Adrian High School - El Matador Yearbook (Adrian, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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Adrian High School - El Matador Yearbook (Adrian, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1958 volume:

M TADOR 98 ADHAN IHGH SCHOOL ANNUAL STAFF DON MORGAN PEGI LESLIE EDWARD PINNELL JOHN GRUHLKhY CAROL HEATON DAVIS BROWN JERRY HEATON Edltor Art Copy spom Photography Busmess Manager Subscriptions GLENDA TAYLOR ----- ---- - - - Copy DEDICATIO We, the Adnan Class of 58 wxsh to take thls opportunity to express our smcere gratrtude to those who have helped to f11l our lrves wxth a purpose through education We wrsh to dedr cate thrs 1958 El Matador to these people To Mrs Clyde Willrams goes our fust vote of thanks for the wonderful guxdance she has grven us these past three years as our sponsor We wrll always be rndebted to her and will forever remember her lundness Next we wrsh to thank the faculty, staff and jmd8hB for merr help, and frlendshap And last we want to express our apprecra non to the churches busxnessmen fanners ranchers, and to the crtizens of our town For ever we will remember your assrstance and cooperauon rn our project and rn makmg our hves rlcher dunng our years of development . , . u n e u o a I ,V Y I , I ,,.f o - I I D as Q u Nurse MRS WATLEY Iamtor BOBBY ALLEN Cooks MRS MODEAN WILLIAMS MRS JOHN PROCTOR STAFF BU DRIVERS B111 Lew1s Melvm Henderson R D 15k Bobby Allen SCHGOL BCARD Mr. Bill Leslie Mr, John Horton Mr. Jake Fortenberry Mr. Elmo Pinnell Mr. Ray Brown Mr, Jim Cavin .'l.. 1 19? 547 P I A OFFICERS 611.5 .-.4 I I I dare do all that may become a many Who dare! do more, if none. SHAKESPEARE 4-1 , . ..-aw, ' uk ,,,,,, MRS CHILTON F1fth and Sxxth MRS CU LLENDER Thnd and Fourth MRS JONES Fust and Second MRS KROMER Supenntendent A P I ONES English MRS WILLIAMS Boys Coach JOE CU LLENDHI Glrls Coach P E SHIPP Seventh and Eighth SENICRS 1 SENIORS JOHN HENRY GRUHLKEY Vice President 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 GLENDA MAE TAYLOR Secretary 4 I ERRY WILBUR HEA TON DON WESLEY MORGAN Treasurer 3 Basketball 1 3 4 SENIQRS EDWARD LEE PINNELL Presxdent 1 Vice Presldent 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 CAROL FERN HEA TON Secretary 3 Treasurer 1 Presldent 1 3 Treasurer 2 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 MARGARET ELLEN LESLIE Secretary 1 2 Basketball 1 2 DAVIS LEE BROWN CLASS WILL There were so many valuables tn the 1958 Semor Class that there wasn t room for all of them Here are a few of those wrlled to students rn school I John Henry Gruhlkey wtll my ab1l1ty to stt on the bench for four years tn basketball wrthout callouses to Terry Crertz my brg blue eyes that capuvate teacher s hearts to Popcom Pmnell and my Wyatt Earp vests to Dale Gruhlkey I Edd Ptnnell w11l my abrltty to hold hands wrth two g1rls at the same trme to Jeny'Wh1tten my unused artlcle name The North Forty for the school paper to Lloyd Homfeld and my typrng expen ence to Ixmmy Zanng who may need tt I Davrs Brown w11l my ab1l1ty to look hke a sheep and remam a wolf to Moms Blankenshtp my abthty to memonze Chaucer s Pro logue and watch Wagon Tratn at the same trme to Butch Betts and non to Oscar Bronmman I Don Morgan wtll my Boy Scout membelshrp to Lloyd Hom feld fhave fun on those Jamboreesj my herght to Terry Crertz and my abrlrty to have three Marys on the string at once to Hubert Bronm man I Jerry Heaton wrll nothtn to nobody I ll need everythmg I have and more I Carol Heaton wrll my seat bestde Corn on the bus to Nxnette Pounds my srlence tn Texas H1story to Mary Jackson and my shy ness to Cyntlna Kromer I Pegl Leshe, wrll my abrhty to eat between class penods to Wanda Ptnnell my unused gossrp headmg The Mud Hole for the paper to Betty Johnson and my new Levts to Mary Jackson I Glenda Taylor wtll my abtlrty to sense tests and be absent when they are due to Barbra Swrnney and my role rn the Jumor Play of Energrne to Sue Johnson. , . ' ' . . . . . i . . . . . , . 1 I . ' . . . . . . . ' . ' ,, u ' ' ' - , . , . . . . . . . . . . , I - . . D my ability to get my name written in various places without accusa- l i I . - I I ' Il ' I Il I ' U 9 I , . . . ' H . . . ' - ' . . . . . . ' ' ' lv n I , ll H ' . ' ' . . . . ' . . UNIORS ,J ,, vs, ""'?' " 'V 4 ,, . -. m,. Q H-. '5 ' 'Ri -J W 5 M n K 1 .- 1 gin ' '-151' -Lin 1, QL ,. uf , . w 2 1 41 1 ' . A ,., A ., ,, . ,K W. , -nf!!! ,5 A f. L,-ff- .. rg-Q - ' an .5 ,Mk JU IORS BETTY JOHNSON Treasurer PHILLIP PINNELL LLOYD I-IOMFELD Vlce President MARY JEAN JACKSON Secretary OSCAR BRONNIMAN MELBA MONK JIMMY ZARING MQW- 4, , 1,1 .WT 1 gf fe f .- ,w y 4 I 'f 9 5 wig", WI WA ' M ,, :gf , . x uv 45 4 f -ff, f, W. , Y-. f' V V- , 6 We ff 4 , 1 ,S rf, .Mat f if 21' 1 1 'iif JI S OPHCMORES f , ' 1 " fan, - . 4.1 ' 11 :A-, . , ,g-ffzdjj ,I - 1521. 7. ' Wee: ' . 24,237 W ,lr , 3,3 . y 4: ' f2ly!f,34'1fF,- f 1' ,Qi vw 4, Q, uf, 1, ,Wggiff f 'L - M' wec:.,,f'-'fa fly, w 141 f W -, -V 4 wc SOPHOMCRES Cynthia Kromer Wanda Pmnell Terry Crextz Nmette Pounds Melame Weldner Alma Mosteller Morris Blankenship FRESHME Twrlla Story Roberta Larson Sue Johnson Krppy Morgan Wayland Allen Barbara Swmney Butch Betts Sandra Heaton Gail Brown Linda Gmhlkey ,JUNIQR HIGH ,Ll so, JU IGR HIGH Sldney Blankenshlp Cecll Blasmgame Io Ann Helselman lame Taylor Hubert Bronnlman Andrew Bynn Sam Brown Paula Creltz B111 Gudgell Jo Heaton Perry Gruhlkey Jerry Homfeld Glenda l-Iomfeld Calvm Peters Paul Jackson Kathy Kromer Raymond Tafoya VICRI Sorensen Madlme Weldner Freddle Taylor I erry Whltten Dallas Mltchell Marlene Wrlltams Bob Munn Piciure Noi' Available i ELEMENTARY gf gf 7 W I QP-. V W! 'wr k,rQf . FIFTH AND SIXTH Wllham Clark Mack Fortenberry Rrchard Gruhlkey Wrlham Perry Jlmrny Tafoya James Whaley Davld Whmen Vxckr Burns Dons Horton Lmda Pmnell Myrna Zanng Jerry Blaslngame Harvey Bromman Gary James Marvm M1IChC1l Johnny Tafoya Terry Wlllrams Corahe Forrenberry Bonme Mrtchell Phyhss Peters THIRD AND FOURTH Clrnton Brown Howard Dean Rrchard Harwood Wrllram James George Harwood Michael Horton Harvey Whaley Davrd Wlllrams Tommy Loveless Elmer Werdner Marsh Dean Mlckey Betts Marsha Burns Laura Jobe Lols Mrtchell Ina Ferguson Phyllls Heaton Flora Pullram Rrta Speed Teena Worsham Kathryn Mrtchell Thresea Tafoya f Pamela Munn Ava Srsk more Lrnda Prrdmore N01 AVAIAIIS Marlon Gruhlkey 'f X fri Mlchael Cullende I Hp MN . I b'V ' 1 ,af X a TM l H 'U 'Q Etta Gruhlkey 9 n . spas QP H '9 FIRST AND SECOND ll al "' I ,sh i R ai -3 rf ,lf rm!! James Cavin Richard Gruhlkey Ida Blasingame Carol Cullender David Heaton Alford ,lobe Martha Gruhlkey Carol Perrtn Raymond Jones Russell Mltchell Vtrgrma Hogland Junror Clark Mtchael Perry Gay Brothers Davrd Gruhlkey Stanley Heaton Anna Garrtson Martha Houston Larry Loveless Larry Prtdmore Charles Harwood Karene Gnder Davrd Taylor Alton Whitten F af, a l Y ana I l"fr I Holy, fair, and wife if :hey I The heaven such grace did lend her That Jhe might admired he. I: :he hind ay she is fair? For heazzty lives with kindnesy. , SHAKESPEARE W I MOST HANDSOME Oscar Broumman MOST BEAUTIFUL Carol Heaton MOST TALENTED Davls Brown Nmette Pounds MOST VERSATILE Davis Brown - Wanda Pinnell Edward Plnnell and Carol Heaton JUNIOR FAVORITES Lloyd Homfeld and Betty Johnson S ENIOR FA VORI TES Cyndua Krorner Terry Creitz FRESHMAN FAVORITES Gall Brown Butch Betts SOPHOMORE FAVORITES JU IOR HIGH MOST BEAUTIFUL Io Ann Helselman MOST HANDSOME Dallas Mltchell Glenda Homfeld and Cecll Blasmgame IUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES MR. and MISS A H S Wanda Pmnell Edd Pmnell MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Carol Heaton Dav1s Brown ,fx 'U' , -in T X Q, xx ,I sl , . . ma-musk. 1 any l J! s 'fxu 3,4 .l " ,,. ' Q 9325 ., Y., 4 Z1 Sl' r. .,,, 0 ' 3 .v , Q 'U' 'fr A .." 'Q x xx M' K V! l 1 2, x 'J 'Y . 3, ' W' Y 'J N Q ff TI ,Vg , , I ' 2 X fl, ., RxiM.g,f'Zfg1'i If Wy A xx ,ar W M y 3 . 5 I 0 I Mosr H!-lumor-ous 0 r To hiv . GPU Il . , fff Egg .vig " fi' lg 4134 MBE Qi if I1 wwg 'BK 4 51 ul , , ? II , A T JI MR AND MISS BASKETBALL Edward Pmnell and Wanda Plnnell Compliments of V E LEMKE For Dependable Insurance P. O Box 65 Telephone 2344 Adnan Texas Fire - Auto - Farm - Life - Health - Accident - Hospitalization ATHLETICS Standrng from left to nght Coach Pat Shrpp Tw111a Story Sue Johnson Lrnda Gruhlkey Betty Johnson Gall Brown Manager, A1maMoste11er Kneelmg Nxnette Pounds, Sandra Heaton Roberta Larson Wanda P1nne11 Melame We1dner Standmg from left to nght Coach Joe Cullender Moms Blankenshxp Oscar Bronm man Edward Prnnell Davrs Brown Terry Crertz Manager, Klppy Morgan Kneel mg John Henry Gruhlkey, Don Morgan Lloyd Homfeld Phxlhp P1nne11 . . : . . , . , ' . , , . , . . : . a 1 ' 1 I u ' . . : ' . . ' .- l ' n ' g U , I Q ' . : . , . . . ' Back row left to rrght Jo Ann Herselman Glenda 1-Iomfeld Madehne Werdner Coach Pat Sh1pp Front row Kathy Kromer Paula Crertz Marlene wrlhams Calvrn Peters B111 Gudgell Hubert Bronnrman Jerry Whrtten Front row Perry Gruhlkey Paul Jackson Sam Brown Srdney Blankenshrp Jerry I-Iomfeld Bob Munn Freddre Taylor Back row, left to right: Coach Joe Cullender, Raymond Tafoya, Cecil Blasingame, Forward Guard Freshman Freshman SUE JOHNSON ALMA MOSTELLER Forward Manager Freshman Sophomore ROBERTA LARSON LINDA GRUHLKEY WANDA PINNELL BETTY JOHNSON Forward Forward Sophomore Jumor NINETTE POUNDS GAIL BROWN Guard Guard Sophomore Freshman EDWARD PINNELL Guard Semor LLOYD HOMFELD Center Junlor PHILLIP PINNELL OSCAR BRONNIMAN Guard Junror Forward Junror DAVIS BROWN Forward Semor DON MORGAN Center Semor JOHN GRUHLKEY Forward Semor MORRIS BLANKENSHIP Guard Sophomore TERRY CRIETZ Guard Sophomore KIPPY MORGAN Manager Freshman usd' THE TWENTY THIRD PSALM The Lord 15 my shepherd I shall not want He maketh me to he down 1n green pastures He leadeth me be srde the sull waters He restoreth my soul He leadeth me rn the paths of rrghteousness for hrs name s sake w111 fear no evrl for thou art wrth me thy rod and thy staff they com fort me Thou preparest a table before me rn the presence of mrne enemres thou anolnest my head wrth O11 my cup runneth over Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my hfe and I w111 dwell 1n the house of the Lord for ever In Memory of WAYLAND ALLEN 1943 1958 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I This ahozfe all - to thine own self he true And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then he false to any man. SHAKESPEARE ADIQIAN NAEQCANTILE CCD GENERAL MER CHANDISE Adnan Texas Phone 2181 Aermotor W1ndm111s Jenson Pump Jacks Water 11 P e Cy11nders Pressure Systems Wood Rod We 1p Water Tanks and Stock Dr1nk1ng Tubs Shelf and t Stock Salt General Hardware Lumber Cemen Dry Goods Western Shuts Gloves Men s Lad1es' and Ch11dren s Lev1s Sewmg Accessor1es and Yard Goods Playtex Bras and G1rd1es Grocer1e s and Meats Open Every N1ght Unt11 9 00 P M Open Unt11 10 00 P M on Saturdays Men's, Ladies', and Chi1dren's Shoes fTE C Stop at Your 0 -I-E XACCD SERVICE STATION Your Dependable Texaco Dealer The Best Fr1end Your Car Ever Had PAT SHIPP G1enr1o New Mex1co CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS OF 58 ED JACOESGN Texas Side IJXTE Acc ADRIAN WHEAT GROWERS INC Storage Capac1ty 735,000 Bushels Phone 2254 Adr1an Texa s Congratulatwns Seruor s of 58 e Hope You W111 Let the 18:6 .IL-5-."5""1 EJ fu 5' ess:- X ff U fo f I Be Your Gu1de Throughout Your Llfe XWMJWA Z WWW mf YW! ' - 1 5: "Q if-f'f5:" -:- . ,, ---' -4' ....., - H --'- -.--- r:t":. U-. . -, 'I , fl- 'L , ::::r3 --17Qf:f: 7,7 A.: ,A ff' fff X 'wwf-: fd ,J ' - iiiif-1-227 zf'-kvzrl: X ' -' if-Ei :::.-.':::-': 5533557 I 1 W- - x +4 S f I ,I 1, -" . I xx -X, X " , . ....... -,- - V - -'I' xo Ni. , o .... b 5 X of M1 x . Z-I -'i' 1 I I U C W ew! Wa yah, 522W FDLAINSNAAN X p b SERVICE STATION GAR AGE fTE C0 CARR OL GR ULKEY G NL A 11M Tl-1E 6 6 CAFE Hgh y66 6'77Zfv4771Z71ll5 as Lake ZQM km C g t 1 tions S ' F m X x XX X 6 7l , I " f L? Your De enda le Texaco and .:35'. 5. -4.-4 ' -'-- . ' We' eet You a xx ll i W i wa Adrian, T IXXICTIQEBAJXIS Ci-lEVl2CJN SERVICE STATION STAIIDARDQ Standard Products West I-IAIEVVOOD GARAGE and SUPPLY Parts and SCTVICES Expert Auto Repalrs Phone 2274 Adnan Texas Congratulatmns to the Senlors BILL. LESLIE TERRACING AND MAINTAINER WORK Phone Z 331 Adnan BRIGGS sezavuca STATIQN Z4 Hour Serv1ce On Hlghway 66 Phone 2361 Ad nan T exa s I OI1 , 66 LOVF- I FS S CDIL. CCKADANIV Complete Line of RCA Whirlpool Laundry Equipment Television Sets, Refrigerators, and Electric Ranges Water Heaters Wall Furnaces Space Heaters lronrite Ironers Dial 2214 Nlghts and Sundays Call 2221 24 Hour Dehvery on BUTANE Butane for Irr1gat1on Engumes Fast Serv1ce Anywhere Any Tlrne 5132? 66 , , S l las g 2 6375? A Jim mg sf: G M FACTORIES 'A P AMARILLO rims ' M Pusam COLORADO R NWv S GENERAL OFFICE PO BOX 2050 PHONE DRAKE 28.371 AMARILLO TEXAS C ,5 2 5- Q , E 5 SE L EW 0 5 . ,fe 5:15 v U Al J -gig' ll,-7115K .r -x VANCE I-l,AL.l. SPOR TING GOODS For A11 Your Sporting Goods Needs" 910 Polk Dr 452.11 61 Za 7 H an U Magi, YOU CAN DEPEND ON y TAYLOR EVANS FOR GOLDEN ACRES F I erh vzers Insechcrdes CORN SEED Weed Krllers COTTONSEED Poultry Feeds GRAIN SORGHUMS H09 Feeds SUDAN Cattle Feeds CLOVER Anumal Vaccines WHEAT Lawn 8. Garden Products WWIJDGDLIIQ IEWANQ fgfmv xgzbfhgd Tulle O Canyon O 2701 E 3rd an Amanllo growers processors drstrzbutors G OLD E N A C R E S S E E D H The Store of SCIVICE I mum 71' ' WP N or .JS ,S 604 6 Polk I ll .f I I I - .. , I : .- ' . . 5 . 0 I O I O I ' 5 I I ' ' ' I 9 1 mf ab ,MV H so - so ' :U I ll I I7 1 I I I I I : ' ll a Har ---U owl! I 1,1 w h I '4' f ,,f DALTCD IN! AUTO ":5LJDDL.Nf 318 H DR k 4 5203 JOHN S13 I KES 4 EQUIPMENT COMPANY 26 9 E t 3 DR k 4 8612. 121-Q CONGRATULATIONS To The Cl 5 X air nose rtte A or Ilos and West Te os Most Complete Department Sto e Camel's Fine Candie s fame! Candy Factory 501 South L1nco1n Phone DR6 8680 Amar111o Texas Get the Best Get N N! I. I-4ET2TlXlE12 55 CAMERA STORE C Phone Dr 2 111 Cornphrnents of IXIEELY BT2CD'l'l-IETZES Amar111o Texas D1str1butorS STANDARD OIL KCI-IEVRONJ PRODUCTS 155 , wg . - - I 1 24 QP '- 114 West 6th Amarillo, Texas ' v-5 2 mv A A I x . ' Congratulahons to the Sen1ors S I-I 14121555 AND COMPANY 7th and Polk Amar111o Texas Arnarlllo Congratulatwns Sen1ors VVEST TEXAS ECDUIFDIXAEIXIT CI CJ Your Caterp111ar Dealer Lubbock Amar111o Texas Off1c1a1 School Photographer West H111 Shopp1ng Center Phone Z 1922 ALWAYS The Ice Cream BUY for the LANE S Panhandle ICE CREAM Amar111o Comphments Mm K may in I QDIQ1: Amal-1110 Texas XZ W X 9 W X x ii Come to STOCIKIXAALIXI 5 BOOTS 81 SADDLE SHOP 2710 E-1St3fd F-EFEIQMANS Phone DR 2 8439 For All Your Western Wear Amar1l1o Texa S 409 Polk Amar1llo of U 3 oo 0 0 , 'TP 4 is Lf! - , , Y ', I b Q l1udE ',L 's Z - X Xe , , f 3' ' I I ,.' -J C f X f! !! J I." Xxx! I . I BUY IXAEAD'S T:-IIXH: EEEAD GOOD 'N FRESH g X Iackburn rothers our 51 st year C 'th g ly Aff 812 P lk D669l QQMWS CILJIXIIXIIIXICE-I--IAIXA F-'I.CDT2A.L. CCD bl 1 17 DR k 6 8259 Z511W t6thA Where Fine 10 in i K- a Fami air o Phone r - Z "Amaril1o's Leading Florist" fa-"""" Esta ishedin 9 , K Phone: a. e - R es ve, Q ' Amarillo, Texas QA- TCDIXAI S FLORAL AND GIFT SHOP Brlng All Your Flower Needs Here 143 East 3rd Street Hereford Texas CII-IEVIQCD LET CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Schley at Second Street Hereford Texas 'VI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK CF: I-IP-'IPI-I-CDIZIJ Slnce 1900 Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporat1on Hereford Texas Ezgawdte aaelzg For Those Jewelry Needs Shop COVVAN JEWELRY Hereford Texas Easy Terms No Interest or Carry1ng Charge Q9 is CJRSBCDIQN-N 012 VVOOD Nat1ona11y Advert1sed C1oth1ng and Shoes for the Ent1re Fam11y I-IAJZIXACDIXI 5 Hereford D1mm1tt We G1ve S 81 H Green Stamps IQCDEINSCDIXI l'3F:C'l!3l:T2 For Insurance See .T W AND BILL 136 East Th1rd Hereford Texas Comphments of 1:3 1- G.-CJCDLDTQICJ-I Hereford Texas BIG T YDLJFVH3 CCD. INC Sales and Serv1ce Hereford D1mrn1tt Pho EM4 0353 Pho 285 5 Q . . . . I . . . 1 D U . J . 'Y Aa - ' 7 -w l U I 1 - . . . : - g - I-H-41Zlf+FC57ldIJ ETQAIXID S1nce 1901 Complete Farm News Coverage of the Area' For Courteous Serv1ce Quahty Food Come See Us' TACSTV D12 IVE INN On H1ghway 60 and 51 Hereford Texas We Never Close F3 K R CDI IVE? Z 09 M1le s St Box 551 Phone Hereford EMerson4 1195 'PR Texas COMMUNITY BUILDERS CARL NACCASLI 'Xl LUMBER CO Hereford 344 E 3 St Pa1HtS Wallpaper fff' Lumber Bu1ld1ng Supphes . . I I ' Q i A 4 1 1 . , . , - . I 0 6 ' . 2 1. 11, 'n : 5 , 433. I . r - ,Q L- , .' 9- W H N 1 X W- O , 1,1-' --"" ,if ' H ff 7,-4 n 1 I V a Compliments of I3l'l-IXXIAJXI GEAIN CIC. Gra1n Buyers Hereford Texas S'l"l2ELJ HARDWARE CO Sport1ng Hardware Goods Servmg the Farm Comrnumty Hereford 330 N Ma1n C TEPEE 411 Polk Phone DR 6 7734 9 E s EIXXMALI. WE WELCOME YGUR ACCOUNT LET US HELP W 'Y-E N 'fm 2535 559 Zara 7fZw6lf TZUZST STATE EAIXN4 of Vega, Texas Member of F. D. I. C. ' -gan. , ' E A 5: 25 -. :Z E- ' , ..-,3,:-pf ' . E : - 5 ,-:f5ff.' g 'ii-L E :E S, 5:11. 51, . :. : : - :g : ,','jfj.'.-jf'f'fx' I :E : 5 E' ,- ., ,.,. ,... , , - . :: -5-r,.1:1ga 'K ::r E 5- .-6 -Eyvg-, :-:Qls . - - -. Q. 1 5 r F ' ' I E2 2 2 . X - : : o 0 0 o o 51 4.- T C -f - ? E Q 5 S x . S X 1 ? 9 , - f . 'Q 9 Q, ' 1 is: Mgzirgk f Lili Q , p ,.f- lvifiizegl .I . 5 f C ix ,- ,if 9. 'I ,1-9, X X V ' "" 5 -'v CDLDHANA sw' 'nh 1 "6 eoUNTY IMP LEMENT COMP ANY Q4 9-in -JQ Sales Servlce Pho 2.881 Vega Texas TRY OuR 11" "N" It 3'wgi5'1:7w wg 11 f i '4'-1 MARKET M Sn .ZQQQ Phone 3831 I Veoa Texas Vega Texas I-I LJG H KNOX Vega, Texas Wi A QQW QE H axis' - ljyflfb xx! I vyxx V x j 2 , V Q qz Q E W 6 .1-, n, - 8 A a TT X .,,,, ...Q-gg'-,31" fu I D R U G l S T O R E Q I , - 40 "UC: wfiiif wr SQ,Qf g W '7y 153,-X mf SPINHIRNE FOOD MARKET WILSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY www SHQP X nf X NX XBAQQBERX ll . Vega, Texas L LOVC11eSt 1:AYE'S BEAUTY SHOP Ph 2846 V g T WHEN IN THF- MOOD FDR FXNE FOOD VESA SUPPLY CO Vega Te as H1ghWay 66 C e to Wholesale Auto Parts H I New a d Rebullt Motors Ielgh ay 66 Vega T O lb 'TJ F1 N 41 I 'S fb Z 2 m n 7' N CD to 4 n ru Pho Day 3161 or N1ght 3231 H P HALL WN! WI! N START TODAY WITH ELECTRIC COOKING Alva amen '0rnmP9' 9 5. sour:-xwssrsnu li" N. Q Mau: sfnvlcfcom , 1. X I X Cornphments of O Q, QM? A f SPEOUSE CLEANERS ff' K Vega, Texas If It's Fuel Lumber and We Have It M b Ranch Supphes Phone 2141 0 Phone 2146 A E ROARK AND SONS Vega Texas VESA IMPLEMENT COMPANY IHC General L1ne and Trucks E1ectr1c Appllances and Refr1gerat1on Phone 2531 Vega, Texas DONORS OF OUR ANNUAL FURR FOOD Arnar111o Texas PIGGLY WIGGLY Hereford, Texas LOU GUAT Adrlan, Texas a x R I I , X M, , I I I 1-1

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