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WMM Centennial Revue Adrian High School has been housed in only three buildings in one hundred years. They were the Union School, Old Central, and the present senior high buildings. The first high school was the Union School, which was built in 1852 to hold 500 students. lt was said that "The exterior is plain but the in- terior is very commodious and pleasant." In August of 1866 the Union School burned to the ground. From 1866 to 1868 the Old Streeter House and several churches were used for school purposes. The new Central building, the present iunior high, was finished in 1869. lt boasted seven hot air furnaces, and a seating capacity of 1000. The cost was S70,000. At its dedication it was pro- nounced "The noblest school building in the West." The cornerstone of our present "old building" was laid in 1907. To pay for the school, s5o,ooo was voted at first. This obviously was not enough and the amount was raised to S70,000. Finally the school board asked for S90,000. The people of Adrian willingly raised the amount each time. Our newer building was completed in 1939. lt cost S297,542, showing the sharp increase in costs. At that time it was said to have one of the finest pools, gymnasiums, and music rooms in the country. This brings the history of Adrian Public High School buildings up to date. Of course we all know the next step-our new school, which, with the addition to our present senior high, will cost approximately four and a half million dollars. 1 DEDICATION l HENRY W. LUTZ, B.A. Just because you're such a worthwhile person Just because you're always nice and helpful With dignity of manner, quiet strength, Ancl ever have a pleasant word to say, Just because your kindness is abounding, Just because you set a fine example Your patience everlasting knows no length, With character that's based on Christian love Just because you're always there to help U5 Just because YOUI' goal of true perfection To start us on the rightful future way, To all reproach is very far above, Just because you're so sincere in all things JUST because we're grateful and we thank you Ancl give advice to help us every day, For everything you say and all you do, Just because we like your sense of humor, Mr. Lutz, we dedicate this Sickle to one Your smile that brightens each and every day, Who's helped us most in high school, "You." Jean Hartwig Board of Education CHARLES E. HICKMAN President JAMES I. MORAN . Secretary W. L. AUSTIN Superintendent H. D. GARDNE R Trustee MARGARET OSGOOD Vice-president LOUIS E. ROBERTS Assistant Superintendent ROBERT FRELIGH JAMES H. FRIDD ROBERT C. BIRMINGHAM Trustee Trustee Trustee 3 CHESTER E. DAVIDSON University of Illinois B.E.: M.A. American History: Sociology: Psychology: Boy's Counselor: Advisor, Student Council. HENRY W. LUTZ University of Michigan B.A. Bookkeeping l and Il: Commercial Law: Commercial Geography: Business Organization: Financial Advisor. CLIFFORD NELSON College of Wooster B.S. Bowling Green State University B.A. American History M.S.: Athletic Director. 4 ACID In I SITQAUCYT ROBERT L. HAYDEN M.A. ..5 ELSlE A. OLMSTEAD Albion College B.A.: University of Michigan. Study Hall: Girl's Counselor. DONALD T. WHITNEY Central State Teachers College B.S.: University of Minnesota M Vocational Co-ordinator: Adult Education Director. PAUL RAINIER University of lowa B.S.: M.A. Supervisor of Music. MILDRED M. ARMSTRONG Adrian College B.A.: University of Michigan M.A.: Columbia University. English Literature: English 'l0: Co-advisor Future Teachers Club. CAROLYN BROWN Michigan State University B.S.: Home Economics. E. EDWARD CARLSON Central State Teachers College B.S. Metal Shop. MARY CRETCHER Albion College B.A.: Illinois State Normal University M.S. French: Advisor, French Club. WILLARD H. DEJONGE Western Michigan B.A.: Speech: English 10: Advisor, Booster Club. CAROL L. EVERTS Bowling Green State University B.S. Physical Education. IGACDGRS .. ex Y sts. X sm sifsmme N Q ogre C ex S XS x -QQ X1 X X XX 1 S Q . F , sg ' x C . . t .. . ' Nessie gg Y e R Q ,X .X X X N . X 1. W N gs ISS? Q ww. . ee A geo, x we w . ,X . SR X 3 x X sexe X N H5 ALVIN BOHMS Michigan State Normal College B.S.: University of Michigan M.M. Band Instrument Technique. M. BUSACK College of Wooster B.A.: University of Oregon: University of Washington. Spanish: Coach, Baseball and Basketball: Assistant Coach Football. JAMES CRETCHER ' Albion College B.A.: Olivet College M.A.: University of Wisconsin Ph.M.: University of Michigan Ph.D. American Literature: Coach, Track and Debate. gg JEAN DAVIS V 3 Bowling Green State University - ' Physical Education: Advisor, ":l A Pool Show, Girl's Athletic Association, and Leaders Club. X too, t y t Q. mf -- -:- C5111 JAMES DESPAIN lowa State Teachers College: University of Michigan M.A. Algebra: Geometry: Coach, Wrestling. LINDSEY L. GORDON Northeast and Missouri State Teachers College: B.S.: George Washington University: Michigan State University: Civics and Economics. RICHARD GAVER College of Wooster A.B.: Kent State University. American History: Assistant Coach, Basketball and Football. LORENE HANSEN University of Illinois B.A.: Columbia University M.A. Home Economics: Cafeteria. FRANCIS C. HAZEN University of Michigan B.A.: M.A. Jr. High Physical Education: Coach, Tennis and Swimming. HELEN C. HUTCHINS Western State Michigan College B.S. Art: Advisor, Art Club. ROY B. KELLER Ohio State 'University B.S. University of Michigan M.A. Physics. EMILI E KOVANDA Western Illinois State College B.S. Education: Simmons College M.S. in Library Science. Librarian: Library Science. teachens I CLAUDE R. HAMPTON VE C. Michigan State Normal College B.A. American Literature: Advisor Sickle. LMA G. HAYES Ball State Teachers College B.S University of Michigan. English IO. HUBERT HOWE Western Michigan College B.S. Mechanical Drawing WILLIAM B. IVESON Hartt College of Music: B.M. Trinity College: University of Michigan. Choir and Glee Club: Vocal Ensembles. JOHN J. KOSICH RU Wyoming University B.S. Physical Education: Social Sci- ence: Industrial Arts: Football Coach: Assistant Track Coach: Jr. High Swimming. TH LIBBE University of Toledo B.S.: University of Cincinnati M. Edu- cation. Stenography: Office Practice: Secretarial Training: Advisor Junior Class. MARY JEAN MAYS University of Pittsburg A. B. English IO, Assistant Librarian. FRANCIS K. MCMULLEN Michigan State University B.S. M.S. Vocational Agriculture: Advisor, F.F.A., Manager of Concession Stands. LOIS MILLER Bowling Green State University B.S. Education, Northwestern University, University of Mich- igan. Lotin, Advisor, Latin Club, Advisor, Forensics. CHARLES H. OSGOOD Michigan State University B.S., University of Michigan M.A. Attendence, Records, Study Hall EUGENE PLUMMER Western Michigan B.S.: Michigan State M.A. Reading Improvement: Drivers Education. RUTH E. SHERMAN University of Michigan B.A. English Composition, Speech, Advisor, Maple Leaf and Drama- tics. oe . i mx IIEACIWERS RAYMOND C. MACK EY Eastern College B.A. Biology, Senior Science. .50-Hg ' SB' x I , g,g gr 5 . , .S X xj HOWARD MICK ENS Bowling Green State University B.S., Northwestern University Orchestra, String Instruments. " D AGNES M. NIELSEN D .e,- g X Iowa State Teachers College B.S., A -eg E gi: Columbia University M.A. . Home Economics, Advisor, Selaco A f i Club. D. DUNCAN PATERSON Adrian College B.A., University of Michigan M.A. BioIo9Yi Advisor, Sophomore Class. ALICE E. RICHARD Adrian College B.A., University of Michigan M.A. Plone Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Counselor, College Preparatory. 'Sk- is S x GERALDINE M. STEWART D University oi Michigan B.A. by World History. g, 7 EDWARD STROBEL Michigan State Normal College B.A.: University of Michigan M.A. Machine Shop. MAX B. SWEET IGACDERS L... X, z's:.5l:: ,:- 5 .g K Michigan State Normal College B.A.: University of Michigan M.A. In Chemistry: Advisor, Senior Class: Coach, Cross Country. CAROL TOLL EY University of Toledo B.S. Educa- tion. Shorthand: Typing: Bookkeeping: Commercial Math: Introduction to Business. EDWARD ZALAR Michigan State B.S. Biology: Assistant ball. VIOLA BONE Office Secretary Coach, Foot- ' X . X A B HBX1-1. ' . 1. X Y ' ii'3Z1" is - ' 2- . , ' 'wig -w X Se- .. is-MM -:Q . s S get ii ' A Q.. I , , Q C 4 . x 'ss 3 .,., f asm fee 5 e ex. .M -, -.... ':-- ' Q we Q. :W gee: X Q YN . ...IL X N A gg 'K , s . eg 1 ..,, . -vggkifj gf ,vi ,ff Q gs JOHN C. RHOADES Independence Junior College: Kansas State Teachers College. B.S. Mechanical Arts: Auto Shop: Assistant Junior Varsity Coach. ALICE K. TUEGH Western Michigan B.A. Economics: Civics: Typing. ALVIN R. WYSE Manchester College B.A.: Ohio State University M.A. Bookkeeping: Office Practice: Related Physical Instruction: Coach, Junior Varsity Basketball and Baseball. EDWARD ZEBROWSKI University of Michigan B.A.: M.A. World History. American History: Sociology: Advisor, Bible Club and Archae- ology. LEONA DIEHL Presbyterian Training School for Nurses in Chicago: Albion College Advisor Future Nurses of Michi- gan Club. Builomq Ano qnounos HERVEY SAGER Buildings and Grounds .XY , . Wig 3 HARVEY BOTTOMS Custodian ARDEN SAGER Bus Driver HAROLD WINZELER Maintenance AMIL FILTER Custodian ELMER BOYD Bus Driver BERTON WARREN Shipping and Receiving JAMES WINZELER Custodian FLOYD DIETRICH Bus Driver I Icicle staff Seated: Ost, Webster, Beaulaien, Wantz, Standing: Rulael, Olsaver, McLean, Kidd, Hill Sherman, Oyer, Nipper, Rymal. Missing: Keedy. ' We of the Sickle Staff take great pride in presenting the 1957 Centennial Sickle. Special thanks goes to Mr. Hampton for his time and effort in helping the staff. This book was specially designed tor this, the Centennial Year, and we hope it brings you many enjoyable memories. Brenda Beaubien Kay Webster Sharon Rubel Beverly Ost Myrna Wantz Gary Olsaver Andy Keedy Louise McLean Dennis Kidd Janet Oyer Margaret Rymel Pete Sherman Ron Nipper John Hill Editor Business Manager Assistant Editor Art Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Sports Editor Music Editor Club Editor Junior Associate Junior Associate Junior Associate Junior Associate Sophomore Associate S DIOR class GHIICGQS Standing: Ron Warner, John Goldsmith. Seated: Barbara Miller, Jean Hartwig, Kay Hulse. John Goldsmith, vice-president, has participated Ron Warner, sergeant at arms, has kept very in many activities. Listed in John's 1957 doings active during the last three years. Among Ron's are: Vice-president, Varsity A Club, Senior of 1957 activities were: Football, Golf, Varsity A the Month in Mathematics, President, Choir, Club, Booster Club ivice-presidentl, Choir Cman- Jack-Ace, a quartet, Varsity Show, Home Room agerl, Senior Play, Variety Show, Talent Shows, President, Basketball, Tennis. and president of his homeroom. , Jean Hartwig, president, has led her class all the way during this year of triumph. Here are a few of her accomplishments during this, her final year: Editor of the Maple Leaf, Debate Team, Forensics, All School Play, Senior Play, Latin Club, Vice-president of the French Club, Future Teachers' Club, G.A.A. Barbara Miller, secretary, the center of attraction. Here is a list of "Barb's" activities during the year: Latin Club, G.A.A., Cheerleader, French Club, Homecoming Queen, Booster Club, Vice-president, Future Nurses' Club, Student Council, Forensics. can always be found Kay Hulse, treasurer, a fellow class mate. She has participated in many clubs and organizations, namely: Cheer- leader, Debate, Forensics, Homecoming Court, All School Play, Senior Play, Future Teachers' Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Booster Club, and Secretary of the Choir. is always willing to help 11 CARLOS COMEZ ALAFITA MARY LOU ALBRIGHT DUANE ALL EN PATRICIA ANN AUTEN "Mr, Brownf' "Sparky" "Speech is great, but "Pat' "An All-Star we're all for." "l'm QI-Ile? 5'-If mY heart is silence is greater." "She's a quiet girl---at iolIy." Home room Treas. I5 Tennis times," Vqfsify A 2,35 Foofbqll 37 I,2,35 Latin Club I,2. B.O.C. 35 Co-op Club 3. Basketball 2,35 Cross- country 25 Baseball I,2,3. X MAN ' X N I A., X ,gg Q .xx , se , . -. 1 . X QR -K. Si .5 ,gg S. seg Q Q 1-,ZEPI--5' 7 ' 1 1 E.. Q dsxw' is L -.. S 1, S Q R 1 . es 2 Q r N X 1 Ns Xiu f 5 y X 1 I My X Y R 5 Q 23 S DALE RICHARD BAKER GERALD ALAN BARNES GERALDINE BARNES HGSVVYH "Tex" "5Bf1f0b" "Always happy5 always gay5 "Not too serious, not too "Friends, Romans,Co'untry- qlwqyg friendly in every way." gay, But a swell guy in men5 Lend me your girls. . !" Hgme roam Pres, 15 Sec, every WGy.n l'lOme l'0Om Pres. 3, V.PreS. and Treqs, 2,35 Booster F.F.A. Club I,2, Sgt. at 25 Varsity A Club 2,35 Choir Club 1,2135 G,A,A, Club 1, Arms 3. I,2,35 "A M011 Called 2,35 Latin Club I,25Leaders Peter", All school play 35 Swimming I,2,35 Track 2,3. LE ROY BARRETT BARBARA ELAINE BATES "Loverboy" "Bobs" "All tongues speak well of "Boom, Boom. lt's fun to him," be crazy." Future Nurses Club 35 G.A.A. Club I,25 Leaders Club I. I2 Club I,25 Band I5 "A Man Called Peter", Student Council I. Q iii'-l i A I , iiifl 5 .- F ' so 5 in f BILLY BATES "BilI" "A friend to everyone." F.F.A. Club 1,2 Greas. 3. NANCY KAY BARNHART "I can resist everything but--- temptation." Home room V. Pres. 35 Sec I,25 French Club 2, V.Pre 35 French award I,25 Girls Glee Club I. HERBERT BATES "Herb' "Who? mel" Home room Pres. 2,35 Sec. and Treas. I. i MAZIE ELAINE BAUGH YVONNE G. BAUGHEY SHIRLEY ANN BEAR "Elaine" "Vonnie" QORNERJ "Shirl" "Whoever WGGPS G happy "Her cheerfulness is con- "Marriage is a taming thing." face does service to hu- fqgiousj' manity." Bible Club 25 Latin Club I, 2,35 Selaco Club l,2, Son Leaderg Choir 'I,2,3. DORIS BEEBE' "A quiet, likable girl." B.O.C. I5 Co-op Club 3. BARBARA ANN BLACK " Dependable and then some." 9 "Bobs" Co-op Club 35 G.A.A. I,2, Latin Club 'l,2. ' .sf R 5 5 fi' ,fig Wi, ' fs ff- ,, WH, vii ' 5' f sk fx New S BETTY BOND "All Women are naturally ambitious." Bible Club 2,35 Booster Club 'I5 Co-op Club 35 Future Nurses 35 Latin Club I5 Student Librarian 'I5 Sickle 27 Honor Student if i , - jgifi ,fgigiffsg g ,- BRENDA LOU BEAUBIEN "Sparky" "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." B.O.C. 35 G.A.A. I,2, V. Pres. 35 Leaders Club I,35 Sickle 2,3. LINDA BOTTOMS "Lyn" "Tops with us." Leaders Club 35 G.A.A. 2, 35 Future Nurses 2,35 Latin Club l,2,35 Choir I. vwwifwwi R Qs fi . I I 1-ie... , . S Q o...t NES 5 .M my 5 SN X X is . : S s ':.'LI2-ee' 1 x X x f sbs. . f n . it EUGENE ARTHUR BEEKEL BILL BICHARD "Bill" RODNEY CLAIR BIRD Beek" "Just call me BillielJol." Birdie" "Study not--for ignorance "Men may come and men is bliss." may go, but I go on forever." F.F.A. 1,2, Pres. 3. . , I I I if lfjilfi ' Mr, Wi. . I 15 ,-, X , K FRED BONE "Sleep all day, and play all night." Spanish Club 2, Sgt. at Arms I5 Jr. Rotarians 35 Boys' State 25 Homeroom Pres. 'li Student Council 2 5 HOROI' Student- 'I3 JAMES BRIDGES "Jim" BARBARA ANN BRION VICTOR BRITTAIN "Vic" JUDY ANN BROWN "Dino" "Tis feared he will die of "Bambi" "We know he is born for "Just in the NICK Offime-H overwork." "I could be better if I would, success." Fufufe Nurses, Spqnish Club. Homeroom Treus. 'l. but it's awful lonesome Art Club 'I5 B.O.C. 35 Stu- being good." dent Librarian 'li Band 'l,2, French Club 2,35 Future 35 Maple Leaf 3. Nurses 35 G.A.A. l,2,35 Leaders Club 1,35 Choir 'l,2,3. MARIANNE BROWN JAMES EDWIN EARL JAMES CAMPBELL CHRISTINE CARLSON "Kee "Brownie" BUTTERMORE "Jim" "SOUP" 5he's pretty as a picture, " "The hair and the temper "There are two ways to "Not GS fast US Sir MUlC0lmf nice frame too l" don't match." drive a car--- lawful and bl-IT ------ -H Booster Club l,2,35 French Co-op Club 35 FutureNurses 3. awful." lnfrdmvrvls II2- Club l,3, V. Pres.25 G.A.A. Booster Club 35 Latin Club 'l,2,35 Leaders Club l,2,35 'l,2,35 Choir 'l,2,35 Boys' Homecoming Court 2,35 "A Vocal Ensemble 'I5 Golf 'l,2. Dance With Our Miss Brooks" "A Man Called Peter", Cheerleader 2,3. GARY CARLSON "Ged" RUTH ELAINE CARR BARBARA CAsTEEl-"B'-"'l9" DAVID L. CATERINA "Oh, l'm early! I must have "Toni" "Tl'lBl'9 is U Wafm ll9l"I lf' "CGI" forggrren something," "Her friends, there are many5 this quiet lady's eyes." "A little fun in the long run Booster Club Pres. 35 Jr. her foes, UV' there ony?" French Club l,2,3i Leaders will help man as naught else Rotarians 25 Boys' State 25 Spanish Club 'l,2. Club 2,35 Choir 'l,2,3. can." Junior Class Pres. 25 Student Council 'l,35 Basketball 2,35 Cross-country 'l,2,35 Base- ball 1,2,3. I4 ABEL CAVASOS "Abe" CHRISTAL JANET MELVIN CHURCH "Mel" JERRY GENE CLARK"Jer" "I'm not a wolf, I'm iust CHURCH "Cris" "Happiness is made to be "Looks like another good learning--how-ooooooool" "She was full of fun and shared." man is lost to the world of Co-op Club 3. mischief too, she was al- Choir 'lg Football Reserves females." ways up to something new." lp Basketball Reserves 'l. Varsity A, 35 Baseball Re- serves 'l,2: Football 3. WANDA LUCILLE CLEGG WAN ETA CL EGG "Nita" Lols E. CLOUGH "Red" GAYLE C, CLUGSTON "O' that smile!" "A lass of glee and sweet "The world knows nothing "A very merry lass was she B.O.C. 2. WGS She." of its greatesf WOTTTQFI-ll liked by all where ever she B.O.C. 25 Co-op Club 3, Bible Club 2,3. be." Seldco Club l. Art Club 25 Co-op Club 35. French Club 2,35 Band 'l,2. EDITH COOK "Cookie" RALPH CORREA GILBERT J. CORREA LAURENCE P. COSGROVE "There's much in a name "Why worry when there are "Gibb" "Cos" like hers." better things to do." "Wha? Me W0"'YlH "Early to bed, early to rise, Co-op Club 'lg Future Spanish Club 'l,2,3, Wrestling 25 Baseball Re- makes a man miss the best Nurses 3, serves 'l. part of the day." Varsity A 2, Treas. 33 Choir 2, Football 2,3: Homeroom Pres. 3, V. Pres. 2. 15 DONALD M. COULON "Rough, tough, and wow! What a man!" Varsity A, 2,35 "The M011 Called Peter", Football 'l, 2,33 Basketball 25 Wrestling 35 Track 'l,2,3. JOHN COX "Twig" "lt's fun to study--l'll bet.' Football Reserves 'l5 Base- ball Reserves l,25 lntra- murals 'l,25 Homeroom Sec.- Treas. 3. MAYL ENE QCOXJ PENROD "Youth comes but once in a lifetime, so l'll use itwhile l may." Co-op Club 35 Selaco Club 3. SHERMAN EDWARD DE FOREST "Shermo" "He's a man of destiny." Chemistry Club 35 Latin Club 'l,2,35 Radio Club 35 Oratory 2,35 Student Coun- cil 35 Cross-country 3. Honor Student 'I6 TERRY A. CROSSLEY "Harry" "Knowledge is power- - More power to you." B.O.C. 35 Latin Club 'l,2,35 Jr. Rotdrians 35 Band 'l,2,35 Mapleaires 2,35 Student Council 2, Pres. 3. f . , A fs - ws ye . - -. Q5-, sf,:. -' - tg wsggms- l .,. . Q-'N51:'1s-531 .4 1-H P-wrgnw-.-'1k.2-::,: Q -1 us.. . , S ISRRAEL M. DE LEON lllzzylf "Sometimes l sit and think, and sometimes l just sit." 5 'i-5.555 T S R. s X - X 3 if' Q. .is XX 1 wifi -fx f i MARGIE COX "Coxie' "Good nature and good sense are never separated. RUTH CRUICKSHANK "Ruthie" A mischievous lass with a smile to match." Selaco Club 25 Student Librarian 2. 4- K km . . 'S ' is f 'Xl' 5 Q 5 5- - -5. sg . .Q Q 3 I FN Ji , A Xxx U S358 S N Q ' I A .5 i.: K 1 Qs: .Q -1- ' W 3 1 Clif .-FTF FQ? :,- . , 2 if V: 3" ' skis, 4 suis.: iff ' :,:ifr f1f--izgrilif f 'Q if-1Qii25t':f5zr5Q.s 'K X L fjsiitfixfxztzz, 1 , - 5 SUZANNE COUTZ "Sue" "Women are made to be loved- not to be understood." Latin Club 'l,25 Bandl 'l,25 Clarinet Ensemble 2. JUDITH CURTIS "Tex" "The flowers of grace grows on a slender stem." Latin Club 2,35 Girls' State 25 Orchestra l,2,35 Choir l, 2,35 Variety Show l,2,3. WILLIAM DUNN "Willy" RUTH A. oEMLow"RUaae' "June was his delight--- for then he graduated." "Gone, but not forgotten." Co-op Club 35 Homeroom Pres. 25 Student Council l,3. e ' i , L .i 5 1 3 ' I .:J:. C g . W " ', eu h S . susgo is I 'xL. -. LINDA FAY ELLISON SONDRA EMERICH JACQUELYN JEAN ENNIS SHARON ELAINE EVANS "Linnie" and "Linder" "Sandy" lCavelli "Jackie" "Sherry" "Always full of fun, a "A ready smile is well "Cheerful company shortens "A companion that is cheer smile for everyone." worthwhile." the miles." ful is worth goId." Bible Club 25 Booster Club Senior pIay5 G.A.A. Club 2, French Club 2,35 G.A.A. Future Nurses Club 2, Sec. 2,37 French CIUI-'J 1.2. SBC- 35 Leaders Club 2,3. Club 2,35 Leaders Club 25 35 Oratory 25 Honor Studenf 35 Band 2,35 Homeroom Sec. 2,35 All school ploy 35 Maple Leaf 3. CARLTON FARMER "Lightning" "I don't know where l'm going, but l'm on my way." MAY ANN FERGUSON "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Archeology Club 35 Bible Club 2,35 Selaco Club 2,3. JIMMY LEE BARBARA JAN FRUCHEY llJimlI llaarbfl "Every man has a volume "God giveth speech to all, if you know how to reodit." but song to few." Choir 'l,2,35 Vocal Esemble 2,3. "Fergie" Selaco Club 'l,2,3. HERBERT R. FILTER "Philbrick" "l'm not arguing with you. l'm telling you!" Chemistry 35 Latin Club l,35 "A Man Called Peter"5 All school play 35 MapleLead35 Oratory 2, 3. RUTH PEARL FUNK "Jingles" "Her sweetness won her friends a plenty." Bible Club 2, Sec. and Treas. 35 Co-op Club 35 Future Nurses Club 3. CA ROL ANN FLYNN "Flinder" "Sweet personality- - Full of rascality." Art Club 'I5 French Club I, 2,35 G.A.A. Club 'I,2,35 Leaders Club 25 Selaco Club l,2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Home room Treas. DEANNA J. GALLIPPO 3 "Dee" and "Deede" "Always ready to lend a hand." Bible Club V.P. 25 Pres. 35 Co-op Club 3. 17 JOHN GALNARES ARTHUR DAVID GARCIA RICHARD C. GARCIA WILLIAM C. GATT "Johnny" "Art" "The man most worth listen- "Wild Bill" "Either I'll find a way or "Men of few words are ing to is a silent one." "My memory is what I for- l'll make one." often the best of men." Cross-country I. get with." B.O.C. Pres. 35 Co-op Club Cross-country I5 Track I,2,3. Bible Club 25 Booster Club 35 Varsity A 35 Choir 25 25 All school play 3. Intramurals I,25 Football 3. WALTER ERNEST RUTH LOUISE GEPHART EMILY GIBBS "Em" MARGARET LA ROSE GEHRING "Walt" "Louey" "As unpredictable as the GIBSON "Kansas" "Youth comes but once in "A girl that smiles is o girl weather." "Save your confederate a lifetime, so l'll use it worthwhile." Booster Club 2,35 Future money, son, the south shall while I may." Latin Club 2,35 Choir I,2,35 Nurses 2, 3, Co-Sec. 35 rise again." Football Reserves I5 Girls' Glee Club I5 Vocal G.A.A. I,2,35 LeadersClub Selaco 3. Basketball Reserves I5 Esemble I,2,3: Home room I,2,35 Spanish Club 1,2535 Baseball RSSCFVBS I,2i Sec. I,2,35 Senior Play. Choir I,2,35 VocalEsemble Intramurals I. 25 All school play 3. JOHN ALLEN GOLDSMITH GLORIA FAYE GRAHAM WAYNE T, GRIFFIN MARGARET GRITZMAK ER "YOUNG Unn "A lOl of lun to all Wl"0 "A little fun in the long run "Gritty" U ""' 1 1'-lafkr Uf'Cll"U"1d50m0-H know her-" will help a man as naught "Dark hair, shining eyes, SY- of M0"lfl'I lMUl'l'1li Class S9l0C0 2.3- else can." merry humor, sl1e's aprize.' Office' 1.35 VUYSHY A1 21 Booster Club 2,35 F.F.A. Selaco Club I. Pres- 35 Choir I,2, Pres. 35 Club I,2, Sentinel 35 Band Student Council I, Pres. 25 1,2135 Choir 1,3, Football I,25 Basketball I, 2,35 Tennis I,2,3 5 Honor Student I 8 HJ GERALD GUNTER"Jerry" GWAIN K. HANNA "And when he awoke, he "Always seen, but seldom cried, Women I I" heard." Art Club 25 Bible Club 25 Choir I5 Vocal Esemble I5 Swimming 2. CLAYTON HARSH RON HELMA "Ron" "Men cannot always restrain "A little bashful, a little from devilish things, who shy, but always smiling, am I to be different?I I" I wonder why?" Booster Club l. Wrestling 3. C. JEAN HARTWIG NANCY ANN HATHAWAY "I 'm not crazy. I iust act "A friend to everyone." that way to entertain the Bible Club 25 Booster Club people." 2,35 Choir 2,3. French Club 2, V.Pres. 35 Class Pres. 35 Humorous Reading Regional 25 Merit Scholarship Finalist 35 "Time Out for Ginger"5 "A Man Called Peter"5 Maple Leaf2, Editor 35 Debate 35 QYUTUVY I'2.35 Validictorian RICHARD BRIAN HANNA "Dick" "A friend to all human beings ---- and teachorsII" Varsity A 2,35 Jr. Rotarians 35 Boy's State 25 "Time Out For Ginger" All school play 35 Senior Play, Maple Leaf 35 Swimming 25 Co-Capt. 35 Track 2,3. JAMES B. HILL "Possum" "It's not what you do, it's what you get away with." Booster Club 2,35 Spanish Club 1,25 Varsity A I,2,35 Contest Winner-Magazine Sale l,2,35 Sickle 25 Cross- country 2,35 Basketball 35 Tennis 'I,2,3. I ... I ,yyl , . -eemlil f -Q PATRICIA ELLEN HICKOK "Wild Bill" "I'm bashful, I'm quiet, I'm a liar." Booster Club 25 Co-op Club 35 Selaco Club l,2. ' ll ARNOLD HARP ER"ArnIe" "He doesn't let his school work interfere with his education." Co-op Club 35 Varsity A 2, 35 Home room Pres. I5 Foot- ball 35 Basketball 2,35 Track 2,3. HERBERT J. HOLCOMB "Speedy "He has two speeds, low and super low." F.F.A. I, Treas. 2. PATRICIA ANN HINDES "Pat She looks like an angel. But is she?" Co-op Club I9 MARY LOU HOLMES "Mary" "A firm believer in the powers of silence." Bible Club 25 Co-op Train- ing5 G.A.A. 15 Girls Intra- murals 'li Honor Student COLEEN JENKINS "Connie" "She would rather talk ta a man than an angel any day." Booster Club 25 Future Nurses Club 1, V. Pres. 2, Pres, 35 Latin Club l,25 Homeroom Sec. 25 Choir l, 2,35 Vocal Ensemble 35 All tl nl fs. C--:-. D Scho Ivv- RICHARD WILLIAM HOWE SARAH NELL HORTON VERA K AY HULSE"Casey" "Dick" "Nell" "She was pleasing--to the "The silent man is the one "Hem me, for I have been GYOS Gnd OYIWBYWISG-H most worth listening to." silent sa long." Class Treasurer 35 Home- Choir 3- Cross-country Rg. Comp Training coming Court 35 "Time Out serves 35 Baseball Re- serves l. tor Ginger"5 "A Man Called Peter"5 Debate 35 Orctory 2, 35 Student Council 35 Cheer- leader 3. ARNOLD JERMEAY "Arn" DAVID A. JOHNSON pATRlClA JONES Hjonesiev uTl"e man who blushes is HDGVYH "Just one ofthe Jones girls. not quite a brute." "This boy will go far5 his Selaco 1'2'3. F.F.A. Club l. destination is Mars." Radio Club 3, V. Pres. 3. i Honor Student 'lb , .. ,, we-'ex fer yy X1 K., , .Amer-..f.:g. sf., .5 5. its 4 ' 5 YE . were . ' 4 , fe 55 DENNIS JORDAN "Cus" J. ANDREW KEEDY WARREN KEITH "Hank" "Once a southerner, always "Andy" "A little fun in the lang run a southerner." "Wi-ict! No girls in heaven? will help a man as naught B.O.C. 35 Intramurals 2. Well, then iust leave me else can." here." Co-op Club 35 Variety Show Varsity A Club 2,35 Home- 25 Choir 25 Football 2. 20 room V. Pres. 35 Basketball 2,35 Cross-country 2,35 Track 2,3. DENNIS KIDD "Deek" "Women are for the birds- PeeP: Peep-H Sickle 2,35 Basketball Re- serves 'I5 Crass-country 35 Golf 'l,2,3. X... 1 A .. ' is , Sams wx +2232 . S ex X s 1 L .N .X -sits L. .xssgis DONALD WEBB KIDDER GLADYS N. KLINGLER "Calhoun" "Glad" "His password info life is "Good nature and good sense foofl-,qll," are never separated." F.F.A. Club 35 Varsity A Club 2,35 Reserve Track 15 Bible Club 25 Latin Club 1, 2,35 Selaco Club V.Pres. 2, Intramurals 1,25 Football 2,35 Sec. 35 Orchestra I,2. Wrestling 2. eiae f 'QNX Q R use . Q 3, , ez ills? if WV N Q-seas, is -2 , --is.. - -Q X X Q 'ess 1 N K X' X 9- X 5 ge Q V SE X fs .5 1 NS? .. 'S' 71 V we ff? - ray zll X X .L Q 0 isle X L x X x XL Q we 1 L LQ ,Q A Q Xb xy x . s X i . i GLENIS L. KNIERIM ROBERT B. KUNEY"Bob" uCa"'a"Yu "I think l am a man of "My brain ?? is a highway without traffic cops." F.F.A.Club 1,25 Student Librarian 25 Reserve Track 1,2. destiny." DALE W, LANE l.ORALl LARKINS FAYRENE LAWLER"Fay" JUDITH LEDFORD ' "Dale Trail" "A kindly heart blooms in "Her voice was ever soft "She is light-hearted and "A farmer I gm, Q farmer I its owners eyes." and gentle-- an excellent gay-- a general favorite in shall be: Now I um looking Co-op Club 15 Latin Club 1,2. thing in women!" every way." fer a farmer she," Co-op Club 35 Selaco Club Future Nurses 35 G.A.A. 1,2 Booster Club 25 F.F.A. 2,3. Latin Club 2,35 Leaders Club 1,2, V.Pres. 3. Club 15 Spanish Club 15 Homeroom Sec. 35 All School Play 25 Maple Leaf. LINDA LOU LEHR "Lyn" SANDRA LEUTE "A beautiful character be- "The "ayes" have it." hind a mask of quietness." French Club 2,35 Senior B.0.C. 35 French Club 2. Prom 2, L HARRY F. LEWIS "Harvey "lf women interfere with work, quit work." Varsity A Club 2,35 Home- room Pres. 1,2,35 Basket- ball 15 Cross-country 1,2,35 Track 1,2,3. FRED LINDBURG "Men of few word s, are the best ones." Booster Club 35 Chemistry Publicity 35 Latin 1,25 School photographer5 Maple Leaf 35 Oratory 2. 21 UCE DELORES ANN LYONS RICHARD A. MACKINTOSH RUTH ANN L HD ' HD- km "N b 1 h dh 2 " 'C knoivgnjf :hi :hills friggin "Dynamite comes in small "l'm a good boy ?" ingnv packages." French Club 1,25 Varsity A Lawn Club 2' Bible Club 35 Future Nurses Club 2,35 Choir 25 Swim- Club 1,25 Latin Club 25 ming 2,35 Track 2,3. Girls' Glee Club 3. MARILYN LISLE MACQUEEN "Queenie" "Big surprises come in small packages." Co-op Club Sec. 35 G.A.A. Club l,2,35 Spanish l,2, Point Recorder 35 Choir 'l, 25 Vocal Ensemble 25 Senior Play. MARILYN J. MCDONALD JOHN MC ELFRESH"Mac" LOUISE MC LEAN "Mackie" "One student who really "Louise" "The elevator of success thinks ---- occasionally." "She is light-hearted and is not running, so l'll take Homeroom V. Pres. 'l5 gay--a general favorite, so the stairs." B.O.C. 2. they Say." French Club 2,35 Future Teachers Club 2, Pres. 35 G.A.A. 2,35 Latin Club 2,35 Pool Show 3: Senior Play: Sickle 3 5 Honor Student t, it in is , ..,. xhkqqy, , .Q -. . , X . T X S K SEX X 1 FRED MEYER uFredn RAYMOND MlL ES "Ray" ALBERT H. MILLER "Al" --Me and Einstein Under, "Honest, l'm not sleeping, "Why bother me--- ? l don't stand reimivnyun l'm iust resting my eyes." need fa know," Homeroom Trees. 25 Chem. Choir 35 Basketball 'l5 Base- istry Club Sec.35 French ball l5 lntramurals l,2. Club 'l,2,35 Debate 2,35 Oratory 2,35 Track 25 Swim- ming 1.2.3. I Honor Student 22 KENNETH MEEKER"Ken"1 "l have a head, but so does a pin." BARBARA MILLER "Barbie" "Sl1e's willing to be con- vinced, but find the guy who can do it." Future Nurses l,2, V.Pres. 35 G.A.A. l,2,35 Latin Club l,2,35 Choir 'l,2,35 Student Council l,2,35 Cheerleader 2 35 Class Sec. 2,35 Home- I coming Queen 3. LUCY JANE MILLER JANET MILLS "Jan" "Lucifer" "Your acts are your best "Gabriel, bewarel" introduction." Art Club 'Ig Co-op Club 35 Co-op Club 3, Orchestra I, Student Librarian 2, Choir'I,2. 2, String Ensemble I. MARTIN B. MONTEMEYER GLORIA JEAN MOREY "Marty" "Tootsie" "A good reputation is a fair "Life without laughing is a estate." B.O.C. 2, Band 2,3p Wrest- ling 'lp Baseball 2. ELLEN LOUISE MURPHY "Ellen" 'Quiet dignity--the mark of l lady." 3.0.C. 2. blank dream." Co-op Club 3. ..A.,.f31.i..EESf' -. TZ.. ,-, Swfi-3,.".2i.," X X. R S Q mfg A , is i S JAMES L. MUSIC "Jim" "One ear heard it, the other, out it went." All School Play 3, Senior Play. LEONA ANN MINNICK "Nonnie" "You can't iudge a book by its cover." Co-op Club 3, Selaco Club 2,3. . . N . SQ' 525113 1. " ' Q' - W. 5 .5 Xt-1. . - .gg ggi- - . .sf-, ffm. K ,,, X N .Roe aff 'ry . ' e"'tXfi. X Req. . M We I. : 1. lem izqi. ess, ge... ss X, R . A 4. CAROLYN ANNE MORTON "Conky" "She does all things and does them welI." Homeroom Sec. 'lp Bible Club 2, Latin Club 25 Se- laco Club 2, Point Rec. 3. Honor Student ALLEN MARK MYERS "Mugsey' "He's witty, clever, and very frank, And apt to play on you a prank." IMA LOU MlTCHELL"Ima" "Simplicity of manners has an enchanting effect." Homeroom Pres. 3, Archeol- ogy Club Pres. 35 Art Club 25 Bible Club 2,35 Co-op Club Pres. 35 G.A.A. 25 Spanish Club l,2, Sec. 3, Student Librarian 2,3. Honor Student CHRISTINE MARY MORTON "Chris" "The mischief in her eyes is for real." Latin Club 2,3g Orchestra 'l, 2,35 String Esemble I,2,3p Choir l,3, Vocal EsembIe35 "A Man Called Peter", Home room V.Pres. I. Sec- 23 Maple Leaf 3: Honor Student MADELYN KAY MYERS "She knows music but that's not all." French Club 2,35 Orchestra l,2,3: String Ensemble 'l. 23 JACQUELINE NAEGELE GARY OLSAVER"Weasel" "Jaakson" "Blessed with that charm "NO sinner, No Saint, Per- she's certain to please." hdps, but-- Well, the very best of chaps." Home room Treas. 35 Sickle 35 Basketball 25 Golf 25 Wrestling 35 Cross-country 3, BEVERLY OST "Bev" "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." G.A.A. l,2,35 Choir 'l,2,35 'A Dance With Our Miss Brooks"5 "A Man Called Peter"5 Home room Pres 'I5 Senior ofthe Month in Art5 Voice of Democ- racy '575 Oratory l,2,35 Student Council 2. HAROLD PARISH JR. "Bud" "Beware, I may be great yet." Chemistry Club Sarg. at Arms 35 Latin Club l,25 Senior Play 3. JOYCE PEET "Joyce" SUSAN I. PELLOWE "Susie" "Talking, she knows not "I have no superfluous why and cares not what." leisure." Copop Club 3. French Club 2,35 Future Teachers l,2, Librarian 25 Latin Club l,2,35 Choir l,2, 35 Vocal Ensemble l,2,35 All School Play l,2,35 Senior Play5 Oratory l,2,35 Student COUFICII l,3 7 Salutatorian ROSEMARIE PERKINS BEVERLY ANN PHENICIE "Perkie" "Pl'I6hI" "I love - I live - l'm happy." "A contented girl is easy F.F.A. Club Honorary Mem- to get along with." ber 25 G.A.A. l. Future Nurses Club 35 Selaco Club 2, Reporter 3. 24 RAUL PEREZ "Perez" "All the world loves an athlete." Varsity Club A 31 Football 35 Wrestling 2,35 Baseball 35 Good Citizen Award 2. ex X ,fe w - .sig-nw .1 - xv sf .- , seg gps. ,-. if E5 , ,.:, -t I S. ' i Fi L' QQQ., . .file . i f-efx erm -1 .,.... if . , -5 Q 5 1 . 1 f? fix ii iii M ' f 1. 51 H559 I X-5:35 zifflgggi- j lf JANICE P ETERS "Jan" "May she never chonge--- except her name." CHRISTINE PERKINS "Tina" "I'm not crazy -I iust act thatway for entertainment." Future Teachers Club 35 G.A.A. Club 'I,2,35Latin Club 'l,2,35 Band l,2,35 Choir l,2,35 Vocal Ensemble 35 Homeroom Treas. 2. DAVID PIERSON "Gil" "The best way to make our days a little longer, is to steal a little from the night." Football Reserves 'I5 Track Reserves 'I5 Homeroom Pres. l, V. Pres. 3. .,-. - D, "1:-' X - LL.- illi ii I A Y KAY PORTER NANCY SUSAN POTES Boa PRANGE "Pringle" JOYCE PMCHARD "A maiden fair in grace "Nancy" "Anything he 411065, he C3095 "Little said is soonest was sl-.ei Well liked among "A quiet, modest maid is well, and he does anything." mgnded." he's and she's." she." Spanish Club 25 Basketball Lafin Club IIQI3. Frgnch 2,35 G,A,A, 1, 1,2. 1,2, -1-6l'1n1S 1,2,3. 2,35 Latin Club 1,25 Leaders Club 1,25 Choir 1,25 Home- room Sec. 1,35 Pres. 2. SHIRLEY ANN PROCHNOW THOMAS LEE PRYOR PHYLLIS JEAN PULLEN "Shirl" UBOP-gfel-" "Phyl" "She is as sweet as they come." B.O.C. Sec. 25 Co-op Club 35 G.A.A. Club 1,2,35 Lead- ers Club 25 Spanish Club 1, 2,35 Senior plya5 Homeroom V. Pres. 15 Cheerleader 2. "And every day is ladies' "A girl who is modest in day with me." her achievements is indeed Student Council 2. Wise-" Archeology Club 35 Art Club 25 Bible Club 25 Co-op Club 35 G.A.A. Club 25 Spanish Club 1,3, Sec. 2. CHARLOTTE ANN JOYCE RICHARDS "Joy" DAVID RILEY "Dave" RICHARDS "Cl-iqr' "A shy retiring little maid- always ready to lend aid." B.O.C. 25 Co-op Club 35 Spanish Club 1,2 5 Honor. Student ' "She is wise5 she is witty5 "I stand onthe brink ofa she's in love5 what a pityl" great career, - shove meoff." B.O.C 25 Girls' Glee Club 2. Home room Sec. 2. BARBARA JOANN RAYMOND "For she was iust the quiet kind whose natures never vary." Bible Club 25 B.0.C. 25 Future Nurses Club 25 Stu- dent Librarian 1,25 Senior Play5 Homeroom V. Pres. 2. . I. P -5 Q e A sie JAMES RINK ER "Rinkle" "All great men are dead, and l'M not feeling so well myself." Varsity A Club 2,35 Football 35 Wrestling 2,35 Track 2,3. 25 PEGGY ROBERTS "Peg" LYLE ROBISON "Rabbi" LEROY ROCKWELL E11-EEN ROSE "Shame "Why, what is love but "Sometimes I just sit ancl "Rocky ' A swell gal in every way Fortunes tennis ball." think but mostly I just sit." "A man who is modest is selqco Club 1 N French Club 'lp Choir I,2,3. Student Council 35 Track 25 indeed wise." Intramurals I,2. F.F.A. Club I,2. DON ROUGET "Rougie" SHARON RUBEL "Red" CECILIA SAUTER MONICA L SAUTER "l'll iust keep pluggin' "Whatever we could soy it "SqueeIue Mom along." would have to be nice." "We fear there is misch f She s quiet, but when o FUTUTG TGUCIWSYS Club 2,35 in her eyes!" know her well, that s o G.A.A. Club I,2,35 Latin Co-op Club 3: G.A.A. Club different story Club I, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 35 I,23 Leaders Club 25 Selaco HOIHSYOOI11 V-Pl'9S- 2? All Club 2, Historian 3, Home- School Play 37 Senior Play, room Sec., Treas. I. l Sickle 2,3. . 5 . lll I I if .ji gg ,-" Q, C il. 'i" .-.: Q Q f -'-s- 'w S If .fe ,.- .sf 1 So DAVID H. SAWYER JOHN RICHARD SAXTON JAMES SCHASSBERGER MICHAEL JAMES "Creamey" HPIIONIBH "Jim SCHLATTER Ace UMWUYS busy SfUdYiI'lQ Gnd "GST Thee behind me Salon "l'm not lazy, iust in love I do as I please and l don t helping others." "-IW? 5011" Push-H with rest." bother others about it Chemistry Club V. Pres. 3, Latin Club 1.2: Band lf2:3i Wrestling 2,3. Bdrlll I 2 3 MOPIBUIYSS 1.2.3. Band I,2,35 Mapleaires I,2, Mapleuires 1,2131 SUXOPIWOUB Saxophone Esernble I 2 3 35 Track I,2,35 Homeroom Ensemble 1,2132 All School Home room Pres I 2 Pres. 25 Honor Student PIUY- 26 . X X .. Q K Q A X We R X was ,, 'K or ii 5 x , J ,. Y F 'i BERNARD GAYL E S E E BU R G E R "A man of few words, but action speaks louder than words." S-Awe. , we . 1 5-il -e ...T-N , X 5 Q. 'S ANSI 'S X fi 'sf it X 1 e X X . 3 SHARON DE E SH EP HERD "Sheppie" "The world will forever wonder what she will do next." Selaco Club 'l, Reporter 2, Pres. 35 Homemaker of Tomorrow 35 All School Play 25 Senior Ploy5 Maple Leaf 2. Page Editor 3 Honor Student ALICE M. SMOLL "Al" "Whither l go my compact goeth." Future Nurses Club 2,35 -atin Club 1,25 Choir l,2,35 Vocal Ensemble 'l,2,3. X New X .X . A S X S? 'Uv ec TW 932843 X X NN X. W T f el . 55 fp x as E Rilo N... 5 exiekxfg 5:,55,.1i.- 5 -is R, .' .E . 12 -X , ex .-:,,. . 5 - . ,553 K X . SHARQN SEEGERT ROBERT J. SCOFIELD HOWARD RAY SCOTT "She's a wonderful gal "Bob" HSCOMYH with a smile and personal- "Why talk? Others dg "Silence never betrays ity to match." enough of if-" anyone", Selaco Club 35 SeniorPlay. B.O.C. 25 Co-op Club 35 Basketball Res. 'l. NORMAN DUANE SHOURDS "Norm" "lt's nice to be good-but you miss alot of fun." Homeroom Treas. 3. SHARON KAY SIDERS "Sherrie" "A smile for every girl and two for every boy." Art Club 1,25 G.A.A. Club l,2,35 Leaders Club 2,35 Student Librarian i5 Girls' Glee Club 25 All School Play 35 Senior Play. ARTHUR LEROY SLOAN IIT J YY "Young fellows will be young fellows." lntramurals 2. ELTON SMITH "Elty" RUTH SNEAD "Ruthie" VIRGINIA MAE SN EAD "Why worry when there are "Simple and sweet, can't "Gi,-my' better things to do." be beat." "Always a friend to those Homeroom V.Pres. 35 Leaders Club 'l,2. who know her." Booster Club 'l,2,35 Varsity A Club 35 Maple Leaf 35 Sickle 25 Student Council 'l5 Res. Cross-country 2,35 Wrestling 2,35 Golf'l,2,3. Honor Student 27 1 ROBERT LEE SNYDER Ilaobll "l'll never betray the heart that loves me." Co-op Club Sgt. at Arms 32 Homeroom Sec. 25 Choir 1, 2,35 Vocal Ensemble 1,25 lntramurals 1,2. FRANK SPIES "Spy" JOYCE STECKER "Red" TERESA STEWART "lt's not my fault. It's the "Life is short and so am l." "A girl with a smile is a people around me." Art Club 25 French Club 1, girl worthwhile." Booster Club 35 Chemistry 2,35 G.A.A. Club 1,2,35 B.O.C. 15 Ca-op Club 35 Club Pres. 35 Latin Club 1, Leaders Club 1,35 Student Selaco Club 1,2,35 All 2,35 Jr. Rotarians 35 Debate Librarian 2,35 All School School Play.35 Senior Play 2,35 Oratory 2,35 Swimming Play 35 Senior Play5 Stu- 1,25 Reserve Track 25 dent Council 2. "Time Out For Ginger." Honor Student JUDY STRONG "Jude" HOYT SUMEREL "Tex" EVA JEAN SWANSON JUDITH ANN TEW "Judy" "She was full of fun and "A little nonsense now and "Jean" "Nice things come in small mischief too5 she was al- then is relished by the best "There's a warm light in packages." ways up to something new." of men." this quiet lady's eyes." Ca-op Club 35 Spanish Club Booster Club 15 Co-ap Club Class Sgt. at Arms 15 1,2, Treasurer 3: Choi,-2,3, 35 Homeroom V. Pres. 15 lntramurals 2. Choir,1,25 All School Play 15 Stud ent Council 2. ALLAN W. THOMPSON "This boy did what few boys will -- - never kept quiet and never sat still. F.F.A. Club 1,25 Radio MYRA THORNTON "Mike" DONALD HARVEY TIBBITS JUDITH LYNNE TOLFORD "AI" "Like a revolving door, "Dan" "Tackle" she never shuts up." "Make rr1UCl'I of me -- good "A merry lass was she-- Selaco Club 3. men We SC'-UCS-" Liked by all wherever she " Co-op Club 35 Homeroom bg," sec- 25 Sfudenf Council li G.A.A. Club 1,2, Pres. 35 Basketball 1. DAR Good Citizen 35 Stu- Club 3, Pres. 35 Cross- countryg "A Man Called Peter." 28 dent Council Leadership Award5 Homecoming Court 1 2,35 Choir 2,3, V. Pres. 35 F.F.A. Club Sweetheart 35 Student Council 1, Sec. 2,3, Cheerleader 1,2, Captain 3. AVON BLAIR TRYON 'IJ Dark hair, shining eyes, erry humor-he's o prize." aseball Reserves 15 ntramurols 1. oe" "Just a ham---- operator. JOHN TUOMAL A "John" ll Radio Club 35 Intramurals 2. AROL E WALK ER "Sis" Never trouble trouble 'til ouble troubles you." ooster Club 1,2,35 Co-op lub 35 G.A.A. 1,2,35Latin lub 1,2,35 Leaders Club 1, Maple Leaf 1,25 Home- vom Pres. 1, Pres. 1, reas. 2. OBERT WEAVER "Bob" Who, me? l'm innocent. al Hal" o-op Club Treas. 35 Choir .2,35 Intramurals I,2. JACQUELINE KAY WALLACE "Jackie" "Women are made to be loved, not understood. French Club 2,35 G.A.A. 1, 2,35 Band 1,25 All School Play 35 Maple Leaf 35 Home- room V. Pres. 1, Sec. 2,35 Class Treas. 1,2 5 Honor Student RICHARD WEAVER"Dick" "ln the class there are many cards, but he's the only ioker." Art Club I5 Co-op Club V. Pres. 3. Choir l,2,35 lntrd- murals 1,2. X N5 ee sx.Q .gs R N so .Ne X 5 X X X s X RSX bw: X. X 59 eg. .cm X .X ef . , - Xzeefsizwa ,. .. ' ...a .safe ts -. - CLEMONS TUTTLE "Clem" "A man of stature small is he, A mighty man he'd like to be." Choir 1,25 Vocal Esemble 1. MY RNA JOANN WANTZ "Joey" "So iolly and sweet5 so fully complete, she steals our affections away." Senior Send Off 25 Art Club 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Leaders Club 1,25 Senior Play 35 Sickle 3. BOBBY KAY WEBSTER ncaseyn "A man has his will, but a woman has her way." Booster Club 25 Latin Club 1,2,35 Choir 1,2,35 Vocal Ensemble 2,35 Homeroom Pres. 15 Senior Play5 Sickle 35 Student Council 3. X N . . .. . by .. -ss ' i .. F .52 . 5-ffl 1 .- ss? ", . .. 9.14 C A -A . A 5 q ' K' 55 .f - .n,,,g.-.Lk-:qw . - live- w.,.w.eX 9. - . . K.'xY?'f ERC-w zur- W MACK VICKERY "Elvis" "Tut-tut my man, the girls won't hurt you." Booster Club 2,35 Co-op Club 35 Spanish Club 15 Varsity A 2,35 Track Re- serves 15 Football 2,3. RON WARNER "Wamhole" "I know l'm not handsome, but whot's my opinion to others." Booster Club 35 Varsity A 1, 2,35 Choir 1, officer 2,35 "A Man Called Peter"5 ln- tramurals 25 Football 2,35 Golf 1,2. BRENDA JOYCE WEST "Brenda" "Sow the Devil's hook and can't help nibbling at his bait." Co-op Club 35 Spanish Club 1. 29 RONALD LEE WEST "Curly" "Don't ask this man if he's been through school. Ask if school's been through him." Football Reserves l5 Basket- ball Reserves l5 Baseball Reserves l,25 IntramuraIsl,2. JACK ALLEN WILSON llwilzll "Only to myself do I owe my name." Booster Club 2,35 Spanish Club l,2, Pres.35 Varsity A 35 Boys' State 25 "Time Out for Ginger"5 "A Man Called Peter"5 Maple Leaf 2,3, Sports Editor5 Track l,2. TED DELANO WOODS "Del" "A good sort, or had good sport." Bible Club 25 B.O.C. 35 Booster Club 25 Co-op Club 35 Choir l,25 Football Reserves 25 Intramurals 1,25 Track 2. 30 l MARY MARGARET WIEBECK PAUL R. WIESINGER BERNARD N. WILLIAMSON "Peggy" "Every dog has his day, "Bernie" "Oh! How short the nites but I have my nights." "Man is the hunterg Woman are." Chemistry Club 3. is his game." French Club l,35 Varsity A 2,35 Football 35 Swimming 2,35 Tennis 2,3. Future Nurses l,2,35 Latin Club l,2,35 Leaders Club 2, 35 Selaco Club l,2, V. Pres. 35 Student Librarian 35 "A Man-Called Peter"5 All School Play 3. JOHN WILSON EVELYN WINZELER "Ev" ROSALIE ANNE WISE"Lee "Why worry when there are "The quiet type-- in school "That diamond will soon better things to do." that is!" have a mate." Crass-country Reserves l5 G.A.A. l,2,35 Leaders Club Art Club 25 French Club 1,2 Baseball Reserves l5 lntra- 2, V- Pres- 31 SPUHISIW Club 35 Future Teachers 25 Choir murals 1,2. l,2,35 Choir l,2.3:H0me 1,2,3. room V. Pres. 2. WILLIAM ATKIN WOODS JR. GL ENNIS EUGENE WOTRING VIVIAN MARIE YOUNG "Bill" "GIenn" "VW" "He speaks, thinks, and "Sometimes we wonder whqf "We know not half the behaves iust as he ought." fl-.ess qgief boys will do," charm her modesty conceive' B.o.c. 1, vqfsny A 2,35 Selvco Club 2- Faotball 25 Wrestling 2,3. M.. f-vs l VELMA BRYANT "Vel" "Too Nice to Forget" THELMA ANDERSON Leaders Club 3. Selaco club SHARON M. ZIMMERMAN LARRY EUGENE ZELUFF NICHOLS 3: Co-OPI Home Room Vice ,. uzlmrllvien ., nzeken UA Mrs' Good U3 3 Mila Pres. Full of fun and frolic. He used to be bashful and Bible Club 2: viceores 3 Seluco Cl'-I5 l,2,3- shy, but now---oh, my!" I Booster Club 1: Future Teach Inn-qmu,-als 1, A ers Club 2: Latin Club 1 2 Cho 1- 1. 2. 3: All School Play I M E Holder of the World's Non-Stop Record 10,074 Miles. Perfectly ,h N S i m p ly A fi l, - lldz in A -vhx S1mP1e l Perfect L. D. S825.00, INCLU DING MAGN ETO. 1 F. BICKINFSTER, AGENT, LENAWEE COUN'fY. Y - ..... . .- l ll I 511012 Between 1857-1861-chief cause of dissention was whether Greek or Latin should be the back- bone of the curriculum. 11 teachers in the school system 1852. Adrian was 10 years ahead of the state in es- tablishing free schools. 1855-effort made to curb tardiness-"doors to be closed at 9:00 and 1:00 and no student com- ing late would be allowed to enter." Battle Creek Board of Education purchased blue prints of Central Building and erected a twin building. lt was raised to the ground in 1931. First dismissal of school for Lenawee County Fair-1870. I Telephones placed in schools 1881. 1882-absentee rules stated that "pupils absent for half day during any 4 consecutive school marks shall be suspended for one month." 1887-a typewriter was purchased 1901 President of the Board V. V. B. Merwin reported on Central Buildingp "Our High School pupils are obliged to go up two long flights of stairs to their rooms both morning and noon and then some are continually going up and down to and from classes. This has so ennervated many of our girls that a number of them are obliged to leave school each year on account of ill health caused by climbing these stairs. l mention these things in my report that we may see that we are confronted with this condition and that a new school is a necessity." Manual training department established in 1905 with Miss Lillian Russ the first teacher. 31 senion pta Seated: Hartwig, Wielaeck, Carlson. Standing: Hulse, Wilson, Mc Cochran, Coulon, Tolford, Morton, Ost, Warner, Thompson, Filter, Geraldine Barnes, Gerald Barnes "A Man Called Peter," a three act comedy, was chosen as This year's senior play. Peter, a dedi- cated young minister, and Catherine, his wife, portray the lite of a minister and the problems his family must face. Joe Keating, an under-privi- leged boy, created quite an incident between Peter Marshall and Senator Polk, when Joe took some equipment from the Senator's garage. Also Peter was in the middle when Allan Talbot and his aunt had a disagreement over one of Allan's paintings. Having seen the results in the dis- agreements of her parents, Susan Grant comes to the Marshalls for help. They show her what a good marriage can be like, and she and George Yost, who was engaged to Susan, set their wed- ding date. Marion Grant, Steven Grant, Hulda, Peter John Marshall, and the high school seniors also added a great deal to the play. The excellent acting on the part of the cast and the superb directing on the part of Mrs. George Nielsen make this senior play one of the most outstanding plays in years. Peter Marshall Catherine Marshall Peter John Marshall Allan Talbot Judith Bickle Jesse Bickle Susan Grant Marion Grant 32 THE CAST Jack Wilson Kay Hulse Marshall McCachran Ronald Warner Jean Hartwig Mary Wiebeck Judy Tolford Christine Carlson Steven Grant George Yost Joe Keating Senator James Polk Nancy Everetts Barbara Logan Hulda Gerald Barnes Don Coulon Allan Thompson Herbert Filter Beverly Ost Christine Morton Geraldine Barnes SGH IOI2 SHADS 33 Juniolz class offlcens Neiswander, Manstield, McAfee, Wynn David Mansfield is serving as President of his class for the second year. He was on the re- serve football team and belongs to Booster Club and Latin Club. Dave is also an active member of the Student Council. Judy Wynn is class Secretary. Last year she served the class as Vice-President. She is also Secretary of the Future Teachers' Club and be- longs to the Booster Club, G.A.A., and the Maple Leaf Staff. Judy is also participating in foren- sics. 34 Ellen McAfee is serving her class as Vice- President. She is also Vice-President of the Fu- ture Teachers' Club and Latin Club. Ellen also belongs to the G. A. A. and the Maple Leaf Staff and is participating in forensics. Lucylee Neiswander holds the office of class Treasurer. Last year she was Secretary of her class. Lucy is our Drum Maiorette. She is also President of the French Club and belongs to the Future Teachers' Club. ls LL L ,x X X X XX f -Xi, 'X 'K A f Acker s.,. X.. su. 1 Barish . . NX., X Bemis X 'X if Xf Xv ., X S dx if f J' A Brittain Llf zg fm 'Q X ' fs , R . .- X if Clark,B. ix x N I X X X RX X SX 4 X im X S X S x ii ,.... 4 35 , .,A X- -. :. X, fi -Q9 ' -Q" - X C 1235 X i . C Allen X X ,.. X Q T C ,lisp 4, . Barron B A- X x X 6 femibi Q he Black X rl X N X s X X Y X 53 X . Vi: Bufford Clement sm' x Alverson Arnefi Boderischer ' qgtessfs -- Y i '-'ETS fe 1 ' - N -i 'X " , Bean Beavers Becker X is X S R ,. so .,.r w X Baggeft xii' L i 3 Q .. X XX? we 5 WN X ax Bednurk T13 Bleich Bohn Bolz .wg f K , .X X - ,E -- , X jfsi' A .1 . .5 'fl' . A Q XX im, x R , Xx Q 'K X Xw. S X I K Cu X ms., X gg . X FX if-C Bugbee Byrd q Q AA A ,-:Q f-- S - - ,,.., f - N. " 1 X ,A -W MW g g X . Coleman Connin Cook X " sl 3 s- S .1 Htl 0 Q Q X X KX .X X Bo ke Q ?gXqfiQXXm , is -4. A 'x M 4 X X ,T X f iw.-a Bela . R X XS Brehmer ' X X V X 5 In X X X -Li . ,Q mpbell,A. Campbell,C. Catrell i ,:. X X X I X 'igeggkx ::g:i..: S .r Co -S Dermyer SX : - ai, 'f K .-X. . ' A ' : w - NI- 1 s s' x ts 2 s ' W 1 .i 2. Ai: W X me C01-'fan' Cox Cramer Cruickshonk Cunningham Dennis I . X ff -B X B if' w ' .. B Q .X f X - B 1 if 1 B ' we X i x g ' ls K. .. 'ff A K ' 'K - - - - t vtj- Y. - - ' F ii 1 .. - XU JQ1 ,U-Y' 5553592 RTR 1 Disbfo Dorner Dougherty Dowling Dunbar,G. Dunbar,R. Ehinger, B. El1lnger,K E J UDIORS ,t 5 1 'if K ewes, mop- l.-Q.,..,wfs,.,.Lg.. 1 1 1. ms. fzwswfs TREE Q ' " ' HRS .sr Af is 4-fiery . .M -ww Q - -N.-we .-,, - 1532- .: 3 i n .s 1 - ' 525321 isp s' - ss ... " 1112522 -.c j Aff S x--- ' - l. . N. is . . t s f f -+ 1 . .vp ' - "" A Q .. if Q . :T -Mx get .. Xtk Q s, A . . . .gt .E e M, s .i ,,5,L-g 4.L? !..frt N: ' f " 'Q-. ' ll-L - F iii - -Xa-'f':-ff? . S.. . .. Q Emerson,D. Emerson,V. Engel Etter Faust Ferguson Filter Findley F-H F is t - f i f , - - First Fisher Fletcher Flickinger Foote Ford Fox,.l. Fox,P. X A . 1.5-w ife. ff 3 - " - J w - .. t ,g . .es 1 -5 i 5 . ,x ., A I -L fx ij, i i . . 9. 2 X Sit- 4 ' S2 X I " ' , ,., ...,fQQ,.M . use .. e X - f . if - , . . - A 1.2 - f - Francoeur Frederick Friess Funk Gallippo G0rcia,D- GdrCiG,.l- Garza . . - ff ' A X ,, 1,121 .. . 'ff h .gs Q b Y. K x x .. . E , -g I-isis, wg J' - fy- , f ' ..:.:- . FQ N Y Q, - , 4 :fb NN -P - ' Alix sw- ff Q R A - uw s F it as ex-we--' ' who Q. F .M ', Gaukel Gautz Golst Gonzalez G,-ol-mm Haggard Hall Hamden . . . ., , " .. A. . ff' '- X A B ' - - up Xu .14 if'X'f'i5. - Fr ! 1. F f , s X - X-1, 'ki -. .s, A sf . x. 71 TK' , kv ,Q , . , . .X WE N. . Q. ,, Q .- T - iii Q k - A fi, sf .QL LAI H ' I Q., 'fi . , 'Q xiii ' xjifw ':11'f.. -, X . F- Q ' "' X E: 7 , Y - ' iw f Y Handy,J. Hancly,P. Hanna Harmon Harper Harris,J.O. Harris,J.W. Hartman A . 1 k I ' . Q-M 1 ---- f 1 ' if N K g i g gg 5 ' Q, il Em- -H X . 0 1- :Q 'sl L' . .. Yu. . Wiley , we Sc fixs - -' .1 .: -..-- .. -f -' A be " 'F N .f .-.. . -S 'iifliia 'fx X' if . ' . ' ff -Q, ' "' ge : , jg 5 A L - X -- . Q P? 'I 3. - c ff F' " BX. F Wiki - 21: Harvey Hayes Hebb l'lBI'1d9l'S0l'1 Hendrickson Herd Hickman Hill,G. i K , - . . A . . .. .. . L ff 1 ll Tl A' ' 5 " W 4 ' 'Q " .Stages ' r z Q -K ..... QW' gg' 2 . or - A rm -- wax ' '- -Qfzf-s '- A .3 isa- do : ' - , L' ' - if ' F gm F F ft . F F .. if F .1 x. HiII,J. Hill,M. Hindes Hoag Holloway Homes Horn Hosler A-.. ... 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A V -A 1 , 8 g i f- Q , 'sem X- '- 1 ss - S i: , Q. fzsff . I ' S 9' ' - - ' X5 fi'xi39iiT1f if X 71 F: Shelters Silvernail Simpkin Slayton Smith,P. w . - . 'gr x.. f .. Q lwij Lp ' ig .-1 :55 N. S .5 S ' - ' ., by-,m.1'. K K . ei 'k m ww, xi K M Spiegal Springer Stein Stephan Stewart - vL-. . . , . Tiff . S -A -, S' - . . ' f F . ' ' W 'f'fa'iQf .Ji Q, Ay' in Q U -11 .51 aww, Q Q W k i M513 ' , x.1: S'5S A.. ,b A . . i'Rl.:'.x S . SM- . . t .. N , 5 . ' sat e..:-:sus-L 1 S is sis.. . ' ak Lg: we-Q, 153-fhzi ' Av' Mt M Sundquist K is 4? , Q: Treat if A x Q . - Q if N .lf N' i '., .r Whitney sY . Sweet .Q :.:.. . Swickard Teel K IS' 'Q 'iw Six .i ff N .,jf5.Q-.J e an .7 , . . if i ' A VanSickle Vealey Vogel H - -h e ,frsiwws -. S If 2 'S' W f 1-fir , -Q A .- sow- ,N . e X 'S Y X. -'f t S FA H' R-5 'S ,fi ii 1 s- .... Terpening NX NS as Wagner 2 1-M 0 X Q P SQ ' QR - .4 Q .Mix Sharp ig .T efece., . M. 1-s .N , :ess -wwe X t A N X s Sherman X x . l lx fd as ffllxl X , is ik X . . , Q tive N ta-fl 5 R N ff Smith, T. Q N5 . ,,.. -wx ' is. fi rss . Xt' Smitl1,Y. Rf K . S Q Q . t Stricklin .s.S-"ws: 3 it X - S SSS Strong ' wif YIQNN L :sa . . f I 7 S -' :ite , O If : gr-b5,:,5 .K - Teter Thompson ai .- ' fr ..V gl E. , D 2 ' 'lii if ,. Walter vb-i. X Wegrzyn F Xa X 1 ' N x X xx -"SS . gs .xii lk X . , ., r Q xx 4 1 R' X Wood,R.W. Woods Wild Williams Wood,R.G. K, M 1 ' --- g V , LT ' g if , xg NJ Wynn Yoakum Z immerman Wotring SODh0m0l2E class OIIIJCERS Cherry Wassink, Bob Curfis, Nancy Sell, Sharon Pcfe. Bob CurTis is serving The sophomore class as presidenT This year. Bob is very active in sporTs. He is in LaTin Club and is also serving on The Maple Leaf STaff The second semesTer. Nancy Sell as vice-presidenT is serving as Bob's undersTudy. This year Nancy was chosen To be a reserve cheerleader. She is also a member of The French Club, G.A.A., and STudenT Council. Cherry Wassink is The sophomore's worthy secre- 40 Tary. She had The honor of being in The all school play. Cherry's other acTiviTies include The DebaTe Team, G.A.A., French Club, and The Pool Show. Sharon PaTe is in charge of The money This year. Sharon is The presidenT of her home room and is a reserve cheerleader. This dependable Treas- urer is also a member of The G-.A.A. and Selaco Club. XX, he mf " ' B 7 K K X Adkins r X -X 'Q ,cw QV: f XX x Baughey '- ,293 Yi: X xlL, r , "K 'ke Bird -. N -XX. :Q XX E. X X X Xe X , X X. xl Allshouse Baumea i . gs, XXX Birmingham S . S., X: ,,, NM., C . A 'X , , " he k---X 1 . -. f . X ll XX f X w 'A e X sg 1 X X X 'R X X Q XX x X iff Q kk Amo X XX Bauschka X A i' A U Q-'V Tix X Black Anderson Beach, SJ X, new' X X .X XX w x i Blanchard Arnett Averill Q X :CX u 45 Q. Q7 Blohm fb , ff -.X i' - .j g l X . i , ig Xe- X X r h e ., B FX f ,.... w X N " - Xi RX .. , X K ,' ,lili- X f,.x-,I-11:5 ML N ' 3 K Boudreau Bournes Bowerman,B. Bowerman,B. 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X ' - g ig ' i ,. 5 Qs- - ' lifes ' " "'-'-H" Q ' fl Torres To wers Tru ster Tuttle 45 sophomones xxx X 1 0 ' ' f S ' fl . :Z Q6 343' - Q SST . 'Q' Q- fiv' 'L My ' f.. ' 'ESFFII -. -' ' ,- Nigel Ei ' K ' . .11 ' - xi: ' -fi! 'X 'S . N ' ' - - Q- '- 09 - L A 2 Underhill Unclerwood,L. Underwood,M. Valdez vlefs vokoun -A U g 1 xkk, . , W V., .,. - ,,, x . 1 A W,-fxfgf Q X vli mx- E , 1 ,-ifxisiiifgxfk - -X-fYIX.'i5L5 1- - - - - - - - - - f r - l-lN. I K- - 1 - N:-. -'.f -M 5 - " -N' nz ffl 3 ' l i- 1 W A W r -Se h 1 :ml L . A A . ft Vollmer Warner Warren,B. Warren,M. Wassink Webster ,,,, a - , . . . 5 M ' X 'il i-f x i , :sg jgjfij ' , 5 - xi - , x 'QL Q, ' - X E . - West ate Wetherbee Willitt D WilleH,J. Welland Wellnltz 9 ' . nv g t- K ' -p ' W r'r r 51-S - X X ' ' iff rw . fm JY If ' -35 'W' W T - as Vis 1- Yi ' 2 v-.h ' -Q 5 C ' ffixx l. , VE, 1, gp- S - - -I -- - X -S+ - p 0 1 - .... . ,L ' W Y 4 Q 'fi T ' ' , - - r W- 1 - I - L -4- -- Wood,D. Woocl,P. Woocl,P.J. Wood,W. Wright Wegrzyn - ..-. X Q gf- K, - - . nip, x X , ii . 1 xg 5 Quik Wood,D. . iv' Y sr 'L X I V' X 4 k I Younglove Zietlow ?RESHF'lEN STUDY HALL ZCZUZ SDORTIS 1896-An Athletic Association was formed by the young men of the school. The first foot- ball team was organized with fourteen men out for the sport. Record 3-1. They beat Monroe. 1897-Track and baseball entered the sports pic- ture. Adrians track men, putting in their first appearance in the first State High school meet, failed to score a point. . 1899-Adrian's track team was third in the state. Eleven seconds won the 100 yard dash and 5:18 the mile that year. A toss of 31'3" won the 16 lb. shot put event. 1901-An inter-scholastic football association was ship of Michigan and Ohio. 5900 was re- formed, Adrian was beaten fgr gtate champ- ceived from the basketball games. The first ionship 45-O by Lansing. reserve team played. 1902-The first basketball team was organized. 1906-Slate Champs in basketball again. They They played in Whitney'5 Opera Heuse, were Urtclefealed and beat Albion College 1903-The football team got their first helmets. 70-15 that year. They beat Montpelier 71-0 that year, The Girls' Basketball team lost to Marshall 1904-Baseball suits and basketball ierseys were fOr Sfafe Cl1arTIPiOI'1Sl1ip. bought, 1907-Girls' and Boys' Basketball teams won the 1905-The basketball team won the champion- Stale Championship. 4 hOmECOlTllDG HOME Room 16 HOME Room L21 F.F.A. SWEETHEART HOME ROOM 33 HGME RGOM 23 HGME ROOM 18 homecom I DG Following the game a dance was held in the ymnasium. The Grand Mareh was a feature of ie dance. This was led by Mr. and Mrs. Davis, allowed by Miss Barbara Miller and her court. Kay Stephens was General Chairman of the vent. Chairmen of the various committees 'ere as follows: Parade, Ken Peters, Coronation, Jdy Tolford, Decoration and Dance, Barbara tiller, Pep Meeting and Snake Dance, Kay Hulse. The annual homecoming of Adrian High School began with the snake dance the night be- fore the game. A parade was held the next afternoon. Of the many floats entered, three prizes were won: "OriginaIity," by Room 35, "Beauty," by Room 24, and "Humor," by Room 16. During halftime of the game against Albion, our Queen, Miss Barbara Miller, was crowned by Gerald Barnes. The members of the court were Christine Carlson, Judy Tolford, Pauline Men- dez, Kay Hulse, Kay Stephen, and Judie Hen- derson. 49 van It liootlsall W L 1 BRUCE WOODS CAPT. DON COULON LARRY CQSGROVE iw 15 U JOHN HOUTMAN CARLOS ALAFITA GARY DUNBAR GARY STEUDLE u GLEN GOIST LEON POWELL WAYNE ROBACK DOUG KENNEDY AQSITI IIOOIIBALL -qw'-wx 1 BILL PETTIT KEITH VANSICKLE EDDIE MANDRELL DICK BOHN DOUG ENGEL MACK VICKERY MIKE RENNER JOHN PFISTER, RAUL PEREZ FRANK DAVIS BERNIE WILLIAMSON A125113 footsall alnares. Second Row Front Row: Kennedy, Woods, Perez, Warner, Steudle, Knight, Vickery, Davis, Coulon, G Osborn, Bone, Harris, Pettit, Goist, VanSickle, Powell, Cosgrove, Kidder. Third Row: Coach Kosick, Mana- E l D b Sullins Valdez Regalado Manager Davis, Coach ger Hickman, Renner, Rinker, Williamson, ng e, un ar. I I 1 Busack. Back Row: Fisher, Seidel, Richardson, Clark, Pfister, Madrell, Houtman, Roback, Alafita. Due to lack of experience and hampered by many early injuries, the '56 gridders posted a O and 8 record. Although this may look unim- pressive on paper, The team's spirit and deter- mination did not go unnoticed. Many return- ing lettermen hold promise for the "57" season. Among the outstanding players on the squad was senior fullback Don Coulon vvho, although hampered by a bad knee, turned in a terrific season and was picked on the "All Twin Valley Team." 52 Adrian 6 ....,,.,. ,......,. M onroe 13 Adrian O ......... .....,, E . Lansing 21 Adrian 13 ,........ ......,..,.u S turgis 19 Adrian O ......,.. ....,.. C oldwater 35 Adrian 6 ...,.... ,,.. L akeview 7 Adrian 13 ....... .......... A lbion 21 Adrian 7 ..,..... .......,... Marshall 19 Adrian 13 .4...,.,. ..,.. T hree Rivers 31 RESGRVG IIOOEBAH Front Row: Rivera, Hull, Dunbar, Hannula, Phipps, Curtis, Stegg, Mansfield, Hill, Phillips. Second Row: Coach Gaver, Vollmer, Coleman, Salazar, Stout, Bird, Hawley, Weiland, Coach Rhodes. Back Row: Rosenburg May, Leon, Dodd, Matheson, Fisher, Anderson. The reserve football squad under the direc- tion of Nlr. Gaver and Mr. Rhodes, although winning only one game, showed a vast improve- ment from the first game to the last. The Hills- dale J. V. squad was their only victim by a 19- 13 score. A great many of these boys will pro- vide excellent material tor next year's varsity. Adrian O ........ ........ D eertield 4l Adrian I4 . ..,.... ,..... H illsdale 7 Adrian 7 ..t.,... ......,........... B ritton 27 Adrian 7 Cath. Cent. 32 Adrian O ...... Jackson 26 Adrian O ...... Monroe 7 9T Front Row: Harris, Hill, Carlson, Harper, Moran. Back Row: Hickman, Valdez, Goldsmith, Bohn, Mandrell, Alafita, Keedy, Coach Busack. ansity Basketaall The 1956-1957 Maples ended iTs cage sea- son wiTh a very crediTable record. The hoop- sTers surprised everyone by remaining in TiTIe conTenTion until The lasT Two weeks of The sea- son. They ended The season with an overall 10 win - 7 loss record, and a 9 win - 5 loss record in The Twin Valley. In The disTricT TournamenT aT Tecumseh The Team losT iTs TirsT game To Monroe C. C. One of The year's highlighTs was The elecTion of Coach Busack, by his Tellow coaches in The Twin Valley, as "Coach of The Year." Andy Keedy was high scorer Tor The year. He was closely followed by Gary Carlson, wiTh Jim Harris, a junior, Third. 54 Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Three Rivers Sturgis Albion Marshall Hillsdale Tecumseh E. Lansing Coldwater Lakeview Albion Three Rivers Marshall Lakeview E. Lansing Coldwater Sturgis Monroe C. C. 51 78 59 54 55 60 73 56 47 45 58 59 61 70 55 73 60 Jumon anslt Basketaall Mr. Wyse, Palmer, Filter, Osborne, Kennedy, Woods, Barish, Goist, Alverson, Roback, Pettit, Hill, Regalado Junior Varsity basketball was a new idea in Adrian High School this year. This team played their own schedule of games and the players gained much valuable experience. Ken Alver- son, Pete Regalado, Glen Goist, Vic Barish, and Bruce Woods led the team. These boys should add much to next year's varsity. Adrian Metamora Adrian Fulton Adfifln Catholic Central Adrian Lyqng Adflfln Catholic Central Adrldfl Metamora Adrian Chesterfield Adrirm Fulton Adfldfl Maumee Valley Adrian Jackson Sophs. RESERVE BASl4E'EBAl.l Front Row: Fisher, Webster, Weiland, Maloney, Shook, Steuble. Back Row: Kopke, Stegg, Houtman, Couch Gaver, Davis, Knight, Hill. Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Aclrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian 56 The reserve basketball squad, under the coaching of Mr. Gaver, was led to a second place finish in the Twin Valley standings. The team as a whole played excellent ball in most of their games, and they ended the season with a lO win - 6 loss record in league play. John Houtman led the reserves with 175 points. Fritz Fisher followed with H5 points. Three Rivers Sturgis Albion Marshall East Lansing Coldwater Albion Three Rivers Marshall Lakeview East Lansing Coldwater Lakeview Sturgis Cl16Sl2l6AC6l2S Hulse, Stephen Tolford Mendez Miller Carlson This year's cheerleading squad faithfully at- tended all games here and away and also took charge of our pep meetings. The squad con- sisted of four seniors, Kay Hulse, Barbara Miller, Christine Carlson, and Judy Tolford, who very capably acted as captain. These seniors will be greatly missed by the student body next year. Our Two underclassmen, Kay Stephen and Pauline Mendez, both iuniors, have been an asset To The squad, anol we hope they will be back with us next year. Henderson Sentle Corley Smith Sell Pate The reserve cheerleading squad consisted of Judy Henderson and Clareen Corley, both iun- iors, and Janet Sentle, Carol Smith, Nancy Sell, and Sharon Pate, sophomores. We are definite- ly proud of our reserve cheerleaders. We also wish to give special Thanks to Sandy Allen for helping out when any of the squad was ill. nestluno Front Row: Jacobs, Smith, J. Goutz, Oiedo, L. Gautz, Clark, J. Rivera, Perez, Wotring, Olsaver. Middle Row Coach DeSpain, Wilson, Helmc, Hosler, Coulon, R. Rivera, Bednark, Stephens, Mgr. Coleman. Back ROW! Dunbar, Rosenburg, Gonzales, June Dodds, Schossberger, Renner. The 1956-57 "Maple Grapplers," led by Co-captains Gary Jacobs and Elton Smith, com- piled a season record of 7 wins and 2 losses. They also finished high up among the Class B opponents in the state meet. Several of the Maples qualified tor the state meet but only Gary Jacobs placed third. Over all the "mat- men" had a fine season. Adrian 15 Whitmer Adrian 27 Coldwater Adrian 38 Howe Adrian 31 Toledo C. C Adrian es. 23 Tecumseh Adrian I8 Ypsilanti Adrian 24 Coldwater Adrian es. 19 Tecumseh Adrian 39 Sturgis 8 Front Row: Frautschi, Phipps, Cox, Wetherbee, Bird, Dusseau, Thompson, Tuttle, MacQueen. Second Row: Powell, Harris, Swickard, Seidel, Reeves, Adkins, Russell, Drager, Peters, Coach Hazen- Back Row! Sherman Hanna, Engel, Barnes, Spies, Meyer, Kishpaugh, Mcliimmey, Pletcher, Shultz. swimming This year after a winningseason, Coach Frank Hazen's swimming team were runners-up to East Grand Rapids in the state swim meet. In the reg- ular season the team completed a 7 win 5 losses. All the losses were at the hands of Class A schools. Members who will be lost by graduation this year are: Co-captains Gerry Barnes and Dick Hanna, Fred Meyer, Bernie Williamson, and Frank Spies. Qualifiers in State Meet Monroe Ann Arbor Ypsi. Roosevelt Jackson Toledo "Y" IIUII Ypsi. Central Trenton nun High Ypsi. Roosevelt Toledo "Y" Ypsi. Central 400 Yard Freestyle Bernie Williamson 50 Yard Freestyle Dick Hanna 100 Yard Butterfly Pete Sherman Doug Engel 100 Yard Breast Stroke Doug Engel Charles Kishpaugh Diving Skip Fletcher 200 Yard Medley Relay Jack McKimmey, Dick Hanna, Charles Kishpaugh, 4th place 2nd place 4th place 5th place 3rd place 5th place 5th place Dick Russel 2nd place .200 Yard Freestyle Relay Bernie Williamson, Gerry Barnes, Jim Thompson, Fred Meyer 3rd place They 64 58 31 60 52 15 46 30 26 27 49 42 59 pool sho Brenda Be,-,Ub,en SeaTed: Gerald Barnes Dick Hanna Standing: Judy Wynn, Ellen McAfee "Young AT HearT" was The Theme of The annual pool show presenTed by The Girls' AThleTic As- sociafion. WiTh The combined efforTs of Senior High and Junior High School swimmers The Theme was carried Through by The inTerpreTa- Tion of nursery rhymes and fairy Tales. FeaTured for The firsT Time This year was a mixed quarTeT composed of 2 girls, Judy Wynn and Ellen Mc- Afee, and 2 boys, Gerald Barnes and Dick Hanna. Soloisf for The show, Brenda Beaubien, porTray- ed Queen Malo. The duef, Geraldine Barnes and ChrisTine Carlson, played The parfs of mischiev- ous elves. The show was presenfed on The eve- nings of April TO, ll, and The 12. Mrs. Davis, of Senior High, and Mrs. EverTs, of Junior High, did a fine job of direcfing The show. On Wed- nesday, Thursday and Friday The Teachers were presenTed wiTh flowers and a gifT, from The G.A.A. girls who wished To show Their appreciaTion. Everyone, from The swimmers To The sfage crew, enioyed working on The show, as was indicaTed by iTs success. This page is sponsored by a friend pool show Carolyn Ruesink, Betty Mattis, Barbara Miller, Barbara Brion, Rachel Seeck. Other numbers in the show were, the opening number, Where Your Dreams Come True, The Three Little Kittens, A Dillar, a Dollar, Peter Pan. Curly Locks, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Queen of Hearts, Rain, Rain, Go Away, Lit- tle Bo-peep, Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, Mis- tress Mary, and the finale, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. I HDI Front Row: Badertscher, Krouse, Williamson, Goldsmith, Prang, Jim Hill, Allen, Coach Hazen. Second Row Hickman, Fergus, John Hill, Peters, Shook, McAfee, Seidel. Bock Row: Handy, Tuttle, Thompson, Russell Dennis, Miller, Cohen. The 1957 tennis squad, coached by Frank Hazen, is looking forward to a very impressive season. The returning lettermen are Jim Hill, Bob Prang, Mick Moran, John Goldsmith, Roger Badertscher, Ray Krouse, Duane Allen, and Bernie Williamson. The promising sophomores who should help the team a great deal are John Hill, Bob Furgus, Dick Russell, Jim Thompson, Bruce McAfee, and Dale Shook. The Twin Valley meet this year will be held at Albion. Adrian will be trying in this meet to repeat the Twin Valley championship which they won last year. 62 April April April May May May May May May May June 12 18 25 I 7 'l'l T5 l7-'l8 24 31 l Monroe iawayi Hillsdale Khomei Ypsi Roosevelt lawoyl Ottawa Hills lhomei Hillsdale fawayi Twin Valley CAlbionl Ottawa Hills lawayi Regionals Ypsi Roosevelt fhomei State Finals State Finals v3l'Sif asehall Team Front Row: Bohn, Goist, Perez, Alafita, Regolado, Montemayer. Second Row: Coach Busack Woods Renner Harris, Houtman, Osborn. Back Row: P. Fisher, F. Fisher, Howe, Valdez, Webster Aar1an's 1957 baseball Team, with The help of five returning lettermen, Alafita, Bohn, Regalado, Carlson, and GoisT, are ouT To break The record of The 1956 Twin Valley champions. The 1956 champions was Adrian. The big gun Tor The 1956 Team was Gary Carlson, who did a Terrific iob as pitcher for Adrian. April April April April April May May May May May May 9 12 '18 23 30 3 7 10 14 I7 23 Monroe fhomei Coldwater Cawayl Lakeview ihomel Jackson lawayl Marshall fawayl Three Rivers ihomei Whitmer fherel Sturgis lawayl Albion iawayi Hillsdale ihomel East Lansing fawayl Front Row Kelley Hoffman, Wilson, Hanna, Barnes, Clark, Coulon, Knight, Davis Palmer Campbell Rlnker Second Row Rivera Warren, Summerald, Hartman, Krouse, Harris, Roeder, Sawyer Stegg VanSic:kle Dunbar Third Row Welland Irwin Barish, Powell, Davis, Pfister, Pettit, Dougherty, Leon Spies Engle Steudle Back Row Phipps Mandrell, Unclerhill, Mackintosh, Lewis, Olsaver, Gardner, Weatherlsee, McKlmmey Kishpaugh Swickard Reeves, Matheson. mack team The i957 cincler season looks very promising if the man-power that turned out for the first practice is any sign. Harry Lewis, Twin Valley champ last year, should be a big asset to the team this year. Returning lettermen, Coulan in The shot, Hanna in the hurdles, Rinker in the pole vault, Barnes in the hurdles, Wilson in the 440, and Mackintosh in The high iump, will be counted on for a great many points this year. We are also counting on many underclassmen to give balance to the team, CRGSS COUHU2 The 1956 harriers led by Harry Lewis com- piled a record of one win and seven losses. The firsr Two deTeaTs of The season came aT The hands of Two very sTrong class "A" schools, Ann Ar- bor and Jackson. The Team consisTed of senior leTTermen Harry Lewis, Gary Olsaver, Gary Carlson, Alan Thompson, Andy Keedy, and Den- nis Kidd. NexT year's Team will be builT around leTTermen Jerry Phipps, Dale Shook, Tom Smith, and Lee Underhill. Tom Ruesink, Lynn Ryche- ner and John WeTherbee will be oTher members of The Team. The Team will lose senior harriers Jim Hill, Elton Smith, Dick Howe, and Sherman DeForest. RECORD 46 Adrian .. ..... ...........,........,,..... . .. ......... Jackson T6 44 ......,,............... ....... A nn Arbor 19 36 ........,....,... ....,........... Y psilanTi 21 43 .,.......,.. ...........,.......... C oldwaTer 20 24V2 .....,.. ,...,,.,... S pring Arbor 3OV2 47 ........ ........... . .....,. C harloTTe 43 47 ..,..... .....,,.........,......,.................... S pring Arbor 30 42 ......, ...,,...,......,.....,................,.......,........,..... M onroe 20 1 win - 7 defeaTs JERRY PHIPPS DALE SHOCK LEE UNDER:-TILL DICK Hows A 65 QOUI Front Row: Shulters, Dodd, Warner, Harper, McGerry, Funk. Second Row: Frederick, Syler, Ramsey, Smith Kidd. Buck Row: Renner, Jewell. Four returning senior Iettermen, Ron Warn er, Paul Funk, Dennis Kidd, and Elton Smith rough time. Promising underclassmen have a good chance this year to contribute to the suc cess of the team. At the time of printing the schedule tor this year had not been decided There is, however, a Twin Valley Meet in Ad rian on May 10. Coach Horvath is the very able coach. should give any opponents this year j Cll1BS AHC GIQGAHIZAUGUS , g Hfv,,"c, iw I? x 'rf , The 1957 graduating class has 241 members. This is a far cry from the class of 100 years ago, when in 1857 there students all girls, received their diplomas. They were Elizabeth Pruden, Nel- lie Thurston, and Harriet Winans. The classes didn't swell in size immediately, either, for the year 1858 produced only one grad- uate, also a girl. 1859 was definitely an off year -no one graduated! Things began looking up in 1860, when again three students marched forth triumphantly clutching their diplomas. One of these was Henry Rowley, the first boy graduate from Adrian High. Some of the books these people studied were Cobb's "Spelling Book," "English Reader," and Morse's "Geography." At least now our textbooks have more interesting titles and they are beauti- fully illustrated. 67 STZUDEHTI COUl1Cll Seated: Bohn, Toliord, Crossley, Goist. Second Row: Springer, Sell, Hazen, Stephen Corley Hickman Third Row: Gautz, Webster, Ruesink, J. Miller, Demlow, Pellowe, B. Miller, Allhouse Purnell Damon Hulse. Back Row: McKenney, Drager, Mansfield, Peters, Carlson, Krause, Campbell Robinson DeForest Stou f, Weatherbee. 68 ....OFFlCERS.... President ,.....,........ ......,............,..... ........ T e rry Crossley Vice-president ....,... .,......... D ick Bohn Treasurer .....,..... ............,............. G len Goist Secretary ........ ..r....................... J udy Tolford Advisor ....... .........,.. C hester E. Davidson The T956-1957 Student Council has had a very successful year under the leadership of their cap- able presiclent, Terry Crossley. For the first time this year the Student Coun- cil sponsored a play night. Other events spon- sored by the Student Council were dances, Career Day, and Dads' Night. The senior class wished to thank Mr. David- son for his fine cooperation and advice as coun- cil advisor. This page is sponsored by Dr. D. M. Hendricks This year eight senior boys had the honor of being selected as Junior Rotarians. These boys were named by the faculty, after consideration was given to their scholastic r eco rd s anol citizenship. Each Junior Rotarian attends the Rotary Club meet- ings for one month to become acquainted with the organiza- tion of the club. At the end of the year the Junior Rotarians return and provide the program for one meeting. Front Row. Gary Carlson, Frank Spies, John Goldsmith, Don Coulon. Back Row: Richard Hanna, Jock Wilson, Terry Crossley, Fred Bone. UUIO This page is sponsored by Adrian Laundry Co. An 0- len McAfee c 9, 53 -.E 5 I 'E S Ll- va as 2 5 in ID 4- E I E n. ' -.Nw Q QL , ff W'A ' -, 0"'o X 15 an LLI5'S- .r: vw o .r: ua "2 2 v Q 6? 'N Ei' Q 'P 2 -f as A 'ek 7' -gh XN J 2 1, I fflf r Q 5 A S f X, ...K, L k U fs lg VI 1.2 3 'C o"Nl I0 0 C U 0 5 35 LU Q' n: o '0- V7 vo m 4 1 El QQ' Y ,G 0-0 H 1 'Lx WD D db Busm ss onoamzation clue Front Row: Plate, Secretary: Galnares, President, Holloway, Treasurer, Missing Holcomb, Vice-president. Second Row: Lehr, Etter, Rayburn, Beavers, Beaubien, Buck Row: Jordon, Crosley, Nipper, Brittain, Krause, Rockwell. CREDIT ' LEDGER The Business Organization Club, under The supervision of Mr. LuTz, had a very successful year sponsoring The swimming Team. Each year This club has Tried To do someThing differ- enT. Previously They have sponsored wresTling and baskelball. A gold pin was The award re- ceived by all B. O. C. members. STOCKS BUND5 ummm: INTEREST BUDGETS DEBIT LOANS This page is sponsored by NuTo Parts Co., lnc. Front Row: Kidder, Cosgrove, Coulon, Goldsmith, Hickman, Williamson, Barnes, Alafita. Second Raw: Oieda Mackintosh, Lewis, Palmer, Rinker, Harris, Gautz, Wotring, Kishpaugh. Back Row: Hill, Galnares, Seidel, Reeves, Hanna, Keedy, Sherman, Engel, Swickard, Powell, Carlson. OFFICERS Presidenf .,.............. Vice-president ...,.... Secretary ................ Treasurer ..... ..,.....,,,.,,. Sergeanf af Arms ...,,. This page is sponsored by Dr. Richard S. Young D.D.S. ..............,Don Coulon :im Goldsmiih ,...,....Dave Hickman Larry Cosgrove ...,4....Don Kidder Front Row: Woods, Bone, Wilson, Smith, Pettit, Goist, Clark, VonSickle. Second Row: Shook, Richardson, Steudle, Funk, Robock, Pfister, Renner, Valdez. Back Row: Mandrell, Kennedy, Knight, Moran, Houtman, Perez, Regaldo, Davis. ARSIII A CIUB The Varsity Club started its year in November when officers were elected. Many things were planned for the year, but the first order of busi- ness was the winter initiation, which was held to initiate boys who had earned a letter either in spring or fall sports. With many new members entering the club this year a firm foundation for next year is predicted. s-X392 L xg-M Xa.. X Xa Slrnrrilii N OFFlClAL No i26 as 4' Kiki 'SL ln 'K xr-fx Q LT M F in M ' , K ggeisikxsxsf s.:f.f.f44,:1: V-1, 5 ,Q .' -' --L-1':2. me -N5 News visit 2-:..: .. rrfar-Q,H'1:,, M t i ",.'a, ' .-Mm. -nt, . . :-Q:.-g.,1.::e -,sc -aegis: - - r ' i ' - ..:T-'-1f:I:Ig:g'i1i:'-,QPF N . .,c. . ..,4, ,Q A -Q 1.5, - - , ' LX '5,gg?'E?5.:E'-t, f ' 7: Psi: gb2fss:?55'-:-' t " "HS 1:-jg: yp't-j-5j:.'::.A,p,- V A .. Ji' any '-.5e:zz::.q3Qg-- . , ,Q 3, xitfiiefgs V iw- .?sg::s:s:f5:: , , . t fs 5,243 ":::-.ggzq .c . K -' ,.-isbn :ggi vc- t.-r-:wwe -':i:1:,v.A,:5: rr-'sein R-'1--uw - x, cal- x , ..-sg, .- H..-me - if- riots r..m.'w'f'735fi-1 T ' "ff 5x'f'f1SSQ:5:357'C Front row: Nelson, Acker, Tolford, Becubien, Mrs. Davis. Second row: Flynn, Sharkus, Clement, Henderson, Emerich, Ennis, Corley, Bugbee, Winzeler, Stecker, Wiebeck. Third row: Barnes, Rubel, McLean, Brion, Ost, Miller, Hartwig, Ccsteel, Ruesink, Stephan, McAfee, Wynn. Back row: Porter, Perkins, Wentz, Carlson, Walker, Gibbs, Reed, Seeck, Ruesink, Thompson, Befz, Wallace. GJ 0 l GAA X ,- This page is sponsored by Warren Hinshaw M.D. ff, 5 J rt D Front row: Koster, Mattis, Sauter, Shords, Wassink, L. Sager. Second row: Roekel, Smith, Sell, Caller, Eisch, Koehnlein, Boltz, Hill. Third row: J- 5095: Senflel J0C0b1 R'-'1Ymf9ndr Pate, Stewart, Wegrzyn. Back row: Sweet, Y. Smith, Kaiser, Mayhew, Michener, Bvskirk. Y 1 "Lf 6 The purpose of the G.A.A. is to provide each girl at Adrian High School an opportunity for wholesome physical activity and to develop leadership, cooperation, and good sportsman- ship. The activities of the G.A.A. for this year were football, basketball, marching, badminton, table tennis, volley ball, golf, dancing, soft ball, bowling, and the pool show. The awards and honors of the G.A.A. are given according to the number of points each girl has earned. 75 76 Front Row: Mrs. Cretcher, Ellison, Hartwig, Neiswander, Barnhart, Tolforcl. Second Row: Eisch, Sell, Ennis, Porter, Rau, Pellowe, McLean, Harmon, Third Row: Meyers, Casteel, Wild, Pauling, Jenkins, Harper, Cunningham, Spiegal, Back Row: Brion, Carlson, K. Porter, Wallace, Koster, Stecker, Foor. fnench The French Club, "Le Cercle Franeais," held monthly meetings this year. These were com- posed ot a business session, an interesting pro- gram, and refreshments. Members ot the French Club sold "Maple Pins" to the students. Club members and TUB French class students prepared a French note- book. The gala event of the year was the annual Mardi Gras held in March. The club, under the supervision of Mrs. Cretcher, had a very successful year. This page is sponsored by The Heffron Clinic Front Row: Harvey, Buskirk, Stephan, Hershman, Duncan, Beaverson, Keedy. Second Row: Smith, Muck, Wassink, Jacob, Bournes, Dibble, Bowarman, J. Miller. Back Row: B. Miller, l Roekle, Hampton, Hughes, Amo, Thoms, Fedor, Jordan, Smith. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer IIQGHCH ClLlB Lucylee Neiswander Jean Hartwig, Nancy Barnhart Linda Ellison Judy Telford - 'iiswi'QFQffkwcifiigS512-iw?-fs-i3'?i5Q-Y" ii' M. wg Q 85 ,si xvefif'ifjS'1X2x:. 33-hiwgif in 'fi' if H 59 A . , fi S K3-fax? .3591 ii gk ,. 'Sig-fixffgaf, Lf fine - c '- 'ice lirgw. ,'xf?1i3f.,.' I . A Rgfiizfsqsi iff!-ei.-ff,f "f 'S -' RAF' k ' Q S' fs-J, f H ... 1 fS'f2E??fiX?'i it v- g i mis " 5 Ygfwg-Q 1553 --:Q in ': cfwefwfww fffi ii ' fi -1 . 1-fi . -Effie' i Nieiof i fifs' if - -:fur-Sat? 'f i f..1P,lxX g isp . Q wifi, ff?-53555515 ' gvifg ll H ffgifglggggfg Front Row: Gephart, McLeon, Curtis, Morton, C. Campbell, Rubel, DeForest, McAfee, Reed, Pettit, Hulse, Yookum, Webster. Second Row: Miller, Baughey, Klinger, Henderson, Sharkus, Clement, Bugbee, Corley, A. Campbell, Hunter, Seeck, Palmer, Mulligan, Covell. Third Row: Mrs. Miller, Baker, Perkins, Ledford, Hartwig, Pellowe, Smith, Kaiser, Wieheck, Springer, Thompson, Oyer, Meyer. Back Row: Crossley, Filter, Spies, Mansfield, Buttermore, Sherman, Reeves, Ruesink, Goist, Peters, Kishpuugh. lA'Cln ClUB The l-elm Club, ably advised bv MVS- Mllleff Extra activities included the Latin Club show held meetings in the study hall on the second in March. The Climax of The year was the an- Tuesday of each month. The club had a very nual Roman banquef in May- active Year! and the members enl0YeCl manY ln' At the final awards assembly, sterling silver lefesilng meetings, highlighted bY an initiation keys were awarded to the best student in Latin and a Christmas party. I, II, and Ill, 73 This page is sponsored by A. S. Pasternacki, M.D. Front Row: Eichstaedt, Hazen, Ehinger, Koehnlein, DeForest, Rubel, E. McAfee, Reed, Bean, J. Seager, Kulz. Second Row: Willett, Mayhew, Smith, Phillips, Bond, Wright, Gadomski, Demlow, Westgate, Rymal, Stevens, Partridge, Shepherd. Third Row: Kapnick, Fisher, McPhail, B. McAfee, Curtis, Mitchell, Hannula, Ladd, Kingon. Back Row: Houtman, Ramsay, D. Seager, Towers, Drager, Hawley, Kopke, Wetherbee, Hill. latin cluB OFFICERS - President: Sharon Rubel S Vice-President: Ellen McAfee ij: EF Egg? -V +I ' Artists if L' A Secretary: Kay Reed . 5 ,gf Q Treasurer: Sherman DeForest ' . 'rsi ,mi .- ' 'xw' S '71-N1f'32 I rim- 1 1' I N-itiifzi . This page is sponsored by Dr. Reynold's lEA06l2S ClUB Front row: Emerich, Henderson, Koster, Bugbee, Boltz, Thompson. Second row Casleel Winzeler, Stephan, Stacker, Wiebeclc, Corley. Bock row! Beoubien, Brion Carlson Gibbs Ost. The Leaders Club is composed of a group of girls vvilh The designed purpose To help The Teachers in athletic courses. The girls referee for games in gym classes and take over The class if needed. They help a greal deal in pool classes by leaching some and serving as life savers at one end of The pool. The Leaders Club girls are a greal credif To our school. spam h ClUB Front row: Sweet, MocQueen, Mitchell, Tew, Acker, Wilson, Garcia, Rhea, Birmingham Coller, J. Wood, A. Wood. Second row: Bumpus, Ball, Pullen, Gibbs, Hayes, Stephan Winzeler, Sentle, Damon, Allhouse, Gibbs, Miller. Third row! Bemis, Johnson, Rodrlquez DeLeon, Seeburger, Kiersey, Salter, Campbell, Smart, Nuekom, Lowe. Bock row: Nixon Leon, Krouse, Brockley, McKimmey, Mr. Busack. OFFICERS President ....................,...,..........,. .......... ,..... J o e Garcia Vice-president ..... .....,...... B arbara Acker Secretary ............. ,,.,.,... I ma Lou Mitchell Treasurer ......,....,......... ........,........,. J ucly Tew Sergeant at Arms ....,...,.............,...,,............,.... Jack Wilson The Spanish Club, "Los Companeras Alegres", started its year in October with the initiation ot the new members. During the year they held one business meet- ing and one social meeting a month. The social events, such as skating parties, dances, and to- boggan parties, were followed by refreshments served at members' homes. Under the supervision of Mr. Busack, the Span- ish Club enioyed a successful year. 3 tif' T :gf gl. ., 15 9 1 f .M Q. .. c 1 is X ln the local forensic contest the following won first and second p I a c e s respectively: Humorous - Karen Nelson and Sherman DeForest. Dramatic - Jean Hartwig and Cherry Was- sink. Declamation-Sue Hinshaw and Wendy Mayhew. Oratory- Judy Wynn and Sue Pellowe. Extemporaneous - Frank Spies. Winning or taking a second in the local contest enabled the contestant to go to the District Contest. Mrs. Miller was the forensic coach. Front Row: Nelson, Hinshaw, Mayhew, DeForest, Pellowe, Hartwig, Wynn, Spies, Drager. Second Row: Jacobs, Kaiser, Hazen, Henderson, Sharkus, Clement, McAfee. Third Row: Koehnlein, Gaukel, Thompson, Wilson, Curti s. Komen slcs The debate question for this year was: "Resolved that the federal government should grant price support to the extent of 9096 of parity." The regular debaters for the year were: Frank Spies, Fred Meyer, Kay Hulse, Jean Hart- wig, and Albert Ruesink. During the season the debaters defeat- ed Coldwater and were defeated by Albion, Marshall, and Ypsi- lanti. Barbara Koster, Cherry Was- sink Jan Neukon, and Sally Buskirk participated in the intra- squad debate. Dr. James Cretcher is the de- baters very able coach. 82 A CGBAIZG Front Row: SPies, Hulse, Koster, Meyer. Back Row: Ruesink, Hartwig Wassink, Newkom, Mr. Cretcher. This page is sponsored by Bernard Patmos, M.D. I futune fzxizmens of amemca Front row: Griffin, Johnston, Treat, Beekel, Lane, Bates. Second row: Spell, Anderson, Brown, Clark, Mohr, Knepper, Garrison, Roback, Fretwell, Vollmer, Shaffer. Back row: McMullen, Loop, Phenicie, VanDoren, Jewell, Westgate, Engel, Hosler, Kidder, Shulters, Griffin, Bleich, Gautz. Absent: Boling, Renner. OFFICERS President Vice-pres ident Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinal The F.F.A. is an inspiring club for all young men interested in farming. The F.F.A.'s motto is, "To practice brotherhood, honor rural oppor- tunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership a Future Farmer should possess." Their slogan, "Learning to do. Doing Eugene Beekel Dale Lane Richard Treat Bill Bates Harry Johnston Wayne Griffin to learn. Earning to live. Living to serve," is practiced by all members. Mr. MacMullen, who is a new teacher in Acl- rian this year, has given the boys much needed knowledge which may prove invaluable in the future. This page is sponsored by Westgate Condra 81 Co. Front Row: Ford, Miller, Jenkins, Gibbs, Neukom, Sentle, Smart. Second Row: Mayhew, Smith, Wiebeck, Brion, Stein, Hendrickson, Handy, Kuney, Lentz. Third Row: Sauter, Ledford, Bates, Mulligan, Kidman, Emerson, Earles, Russell, Vogel, Coates. Back Row: Retan, Bradish, N. Disbro, Meyer, Holmes, P. Disbro. futulze nunses OFFICERS President Connie Jenkins Vice-president Barbara Miller Secretary Sharon Evans Recording Secretary Emily Gibbs Treasurer Lois Ford This year the Future Nurses, sponsored by meetings were Mrs. Ludlow, Miss Buskey, Mrs. Misses Leona Diehl and Ruth Sherman have had Sanderson, and Miss Thompson. A special some very interesting and informative meet- Christmas proiect was the filling of a box with ings, - food and clothing for a needy family. Another Some of the special speakers of these project was helping at the hospital. 34 This page is sponsored by Shepherd 8g Stoll Front Row: Mrs. Olmstead, Kishpaugh, Nelson, Wynn, McAfee, McLean, Seeclc, Smith, Miss Armstrong. Second Row: Rhea, Bugbee, McNeil, Rau, Harvey, Hunter, Oyer, Pellowe, Rubel, Seager. Third Row: Kaiser, Hulse, Clement, Acker, Pauling, Salter, Neiswander, Campbell, Zimmerman, Stevens. Bock Row: Russell, Perkins, Hortwig, Sweet, Smith, Porter, Foor, Ehinger, Hyde, Erchstoedt, Zietlow. futures teachens Officers: President: Louise McLean Vice-President: Ellen McAfee Secretary: J udy Wynn Treasurer: Rachel Seeck Historian-Librarian: Karen Nelson The Future Teachers' Club, sponsored by Miss Armstrong, for whom the club was named, and Mrs. Olmstead, had a very successful year. Many new members were initiated at the first of the monthly meetings in the Home Economic's House. This page is spons The club put out a handbook for its members. Club members have been helping at the Croswell School. Many interesting meet- ings, having guest speakers and movies, were enioyed. ored by Dr. L. K. Cox 86 stuoent UBRAIQIADS Front Row: Murphey, S. Palmer, S. Mitchell, P. Palmer, Stewart. Second Row: Libs, Sanderson, Eaton, Bridges. Third Row: Zimmerman, Jones, Miller, Rockwell, West. Bock Row: Beach, l. Mitchell, Creech, Evans, Wiebeck, Stecker. The duties of a student librarian range from the very simple one of shelving books to the more complicated matter of filing cards alpha- betically in the card catalogue and shelf list. Some of the other general duties of the student librarian are: to charge books out, to reserve books for students, to find cards for incoming books, to charge fines for overdue books and reserve notices, and to help students locate books. These services are performed almost every day. Some of the other services that are not clone every day are: processing new books by paging them, stamping them, pasting pockets and date due slips in them, typing cards and pockets, shellacing books, making orders for cards for the card catalogue, distributing mail for teach- ers, handling new magazines for the library and faculty, making book displays, and helping to order new books. One of the most interesting things for a student librarian is that she gets to meet all kinds of people and is able to help them find information necessary for assignments or books that are fun to read. This page is sponsored by Morrison Pharmacy Front Row: Rau, Fletcher, Gallippo, Anderson, Mulligan, Zimmerman. Back Row: Russell, Wotring, Scroggins, Miller, Ferguson, Mitchell, Rhea, Mr. Zebrowski. BIBIG Cl.L1B OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Choister The purpose of the Bible Club is to better un- derstand, appreciate, and enioy the Bible. The motto is Romans 1:16. Meetings were held every other Thursday evening with Mr. Edward Zebrowski as advisor. The meetings consisted of discussions, a busi- ness session, devotions, and refreshments. This page is sponsored by Dunmore Funeral Home Deanna Gallippo Thelma Anderson Ruth Funk David Russell These meetings represented good fellowship and fun. Special projects were the 'formation of the Gospelaires, who did singing at Maple Lane Manor and several of the city churches, and also an Easter display during Holy Week. 87 selaco CIUB Front Row: Boughey, Ford, Klinger, Miss Nielsen, Shepherd, Wiebeck, Morton. Second Row Jones, Reynolds, Zimmerman, Graham, Mills, Sauter, Harmon, Ferguson. Baclc Row: Flynn, Brehmer, Stewart, Barron, Ennis, Holloway, Foot, Minnick. ' OFFICERS Adviser: Miss Nielsen Song Leader: Yvonne Baughey President: Sharon Shepherd Historian: Mary Lou Harmon Vice-president: Mary Wiebeck Parliamentarian: Cecilia Sauter Secretary: Gladys Klinger Pianist: Janice Springer Treasurer: Mary Ford Reporter: Beverly Phenicie Point Chairman: Carolyn Morton The Selaco Club, under the leadership of Miss Nielsen, has entered into many activities this year. One of these activities was the annual Christ- mas cookie sale. The most outstanding event of the year was when the girls affiliated with the state and na- tional Future Homemakers of Tomorrow. This Page is sponsored by Excelsior Laundry Co. selaco clus y W Front Row: Shepherd, Emerson, Holmes, Disbro, Barrett, Pate. Second Row: Seegert, Bryant Gibson, Springer, Hunter, Colichia, Matthis, Thornton. Third Row: Pate, Handy, Fletcher, Raymond, Sauter, Retan, Hunter, Ruff. This page is sponsored by Dr. M. J. Edwards Front row: Fretwell, Fisher, Hill, Warner, Carlson, Corley, Hickman, Bone, Mr. DeJonge Second row: Buttermore, Mansfield, Wynn, Nelson, Thompson, Stewart, Wegrzyn, Ehinger Kapnick, Quinn, Ruesink. Third row: Cattel, G. Hill, Spies, Hulse, Baker, Bean, Sweet, Seeck, Handy, P. Miller. Back row: Jewel, Linburg, Bird, Peters, Quigley, Jacobs, Kindinger, Betz, Sharkus, Addington, Russell. C+ W 'YJ VJ to l I x 4 W uhqf 'JL' S 0 ,J " BOGSIGI2 ClUB X l 1 This page is sponsored by Ramsay Grocery 2 ,xv Front row: Smith, Wontz, Ost, Jenkins, Barnes, Webster, Hill. Second row: Perkins, Tolford, Miller, Gibbs, Moore, Reynolds, Ellison. Third row: Gott, Wilson, Carlson, Walker, Morton, M 1 Cie The Booster Club is one of the most active or- ganizations in the school. Its main purpose is to give a boost to any club or organization that needs help. This year the Hortwig, Pellowe. Back row: Kishpough, Griffin, Lane. 'K W f .-1 'Af if .n f ll 9 J o Booster Club, under the leadership of its new advisor Mr. DeJonge, has sponsored busses to out of town games, sold tickets for the plays, packed baskets for the needy families, sold year- books, and participated in many other worth while activities. This organization has done a good job and deserve the thanks of the entire student body. This page is sponsored by Russell Allen M.D. J . A . .L . F x. . Q was t be X L 17 .Q i-. -if 1 ' Meyer, , Xl X X W.. ,mr . Lees -F" f .si we N X. .. 9555 S. sl X e w . -I., Las? Q .,- l , . . is - ,Z Q Sawyer, . J Filter. " 'J RST 5 . ,t my , Re, . :.- -.L f ,fs-iw 1 Spies, Parish, Lindberg, , Wiesinser. DeForest, ch mIS13I2 CLUB The Chemistry Club is a new club this year and has a very good purpose. For anyone in- terested in chemistry or the field of science this club should prove very valuable. The Chemistry Club is probably the most dif- ficult of all the clubs in school to ioin. Anyone interested in ioining must have completed one semester of chemistry with at least a "B" aver- age. Mr. Sweet is the capable advisor. OFFICERS President ....... ,,... ..................,..... .,.......... F r a nk Spies Vice-president ..... .. ....,. David Sawyer Secretary ........., ..,........,.......... F red Meyer Treasurer ............ ...........,. ,.........., S h erman DeForest This Page is sponsored by R 8. S Shoe S191-Q Seeger, Keller, Thompson, DeForest, RAOIG C.ll1B The Radio Club, one of the two newly estab- lished clubs in Adrian High, has one of the best goals ot any club in school. This goal is to help students interested in radio to obtain their Ham Ticket. Although the membership is not equal to that of any other club, it should grow with each new class. Mr. Keller is the club's advisor. OFFICERS President ..... .............i.........4.,....,..............,., A lien Thompson Vice-president .,......... .,.,,,... .,..,...,. D a ve Johnson Secretary - Treasurer ,....,.., .. .........,.... David Lennox Sergeant at Arms .......,....,. .,......... S herman DeForest This page is sponsored by Adrian Dairy Johnson Co-op Club Front Row: Dunbar, Galnares, Vickery, Harper, Woods, Scofield. Second Row! Bond, Phenicie, Funk, Brown, Miller, Hickok. Officers President Vi ce-president Secretary Treasurer Sergeant At Arms lma Lou Mitchell Dick Weaver Marilyn MacQueen Bob Weaver Bob Snyder Front Row: MacQueen, Mitchell, D. Weaver, B. Weaver, Snyder, Cavasos Second Row: Mills, Pullen, Larkins, Clugston, Black, Rodriquez, Bryant Third Row: Minnick, Richards, Tew, Peet, Gallippo, Galnares. Back Row: Ray, Sauter, Morey, Bird. Under The leadership of HS Officers and Mr. social activities along with learning working Whitney the Co-op Club was reorganized this l"l5l"UCll0"'5- year. It was first organized by Mr. Whitney in During the Yea' the Club ef'i0Yed Toboggan' 1952 ing and skating parties. The main purpose of The Club is To funher We congratulate all the members who did a 94 fine iob in making the club a success. This page is sponsored by Curtis' Poultry Al2ChAGOl,OG Cll1B Front Row: Buskirk, Dibble, Sager, Stewart, Coller, Eisch, Keedy, P.J. Wood, P.G. Wood, Price. Second Row: Bournes, J. Miller, Averill, llvonen, C. Miller, Fedor, Pullen, Lyons, Birmingham, Ray. Third Row: Ferguson, Mitchell, Wegrzyn, Thompson, Dunbar, Krouse, Ruesink, Hotra, Mr. Sebrowski. Back Row: Jacob Norris, Wagner, Stewart, Hyde, D. Miller, Creech, Beech, Bumpus, Pyle. With the help of its officers, Mr. Sebrowski formed the Archaeology Club as a new organi- zation this year. During the first meeting temporary officers were elected. These temporary officers were later elected as the permanent ones. During the year the members visited the Museums of Anthropology and Paleontalogy in Ann Arbor. Later in the season the members are planning to take another field trip, this time to the Toledo Museum. We, the members of the Sickle staff, wel- come This new organization and hope it will continue for many more years. This page is sponsored by Frank T. Broadwater D.O. 96 Fine Footwear, In All the Latest Styles and Colors, At.... NI. Mulzer SL Son's, 5 North Main Street. hlS1ZOl2 EARL C. MICHENER Mr. Michener graduated from Adrian High School in 1897-sixty years ago. Even in his high school days his outstanding personality and bril- liant mind made him a leader. He was the editor of the first Sickle, a position on which the whole school voted, president of the Freshman Class, member of the football team, and president of the Athenian Literary Society which sponsored debates and social activities Punishment, a subject of course totally unfa- miliar to students of today, was corporal sixty years ago. Delinquent youngsters received a note from their teachers giving them an appointment with the Superintendent, "Ot course, chuckled Mr. Michener, "l know about this only from what others told me." W-hen the interviewing reporters inquired about entertainment on dates long ago, the statesman replied nostalgically that parties, square dances, and sleigh-rides were held by each class. The young people would hitch up their best horses and everybody would pile in for a good time. After the fun they would go to someone's farm to play games and eat oyster stew. "We made our own fun", stated Mr. Michener. "There were no Rainbows in those days." When asked about clothes, Mr. Michener smil- ed in recollection of the long dresses of the girls and the black suits with swallow tail coats in which the boys graduated. "You can see what we looked like in the Sickle, he informed us, "the tighter the pants, the better we liked them." In 1897 every school day began with every- one gathering in study hall for a ten minute chapel period, after which everyone attended classes. There were no gym periods as such, but baseball and football were offered as extracurri- cular activities. Mr. Michener, who worked his way through the University of Michigan and George Washing- ton University for his law degree, gives this ad- vice to young people who want to go to college. "Don't be discouraged. lf you have the ambition and want to do it, you can find a way." This page is sponsored by Roy P. White 1 900 1906 1907 1911 1913 1914 1916 1917 1919 1920 1921 1922 1925 1927 1928 1928 1928 1929 1930 1931 1931 1931 First mention made of high school orches- tra. Zoe Decker, music teacher. Louise Mettler Smith, music teacher Charles Lagerquist, music teacher. 'Luella Wright, music teacher. Lulu Geddes, music teacher. Development of vocal music stressed in iunior high school. Maum Newton, music supervisor. Junior high school orchestra organized. Verna Humphrey, music teacher. Alberta Steele, music supervisor. Juva Higbee, music supervisor, served un- til 1927. Gave music program impetus. A.H.S. won first competitive music award when orchestra placed first in Class B of state contest. Homer Hubbard takes over as supervisor of music. Served until 1931. Senior high band organized by Mr. bard. Junior high school band organized. Paul Rainier appointed teacher of iu high music. Hilma Scammon Sweet employed as string instrument teacher. Junior high band won first honors in state contest for first time. Senior high orchestra attended first na- tional contest, won third place in Class B. Paul Rainier became music supervisor. Kenneth Westerman, vocal music teacher. Served until 1940. IHUSIC 1937 Russel Nelson took over choirs. Served until 1943. 1943 Margaret Scruggs directed choral groups. 1944 Frances Phippips Nelson conducted vo- cal groups. Served until 1946. 1946 Wendell Johnson employed as choral director. 1946 Alvin Bohms appointed iunior high band director. 1946 Merlyn Kellogg instructed string classes. 1947 Paul Rainier directs choirs in addition to band and orchestra. 1948 Alvin Bohms named director of. high school band. 1948 Merlyn Kellogg appointed director of high school orchestra. Served until 1952. 1952 Howard Mickens appointed orchestra director. 1954 Clare Camburn assists with instrumental classes. 1956 William lveson came as choral director. This page is sponsored by William H. Hewes M.D- 97 Front Row: Vogel, Ziegler, Wild, Dunlap, Earles, Reed, Porter, Kay Smith, Berndt, Sally Smith, McPhail, Meyer, Liski, Mitchell, Paul Smith, Fox, Yvonne Smith, Kaiser, Brock, Muck. Second Row: Rau, Spiegel, Reed, Ellison, Bristol, Hill, Roesch, Shook, Siler, Graber, Drager, Neiswander, Seeburger, Baumea, Silvernail, Sweet, Tom Nixon. Third Row: Carolyn Ruesink, Salter, Ehinger, Boker, Bemis, Pfister, VanSickle, Kafer, Quigley, Perkins, Tuttle, Sawyer, Griffen, Russell, Mr. Bohms. Back Row: Montemoyor McKimmy, Reeves, Rainier, Towers, Albert Ruesink, Kishpaugh, Crossley, Barish, Saxton, Peters, John Nixon, Schlatter. Bane We salute the band and Mr. Bohms for the fine music they presented to us this year at all im- portant functions. They furnished the entertain- ing half-time programs during the football sea- son. The banol also put pep into the basketball i games and pep assemblies. In addition to all these events, the band took part in the district and state festivals. This year they received a first division rating in the dis- trict for the seventh year in a row. This page is sponsored by Carl Benz M.D. H EmBl6S Kaiser, Smith, Seeburger. ' We are very proud of the honor won by the Flute Trio and the Woodwind Quintet. This honor was in receiving a First Division rating in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival at Ann Arbor. These groups have also played for various church ancl P.T.A. groups, service clubs, and the All School Play. Many thanks to Mr. Bohms for his fine direction. Kaiser, Ruesink, Nixon, Neiswunder, McPhoil. Front Row: Hill, C. Ruesink, Sweet, C. Gallippo, Jenkins, Rhea, Appleton, Brown, Kishpaugh, Koennleln Seeck, Horton, Hampton, Ball, Oliver, M. Ladd. Second Row: McPhail, Russell, Nixon, Peters, Brlttain Myers, Curtis, Saxton, Webster, B. Gallippo, Blanchard, Patterson, Kruger, Waldfogel, Stevens, Rittenhouse Y. Smith Kaiser Wild Mr. Mickens 5.-" GRCHESUQA The orchestra Under the direction of Mr Mick ens has clone a fine 'ob this year They enter tained at the Christmas Concert, the Variety Show, and at several assemblies. We on the Sick- le Staff are wishing them the best of luck as they prepare for the District and State Festivals. N Back Row: Sowers, Rainier, D. Ladd, T. Smith, A. Ruesink, Stegg, Engle, Ehinger, Neiswander, Seeburger I I I ' 100 This page is sponsored by Howard R.C. Eddy M.D. EmBl6S Mcphail, Siler, Shook, Roesch. Our hats are off to the Clarinet Ensemble who throughout the year have contributed their services in playing for various church groups, P.T.A. groups, service clubs, and the All School Play. Mr. Bohms is their director. Morton, Seeck, Stevens, Brown, Sweet. We are very proud ot our fine String En- semble ancl the way they represented our school during the past year. Throughout the year they contributed their time in playing for the school plays, church groups, and various clubs and parties. Mr. Mickens is their director. CHOII2 Front Row: Tew, Winzeler, Ray, Hayes, Flickinger, Jenkins, Yoalcum, Morton, Nelson, Seeck, Campbell, Tolford, Pellowe. Second Row: Mills, Hathaway, Webster, Gephart, Bufford, Snyder, Baughey, Curtis, Ruesink, Cunningham, Reynolds, Anderson, L. Krause, R. Krause. Third Row: Spiegel, Casteel, Barnhart, Terpening, Roberts, Rooney, Barnes, Goldsmith, Badertscher, Hill, Dunbar. Back Row: Campbell, Church, Ferguson, Miller, Ehinger, Buttermore, Warner, Moran, Hartman, Howe, B. Weaver, D. Weaver. The choir of Adrian High School, under the direction of Mr. W. B. lveson who was new this year, is to be complimented for its outstanding work. It performed at the Thanksgiving, Christ- mas and Easter assemblies. lt also sang at the Rotary Club, and participated in the City Festival as well as the District Festival. Of course we can't forget the Variety Show in which the choir played an important part. This page is sponsored by H. F. Wyatt 84 Co. Gll2l.S' T1 EmBl6 Sitting Ray Baughey, Webster, Morton, Seeck, Gephcrt, Yoakum. Standing: Smoll Fruchey lllvonen, Rueslnk, Perkins, Jenkins, Hazen, Hayes. The Girls' Ensemble under the capable di- rection of William lveson had a very successful year. They were kept busy throughout the year furnishing music for various organizations. They participated in the Variety Show, the Winter Concert, and received a superior rating in the solo and ensemble festival in Howell, Michigan. We wish to congrateulate the girls in the en- semble and its director for another splendid year. This page is sponsored by George H. Wynn M.D. sophomone ch 0ll2 Front Row: Mr. Iveson, Keedy, llvonen, Kapnick, Jenkins, Eisch, Hazen, Mayhew, P. Wood, Miller, Newkom Allshause, Birmingham. Second Row: Michener, Hyke, Reed, Gibbs, Stevens, Kolz, Smart, Coller, Sell, Buskirk, Bournes, Jacob, Cohen. Back Row: Ostrunder, MacQueen, Phipps, Cox, May, Willett, Boudreau, Kopke, Street, Hawley, Schultz, D. Wood. The Sophomore Choir, under the capable di- rection of William Iveson, has again been a source of pride to our school. They have fur- nished music for many occasions, including the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Assemblies. They have also participated in the annual Va- riety Show, the Winter Concert, and City Music Festival. They are to be complimented on their fine work. This page is sponsored by Dr. C. J. Hood s omls' glee cluis Front Row: Mr. lveson, Barrett, Lyons, Shannon, Bumpus, Willett, Bond, Hyde, Miller, Zietlow, Righter. Second Row: Dibble, Mattis, Hershman, Black, Wright, Pfeiffle, Damon, J. Pate, Like, Preston, Rymal, Lowe. Back Row: Chesney, Averill, Lane, Bean, Stewart, Raines, Hunter, S. Pate, Wood, Stephan, Calhoun. OFFICERS President .......,,....... ......... K ae Stephan Vice-president ....... ....,.,..., J anet Damon Secretary .,......... . ,.....,... Sharon Pate Treasurer ....... .......... D eloby Bean Under the direction ot Mr. Iveson, Adrian Accompanying these talented singers was High had the largest Girls' Glee Club since 1952. Joyce Calhoun at the piano. During the year they participated in the Variety ' All the girls in the organization are to be con- Show, the Winter Concert, and the City Music gratulated for the wonderful work they have Festival. done this year. This page is sponsored by John C. Driscoll Service Station 105 l YQ A g . mapieames Front Row: Saxton, Slwoek, Reeves, McPl1ail, Baumeu, Bemis, Crossley. Second Row: Ma:Kimmey, Russell Peters, Nixon, Ruesink, Hill, Kishpaugh. Back Row: Rainier, Tuttle, Sawyer, Towers. 106 Neiswander, Thompson, Naylor, Chinger, Britfain, Miller ITIAJGRSIIES Miller, Brittain, Ehinger, Naylor, Thompson, Meiswcmder. VAIQIEIY show VARIETY show P 110 All school pta l Front row: Miller, Tolford, Hulse, Wassink, Wynn. Second row: Hartwig, Henderson. Third row: Morton, May, Gott, Jewel, Kishpaugh, Filter, Pellowe. Back row: Spies, Hanna, Wilson. Missing: Clement, Corley, Gibbs, Jenkins, McAfee, Rubel, Stecker, Stewart, Wiebeclc, Music, Saxton. CAST Judie Henderson Jean Hartwig Kay Hulse Jack Wilson Judy Tolford Cherry Wossink Frank Spies Jerry May Charles Kishpough Dick Hanna "Time Out for Ginger," was chosen as this year's all-school play. The scene took place in the home of Howard Carol, who had radical ideas on self-expression, especially concerning his three teenage daugh- ters. Ginger, the fourteen year old, went out for the football team, while her two sisters re- fused to even take gym. This delightful situa- a th ree-act comedy, Ginger Lizzie, The Maid Agnes Carol Howard Carol Joan Jeannie Eddie Davis Tommy Green Mr. Wilson Ed Hofmun tion made the Carol family famous when Life Magazine published a story about Ginger. Hav- ing decided to give up football, Ginger went back to Tommy, and everything turned out hap- pily. V The whole evening was a success and the credit should be given to Miss Sherman for her fine job of directing and casting. 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Hendricks 68 120 William H. Hughes, M.D. 97 134 Warren Hinshaw, M.D. ' 74 127 D+. c. J. Hood 104 136 Mitchell Welding 59 123 Morrison Drugs 86 124 Bernard Patmos, M.D. 82 141 Dr. Pasternacki 78 133 Ramsay's Grocery 90 112 Dr. Reynolds 79 139 R 8. S Shoe Store 92 140 Dr. schmaaf, 0.0.5. 56 139 Shepherd and Stoll 84 117 Sky Drive-ln Theater 57 124 Westgate - Condra 83 128 Ray P. White 96 125 Wyatt Drugs 102 ' 128 George H. Wynn, M.D. V 103 134 Dr. Richard S. Youngs, M.D. 72 PRINTING CO1fczx 5-2862 407 N. MAIN ST. ADRIAN, MICH. 'I AATING Co' i DUPLIC uTHo DAN'S BLUE SUNOCO SERVICE Free pick-up ond delivery Phone: CO 3-9868 Tires - Batteries - Lubrication - Washing - Waxing 402 West Maumee Adrian, Michigan I COMPLIMENTS T0 THE CLASS OF LENAWEE MARKET II13 W. Beecher 6 COLLER S BEAUTY SALON nstant Curls Are Our Business" T Y P E W R I T E R Sales and Service Company Everything for the Office i25 North Main Street Advrion, Michigan C g 1' I f s Besf Wishes CLASS OF '57 HALEY'S SHOE STORE COMPLIMENTS T0 THE CLASS of 1957 BALES TRUCKIN6 AND SUPPLY :FSM Phone: C0 5-2212 Complimenfs of S . S . S T U L L Jewsusn 118 E. MAUMEE STREET 1 -ADRIAN MICHIGAN Compliments of DWIGHT D. DENNIS, Agent FRANK CAMBURN, Representing Agenf RESIDENCE RESIDENCE 5524BudIong Y 14400 N. Adrian Rd. cop 5-5392 I ' cog 5-5932 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES AUTO LIFE I FIRE BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS OFFICE ADDRESS: M I 933 S. Main Sf., Adrian, Michigan - Phone: Co. 3-2111 I I . 43 - ' ,, . . Iv Y II. M. 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Braun Nixon - Marbro's Music Shop EVERYTHING IN MUSIC We Congrafulafe The Senior Class of 1957 ClTIZEN'S GAS FUEL COMPANY NORTH MAIN STREET Q 'PT1'n117Y, T LEWIS STUDIO Congratulations to the Class of 1956 JOHN BEECH 827 W. Maumee St. Colfax 5-8071 IIHRRY ll. GRIEWHHN READY MIXED CUNCRIITII 240 West Maple Avenue ADRIAN, MICHIGAN BEST WISHES TO THE Blau of I957 ORO MANUFACTURING C0 Phone: COlfc:x 5-2171 DUNBAR-BORTON INC. CONTRACTORS 8: SUPPLIERS HEATING - PLUMBING - AIR-CONDITIONING SHEET METAL WORK CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 Shit GRAY FLOOR COVERING SME 403 North Main Street A D R I A N C omplzments of ROCS INN MOTEL RESTAURANT Service Station C u s 223 a s h Mo Ad CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1957 Lenawee County Savings Bank I ADHIA COMPLIMENTS OF SIAII SAVI BS BA K ADRIAN, MICHIGAN Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1 1 ' FOR QUALITY SHOE SERVICE NORQUAY'S SHOE REPAIR ADRIAN NORQUAY fPropriefor2 421 West Beecher Street JOE'S SHElI. SERVICE Firestone Tires ond Batteries Expert Lubrication Corner of Church and Winter Streets Phone: COlfux 3-9908 OPEN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS SCHWARTZ RESTAU RANT I "WHERE FRIENDS MEET" ' 121 N. Mean sneer ADRIAN - MICHIGAN Congratulations to the Class of 1957 GCRDOINVS MEN'S SHOP Ioa E. MAUMEE STREET ADRIAN, MICHIGAN ' T 'M 1' 1 1 - BROCKLEYS STUDIO I porfraifd of :biafincfion 296 South Main Street Phone: C0 5-8945 Gerald Barnes, Judy Wynn, Ellen McAfee, Dick Hanna ' Lx rl 1- N lwggl' si QL 4 w Gaim" 7 ' s2'fE.3'lKf,5 - 2 ,, 'H " X35 1 3.9 1 Q J QQ-ea COMPLIMENTS OF KEWAUNEE MANUFACTURING COMPANY The HU RD LCJCK co. WISHES T0 CONGRATULATE THE STUDENT COUNCIL T ' ON ITS FINE HOMECOMING PROGRAM c,,,,,,f,4,m,.f,, JCUMMERIIIAI SAVINGS BANK Complimenfs SKY DRIVE-IN THEATER ADRIAN. MICHIGAN W G JENKINS Owner W. G. JENKI S M g Compliments of SMART APPAREL IAN B E R 'S 118 South Main Street ADRIAN MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS OF LEONARD'S GULF SERVICE 250 W. Church THE MAUMEE COMPANY sponrmo Goons and rovs ADRIAN, MICHIGAN 218 West Maumee COItox 5-6009 FOR PAINTS and VARNISHES - SEE - THE CUTLER-DICKERSON CO ADRIAN JUNIOR Hue:-I SCHOOL INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC CO. IIII E B I1 r-S+. Phone CO 5-7IG8 ."'j ? 4--L... K - It.: am! I A E. 4 .fl I 3 5' I 2 Junloa Scnoor. 'Sf' . .W Q- 1 ,wh I I H . w,,,rw-in-1-4"" I I If ' k If 1-., J ,z ,MQ 'W A ,.- :K X - I ,gg I JN 'VK 'hhsyk ' , -'1 'ig' KA' we M q L. . ,V . A E, H . . . X x ..,,,k,.3k .I A ff 1Lqb.K,Mx..f-,Q Iv Q I , L- 1- w . LI 'I '..ffs5QQfmM QQ,:fwz,Iaf:-f,1mf0 ' i5q 4KfS ,--fwmwfw I 1 ,Q I . . X --i M.fgg,.5.i is sgwf-'gg I ggi-gg A 1 I O . I 3 'W MQLJAFSQ' fQ2sQ24.m?g5f S f'3' "f Gxsiglf-Ilkl, fi. . Q- fig, N, 'X X iq ' f I I- X It ' -. ' I I ADRIAN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL KRIEGHUFF-LENHWEE C0 PHNY ConsI'ruc+ing Engineers 141 DAIRY DELIGHT 'I26 South Broad Cones Malts Sundaes Pints Quarts Sandwiches Congratulations to the Class of 1957 GIBSON Oll COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I957 WALPER FURNITURE CO Serving This Communiiy 54 Years Decoraior Service Available l35 E. Maumee Sf. - Adrian, Mich. - Phone CO 5-8l9l VARIETY SHGW J. C. Penney Co., Inc. wishes to honor The Music Department who presented such o fine show. s 5 x K 144 Ai vunlad Snmluh eowanos BDOUTERS :lun Jalan. Ulduqu V 1 I x. 3 1 SR ' 1 X I 'B 4

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