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cw 71,1 5I.XIfPIx 5ILIxI,l- 1,125 . i ? , 411 2. . I iff., IFW , Z I vw! Z ,- T110 SENIOR SICKLE 1928 mr as ' rw MUSIC ORGANIZATIO N'FTT'W,5 musical organization has again proved itself to be one of the most representative bodies of the school year. The credit of its success has lf' NUCA been due to the splendid co-operation of Mr. Homer Hubbard. This year a new feature has been added. The band furnished spirited 5, w music for the Monroe game and for two home games. The members ,ZA r s 7551 ' glmllnllmr' E ?:q3.Tr gh it , P, ,, ,Q Q W ' practiced outside school hours this year, but it is to be a regular branch of the Music Course next year. The Glee Clubs and Orchestra gave the annual Music Club program in Ian- uary, and in March the annual Operetta was given. "Lelawala," or "The Maid of Niagara," was produced and it was proclaimed one of the best of the Operettas put on by the high school. John Armistead was the delegate to the National Chorus and accompanied Mr. Hubbard to that event in Chicago in April. The Orchestra occupied a most important position this year. A Sousaphone and French horn have been added to the equipment. The Orchestra played at the dedication of the Lincoln, McKinley. and Garheld schools. It also played at the Croswell theatre as a special attraction. The State Music Contest is one of the feature events of the year. The Organization entered six events at the District Contest and placed in all six, Tlzv SENIOR SICKLIL 12138 C'Hc, V 'WW ' M . f - 1 - 4 -, K., ',n"-- , , 4 1 M W M . V V ,, if A egg, :V 1,. ff,-w.,, ',vc' H , W, ,, l ,xt , ,, L, , ., A '- -1-W 5 - 'I .f ,Ja 1--5 GIRLS' fillifi CI.L'B I N. , , ' t"'-2 -A H1 JYS' KLLIQE CLUB The SENIOR SICKL NE l92S cw-. -stsaaat Aldrich, Maynard Babcock, XYarren Bean, Harriett Bertram, Muriel Cole, Lyle Church, Marjorie Conklin, Orlena Covell, Harwood Currin, Vincent DeGoode, Harry Demlow, Alton Dempsey, Russell Dickinson, Gordon Babcock, Marion Baldwin, Allice Beecher, Ruth Benjamin, Doris Bertram, Muriel Bone, Marion Brown, Marjorie Brown, Margaret Bly, VVilma Carpenter, Dorothy Chew, Margaret Church, Margaret Cochrane, Marion Aldrich, Gaylord Armistead, John Babcock, XYarren Bush, James Collins, Bryning Cooper, Maurice Covell, Wlesley Davis, George Lawn L WFS ORCHESTRA Fish, Dale Fuller, Alex Gardner, Alton Garrison, Delmar Gobba, Yirgil Grace, Katherine Greenwald, Carl Harris, Leslie Hazen. Russell Hohler, Edward Holloway, Clarence Hoover, Dorothy Hynes, Lucile Iveson, Annette Kampa, Leslie Kells, Arthur Koske, Margaret Matthes, Roy McComb, Yirginia McKeighan, Lucia Miller, Henry Montgomery, Margaret Mull, XYillian1 Pentland, George Phelps, Frank Rowley, Howard GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Coryell, Ruth Curtis, Martha DeLano, Harriett Derby, Maitle Drechsler, Dorothy Entert, Mildred Everiss, Jeanette FitzGerald, Eleanor Fibiger, Betzy Grace, Katherine Graham, Margaret Gordon, Blanche Hanover, Charlotte Hechinger, Gertrude Higgins, Jane Kin.g, Thelma Maynard, Maxine McKeighan, Lucia Merrill, Anne Mulnix, Pearl Near, Roberta Nicolai, Agnes Nichols, Lenore Peck, Marguerite Reed, Helen Ruesink, Julia BOYS' GLEE CLUB Ehinger, Nelson Fish, Dale Fretwell, Elvin Gardner, Dale Higgins, Howard Hostetler, Robert Jackson, Clittord Jasper, ,lohn Johnson, Berger McPhail, Stuart Merrill, Alfred Moore, Allen Morris, Ernest Naylor, Robert Powell, Eugene Retter, Robert Rhoads, Ellen Smith, Lewis Schuneck, Charles Stauge, Grindle Tubbs, Frazier Tyler, Ruth Vedder, Byron XYebster, Ruby XYeldrick, Alberta XYhitcher, Emerson XYhite, Florence Scharer, Marjorie Stanley, Geraldine Staup, Bertha Slayton, Elsie Slayton, Helen Sword, Irene Tonipson, Eadon Towle, Veola Vlfarner, Helen XVilson. Shirley Ries, Earl Russell, Oscar Swift, Robert VX'aguer, George lVarner, Kenneth 'XVillett, Kenneth Younglove, Leroy Y'f10SIiNTUR SICKLIL IWZS C7110 GPN I 4 ,J Z -1 T110 SENIOR SICKLE 1928 WTI 'FW OPERETTA NWTTN' ARCH 16 the Music Club presented as its annual production a dramatic 'f ,hw-v s Q E .E 54 'X '. ag 22-afflllvig 57' S -19' Il 1,-7 W 'Q 2 operetta in three acts, "Lelawala." by George Murray Brown. The chorus. solo and orchestral numbers were worthy of much praise and the costumes were particularly attractive. The Legend of Niagara, the "Thunder Vvatersu of the Indians, pro- vides a background for the play. Long ago. during a famine, the Great Spirit called for the sacrifice of a virgin and Necia. the Chief's daughter, volunteered. 011 the appointed day, she drifted over Niagara Falls in a white, Hower-decked canoe: the auger of the Great Spirit was appeased and the famine ended. XVar is threatened by the Delawares on the Uniahgahrahs. The Great Spirit demands again the death of a virgin. and Lelawala. the daughter of W'olqo1nis, volunteers, and is chosen to die, as did Necia. On the evening before Lelawala is to die, her lover. Sowanas. an Algonquin, arrives. He is heartbroken to learn of her impending sacrifice and urges her to go with him. but she remains faithful to her tribe. As Lelawala is about to enter her canoe. news arrives that the NYyandots have overcome the Delawares and killed their Chief. Marpeetopah. a Medicine-man, brings a new message from the Great Spirit sparing Lelawala to her father lWokomis. XYokomis gives his daughter in marriage to Sowanas and all ends happily. CAST OF THE OPERETT.-X XXrOliOI'l'llS',A NVid1,1wer, Chief of the Oniahgarahss, .,.,.., ,,........ X 'irgil Gobba Klolowar-His Son ...,,,,,,.,,,,.......................,,,,....,.................. ........ 4 Qaylord Aldrich Lelewala-His Daughter, Maid of Niagara ......,., .,....,. K Iargaret Church Marpeetopah-Medicine Man ,,......................,,,,., ....,.,....... T om Hoover Hintola-Grandmother of Lelewala .,,,..... ......... X Iaxine Maynard Sowanas-Lover of Lelewala ,.,.................... ...,......... R obert Swift Shuugela-Rejected Lover of Lelewala ,,,,.,.. ,........, T ohn Aruiistead XVacootay-An Oniahgahrah Brave ......... ,....r,., R obert Hostetler XVambebe-An Oniahgahrah Brave .......,, ...,.. B irger johnson Nwlanyeca-A Romantic XVidow ,,..,,.. .. Napanee-XVho Loves Klolowar ...,.... ,,..,,.,..,Doris Benjamin ,.......Geraldi11e Stanley Eagle Eye-A Famous Scout ...........,......,..,.1.,, ,,,..,, E ugene Powell Major NVallace-Commandant of a Fort ....,.r, ..,,,,.r G eorge XYagner Mabel--His Daughter .,,.......,..,.,...........,......,. ..., ..,..... B e tzy Fibiger Captain Bliss-Lover of Mabel ...,..,..,................... ....... I .ynn Halstead Clarinda Bond-XVho Admires the Sergeant ,,,..r,. ,,,,., H elen XYarner Sergeant Bilks-VVho Admires Himself ..,..,,. ......, E lvin Fretwell Lord Tatler--XYho Admires XVitticisms ..... ...,.... R obert Naylor Maidens, Soldiers, and,XVl1ite Maidens I3 Yijlf SHXIUR SIL'KLIi1f1ZS5 F35 , nm e f. - H ' 1 1 57 34Affr'f3vf"' - xv 7 Iii , fy- -r , , ' or 7: gint., v- V n ' , ,, J G! A j 'T 'x ' I iff: .Q . I 1 v , 4, -, , Tv, L, X4 M ':9'- ,L Q 1 4 N V A M" Q' J .59 P Zi f f in FQ.-m:Ga.'a , .Y ' - "' Y Ln V 3 C-X-MLM-?.-4u..f-2,-.T A f J FD n L. M D YJ PALS KMAQJN Y I 1 DICK IT -LL. DLIDLMQQ om You -. lui! OUR GANG THQLL wha MLM ' 5: , V Al' WHLQL To ? . Q x ' 1' .xr f x ,,, , 7, BAM DAVA6 Tl! V23 SIXIUR 9ICKI,bI41 YW, ,,1Fg'U 4 L' . ,. , ll 531 Jr . lf' Wh awk -f QM I N 'V ziyfirf fr L! V lfff 'J 452 I ' W HI v l ri 1 L I " -I. .:v I., 1, l-Jyl , . j -, 'AZ v,i,Xl,:. I Y, X A ,' -if, -.13 4, -' 1,-lgi . 'fig fl'f:'L5i-Af-iQi':'ff7I g- "" 'ff' ' f ' 5 j'1,.f H Lf: -' ,- P f , 1 if-,'f -.ff If - ' V. . e: 15 " Q .3 ra , l , . ,Q . J' 'A "ii K , V . ,, 1 X ,,,, .,,- , -- . , -i ' ,-ffm , . .- - - 'Kaz' , V -' , ' fu Y I -' .yy -' - . ' 1 A fffff Q +5'.1'f iii? ' . X , , , w s,.,, ,.,J, 4. . V l 1 3 W I ,rl ,AAL flu--.y '-, W' ' ' 'V W W 'I V 14?2: 'riff v V " 1 f ' M,.,lf.,efi: 5241? - f , . f , 11 iq- 'fn ,. , ' '- f X ' I 1251121 ' A' ' ' , V . H, A I xx ' ,313 , ' . .f,'-51"-1. 'if V ., n ,, 'if' L li The SENIOR SICKLE1928 mas- New gs gggg-ss.--as W .gsm Tl-IE CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Monday. September 12-Students came back to school to rest up after the stren- uous vacation. Tuesday, September 13-Concerning the weather on this day. Mr. Tripp remarked that, "The melofygistic temperature of the occidental horizon had become such as to colorocise the impurient indentation of the hemispheric analogy and the boris curbistis was becoming rapidly charged with infmitesimalsf' Monday, September 19-First edition of failure slips were out. They were all the rage. VX'ednesday. September 21-Senior class organized. Thursday, September 22-School closed for the Lenawee County Fair. Friday. September 23-All those who bet on Tunney celebrated at the Fair. Sunday, September 25-.lane received lirst long distance call from "lidflie," Tuesday, September 27-A great thesis concerning "The Rules and Regulations of this School, and the State Laws Dealing with Cigarette Smoking," was ex- pounded by Principal Reed at Roll-call. W'ednesday, September 28-Hurrah! Free tickets to the Michigan-Ohio football game were given to the students. Thursday, September 29-The .luniors elected their class officers. Friday, September 30-The end of the month. OCTOBER Thursday. October 6-The Seniors were divided into groups for raising the Vliash- ington trip fund. lliednesday, Qctober 12-First bar of candy sold. We take I. CP. Cfs. Saturday, October 15-lYho'da thunk it! The freshies took hrst prize in the sale of Athletic Association tags. Tuesday, Uctober 18-The hrst shipment of the winter's snow arrived. How thrilling is the touch of a snowball! Thursday, Uctober 2O4School closed for the Teachers' Convention. Monday, October 31-Halloween. For "the goblins will get you it you don't watch out." NOYEMBER K. Tuesday, November S-The first edition of the "Rip Saw" was printed. A Friday, November ll-Sickle stat? appointed. Lest we forget. 'twas also Armistice Day. Tuesday, November l5-Football team had its picture taken. Thursday. November 17-.-Xt a pep meeting tor the Morenci game. Sylvester McNulty claimed to have an "idea" XYi1l wonders never cease? Friday, November 18-lYe beat Morenci. Big parade. band or what have you? Thursday. November 2-l-Everybody was od to Grandpas farm for that old- fashioned turkey dinner." Monday, November 23-We all survived the holiday and felt fine. Tuesday, November Z9-A Senior group presented a play A'The New Co-Ed." T116 SENICJR SICKLNE 1925 931 IFJ DECEMBER Tuesday. December 6-Athletic Association elected oflicers. XYednesday. December 7-Olive -Iessup actually tlunkecl her physics test. Mis- erabile dictu l Thursday, December S-Book inspection day. Uh, where is my eraser? Saturday. December 10-A new book. "The Hopeless Hunt," by Look-For- Hangers. was published. Thursday. December 15-The biggest event of the season. A senior group sponsored "Driftwood" It the count was taken accurately there were tour in the audience. Friday, December l6-Santa Claus received a special delivery letter from james Shierson. Monday, December l9-Hiriting test for seniors was given. Friday. December 25-Another holiday ahead. Many classes indulged in Christ- mas parties. Sunday. December 25-:Xt last the nmch anticipated day. lt was estimated that of those in Adrian High who hung up their stockings SQ were Seniors, 2570 were juniors. and 7091 were Freshmen. Uhl these cynical Seniors! Monday. December 26-Last Christmas package went. Tuesday, December 27-The skating season was in full swing. ,IANLK-XRY Sunday. january l4Xew Year's Day. "Minnie" resolved to :abstain from all follies. vices. and men. Tuesday. January 3-Oh Gee! lgiack to school again. Can you bear it. my dear? Thursday, january 5-Sherman Blouclrs chair collapsed in Mr. Tripp's class. Tuesday, January 10-Senior class voted for caps and gowns for graduation. Thurslay. January 12-Xkashington groups started sale of magazines. Friday, january 13-Friday the thirteenth. 'XYho says we're superstitious? Tuesday, january 17-Senior invitation committee appointed. Thursday, January 19-First Senior pictures taken. XYednesday, january 25-"Frosh" elected class oFlicers. Monday. january 30-Mr. Grittey took a leave of absence and entered Columbia L'niversity. FEBRUARY Saturday, February 4-Group Eight raised its quota. Monday. February 6-Second semester began. Everyone turned over a new leaf. Thursday. February 9-Rehearsals for "Lelawala" started. Saturdav, February ll-"Saint and S-inner" ended. XYednesday, February 15-Sickle contracts were distributed and the lirst payments due. Friday. February 17-Mr. Martin discumed the XYashington trip with the upper classmen. g Tuesday. February 21-Caps and hats went out of style and on came the derbies 7 Saturday. February -5-Robert Naylor's group held an auction. with Bob as the' auctioneer. UYe always knew that Bob was cut-out for a public speakero XYednesday. February 29-Considered a very important day by Marjorie Fran- coeur because it was Lee's birthday. V13CfW'WY1lG'YM'iXf'WM!aJCfYMfTG:SM!?JC.fYMVTJC?'Q7TJCTYMliDCfywfbiftywfiCT N9 1 H Y 77777 V V YY ' h 2 'fi 9 ' S 'O SENIGR SICKLE 3 3 5 jg fl 'Review ofthe 5 Nineteen lwenip-seven and tlvenly-eight 4,2 High School Year 9 45 2 o Q lg o 5 K E volume Clfhiriy-fwo 5 P o Q 3 hi 55 is 9 f 2 4, P 5 L, J P f o Q L, 'Published by ihe J 'D Q HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS 2 G Jqdrian, Jbfichigan 3' P 'o E 3 's 1 if P o e e ee W 1 in :kj LJWKJ CLAWKJ3 CLJWKJD CLJWKJJ fbiwkj Cbiwkj 5:20643 LIWQU CZWQJ CLJWKJU GA T110 SENIOR SICKLE1928 MARCH Thursday. March l-The popular desire for a recess was" granted on this day during a fire drill. Monday, March 5-The local declamatory and oratorical contests were held. lfednesday, March 7-The Senior Class broke the record for monthly "Flunks." Friday, March 9-The Valedictorian and Salutatorian were named. NYednesday, March l-I-Our football star. George Wagner. was discovered read- ing. "Girlhood Days." Thursday. March l5-Elwood Scholl was recommended for the home for the feeble minded by Miss Buck. Friday. March 16-"I-elawala" was given in the Armory. Tuesday, March 20-The first day of spring. Dick Walker was one of the hrst victims. Thursday, March 22-Class Day Committee was chosen. Friday. March 30-Last day of school before Spring vacation. APRIL Sunday. April l-The sidewalks are wearing down because of the roller skating fad. Monday. April 9-The Senior play cast was chosen. Tuesday. April lO-A magician, with the able assistance of Marian Jamieson and Paul Ryan. gave a performance during fifth hour. Thursday. April 19-Adrian track team took First place in the Lenawee County track meet. Tuesday. April 2-l-Group Ten went over. A XYCflllCSClEly. April 25-Bob Naylor got his feet in his desk and had great difficulty in removing them. Friday. April 27-The teachers attended the School Masters' Club in Ann Arbor. Saturday, April 23-District Typing Contest was held at Adrian. MAY Tuesday, May 1-May Day. 4 Saturday, May 5-The regional music contest took place in Ypsilanti. Monday. May 7-Some prankish youths broke into the assembly room and stacked the books. Thursday, May 10-The State Music Contest was held in Ann Arbor. At noon, on this day. the Senior boys were guests of the Rotary Club at luncheon. Friday, May lS-The Senior play. "Seventeen" was presented. MayfSenior program was given. Monday. May 28AThe Seniors leave for the Washington trip. JUNE Sunday. June lO-Baccalaureate. Monday. june ll-Senior picnic. Tuesday. blune l2-Senior send-off. Xlfeflnesday. Alune 13-Class Day. Thursday. rl une l-l-Commencemcnt. Friday. 'lune 15--The last farewells were given and school closed. IFJ Thr SENIOR SICKLQE 1928 FFT! Yrff -if in arm ff ,QJ 5 I Al! W 4? wf f f"" ' I E mi? X W Gi H121 X gif? 0 Qs H X . nr ,w g E.. se' .41 ' 'F 40 1 I 'T I r 1. gs, 1' ,L 3, I Limb f r-,,5 ---v if df' f K E Q -1ln.i1':p'3 ' L if fl X -hh -. K L7 ' , KH X 5 xYX V' x A . 4 Y X y I - P lLl ifL 'Q 5 i If fl U I 1,'-1 f? f f" F59 5 . Q' A ,AW.' 1, - '- " Z My ' if - ij.. rw, W xx , Qi I.A'-' '--.'-, E , ,V KF-fl, K lfflls 'J yl'! ii j, f A u we I AIQQ C 15 w 'N K U IQ- .E - 1 xv X X..'. Q NX f . X , X Q Q, K - " f 'Q' L AN , ' 1, ' 1 5 A9"'V'7 -' M K N ' NX Q f l , QQ .V.A. Q Qf.A,f5l5'f.?f5:5f15':'.':1.A:-.3 V..q A K K ,jg-y , ' V ' "'- ' 'TQ V uf ,. i . . 41 Y X fff 1 X. Q W ff -D11 . A XX Ill , ,Q Nagy, fu XAMX, yffligrlff' I if f XS' Q.. NW V 3 1 1 ' 7- ' 5:-. ltl' ,Q 4-,' . I -Z: K? ,V A?wQ1QgLzf4:f,h Liss-f , Y I ,f .4i ,.v- '4,, : -, -.,l -5:-r , 7-1 -X 1' I3 V gi W .J - - X The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 mi is S ALUMNI DEPARTMENT CLASS OF 1925 Adrian, Agnes A.-Ford Hospital, Detroit Albrecht, Bernice M.-Adrian Aldrich, Grace I.-Office United Electric, Adrian Andrews, Harland C.-Auto-Lite, Adrian Angell, Alice E.-Teaching-Flint, Mich. Argue, Isabelle-Ofnce of County Agent, Adrian Armistead-Delano, Charlotte L.-Adrian Ash, Zora Irene-L'niversity of XYisconsin Baldwin, Clark Miing-Liniversity of Michi- gan Bassett, Gwendolyn J.-Adrian Bassett, Virginia T.-Fireside Industries. Adrian Bayles, Elva B.-Fireside Industries, Adrian Benfield-I'Ioxve, Doris E.-Adrian Betz, Ruth Janice--Detroit Boyden-McIntyre, Beatrice A.-Adrian Brower, Hubert XYillis-Mich. State College Brown, Irving L.-Palmyra Burke-rt. Thelma M.-Raymond's Garage Cady, Melvina F.-Madison Chase. Florence A.-Fireside Industries Chase, Squire F.-University of Michigan Chesney, ,lames-Adrian College Church. Robert XV.fAdrian College Colbath, Alice M.-Teaching in Rural School Condra, Smith G.-Farming Cox, Countess L.-Hillsdale College Damon, Clara Dollie4XX'oolworth's Store. Adrian TJRVVSVII. Vesta-XY-nfilwortlfs Store. Adrian Deible. Lillian M.-Adrian Dempsey. Rav -IAN. Y, C. Freight Office Dewey, E. lYavne-Liniversity of Michigan Dickinson. Gladys Mae-Anchor Concrete. Adrian Drake. Rosalynd-Senior High School, Office of Superintendent Ehinger. Theodore F.-Home Ehrbright, Lee L.-Adrian College Fvilsiser, Lillian Mae-Palmvra Fetzer, Muriel C.-United Electric, Adrian Gardner. Col L.-California Gasner, Harold S.-Flint. Michigan Gephart-Carpenter. Eva E.-Adrian Geohart, Everett MBA.-Xrlriaii Gibson. Duncan-Adrian College Gira, Edward I.-Kline's Store, Adrian Gorton, Lester I.-New York Guinan-Yost, Dorothy F.-Adrian I-Iewes. Richard-Ferris School, Big Rapids. Michigan ' Hiftline. Louise Marie-Adrian Hoaxf. George E.-Adrian Hfiddinott. Ellen Bessie-Adrian College Hofldinott. Iesse F.-Adrian Township I-Iollowav, lVilired K.-Holloway Hffltl. Fred-Adrian Holtz, Etta-Adrian Hood, Leon Arthur-L'niversity of Michigan Howell. Helen Avis-Fireside Industries, Adrian Inglehart. Keith-Detroit jackson, Albert H.-Ann Arbor Jasper. Leslie F.-Toledo ,lU1'fl-311. Floyd M.-Pennsylvania Judson, Mable I.-Detroit Kidman, Alice M.-Ypsilanti Xorinal Kishpaugli, Geraldine Y.-Teaching in Adrian Public Schools Koltz, Albert H.-Condensery, Adrian Lawson, Charles XYellington, Post Office, Adrian Lewis, Marjorie I.-Adrian College Lincoln, Helen Marguerite-Knitting Mills, Adrian McCloud, Hilda-,Iames XYhitcomb Riley Hospital, Indianapolis. Indiana McComb, Helen M.-Ifniversity oi Michi- san McPhail, Gordon A.-Flint McPhail, Helen LouisefDenison College, Ohio McRoberts, Cleo L.-Blisstield Normal Mitchell, Anna L.-Holloway Mobus, Robert L.-Hermes and Marks Montgomery, Harriet H.-XYooster College. Ohio Mcore. George-Adrian ' Morningstar, Dorothea R.-Fireside Indus- tries, Adrian Munson, Mary Helen-Adrian Xessel, Marian Lovenia-Court House. Adrian Nixon, Mildred Y.-St. Josephs Hospital, Ann Arbor Partridge-Camp, Zula Elizabeth-Adrian Patterson, Neita Florine-Adrian Perkins, Mildred Irene-C. A. Miller Co.. Adrian Potter, Glenn-lliauseon. Ohio Prange, Ernest Louis-Anchor Concrete Machine Co.. Adrian Randolph, Marian Elizabeth-Adrian Raymond?'Mildred Lucille-I. C. Penny Co., Adrian Reck, Joseph-Adrian ' Remus, Leoma C,-Adrian Rorick, Alice H.-Adrian College Salter, Olive B.-A. B. Park Co.. Adrian Savage, Hazel M.-Fireside Industries. Adrian Sharer, Norman B.-Pasadena. California Schultz, F. Robert-Liniversity of Michigan. Schultz, Harold-Adrian Schwab, I. Paul-Mich. State College Seethaler, 'Vincent-New York Central. Adrian Shadbolt. Victor F.-Anchor Concrete Co.. Adrian The SENIOR SICKLIE 1928 VN IFJ CLASS OF 1925 Shaffer, Robert J.-Qliver Instrument Co.. Adrian Shank, Elizabeth A.-Auto-Lite, Adrian Sherman, Norman A.-Egan's Shoe Store, Adrian Shober, Sybilla B.-Adrian Simmons, E. Lamont-Farming, Tipton Sisson, Frances Myria-XYoolworth's Store, Adrian Smith-Goodes, Mildred E.-Adrian Smith, Virginia Lee-Adrian College Stange, Clara A.-Fireside Industries, Adrian Stark, Caroline-4 Deceased l StarkweatherlInglehart, Mable C.-Adrian Stein-Goodwin, Iva L.-Toledo Stein, Chester XV.-Adrian College Stetten, Juanita F.-IYoman's Hospital, De- troit Swicl-:-Brewer, Rea C, Penny Co., Monroe Tingley, Delora Elizabeth-South Lyons, Mich. Tobias-,lohnson, Myrtle L.-Lansing Tompkins, Paul-New York Toms, Mildred L.-Principals Office, A. H. S., Adrian Yan Doren, Lucille B.-Cnited Electric, Adrian NYeiss, Gertrude B.-Baldxvin and .Alexander Law Office, Adrian Xllestgate, Ralph I.-Holloway Wfickham, Mildred I.-Fireside Industries. Adrian XViesinger, IYalter-A. B. Park Co., Adrian XYing, Mary Alice+Adrian , XX?-od-Beebe, Margaret B.-Adrian AYootl.l'uf:f, Frank L.-Palmyra Yeutter. Mable Clara-Teacher at Cadmus CLASS OF 1926 Adam, Avis Marie-Toledo Allen, Burr H.-Adrian College Ampey, ,Iohn C.-Detroit Anderson, Frances-Ypsilanti Normal Babcock, Arthur E.-Adrian Bachman, Marcella S.-XYorking in Fort XVayne, Ind. Bachman, Maxine M.-Schwartz Electric. Adrian Bailey-Platt, R. Irene-Palmer's Furniture Co, Adrian Baker, Helen Louiseelfireside Industries, Adrian Baker, Norman A.-Adrian College Bartlett, R. Burton-Mich. State College Beal, Josephine B.-Fireside Industries, Adrian Beck, Richard G.-University of Michigan Beebe, Helen G.-Alpena, Michigan Bellenir, Katherine L.-Fireside Industries. Adrian Benner, Alvin Neal-Adrian College Bennett, Nellie Mae-Ypsilanti Normal Berndt. Harvey A.-Adrian Biscupski, Clarence L.-Detroit Bishop, Louise-Adrian Blanchard, Alvin R.-Adrian Blohm, Edwin A.-Adrian Blouch, Edna Mae-Detroit Bly-Kuehn, Dorothy F.-Detroit Bohn, XYalter F.-VK'alper Furniture Co.. Adrian Bone. Francis-National Bank of Commerce. Adrian Bcgvee, I. Laurene--Detroit Teacher's Col- ege Bowerfind, Lynn E.-Adrian College Bovden, ,Ieanette-Probate Court Otlice. Court House, Adrian Burkhart-Bradley, Gladys M.-Adrian Burtch-Bliss, Eula M.-Library. Adrian Carpenter, Claude L.-Adrian I4 Clark, Norman O.-Fireside Industries, Adrian Collar, Frances Marian-Adrian College Collins, Frank C.-Adrian Curtis. David M.-Adrian Denies, Charles-Auto-Lite. Adrian Derby. Ruth Eloise-Fireside Industries, Adrian Dewey, Lyster H.-Consumers Coal Co. Drager, XYilliam C.-Adrian College Droegemueller. Ruth Clara-Yan Camp's Packing Co. Earles, G. Evelyn!'Ypsilanti Normal Earles, Martha A.-Pages Oflice, Adrian Earles, Vivian E.-Adrian College Eayrs, Creita IJ.-Adrian College Engle, Claribel-Reo Garage, Adrian Engel, LaYern-Adrian Fairbanks, Mildred MareewBritton, Michi- gan - Filter, Louise Helene-Fireside Industries, Adrian Frank, Aaron-XVestern Reserve Academy, Cleveland lleer, Ruth M.-Adrian Gregg, Doris I-Fireside Industries, Adrian liruel, Kenneth C.-Auto-Lite, Adrian Harvey, Helen Lorett-Fireside Industries, Adrian Hendrickson, Opal-Adrian College Hibbard. Laura IV.-Adrian I-Iilkert-NYacle, Eva F.-Pontiac, Michigan Hoisington, Helene A.-Adrian Holloway. Florence M.-Adrian College Hornby, Harold D.-Adrian Township Hughes. Helen M.-Adrian Colelge Hurlbut, C. Ethlyn-Denver, Colorado Hurlbut. Glendora I-Adrian lackson. Dorothy A.-Ann Arbor Jackson. Robert O.-Adrian College Iasmuncl-Lee, Viola L.-Toledo jones, Eunice Irene-Adrian TIIUVSENIOR SICKLE1928 C718 W- L. , CLASS OF 1926 jones, Esther A.-Teaching JOI'Clal1, Clifton-Xlott Cry, ,-Xdriaii Kahle, Irene D.-Adrian Township Keip, Victor L.-Adrian College Krout, Margaret F.-Adrian Lash, Ruth L. J.-Fireside Industries. Adrian Lee, Clair R.-Toledo Leonard, Charles II.-Adrian College Lewis, Ulysses Simpson-Adrian Long, Dean E.-Adrian Loveland'Ehinger. Ruth A.-,l. C. Penny Co., Adrian Mackenzie, Lois Arlyne-Oberlin College Marvin, Richard -I.-Farming, Adrian Matteson, Robert Tw-University of Michi- Qan May, Thelma F.-Angell? Sweete Shop. Adrian ' Mclieighan, Clara XY.-Adrian College Miller, Arno K.-University ul Michigan Miller, Edith E.-Fireside Industries, Adrian Miller, Elwood L.-Telegram. Adrian Miller-Price. Estella Y.-Bluetield, XYest Virginia Moilitt, Jeannette B.-.-Xdrian Mott, Eugenia E.-Michigan State College Murphey, Campbell H.gIinoxville. Tenn. Murphy, Paul C.-L'niversity of Michigan Parker, Phyllis A.-Adrian College Patchett, Harold R.-Adrian College Peck, Clare R.-Farming, Adrian Pieplow, Dorothy L.-Blissheld Pixley, Susie M.-N. Y. C. Freight Office. Monroe Prange, Elizabeth E.-Earl Christmas Oftice, Adrian Pries, Helen M.-Fireside Industries. Adrian Quigley. Cleo M.-XYoolworth Store. Adrian Randolph, Alice L.-Toledo Rau, VVinnifred M.-Blisstield Normal Reganall, XVilma L.-Fireside Industries, Adrian Reisig, Thelma H.-Mutual Oil Office, Adrian Rogers, Margaret A.fBlissheld Normal Root, Lula B.-County Clerk's Office, Adrian Ryan, Kenneth I.-Ypsilanti Sampson-Brown, Katherine - Tecumseh, Mich. Schneider, Lucile E.-L. XY. Smith 'XYhole- sale House, Adrian Scholl. Florence M,-Adrian VVire Fence Co., Adrian rcninifir, Erna-Swartz Electric, Adrian Schubert, Emily C.-Fireside Industries, Adrian Schultz. Nita P.-Florida Sharp, Harold XY.-Peerless Fence Co.. Adrian Shrader, Richard J.-News Bee Agent, Adrian Smith, Carlton R.-Elyria, Ohio Smith, Lena A.-Firesirle Industries. Adrian Smith. Wendell LJ.-L'nix'ersity of Michiuau Somerville, Hazelle M.-Arlrian S Spaur, G. Dale-Kaiser's Grocery. Adrian Spies. Charles F.-Aflrian College Springer, Montelle-Star Restaurant. Adrian Stetten, Margaret-Parks Dry Goods Store Stevenson, Everette A.-:Xuto-Lite, Adrian Stonacker, May Lucille-National Bank of Commerce. Adrian Swenk, Ruth Margarete-Dr. Hewes' Office, Adrian Tag, Helen Adelaide-Ypsilanti Xormal Temple, Fred M.-Buss Station, Adrian Thomas-Briggs. Dorothy. ljloversville. New Iffrfli Townsend, Harold J.-Adrian Trosien, Myrna-Fireside Industries. Adrian Tuttle. Dorcas-Kalamazoo Normal V311 .3xL1CkCI'. Glennis H,-Auto-Lite. Adrian Yan Auker, Marguerite G.-Detroit Yan Dusen, Keith L.-Auto-Lite, Adrian Yan Dusen. Lois S.-.-Xrlrian College XYaile, Lawrence il.-Lansing' XYaldron, Lois M.-Adrian S , H-BHVCT, Ruth I.-Mutual Oil Co., Adrian XYesterman, Frances I.-Adrian College Westgate. Gladys I.-Adrian College Westgate, Virginia .-X.-Mutual Oil Office, Adrian XYheaton. Evelyn E.-Adrian College XYig'gins. Constance VV.-Adrian XYiley, Marian B.-'XYoolworth Store, Adrian XYillnow, Lillian Y.-Commercial Bank, Adrian XX'ilson, Perry L.-Detroit Xlhoster, Thelma .-X.-Gussenbauer Tea Room. Adrian KYright. Clement G.-L'niye-rsity of Michi- gan Yeutter, .Leta M.-Rome Township Young, A. Earl-Oftice Supply Co., Toledo Zimmerman, Albert G.-Commercial Bank, Adrian Zook. Imogene M.-University of Vllisconsiri CLASS OF 1927 Anrlerson, Belle-Adrian Andrews, Lucile P.-Adrian Aucnmpaugh, Ellen-Adrian College Baker. Thea L.-Jasper, Michigan Baldwin. Edward A.-Kenyon College, Gam- lrier, Ohio Bancroft, Gwenclolyn-Econ'vmy Shoe Store, Arlrian Barrett, Patrick-Auto-Lite, Adrian Barrett, XYilliam-United Electric, Adrian Bay, Robert-American Chain, Adrian Beal, Hattie L.-Adrian College Beekel. Elton-Madison Township Bellenir, H. XVHXIIC-.'5xdYl3ll Betz. Murldean C.-Chicago Blum, Lucy H.-Adrian The SENIOR SICKDE1928 C'F'l'I CLASS O Brazee, Lucile-Adrian Township Bristol, Lillian-1 Deceasedi Britton, Harriet-University of Michigan Carlson, Harold-Adrian Township Casper, Cecil-Adrian College Casper, Lucile-Adrian Clegg, Katherine-Citizen Light and Power Co. Office Clough, Helen-Blisslield Normal Comstock, Lois-Court House, Adrian Cooley, Zelma I.-Adrian Covell. Eloise A.-Adrian College Crandall, Leonard- Dailey, Dorothy Mae-Blissneld Normal Daniels, Elwood B.-Home Dennis, Kermit-Adrian College Derby, Edna Mae-Home Dreher, Ernest F.-Post Graduate, A. H. S. Dusseau-Jones, Helen-Home Engle, Andrew A.-Lenawee Hotel, Adrian Engle, Mildred L.-Adrian College Fardy, Francis-Ypsilanti Normal Fisher, Frederick-University of Michigan Fisk, Helen G.-Adrian Gaddis'Shaler, Alice M.-Adrian Gehringer, Claude-Club Cleaning XVorks. Adrian Gibbs, Jewell M.-Adrian College Greenwald, Florence-Adrian Township Griffey, Genevieve-Teaching Music, Adrian Gruber, Merle-Blisstield Normal Gruel, Esther M.-Standard Oil Office. Adrian Guest, Genevera Mae-St. Joseph Academy. Adrian Hall, Daniel S.-Adrian College Hamilton, Mary Y.-Post Graduate, A. H. S. Hamlin, Laura E.-Detroit Teachers College Hanover, Ray S.-Adrian Hiftline, Henry George-National Bank of Commerce Holloway, Ruth-Monroe, Michigan Howe, Paul-Adrian Hutchison, John M.-Fort XVayne, Indiana Ikle, Clarence N.- Illenden, Carl-Michigan State Jackman, Ernest E.-University of Michi- gan Joslin, Theodore Athos-Father's Law Office, Adrian Kafer, Kathryn-Pontiac, Michigan Kelly, John E.-Gas Station, Adrian Kennedy, Viola Blaire-Adrian College Kirk, J. Baldwin-Adrian College Krins, Edward-Adrian Lash, Amy C.-Blissheld Normal Lenardson, Floyd-California Lewis, Anna S.-Nurses' Training, Toledo Lloyd, Rowland-Adrian Mackenzie, Edna-Father's Office, Adrian Matthes, Nelda-Commercial Bank, Adrian McCrillis, Jane-Pasadena. California McPhail, Ruth-Denison College, Ohio Minier, Maynard-Adrian 'PW F 1927 Morse, Leland-Adrian College Near, Gladys-XYoolworth's Store, Adrian Nicholson, Ethlyn-St. Joseph Academy, Adrian Nicolai, Palma S.-Springfield, Ohio Nixon, Madeline-Albion College Osborne, Noel-Madison Township Ott, Alice-Mutual Oil Office, Adrian Prange, Alvin R.-XVeiss Clothing Store. Adrian Pruyne, Yaughn M.-Alma College, Alma Michigan Raymond, Harold-Adrian College Raymond. Violet K.-School in Tarrytown, N. Y. Rehberg, Janet-Adrian Robb, Margaret T.-XYashington, D. C. School Robbins, Bert-Tuscon, Arizona Roderick, Maybelle-Cadmus, Michigan Rogers, Laurence R.-Blissfield Sugar Beet Factory Rowley, Alice M.-Adrian Samlow, Louise-Junior High School Ofhce. Adrian Sayers, Doris-Adrian Schultz, XYilliam F.dXYilcox Hardware, Adrian Schwartz, Franklin-Adrian Scott, Charles N.-Adrian Business College Scott, J. Clayton-Adrian College Seals, Jeannette-Adrian Sears, Bernice R.-Adrian College Seger, LeMoyne-Adrian Sentle, Cecil-Adrian Shank, Alice Louise-Adrian Shaw. Delaphene-Adrian College Sherman, Gertrude L.-Adrian Sherman, Robert H.-Adrian Slayton, Ethel May-Blissfield Normal Smith, Burge E.-Cleveland, Ohio Smith, Max F.-Adrian Spielmanl Hazel M.-Adrian Township Stauu, Octa May-Joslin's Law Office. Adrian Stetten, Janette-Adrian College Sutton, Thelma Alice-Mason Normal Temple, Bert-Bus Station, Adrian Tolforfjl, Arclith Y.-Adrian College Tolford, 'XYesley J.-Adrian Underwood, Donald L.-School in Chicago YanDoren, Ethel-Adrian Township Van Doren, Kenneth-Adrian Township KYagner, Richard F.-St. Mary's College, Kansas XVarren. Seaton A.fAdrian College KYiederkehr. Margaret-Adrian XVilliams, Frances M.-Adrian College XVilson, Marian E.fDenison. College, Ohio TVilson, Naomi-Madison Township XVonder. Helen E.-Adrian XVood. Grace-Rome Township XVoodruff, Lillian-Adrian College Yankey, Forrest-Grand Rapids Yeutter, Kenneth-Rome Township Thr SENIOR SICKLE 1923 FW f f gm Y WL Hmm OUQQLLVLQ A MAN or THL Womb 2 ,, 444A rf' Ef W i , ap ..- Trx- 'G "F-'1' , 4, ? af I , we, 17 y . yi 1 if V ,f Q f - ff' I-gy y. 1,1 "' " .4 ,' 'LL ' 1 f 2,1 1 ' W 2, Q, , ci, ,Q f I A f, ,,,. " uf mu. 1 W , 1 ' wk gl ,z 1 Ml , " 'f'i,-,.- V ,,--'A ,, wx. .1. ,. V 4 .ff iv 4?",Mf J wi? Q V Amy: ,, I ,A 7 5 :fe Q, , . , . M ai jx TH 529621 W Q A Wwe. Gnoup B. THQLL GQACLO LITTLL Joe. JoHM n MT V, , L ' X ,,A, " f -- "wa I .. f' jj?-,,.: fn 5 ff 5. ' I b. ' 'V V ii - 3,-1 , , -' fi . , 4, , ff? ff :M ig f A f ii .fgmfffiff 14 , , ? J AF-YT to A A ' Guam WHO Mosrm FLLT U THUMEJQ U10 Tlzv QITYIHK QICKIF 14176 CW - WJ 7 I X Nl .f Y. 1 .,-- ., K f ms. X... - 1 . A W. ,w7, ny' V 4 ' 1 1. K 1 .x -K v- .W ,X x Pillf The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 am L Ls.. JOKES NOVELTY E. Clement: "I have an idea." H. Prang: "Be good to it. It's in a strange place." IT KILLED THE CAT Clip: "NVheah you-all bin ?" E. Morse: "Lookin' foah work." Clip: "Maul Man ! Yoah cu'osity's gonna git you into trouble yit l" NYE DON'T GUESS A Chinese newspaper contains this letter from an applicant for work: "Sir,-I am XVang ...... I can drive a typewriter with good noise and my English is great ...i.. My last job has left itself from me. for the good reason that the large man has dead. It was on account of no fault of mine. So. honorable sirs, what about it? If I can be of big use to you. I will arrive on some date that you should guess." LETS END IT Magistrate: "Have you a lawyer?" Prisoner: "No, sir." Magistrate: "Do you want a lawyer to defend you?" Prisoner: "Not in particular. sir." Magistrate: "lYell. what do you propose to do about it?" Prisoner: "Vl7ell, so far's I'm concerned. I'm willing to drop the whole business." REDLCING EXERCISE "Buy a car," the doctor advised Mr. Luse. "and get out more. You ought to take off pounds of flesh." Speaking of the results obtained by this prescription. Mr. Luse says: "I got a car and got out more. I got out six times between Lincoln avenue and Toledo street and took ot? llesh in four ditferent places. Once I got out through the windshield. That seemed to take off the most flesh." IT XYAS COLD It was so cold that the sunshine froze on the sidewalk and we had daylight all night. Alice llaldwin: "I smell tobacco, Do you smoke tobacco Art Kells: "Did you ever hear of anyone smoking anything but tobacco?" Alice: "Vl'ell. I had an uncle once who smoked hams." "NYho surrendered to 'XVashington?" "Cornwallis.l' "And I-Iowe lu 1909 AWA l928 A L ,',, rgGrJJ?:-?.',-agwmvfmggxnutanugg 3 if 3 3 :zz 4 il ii ii A :imp V ay... g:-'rf 'il i ii S.. ,. Home of The National Bank of Commerce The Bank Thai Service Built We pay 37, Interest on SavingsEAccounts and 471 on Time Certificates Ojfcers and Directors R. C. ROTHFUSS, President C. H. LEWIS Cashler W. I-I. SHIERSON. Vice-President O. E, DECKER A st Casluer A. E. ILLENDEN, Vice-President A. E, BENNETT jr Asst Cashler F. E.. KANE, Auditor W. CHATFIELD C. L. ROBERTSON -I. W. HELME C. A. SHIERSON F. G, WESTGATE T110 SENIOR SICKLE 1928 'YS'-If ff Y eeee e f -ef 1 nmffn 'rm ggzozgzcir orc: oxlovr Q: -Q1'Of':'Q3-0,1 ogo:o:o O 6 ' . .'FO1'OZOZO1 Ono: 6:0106 , ' V 1 41 H ,. . ,-QContentsQ 11 f , Ded1cat1on -H ff f - Semors of ' ,O Commencement 0 5+ I - 1.5 CRW Day. 6 'lf , iff Adm1111Jt1'at1on Q ' f'? in Q ..SchoolBO01'd A ,Q Ajlyf . Jociety 9 M5 Athlehcs Q lo X OT 0Ti11ZE1t1OT1J Qfyfy of ff' --1 - .. ,, .nc cf Art 3 VH! X flfliglgfl Q- - . 1' J O kea M - -H A1 ' UTTITI1 V- ko:'o:Q:O:O:Q:Q:0:qpg ff ' ff-2 N ..f1'.f A .'-1 ' '- ' ' h ff e LQ ,fm V3-'3f.7Sf5: - ,GK " ' f - 5:7 ' W7 ,Q ' - . f X X . Mafff, o . ' f 1 f 7551 ' ' fe eg 1 1 ff fl?-ii Q J' '- xf '- ,' Zhi, ffg Q , ,f Q . '. . N 'j ' mu , , 'U , J . f - yfj K- e , 1?'iY' UV ' vjhxjf 4' I' ' ff U77 F' fa?'iIZ"?fw1:Qe . ' f 1 ef A. V H gf 1 J .v,:Wi'gL, - . if , fp ' rf f!ff,Z'7f 'fff2!Q, il e ' ' - +5211 - me-Q 57x29 go,'52QffZL'!5-K . Wee ' ' lffgffj, 7 ' ,VfW5'lZf15,M,!gfHf? 7IIIrf I - . A ny, z!fY,,l,2J,if !Qy'l!1 y0f.""fZ!!4fL imvlcsi g,!w,!f,i'fL!r. . 1 ff e - - f 4"gLm7m'v?Z,ylE5ffZ'1w?f!!'Zg,?W1-"5s'g-Qwxjvfllifll 4 , .- . ff 2.1 : ,Q A, j af 1' N 'fx few, f ff 'iff f -lib' gwjff vyfjr , Ygf'3-:, 'w.3'1.:-:'A3'.,f. A.A. 'g:.j:7 J! X-veil" 1 f i i vi Age- -- ,EE13.,ig71 -Q, ' ik zero: 19101016710IOIOIQZCYVZOIO101010145 OA T110 SENIOR SICKLE 11128 m sa sa asaasassaasaa a 'IFJ Miss Hayes: "Are you laughing ut me?" Bill: "No, ma'am." Miss Hayes: "'XYell. what else is there to laugh at?" HEGGSACTLY !" Customer: "XVhat are eggs today?" Funny Shopman: "Eggs, madamf' Customer: "All right, gimme a dogen: the last ones were nearly chickens." T. Hoover: "I say, Sam. I saw something in the train this morning that would have tickled you immensely." Sam: "XYliat was it Tom: "A piece of strawf "Did you just get a haircut?" "No, all of them." Kenneth llowen: "Can a person he punished for something he hasn't clone?" Miss Buck: "Of course not. Kenneth: "Well, I havent done any geometry yet 7' E. Allman: "Have you heard the new golf song 7' T. Angove: "Tee for two?" E. A.: "No, 'Sweet Child. You're Driving Me XYild, That's Putting It Mildf " Y. Dales: "IYhat did your grandfather say when they amputated his leg?" LI. Bean: "He yelled. 'Hey, what's coming off here 7' " FAMOUS SAYINGS "I don't know where I'm going. hut I'm on my way.N-Columbus. "Keep the home tires liurningf'-Nero. "The first hundred years are the hardest."-Methuselah. "Treat 'em rough."-Henry VIII. "Keep your shirt on."-Queen Elizabeth. "Dont lose your head."-Queen Mary. "The lmigger they are the harder they fall."-David. "It floats."-Noah. M "You cant keep a good man down."-Jonah. "I'm strong for you, kid."-Samson. DIDN'T LIKE IT Geo. Dailey: "You wouldnt like it if I kissed other girls. would you?" Marion Jamieson: "No, indeed! In fact, I ClO1'1.I like it much when you kiss me." Vera: "lf wishes come true. what would he your first ?" Clair Birch: "I would wish-if 'only I dared tell you." Yera: "filo on. go on, what do you think I brought up wishing for?"' Dobbins, Tea Room I-43 SOUTH MAIN Special Attention given to Banquets and Parties cinrsu Girls' Nestle Permanent Waving Girls' Marcelling - Girls, Hair Cutting Girls' Shoes Cleaned IO OPERATORS Reedless Beauty Parlor 81 Barber Shop II3 SOUTH MAIN STREET Edwards BAKERY Always a F ine Line of Seasonal Cakes for Parties PHONE 8l Styleparlc Hats They Satisfy me Taste ofthe "Ar-mga Man 355 FRANK S. WEISS The Soulfr fV1ain Sheet Clolhier we SHORT way" Toledo - Adrian - Jackson Adrian - Ann Arbor The Irish Hills Route Busses Chartered for All Occasion W5 for All Occasions . . . ai. . . E Underwood Art Slaop IU5 East Maumee Street PERF UMES V CANDY Hart-Shaw Drug Co. Save with Safely ai Three Rexall Stores KODAKS STATIONERY x T'11cSENICJR s1cKLE192s f aaaaa. .-.aaaa -a .... aa. a vm Flynn: "She reniinfls nie of the sea." Fretwell: "Howzat ?" Flynn: "She looks green, but sonietiines she is awfully rough." NY. Allabach: ulilll going home." M. Allshouse: "XYhy?" VV. A.: "I live there." Tom Hoover: "I flrew a picture in ten minutes and thought nothing of it." Helen lYarner: "I saw it and flifln't think nothing of it. either." NOT SERIQUS "Dont you think shes rather two-faced?" "Yes, but it washes oilf every night." 1'Have you any thumb tacks?" "No, but I have some Finger-nails." Caller: "XYhat's your son Eflwarmls average income?" Erlwarcl's Mother: "About 1'l1lflIllglllf.n Have you hearrl the latest Scotch song? "Let the Rest ot the lYorlrl Go 'Buyf' Miss "Surely you know Henry lYar,lsworth Longfellow." S. Bloueh: "Qh. yes. he's the guy who was so illllllli that he thought 'Uncle Toms Cabin' was a night club." Dentist: "You yellerl like a wilcl man. I thought you at least had a little nerve. Bob Swift fnursing his jawh : "lYell, I clicl. You'll hncl it in that tooth." A. Moore: nlllll surprised at your tailor turning' you out like that." A Morgan: "It's not his fault. He can never get the right measurements- Iilll so ticklishf' TO BE CONTINUED Her: nlllll sorry to disappoint you. but I became engaged to Tom last night." It: "XYell. how about next week. then ENDoRs13MENT K' "They laughed when I sat clown at the piano." "But why? Dicln't they know how well you play?" "Uh, yes. but there was a tack on the piano stool." Miss Patch: "XYhat excuse have you for being so late?" john jasper fbreathlesslyj: "I ran so fast, teacher, that I-I-I clicln't have time to think up one." Geo. Davis: "My car was named after Napoleon." Nelson Iihinger: "Not long after, I imagine." Lenawee County S avinfg S B ank The Bank on lfze Busy i1 Old - Reliable - Conservative - Safe 1 Thr SENIOR SICKLE 1928 I. 7 --sa V M-Y Y A 7 ... QUALIFYING "Sir, I have courted your daughter for six years." "XYell, what do you want?" "To marry her of course." "Good, I thought you wanted a pension or something." U Do you think it healthy to keep your hogs in the house a social investigator asked. i'XYaal, I dunno." was the reply. "But I been akeepin' my hawgs there for fourteen years and I aint never lost one of 'em yet." Salesman lat motor showy : "This is the type of car that pays for itself. sir." H. Higgins: "II'ell. as soon as it has done that you can have it delivered at my garage." Teacher: "IYhat does the prelix 'mag' mean?" G. Davis: Teacher: "'XYell, give me a word containing this stein and use it in a sentence." George: ','I like magpiesf' Mrs. Cairns: "XYhat is bacteria?" Boh Swift: "The rear end of a cafeteria." G. Badgley fconsulting cook hookj: UO. my. that cake is burning' and I can't take it out for live minutes yet." judge: "Have you anything to say. prisoner. hefore sentence is passed upon you?" G. Aldrich: "No. except that it takes very little to please me." She: "Meet me at the library tonight at seven o'clock." It: "All right: what time will you he there ?" A co-ed may love a boy from the bottom of her heart. but there is always plenty of room at the top for at least one more. GET BORN EARLY "XYhat do you believe is the reason for youiwlong life. Uncle Aaron?" the reporter asked the colored centenarian. , "Becoz I was hawn a long' time hack. Ah guess." said Aaron retlectively. A SPOTTER Tom Hoover: "XYhere do you work. jim Jim Morse: "In a domino factory." Tom Hoover: "lYhat do you do ?" 'lim Morse: "I put the spots on." Tom Hoover: "IYhy aren't you working today?" -Iim Morse: "XYell. you see. they are making hlanks todayf' STRICTLY HIGH GRADE WORK I TELEPHOAE 2 Excelsior Steam Laundry WILLIAM ORAIVI, Proprielor Soft Water Use a' Exclusively Efficient Experience Gives lality and Service CORNER IVIAUIVIEE AND RACE STREETS ADRIAN, IVIICHIC. N Have You Seen Dr. McDonald DENTIST 9 All Kinds of INSURANCE SURETY BONDS Reliable, Old-Line Companies STANLEY FGSTER Everything for Every Car :oi Hopper Auto Supply I I6-I I8 S. Winter St. H. IVI. Judge or Son Qualify fewelers "Where Gems and Gold Are Fa I S ld A Good Place fo Trade KINEAR or HUEBNER "The Store for Men and Boysu The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 mi asa.. ss s . ss ffm "I was on the stage once." "Yeah P" "Uh-huh, I fell out of the balcony." DOG-GCJNE IT! George XYagner: "I can't understand why my girl shook me." Harold Mitchell : "XYhat was that you wrote her the last time 7' George: "All that I said was. 'My dear Susie: The dog I promised you has just died. Hoping these few lines will hnd you the same. Your George' " QIQICK, DItJGIiNIiSl An honest speeder had just hit a dog and had returned to settle his damage if possible. He looked at the dog a moment and addressed the man with a gun. "Looks as il' l'd killed your dog." "Certainly looks that way." "Yery valuable dog?" "Not very." "XYill live dollars be enough "Hell-I guess so." "Sorry to have broken up your hunt." said the motorist pleasantly as he handed the owner a crisp live-dollar hill. "I wasn't going huntinggjest going out in the woods to shoot the dog." PRO'I'liC'l'ING HURHYY Downstairs a lr:xZl1'fl freaked, a foot scraped over a chair, and there was the tinkle of silver! Mrs. Smith suddenly sat up in bed and pulled vigorously at her sleeping hushand's arm. "XYhassa matt-.N he began, "Shhl" she whispered. 'llurglar downstairs: take your gun and go down and get him, at once." Mr. Smith trembled and the hair rose on his head. but he was a quick thinker. "Sure," he said, "I'll go right down. It's probably the girl burglar who has been robbing houses around here-a sweet-looking little thing who always kisses her way out of trouble when she gets Caught. I'll go right down l" "nIohn! Your place is with me! You stay RIGHT HERE !" Butter and Eggs: "Am I the tirst man you ever loved?" Former Prom. Trotter: "Yes, all the rest wereieollege boys." H. Higgins: "l'op. the IllCl'l'lll'JlllCllCl"S fallen." Pop: "Yery much?" Howard tsheepishlyj : "Oh, about Five feet." G. Mull fto hunterl : "VVhat kind of luck did you have Hunter: "Bald man's luck. I combed the woods without finding a single hare." VV. Miller: "How do you like my room, as a whole 7' Freshman: "As a hole it's fine, as a room-not so good." When Advice Assistance is Needed ln any of your financial plans, you will fincl the Qflicers of this Bank easy to approach. Their years of experience ancl inti- mate knowledge of financial matters are at your disposal ancl they will give careful, courteous and prompt attention to your requirements. Yoifll enjoy a banking connection with ine Commercial Savings Bank of Aclrian The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 me A a .aa .a sa -aaa a- mv Soph tearnestlyj: "Now, honestly, what would you do if you were in my shoes Senior tdisdainfullyj : "Get a shine." THRIFT ARGEMENT "George, isn't it rather extravagant to eat both butter and jam on your bread at the same time?" George Dailey: "Oh, no, Mother. It's economy. You see the same piece of bread does for both." ' G. Schultz thopefullyj : "Don't you love this weather T' -I. Ruesink tbrutallyj : "Nol Come around in the spring." "I-Ieayen lies about us in our infancy." "Yes, and the newspapers lie about us when we grow up." Miss Buck fin algebra classj : "IYhat is the root of an equation M. Brown: "The unknown." Miss Buck: "And what is the unknown?" M. Brown: "My algebra grade." Miss Green tin history classj: "XYhat lirst made the Tudors come into prominence ?" VVilliam Mull: "Henry Ford." F. Carroll: "But I have never seen some of those questions before." Mr. Clark: "Well I wouldn't doubt that. I took them out of the book." ' lkey and Izzy were seperating, when Ikey said: 'lAu revoirf' Vat's dat?" asked Izzy. "Dat's good-bye in French." "Vell," said Izzy, "Carbolic acid." "Vat's dat?" Ikey asked. "Dat's good-bye in any langvidgef' XYHY TRAFFIC COPS ARE ALYYAYS SXYEET A traflic policeman at a busy crossing saw an old lady heckon to him one afternoon. He held up a dozen motor cars, a dray and two cabs to get to her side. "VX'hat it is, ma'am?" he said rather impatiently. The old lady smiled and put her hand on his arm. "CJHicer," she said in a soft voice. "I want to tell you that your number is the number of my favorite hymn." EVIDENCE Police Constable ttaking down notes from musician who had been knocked flown by a carl : "Did you see the number of the car?" Mr. I-Iubbard: "No, but it had a horn that sounded "Doh" in the key of li sharp." E. A. Ballenberger QUALITY 1v1EATs FOR HOME-MADE Shepherd 65 3011 Ice Cream - Candies A' A K. .. .nn DRUGCISTS and Lunches The Sugar Bowl C9 Busy Bee 107 NORTH MAIN STREET CONFECTIONERS SMITI-1 SIGNS Eglewggs. a INTERICHOL '11, "They Talk for youu ,I vjjx 1.-XSSOCL-XTIONJ W. R. SMITH 8: SON A Successors to Chas. Thiefrnan I09 Maiden Lane Adnan, Mich. WILCGX HARDWARE CO. Hardware - Plumbing - Heating - Tinning Sheet Metal Work - I: arm Implements I854 - SEVENTY-FOUR YEARS IN BUSINESS - 1928 Lv The SIQNIUR SICKLE 1925 emo t , to 5 so et, l f M l 4 AW J, l 1 xg R? fi Wk ' N , ! ' V1 'V 4 Gi X Q9 A V - J l J e me V , in l A t . Q5 r 41" ' ' l Q Xl' 1 Uh 3 Q at f f V 1.2V1S 5 Wm A we VeQiAEctfX 1:N Q 0 lt llgflm 5 H255 1 0 'dp 'El?'l9'Lhlm ff A A 2 1, 'Mu-'?, it rifle? 4 , 1 H' ' , 4 ., G3 - . , A V 1 ,.. egg," g. 4 If 3 AIA HQQ, - L Wnlm '5' ,L lm l lf 'QW Q l qvtl K ciigx pl I , N X t ml I All Il f . X ow -- - fu X I",'x !xir il Ji xl K FW lah ll C711 'x llllw 3 K 653125. Xll:l:ll""'g' In ,Qi ', . :, Y ., .' ' 6' u Ui' jx ' 'A' 4 I 5 l ' ' '1fI"- U El I 585 A df reflzw- lt " f r x ' W B-N., , n n 'if' I . 5 2' 5' 5 I . WL 'nt l- 3 M ff 54-wg' A R To one whose lard adv ce and watchful care has le t a lasting 'mpression in the hearts of the Senior Class, ancl the influence N J ' .a N! , ,pf Y- , Y S3532 X ,Q of whose counsel has lecl N , we , 1 if t In . 'NC . 323' f X ,335 us through the years of . , X V It i ' 'f wg . . 'S K, ' ' l A , ff + XX X ' our hzgh school lzfe, thzs E- Q A I 4' GP l ' 1 K , year bool? of 1927-1928 ' ' X N H l is dedicated by a grateful ' ."f ' 4 N' X' N ' l- class to Miss Map Green, A '," A vt fl 1 .1 'f our Class Advzsor ' '-' . , V, V,-si 1,11 , J, N . V t r it 1 f ' e l- ill !,mms.,z71l'3i2 E?1:bAo-:ff X ' l e Q y . A n Lg nhl ,,. g A 3 U , ll . . ,i 'n f ..- UD K - 1. A '-53 ,1 453, flcqa PQVZCQ' The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 ear a a as-a on PRESENCE QE MIND During the IYorld lYar one of the great steamships that was used as a trans- port for soldiers was on her way across when a torpedo hoat was sighted. In anticipation of the danger they were in. all on hoard were lined up on deck. There was a deathly hush for an instant. when suddenly from down the line a Negro's voice rang out: "Is dar ennyhody heah dat wants to buy a gold watch and chain A pompous man missed his silk handkerchief and accused an Irishman of stealing it. After some confusion the man found the handkerchief in his pocket and apologized for having accused the Irishman. "Never mind at all." said the latter, "Ye thought I was a thafe and I thought you was a gentleman, an' we were both mistaken." NCI GRDPING UNDER THE BUREAU I've swallowed my collar-button." gasped the grocer. "lYell," responded his wife. "you know where it anyway l" HE IYAS You looked foolish the night you proposed to nie." reminisced Hrs. Spatt. "I could never deceive you. could I. darling?" her husliancl agreed. ORDER Can't you wait on me?" asked the impatient customer, "I.I11 in a hurry." u 4. Sorry, 1'II?.'lCl3.l1'l..U said the hutcher, "hut there are two or three ahead of you. You don't want your two pounds of liver out of order. do you 7' A Mr. Clark reports a pair of ruhhers and a pair of gloves left in his room. He expects to leave as soon as the rest of the outtit is supplied. Mr. Beddow: "lYhat is the formula for water P" Halstead: "HIIKLMXO." Mr. Beddow: "lYl1at?" Halstead: "You said it was H to O fH2OJ." R. Dempsey: "I always make it a practice to say just what I think." D. Osterlin: "Fine we'll have a nice quiet evening," "Flunked in Physics. failed in Math." I heard him softly hiss. "I'd like to find the guy who said. 'Ignorance is blissf " J. Vaughn: "I dreampt I went to Heaven last night." Wiendall Miller: "XYhat woke you up-the heat?" Geo. lYag,'ner: "I have an idea." McNulty: "Ah, aged in wood." "PHOTOG'RAPI-ISiLIVE FIOREVERH Go to Cl771UTTl,.S A, . for , 4, if f I' I 1' 'A , 3 I INXS' rg 'Q First-CIass L Up-to-Date I .y fe .,,x P i .i I m m' ' Be Photographed on Your Birthday We make a speciaIty of- Babies, Pictures Frames Hfld Frames IVIHCIC to CDICICI' SPECIAL RATES TO SENIGRS IQ AII photographs in this Sickle were furnished by TI-IE BARNUIVI STUDIO PHONE I 468 KODAK FINISHING C"?1,fI The SENIOR SICKLE1928 WW SXYAT THE SERPENT Grandma: "Oh, Jenny, darling. I ani surprised! Aren't you going to give your brother part of your apple ?" Jenny. "Xo. granny. Eve did that and she's been criticized ever since." EXPLAINED "Oh, what a strange-looking cow!" exclaimed a sweet young thing from Detroit. "But why hasn't it any horns?" "lVell, you see." explained the farmer. "some cows is horn without horns and never has any. and others shed theirs, and some we de-horn, and some breeds ain't supposed to have horns at all. There's lots of reasons why some cows ain't got horns, hut the hig' reason why THAT cow ain't got horns is hecause she ain't a cow-she's a horse." ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA XN'ienies-Hamhergers with tights on. Blue-The only color we can feel. Diary-An honest autobiography-a good keep-sake hut a had give-away. Hug-A roundabout way for expressing affection. Piano-A tool often used in building a rough house. TwinsWInsult added to injury. fDuChainesJ. Veranda-An open air enclosure often used as a spoon holder. Stewart: "My girl will have to he lioth heautiful and dumb." Eddy: "lYhy." . Stewart: "She'll have to he heautiful so I'll love her and cluinli so she will love me. " R. Bachnian : "Have you ever read any parahles ?' Lucille Miller: "Yes, sir." R. Bachnian: "XYhich one do you like the best Lucille Miller: "I guess I like that one where somebody loafs and fishes' M. Hunter Cto Druggistl : "This vanishing cream is a fake." Druggist: "How come?" Mr, Hunter: "I've used it on my feet every night for two weeks and they are just as large as they ever were." 1' Miss Armstrong fIn English Classy : "XN'here was Caesar killed?" Carl Goff: "On page 3-L" Mr. Tripp: "If you wanted to make a salt solution in a hurry. would you use hot or cold water?" Student: "I'd use cold!" Mr. Tripp: "Coldl But why cold?" i Student: "VVell, if I was in a hurry, I wouldn't want to take time to heat the water." Adrian State Savings Bank Capital . . s 150,000.00 Surplus . . 100,000.00 Resources over . . 2,000,000.00 Main Office: MAUMEE AND WINTER Tecumseh Street Branch: TECUMSEH AND CHURCH MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Ford Cars - Ford TrLlCliS and ljordson Tractors The most car, truck and tractor for the money begins with Ford and ends by leaving the most dollars in your pocket. LET US DEIVIONSTRATE Our USED cars are all so good that the buyer is sure to be happy or he gets his money back. Oh!-but you certainly will miss it if you don't see our tires and get our prices before you buy. They are money savers. The same thing is true on anything else that you need for your car. Le! our shop overhaul your car and you can'f help bu! smile to see her go. Call and see us, anyway-we are always lonesome when no one is around. S. W. Raymond Auto Sales Phone 93l Adrian, Michigan The SENIOR SICKLE1928 Mr. Beddow: "And so we find that heat expands things and cold contracts them. Can anyone give me an example of this? Bright Student: "Yes, 1na'a1n. The days are longer in summer." Miss Smith: "Just why do you want declamation, are you going on the stage 7, Stan. Hoisington: "No, But I would like to be able to get by with some of the stories I hand out to Mr. XYarren." Miss Green: "XYhy didn't you speak louder Laverne Pfister: ".-X soft answer turneth away wrath." Louise Brown, budding young Sociologist. has evolved the following logic: Marriage is an institution. Also Marriage is Love. But Love is blind. Therefore Marriage is an institution for the blind. D. Frye: "Father, what is an equinox?" Father: "XYhy, er-it-ahem! XYhy do you ask me? Don't you know any- thing about mythology at all? An equinox was a fabled animal. half horse. half cow. Its name is derived from the words 'equine' and 'ox.' It does seem as if these public schools don't teach children anything nowadays." YYITH THE HORIZON LINE Tenderfoot: "XYhy do they have knots on the ocean instead of miles." First Class Scout: "XYell. you see. they couldn't have the ocean tide if'there were no knots." XYISE NATURE The oyster is a silent thing, 'Tis nature's happy law. For were the oyster talkative Its sayings would be raw.-E.r. LARGE OYERHEAD Mr. Reed: "That's the fourth umbrella I've lost in six months." Mrs. Reed: "Your overhead expenses must be.,terrible." YES. AND MORE OF IT "Are you for this five-day week. Clip "Boss, Alfs foh a one-day week with six' days' pay." TRY THIS ON YOUR ADDING MACHINE A Chinese truckman in San Francisco sent the following bill to a grocer for delivering orders. 10 Goes 10 Comes At SOC a YVent ........ ...... S 5 IK'-7 The Importance of at X N e c lg w e cz r 5 Since one's ties often pro- claim the man, it should be uncommonly handsome and distinguished. ln the window of your fa- vorite store you will find displays of those outstand- ing ties. 'W Made by We N U - WAY Adrian, Michigan X ii ' RQ y Q K Qu . E. - 37,1 ' . X ik-, . . . M i I 1 inery THATS RIGHT Miss Bemenderfer 123 S. Main Sf. Adrian Better Lighting Equipment Budde Electric Shop l 30 East Maumee Street T110 SENIOR SICKLE 1928 7. -I , , 7 , ff f 'V ,, , V , - 4 , .4-4 H 2 ' 5 M A - -V , 2 - f 1 " 1 Wifi I 'W Af- ' ' Y Q -1, 5'-1 L V x j V. - '- ' , 1 f ,, -A'- . V I -, , - . , ., , 'S' , " . , , V , " I .. 4' A . , xi' Av qi 15, , '-,Lil ,L A N .55 41. V' I . 45,1 , 52 , f' rw ' Q ,J .14 2 N.. " 2 -' ., if V- . ,. , ,,f-A7 Y, I 'LM , .,L:yv' 4 , I W bf ,,, , .MM Ii f . ff?7g0,M,-42:1 '1 4, f--f ' W L. Tw 0 I Z ' " ,Qc II 1, A. , :.,,.,5 3 ' 0: Eg' ff .14 fy, . X f' V f- f P5 251, " ,J 1, Lara Go MACH E.LL.1E. fl? Novmms Uuuoufxr. dum' UQ- THL LA TOGLTHLQ ,WL Two AP v ' I , gi ' Q r, .5 - ' f' 4.1 1 1- ' ?f'i f-iw ' A 4 ' - ,frm ,' :ff , M . what - , F, 3,Q:,',:.VZ. ,V A , N V I., " "' 1' H ..v. 1 ,. I K- a i U' f -1 ' f fr 'A -ii--' --" ' . , WW . n 0 '-'-- --v....g I 41 :1 H , , ..: . . 'ilk ..,, " ""' .. ' 4,7 . . Am? Love. GRAND Vx .. ..f' f3E.Qafw.',..Lr-inf' ' 5,-, 1? , ,YL J V A , , . wx ff Q ff- -X ,Z 1 A 1 iii N' .. Wa. TUALA 53"Ji3Qr" ' T.. s 55? N gif EN 5 '. 51 1 W YNfARD,O Slvacmr. A. B. Park Co. Dry Goods, Rugs Carpets, Linoleum, Draperies and Ready-to-Wear 1877 - Our 51st Year of Service - I928 2 Seger- Graham ELECTROPURE DAIRY CG. Milk : Cream : Butter : Cit-Ro-Lac : Cottage Cheese Modern Sanitary Equipment Insist on Electropure Products "ALWAYS GOOD-Tl-IAT'S WHY THEY ARE BETTER" Tha SENIOR SICKLE 1928 FW as I IF'-1 CRCMBS OF COMFCJRT "Mr. Chairman," complained the speaker, stopping in his address, "I have been on my feet nearly ten minutes. hut there is so much rihaldry and interruption, I can hardly hear myself speak." "Cheer up. guv'nor." came a voice from the rear, "you ain't missin' much." Helen Prange: "i-Xl. theres something hshy about you." Al Merrill : "Sure, I've got a herring-hone suit on." Mr. Ruesink: "Theres not another lnoy in this town as clever as my Charles." Mr. Reed: "Go on, how's that?" Mr. Ruesink: "lYell, look at those two chairs. Charles made them all out of his own head. and he has enough wood left to make an armchair." Elsie: "Did you see in the paper how some people were poisoned through eating chocolates Stewie: "I fancy I did. hut what about it?" Elsie: "Nothing, except that I was thinking-er-how very safe we are!" Miss Patch: "lYhat made you oversleep this morning?" Geo. Davis: "There are eight in the house, hut the alarm was only set for seven." No. my boy, we can't all he Lindberghs-just think what a mess the telephone directory would he! U "lYhere has Owen gone?" "lYell, if the ice is as strong as he thinks it is, he has gone skating-if not. he has gone swimming." Al. Merrill futo trafic ofncerj : "See here. oflicer, that light fstopl was green." Cop: "Go on man. all you saw was your own reflection." Miss Eggstaff: "Tommy, youive not done a stroke of work this morning and I've told you again and again that "the devil nnds work for idle hands to do." Tom Hoover: "Yes mom." Miss Eggstaif: "Now take your copy hook and'wvrite that 20 times." Mr. T-ripp: "Is it true that lightning never strikes twice in the same place?" L. Plister: "Yes sir." Mr. Tripp: l'VVliy?" I.. Ptister: "Because the place is never the same after it strikes the first time." Marjorie Francoeur lhopeful of Leelz "Mother, do you think matches are made in heaven 7' . Mrs. Francoeur: "Heavens no, who ever heard of sulphur and brimstone in heaven." Exim Dry 400 IVIUTUAI, OIII CQIVIIDANY Now-Change to SHELL J H qualify-always ai a saving U 33-139 S. MAIN ST. ADRIAN, MICHIGAN The Adrian Daily Telegram READ AND RELlED UPON Your Message Will Reach Over 40,000 Readers in Their Most Receptive Mood The SENIOR SICKLE1928 em e as was Foreword fifwfb Our pathways will part. our liues may deviate from old associations, hut our memories will always find their way back along one happy and joyous highway. XVhateuer we do, wherever we go, we may once again look through our Senior Sickle ana' go back to those happy occurrences - liue again in the memories of our school days with an ache of remembrance in our heart. and finding. as the editors haue intended. the tears, the smiles. the sorrows and the joys of the Class of Nineteen Twenty-eight. QJQVXUQJWQD The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 FW IF'-I Geo. Eyilsiser: "They tell me that if I stand on my head all the blood will flow to it." Mr. lYarren: "Sure" I Geo. Evilsiser: "lYell. how is it that when I.stand on my feet it doesnt rush to them Mr. llarrenz "Because your feet aren't empty." Adam and Eve came back to earth. To see some modern modes. by worth, Eve said to Adam. "Adam. my dear. Things haven't changed much since we were here."-Er. Mary had a little dress. A dainty bit. and airy: It didn't show the dirt a bit But oh how it showed Mary.-EI. Miss Patch fto Lynn Putmanl : "XYhy don't you ever wash. I can see what you had for dinner. You had eggs this noon." Puttie: "No, ma'm. that was mustard off the hot dog I had yesterday noon." XYHAT MY DOG TI-IINKS Say, I wonder if those "guys" are ever going to learn to shoot a gun. I"ve chased that rabbit past them three times and the shot has never come near him. I believe the second time I chased him past that series of shots that ended with a bombardment was closer to me than the rabbit. although I was two. rods behind him. Uh, maybe if I chase him past them a few more times he might accidentally get in the way of some of the stray shot they are blasting away. I think the next time I bring him around I'll stay a little farther back. because the last charge of shot was coming too close for comfort. and I will bark and howl a little louder before I get near them so that they can get ready for the big killing. Still I've given them three chances to kill him so I guess I'll chase him the other way into the tall grass and kill him myself. A little warm blood will do me good on such a cold day as this. Y Gobba: "I've taken three lessons in Latin from a correspondence school." L. Clement: USO? Could you carry on a conversation with a Latin person?" Y, Gohha: "Oh, no, but I could talk to anybody else who had three lessons." L. Plisterk Father: "XYhat's the dog howling about P" - L. Pfister: "I just cut his tail off as you instructed me to ." L. I'lister's Father: "I-Ie howled the same way yesterday." L. Pfister: "I know but I'm cutting off little pieces at a time so it won't hurt so much." If a man tries to beat his wife that isn't news, but if he succeeds. it's another story. Most Women Know the Beauty and Satisfaction That Come With Gold Stripe fthe kind that wear and wear and wearj I 5 If you have not Worn Gold Stripe if T4 f' X start now and know the same hosiery satisfaction SSM Sola' exclusively by L ' gl C I I CWIS oe ww 'ig' Q-m"9'IS" M7556 MWWQMWQ?-SW! Home of ore an s M I CI, I-Iart Schaffner Sc Marx "Them that gits, goes!" E V3I 'l6N h Cl h, Moreland Bros. Roc ester ot mg Company Company ADRIAN, MICHIGAN The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 vm s ..-sas as ss- vm N0 FAIR Alice: "lYhy is Mayme so angry?" Ijrue: "She had to walk back from a hiking trip." "Forty years ago today, Arnold," said the old lady, "you did me the high honor of asking me to be your wife." "Really," murmured the professor absent-mindedly, "and did you do as I wished or not?" Lncile Miller: "Yeh, we had a light tonight. I-Ie said he'd promised his mother to give np all his bad habits after New Years" Mary -Iones: "I don't see anything wrong with that." Lncile: "lint then he said, 'That lets you out'." Farmer tYirgil Ualesl 2 "lYhat's th' idea in yo' refnsin' a drink o' my cider F" Tramp tGerald Downerj: "l'l'ell, sir. I have a strong aversion to anything that works hard I" DER TAG "November 11. l9lS!" ejaculated a plntocrat. "I guess the world will never forget that day l" I'll say they won't." agreed his friend gloomily. "It was just three days after that that the Government cancelled our order for raincoatsf' XYCJRDS AND MUSIC "Ain I the first girl yon ever kissed?" asked Her. I'll say you are I" replied I-Iim, with enthusiasm. "Yes," countered Her, "but am I?" IYilma llibblet "lYhere did you get that blue ribbon you are wearing?" Frank Carroll : "I was at a dog show and a lady pinned it on me." Isabel Sherman 3 "The horn on this car is broken." -Inlia Rnesink: "No it's not, it's just indifferent." Isabel S.: "XYhat do you mean, indifferent F" -Inlia R.: "Hell, it doesn't give a hoot Y" Glen Mull went into a telephone booth and dropped a nickle into the slot. Central : "Number, please F" Glen: "Number, Heck, I want my chewing gum." Iilsie: "lint I thought this place was always crowded." Stuart Xlckhail 2 "It usually is between seven and eight. but I believe in coming late to avoid the rush that comes early to avoid the rush." Florence lYhite: "You should have heard what all she told me-and she hardly knows me at all." Grindle Stange: "lint just think, now, if she had known you l" Style - ualiiy - Service CIothes for IVIen ancI Young Men Ef Priced to warrant vaIue in every instance ' Westgate, Condra 81 Company N SI-IELDGN The feweler CLASS PINS AND RINGS CLASS INVITATIONS PRIZE CUPS . B. I-Iayes gl Co Shoes That Satisfy FLORSHEIIVI SHOES FOR MEN See Our Windouts N M Street Adnan, IVI h KIRK DPTICAL CG. A. E. Esker GRQCER NORTH MAIN STREET The SENIOR SICKLE1928 mi a asssasasssas am Marian -lameson on making l1er appearance for the first ti111e in a large hotel spied one of tl1e hell hoys. Marion qrunning up to hell hoyj : "My dear hoy. wl1ere did you pick up that ducky gold braiding?" Joseph Smith: "Did you hear about lack stepping i11 front of a train ?" Xvflllillll Mull: "XVas he hurt?" .loseph S.: "No, the train was hacking up." To111 Hoover: "I'n1 sorry you're glad I'n1 not mad at you 5" I-Ielen XYarner: "And Tvlll glad you'1'e sorry I'm glad!" Porter: "Does you-all wish to sleep l1ead fust or feet fust Marge Francoeur: "That's very sweet of you. hut I'd prefer to take all ITIY sleep at once." Miss Hutchins: "The drawings of these poplar trees are poor. They look as though they were staggering home." XYIIIIIZI Allahach: "Yes. I know. Those are collegiate trees. and thi11k that they have to he tl1at way to he poplar." Dick Camhurn fexcitedly to cafe casliierlz "I-Iaye you seen a fellow eating in here witl1 Olle arm?" Cafe Cashier: "Yes, hut l1e l1as a lil'llfC i11 tl1e other." Billy Flynn's Generous Uncle: "Have you got a dime hank. Billy. 111y hoyP" Wlise Billy: "Nope, but I got a hill fold." 'lim Shierson : "How did you 111ake all your money?" George XYag11er: "I formed a partnership with a ricl1 man." -lini S.: 'fHow did you do it?" George S.: "I-Ie had tl1e 111oney and I l1ad tl1e experience." -lim: "And was it a successful husiness for you?" George: "In1mensely so. XVhen we dissolved a year later. I l1ad tl1e money and he l1ad the experience." ON THE DOT "I want a hat. hut it must he in the latest style." annou11ced Hrs. Yan De I-Ioofus. as she entered the niillinery shop. "Kindly take a chair, niadame. and wait a moment," said the clerk. "You are in tl1e nick of time. The fashion is just cl1a11gi11g." Dow11 at Camp Taylor i11 1927. a Negro outfit was lining up hefore the clerk for preliniinary paper work. "Name and address." demanded tl1e clerk of one dusky recruit. "Huh Hxfvllilt is your 11a111e and address F" "You ought to know," said Rastus. NYG' se11t fo' nie." "XVhy do you throw the fish hack i11 ?" "It's the only fish i11 the pond and I want to try 111y luck again IO1UOl'1'OXT.. ,A,,-.2, .,.,,,. ,,..,. ,.,., .,. . I Q' ,.,Q 1.,. . .92 All l W . 5 ZA. T., , ., .,, . ' 1 .. ,.,. . . , .41,X. will YOUR ANNUAL ' l I IS THE MATERIAL MANI- A FESTATION OF THE CLOS- jf ING CHAPTER IN YOUR I y fe 1 GRADUATION LIEE fi :gl I Both type ancl pictures should be Q QU! .LU I artistically arrangedg fnre engray- I V . . . 'A Q l - '..,1 Q Ings extraordmaryg Service com- X Z ' A ' pletely satisfactory. Q E . X' , . . V 56 I FORT WAYNE PERSONAL SERVICE - will enalale you to aclmieye exactly X flmese results, economically. . fb: , : I ju, E ., Y Q, L. . ,MFG 'fm MARK OF EXCELLENCE I ,V.W A., ' , , H, "" ..1L N GPM! Wayne Engmfvingf 630. 2 FORT WAYNE. INDIANA L2 1 "" 'V"" "" " IR" I f ,. - I' l J I T116 SENIOR SICKLE1928 em L s A sk L an The supervisor of a western railroad received the following note from one of his track foremen: "T am sending in the accident report on Casey's foot when he struck it with the spike maul. Now. under 'Remarksf you want mine or do you want Casey's?" Prof. Tripp in Physics: "I will lecture today on liars. How many have read the twenty-fifth chapter?" Nearly all raised their hands. Tripp: "Thats line. Youre just the group to whom I wish to speak. There is no twenty-nfth chapter." "Johnnie, I'm afraid l'll not see you in heaven," said .lohn Jaspers father to his errant son. "XYhy. what have you been doing now. pop?" The chiropodist does-n't work his way up. He starts at the foot and stays there. Helen XYarner: "XYhy do they speak of boxing rings when the things have four corners John Vaughan : "Silly, who ever heard of boxing matches being on the square "First it blew and then it snew. Then it friz and then it thew, Then there came a shower of rain. Then it friz and thew again."-Er. Employer: "Are you the vigorous and dynamic accountant-executive with power. punch and personality, who advertised for a job?" Applicant: "Yes, and are you the far-sighted president of the huge and grow- ing concern who advertised a vacancy?" Boring Young Man to Pretty Girl : "You know. l'm funny like that-T always throw myself into any job T undertake." Pretty Girl. sweetly: "How splendid. Why don't you dig a well?" TCJCJ SOON TC? TELL Charlie had been playing truant from school and had spent a long. beautiful day in tishing. On his way back he met one of his young mates. who accosted him with the usual question. "Catch anything?" Charlie. in all the consciousness of guilt. quickly responded. "Aint been home vet Y" Lynn Halstead: "You must be careful about politeness at the movies now- adaysf' Helen Slayton: "XYhy. what now?" Lynn H.: "Last night l stood up to let a woman pass me. and she slipped into my seat." William I-I. Egan Harvey COIUPHHY CLEANING Worms AcIrian's Finest Shoe Store Dry and Steam Cleaning "WE FIT YOUR FEET" Pressing - Dyeing - Repairing Qpposite National Bank of Commerce BOWLING BILLIARDS 4 Alleys-Finest Oblainable POCKET BILLIARDS-6 Tables Exclusive Billiard Room-3 Table When in Adrian, Michigan, you are cordially invited lo The RECREATION CLUB GLENN H. XVINSLOXV. Prop, Light Lunches saved from 9 a. nr. to ll p. m. IZI W. Maumee Barber Shop m Connection Seconcl Floor Lunches ' Toasted Sandwiches Thmgs tO Eat ,fqngelfs Tat- SWEETE sHoPPE BURNS gl 5131135 IZI South Main Phone 600 Q I7 I N C I-I PRINTING CO. Diszfncrme 7-Drinling and Gngraving ADRIAN MICH 5 The SENIOR SICKLI-21928 rm vw The man who once most wisely said: "Be sure you're right, then go ahead." Might well have added this. to-wit: "Be sure you're wrong before you quit," Mr. Tripp fto Marguerite Peckj: "XYhat is the commonest conductor ot electricity Marguerite P.: "XYhy-er-er-" Mr. Tripp: "Cori-ect." Xliillie: "YX'hy do old maids wear cotton gloves Billy: "Because they have no kids." "Mother," said the small boy. "Do they have power plants in heaven 7' "No, dear." replied mother. "lt requires engineers to build power plants' First Colored Lady: "Ts your husband in town?" Second Colored Lady: "Hell, yes and no. He's in town. but he's not in cir- culation, He's been in jail for de last month." Qld Gentleman fseeing the small colored boy was having some trouble in getting away with the large melon he was trying to eat: "Too much melon, isn't it, Rastus Small Colored Boy: "No, suh, boss, not enough niggahf' Chemist lto motorist who had been carried into his shop after an accideritj 1 "Yes, sir, you had rather a bad smash, but T managed to bring you to." Motorist: "l don't remember. Do you mind bringing me two more?" . b 6 LCNCHECDXETTE S. Blouch fat soda counterl : "Bring me ten ham sandwiches." "Yes, sir. Anything else, sir?" Sherman: "Yes-two pieces of bread to put them between." THE QUALITY OF MERCY "Did you kill the turkey gobbler for dinner tomorrow?" asked friend wife. "No," the tender-hearted husband answered. "I went out there. but I thought it would be better if the poor fellow got a good nights rest first, because he's got such a hard day before him." Mrs. Gillies: "Didnt l hear the clock strike two last night just as you came home?" Mildred Gillies: "Yes, mother. it started to strike ten, but I stopped it so it wouldn't wake you up," Mr. Hubbard: "You have a ritzy voice. haven't you?" McPhail: "VV hat dya mean?" Mr. Hubbard: "XYell ROBERT T. SMAETZ - Tlie Leading Tailor ADRIAN LAUNDRY The Soft Wafer Laundry 222 South Winter Phone 9 O DH When better Automobiles are built BUICK will build them ADRIAN BUICK SALES , . J Gussenbauer S BIUU' 5 CAFETERIA BARBER SHOP , Five First-CIass Barbers The home of Ihmgs Drop In ancI Be Satisfied good io eat . MEN ONLY KNITTING MILLS STORE 109 EAST MAUMEE STREET Underwear, Hosiery and Lingerie for the Entire Family E1SHER'S YB'-53? BOOK STQRE ADRIAN, MICHIGAN The SENIOR SICK:LE1fi2S " G7"Q7"9"Q7"'Q7"f9' , .f-. - ' Q M 'N 2 ef M Q Q Q U X V, -g1' "2-.1 Q3 GXQ' if og ,M Q 1? , 2 Q J F l'A . 4,,q':5" ofjavfy :Qi V1 jf 6 1, ,K Q5 ,x 5 ""'5"l P"CPNC7'K2i7"'Lf00Cf-"-'CP""CP4" 7"Y10'QP"'Q '-47" f-Cf .. f U11 5 " ' .T ' 'far P S J ' " r "" fiiiii X Q " K - 5 'PF R D E Q xx If 9 E F ''1ig:3'fEi. 4E,i11.fSFiiiie SW ii 1 . 56, JJJJJ , ,ffl 3 ,Q 235-I eq Il i, V3 V ,f X ,,.,, K I-fd-J-F-r-fvr-fr X b '," 3 5 C. I 1 A , R ' lffzfz-I ',-'.'v 3 1. . fT77' ' '- X N7 ' 'i-'f"f"f,--'Qffff 3 A K . . , ., , , -7:4 . .517 K1 3 25 in BQ Wi ff! 1.9 V W ".L -,Q - Lr?,,,,,,j,f1,3 kk ,J .A E 1 ff S w ' 53, Q Q FJ AQ , Ll iLg.,,,Mij ff L 'FX A 2 3? J wk Eu 273: A m P f -1- nm' . - U '4Q ' : ' ' Q, ,,,,,, ,,,,, I' 7 .335 il ff 5 5 Q ' H' H rr ' f a -AQ. -.'4 ' .1., 'N' an U7 3 Q X "" ' H 'H Jfiff ffJJfff 1 Ei f 0 zz 6 Q n U 0 UZ? In K! I KX U qnfq 11 ' if T f i 'Eff 45, wi is A' '.', I '-" 0-3 .14 'A.-'h- 3 Thu SEN'I"OuIi SICKLE 1928 ww 2 as 2 uv: fl' ' Frye: "Have you ever heard th21t joke about the traveling salesman and the country girl ?" Long: "Sure," Frye: "XYell, will you tell it to me?" Mr. Luse: A'Haven't yo11 found any interest i11 this course yet Ruth Tyler: "f 1. yes! I got -l per cent interest for tl1at last problem." Question: "IN'hat is inhihition Answer: "Inhibition is Zl place where nohody lives-for example 21 desertf Miss Green: "NYl1ere w21s the first battle of tl1e Revolution fought T' Iiill Gaddy: 'Al Jn page twenty-eight." HEARD .-XISOET CLASSES "A circle is a round straight line with a hole in the middle." "Caesar was a very great soldier who wrote a hook for heginners in Latin." "Chaucer was the father of English pottery." "The first conscientious Congress met in Pliilaclelpliiaf' "The Constitution was established to ensure domestic hostility." "The Constitution is that part of the hook at the e11d which nobody reads." "Emphasis is putting more distress on one word than another." 11 v The stomach is a s1n21ll pear-shaped hone situated in the hotly. "lYhat was the meditation act ?" -.v a Question: "How many sets of teeth does one have in a lifetime. Answer: "Three-hahy teeth, permanent teeth. and false teeth." POINTS OF ADVICE TO GIRLS Keep away from track men, they are usually fast. Never make dates with lmiological students: they enjoy cutting up too much. The tennis man is harmless hut he enjoys a racket. Hatch out for luasehall men. they hit and run. lie Careful of memhers of the Dramatic cluh: they usually have seve1'al good lines. Don't play cards with El civil engineer :'he's usually a bridge specialist. Always let a hand memlner talk ahout himself 3 he enjoys tooting his own horn. Mr. Iiedflotwz "Dick, why d0n't you answer the question :N Camhurn: "I did shake my head that I couldnt answer it." Mr. Ifleflrlow: A'You must not have shaken it very hard. I didn't even hear it rattle " i Miss Marshall : "Please conjugate the word lhic' in Latin." Student: "Hic Haec Hoc I-Iujus Hujus Hujus--I-Ionk-I-Ionk-Hoiik - tjiausej. Miss Marshall: "XN'ell, now the road is clear, you may proceed." I1 Tlzc SENIOR SICKLE 1928 CW 3 farm Frosh: "I'd like a pencil." Skinny: "Hard or soft?" Frosh: "Soft, It's for writing a love letter." Flapper to her clothes: "I'm going down town now. If you want to come along just hang on." B. Caddy: "My hed is too short." His Grandmother: "XYell, don't sleep so long." i Mr. Tripp: "Define the three properties of light." Blouch: "That window was once transpa1'ent: it is now translucent: and if they don't wash it pretty soon it will be opaque." XYe suggest that the student use the dictionary. Miss Armstrong: "XYhat part of speech is 'unprepared' ?" E. Slayton: "The starter." Miss Armstrong: "The what?" Ii. Slayton: "The starter. XYhen I'm unprepared it starts you scolding." The emigrant was huying his ticket at the shipping office. "And what ahout your trunk ?" demanded the clerk. "For what would l be wantin' a trunk asked the hewildered emigrant. "To put your clothes in. of course." replied the clerk. "XYhat ?" cried the scandalized emigrant, "and me go naked?" A story is told of a young lady who went to a hoarding school. On the farm she was always known as "Jessie" hut ahout the third letter home she signed her- self "Jessica," Brother Tom replied to her letter: "Dear Jessica: Daddica and momica have gone to visit Aunt Lizzica. Uncle Samica is talking of huying a new machinica, hut doesn't know whether to huy fl Fordica or a Chevica. The old cowica had a callica. T was going In call it Nellica, hut changed it to hlimmica, hecause it was a hullica. Your loving hrother. Tomica. i R. Bachman: "How does your nose feel?" Lucille Miller: "Shut up Y" Ralph: "So does mine, it must he the weather." Frosh: "I want to ask a question ahout a tragedy." Eng. Prof.: "XYell?" Frosh: "XYhat's my mark." J. Jasper: "XYhen does a rooster hecome a handman?" Frosh: "XYhen he gets his corn-et." Mr. Hall: "Got your drawing all inked?" XVillnow: "Yeah, and the rest of the paper, too." i ff 1 T110 SENIOR SICKLE 1978 .. I C711 -1 , , A H , - JF?-D Nylg :hfN"h I 11.- ,.,, 1" . , ' f ,A 'i' W' FIDE. ff. N ga-1, rx .,!,I! ff37Yl7F? 'V 5 1, 4 ' si ' i,kKw..,l.: T. I ' 1' Q. " zfz, 1" Y w 'A ' :img N 33 fu "? ' A1J'fx W-wif' " in-1 win A 7 m! ' a3- f 'sz L J 'V , Q ' - ,lv .,.,,,,x5-E 'F 92 Ylz Srxlwlx HILKLJL lv: mf rw XJ7,ly ,fquiographs Jquiograpfzs 4 " P E Q 'K K6 - .- - N .. .115- -Y Q-L .fq A' .- . 9, sv 4,,f .U 4-I 'Wr- -4 35- Y? ,, 5 '.. .- 'S'? 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Class .-Xflvisel' ,,,,l,.YNN 1-1.-XLSTEAD ,....CII,xRLEs SMITH ,..,,,Rl.,XRG.-XRET CHEW v.......EL'GENE POXVELI. 1927-1928 .MEDXVIN CLEAIENT ..,.......1IISS GREEN RICHARD CAMBIIRN .FRAXCES RUESINR HMGEORGE XY,-XGNER .........ROBERT SXYIFT SIIERAIAN BLOUCII ,......MIss GREEN 1 . V- - -'L , ,gg W. . ,I - .1 ,. -. W,fsk-f5V-Vf,K?',41-4-n-:-V-V- 1 ' . V -'Q-L'f':2f5i .- fi-iv: ' -, - , - ' . i .xii V VV., I , -f-.Q -,,V,-E,-x - I,--,mr A--5',:V A Vi . I yr.: . .V A A I Hg. .4 . .-. .V - - '- '-3--"' V- -f?5"-a.gQ?f:-- . V, V -9- - - - V- - " ii- - - . V. A V V - ' s-S.2.V'E2:Af V ' ' -2- xiikfi-'-liffiif-Ja" V .lx --' . 'VF'-37 - ' - J -' 4' " 'ln- - X-QL .1-V-'-. W- --V V V-ffff--'-""' f'fV1?s--i- 2-Tr-. G V V'V. 1 - - -,Q - -. - - V .LV.-- .-,.'-31i,+- -.. dr Vfy4?n,g.-J1-VVxe.--f.- .3,,,-- V. V . .v. -1-,.-T. A ,,,.-. , -. . -, , V V , --' r-.213 Vi-ggi-'V . 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Axoovs joux .-XRMtsTE.xn Jlmlgc "What shv untlertook to mln, "The 'Wm fl'llU has no music "Lift-'s n jest, and all things she did," in hm' 'S fl' fm' "'1'M0U- show it: wtrntn-gt-nw and spoils." I thought so out-e and now Pg Qgcigty h I knuw it." ,xtsletic Mxggtu MUSIC Club l, 2, 3 Operetta Cast 3 Pep Society Oratorical .-Xss'n . . benmr Play Oratorical Ass'n Athletic Ass'n T110 SENIOR SICKLE 1928 vm- 4 an CQLADYS M. .-XT1gIx "Hal'1zV" "The best of things come in ' small packng--S. "Manly and fim- ,, . A Clllll'!lCl!:'l' sulllinlef' Pep 5OClCtj' Athletlc Ass'n h - Sec. Buys' Pep Society Oratwrlcal ,-X55 n Orchestra 1. 2 Program Cfirumuttee 2 RALPH B. BACH M AN 'J G'ERTRl'lJE M. BAD1:1,EY "Gm-lin" "A Img of Hem iQ emi,-r to lceelf guard over than a w.,nmn." Oratorical Ass'n Pep Society Athletic :XSS-11 .'x.l.ll'E B.u.rm'1x XvIRGIl. BALES EMILY JANE BEAN "V.1r1' w--ll 'rl-'lf 'A WH "I's'9, Wivrl to be Z1 modest A-All ,, 2 ,S 5 ,A k -ll i :url :xml true. f. 1 7 'Q l'i":Mu, HL Inq ul O Tlmv wr-ll I've played the fl9'f Uulf -3 1 ' part l'll leave to you," Stllljrl' Iuvxtalvm Cum- Athletic ASS-N N ' HUM Oratwrical .-Xss'n PGP 5'-n'C1'3t5', pep Suciuty Athletxg Assn LUFZHOTICHI .'XSS'll ' The SENIOR SICKNLE1928 0711 ' we IRENE G. Buss SHERMAN C. BLOUCH BIURIEL G. Bu' "SIz01'tic" "JI vzzsicf' K "The deed I intend is great, "What's the use of worrying "XVhen the proofs are pres- "UI vfvhilf 415 WV I know when tlwrv are so many ent., what need there of H014 other thil'lf'S to do!" words." E Glee Club Pep Society Football 2, .3 PCD SQCICU' Oratorical Ass'n Athletic Ass'n AIl1l6T1C Ass ll Athletic Ass'n Pep Society KENNETH Bowtzx JAMES L. BOYDSTON .. V U f 11 "I'm merry as a string quar- H ,Aisf De th H "Our deeds determine us," .' S 3 . Football Reserves 2 Entered from Clayton Athletic A5531 Heh , pep Sociew OT3tOT1C3l Ass n Athletic Ass'n RL'TH M. BRADISH "Early to hed and early to rise, and you miss the best, time today." Pep Society Athletic Ass'n Oratorical .-Xss'n Tlzc SENIOR SICKLE1928 frm- - -an KIELYIN BROXYN "If you 1-:m't ho- an sun, cl0n't he ai cloud." CLARE BIIRCH .KB1lI'F11t'j'.' "He wrw an man: take him for :ill in all BElIlCl 3 XYP shall not look upon his Football 2 Orchestra 1, 2 mn- agility' Athletic .-Xss'n Oratorical Assn KAT HRYN fx. CALHOUN "XYho is it can read a woman F" Entered from Tecumseh, Junior year Pep Society Athletic Assfn RIFHARD M. CAMILVRN "Dick" "Not 21 print-ff in titles, land or nam:-, .X prim-5' of mf-n, thi-re lies his fanil- " Orchestra 1, 2 President Class 3 Athletic Ass'n Senior Play Cast OP,AL JL' NE CARPENTER "Pal" "If to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face and you'll forget them all." Pep Society Operetta 3 Invitation Committee FRANK CARROLL "I've made it a practice to put all my worries down in the bottom of my heart then sit on the lid and smile." Football 3 The SENIOR SICKTLE 1928 31 , NIARGARET CHEXV EDXVIN CLEMENT RUBY E. COLVILLE HP0113-" "Ed" ,T f H X. I 'HI' l'0lH lt' Vlly Cl lbli SH "Hag-lafgiexxds -they are --when he awnke ht, t.rif,d- the- ways ofinenf' 3: W X.. Her foes--are there any?" amen Pep Society President Hi Y 3 Oratm-ical Assn Class Secretary 1, Z President Girls' Pep So- ciety 3 Sickle Staff 3 Captain Basketball 3 Athletic .-Xss'n Basketball 2, 3 Asst Manager Sickle 3 XVEIDEN VV. CONE lkl,-XURICE J. COOPER CLARENCE CORLEY ,, . .. V .. - . .. Coma "Cow -"bl t ' Lp G H "He will find 11 w:1V.'i "To know one good man is "NVhntsoever is good, think , , compensation for having to you on it." Peo 50Cl'3tY associate with so many bad A-Xthlt'-tic A5511 0095- Treasurer Boys' Pep SO- . ' ' 9 Athletic Ass'n Um - Operetta 1, Z, 3 Pep Society Glee Club 1. 2, 3 Operetta 3 T110 SENIOR S1CKLE192s ml S S fm GEORGE A. IJAILEY GW!-:NETH D.Nl.T1JN ELSIE LOUISE DAVIS A'Hi:S 1-lxzlrnr-te-i' is mnrle up of "Lifw is a gl't'ill bundlv of "Thv hand that hath made Illlllly rlutivs faitllfully por- littlv things." you fair, hath marie you furnim-ll," U ' gmnflf' , V Girls Pep Sftciety A Q h Business Mgr. bickle 3 Athletic A5531 Girls Pep Society Operctta 2 Athletic AsS'n Athletic .ASSYH Oratorical ASS'n ii.iliORf'iE H. IDAVIS HJXRIQIETT M. DELANO "JUDY" "Skz'u11y'J "A Smilv is wurtli :1 tlxouszxnrl "U, for :ln 1-ngine to keep zzrmms in :my nxzirkwtf' lun-k ull 1-lm-ks." Athletic fhS5'l1 Glee Club Senior Play Cast Athletic ASS'n Ups-rctta 3 Girls' Pep Snciety i. 5 RUSSELL DEMPSEY "IV1'sl1 " "All men are born free and equal but some of them get Z1 girl." Football 1, Z, 3 Detroit Nat'l Orchestra Vice-Pres. Music Club 3 Thr SENIOR SICKYLE 1928 Gil ETHEL A. DETWILER XYILMA I-. DIBBLR "A firxn beligrer in the power H IHA' of Silence' 'Her giggling. her wiggling, . , . +Ol, g fu Girls Pep Society 1 eg Athletic Ass'n Girlg' Pep Society OTE-1T.0I'iC2ll :XSS'H Oratorical AAgSS'1l Athletic :xS5.ll ILL.-XH Rl,-xii IJILLON "Pvufu"' "Life has no hh-Qsing prudent friend." Girls' Pep Society Oratorical .-Xss'n Athletic :XS5'I1 like EDNA DORNER GERALD Dowxck Esrnm llunizlpmiuzttian "Eddi"' 1 A'l:Ix'ery main lm: written I1iLu- "IIE nil-+3 to be nntnrnl XYIIHI "A good disposition li rm-re self ai continent uf undier yun 1Il't'lli,lfUI'2lllX llll'U,H valuable than gold." wwert-d vlmlwicu-1' 'A D 4 - , l Girls Pep bociety 'llyplng Contest 3 Debating 1 ,xthletic A5531 Lnrls Pep Society Glee Club l, Z Q,-amrical A5531 Sickle Staff 3 Operetta 2 Senior Play Cast QQ .H it T110 SENIOR SICKLE1928 mf a a a aa :rw KIIIJHRI-IU lVlRL'11MOND BRADFORD D. litnmmn NELSON EHINGER ".lIillv" . , , ,, ' "Let your uwn :list-rt-tim: lw "It ix only nulnle to ln- good. "Htl Lzuutl and Yun'lI be 3""n' mmf' - 7 1 lluppy, but you will mlm n UIJGTCIIH -. J inf of fun." Entered from Tecumseh Athletic A5531 ' 4 . in Seninr year fjirls Pep Nicic-ty Athletic A5531 Athletic .-Xss'n , . Vlratfilrical Ass'n Uraturical Ass n Glee Club 2, 3 1 l l tliiffkfiri M. l':VIl.SISl2R IiLE,xNoR FITZ4lERAl.ll M.Sll'llI'ffIl'Cn .'f:l.f..'7j'H "lltr5 tw way Ymy littlt- my "Think twin- ln-fora gun 'md kml' Why" I Um spval-C and tht-n talk to tllrnnulif' Wmrwlf -1 H'N'h?'H 3 A , Oratorical Ass'n Hoy! Pep Nlcicty Music Club 1 2 3 "f21"'ffCP1l AWN Siam Contest 1 2 .'!Xtl'll1tTlf' .-'X R511 XYILLIAM K. FLYNN "LM P" "A little nleasure of non- sense is relished by the lrvst uf men." Senior Play Cast Marshal Oratorical Asso- ciation 3 T rack Manager 3 Tlzc SENIOR SICKLE1928 W0 IF'-1 ll.-XRJORIE FRANCUEVR "Margie" "XYic-lied hrown eyes urn- :lan gernns things! Often keei ns from s trout- 4 - I H 1 ing wings. Girls' Glee Club 1. 2 Pep Society Carnival Committee .Z Senior Invitation Com- mittee 3 State Music Contest 2 ELVI X l:RE'l'XYEl.L '-Fi-ff" "Rh-st is heftoo hnsieml the i-ruwrletl hnnr, Tu fem' to live or di.-." Glee Club 1, 2. 3 State Music Contest 2, 3 Operetta Cast 3 with 1. BONNIE G. FREL'DENsTElx "Une who iwver haul an frown for mc." Girls' Pep Sticiety Uratorical Assn Athletic Ass'n RICHARD FRYE "Dirk" XYILLIAM GADDY "Bill" --He mnkps 3 Suund argul "For nmnhqnd is the one fm- ment without an lot of 'Norm' 'h'f.'g . noise'-' Beneath 'limi-s vhzlngefnl skies." Track - Lla:: Baiketball 3 Marshal of Freshman NN S Class S Pep Society Athletic Ass'n Track 3 Srsixx NE E. Ginza "Suriv" "A mod:-I fur il student." Entered from Clayton in Senior year Girls' Pep Society Oratorical Ass'n Athletic .-Xss'n Thr SENIOR SICKLE 1928 f'?l'1 .1-N - - -- .... .... - - --. .ww RIILDRFIP G.x1.1..xwAY H. IDALE GARDNER DELBIER G. GARRISUN "Plzy.v1fzst" "DcIm" "Of all 111:n11ki111l 4-11011 loves lllnlwlf 'hw l"'Nt'H "A m:'111 lw seems of L'l1e1-rf11l "AN 111ufl1 :lx he iS Illlll Ilm-th . , 7 yvfNt1-1'1l:1yN :111rl 1-1111t11lv11L S11 111111-11 ,hull 111- livvfl lflec? .Qlll-ll - t11111o1'1'm1-N." PCP 5Q'C1Ulb' ' Fl, k I I 1 , , Entered fl'lf'lT1 Claytffn .1Xtl1lcr1c Aff ll J Cf C UV - -- 0 High gchool Opcrettu l. Z, 3 . . O l 5 1.2, 1 .-Xtl1let1C .-X55 ll rc wxtra J Athletic .ASS.1l State Music Cfmtest 3 'Q' 'vb' 311111141311 L, fV1ILI,IES Ci, Xvlkllll. f.jo1sB.x CARL-GOFF "ff0l1l11'g" Unlfk "l mlfllv m l1:1x'w my own v Y' V '-VHF ill 1'l"l'5"lll"! Hllfll 'LX11 l111111wf 111:111k the nolllvft "ll her" gum God dnl welll Q0 wllurl 111m'f-, l will, 11141. wurk of Und 1- NUI HH N411 ' T11 givn- ll11- wnrld zxseurxmcc V. . J . . - . - . uf :1 lnalllf' 'WV I Ulf 5:'Cl'-Atl' Pre51rlu111111 RILISIC Club 3 -XVYUIUTICQ SXF1 ll Prcsitlcut of A, H. S. Athletic :XSS-ll 514111: N215 Baufl 3 Oratcmcal .'XS5'1l fllltftilil Cast 5 XYHLISUUII Hlgh Sclmol f'Jrcl1Qmt1':1 l, Z, 3 1, 2 The SENIOR SICKLE19223 WTF WW B. GERALDINE GROT H " Garry "IL is ai fine thing to he your- self." Girls' Pep Society Athletic Ass'u Oratorical .'XSS'll ERMA R. H.ADDEX "There virtue reigns as queen on royal throne." Girls' Pep Society Athletic Assn Oratorical .'XSS'11 XY. LYNN H.fXLSTE.AD "SIm"' 'ZX sound mind in 11 sound hindi' is ai short but full dese1'i1itiuu." Basketball Z President junior Class Operetta Cast 3 Sickle Staff 3 KI.-XRGL'ERITE A. HANLIN 'lllagyid' "W'hen she had passed it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music." Assistant in. Priucipal's Oftice 3 Girls' Pep Society Oratorical Ass'n D0Ro'rHx' J. HARDY 'iflldjf' "Whoever wears u happy face does a service to hue munity." Oratorical .-Xss'u Athletic Ass'u Girls' Pep Society LESLIE O. HARR1s "LCS" "XYl1o stands sure-poised on iu:1nl1uud's solid earth," Orchestra 1, 2, 3 State Music Contest l, .2 3 Fotitball Reserves 3 The blLRI0R SICKLE1928 vm it LLWL C LL NIILDRED E. H.ART "Bind " "I'm here- on time, I mint have forgutten something," Girls' Pep Society Athletic Ass'n Oraturical Ass'n HOXl'iXRD HIGGINS "Every man has his faults, and an honest, spirit is hu," Football Reserves 2 Baseball 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Group Leader :XRDYTH H1Li "Never trouble trouble. until trouble troubles yum." Girls' Pep Society Oratorical Society Athletic A5531 MA1u.,xiu5'1' lAlIl.L " .llr111ffi1"' "l'Qxpn1iw1iI of thi' rvxt vii Girl! Pep Society Uratnriczil Society .Xthlt-tic ,MKU lm H VIRGINIA l'll'iDGKlNSON "Ji1111y" CLARENCE C. HoLLowAx' uf,qlItII'II'L'H "'Nu' ix nu in-gutive in xi His :inns top all, yet his wwnizuik iimutlif' Girls' Pep Society Athletic .'XSS'Il Orflturicul .'xS5'll I1l9TlIi are un top of that." Boys' Pep Society Orchestra 1, Z, 3 State Music Contest I, 2, 3 The SENICJR SICKQLE 1928 WT' vm STANLEY B, PIOISTINGTOX TOM R. HOQVER ROBERT E. Ho5TETi,ER ff .. -T "I have fuught Z1 good right. Tumuu BOL I have h"'Sh'Ad my Cours? "He can talk his way through "Clmran'ter is not rl.-t.-riniued , , sheet iron," hy n single act, but hy Athletlp -XSS 11' iittiiifmi .-omim-r." Ol'af0l'lCal A5511 President of Class 1 A hl . -X Q, Bawbau -' 3 President of Oratorical ' t elm ' 3:11 Ass'n 2 Debating Team 1, 2. 3 Sickle Staff 1, 3 Oratorical iXSS'l1 Glee Club 3 Operetta Cast 3 CATHERINE HUEBNER "Rena" "She hopes for the best, pm- :incl takes what God sends." pares for the worst Girls' Pep Society Athletic Ass'u Oratorical Ass'n Xl.-RRI.-XX E. HL'NTER ":lIvrialy" "All that is said in the par- lor should not be heard in the hull," Girls Pep Society Oratorical .'XSS'l1 Athletic Ass'n RIYRON G. HL'Tl'HIN5lWN "Hutch H "He apeukest lint, and yr-L there is ai vonvvrxntion in his eye." Boys' Pep Society Athletic :XS-Sill Oratorical .-Xss'n Baseball 3 fir. I.: Cx V . S , my 'vh I '- lv.. in '.' E . 5. M IJ W. 1!'I: A Y' f N' ' A nihd The SENIOR SICKLE1928 FRI Vi'-P PHYLLIS L. IXGLEHART CLIFFORD .-X. ,IAUKSON "PI1iIip"' "Jurk" "Winn men dare, I tl:n'e." UEVETP' 1111111 1111151 he 1119 maker uf his fortune." Pep Societv Athletic .'lxSS'1'l Opefetta 2 Qrchegtra 1 3 Music Contest 2, 3 Pep Society Glee Club 3 KIARIAN M. -l .x Mlasox "Jm111'u" "G-:od nature and good sense are never sepuratedf Pep Society Oratorical Ass'n Athletic :Xss'n Joiix C. ,IASPIZR LELAND JENKINS Hllllfflln A H V "Ho hides :i smiling fauef 'A niziiik umm." - Athletic AASSl1l ll""lball 2' 3 Oratorical :Xss'n Track 1. 3. 3, 4 pep Society Track Capt. -1 Idakketball Mgr. 3 OLIVE ,lEssL'P "Jv.v.vic" "Steady to be quiet." Athletic .-Xss'n Oratorical Ass'n Entered from Sand Creek Junior year Thr SENIOR SICIQLE1928 can .pn BIRGER ,lonxsox BIARY ELIZABETH ,lnxns THELBIA Kiwi "Lefty" "Tnp.v,v"-"Bettie" "Illicit" "I he-nr, yet Say not tnuelx "XVlint's in n 1'li'llUE'iU "A '.liini Dandy." hut think the more-." Entered from Detroit Sickle Staff 3 'Glffe Club 3 XYestern Pep Society Carnival Athletic Ass'n Pep Society Committee 2 Oratorical 7155.11 Oratorical .-Xs5'n State Music Contest Z Athletic A5511 Senior Send Ot? Coni- mittee 2 xl.-XRGARET M. Kosxiz XSIOLETTE KRELL CLARENCE KRVEGER "lily Class of 1929 "I :nn une uf thowf wlm take ' the euekno for their crest, and for their motto - weakens her eyes.-' ' nothing." V A "She cares not fur studv-it Pep Society Pep Society State Music Contest 1,f 2, 3 Operetta 1, 2, 3 CGWI The SENIOR SICKLE1928 l l l , Y ,,, ,, W , , XYILLIS I. Low: X'Il'I,-XX MACK K'IRGIXIA B. KIALSON "BAN" 1 "Xu matter what ywu do HX-wr t-ll all you know. "To refuw to df: al had deed 5Of'llt:'lflQdj' alwaw knev' B"J'l Hlvfu 501119 Ilwuzllri f0T iQ to :ln an good une' Would' Need' Athyetic A5531 Statg Music Contest 1 Pep Stnciety. Q,-amrical A5531 'lA9'pmgqContest 2. 3 .fthleug ,-X55 ni bxckle btaff 3 tjratormcal Ass u Doxxet XI,-XRROXY JANE BI.-XSTEX CECIL RICKIXXEY H NC, ff "E yn h-r failings lean to "Of no IDZIHAS presence she if "'ir'u"4Q xid'f'N feels afraid' "There is nothin'-' so becomes . 'xt fm mank. question looks 11 man as modgst stillness." Oratorzcal Ass n dNHaJ'Qd.' Athletic 9855.17 Q . Athletic ,-Xss'n Pep Society PCP Mommy l3aseba1l2 The SENIOR SICKLE1928 f-'FW Y !F'9 SYLVESTER RICNVTTY STUART E. BICPHAIL .-XLFRED H. RlERRIL1. "Kt1j'17"-".lI1"' nSfL'Ix'U-U.lf1l1"l i'DIlA'L"' "His sort shall ever lm in "A slate -in all good quaili- "He ix gi glwzll uhwrver an good reprir! ties." liv looks quih- through tln .Xniung true fellows every- vlwnls of nienfi wlieref' ' . . 7 7 Ffigadll 3 Football Reserves 2, S Cheer Leader 1. -. 3 Mat. Gmc Commit 1 :sm Club 1. 1. 3 ' ' "' L ' ' , 1 L . .. bellwf 51ClKl'5 Mah' A' 7 U3 ' K ' ' State Music Llmtest 1. Drum Major " 7 7 3 Ops-retta Cast 1, - " HELEN G. BIEYER H. LYCILE BIILLER XY!-INDELL C. RIILLER "L f "Bin " "The modesty oi praise wears H A 9 gmdlmny away' "Sometimes from her ey-rs I "l'+- make-S n Solitude HD , , did ren-viva fail' ills--:+:lilefQ --:ills it psalm." P313 50Clft5' niewzlge-s," Oratoriical .'xSS'11 - w R Athletic jxgsljl Arhleuc Ass'n 'fffasurgr Q! PSD 1051522 Pep Sogiety bickle bran mr 11-0-1 Q,-atm-iCa1,.s,S5'n Sickle Staff for 1927-ZS 4 The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 C79 - IFJ H.kRCJLD BIITCHITLI. Bl,-XRGARET RIONTGOMERY :XLLEN H. RIOORE ".lIitt'11" "Pay" ".-11" "SiI'l.+inS1 Dllly what li Swwt, "She knows niusic. hut thufs USO ginngr' no Quill!-pfrilaps Thou dost m--rtk nt fate :md not all." bmflvfn' me WU "fat of wire.-A chaps. V 1. , Glee Club 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 JO tg' v QfChCSU'H W Athletic XXSSIII PCP Mgcleti . Nate Muslc C'9me5t -9 State Music Contest 1. 2 Athletic A55 H Music Club Operctta 1, 2, 3 .ARTHUR Munuxx ETHELYX LOUISE MORSE GLEXN R. BIFLL "Ai-1" "SK "4lf1fUA"' "He rniist limi: who thinks "Kindness in wunmn, not "He has the fighting blood in nwxr, feel: 11114 nohlvst and li-fautiful hmks, shall win him." :if-tv Ihv hvftf' men." A - , Basketball 3 ,Xthlctic A55 I1 Pep SQCIQU' Bgggball 3 Ofawrical .'5xSS.ll Oratorical Ass n Athletic A555 PCI, Srficigty Athletic Ass'n The SENIOR SICKLE1928 WV IFJ AA-ILLI.-XM ,l. 31111, ROBERT A. XAYLOR LEORA BELLE NYE ".lf11U3', fit "Ct1t'5m' "La1z1't1" "The laborer is Worthy of his 'AG0fif1'hj1"-Of l' Ill? heart -'f 'Silviwu and imldestv ar reward. QAlEi:VfPlEl' it I i H .. .V--uiniemlahl-f any-wliffre. .,n 655 5 5 7051! . EYHQQ3- 51 , , Gief Club 1. 2, 3 PCD S-hifi-fri' , - rclebtra .' " J State Music Contest 1. Urat""f1Cal -A255 U btate Musical Contest 1, 7 5 Athletic Assn 2 3 " Operetta Cast 1. 2. 3 Athletic Ass'n DOROTHY Osriaaux "Dot" "She watches him as ai t-:it watches a ninusef' Pep Carnival Commit- tee 2 Marshal Pep Society 3 .Athletic :Xss'n Dofus PARLETTE "Dixie" UXPVQY' du Itldilf-' what can ltr doiie toxinwrmvj' Athletic Ass'n Oratorical Ass'n Pep Society MARt3t'ERIrE PECK uPL't'g'H "Dimiiles. dimples, eve-ry wliere. Anil every dimple il dare." State Music Contest l, 7 3 Glee Club 1. 2. 3 Pep Society Thr SENIOR SICKLE1928 m A c :rw l,AXvl'1RX PFISTER "I' nixfvrn L.ixV.xL'GH X PifIsT!iR "Easy rests thv ln-:ul that wvzxrs the 1'1'mvn ut' hong-S! "Th- vwiw- iff hw own mf-rit tliuiifflit. uuxkt-N hir waxy- .X gift lie-:wi-11 gm'-A tu Invitation Cimiiiiittcu 3 llimf' Oraturical .'XS5'Il Athletic Ass'n Pep Society Music Contest 1, 2 Orchestra 1, Z Athletic .ASS-I1 H.XZEL M. Pi-um USMF.. "XYIi+2n you will. I woift. and uh'-n yiiu wuift. I will." Pep Society Oratorical Ass'u Athletic Ass'n --'v---vw . .N -y-rf?ggv .,,, , .4 307 HELEN A. PIXLEY H. EL'-,QEXE POWELL , "limit" -"Ei1fl1t' Izyi' "r1h-- wax uiry, yullilg and K LCM' 51H'1vl"V"'lUlf' "luke il "It ix the wixe head that u1'uH'1 '1lfI'l11F- nmkm tht- still tongut-." Sickle Stat? Pup SuCit'ty' Athletic Asiii Group lxarlcr Music C-,iiitest Z Operetta Cast 3 Senimr Play 3 Lizoxei POWELL t'Shv does em-rything and does it we-ll." Oratorical Ass'u Athletic .ASS'1'l Debating 2 Senior Play T110 SENIOR SICKQE 1928 C715 0 LYNN PFTNAM GL.-XDYS RANGER "Puffy" "Tiny" "None liut himself can he his "Short, sweet and snuvyf parallel." Pep Societv Football 1 Oratorical .-Xss'n Gperetta 1 Athletic .Ax5S'I'l Athletic Ass'n BEATRICE REIN H ,KRT 'fBm" 'Wliy talk, i-tlie-iw du enough of it," Pep Sfvciety Athletic :Xss'n Oratorical :XSS'll ELBIAA ARLINE "Sid "A smile is the languages." Operetta 3 Pep Society Athletic Ass'n Oratorical Ass' REMMELE ELLEN E, RHOADS "XM only good but good for same iu all something." Entered from Clayton High Junior year Orchestra 2, 5 Athletic .'XSS'1l n Oratorical :Xss'11 Pep Society SEAGER ,l. Romfxsox "St'u5l H "A man of mark," Basketball 1. Z, 3 Pep Society Oratorical .-Xss'n The SENIOR SICKLE1928 all :PN 2 l PW' rm ,X If if ELOISE LEXORI-I ROWLEY "Team" "She xniiles nweetly but says nothing. the-11 nothing need lie said," Oratorical ,A5S'l'l Pep Snciety Athletic .'5xSSl1l JANE W. RVESINK JULIA B. RUESIN14 Ufl7IIlfC" "f11d1'p" "ThQ- very pink of lwrfw- "H1- if 11 fool who thinks by thin." fwree nr ,kill To turn the current of 3 Opgfetta S XY01Tl1lIl4S will." Pep Society Athletic IXSSVII Oratorieal .ASSYII Operetta 3 Glee Club 3 Pep Society Oratorieal JASSVH CH.1i:1,11s H. RVESINK "C'l11r1'k"-"Jnl111" "And yvzilx N114,-4-vmliiig if-urs flmll zrivil lin-1-1-nw of lmiiniw tn his nzliiw, ' lffli1m'-i11-Cl1ief nf Sickle Salliltatnrmii 'lfiawtmaster E11 Seninr Send UH Fmxcns E. R1'Es1xK ,lor-IN H. RL'1251x1q ww. fd YUUUSV they wx. A'He 11111143 grim mein. saw dn miel' live lung." Secretary Pep Society Vice-President nf Class 3 lXle111be1'r1f Literary C0111- mittee 1, 2 Valeclictoriaii and did the deed Thur was 1.1 do!" Radio and Science Club Athletic Ass'n Club Oratcerieal ,'XSS.l'l The SENIOR SICKLE1928 FN H749 LESLIE SALTER ELWOOD SCHOLL "Lt-.v"e' '-Pffkzt-"--'Em-" "True as the needle to the "To lie lllllllil' -wiihelves is ll pole, most etfectiinl wutribution Or as the dial to the sun." to the lialqfiiiess of urliersf' Athletic Ass'11 Oratorical Ass'11 Cheer Leader 2. 3 Class Prophecy Athletic .ASS'll Oratorical :lxSSi1l GRACE SCH L'I.Z "It is well tu think well, it divine to 1141 we-ll." Sickle Staff Class Day Committee JAXE SEAGER XvIRL M. SH.-XDBOLT ISABELLE SHERMAN "I::i"' "Oh, how short the nights "XVe know what we are' but L are!" IW? Wllflf W9 111l13'lJ9' "A tongue with ll mhgf' Oratorical Ass'n Pep Spciety Qpel-Etta 3 Athletic AkSSi11 Athletic A5511 pep Society Pep Society Oratorical .3x55'11 :Xtliletic 9855-11 fir. I.: Cx V . S , my 'vh I '- lv.. in '.' E . 5. M IJ W. 1!'I: A Y' f N' ' A nihd T110 SENIOR SICKLE1O'78 G'-it E E E im l JAMES K. SHIERSON Winn M. SHOBER PEARL SHREFFLER "Jim" "Bill" "PGV UH" lx llul 3' '11-tf1v1,1111111 for "Shy has ni-time friends than 'Wliliy do thwy all think I'n1 the rl1ctmi1:i1'y 1'tfte1's to il tnmlvl as an small imitation of the l'Pfill thing." Solomon hzifl Wivvsf' Sickle Staff 3 OTCUCSITH 1. 2 Send Off Cummittee 2 Vice-President Athletic Asfn 1 Captain Class Fmitball 3 Football Reserves 1. 2 so good J" Pep Society Athletic :Xss'n State Music Contest 1. Z Oratorical Assn LEITH,-x E. Sissox ELSII-I :XLICE SLAYTOX HELEN Lrg' SMITH , 'lEl111c'1"' nbllllffj' "lin wlrwlg' worlflly, but llflf. wurlflly wisvf' A-Takl.n-uin4t if H Shame!" "Horn than enough for nn' - tux-Es ends PQp Sriciuty Sickle Staff 3 XVith sgnitt-tiling left to treat Uratmfical Assn Send Off Cwmmittee Z ml lwmb' Mltlvttc -35511 Ring and Pin Committee Athletic :Xss'n State Music Contest 2 Oratorical .'5tSS'I1 Pep Society Efficiency 2 T110 SENIOR SICKL,E1928 wi arm JOSEPH H. SMITH ..J0l,, IXIARIIORIE AIAY SMITH ' ".lI111'g1"' "I :nn not in the role of the 1-Her folks don't want her common men." gnu' 'I,tmgt-yn' " Entered from Campbell, Pep Society 7 . ' . Gm-1 - Athletic Ass n Athletic Ass'n Oratorical Ass'n Gratorical 1-X5s'n ROBERT STADLER H5011 " "Wliz1t+-'er he did was done with so murh ease, In him :ihove t'n':xs natural to plealsef' Athletic Assn Oratorical Ass'n GRINDLE E. STANGE "Bus" "All the world loves a clari- net player." Basketball 1, Z Orchestra 2, 5 State Music Contest 2, 3 Class Day Program ti Prophecy J M ARSHALL STEVENSON "Src-11c"' "The heights of great rnen reaclied and kept XVere not gained by sudden flight." Pep Society Oratorical Ass'n Athletic Ass'n RHILLA B. STOCKWELL "Have you not heard it said full oft A XVOIURIIIAS nay doth stand for naught Y" Pep Society Oratorical Ass'n Athletic iXSS'1'1 The SENIOR SICKLE1928 W1 e ee e Biassni M, SXYAR'l'Z Roiariiri' nl. Swnfr Illixrmxxnt Ttujsnrziii "B4'1'f.v" "Boll" HI,7I77IlIUU "All Iln- ln-:titty of tlw wnrlal Hllvl' UW' 'l"'ffAiVP'l l'l' 'fm' "ll:'1' voiw- wax- lim the -'tis but skin mlm-lu," ll 21111 11111112 xlizivllm' 1-f 11 wirnrif' Oraturical :xSS'Il Treafufaf nf 035575, Pep Society Athletic ASSVII BO3'5VL'lCU Club 1' -1 -' Oratwrical :XSS'Il Pep Suciety Q,Peft'ttf1 Cfht 1- 3 Athletic A5511 51Ckle btaft 3 l VE in CUYLER Y.xNY.a1.1qExBL'RL: "Kim" "He always lnalruln-S in ad- L . , . ix .A-1 s ,440- , 'MH 1 ., gf .nf L vqfgf, ff ' 'I l ff i' 1 "" 4 ' ' f F-vw 5 A N 7' f K Y I "fi v RVSSELL E. TILTUN RFTH TYLER ,, ,. ,, .. Rzzxx .Six "H1- :wth the main nnfl works "I :ini rvmlvefl to grow :nml plain and lrmk young till fnrlx vziiicef' Xl itli Yllll thn- whnh- rlay tl"""11h'U Oratorical Ass'n Orchestra 3 State Music Contest 3 'I-muk 2' 3 Entered frmn Monroe Athletic Assn liivitzitimi Cmnniittee 3 High in Senior year Athletic Assn Oratorical :XSS'1l The SENIOR SICKLSE 1928 'N 0793 JOHN Y:xt'uH.AxN GEORGE XY. XY.-UQNER HELEN M. XYARNER 'AJ011r11zv" A , ' "F1'1Q-mls, Hotnans, L'ountl'y- "Many may be liked, but few --TIN. mm, who makes ewrv men-lvntl me your girls," mu'-h liked." minute count hee-wines the man of the hour." FOOUDHII 1, 2. 3 Glee Club l, Z, 3 Fomball R'35'3l'Ve5 2- 3 Sec, nf Seninr Class Toast, Senior Send Off 1 Giftatory Operetta Cast 3 State Contest 2 Glee Club l, 2, S KENNETH E. XVARNER BEATRICE XVEBSTER "KU11"'-"Sanz"-"Bn" "Baa" "Thoughts :nuke the man and "She is ai quiet girl - at his are manly." times," Captain Football S Pep Snciety Football 2, 3 Basketball Team President A. A. A. 3 Baseball Z, 3 xl.-XRIA N E. XVELLNITZ 'Nilvxnve has become her Illlllllvl' tongue." Pep Society Athletic Assn Oratorical A-Xss'n The SENIOR SICKLE1928 cw a as-rw FLoRENcE L. XY H ITE "PN" AAILEEN L. XYESTGATE HLLTIII-L"- "Cnln1nesS is not always the zittrilrute- of iiilmt-will-V," "A little, tiny pretty. witty, rlarling, she." Pep Society Athletic Assn Oratorical Assn Orchestra l. 2, 3 Send Off Cfllllfllllttf .Z Sickle Staff 3 State Music Contest 1. 2, 3 XX-ILBIQR XYILLNOVI "Bill" "I rather huz xi I-asf: than-- auytltinz els-A." Athletic Bflard wi Con- tl'rQll l l:CrOtlDE1ll 3 Basketball Z, 3 Baseball 2. 3 Captain 1'-f Baseball 3 SHIRLEY L. XYILSUN LUCIA RLARIE XYOOSTER HJ k U A, . a C "Be good sweet maid, and .Xltlmugh 1 am so very tall let whu Wm be l.levt,l.-H IW1 rather be tall than not -I" all' Pep Society Q16-2 Club 2. 3 Athletic Ass'n SUNG COIUCH 2 Oratorical A5531 Opcretta 2. 5 Scnior Play ETHEL I, XvEL"l'TER "She looks the wh-,le world in the fave." Pep Society Athletic .-Xss'u Oratorical .-Xss'n The SENIOR SICKL:E1928 Class Day Program Gzzwi at flu' .Jrnzory XYEDNESD.-XY EVENING, JUNE 13. 1928 Ai' EIGHT O'CLOCK GNMVD Iiaranclule lB1ze-tj ,...... .,.A, Y.,,,, ,,,,,..,,,,,,,, Invocation .,...,. Salutatory .,.......,,,. Instrumental Trio Y,A,, Class History ....,.. Class Poem ........ Class Propliecy ...,.., ....,.......I71'ff1i'.vt1'i1 Thu IfL'i'4'l'CIId Ed-zuimz' .l1'011tgyo111v1'y .C'11411'14'.v Rllclflillk ...,.....,,.,..,..5i1'li'c'fi'ff ........E'l'Ii'00lliS1110 ...Tllffllltl .-lzigfom' -llfffc' Hlljlffxfli fl. Gl'I'11lI'li' Sfrlllgjc' Yncal Selection .,..,l.lY,,,,..,..,,,,,,,Yl.,,,,,,....,,,.,,,,....,,,,,,.,ll,,,,,,.,. S'i'li'i'fmf Oratiivii-'fliii' Political Strike ".,,.,, .i.,,, T 0111 Hmwvf' GlftHtt,I1'5 ',,,,,,ii ,,,,,,,i,A,i,,,iiii,,,,,,,,ii,,,, ,,,,,,,, I 1 71111 Iiilllfffldll String Enseinlmle ,.,......,.,,,...., ..........i.i..,.,..,. S 'vlrvfcd Preseiitatimi Senior Lfavel ,,,, , 7,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,i.,, Rfrlnzrd CSUIIIIVHVII Pl'l'.N'I'LiL'11f of Hn' Cliixx nf 1923 Acceptance Senior Gavel ...,,,,, ,,.YY,,,,..Ye,.........vVV,ei R' atv ll'vf1zu1'1nw' P1'C5in'U11f Of flu' Ciliixx of 1029 YaleclictU1'5 ',..., ...,,Yi.,.............. FI'dlIL'L'A' RIl1'A'IiIIA' llenecliction... ,,.. ...... T ln' Rvt'v1'v11d R. E. ff1n1'li'.v Selection ,,.,, .,,,..., C 71'v11v.v1'1'n .-. x -,fX, L I NEYIOR SICKLE192S Commencemeni Program ,,-Y. ., .-f --v-v-- f- ---- U1 E H 1 JV.Lf ,....A..I,, . 23472 In D I -'-- 172 TIF' , NJ- ff-xr J Y ..., .,,,. L L. Q, 7., ,J..74Tf. Y Ufil 3- ,,,, 7,7,,, S V 'fzi'f,:"" , , f 9.f'5at1 C"1i'LIi Fchqig. V ' iff-iziief Gefcar' LXIN1. ILKL 1+ wk ..' r-v---'- .5fffuuf 'ffm f IC. f,uLuf7:u1, G 0 T In ""!'P , 71 E' , '- , , , f ,,.. .. ..-A. 17. W, ,,,g. tv.: 0.1. CJ., 1'iIfC.H. ..,.G:'r1'5' Q25 Cmjifi' 157 H. L. F5513 ..' ,.... , .' VA,,,,,, g. A..,,,,,.. ..n,- CH'-" ,..,,TY., E -1. ff ,., v-,T '-"f'J1:f1 R. 5. Cfuxfzriyf' ' l1..',, A ..,'Z' uk' 112- 'Hal-','A:'J41P X.. :,,,,f ,,lL Hy' fi Sxff'f7,7f Ir! 'Tiff Pi' I The SENIOR SICKLJ21928 CW K5 SALUTATORY CH.LRLEs H. Rtoestxrt NW: 1544 AREXTS. teachers and friends of the class of 1928. we bid you a most If ,b-v www X 7.- . .Q 43 pi -29 hearty welcome. lg 7151 1 'Eff-,f , iii I ew. is sq' iii A t 2. .Q ?- " ' 5 f. XYe. as a class are just reaching our port. lt has sailing. Many have been the times when for some f , 94 seemed too dark to penetrate. but through many W 1 ments from our parents and friends we are able this evening During as graduates. like a ship at sea we were free to choose our course under the our twelve years in school we have been living not always been easy of us the storms have helps and encourage- to appear before you part of our life. but guidance of a helping hand. Now. since coming to port we shall have to choose our own path and push on by ourselves if we accomplish anything worth while. Although our port may have been reached. our goal is yet far away. In a fef-v days we shall go our various ways to take our several paths through life. but the memories of the pleasures and the hardships of our school days are too strong to be soon forgotten. As we have gone through school gathering bits of lntowledge here and there we have been gaining experience and building our character. which. after all is the true test of success. :Ks we review our past we realize why we are now able to appear as graduates. It is because you. parents. have given us a place in this world and have iinpelled us to make the most of it: it is because you. teachers. have spent much time and labor imparting the many lessons which we must learn to make the most of our lives: and it is because you. friends. have stood back of tis when a friend nas most needed. lYe appreciate your presence here this evening for we realize that you are interested in us. We hope that your expectations for our accomplishments will be fultilled with our achievements. Again we bid you welcome. The SENIOR SICKLE 15128 ear --aaa -aw - -ss as aaa- im CLASS HISTORY THELINIA M. Axooviz 2: L UR -lunior High School career came-to.a close injlune. 1925, and -we Ui! gtk passed into the freshman class ot Senior High School the following September. Full of ambition and high spirits. as only freshmen are, our class of two hundred and two members entered the next phase in our Q!! education under the able leadership of Tom Hoover as class president V1 i T with Miss Green as adviser. A In the various school activities and organizations we acquitted ourselves most creditably. some of our members showing exceptional talent in debating and dec- lamation. The following year with Lynn Halstead as president our class continued its bright career, Tom Hoover winning the oratorical contest, The entire class was dis- tinguished for its part in the different activities of the school. The "Senior Send- otf' was one of unusual interest. It was held in the school where a banquet was given to a larger number than ever before. The seniors responded to our invitation one hundred per cent. Following the banquet we adjourned to the gymnasium which was beautifully decorated. Dancing was enjoyed until a late hour bringing a happy. successful year to a close. ln this. our last year. Richard Camburn was elected president of the largest graduating class in the history of Adrian High School. Tom Hoover repeated his oratorical success, while John Armistead distinguished himself by being selected for the National Chorus at Chicago. As in the previous two years the class decided to undertake a trip to XVashington, This required much hard work on the part of each one throughout the year, work which was more than fully repaid. ,Annong the interesting events of the year was the Qperetta "Lelawala" given under the direction of Mr. Hubbard, our new supervisor, with several of our num- ber taking leading parts: Virgil Gabba, John Armistead, Tom Hoover. Robert Nay- lor, Helen XVarner, Elvin Fretwell, Robert Swift, George Wagner. Gaylord Aldrich and Lynn Halstead. Having come to the close of our high school career not without some sense of regret, we recall many happy and enjoyable days in 'the past three years well ex- pressed by the man who said,- "All things must end. The sweetest yet the Heetestf' Vkfe shall now pass on to a held more open to freedom but requiring much self- direction. lt is the phase of life wherein some men and women reach out and grow, and where others find a small niche or rut to grovel in or fail miserably. The held is broad and may we all feel the challenge to explore it well, to continue our pursuit of knowledge, and to fulfill to some extent the hopes so generously placed with us. The SENIOR SICKLJ2 12728 an -Hs W- W... F5 CLASS PROPI-IECY Etwoop SCHOLL AND GRINDLE Srxxini PW EQOME l11UllIl1S ago n1y for111er class111ate Elwood Scholl and I niade an 5 airplane fiight Zlllllllltl the world, during which tin1e we visited most of tl1e illlptllftfllif nations. XYe were greatly astonished to find o11r former 5 50009 classmates scattered all over tl1e world. XYe 111et so many of tl1en1 and if l1ad sucl1 interesting experiences that we decided we would have to keep f W Q' notes if we were to remeniber everything, so we took turns writi11g in 21. S". ' tv! Eff' fs? SLA our ow11 diaries. Ever since our flight ended we have planned several times to get together a11d compare 11otes. but it has seemed i111possible n11til to11igl1t. Now we find ourselves at the twe11tietl1 anniversary of our graduation, a11d we are going to celebrate it by reading our diaries. -TUNE 1, 1947 Everything was ready for our fiight in tl1e two-niotored pla11e of our own con- structio11. 'X'X'eather conditions were very favorable a11d o11r plane was i11 splendid co11ditio11. XYe made a perfect take-off a11d after a short ti111e landed at Columbia Field in New York City. About six o'clock we proceeded to the "Fifth Avenue Ritz" where we were Sl1YpI'iSCCl to find R11tl1 Tyler and -lulia Ruesink as joint ow11- ers. 'XYilbur XYillnow was chief liouse-detective. Clare Burch, Richard Frye, Ahvllllillll Gaddy a11d George Davis were tl1e "bell hops." Tl1ere we lear11ed that Sa111 XYarner's HEIIICIT Frolicsn were showing at tl1e Capital Theatre that night. XYe we11t to tl1e show Zlllfl were delighted to find tl1at Bessie Swartz. Mado1111a Tausend. Helen Sniith, Ellen Rhoades. a11d Aileen Westgate were i11 tl1e show. Leaving tl1e theater we bought a11 "extra" and found therein that XYillian1 Flynn was a candidate for President of the United States with Frances R11esi11k as his 111ost bitter opponent. We tl1e11 returned to the hotel for the night. jcxr 2 ' After breakfast we went to tl1e fiying field where o11r plane was all ready. 'XYe spanned the Atlantic without incident a11d landed in London, England. During a ride on a sight-seeing b11s we Cl1COU1lTCI'SCl Sherman Blouch who was the section boss on the "Downhill Railroad." He told us that his assistants were Leland len- kins. Eirger Johnson, 'Willis Long, Cecil McKinney, XYendell Miller. Alle11 Moore and Harold Mitchell. He infornied us that Illah Dillon, Edna Dorner, Esther Droegemueller, Mildred DTlll1lI11Ol1Cl and Xvllllil. Dibhe were working in a neai-hy cheese factory. At a 11ewsta11d we bought a book entitled "Seven Nights i11 a Flat" written by Marian -lamieson. This proved to be very good reading. That afternoon we heard John jasper lecture o11 "Caterpillars a11d Their Diet." Tl1e rest of tl1e day was spent without any interesting il'lCl1l6l1t5. JUNE 3. After a11 early morning flight over tl1e English Cl1?llll1Cl we la11ded at Le Hour- get Field. Paris, where we were given a hearty welcome. Since we were in a great hurry, we took a taxi cah driven by Yirgil Bayles. 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While we were taking a stroll down one of the main streets, we noticed a large electrical sign which read, "Reducing Parlors for Stout XYomen," Me glanced through the window and noticed that the proprietor was Thelma King and busily working on some stout ladies were Jane Bean, Mary Jones and Virginia Malson. Wle went in and they gave us a warm welcome. Un our way to the hotel we stopped in at "The Consolidated Artists Incorporated." and discovered that Robert Hostetler, Myron Hutchinson and Clifford Jackson were painting beautiful portraits of Kathryn Calhoun, Opal Carpenter. Margaret Chew. Ruby Colville, Gweueth Dalton and Harriet DeLano. XYhile at supper we noticed in the paper that Eleanor Fitzgerald was starring as the giggle girl in the great stage success "Laughter." so we decided to see the show. Xkle were all ready for our sleep when we got back. JUNE -l. Ciur flight took us over the Alps which were very picturesque from the air. Vile knew that Frank Carrol fwho is champion heavyweight of the worldb had his training quarters somewhere in the Alps. We kept a close watch and, sure enough. there were large letters on the roof of a building reading "Frank Carrol's Training Camp." 'VVe finished our day's journey landing at Rome, Italy. We found Arthur lXlorgan a motorman on a street car and Lucia XYooster the conductor. They stopped and talked with us a few minutes during which Art told us that he had just taken Mr. and Mrs. McPhail 1Mrs, Mcljhail was formerly Elsie Slaytonl to the railroad station. They were enjoying a tour of Europe. Miss NYooster told us that Vivian Mack, Marjorie Smith, Donna Marrow and Rhilla Stockwell were working hard to make their "Strapless Laundry" a success. The rest of the day was spent in idleness. JUNE 5. That morning we left sunny ltaly and flew to dusty, torrid Cairo over the blue Mediterranean. Here we met Grace Schulz. Egyptian Girl-Scout executive. who begged us to accompany her to the XV. C. T. C. building where Shirley Wilson and Marguerite Peck were giving lectures on tobacco and alcohol. VX'e told her that we were very sorry, but we were leaving for Bagdad. Persia, in the afternoon. XVe arrived in Bagdad about six o'clock and were enrapturecl to Find our dear friend Lynn Putnam a competent pop-corn merchant. That night we went to see Richard Camburn's "Persian Burlesque." Bonnie Freudenstein. Sussane Gage, Mildred Galloway. Erma Hadden and Geraldine Groth were in the performance, while his two stars were Dorothy Hardy and Marguerite Hanlui. JUNE 6. Having left llagdad at live o'clock we were forced down shortly after seven by engine trouble. VVe made our landing near a small but seemingly active town. A crowd gathered about the plane and as we began to repair the engine. a gentleman appeared in the crowd who on approaching us we found fto our utter amazementl to be Sylvester McNulty, Luther liurbank's successor, who told us that he had just perfected the squirtless grapefruit. He begged us to take him to Calcutta with us. and having plenty of room we consented. He told us that a ball game was to be played there that afternoon and that all Asia was going to witness it: he did not however tell us who were going to play. Having repaired the engine we continued our flight and arrived in Calcutta safely. Before going to the game. we stopped to -,ee John liuesink, president of the "Ruesink Never-Sink Life Saver Co." He told The SENIQR SICKIHE1928 mt . - em us that Cuyler VanAukenburg was foreman of the cork department and that Hazel Philo was testing the apparatus to prove that thin people can float. Arriving at the diamond, we rejoiced to find that George Evilsiser was captain of the "Sandlot Sluggers." Chieily thru our cheering that afternoon, he succeeded in defeating the Cacutta Cougars 9 to 5. Later we went to see Edwin Clement and Glen Mull who were the officials of the "Prange lYater Color Co." That night we heard Howard Higgins and Marjorie Francouer lecture on lVoman's Rights. JUXE 7. llve left the hotel very early so we could call on Seager Rollason who was a wealthy Turkish sultan. He introduced us to his wives. among whom were Lucile Miller, Jane Masten. Mildred Gillies, Marian Hunter and Yiolette Krell. At noon we continued on our way to Pekin, China. On one of Pekin's side streets we found Yirl Shadbolt, Elsie Davis, Ethel Yeutter and Eloise Rowley working in a Chinese laundry. Down the street we went into a Chop Suey restaurant where we found Gertrude Badgley, Muriel Bly and Catherine Huebner waiting on table. As we could not read Chinese. we were lucky to have some good articles with us by Allice Baldwin and Jane Seager concerning historical dates. Thus we ended a perfect day, JUNE 8. We left Pekin at seven in the morning for Manila. ljlll' flight was rather dan- gerous because of a heavy fog. But luckily we landed safely in Manila where we discovered the "lYoman's Champion Hockey Team" captained by Margaret Koske. On the team were Ethelyn Morse, Leora Nye. Helen Pixley, Margaret Montgom- ery, Leitha Sisson, Marian lYellnitz and Glive Jessup. They were to play a game with the Manila champions. Leslie Salter was the referee. The game ended in an overwhelming victory for the Cnited States team. Mr. Salter told us that Eugene Powell had a large shoe factory and he was making very good footwear lprobably because of the trouble he had with his own feet in high school l. Lavaughn Pfister was prospering hy selling these shoes for him. After taking lunch at a cafe. we re- turned to the hotel near the landing field. JUNE 9. W lYe landed at Sydney, Australia. a beautiful spot on the coast. in the early morning. lYe proceeded to look and inquire for our old schoolmates. Nlve learned from the natives that their postmaster was a former American. ll'e went to visit him and found out it was Robert Swift. tHe liked the jul! because he always di-l enjoy reading notesl. He told us that Xl'illiam Mull's "Mammoth Menagerie" was showing in town. combined with a side show of tirst degree. Among the performers were Gladys Ranger, snake charmer, George XYagner. contortionist an lflma Rem- mele, Beatrice lYebster and Beatrice Reinhart, tight wire walkers. We were walk- ing i11 the business district and met Robert Naylor, the man we had heard so much about. He was working in his laboratories trying to cross strawberries with milk- weed so that he could have his strawberries with cream. ln the afternoon, we went to witness a tennis match between the French Champion and Maurice Cooper the United States Champion. Cooper won by a walkaway. After supper we read from James Shierson's famous book, "Monkeys and lYhy Their Tails Curl." NYe read in an American newspaper that Helen Meyer, Margaret Hill and Yirginia Hodgkinson had left Paramount and were doing some work for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Produc- ing Co. That night we enjoyed a good sleep. The SENIOR SICKLE1928 ear - -E V :rw JUNE 10. XYe left Sydney at live o'clock and at eleven we landed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A very beautiful city and exceedingly so from the sky. The first Americans we met were a group of missionaries including Doris Parlette, Leona Powell, Jane Ruesink, XYilma Shober. Robert Stadler, and Marshall Stevenson. Their energetic leader was Gaylord Aldrich who said that they had been doing extensive work in the lower part of South America and while there they had met Clarence Holloway who was a famous forest ranger. He told us of another old schoolmate and where he worked but we would not believe it until we saw it with our own eyes. so we went to the "South American Glass Co." and there. sure enough. was Alfred Mer- rill. the bead glass blower. lXYe were glad to find he was using his wind to good advantagel. He told us that Ralph Bachman had been appointed a few days previ- ous as Representative to South America from the United States and that around the corner from his house was XYilma Allabach's "Qld Folks Home" with Marguer- ite Allshouse as matron. Because it was early afternoon. we thought we would continue our flight. Un our way to the field we passed a large bean factory and on the window it said John Armistead, Kenneth Bowen. Gerald Downer and Melvin Brown. executives. but we were in too much of a hurry to stop. Our flight took us to Hollywood where we landed at the Hllooreland Airdomef' We were invited to a party by a famous actor. We thought no one we knew would be there but to our astonishment we met Ethel Alban. Thelma Angove. Gladys Atkin. Irene Bliss. and Ruth Bradish who were "Mack Senett Bathing Beauties." Esther Detwiler was their director. We also met Mildred Hart, Pearl Shreffler. Ardyth Hill and Phyllis lnglehart who were with "United Artists." We were told that Charles Ruesink and his wife. formerly Isabelle Sherman, were living on a large fruit farm near San Diego. JUNE 11. We left Hollywood at noon and arrived in Chicago at two o'clock. There strolling, we met Mr. and Mrs. Russell Dempsy. lDorthy Osterlin being the lucky girl J. They were exceedingly glad to see us and invited us to dine with them in their own quaint suburban home. We accepted the invitation and spent a delightful evening with the happy couple. Cin the way back to the hotel we bought an evening paper and in big headlines we read the following. "Codi:ish Schooner Ran Down by Steamer." Un reading farther we found that Lynn Halstead was captain of the boat and in the crew were Delmer Garrison. Carl Clotf. Leslie Harris and Stanley Hoisington, Fortunately they were all rescued. In the Opera section we read that Dale Gardner. Yirgil Gobba. Mr. Hoover and his wife lformerly Helen Warner! were rising to great heights of fame. In the sport section we found that Russell Tilton had just returned from the Olympics in Holland with the honor of "Checker Champion" of the world. JUNE 12. XYe hopped off on the last lap of our trip at sunrise and at seven o'clock after slow flying, we found ourselves back at our airdome in dear old Adrian. 'XYe were given a joyous welcome by our home town and we were very happy to know that we had re-established around the whole world this belt of friendship and goodwill of the old class of 1928. Tlzv SENIOR SICKLE1928 071' UPI CLASS OR TIO "OUR POLITICAL STRIKE' Citizens: As we glance about us, we observe the things that manifest our national power. The world bows to our industrial command and economic superiority and every- where America leads in the artistic. the creative. the execution of the impossible. Yet this apparent prosperity is only superticial. for underlying this seeming supremacy is an indifference toward American ideals so far-reaching that it threatens to destroy our very nation. The vast majority of citizens today are content to bask in the atfluence of our accomplishments and give no thought to their individual responsibilities as American citizens. llihat have been the circumstances and achievements responsible for this pro- gress in our civilization and for our international success? Our history nrst shows us the early settler with his determination for success. such a determination cleared the wilderness. planted wheat where forests grew. and made civilization and educa- tion possible for you and me. Vve see him win his tights against the beasts. the forests. and the great cold winters. lYe see him creating tools. developing the miracle of language. learning the laws of nature and mastering her forces. founding a government and rising to noble thoughts of religion and morality. llie behold our country. her frail beginning in those far distant days, her resolute attitude that helped break the unjust chains of England and later freed the Negro of the South. lYe see the United States slowly climb to reach the height of her ambition which rests on a foundation of all the virtues that are the finest on which a nation could place her hope for success. Our primal position has been built by a form of government in which all have shared. by an honest feeling and equal responsibility that has made citizen co-operation possible. by national love that has set a tradition of brotherhood and unity and by a love of freedom that has commanded a ready response in every emergency ,where the common life of all was threatened. That has been our past. glorious in its accomplishments, magniricent in its ideals. But the past is gone-the present lies about us and as we reilect upon life today we recognize that these national ideals and responsibilities have been forgotten. This has largely been due to our rapid growth. Necessity has required that our advancement be along the path of power and wealth but there has not been proportional growth in keen appreciation of the depth and the dignity of life. XYe have let our responsibilities of citizenship be imperceptibly obliterated through our preoccupation. XYe have been occupied in civilizing and capturing a continent. Our era of pioneering has been completed. Now it should be our duty. if America is to continue her superiority, to direct our attention toward the completion of national ideals. Europe watches with wonder. with amazement: she cannot conceive our rapid. progress. European nations have gone so far as to apply the word "rush" to the American attitude toward the situation. In nicknaming they have not mis- T110 SENIOR SICKLE1928 mi - W s we named. In the hurry of our prosperity we have been guilty of heedlessness. Our halfway and lukewarm attitude presents an ugly and menacing evil in our political life which affects our country nationally and internationally. The real trouble is that there are two classes which inliuence politics in this country. Une is composed of those who directly or indirectly prolit from our political indifference: they are deeply interested in our government from a per- sonal point of view. failing to realize that our democracy stands for humanity. for equal opportunity to all the sons of men. There are many injustices and customs among our governmental functions, practiced by selfish politicians. The only way of righting these wrongs lies in a change in the attitude of the majority of American citizens, the way we, as responsible citizens, meet the obligations of membership in this great commonwealth. The other class that affects our govern- ment is represented by those who do not know or care to know the facts. They stand idly by while their fellow citizens participate in the selection of our govern- mental policies and oflicials. The indifference of this class is the one thing lacking in our political success. Wie are met with the argument of many people that our country is perfect. There are people who say that it is a poor policy to criticize our government when we are backed by such men as our congressmen and President Coolidge. There too, the voice of the people who see nothing wrong in America so long as they can make money from the country. This outlook is menacing and there is grave danger today. Our duty should be to look ahead for possibilities are visible that appear disastrous to those who consider the intellectual and moral progress of the nation as vital as its material progress. There is one thing which should create in the minds of our citizens a determi- nation and willingness to support in the selection and election of our governmental officials-the fact that less than half of our qualified voters participate at the polls. The fact that over half are not interested in the administering of our government certainly justilies an anxious feeling over the outlook. Figures show, that in the matter of voting efhciency. the United States is outclassed and does not begin to compare with other nations. The proportion of our voting population is very small when considered in contrast with other governments. England. Germany. France, Belgium and Switzerland have records that are far above our standard of voting. England at the election in 1920 had a voting average of eighty-two per cent and the percentage of most of the other countries was over seventy. Ours was only a little over fifty per cent. In 1924 the average XV3.ST1I'1Cl61' fifty per cent. Further- more. the attendance at the primaries is very small-rarely more than a tenth. and often less than a twentieth. These figures have not been exaggerated because there is no room for exaggeration. Our primary election has become a joke which merely chooses the candidates by a very small munber of people. Thus our presi- dents and our congressmen are chosen to represent us. Thus our governors. our judges, and our mayors are nominated. Thus our country is controlled-not by the people but by the politicians. 4 Jur governmental officials are not chosen by a majority but by a majority of a minority. The reasons for this indifference, this apathetic attitude of the American people toward politics are many. lt can be attributed to the attractiveness of the The SENIOR SICKLE1928 VN- V f arm movie, to sports, to the adequacy of the newspapers. to the absorption of the average person in business. and to our general national prosperity. lt is enough to know that ours is no longer a government of the people. One conclusion possible from this fact that is certain-the evil resulting from politics today is equal to the inditler- ence of the voting public. lYhen we analyze the vital nature of politics as it affects the citizen-when this is considered it shows that every individual is affected directly or indirectly and that from its intluence there is no possible escape. Our indiilerence to national success as shown by comparison of other nations. clearly and distinctly reflects upon our intelligence as a leading nation. Our political machinery may continue to stagger through-positions in our government may continue to be filled by a vote of a personally benefited few but by allowing such an evil to exist we are shattering our fundamental ideals of government. Our attitude and action toward this menacing evil are the two guards who stand at the threshold of our national success. Through them can pass the determiner of our fate. Through them can pass that which will mean a gradual deterioration of our political understanding as a nation,-or through them can enter that which will mean a higher and liner attainment. an iinproveinent and prosperity in our national success that before has never been experienced. Let us realize our responsibility as guards of :Xmerica's future greatness, remembering that our indifference toward our government is the enemy who will degrade the ideals for which our forefathers fought, shatter the principles for which they gave their lives and destroy the foundation on which rests our national success. Let us determine that it should be the aim of true patriotism, loyal responsibility to raise the life of the nation to the level of its privileges. Citizens. our inspiration should come from the past, our duty should exist in the present. and our hope should be in the future. 9 The SENIOR SICKLE 1028 G I F TATO RY .Ions XvAL'GIl,'l.N NVQQV1 'l' l-IAS been a pleasure of the teachers of Adrian High School to give lf. gt gifts or tokens to the pupils, as 'marks of appreciation for their efforts. lt is 1ny .privilege to conclude this task. 1 Pwing to the great expense necessary to remember every member Q of the class. we have had to limit this Giftatory to a few well chosen " W pq gifts for a few members. ln order to insure quiet during this performance I have a train for the "little boy" of the class, Tom Hoover. This should keep him quiet and amused during the rest of the evening. As our president, Richard Camburn, will soon be away from the admonitions of Miss Patch. this alarm clock should serve him well. This box of "l'range" water colors should be acceptable to Edwin Clement. l hope this cake of l'almolive soap will help Ralph Bachman to keep his "School Girl Complexion." This Cod-Liver-1 Jil should go far in restoring Sherman l5louch's health. Maurice Cooper can lend this hat to any magician without fear of the con- sequences. Florence XVhite can have her "l-Bus" all the time now. The Ruesinks, Charles, Frances, blohn. 'lane and -lulia must have an honor of some sort for their efforts in the high school. therefore we present them col- lectively with this medal. VVe take great pleasure in presenting this basket of apples of the well preserved "Baldwin" variety to lane Seager. This Hoover Sweeper which has such a wide reputation for service and trust- worthiness we present to Helen XYarner. This silk hat should go well with the rest of Alfred Merrill's airs. lf this rabbit's foot works as it should, Robert Naylor will not need to cross his lingers before tests any more. This little tailor made garment should be very pleasing to blames Shierson. Dorothy Usterlin can use these boxing gloves to meet Dempsey's advances. Wlith this package of NYrigley's Spearmint, Elinor FitzGerald should be able to get along for a few days without asking everyone she meets for gum. This box of "Morse" chocolates should arouse sweet memories in the mind of Thelma King. lYith the aid of these stilts Gladys Atkin may be able to look over a crowd sometimes. This sack of oats should be acceptable to George XVagner's overworked pony which he used during his high school days. l think these reducing tablets will help Elsie Slayton to lose some of her superfluous flesh. VW' take great pleasure in presenting one of "XN'ards" fine cakes to Lucile Miller. T110 SENIOR SICKLE1928 m W- :rev To Sylvester McNulty, who has always taken such a firm stand for law and order in high school. we present this hilly. VVe gladly give a complimentary ticket to Lynn Halstead so that he may see "Red Hairu the next time it comes to Adrian. NVe present this hook "Answers to Questions of Curious Children" to LaVern Pfister. To Allice Baldwin we present this useful little volume entitled "Difficult Choices." May it help her to l-:now tufzfrfz one to choose. To Virgil Gobha we present this miniature Bass Drum. VX7e hope this jar of "Stay-Comb" will help Melvin Brown to keep his hair down neatly. VVe present this pair of old shoes to the president of the .lunior Class in order that he may follow in our footsteps. The last gift l have to hestow in behalf of the graduating class is its best wishes to the Juniors and Freshmen, that they may uphold the traditions of Adrian High School, and win new laurels for her, is the sincere hope of the class of 1928 -ttf -2EamQ,L4'Q5,W,9tica1.i- 7 Tl If SENIOR SICKLE1f7 CW iw iw if e IPO CLASS POEM A.LIL'li lilxr,nvvIN The world is now our master, And life our theme tu write. Xlve Cannot follow others, But ourselves, reach the light. XYe've lahnrefl through our schm For someone told us to. Perhaps our path has wandered. Hard tasks we've had to do. Each danger that we'Ve passed And each deed done. our lmest XYill make us what we shall he- Aid us in fortunes quest. ll days And when we'Ve reached our goal, May we luek hack. and know Vleve kept to those ideals We formed so long ago. The SENIOR S1CKL:El928 m are VALEDICTORY Fitaxcizs Rcnsixx Nvfztwl' XYELYE years ago when we entered school, life was carefree. Little it mattered to us what the future held for our life existed only in the joys .f-jpg' of the immediate present. To us. then. the pupils in the seventh grade 3g00V,xllS5g weie mhmtely wise and the semois in high school xv ere sages. old and learned. School years passed by quickly: almost before we realized that 5 W 3 our primary school days were over. we were climbing the vlunior High School steps. There we gained new acquaintances and new teachers guided us on in the pathway to knowledge. Time glided by. not always smoothly. but at least not roughly until that Sep- tember morning of 1925 found us entering Senior High School as freshmen. How well we remember the thrill it gave us to feel that we were rising in the world and were of some importancel However we still dreamed of the time when we would be seniors and might tread the halls with the firm feeling of ownership. The day seemed to us far distant. yet for nine months we have been living in the land of our dreams and it seems but as yesterday that we as freshmen were attending the gradu- ation exercises of the class of 1926. It is incredible that we know as much as they did for to us they were the abode of wisdom and to be a senior was the highest station to be desired. But now our dreamland is vanishing and we are realizing the magnitude of the unknown as compared with the known. Sir Isaac Newton at the age of eighty-tive said, "I know not what I may appear to the world but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy Playing on the seashore and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary while the great sea of truth lay all undiscovered before me." This thought comes forcibly to us who are being graduated. Qui' high school days have but begun our walk along this seashore and tonight we are starting each upon his own path along the unknown way. Some are looking forward to the college campus and the cap and gown that will take us into the next step of life to law, to medicine. to engineering or pedagogy and in all a high development of the natural talents that are ours. Others are choosing the business life and for some of them tonight marks the close of school days but we hope that the years of high school training have so developed each of us that in the future Adrian will be proud to claim us as her graduates of the class of 1928. 'X'Ye are not being graduated tonight through our own efforts alone. The incen- tive given us by our fathers and mothers and the sacrifices on their part have meant much to the most of us. The personal interest taken in our work by the teachers even after we have gone on from their classes has made us desire to do better. They have not only taught us from the school books but they have imparted to us their philosophy of life and have done their best to mold us into true men and women. Had we not gained the friendship of those with whom we have been asso- ciated. school clays would not have brought to us an appreciable knowledge of hu- man nature. t Tonight we are saying good-bye to our high school life. good-bye to friends. good-bye to teachers but we shall frequently meet again. The influence of these associations has been so woven into our lives that as we progress in the world. we shall always feel their presence. brightening our lives and urging us to put forth the best that is in us. Adrian High School. the class of 1928 bids you farewell. 'Q f. : .VK 'V' ..:'-QQ., I 55 , five, f1 , rw . MQ- VV. Af -' F W-1,314 1 -. I V ., . ,A ,- V L, ,.x, . . -'EW' " ,.g j. 1-.04 , '1, 1,-.QS ' 1' -- .. , Am ,A dx ig. ,r.1. 'E-2 ' . .J- 5 mpg? V , ff: 13,-J, 1. .V ,gigs 1 ' . P' - x '-, . , gpga.. V: r.vV,V.i: l 610,25 .:1- ,V X, ' 1- ' -3 fifty, xf I ,. V 5. x Q :V fu - 'f 39-:Q-,X ' 3' ll 'Y '- " ' Q ' V Vg-,e+a,,-VV .V VV 1 Ve. .1 H " ' V1 .W V MP' -V . +L". x. . fbi' ' , VW -4- ,Q ifffr, ,. Vgfqx ,--:V -94 ff ,f Q Q. ,vi u,.V'J . . , lv .21 "fwfr - -1 V I ll' .-.V r ' Vg 1VifV'w,.f 192--V75 ' H VIE, . -735.5-V.z'V A jx' I '9?f'.:,j,Q.x?1i -, ,by nw? 1 '-.-Fj.,fQ,9?V-5, . V. .ing V55 V " gl Z' -I - '-Ex' V .- - , , kr? " - A- -y- ., N -, ,- I .V V- , vb, I V 7.9-,K - ,V H., g if-f - tl W' 1-1 Q V - . - 4 ' 'us'-Q,:tV.g' .- . Q' 1 F V ' x p , +.. .4 p ' izxfg, ' " -1. V 5 .:' , V VV- 1' V V V VV - 'V Jn" wk'-V.-5'?.2V:" " . 1 -vw V' V, V ,-Mfg! ,143 Va. .f V 54.2 ' . A 'mV,ifZ5 V V -fha? ef P 7' V ' 7:3504 :V . ' " ,5 '5' A ' 'V' " "ig" , ,V .3115- ji' ' V. :L Je, ry. 32,1 I 'V K, I V Y .u - , 'U' V. A Y rw A Nj ,- . . , V . lf: U 1 5 . -- 'T 5 47 ' Lf , 4" - 1 1 I .53 -gif' V ff? Vi Y ,a.g:-ti 2 V ,h -p ,QQ , ,V Lt' f:fQf"?"f 'fm V, ' F, a.. Qfl. V:,J.g52:Q?g.QL.e.'!,.. ' D .ff T!1vSENIfJIQ SICKLI11928 I -, f an V1 f mv A r-J G fn e. 'v-4""'f.' ff . :TQ-""?"'A g 4,- 530-41 V231 4. ly, + ' Lv Q5 G ,, 25 if m:.e.Y H, I-ie.n.LrJ v 43 JZ Z? 'rr vw. Hoovrm 5 V 1 1 7 , 3 i Q , . ' 9 I 1 " f :4w,,,,4 ' .ff I f, 1 .l VIJMW fy. if! -'91 bk, 55,2 nj? J 'Lf ' :gli ,Yi ' uf' ' ,- f 11:1 , 5' pf., --,,,,,f7 K K 2592? fs: 4 31:"Q ff' f jury. IF w , sv D nc K 1 L. '5 V, V Q U 0- 17 1' ,i ff ,Uni , ,' 1 Al ' 193 4, Q l - , zz' .I 4- ' 1,2 an .., ,T Y, 4,1 , , ' ' f 4 N YJ Tama .Vfp,Q. 1. , :we.LL.,D 1 uL " 'Q fa- , , 1, 2, -lv"-,f-217' H-f ' f 4 2 --2'-2 ' m'5,ff:sz,w 'mi 1 f 5 u , '.,',zhf,f2: K. 441 wus,-Q "f , '. -u 'f1 L5:"g "bfi , A ' A gf ,fn 47. hfvw -ff ,4 f 11, if fjfZ'i1,g'f" ,. 4' f - qt' ': . 13.2, wi -- ,. F ff ., ?, jp. .-1 V 1 "A . if A gf.f.I-':..:4 ' " J Q, , 1 u,t Q . 6 Q I i ,' f 'I' ,f 'Z ,- 0, 57. 2 Q, if 1 L, fffzxf , 1 'V'g'ip1,,e. Q 3 .4 -. 2 V. - f .,',. -.2 .., ' ' . , . I l 1 -115' F if - ' 'fu' ,cw . H jf., 44.5, , '12-'fI'r'-f 4 Al V ly .w4,,?fL,'?' . Qfxf VG' ,y Z A -. ilk?-jak' i3',jJ7: V Our: LITTLE. Coorvmn 'XfX 'xgfx 'xfx Tr? . ' 'yu Pig QALPH, Dncu, Tom, Lo ,, C,:mEU:r1 Q f - Hvmao sr FI-fr.. A ,L A 'Q '. 'si LITTLE. Hvme ,.. MCHICKIL. 'Q The SENIOR SICKL121U28 FW 7.- , , 7 , ,, ,- ,f , ,W ,gm .- ' ' ' I :- 'TN ,K ' f , ,vw QNTSTQ ffl.-fwff YQ WW KGMTW, 4245 X 'T!'ffc I-JBL' 1 I 4' , J 5 K - 1 , V ' fgff' Xyvjffbllgli DX?-' xJ f J9-E3-1 15 5 Q? ' K ?2'.9fE2'2i iff ' 'tl 41 'Inq ,,,,xq!,, N SJ Jw- , J ff' 'ijkflf . - f "Mfr w-,gf N175-3. .4 99,61 7 ffS"R7f we f av M , 1553 4 fffiiwfivi b - , ?,1L "5 ,KH-ffw7'f 19? f:,fQ ffy r 1, ff-ffxlg ix - 1 'L N KLOJ ljxflf fNXJQAvf CJ: y fy' ' 57 V 5 5 lj E XZ K :I uv: J K J 3 ,,E,fgE, Q .Jf I f' ,jg fbfdwikfff Qjfirgn f 5' wi' Eiky ,K 4 gml xggw iq Ia Y 1 jg Z f Q 'SH C 9 Q, v i A 5 : , g is 0 V M B an 14 NJ I M 1 tjw ,rx it 7' I, ,N L L- Q' 1- 4- 1-UI: li ok p g? 4, ' QQ fa ' . if 'f a i lpqf 5 Q , . 4-lZg'?!L!! VJ' X ,CL-ax -X3 4 ,-:xxx Ge! W mr fl,-X - 1 f. wh , f 7 ' -.. K1 - 2 . C ,QL Ca.-5 Xmfyxfjw -,gfjyfe-affJ,5f7vf gggifyip K3 if GX'-Xiwf Q51 fx "M W-fllflfll ffsfe. 1 ,I K: X 4' aw X C f 1-55, xxv, 21 H 'aj f::m.:.'f1"" ' i' NN xx ,, ru ,, K N Lf cw I 'V f Us Ynr, ..A,,.., . fi. .Ti 54 J, fl-XXICQF7 x ,jj-5 'bf' 'L '1 Q5 KX, 553' W 39 JW: P5 Q SWKCQQPS W, 6,353 ,N Q K M J Ag 2 'U ' xfvsf 'QS FL A-X, 1' ' " 4 EQ? V 3' J A W HCV? V ' XA flmggqfqvq , 1,m., . . Y fa- ww A 5 QM5 Q X U riff! Qifmt f QS ff W f 92- K X If X 1 If 7 W? I xxx! Q If 'X R ft - ly I I N ,lf If fi-XF KK X X, 4 1 KDXN 'E xlkffx v va X N13 A X ,,, , X . XX- X XXX Ki XX Q in I0 O XXX, H 56 Lyjl, 59 3FX5'ifx13,l?f1i "'3iJi' 'X VM W S32 YW , XN 1 Vf kw K MJ T, UZSSXYQX W' Wx w V 'X' J' A f f K+- 'Wu 9 5 . 'x h 'XP A ,ffff 40 X, f 79 2 NX 'ip ' . 'fwN17'M'xX' ffLf"e 41 4 Igfgfvi-5 Qfff-,.::i fif ' Vw ' ' 1 . "N K ' - -"- if vfwm-' , 1 V m WQIFP N FE' K 1 1?S, n f- ?f' W A fi - - 'Q 'fifeivi-PM X Y llzi HIXIUK SICKII' 102 C'?Xl dFi'9 ,IUNIUR GIRLS ,IUNIKJR IMYS The SENIOR SICKLE1928 m Ya ir-'J President ,....A,.... Vice-President ....,,,, Secretary ..,,,...,.. Treasurer ,....... Marshal ....,.. Adviser ..,,.... Aldrich, Maynard Anderson. Ferdinand Babcock, Marian Babcock, XVarren Bancroft, Ella Louise Bauingarten, XValter Beck, Herbert Becker, Thelma Beebe, Geraldine Beekel, Arthur Beening, Lucile Bertram, Muriel Bone, Marian Bradish, Marie Brittain, Elizabeth Brock, Norman Brown. Marguerite Brown. Marjorie Brown, Mildred Bush, Alice Bush, Clarence Buske, Marie Butler, Ben Camburn, Robert Carlin, Frank Casper, Kenneth Caswell, Ethelyn Christodoulou, Christ Church, Margaret Clement, Geraldine Cockrane, Marion Collins, Bryning Conklin, Orlena Cook, Carroll Coryell, Ruth Covell, XVesley Crandall, Edwin Cultice, Dulcie Currin, Vincent Curtis, Martha Damon, Verga Daniel, Millege Daniel, Ruth Davis, Julia UN IOR CLASS Rav XVETHERBEE Davis, Robert Dempsey, Earl Dempsey, Gertrude Derby, Maitle Dinius, Marie Drager, Richard Drechsler, Dorothy Egan, Richard Ehinger, Eldon Emert, Mildred Everiss, Jeannette Fibiger, Betzy Fish, Dale Fletcher, Ella Foltz, Mildred Frost, Jane Gardner, Alton Gearhart, Paul Gordon, Blanche Grace, Katherine Graham, Margaret Griewahn, Leland Gruel, Donna Guest, Hazel Hadden, Stuart Hamilton, Maxine Hamilton, Ruth Harsh, Robert Hassett, CliFford Hazen. Ruth Hiftline, Helen Hiftline, Lucille Hopper, Fred Hypes, Lucile Itfland, Olen Iveson, Annette Jenkins, Anna Mae Jordan, Donald Joslin, Belmont Kells, Arthur Kelly, Maxwell King, Earle Kulm, Kholetta Kuney, Elwood ,....RAv XVETHERBEE ,XVENDELL PATCHETT ,,,,,.,.FRANcEs XVALQNER ,GERALDINE Srxxccv .,,,,RIk'H.-XRD XV.-XLKER Mas. Jt'L1,x Cixmxs Leininger, Earl Leute, George Limbacher, Frances Little, Sheldon Lutes, Ruth Matthes, Clarence Maynard, George Maynard, Maxine McCarty, Nellie Mae McComb, Virginia McKeighan, George Merillat, Margaret Merrill, Ann Miller, Maurice Millikin, Jack Moeller, Ora Morris, Ernest Morse. James Mulnix, Pearl Negus, Doris Nelson, George Netcher, Evert Nicolai, Agnes Nicoline, Ruth Osborn, Dorothy Parker, Delila Parlette, Annabel Pasko, Alexander Patchett, XVendell Pentland, George Phelps, Frank Phipps, Stanley Prange, Helen Prange, Marie Randall, George Ranger, Alice Reed, Helen Reinhart, Violet Remus. Dorothy Ries. Earl Roberts, Ruth Rockwell, Eloine Roekle, Paul Rogers, Harry Rowley, Howard Scharer, Rockwell Schmidt, Irene Schultz, Helen Schuneck, Charles Seethaler, Agnes Shepard, Bermah Sherman, Ruth Slaytou, Helen Smith, Doyle Smith, Elmer Smith, Mable Spaur, Ethel Stanley, Geraldine Starkweather, Bernn 4 Staup, Bertha Stevenson, Joseph Sword, Irene Towle, Veola Trotter, Ann Tubbs, Margaret Turnwald, Silvera Ulrich, Mildred VanDoren, Elizabeth Vedder, Byron XVagner, Frances XValdron, Vivian XValker, Richard XVeldrick, Alberta XVetherbee, Ray XVitcher, Emerson XVickham, Alice XVilcox, Helen XViley, Marguerite lVillet, Marguerite XVoller, Charles Wright, Gladys XVyatt, Josephine Yeutter, Dolores Younglove, Leroy Younglove, Mary A 0. X 21-d11'1llsF'.g .lf S Q ' N T110 SENIOR SICKLE 1928 arrays S S Y as UN IOR CLASS HISTORY LUVILE HYPES X'f:'iN'l E1"l'liMl5IER thirteenth, nineteen hunmlrecl twenty-six, a throng of fresh- Qt nien, terriiiecl anfl terrifying, entererl the halls of Senior High School. f' NWN At their cunning. the teachers trenihlerl hecause uf reprirts transmitted time Q X - ll u Ph 5 3 - '-. I Z3 1- E Ji v-J I 2. v-J Q 1' Z' G. S s . C Z 'l fb '5 FD T' , 4 -. 35 K? C IZ!" CJ U1 ' FD CC K4 "Q 3 3 1' 0. - - sl- FD "1 Z Li. 'U E ..i .1 'T 5-4 'L' M ,- ,-+ E f'D Cf. C I U .- fi '-4 3 5 ..J fb 1 y Pl! C '-1 I fi? f 'f fb ... ..J E '11 V 'P-5 1-9 fi ,.. r-3 fl? .-0 .-+ f A :s .. r-3 n-3 N L' .-1 et. '-1 3 Q PT U ... r-5 CL- ' ,Z tur class presirlent. anrl Mrs. Cairns for class adviser. As if to atune for previous niistleineanors, we aclclerl several new names tu the Ray lYetherl1ee, our class presiflentg in puhlic speaking, Byron Yeclrler. Christ CllI'lSUJl1tlUllll111. Richarrl ligan, and Ferclinancl Anflersun: anrl in music. Margaret Cliureli. Dale Fish. and Xklarren liahcuek. So, in spite of repurts tn nur detriment. the class of twenty-nine is not without limiur in Aclrian High School. The climax of nur schoul :lays will soon he realizecl. We shall sorm heemne Seniors and shall tinally graduate, leaving hehinrl us our schoul-mates anfl teachers, swine of whfun we may he clestinecl never tu see again. Su here un this printed page, we would welemne the freslnnen-to-he, anfl hid the Seniors gudspeecl. as we turn to the task that awaits us. that uf making our school a hit better and more heautiful heeause we have been in it. 1 T1 ze' SENIQR SICKLE192 vm 4 -rr: x: .Q .,, , . Y --.r Y , ,V my .- X . rs 4 zufiliw' -. -.-5 Al-'gil 2 ,, Q Vq. i , FRESI-IMAX GIRLS FRESHRIAX BOYS Tlzr SENIOR SICKLE 1928 FN f- VU F RESI-IIVIAN CLASS C f Er-waau F1sHEr4 President ...,.......... Vice-President ...,.,., Secretary ............A,. Treasurer ......... Marshal .,..., Adviser ....... .-Xckley, Leland Andrews, Mildred Angove, Bertha Atkin, Grace Baker, Eilene Baldwin, :Xnna Bancroft, Gertrude Bancroft, Letha Barrett, Robert Bassett. Elizabeth Beal, Rachel Bean, Harriet Beaubien, Edith Becker, Leona Beecher, Ruth Benjamin, Doris Betz, Treat Beyer, Ruth Bishoff, Re-all Bly, XYilma Brazee, Mary Brock. ,lames Bugbee. Gerald Bush, blames Buss, Owen Butler, ,lames Carnahan, Dayle Carpenter, Dorothy Case. Richard Caterino, John Cherry. George Church, Marjorie Colbath, Edyth Cole. Lyle Colville. Martha Coon. Margaret Covell, Harwood Cover. Linyard Crandell, Arthur Cultice, Dorothy illiillirfls. llfifvll llartt, Gladys l Jefioofle, Harry llcis, Edwin Dcnilow, Alton Dickingi rn, Gurfloll Dillon, 'Vivian Dowell. Esther Drager, Gorden Dusseau. Harry Engel, Clark Engel, Gladys Faler, Cloyce Faulhaber, Marie Faust, Harold Fisher. Edward Foltz, Margaret Foote, Evelyn Foster, Ruby Francoeur, Deiners Fuller, Alex Gasner, Helen Gearhart, George Gier, Helen Cifrlsf, Earl Greenwald, Carl Gregg, Harold Gregg, John Hagerman, Helen Hallenbeck, Clair Hainbrook. Cleon Hanover, Charlotte Harbaugh, Maxadore Harwick, Clarence Hasley, Myrtle Hazen, Russell Hechinger, Gertrude Higgins, Dorothy Hillzert, Esther Hill, Frances T-Iill, Mabel Hoeft, Gittord Hohler, Edward Hoisington, Margaret Hoover, Dorothy Hyder, Helen Hyder, Ruby lFflanrl, Alice lnglehart, Paul James, Leona jenne, Helen Jessup, lean -lohnson. Pearl Judson. Clarence Kanipa, Leslie Keeber, Doris Keinath, Marshall King, ,lessie Kishpaugh. Charles Knisely, George Kolz, Theodore Lanipson, Gerald Lowry. Beth Luke. Miilma Mack, Edward Marrow. Raymond Matthes, Donald Matthes, Roy Maybee, Cecile Mc.-Xulitte, Darrell McKeighan, Lucia McKinnny, Harlon Meyers, Lillian Miller, Henry Minster,'Helena Mitchell. Robert Moeller, Anna Moore. Paul Murphey, Floyd Myers, Charles Xash. Marvin Near, Roberta Yichols. Lenore Pfister. Medford Pifer, Yictor Punches. Sanger Randolph, Dorothea Ream, Ruth Retter, Robert Richards, Genevieve R-aback, Pauline Roberts. Fern Robertson, Anna Ross. Marjorie Russell, Oscar ...,Erwv,xRu F1sHER .......RAcHEL BEAL ,....Hi2XRv BTILLER Gisoaor GEARHART EDKYARD M.xcK Iss BEVERLTZ Ruth, Frances Ryan, Paul Santose. Eleanor Sauter, Paul Savage. Irene Schneider. Evelyn Schulz. Kathryn Schultz, Ctlga Scroggie. Ruth Seethaler. Frances Shank. Joseph Shaw. Dorothy Slayton, Andrew Smith Smith. Srnith, Smith, Sniith, Smith, Doris Elinor Haflfrld Helen Lewis Robert Snyder. Arthur Spaur. Helen Stetten. Cecelia Sweet. Hazelle Taylor, YX'anda Tompson. Eadon Towle. Leslie Tubbs. Frazier Tubbs, Rc-bert YanDoren, Mildred 'X'anEtten. Sylvia XYard. Thurman lYard. Mayne XYarner. Eolah M'ebster, Ruby XYhitehead. Dora YYilcox, Ruth Miillett, Kenneth YYillitts. Alice Xllsierner. Caroline lYoerner. Laverne lYood. Robert Wooden, Dorothy The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 CW W5 F RESHMAN CLASS HISTORY RACHEL BEAL V 2: ' E, the class of nineteen thirty, entered Senior High School last Septeiuber with a strong deterinination to do our best. In Junior High we attained a high standard in scholarship and it has been our aiin to keep this record. We showed our versatility when we chose our studies for the year. Some if gif of our nienibers turned to Music, some to Public Speaking and still 7k 'T . . . . . - . . . . f W 5 others to Athletics. Doris Benjamin distinguished herselt in music as she E7 ', 'ix S of was the only Freshman to be a principal in the Senior High School Uperetta. Eleanor Santose was chosen to represent Adrian in the sub-district declainatorv contest at Blissiield, where she placed third. Many of the boys entered the Held of Athletics and received their triple XYavne Hard and Paul Sauter in Football. and Clarence ,Iudson in Basketball, have the big to their credit. Even some of our girls did the required work to gain the coveted letter. The girls of our class took an active part in the Girl's Pep Society, which undertakes to help support the organizations of the school. In -lanuary we organized our class and elected the following oliicers: Edward Fishei '...., .....i,...,.... P resident Rachel Beal ......, ...... X 'ice-President Henry Miller .....,. ..,......t.,. S ecretary George Gearhart ,..i.. .,...., 'I' reasurer Edward Mack ...r.......... ..,..,...... 1 Iarshal Miss Norma Beuerle ..,,,.. ..,.. C lass Adviser In reviewing our accomplishments for the year, we wish to put above all else the fact that we have niade an effort to do our best, and we hope that we have won from our superiors a respect that will stay with us through our graduation. -Iune 1930. ,fV, , The SENIOR SICKLE192 GW ' WN ,w LLL. I4 M 0 w M l 2 4, E 35:-WM T F? A E i A ,421 V J , Ak X., mb 'f- I QL , fn.: , -if Q ' Y If W 4 5-2 . " 2? , 'Ig " 21, i 'Q T 4. i 'B . X 1 A- .. -,gs ,- f m4,f"':4 ' -' I V M . ,VA - ' 2' 'ff' A- "' ' G 4 : ' V 43 -, ,. ,fjfj wx - ff? 9134 I ,wr I 2 fa 1 ,ff ef ,E 1 ,Z xx ,7 if A X 4' ' a X 1 jg 4 N 49' Kr X Thr SENIOR SICKLI-21928 Cam-7' H' - WY ' - 77 mg iiiiif. I ' -f ., ,,,, 1 l A ' , 'AW. ' 5 ff' iff' tif fl f "': riff? 5:5 A'1" 1' - "-. f "fl '- - - if: .jg ?:5Q,jf1-' Q' il it - ..-' 5 .-5.515 hi .iii Lg ' - ' .T 'iw if ggi?-?f3fif1g,f'+iQ41 TI ir?r5rf'f ' X,-R iv-1,v.Ak-,'!-xx.,.,:l-,,QQg.'EkvFA.. iBZ?3:1Qv..:gg? If-:S - - K.. , .2 .- .Aww , -Tr: --I Ff,,f,Jjk.jZ-:faY,f.4If3 ' .Q-Q51-,NX:Q.,.f , 1 , X H ,. -12.0:-5sgflgfiaggyci-':f12+Qg.q?-S,1sf, -611.33 lgifff a ,Q . - M---gf'T'5'fR.4rfl'S4'5I,?' gl 55' fffff- ,A x + ITF. K ing! X 5 L - i - M - X -gage' "E Q51 Q ' M Q-ff P' f f 5'55f'!'- X f X " ff-,. ?,?: f??22 sigif ff! Wxmrnki, 1 KRW - -Y-4-- - fv-A-'LA -A -'YVV'VVV'vW'.f5A7Nfffv.xl7 C' ' ' "" IIUEBJFVF5 t U . A I' ' fu '-'-1 A --' - -Q-V-- f-xffavf- - -N..g. .,L,.g.15713 EY H 7-igiwiiilgq " 'rv -' i n mamma - ' 5 9 ' Q X . ' 1 , Wie " U U F? . ' V X- A 4 - ' .agffgw v Q , r EQ . ywgygv rw nwugi waz: U1 U o are-715795351 563 ' 6g3l'ZA."EI1 M29 n S4-0-0-4 U Sieiif' v ii fofogi :QSM wif as 4: Ai:-ee .9 4 m!imlimlBviiv1ihm'if'5'G1:4E 935-8368 io'ev'1uLl'! n: Q Q nvxmzumnxeuumsii?-f.a W 4'0"' :AAF-Y' 0 " 1 6" Wifi - . gimme' J ' 0 I ' WP-ss? ' ' 9 ff vim mf :mira H ff' v W E WM ' ' " 'A """'M EZTTOWTFNH -fl ' ar. Z4 c M Hlh age. rwmgzmmmzn-qlhxzbhggva B+. Bmnummbif-19,1 mgm mm isufgen tae-553 nu mgzmne51ig'g,5f,Q-5512 WBlBWB'4EHf:91.. 9 .Ha-'A-2'1' v- :innmfaz4cimn13f'3f?555221313 14EllUV4DB ' '93 P-O -0.0-0 as-IH-.H-as 5.0 .0 .0.Q F-93-B-8 . .0 . as-O95-as-as iam? ETWBLEKUHQ fi Qyggfpigigg Il Q' A QQ: Q -1 I I 'ef v. , . -1- rv: 3 :n:nm:v:v:q:f2v'.fs-1-:.-sc:r.,:p:QY.:a:I,-2 ffisx. DT. fjb:ce0 's u v fm ' .fx 'x NIH Wx H I 5 xx W I f 4 ' W Q - . . K 1-Hn? 1 Y I. - I'lr.1!ls!4F1.4ll::l14gEX 'kg FP13, I ' 1 bn W :Q 9 I qv X P . .- .-?if7Za:'.3:fif - ggmnmpxurgsif. I , iii? .. IJ U v Y , UU UU mon - :J .+:+t xgnqlgu-1519514 ofoi 'Y X 'AAFP W m Yo ro r, YA' x Ill 010. ' HI I LJL-JgJLs ' X rgwydr, 5: JW ill mm s4LoJ Q x Q V' 7:72 ll ll X X n Z1 v X Or 4 ' 'Win' w A 1:17 Q . Q , EE, 1 'I' lj 'K 2 71 .gg K X QL '-7' AU 1: QE' -' .' I , ' ' ' " 1! v l'- . ' 4 FEQQJ 'Q '-TL - f -r ' - 'QB IQ "-1A.1 ' . . Kb.. - -- - 1 ' "-' - ':-swab gk ' . , 'V ' A4 'Q' '5'57!L7..., X ggjkg. Q ' 7: :af-22eE-.fff-fiffsi X ' 4, -' l r Wnq X E 1, - . 'fx' .px if i ., F V I v ,L . I s xdk. ...., Q- K: 1 1 L, I yu aj 9 6 ff f ' me N Lf V '02 X ' -1.Lm--wasvGJ1Ti3'f1itff2f"s5 ' Il,. Nm ,! , ' a ' ,ax .,.,-.'...- ...., ,. ,..., , I .. . ,L ,H . , g -Miva.3455--.x-Q:--?"nZw,4'f.2v'.f5Q-:115..Yfgfgfl-ja ,f1,.--"-ga' rv, 1 V , f.. , -, . , , , . . .. -. J I . X'-ry,.fir-L'.'J.---Lv g.p1155.:'-.::?'1ig,.3-'ft-.-Ju---:-,:!.u':,.!F--.-.:.'f,:,L--if ,. Q., .,.. . , . .. , I V X M .. . . A.--fi:f.ax1:.n3'f1-.'.igii'f.if r V V-' '-'12-,'-K'-f? '.'- U5 '.'-3 L" "'5-"3"'-'.'-'I'..7'r'"""'. '.'-i - nam ' l X 11:53zszsri:-:Qfi:5.Qa wk-r,-f..---.ww --Y f - I XX X X .. -wiffN"-:"'.--:'2f:.::-Q'-2' .Lg efiif-'.-Qj.:.' .A-, :x.', --."."---'-,':':i:.v . .--.ursf---.-.-.:g :Ling A w Q X "'!f.1pi13.A .5-if -75 '7' " ' "" " ' g , N , - X I .,, ,..,, -v 17' X, .-, g S . -,giff':,g55i,:5:1g14f-Q'-5, . x Z'l,'Q1:'1 ,-xl , L ll . , p r N UW -J TJ. ', Fg 'Vi " -'.'-'T'-""' '.. '- U 'eb"- 1' A .- -v A --: -, np .-2 - H '- A ' I, N f , -,'I'.',--f- ' AL "' " ' rs' . In C ,V If ..-.-... . 1 3:22 r ' LEM. X js.-2, I 'f '+ wglrf x. ,-ng' Q. '?,.w f y . I . I ,fu-1'-I ',. -Tj' ' 'ff' ' fin. 3" K'Zf'g'j MJ- -ff ' A in .lf ' 3 vyzqw' .l,AvxI:5v --V1 :fd A-,R I A e A-."f: C ' ff:-f-i .w ,. ' 41. 'N , ,- '2'iz', 1,1 '--'1f""-.1 25' Ng, 'fl . . .b , b -a ., . 4 -I. ' - -'v'WQv Y? .M -'fv 1. ' .. 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T1 bENIJR SICRLEI 8 SCHQOL BOARD ff SENIOR SICKLL 1928 mf - ,rw ze SENIOR SICKLE192 'YN lF'J EI El El El EI El E El EI III El m m mr' E Q I T I zr SENIOR SICKLE192 rw- - am IIIEIEIE EI EIEIDDUEEIDEI EJ EIEEJIBEIEIIQEJ QQEEGGQ 1 1 V ' El El I3 EEIEIEI EE EIEU EE III Q za SENIOR SIQIXLIL 192 FX YF'-' Q ?,., ,--..---LJ" 'S - , ,. A--V Tliv SENIOR SICKLE1928 C511 IFJ NWS: 1341 J nf , 1 MW ffq lad ,V . - s- i .-E31 Eylllrollili ,Wx SENIOR PLAY HE annual Senior Play, "Seventeen," by Booth Tarkington, was given at the .-Xrmory. the evening of May 18. lt is the tragedy of XYilliam Sylyanus Baxter that he has ceased to be sixteen and is not yet eighteen. Seventeen is not an age, it is a disease. In his heart, XYilliam knows all the tortures and delights of lore. But he is still sent by his mother on errands of the most humiliating sort and depends on his father for every nickel. the use of which he must justify before he gets it. "Silly" Bill fell in love with Lola. the "Baby-Talk Lady," a rapid Hirt. To woo her in a manner worthy of himself land of her! he steals his father's evening clothes. lYhen his wooings become a nuisance to the neighborhood. his mother steals them back. and has them let out to at the middle-aged form of her husband, thereby keeping XYilliam at home. But when it comes to the "Baby-Talk l,ady's" good-bye dance. not to be present was unendurable. Now XX'illiam again gets the dress suit. and how he wears it at the party. land Genesis discloses the fact that the proud garment is in reality his father'sl makes up the play, The cast of characters consisted of 2 Mrs. Baxtei '...... ...... . .. .. . .... ...Grace Shultz Mr. Baxter. .i................,.... ..... ' lohn :Xrmistead XYilliam Sylyanus Baxtei '... ., .......s, XYilliam Flynn ,lohnnie lYatson... .........,..... ....... I Qichard Camburn 'lane Baxter ,,..,.,,... ,..,..,.. E dna Dorner May Parchei '.... ...i. K largaret Chew Lola Pratt. ,.,. ...... S hirley XYilson henesis ....... ,,..... G eorge Davis -loe Bullitt ...... ...,... R obert Swift Mr. Parche' '...... .. ,Eugene Powell George Crooper ..... ...... A lfred Merrill Ethel Boke ........ ........ L eona Powell XYallie Banks .... ........ H oward Higgins Mary Brooks .,.. ,.,.. K larjorie Francoeur The play was directed and the cast drilled by Miss Eggstaff. and we extend to her our appreciation for its success. Thr SENIOR SICKLE 1928 7511 we As -ss ss s ss s uw BACCALAUREATE Baccalaureate Services, the lirst eve11t 111' CU!11l11Cl1CCl11C1'lt Week, were attenflefl hy the Senior Class the evening nf -lnne 10, at tl1e fX1'1nnry. The lieverenfl Albert li:111Hi111a11 rleliverefl an inspiring arlrlress 111 the nienihers ul' the graflnating class ol 1928 an1l their friencls, SENIOR SEND-OFF The class uf 1929 entertained tl1e Seninrs at the Zllllllllll Senrl-Htl' on the evening uf 'lune ll. The lnanquet was helrl at the 3TZirlI11lC Temple anrl an unusually pleasing prugrztni was enjuyecl lay tl1e guests. The remainrler uf the evening' was spent in rlancing. CLASS-DAY The annual Class-Day exercises were helfl at the A1'n111ry the evening uf .lnne 13. A pleasing program was given hy the graflnates during which the Seniur Gavel was presented to the Presirlent uf the class nf 1929. COIVIIVIEN CEMENT Cwniniencenient exercises were helcl the evening of -lnne 14, at the Arinory. D11ctf'11'.'la111es li. Ti1lIl1ll11ClSO11, mf the L'niversitv uf Michigan, cleliverecl an nitnsnally line arlrlress. The cliploinas were presentefl to the class hv Superin- tenrlent Ll. H. Griffey. WASHINGTGN Menilners nf the Senior Class, nnlnhering about 120. left for XV3.Sl1ll1gIO11, May 23, The class was especially furtnnate this year as the trip was plannecl so that Blljlllflfllll clay eunlcl he spent i11 XYZl5l1lllQt011. After four days of sightseeing the class l'C111l'l1C1l, feeling that the trip harl heen worth while. The SENIOR SICKLE1928 TWU em S 9 --' ' o O Q -JoF"' 5 gf, sf- 511 'a F332 5 ..' I sf" M. W .. , ,-, -, ., ., . qpng usd! I . - - 1' Q0 "G 0' 3 , S w 8 21 0 fi fy : 1 I aonawo Q - - V R .. as-' v 0 1 ,. I , y gf'Qf Kish Y K r- g I' Wim 43' 3 QU- F5 , ' P3 , 4Q.QQfw,," .Qf 5 2 :Qt 'Q 'QQ -: 4 ., -Q I'-ll V Q O a U Q 'lg W 9 as W . 155' AW, 1 -I ,B ' :" " x ff Pi . ' X ' O U' ,N '.' vrv 'T " in g.g.3's?N 1 , 455 P xvlpig Q 1, 1 1, Q61 f l ... -L ,O Q fig . 0 1,-. P I - - + ww .- 1, 8 . ex I :I .A + 6: F1 ': Q Ii ,N 0 D Q3 5 A al i! '3 msn . n H , -, his K 'ifxmnm ws u . ggi., ami A M . , ..f- xg.-.pwlb-.,r. 1.,,:l' ,, I ll., -' W"',Q29 f'. ' .iw ' df - ' if1:-2252'-5fi1-I-'EEj.-Q-5i?i1'2-Er!-I-Q.iqiff -'.-Q ...fir .009 5 G -f.l:f4f.ff-A.17if"' "'. 2'2:.fzf2.ffJs22Tf2" 5:2-5 .A'. 1 I 'Q-'S:T'j-ik" -1'Z?:'.::g'ril" 4 A 5 Mfyig I f aa . A2:11f-I-1rQ-LM I-'ji'-27 'x',- if' 'fri' I111:-2'-1:-'1r'2.2.2:1'-.ifz " " ij iffQigf-'g1IfQg?:,-. ' EV? A '.'- E .. I5I7f51'5'5'45.1'f'f1.5122 Qifiilff- fffiff :zfjfflfi'5fiQr2i2fi 'ffi5i2'fT5ff . ff A,'- ifffliilnif ,, . 711 wlNI4Jlx SIKKII 1428 WF.: .4 Z Z T110 SENIOR SICKLIQ 15125 C711 f -- - ' - V Y - 1-H f-,- V -- f FW I -lhf 1 ,' -' xx 5 - ,, .... - , dx, 1 1 1,555 .Q s. L' if 1 ' L Q . ln . i " 1 f " f Ulflflflilii C1,lZ'iCll.... , , , .. ,,,, , Faculty Rlauagcr ffl. l.ust- Student Manager . liflwiu Cleincui Ciaptain .. ,, .. , ,,,,.. ., Kenneth XYariigr VARSITY MEX Xlbnclell Patch-:tt Stanley Phipps, , Paul Sauter ,,,, Kenneth XYarncr Gcurge XYagner, ,latncs Klwrsn, ,, Norman Br-sick. , Stuart Klcphail, lxrwy Yuiiliglfwc, r Captain 1 ,,,,, hlwhn ,laspur .,,,.. ,,,, ,... . Christ Cltristou-'lu XYilhur YYillnmx' Frank Carroll... ,, XYayue XYarw'l ,,,.,.,. Flu-rinan lllwuclr, Ray XY-fatliurlwec ul- lu. ifaptainaelcct I. . TRlPl,lf l rank Phelps Bryningt Uillins Vlwhn Vaughan Fclwarcl Fisher K1-nn:-tli Meeker Clitifwrcl Hassett llcnry Klillvr lrthur Suyrlcr lloyle Smith lflmzr Fmitlv Xlfrwl Merrill lflcli iii lfhingur FOUTBALI MEX SCHl2DL'l,li Sept. 2-1 Clintun , .. .. U 'Ht-re ,, ,, ,, Sept. Sli! Blissfiulfl .. It -Herr . Oct, S Ann Arhwrw ., Zi' -Ther: Gut. 15 XYya1idwttc .... 19 -Thurs Uct, 22 Rwyal Oakn, filct. ZS Ypsilanti ,,,. X-lv. 4 Hillsdale ,. N-w, ll Rl-wrcnci New. 23 Rl'-iir-.fu , lf' Al-WT: f- -Thurs rl -There 0 -Here V' -Thvre 5.1 lfufl Hal flsaulg Halihaclq Halfhaff-Q . Fulllwflcl: Qua rtcrlwafl: Lyle Cllr Richarll Xlfilkur Stanley KlfXvil l.uslic Harris , lint' l-.itil Taclslc Tacklt' . Guzirll Ccutwr ,fluaril Guaril ,Guaril ,TacY:lt- 11-lrll-in l liclciuswn lflitus Rlt-rrillat , Xmlriazi ,, Xflrian , ,, Xllrzan .,,.X1lrian , flulrifni Xfl'i'ui P, iiXilri:.zt , .Xtlrian Xilriaiw ,Q -xv 4 A..-f if fs. ,-- "11. -. .Rv '. 19'-.1 f. . , . A' y ,me .,,. . 9 4 .w . ,za 1 - ' ir Pfrlf ' ff' ' .Yi -, . .f, l .5 .- N... .Y . -. r ,. ,., 1 .,..,. . Us . . Ut , 1,41 'X'-., Y ..- 1xU'. '.,1l . 'K 555 if-T f'-1,323-, ,' V " " rg.: .GN 79- yj.i3,f'sf. . . ..,, .1 ,,?gv'6vs,i:.....Q..g. 51 Qian.. 13?-'Q-1. " .1-'ig '-.:g,,.-r-19.5 ' : 2, ",. Q- I ' . V . .3 4 -la.-'FN ' . ' Qu:- -. ,gn .,fg.f.f -- . .TAN ., .. v. :,. 'sl fm. -img A if f -'FI 1 1 da -M ' . .IM v ,fr 'lggx ' elif ., Q' . V girflx-I4'735?'1f2i"Q ' ,-3 U' V f' 'L' 1 '7'1q'fg, -, V ., .- -, .f:' , - ' V I , N, . r , . ,fell . . 'g-31" P,'fJ1:.'4-1i.. T ' LQ' '4' 'f V 4-'K' . 1.- ,qf -. FL 1 -xg.,-, 335. ' , rf". .- ' '-2.3. . - 5i:?2'L5',, ff' ' ' ',- A. ., , Q ' ,Ig r. ,I .,-j..- - -4 :L . 5- . '14 5 - 1 . "f'j2'55Y-5'7'r4'gJ-.2-A.Z'E!:"y1.5 1 .., 1, ,. . ,1c'.,'2gp ,, H fg -1-""' -- ' .h-,, '.",'0:f ,f." fa' 4 " ' , ,,,:4-4 -. ' 5 1'-aff mi-M . , , ., rc. tl , , , 4.1, , A ,- ' -. 7 '... -'arf .' -"df 3 -. . ...,.1'r'.-A , . ,f.-'-:- - . VW, f'fQ.r-9'-if-?"'-, 1 H. -'r 1 Mlm' 'W'-:'rq.v1':. ' '1 -11' A ' 'yr' ..'..-.""-,'- f.,. - .Lg q.. -- f"1,.' 1, --af Q H '-.ICU ..,, . -s 'Z'IGH:-.1-1' .- -: ,.. -f-- ', X 'f -1'.',-.-'- 'g ,ja ' :,g.,. '- - 'j'.ll-2:1113-4, fvfflfz ,.Y'Q'ry'Sg'., H..f N':35.7., mfg., I- ,-uf . ' - ,I Q .. - ' 41:-1 ' tg., ,. .4 . V 5,-Y, ,. .AHL f. "2 ' f L' Q'755"Z3"-3"'3' ' .2 .-.' f '-'Q 'ji .f,"LJ .'!:' :F ' -".' 7 " . 129: ,L 1 tif- .l'ff.1::- . ' ' sf. Axifyffgzbj fm, 4, ga . N 5 La-'.fWf'g , ni'-'r ' s lf. ' , Q: . 7-.-'Jo'-'ktri 9, JL. -'3Tggfg7f, " .JW-" 1' ' f2?f,'fJ"1f2,: -A ,. , , L45 '9-fl.,-' t:'?f-,Vx ,. . -: ff 1 f 'fs1t," ,.Lff :5.l., f' .. , J ' 'P7fW-':1.fC'9i F?"'V" 7',fV:,'f' .,,"' f' ,- 'rn' -a . 1' ' w4!g.,-'n,-z-,-,,14.,- w , -V ,,- f ,Af -ffl.-.21 5 . ..f'--e-11:5 52. -- , . 'I 'JJ' . -f 4' 4. ',,f.-153.-,ggglfiu lg.: fy K 1 ' ' 'A "':3f'f'1?s1a,f-,fi:,.1e!'.1Qif-1 . ?w'f'g v. Y 1 -, ,4:.lpfA.,. ' --,-fl1f.,'IZ-Viv: 1 I 'f , k I .1 fw. .4 J!-1-:', ,'4-..- . xuflu, . ,,,, I 992-12 L-1. . . 'Y I . , f X ,, 3 .- p , -, 5. - V ,'i4 , H" .1 -. w5gg:.g,.. , . .q .,,.. , ,,. .- v r fe, . 4. 'f 5, ,, 1 f' ,' gf-'51 . wc, gf. ' u - . .-,- . sz, f uf' 7111 NINIHIX HICIxII1"o C751 IK' The SENIOR SICKLEflU2S WHT f IPP? FOOTBALL Lvxx HaLsrEAD NW 22 'I OOTBALL practice started one week prior to the opening of school with approximately forty candidates aspiring for places on the squad. XYith Kf'SWRVf a well-balanced schedule of nine games, the team, led by Captain XYarner. won four. tied one, lost four and outscored their opponents by af f 5 fifty-three points. 2 with 2 as KL W, to "1 .. 0-1 .. .av .. '4 O rc 2 v-J FD f"t .. 1' 4 L v-J FD - r-J : s. r-J H Q .J Z 4 , v F E - Fu' "1 F? D L. . .. FD ,L ,. o FD "1 fb U. :T 7, P? U. r-? 7 fb E' : o fb P, 0 ra H r-1 .. fi W 1 - Pav , ' , . , . '5:i'LlNw 9? TVith two weeks spent in conditioning and on fundamentals, the season handled themselves capably and although a few breaks in etiquette were made. their initial debut into the football season was a marked success. .-Xdrian 45. Clinton O. Blissfield. an old rival, came here September SO. :Xlthough they were county champions in 1927 and again this year, they were forced to acknowledge the super- iority of the Blue and XYhite. Adrian 20. Blissneld 6. On October Sth with visions of a victory over an old enemy. namely Ann Arbor, the team went to that city. Among these visions of victory. it is quite evident that there were others, which pictured them as playing the Cniversity. In the first half, Ann Arbor scored four touchdowns and did not allow Adrian to score at all. In the second half. with any delusions gone which they might have had. the team came back and played a sterling brand of ball. .-Xnn Arbor was outplayed and held scoreless. while Adrian made one touchdown. Adrian 6, Ann Arbor 27. Besides defeating Adrian. Ann Arbor seemed to have given us bad luck. for in the next two encounters. the team also met defeat. XYyandotte won 18-O and Royal Oak conquered by a margin one point larger. Royal Oak 19, Adrian O, On October 28th the team with a rejuvenated spirit traveled to Ypsilanti and reentered the winners' column by trouncing Ypsilanti 19-6. The next game was at Hillsdale with whom Adrian had not played the last few years. XYith a minute to play and Adrian leading 6-O. fate intervened and allowed Hillsdale to tie the score at six all. when an Adrian punt was blocked. Morenci came to Adrian November ll and as the score shows, this was little more than a practice session. although the Seneca team never gave up. Adrian 43. Morenci O. XYith Morenci disposed of, preparation immediately began for the big event of the season, the annual clash with Monroe. Considerable interest and excitement was shown by the students and football enthusiasts of both Monroe and Lenawee counties. with a large delegation going to Monroe from this city. The game took the aspect of one of the Ten" games. Monroe was repre- sented by a band and our own school band also took part. The sidelines and bleach- ers were Iilled. the cheering was organized and the team rivalry was keen. The contest itself brought forth no spectacular playing but developed into a game in which both teams showed that spirit of determination, which is character- istic of the bulldog. Taking the offense in the first minutes of play. Adrian worked the ball well down the Field but lost it on downs. From then on the ball seesawed from one end of the Field to the other. with Adrian taking the defensive most of the time. Monroe scored a iield'goal in the second quarter and a touchdown in the third quarter, giving the Red and XYhite a 9 to O victory. As a conclusion to the season Coach Miller arranged a series of inter-class football games, in which the Juniors carried off the honors. I0 KLIQ 1'42 VN F'-W Wil T11 4' S ENI OR SICKLE 1028 1 -v ::+5f2ri2'gfT4V.qiiff-,vffsfffQffiifzfiif' -41 i'1'5zIf'i 'ff 2: 11 lQfff'f5Z 1:,:zf5i.3j,gQ23531352EL-553337-1- -xx . 4 4 - -611.5 2: if . ' - 5155123 .FTW x, " 'i - Lgfflff, A - -- " f . Q f 'fgfi?5 1 ' V 1' HW ' . E , hx .J j L1-13:5-Lf" -.', .',,, fp i -, - ' 'vim-gli, ', ff' 1 . -. .. '.- ,-',- -.-1- . H P La I lv v -, ., , . , ', I .- OFFICFRS Cnaclm, , , ,. , A. K, Milll-r ls?-lkflllfj' Manager ,A ,, R. H. l.n5v Student Klniizigur -Lylni liixwp Capfalllb- V , , win ilvnivnl FIRST TEAM Suager Rollzw-iii, ,, CL-iitur XYilbnr lYilliinn' tinzml ,lanics Nurse., ,, .. irxxzml lfrlwin Cla-incnt lfziptaiiil lniqml Glen Mull, . , ., ll"i'C2lI'4l Clarence Jiiclsnii. ,..,,., . , , linzml llfnclell Patclictt ffaptaiii-cluct I iiwxzml SFCGXD TEAM Ray XYctl1urlwcQ,, ,, . , , Cwgillvr liunnetli XYnriiui' tinzirrl Flflyql Mllrpliy . irwilrrl fiwrgc Mclipigli .. irwzml lfqlwurcl Fislicr . irxxgnwl lnnis Sniitlim irnzml lim'-'irge Gcarlizlrt , . ii'xx.gr4l R-'hurt Swift, flgiitf,-r Paul Sautur. , ., ,. . , , linzml B,XSKl2'l'BALl- SCIIEIBFLE live. 'P l.anil1ertx'illc, , ,, ,, ., .,.,.,,,..,, 14-Hcrc . . ,Xilrinn M7 Dec. 11- Dundee , , 11-llvrv .Xflrizni -U Dec. 23 Scntt Higli 42-'l'ln'rc fxflrizin 35 Jan. ri Hillsdale Fr-isli IN-HL-rr fxilriziii S1 Jan. 13 .Xnn :Xrhnr .il-Hcru ,Xfll'l2lll l-1 Jan. ZH Ypsilanti.. 22-ililinrc ,Xrlrian 23 vlan. Z7 lirfwsse Pnintc, ., JS-Huw ,Xilrian 40 Fclw. 3 lff-rflsmi ..,., .. , , 2-1-'l'liL-ru .Xflrizln Sf'- Fcli. lll Kloreiicin 19-Hrru .Xwlrizin -17 Frli. 15 Ft. ,lml1n,,, ZS -flvrc Aflrian 44 FL-li, ll Alumni.. .. I-ZWHL-ru , ,-Xilrinn ZS Fch. Z4 Pniitiacn V JS -'liln-rv ,Xiirifln 33 Mar. 3 -l?lCliSl'll1.. , ,. , 31-'lilwry Xllriun lf' 3-lf! --v -110 ,M..,,,f Il14SliNIOR SICKI1'1'J 7 WN -Y IF'-W .... 5 'Wim' The SENIOR SICKLSE 1928 fm - --A - A-JT3' BASKETBALL LYNN I-IALsT12AD E W QO.-XCI-I MILLER issued his call for basketball men earlier than usual 'LA this year, to which thirty men responded including six letter men, which served as a nucleus for the team of 1927-28. From these men a smooth working machine with a powerful offensive was developed and com- pleted a most successful season. The team was led hy Captain Clement S 1 ul? 2 - fs -- . . , 7 W 'Q 413 points to their opponents 340. The schedule called for two games before the Christmas holidays. namely with Lambertville and Dundee. which were won by overwhelming scores, Lambertville going down to defeat 67-14 and Dundee 47-11. On December 23, the team met its first real test of the season when they jour- neyed to Toledo to play Scott I-Iigh. .-Xdrian's short passing' attack did not functior so well on the large door and after a hard fought game. the laurels were conceded to Scott. Adrian 35-Scott High 42. The Hillsdale College Freshmen were the team's next opponents and they furnished real opposition with a margin of only three points representing the differ- ence in play. Adrian 31--Hillsdale 28. January I, Ann Arbors crack team came here and proved that our small "gym" was no handicap for them. The game drew a capacity crowd. Although Adrian met defeat. it was a most interesting and well-played game. Seeking revenge. the team found it in Ypsilanti where the issue was decided in Adrian's favor by a free throw, after the score had been tied at 22 all. 1-Xdrian 23-Ypsilanti 22. The team was now rounding into form and when Grosse Point came here Adrian soundly trounced her 49-28. Fordson was next in line and although playing on their own floor they fell 38-24. On February 3. Horenci was entertained here. and Adrian proceeded to in- crease its number of victories over that school hy winning 47-18 in a slow and uninteresting' game. Y Owing' to a break in the schedule two games were scheduled with local teams. 'On February 15. the St. hIohn's church, leading team in the Sunday School League. was beaten 44-28. On February 21, the Alumni furnished the opposition in a most unusual and exciting game. As the final whistle blew the score was knotted at 22 each and it was necessary to use two overtime periods to down the old graduates 28-24. 1Yith only one game remaining before the tournament. the boys traveled Un Pontiac where they met a better team and lost 33-38. Adrian drew -Iackson as its opponent in the tournament, but was not destined for state honors. Jackson was runnerup in the state and defeated Adrian 31-19. The second team deserves much credit tor the success of the first team this year. Games were scheduled with local and out-of-town teams and were played as preliminaries. The team showed to its best advantage at Toledo when they played the Scott High reserves. In the closing minutes of play Adrian was leading by a scant margin of one point. Taking the defensive side of play and exhibiting some unusually line work at stalling. they held their lead until the final whistle. As in football a series of inter-class games was played which ended in a three- way tie. each team winning and losing one game. and the boys won nine of their thirteen games accumulating a total of T110 SENIOR SICKLE IWZ C731 0159 fff ,- 5? ,"'9' . ,BQ The SENIOR SICKLE 1928 WPA' 3 e WJ BASEBALL NFQQWY EATHER conditions prevented the haseball squad from getting on the diamond until late this spring, and Coach Luse was compelled to have the squad practice in the gynmasium and on the Junior High playground. -0 MN ...- 'J "1 FD W W -f ... r-I FD -1 FD 'AJ '-1 FD an F? ... . I :fi 'I FD UQ SU ..- -J -J F0 Cl, r'Y' K' FD ,.. XJ ... D ' 1 FD D.. :3 r-I FD r'f FD CJ ..- n-3 v-3 2. v-J I" ..- U7 ,-P, FD -1 ,.. ... s . P- 7, 1 4 S ..i "V n F- ... X Up to the time of the lirst game. activities were confined to the limhering X . Y . - . Sl 5 up ot muscles and a small amount ot heldmg. , . , Ss, X1 "'-QUAYQQ-H HKD ' 'E-L ' Q f:-:QQ i -,3-l51:5'fK , , . G.-iff by ?- A schedule of ten games was arranged and at the time this article goes to games and lost one. They have garnered forty-six hits and accumulated thirty-1 ine runs. while the opponents have made thirty-six hits and scored twenty-nine runs. The pitching of XYetherhee and Evilsiser has heen impressive and the indications for a most successful season are very good. The first tilt of the season was with Morenci, April lO. Considering the amount of practice the team had had, they did all that was to he expected of them. Although they hit nearly as well as Morenci. they could score but once. Morenci 9. Adrian l. The next game was at Ypsilanti and as other athletic contests with Ypsi have been, it was closely contested. The outcome was always in doulit except in the fourth inning when they pushed across the plate six runs. Ypsilanti lO, Adrian ll. May -l. the team went to Fordson where Evilsiser for seven innings held the opposition to four hits. while his mates were driving out eight. Fordson 5, Adrian 5. Plaving in the county again, Adrian went to Tecumseh where they proceeded to scalp the Indians, XYetherhee pitched an excellent game and allowed only three hits, although hoth he and Evilsiser. who relieved him in the final stages of the game. showed symptoms of wildness. Tecumseh 3, Adrian 9. Playing a return game with llorenci in their first time at home. Adrian avenged the previous defeat and increased their consecutive victories to four. Bright spots of the game were the hitting of Phipps, who is now leading hitter of the team. and a home-run hy Patchett. Morenci -l, Adrian 5, BASEBr-XLL OFFICERS 'Coach and Faculty Manager .,,,,., ...,, . , ..., .R. O. Lust: Student Manager., ., , ,,.,. ,..,. D lrxxtiis KTORSE 'Captain ,, ,..i...,,,,r. H, ,, H, , , ,,.,,., Wtturiz XYILLNOXV Fnzsr TEAM SECOND TEAM Phipps ....., ,,... , ., 3 B ..., ,.,.,...... V T. Butler Patchett .,.,,,, ,,,,, , SS . ,, Putnam XYetherbee ,.,, ,..,. P , RF ,, Drager Hoisington i,.,.. .... 1 B .... ..... H -weft XVarner ..,,, , . ..... CF ....... .... F 1'6tW'S1l Sauter w--wAA,Vv 1 ,,.w,, ,A,,, C , RF ..,, Johnson Evilsiser ,,,,,.,....., KYillnow fCapt.J ...,.,,, C, P LF , , ,L. Smith , ,.,. Judson Hutchinson ,.,...,,.. .... 2 B HHSSGH Baumgarten .... LF . . Ixmsley Krueger ..,,.,.,.i.., King CSub.5 ,NZB Nelson Higgins Brown T110 SENIOR SICKI .I 21'?JP5 671: W3 a7'T q"' W it -1-M I 1. The SENIOR SICKLE 12729 CW Ulm TRACK LYNN H.axLsTEAo FTTTXS O.-XCH MILLER, who introduced track to Adrian High last year after a lack of interest had caused it to be discontinued, again called for candi- dates this spring. About twenty men reported, among whom were several good prospects. Seven meets. including an inter-class meet. have been scheduled. Three of these have been completed, at the time 2 W N this article goes to press. Due to the interference of other schools' activities. Coach Miller has been handicapped in that some of the men have not been able to report regularly, but for the remaining meets he expects to have a complete squad and he hopes that a creditable showing will be made. Although there are no outstanding stars, several men have shown good form, among whom are Meeker. Tilton. McPhail. Mull and XYetherbee. The season began with the Inter-Class meet which was won by the Seniors. April 19. a meet including Morenci, Tecumseh. Illisslield and .-Xdrian, was held at the college track. :Xdrian did remarkably well and carried oft the honors. Adrian 57, Morenci 54. Iilisslield 20. Tecumseh Il. The next week a triangular meet was held at Ypsilanti in which Adrian, Monroe and Birmingham competed. Adrian could make only 22 points to place third. There are still four meets to be held and the squad should come through with an average season. TRACK OFFICERS V Coach ...................,..,.., , ,,,...,......,.,,,,....,.....,................... ........ X . Ix. RIILLER Faculty Manager ......... . ,.,,.,,,...... ..r.....,....... . , .,....,...,.,, R. O, Llosa Student Manager ....,.,. H ,.,...,,,.,, ..,......................, ..,..... X X '1LLi.-or FLYNN TRACK TEAM Kenneth Meeker Stuart McPhail tCapt. of Dash Eventsl Tom Hoover George Gearhart Fred Hopper Cleon Hambrook Russel Tilton XYilliam Mull ,Iohn .Iasper tCapt. of Field Eye-ntsl Ray NYetherbee Lyle Cole Frank Phelps Roy Matthes TRACK SCHEDULE April I3 Inter-class Meet .....,.,....,,.,.,,,.,..,,,.,.,.,,..,........... ,,,,,,, a t .-Xdrian April 19 Morenci, Tecumseh, Blissiield. Adrian ...... ..,.,, , Hat Adrian April 27 Birmingham, Monroe, Adrian ................,,, ..,,,,,., a t Ypsilanti May ll L'. of M.-Invitational Meet ........, ...,.,,. a t Ann Arbor May IQ Regional Meet ,,,.,,,.,...,,,,..,,,,,..,,,.r. ,,,.,,,,, a t Ypsilanti ,, sat Lansing May Zo and 26 State Meet ,,,,,,,,.......,. .,,.,..,...,,,,. , ,Iune 8 Southeastern League Meet .,....,.,...,., ...,,.,., a t Ypsilanti GIRLS' ATHLETICS The girls' athletics in Senior High School have been coniined mainly to work in the physical training classes under the direction of Miss Margaret Howes. Twenty-eight girls worked for .Ns which are given on the point system. Two basketball teams were organized. captained by I-Ielen Prange and Yerga Damon, and they played close games throughout the season. The girls of the Senior High School physical training classes gave a charm- ing minuet in the Spring Pageant, held in the New City Park. All the girls in the physical training department of the city schools took part in the pageant. Vivian Million was chosen as May Queen of the pageant by the girls of the ninth grade. ll IL' SENIOR SICKLE192 8 f 1 'ff' 171 f fn 'W 35553 f ' J -RQ ' Z Vw Sr' "Y I' ' f-.fa V - . 'f C ,, ' ' . , , 14 . ? .,' 7? ' ' , 14 1- 7. ,' I , A H '-QQ, I Qffzfggtff a fi -Q -,V '0 ' " .- ' L 6 " , fi -'f-f-+- : Q 1,513 - . Q 5 xx- ': ' :A ,af 1-: HV av. 1 'V - if - - 1:1 ' I , 45 AVIV 53, .H MZ . b -gn 1- 'BJ 5- A T1zvSENIOR SICKI42 1'f S GA T10 K ,glvw C SESDXQ 3 uk Q 3321 an if Q Iv SENIOR SICKLE192 The SENIOR SICKLE1928 ml I SICKLE STAFF 1927-1928 Editor-in-chief ...... Business Manager ..... ., Ass't Business Manager .As,. Ass't Editor ............v,,....w. Ass't Editoi '..... Art Editor,.a.. Art Editoi ',t,,.,.. Society Editoi '...... Athletic Editor ..,. , Athletic Editoi ',.,.., Campus Editoi '.,... Campus Editoi ',,,,. Alumni Editor .,,,.. Calendal ',,i,,t bloke Editoi '...... .loke Editor ,v,,. . Typist ,,,....,tt 'l ypist .,,t....,,......,.tt,,,,,.tt,,,,,,,, L'ndergraduate Editor '29 ,,,,.. L'nderg'raduate Editor 'SO ...,.. ,..,.CH.-XRLES Rt'Es1NK ...HUGEORGE DAILEY .,..u.EDw1N CLEBIENT ...a,,EDNA DORNER ,,....Tox1 Hoovsrc ......I-IELEN PIXLEY Y.,...,lY1I.x1A Si-IOBER .,..,,,lI2I.SIE SLAYTON ,,,.t..Lx'NX H.xLsrE.xn ,,,,,,ll.xRo.xRET CHEW ,,..,..,ROBERT SWIFT ....,FI.ORIiNCE AYHITE ,,..t..LL'c1LE AlILLER t..........,.GR,xcE Scnrrrz SYLx'Es'rER McXL'Lrx' t.......'l'HELM.,x Kim: ...,tBlILDRED Gn-L1I:s ,,,v,,Y1x'I,xN M.xcK LL'c1LE Hrmis E,,..RAcHEI, Bun, SICKLE STAFF FOR 1929 At a meeting of the high school faculty. the memluers of the Sickle Staft tot 1929 were chosen. Byron Yedder was chosen editor-in-chief and lack Millikin, husiness managei Fred Hopper was selected as assistant husiness manager. The selections xxeie made according to the academic record and general ability nl the students. These three students will appoint the rest of the statf. Thr bEXIUR SICKLE1928 we as s sssassssssss as im ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO President ..,.. , , lx'lCE-P1'tQ'SlflClllS..., Secretary ,,,A,,,, , Treasurer , Marshal , lrnnltllilll BIRIIHQCI' ,,,, , Basketball Manager Baseball Manager , Track Manager ., IQEN NET H XYARNER Yxr: H,kISTE.XT- .wrt . KE X NETH XYARXER STEw.xRT RICPHAIL ,,.,EDw1X CLEMEXT Ui LL si ,SHERMAX BLQUCH ,,,,,Erlxy1N CLEMENT ...,,,...,,,loHx JAsPER ,,,,..i,,.i'lA1IES RICYRSE ....tXY1LL1,ur Furxx T135 HTS past year has been une uf the most successful years in the lllstulfv gy fd the .-Xssoeiatioii. It was due to the good hard work of its otticers and managers. and tu the hne assistance offered by Coach Miller and R, U, Luse. L' livery ,sport was well accepted by our athletes, and the numerous 'T W N yictbries were due to the high stanclardsvof "playing the game hard." The future fur the .-Xssociatiun is very bright it has been admitted into the Swuth Eastern Michigan League. This League is cumposecl of schools that have produced very successful teams, and crimpetition is very great so good crowds are assured fur next years games. All scheduled cwntests were well attended. and the Association wishes to express its thanks tw those who attended its games and who helped make its success pussible. Thr' SEXIUR SICKLE1?-P28 Gm V vw A -"a" " ' f .75 ' ' , I 'fsfm 3' ' yi -LF' I ' ' ' '-f" ' W' W1 'M fifif ,Q if ww wa, mm- ' ' '1 I, ., ' Y .I X , I, A , 'I , 0.112 'iff 5' " f' -15-Q ' -"iii DEE-.XTING TE.-XM 5 T11 r 5lYIfJR bICKLlQ 15118 rw a-as s so as aa nm ORATORICAL ASSOCIATIO President ..,, , ,,, Yice- President., Secretary ....,,,, ,, Marshal .,.., Manager ...... If "ffff+f'.. 1. 1 mf ef 1 , I 41 1 xg, 6,101 If fa" , i, , , f fic W ff yy ' L 1 W 1 J ' f 1 f 1 I ,, 'Q 41 ,,I 5 ' m ' 3 I ff 1 W' 'Xa X Ma. ' r EYRON XYEDDER , Hrkox X'r11mER , I-MRL llmrvsax' RIILIJRED GILLIES XY1i.i.i.x xr FLYXN ,l,iEuR13E XY.-VQXER l-lli work of the Uratorical Association this year compares fayora DIV 1 with that of other years, both in scope and function. The more import nyc, 1 . . . . . . is' ,. the election ot a business manager made. and the awarding ot the letters 1f?5p1 x ,532 Q ' Q accomplished. 1 if vit W ,TQ , . . ant meetings ot the term were those at which a tag sale was conducted mn- :Q ' ' ' ,go,ut..,, .t A A A! Q f lhe forensic work was carried on by the debaters. declaimers an orators. The debating team met with mediocre success during the season. but possibilities for the team of 1928-29 are exceptionally bright. Besides the regular schedule of debates with Monroe, Ypsilanti and Blissheld, the speakers met teams from Ann :Xrbor and Ypsilanti for practice encounters. This year found Adrian also ranking high in the oratorical and declamatory field. lts oratorical representative, Tom Hoover. not only won first place in the sub-district contest. but also received recognition in the district while the declama- tory entry, lileanor Santose. placed high in sub-digrict competition. The public speaking department has not produced as many plays as last year. due to the handicap that not only dramatic but forensic work faced because of a period in which the department was without an instructor. The .-Xssociation letters this year were distributed to the following students: lileanor Szintose. George Gearhart, Rachel Beal. Christ Christodoulou, Ferdinand ,-Nnderson. Richard lfgan. Tom Hoover and Byron Vedder. The Association wishes to thank its coaches, Miss Smith and Miss Eggstaff. :md also Kliss Green, who so ably took up the work during the weeks the teams were without a coach. Much credit is due to the entire student body, who mani- fested perhaps the most interest toward forensic work that has been displayed since the birth ol' the Association. Tlzv S EIYI 0 R S ICIK.L g IYPZS hw ' . i A A ' K.: "TLT A 'J 1 'km X . N 4 A 1 x 'x H DO 'Q in 4 K ' X N 'si l QL '.. in tk' ggi, , Q X. . A , v - f I ' D-W QA, g f'?1 ,f 3 , .vi ,.... -.:,,g, 7 , HLL.'7 T Dov '+G Duma F-LOWE-NCL fz, Ewa' T Mx 40 MIN - N 5 E?: .I Iv. .fn-. I MAG 'A 3 F LLMLQ N, Q I V W ' ' 5"f,. WILLHLL C5AVf-D Looxn vuww 61-ion F's.L.r.ow5 5,6 TQAL6 zv SENIOR SICKLE1928 A x 4 ! . I, , ,pr 'X j 1,1 , ,X - Z ' 5 , w - .f- JZ.. 3,-nrt". - A 4 Ab' .5 J' 1 ,v awk ?k hgfitff'-' A f.. N " 4"'4:i:,1 0 i ZZ 9 V I V., L J J I 47 If Zi 2 X, 1 P f nf fl nf 'Quik ,qv btw, ,+V v a up gs in ' 3, x -Vs., . . df' 'T .aff '. 5' x ff 1 '- "' XY 'ff' ,Q . Q ,Q M f-Z-Q: sg' ,, ' 'lf V 1.-Q.. " f -'?2'f' 1721 '

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