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.. A ihiillfilg '14 ' !IlNl l-ll4U.ll .1Sll.l'nLQlY!L .'..l'N TEH!! -I Q llf, lg-1 I f' :1.-01' ,FW '11 'W ff- 11 I. . , rfflu' U 1en.q1r,,,.,,F.w 1 fr? 1 111 beg-'I A 1 L 11 L.'.,.ff ,Y 11a'Egy.Q1 rrffji H. Q , 'L E1.,'!g1l' J, 1 'A --' Lf' -1.1. M .' N ' E 4.T:Q11 11 ,J :Ll . 1, N 11,1 '713f'lEgh ,.f . .1 1 I W J ,, 1 'A 1-'- ' 11 115' 1f1a1ff,-fm, ' - mf Y , - 4,va,1lQj1N.- , hw. -,ll-nf. - f-' L 1f:f!,3f,., M ft.: 'V 1 1 12 1 1- 1 if 1 11 -',. f15'1.,,,.1 , ' jn'F 1:11 f UWB, , glmuu Y. F 1 i ,:4 A -3-.-, ., ' -1 -3 . , Q..' , Q f-Gulf 4 , if T -.r'i3'W'1'-ia. .y11,, ,?5o1,5gf ' ' 5 ,lf '21 '-E 51. 1.71511 -1 .. if .4 I, .Fl-Z -V , Y 1: ' , Q, I, I 11 Jin 15. :TK ,y M .gulfg 5 .1 11- 1, ,1'1T1,'lA I f 1 1 .- . I 1 ,a 1 ',-Y ' ,E .1 'fp A1 1- -11 rp-4-, L 1 1,1 if-'+ Qgf2.11. f 57. TL' ' 11 ' . 'H' -. '91 -1 fE15Qfgg,. M 1 12. 1 J Q1 J' ' , W 'f'11f'r-1 rn. 1 '-I1H'ifg1-QI if? 11 ' ' 1- ':- Lg. Y' 1 ' i? 5':ftz:l5,i.:i'J1rS' ' B 5 W' 3,'f.1 1 'A , aA'31',j1'g?1 ' -' . F5 ' r-T4 I 1la- A , . Q11 1 V ' 1 Wm. ' 'v I . I 1 1 1 - ' Y 1f L FF 2 1? .. bull 11 .r,1 X . , I X g m, 1 ' .E x ',f.Q.'7 .. I ' .., f1- ' .V 'bfi I -.1 F '1 VJ-f.fFi1 '-f'l1 1: .' 1 7' - ,f'f1!?-1 . 1 3.3: .-11-..-.15 -- 131 11 A- -5 1 . 1 1 '1 . V ' 11 151131 ,Hui . L ' ,1 H -new 1 1 1,f1f,:-ei:..11'1 my 1- , . Ui'1. ' 11,5 in if W1 4 1 II- 'F f. Y... 6,1 -3911dif,b,,n:g 1.7. 1 1 5 11 1, 11. . ,- i1 ,mx f 113, , 11 11 .. , s- .-r11g..,, ,, e1 'Q 1-I1 Wi U IN MEMORIAM IN MEMORY OF MR. O. T. GOODWIN FOR THE CONTRIBUTIONS WHICH HE MADE TO THIS SCHOOL SYSTEM Tiff MARCH 0 711145 APRIL 23, 1869 At the dedication of the new Cen- tral Building on this date, the Hon. C. M, Croswell said, Adrian has, all things considered, the noblest school building in the West. With the new high school came the crea- tion of the offices of superintendent and principal. NOVEMBER 11, 1908 The annual meeting in 1906 made provision for the erection of an additional, modern school build- ing. Two years later, after the dedication, the annual report read, The school year has been emin- ently successful in educational re- sults, and the graduating class of forty-five with excellent standing is evidence of the growing popularity of our school management, and is a fine testimonial to the superintend- ent and the teachers. SEPTEMBER, 1939 The Frank Street building with one of the finest pools, gymnasiums and music rooms in any school in the state was ready in September, 1939. Today, after seventy-two years, Adrian High School remains one of the finest school systems in the state. We are proud to have been cz part of her history. 7941 gig .flflflf I To SARAH E. BREESE our class adviser whose pleasanf smile and friendly advice have helped so many sfudenis, we sincerely and respecffully dedicate fhis 1941 Senior Sickle. IDDUIT4 YOUR RADIO GUIDE TO .S'7:47l0N 14 H5 FOREWORD DEDICATION BOARD ADMINISTRATION STAFF SENIORS JUNIORS FRESHMEN FACULTY ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISING .YICKZE I 57fl7l0N ONTROZ Orem Shepllerrl Hood Goodwin President-Mr. Samuel B. King Vice-President-Mr. Frederick Orcim Secretory-Mr. William M. Shepherd Trustees-Dr. C. J. Hood Mr. O. T. Goodwin Mrs. Roswell Burr 41 FWIRD .J MR. WILLIAM O. ABDON Principal His earnestness and endeavor in his work are something to be copied. Mr. Abdon's thoroughness and at- tention to detail have helped us to get the most out of each day's school. In him we find a good exam- ple of responsibility, well-taken. Tiff V0lL'f 0F fXPERlfNL'f MR. GEORGE H. LITTLE Superintendent His twinkling eyes and contagious smile lend an atmosphere of pleas- antry and understanding. In Mr. Little we have an educator whose foresight and vision will build good citizens for tomorrow. Slflflf 79 4 Top Row: Sowers, Gardner, Holden, Kishpaugh, Rogers, Goodwin, Aldrich Middle: Logan, Anderson, Van Schaick, Bierlein, Hines, Wood, Rickerd, Nicolai Bottom: Brown, Root, Bell, Gaskell, Gregg, Meech Y0l!R SPON 0135 In years gone by Sickles have usually been published as memorials to each graduating class. Achievements of the class were emphasized in the class roll, the will, the prophecy, and like senior activities. Today there is a democratic tendency to forget class barriers and to record a review of the school as a whole. The obiect of the Sickle staff of 1941 has been to produce an annual that will give all students attending school this year a means of cherishing the rich memories of their school life. Under the able guidance of the editor, Jean Gaskell, her assistant editor Ruth Gregg, and our ever watchful business manager, Paul Meech, a co-operative staff has handled the task of planning, publishing, and financing the '41 Sickle. They may well be proud of their work, for they have proved themselves a capable and responsible group. 941 .VNIFF 1 SENIOR 1 I I 'W f lif t ! Us SICKZ6 1941 SATURDAY if Cf! ZDR N OFFICERS President-Ruth Gregg Vice-president-Dallas Beauchamp Secretary-Marie Bell Adviser-Miss Breese Three years ago, two hundred-forty freshmen entered Adrian Senior High School. We elected Ruth Gregg as our president, an office she also held as a iunior and a senior. As juniors we gave the seniors one of the most beautiful and outstanding Send-Offs in many years. To our theme song, Stardust, seniors, iuniors, freshmen, and alumni danced a fond farewell to a class we genuinely admired. To Miss Mautino, our adviser, went much praise and credit for the success of the undertaking. Soon we are going to leave Adrian Senior High School and start our lessons in the school of life. May we remember all the happy years spent together and all the class- mates who have made these years so dear to all of us. May we Learn to live, and live to learn. Daniels, Whelan Kessler, Borradaile Gregg, Bell, Gaskell AC'R0 S Tflf F007ll6ff75 The best device of all, according to BOB ALDRICH is the dance. FRANKLIN BAILEY disagrees and says football, while MILDRED ANDERSON and RUTH BAILY choose the soft, sweet music of the violin . . . MARIE BELL'S skill with the pen and pencil in her drawings in the SICKLE is as re- nowned as EDNA BlERLElN'S is with the typewriter. The cover design of the '41 SICKLE was chosen from a sketch made by GEORGIANNA ROOT . . . JOHN WHELAN has made quite a stir as the gal- lant master of ceremonies at pep meetings and by his long range shots on the basketball floor. At the basketball season, long, lean, and lanky MIKE HOBEN was elected honorary captain of this year's team, and MERLE DANIELS was an able football captain chosen by the team last year. Outstanding sportsmen this year have been HENRY PHIPPS, football, SAM KING, basketball, and RALPH WALDEN, swimming. To cheer the players on to victory in football and basketball contests, TEDDY NICOLAI, JEAN JAMES, and DORIS NICK- LOY, as cheerleaders, have given their services most willingly . . . Our president, RUTH GREGG, has led us through three happy years in A. H. S. Our publication, the MAPLE LEAF, has been edited this year by MARY LOU LUTZ and LANDIS STEW- ART, and JEAN GASKELL has done an excellent iob as editor of the SICKLE, don't you agree? PAUL MEECH has proved himself valuable, also, as business manager of the SICKLE . . . HELEN LOUISE SCHMIDT made a charming Nancy in the play, The Youngest, and LAWRENCE PATE was very successful as her leading man. Lending his deep voice and stern manner, HAROLD BLACK very appropriately portrayed Oliver, JEAN WELSH and ELAINE THIELAN were highly ap- plauded in their respective parts. The oratorical voice of HERBERT BROWN can be heard from the speech room, while ELSIE RlCKERD'S voice sounds from our music room . . . We are proud of the scholastic standing of our valedictorian, ELEANOR MATTESON, of our salutatorian, MARJORIE BOR- RADAILE . . . HOWELL POUCHER has distinguished himself as an all-round boy in academics, art work, and athletics, and peppy JEAN VAN SCHAICK is noted for her all-round qualities. RUSSELL GITTUS was praised for his presentation speech to ourMon- roe Queen, CANDACE HALL, who has distinguished herself in other activities. DON GOODWIN was a charming young girl from Monroe during the Mon- roe game assembly . . . A vivacious YVETTE was played by GARNET HOLDEN in the program at the All School Banquet. HELEN KESSLER was a neat, good-looking secretary in the Biology pres- entation of a draft board. We enjoyed the orig- inality of the skits of RUTH FOSTER and BETSY HANCOCK when they advertised the coming is- sues of the MAPLE LEAF. All in all, I think our Seniors make a fine lot, don't you? ca. 'U , 3 2' L in ' -- . 2 A dx A 'r rt' I x qc tif! ' '. - X if 1 .af 0 ,5 . L' fm A 1', - , L f mf 5. snub 6. . wax ' I 1 -M ,S hi h k 1 . ' vb. A m Q b i , T H in A ' 5 i .2 -is K Q . f ' f Q EV Y' L 15. A I. 'F 'E ' FE b ' f 5 Wifi ek ALDRICH, ROBERT G.' Ah, Romance will it never come? Sickle, Swimming, Boy's State, Choir, Forensics, Operetta, Clubs: French, Biology, Varsity, Send-Off. ACKLEY, WANDA G. Simple and sweet, Can't be beat. Chair, Operetta, Banquet, Send-Off. ADAMS, KENNETH D. Tomorrow? That will never come! Why worry then? I say. Choir, Operetta. ALDRICH, REX A very careful student-careful not to have a nervous breakdown. Baseball. ABRAHAM, JOHN Same are wise-others are otherwise. Intramurals. ALEXANDER, GWENDOLYN Life is what you make it. Senior Play, Selaco. ANDERSON, MILDRED R. She knows music, but that's not all. Sickle, Orchestra, String Ensemble. ARGUE, ALICE JUNE Silence seldom does harm. Operetta, Orchestra, Ensemble, Biology Club. ALLSHOUSE, KATHRYN E. Beware of two black eyes. Selaco, Send-Off, Banquet. ALLSHOUSE, RICHARD J. For he's a iolly good fellow. F. F. A., Treasurer. ALLSHOUSE, KENNETH A sincere lad. We wish him well. ARCHER, HAROLD Ambition! Ahl Intramurals, Baseball, F. F. A., French Club. BAILEY, FRANKLYN C. A really swell fellow to know. Football, Track, Bowling, Swimming, Basketball, Glee Club, Varsity Club. BAILY, RUTH WETA' lt is a fine thing to be yourself. Orchestra, Operetta, Ensemble, G. A. A., Clubs: Latin, Biology. BALDWIN, EMILY FANE Kind hearts are more than coronets. Declamation, Intramurals, Ensemble. BANGERTER, RUTH N. As silent as a windy night. Orchestra, G. A. A., Clubs: French, Biology, Send-Off, Banquet. BARRICKLOW, MERLYN Dropped-l94'I. BARTHOLOMEW, JEAN She is a quiet girl-at times. G. A. A., Intramurals, Operetta, Glee Club. BEAUCHAMP, DALLAS Dropped-1941. BELL, MARIE RUTH One of our foremost belles. Class Secretary, Vice-President, G. A. A., Banquet, Send-Off, French Club, Sickle. BECKER, FRED C. Speed demon. Basketball, Tennis, Clubs: Biology, Varsity. BAUGHEY, ELEANOR M. Her friends are many, her foes--are there any? Banquet. BATES, GRACE ELLA An honest heart possesses a kingdom. BEACH, ROBERT Dropped-I9-10. ELACK, HAROLD A Knight of Agriculture. Council, Senior Play, Glee Club, Choir, Operetta, F. F. A., President, Junior Rotarian. BIERLEIN, EDNA O. Studiaus, but more fun! Sickle, Intramurals, Latin Club, Secretary. BOGANTE, MANUEL On with the dance-let ioy be unconfined. Operetta, Tennis, Basketball. BENNETT, MADARIUS W. He makes a better friend than a foe. BLAIN, LUCILLE M. The cat's got her tongue. BENEDICT, VIVIAN 'Tis good nature only that wins the heart. Operetta, Glee Club, Selaco. BORRADAILE, MARJORIE' Why look it up? Ask her. Salutatorian, Council, Maple Leaf, Clubs: Latin, Biology, Comm.: Senior Play, Senior Gift, Banquet, Send-Off. BROWN, HERBERT B. My word! A brilliant youthl Methinks he hath a future. Senior Play, Sickle, Forensics, Junior Rotarian. BRIDGES, BETTY One of our iitterbugs. Entered from Matoon, Illinois. Council. Glee Club, Clubs: Selaco, French, Intramurals. BROWER, PERRY lt's fun to study-I'll bet. BROWNELL, RICHARD Dropped-1941. BUGBEE, LOLA MAE One of our professional gigglers. Glee Club. COLEMAN, MARGARET Vim, vigor, and vitality. G. A. A., Glee Club, Intramurals. CHILDS, JEAN H. Here's to love-sweet misery. Band. COLE, BARBARA E. A smile is the same in all languages, Glee Club, Operetta. CHORMANN, ETHEL l'd rather be small and shine, than large and cast a shadow. Intramurals, Senior Play Comm. CLAPP, JANICE Short and sweet. Operetta, Glee Club, French Club. COLE, DELOROUS M. With a roguish smile and dancing eye. Entered from Toledo. Glee Club. DE MUTH, GLENN Good boys love their sisters, but so good have I growng I love other boys' sisters as well as my own. Entered from Hanover, Ohio. Council, Bowling. DANIELS, MERLE Not a prince in title, land or name-a prince of men there lfes his fame. Football, Baseball, Varsity Club. COLLINS, DON Get thee behind me Satan-but don't push. Council, Football, Baseball, Track, Bowling, Varsity Club, Banquet. CRANDALL, LOUISE Life has no blessing like a prudent friend. Orchestra, String Ensemble. DE GROOT, PHYLLIS A cheery smile and a winning way makes hosts of friends. Glee Club. DEMLOW, VICTOR All tongues speak well of him. DENNIS, CARLETON The superior man is slow in his words and earnest in his conduct. Band, Football, Intramurals, F. F. A., Senior Play Comm. DeLAND, WILLARD Oh, give me the great open spaces. F. F. A., Reporter, Football. DENNIS, EVELYN As fond of sports as any boy. Intramurals, G. A. A. DAYKIN, LEOTA To know her is to love her. Glee Club. DECKER, ROBERT And every day is ladies' day with me. Operetta, Choir, Basketball, Mgr. DAMON, DAVID Silence has beome his mother tongue. Orchestra. Si Sx .Q A. 525, 1 in-3 X 5? awk S A we Xi N . , 3 I Q! ' Q S' 'N f 'Z I 4, k LA W - C K 1 nf fm. AA AL Q L glri I' 'F Q nl M as Q - ' ' Q.,- 1' FOSTER, RUTH' Not only good, but good tor something. Council, G. A. A., Maple Leat, Clubs: Latin, Biology, Orchestra, Choir, Band. ETTER, ROY Every inch a man to say nothing ct his feet. Intramurals, Baseball, Junior Rotarian. DUNCAN, ELINOR Dance, girl, dance! Operetta, Choir, Selaco. DOWNER, BILL Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. Operetta, Choir. FOOT, ELLIS W. You can tell him by the noise he doesn't make. DILLON, LADORA Laugh thy girlish laughter. Biology Club, Orchestra, Intramurals. GASKELL, JEAN P. The girl with a purpose. Sickle Editor, Forensics, Intramurals, Send-Off, Banquet, Clubs: Biology, Latin. GREGG, RUTH' To know, to esteem, to love. Class President, Council, G. A. A., Sickle, Send-Off, Latin, Club, Intramurals. GITTUS, RUSSEL E. A man after his own heart. Football, Basketball, Bowling, Track, Varsity Club. GOODWIN, DONALD' Man delights not me-but oh, those women! Senior Play, Sickle, Sencl-Off, Basketball, Track. GILBERT, MARK The hcrnl The horn! The lusty horn! Band, Orchestra, F. F. A., Basketball Manager. GEBAROWSKI, JULIA Quietness is the key to success. HANCOCK, ELIZABETH' A tongue with a tang, G. A. A., Intramurals, Senior Play, Maple Leat, Forensics, Clubs: Latin, Biology. HALL, CANDACE B. She is light-hearted and gay. Council, President, Senior Play, Debate, Cheerleader, Banquet. GRIEWAHN, CARL A gocd scrt and a good sport. Baseball, Intramurals. HAGSTROM, DORIS l know my wants and watch me get him. Selaco, Band, Orchestra, Intramurals, Operetta, Senior Play. HAMDEN, HARLEY lt isn't what you do, its what you get away with. Track, Bowling, Intramurals. GRIFFIN, DONNA JEAN The girl with all the answers. HANSEN, CARL A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best ot men. Baseball, Bowling, Varsity Club. HANDLON, GLEN E. My eyes make pictures when they're shut. Football, Baseball. HAZEN, ELIZABETH There is a foolish corner even in the brain of a sage. Operetta, Choir, Glee Club. HAINES, ARDYTH V. All that is said in the parlor should not be heard in the hall. Glee Club. HERRIMAN, ARLENE Her ways are ways ot pleasantnessf' Operetta, Glee Club, Intramurals. HILYARD, IZOLA O. A good disposition is more valuable than gold. Operetta, Glee Club. HOBEN, MICHAEL J. Only a genius can afford to waste time. Football, Basketball Captain, Baseball, Track. HINES, MAXINE A smile, a flash, she's gone. Council, Sickle, Banquet, Send-Off, Declamation, Biology Club. HILL, WANDA M. A regular all-round girl. G. A. A., Intramurals, Glee Club, Clubs: Latin, French, Biology, Send-Ott, Banquet. HOLDEN, GARNET Dark eyes. G. A. A., Sickle, Intramurals, Comm.: Senior Play, Banquet. HOWE, HARRIET There is little ot the melancholy in me. HENSON, JOSEPHINE Thy modesty is a curtain to thy merit. Operetta, Choir, Forensics. JAMES, JEAN Taken-ain't it a shame. Intramurals, Cheerleader. HURLBUT, JEAN Hear me, for I have been silent too long. G. A. A., Intramurals. JOHNSTON, RUTH E. That million dollar smile. Entered tram Tecumseh High. IKLE, DALE C. There is no such word as fail. Track. KELLY, VENONA M. Pretty to talk with, pretty to work with, and pretty to look upon. Glee Club, Operetta, Seloco, Biology Club. JORDAN, REX Shall I leave today what I can do tomorrow? KESSLER, HELEN lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. G. A. A., Intramurals, Choir, Operetta, Clubs: Latin, Biology, Comm.: Banquet, Send-Ott, Senior Play, Council. KING, SAM A. Oh, how short the nights are! Senior Play, Operetta, Choir, Band, Tennis, Basketball, Junior Rotarian. KUSTER, DICK A. Friends, Romans, and countrymen, lend me your girls. Swimming, Bowling, Intramurals, Track. KIMBALL, JACK R. l'll go home this way, 'cause no girls live on this street. Intramurals. KERN, ALLEN F. A bold, bad man. Operetta, Band, Glee Club. KNIFFEN, PHYLLIS She's sympathizing, sweet, and kind, hers is the cultured woman's mind. Entered from Metamora, Ohio. Glee Club. LOGAN, VIOLA F. Joy rises in me like a summer's morn. Senior Play, Sickle. LA REAU, ROBERT Winds may come and winds may go, but I'lI blow on forever. Track, Biology Club, Banquet Comm., Forensics. LIEBERMAN, RAYMOND O wearisome condition ot Humanity. Swimming, Debate, Biology Club, Comm.: Banquet, Send-Ott. LINDLE, DOROTHY Transferred to South Haven. LOVE, VIRGINIA Again rose that oft repeated cry: Teacher, I don't quite see why. LEWIS, NORMAN Why talk? Others do enough at it. MATTESON, ELEANOR' A vigorous, various, versatile girl. Forensics, Valedictorian, Banquet, Senior Play, send-off, Maple Leaf, Clubs: Latin, French. LUTZ, MARY LOU She's tall and dork and thinks he's handsome. Maple Leaf, Forensics, Banquet, Send-Ott, Senior Ploy. MACHAM, ARTHUR E. Art for Art's sake. Baseball, Intramurals, Bowling. MAYBEE, ROBERT G. And have you seen the latest thing in model airplanes? Bowling. McADAM, WILFRED He's willing to be convinced but find the one that can do it. MARVIN, DONNA All one's lite is music it one touches the right notes and at the right time. Ensemble. A X V.-fl S? N, A 'K m YY A E vu -Q 5 i A' Q . Q R Q f , X l ,gf .im MEECH, PAUL Not a chip off the old block, but the old block himself. Senior Play, Sickle, Bend, Jr. Rotarian, Clubs: Latin French, Bowling, Track, Banquet Comm. McCALLUM, BILL W. Who's the smartest boy in school and why am I? Senior Play Comm., Baseball, Varsity Club. McKINNEY, ROSALIE lt's nice to be good, but you miss a lot of fun. Entered from Sand Creek. MCWILLIAMS, LEONA MAY Ever earnest and quiet is she, amiable, also, ancl nice as can be. Operetta, Glee Club. MEAD, TIM IRVIN When I have nothing else to do-I study. Council. MERILLAT, CLARE It depends on a man's luck what goal he reaches. Track, Senior Play, Biology Club, Intramurals. MORSE, ROBERT H. Does he have his hair curled? Football, Operetta, Orchestra, Clubs: Glee Club, Biology, F. F. A., A Capella Choir, Intramurals. MILLER, JESSIE I. She and gloom are no relation. G. A. A., Selaco. MONROE, MARIAN Love, like a red nose, can't be hid. Entered from Toledo. MOSSMAN, ED. G. And when he awoke, he cried, 'Women!' Operetta, A Capella Choir, Bowling, Basketball, Mgr. MODEN, JENNIE B. A girl who can smile is a girl worth while. MORMAN, BARBARA K. I am content to mind my own business. NICOLAI, THEODORA' Gee, I'm here on time, I must have forgotten something. Council, Sickle, Intramurals, Cheerleader, Forensics, Latin Club, G. A. A., Comm.: Banquet, Send-Off. NICKLOY, DORIS Take, O take those lips away. G. A. A., Forensics, Cheerleader, Send-Off Comm., Intramurals. MOCK, ELWYN I. And certainly he was a grand fellow. Varsity Club, Football, Mgr., Track, Mgr. MYERS, KATHRYN 5he does everything and does it welI. Operetta, Glee Club, Intramurals. O'LEARY, BETTY Dropped-1941. OLMSTEAD, LAVON O. He'Il make his strike in lite. Track. PEARCE, JEAN A. She takes things as they come, serene, unmoved. Clubs: Biology, Selaco, Intramurals. OUELLETTE, DOROTHY True as the needle to the pole, or the dial to the sun. G. A. A., Intramurals. PARKER, DORIS M. She cares not for study, it weakens her eyes. Operetta, Choir, Glee Club. PATE, LAWRENCE. F. He has common sense in a way that is uncommon. Council, Senior Play, Baseball, Intramurals, F. F. A. PATE, LUELLA FERN The star of unconquered will. Operetta, Choir, Clubs: Biology, Selaco, Senior Play Comm. PATERSON, CREITA Dropped-1941. PHIPPS, CHARLES HENRY FIeetsfooted as Mercury himself. Football, Basketball, Track, C'ubs: Varsity, Biology, Intramurals. PETERSON, BARBARA Talk less and listen more. Forensics, Operetta, Send-Off, Banquet, Senior Play, Choir, Selaco, Cheer- leader. PERKINS, MURIEL She's a dreamer-and a dream. Latin Club, Intramurals. PETER, ROBERT Always happy, rain or shine. Nothing affects this grin of mine. Track, Intramurals, Junior Rotarian. PLATE, RUBY M. Speak low if you speak of study. Operetta, Glee Club. POUCHER, GLENN BewareI I may be great yet. Track. POWELL, ELEANOR V. A model of a student. Council, G. A. A., Operetta, Maple Leaf, Latin Club, Senior Play Comm., Choir, Intramurals, Declamation. POUCHER, HOWELL JR. An athlete, scholar, and gentleman combined. Council, Football, F. F. A., Track, Varsity, Banquet. POUCHER, JUNE The world will forever wonder what she will do next. Intramurals, Clubs: Selaco, Glee Club, G. A. A., Choir. PRANGE, KENNETH M. The man who can bottle up his wrath is a corker. Varsity Club, Baseball, Swimming, Bowling. POWELL, RUTH E. If you can't find anything to laugh about, just giggle. Glee Club, Operetta. POUCHER, KENNETH No harsh thoughts are his ever. F. F. A. RICKERD, ELSIE A. We know you belong to somebody eIse. Council, G. A. A., Operetta, Sickle, Intramurals, Choir, Glee Club, Comm.: Banquet, Send-Off. RADEBAUGH, MARJORY N. Makes the remembrances dear. Send-Off Comm., Biology Club. RIMELL, BILL He who has a beard is more than a youth. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling. RAYMOND, JACK Let every man be master of himself, 'til seven at night. Football, Band, Tennis, Biology Club, Varsity Club. RAMSAY, MILDRED As fond of dates as an Arab. PRATT, VERNON R. Every man is best known to himself. F. F. A., Treasurer. REED, NORMAN E. Men of few words are often the best of men. Operetta, A Capella Choir, Glee Club, Send-Ott Comm. REISTER, ROLLAND A. Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise. Entered from Metamore. ROBACK, WILMA JUNE Her giggling, her wiggling-Oh, Gee! Glee Club, Operetta, Senior Play Comm. ROCKWOOD, WANDA M. The eyes have it. Choir, Glee Club, Operetta, Senior Play Comm. ROESCH, MINA E. Not too short, and not too tall. Pretty and sweet and loved by all. Operetta, Glee Club. ROGERS, PATTY Dropped-1940. ROOT, GEORGIANNA B.' Do you know a young and beautiful woman who is not willing to flirt just a little? Sickle, Forensics, Comm.: Send-Off, Banquet Clubs: Latin, French. ROGERS, VIRGINIA' How far that little candle throws its beams. G. A. A., Secretary, Sickle, Intramurals. RODGERS, SUE There is a lot of fun in the world if one only knows where to find it. Send-Off Comm., Debate, Intramurals. SCHAD, HELEN M. Short, sweet, and saucy. Operetta, Glee Club, Choir, Comm.: Send-Off, Banquet. ROSSMAN, EDNA MARGARET A friend to all, an enemy to none. Operetta, Glee Club, Intramurals. ROGERS, RALPH Everything will come if a man only waits. Glee Club. .X ,nf if 'L ar R N Q S. we X Tx XR L.. A A , . .3 , 'W 3, A ' fig' A A ' , Q 4' Q V ' k ,fi A VLkL 4 8 f .. A . mf, . , .b ' 44 I. J 1 R 4x 1- if V' 'x Q , . iw it A- XVE: , fl I H97 M . r-.' ,f 4 . wvm Q 1 w Nia 15-fi .:h,1, I L ' 1 ' '. JG N W E - A Aa' . A 1 x FQ ' 191.45 ' A . ff 1 T K 1, W fffl mwxg., . 'Q 3, 1 if s H 9- - Q i SHAFFER, PAUL JR. Eating is just a habit, but it is rather pronounced in some people. Football, Track, Intramurals, Varsity Club. SEEL, THELMA She looks quite safe and sound, but so does gunpowderf' Orchestra, String Ensemble. SHANK, ALMA E. Her auburn hair is but one of her charms. Senior Play, Operetta, French Club, Choir, Declamation, Intra- murals. SCOTT, LOIS J. l must have liberty. SCHMIDT, HELEN L. A little, tiny, pretty, witty, darling,-she. Senior Play, Operetta, Glee Club. SHARPSTEEN, BETTY R. Silence personified. Selaco, Intramurals. SMITH, CLIFFORD C. Very well, 'Red'. Football, manager, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Varsity Club. SKEELS, WILMA JUNE A cheerier girl we never knew. Selaco, Orchestra, Intramurals. SELLERS, MARGARET Friendship is the best ship in which to sail the sea of life. Senior Play, Operetta, Choir, Selaco, Forensics. SMITH, MYRTLE JESSIE Her hair is no more sunny than her heart. Operetta, A Choir SMITH, JOYCE E. She has two eyes so soft and brown, take care! SHELDON, LAURA MAE Her ways are ways of pleasantness. Operetta, Glee Club. SNEYD, CECELIA E! Quite the cutup. Operetta, Biology Club, A Capella Choir, String Ensemble, Orchestra, Intramurals. SNYDER, CHARLOTTE' Sparkle forever. Latin Club, Biology Club. SNYDER, VIRGINIA Quiet, unruffled, always the same, like some sweet picture in a frame. SPIX, BERTHA MAY A quiet maid with a quiet way. Intramurals. SMITH, BETTY JEANNE We may be as good as we please if we please to be good. Operetta, Glee Club, Orchestra. SPROW, WAYNE He will find a way. STEWART, LANDIS Cf I'm not conceited, but- Maple Leaf, Editor, Tennis, Swimming, Junior Rotarian, Clubs: Latin, French, Biol09Y, Send-Off, Banquet, Chair, Council. SWEET, CHARLES W.' Better men may have been made, but I doubt it. Council, Maple Leaf, Jr. Rotarian, Baseball, Latin Club. I STEGG, JACK I like work, it fascinates me, if I can sit and look at it all day. Football, Baseball, Swimming, Track, Intramurals. SUYDAM, BETTY' A blue-eyed girl who's lots of fun, to see her once your heart is won. Latin, Biology Club, Orchestra, Intra- murals. STA NG E, LOIS Every woman would rather be beautiful than good. Intramurals. STEELE, HARRY B. A true believer in the conservation of fhisl energies. French Club, Bowling. THIELAN, ELAINE ARDETH To catch the thrill of a happy voice and the light of a pleasant eye. Senior Play, Operetta, Band, Orchestra, Intramurals, All-State Band. TWISS, DON I do not let my studies interfere with my education. Band, Debate, Orchestra, Track. srolzns, HELEN Dropped-1940. TAYLOR, MAXVR. Great men make mistakes. I make mistakes: therefore, I am a great man. Council, F. F. A., Swimming, Captain. TRACY, FLORENCE IRENE She bears watching. G. A. A., Intramurals. SWEET, JOY Sweets to the sweet . UNDERWOOD, DOROTHY L. A word spoken in season may calm the troubled breast. Biology, Band, Selaco. THIELAN, BENJAMIN JAMES Keep the golden mean between saying too much and too little. Band. VAN SICKLE, MARIAN Variety is the spice of life and she likes it spicy, G. A. A., Latin and Biology Club, Intramurals. ULRICH, WALTER H. JR. Look out-that man's here again. Intramurals. TOWNSEND, CARL W. He is backward about coming forward. VAN SCHAICK, JEAN Friendly, jolly, full of fun, she can hold her own with anyone. Sickle, Band, Comm.: Send-Off, Banquet. WADE, IRENE M. All the world loves a clarinet player. Band. WALTER, HELEN E. Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold. WALTERS, ALBERT He hath a studious look but yet- Entered from Northport, Michigan. Band. WAGGONER, GLENWOOD Tutl Tut! My man, the girls won't hurt you. Bowling. VEST, RUTH DELORES Dynamite comes in small packages. Glee Club, Selaco. VAN ZANDT, VIRGINIA Silence is more eloquent than words. WARNER, Club WEBSTER r Club. WALTERS, WARNER, WARNER, WEGNER, 1 FLORINE' Dimples, dimples everywhere, and every dimple a dare. Council, G. A. A., Send-Off, Latin and Biology Choir, Intramurals. HAROLD C. WhatI No girls in heaven! Well, then, leave me here. Football, Intramurals, Swimming, Band, Biology MILDRED G. The only way to have a friend is to be one. Glee Club. HAROLD J. Napoleon was a little man, too. Operetta, A Capella Choir, Glee Club. JEAN Doesn't a sense of humor make the world go around! Selaco, Intramurals. Entered from Ashtabula, Ohio. ANONA A petite blonde. WHELAN, JOHN L. He came, he saw, he conquered. Senior Play, Baseball, Basketball, Jr. Rotarian, Varsity Club, president. WIGENT, JOENE E. Simplicity of manner has a charming affect. G. A. A., Biology Club, Selaco, Intramurals, Life Saving Group. WELSH, JEAN PHYLLIS lt she had two ideas in her head they'd fall out with each other. Senior Play, Latin Club, Selaco, Intro murals. WILKERSON, CATHERINE She has two speeds, slow and super-slow. G. A. A., Intramurals. WEISS, DOROTHY F. A prettty girl is like a melody. Operetta, Glee Club. WHITON, VIVIAN M. Dark haired and fascinating to the eye. Intramurals. gg., , 'f .ig 4 0 r ',-I 4' , - 4 Q Pictures of the following members of the graduating class of 1941 are not present: Elwood Eisenmann Arthur Jackson Leland Kiest Ralph Walden WILLIAMS, BETSY A smile is worth a thousand groans in any market. Intramurals. WILSON, FRANCES E. Laughing eyes and curly black hair, we think she's got something there. Biology Club, Intramurals. WILSON, VIRGINIA LA FAYNE Good nature is stronger than tomuhawkf' Glee Club, Intramurals. WOERNER, GLENN HARDING I think I am a man of destiny. WINES, FLORENCE E. Her eyes are homes of silent prayer. WINES, FLOYD ARTHUR Here's to the pilot that will weather the storm. French Club, Bowling. WITT, RICHARD FRED There must be some hard work in himp none has ever come out. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling Track. STEELE, CLARENCE A likeable boy with a likeable way. Football, F. F. A., Baseball, Intramurals. WOOD, JACK Live while you may. Biology Club, Tennis, Bowling, Intramurals. YAEGER, MARY ELIZABETH Mary, Mary is not contrary, in fact, we think she's swell. WOTRING, LINWOOD IRENE She will make o darling angel. Band. YEUTTER, LYLE J. You little realize my possibilities. Intramurals. LENGERMAN, MURIEI. lf you're in need, she's a friend in deed. G. A. A., Intramurals, Banquet Comm. Austin Weiss: The only good luck many great men ever had is being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck. Many of the students of Adrian High School do not know or remember this boy, but he has given us an example of strength and courage from which we all can profit. In 1936, when Austin Weiss was a senior, he met with a very unfortunate accident. While diving at Sutton River, he slipped and broke his back. For many months, he lay with his neck in a cast. After he regained his health, he returned to school, but the effort was too much for him, and he was forced to quit. Each year he tried, and this year it was decided that he finish his work at home. He has now completed his education, and is graduating with the class of 1941. Austin is very much interested in Mechanical Drawing and after his graduation, he plans to become an architect. The members of the class wish Austin all the luck, success and happiness in the world. Yes, Misrcn jcmolz.. . QQ, F e NSR Z0 Q, Q I wi' JQX4 ' .fm A' ' is 22? fx., ,Q4 V' Q 1 is if '-A ,.. g. I 2 . JUNIOR OFFICERS President-Harvey Kapnick Vice-president-Bob Sowers Secretary-Bob Pierce Adviser-Miss Mautino S7!lR.S' 0 70111016 0W The Junior Class of 1941 has participated in every school activity. The orchestra and band had their share of iuniors, as did the Future Farmers, Stu- dent Council, language clubs, and vocal music groups. Some members of the Maple Leaf were juniors, too. ln all activities, the junior class has proved itself well able to carry on in key positions after this year's seniors are graduated. At the beginning of this year we elected an all- male group of class officers. As the Sickle goes to press, many of our group have been named to the 1942 Sickle staff. Others will move into im- portant spots on the Maple Leaf. We are proud of our record as a class. We hope that our Send-Off will be a memorable achieve- ment as well as an honest expression of our re- luctance to see this year's senior class graduate. When we, ourselves, take on the senior roll, may we play the part as nobly as they have played it. -By Gloria Kishpaugh l t l 'fl N -...L 1 if 3 ,wa 1 Cook Kishpaugh Nyers Kapnick Briggs Matthes Foote Wood 'VICRO 5' Tiff I-'007ll6fl75 HARVEY KAPNICK. There's no use arguing with him, for he's a fiery debater. The Junior class de- cided they were off girls forever and elected all male class officers with Harvey at the head. EDYTHE SHAFFER is that blonde council member who's everybody's friend. Sports rate tops with her, especially basketball. She's also in the Latin Club. BOB PIERCE is another football hero. He's a bas- ketball player, too. Bob was elected on the all-male ticket as secretary ofthe class. PATSY STARK surely has a name that fits her- short and snappy-short in height and snapping eyes. She'Il probably turn out to be an actress, for she likes drama and public speaking. Remember her in Sadie Hawkins and the Hawaiian floor show? DEE DIBBLE is the fellow who can make you laugh just by cracking a joke in that drawl of his. He'II really make you iive when he swings out with his cornet. BILL STREU is the Gene Autry of our class. He's in A Capella Choir and the Boy's Ensemble, and is talented in swimming and diving. Trust him to liven up a party. BOB SOWERS is the iunior class vice-president. Photography is his hobby, and he intends to make it his Iife's work. At any school event, you'll see Bob and his camera. Bob took many of the Sickle shots this year and is to do more of them again next year. CHARLOTTE WOOD's main interest is singing, and well it might be! She, too, is in A Capella Choir, and has sung in almost every vocal music event of the school. She carried one of the lead parts in the Christmas cantata. PHYLLIS JURDEN is another swimmer. Besides swimming, she likes to dance, play tennis and work chemistry problems. l?l All in all, Phil likes a good time. Her fellow maiorettes, DOT GILBERT and MARIE SCHOLTEN should also receive honor- able mention. Did you see their special antics at the Monroe game this year? And while we are on the subiect of sports, don't forget THE WESTFALL TWINS, Arlene and Eileen. They're loads of fun. If one isn't clowning, the other is sure to begin. They've been cheerleading this year. GLORIA KISHPAUGH is one of the most depend- able of the juniors. Because of this quality she won the position of Sickle editor for 1942. Academ- ically, she is one of our star typists. Her sweet dis- position has made her one of the most popular girls in the class. She has dimples, too. JOANNE FOOTE has been a very active council member. The monitor system has been run under her efficient control. On Maple Leaf she has done a noble piece of work. As vice-president, she has been an important member of Latin Club. JERRY PAGE made a name for himself in football this year. He is a quiet, unassuming lad, but watch his record grow. Academically, he rates high, and he is a Latin Club member. J FZ , A 7, e, mf awz fav it ' fl -I 2 as D Ull ilu A 2 lull ll I ,4 FRESHMAN OFFICERS President-Van Peck Vice-president-Jack Colbath Secretary-Kathleen Bell Adviser-Mr. Sweet As the greenies of the school, these freshmen have been doing remarkably well. They are to be complimented on their willingness to take an active part in school affairs from the first week of their arrival to the present moment. Many of them have held responsible positions in Student Council, and they have shown that they can work-and work well. Starting with the Freshman Party early in the year, they have shown a desire to mingle with the upper class- men, and to be found in the middle of the swim. Clubs have felt their eager contributions, and all sports events have been made better by their help. They are hard at work making plans for the greeting of the freshmen of the class of '42. Never fear that they won't carry their share of this high school load. 'VICRO .S' Tflf f007ll6ff7.S ' DICK BRAUN made the varsity basketball team this year and did a commendable piece of work. Dick, aside from being active in all sports, is in- terested in music. You might mistake Dick for a senior, for he tips the scales at 210. J. B. WILSON, that lad with the dark curly hair and a sparkling voice, is our modern Patrick Henry. He has a grand personality plus. J. B. has had his share of announcing P.A. messages for the council, as well as acting as master of ceremonies for a school party or two. Watch this lad! KATHLEEN BELL- Katie to her friends-is an all- round girl. She likes sports and is a very good student to boot. She and her smile are insepa- rable! ROLAND SMITH-Swish! Did you ever see him when he wasn't in a hurry? And those twinkling eyes certainly suggest mischief brewing. Roland hails from Battle Creek. Their loss is our gain! MARGARET CHRISTMAS is the quiet type, but there's something about her-She's a regular mer- maid in the water and how she can dive! That's probably how she got that nice even tan. JANE CAROL BRATZ is another girl who doesn't confine her interests to one special field. She is interested in swimming and dancing and is a mem- ber of the A Capella Choir, but when it comes to settling down for a Iife's work, she wants to be- come an artist. VAN PECK is the all-round boy. He's no flop on the gridiron, but wait until you see him glide over the basketball floor. Van is president of the fresh- man class and a born leader. JACK COLBATH is a musical gent. He plays in the band, and he and his clarinet are always present at basketball games. He is a member of the Latin Club, and as a member of the Student Council, he has served on a number of important committees. MARILYN ANDRUS likes to check the tires before going riding in Pierce's car. She's quite a musi- cian, besides. She plays alto clarinet in the band, and her piano playing is sort of a hobby with her. BARBARA TUTTLE-Her striking black hair catches everyone's eye, as you can see by the host of friends she has. Last year, Barbara organized a band among her school friends, so don't be sur- prised if you see a sign some day in the future which reads, Barbara Tuttle and Her Band! One Night Only. NATALIE BAGROW came here from Wisconsin in the ninth grade and has made a lot of friends in two short years. She is an excellent student and takes an active part in forensics. LOIS HATT is the friendly, versatile girl you'lI often spy playing the piano. Always dependable and cheerful, she is popular with her classmates. She has contributed much to the Latin Club group. ED BAILEY--our lawyer-to-be. Everyone will long remember Ed's ability for declamation, but longer still his polite, unassuming, pleasant smile, all- round ability, and his cleverly coined Latin phrases. JIMMY PAGE. Pep, personality plus, humor-these spell Page and personality. Besides being an honor student, Jim belongs to the Latin Club and takes an active part in all sports. Sweet, Bell, Bratz, Angell, Christmas Peck, Colbath, Wilson Albro, George Allshouse, lone Anderson, Helen Andrus, Marilyn Angell, Ellen Argue, Joann Ayers, Elwood Bagrow, Natalie Bahm, Catherine Bailey, Edwin Bailey, Richard Baker, Katherine Baldwin, Ina Baldwin, Richard Barnhart, Wavel Bartholomy, Jane Bastian, Forrest Jr. Bastian, Robert Batey, William Baughey, Betty Jane Bayles, Elliott Bayles, Phyllis Bell, Kathleen Benner, Iris Benner, William Bennett, Milton Blohm, Melvin Bohlka, Dale Borton, Dean Bowen, Minor Bower, Minor Bratz. lane Braun, Richard Brower, Zana Brown, Ralph Brugqer, Valdine Buehrer, Dale Bussing, Maxine Cassell, Richard Chaffee, Neva Chesher, Robert Christmas, Margaret Clapp, William Clark, Fern Coffey, Wanda Colbath, Jack Cole, Alberta Cole, Betty Coughlin, William Covell, Dorman Crane, Minnie Crots, Jack Cunningham, Robert Cunningham, R. Cunningham, Rubydean Curry, Hazel Curtis, Fanny Daniels, Geraldine Dausch, Helen Davis, Dorothy DeMuth. Betty Dennis, Donna Jean Denslow, Edward Dickerson, Audrey Dillon, Lorene Doty, Rosemary Dove, Dolores Dove, Doris Dryer, Cecil Duncan, Richard Eaton, Dorothy Jean Eldredge, Edward Eldredqe, Jim Evans, Gertrude Every, Frank Figy, Betty Figy, Doris Filter, Doris Fisher, Martha Foley, Kenneth Ford, Richard Frey, Jimmie Frownfelder, Wm. Fuss. Clarence Gabarowski, Bud Gittus, Richard Graham, John R. Griewahn, William Hagerman, Norman Hanna, Don Hansen, Richard Harland, Thomas Harris, Victor Harvey, John Hatt, Lois Heldt, Evelyn Henderickson, Lucille Heskett, William Hess, Joan Hill, Opal Hoag, John Jr. Holloway, Emmaiean Holloway, Florence Holmes, Robert Holtz, Richard Howe, Joyce Hunt. Lois Hurlburt, Richard Ireland, Rose Mary Isaacson, June Ives, Kenneth Jennings, Tom Johns, Olive Johnson, Buford Judge, Harlan Kathrens, June Keebler, June Kelley, Earl Kelley, John Kelly. Joan Kern, Ethel Kitson, Kenneth Knierim, Wanda Krueger, Jean Kwilinski, Josephine LaReau, Shirley Laudnslager, Ann Love, Betty Jean Lowery, Doris Lundahl, Jack Lvons, James Martinson, Beverly Matthes, Robert Mattis, Raymond McClain, Richard McDougall, Laura McKie, Bob McWilliams, Mason Megal, Esther Michael, Jane Miller, Dorothy Miller. Rhea Miller, Richard Miller, William Mills, Bernice Mitchell, Dale Moberg, Helen Moll, Lavern Moll, Lillian Moorhead, Bette Lou Mumaw, Jean Naumann, Bob Olsen, Rose Page, James Paschal, William Peck, Van Pennington, Kenneth Perkins, Paul Pettit, Mack Pierre, Larraine Poucher, Marian Powers, James Prichard, Joanna Procknow, Wilma Rau, Lelan Ray, Ronald Reister, Myra June Renner, Donald Richards, James Richmond, Mary Rinehart, Irene Rissie, Adelaide Robinson, Oneita Roesch, Don Rogers, Elizabeth Rohrer, Donald Root, Joann Rushton, Doris Schultz, Jean Scott, Sally Ann Shank, Elsie Sharpsteen, Elaine Shipman, David Shourds, Mildred Sisson, Joyce Sisson, Louis Skeels, Dorman Smith, Roland Spreeman, Margaret Steele, Glendora Stegq, Kathryn Stevens, Wendell Stout, Dorman Suydam, Marilyn Sweet, Beatrice Sword, Fred Thielan, Phylliss Thomson. Margaret Tornow, Bill Turner, Audrey Tuttle, Barbara Van Zandt, Norman Vest, Carl Waqqoner, Frances Walker, Robert Wall, Roy Watkins, James Weber, Elma Webster, Jean Welch, Royal Westcott, Maribah Westfield, Illa Westgate, Ralph Wheaton, Bill Whiton, Harley Wiedenhoit, Richard Willnow, Betty Lou Willnow, Dick Willson, J. B, Witt, Laura Wolfe, Marvena Wood, Ann Wood, John Woods, Eugene Young, Nina Zumstein, Louis IN 0RMv47l0lV, P1645 5 Dean ot Students-Mrs. Julia H. Cairns English Department Miss Mildred Armstrong Miss Edna Kidman Miss Sarah Breese Miss Yvonne Stafford Miss Vivian Mowat Miss Helen McComb Mathematics Department Miss Alice Richard Miss Gertrude Buck Mr. Max Sweet Mr. Edward Strobel Science Department Miss Mary Mautino Mr. Max Sweet Mr. John Cowin Mr. Russel Leonardson Social Science Department Miss May Green Miss Mary Mautino Miss Gertrude Buck Mr. Robert Hayden Mr. Donald Whitney Language Department Miss Edna Kidman Miss Yvonne Stafford Music Department Mr. Paul Ranier Mr. Russel Nelson Physical Education Department Miss Melanie Pety Mr. William Ogden Mr. Francis Hazen Mr. Robert Hayden Commercial Department Miss Lucile Alban Miss Helen McComb Mr. Henry Lutz Industrial Arts Mr. Arthur Warren Mr. Edward Strobel Mr. Maurice Overholt Mr. Donald Whitney Art Miss Helen Hutchins Home Economics Miss Clara Hasso Miss Gretchen Miller Agriculture Mr. Russel Leonardson W? wiv' M MM' gow? . ,w-gQf ,,,1?,,-ZLQj,H 'fm. W- W5 AQw 'W KRW AM! X. CAM Q9jy'l aww 4, 5ii2w W ff fm JW WV M1 .H-1 M W Qffam W. ff,f?,.2Mf-i 1- N, N Q D .S'l6NffDj 0K HAP lNE5.S ' The Frank Street School boasts one of the finest music rooms in the state. Semi-circular in shape and bounded on three sides with huge modern glass windows, its bright, cheerful atmos- phere is conducive to music and merry-making. Directly off of the room itself are many practice rooms, the dry- ing and storage rooms for band equipment, and the music department offices. With such equipment, back- ground and encouragement, as well as the splendid train- ing received from the music staff, it is little wonder that Adrian High students carry off state honors in music. On the second floor, one of our show rooms is the L- shaped room where Miss Hutchin's art classes turn out work of unusual caliber. Pos- ters, place cards, banquet and school party decorations, topped off with a splendid art exhibit in the spring-these are some of the contributions of this busy department. One of the new features is the enclosed ticket booth on the left as one enters the Frank Street entrance. Double stair- ways give easy access to the new gymnasium. From top to toe, our new building is as modern as a streamlined train. What op- portunities Adrian offers her school students! ORGANIZATIONS W llllllllt l ll -fa. aiu-,E .3 .iu Wi, NIE Pf0Plf The Student Council has done o commendable job this year. Early in the fall it sponsored, along with pep meetings and school parties, the Monroe Game parade and coronation. Later it put the monitor system into effect. One of its finest pieces of work was the publishing of a new student handbook which was used both in junior and in senior high school. OFFICERS President-Candace Hall Vice-President-Theodora Nicolai Secretary-Florine Warner Adviser-Miss McComb Top: Kapnick, Bailey', Colboth, Stewart, Peck, Pagef, Poucher, Bassett' Middle: Westfall, Slsson, Gregg, Foote, Foster, Shaffer, Knierim, Waggoner, Peters' Bottom: Holtz, Doty, Warner, Hall, Nicolai, Borradaile, Wilson' 'Replaced by Bagrow, Lewis, Pennington, Cooke and Pate. P AKIN6 0 5 01675 G.A.A. OFFICERS President-June Poucher Vice-president-Marie Bell Secretory-Virginia Rogers Treasurer-Teddy Nicolai Sergeant-at-arms-Florine Warner Adviser-Miss Pety Membership Top: Bartholomew, Starks, Nickloy, Kessler, Nicolai, Rickercl Second: Miley, Ouellette, Coleman, Ban- gerter, Rogers, Wigent, Gregg, Poucher. Third: Gage, Shaffer, Lengerman, Peterson, Hurlbut, Miller, Hill, Warner 4th, Herri- man, Holden, Fox, Tracy, Van Sickle, VARSITY CLUB OFFICERS Dennis, Wilkerson, Powell lin, Hancock, Sharpsteen Early in the year, the members of this group changed the name of the organization from W. A. A. to G. A. A. Led by Miss Pety, they have worked to establish the ideal of sports for sports' sake. Under the new plan, the girls no longer work for letters. Their theory is that the enjoyment and the proficiency in the sport are enough rewards. In place of letters they have adopted pins signifying membership. Varsity Club has taken an active part in the sports program since its founding two years ago. These boys try to bring one noted sportsman to Adrian for a lecture each year. They have given their support to such school proiects as the printing of the sports programs, the management of tournaments, and the sale of seals for crippled children. Surely this group iustifies its existence. Fifth: Negus, Foster, Bell, Bailey Mclaugh President-John Whelan Vice-president-Dallas Beauchamp Secretary-Bob Aldrich Adviser-Mr. Ogden Membership First row: Becker, Aldrich, H. Pouch- er, Daniels, Whelan, McCallum, C. Smith, Streu, Beauchamp Second row: Bailey, Stewart, Hoben, Shaffer, Morse, Muck, Collins, DeMuth, Stegg, Phipps, Gittus fv4RZ,V MORN N6 I-7801 6 FORENSIC LEAGUE OFFICERS President-Eleanor Matteson Vice-president-Herbert Brown Secretary-Teddy Nicolai Advisers-Miss Breese, Miss Mowat Membership Back row: LeReau, Gardner, Lutz, Root, Gaskell, Nickloy, Brown Front row: Kapnick, Aldrich, Han- cock, Nicolai, Matteson The Forensic League is made up of those students who have won twenty-one points in any field of contest forensic work. In this year's debating, we won two iudged debates from Belleville and Ann Arbor, and lost two to Van Dyke and Jackson. Ed Bailey won the declamation contest, Herbert Brown, the oratorical, and Jean Gaskell, the extempore. Jane Carol Bratz won the dramatic declamation contest. Credit should be given to the freshman debaters, for they contributed the largest and hardest-working group that we have had out for several years. Students generally fail to appreciate the good work done by these forensic groups. Most of their work is done before or after school. Hours of library reference digging are spent in preparing for debating and speech contest work. Nor should we overlook the careful supervision of the two advisers who handle this extra-curricular work so well. l DEBATING Varsity Debaters Top row: Gardner, Aldrich, Kap nick, Brown, Childs, Brainard Henson Second row: Gaskell, Hancock, Nic olai, Nickloy, Matteson, Root Peterson, Powell Freshman debaters Top row: Bagrow, Dryer, Poucher Cunningham, Scott, Richmond Peck, Bennett, Root. Second row: Mills, Rogers, Christ mas, Laudenslager, Thielan Thompson, Bratz, Bell, McDoug all, Kern M NN- v4MfRl04N R504 7l0N5 ' LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Pinceps Augusta-Marjorie Borradaile Praetor-Joanne Foote Scriba-Edna Bierlein Quaestor-Betsy Hancock Aedile-.lean Gaskell Lars Familiaris-Lois Bublick Adviser-Miss Kidman Membership Top row: Hilts, Snyder, Van Sickle Evans, Warner, Driskell Second row: Bierlein, Norton, Penning ton, Bublick, Hancock, Powell, Welsh Suydam Third row: Matthes, Baily, Hill, Foote Borradaile, Gaskell, Faster Top row: Colbath, Peck, Thielcn, Bell Christmas, Page Second row: Hott, Howe, Mills, Knierim Logan, Doty, Shaffer, Laudenslager Third row: Kern, Dryer, Kerr, Bailey Martinson, Scott. One of the highlights of the Latin Club program was the entertainment of the junior high group by the presentation of a play. They also entertained the Milan Latin Club. Ziff CAN B5 3514071 01 Membership into the Biology Club is purely a matter of interest in this field. Many social events are enjoyed by this group, and lectures given after school form part of the educational program. Much of the popularity of this club depends on the able leadership of its adviser, Miss Mautino. BIOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS President-Helen Kessler Vice-president-Ruth Foster Secretary-.lean Gaskell Treasurer-Marjorie Borradaile Adviser-Miss Mautino Membership Top row: Aldrich, Morse, Gardner Becker, Poucher, Rising Second row: Lieberman, Steward, Ban gerter, Hill, Ireland, Heldt, Foster Bottom row: Gaskell, Borradaile, Wood Hines, Kessler, Baily 'Wv47l0M4l FARM AND HOME HOUR F. F. A. OFFICERS President-Harold Block Vice-president-Harold Archer Secretary-Lawrence Pate Treasurer-Richard Allshouse Reporter-Willard DeLand Adviser-Mr. Leonordson Membership Top row: Poucher, K. Curtis, Kelly, Alls- house, K. Morse, Mitchell, Hodges, Pratt Second row: Poucher, H. Pate, Harland, Black, Deland, Gilbert, Steele, Dennis Third row: Archer, Nichelson, Stout, Rau, Yeutter, Christy, Moore Mr. Leonardson is shown here, talking with his officers. These boys, backed by a solid, hard- working organization, accom- plish a great deal during the course of the school year. Beginning in the fall with long, hard hours at the fair, their proi- ects carry them through a series of farm problems. At contest work, they, too, carry off their fair share of honors. Lawrence Pate hos won the district con- test at the time the Sickle goes to press. Good luck at State, Lawrence! R POR75' fROM VlL'fiY Because this picture was taken before the invitation to new members the French Club looks small. On the contrary it IS a large and active group This year the club did a great decal of interesting work including a puppet show prolect which they showed for the benefit of all students FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS President-Bob Aldrich Vice-president-Landis Stewart Secretary-Charlotte Wood Adviser-Miss Stafford Membership Hill, Meech, Aldrich, Root, Matteson, Stewart, Gardner, Wood, Shank, Bon- gerter New members: Greenwood, Orr, Smith, Norton, Bagrow, Streu, Bublick , , .. 'hw ll '? ' --- ,- , .. 'J' - ' 'EEA , I ' 3 '3Wogm' mile 3513 fi Yi ff' W fwwf- QU ' as 93 .A J N I 361 1.-A ' 3, ig' ls VJ 8 9. 5 '--'Jug :fu 3 haf . I -. f , 1-Si. lun. -I 5 Vxi K ' 5? fi? IPL? I L? -'N Q Q' :' . 3, 1 ,i 9,59 rH.k.iI.Y A., ' 1 X Y Q 'g if S.. v I 1.. It , Q 1 g f R, '5' Q14 ' Af 004 lt, ' ef , ' 4' Qi s W ll KHP If 0 M0 IC A CAPELLA CHOIR First row: Riner, Stetson, Mead, Matthes, Schad, Burr, Hunt, Mumaw, McDougal, Powell, Procknow, Rock- wood, Sisson Second row: Rogers, Duncan, Ackley, Kathrens, Wood, Peterson, Shank, Mills, Pate, Dibble, Parker, Poucher, Matthes Third row: Smith, Hott, Sellers, Schultz, Hazen, Shank, Andrus, Heldt, Bratz, Kessler, Rickerd, Briggs, Kruger, Kolinski, Henson, Nelson Fourth row: Carter, Buehrer, Bailey, Downer, Aldrich, Reed, Black, Stewart, Stark, Morse, Sidel, Peterson, Gier, Hurlbut, Warner Under the direction of Mr. Russel Nelson, the choir does an admirable piece of work. Several times a year they contribute to concert and school activities. Their help in the performance of Ballad for Americans was praiseworthy. This one activity brings training for leisure to a large group of high school students. BAND First row: Colbath, Jennings, Frownfelder, Wotring, Ayling, Thielan, Childs, Underwood Second row: Wade, Bennett, Scholten, Vest, Cole, Cooke, Webster, Graham, Raymond, Briggs, Andrus, Olsen Third row: Dyer, Dausch, Judge, Bailey, Sisson, Allshouse, Bastian, F. Dennis, Cunningham, Dibble, McLaugh- lin, Archer, Miller, Hott. Fourth row: Bastian, R. Angell, Rau, Peck, Graham, Russell, Bassett, Twiss Fifth row: Platt, Gilbert, Webster, Lundohl. From its first appearance at the football games in the fall, until its last appearance in the spring, the high school band adds pep and spirit to every occasion. Under the able leadership of Mr. Paul Ranier, these students contribute not only to high school functions, but to holiday parades and civic celebrations as well. No group of students get better training in being useful to the community. ORCHESTRA First row: Baily, Anderson, Suydam, Tuttle, Sneyd, Prichard, Brower Second row: Seel, Argue, Bangerter, Randolph, Ayling, Thompson, Theilan, Curry, Filter Third row: Raesch, Munger, McLoughlin, Archer, Dryer, Jennings, Hagstrom, Foster, Bowen, Bahm Fourth row: Crandall, Childs, Peck, Pennington, Bastian, Twiss, Gilbert, Webster, Cooke, Lundahl, Cunning- ham, Dibble, Knepper One of the reasons why our orchestra rates high as a whole is the fact that as individuals they win many firsts in solo contests. At the spring festival the group always makes a fine showing. They possess the art of showmanship, and every number is done with finesse and precision. HOUR 0F C'fl'4RM GLEE CLUBS TOP PICTURE First row: Cole, Clapp, Knitten, Fretwell, Bridges, Griffen, Haines, Loop Second row: Rurnpf, Frye, Roback, Higley, White, Bowen, Bartholomew, Partridge, Johnson Third raw: Rogers, Isaacson, Berry, Bugbee, Walters, Braun, Parker BOTTOM PICTURE First row: Wolf, Rizzie, Eaton, Wilson, Orr, Vest, Jarrett Second row: Plate, Powell, DeGroot, Smith, Willnow, Wiess, Coleman, Dickerson Third raw: Kapniclt, Bailey, Dove, Webster, Christy In place of the operetta, a cantata was given this year. Against the pageantry of Christ- mas, a white-robed choir sang accompaniment to Charlotte Wood's Lullaby . Landis Stewart, Harold Black, and Dick Bailey sang solo parts in the roles of the Wise Men. The processional of glee club members introduced the Christmas story. Just before the spring festival, the city-wide music groups gave a concert in the new gymnasium. High spot of the evening's entertainment was the combination choir, glee club, and orchestra accompaniment to the guest-sung performance of Ballad for Americans. Mv4RKf7 0110714 7l0N5' ls this the right shade? Home economics girls planned, designed and made wardrobes in the latest trends of fashion. At the Vocational Assembly in April they staged a style show. Am I hungry! . . . But training in etiquette as part of homemaking courses prevents the knowing guest from saying it! As part of the course, stu- dents are taught meal-planning, cooking, table-setting, the arts of conversation and of entertaining. What gracious hostesses these girl turn out to be! SELACO OFFICERS President-Jean Welsh Vice-president-Patty Myers Advisers: Miss Hasso, Miss Miller Top row: McLaughlin, Alexander, Miller, Wigent, Underwood, Steinhoff, Munger Second row: Sharpsteen, Riner, Welsh, Allshouse, Chorman Home Economics is taught at the house equipped especially for home-making proiects, on Locust Street. Here every conceivable phase of household duties is taught. Here a number of luncheons, dinners, and breakfasts are held for school and teacher's club activities. B0,VS' 70WlV Worlcebut it's interesting! Kenneth Kitsen and J. B. Wilson demonstrate part of the doy's routine in Mr. Strobeis shop. What better training could our boys get tor national defense than a working knowledge of metals in industry? Working smoothly- Karl Hamaan watches one of the lathes in Mr. Warren's shop. Here the boys make tools and dies. Mr. Warren turns out ma- chinists who will have unlimited opportunities for employment and advancement. All right - so far! Fred Tornow, and LaVon Olm- stead are seen in Machine Shop, as they learn the fundamental skills, operations and principles involved in the machinists trade. Few schools in the state have as well-equipped vocational shops as our own. Here, I'll show you' we can almost hear Mr. Strobel say, as he adjusts a machine for John Wood. This shop trains students in bench metal work, heat treat- ing and forging, foundry prac- tices, elements of electricity and related metal subjects. Even the intelligent home owner should possess this knowledge tor every-day living. hx sis Ph M47l0M4l DfffN5f Bending out the bumps! Garth DeLand and Richard Wei- denhoft are learning about ma- ior automobile repair work. Here they tackle a body repair job as confidently as you or l might get an English assignment. The sparks do fly! Jack Crots demonstrates the pre- cautions taken in high school shops against iniury to the sight. From piston to ash tray! Leland Kiest is working in Mr. Warren's machine shop. He is converting a piston into an ash tray as a make-over problem in machine shop. Get in time! LaVon Holden is one of the many boys who see a future in auto mechanics. With one out of every five persons in the United States owning an automobile, auto mechanics becomes an im- portant occupation. Our boys will join the vast army of men required to build, re-build and service these cars. A skilled worker has a fine chance ot get- ting a job with opportunities for advancement in this field. An automobile is more subject to defects in operation than a watch or a clock. BR NWN6' 700 7715 MEWS' 0 Tiff 0147 First row: Sweet, Lutz, Stewart, Matteson, Borrodaile Second row: Scholten, Foote, Cooke, Hancock, Powell, Foster, Briggs Third row: Norton, Sowers, Frazier, lewis, Greenwood MAPLE LEAF OFFICERS Editors-in-Chief-lst semester , Mary Lou Lutz 2nd Editorial Editor , Sports editor Exchange editor Back-page editor Circulation manager Art Editors . Business Manager Advertising solicitors Reporters , Adviser Winners of t 1936-37 1937-38 semester , A .,.,..,., Landis Stewart . . Mariorie Borradaile A . Charles Sweet , 1 Eleanor Powell ,. Eleanor Matteson .. .. .... . ...,Ruth Foster ..,Madelyn Greenwood, Frances Briggs ,. ..,..... ,. .,.. .. ,.,. 1 .,.Betsy Hancock , ,,., .......... Genevieve Norton, Marie Scholten ,. . Marilyn Cooke, Joanne Foote, George Lewis, Dick Frazier, Robert Sowers .., ,.. ... , A ,, ,Miss Armstrong he first International Award of Quill and Scroll: 1938-39 1939-40 ,4DRf'4N fig' f ,ff Q X X4 XXX ffe1ey.a0-WMD M .S7!l7l0N 14. ff. S wishes to present a summary of the years' grand and glorious events. SEPTEMBER 3 16-17 19-20 20 27 OCTOBER 4 10-11 18 23 NOVEMBER 1 6 8 11 15 19 21-22 DECEMBER 10 19 20 JANUARY 6 14 21-22-23 23 iThe fatal month when it is so hard to settle down and really get into swing around school.1 School started today, everyone was in a cheerful mood. Again we marched behind the curtains to have our images admitted to the rogue's gallery. Happy days indeed! We were all only too willing to attend the Lenawee County Fair instead of school! The first football game of the year-Blissfield played here. We attempted to break the freshmen in at a dancing party in the gym! Wonder if we succeeded? Also! a football game with Morenci. Again we gladly trudged to the Island to lend our voices for cheering against Sturgis. Another vacation! Well, well. This time it's the Michigan Education Asso- ciation at Lansing. Our boys in uniform left us tonight to go to East Lansing, however, we saw them later, for most of them ended up at our All School Party. Flash! One of those things we always welcome-an assembly! Presented, this time, by the Social Science department. Another chance to weaken or strengthen your lungs-a game with Hillsdale. Flash! You guessed it! Another assembly. Miss Arlite Smith, the energetic young swimmer and diver. Attention all! The Monroe Game. Our good behavior was very much ap- preciated. School spirit? Yes! Partially a vacation-Armistice Day. Football game at Marshall. An assembly in accordance with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving vacation! Yummy! We hope no one stuffed too much! At least we all survived! Did you get him girls? You had your chance at the Sponge Dance tonight: that delightful ending for our annual sponge week activities. Our first basketball game-Monroe our victims. The Service Beautiful, a Senior Christmas Music Pageant, presented by Mr. Nelson and his groups. Our Christmas message was delivered by Reverend Greenwood today. Jingle bells and sleigh rides! School is out for TWO WEEKS. Surprise! We were welcomed back by an assembly. The Bentley Music trio brought a chic little dancer. lt's been quite a while since we heard about our tank heroes. They were in Jackson today. Those fatal three days of misery-SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS. FUN starring Bob LaReau as master of ceremonies at our annual All School Banquet. FEBRUARY 3 5 14 19 28 MARCH 6-7-8 28 29 APRIL 5 18 MAY 7 30 JUNE 8 11 12 13 Calling all Cars Sam Grathwell iust presented a true life picture of G-Men. Remember the code of the F. B. I.? Fidelity, bravery and integrity. That is all. What strange things can be done in water! At least our pool demonstrators showed us a few! Off to Sturgis for some basket ringing, again. How do you like our gym facilities? At least you know how they work after our demonstration. The third all school party was postponed until March 29th. Three solid nights of basketball. Tournament! The Seniors are in the high light again. This time it is the Senior Play, The Youngest. Remember how Lawrence Pate came to the front as a promising young actor? Everyone said that it was the best Senior Play that has been staged here in several years. Good work, Seniors! And an added attraction-for tonight at the All School Party, George Gordon's brought a vocalist. All that on top of the floor show put on by Home Rooms 23 and Home Ec. Hawaiian dancers and strumming guitars. lt was a good party. Happy days are here again! Spring vacation-and don't think we aren't ready for it! Flash! Assembly! Entertainment by Aloha Baker. Hollywood or Adrian? They both have talent. Memorial Day-vacation. Senior service. The time is drawing near. Another class day's here. After that grand Send-Off, we hate to leave. Get out your handkerchiefs, girls! There's parting ahead. Alumni Banquet-and every senior is going to try to go this year. So long, Seniors. May the rest of your lives be as ioyous as the past week has been. Come on, Freshmen! You know what this lovable place is all about now- how about putting a little more vitality in your school spirit next year? Juniors, we are now turning our remnants over to you. Good or bad, let's see what you can do with them. This is Station A. H. S. signing off until another year has passed. Pleasant memories! WWWWP0iM Last year we gave a super-Send-Off to the 1940 graduating class. The iuniors took over the lake pavilion at Sand Lake. There they built a dreamland of stars and soft music. Each dance was punctuated by the haunting, lilting strains of Hoagy Carmichael's Stardust Juniors proudly played hosts to seniors, freshmen, and alumni. We've given you this picture to prove that it was a grand party. Joanne Foote and Bob Aldrich seem to be enjoying every moment, and Ruth Baker and Dorman Godwin seem almost un- aware that the photographer is around! You'd expect Bill Downer to be peering around a corner some- where! Step on it, 1941 Juniors, if you want to beat our record! 'AMWHMW' H00R0 Each year the whole school lets down after exams at the All School Banquet. This year this event was planned by committees from all organizations and classes under the direction of Miss Stafford. The theme for the party was army life, and the variety hour that followed the banquet proper featured skits sponsored by various high school organizations. At the left you see the noble efforts of the Biology Club. And below that, we couldn't resist our own contribution from the Follies Bergiere- Yvette who sang with three winsome dancers, the Madamoiselles Aldrich, Stewart, Meech. Coy, aren't they? Stage properties: Scenery ll77lf THEATER 0 F TIMES' 5001415 THE YOUNGEST by Phillip Barry CAST OF CHARACTERS , Jean Welsh . Harold Black Paul Meech Elaine Thielan Herbert Brown Alma Shank ,. . Lawrence Pate Helen Schmidt Charlotte Winslow .. , , , . . . Oliver Winslow . .. . Mark Winslow .. ,. .. ,. . .. Augusta Winslow Martin ,. . ,. . Alan Martin , ., , Martha Winslow , Richard Winslow Nancy Blake . Katie, . . ..,.,,.,. Viola Logan Citizens-Eleanor Matteson, Ruth Gregg, Candace Hall, Gwendolyn Alexander, Elizabeth Hancock, John Whelan, Donald Goodwin, Clare Merillat, Sam King Director ,.... ...,... ..,...... ...... . ...,..,... M I s s Sarah Eudora Breese Business manager ..... ,....,..... .....,. . . . , ,..,.,, .. ,.,,,, , . Doris Hagstrom Mary Lou Lutz Jean Gaskell Willard Deland Bill McCallum Tickets Marie Bell Mariorie Borradaile Prom pters Josephine Hensen Margaret Sellers Eleanor Powell Helen Kessler Luella Pate Howell Poucher Carleton Dennis Publicity Wanda Rockwood Barbara Peterson Helen Schad Ethel Chorman Ushers Russell Glttus, Mike Hcben, Georgianna Root, Theodora Nicolai, Joene Wigent, Florine Warner Jean Bartholomew BE77fR Bll5'llVf55 EUR 40 BUSINESS ORGANIZATION SALES FORCE First row: Russell, Hilts, Evans Fox, Kishpaugh, Pletcher Love, Matteson, Holden Top row: Westfall, Miley Dusha, Kelly, Shaffer Heckinger, Westfall, Bo- gante, Kapnick, Brainerd Lofberg The SICKLE wishes to express sincere appreciation to Mr. Lutz and his business organiz- ation classes for the work they have done on our sales. The financial success of our annual rests partly on the activity plan and partly on the advertising, but more than upon these two, the difference between the ordinary annual and the frills we like to add, rests upon the number of outside contracts sold by this group. They've done a fine job. VOX POP Six peppy UD Little f?J girls! Come out! Look about! You'll see them cheering. Nickloy, Peterson, Westfall fArlenel, James, Hall, Westfall IAileenJ, Nicolai An informal shot, caught in G most informal way-of two of our coaches. Pop Hayden Mr. Ogden , I PB4L'fF0l Wlllf,V Your Arlington time signal. The unhappy part of it is that lT is never late! How would we live without the bulletin board in the west end of the old building. From early tall until late spring, it announces activities, contests, senior name card and invita- tion notices, SICKLE sched- ules, and all sorts of contests. Students form the bulletin board habit early. One of the innovations this year was the opening of the English library in Room 32 for the benefit of junior and sen- ior English students. Here stu- dents go to read magazines for which they have paid through their English classes. Our magazine rating is high hereg ci state inspector stated, early in the year, that it was one of the best she had come across in a school of our size. Here, also, students can find a number of fiction and non- fiction books for outside reading. How would the hall look with- out the candy stand? We know how the students would look -- HUNGRY! Through these candy sales, various or- ganizations earn money that pays for many activities dur- ing the year. in this picture, Marie Scholten obligingly posed for us while Bob Ald- rich and Maxine Hines satis- fied a sweet tooth. 1 , . Q ,f'LbQ . If 5. SQ Q5 QXQSQEN Ng, O 'Y N amen fanlfcuw-an-1-num:-can-nvqswuuufl ggwgpf vi J.-iuqnnouw, f Q Cmnwixxwntav of s NATIONAL BANK Q. OF ADFUAN j A...1,... Q PO RT - i Reserved Seat ISLAND PARK East Bleachers , f f, ., N STOR xfichigzixw Street TEIRS Sin Section F Row Seat . 5 M uw :aa ! Q 5 Q 3 f I . 4 Wx 2 L , ' 5 , 3, gg ,jfgif JVC f up f 8 '5'POR75' 0F ill! 501375 Tornow oore, Bailey, Page, Ray, Hiser, Carter, Hiser, Benner, Skeels, Foss, rdner, M neharf, Go Fronl row: Ri Driscoll Shaffer, Giflus, erce, ipps, Pi Ph Morse, ls Jerry, Hoben, Dibble, Danie Middle row: Sfegg, Frownfelder, Collins, Bailey, F., Page, I'. Gale, mg Wilt, Deland, Disbro, Kelley, Schassberger, Raymond, Harland, Gabba, Peck, Stark, aun, Br erger, Dennis, Eaton, nb Bolle Top row: len Hayden, Mr. Ha Ogden, Mr l'. s:M Coache FOOTBALL RESULTS T941 They We They as 3 26 13 '19 st Lansi Ea I2 3 ld 1 U :Z in .2 EE M orenci T3 7 Coldwater 7 0 urgis . T 13 20 Hillsdale . 20 6 ion . A 0 T8 Marshall ,. . 6 'I3 Monroe Game 6 T3 Sl 2 4 Monroe ..... Coldwater Albion ....... Monroe ..... Sturgis ...... Marshall Hillsdale ,.... Coldwater Albion .... Sturgis 1 . Marshall .,.., Hillsdale ...,. Front row: Gilbert, mgr., Allshouse, Disbro, Hoben, Phipps, Whelan king Buck row: Skeels, Pierce, Stark, Peck, Braun, Wilson, Mr. Hayden Coach RESERVES Front row: Carter, Frownfelder, Frazier, Jenkins, Skeels, Jennings Duncan Williams Back row: Gilbert, mgr., Tornow, Powers, Page, Harland, Benner Harris Bailey 1941 BASKETBALL RESULTS We . 14 16 25 ., 21 28 16 . 26 .. 19 30 ., 19 23 . 34 They 10 20 26 22 49 30 27 25 10 43 27 27 00K SWIMMING' P00 Both townspeople and students have enioyed our new pool. It is rated one of the best pools in Southern Michigan. Its tiled pool is tested regularly. The walls are tiled, and depict water scenes. Along one side are seats for spectators. These were filled to overflowing during the two performances of the water carnival. OUR SWIMMING SCHEDULE January 14 , Adrian at Monroe January 28 U. High, Ann Arbor, at Adrian February 4 Ypsilanti Central at Adrian February ll Ypsilanti Roosevelt at Adrian State Meet at Trenton February 14-19 Water Show at Adrian Our students enioy the new pool to the fullest extent. Mr. Hazen and Miss Pety have proved themselves two excellent instructors, and our student body is fast recognizing swimming as a major sport. ln addition to school classes, two adult groups had the use of our facilities this past year. Students from St. Mory's also use our pool. First row: Bascal, Baldwin, Westgate, Hurlbut, Gregoroff, Kelley, Foley, Liegerman Second row: Walden, Taylor, Zumstein, Eldredge, Matthes, Denslow, Hanna, Webster Third row: Harsh, Prange, Aldrich, Streu, Stewart, Pircher, Stegg, Coach Hazen 7R!IC'K - THIN!! Boffom Row: Poucher, Morse, Bailey, Phipps, Giiius, Hoben, Poucher, H. Peters Second Row: Meech, Collins, Gobba, Peck, Russell, Rinehart, Rising, Eldridge Third Row: Pascal, Willnow, Minsler, Johnson, Moore, Shaffer, Kelley, Page, Websler, mgr. Top Row: Harsh, Miller, Baldwin, Barton, Perkins, Hollz, Dibble, Page, Jerome, Pierce, Ogden, coach Bottom Row: Frazier, Allshouse, Bristol, Sewers, King, Siewarl, Becker, Boganfe Second Row: Colboih, Harris, Hiser, Bennett, Frownfelder, Gardner, Schussberger Top Row: Hazen, coach, McMordy, Taylor, Knierim, Powers, Jennings, Vest, Skeels BASEBAZZ Top Row: Wheaton, Peters, Etter, Bastian, Hoag, Foley, Richards, Dailey, Duncan, MacClain, Disbro, Richards, Aldrich, Bower, Hiser, Coach Hayden Middle Raw: Bolka, Fuss, Reister, Prange, McCallum, Rimmel, Smith, Ray, Zumstein, Stegg Bottom Row: Macham, Witt, Griewahn, Hansen, Carter, Jenkins, Wilson, Whelan, Etter, Kiest In the spring these young men's fancies turn to thoughts of baseball. This year, nine letter men returned to the team, along with many promising newcomers. As the SICKLE went to press, they were off to a good start, with a 9-3 victory over Lakeview High School at Battle Creek. To these boys, one of the highlights of the season occurred on the third of May, when they were the guests of Walter O. Briggs at a demonstration of batting, fielding, and base-running skills by the stars of the Detroit Tigers. In the afternoon they witnessed the game with the Red Sox at the stadium. Ulf P14055 . Keep your guard up, boys! Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the intra- mural program. Hit the ball, Wimpy! Volley ball provides excellent recreational exercise. What are you waiting for, John? Basketball for basketball's sake is part of the program. Many students who cannot excel in varsity basketball can gain a knowledge of the sport and a real recreational value from intramurals. BOWLING TEAM First row: Griewahn, Nau- man, Wines, Meech, Good- win Second row: Macham, Jar- dine, Hamden, Wood, Parker Floyd Wines is the team cap- tain. The bowling league has set up some splendid scores, as Floyd can show you in his well kept book. 70:47 Rffkffffff Everything's ship-shape So say our shuffleboard en- thusiasts. Eyes on the Ball Table tennis or Ping-pong - whichever you wish to call it, is a good strenuous sport that our intramural girls enioy. Heads Up The girls enjoy basketball as much as the boys do. Intramural sports are carried on once a week for those who wish to participate in girls' athletics, under the su- pervision of Miss Pety. The girls may take part in volley ball, basketball, softball, ten- nis, badminton, swimming, archery, and field hockey. What! No Ball? Congra fula iions T O T H E. Class of 1941 GERITY-ADRIAN MFG. CORP PATRGNIZE OUT ADVERTISERS congratulate the Senior Class of 1941 on their completion of their High School Course is XNSUIMWQF 6 . Q f amz 2 msulunc: Q E .,2'l'Z,E7f2..,f 5 'Sf' 'X is Commercial Savings Bank Member Federal Reserve System Success and Best Wishes to the Class of 1941 0 ROBB-OTT, Inc. BUILDERS TO THE. CLASS of l94I Compliments A N D Besi Wishes OF THE Kewaunee Manufacturing Co Adrian, Michigan Michigan Producers, Dairy Co . Quality Dairy Products Congratulations to Adrian High School Graduates of 1941 Lenawee County Savings Bank I 8 5 0 - I 9 4 I Member Federal D posit Insu C rpora To the Class ofl94l. . . goes our Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous career. Be enthusiastic enough about the future, and your success is assured. Never were there better opportunities for those who are wide awake and willing to apply themselves diligently. Adrian State Savings Bank Corner West Maumee and Winter Streets, Adrian, Michigan Member of Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Light-weight Building Tile National Septic Tanks Foundation Blocks Norwalk Burial Vaults Willhee-Morse Concrete Co. Division and Logan Streets - Phone 450 Ornamental Garden Furniture Builders' Supplies may the future he a prosperous one for you Chisholm 's We Congratulate the I94I Graduating Class of Adrian High School I qo i ynlgq ,5 2 The rms' NATIONAL BANK of ADRIAN H5 East Maumee Street, Adrian, Michigan Success and Best Wishes to the Class of '41 I Stubnitz-Greene Spring Corp Compliments to the Class of '41 Bohn Aluminum 8: Brass Corp. Furniture of mality . . . at prices Much Less Made possible by our Thirty-Store Buying Power WALPER FURNITURE CO. l 35- l 39 East Maumee Adrian, Michigan F. l... RAMSAY Hard 81 Bailey Drug Co. CIROCERY and MARKET The Rexall Store Telephone 384 805 College Avenue Phone 248 l4I South Main Stree FOX'S CONPE.CTlONE.RY HOME.-MADE. lCE CREAM l I2 North Main Street Compliments of RIES COTTAGE Congratulations to the Class of l94I from UPHOLSTERINC, CQ, W Flower Shop Living-room Furniture and Rugs Nixons, Music Shop MUSIC GOODS . . . and RADIOS William l-l. Egan Shoe Co ' Lenawee's Fines! Shoe Store Clothing and Sportswear. . . styled to a young man's taste KINEAR 6: I-IUEBNER ' Cameras GHllUp,S Photo Shop 0 Photo Supplies ' Developing ancl Printing Portrait and Commercial Photography O Artists' Materials II8 East Maumee Street Phone 184-M Success and Best Wishes TO THE Class of 1941 IVIORELAND DIVISION SOCOHy'VaCUUm COUIPHHY INCORPORATED THE LIMBACHER STUDIO ' JEWETT BLOCK - ADRIAN, MICHIGAN PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITS THAT PLEASE COLORED ENLARGEMENTS Complimenls- NU-WAY STRECH CO. - Adrian, Michigan Manufacturers SUSPENDERS, NECKWEAR AND BELTS PA TRONIZE Our ADVERTISERS E M E M B E Sheldon,s U5 JEWELRY STORE Crystal Hamburg G' G- HATHAWAY Congratulations to Proprietor the CIass of '4I MAURICIZ-YS JOHN H. S e h m i cl Z QUALITY MARKET COMPLETE FOOD SER VICE IIB South Main Street JERRY LANE We Can Always Suit You MEN'S WEAR Congralulations io the Class of '41 Compliments of C . The STAR LUNCH OU T IC T PRINTING HOUSE C 1. t f ADDISON MICH. omplmen S 0 . WIICOX Hardware Co. Practical Printing for Parlicular People ADRIAN. MICHIGAN Programs ' Invitations ' Cards STRICTLY HIGH GRADE WORK St t' - Offi S l' - a may . ce upples EXCCISIOY Steam Laundry I , I William Oram, Prop. I-IUOYYPC C0mP0S1f10H CORNER MAUMEE AND RACE STREETS Compliments to the Class of '41 DR. H. A. TAIT DR. E. P. KANE DR. FRANK T. BROADWATER Osteopathic Physicians News and Advertlslng ' News that gives you facts clearly, accurately, truthfully. A concentrated digest covering a complete picture of the local, national and world news every day. . Advertising that makes it fun to shop . .. that saves you hours of needless, tiresome hunting: and saves you disappointments, too. A help in finding what you want, where you want it, and at a price you want to pay. ADRIAN DAILY TELEGRAIVI A Member of the Family in 12,000 Home M U N G E R Silver Crest Bread Th GEIVIPEIJS HOME BAKERY 3 ADRIAN, MICHIGAN best wishes to S I G N S the class of '41 Compliments of the . Cosmetic Shop - Hgfigt IZ3 East Maumee Kathleen Shepherd A. B. PARK CO. Dry Goods, Rugs, Linoleum, Draperies, and Ready-to-Wear 1877- OUR 64111 YEAR OF SERVICE- 1941 Congratulations to the Class of '41 JIIVI BROWN'S STORE I882 -FIFTY-NINE YEARS OF SERVICE- I94I BURR PRINTING COMPANY SA TISFA CTORY PRINTING Compliments to the Class of '41 . . DR. C. H. KINCON ROBT. C. BIRMINGHAM Qptometrist Optometrist HATFIELD DR. F. W. RoB1Ns HEALTH CLINIC Naturopath Chiropodist Compliments to the Class of 1941 0 WESTGATE, CONDRA 81 CO. Congratulations to the 1941 Class tv U N D E' R W O O D ir Be sure to see our Complete Stock C f R O X C before buying any make I M' ' 4-I 'E R 5 7 fe Y Lowest Prices . . . E-Z Terms 5' lfiulvuufil O ,I N i f A Sheaffer, Parker and Eversharp A 4' L Pens, Pencils and Desk Sets t R E M I N G T O N i SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES Typewriter Sales 81 Service Company 125 North Main Street Phone I529 Adrian, Michigan CLOTHING READY-TO-WEAR SHOES j. C. PENNEY CO. Congratulations and Success . . . to the Class of '41 -EADRIANS LARGEST DEPARTMENT STOREl Congratulations fe Rogers Lumber and Coal the Class of I94I Company DOBBINS TEA ROOM PRECISION-BUILT HoME5 Compliments of J. RALPH KIRK H' L' JUDGE' DR. J. B. KIRK Jeweler Optometrists Watches Diamonds l COMPLIMENTS OF E- P' LAKE INQHSOMQEBSQGENFX N Congratulations to to the Class of I94I F ' - EQOQX BW I : N. B. HAYES or CO. D R I A N 0 Buddls Electric Shepherd 81 Stoll Headquarters for I I 0 PRESCRIPTION Electrlc WlflHg. . . DRUGGISTS Fixture-Appliances NEXT To THE CROSWELL I07 NORTH MAIN STREET Congralulafions and Best Wishes to the Class of '41 This I94I Qlality Cover for the Senior Sickle w a s m a de b y THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 NORTHWESTERN AVE. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Phone 555 LENAWEE CAB CO. IZ7 S. Winter Street Howard W. Prielipp, proprietor Adrian, M h We congratuIate the Senior CIass of '4I It is our wish that their ambitions may be realized O LY IVI P I C RECREATION I3I South Winter Adrian, Michigan l ., Best Wishes to the Class of 1941 DR. C. J. HOOD DR. C. L. NORTON DR. E.. E. BUSKIRK DR. L. K. COX DR. H. W. LUNDAHL DR. C. L. SEIFFER DR. E. W. ROYER DR. G. O. WRIGHT DR. L. W. MOORE Best IfWshes to the Class of '41 C. A. Conklin Truck Line, Inc. DEPENDABLE SERVICE , , Congratulations to Gussenbauer s Cafeterla the Class of '41 Things Good to Ea! Maple City Floral Co. C H ! '5 of IIO East Maumee Street A- GIFTS - FLOWERS Groceries and Meats PHONE 907-F' 644 souTH MAIN STREET To the CIass of l94I Congratulations and Best Wishes . . . for an ever increasing success in life V SIMPLEX PAPER CORPORATION MILLS AT ADRIAN and PALMYRA, MICHIGAN SUJLVEZ The Most Complete Line of Signaling Equipment Available from Any 0116 Source Congratulations to the Class of '41 O SCI-IVVARZE ELECTRIC COMPANY ADRIAN, MICHIGAN IDhiII-up I I I Phillips 66 Gasoline GIL SERVICE COMPANY IDistributors Phillips 66,' Petroleum Productsj I 150 E. Michigan Street Adrian, Michigan F. W. Prentice or Co. Manufacturers of Screen Doors, Window Screens, K. D. Frames Snow ShoveIs, Winter VentiIators and Lawn Furniture ADRIAN, MICHIGAN s K. PRENTICE PHONE PHONE. 9 ADRIAN 9 LAUNDRY COMPANY O A Service You'll Appreciate Compliments of L. W. SIVIITI-I CC. Compliments of Citizens Gas Fuel Co. Compliments of White Cross Radiator Co WALTER T. I-IALEY Compliments of IVIen's, Women's, ChiIdren's Footwear H . ON THE FSEIRUCORNERS C I G A R S T O R E' Pisheris Book Store Aclrian, Michigan Compliments of SCQTT AUTO SERVICE Those Who Achieve Success Start to Save in Early Life We save money together ' We Iend money to each other O We divide the profits between us Adrian Federal Savings and Loan Association Authorized dealer for. . . 5 Remington Portable Typewriters 3 Parker and Esterbrook Fountain Pens iL EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE FINCH PRINTING 8: BOOKBINDING CO. PHONE. 43 2 I 6 WEST MAUMEE. Best Wishes to the Class of 1941 DR. J. P. BLAND DR. H. H. HEFFRON DR. BERNARD PATMOS DR. G. C. HALL DR. E. T. MORDEN DR. E. S. STARK DR. L. J. STAFFORD DR. A. L. LENNOX DR. G. H. WYNN DR. F. A. HOWLAND Congratulations to the Class of '41 VAN CAMP MILK COMPANY Evaporated Milk AUTO PARTS CO. STANDARD AUTOMOBILE PARTS GARAGE EQUIPMENT II6-I I8 South Winter St., Adnan, Mich. 'LIAHN 8. 0llIIER AGAIN JAHN 8- Ullllill lENCRAV ING C0. 1407 06Rv4Pfl.S' '75,-fl? 3 - ,fy 1' - 1 ix., if l fin! ,. mf:- 'i '-fwirif ,,, ., T' : L?- 1. .1 'wwf - fr-'r V, .WA E... E- V ' 1 .. Mr ' n x f V ,. f 4: Q - 1 'AL fl. V ','Ea1. ' I ,t. 1 r ,-5-3,11 ef, . . 'A. Q ..41fN' . 3 N . 5,1 IL:- lb gr. . -- Q il X --ac- .V 4 '25 ,Q M- ,V , W.--A 55,1 Q:-45, ,, . ,'r'f'-- LJ? AT k ?':' LMA. .Hifi -' 5 -T2 L1 ' M D111 .M J. '- , .ff ' 1 . 1. A.' , Q . ,Juv V. E-L UQ' 'LQ ., , - S.. .W ,I W-I .. L, ,, , ,H 1 ' ..' ' ,M I WI: A 'Q' -m 'Q H , f . .,1. vii? .Ll 1 Lug. 'L If r - .2 . Tlj . 1, 4 If: ,. Vp 1. 5? - 91 5 J, 1 .3-WL n ,Wu . , 'a A,-I M I , 3' 'V -. '. ,N .. A 'fn ,l I fx U 1 1' , 1 - 1 W ,, 1 i VN 'Qin' -1 1 W I',.'r7 it A . w T 3 :'4-Q J. I f - 1, 4: new ' M I M1 1- nv. 1 I 'Jigga l 'r!.,'5h X Q .4 L' ' . X A .gg ' 5 fffil V ' . , ' H L 1 -. L ..!- ' 4- 'i 'I' :J-W ,gif- Y . ,'.ri'.Azr.i ,4 I 2 -.H ..-'ra JI ..,- Q 1.1.-

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