ut s cars Krall s on the ball Ernue dudn t take tume out for school sports and actuv utles although he has been very busy wuth hus 'ob Hus vnterests lue wuth hus car and the car club The Maple Cnty Kustoms He has been an actuve member un the club for about a year and has held the offuce of vuce press dent and chuel of poluce At present he us ossustant chue of poluce Bud s plans for the future unclude the aur force 29 xi, ...ME 1 ' ' f 3' fr? lv - ' all 'C . ' - 'lv' . -4 - , -, " ri 5' V ' ,C 2 I 'fx J jr ' -. 42 1. 43 ' f rig,- I - 'ff ht' Q' -I . , Writ ' - au n - H , H Bob H ' l ' ' . n . au 1 1 , . ' 1 1 Q 1 I " ' " 1 1 1 ' ' ' .H 11 n . 1 . . I . . ' l . . . . . 1 1 D .- . . . . . . 1 Q 1 . e I . - I , ' D ' , . . . . . ' ' 1 ' 1 . . ' ' ' . , 1 - - , 1 1 l I l . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 . ' 1 - ' l . . I . . ' 1 1 ' I ' e ' ' . . I , . . . . , . 1 1 ,ff - F Q ,iz , 1 I1 ll ' ' ' 1 1 ll dll 11 - 11 " ' I ul H " ' ' I n - 1 1 I 1 H l . 11 ,, u . . l .11 11 , ' - n 11 U , , . . 1 . I e I - 1 1 , Q . I D . 1 1 1 1 - ' . , , , . . . . I , 0 , .: . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 , ' I 1 1 1 1 , . I l D I 9 1 1 . - , . . . - ' 1 1 . . , I . . .- ' ' 1 1 1 . . , . . 0 I I 1 I 1 . , , , . . . ' . . 1 1 1 l I . 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 . . . . , , 1 ' 1 Lornagayle Kuney Lorna Always qulet, always shy, always ready to smlle on the sly Lornagayle dld not partlcu pate ln many school actlvl tres, but she dad belong to the Future Nurses Club for three years, as she plans on being a nurse un the future She IS active as a member of her church, PCYYICIPGNHQ ln the Youth Fellowship as an officer, and teaching classes durlng Buble School She was also a member of the Grange, partncupatmg an degree work as an officer She also was In 4 H for sux years Karen Francl s Lentz "Karen" "A smile for every gurl and two for every boy." Karen has attended Adrian Junlor and Sensor Hugh School smce entermg It In the ninth grade. Although she has not partlclpated In many school actlvltles, she was a member of the Future Nurses ' Club nn her sopho more year. She IS now tak mg a secretarlal course. She llkes all sports, especially baseball and basketball, and enloys swlmmlng very much. Her hobbies are collectlng and llstenlng to records. She also enloys danclng. Margaret Kurt Peggy Long halr, shmy eyes, and a nlce personallty Peggy as a gurl who makes friends easily, and one has loads of fun with her She would do anything for a person, and doesn t ask for anything In return Her bug brown eyes sparkle with excitement when she attends our school sports Her fav orlte pastimes are talking, sleeping, Smllle an cl eanlng her bedroom She has future plans, but we don t know what they are She will probably surprise Pilar Leon Jr. "Pete" "I don't luke fun. I lust like women and playing cards." Pete has lettered an track for three years and has been on the lunlor varsity ln foot ball and basketball. He has been a member of the Span Ish Club, Varsity A Club and Co-op Club. He trled to work hard In school, but couldn't overcome his Iazn- ness. He hoped to go to some college, unknown as yet. If not he plans to go and stay In Mexico. '11, 23-nf of HN' David W Ladd Dave Only to myself, do l owe my name During has hugh school ca reer Dave participated In the orchestra for three years For the past four years, he was a member of the Lena wee All County Band In his sensor year he was a member of the senlor cholr, boys ensemble, and the Variety Show cast Junlor Achieve- ment also occupled part of has time for the past three years Next fall Dave plans to enter Emmanuel Mlsslon ary College at Berrien Springs, Mlchlgan, where he will study pre medlclne Damon Lindsey "Dusty" "Don't tell me what I mean. Let me figure It out for my self." Damon was on co-op hrs sensor year and a member of the Co-op Club. He IS a member of the Road Saints, a group of auto enthusrasts who are unterested In promot mg road safety and courtesy. Damon has a '52 Chevy which takes up most of his spare time, and one can usually flnd hum out at the West Slde Sunoco Service, tlnkerlng under the hood. He took auto shop has senlor year to help hum out wlth his tmkerlng. He IS planmng to go Into the Navy next September and become an "Anchor Cranker". Sue Lawler Sweet Sue The eyes have lt " Sue, five foot two, has been a rather busy gal these past three years, belonging to the Booster Club her sopho more year, and to the F H A her lunuor and semor years She IS now In the Buble and Co op Clubs, servlng as planlst She loves music and IS actlve In her church servmg otten as a song leader, soloist, and pianist Where there IS a plano you ll fund Sue Some of hen favorite pastimes are gonng to parties, and wrltmg et ters to a certaln someone Elrazabeth Llskl "Betty" "l'll never betray the heart that loves me." Betty was ID the band dur :ng her sophomore and gun lor years. ln her sophomore year, she partlclpated In Junior Achievement. She studied commercial sublects un hugh school. Since she loves muslc, her hobby IS collecting records, her fav orute artists being Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson. She enpoys readlng, eatmg, and sleepung. Much of her time IS spent wrltlng letters. She IS plannmg to get mar ned after graduatuon. V ,,.. - 5, l ' ' ' Z 1 a D 1 . . , , , , I I ' ' r 1 - I 1 . . , , I t I ' . . ' ' 1 I I I I . r I I . - . . I s . . ' 0 . . , - I D - . .... . . . . l ' ' - . . , - . . . . . . . . , I : . . . . . - 4 1 - - I 0 ' d . , , ' . - 0 . . . . I I 1 . . . . . . . , , , . D ' - ' u s . ' ' ' ' . O A U ' . . Throughout her years at 5? Nancy Jean Lowe Gem I can be led better than I can be drlven Gem, as she IS known to all her friends, IS very ac tive In the choar and was In the Glrls Ensemble In her senlor year In her sopho more year she was In the Spamsh Club She has been rn many school talent shows with her best frlend Carol She lakes to swim, skl, sung, and especially dance She was rn the Pool Show In her lumor and sensor years Gen: plans to be an arrlme hostess after graduatlon Larry MacQueen Mouse l am not lazy I lust want o be rlch Larry has been on the swim team for three years and he has belonged to the Varslty Club for two years He also has sung rn the cholr for two years Larry s only club 0CfIVIfY was the Biology Club Larry also partlclpat ed In forensics Hls only plan after graduatlon IS to keep planning, unless his number IS called or he en lusts rn one of the branches of the armed forces Betty Mattls Copper Topper Jock May Sh-qppey Halr of red, eyes of green this llttle gurl rs frequently seen Adrian Sensor Hugh Betty participated In the Glee Club durmg her sophomore year Her other actrvltles Included the Selaco Club, Variety Show, Pool Show and two years as a mayor ette Betty was secretary of G A A. and pount recorder In her lunlor year She likes sports, especrally swlmmln water sklrng, and skating In the future she plans to become a beautlclan Two speeds Low and super low ln hls sophomore year Jack was on the J V football squad and partlclpated In basketball and baseball He was also a member of the Sophomore Choir In his lunnor year he participated In basketball During I-ns senior year he worked very hard on his custom car Gary Mal oney I Don t laugh I might marry your daughter Gary was a member of J V and varslty basketball teams He was hrs home room sergeant at arms The boys on the basletball team on orably nicknamed hum Wllt the Stllt because of hrs ablllty to rebound and lump up, clearung the nm Gary Plans to enter the Navy After graduation ond then go to college Gary was not an honor student, but he was a real cat 5 it Wendy K Mayhew Llfe I5 really simple, bu men lnslst on maklng It complicated Wendy has been ln the cholr G A A Future Nurses Club, Latin Club, pool show and forensucs for three years She was on the debate team , danced In Varlety Shows, and was on the Student Council, of whlch she was secretary In her senlor year Wendy s senior year was a busy one She was an the All School play and on the Glrls Ensemble, wlth mem bershlp In the Booster and Leader s Club adding to her GCflVIflQS Two of her bug gest thrclls were being elec ted Glrls State representa tlve and D A.R Good Cltlz en 7-.vpn David Lee Matheson 'Zorro Life would not be worth llvrng If It weren t for Doogles Empornum Dave was the lunlor class sergeant at arms, the s.nlor class sergeant at arms, a member of the Booster Club, being the vrce president his sophomore year, and a home room secretary the same year He played var slty football and basketball and was on the track team for two years He led the Twln Valley League un passes received un football during has senlor year ln Dave s lumor and sensor years he was the Booster Club and the Spanish Club sergeant at arms Joyce Maynard A flrm believer In the pow er of silence Joyce hasn t partlclpated rn many school functions, but she has many outside Inter ests She belongs to the Rome Grange and has held the office of Pomona Also she has attended grange amp She IS a member of Q e Cadmus Presbyterian Church and has assisted In teaching Buble School She attended church camp two years ago Joyce s hobby rs reading and she does a lot of baby slttlng She took a secretarial course md plans to go to a business college ,3 M V 2 Zmlggl 1 1 t,e,e , e 1.49 , I ,L lv X V V fu v l .l,u..i'7, U 'H n H "K'd" . . u H u 0 . u 1 U - U I . . n 1 t . . n . on I I i I I - v 9 . 1 0 ' . I I I ' I l v . . . . . , , S . , . , 1 . . , - . . h , . . . in ' ' . . 4 4 . - . s . ' . , , . . . r 1 . I , p . . . . ,- ,fm Z - -. I 5 'f Y -Z . V w I V -V -l"" , If-,,.- 'jg K L. A Q .14 K. e . ' ' ' ' u r 1 H . . . ' ' ' rn l n . . . , , . . . . . ' ' ' ' . rr I H . . l I r r ' . S I r , . . . I . . ., . . - 1 . I - . . I - - - . . . . U I . , ' ' 1 D . . lt U , U I J- . . . - , u l . . : , . . . . , i ' I . , ' g, . . . ' a y 1 I n . . . , . C 1 I . ' . Bruce McAfee A llttle nonsense now and then IS relished by the best of men Durmg has hugh school ca reer Bruce was a partlclpant un varlous extracurncular actuvltres He was a member of the Latln Club for three years, the Booster Club for two years, Junlor Achieve ment for two years and a member ofthe HI Y Club hrs sensor year He was also active In athletics He has played tennls all three years and played basketball ln hls lunuor year Hls future plans are to attend college, prob ably the Umversnty of Much nga v Paulnne Mendez Shortle A wlnnlng smile makes wunmng ways Paullne has been a cheer leader the pa st three years She has also been a member of the Homecomlng Court for the past three years Pauline has taken part In several talent shows, showing us her Mexican dances She was presrdent of the Spanlsh Club In l957 53, and member of the Spanish and Booster Clubs In 1958 59 Pauline IS Interested In muslc, danc mg, and boys She hopes to be elther a professlonal dancer or an alr lune hostess ll Burton McGarry Burt lt s fun to study Tha s what they say Burt IS an avld sport s fan and also has earned two varsity letters for playlng on the golf team During his senlor year he was head of the committee that packed out the senior announce ments When the weather gets warm one can usually fund hum out on the golf course or at the lake drlvlng around In a black Ford He also studied when he got the tlme xii Carol Meska Messy Sometumes I slt and thunk and sometumes I lust Sl Carol hasn t partuclpated un many school GCTIVIIIGS through her years ln hugh school, but she dnd belong to the Girls Glee Club for three years Her favorite food IS plzza Her favor ate hobby IS collecting movie star's pictures She plans to attend a beauty school after graduatlon Jack A McKlmmy Jocko "t'sKARlN no KAREN' I I Jocko has really been one busy guy around A H S Among hls foremost GCIIVI tles are Karm, the Varslt Club the Booster, Spanish and Chemnstry Clubs the band and orchestra, swlm ming, track, the prom and sensor song commuttee, a homeroom officer, and a member of the Student Coun cll and Junior Rotarians He was a member of the Maple alres and spent a few sum mers at The National Musla Camp The Variety Show and the Mlchcgan Youth Band and Symphony are has other QCIIVIYIES , 'F' 'QS' Sandra Mlchener Sandy The future IS a beckoning lnght"' Sandy s engoyment of the past three years has been apparent to everyone e has always entered Into school actlvltles with great zest Being very interested ln sports, Sandy has been actlve un the G A A and a loyal supporter of the Booster Club This past year, she was the vlce pres :dent of the G A A Sandy also took part In the Pool Show for flve years, and un the cholr her sophomore year After graduation, she as planning to enter the Unlverslty of Mlchlgan Robert G MCP has l You can t ludge a book by nts cover For fave years Bob was a member of the hugh school band, and for three years a member of the woodwind quuntet, the Maplealres, the Adrian Clty Band, and the Lenawee County Band ln has sophomore year he was a member of the orchestra and Latln Club, and In has lumor year a member of the Chemistry Club In his senior year he was a member of a clarlnet quartet W 1 Carol Anne Muller Blondie How large us space' How small IS man"' In her sophomore and lunlor years Carol was actlve as a malorette ln her lunlor year she played the part of the slx year old In the All School Play, entitled We Shook th Famlly Tree and participated In various tal ent shows In her sensor year she was hostess for the open house and for the All School Play Carol enloys muslc, sports, twlrllng the baton, and animals as hob bles f ' , , - 1 6 V, I w VV fi I V' . xg Il' J 1- ' f I 5 'rx n rv . - n as . Haobn 1: . H , 1' I ' ' ' ' ' I H I ' 0 I , u In .... , U H II ' . . . - I n Q n ' ' . ' Y ' . ' 2 ' - . H . . . . ,rf .4 . uhm A RMA f , 'V at . ' sf K W lr'-25 5 - f ' - la - ll u rl . rr rl - al - In I l o Q v I I ' ' ' I I ' ' I I ' , . . , ,, . . .hu . i . A , , . . . . . . . . . . Sh . . . . p - I 1 1 . I - n , U . . . . .. . - u - In - - - H . . . . - Duanne Muller AMuller, a dollar, a ten o clock scholar Duanne has been a member of the Glee Club for three years and a member of the Gurls Ensemble her senuor year Her favorute sport us swummung and un her soph omore and uunuor years she was un the Pool Show Duanne was very actuve un her church and us a puanust and the treasurer of the Youth group un her church Her future plans unclude attendung nursung school V We 1 -0' Joan Muller fBeekel If talk were electrucuf she d be a powerhouse Joan was on the Student Councul un the tenth grade and a member ofthe Chour and Spanush Club untul her senuor year She especually enuoys outdoor sports such as swummung, water skuung and tennus Her favorute un door sport us basketball A serues of commercual courses prepared .loan for secretarual work Besudes her commer cual mauor, she has a malor un Englush and socual studues, and a munor un Spanush Harold Mohr Just a Iuttle Mohr, or less When Harold furst came to the hugh school from the nunth grade he was not able to go out for any sports or actuvutues because of the pressure of work at home He has taken agruculture for four years and has been un the F F A for all the four years Out of these years he was lunuor report er un the tenth grade, senuor reporter un eleventh grade, and lunuor secretary un the twelfth grade. When Harold gets out of school he plans to farm. Ada Mary Money Penny Always a fruend to those who know her Ada has been at Adruan Hugh School for only the senuor year and, as a result, has not had a chance to par tucupate un many school actuv utues She was the secretary of the young people at church and a Sunday School teacher Ada enloys roller skatung and readung Her hobby us photo graphy Her future plans un clude goung to a beautucuan school f i Lynn Marchment Muller BI unky l m bashful, l m quuet m a ln Lynn s sophomore and lunuor years he was a mem ber of the hugh school ten nus team Thus year t e Road Saunts have been one of hus chuef actuvutues to promote safety on the roads Blunky has a blue and whute Dodge wuth a roarung Red Ram Powerplant that has plenty of go to spare Hls future plans will be taken care of by the Unuted States Aur Force Edward A Morlock Coogue No sunner, but a saunt, perhaps When un the tenth grade Coogue moved to Adruan from Dearborn and hasn t been too actuve un school actuvutues However, he does take a great unterest un the Road Saunts Car Club, Hu Y De Molay, and hus 53 Ford Ed has taken all the math he could as ut was hus favorute subject He loves puzza and gurls and also enloys skatung and dancung. After gradua tuon Ed plans to further hus educatuon un the Navy. Bob Mutchell Mutc ln England a bob us money, un Ameruca s cat ' Bob untends to enter Muchu gan State after he graduates, to continue a course un engu neerung Although he has not gone out for school sports, he enloys bowlung and swat tume For three years he was a member of the Latun Club and took an actuve part un hus humorous antucs have won hum several fruends Lulluan Marue Morrls Tuny 'Delughtful eyes and turned up nose, muschlef follows wherever she goes Lulluan has partucupated un many school actuvutues throughout her school years She has been actuve un the Latun Club, Home Makung Club, Buble Club Future Nurses Club, G A.A., and the Booster Club She has also been very actuve as an Assustant Camp Fure and Blue Blrd Leader for three years. Her hobbues are many, malnly the collectung of hats, recupes, plumes and buttons. 33 -. 'S :vb f' ,S Q . I W IA, C7 ,L J, ,,i'3' ' X 4 ,X lt . . . j - . ,. . h., ll ' ll ll 4 ll ' ' Y ll ll ll I ' ." ' .'l "' ' ' . -' ' uf' Q l' liar." ,' . . u . . . . 1 . . . ' - . . .- I . . . . . ' . ' h . . . , . . ll ' I1 . , . - .1 I ' ' . S ' ' . 1 n - ' . ' . ' ' - He W0YkS hard In fhls Club ting a golf ball in his spare ' ' ' ' ' ir. 6 f f l u su . ' ' ' ' ua - H U ' H U . H lu - I n 11 - - ' ' . ul ' ' ' I . ll . . 4 f . . l . I 0 I . I I l . I . ' I ' . . u . n I . Duane M Morey Buck Luke a revolvung door, he never shuts up Durung the three years Buc Gene Morton Coon Everythung he does he does well, but he doesn t do anythung k has been un hugh school, he Durung hus hugh school has partucupated un many years Gene dudn t have actuvltues Some of these much tume to spend on Include the Varuety Show, sports and other hugh the All School Play, choir, school actuvutles Hls hob Boys Ensemble Boys bues are huntung, ftshung, Quartet, and the Busuness and partucupatung un any Organuzatuon Club Buck has other outsude actuvuty also been very enthusuastuc about sports He playp football for three years baseball for one year, b ketball for two years and -4 gi ,VI Wo :u 4 :- o -O '1 o 0 au- 4 o a 3 4 2 o .-.Na--we 'J 1. o :u l'l'l Z co c x' o 3 Z o c 1' cu M5 fffiff' A book us nuce, but there are better thungs un lufe Jan s varuety of unterests us shown by her duverslfued actuvutues She was un the pool show for sux years, the French Club for two, the Spanush Club for one, and actuve as the Booster Club secretary un her senuor year She has also been actuve un Machune shop us Gene favorute sublect, un whrch he us known as Flowers The sublect he dusluked most was pool After grad uatuon Gene would luke to get a lab and earn enough money to buy a farm Marulyn Jane Partrudge Burd She luke school fune, but wull be glad when ut us June of 59 ln her sophomore year Marulyn was un the Latun Club In her uunuor and senuor year she was un Junuor Achuevement and un the Co op Club Marulyn worked for Dr Youngs as a the G A.A , Intramural sports,dental assustant un her lun forensucs, and debate She plans on Denuson Unuversuty where she wull contunue her study of scuences, mathema tucs, and languages 34 uor year un her senuor year she worked for Dr Royer Sherri Muck Gugdet She s short, sweet and s petute, wuth a personalut that can t be beat Sherru was the secretary and treasurer of the Busuness Organuzatuon Club and also belonged to the Co op Club Her favorute pastumes are swummung, uce skatung, danc ung, tennus, lustenung to re cords, and meetung new people Joyce Pate She often burns the mud nught oul but sad to say, tus not for toul Joyce has been very actuve un her hugh school career She has been un the Glee Club three years Gurls Ensemble one year, Student Councul one year, F H A three years, un Junuor Achuevement, and on the Prom Commuttee Joyce s hobbues are dancung, skat ung, ond Iustenung to records, She lukes to lusten to records egpecuqlly Pat Boone and and watch T V After gradu atuon Marulyn plans to work If the rught person says the word she would luke to be a wufe Connue Francus Although she has mauored un commer cual subgects all through her future us undecided Gerald Lee Myers Smoky He looks quute safe and sound but so does gun powder Jerry hasn t been un many school actuvutues but he was valuable In helpung make home room floats for the Homecomung Pcurades, and he dud a very good lob Hus maun hobbues are basketball and playung chess He plans to go unto the Aur Force after graduatuon 2 ,Q Sharon Pate Patey She turns her back on boys, and then runs backwards Sharon has been exceptuon ally actuve throughout hugh school She was a member of the glee club, and was home room and class treas urer un her sophomore year ln her uunuor year she was presudent of her home room Durung both her sophomore and lunuor years, she be longed to the Selaco Club and the G A.A She was on the Student Councul, chour, and ensemble, and on the Homecomung court un her senuor year She has been a reserve and varsuty cheer leader for three years 13' U 1 V, in cu, as ll In ll ' ua - It ll ll - H . . uu - n u I O ua - .uv u - ' - Y . . .H l .U .H I n . n n ' ' ' . . . . y . - - - . . . . - - . . - . . . , . . , D . . . , , , , , , . . . . . . . I ' ' . . . . . . D - . . . . . gs . ' ' . d . . . . - . - un ll , . as- . . . , . . . 1162 1 ' ,. fs gan Tm' Yr ' 5 ' f f i ' K. P' '7' . - S '. 5 .":S'?.iQ5, ' 1. ,, 35' ...ef I . , 4 . H . . u u-lou 1 H H - uu - u n . . ug - - n - - f u r u u . . . . . In u , ' . . . , . . n . I . . . uu ' , . . . . U . . . . . . . - u - O I . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . . U . U . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 v - n I n s - U 0 - 5 . 0 . I . . . . - . . . I . . . . . . , . - . . . . . . , Q . . . . . . D . . . , . I I . . . . . 6 . - D I I Sandra Pfelffle Sandy Gentlemen prefer bl ondesl Sandy has been In the Glrls Glee Club for three years She also, took two years of Spanish but dldn t porn the Spanish Club until her lunlor year As a senlor Sandy was treasurer of her homeroom Whenever there was a home football or basketball game, Sandy could always be found among the spectators cheer mg, talking and laughing Besides attending the games she spent her time Ice skat Ing swlmmlng and fusslng with her halr Nancy Porter Nanc Sparklung eyes flashlng smlle frlend to all that s her style Nancy has taken a college prep course Her extra actlv mes Included the Booster Club French Club, G A A Future Teachers Band, and Maplealres ln her semor year she was on the all school olay makeup commlt tee After graduatlon Nancy plans to attend Stephens College and to study to be a teacher Walter Phlllnps Wo ly Carl Phipps Latch The leader of men and the Has q mind of hrs own follower of women but not a heart Someone Walt, an average and very stole that well llked student was As Carl worked every mght Home F0001 Pf03'd0nf 'U his after school hls actlvltles 59Pl"0m0Y9 YQQY D'-'fmg h'5 were llmlted In his lunlor IUHIOI' Yefll' he WGS l"'0m0 year he was a Student Coun room presldent c member cll member He also was a of the Booster Club the homeroom vlce president In Varslty Club and the Busl has sophomore and senlor ness Org Club GS well GS years Because of an lnlury being on the MClPl0 Leaf he was unable to partlclpate Staff ln his senuor year he In sports durmg his senior agazn was president of hos year but he was a varsuty h0f'l'l0 YOOHI 0 meml-'Ol' of fl"9 swimmer for two years and Booster Club on the Gov also played J V football 9fnm9 Boafd of VCYSWY and J V baseball In the Club: Of' The 'Nick 790m Un' tenth and eleventh grades the SP0l'f5 P099 0d'f0f Of Carl was also an escort at the Maple Leaf the Homecoming game Diana Lee Price Prlcey If l can t fund a way l Il make one Dlana moved to Adnan from Toledo Ohio at the begun nmg of her sophomore year slnce then she has gained many new friends Although she has not partlclpated un many school actsvltles she dld engoy working on the Maple Leaf Staff nn her lumor year Diana s future plans are not yet deflnlte She would luke to attend either a business college or Toledo Umverslty Kathleen Preston Kathy That guy s got her In a whlrl Kathy was a member of the Girls Glee Club In her sophomore year and of the Senior Cholr ln her lunlor year She was on Co op an her sensor year and was a member of the Co op Club She worked ln the Athletic Department for Mr Nelson and llked her work very much She enloys almost any kund of popular or hlllbllly muslc She IS plannlng to be marned soon Duane L Pletcher Sklp Friends he has many, charm IS his goal, thoughts for others :re In his heart of gold Skip has been Interested In dlvlng sance the tenth grade He received Sth award ln dlvang un the Mlchogan State Meet In 'l957 Other school actuvltres have been llmlted although he was a member of the Booster Club In 1958 Has senlor year has been a busy one, as he took co op eratuve tranmng and attend ed school only half days He plans four years of col lege at MSU and hopes to be a successful real estate and Insurance broker In the future Clovls Purnell Butch Nobody but a genius can afford to waste tlme I can t Butch was actlve In football un has gunlor year Swlmmlng and track occupied hls time ln hls sophomore and lunlor years He was In the Latm Club durmg hls lunlor and sensor years He took part In Forensics durmg hrs lunror and sensor years and was on the Debate Team un his senlor year He was delegate to Boys State In has lumor year Butch also took part an the choir and Variety Show ln his lumor year He IS a Past Master Councilor of the De Molay t V . H ., - - n I n . u nv Aa, - n . u 1 n u - - u - . I I n - - . . . . 1 n - - . n , . , 1 , , , , , . . . . . . . . . . 1 , , , , . . , , . . . . . . I O . . . . I - , . I ' I . , . I - . . . I . . I ' I I ' . I . . . I - I . ' ' I I D - , . 0 . . . ,af ,K H , 81" SV1 ,as.f!eag':t.t.X n n . . 4, . , as ls ' " " ll ' .. . . .. , . , n 1 . I , . . . g ,, - n , , , . r n n ' 1 . . . , - r . . I I - 1 a v H ' u - - . . . - ' l ' I - c e, . 0 ' . . . . 1 . . . ' , . ' ' n e s . 0 , ' ' - . . . , . . . . - , 0 I ' v e 0 I ' . , . . ' . . . a I . I 4 , - u n l ' gg . . g, . . . D . n , . . . . . . 0 . Aluce Pyle She s short, she s sweet the devul un her eyes can t be beat Aluce has been an actuve member of the Suckle Staff for the past two years Her other actuvutues uncluded the G A.A the Franch Club, the Archeology Club and the Pool Show commuttee In her lunuor year she was her homeroom treasurer Aluce has no defunute plans after graduatuon Mr Hampton wull now have to fund some one to hound the teachers for theur puctures besudes Aluce who has had that turesome lab for two years Robert Randall Bob I had a long talk wuth my father about gurls He does n t know anythung about them euther Bob wasn t very actuve In hugh school events and clubs but he has several hobbues He enloys roller and ace skatung, playung hockey and football and doung a luttle bowlung on the sude Durung hugh school Bob s scholastic record wasn't the best but ut has steaduly umproved Bob s fruends were many and he trled to make a favorable umpressuon wuth all Bob hopes to further hus educa tuon or enter the Navy next wunter Jummue Raburn Ro Here I am you lucky people Rob dudn t partucupate un any school actuvutues Most of hus tume was taken up playung un a band outsude of school He plays the Carleenea Raunes Lena Oh ut s nothung I ve always been wonderful Of all the extra-currucular actuvutues un which Carleene has partucupated she found that her favorite was defun utely G A.A of which she rhythm guutar for a rock and 'was been a member for the roll band known as the Jaguars Local clubs and organuzatuons have kept the band busy although the band has played for the Zebra Ballroom un Toledo a on W J I M T V n Lansing The Jaguars have also done a few shows for the March of Dumes Betty Jo Anne Reed Bet Now what wull my mommue say? Betty a cute gurl and luked by all has been a member of the mu suc department for the last three years. She has been un the band for four years as well as un the orchestra chour and band ensemble She has be longed to the French Club and has been a member of Slckle Staff for two years Betty s future plans are to go to college and study to be a lab technucuan past three years She also belonged to the Spanush Club for three years In her uunuor year she was elected vuce-presudent of her home room For a short tume she was un Future Nurses Club un her lunuor year She us plannung to devote all her tume to the study of busuness courses un college JI Roger Renner Duck Wlne women and song are gettung me down Guess l II have to quut sungung Durung hus school years Roger went out for quute a few sports He played one year of golf and one year of basketball He was on the track team and the cross country team Hus hobbues are uce skatung gurls hunt Ing, and gurls After gradua tuon he plans to go to Adruan College Patrucua Raunes at She s wullung to be con vunced ls Tom the one who can do lt7 Pat s three years un hugh school were very pleasant and fulled wuth many actuvu tues For three years she was an actu ve member of the G A A and partucupated un the Pool Show She also belonged to the Future Nurses Club Booster Club Spanush Club and Gurls Glee Club ln her lunuor year she was her home room secretary Pat was very happy to model for a style show last year and who knows? lt could be her future June Rhea T need be beloved us all and whom l love l ove Indeed has been one of the actuve members of the musuc department the past three years She has been June most In the orchestra chour the Orchestra Ensemble, and the Strung Ensemble June was also the vuce presudent of the Booster Club the trea surer of the F T A-, and a member of the Spanush Club She :uartucupated un forensucs and debate and was her home room treasurer Her future plans Include college K l . UAI11 - - -1 bn - 11 n - . - up 11 11 1 l 11 u - u - 1 11 1 - - 1 1 1 ' ' . . 1 n u - . 1 4 H . 1 1 , . . 1 . . . . . , , . . . . . . . . 1 . . . 1 . . . . . . - . . . .- . . . . I I I I I . . I n 1, I 4 I I l 0 0 . . . 0 I l I I , , . . . . - - 1 - 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 . . . . I . . . . . ' ' - nd . . . ., . . I ' ' . . . . . . . . 1 ' 1 . . . , 4 -I " 1 I 1 My , F Nm if - ig..-ze , . -: r .- :M u k V 1 ui... flu., gl V 1. I ll I1 YI I I I I 1 1 - 4 e - - 1 1 - 1 1 . , , o l - n . v a ' . 1 , , 1 . . . . .1 I . I 1 u . . 1. . . ' 1 I . . 1 . . . . . . . . 1 I ' 0 1 0 1 1 . . . I I - I D - . . . . . 1 1 1 ' I Q ' I ' ' . ' 1 ' 1 . . . . . . . . 1 . 1 . 1 . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' e . Jean Rhlneh art Re It s not what you do nt s what you get away WI th Although Jean has not partlc rpated In many high school UCfIVlfl8S she dad loln the Nurses Club ln her senlor year She lakes all sports and loves to dance skate and go swlmmlng Her hob hues are llstenlng to Hull bllly and Western muslc Hamburgers and Cherry cakes are her favor: e foods Jean plans to loln the Arr Force after graduation A Tom Ruesmk Tom Have you seen Tom? can t be far Just look In slde or under his car Ever since Tom modeled the flrst llttle car that he rode to and from country school he has tlnkered on cars trucks, and tractors In his father s shop Last year he won the Grange state con test for safe drlvlng Eight years of 4-H ACfIVlfl9S, the Service Club the Junlor Live stock Board and Church goups have clarmed most of has tame ln school he went out for cross coun try for three years He plans to take some form of automo tlve englneerrng In colleqe Keuth Rl chardson Skeeter l even amaze myself sometimes Keith has been very octave In sports ln the tenth grade he was a member of the varsity football golf and reserve basketball teams In his lunror year he was on the varslty football golf md J V basketball teams During his senior year he only played on the football and golf teams He IS a member of the Spanish Club and Varsity A Club He was secretary or the Spanish Club as well as homeroom vice president the eleventh Patsy Ruff Pat The last name IS decelvlng Pat hasn t been too actlve In school GCflVIfl0S how ever she has been a member of the Selaco Club for two years the F H A for one year and the Business ganlzotlon Club for one year She enqoyed home economics and took It each year she could She Irkes to roller skate very much and can be found at the Skate Arena during her spare tnme Her plans for the future are to work and later to use her home econ omlcs ln marrlage Duane Rlghter Llfe IS short and so aml Duane entered Adrian Junlor Hvgh School rn 54 She was a member of the Grrls Glee Club ln her sophomore year She llkes to bowl and has bowled ln the Junlor League for three years Last summer she was chosen by the Ralsrn Valley Frrends Church to attend the Frlends Confe ence tn West Vlrglnra Her future plans Include dolng office work Wllllam Ru skowsky Car A Ro senberg Hollywood A lover of sport a lover of action To all hrs friends an added Jttractuon During has hugh school years Carl has been very actlve ln sports He has been on the varsl ty wrestling team for three years track three years and reserve football for two year Also rn tenth grade he was homeroom vlce president Hrs pastime IS skating flshlng hunting and bowlnng He also enloys machines and machine shop Carl s future plans Include gomg Into the Navy and workrng as a machlnlst Carolyle Jane Ru ssell Jane Qulet please' l m thanking Carolyle participated In the Adnan Hugh School Band and Maplealres for three years and the orchestra for one year For the last two years she has been a mem ber of the Trumpet Trlo and the Brass Sextet She also was treasurer of the newly formed Buology Club and has been an the Maple Leaf Staff for two years Her future plans Include gomg to col lege to get a teaching certlf :cate an either biology or Englush ' H u dll , , V ' M. ' I , H H . l ' - .. . l . D r- I S. l . I I . ' in . . . . ' Q. , 3? y It . He I. . . - .ii 'I I ' . . ' , . . . I - W! U l - - - . . I , 4 . W . , , . . .' is l y . '. .' . O" ll' r' y ' , . l - l D l . i . Ruchard H Russell Duck Lynn Rychener Hot Rod Don t laugh' lmught marry s .I 4 ys fr rs, ruus car, your daughter some day hat s w by It never runs Durung the past three years Duruno 'uool Lynn was too Duck has been very busy busy workung at the A 8. P He was a member of the to take part In many school Varsuty A Club for three actuvutues ln what spare Years and a member of he time Lynn dud have h was Booster Club for one year an amateur raduo operator Duck has been a varsuty Lynn us also very 'TIJCII swummer for all three years In erested In hot roas of hu school ln hus senIor motor cycles, boa s, and year he was captaun of the fyou guessed utl gurls team, and he also holds Lynn s favorute sublect was three relay records Duck machune shop He plans to also has been out for tennus go to a trade school after for three years graduatlon and study tool LJ Lee Salazar El Peruto He s tall he s aark, and he s handsome, savs Paulune Althouah L e has not gone out for sports sunce hus sophomore year, they are hus malor Interest He has a 'ob after school and has not been able to partucupate In athletucs ln Lee s soph omore year he was a member of the J V football team, the reserve basketball team, and the J V baseball team Lee s other Interests lue un art and mechanucs 38 and due makung Mary Sauter If talk were electrucury, she would be a powerhouse Mary has been quute actuve In sch ol actuvutues durung the post three years She purtucupated In the G A A for two yea s, was cu member of the Future Nurses as a sophomore, and was treasur er of F H A for one of her three years wu th the club Durung her senuor year she was a member of the Co op Club Movues and water sku Ing are among her specual Interests, as well as attend Ing sclnol actuvutues Her future plans are to attend a college Margaret Ann Rymal Raggedy Ann Sweet Personalu Full of Rascaluty Dururug her years un Adr an Sensor Hugh Margaret Ann has been secretary of her home room un her sophomore and gunuor years She has been on the Suckle Staff for three years, as well as In the LatIn Club and on the Glee Club un her sophomore year She went on Co op the second semester of her senuor year Whule In school she mauored un commercual sublects MW! Stephen F Schultz S ve If women unterfere vu '- work, quut work Stepher sas the manager o our swum team ru hus sopho more y or, and a m ber of the wres.-Ing and go! teams In hus uunuor vear He was also IP tne Vors ty A club durung hus sophomore, lunuor, and senuor years Stephen has helped the school very much by belng mogazlne sale chaurman in both hus Iunuor and senuor years Thus year Steve was the second hughest salesman o the senuor class "N" Lunda Sue Sager In Thus luttle maud dud what very few wull, She never kept quuet and never sat s Durung her year In hugh school, Lundr' has been In the Pool S ouv ev ry year sunce the seven l- gracle and has also partucupated In t e G A A All through hugh School she has taken com mercual sublects Lunda pastumes are swummung, skatung, dancung, and lus tenung to records, especual ly Pat Boone For her fu ture plans, Lunda has been thunkung of goung to an our lune school Q Ron Scofueld Yancy A saunt what aun Ron us a charter member of the car club nan-ed Road Saunts He IS very Interest ed In sports and follows them cuosely H I also untere ted In gurls and fol lows them closely too Other hobbues Include re cords and sungung After graduatuon Ron untends to tour the U S for about a year to see what he can and do what he can see - ,. . 5 'W' -u.v. I ' A . A... qg'jg.:.3?' 1. 'EW 1. I ' I I I I I I I I ' I I L ' I I I I I I 4-I u . . nHer I-Ive. .:.'n -. H . . . . .H t ' vm. ' ." " 'fy... - I I I , I ' Y sc: till." . . , . . E . - - I . 5 . . ' ll I I 1 - . . . . . . t ' e 1 ' 'h ' e ' u . l . ' Q n -Q h ' - t - u u I u I I . I . ' ' gh 1 - A ' - . I . I . . ' . n . I I S I . . I - . . . . . . . . . . - i . . . . i , I - . I . . . U - . . . - . - . .5 f '- 353, I , ' . I. I .... Q '1 'S' ' , r .L f X rr ' X ---' u .. fr 5 'I 4 We , lf 5 y , " :J 3 .542 1 I u - I 1 s 1 ,Q I r ' ' ' ' ' . I., as I u : H ' " u . '.A- ll - - 'LU , . u.. I v u , ' - s 0 . I , . I Q . . K ' I I I -v ' - I !n,' I I K e O . , , I . , . - - I u . - - - ' ' ' ' e em - ' -- ' ' ' . . . .I - 5 ' . e ' s . . . . r I- . . . . I . ' S ' ' - ' ' . ' E ' . . ' I - . , . . . K. 1 - - . . . . - . . I ' ' ' ' . . . do . b . , . . . . . I 1 . . . ' ' , ' . ' ' f , . . . Dale Seager A smlle he shows, wher ever he goes Dale took part In many school actnvltles even though he had a qob and was not able to partlclpate un sports He was an actlve member IH the Latm Club for three years, the Booster Club for two years, and the Radlo Club for one year He was a member of Junlor Achievement for two years and president of the Llve wlres 4-H Club He IS actlve In his church and was pres: dent of the youth group He plans to enter college an the fall Joy Doren Shepherd Shepple Who says l can t drive?" Most of Joy s school actnv- ltles have been centered around the Future Homemak ers of America She loaned rn her sophomore year and thus year she ns president Her other GCflVlfI8S lnclud ed the Lotln Club and G A- A Besldes her school actnv lfIeS she IS a member of the West Adrian Congregational Church, The Rome Grange, and has been a 4 H member for frve years She enloys danclng, especially square dancnng Her plans for the future have not been decld ed. Nancy Ann Sell Nanc Her pleasant smlle and wlnnlng way help to brlght en each school day Nancy has had a very mem orable hugh school career She was very active a three years, Partlclpatmg In each year In the Student Councul, an the G A A , In the French Club, In the Pool Show, an the cholr, as a class officer, and as a cheerleader lvarslty captaun as a senlorl Besides these, she was un the Variety Show, the B 0 C Club, and the Booster Club After being elected to the Home coming Court her gunlor year, Nanc was chosen as our Queen last fall Douglas J ames Shlerson Doogles "lt's not what you do I s what you get away with Cranbrook s loss was Adrlan s galn when Doug entered Adrlan Hugh ln hls lunlor year Whlle at Cran brook he participated In many actlvntles After enter lng Adnan Hugh Doug was a member of the Latm Club for two years, the Booster Club ln hls senlor year, and a member of the tennus team as a lumor Doug works at the Wyatt Drug Company after school, so he doesn t have time for many actrvltles He plans to attend college after graduation. Janet Sentle an Maybe I m not the cutest gurl In the world but on the other hand, maybe I am Janet s years In hugh school have been full of many ac trvltles During her sopho more and lumor years, she was a reserve cheerleader, home room presudent, and a member of the Spanish Club For three years she was actlve In the G A A , of which she was the treasurer and president, and the Future Nurses Club o which she was the vlce president and president She was class treasurer nn her rumor and senlor years She participated In forenslcs and the Booster Club durung her senlor year Dale Shook Snooks l do not choose to be a common man Dale was best known for his musncal actlvltles, which consisted of fave years In the flrst band the clty and county bands, three years In the Maple alres, the Clarinet Quartet, and two years In the all state band at Interlochen Has partucnpatuon In varsrty sports Included two years rn cross country and three years In tenms Dale also took part In two all school plays Hls club actvvltles Included two years ln the Chemlstry Club and three years ln the Varslty A Club. Larry Shaw Maverick Every man comes Into the world for something Larry has not been too ac tlve ln school UCflVIfl6S although he played one year of tennls an his lunror year ln his senlor year he partlc lpated In Co op, going to school un the morning and working ln the afternoon Most of Larry s actlvltles have been outsude of school Belonglng to several clubs outside of school takes up much of his spare time H as a member ofa hot rod club, the Road Saints IS favorite hobby IS cars Barbara Shourds Barb The halr IS dark, the eyes the same, but IS there reason o complaln""' Although Barb appears to be rather qulet, she IS really quute the opposite She was a member of the GAA for two years, the Co op Club durlng her senlor year an the FHA for three years She was treasurer of FHA ln her last year She IS Inter ested In almost everythln especially uce skating, llstenlng to muslc, and meet mg people Barb has no de flmte plans for the future, but whatever she does will be well chosen. ' - if N e j , Q 4' , new I vi" I - L 1 - ll fl 'IJ If ll I ll H I 41 . H. . I H I - . . . I .rr - H . .U I.. I . . - D . .. . . - . . . .. I A ' II ' ' . ' n . . . . I u a u . . . . . . . , I f . ' - ' ' . . . ' ' , ' ' . e . . - . . . . . .H. Q' ' 1' 'JWJ N. ' Il ll ll ll ll ' ll ll 'Y ll ll ' ' ll I - 1 I nfl .ll - ' !ll f . . I . . , . . . . . . , , , . - . . . . I d . . . . . . . . 9' 13,1 Bob Shulters Booze People shouldn t undulge un actuvutues that mught harm them Bob us a senuor who wasn too actuve durung hus years un Adruan Hugh however, h dud partucupate un golf, re- serve football, and .lunuor Achievement un hus sopho more year He also played golf un hus senuor year Hus hobby us workung on cars Hus future plans are to go to Tru State at Angola, lndu ana Judy Snead Sneadweed Don t laugh I may be datung your son Judy wasn t very actuve un extra currucular actlvltues, but she has been un the G A.A and Leaders Club Judy was also un the Selaco Club, whuch now us called the Future Homemakers , un her uunuor year The lack of many actuvltues un school has been replaced by much church work by Judy Durung her spare tume she lukes to play records and dance them She also lukes to skate and swum After grad uatuon Judy plans to go to Hillsdale to study to be come a beauty operator Lutrell Smart Lootue She has muschuef un her eyes look out' Lutrell was an actu ve mem ber of several clubs durung her hugh school years She belonged to the Spanush Club Future Nurses Club Booster Club, and Future Homemakers of Ameruca She spent every year partuc upatung un the hugh school chour, and was un the Gurls Ensemble for two years Her maun love us musuc Her plans for the future us to go on wuth more schoolung at Western Muchugan Unuversuty new Sh aron Sorgenfrue Prangej Sorgue Two names are better than one Sharon spent most of her senuor year on her co op lob and partucupatung Co op Club ln her lunuor year she was In Future Teachers and Spanush Clubs In her sophomore year she was only un e Spanush Club In her spare tume Sorgue wrutes letters to a certaln Marine She also lukes to dance After gradua tuon she plans to be a full tume housewufe Carol Ann Smuth Smutty' l m not short' My fee touch the ground, don t they?" Carol has been quute busy durung her three years of hugh school She has been un the G A A three years and was a reserve cheer leader un her sophomore and lunuor years Her favor ute hobbues are dancun swummung, musuc, and sku ung Her club actuvutues were the Future Nurses Latun, and Booster Clubs ln her sophomore year she was secretary of her home room Gary D Stegg Stag The thung l luke better than gurls us more gurls with plenty of money Gary Stegg was actuve un sports He partucupated un basketball for two years baseball two years, and football for three years He played un the band for two years and un the orchestra for one year He was presl dent of hus homeroom un hus lunuor and senuor years He was secretary of the Co op Club as well as a member of the Varslty A Club Q.. Sandra Smuth Sandy Good thungs come un small packages Sandy has not partucupated un many hugh school actuvu tles, but us a real sport s enthusuast She especually enuoys goung to football and basketball games Her hobbues unclude swlmmung and tryung to play tennus She also lukes lustenung to rock and roll and Duxleland In her uunuor year Sandy was treasurer of her home room After graduatuon she plans to receuve traunung to be come a regustered nurse and physucal therapust A ,av Gary Steudle Tony Don t buy ut for a song, unless you know what the putch us When Gary us not rudung around un a whute Chevy convertable, he us partucu patung un hus favorute sport football As a member of the varsuty team for three years, he made the All Twun Valley team thus fall He played basketball un the tenth and eleventh grades and went out for track un hus sophomore year Also member of Varsuty A for three years, he acted as secretary durung the 1958 59 season He also belongs to the Booster Club V 4 ' 42-' T :- J 'XX fa T uu II uu - lr . H . 1 - u ur au I - ru . . . ,, , 1 u - . . . . . . --- .H I , .U ll n I It 1 . - Q u .- . . . F e . , . . . . , , . . . - - . . . . . . . . . . gl . . . '. '- . . . . g . , . ..,. M- 1 2 r as .H gel, ll ll , C . .I ,I ll I, ll I ll I. l n ur - - U , . I ," " . . . . ." .rr . . I. f . . 0 . . ' . ' ' ' ' in l . . .- ' 1 I I r , . . . 'I 1 ' . . . . , th i I- D i - Q I ' " ' '.' ' . . l . . l . to ' . . - - , , . . a 1 Janet Stevens an "lt's not what you do It s what you get awdy with Jan has partlclpated In quite a few school actrvltles She s been a member of the choir for three years and has taken part In each ofthe Variety Shows She has also Lester Stevens Les Sho.-on Sfewqff Shem Dewey Stout Idgrt Work fasclnates me' l could Thls lass .5 W-,dependable who? Me, ofhgefl Whqf slt and look at It all day always I,-,fel 1-I-,en she 5,-mle5nolse"" Les Stevens has played foot and so we walt ball for three years, and hasAlfl-,ough fl-1.5 gql has ngf been on the wrestlung and track teams for two years He also was a member of the Varslty Club Lester been a member of the Spanush 'node the All Twln Valley Club for two years She was team In football xn his sen secretary treasurer of her lor year He likes to tanker homeroom during her sopho with hrs car In his spare more year and was secretary time He hopes to go to col of her semor homeroom lege and perhaps play some College IS a posslblllty af football when he gets there ter graduatron, although not deflnlte Her hobbies are danclng and wrltlng letters Ellsworth Stout E s ln boat raclng he s tops, but usually ends up In flop fha we: " fr Bob Sumeral Smiley The reward of a thlng well sl done IS to have done It Ells was very actlve ln the During his sophomore year past three years He partnc Bob was a member of the lpated In Varslty football reserve basketball squad baseball and track, besrdes and the track team ln the being president of the eleventh grade he took part Booster Club and Q member rn cross country, basketball ofthe Latm Club As a mem and track Bob was a mem ber of the Student Council ber of the Varslty Club, and for two years, he went to a vlce president and busl the NASC Convention nn ness manager ln Junror New Mexico He served on Achievement As a semor the Career Day Committee, Bob was a letter winner In was a member of the Senlor cross country, basketball Cholr, and on the Maple and track He was his home Leaf staff Ells hopes to room s secretary and was a drlve hrs "f7" Chevy to master machlnest In machine the Arr Force Academy, shop which he plans to attend participated In many school actavutles she has been an active member ofthe Co op Club for two years She was Dewey has been o member of the semor hugh hour for the last three years Hrs mam Interests are cars, the Navy, electronics and a certaln glrl In Palmyra ln a member of the French Cl ubthe next year or so he plans for three years and was a student llbrarxan during her sophomore year Sherri has been secretary In her Junior Achievement company for three consecutive years, andStudents by the unmlstakabl to become an Avlatlon Elec tronlclan In the Naval 'le serve Dewey s approach to 'Frank Street can always be recognized by Adrian Hugh e during her semor year she sound of has faithful Ford was elected Treasurer of the Achiever s Assoclatlon Carol Summers Pork Chops Always talking, never knows when to stop, but when a teacher looks at her, talking she IS not Carol Hasn t partnclpated In many extra curricular actlvltles, but she has de voted a great deal of her time to the Adrian Theta Rho Club No 38 of which she has been a member for IIVC years She IS now serv mg a term as president ln her sophomore and lunuor years she was a member of the Selaco Club Her mann Interest IS one certain male, swlmmmg, and listening to rock and roll Stanley S Towers Srnedly Me and Einstein under stand relatlvnty Stan has participated In many school actlvltles A few of whlch are the First Band, the Flrst Orchestra, the Mlchlgan Youth Band, the Mlchlgan Youth Symphon various state ensembles, the National Hugh School Band and Orchestra, and the solo and ensemble festivals Whale working on these pro lects he has been studying In the field of science for his vocation Chemistry Club of which he has been a mem ber for one and one-half years has auqmented his knowledge nw., ' 41 X Y A ' ' 'fi UJ n u lr ,, ,,, U . H - 1 r z . 4 . . 1 1 , , - . . ' I I ' ' I I . I . I O ' V ' I I . I ' , C . - u . . . . . . I . , - . - - . . . . . . 'r - - - . . . . I , . . - . , , . . l . . ' ' - . , . . .w-111612. 5" - af. ll ' ml' I ,V ? 5 2 ' - 'f ,, Y '- ., f tr. .. wif , rs 'J' 1 f,4'5w7 ' , . ' 4 . . E we ei . I I I I I I l I ' I I I I I I I I I I 1 4 - . , r u . I ' ' I I , , . - 1 - - H ' . . tr - - rl , . . . - . . . . I . 5 I 1 ' ' ' Yr . 1 - a - ' ' ' . . . . . , . . . . . , I , - - I , . . . . . . , , . . I I . . . . i . . . . . . - 0 . I Kenneth Traster Rlcnard Tuttle ut" Don t need gun, have traveled' Durlng has hugh school years Duck has been active In swlmmlng, tennls, and foot ball, and IS a member of the Varslty A Club Muslcally Duck has been very active, partlcnpatlng In the band and orchestra, the Cnty and Coun ty Band, the Mlchlgan Youth Symphony and Band, and other actlvltles musical and nonmuslcal This was aug mented by three summers spent at the National Music Camp Being elected edltor of the Maple Leaf and select ed a Junlor Rotarlan are probably Duck s two greatest honors 'O' Felix Valdez Happy ,lomen are the fault of all evll Brother, do I love evll Felux has been actlve In sports ever smce he entered A H S Never experlencdng Junoor Varsity, he seemed to be polson on the varsity squads for both football and basketball In the tenth, elev enth and twelfth grades In the eleventh grade he also trled his hand In track Hap was a member of he Spanish Club for four years, the Varslty A Club for three years and the French Club for two years ln his home room, he has held the offices Patty Van Suckle Patty Van A fnendly gal, a pleasm way, a happy smile, these lead the way Patty spent her freshman and sophomore years at Sand Creek Hugh School She was a member of the I Lee G Underhill LuLu A qulet person In a crowd but then two lsn t a crowd, IS t?" ln school Lee s Interests have been centered around track and cross country He has flve letters to has credit In those flelds He ha alS0 been active ln the Varsity A Club and the cooperative tralnlng program Outside of school Lee has taken part In the Junior Achxeve ment program and the White Dragon Motorcycle Club After graduation Lee plans to continue hrs education by means of either college or the Amr Force .nw Leean Underwood Lee A well IS deep, but som tlmes It will overflow Lee hasn t participated In many clubs and organuzatlons In hugh school although he dnd belong to the Co op Club ln hrs senior year Has mam Interests are eating, sleepln and maknng money Some of his lesser Interests are swlmmmg and water skung In the summer, and loafmg In the wlnter He plans to loan the Alr Force after graduation 'Ki' Eleanor Vokoun Bugs Woodrow Warner Woodle If at flrst you don t suc A chrp off the old block ceed, try something easler Bugs IS noted for always Smlllng She lust can t say Hello, without a smlle to go wlth It She dldn t partlc lpate In many clubs through out her hugh school years band and served as chaplalnAs a rumor, however, she of her sophomore class She was In the Latln Club and entered Adrian Hugh In her G A A As q senior she was lunuor year Patty was a member of the Future Home maker s of Amerlca for four years During her last year she was a member of the of sergeant at arms, treasurer B'bl' Club She plans to and vlce-presldert 42 traln to become a dental nurse an attendance helper for Mr Osgood Bugs plans to work as a typlst after she graduates ln a few years she IS planning to become an alrlme Hostess Woodle was never much for school, but he has always trled to stay on the right slde of the teachers and not get Into trouble He was on the wrestlmg team two years In a row, but he dldn t get good enough for the reserves so he qult before the season was over In his second year He has one hobby he llkes and that IS huntlng He says he doesn t know too much about guns but he does get most of the rabbits he sees He was on co op hls sensor year and hopes to keep on worklng after graduation , A Y v .v J V- I I 5 A K A 6 , 3 ' 31 5 H , 541 . EI: 1- ,V . A "- etfva' A, . . .:v i il' va' ." V - l I 1. ,sf i J 4 V at I 1 1 I 1 T . 1 1 I I I I Y ' 4 4 ' . - . - 1 1 . . 1 1 - e, . 1 I . , , I . . . 1 1 . . . ' i , , . . . , . . . - 1 1 I I - ' I I ' . . . . ' ' . s ' ' I 9 u I . h , K , "r' llez A A , 1 I A -Q I v A' ,'., . A. ' Y EE" M 1 I f Y . ""A,,A 9 ' M Q ,.. Q Q I , Y 1' ,H :L Q ,. W Q ' ' ' ' ' ' I 1 I 1 I I - I I 1 1 1 1 - . . I, H - I - ,, . .II . . . ' ' ' ' ' 9 - - I I1 . 1 1 . I '. . . . . . . , , l ' 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 5 . . . . ' ' , ' ' - . - 1 I 1 1 1 . t I ' ' . I I ' ' . . - . . I I - . M. Robert Warren Bob Bug surprises come small packages ln the nmth grade Bob bought a set of weights to develop his body and he has been working on them ever slnce Going out for wrestling and track In the tenth grade, he dld very well for a flrst year man Hrs mam Interest lles ln cars, and he IS a proud owner of a sharp, green Sl Ford ln Bob s semor year he was a member of the Business Orgamzatron Club Bob was truly a cred xt to the class of 1959 Cherry Wasslnk A gurl with a smxle IS girl worthwhile For three years Cherry was class secretary and a home room officer, and partlclpat ed In the All School Play and Cholr For two years she took part In the Pool Show and forensics, and be longed to the French and Booster Clubs She also was a reserve cheerleader and In debating for one year Cherry was selected to be he DeMolay Sweetheart" and was on the Homecom :ng court Further educa tuon In college IS Cherry s future plan Joyce Webster She IS wlse, she IS wltty, she s In love what a plty Joyce, throughout her hugh school days, has not been very active In school affalrs however, In her sophomore and semor years she was the vlce president of her homeroom Also durmg her sophomore year she was a member of the French Club ln her semor year she acted as a prompter an the All School Play Yo Yo s hobbies Include talking, and a certaln young man After graduatuon she hopes to take up a lufetlme 'ob iw Mike Wegrzyn Ginger Wme, women, and song Guess l II have to give up smgung During Make s three years ln hugh school he has not partlclpated ln any clubs, but he has honorably held the office of treasurer of has homeroom Some of Mike s pastimes are swlrn- mmg, gurls Basketball gurls, baseball, and gurls After Mlke graduates he plans to goin the Navy We dldn t know that the Navy had gurls but we suppose Jo Ann Weaver A little bashful, a llttle shy, always smlllng wonder why?" Jo Ann has been fairly ac tlve In her years In hugh school She has been a mem ber of the French Club for the past two years and o member of the F H A for the past three years She also was a member of the Booster Club ln her lumor year and a member of the Future Nurses Club In her sophomore year During her semor year she was on op Swimming, basketball games, and readnng are her favorite outside school ac tlvltles Dave Wenland Dove A good guy who IS wullmg to try Dave was a hard worker for class and home room He Jackie Duck A genius masterpiece Jack IS a semor who IS quite well known and has been falrly active durmg his years In Adnan Sensor Hugh He has played base ball for three years, lunlor varsity basketball for two years, and varsity basket ball In has semor year Hls hobbies are dancing, sports, and watchnng drag races Hls future plans are to either go Into the service or go to a business college David Wellnltz Dave Quiet and Shy' But Y"' Dave IS o shop mayor Be sades llklng to work wnth was Interested In sports andmachlnes, he enloys farm was on the lunlor varslty football squad and on the lunlor varslty basketball squad, as well as the track and wrestling squads H belonged to the Varsity Club and to church groups He enloys good musnc and dancing Dave IS a good friend of everyone who knows hum that those In the Navy have plenty Look out, Navy, here comes Muke llfe Hls favorlte hobbies are hunting, flshlng, and rndmg has horse Although one seldom hears hum talk he IS well liked by every one Untll Uncle Sam calls hum, Dave plans to contlnue farming wlth his father 43 4 y A r V X . xx 1 s. L ' W . V 1 l ' 4 :Join ' "' 1 4 . . in 4 4 - - . . Q , , . . u 1 - 9 . . r r . t ll . . ' . . . . u - . Co- , ., 1.". , I , ' o 3 Mi!! I A HR , 1 jf, rl '17 5 4 1' qi lIYo-Yoll ' II I ll - ll ll . n ll' 'I 1, . . . . ,, . . ,, . . . ,, . . -Oh! Y ' - .rr r - ll M . . I n 1 , . e . . - - I Barbara Westgate Barb Happuness, luke sunshune, only needs a luttle spread mg Barb was presudent of her homeroom, an actuve member of the Latun Club, and was on the backstage crew of thus year s All School Play All of those books she owns helped her wun two certufu cates for Excellence un Latun Her goal, after grad uatuon from Suena Heughts wuth a degree un mathema tucs, us to become a C P A lCertufued Publuc Account ant , so don t be surprused uf she makes out your tax returns HQ- New Q Da vu d Wood Dave I could be good, but u ge s so lonesome Dave has sung un the sen uor hugh chour for the last three years and has a pun for each year He was un the Busuness Org Club un hus senuor year and spent two years un Junuor Achueve ment Also durung hus senuor year he spent hus time work ing after school When Dave graduates he may go unto the Navy to fulfull hus oblu gatuon to Uncle Sam 44 Jon R Wetherbee It s not my fault lt s he people around me Durung hugh school Jon par tucupated un tuvltues He the Varsuty the Latun Club for three years and the Booster Club ITICIHY eXfl'0 CC WCS OCNVB In A Club and un hus gunuor and senuor years He also added hus strength to the cross coun try and track teams un hus sophomore and lunuor years Jon also was a bug splash for the varsuty swummung team for three years He was elected to the Student Councul three years un a row becomung vuce presudent un hus senuor year 151 1 'H-au: v0" 1 ,afoo- Dennus Wood Denny Failure IS the only thmg whuch can be achueved wu hout effort ' All of Denny s lufe he hos been unterested un makung money He wull do most any thung uf he us to be paud for ut Durung hus years un sen lor hugh he has kept humself un pun money by keepung quute a few supplued wuth chewung gum For two years he was a member of Junuor Achuevement Duane L Wulleft Wullue Skuung us best when you have lots of whute snow and plenty of Blue Cross Wullue, who us always ready with a snappy sayung or a smule, partucupated un many octuvutues These Included the Student Councul, the G A A Chour, the Pool Show the Latun Club, the Ensem John Wullett l m wullung to be convunced, fund somebody to convince m John has been an actuve member of the chour durung hus two years at A H S He also was un the Buble Club and durung his senuor year the Co op Club In hus lunuor year he attended Sprung ble the Leaders Club beung Arbor Hugh School Whule a homeroom offucer, th there he was a member of Booster Club, and the French the Messuah Chorus, the Club, the last two of whuch she was secretary and presu dent respectuvely Most of Duane s lufe was spent un paul, not as an unmate, but as the daughter of Lenawee s sheruff .1 Pat Ann Wood Woody I m happy, so where s he party Throughout hugh school Pat has partucupated un many octuvutues She has been a member of the Spanush Club for three years, the Archeol ogy Club for one year, and the Booster Club for one year Along with these ac tuvutues, she was un Chour for two years, the Gurls Ensemble two years, and un the Varuety Show Woody was also on the Prom Com muttee She us malorung un Englush and socual scuence Her future plans are to attend college women dru ver s Photography Club, the Mm usterual Assocuatuon, and the staff of the school paper, the Re Dlt He also captured school hours un forensucs and went on to du struct tu competu on P at Joan Wood What s thus they say abou ,lf Thus perky luttle brunette, P J as her fruends call her, has been Interested un clubs and school octuvutues through out her three years un hugh school She was un glee club un her sophomore year and was also cu member of the Archeology Club In her sophomore, uunuor, and senuor years she was a member of the Spanush Club ln her lunuor and senuor years Pat was an actuve member of the Booster Club She was un the chour and was also seen un the Varuety Show 5 , I. .A , 5 in 3 Y . . Q .A ll ll a . gg - . gg . U ' ' - ur r u 1 uu .. . ru u - - ' . ' - ll I v ' ' .U .ur ' ' ll 'I n s Q - 1 . . . ' ' . . . . ' 1 u I . . . . . ' -I . I - I . . - . . . - . . , , , . ' r I ' . - . . . e , - I l . . . , - - . . . . . . . . - - . , - - Tj A V 'WWE - fi . " Y ' f 1 g ,W J 5 gf Q i 'Q gg. ' ll ll ' ll fl ll ll IIP-J.ll H ,t I. . . . ,I 1 r t uu u . f t .ll ' ' ll ' I 't .' . , . . I . . . . - . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . . .. . ., . . - . . , u I 4 - . . . . , , , . . u uu . . , . . , . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . U , . . . . X 0 B'll wood W00dY Gerald Lee Woody Jerry Failure IS the only thing If 5 no, G queshon of that can be achreved wlth Could he be good bu, out effort -1 Bull has been In but one W ody Y? sport GCfIVIfy nn hls years After spending his earl d Y at A non Hlgh bemg on school lnfe an Addlson and the J V baseball team In his flrst year He has not been In any school clubs or extra currlcular CCflVI 'les When Bull graduates he plans to go to Adnan College and take up physp cal education as his fleld of endeavor Hls favorite hobbies are In skating and Onsted, Jerry came to Adrian an his sophomore year As a member of Var Slty A Club, Jerry was ac tlve In football and track Has honors mclude belng president of has home room, wrltmg for the school paper, and representmg Adrian by baseball when hack began Convention Outside of In his senlor year he report d e as G condldule and hoped g his leisure time huntln to make hls letter chool, Jerry enloys spend 9 :md flshlng ,Q Jnll Wrlght Pinky 'lt's a farmer s wife s llfe for me Most of .lull s time ns taken up with her lab She works at the Commercial Savings Bank She has been a mem ber of the Co op Club for two years She was a mem ber ofthe Glee Club and Latin Club ln her sophomore year This year .lull was secretary treasurer of her home room She IS also sec agers at her church After graduatson Jlll plans to keep working at the bank 'I Bull Younglove B The sunshine of lrfe IS mode up of very little beams that are bright all the time Bull has worked at the Adnan Dally Telegram for the past two years, where he acqulred a knowledge of newspaper actlvlty He has participated vn Latln Club and Booster Club CCYIVITIBS During hrs senlor year he was assoclated wlth the West Adrian Congregational Fellowship He may be seen rldlng around IH his pet peeve which as hls l953 and after that, Who Knows"'Fard ' w'w4r...,. ' . .-,gn , ,. o C C , by N fi Lp r " '52 . I ' I - f In ' H Il , H I' - - u - In . n HIM H ' ' ' u 1 . ' - - . , . I 1 . 9 . H . . . .H 0 I rl . Q ' Q 1 - ll I , ' , , , . . . attending the Junior U. N. fef0fY'lfe05Uf9f of HTGGH' Church and their Pilgrim ' . , ll u . .S , I . . . . . . U n . , . g . I . . . I . . 'I f' f . l it . I' . - H - wx U Y' sl ' ' ' n I A . . w I ' . . . I l d ll ' ' . ' '. C. ' on . 9 - ' ' ' ' ' . . I 1 . 2 . I . . . . Diana Zletlow Diane A pony tall, a wlnm g smnle, that s Dland all the while Dlana will always be remem- bered by her classmates for her bag blue eyes and sunny dlsposltuon She was a mem ber of the Future Teachers Club during the tenth, elev enth, and twelfth grades, and a member of the Booster Club In her senior year Diane enloyed being In the gurls vocal ensemble In her lumor and senuor year She was In the glee club for three years and ID :hour her senlor year She also partlc lpated In The Varlety Show and sang an the talent assembly. Photoless Graduate Ronald Powell Ron Early to bed' Earlv ta ruse' Misses the best part of the CY Ron was never very oct: .re sn school actlvltles, but outside of school he was always actuve at the Y M A He IS a member of the Leader s Club as well as the basketball team at the Y P also works part tame at the Y helpnng the kids Ron s boobles ore playing baske ball partvcrpatlng ln gymnastlcs, and bowlmg Senior Snaps -an Junior Class Officers PHIPPS BERNDT MILLER ALPAUGH JUNIOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT GARY PHIPPS VICE PRESIDENT TERRY ALPAUGH SECRETARY SALLY BERNDT TREASURER NONIE MILLER This page is sponsored by Howard Eddy, M. D. K.. Al cock Anton Barnhart rldges Bufford u. Cleveland Crowley Juniors 'Uh Alcola Alpauglw Amo 'VNS 5 Appleton D Appleton G Aufen Beach Bea J' Brlon Burkhart Conklin Cuellar Bernd? '54 swf. Breckel Bristol Burns Byrd Cosgrove Cox Cuff Davis P Anderson If Barley Black ,WS M, B An der son Baker Boone sa F Aneff Anglln Baldwin Bournes . " shi Q Brock Brown L Brown " r' Campbell Canaan Carl son of f Barley Bowen Bu ellrer Car fer x Morvl n COX Cramer Crowe 'in Davls R Davls D0Yk'n Del'-em' 0 , v. Q' ' - " "' -N fax? ' R 3' ' vi' - I V p Y f tx' 8 4 if x- ' l M. if f "' ,4 My., ,. if A ' ,rf li' 1 1 .-.L , Q , . ' N , Q M 5 K, 5 X M A M5 s " T' -' x . Y r . f A., K, K i DJ A A ' 4 44 0 ' , -.-f 51. f A , .sy V X fe ,fl 5 Q ,f V v 2 1-: lg '10 s 4 1, V . ,nf-.,n 'v ifA:',, M , :f1f D I v L, I 'ink I ' I ' . I f- -6 ,L A 'C' A 1- .9 2. 1- fr - I , z 'L N - n 9 "' Q er , 4 is of 0 I I , . My .. X F ' my 'D A 1' . "" -' 'S . 2 me 4' we f 'ff 1: f ifff ,.',- Qer 5 I 1' 1 Y 'f, , -E422 B 1' V w e , A 2 5 B . . . f I ' . I 5, 1.. if W ' V, V. It at LR? 3 A S- ' 1 1' L- H -1 A - .J ,g ff gl we -. v' , iff, 'G' 1 1' L, . W A fi? .i11'lh. 1--fr. If. - I ' 6 ff, r y x , x, P . ' "v L I ' L Q 1 v A , , 5, F 4. its as . ,N 3 g Q 1 52 ,f S 4 . is x I Lil. 1 rin, Av X ' , E. Co I ' 1 F- X 3 Y ri kj' - V 'Q ,, nk . 11 or g W , -Q v - - r if rf R ant 7 if, is 5 K .. fy- Rafe? ,M B y :-- -ix 1 ' . EW' . B ksr, N X f I f X '- 'Y' f??fe , E W ,MW Wflnllll ' , . ' , . ' , S- ' 4-.M Juniors ,gf , ,. win Demlow Densel Y, 67, in Ear Emerson Eaton D Emery lcklnger FI Int df Gallup Graber Handy Gaukel 1 M1 Grayblel Dlcklnson Doland Draper Ehlnger El lzardo Ellcey 41' Evans Farley Faurote ink M 'Wt Frank F3 Force Fox Drewyor Dunbar Dunlap Ellloft Emerlch Emerson ik .Hn Fergus Fetty Flizgerald Free? Fugoif Gallant George Getzen Golst E Golst Gonzales Gould Greene Grlewahn Grlffm Grlndsfaff Harden Harrington Harris Harsh Haynes Hague Hampton Hayton Hel m 0 6 . we V ' 1 . - wk , , Q ry, A '-A g- 5 1 -Q -WE 4 lt. , ' 1' QM ' , :fe if- I rs L, ' 'A I: ,av ' 5. ' 7 , I , r div.,-f x Aa. V1 g L, l -n ' Y ' ' G f 1 I 1 1 is ..7' 'ivy 'LA ' 5 egg , Kiwi r H H f . w ,QQ A 'fs , lg 7 ' if -. .-,, h rl bei I A ,Ai ., 4? R K A h I - . . . I A. Vw G G ' I .' f:f Q , 3' I I 'lv fs. A K W 5 3 A R Q 1. Y li y 5 ffl!! A+-is f' Hu f Maw, K , ' 'K '91 ll Gpui 'wi K tw? 'L 7 Q . 7' 'r K ' L-'Rx E, F as ff' M ' E F A 'fm I A s A ' FI. . . n gl Q V 73' 'I "" G f. 'L , , 1. 'W 'Q F . , M . 4 f N , 4 L' f ' ' , . ' , S. ,r ,J?1.' g M i an Viva 'lv ,g 2, Z", QF' V ff Z as I " as , as yaar Qs ek, f' a f A Q2 :. - ,. , ff J, Q V 4 X Yr G' lf: .3 u, , f T44 G 'if 1 V ,Q 0 I --M ,Iii , V A A g ? It . R fl' I l yr F, l f ,- , ' F F Hess Hickman Hutchnson Hyder E Qin, Johnston Krueger Karol Krueger Kathy Libs Llghtfoo? MCWI lllams Mapes HI Hyder Johnstone June Yuri Loop Marshall Muller D Muller E Munster Juniors Hoag Hyder Keller 4 'Cu s'rau Luke Mc Combs Marhn Mafthes Mohr Mooney Nha Hohn strelter Hoover Jarreh Jenkins Kldman Kung hm an arnbka Q Horn Jermea K l QI n 'Q L one McCorml ck McCracken Mayes Mehrllng Moreno Morgan Hughes ia Johnson KI nngler Langthorne McN I chol Melendy Morton A 'yy' 'I' 4 Msg: Y J x y gg - -n ' J ., LSR W 5 KZPQV 1 If at My Aj f -':1' if V - ' , - -' M if - , . , N. , s. ' A 7 .. , Alll We 5 l li I - a s M L a E if Q if- 'A A by 4 Q Q :A e'oll K P l ., '51 , K Q ff l an e if AIY1 Q t i,v.:v5 ii. If VIQQQ lj V1 's,--v.r ,iw , . f , L ' X z 1 s -I I La L 1. Ili? el'e 5 W' -A A .,' f l-' A L i L L M 7 ,tai r:12.1ffif1 K K L , L ' K r e., V' , 5 1' fffilf' 1 me L f if T Q is , 7 Z I' M ,.?k,.,,g,, L. t . .ag we or , 4 M L' H M 7 ,gy A ,M . E,: .F Q f 's-e .J gf Juniors 9 ,. Morton J Muck Mu h M Newland Obenour 1121.7 Palmer J Palmer M Pentland Plplow Redlln Peters Pl'IfCl18ff Reeck Rittenhouse Rockwell 'P GY Murphey S Musuc Bryant Palmer S Pflster Qul gl ey Retan Odegar Palmreuter Phalen Raburn Richards oe Roekle Oleda Palpanf Phenlcle '?1 Rames Myers Navarro Newell sf A... Osf Ostrander Palmer D 'ii Parent Parker Peet Phipps Gary Phlpps Glen Phipps T Rage Randolph Ransom Le.d5 Rlnehari G Rmehart R Rungkvlst Rlngman 1,15 Roesch Rueslnk Rye Sanderson 5 ' i I I , '41 i "5 .5 ' l' ' f " ' , A fi 'f i Q' Sa. 2 " i5'f?" 51 fe ' 4 lf gl' gg P me P , M or , P - fd 4 X R fag' 5237 gf' S if A ': i ' o' - I P 'gli ' E W 5 Q 1 M . 1 E, V6 J X4 Q M f,f1 ,f ig sfgz 4 ' 1- 'W I ,f ' A ll llll' 1 i i lf ' ' ' '06, lg' V v file lz . vv 9 I " Q 3 fl' I V Y: V . y ,H .ep X1 A Q , 'JJ v 6 I AA Iy, K . V. ul lv L h in . R , Scum Shaw Snedeker Thoms Webster Schlatter XY Shorthou se Snyder A Tlede Wellund Wellmtz Whlttemore Wlesmger Juniors Schmledlng Schneider Shou gh Shulters Snyder M Staton if Tlpton Tompson We s C Wlgnnton .J Schultz L Sums St Tornow If Wells Wilson 1 if 4 .ja Schultz R Seeburger Sharron Smith K Smuth S Snead bww Streu Theeke Theobol d ami' Turner Valdez Von Doren M Westgate Whltcher White Wynn Zlegler 0 9' Q , A Q65 x .A , W .I . 7., 1 . gg., It A S ig' A L ' . - ":' M - 1 S kr A P All ar, " , P me f fr ' " " I ' A f fi: . . . I D I . . . , S , AIVQ A H' , 4 K A i '51 2.556 f. , - I- S ,iq -.E " W J A- V ' Q Yi' - if-v - .T .16 "Y l :, .. . A w w K n- A 1, I . . Q v 1, -1 ' V q l fb , I .A ,Y 3.71 x 1, I ' l I ' . I ' 1 . . . Q A I, Li w- lvqz 5 , SJ W Qi r.rrd W ' W S n 5 , My 555 ff? E - ff , . , . ill , S rrrr W SQ F , gl JK l--. cl , was W . - V ",,r 5 gifs.-E-,K .. 1 2 4 3 My .h V A X FT. , A ,S . U 1 r A' ' ' l 'fi 6 1,532 M V A 3 j A In , sr ' ' ll , . , . ' ' W ef' -21, W ter n S Lf. 1, 1: 2,1 1 4, 5 5 X E . Sophomore lass Officers FARLEY KAPNICK PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER DAVIS HALSTEAD FRAN DAVIS DOUG KAPNICK KAREN HALSTEAD LINDA FARLEY This page IS sponsored by Dr C H Kungon Alcock Alexander Boker G Boker J Y.. 'Q' Beml s Berndt Boring Boyd Brock Brown Burrow BUfCl'lGrf Cole Co ms Sophomores Anderson Bu Blerck Boyetf Brownell Byrd Col I :er Archer Ballard Bl I key Bragg Brugger Colklns Armstrong Barber Arnold Bau ghey Birmingham Bafley Brehmer Bumb Ca sieel Brendle Bumpus J Chromann Coul sen Crol g Creech Bachman Boggett Bouschk a ay Bl SI ch Boozer Brmlnstool Brlttoln 4 "1 x, Bumpus P Burns Clark Cochran Cul ver Dannel I s Davis, F Dackmso in rr U1 I1 Emer Ehung Fergus P5 Gafner J Gordon Gruel Davls D fl Dillon Doqn er Ellzardo Sophomores ll: eGoode Derbyshire Dermyer J Doan Drlsco Der sham De Sp L..l am DeYarmond q"v-Q Eckert Dusseau I Dunny if-f ,MW Farley Ellloft Emerso Fnsher Fletcher Foor F 'Vila A111 GUYCI 0 Garwood Ganun -Q-v Gould Gouldlng Gray Ray '27 can-J Hall Halstead Habnck y E I i sterlme Evers Fox Fr orce Gensler G M 1 rfffl :bbs Glaser ear Frxfz Glenn 1: Grlfflih Gray Hamllion Ha Bob Green mmlll Greenwald Harder Harkness 'vi Q XA I W .Y ,, , B5 'K' A ,QD - ,T l - A " 5, Uv' .fr A I Q , .ff w' V ' . ' , G. ' ' f . x Q., A.. A 1 'Q , r Q 'Q f . -ei .- rs ,L m , z , ' w. , ' I z' I livl. 1- ra fb A? V Y I ' ' ' , - , R. - I f , K 2 3' -9 ' . A -2 Liu .,,' v PL 3. i J, , I it N , qw, P -,N T A fx, 1 ,.', ' rl V17 V, -- D' 3 l . " , , wzzyi 'k,, : ..V--2' .V fl f 1 N ' V ' V - , ,Q , V H fig? I In bl. ' A wi 11 2 0 i 1 A, sl V --,-- f Ar- f ia: H D arrrf ly r- n V V ff ' li l 2 W 4 ., A ,, I ,, ,Q ' - ,rr 4',.,, V 1'-4 V. .l. ..f', l,,1l V1 1' ' 2,4 KM I , .4 , N V' ., x ' 4 ' V QV r V 7' I, Y 4, ' ,4 . , 1 lv w 4 f V' fl if 'D' ' f A I Y A l l Vw SV V V ,4 . A U any .' ' ,an V I '17, ' 11 ,. . ' l - A Sophomores V10 Harman Harrl s L.. :J Helm Henson Hllyard Holman J .ef 5 1' I am"44.fw-2 llvonen lrlsh Jackson Jacob C Qs-5 Hawley Haywood Hazen xiao! Hebb Helnbach Hellw A Howell Hudson Hughes Huyck FY' fix? Jacob S Johns Johnson D Johnson 'T' If l..J Jonnson Kotfke Lee Lennox Leonard Lester ET 0006 -H' 'BF 1 McKelvey McKlmmy Maddox M rtek g v 4 UI U1 A 4' N f N' N , L 2 J A - , f fi fl 'ff J . fx ' ' ' i f " .., af' - ' 1 . PU wp. 5 " .. . "' . 'Q I I - ,E M! r 3 X - :W w IN. . M ' Q' 1 1 V A V V1 , X - X M" , Z x we 'guy' Q v s ' , 1 jr' 3 ' x , 1 lax ' ya , 1 J M3 J f la, J.. . 'W 4 s , L 4 K' I 4 5 T 1 Y ' , 5 A If S 4 4 L I it as 4 ,W x . is M - '! , iv, s - A ,A Q - 4- ' 2. J fe fare' H M , Q x- , X f-f"U1 va.. ...U J A A 3 M 3 , J f ,M L lub I 5 X -Q. c V is x W 4? 5 rj, ' X rl al 9 4,y.K.,,,. Q1 J ,,m,f L aw 1 2' i L . ,, ,A my ' ' 'N Y 1 yi ,.fe'i'- M :QW ' ' l ,yi HV F' N ' I V J ff-U, , L 5 L L , .A 5 L , ,,, N ,N ' J g 1 5. . . K We , 5 J ' .- 1 ng ,, . A 1 wwf, l W: 5 , , ,W H ' ' 4 J ' . W . ,.,., ., SD , , .N ,, as . f I ,t f ,AWA l if Q- -. ,X l il Y' 4 PM-f""'m, 31 N , , ffl' , -J ' J ffl ' H f if-A J, X J- + K , g 4 'ix ' Q E f' I A "'- E V' f X 5 . 5 4, Q! if J 4 A O , I , ,, J K 1 . X , 1' iw " X 4 4 .A fa 4 - 'mr V ' - L My R ' .,3',. ' jx . A . 'V 4 ' 1 W, 1: 3 'W' h 1' xy x J V K ' Jones W Jones Kafer KGPHICKD Kapnlck J Kump Knight Kress Kuney C Kuney Kuney Ladd Lake Lane -s. -, Xl?" Lofberg Loop Lovltt McCarty 5 :lv 1 Matthes Mayhew Meska Meyer Y IALQ Sophomores ffllmtilflilltlrfwrdffm A v- Em' 9 Montgomery Moo re Mlchener Muller L Muller V Muller V Mitchell Mcntemayro ...Am E! Morgan Morrns Morrison xffk Nearhood D Nearhood Sa Nearhood Orford Osterhout Owe ns TW Peckham Qumn 1 T' Rink Peters L Randall Rlppa Peters R Rau Roberts C Mor se Mo rton 'V Nixon Ohenour Oyer Parker Peterson Phllllps Ren ner Reyes B 0,91 Munson Myers Nave Obenour D Oliver Olsaver Parsels Pate Pau l Plfer Plate Powell N, Rlghter Rinehart Rmgkvlst ,J Roberts E Robinson Rodgers Rodlund Rohrback 57 , 2. 'A '. T ' I", T ' f 5' Q ., gt' , V' E1 R3 5 by :W ? A mir , l I 1 , tn ' ll , Z., N13 .Y 4 J X K A i' . 5' 6 r 1 L' ':'J 'V Q4 .. r '-'lfll!l'.llf"5 52 x. I j .WW f- xx Ay , V- W TZ, RT' L V Q LQ Vi :L nf Q: ll it P a za :Y .,,' Q J 4 ' E- , . , . ,Sy. ' , . , . ' Q R' .5 M e ie gy: f I 5, 1: Ag., ,vv TW ,' vm' r , N V V :Z I Q' 2 V WL A xx Q ,lf "1t ,flggf A fl ' ,M I A 22 5 My lr , bit. , 2--:W eff: IIA v V, 4 :Vg ,,: 1-- 'AA 5 is in F s he W A f Sophomores fn- Royer Rueslnk Ryznar Sager B Sager J Schlmmelpfennlng Sharp Shepherd Shulters Sltterly Slone WWW "'a fi' A Lid.. Snow Sneare Smlth J Smith V Snead Sneyd Sn 4'-9 Stl tes Stovall Swenk Spraull Stecker Stem '5...f 6 E .lr Taylor D Taylor R Theeke Thompsonp Thompson R Trllotson If Underwood Vance VanDoren Vasquez a g Wegr zyn Welsh West W ldfo el Ward Wcycusfer Westfall Whltcher Wulkerson Wlnner Sanders Saxton J Saxton Smith C Smith Co Snyder Spreeman lw Sword Tate fu Tlmberman Tol ley Weiss Wlse ' ' I e .J 1? ' ml " , .hp v rf V' 45" 3 rig 0 J' f ' pl' rf, A.. I y i ja , ,M I T2 ' 4124! K 4 We W ' I ' I ' ' O' ' Je I -Q gl xy , 3 'T . by L T 3' aff' . H3924 J J Q' .. I fir: 1 I , A ,r. .1 . I ' ' , a. ' , . ' I TK 55 at T M' T' V -. . K vs-W? .V . FW J Jr,r T ' 1 be R ' in ' 5 1 W AN I ' 'L W A . .,:'. V Q la A .1 5 Fi Agia, ,if f J Sf, , A "" "5 fi: 5 Q Y ll 5 'l-- - ' vw' Hrs ,--:V ' If I qy. 4 2 , i z -,, Q 'I X Wg gg xg J J Q gl ,, . ,IW y A K r 'M LQ .I 5' J Trix 'V " J sk lf KX" A T J : J ree V6 -1 L L ,2 LQ N 5 , "5 i 7 ll V V W 4 :.- . "A: Z Q. 4 . 2 W. 'E:'. w y-1 94 J 'f S2 ? S "5 Q 'r 5 ' Q. ,,:,,,e1.i 'E Sophomores gh! Lai 1 ri LQ 3 Z ,I af A ' 5 v. ful .3 1 1 in ji Wreath Wyse Youfzy Zletlow Znmme J J XY X yx f' Q! Qgws f. W ' M 'Q K f D COURTESY EXTENDED TO YOU BY V .A -- ' EMDR - 2 D e C T me. m s MS C9 ' A fi 0 SDRIAN, MICHIGAN " ' A ORGANIZATION TO PROMOTE COURTESY AND ROAD SAFETY X J will Snaps OFF WITH THE 0LD CITIZENSHIP A J- L 02 C3 W3 5 TTE DANCE T KERS 9 Front Row Ostrander Fitzgerald Nearhood Cramer Alcoclc West Montgomery Bemls Humback Blanchard Davis Brlttan Second Row Rlnehart Valkoun Maddox Roesch Byrd Helm Gafner Schneider Burrow Gensler Haywood Third Row Emerlck HandyJ HandyM Farley Stewart PateJ Dlbble Keller Force Snead Gouldlng Back Row Llbs Canaan Byrd Colluer Kelley Fogelsong Emerson Eaton Schmledlng Evans Owens One of the Important functions of our school us that of attendance The above studetnts have volun teered to assnst wath thus work durmg the dnfferent hours of the school day Thelr 'ob Includes takung attendance an study hall gathering slups from each teacher hourly nssulng lubrary permuts domg errands for the offnce and mcnlmg cards to parents The attendance takers hard work and hme greatly appreclated by the offnce and teachers This page IS sponsored by H F Vlryatt 81 Co t ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I ' ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I I I ' ' 1 I 'I 1 '1 1 1 1 'I 1 I 1 I ' ' 1 I 1 I I I 1 I I , . 1 I I I IS . . , . . . K Student Coun il Front Row Mayhew Webster Govst Second Row Aldrich Mlmster Zlegler Swenk Whltcher Willett sell Rinehart Gibbs Judy Berndt Thlrd Row Flmt Powell Sally Berndt Buehrer Muller Cox Grayblel Moore Lee Davis Back Row Curtis Bumpus Snedeker Hawley Kopke lrwln Phipps Hvckman Elluot Mlsslng Wetherbee The l958 1959 Student Council has had a very successful year under the leadershlp of the capable offncers Durung the year the councll sponsored dance fesslonal assemble teaturmg Charles Kung and at Chrnstmas tnme a clotmng drnve for the Assocuated Charities gatherung glfts for chaldren for the same crgamzatnon Parents Nnghts for the football bas ketball and swnmmnng teams were once again held ln addntlon to the above reoresentatnves from Adnan were sent to several Student Councll Conferences Many thanks go to Mr Davndson for has fnne co operatlon and advice as councnl advlsor Offscers Presudent Jim Webster Vnce President Jon Wetherbee Secretary Sendy Mayhew Treasurer Elaine Golst . z I I . . : . I . . I . I ' ' ' 3 I I I I 1 l l I. ' : I I 1 I I l 1 l 1 . . Y 3: Career Dayg a car wash, the Hall of Famep a pro- : , , , . . , . . , ' , . I , I 9e i,o U ge E ditor C 5 urfi ior ul S P C Page E d - 0 wh, 2 ' vb Us E 2. X -- ,A -F: .E 0. J. g , , 5 News P Ports gb S staff ZR A E 'Q 'o LL E I A I ifggw V R. m nuv mn KQ9 wi 2 D x 'M 4- U 0 x 4 N 5 on G in- S Leaf I le E M a n spa W I Gnag 6 5 1 tl LRE, FQ 'N ,IJ 5 3 W Ynn R epo C Re W P0 e Ma h Bson w v-.ewan-F 0 8 8 R epo -Ll' 8 9 Russ epo apo 5 2 Hi' R R J' K-6- I 5- il l Pho O 9 A -05 '.- ... NL ,..-. uma. zfzfzzt. ......... a':?mi2222EN qzezzzzszzin. fr. u,...,.nn: ,hr 1-1-lu---4.lnv,4v-.IN itzzszztutzzzzzztzzz ,5.,...,...,.,.,.,.,g. .,.. ..... ... ..... .. ,.... .. .... ..,....... ..1 .,.. ....... , ...... ,... -'1i.,... .zz::525'.:z::::m:3::. .LN--un .n-.nlnu 'nun' .An ':zzzzmttzzzzztttzzzzzzutzzz ,,., .,.. .,., .,.,. ,.. -.-.. .., ..... ' Eiifiiilliifi'123235111122215L. .,.. ..... .., ..... ,...,......... ...,., ...,. ,.. .....,. .,-.... 'i:a:q:::1:z:z:t.f:1:a:::f:t:a, ........,.......,.....,....... ,,., ..... ,., .,... ,.. ...,. ,.....',,. . .... .., ...,. ,.. ..., .,.. ..... ,. .. .... ..,. ..... ... ..... ............ ...,K ...., ..... ... ....... .., ..... ,.,.... ull: ca linunionunnlouulllhr-Ill!! A mn'":9:,:"'1..,:2:':51.:::'t'zz..:':'12.:. S . .... .. ...... ,. .... ..... ...... .. ...... ........ S ,., ..... ,., ...., ,., ..... .., ..... ,., ....... ,.,. - 15:':5:z.::'z'11:2:"'1.z:::"zs:3::":sz,::: E '5 ...,............................,.......,,... f 'zzzzttzczp:::tt5:3.::215:5:::!:z1:1::::5::1 ,. i n '- '::":::.:"':1:.:::'t':..::!:",.:::':':a:2X :L 70 T '., --vnggggzztzazzzz:tv:1g::tt1:15:::5111:z:1 ::1. " F .. nn,.4, 11.4 ', ,, -4, I .,. , ,,, -ii ' ':z:..,. 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X ... r ,,....... ...... .,. .,... ... ....... .. ...... .... ..,. ..... ...........,...... n ,... ,.,. .... ..,. .... ... .... ,.., .... .. r ..,. ...., ...... .,.. ,.......,........ :a:g:,. :, :L d'':3:1vim:::':c:g:::5:czz:::!:i:z.,. gzzzizczzzzttzazgzg. ' :::c:::'::15:sz5, ......,.,.....,. ,. f ....,....1.................,,.....,. ..,.......,.4.....,, .,.,...,.,.... .,., ....... .,.. , ...... ., ...... .. ....,. .....,.... . .,. .... .., ...... . ..,. .............. .m.,...m.,.,.Z' ,l.3:,., ri :.,.,.5...,., ....... ., .... .,., .... .,., .,.. .,.,. ,... ,. ,, .,...,...,. , .,... .,.,. . ,.... . .,.,. ., .,.,. ,.,.,. ...,.,. .., ...,. .., .,.,. ,.. ., ".:::1:11::::::1:z:z:tmanga:-'1::., r zzztttzzzpztzizzmiz -. 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S.,,.,....,. .... .., ..... ,.,., .. .... ..,.....,.,. !, A ,.,. ,... .... ,,, .,.,. ,., .,.,. ,.. .,... ,.,. t.,., ..... ,.. ,..... ,. ,... ... ..,., .... .,., .,.. .,.. . ,. ....,.,....,..,,.......,.....,.,.... O,-..,.,.,.......,...,.,.,.,.... ,-..,.,...,...,.,.....,s.-,. A .5 ....... , ........ ...... . .. .... ..,. u......,..... ..... ... .... ..,,....... .... .,.................. ,.., .,.,... . .,..... . .,..... . .,.... t ........ .... , .. ..... . .,..... ,., .... ...........,.,.......,. I Hung-. -yr o.:.nn--nluv1-ning,-n unuuuyn- ...'pn p-ul t .,., ..... ,.,.. ..., .,.. ...,. ... ...,.,.,...,.,.,..., .,.,, ,,.,...,., ..., .,.,.....,.,.,. , rt ....,...,..........,..,.....,......,....,. f X, ,...,., ....... . ....... , ....... , .,.. . ........ . .... ...., ...... ........... .... ........,...,.. ...., .,.,. .., .,..... , .....,. . ....... ,.. I .,.... . ..... ... .,.. .....,. ..,. ,.,. .... ,.,...,.,.,.,... 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S . ...,Huy I ,,,.,,,,p,,.,p st . ....... . .... .,.. ...,., .,.. ..... ,., ..... ,., ....... . .... .. ... ....... ., ...... . .... ...... .... ..,. .... ...., ...... .. 1 S .,.,..,.,..,.,....,....,..,....7, " ."':,.."'.:.,.:":c:..::"c:,.:::L:,.5:5' A ,X ......,,,.... v...............,, 5, .V ......... ...., 'P "::zz5::::r' - 451:23 E' , zzazaza. , fn, 'nc ,... .... X e A wgggzzx. - ' . y Mun R fx f . .... X K ' ...,W . fun: V A .....,. H fa , - , Qfziifg ai' xg .,.,. Ph C, :.....x I ., e K 'mzpz AV r .1 ff ...... J Q xxx? Q L , - C'--V :lr . - are Q o A ' ' ' - m 1 , bb -, 'Q 'lr Ran! , B M i r an Zia.-7 I I . 3 r : -T - 1 Mcula I ,xx n I' 5. ' C .:- x'-X. S-x T F g., rs:-Z: L r N M t fi X 1 - Q ,ESQ X . , J . ri-I LE A 'E +5 3 '.- 1 1' .. X 5 was SICKLE STAFF QC 1 Edltor Mudalyn Sports Frank Business Don Manager Hannula Koehnleln Edltor Davis Assoclate Margaret Editor Rymal 'fat As Sl stant Betty Editor Reed 'ii' Lynn Music Mayhew Editor lb -4' Admlnlstratuve Al ICE Advertlsmg Terry Editor Pyle Manager AIPG'-'gh 'F Q , 3 A ft Gordon Sal es WC' 'Ven Club pct Editor Dunlap OYQUDIZGYIOHS RObeff Edutor Schultz I .' O l Dramatic SUB Edlfof Kress Manager Gould Editor Bfecke Librarians Emerlch Force Thlrd Row Frear, Anderson Chesney Powell Under the supervuslon of Mass Kovanda the stu dent llbrarxans have been very actlve thus year nn dutles rangung from shelvung books to fnlmg cards In the card catalogue Everyday duties consust of chargung out books tulnng cards for mcommg books and helpmg students locate the books they want More complicated dutnes mclude paging and pocketmg new books typung cards and pockets shellackmg book covers makxng orders for cards an the card catalogue dustrubutang mall to the teachers makung book dnsplays and helping order new books In addutuon to theur regular dutues the student labrarlans have regular assignments whlch are very helpful and nmportant to them The student lnbranans engoy their work very much as they get to meet all sorts of people an the per formance of their various duties This page as sponsored by Adnan Laundry Co rrom mow nauard, Nearhoocl, Sanderson, Waldfcgcl. Second Row: Clou h phvl I Q . 1 I I ' I . I I l f f l 1 1 , . 1 WVWVW ' ' Q!! Bruce McAfee Douglas Shierson John Houtman s o o o w w -s o o o 0 9 41 0 4 -o o o e e v o o o e -s o o o -s o 323332322323Zgigig23232gigigigigigigigigigigigigigigitigieis332136 . ,G 09 +04 QQQQQQQGQ QQ Jgy. 669 oem ooo evo 339 oo JW? ooo 4 32' 3? ogg GQ + 0 9 4 4 0 0. M 1 0 . , 4 0 4- , o 59,009 This year, eight senior boys had the honor of being selected as Jumor Rotarians These boys were nomecl after consideration was given to their scho lastic records and citizenship Each Junior Rotaruan attends Rotary Club meetings for one month to be come acquainted with the organization of the club At the end of the year the Jumor Rotarians return and provide the program for one meeting -owe 202039 Jap 55? 33? 36? 43 gap 55 ogg Ek? wwf ooo OOQQQQQQMQMQ eoea eo 4 eooooeoeooeweooe oeooeoa oeooooeooooooeoeooeooe 38590493536 QM NWWW6F9W6?WU5 ggq, . . . - 5. A X sew. . . . . -P i oo- , -' . 'Q , - . I ggi . . . . .I : X. .u , . ,. -I 5k5oeoeoeoo+oe35+eoo6 eoooeooeeegzl ggeooqpoqpqhag Qpeaooooooooooeesqg LQQ oooe' A ,Go TNR 06 690QOOOQOGOGQOOOBQQOGOQ904069 Fritz Fisher Donald Hannula John Hill Jumor OtEll'I3l1S Richard Tuttle Booster Club Front Row Motthes, Zlegler Richards Brown Beal Muller Johnson Schlatter Dunlap Montgomery Hudson S and Row Msrphy, Faur fe Fl lc ge lf fl o t KJH y plfer Schlmmelpfenmng Thnrd Row Crowe Cramer Alcock Roesch Hughes S Nearhood Peterson Colluns Smuth Swenk D Nearhood Back Row Casteel Davis Berndt Stecker Fisher Thompson Gibbs Morrls Mayhew Matthes Farley, Nave Halstead OFFICERS President Vnce presudent Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Front Row DeJonge Stout Keller Back Row Hickman Kopke Neukom Thus page IS sponsored by Shepherd 8. Stoll Elsworth Stout Gary Keller Jan Neukom Steve Hackman Mlke Kopke : . I . I I I I I I I I I ,ec .. . : I , 0. , ..ic in r, .!ein, Clevelan-, R elzle, King, Ste on, .J ..e , . f.,,, D . ' I : I I I I I - I I . ' I I ' ' : I I I I I I I I ' I I I I ' 7 I I : ' , , . Booster Club Front Row Kapnuck Glaser Phullups Hannula Hull Davus Mattheson Houtman Wetherbee Blanchard Russell Hunshaw Wullett Cohen Phupps Shea Sentle Raunes Zuetlow Back Row Shuerson Younglove Muchener Boyle Schultz Ilvonen Mayhew Steudle PJ Wood Eusch P A Wood Mendez The Booster Club one of the most actuve clubs un Adruan Hugh opened uts membershup thus year to any one wushung to loun rather than only to speech stu dents The clubs purpose us to guve cu boost to any organuzatuon or school actuvuty that needs help Thus yeav under the able leadershup of Mr DeJonge the Booster Club sponsored busses to the football and basketball games held out of town helped at the concessuon stands at the home games decorated for the home games and partucupated un many other worthwhule actuvutues Thus organuzatuon has done a good 'ob and deserves the thanks of the enture stu dent body Thus page I sponsored bv Adruan Daury Second Row Curtus Knight, Kelly, McAfee, Cox, Seager, Buskirk, Sell, Morris, Aldruch Thurd Row Flemung LEADERS' CLUB Front Row Wulleit llvnnen Mnyl-u Z 1 l1ld Hg p n Rockwell Back Row Gouldlng Gibbs Calkuns VN L, "llwllln Each year several gurls from the G A A help Mrs Davus and Mrs Evarts un their gym and pool classes In pool they help by teaching and servnng as late X" guards at one end of the pool They referee games ln gym classes and If necessary take over the class Fm X351 Both of the teachers appreciate the tnme and help the ff gurls glve This page IS sponsored by wlllldm H Hewes M D I ' . , - , ,, ew, Ho en, Second Row: Osrender, Tl'1eo-e. , ,. rn to., . z ' , ' , ' . X jf' Q 'XX ' mktlkmilllilllilllllulllsvuarlul , , A mia W AA f- ,X I l 'WEZZWQ' .3 qu- f 2,7 - -x l I 1 l - El . I . I ' X, fw . . . j . lx Jw. I . . D '5 'A - is .vii K wfQ7QW '59 ff Q f fi Jgxlkf j QKQA rf! OFF WITH THE OLD U Q MS 36, af LL CLUBS 'K ,TDM I db Lfxflgxg XXX w S X ,L Q LN Xu! if f fmi 0 f r fx' U':g, ' dll' f' X RH N - ' w,.!' y : 1 V-3 L 5 F ala 4. Q E? If' 6 N EQJXK A X N N Ml, f GX J f , ,wx ' XX-,XV t' A X: M Us aa A ,Y J 0 wx N French Club li 'F Front Row Furbush Jones Mitchell Matthes Swenk Appleton Anton Second Row Sundqulst Sell Valdez Sulllns Kapnlck Pate Ferguson Miss Teugh Bock Row Yaw Thompson RlI'1gkVISf Hunter Roekle Klein Kung Pulpant Hudson Under the able advisor Mass Teugh the French Club met the flrst Wednesday of each month Their annual Mardn Gras was agann the spectacle of the vuted and the party was held at the Elks The club agann sold Maple Leaf puns as a fund rausmg prog ect All nn all the club had a verv successful year Much of the success thus year can be credited to the fme staff of officers headed by Duane Willett 72 f H 4 5 Ill! Ill 06,10 QQ luuullrmflllullu 91,957 1 I I I : I I 1 . 1 1 1 1 ' 7 l 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 3 1 1 l l 1 1 1 I I ' 1 55' fetal, 'Q 9 is ii . . mi . . . , 5 yt year and a tremendous success. All clubs were un- ,fgfn H . X Vyf- X X I . ' . l ff X J K l' X - s . . . . , " 2-U c X f ,if - l V, .-... French Club if k MQ . , , gr I . , lg Q v X . . M Amo Wllleff Boyle Buskl k fl' lil J A1 f H XX lv Preszdent Vuce president Secretary Treasurer J l L l kj Th s page s spo s ed by Russell Allen M D Duane Wullett Pal Boyle Sandy Busknrk Gaul Amo , if If in oFFlcERs QM, lfllll 3 HN Latin Club Front Row Kopke Hull Shlerson Hannulo Cox Fasher Second Row llvonen Westgate Demlow Stout Wetherbee Mrs Mlller Back Row Hawley Mitchell McAfee Seager Younglove Dickinson Jacobs Hughes, Fisher Stem Smith, Morris Thnrd Row Muller Mayhew Smlth Luke Peterson Nearhood Ladd Saxton Back Row Hazen Royer Rueslnk Bumpus, Meyer Stecker Powell Dunny DeYarmond : I . I . I I I . . : l I I I ' I ' 1 I ' I 1 1 Front Row: Gruel, Parker, Hull, Pifer, Westfall, Saxton, Eckert. Second Row: Goulding, . . I l . I . I . . . . 1 . l I . I I I I I ' 7 I I G I I I I I ' Latln Club Front Row Dunlap Zlegler Palmreuter Elluott McCombs Grayblel Second Row Brown Golst Rueslnk Shough Lambka Palmer Frank Hess Third Row Faurote Kathy Krueger Muller Wlglnton Snyder Mooney Morgan Karol Krueger Back Row Ellcey McCormack Mohr Kurtz Harsh Fllcktnger Klein Alcock Crowe The Latln Club members have had another suc cesful year The club was under the able supervnsuon of Mrs Muller The club held many mterestmg meetmgs thus year The lmtnatnon thus year was qunte different from what the club has had for several years The Co presndents Vnce president Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS John Houtman Carol Hazen Gary Phipps Wendy Mayhew Judy Enchstaedt cllmax of the year was the Annual Roman Banquet In May At the fmal award assembly m June sterlmg keys were awarded to the best students an Latm I Latm Il and Latnn lll Houtman Mayhew Hazen Elchstaedt Phlpps Thus page IS sponsored by MOYFISOH Pharmacy 75 O : I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I ' : I I I I I I I I ' : I I I I I I I I ' . . , I . I - l l I I I I panish Club Front Row Dave Matheson Karen Richards Kathy Beal John Houtman Back Row Sylvia Nearhood Nan Libs Cher: Kuney President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Pount Recorders Socnal Achvmes K- f in OFFICERS f John Houlman Fern Cleveland KU 'WL Sylvua Nearhood Karen Rlchards Kathy Beal Dave Matheson Nan Libs Chen Kuney . f NJ Vice-presidents Olivia Garza 52 fi 'WWW ' N if few p Q , LQJQ LJ 7 ' Spanish Club Front Row Obenour Raines Garza Morris Valdez Nearhood Wood Second Row Lightfoot Thompson Montgomery Gibbs Berndt Archer Wood Third Row Doland Langthorne Davis Draper Matfhes Brown Murphy Cleveland Cox Back Row Richardson Raines Lennox Bond Gensler Ganun Stevens Aneff XX The Spanish Club Los Companerous Alegres able advised by Mr Busack held one business meet For their social events the club had dances sl-cot ing parties and tobogganing parties These parties were followed by refreshments at various members homes The club also had a Christmas party with the French Club Under the leadership of Mr Busack the Spanish Club members worked diligently to earn a Spanish Club A This page is sponsored by Dr Reynolds : I . I I . I I I ' : ' I I I 1 1 1 ' . 5 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' : 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 f f H X f f sf ' Il II J, A , , . , ' Q .. .MiimA-will-111111-,iff3 ing and a social meeting each month this year. I . J ' ' L , U . . - , Il ll Future Front Row Wlglnton Helmback Stem Ladd Brownell Kudman Brown Second Row Bauschka Kuney Golst Morrls Rlnehart Kung Theobalcl Third Row Roesch Rlttenhouse Handy Jenkins Wells Nellnltz Snyder Back Row Kuney Thompson Stecker Maddox Krueger Morton Bo shor The Future Nurses Club under the supervnslon of Mnss Dlehl and Muss Sherman has successfully completed another year The purpose of thus club ns to acquamt gurls wnth thus professuon Among the prolects completed thus year were a candy sale at Chrustmas volunteer work at the hospital a Thanks glvung Banquet a held trnp to Ford s lndustrnal Has pntal In Dearborn and a Mother and Daughter Ban quet un the sprung The members are mdeed proud of the Future Nurses Club and they hope lt wull contmue nn the years to come I I .I .II I ' I I .I 1. I I I 5 E l .,. INV! gt are Al , I ' . , . I 78 Future Teachers? l Front Row Llghtfoot Labs Beal Fox Crowe McCormrck Ellcey Second Row L Kuney Phrllups Lake Cl"""9ef FSO? Mohr Klelrl Back Row Harsh M Cox Murphey Ziegler Morgan McWllllams Hampton Aldrich was alll? L! Dave Ellrott June Rhea Judy Elchstaedt Roberta Faurote Fern Cleveland The Mllclred M Armstrong Chapter of the Future Teachers of Amerlca has had an lnterestmg and profrtable year As a rule the meetmgs were held at the Home Economrcs House Each meetmg nncluded a busmess sessnon a program refreshments and a socrol hour Some of the speakers were Mnss Eva Robunson super vusor of the elementary schools m Adnan George Osenko elementary teacher Eugene Plummer of the hugh school faculty and Mass Kathryn Kvshpaugh practuce teacher from Adnan College The hnghlught of the year occurred on February 4 1959 when the club sponsored a county wide meetmg of Future Teachers Clubs at Rltchne Hall Adnan College After a dinner wrth David Elliott vnce presudent as master of Ceremomes Mr Austm conducted a llvely questron and answer perlod Some of the resource personnel who parhcnpated were Robert Brown and Dean Brumbaugh of Adnan College Mr Hayden and Mass Robmson Dr Daw son presndent of Adnan College gave the keynote talk More than seventy young people attended Mass Agnes M Ntelsen gurls counselor ns the new co sponsor of the club ' 1 I 1 1 1 , . Z . , A I , , ' ' ' ' ' I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 f. , 1 . ..-.c...5 Ti' 2 " ' e' , KJ- X . J g ,.- fi ,: 1 . c AS i ., I' '+- C Ng an ... - K, ,V . . "N 1 ' 1 , " , t 1 . Q 3' X X x, rx X A I I I I I I - - . , . . - 1 1 - 1 - - - . . . . ' I I ' 1 , 1 1 - - I . I 1 I , . , . . ' I 1 , 1 . . . , . . , 1 Biology Club g Front Row Golst Hughes Cox Russell Second Row McCombs Wynn Campbell Morgan Brock Mlsslng Aneff Royer Myers The purpose ofthe Bnology Club ns to grve the op portumty to those mterested nn the bnologucol sciences to contmue thelr studies ofter completlng o course In bnology Thus IS occomplnshed by hovlng reports by rndvldnual members havmg reports by sp cualrst In some phase of biology ond mokmg trips to various pomts of Interest Any person who meets the approval of the club members has had one semester of blology cmd mamtams at leost a C average wnll quollfy for mem bershup OFFICERS Presrdent Bob 3l'0ClK Vrce president PUT HU9he5 Secretary FGY COX Treasurer Carolyle Russell 3 1 1 1 ' 5 1 I I I Z , ' 4 0 , K ' e 5 1 I I 1 H hemistry Club D TOWERS EHINGER vhs KAPNICK MCKIMMY SHOOK BIRMINGHAM fa BOYLE HINSHAW 'W J RUSSELL T 'llllllll llll tl J Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at seven o clock the Chemvstry Club members fule unto the laboratory fulled wnth test tubes steam Ing retorts and tubular structures of complex glass ware Whnle galmng valuable :nformatron on the physxcal scnences the members receuve the expert ence of compamonshrp After roll call reports have been glven by every member one member chosen at the begmnmg of the year an tructs the club for a half hour on some pomt pertasmng to the Sclence of Chemrstry At erght oclock Nr Sweet the club s ex offrcno assigns experuments to be done dunng the remain Ing hour Besides bemg hughly educational the hour usually ends wnh some explosuve humor OFFICERS President Stanley Towers Nelson Ehnnger Vnce president Secretary Rrchard Kapmck Treasurer Jack McKummy i N ZW- X l ff il ..'. ,ji--ffjfw? 'W ',,,T'f A KYB 6 C "EB X - E' S f 4 f itll '.!'l 'f will lm. 4 ' " .l'Tu df A 3 m ay A. 4' x Y 1 - I li fi o u Q I u I 'Z' , I . get 4 I V I in L . , 's' l - 1 , X . , I. I , - ..l Future Homemakers of America Front Row Osterhout Baggett Brehmer Maddox Second Row McK1mmey Loop VanDoren Dusseau Snead Thurd Row Hebb Bumb Culver Hamnlton Howell Tolley Back Row Sharru Stovall Snow Lee Knight Boyett Grnewahn Dlcklnson Morris Muller Cox Third Row Colecchla Sauter Aldrich, Beach Jenkins Dunbar Johnston Theobald Davis Back Row Rinehart Kidman Pentland Peet Farley Grlndstaff Breckel Ruff Pate Bowerman : , , , . : ' , , , , . : I I 1 ' 1 I 1 I .1 1 I I I I . Front Row: Anglin, Hardin, Weaver, Smart, VanSickle, C. Kafer, Weathers. Second Row: Tiede, Cramer, . I . . I . I . I . . : . I I . I . I I I I . . : . I . I I I I . I I I , . Future Homemakers of merica Front Row Hunter Shepherd Obenour Shourds Second Row Emerlch Auten Lawler Garcia Fox Presudent Vnce presndent Secretary Treasurer Pomt Chaurman Song Leader Pnamst Advisors Chapter Moms Htstorlan Scnbe Joy Shepherd Mary Lou Hunter Jean Obenour Barbara Shourds Paula Emenck Oluva Carcua ue Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Lawler Kmgon Duke Kafer Hunter Krdman Martha Fox Joan Auten FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of Amenca as the na tlonal orgamzatlon of students studyung homemak mg The overall goal of the orgamzatvon us to help lndlvlduals Improve personal family and commumty llvnng now and In the future Actlvmes for Adnan thas year have Included tnps to the regional and state F HA meetings the Chrnstmas Doll prolect a lonnt meetnng wnth the Maduson F H A and a fnlm showung homes un forengn countrses Many of the gurls plan to earn thenr Jun nor Homemakers degree by the end of the year Thus page s sponsored by Carl Benz M D 83 ' I I I ' ' I I r I ' 1 , . ' ... , ' 1 ' ..., .. I I Y ' i .. F.F.A. Front Row Phenlcle Garrison Gautz Mohr Second Row Johnson Anderson President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Senhnol Advasor oFFlcERs , X John Garruson Harold Mohr Jnm Phenucue Gerald Johnstone Jlm Anderson Mr McMullen fl ff Mui x..J XXX-,NX XX-LP ,ff : I . I l I 1 0 : 1 l 4 1 s - . . f if , Vice-president Jim Gautz RY' ., l D I I llf 1 S 1- - 33...- . . iqxgx X F.F.A. Front Row Baldwin Bowen Rau, Snead Taylor Second Row Peters Grlffln Shepherd Foor Brugger Tl"0mP50n Thlfd ROW l-OOP, Blelch Emery A Shulters, Foote Back Row J Shulters Ttllotson Rmgkvlst Hull lsley Echelbarger LJ, The Future Farmers of America or F FA as nt IS commonly known IS the national orgamzatlon of by oncl for boys studying vocational agnculture an public secondary schools As an mtegral part of the program of vocatlonal eclucatlon ln agriculture In the publnc school system of Ameruca the F FA has become well known m recent years The Future Farmers of Amenca IS a non proht non polutlcal non sectarian farm youth organnzatnon of voluntary membershup clesngnecl to take nts place along wnth other orgamzatlons stnvung for the de velopment of leaclershup the buulclnng of a more per manent agrnculture and the nmprovement of country lafe The F FA exnsts today only because of a co operatnve spunt and o desure on the part of farm boys 14 to 21 years of age prepanng for tarmnng through vocational agnculture to have a national organuzatnon of their own an whuch they may secure practical busmess expenences act as theor own un structors and enloy the fellowshnp of one another Thus page as sponsored by Dr L K Cox . I 1 , a . , , I I . ... l ' " ' :' I. 1 I I I I , , 1 I , ' 1 . I - I 19 ' I - X 1 N 0 . . V l . 1 ll +. . . .....-" 1 I I I I . . . , . Co op Club Front Row Boughey Gudomslu Kidd Muck Partrudge Kovlc Bemis BclckRow Shaw Green Underhill Siegg Hyde Gibbs We ' NN A N ,, fi , u lg X A Co op Club f Front Row: Wright, Aldrich, Beach, Kapnick, Stewart, Preston. Second Row: Damon Allshouse Amo Jenkins Handy, Colecchia, Sorgenfrie. Third Row: Hall, Dunlop, Bridges, Shourds, Sauter Hershman Back Row I I I I 1 1 , ' . . . I . . 4, I - 1 A, f Brehmer Hamilton Morloclc Lindsey Underwood Rye Willett The Co operative Training Club is an orgamza tion for those students who are taking part in the co operative training program One purpose of the club is to provide social activities for those students who work half days Some of the activities enjoyed during the year were various types of parties at which either guest speakers were present or panel discussions were held by the members Besides the parties the club studied problems having to do with their work Civic responsibility was also part of the training received by the club members and at Christmas time the club presented a food basket to a needy family The Club is under the able leadership of Mr Wyse and Mr Whitney ff fl?-X O ff C 1 ca4, Front Row Keller Davxs Cramer Allshouse Wilson Strew Second Row Johnson Keller Cox Snyder Mehrlmg McNlcol Thlrd Row Roesch Relnhart Emernch Sager Money Back Row Baker Fllnt Wood Johnston Fetty President Davld Denms Vlce president Sharon Golst Secretary Treasurer Sharon Muck Sergeant at Arms Chrus Bormg Under the dlrectlon of Mr Lutz the Buslness Or gamzatuon Club was very successful thus year The club worked very hard In taklng care of the tnckets for the swnmmmg and wrestlnng meets They also made posters for the meets made shake a roos and sold them at the games and sold emblems for students to put on theur packets ln addltuon to all these prolects the club mode a decal whlch was something new thus year We wush to thank all the members for their hard work and the tame spent on these prolects This page IS sponsored by George H Wynn M D ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 2 I I I ' 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 I , . . , ' , . . I 1 BIBLE CLUB ,f '14 Jew, Front Row Beyer Clark Bradley Downer Housungton Reeck Ruttenhouse Caukuns Kramer Second Row Smuth Shulters Preston Harsh Krueger Brown Morris Futzgerald Palmer Thurd Row Hunes Lawler Clark B Stovell J Stovell Muck Maddox E Sharru VanSuckle Back Row Poucher Dee Jenkuns Newell M Sharru Conklun Parent Presudent Puanust a week to At each numberung quuzzes on Front Row Cosgrove Auten Burkhart Anderson Second Row Lawler Cramer Morton Smuth Palpant Thus page IS sponsored by Dr M J Edwards Vuce presudent Secretary Treasurer Devotuonal Leader Song Leader Asst Puanust Brown Dave Jenkuns Gaukel Frederuck Anderson Lundo Burkhart Joan Auten Judue Cosgrove Paul Palpant Kay Smuth Aluce Martun Wanda Cramer The Buble Club us made up of both Iunuor and senuor hugh school students who meet together twuce have fun and enloy Chrustuan fellowshup meetung thus group of fune young people between thurty and forty enloy songs the Buble games and buble scrupture Mr Porter us the clubs very able advusor 89 Girls Athletic Association Front Row Sell Coller Morris Demlow Second Row Huyck Eisch Koehnleln Mattls Henderson P Raines Back Row llvonen Hazen Mayhew Buskirk C Raines Front Row Brown Kathy Krueger Matthes Hampton Dunlap Ziegler Palmer Farley Second Row Ostrander Fitzgerald Theobald Rueslnk Murphey Handy Faurote Cleveland Third Row Miller Amo Minster S Golst Emerich pleton Peet Pentland Kidman Fox Back Row Staton Libs Karol Krueger Jenkins Rittenhouse Muck Newell Richards Roekle Raines 2 I I I I ' : I . I I I l I , . l . I , , , l , . . - 3 I I I I I - I I ' Z I l I I l I I I I ' l : G I I Q I ' I I - I AP I I I . I ' : I ' I I . I l I I I I I I ' Gurls Athletuc Assocuatuon Front Row Kottke Sylvua Nearhood Kuney Sandra Nearhood Ladd Berndt Second Row Swenk V Smuth Fusher Mayhew Thompson Stecker Casteel Muller Back Row Dlckunson Gouldung Saxton Lake Knught Gubbs Morrus Calkuns The purpose of the G A A us to provude earh gurl un Adruan Hugh wuth an opportunuty for wholesome physucal actuvuty and encourage the development of leadershup co operatuon and good sportsman s up The Gurls Athletuc Assocuatuon was very active thus year and was very well organuzed lt success fully carrued out the gurls untramural program whuch consusted of fueld hockey bowlung basketball vol ley ball lute savung and varuous other uncluvrdual sports Each year the G A A presents theur annual pool show Thus year for the furst tume only the senuor hugh gurls partucupated ln addutuon to theur partucpatuon un these physucal actuvutues the gurls enuoyecl several socual events thus year The unutuatuon of new members was usual a hughlught of the year and the Varsuty A G A A Party us an annual success Any gurl un school may become an actuve mem ber of G A A as soon as she has earned 120 pounts She receuves these pounts by partucupatung un the un tramural program Each gurl un the club works toward the goal of earnung 600 pounts so she may obtaun a GAA LETTER 1000 pounts wull guve a gurl a GAA pun At the end of the year the gurl wuth the most pounts gets her name engraved on the GAA plaque Last years hugh pount award wunner was Karen Nelson Mrs Jean Davus us the very able advusor OFFICERS Presudent Janet Sentle Vuce presudent Sandy Muchener Secretary Kathue Beal Treasurer Mary Aluce Rockwell Rockwell Sentle Muchener Beal 0 , 0 0 0 l l ' I I I I I I 0 I ' I I I I I I ' T I I I I I I I ' . . . , , . , CS . .. . . . ,, ,, 1 r 1 , - , - . . . . . , . . . . . . . ,. . - - I I I - , , . . . . , , . . . . , . 1 1 Q I ' ' ' , , , . . . . I I I ' Varslt A Club Second Row Gallup Gould Theeke C Cox Tuttle Peters Graybxel C Davis Woody Third Row Jo nson Palmreuter Martin McCombs Bailey M Cox O Bryant Stevens Valdez Back Row Curtis Frautschu Kenner, Sumeral acnulrz uoad Richard o-u The Varsity A Club began their 19581959 :ng board Committees were also chosen to revise the constitution At the conclusion of the fall sport s program the govermng board voted on the varsity letter wmners making application to 'om the club Plans were also formulated for the winter Initiation Working with the Dads Club an excellent foot ball banquet was planned Dan Lund an ex player for the Detroit Lions was the prmcnpal speaker As the Sickle goes to press the club is working on a sprung dmner and dance lt is hoped that it can be made an annual affair RA ...jfs 1 rin M - QVC' sefew i'i'S . ,U !n"l 44 I 'X 0 Front Row: Shook, C. Phipps, Matheson, Hill, Fisher, Wetherbee, Russell, MacQueen, Weiland 3 1 I I ' 1 I 1 . I ' A I ' D h year by electing officers as well as the new govern- Mimi? 0 . . ' si-is ,Lv W . , Q . . .' I5 '4 . . . . . ' f 3' , ' x I I - fx . . t . . 5 N '- 3 E f arsity A Club Fronf Row Melendy Houtman Knlghl Sfeudel Second Row F Davls Gaufz Phillips Vcrsufy Club Cfflcers 9 President John Houlman Voce presndent Bob Kmght Secretary Gary Steudle C Treasurer Larry Melendy Chanrman Bob Knight Jnm Gautz Walter Phlllnps Gary Stegg Frank Davas Thus page as sponsored by Bernard Patmos M D lzii 3 gov: 93 A l VW Board of Direclors X l ' ' ' J 1 1 l l el-'P You have been asslsted by a member of the ROAD SAINTS Adnan M1Ch Formed to Promote ROAD SAFETY SL COURTESY and reveal to the publrc the true meamng of HOTROD CLUBS Snaps . Q ? ? ff xy, Q 'Wx 5 0 W X OFF WITH THE CLD Y 1 DRAMATICS Q - p f- .. ,, I 33 E gfy - f f .' XD xg.. X AK Lgjg X X KX, , ' ,' 3 'Q Q , -' All-School Play Front Row C Cox Shook Shlerson Hannula Hell Kopke Elliott Second Row Ruesmk Dunlap Kurtz L Mayhew Powell Fisher Dlllon Enchsteadt Back Row Ilvonen F Cox W Mayhew Kleln Aneff Wendy Mayhew Roger Ilvonen Jane Kurtz John Hull Pat Dunlap Dale Shook Mike Kopke Julne Zuegler Marilyn Klein James Aneff Joan Powell Mary Fisher Prusculla Rueslnk Davud Elllott Judy Dnlllon Lynn Mayhew Faye Cox Cherry Wassnnk Donald l-lannula Douglas Shnerson 96 CAST Kay l.msey Bruce Peck Betty Lnnsey Joe Burns Mrs Jackson Hank Hughes Lester Knnkle Mrs Quackenbush Mrs Blanford Mrs Joyce Fuzz Foster Irene Glorla Muss Quick Mr Joycc Mrs DuFrosl Gnrl shoppers Student Dlrector Stage Managers Buy Jupnter a three ac comedy was success fully staged as this year s school play The scene takes place nn a department store and centers around the complncahons that develop when Juplter a talking toy rabbl IS placed on sale Most of the credit belongs to Mrs Muller for her excellent 'ob of durectmg and castmg Th'S P096 IS sponsored by Dr Robert C Blrmmgham l : ' I I ' I I l I I I ' : I I I I ' I I I I G ' 1 1 - 1 - , . , s Judy Eichstaede . " ' ", - , ' . . . , - 0 a A 1. . I I 'l ' Senior Play Front Row Coller Eusch P A Wood Tuttle vardner Hawley McQueen Woody Cox Second Row Huyck Raunes Morey Webster Seager Cohen Randall Younglove Back Row Farrent Wassunk Porter Sentle llvonen Westgate Demlow Green Mayhew Hazen The Thread That Runs so True us a delughtful and uproaruous play whuch concerns the true adven man stull un hus late teens who us put un charge of a Kentucky mountaun school where most of hus stu dents are older bugger and tougher than he The actuon concerns how Jesse excutes hus students about theur work and when Jesse falls un love wuth a gurl Naomu Deane Naomu sungs a specual song for Jesse from whuch the tutle of the play was taken The needles eye that does supply the thread that runs so true Many a beau have I let go because l wanted you Mrs Muller was the very capable durector of the play She was assusted by Don Conway Jesse Stuart John Conway Bertha Conway Vuada Conway Burt Eastham Bull Coffee Naomu Dean Norrus Guy Hawkuns Budge Walters Snookue Baylor Ova Salyers Peter Snaggers Robun Baylor Sally Walden Xenua Patters Leondra Maddox Jenny Jarvus Munnue Frome Eduth Hanks Grandma Bunuon Aunt Effue Batson Uncle Amos Batson Mrs Woods Eva Celeste Eleanor Nancy Cochran CAST Duane Morey Muke Gardner Bull Younglove Barbara Westgate Sharon Eusch Duck Tuttle Jerry Woody Cherry Wassunk Garry Hawley Dale Seager Bully Greer Robert Randall Larry McQueen Januce Huyck Mary Aldruch Janet Sentle Pat A Wood Barbara Coller Carol Hazen Wendy Mayhew Joyce Webster Karen llvonen Chuck Cox Nancy Porter Jean Demlow Pat Raunes Jo Farrant Karen llvonen 1 I . I ' ' I I A I I I I . : I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 I I I I I . 11 ,, . . - tures of young Jesse. Jesse is a determined young Billy Leonard Jeffy C0hef" I . . . I , f , . . I ' I - ' , II I ' II ' ' Front Row Royer Curtis Hull Hannula Morey Lowe Busklrk Second Row Sentle Kurtz L Mayhew Hazen W Mayhew Rhea Hinshaw Ilvonen Back Row Hall Rage Dunlap Ruesmk Burkhart Cleveland Klem Halstead Forensics ln the local forensics contest the following people were chosen to represent Adrian un the Dustrlct Con es Humorous Janet Sentle and Marilyn Klem Declamatlon Bull Hall and Lynn Mayhew Dramatlcs Carol Hazen and Sandy Buskurk Orngnnal Oratory Wendy Mayhew and Bull Sums Extemporaneous Fred Rage and Tom Theeke Dr Cretcher was the forensuc coach Debate The debate question for thus year was Resolved That the Unlted States should adopt the essentuol features of the Brltlsh Educatnonal System The team participated rn elght declslon debates wmnmg four and losing four and In twenty three non declsuon de bates Only one debater Wendy Mayhew the out standng debater of the year returned thus year to form the nucleus for this years team Eleven debaters will return next year The debaters thus year were John Hull Wendy Mayhew Pruscrlla Ruesmk Bull Martln Linda Burkhart Marilyn Reeck Fern Cleve land Allce Morton Bull Sums Clovss Purnell Sally Berndt Gary Keller Marllyn Klem Kathle Beal and Nome Muller Dr James Cretcher us the coach Front Row Slms Beal Berndt Second Row Keller Morton Klem Cleveland Back Row Burkhart Rues I nk Reeck Mayhew 98 Tl"'5 Page 'S 5P0"'50fed l-VY -l0l'lY1 C. Driscoll Service Station T ' I I I I I I ' 1 I I ' I I ' I I 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . , I 1 o . . ' ' l II I . . . ,, 1 I - - - ' I I - I 1 1 1 I I I - I I I I I I I I 5 1 1 ' 7 1 , , . : , I I ' . ff -Q V WW 6258 ima fn 69 Jafar Jw fa X1 OFF WITH THE CLD EJ as MUSIC ff fm -N xg, J i! , , X J xg- ' ,, wif, ' iw! f' lf! -fgrfgwr Wifi V Wffwlfy llfgf ,N ,1l3 w,Mf ,Q ' 'J If N-ifNf1'Jfi!'tfV Mi' 4 f -..- T -f H X W alorettes Major aporettes r 3 E 1 ? T ' 7 i LL it navy-1 15,1 ,lv Brittam Oliver Dunbar Bierck Ehlnger Jack Dunbar, a freshman, was Adrian's new drum maior for 1959. The maiorettes were Becky Brittain, Tommie Oliver, Margo Bierck, and Nancy Ehinger, all sophomores. All the above group led the band at all home football games, and participated in pep meetings and in parades. During the half time at games the maiorettes also performed. On behalf of the student body, the Sickle Staff would like to commend these students for their fine performances. This page is sponsored by a friend. Band Front Row Dunlap Bohms Mitchell, Nixon, Shook, McPhail, S. Fox, Swenk, Bauschka Densel Muck Roger ECHY 5eC0f1Cl ROW VITQIFIIU Zetchey, Cesairo, Virgil Zetchey, Newell, Maynard, Cleveland Bristol Tate Shaeffer Dunbar M Fox Ryzner, Kidd, Hayton, Boyd, Dorner, Brittain. Third Row M Marten Ziegler Wullnow Porter D Tuttle Hodgson, Russell, Johnson, McKimmy, Peters, McClevy Harrington R Tuttle Rhea Brock Puull Reed B. Cleveland, Mr. Bohms. Back Row: Potter, Brown, VanDoren Lofberg Rink Towers Quigley Brown A Ruesink, Calkins, Graber, P. Ruesink, S. Smith, K. Srmth B Martin The Adnan Hugh School Band under the dnrec tion of Mr Bohms with the assistance of Mr Whit acre has done a marvelous 'ob Members of this organization have given a great deal of their time and effort to make every one proud of them We greatly appreciate their playing for the various functions Also we re proud to say that Mr Bohms is pres: dent of the Michigan Band and Orchestra Assocna tlon ln addition to all events the band has taken part in the District and State Festivals We might add that they have received first duvlsion rating nn the dustnct for the ninth year in a row and the sixth year un a row in the State We are extremely proud of our band and we hope that they have lust scratched the surface of success Clarmet Quartet 1' oodwmd Quartet Wood Ind Quartet F X N xo S th MU k ""l""Y"V"' We are very proud of the ensembles and the way they represented our hugh school during the past year The Trumpet Trlo the Clarunet quartet and the Brass Sextet proudly received a fnrst duvusuon ratmg ot the dzstrlct festival and then entered the state festuval Each group has contrnbuted nts serv :ces and have played for vonous church groups PTA groups and socnal clubs Mr Bohms and Mr Whutacre deserve to be lustly proud of these fine groups Cornet Trio Brass Sextet Flute Trio Grchestra 0 Front Row Matthes Waldfogel Kurtz Ladd Lake Rhea Rittenhouse Webster Reyes Nelson Oyer Smlth Rate Faurote Thlrd Row Muck Bauschka Ziegler Reed Lofberg Towers R Tuttle Ladd A. Rueslnk Ntxon Tate K Smith Fox Mr Lewls Adnan Hugh can feel lustly proud of the fart that ut IS the only hugh school In Lenawee Countv to pos sess an orchestra Varuous actnvmes ot the orchestra durung the past year conststed of partlclpatlng ID the Variety Show the County and State Mustc Festuvals Commence ment various grade school assembltes and the County teachers lnstttute The orchestra ns proud of the fart tnat several of nts members belong to the Ann Arbor Youth Symphony and as members of that orgamzatnon par ttclpated In the Hugh School Orchestra Chrlstmas concert at Eastern Mlchtgan College In Ypsnlantu The orchestra IS under the able leadershup of Mr Gerald Lewus 56025003 ROW! D. Tuttle, McKimmy, Krueger, Hampton, Jenkins, Appleton, Blanchard, Fedor Sprague Rueslnk 4 Mb . . - ' ' i I I 1 ' ' W U . V l . u-...Gu J ' - 4 Strung Duets Strung Truo Lake Waldfogel Jenkuns Matthes Krueger Hampton Kurtz Rhea Strun Quuntet ...k...... -1" .--L 6 .....J J..- .......4 The Strung Ensembles have made a great umprove ment thus year and Adruan Hugh School us uustly proud to have had four entrues unto state competutuon Jenkuns Krueger Faurote Hampton Rutfenhouse 0 0 9 Q W '--- 4. -- A - U ' I A I 1 ,u ' u ' I 1 "' , - e f I' I I M V ,, X A , :I tangy f ,V ,. f 'V , Lf 8 , vu I I e , li 1, I, , t I l I I . I I I I I 0 0 - ,. to o.,-u , 4,,u . I , I W, , ,u ...V z AE 3 ? lu X H... ,M r .. . .W NT at , ,,,, I . i 5 a , I Q -M r ef I-u ...mi , 7 ky AJ , Lxm in , 2 , K . M . rw' I I I I I . 105 Sophomore Choir 0 Front Row Horns, Nearhood Dlcklnson Knight Peterson Halstead Kuney Dunny Gouldlng Second Row Gensler Ladd Holman Hughes Ganun Youtzy Rlnehart Osterhout, Ballard Back Row Morrlson Plfer Theeke Hall The choir under the leadershlp of Mr Samuel Muller was among the many smgmg orgamzatuons of our school The cholr conslsts of about twenty fnve sophomores who practice from two to three tumes a week Thelr musnc was enlyed at the Sprung Feshval the Varnety Show the Chrnstmas Concert and the Vocal Assembly of whuch the latter two were most Important We wish the choir to know that they were greatly appreciated and we wash to compllment them for their tune work I - uo N X Sensor Choir Front Row Mr Muller Wlllett Earl Oleda Teeke Morey Pfister Cohen Kopke Grlffen Chorman Boudreau Wood Second Row Hazen Busklrk Ladd llvonen Phipps Mooney O Bryant Stout Stevens Dlbble Aneff Luke Melendy Lowe Zletlow Thlrd Row Carza S Brown Pratchett Matthls Emerlch Welland Buehrer Burkhart Cosgrove Hunter Smart Willett llvonen Mayhew Rhea Newkom Back Row King June Wllson Staton Sell Wood Easch Huyck Palmer Matthes Pate Cox L Brown Shulters Harsh Muller K The 65 members of the Sensor Chozr p :formed un about the same actrvmes as the Soohomo e Choxr Although the Senior Chonr was approxvmately twx c as large as her sister chour rt cannot be sand as to whlch was the most nmportant The most out tandmq performance of the choir was the All cntv Voral As sembly The accompamsts to the chonr were Jum- Rhea and Nancy Matthes Q O : ' I I I I I I I I I I I 1 . . g - ' ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' : I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I ' If ' ' fs N. . . . .. T - , ' f I . S g 5 ? .. Variety Show unlxur IX 'JTIUI' Nvulv"" Cox Morey Boudreau Aneff Chorman Willett Us I nl We :land Opedc Earl Wood Webster wh? Griffin Willett Bouschkc Gould Hall Morrison Luke Aneff ul nur' arlety Show Kung Coller Wood Matthns Muller Sell Stanton Elsch iil- JJ -P-54 FK Us VOR Theeke Hazen Busknrk Ladd Front Row Hazen Wlllett Busklrk Richards Zletlow llvonen Second Row Calhoun Miller Lowe Pate 109 llllKllLlX 5 Q lid , . ,X , ' 1, o ' I I I A I l I I I I l t Q I 2 l f tw., N. -KK il'-fl? I I ' I X' ' , Q Q I 7 " I lu 'J 4 U l :V ' H, , A 5 . l l' l I 41.3 I-19' - : I ' I . I ' I ' I ' : I . I I ' Glee Club Front Row Cole Hampton Wuse Muller Munster Calhoun Murphy Back Row Demlow Goust Richards Jones Draper, George Summers Pfeuftle Pate The Glee Club us an organuzatuon up of sux teen gurls from the sophomore lunuor and senuor classes They partucupated un the Chrustmas Assembly the Chrustmas Concert the Variety Show and the Sprung Festuval were their most important perform ances Gurl s Ensemble 0 Front Row S Pate Mayhew Zuetlow Smart Buskurk Lowe Wullett Back Row Matthes Richards Buehrer Ilvonen J Pate Hampton Haz n Rhea The Gurls Ensemble us a vocal group consustung of twelve outstanding senuor gurls wuth three lunuor al ternates taken from the Glee Club and the Senuor Chour Thus group sang un all the vocal assemblies un the Christmas Concert and un the Sprung Festuval Durung the year they sang tor a P T A councul meet ung Thus group also sang at the Dustruct Festuval ., P l ' l . I uu J 1- A I ' 1 : I I ' I . I . I I ' : I I I I I I I I . I ' I and in various other vocal assemblies. Singing for , , ' 9 5 ' 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 I . ' : ' l ' 1 ' 1 1 3 1 - . , . . . ' I MMU? QI 0FF WITH THE CLD , V A 0 SPGRTS RK xx QW ff 7 cg xg xx 1 X ,,,. , A 25' U J .-- V I 'Y A HOLE IN THE DEFENSE ALLOWS A SHORT GAIN MIKE MARSHALL GOING FOR A LONG GAIN PASS INTERCEPTION BY FRITZ FISHER JOHN HOUTMAN AND GARY STEUDLE BREAKING UP A PASS PLAY A GREAT DEFENSIVE TEAM IN A GOAL LINE STAND P. S. "THEY DIDN'T MAKE IT." NO GAIN STOPPED BY THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE DEFENSIVE LINE LIN' X III X X K RIGHT END DAVE MATHESON GETS A PASS A LITTLE TOO HIGH SPEEDY FELIX VALDEZ SHOWS YARD GAINING ABILITY .E- am ji, Football Front Row Theeke Hebrlck Snyder McCarty Westfall Doland McCombs Second Row ie lJ Cochran Shook Grlfflth Gray Wegrzyn Back Row Phipps DeSpam Plfer Bournes Rohrback Gaukel The reserve football squad under the dnrectuon ot Mr Gaver and Mr Busack showed a vast nmprove ment from the fnrst game to the last although the squad won only one game Toledo Whutmer was the teams only vnctum Good prospects for next years varsnty squad are Nell McCarty Abe Ward Jnm DeSpam Jon Theeke and Bob Westfall SCHEDULE Jackson Reserves Bedford Reserves Ann Arbor Reserves Hillsdale Reserves Napoleon Monroe Reserves Whntmer Reserves 114 1-5 g 3 ia bi?- - u I Adrian c. c. n 7 Q ' fi 4 b. f Q 'QQ s sofa-F' -1 -2-..s Varsit Football Front Row Palmreuter Wynn Matheson Brendle Stevens Davis Houtman Gautz Crowley Davis Richardson Second Row Coach Davls Melendy Woody Theeke Fxsher Gallup Alpaugh Brlon Marshall Greene Coach Koslch Back Row Tramer Henson Wetland Plplow Fergus Peters, Valdez Kmght, Hawley Stegg Steudle Coach DeSpam Adnan Opponents Monroe East Lanslng Sturgis Coldwater Lakevrew Alblon Marshall Three Rrvers Tecumseh Won 6 Lost 3 Adnan began the 1958 football season wrth three losses These three games were lost rn the frnal penod although Adnan was erther hed or ahead an the frrst three perlods The team was not whlpped because they came back wuth a record breaklng streak of sux straught wuns to break even wlth the best season smce 1926 The success of the team was spearheaded by some of the finest semor athletes Adnan has ever had They were John Houtman Frank Davns Gary Steudle Bob Kmght Felrx Valdez Frntz Flsher Jnm Gautz Les Stevens Garry Hawley and Dave Mathe son These outstandlng mdnvnduals were dedicated to football and wlll be massed not only because of their ablllty to play football but also because they were a real crednt to the school Four members of the football squad were picked Thus page IS sponsored by Frank T Broadwater D 0 Head Coach John Kosuch Asst Coach Jum DeSpam Asst Coach Jon Davrs Tramer Brad Henson for All Conference They were John Houtman f fenslve center defensnve tackle and captaun Frank Davns defensnve end Les Stevens offensuve tackle and Gary Steudle lnnebacker Those recervmg honor able mentlon were Bob Kmght coptaun and left half back Felix Valdez rnght halfback and Frntz Fnsher quarterback The coachlng staff feels that Adnan wnll have another good football team next year An out standmg backfreld wull be returmng but the lrne as a question mark Karl Brendle Ron Crawley and Lyle Bnon wrll need a lot of help on the forward wa Coach John Kosnch feels that thus ns the fmest group of semor athletes that he has ever been asso cuated wnth These fellows were rugged blockers on the fneld and real gentlemen whsle representung the school 6 7 6 ' 19 ' 12 ' 21 20 0 , . '. 26 ' 14 I l 19 - 0 0 31 0 35 ' 12 25 13 . I , O- , , , - n. 115 Y nur- ' W Sl Homecoming L 1 S 3--Lv' ,li i . X A iff' 5 ,L I .nczzzsc se cc, HOME ROOM 16 HOME ROOM 26 sp, 116 "1...' . ,I 6 HOME ROOM 15 rm' HOME ROOM 33 HQZHAN fm wh V W HOME ROOM 42 HOME ROOM A1 This page s spo ored by Cu hs Po ltry Homecomnng , rt' s I 0 EZ- JE? The 1958 Homecoming festrvntles began wnth the annual Snake Dance followed by a bonfnre at Maple Stadnum A peppy pep rally was held the next day Durmg the rally our popular and charmmg queen Nancy Sell was mtroduced Thus was followed by the nntroductlon of the Queens court Sharon Pate Cherry Wassunk Karen Ilvonen Paulme Mendez Sally Berndt and Nome Muller Thenr escorts were John Wetherbee Don Hannula John Hull Make Kopke Carl Phipps Clovns Purnell and Doug Shrer son Immediately following the pep rally a tremen dous parade of the band court floats and clowns marched through town At half tnme of the football game John Wether bee vuce presndent of Student Councul crowned our lovely queen Muss Sell Muss Sell and her court reugned over the dance precedmg the game The Queen and her date John Houtman led the Grand March It was sand to have been one of the best Homecommgs of many years The general chairman was Sharon Elsch In charge of the dance was Karen Rnchards parade Don Hannula snake dance Lynn Graybnel pep meetmg Sharon Pate and coronatron Karen Ilvonen silk ls. O - f I J J I ,M 1 r"'4 . - if I l ' V rt fp- ' Q- Q 1 eh Q ,A 1 . I ,M . N, 4 es ff X 1 , ' l ' A L A 5 ' M lt . l x , ' A ki ' ' ' - , . . , N . J, ,,,p.,,, ,l A X X 45 7, sn, J -ss, - A c I K .X M l I I J l QQ S - J Q? I ' my , A ' ,4 t' . . Q . . , D I I . I N I . . I . I I ' I ' I l 1 . I Q ' o I ' I I ' . I I . -Y , . . . X ,, - , s -.L,,5, K 4 - - A , fs ' : , 4 " . - . - N I I 1 1 ' n : ' . - 117 Cross Country Farst w Underhill Renner Anderson Webster Frear Second Row Stltes Moore Harmon Bailey Third Row Rueslnk Blohm Sumeral The 1958 harruers completed their season with rather dismal record Because they ran against Class A schools the competition was very rough Mr Sweet thought the boys worked hard Roger Renner a semor was the outstanding run ner placing nineteenth out of ninety five runners n the regional Other senior lettermen were Lee Underhill, Bob Sumeral, Jerry Blohm, and Tom Ruesink. Jim Web- ster and Dick Harmon also received varsity letters and will be back next year to form the nucleus of the team. SCHEDULE Jackson Camden Frontier Spring Arbor Ypsilanti Central Coldwater Ann Arbor Triangular Lansing Eastern 41 Monroe 8th of 14 teams Regional Won 2 Lost 5 flowest score winsl Varsit Basketball Kneeling Manager Martun Coach Wyse Head Coach Busack Coach Gaver Manager Palmreuter Standing Maloney Harrls Sumeral Stegg uallup rloutman Matheson Hull Knight FlShef VGlCleZ Web?-fel' Ph'PP5 The Fnghtnng Maples of Adnan certainly lnved up to their name thus year They took a hard fought second place an the Twun Valley and reached the quarter hnals In the Class A State Basketball Tourn ament At thus point In the tournament the Maples were over powered by an extremely fast and agnle team from Lansing Sexton who went on to wan the February 20 1959 wall long be remembered by the proud Maple fans lt was on thus date that Adnan played nts last game ever to be played nn the Frank Street gym and nt was here and on thus date that the Maples played thenr best game of the season ln thus game they ended a thirty elght game wmnmg streak of the East Lansmg Trogans by a thrnllnng 75 7l vnctory Bob Knnght who has been a great sportsman and competitor nn hns three years at A H S was well rewarded for has efforts by being named to the flrst squad of the All Twin Valley Team Our speedy lnttle guard and the only three year man on the team Felnx Valdez was elected to the All Twxn Valley second team and Frntz Fnsher was placed on the honorable mentlon lust . . - i L k Class A championship. V ADRlAN Three Ruvers Sturgls Tecumseh Marshall Lakeview East Lansmg Coldwater Albion Three Rivers Marshall Lakeview East Lanslng Coldwater Dlstrlct Tournament Bellvllle Ann Arbor Romulas Quarter Fmals Lansmg Sexton Adnan vs Marshall 1755 cone VS. 80 ' 59 as ' 49 K , I 53 51 X X 52 41 N . l 69 ' 49 - a - A 1 70 ' 55 0 l X 50 52 60 ' 47 x f 87 ' 64 ' 68 Sturgis 76 If T 76 ' 70 61 ' 66 75 71 48 ' 38 "'-T :Z.'f- '- Regional Tournament s "' ' ,"" 52 46 57 50 57 ' 64 Reserve Front Row Rodlund Cochran Johnson Wyse Myers Back Row McKelvey Gruel Stltes Freer Plfer Coach Ga ver As for as wmnmng and losmg are concerned the sophomore team dld not have a hughly successful season posting only a seven wm cnd elght loss record Coach Gaver dad feel however that the boys learned a great deal from the experlence of playing together John Johnson and Roger llvonen were the two stand outs on the team and were brought UD to the ADRIAN Alblon Three Rivers Marshall Lakevnew East Lanslng moldwater Albion Three Rivers Sturgis Marshall East Lansnng Coldwater Sturgls I WINS 0105365 43 Tecumseh Front Row Alexander uonzalez Brown Bournes Jarrett Back Row Wright Dannells Roback Taylor Coach Wyse The J V Reserves had a very successful season Many of these boys wlll be a defmlte asset to playmg the sophomores of the schools scheduled thej V team of next year and the year after next by thenr older brothers who knows? . . . I 35 . . 40 . I . . I . 34 . . I ' , , 39 " . 46 . ' . 37 ' 43 ' - D 50 varsity forthe tournament games. 28 Lakeview vs. 50 40 ' 19 20 34 ' 52 W . n I 20 ' 51 " R"" 41 Juniors Varsity Front Row Wright Navarro Stegg Coach Wyse Back Row Morgan Doland Sumeral The Adnan Jumor Varsity basketball team coached by Alvm Wyse had a very successful season wuth an lmpressnve eleven wms to only four losses For the most part the team played well together but on occasnons the team played lust about well enough to lose The Jumor Varsuty team IS composed of boys lackmg expenence enough for vorsuty ball and seeks to gave them the expenence needed for the varsity Adnan Lyons Pioneer Chesterfield Anrport J V Fulton Jackson Soph Holland Whnteford Maumee Valley Holland Alrport J V Jackson Soph Madison Whnteford Opponents 123 ' Vs. 55 44 . . . 38 ' 61 - I ' 49 ' 46 . . . . . 53 ' . . 35 67 70 . ' . ' 43 Madison 33 47 . 34 ' . . . 55 55 . . . 52 ' 48 . . 37 6C - 54 34 ' 57 ' . . 31 47 . 38 51 ' 32 54 ' 57 Wrestlin Front Row Melendy Gautz Hoover Hyder Randolph Fox Horn, T Theeke Olsaver Second Row Brendle Grlfflth Weuland Palpant C Davis F Davls J Theeke McCombs Webster Wynn Back Row Mr DeSpa1n Glazer M Rlngkvnst DeSpa1n Rage, Morgan Psplow V Rrngkvrst Campbell Cox Barley Tornow The 1958 59 grapplers led by Jnm Gautz and Charles Davis complled a season record of 8 w1ns 2 hes and 2 losses Three of the wrestlers placed ln the Regnonal Tournament .hm Gautz placed lst Charles Davus placed second and Jerry Fox placed thnrd These wrestlers along with others helped Adnan to place 4th 1n the Regnonal Tournament In the state meet Jlm Gaurz recelved 2nd place to a decnslon of the ludges Charles Davus and Jerry Fox falled to place WLS Dec ec Dec Dec Dec an an an e e e e Mar Mar 4 8-'I3 6 l8r'l4 St Thomas Rogers Whntmef Lansmg lnv1tat1onal Sylvanua Coldwater Bedford Reserves Coldwater Ypsllantn St Thomas Bedford Reserves Hazel Park Sturgls Invutahonal State Reglonals State Regnonals ' ' . u D . 9 . . .ll ' . , . ' .12 . . . . ' , , ' .16 'T , ' , ' - J .14 , ' , J .21 H , , .l .28 . ' Feb. 7 Sylvania ' Feb. 'l2 ' ' 5 ' Fb.19 ' . , Fb. 25 ' Fla. 26 ' Tl Pb. 28 ' ' ' . 8-7 ' . 3 ' -' 125 O 0 Swum mung Front Row C. Frautschu R Sharp D Taylor S Wegrzyn B Hazen G Dartt B Esterlune Back Row J O Bryant L Grayblel J McKummy L McQueen J Wetherbee D Russell T Alpaugh D Kapnuck B lrush F Hazen Due to ullness swummers droppung from the squad and others movung from he rutv the chances for a successful season pretty well dropped from sught for the Maple Tankers Although ruddled by these handucaps the Maples managed to salvage 4 wuns out of 10 meets At the State Meet Adruan ran unto tough com petutuon from the larger class A schools and fauled to The senuors who competed thus vear wull be great ly mussed and hard to replace next year Among these semors who wull graduate are thus years cap taun Duck Russell and Larry McQueen the most um proved swummer on the squad Larry was threaten ung Pete Shermans old record of T040 but was unable to beat the old tume Jack McKummy our backstroker was out of school for approxumately a month and never reached hus prume after hus ullness Jon Wetherbee another veteran also competed un the backstroke and wull be greatly mussed next year If the sophomores on thus years team umprove durung thus summer Adruans chances for a good season next year look verv brught We are also hopung that the uunuor hugh produces some new prospects The hugh lught of the season came un a meet agaunst Ypsulantu when Terry Alpaugh b oke the fufty yard free style record Thus record beat Duck Han I'e'lUfl'1 DBXT 5605011 Adruan Monroe Adruan Ypsulantu Roosevelt 36W Ecorse ' 2 Jackson Adruan Adruan Adruan Ypsulantu Central East Lansung Lowrey Ypsulantu Central Toledo Y Ypsulantu Central Toledo Y Adruan Adruan Adruan 5 V2 44W Adruan Adruan Adruan 125 I place. na's old record of 25:0. Terry is a iunior and will D n ' . ' ' 24 71 ' . ' ' ' ' 53 ' ' 43 . I ' A ' - 55x , t l j ' 22 74 ' l ' ' 39 ' ' 57 I . . . . Y A l - j - 52 43 ' . I Q ' I . . - ' ' 59 33 ' 40 ' ' 56 ' 48 48 Wendy Mayhew Martha Fox pool sho The greatest Show on Earth was the title for the annual pool show presented by the Gurls Ath letuc Assocuatuon The theme throughout the per formance Interpreted the vanous ammals and people found In a clrcus Solonst for the show Carol Hazen performed an outstandmg number when she represented a pon sonous reptnle A sophomore Valerie Smuth was a were Wendy Mayhew and Martha Fox who left the audnence In Oohs and Ahs Pure gold statues came to lute wuth Shuela Murphy Judy Munster Jack McKummy and Duck Russell Sandy Muchener Kathy Beal Betty Maths and Sandra Theobald were the delnghttul clowns Tattooed Ladues Imported from Slam were Jan Neukom Sally Berndt and Tommy Oluver Valerie Smith Il II ' ' I , , . i , . . I "Blue Indigo Girl" in another solo. The aerialists , ' ' II I I . . . I n . I . I . ' . I I . ' ' II ' II ' I f , l pool h The very capable dnrector Mrs Davus was pre sented wnth flowers and a guft by the gurls to show theur apprecnatson Every one from the swnmmers to the stage crew enloyed the show as was und: cated by nts success Other numbers presented by the gurls were Shower of Stars Tramed Seals Tramed Ele phants Llttle Red Monkeys Glant Insects and Human Fnsh The last was presented enturely under water Carol Hazen K0ll1Y Beal, Sandy Mlchener, Betty Mattls, Sandy Theobald 1 - 1 ' I - 11 11 11 - 11 11 - 1 1 ' 11 ll - ll 11 - 11 1 1 1 ll - 11 - Track Front Row Phulllps Renner Underhlll Fosher Sumeral Morey Welland Valdez Sharp Vvegrzyn Second Row Boudreau Morgan Schlmmelpfennmg Freor Woody Peters Harmon Kuney Thvrd Row Leon Moore Webster Matheson Gray Nearhood Brendle Grlffvth Fourth Row F Davis Blohm Shough Snyder Hobrlck Teeke C Davis The T959 track season opened wnth mne return mg lettermen along with twelve sophomores and elght lumors The team ns expected to pule up some pomts nn the distant events Lee Underhill ns expected to be pushed by sophomore Laary Moore ana Uvck Harmon sn the mule whsle Roger Renner and Jlm Webster should provlde good depth ln the 880 Jerry Woody Dave Teters Bob Summerel and Jerry Blohm are In competntlon for the 440 spot We are expectnng a good 'ob In the hurdles by Warren Gould and Dan Nearhood Felix Valdes Dave Wetland Claude Fusher Duane Morey and Pnlar Leon are to be the work horses an the sprmts Carl Brendle and Frank Davns ore expected to push Valdez nn the shot put lt us expected that several under classmen wlll puck up the slack left by the small number of return ang lettermen ff" Hlllsdale Monroe Ann Arbor Bedford Unuversuty Hugh Napoleon Ohlo Monroe C C Albion lnvntatuonals Twm Valley Meet Regnonals State F' fri-N 5 X ,-L, X..! xK"Nx'- ar.. ix, if Away Home Home Home Home Away Home Albaon Coldwater Ann Arbor S T U P ' X V -20.4 r. l ! I .F .M ..c.. f 'J' 1 " Q x : Q ' I I l I 0 I I I " I I I I ' : I I . I I 1 I I I ' Z I I I 1 1 I 1 - . ' 3 - . I I I I , , . . 1 G - ' l Coldwater Away ' ' ' - M. . u. s. ML E I r-TX? 6 -- Q -A T s , W , ,7 - V - 1 , gg , vl gr. Baseball Front Row Cochran Daniels MacQueen Houtman Flsher Stegg Webster Greene Stout Second Row Brown Coutant Bournes Klump Taylor Lambka Doland Bowen Salazar Thlrd Row Rohrback Phipps Brlkey Fox Martek Rodlund DeSpam Palmreuter Back Row Martln Alpaugh Seeburger Morgan Campbell Valdez Wood Jarrett Melendy The T959 baseball squad wull be attempting to four years Adnan has won or shared the champnon shnp three out of the last four years cllmaxmg this tune record by beung on top of the Twm Valley last year with a 'I4 l record The Adnan nune has five returning lettermen thas year These are John Houtman Frutz Flsher Jack Webster Gary Stegg and Make Marshall Marshall as a sophomore last year won the Twm Valley bat tang champnonshlp wuth a new league record of 550 Mr Busack IS looking forward to another good season and has hopes of again fnmshmg hugh an the Monroe Ann Arbor Jackson Sturgns Albuon Ypsllantl Three Ruvers Marshall East Lansmg Coldwater Lakeview Whltmer Monroe C C SCHEDULE Home Away Away Away Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Home Away 129 : I . I I I . I I r I ' 1 I I I I I I I I ' Z I I . I I I I l I ' : . I I I I I I I I ' equal the fine records of Adrian teams in the past , I I . ' Gof Front Row Saum Mcuarry Dodd Schultz B ck Row Horvath Richardson Ellwtf J0l1Y1S0'1 GOLF This is the year that Adnans Golf Team will compile a good record. Coach Horvath has Keith Richardson, Burt McGarry, Dick Dodd, and John Johnson returning from last year's team and will play as top men. Dave Elliott, John Saum, and Steve Schultz provide good reserve strength. SCHEDULE Monroe lhomel Ann Arbor Chomel Jackson lawayl Sylvania fhomel Tecumseh Cawayl Whitmer fhomel Tecumseh lhomel Sylvania fawayl Hillsdale lawayl Twin Valley Meet Monroe Cawayl Regionals at Brighton Hillsdale fhomel State Finals Tennis Front Row Coach Hazen Rxngman McKelvey Thompson Myers Esterllne Hazen Second Row Russell lrlsh Brock Palmer Cohen O Bryant Kussmaul Third Row Curtis Hickman Gallup Hull Shook McAfee Bock Row Bal lenberger The T959 edutlon of the Adnan Hugh School Ten ms Team as Iookmg forward to a hnghly successful season The team IS coached by Frank Hazen Last years Twm Valley Championship Team wlll have sux returning lettermen for thus years competmon They are John Hull Dale Shook Ed Gallup St vc Hickman Bruce McAfee and Bob Curtis Several new prospects wall held the Mables a re peat of last season These bovs are Mnke Palmer Jim Pfister Lynn Muller Jam O Bryant Jerry Cohen Richard Russell Bull Hazen and Dave Stntes Apr: Apn Apr: Aprnl May May May May May June May 158-6 228-23 SCHEDULE Ann Arbor Monroe Hillsdale Unuversuty Hugh Ottawa Hills Hlllsdole Jackson Twm Valley Meet Roosevelt State Funols Reglonals , - 'l 10 , ' . . . . ' 'l 14 . . g I U April 21 Roosevelt , ' 'I 24 ' I , , I , e . 29 . . . , , . . 6 . Q .- 8 . . . .' . , ' 13 . I - I I . , ll . ' ' ' 19 5 81 6 ' Adnan Beverages Adrlan Federal Savlngs Adrian Floral Adnan Sales Co A 8. M Surplus Sales Adrlan State Savungs Bank Aget Mfg C Arts Lunch Art s Generatlng Serv1ce A 81 W Root Beer Auto Parts Bales Beauty Center Berndt s Braun s Funeral Home Brazeway Blll s P ace Brudgeport Brass Brockley s SfUdIO Cam Art Chaloner Ox Co Citizen s Gas Fuel Caller s Beauty Salon Commerclal Savings Dalry Dellght Dan s Blue Sunoco Davls 8- Bally Dennls Insurance DIXIE Shop for Men Duff and Jud s Dunbar Borton Dunmore Funeral Home Excelsuor Laundry EVEYISS Funeral Home Felght s Barber Shop Faraday Co Frank Louis 84 Sons Gordon s Men s Shop Gottschalk s Music Gray Floor Covernng Green Jam Grlewahn s Hard 51 Bailey Hull s Auto Sales Horn s Pure Oll Hoover Ball Bearlng Hub Clothlng Hunter Frank 81 Son Hurd Lock Jasmund Appllance Jen Ins B Il Judge Jewelry Kewaunee Mfg Co Klmes Krleghoff Lenawee Lenawee Hotel Lenawee County Savlngs Lenawee Steel Treatung Lenawee Recreatlon Leonard s Gulf Servnce Advertlsements Maumee Co Maurlces Merlllat Woodworknng Mlchlgan Producers Muller Radlo 81 T V Mux Jewelry Monroe s Shoe Repalr Murphy Cc Nash s Wallpaper NIXOD s Norquay s Shoe Repalr A B Parks Penney s Raymond Auto Sales Revco Mfg Co Rlck 81 Jlm s Ruch Beauty Salon Roy s Shell Servlce Sllver Dollar Cafe Sky Drlve lnn Smlth Hardware Snyder Real Estate Star Tobacco Stevenson Lumber 81 Coal Stevens Aldrlch Stubnltz Greene Schwartz Restaurant Thelma s Beauty Shop u t e H W 84 o Typewrlter Sales Walper Furnlture Welch Cleaners Wheelock s Drugs PATRONS Adrlan Dalry Adrlan Laundry Russell Allen M D Car A Benz M D Robt C Blrmmgham Frank T Broadwater D L K ox Curtis Poultry John Drnscoll Howard Eddy M J Edwards Wm Hewes C J Hood C H Klngon rrlson Drugs Bernard Patmos James W Reynolds Shepherd 81 Stoll Drugs Wyatt Drugs Dr G H Wynn Richard S Youngs D D S O ' 159 . ' ' 142 ' ' 139 ' ' ' . 163 ' ' . . 165 ' ' . . ' ' 148 ' . o. 156 ' ' ' 145 - I . . I 143 ' ' 139 ' ' 145 - . 164 ' ' 141 ' 159 . . 168 . . . ' ' I 161 ' ' 134 ' ' ' ' 166 ' - 161 ' - 7 . 155 ' " ' 144 ' 164 ' ' 147 ' ' 139 - ' ' 145 ' ' ' 135 ' 162 ' " 161 TfI,.., c. ' 149 ' 147 ' 157 Dushane Interior Decorators U13 Wolklnls Office EqUlPmenf ' 153 ' ' 140 ' ' 156 . 136 , ' , 154 ' ' 152 ' ' 162 - . ' 151 . , ' 135 ' ' W 1 . ,I .l .Q ' 160 . . ' ' '56 l l. , D. o. ' ' W f. . . C ' 164 . ' 165 . , 153 Dr. l57 Dr. . . A l55 Dr. . ki ' i l5l Dr. . . l35 Dr ...' . . 152 Mo . ' 153 Dr. A l46 Dr. . 151 ' 144 ' 161 . ' 167 . ' ' . ' ' 135 ' ' ' ' GONGRATULATIONS INTRA MURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS and to the teachers coachmg staff and the entlre student body for the hne sports season of 1958 59 BRIDGEPGRT BRASS COMPANY Aluminum Dlvnslon Adnan lvluclngan r, Powell, Blohm, Hawley, Hannulo, Wood. Bock Row: Phillips, McAfee, B0 1 i I is COMPLIMENTS OF JEWELRY T07 S. Main St. Adrian, Michigan LEONARD'S GULF SERVICE 250 W. Church COM PLIMENTS OF DAVIS 8: BAILY I32 S MAIN STREET ADRIAN MICHIGAN J I M G R E E N FINE APPAREL FOR MEN AND Bovs 'I16 'II8 North Mann Street G C MURPHY C0 THE FRIENDLY STORE 117 T19 West Maumee Street ' I . . I O U I 1 COMPLIMENTS MERHlANT WOODWORKING KITCHEN OF BIRCH 53753 Phone CO 5 3711 Adnan Mlch Congrcdulcahons to the Senlors of 1959 1322 Ia cI-IuIzcI-I STREET FH ADRIAN MICHIGAN The Emblem of SIgncIl SGYVICG SIHCG 1875 6 of SPERTIFARADAY,lNC. I Nlxon Morbros Music Shop EVERYTHING IN MUSIC SCHWARTZ RESTAURANT WHERE FRIENDS MEET 'l2I N Man Street ADRIAN MICHIGAN MOTOR TUNE UP GENERATOR Er STARTER REBUILDING GENERAL REPAIR 2750 Carson Road Phone C0 5 5257 Adnan Much 0 I ' H ff I "If, . 'Ifgfilv II' I f"'i'. fo I ,, Y .fy I i -.rf-A " , 'E A R T ' S - . I . SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRUGS GREETING CARDS WATCHES PENS MAGAZINES CONGRATU LAT I ONS PHOTOGRAPHIC THE CLASS 1 959 FROM THE STAFF OF EQUIPMENT GROCERIES BEAUTY AIDS FILMS LIGHTERS RECORDS WHEELOCK SUPER DRUG 700 E. Church Sf. Adrian, Michigan A A X., V- ! v ' , 1 I , TO OF Compl me Ts of Monroe Shoe Repair d h d d g CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 RIAN FLO Ph CO 3 2171 120 North Mom Adnan Michigan Co pl ment f AUTO PARTS CO INC 1485 W f Mu hg n DAIRY DELIGHT 126 South Broad CONES - MALTS - SUNDAES Pints Quclrts SANDWICHES PIZZA . i n I We odor shoes. ' We ee! them, , A Atfen Tofheir yin , K And save their soles. f Amen Y 54 D g supplies also. I m i s o Q O . in er Adrian, 'c i a PENNEY'S Serving the American Family . . And growing with the Notion . 141 149 East Maumee Adrlan, MlCh Compliments of EVERISS FUNERAL HOME 943 W Maumee 1- ,J yew iq? QXTY JAI4 Congratulations to the Class of 59 113 West Maumee I I . . . yn V , A we xx I ,.,. . , F ' J X, ,,: 1. ,tllluz A -V A Q SMITH HARDWARE AND TOYS Aff n V T M Congraluliion 'lo 'lhe Class of 1958 HORN'S PURE OIL SERVICE Cliff Pifer Corner Church and Wlnier Phone C0lf0X 5 5443 BERNDT S JEWEI RY T h COlf 52801 121 East Maumee St Adnan Mmh HARRY E GRIEWAHN READY Nuxeo CONCRETE 240 West Maple Avenue Adnan Mach gan , . A J elep one ax - . I . O , ' I I let me ml I want to save und earn, too HIGHER THAN AVERAGE RETURNS PAID TWICE A YEAR Adnan Federal Savings Everyone Just lxke th1s mathematlcs maJor llkes to figure on extra dollars to spend But you don t have to study algebra or geometry to know that the nlcest dollars of all are those you saxe and put to work addlng up to more dollars Thats exactly what happens when you save mth Adrlan Federal Savmgs You share 1n attractlve earnmgs tW1C9 a year each June 30th and December 31st You save safely too slnce vour savxngs are fully lnsured up to 3910 000 Use savlngs as the key to your goals Open your Adrlan Federal savmgs account Wlth a few dollars or more now' 1400141 505941 c5f4V!fV6ZS' All D LOAN ASSOCIATION IEI W MAUMEE STREET TECUMSEH MICHIGAN ADR'AN MICHIGAN HON COL AX 5 6 28 ,. i '?Z 4 fl f j ' I 1 ,ff If Y x. xl ,- ' K X' . . , 0 fy IX I . f 1' ,Q I , f I 1 f , rl I f , , ff I 1 v I I f ' If f , I f f s 1' I g A BY l I Y K6 ' DY ' 7 y I U 1 . 7 y v V' ' ' y V A. . . , . . . N . , . . V U V . , . BQANC ' WACHICA O ' - - ' 1 P E F ' l CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF 1959 WALPER FURNITURE CO Servmg Th s Commumfy 54 Years Decorafor Servuce Avarlable CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF 1959 H E W R001' BEER STAND HAMBURGERS HOT DOGS ROOT BEER FLOATS ROOT BEER BY THE GALLON BASKETBURGERS WE USE ONLY TOP QUALITY STEER BEEF Across from the Fire Sfahon PHONE CO 5 7633 . i . l35 E. Maumee S+. -- Adrian, Mich. - Phone CO 5-8 I 9I 4 Congrafulahons and Besl' Wishes 'lo 'lhe Class of l959 BANK OF LENAWEE COUNTY Member Federal Reserve Sysfem Adrian Morencl We Congrafulofe The Senror Class of 1959 CITIZENS GAS FUEL COMPANY Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. r 4 COMPLIMENTS T0 THE CLASS of 1959 BAIES IRUCKING AND SUPPLY .fw- Phone C0 5 2212 ART S LUNCH DANS BLUE SUNOCO SERVICE TIRES BATTERIES LUBRICATION WAXING SPEEDY CAR WASHING 402W tM M hg C ve Compliments of I I I F P' k-up and Delivery Phone: CO 3-9868 es aumee Adrian, ic i an 4 ADRIAN HIGH SCHOOL KRIEGHUFI-' LENHWEE CUMPHNY Consfruciing Engineers 6 . Complmenfg JIIIIIIINIIIIIIIAI SAVINGS IIIII DUNBAR-BORTON INC. CONTRACTORS Cr SUPPLIERS HEATING PLUMBING AIR CONDITIONING SHEET METAL WORK Phone CO 5-2171 242-244 W. Maumee St. Adrian, Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF ADRIAN SIAII SAVINGS IIANII Dlshncfwe Inferior Decorafors LOUIS UULHANL COMPANY g suns Co me c aI hea th happ a d Ight I9 Id rugs Pamfer Coniracior 907 S Mann S+ COIfax 5 8855 MAY SUCCESS FOLLOW YOU ALWAYS H W TUTTLE 8. C0 Adnan Mlclugan I Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat' . . . . 4 Q 1 . . 5 . . L nn- IR A xi Industrial Our business is Residential paintin hine, rn r i I , iness, n i into ui i . . . o o o . . . I Compliments of 8. JIM 5 BARBER S NORQUAYS SHOE REPAIR Q P W y M DUFF AND IUDS STANDARD SERVICE Free Pick up and Delivery Telephone COIfux 3 9968 Corner West Church and Maumee Street ADRIAN MICHIGAN AAA Road Servlce M DANIELS l .IUDSON R I C ' II 0 P For quality h ' Adrian Nor uay Cp ' I 421 e B h S . K d Y . 4 SWR STEVENSON Lumber and Coal Companv LQWR 86 Years of Ser ing You 319 EAST MICHIGAN STREET We Congratulate the Senior Class of 1959 J v CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 C'2"'bzl'. GRAY FLOOR COVERING GENE. 403 North Mum Street A D R I A N ALL NIGHT SERVICE BILL JENKINS Cmes Service and OuIs Corner Treat and Beecher Streets Adnan Michigan LENAWEE HOTEL Adnan Michigan HOWARD D FOUST esicle Q xl A h"f'4 E' ' V 7 CO 5-8433 - Phones - CO 3-9906 fl IQ. 1 P r n t CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 G DONSMENSSOP 108 East Maumee Street Adnan Much The funest n beauty care for the d scrum nat ng woman COIfax 3 1287 THELMA S BEAUTY SHOP THELMA eALuPPo A ran Mchlgan Spec al sts n ha shap g styl ng and perma ent a g 92- QQ' COMPLIMENTS OF KEWAUNEE MANUFACTURING COMPANY 0 R ' ' H . . I l ' i i ' i i I di , i ' i i i ir in , i , n w vin A . 409: .1 G-, 1 E1 W ' if - N. 3 W ? xc.-11 .93 Rf- v Congrafulaiions io fhe Class of 1959 FRANK HUNTER and SON Movers of fme furmfure EXCELSIOR STEAM LAUNDRY STRICTLY HIGH GRADE WORK WILLIAM ORAM Equ pped wah AII Modern Appl onces Phone CO 3 9087 Corner Maumee 8. Race Sis CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 .l DEPARTMENT STORE3 5 . . i ' i I ' -1 - Y S Y T1-4 , i -44 f I 1 ,vig T A Q 'l-A l 1 v fflq ADRIAN HIGH SCHCDOL CLASS CDF 59 015565 LCDUIS FRANK 81 SCDNS f0Ilgl'lllLlAlfl.0II.5 0 e l fw C. D w,,f LENAWEE BRAND DAIRY PRODUCTS MICHIGAN PRODUCERS DAIRY CO. "From fhe Heari' of MIchigan's DairyIand" For Dellvery Phone COIfax 5 6136 or 3 1571 Sfores In Adnan MIchIgan Tecumseh MIchIgan SIGN OF THE TURK Sunce I874 CHALONER 61 CO ADRIAN MICHIGAN CROSLEY WHIRLPOOL RCA MAYTAG ZENITH JASMUND BROTHERS APPLIANCE STORE SALES and SERVICE 115 N W nfer Sf C0 5 2029 -,R I - I . . O I 'Cv-.V Donald and Walter Josmund, Owners f" 4 in - 8 'tl . I . - W M IFIEIIGII-IIT BARRIER SHOP FIVE CHAIRS WEEK DAYS SEVEN CHAIRS FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS Phone COIfox 5 8565 II3 Soufh Ma n Sireef ADRIAN MICHIGAN Compllmenfs of AGET MANUFACTURING C0 A L R X Jeweler 118 E Maumee Adrian Mlchlgon Best Wvshes to the Class of 1959 Hull s Aufo Sales HIII s Traller Courf 2415 2425 E Toledo Road Adrian Mlchugan I. . YY Q N . .QI ' . . MI CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 a A B PARK COMPANY DUNMORE FUNERAL HOME 324 E M co 5 5233 THE HURD LOCK CO WISHES TO CONGRATULATE T S I C K L E S T A F F ON ITS OUTSTANDING SICKLE "Famous for Famous Label . aumee - . T? HE CYSQQQD STUBNITZ GREENE CURPURHTIUN THE MAUMEE COMPANY SPORTING GOODS and TOYS ADRIAN MICHIGAN 218 West Maumee CQHOX 5 6009 . ADRIAN BEVERAGES Bottlers of Those Good Icy Flavors STRAWBERRY GRAPE BLACK CHERRY CREAM SODA LEMON LIME Pus SQUIRT NESBITTS MASON S ROOT BEER Ambulance Service CO 5 8000 THE BRAUN FUNERAL HOME State at Umon ADRIAN MICHIGAN Edward F Braun Richard A Braun 'flh- "'4"""HU"K!k- 'Q- ll' .mcg gag 'Q' Owned and operated by Compliments of RICH BEAUTY SALON 714 Hugh Street Adnan Machug n Phyllis Rlch Phone CO 5 5893 1 M 1 S - , 1 41-Q, My V, I ' - . V " X I -1I.,.la,w5 s1,,,,,Q h Aix , cl, ll ' . K I ..,,,,,,,.,,,,N,W y ,,.""' . 'r-J.. ' .::: ' ' 1, 3 4- ,7,, Awvwi, n f-M U' , ,,,, an ' ' V, f 1 ' I f , f , 3 - v I .of TL: w . , - ,-.I , t , I K . , , O ' 'V . , ' ' -4 4, - ' V. ' A . 4 If ' f . ' A 4 .. 'I 'A' mvv,..-1 , 5 . . Compllmenfs of RAYNCR B SNYDER Real Esfafe Sales Realfor Telephone COIfax 5 7159 147 Norfh Mom Sfreei' Adflm' HARD AND BAILEY DRUG CO The Rexall Sfore Phone COIfax 5 8344 L43 Mann Street Adrian Michigan SILVER DOLLAR CAFE O o . I . . . . f . --2 I . COMPLIMENTS OF SKY DRIVE IN THEATRE ADRIAN Open Year round SKYLINE DRIVE IN THEATRE MORNCI W G JENKINS Owner X4 Manager COMPLIMENTS or DIXIE SHOP FOR MEN f'1!B"'!l I28 N Man Sr ee! Adnan Mchxga W WALTER L BOONE Lenawee Steel Treahng 8g Welding Company 235 W Maple Ave Adnan Much W f co 3 3025 OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY Res CO 3 9645 JAMES R BOONE COMPLIMENTS CAM ART CENTER Adnan s Leading Photo and Hobby Center BILL S PLACE JACK VAN SCHAICK - II II 2 . ' 0 P' , ' v ff V, . 1 r , I n 6 f - - - 1 x 5 ' I , I ri ' A A I Ii Mr . ' A H11 A I Q- :mv I I I I QW, ' I , ' A 5 W7 ' G1 A pf If ' yffhgw 24 ',f'A, in 'frr H i - OF . , . I 161 Compliments of DWIGHT D. DENNIS, Agent FRANK CAMBURN, Agent RESIDENCE RESIDENCE 552 Budlong 4400 N. Adnan Rd. Co. 5-5392 Co. 5-5932 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES AUTO LIFE FIRE BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS OFFICE ADDRESS: S. M 'n St., A r' n, M'chigan - Phone: Co. 3-2I'I'I STEPHENS ALLDREDGE OLDS CADILLAC INC TOPS IN SALES TOPS IN SERVICE Adnan Michigan Come to Gotfschalks for Repairs and AII Music Needs GOTTSCZHALK MUSIC SERVICE 115 Malden Land COIfax 3 9623 TYPEWRITER Sales and Service Company Your portable typ wr ter headqua ters Phone COIfa 5 2157 I25 North Mom Street Adrian Mlchngon I 933 Bl d I8 I I o e i r X . l CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 WELCH CLEANERS Adrian s oldesl' and mosl reliable cleaners Phone CO 5 2118 501 N Mann Sfreel' ROYS SHELL SERVICE FuresIone Tures and BaI'+erIes ExperI Lubrucahon Corner of Church and Wun+er S+reeIs Ph ne COIfax 39908 OPEN TWENTY FOUR HOURS MILLER RADIO 81 TELEVISION INC Lenawee Courfrys Largesf Name an Servuce I42 S Mann S+ Ph CO 5 6744 Compllmenfs of ADHIAN SALES EUIVIPANY I I 4 1 ' n ,rv - 1 ,., J, 6, o ' l . 0 D 0 U - COMPLIMENTS OF Slar Tobacco and Candy Company Phone C0lfax 5 6822 Adnan COMPLIMENTS OF HOOVER BALL BEARING W 59 TWO SALONS TO SERVE YOU GULLER S BEAUTY SALON BEAUTY GENTER T F I- B 5- fyr dB Dua Dua CO 5 6798 CO 5 6464 MYRTLE COLLER OWNER JAMES COLLER OWNER Evenings by Appolnfmenf Evenings by Appointment 326 TOLEDO AND 124 S TECLIMSEH O . n O . '1 i A ,X 6 a -a . 'T 5 THE T' ll, K h inesf Hair Siyli g , If ' H Mya na f I 1 AA' 4 All ly S ' ' ,k' . N Th N T T BY V By N E perf H ' S I4 ' Skille IA ' M' X Q., l,x To . I . I YB I28 ADRIAN HIGH WOLKINS Office Equlpmen+ q 'I'bI N hB M ng conf ssass CONGRATULATIONS CLASS f 1959 Hub Clothmg Company FOUR CORNERS M h g KH We wish +o congra+ula+e +he Class of I959 6- SURPLUS SALES 2800 Treaf Road Adrian Mich. f 959 NASH WALLPAPER INTERIOR DECORATING 325 E M Sets The Pace For Fashion BROCKLEY S STUDIO porfraib of .ibidlincfion 229 South Main Street Phnneg C0 5-8945 C grctulctions, Class o I uf. V' Wm' I ' t 5 Adrian '9 166 COMPLIMENTS OF THE LENAWEE RECREATION CO 3-9892 520 College Ave. , g l COMPLIMENTS OF RAYMOND AUTO SALES FORD LINOOLN MERCURY ZVCO TREND SETTING LEADER IN REFR IGERATION FIRST wltI1 bllt ln refrigerators and freezers FOREMOST In refrigerator and freezer desngn FINEST refrigeration products made SEE your local Revco dealer for proof posutuve of Revco freezer superaor ty Freezers LISTEN to your ne ghbors exc ted comments about theur Revco products Sett g T endsl Ref ge at S e 938 REVCO INC DEERFIELD MICH 'ala' . . . i ' ASK your Builder or Kitchen Dealer about Revco Bilt-in Refrigerators and i ' i ' . in r n ri r ion inc I 1 u ' n I or cHAMPloNs RUNNERS 8 M tth M yh UONGRATULATIONS G A A MEMBERS for the numerous act1v1t1es 1n Whlfh you have partlclpated dunng the past year BRAZEWAY INC huh-.nn EDWARDS BROTHER Musiqu- - P E?:E::r5Zwicm,i:sgFr'M?Ii?rpton' Brown' Back Row: G es' Fronf Row: Coller, Willet, Buskirk, Sell. Back Row: ' 9 ' . Michener, Birmingham, c ew, llvonen, Neukom, H o s o I o

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