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 - Class of 1940

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W M Ph-yllig lvlwhg Y' Www SICHLE I 9 4 U THE SEHIUH ULHSS HHHIHH HIGH SCHUUL HDHIHH, IHIUHIGHH 1940 Sickle. We OUI' token in GJ .Q O +- .C U U O L- Q. D. U CD .C 4- 'U GJ -0- an GJ U1 U3 D v1 CD .5 2 '5 .D C L- CD 'U O E I- D O '4- O C U7 'E ax 'U U C o ': U C D '4- E Q. .E ur OD .C I- C XYH M3, TX Ux A wax'- IIUIIIEIIIS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS FRESHMEN ORGANIZATION ATHLETICS ADVERTISING HRD UF EDU CHTIUH MR. S. A. KING president MR. FRED ORAM vice-president MR. W. H. SHEPHERD secretory MRS. ROSWELL BURR trusiee MR. O. T. GOODWIN trustee DR. C. J. HOOD trustee MR. GEORGE LITTLE superintendent The old order changeflw yielding place fo new UEIJIUHTIUH Because of his uniiring efforts in raising fhe sfanclards of our high school Because of his undersfcmding of sfudenfs and of fheir problems Because of The high ideals he has set for us fo follow We dedicafe fhis 1940 Sickle fo our principal, Mr. Abclon. UUH DEHH UFISTUDEHTS ,- 4 hin fhe wrofhf' rds YY en. UUR SUPEHIHTEHDEHT UUII IIICIIIIII LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Miss Kidman Miss Stafford HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Miss Luke Miss Miller SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Miss Mautino Mr. Thorn Mr. Sweet Mr. Cowin COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Miss Alban Mr. Lutz Miss McComb SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Miss Green Miss Buck Miss Mautino Mr. Hayden 2 8' ' Mr. Whitney PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Beatty Mr. Ogden Mr. Hazen Q ART DEPARTMENT 1: ws A- ' MX as , 1 ,f ,J fi I Q Q! WW Miss Hutchins C INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Whitney Mr. Sfroebel Mr. Warren Mr. Overholf O MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Miss Buck . ' ' Miss Richard Mr. Stroebel f MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Black Mr. Soldofsky Mr. Rainier Mr. Nelson Q ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Miss Armstrong Miss Breese Miss Kidman Miss Mowcn' Miss Stafford Miss McComb Uneasy lie Ihe heads fha? wear fhe crowns." 1, , N, Pris is Apprenticed! Secretarial students do practice work in the principal's office. What's Your Number, Mahlon? Mr. Rainier hands out band uni- forms from the storage room at the beginning of the season. Beauty in a Booth! Our students enjoy the privilege of the telephone booth in the new building. Sign Here Please! Hall guards furnished bythe stu- dent council play host and host- ess to building visitors and check all passes of students in the corridors during classes. SEHIUH SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ' Donn Crane, presidenf . Clczrca Rowley, vice-president . Helen Deering, secretary CLHSS 'SWG MERLA ACKLEY IRWYN ANDERSON RICHARD ANSTED M. RUTH BAKER Operelfa l-2, Maple Leaf 2-3, Glee Club l-2. DORAN A. BARSHNEY Biology Club 3. ROBERT S. BENNER Entered from Redford. Baseball 2-3, Basketball 2-3. MARY AGNES BOWEN Sickle 3, Maple Leaf 2 2, Intramurals 2. MARGUERITE BRISTOLI. Glee Club 2. MARGARET E. BUMPUS MIRIAM CLARK Glee Club 3, Sel.aCo 2. -3, Send-Off O LEWIS ALBRO O KATHRYN E. ANDERSON French Club I-2, Band I. . NORMALYN ARNOLD Intramuralsl -2. . EILEEN JUNE BAILEY Operetta I-2-3, A Capella Choir 3, Glee Club I-2. O HELEN LEILA BAUGH O RUTH ANN BENNETT W. A. A. 2, Operetta 2, Glee Club 2, Intramurals I-2. O BETH BOWER Senior Play 3. O MARY ELLEN BROCKWAY Orchestra I-2-3. O WILLIAM BURTLESS Operetta 2-3, A Capella Debate 23. 789W O GERALDINE CLOUGH Choir 3, VIRGINIA ALBRO Council 'I, Biology Club 2, Orches- tra I, Tennis 2, Intramurals 2. MERLAND ANDREWS ELLENORA JANE AUTEN Senior Play Committee 3, Operetta 3, Send-Off 2, Intramurals 3, A Capella Choir 3. WILLIAM BAILEY Football I-2-3, Captain 3, Track I- 2-3. HAROLD BEACH Operetta I, Glee Club I, Intra- murals I. RICHARD H. BOSENBARK Sickle 3, Send-Off 2. AGNES M. BREHMER Operetta 'I-2-3, Send-Off 2, Glee Club I-2-3. JUNE BROWN Intramurals 2. BETTY K. CARR Council Vice-pres. 3, Senior Play 3, Sickle 3, Operetta I, Send-Off 2, A Capella Choir I, Glee Club 1, In- tramurals 2, Cheerleader 2-3. BETTY JEAN COLLINS Intramurals I-2, Basketball I-2. MAHLON ALDRICH Football Mgr. 2, Bancl 'I-23, Oper- etta I-2, Send-Off 2, Bowling 2, French Club 2, Orchestra I-2-3. GERALD C. ANDRUS Football 'I-2-3, Tennis I, Basketball I-2-3, Track 2-3. FRANCES E. BAKER Operetta 1-2-3, A Capella Choir 3, Glee Club 'I-2. DONNA A. BARAGAR ERWIN BEITELSCHIES Sickle 3, Baseball I-2-3, Senior Play 3, Senior Gift Com. 3. MARGARET BOWEN SeLaCo 2-3. LAVERE BRIGHTON Football I-2-3, Basketball 2, Track 2-3, Intramurals 3. VERN L. BULL Council l-2, Basketball Mgr. 2-3. PERRY J. CHASE Entered from Clayton. Football 2, Baseball 2, Basketball, 2, Track 2. GERALDINE L. COVELL Orchestra I-2-3, Senior Gift Comm. 3. O DONN CRANE Vice-pres. 'I-2, Pres. 3, Council I-2- 3, Glee Club I. Choir 2-3, Oper- etta 2-3, Band I-2-3, Orchestra 'I-2, Tennis I-2-3, Basketball 2-3, Swim- ming I. O JAMES E. DICKINSON Send-Off 2. O ERMA FENTON SeLaCo 2-3, Swimming 'I, Intra- murals I. O RICHARD FOULK Operetta 3, Tennis 3, Glee Club 3, Swimming 2-3, Intramurals 3. O EILEEN M. FRYE Latin Club 2-3. O DUANE GAUSS Football 2-3, Tennis 'I-2-3, Bowling 'I-2-3, Intramurals 'I-2-3. O ELIZABETH GLICK O CHARLES G. GROF Band 2, Intramurals 2. O WARREN HAGEN Council 2-3, Track 2-3, Intramurals 3, Salutatorian 3. O BETTY FAY HARRIS Operetto 'I-2-3, Glee Club 'I-2-3. 'O FREDERICK HARSH at Names run from left to right. BOB DARNELL Tennis 'I-2-3. NATALIE MAE DUNCAN Council 'I, Biology Club 2, SeLaCo 'I-2. KENNETH FISHER Left School. FREDERICK FOX Tennis l-2-3, Basketball I-2-3, Bowling 2, Intramurals I-2. DUANE K. FURBUSH Senior Play 3, Maple Leaf 3, Latin Club 3, Senior Gift Committee 3. JOSEPH GEBAROWSKI VIRGINIA MARIE GOBBA W. A. A. I-2-3, Sec'y 3, Band 1-2-3, Intramurals I-2-3, Senior Gift Comm. 3. CLINTON HAAS Baseball 3, F. F. A. I-2. ZENITH HANCOCK Send-Off 2, Debate 3, Forensic League 3, Extempore 2-3. LEONA MAY HARRIS BETTY J. HARTUNG Council 3, Glee Club I-2, Operetto 'I-2. RALPH E. DAY EMORY S. EATON Football 'I-2-3, Baseball I-2-3, Var- sity Club 3. VERNON D. FLETCHER Council I, Glee Club I, Operetto I-2-3, Send-Off 2, A Capella Choir 'I-2-3. JOYCE FRIDD Class Treasurer 'l, Senior Play Comm. 3, Operetta 1, Maple Leaf 2-3, Editor 3, Send-Off 2, Latin Club I-2, Band I-2-3, Glee Club 1, Intramurals I. HARRY L. GALE Swimming I, Bowling 2, Intramurals 'I-2. GERTRUDE GILBERT RICHARD GREEN Intramurals 2-3. CAROLYN A. HAGEN SeLaCo 3. VERA R. HARACOURT Intramurals 2-3. BEVERLY JANE HARSH Operetto I-3, Glee Club I-3. GERALDINE HASLEY Operetto 2, Glee Club 2. HELEN DEERING Class Secretary 2-3, W. A. A. 3 Pres. 3, Senior Play Comm. 3 Operetta 1-2, Maple Leaf 2-3, Send-Off 2, Band 1-2, Glee Club 1, Intramurals 2-3, Cheerleader 2-3. HAZEL ENGEL Senior Play Comm. 3, Operetta 3, Glee Club 3. SILAS HENRY FOLTZ Operetta 1, Glee Club 1, Debate 1-2-3, Forensic League 1-2-3, I UVA DeLANO 0 RICHARD W. DENNIS SeLaCo 2, Entered from Milan. Football 3. Senior Play Comm. 3, Varsity Club 3. BETTY ELOISE ESTES 0 ROBERT ETTER Operetta 1-2-3, A Capella Choir 3, Glee Club 1-2. DON FORCE 0 DORMAN S. FORCE Football 1-2, Basketball 1, Track 1. . BARBARA JEAN KNAPP ' RENATTA MARIE KNECHTEL Q ELLIS L. KROUSE Opereita 'I-2, Glee Club I-2. Opereita 2, Glee Club 2. . BETTY ELLEN LE VALLEY ' THOMAS LIMBACHER . RICHARD M. LITTLE Senior Play 3, Sickle 3. Sickle 3, Send-Off 2, Track 2. . MAYBELLE J. MATTAUSCH . RICHARD MATTIS . BEATRICE MCCREERY W. A. A. I-2, Intramurals 'I-2-3 O 'N RAY W. HAWLEY RUTH I. HILL ROBERT F. HINES Baseball 3, Bowling 1-2-3. WANDA IRELAN Sickle 3, Latin Club 2-3, Pres. 3, French Club 2-3. RUTH E. JACOB EDYTHE LOUISE JOHNSTON Sickle 3, French Club 2-3, Vice- pres. 3, Forensic League 3. ARTHUR CHARLES KELLY Football 1-2-3, French Club 2, Track 2-3, Biology Club 3, Varsity Club 3, Basketball 'l-2, Intramurals 'I-2-3. PHYLLIS KINDINGER Entered from Cleveland. Council 3. BILL KROUSE JEAN LOK Entered from Hillsdale. French Club 3. MARY JEAN McGUFFlE ames run left to right beginning top this pa I ge. MARY ELIZABETH HEINTZ Operetta l, Glee Club I, Basket- ball l, Intramurals l. EDWARD A. HILTS Football 2, Band 'I, Orchestra 3. MURIEL HOUGH Council l. MURIEL IVES Operetta 3, Glee Club 3. STELLA JOHNS French Club 2-3. MARIAN D. KAPNICK Operetta l-2-3, A Capella Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. ROBERT L. KIDD Basketball I-2-3, Varsity Club 3. ROWENA ELIZABETH KISNER Operetta I-2, Glee Club 'I-2. ROBERT G. LAKE Football 'I-2-3, Basketball 'l-2-3, Track l-2-3, Varsity Club, Pres. 3. HAROLD LUKE Maple Leaf 2-3, Editor 3, Send-OH 2, Latin Club 2-3. WILLIAM A. McKlMMEY Football 3, Biology Club 3, Bowl- ing 3. RICHARD C. HESS Football l, Band 'l-2. HELEN HILYARD Glee Club l-2. EARL HUGHES Tennis 2-3, Intramurals 'l. LELA JACOB Council 2-3, Senior Play Comm. 3. RICHARD CARL JOHNSON Senior Play 3, Orchestra 'I-2. ALYCE HARRIET KELLEY Operetta 'I-2-3, Glee Club l-2-3, Varsity Club 2-3. DALE L. KIEST Football Manager 3, Baseball 2-3, Varsity Club 3. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH KITCHEN Operetta 'I-2, Glee Club l-2, Biol- ogy Club 2. ROBERT LAUDENSLAGER Football l-2. BEVERLY G. MAPES Operetta 'l, Latin Club l-2-3, Glee Club 1. HAROLD C. MEAD Operetta 3, Glee Club 3, Track 2, Baseball 3. DOROTHY MOLL Operetta I-3, Glee Club I-3, SeLa- Co 2-3. HERMAN NEBELUNG, JR. Football 3, Baseball I-2-3. MARIE PAULSEN French Club 2. LEWIS E. POTTS Council 2, Football 2-3, Operetta 3, Biology Club, Vice-pres. 3, Glee Club 3, Baseball 2-3, Intramurals 'I-2-3, Varsity Club 3. DONALD RINK Baseball I, Track 2-3, Basketball 2-3, Varsity Club 3. JEROME ROBINSON DON ROURKE DOROTHY M. SCHUYLER Operetta I, Glee Club I, Orchestra I-2-3. RUSSELL SCROGGIE Basketball Mgr. 3, Bowling 2-3, Intramurals 2. SAMUEL R. SMITH Tennis 2, Bond 1-2, Intramurals 2-3. RUTH E. MORNINGSTAR French Club 2. PHILIP ORAM Football 2-3, Sickle 3, Operetta I, Send-Off 2, A Capella Choir 'I, Track 2, Glee Club I-2, Varsity Club 3, Intramurals 3, French Club 3. LOIS PIFER Operetta 'I, French Club 2, Glee Club I, Senior Play Comm. 3. MARY ANN POUCHER Sickle 3, Send-Off 2. owlcwvwffwb-f JOYCE RHOADS Senior Play Comm. 3, Operetta 2-3. MARIE ROCKEY Operetta 23, Glee Club 2-3. LEONE RUSSELL VIRGINIA SCHWARTZ Operetta I-2-3, A Capella Choir 2-3, Glee Club I. RUTH SHANEOUR HAROLD SNYDER Football I-2-3, Operetta 3, Track 3, Varsity Club 3, Glee Club 3, Bas- ketball 3, Intramurals 3. RICHARD WILLIAM MYERS CAROLYN OTT Class President I-2, Council 'I-2-3, Pres. 3, W. A. A. 3, Sickle Editor 3, Maple Leaf 2-3, Send-Off 2, Latin Club I-2, Band 'I-2-3, Glee Club I, Intramurals 2-3, Senior Play Comm. 3, Valedictorian. JOSEPHINE PLETCHER Maple Leaf 3, Latin Club 2-3, Or- chestra 1, Intramurals 2, Senior Play Comm. 3. MARGARET J. PRATT Operetta I, Glee Club I, A Capella I, SeLaCo 2-3, Intramurals I-2. VIOLET L. RIGHTER Biology Club 2. BARBARA ROGERS Entered from California. Operetta 'I, French Club 3, Glee Club I, Intramurals 3, Senior Play 3. BERNEITA SCHANTZ DOROTHY SCHWEIKERT W. A. A. 3, Intramurals I-2. BETTY E. SMITH Entered from Chesterfield. Glee Club 2. ERNESTINE C. SPIEGEI. Entered from Blissfield. JAMES TRACY NEAL Entered from Tennessee. RUTH PANGBORN Operetta 'l-2-3, A Capella Choir 2 Glee Club 'IV2-3, Intramurals 'l-2+3 CHARLES POLING left School. ROLLAND R. REED Senior Play Comm. 3, Operetta 1 2-3, A Capella 'l-2-3, Glee Club 'I F.F.A. 'I-2-3, Pres. 3. WILSON ROBACK Basketball l-2-3, Swimming 2 Bowling 2-3, Intramurals 1-2-3 Boxing Team 2. ARLENE ROHN Operetta 'l-2, Glee Club 'I-2. WILLO JUNE SCHELL Operetta 'I-2-3, A Capella Choir 3 Glee Club I-2. JANICE R. SCOTT Send-Off 2, Band 'I-2, Orchestra 'I TRUMAN SHANK Operetta 3, Glee Club 3, Swim ming 3, Intramurals 1. DON SPROW Basketball 1, Intramurals 'l-2, Box- ing Team 2. VIRGINIA STANDISH Sickle 3. ANN STAUP Operetta 1, Glee Club 1. LOIS SUDBOROUGH PAUL THOMPSON Band 1-2-3, Orchestra 2-3. DAWN VAN FLEET Operetta 1-2-3, A Capella Choir 1-2-3, Glee Club 1. DOROTHY VON FUMETTI Operetfa 2, French Club 2, Glee Club 2. BETTY WARD Operetta 2-3, Sickle 3, A Capella Choir 2-3, French Club 1-2. DELORES STARK Left School. KARL STEVENS Football 1-3, Swimming 1, Intra- murals 1-2-3, Baseball Mgr. 2-3, Varsity Club 3. RODNEY TAYLOR Band 1-2-3, Orchestra 2-3. STANLEY THOMSON Football 1, Track 1. JACK VAN SCHAICK Band 1-2-3, Intramurals 1-2, Senior Play Comm. 3, Senior Gift Comm. 3, Track 3. DARLINE WALDEN W. A. A. 2, Swimming 2, 3, Oper- etta 2-3, A Capella Choir 2-3, In- tramurals 1-2-3, Senior Play 3. 'H HW PAUL STARK Band 1-2, Swimming 123 Track 2-3. ARNITH STRONG Tennis 2-3, Bowling 1-23 Mgr 3 Intramurals 1-2-3. BETTY THOMPSON Council 1-2-3. EVA VAN ETTEN NORMAN VAN TUYLE O EUGENE WALKER Maple Leaf 2-3. O HELEN WEAVER Operetta 1-2-3, Send Off 2 A Capella Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1 lla.,- ESTHER WELLS Operetta 23, Glee Club 2-3. KATHRYN WIGGINS Operetta 2-3, A Capella Choir 3 Glee Club 3, Orchestra 'I-2-3. MILDRED WILLARD SeLaCo 2-3. JOHN WOOD Tennis 2, Baseball 'l, Swimming 2. EUNICE ZIMMERMAN KEN RUSLING Baseball 2-3, Basketball 2-3, Send- Off 2. 1 721-waeuf .4 -, MAXINE WICHMAN I I 'V Operetta 'l, Glee Club I-3, Intra- murals 2, SeLaCo 2, Pres. 3. ARLINE WILD Operetta l-2-3, French Club 2, A Capella 'I-2-3, Glee Club l. PRISCILLA WILLIAMS Sickle 3, Send-Off 2, Salutatorian 3, Intramurals I-2. EV ELY N WYATT DORIS R. BORRADAILE Biology Club 3. RUPERT BORTON Entered from Fayette. Band l, F. F. A. 'l-2-3, Orchestra 2. L LORRAINE WIEDENHOFT W. A. A. 2-3, Intramurals 2-3. LEO WILD Intramurals I. LaVERNE WONDER Baseball l-2-, Basketball 'I-2-3 Varsity Club 3. RICHARD YENOR Bowling 2. CLARA ROWLEY Class Vice-president 3, Council I-2 Send-Off 2, French Club 2, Pres. 3 Intramurals 2-3. STANLEY E. WOTRING CLHSS of 41 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ' Ruth Gregg, president Q Dallas Beauchamp, vice-presidenf . Marie Bell, secrelary 4 ,jf ,ff f,'.11 -- -J jf Abraham, Iohn Ackley, Wanda Adams, Kenneth Aldrich, Rex Aldrich. Robert Alexander, Qwendolyn Allshouse, Kathryn Allshouse, Kenneth Allshouse, Richard Anderson, Mildred Archer, Harold Argue, Alice Iune Bailey, Franklyn Bailey, Ruth Baldwin, Elwood Baldwin. Emily Bangerter, Ruth Barricklow, Merlyn Bartholomew, lean Baughey, Eleanor Bates, Grace Beach, Robert Beauchamp, Andrew Beauchamp, Dallas Becker, Fred Bell, Marie Benedict, Vivian Bennett, Madarius Bierlein, Edna Black, Harold Blain, Lucite Bradley. Doris Bogante, Manuel Borradaile, Marjorie Brower, Perry Brown, Herbert Brownell, Richard Bugbee, Lola Bull, Gordon Childs, Ieane Chormann, Ethel V Clapp, Ianice Cole, Barbara Coleman, Margaret Collins, Don Conklin, Rosemary Conkell, Betty Iane Crandall, Louise Damon. David Daniels, Merle Daykin, Leota Dean, Marjorie 6 Decker, Robert DeGroot, Phyllis DeLand, Willard Demlow, Roy Demlow, Victor Dennis, Carleton Dennis, Evelyn Dickey, Wilma Dillon, LaDora Doan, Mae Downer, Bill Duncan, Elinor Dushane, Lawrence Eisenmann, Elwood Elijah, Lester Etter, Roy Ferrero, Lucille File, Norman Fisher, Andrew Foster, Ruth Frownlelder, Tom Gaskell, Iean Gebarowski, Iulia Gilbert, Mark Gittus, Russell Goodwin, Don Gregg, Ruth Griewahn, Carl Griffin, Donna Groi, lohn Hagstrom, Doris Haines, Ardyth Hamden, Harley Hancock, Elizabeth Handlon, Glenn Hansen, Carl Hazen, Elizabeth Henson. losephine Herriman. Arleene Hill, Wanda Hilyard, Izola Hines. Maxine Hoben, CMichaelJ Iohn Holden, Garnet Howe, Harriet Hurlhut, Iean Ikle, Dale lames. lean lordan. Rex Kater, Doris Kelley, Venona Kern. Allen Kessler, Helen Kiest, Leland Kimball, lack King, Sam Kuster, Dick Lambka, Kenneth LaReau, Robert Lengerman, Muriel Lewis, Norman Lieberman, Raymond Lindle, Dorothy Logan, Viola Lutz, Mary Lou Macham, Arthur Marvin, Donna Matteson, Eleanor Maybee. Robert McAdam, Wilired McCollum, Bill McClain, Robert McKinney, Rosalie McWilliams, Leona Mead, Tim Meech, Paul Merillat, Clare Miller, Iessie Minturn, Fritz Moden, Iennie Monroe, Marian Morman, Barbara Mossman, Ed Morse, Robert Muck, Elwyn Myers, Kathryn Newell, Mary Nickloy, Doris Nicolai, Theodora Olmstead, LaVon Ouellette, Dorothy Parker, Doris Parker, Harland Pate, Lawrence Pate, Luella Patterson, Creita Pearce, Iean Pearce, Virginia Perkins, Muriel Peter, Robert Peterson, Barbara Peterson, Francis Phillips, lmogena Phipps, Charles Plate, Ruby Poucher, Glenn Poucher, Howell Poucher, Kenneth Poucher, Iune Powell, Eleanor Powell, Ruth Prange, Kenneth Pratt, Vernon Radabaugh, Marjorie Ramsay, Mildred Raymond, Iack Reed, Norman Reister, Rolland Rich, William Rickerd, Elsie Rimell, Bill Rinehart, George Rinehart, Wallace Roback, Wilma Rockwood, Wanda Roesch, Mina Rogers, Patty ,I Rogers, Ralph Rogers, Virginia D Rodgers, Suzanne Root, Georgiannia Rossman, Edna Schad, Helen Schmidt, Helen Schneider, Lois Scott, Lois Seel, Thelma Sellers, Margaret Shaffer, Paul Shank, Alma Sharpsteen, Betty Sheldon, Laura Sherman, Dale Sine, George Skeels, Wilma Smith, Betty Ieanne Smith, Clifford Smith. Ioyce Smith, Myrtle Sneyd. Cecelia Snyder, Charlotte Snyder, Harold Snyder, Virginia Speller, Lila Spix, Bertha Mae Sprow, Wayne Stange, Lois Steele, Clarence Steele, Harry Stegg, lack Stewart, Landis Storrs, Helen Suydam, Betty Sweet, Charles Taylor, Max Thielan, Benjamin Thielan, Elaine Townsend, Carl Tracy, Florence Twiss, Don Ulrich, Walter Underwood, Dorothy Van Schaick, lean Van Sickle, Marian Van Zandt, Virginia Vest, Ruth Wade, Irene Waggener, Glenwood Walden, Ralph Walter, Helen Walter, Mildred Warner, Florine Warner, Harold Webster, Harold Wegner, Anona Weiss, Dorothy Welsh, lean Whelan, Iohn Whiton, Vivian Wigent, Ioene Wilkerson, Catherine Williams, Betsy Williams, Robert Wilson, Frances Wilson, Virginia Wines, Florence Wines, Floyd Witt, Richard Woerner, Glen Wood, lack Wood, Walter Wotring, Hal Wotring, Linwood Yaeger, Mary Yeutter, Lysle K Q? QS If X FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS A ! X ' Janet DeLcumc11er, presidenf ' Chorloffe Wood, vice-presidenf f Robert Sowers, secrefary CLHSS of 42 Allshouse, Lee lr. Ames, Margaret Archer, Rosalyn Aylinq, Loretta Bailey, Robert Baldwin, Rosalie Ballenberger, Edw., Ir Barricklow, Dean Bartlett, Shirley Bassett, Arthur Baughey, Annabelle Benish, Dale Bennett, Lucille Berry, Viola Bierlein, Adolphe Birchiield, Dixie Blain, Vivian Bowen, Dallas Bowen, Elizabeth Bowen, Evelyn Brainard, D. H. Briggs, Frances Bristoll, Nelson Brockway, Ralph Bublick, Lois Budwit, Ioseph Burr, Elaine Butler, Fred Cameron, Iohn Carter, Kenneth Chormann, Irene Christy, Ernest Ir. Coitey, Iohn Cooke, Marilyn Curtis, Almond Dailey, Richard Davis, Arthur Ir. Day, Erma DeLamater, Ianet DeLand, Garth Deming, Lila Deming, Ruth Dermyer, Marguerite Dibble, Dee LeRoy Dibble, Dick Dibble, Rosella Dickey, Donald Disbro, Doyle Driscoll, Iohn Driskell, Eleanor Duncan, Raymond Dusha, Bernice Eaton, Ianet Eldredge, lim Elliott, William Lloyd Elliott, Ray Etter, Harvey Evans, Louise Fairbanks, Gerald File, Warren Foote, Ioanne Fox, Helen Frazier, Dick Fretwell, Arlene Frye, Virginia Gage, Ardath Gale, Roy Gardner, Robert Garwood, Oral Gasner, Billy Germond, Helen Gibbs, Paul Gier, Earl Gilbert, Dorothy Gabba, George Graham, Bill Greenwood, Madelvn Grifiin, Betty Grol, Iohn Gwyn, V. T. Haas, Marjorie Hamann, Karl Hamby, Phyllis Hamilton, Lillian Hanna, Dick Harsh, Calvin Heckinger, Ioan Hess, Lynford Higley, Colleen Hilts, Margaret Hiser. Elwood Hiser. Billy Hodges, Harold Holden, Lavon Holtz, Ruth Hough, Calvin Hurlbut, Marjorie Hutchison, Mary Isaacson, Chas. Isaacson, Thomas Iardine, Ernest larrett, Hazel Ienkins, Robert Iohnson, Jessie Iohnston, Carol Iurden, Phyllis Kapnick, Harvey Kelly, Betty Kidd, Eloise Kidd, Elwyn Kimball, Ioan Kishpaugh, Gloria Kitchen, Donna Kitchen, Robert Knepper, Lois Knierim, Virgil Krouse, Robert Kuster, lean Lehmann, Carl Leonard, Irene Lewis, George Loiberq, Kenneth Logan, Beulah Long, Donald Long, Iohn Long, Virginia Loop, Edna Love, Virginia Lowery, Genevieve Lowery, Virgil Lowry, lack Matthes, Marjorie McCarthy, Irma McGray. Margaret McLoughlin, Dorothy McMordie. Edna McMordie. lack Mead, Betty Merillat, Robert Miley, Marcella Minister, Earl Moeller, Edna Moore, Howard Morgan, lohn Munger, Phyllis Myers, Patricia Ann Negus, lean Norton, Genevieve Ostrum, Kenneth Outman, Betsy Page, Ierome Palms, Marian Porker, Arthur Portridge, Pauline Peck, Leslie Pennington, Cleo Perkins, Iean Peters, Ienior Phillips, Doris Pierce, Robert Piier, Lola Prischer, William Platt, Russell Pletcher, Ieannette Procknow, Elizabeth Raesch, Evelyn Randolph, Iean Reasoner, Darrell Reinhardt, Marie Reinhardt, Ralph Renner, lunior Richards, Dorman Richmond, Bob Riner, Dorothy Rising, Ormond Rittenhouse, Ross Roback, Willow Bell Rodgers, Willo Rosenterg, Ralph Rumph, Wanda Russell, Norman Schantz, Wanda Schassberger, Don Scholten, Marie Scroggie, Glenn Seidel, Iohn Sellers, Ruth Shatter, Edith Shourds, Ronald Slater, Ioyce Smith, Helen Lucille Smith, Robert Smith, William Snyder, Clyde Sowers, Robert Spence, Alice Staniter, Nell Stark, Fred Ir. Stark, Patsy Starks, Isabelle Steinhofi, Agnes Stetson, Charlotte Stevens, Ardis Stout, Iim Streu, William Summers, Wilma Taylor, William Harry Tool, Helen Tornow, Frederick Townsend, Harold Townsend, Herbert Vealey, Katherine Vogel, Coleen Watkins, Robert Webster, Dorothy Webster, Lavern Wegner, Georgiana Westiall, Arlene Westfall, Eileen White, Irene Williams, Richard Wilson, Carl Wilson, Evelyn Wilson, Roy Wines, Iuanita Wood, Charlotte Wood, Isabell Woods, Arleen Wooster, Dorothy Wooster, Loretta Wright, Dorothy Yeutter, Marie Yeutter, Ray Zumstein, Donald llllllIlllUClllll BOB WILLIAMS Bob has been around! While at- tending thirteen schools in his eleven years of learning, he has found time to become a Sea Scout and to win letters in track, swimming and band. Bob beats the drum in the German band which plays at pep meetings. you recognize him-the tall lad with all the "zip." JEAN LOK 'Though Jean gave her hobby as reading, one would never guess it, for she is always out for school activities and adds gaiety to just plain school days. Everyone here is glad for Hillsdale's loss and that a post-grad course will bring Jean back for another year before she enters the Uni- versity of Michigan. JOHN WHALEN Johnnie came from Montpelier, Ohio, and entered here as a junior. He helped our basketball team in a successful season and is being counted on for duty next year. He has become extremely popular and has that inexplic- able "something" Wee Bonnie Baker sings about. DOROTHY GILBERT Dorothy was one of our fresh- man majorettes this year, and makes twirling her hobby. Her blond, naturally curly hair and sparkling eyes are a familiar sight at all school activities. Dances interest Dorothy most. DORIS NICKLOY This girl from Cleveland has proved herself a most popular, versatile junior. Although Doris plans to enter journalism after graduation, her school activities have been along other lines. During the swim-demonstration Doris gave exhibitions of diving, and she has played basketball during the intramural season. She is active in Forensic and de- bate work. DICK DENNIS "Mickey" came to us from Milan and quickly established himself here as a fellow who was one grand sport. One of the stars of our football team this year, he's an up-and-coming lad of the class of '40, After graduation Mickey plans to enter a Ford trade school and to gain a mas- ter's degree in aeronautical en- gineering. MARILYN COOK "Cookie," a most democratic girl, has a smile for everyone. Coming from St. Joseph's Acad- emy, she entered as a freshman this year. Marilyn's hobby is col- lecting popular music and she enjoys all sorts of school activ- ities. MARK GILBERT Mark is that shy, bashful boy with curly hair and blue eyes. He entered from Onsted as a junior. Although he still lives in Onsted, he comes in for almost every school activity. Most of all he enjoys watching a basketball game. ' "Art is long and time is fleeting." One of the groups that does the most and says the least about it is the art group. These students have a hand in every school activity. Q Actors everyone! The Social Science stu- dents entertain at assem- bly. ' 2 H:SO::?O:-72 HQSO4 Laboratory work is of great importance in the study of Chemistry and Physics. 4-uv-""' WUHHIH6 HHHD. ZHTIUHS .1..,,. r SlUllEIll CUUHCIL Donn Crane Janet Delameter Patricia Myers Tim Mead Charles Sweet Eleanor Powell Irene White Maxine Hines Bill Bailey Marie Bell Lela Jacob Betty Thompson OFFICERS . Carolyn Ott, president ' Betty Carr, vice-president Q Ruth Gregg, secretary Edith Shaffer Joanne Foote Frances Briggs Don Collins Gloria Kishpaugh Ruth Holtz Phyllis Kindinger Florine Warner Betty Hartung Stanley Wotring Warren Hagen Jerome Robinson FUTURE FllllUlEHS UF HlllEIlllIH OFFICERS Q Rolland Reed, president . Lawrence Pate, vice-president U Vernon Pratt, treasurer f Howell Poucher, secretary f Harold Black, reporter MEMBERSHIP Harold Archer Harold Black Kenneth Poucher Vernon Pratt Richard Allshouse Kenneth Allshouse Howell Poucher Lawrence Pate Robert Morse Willard Deland Harold Warner Mark Gilbert Garth Deland Howard Moore Ormond Rising Robert Watkins Ray Yeutter Elwyn Kidd Clarence Steele Ernest Christy Harold Hodges Rolland Reed Stanley Wotring Dale Mitchell Jack Eaton Almond Curtis Robert Jenkins The varied activities of the Future Farmers brought them first honors in the State Best Chapter Contest for the school year of 'I938-39, and hon- orable mention in the national con- test. Here you see them judging corn samples, treating seed, and studying individual projects. No other high school group carries through so active a program. THE SICHLE STHFF expresses its sincere appreciation to those teachers, students and townspeople who have helped in the publishing of this annual. tl ' ,- , My ,!!.Xf,4i'-Q, lHE MHPLE LEHF STHFF deserves real praise for the admirable piece of work it does on our school paper. 1938-39 brought another first international rating from Quill and Scroll, the international honorary society for high school newspapers. UUR PUBLICHTIUHS MAPLE LEAF STAFF Q Faculty adviser, Miss Armstrong U Editors-in-chief, Harold Luke Joyce Fridd . Stall Helen Deering Mary Agnes Bowen Ruth Baker Carolyn Ott Eugene Walker Ruth Foster Eleanor Powell Elizabeth Hancock V Mary Lou Lutz .' Eleanor Matteson Landis Stewart Josephine Pletcher Marjorie Borradaile Charles Sweet Duane Furbush tb SENIOR SICKLE STAFF Faculty adviser, Miss McComb Editor-in-chief, Carolyn Ott Business mgr., Richard Little Staff Priscilla Williams Mary Ann Poucher Mary Agnes Bowen Thomas Limbacher Erwin Beitelschies Edythe Johnston Virginia Standish Janet DeLamater Richard Bosenbark Jean Gaskell Wanda Irelan Betty Ward Philip Oram Betty Carr !wf . ., 4 iw .. f.1'-L I M 4 "" I 'K I 1 I ' RLB UU BUS FRENCH CLUB Faculty adviser, Miss Stafford Clare Rowley, president Edythe Johnston, vice-president Marie Bell, secretary Clara Rowley Wanda Irelan Robert Aldrich Stella Johns Edythe Johnston Ruth Bangerter Marie Bell Jerome Robinson Georgianna Root Philip Oram Jean Lok Eleanor Matteson Paul Meech Landis Stewart Robert Gardner Charlotte Wood Wanda Hill Alma Shank Wanda Irelan Beverly Mapes Harold Luke Eileen Frye Edna Bierlein Ruth Gregg Muriel Perkins Mariorie Borradaile Jean Welsh Ruth Foster William McKinny Florine Warner June Wigent Helen Kessler Lewis Potts Betsy Hancock Robert Gardner LATIN CLUB Faculty adviser, Miss Kidman Princeps Augusta, Wanda Irelan Praetor, Ruth Foster Aedile, Jean Gaskell Scriba, Florine Warner Quaestor, Betty Suydam Lars Familiaris, Jean Welsh Eleanor Powell Charles Sweet Betty Suydam Betsy Hancock Wanda Hill Ruth Bailey Charlotte Snyder Josephine Pletcher Jean Gaskell Florine Warner Genevieve Norton BIOLOGY CLUB Faculty adviser, Miss Mautino Ruth Foster, president Lewis Potts, vice-president Elizabeth Hancock, secretary Marjorie Borradaile, treasurer Arthur Kelley Eleanor Driskell Marian Van Sickle George Gabba Robert Morse Mariorie Radebaugh Ruth Foster Mary Ann Poucher Marian Van Sickle Joanne Foote Margaret Hilts Mariorie Matthes Louise Evans Duane Furbush Eleanor Driskell Lois Bublick Cleo Pennington Ralph Rinehart we Dorothy Underwood Ruth Bangerter Jean Gaskell Ruth Bailey Doris Borradaile Jean Pearce Charlotte Wood FUHEHSIC LEHGUE ' llEBlllE Faculty aclvisers, Miss Breese Miss Mowot Georgianna Root, president Silas Foltz, vice-president Jean Gaskell, secretary Theodora Nicolai Mary Lou Lutz Harvey Kopnick Herbert Brown Robert LaReau ' Jean Gaskell -L-"v1f,' Georgianno Root Silas Foltz Zenith Hancock Doris Nickloy Betsy Hancock Robert Aldrich Robert Gardner Edythe Johnston Eleanor Matteson Robert La Reau Mary Lou Lutz Theodora Nicolai Barbara Peterson D. H. Brainard Harvey Kapnick Robert Gardner Ray Yeutter Ormond Rising Herbert Brown Georgianna Root Silas Foltz William Burtless Zenith Hancock Jean Gaskell Doris Nickloy Robert Aldrich Betsy Hancock Coaches, Miss Breese Miss Mowat . Faculty adviser, Miss Beatty C Helen Deering, president Lorraine Widenhoft Ruth Bangerter June Poucher Leone Russel Virginia Gobba Beatrice McCreery Wanda Hill CHEEH LE Eleanor Powell Margaret Coleman Florine Warner Dorothy Schweikert Barbara Peterson Carolyn Ott Teddy Nicolai HDERS ULH.H Helen Deering Betty Carr Teddy Nicolai Barbara Peterson Laura James Manuel Bogante ,. 5' F S I! , , W, .4,....T.v . 2 5 1' + f u MUSIC UHGHHIZHTIUHS STRING ENSEMBLE Mildred Anderson Kathryn Wiggins Helen Storrs Emily .lane Baldwin Betty Pate First Row Arlene Wild Dawn Van Fleet Wanda Ackley Betty Pate Helen Kessler Willo Roback Cecelia Sneyd Phyllis Munger Alice June Argue Thelma Seel GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Second Row Margaret Sellers Eleanora Auten Charlotte Wood Barbara Peterson Alma Shank First ROW Second Row Luella Pate Helen Matthes DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES .lack Van Schaik Dorothy Gilbert Marie Scholten Phyllis Jurden You saw them practicing with their batons on sunny afternoons beside the high school. You saw them deftly twirling, catching, and cavorting at the football games. This foursome added much to the pageantry of the marching band. BOYS' ENSEMBLE Earl Gier Francis Peterson Rolland Reed Vernon Fletcher John Seidel Billy Streu Harold Black Landis Stewart William Burtless Robert Morse Norman Van Tuyle Erwin Beitelschies Knot in picturej f 471 'f 'WHL QUVWJM' Thomas Isaacson Harold Mead Norman Reed Wallace Rinehart Harold Snyder Richard Foulk Harvey Kapnick Truman Shank lewis Potts Hazel Engel Arlene Herriman Pauline Partridge Ruby Plate Marie Rockey Patty Rogers Mahlon Aldrich Lee Allshouse Rosalyn Archer Loretta Ayling Arthur Bassett Frances Briggs Marilyn Cooke Donn Crane Carleton Dennis Dee Dibble Helen Fox Joyce Fridd Dorothy Gilbert Mark Gilbert Wanda Ackley Eleanoro Auten Eileen Bailey Frances Baker Harold Black Frances Briggs Elaine Burr William Burtless Kenneth Carter Donn Crane Robert Decker Janet Delamater Norman Van Tuyle Arlene Wild Rosella Dibble Billy Downer Eleanor Duncan Robert Etter GLEE CLUB Betty Smith Juanita Wines Maxine Wichman Janice Clapp Nell Stanifer Arlene Fretwell Muriel Ives Doris Bradley Barbara Cole Edna Loop Leona McWilliams Dorothy Moll Kathryn Myers Imogene Phillips BAND Virginia Gabba William Graham Helen Foster Doris Hagstrom Sam King Mary Lou Lutz Dorothy McLoughlin Paul Meech Carolyn Ott Virginia Pearce lola Perkins Russell Platt Jack Raymond Leone Russell Jack Van Schaick CAPELLA CHOIR Ruth Foster Earl Gier Josephine Henson Mariorie Hurlbut Marion Kapnick I, Helen Kessler - 4 Lois Knepper Darlene Walden Charlotte Wood Robert Morse Ed Mossman Betty Pate Helen Matthes Luella Pate Barbara Peterson Francis Peterson Eleanor Powell Rolland Reed Vernon Fletcher I ORCHES K Mahlon Aldrich L Joan Kimball x 'jf Mildred Anderson Lois Knepper Rosalyn Archer Genevieve Lowe y Alice June Argue Mary Lou Lutz Loretta Ayling Dorothy McLoughlin Ruth Baily Phyllis Munger A x Ruth Bangerter ff I Betty Pate J" Arthur Bassett Jef 7 K Creito Patterson I ll Mary Brockway XL D K Cleo Pennington J , P ' Geraldine Covell ' 'V-gk' Evelyn Roesch W' ll David Damon Jean Randolph ' -' La Dora Dillon Wilma Roback Ruth Foster Leone Russell Doris Hagstrom I X f Dorothy Schuyler Lynford Hess V LW June Poucher Mina Roesch Betty Harris Marie Holtz Edna Rossman Helen Schmidt Esther Wells Dorothy Weiss Ruth Powell Jean Bartholomew Evelyn Bowen Agnes Brehmer Miriam Clark Beverly Harsh Alyce Kelley Norman Russell Marie Scholten Joyce Slater Robert Sowers Paul Stark George Sywassink Beniamin Thielan Paul Thompson Don Twiss Dorothy Underwood Irene Wade Dorothy Webster Robert Williams Linwood Wotring .Ioyce Rhoads Elsie Rickerd Willo Schell Betty Ward Kathryn Wiggins Virginia Schwartz John Seidel Helen Schad Margaret Sellers Alma Shank Myrtle Smith William Smith Lila Speller Junior Stark Landis Stewart William Streu Dawn Van Fleet Harold Warner Elizabeth Hazen 1 a il 1 Thelma Seelg Ll Wilma Skeels ' Joyce Slater Cecelia Sneyd Helen Storrs Betty Suydam Elaine Thielan Paul Thompson Don Twiss Dorothy Underwood Dorothy Webster Kathryn Wiggins Jack Van Schaick Irene Wade Robert Williams fxf M 'QB 'WM QQQ A g A ,Q 5 'Q Q G E5 if ' ' ' , Q5 H, rnxf THE SEHIUH PLHU Dr. Haggett Susan Haggett Abby ,. . Mrs. Haggett Ada Haggett Warren Creamer . Tallant . Rosen . Davenport "THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN" Director-Miss Breese Cast of Characters Erwin Beitelschies Barbara Rogers Beth Bower Betty Carr Darline Walden Thomas Limbacher Norman Van Tuyle , Duane Furbush Richard Johnson lHE UPEHETTH Conductor-Mr. Nelson Kasper Kroggins, the Codfish King ,... Mrs. Kroggins, his ambitious wife . Jean Kroggins, their daughter ,..,..,. .. .. Joe Brown, owner of the radio station ,..,. Jerry Kennedy, advertising manager of th tiny 1 Milly P a sister team .. ,, Billy l "Dynamo" Dave, production manager ,......., ,..,. Mitzi, switchboard operator ,. .. ..,.... Bob, engineer in charge of control room J. Bottomly Binks, an announcer ,. ,..,.. ,. Archibald Throckmorton . , , A Lysander Phipps . Special Dance . Radio Program Soloist... . Radio Program Actors , Glee Club Group Choruses CAST Landis Stewart Frances Briggs .. ......,..s,.,. Elsie Rickerd Fletcher e Kroggins Kippered Codfish Co-.. Rolland Reed f Arlene Wild DawnVan Fleet lx Helen Kessler Norman Van Tuyle , .....,..., Ellenora Auten , A A .. ,.... William Streu Harold Black ...s,...William Burtless Donn Crane ., ,,, , Patsy Stark Charlotte Wood F .William Streu, Bogie Bogante, Ed Mossman Buck Adams, Charley Isaacson Hlllllf ElIUlllllllICS ' Preparing Dinner All phases of homemaking are covered by the three courses offered. . Success? Study of table service and etiquette makes our home economics girls good host- esses. . Not Too Much Salt The new kitchen units allow two groups to work on "Foods" at the same time. ' Girls! Have You Heard? Modern sewing courses al- low the girls to plan and work out personal wardrobe problems. J HTHHIHUHHLS Up and Over-Bu1Where's the Ball? Eight volley ball teams were playing this year. The size of these groups gives evidence that the intramural pro- gram has expanded rapidly in three years. Included in the pro- gram are: Volley Shuffle hockey Basketball Badminton Softball Tennis Swimming Archery Goal! The girls were playing hockey when we came upon them. They've paused to give you this picture. VS Hll I Horace, the Hermit This perfect biological speci- men has survived in spite of students. asdfjklg More and more students are realizing the value of typing for personal as well as for commercial work. "ln a way -- our national debt amounts to -Y " What's the name of that book? The card catalog makes books and reference mate- rials readily accessible for class assignments. Neck and ears? Shops are provided with equipment for washing up after a session with grease. H DHHS WUHH . Tighten it up! Students interested in voca- tional training find modern facilities in Metal, Machine, and Auto Shops. . Wheels go round and round. Lathe work forms an import- ant part of machine training in Mr. Warren's room. ' Carburetor? Or maybe pistons? Could be spark plugs! ' What's wrong, Mr. Stroebel? Inspection and individual as- sistance aid students to be- come better craftsmen. Q Cars are serviced by Auto Me- chanics boys under Mr. Over- holt's supervision, as long as the work is educational. VHHSITU CLUB 0 Faculty advisers, Mr. Ogden Mr Lutz Q President, Bob Lake Dallas Beauchamp Karl Stevens Bob Aldrich Emory Eaton Arthur Kelly Mahlon Aldrich Richard Kuster Philip Oram Donald Rink Robert Morse Jack Stegg John Whalen Gerald Andrus Harold Snyder Kenneth Rusling Richard Dennis LaVern Wonder Lewis Potts Merle Daniels Russell Gettus "DEKE" BAILEY was elected foot- ball captain for the fall of '39, but when his leg was broken, Bob Lake acted as captain in his place. KELLY has twice received con- ference rating. Others who re- ceived rating this year were Eaton, Snyder, and Dennis. FUUTBHLL First Row: Dennis, Zumstein, Frownfelder, Jenkins, W. Hiser, Platt, Gabba Jr., Hiser, Carter, Watkins, Hanlon, Rinehart, Schassberger, Raymond, Ballenberger Second Row: Kiest, Driscoll, Beauchamp, Oram, Eaton, Potts, Kelly, Bailey, Lake, Snyder, Dennis, Andrus, Gauss, McKimmey, Smith Third Row: Pierce, Schaffer, Collins, Dibble, Morse, Page, Bob Bailey, Steele, Dean, Phipps, Daniels, Gittus, Stegg, Barricklow Fourth Row: Harsh, Stevens, Disbro, Stark, Deland, Lewis, Poucher, Hoben, Brighton Bailey, Witt X FUUTBHLL 1 Opponents Adrian Blisstield ...,. ....,.,. O 14 Marshall ..... .... 2 6 Sturgis .... ,..,.. 3 9 O Albion ..,..,..,,.. ,..... 4 0 0 East Lansing ,....., .... 6 O Coldwater ..... .... 7 13 Hillsdale 7 12 Monroe ...., .,... 6 1 14 Morenci .,.., , ,.,., 14 14 Adrian and Monroe High Schools have held annual matches in football since 1896. Last year, we had won seventeen, Monroe sixteen. Monroe's score tied the games. Next year is our crucial point. Our boys have shown a fine improvement in teamwork and morale this year. There is every reason to hope that next year's game will go to Adrian. Let's all get out there and push that 1940 season. IHTHHWURHLS BASKETBALL G Toss the ball, Snyder! Intramural program allows many boys to learn the funda- mentals of basketball, and al- lows boys ineligible for varsity squad to play. BOXING Don't pull your punches, boys. Boxing is a good sport for de- veloping body, character, and sportsmanship. VOLLEY BALL Q Allah be praised! Volley ball is the most purely recreational sport of the intra- mural program. It is one which girls and boys can play to- gether. BOWLING Front row: McKimmey, Strong, Smith Back row: File, Parker, Hines, Kiest, Sywassink, Gauss, Beau- champ, Collins, Gettus, Daniels. The happy smiles indicate that bowling is a pleasant sport. BHSllElBHll VARSITY First Row Mike Hoben Bob Kidd Fred Fox Gerry Andrus La Verne Wonder Back Row Ken Rusling Donn Crane Bob Benner John Whalen Dallas Beauchamp Mr. Hayden Firsf Row Bill Rimell Hank Phipps , Russell Gettus Sam King Merle Daniels RESERVES My Back Row Mr. Hayden Ken Carter Fred Becker Clif Smith Dick Win Elwood Hiser Mr. Ogden FRESHMEN Firsf Row Lee Allshouse Dick Frazier Doyle Disbro Richard Daily John Long Back Row Mr. Ogden George Lewis Don Schassberger Charles Isaacson Bob Pierce Bob Steele Junior Stark Bob Jenkins Free Shof for Fred! THHCH First Row: Ballenberger, Hoben, Collins, Lewis, Morse, Peters, Rink, Stark, Phipps, Gettus, W. Bailey, Stegg, Meech, F. Bailey, Hiser, Webster Second Row: Mr. Ogden, Brighton, Poucher, Stark, Pierce, Dibble, Twiss, Minster, Witt, Hagen, Poucher, Lake, Snyder, Shaiffer, Platt, Siedel, Grof BHSEBHLL First Row: Griewahn, C. Smith, Steele, D. Hiest, Hansen, Wonder, Potts, Benner Second Row: Mr. Hayden, Stevens, Rimell, Carter, Long, Whalen, Nebelung, Eaton, Etter, Haas, Handlon Jordan Third Row: L. Keist, Archer, McMordy, Rinehart, Dailey, Witt, Pate, McCallum, Hines, Aldrich, Jenkins, Deland B. Smith SlUllllIllIll6 Firsf Row: Lofberg, Sfreu, Aldrich, Bierlein, Richmond Second Row: Stark, Taylor, Foulk, Custer, Sfegg, Walden, Hanna Back Row: Stewart, Prang, Harsh, Sowers, Pircher, McClain, Farnsworth, Coach Hazen Nor in picture, Truman Shank, Mgr. Wi? Mead, Hughes, Sfrong, Darnell, Coach Hazen, Fox, Boganfe, King, Gauss, Becker, McClain, Taylor, Wood, Frazier, Foulk, Allshouse, Sowers Knierim S Mr. Thorn tests for bacteria in the new swimming pool. This is but one of a num- ber of tests made regularly to insure healthful conditions to our students. Men may come, and men may go, but I go on forever." Few people can remember when Abraham Lincoln did not look down upon the passing classes of our high school. Attention, all classrooms! Our new public address system allows direct communication between the office and all class rooms. Contact can be made with individual rooms, or announcements may be made to all rooms simultaneously. This year a panel discussion was broadcast by the vocational students for a department assembly. Speech classes use the P. A. for training in the use of the micro- phone. Q Studying? My, My! ln addition to the central library in the study hall, each department has a library of outside reading books and reference material which may be used during the class period. lt's clean! Chemistry students conduct laboratory experiments as a supplement to class- room work. Madame X is used in Biology to show more clearly the physiological aspects ofthe human body. Confucius say: "Man who hold fountain gets drink last." We'd rather lead a band. Trophies representing basketball, track, boxing. In the last year Adrian High has shown a definite up-turn in all sports. SlIHlllll UHLEIIIJHR SEPTEMBER September 5-School opens. Many sighs for the out-of-doors, but everyone's glad to be back. September 18 and 19-Pictures are taken for activity books. Who broke the camera? September 21 and 22-Our first football game of the year, with Blissfield. We won! OCTOBER October 12 and 13-Vacation. Hurray! Teachers go to institute. October 23-Assembly. All about television an' stuff. NOVEMBER November 6-Another assembly. Music this time-the De Willo Concert Company. November 10-Monroe game, there. We're on the wrong end of the score, Too bad. November 23-Thanksgiving vacation begins. Plenty of turkey for all. November 29-Social Science assembly. Nice work, students. DECEMBER December 1-First school party. Music by Ellis Berndt. Grace Ryan and her Mt. Pleasant Old Time Dancers tripped the light fantastic. December 21-Christmas and Foreign Languages assembly. Reverend Prentice talked. December 22-Vacation begins. Merry Christmas, everyone! JANUARY January 2-School opens. Long faces and aching heads are the order of the day. January 16, 17, 18-Fate has caught up with us. Semester exams! January 18-All School Banquet at the Baptist Church. A grand time was had by all. January 26--Sponge dance. Don't mob them, girls! FEBRUARY February 21-This is a month of assemblies. Today we have Ben Ferrier, traveler in the North. February 27-Dr. James Marshall assembly. February 29-Everet De Ryke assembly. Basketball tournament starts in the new gym. March March March March March March MARCH 7, 8-Operetta "Tune ln." Orchids to Mr. Nelson and the cast. T5-School party in the Armory. Music by the Smiling Swingsters of Hillsdale. T9, 2l-Swimming demonstration in our new pool. 26-Gym show. Any bruises or bumps on the head? 27-City Music Festival in our gym. 29-Senior play, "The Late Christopher Bean." Our Seniors are up and coming actors. Spring vacation at last! APRIL April 8-Back to school again after a week of being lazy. April 9, T 1-County Music Festival here at school. We can still hear the echoes. April T2-Last and best school dance of the year. George Gordon's orchestra provides the music. April T7-Commercial and Math department assembly. JUNE June 2-Baccalaureate service. The time is drawing near, seniors. June June June June 3-Senior Send-Off at Sand Lake. Thanks for the grand time, Juniors! 3, 4, 5-Those old bugaboos-exams again. 5-Class Day. Held in the gym for the first time. 6-Commencement, also in the gym. The seniors are gone forever. SCHOOL CLOSES T I S I H G congratulate the Senior Class of 1940 on their completion of their High School course NSU as X 4, X '6 - 5 ag msunnc: Q E ron :Acre z ga nzvoslron -B 6 f 5 Y Commercial Savings Bank Member Federal Reserve System Success and Best Wishes to the Class of 1940 o RCBB-CTT, Inc. BUILDERS To the Class of 1940 . . goes our Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous career. Be enthusiastic enough about the future, and your success is assured. Never were there better opportunities for those who are wide awake and willing to apply themselves diligently. ADRIAN STATE SAVINGS BANK Corner West Maumee and Winter Streets, Adrian, Michigan Member of Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Light-weight Building Tile National Septic Tanks Foundation Blocks Norwalk Burial Vaults Willhee-Morse Concrete Co. Division and Logan Streets - Phone 450 Ornamental Garden Furniture Builders' Supplies Michigan Producers' Dairy Co U Qualify Dairy Prociucis Congraiulaiions io Adrian High School Graduates of 1940 Lenawee County Savings Bank 1850-1940 H Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Success and Besi W ishes TO THE Class of 1940 IVIORELAND DIVISION Socony-Vacuum Oil Company INCORPORATED THE LIIVIBACHER STUDIO JEWETT BLOCK - ADRIAN, MICHIGAN PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITS THAT PLEASE COLORED ENLAROEIVIENTS B C S I S ll C S 1 NU-WAY STRECH CQ. - Adrian, Michigan PA T RONIZE our AD VERTISERS I B U R N S Oz S I3 I E S ,S FINE GROCERIES JEWELRY STORE PRIME MEMS G. G. HATHAWAY Congratulations to Pfvpriezof the CIass of '40 IVIAURICE'S It Costs No lVlore to Buy lj rom a Reliable Dealer WALPER FURNITURE CO. ADRIAN, MICHIGAN F' L' RAM SAY I-larcl 81 Bailey Drug Co GROCERY and MARKET The Rexall .Store Telephone 384 805 College Avenue l:OX'S CONITECTIONERY Compliments of HOME-MADE ICE CREAM l I2 North Main Street RIES COTTAGE Congratulations to the Class of l940 from UPHQLSTERING CO. Flower S1101-7 Living-room Furniture and Rugs Nixons' Music Shop MUSIC GOODS . . . and RADIOS William I-I. Egan Shoe Co I29 SOUTH MAIN "Lenawee 's Fines! Shoe Store" A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE KINEAR 6: I-IUEBNER "The Store for Men and Boys, 9 0 Cameras S Photo 9 Photo Supplies I ' 9 Developing and Printing Portrait ancl Commercial Photography 0 Artists' Materials I I 8 East Maumee Street Phone I 84-M Jhfay ifzc fuiure be a prosperous one for you Chisholmis We Congratulate the 1940 Graduating Class of Adrian High School , "51i"'s'f'34wQ, 5 ,Q H ' .,.i.nw Q 4 M-,nm e , mu... 5 ,E mmm. ry ,I T av. I-Ie 41EMBf,v- 1 NATIONAL BANK of ADRIAN II5 East Maumee Street, Adrian, Michigan PHONE PHONE Compliments Of I... W. SMITH CO. ADRIAN LAUNDRY Compliments of COMPANY Citizens Cas Fuel Co. "A Service You'1l Appreciate" Compliments of White Cross Radiator Co. WALTER T. HALEY lVIen's, Women's, Childrens Footwear Compliments of FROWNFELDERS H . ON THE FOJERIBOORNERS C I G A R S T O R E' Compliments of C t f The HUB CLOTHING Co. Omplmen S O Home of Popular Priced Clothes and Shoes Located on the Four Corners ADRIAN - Those Who Achieve Success Start to Save in Early Life We save money together 0 We lend money to each other 0 We divide the profits between us Adrian Federal Savings and Loan Association Creat Careers Begin with REIVIINGTON Portables Buy with confidence from the only AUTHORIZED Dealer in Adrian. We Guarantee Every Machine that we sell . . . 0 SCHOOL SUPPLIES and DRAWING INSTRUMENTS O FINCI-I PRINTING 8: BOOKBINDING CO. PHONE 43 2 I 6 WEST MAUMEE JOHN I-I. S C h m i dt QUALITY MARKET COMPLETE FOOD SER VICE II8 South Main Street JERRY LANE We Can Always Suit You IVIEN'S WEAR Corrgratalations to tie Classof ,40 Compliments of C . The STAR LUNCH Ollrlef PRINTING HOUSE I ADDISON MICH. C0mPl'memS of 0 WiICoX Hardware Co. Practical Printing for Particular People ADRIAN, MICHIGAN Programs - Invitations - Cards E Stationery - Ofhce Supplies STRIC'I'LY HIGH GRADE WORK o Excelsior Steam Laundry . . . William Oram, Prop. Lmotype Composmon CORNER MAUMEE AND RACE STREETS Compliments to the Class of 1940 WESTGATE, CONDRA 8: CO. Compliments to the Class of '40 DR. C. I-I. KINCQN ROBT. C. BIRMINGHAM Optometrist Optometrist DR. A. B. GREEN DR. E. P. KANE Optometrist Csteopath HATFIELD DR. H. A. TAIT HEALTH CLINIC Osteopath DR. IRMA F. PARKER DR. F. W. ROBINS Chiropractor Chiropodist CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '40 HARVEY CLEANERS Congratulations to the 1940 Class i UNDERWOOD ir Be sure to see our Complete Stock of C H ,VM up I R Typewriters before buying any make O ,f p Q R --'T Y Easy Terms . . . Lowest Prices 11: , ' L SCHAEFFER PEN and PENCIL SETS f 'A' "Everything for the Ofcen Typewriter Sales 81 Service Co. IZ5 North Main Street Phone i529 Adrian, Michigan CLOTHING READY-TO-WEAR SHOES I. C. PENNEY co. Congratulations and Success . . . to the Class of '40 ADRlAN'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STOREii Congratulations to .Compliments f'f . the Class of I940 QUCHTIH B. Jervls Studlo DOBBINS TEA ROUM W...mI2fiIfnd Baumm D1fffgM..I.... Compliments of J. RALPH KIRK DR. I. B. KIRK fewelef Optometrists Watches Diamonds COMPLIMENTS OF E' P' LAKE INOQNZTEENXINBQQEBLIIQGENCMY I. Congratulations to to the Class of l940 """""" ""'h"' , i v I N. B. HAYES 81 CO. D R I A N Budd? Electric Shepherd 81 Stoll Head uarters for El Q QW, , PRESCRIPTION .ectrlc lfltlg. . . DRUGGISTS Flxture-Appllances 107 North Main Street NEXT TO THE CROSWELL News and Advertising ' News that gives you facts clearly, accurately, truthfully. A concentrated digest covering a complete picture of the local, national and world news every day. ' Advertising that makes it fun to shop . . . that saves you hours of needless, tiresome huntingg and saves you disappointments, too. A help in finding what you want, where you want it, and at a price you want to pay. ADRIAN DAILY TELEGRAIVI A Member of the Family in ll,000 Homes M U N G E R Silver Crest Bread GEIVIPEIJS I-IOIVIE. BAKERY Th C 4 ADRIAN, MICHIGAN I S 0 best wishes to S I G N S the class of '40 u 9 . Best Wlshes to the Class of 40 KIGEL CLOTHING OO. glbbs - Hgylgt l26 South Main St. Adrian, Michigan A. B. PARK CO. Dry Goods, Rugs, Carpets, Linoleum, Draperies and Ready-to-Wear 1877 - OUR 63rd YEAR OF SERVICE - 1940 Congratulations to the Class of '40 JIIVI BROWN'S STORE 1882-FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS OF SERVICE- 1940 BURR PRINTING COMPANY SA TISFA C TOR Y PRINTING TELEPHONE 832 315 SOUTH MADISON sr. Best Wishes to the Class of 1940 DR. C. J. HOOD DR. C. DR. E. E. BUSKIRK DR. L. DR. H. W. LUNDAHL DR. C. DR. E. W. ROYER DR. G. DR. D. M. MATTESON L. NORTON K. COX L. SEIFFER O. WRIGHT Best Wishes to the Class of '40 C. A. Conklin Truck Line, Inc. DEPENDABLE SERVICE , , C' K l K' I Qussenbauer s Cafeteria ongm u a 222801388 of 40 "Good Things to Eat" L W Congratulations to the Class of '40 PRATT ik VAN TUYLE II7 East Ch urch Stre Congratulations and Best W isties to the Class of '40 This I94O Clqality Cover for the Senior Sickle w a s m a ct e In y THE DAVID IVIOLLGY PLANT 2857 NORTHWESTERN AVE. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Phone 555 LENAWEE CAB CO. I27 S. Winter Street Howard W. Prielipp, proprietor Ad' M h We congratulate the Senior Class of '40 It is our wish that their ambitions may be realized O LY IVI P I C RECREATION I3I South Winter Adrian, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of ,40 J. P. BLAND DR. H. H. HEFFRON DR. BERNARD PATIVIOS DR. G. C. HALL DR. E.. T. MORDEN DR. E. S. STARK DR. L. J. STAFFORD DR. A. L. LENNOX DR. G. H. WYNN DR. F. A. HOWLAND Congratulations to the . . . Class of '40 Van Camp Milk Company Evaporated Milk Selva? i- -. Rex AHN AND OLLIER AGAIN" J r X X "WEE,-' 'V ' ii 'Ei x Q All . X' 'x wh XXX um 'H QNX X X init? F3 ii W Repeated ccceptanpe by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the Jahn 81 Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year. V M! HUTUBHHPHS W yo WWW ZW? gwa A' , OAL!! 'fzfj MXH! W W W A ' MM . A ' ff yujffyfvfl uI awww- M7 E x K bgx Q r YW if x' sw fa 'W W K 'Ny We x X , V4 . A QM' iw W ,W W U fig M Www XW phfwwfwwkw ww-ww QPMW fibvwdfamw M - Sm bffcaywwofifz

Suggestions in the Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) collection:

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