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Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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Ghgu SE ICR ICKLE Tolume XL 1 9 3 6 W , Published by the SENIOR CLASS of ADRIAN HIGH SCHQOL FOREWGR 1 I 1111 1 1x 1 X llc IN li N 1 i I ' 'I l1.1N 11111111 11111' 111111 111 111.1li1' 1111 1 funk .1 1111111111111111 1-1-1111-11 111. 1111- 1'x'1f111w. lllgilllilillillllr. 111111 .1111ix'i1i1-s 1 111','X111'i1111 H131 S1'111111l fm' 1111- X'f'1lI' ll' Q. NIa1x'11111'11 5 111i111' IllI'Il 111-1- 11113115 with il 1-1-11111113 1114 111-1111-. iillll 111'1' 111-. ill 11111 x'11111'w 111 1111111-. gniill 1-I'UIIl this 5l1' 1111511111 Illt'Ill- . 111'i1's 1115 11, high 511 Jul 1'111'111'1'. i. 1 1 i i I 1 i DEDICATION f1 f f 15 1 ICI Iflfll 1, 1111 t IIC s111111 1 1f11 111 tf11Q 1 1111 1 If e 0 I LL f111sef1f1 IS 111If11 VNUII zfzfy 1f11111ff1f 111111111 md 1f1ec1f11l f1elj111f11us 11110 110111 111111 f1 111 1 use fl11 sfamf 1111' 11 ,fI1f11111 35511 1 1111111 11111 nmlee 11111 s1l11111l IIIVS 11 zppy 11111e CZQDH il 1411 ilflfvf 171 gr: ' rf! 1 f 1' 2 'f'ff4f 11111 IXQ "1 2 1 '111' if f, 11 M11.11Rlil1 Mcililifxx ARx1s'1'R11x11 1' 5 11:1 if z,'t,f'a I 1 , 7 f ff , 1 ' '1 'Q if - I ' 5 f "1 ' '1 1 , 1 N WP ffff' Niwfagl Q ,Xxx miie Gan SC uni Vw Wil af A. I ,,f HPLPIJ Na PSN Mm W' ' CONTENTS I IX FORFVJORD DEDICATION XDMINISTRA TION AND FACULTY SENIOR CLASS UINDI RCRADUAT LS ORG XINIZA I IONS XT HI I TICS I-FA I URI' SECTION ADX I RTISI XIENT S X I I , g I A Q AFX? I , ' ffv : -'E fi A iz I III -X ' X ? I S E gig? N H I . wifl 49, 4' . I as Iv- A f .QM 3- A W, L xc' ff 1 f Lx, g S,-,E , f L-L, ,QI-',I3'.i",.32i. - 63 I 1 II III I ' IV V ' 5 I 'I VI f Y " I VII ,I ' .3 . VI 1 L 'N 1. ,I X i -'P' -2? -7 H llll'lmTl0 BOARD OF ED UCA TIO VILII 'XIX uri R DI R OR Xiu lnszde 71 O T GOODxxIx XX IIAVI M SH P Secnlaru STANI I H IOSTl R HI RD SA. 'C A. ' fr, Pr-, Inn! 'I V IA - ICR AM 'I MISS llI,I.lABl4'lAII .l."xCIKl'I 'I 'I VII, . I . .N It S I To the Class of I936 For twenty Hye years I have watched the classes come and go 1n Adnan Hlgh School Each class has been a splendrd group of boys and grrls who for the most part haye been yery much rnterested rn preparlng themsely es for the thrngs that he ahead Your class IS lrttle dlfferent from those that haye preceded you There have been 1nd1v1duals rn each of the classes who haye gone out ready to share the dutres of lrfe There haye been others who haxe graduated and not known what lf ns all about But no matter where you are nn thls deyelopment you are to be congrat ulated upon the progress that you haye made thus far Graduauon IS not for all and you should be proud of your accomplrshment It ought to help you to lrye a rlcher and fuller lrfe No matter what happens let me urge you to keep m mrnd the rdeals that you have learned IH I-Irgh School Keep up wrth your readrng and studylng Forget not the lessons contrrbutlon to the betterment of thrs old world May my best wxshes go wlth each of you ERxPsT J Rrrp Supermtenden! of Schools fo the Class of 1936 As each one of you leaves hlgh school I can only hope that you have been suflicrently wlse to make the most of the opportunrtres whrch have been yours I hope each of you realrzes that your education IS not complete I wlsh each of you mlght real17e that educatron rs a lrfe time task and that contrnuous attentron to the process of educatlng one s self makes the task one of pleasure rather than of drudgery As each of you leaves the hrgh school I hope you haye achreved a socral ldeal whlch looks toward the betterment of the soclal order I hope that each of you recognlzes the responsrbllxty whlch IS yours rn helpmg to perpetuate our democratlc form ot goyernment and rn glvrng service to the communrty rn whlch you llye The greatest wash which I can make for your happrness IS that you fund a task m lrfe that challenges all of the abrlxtxes whlch you are able to develop In the dorng of such a task there IS great Joy For you I make the wrsh GeoRoF H LITTLE . V V , V V . . . V y v 1 r I ' ' 1 v . v a 1 , - I . D I V V, H ' ' ' ' me ' . , you have learned and you will make your , v Y . I Y Il .. . 1 1 'I Y Y I I I . V . V Vs' O ABDON B S C Clearu Colleae B S Uuhzaan Slate lNormal Colloae 'VI A L nuerszru or Mzrhzaan NORVIA BFUERLE Mzfhzqan Stale Aormal Collfal Clearu Busm ss Colleae MRS JULIA HAUTER CAIRNR A B Adnan College Umuersxtu of Illmozs J OHIN W COWIN A B UUIUQFSIIU or Mxchrgan M A Lnnersxlu of Mzchzaan ETHNA KATHFRX N Fox A B Adrian C ollenle V A L nrurwfu ol Vzrhraan 7-r if 3 MILDRED M ARMSTRONG A B Adnan Coll ae W A L muersriu of Mzchxqan folumhza L muerszfu G1 RTRUDI BUCK A B L DILCFYIIQ of Mzfhraan L ruuersxru or Mrchzqan Columbza L muerszlu RAYMONJD M CLARK B S Mrchxqan State College M S Mrfhzqan Slate Colleqe HARRX FARKAS Ohzo State Unu, ersxtq Delrozt feachers Colleqe 4 B Mrchzqan Stat Normal Colleqe M A L nuersrtu ol Mrchzqan F MM GREEN A B L rmersrtu ol xllfhllldf' Hruix I-IARR1xC.Tox A B Adrzarv Colleae L muerszlu rr Uzchzaun B1 ATRICF B HM F9 A B Lnmersztu nl lxunsus Lnruerszlu or Wrrhzaun Ohm Slate L nzursztu Wrfzll L mursztu u! Woninul H1 1 1 x C I-IUTCHINS XX :stern Stale Teach re Cxollea Chlflldfl Art lnmrutf EDNA R KIDXIAN Adnan Collecn A 73 LI7lL?1'S1lll ol Mzchzaan PAUL L RAINTIFR A B Lnxuersztu of lou.a NGIIODGI Musxc Camp 2 I' I 5,0 Hx! ffl I om RT L AYD N I S Central Stallgeuchers Colleae U A Lnuerszlu or xllfhlgllfl OP XI Hr NDRIFKSONI A B Adrzfm folleqn L muerszlu ol Vlrfhruun FARI KYLLY B -1 L mwrsz q ol Uzlhraan NITA Klxvrx B Pd Uzchzaan Slum Normal fxolleqc Azlrzun Cwolleal 4, ' f ALICE E RICHARD A B Adnan College U A UDILQFSIILI of Mzch1gan Columbla Umuersuu Fmxm Q Nl SISQCN Il 111 111 XMHUR C VJARRI rx AL rszlu f Vinh: ll Doxxl D T WIIIINFS Cnnlzul Slum Imac 1 C011 J 'N 'F-Us Xl xx B Sxx HT 4 B xIlLh1LltIl7 Siu! 'Nurnnll F0111 of xxvm IN WISIIIZK N I5 U 'hirzan Collw L mursxlu ul Uuhnun L murszlq uf Uuhr ur XIIDRIDI RMS 4 ru K I1 4 If 'X-Fl-H f- 'i .,J" if 1'- -.1 . by 3-x Iv Q 1 ' a ,Cf 4 qw-fe. f X President Vlee President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at arms President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at arms President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at arms Class Adviser Ollzcezs 1 9 36 Harold XX esterman Corwin Arnold Vlargaret Anderson Ruth l-larrls Carl Pichler Ofncers 1934 Robert Brion Aryis Chalmers Hal Marshall Jean Smith Carolyn Thompson Officers 1 Q3 5 Harold Westerman Alan Rorick Ruth Harris lillian Becker Sam Beal Nliss Opal Hendrle kson E HAVI: experienced three years together three years which vye consider very eventful and profitable The first important event occurred in September 1933 when as timid freshmen we entered upon our Hrst year Our members were active in athletics music and other actiyities howey er dramatlcs and sports Vw hen y e became seniors we achiey ed our greatest suceess in extra eurricular aetisities Our broadcasting choir uill long be remembered is will the madrigal group The band and orehestra yy hose members are largely from our class haw yy on considerable recognition in state and national contests ln public speaking and debating vie haye excelled and also in declamation oratorieil and extempor aneous contests The football basketball and baseball teams which are largely composed ot members of our class haye done yn ell XVe feel proud to lease behind us this excellent reeord and ue heartily hope thitAdr1an High Qehool may fare is ell in the years to eome s ' Vs , 7 Q . I 'H I D I 5 4' . l 1 I B I ' 1 ' s Q m 1 im s 1 vm 1 w v x vu ' y I 5 J Y 'l Y' V V7 ' ! I l l I ' ' 5 I 7. '1 ' x v3 . During our junior year we displayed more- enthusiasm for music, journalism, 7 1 vs 1 1-s I A- s 'svn s e As.--A s ,A ' 0 - ' v' ' s - I i rl u s -, s ' S A ' L K s ' 11 vs s Y 1 X ' 1 i I i-L s , I T 3 x V1 ! Vl I i 4 V 1 V1 I 5 Vl ' 1 I Sl SI W bu lulfmu Im DAI I is AND! KNOX 4. ll Quar L Ilroidust Choir QORXX IN ARMJI IJ lull rn I' ui Jresident 13 MA L Ll 3j tale I irmur Degrac ICVH1 IADIAN Bill R f L nl Siudinl Council UI Sickle rlu in Six DOROTHY BA11.m' f"Dor"y 'ibizhlshhubig-,,' i cc ,lub , I-5 Q an . 80" 0 T HBP UG? XIXIRSON f bi Clk! Xlxiu aiu I Axm RSON L1 Y raasunr 3 Studznl Council 1 La Sic Q ee u r Sexter mina ir Orchestra I an rigal 'S I orensic I ea ue VX I NDI I I ARNOI D urn lrutf' In u 1 V1 lgnnis 1 ic u uarm 1 I orensn League Smior Plax Debating f s BU 1 A llr u lnuncl from Iuumseh 36 ELLIS BAILEY " 'rqg nullfan afor Maple Leaf rib. Business Nlanagcr. and --Y . Orchestra , Senior Play. Business Manager. MARQL l..Rl'l lt BAILIH 17 I Sursfur' ee Club fl Z ll Sextet a rtgal INK D ASSI 'I I 0 Inu u nh s etball ll 7 3 Baseball 1 SAVIUII Rot BFAI f Sam I J I n t Sergeant at arms 123 lootball 12 Maple eaf 123 Basket a R serxcs ll 2 'Sl I FO BFXIQH 1 I ndtl OKI l l P1 U at Club l W 77- alll HIIBIRT R BARROXK f Ronny 2 77 f H170 f Club fl 7 'Sl Quartet tor Broadcast Choir Bllll BAHW wa 0 im! lr' than the malf- c Glec Club ll or cnstc League Wal Debatnng 43l IILIIAN BFCKl:R f SLISIL I 1 fun nu t Frtasurcr 123 itcklc Asststant Business Manager Glee Club tl t estra 7 Semor HAI C BEWNFR flrllnuu tn nd 1 Orfh 'sklll BILI B tl 1 lufuw 'ml Smut Na gal lnnth Club Bmul lst C our HAILI BORLAND f L92 nl 11111 Bur lndep ndenl CueeClubl3l Ochestra1l2 '51 Class Day Program IHDIA BRI HMI R H If r um rv zmn uwzuu hr Class Day Program 'Vlaplc cat b , f di A-4 NIAR IORH ROCK f MUFGE murru hm: uh m V711 1 ee Club I l RUTH E. BROWN r"Ru1hie" H , ,I , Glee Club ll-Z-3 P. Sextet. Madri- E. French Club. JOSEPH V. BUMPLS r"Joe"Q " l '.r- .1.. fr bu youre " Glee Club 433. RICHARD Cv BRALTIGAXT f Dick j ll uldr-I I Be .1 ll ondef ce Club tl 7 Qua et and Forensxc League 'ab Cheer Leader fl 2 Jif- ROBIRI BRION f Bob und fancy Ire 1 cnt tl loo ball as all 13 Mapa ca XORXH BROCK I Brockrc J I but amd r r romelhm l nurcd from Jasper 717 Glee Club HARRY BUBLICK ' H zur. br m bnll ant and greatly ..--1'-Ihmb1r1hrr'ght" Student Council 431, Maple Leaf 4 ll. French ub. -XLXIA ELIZABETH BURNETT 'Ll Iudu :S nf who aluqaqs r-mfmbcrs others und neu-r forgels herself" Cilee Club ll-lil. Orchestra ' - JLLIA ELI EN BLRT f Judu 2 'ln C I llmarl. ec Club 117 'Sl french ID IOLIS Ctxxllli YA C 'ISS of 37 Cl ARI NCl Cl'lA'SlPAYOl9 K Champ 2 Smmr no xum! pmrhups Hu! Larq but of 4' aps Baseball 133 COLT 'WAN COI l l X I Com 1' r x A1115 fr ndll 'ali S L l'LORl Nfl- L CXLVIN 4 us 1 a L mum: lhma Vl Rll CAHRIINX 1 lllll lhu I 1 ul lnlcrcd from it Mxrx s SL mol Ric HARD CI xc.c 1 Dui: X fum! I-n 1 1h 'llzlknmn blae Clu nd ll l LCILI l KAlHl RINI C011 ul unqlm her n u 110 Club il N' ll! Ccxwl R 1 117 Dr um Hun wolball P Bailutm ll Baseball 17 BE-XTRIFR CORXIII f B26 u H url s lr Glce Club 42 Eb Sextet Cl AR x COLSINO J Cllel Club Uv J SIR EL I uuh U1 L11 1 cs. Club 1 I lOl1N DAllNlOX Julia I u in nO 1 rul lunch Club lnootlnll 133 as all asclwall 4 l Sickle HERSHEL DECKl:R V SIICIZ Ur Rlllhmn Uan Glee Club Cl 2 31 PKLLCOLGHLIN f COFPU j 1 md ll Sa ar' JR lNA Dokolm COLSINF I Boots J Ilufzpu ux lb lluu xsl l nlered from Frm MlChlg3H 1939 l unch Club CAIVIN l DAWlON f CHI ll hy Shuuldn! I l Olil N DARTY ll fn 1 ua XKILLARD DFRNHPR f Bill K p Y ur fmuers Crosscd CHARI I S I DIZRSHAXI r' 1 Yin D IUIHX Dill DX U lIl77 Lnund from 'Xlbuqunrquc INCH 'Vlexlgo IRVIX I XDHQN I Dtrb I nd ll 7 ALJ I V' XIIOI 'X IOOII Glen uw 43 I. lL'RBL'5I ' 1 nw.. ' 1 :wir dn. y "' , LI AIR F DP1WlLFR f D HU 1 imdb! 41 aamulrure Gen Club 1771! RAIPH D Duxuxxx I 1f1l7u' lluu n th Xurglu Band B-1nd On eslra b Brass Smut IU Brass uartu TTY J NI ERNSI I Bef urfh uilfurlrlhe u cc Club tl 2 RILHAPD lox r Fmq Q 7 u Racial Ymu I onllmll Manager 131 G 'Y GAl.l.L'I ' "l'n, las ' K'l.1plu . Sick 0. Forensic '. c -3D.Scnio 7 '. Hl:LI:N GARDN ER Sam! Lml ou Entered from Jasper Hugh School 33 Glee Club 42 33 RLIH f1X1llNlR .1 Su Nalednctonan Broadcastlng Choxr le leaf fl 'Sl 'ixckle Ldl chuef Glee Club il an nor P as BE 'l'I'X Lot GOFDKOOP Old Paslwm iflrl 1 ee Club r IZLWOOD R HADDEN sr udq ui u f oc s etball ll 2 3b Baseball GOLDHS HANIILTOV K Alexander j m -lldaus Chasmg Rarnbous Sncke 13? Culee Club K2 35 r 'CY RICHARD GILBIRF f DIC!! 2 e -lm I Bu! XX ber -lm You Student Councll 433 Sxckle Sen lor Plat MARION I GOBBA ml bux r I U le Glee Club fl 7 P Sex O chestra 1 l 2 33 french C ub Brmdcmtmg Choir Strung Quartet HARRIET GROSS f HH re f VIRC INIA HAIYIS f Ginny K p Y ura anlH4uuI1ful Glee Club K2 33 OLIXER W HARACOLRT r Orr J -'l loner of sport zz Iouer or uclzon To all his friends an added aliracllon Basketball 12 37 Baseball 635 RL IH H-'XRRIN fn! Surnlarx vt lass Tnasunr ul C ass 3 -Xsslslanl ldxtor of Snkh umm rm 4 n B nd KSITT Chix dn 1 0 mm RIHX HI LL Club 1 LX c N Hll' 1 vu mzim I wi vu 7 RC IX OIR' 1 K 1 L lub 4 n ns r 1 N or n x L g xx Dm 1 r mm I fllu C, fxxx I-H8115 mu. Club 1 l IIXHHI Inund from Jlspu Junior Hmgh S ool ln 1037 bln C 1 LDXXIX C1 HO-XDIIX f 1:41 rn N Bu LJ Xl sl C1 LL Cluwl l. 11 n "1 nml C 1 l-'II ERICIX H Mrhsox f lm! IrXf1.r Du.LnfL! On f A ff M4 IS I fun L4 C 1 lNCl- 'lx ,lOl X9 Jof7I7r7U r"f L lun x -XRX XXI HU Cru um CHAR1 KHNIR Ch ren lu CHL Club Hr I ARXEl JACKSON rr' L ulvufrearfixu J all l 3 Baske A ll Nlxl s uuqs lr Lau I nleusunfr' l L D lrcmh C u VlARlXN 'X .IORDKN h Saxlma C1 an u 1 4 3 XHRNK lxwllll' Hip 1 1 u Club 4 ZOIHX lxlll lol umm lm rf lv lulzanr uh rf dufu chances by 1 u. ub 4 Sextc r Lhestra Bro1d..ast1ng Choxr EDXXARD .lANll1S KE-.Ill JR Ed I J Ruth rl ua u Bam! Cue Club fl 7 'Sl Drum Maor XXIORD KIDVIAN f lmdu I A on Q JLCC-lll1l3fl 73 ILIIABITH M KLOACK I Bellq I A Illlll nonslnst nou uml lhtn ns relzwhtl bu the bear of mln French Club XVANDA A KLHN uppt um I n 1 r v1 l r ee Club ll 7 I I- l HL ndll rv 'v m A. 2. Kit ELILABFTH KIDD f Lrzz f Durwzrwz Iudu Jec Club ll 7 3 B l'll ,ANI KIND I ullvn ml lwmlml Stu cnt Countll 133 Qxcklt le ub ll ClFNFVll:Vl' LEOIXI' KOFH f Gene 2 lm u flood flul Head of Costume Committee fo Qcmor Play NIARGLERHI: lAlNlAN I Rte! I Let I Ima I Ivurv Glee Club ll 7 3b QCYICK Senxor Play PM I Lllbl sslzrl BH Y Vll:LXlN E LILBLRXIAX I Nfel Xlanager or lootball 133 Football seball T ac 1 7 31 Scmor CAROI xx I OM 7711 8 ll Idfflt f DUI u 7771.1 LL I r I- 11 m JI m n If 1111 :nd xmrlc uv. ub HOWARD J NlClNI'IXRl C usa of IOZ7 OL1Sl HARRII I'l MCKIISBIN 1.0111 Inv Shoo! n H19h I a11n lunch Club Sumo Play Prompur X 1l+.d1ut0rnr l,1iI.AND NIILES f"L?9" 'I Io no! ullvu' mu 11ud1es lo mrvfere rrf' mu e1iuca11on" C-KRL A LOFBERG FL rubrda Innes a rac mar' Nlaple Leaf 173 M WMI' ll MARC ARlI R MARR nu H I Breahlas 1 ee Club 1 Scxle hestra ll Z H Vladrlgal Broad ustmg Chonr VIARX MCKLIGHAX Xl hm I Grou. Lp Glue Club fl 7 31 French Club lorenslc I cague 135 Maple Leaf 133 91cklc Dcbatmg I-XND D N1CK1x1x1x Lee u Cr n u mt Counc1l 3 Base 21 Nl.-XRTHA H. VllI.I.liR ffwarilnl "Backward abou! coming forward" Glee Club 1l-Z- . CORNELIA MOI L I IXGIU I I flel a .Sand fomlng On Cvlce Club Il Z 31 SlCkl2 Orches ra 2 35 Madrlga Sextct Broadcastmg Choxr IANIISMORH I Jrmmu I Dam s eeClubil23l andll Orchestra 42D lrcnch Club For cnsrc League ll 2 'Sl Senior Play Track Debatlnq Team fl 2 31 Broadcastlmz Choir Class Day Pro gram RUTH JUNE MOWAT 1 Moses 4 Student Councrl 2 French Club Class Day Program WUQWWILX Nllhli MLCK I Illmmc ! nl Iuuu s as s Cllec Club ll Z 33 Qexncr Sickle Broaclcastlng Choir DONAID R NIISOIN I Don 1 re I lx munfr otball 4 'S Lnnls Band Il 7 'rl Brass Quartet Brass Sexlcr WEVDPI L E MOREX lm Flumd Hwh 1 c Club tl 2 'Sl lorcnslc ca g c 131 Semor Play Debatmg Broadcasting Cholr YW""b"M'I5 IVIAR IORX A NIOWAI L. h S url n eusur fn: nnch Club DORIS MARIE MUCK I Rec I u rs Ihc romo ron I uorrrcrl abr ur qeslfr ial Glcc Club 425 JUNI: 'VI Nl-C.-US I Pudqzr' I al L aludu Iss bul un mare 1 e Club Il Hlll'N Ohll' a mlnu ls aood Irmr but a vm 1 .1 vmul q ls mor urlmn Glen ub tl 33 Sn: ' - " ' " ' l 1 . . ' - - , X ' . - Clc - - . 3 ' I. - m 1 lr - . ' I, . I ll . ' '. ' - .. fi.. l H Gl A - . B -2-3 l. A K ' R ' 1 2 ' ' Y 'xl gurl " uw hw' iv 1 In-r uwwrk rx lr I D pl 1' In , .n LL" . - F lf Q. 5 . . Y "StcadfasI labor has ils own rrwardu , Imla r ' ' ' D . K In 1 . 'H ' U I Cf" . ., ., --, - . I . 2 rsh., -h., vh. 1 .1 " Xu! h I Io 'r 6 . f r ' . ' '. 'L ' ' Cl., -Z-ll. l' . . 5 ' H H 'nr "5 H 1 ' 1 ' 1 - , , . 'xl mil' Iv . - ' . I' l-o m. 1- . +1-1-ww ' ,. .- -r "- 4 ' ' ' ' Cl - . ' klc. HAZEL PALKIER f Hau 1 rhufru d unflurrzcd and for easrlu Frorohcd CHARIFS E IJETFRS n fre rr' lime I must ha molten mmerhmq 1 ee Club uarru Traclf DORIS E PHII LIPS f rl llztf' Ih Drcamu Eyes O Lhcstn fl 21 JLx1oR PRAINGE llusl On Thar Ole Pmnna Glee Club ll Z 33 Quartet Mad nga XIAOXII I. PRICE Hoy, I Dom ee Club ll ench Club XXILLIANI PERKINS I Bill j Xn Srrmgs and No Connefnonx Basketball Manager Maple Leaf Sxckle VIIIDRYD I PI-ISTFR -l mmluc uxlh a rang 1 L ub CARL PICHLER f Plfh 1 I lloh Lp Too Soon C ws Officer Football 2 Vrack 131 Glee Club IZ! French Club Url Fntered from Monroe 03 IXAIHRHNI I PRATT I Klllej Uan hus hrs u.lIl but uoman has her Q1 LL ub I l MILFORD I PURDY lm llzsundcrsrond I F A LILA QLIGLFH f HaIrP1nr 1 IJ mlb r b small ami shrr' Hum lame ur carl a xhadom Glee Club ll 2 33 Sextet French Club Maple Leaf lla Broadcast mq Choxr XIOLAI RANDAII I Dlldj Plau Fxddle Plaq Orchestra K7 33 Strmg Quartet Lntcred from Sand Creek Hugh School l 0 3 5 Vll2Gll Rl l LIIN Orllxnu lmund and -lbour DALLAS RIES "XYho. ,ue " FFR.. Entered from San Creek lf!!-4. X l-RA l NK ' H 2- J. uv.,.H.uv. vw rm ' ree Club l. l'rench v. Q .X Q"9.,. ' C' CIL L RAHSAH cork lr fascmalu me I rar' slr and a rl for hours HAIQRY H RXNDOI Pll vu :Jura um! 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DOXIE ZIKIXH-RXIAX I fzmmze j Inrunl pmd1gg Bascbmll 131 Maple Lmf 62 33 Slfkle Personalzty Sketches O VV ENDELL 'WOREY XV1th has hearty good nature at as surprasang that people don t take adyantage of XX endell more often 'Nlaybe those brayyny muscles haye somethang to do yyath at tHe s a truck drtyer and furnature handler you knovyr As lambert the detectaye h supplaed the comedy an tlae senaor play Not the least of has talents as palotang an alrplane O VIOI X RANDAI l Because of laer mary elous dexterlty an yyaeld ang a boyy and fiddle Vaola laas held first chaar an the yaolan sectaon of the orchestr for tvyo years vyhach as a dafbcult job an any mans language She laas seyeral tames ac cepted lnyltataons to play oy er the alr Vaola laas layed for seyeral years an Alabama and seems to haye packed up the yyanntng vyays of the South CGUY CAIIUP The tame has neyer come and doubtless ney ea vyall that Guy' has not had a yyord to say upon vthateyfer subject as presented He has saad thena so conyancangly that a debatang letter and a Forensae League membershap laaye resulted loquacaousness actang abalaty o general appeal vyhatever the reason Guy had the male lead an Double Door and A Doctor an Spate of Hamself and acqultted hamself commendably an the yar1 flare for journalasm laas been ably demon strated an Vlaple leaf and Sackle I BPT T Y BATEX Ihas petlte brunette as equally yy ell laked by students and faculty She lends poase and dagnltv to all her actayatles As a debater Betty laas done splendad yy ork Beang a mem ber of tlae Speech home roona she helped make Double Door a suecess an that Slle capably took charge of tlae Tacket and Hous fomnalttee Vyle also congratulate Betty on the cleyer yyork she has done on the Feature Section O Fl XVOOD HADDFN e all taought aust dtdnt go ar s 9 haps he nt lade man S1 e he has been takang Shop yye hayent seen I lly mueh durang selaool hours Hoyyeyer lie laas made htmself well knoyyn durang basket ball seasons He laas done sonae exeel lent playing and cant you tust laear that famaltar shout Syyash at Hadden Syyash If 0 JUNIOR PRAINOE Can thas bov pound a mean paano or tan he One of our fayorate assembly pastames as hstenang to Prange swang at Vylhen h lsnt yyorryang a paano Junaor does a llltle sangang ln fact quate a lattle as he yy as one of the lNeyy York Gang We re eaepectane great thangs of Junaor and Vee say Tak at away Prange O HARRX BUBI ICK t as fitting to say of Harry a gentleman and a scholar FI he ease wath whach he gets so many' A s as rather dasconcertang to tlae rest of us Harry as a first rate Boy Scout and af you don t belaeve us lust ask ham to show you the ayy ards he took home from tlae Scout lamboree O RU I H MOWAT lh class of 36 seems to haye an IIS naadst sey eral future teaclaers for here s another and a yery good one she wall be She as very cap able hayang receay ed excellent grades Ruth as fraendly to all her BSSOLISICS and has shown .1 splendad sptrat of cooperataon an all laer actavataes O DONALD NIQLSON Thus lad goes an for actaon an a bag vyay Hes ready for anythang from bootball to dancang yust so at s actaye Don has been an Band Orchestra on the football and tennas well Don as always there wath bells on A yery fraendly boy and one with lots of friends C RU7 H BROWN Instead of a curl an the maddle of her fore head thas young maaden has a dample an the maddle of her cheek To her tlae most out standtng eyent of the year vyas tlae Nevy H ork trnp Rnd do you blame her for saytng so foneernang Rutla s future yye predact yyed dang bells and perhaps not so far an th future ettaer O QAROI X N THOVIPSONI kvlaetaeyer a commattee yyas selected around sehool C arolyn af not chalrman was at least a menaber From her freshman year on she had a Unger an practacally eyery actayaty go ang was a member of tlae student eounexl on the Nlaple leaf and Sackle had a part an tlae Semor Play yy as a claeer leader and man ager of a seytet Her spontaneous good laumor and ready floyy of yyat laaye drayyn a yyade group of frnends to her . Y Y A . . Y X. . .. . . -- E . 'K 1 1 . V V1 7' 2 1 v A 7 I 5 . 1 l Af V 'J Y Y g I 1 I AL I I '.A '1 8 .V f 3 1 ' Y . I I . 1 ' Y 1 .A 'I fl 1 1 .V1 A I 1 1 .A v Y al V1' 1 xr 1 A - . , e . C 1 Y 1 1 V 1 1 1 71 t v A4 1 C -A - . I . . . I ' ' 1 1 " 1 1 V 1 1 1 R 1 A . . 1 1 . 1 v ' , U , , . I , x V V, L 1 L i A73 ,yy 7 I 1 al ',. 11 V1 I 1 1 Y- I v ' f- - K ' ' A 11 ' 1 v1 ' ' ' e 1Y1 ql J -- ' v 1V I 1 ' . 1 v 1 v ' , v 1 I ' I ' 1 . 3 7 3 R . . 1 . 1 V V 1 1 L ' ' K t. , . .. , - r ' - f 1 f 1 -- ' ' , ' ' ' ' 1 , f 1. rv ' . -I 1 1 1 , , V h- l 1 ' th' h l pp' ad H" ty d yy ' h 1 '- OUS Of WIP 355 In W IC W 11 we - 15 teams, 1 n w en at comes to sc oo partaes I ' 1 L 1 i A E 4 ,A 71 v -1 v 1 I l .1 F4 I I 7 3 I 1 V 71 . Y v 3 I 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1, 7 1 1 I Y 1- 1 - I 1 1 1 A A 1 4 r 1 " 1 H - 1 ' 1 4 v 1 1 vb J V 1 1 I 1 ,1 S 'F ' l 3 Y 1 I .l VY - . e .e . K 4 l 11A 1 B' 1 1 v I K 1 LL 1 I C 1 ' . -I V W A -11 -- l A 1, 4 1 .11 ' 11 1 1 1 1 1 V, I 41:11 ' ' ' - .. ' , ' ' , Vs , ty le . , .. . . . . garl. ler . 'as a Vs e . . net . ' '. ' ' . ' . 1 1 1 11 ' S v1 v1 l -11 1 ' ' 1 11 1 '.' 1 F 1 K, L 1 I X1 1 1 - v I 1 A' 1 41 I 1: L I - 1 , 1 1 1 1 1'-1 - 1 S1 ' v- 1 -11 1 1 4 'b l V 4 1 1 -L 1' 1 1 1 ' 'L ,Us 1' 'l , A 1' ,L 1 1 1' 1, K 1 1' . ,H '. , , w I i IQINIQAIU-.J W, 2 I rs! ou. 11 ne 1 1 1 11111s1n un er 11 IJ1v1n Smo rem S ull N1rg1n11 te 1r11n 1l1111 l1r 1r 1rl ' 1 x l 1 Cl1ypo1 lI1len 1m an 1 gl1r 1hlJ11r1 4 n1 11s 111 :own 1'l1r1el nn r r11rs C1011 llxllon Thelma I1f r Xxonne Klest anche VI111 s R ye 1 1 e 11 11 l'11ldv11n X1rg1n11 l511cl1 n Olga Hoben .I1n1 P11 rson Els 111 e er Be'r1h1 I v1ns1nd Nl rx Ilen I'r1lls 1r 1n11 1 ddx ourlh Rum I8 1 l'I1rr1n ton I ue n r 11l1 la rolhx 'X nold KI111 Kurt 1 1 1 111111 m1 11lc1r .1r11n lr 1 1 er 111 1 r Ulgm Ruelel Ixalhrxn Judson Jeann Sx1u1 u me I Hst1r I n lx ght 1s1 1h1n 11ur1 1r11 1 r r 1:1 wx I lnr1 X111 Storrs Dons I1nn1ng Gladys 1 1 nnetta Du 1r I 1 1 0 1 r 1n 1 11r1 Ilrnun Dorn 1 V11llnov1 XK1Im.1 Ihngerler C 1n11111 er M1rjor1 'VI1li1 J111n111 R11b rs 11111 r us n Nl1rn1np11r Sh1rl 1 I3.1111y Shnley Howard C v11ndo111 utter M1rg1r I 'I l 1 1 1 ur u 1 o 1r r 1 R1n1 1 X 1111 Memke Klan Bradlsh brace I51 1x na Mae Pr nel1 X rg1 II1u I1 1 p X1rg11111 'Vl1uhes I'n1alr1c1 Mlller I5or11l11 one Jeann I n11 1 Shui JU ICR CLASS HISTORY El I here We are the jumors of 36 ready to step mto the semors shoes But before we do let s recall fond I 'J memor1es As freshmen we entered Semor I-Ilgh just as all the other frosh a wee bn t1m1dly but we dldnt stav that way long w settled down to bus1ness Hrrumph V1 e seleeted Clare Munger presldent Martha I amb secretarv Arlle Rod gers treasurer and Vlr Kelly class 3dVlSC How could we do anythmg but struggle on vuth those backmg us up Our freshman partx 11 as a great success rfmember You trled to learn to dance then K I 4 4 I ye- - f .NX I ' 6 "' 1. R ' A le R111l1'1'rs RA l.ll l'.1lm1r, Nell e XK"ll', e , l1.1rl Kelly. flare M g' S1'11m1i Rule" M Ile 1 ' . lee. I ' ' .h e. 'I ' A. Xlfhi -. N'lil1lr1-d Xl.'1111-s. l.1rr11elln Knter1n.1, M. 1 hempel. NX". . S . I.. M. g. e lleldt, lh'll1 S rew. live-l1'11 ll.mden. Gwylln R .' xl. ' ' R. x:11'..Ie S1.1n ' 'II11r1iI3f1. Ru r '. 1e1.1lelI ' An ' . V' 1 IS ' , N 1 " Ile e. lvlnrle Be' I' . R ll e ' , 1 Y e . ' ' ' " . l1l 1 1 . e. e11l1en1'Su1'd.1n1. Marie Coy Phyllis M11 'le.. Helen I:r'lmg, IEHI1' . " . " 1' 4 r . ' . . ' 'e . b'I 'iff . . A11 ' - . , .1 ' El- R ,Xp g' '. C1 '. I' " Bri V' lfhelf. Opal Hmrmes. Clalhwme . ' g , Ru h II 'b e, Inf . . dd. U0 V' 1 r . . j 11, 'I'h'ln1, XVII. . Rr . T. '. . XI '. K' b . ll'len Foil , ITS' IZ11-. . ' C. I A' J . e . 1 Pm I' I ', 'er 'ni . .I1 1 cf ' Ivflh Ruul ID1 ' Rwd. Twilln C' nne, Ma g. c I71 1'll. 5 . , .' f , ' .1 ' . '. PJ . Ile A 1 , 1-1l.1 N1-rl. lll'n' R c eh. lfd1ll1 Scheffle. Bette Y. Scl1l1-. I, . ' , ' l,-1111,i11-n1'11c1'1- 4' ', " .. - '. 1- 1' Mill . . V e . . R. . . " e, hlee I'1.1 I Mild etl Dinl , Sully Rune' .I1'.1n elle . 1 I . . . e' . ' ' . 1 " I' Yc , . Q. 1 1 I en, l51'lx1'il.1rle. l :uc-ll. ll lb I, .-Inna B1-tl I5 vel. Mary l'1el1f1 d. Bev: l' ' el' 'e . ' . l ' . ' - 'dd'.'. Ly ' e ' . '1 1' 1 g . Lucia Spreemnn. l5un111- Knepper, lVl1r'nn1 XY1-xl1-rn1.1n X111 1mlu1l1-1111: 11lu11' ' '. . . ' . - ' - ' ' . I K1 '. ' e 'eclx lI'l11'l . l'1ler. .Klee .e l', j - . x . ,, . .. I . . . . , . V , , i 6 . . 1 7 s 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 4 ' Q 1 1 ' - ' ' I A . I I. I f. I s 1' 1 ' . . 1 L . , 3 ', 1 1 sr 4 f r1 or g r nd1l '1 m 1l11mson 1n r Ye nl Rfu R1ch1rnllx1rsr ldvsard Brulcx n 1 err m se 1 o ln 1c 1rn 11 t 1 11m rm 1ll L 11rd X ut 1 X esey liovxn r R1ch1rd Stark 1 11m 11 11 rr rs e tr Ilmcr L resn Frtnklxn Russ ll Rublrt Doxey lr.1nc1s l o l levus Iourlh Rrrt 1-Xlvc Xl rr lloul Lnd rvlotd iharlss fhynuweth XX11nt Bnug 1. lxnn Judson Lughlon Clement Xlncnnt Comstock R but Fergus lylt XX 1rd Bu l Andrews Thomn I.: X1llty H1rold Roesch Xfrctor Bubhck d l S l A b C11 Robert Inger oll T11lor Htrshmann l-lmer Schwlchnnberg Norms XX o rnn. Robert Judg I fll R XX1ll11m Soncrmt I vmrt uw 1m err 1gc u UNI lireck l R1chard liurnnr C org Xandtcauy llra1 Erltchtr -X nsltx Pxrrrldge l n11 th H11 n Nxrmm l'xr1owl1n Gltms lXn1rr1m francs rn lwhn lxmbmchtr John Scott Elmer lxapnlck XX:13ne 'Nl1ll1.r D1rw1n 'Norton lours H:1m1lton lhrbx Crum r Rnchmrd lxaxncr Xol rclud d rn prclure Xlb tlluton X1ct1r Hugh s l31ll1rker Robert XX r1 ht Subtractmg somc and addmg some we ascended to the rank of yumors The class re elected Clare Munger presldent and Mr Kelly adv1scr but Arlxe Rod gers was voted secretarv and Nellxe Wllll3m5OH treasurer Durxng the two years just about lf not all the act1v1t1es were supported by representat1ves from our class XVe re justly proud of Dons Reed who earned an A for debatlng agam Gordon Bauschka Lelghton Clement Wayne Baughey Franc1s Frey Lynn Judson and Robert Travls deserve honorable mentlon 1n athlet1cs There are jumors 1n orchestra band and A Cappella cholr Nme Junlor boys have also helped to make the Future Farmers a b1g success To summanze we th1nk our ab1l1t1es have been tested and proved and We smcerely hope to do as well next year ' x -v l'1r If :Lt X l'e R l e x. Rn . l l.l er. Nellie XX"l 1. ' . lfnrl Kellv. ll.1re Sli Qc . Ivan Sh1f'fer .e 1, 1 1 ' ' . ' Hn. l ' V ', Robert Rnndulpl. Rub- 'l'.1vlor, lmlen To s. Ju -gh T lt- . R' h. l XX'l tr XX' ll. li .b' . R1'l. X." f.ll. X" l ' e. ' . . , XX' ll . lrehgh. R her: 'l'r.1v1s, I7 n.1ld Skeels. 4..1rI llenninger 'I hlrrl lion' C h. les .l.1cks:1n. Dale llv t'tl' , 2 - 1 R , . e , ' 'lhom1son, l..1 Verne lfhmger. Gordon linuschlme. Andrew Hunt, ll.1rdv Mxnrnlngsmr, lwlg.1r l"g.11-ev. Louis Kotke, l.yle Tripp. Roland '. I ' M14-w. Urev Arn ld. Ldwnrd l.ein1nger. l.eon.1rd ll.1rsh, li wyn . ' - 1 ': - . A . , ' ' e ' 1 . 1 Q ' . '. ' ' h'y. ' 'S . .' ' . Q . " ' , .l ' ' e 'r. r e. '1 ' utr: " '. f . , E '. . ' . , l l' . .Xg 'e, ' ' .1e e' r "'e.i ' . ',.i -' . ' -,le e ,e..': . ' ., " 'e",7 'F", : er .' 6,'l,. '. 'g, 1 - 1 . . , , , V , v y 1 1 ry! A r lnn on r rn r o r um ou ty Rhods Roxlnna XXmners J ln llox XX1llovleen Sklnner Clrol s h ll l n Snedtker Norma Renntr lnl T lgue Shlr ly Robtru Blanch Plank Marlon XX lrmr Ihnrd Rou. 'Vlary Jane Broun at lm er y 1 r 1 u us 1 a er e n Ln rvyoo ce Norm: Inllnn Sue l Ruth New ll Rulh -Xllshouse Mujorn yes oram XX dger 'Vlary L1 lb rl Myrna J anne Broun l mor R n r C rl dune Rlnlh rl ll Summers Naeml Schell lourtf' Role Loulsl Imerxo'l a Hllander o ary Iter ut e man nl 1 u lets e ben ora n n lllllm Sllslorf Janus XXa n Dorothy Pnk r Pl! B don Dorothy Brmdow Xyonn C lm S e Splut illhl Cofll Dorothy Rllchn Joyce Eulslscr Dorothy Bovltrs Vlary l 1 ln Summers Dorothy XXons r Jln l andt D nnl I B r n lou ll Xlrglnll Roesch florence Knapp Marilyn Rlsmg BBIKX Smxlh luellll Ml hlll Vllelonnm XXlgglns Funlct lrlll Naoml Potts 'Xlllalu Swlrtl Marglnt Slmge Plum Bullke Lumen Thompson .Sixth Rau anor Hlsley r u r mn l as 1 em uss house r Julla Schml er H len Mlll r Jean Gallup Vlola De Tray Harrlet 'Vlltchell Mlrlon 'VI lsures Rulh Howard Jann Drury Dorothl Fmt 'Vlarle Xlnaslxl Mary Vanaskl Ruta Gray Dorn Plank Marguerlte Hamlllon Xleen h x Le Crerl ud llndsay Pauline Havnthornt Ad l Dermyer Belly Aclur l'dn1 lmeland Alleen XX lchman Mlryory Challu Florence Hllyarl -Xrlene Loulon Htlen Xfllllhews Muldred Smllh Xflylan Reynolds Anna Dusln Mlrlam Burner Hortense Hershman Beulah Bracknel I-reshman flrls not mcludcd m plclure Yyonnl Becker Dora Blohm Murl Bradlsh lcona Buehrer Anna Jeanne Ernst Agnes Fschcnluer Cnlelxe Golden Frma Horsfall Fdllh Morse XX ayel Jem Powers Ruth Rtnner Margaret XX alper Florence Vvllson Jane XXllyon FRESHMAN CLASS HISTURY HE l:lfSt ever h ard of a certaln race of Freshanderthals was ln the year 1935 A D They lnvaded and conquered terrltory ln a place called Adrlander Hlgh School Here they establlshed a settlement and began to progress Near them were two other trlbes known as the Jumormagrons and the Senlorltes They had both progressed more than the new trlbe Some of the brlghter Freshanderthals dlscovered that pencll paper and brams are necessary They dlscovered facts concernlng geometry history bookkeeplng and blology Others plcked up forelgn languages and seemed to master them better than thelr own language Some took up agrlculture Whlch mformatlon they mlght use later on Many attempted to use thelr VOIQCS as well as varled lnstruments ln an attempt to promote thelr muslcal ablllty Among those who recelved honor able mentlon for slnglng are Jeanette Hoxle Harold Kelly Waldron Stewart Donald Gehrlnger Norman Raymond Paul Spauldmg Patrlcla Brydon Yyonne Crane Gatha Coffey Hortense Hershman Carol Perscher Vlrglnla XVonder and Geraldlne Rmehart For lnstrumental work VITQIHIB Wonder lrela El ery Eleanore Rlner and X vonne Crane were outstandlng nl he trlbes together publlshed a newspaper each trlbe havmg a represent atlve or representatlves on the staff The Freshanderthals chose Marllyn RlSlHg for thelr edltor The trlbe also prlded ltself on two speakers Jean Olsen and Gerald Flddler Strong warrlors were chosen to keep the trlbe ln order Treya n All Rt ae! Vi g . XX' dr . T -'a Eve y', B b Ma lall. S. 1.1 R Bel ' e., '. " ' ,, ez 'sit-. " . ' , . lf Roe Q . Carol llisfllvr. v: c f ' ' '. .l t ' '. . e. '. 'c ' ' . . e ' , Q 'e '. ' . ' 'Z l ' ' ' , M. le' e Butlr. lla' Il rfe, X g I. B km l'l'lv ' de ' d. Ali ' Kidd. .' . Reed, f '. f "e, 'e , . '. . ' " l". l. ' vi ' . . ' 'i e , ' e ' ' . flc. l e . me tl ' ' a . cnc . ' , . ' 1 ' f ' . 5 . ': 2 ' .. ln ' ', lula llilcr. Nlirinm Ho d, Nl. ' lj ' , Fl-rn T 'lvr . Xlfl. Ra , lil. I' ling'l, Tl' d Va lille . .' '. e' , ', ' lele , ' . 1, . rv . ' . '. " e 'r. '. ku' ' . . L . 'ya ' ' ' ' ' " '. . V ' " , l ' Vu lar, faith Role" .tu f ' . ' ' t- . . e 31 . o . ve-x. t' n cc ' 'v . " V '. ' . 5 ' ' ' . ' , ' lzl . Ma y' M ll, X.'i g Q So'cl le. Arl' ' R el. 'l ' - Cla Ie, ' . -'d'. e ' e. ' ' , " , '- Fo ': V r c .' , " ' '. cc ' ' . ' ' '. J . , " , " " . .' 'f r ' l ' I' .I A A My J ' V' ' ' . 1 , M V . . I , J V . . . . ' . 1 f l . , , , , l 1- . " V. - . 2 . . , , . . . . v , . . . u ' . 3 . x I . y . . . . ' J 1 ' 4 v ' u ' 1 7 s ' s s x I . 1 ' m x a ' m e ' ' x , - X . . , . . . 4 . 5 . . , 5 . . . , , U V 111 rg1n11 tn t1 1 n mur s C r1ltI C1r1fhn Iob Ham mn rt uc n 1 on rt o t 11 n oms 1 vyrtnct ' s R y -Xyltn Cl o Sne ' h1rl L mehr 1 Ch n 1 Norman Raymond Iouts Ihumgcrlan Dtck Hunt lhrrti Rott ltrot IK1n7tl Robtrt NIC Xdam Xlun I' rklns Bob -Xddltma C raltl lx ly Iyle Drummond sorman Mosher G orgt Gordon I71ck Xkorltl I5 b l'rtnt1ct XX1ld on itevx 1rt lion Lucrmg r Robert Barrtcklou Xdolph Htcktngtr Dtck Kinney Ray Ktrchner Harry lambkt wtn B1 Don K1 st NI rle Bttler Aury Totttr Hmrold Dyer Fourth od Iixb Ilovttr Robnrt Iackson Clyde Cook Melun lot s Iaul Spmldtng V11ll11m Ingtrsoll Ink Henry Clenn Pmhm All n Xhdger James Fudd Ftfn If Urttllt Allshouse Charles -Xnderson Cen Ols n Harl y limcku 1-1 Irmtts I- Vlclstmmx C orgt Nltgalt Arthur Breckcl Gtorge Abrqlmm Nlahlon C -Xusttn XVe1ss Btrnard Vlcl aughltn Alfrtd Hall L11 Iovull C rald I'1dl r Elyx 1rd NI:-Kdom Ray Rob rts Iugtn Ray C nv Stlytrnatl Ytxlh Rott Rt lnrd VlcAdI1m Ch1rlcsI'1rlt's Ilarold H1ll Bob Smtth Francts T Vlclummx Iirb Notts Clur -'xndtrs 111 Don Corntll X1ctor Xktebeck Roland Fan bmks C 1-r1ld Dtrtt Xtnctnt Xktllhoustn Robert Mmrr Jumor Estes Harold I 1111 r Don Htll Rogtr Rtchmrds lor n I-lltott Iltwy Dean Loram Archer C 1rl Jwobson lnshman hogs not mtlud tl tn ptrlurt Cltr: Anderson Gt-rxltt l3r1nt H1ruld Cl rk Rub rt Dtusch Ilu d F1 1ns Howard Gambrel urmm Iloxsn DI1lel1udtnsl1gtr K nn th Vl1lltr 0 lx Vlortnn Hzrold 'Vlntt Rob rt utm1n I mu Stckt lx nntth Schultl Ktnnelh Span er Harold Qteuns Jamts Townsend Every was prestdent Robert Marlatt ytce prestdent Vtrgtnta XVonder secretary and Dale Laudenslager treasurer Occastonally they Jotned wlth the other two trtbes for games and other celebrattons Among the noted members who took part tn the games were Jack Henry George Gordon Herbert Rmk Norman 'Vlosher Wtlltam Ktng and Dale Laudenslager Many jotned clubs for the purpose of getttng more out of certatn subjects Durmg 1935 and I936 A D they fought muth of the ttme to gatn power over the Juntormagrons and grasp thetr terrttory The Juntormagrons also were Hghttng the Sentorttes tn a destre to get control of thelr land The Fresh anderthals have trusted that some day tt would come to pass and they would be taktng a large step forward They have looked forward wtth eagerness all the year to the ttme when they would gatn the Sentorttes terrttory Whtle fighttng to conquer more land close upon thetr heels has followed a new trtbe who wtll no doubt at length capture thetr present terrttory The fightmg has contmued day after day of the school year of 1935 36 At last the day has dawned when they are presstng on to vtctory Soon they are to become Juntor magrons and some one else wtll take up thetr abandoned name and terrttory Just as they gatn a place as Juntormagrons the Juntormagrons w1ll become Sentorttes Soon they wtll be fightmg agam for larger terrttory durtng 1936 and 1937 A D But now they must celebrate thetr vtctory for a short ttme before renewmg next fall thetr attack for more terrttory 1 .. , .....,.. ,,,,, 11, ---- - , It Rntz: Vi v I '1'1'1 der, AI'r".1 Igvcrv. l5tb Nlarlnlt Svrtmtl Rott' Bah llunnts. IJ.: Sl tl . Charles Knatk, Henry' lllser. lc I I ' . 5 det: Ilt lla lctt. C larence XI k. lic D'll . Nle l' Rider, lII1r ld Kelly: Perry' S tll '.1n, IH Gnd k', l.I1 ' t ' lhilllp. A ' I '. g fc . dcke: ., I tw .C 'K ,ite ,e ef. .' A' . , , . A .1 j ' N I If .I " u ' . I ' rt le 'el,, .' , T' . ke 1 , ' ' o ' ' P. 'I r . 'K . D e. ' '- . ' r ' ', ' ' ', ' ' . ' . I, Iil ' a'lry'1 'c . I e '- , " V' N. I . R . Ilerbvrt Rink. Malcolm Kinney. Bill King. Glenn Miller. Lynn Schultz. Bob Fox, l,y'lc Sherman. Carl Nelson. Dewayne McRoberts, Ed Ferguson, 1 ' . - . ' , I ' I . " ' c. ' . . ' . " 'I - I .I' ', I 1. . e " . ' . " Int ' - . 1 I , I e c . c- '. '. 5. ' 1. I ' '. He -. '1 '. . ' ,I I ll'IlY1 I I 4 . I I 1 I 1 ' 1 ' Y: T 'I 1 'If ' V1 . V I1 1 I . I C I ' f '. I . I 'I 9 . - I I I . 5 '. ,I R I' Q - . D . . , . f I1 , e . . I 4 '1' 1 'I . ' . N I .I - I '. e v I A '. . ' I . I I . c C3 I , 'I l -tt. 'c ' . 1 . gl 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 . 1 1 PI RSDN Al II H Slxl IC HLS fC ontmuedt OID RLIIX Anx alt rrxoon xou xx tlked along Ld s pape route dur1n0 the last xear you eould see htm tx ITIIIIU hts btton 111 all sorts of 1ntr1e Ie nvures It xx as dtlteenee xx htel! m1de htm onI oi the b st drum mayors A H S has pro Llueecl Id s ttxorlte pasttme tdtre xxe clll 1t that I IS spendtne tll spare moments IH earn est eonftb xx1th I uc1lle O NIARQ ARI Sl ANDERSON It IS eertttnly not d1fIIcult to see xxhy the facultx chose Dutch to represent Adrtaft for the D A R as best all round g1rl She IS 'tlxx txs full of sunshme ll pops out tn het alxx tys ready smlle tt sparkles tn her cheerx ello creeps tnto her loxelx son Margaret IS xery tnterested 1n xthlettcs and woman s Clly tennts champ1onsh1p O DICK TOVIPSON D1 k IS one of those strong s1lent athletes that IS stlent unt1l you knoxx h1m Those who know h1m well have much to sayf about h1s good nature and aptttude for w1ttyf marks Hts s11e whtch made h1m such a11 excellent center on the football team lyou remember he veas Captaln last filly d1d not subtract an 1ota from the speed VKl'llCll IS essenttal to a good basketball player Q JFANNE ISI EY It IS doubtful 1f ex en an earthquake or flood could g1xe Jeanne a dtshexeled look for vxhat exer the ttme or place her appearance 15 al vxays just so lPerl1aps If IS her flare for the art1st1c eroppmg out! Her talent for umque lettertng and clexer destgns vxas dtsplayed at class hops and IU many school JCIIVIIICS Jeannes mterpretattons of the song htts of the day leaxe l1ttle to be des1red C HARRIET SPAUR You would never guess by looktng at thts pretty ltttle blond that she IS so mdependent She s 1 born manager runs a household and was appomted manager of 1 sextet Dtd you knoxx xx hen you xx ere hovxlmg xxtth deltght oxer the jokes ID the Maple I eaf that II vxas Harrtet s dtscerntng sense of humor that was responstble O SANI BEAI XVhat a xx ay Sam has vxtth the women He was scared sttff he d be a xx allflovx er at the Leap bear dance but the gtrls practtcally mobbed htm 'Io add to h1s charms are an lIT1plSll grm and a deeetvmg blush but dont let them fool you for he can hold h1s own IH football basketball and tenms 0 DOLC XX ADH X 1 nexer xou saxx Senator Xka e ner ouslx gestteulattnv and pactng about xxtth 1 xx1 d look tn hts exe you eou d be Sure taat tt xx as IIIIIL for the 'XI1ple I eaf to go to press Ijneeiuse ot hts or1g1n1l teleas untbtttng 111 terest and ttreless efIorts lhe H937 36 tssues oi the sehool paper htxe taken a htgh rank tng tmong htgh sehool publtcattons Other ptsftmes of Doug are xx arbltng md pormg oxer the lwsqutre 0 RUSI H HARRIS XV1thout th1s Harrts gtrl to lend 1 helptnfl hand xx herex er tt xx as needed tn the xartous stage of productton ll IS doubtful tf thts S1ckle xx ould ever haxe been publtshed But her cap1b1l1ty IS not l1m1ted to putttng out yearbooks for Ruth has busted herself IU any number ol act1x1t1es tn her htgh school ca reer tncludtng dramattcs toottng a clartnet 1n the band for three years and aettng as treasurer of the class at one ttme and secretary another O JEAN SIVIITH leans clexer posters haxe been responstble for the success of all sorts of afIa1rs these past three xetrs from dances to plays and rum mage sales As a cheer leader her enthustasm spurred the boyfs on to many an athlettc VIC tory Because of her x1tal1tV and 1n1t1at1ve she has made a success of all the enterprtses she undertook and they haxe been a numerous and xarted lot I I II I IAN BECKER Ex er stnce xxmntng the Declamatton Contest 1n her freshman year I 1ll1an has been well knoxfxn for her excellent work 1n Speech ac t1v1t1es As the leadtng lady XIICIOIIB 1n Double Door she was superb colossal tre mendous oh dear vxe knew xxe d run out of ad1ect1xes Anyhow she took the part excepttonally well XVe re certatn Adrtan Htgh School xx1ll sadly m1ss Sus1e s frtend lx cooperatton O DORO1 HY DILI ON Dorothy has been a member of the elass for only txx o xetrs but ID that ttme she has more than proxed her xx orth Those 1nterest1r1 dax by day stdeltghts on htgh school l1fe whtch are a feature of the Maple I eaf come under her work as a reporter as well as cover mg assembl1es and xx'r1t1ng fill 1n matertal Havmg l1x'ed 1n Caltfornta and other potnts west she has ample reason to da71le the less traxeled but somehow she nex er does I I , I., I I II. I L. . . y - I - I I I A - ' . . I . .. , .. , d V I I . , . If I . I I I II, I I I I I ' I II Cf ' I I I ' I 'I ' - Is I I- A- I ' cw ' I ', e' 4 c- ' , I , , . . I , , x g I I I a l I I 1 '. l I l I v - II -I I - I I ' I ' I I I I I 1 5 I, I , K I I. I I . I I I- , - I I . e, - I I . .e. 'I .' . I I, I I I. . I I I I II I I I I-I I I , - I - I . I I I I. I. - 2 I , I I I , ' I - I II I I I . I k I . I . I . x' - 7 5 I I e f N . I . I I X . I. I . 3. Y , C 5 In I I K I 1 , I1 I H . .I II I - I 'i Y 11 Y V I I I - I I " I I I - A ' i X - . 6 , 1 I I . I . I III . , , . V v Q I V. . V l I I I D L LIL ' I ' ' V x iv! VL XX 1 B V 1 v - r x - 1 -1 ' . . . .. . I I I I I . I I I I , . I II I II I I, . - 1 It - , 25' I I I I II II I . . I . I I I . I I I II I I I I I .. . . . . ' ' ' I L y I Ilkxd tt I I -I 1 1- - f has xxa e o tvxtce tn successton wtta l1e , , , , I I I ... . . I ' 3 Y 3 - . I , , y . . I I . I 1 5 V ' I I I I I-.. kr . . . . I X I 1 ' Y Y L , . S , . I I I-Q, I I I . L LA 'I I I 4 I ivy 1 V 3 I 'S 1 I I s I K I I I 1 - , I, I I ' . X 3 D Y L I A , , , II II -4 I - 7 i1 7 I K ' . I I I., I I I . . . I I I - I I I I I III L I I I I I I , I I s I I I I , I I V Y 'A I 1 L I I I III I I II ,, , , , I , I I I I - ' ' V X 1 I 1 1 . I I vs I I I ' ' ', , ' I ' ' ' ' . I I I. II I I , I I , , ..... 1 V 7 3 7 V I I I S 'N 'V ' V V 3 H ,I I , . , . I . Y I I I I I I I I . - - - .I I I I. I , 1 1 H - I I I I I 1. I. . V X 7 7 5 V Y! 1 V y 5 I ' II I I AI ' I , , I I -I I - I . I II I I - 3 13 . I I I II I I I I I I 4 III I I I I Y ' Y I I I v v Y 5 3 I . I I I I I II I I I I I I ii Img! T A rl'- i U' 'Z an ,-ani -All 'pau- NIB H6 r Q lN-I Jin V Q ff A,"-. C- 5 RUTH GMIQINER. edz'tor-:An-chief .' I. " ' . U 'I l1l1QI'V7'SS V75 . ' .1dc.1n llacr. r.."l'17r.x mqr. ' tv Bnicy. fvururv wr wr . nnnc Isley. ar! 1-L1 0 . :In Smith. u 1 041111 r 'via ici. X .Jrmn Cnnblna. 1n..rrun7'nIul n,uw: Cd!-If r Cornclia Xloll. tural !'77UYl'L' vdilor RLTH HARRIS. assistant editor Corwin Arnulnl. aqrf"L1lI11r mdftor XVill1'lm Spvflmvr. tIQI'l'k'l1IfLI!'A' vdilor 'Xlarjuric Tnvlor. ulunmr' vdimr Doyle Zimmerman. ulumm l'Ll'l'fOf Carolvn Thompion. 4uIcr,l1'ar wdzlor . ary Xlliciglmn. .lfupll L-l1r'.1d.'1or .70 n D.rnI1n. uII7I.'11"s 'ft ' Vfilliam Pcrlune, lllhlvlffs mirror Betty King. SUI!-ill vdzbmr AIAN RORICK. busimss mqr. lVln1'gar't Xndcrson, FOf'lI7Q7f4'n1I'lU! Ri'hard Cilbcrr. snnpshur vii! wr lfrancis Rourke. snupxhoz mirmr Nlildrfd Diniui. junior class vdimr Bcity Rhodce. freshn,un film .wiilwr R..1h Thompson. Lupi. Goldys Hamilton, rung' Mayes Muck, Iyprsl llclcn Ogle. Iypisl r .1 mn xr' rn u yy ut lx T rr' m s ry rmm S DE CUUNCIL l-ll: members of the Student founcxl thls year were chosen as representatrves of home rooms rnstead of classes The oflieers were all senlors as follows presldent Alan ROf1Ck ylce presxdent Harry Bublxck secretary Carolyn nl hompson of the cltlzenshrp markxngs Aecordrng to the plan adopted the student s c1t1zen shrp grades from each teacher are ay eraged together and gly en to hrm on a sep irate sheet The student 'elso marks hlmsell lhe plan has proyed qulte SJIIS factory The Councll was dlvlded mto groups and each group presented etlquette programs rn the home rooms for four yyeeks By thls proyeet ll yy as hoped to help the students and also to find vyhlch underelassmen already on the Councrl e1Il do the best yy ork It IS hoped that they yylll be re elected on the Councml thls year to serve for new year so that the group can do more effectlye vyork A plan for class dues for next year has been eonsxdered although as yet 1t has not been declded upon Jeecordlng to thus plan each person yy ould pay ten cents I yy eek yyhlch yy ould mclude all school JCflYlflLS lt seems to be 1 yery good ldea The Councll had eharge of the plans tor most of the pep meetlngs They also planned all but one ofthe class partles Ey ery one enjoy ed these The members of the Councll for next year vy1ll be chosen from elasses Instead of from home rooms as they yy ere thxs year Thrs yylll probably make 1 more representatrve group These are the most lmportant act1y1t1es of the Councrl thls year but ther lnye been sey eral matters of lesser rmportanee to b de alt yyxth yyhrch h1ye not been mentnoned VW belreye that the work of thls years Clouncxl has been yy orth yy hlle and yye hope that rn sueeeedrng years Ille usefulness of thls group may rncrease xr Xlrl oughlm lreya l,y.1'. Xkfrlelren Stewart, ir tha 'evfl'e'y'. .-Xl. Re:r1Ck.llre'yulenl lielly K .g. Ray',,unell'l1r:hne: '-lar r' R r lu l 1 lh 'yy blruze' S.e1lml Ilene Harry I5 bluck Xkalhelnm Sw 'chef l Isle' XX' Z llxc o ,pwn lnrolyn 'lho p ey . llryrolel Xklyre' Xlx r 'S 1.1 m liaur. Rxcharel Cnlburr. Crernlel ladle-r 4 1 1 1 1 A I v 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' I 1 4 ' Y' D 'I I Y I ' 1 Y V 1 . One of the most rmportant projects undertaken by' the Council was that L I V1 I Y I 1 - L L 11 ' 1 B 1 S K L A 1 l- , A 1 L Y1 I 1 'L 4 , 1 I 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 I Y 11 - v I V 1- I V ' 1 1 1 1 Y I 1 ' ' 1 1 V 1 , A 1 1 Y I 1 1 V Y. 1 1, 1 I 1 1 . I ' ' V 1 1 1 v 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I V 1 V 1 1 ' V 1 11 ' I 1 1 v 1 1 1 Y v I v I 7 I 'A 4 1 11 1 '1 V k 1 ' 1 I ' 1 1 4 1 1 11 I 1 ' 1 1 1 I1 '1 ' 1 1 I '1 1 I 1 'J 1 I 1 v'1 vl 3 - 1 " F '1 V 1 1 v f s ' vs ' v' v 1 L 1 1 1 I D 1 1 1 I I rl I 1, 1 4 ' Ak I'1g 1 L1 L. Y 1 1 1 V7 1 1 I ' 1 Q 11. V' Y I L V 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 V1 1 I V 1 t ' 1 1 . , W , ., ' V I 1 '1 1 1 "lx ' ' 1 1 1- 1 I v V 3 llute Cornet Yaxophom foster Halnn Storrs llorm Sexflcr llsbcth Spaur Sue Skxnncr Wnllove een Oboe George Vandccay cy c Clurmvl Excry Trey a Harr1s Ruth Bcnncr Hml Ingersoll Robmrr Baku Dorothy Pon cm XX my cl Hou 1rd Slnrlu Qtcuns Bob QCl'lL1lll Knnmth Underwood lloyd Dunham Ralph Klnncy Richard Gordon George Gray Mahlon Pratt lumcc Snydmr Rlchard Howard Ruth Hcrsham Taylor Fncgil Gladys Lrcbcrman Melun Leonard XX1ll1am luolu Opal YLUIICT Gxundolyn 'Ulu C Iurm I Spwr Harrlclt 134 ss C lurm I lung Bun XXIII EISIC Enders lrym Trombone Bcmsh I co Clegg Rlchard Cook Jean 'Xlc Xdam Rlchand Bass Morse James Bauschkc Gordon Mungcr Clare Barmlxloyy Rob fl lxmpnnk l mer mu ssrn an Dow mr XX rslcy 'imdrkcr Cleo G rmgcr Donxld XX Lsltall Rnhmrd . ,V - . . Y Y A I v ' v v V ' V 'A ' ' va - . ljidlcr. Gcrald A V' Q , , V V F X - I ' - . 1 '1 ,. I - u ' Y . R l ,. A. L, BA D KMARFHINC1 AND CONCERT3 HE Adrian High School Band is composed of two groups a marching unit and a concert unit Under our enthusiastic Drum Major Edyy ard Kelly the marching unit lent dash to Assembly programs popped up athletic events and furnished color for various community activities The Concert Band of Symphonic instrumentation proyrded a source of real music appreciation ma number of times during the year to present special programs for various local organizations and represented Adrian High most commendably in the Lenawee County Music Festxy al bringing honor to themselycs with their presentations at a State Band Festival A local solo contest was sponsored sey eral of the winners taking part in the State Solo Festival with some excellent performances Num rous small en sembles of band members were organized and sery ed the school and community when called upon terial for both its participants and audiences. This group was called upon a ly! lm ns ft X aola Randall Vmganla Wonder Marlon Gobba loucella Hurlbut Natalie Skeels Dorothy Kerl Ilene Roesch Margaret Anderson Dorothy Baker Ha7el Borland Vytlma Stark Ierla eel Kenneth Ha7en Vera Broyyn Madonna Vyhgguns Ilo XVrlmetta 9ehult7 Dorothy Morse Marran Gempel Ina Hylander Flannel Treya Ex ery Ha Benner Oboe Ray mond lxtrehner rtd l realms Nlargaret 'Vlarr lleanore Rtner Barbara Starle Josephane Coury Grace Smath -Xlma Burnet! lern lxmeht Hortense Hershman Jeanette Hoxste Geraldxne Ames Bass Cornelra Vloll 'Vlartan Ktrby Reo Jean Suydana C ornel lloyd Lnderyy ood Ralph Dunham Trombone R1 h ard Clegg uh llora Storrs Helen l oster Horns Gerald btueleer Iy an Shaffer ltclu Margaret Povyell Yyonne Crane lorratne Taylor lyelyn Baldyym Dorothy Boveers Helen Underyyoo PHLISSIUVI XX esley Doyy ner Cleo Snedeleer ORCHESTRA URING the course ot thts school year the Adnan Htgh School Orehestra drrected tts efforts toyy ard acquatntrng IIS members yy nth a yast amount ot Hne Sy mphonte llterature taken from the pens of sueh eomposers as Beellaoy en Hayden Nlolart Handel Grleg Rtnasley Korsakofl Bach and Nlendelssohn nl has prtyalege yy as shared yyrth llae eommuntty through the pre sentatton of yarrous publle coneerts Orehestral aceompanrment yy as also furn l'sl7eCl lor Humpderdlnele s opera Hansel and Cretal Handel s oratorto The XlL9Sl8ll and 'Xlendelssohn s Cotaeerlo No l rn CV 'Nllnor tor ptano Thus organrzatron also partrexpateel rn llle major eounty and state orchestral eyents ot thas year expert erttles COlUITlLl1lll'1g partreularly on the splenelxd rnstrumenta taon mamtarned and the hnmsh ol perlormanee XXVIDHLYS ot the solo contest reeexyed further recoqmtxon upon enterxnq the State Solo and Lnsemble Festty al the Orchestra also bemq represented there by a nne strlng quartet d . I" V V V VV I V . Ir. . . . . , " ' 1 1 1 lx . . V V V ' V . ' V V, . V e V V V ' 1 V V - V V ,. J V V V 'V ' V . ,. . V ' V V V- 7, . - ' ' ' ' Z , .V V V . S V 'A V V . 1' l ' V V V V V ' ' V 'V V Ce . IJ . V I-'I r M... V K- .V , 3 V L V V V V V VV V ' 1 1 1 1 ' V V 4 I B 1 ' v V . , e e e V e V V V - V V V V V - - V I e VV VV V V V V V V V, V V V V V V V V V- V V V, . . V., e V V A -V V V V V V V - e . .. e V ' 1 X ' 1 'A 1 1 1 l H . . e. V e e . e V V V V -V V ee V. V . . . . V . - - V V - V V V VVV V. . e e V e . . VV V, , . V, , . V V V . , - , V . e e e V V V VV V V V e .e . e . VVV VV V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V s . , -N , 1 Al I ff Eff:-9 - 'lgiullsls' NEB!-. it LJ, T. 1 -ax ,hs , - - fl 1 ' N . Y '1 rg ,Q i " fig 45 49 - p .. 1 P ' Q84 R . I' Thrrd Hour Gzrls SENIORS Anderson Margaret Baer Belladean Brock lNorma Cole l ucxlle Couslno Clara Frnst Betty Foote Vaola Gardner Helen Gmetner Ruth Gobba Marlan Henry Martha Isley Jeanne I owe Carolyn Maller Martha Negus June Schult7 Walmetta Smlth Jean Spaur Ann Scroggle Bermce Stark Barbara Thompson Carolyn Turner Blanch Nan Doren Edna Xwhllif Sara JUNIORS Allen Vlarguerate Ames Geraldme Arnold Dorothy Bangerter Wtlma Boyd Anna Beth Bradlsh Clara Broyy n X era Chelf Betty Clark Betty Coury Josephtne Coy 'Xlarte ant l yy: a Ct rtls Vlary Dantus Nltldred Dillon Coldte l reltae Helen Gaddy X argtnxa Hamden Lyely n Harrtneton Catherl Holaen Olga F18 Home Dorothy Huebner Ruth Ktest Yyonne Ktrby Marxan lannmg Dons Manes Blanche Mason Mollle Matyka Phyllas Matthes Vtrglnta Meanke Verna Maller Beatrace Morse Dorothy Pate Gladys Peterson Jane Pftster Paulane Peck Jeanne Ptckford Mary Poyyell Margaret Reed Dorts Rtmell Beyerly Roekle Olga Rogers Arlae Sehneader Beyerly 9chul7 Alace Suffer Fl7bet Stark XV1 ma Streu Phy 15 Taylor Lorrame Vyesterman Nlnrtam Xkhate Xtrglma Xkmllxams Thelma Xktlltamson Ntllle Y uetter Gyyendoly n lRl Sl-l'XlllN Arnold Fdna Blohm Dora Brandoyy Dorothy Ctyelaskt klrgtnta Crane Xyonn De Tray Xtola D ury lane rallup tan l sey lleano Hayytlaorne Paulune Htler lula Jean Home Jeanett 'VI Creery Geneyreye Nllllff Helen Nlltchell Luctle Ptfer lay Pratt Lunxce Reed Norma Reynolds Vayaan Rtner lleanor Roberts Shlrley Russell Arlene Smith Betty Snedeker Helen Spaur Sue Stange Margaret Stark kkltlma Summers Ilene Tuckerman Fern Xanaske Marte fourth Hour Gtrls SENIORS Barley Marguertte Borland Ha7el Batey Betty Becker lalltan Bennett Georgetta Beutell Rosalle Brehmer lydna Brock Marjorle Broun Ruth Burnett Alma Burt Julta Ellen Case Ardls Cornell Beatnce Hamilton Goldys Has ey' Glenna HOISIDSZIOH Nlarcta lohns l lorence Jordan Vlarxan ludson Barbara lxafer 'Nlyrna lxttl Dorothy lxtd l lllaleth lxany, Betty lxuhn XX anda man 'K ar u rtte Nlarr Nlargar t Nloll Cornelta K u k 'Xlayes Ogle Helen Pfasttr 'Vllldred Pratt lxathryn l race 'Naomi agley l la Rles 'Vlarxan Shaffer l ena Smalh Marian Schneider Beyerly 'arner Neya Welln1t7 Ruth Whate Joyce Yeutter Alma JUNIORS Bocken Varganaa Claypool Gwylla loor lnarls lrench Ly na Mae Harmes Opal Knepper Eunxce Knlght Fern lane Dorothy loop Dons Vlatlls 'Vlarjorxe Mtller Geneyaeye Ramsey Helen Clpangler Jean IRI SHMEN Acker Betty Baker Dorothy Be ker Yyonne Boyy ers Dorothy Broyy n 'Vlary Jane Broyy n Vlurna lean Bry don atracta Buelk Flame Burnor Nlaraan Bu er Kladeltn Clark llomst Ctallvet Gatlaa Crane X yonnt tl tr 'Klary ane Dermyer Xdale Duslaa Anna l netl Cladys s r Jo e ltandt Jane Gtllaert Xlary C ray R1 a Hamllton Nlarguermtt Hershman Hortense Hoyyard Ruth Knapp florence llndsay Gertrude loyeland ldna Matthevys Dorothy 'Vlattheyys Helen Measures Marlan Mttchell Harrlett Morse Ldath Parscher Carol Plank Blanch Potts lNaomr Povters Jean Rau 'Vlalda Rhodes Betty Rlnehart Geraldtne Rltchae Dorothy Roesch Vtrgxnta Schell NJOITII Schnetder Julta Mae 'illstorf lal n Sktnner Xkalloyyeen Smlth Vllldred Vyalper Margaret Vyorner Marjorae Vyonder Ktrgtma Thzrel' Hour Hows SFXIORS K man l nord Peters Charles tueker l mer Wade Douglas Xkesterman Harold JLXIORS Comstock Xtra ent Hamilton louxs Henntnetr Carl OI 0 rayts Robert otten lostpa l Rl Sllkll N Xyllng Raymond Dartt Gerald D nnns Robert Dy er Harold . ' . ' ' r A 1 ':.v 7' :Av J' .V r ' 1 ' , ' . 3 ' Qu' -i ' . VV ' ' ' H x I . . . V' V A , J :V .V ' ' ' te fr .rfliak . fwah V f H r I V K ' .I A ' s 3' , I A L 3 ' . 5 3 . 1111 - I -, ' 4 4 4 I . , t - , A I, . . Baldwin. Evelyn yygmnowy Gcncvicve Haines. Virginia Brockway. Helen Aimee, ,lyrmgg l V .1,f- ' Q. 55.215 f. ' 1- fl' A' .. ' j .P " ' 2 rr. ' . ' . 1 . '. T ' ' e. 1 ' li ' . . Cz' I , X 'Nl dl' li' l V Il x Sc t. J laln K K' 4 r ' lal", 5 . r .' . 'K -X .' 2 ' A .. e fy, 1 1 I 1. . Lf '. W ' A 'H . . . 1' lfvil ise. ye' . " . ' lauyer Harold Gerrnger Donald Hxll Donald Kerst Donald Xflrller Kenneth XflcRobert Deuayne Powell Schult7 lynn Totten eXxery Fourth Hour Bous SENIORS -Xnderson Dallas -Xrnold XXendell Barrow Hulbert Brauugam Rrchard Bumpus Joseph Clegg Rrchard Decker Hershel Deturler Clarr Harnes Donald Htll Harold lxayner Charles Kelly Eduard Xlclntyre Howard Xlorey XX endell Prange Jumor Rouley XX alter XX otrlng XX'ell1ngton XX1gg1ns Kenneth XX lnners lendel XX rrght Rrchard Zletloyx Charles JLNIORS Kapnnck Elmer Kltson Rtchard Kottke l ours l ernenger P dw ard Vlunger Clare Parker Brll Peayey Edgar Skeels Donald Soncrant XX1ll1am Toms Galen FRESHXLXX Cornell Donald Farrbanks Roland lrdler Gerald VDCAL MUSIC lox Robert frrdd James Grlfhn Gerald H111 Harold Kelly Gerald Kelly Harold Klrchner Raymond Raymond Norman R1 hards Roger Spaldtng Paul Stewart Waldron XX arfel Rlchard USIC IS sud to be the art of the Vluses mythologlcal god desses of lnsprratxon ln the ancrcnt mrsty years of Greece Orpheus charmed the Adrlan A Capella Cholr has charmed manv an audrence Durmg the school year JD '56 a new class was enrolled tn Semor Hxgh that of the Vocal MUSIC Methods Forty sen1ors and jumors were selected On Monday and XVednesday the class studled from the Modern Phonetxzatron book edlted by our yocal rnstructor 'Vlr Kenneth XVesterman 'I uesday and Thursday the members dely ed deep 1nto the depths of musrcal theory Frrday the rnuslcally m1nded students tested therr sklll rn readmg at srght anythlng from folk songs to Grand opera ar1as Four g1rls sextets and three boys quartets haye been the content of th speclal scmor ensemble cholr thts year at Ann Arbor yy herc seyeral broadcasts haye been made oy er XVJR for the benefit of muslc classes throughout the natron The A Capella Cholr performed at Chrrstmas for charlty at the Croswell Theatre Handel s lVless1ah wlth SCHIOIS dorng the recltatrves and arras and th cho1r the chorus numbers It IS needless to say that thts productron rn so far as mus1c rs concerned rs by far the most drflicult eyer undertaken by any hrgh school group of students 1n Adnan There are two annual performances whlch take place durrng the w1nter months that haye become a r1te mth the yocal department They are the Wo man s Club concert at the Garfield School performed thrs year by the Vocal lVlus1c Methods Class and the other the A Capella Cholr concert glyen at the Xflethodrst Eplscopal Church Both of these concerts reflected credltably upon the Adrian muslc system A group of ten semors known as the Madrlgal Smgers were chosen to represent the ten m1d western states at the lXflus1c Educators Nat1onal Confer ence held 1n New York C1ty thrs sprlng A broadcast made from N B C a phonetlzatlon lecture grven by Mr Westerman and rllustrated by the smgers also a concert showmg the type of musrc sung 1n England durrng the Elrza bethan Age were parts of the yarled program Commencement marked the end of the sen1ors muslcal act1v1t1es for the year H36 ' truly a memorable vear rn the Vocal Department of Adnan Hrgh School J -s ' ' ' , Z , : . ' . ' , V Y g V' I A ' 4 I I ' . 4 . . I 7' ' I A 4 ' . l,vle " , ' - f ' , f' the trees and the stones with his sweet music. Thus it has been in the past that . Y ,,, ,-. I . . . I I . . . V I 3 I J ' . . . C v . l H1 I V L V1 'pb 3 S ' s ' ' ' V V w a v A v Y P l ' . . . Y . . . Y . Y . Y ' 7. V 'A U I . , . Y . . ,I h , n rm: xx 1 1 r THE LANGUAGE CLUBS I-IE Latm Club Classxcum Conclllum was formed thls year by the honor members of thc Xftfgll class Tha. purpose of the organrzatxon 15 to study the customs and lavys of the Roman people and to create a greater rnterest ln I at1n 'I hc ofhctrs are Prlnctps Augusta lpresldcntl I-leltn Foster Scrlba Ver g1l1a lSecrctaryfJ l OUlSk Mt Krbben Aed1le fProgram Chalrmany Dorls I an mng Lars Famrlrarls lHomc Room Cha1rmanJ Fans Foor The French Club was formed by the xnterested students of French The purpose 1S to be able both to conyerse and to understand the French language better The officers are President Mac Rlchlc Vlce Presrdent Veva Warner 'Stcretarv 'Vlaryt lVIcKt1ghan T rtasurer Walter Rowlcy ml tu o t 1 urn t xv r n rw I 11 ll m xr 1 tm 1 S X xrx n n S .lryorx X .1 r msm cn ur llxrrx I ub I 4 y x Ruh Vlnuat l in ru I ryl Hou' Ilurls lannlnyl lonm KIIK 1 -u N111 lox lltlen lfuxlrr lxlrxx lwmr Mwwvul H4114 I'rtll.nIt.m l'1.1rr Nlwlrlrul Ill my. Nu . Hull. l'wHX lu,.,.1.1 l.u,.1,1 s .-.1 x1.t1.m1,. xvgw xml.. 11.11 .11 V 1 1 1 ' . 1 A ' ' l 1 v 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 11 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 - ' 1 , . . 3 . X v . I . . t . 4 y ' 1 ' 1 v 1 1 1 1 . l 1 ' '1- ' , ' ' 1 A 1' - ' 1 1 1 v . v 1 , . rr-J I-It 1- John Ihrnmn J.-.mnnc Isl-'x lim.-r Stlwuhtenbt-rg Halma llanygrrlrr flam l'1r.ulu?1 hmre Ilxrltlxx, Blznchc Manu, XX'.xlt.r R.1w1.'v Lin Xr 1 tl. Ihr 'n N rl rn. Nlxs llavss Mttfi Run Yexxx XY. c , Klan' Xlclic gl A. Itllrh .lr kms Ye. R nh. Naoml I'n.e. Jul . lllrn url, Hel- la tw. l'lu1.xbt-th Klonclt. l,ui.1 Quxglvv NI. tt- tux Ibm! 1'-at KVI eu. .thullp I, .1 fmblm Ilnmtlyy' llxllon I wut t- Mrli bbvr: t . 1 ' Putty' YJ ncklc, SI c , law I Ul.r1.xlouy1nr'.m Xlartm H gt 1 lo 171 lv 1. ."Ilbvrtl1.11gc lgmrx Morse, I nfl Ilnchl--r, .Iran Smuih liuel . d . ' I Ich n s n 1 s1m1n 111 111 m 1 rm 11 11 r lnslrumen 1 11- 1 n 1 s 1n m1 h 1 111m 111 1gr1cu 1 1 11 1111 11.11-mr 1s ue n s r 1 11' ys 'T111-11 1 nn 1I1 11 n 1 :rl ue 1 1m 'er ms 1 or! 11 n n1e' 1 u ure 1 H 1 IJ I f1mm tmln c1rcuIat10n mana er MAPLE LEAF I-IREE years ago durmg 'Vlr Adams adm1n1strat1on the stu dents real11ed that the h1gh school was ID need of some sort of neyyspaper so durlng that year Wlth Burton Smlth as edltor 1n ch1ef and Nhss Armstrong as adylser the Hrst ed1t1on of the Maple I eaf was 1ssued The staff was confronted wlth many problems that flrst year They had pract1cally no equlpment no t1me was g1ven dur1ng sehool hours for the gather mg of mater1al or for workmg on the paper fmances were Iov1 and DOIlllIlg NK as firmly estabI1shed But desp1te these hand1caps once e1ery month a fine I1ttIe paper was publ1shed At the end of the year the whole school 11 as pleased to haye the paper recelve the Internat1onal Second Place Award of Qu1ll and Scroll VV1th such an honor g1ven xt was declded that the paper should be con t1nued Last year Robert lVl1ll1k1n was ed1tor1n ch1ef Ihe form of the paper was a l1ttle dlfferent for because of low funds II was necessary for cons1derable sy ndlcate materlal to be used fl wo elass per1ods a week were g11en to be de yoted to work on the newspaper A neat looI11n0 paper was 1ssu d wh1ch bor1 resemblance to a maga11ne 'I he students were not sat1sf1ed howey er wlth us1ng the syndlcate materlal for not enough local nev1s could be used Thls year many of these obstacles have been o1ercome There IS a regular journahsm class every dav w1th full cred1t g1ven 'Vluch equ1pment has been added a journallsm room was g1ven and a larger paper was 1ssued b1 weekly Its SIZQ IS one half as large as a regular paper Funds were 1n much better cond1 t1on as money was ra1sed through the class dues Through the efforts of Vllss Armstrong faculty sponsor Douglas Wade the ed1tor IH chlef and a co operat11e staff much work and t1me have been dey oted to the Vlaple Leaf and the results haye been grat1fy1ng The busxness managers helped keep up the finan e1aI end by a good Sl76d collect1on of advertxsements Numerous new columns v1ere started th1s year and there has been cons1derable exper1ment1ng The Journallsm department has always turned out a sp1r1ted as well as an lnforma t11e nev1 spaper A very strong group sp1r1t has developed th1s year whlch has 1nsp1red the members of the staff to g1ve the1r best to the newspaper Nlay the Maple I eafs of the future cont1nue to progress along the road that the classes for the past three years have paved 7 1'1us1 1 Ih1m I l1lJr 1111111 I lf Xlr 'S .1 I1'11'c:a2 1l1'11.r Nl.1r1Iy' R11 g, I e' I . 1-1111 XI ,1 XV1-11' 1n 111:11 1: 11I1111r Nl, g. 1-1 Xmle' son ' 1.I . ' c XI11 VII' '11 11s111..1.1.:1 1 Il11ueI11 Xk'.11l-. 11111111111 ch111I' R1 1l.Il I'.1In11'1. .1111 1.1111 ..i11111 I.-. S 1I1 .111 e1l11-11 Ru1 C1m11n.1. 1111111111 1 '1 '11 1 ye XI11s .X1r'111r1np 11I111111n1.11I1'111-r S'1 I Rom l3.1Ie Ilo 1' Ier, . I1ur1-11l111 l1I.1 Q1 gle-1 ,1s1 I71111s Rllel . class 11 1 I1 1 I1 IJ1 n .1 1111.11 Iglsn XY111 11-11,1 l1uy Gallup, I-111en1icI.e.1g , Je.111 1'IIe1'.,11-11111 II1hu1h S1-nf.-1.bus111n . 1 Q1 IIa111e11 A. 1- Smur III1s P1a1I1'1,bus1ness 1.n.1ge1 lh IR1 ' XXVIII. I - I1 , p , f111"1 Ar 1l. ,g11. I1 ' I1'1l1.1 lirehmlr. 1'p1s1 R11be11 111111. 1 1 , 11111211 1,11 1- . 1- . , ' g , ' , A I . I . I I . ' . - If I ' -,, y - 1 v 1 . V . . . . , w . I n ' ' . A Y, . . E , 1 I v I Y 1 V 3 1 1 f ' I 4 x 7 3 i 7 4 Y I r I 1 3 I 1 1 v Y I ' 3 v x 1 1 Y 1 x 1 I I 1 5 I . . H . . y x - 1 . . e . V Y . . . , . -. - . X , - y y 4 ' 1 ! I I 'I 1 I . 1 ' s ' 1 1 1 1 I sw 1 1 ' 1 1 - e . 1 1 1 - ' 1 ' 11 ' 1 . 4, e . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 I 1 ' 'I 3 Y I , . 1 I Y 1 1 H3 Y x 1 1 I . . X . I I 4 f 3 I- Y Y . . , . - ' 3 '- f V . A V x . -. - . - 1 . . . I V1 1 Y I 1 . I . M . . . w 1 . I . 1 C, 1 1 , 1 1 7 3 I 4 . I , . 'Y . . V V . . Y . x . . . . . x i A Y I i ' 1- tr X lr u rn r NATICDNAL FQRENSIC LEAGUE Nlxtzc net 1 AND1 RSON Hl Natloml Fortnsu ltagut has compltttd ttght ytars of actlxltx nl ht Hrst adunturt of tht l tafvut 1n lO'JD IQ36 vsas to organlft tn tht tall ulth fin actnt mtmbtrs Our OflClCt.I'9fOI'Il1L ytar uert prtstdtnt James Xloret uct prwtdtnt 'Vlarqlrtt 'Xndt ion md sttrttarx trtasurtr Nlarcta H018 lnqton Our firm PYOIKCI xx vs Qtlltnq mndy tn tht hall durlng tht Hrst stmtittr NX L madt about ughtx dollwm lor our trt Nurx uhxth pnd all our txptnsts dur mg tht mar 1 ht stcond projtct xx 'ts 1 plu cilltd Sauct For tht Goelmgs Tht char uttrs utrt Ruth Gmumr Jun Slllllll llmkb Nlorst Ruth Hurts Guy Gallup l tndtl Vklrnners and Ruth XX tllmti Thts plax u 19 gxxtn wry succtssfullx and rt xx as prcstntcd sutral trmts for xartous Qroups IH tht commumty. Ntw mtmbtrs addtd to thc avtivt clnptcr sinct thc optning of school last tpttmhtr utrc Bcttx' Batty. N ary X cliclfvhtn. .low Smith, Wtndtll N ony. Doris Rnd and Gtm Olstn. Advanctd honorary dtgruts utrt won hx' .ltmcs Nlorsc, XYcndcll Krnold, Bttty Batty, Doris Rttd and tlcan Smith. Vwlt had many social gfathcrings during tht yur and ham found that tht Q Ort ncccsalrv to htcomt tlikiwlt for mcnthtrehip was well rtplid. ' fldvfztzn Team Anne SE IDR PLAY lNlARG XRFT Axor RSON I-IE Senior play Double Door by Elrfabeth McFadden was gnen by the members of the Semor class March 4 1936 rn the Scnror Hrgb audltorlum The scene IS lard ln an ancrent New York mansron on Flfth Ave nue Vrctorra IS a wealthy old woman who dominates her famrly She terrorrzes her slster Carolme and for a short trme has her brother Rrp subdued Rlp mar nes Ann Darrow agamst VICIOIIB s wxshes ln spite of her vrllamy she retalns perfect porse and rellcs on the force of her wrll and her wealth to carry out het plans Vx e wrsh to thank Mrss Harrmgton the cast and all who assrsted for such 'tn excellent performance CAST lll LIXN BICKIR NlARL1l.lRlTl LAIVIAN Vxctona Rrp Carolme Dr John 'Nell Axery Telson Loulse Xxylllldm Mr Chase Lambert Sully Gus GAILUP KCARLU CAROLXNI THOMPSONI JAv1Es MoRsE RICHRRD GIIBLRT RLTH GHEINIQR MILVINI LEIBERVIAN JUN SMITH RALPH VANNORNIAN WFNIDFLL ARXJOLD WENIDELI MORE1 f 1 3 ' v 1 . 1 . . . 1 ' " v f 1 v v - v v 1 1 Y 1 4 . , . . . . V Q 1 . , ,,,, , ,,,,, ,, ,, , , . . 1 V I l , YY,, , ,,,,,,,, , YYYY,,,,Y,,,,, ,Y , YYY,Y,, , , , , ,, W, . . . , Winwwnnir W Y WW? i Y W V M Wi V- i ' A, ' ,,, ,,,,,,,,,, W, , ,,,,,,,,, , , , , 5 l 1 . V Y V H , , , W , , 1 A ,, ,,,,, , , ,H , , ,, , , ' t . , ' , ,A , , .A . 1 u 1 w n x r u us x rn 5 n 1 4 nr Q 1 m n I Jr xx y vm is mr- um r FUTURE FARMERS CORWIN Alamo: D HI P P A strlus for thu duglopmmt of rural coopnratlon rural lgadurshlp and thu ibllltx to makg tarmlng 1 succussful Lnturprxso. Thn mgmbgrs composx a home room VVhlCh vms mtroduccd for tln ur posh of alloxnmg thu studmts mternsud IH P F A work to carrx on thclr busmess Om ot thi first lmportant ments of our progmm was the countx jucimv Lonust h ld at flu Fur Grounds m Snpumbu Dmgmbu 3 mm numlurs of thu elnpur 'md our metructor Vlr C lurk L 0 c 3 0 L IX Qing Sh xx ll C lmmo HX wuntx I I -X dngru nam xx is OfQ.l'H'll!LdIhl9yL1I' consxsrmg o Q n numbyr from Lulu dnpur ID lhk countx H119 tum coninrrud thy Futura In Lr dkgru ll tu mm x mu mg an v In Suu ulun mrxmr k ummm n mnuml 'atlnr md Son bmquu hbrumry vu by FLIULIU na ms 1 1 rn f mm n mn 1 'mu un 1 lk mlm Suu o ng xx ws ilu spu Lr tor tin umm ' X 'IX f'lLIuD 11S,f'I'1MI'S Of IN Ll13lLf LQOHI UIHIL Q I' n , L O n S L IuudQhQ1uStollw Suu Yutun IarmLrConum1on umm C orum Hmm L ml XX1lhklm Spulnr Tln mymbus of tln -.lnpur Jllflbulg our nun md sucusstul ulr to thx lnunst and Loopnratlon of thf. studmts ot P In X md to thy cipxbh guxdmu of our adusnr md znstruntor Nh Clark I I lI.1r.':ur M ck IMI. linxnxlxr Rnlmn! ix mmf XV1lvlv Spxdur Ynhu Hxhlnk 'K g I Brvcluf. furu xx .X nhl, Rwbcrl lc nl Xx rx I un R X1 klnk f!..14l'.rf Nufmi Ibm H1r.vl.i 11.rk lJ.'m.uxn' Mkliwbrru. R1 I. d M','Xf.x Yurnnxn Kxmuln lduxlni lhxlrx, lu I url Hxrdd liwugh, ld xn Y. gunna 1'z.uIvs .lmkum IMIJ Run Rux R fluru Rub-rl IM: wr, lrlvnn hmrrmm Iiu-:mi X1..M!.m1 Rwkurl .Ink n ld Ibxufl fknui hckwn Ilwm XYu.'rmr. Harm R .Julgl Oxxllr .Xllshmnn lv A A' . 'I 3 X 4 t x t I I IV K H I I K 3 1 X I 5. 1 l I E L 1 V 5 I N' 'K , 5 p I. m 4 x ' w v v ' I 4, . K M b Icit for th' .mnunl T ur' iax' trly I thu Invrnatmnnl l. 'c . 'ln . o ' 1 A - Vv :V :V A Q , .. , K 'N me , ' t' H . H x is ' g K u 4 1 YV4 L xt H x x I -t , nv ' " . lc all-' 1 If "I x kr 1 Alu at lu . 'I' 'fn X 'on- 'I'l X . . F. ' . f . " 5' . '27 "ll K x - be 'i. thc hlgxh-hgh! of our yur, li est I.. Xml ', ll ' Dx af ,-X55 ' lt - .1 fX'l'lx. ..'C,ll"c. uk' ng. ,'l.j,.m "' 1' l' I' '14 ' AH 1. 'db'X1.C,l.1rk.l'1l IQ-r .1 two-dm' trip In linsl Lansing, lo allund th' Juni r I:f1I'lUxf XX'wk. Ilx v .3 , 1 ,,' A . A lix 1 5 I u K' l H ' 5 u - u K - I vu t 'xp' Y V' xt V 1 INDUSTRIAL TR AINING DRIAN l-llgh school IS one of sexeral fortunate schools of the state that marntaln 1 shop to take care of hrgh school boxs w ho are mechanncally mclmed The shop offers several drfferent lrnes of work such as draw mg forge work machme work and bench work The boys are permxtted to do outsnde work such as reparr jobs as well as the regular course of work As rn any subject the benefits derned depend on the effort put forth The bicycle racks and the fire escapes are some of the fine and lastxng sam ples of the shop work to be seen around the hrgh school and they show the good management of the rnstructor Every year the shop does between four hundred and SIX hundred dollars worth of new work and repalr work for the sehool HARDY lVlORNIXCST-XR Reporzer PERSONALITY SKETCHES rContmuedm O HAI BFINNER Thxs husky youngster s foremost occupatxo seems to be gu77l1ng malteds at Vllllers But then a hem yye yyere all young once Hal IS good natured and qulte accommodat mg vyrth that truck he rattles around ID He IS a member of the band and orchestra To IS frrends he says lust call me Ha sy VJalsy O VIARJORIE TAX I OR Thrs jolly grrl can be depended on rn any cr1s1s Her frrendly personalrty has made her especnlly yyell lxked 'Vlarge yy as the cap able manager of 1 seyctet and shoyy ed splendrd aggresslyeness as Alumnr Ifdltor of the Srckle Her dependabllrty and good humor are an asset to any group O OENEVIEVE KOCH Ey eryone rs more or less surprlsed to drscoyer that .Ien s harr IS honest to goodnessly naturally curly And well they mrght be as Beauty Shop Genev1eve certamly has a way wxth a needle and thread proof of thrs fact are the costumes used for Double Door Although Genevreve IS qulet she has made many frrends and IS well lrked O RUTH THOMPSON Ruth s nr mble fingers have gone a long way to make a name for herself 1n hlgh school as a top notch stenographer Any of the teachers can tell you of her accurate work and she has ey en transcrlbed notes for the pr1nc1 pal Vyfhenever she recxted rn class It IS to be feared that her classmates pald lrttle heed to yy hat she S3ld because of the way she sard It Vilth that charming Eastern accent I EI SIP WI'I T Thrs WIIIY Vyfrtt has been wtth us only tvyo years but what a two years Besldes pepplng up the band wrth her Sax Els1e s hrgh scholarship has gained her a place wrth the honor students Her fr1endly nature has made her many frrends and her cley er yyrse cracks make any drscussxon more lryely Just a hmt for some craly reason she lrkes to be called MISS Vertt O FRANCIS ROURKE last fall yy heneyer one of the blue jersxed Hgures broke rnto the open you could almost bet your boots that rt yyas No D Jumor Rourke In addltlon to bemg a football star Francls yy as also 1ny aluable durmg basketball and baseball season O XVLNDEI I ARNOI D Lyery one FLLOUUIYLS XVendell as a member Ol our yery good 'and yye re not pa1d for rt I debate team He seems to be able to talk hlm self out of land mtol any thrng Along wrth debatlng he rs actrye rn muslc and dramatlcs bcmg a member of the cast for Double Door And for recreatyon he suggests check are yye rrght or are yye fl 1 O RU IH CINIEIINIQR To thrs loyely young lady goes the eredlt of our Srckle Because of her aggressrye man agement and cleyer orlgmallty thrs Sickle rs yyhat lt IS ln splte of the untrrlng vyork Ruth has done on the Snckle her grades have been yery good so good that she vyls awarded the Adrian College Scholarship Her charm 1ng personality has yy on her many frxends A person llke thls IS sure to go a long way Here sto her O HAROLD WESTERMAN tures an all round student He yyas out standrng on all phases of athletlcs mvalu able to the backneld IH football season cap tam of basketball semor year and a Hrst team man all three years held the enyled POSIIIOU of No l man on the tenms team Perhaps It was thxs quallty of leadershlp that yvas re sponsxble for Westy bemg elected class presxdent junlor and senior years As further proof of hls versatlllty he was a member of the Madrrgal group and student councrl O WILI IAM PERKINS ThlS modest person has qurte dennltely made a place for hlmself rn the athletlcs depart ment He has to hrs credit some good foot ball the management of the basket ball team track work and a great Interest rn all sports Brll has brams as well as brawn Though he makes good grades ln all hrs subjects he IS especially capable ln Scrence Concernmg the future Bull would llke to take up En gmeerrng O 'VIARI AN GOBBA This merry glrl does quxte a but of fiddlrng around But don t take us wrong besides berng rn the Orchestra she also fiddles 1n the Strung Fnsemble whlch made 1tself prominent at the State Contest rn Ann Arbor 'Vlar lan rs rn the chorr and sxngs In a sextet Her grades haye been good and she ean be de pended upon to complete any task yy ell We hope she fiddles herself mto a happy fu IUIC v T ' ' K 1 1 1 ' 1 ' n :v1 v 1 1- b ' 41 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' ' 1 " 1 rf" ers-. ' " ' . 1 ' " 'gl t7 , ,. . A , - I . I l 3 R . ' I v v v v x 1 A 1 I ' V 'I ' 1 ' Y H ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 11 - e . 1k 1 1 V1 , 1 ' "A L 1 V 5 1 - , , K ,,, ' ' ' V ' ' ' 1 1 K 1 1 g V1 1 7 ' ' ' , , ' ' I , ' ' ' S. e. I 'A ' V 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11 ' Y Y ?,' 1 VL . 1 . Y V y , I I I q 2 ni. r ' ' ' 11 , ,' , v .1 v yv 1 1 .. V1 . - - Y . , it always looks as if she'd just come from a H ld yy ' f h 1 , , aro esterman rs one o t ose rare crea- -' I i . Y - ll VV I ' - I ' . ' 1 1 r' ' ' 7 ' ' AA YY ' v , ' ' Y ' I ,, V ' Y ' 1 1 1 - . V. . g I 4 4 - ' 3 I H ' r 7 1, V1 V ' 1 ' ' ' 1 c , 7 . . . , . 3 7. - 1, . 1 L 1 1 v .1 ' L 1 v1 " v' 1, N 1 v ' ' 1 ' v1 y 1 I A 1 i- 1 ' V 1 1 I H ' Y . 1 ' i . I. ' " ' 'V Y' I A vv v ' H4 ' S 3 l . r 1 1 v1 1 1-'1 ' 1 1 1 ' , - . I . - . 1 1 I X 1 V ' I 4 i 4 I ' 1 1 H Y I , I 1 1 ' . 1' u 5 I Y Yi ' ' r 1 ' 1 1 " 1 U 1 1 I r , 1 lf-rm? SPURT IN BRIEF HE students of Adnan Hlgh haye watched successful and medlocre teams perform thls year The football team captamed by Dlck 'Iompson had an average season wmnlng four games and losmg four They placed fourth 1n the Twxn Valley wxnnlng two games and loslng three ln league eompetxtxon Headed by Captaln Westerman the basketball team tned for the league champlonshlp and won the reglonal champxonshrp For the season the Leafs won twelve games and lost sur In baseball the Adnan team has played well to w1n two games and lose none at the tlme of publlcatxon team has already vson one meet and has seyeral more scheduled The Adrxan tenn1s team 19 maklng a good shovymg haymg won foul matches and lost one XVe vylsh to thank Coach Kelly lns asslstant Robert Hayden and the boys vs ho plrtxclpated ln the yarxous sports for no matter xy hat the scort they were alvyays trylng . Y I T I 3 . . . . . V V I r This year. for the first time in several years, Adrian has a track team. The , , , , 3 4 1 ' -L . Y. ' 7. ' Y. 3 Y' I lx V Y D ' Y L I I 5 I I V . ' Y 1 x 3. Y 7 V Y V, d x 1 h Im 1,11 n J 4 r l Kkannerx. Francis Rourke, Harold X'csrerm.ln. Deana d Nfwn, Robert lirron, Rte ard 'Co pson eu uw! Cmrdo liau hle J l li x l nn Jud on, franeis lrrev Carl llrchler. he-rem Inu' foach Kellv, l.ours Ko Ike, Merle' Van Orelen. Robe-rr Smrrh Robert Taxl R b I J ex 'Nla Sam Beal, Dale luueirnslager, XVillxam Perkins. lciglnron flcment, Asst, femch Hayden 'I htm! Ierree Nl.lv1n lreberm n X l ll r fl n l Rohurt llarr klow. .la le Henry. Ric r Fox f 1 . I I 5 Y X 1 7 ' C 1 5 V I 'I . . V . . - 1 - , e . e . , . . vm 1 m s v u . . . . . . . 3 Y A ' 1 ' . e I . . I . X b x x . . ' A . ' I , Y Y Y l l 3 I . . -, f , I l e . .. . 1 H 'A . Y 1 1 Y I . . . V X . X . xi . . V1 I I H 'A V3 'I I I D ' ii I ' e . . . 1 I D I 3 7 Y 1 5. I y 1 1 H , I . . I , C . , . I J I ! P j I . , , . x V- l I Y I 4 ' Y I , . 5 . , , ' . ' . . . . Y . . V . V Y . - , x v . . . 1 . . . . . - , . I . ' - - V Y . . , 1 ' rc c ha d A FIFTY FIFTY SEASON MONG the candidates who reported durrng the first week of school were elght lettermen namely lompson Westerman Rourke Clement Beal Jackson Marshall and Bauschka In a few weeks Coach lxelly and hrs new assrstant Robert Hayden had thelr material rn the proper condrtron for therr frrst game Blrssfleld who was mcked to w1n was the underdog throughout the game but was not scored upon llflfll the thrrd perrod when Clement carrred across the only score Score Adnan 6 Blrssiield 0 Adnan lost thelr first leavue game to the defendmg champrons Vlarshall The home tow n boys fought hard but were unable to place the ball past m1d Held Score Adnan 6 Vlarshall 77 The thlrd game on the schedule was at Sturgls and was plaxed on exen terms untrl the thrrd period when Adnan broke and allowed eighteen pomts to slrp oxer therr goal l1ne Clement played exceptlonally well Store Adnan O Sturgls l8 At Albron a new experrence confronted the team as they plax ed therr first nrght game Unaccustomed to the glaring llghts the Kellymen took rt on the chrn Score Adnan 0 Albion 53 Football rnterest neared an alltrme low when Hillsdale came to Lrncoln Fleld Rourke s score on a slyty Exe yard runback of a punt was the only score of the game but the Leafs pressed hard throughout the entrre game Score Adnan 6 Hrllsdale O The Leafs frnally pulled out of therr slump rn the last conference game when they defeated Coldwater Thrs was the best game of the season as both teams were able to do some scorrng Score Adnan 19 Coldwater 6 Excltement and sprrrts were hugh as the Adrlan squad and several hundred fans journeyed to Nat arre Freld for the annual Monroe Adnan tussle under perfect weather eondltrons Adnan returned home wrth a strngmg defeat that made hlstory for Adrran Monroe games Score Adrran 0 Monroe 46 Adnan was not wholly successful thrs season however a result of four wms and four defeats IS not altogether unsuccessful Adnan was favored when Captarn Tompson was chosen as All Conference center for hrs second consecu trve year and he also recelved honorable mentron for All State honors onbi t GMM X CQCHAMPS 'I Al l started on November 76 when Coaeh l:arl Kelly with his new assistant Robert Hayden called the first practice for basketball candidates Among the forty some candidates we noticed especially four letter men from last year namely Harold Westernian Dick Tompson l-laryey Jackson and Elwood Hadden It looked as if Adrian vias going to have a good year if some height could be found for the pivot position This was provided by Oliver I-laracourt a new player on the high school squad So with these five men and the help of a few subs playing now and then the Maple l eafs with Sturgis were Co Cham pions of the Twin Valley League with eight games vyon and two games lost for each team Besides the League games the Maple leafs play ed Toledo Vocational and ye on 35 18 Toledo Tri State U and lost in an overtime 28 26 and Bay City to yy hich the Maple l eafs also lost '75 Z-l The Maple Leafs and all class B teams this year for the first time were compelled to play for distriet championship In this the Maple Leafs defeated I-loyy ell 37 24 to enter the championship race vyith Ypsilanti only to lose by a Z3 2l decision The Maple Leafs were still in the rice for the regionals because they were runners up for the district The Maple l eafs entered the regionals yy ith a reyised line up because l-laracourt dropped basket ball and l-ladden veas temporarily laid up Hove ever Coach Kelly had some yery dependable subs for just such pinches as this By defeating Lincoln Park 43 27 Adrian found that only X psilanti stood betvx een them and the regional championship The Maple Leafs came through in the pinch and brought the regional championship back to Adrian for the second eonsecutive year by nosing out Ypsilanti 21 20 The Maple l eats neyet vyent to the state quarter finals only to find Marshall their opponents Although they put up a good scrap Adrian lost by a 40 29 score Captain Harold VJesterman and Elwood l-ladden along with eight other players of the Twin Valley League, were placed on the All-Conference Team chosen by the coaches. Vklesterman yeas also given honorable mention as a for- ward on the official All-State Team. The coaches and players are to be congratulated on their efforts and to Bill Perkins our student manager yyhom We all liked yery much, we yyish to extend our thanks for his help during the season. L Lili urs! R14 rrhard llurnor C ordon a m no x n x nu o lrmm rman .John Darnlon lrancxs ourk li l dns Jrrx ublxcln ng r xchards L m .L 1 r n tn xx n nm 1 h o mm oxh r r t Run lx nnetm l u x um .xr n r .xr R n rg Rfb! Smrth Nlanm er BASEBALL DRIAN HIGH S new baseball coach Robert Hayden found about forty boys answermg hrs call for candxdates Francls Rourke LOUIS Kotke Lelghton Clement and Johnny Darnton were the letter men returnmg from last year s team Havxng to find pltchers and a new rniield wrth the exceptlon of short stop we found the prospects for a good season none too brlght Capable prtchlng howeser was found rn Llmbacher Gordon and Baumgartner A good rnfleld was formed of Haracourt Judson Rourke and Zxmmerman wlth Rlnk as ut1l1ty man These boys Wlth Darnton catchmg Clement Bahm Bubllck Rlnk and Kotke playlng rn the outheld have already beaten Bhssfleld lO to 6 Deerfield l8 to 5 these being the only games played at the tlme of publlcatxon Crames are vet to be played wlth Cllnton and lecumseh as well as return games wlth Blxssfield and Deerfield r nn au x rn n r 1 r' 1 un m o r rr x Xlxrr un m 1 -Xsst Conch Rubrrt llau n A.. ll 4 A. , ,' 4 1' R . lr-urge C1 .lrlcnwood ll h , ll ld Ktllv. l vnn ,lud nv Ulm 'er ll. Q urt. Duvlc c . l . 2 , R c. ue An 4 ll 'Ps . , R u R Sc: J Ru". Rnbet ll. 'd' . Joh l' b.: cr, N r .n Nl e. Hr b'rr k, 'e l foopvr. .vxghlun f lament. liens Olsen. lmuis Knlllxc, l.o 1 lb g L c . fh les 5 hvnuwuth. f .mrl use be . u . ' . . .g . r v - . V . . . . . . , y . . y 1 . . . x . . , . . sr Rmt .lack llcnrv. XX' - e li ghe'.Fr.1nris Prev. John lh to . llc bert R'nlr Sr-lun! Run lunch Ktllv. l.f gh! Cllr cnt. R bc! B on. Ale - . .lol l.r b chr'r.Snn1 Baal, . . K - 'lv 171 , .nn w XX lldrem S war Rob I 1 n x r s w lex TENNIS ENNIS resumed nts pos1t1on as a leadmg sprmg sport thns year by drsplaymg an almost all veteran team rn Vv'esterman Nelson Baughey and Tompson and also a blgger and better schedule Under the guldance of 'Vlax Sweet tenms has made nts wax, from obscurrtx rn Adrlan I-llgh School to a top notch sport lf not the blggest of the sprlng BCIIXIULS In l935 Adrlan Hmshed second ln the reglonal match w1th I-lrcks and Vklesterman takmg the doubles Hlcles was lost IH graduatlon but thls year s doubles team IS expected to have won laurels before school has closed 'I o date five matches haxe been played Adnan lost but one of these and that to Monroe one ofthe foremost rankmg teams ID the state TRACK TP AM x x Dow u N s rnc me X1 nm P r ns r V11 r 1 e N ch em um x oo un 'VlcRn r N1 rlm me. r n w xt x m 1 ur V' NX g? ll! STENTORIA ADDRESS OW that th1s year IS over Hmshed and ended xt seems that a few ofthe members of the class of 1936 are gO1Hg to be obllged to Iind a solutxon to that old problem of keeplng the pros erblal veolf from the panels Of course there vxere lntellectuals yy ho perused thelr text books frequently but there were also many ve ho thought thelr face vu as thelr fortune so they ll probably be on relief However we d1d haye students luke ye I:d and Louxse McK1bben vxho smoothed thelr paths through the Hove ers of knowledge by occasxonal study And look boys and gals vyhat they got Scholarshrps Yea yernly VVhen we look at the accompllshments of many persons vyhxle 1n school ue readlly see that there IS always room at the bottom for some of our grads Fox and Rosenburg for example and others too numerous to mentron who were continually dragglng down whrte slxps Salesmanshxp and other professxons that demand persuaslve tongues should falrly throw open thexr gates to these boys And let s not forget the swams who went through school on love Some of these boys started xn brlght and early as Frosh and carrred the same torrtd romance rrght through the throes of Baccalaureate Major Kelly and Lucllle Cole saw If through down the hectlc years as dld Albert Conklin and Ruth Brown Charles Z1etlow and Georgetta Bennett were another couple who concluded that school day romances should last We suspect that Beal and Morse and other thrrty slxers fWlHCh9lllSmJ got more enjoyment out of rapld turnovers of current female stock then d1d those I ocklnvars who slrpped mto the hablt of gorn steady No mentxon wxll be made at th1s tlme of the affalrs of those of exther sex vyho gave thelr love to alumnl or members of other schools Bernrce Scroggle and Martha Henry that 1nseparable patr Judson Latman I-Ionsmgton Joyce Whxte and Kathryn Pratt all found steadles remote from the precrncts of the school and gave not a thought to our men But be that as lt may there w1ll be no further mentron of the many and drvers amours of A H S Senxors Instead consrderatlon wxll be glven to more of the opportunltles sure to be presented to other elassers J Smrth and J Isley the two well known female Sargeants of name and fame have splendld chances of becomtng barn pa1nters It IS the op1n1on of th1s Columnlst that Isley has a slrght edge rf they pamt em red And let s not forget that paragon of Maestrosos that soother of the xvortes the talented Hngers of th1s blond boy Vrola Randall and Elmer Stucker are two others vyhose ethereal notes should haye an excellent chance of filllng the ether rn the future Turnxng from the machlne to the larynx we find others trefer to plcturesl vs no could alvy ays pull a 'I ommy Tucker plug for thetr vtttles Bxll Perklns and 'Vlelyln Lleberman are two Fleetwlng boys who should haye llttle trouble tn keepmg tyyo jumps ahead of the constabulary 1f the occaslon should LX er arlse Xlrss HJFYIUQIOH IS set to mrddle alsle xt m August nf he doesn t go Black on h r so here s a he mrty tareyy ell and yxe hope they become debaters 'Xllss I-Iendrlekson h s mdyxsed us exeellently durmg the past three years and yye say Thanks and good luck O pal Pl o all the other members of the faculty yy ho 1re to remam vue extend our thxnks for thelr myaluabl nd md guxdanee md ue vetsh them Well Sl here s llttl else ue cm sn and so th1s elass ofthe fatal year l 9 3 6 passes out yy 1th a final admonlshment to the undergrads Out of the trenches by Class Da I V . Y 7 Y I Y S 7 Y , Y . 7 . , . Y V I I V 7 . 7 AA Y Q l' I 3 . 'A Y ' y 1 v 4 v. ' v v v I 'l v ' Y' YT I v y I A . ' if 1 I . , . . . v ' V - . , , , the jovlal Junlor Prange, Any group that dxspenses rhythm wouldn t overlook , I . v I 1 3 Y 1 . ' ' 1 ' 1 r I I A 1 V' .1 'I 17 I Y V! I 1 X I 31 I 7 I 1 - 1 V . I XVI I 1 . g . , 6 Y 5 1' xl v 1 Vx V1 3 I Y 3 5 1 1 . A I 3 I' a L V. x 3 'H 1 Y 4 S 73 V5 . L , . I 4 X 1 x 3 3 L V Y t 3 3 Y 1 K k I' ' f K C L' K y 4 -sv K vs v' s ve - ' , ,' ' C, , V, K ktyv X 'X - M s vm , , , an Y' I i 3 5 - if 1 ! Y Y ,, HL' D 2 . Q vi Ls 17 .11L L 1 1 L LosmL11 11111 LS from Lr1n2 111L dL11rLss1On L 17 Ls1dLn1 111 111 C Ns 11 1 1n L 1 IJIT1 111 IS L111 1L1m 1r11u .1111 LIL 11.1n H1 11s 1111n L11 Ll 11n 11111 L11 I L Fl111LlL 1 LI IS hand has 11111111.1111 11.11n1Ld n11n1 1 1111 1 1111s11r 1nd 1115 11LLOr:11Ld tor 5L1'lOO1 111r11Ls LsLf111111 am111c1lsotXKLs1 11 I DLX! .1 Sl 1LL1 an nL .1 on 11 11 r r 119 -X su L Lkman 1-11s namL 15 1r1L1Lr1s11L 1 r L 11111 .1 111nnL1' 5 L 1.111 1 m1 L ll I1 LS I OU 1 SLU 111 1.1L X011 Lin 17111 SL L L I L 1 111 1111s I1 1 s 11 X SS XX 1 Ls 1 L 17 r 1LLn s111L 111 1111 11L11111n,. s11 L rLmLn11LrL1 11 mn: Lr 11111 1 1n1 L S L .In SL OXL1' l L 11111 nn k U11 3 1 N. 11 s 11 L 1 1 ma L 1 Lon 111n 1 m 1 1Lam IS mL1 L L 11 W111K1 11 n1L L 1 111 1 111 L111 1ssun1L 11L I1 11 I1 L111L111L1r1Ld .md 11.111Q1 1 L Hfll L L 1 r sl-L1 Xl 4 FX 11.18 111 11 1' Hrs 11 L s1r IX 1 11 fn 1 ' .11 , 1 li 1 .1 . V, T111 C 1-18 h '1 kxp 111 ' ' 1 'c f. ' 111 ' suf- '. '1A11c 1 11'1s 1.1111 1111. 11 .1L1. A111 gh he 1. f1' X 1 1 1 ' . 1171! .1 1 11 .1171 1.1 is H171 C'-411111 ' '. 11' T111 11' 1 ' c 1. . .1 511111 s111dfr11 . 11 111 .11 ' 111111 1111 11 is. C.11 " 111c B. 1111.11 1. 1 in f.1Cl .1n .111-. nL1 3 The 1L1j1 11.1'1L111L1 111 . '111 T 1 1 . ' f1 .nd 111. 111 s111 1 1 11111 1 5 111 .1 111x. 51. ' .Kd ' 'Q ' ' 1fd 'L D Q1 .X111 1111 11: 1 1 m11. 111C 'c '1 111 1111. go IO New York. 1K'1adr1g.11r 11s d1L1n1 111:11 1111 1118 ". '1 11: s1111r n111L1s 1ss111ng 1111111 IN 111c m11s1g mom .1rL c'11 ' 1 hx c 'n Q11 111 n1.11LL1 XYcs11' s ru111crs turn 1111 .11 111 ws 111' '. " 1 ' 1 . ' . '1"C 1 111 111171 r.1c' L11 .1n11 s1n-11' 11.1n11 111111 151' 1-L1 . ' 1111- . . 1' 1 ' ' . n.11' .11 R'111i11 .1n1'. 1 11. ' d'1'I1I, T111.1 cc " lf 11 fc d1 ' '1 111 in as .1 11. XY11 1111 1 1 111411 111c1f111 1'111c "C 1' T 1' cadc 111. 'L 111. 1 11 11m 1 1a ' - 1. 1 111' The 1 '11 1 A 111' dd111 1 u an . . 1111 X'l'l1 '. X1.1f1 B111 1S1n111r j131' I? tra' . 1 f ch. .' 1 " '11 hx 1.111' 15 11. He 11 in K'-014.11111 11cr 111 1' . cd C 1 511.111 " " 1 C p'C'1 ' 110 " 1n1 c11r'11c .1101 V1 ".1rs C 1:9 rf: CALENDAR 1935-36 SEPTEVIBER Sept D School opens a neve year neve prxnclpal exerythmg grand looklng forvs ard to one of the best years ever Sept l8 Exrst football game of the season Of course vxe won sunple Sept 19 '70 lenavs ee County Farr agam and dldn t ue enjoy ourselxes spend the money goodness lt yeas worth lf Sept Zl Class electrons held Harold Wes terman agarn heads the class More power to you Westy OCTOBER Ot 71 Student councll held electlons to day Alan Rorlck presmdent Harry Bub l1ck uce presldent Carolyn Thompson secretary O 5 Elre drxll Oh well got out of a minute or tvso of classes O t ll Elrst pulleatlon of Maple Leaf Doug Wade edltor lt s great and makes lts appearance bl weekly Oct '75 Won another football game NOVEVIBER Rbsence makes the heart grow fonder 'N x 8 'Vlonroe game pep meetrng school out all afternoon perfect day lmetnmg the vxeatherr huge crowd seore best lett unsaxd 'Xox Dance at Nlasonxe Slemple Cmood musle gala tlme 'Nox 78 T hanksgnrng XX e are thankful no schoel for four dn s DECEVIBFR Dee l Gut Gallups tor GCN b1rt at Su eet slxteen and . I -T1 1-, Y Y ii Y V . , U , j X 1 4 T . U - ' j I ,L 4 Y V . 4 .l I Q Yi P J Y ' 1 ' 1 r A r ' I D i 3 I 3 ' - l X c . - -e ' '- ct. - ' - ' . . ' I Y S ' 1 3 I ' i I, Y , l 1 . A Nov. 4-Mr. Farkas was absent - well, 'll' 3 I 1 .rv A YO '. -'A . N' 1 ' ' T' I Y xt ' 'A Yi I T- ...- N '. 27--- . . " V '. ..-- . m if ,I---' k,',' ,-,W ut, 2.- ' ' . . ' hd V' RA-" vsw ' f as H SCHOOL CALENDAR lcontmuedj Dec l3 Adnan won flrst Twm Valley bask etball game vuth Coldwater they vsere champs last year sorry to dlsappolnt them th1s year Dec 18 Sturgxs Adnan game yy on agaln Thus zs great yunnlng all the t1me Our hats off to you boys Dec 20 Only three more shopping days tlll Chrlstmas Messxah tomght success: Chrxstmas dance JANUARY Jan 6 VZCBIIOH sknng skatlng sleddmg and sleeplng Everybody happy Jan lO A new cltlzenshlp code has been lntroduced to A H S by the student coun c1l The Whole school woke up to the fac that here was a chance for some hot debat polltlcal conventlons were surprlsed at our orators J n 21 Mr Hayden IS no longer a plarn man buta papa A boy You bet Steven Lewls ll ewls IS pa s mlddle name! Jan 23 Well now can you beat that another bundle from heaven another proud father thls txme the beammg par ent IS Mr Abdon FEBRUARY Feb 7 Hooray No school Teachers ln stltute we heard that Hershal Decker forgot that there wasn t any school and ran all the vs ay so he wouldn t be late F b ll Happy bxrthday Edltor lM8fjOfl9 Ruth! Feb I4 One of the Edltors of Vanlty Falr Nflagazlne Allan Seager vlslted A H S Be my Valentlne Feb 29 Leap year party great every body happy We hear that Charles Der sham trled to take the prano home for a souvemr - 11. . Y 4 Y - 1. V Y - . 1 . - Y . . . Q . . - fa , ' . t ing. Home rooms took on the appearance of 8 ' Q ' . . ., ,, , , , , Y Y ' e . - ' . V . . . ' 9 YY SCHOOL CALENDAR feontrnuedl MARCH 'Vlar 4 Senior play Double Door very good orchlds to you Lillian for your superb act1ng 'VI r ll Party at Jimmy Morse s every one had a grand time and the steak Dick Gilbert had the t1me of his life pulling prac tlcal jokes Mar 27 Madrxgal group left for Gotham lNew York! good luck and happy landmg XIZICBIIOII xsn t it a relief to haye nothing to do but eat and sleep APRIL Apr1l J Apr1l fool Maple Leaf sure was a surprise All mixed up and really very ex asperatmg to read Apr1l I2 Happy Easter We sincerely hope that the Easter Bunny CRourkel wasnt selfish this year and Put all his eggs in one basket MAY May I-l Carl PlChlQf got A on an English test today You re a better man than I am Gunga D1n May 20 Mr Daley played Santa Claus to day and let all students attend lVI1dsummer Night s Dream for only two bits JUNE J une 7 Baccalaureate June 8 Send off A perfect finale to our Senior year V1'e are mdebted to you Juniors for a really superb time June 9 Senior picnic More fun Seniors are supposed to be dignified but dear m June l0 Class day Something different for a program eyerythlng vs ent off yery uell June ll Commencement PERSONALIFI Y SKETCHES CCont1nuedl O BOB BRION When as trembllng and unknowmg fresh men vee entered high school it was a w1se choice we made rn electing Bob president He has continued to be outstanding in the class as a member of the student eouncxl Maple Leaf and as a falthful attendant of school parties In football he helped to make the lm more formldable and while seldom taklng part ln a first team basketball game he was a mainstay for the reserves O H HRX EY JACKSON Harvey Jackson s name is synonomous with sports and plenty of them In fact he has thrown hlmself 1nto them so heartily that it has meant a few cracked ribs and strained muscles No school frollc would be a success without h1s presence for h1s gay antlcs are the l1fe of any party I LOUISE McKIBBEN This tall blonde IS seldom seen wlthout an armful of books or her brief case As a result of such diligent study she tied for the honor of being Hrst 1n scholarship She IS a charter member of the Latin Club and held the scr1pt for the Senlor Play Louise has yen to be a lawyer or a school teacher No doubt she will get what she goes after O BI 'I TY KING Thrs good natured gal has one of the most contagious glggles weve ever heard When Betty laughs we ll bet a wooden nickel her compamons Join 1n She has been a member of the Band Student Council Choir and Slckl Staff -doing conscientious work in each orgamzatlon Betty IS a right good dancer and has been on hand for all the partles O BERNICI: SCROGGIE This neat blonde has a personality to match her appearance smooth and easy to take She IS friendly and always ready to help vsheney er she can Bermce IS from Room I8 and SlYlgSlf1 the choir And ol yes need ue xdd she IS the other half of the Scrog gre Henry team O NIARJORX NIOXX A I Ihese Nloyyat girls all seem to haye that something yxhlch makes an outstanding student and this yunsome gurl is no eXCep tion For Nlarjory to let a class pass by yuth out some brilliant contr1but1on would have been most unusual but she neyer lorded her abxlity oy er the less bramy mdlylduals 1 . - .1 11 1 . . . 1 . , .1 , v 1 1 . , 4 ' ... 1 1 .i - 1 a . 1 . ' 1 . . 11 . 1 C ' 1 . T 1 f, e I 1 - - 1 . y . V 1 V , I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1, . ' 1 1 " 1 I H , , - 11 - - .. 11 11 - 1 1 1. 11 - .1 11 - ' M . . , , 7 . .. 1 V ' . 1 . ,, . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 - . . . . . . ,, 1 L L. Y , l 1 . . 3 . A, . .1 . 1 11 - L 1 1 1 1 1 l ' 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,i -1 1 1 1 e I , . 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 I I I ' 1 T. 11 11 D . J, 1 1 1 1 - .. 11 .. . 11 1 1 1 1 4 e . 1, 1 1 1 3 1 l 1 L, 1 i 1 1 . . I 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 i , A A ,' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 11 11 L. 1 U . 1. V . i . 1 -., 1 ,-L 1 1 1 - - - - e. 1 1 1 1 1 , , 111 1 11 11 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1' . I - 11 ' I ' 1. 11 11 1 111 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 PERSONALITY SKETCHES fCont1nuedP O ALAN RORICK It wont be long now before thls up and comlng lad w1ll be toexng the lane at West Poxnt Alan s appoxntment was not too much of a SUFDYISC because of the grade of work he has done rn hrgh school Hrs scholastlc ratmg IS thlrd rn the class and as presxdent of the student councrl he has mxtxated many student projects On the Slckle he d1d a capable Job of brxngmg 1n the ads and balancmg the budget O DOYLE ZIVIMERMAN lt may be that sleekly combed halr or per haps that odd lookmg scar but whatever xt IS Doyle has a host of admxrers and not all femmme exther One could neyer tell by hrs astonrshmgly hxgh scholastlc record that ne IS a mere mfant of fifteen He has a knack of domg thmgs a lrttle brt sooner and a llttle better than anyone else whlch may account for hrs place on the Maple Leaf and Sxckle staffs O MARGUERITE BAILEY Contrnually good natured and wearlng cheerful smlle to proye rt guess who Why Marguerlte Balley of course Because of her splendrd work 1n vocal muslc she was one of the chosen few to go on the New York tr1p We ve never asked her but her motto mrght S Y I groans and grouches neyer pay I ELMER STUCIKER Here s a boy who can really make the musre go round and round He plays a French horn and when he plays xt comes out here Elmer IS a member of the Band and Orches tra and srngs well enough to warrant belng 111 the Cholr Added to hrs musrcal 3blllfl6S he has been actrve ln Speech Maybe he s a blower but xt s all for a good cause O OLIVER HARACOURT IIIh1s tall boy has often been the center of attention on the basketball court Ollver also went out for baseball and was one of Mr Warren s boys To those vyho know hrm he answers to Ott or Olly As yet he says No women for me We wonder lf he means O MARGARET MARR Thus tall and slender gxrl IS well known among our musxc clrcles She has been a mem ber of the Cholr and Orchestra And oh yes Margaret IS one of the Madrxgal Group too We re not sure lf lf s Hill BllllCS she llkes but she does go rn for Brllys O RICHARD BRAUTIGAM Dxck IS a member of the Speech home room and we ve often wondered lf th1s IS the reason he IS such a yersatrle blower He seems to be able to blow on about anythlng and every thmg One of Drck s favorlte pastlmes IS danc mg and he rs sure to be among those present wherever dancmg IS 1n progress I CORNELIA MOLL It was not ln the least surprrsmg that Cor nella s loyely contralto volce was judged the wmner of the L1ly Pons contest held at the Croswell ln February Her vorce has been a source of much dehght durrng the last year at concerts over the radlo broadcasts m the Chrrstmas presentatron of the Messiah and w1th the Madrrgal smgers Nela also bowed a bass vxol ln the orchestra O MARGUERITE LAIMAN When a freshman Marguerxte Larman was elected most beautlful glrl but for once the adage beautlful but dumb 1S not true As Ann the pretty young wlfe ln Double Door Rlta captlvated the audlence Wlfh her charmmg manner and made their harr stand on end vtlth some very prercxng shrreks It seems to be a hablt of hers th1S walklng off wrth cholce parts rn dramatrc productlons Thrs bale and hardy lad comes from the V1 c1n1ty of Onsted He has made hlmself prom ment rn dramatxcs taklng the part of Neff rn Double Door Other 3CflVlIl9S have rn cluded COUHCll and shootlng snaps for the Srckle Drck IS always wrllmg to do what ever he can and of hrm we say a jolly good fellow O BELLADEAN BAER IlIh1s laughlng brown eyed glrl halls from down Palmyra way Her pleasrng personallty has gamed her many frlends although she has been at Adrlan H1gh only two years Bemg a member of the Latxn Club A Capella ChOlf Student Councll and Sickle Staff certainly hasn t lowered her grades Bell s ambltxon IS to be a nurse may she attaln the success she deseryes O CORWIN ARNOLD Corwm IS rather a umque person he doesn t talk unless he has somethmg worthwhrle to say May be that s the method he used to carry off all the A s If rt rs xt certamly has worked He s a Future Farmer and the boys all say a swell person a swell worker' I , . . I V II 3 I 1 . I . ,I - . v V I Y I V I . . I 44 ' ' 'Y . . 7 I I AI I s V . -T J I . . , x . , . , V I ' 1 . . .I r . be Wrth a smrle and a son I rnlon m wa t, . RICHARD GILBERT I . . , ' . A - -' - .. ,I ,L , , - - I ..f j ,H f I 4- ' uv . . . 1 I . A, . , AA V1 ' V I ' Y - , I AA n I . Y . , 4. ,yy I - I . I . iri 1 , . , W V C3 f sw 'K' md 'x ' r X A G AUXN 5476, 0, 'ffl x Qsssk Q f' W ff " W-X 'x 6 at C N 3 -fx 575 X X Q wxvmf I 6 'Q W "' ff QLD 'L v-WW If ljkf 'RN lxxsf- of 4' ,f lf 5 ' an WWW 47 if N 3 JWAGQ Q f Q 1QM91ON fl Nw lg G7 'A gk f X 49' GUY gc, 'I I 1 M '1 'HK Os f 6, Q0 I 'NNY-'N 5 Q Q3 XLXNG 1 if XFX 1 V f ' ww f W -M' L W X' N av 'N w N I 5-X 4: f P U Q W 7 v' iff- 1 lb XZSL1 I " is CJ Q h F: 'T I Ss L ,rw , 4' I ' 5 'ii '7 2 f ' 4 S " 9' .. ,QI lb N SL' Z ! Q Q. ff f me 'N X ' ": -X 232 .0 Y " ? 'N' '. S- W ff i P V" I r X I - W 'E yu f ,Qgjk SX ii I X 'fr ' f' 1: , '. Q 'x' w 1 'JG I l I, ' ,Xa 'f 'LL X 3, . Nf API! s 2- QQN' x U ,, 3- 1 C G 5,.. 0 '- . 9 M lf' J: Q L, x f if '41 'lk U Tx 1 Jr' ryi- 'yt ' , ,. Tx D 5 X :M Q :Sv 12 ' ,, A1 0 Qgqfm f ,I 'I -3 'ua Wx Q l.M'xA , . , N Ixwlgl fi, ,Z 'C ' W, 'A A 1 xl r x Lf +3 .. X! lf . ' fp - , A :rj Fxf f , S AQ www 'W My VC! Q mmwf f K 97 G. N f J' Q N fl XXRAX 5 3 f"iX,f , R K? X f", X W 45, XML X531 ,H RX 2 K 0 5 fffgx X mjx iwfwm A Qu, mf 1? X X Uxmi MHQW iDD1fgQ 4 X0 , 5 I. w LKEIN Momzoei M Xjxmxmxuri J ,Z , ' QQ' ffffss ,fx E XX? KXNW lj! KYPY WDA UQ J9XfQQ7fA X FRESHMAN RECEPTICN A party an honor of the freshmen yy as gn en by the junrors and senxors on Frlday Noyember l at the 'Nlasonlc Temple Larry De Vaney and has Collegrans of Toledo furmshed the yery enjoy able and danceable tunes Hosts and hostesses yy ere appornted to help the puprls to become better ac quaanted Thrs plan yy orked out yery successfully and eyeryone had a good trme The decoratrons were rn l-lalloyye en colors black and orange vs 1th stream ers across the top of the ballroom and balcony The commattee rn charge was Belladean Baer eharrnaan Opal Harnaes Dlek Gllbert and Alan Rorack The patrons and patronesses yyere Vlr and Vlrs Lattle Mr and Vlrs Farkas Mr and Vlrs Ram er 'Vlxss I-lendrackson and Mr Abdon CHRISTMAS PARTY A delightful party was held just before the Chrrstmas holldays lt was gn en December 20 at the Masonac Temple after the presentatron of the Mes saa The decoratrons consrsted of red and green streamers across the cealrng and two Chrrstmas trees on the stage wrth colorful trrmmlngs and llghts Jumor Prange s orchestra furnlshed the musrc The chaperons were Mr and Mrs Llttle Mr and Mrs Farkas Mr and Mrs Westerman and Mass Hendrrckson The commrttee 1n charge was Betty lilng chalrman Randall Palmer and Treva Ey ery LEAP YEAR PARTY Leap Year alyyays requ1res a brg celebrataon Thas party vyas held February 29 1936 at the Masonlc Temple Everyone came stag The grrls had the programs and asked the boys to dance The entertarners for the floor shoyy were Phyllls Streu and George Bowen tap dancers and Cornelaa Vloll George Walters and George Wextzel srngers The walls of the Temple were decorated w1th huge cardboard figures Junror Prange s orchestra furnlshed the musrc Jean Smath and Junaor Prange were rn charge of arrangements The chaperons were 'Xlr and 'Vlrs Lrttle 'Nlr and Nlrs Kelly Vlr What ney and Mr Abdon SENIOR SEND OFF The annual Senaor Send OH was held Monday eyenrng June 8 at Sand l ake The dance hall had been redecorated and looked yery colorlul Yo person out slde ol sehool as as aelnaltted yyrtlaout a guest taeket T lie chaperons lor the eyenrng yyere 'Xlr and Nlrs George l rttle 'Nlr and 'Xflrs Robert Hayden 'Xlr and Xlrs Earl Kelly 'Vlr and 'Xlrs Sana lxrng and 'Xlr XV1ll1am Shepherd T he eom narttee for tlae Send Off yeas selected by Clare 'Vlunger Junror Presrdent at rn eluded Jane Peterson lzlsbeth Sexffer X rncent Comstock and Rlclaard XVh1te The elass adyrser yn as 'Xlr lxelly V 1 1 1 V V V 1 V V V . . 1 . V V 1 V V , 1 1 1 V1 1 1 1 6 1 1 V 1 V1 V V V1 V Y 'W 7 - - V 1 V 1 1 1 e . 1 3 s 1 1 x A 5 . C K V 1 t 1 1 V L I L . 1 1 V1 1 1 A . A V V . A . V1 1 V 1 A . A .A 1. 1 . 1 1 V - 'h" 11 1 1 1 V V 7 1 V V 1 V V 1 V V . 1 4 1 . e 1 V V V 1 1 V 1 V V . V 1 1 1 1 V' 1 V 1 V . 1 . 1 . V1 . 1 . .1 . V f 1 1 1 V 1 1 V 1V1 1 e e . V V ec 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 V1 V 1 .e . I .1 -' 1 q -- V 1 V 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . 1, e . 1 1V1 V1-1 V - 1 1 1 f 1 V 1 V A .e A 1 . .1 1 1 . L .A 1 1 V V 1 1 1- , 1 ,, V1 . . . 1 . . 11 1 1 V -1 1 1 V 1 1 1 - - e I e 1 V V - . V. V . S 1 1 x '1 1 'A 3 I 1 . f 1 - V 1 V 1 V . e 1 , . ALUM I CLASS OF 34 MARJORIE TAYLOR Dottr Ztxtyttinxtax Rosle Abraham Adrtan R l D Gordon Albtg C C C Camp Jeannette Albro Adrtan Mtchtgan Darwm Anderson Schyyane Electrtc Adrtan Mary Armtstead Monroe 'Vltchtgan Edward Bancroft Adrtan College Mable Barnes Adrtan Vltchtgan Portta M tBarnesl Hotstngton Adrtan X trgtnta Bates Adrtan College Cleantha Becker Adrtan 'Vltchtgan luctlle tBeentngl Retnhart Harrtctt Beery Adrtan Mtchtgan Helen Bentsh Detrott Mtchtgan Henrtetta Beutelle Detrott Mtchtgan Isabelle Btggs Ford Hospttal Detrott 'Vltch Beatrtcc Btrchheld lanstng Mtchtgan Berntce KB-latsdelll Decker Adrtan R T D Harrtette Bogert Adrtan R F D Judson Bowers Adrtan Mtchtgan -llbert Breckel Adrtan College Dorothy Brehmer Smtth s Greenhouse Adrtan Marytn Brock Adrtan Mtchtgan Dauphtn Burns Adrtan Mtchtgan Fyelyn Butler Adrtan Mtchtgan Joseph Butler Adrtan Mtchtgan Layerne Butler Adrtan Mtchtgan Rtchard Calktns Adrtan College Donald Carter Reedle s Barber Shop Adrtan Allen Chtlds Adrtan Datly Felegram Constance Clark Mtchtgan State College East l anstng Mtchtgan Mabel Clegg J C Penney Co Adrtan Dorothy tCloughl Sheldon 'Tecumseh XVeslet Coffey-Ctttes Servtce Gas Statton Adrtan Nltchtgan John Cole Vyeston Mtchtgan Auldene lConel Fracey Adrtm Vltchtgan Betty 1Couelll Russell Adrtan 'Vltchtgan Leonard Culttce Untterstty of Mtchtgan Ann Arbor Mtldred Curtts Adrtan College Roberta Darnton Adrtan Vltchtgan Beatrtce tDarstetnl Butler Adrtan Stella Dean Adrtan Mtchtgan George Dersham Nttal Tratntng School Ruth tDoxeyl Hayes Adrtan Ruth Drtscoll Tecumseh Mtchtgan Robert Ftsenmann San lranctsco Caltfornta Vkltlltam Elkerton U S Coast Guard louts Fmerson C C C Camp Ieolt hrlacher Adrtan 'Wtchtgan lrene Fegley Detrott Mtchtgtn Darold Fet7er Sprtng Co Adrtan Mtch Oscar Foote Adrtan College Velma Foote Adrtan Mtchtgan Ruth French Morenct 'Vltchtgan Fyelyn Frttts Adrtan Vltchtgan Bettv Froeltch Detrott Mtchtgan Robert Frve Amertcan Cable Co Adrtan Joe Furbush Stmplex Adrtan Mtchtgan lola Furbush McCellans Adrtan Vltchtgan 0 Helen rGadomsktl Johnson Tecumseh Franc Gage Adrtan Vltchtgan Phtllts Gallaytay Adrtan R F D 7 Donald Garnsey J C Penney Co Adrtan 'Vlarguertte Gasner Beauty School Dearborn Glenn Goodale Smtth Store Adrtan Frances Goodwtn Adrtan Mtchtgan Haryey Gray Adrtan Mtchtgan Eyelyn Green Pages Adrtan Vltchtgan 'Vlargaret Greene Vladtson Tow nshtp Georgtana Gretman Adrtan 'Vltchtgan l tlltan Grtnnell 'Vltchtgan State College Lanstng Vltchtgan I awrence Hardy 'Vltchtgan Slate College lanstng Mtchtgan Devtey Harsh Adrtan R F D Bud Havyley Santtary Cleaners Adrtan Frances Heckert Adrtan College Elwabeth Hetnrtch Ttpton Mtchtgan Roman Hess Adrtan Mtchtgan Dollte lHesselswart1l Patterson Adrtan Dolores Htgley Jasper Vltchtgan Maxtne Htglev latrtield Mtchtgan Wtlltam Hooter Adrtan College Odeyne Hostetler Adrtan R F D Helen tHughesl Ingraham Brooklyn Jack Hughes Jackson Vltchtgan llora 1Hulettl Tenner Htllsdale Vltchtgan June Hyder Toledo Ohto Florence Jackson Adrtan Mtchtgan Harrtett Johnson Adnan Mtchtgan Jane Johnson J C Penney Co Adrtan Jack Jordan Sptelmans Nursery Adrtan Max Kensltr Adrtan Mtchtgan Fduarc lxtddifhtsholms News Agency Adrtan Mtchtgan XVtlford Ktdmtn Adrtan R F D Robert Ketst Detrott Mtchtgan Fyelyn fKtgerl Smtth Adrtan Mtchtgan Arlene fKtngl lmmons XX auseon Ohto Robert Ktng Court House-Adrtan Mtch C B Kttchen C C C Camp luctlle Knebush Adrtan Nltchtgan Vlargaret Kntght Mtchtgan State College Ianstng Mtchtgan Fsther Kobneck Ienawte Hotel Coffee Shop Adrtan Mtchtgan XVtlltarn Krueger Adrtan Vltchtgan Vlary Kuhn Rome Center Mtchtgwn Donald Kunet Adrtan College 'Vltdgc tleurnl Htll Adrtan Mtchtgan Vlarjorte tlearnl ltnd y Adrtan Vltch Harxex letntngcr Aclrttn 'Xltchtgan Kathertne Icyxts Adrtan College Nlelvtn lexus Sprtng Factory Adrtan Robert l tndbtrt Adrtan College Besste tl tndlel Thompson Bltssfield Mtch Exelxn tl oarl Vlorse Jasper Mtchtgan Genrose l outh Adrtan Vltchtgan Vkarren Maclxen7te Tennesste Mtlttarv lnstttute Sweet Water Tennessee Vlary Maloney Judges Jewelry Co Adrtan - V , 4 v 4 r 1' . . r r t 1 . . , 1 . r -- , r . 1 ' . 1 . t 1 . 1 . t . --t ' - 1 1- , t . Yi , ' . , 4 ik I 1 . , A 1 , . t . , , . . . . r Y . . t 14 --1 . '-1 . t Y. -i . r . . . T . , , 4 V , ' ' 1 A . I I . 1- . t -- ' --- , t 4 1 V "" r Y . . , , V I .. , . , V v I . . . t . r 1 . t ' . ' A , . . , . . 1 , Y . . . . -AA . , , 1 t , t . - ' 1 . A 1 ' I' 1 . . . V . V . . . : , . . -- ' . . ' 1 . t . , 1 . t ' 1 t , 1 . ' t ' 1 . . . . , x I , . . , I . V A .l . ll, 1x I 1 4. , l I l ' 1 . . . . . 1 . . , t L . . A 1 . . r 1 . t r t , t . SJ '1. , t . 4 f- , . ' ' . Y' 11 . , t ' . 14 Y . .. , . , ' -r t 4 11 t , ' 1. K '. 1 . t C , 1 . t . - . t , . . 1 , . 1 . t . , V , . x . . . 1 . . l t ' . '--- . ' ' .. t I ' CLASS OF H34-"-Continued Evelyn 1MathenyJ Platt Adrtan Mtchtgan Leo Matheny Tecumseh Products Co Tecumseh Arvena Maybee Ypstlantt State l'Normal Janet Meeker Schwarze Electrtc Adrtan Helena tMertllatJ Galesk Adrtan Mtchtgan Lowell Metz Adrtan Mtchtgan Opal lMetzl OHaver Adrtan Mtchtgan Robert Meyers Adrtan R I- D Z Arlene QMtlltmanj Flynn Toledo Ohto Mtldred Mtner Onsted Mtchtgan Luella Moeller Adrtan R F D Marjorte Moore Palmyra Mtchtgan James Moran Detrott Mtchtgan Mary Morse J C Penney Co Adrtan Welcome Morton Adnan Mtchtgan Vtvtan Mowat Adrtan College Harold Munger Adrtan College lanet Munger Adrtan College Norma Murphy Adrtan Mtchtgan Robert Myers Adrtan College Harrtett Neytson Adrtan R I D Robert Ntchols Adrtan Mtchtgan Bud Ntcoltne Romulus Mtchtgan Medford Palmer Wolf Creek Mtchtgan Jean Ptckford DeVtlbtss Co Toledo Ohto Hattte tPtcklesJ Sternberg Chtcago Ill Eleanor Ptfer Adrtan Mtchtgan Russell Potts Mtchtgan State College Lanstng Mtchtgan V na tPottsl Patsley Adrtan Mtchtgan Her ert E Pratt Toledo Ohto Herbert L Pratt Mtchtgan Producers Adrtan Mtchtgan Clyde Procter Oldsmobtle Company Lanstng Mtchtgan Helen Qutgley Sweete Shoppe Adrtan Neva Remmele Adrtan Mtchtgan 'Nlora Remmele Adrtan Mtchtgan Orpha tRobackl Morton Adrtan Mtehtgan Arthur Roekle Adrtan Mtchtgan Vtvtan Roesch Adrtan Mtchtgan Donna Rowley-Cttt7ens Itght id Power Co Adrtan Mtchtgan Stephante RXYHBY J C Penney Co Adrtan Mtchtgan John Santose Detrott Mtchtgan Vlaybelle tShafIerl lxatser Adrtan Mtch Berntce Schell Adrtan Mtchtgan Alma Schwtchert Adrtan Mtchtgan Earl Schwtchtenberg Ypstlantt State Normal College Isabelle Seel Sweete Shoppe Adrtan Mtch Thelma Sewell Adrtan Mtchtgan Jane Shutes Adrtan Mtchtgan Atce Slater Adrtan R I D 3 Altce Smtth Woolworths Adrtan Mtch Barbara lsmtthj VN'ood Adrtan Mtchtgan Burton Smtth Adrtan College Adrtan Luctlle Smtth Purtty Shop Adrtan Mtch Vtrgtnta Smtth Kalama7oo College Kalama7oo Mtchtgan Frances Smock Cutler T5 Dtckerson Adrtan Ctladys Sneyd Jenkyns Tavern Adrtan Arthur Snyder Adrtan Mtchtgan Erma lSpaldtngl Rtchardson Lvons Ohto Kathertne Spetgel Schwar7e Llectrtc Adrtan Dorothy Stange+Adrtan Mtchtgan Carlton Stetn Adrtan Mtchtgan Vtctor Stetn-C C C Camp Helen Stetten Nu way Stretch Adrtan Margaret Stevens Berdell Stevenson Sagtnaw Mtchtgan Frances Stoll Adrtan Mtchtgan Robert Sutton Detrott Mtchtgan Ara Taylor Adrtan Mtchtgan Jane Taylor Lucas County General Hospttal Toledo Ohto Fredertck Thompson Hart Shaw Drug Co Adrtan Mtchtgan Berntce Van Doren Adrtan Mtchtgan Bertha Van Doren Adrtan Mtchtgan Cyrtl Van Syckle Wolf Creek Mtchtgan Byron Wealey Adrtan Mtchtgan Helen Walls Detrott Mtchtgan Jeanne Welhousen Morrts 5 'U 10 Adrtan Elda Westgate Adrtan Mtchtgan Raymond Xvestgate Adrtan College Hartwell Whtte Adrtan Mtchtgan Vtrgtnta lVVtdgerl Sttnson Palmer Woods 'Vltchtgan Cathryn Wtggtns Adrtan College Harold Wtld A fd P Store Adrtan Mtch Edmer Wtllnow Morrts 5 U IO Adrtan Dorothy tWonderl Dentston Fltnt Mtch Chloe Yaw Athens Ohto Carl Yeutter Adrtan R I D Alberta Youngs Adrtan R F D 3 CLASS OF 35 lots Albtg Adrtan Vltchtgtn Jack Alhro Vltd State Steel if Vetre Ienec Co Adrtan Mtchtgan Flwtn Alder+Cttx Surteyors ofllee Adrtan Inex Alexander Adrtan Mtchtgan lane tAllenl lxellt Tetumselt Vltchtgan Maxtne Allomong Adrtan 'Vltehtgtn ldt tAltersonl Gott Adrtan R l 3 Harlow Anderson-C I Smtth Stort Adrtan Mtchtgan Roger Anderson J C' Pertrtex Adrtan I-terett Batlet North Adrtan Vltehtgan Vltx Bttltx The Rlll Adrtan Nltchtgan le trtl Bttlex Se IKNIIIL t Adrtan Iltltheth Baker XX oolworth s 'Q ii l0 Adrtan tvitehtgtn lenor Baneerttr lxtlamtfoo Notnttl Col lege Kalama7oo Mtchtgan Robert Bartholomew Palmyra Mtehtgan 'Vlarte Baumgarten Adrtan Mtchtgan Elman Becker Adrtan Nltchtgan Vkeldon Becbe Rome Center Mtchtgan XX ells Beebe Rome Center 'Vltchtgan Rowena KB-ennettl lxtlbourne Adrtan lllts Bernd! Sheldons Adrtan Mtchtgan Loutse rBertraml Smtth Adrtan Nltchtgan Iarl Btddtx Adrtan Mtehtgan Ilorence Btrchheld Ann Arbor 'Xltchtgart leland Blatn-Ctttes Sert tee Co Adrtan 'Naomt Blesstny., Adrttn 'Vltehtgtn Robert Borruseh Adrtan College Annte Bradtslt Irt Sttte Ioledo O to l ots Bragg l ttdtngton Nltelttgmn Xrnold Breeltel Xdrttn R . . , V 4 , 1 ' , ' ' l' - A . . 3. . '-- . . V I ' V Q' . I A -1 . 1' . A D -' ' ' t I v , l A vi . t . . I L , 1 ' rl T A , A . I 1 A . . I. . ..-A . e . .. - .. t A . ' ,-. .- g -A ' ', V . .7 . ,' A ' 'v .' , ,YY ' ll 'A ',L vt - t " .,Y ' . ' .- ., i . .ki . A 4. .y f . ' I ' -4 ', :,, , ' V.-'AY ' 4. 1' 4 ' "t it H-. H ' A ,j ,' Wi ' V .. t U U' t' U .I 'ff A. , I 4' Al. R"h. .4 ' '---. 'l '. ' ' Iflec rtc. ' ' -- ' ,A " 5 . .-,Y v 1' 'V '. ' V y h ' A ' 4- 'tk 1 7 112. ' 1 V. '- 'yt .' e- J' '-- '. .' t' ' . Q I " '- I '. . .li D. CLASS OF Gertrude Bruen Adnan Mtchtgan Jane Brydon Potomac State College Kaiser Vyest Vtrgtnta Anna Buelke Adrian Mtchtgan Harold Butler Adrian Recreation Club Paul Catrns Adrian College Hal Case Simplex Adrian Michigan Jack Cassell Western Vltlttary Academy Alton Fredrick Howard Mtnerya Mildred Clough Palmyra Michigan Pauline Cohrs Adrian Xtttan Comstock Adrian Michigan Doris Conklin Foxs Adrian 'Nltchtgan Maxine Conklin Adrian 'Vltchtgan Illeanore Corser Toledo Ohio Mary lCottrtlll Shepherd Adrian Nltch Frances Crandall Adrian 'Vltchtgan Carl Crone Adrian Mtchtgan Irene Daley Business College Ypsilanti Dorothy Dayts Adrian College Flwood Dayts lNu Way Stretch Factory Adrian Mtchtgan Var Ness Demlow Vandeceteye Foundry Fern Dentel XVolf Creek Michigan Xtrgtnta Dermyer Croswell Theater Adrian Mtchtgan Irene Dickerson Jackson Michigan Frances Dtllon Adrian Michigan XValter Dodd Spring Factory Adrian Victor Dowling Tipton Mtchtgan 'Nlorma Driscoll Morris 5 fd IO Adrian Illtnots Chelf Adrian Cheney Busy Clegg Adrian College Bee Adrian Vltch Michigan Mtchtgan Wtnfred Faton Telephone Ofhce Adrian Burton Fggleston Haryey Dry Cleaning Co Adrian Michigan Joe Elkerton U S Coast Guard Detrott Agnes Eytlstser Iancaster Ohto Ha7el Faler Itne O Scribe Adrian Vltch Bernard Fet7er Adrian Mtchtgan Kenneth Ftgy X an Camps Adrian Mtch Curtis Ftlter Simplex Adrian Michigan Grace Itnkell St Joseph s Academy Adrian Marian French Adrian Michigan Flt7abeth Fretwell Adrttn Mtchtgan Catherine Furhman Ypsilanti Mtchtgan Barrett Geehan Adrian Michigan Iyadel Ctbbs Adrian Mtchtgan Iune Gtlhert Monroe Michigan XVtllttm Gilmore Adrian College John Gmetner Untyerstty of Mtthtgtn Ann Arbor Arthelta Gocken Clayton Michigan Agnes Goodwin Adrian College Mae Gray Detrott Michigan VJavne Hale Adrian Michigan Iatern Hamilton Adrian Michigan Frances Hansen Adrian Michigan Doris lH1rknessl Johnson Clinton Mtch Gordon Harland Mtchtgan State East Lansing Vltchtgan Daytd Harris Palmyra Michigan Charlotte Harrison-Clayton Michigan Arlene Harsh Adrian Mtchtgan Helen Hatt Adrian Mtchtgan Mabel Hayford Women Y5 Childrens General Hospital Toledo Ohio June Heabler 'Vlontgomery Vkard s Adrian 35 Continued Vtrgtnta Htle McClellans Adrian Mtch Dorothy fHtlll VVoller Adrian R F D Luther I-Itll--City Serytce Adrian Mtchtgan Vlaryel Htlyard Adrian Michigan Terry Htx-C C C Camp Geraldine Holt? Adrian Michigan Dwight Horn Adrian Mtchtgan Vlartan Howard Adrian R F D Raymond Howard Adrian R I D Herbert Howe Adrian Vltchtgan Vytllttm Hughes Smiths Greenhouse Adrian Mtchtgan Leland Humphrey Wilcox Hardware Co Adrian Mtchtgan Ftert Ilylander Van Camps Adrian Betty Jessup Sand Creek Michigan Floyd Johns Adrian Michigan Gladys Johnson Adrian Mtchtgar Phvllts Judson R I D Adr n Dorothy Kahn Adrian Vltchtgan Leland Kayner Cleary s Business College Ypstlantt Michigan Charles Kenney I tne O Scribe Adrian Esther fKn1ckJ Mapes Adrian Michigan The a Krabtll Ch tstmas Insurance Co Adrian Mtchtgan 'outs Krue er Simplex Adrian Mtchtgar Vtrgtnta Kuster St Josephs College Adrian Michigan Mary Lake Adrian College Fugene LaSalle-Untverstty of Michigan Ann Arbor Kathleen Lehman Adrian R F D Beatrice LaValley Adrian 'Vltchtgan Archie Itndsay Jasper Michigan Anna Ioyelmd J C Penneys Adrian John lVlcNaughton Adrian College Htldred fMapesl Ash Detrott Mtchtgan Richard Marlatt McClellans Adrian Dorothy fMarrl Hyter Toledo Ohto Ivel McKtmmy University of Michigan Orpha McKtmmy University ot' Mtchtgan Katherine Mel aughltn Trt State Toledo Ohio Jeanne McPhatl Cleary s Bu mess College Ypsilanti 'Vltch Rltce tMetnkel Collar Adrian Michigan Donna Mtlev Secretary of Boy Scouts Adrian Michigan Flt7abeth Miller Trt State Toledo Ohio Robert Mtlltktn Cttt7ens Itght T5 Power Co Adrian Michigan Lawrence Mitchell Spring Factory Adrian Martttm Moran VVeston Michigan Harold Mutr Palmyra Michigan Geryatse Mull Morris 5 fd I0 Adrian Betty Myers Adrian Mtchtgan James Myers Adrian Michigan Mildred Pangburn F M C College Berrien Sprtn s Michigan Jack Pfetffle Adrian College Glenwood Pfister Millers Ice Cream Co Adrian Michigan XVtlltam Plank Adrian Michigan Carroll Pow ell Adrian College Ruth Randall Adrian College Vltldred Ray Junior Colle e Bav Ctty Eloise fRaym0ndl Elliott Adrian Mtch Margaret Reed Detrott Michigan K tt H - ' ' f ' I V V , , ,. .V . , VV V. ? '. . . V V V' if . . V' ' 7 ' , t ' . , , - . 5, . ia ' 7 . t L - . I Vg . . . - V. V. V V V V. M- , V V V B- .' . . i . i I I i f T. . .. V V V V V V . V . . A- V . . VV . A VV Vi . V . V . , V A . . I . . . . V , . . . T . . l I . i I . A I 1 i . I 4 I Marguerite Duerr-Adrian, Michigan Payson Lincoln--Adrian. R, F. D. -I T ' ,' I L . ' t f . , I . . . 1 . V . . V .1 V V. V, V 4 I - 1 It v ' I F I 4. L ' . V . ...V A . . V . V. . . A ' 1 I . tt Cl ASS OF Rohert Reed lasper 'Vltehlgln George Richards loundrx -Xdrun Xllch Cla1r Rlehttr Smmplex Adnan X11 htgan Helen Rmqluxst Cadmus Xlthlgan kenneth Rmqman Adnan Xlnthtaan Slbxl Rtt hue Xdrxan Colltge Dorm n Rockwell Rome Center Xlm hlgan New Ro lsuell Chtmpugn lll lthra Rogers Palmxra Xlnchxgan Harlex Rule Slmplex Xdrman 'Xfltlmmn Xytxel Russell -Xdrman Xll hleln Vxrgmna Ruth Xdrnn Xlntlutgan lames Shassoereer Xdrlan Nltclttgan Ieonard Shober Adnan Colltge Xdrun Donald Sehomp Cunmnehmm Drug Co Dttrott Vllehlgan Adnan Mltlmgn loulse fShafl'erl DLNILS Xdrun X'l1th1g,1n Bessie Sherman ljtlmxra RllClllL1T'l Rlchlrd Shermm 1Xclrnn 'XlllxlllQ.,ll"l Alun Slddall 1Xdr11n College Harold Sxmmons Schxmrft l ltttrxe Xdrun Robert Slslnner Xdrun lX1lthlQ.,ll'l Charles Sfflllll Adrian h1lxl1lj,'ll'I Kenneth Smith Adnan Nlxthtetn Robert Smtth founty Road Commxsslon lessu Spaur lJUI'llX let Cream Co Adrnn Itland Spre men XXattr Xlkorks Adrian Raymond Stark Simplex Adnan NllChlg8I'l Ha7el Steele Tnpton M1 hxgan Gllda Stexenson lxrestdt lndustrx fXdr1an l outs Strong ljrentlce lactory Adnan Doris Surf! llpton Michigan l1ll1an Thompson Adrnn lXf'l1eh1g,an Iuh Totttn fXClr11n Mtchlgun 35 Contmued XXarren Iotten-Chlsolms Nuts Ageencx Adrnn Vlxehlgan 'Nellxc Slounsend llsher Real lstate Co Xdrxan Xfllehtgan Kxthrxn Lnderuood Adnan Xltthtgan Betts XanDusen -Xdrxan College Norman XXallser Auto Inn Xdrun Xlth tnl L XX ll Detrott X'l1ch1g,an lramts XX arner-Court House Adrnn Ptul XX1sh1ng,ton Dttrolt Nltelztemtt Um XXelssttr Adnan 'Vltchmgan Vlxrtl-, lXX7ets1l Collar fXdr11n Xltehlgern Vlaretrtt XXtlls St Josephs Attdemx Adrun Nllehtgzan lean XX tsttrman -Xdrlan Collage ltrrms XXtst511te XXhttecross Rmdutor Co Adnm X tllard XX'hltthtr Strmt, lt tt XX1lm1 4XXh1t herl Blddlx Adrltn 1Xlx1n XX1tlutls Adrnn Vllehtetn Robert XX'1g,g,1ns Adnan Xlrehuetn twert XX'1llnoxx rXdr11n R l Fdutn Mtbel Robert VlOlLl XV1llls XX1lson Adnan Vltchmgan XX otrmr Adnan Vltchxgtn XX oller NIXOH s NllllSlk. 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S ly Hopmg your future wlll be as prosperous as you have helped fo ma e ours Cl-IISHOLIVI STORES NEAR THE THEATERS a up s Photo Shop PM Sppl t M ll8E M Ph l69M We Congratulate fhe T936 Graduatmg Class of Adrian Hlgh School C NATIONAL BANK of ADRIAN 11513 r a M hg . c 3 9 o o u ies Developing and Printing Artis s' aterials Portrait and Commercial Photography Greeting Cards asl aumee Slreel one - ast Maumee Strec , A rian, ic i an PERSONALITY SKETCHES fCont1nuedJ O DOROTHY BAILEY Whenever there s a game to be played you re sure to fmd Dot around the bleachers some where Bemg such a good sport herself she admlres sportsmanshxp on the freld or court Her good humor has made her popular not only wlth the guys and guysxes ln Hlgh School but also college students Wherever she ns she seems to provlde a good ttme for others as well as herself O JAMES MORSE Th1S well known lad seems to have several better halves Perhaps he could give a few hunts on how he does xt' Jlmmy has done excellent work IH Speech mcludlng debat mg dramatlcs extemporaneous speakmg well we could go on mdefinltelyl Hts other act1v1t1es mclude Choxr Band and Orchestra and oh yes he does very good class work Jxm IS popular and we re sure he ll succeed m whatever he sets out to do O ROSALIE BEUTELL ThlS frlendly llttle red head has everything that goes with red ha1r except the temper Her most outstandlng talent IS her lovely alto vorce and as a result she had the good fortune to accompany the Madrlgal group to New York Although she IS qulet her cordral man ner has made her well llked O WILLIAM LEONARD Th1S easy gomg boy has a specral abnlxty all h1s own that of bemg able to sleep rn the able to d1sturb hls slumber In hls more wlde awake moments he partlclpates tn Band act1v mes Buzz IS well l1ked and hlS Ford ts usually oyer flowmg wlth passengers O CAROLYN LOWE Thls fun lovmg 11'1d1Vldl13l takes the cake for bemg a swell sport No matter what s go 1ng on Carolyn s alvsays ready to do her part Her abxlltles take ln everythmg from swlm rmng to bakmg cakes Crammmg 1sn t one of her vyeaknesses and she cheerfully laughs So what O PAUL COUGHLIN ThlS fun lovmg prankster certaxnly has a knack of getting around Wherever there s anythlng golng on he s sure to be there We mary el at the way Paul gets hxmself ln and out of mlschxcf And do we enyy the way he pulls that mnocent expresslon Almost anytlme you can hear someone saylng H1 Coughlln I WILMETTA SCHULTZ Thxs gal can usually be found somewhere around the Musxc room Cbolr Orchestra and Strmg Ensemble take up much of her txme Perhaps FIIIZ should be added to that l1st too as takmg up much of her tlme However Vy'1lmetta rs one of those persons who seems to do many thmgs well Because of her good grades she was one of the honor students May her future be as sunny as her personalnty O MARTHA HENRY We ve often wondered lf Martha s red halr and good humor are due to the Irrsh nn her She IS a member of the Speech Home Room and has taken part m A Capella Choxr actxv ltles Of course everyone knows who Martha s slde k1ck lS and so wherever you find Mart Bermce IS sure to be nearby O DICK FOX The snappy comebacks of thls brown hatred bespectacled lad w1ll be mtssed next year by faculty and students allke The dtgmty of many a class room has been upset by Dlck s clever qutps He was also the one who Jogged out on the football held last year wlth a bucket of vs ater ln one hand and the lxttle satchel in the other O JOYCE WHITE Th1S attractlve mlss has plenty of that thlng called style She shows excellent taste ln the clothes she wears and the way she wears them Joyce IS a member of the cholr and also sm1le for everyone and we re sure she wlll con tlnue maklng frxends wherever she goes O ELLIS BAILEY Here s one of the most amb1t1ous persons we ve seen around for a long tlme In fact he s almost always do1ng somethmg practlcal As adver tlstng manager of the Maple Leaf Ellls has certalnly been rlght there And we admtre the capable vtay ln whmch he acted as busmess manager for Double Door In addxtlon to hrs school actlyltnes he says Watch the Fords go by O BETTY ERN ST This cheerful llttle chatter box also halls from Room I8 Her extra curricular actlutxes have lncluded collectmg properties for Dou ble Door and warbllng ln the choir Asked about her ambltnons for the future Betty says I want to be a nurse We know her friendly grm w1ll brlghten her surroundmgs wherever she IS . I I ' , W 1 Y Q , , V . . . midst of a class. Even the bell doesn't seem HCSYOISH in 3 sexier. 'AWhif9m" has 3 ffiefldll' . . V . . - v ' N - I - 4 1 . . , . . . . . H ,, . . ' . .. ?,, yy, - , V . . ' VY nn ' 11 ' ' ' ' lm I V Y I ' , ' '11 ' E congratulate the Senlor Class on theIr completlon of thelr I-Ilgh School course They have Ia1cI a good foun CIat1on on whlch to bulld a happy and successful career and It IS our wlsh that thelr ambltlons may he reaI1zecI x K. I ADRIAN STATE SAVINGS BANK LENAWEE COUNTY SAVINGS BANK COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK ADRIAN MICHIGAN Mb fth Fd IR Syl . .- 9 XNSUP 459 f f"Qs 5553 L2s.?.?uQ'E'l :Il f, luwunaX gI gl q, mann: A gl gdX"'DtPnsnoo'q' by ax gtx ff", sf, VXi:Xf ' f in ' Lnf o f 41EMBgj3 I C fn C f S O C C C f G C S C f U C S Compliments o the lvllfllllgafl Producers Dalfy CO A Good Place to Trade KINEAR 61 I-IUEBNER The Siore for Men and Boys Wlr Clark Dlck Clagg seems to be a study young flllow Mr Abdon Yes 1f lu xx ers. any suadur hu d bu absolutely motlonlcss Vllss Buck XX7hm was the run al of lcarnmg Vlalcolm Kmncy lust bcfora exams 'Vllss Kldman Cxu an example of a COllLCIlXL noun Bob Barmklow Gubagg can Vlargaret Marr I smg vshm I m sad and than Others are sad xx 1th me l 1fL IS just om fool thm after another lox IS just Kuo fool thmgs after each other F' h 9 YELLOW FRONT IS CI' S BOOK STORE Sheldon S Adnan Nllchlgan JEWELRY SFI-GRE Complzmenls of G G HATHAWAY Proprzelor J RALPH KIRK DR j B KIRK Oplomelrrsls . f o o Q o 0 -. .. - .V - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ,L . . . L . - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v A . ' .I D Y 1 wrlv . pl - 1. H A r- 1 1 W ' ' 1 " 1'v1 1 1 1 'v1 H ,R V' H 1 .. . . . .. - , - 1, 1 3 1 1 L 1 1 1 V . ' D I 'x A X 5 - vw D I v . 7 - ' gl g . L I 1 , . . . . Il l:1HCl'1 Prlntlng C9 BOOlilDlHCllHg Co OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT TELEPHONE 43 ZI6 WEST MAUMEE Complzmenis to lhe Class of 1936 WESTGATE CONDRA 81 CO Congratulatlons Comphments 0 to the Class of l936 Kllne s Department Store DOBBINS TEA ROOM 'N Ndl P tlpp d Furnzfure Ma es fhe Home WALPER FURNITURE CO . , . ' 9 Beautiful Saleslady: "Could l interest you in A Packard?" l.eland I lcliinneyz i'l.Jdy, you could interest me if you were in a lo e Dick Gilbert: "Do you know how to take a photograph indoors?" Francis Rourke: "Sure, just open the door and walk in with it." Bill arker: "VJha ia ened when the cow jumped over the moon?" XVen ell Morey: A'Somebody got an idea for vanishing cream." ii . If Budaps Elecfric Shepherd 65 Stgll Headquarters for DRUGGISTS Electric Wiring - Fixture-Appliances NEXT To THE CROSWELL I07 NORTH MAIN STREET OF ARR! S O i qg .Jp HARRIS S I G N S PRINTER Pafronlze Sickle Advertlsers NORTH MAIN STREET 85 '35N'f,fI,If,TH Congratulatlons to Fumlsh I-Iomes at PIICCS the Class of '936 That Wlll Smt You N B HAYES 6: CO Prmtmg Slatzonery Ojfce Supplzes Boo s Lmotype Composzlzon COURIER PRINTING HOUSE AddlSOH Mlch PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL The Bransby Studlo Whlte Cross RaCllatOr Co Pholographs llwal lell lhe slory 206 W NIAUVIEE ADRIAN Comphmenls of r hum 1 rm m I 71 I r lo mx som IINITL, mu wont xou rs Runur Xns md Id I II run YILIII down md 541 llnt ulul gown XL In n umm X ISIIOY And xxlnl Ir xou rhmkm oi QI nmq xxnh xour box DMX NIrs Vs fl Ill Nlrs Vs rxghl Vw LII In s so tond of mmmuls thu INS Hllnr xx is lhxnkm ot mukmq 1 but Inr oi hmm . . I46 - , . - . if 17 . , NI . I .' 'uri "I'n Iv' g' g1IwprinAiy.l Immctodin1cr. Bcsu c II 'c 5 ?" Mi. W 'I 1' . I"' cc '. 'ngf' 'lu fm If CLOTHING SHOES J C PENNEY CO Congrafulafzons and Success to ifze Class o 36 ADRIAWS LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE B111 Perklns She s good Iookmg enough and I d take her to the track meet but she thmks hurdlmg IS someth1ng that happens to mllk that the quar ter IS a com that the mlle IS the dlstance you d walk for a smoke that sprlnts are devlces for holdlng broken bones 1n place that the pole Vault IS a place for keeplng electron returns and a track IS something to be subdnxded St Peter Who s there VOICQ I 1sI St Peter Ipeexedj Get outa here We dont want any mo e school teachers STRICTLY HIGH GRADE WORK All Kmds Excelslor Steam Laundry Insurance CORNER NIAUMEE AND RACE STS COMPLIMENTS OF E P LAKE INZEHIQQQAWSEBQGQELNSJ Complrments o KEN IVIOREY UPHOLSTERING CO The HUB CLOTHING Co Llvmg room Furmture and Rugs K ADRIAN PopuIar Pnced CIothes and Shoes PAULK LIIVIES 1' EAST MAUMEE Mens Wear fomplrmenlso H M Judge G Sons Gempel S I-Iome Bakery Quality jewelers Adnan Mlchlgan Watches Diamonds . O Q f , . 1 " ' ?" I I H I , .H of . . . William Oram, Prop. ' f - Home of - Located on he Four Corners I I , ' f The Adrlan Dally Telegram READ AND RELIED UPON Your Message Wlll Reach Over 50 000 Readers IH Then lVlost Receptlve Mood A B PARK CO Dry Goods Rugs Carpets Linoleum Draperles and Ready to Wear 877 OUR 59th YEAR OF SERVICE l936 Whrn I vs rs a llttlr sus Prggy thr chorus grrl I usrd to go vuth om Duck or Harry but non I rn rntrrrstrd only rn Jack Tourrst I-Irap bug applrs Complrmenfs oj Wllcox I-lardware Co JACK MCADAM Adnan Nllchlgan Sausage Ma er Those Who AChlCVC Success Start to Save ln Early l..1fe Adnan Federal Savings 8z Loan ' We me money 'ogdlle' I We lend money to each other Ass n offers you the best possllole means u We dmde the pmflts between Us COHgI3tUl3IlOHS to the E Chl-lstmas 65 CO Class Of V936 from GENERAL INSURANCE S Flower SITOD Established l9l0 Adnan Nllchlgan ' WALKER S S COMPLETE FAlVlll..Y SHOE STORE HOME MADF rch CREAM HN I I I2 Nonh Mam wee' FINE STX Las FOR ALL OLCASIONS I O 1 . . . 1 9 9 9 ' ' I 1 1 Indian: "Aw, heap 'em yourself." . If 1 . . , . . J. . ' I 9 H . . , . Comp imenls of , , A ' les! Maumee Stree,Adrian, Mich. , , Nlxons MUSIC Shop ASK YOUR GROCER FOR MUSIC GOODS EDWARDS and RADIOS BREAD Compllments of Candles, Ice Cream FROWNFELDER S CIGAR STORE and Cool Sparklmg Drrnks IRENE E MURPHY B IVI I I I ASSOCIHIC Teacher of Plano Detrolt Conservatory I-Iart Shaw Drug Co P '89 W Complzmenfs and Besl W zshes NU WAY STRECI-I CO Adtran Mlchrgan DIck Scbnmdu Hovx s your dog Robert xvflghf I do 'VI ss Rrchird W 5 ir n t you rItIng CO1 m'In Coff I I am t got no p n Coff I She s 1 Ld K llx I mt a pa r Of sp c rImm d hormclgs I m IU sporn mmm II tIcls d'IshIt Imanh ck rImmd pnnc s Floor Vw Ilk r I know hu you m an C1 rk shox th g ntl mm .1 par of rIm sporn d h ctrcl s Comphmentsoj BURNS 6: SPIES FINE GROCERIES PRIME MEATS Sweete Ph ADRIAN Ph Shoppe LAUNDRY OO A SERVICE YOU LL APPRECIATE . 2 . O . 9 7 . , . . 1 . . . SIUdlO IZI Unron St. hone I- . . - i - , ' ' fr: " I' ?" II. '. 1" hue" xvm ?" c I cj: " 'A Q Miss R.: 4'XVhcre's your grammar?" C. c': " V dard." 3 I: ji " W. I Q - ' Q ' '.-- c. 4 ' cd cc'c.-I ', c c-' cscrilef' '..e:A' 'WI' c. c, vcce. 'r ' - e Q ' one one . Flfty frve Years of Contrnuous Servrce Adnan Moreland Orl Corporatlon A Socony Vacuum Company Petroleum Products Alpha l ham tvso xx oodtn lugs ls rt possrblt lor mr to gut lrf msur ance? Bet Vwfhat you want 1S fin msuranct S mor trlp Vvlcndtll 'Xlor 3 Hou Joy ce Sht uanttd th passtngrrs to thmk 1 bout trrp xx as an old story to her but on board sht porntcd to tht lrfc bouts and asked the captam what xx as th rdta of tht rxtrr rms if SWllt,S Branded Beef 'ff Monarch Qallty Foods if Fresh Frult and Vegetables E A BALLENBERGER ln . I I I " vs y v s w I - ' fl 1 l 1 x ' Q ' - Jo 'cc Vtlhitc: "Melvin Lieberman said .lcannc lslcv dis raced him on the , 2 C . . w rf cw " v I " 1 v s C 1 u ' E L ' v v v Q b 3 1 5 ' L I 1,". . . . I C

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