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V. 1. , .,f-. , , A .,- ,. X ' .,.- 'LZL2 gi V y f Q r 1 fl, , 'Q- --Iv , I sv S 1 n 1- l A 1 x x Y e I Y , 1 -1. , X -u, I xx e if N -. s x 5 Il xxj' Q: Y. XXX' ',X QQ XY '11 rlw Clrzxs of 1931 9 K 'X rmfwctfully dedicate rhzls edition Y-xx of The Senior Szckfff to K' 'QX ' Mr. I'1z12v2varcY I 'ff who cfurzng tlw four yc2ur.s lm has M1211 IH xlclriun has dmw much lbr the f,Il7'fl2ff1'l7l?Cff of fund rrrmu' V I I I-1 I'- f 6 ,, f I X -7 . x X I 15 4 The I I S i S Q I I IENIUR ICKJLE if :RQI91'ew of the ' N ineteQn thirty and thirty-one N High School Year X fl 3 QZQDQI-ig ' VOLUME 'xxxv 5 AFXJT,-c'c.!' " AMI I AW 5 fi A Pubzfshea by the X0 ' SENIOR CLASS A f ,Q A' L J ADRIAN HIGH SCI-IOOL ix 'A'- ADRIAN, MICHIGAN N, I N If I in 'I' ,... T , 1? Q g -1 K J' ,gs El cx N7 , ,of lx ff' fi E L 1 D? U,- off f 4 . I 7 x Y Qi - f Foreword lVlAY the future readers of this Annual catch some- thing of the harmony and in' spiration of our high school days. lvlay it influence them to lead better and more use- ful lives in their community. May we, who have spent these three years together in old A. H. S., ever find here- in a true and vivid portrayal of those days which are in- delibly impressed upon our livesg and may we carry with us through life those lessons which as students, we have learned here in Adrian High School. Z'-' -f iff' Q' 1 1 V 'U K--'S , X xl, M .!f ' i' """"5 Cfcmztenzts K c , , . If H- M s -I I .,r n' n , . J'--1.4 , -my . .'.v,.,1.:.f'.,,,' ' ffff, uw' ' ' - . ADMINISTRATION CLASSES 1 ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS . FEATURES CVD f 1, QQ..-f""lNqf W U., ,,...,- X x. If V Theme TIiiA3RIi is .4 cr:-at similarizv lwet'--'een l an nrcliestra and lil'.e.lfspeCi.1ll5' is this :rue :n lmzglm school. Tin- lin-sliineim may l'-e likened to time clrums in :in orcl1estra, lveing the ' simplest and noisiest group. However. i I .. . . 5 1. d 1. . i t 14 x an lt-l!I'lH'Ij., 11050 ru ts .in LS 1 sont. !11'Cf'S5-'ITS' for playing a more ' important part. P The Juniors correspond with the 5 accompanying instruments of the orclwstra and form a harmonious lvaclcground for the Seniors. The Seniors represent the solo in- struments of our orchestra. They plav the more prominent and leading parts in school life. The Administration ancl Faculty portrays the part of the Director. Tlmey' have general charge over :ill directing the activities and keeping the whole. one large harmonious group. 1 In view of this similarity. and con- ridering the great part that ixlusic plays in the activities of .-Nclrian High SCHOOL we have chosen "lNlusic" as the theme nt' our book. . l Y' s .Xi X S-X R li 3,1 L1 5 'YK Nki N. xx If If I ' fl W 'YS i Y' 'TIN t I 1 .xx all -a f l f '. xl 4 ' . '1 N ', I 4 it NY l 1 All ,M A 1 1' - ,.-0 . I'f .- .. , x4- . -, sq. x P Z' , , N ,,,.4 A ,M-" ,-1 4- ,1- ..- ru? ,N- f-""' sd ,- ,.. ,,-4 'j,,- ,f"" V.,-W .,. V .,. ,f g ..- V' ,,,,,-f' ,.,.4- Q ....fvq.,J.,L4 N ' I A Im ' ' V. , - , . "v,- . M K h Bs-il-V1 N ':-dig Z ff,M,,, . 1,77-11 1 X ' -+- --, .L '-L ' , FRONT ffvrnmvcf 1 "x wfe?-' , H' 7 -. R. -5 45" I. af 1' U. ' ,5.2',4fS32 5. . . ii. .K+ r V -Q N . -: .W 3- ..,,g,.., -53511 .i ,. uw- Q x , at -1 . 1 E 5623.1 ,Y T.. . J, .. . .. u- 1.5 l'-1 -14-. I fm 'KH ,-' Z1 '' svn, .....- 6 ! I 'KUDA , c f ff :JIQ 719 Q 1' c 4 H .5 ' x N - J H uf sf u. ! -4 E A i .1 ig? 7.7 QQ 4. :?' f 4? -LI? 1 X xl S , A Qi NX Q I u I' ,:, 4 f J - 45-5 - Z , 5 i i , i 1 i BOARD OF EDUCATION Page tnfelre ff-f .ff 6331? . ,, gg . 7 0 if I f XS-3,:251rn11J gizrhlg , 193g MR. E. REED fprincipall Adrian College, A. B. 1 Michigan Normal College, University of Michigan, A. M. Previous to his position as principal of Adrian High School Mr. Reed taught .Chemistry and Physics here. Since becoming Principal, he has con- tinued his education and has become p r o m i n e n t in educational circles throughout- the state in various posi- tions connected with the Work of the Michigan Education Association. His masterful leadership in school shows itself in every field. IWISS MAY R. PATCH fStucly Hallj - Miss May Patch has been the Study Hall teacher in Adrian High School for many years. She started 'her teaching in a little country school in the vicinity of Adrian. Except for the period spent in teaching that school, she has always taught in the Adrian Schools. Her infiuence and guidance are CO11S'lIE11'1tly reflected OI1 l.'1CI' I'I'13.I'1y pupils. When Miss Patch leaves our assembly, Adrian High School can never be the same. -an .,,if'kQ3.'5121TiD fi? 5vi1:lzl1z?1Q31Xff 01-r-ff -ff Miss ARMSTRONG Aclrian College, A. B. University of Michigan, A. M. Columbia University fEnglisH ,-nah Miss BEUERLE Michigan State Normal College i fTyping ana' Stenograplvyj Miss BUCK University of Michigan, A. B. Ulflatfvematicsj MRS. CAIRNS Adrian College, A. B. 5 4, University of Illinois J y fE71gli5l7j Miss CARLSON Northern Illinois State Normal Chicago Normal School of Physical Education fpfvysical Trainingj MR. CLARK Nlichigan State College, B. S. IA griculturef MR. COWIN University of Nlichigan, A. B., A. M. fPlvysicsQ "' Miss EGGSTAFF Olivet College, A. B. Unixfersity of Cregon fPublic Speaking and Frenclvj 1 Page tbirteer Page fourteen A-,ref-J? Rev. A Wfffi?-X -agp 'U Miss FIELD . Miss M1ss Miss Miss University of Colorado, A. B. University of Illinois, A. M. fllflatfzematicsj FRY v Michigan State Normal College, B. S fHome Economicsj GREEN University of Michigan, A. B. fflistoryj HENDRICKSON Adrian College, A. B. ffllgebra, French, E1-zglisbj HAYES University of Kansas, A. B. Ohio State McGill University Indiana State Michigan State fFrencf2 ana' Germanj Miss HUTCHINS Northwestern Teachers' College fflrtj . MR. HUBBARD ' Nebraska Wesleyan Conservatory Northwestern University fMu5icj MR. KIELLEY University of Michigan, B. S. fCoaclvj . Miss KIDMAN , University of Michigan, A, B, Aclrian College fHistory and Latinj Miss KINNEY Michigan State Normal College, B. Pd Adrian College i fHome Economicsj MR. Lusis ' Miss NIARSHALL Miss RICHARD Miss SCAMMON Miss SPIELMAN MR M R MR. MR. ,Nhss Toms 5 lal Michigan State Normal College, B. S. University of Colorado Teachers' College ' University of Michigan Adrian College fCommerciaU University of Michigan, A. B. Michigan State Normal College Hillsdale College University of Chicago fLatinj Adrian College, A. B. University of Michigan, A. M. Columbia University Kfeometryj Studied violin with C. Burdette Wolf, Doane College, also with Carl Streclcellberg, University of Ne- i braska, Concert Master of Doane Symphony flfiolinj Adrian College, A. B. University of Michigan fEnglisf1,l SWEET Nlichigan State Normal College, A. B. fCf7emi5tryj XVI-IITNEY Central State Teachers' College Xvestern State Teachers' College Ulflecharzical Drawingj XVARREN University of Michigan .flridzcstrial Trainingj BUHRER ffanitorj ffflerkj ' A., , f'f4"-, -un WN... Page fifteen i'-fk?-'K N-2 i- -Ng... Z Q 2 Z Z E 2 S 2 E E 1 I I s I I F . A Y mvwnqfwzviwfm, ,,,. 6 . , uni: 2, 1 2 4, .fggaq 4,511 ,gd 1:53 . Page eighteen vxfmnrn f ivfleleiil , pri fM The Pastimes of TQULCMQTS Tune: "The Old Oaken Bucketi' ALBERTA FOLTZ How keen to our int'rest are pastimes of teachers, When the "Sickle" pages present them to viewl And, Reed, our principal, is a wonder among gardners, Miss Toms with church youth plans prOgra1T1S that are new Our dear Miss Patch is the fond lover of flowers, Mister Whitney, reader of "Van Dine" stories, While Luce fond of sports, base and volley ball prefers, And e'en our Coach Kelly likes hshing and ease. Chorus: ' The pastimes of teachers, the rest times of teachers, The playtimes of teachers, when they take their ease. Mister Hubbard plays the vi'lin, enjoys boating, While the Mister Cowin loves music with zeal, Max Sweet plays the drums, funnies likes in his reading, The lure of the birds doth Miss Marshall reveal, Miss Hutchins is skilled in needlework and sketching, While Miss Hayes, pianist, takes motoring tours, Miss Field plays at bridge, delves in all types of reading, Miss Green, too, doth read, rarely fiction we're sure. Miss Eggstaff is a singer and tennis player, Miss Kidman, musician and painter of skill, Miss Fry likes all sports, is an excellent swimmer, Mister Clark studies economics, at will, Kinney, a gardner, plays flute, saw and piano, While Miss Armstrong inspires the youth of the throng, Miss Spielman ,plays at bridge, uses spare time to sew, Mistress Cairns fills each task with mirth and song. Warren gains pleasure from camping, hunting, fishing, Miss Carlson in leisure plays bridge, reads and s ims, w iss Richard finds joy in sewing, readmg, singing, Miss Hendrickson over domestic art skims 7 The pianist, Miss Buck, reads on various subjects, Miss Beuerle, enthusiast of bridge and sports . 7 Now this ends our tale, we hope with no dire effects 1 To teachers, that might end them up in the Courts f fx XE l 1 1- 'Z ', ,' .,..4--un-., ', '.: '- - xx E I. ' -H S'.L'.'5, ' - ..'."' 51, .' . . . wi, H.-.viz .I I '.', I X al, ' l"' f NT?" 'X Z5 7 '11 -' . N K ,gf KXXQX '72-D K xxxx f E ' X nnin ?n-if 595-ggxzf 1Q3l grnimrg Page twenty if-f f Eg 1 Xfemn 6 P-HQ? Class Adviser ....... President .......... Vice-President ...... Secretary .......... Treasurer ...., Marshal . ........ Presidentm-, ..,. ,, -- V ice-President. ....... Secretary ,,.,.,,.- 2 , 5 Treasurer ....... E Marshal ....... F I '30-'31 -----.MISS FIELD -- ........ RALPH GREGG -----.HAROLD TORNOW HELEN MAXHAM ROBERT HARRIS -------.BRUCE THOMPSON '29-,30 President. ......... Q-- .. ......,....... .......... - -, BEN GILLIES Vice-President ......, KENNETH MEEKER Secretary ........... ....... D OROTI-IY SAVAGE Treasurer ....... ...,.... . JOHILI RORICK Marshal ..... . '28-Z9 ,. ......... -- HAROLD BUGBEE JOHN RORICK BEN GILLIES --------ALBERTA FOLTZ --,---.LLOYD RUESINK -------.BRUCE THOMPSON Z Z 1min fxiixzlcligk 1931 ff MARY ALEXANDER "Trusty, duslay. vivid. true." Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31. BLOSSOM BAKER "'l'hose who go easy will never grow old." Entered from Sawyer, N. Y. QI-Iigh Schooll, '30. CLEONA BAKER "I clon't sziy much but I think the more." Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, Operetta, '29, Ath- letic Ass'n, '29, '30, '3l. - PEARL BAKER "Love me little, love me long." Entered from Sawyer, N. Y. CI-Iigh Schooll, '30, Oratorical Ass'n, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n '30, '31, Tom BEAL "I value Science-none can prize it more." Operetta, '29, Boys' Glee Club, '29, 30, Senior Play Committee, '31. KATHERINE BENNETT "Let joy be unconfinedf' Operetta, '29, Efiiciency "A," '30, Cratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, EDWARD BERNDT "The world knows little of its great men." Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31. DOROTHEA K. BETZ "Her world was ever joyous." Operetta, '29, '30, 31, Crchestra, '29, '31, Ath- letic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31. CLEON BILLINGS "Music and friends. and liappy love." National High School Chorus, '31, Operetta Cast, '29, '30, '31, Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, ILA!-I BLAIN "No legacy is so rich as honesty." Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, 1 A '29, '30, '31. "' QW . 7' Page twenty-one A f 'XX-52153 Page twenty-rnfo l 'T 2 ,Q E MILDRED BOWEN "A 11121101611 Young and f3'ir"' Girk, Glee Club, QQ, '30, Oratorical Ass'r1, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31- CALVIN BRADISH "The more the l1161'1'191'.',' ' 7 Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Assn, 129, 930, ' MILDRED E. BREHMER ..Alw,u.S mul-mm-ing' like a babbling brook." Senior Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31- ,Rici-IARD K. BRITTAIN "VVhat's nicer than the ladies?" Orchestra, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31. MURLDEAN BROCK "YVe are d1'e2L1l191'S, dreaming greatly." Operetta, '29, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Hiciericy "A," '29, '30. HOWARD BROWN " 'Tis virtue makes the bliss, W4here'er We dwell." Athletic Ass'n, '29, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30. HAROLD BUGBEE "A jolly and true happy fellow." Track, '30, Basketball Mgr., '31, Stage Mgr. 7 Senior Play, 31. ' 4 FAITH BUNKER "Hope is b1'ig'htest when it dawns from fears." Senior Play, 31, . DORIS BURNOR "Better be a little wise Than learned ove1'n1uch." Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31. A RUTH BUSKE "A gh" with a Smile, iS the girl woi'thWhile." Athletic Ass'n '29 so, 31. '30, '31, I 01-atorical Ass'n, ir! . M Nu . - v ggr- Q v L imma if MARIAN E. CALKINS "A capable girl with many friends." Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, Athletic Ass'n, '29, RosE F. CATERINO "She is happiest who moves serenely towards her goal." Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n, I '29, '30, '31, ALLEN CLEVELAND "Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear." President Oratorical Ass'n, '31, Forensic League, '30, '31, Sickle Staff, '31. DOROTHY P. CLOSE "XVho gives her best to every task." Operetta Cast, '29, '30, '31, Senior Play, '31, National High School Chorus, '31, ARTHUR CoRsER "An honest man with 21 warm heart within." President National Forensic League, '31, Senior Play, '31, Tennis, '30, '31, JAMES DARNTON "Hail to thee. blithe spirit." Entered from Deerfield in Senior Year. EDWIN DEIS "Another, yet the same." GORDON E. DENTEL "NO trouble disturbs his tranquility Cross Country, '30, '31. LEROY A. DISBRO "XVorry and I have never met." Future Farmers, '30, '31, IVIARGARET DORNER "YVEl001l1E XX'l16l'9SO'G1' she went." Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, 7 '3o. 1 9. ft! fig' , as .4-I Page twenty-three C, 'FFS A 6? 3!lf?F1Q31 rf 3 g DOROTHY DRURY " sl e looks 'ls clear as morning' F9393 newly washed , "k 1, . f ' ' with dew." Oratorical Ass'n '30: Athletic Ass'1'1, ,303 Senior ,g ' ' Play, '3 1. l Q DOROTHY EGGLESTON 5 "There ever dawns a clearer morrow." f Crchestra, '29, '30, '31, Band, '313 Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30- 4 . . FRANCES EHINGER "As 'full of spirit as the month of May." ' Efficiency "A," '29, 30, Girls' Basketball, '30, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31. ' ESTHER F. ELWOOD With simple, unaffected airs." Girls' Glee Club, '29, Operetta, '29. FRANCES ELWOOD "Our duty is to be useful not according to our desires but according to our power." Entered from South Side High School, Fort Wayne, '31. MARGUERITE L. FACKLER "A pursuer of the golden, winged pleasure." Operetta, '30, Girls' Athletics, '29, '30, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31. EVA FISHER "A, true and gentle friend." Entered fro ' l tux Q Page twenty-four m Tecumseh, 31, Oratorical Ass'n, '31, Athletic Ass'n, 31. . FRANCES FOGELSONG "Hope springs eternal in the human bi 'east." ALBERTA MAY FOLTZ "Be there an will, and wisdom Iinds a way." ' Secfefafl' Of CIHSS, '29, Assistant Editor of Sickle, '31, Valedictorian, '31. ETHEL' FRANK "Life indeed 'must be measured by thought and agtign, not by tune." , WW.,-L lxlational Forensic League, '30, '315 Stage Mgr, 'E Sen P1 ' - ' 101' HY, 31, Manager Orat Orical Ass'n, '31. Z 1 Z- t .msfl feegglll, A 1931 MAX FRANKLIN 55 33. "Don't bother me with women." Entered from Metamora, '29, ' MAXINE FRANKLIN 5 "Take your time." 5 Entered from Metamora, '29, Dropped, '31. DOROTHY A. GEMPEL ' "Merit is so rare a trait." Typing Contests, '30, '31, Sickle Staff, '31, l Senior Play, '31. 5 BEN GILLIES A "His loyalty and faith shall never cease." Football, '29, '30, Basketball, '29, ,305 Captain, '31, Baseball, '29, '30, '31, GWENDOLYN GRAHAM . "Prone to mischief, able to perform it." . Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, Operetta, '29, '30. RALPH E. GREGG 1 "For better than fortune's best is mastery in the 5 using." President of Class, '31, Assistant Business Mgr. . Sickle, '31, Band, '29, '30, '31. LEOLA GRIFFIN "One who quietly does her every duty well." Entered from Homer Academy, Homer, N. Y., '30, Athletic Ass'n, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n, '30, '31, GEORGE GRUEL "I do my part cutting up." Senior Play, '31, Basketball, '31, Tennis, '31, MARK 1-IAGERMAN "Oh, let me sleep in peace." All-State Orchestra, '30, '31, Band, '29, '30, '31, lVlusic Contests, '29, '30, '31, GERALDLNE L. HARKNESS "Gracious as sunshine, sweet as dew." Chairman Decoration Committee Senior Send- Off, '30, Sickle Staff, '31, Girls' Volley Ball and Basketball Teams, '30, '31, A. 'f 12 .9 lt Page twenty-five fiz,-ff -X! .71 JOHN HARRIS "Prosperity be HIS' Page-" Athletic Ass'n, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass n, 30 Bi, Baseball, Iso, '31. ROBERT HARRIS A' 'Tis a good will makes intelligenie Band, '29, '30, '31: -Class Treasurer, '31 Senior Play, '3l. ELIZABETH HARTFORD "The joy of youth and health her eyes C1lSD13.5 ed Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, Senior Play, '31 Ora torical Ass'n, '29, '30. HELEN HARWICK 'She is pi-im. she is neat, she is pleasant and su eet Cheer Leader, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29 30 Operetta, '29, '30, '31, KATHERINE HENNINGER "Serious her face, modest her mien National Forensic League. MARGARET E. HENNINGER "NYhen she had passed, it seemed like the exquisite music." Secretary Nat'l Forensic League, '30, ' Play, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, . ROGER HERRIMAN' "Small service is true service." Band, '30, '31, Boys' Glee Club, '30. HERMAN HILL "Don't wake me up, let me dream Cross Country, '30, Captain, '31, Athl 29, 30. '31. ,MARY L. HOFFMAN "A hillilly face, a happy heart." Entered from Palmyra High School letic Ass'n, '30, '31,. x 4 ' ' ELIZABETH HOLLAND A "'l'he1'e's no wisdom like tactful frankness Aihletic A55'n: '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n 29, 30, '31, '30, CL - ' A TZ! -5.2! X f C,iaaLfaf51zQiL GERTRUDE HOLTZ "XVhat sweet delight a quiet life affords." Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, JEANNE 1-IORNBY "Airy ambition soaring high." National High School Chorus, '31, Operetta, '29, '30, '31, Sickle Staff, '29, '31, KATI-IRYN I-IOUGI-I "Her ways are ways of pleasantnessf' Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30. ALBERT M. HOWE "Not oft to smile descendeth he." Boys' Glee Club, '29, '30, Baseball, '29, '30, '31, Cross Country, '30, '31. EDWIN HOWELL "A medley of good qualities." Operetta Cast, '30, '31, Football, '29, '30, National High School Orchestra, '30. LUENA HUTCHISON "A kindly heart blooms in its owner's eyes." FRANCES JASPER "Good nature and good sense are never separated." Senior Play, '31, Girls' Glee Club, '29, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '3O. MARIE KING "To be happy is to be contented." Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '3l. HELEN KINZEL "Full of a gentle kindness her looks and language are." Entered from St. Joseph's Academy, '31. RALPH KNEPPER "The greatest truths are the simplest and so are the greatest men." Baseball Mgr., '30, Boys' Glee Club, '29, Ora- torical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, 0 , v i I 1 1 I I E E I I 2 Page twenty-seven 63 ,ff ?1Q3l A 3ng1:gg?1f5113 it Page twenty-eiglvt , ct.. ALICE JANE KNIGHT "A full, rich nature, ffee to trust:- Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, 303 Senior P1355 '31- 5 IRENE KNOWLAN "Silence is the key 'to Content-I' Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31- - LORETTA LACEY "In her tongue is the law of kindness." GERALD E. LAMPSON '-sriu in the bread and butter age." Golf, '27, '28, '30, Golf Mgr., '31- 1-IAROLD A. LEADER "YVom1Ln c-harnis me not." Football, '30, Senior Play, '31, Boys' Glee Club, HAZEL LEARN K "A still, small voice." 1 Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, ,3o, '31, . RosE LEININGER "A rose by any other name is just as sweet." Typing Contests, '30, '31, 'All-State Orchestra, '30, String Quartet, '30. ' . MARGARET LINDBERT 1' "Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety." '31, Senior Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31. KATHRYN LoAR "A kindly grape of manner and behavior." 29, '30, '31, ' ALTON' Loop "He that follows nature is never out of his way." Q State judging contest, '30, Operetta, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, b Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n. Qperetta, '29, Boys' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, ff? -ff M 'Z f 1 : win JoI-IN LOVELAND I "I blink my eyes but I'In baslifulf' I Operetta, '29, Boys' Glee Club, '29, State Juclg- I ing Contest, '29, '30, '31, I JUNE A. MAI-IR "I've lived-1've loved-I'm satisfied." Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Operetta, '29, Chairman of Class Day Committee, '31. ERNEST MARR "Plain truths need no flowers of speech." HELEN MAXI-IAM "A maid of grace and complete majesty. State Music Contest, '29, Senior Send-OH Com- mittee, '30, Secretary of Class, '31. LUCIA MCKIEGI-IAN "InIpulsive, earnest, prompt to act." Girls' Glee Club, '28, '29, '30, Athletic Ass'n, '28, '29, '30, Oratorical Ass'n, '28, '29, '30. WINIFRED MCKIE "A jolly little girl is she." "Miss Adrian," '31, Operetta, '29, Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, 731. KENNETH MEEKER "In brief, ac-quit thee bravelyg play the man." Vice-President of Class, '30, Football, '27, '28, '29, Captain, 30, Track, '28, '29, '30, '31, Il. ' . 3 LILLIAN MEYERS' " 'Tis beauty I-allsg and glory shows the way." Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '3l. VIVIAN E. MILLION "A sweet attrac-tix'e kind of grace." Senior Play, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30. MERRILL MILLS "Bain-liwaI'd about coming forward." Boys' Glee Club, '30, Tennis, '30. f - ' - ug Q 5 Li Page twenty-nine me 'Q?1Q3l f' 1-21TlD 'if if gif ' " Ay FREDERICK H. MINSTER "Always in good humor." 7 Orchestra, '29, Football, 30. EQ ,fi nl' VIOLET L. MINZEY HA Sunny temper gilds the edge of life's blackest cloud." Senior Play, '31, Girls' Volley Ball, '31, Oratori- cal Ass'n, '29, '30, 731' ' FRANCES MOORE "Pleasure and action' make the hours seem short." Senior Sencl-Off Committee, '30, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31- RICHARD MOORE 1 "Calm and unruiiled as a summer sea." Page thirty Football, '30, Baseball, '31, Boys' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31. BRADIE MORTON "Success treads at the heels of every right effort." HOWARD L. MURPHY "TO strive, to seek, to find and not to yield." Business Mgr. Sickle, '31, Band, '30, '31, Senior Send-Off Committee, ,'3O. i I' MARGARET MYERS , "And she talks, heavens! how she talks." Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, State Music Con- test, '30, '31, Operetta, '30, '31, , ' EDWARD NELSON "There is both manhood and good fellowship in him." Eclitorof Sickle, '31, Band, '29, '30, '31, Brass Quartet, '31, JOHN N EWCOMB "lt is appointed for all men to enjoy, for few to achieve." Entered from Montpelier High School, '30. ' BETTY M. OLSEN "She puts her worries down in the bottom of her heart, sits on the lid and smiles." Senior Sencl-Off Committee, '30, Sickle Staff, '31, Senior Play, '31, -,g, f t' 25mnin ,xirpzlaliz 1931 ROY OLSEN "All great men are dying-and l do 1 xx myself. " Football, '30, Basketball, '31, Senior Play '31 FRANCES PARKER "Calm and self-possessed Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n '29, '30, '31, Orchestra, '29, MYRTLE PAsKo "Simple, steadfast and 5191111116 Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorxcal Ass n, '29, '30, '31. LEON PAWLING "XVho first invented work Boys' Glee Club, '31, Operetta. 31 Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, i31. IVIEDFORD PFISTER K "My heart is true as steel Cross Country, '29, '30, Future Farmers', '3 treasurer, '31, Senior Play, '31. PAULA PIRSCHER "Laughing is ll cheerful exercise, lool 'tt me Girls' Glee Club, '29, Operetta, '29 MARY POWELL "For truth has such at face and such 1 mien Girls' Gym Class. '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass n '29, '30, 31. LAVON RASELEY "He wus ever prec-ise in promise PEARL REINI-IART "-X hlithe llezxrt makes at bloomin Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, A '29, '30, '31. ISABELLE R1Es "There is no substitute for thorough and sincere earnestnessf' Entered from Sand Creek, '30. fig! fffffffx f f n fkl3QL U , Page thirty-two PHYLLIS ROBB "Self-posed, iinberial. Yet Of simplest Wayan H Sickle Staff, '3l5 Girls' Glee Club, 3,313 Cpefetfa, 3 1. ' JOHN PORTER RORICK, JR. ".-Xncl every day is ladies' day with me-H President of Class, '29, Drurn Major Of Band, '29, 330, '31, Treasurer of Class, '30. LILLIAN ROWLEY "In action faithful, and in honor clear." Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, Operetta, '29, '30, 31. LLOYD W. RUESINK "Take him all in all, he is a man." Salutatorian, '31, President of Future Farmers', '31, Treasurer of Class, '29. CHARLES RULE "The force of his own merit makes his way." FLOYD RYCI-IENER "If there's a, iight to be fought, the thing to do is flg'l1'C lt." Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Tennis, '30, '31, - MITCHELL RYZNAR "The world loves a spice of wickedness." Baseball, '31. CECIL SAUTER "A man cannot live without love." - Football, '28, '29, Mgr., 30, Basketball, '28, '29, Baseball, '28, DOROTHY SAVAGE "She moves a goddess and looks a queen." National High School Chorus, '30, Operetta, 29, '30, Cast '31, Secretary of Class, '30, EDNA SCHULZ "Behold an upright and well disposed person." Oratorical Ass'n, '29, 730 ,3 7 5 3 7 1, Athletic Ass'n, 29, 30, 31. I Z i A , sc 3 ' f133'wff FLORENCE M. SCROGGIE "XVhy frown when you may smile?" i Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31. RICHARD SEARS "Just mischief enough to tease." I Football, '29, '30, DOROTHY SEVERANCE "1 dOn't believe in principle, but, oh, I do believe in interest." L Entered from Detroit, '30, Athletic Ass'n, '30, . '31, Oratorical Ass'n, '30, '31, 3 CLAIR SI-IALER "'l'here's a little bit of fun in every serious little boy." , Baseball, '29, '30, Captain, '31, Football Re- 1 serves, '28, '29, '30, Basketball Reserves, '29, '30, , '31, , HELEN L. SMITH , "'l'he flower of grace grows on a slender stein." Sickle Staff, '31, I LOUIS R. SMITH f "The Inan is great who serves a greatness not his f Own." Q Oratorical Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, 31, B-oys' Glee Club, '31, MARGARET SMITH "Nur days are better lighted by loving smiles than by the sun." Orchestra, '30, '31, String Quartet, '31, Senior Play, '3l. O. MARY SNEDECOR "XYll0GX'6l' wears a liappy face, does a service to humanity." Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, Gperetta, '29, '30, Nlusic Contests, '30, '31. DORR SPANGLER "Young fellows will he young fellows." Entered from Nlorenci, '31. ERNEST SPYCHER "Blessed with plain reason and sober sense." - ' ' A ' T -' f I Page thirty-three gh Page fl717'1:V-f0Il7' 3 Tai! ' ARTI-IUR STARKS ,.Laughing-, loving, trouble free." '30, VICTORIA ST. CLAIR "She can make to-morrow cheerful as to day. '31. BRUCE THOMPSON ..Many waters cannot quench love." Track, '29, '31, Football, '28, '29, '30, Class Nlarshal, '29, '31. V MILDRED TITLER "My own thoughts are my champions." JACK TOMPSON "Friendly, blithe of heart." Football, '29, '30, Basketball, '30, '31, Track, '29, '30, ' HAROLD TORNOW "Full of wit, full of fun." Vice President of Class '31, General Committee of Senior Play, '31, Track, '29, '30, 31. ' WILMA TREAT A' "Blushing is the color of virtue." Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30,- '31, Operetta, '29, '30, '3-1, Music Contest, '29, '30, WILLIAM VAN ORDEN :IH e is well paid, that is well satisfied." Boys' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, Operetta, '29, '30, , x, 31, Music Contest, '29, '30, 9 MARY L. VAN VALKENBURG . "She has the h2IDDY Combination 'of Charm and usefulness." ' ' 7 V . , . Girls Glee Club, '29, Chairman Senior Send-Off, 7 1 , 305 Sickle Staff, '31, ARTHUR WEAVER "Solitude is often the best society." Baseball, '31, ' . Athletic Assfna 729, '30, Oratorical A,ss'n, '29, Entered from Palmyra, '30, Athletic Ass'n, '30, ffiziir-5 -Jas , X" .9 ixiimiri V' Sirlzlizt 1Q31ei:2'P LILLIAN WEISS 5 "The witty joke, the airy sense moves to pleasant i 1ELUg'11tG1'." Orchestra, '29, '30, Girls' Glee Club, '29, '30, Flower Committee, '31. DAVID WESTGATE 5 "A voice one could not but I'eInenIbeI'." Band, '31. Q NELSON WHITE l "A fine lad with winning ways." Q ARDELL WILLNOW HXN7Oll18.Y1'S at best, a contradiction still." Operetta, '29, Girls' Glee Club, '30, Athletic Ass'r1, '29, '30, '31. ' . MILDRED WILLNOW "I saw the man in tlIe Inoon.'l . Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Oratorical Ass'rI, '29, '30, '31. MARIAN WINES "XVith countenance C'l61l1Ll1'9 and modest grace." Athletic Ass'n, '29, '30, '31, Girls' Athletics, '30, Girls' Basketball, '30. VERA LOUISE WOLLER "I'll laugh if it kills me." Operetta, '29, '30, Music Contests, '31. BERNICE WOODFORD "She has an ever ready smile." Typing Contest, '31. VIRGINIA WYATT "li2ll'tll'S the right place for love." Operetta, '29, Cheer Leader, '31, Flower Com- mittee, '31. GLENN YEUTTER "Still waters I'un deep." Boys' Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, Operetta, '29, '30. Page thirty-fwe thin c eff g,Q,?m1Q31t'rf EKU, Class Day Pmgmm A Given at tlre Armory , TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 9, 1931 Overture ..... EIGHT O,CLOCK eww . -------I-Iiglv School Band Iovooooon ,------ ,,,....... A Rev. Ray Norton Salutatory .......... Class History ........ ---------.Lloyd Ruesink Dorothy Savage Selections -,---,- ...... S tring Quartet Class Poem ,,,,,-,, .................... ........ . A llen Cleveland Class Prophecy, ......... ....... M argaret Henninger, Kenneth Meeker Class orgasm, ,r,s,,, ,,e,,,,,,,,-ss,sss,,ss ,ss,,,,,,,s E A ,ffm Com Trumpet S010 -...... .... Q ................. .Edwin Howell Class Giffaf0fY ---- 1- ----------- - ---------- ...... . -Dorothy Close, George Gruel Presentation of Senior Gavel --,.,.,-., .,--. 1 -.,-,,--,-- . -,-,------ R 411,17 Gfegg Acceptance of Senior Gavel, ,,-,,-, ------- U Robert Cottrell Selections .... tl I ....... ...... Boys' Glee Club Valedictory """--' ---......... , Alberta Foltz Benediction' """' -----.... u Rev. Ray Norton Selecrionsm ' ------.High 'School Band y-six ZZ:-f Z? Commencement Program Given at the Armory WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 10, 1931 EIGHT O,CLOCK QS? Processional March. ........ .......... . High School Orchestra Selection. ....... .................. H igh School Orchestra Invocation. ........ ......... , The Reverend A. W. Kauffman Violin Solo. ...... ........... ' .......... M argaret Smith Introduction of Speaker ..... ....... , ........ . Principal E. I. Reed Address ,, ccc,.... ..,...ccc. D octor William Gear spencer Selection .,.......,..,., 1. ...... ...... . ....,....... B rass Ensemble 4 Presentation of Diplomas ...... .... .Sziperintendent C. H. Griffey May Day Carol ....,,.,,,....,.......................... .............. Girls, Glee Club Awarding of Adrian College Scholarship ........... .President H. L. Feeman Vocal Solo, ...............,,..........1.......................... ................... C leon Billings Benedicrion ..,..r... rr.... . ..-,The Reverend A. W. Kauffman Selection ........., , ....... Orchestra Page thirty-seve re m,?1Q31'tf'f on . ' rf - rng,a,,1g,ig U O fx S SYMPHONY ALBERTA FOLTZ Nvfpcwi Director of the Orchestra of lalfe d6S11'C5 5YmPh'CiTny lgrhfliij Oli: Q Qt tions. Each of us takes part in th1s.vast orchestra. oToh h r forefathers have intrusted the 'various instrumintset thiy :liege ceeded us capably played on similar instrumen s, d Y h i satisfied with them and improved them. The c011I:PhCalteh mera afuims ?lW0 13 we perform on to-day are the fruits of their oresig t an El Or. These developed instruments, the aid of skilled musicians and our own sincere efforts have enabled us often to attain symphony, Symphony Whlfh Contributes to each one's living a full, cheerful life. , Symphony is a necessityin attaining happiness in the home. In our early days in acquiring the fundamentals requisite to playing the i11St1'U1'I1e1'1tS We learned thls- As we entered slowly into the work and play of the home, it was our parents who gave all that was possible to aid us. Under their guidance many hours were spent on the basis operations. Certain periods of time were allotted to various parts of the work and rest periods had to be heeded. Often as we played there were dis- cords. Because of them, we annoyed others. However, others' welfare and happi- ness had to be considered. Playing our instruments in harmony with theirs was the only thing which created everyone's happiness. Symphony is a forerunner of success in school life. In our school career, masters of the instrumental art taught us technic. The passages became difficult at times. We were whirled through rapid relays of joyful and serious melodies. In the class room, in the halls, on the athletic field, in our various musical activities, and among our friends, our personality, our talents, our efforts had to blend, with those qualities of others in order to create symphony and success. To-night, we as Seniors have experienced what symphony has attained in the home and in the school. Some of us have realized its benefits tothe church, to the community, to the nation and to the world. More of us have only witnessed the happy results. ' In years to come, with the aid of the Great Director, may we as further builders of the instruments, develop and carry on those-melodies of life that lead to symphony and to a world brotherhood of man. May those who go through college and university be so trained as to create these instruments better and to influence these melodies. Soon some will be founding homes. May they malcethem happy d . . . . ' an engender this spirit in future members of the orchestra. Others will immedi- altely enter positions and oflicial capacities. May they carry out their principles to t e best of their knowledge of playing. May we each as members of the Orchestra of Life contribute our part in attaining world symphony lfh these h0Pe5 111 mlnd We are finishing our highschool career. Many of us have formed permanent friendships throughout these .ha f I event . rs. We are sad to leave accustomed places, yet eager to go on 1 PPV, u Yea To our parents we give happy thanks for th . C Care and aid received from them. We extend gratitude to teachers and friends with ' . . . . efforts to help LIS To all f 11 W I Smcere appreciation of their . - - - arewe . e must go on and A guidance, of your belief, and of E. succeed because of your your trust A in us. , P1 e tlnrty eiglyf 6-af -fffib 1 4QJ5?1min f',N,iQ1:lel1zf 1Q31K'ff ' SALUTATOR LLOYD RUESINK Fl :aww ARENTS, teachers, and friends: the members of the graduating class of 1931 extend to you tonight, a most sincere welcome. lt' lvflfk During the last twelve years we have been undergoing processes of development in your hands fitting us to give forth richness in later life, gg gf just as the musical instrument is first shaped and tried in the hands of f W 2 the master workman. X 7 0 , Al Q 1 r-' :S W as v", ' - It is you our parents, who have furnished the framework for our structure. By your strength of character and by the early care and training you have given us, our minds have received those qualities on which the subsequent workers must depend in order to make good instruments of us. It is you our teachers, who are the skilled workers. You have been directing your time, energy, and patience on us as we pass through the processes of construc- tion. You have taught us lessons from books, but it is not this book-knowledge alone which is of value to us, so much as the honorable principles and truths which you have striven to impress upon our minds. The methods used in fashioning us as instruments may be lost in the future, but the workers and the results cannot pass into obscurity, for you-the workers, have woven into our structure those lasting principles of obedience, discipline, courage, unselfishness, and perseverance. Friends, you have stood by us when a friend is most needed. It is because of your help, sympathy, and encouragement that we are here tonight. At last we are ready to be turned out of the factory, perhaps not a highly finished product but at least prepared to enter a life of service. We know not under whose influence we may come. We may be played upon by greed or fraud, and then how distressing the tones we shall send forth! But when we are taken into the hands of high ideals and noble principles, we shall associate in harmony with others and produce beautiful melodies. These strains will spread joy and happiness to those about us. Cur four years in high school have been more than a search for knowledge. They have been a period of character building. We wish to express our most sincere appreciation to those who have helped to make this training possible for us, and to enable us to be graduated tonight. You, the Citizens of Adrian, the Board of Education, and especially the teachers, deserve the greatest thanks for having helped us in our progress. Our goal is success and after all, as the good instrument is measured by melloww tone quality, so success consists in attaining depth and rich- ness of character. The Aeolian harp, one of the most ancient of musical instruments, had its strings arranged in simple harmonies. When the wind blew across these, the harp radited soft, sweet, and inspirational music. Our schooling has helped to bring our minds and bodies into tune with mankind and when the winds of fortune blow, we too, may produce those melodious harmonies. As we leave this building tonight, we shall encounter new responsibilities and new opportunities. Surely this class will meet these responsibilities more willingly, bravely, and competently because of the foundation and finish which you have helped to give us. And so, as we are gathered together for the last time, we would salute you teachers, parents and friends, and we welcome you tonight. They soon chose one of their Page forty ki? fgF,Q,2?193lT"7f ' x I IQ pl! X lk k-ff' X giafolluiggi NY Al Z 5 l W 'er V N quillamente. CLASS HISTORY DOROTHY SAVAGE l f ll of 1928 a migration of crows was noted. The HOCk Negirii faoalsltlj about the Senior High School building' Theif Squawki . . - - tt t n f M . ing and fluttering in strong fortzsszmo style attracted the a en io o d r Reed, and Miss Patch, who with the other faculty members attempte to uiet the flock when it was seen that they would not migrate further- q Poco a Poco they were tamed and trained to be less animato and more tran- mates, John Rorick, for class president and Miss Marjorie Field for their class adviser. In the opera. QTTHE BELLS OF CAPISTRANO,', many of the flock took part, but Cleon Billings and Dorothy Close were the only freshman to have principal parts. During the year, the birds distinguished themselves in public speaking, dramatiCS and athletics- The beginning of school in the fall 'of 1929 marked a subito change. Crow feathers changed to brilliante robin feathers and animato movements were replaced. by andante passages, and con grazia themes. Their conductor this year was Ben Gillies. In the opera "DOROTHY," Cleon Billings, Dorothy Close and Edwin Howell held principal parts. A presto comic operetta was presented by the boys, glee club and one of our associates, Lloyd Ruesink, had a leading role. Edwin Howell, an in- strumentalist in the Hock was sent to Chicago to the National Orchestra as trumpet player. Ethel Frank, Margaret and Katharine Henninger, Allen Cleveland and Arthur Corser had the honor of joining the National Forensic League. Many of the boys were prominent in various athletics and several received certificates of membership to the.National Athletic Scholarship Society. The birds flew to the South pole where they gave a sendoff to the Seniors. After a summer's rest, the birds returned, having again changed plumage and color. Now' they are canaries, each member of the flock able to sing or perform forte or pianissimo under the leadership of Ralph Gregg. The Senior play CQTHE CHARM SCI-iOOL,,U was indeed marked as a complete success. Moving in allegro-tempo from start to finish it was a splendid play. Cleon Billings and Edwin Howell had the leading roles in the operetta UTI-IEA FIRE PRINCE," while many of the other h f i, an . orot y Savage attended the National C orus held at Detroit. Arthur Corser was the president of the Adrian Chapter gf tlle National Forensicrlseague and Margaret Henninger was secretary. Ethel ran Wlt these two, Participated in the State Speech Tournament at River Rouge. All ' . en Cleveland, Wl10 was president of the oratorical association won first place in a. - - - poetry contest sponsored by Hillsdale college Many of the boys distin uished h ' ' ' i . - g Zhteiigcsixlgeil in athletics. Kenneth Meeker and Edwin Howell were co-captains Of S . ha ltjeam and Ben Gillies was captain of the Basketball squad. ' I o as een record Cl th ' ' ' Canaries' Th .H e e transltlon Of 21 flock first noted as crows, last seen aS H think of,NDgZxEI1OL5I3tcLXtl1e far ends of the earth but semper con expressione will they DRIAN HIGH. . X-img BT32251931 N f xg , ae' 'QGEIQBI fo rnin1Q5f If Ya 12 Page forty-two ,,, 21 Cf et" ':,f'1 JUNIOR BOYS Bottom Row fleft to rightj ' Bruce Conklin, Rex Geer, Albert Savage, Kenneth Demlow, Edwin Hadden, Charles'MillS, Hollis Ikle, Raymond Spielman, Anstess Weir, LCROY Wood, Arthur Van Nleuwenhzei Richard Kishpaugh. Second Row I Wilfred Barrett, Herbert Taylor, Lee VanAuker, George Crossland, George Curtis, Allen Blouch, Norman MacNaughton, Keith Hawley, Lloyd Duffield, Donald Clegg, Robert R11'19h-aft, Robert Cairns, Lawrence Rau, Kenneth Wililnow. , Third Row , ' I Roy Van Doren, Tom Cashen, William Marvin, Francis Faulhaber, Harold Reed, Robert Wood, Robert Cottrell, Alfred Leininger, Carl Brautigam, Miss Eggstaff fAdviserj, Richard Hoben, Cameron Hall, Frederick Krueger, Stanley Kobneck, Kenneth Pfister, Neiman Bailey, Albert Caterino, Roy Schultz, Lamar Allomong. A ' Fourth Row . , 4 ' ' Eugene Francoeur, Guy Rogers, DeWitt Davison, Carl Fibiger,' Max Raseley James Gibson, John Crandall, Edward Wickham,- Grant Whittimore, Robert Harkness Edward Ford Thomas Smith, Llewellyn Allen, Glen Carr, Ernest Pate, Ha rold Detwiler, Louis Bradish, WHYHB Beebe, Clark Miley. A Top Row A ' Woodrow Bowers, Rollin Davis, Howard Deis, Herschel Feeman James Auchampaugll, Thomas Munger, Robert Derby, Nelson Roeder, Grin Leonard, ,Charles Smith, HGHYY SChW1k?fV, Lewis Ruesink, Claude Becker, Martin Tausend, Howard Ayres, Buel Clark, Lloyd Galloway. R ' flqhe following are not i11ClMdCd in the picturej H L' Joseph Bonshaw, Kenneth Corley, John Drabix, Gordon Drager, Elwood, Foote, Carroll mdSaY, Ralph L1nClSay, Leonard MacKenzie, Darnell Reynolds, Thomas Simkins, Allen Slater. Aubrey Skeeze. ' If nf ff 'klizf 1931 ff ' U ' ' f. Hf1r, 3 f ',f , .,,,Q g' 5g F2,W,ggg,i' ,' "M " Qi ' Er? ' Y JUNIOR GIRLS Bottom Row fleft to rightj Margaret Johnson, Virginia Phillips, Lucy Van Etten, Ann Christodoulou, Kathryn Becker, Dorothy Gasner, Grace Scroggie, Miss Eggstaff fAdviserJ, Alice Reinhart, Dora Crane, Vivian Gempel, Josephine Schultz, Fern Weitenhagen, Iola Munger, Beatrice Skinner, Margaret Geringer. Second Row . Ethel Hall, Bertha Rule, Dorothy Pangborn, Marion Davis, Luetrelle Wilson, Mildred Ambacher, Edith Corbett, Margaret Xvellnitz, Myrtle Jenkins, Evelyn Miley, Marcella Miller, Jeanne Gilbert, Elizabeth Griewahn, Pauline Gunter, Nina Conklin, Lucile Limbacher, Helen Martin. Third Row June Wagner, Barbara Westerman, Hazel Curtis, Helen Waite, Normayn Myers, Mary Gardner, Edith Bailey, Margaret Van Schoik, Adelaide Faulhaber, Mildred Hodges, Myra Ross, Rachel Maybee, Evaline Hadden, Loice Grabach, Ilah Bigelow, Evelyn Hough, Ella Rau, Gertrude Cultice. Fourth Row Beulah Warner, Geraldine Rogers, Marguerite Harris, Delia Maynard, Harriette Wade, Irene Pasko, Edna Weitenhagen, Ruth Berndt, Maxine Ray, Evelyn Pangburn, Roberta Ikle, Glennora Dowell, Velma Pifer, Elda Meyer, Donna Hutchisson, Luretta Kuster, Ilene Schultz, Lillian Hughes, Eleanor Quigley. Fifth Row Hellen Ekins, Hazel Sherman, Miriam Foehr, Mary Jane Beyer, Helen Stark, Mary Dewey, Cynthia Mitchell, June Hypes, Esther Kidman, Elizabeth Seger, Lucile Turnwald, Nancy Ford, Virginia Heckert, Jane Gillen, Marie Nickloy, Eunice Rickerd, Eleanor Wright, Georgia Schneider, Mary Darnton, Ruth Woerner, Margaret Skinner. Top Row Evelyn Lindsay, Viola Swartz, Mary Luke, Nancy NVheeler, Marian King, Ruth Smock, Okal B-ailey, Mabel Borland, Clive Bethel, Helen Ryznar, Mary Stevenson, Virginia Sherman, Gnnolee Treat, Kathryn Root, Maybelle Young, Eleanor Smith, Carolyn Nash, Sarah Boonstra, Charmion Dox. fThe following are not included in the picture! Florence Beeler, Ilah Cheney, Dorothy De Remer, Nlildred Fields, Kathlene Hawley, Mary Humbarger, Leta Kerr, Lois King, Irene Mc Kimmy, Gladys Ostrum, Jane Prentice, Elizabeth Shierson. Page forty-three ef-ff Jf?1Q31 7QiP JUNIOR crass HTSTORY . A,.A - THOMAS SMITH . ROBERT COTTRELL President .--- ---- -"- -""' , . ERT WOOD Vice-President -'-- -"'-' ' " ROB ERT CAIRNS Secretary. ---A ROB GEORGE CROSSLAND Treasurer -- Marshal - ,....... WILFRED BARRETT Adviser ....... . MARIAN D. EGGSTAEE Obust man of twenty-two years carelessly :J-a 1 Annee a yOll1'1g, I' 7 yy W UNIOR , I , . . I Q threw himself into the large over-stuffed chair whiclg Wasil slitting beforti , X ,, . A " t t his new radio. He snapped on the machine and t OHS eS5'Y Iurnjl? gylliwbig the dial. What was that! Did he hear his home town mentione 1,1 Junior straightened up, turned the volume control as far as it wou vt -- 3 r W7 2 go and listened. Yes, it was his home town all right. D "W-A-H-S, Adrian, Michigan? The announcer's voice was clear and distinct, "Operating on 470 kilocyclesf' "Tonight, radio fans, we will broadcast another of the Musical Review Series programs through the courtesy of the Adrian Merchants. This evening we have the pleasure, and I am sure it will be a pleasure, of reviewing the class of 1932. We shall do the same as we did last week and While the studio orchestra plays, I shall try to bring back those school-day memories. This first piece, "Talking My Baby Back Homei' is, of course, to remind us of the debating activities of Ruth Smock, Cameron Hall, Herbert Taylor, and Carl Brautigam, also the State Contest of the Nation Forensic League in which Carl Fibiger won first place in oratory, and Robert Cairns' declamation received four points. . "This next piece, the QVictor's March,' is played for both the football and basketball teams. In football we cannot forget the line playing done by Robert Cottrell, George Crossland, Donald Clegg, Allen Blouch, and Robert Wood. All of these fellows received letters. In basketball, Cottrell, Clegg, Crossland, Krueger, and Harold Reed exhibited some fast playing and deserved their letters. 4 "Now the orchestra is going to play a very short piece entitled "Just a Little Love Set," written in honor' of the members of the class of '32 who were out for tennis, including George Crossland, Lamar Allomong, Alfred Leininger, and Robert Harkness. These fellows played in at least one game, , "Here we are at the part played by Robert Cottrell, Hiarold Reed, William Q Krueger, D0113-ld Clegg and Wayne Beebe, the LUSC Sluggersf who put their time and effort into winning the ,baseball games. The Seng that is beiri P1-Wed is 'When Johnny Comes Running Safely Home ' Vvhouiiuvrilvlggrbetlqvagfrilf todguess whom this next song is for: 'Yell, Clowns, Tellf no . ge 1 re Barrett and James Gibson the cheer leaders! Schultzug tmne IS nearly .up and we shall not have time to play an piece for Roy Count! teo in ails, LeRoy. Wood, and Llewellyn Allen, members of the Cross y am, nor or Herbert Taylor and Helen Ryznar who had leading parts in the operetta, nor for the pupils who put on thejunior Play 'P C1 ' QQO - . Q V . CI'1I'O . - h ur time 1S up and we hope you have enjoyed listening to this Program as muc as we have enjoyed sending, it to you. XX1-A-I-1-5 b Marvin, Robert Wood, Frederick ids you all good-nightf, Page Orly our I ' l X? nm , . f . Wax wx f . ,A gl' ff 1 'V - ll , I h I H 4 I J ' I ' MQW, 1 ii i il I. , W, "- '-, i '1 yl . 5 "T ' L , GF' mm A jP4fHL2?11 1 i ' M W' 'L f 'IA wif ,Q , x Navi: -'J , ., . f ff. '--1. -, wg' ' 'mf :, 'QE'9'5?-XP' ' N' AX f ..Mm25s,W"lTRi 1 pw 5? . U, A vw ' - .52-'W if-Q ff' ' - Q k m gf, ,w1Afm ,M, X 'Qmgfg I . 'gg' f "si :adifff G hx NdMLwWmFG4wmwm?4 XS D' M y fvfi V A cdxyx 'x 'Q I I , mmx mmm 'ey 85 P49 I V , ON w . R L , E ! W 5 x. ,jr IL! lx Xl 1 Lv '- . Affwll' Wi Xing? IV AX MU If ,Q f" " 'hl 'A ' ' ,' 1 , 'W W M "M . 5',,j Q-1 1 i WQIM-if 1 vw Q ay I ww X MN 1 P M 1 HV' W EW'-'Wi'.VNMPTW N 1 Yo 1".1'Wx1N 1Ii.'f1 ,,',M 5'x Rx rm M1 '1 lfx'5mN ,Q W K 1. 3.4 ',fLl7gnW-My X Wx -Xm W-R 1 -H, W YI vt M, 5:- -1"'x 'U I V'.. -gf.-k'i ' f ' - " 1,-V , rf T X x I Mf xv lv X I I 1, f un 3 ,x. L 1q'?.'X It b , ' I' WM'-.N p e -x' --W Mmxwf M H Q U' H. K X ' V W 1 , H . , . . Y ,J gk W W LY L 'xyfwf i ' , I' Mhz. : ll I . ' 'I I Ml X 'I' I J DN-lu.nus :X i A - Page forty-five g L! ff:-'E A ff' 0?1Q3l?fiEfQ6'2ss,,,J M, H H., ge forty-:ix L- .,?' I .. on . ,i 1 .lla , F RESHMAN BOYS Bottom Row fleft to rightj A ' Harold Greene, Kenneth Woerner, Donald Hansen, Orin B178-Clish, Eldfed Harriman, Hubert Yeutter, Walter Miller, Lyle Roecler, Thomas Dawes, Leland Green, Jack Comar. Second Row Alvi Norman Gould, William Hewes, Edwin Ryder, ,Harold Clegg, Willard Alverson, Howard Barrickl ' L d i aw, eonar Barron, Raymond Woerner, Marvin Brock. n Witt, Herman' Whittimore, Charles Cook, James Leland, Earl Gray, Robert Hawley, Third Row i A Homer Haracourt, Frank Beal, Delos Reynolds, Edward Wilson, Lawrence Quigley, Richard Judge, Robert Nelson, Donald Swenk, LaVerne Westgate, George Brown, Harold Near, Frederick Rob t N ' ' er s, orman Schell, Junior Pentecost, Robert Lessing, Garnie Morton, Walter Harsh, Louis Vandecaveye, Howard Reinhart. Fourth Row S i ' Randall Coates Louis Sweet Alton M" h IIS , , itc e , William Cundiff, Maurice Weiss, Leland Dermyer, Charles Jessup, Martin Minster, George Figy, Robert Zoolc, Roy Smith, Arvin Kottlce, ' Richard Hill, Claude Allbright, John Randolph, Delbert Ries, Earl Benner. Top Row V Edward McLaughlin Earl n C , Y onnin, -Robert Daniels, Kenneth Perkins,'Ara Taylor, Miles Dunscomb, Lawrence Moore, Seaton West, Leon Powell, George Zeltner, Harvey Dalton, Edwin Kuney, Donald Judson W , arren Case, Robert Dorner, Allen Baker. A l'Tlve following are not included in the pictureJ I I U ' Thomas Butler, Richard Finch, Graydon Fogelsong, Robert Gamber, John Hill, Maxon Morse, Wfarcl Myers, William Pottinger, A h " ' rt ur Robison, Frederick Srnoclc, John Southard. 'W r , if i ,Mil min K i1:lcl1z?lQ3l g-5 5 . V 1 , FRESI-IMAN GIRLS Bottom Row fleft to rigbtj Ruth Roelcle, Lillie Gwyn, Ruth Baker, Lucile Derbyshire, Gladys Jackson, Dorothy Web- ster, Marian Tausend, Martha Sebring, Sally McKeighan, Nlajel Jones, Alice Griewahn, Ivel McKimmey, Miriam Mills, Ruth Wild, Mary Dusha, Geraldine Burnor, Lucille Clegg. Second Row Virginia Nash, Gertrude Ballenberger, Virginia Baker, Viola Bone, Katherine Miller, Margaret Kells, Wilma Schuneclc, Eleanor Graham, Nellie Beebe, Alice Auchampaugh, Leona Beeler, Margery Marshall, Jeannette Kirk, Marcella Crance, Dorothy Finkell, Estella Hamilton, Roma Driscoll. Third Row Ruth Austin, Elizabeth Sullivan, Ina Johns, Ella Mae French, Ruth Hill, Genevieve Pangburn, Beryl Dentel, Rosa Armistead, Doris Woerner, Lillian Young, Ferne Dusseau, Thelma Smatts, Auldene Cone, Marguerite Schoen, Helen Davis, Alice Howe, Louise Tornow, Carolyn Woodford, Margaret Wilmoth, Evelyn Randolph, Arlene Btazee. Fourth Row Dorothy Hines, Eva Loop, Elizabeth Anderson, Leona Faler, Margaret Rinehart, Margue- rite Xvesterman, Marian Hamilton, Gwendolyn Stark, Esther Ramsey, Helen Spalding, Marvel Rau, Frances Nlatthes, Lila Bernclt, Bernice Hutchison, Loismay Hall, Vivian Kidman, Pearl Santose, Fern Ries, Marian Holloway, Lena Townsend. Fifth Row Lois Smith, Marie lvlueller, Esther Moeller, Margaret Mowat, Frances Hesselswartz, Achsah Jane Parker, Marie Halstead, Doris Wfines, Elsie Renner, Gertrude Blaker, Thora ,Donna Forrister, Jane Shutes, Helen Scott, Edith Willnow, Dortha Ames, Lois Dawson, Audrey Summers, Edyth Tuttle, Leona Cttgen. Top Row Querida Clayton, Elberta Buehrer, Harriett Huhn, Esther Wiebeclc, Alyce Kortie, Vena Nlac Farlane, Evelyn Snedelcer, Virginia Dennis, Jeanne Mudget, Rhoda Bower, Edna Bixby, ,Aldyth Allen, Ruth Mc Kie, Helen Nicoline, Lucille Graham, Arlene French, Evelyn Lewis. fTf7e following are not included in the picturell Florence Burtch, Josephine Curtis, Catherine Evilsiser, Doris Fairfield, Marcia Grove, Mae Hanlin, Bernice Hanneman, Dorothy Hughes, Virginia Husted, Millie King, Flossie Leupp, Doris Libke, Arlene Morey, Ruth Russell, Elizabeth Tompson, Doris Van Auker, Erma Xwesterman. Pa e arty sexe - we f fXfXQ i?21snrn age forty-eight U rf PRQ9 FRESHMAN CLASS HTSTORY ALYCE KORTIE - HERMAN WHITTIMORE President .... - ..4- --Sf- -- . ENTECOST Vice-President A- -'--- --'-' ' JUNIOR P GERY MARSHALI, Secretary ----- ----4 - - 4--- MAR Treasurer ...,.... .HAROLD CLEGG M hal HAROLD GREENE ars - .....--- 4A--' -"' ' ' Adviser .,.....,.. COACH KELLY N, A-Haw, E ENTER a great cathedral, it is shadOWY and Objects at? indiifinctk 1 ' t 7 Light filters through the narrow stained glass Windows In pa S O 1 red radiance We notice a movementin the organ loft and we draw co o - - - f f nearer to it. We see a musician eagerly take from a large Shea 0 ,A N music a rather unique looking piece. Tts title is written 111 bold sp +A W NW? Q . f - The musician starts to play - see how he sways with the rhythm of the asci- ef G 1 a' VW , is 2" .uf1',l0sr'f?i F3 "5 fi? .Q I . . 77 W 1 letters, "The Class of '33, Adflan I-hah 5011001- nating music. The melody is rippling, rumbling, crashing. It brings to our minds darting figures clad in football togs dashing madly about the Held. The plcture grows clearer and we can see six Freshman boys struggling in a practice game. The music then changes to a happy march tune and we see these boys at the end of the season proudly receiving their rewards-Harold Clegg and Junior Pentecost were each given a' big "A" while Walter Miller, Leonard Barron, Charles Jessup, and George Figy received triple Als. The musician turns the page and the music now becomes lilting, overflowing with pep and vigor. .There appears before us an exciting, basketball game. tOn the floor is a tall Freshman, Harold Clegg, of course. On the bench, tense and ready in e game, is Junior Pentecost. For their faithful work case he should be needed in th during the basketball season, Clegg received ai big KA" while Pentecost was given a triple A. P . The music that we now hear is throbbing, sweet, and' romantic. We see a stage on which are many gayly clad people, singing .merrily-it is the Senior High Operettal Two figures that stand out clearest to us, however, are LaVerne Westgate and Donald Swenk who were given important roles and portrayed them exception- ally well. Gertrude Ballenberger, Ara Taylor, and Jack Comar were also included in the cast and la ed h " ' ' P Y t C1I'.SfI1all6r parts with a skill thatvlent much color and gave 31'-gong Z-1PP0C1ffItO1the more important members of the cast. Betty Tompson, Wilma . une? 1 an Y C Roedef, three Of OUI' Humber, played in the operetta orchestra. Listen to that stirrin m h ' th u g arc - it sounds like the Senior High Band. Yes, here fl' Come, mafphmg Smaftli' bCfOre us looking very trim intheir bright I-lussar uniforms. We notice F many reshmen among the players. The orchestra, too, has accepted a number of Freshman Mu ' ' Freshman cla f T h Slclans' Surely Senior High Should thank the ss or t - - . , The musi di 536 feeiliforcements to its musical organizations. c ies awa t ' ' g , , . - lace Th d Y, e musicianpfolds the copy -and puts it back into 1fS P . us en s the Freshman histor f h I - - Y O t e class of ,33 but durin the next two years, this music will awaken t 'L g . 0 a new theme of new faces and bmghter deeds, fi f 6 E If . 1 - -. .' ..- 1 ... ,-- '. . X i f fa J 5- Q .1 X f 5 O f W I 5 E ""A. Y INN! iw 1-533 - 2 '4" ' E Rn , I :V in mf Q . mf W ' A .if '- U ,ff A ff ffiifll uv, -'-- f.t'f! . ,ff 1414 I fr k 1? .... .... A ,-IIQLAHXN gq M I -2. 2 A 9' f4 ' A f M1 Nm W1 4" f' 'I " gif ,, Wx' mffffw 1,7 ,f1,3 ' If KRW ff ,MI 1011157 f Ap, lf, Z-Ndin i! x I+ A',g...: 5 AI' Ji. A Q, ,HT xy fs f X V qu HH . 3-" , xf 0 f ' Ni? KX' X53 hr ,R fa-X ,' Af -,Q 13, Q7 1 2 , Y I 1 I, 11 Qi En' fix ' if El J U-kikvw 7? t M 4 Tj! ? 7 2ilQJ 'V T 'llillllfif EL 1,2--1 'f Q ..-- - - If Z,-,if-I f -'i,-f:-Z--",.'ZI. ? Lf' 1, fjfzo 2 Page forty-nine 776, b X I1 -1 m ' Rio .-Q Coach ........... ........., FOOTBALL Faculty Manager. ...... ------- R ' O' LUCE Student Manager. ..... Assistant Managers ----------.ALBERT SAVAGE, HAROLD BUGBEE Captain ------,----g---- ,,,-,,,,,,,-,,,,,.,,, ,.,,, KENNETH MEEKER - Captain-Elect. ......... September September October October October October Novemb November Tecumseh .. ........ .....,.. 0 Ferndale ,.,.,.., ,,.,,,., 1 2 Bhssfield ........ .,,.,,,, 7 Wyandotte ......., -,,,-,-- 0 Rlver Rouge Q -.,, ----,--- 1 9 Hudson Fordson Monroe u Adrian Adnan. ....... ....... 0 Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian--. A Here There There Here There Here Here Here MR. KELLY, C oacb This Was Mr. Kelly's third year of coaching in Adrian. During these three years, he has always succeeded in produc- ing clean, aggressive, hard fighting foot- ball teams. I KENNETH MEEKER, Fullback and Captain, '31 Meeker in playing his third year of Varsity Football for Adrian High School demonstrated the value of speed in his position. He was the fastest man on the team and he scored the most points. CECIL SAUTER, Manager, '31 '!Cece" had the job of painting the bleachers, putting lime on the field, and acting as Doctor in the dressing room. In doing this he contributed much to the success of the team. Page fifty-one ff J ?1Q31 Xinnrn 1 aff-,lfglfilf fit . X ' V T f P489 ffty-two LETTER MEN EDWIN HOWELL, Tdfklf, ,31 I HEddie7" pne of our star linesmen, played a strong game all season. He was acting captain in the Hudson and Fordson games, and received a place on the All-League Team. BEN GILLIS, Half, '31 Ben received most of Adrian's tosses and also did the punting. He received a place on the All- League' Team. RICHARD SEARS, Guard, '31 Dick played every quarter of every game in a consistent manner that the crowd seldom noticed. He was not a heavy man, but he out- fought his opponents. HAROLD LEADER, Guard, '31 Leader made an excellent showing for his first year in football. His aggressiveness on defense was one of his strongest points. RICHARD MOORE, Tackle, '31 Dick was a hard fighting linesrnan who gave all he had when he was in the game. RoY OLSEN,iHdlf, 331 Roy did good work all season in giving the varsity practice. He received his chance in the F 01115011 Same and played a good game. BRUCE THOMPSON, Tackle, 931 I Bruce handled. his position in an eiccellent manner. He broke up many of our opponents' PIEWS, and contributed much to the success of the team. , - . JACK TOMPSON, Center, '31 , Jack Was- a excellent passer and never caused the backfield men to fumble. Also he was one of the best defensive men on the team. 42-:af-ff LETTER MEN ROBERT COTTRELL, Quarter, Captain-elect, '32 "Bob" was Adrian's triple-threat man. He could run, kick, and pass equaily well. His head-work was good as he always pulled the right play in the right place. ALLEN BLOUGI-1, Guard, '32 "Al" delivered the goods all season in a way that caused the other team to try to get their yardage some place else. DONALD CLEGG, End, '32 Clegg was a versatile man, playing both end and half-back. His shifty running and ability to catch passes were two of his strong points. GEORGE CROSSLAND, End, '32 George proved his ability as a football player by catching passes and by stopping the plays that were tried around his end. FREDERICK KRUEGER, End, '32 Krueger played a strong game all season at both right and left ends. He was troubled by an injury during the season, but will be back next year. HAROLD CLEGG, Half, '33 "Harry" started the season at end, later play- ing both half and full-back positions. He was a speedy runner and a good blocker. JUNIOR PENTECOST, Guard, '33 Pentecost started the year as second team center but was soon given a position on the first team. Wfeight and fighting ability are his strong points. ROBERT NVooD, Half, '32 Wood was the lightest man on the team which made his play more outstanding. He could punt well and his ability to carry the ball surprised many of our opponents. . fa' mfg? 31 - r1yg,2.lf5 X3 FOOTBALL SEASON 1930-'31 k d f f otball players. About fifty f h l Coach Kelly as e TOI' 0 7 k On thedijt iiljfiocflgsfheonii were six lettermen from last Year 5 team' Thane gen res on e . ' men Kp th Meeker Bruce ThomPson, Tack Tompsonf Edwin Howe ' en Were: enne T ' C1 d, a successful season was - ' ' ' Intensive practice was starte an Gillies and Richard Sears- , , - n four ames had one tid ated This ambition was partly realized as the team Wo g .7 . an P ' h' h e most desire to win, me W ic W forfeited to them, and lost three. The Monroe ga , ' ' Adrian defeated was lost, but one fact stands out - for the first time in three Years, all the county teams. The Hrst game was with Tecums . ' eh at Lincoln Field 'Tecumseh fought hard but lost to Adrian 8-0. h ' h I I t th Adrian went to Ferndale for the second game, and alt Oug WHS C OSC 0 C goal line in the first quarter failed to score. This gave heart to Ferndale, who won 12-0. C ' n 1 Next the team went to Blissfield to play the future county champions. BIISSTIC Cl had defeated Adrian last year so this year's victory was especially encouraging. The score was 13-7. ' The next game was with Wyandotte at Lincoln Field. The day was almost too hot for football but Adrian won 13-0. s The following week Adrian played River Rouge on their home field. Again Adrian missed a scoring chance in the first quarter and lost 19-0. The next Friday Hudson came to Adrian. They also had beaten Adrian last year and so were very confident. Captain Meeker was injured, but Adrian fought all the harder and won 14-0. I Two weeks later, Adrian met an undefeated Fordson team. B-oth Meeker and Cottrell were out of the line-up because of injuries and Fordson Won 19-0. Later, however, we were notified that Fordson had used' an ineligible man and so forfeited the game to us. However Fordson had beaten Monroe 20-2, so the Monroe game the following week was eagerly anticipated. The Monroe game was attended by about 2,000 spectators who actually packed the Lincoln Field. In the first quarter the game was all'Adrian's. Monroe 'seldom had the ball and when they did they were forced to kick. This lasted nearly all of the second quarter until Clarkeof Monroe broke through the Adrian line and ran iidyuards forla touchdown. Monroe failed to kick goal so the score was Monroe 6, rian 0 at t e end of the half. In the second half Monroe came back stronger than Ever, and llthough Adrian fought hard, the team was unable to prevent Monroe pigln scaring two more touchdowns. This brought the final score to Monroe 18, rian .- . - ' .Next Year Adrian Should be able to do much better. Eight lettermen fsix juniors and. two fresh ' A Cottrell thei I mimi are Commg back next year, and under the lead of Bob r ca tain- . .- , beatin 'th h Ph C ect, we are confident that they will give Monroe the Worst g at t ey ave received from any team in years, TI-IE RESERVES Cl ' Sh l ' . Tlixnas E431 er Ighilef Jessup Geotge Gruel . Keith I-Iawlei' Carl Bra - g re 9f1Ck Mlnster Edward Wilson Walter Miller . utlgam Charles Minster Tom Simkins 1-1 T . Robert Harkness Richard T-Ioben JO n Crandall i-'Q4,:?,f , .. exirnin fl? Svirlclizf 1931 af 1 , n BASKETBALL THE SCHEDULE ADeeember 9 ,,,,,,, ...... D eerfield ....,.,..,......................, 8 Adrian ........ ....... . 77 ......... .....,.. H ere December 12 ,,,,.,, ,,,---, B lissfield . ........,,.............. .......,, 2 1 Adrian ,... ....... 3 2. ........ ....... - Here December 15 ,,,,,,.. ,,,.,.. S t. Johns fTolec1oJ . .... . .......... 19 Adrian ........ ........ 1 7 ....,.... ........ . Here ,January 9 ,,,,,,,- ,,,,,,. T ecumseh ......,..........,., ......... 2 1 Adrian ...... There January 17 Mt. Clemens ............ ...,..... 1 4 Adrian ......... ....... T here January Z3 ..,,,... ..,.,, . Libbey fToledol Adri-an 19. ......... ......... H ere January 30 ,,.,,,,, .,-,.,. M onroe .,,..,..,.,....... ........ A drian ,........ ....... T here February 6 .,--.-. ....,.. , River Rouge. ...,.... ...,,..,. 2 1 Adrian ........ ........ . Here February 13 February Z0 February 27 lVIarch 5 ........ ...... .Nlarch 13 ..,..... ......,... lV1arcb 14 Wyandotte Royal Oak ...,.. Birmingham. .,,..... ..,...... Adrian Adrian Adrian DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Hillsdale .,....,.............................. 20 Adrian REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Howvell ,...........,..........,.........,......Y 24 Adrian Coldwater ....,, ........ 3 9 Adrian .......,. ...,.... 295 396 -----.-There .------There Here .-,..-There Ypsilanti Ypsilanti Page iffy-fi PGS? iffy-six s rnp1:Q:Efl2lI? Q " c BEN GILLIES, Captain ana' Guard, '31 Ben is a Senior and has won his letter three times. His accurate shooting and his depend- able defensive work were the Outstanding features of his game. HAROLD BUGBEE, Manager, ,31 Bughee is the man on the squad who sees that the players have everything they need when they need it. I-Ie also had much to do with the fellows' spirit when they were in the locker room. DONALD CLEGG, Captain-Elect and Center, ,'32 D011 is 'a speedy young Junior who was eSPeCi3-HY adept at making those short shots from under the basket. He matched Well into the team's play, , ' G - 6'-'35 t-ff J img V xigtrlzlgf 1Q3lT' BASKETBALL LETTER MEN R HAROLD CLEGG, Forward, '33 Clegg was the only freshman on the team. However, his passing and shooting were up to the standard of a veteran. ROBERT COTTRELL, Forward, '32 Bob is' a Junior, and has won his letter twice. He was a great help to this year,s team and next year he should do even better. GEORGE CROSSLAND, Center, '32 George always took the tip off and then he dropped back to the guard position which he handled in a workmanlilce manner. GEORGE GRUEL, Forward, 331 George is another Senior who played with the Y-leaders last year. He always played his best when he went into the game. FREDERICK FREUGER, Center-Forward, 332 Q'Whitie" gained a lot of experience which will help both himself and Adrian next year. .ROY GLSEN, Guard, '31 This was Roy's first year on the High School team, However, last year he gained valuable experience with the Y-leaders. HAROLD REED, Forward, ,32 Reed did some very good work and should be a great help next year. JACK TOMPSON, Guard, '31 Jack also is a Senior and this is the first year that he has won a letter. He played a steady reliable game at all times. E 2 Page fifty-seven g. P480 fifty-eight fa "Q?1Q31 fe . A gif D - U 7 1 .0 - U New me S OFFICER ,,,,,., .MR. KELLY Coach ,..,...... """" """"""-'-' i 1 -1 -,,-, ,.,, , BEN GILLIES Captain -----,--, DONALD CLEGG Captain-Eletf ------ ------,- , UI-IAROLD BUGBEE Student Manager ------- ----- ---, A , ,-,--,.,,, - - MR. LUSE Faculty Manager ,4-- - -""""' """ """"' -'-"' '--'---------------4- - C h Kell started Basketball prac- Soon after the close of the football season, O9-C Y ' H had only two lettermen back from last Year? Captain Gillies and Robert tice. e 11 b h h d veral promising prospects. U H l Cottgil izhgi fiitstagairiie the team had a chance to "show their Stuff, by P1aYm8 Deerfield. This they did by Winning 77'8 I b h The next week Adrian met Blissfield there and wonpfrom them y t e more even score of 32 to 21. I I ' t On December 15, the St. Johnis team of Toledo came' to Adrian and man- aged to win by one basket. The score was 19 to 17. . January 17, Adrian played its first league game at Mt. Clemens. In spite of the fact that the team had to play on a much longer floor than usual, Adrian continued its good work by winning 19 to 14. One week later, another Toledo team came to Adrian. This time it was Libbey who later tied for the city championship in Toledo. Adrian played much better than they had previously, but lost 19 to 26. The next week Adrian played Monroe, there. Monroe had beaten Adrian in football so a large number of Adrian students went to the game. Adrian's passing and shooting completely outclassed Monroe's and Adrian won 24 to 18. Adrian's third league game was with River Rouge in our own gym. Adrian's team work and shooting were improving constantly and Adrian won 32 to 21. The next game was with Wyandotte, there. This also was a league game and Adrian hoped to keep her Slater clean. However, Wyandotte proved to have the bet- ter team and won by the score of 26 to 13. 1 Again Adrian journeyed to a strange town and a strange gym floor to play Royal Oak. They lost this game by the close score of 16 to 13. Birmingham for the 6th and last leaguegame. Adrian combined a fast passing attack with accurate shooting and won 46 toi22. This gave Adrian four victories and two defeats in their league schedule. - g Adrian entered the district tournament at Hillsdale 'and in a game which was very close for the first half, won the district championship by defeating Hillsdale on March 5 by the score of '35 to 20. ' The next week Adrian entered the Re ion 1 T I d b f g a ournament at Ypsilanti. They rew au yi or the first. round and played Howell in the semi-finals. The game was even a t e time and in the last 30 seconds of play, Adrian made the final score and won 25 t 24. Th ' ' - ' 0 e next night in the finals, Adrian played Coldwater. In the ab. f h senceAo t ree regulars, Cottrell, D. Clegg and Crossland, Coldwater .won 39 to 17 t a meeting of the team, Donald Clegg was elected C t . f with the help of Cottrell H CI R ap ain or next year an Adrian ought to U80 Placesy, eggil eed7 Crossland' and'Kruege1' Wl'1O return also, B Th THE RESERVES Cguczeshaiempsonu Grant Whittemore Walter Miller r .lUH1Or Pentecost - . Roy Schultz Herman Whittemore ' 'iifhmiri 7, BASEBALL 119301 C. Shaler -,,.,,---- C. Hoffman ..... R. Hill. ...,,.,,,,,,.-,- L. Smith .......... R. Cottrell. ...... H. Dusseau ....... A. Reinhart ....... F. Reinhart. ........ B. Gillies. .,,,,, . ,,-----,,,,-----4------------, RESERVES A. Howe Frederick Kreuger D. Clegg H- Reed R. Gregg M. Ryznar W. Beebe H. Gregg G. Whittimore OFFICERS Ralph Knepperm, -. ,----- Manager R. O. Luse SCHEDULE April 8 ,,,-,--,-- --,.,,,- April 22 ,-,,,,-,, ,,-,,--. April 29 ---,,,--- ----.--. May 3, ,,-,- May 6 ,---- May 17 ......... ........ May lO ...... May 13 ...... May Z0 ...... I une 6 ..... Tecumseh. ............... .... ------- Blissfield .... Blissfield ....... ------- Fofrdson ..... Hudson ...... Ferndale ........... ------- Tecumseh ......... -f----- 1 0 Royal Oak. ......-- ------- 2 Hudson .......... ---- 5 Monroe. ...... H 42 ----------Catcher Pitcher First Base Second Base Short Stop ----------Thircl Base -------Center -Field --------.Left Field Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian -. Right Field George Gruel Richard Sears ..... Coach l 2 7 Z 6 7 7 1 0 .ff ........ 4 56 Page fifty-nine if fi'-X A ff' ' f 1931 U If if f rf f-QQF, Page sixty Coach .,, BASEBALL A H9311 Student Manager . ..., Captain ..,.....4YYf .,.---A Catcher Pitcher .............e-.. .First Baseman- ..... ,- Second Baseman Short Stop ..,.K....,..e.. Third Baseman. ......... Right Fielder i...., Center Fielder ,... Left Fielder .,,..... Richard Hoben Xvayne Beebe THE TEAM RESERVES I Charles Jessup Tom Dawes o,,,-MMR. LUSH HERMAN WHITTIMORE CLAIR SHALER T ,,--., , ,,,. Clair Shaler ----------Albert Howe --------.Harold Reed -----------Walter Miller M-,-,,--,Robert Cottrell ----------Frederick Kreuger . Ben Gillies -Q ........ William Marvin ----.----.Mitchell Ryznar Richard Moore Ralph Gregg THE SCHEDULE April 14 Tecumseh .. .......,... Here ' p May 16 April I 21 Hudson ........ Here May 19 April 28 Tecumseh raa. -. ........ There May May 1 Howell ...,,l.a, ....a..... T here May May 5 Blissfield ,, ..a....,... ,Here June May 9 .,.Howell ...,a..., -, Here June May 12 Hudson , ,,.. ......... Q There Fordson. ..... ...... -- ,.--Bl1ssHeld . r...., . ....... ---- There There Royal Oak ............ . Here Port Huron. ....,...... There Ann Arbor--. ........... There Monroe Here The Baseball team of this year is again under t-he coaching of Mr. Luse Last year s team won seven out of ten games and for two years Adrian has won the League chain ion h' . Th' p s ip is year the team shows a great possibility of doing the same thing. - A ff-,E-ff 51snin W Sink! f' 1931 ' E I! -F d f"",,i fl illinnr pqrfz SLI x- 4 lc' X' v 'i N' f --'1-f- 1 .1 .XTLK 1: Jw'-f,, :.-."",v-',,- JCL'-,."1 !,..-,- Z4 1, 0-.l',.igxlf'1--'C X x-.3 .: -- -5 :,,.. xx . .- V :Q .N al grin-F.. 3 I .l Ts :'h4.: ..'.A.:J.'f.'rs:..., ik 1 X ' .., 1 .lg-x,-. ,. . 7 .x,,.x ., .U . x.. JK,-..,,-. ' .:,.,. .. glqzu. .I .ii-,. ar., . X. . -- . -.4' 5" , , - :I x 4x-Ji., llufx -In-.. 4.-I-,..,Ar. :Q R! -!C:Q5'gf'. x-fx. x:',," .K '-,N '- 1 - X 21-"",'--i:'f' 1-fl .4.7..'1f? ',,1P Q- - - '. .1--c p-.:-----J '-'-'-MGX' In ,M M - pq 1-.1--,-f - ---- .., ul. pun- JJ., - f -' Page sixty-one , of.. xi ,ax A Page sixty-tn'0 T1ENN1S SQUAD Roy Olsen ' Floyd Rychener Arthur Corser Raymond Woerner George Crossland George Gruel Alfred Leininger , Carl Brautigam Thomas Smith Lamar Allomong Maurice Weiss Date April Z0 April 24 April, 29 May 2 May 6 May 8 May 12 May 16 May 19 May 23 May 26 Date April 30 .... .... .. May' 2 May May May May May May 14 May 16 May 21 , ......... Fordson .,t... 5 .....,.... 7 ...,,.,.,. 9.,. ...,... 10, ....,.. -- 12, ,..,.,... Opponent Score Adrian Blissfield ................ 5 .................. Adrian .,.-------Tecumseh Monroe ..,. Pontiac .....,.,........ Royal Oak .,..... L-- -....-..-Birmingham ,....-.-.Blissfield League ......,... ,..,...--Tecumseh -.--------Regional Ypsilanti .,.,.. Opponent Monroe ..,. Blissfield ,,.,,,.,,.-,,,-,, 3 .,.... -4 ---------Adrian -- Adrian ---------Adrian ---------Adrian Adrian -------s.Adrian --------Adrian --------Adrian --------Adrian -------------------Adrian TENNIS 1930 Score Royal Oak ,,.,,,,,,,,. 4 Wyandotte . Blissfield ..,,,, Pontiac , ,A,,r,-,, ,.-,,--, Q 4 Birmingham Grosse Point .... .,,,.. 1 Ann Arbor ,r.,., V 5 31 A----------.-----.Adrian Adrian - -..-.. ......... - ,Adrian Adrian --------.-.------,Adrian ----------Adrian -,-----.Aclrian - -a-----........ -.Adrian - '-----,--.... -- -Adrian ..i ..... Adrian e---------.....---Adrian Score -4 ........ .. Score Place He re Here Here ----------There Here Here ---.--.--------.,-There Grosse Point ------------There A ....... Ypsilanti ----,-----There Place ----------There -----,----There -------.Here -------------There 5 .......... -- ...... fforfeitl H 13 1 .......... Here ----,--,--There -------,Here ----------There --------Here "gi ml fr' ' if Coach ,,.,--4--- .--.------ H -- CROSS COUNTRY OFFICERS Student Manager ,,,,,-- Faculty Manager. .... Captain -,--,--- -------' Captain-Elect, ....... Herman Hill ROY Schultz Medford Pfister THE SQUAD Kenneth Woerner Rollin Davis Alhert Howe -------.MR. WHITNEY HAROLD REED MR. LUSE ---------.HERMAN HILL -------.RoY Sci-1ULTz Llewellyn Allen Gordon Dentel Leroy Wood MEETS September Z5 -----A-- -...... . Ferndale lst .................... Adrian Zncl. ....,......... .. ........... There October I 10- ------.. ........ W yanclotte Zncl. ..,........ Adrian lst. ......,.,....... , ,............ Here October 17, -------.- ........ R iver Rouge ......,......,....,. Adrian-uninished.. ........... There Royal Oakr ......... ........ A drian-unhnished, .......... - October Z4 ---.w... ........ M onroe lst. ....... ........ A drian Znd. .............4 .. ............- Here November l . ......, ,.,.,,, , Regional v,--,,,,,,-,--,,,,,,,,,,, Adrian 3rd .................,. ffierrlelalel November 7 ........ ......... F ordson Zncl ., ,... ,, ,........ ,.Adria1'1 lst. ....... - .........-. .Here November 15 , ......., ,,,,,,,,, L eague ,----,-,-,,,,,-, ,,,,,,,,, A Cirian 7th ,.....,............ fF61'I1ClE1l-Bl In the second year of cross country competition, Adrian has had a very success- ful season, for out of seven meets, we won two, placed second in two, took one third Place, one seventh place, and ran in another that was undecided. Five members of the squad - Schultz, Woerner, Davis, Allen, and Wood will he haclc and under the ' do even better next year. Coaching of Mr. Whitney, Adrian can well expect to Page sixty-three gn ixty-four Coach ......, TRACK TI-IE SQUAD Kenneth Meeker Roy Schultz Robert Cairns. C Jack Tompson Harold Clegg Woodrow Bowers Bruce Thompson Donald Clegg Robert Wood - I Medford Pfister Roland Davis May -Mas? Nlay May June TI-IE SCHEDULE Bhssfield .. ..,,,,.....,,,,, , Hudson r..,,,,,.,,,w .,------Regiona1 IVIeet ...---State Meet ,. .,,...,,League Meet ------.MR. KELLY Leonard Barron Seaton West Kenneth Woerner Here Here --------jYpsi1anti Lansing -------..Detroit ffggf , sf,-so f- L L, GOLF Mana er g .......... GERALD LAMPSON Coach """" ........... . MR. KELLY THE TEAM I Edwin Hadden, Frederick Minster, Robert Harris, Leroy Wood, Robert Zoolc, Martin Minster, Donald Hanson The members of the golf team practice regularly at the Lenawee Country C lub, 11 S ral meets have been planned for the year Under the supervision of Coach Ke y. eve Hd among them are one each with Fordson and lVlt. Clemens. Page sixty-iv 4' Page sixty-six . Q ,, gf ef ,io i i i GIRLS? BASKETBALL Jumping Center ' '--'--"-""-'- 'Lillian Hughes Margaret Myers fsubj Running Center ------------------------ -----------------" L illian Young 4 Dorothy Hughes fsubl Forwards -..-wq-, ,-,-,,,,,, Q Margaret Lindbert, Virginia HeCkert ' Doris Woerner fsubl Guards ,..,,... Viola Bone, Geraldine Harkness Q , ' Achsah Jane Parker fsubl I SECOND TEAM C , Evelyn Snedeker Ann Christoudoulou Helen Harwick Ruth McKie Geraldine Burnor Rhoda Bower Violet Minzey Carolyn Woodford Esther. Wiebeck The girls' basketball team was lcoached by Miss Carlson. They did not have any regular schedule but played several games among themselves. However, they d'd l ' ' 1 p ay one game with the basketball team of Junior High. The Senior High team was victorious by the score of 7 to 4. ' ' A i Q' ' 7 f' V x . - ' 1 .qaff CEIRLSS yoiiri' BALL The girls, volley ball team was composed of members of Miss Carlson's Senior H' h G m class. Four teams were chosen in the class and each team played every lg Y other. In this Way Miss Carlson was able to select a team to represent Senior High. Only one game was played outside of school and this was with a piclced team from Junior High. In this game the Senior team was easily victorious. The members of the team are: ' ' - , N Carrie Woodford Evelyn Snedecor Violet Minzey Helen I-larwiclc Margaret Lindbert Esther Wiebeclc Lillian Young Margaret Myers Geraldine Harkness Lillian Hu'ghes Rachel Maybee INTRAMURAL SPORTS . Intramural sports have not as yet attained their full value in. Adrian High School. However last year a tennis tournament was held in which Floyd Murphytof the class of 1930 was winner. Cn September 19, an ir1'CCrCl21SS CITOSS-COUI1ffY meet was held at Lincoln Field. The Junior Class was victorious. Also on April 23 a gym exhibition was .given in which all the physical training classes participated. Next e chances for the student body at large to year the faculty hopes to present even mor participate in sports. A TZ! 71 , gf!!-iiiigf5,gf2E5ggfQfE5g5f4ffEE55i?::s52'4F4W FwRTff1H5 cRowD 4 SfQ1y3ANU5 , f g1 fff P In ' - ' 7 9 P ,gp-1.1-qqgtmwngsvn C g? X0 if 'f x W, Z7 1 4-f iff 1 f X I aff l' gf' E52 f sJ'f4,5X fig-jk f 'Rf' viii X i-'Tf V X N . , 5nninf5TEi TX? -fa sv MUSTC ORGANTZATTON President ......... I . " """' ""-- -"""' - - -- ------ -EDWIN HOWELL Vice-President-, ,,,,,-,- -------- -,---M- n Joi-IN Romcx SSC!-'6ff:1l'y' and Treasurer -------- ----- R OBERT CAIRNS 'Chairman of Social Committee ...,. DOROTHY CLOSE The phrase "Music Hath Charm" really carries a meaning for the many stu- dents in the music department this year. There were from 180 to 185 members all 'through the year. A11 members have evidenced a very keen interest in all musical -events. This is graphically shown by the membership in the state and national or- ganizations. Nine members were chosen to sing at Detroit for the National Educa- tion Association. This was a very high honor both to the individuals and to the .Adrian High School since no other school of Adrian's size had so many representa- tives. The members were: Cleon Billings, Jeanne Hornby, Kathleen Close, Dorothy Close, Dorothy Savage, Eadon Tompson, Edwin Howell, Herbert Taylor, Robert Cairns. The all state orchestra which met April 30 and May 1 in Ann Arbor gave the musicians an opportunity to play wonderful music. Again Adrian was .honored by having five people chosen. They were June Hypes, Carl Brautigam, Ed- win Howell, Frederick Roberts and Mark Hagerman. However, most of the musical activities were performed at home. The string -quartet, the most difficult of chamber-music groups, had a most enjoyable and suc- cessful year under the direction of Miss Hilma Scamman who has devoted much time and energy to the rehearsals and performances. The brass ensemble has made its debut this year and has set a standard which will be hard to equal in future years. The boys have had little coaching and are to be congratulated on their success. Their many public appearances prove that they are a success. - The l'Clef Club" which is strictly a student organization made up of a group -Of players under the direction of Edwin Howell, has been called upon for I1'1L1SiC fOr many occasions. Another group developed for the same purposes is directed by Lloyd Ruesink. . - - ' b en The success of the music organization as regards the music COI1'CCS'C has C -changed greatly this year. Tn the Class B division of the state district contest held h b d and the brass ensemble won first at Ypsilanti on April 5, the orchestra, t e an l place. This was indeed an honor especially for the orchestra which defeated the Dearborn orchestra, national Class B Champions in 1930. The string quartet auto' matically advanced to the state finals since there were only two String quartets Com- etin . ' P Ish.. Homer Hubbard has been the inspiring and successful director of the car- ganization and he has been Supported by a group of loyal and hard working , ntests and the every students. The successes in the operetta, the many Concerts' go f t rest on the part 0 , e Clay Work of the music department reflects a very wholsome 111 -everyone, Page sixty-nine EVEN Martin Minster Llewellyn Allen James Auchampaugh Carl Brautigam George Brown Robert Cairns Charles Cook Jack Comar George Curtis Virginia 'Dennis George Crossland CONCERT BAND Robert Dorner Dorothy Eggleston Ralph Gregg Cameron Hall Robert Harris Mark Hagerman Roger Herriman Edwin Howell Edward McLaughlin Alton Mitchell Thomas Munger l David Westgate Helen Waite Robert Zook Howard Murphy Edward Nelson Kenneth Pfister Lawrence Rau Lewis Ruesink Frederick Roberts. ' Esther Ramsey John Rorick Frederick Smock Donald Swenk Beatrice Skinner Virginia Sherman Wilma Schuneck Arar Taylor U Herbert Taylor LaVerne Westgate This year was the first time in the history of music in Adrian Senior High School that there was an organization called the concert band. In the previous years the band has been entirely composediof boys but through the efforts of Mr. Hubbard,' girls have been added this year. Besides playing before the assembly several times, they had an active part in the annual Christmas concert. On March 19, they presented a program before the Rotary and Exchange clubs which was held in the school gymnasium. They played in the Lenawee County Music Exhibition on April 8th. They played forthe May Festival and also entered the annual state music contest, after they had won' first place in the district. One selection played by this band, "Marche Slave" by.Tschaikosky will never be forgortten. Their final appearance of the school year was at,the Commencement Day exercises held at the Armory. ' Y, Y l l z P 3 S i : 3 if X'52fQ3i?i:E1?'1Q31 if, s MARCHIING BAND Howard Murphy Edward Nelson Lawrence Rau Frederick Roberts Lewis Ruesink Donald Swenk Herbert Taylor LaVerne Westgate John Rorick fDrum-Majorj Robert Harris Roger Herriman . Llewellyn Allen James Auchampaugh Cameron Hall Mark Hagerman Edwin Howell Edward McLaughlin Martin Minster Alton Mitchell Thomas Munger George Brown Carl Brautigam Robert Cairns Charles Cook George Crossland George Curtis - Ralph Gregg The marching band, as in the 'few years previous, has been one of the best known and most outstanding of the musical organizations. Programs have been pre- b d has also played for pep Sented in the assembly room many times this year. The an meetings and for all of the home football games as well as at the Blissfield game at ' ' ' ' d also in the Blissfield. In the Lenawee County Music Exhibition on April 8 an Th Michigan Blossom Queen .May Festival this organization had a prominent part. e ACI ' n on April 14 As in former years -and her court were met and welcomed to ria - 1 'ded in the parade the band went to the Knights Templar State Conclave and a so ai M011 Memorial Day. Page seventy-one kwa-f .frJ ir rg, SENIOR GIRLS? GLEE CLUB Nlildred Ambacher Dortha Ames 1 Alice Auchampaugh Cleon Billings Mildred Brehmer Florence Burtch Dorothy Close Edith Corbett Marcella Crance Miriam Foehr ' Margaret Geringer fAcc.J Jane Gillen Eleanora Graham Jeanne Hornby Nlajel Jones Margaret Lindbert Nlargaret Myers Marcella Miller Velma Pifer Phyllis Robb Kathryn Root Lillian Rowley Helen Ryznar Dorothy Savage Mary Snedecor Mary Stevenson Lois Smith Beatrice Skinner Josephine Schultz Jane Shutes Wilma Treat .Vera Woller The girls in the Senior Cwlee Club have enjoyed their work very much this year. They sang for general assembly and also toolc part in the Annual Christmas Con- cert. They also participated in the Lenawee County Music Exhibition. Margaret Geringer is the accompanist and much' of the success of the organization is due to her splendid work. The club entered Class B district contest at Ypsilanti on April 15 and took third place. The girls sang for the Adrian Rotary Club, presenting two of the three contest numbers, 'QThe Snow," by Edgar Elgar, and NA May Day Caroll' by-Dennls Taylor. They also sang at the May Festival. The girls under the d. . . irection of Helen Ryznar presented a short comic opera "Cleopatra" written for boys, to help raise money to send the orchestra, band, string quartet and brass ensemble to Lansing. - 1126 561 Ellfj two 1 f'33-3' -fffilb Q 5, QHEQHQD af" 'nk ,f xi! 1 Llewellyn Allen Alice Auchampaugh Dorothea Betz Carl Brautigam Richard Brittain Donald Clegg George Curtis Marcella Crance Gertrude Cultice Charmion Dox Dorothy Eggleston Dorothy Finkell Dorothy French ORCHESTRA Leland Green Cameron Hall Mark Hagerman William Hewes Edwin Howell Mildred Hodges June Hypes Lois King Rose Leininger Eva Loop Vena McFarlane Cynthia Mitchell Iola Munger Virginia Nash Frederick Roberts Geraldine Rogers Lyle Roeder Kathryn Root Lewis Ruesink Lloyd Ruesink Grace Scroggie Wilma Schuneck Eleanor Smith Elizabeth Seger Virginia Sherman Margaret Smith Elizabeth Tompson Harriette Wade Helen Waite June Wagner Beulah Warner Barbara Westerman LaVerne Westgate Louis Vandecaveye Beatrice Skinner Herbert Taylor Edward Nelson Lawrence Rau zations this The orchestra was one of the 11'1OSt outstanding of the musical organi I he concert at Christ- Year. It took part in various assembly programs and also in t mas time. It undertook a diioficult assignment on Sunday evening, March 23, When If presented the Beethovan Concerto in C Minor with the assistance of Frederick C - ' ' fM ic. The orches- Lewis, Concert pianist of the University of Michigan School o us f the Adrian College Con- tra Was also assisted in its program by James SpenCC1' O s H bb rd the orchestra was very re . pon- l Servatory. Under the direction of Homer u 3 f I ' editable m SWG to the different moods and the concerto was presented In 3 Very Cf E hbition It played for the ner- O11 April 8, it took part in the Lenawee County X 1 - ' h Ma Festival. It competed 111 the Womanjs Club Convention and took part in t e Y State and National Music Contests, winning an- y third in the National. p Page seventy-three .zffibfx gif' . ff t 4 'T 121f9 l3fTQ-glfifffw BOYS? GLJEJE CLUB . Robert Gamber Llewellyn Allen James Auchampaugh JameS Gil9S011 Norman Bailey George Gruel Wilfred Barrett Donald Hansen Keith Hawley. Edwin Howell Hollis Ikle , Harold Leader George Brown Robert Cairns Jack Comar Charles Cook George Crossland Alton Loop 'George Curtis 1 Leonard McKenzie Richard Finch : Martin Minster 4 Carl Fibiger Lawrence Moore George Figy Harold Near ' Leon Pawling Junior Pentecost Vffayne Pletcher Delos Reynolds Frederick Roberts p Lyle Roeder Louis Smith Donald Swenk Ara Taylor Herbert Taylor William Van Orden- LaVerne Westgate Edward Wickham Although handicapped by lack of-rehearsal time, members of the boys' glee club have done outstanding work in the annual.High School operetta, "The Fire Prince" and will take a large part in the chorus for the May Festival. The boys showed eX- ceptional skill in presenting their individual parts. The boys having principal parts in the operetta were: Llewellyn Allen, Wilfred Barrett, Robert Cairns, Jack Comar, Carl Fibiger, James Gibson, Edwin Howell, Donald Swenk, Herbert Taylor, La- Verne Westgate. - . Page :evenly-four er" vuvunupvv- Q lipgqm,-,.v.n-uuaxw-fr I , igiiimiri ,SEJQJIQZQ as-7, ! JUNJIOR GIRLS? GLEE CLUB Mildred Ambacher Dortha Ames Alice Auchampaugh Virginia Baker Gertrude Ballenberger Florence Burtch Ilah Cheney Lucille Clegg Marcella Crance Lois Dawson Helen Davis Mary Dewey Margaret Geringer fAcc.J Eleanor Graham Lucille Graham Marguerite Harris Ruth Hill Majel Jones Margery Marshall Delia Maynard Marcella Miller Miriam Mills Esther Moeller Margaret Mowat Jeanne Mudgett Leona Ottgen Fern Ries Nlargaret Lindbert Josephine Shultz Marguerite Shoen Jane Shutes - Beatrice Skinner Lois Smith Gwendolyn Stark Edith Willnow Ruth Wild Doris Wines The Junior Girls' Glee Club is composed largely of tenth grade girls. It is mostly 9- training Organization, particularly to prepare girls for the Senlor Glee Club if they wish to continue in vocal music. Public appearances include an asseni- ' - T r s MY CO11cert in addition to their appearance at the- Christmas concert. we ve gi Were Chosen from this group for the Senior Club. They are: Mildred Ambachelr, Dofth-1 Ames, Lois Smith Marcella Crance, Alice AuchamPaugh, Florence guru ' tt Canof Beatrice Skinner, Marcella Miller, Josephine Schultz, Edith Cofbe ' Graham, Majel Jones, Jane Shutes. Page seventy-Jive 2UTU V ailfklg U U OPERETTA DOROTHY SAVAGE E Adrian High School musicians scored another success in light opera with the presentation of Q'The Fire Prince," given before an appreciative audience at the armory on February the 13th. The opera was a two-act production by David Stevens and Henry Hadley. Careful attention was given toaelaborate stage settings and special lighting effects. The costuming was very attractive with Spanish costumes for the first act and evening dresses, and military court costumes for the second. A The story of the operetta carried an audience to the mythical island of Pantouflia where a King and Queen and their court are subjected to an unbearable heat caused by the Firedrake. - S iThere is a wishing cap-, a magic carpet, the seven league boots, an invisible cloak and a group of fairies, all of which have an important part in the story. Prigio, a haughty prince, falls in love with Rosa, the Spanish Ambassadoras daugh- ter, and at her request he brings back the horns and tail of the Firedrake, is restored to good standing in his father's kingdom and brings back to life his two brothers, who were sacrificed in an effort to rid the island of the monster. A CAST OF CHARACTERS I Grogmo, king of Pantoufiia ,,-,,,i,- E ,,,.,,,,,.,,-,,, -,.---.-----.---------------.- ----- 5 --I-IIQRBERT TAYLOR Prigio, his eldest son, the Fire Prince ,,..-.,,.---,,--- ---.---.------------, A ----- ------- A E DWIN HOWELL Alphonso i Prigio's brothers ,,,,,, E ,,,.,,. .,.----,.--..- - M DONALD SWENK Enrico Q f LLEWELLYN ALLEN The Wise iman, tutor co the Princes ,,,, -,,,,,,-.--,,,---,--------------------- -------------- W I LFRED BARRETT D011 Roderigo, Spanish Ambassador ro Pantouflia, .,,,,,-.-,-,.,-,--.,- --------- L AVERNE WESTGATE Ff9Cl'2riC, Pfmrouflian ofiicer attached to rho Spanish Embassy --,------- ------- - CARL FINGER Benson, the Ambassacloifs English butler, -,--,,----.-------------------- ---,-- Q - --!--- EBBERT CAIRNS William, head page boy ar rho Embassy- ,q,.-,-q-,,--,,kQ-,----- --'----' ' JAMES GIBSON Isadora, Queen of Pantouflia, ,,-.,,.r, ,-.----,-Q,- -'-""-"-"" S AOTHY SAVAGE ' Ilia? Ifglokiida l nices to the king -4 .,,, ------ ,Y DOROTHY CLOSE TZ Y at cena 5 I MARGARET LINDBERT e Duchess, honorary governess ,r,..,,,,,,,,,.- H R NAR Teresa, Rosa's friend, ,.,,,A,,-,.,,..- A A---,---AQ,.q-QAq-.--. '--- ----,- """"""""""' E L ENHYZNBY Rosa: daughter of the Sp3I1lSl'l Ambassador -----q--A--------- Q Ll1-:L-- .-----F.--------.---- ----- I ----' E BIELINGS Ladies and gentlemen of the court, guests, soldiers and servants V t iz t urntw six W -ff? Xl OPERETTA FINALLE 'Edwin Howell . NCLEFM CLUB - C1 I AHCC Auch -f----- - -------- .....,.,. D 1rector Carl Brautlgam ------- ,------------------------- Iaflnet -Margaret Sanillilaugh - --.... ,A,,-,,, , Piano George CUFCIS .......A . ------ C aflglet Rose Lain- mm - --------,- ..,..,.,, V iolih Dorothy Eggleston ----, ---------- O OG H 1 ujlger - -- --f-- .,.,,,,-, V iolin Virginia Sherman --,A'- 1- ---------'----- Flute .L esln Waite ---------- -.-. ----,--, V i Olin Mark Hagerman ...- --A---------- T fombone Ka erne Westgate-Y-- -,-A-,-,- Violin Edward Nelson. V..------- -- ---------- Sousophone athryn Root --- h- ---- ...,,,,. V iolin Elizabeth TOITIPSOU -- ------- ""-"""""""' ' Bass Ralph Gregg ...f------ff--- -- --------- Drums Drums ACamef01'1 Hall ,---- -Frederick Roberts. ..-,,, --------Trumpet ---r.---Trumpet Charles Cook ...,..... Page seventy-sevef I Z ,fi-aaastnia 75 5tfk1rQ3lS'x's r s ' THE BUTJLJEFWS DANCE This scene shows one of the positions from the Butler's dance, one of the most popular dances in the operetta, "The Fire Prince.-H Benson, the butler, is showing the two young pages how to be a butler. Benson is played by Robert Cairns, and the two pages are, Gertrude Ballenburger, on the left, and Josephine Shultz, on the right. BRASS EN SEMBLE Cameron Hall .,....,.. ..... . First trumpet Frederick Roberts ..,. ,Second trumpet La Verne Westgate, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,., B aritone Edward Nelson, ,,-,,-,,,----,-,q Sousaphone STRING QUARTET Margaret Smith ,------, -----.--M A First Violin Charmion Dox -Q--- Second Violin Geraldine Rogers ,,,, ,,,,---- ---,- V - C9110 June Hype-s ..... ,,,--,,, V iola be Severity?-ciglpf '6"'f'P-5 I ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION X OFFICERS EDWIN HOWELL -I . President .,,,, , ,,,-,-,-, -------4------------ Vice-President . ....,,, BEN GILLIES BRUCE THOMPSON MR LUSE - Treasurer ..,,,,,,-,, Secretary ..,........ Marshal "'-""'-- -'------ ........... J A CK TOMPSON , U I CECIL SAUTER ,V F00tball Manager --.,--- -------------- I Basketball Manager. ..,,, -------------- Q HAROLD BUGBEE , HERMAN WHITTIMORF n 2 Baseball Manager. ...,. 4 The Athletic Association of 1930-31 had by far the most successful season that Adrian High has had in several years. The season was a success from many stand- points. It was a success financially because at the beginning of the year the associa- . . . .di tion was in debt to the extent of 51,300 At the present time the association has pai ' h hool ear l I all its debts and has accumulated a surplus of 5300. Also during t e sc y y more material was furnished to the members than had previously been the case. If l. 11 h ber of ames Won The football team NI The season was also a success in t e num g - took two 1st 1 . I 1,5 ,x W011 5 games out of an 8 game schedule. The Cross Country team f :Z Th Basketball team won ten out o N ,.. jPlHCeS, two second places, and one third place. e Th won the district championship at - fifteen games in their regular schedule. ey t i ' ' Y 'l nti. The Baseball 4 Hillsdale, and laced second in the reginal tournament at ps1 a R ri I P team has only played three games so far this year but they won all of them. Thi W d as we lg- golf and track teams have not yet had any meets but we expect them to o -Or even better. I A lar e number of boys partici- The season was a success in several other ways. g ber of people were present to see i :pated in the different sports and a larger num ' ' s more spectators I them Play- And at the Monroe football game especrally, there Were h numerous results can be thai? at any' Other game in history of Adrian. T ese h 1 d b .attributed to the-Students who Sold Candy at the games, the students who e pe hy' attending the games and to Mr. Kelly, Mr. Whitney, MY- Luse and Mr' Sweet' W 'O were the coaches. 4 Page seventy-nine ? 1 I v 1 n w I I L I I x s I I L I 3 glory fff '13 ?1Q31 , Xxx- Sf' CI-IEER LEADERS "Jimmy" Gibson "Tom" Dawes Margaret Lindbert "Bud" Barrett ujackn COITIHY Virginia WYatt Helen Harwiclc . BIG UAH I A A-D, A-D A-A-Adrian, Mich.,-Michi,-Michigan And' Aid' Add' ri-Iii-rian i A-d-r-1-a-ri, A-cl-r-1-a-n Who-rah! Who-rah! ADRIAN Adrian High School, Rah! Rah! Rah! ' . D FIGHT LOCOMOTIVE Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! BLUE AND WHITE A-clri-an! A-dri-an! Blue and white fight! fight! Fighll Fight! Fight! Fight Blue and white fi ht' fi ht' ' Ad-man! Ad-dan! A Wh ? g I' t g ' Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight O light' We Fight' 1 Adrian! Adrian! Blue and white fight!! fight! Fight! 'Q' Aff? ,f'i'tE.'5'1inin ' if ,f ORATORICAL ASSUCJIATJIO OFFICERS ALLEN CLEVELAND ,,,,.,,, ---------------------- h President CAMERON HALL' ------- ........ . Secretary-Treasurer Only one meeting of the Oratorical Association was held this year at which officers for 1931-32 were elected. Although the Association was not very active officially, several members did commendable work in the Public Speaking Depart- ment under the direction of Miss Eggstaff. Besides debating, public speaking students participated in oratorical, declama- tory, dramatic and extemporaneous speaking contests. Much interest was taken in these various activities and a fair degree of success was Won in them. Carl Brautigam Won the local oratorical contest and so represented Adrian in the sub-district contest at Addison. Here he was again successful, winning first place in competition with orators from the following schools: Hudson, Addison, Morenci, Tecumseh, Blissfield and Monroe. Carl then Went to the district contest at Lansing where he took fourth place. Adrian was represented by Josephine Curtis fupper right cornerj , who W011 fifSf place in the local declamatory contest. She entered the sub-district contest at Addi- Sofl and again won first place, competing against the same schools that were repre- sented in the sub-district oratorical contest. In the district contest Josephine Continued her good work by winning first place and the district chamPi0nShiP- At the time of this writing she is preparing to enter the state contest. A One-act play contest was held at Hillsdale under the sup C0llege. Adrian entered two plays which won second and third p H H t . . ' n rs Cameron Hall was our representative in extemporaneous speaklng- C WO place in the local contest and then went to the sub-distr i , . . - - ' h he is now There he won second place and so is eligible for the district contest Wl'11C planning to enter. ' A ervision of Hillsdale laces in the contest. ict contest at Ypsilanti. , . . - A ' Xt ear and We eXPect that the Oratorical Association will be more active ne Y W111 C011tinue to be successful in the field of forensic aCfiV1t1eS- Page eighty-0116 ruin ff ifl4l1?.i31. 6' Jff? "Hi . .gyfle 12 .f f-ffawaaaffteff x 1 NATIONAL FURENSIC LEAGUE ARTHUR CORSER ....., - """"""""" """"' P resident MARGARET HENNINGEIL A -k--- V -V,-Q --,---------A, ,,,,.,.,. . S ecretary-Treawrer MEMBERS Margaret Henninger Elizabeth Anderson, Cameron Hall Katherine Henninger Nellie Beebe Carl Fibigef Ethel Frank Arthur Corser ' Carl Brautigam - Ruth Smoclc Allen Cleveland Robert Cairns Josephine Curtis Robert Harris Herbert TaY10f Under the aggressive leadership of President Corser, the Adrian Chapter, Number 250, of the National fiorensic League made great progress in public speak- ing activities during the past year. A youngster of only three years, the Chapter is now one of the most active organizations in school. At least one meeting was held each month and seven new members were admitted into the Chapter. One of the most interesting events in which members of the Chapter took part was the district forensic contest at River Rouge. Debating, oratorical, declamatory and extemporaneous speaking contests were held with the following results: Carl Fibiger and Arthur Corser lost one and Herbert Taylor and Cameron Hall won two debates. Carl Fibiger won first place in the oratorical contest. Ethel Frank and Elizabeth Anderson each won a third place and Josephine Curtis and Arthur Corser won fourth places in declamatory contests. Cameron Hall and Carl Brautigam won third and fourth places respectively. in the extemporaneous speaking contest. A large part of the credit for the success of Chapter Number 250 belongs t0 Miss Eggstaff who was the leading force in organizing- it and who is always ready with help and counsel. 1 I ' A - Pu: zqlvtx two cj ' ' il ei DEBATING ROBERT HARRIS The student support of debating this year was reflected by the large attendance h at all debates- The Junior Class evidently had a monopoly on debate material, t e team being Composed of Ruth Smock, Cameron Hall, Carl Brautigam and Herbert . . . h TaY101'- These Clebates, ably coached by Miss Eggstaff, were fairly successful in t e S0HSOn's competition, winning two League debates and losing two. flihhe first debate took place on November 6, 1930. Nlonroe furnished the gPLi0j1t1on and the debate was held in the auditorium of the Monroe High School. cam 0PC116Cl the season by Winning a 4-0 decision. ' ' h S hool on The second debate was with Fordson, held at the Fordson Hig c N . Olufmbef 20, 1930. The Adrian debaters again W decision, on, this time obtaining a 3-1 It took lace in the High School Audi-Elf first home debate was with River Rouge. p i C1 d rlum on December 11, 1930. The Rouge debaters had an apparently iron- a Case and WO11 by a 4-0 decision. 193 lirllrdeoncluding debate was with Royal Oak at the High School on January 8, ' I rlan sugered a defeat, Royal Oak Winning a 3-1 decision. deb BCS1des these League debates, Adrian students participated in several practice ates' ThCSe were held with Blissfield, Tecumseh, Monroe, Ann Arbor ailild s t e Y sil ' . . . P auth and 111 IS safe to forecast a very successful season for next year a school - W111 be represented by a team of veteran debaters. Page eighty-three 1. Page eighty-four ,,.,,, if 5jjQQ?1Q31TQf 'fx I -Q x .:- . - J V Xa: 7-" i Y-1-f "'q'f f Qwf fi 5 fC!f!Q -"A, lv, ,,,. , f , 1,,.,,, .'f0??ar' Comfy: Edhr filumm Edifor Freshman Etfital - . Tf'Cj:.T:'X'X N A ,Abinnrnixgrklef Editor-in-Chief Business Manager. ................. SICKLE BOARD 1931-32 Assistant Business Manager ,..,. ..,,,. .,...., . ,,,,,,,,. Editor-in-Chief ....... Business Manager. ..... 'Ass' t Business Mgr. ....... .Assistant Editor ....... - Assistant Editor. ...... 'Campus Editor .......... Ass' t Campus Editor Calendar Editor ...... Society Editor. ..... Alllmni Editor, ,,--------- .Ass't Alumni Editor ..... .Music Editor. .......... Athletic Editor N--- JQIQC Editor. ...., Art Editor ...,,-,-. - ASS't Art Editor ...... Forensic Editor ....... Junior Editor ...... Freshman Editor .... Typist ..... ....... - Typist. ....., SICKLE STAFF 1930-31 --------CAMERON HALL ------------.CARL FIBIGER ---------CARL BRAUTIGAM -.EDWARD NELSON -------I-IoWARD MURPHY RALPH GREGG ALBERTA FOLTZ MARY VAN VALKENBURG PHYLLIS RoBB ,.,,,,, .... A RTHUR CORSER MARY ELIZABETH OLSEN --------,,,,--JEANNE I-IORNBY --------0--ETHEL FRANK Q MAXHAM ,,,------DOROTHY SAVAGE an ---- ---.EDWIN HOWELL ,,-----ALLEN CLEVELAND ----- ---- ,--, I-I E LEN SMITH GERALDINE I-IARKNESS ---mmm-ROBERT HARRIS ----,,,,-THOMAS SMITH ----------U---,ALYCE KORTIE Wm--D0RoTHY GEMPEL -------,,,-DOROTHY CLosE Page eighty-1575 ffflf-f' -fffo'-,.T-:KN L .":4iqEE'ii3?1sniI:i fffgtirlalgf 1Q3lN'O'ff-nab, SENIOR PLAY THE CHARM SCHOOL JEANNE HORNBY The Senior Class of Adrian High School presented "The Charm School," a fascinating three-act comedy by Alice Duer Miller and Robert Milton on March 25 and 26, in the High School Auditorium. The comedy relates the adventures of a handsome young automobile salesman scarcely out of his teens, who, upon inheriting a girl's boarding school from a -Olaiden aunt, insists on running it himself according to his own ideas, chief of which ls, by the Way, that the dominant feature in the education of the young girls of today Should be charm. The situations that arise are teeming with humor -clean Wl1OlCSOme humor. In the end, the young man gives up the school and promises 'CO 'Walt until the most gracious of his girls reaches a marriageable age. The play -has d the -t . . . - he freshness of youth, the inspiration of an extravagant but novel idea an C arm Of originality which malces It most Cntertalnlng. .Austen Bevans David MacKensie ,. George Boydw ,lim Simplcins . Tim Simplcins eHOmer Johns . Elsie Benedoffi ,---,--- - 'Miss Hayes, .... 'MBS Curtis. ,.,, ROY -..-..GEORGE HAROLD .--.--,,ARTHUR ROBERT MEDFORD DOROTHY ALICE JANE MARGARET HENNINGER ELIZABETH HARTFORD BETTY OLSEN ---.DOROTHY CLOSE VIOLET MINZEY VIVIAN MILLION DOROTHY GEMPEL THE CAST OLSEN Sally Boyd .L.---. GRUEL Muriel Doughty -I ----- LEADER Ethel Spellman CORSER Alix Mercier. .,...,.. HARRIS Lillian Stafford .. r..... - PFISTER Madge Kent ....... .. DRURY Edna Gordon ,....... KNIGHT FRANCES JASPER Charlotte Gray . - .,,- ,,,.,. F AITH BUNKER - .,,,.. HMARGARET SMITH Dotsie .r....... ....--- BusmeSS Managers -n---V- A Wm-Nm --Y,- A.4-- D ALBERTA FOLTZ, BEN GILLIES Elect!-'ici M RPHY an ..-- ------ - d-,' ,---4- ---,- , , HOWARD U C0SfUmes,,,,-M -MWJEANNE I-IQRNBY, PHYLLI5 ROBB Pf0P9ISties. ,-,, . ---- -----M n W---DOROTHY SAVAGE, RICHARD SEARS Stage Managers ...... ., .,,., .,.ETI-IEI. FRANK, HAROLD BUGBEE Page eighty-sewn ft I 6 K 6 K P J 3 QM JU L7 32 9, 'Xgsgfxxx .--vf. .,. 437 7 I fl 411 414, ,K , AJ, A -r if ,Lf"' "KX f -1 X ,1-f-f" J 41 W , -xxhx 1.-1 - ,, .,.-.i f X WTf XX A .Q xx..-ag., E 4 I September 8-I-I S hurry either. J , - 49' if:n.!4ff"' I Q fl S' 'S - . .Q , .- -bf -N-rev , 0 gp'-,,w' ., .X . KU- -,-, .l N,,,, -.-. Q , . .W , 1 .-h , , .. . ,isnp -e . N MISS ADRIAN Xvinnifred Nlclfie, a Senior High School student, was chosen as Nliss Adrian from a group of eleven con- testants to represent Adrian in the Annual May Festival in Benton Harhor. Girls from about thirty-five other cities in Michigan were also chosen to reprenent their renpective cities. and they, as a group, made a tour of all the Butterfield Theatres in the State. They were on the stage of the Crortwell. April l-ith and gave very pleasing performance: both afternoon and evening. Wfe were proud to have Xlfitmnfretl repreaent .-Xclrian. CALENDAR S E P'l'l1i M I3 lei R epf mgs to our old and new r I 1 Cmber 2-V ' - , , . 3539011 IS Over and here we are an fx. lol. 5. all wt to extend greet- C ' ' V Cac ters anc ol course to therte romping, llrenhier.. Pfemlner 5-Tmt . lon mUSf be paid today! lla the truth that hurta- for is it funds? Clegg had a ter ust what is th 1 l' ' .- 'A eptember 9Q'uB L ng Idea. and departed in h HVC o ' , " 9 . . Q V13 noticed l10u all out ' hoya are dre:-L:-sed tn wld vlotlmesf D. rl ' . . . ' -, , - A . e mme lk'-LIDIUEZ lilh 5lllI'l on. and not lvecauhe he was nn at ob, Nelson decided Clullng Clilhs today that he didn't like lliatory Freshies urry- WL me altatcl he will set :1 had example lor other Se ' Pfemlnm-15 B- , S 1 mo - -. . . t1Cltets for ODE Cl llley raising polliy XX!!! ll3Vt' tlt'ClLlt'Ll IU M-ll xtulxull luullhlll O c . - . ' - - . . September MSF. U Yes l30Y5, M3lgLlCI'llt? Shot-u as selling l'lL'lit'lh. mst P00r work sh 3 Y dayint , - . ts generously CllSll'll3lllt'Ll. John lim-it-le ,ppm gg. tying t0 remember wh Y he clicln't study. Page ninety E at Sai.. f 1931 we U If ,QQD XT OCTOBER Qgmbey 8-Another Senior Class meeting. This time to select class colors. Isn't it a shame Jeanne Hornby can't wear purple? . October 10-Another inspiring home football game. This time with Wyandotte. Score: 13-O. Of course we won l u October 13-Allen Cleveland elected chairman of Senior Flower Committee. l-low about it, girls? Does he know his flowers? October 14-Juniors selected their class rings and pins. Here s a pat on the back. You really have good taste, little ones. October 16-Amidst much noise and glamor, Jimmy Gibson and Helen I'I211'WiCk were selected as head cheer leaders. ' Congratulations l October Z1-Big news. Cleon Billings has chicken pox. Some people are born lucky. Octobr 24-l-lome football game with Hudson. Band played uscumptiouslyf' This is more like it l Score: Hudson 0, Adrian 14. October 27-28-A breathing spell. Our teachers have deserted us to go to a conven- tion. But who cares about that? October 31-S. H. S. String quartet played before general assembly this morning. And as Bob Wood says, they are all girls, too. NOVEMBER November 5-6-7-Mr. Hubbard is giving Music Tests to the whole school, mainly of course to see if Bruce Thompson has any music in him. November 7-Did you notice how all the Juniors and Freshman were udolled up" this morning fespecially George Crossland, to have their class picture taken? November 10-Dr. Westgate gave a short health talk on !'Accidents." You remem- ber, per-haps, 'accidents will happenf November 14-A. H. S. had a darling cemetery dedicated to Monroe football team today on school lawn. Grand pep meeting and a parade through down town was "More funn! But the worst is yet to come. Score: Monroe 18, Adrian 0. - November 18-Seniors vote down trip to Washington. What a shame l November 21-lVlr. Griffey gave an interesting talk this morning and distributed some etiquette books for us to read. We wonder how he meant that. Nowfmbef 2728?-Thanksgiving ! A contest has been arranged between "Bub" Bar- rett and Junior Pentecost to see who can hold the most turkey. May the best man win l DECEMBER . W E December 5-Junior play "Penrod" given tonight. We Seniors are thankful. We can really depend on a free send-off now. , December 17-Annual Music concert given this evening' by Music Club. A December 18-Book inspection and general clean up-day, Cul- decision is that some of the boys will make marvellous housewives - but everyone is welcome to his own opinion. ' December 20-Beginning Of Xmas vacation. Many is the time we have heard 'S'-fell me what has getting me for Xmasyv Now girls, I ask you - is that nice? 4 X' Mein ' if . f a JANUARY Back in school. Mrs. Marie Ladd is taking Mrs. Cairns, place until She recover from her umisstepf' Nlax Franklin's new year's resolution is to' stay away fron? girls and become a real man. Vacation hasn't changed Max any I b January 6-Wllhe Fire Prince" chosen for annual operetta. Sounds Q'hot," eh? January 7-Dr. Westgate gave a little talk on "Burns and Bleeding Wounds." One little Freshie boy tumbled off his seat in a dead faint during the recital. No names mentioned and we hope he dicln't feel hurt. January 17-It's a cruel world but class dues 1T1L1St be paid. Here,s one way in which "Bob" Harris can't be short and that on "Dues" day. He's really not hard to approach, girls I January 19-Dead line for elections for second semester. Why can't these 'fwomenv keep their minds made up? January 27-Another fire drill. These Freshman girls can't get over how thrilling they are. January 28-Maroon and grey are the tenth grade class colors. Junior Pentecost thinks pink would have done just as well. FEBRUARY February 5-Alberta Foltz was chosen valedictorian and Lloyd Ruesink salutatorian today. ' February 11-It's about time ,I The freshmen were given their intelligence tests to- day. We thought they needed something. February 13-Friday 13, our operetta 'QFire Prince" given at the armory tonight. A basketball game at Wyandotte too, score 26-13 their favor. And last but not least Miss Patch's birthday and we hope she has many more Of 'em- February 19-21-National music chorus in Detroit and A. H. S. is well represented. February 25-First call for baseball candidates. C'mon boys l MARCH March 4-In the declamation contest between Ju11iO1' Smock and Josephine Curtis were chosen as two highest- March 5-Seniors had a class meeting to select invitations Caps and gowns. Won,t AI Howe look "grand?" ' March. 6-In local oratorical contest Carl Brautigam an ners. and Senior High, Frederick and also decided to WC-if d Carl Fibiger are the win- ce ' C1 I - March 13-Several Senior High students saw the H. S. operetta' ROlD111l'100 n Score WHS corporatedn - Why? Regional basketball tournament at Ypsllanu' Howell 24, Adrian 25. Talk about excitement I 1 I f 1932 March 25-26-Senior play Q'Charm School" presented in Senior lg h Ol March28-April 6-Spring Vacation. Who says fl1eY7Cl fafhef go to SC O i APRIL M han ars - Apfil 8-Two most popular freshmen are Harold'Clegg and lgflafglgfiutigam as the Apfil- 9-Faculty selected Cameron Hall, Carl Flblgef and at Page ninety-0116 f f," v., g- rnin f ,ilyzlcliz 1931 2 ' Sickle Board of '32. Sounds like the story of the three"C's." Subdistrict con- test at Addison for oratory and declamation was won by Carl Brautigam and Josephine Curtis. April 13-Most popular teachers in Senior High are Miss Eggstaff, Coach Kelly and Homer Hubbard. April 15-Four most popular Seniors were sentenced, by Alberta Foltz, Dorothy Close, Ralph Gregg and Ben Gillies. April 17-Mild and balmy weather has given Mark Hagerman the Spring fever. The seniors had their senior party in gymnasium tonight. More ice cream and cookies disappeared. April 20-Miss Adrian alias Winifred' McKie arrived in Adrian today with Miss Michigan and her court of beauties. We sent our band to meet them, seeing,s how Ralph Gregg was so anxious to go. ' April 22-Pre-contest music concert in Senior High tonight. John Rorick says if he can get 50 cents together he'll take Jinny W. A April 25-Music students are all in Ypsilanti today for the district contest. I-Iere's luck to you. g April 27-Tecumseh Baseball game here and a great amount of Spring fever at- tacking freshmen. April Z8--Senior writing test. Keen competition for everybody wants that fountain pen l MAY A May 1-Evelyn Wood talked to the Senior Girls on Q'Nursing as a Vocation." Believe it or not: Alice Jane Knight got a May basket from Medford Pfister. May 7-The Senior pictures are in a downtown window. "And do we look swell?" Gosh li A ' May 16-Fordson welcomed our ,ball players today and the tennis league matches were held at Grosse Point. ' May 20-Dr. Waite of Detroit gave a talk on "Narcotics.?, Jerald Lampson got the impression that the Doctor didn't approve of smoking. May 30-Memorial Day-A terrible jip because it comes on Saturday this year. . JUNE y A June 7-Bacculareate at Presbyterian Church. , A V June 8-Senior picnic-Dorothy Savage can hold more sandwiches. No wonder She wasn't hungry at the Senior Send-off tonight. Anyway everybody had a "Circus" ' . ' June 9-Class Day. The last time we are together as Class of '31. Strut you're stuff. ' ' June 10-Commencement. Harold Leader want Q . I s to know what he should do with his diploma. Any suggestions? June 11-More eats F Alumni banquet. Dot Betz felt so olditonight she thought, her hair, was turning gray. June 12-Old High is deserted and it will never be the same 'cause the class of '31 has gone. A ' I. ' g . 52 , . 1 , 4 . L my Q mdffwn' bien: we A Babcock Aw Al Bailfys B BanCf0ll?I im A Ann Bedepfl Babe.. Adnan Beclilf, 3 Bone-H1 Bfallflls Adnar Bfinain, Bwckv P Brown, Co.,A Brown, A Bll5h1N Bush, BllSkCi Burler,l Carliml Case, N CHSPCY1 Caswell Adria Christo- 213 Aus Conkli Cook, Coryeli Ha Cove Culti Cu ' Curtis Ad Dam Dav' Derla Dini A Dra Dre: ALUMNI CLASS OF 1929 , Aldrich, Maynard-Lenawee County Savings Bank, Adrian Anderson, Alice-Fireside Industries, Adrian Anderson, Ferdinand, Ford Factory, Detroit Babcock, Marian-Adrian Babcock, Warren, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Bailey, Edna-Blissfield, R. F. D. Bancroft, Ella Louise--Adrian College Beck, Herbert--University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Becker-Frye, Thelma--Adrian Beebe, Geraldine-Ye Sweete Shoppe, Adrian Becker, Arthur-Cadmus Bone-Hawley, Marian-Adrian R. F. D. Bradish, Marie--Effie A. Weir Beauty Salon, Adrian Brittain, Elizabeth--Adrian R. F. D. Brock, Norman--Lenawee Cab Co., Adrian Brown, Marguerite-Tri-County Telephone Co., Adrian Brown, Marjorie-Blissfleld Normal, Blissheld Bush, Alice Laura-Adrian Bush, Clarence--Madison Center Buske, Marie-Fireside Industries, Adrian Butler, Ben-Adrian R. F. D. Carlin, Frank-McAdam Market, Adrian Case, May-Powder Puffe, Jasper R. F. D. Casper, Kenneth-Adrian Caswell, Ethelyn-Teacher, Rural School, Adrian R. F. D. Christodoulou, Christ-Ann Arbor Church, Margaret--Adrian College, Adrian Cochrane, Marion, Art Guild Academy, Los Angeles, Cal. Conklin, Orlena-Adrian Cook, Carroll-Adrian R. F. D. Coryell, Ruth-Bob Jones College, Lynn Haven, Fla. Covell, Wesley-Adrian Cultice-McKimmy, Dulcie-Adrian Currin, Vincent-Adrian Curtis, Martha-Budd's Electric Shop, Adrian Damon, Verga-Adrian Davis, Julia--Deceased Derby, Maitle-Bob Jones College, Lynn . 'I-Iaven, Fla. Dinius, Marie-Tri-County Telephone Co., Adrian -Drager, Richard-Adrian College, Adrian Dfechsler, Dorothy-J. C. Penney Co. l0fHCel, Adrian Egan, Richard-University of Michigan, A1111 Arbor Ehmger, Eldon-Adrian R. F. D. Emeff, Mildred-Coldwater Evefiss, Jeannette-Gulf Park College, Gulf- P0rt, Miss. Fibiger, Betzy--Tri-County Telephone Co., Adrian -Foltz, Mildred-Adrian College, Adrian Frost, .lane-Adrian College, Adrian Gardner, Alton-Mail Carrier, jasper Gordon-Smith, Blanche-Toledo Grace, Katherine-Adrian College, Adrian Graham, Margaret-Adrian, College, Adrian Gruel, Donna-Fireside Industries, Adrian Guest, Hazel-Fisher's Book Store, Adrian Hadden, Stuart-Michigan State, College Lansing , ' Hamilton-Bailey, Ruth-O d T 11' Hassett, Clifford-Short SVS? Bci1MsnsLiges, Adrian I-liftline, Helen-A. B. Park Co., Adrian Hiffline, Lucile--Chamber of Commerce Adrian , Hopper, Fred-Adrian College, Adrian Hypes, Lucile-Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va. IfHand, Olen-Adrian R. F. D. Iveson, Annette-St. Vincent's Hosiptal, Toledo, Ohio Jenkins, Anna Mae-F. W. Woolworth Co., Adrian Jones-Erbright, Mary Elizabeth-Flint Kells, Arthur-Adrian College, Adrian King, Earle-Adrian R. F. D. Kreuger, Clarence-Adrian Fire Depart- ment, Adrian Kuhn, Kholetta-Office of Kuhn Garage, Adrian Kuney, Elwood-Adrian R. F. D. Leininger, Earl-Post-Graduate A. H. S., Adrian Leute, George-Adrian Little, Sheldon-Industrial School, Flint Lutes, Ruth-Adrian College, Adrian ' Matthes, Clarence-Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Ind. Maynard, George-Adrian R. F, Maynard, Maxine--Miss Madeiras SCl100l for Girls, Washington, D. C. t McComb, Virginia-Adrian College, Adnan W ni Roast Adrian M K ' h n, George- 0 , Mgriii, aMargaret-Tri-CountY Telephone C ., Ad ' Merci-Jill, X21-Baldwin - Wallace College, Berea, Ohio C H e Michener, Elizabeth-Holton-Arms O GS , W h' gton, D. C. . - Mi11i1ilnlnJack-Wiffenbufg College' Spring field, Ohio l D t it yiiiigfi' 19531-'lislfdick Hospital, Kalama- gfglgfg,2g1jg1gfi1Ei3F..5...f5.?s.....g, Bank, Niix0cl2l?1l4gHeS2"f1driS1feii1E55Qalifl Trillian EiiifsxfrCi3i.h.Q..iA1biofdgggffmitgiiii Osborne, Dorothy-'Prom Detroit ' page mnety three L fTQ?iQ31tf'+ CLASS OF 1929 fContinueCll Parker, Delila-Citizerfs Light 86 Power Co., Adrian Parlette-Gorton, Annabel-Clayton Pasko, Alexander-A. F. Shafer Grocery, Adrian Patchett, Wendell-Michigan State College, Lansing , Phelps, Frank-Real Estate Business, Detroit Phipps, Stanley-Adrian Daily Telegram, Adrian Pierce, Carrie Roberta-Hampton Roads, Va. Prange, Helen-Earl Christmas Office, Adrian Prange, Marie-F. W. Prentice Co. Office, Adrian ' Ranger, Alice-Parker Rust Proof Co., Morenci Reed, Helen-State Normal College, Ypsi- lanti Reinhart, Violet-Adrian Remus, DorothyQAdrian R. F. D. Ries, Earl-Valparaiso University, Val- paraiso, Ind. Rockwell, Eloine-Teacher, Walworth Dis- trict, Clayton Roekle, Paul-A. 86 P. Store, Adrian Rogers, Harry-Jackson, Mich. Rowley, Howard-Michigan Bell Telephone Co., Detroit Scharer, Rockwell-Pasadena College, Pasa- dena, Cal. Schmidt, Irene-Fireside Industry, Adrian Schultz, Helen-Adrian Schuneck, Charles-Adrian . Sherman, Ruth-Adrian Slayton, Helen-Mich. State Normal Col- lege, Ypsilanti ' Spaur-Ash, Ethel-Adrian ' Stanley, Geraldine,-Adrian College, Adrian Staup, Bertha--Teacher in District School, Seneca Stevenson, Joseph-Nat'l Bank of Com- merce, Adrian Sword, Irene Lucile-Adrian R. F. D. Towle, Viola-Teacher in District School, Seneca I Trotter, Ann-Detroit Tubbs, Margaret--Michigan State College Lansing . Turnwold, Silvera-Merci I-Iospital, Toledo, Ohio . Van Doren, Elizabeth-Adrian R. R. D. Vedder, Byron, C.-University of Michigan, i Ann Arbor Wagner, Frances-Adrian College, Adrian Waldron, Vivian-Adrian Weldrick, Alberta-Mich. State Normal College, Ypsilanti Wetherbee, Ray-Adrian Whitcher, Emerson-Adrian Wickham, Alice-Adrian Wiley-Lamb, Marguerite-Adrian Willet-Green, Marguerite-Fairfield Willett-Green, Marguerite-Tri-County Tele- phone, Fairfield Woller, Charles-Line-O-Scribe, Adrian Wright, Gladys-Tri-County Telephone Co., Adrian Wyatt, Josephine-Adrian College, Adrian Yeutter, Dolores-Adrian R. F. D. Younglove, Leroy-Citizens Light 66 Power Co., Adrian Younglove, Mary Alice-Mich. State Nor- mal College, Ypsilanti , 5 A CLASS OF 1930 ' Allen, Phyllis-Clerical Work, Detroit Andrews, Mildred-Adrian Angove, Bertha-Virginia, Minn. Atkin, Grace-Tri-State University, Toledo, Ohio 1 , Baker, Thelma-Michigan State College, Lansing I Baldwin, Anna-Adrian, R. F. D. Baldwin, Catherine - Blissfield Normal School, Palmyra Bancroft, Gertrude-Adrian Business Col- lege, Adrian Barrett, Robert-South Side Grocery, Adrian Bassett, Elizabeth-Adrian Business College, Adrian Beal, Rachel-Adrian College, Adrian Bean, Harriet-Adrian College, Adrian Becker, Leona-Klineis Store, Adrian Beecher-Townsend, Ruth-Hudson gertreqqn, Muriel-Detroit etz, reat-Post-Graduate . . . ' BQYGF, Ruth-Adrian A H S l Adnan BIY, Wilma-Adrian Brazeev MafY'HOWell,s Artihcial Limbs Co., Adrian r Page ninety our Brock, James-Military Academy, Indiana- polis, Ind. , Bush, James-Shepherd 66 Stoll Drug Col Adrian Buss, Owen-Benfer 66 Nachtreib Drug Co. Adrian ' Butler, James-Chimney Nook, Post-gradu- ate A. H. S., Adrian h Camburn, Robert-Ambacher Auto Sales Adrian Carnahan, Dayle+Adrian R. F. D. Case, Richard-Adrian - Clark, Caroline-Palmyra - Close, Kathleen-Post-Graduate A. H. Sl., 3 7 7 Adrian Clough, Loa-Blissfield Normal School, Pal- myra Colbath, Edyth-Adrian R. F. D. C019, Lyle--Adrian College, Adrian Collet, James-McClellan's Store Adrian Coon, Margaret-Bronson I-Iospiital, Cold- water Corbett, Ilah-Palmyra ' Corbin-Pifer, Elva-Weston Covell, Harwood+Adrian 61,4 1 'f Y if 1 fe. CuAudfw Decogdl W' picking AW' DOWCU4 pusseiuf Fgirlndnk Faulhib' Adndf Faust: H Fighffs Adrian F0la: L P05195 l bridge Grflif I' 616885 sl Hazfffm Adnan Hanovtf, Haslfnl HAM Hechinlf Higgins I-IiU,M-11 Hill, Rall Store, , Hoeft, Gi Hoffman, Hohler, E Hoisingto phone Hoover-I. Hull, Ma Hyder, l' Adrian Hyder, R1 I5-mi Adrian lnslflm mu 1 J0hn:m,l Joslin, B Adrian MOH, G Adrian hmm Kftller, Elly, Ki1f'Pf'l P6 Ko ! 3 ii... Lmgben, Clues, low ni, W iiilnm Ad ' Flin Marrow, feta' ,ff 1min - ... K 'QQQ T-T i CLASS OF 1930 fContinuedj Cultice, Dorothy--Nat'l Bank of Commerce, DeAGCbii?l1g, Harry-DeGoode Barber Shop, d . Diiikinljolia, Gordon-Schwarze Mfg. Co., Adrian Dowell, Esther--Tipton R. F. D. Dusseau, Harry-4Lenawee Junction Engel, Gladys-Adrian College, Adrian Fairbanks, Marjorie-Adrian R. F. D. Faulhaber, Marie-St. Joseph's Academy, Adrian Faust, Harold-Adrian R. F. D. Fisher, Edward-Fisher's Grocery Store, Adrian Foltz, Margaret--Adrian College, Adrian Foster, Ruby-Wayside Inn , Cafe, Cam- bridge Junction Gregg, Harold-Adrian Gregg, John-Wyatt's Drug Store, Adrian Hagerman, Helen-Adrian Business College, Adrian Hanover, Charlotte-Adrian College, Adrian Hasley, Myrtle-Adrian R. F. D. Hazen, Russell-McClellan's Store, Sturgis Hechinger, Gertrude-Toledo Higgins, Jane-Adrian College, Adrian Hill, Mabel-Fireside Industries, Adrian Hill, Ralph-Van Dusen 66 Hill Grocery Store, Jasper Hoeft, Gifford-Kroger's Store, Adrian. Hoffman, Carl-Palmyra Hohler, Edward-Adrian Hoisington, Margaret-Tri-County Tele- phone Co., Adrian Hoover-Lilley, Dorothy-Burr Oak, Mich. Hull, Marigold-Oneida, S. Dakota Hyder, Helen-Tri-County Telephone Co., ' 'Adrian Hyder, Ruby-F. W. Woolworth Co., Adrian Iflland, Alice-Adrian Business College, Adrian Inglenaft, Paul-Adrian R. F. D. Janne, Helen-Adrian College, Adrian Jessup, .lean-A. B. Park Co., Adrian -loheson, Pearl-Adrian College, Adrian JOS1111, ,Belmont-State Highway Dept., Adrian Judson, Clarence-Post-Graduate A. H. S., Adrian Kampa, Leslie-A. 66 P. Co., Adrian Keener, Doris-Adrian Eeulf, Maxwell-Adrian Klligpnelps, .lessie-Detroit Klsl Pangn, Charles-Adrian College, Adrian OZ, Theodore-Stevenson's Lumber Co., Adrian Lindb L College. Indianapolis, Ind. Lowry: Befll-Croswell Theater, Adrian ui? .wllma-F. W. Woolworthls Co., nan, eff, Lorain-Lincoln Chiropractor's Masks. Edward-Post-Graduate A. H. S., MAclr1an ' arrow, RaYmoncl-Adrian R. F. D. Matthes, Donald-Adrian Colle e ' Matthes, Roy-Adrian College, Ailiiiaiiduan MnYnee, Cecile-Adrian Business College Miller, Henry-Michigan College of Mines Houghton 7 lvlinster, Helena-Adrian R, F, D, Moeller, Anna-Detroit Moore, Paul-Pop Corn Stand, Adrian Nlurphey, Floyd-Adrian College, Adrian Near, Roberta-Adrian Nichols-Hitt, Lenore-Adrian Phenicie, Opal-Bowling Green Normal School, Bowling Green, O. Pifer, Victor-Fuller Brush Agent, Adrian Punches, Sanger--Adrian Randolph, Dorothea-Adrian Ream, Ruth-Adrian Reinhart, Alfred-State Highway Dept., Coldwater Reinhart, Ferdinand-State Highway Dept., Coldwater Retter, Robert-Adrian Roback-Kelly, Pauline-Adrian Robertson, Anna-Blissfield Normal School, Blissfield Russell, Oscar-Adrian R. F. D. Ruth, Frances-Adrian Ryan, Paul-Dyersburg, Tenn. Santose, Eleanor-Adrian College, Adrian Sauter, Paul-A. 86 P. Co., Adrian Schneider, Evelyn i Schultz-Bales, Olga-Madison Center Schultz, Kathryn-Detroit. Schutte, Herbert-Jasper Scroggie, Ruth-McClellan's Store, Adrian Shaw, Dorothy-Adrian Business College, Adrian Shoup, Emma-Business School, Detroit Slayton, Andrew-Grocery Store, Adrian Smith, Doris-Culter-Dickenson's, Adrian Smith, Helen-Hillsdale College, Hillsdale Smith, Lewis-Post-Graduate A. H. S., Adrian Smith, Mable-Ann Arbor Smith, Robert-Michigan State College, Lansing Snyder, Arthur-Adrian R. F.'D. Spaur, Helen-Adrian Business College, Adrian 1 Stetten, Cecelia-Adrian Sweet, Hazel-Ogden ' h Tompson, Eaclon-New Family T eater, Adrian D . C H Tubbs, Frazier-'lvllenlgan State O age' L sing Tubiblsl, Robert--Telegram Rural Route' Ad ' n W'alkei'ill Richard--Post-Graduate A. H. S-, Ad ' - WardT1eiE'1hurmanTAx-tllxflfiffis Mfg' Co" Adnan W i, , Ruby- man - F Wiellmiiiir Kenneth-Lenawee Hoiel, Acgjlgan Woerner, Laverne--Adrian Co ege, W od Robert--Adrian College, Adrian Yaciv, ,lOhn-Adrian College, Adrian , Page nznety 'VC Page mnety s x ! I X ,f f. nQAn 'G fgimzlaly 1931 I 'W inety-s ADRIAN' sAvlNes'u3,,4. K Adrian State Savings Bank CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 5250000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK - Ojtcers - R H W 1 B. E.. TOBIAS, President FEA' F ATT5' VICE Pfesidem C. S. WHITNEY, Vice President-Cashier ' ' AUBE-R, Assistant Cashier R. P. WATTS, Assistant Cashier - Directors - ' gf. O. HUNT S. W. RAYMOND CLARKE E. BALDWIN C. E.. TOBIAS C. Cl. WESLEY R. I-I. WATTS - S- WHITNEY E. E. TOBIAS E. C. IVIICHENER MAI N OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE Maumee and Winter Tecumseh and Church Page ninety nine L awee County Savi1xfgsBa1xk "The Bank on lhe Busy Corner" i' Old - Reliable - Conservative - Safe Page one l7IH1f1l'l?!lI 0116 ' 9 Q F n x i K x i 4 W 5 I . E i 6 v Nz N 1 X . 1, . W V w un 1 4 I Ti I -s 1 I gl 5 :I i I lu 11 F Page one hundred two The lVletler Studio 0 Professional Photography ADRIAN MICHIGAN IN rnaking the photographs for this Sickle, it has been a pleasure to work with the comrniti tee and all individualsconcerned herein. Our policy has been to' turn out the best that we knew how in the line of photography, and hope that in the years to come this volume may be a treasure to the possessor. A We wish the Class of l93l all of the suc- cess in the' world and hope that the future holds great things in store for each individual now graduating. ' ' ig d fi 1 fee G2 ,L :SIX I Vary Il-HAM, I7 5 ll u H ii Tiiiileiu in I I War 11 Il 0:-sf , ...1.: 2:3ri .,.,if , M -. 55151555535555ig5gE5EEES:255ESE2?5i fi A li he fa ll M11 ff l U ii 5 a rsrrr r is es g tu 32 '-frj. U, 1, , - ' H 0 ' .,...,.,. .....1. , s w a s , 0d 272 'fm' Children The warmth, comfort and healthfulness of your home depends on the cleanliness of the FUEL you use. - Protect yourself and children by USING GUR FUEL, the better, cleaner coal that gives you dependable heat. 4PH0NE 46- p Myers ik Tompson Coal Co. Compliments of CQMPLIMENTS OF . s r R Rochester Clothlng Co. Ogers y r i Lumber Sr Coal Co p WADE L. JONES ' t y p PHONE. 47 Maple City -loral Co. A i E. Christmas Co i "Say It with Flowers" I N S U R A N C E P 8 f dred four ' To the Graduates of the Class of I 931 ncongraiulalions and Successv ' T . T . X XT 1 is our sincere message to yorr J. CPENNEY CO. "WHERE THRIFT SETS TI-IEA FASHIONSH COMTTTMTNTT OF :.-.-mmL.,,- L S R L ll HARRIS far unc PRINTER E,W,rC,uMM,E TTT, NORTH MAIN STREET - I Of A.E. Fisher W N' Peaples G R O C E R Greund Floor Studio NORTH MAIN STORE 206 WEST MAUMEE STREET P hu Hd Jokes Einstein who is now touring the country is a great SCiCI1Ci5t but We would like 7 to have him prove some of his theories in practice. For instance, he believes that there is an unlimited extent of space, all right let's see him ride in a rumble seat with five or six girls. Virginia Wyatt looked up from the pages of a woman's magazine the other day with a wistful expression and said: ' "John, do you know what the well dressed woman this season will have on when she goes out driving?,' 'QYes," replied John, 'QThe emergency brake." Night Taxi Driver fShifting into highj: "My gosh, what a clutchlv V Voice from the rear seat: "Say, you keep yourveyes, on the road.-This is none of your business." ' . Somebody asked Mr. Cowin how science helped business, and. he replied, "What would the suspender business amount to without the law of gravitation?', Negro Woman: "AIS wants a pair of shoes for my son, suh."' Shoe Clerk: Q'Black kid?" Negro Woman: "Get them shoes and mind your own business." The Sunday-school teacher asked the children to write down the names of their favorite hymns. One little girl wrote down: ' 'QWi11ie Smith." Miss Spielman: "Quote a Scripture versef' , Kenneth Meeker: "Judas went out into the garden and hanged himselff, Miss Spielman: "That's fine, quote another." i K. M.: "Go ye and do likewise." ' ' Medford Pfister: "What part of the cow do the chops come from?" Lloyd Ruesink: "Don't you know?" ' Medford Pfister: 'QDO you?" - S 1 Lloyd Ruesink: "I-'Iaven't you ever heard of a cow licking its chops?" Little Abraham: "Dad, we learned in school today that the animals have a new fur coat every winter." i Old Abraham: "Be quiet, your mother is in the next room.'5 Mr. Sweet: "Bruce, can you tell me how iron was discovered?"' Bruce Thompson: "I?ve heard it said that they smelt it." "Your grandfather seems to be a little hard of hearing." ' "A little! Why once he conducted family prayers kneeling on the cat." Book Salesman: Q'This book will do half your work." Max Franklin: "Good, I'11 take two." Farmer's helper: "'Come in the barn and I'11 sh City visitor: "Don't you think I had better start on a calf?" ow you how to milk a cow."- Page one burzdred six PHONE 6r2-F2 . A C .CRYSTAL sRR1NoAvE, A - . ' ' I Seger- Graham I ELECTROPURETDAIRY eo. lVIIIk"-,Cr,CE1If1'f Butter y- Buttermilk - Cottage Cheese I Modern Sanitary Equipment I I 'CTHE Ho1v1E GF SAFE MILK" Cut Produets Always Good . '. . Thafs Why They Are Better Compliments of .- . ., CITIES SERVICE GIL CO. CMICI-IIGANJ Koolmotor Gasoline and Oils Compliments I '- Adrian Radiator 81 Body ' ' ' me' ' ' Works ' WELDER R I I os When in Adrian you are cordially invited lo TEQIEISLIAR THE RECREATION CLUB GLENN H. WINSLOW, Pm. . BARBER sHoR IN coNNEeT1o 121 W, Maumee LIGHT LUNCHES SERVED 9 A. M. to Il R M. y S d F1 P hdd Morelancfs Real Gag "Them mai gifs, goesff a HARDWARE Com liments of . . P Plumbmg - Heatmg M- P d a F arm Machines IC lgan ro ucers Electric Washers Dairy CO. Hoover Sweepers Wilcox Hardware Co. 1854 - Seventy-seven Years of Service - l93l e Complimenis of PARKER Auro SALES P hdd Tha- .PCGS E0l0U9G H He Page one lnzuzdrcd ten The Beauty of Your Home t ' is reflected in A i ' The Selection of its Furnishings Purchasing good furniture is like purchasing ' fine dramondsg neither should be bought ' X ff If I Without careful consideration. Invest in ITJ? I fm y the best and you immediately guarantee -1 in yourself lasting service and satisfaction at i - . . . , - ii' 5' I ,, x, y all times. WC'1DVltC you to inspect our ' if? l N rl . 1 . . . 2 ' .-it-'H-. i complete display of lurniture and note its M SIE beauty and line quality. 'fr W a i "M f m 'I . g A ug -,S-,,, ..-. I-vig, i. . sri .. . . . s as f V 4 1 - W here Good Furniture rs Not fxpenszve " Y. F-pi g Walper Furniture Company 135-139 E. MAUMEE sr. n ADRIAN, MICH Club Cleaners William H- Egan Wishes the r Company Senior Class of l93l ADRIAN'S 21 Finest Shoe Store Successful' Future HW E F I T Y O U R. F E ETH Those Who Achieve Success Start to Save in Early Life The ADRIAN BUILDING sr Loan ,f 1 i l offers you ifze best possible means o V 0:0 '20 'Q' We save money together i We lend money to each other We divide the profits between us Page one hr af if I W.c.cEMPr:L Ybrfnfef Style . . . Cliality . . . Service Clothes for Men and Young Men Priced to warrant value in every instance Westgate, Conclra or Company The Aclrian Daily Telegram READ AND Ramen upon Your Message Will Reach Over 50,000 Reaclers in Their Most Receptive Moocl H. Judge 81 Son Congratulations to the Students of the i Class of '3l .fbaliiy r ewelers f . . . rom.. . , WATSON,S t S "Where Gems and Gold Are Fairly Sold R GED. L. BENNETT 8: CO. e -.1NsuRANcE-- A i CUVERS A THE DAVID J-AIVIOLLOY CCMPANY i QUALITY AND INTEREST A 2857'7KC0'th -Western .fqvenlle I ' , Chicago, Iilinois ROBERT T. SMALTZ . . . The Leaciing Tailor I-Iarveyis Bette' A DRY ,CLEANING Lighting Equipment- WORKS 'TZ' i- Budcfs Electric Shop P H Q N E 7 4 6 ' 130 East Maumee Street Use TRUEBLUE Family Flour P - T ' f The Cutler-Dickerson Co. - Adrian, Mich. , A l ffouhqhefh of High School eh College I Athletic Teamsu In Snappy College Styles T W 0 5 T 0 ft 13 5 "CHARGE ITV' The Athletic Supply BUTLER'S Company ' 134 North Main St. Toledo, Ohio COIUITIIDUS, Ohio Compliments of GEQRGES 145 North Mah sh KIRK CDPTICAL CO. J. RALPH KIRK Optometrist Richelieu Qality I: ood Products Burns 65 Spies WE. take this opportunity to thank the Students of the Adrian High School for their very liberal patron- age during the past year. Cut best wishes are extended, both individually and as a class, for a successful and happy future. 4- -1- 4- THE OLD RELIABLE of Marnnm Svtuhin Makers of FINE PHOTOGRAPHS fsince 18882 Underwood Block - Adrian, Michig Cbality Meats I Fresh I: ish and Poultry QUALITY anct SERVICE E. BHllCI1l3Cl'gCI' Dobbins, Tea Room IIO-I I2 E. Maumee I Kleen Maid . . BREAD Special Attention I E A gwen to GempeI's Home Bakery 'Banquets and Parties Adnan, Michigan zdrea' fourteen Stevenson Lumber at Coal Co I 'Sudden -Service-f i n"ADRIAN'S GWN LUMBER YARD" SINCE UIS73 .V . Q ' A CQQI, A Religion With Us I li Fountain Drink The prescription your Doctor gives you when you seek his help is but partof the Bridge to Health. To do full Justice to your sick one and your ICC cold dunk tastefully served at our clean, sani Doctor's instructions-let Shepherd 8: Stoll's tary Oda foumami, l .Service complete the bridge by filling the pre- Try one pllour CiCllCl0US Double-malted Mlllrs- scription, We will do it Well- I served Wlth WhIpped Cream and Wafers-20c. SHEPHERD ar STOLL HART-SHAW DRUG C0- Th Q H D Sl Adi n Michigan Adrian 's Lowes! Price Cui Rale Drug Stores e uary rug ore ra, p Nothing will, so completely chase that thirst as an 6 'LET TI-IEiLAUNDRY DQ IT" fciwarcis Adrian Laundry BAKERY The Sofi Water Laundry A libalie shop that is . V. . . different from the rest i I 4 PHONE er y 222 5. WINTER I PHONE 9 Compliments of NU-WAY STRECI-I SUSPENDER CO. ADRIAN, MICHIGAN P g one nur zd WE RISE TO REMARK We ask cupid if it is necessary for him to break the spindles out of the railing on the third floor. Perhaps the school board will buy him a stock of real arrows. The grass grows better on the front lawn since we planted the casket and crosses there for a short time. Perhaps even the suggestion of fertilizer has given it new hope. No one can deny that Abe. Lincoln has won the world7s prize for patience for we have seen as many as five loving couples sitting on his feet and he has never yielded to the temptation to kick one of them. Ripley tells us that Einstein once failed in Mathematics. It is surely surprising how many Adrian High students are followingdirectly in the footsteps of this great man. 21 if is The boys still maintain that a fellow member of their superior sex didn't faint during a health lecture but that he merely became bored and went to sleep. Dis 211 Pk The Adrian paper in a comment on Dr. Westgateis health lecture said that the boys became pale but the girls kept their normal complexions. We see nothing un- usual in this for nothing short of soap and water could erase the above normal com- plexions. ek Dk Pk It is rumored that the teachers are going to start selling apples in the halls if their salaries are cut. - Pk Pk is Mr. Sweet plans to make a fair living by collecting 25c foreach broken test tube. W is Pk Pk A blank expression is that expression worn by all concerned when an eraser defies all the laws of gravity and inertia and hurls itself through the air attracting the attention of the professor. . We agree that the seats in assembly are made of the hardest wood in the coun- try but cheer up and think of how many more initials there would be to break your pencil if they were any softer. I Q I To some people, vacation means only that their sleep will not be interrupted by a ten minute walk and the annoying ringing of bells. In conclusion we urge the Juniors and Freshmen to strive to be as much like the seniors as their inferior natures will allow them, for only by so doing will they ever reach perfection. . P ge one l7una'red sixteen v1CToR RADIOS PIANQS GRINNELL BRGS. . For Everything in usic I I I' EAST .MAUMEE ' . ADRIAN, MICHIGAN Atwater Kent , 'Replacement A 1 Radio parts All Kinds of A INSURANCE Hoppefs h' ' u S SURETY BONDS Auto Supply S R is H C n - e za e ompanzes Go ld S ora e Ace-Kendall A A 5 A lgatterges Motor Oil L. W. Smith Co. H. F. Wyatt Co. """ DRUGS WHOLESALE CANDY and CIGARS' 112-11 4 South Winter Sued A. B. Park CO. Dry Goods, Rugs Carpets, Linoleum, Dfapefies and Ready-to-Wear 1877 F' QUR 54th YEAR OF SERVICE . 1931 p bdd SPECIALISTS PERSONAL SERVICE A YEAR Boolq We work in person with the staff F T. WAYNE ENCRAVINC CO. FT. WAYNE, INDIANA Ford AutomoIJiIes New beauty in the 1931 Ford Cars .... wonderful in economy, quality and appearance S. W. Raymond Auto SaIes Tasty SHl'1CIWICi1 Shoppe Class Invitations Furnished by- Where High School Students Meet WG feweier l'I I South Main Street - Adrian, Itllichigan FAMILY 'I'I-IEATRE BUILDING When Better Automobiles Are Built I . 19' BUICK Witt Build Them . ADRIAN BUICK SALES I mdred eighteen I . I I I Distinctive Printing I . I P . I I FILING CABINETS if GFI-'ICE SUPPLIES I UWIWI 'I II' I I . . . . . I5 5 Flnch Prlntlng Sc Bookblncllng Co. It Trinters of THE SENIOR SIQKLE I3 XQXQ EVE? ' 516, A, 2'is'ii1x it '?f5SAsso99f' AoIrian's Best Store for Carpets, Rugs, Linoleum Window Shades, Curtains and Draperies . . Lewis C9 Coe . B. I-I or C . I ' NNORTH MqAYI?i-TREETO I I-Iayes' Styles Are Always I D . ai . . Correct ' Chimney Nook "Footwear thai is out in front H I LET US FRAME YOUR DIPLOIVIA Com iments of ' - I P Gallup Speclalty Shop W. at Kodak Developing-Printing-Enlarging ' ' Over Woolworth Five 6: Ten Phone 728-J FISHEITS Yfsssr BDOK sToRE ADRIAN, MICHIGAN . . A Q 1 mired twenty ' :Emmy 19' 'V 1 24 -WZ Ou e kzuzdred twenty oze x ,vw w -1-ff rr r-f' 'zmvr-f"t'r' --"'r'.---1 - " "2 "' 'Ti""""' 'TA ',K",f xx- ' -. fy- " -7' .Y , -.1 ' '35, .x..,, . V ,V ,..-. X Ax , .w 7 f--5-'n s' U l .,n , .. 41fiF3T,fi't:f .T,.fNz-wv.'fr1Tf' X ' -- we-1---.-M .,.. .-. . , ,- I-.-f .,T,,,,T,,g. -' - , , , .,.,.,..Y,,,,'f.'. S, J, .. --vw-I---wi?3--,--?.g,4W A ' H Q 4 V- T' B fr - 131.12 .-, N SW A Nj- ' ,J 1 -,g'.3,. .. , . , w ' X . - .1 , . , -. . U., A.. ,X-,. ., ,,, N fl A 1 A-, .. .QA .....q. -. A ' 'ffl ri 'YH li' .. f -'if' '- ., 'N - '- ' ' , . H. .3i",A ' . 'if ,- . '- 'l 1, -' 'K . , ,. - ,L . . V. , . 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Suggestions in the Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) collection:

Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Adrian High School - Sickle Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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