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rADRIAN HIGH SCHOOL ADRIAN, MINNESOTA“Dragon Tales” pable f ontentsj Page 3.......Special Senior Section 12 .............................Football 17.................................Volleyball 21....................................................Cross Country 26........................................................Music Section 34 ..................................................Boys Basketball 38..................................................Girls Basketball 41 .............................................Wrestling 48 .............................................Student Council 49 .............................................Lettermen’s Club 49 .................................Industrial Arts Club 50 .....................................Speech 52............................National Honor Society 54......................................Track 57...................................Baseball 62 ................................Homecoming 65 ......................................Prom 67 .................................Anatomy Trip 68 ..........................Las Vegas Night 69 ..................................Spring Show 72 ..........................Awards Night 73 .....................Graduation 76 ..........................Seniors 84 ..........................Juniors 86 .......................Sophomores 88..........................Freshmen 90 ..............................8th Grade 92 ..............................7th Grade 94 ..........................Faculty 97 ...................Yearbook Staff 100 .........................Closing Adrian High School9 wrestling in the Olympics. 10 joining the Harlem Globetrotters. 11 becoming a mechanic (specializing in brake repair). 412 president of a sink manufacturing company. 13... working for the Coca-Cola company. I5 . . getting married and living in St. Kilian. 16 becoming an astronaut for NASA. 17 still being a janitor at A.H.S. 21 becoming a male model. 22 advancing to major in the Army 23 . becoming a medical secretary 533 being David Lee Roth’s drummer. 34 ... teaching driver‘s-ed. 35 ... owning the Lismore Cafe. bbecoming a car salesman (VW Rab- 07 . . actually owning and wearing his own clothes. 38 winning the "Biggest Mouth in the World" contest. 39 ... still taking her ACT test. 42 winning the "Minnesota Homemak- er" award. 40 ... becoming a surgeon. 41 . .. becoming a farmer. . . . designing jeans. 45 ... opening her own day care center. 47 45 ... in a body cast. The Class 8Of 1986 9We’ve Gone Back, But That’s Not The End Of The Story... 1 Kevin Lorang Key 26 . . Pat Shorter 2 ... . Kelly Heitkamp 27 .. Dave Bendt 3 .... Sherri Wieneke 28 . . Charlie Henning 4 ... . Dave Elias 29 . . Brian LeBrun 5 Dean Homan 30 . . .... Roxanne Eatherton 6 . . . . Todd Carr 31 . . .. .Chad Duwenhoegger 7 .... Lisa Krogman 32 . . Tony Springman 8 Mike Erdman 33 . . . Mike Engbarth 9 Leon Bullerman 34 . . Travis Weiss 10 .... Ron Lonneman 35 .. 11 .... Krist Silverstone 36 . . Gene Sieve 12 . . . . Ivan Kahle 37 . . Bryce Honken 13 Randy Lupkes 38 . . Kelly Loosbrock 14 Lisa Kellen 39 . . Kristin Heidebrink 15 . . . . Curt Sieve 40 . . . Delbert Bullerman 16 . . . . Paul Peterson 41 . . 17 ... . Tom Heitkamp 42 . . 18 Lori Kohler 43 . . 19 ... . Mike Brake 44 . . Rick Christians 20 Dave Eichmann 45 . . . David Fletcher 21 . . . . 46 . . Kathi Devor 22 .... Todd Kern 47 . . . Tim Hieronimus 23 .... Carol Vortherms 48 . . Cammie Flygare 24 .. . . 25 . .. . Kenny Kruger Rita Kunkel 49 . . Jon Lonneman 10Football -Our Knights In Shining Helmets??- The 1985 football season was a season of firsts for the Dragons. Randy Strand was a first year head coach and his lineup included many first- year starters. The Dragons got off to a rough start, losing their first two games to Luverne and Slayton. They came back to beat Madelia 6-0 in the third game. The next two games were scoreless for the Dragons, losing to Fulda and Sherburn, 0-9 and 0-14 respectively. This didn’t get the Dragons down however. In the next two games they out-scored their opponents by 66 points, beating Truman 28-0 and Lakefield 38-0. In the last game of the season, the Dragons took Mountain Lake 14-6, finishing their season at 4- 4. All in all, the Dragons had an excellent season. School records were set and memories were made. We congratulate the 1985 football team on a successful season. AWARDS Middle 8 All Conference- All Conference Hon. Mention- Most Valuable- 1985 Mr. Fire- Outstanding Junior- Outstanding Sophomore- Outstanding Freshman- Offensive Back of the Year- Defensive Back of the Year- Offensive Lineman- Defensive Lineman- Most Improved- Chad Duwenhoegger Bryce Honken Kelly Loosbrock Delbert Bullerman Dave Eichmann Paul Peterson Jeff Lutmer Ivan Kahle Chad Duwenhoegger Kelly Loosbrock Grant Peterson Greg Springman Al Lonneman Chad Duwenhoegger Kelly Loosbrock Delbert Bullerman Jeff Lutmer Greg Springman Varsity: Seated- Managers Craig Altman and Todd Hieronimus. Row 1- Tony Springman. Bryce Honken. Paul Peterson. Delbert Bullerman, Mike Brake. Dave Eichmann. Kelly Loosbrock. Chad Duwenhoegger, Assistant Coach Kevin Nowotny. Row 2- Bruce Klooster, Tom Heitkamp, Curt Sieve. Jeff Lutmer. Ed Wieneke, Ron Lonneman. Ivan Kahle. Coach Randy Strand. Row 3- Mark Altman, Clark Heitkamp. Rick Nath. Al Lonneman, Grant Peterson. Keith VanWesten, Jon Thier. Bruce Heitkamp. Eric Norskog. Row 4- Todd Wieneke. Dave Bullerman. Lon Henning, Ken Klooster. Scott Altman. Greg Springman, Danny Eatherton. Roger Sieve. 12JV: Row 1- Coach Randy Strand. Mark Altman. Al Lonneman. Jon Thier. Bruce Klooster. Grant Peterson. Keith VanWesten. Row 2- Rick Nath. Lon Henning. Ken Klooster, Scott Altman. Bruce Heitkamp. Eric Norskog. Coach Kevin Nowotny. Row 3- Clark Heitkamp. Todd Wieneke. Dave Bullerman, Greg Springman. Dan Eatherton. Roger Sieve. Above: FB Cheerleaders: Front: Deb Tweet. Traci Flygare, Sandy Dorn. Back- Mary Beth Taylor. Tricia Haugom. Maureen McKeown. and Kim Johanning. Captains Delbert Bullerman. Ivan Kahle. Dave Eichmann. and Chad Duwenhoegger. 13SENIORS Football Seniors: Front- Bryce Honken, Dave Eichmann. Mike Brake. Kelly Loosbrock, Delbert Bullerman. Tom Heitkamp, Chad Duwenhoegger. Row 2- Paul Peterson. Ed Wieneke. Ron Lonneman. Curt Sieve. Jeff Lutmer, Tony Springman, Ivan Kahle. Seniors with Cheerleaders!! Bryce Honken and Traci Flygare, Dave Eichmann. and Sandy Dorn, Jeff Lutmer and Trish Haugom. Paul Peterson and Kim Johanning. Curt Sieve and Mary Beth Taylor. Kelly Loosbrock and Deb Tweet. Chad Duwenhoegger and Maureen McKeown.15Junior High team: Front-Matt Anderson. Eric Duwenhoegger. Shane Johanning, Mike Norskog, Mike Hendel. Stacy Boyle. Row 2- Scott Heitkamp. Chad Sachen. Aaron VanderPlaats. Mike Reese. Chad Loosbrock, Tad Heitkamp. Darin Jones. Row 3- Chad Wieneke. Shawn Wittry, Marty Taylor. Chad Cauwels, Mark Madison. Monty Shorter, Coach Ray VanderWolde. 16Volleyball These Are No Damsels In Distress. . . VARSITY Roxanne Eatherton- 1985 captain Kristin Heidebrink- Spike % Leader Lisa Krogman- Ace Serve Leader Kathy Grussing- Most Improved Adrian Attendance Award Sandy Honermann- Serving % Leader 1986 captain Carmen Johanning- All Conference Most Valuable Spirit Leader Set Leader 1985 86 captain Andrea Noble- All Conf. Honorable Mention Serve Reception Leader 1986 captain Adrian Attendance Award Lynette Shorter- Ace Spike Leader Block Leader JUNIOR VARSITY Becky Jonas- Adrian Attendance Award Lisa Klingenberg- Most Valuable Adrian Attendance Award Heidi Heitkamp- Adrian Attendance Award Michelle Heitkamp- Adrian Attendance Award Tammy Heitkamp- Adrian Attendance Award Jean Loosbrock- Most Improved Vicky Nath- Most Dedicated C TEAM Missy Hinsch- Most Valuable Karla Gengler- Most Improved Cathy Wiese- Most Dedicated Varsity- Row 1- Lisa Krogman. Cammie Flygare. Roxanne Eatherton. Kathi Devor. Kristin Seniors- Front- Kris Silverstone. Kathi Devor. Lisa Heidebrink. Row 2- Sandy Honermann. Cheryl Palaschak. Lisa Klingenberg. Carmen Kellen. Back- Lisa Krogman, Roxanne Eatherton. Johanning. Row 3- Lynette Shorter, Kris Reese. Coach Bette Nowotny. Kathy Grussing. Cammie Flygare. Kristin Heidebrink. Michelle Mormann, Andrea Noble. 17B Team: Row 1- Shelly Duwenhoegger. Becky Jonas. Stacy Feekes. Jodi Bierman. Tammy Heitkamp. Rhonda Wieneke. Row 2- Lisa Klingenberg. Michelle Heitkamp. Kris Loosbrock. Jean Loosbrock, Vicky Nath. Cheryl Palaschak. Michelle Mormann. Coach Helen Laleman. Volleyball Cheerleaders: Mary Beth Taylor, Sandy Dorn. Traci Flygare. Kim Johanning. Maureen McKeown. Deb Tweet. Trish Haugom. Volleyball Statisticians: Lisa Kellen. Kris Silver- stone. missing. Sherri Nytes. 18Volleyball Co-Captains: Carmen Johanning. Roxanne Eatherton. 1920Girls Region Team: Front- Jenny Scheidt. Kama Anderson. Back- Jennie Schutz. Kim Scheidt. Kim Everson. Sheryl Hanson. Boys Region Team: Front- Kelly Heitkamp. Dave Elias. Scott Hoffer. Back- Randy Dorn. Roger Kramer. Jim Lutmer. Jon Lonneman. Most Valuable Runner awards went to Dave Elias and Kim Scheidt. 21c r o s s C o u n t r y CC team: Front- Kim Scheidt. Jenny Scheidt. Jennie Schutz, Kama Anderson. Sheryl Hanson. Kim Everson. Row 2- Jeremy Hallum, Brian Nelson. Scott Hotter. John Jonas. David Elias. Bill Engels. Row 3- Randy Dorn. Jon Lonneman. Jim Lutmer. Leon Bullerman. Roger Kramer. Kelly Heitkamp. Most Improved Award Winners Kama Anderson and Roger Kramer 22Runner-Up Most Valuable and Hardest Workers: Jenny Scheldt and Jim Lutmer. 2324Marching Dragons Under Director Paul SwickConcert Band Row 1- Carmen Johanning, Chris Wieneke. Tammy Rupp, Shelly Duwenhoegger. Row 2- Kathi Devor. Kris Reese. Karla Gengler. Vicky Nath. Shelley Peters. Carmelle McHarg. Kim Scheidt, Heidi Heitkamp. Darcy Ennenga. Mary Beth Taylor. Row 3- Leon Sieve. Lori Kohler. Steve Kellen. Danny John. Darrell Sieve. Ryan Peterburs. Troy Loosbrock. Pat Edwards. Randy Sadergaski. June Wieneke. Loren Sieve. Gene Sieve. Paul Peterson. Lisa Kellen. Scott Brake. Kim Johanning. Todd Carr. Back- Pat Heitkamp. Larae Matthiesen. Maureen McKeown. Mike Engbarth. Jodi Bierman. Band Officers- Front- Mike Engbarth. Paul Peterson. 2nd row- Todd Carr. Gene Sieve. Back- Lisa Kellen. Kathi Devor. Lori Kohler. B a n d 0 f f 1 c e r s 27Pep Band Front- Carmen Johanning. Chris Wieneke. Tammy Rupp. Standing- Maureen Mckeown. Pat Heitkamp. Larae Matthiesen. Mike Engbarth. Row 2- Vicky Nath. Heidi Heitkamp. Karla Gengler, Shelley Peters. Kathi Devor, Lori Kohler. Row 3- Mary Beth Taylor. Darcy Ennenga. Kris Reese. Cheryl Palaschak. Carmelle McHarg. Danny John. Steve Kellen, Leon Sieve. Row 4- Todd Carr. Scott Brake. Darrell Sieve. Lisa Kellen. Kim Johanning. Troy Loosbrock. Row 5- Randy Sadergaski. Loren Sieve. Paul Peterson, Ryan Peterburs. Pat Edwards. June Wieneke. Gene Sieve. Andrea Noble. 28 Strum us a tune. Larae!Junior High Band Row 1- Jean Oertli. Angelic Buss. Tracy Rupp. Judy Sieve. Sandy Nath. Kaye Silverstone. Row 2- Eric Gengler. Teri Kohler. Susan Lorang. Stacy Thier, Jennie Schutz. Becky Jonas. Eric Duwenhoegger. Missy Hinsch. Mike Hendel. Lori Lutmer, Doug Reisdorfer. Row 3- Becky Matthiesen. Monty Shorter. Chad Sachen. Standing- Mike Norskog. Matt Anderson. Kama Anderson. Krista Thier. Jenny Scheidt. Shawn Wittry. Jeff Sadergaski. Robby Feekes. 8th Grade S s Row 1- Cathy Wiese. Monty Shorter. Shane Johanning, Eric Gengler. Brandt Groehler. Jenny Scheidt. Row 2- Judy Sieve. Mike Hen- del, Shawna Bruhn. Lynette Diekmann. Row 3- Rhonda Wieneke. Matt Anderson. Stacy Thier. Becky Jonas. Robby Feekes. Diana Roemeling. Row 4- Tad Heitkamp. Kaye Sil- verstone. Jason Ennenga. Susan Lorang. Mike Reese.Concert Choir Row 1- Stacy Huisman, Carrie Kern. Traci Flygare. Heidi Heitkamp. Maureen McKeown. Jody Kontz. Deb Tweet. Carmen Johanning. Stacy Feekes. Rhonda Buus. Mary Slater. Larae Matthiesen. Kris Reese. Row 2- Trish Haugom. Kim Scheldt. Darcy Ennenga. Kathy Petersen. Lon Henning. Pat Edwards. Eric Norskog. Leon Sieve. Loren Sieve. Ryan Peterburs. Scott Brake. Amy Tholen. Kelly Groehler. Kristi Kopplow Row 3- Tammy Rupp. Mary Beth Taylor. Sandy Honermann. Amy Heronimus. Randy Sadergaski. Lorrell Hanson. Paul Peterson. Steve Kellen, Pat Heitkamp. Becky Madison. Joelle Schilling. Lynette Shorter. Amy Vortherms. Row 4- Jodi Bierman. Luann Diekmann. Jean Loosbrock. Kim Johanning. Todd Carr. Troy Loosbrock. Gene Sieve. Mike Engbarth. Gene Diek- mann. Tom Heitkamp. Jodi Cook. Astrid Wieneke. Darla Abels. C h 0 1 r 0 f f 1 c e r s President Gene Sieve. Mary Beth Taylor (Jr. Rep). Kim Johanning (Soph. Rep) Lisa Kellen (Vice-Pres). Carmen Johanning (Sec-treas). Lori Kohler (Sen. Rep) 30Swing Choir Row 1- Jodi Bierman, Traci Flygare. Trish Haugom. Row 2- Todd Carr. Pat Edwards. Loren Sieve. Eric Norskog, Ryan Peterburs. Pat Heitkamp. Row 3- Carmen Johanning, Jodi Cook. Deb Tweet. Sandy Honermann. Mary Beth Taylor. Kim Johanning. Kathy Petersen. Row 4- Paul Peterson. Gene Sieve. Mike Engbarth. Leon Sieve. Tom Heitkamp. Row 1- Darrell Sieve. Leon Sieve. Danny John. Mary Beth Taylor. Row 2- Larae Matthiesen. Randy Sadergaski. Loren Sieve. Todd Carr. Paul Peterson. Row 3- Mike Engbarth. Tammy Rupp. Pat Edwards. Gene Sieve. Lisa Kellen. Carmen Johanning. 31Music Awards Star Winners: Row 1- Kathi Devor. Carrie Kern. Traci Flygare. Carmen Johanning. Row 2- Sandy Honermann. Mary Beth Taylor. Darcy Ennenga. Lynette Shorter. Darla Abels. Row 3- Deb Tweet. Trish Haugom. Kim Johanning. Tammy Rupp. Paul Peterson. Eric Norskog. Row 4- Kathy Petersen. Larae Matthiesen. Ryan Peterburs. Leon Sieve. Pat Edwards. Todd Carr. Above. Todd Carr, winner of the John Phillip Sousa. Louis Armstrong Above: Gene Sieve, winner of the Swing Choir and Directors' Award. Jazz. National Choral, and Directors' Award. Below; Leon Sieve. Below: Kathi Devor. All-State Band, winner of the Jeff Mueller Award. 32DRAGON TALESBoys Basketball Varsity BBB: Row 1- Todd Hieronimus. Eric Norskog, Keith Van Westen. Danny Eatherton. Charlie Henning, Bryce Honken, Craig Altman. Row 2- Jim Lutmer. Ivan Kahle, Rick Nath, Darrell Sieve. Andy Wieneke. Jamie Salter. Row 3- Greg Springman. Chad Duwenhoegger. Ron Lonneman. Gene Sieve. Paul Reyne. The Dragons varsity boys basketball team under Coach Dean Schnai- ble completed another winning season with 11 victories and 10 losses for the 1985-86 roundball season. Adrian finished fourth out of eight teams in the Tri-County Conference with an eight and six win-loss record. The Dragons were rated 7th in the 12 team District 8 Tourney. Adrian was cited as the top defensive team in the conference and was ranked as the second best defensive unit in the tough District 8 competition. Faith Christian was tabbed number 10 in the District 8 tourney and was pitted against the Drag- ons. Adrian came out a winner 46-33. The Luverne Cardinals then defeated the Dragons 49-44 in a tough battle all the way. Co-captains Chad Duwenhoegger and Gene Sieve paced the much improved Dragons during the season with Chad cited as the top defensive player and Gene Sieve as the league's top blocked shot specialist. Both seniors made All-Conference All Star team. 34Varsity Cheerleaders Traci Flygare. Trish Haugom, Deb Tweet. Mary Beth Taylor. Captains Chad Duwenhoegger and Gene Sieve. Managers Todd Hieronimus and Craig Alt- man JV Cheerleaders Kaye Silverstone. Tammy Heitkamp. and Suzanne Eatherton. JV Team: Front- T. Rupp. Eric Norskog. Andy Wieneke. Rick Nath. Danny Eatherton. Scott Hotter. Bobby Faulk. Row 2- Loren Sieve. Greg Springman. Paul Reyne. Darin Brake. Richard Grussing. Jamie Salter. Clark Heitkamp. 3536 Seniors Charlie Henning. Chad Duwenhoegger. Ron Lonneman. Gene Sieve. Kahle. Bryce Honken 9th grade players Darwin Wieneke. Curt Taylor. Ryan Peterburs. Scott Brake, and Scott VanWeston. JH BBB- Row 1- Mike Norskog. Shane Johanning. Stacy Boyle. Chad Sachen. Jeff Kopplow. Aaron VanderPlaats. Eric Duwenhoegger. Row 2- Chad Wieneke. Travis Luettel. Mike Hendel. Matt Anderson. Doug Metz. Brian Nelson. Row 3- Mike Wagner. Shawn Wittry. Tom Wiertzema. Coach Brent Lick. Tad Heitkamp. Chad Cauwels. Mike Reese.UJ NJ Varsity: Front- Coaches Bette Nowotny. Ray VanderWolde. Helen Laleman. Row 2- Cheryl Palaschak. Kim Scheidt. Vicky Nath, Jodi Bierman. Jodi Cook. Stacy Feekes. Lisa Klingenberg. Row 3- Lisa Hieronimus. June Wieneke. Andrea Noble. Kathy Crussing, Lynette Shorter. Kris Reese. L a d y D r a g o n B a s k e t b a This year the Lady Dragons concluded their season with a record 9-12. The girls worked hard and improved many of their skills. Kathy Grussing was the leading scorer with a total of 459 points for the season. She also led the girls in rebounds and blocked shots. Kathy also made All-Conference. Jodi Cook received honorable mention in All-Confer- ence. The team shot 38% from the field and 50% from the line. They averaged 47.6 points and 34.1 rebounds per game. Many school records were set this year. The ladies set records with most field goals at- tempted (1048) and most field goals made (395). The team topped the record with re- bounds assists and points scored. Kathy Grussing set a new record in scoring with 847 points. The Lady Dragons are coached by Ray Van- derWolde. Bette Nowotny. and Helen Lale- man. Team captains Andrea Noble and Kathy Grussing 38JODI COOK Most Valuable Defensive Player LISA HIERONIMUS Most Improved Player KATHY GRUSSING Most Valuable Offensive Player Most Points Most Rebounds Most Blocked Shots LYNETTE SHORTER Ms. Hustle Most Assists KIM SCHEIDT JV Most Valuable Player JODI BIERMAN JV Most Improved Player 39JV: Row 1- Kim Scheidt. Stacy Feekes. Amy Heronimus. Heidi Heitkamp. Amy Erdman. Row 2- Jodi Bierman. Vickie Wieneke. Cheryl Palaschak. Lisa Hieronimus. Vicky Nath. Kelly Groehler. Coach Bette Nowotny. GBB Cheerleaders: Floor- Kaye Silverstone. Tammy Heitkamp. Jenny Scheidt. Rhonda Buus. Above- Suzanne Eatherton. Cathy Wiese. Judy Sieve. 7th Grade team: Row 1- Kama Anderston. Sandy Nath. Krista Thier. Row 2- Kim Everson. Mary Reisdorfer. Coach Helen Laleman. Sheryl Hanson. 8th Grade team: Row 1- Joan Weidert. Missy Hinsch. Robin Folkers. Row 2- Stacy Thier. Rhonda Wieneke. Coach Helen Laleman. Becky Jonas. 40Wrestlers Take District 8 ABOVE: Varsity- Row 1- Coach Nowotny. Dave Elias. Chad Loosbrock. Allen Wiese. Roger Sieve. Todd Kern. Row 2- Dave Bullerman. Randy Dorn, Curt Sieve. Jon Thier. Leon Bullerman. Row 3- Coach Henry Peterson. Delbert Bullerman. Grant Peterson. Paul Peter- son. Mark Altman. Dave Eichmann. Coach Jim Carr. BELOW: Coaches Henry Peterson. Jim Carr. Kevin Nowotny A strong Adrian wrestling team once again showed its stuff as the Dragons fin- ished the year 12-2 and carried home the District 8 title. Disappointment showed it- self only when the team’s quest for the fourth consecutive berth in the state tour- nament was thwarted by a 25-24 upset loss to Janesville in the regional finals. Leon Bullerman and Randy Dorn ad- vanced to state individually and Leon came away a state champ at 145 lbs. finishing at 29-3 for the year. Randy suf- fered a knee injury in the tournament and finished his season 28-3. End of the year awards were presented to Leon Bullerman as Most Outstanding. Delbert Bullerman-Most Dedicated. Rog- er Sieve-Silver Buckle, and Bruce Kloos- ter-Most Improved. The team was coached by Jim Carr. Hen- ry Peterson, and Kevin Nowotny. Manag- ers were Kris Loosbrock. Brian LeBrun. and Jean Loosbrock. 41Wrestling 7-12: Row 1- Scott Hietkamp. Scott LeBrun. Dean Elias. Dave Elias. Chad Loosbrock. Al Wiese. Roger Sieve. Todd Kern. Troy Veld. Jerry Sieve. Eric Gengler. Row 2- Brandt Groehler. Al Lonneman. Craig Lohr. Dave Bullerman, Randy Dorn. Curt Sieve. Jon Thier. Leon Bullerman. Bruce Heitkamp, Tim Hieronimus. Wade Hieronimus. Row 3- John Jonas. Darin Jones. Bruce Klooster. Delbert Bullerman. Grant Peterson. Paul Peterson. Mark Altman. Dave Eichmann. Kelly Loosbrock. Row 4- Lorrell Hanson. Marty Taylor. Monty Shorter. Brian Luettel. Martin Duin. Jason Lohr. Martin Weiss. Ron Johnson. Pat Heitkamp. 42 JV Cheerleaders Rhonda Buus. Judy Sieve. Cathy Wiese, and Jenny ScheidtSenior wrestlers Leon Bullerman. Paul Peterson. Curt Sieve. Tim Hieronimus. Dave Elias. Kelly Loosbrock. Todd Kern. Dave Eichmann. Delbert Bullerman. 43Silver Buckle winner Roger Sieve Captains Delbert Bullerman (Most Dedicated Award) and Leon Bul- lerman (Most Outstanding Award) JH team Row 1- Eric Gengler. Scott Heitkamp. Darin Jones Row 2- Ron Johnson. Brandt Groehler. John Jonas Row 3- Marty Taylor. Monty Shorter. Jason Lohr. and Wade Hieronrmus 444546DRAGON TALESStudent Council Student Council: Center-Pat Heitkamp. Seated- Traci Flygare. Darin Brake. Tad Heitkamp. Krista Thier. Dave Elias. Tom Heitkamp. Trish Haugom. Kathy Grussing. Charlie Henning. Bruce Heitkamp. Back- Jim Lutmer. Jon Thier. Adviser Ron Rother. Chad Duwenhoegger. Dan Springman. 48Lettermen LettermerVs Club: Row 1- Roger Sieve, Jim Lutmer. Jon Thier. Leon Bullerman, Curt Sieve, Delbert Bullerman. David Eichmann. Keith Van Westen, Randy Dorn. Pat Heitkamp. Deb Tweet. Sandy Honnerman. Carmen Johanning. Mary Beth Taylor. Row 2- Eric Norskog. Greg Springman. Maureen McKeown, Kim Johanning. Kris Silverstone, Lisa Krogman. Michelle Mormann. Andrea Noble. Tammy Heitkamp. Jenny Scheidt. Becky Jonas. Judy Sieve. Shelley Hieronimus. Kama Anderson. Adviser Gary Chamley. Row 3- Sandy Dorn. Lynette Shorter. Traci Flygare, Trish Haugom. Kathy Grussing. Kristi Reese. Roxanne Eatherton. Kristin Heidebrink. Cammie Flygare. Lynn Buus, Jon Lonneman. Allen Wiese. Grant Peterson. David Elias. Row 4- Rick Nath. Allen Lonneman. Kay Silverstone. Stacy Feekes. Kelly Groehler. Vicky Nath. Paul Peterson, Todd Kern. Bryce Honken. Mike Brake. Chad Duwenhoegger. Ed Wieneke. Row 5- Roger Kramer. Scott Altman. Cheryl Palaschak. Lisa Klingenberg. Jeff Lutmer. Tony Springman, Ken Kruger. Kelly Loosbrock. Gene Sieve. Ronnie Lonneman, Tom Heitkamp. Kelly Heitkamp. Ivan Kahle. 49Industrial Arts Club Industrial Arts Club: Row 1- Kenny Kruger. Lonnie Matthiesen. Row 2- Adviser Dick Remme. Terry Reisdorfer. Jerry Weidert. Bruce Klooster. Kevin Lorang. Craig Wieneke. John Weidert. John Kellen, John Erdman. 50Speech The 1986 speech team, though small, was very spirited. The all girl team competed at various festivals in Pipestone, Luverne. Fulda, C-LW. and Marshall. One of the team's highlights was a close 2nd place finish to HBC in Tri-County competition. At left are this year’s team Members: Row 1- Donna Klingenberg , Kathy Petersen , Coach Rose Rust. Carmen Johanning . Car- melle McHarg . Row 2- Kristi Kopplow . Lisa Kellen , Kristin Heidebrink . Amy Erdman . Row 3- Chris Wieneke. Kathi Devor . •District Qualifiers Missing: Sherri Wieneke and Coach Marsha Lindeman. Region Qualifiers Carmen Johanning and Donna Klingenberg Speech Seniors Kristin Heidebrink, Sherri Wieneke, Lisa Kellen. Miss- ing- Kathi Devor The Speech banquet was held at Michaels in Worthington. Award winners include: Most Promising Rookie- Amy Erdman Most Inspirational- Kathi Devor Most Improved- Donna Klingenberg Most Valuable- Carmen Johanning 51National Honor Society Row 1- Carmen Johanning, Sandy Honermann, Deb Tweet. Tricia Haugom, Kathy Grussing. Row 2- Lisa Kellen. Kristin Heidebrink, Chad Duwenhoegger. Grant Peterson. Row 3- Paul Peterson. Gene Sieve, Ivan Kahle. Darrell Sieve. Todd Carr. 52 Row 1- Kim Johanning. Traci Flygare. Tammy Rupp. Row 2- Jean Loosbrock. Sandy Dorn. Lisa Krogman. Andrea Noble. Becky Madison. Row 3- Jon Lonneman. Rick Nath. Paul Reyne. John Erdman.DRAGON TALESTrack And Field 7-12 Track team Row 1-Cmdy Konz. Trish Haugom. Jim Lutmer. KeHy Hetikamp. Mike Brake. Jon Lonneman. Kathy Grossing. Pat Heitkamp. Doug Reisdorfer Row 2- Chris Wieneke. Tracey Hieronimus. Eric Norskog. Richard Grossing. Ivan Kahte. Loren Sieve. Roger Kramer. Mark Springman. John Jonas Row 3- Sandy Nath. Becky Jonas. Jenny Scheldt. Brandt Groehler. Amy Erdman. Ke y Groehler. Vicky Nath. Jodi Bier man. Cori Taylor. Steve Kellen. Bill Engels. Lorrell Hanson Row 4- Monty Shorter. Matt Anderson. Krista Thier. Jennie Schotz. Kama Anderson. Jackie Scroggs. Kathleen Loostxock, Lynn Lorang. Mary Retsdorter. Kim Everson. Sheryl Hanson. Mike Norskog. Eric Dowenhoegger. Jeremy Hattom. 54TRACK AND FIELD TRACK AWARD WINNERS Most Valuable Track- Jim Lutmer; Most Valuable Field- Mark Springman; Most Improved- Richard Grussing; Hardest Worker- Mike Brake; JH Most Valuable- John Jonas. Most Valuable Track- Kathy Grussing; Most Valuable Field- Andrea Noble; Most Improved- Tracy Hieronimus; Hardest Worker- Kathy Grussing; JH Most Valuable- Becky Jonas 1986 TRACK AND FIELD CAPTAINS Jim Lutmer- Eric Norskog Kathy Grussing- Trish Haugom SCHOOL RECORD SET Kathy Grussing- 300 Meter Hurdles (52.8) REGION 2A QUALIFIERS 100 Meter Dash- Mike Brake; 800 Meter Relay- Cindy Konz, Vicky Nath, Trish Haugom, Kathy Grussing. 1600 Meter Relay- Cindy Konz. Tracey Hieronimus, Trish Haugom, Kathy Grussing. 5556The Dragons finished the baseball season with 6 wins against 9 setbacks. Returning lettermen for the 1986 season were seniors Tom Heitkamp, Chad Duwenhoegger. Dave Elias, Dave Eichmann. Bryce Honken, and sophomore Greg Springman. Leading hitters for the Dragons were sophomores Mark Altman (.350) 7-20, Greg Springman (.319) 15-47, and Jamie Salter (.310) 9-29. Sophomore Jamie Salter was cited as the hurler with the best pitching record of 3-0. Senior pitcher Chad Duwenhoegger recorded 2 wins. Seniors Tom Heitkamp batted .298, Dave Eichmann .256, Bryce Honken .219, Chad Duwenhoegger .206, and Dave Elias .133. Juniors Grant Peterson batted .240 and Keith Van Westen .125. Sophomore Danny Eatherton batted .111. Award winners were Chad Duwenhoegger as Best Defensive, Greg Springman as MVP, Jamie Salter as Most Improved and Best Pitching Record, Greg Springman as Mr. Slugger, and Bryce Honken as Mr. Hustle. Lettermen for the 1986 season were seniors Tom Heitkamp, Dave Eichmann, Bryce Honken, Chad Duwenhoegger, Paul Peterson, and David Elias, juniors Keith Van Westen and Grant Peterson, and sophomores Mark Altman, Greg Springman, Jamie Salter, and Danny Eatherton. Row 1- Keith VanWesten. Dave Elias. Row 2- Danny Eatherton, Grant Peterson, Mark Altman. Row 3- Tom Heitkamp, Greg Springman. Row 4- Bryce Honken, Jamie Salter. Chad Duwenhoegger, Paul Peterson, Dave Eichmann.SCOREBOARD Adrian 1 Pipestone 10 Adrian 5 SV-RL-B 7 Adrian 5 SV-RL-B 9 Adrian 5 Jasper 14 Adrian 4 Jasper 6 Adrian 5 C-LW-E 1 Adrian 9 C-LW-E 8 Adrian 3 Slayton 8 Adrian 11 Jasper 12 Adrian 11 Jasper 7 Adrian 5 Jackson 17 Adrian 6 C-LW-E 3 Adrian 10 C-LW-E 3 Adrian 8 Lakefield 1 Adrian 4 Luverne 14 58JV Team: Row 1- Shane Johanning. Chad Sachen, Marty Taylor. Row 2- Scott Heitkamp, Darin Jones. Row 3- Wade Hieronimus. Doug Metz. Chad Cauwels, Chad Wieneke. Aaron VanderPlaats. Row 4- Tad Heitkamp, Mike Reese.60Delbert Bullerman and Kathi Devor Chad Duwenhoegger and Cammie Flygare 62 Ivan Kahle and Lisa Kellen Paul Peterson and Kris Silverstone63■'TProm '86 was held on April 25th. The theme was “This Could Be the Night" by the group Lover- boy. Using the colors lavender and sil- ver, the junior class decorated with balloons, stars, and crepe paper. The Grand March was held under a spotlighted arch on stage. Students and chaperones were entertained by the band "Gemi- ni". Refreshments were available in a separate room, the "Rain- bow.” At midnight a buffet-style banquet consisting of salads, cheeses, and meats was served. Sophomore workers were Clark Heitkamp, Rick Nath, Paul Reyne, Jamie Salter, Andy Wien- eke, Shari Croat, Luann Diek- mann, Sandy Dorn, Kim Johan- ning, Kris Loosbrock. Junior class advisers were Dick Remme and Zan Chamley. 6566St. Francis has an affection for all animal species. Adrian ambassadors to Rochester. Six students departed Wednesday evening, April 30 to tour some of the medical facilities associated with the Mayo Clinic. This year’s tour group was comprised of: Kristin Heidebrink, Lisa Kellen, Lisa Krogman, Kris Silver- stone, Mike Brake, Chad Duwenhoegger, and course in- structor, Ron Lindner. After checking into the motel upon arrival in Rochester the group assembled to go over their study packets for Thurs- day’s tours. We had to hustle Thursday A.M. to be at the Mayo Clinic by 8:00 A.M. Our first tour session was of the blood labs of the Mayo Clinic. A walk tour of the many buildings was next, with a tour guide explaining and relat- ing facts on the history and architecture of the physical facilities. Thursday afternoon was spent at St. Mary’s Hospital. We had extensive tours of the physical therapy, surgical pa- thology, and X-ray departments. A slide presentation on the history of St. Mary’s followed. Friday we spent the entire day with the director and assis- tant director of the Mayo Medical Museum. They had arranged a full day of educational tours and programs. We toured the electron microscopy lab, tissue registry, the DSR (a huge 3-D research X-ray device), and had “hands on” lab with various body tissues. We arrived home Friday evening. Papers were turned in the following Wednesday. We all have many good memo- ries of the 1986 class trek to Rochester. "Hey! I thought Chicago was the windy city!” 67 Is this our limo? Just a note taking respite before the next tour.Las Vegas Night April 18, 19, 20 68Spring Show 696 1- Gold Hammer Award Winner Pat Shorter with his roll-top desk. 2- Project built by Delbert Bullerman, winner of the Ball Peen Hammer Award (photo 3) 4- Jr. High Gold Hammer Award Winner Curt Taylor 5- Shop projects on display 6- Art projects on display 7- Lora Nelson shows her talent in the Home-Ec dept. 8- Home-Ec projects on display 71Awards Night “A" HONORS Seniors Sophomores 8th Grade Kristin Heidebrink Shari Croat Carolyn Beckmann Charles Henning John Erdman Eric Gengler Bryce Honken Rick Nath Tammy Heitkamp Ivan Kahle Tammy Rupp Susan Lorang Lisa Kellen Travis Luettel Jon Lonneman Freshmen Tracy Rupp Paul Peterson Martin Duin Stacy Thier Curt Sieve Amy Erdman Gene Sieve Karla Gengler 7th Grade Kristi Kopplow Tina Brake Juniors Vicky Nath Jeff Kopplow Kathy Grussing Ryan Peterburs Lynn Lorang Trish Haugom Sara Homan Sandy Honermann Carmen Johanning Becky Madison Kathy Petersen Vickie Wieneke Jennie Schutz BUSINESS AWARDS Outstanding Typing Student Tammy Rupp Outstanding Acct. Students Kathy Grussing Ron Lonneman Outstanding Shorthand Student Sara Homan MATHEMATICS AWARDS Outstanding senior math student Tony Springman Computer Science Award John Erdman OUTSTANDING IND. ARTS STUDENT Pat Shorter BARRY BRUNK AWARD Chad Duwenhoegger OUTSTANDING SENIOR GIRL ATHLETE Lisa Krogman NATIONAL SCHOLAR ATHLETE AWARD DISTINGUISHED ATHLETE AWARD Chad Duwenhoegger OUTSTANDING 8th Grad OUTSTANDING 8TH GRADE PE STUDENTS Tad Heitkamp Joan Weidert OUTSTANDING 10th GRADE PE STUDENTS Roger Sieve Jodi Cook PRESIDENTIAL ACADEMIC FITNESS AWARDS Todd Carr Chad Duwenhoegger Kristin Heidebrink Lisa Kellen Lisa Krogman Jon Lonneman Ronnie Lonneman Paul Peterson Gene Sieve ACADEMIC WRESTLER AWARDS Curt Sieve Paul Peterson Chad Loosbrock David Bullerman Roger Sieve Grant Peterson Jean Loosbrock Dave Elias 72Graduation Class Motto Yesterday we dreamt; Today we attempt; Tomorrow we succeed. Class Flower Rose Class Colors Royal Blue and Silver 73GRADUATES David J. Bendt Michael Allen Biake Delbeif HaAk BulleAman Leon Rcui Bu'leAman Lynn LuRaye Buut Todd Jcthua CaiA Rick Chi if am Ko thCAine Ann Pevoi '(had Lee PuwenhoeggeA Rrtanne Mane EatheAton Pav d Duane I ichmann David EdwaAd Eliot Michael P. IngbaAth Michael T. EAdrmn David Flic FletcheA Sue Flygate •KAittin Leigh HeidebAink f Kelly Ryan Heitkamp Thomoui Jeiome Heitkamp ChaAlet G. Henning Tim L. HitAonimut Dean A. Homan Btyce A. Honken 7van R. Kahle 1 "Lita MaAie Kellen H Todd M. Ketn LoAi Jean KohleA "Lita Ann KAogman 'Kenneth P. KAugea Rita MaAie Kunkel Euan K. LeBiun "Jon David Lonneman Ronald RobeAt Lonneman Kelly F. LootbAock Kevin John LoAang Randy Dean Lupket Je L • LutmeA Joy-Lynn Cindy MyeAt "Paul Wayne PeteAton 1 PatAick H. ShoAtCA CuAtit J. Sieve "Gene M. Sieve f Knit MaAie SilveAttone Kent M. SpAingman Tony J. SpAingman CaAol Ann VoAtheAmt TAavit J. Weitt Ed. H. Wieneke SheAAi Lynn Wieneke IDenote HonoA Student "Denote HonoA Society UembCA •Denote SecondaAy CeAtifiaUePRESIDENT Paul Peterson VICE PRESIDENT Tony Springman SEC.-TREASURER Lisa Kellen STUDENT COUNCIL Dave Elias Tom Heitkamp Chad Duwenhoegger Charlie Henning Survey Results Here Are Some Of The Seniors’ Favorites. MOVIE FOOD Rambo Pizza Porky's Steak SONG COLOR Lovin’ every minute of it (Loverboy) Blue Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room (Motley Crue) Red BEVERAGE TV SHOW Coke Cosby Show Mountain Dew Stingray VIDEO HOTEL Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue) Super 8 Money For Nothing (Dire Straits) Holiday Inn TEACHER JEANS Mr. Bristow Levi 501 Mr. Lindner Mr. Nowotny Lee PERSON OF OPP. SEX Heather Locklear Heather Thomas Mark Harmon Bruce Willis Seniors(MtofBJLv djum rooo CA d { Jt-LKX-) (Li l H.jra utx ajjuru.t FU oXa.q isu- tfroc) mnnao iStou P7 uixl ‘HuAkty (tcrnsv -L jSrrv C-irvcvrv  LX 5p  Juniors PRESIDENT Sandy Honermann VICE PRESIDENT Grant Peterson SECRETARY-TREASURER Deb Tweet STUDENT COUNCIL Pat Heitkamp Jim Lutmer Trish Haugom Kathy Grussing Jon Thier Keith Balster Kathy Campbell Kathy Christians Gene Diekmann Randy Dorn Darcy Ennenga Kevin Fuerstenberg Kathy Grussing Trish Haugom Pat Heitkamp Shelly Hieronimus Guy Hoiland Sara Homan Sandy Honermann Dean Honken Steve Huisman Carmen Johanning Danny John John Kellen Bruce Klooster 84Kathy Kohorst Randy Kontz Cindy Konz Jim Lutmer Becky Madison Kelly Madison Terry Markus Larae Matthiesen Michelle Mormann Lora Nelson Andrea Noble Sherri Nytes Kathy Petersen Grant Peterson Kristi Reese Tom Scheidt Mark Schettler Darrell Sieve Mary Beth Taylor Jon Thier Deb Tweet Keith Van Westen John Weidert Craig Wieneke June Wieneke Brian Luettel 85Sophomores PRESIDENT Jean Loosbrock VICE-PRESIDENT Shari Croat SECRETARY-TREASURER Sandy Dorn STUDENT COUNCIL Traci Flygare Darin Brake Mark Altman Scott Altman Shari Bendt Darin Brake David Bullerman Jodi Cook Shari Croat Luann Diekmann Sandy Dorn Danny Eatherton Pat Edwards John Erdman Traci Flygare Brian Fuerstenberg Kristi Garner Photo Not Available Richard Grussing Clark Heitkamp Lon Henning Lisa Hieronimus Scott Hotter Stacy Huisman Kim Johanning Donna Klingenberg Lisa Klingenberg Kenny KloosterRoger Kramer John Kruger Scott LeBrun Jean Loosbrock Kris Loosbrock Lonnie Matthiesen Carmelle McHarg Maureen McKeown Rick Nath Eric Norskog Cheryl Palaschak Terry Reisdorfer Paul Reyne Tammy Rupp Randy Sadergaski Jamie Salter Joelle Schilling Lynette Shorter Jerry Sieve Leon Sieve Loren Sieve Roger Sieve Tammy Simonich Greg Springman Mark Springman Amy Tholen Amy Vortherms Jerry Weidert Andy Wieneke Astrid Wieneke Jay Wieneke Todd Wieneke Al Wiese 87Freshmen PRESIDENT Kim Scheidt (missing) VICE PRESIDENT Allan Lonneman SEC-TREASURER Amy Erdman STUDENT COUNCIL Bruce Heitkamp Dan Springman Darla Abels Jodi Bierman Scott Brake Kim Buss Rhonda Buus Martin Duin Shelly Duwenhoegger Dean Elias Bill Engels Amy Erdman Stacy Peekes Becky Folkers Karla Gengler Kelly Groehler Lorrell Hanson Bruce Heitkamp Heidi Heitkamp Michelle Heitkamp Amy Heronimus Todd HieronimusTracey Hieronimus Leroy Hoiland Lisa Honken Steve Kellen Carrie Kern Stacy Klingenberg Jody Kontz Kristi Kopplow Brian Kunkel Craig Lohr Al Lonneman Troy Loosbrock Vicky Nath Ryan Peterburs Shelly Peters Kim Scheidt Mary Slater Dan Springman Curt Taylor Scott Van Westen Troy Veld Martin Weiss Tonya Wick Chris Wieneke Darwin Wieneke Vickie Wieneke8th Grade PRESIDENT Tracy Rupp VICE PRESIDENT Tammy Heitkamp SEC-TREASURER Travis Luettel STUDENT COUNCIL Tad Heitkamp Craig Altman Matt Anderson Carolyn Beckmann BJ Bierman Stacy Boyle Shawna Bruhn Lynette Diekmann Suzanne Eatherton Jason Ennenga Robby Feekes Robin Folkers Eric Gengler Brandt Groehler Tad Heitkamp Tammy Heitkamp 90Kelly Tuin Joan Weidert Rhonda Wieneke Cathy Wiese Mike Hendel Wade Hierommus Missy Hinsch Shane Johanning Ron Johnson Becky Jonas Teri Kohler Jason Lohr Lisa Loring Chad Loosbrock Susan Lorang Travis Luettel Lori Lutmer Mark Madison Doug Metz Jean Oertli Mike Reese Diana Roemeling Tracy Rupp Jenny Scheidt Pat Schettler Monty Shorter Judy Sieve Kaye Silverstone Stacy ThierSeventh Grade PRESIDENT Mike Norskog VICE-PRESIDENT Jennie Schutz SECRETARY-TREASURER Sandy Nath STUDENT COUNCIL Krista Thier Kama Anderson Tina Brake Angelic Buss Chad Cauwels Eric Duwenhoegger Kim Everson Jeremy Hallum Sheryl Hanson Scott Heitkamp Andy Henning John Jonas Darin Jones Jeff Koplow Dawn Kunkel Jeff Lais Kathleen Loosbrock Lynn Lorang Becky Matthiesen Lottie McHarg Brian Meester 92Nicole Miller Sherrie Mulder Sandy Nath Brian Nelson Mike Norskog Kim Nytes Doug Reisdorfer Mary Reisdorfer Chad Sachen Jeff Sadergaski Jennie Schutz Jackie Scroggs Marty Taylor Krista Thier Aaron VanderPlaats Mike Wagner Chad Wieneke Tom Wiertzema Shawn Wittry 93Our Fearless Leaders SuDerintendent Don Jensen Dave Edwards. Administrative Assistant Sherry Lindner. School Nurse Janitors Tony Konz. Frank VanHor- sen. and Clem Honermann Secretaries and Aides: Jackie Wieneke. Cindy Archer. Lavonne Inglett. Cin- dy Kunkel and Bonnie Haugom. 94 Cooks: Peggy Carrier. Vivian Heffele. Helen Broesder. Mary Lund. Marian Eatherton. Karen Silverstone.Brent Lick. PE and Social Studies Henry Peterson. Special Services Betty Flanigan. Science Ron Lindner. Science arb Monroe. Home-Ec an Chamley. Library and English Peg Kruger. English Rose Rust. English 95Garret Fritzemeier. Math Helen Laleman, Math Dick Remme. Shop Ray VanderWolde, Shop Ron Rother. Vocal Music Paul Swick. Band 96 Galen Doub. ArtBottom: Astrid Wieneke. Stacy Huisman. Donna Klingenberg, Todd Carr. On table: Lisa Krogman, Kris Silverstone, Kristin Heidebrink. Larae Matthiesen. Tammy Rupp. Back: Cammie Flygare, Lisa Kellen. 97Smile pretty! Life moves pretty fast . 9899 Wow. look at the size of that fish!!“A day is not wasted if a memory is made.” yt „ P e siCifvAJ v V? v yg t m$p • t :• if- • ‘v. A ■ i ' ; ?{ .J vj .Vv ■ i riS-Q Jjv ' ‘- » V rJ'a a » • r V • Vfv' 5-$P».4c

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