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Q: A 4- ' 4 Aa v- CC .Z bf- F -1" ' 'iffy V. - ' 2-J'-'.-if-4 V My A A -.. .,- 5-1. ,1 ,X.,i',.- - . -. -. - -, ' t '. 351' , n- TQFJ 4 1,7 , A- .L,'A r- ' -5 u' W, ., gi .- .15- . . ,- Fai. xx 4.7 F .-f ., '- , ' 'rk w , . - 74' mb -at-1. fi. I .,, V gf .1 ' K" 'V 1.- ,if r ,. I N.. je-fi-A". -1-, V ' I 5' pa.: . Q- - 1 . V ," - 5 q , ,V.-wg ' , g Q' - 5 - 1 .1'i. . ' - . , ' - , 5 .1 .- 1 f-we '1 , r af, ., 'Wqfgf' , .2 Q ' - hfifs H 'T f ' ' ,1.nSfQii, v 'ffifw I - Har Q - ,-,3-s. '- 'gif jf, . - . 'EE ,EQ , , . I + tx fi . k 11 , if 1, A 'il 1' S JT: if . 'Z' PI , Q , , , if , 9 jr , in , x f .. ir' , -up .:.' 'ff'-df. fi if ' N4-.f - ,A 1.- Q, .4-' Qi. ,li ns' ' 'T' fi --fd -. 4 -J r . 'Jr a ' 3. vi'- Azg if ' N -.wx fig -4 -uf ' rg : V .11 1 ' eff ff k ' fic? vii- ! 1- - sei, . THE ADRIAN SICKLE Cfw 0fl949 Table of Contents DEDICATION ......................... BOARD OF EDUCATION ....... ADMINISTRATION ........... TEACHING STAFF ....... SENIORS .................. SICKLE STAFF ........ CLASS WILL ........ SENIOR PLAY ................. ALL SCHOOL PLAY ......... CALENDAR ................. IUNIORS ........ FRESHMEN .......... ORGANIZATIONS ................. ALL SCHOOL BANQUET ......... MUSIC DEPARTMENT ......... ATHLETICS ..................... ADVERTISING ........ FRANK STREET ENTRANCE Some pictures are made to ably portray The scenes we love, my dear. We think of some for only a day, And others for many a year. The one above is one, I know, We'll always keep in mind, Through days of sun, or rain, 'Twill stand the test of time. 01' SHOW This page is sponsored by G. H. WYNN, M.D. 2 Each ca f i on is is is is is is is is is is 19 to EDNA R. KIDMAN. A.B. for the many years she has unseliishly given to the education oi Adrian youth. for the intluence she has had in molding our students into clear-thinking adults. for her service to the community and students. for her sympathy and understanding with students. for kindness, she is kind and considerate to all. for the incessant manner by which she brings good English to all students. lor degree, she has an A.B. for the mrecy she gives those untortunates who just can't get assignments. for advisor of the Latin Club: the best they've had. for now we can tell you we are respectfully dedicating this Sickle ol the Class of 49 to you in appreciation ot your tireless efforts to make this a better world in which live. This page is sponsorvll by .IUHN H. SIIHMIDT MARKET goara! of glvlucafion ......, FREDERICK ORAM 1 President DOUGLAS H. HURLBUT Vice-president MRS. ROSWELL BURR Secretary ik sy 1 ' pq.-5 , CLIFFORD J. Hoon Trustee EDWARD I. SKALA Trustee FREDERICK B. FISHER Trustee To these six progressive citizens, who so unselfishly devote many of their evenings in determining school policy, we, the class of 1949, wish to extend our hearty thanks for their interest in our welfare. In future years may we con- tinue to have groups of this caliber serving as our Board of Education. This page is sponsored by LINEHAN REALTY COMPANY 4 .xdolm iniafrafion GEORGE H. LITTLE Superintendent We, the students of Adrian High School wish to ex- press our sincere appreciation to Mr. Little for making the task oi gaining an education so painless. His ability to discharge the duties oi his office with such excellent results and his pleasant manner. which smooths out the "rough spots" makes him an invaluable member oi our administration. ROBERT HAYDEN Principal Mr. Hayden, a very popular principal, has done a line job of uniting the two divisions of Adrian High School into one efficient unit. He is always looking out for the best interests of the students. though. of course, he can't always grant their wishes. IULIA CAIRNS, A.B. Girls' Advisor WILLIAM C. DRAGER, A.B.. Boys' Advisor DONALD T. WHITNEY, A.B., M.A. Vocational co-ordinator Director ol Veterans' Institute PAUL L. RAINIER. A.B., M.A. Supervisor oi Music This page is sponsored by DR. L. K. COX ZGC el":5 MILDRED A. ARMSTRONG. English Literature English, I0 E. EDWARD CARLSON, B.S. Metal Shop IAMES DeSPAIN, A.M. Science Baseball Coach A.M.. AM. 0 CLAUDE R. HAMPTON. A.B. American Literature Sickle Advisor C. HUBERT HOWE, B.S. Auto Shop ROY B. KELLER, B.S. Physics Senior Science Trigonometry EDNA R. KIDMAN, A.B. American Literature English 10 5 ALVIN BOHMS, B.S., M.M. Band Ist and 2nd Instrument Technique ELNORA CORPRON. B.S, Librarian LINDSAY L. GORDON, B.S Civics Economics FRANCIS C. HAZEN, B.S., A Physical Education Swimming Coach Tennis Coach HELEN C. HUTCHINS, B.S. Art Art Club Advisor MERLYN L. KELLOGG, A.B. Orchestra String Instruments RUSSEL M. LEONARDSON, BS Agriculture F.F.A. Supervisor4Vete1an's Agriculture Training This page is sponsored by ADRIAN DAIRY 6 .Zac em RUTH LIBBE. B.S. Stenography Typing Secretarial Training RUTH ANN MARSHALL. B.S. Physical Education Cheerleader Advisor CLIFFORD A. NELSON. B.A., B.S. Civics Economics American History Track Coach D. DUNCAN PATERSON, B.S. Biology ALICE E. RICHARDS, A.B.. M.A. Mathematics Counselor lor College Preparatory GERALDINE STEWART, A.B. World History WALLACE B. SULLIVAN, A.B. Spanish Algebra Basketball Coach Advisor Spanish Club L HENRY W. LUTZ, A.B. Commercial Geography Commercial Law Business Organization Bookkeeping FRANCIS K. MISHICA, A.B.. M.A French Latin Advisor French Club AGNES NIELSEN, B.S.. M.A. Home Economics PAUL M. REINHARD. B.S. Mechanical Drawing RUTH E. SHERMAN, A.B. English Speech Journalism Dramatics F. E. STROBEL, A.B.. M.A. Machine Shop MAX SWEET. A.B.. M.A. Chemistry Driver Training This page is sponsored by ADRIAN STATE SAVINGS BANK 7 enior Cfadzi icem as w-...M Front: Callahan, I. Smith, E. Smith. Back: Shull, Ierry Shull, serving his first term as president, is an outstanding member of an excellent tennis squad. "led" is also a member of the basketball and debating teams and had the male lead in both the school plays. Paul Callahan, vice president, is, by now, a seasonal class officer, having been vice-president twice and president once. Throughout the school year "Cal" has been a popular and capable halfback, freestyler, and catcher. Ianice Smith has been the popular secretary of the class of "49" the past two years. "Ian" has been a very busy student. Among her laureals are the D.A.R. Good Citizen award, Business Manager of the Sickle, a member of the Debating Team and both play casts, and President of G.A.A. Elvis Smith, our dependable and efficient treasurer, is also serving his first term as a class officer, Smitty as manager, is a popular and certainly the most important member of the swim squad. This page is sponsored by R 81 S SHOE STORE 8 I' eniora PATRICIA IEAN ALDRICH "Pot" "I ouqht to have my own way in everything and I will, too. Selaco lg Art 3: Band 1. IOYCE M. BAILEY "Io" "Lone, wandering, but not lost." EUGENE I. BARTHOLOMEW "Gene" "Beware! I may be great yet." DONNA JEAN BENNETT "Ieanie" "I'll take a Pear-son." French 1, 2, 3. JOYCE LOUISE BETZ "Betzy" "It is well to think well, it is divine to act wel1." French 1. 2, 3. IONATI-IAN BIRCHFIELD "'Tis feared he will die oi overworkf' 4 Track reserve l. MARY ALICE BOHLKE "Behold! she b1ushes." Student Council lg Latin lg Spanish Club 3: All-school play 3: Senior Send-off 25 Honor Student. L... -, f-V 6 Y- V-t NELDA R. BAHS "Bin" "Full of fun and fancy tree" Band l, Z, 3. GEORGE I. BARALEY "Dewdrop" Do I slay 'em? Am I tough? Ask me! All-school play 3: Band 3. DOROTHY BEEKEL "Dot" Good nature and good sense are never separated. RICHARD BENNETT "Dick" "I don't confine my talent to Indianapolis." LELAND E. BIERLEIN "Me and Einstein understand relativity." DONNABELLE BLOCK "Love extinguished, heaven and earth must tall." Student Council Z: G.A.A. 2. 3. "Crossbody" LOIS BOLYARD "Los lane" "Never do today what can be done tomorrow." Selaco 31 All-school banquet 3. This page is sponsored by NU WAY STRETCH 9 IACK BOWEN "Pinky" He was notorious-for his knowledge of words. Debate team 3: All-school play 3: Transfer student from St. Mary's 3. ALICE MAE BOYD "Dark Eyes" Selaco 1. ORVETTA BRISTOL "Bris" A dynamic personality was evident in her. Spanish 1, 2: Art 1: Choir 1. 2, 3: Talent Assembly 2, 3: Senior Send-oft 2. BARBARA A. BROWN "Barb" Character is not determined by a sin- gle act, but by habitual conduct. Selaco l, 2. MARY LOU BUNDY "Blondie" "Youth comes but once in a lifetime. so I'll use it while I may." Transferred from Sand Creek. PAUL CALLAHAN "Cal" "You can't play with my red wagon!" Student Council 3: Iunior Rotarian 3: Var- sity Club 1, 2, 3: Football 2, 3: Swimming l. 2: Baseball l, 2, 3: Choir 2: Class Offi- cer I, 2, 3: All-School Banquet 3: Talent Assembly 3. NORMAN EUGENE CARLSON "Norm" "All great men die: I don'f feel so well myself." Spanish 2, 3: Varsity Club 2, 3: Football 3: Basketball 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3: Choir 2. 3: Senior Send-off 2: All-school play li All-school Banquet 3. eniom x W Xx he fx-if? ,vw WILLIAM BOWEN "Bill" "Wild Bill from Scot Street Hill." Spanish 2: Transferred from Louisville, Ky. KATHERINE MILDRED BOYD "Kathy" "Simplicity of manners has an en- chanting effect." Selaco 1: Sickle 3. MURLDEAN A. BRITTEN "Men may come and men may qo but I qo on forever." ..Men,. G.A.A. 2. 3: Band l. THOMAS E. BUEHRER "Why be serious when you can laugh?" French 1, 2, 3: All-school play 2. 3: Senior Send-off 2. "Edwin" VIRGINIA F. BUTLER "Gin" A happy, happy girl. RAYMOND CARDENAS "Ray" "Once a democrat, always a democrat." French 2: Choir 2: Talent Assembly 1, 2. MARILYN I. CARTER "Mattie" "A kindly heart blooms in its owner's eyes." Spanish 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3: Choir 3. This page is sponsored by WILCOX HARDWARE COMPANY 10 LORRAINE CASE "Casey" "Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit." French 1, 2: Choir 1. IAMES ROBERT CROYLE "Croyle" "One student who really thinks, occasionally." Tennis 2: Football Reserve 1, 2: Basket- ball l, 2. IOYCE I. DAMON "Midget" Good things come in small packages. Latin 1: Cheerleader 3: Choir 3: Orchestra 1, 2. 3: Talent Assembly 2: Senior Send- off 2: All-State Orchestra Z: Honor Student. WENDELL E. DISBRO "Diz" He was a man ot three words "Diz and Kay." Student Council 2: Spanish 1, 2. 3: Var- sity 1. 2, 3: Swimming 1. 2, 3: Track re- serve 2: Band 1. 2, 3: Talent Assembly 2: All-school banquet 1, 2: Senior send-oft 2, MELVIN D. DYE "Merlin" Best Manager We Ever 1-lad! Varsity 1, 2, 3: Football Manager 1, 2. 3: Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3: Track Mana- ger l, 2, 3. IOSEPHINE E. El-ILINGER "lo" Why study when it's so 'much easier to forget! G.A.A. 1: Choir 1: Transferred from Gould City, Michigan. MARILYN I. EMERSON "Emmie" Fun galore, when with her, is in store. Art 1, 2: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2. 3: Girls' Trio 2, 3: Choir 1, 2, 3. eniora RICHARD MICHAEL CHAMBERLAIN ,.Dugo,, How all you molecules today! French 2. 3: Spanish 1, 2, 3: Varsity 1, 2, 3: Football 3: Track 1, 2, 3: Football re- serve 1. 2: Band 1: All-school banquet l. GERALD L. CURTIS "Cracker" "Wine, women and song - tor who knows what tomorrow brings." Football Reserve 1: Track Reserve 1: All- school banquet 1: Senior send-oft 2. RICHARD E. DAY "Dick' Long, Lanky, and Likeable. Football reserve 1: Basketball reserve 1: Baseball manager 2. WAYNE DUNBAR A "permanent" curl in his hair. HELEN DYER "Shorty" "I'1l find a way or make one." Girls' Glee Club l: Selaco 2: Choir 1: All-school banquet 2. THOMAS L. ELDRIDGE "Blackie" Wine. Women. Whiskers! Varsity Club 3: Tennis 1, 2, 3. CAROL EMERY "Syrup" "As merry as the day is long." G.A.A. 3: All-school banquet l. This page is sponsored by DAMON'S CROCERY ll 0 GEORGE ESTES "Hear me, for I have been silent so long." French 2, 3: Track I, 2: Sickle 3. GROVER EVERST Few men's lives have ever been kept a secret but - - - "Gopher" Track Manager 1, 2. WILLIAM LEE FETZER "Tex" Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your girls! Baseball 2, 3: Football reserve l: Basket- ball reserve l: Baseball Z, 3. MARIENE S. GALLANIS "Sub" "Men of few words are often the best men." Football 3: Track 3. WILLIAM L. GAY "Bill" One man who has brains as well as brawn - - - and uses both. Student Council 1: Varsity 2. 3: Football 2, 3: Swimming l, 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Foot- ball reserve I: Track reserve l: Honor Student. PATRICIA ANN GRAHAM "Pat" "A pretty girl is like a melody." Selaco 2, 3: G.A.A. 3. RICHARD GRIFFIN "Griif" Man cannot always restrain from dev- ilsh things: Who am I to be different? F.F.A. l. eniorzi KEITH ETTER "Fuzzy" Gee. you'se guys ain't ya got no ETTER-quette? Baseball 2, 3: Football reserve l. 2. ALDEN FERGUSON "A farmer I am, A farmer I shall be: Now I am looking for a farmer she." IRMA A. FISHER "Sue" "II you knew Susie, like I know Susie." All-school play 2: Transferred from Cold- water. CORNELL GARNER "Corny" "I think I am a man oi destiny." French 1, 2. 3: Manager oi track 2: Choir 2, 3: Talent Assembly 1. IAMES M. GEPHART "Milt" "Meekness in a mild manner." Spanish club 3. THORNE E. GRAHAM "Terry" Calm, unruttled as a summer sea. Selaco 1. IANE ANN GRITZMAKER "Grit" "The world will forever wonder what she will do next." Selaco 1: Spanish 2. 3. -.4-s-.1 This page is sponsored by DR. L. W. MOORE 12 IOANNE HADDEN "Io" A mischievous lass with a smile to match. Spanish 1. 2: Cheerleading 1, 2. 3. LAWRENCE M. HAMERMAN "Hammerhead" "The easy, flash." Spanish 1, 2, 3: Senior Send-Ott 2. ROBERT E. HANSEN Mental power is derived from well-fed brains. Transferred from Clinton, Honor Student. IOYCE M. HARRlS "Shorty" Whoever wears a happy face does a service to humanity. French 2: Maple Lea! 3: Transfer student from Hamilton, Alabama. FRANKLIN HENRY "Tunk" "Lover Boy" Choir l, 2. IAMES C. HOFFMAN "lim" This is one of many truths, if any truths there are, in addition to being handsome, this guy had a car! Student Council 3: Varsity l, 2, 3: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3: Football 3: Track 1, 2, 3: Band 1. SMITH HOBTON "Smitty" "Quiet, faithful, and swell is he." Spanish 2, 3: Football reserve I, 3: Swim- ming reserve l, 3: Tennis reserve 1, 3. 1 .sears awry. T-'cj 1' . 1 , , A eniom CHARLES E. HALL "Chuck" Parlez vous francais? French l, 2, 3: Varsity 3: Football 3. PHYLLIS I. HANKE "Phyl" "It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice." French 2: Selaco 1. DONNA LOU HARRIS "Red" Such a mixture of emotions was never heiore displayed. Latin 1: Spanish 2: Art 1, 2: All-school play 2. 3: Senior Send-off 2: Sickle 3. Valedictorian. LAVERNA A. HELDT "Connie" Honest, I really did have a headache. French 2. 3: Selaco l. BARBARA IEAN HILL "Genius" There's a Blohm in her heart. Student Council 2: Latin 1: French 2, 3: Senior Send-Oii 2: Sickle: Choir l: Honor Student. C. JOHN HOOD "Henry" "Always seen but seldom heard." Baseball 2, 3: Swimming reserve 1: Base- ball reserve 1: Senior Send-olf 2: Sickle 2, 3: Class officer 1, 2: Salutatorian. RICHARD HOUGH "Dick" Rouqh. Tough, Hough and Wow! What a man. Iunior Rotarian 3: Spanish 1, 2. 3: Varsity 2, 3: oFotball 2. 3: Track 2, 3: Sickle: Honor Student. This page is sponsored by LOVlTT'S SERVICE STATION 13 LEORA A. HULL "Lee" lust call me "Mrs." Orchestra l, 2: Drum Maiorette 3: G.A.A.: l. 2. 3. Dropped. LOIS ANN HUNT "Small of stature, quiet of manner. but what a girl! 5121000 1. 2: Art 1. Z: All school banquet DOUGLAS IVES "Ivy" "He hath a heart as sound as a bell, And his tongue the c1upper." JUNIOR JOHNS "C. I." "Not just a chip oil the old block, but the old block himself." SHIRLEY IORGENSON Mid -year graduate. Class officer 1: all-school Banquet 1: Latin Club 1: French Club 1: Student Council 1 DONNA I. KEEBLER "Blondie" "Hair of gold. eyes ol blue." Choir l, 2, 3. WAYNE A. KIRCHNER "Kirch" Not that I love study less, but fun more. Varsity 2. 37 Swimming 2, 3: Swimming reserve 1: Baseball reserve 3. enioro 1 3 .V t gm Sin NT CLARE L. HUNT "Lee" Nature formed strange iellows in her iime. ONALEE IOYCE HYDER The philosophy ol virtue is not dead- Behold the proof. Delaco l. 3. RICHARD IARDINE "Dick" "It's lun to study-l'1l bet." ESTHER MARIE JONES "Her chief characteristic is her quiet ness?? ERNEST KAPNICK "Ernie" "Solitude is his serenity." F.F.A 1, Z, 3: Football 3: Football reserve 1, Z: Track reserve 1. 2. DOLOHES ANN KELLEY "DoDee" A pretty miss who caught the eye and tongue ol all. All-school play 3. PATRICIA A. KUNEY "Pat" "Hither. thither and you." Senior Send-oft 2. This page is sponsored by ROBB-GOULDER, INC. 14 HELEN B. LADD "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low-an excellent thing in women." Selaco l. Z, 3: All-school play 3: Choir 3: Girls' ensemble 3. JEAN I. LAMMEHS "Alvin" "Sleep all day, and play all night." SAM LEWIS. IR. "Lewiack" Ole "45" Football reserve 2: Track reserve 1, 2: Transfer student from Prentiss, Mississippi 2, Honor Student ALEVA MUHIEL LOTT "Weavie" She caused a Lott bi laughter. DONALD MALONEY "Don" "His favorite perfume was "Proxie 20 grams." Varsity Z, 3: F.I".A. 1, 2: Basketball 1. 2. 3: Football 3: Football reserve 2: Track re- serve Z. LOIS IO ANN MCCREERY "Daughter of the gods, divinely tall." Choir 1. 2, 3. RUTH MEDINA "Never weary, always cheery." Spanish 2: Selaco 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3. eniom PEGGY LADD "Peg" Fun first ----- study last! Selaco 3: Allbschool play 3. VEREGENE LANEY "leanne" "They say women and music should never be dated " Girl's Glee Club 1: Choir 2. 3. GLORIA L, LIGHTHALL "Glo" She is always in a sunny mood. IOHN G. MacQUEEN "Mac" Better late than never. And sometimes never. Transferred from lthica, New York. MARGARET IANE McCORMlCK "lonie" Much ado about nothing. Student Council 2: Latin 1: G.A.A. 2, 3: Band 1, 2: Senior Send-ol! 2: Maple Leaf 3: Honor Stuednt. ROBERT C. MCMORDIE "Bob" Who? Me! HAROLD R. MILLER "Mountain" Every inch a man and there's a lot oi inches. Varsity Club 2. 3: Track 2: FF.A. 1, 2, 3: Football 3: Football reserve 2: Basketball reserve 2. This page is sponsored by ROB'T. C. BIRMINGHAM, 0.D. 15 Pmnrcm A. MILLER "Peggy" "Man has his will, but a woman has her way." Art l: Choir 1. 2, 3: Talent Assembly 2. BLAIRE C. MINIER "Frenchie" A bursting bud-a bird that sings. Choir l, 2, 3: Honor Student. MARIE MITCHELL "Blessed are they that say nothing for they shall not be quoted." Student Council 1. IUANITA E. MONTGOMERY "Monkey" "I'm not crazy, I iust act that way to entertain the people." G.A.A. 3. SHIRLEY MARIE MOREY "Blondie" "She's not a flower, she's not a pearl, but she's a jolly all around girl." Orchestra 1. ANN L. NORDEN "Babe" "Where has that girl gone now?" Transferred from St. Mary's, Adrian. FRED W.OSLER Quiet but worthwhile. P.F.A. 1. eniora - , 1- ROBERT F. MILLER "Special De1ivery" Why should life all labor be. Student Council 3: Football reserve 1, 2: Football 3. BETTY MITCHELL "Betts" "The lun just twinkles in her eyes." Selaco l, 3. THOMAS MITCHELL "Torn" "How good can he get?" Student Council 1, 3: Varsity 1. 2, 3: Foot- ball l, 2, 3: Track 1, 2. 3: Basketball 2, 3: Basketball reserve l: Class officer 1. BERYL EILEEN MOORE "Barrel" Maid ot many talents and wit. Student Council: French Club 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: All-school play 1, 2. 3: Choir 1: Seniro Send-ol! 2: Sickle 3: Latin 1: Honor Student. BUELAH MARIE NASH "Smoochis" "It can never be said she wasn't ap-Paul-ed. Senior Send-ot! 2: G.A.A. 2, 3. IOHN WILLIAM NORTH "Iohnny" For he is just the quiet kind whose nature never varies. Track reserve 1. MARGARET OVERY "Maggie" "Our deeds determine us." Selaco I, 2. 3: Talent Assembly 1: All- school banquet l, 2: Girls' Glee Club. This page is sponsored by DICK'S RESTAURANT 16 RUTH FATE "Ruthie" "She is a burning, shining, light." Transferred from Sand Creek. Honor Stu- dent. BETTY ESTHER POELLE "Peellie" "She knows music, but that's not all?" All-school play 2: Latin 1: French 2, 3: Honor Student. GRETA IANE PERKINS "Perk" The sweetest thing in life is the un- Clouded welcome ol a wiie. Selaco 1: Choir Z: Transfer student from Melvinclale, Mich. DONALD L. PHIPPS "Lee" A firm believer in the powers of science. RICHARD M. POTTS "Silent people are hard to find." "Professor" F.F.A. l, 2. 3. ELIZABETH ANN REED "Betty" Practical life is likely to be hard for a gay young maid like me. Selaco 1: G.A.A. 3: All-school banquet 1: Girls' Trio 2: Choir 2, 3. MYRNA RICHARDSON She is so pleasant, so lively, so sweet: lust to be near her is always a treat. Selaco 2. s: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Latin 1. eniom A BERTINE PEAVEY "Bert" "Here's to the light that lies in a woman's eyes." French 2, 3: G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Choir l: Selaco 1: Senior Sendsoii 2. AUDREY E. PENTECOST "Iodine" Happy-go-lucky, lair and tree. Nothing there is that bothers me. DON PHILLIPS "Mort" The "Romeo" ol the class of '49. Varsity 2, 3: Football 2, 3: Football re- serve 1: Basketball 2, 3: Basketball re- serve 1: Allfschool banquet 2. BETTY ANNE PIXLEY "Pix" "There are great ships, There are small ships, But the best ship is Friendship." Student Council 2: G.A.A. 3: Band Z, 3: Drum Maiorette Z, 3: Talent Assembly 1, 2: Senior Sendoti 2. RALPH V. POWERS "R. V." He sighed and looked and looked again. Spanish 2, 3. LOIS ANN RICHARDSON "Ann" That diamond will soon have a mate. Selaco 2. 3: Orchestra 1, Z, 3: String Quar- tet 3: String ensemble 1, 2, 3: Sickle 3. IIM RICHMOND "Not only good but good for something." Student Council 2: Football reserve 1: Track reserve 1, 2: Orchestra l. This page is sponsored by BERNARD PATMOS, M.D. 17 DAVID H. RICKABY "Dave" Steadfast labor has its own reward. F.F,A. 1. 2: Baseball Reserve l. MELVIN SCHAFER Few work as hard or faithfully. F.F.A. l, 2, 3. LORETTA IEAN SHANEOUR "Lefty" She was very pleasing-to the eyes and otherwise. Student Council 3: Spanish 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: Selaco 1: Choir 1, 2, 3: Senior Send- off 2. GORDON LAVERE SCHNEIDER "Lefty" Why be indoors when the whole out- doors awaits? ELIZABETH ELLEN SIMMONS "Betty" A woman may know her own mind and still not know a great deal. Transfer student from Winchester: Indiana 1: All-school play 3. MONICA SIMMS "The gal with the bleached bangs." Transferred trom St. Mary's. ELVIS SMITH "Rebel" Women are important to this fame, Known all over for his jokes and name. Football Reserve 1, 2: Track Reserve 1, 2: Swimming Manager 2, 3: Class Treasurer 3: Transferred from Hamilton, Albama. eniord DORIS AILEEN RUFFER I cannot say one thing and mean another. Lat'n l: G.A.A. 2, 3: All-school play 1, 2, 3: Orchestra I, 2: Ensemble 1, 2: Senior Send-off 2: Sickle Honor Student. NORA E. SCHALLER "Beth" "Calmness is not always the attribute of innocence." Art 2: Senior Send-off 2: All-school play 3. EUGENE SCHMIDT "Bard" Popcorn: Peanuts: Crackerjack! IERRY SHULL "led" A popular lad with personality plus. Student Council l: Iunior Rotarian 3: Latin 1: Spanish club 2. 3: Varsity 1, 2. 3: Ten- n's 1. 2, 3: All-school banquet 2: Senior Send-oi! 2: Class President 3: Honor Stu- ent. BEVERLY GRACE SIMONDS "Bev" "She is light-hearted and gay. A general favorite, in every way." Art 2. 3: G.A.A. 2. 3. KENNETH D. SKEELS "Tornado" I'm not a wolf, I'm just learning how-oooooooo! Yaiksitg 3: Basketball reserve 1, 2: Tennis IANICE M. SMITH "Ian" "A very merry lass was she, Liked by all where ever she be." Latin l: G.A.A. 1, Z, 3: Band 1, 3: Senior Send-off 2: Sickle Z, 3: Class Officer 2, 3: All-school play 3: D.A.R. Good Citizen: Debate team 3: Talent Assembly 3: Senior slay 3: All-School Banquet 3: Honor Stu- ent. This page is sponsored by BURR PRINTING COMPANY 18 IEANNETTE A. SMITH "Smitty" There are no words in Webster's dic- tionary to tell how nice she WAS and IS. Spanish 2, 3: Student Council 1: Choir 1: Senior Send-Oli 2: All-school banquet 2: Sickle. LARRY SNEDEKER "Sned" Many have suiiered by talking, but few by silence. KENNETH D. SPROW "Little Kaiser" Oh-that one-two punch. IAMES L. STEVENSON "lim" A boy oi stature small is he A mighty man he'd like to be! Art 1. IAMES L. STRAYER "Jim" "He'll work hard in pool, But not too hard in school." Swimming 2: Baseball manager 1. DONALD L. SYWASSINK "Sy" My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me. Basketball Reserve I: Baseball Reserve 2: Sargd 1, 2: Maple Lea! 3: All-school play ED VAN SICKLE "Edi' "Oh. that middle name." Varsity 2. 3: Swimming 1. 2, 3: Football reserve l: Track reserve 2. eniord NANCY ELLEN SMITH "Nan" "Although I am so very tall. l'd rather be tall that not at all." JOYCE IANE SNYDER "Ioy" 0' that smile. Art l, 2: Choir l. 2, 3. EILEEN I. STANGE She was iull ol lun and mischief too: she was always up to something new. Band 1, 2. 3. LARRY STOVER Basketball l, 2. 3: Football 1, Z, 3: Ten- nis 1, 2. 3: Varsity club 3. DONALD SWARTZ Iune was his delight-lor then he graduated! GEORGE F. UNDERHILL "Babe" Lady Killer. F.F.A. I: Track reserve 2, 3. MARY FRANCES VITEK "If attention to business means suc- cess, she should be highly success- ful." All-school play 1: Senior send-oil 2: Honor Student. This page is sponsored by COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK 19 SHIRLEY A. WALDEN "Shin" The gleam in her eyes is bewltching to men. Ar! IJ G-A-IL 2. 3: All-school banquet 2: Senior Send-off 2. LUETTE WALPER "Louie" A maiden iair in grace was thee, Well liked among he's and she's. Spanish 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: Art 1: Choir 1, 2. 3: Senior Send-oft 2. NYLA GRACE WESTERN Hoosier humor. cheeriul, kind, A combination hard to iind. Latin 1: Spanish 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: All- school play 1. 2. 3: Band l. 2: Maple Leaf 3: Honor Student. MELVIN WILLETT "Willy" "Mile a minute" Band 1. 2. 3. LAVON WILLIAMS There are many men oi many words, There are no men ot no words, But there are few men oi few words. "Hammer" Yarsity 3: Baseball 2, 3: Baseball reserve MARGARET ANN WILSON "Shorty" "Stature just wasn't meant for me." Choir 1, 2. 3. BEVERLY A. HASSENZAHL "Bev" "A lass of glee and sweet was she." Transfer student irom Pontiac, Michigan. eniom Sax: CHARLES WALLSCHLAEGER "Chuck" Not too serious-not too gay-but a swell guy in ALL ways. Iunior Rotarian 3: Varsity 3: Football 3: Football reserve 1, 2: Track reserve l, 2: All-school play 1. ALLEN WARD "Oop" "Man delight me, But. oh, those women." Student Council 1: Senior Send-oil 1. HOWARD D. WHITE "Whitie" Why worry when there are better things to do. P.A.A. l, 2, 3. ROBERT WILLIAMS "Slim" The world knows nothing of its greatest men. Latin 1: Baseball 2, 3: Basketball reserve 1, 2. LARRY D. WILSON "Tim" "Anchors aweigh my boys" Student Council 2, 3: Latin l: French 2, 3: Track reserve 1: Sickle: Honor Student. VIRGINIA I. WOLFE "Gin" "Women are made to be loved. not to be understood." G.A.A. 1. 2. 3: Choir l, 2, 3. RITA-ANNE WHITNEY "Rita-annie" "Who said spinach makes you qrow." Transfer student trom St. MarY. Adrian. This page is sponsored by WILLIAM H. HEWES, M.D. 20 FRONT ROW: Ieannette Smith, Iartice Smith. Kirk, Hill, Moore, K. Boyd, Buffer, Richardson. BACK ROW: Hood, Hough, Estes, Wilson, Cooper. SICKLE STAFF One day, twenty or thirty years from now, while going through things in your attic you will come upon the "Sickle" dated "l949." Undoubtedly it will bring back half forgotten memories of your school days. You will remember it as the year you graduated or the year you were only a junior but early in the season were acclaimed a football hero. Some of you were mere fresh- men but you had your share in school activities. Here in the 1949 "Sickle" are pictures to prove it. This is our wish-"The 1949 'Sickle' may, in later years, recall memories of this year in your life." SICKLE STAFF Iohn Hood ...,.., ................ E ditor Doris Buffer ....... .................. A ss't Editor Ianice Smith ......... ......... B usiness Manager Tom Cooper ......,.. ...................... I r. Ass't Elaine Kirk ........ ......... I r. Ass't This page is sponsored by WEI,fIH CLEANERS 21 CLASS WILL WE, THE CLASS OF 1949, being of an unreasonably sound mind and having 992 of the class in an insane asylum, do hereby bequeath and will to our devoted followers of Adrian High School our treasured attributes. I, Dick "Rough Tough" Hough, do will my dynamic personality to give the girls a charge to any fellow who will handle with care. We, Ieannette Smith and Chuck Wallschlaeger, do will our ability to be companionable to all future "steadies." We, Smith Horton and Tom Mitchell, will our bachelor policies to any junior who is smart enough to be one? I, Katherine Boyd, will my quiet and likeable ways to a much-needed Yvonne Betz. We, the Senior boys, will our study hall huddles at noon to all future boys who want to "talk about the women." I, Aleva Lott, do will my can of spinach to any girls who feel run down. I, Beryl Moore, will my leading roles in the school plays to the "Actresses of Adrian Hi." I, Iim Hoffman, will my flirtatious ways to "Dickie Tom" Thompson. I, "Special Delivery" Miller will my nickname to the mailmen of Adrian who need a helping hand. I, Ioyce Damon, do will my haste to Barbara "I'm in a hurry" Pasternacki. I, Murldean Britton, do will my lustrous black locks to Sally "No-hair" Roberts. I, Diz Disbro, do will my good-hearted ways to Rog Hagadorn. He can have my handsome face features, too. I, Luette Walper, do will my position on Wally's shoulder to any student who needs a darn good friend. We, the girls of the Senior Class do will all the luck and success in the world to a great guy from Room 27. I, Betty Pixley, do will my position as leader of the band to the rest of the girls to fight over. CLook out for Don Wintersll I, Melvin "Handyman" Dye, will my notebook's false teeth to Pat "I'll get them yet" Fox. I, Iuanita Montgomery, will my ability to rope a man, free or otherwise, to little Miss Marion Enders. This page is sponsored by BENFAIR MARKET 22 We, Betty Reed, Margaret Overy, and Helen Dyer, will someday get rid of this not wanted weight. tWe hopell I, Bob Hansen, will my quiet likeable manner to Ronnie Briggs. I, Don "Romeo" Phillips will my girl-killing abilities to Carl Tubbs who already has a good start. I, led Shull, will my wit, quick thinking, brain, and speaking ability to Ray "I slay 'em" Roop. I, Iim Croyle, will advise all boys never to go to sleep while with your girl! I, Mary Bohlke, will my easy-going ways to Marilyn Schmidt, who I know will take good care of them. I, Iohn Hood. will my bachelorhood diploma to my brother Herb to carry on. CGood luck fellowll I, "Io" Hadden will my ways with the boys to any girl in need of technique. I, Pat Aldrich, will my devilish schemes to Tom, "I Know 'Em All," Cooper. I, Ernest Kapnick, will always live up to my first name! CSee Marlenel. I, Bill Fetzer, will my ability on the mound to the future prospects of the baseball team. I, Betty Simmons, will my happy-go-lucky attitude to vivacious Barb Tim- mons. I, Peggy Miller, will my place at the Rite Spot to the "Sitting Bull" girls of the Iunior Class. I, Donnabelle Block, will my likeable manner and my ability to keep my nose in my yard to the freshman girls who have not yet learned such an attribute. I, Marilyn Emerson, will my jokable manner to Flash Gordon in hopes he'll smile more. I, Shirley Walden, will my cultivated mind to Elaine Kirk. I, Mariene Gallanis, will my curly lock to Mr. Rainer in fear of cold weather. I, Virginia Wolfe, will my intentions to give certain "steadies" a hard time to any future girls who wish to die young. I, Don Maloney, will "Cuddles" Anderson to all Iunior boys but wish to advise caution to athletes. I, Ann Richardson, will my new viola case which Mr. Rainier spent so much "moola" on to lean Allshouse. tSo there to P. LJ I, Ianice Smith, will gladly t?D say "Whew" "Amen". I This page is sponsored by L. J. STAFFORD, M.D. 23 SENIOR PL Y 3 if U y. 23.5-1 fr .. STANDING: Ierry Curtis, Wendell Disbro, Charles Hall, Larry Wilson, lack Bowen, Bill Gay. Ierry Shull, Larry Hammerman, and Iohn Hood. SITTING: Orvetta Bristol, Beryl Moore, Nyla West- ern, Ianice Smith, Nora Schaller, Barbara Hill, lean Shaneour, and Phyllis Hanke. The Senior Play, "January Thaw" was given at the Armory April 28 and 29. "Ianuary Thaw" is a three act comedy involving a conflict between two generations, one about the age of 40 and the other from 60 to 70. This conflict is intensified by the fact that both groups live in the same house and the younger group resents what they call the unlawful habitation by the older generation. Gul Frieda ............... Herbert Gage .... Sarah Gage ..... Paula Gage ..... Marge Gage ....... Barbara Gage ..,.... George Husted ....... Ionathan Rockwood Mathilda Rockwood Mr. Loomis ................. Uncle Walter ....,. Matt Rockwood .... Carson ............... Cable ....................... ........Orvetta Bristol ...........Ierry Shull .......Beryl Moore .....,..Iean Shaneour Shirley Walden ........Ianice Smith ........,....Bill Gay ....,..lack Bowen ...Nyla Western .....Larry Wilson .........Fred Osler Wendell Disbro . . ............ Iohn Hood .......................l'erry Curtis Directors-Barbara Hill, Nora Schaller, Donna Lou Harris, Phyllis Hankei Stage Manager-Larry Hammerman, Charles Hall, Larry Wilson. This page is sponsored by SHEPHERD AND STOLL 24 ALL-SCHOOL PL Y SITTING: Buechrer. Hagadorn, Schultz, Dye. Bohlke, Block, Damon, Bowen. SECOND ROW: Nash, I. Smith, Harris, White, Vogel, Walden. H. Ladd, Walper, Miller. THIRD ROW: Curtis, I. Shull, Schaller. McCormick. Wilson, Sywassink. BACK ROW: Shaneour, Pasternacki, Moore, M. Bohlke, D. Rutter. This year's all-school play "I Remember Mama," was presented Decem- ber 2 and 3, 1949, at the Adrian Armory under the direction of Miss Ruth E. Sherman. The main setting was the kitchen ot the Hansen home. Mama played by Donna Lou Harris is a lovable and understanding woman who is forever straightening out family sorrows and difficulties. jhe gan! Katrin ...... ............. ...........,. ............... B e r yl Moore Mama ...... ........ D onna Lou Harris Papa ........ .................. I erry Shull Dagmar ...... ........... P aula Shultz Christine .... ....... I anice Smith Mr. Hyde ....... ................ I ack Bowen Nels ...............,... ....... R oger Hagadorn Aunt Trina ....... ........... I ean Shaneour Aunt Sigrid ...... ......... S hirley Walden Aunt Ienny ...... .....,..... M ary Bohlke Uncle Chris ...... ....,..,. G eorge Baraley A Woman ........... .,....... N ora Schaller Mr. Thorkelson ....... ........ T om Buehrer Dr. Iohnson ...,..... .......... I erry Curtis Arne .................. .......... D ick Watts A Nurse ................. .......... P eggy Miller Another Nurse ....................................................................,................... Luette Walper Other people connected with the play were: Iack Block, Barbara Vogel, Mary Alice White, Barbara Pasternacki, Owen Bohlke, Thorne Graham's cat, Nyla Western, Iane McCormick. Marie Nash, Don Sywassink, and Melvin Dye. This page is sponsored by A. S. PASTERNACKI, M.D. 25 CALENDAR of EVENTS SEPTEMBER 8-School Opens. 17-Football-Sturgis 27, Adrian 0. 23--Lenawee County Fair tno school in the P. MJ 24-Football-Marshall 13, Adrian 13. 30-Iohn Sloan tProfessional Assemblyb. OCTOBER 1-Football-Ottawa Hills Grand Rapids 13, Adrian 13. 8-Football-East Lansing 25, Adrian 19. 15-Football-Hillsdale 6, Adrian 26. 22-Football-Coldwater 26, Adrian 12. 27-REPORT CARDS. 29-Football-Lakeview U, Adrian 6. NOVEMBER 5-Annual Football--Monroe O, Adrian 12. 8-Bobo, the Magician, Professional Assem- bly. 12-Football-Albion 13, Adrian 20. 26-27-Thanksgiving Vacation. DECEMBER -All-School Play "I Remember Mama" --REPORT CARDS. -Swim meet-Ypsi. Central therel. Adrian first. Albion Basketball therel. 14-Marshall Basketball. 16-Poleme Potters Professional Assembly. 17-Lakeview Basketball. River Rouge Swim meet. Adrian first. 21-Trenton Swim meet. Adrian first. 23 to Ian. 3-CHRISTMAS VACATION. 2 8 10 IANUARY 7-Coldwater Basketball game. Ypsi. Roosevelt Swim meet. Adrian first. 14-Sturgis Basketball game. University High Swim meet. Adrian first. 21--East Lansing Basketball. Ypsi. Central Swim meet. Adrian loses. 22-No school. 26-REPORT CARDS. High School Concert. 28-Albion Basketball game. River Rouge Swim meet. Adrian first. FEBRUARY 1-Hillsdale Basketball game. 4-Lakeview Basketball game. Trenton Swim meet. Adrian first. 8-East Lansing Basketball game. 11--Marshall Basketball game. Ypsi. Roosevelt Swim meet. Adrian first. Valentine Dance. 18-Coldwater Basketball game. University High Swim meet. Adrian first 25-Sturgis Basketball game. MARCH 1 Variety Show. 14-Professional Assembly "The Mikado" -REPORT CARDS. -Blue and White Basketball game. 16 l 7 25-ALL-SCHOOL BANQUET. APRIL 1-Varsity "A" Dance. 9-18-SPRING VACATION. 20-Talent Assembly. 22-Monroe Track Meet. 25-Napoleon Track meet There. 28-Coldwater Track meet There. MAY 4-REPORT CARDS. 8-1 l-Senior Trip. 14-League meet at Adrian Track. 18-Marshall Track meet. 20-Ypsi Central tennis. Regional meet. 28--State meet-track. 30-Memorial Day. IUNE 5-Bacclaureate Services. 7-Senior picnic. 8-Class Day. 9-Commencement. 10-Honor Assemblies. School closes for the year. This page is sponsored by WESTCATE-CONDRA AND COMPANY Martinson, Allion, Carmichael, Pastemacki Junior Class Officers Herbert Carmichael, president, is serving his first year as leader of his class. "Bert" may be seen playing basketball and in the spring he goes all out for baseball. Barbara Pasternacki, who is serving her second year as vice-president of her class, is very active in many school events. She was a member of the all- school play cast and is also a member of the Student Council and the French Club. Iune Allion, an up-and-coming young lady, served her class as secretary for the first time, also. Iune is a quiet, likeable girl who gave forth her singing ability and was also a member of the Spanish Club. Bessie Martinson represents her class as treasurer. Bessie is an active member of the G.A.A. and Spanish Club. She is also a member of the band and takes part in many home room activities. This page is sponsored by HOWARD H. HEFFRON, M.D. 27 IUNIOR HOME BOOM 37 CHAMPTONP FRONT ROW: Beekel, Brooks, Christman, M. Baldwin, Baughey, Anderson, Allion. MIDDLE ROW: D. Brown, Childs, Byrne, B. Baldwin, Moonsira, Barnes, Bayles, Brockway, Bradish, Andrews. BACK HOW: Abraham, Aqul, Berridqe, Carmichael, Bailey, B. Brown, Carr, Bournes, Bahs. X . .au H-......-.-,-.....nMu.-...B JUNIOR HOME ROOM 43 KNELSOND FRONT ROW: Dunlee, Goodwin, Colecchia, Grimes, Gifford, Dunn, Farnsworth, Farmer, Enders, Engel. MIDDLE ROW: Foerster, Hines, Holtz, Gay, Gayhart, Cole, Evans, Emery, Haviland, Fisher. BACK ROW: Faust, Dempsey, Hood, Cooper, Hancock, Fetzer, Clement, Fish, Gehring, Furbush. This page is sponsored by JIM GREEN 28 IUNIOR HOME BOOM 18 CLIBBEP FRONT ROW: C. Jones. M. Miller, Masteller, McMillen, Marine. SECOND ROW: Leach, R, King, Ethel Miller, Larsen, Hyder, D. Mitchell, Martmson, Melville. THIRD ROW: Lehr, D. Iones, Lloyd, Keller, Luttrell, Erma Miller, Kirk, McGraw, L. Iones. FOURTH HOW: Lackie, LeVeck, L. King, Hook. Long, R. Miller, R. I. Miller, Mills, Knechtol, Kczrlek, ,,,,,,--v w Q' 4, . 1 ,. . 15. IUNIOR HOME ROOM 31 CMISHICAP FRONT ROW: R. Potes, Rczndolf, Pasternacki, Newkirk, O'Conner, Robinson. Prichard, Miller. MIDDLE ROW: Roe-sch, Oakes, Naylor, Hiiienhouse, Robinson. Sharp, Rogers, Messing, Schmidt, Miichell, Pricheit. BACK HOW: D. Potes, Sipes, Powell, Schoonover, Boop, Patterson, Skeels, Moll, Schuyler, Piplow, Riley, Ouelletie. This page is sponsorml by ROBERT JEWEl.ERS 29 IUNIOR HOME ROOM 47 CREINHAHDP FRONT ROW: E. Williams, Tipton, Waltz, Westgate, Timmins, Whitney D. Vescelius, S. Wilson Toltord. SECOND ROW: Smith, L. Williams. Von Orden, Underwood, Trembcrth: Stockwell, White, Wengel, Vogel, I. Vescelius. THIRD ROW: Wells, Voorhees, Snedeker, Warner, Winters, I. Wilson, Willnow, Yost, Sudborough, Tubbs, R. Von Doren. IUNIOR HOME ROOM 40 CSTROBED FRONT ROW: Goldsberry, VonSickle, Herd, Miller, Kiefer, Phipps. SECOND ROW: Bowermcxn, Ellond Clark, Etter, Bortholemew, Shatter, Woerner. THIRD ROW: C. Richards, Wilson, Robertson, Jones, Brooks Long, Kennedy, Thompson. This page is sponsored by CARRISON'S 30 Ladd, Glover, Meyers, Karlek. Freshman Class Officers The dashing young man who has served his class as a faithful President, is Walter Glover, better known as "Walt." Not only is he the most popular fel- low in school, but one of the best athletes, taking part in football, basketball, and baseball. He is a member of the Varsity "A" Club. Holding office for his first year ot service is a fair-haired chap of rising popularity, namely, Stan Meyers. Stan was class Vice-President. He has par- ticipated in noon intramurals and various other school activities. The pert young girl who served as secretary is Shirley Ladd. Shirley, a sprite little gal with a pleasing smile, was on the queen's court this year, is a member of the French Club and takes part in G.A.A. intramurals. The Treasurer, a gal known more for her smile and personality, than her political knowledge is Dolores Karlek. Known to many as "Dee," she took part in G.A.A. intramurals and was for some strange unaccountable reason, an ardent fan of the swimming team. This page is sponsored by DR. E. E. BUSKIRK 31 FBESHMAN HOME ROOM 48 CHUTCHINSJ FRONT ROW' Etter, Deming, Crow, Doty, Dowling, Coon, Cooper SECOND ROW' Adams, Butler Evans, Easter, Chormann, Estes. THIRD ROW: Coy, Boyd, Bournes, lirock, Bower, Damon, Ezellez Carpenter. FOURTH ROW: Curtis. Culver, Burwell, Crisp, Enders, G. Damon, Dazey, Bakewell, Ellcey. FRESHMAN HOME ROOM 44 CSTEWARTP FRONT ROW: C. Gritzmaker, Hickock, Hamden, Hook, Hartunq, Hansen, Harrington. SECOND ROW E. Fisher, Foz, C. Garrison, Hammond, Foster, Harris, D. Fisher. THIRD ROW: B. Greene, Haqadorn Hypes, Gray, Filter, Forster, Goodes, Archer, Fitts. FOURTH ROW: Grimes, R. Barrison, Fleming, Glover Giiiord, D. Greene, R. Gritzmaker, Ienkins, Haydo, Allen. This page is sponsored by ADRIAN LAUNDRY COMPANY 32 FRESHMAN HOME ROOM 16 CRICHARDSJ FRONT ROW: Lantis, Baraley Cclroppedl, Murphy, I. Miller, Massenqill, Bolyard, Mclntosh, Ladd. SECOND ROW: Lewis, M. Miller, Mackintosh, E. Miller, Mumlord, P. Marvin, Karlek, L. Marvin. THIRD ROW: Baltz, Michael, Kuney, Kingsbury, lohnston, Koehn. Mansfield, Mendez, Mott, Barnes. FRESHMAN HOME ROOM 23 lKIDMANl FRONT ROW: Schneider, Sines, Roberts, Rutter, Sinclair, Proudloot, Potes, Powell. SECOND ROW: Poling, Potts, Myers, Neal, Schuyler, Schneider, Schafer, Seeburger Ruesink, Ryder. THIRD ROW: Schubert, Pearson, Oram, Nisbett, Bender, Schultz, N. Schultz, H. Righter, Sharpe, Schill, Beitelschies. This page is sponsored by HARD AND BAILEY 33 FRESHMAN HOME ROOM 27 CSULLIVANJ FRONT HOW: Webster, Toiter, Smzih, Villarreal, Brooks, B shop, Betz, Treat, Bohlke, Stevens. SECOND ROW: Stucter, Vescelxus, Smith, Woe-rner, Stegg, Wood, Sp1eg11, Wright, Warner, We ss, Wiker. THIRD ROW: Van Slckel, Yorder, Snyder, Terpeney, Wilson, Wolfe, Sunderland. ye- -v- ,sn-me -AQMY 'Y I Y YW 'Z .f ?y1 FRESHMAN HOME BOOM 34 CHANSONJ FRONT ROW: M. Miller, Carter, B. Mlller, Willrams, Benfield, Cochran, Mills, Carpenter. SECOND ROW: Von Gorder, Voorhees. Seeburger, P1fer, Ehlmger, Dettmun, Teel. ABSENT: Donna Perkins. This pagv is sponsorvrl by ECONOMY SHOE STORE 34 FBESHIVIAN HOME BOOM 42 CCARLSONJ FRONT ROW: Iones, Broderick, Harcourt, Bradley, Ward, Miller, D. Converse. SECOND ROW: Ham, Damon, Bournes, O. Bohlke, Block, Meyers, Baxter, M. Bohlke. THIRD ROW: Pitch, Shadbolt, Bond, Briggs, Birchfield, Johnson, Robison, Nisbett. BUSINESS ORGANIZATION CLASS CLUTZI FRONT ROW: Hunt, Colecchia, Ciiiord, Fisher, Leach, Ehlinqer, Timmins, M. Baldwin. SECOND ROW: McMillen, Masteller, Goodwin, Evans, Graham, Miller, D. Mitchell, Bailey, Liqhthall. THIRD ROW: Stange, B. Baldwin, Hines, Pate, Nyder, Emery, Pritchett, Bennett. FOURTH ROW: Aqul, Warner, Roop, Underhill, Estes, Sudborough. ' :ranks and appreciation are extended to the Business Organization class ior their help in the sale oi the Sickle. -THE SICKLE STAFF. 35 SNAPSHOTS Ierry Lorne will tell you the answers See page 83 cmd read from left to right 36 STANDING: Ierry Shull: SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: lack Bowen, Ianice Smith, John Hood. DEBATE TEAM This year once again, Adrian entered the debate contest of the Michigan Forensic Association. The four members of our team were chosen from the speech class, and were under the capable guidance of Miss Ruth Sherman. Although our four members worked hard to obtain a victorious season. they had to be satisfied with one win and four losses. Their first debate was with Iackson High School where both teams lost. Our debaters played host to Bedford to encounter their second contest. Both teams of Adrian, however, were luckily the winners. The next two contests were sad for the Adrian group when they were defeated by Romulus of Detroit and River Rouge, respectively. These four schools were the scheduled ones. A practice debate was held with Onsted, and an exhibition debate with Te- cumseh was held for the public interested. Neither of these were judged. The others were rated by Iudges from the University of Michigan. Our affirmative team consisted of Iohn Hood as first speaker, and Ianice Smith, as the second speaker: the negative team consisted of lerry Shull as first speaker and lack Bowen as the second speaker. We extend thanks in appreciation for the hard work and effort of these four debaters. This page is sponsored by ADRIAN DAILY TELECRAM 37 FRONT ROW: Cole, Buffer, Pasternacki, Mitchell, Callahan. SECOND ROW: Hoffman, White, Mitchell, Webster, Miller, Shaneour, Mendez. THIRD ROW: Lackie, Fleming, Birchtield, Brown, Wilson. STUDENT COUNCIL Under the capable guidance of Mr. Drager, the new advisor, the opera- tions of this year's student council were carried out swiftly and efficiently. Many of the projects undertaken by the council included such activities as two roller skating parties, All-school Banquet, Monroe-Adrian Queen and floats, the dances after the football and basketball games, Sponge Week, and a Talent show, not to mention the noon dancing. Also, the council undertook some of the more helpful services as the lost and found department, information booths, and the friendship committee, which was organized to introduce new students to our school. The committees for these projects consisted of council members and mem- bers of the student body. OFFICERS Tom Mitchell .......,.... . ,.... . ......,......,..... ,....,....., , President Paul Callahan ...,..,........ .......... V iceAPresident Barbara Pasternacki ..,.. .,..,..,...... S ecretary This page is spunsurwl by STUBNITZ GREENE SPRING CORP. 38 fx-r f, Q1 FRONT ROW: Pasternacki, Harris. Vitek. Trembath, Rogers. Western, Vogel. SECOND ROW: Fisher, McCormick, Willnow, Skala, Patterson, Gayhart, Schmidt. MAPLE LEAF The Maple Leaf has done a fine job of bringing the unusual and important happenings of the school to the students. The Maple Leaf was under the cap- able direction of the editor, Iane McCormick and the advisor, Miss Sherman, this year. The staff is as follows: Editor-in-Chief .......... Assistant Editor ,.......... Business Manager ..... News Editor ,............ Editorial Editor ....... Sports Editor ......... Feature Editor ........ Art Editor ...,................. .......Iane McCormick ........Nyla Western ............Don Sywassink ..............Nyla Western Mary Kathryn Rogers .............Charles Skala ...........Marilyn Schmidt ..................,Iack Clark Circulation Manager ...... ...... Exchange Editor .......... REPORTERS: ,Barbara Pasternacki ................Iulia Gayhart Sally Fisher, Clarice Gritzmaker, Barbara Vogel, Marlene Trembath, Iames Patterson, Ronald Willnow, Ioyce Harris. Iunior Editor ................ Iunior Sports Editor ........ Advisor .................... ....,.....Dick Watts .......Bill Chaloner ........Ruth Shemuan This page is sponsored by FINCH PRINTING COMPANY 39 FRONT ROW: Richard Hough, Charles Wallschlaeger, Ierry Shull, Paul Callahan. SECOND ROW: Iohn Hood, Bill Gay, Tom Mitchell, Melvin Dye. ROTARIANS The eight "Handsome" young men pictured above were invited by the Rotary Club to become acquainted with this fine organization. Each of these boys, chosen for their virile manliness, unwavering fortitude, and honesty, at- tended the meetings for a month. At the end of the month each boy introduced the next one and then proceeded to tell what he liked or didn't like about the meetings. The usual standbys are comments on the smoke or the "good" be- havior of members. At the end of the year the boys again come back to enter- tain members. This page is sponsored by H. WV. TUTTLE Sz COMPANY 40 FRONT ROW: Agul. Chamberlain, Carlson, Dsbro, Vescel,us, Hancock. SECOND ROW: Knechtel, Iohnson, Kirchner, Tubbs, Hook. THIRD ROW: K. Skeels, Wllliams, Glover, H. 1, Miller, lotiman, Hall, V. Skeels, Callahan, Bailey, Etter. FOURTH ROW: Croyle, Gehrmq, Wallschlaeqer, Hough, Phillips, Shull, Maloney, Kapnick. FIFTH ROW: Thompson, Clark, Van Sickle. Gay Mitchell, H. Muller. Dye, Day. VARSITY CL B President ......,. Vice President ...,.,,., .. ,... Secretary and Treasurer, ..,,.. . This club is made up ot fellows who have had ability and ambition to win an athletic award in any phase oi the sports program. The purpose oi this club is to create and maintain interest and enthusiasm tor all interscholastic sports. Each year the club sponsors different activities and helps where aid is needed. ......Paul Callahan ,..,..Tom Mitchell ........Don Maloney This year they purchased movie films to help improve our athletics. The club also sold name plates for advertis- ing and paid halt of the expenses tor new cheerleaders uniforms. The members ot the club sponsored the Varsity A Club dance held in April and the Club assisted in the sale and distribution of Easter Seals. This page is sponsored by MORRISON AND RIEHI. DRUG CO. FRONT ROW: Engel, Robinson, Peelle, Hill, Moore, L. Wilson. SECOND ROW: Dakes, Pasternacki Tipton, Luttrell. D. Powell. M. Miller, Peavey, Hartung, Koehn. THIRD ROW: Sprow, B. Miller Hanke Heldt, Chamberlain, Toliord, Lackie, Williams, I, Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Stockwell, Rodgers Rhodes Ladd, Garner, Willnow, Hall, Estes, Buehrer. FRE CH CL B Co-operation, friendliness, and the willingness to work has once more come through and formed an almost per- lect club. This year's French Club has continued the project started by last year's club, that is, the sponsorship of "Le College de leunes Fillesf' But all was not work. Throughout the year the club Gras. OFFICERS Beryl Moore .,..,...... Larry D. Wilson ,.... Robert Engel .... Barbara Hill Alta Robinson.. indulged in such activities as a skating party plays wemer roast, Christmas party, and the celebration of the Mardi However, this club would not be if it were not lor cap able guidance of Mlle. Mishica, the sponsor of the club ,,......Vice .President President ............ Treasurer Program .Secretary Chairman This page is sponsored by DIXIE SHOPS 42 S ANISH CL B BQ4 FRONT ROW: Roesch, I. Sm th, Bohlke, Wenqel, D. Miller, C. Gritzmaker. SECOND ROW: Webster Trotter, Allion, Bournes, Lloyd, F-sher, Bristol Block, D'sbro. THIRD ROW: Garrison, Van Orden, Curria tfsates, Keller, Walper, Vogel, I. Gritzmaker, Britten. BACK ROW: Western, Harris, McCormick, Chmnber limi, Shull, Hough, Carlson, Ezelle, Gay. FRONT ROW: Martinson, Newkirk, Kelley, Hyder SECOND ROW: Shaneour, G, Gcrlnnres, I.. Calnares Kirk, White, Sinclair, McAdams. THIRD ROW: Carmichael, Shull, Chamberlain, D.sbro, Carlson, llorttin IKOURTH ROW: Berrxdqe, I-Iammerman, Clement, Hancock. ' I, I . Once again this year the Spanish Club was formed under the direction oi Mr. Wallace B. Sul- livan, a popular and capable coach of our high school. The first ot the year the expected initiation was held and the painful retorts ot the victims can still be heard in our ears. The club has done various other things around the school but space does not permit the mention ot them. 43 F.F.A. SNAPS Ernest Kapnick shown above with his 5th place pen Fat Barrows. He also raised two Duroc sows and litters. In the picture is George Voorhees with his Poland China Gilt from Woods Lend. George is now grow- ing Durocs. He also won the Lenawee Co-op award at the County Crops show. held in November of 1948. Agriculture Class I inspect S500 covop disc at Charles Ruesink's on wheat sowing tield trip. Agriculture Class II helps Lewis Ruesink plant potato plots oi 30 varieties. F. F. A. boys. Voorhees, Ham, Miller, and Cousino treat seed lor Medford Pfister, March 24, 1948. There were 555 bushels oi seed treated in spring oi 1948. Lenawee County Chapters of F. F. A. visit Briggs' Stadium and see Tigers defeat the Indians. F. F. A. boys attend the Farmers' Week at Michigan State College. Building shown in background is Livestock Pavilion. Adrian P. F. A. boys on trip to International Livestock show and other points ot interest in Chicago in November of 1947. 44 "Q-.v--f 9' IG. FRONT ROW: Faust, Haracourt, Bournes, Iones, Seeburger, Oram, E. Nesbett. MIDDLE ROW: Fitch, Ham, D. Nesbett, Bailey, White, Rueslnk. BACK HOW: Potts, Ferguson, Hoffman, Miller, Voorhees, Bahs, FUTURE FAR ERS of MERIC Abraham. The Future Farmer Chapter completed a good year that included a variety of activities. Summer activities of 1948 in addition to meetings at home farms of mem- bers, was a county coon tour on August 20. Adrian combined with Sand Creek and Addison Future Farmer Chapters in making their annual trip to a "Tiger" base- ball game in Detroit in late August. Several F.F.A. members made a trip with the Farm- eis' Night Class on September 11 to visit the Larro research farms in Detroit and that afternoon attended Harry Heilman day at Briggs Stadium. At the Lenawee County Fair our Adrian "Ag" boys won the banner award for the best crop judging team in the county and placed second in dairy judging. Crop and livestock exhibits by nearly every Adrian member took a number of blue ribbons. Kapniclc, Voorhees. and Rickaby each sold "A" grade barrows in the big 550,000 project auction sale of fat stcok on Friday of the fair. Adrian chapter members had a number of "A" ex- hibits at the annual Lenewee County Crops Show, held at the project buildings in November. Various chapter members assisted in carrying out the ten meeting-night-school series on "Soi1s and Crops," in which attendance averaged over seventy-five farmers per meeting. The big event of the winter months was the second annual Seed Show in which 180 seed exhibits were judged by Roy Decker, head of the Farm Crops Depart- ment of Michigan State College. Prize winning exhibi- tions in this show included Sidney Iones, Tom Oram, Don Nesbett. David Ruesink. and Howard White. Over 150 seed germination test were conducted for farmers following the seed show. Radio broadcasts became a regular activity of the year after last years initial attempt, Nearly every Fri- day found some group of our members discussing a Future Farmer activity over W.A.B.I. during the ten minute noon extension service broadcast. Nearly all members were given a chance to participate in one or more broadcasts. Soil Conservation proved to be the outstanding project of the chapter for the year. Speeches were developed on conservation, maps drawn of home farms, and a goal of three approved practices set up for each member. At an April F,F.A. meeting the group voted to pay transportation for every member complet- ing three practices at Louis Bromfields farm at Mans- field, Ohio, in late August of 1949. we 4-9 t ,s 4 i- ,X Q' ff 36939 Oo 9 6 FRONT HOW: Gay Moss'ng, Roesch, Carter, Williams, Reed, Emerson, Moore, Ruffer. SECOND ROW: Western, Shaneour, Wolfe, Walden, M. Emery, C. Emery, Pixley, I. Smith. THIRD ROW: Van Orden, Martinson, Rhodes, Montgomery, Kuney, Simonds, Block, Nash. FOURTH ROW: Rogers, McCormick, Kirk, White, Walper, Vogel, Richardson, Britten, Peavey. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCI TIO President ........... ........ I anice Smith Vice-President ...... ....,.... D onna Block Secretary ...,..,. ..,.....,... P at Kuney Treasurer .........,. ..,..... V irginia Wolfe Point Recorder ..,..,,.....,.,...,............,.....,........,..... Beverly Simonds The Girls' Athletic Association was organized to pro' mote better sportsmanship and a program of athletics for the girls of our high school. To become a member a girl must have at least 150 points and to retain her membership she must earn at least 100 points during the year. When a girl has earned 500 points she is entitled to a letter. During the year sports including soccer, basketball. vol! leyball, softball, bowling, and tennis are offered. The girls' basketball standings were as follows: Team Won Lost Marshallettes ..,. 7 0 Pat Kuney ......... B l Basket Dusters .... 5 2 Carol Buffer ...........,..........,................................. 4 3 The Marshallettes played Pat Kuney's team during the half of the Adrian-Coldwater Varsity game. The Marshall- ettes also represented the G.A.A. in a game with St. Ioseph's Academy and were defeated by a score of 4029. 4 N is xi C' mi If I I 1 1 2 l A FRONT ROW: Marine, Perkins, Ladd, A. Richardson, Graham, Potts, Boonstra. SECOND ROW: Brown Sharp, Vescelius, Mitchell, Woerner, Westgate, lones. BACK ROW: Ovory, Larson, Smith, Schaller, M Richardson, Hyder, Prichett, Holtz. SEL C0 CL B The Selaco Club under the leadership oi Miss Nielson has been very active this year. The girls have enjoyed many educational demonstrations and parties. Emblems and pins have been awarded to girls earning two hundred and five hundred points lor their outstanding efforts in thc club. President ....... ..,,. . Ann Richardson Vice-President ..., .4.,... P at Graham Secretary ..,..., ,...... R uth Medina Treasurer ...,.. ......,...,.., H elen Ladd Scribe ...... ,..,... D olores Vescelius Historian .... ....., M yrna Richardson This page is sponsored by GAYLORD C. HATHAYVAY 47 jul' A .Luk 5'.,..fA.,m Comhff The 1949 All-School Banquet carried the theme oi "Ius' a Little Southern Comfort" out in full color and tradition and the Sickle Staii wishes to thus iinish by describing the event to you in jus' a little southern accent. When the chilluns lust got dar dey seen a little cab'n with a little ole mammy a settin' in a rockin' chair, 'n a 'normous cardboard iigger of ole Sam a strummin' his banjo, 'n little co1or'd lites a shinin' on de ceilin' which was pretty paper. De chillun's hearts turned den 'n dere 'n dey 'came true Southerners. De dinnah, de bestest bargan eva, was ham from ole Virginey, 'tatoes without dere hair tescallopedl, beans. cabin chees and bineappl' salad. De chilluns drinked milk and de odders coffee. Ever'bodie got ise cream 'n cakes. After all de folk iinish'd wid dere chompin' de "Greatest Show on de Ribber" tuk de ilor. ,Terry Shull was de boss of de seremoneys P-Dat boy wuz realy smooth. Next cum de high school dance band which plaid nize music iur de peeples. De DeSpain Players 'uz good too. lim DeSpain 'uz de reader. So Sweet KMax Sweetl 'uz de charmin' ladie, "Drop ova a cliff" Nelson 'uz de boy trend and capt'n Gordon 'uz de Capt'n. Triggerlinga DeSpaiii red sum pomes an' de odders pantomines wot he sayed. De Dust Dance 'us giv'n by Buckwheat Glover. and Candy Bradley to de tune ol Sweet Go'gia Brown. Buck- wheat got de oscar fer bein' wid de sho' fer tree ya'rs. De Mountain Boys tRoy Keller 'n lack Lewis! 'uz liked by the chillun' and so 'us Maw tMary Bohlkel and Paw fPop Stitesl. Odder acts hed many talunted people which I dunt have rom to rite about. De chillun' got iavers made by Donna Lou Harris, de boss ladie oi de decorashuns. and her comitee. De lood 'uz got up by Miz Nielson 'n her gals. De tickets 'uz tooken care oi by lane McCormick. Barbara Pasternacki took't care ob de publisitee 'n Missis 'n Mistah Strobel hed charg' ob de sho'. Ever'-bodie should thank Mr. Drager fur his wuk, Mr. Rainier and Mr. Bohms fer de swell musik 'n all de odders who wuked to make his de bestest show ever. A swell dance 'us held afta de sho' 'n all de chilluns 'uz verie happie. Musik 'uz iurnihecl by Willy Cartah and his Hepcats. MUSIC DEPARTMENT M. Rhodes, I. Vescelius, B. Pixley, M. Willett, I. McMillen. MAJORETTES Leading our marching band this year were live attractive majorettes. We wish to thank them for their help in preparing and setting up band formations. Betty Pixley will not be back next year and all of us will miss the attraction she gave to the front of the band. However, we will have the service of Maxine Rhodes, lean McMil1en, Iill Vescelius, and Marion Willett. This page is sponsored by MORRIS 5 AND 10 T0 51.00 STORE 49 FRONT ROW: 1. Smith, L. Williams, Terpeney, Stevens, Skala, Bahs. SECOND ROW: Burgess, Harrington, Pierce, Naylor, Martmson, Stange, Pritchard, Roesch. THIRD ROW: Brown, Tidswell, Coy, Carter, Ludwig, Damon, Barnes, Schuyler, Spiegel, Borden, Royer. FOURTH ROW: Disbro. Mumford, Fleming, Willett, Miller, D. Smith, Shutes, Wettcrholt, Bowermun. Williams, King, Meyers, Bliss, Chaloner. STANDING: Enders, Emerson, Laudenslcrqor, Iusmund, I. Smith, Sunderland, Winters. MAIORETTES: Rhodes, McM1llen, Willett, Vescelius, Pixlcy. During the year there are many activities in which our high school band participates. In most cases the band is not given the credit they deserve. The Sickle Staff, on behalf of the student body and faculty, wish, at this time, to express their gratitude to the band for: being so dependable when asked to play at the pep meetings, their interesting marching formations, and their fine playing in all musical activities. Appreciation is extended also to Mr. Bohms for his fine co-operation and capable leadership. In the latter part of the year, the following officers were chosen: President .................... ....... D ale Fleming Vice-President ........... ..... W endell Disbro Secretary-Treasurer .... .......... I anice Smith Publicity ..... .......... ..... M a rilyn Emerson Tl""T"" . -fy r, VW , ll llll till FRONT ROW: Peele, Damon, Richardson, Renner Stankeveh, Allshouse. SECOND ROW: Damon, Harrington, Hamden, Borton, Winters, Grimes, Allen, Reynolds. STANDING: Snyder, Demmmq, Beitelschies, Rush, Hall, Coon, Rogers. ORCHESTRA The students in the first orchestra were se- lected by their playing ability. The orchestra, under the direction of Miss Kellogg, is managed under a point system. Awards will be given to the outstanding students at the close of the school year. The orchestra has made much progress this year and has played for many occasions, among these are: the school play, the Christ- mas program, and the Senior concert. ' 'itll lil Z FRONT ROW: Peelle, I. Damon, Richardson, Stanlcevch. BACK ROVV: Rush, H, Damon, Rey STRING ENSEMBLE The members of the string ensemble and Miss Kellogg have devoted many hours of their time outside of school for rehearsals and social engagements. The group has furnished dinner music and played for many clubs. Among these are the Iefferson P. T. A., the Mothers' Club, Chamber of Commerce, St. Iohns Church, Campfire Dinner, Community Chest Dinner, and the Mason's Dinner. 52 FIRST ROW: Carmichael, Haydo, Cardenas. Kingsbury, Sunderland, Garner, Wells, Birchfield, Agul, Carlson, N. Horton, G. Baxter, B. Emerson, Poling. SECOND ROW: M. Wilson, Laney, Ladd, Haviland, Coon, Allion, M. Emerson, Carter, Lott. Reed, Miller, Peelle, McAdams, Mossing, Graham. Randolph, I. Naylor, Rutter. THIRD ROW: Shaneour, Wolfe. Minier, Bayles. Bris- tol, Bournes, Gay, Ezelle, Walper, McCreery, Hammond, McMillen, Keebler, Snyder, Warner, Marine, Sinclair. CHOIR The Senior High School Choir has furnished music for numerous school and community events this past year. Students will remember their part in the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies. The choir presented a pub- lic concert and participated in city, district, and state festivals. The officers of the choir are: President ............................................ Peggy Miller Vice-President ........... ..... B ert Carmichael Secretary-Treasurer ...................... Marilyn Carter Managers .......... Lois McCreery, Donna Keebler, Ray Cardenas Librarians ...... ....... L uette Walper, Dean Wells OC L ENSEMBLE FRONT ROW: Laney, Sinclair, Smes, Ladd, Hufier. BACK ROW: Minier, Demmmq, Bryne, Bournwn, Webster, Peelle, Emerson, Lott. The vocal ensemble this year was composed of the above girls. All ol us will remember the pretty tunes they have presented at numerous times during the year and would like to conqratu- late them on their entertainment ol out ot school groups. GIRLS' GLEE CL B A A 9 ' FIRST ROW: Treat, Demming, Wilson, Cooper, Murphy, Spiegel, Newkirk, Damon. SECOND ROW: Bolyard, Davis, Bryne, Karlek, Perkins, Boyd, Gayhart, Woerner, Van Orden, Potes. THIRD ROW: O'Con nor, Dyer, Ladd, Maclntosh, Neal, I. Smith, Trotter Webster, White. The Music Department has its many offers for those with talented voices. One of the special groups is the Girls' Glee Club, pictured below, who are to be congratulated also for their line sinrp ing during the music festivities of the year. 54 ATHLETICS M. Trembath, Ioanne Hadden, Mary Alice White, Ioyce Damon. Absent: Barbara Timmins and Aleva Lott. CHEERLEADERS At the head of every student body, a leader is needed. In our case we have six leaders. Our six attractive leaders of cheer, pep, vim and vigor are: three seniors: Ioanne Hadden and Aleva Lott, who have displayed their en- ergy with utmost skill, and our acrobat special- ist, Ioyce Damon, who really put her all into her cheering: and three juniors: Marlene Trembath, who has served her second year with the usual spark of dynamite: Mary Alice White, although a newcomer to the cheerleading field, soon gained the approval of all: and Barbara Tim- mons, another "greenbug" in this field who gave forth with an admirable amount of spirit. These girls were dependable in providing and setting up our pep sessions and were always "on the job" to help spur teams to victory. SITTING: Mary Alice White, Shirley Ladd. Marie Nash. Iecm Shaneour. STANDING: Luette Walper, Betty Pixley tqueenl, Ioanne Hadden. ADRIAN-MONROE QUEEN The annual Monroe-Adrian football game was held in Adrian during the 1948-1949 foot- ball season. The queen to reign at this event was chosen trom Adrian High School by the student body. The lovely queen this year was vivacious Betty Pixley. Betty, atop her throne, was introduced to the city during the afternoon parade. The parade following the pep meeting was led through town by the band. The Coronation ceremonies were held during dance intermission in the gym after the game. Betty made a very pretty picture in her attire of white and was surrounded by her court in pastel colors. Her court consisted of the pretty Misses Marie Nash, lean Shaneour. Ioanne Hadden, Luette Walper, Mary Alice White, and Shirley Ladd. Ierry Shull, popular president of the senior class, first presented the court with their bou- quets of white baby "mums." He then crowned the queen and presented to her a bouquet of large white chrysanthemums. The next event was the grand march which was led by Queen Betty and her escort, Glenn Richards. FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Gay, Wallschlaeger, Chamberlain, Hough, Mitchell, Phillips, Carlson, Kapnick, Hall, R. F Mll OND ROW: Fetzer, Bradley, Skala, Briggs, Bailey, Horton, H. Miller, Gallanis, Maloney, Thompson. Glover, H k THIRD ROW: Iohnson, Mgr., Van Doren, Yost, Haydo, Shultz, Enders, Berridge, Tubbs, Dye, Mgr. '48 FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS The Adrian High Football Squad, under the direction of our new popular coach, Iim DeSpain, threw off its old wraps to use a new zero formation in combination with the single wing. The Maples finished the '48 schedule with 4 wins, 2 ties and 3 losses. The squad completed the season November 12, by triumphantly defeating the Albion Wildcats, 20-13. It was the third straight win for Adrian who led the Wildcats throughout the game. Tom Mitchell, our star fullback, playing his last game for the Maples, was as always the main stay of the teams offense. Mitchell powered over for 13 points. A Callahan to Thompson pass netted B and a try for extra point was made good by Maloney. The game with Monroe, November 5, added to the success of the cour- ageous Maples. Adrian trampled the rough Trojan eleven on a muddy field in the worst weather of the season, by a score of 12-0. Thirteen Adrian players bore the burden of the grueling football battle on the rainswept gridiron. They mashed out Adrian's 18th victory over Monroe in this annual classic. Adrian's first score was brought about when quarterback Walt Grover passed to Bailey who, in turn, lateraled to Thompson who went over the goal line standing up. Tubbs, in the last minutes of the fourth quarter, intercepted a Monroe pass and galloped 60 yards for the final tally which cinched the game for DeSpain's charges. On October 29 Adrian edged out a determined Lakeview grid squad, 6-0. After taking the initial kick-off in the first period, the Maples made a 60 yard sustained drive to the five yard marker .Here Thompson took the ball on a left end sweep for the only score of the game. Coldwater, the Twin Valley co-champions along with East Lansing, on October 22, defeated the game charges of Coach DeSpain. Adrian's forward wall outplayed the Coldwater line, but Coldwater's aerial attack was too much for Adrian's pass defense, bowing the Maples out, 26-12. This page is sponsored by WOOD'S APPAREL 57 October 15, the Maple eleven caught fire in the second half for their first win of the season by decisively defeating Hillsdale 26-6 on the Hornet's home field. The Maple forward wall was outstanding in their play. Maloney and Mitchell both tallied twice with Mitchell running 2 extra points after touch- downs. October 8, the fighting Maples came within an ace of defeating a favored East Lansing eleven. The visitors edged out Adrian 25-19. A Callahan to Thompson pass gave Adrian their first score in the begin- ning quarter. On another series of passes Adrian brought the ball to the Lansing seven. Mitchell went to the one and Thompson swept around left end for the second tally. In the last quarter Callahan threw to Tubbs who went over standing up. Mitchell ran the ball for the extra point making the score: Adrian 19, East Lansing 25. The game ended with the ball in midfield. Adrian's attack was hampered by costly fumbles. On October 1 a Class A Grand Hapids Ottawa Hills tied Adrian 13-13 in the closing minutes of the game. The Maples outplayed the visitors, but a couple of breaks in the remaining minutes of play was all Grand Rapids needed. The pass combination of Callahan and Thompson set up the Maples first score. Mitchell ran the ball over from the eight. On the first play of the third quarter Mitchell broke through the center of the Grand Rapids line for a 51 yard ouchdown. This time Brigg's conversion was good Adrian their 13-7 lead until the last period when the game was dead-locked. On September 24, Adrian tied Marshall 13-13. The hard fighting Maples lost the ball on downs, inches from a winning score in the last minutes of play. In the initial quarter Callahan took a hand-off from Glover and tossed to Bailey for first score. Brigg's conversion was good giving Adrian a 7-O lead. The Maples next score was set up when Mitchell took the ball to the 8, where Callahan scooted through the line for the score. Adrian played hard to win but the breaks didn't come their way. On September 17 the Maples and their new zero formation lost their opener to Sturgis 27-0. Adrian had a chance to tie the score three minutes before the first half, but a fumble at the goal line with a Sturgis guard recovering in the end zone put the ball in play on the 20 for Sturgis. Adrian played to win but the team couldn't get rolling. The Maples trailing 7 points at the half fell apart while Sturgis came through with three additional touchdowns putting the game away. The Adrian High School was awarded one spot on each of the All Twin Valley mythical elevens. In addition an Adrian player was given honorable mention. Top billing went to Tom Mitchell, Adrian fullback, who completed his third year in a Maple uniform. Mitchell was picked as a halfback. Dick Hough, one of the best defensive players in the conference, according to the coaches, was chosen as a tackle on the second team. Honorable mention went to Paul Callahan, who was one of the league's sharpest passers. The seniors who played their last game in Maple colors were: Callahan, Carlson, Chamberlin, Croyle, Gay, Gallanis, Hall, Horton, Hoffman, Hough, Kapnick, R. F. Miller, H. Miller, Mitchell, Maloney, Philips, and Wallschlaeger. 58 FRONT ROW: Phillips, Maloney. Stover, Carlson. Williams. SECOND ROW: Croyle, Mitchell. Fetzer, Shull, THIRD ROW: Thompson, Briggs. Enders. Carmichael, Glover. BASKETBALL VARSITY Our Adrian High School Maples greatly im- proved their all-around play over last year's team. Their record, three wins and eleven losses doesn't show the many close, one-point games the team dropped to the league lead- ing teams. In the regional finals they advanced to a "hot" Marshall quintet. Coach Wally Sul- livan had tour returning lettermen around which he built his team. The starting line-up at the beginning of the year was composed of Ierry Shull, Don Maloney, Tom Mitchell, Walt Glover, and Iim Fetzer. In the last few games, Croyle and Carmichael were substituted for their added tip-off height and rebound strength. Coach Sullivan will lose Maloney, Mitchell, Shull, Croyle, Phillips, Carlson, Williams, and Stover. These boys, Iuniors Fetzer and Car- michael, and Freshman Glover, Briggs, and Enders, who will be back next year, did a fine job of carrying out Coach Sullivan's directions and should be congratulated. The boys just couldn't pull those close ones out of the fire and Win their share of the games. As Coach Wally Sullivan said, "It was the best team I ever had -that lost so many games." This page is spnnsorwl by EXIIICISIUR I.Al'NllRY FRONT ROW: I. Birchfield, Bailey, Yost, Bradley. SECOND ROW: Hook, Hood, Ienkins, Wells. THIRD ROW: Gifford, Greene, Brown, Tubbs, Fleming. BASKETBALL RESERVES Coach Iim DeSpain piloted the reserve squad to a good season of eight wins-ten losses. The play of the reserves was much better than the record shows and is a vast improvement over last year's record. The loss of Bert Carmichael, who moved to bigger things with the varsity in mid-season hurt the team's chances for a winning year immeasurably. They started slow but improved and even without Bert, fin- ished the season with some impressive vic- tories. They also advanced to the finals of the Little Five play-offs before losing to a good Deerfield outfit. Reliable starters were: Brown. Hook, Hood, Tubbs, Bradley, and Gifford. Others showing promise were: Fleming, Birch- iield, Fisher, Yost, and Bakewell. FRONT ROW: Garrison, Wolfe, Wilson, Block, Bond, Kuney. SECOND ROW: Schoonover, Hoop, Knechtel, R. I. Miller, Richards, Winters. THIRD ROW: Smith, Van Sickle, Kirchner, Disbro, Strayer, Callahan, Gay, Horton. TOP: Coach Frank Hazen. Absent from picture: I. Hood. SWIMMING TEAM This years swimming squad added five more wins to the twenty-one consecutive victories piled up in the past three years before they bowed to Ypsi-Central, 44-40. These five brought the record to an amazing total of twenty-six victories before losing. In the first meet of the year, the team beat Ypsi-Central in a nip-and-tuck battle. 43-39. lt rolled over four other teams, River Rouge, 50-34: Trenton, 49-35: University High, 46-38: Ypsi-Roosevelt, 55-28, before losing to Ypsi-Central in their second meet with Central. They got back on the victory path by beating Trenton, 53-31: Ypsi-Roosevelt, 49- 29! University High, 48-36: Dearborn 52-30: and DeVilbiss, 49-34, to climax an excellent season record of ll wins and one loss. In the state meet, they came through admirably to snare second place from their old rivals, Ypsi-Central. Gay, Han- cock, Wolfe, Disbro, Van Sickle, and Miller picked up points in the first eight events. In the final events the 200 yard freestyle relay fGay, Roop, Miller, and Callahan? came through in rousing style to break the old state record of l:45.6 with a time of 1:43.9 East Grand Rapids won the meet with 57 points and Adrian was second with 25 points. This page is sponsored by DOVE BROTHERS' ROUFERS ,. 1.1 H..- AM FRONT ROW: Williams, Skells, Agul, Ward, Etter, I. Hood, Yost, Williams. BACK ROW: Mgr. Clement, Callahan, Glover, Day, Wilson, Gilford, H. Hood, Sywassink. BASEBALL tender are good this year. The interest in baseball has been very good. About thirty-five hopefuls answered Coach Iim DeSpain's returning lettermen who will probably fill Chances for another Twin Valley championship con- A reserve team, under the direction of Mr. Sullivan. was also organized. Their schedule was incomplete. The varsity schedule was as follows: the starting positions. The line-up will be something like April 19 - Monroe ................... .......... .......... H e re this for the first game: R. Williams, first base: Agul, sec- Apm 22 K East Lansing --A'.--. --.-4.-. T here ond base: Walt Glover, short stop: Vic Skeels, third base: - Callahan, catcher: Etter, I. Hood. and Gehring, outfield. April 28 Y Marshall """"" """" T here Fish, Terpeney, I. Fetzer, and Lost should also see a lot MUY 3 K Hillsdale """"' ""'- H ere of service in the outfield. Coach DeSpain said he thought May 6 -w Coldwater ....... There the team would be strong on hitting and fielding, but added May 10 Sturgis .,..".4 ..l.'4l'.- H ere that we will be pretty weak in pitching, due to the loss MG 13 Lck vi Th of Bill Fetzer who seriously injured his throwing arm. How- Y E? ew """' ere ever, L. Williams, Carlson. H. Hood, and Carmichael should MGY 17 1 Album "-'--"'-- ------'--' H ere ably represent Adrian in the pitching department this year. May 27 Ann Arbor ........ ...... H ere This page is sponsored by DR. C. J. HOOD ifkws Q is . ffygt - 1 ' . G ifizb. , 5 "ZW L M -. axis 1 K , , Q v ,r-, Q 'S K . JM, C . X Q 1 "1 FRONT ROW: Engel, Cooper, Eldridge, R. I. Miller, Vescelius, Telford. SECOND ROW: Horton, Croyle, Skeels, Coach Hazen, Shull, Stover, Long. VA RS I TY This years squad is fortunate in having seven experi- enced lettermen back. These boys are: Ken Skeels, lim Croyle, Larry Stover, Captain Ierry Shull, Tom Eldridge, Robert I. Miller, and Iere Vescelius. However, there are a number of other promising can- didates who should give these boys a battle for starting positions, besides filling in for the graduating lettermen, These boys are: Tom Cooper, Richard Lackie. Tom Demp- sey. Smith Horton, Robert Engel, Lavon Wolfe, Iohn Tol- ford, Paul Koehn. Ted Merrian, Rollo Garrison. Tom Curtis, Ralph Bradley, Charles Skala. Coach Hazen said that we lost one promising candidate in Prosser Watts who moved to Indiana. He added that over-all strength should be increased and we Could look for an even greater share of victories than we gained last year. TENNIS 1849 SCHEDULE v Devilbiss April I2 .......,..,............,.,......., .....,. 'l 'here Monroe April Z1 ....,....,....... ......, T here East Lansing April 22 ....... ..,.... T here Ypsi. Roosevelt April 26 ,,..,.. ,..,.., T here Coldwater April 28 ,.......... .,..... T here Devilbiss April 28 .............................. .....,.., H ere Twin Valley Tournament May 7 ..,..,,.. ........ H ere Lakeview - May 13 ..,,,.... .........,.,.... . . There Coldwater May 18 ...........,......,. .,,....,. H ere Ypsi, Central May 20 ....,...,......,. .,..,.... H ere Regional Tournament - May 21 ...,.., .,...,.,. M onroe State Tournament -- Iune 3-4 ......, Kalamazoo This pngv is spvnsnrmf by AUTO PARTS KIUIIPANY, INC. SEATED: I. Fetzer, I. Richmond, Underhill, Gay, Miller, H., Mitchell, Hough, Estes, Hoffman, Chamberlain. STANDING: Willett, Dunlee, Garner, Tubbs, Berridge, Bailey, Hook, Thompson, Wells, Clark, Dye. TRACK Prospects lor another Twin Valley championship lor Adrian in track are good this year. The interest in this sport is good as about thirty-five boys reported for the lirst spring drills. Returning lettermen will take the greatest number of positions on the squad. These boys and their events are: Bailey, the mile run and the high jump: Cham- berlain. the 880 relay and sprints: Clark, the pole vault: Gay, the high-jump: Hoffman, the half-mile and quarter- mile runs: Hook, the hurdle events: Hough, the quarter- mile run and the medley relay: H. Miller, the shot put: Mitchell, the shot put: broad jumps and the 880 relay: and Thompson, the 880 relay and sprints. The schedule was as follows: April April April April May May May May May May Morencl .......................... - Tecumseh. ..... Monroe, .......... . 4 Napoleon ........... Albion Relays League meet at Adrian Marshall ,..,........,........ ..... Regional Meet Waite ........,.....,.... State Meet Here Here ........There ........There .....,.. There ........There .xdvluerfiriin A. B. Park Company ........................... Addington Roofing Company ........... Adrian Tobacco 6 Candy Company Adrian Daily Telegram ............ .......... Adrian Dairy ..........,.............................. Adrian Federal Savings 6 Loan Assn. ..... . Adrian Fruit Market ................................ Adrian Grain Company ........ Adrian Laundry ................ Adrian Livestock ....................... Adrian Sales Company ............ Adrian School oi Aeronautics ...... Adrian Shoe Service ...................... Adrian State Savings Bank ................. Adrian Candy and Tobacco Co. ...... . Art's Sandwich Shop ........................ A G W Root Beer Stand .................. Auto Parts Company, Inc. .... . Beck G Egan .......,.................. Benfair Market ........... Brockley Studio ........ Burr Printing Co. .......... . Chaloner G Co. ................. . Colonial Dance Garden ........ Commercial Savings Bank ..... Cosmetic Shop ........................ Cunningham Drug Store ...... Cutler-Dickerson Co. ......... . Davis and Baily ............ Dick's Restaurant ....... Dixie Shops ........................... Dobbins Tea Room ....................... Doc's Frame G Axel Service ..,.... Damon's Grocery ..................... Derb's Super Service ........... Dove Brothers' Roofers ....... Economy Furniture Co. Economy Shoe Store .... Edward's Bakery ....... Excelsior Laundry ..... Finch Printing Co. .... . Firestone Store ....... Fisher Book Store ....... Flower Box ............. Gallant G Sons .............. Garrisons ..... Gaylord C. Hathaway , .,.... George W. Pentland ...................... Gerity-Michigan Corp. .......................... . Gottschalk School of Aeronautics ....... Haley's ................................................. Hard 6 Bailey .................................. H. W. Tuttle Co. ........ . Harry E. Griewahn ........ H. L. Iudge ........................ Homer Hayden's ................... Horn's Hi-Speed Service ...... 1-lull Appliance .................. Hurd Lock ...................... Iahn and Ollier ....... lerry Lane ........ hm Green ............ Iohn H. Rimell ...... 73 72 89 37 6 76 77 76 32 83 66 80 77 7 69 81 S8 63 68 22 86 18 68 67 ..........19. 75 70 72 74 69 16 42 68 70 ll 81 81 73 34 79 59 39 66 73 72 81 30 47 66 85 79 87 33 40 S6 72 70 79 67 7l 88 83 28 74 9 65 irecforg Iohn H. Schmidt Market ..... Kigel's ............................................... Lenawee Auto Theatre ..................... Lenawee Equipment Company ....... Lewis Studio ................................... Linehan Realty Company .......... Lovitt's Service Station .......... Lowry's Grocery ............... L. W. Kelley ..................... Mack and Company ....... Mann Motors Company ....... Maumee Company ........... Maurice's ............................... Meyer's Dept. Stores .................. Michigan Producer's Dairy ........ Miller's Grocery ...................... Milligan's Standard Service ......... Morris 5 6 10 to S1 Store ................. Morrison G Riehl Drug Company ........ Nixons' Music Shop ........................... Nu Way Strech ............................... Oil Service Company ..... George W. Pentland ....... R 6. S Shoe Store .......... Reid's Dairy Store ........ Robb Goulder ....................... Robert Iewelers ................................... Rite Spot .................................................. Roger's Lumber G Coal Company ........ Schwartz Restaurant ............................ Seger-Graham Dairy Company ....... Seyfert's Potato Chips ................... Shepherd 6 Stoll .......................... Simplex Paper Corporation ...... Sperti-Faraday ...................................... S. S. Stull, Iewelers .................................. Stevenson Lumber G Coal Company ....... Stubnitz-Greene Spring Corporation ...... Style Shop .............................................. Towle Barber Shop ............................. Typewriter Sales 6 Service Co. .... . Uhlman's Dept. Store ................... Walper Fumiture Company ...... Welch Cleaners ............................. Westgate-Condra G Company ..... Wilcox Hardware Company ...... Willnow Printing Company ...... Wood's Apparel .......,.................. Wm. H. Egan Shoe Company .................... PATRON'S DIRECTORY Robert C. Birmingham. O.D. ....................... . E. E. Buskirk, D.D.S. ............... . L. K. Cox, D.D.S. .................. . Howard H. Heffron, M.D. ..... . William H. Hewes. M.D. .... . Dr. C. I. Hood .............,..... L. W. Moore. D.D.S. ........ . A. S. Pastemacki. M.D. ...... . Bemard Patmos. M.D. .... . L. I. Stafford, M.D. ....... . G. H. Wynn. M.D. FIRESTONE STORE Everything for the Car and Home EASY BUDGET TERMS l27 West Moumee Street HARRY E. GRIEWAHN READY Mlxso coNcRETz 240 West Maple Avenue Adrion, Michigan Repairing Storage "He Succeeds Well Who Serves WeII" WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE W' AND STRIVE TO DESERVE IT FURRIER K I G E L ' S 120 Noffh Main Sffeef AoRlAN's BIG STORE ron Telephone I24 Adrian, Mich. MEN AND BOYS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE A. H. S. CLASS OF '49 ADRIAN SALES COMPANY NATIONAL BANK BUILDING COMPLIMENTS OF H A L E Y ' S 5. S. STULL SHOES EOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY JEWELER On The Four Corners Headquarters 140 S, Main Street for Poll Parrott Children's Shoes Adrian Michigan Adrian, Michigan COMPLIMENTS or COLONIAL DANCE GARDENS HULL APPLIANCE STORE IRISH HILLS Rex Wonder and His Orchestra U. S. ll2 Your Maytag Sales 81 Service Depot Back of Towers ln-A-Car Open Nightly Movies Under Speakers Rain or Clear the Stars No Parking Baby Bottles Problems Warrned LENAWEE AUTO THEATRE Just North of Adrian on M-52 COME DRESSED AS YOU WISH Nature's Own Your Babysitter Children Under T2 Air Conditioning Problem Solved FREE 67 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF I949 DOBBINS TEA ROOM Compliments of Compliments of BECK 8. EGAN 136 N. Main FURNITURE AND FLOOR COVERINGS SIGN OF THE TURK WILLIAM H. EGAN me 1874 SHOE CO- cl-IALQNER s. co I29 S. Main Street ADRIAN, MICHIGAN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I949 FROM HRW B001' BEER STAND HAMBURGS - HOT DOGS - ROOT BEER FLOATS ROOT BEER BY THE GALLON WE USE ONLY TOP QUALITY STEER BEEF Across from the Fire Station PHONE 846 68 127 WE CONGRATU LATE THE SENIOR CLASS OF '49 STEVENSON LUMBER 81 COAL CO. WE SERVED YOUR GRANDFATHER 76 YEARS AGO 1873 1949 Compliments of MEYER'S DEPT. STORES 131 S. Moin St. ADRIAN, - - MICHIGAN ADRIAN TOBACCO and CAN DY CO. Wholesale So. Winter St. Adrian, Mic MILLIGAN'S STANDARD SERVICE Corner N. Main and Front Sts. ADRIAN, MICHIGAN Phone 9156 - 1723-R Compliments of DAVIS 81 BAILY 132 So. Main Street ADRIAN - MICHIGAN Corona - Royal - Underwood and Remington Portable Typewriters SHEAFFER - PARKER AND EVERSHARP SETS "Everything in School Supplies!" T Y P E W R I T E R Sales and Service Company l25 North Main Street Adrian, Michigan DOC'S Frame and Axle Service D. D. DUNLAP Complete Chassis Alignment WHEEL HUB DRUM SERVICE 330 W, Church St. Phone l363 Adrian, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of i949 . , COSMETIC SHOP SCHWARTZ RESTAURANT "WHERE FRIENDS MEET" l2l N. Main Street ADRIAN - MICHIGAN HOMER HAYDEN'S Smart Feminine Apparel C Congratulates the Class of '49 121 EAST MAUMEE Q Kathleen Shepherd l45 S. Main Phone 3l5-J LUNN, SULLIVAN, DESPAIN, GORDON, NELSON jim Jlwwl efvrlf fn. wishes to congratulate . . The Maple Coaching Department for their untiring efforts in teaching fair play and sportsmanship. 71 COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS to the H. L. CLASS OF I949 O 107 S. Main St. CUNNINGHAM DRUG Adrion, - Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF THE Olllel' OX I42 SOUTH MAIN TELEPHONE 454 ADRIAN, MICHIGAN Addington Roofing Co. CAREY ROOFINGS COMPLIMENTS OF 416 W. Maumee Phone 883 ADRIAN, MICHIGAN 72 A. B. PARK COMPANY r6:5w you afe .Xdfllayd mgome af the A.B.PARK COMPANY Seger-Graham Dairy Co. FISHER BOOK STORE Pasteurized Milk Cream Homogenized Milk Buttermilk Chocolate Milk Cottage Cheese YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLY Orange Drink DEALER PHONE 612 F-2 NIXONS' MUSIC SHOP EVERYTHING IN MUSIC AND RECORDS FURNITURE AT Low COST ECONOMY Furniture Company 248 Pearl St. 73 INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS McCORMlCK-DEERING TRACTORS AND FARM MACHINERY SALES and SERVICE LENHWEE EQUIPMENT CO. 825 EAST BEECHER STREET MlLLER'S GROCERY JOHN H. RIMELL STANDARD SERVICE QUALITY GROCERIES Fresh and Cold Meats Selected Fruits and Vegetables Church ond Brood 615 W. Mople Adrian, - Michigan MEET ME AT FOR THE PAINTS and VARNISHES RITE SPOT - se: - sTsAKs - CHOPS THE sANowlcH:s CUTLER-DICKERSON CO 74 Lclagzwz FURNITURE COMPANY The Store Where Value and Quality Count Most COMPLETE LINE OF FLOOR COVERING BENDIX AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY WE CONGRATULATE THE SENIOR CLASS OF I949 ON THE COMPLETION OF THEIR HIGH SCHOOL COURSE Commercial Savings Bank 75 TOWLE BARBER SHOP Compliments of lLenowee Hotell Have Your Barber Work Done By Appointment Leshe Tome THE Home OF Phone 1610-J - Adrian, Michigan "EARLY Pnorrr reins" PHIL-UP!!! WITH PHILLIPS "66" GASOLINE OIL SERVICE COMPANY 1150 E. MICHIGAN STREET ADRIAN, MICHIGAN Reolize your ambition for a college education by saving 0 small amount every week Adrian Federal Savings and Loan Assn. 'I2'l W. Maumee St. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I949 0 L. W. Kelley COMPLIMENTS OF UHlMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Ladies' and ChiIdren's Ready-to-Wear Dry Goods : : Accessories We don't wont ALL the FOR QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING business . . . JUS' Yours ADRIAN'S SHOE SERVICE ADRIAN FRUIT MARKET 301 S. Center Phone 951 I42 South Main St. COMPLIMENTS OF MICHIGAN PRODUCER'S DAIRY QUALITY DAIRY PRoDuc'rs 77 grafufafiono fo fAe . . ADRIAN SENIOR HIGH CLASS OF '49 Q S I M P L EX PAPER CORPORATION Tl-ll! MHUMEII COMPANY PAINT AND SPORTING GOODS 218 W. Maumee Phone 898 ADRIAN, MICHIGAN LEARN TO FLY . . . at an APPROVED FLIGHT SCHOOL Classes in Navigation, Meterology, Engines and Aircraft GOTTSCHALK School of Aeronautics ADRIAN CITY AIRPORT PHONE 268-J Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF Horns Hi-Speed Service 204 S. Winter Street PHONE 9127 79 REID'S DAIRY STORE T14 jiner .9642 Cream U ADRIAN MICHIGAN 9.4 yum yum 31140142 Now ever-exponding opportunities ore open to the young men ond women who plon coreers in oviotion. Future pilots, flight instruc- tors, instrument pilots . . . you ore offered either full or port time courses ot the ADRIAN SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS PRENTICE HANGER - ADRIAN CITY AIRPORT PHONE 609 80 STYLE SHOP ART'S SANDWICH SHOP 'I34 N. Main St. SPECIALIZING "Where the Food is a Treat" IN NATIONALLY FAMOUS .1 wif? Plate Lunches Sandwiches Frocks for Teens 526 North Main St. GALLANT AND SONS DECORATORS - PAPERHANGING Painting - Spray or Brush 0 Furniture and Floor Refinishing PAINTS WALLPAPER 801 N. Main St. PHONE 707 DERB'S SUPER SERVICE YOUR MARATHON DEALER Corner Center and Beecher Commercial and Social JOB PRINTERS WILLNOW PRINTING CO. Telephone I29IM IO9 Maiden Lane Adrian, Michigan ln Educafion As In Experience The Positive Knowledge Counfs Most OKQQQIYD MACK AND COMPANY, Inc. 242 - 244 West Maumee St. Adrian, Michigan I.,., DRIAN LIVESTOCK CO. LIVE STOCK AUCTION EVERY TUESDAY AL. LINEHAN, Jr. rizornieron ,......----v JEIDIDY IA L "" .W ,..., MM 'Eid JERRY LANE I wishes to congratulate The Sickle Staff on its hard endeavors to make The Sickle A Success. E . l, Barbara Timmins, Melvin Dye, Mary Alice White. 2. Tom Mitchell. 3. Don Maloney. 4. Ronald Willnow. 5. Louisa Hoch, Paula Wengel, Teresa Hyder, Sally Fisher. 6. "Pop" Stites. 7. Jane Gritzmaker Muriel Mossing, Mr I4. Elaine Kirk. l 5. Westgate, Pat Lang, 8. Onalee Hyder. 9. Nelda Bahs, Ann Richardson, Eileen Stange. IO. Drager. ll. Jill Vescelius. 12. Intramural Champs. l3. Juanette Naylor. James Wilson, Beryl Moore, Pat Brockway. I6. Don Winters, Heather Eugene Williams. l7. Luette Walper. l8. Kay Bishop, Wayne Kirchner. 83 I mafor in ga5Ai0nA kr fke young-af-lzearf COMPLIMENTS OF ROGER'S LUMBER and COAL CO. ADRIAN MICHIGAN LEWIS STUDIO PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL I2I SOUTH BROAD STREET ADRIAN MICHIGAN 84 congmlufafiom fo :Ae ClASS 0Fl949 CXJSQQRO HHITY-MICHIGAN CIIHPIIHATIIIN 85 MANN MOTOR SALES HuDsoN sAi.Es AND ssnvicia 420 W. MAUMEE ST. SlI'Yl'lIll'l"S POTATO CHIPS Edw. J. Kelly Jr., Distributor Potato Chips - Popcorn - Nut Meats "A Delight in Every Bite" 348 Frank Street Phone ZI37 BROCKLEY STUDIO CORNER OF CHURCH AND SOUTH MAIN STS. ADRIAN MICHIGAN 86 THE SPERTI-FARADAY C0. C0l'I'I,9Al'H0l1,5 The Adrian High School Art Department For The Figurine Display Of The Maple Football Eleven 87 l, ,,'JfMvk1g, .6 . 1 mvWaf:. - - f' P r A X F' . 1 l . rf l C3 X 5 Xvul l f l . Q Ti L 1 ll M -' Y wot ,M E gl' ..,, . , ...Y h"0roZ ay R 5EllvlCE fl ""f L "'- H 3254 Q5 sissy l nzn Elli kf' ii it G i' 'ZIAHN S GLLIER AGAIN" A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and engraving. We have found real satisfaction in pleas- ing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN S CLLIER ENGRAVING CO sw W.WASHlNGTON BLVD., cHlcAGo 7, ILL. g . 1 K ff Q 1 V 4 l 1 F- f I f I ,, A - - . -.--- 1--4 , Y -- - ---- -Y f - f vff: -- H-'-'fr --' -' S- -+"-"-f--'?1wIw'2"1':""-'-l"!.'--+'- " M" ' ',' 'Y ' 'S' f"2' - ""' '

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