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The Senior Class OF ADRIAN HIGH SCHOOL TI-IE1938 SENIOR SICKLE DEDICATION FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS FRESHMEN ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ADVERTISING W 'Wk sQ?:lKagJZa-2:5 -1 ', x ,. AM, 6 N3 t W F fo fx' 1 " ggi? 'P xl? fb N X999 eq ,435 9 'li tSg,. jx it The Senior Class dedieeeee the 1958 fsickle ee MR. ELMER D. SMITH Whe hee devoted more than helf e century ee the developing ofnew varieties of the Chrysanthemum. To have Planted beauty in the earth is an immortal achieve- ment, and this we would honor. l fr '5 dfk: Kzgga-S5 mt Avlis ' Q 1955, s fig f V 9 W f Xe A ' Q' ft 9 4 ug-1.4 Wie' 3 ,415 fa xx K- x A! f 'Qt at ERNEST J. REED Mr, Little, our friend and ad- visor for the past three years, is undertaking a new task next year. We feel sure that he Will be as successful as superintend- ent as he has been as principal. It is with real appreciation of his service to Adrian that we wish Mr. Reed the great amount of happiness in future years that he so richly deserves. GEORGE H. LITTLE BOARD OP EDUCATION MR. KING, president MR. SHEPHERD, secretary MR. ORAM, trustee MR. REED, superintendent A MISS JACKEL, vice-president MR. GOODWIN, trustee MR. HocH, trustee This year we have enjoyed several fine improvements in our school. A new intra-mural and gym program was provided, with equipment for many types of games. A house to be used by Home Economics students was purchased. New lire escapes Were built, and shrubbery was planted in front of the school. For all of these we are indebted to our school board. We take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of the Whole student body. FACULTY First Row: Mr. Warren, Miss Greenwood. Miss Fox, Miss Buerle, Miss Breese, Miss Luke Miss Richard, Miss Hutchins, Miss Green, Middle Row: Mr, Soldofsky, Mr. Lunn Miss Beatty Miss Buck, Miss Armstrong, Mrs. Cairns, Miss Kidman. Mr. Rainier, Mr. Vwlhitney Mr Weller Top Row: Mr. Cowin, Mr. Hazen, Mr. Thorne, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Sweet, Mr. Hayden Mr Black Mr. Abdon. Social Studies-Miss Green, Mr. Lunn, Miss Buck, Mr. Hayd n Science-Mr. Cowin, Mr. Sweet, Mr. Thorne. Mathematics-Miss Buck, Miss Richard. English--Miss Armstrong, Miss Kidman, Miss Breese, Miss Greenwood Commercial work-Mr. Abdon, Miss Buerle. Latin-Miss Fox. French-Miss Hayes. Art-Miss Hutchins, Mr. Whitney. Industrial training-Mr. XVarren, Mr. Weller. Home Economics-Miss Luke, Miss Hansome. Music-Mr. Rainier, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Soldofsky, Mr. Physical Education-Miss Beatty, Mr. Hazen. Coaching-Mr. Lunn, Mr. Hayden, Mr. Sweet. Study Hall--Mrs. Cairns. Black OUR GWN Toar ,,,, Dopey ,,, ... Henry , ,,, , Streaky ....,,.,, Martha Ray ....,.,, Andy Devine eeee,. Paul Bunyan eev,... Babe Ruth. -,.,,, ,r,,,,tDeImar Daniels r-,-,-,,Arvin Gippert ..eeee Harold Mott rar,,,rFreddy Thompson .,-,r--,-Gatha Coffey ,,,,,,-,Smith Fletcher , e,,,, George Gordon -,-rr,,George Abraham Tom Thumb rr,.rr .,rrr Bob Freligh Charlie M cCarthy rrrrrrrrr r errr be Fred Fox Greta Garbo, ,,,.,,,,, Y at rreerrrr,...,.,...rr..rrrr rrrr B etty Acker The Ritz Brothers ,,,r ,r,,... Donald Duck ,r,,,,,r 7 Kate Smith ....,.r,,,,,, Romeo and Juliet .....,,. Shirley Temple ,r,r,. Bob Burns .r........,.. Laurel and Hardy ....,,,,. Town Crier r,.v,r,,rrr Benny Goodman r,r, Elmer Blurt r,,rrrr Step-and-Fetchi't,r,,,,,, .Scharer, Scharer, and Scharer r,eE1Wood Eisenman -,---rrrrrr,,--Betty Pate -,r,r,SteWart and Burr ,,,,--,,Phy1is Munger Lunn rCheney and Mosher ---,-----Da1e Laudenslager or-rr,,,,,,,,Dick Hess --------.Ly1e Sherman ,------,-Bob McAdam SENIQRS CARL NELSON President DAL E LAUDENSLAGER Vice - President DOROTHY MATTHES Secretary SENIOR OFFICERS Three years ago the present Senior Class entered the Adrian Senior High School. We chose Mr. Whitney as our class adviser, Treva Every as our president the 'first year, and Carl Nelson as our president during our junior and senior years. Now we have come to the last and most important of these High School years. We Wish to thank Mr. Whitney, and also Carl Nelson, for the time and effort they have expended to make our class a successful one. Soon we will part, each going his own Way. We hope, though, that everyone Will remember the three happy years we have spent together and the classmates Who have made these years What they have been. It is our wish that each and every member of our class will do his best in Whatever Work he may pursue, and so bring honor to the Adrian Senior High School, and to the class of 1938. -Dorothy Matthes SENIOR PLAY, HNOTHING BUT THE TRUTH" CAST Robert Bennett ,,,,.. .. ,.,7,,7, ,,,,.,, W ALDRON STEWART E. M. Ralston ,,,,.. ,,,,,,,7,,,,7 R OBERT BOWER Doc COIl1'l2llY ,,,,Y.,,Y, LAWRENCE WELLNITZ Clarence VanDusen v,,,, Y,,Y, K ENNETH SCHULTZ Bishop Doran ,,,o,,.o.,, o,o,,,o,,,o, L ours PAYNE Gwendolyn Ralston, ,,.,, ,,,,, B ETTY RHODES Mrs. E. M. Ralston ,oo,,o .w..,,ooo B ETTY ACKER Ethel Clark .,.,,., . ,ttt tt,,,t, P ATRICIA BRYDON Mable Jackson, ,,,.,.. , ,.,,.,,,v,, BETTY SMITH Sable Jackson ,,,,,, ,,..,,,, V IOLA DETRAY Martha ,t,.,t,., .,,,t,. E UNICE PRATT The annual Senior High School play, this year HNothing But The Truth", was presented by selected members of the Senior Class Thursday evening, March 3, in the High School auditorium. Bob Bennett, a young business man, bets his business colleagues ten thousand dollars that he can tell the absolute truth for twenty-four hours. The comedy is centered around this bet. After many amusing complications the plot reaches a satisfactory conclusion with the winning of the bet. Thanks to the excellent direction of Miss Breese, and to the fine cooperation of the cast and various committees, the play proved a great success, and one of the best in years. GEORGE ABRAHAM "Nemesis for pitchers." ORVILLE ALLSHOUSE 'Dorft bein a hurry, I'll be there." CLERC ANDERSON "Ten acres and a mule." LORAINE ARCHER "He never lost a friend." AUGUSTA BAKER Strange! To the world, she wears a bashful look." DOROTHY BAKER "Withfn her bonnet are no bees." ROBERT ADDLEMAN "He has Hghting blood in him." RUTH ALLSHOUSE "Good spirits tend her." RAYMOND AYLING "Swing it, kidf' GLEN BAHM "Break not his sweet repose." BETH BAKER "Light or dark or short or tall, She sets a trap to snare them all." ROBERT BARRICKLOW "He's like a cat-fling him which way you will, he will always light on his feet." DONALD BARTLETT "l must have swallowed a lemon," LOUIS BAUMGARTEN "Heading for the last wind-up." DOROTHY BOWERS "Better be dead than out of fashion." DOROTHY BRANDOW "Swish! there went Brandowf' HARLEY BROCKWAY "Worth, courage, honor. These in- deed your sustenance and birthright are." IVIYRNA JEANNE BROWN "Fashioned so slenderlyf' LILAH BAUGH Touch not: taste not: handle not." YVONNE BECKER "A pretty maid, but alasl She is taken." ROBERT BOWER "A better farmer never brushed dew from a lawn." ARTHUR BRECKEL "When did you leave heaven?" HELEN BROCKWAY XVhere lips inuite, and eyes delight, and cheeks as fresh as roses in June," PATRICIA BRYDON '4There's no wisdom like franknessf' HOWARD BUTLER Curly-headed good for nothing." IVIARJORIE CHAFFEE "Little girl, is your head on fire?" ELOISE CLARK Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" CARLETON CLOUGH "A little down each week." CLYDE Coox "M1'le I1 minute." DONALD CORNELL "I want something new." "Behind the eight ball-or am If "Blue eyes are better than MADELINE BUTLER if 1 So well she acted.' JOSEPH CHENEY HAROLD CLARK "Strike threef! GATHA COFFEY JEAN COOK "Art for art's sake." VIRGINIA COVELASKI "Somewhere some one is waiting for me." .v H ff BERNEITA CCY "Born with the gift of chatterf' WILLIS CRANE He who has a beard is more than a youth." ROBERT DENNIS "Big Oaks from little Acorns grow." VIOLA DE TRAY "She gives a side glance and looks down. Beware!" LYLE DRUMMOND .-f One hour's sleep before Midnight is worth three afterf' ANNA DUSHA This little girl can never tell lies, for whatever she thinks, she says with V her eyes." YVONNE CRANE If music be the food of love, live on, play on." GERALD DARTT Sae true his heart, sae smooth his speech." ADALE DERMYER She can't say no, anal she won't say yesf' DAVID DICKINSON "Better late than never." JANE DRURY Tiny and Sweet, and always Neat." HAROLD DYER "Class of '39.', CHARLES EARLES "fm not arguing with you. l'm telling you." LEROY EMERT "I'd rather not try." ANNA JEAN ERNST "Is she not passing fair?" TREVA EVERY "These college rumors- ROLAND FAIRBANKS 'Oh, that alumnus of '36." EDWIN FERGUSON Wzlse from the top of his head." iv- " f . f2'Wf'ex:s"'-. , "J, 1 .: " ' A' --me f' wg igif-NW e 13 5 8 51.5 2 is s ti 25133 . 3 Jig Q 7 PPPQX 3152 . . SN - .A . .lets X 2 S.. iw a 3. me V, S Q L i 9 Mt f s get f we 1 mg 1 56 Q 'Wag' s i- fe ! ,. ft' his A LOUISA EMERSON "No change, no pause, no hope, yet I endure." GLADYS ENGLE "This little maid did what very few will+She never kept quiet, but she never sat still." MARY ETTER "Sweet as a song." JOYCE EVILSISER "Beware of coquettish damselsf' HAROLD FAUVER "Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit." GERALD FIDLER 'Oh. to be a Senator, and filibuster!" DOROTHY EINT "Sweet as a songf' JAMES PRIDD "Give him a gavel!" DONALD GERINGER "Watch the birdie!" GEORGE GORDON "Fd rather lead a bandf' OLIVEE GWYNN 'So loving and so lovely." ALFRED HALL Every child is known by his doingsf' ff ROBERT Fox " 'Tis feared he will die of overworkf' JEAN GALLUP Nils Brarzdow and Gilbert go, so goes Gallup," MARY GILBERT "Find Gallup and Brandow, and I'm somewhere near." PERRY GREENWOOD Rocked in the cradle of the deep." ROBERT HAINES "Ladies' man." ROB ERT HAMDEN Not that I love study less, but fun moref' MARGUERITE HAMILTON W'histle while you work." ADOLPH HECHINGER "Heil, Hitler." HORTENSE HERSHMAN "lMirror, mirror, on the wall, "Who,s the fairest of us all?" HAROLD HILL All men are born free and equal, some have got a girl," MARILYN HOOD "chad prodigy." RUTH HOWARD "Her hair must have grown in circles." but PAULINE HAWTHORNE I'Oh, Suzanna, dust off that old piano." JACK HENRY "Coffee for breakfast." DONALD HILL "A long climb, but Hill get there." HENRY HISER "I would rather see a young man blush than turn pale." MIRIAM HOOD "Beautiful faces are those that wear whole-souled honesty printed there." JEANETTE HOXIE ' 'Gigglesf' RICHARD HUNT 'All great men die: I don't feel so well myself," WILLIAM INGERSOLL "Silence is golden." ROBERT JACKMAN "Me and Einstein., understand relativity," CARL JACOBSEN "Life is real, and Life is earnestf' HAROLD KELLY Eight- nine- ten-- and you're out!" WILLIAM KING "Hair today, goon tomorrow." INA HYLANDER 1 "A sweet little girl.' DONNA IvEs "The Ives got it." RICHARD JACKSON "Beware! I may be great yet GERALD KELLY "Wine, women, and song.' DONALD KIEST "Class of I939." RICHARD KINNEY "Toy trumpeterf' 1 RAYMOND KIRCHNER "An easy-minded soul and always was." FLORENCE KNAPP "Did an angel kiss you?" HARRY LANIBKA Not a chip off the old block, but the old block himself." GERTRUDE LINDSAY "It's easier said than done." ROB ERT MAR LATT , . The cat that swallowed the canary. DOROTHY MATTHES It's not what you do, but how you do it." CHARLES KNACK "lt,s a great plague to be too handsome." CHARLES KNIGHT A Knight there was, and that a worthy man." DALE LAUDENSLAGER Nothing queer about me-I'm just good!" EDNA LOVELAND If ever she knew an evil thought, she spoke no evil words." ROBERT MARR "The man Mars," HELEN MATHEWS "A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it certainly makes things lively." ELWOOD MCADAM "Still as the night." ROB ERT MCADAM "Things aren't as bad as they seem." GENEVIEVE MCCREERY "Her reasoning is full of tricks, Iknow no point to which she sticks BERNARD MCLAUGHLIN "An Irishman-a very valiant gentleman." KENNETH MILLER "You can't marry ten pretty girls LUCILLE MITCHELL "So quiet, yet so sweet." RICHARD MCADAM 4 1 'The best of me is Silencef MARGARET IVICCANDLISH "Gone but not forgotten." FRANCES IVICKIIVIMEY "I may be slow, but I'm precious H SLIFE. HELEN MILLER The best of things come in small packages." HARRIET MITCHELL "We'll miss thy light step on the stair." PAUL MOELLER :'He's backward about going forwardf' HAROLD MOTT "Our own Nelson Eddy." CARL NELSON "Hi ya, Pres!" ROBERT NOTES "An artist if there ever was one." ALVIN PERKINS "Oh! how short the nights are." LAWRENCE PHILLIPS "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man miss the best part of the day." BLANCHE POMEROY "I cannot say one thing and mean another." EDITH MORSE "I am the very pink of courtesy CLARENCE MUCK "Who's the happy warriorf' LOUIS PAYNE "I want my money." BETTY PERRY "She's tall, dark, and F" FAY PIKE "Honesty is the best policyf NAOMI POTTS "I was doing all right." f WAVEL JEAN POWERS "Sweets for the sweetf' ROBERT PRENTICE "Umpteen." MAIDA RAU Some dag my Prince will come along." DON REED He who is content can never be.. ruined." NORMA RENNER "She is a quiet girl, at times." ROGER RICHARDS "Hi ya, Red!" EUNICE PRATT "Peaches and cream." VIRGINIA RAESCH "Is she not passing fair?" EUGENE RAY "Am I in another world?" NORMA REED "Ambition has no rest." BETTY RHODES "Leading Lady." GERALDINE RINEHART "It's a great life if you don't weaken." ELEANOR RINER "She plays second fiddle to no one." MARILYN RISING "My mind to me a kingdom is.', CAROLYN ROESCH "Five minutes late! Oh well, I've been five minutes late all my life." NAOMI SCHELL "She Schell have music wherever she goes." KENNETH SCHULTZ "Friends, Romans, Countrymen- lend me your girls." LYLE SHERMAN "Oi, yoi yoi, I'm in a pickle-I have to sell the Senior Sickle." HERBERT RINK "Wonder man," SHIRLEY ROBERTS "The ideal of courtesy with grace and charm." ARLENE RUSSELL "By diligence she wins her way." JULIAMAE SCHNEIDER "She speaks, behaves, and acts just as she aught." LYNN SCHULTZ "Somebody brush that fly off my nose." RICHARD SHERMAN "All State." LILLIAN SILSTORF .fy "Airy, Fairy, Lillian. LIONA SMITH 4. I hate scarce smiles." ROBERT SMITH ff The Smith a mighty man is he." HELEN SNEDEKER "Happy the innocent, whose thoughts are as free from anguish as they are from faults." MARGARET STANGE .c A smile that glowed celestial rosy red, love's proper hue." WALDRON STEWART "So faithful in love, and so dauntless in war, there never was a knight, like our Lochinvarf' WILLOWEEN SKINNER "A little lamb who loves Beef." BETTY SMITH "A perfect salesladyf' CLEO SNEDEKER "Dude." SUE SPAUER "Sweet Sue." ESTHER STEPHENSON if Silence is the best ornament of woman." IVIADELYN STILL With skill she vibrates her eternal tongue," JEANNE SUMMERS "Class of '39." LILLIAN SWEET "Sweet is the word!" MARGARET THOMPSON "Sugar is sweet, and so are you." HELEN UNDERWOOD Daughter of the gods, divinely tall." JANIS WALDEN "Mistress of all the Arts." ELOISE WALLS 'I'm not color blind, but alll see is Gray." ILENE SUMMERS "No one but she and heaven know of what she's thinking." EUNICE THOMPSON "So well she acted!" FERN TUCKERMAN '4The uery pink of perfection." GLENDORA VANETTEN "Smiles are always worth while." LAURA MAE WALKER f'Short and saucyf' MARGARET WALPER "Facts are stubborn things!" GWENDOLYN WARNER f "Little said, is soonest mendea'.' VINCENT WELLHOUSEN He has more learning than appears." DOROTHEA WEST "Perseuerance." ALLEN WIDGER He only says it to annoy, because he knows it teasesf' VICTOR WIEBECK "The apparel oft proclaims the man." ROGER WITT Better a witty fool than a foolish uh-t-U s . Is - ei el it I ,F S I ,m,Me,Wt,., ., me sw : "J: tv W 9 iw 'H ,A ' f m, es LE 1' Q fs 2551 1 -- ,. aw, f ,, awe: . ,t-ff in ,- Ia L 4, f 1 2 sf W we V gg, , ., 2 X 1 I 1 '1 W 2 s W 2 f 1 we i, ellel M f 1 ' 41112, em- A ,-- .. ff fi 1 A ,. , f 1 5 s be -155552-a g - ' at 3 ,A ., , .. , ' , F112 1 I '5'.,,. f - 1 I ef if sg I ' is is y I I, . 2 .JV 7 e-f' , E 7 , 5,2 wget f y yum? ,ae . . ,few vi rw if 2 3- 5 Q we we 4 Vyyl l ,Z my . . , W wif I -V k - I . ' ' IVIARJORIE WARNER "A maiden never bold." LAWRENCE WELLNITZ HA man what am." AILEEN WICHMAN 'xHowdy-do." LORRAINE WIDGER "She watches him like a cat watches a mouse." MADONNA WIGGINS "She has two eyes, so soft, so brown: take care!" VIRGINIA WONDER "lt's no wonder." I ff - , g W BETTY ACKER sig, , , . MAHLON GRAY "Still trying." ' ' L'L' if "He Came, he saw, she conqzured K A ' y,. E C" 4 gin I emnrmm NORMAN HOXSIE HARRY OBENOUR NORMAN RAYMOND MILDRED SMITH DICK SHERMAN TREVA EVERY DICK HUNT DALE LAUDENSLAGER Football Player Salutatorian Boxer Wrestler OUTSTANDING STUDENTS IN THE YEAR'S ACTIVITIES FLORENCE CRANE BETTY SMITH LYLE SHERMAN DOROTHY MATTHES WALDRQN STEWART MARYLIN RISING Sickle Salesmen D.A.R. all around girl Co-editors of Maple Leaf JUNIORS AND FRESHMEN DORIS BANGERTER President GERALD SIMMONS Vice-President PHYLIS MUNGER Secretary JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS The Junior Class of l938 has been prominent in every school activity, Perhaps a great deal of credit for this should be given to its capable class oH'icers. This class Was Well represented in the various sports with J. Rodgers, Perkins, Morton, Simmons, Daniels, and Buckingham receiving their letters. Our cheer- leaders, Mary Alice Kirchner, Phylis Munger, Walt Scharer, and Bob Freligh, were all members of this class. Juniors took part in the orchestra, and band, in Vocal Music, in the Future Farmers' Association, and in the Student Council, several members of the Maple Leaf staff Were Juniors. Noting the success this class has had during the past year, We feel sure that it Will make a splendid Senior Class. NIO FRESHMEN CAROLYN OTT President DONALD CRANE Vz'ce-President JOYCE FRIDD Secretary FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Although the Freshmen have been in the high school only a year, they have be- come very well acquainted with the members of the other classes. A large numberg of them attended the Freshman reception: new friendships, begun there, have continued through the year. This class has formed a basketball squad of its own: the team has been very successful, so far, and we expect it to provide valuable material for the school team in a year or two. Also, several freshmen made good on the tennis team. The experience of several freshmen in the student council, in the band and the orchestra, should prove helpful in these activities in the next few years. CONDUCTED BY MISS BEATTY AND MR. HAZEN THE NEW INTRAMURAL PROGRAM CRGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL This year the Council has been under the able guidance of James Fridd as presi- dent, Robert Freligh as vice-president, and Virginia Wonder as secretary, with Mr. Whitney as the council advisor. The group has accomplished many things. lt conducted pep meetings and arranged for different departments in the school to give assemblies showing the work of these departments. lt arranged for the re-seating of the home rooms in the assembly, for the second semester. The council revived the old tradition of having an all-school banquet. At this banquet various awards were given. Each organization added something to the program. ln addition, speeches were given by Superintendent Reed, the class presidents, and several outstanding athletes. One of the biggest tasks the Council undertook was the writing of a constitution. This has taken a great deal of study and thought, Marshall High School extended an invitation to the Adrian council to attend a meeting of several different councils. A number of our members accepted the invitation and came back with many new and helpful suggestions, Our council is to be complimented on its efficient and active work. lt wishes to express the realization that without the splendid cooperation of the student body, however, it could not possibly succeed. THE MAPLE LEAF STAFF In l933 it was felt that Adrian High School was large enough to support a school paper, At that time an opportunity was given for any Senior High School pupil to suggest a name for the newspaper. From a number of names turned in, "The Maple Leaf," suggested by Dorothy Wonder, was accepted, This has a double meaning - Maple Leaf from the maple trees for which Adrian is noted, and leaf as a page of a book or paper. Every year but one since 1933, the Maple Leaf has been entered in the critical judging contest of Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for high school journalists. The Maple Leaf has received a second international award each time until 1936-1937 when it was given a first international award. This year the paper has been published with Waldron Stewart as editor-in-chief for the Hrst semester and Marlyn Rising for the second semester, with Miss Armstrong as the adviser. There have been fifteen 'issues of the Maple Leaf this year, one appearing once every two weeks. Although a gossip column has been a feature of the paper for some time, a new name - "The Maple Leaf Monkey" - was adopted this year for the column which has made many a lad and lass get pink behind the ears. The picture for the cut of the monkey was made by Bob Barricklow. At this time we wish to express our appreciation to the business men of Adrian who, through their generous co-operation in advertising, have made it possible for the Maple Leaf to meet its financial obligations. It has been the aim of the Maple Leaf Staff not only to print news but keep a fair and impartial record of all school activities. We feel that the Maple Leaf has attained its goal of this year, and we are proud of the splendid record of our school paper. ORCHESTRA The Orchestra included several types of activity in its year, among which were the study of fine music literature, pleasurable playing, public performance, and accompanying. In addition to the analytic study of music, the class presented several public concerts, appeared twice on the Council of Churches Winter series, played on assembly programs, and accompanied the school operetta, "Pirates of Penzance." The year's Work was crowned by the recognition which the orchestra received at the State Mus-ic Festival-the rating of "superior." The Band played a prominent part in school and community activities during the year. For example, the group contributed to the life of pep meetings, added spirit to the athletic contests, entertained at assembly programs, presented public concerts, and assisted various civic groups. A great deal of emphasis was laid on Hnished ensemble performances. The Band's achievement along this line was indicated when judges at the State Music Festival acclaimed the group "excellent" A nurnber of members received Band letters in recognition of progress made on their instruments, and of their service to the school. BAND DEBATE TEAM The subject debated this year was, "Resolved: that the several states should adopt a form of unicameral legislature." We had two teams which upheld this topic in the Twin Valley Speech League, of which we are a member. Our teams tied with Albion for third place in the debates. ln addition to the members of the first teams, there were a number of other pupils, who had the opportunity to debate in practice. Our Forensic League is one of the five hundred chapters of this organization in the United States, and of the four in Michigan. To be eligible for membership in the League, one must have earned sixteen points through oratory, declamation, or debate. Our chapter consists of ten members, with David Dickenson as president, and Betty Acker as Secretary and Treasurer. It meets every two weeks in the homes of its members. One of its main projects for this-vear has been the sponsoring of practice debates throughout the League. FORENSIC LEAGUE FUTURE FARMERS' ASSOCIATION The F. F. A. has held regular meetings every two weeks throughout the year. The oH5cers for this year have been Bob Bower, presidentg Charles Earles, vice- presidentg Walter Koch, treasurer: Bob Dennis, secretary, and Clarence Muck, reporter. During the year eighteen green hands Cnew membersj have been ac- cepted into the club. One of the projects which the boys take up is caring for the orchard in back of Garfield school. At the end of each year the boys elect from the club the one who has contributed the most to the club. Bob Dennis has had this honor be- stowed upon him this year. All of the F. F. A. boys in Lenawee County gathered in one huge convention on April 21. This is of unusual significance, because it is the Hrst annual con- vention of the F. F. A. to be held. Three boys, Morris Potts, Richard Meyers, and Rudy Boss, have qualiiied for the county Farmers' Degree, for this year. To receive this degree, one must come up to a number of rigid requirements. CAST OF "THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEH This year the high school revived a custom which has not been followed for several years - the custom of presenting an operetta. "The Pirates of Penzance" was the operetta chosen: on March 24th and 25th it was presented, under the very able direction of Mr. Nelson, who was one of our new teachers this year. THE CAST Richard, a pirate chiefw c., . ,,.r,,r,,,,f,.,,.,,,,.,.... , ..., DALE LAUDENSLAGER Samuel, his lieutenant ,,,..,,..,,...,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,., ., .,,., VERNON FLETCHER Frederick, a pirate's apprentice .,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... ,,,,,.,,,, H AROLD MOTT Major-General Stanley, of the British army .,..,., ,.,........ K EITI-I BAILEY Edward, a sergeant of police ,,,,......,.......... ....,,, ,,,,,, , S MITH FLETCHER Mabel, the General's daughter ,.,,l,, .......,. ,.... ........ P E G EISENMAN Kate ....,.....,...,...........,......,....,,. - ,..........,...,... BETTY KAMPA Edith ,,,....,,.,,,,,,.. ,,,.,,,,,,..... . ,- ........,.,,Y.,Y,Y,YY JEAN BURR Isabel ....,.,,...,...,,,....,.,..,,,..................... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , KATHERINE RAYMOND Ruth, "A piratical maid of all work" ..... - ,..,,,.,,......,,.........,. .BETTY PATE The operetta tells the story of a boy, Frederick, who while very young was supposed to have been apprenticed to a pilot until his twenty-first birthday. By some mistake he was apprenticed to a group of pirates. When he fell in love with Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley, he of course wanted to leave the pirates, as he was then twenty-one years old. But the pirates proved by papers that he was to be bound until his twenty-first birthday, Since he was born on the twenty-fourth of April, he had not reached his twenty-first birthday, How- ever, the pirates were overpowered by the police, and couldn't carry out their intentions. When they confessed that they were English noblemen, the pirates were released, and Frederick was then free to marry Mabel. Our French Club is a chapter of an international society, called La Societe Internationale. Our chapter holds meetings every four Weeks. To be eligible for membership in the French Club, a student must have one year of French, and must maintain a "B" average. The object of the French Club is to get French students together for an able and educational time. Programs at meetings consist of French songs reports, and games requiring the speaking of French. OFFICERS Princeps Augusta ,,,, ..,,,,,, N orma Reed Quaestor ,,,.... Praetor ,,,,,,,,,..,..,. ,,,,,,,,,, .I ane Briggs Lars Familiarisc, Scrziba Vergilia, ..,.,,, ,,,,,,. N elda Brehmer Aedile .,,,,,, NEW MEMBERS Wanda Irelan Geraldine DeNies Jack Rodgers Carolyn Ott Laurine Dryer Joyce Fridd passed enjoy- , plays, FRENCH CLUB WL., Lillian Sweet ,-.,,,,Alice Wiggins ,,,,,,,Betty Rhodes Miriam Hood Marilyn Hood LATIN CLUB THL FGOTBALL First row, left to right: Erwin Every, Don Force, Richard Hess, Floyd Marlatt, Cecil Morton, Richard Perkins, Arvin Gippert, Waldron Stewart, Dale Laudenslager, Robert Barricklow. Second row: Lavere Brighton, .lack Henry, William King, Delmar Daniels, Harold Nearhood, Louis Payne, Robert Smith, Howard Butler, Harold Kelly, Raymond Ayling, Richard Hunt. Third row: Guy Phipps, Kenneth Miller, Jack Rodgers, Emory Eaton, Bob Lake, Art Kelly, James Hypes, Ed Dusha, Clyde Cook, Robert Bowers, George Gordon. Fourth row: Coach Lunn, Ken Lambka, Gerald Andrus, Harold Snyder, Laurence Wellnitz, Paul Moeller, Robert Laudenslager, Roger Wyatt, Richard Sherman, Gerald Simmons, Joel Boersema. William Isley, Coach Hayden. Ivlembers not included: Robert Prentice, YVilliam Bailey, Clerc Anderson, Don Cornell. We began this season with veterans such as Sherman, Miller, Laudenslager, Henry, Prentice, and Hunt, back to play. The first game was played with Bryan, Ohio, at night. The Maple Leafs met a well-drilled team that scored easily in the first half. In the second half Adrian showed great improvement, but the final score was Adrian 0, Bryan 20. In the second game, with Marshall at Adrian, we lost, the score being 20-6. The next week we met Sturgis, and were smothered under a brilliant passing attack 28-0. In the third Twin Valley game we played at Albion. Under the lights we held a strong Albion eleven to a 6-0 score. Our next opponents were Hillsdale's team, which defeated us 7-0. In the Hnal Twin Valley League game we lost a hard-fought game to Coldwater 13-12. In the seventh game of the season we won over the Blissfield team 32-0. Inspired by this victory we Went to Monroe, only to lose, with the score 35-6. However, the season was good for the placing of Dick Sherman on the all-state second team, and for the honorable mention given to Stewart, Butler, Rodgers, Henry, Morton and Prentice. BASKETBALL Fits! Row: Co-captain Rink, Barriclclow, co-captain King, Henry, Buckingham. Second Row: Coach Hayden, Rodgers, Cook, Shultz, Prentice, Sherman, manager Perkins. The basketball team this year had an uneven season, winning seven out of fifteen games. The team won two games from Sturgis and Lakeview, and one game from Hillsdale, while it lost two apiece to Albion, Coldwater, and Marshall, and one to Hillsdale. Outside of the Twin Valley League, the boys won one game from Lyons, and the regional championship from Blissfield. They lost out in the district tournament to Fenton. Several of the Twin Valley League games were very close. Of the seven League games the boys lost, four were dropped by not more than two points. Like the football team, many of the basketball team were given honors. Herb Rink was fifth in the Twin Valley League scoring, and was placed on the conference first team. Bill King, because of his fine defensive work at guard, was placed on the conference second team. Jack Henry was given honorable mention. Barricklow, Buckingham, Rodgers, Cook, Sherman, Shultz, and Prentice, also all saw service during the year. A second team coached by Mr. Lunn and composed of Nearhood, Millard, Gem- ple, Gene Rodgers and Sywassink, won seven of their fourteen games. BASEBALL First Row: Shultz, Sherman, Rogers, Morton, Rink, Gippert, Butler. Second Row' Bahm, Baumgarten, Eaton, Smith, Gordon, Abraham, Clark, Wonder. Third Row: Coach Hayden, Dick Sherman, Nebelung, Richards, Stevens, Rink, Wood, Manager Smith. TENN S First Row: Coach Sweet, Fox, Linfoot, Gauss, Baker, Nearhood. Second Row: Yenor Darnell, Palmer, Hylander, Colbath, Millard. Third Row: Sywassink, Smith, Prentice. Stewart, Crane. First Row: Wilkerson, Roback, Rowley, Pruden Second Row : Stevens, Stark, Coach Hazen, Crane, Tracy. First Row: Morton, Wiebeck, Daniels, Addleman, Hunt. Second Row: Simmons, Coach Hazen, Sprow. SWIMMI TRACK BQXI First Row: Marlatt, Tracy, Scharer, Pruden. Second Row: Thompson, Lake, Shultz Sellers, Bailey, Rodgers. Third Row: Widger, Lambka, Hunt, Perkins l 4 5' l E i n ! """9' SICKLE STAFF The Sickle Staff this year was composed of Robert Prentice, editor, and Betty Smith, Carl Nelson, Virginia Wonder, Dorothy Matthes, Eunice Pratt, and Janis Walden as helpers. Several others gave valuable help, also, in the work of the Sickle. Among these were Robert Notes, who did the art work on the dedication page. The second hour business organization class, under the direction of Mr. Abdon, carried out an extensive sales campaign among the townspeople. The posters made by Miss Hutchins' art classes contributed very much to the success of this campaign. Lyle Sherman headed the project, in which Florence Crane and Betty Smith sold the greatest number of Sickles. The staff Wishes to thank all the members of the class for their fine Work. ADVERTISING WE congratulate the Senior Class on their completion of their I-Iigh School course. They have laid a good foun- dation on which to build a happy and successful career, and it is our Wish that their ambitions may he realized 41956 WSU AWQ' as Q, i MAXIMUM U Q 4 INSURANCE Q Q 5 ron mu: z ga neposlron Q -B 6 Q S' Y' wi MEM B69- ADRIAN STATE SAVINGS BANK LENAWEE COUNTY SAVINGS BANK COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK ADRIAN, MICHIGAN Members of the Federal Reserve System Jbfay ifze fuiure be a prosperous 0716 fOr yOU ' 9 NEAR EACH THEATRE We Congratulate the V938 Graduating Class of Adrian High School !:3i ?E"Q+0 'fs The NATIONAL BANK of ADRIAN I I5 East Maumee Street, Adrian, Michigan Compliments of PHONE PHONE L. W. SIVIITI-I CO. ADRIAN Compliments of L A U N D Wil I-I ci C . .8..ff.f Y..fff 3335.935 COMPANY Compliments of . "A Service You'll Appreciatev CIGAR STORE Those Who Achieve Success Start to Save in Early Life We save money together 0 We Iencl money to each other 0 We divide the profits between us Adrian Federal Savings 8z Loan Association NEW FORDS AND ALL C l. t f KINDS OF USED CARS Ompmn S 0 Raymond Auto Sales Cross Radiator CO. Phone 93I Compliments of D The HUB CLOTHING co. Maple C1lYl:l0fal CO- P 1 P h 5108? oil d Mrs. W. C. Gempel Alton R. Kinnamon Locaiglimjiihe Fl: Corner?t es an ADRTAN l East Maumee St" Adrian' Most Complefe OAHICC Oulfiiing Store I in LCHCILUCC County EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE Q COMMERCIAL AND ALL KINDS OF BETTER PRINTING AND ENGRAVING FINCI-I PRINTING gl BOOKBINDINC1 CO. TELEPHONE 43 216 WEST MAUMEE Quality -Service - Satisfaction THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS Walper Furniture Company F. L. RAMSAY W S Grocery and Market COMPLETE FAMILY SHOE STORE I I5 West Maumee St., Adrian, Mich. Telephone 384 805 College Ave. SMART NOVELTY FOOTWEAR Compliments of I:OX'S CONFECTIONERY HOME-MADE ICE CREAM II2 North Main Street Cities Service Oil Company QUALITY PRODUCTS COURTEOUS SERVICE Phone 392 Cnussenhauefs Cafeteria "Good Things to Eat" Short Orders and Sandwiches SUBWAY LUNCH Congratulations to the Class of '38 AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF MICHIGAN Adrian Division NATIONAL BANK BUILDING A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE KINEAR Or HUEBNER "The Store for Wlen and Boysu C1aIILlp,S Photo Shop Portrait ancl Commercial Photography IIS EAST MAUMEE STRE 0 Cameras 3 Photo Supplies U Developing and Printing 9 Artists' Materials ET - TELEPHONE 184-M Compliments of IVIORELAND DIVISION Soeony-Vacuum Oil Company INCORPORATED BURNS or SPIES The I-IILI., TOP FINE GROCERIES Two Miles Out on the Road PRIME MEAT to Toledo Compliments and Best Wishes 1. NU-WAY STRECI-I CO. - Adrian, Michigan MAC I-IAM BEAUTY SHOPPE - ".ServIce With a Smile" IOIZ East Maple Street MRS. BARBARA MACHAM Adrian, Michigan Visit I-Iart-5I1aw's Sheldon ,S . New Modern Fountain JEWELRY STORE O G. G. HATHAWAY Proprietor I-Iart-Shaw Drug CO. CLOTHING SHOES J. C. PENNEY eo. Congratulations and Success ..... io the Class of 38 ADRIAN'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE Congratulations to - 9 YELLOW FRONT the Class of l938 FISIICI' S BOOK STORE Dobbins Tea Room Adrian, MiChigHH Complimenis of J- RALPH KIRK H. lVl. Judge Oc Sons aibzaliiy fewelc-:rs Optometrists Watches Diamonds COMPLIMENTS OF . . . E- P' LAKE INZQEAEQFSE BQQERNSX H1 N Congratulations to Compliments of the Class of l938 D M I N. B. HAYES sl CO. C HY Ofof Sa es Budd,-5 EICCMC Shepherd Ol Stoll Headquarters for Electric Wiring . . . Fixture-Appliances l07 NORTH MAIN STREET NEXT TO THE CROSW1-11. News and Advertising . News that gives you facts clearly, accurately, truthfully. A concentrated digest covering a complete picture of the local, national and World news every day. . Advertising that makes it fun to shop. . . that saves you hours of needless, tiresome huntingg and saves you disappointments, too. A help in finding what you want, where you want it, and at a price you Want to pay. ADRIAN DAILY TELEGRAIVI Your HOME Newspaper Compliments of M U N G E R GempeI's I-Iome Bakery The Adrian, Michigan best wishes to S I G N S the class of '38 Compliments of . B 'I IVI S I - - al EXRIAN, 3gi?iIicANa es - HUDSONS TERRAPLANES A. B. PARK CO. Dry Goods, Rugs, Carpets, Linoleum, Draperies and Ready-to-Wear l877 - OUR 6Ist YEAR OF SERVICE - I938 Compliments of JEANNETTE I-IALSTEAD Congratulations to the Class of '38 IVI A U R I C E'S I-IIXON-PETERSON LUIVIBER CO. " The Pick of the Trees" if SWift's Branded Beef if Monarch Cbality Foods if Fresh Fruits and Vegetables E. A. BALLENBERCER Compliments of Compliments of WHITE HARDWARE COMPANY ferry Lane ASK YOUR oRocER FoR EDWARDS BREAD Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of V938 from ,S Flower Shop ROBERT JEWELERS I l I E.. Maumee, Adrian, Mich. Nixons, Music Shop MUSIC GOODS . . . and RADIOS Compliments of RIES COTTAGE CONSUMERS MARKET QUALITY MERCHANDISE at ECONOMY PRICES FREE DELIVERY-Why call a taxi when you can ride with your groceries CARL DENSLOW GUY R. PUNCI-IES PA TRONIZE SICKLE ADVERTISERS Compliments of the Michigan Proclucers' Dairy Co. Congratulations to the Class of 38 Courier PRINTING HOUSE ADDISON, MICH. Compliments of The STAR LUNCH Compliments of ' Kline's Department Store Practical Printing for Particular People PIOQTGIIIS - I1'lVIt3tlOI1S - Cards Stationery - Office Supplies . , Excelsior Steam Laundry . . O William Oram. Prop, Lmotype Composmon CORNER MAUMEE AND RACE STS. Compliments to tlie Class of 1938 WESTGA EE, CONDRA 8: CO. William I-I. Egan Shoe Co. "Lenawee's Hnest Slroe Storeu BECK 8: EGAN I36 N. MAIN ST. Get Our Prices Before You Buy Compliments of lrene's Beauty Slzoppe Class of '35 Corner Winter and Butler KEN IVICPREY UPI-IOLSTERING CO. Living-room Furniture and Rugs The STYLE S I-I 0 P The First With the Latest Feminine Apparel of Distinction 134 North Main Street - Adrian, Michigan Congratulations to tlze Class of 1938 DR. J. R BLAND DR. H. W. LUNDAHL DR. E. E. BUSKIRR DR. E. T. MDRDEN DR. G. C. HALL DR. BERNARD PATMOS DR. HOWARD HEFFRON DR. J. D. ROGERS DR. A. B. HEWES DR. E. W. ROYERA DR. C. J. HOOD DR. E. s. STARK DR. G. O. WRIGHT Jack Henry: "Wh'y does an Indian Wear feathers in his hair?" Bill King: "To keep his wig warn." Dentist: "I'm sorry, but I'm all out of gas." Gatha Coffey: "Ye Gods! Do dentists pull that old stuff too?" A mf' 0 R:-A1: xi.: '-:' .,.,,,,, M Glue your Son or Da ugllter tlze I5 ,..:. . 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X1l'V,N, U Aww 'XX X j j' ,,,,n 4,,,, XX:f:'fMgLLJf,6 ljl: l , M ll f y j, 'Xg7fffl,f1Lf'W Xu l s ill lllwlfl it ff ml T if -in 1 X1 XXf ll me W fl Z f y j f fx !'yfffJfH4f6, Fig gpm' lQQlxllfl5f5g,JWQMgxklV'yQqX fm nm I ly RQ '52 ' it-flA?i,.EM5 iTflXlCiXXXX1:fX X g l E Y fr? lv3l"'lfI: Yif"lQi'yljQEl'-llX'l" ' Xi A ii Q 9 , X V3 in JW? f 5 fr' 9 MW "' Wil f lirt? --1 53 53" ' -XX -W' X f Wil, ' f f C2 ,ff Xie' H .1 Mgr MWXQ Q Xnlll gjadh :ffl ' "a'i'W2f7Z5lWgfwXJ'X,, Z i f f ff 1 f f f ff QM l l XXX W " l 7 'f il? ' '?V ow NH'-Q 5f:W,l"'X'YWii'7VlWlfltflWl il f-L iff L? ....,.... ' ".'f ??-L5 ff , ,,,-.:r.G- Z ll fi lv --F 1 R mv JM llwl lllllllmllllilll II llllll lm Mllllilll ll IlllllllllllllllllllIlllilllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllillllll IHIIWPIIU MIBIII IIIHIHH lllllwlwlllllllllllllif , 5 MlffXi2fXLe, of A I f f J OUND managerial policies and long -iff p K 1 A vw P' successful experience have provided us wnh sufficient equipment adequate .ff fwfjffwlww' 1 WM y lg W X v MM jfifyfyg :ff xml! I personnel and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers lf i t I t Th ll b o me pr n ing p a es at you wi e secure from chance is our first promise JAHN 8g OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 811 West Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois J DQ H HIE w n l?2'w1fL:WwXf1if l 'MX J M ln the foreground Ft Dearborn re erected in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. 39' , ' H' --1 ' N ' Q 5' ' QC? 4 aj . --ill! " ---" 'ff4eiLf:+fc 3: ww- "" .: , -Lf-:L Z!" f jm . 25 51 l.A. 15, : f Q :XI llq IlI ll r-fel' ililif, Q7LiQ!'l,-ll' ,Q X .X W. , 7 ..AX., rfv 3 ' ' ' ' ' ' : t ' Q ,iff ii -nlff: i -51. flffliw Illustration by Jahn fr Ollier Art Studios.

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