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i I , THE SICKLE OF ADRIAN HIGH SCHOOL 1952 n I L E i Goacd jrancia .jvlazen DEDICATION C is for his Coaching in tennis and in life, O is for his 'Ousehold, his three children and his wife A is Awfully swell and we all think "he is C for Coaching swimming, at this he is a whiz H stands for the Honesty he displays to all around As COACH he really is the best that we have ever found. H is for Coach Hazen, he's really a good "Joe" A means lots of Action, his teams are far from slow Z stands for Zest, he puts forth everything he's got E for his Energy, of which he has a lot N is for how Nice he always is to everyone, Here's cheers to our COACH HAZEN, for everything he"s done This page is sponsored by Ramsay Grocery 2 TABLE OF Board of Education ...... Administration ........ Teachers ........... Sickle Staff .............. Senior Class Officers ..... Seniors .................. Senior Activities ......... junior Class Officers Juniors ......................... Freshmen Class Officers Freshmen ...................... Sports ........................ Music Department ........ Activities ................. Index of Advertisers ...... Advertisements ....... 3 CONTENTS Page 4 5 6-7 8 9 10-22 23-25 26 27-29 30 31-34 35-47 50-54 55-74 75 76-102 Board of Education DOUGLAS H. HURLBUT President FRED B. FISHER Vice-President MRS. ROSWELL BURR Secretary RUSSELL B. MCAFEE Trustee LOUIS MILLIGAN Trustee CHARLES E. HICKMAN Trustee JAMES MORAN Trustee Many thanks to the Board of Education from the Class of 1952. We are especially pleased that the two new members, James Moran and Charles Hickman, have not made us feel the loss of Frederick Oram and Clifford Hood. This page is sponsored by Westgate-Condra 8. Co. 4 dministration GEORGE H. LITTLE Words are futile in trying to ex- press our thanks and gratitude to our Superintendent, George Little. Never- theless, our thanks are spelled with a capital T. CHESTER A. DAVIDSON, B.E.3 M.A. Advisor Student Council Boys' Advisor American History ROBERT L. HAYDEN Our school is very fortunate in hav- ing a principal like "Pop" Hayden., He has done a wonderful job in as- sisting the Class of 1952 in their many activities. ELSIE A. REEVES, A,B. Girls' Advisor Study Hall HENRY W. LUTZ, A.B. Financial Advisor Business Organization Bookkeeping Commercial Law Commercial Geography DONALD T. WHITNEY, A.B., M.A Vocational Co-ordinator Director of Veterans' Institute CLIFFORD NELSON, A.B.: B.S.g M.S. Athletic Directorg Basketball Coach American History Civics Economics PAUL RAINIER, A.B.3 M,A. Supervisor of Music This page is sponsored by A. S. Pasfernacki, M.D. MILDRED M. ARMSTRONG, A.B.3 M.A. English Literatureg English 103 Advisor, Freshman Class ELNORA V. BLANKS, B.S. Librarian, Librarian Science JAMES DESPAIN, B.S.3 M.A. Physical Education Baseball Coach CLAUDE R. HAMPTON, A.B. English 103 Advisor, Sickle FRANCIS C. HAZEN, B.S.: M.A. Physical Educationg Swimming Coachg Tennis Coach C. HUBERT HOWE, B.S. Auto Shop ROY B. KELLER, B.S. Physicsg Senior Science: Commercial Arithmetic Teachers 6 ALVIN BOHMS, B.S.g M.M. Bandg Instrument Technique E. EDWARD CARLSON, B.S. Metal Shop LINDSEY L. GORDEN, B.S. Civicsg Economics LORENE HANSEN, A.B.g M.A. Home Economics LOIS HOLTMEYER, B.S. Frenchg Latin Advisor, French Club: Advisor, Latin Clubg Director, Senior Play HELEN C. HUTCHINS, B.S. Artg Advisor, Art Club ALBERTA KILPATRICK, B.S. Physical Education Advisor, G.A.A. MERLYN L. KELLOGG, A.B.: M.M, Orchestra: String Instruments AGNES NETLSEN, B.S.: M.A. Home Economics: Advisor Selaco Club PAUL M. REINHARD, B.S. Mechanical Drawing: Related Shop RUTH E. SHERMAN, A.B. English Composition: Speech: Dramatics: Advisor, Maple Leaf FORREST O. STRAND, B.S, Agriculture: F.F.A. WALLACE B. SULLIVAN, A.B. Spanish: Reserve Basketball Coach: Advisor, Spanish Club: Algebra JOAN WICKES, B.S. Physical Education: Swimming Coach: Advisor, Cheerleaders Teachers 7 RUTH LIBBE, B.S. Stenography: Typing: Secretarial Training: Advisor, junior Class D. DUNCAN PATERSON, B.S. Biology ALICE E. RICHARD, A.B.: M.A. Mathematics: Counselor for College Preparatory GERALDINE STEWART, A.B. World History: American History F. E. STROBEL, A.B.: M.A. Machine Shop MAX B. SWEET, M.A Chemistry: Advisor, Senior Class S. KIRKWOOD YARMAN, BA.: M.A. American Literature: Forensics: Debate 'WI H I 5 . fs ? FRONT ROXV: Schaller, Deuter, Ruesink, Nimrichter, Burgess, McAfee, Mitchell. BACK ROW: Wlallace, Wlilliarns, Meyer, Casper, Ruesink, Rhinehart. The Sickle Staff The Sickle Staff of 1952 sincerely hopes that this year's Sickle is enjoyed by everyone. VVe have worked hard in inaking an annual that we hope will bring back memories of the "good ole' days," but if you think we have failed in our efforts, we will tearfully refund your money in Chinese bank notes. The Staff consists of: Editor ................ Assistant Editor ....... Business Manager .... Advertising Manager Sales Manager ............ Art Editor ..... Club Editor ....... .........Betty Nimrichter ....Betty Rhinehart ..........Don Ruesink Mary Ann YVallace .,.Beverly Wfilliams ......Bonnie Burgess ..Kathleen Ruesink Music Editor ............................................................ Barbara Meyer Typists ................ Ilene Schaller, Nelda Mitchell, Marilyn Casper Junior Associate ..........................................,,................ Dave Deuter -lunior Associate .......... ......... x Ianet McAfee Senior Class Officers Bob Crgger Bobbin' , A ,s fix Loran Willay Bcchy Nimridwfzr 9 JOYCE ALDRICH 'yay' "The erxence of sweetnerr, and the model of neatnenf' G,A.A. 2, 33 Class Secretary 1. ARTHUR ALLEN "Art" if "Quiet and tall, and really on the ball. Orchestra 1, 2. LARRY K.xANDERSON "Andy" "No Jinner, no Jaint, perhaps, but- well, the very best of chain." French Club 1, 23 B.O.C. 23 Football 33 Baseball 2, 3. JOHN ASHLEY HSCUCIIIIIOU "Young man-blow your horn." Booster Club 33 Senior Playg Mapleaires 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3. MARGARET BABBITT "A1argie" "She appear! to be quiet in Jchoolf' Booster Club 23 Student Council 33 G.A.A. 33 "Cheaper by the DOZEDHQ All-school Ban- quet I, 33 Class Treasurer 1,3 Class Vice- Presiclent 2, 33 "One Foot in Heaven." VIRGINIA BAER "Ginny" "With lot: of pep and loti of fun, Jhe'r one that's liked by everyone." G.A.A. 2, 33 All-school Banquet 33 Senior Send-OH 23 Band 1, 2, 33 Class Treasurer 13 "One Foot in Heaven." ROBERT E. BAKER "Bob" "He ix willing to be convinced, but find the perion who can do it." F.F.A, 1, 2, 3. MERRILL E. BALES "My1'l" "Thii ir one of many truths, if any truths there are, in addition to being hnndfonze, thix guy har a car." Booster Club 23 Varsity "AH Club 1, 2, 3, B.O.C. 23 Football 2, 3L Swimming 1, 2, 3g Senior Play. ALICE BALDWIN "She if a quiet girl-at timer." Spanish Club 1, 2g G.A.A. 2, 33 B.O.C. 23 Girls' Glee Club 1. LEONA BARKER "She lover to write letterxf' Spanish Club 13 G.A.A. 1, 2. ANNE BECK "Annie" "Better to be out of the world than out of farhionf' Booster Club 33 Latin Club 13 Choir 3. ELSBETH BLANCHARD "Beth" "I can resist everything but temptation." Booster Club 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 B.O.C. 2. BOB BLISS "Bli5fer" "With lot: of learned lumber in hir head," "Barnaby"3 Mapleaires 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 33 "One Foot in Heaven." ROBERT BOHN "Honest Bob" "He ix oft the wirert man who if not wife at all." Booster Club 33 Co-operative training 3. This page is sponsored by Dove Roofers MELVIN BOLZ "Mel" "What man knowr a woman? heart." Latin Club 3, Swimming 1, 2g All-school Play 3. PHYLLIS JEAN BOONSTRA "Pl1yl" "She if never on t,'me,' rhe ir alwayr late,' but then :he rmiler, and to we wait." Art Club 3, All-school Banquet 33 All-school Play 31 Senior Send-off 2. JERRY L. BoRToN "I do not allow my Jtudies to interfere with my education." Band 1. BEVERLY ANN BOWERMAN "Bert" "A cute red head that',r not rfery big: but dynamite comer in small packages." 0 ster Clu ' G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, B o b 3, 3, Orchestra 2. MELVIN BRADFORD "Fish" "l'm lean enough to be a good Jfholarf' Cross-Country 3. ROBERT DEAN BRITTAIN "Bol2' "Quiet-but that doem't mean anythingf F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN BROVVN "Barb" "Why .fho1tldn't I sleep?" 1 Seniors BONNIE LOU BURGESS "Bonnie" "A girl that rmilef if a girl worthwhile." Booster Club 34 Spanish Club 2, 3g Art Club 1, 35 All-school Banquet 3: Senior Send-off 2g Sickle 35 Band 1, 2, 3J Orchestra 1, 2, "Barnaby"g Pool Show 1, 2, 3: "One Foot in Heaven"g Honor Student. GEORGE E. BUSKIRK "Elmore" "AI little nomenre now and then, is relxrhed by the bert of men." Booster Club 3: Junior Rotarian 35 Latin Club lg Football 35 Swim Manager 2, 35 Golf 31 All-school Banquet 31 Senior Send- off 2g Senior Trip Committee 3: Senior Play. RICHARD B. CAMBURN "Dick" "You can lead a man to high Jchool, but you can't make him think." B.O.C. 3g Swimming 2, 3.2 . HARRIET CARTER "jo" "A rwell gal in every way." Booster Club 35 Selaco Club 3: G.A.A. 2, 33 Chefrleading 3, Girls' Glee Club lg Choir 2, . DORTHY CASE "Dart" "So quiet, yet ro rweetf' Selaco Club 1, 2, 33 All-School Banquet 15 Girls' Glee Club 1. MARILYN JEAN CASPER "A cheery rmile, a cheery dixporitionf' French Club 1, 2, 31 G.A.A. 2, 31 All-school Play 35 Senior Send-ot? 2, Sickle 3g Band 1, 2, Honor Student. IVILLIAM W. CHALONER "Bill" "Wild Bill from Scott St. Hill." ,N junior Rotarian 35 Student Council l,42, 33 Latin Club 1, Varsity "A" Club 1, 2, 3g Foot- ball Manager lg All-school Banquet 35 Senior Send-oi? 25 Mapleaires 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3g Senior Play. This page is sponsored by Wilcox Hardware Company ll RICHARD J. CHESNEY "Dick" "Many a lan and many a glam, but never a .vtormy rea." Baseball 1, 23 All-school Banquet 2. DOUGLAS CLAPPER "Doug" "It im't whit you do, it': what you get away wtt ." Latin Club 3: "Barnaby"3 All-school Banquet 53 Mapleaires 1, 23 Band 1, 2. IDA 'CLOUGH "Thi: little girl can never tell liex, for whatever :he thinkr, .the tells with her eyes." Choir 1, 2, 5. BENNY P. COLECCHIA "Big Ben" "Work it for the worker." ROBERT L. CONNIN "Lil Abner" "Look girl!! He'.f real! and oh what a flirt."' Football 53 Track 23 Reserve Swimming 23 Choir 1. LOUELLA COOPER "Lou" "Little I ark, my want: are few." Girls, Glee Club 1. MARILYN CROW "A charm hath the in hidden depths." Selaco Club 13 G.A.A. 53 B.O.C. 5. Seniors BRUCE H. CORLEY "Hum" "Some men are horn free and equal but mme get a girl." Student Council 53 Varsity "A" Club 2, 53 Football 2, 53 Baseball 1, 2, 5: Basketball 3g Allaschool Banquet 53 Senior Send-off 23 Class Treasurer 2. ROBERT CREGER "Bob" "A man of "Letterr." Booster Club 23 Student Council 1, 2. 53 Varsity "A" Club 53 Junior Rotarian 53 Foot- ball 53 Track 53 "Cheaper By the Dozen"g All-school Banquet 1, 2, 53 All-school Play 23 Senior Send-off 2g Class President 53 "One Foot in Heaven." NEVA J. DANIELS "I'm quiet, but my heart it jolly." B.O.C. 2. ' THOMAS DART " Torn" "He came, he Jaw, .the conquered." Swimming 1, 2, 5. EDWIN H. DEMING "Shy, but nice." "Uncle Ed" JACK DEMPSEY "Smiley" "An all-:tar we're all for," Varsity "A" Club 1, 23 Co-operative training 53 Football 1, 2, 53 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Base- ball 1, 23 All-School Banquet 1, 23 Class President 1. DAVID L. DENIKE "Dave" "He med to be so barhfnl and rhy, bat now, oh my!" Senior Play. This page is sponsored by Excelsior Laundry 12 FRANK JESSE DENNEY "Franklin" "He't little, but he'.fI wire, Hel: a wonder for hi.: size." Cross-country 35 Track 54 Honor student. MILTON L. DOAN "Macy,' "0h! What men dare da!" JACK DOTY "Lesslie" "Thinking it but an idle watte of time, when not nece.t.rary." Reserve Track 2. ROBERT L. DOWLING "Little Ox" "Early to bed, early to rixe, make: a man min the bext part of the day." GALE L. DUNNY "Neat guy with a Co-operative Training 5. cheery nnile. " DORIS EMERY "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, Nothing there ix that bother: me." Selaco Club 2, 55 G.A.A. 1, 2, 53 All-school Banquet 1g Senior Send-off 2, RAY A. ETTER "Zeke', "One :indent who really think: occarionallyf' Co-operative Training 5: Track 2. This pa Seniors JOAN EVERINGHAM "Io" "A .thy and yet engaging grin, will umally help a girl ta win." LEONARD RAY FARNSYVORTH "Sometime: we wander what thexe quiet hoyi will do." DAVE FISHER "Fred" "Saw the devil? hook and couldn't help nibbling the bait." Booster Club 3g Latin Club 5g Spanish Club 2, 5, Reserve Football 2, Reserve Basketball 1, 2. DAN S. FRAZIER "Slim" "Long, lanky, and likable," Junior Rotarians 3g Cross-country 39 All- school Banquet 55 Senior Send-off 2g Band 1, 2g Senior Play, Honor Student. ROGER M. FRAZIER "Rag" "Re:tle.t.t at a windrhield wiper." Booster Club 2g French Club 1, F.F.A. 2, 3. ALICE R. FULLER "Nat only good, but good for mmething. " Spanish Club 1, 2, 3g Co-operative Club 51 Senior Send-off 23 Girls' Glee Club 13 Li- brarian 2g Honor Student. JUDITH MARIE GALLAIfVAYf nludyn "A mirchievoux lan with a :mile to match." Booster Club 33 SPMU511 Club 1. 23 A11- school Banquet 2, Senior Send-05 23 Maple Leaf 2, 5. ge is sponsored by Raymond Aufo Sales 13 Y P 1 r I l A L. GONZALA GALNARES "Gor1zie" "It'r nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice." Spanish Club 1, 2, 33 Selaco Club 1, 2, 33 All-school Banquet 33 Senior Send-off 23 Girls' Glee Club 13 Choir 2, 3. M. GUADALUPE GALNARES "Lupe" "A happy heart make: a pretty face." Student Council 13 Spanish Club 1, 2, 33 Selaco Club 1, 2, 33 G.A.A. 2, 31 Cheer- leading 33 All-school Banquet 1, 2: Senior Send-off 2: Choir 33 "One Foot in Heaven", Honor Student. YVAUNITA GEHRING "Red" "An outstanding maid with an independent mind." Selaco Club Zz B.O.C. 2. RICHARD GEZELINIAN "Gum" "Beware, I may be great yet." RICHARD GIBBS "Richie" "He who talkr little, think: much." B.O.C. 23 Golf 2, 33 Cross-country 3. JANET GIBSON "Gibby" "A pretty girl is like a melody." B.O.C. 33 Transfer from Addison. JOAN GIPPERT "Gifs" "CurJe'J on my fatal beauty." B.O.C. 23 Girls' Glee Club 13 Choir 2, 3. Seniors This page is sponsored by Star Inn 14 LARRY G. GOLLER "Speedy" "Men delight me, But, oh, thoxe women." B.O.C. 2. LEE M. GRIFFIN "Grill" "Studying if a good thing, but why run a good thing to death." FRANK EDWARD GRITZMAKER "Gritzy" "lVhy study when I can ind :omething better to do." Art Club 53 B.O.C. 3i Choir 1, 2, 33 Senior Play. INIARY GRUBBS "C00kie" "The flower of grace growx on a .rlender Mem." Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 3. WVANDA GUILFORD "Wandie" "Sugar and .spice and everything nice." G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. HAL HAGADORN "B ugsn "He ha: two Jpeedx, low and Juper low." Booster Club 23 Varsity "A" Club 33 B.O.C. 33 Football 2, 5: Maple Leaf 33 "One Foot in Heaven." MARLENE JOYCE HAGGARD "Marty" "A charming perron ta have met, and not Jo eary to forget." B.O.C. 2. HUGO G. HAM "Tex" "l'm an old cow hand." F.F.A. 1, 2, 5, All-school Banquet 1. DAVE HAMANN "Skeeter" "There'.r a deal of deuiltry 'neath hi: mild exterior." "Barnaby. " PHYLLIS JEAN HAMDEN "Phyl" "Little, but oh my!" ' B,O.C. 25 Co-operative training 55 Girls' Glee Club lg Choir 2, 5. LILLIAN ELLEN HARTMAN "Ozzie" "A kindly heart hloomr in itr owner! eyes," DICK E. HAYES "Sargef? "The elevator of .rncceir ix not runningy Jo he'll take the .ftairJ," B.O.C. 2, Reserve football 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Football Manager 1. JAMES HAYFORD " j i rn" "Anybody want to buy a good ear?" Spanish Club 2, Reserve football 1, 25 Re- serve basketball lg Cross-country 33 Senior Send-Off 2. AUDINE LEORA HERRIMAN ' "Deen" "Darla hair, .shining eyer, merry humor, .rhe'J a prize." Booster Club 5g French Club 2, 55 All-school slag Committee 55 Girls' Glee Club '15 Choir E Seniors PETER HINE "Pete" "All great men die-I don't feel .ro well myxelff' Booster Club 35 Junior Rotarians 55 Tennis 2, 53 "The Whole Town's Talking"g "Cheap- er by the Dozen"5 All-school Banquet 1, Choir 1, 2g Honor Student. BILL D. HIPPERT "Slim" "Do I :lay 'em? Am I tough? just axk me." Gog 5g Reserve Football 1, 23 Intramurals 1, ,5- ROBERT E. HVOARD "Stonewall" "YeJterday ended la.rt night, or did it?" Football 5. IVILLIAM A. HOLTZ "Willie" "Men can not alwayJ rextrain from devil- irh thingy Who am I to be different?" Student Council lg Reserve football 1, 25 Basketball 55 Reserve Cross-Country 5. GRETA ANN IRELAND "Gert" "Twinkling eyei and a Jolt Jmile will make nf remember Gert a long while." Selaro Club 55 Senior Send-Off 25 Librarian 55 Girls' Glee Club 1. JUDY A. JASMUND ff 1. J." "Fan galore when with her if in Jtore." Latin Club 15 G.A.A. 2, 5, Girls' Swim Team 1, 2, 55 Senior Trip Committee 55 Band 1, 2, 55- Drum Maiorette 2, 55 "One Foot in Heaven." JOHN JEFFREY MICH' "If I'm not for myxelf, who will be." French Club 1, 25 Swimming 1, 2, 5, Base- ball 2, 5g Senior Send-off 2. This page is sponsored by H. W. Tuttle 15 ,- DUANE JENKINS "Jenks" "Tall, dark, and single." Intramurals 1, 2, 3. JERRY JOHNSON "fer" "True ax the needle to the pole, or ar the dial to the mn." Tennis 3g Reserve Cross-Country 3g Band 1, 2, 3, Senior Play. non JONES New "Good lnature and good .reme mm! ever jam." Spanish Club 2, 35 All-school Banquet 2, 3' Senior Send-06 2. i LOWELL KAFER "Lyle" "Men of few word: are often the bert men." Booster Club 53 Junior Rotarians 3g Student Council 2,. 33 Varsity "A" Club 2, 33 Foot- ball 3g Swimming I, 2, 35 Baseball 2, 35 AU. school Banquet 3g Senior Send-off 2. RAYMOND L. KEYTE "Virgie" "Hard work never did agree with me." HOLGER KNUDSEN "What hir heart lhinkx, hir zongue Jpeakxf' Booster Club 3g Choir 3g "One Foot in Heaven"g Exchange student from Nurembutg, Germanyg Honor Student. SHIRLEY MAE KUNEY "Shy" "A firm believer in the powerx of .rilence!" Seniors LOIS FERN LA MAY "0bie' "May Jhe never change-except her name." Art Club lg G.A.A. 1, 23 B.O.C. 2g Co operative training 33 All-school Banquet 2 Choir l, 2. PATRICIA A. LANG "Pat' "Here'.f the love we love and the love we land." Co-operative Training 2, 3. A. JEANNE LAUDENSLAGER 1'Slug" "There'J a Jong in her heart ax .rweet ax a lark." G.A.A. 2, 31 Mapleaires l, 2, 33 Band 1, 2. 33 Orchestra lg Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 31 Choir 1, 2, 35 "One Foot in Heaven." NORMA LEONARD "Shorty" "Short, cute, and full of vitality." B.O.C. 3. NORMA JEAN LONG "N01'm" "She ir ro plearanlhro lively, .ra .rweetg jun to be near her ir alwayJ a treat." Selaco Club 1. RICHARD MCKENZIE "Slippery Dick" "He'J quiet, but, boy! He har hir rnomentif' DORA FRANCES MCADAM "Dottie" "Shen the pal of everyone- Bul the happineu of one." Booster Club 3: Latin Club G.A.A. 2, 3: Girls' Swim Team 1, 2, 3: Cheaper bv the Dozenng All-school Banquet 2g Band 1, 2: Girls' Ensemble lg Choir l, 33 Debate 2, 33 D.A.R. Cizizeng "One F001 in Heaven? Honor Student. This page is sponsored by R. 8. S. Shoe Store A16 1 HENRY MCCARBERY "Friendly and fun to all who know him," Transfer from Tecumseh, Michigan. RICHARD MCCARBERY "Dick" "Nothing but a genius can afford to waste lime." Co-operative Training 3, Band 1, 2g Orches- tra 2, 3. PATRICIA MCELFRESH "Pai" "What.3 Me! Take a higher education, heavenrlu Transfer from Ferndale, Michigan. MARLENE MERILLAT K'Mm'ty" "A charm ha.: .the in hidden depthxf' Girls' Glee Club 3. BARBARA JEAN MEYER "Bobbi" "Keen Jenfe, common Jenre, no room for" Sickle 3g Band 1, 2, 3g Orchestra 1, 2, Senior Play, Valedictorian. KEITH MILLER "Fly Babe" "My conduct in Jchool ir the teachen' iielightg l ileep all day and play all night." Student Council 1g F.F.A. 1, 2. JOHN E. MILLS "Elihu" "The man mort worth listening to if the .rilent one." F.F.A. 1, 2. Seniors WAYNE MILLS "Whitey" "Of course all people will agree-That few and fine are mah at he." - Track 1, 2, 3, Cheerleading 3. CHARLES S. MITCHELL "Chunk" "I like work, it laminate: meg I can :it and look at it all day." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. NELDA FAYE MITCHELL 'iMitCh" "Few can combine ability and gaiety Jo well as .rhe." Selaco Club 1, 3g B.O.C. 35 All-school Ban- quet 1, Sickle 3g Honor Student. EARL MONTGOMERY "Monk" "A loyal friend to have and hold," neither too thy nor too bold." Cross-country 33 Baseball 3. CONSTANCE NAYLOR "Connie" "Line wires never get .rtepped on." G.A.A. 2, 3, Girls' Tennis Team 2, All- school Banquet 3g Band 1, 2, 3g Drum Ma- joretze 33 "One Foot in Heaven." BETTY NIMRICHTER "ButterbalI" "She may Abe miall, the may be qnietg but when it come: to fun, :heir a riot." French Club 2, 33 Sickle 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, String Ensemble 1, 2, 33 Class Trea- surer 3g "One Foot in Heaven", Honor Student. NANCY LEE NOLING "Nan" ' 'G oing-going-gone! " Booster Club 33 French Club 1, 2, Art Club 1, Maple Leaf 3. This page is sponsored by Dr. Geo. H. Wynn 17 CAROL SUE NORVELL "Sweet perxonality, full of faxcalityln French Club 1, 23 Maple Leaf 3. NANCY ORR Queen's Court 3g G.A.A. SHARON OST "Sherry" "Youth come.: but once in a lifetime, Jo I'll ute it while I may." Booster Club 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 B.O.C. 23 Maple Leaf 3. MARCIA ANNE PETERSON "Pele" "I don't know where I'm going but Fm on my way." Art Club 1, 23 Co-operative training 3. RUTH PIERCE 'Pierceyv "A :well gal in every way." Latin Club 13 Selaco Club 2, 33 G.A.A. 2, 33 Girls' Swim Team l, 23 All-school Ban- quet 2, 33 Senior Trip Committee 33 Band 13 Clarinet Quartet 1. NORMA LEE PIFER "Norpus" 3 "B.A., MA., Ph.D., LLD,, B.S., M.S., Eta, Etc." Student Council 13 All-school Banquet lg Senior Send-off 13 Choir l, 23 Senior Playg Honor Student. STANLEY PLATE "Stung "lt'J fun to .rtudy-I'll bet." Student Council 23 F.F.A. 2g Football 2, 3. Seniors YVILMA JEAN POYVELL "Jeanie" "There'i a warm light in thix quiet lady'J eyerf' Selaco Club 23 Co-Operative Training 1. EDITH MAE QUIGLEY "Termite" "I'm not crazy, I just act that way to entertain the people." G.A.A. 33 All-school Play 33 Swim Team 33 Girls' Glee Club 13 Choir 2, 33 Pool Show 1, 23 Senior Play. FERN I. RAINISAY HPunk" "AlwayJ happy, alwayr gay, always friendly in every way." French Club Zz Selaco 33 Girls' Glee Club 13 Girls' Ensemble 1. VAUGHN RATHBUN "Ridgerunner" "Mile a minute." Cross-country 33 Cheerleading 33 Track 3. RUSS RAYMOND "Moose" "A popular latl with permnality plus." Junior Rotarian 33 Student Council 2, 33 Latin Club 33 Varsity "A" Club 33 Golf 1, 2, 33 Basketball 33 Reserve Cross-country 33 All-school Banquet 23 Senior Send-off 25 Class Vice-President lg Class President 23 Saluta- torian. BARBARA REED "Barbie" "Talk . . . how .the can talk!" Booster Club 33 Spanish Club 23 Girls' Glee Club 1. BETTY RHINEHART "Irish" "The world will forever wander what she will do next." B.O.C. 33 Sickle 3. This page is sponsored by Shepherd 8 Stoll 1.8 KATHRYN S. RINEHART "Katy" I 'A girl that uniler ii 4 girl worthwhile." All-school Banquet 13 Girls' Glee Club 1. CARL A. ROBACK "Cowboy" "If women interfere with your work, quit work." Varsity "A" Club 33 F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 F009 ball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2. DONALD E. RUESINK "Duck" "I want to be 4 farmer And with the fnrrnerr nami- A horny-handed grunger With 4 hay fork in my hand," Booster Club 33 F.F.A. 1, 23 "Barnbv"1 All- school banquet 33 Sickle 33 Band 23 Orches- tra 23 "One Foot in Heaven"3 Honor Student. KATHLEEN RUESINK "Kathy" "The girl with many pleaxing way.f." Latin Club 33 Senior Send-off 23 Sickle 33 Band 1, 23 Girls' Glee Club 23 Honor Student. M. ILENE SCHALLER "Blondie" "Blond, Blue eyed, and Bruinyf' Selaw Club .1, 2, 5: B.O.C. 3g A11-school Banquet lg Sickle 33 Honor Student. DUANE E. SCHOONOVER "Scooter" "Another one of thofe A 8: P boyxf' B.O.C. 33 Swimming 23 All-school Banquet 2. LAVERN W. SCHULTZ "Bernie" "There mutt be hard work in him,' None har ever come out." F.F.A. 1, 2. Seniors BERTHA AGNES SEAY "Bert" "With lotx of pep and lot: of fan, She'r one that if liked by everyone." Booster Club 23 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 Senior Send- off 23 Pool Show 23 Maple Leaf 1, 2, 33 Maple Leaf Editor 3. PERCY SHAFFER JR. "On theiruown merit: rnodert men are silent." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. JIBI SHANDLEY "L" "There': 'One' thntir the apple of his eye." BARBARA SHANEOUR "Barb" "She'r got n BUDing future." Spanish Club 1, 23 G.A.A. 2, 33 All-school Banquet 23 Senior Send-off 23 Band 2, 3. PATRICIA E. SIMONDS "Pat" "Tall, dark, and pretty." Student Council 33 Art Club 33 G.A.A. 2, 3. BURGE SMITH "Not too Jeriaur, not too gay, but 4 :well guy in every way," Varsity "A" Club 33 B.O.C. 23 Football 3g Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 3. "Smitty" MARGUERITE SMITH "Mag" "She doeJn't my much but her accornplixhmentr .my a lot." Selaco 2, 33 Co-operative Training 3. This page is sponsored by Carl A. Benz, M.D. 19 MARJORIE ANN SMITH "Margie" "Mail and Male: ir her motto." Co-operative Training 3g Girls' Glee Club 1. RUSSELL E. SMITH "Russ" "Love those women." Track 2g All-school Banquet 1. AUDREY ANN SONCRANT "Arid" "We fear there ir mirchief in thore Jhining eyer." Student Council 15 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Girls' Swim Team 1, 2, 35 Girls' Tennis Team 25 All-school Banquet 33 Band 2, 5, Girls' En- semble 1, 2g Senior Play. M-ARY STAN KEVEH "Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever." Booster Club 25 Latin Club 15 French Club 1, 2, 5: All-school play 1, 2, 5, Senior Send- off 2g Maple Leaf 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2g String Ensemble lg String Quartet lg Senior Play, Honor Student. PATRICIA STARK "Pat" "Mode.rty hecomer a young woman." DELORES STEUWE Dropped. YVIVLLIAM STOCKIVELL "Willy" "I zion't Jay much but I think more." Seniors HOWARD STOCKWELL " Tug" "I wirh l'd been horn rizrh imtead of .ro good looking." B.O.C. 2. BETTY E. SWEET "Sweetie" "Her friendi-there are many Her foe!-are there any?" Student Council 13 Co-operative Training 3. RAY TIDSWELL "joseph" "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic and so do I." French Club 33 Tennis 2, Reserve Cross- country 53 Mapleaires 13 Band Ig Orchestra 15 Basketball 3. SHIRLEY TIMMINS Moved to Detroit. DOROTHY TORNOIN "Dot" "Wehrter doegn't have enough word: to tell how rwell :he rr." Art Club 53 All-school Banquet 35 Senior Send-off 2, Girls' Glee Club lg Choir 3. JAMES TORNOW Enlisted in the Service. SHARON TRACY "Dick" "It'r nice to be good, but you mir: a lot of fun." Latin Club 1g Maple Leaf 3. This page is sponsored by Hathaway Jewelry '20 JERRY TURNER "Saleh" "No matter where we are, we'll remem- ber Jerry, whether it be near or far." Varsity Club 13 Football 2g Baseball 3. GLADYS UNDERWVOOD "Why talk, others do enough of it." B.O.C. 33 Girls' Glee Club 3. BARBARA JEAN VANETTEN "Bobbie" "Simplicity of manners has an enchanting eject." Booster Club 35 Latin Club 33 Selaco Club 2, 3g Maple Leaf 33 Girls' Glee Club 1, 3. MARY ANN VANGORDER "Always a friend to those who know her." B.O.C. 3. BEVERLY VAN VALKENBURG "Buzzie" "The mystery remains unsolved where did she go, every first hour." Choir 1, 2, 3. JILL A. VESCELIUS "Tiny and sweet, always neat." Spanish Club 25 Art Club 23 G.A.A. 2, 35 Girls' Swim Team 1, 2g All-school Banquet 13 Girls' Ensemble 13 Choir 1, 3g Drum Ma- jorette 1, 2, 3. WARNER F. VOGEL "Pug" "A popular lad with personality plus." Varsity "A" Club 23 Football 2, 3, Reserve Basketball 1, 2g Baseball 3g Maple Leaf 3. Seniors CHARLES D, WAID "Chas," "Here it is!" Booster Club 3: Student Council 3, Football 3: All-school Banquet 3g "One Foot in Heaven." . MARY ANN WALLACE "She looks like an angel, but is she?" French Club 35 Senior Invitations 35 Usher for Seniors 25 Sickle 33 "One Foot in Hea- ven"g Honor Student. DALE ELLIS YVALIVORTH "Wally", "Beware! I may be great yet." Student Council 3. RICHARD H. WATTS "Pidge" "He who thinks himself a wit is half right." Football 35 Golf 2, 3g Senior Send-08 2. CHARLES A. VVEAVER "Chink" I'm standing on the brink of success- won't someone push me off?" Reserve Football 35 Reserve Track 1, 2, All- school Banquet 33 Senior Play. HEATHER YVESTGATE "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart," Student Council 23 Cooperative Training 33 All-school Banquet 2g Senior Send-off 2. JOHN G. WETTERHOLT "Rover" "Everyone loves a clarinet player." Booster Club 33 "Barnaby"g All-school Ban- quet 33 Senior Send-0E 23 Mapleaires 1, 2, 3g Band 1, 2, 33 "One Foot in Heaven." This page is sponsored by J. R. VunSchaick, O.D. 21 LOREN WILLEY " Willie" "I knowA l'm not handrome but whaf: my opimon againrt when." French Club 1, 23 Football 1, 2, 3, Base- ball 2, 3g All-school Banquet 35 Class Sec- retary 3. BEVERLY ANN WILLIAMS "Boots" "Charm: .rtrike the right, but merit win: the mul." Student Council 15 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3: B.O.C. 29 All-school Play 3: Senior Send- OE 2: Sickle 35 Class Secretary 29 Honor Student. HARRY L. WILLIAMS "joe" "Action.r :peak louder than word: and we hear a lot from him." Booster Club 3: Football Manager 2, Base- ball Manager 1, 2, 3: Senior Send-off 2g Band 13 Choir 1, 2, 35 "One Foot in Heaven." BARBARA JEAN WILLNOW "Barb" "Never do for yourself whut other: can do for you." B.O.C. 2. ROBERT B. WOLFE "l'V00fer" "He hath a heart 45 .round at a bell, and hi: tongue the clapperf' Swimming 1, 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3g Cross- country 3. YVILLIAM WOODRING " Willie" "Here': to a gay fellow we all like." Transfer from Onsted, Michigan. DOUGLAS ZOOK "Why worry when there are better thing: to do." Varsity Tennis 2, 3: Varsity Cross-country 33 Swimming 3: All-school Banquet 33 Senior Send-03 2. t:D0ug,, Seniors i s S E Photoless Graduates ART BEAUDRY "Stirk' "Only weed: grow tall." Booster Club 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1 Baseball 2. "Men of few word: are the bert men. Reserve Track 1, 2. VELMA IN GRA M "A good dirpoxitiun it more valuable than gold." Transfer from Decatur, Michigan. FRAN K A. STEVENSON "A boy of mature :mall it he A mighty man he'd like to be." GARY BOS "Men of few word: are the bert men. Transfer from Los Angeles, California 3. This page Is sponsored by Damon's Grocery 22 PETER C. GARCIA "Pete' FIRST ROW: Williams, DeNike, Buskirk, Ruesink. SECOND RCJW: Wallace, Bliss, Mc- Adam, VVetterl1olt, Babbitt, Hagadorn. THIRD ROYV: Baer, Miss Holtmeyer, jasmund, Waid, Galnares, Meyer, Nimrichter, Creger, Naylor, l'il'cr, Laudenslager, Soncrant, Burgess, Grillmaker, Slankeveh. Reverend YVilliam H. Spence ......... Hope Spence this wifej .....,.l........ , ........ Hartzell Qtheir sonj, ..,..,.,..., . Eileen Qtheir daughterj .......... Dr. Romer fa good friendj .... Louise fa pretty IIITSSD ,...... ............... ..... Marie fa pretty Mexican girly ....... .. Molly Qa crusaderj ......,...........,... ..,... Ronny ther brotherj .....,.,. .john NVetterholt Frances Mc.Xdam .....,...,.....Bob Bliss lylargaret Babbitt ,..,...Charles XVaid .Betty Nimrichter .....l.npe Galnares ...Bonnie Burgess .....Hal Hagadorn . -,-' 'f,.,. Letty fa pestj .............................................. Mary Ann Hlallace Mrs. Sandow fa proud womanj ..................,..... Virginia Baer Mrs. Digby fa choir singerj ,.......... .........,..., C Zonnie Naylor Georgie flier sonj ............................,..,...............,., Don Ruesink Mrs. Cambridge fchurch workerj ...,..., Jeanne Laudenslager Mrs. jellison Qchurch workerj ........ .......,....... J udy Jasmund Major Cooper .......,,.,....,.,....,.......,... ....,,.,..... B ob Creger Bishop Sherwood .,................. .,..... H olger Knudsen Reverend Fraser Spence ...,..,.. ......... H arry Hlilliams Senior Play As we look back over the year, 1952, the Senior Play will stand out one of the outstanding events. For the lirst time in the school's history, the play was held at the Croswell Theatre. This of- fered better seeing, hearing, and seating advantages. The play cast will long remember the scramble for costumes of the 1910 period, the mix-em and match-em pictures and the strumming of the ukes. Nevertheless, the play was a bang-up success due to the patience and understanding of the new direc- tor, Miss Holtmeyer. The plot was Centered around a minister's family moving into a new parish and all the trials and tribulations that went with it. This page is sponsored by Morris 5 8. IO, Inc. Class ill i We, the Class of '52 possessing such an abundant quantity of unusual talent, do graciously and generously bequeath and will a small portion of this talent to our devoted followers and admirers who remain behind us. I, Hal Hagadorn, being of sound mind, do will and bequeath my innocent grin to Steve Hayden, who needs something. I, Bonnie Burgess being of sound mind, do will and bequeath my artistic ability to Gary Garrison. I, Carol Norvell, being of sound mind, do will my ability to see in crowds to Nancy Milligan. We, Judy Jasmund and Audrey Soncrant, do will our swimming duet to Gloria QDaisyj Martinson and jane fAlexanderj Patmos, who want a little practice. I, Burge Smith, do will my enthusiasm for baseball to Gregg Lamley, who, with his ability, will be in the major leagues. I, Stan Plate, do will my ability to dodge the "blue boys" to Tom Bridges. I, Bob Wolfe, do will my family's honor and pool records to Bruce, who will have to carry on alone, now! 1, Merrill Bales, do will my reputation as class "Romeo" to Johnny Miller, who will live up to my good example. We, Howard Stockwell, Doug Clapper, LaVern Schultz, and Dave Hamann, do will one carton of "Luckies" to the exclusive "Boiler-room Club." I, Mary Ann Wallace falias Lettyj, do will and bequeath my giggles and grin to "The Pepsodent Kid," Mr. Gordon. VVe, the Sickle Class of '52, do will our fourth hour luncheon parties to the Sickle Class of '53. We, the Senior Class, do hereby bestow on "Bish" the honorary title of "Keeper of the Keys." We, the Class of '52, do will one bottle of the Charles Antell formula No. 9 Qguaranteed to grow hair on a billiard ballj to Chet "bring an excuse from home" Davidson. We, Pug Vogel and janet Gibson, do will our Baby Sitting Company to Lowell Perin and Sally Gardner. 24 Class ill We, the en a 'ed irls of the Senior Class, do will our res ected osition to 8 8 S P P any Junior girls who can rope some guy in. I, Charlie VVaid, do will my position as Chairman of the Athletic Committee to Mike Clegg. I, Loren Willy, do will and bequeath my detachable right front tooth to anyone who needs a spare. I, Barbara Meyer, do will and bequeath my nickname "Bubbles" to Sharon Forester, a prominent member of the Variety Show chorus line. I, Sharon Tracy, will my Chemistry book Qafter two years of usej to any one who is sucker enough to take it. I, Fran McAdam, will my attraction for University of Michigan men to Shirley Hoeft. We, Judy, jill and Fran, will our famous medley relay team to any swimmers who plan to make the nationals. We, Norma Long and Marlene Merillat, will our garters to anyone who wants to get a snap out of life. I, Connie Naylor, doewill my sunlamp to anyone wishing a Florida sun burn. VVe, Jeanne Laudenslager and Lowell Kafer, will our ability to spell to Sue Richard and Stan Ehingher. I, Holger Knudsen, do will all my good times and the friendship showed me in school to the exchange student next year. I, Norma Pifer, do will my zest for school work to Roger Roback, a truly great scholar. I, Mary plane Stankeveh, will my ability to get around fast, which I proved at play practice, to next year's track team. 1, Bertha Seay, do will my southern accent to Bill "weighing slightly more than a horse" Harris. We, the Senior Class of '52, do will and bequeath our Dignity and our High Prestige and Honor to the Class of '53, who will doubtless take them anyway. 25 SEATED: Sue Richards, jane Patmos. STANDING: Gary Garrison, Greg Lamley. Junior Class Officers Gary Garrison is serving the Junior Class as president this year. Last year he was treasurer ol' his class. Gary is vice-president of both his home room and choir. He is also a member of the swim team. Greg Lamley, the vice-president, is on the basketball team and active in baseball. He is a member of the French Club and Choir. Greg is also vice-presi' dent of his home room. Sue Richards, our secretary, is one of the busiest girls in the class. This year she is captain of the cheerleadersand she was on the homecoming court. She is a member of Choir, Student Council and G.A.A. Jane Patmos holds the bank book for the class. She is very interested in girls' intramural teams throughout the year. Jane is also a member of the Student Council. This page is sponsored by Horn's Marker 26 FIRST ROW: Aldrich, Allshouse, Atkin, Atwell, Bacus, D. Bailey, Bailey. SECOND ROWV: Ball, Barker, Beaubien, Bennett, Berndt, Blohm, Boonstra. THIRD ROXV: J. Burton, M. Borton, Bournes, Boyd, Bridges, Brininstool, Brown. FOURTH ROW: Buehrer, Burrow, Butler, Calla- han, Campbell, Cardinal, Chesher. FIFTH ROYV: Clegg, Comfort, Connin, Cook, Curtis, Crisler, Daniels. SIXTH ROYV: Demlow, Dempsey, D. Dennis, J. Dennis, Deuter, Dibble, Dougherty. SEVENTH ROW: Downard, Dunbar, Duncan, P. Dunn, S. Dunn, Dunning, Ehinger. EIGHTH ROW: Everts, Farnsworth, Faust, Foerster, Fruth, Gardner, Garrison. NINTH ROW: Galt, Goodrow, Green, D, Grimes, M. Grimes, Gritzmaker, Hall. This page is sponsored by William H. Hewes, M.D. 27 FIRST ROW: Handerson, Harcourt, Harrington, B. Harris, C. Harris, V. Harris, Harvey. SECOND ROW: Hauch, Hawley, Hayden, Hickok, Hill, Hoeft, Hoisington. THIRD ROW: Hull, Hunt, Hyder, Irwin, Isaacson, D. Jacobs, J. Jacobs. FOURTH ROVV: Johnson, E. Jones, V. Jones, Keith, Kelley, Kemp, Kindinger. FIFTH ROW: Kirk, Lacy, Lamley, Lane, Leonard, LaVeck, Littrell. SIXTH ROW: Lloyd, Love, Loveland, Lutz, Mann, Mansfield, Mapes. SEV- ENTH ROW: Martinson, McAfee, McDonald, Myers, Miller, R. Miller, Milligan. EIGHTH ROW: Mitchell, Mort, Bernard Mueller, Betty Mueller, Muench, Myers, Nearhood. NINTH ROYV: Norvell, Oram, Parker, B. Pate, R. Pate, Patmos, Pence. This page is sponsored by James B. Kirk, 0.D. 28 ! V FIRST ROW: Perin, Perkins, Peterson, A. Potes, N. Potes, Powell, Raloff. SECOND ROYV: Raymond, Reed, Rhinehart, Richard, Rion, Roback, Robinson. THIRD ROW: Rollason, Rose Schafer, B. Schultz, G. Schultz, Searles, Selders. FOURTH ROW: Service, Simpkins, C. Smith, B. Smith, R. Smith, L. Snead, B. Snead. FIFTH ROW: P. Snyder, S. Snyder, Stair, Stankeveh Stanko, Stevenson, Stoner. SIXTH ROVV: Townsend, Tarver, Tolford, Trotter, Turner, Van- Doren, Varner. SEVENTH ROW: Ward, R. Warner, S. VVarner, Weaver, Welch, B. White, L YVhite. EIGHTH ROW: Wickman, Wilkerson, Willnow, Winters, Wolfe, Yoakuru, Zimmerman This page is sponsored by Dr. C. Jg Hood 29 a s SEATED: WValker, Campbell. STANDING: Johnson, Hammond. Freshman Class Officers Claude Walker is leading his class as president. Claude is also president of his home room. He is a member of the Latin Club. The vice-president is Joan Campbell. "Jodie" is very active in the Student Council and the Band. The pretty miss taking class notes is Ginny Hammond. Ginny is a member of the Booster Club and Choir. She also serves her home room as secretary. Ray Johnson is the treasurer. Ray is in the Latin Club and on the honor role. Ray also participates in golf. This page is sponsored by Linehan Realty Company 30 FIRST ROW: Ahleman, Aldrich, Anderson, Arnett, Asbell, Atwell, Bailiff. SECOND ROW: C. Baker, J. Baker, Beaubien, Beauchamp, Beck, Bennett, Benschoter. THIRD ROW: Benz, Bierlein, Blaker, Bohn, Bohs, Bond, Boudreau. FOURTH ROW: Bowen, Bradish, Bradley, Brant, Brooks, Brown, Buckner. FIFTH ROW: Bugbee, Burch, Byrd, Calvin, Camp, Campbell, Canaan. SIXTH ROW: Carpenter, F. Carter, H. Carter, Case, Cavasos, Chase, Cole. SEVENTH ROW: Coleman, Connin, Cooke, Copping, Correa, Cox, J. Craft. EIGHTH ROW: L. Craft, Creger, Crow, Dart, Day, Deem, Deming. NINTH ROW: Demlow, Dodd, Dopp, Ehinger, Ellcey, M. Elliot, P. Elliot. This page is sponsored by L..K. Cox, O.M. 31 FIRST ROW: Elston, H. Emerson, W. Emerson, Engel, Etter, Flynn, Foraker. SECOND ROW: Fox, French, Fretwell, C. Funk, N. Funk, M. Garcia, R. Garcia. THIRD ROW: Garwood, Garza, Gautz, Gehring, Gerharr, Janice Gibson, James Gibson, FOURTH ROW: L. Gilbert, R. Gilbert, Gilhouse, Gilliland, Glenn, Goldsmith, B. Green. FIFTH ROW: V. Green, R. Griffin, S. Griffin, Grimes, Gritzmaker, Halsey, Hammond. SIXTH ROIV: Handy, Harris, Harsh, Hartung, Herriman, Hicks, Hill. SEVENTH ROIV: Hoffman, Holmes, Hooper, Horn, Hornby, Horner, Hutchins. EIGHTH ROW: Hyder, M. Isaacson, W. Isaacson, Ives, Jarrett, Jenkins, N. Johnson. NINTH ROW: R. johnson, jones, Kampa, Kinsman, Kirk, Knisel, Kuney. This page is sponsored by Marbro's 32 I . In FIRST ROW: D. Lehr, J. Lehr, LaVeck, Lewis, Lighthall, Lunn, Maloney. SECOND ROW: Marvin, Mattausch, McLaughlin, Mesler, Michener, G. Miller, P. Miller. THIRD ROW: R Miller, Mooney, Moore, Morey, Morgan, Myers, E. Oliver. FOURTH ROW: L. Oliver, Pahl Palmreuter, Pate, Pentecost, B. Perkins, S. Perkins. FIFTH ROW: Philo, Platt, Porter Potts, Powell, Prang, Raburn. SIXTH ROW: Rambo, Reed, Regaldo, Richard, Righter, Riley Rion. SEVENTH ROW: Robinson, Rodriquez, Roesch, Rogers, B. Ruesink, E. Ruesink, Russell EIGHTH ROW: Sager, Schill, Schneider, Schutte, Schwartz, Sellers, Sells. NINTH ROW: Schaf- fer, Sharp, Shepherd, Simpson, Sitterly, Small, B. Smith. This page is sponsored by Howard Heffron, M.D. 33 1 K FIRST ROW: Charles Smith, Colleen Smith, D. Smith, Smith, M. Smith, Snead, M Snedeker. SECOND ROW: N. Snedeker, Snyder, Southwell, Stephan, Stevenson, Stewart, Stover THIRD ROW: Sumeral, Tate, Thorton, Tolford, Tracy, Tucker, Tuttle. FOURTH ROW: Umfress, Underwood, Varner, Vescelius, Vest, Vogel, C. Walker. FIFTH ROW: M. Walker Walworth, Ward, Warner, Weathers, Wheaters, Welch. SIXTH ROVV: Whitehead, Xviesinger lVilson, D. Winters, N. Winters, Witt, lvoller. SEVENTH ROW: Wood, Wotring, Young Younglove, Zander. This page is sponsored by Lloyd Barnes Service 34 Q Cheerleaders FIRST ROVV: Lupe Galnares. SECOND ROYV: Joanne Carter, Pat Dempsey. THIRD ROYV: Vaughn Rathbun, Sue Richartls, YfVaync Mills. Hats off to the Cheerleaders: The Cheerleading squad faithfully attended all games, here and away and very admirably took charge of the pep meetings. The squad consisted of Sue Richards, captain, and Pat Dempsey, a new- comer this year. Both, we hope, will be back next year with the same high spirit! Lupe Galnares and Joanne Carter, our two senior girls, will be missed greatly by the squad and the student body next year. Last but Hot least, our two senior boys, Vaughn Rathbun and Wayne Mills have done a terrific job in keeping up school spirit. It will take a couple of pretty sharp fellows next year to take the place of our own "Ridge-runner Rathbun" and "Hot-rod Mills." Majorettes FRONT ROXV: Shirley Timmins, Connie Naylor, Jill Vescelius, Janice Porter, Onalee Tornpson. BACK ROW: Judy Jasmund. 35 Homecoming Queen and Court FIRST ROW: Sue Richards, Barb Shaneour. SECOND ROXV: Beverly Williams, Margie Babbitt, Nancy Orr, and Jill Vescelius. Margie Babbitt, that pretty and ever popular senior, was chosen by the student body to reign over the homecoming game of Adrian vs. Marshall. Her court consisted of Beverly Williams, jill Vescelius, Barb Shaneour, Sue Richards, Nancy Orr, and Virginia Baer. Bob Creger, President of the Senior Class, performed the formal crowing of the queen, during the half. Following the game, the Queen and her court were honored at the dance in the Senior Gymnasium. Parade Many spectators were out for the annual parade, given on the afternoon preceding the homecom- ing game. This parade consisted of the introducing' of the Queen and her court, and floats made by the homerooms and organizations of Senior High School. The Booster Club took first place in the display of floats. 36 FRONT ROW: Zook, Stoner, Gibbs, Rathbun, Denney. BACK ROWV: Montgomery, Tidswell, Frazier, Raymond, YVol1'e, Sweet. Cross Country Date Team We They Oct. 5 Whitmer QToledoj ..... .... 2 2 33 Oct. 15 Napoleon ............................... 25 30 Oct. 24 Napoleon .................................. 23 32 QLowest team score winsj The Hrst Adrian High School cross country squad organized since 1930 did an excellent job, Coached by Mr. Sweet they won all of their three dual meets and placed well in the State and Albion College meets. Frank Denney placed lst in the Whitmer meet and 18th out of 72 runners in a High School invita- tional meet at Albion College. The team placed 8th at this meet. Rathbun placed lst in both Napoleon meets and 20th in the meet at Albion College. In the State meet at Ypsilanti, on November 3rd, the team placed 13th. Denny was 3rd and Rathbun 14th out of 138 runners. Both boys received medals from the State for this performance. The members of the team who received letters - Denny, Bob Wolfe, Montgomery, Stoner, Gibbs, and Zook - did excellent jobs. The other members of the team - Dan Frazier, Hayford, Bradford, Holtz, Tidswell, Jerry Johnson, Raymond, and Jeffrey - should be complimented for their fine spirit. Stoner was the only member who wasn't a Senior, so there is an opening for many new members on next year's team. This page is sponsored by Bernard Patmos, M.D. 37 FRONT ROYV: Gibson, Burton, C. Smith, XVilley, Bales, fiOid5l11llil Millgr Xoger D mpsex Hull SICOND ROXV: Luce, Duncan, Reed, Diblmlc, Kinsman, Connin, Lutz, Prang, Kaiei Busknk B Smith Clegg Biuok Xnmlu on Dunbar, YVatts, Hurlhnt, X'VcsLi'all. THIRD ROXV: Hagadorn, Belllllify, Corlu C Rflhldx Rhmehall Hniis NIcDonxld Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Bailey, Grimes, YVaid, Hoisinglon, R. Roluack, McLaughlin. Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian 5 M Q Assistant Coach Bob Luce The Adrian High School Football Team, coached by Bob VVestfall, showed marked improvement, over last year's team by winning three of their eight games. Merrill Bales was voted by the members of the team as being the most valuable player. Art Beaudry and Carl Roback received honorable mention by the Twin Valley Association. The opening game with Sturgis, played at the Island on September 14, ended with a loss for the Maples. The Adrian eleven out-played the Trojans during the scoreless hrst quarter, but the visitors came back in the second quarter to make the score of 6-0 for Sturgis. The second half proved to be too much for Adrian, and the game ended 27-6 for the Trojans. Adrian's touchdown was made by Stan Plate. COLDWATER On September 21 the victory-hungry Maples ended a twelve game losing streak, by beating Coldwater 25-13. Coldwater tallied first on an Adrian fumble, but the Maples soon regained the lost ground. Vogel made the ground fly for sixty-live yards to the goal on a hand-off from Dempsey. During the second half, while the Adrian defense was shaking up the Coldwater backs, the Maple offensive kept hitting pay dirt. Sparked by Vogel and Plate, they finished the game with a 25-13 victory. EAST LANSING The third game played at East Lansing, on September 28, ended with a clear-cut decision for the Trojans. Adrian accomplished one feat when Dick Davidson, an East Lansing star fullback, had to leave the game in the lirst qtlarter from the beating the Maple linemen were giving him. At the end of the half East Lansing was leading with a lopsided 19-0. The Maple defense looked better in the second half, but went to pieces in the closing minutes. Adrian's backs - Dempsey, Vogel, and Plate - were held to limited gains. The game ended 31-0 for East Lansing. HILLSDALE On a cool evening of October 5, an alert Hillsdale High football team punched over two fourth quarter touch- downs at the Island to beat the Maples 13-0. The defensive unit, which outshone the offensive with victorious tackles, was composed of Miller, Kafer, and Clegg. A hard charg- ing line led by Willey and Roback held the Hillsdale team back for three quarters. The Adrian offensive was highlighted by Plate, our hard running back, who ripped off gains of 21, 33, and 76 yards. These drives were stopped twice on the Hornets' seven yard line. MARSHALL On October 12 the Maples bowed to the Marshall Red- skins in the homecoming game at the Island. The Adrian football team, playing superb and alert football during the first period, stunned the highly favored Marshall Redskins by taking a 6-0 lead. When Marshallls Ron Cornwell, one of the best backs of the state, fumbled an Adrian punt, MacDonald, Maple end, fell on it. Vogel and Plate lugged the leather to the Marshall three before Plate smashed off the right tackle for a touchdown by inches. Coach Bob Westfall In the second quarter the Redskin's powerhouse began to roll and a 48 yard Marshall pass tied the score. The Redskins were in command for the rest of the game. Adrian's defense was highlighted by Roback, a hard charging guard. Dempsey went 18 yards for a touchdown in the final quarter. The game ended 33 to 13 for Marshall. ALBION On October 19 the Adrian High football team came through with their second win ol' the season. The victory, however, was not easy, as the Wildcats boasted a hard- and-heavy-to-move line. In the first quarter the fired-up Maples powered their way to the W'ildcat's five yard stripe with Plate and Vogel lugging the leather. Plate then went over for the first score. jack "The Toe" MacDonald booted the point and Adrian led 7-0. In the second quarter the Wildcats fought back with a 64 yard drive before Albion's Morgan scored. The Maples then seemed to hzzle until Roback grabbed the ball on the Adrian five and ran 65 yards before being stopped. With this 11ew spirit, Bailey and Dempsey carried the ball to make the score 13-8. Be- fore the game ended, Bailey again tallied which made the final score 19-8. LAKEVIEW Although losing to Lakeview on October 26, the Maples played their last home game with a lighting spirit. The powerful Maple offense struck like lightning in taking an early lead. On the opening play, Dempsey passed to Mac- Donald who ran 63 yards before being downed on the Lakeview nine yard stripe. On the next play, Bailey slipped through. MacDonald's kick was good to give the Maples a 7-0 lead. Then Lakeview's powerhouse, sparked by Kowalski and Francisco charged through to score, but their extra point fell short. Alert playing on the part of MacDonald enabled him to fall on the ball in the Lake- view end zone. He again kicked the extra point, giving Adrian a 14-6 lead. In the second half Lakeview came right back to score twice before the final whistle to make the score 26-14. When the game ended tempers were high on both teams. Fists started to fly, but things were calmed down before a real free-for-all started. MONROE Adrian played Monroe on the cold and snowy night of November 2, when football conditions were unfavorable. This barrier did not stop the Adrian High football team as they came from behind to defeat the Monroe Trojans 7-6. The Maple defense played brilliantly in the below freezing temperature. Line play was difficult with cold hands and feet hindering both teams. Roback, IVaid, Bales, Corley, Dibble, and Harris starred and the defense stood out. However, Adrian was not successful until its offensive started to roll. After the Trojans had scored on a break the Maples became fired and on four plays had a touchdown. Mac- Donald booted the all important extra point which proved to be the margin of victory. FIRST ROW: Raymond, McDonald, Corley, Bailey, Smith, Dempsey. SECOND ROW: Coach Nelson, Vogel, Tidswell, Holtz, Clegg, Lamley, Coach Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Rhinehart, Dun- bar, Horner, Harris. arsity Basketball This year the Adrian basketball squad played the season with only one returning letterman, Jack Dempsey. Adrian won its first game, but were not very successful after that and ended the season with a record of three wins and thirteen losses. Jack McDonald and Jim Bailey, teamed with guard Jack Dempsey, proved to be very valuable to our squad. Jack McDonald received honorable mention in the Twin Valley League. Adrian lost its first game in the district tournaments to Blissfield, when it made only about 10 per cent of its shots. This year, Adrian loses seniors Jack Dempsey, Bill Holtz, "Pug" Vogel, Bruce Corley, Burge Smith and Russ Raymond, but should get a better start next year with its four returning lettermen Greg Lambley, Mike Clegg, Jack McDonald, and jim Bailey. Our Schedule was as follows: Adrian .............,. Napoleon, Ohio 34 Adrian 59 Albion Adrian ........ Coldwater 51 Adrian 26 East Lansing Adrian ........ Marshall 70 Adrian 41 Lakeview Adrian ........ Lakeview 60 Adrian 36 Hillsdale Adrian ........ Sturgis 76 Adrian 38 Marshall Adrian ........ Hillsdale 44 Adrian 41 Coldwater This page is sponsored by Auto Parts Company, Inc. 40 Reserve Basketball This year the basketball reserves, under the direction of Wallace Sullivan, had a rather depressing season and won only two games. As the reserve team is the training ground for varsity material and uses only underclassmen, the team did very well. Clarence Horner, Bob Dunbar, and Ray Tidswell were three of. its members who were promoted to the varsity for further seasoning. The reserve players which will make varsity material in the future are: Bill Lutz, Lyn Dibble, Bruce Goldsmith, Larry Stephen, Bill Vogel, Jim Gibson, Harold Reed, Douglas Hartung. 7 FIRST ROW: Vogel, Goldsmith, Gibson, Hartung. SECOND ROW: Stephan, Dibble, Garba, Coach Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Stankeveh, Ehinger, Lutz, Reed. This page is sponsored by Robert C. Birmingham, 0.D. 41 FIRST ROW: Funk, Robinson, Small, Smith, Powell. SECOND ROVV: B. Wolfe, Bailey Duncan, Faust, Mort, Garrison. THIRD ROW: Coach Hazen, Zook, Dart, Bales, R. Wolfe Jeffrey, Kafer, Manager Buskirk. Swim Team Adrian's swim team this year was very successful. John Jeffrey broke the pool record for the breastfstroke and Dick Camburn broke the back-stroke record. The team placed third in the State meet. During the season a small scale epidemic of the ilu hit our swim team and took some of our best swimmers out of action, but Adrian still went on to win and finished the season with six wins, two losses and one tie. The team is losing seven lettermen in 1952, Merrill Bales, Tom Dart, Dick Camburn, John Jeffrey, Lowell Kafer, and Doug Zook, but they have returning underclassmen, Don Faust, Gary Garrison, Dick Bailey, George Mort, Bruce Wolfe, Clyde Duncan, Dave Byrd, Noah Funk, Jerry Robinson, Dave Smith, Terry Small, Max Powell, and Fred Woodby to carry on in l953. This page is sponsored by Morrison 8. Riehl Drug 42 1 1 FRONT ROYV: Dennis, McAdam, Soncrant, jasmund, N. Tolford, D. Tolford, Demlow. SECOND ROVV: Ashley, Clamburn, Gritzmaker, Barnes, Kerentoff. STANDING: Miss Y'Vickes, Girls Swim Team Captain - Audrey Soncrant Co-Captain - Judy .Iasmund The girls' swim team, under the direction of Miss VVickes, had a rather un- successful year, losing both of their meets to "Toledo's women." Despite the loss of Aludy Jasmund, backstrokerg Audrey Soucrant, lreestylerg and Frances Mc- Adam, breast-strokerg great hopes are held that the team next year will have a longer schedule and make a "bigger splash." This page is sponsored by Finch Printing 43 i ? 'K FIRST ROW: Faust, Bruce Wolfe, J. johnson, Bob Wolfe, Zook, Hine. SECOND ROW: Harris, Smith, Powell, Warner, Coach Hazen. THIRD ROW: Bridges, Woodby, Small, Neil, johnson, Robinson. INSET: Lavon VVo1fe. Tennh Team The tennis team of 1951 had a very successful season with LaVon VVolfe winning the Singles Championship of the Twin Valley as well as the Regional Tournament. Paul Koehn teamed with Rollo Garrison to win the Doubles Title of the Regionals. The Doubles Title of the Regionals was an Adrian affair with the champs winning over Chuck Skala and Bob Wolfe. The 1951 team took third place in the State Meet with LaVon YVolfe being defeated in the finals. The team of 1952 is not nearly so well fortihed as last year's team but with promising freshmen reporting our future looks very bright. Bob WVolfe will be the number one Singles player this year with Bruce Wolfe playing the number two spot and Pete Hine the third. This page is sponsored by Adrian Laundry Co. 44 ,WHMA Left Inset: Dick Gibbs Right Insct: Dick Mott FIRST ROW: Qleft to rightj - Hartung, WV:-itts, Gibbs, Raymond, Buskirk, Youngloie. SECOND ROW: Goldsmith, johnson, Norvell, Bailey, Garrison, Horvath. Golf Team Last spring Adrian High School boasted its first golf team, coached by Mr. Horvath. They ended the season with a record of four victories and two defeats. They also finished first in the Regional contest and fifth in the State. Their wins included two from University High QAnn Arborj, one from Hillsdale and one from Tecumseh. Both of their defeats were handed them by Sylvania. Dick Gibbs, who is returning this year, placed second in the District Tournament and Dick Mott placed third in the state. Mr. Horvath says this year's team is a good outfit. The boys are all con- scientious and work hard. They will go a long way if they keep up their present attitude. There are several promising prospects among the underclassmen of this year's team. A few of the outstanding players this year include Dick Gibbs, Russ Raymond, Bill Hippert, and George Buskirk. April 24 ......... ........ S ylvania ...,.. ........ T here April 29 ......... ......,.. H illsdale ....... ,....... T here May ....... .... .... A l bion ........ ........ T here May ....... ........ H illsdale ....... ..,.... H ere May ....... ........ ' Tecumseh ...................... ....... H ere May .....,. ......., S ylvania ...........,........,....,.... ....... H ere May ....... ......... T win Valley, Lakeview May ....... ........ fl' ecumseh .,........................ .,..,.. H ere May ....... ........ R egional May ....... ......... -X lbion ........ ....... H ere May ....... ........ S tate This page is sponsored by Adrian Dairy l 45 41 FIRST ROW: Anderson, Smith, jeffrey, Willy, W. Vogel, Kafer, Holtz. SECOND ROW: Dempsey, Turner, Montgomery, Mueller, Lamley, Lutz, Bailey, Deuter, WVilliams, Wood. THIRD ROVV: Beaudrey, Miller, S. Ehinger, Chesney, Duncan. Horner, DeSpain, Regalado, B. Vogel Mr. Deuter. FOURTH ROXVZ YVaid, Aldrich, Hoisington, Bohn, Cook, Gibson, Reed. FIFTH ROW: johnson, Jacobs, Weisinger, Borton, Pahl, Hoffman, Ahlman. SIXTH ROW: Calvin, Crow, Riley, Yoakum, litter, C. Ehinger, Snyder, Warner. ABSENT: Corley, Lewis, Allen, jones, Bobs, Garza, Weaver. Baseball Team Baseball of 1951 was very successful with our team being deprived of a tie for the Twin Valley title due to a tie game with Coldwater which could not be replayed. The only loss suffered by the '51 team was a defeat to Lakeview, but as Marshall lost only one game Qthat to Adrianj it succeeded in gaining the league championship. Ronnie Briggs was the stand-out player for the Manles last season. The 1952 season started in returning lettermen, Burge Smith, catcherg Bruce Corley, lst base, Greg Lamley, shortstop, john Jeffery, 3rd base, Lowell Kafer, left field, Loren Willey, right fieldg and Larry Anderson, center field. This page is sponsored by Nu-Way Stretch Company 46 Track Team 1951 track team coached by Mr. Nelson brought out some excellent athletes who set many state and school records. Paul Hook, perhaps the most outstanding member of the squad, set the following records: Place Event Time Island .......,..... .... 4 40 . 54.1 Twin Valley ..... .... 8 80 ..,. 2205.6 Albion Relay ........ ..., 8 80 .... 2:04.7 Regional ...........,..........,...........,............. 880 .,.,................,....................................... 2:02 Dale Fleming also set the school record in the 440, at the Regional meet, with a time of .54. Coach Nelson says this year's team has many possibilities of becoming a winning squad that will keep on breaking records. Some of the outstanding mem- bers of this year's squad are: Crisler in the 440, Frank Denney in the mile, Vaughn Rathbun in the mile and high jump, Bill Harris for the shot put, Jack McDonald for the high jump, broad jump, pole vault and shot put, Wfayne Mills for the high and low hurdles, and Roger Roback in the 880. Left Inset: Dale Fleming Right Inset: Paul Hook FIRST ROW: Mills, Reed, Denney, Rathbun, Walworth, Love, Dennis, McDonald. SECOND ROW: Walker, Stoner, Connin, Roback, Gilbert, Crisler, Rhinehart, Dibble, Coach Nelson. THIRD ROW: Brittain, Frazier, Oliver, Wilson, Gritzmaker, Mesler, Rambo, Harris. This page is sponsored by E. E. Buskirk, D.D.S. 47 1 The Road to A.H.S iff f QRRQQQQ 48 , ,.., -l..-...i-.3 J fx if fJ'f2frifS wnm' ? Soap S FIRST ROW:Brininst0ol, Van Valkenburg, Isaacson, Bierlein, Muench, Snyder, Richard, Kuney, Laudenslager, Hornby, Gippert, Clough. SECOND ROXV: Marvin, Tolford, Mc.-Xdam, Veseelius, Hamden, Hyder, Townsend, G. Gal- nares, Tornow, L. Galnares, Porter, Eliot, Gardner. THIRD ROW: Hauch, Daniels, Dougherty, Ward, Bowen, Milli- gan, Callahan, Raloff, Brant, F. Carter, Quigley, Carter, Cook, Moore. FOURTH ROYV: Brown, Hammond, Rion, Har- tung, Mueller, Gritzmaker, Jenkins, Mfolfe, Williams, Lamley, Horner, Clegg, Beck. FIFTH ROW: Sharpe, Miller, Bridges, D, Grimes, Oram, Knudsen, R. Grimes, Garrison, Lane, Bugby. Choir 1 The Senior High School Choir, under the direction of Paul Rainier, has really come out on top in the last year. They, having received superior rating at the District Festival, are quite certain to receive the same rating at State Fes- tival as has been achieved in the past two years. Congratulations to a very good choir, one of which we are all very proud. President ........ ....... H arry Tvilliams Vice-President ................ ............. G ary Garrison Secretary and Treasurer ...... Jeanne Laudenslager Librarians .... ....... C luadalupe Galnares Greg Larnbley Managers .................... Harold Reed, jill Vescilius, Douglas Hartung, Joanne Carter FRONT ROW: Milligan, Townsend, Bierlein, Tolford, Raloff, Hornby. BACK ROW: Dougherty, Lauclenslager, Hauch, Brown, Moore. Girls' Ensemble This ensemble has done outstanding work in various school and outside activities. We are all very proud olf Mr. Rainier and his fine group. FRONT ROW: Herd, Walker, Irwin, C. Smith, Shepherd. SECOND ROW: Merrillat, Asbell, Gehring, Chase. THIRD ROW: M. Smith, Isaacson, Sager, Chesher, Vanlitten. Girls' Glee Club The Glee Club is to be congratulated for their fine singing at the various musical presentations throughout the year. 51 . E FIRST ROYV: Leone, M. Curtis, Kampa, G. Curtis, Bradish, Smith, Frye. SECOND ROW: Rose, Kishpaugh, Snyder, Coliembiewski, Vlinters, Engle, Hornby, AI. Ruesink, Nimrichter, Reyes, Miss Kellogg. THIRD ROYV: E. Ruesink, Johnson, XValworth, Byrd, Robinson, McCarbery, Ball, Seeck, YVarner, Sampson, Grubbs, Snyder. SILATED: Nimrichter, Hornby. STANDING: Walworth, Ruesink. Orchestra During the hrst semester the orchestra, under the direction of Miss Kellogg, did a very fine job. lt played for many activities such as the All- school Play, the Christmas program, and the Va- riety show. Several parties were enjoyed by the members during the first semester. At the start of the second semester Miss Kellogg accepted a very line job in Flint. After she had left Mr. Rainier, with the help of Mrs. Max Sweet, took over its direction during the second semester. As the first semester plans were carried through in a very capable manner during the second semester, the orchestra has made much progress. String Quartet The members of the string quartet have de- voted much of their time to rehearsals and have played for various organizations and service clubs throughout the city. FRONT ROW: Peele, Bowerman, Palmreuter, Dart, Fuss, Hill, Wetterholt, Curtis, johnson, C. Harris, Leone. SECOND ROVV: White, Bierlein, Bradish, Soncrant, Shaneour, Griffin, VVat- son, Byrd, Kimpel, Rogers, Burgess, Bailey. THIRD ROW: Pullen, Laudenslager, jasmund, Baer, Bliss, Chaloner, Smith, Pfeittle, Schlatter, Albright, Camburn, Frye, Grubbs, Bird, Mr. Bohms, FOURTH ROW: Deming Meyer, Ashley, Keller, Cox, Demeritt, Kelly, Ahleman, Frazier, Naylor, Kampa. ABSENT: J. Harris. Band Al Bohns, our band director, has been right behind the band in every activity. His efforts are shown in the awards received at State Fair and Holland Tulip Festival. This year they represented Adrian at the State Band and Orches- tra Festival in East Lansing after receiving a superior rating at the District Fes- tival. They have backed our teams at basketball games, at football games, and at pep meetings. Their snappy blue uniforms were seen at various parades throughout the year. The Sickle Staff on behalf of the student body Wish to extend their appreciation to the band and its director for their fine work. 53 FIRST ROVV: Griffin, lVetterholt, Rogers, Harris, C. Byrd, Small. SECOND ROW: Bliss, Chaloner, Frye, Cam burn, Harrington. THIRD ROXV: Cox, B. Smith, Ashley, Ahleman, Kelly, Pheiflle, Osworth. DIRECTOR: Alvin Bohms Dance Band Mr. Bohms and his Mapleaires are the pride of the school. Playing at school dances and for vari ous other activities has gained for them a fame that is well known. In our opinion, they are compar able to the best and deserve our many thanks for their fine work. FRONT ROW: Harris, Meyer, Curtis. BACK ROW: Wetterholt, Small. Cla rinette Quintet This woodwind quintet has played for vari- ous school and outside activities. Local clubs and organizations, as well as the Senior Play, and other school functions have enjoyed their music. w Kafer, Creger, Frazier, Buskirk, Chaloner. ABSENT: Raymond, Hine. Junior Rotarians Each year the faculty chooses seven boys for their leadership in citizenship and scholastic achievements to represent the school at the Rotary Club nieetings. Each boy is a guest of the club for one inonth to become acquainted with their organization and meetings. At the end of the year all of the fellows get together and put on a program of entertainment for the club. 55 Pop, Mr. Baxter ......,.. ....,.., FIRST ROW: Simpson, Wood, S. Green, Peele, Lewis. SECOND ROW: Bohs, Koster, Snyder, Burgess, McDowell, Norvell, Towle, Hamman. THIRD ROW: B. Green, Reed, Wick- man, Bolz, Ruesink, Ehinger, Bliss, Deuter, Ward, Mr. Yarman. FOURTH ROW: Milligan, Nearhood, Williams, Quigley, Hoeft, lvetterholt. ll School Play The All School Play this year was "Barnaby," a humorous fantasy. In it were ghosts, leprechans, talking dogs, and a lovable fairy godfather with pink wings. The play was centered around Mr. Baxter, campaigning for mayorg and the scheming Boss Snagg, who was his competition. Barnaby, Mr. Baxter's son, tried to straighten matters out and got involved with all his invisible friends whom only he and his playmate Jane could see. Matters finally got straightened out and all was well. Mr. Yarman should be especially congratulated for his fine job of directing the play. The characters were: Tom Norvell Mom, Mrs. Baxter ......... Barnaby .,..................... M cSnoyd .................. Mr. O'Malley ........ Gus the Ghost ......... jane Schultz ..,.............. Dr. A. A. Smith ........ . Boss Snagg ................. Gorgons . .............. .. Muggins ..... Kent ......... Crowin . .... Barbara ...... Dottie ....... Ruthie ........ Georgie .. ..... Louis ........ Radio ....... ...,.......... ...Sondra Snyder Dick McDowell Lowell Reed Stan Ehinger ,,....Don Ruesink Bonnie Burgess ....,Davitl Deuter john Wetterholt Bliss ,.........Bill Green ...Charles Towle ............Don Koster ........jean Wood ........Sandra Green .Coette Sampson . .,.... Harry Lewis ......,...Dave Peele Dave Hamman Bohs Student Council President .......... ...... R uss Raymond Vice-President ...... ...... B ill Chaloner Secretary ......... ........ S ue Richard Treasurer ..... ...... B ob Creger The Student Council is composed of one representative from each home room. These representatives are elected at the beginning of the school year and serve all through that year. Mr. Davidson is the faculty advisor. This group has sponsored all evening dances, made the preparations for the home-coming parade, the queen and her court, and arranged for the all-school banquet and sponge week. On February 25, the council arranged for Dr. Frye to spend the day at school. Dr. Frye has had a great deal of experience in teen-age problems. After two assemblies in the morning Dr. Frye spent the rest of the day meeting stu- dents, who were seeking advice. FRONT ROW: Kafer, Marvin, Patmos, Carter, Richard, Raymond, Chaloner, Creger Babbitt, Goldsmith, Walworth. BACK ROW: Hyder, McAfee, Snyder, Siinonds, Campbell Moore, Clegg, Waid, Rogers, Walker, Righter, Bennett, Ehinger. 57 FRONT ROW: Nearhood, Southwell. BACK ROVV: McAdan1, Deuter, Hoeft, Debate Tean1 The topic: "Resolved that every American citizen be subject to conscription for essential service in time of war," was selected as a subject for debate in the 1951-52 contests. Adrian started the season with three returning debaters, Shirley Hoeft, Fran- ces McAdam, Lois Nearhood and three new debaters, Marilyn Southwell, Carol Morgan, and Dave Deuter. Adrian won only one debate, but with five debaters returning next year a great season is expected. Forensics In a Forensic contest at Tecumseh in April between Adrian, Tecumseh, Belleville, and Plymouth, Adrian presented themselves very well. Francis Mc- Adam, our only senior, took hrst in Humorous Readings. Pat Tubbs and Lois Nearhood took second and filth respectively in Dramatic Readings. Marilyn Southwell placed second in Extemporaneous Speaking and Jean Cosgrove took a close second in Oratorical Declamation. Shirley Hoeft, because of illness, was unable to compete for Extemporaneous Speaking. She is one of our best and will undoubtedly do a fine job next year. The debating and forensics squads for next year look very promising. 58 FRONT RONV: Buskirk, Milligan, Burgess, Muench, lklichener, Hammond, Mapes, Van- litten, Bowerman, McAdam, SECOND ROW: Beck, Noling, Fisher, Callaway, Blanchard, Ost, Reed, Dempsey, Carter, VValker, 1-lerriman. 'l'l-IIRD ROXV: Hine, Williams, Ashley, NVetterl1olt, Beaudry. 'Waid. Knudsen, Kafer, Norvell. Booster Club It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Booster Club was the most active club in school this year. Their ambition, zest, and ability to boost school activities was felt from the shingles of the roof to the foundations ol the basement. No one will ever forget the spectacular sale ol the Sickle. The walking monkey, the colorful banners, the changing emblems worn by the boosters each day, the PA. announcements all added up to a unequaled sale ol' Sickles lor which the Sickle Staff is deeply grateful. Other projects ol' the club included selling of tickets for the Senior Play, All School Play, Season Football tickets, and Maple Leaf subscriptions. Another high point was the impressive programs put on lor the Thanksgiving and Easter assemblies. They also helped with the Red Feather drive, by putting on a noon movie. The Red Cross drive was started by two speaking groups who went to various clubs and explained the Red Cross services. All this was accomplished under the capable leadership ol Miss Sherman, the advisor. So hats off to Miss Sherman lor helping to make this year's Booster Club a success. President .......... ....... G eorge Buskirk Vice-President .,.. .,....,........ I ,owell Kafcr Secretary ........... ....... P 'rances McAdam Treasurer ...... .......... ......... H o lger Knudsen 59 STANDING: Seay, Norvell, Wickman, Hagadorn, B. Creger, Bohn, Stankeveh, Vanlitten, Vogel. SEATED: Everts, Galloway, Trotter, Hoeft, Southwell, Creger. Maple Leaf As a source of information and entertainment, the Maple Leaf has grown from a small production to a high ranking paper in its class. This year marked its nineteenth year of publication in bringing the students and administration up to date on school events. The advisor, Miss Sherman, and the staff did a line job of editing the bi-weekly. The Staff Editor ..................... ....,.... B ertha Seay Assistant Editor ......... ......... S hirley Hoeft Editorial Editor ........ .............- I udy Galloway Sports Editor .......... .,....... lN Iaralyn Southwell Feature Editor ...,............. ........ ly Iary Jane Stankeveh Circulation Manager ......... ............... ly Iarian Trotter Business Manager ....,... ........ M arty Bohn Exchange Editor ........................................ Hal Hagadorn Reporters: Nancy Noling, Sharon Ost, Carol Norvell, Sharon Tracy, Jean Creger, Kathryn Everts, Ruth Wickman, Marian Trotter, Hal Hagadorn, and W. Vogel. 60 Latin Club FRONT ROW: Winters, Dopp, Stevens, Bean, M. Elliot, Snyder, Palmreutcr, D. Walker, Wickman, Nearhood B. YVhite, Creger, Gibson, Vest, Holtmeyer. SECOND ROXV: Reed, Myers, McCormick, Faust, Kapnick, Hornby, Marvin Bierlein, Kuney, Curtis, L. White, Allshouse, Everts, Hauch, Ruesink. THIRD ROW: Tubbs, P. Elliott, Day, Beaubien Forester, Mapes, Dart, Simpson, Michener, VanEtten, V. jones, C. Smith, E. jones, Tuttle. FOURTH ROW: Pinkerman C. lVa1ker, Rogers, D. Smith, Cox, R. Walker, Jenkins, Bailey, Bolz, Deuter, Hoisington, Borton, Clapper, Raymond Fisher. President .......... Vice-President ..,. Secretary i ........ Treasurer ...... Advisor ....... The Latin Club members should this year. Under the able leadership reorganized and became a member of The group met twice a month in ......Sondra Snyder .......Mary Lou Elliott ......Nancy Palmreuter .........Dennis Wfalker .......Miss Holtmeyer be proud of their many accomplishments of Miss Holtmeyer, the Latin Club was the junior Classical League. study hall with each evening consisting of a business meeting, program, and refreshments. Highlighting the year's activities was the celebration of National Latin W'eek, the last week of April. Its purpose was to stress the importance of Latin, the study of foreign languages in general, This was carried out by arranging a and to develop an appreciation for Latin. visual display in the Latin room and by placing posters throughout the school. The week was culminated by a Roman banquet which was arranged as authentically as possible. The officers should be praised for their efforts toward the success of the club. 61 FIRST ROYV: C. Calnares, Jensen, lliompson. Veseelius. SICCONIJ ROXV: V. jones, Fuss, llall, Clcrsliider, Hippert. THIRD ROXV: B. Jones. Isaacson, Shield. Swartz. llClllll'll'liS0ll, I.. Galnares. FOURTH ROW: Hard, Milligan, Hyder, Callahan, Horton, Nlartinson. Spanish Club The Spanish Club was quite active this year under the able leadership ol Mr. Sullivan and the officers. One ol' the outstanding activities they had was the annual "Feli Navidad Party," which was held at the Home lieononiies I-louse. The Club also sponsored a Talent show. lts members all worked hard to make the elub a success. Presidente ........ ...... L upe Galnares Vice-Presidente ..... ..... C Lonzale Calnares Seeretaria ......... ....... S hirley Hyder Tesorera ..... ...... B everly l'Villian1s 62 FRONT ROYV: YVoller, Snead, Herriman, Lamley, XVallace, Mucnch, Nimrichter. SECOND ROXV: Small, Chase, Hill, Becker. Carlin. Wood, Raloll, Dunning, Kemp. THIRD ROYV: Aldrich, Casper, Stankeveh, Mansfield, NVliile, Holtmeyer, Tidswell. French Club ...........Greg Lamley President ........... Vice-President ..... ..... B flary Ann Wallace Secretary ..... ...... C larolyn Muench Treasurer ..... ..... A udine Herriman The French Club with Miss Holtmeyer as advisor has had several interesting meetings in which French Culture and Customs were discussed and reports were given. The Christmas party and the Mardi Gras, however, were the top features of the year. At the Christmas party all French Customs, including a French Christmas cake containing a ring, was served. The evening ended by the singing of French Christmas Carols. The Mardi Gras, which is the height of the fashion- able season in French New Orleans, was celebrated by the members of the club in appropriate style - as each person attended in costume complete with masks. The entire program and the refreshments were carried out in the Mardi Gras theme. The main objectives of the club are to increase the interest of the students in the French people and their culture and to become more adept at using the French language. 63 arsit " " Club The Varsity Club this year replacing last year's Varsity "A" Club was organ- ized by Bob Creger and Russ Raymond in the Student Council. It is composed of all boys who have won a letter in some varsity sport this year. They have sponsored many school activities among which are the Easter Seal drive and the Blue and Wfhite Game. O 0 ff I c e r s President ..... ...... i Al Rhinehart Vice-President .... ..... B ill Harris Secretary-Treasurer ...... ...... K lim Bailey FIRST ROW: Qleft to rightj Miller, Watts, Stoner, Connin, Smith, Creger, Lutz, Zook Dempsey, Bailey, Chaloner, Lane. SECOND ROW: Anderson, Denny, Rathbun, Turner, Kafer McDonald, Vogel, Corley, Garrison, Robinson, Jeffrey. THIRD ROW: Hagadorn Beaudry J. Bailey, Rhinehart, Dibble, Mort, Harris, Lamley, Holtz, Raymond, Mfaid, Hayden, 64 FRONT ROW: Casper, Nearhood, Emery, Shaneour, Baer, Mc.-Xdam, Muench, Simpson, Mansfield. SECOND ROYV: Smith, Quigley, Carter, Galnares, Yvickman, McAfee, Bowcrman, Powell, Borton, Willnow. THIRD ROYV: Seay, Beaubien, Patmos, Naylor, Vcscclius, Guilford, Blanchard, Ost, Richard. FOURTH ROW: Martinson, Hyder, Hocft, Baldwin, Babbitt, Crow, Laudenslager, Soncrant, Pierce, Jasmund. Girls' Athletic Association President ................................... .................... G inny Baer Vice-President ...... .......... B arb Shaneour Secretary ............ ....... F rances McAdam Treasurer ...................................................... Doris Emery Point Recorder ...................................... Carolyn Muench The Girls' Athletic Association was formed for the purpose of developing the girls athletic department. Mrs. Kilpatrick is the faculty advisor. Throughout the year intramurel teams are formed in several different sports. Sixty points are awarded each girl who participates on a team the required number of times. Additional points may be earned by being a member of a championship team or by acting as referee at one of the games. Any girl who has earned 50 points is eligible for G.A.A. This year the club again sponsored their annual swim show, 'AThe Aqua Jour- nal," which was a great success. At the beginning of the year a tea was held for the mothers of the G.A.A. members and all had an enjoyable time. Pool Show The G.A.A. presented its annual water pageant using a newspaper, "The Aqua Journal," as its theme. Turning from page to page, we find: THE PRE- VIEW, BIRTHS, A WEDDING, DEATH, COMICS, SPORTS, SOCIETY, AND LOST AND FOUND. This was followed by a FINALE, in which all the members of the show participated. The show was directed by Mrs. Alberta Kilpatrick and Miss joan Wfickes. 65 SITTING: Beverly lfVilliams, Pat Lang, Bob Bohn, Betty Sweet, Alice Fuller Ray Etter Heather Yvestgate, Jean Powell. STANDING: Marcia Peterson, Marjorie Smith Richard Mc Carhery, Gale Dunny, Bill Woodring, Keith Perkins, Marguerite Smith, Lois LaMay ABSENT Phyllis Hamden. Co-op Club This year for the Hrst time the Related Instruction Class formed a new club, called the Co-Op Club. The Club's advisor is Mr. D. T. Wfhitney. In forming this club the main idea was to have an organization to further social activities along with working instructions. The club has enjoyed skating parties and home parties. We, the members of the Sickle Staff, welcome this new organization and hope it will continue for many more years. The officers are: President ......... Vice-President ..... Secretary .... Treasurer ..... 66 ........Bob Bohn Betty Sweet Alice Fuller ......Ray Etter President ..... ...... F rank Gritzmaker Vice-President .... ...... T om Norvell Secretary ........ ............. lX flarilyn Crow Treasurer .... ........ D uane Schoonover The Business Organization Club, under the direction of Mr. Lutz, promoted a larger attendance to the swim meets, by sponsoring a pep meeting, and aroused interest by means of PA. announcements. They also were active in the sale of seasonal tickets, and secured ads for the basketball tournament programs. They hope to be able to enter into other activities before the end of the year. FRONT ROW: Service, Schultz, Norvell, Schoonover, Crow, Gritzmaker, Schaller, Mitchell. SECOND ROXV: Jacobs, Mueller, Comfort, Fruth, Underwood, Zimmerman, Searles, Potes, Gibson, Mfelch. THIRD ROW: Rhinehart, Powell, Boyd, L. Craft, Baker, Leonard, Lacy, VanCorder, Camburn, Cook. 67 FRONT ROYV: Tracy, T. Mitchell, Van Doren, C. Mitchell, Peterson, R. Roback, Reed. SECOND ROYV: litter, Flynn, Raymond, R. Brittain, Shaffer, Parker, C. Roback, Mr. Strand, THIRD ROW: Carnahan, Jacobs, Roesch, A. Brittain Rambo, Cunningham, Brown, Sants. FOURTH ROWV: Frazier, Griffin, Potts, Cilhouse, Fretwell, Brooks, LaVeck, Ham. ABSENT: Hauch, Kay. Fo Fo o OFFICERS FOR l95l-l952 President ...,....... ......... A 1 Peterson 'Treasurer ........... ....... C huck Mitchell ViC6-P1'CSident .......................... ......................... R oger Roback Reporter .......,................,..,..,...............,................... Lowell Reed Secretary ...............,,.,......,........,.,.................,.......,... Ted Mitchell Advisor ..................,.,.....,...,.,...,..,,..........,.............. Forrest Strand State Convention Delegates .......,... Xrt LcVeck, Percy Shaffer National Conv. Delegates .,.... Lowell Reed, Robert Brittain EVENTS AND TRIPS TAKEN In November a joint party with the Selaco Club was held. This party consisted of a game supper and square dance. In December a joint Christmas caroling party was held with the Selaco Club. A one day trip was taken to the Farmers' Week program at East Lansing in January. In April the F.F.A. and Selaco Club exchanged classes for two weeks. Throughout the spring on Thursday noons, the F.F.A. sponsored movies in the Study Hall. The results of this year's District Contest held in Morenci are as follows: A second place in pub- lic speaking was taken by Percy Shaffer, a third place in demonstration was taken by John Kay and Jim Crow, a first place in parliamentary procedure was taken by Roger Roback, Ron Raymond, Lowell Reed, Al Peterson, and Bob Van Doren with Roger Frazier and Richard Parker acting as alternates. This parliamentary procedure team also placed first in the Regional Contest at Milan. At the State Contest held at East Lansing this team placed 7th. On April 9th Roger Roback took 15 chickens to the Chicken of Tomorrow Contest at Hamil- ton, Michigan and placed well. The future plans of the F.F.A. include a father and son banquet, a tractor rodeo, and throughout the summer, a farm market. 68 The Selaco Club has engaged in many activities this year. The success of the group is due to the very fine cooperation and leadership of Miss Neilsen, the advisor. Many members sold hot dogs at the football games to raise money for the piano they wished to purchase for the Home Economics house. Many other projects were undertaken throughout the year to raise money for the treasury. The girls had numerous occasions to hold joint parties with the F.F.A. Many guest speakers were invited to the club during the year, among them Mr. Ted, hair stylist from Toledo. President .,......... ...... L upe Galnares Vice-President ..... ....,... D oris Emery Secretary ...... ........ I lene Schaller Treasurer .... ...... G onzala Galnares Scribe ..... ...,.... N elda Mitchell Historian ........... ........ D onna Robinson Point Chairman .... ........... R uth Pierce FRONT ROW: Craft, LeVeck, Maloney, Gehring, Smith, Vescelius, S. Myers, Jerrit, Cop- ping, Shepherd, Hutchins. SECOND ROW: Lacy, Raloff, G. Galnares, Emery, Mitchell, L. Gal- nares, Schaller, Robinson, Pierce,, Mann, Zimmerman. THIRD ROW: Miss Neilson, W. Myers, Powell, Rinehart, Ireland, Camp, Dunn, Hall, Chesher, Brown, Ramsay, Mansfield. FOURTH ROW: Case, Weathers, Tolford, Carter, Mooney, Vanlitten. French, Young. 69 gl FRONT ROW: Hull, Gilbert, Burgess, Tornow, Gritzmaker, C. Boonstra. SECOND ROYV: Smith, Griffin, Tuttle, Vest, Asbell, P. Boonstra. rt Club The Art Club was reorganized this year after a lapse of a year. The purpose of the Art Club is to do anything helpful for the school, community, or them- selves. One of their projects this year was the selling of Christmas corsages in hall to promote the Xmas spirit. Anyone who is interested in art may join club and under the helpful guidance of the advisor, Miss Hutchins, they sure to receive much encouragement. This also gives the students who have full a schedule a chance to keep up their art work. President ........ ....... B onnie Burgess Vice-President ..... ........ D orothy Tornow Secretary ............ Pat Simonds Treasurer ..... ...... F rank Gritzmaker 70 the the are too Sponge Week The annual Sponge week, the only time of the year that the boys can look forward to completely sponging off the girls, was held in March. The program featured for Monday night, a niovieg Tuesday night, a skating party at Sand Lakeg Wednesday night, a swinnning partyg and Thursday, all girls were requested to wear white shirts and ties. The week was ended with a good old fashioned Square Dance on Friday night. 71 Carol Norvell, Audrey Soncrant, Virginia Baer, Ruth Loren VVilley, Charles YVeaver, Clyde Duncan, Pierce, Judy jasmund, Connie Naylor, jill Vecilius. Charles Waid. All School Banquet Richard Hayes, Lester Lane. "He sees you when you're sleepingg he knows when you're awake." Yes, Santa Claus was every- where on December 21 at the "Toyland Hop," which was the theme ol this year's All-School Banquet. A very enjoyable meal was served at the Baptist Church at 6:30 by the church women. That favorite Chicken 'n biscuits was the main dish. The tables were attractively decorated with large toys and stuffed animals. Following the meal, Mr. Rainier led community singing of carols. VVith Mike Clegg serving as Mas- ter of Ceremonies, everyone enjoyed the hilarious and entertaining program. VVe will always remem- ber Charlie Waid and his Astonishersg the chorus lineg the two crooners, Less Lane and Dick Hayesg and many other entertainers. After the program the banquet continued at the Adrian High School gymnasium in the form of a dance, with Bill Carter's Dance Band furnishing the music. As the day closed, so ended another All-School Banquet we shall all remember. 72 ariety Show "Mirth Quake," the title ol the l952 Variety show, was a huge success, and was viewed by a capacity audience. The orchestra, band, and choir did their share in the program together with various novelty numbers. HFOLll1llI1 at the Fiddle" by the orchestra, "The Syncopated Clock" Qcomplete with clocksj by the choir, and "Joshua" by the band were novelty numbers enjoyed by all. John Ashley as Sam Shovel, Private liar, and the Astonishers with their version of "That's my Boy" tickled everyone's funny bone. Next came the choir with their selections from Show Boat." We can not forget the ensemble with "Show Boat Is Comin'," "Bill" by Joanne Carter, "Make Believe" with Gracie Townsend and Harry WVilliams as soloists, Lester Lane with Al Jolson's "Toot Toot Tootsie" and Pete Hine with that beautiful ballad "Ol' Man River." The work of Mr. Rainier and his able assistants have really shown results by the great ovation that "Mirth Quake" the 1952 Variety Show received. 73 '1 And This is Heaven QNGLL 2 f ' G- Q svlqcil Q23 V' 74 vertising A. B. Park Company .,.,.... ....... 7 6 Adrian Federal Savings ...... ....... 8 l Adrian Fruit Market ........ ....... l 00 Adrian Grain Co. ........... ....... 9 4 Adrian Livestock ...........,.. ....... 7 6 Adrian Sales Company ........ ....... 9 S Adrian Salvage .................,.... ....... 7 8 Adrian Shoe Service ............... ....... 9 0 Adrian State Savings Bank ....... ....... 8 9 Adrian Tobacco .............,......... ....... 8 6 Arts Sandwich Shop ..... ....... 8 4 A 8: W Root Beer ..... ....... 9 8 Beck 8a Egan ........ ....... 9 1 Berndt's jewelry ...... ....... 7 7 Brock1ey's Studio ....... ....... 9 9 Chaloner 8: Lo. .....,......... ....... 1 00 C. H. Rumph 8: Sons ...... ....... 1 00 Citizens Gas 8: Fuel Co. ...... ....... 7 7 Collins Sales and Service ....... ....... 8 1 Commercial Savings Bank ..... ....... 9 6 Cunninghams Drug Store ..... ....... 9 l Cutler-Dickerson Co. ...... ....... 8 3 Davis Sc Baily ................. ....... 8 5 Doc's Frame Sc Axle ..... ....... l 00 Dunbar Sc Company ....... ....... 7 8 Fred F. Driscoll ................ ....... 9 0 Economy Furniture Co. ...... ....... 9 3 Economy Shoe Store ........ ....... 9 4 Gerity-Michigan Corp. .,.....,.............. ....... 9 2 Guthrie Typewriter Xa Supply Co. ..... ....... l 00 Hard 8: Bailey Drug Co. .............. ....... 8 6 Haley's Shoe Store ................... ....... 8 3 Harry E. Griewahn ....... ....... 8 3 H. L. Judge Jeweler's ...... ....... 8 5 Horn's Hi-Speed Service ...... ....... 9 1 Hurd Lock Company ...... ....... 8 8 Hy-Flash Service ............. ....... 8 4 jarrett's Grocery ...... ....... 9 0 J. C. Penny .......... ....... 8 2 jerry Lane ......,................................. ....... 9 4 jim Green ............................................ ....... 8 3 Lenawee County Bar Association ....... ,...... 9 5 Lenawee Equipment Co. .................. ....... 8 4 Lenawee Hotel ............... ....... 7 8 Leonard Gulf Service ...... ..,.... 9 3 Louis Frank Sc Sons .......... ....... 8 7 Lovitt's Service Station ...... L. W. Kelly ........................ ....... 7 9 Main Stop .............................. ,...... 8 1 Marathon Super Service ....... ....... 9 4 Maumee Company ................ ....... 9 7 Maurice's ............................ .,..... 8 5 Meyer's Dept. Store ................. ....... 9 3 Michigan Producers Dairy ....... ....... 8 9 Miller's Grocery ....................... ....... 8 3 Milligan Standard Service ..... ....... 8 6 Monroe Shoe Service .,.,..... ....,.. 9 6 Nixon's Music Shop ....... ....... 9 1 Oil Service Co. ..,........ ....... 9 9 75 Director Purity Ice Cream ................. Ray P. White .......................... Rimell's Standard Service .... Robb Builders Inc. .....,......... . Rock Inn .................................. Rogers Lumber Sc Coal Co. .. Schwartz Restaurant ........,. Silver Dollar Cafe ....... S. S. Stull .............................. Star Clothing ..........,............... Stevenson Lumber Bc Coal ,... Stubnrtz-Greene ..................... . Swigert's Book Store ....... Ted's Grill .......,............. Terpeney Motors ...... Towle Barber Shop ................ Typewriter Sales Sc Service .. Uhlmans Dept. Store .......... WValper Furniture Co. .... . Hlillnow Printing Co. .... . PATRO N'S DI RECTORY Adrian Dairy ............................ Adrian Laundry Co. Auto Parts Co., Inc. Lloyd Barnes Service ............ Carl A. Benz, M. D. Robert C. Birmingham, O. D. .... . E. E. Buskirk, D. D. L. K. Cox, O. M. ........ . Damon's Grocery ...... Dove Roofers .............. Excelsior Laundry ....... Finch Printing ............. Hathaway jewelry .............. S. ....... . Howard Heffron, M. D. ....... . William H. Hewes, M. D. ...... . Dr. C. J. Hood ........................ Horns Market ............... james B. Kirk, O. D. .... . Linehan Realty Co. .... . Marbro's ......................... Morris 5 Sc l0c Store ....... Morrison and Riehl ....... Nu-Way Stretch Co. ......... . A. S. Pasternacki, M. D. Bernard Patmos, M. D. R. 8: S. Shoe Store ........... Ramsey Grocery .....,..... Raymond Auto Sales ....... Shepherd Sc Stoll ........... Star Inn ................................ H. W. Tuttle .......................... J. R. Van Schaick, O. D .......... Westgate-Condra Sc Co. ......... . Wilcox Hardware Co. .... . Dr. George H. Wynn ....... IIDIIIIIII LIVE STUCK C0. LIVE STOCK AUCTION EVERY TUESDAY AL LINEHAN JR A. B. PARK COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1877 dm You are Always Welcome at the A. B. PARK COMPANY R TING ARD 121 N. Main Street G EE C S B OKS ADRIAN - MICHIGAN O B E R N D T ' S JEWELRY Phone 2214 131 East Maumee Adrian, Michigan 77 II U N B A H ANI: EUMPANY HEATING - PLUMBING -AIR CONDITIONING 242-244 W. Maumee St. VENTILATING Adrian, M COMPLIMENTS OF LENAWEE HOTEL Dupree Fountain, Mgr. A. D. Foust, Pres. WILLNOW PRINTING COMPANY INVITATIONS-ANNOUNCEMENTS PRINTED - ENGRAVED 230 East M Telephone 402-M oumee Adrian, M h Congrafufafiond fo fke Cjfcwd 0 i952 ADRIAN SALVAGE 421 COLLEGE 78 TOWLE BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS TO TH E KLGVICIWGG Hotell CLASS OF l952 M Have Your Barber Work Done g By Appointment EXPERIENCED BARBER L. W. Leslie Towle PACKARD SALES AND SERVICE phone 2490lAdrian' Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF UHLMAN5 DEPARTMENT STUHE Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-Wear DRY GOODS I ACCESSORIES 79 fnnzphhmnta, of QCJSQRO STUBNITZ GREENE SPRING CUIIPUBATIUN +-I-+-I--I-+-I--I-+++-I--I-+-I'++-I-'I-++++-I--l'++++-I'++++++++-I-++-I-,I I I HERE'S BASIC TRAINING FOR YOUR SUCCESS O Have your own car, home, business . . . further education. Here's how. III Open an Adrian Federal Savings Account the day you graduate. l2l Add to it every payday. l3l Collect better than average dividends twice a year. l4l Use your accumulated sav- ings and their earnings to buy whatever you want most. l5l Then, keep on saving regu- larly . . . building lifetime security that marks you a financial success. M AND LOAN ASSOCIATION fm?M4fFEfofe4z Samfes ' 121 West Maumee Street, Adrian, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Looking forward to years of pleasant QF business relations with you. COLLINS SALES 81 SERVICE Corner U. S. 223 and Treat Road ADRIAN, MICHIGAN A FRI END Your Willy's Overland Dealer EAT IN PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS RIMALLS STANDARD M A I N S T O P SERVICE OPEN Sundays and Evenings till 12:00 IOO3 N. Main Phone I948 y 81 The J. C. Penney Co., Inc. wishes to honor the girls ond cooch of Adrian High School who presented such o fine pool show, the outstanding girls' event ofthe seoson. 82 COMPLIMENTS OF JIM GREEN Fine Apparel for Gentlemen IIO N. Main St. ADRIAN, MICHIGAN H A L E Y ' 5 SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY On The Four Corners Headquarters for Poll Parrott Children's Shoes and Women's Enna .Iettics ADRIAN, MICHIGAN I-IHBRY E. GBIEWHHN READY MIXED CONCRETE 240 West Maple Avenue ADRIAN, MICHIGAN MILLER'S GROCERY Fresh and Cold Meats Selected Fruits and Vegetables ' Fon PAINTS and vARNlsHEs - ss: - THE 615 w. Maple CUTLER-DICKERSON CO. IIITEIIIIIITIUIIIII. MIITIIII TIIIICIIS INTERNATIONAL HOME FREEZERS AND REFRIGERATORS FARM MACHINERY LENHWEE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 825 E. Beecher GASOLINEJFOR LESS ART'S sANnwicH SHOP Hamburgers o French Fries HY-FLASH ssnvicii 5""' Me" 1500 M. Maumee 526 N. Main Adrien, Mieirigen Adrien Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF ROGER'S LUMBER and CCAL CO. ADRIAN MICHIGAN 84 COMPLIMENTS OF H. L. JUDGE JEWELERS 'I07 S. Main St. Adrian - Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS 8. BAILY 132 So. Main Street ADRIAN - MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS OF DWIGHT ll. DENNIS AGENCY OFFICE 208 National Bank Bldg. Adrian, Michigan RESIDENCE 4'I'I East Hunt Street Adrian, Michigan REPRESENTING STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Auto - Life - Fire Bloomington, Illinois ' I mafor in .izadlzionzi Ar fine ,0mg-af.l,m,-f 85 ROBB BUILDERS, INC. INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL AND FINE HOME BUILDING 217 W. Maumee Phone 1530 ADRIAN TOBACCO MILLIGAN'S STANDARD and SERVICE CANDY CO. Corner N. Main and Front Sis. WHOLESALE ADRIAN, MICHIGAN So. Winter St. Adrian, Mich. Phone 9156 - 1723-R HARD 8: BAILEY DRUG CO. jim Hexall. 51010. Phone 248 141 So. Main St. Adrian, Michigan 486 Congrafufafionri fo Me ADRIAN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '52 Clf5 U LOUIS FRANK 8 SONS BALES, ASS'T COACH LUCE, WILEY, COACH WESTFALL The Hurd Lock Co. wiakea fo congrafufafe . . . The Maple Football Coaching Department tor their untiring efforts in teaching fair play and sportsman- ship, as well as the co-captains for their outstanding leadership. 88 COMPLIMENTS OF ADRIAN SIAII SAVINGS IIANII Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS P' TO THE CI-A55 OF '52 Clothing and Shoes for the Family TERPENEY MOTORS 302 Tecumseh Street SELECT USED CARS Established 1937 Phone 1309 'I375 West Maumee ADRIAN, MICH. QOMPLIMENTS or MICHIGAN PRODUCER'S DAIRY Quality Dairy Products 89 FRED T. DRISCOLL For Quality Shoe Repairing Corner 223 and Wolf Creek Road ADRIAN, MICHIGAN ADRIAN SHOE SERVICE Phone 136-M BillLcmsonIProprieI'orI TIRES - BATTERIES JAluusT'r's Gnocsnv COMPUMENTS OF ADRIAN, MICHIGAN I S' S' STULL Route No. 3 Jgwugk G'-5 ' ' 0"- 136-140 S.Main sneer Phan. 1'l15-I4 Adrian Michigan WE CONGRATULATE THE SENIOR CLASS OF '52 STEVENSON LUMBER 81 COAL CO. 79 YEARS IN ADRIAN 'I873 1952 90 Compliments of IVCI INN ' MOTEL RESTAURANT GOOD FOOD Corner U. S. 223 and South Main Adrian I Complimenfs Of NIXONS MUSIC SHOP HORNS HI-SPEED SERVICE EVERYTHING 204 S. Winter Street IN 'MM 443 Muslc AND xscoaos COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF BECK 81 EGAN 136 N. M ' cuNNmGHAMs STORE FURNITURE AND FLOOR COVERINGS 91 COHQPAHQQH tif of Me IIHHTY-MICHIGAN CHRI' QJSQQKQ 0 L DISTR O S OF THE FAMOUS HIIISHMASTEIV' 92 COMPLIMENTS OF LEONARD'S GULF SERVICE 250 W. Church COMPLIMENTS OF MEYER'S DEPT. STORES 131 S. Main St. ADRIAN, - - MICHIGAN FURNITURE AT LOWER COST ECONOMY FURNITURE CO. 248 Pearl Sf. SILVER DOLLAR CAFE BUCK JIM MARATHON SUPER SERVICE HOME OF PERSONAL SERVICE CORNER CENTER BEECHER COMPUMENTS OF EcoNoMY sl-los s'roRs ADRIAN GRAIN co. "4 N' M""' S" ADRIAN THE HOME OF NEARLY PROFIT FEEDSH Shoes for the Family GRADUATION GIFTS OF DISTINCTION d1uzow.Sh1MA, .gntanwnmn Jima 0125615 Jlafa 94 Emi Wualzea fo flue Cfl1:56 of 352 A001 THE HNAWH IIUUNTY BAR ASSIHIIATIIIN CLJSQRO I Compdmenfa 0 IIIIMNIIIIIIIIII SAIIIIIIIIS IIANII WE DOCTOR SHOES COMPLIMENTS OF WE HEEL THEM ATTEND THEIR DYEING L0wRY's GRQCERY AND SAVE THEIR SOLES MONROE'S SHOE SERVICE 824 E Be he 'I20 S. Main St. TED'S GRILL FOR THE FINEST QUALITY OF FOOD AND SERVICE 214 So. Center St. Phone 409-M 96 TIIE MHUMIIII COMPANY PAINT AND SPORTING GOODS 218 W. Maumee Phone 898 ADRIAN, MICHIGAN HAROLD LOVITT STAR Cl-UTHING Atlas Tire and Battery Service Your Friendly Family Clothing Store W. Maumee 81 Church In E' M-'mee st' Adrian, Michigan Adnan' Michigan IIUNHHFITUIJITIUNS EIJI55 UP '52 WZILPEH FURNITURE EU. HOME FURNISHINGS OF HIGHER QUALITY MAY WE SERVE YOU IN THE YEARS TO COME 97 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE A.H.S. ' CLASS OF '52 FIIJIZIU-IN SALES IIIIMPZINY REALTOR - INSURANCE Ground Floor-National Bonk Building Phone 302 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 FROM II 8 W IIIIIIT BEEII STIIIIII HAMBURGERS - HOT DOGS - ROOT BEER FLOATS ROOT BEER BY THE GALLON-BASKETBURGERS WE USE ONLY TOP QUALITY STEER BEEF Across from the Fire Station PHONE 486 - 98 BROCKLEYS STUDIO porfraifa of :biafincfion 296 S. Main Street Phone 585 PH I L-UP!!! with PHILLIPS "66" GASOLINE OIL SERVICE COMPANY Ibistributors Phillips "66" Petroleum Productsl 1150 E. MICHIGAN STREET ADRIAN, MICHIGAN 99 - Autographs I Autographs Autographs

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