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THE lllllllllll " lllll Published B STO!! OF THE COVER Draco, the Dragon fbraco the Snakel Between the figures of Greek Little Bear lies the winding form of Draco the Dragon There are :any legends about and sinoua the sky dragon One tells that it is the dragon that guarded the golden apples, of the Garden of Hesperida Another tale is that Draco is the sleepless dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece of Jason s quest The brightest star in Draco is Alpha Draconis drlan HI h School drlan Minnesota Annual Staff Editor Section Editor Typist Photographers Hake up 6 Art Department Advisor Ralph Gebhsrd Charlotte Lund Barbara Hansen Judy Van Peursem Charles Marston Rallah Madison Arvid Bbeling Annette Dale Nancy Blcket Richard Bide Hr Pederson O O O O 9 , . I Business Department - ----- Dorothy Breuer I M W W W ll anwmmn ,JW6 Table of Contents T1tle Page Dedication Table of Contents Forward FACULTY Admin1strat1on Hlgh School Grade School Custod1ans Cafeterxa Bus Drlvers CLASSES Senlors Junlors Sophomores Freshmen Exghth Grade Seventh Grade ACTIVITIES Football Basketball Senxor H1gh Chorus Senior Class Play Senlor High Band Twirlers Annual Staff Cheerleaders Baseball Junior Class Play One Act Play Prom Declamatxon Picnic Graduac1on Ceremonies Senlor Actx lties ORGANIZATIONS Churches F H A and Industrlal Art Club Pep Club Parents Teachers Association Student Councxl ADVERTIZING 3 , , .... Homecoming.......... ......... ...... ...................... . ..... . Foreword Each fall a new annual staff is confronted with the task of commemorating the school year in picture and prose Sometimes this is comparatively simple when the background of events is normal, and when life is secure This year, as its students face a future filled with uncertainty Adrian High School has attempted to provide a program of wide and diversified interests in order to help all to meet the challenge of the times Life here is full of rich and varied experiences that reach their highest attainment in services to our fellow students The pages of this book reflect the spirit of friendliness and good will that charac terizes our school For all at Adrian 1t's s wonderful life where everyone learns to appreciate the heritage of the and to live as American youths trained in the ways of democratic thinking FW 0, . - l xx N past, to enjoy the triumphs and glories of the hour, I Chl ' lx if Ctlflfiky Q 9 Q A dmini trati ll Superintendent Hugh School Prlnclpal Sec re tary Grade School Prlnelpal Hr. D. A. Torbenson American History Senior Class Adviso O O ' 9 Mr. Hs Slttlllfllnd Hrs. A. Lebens chemiury Sixth Grade tn Grade General Science urs. c. n1cche11 6 illlll M1 C G Anderson Mathematics Sclence Elghth Grace Advlsor Drs H L Benson Fome UCOHONICS Department nglish 9 12 speech s J angelkes 'f -z 223. F H K XdV150f Sophomore Class AdN1SOI Hrs J E Erlandson P G F Gla a Librarian Music Plane Geometry Algebra 7 . J ,N ng w Ae A L A ' , , f' 1 . . . Mr . . H. " . .. ' E - f' 7 1 A r 15 J l r ' 4 D . , , ff. - 1 P Facult Mr. E. Jacobson ' Mr. 2-1. G. Kositsky Veterans Agriculture if Industrial Art EQ Junior Class Advisor K ede s n Wuanbecs B S nesq Dgpartment Girls Physlcal ducatlon Health u 1 f.1ghth Grade Soc1a1 Sxcence Fresnmen 'lass dvlsor Anwual Staf XOV1SOf Seventh Grade 5dV1S0I Athletic Coach Seventh 505131 Sclence Boys' Physlcal Educatlon Health 7 9 angllsh BiO10gy Dr1vers Trainlng Jorld HISEOTY SOC1d1 Sclence 8 A H J J Mr. D. c. " r o ,M ' Hrs'.B' RQ. di . 1' . 1 -4 ,. . a 7 1. 1 v V: V-i I i F Lys, L, D, Wight .:EgI Mr. A. P, Zanorsky Faculty First Grade First Grade fre. W. G. Faraghe: Second Grade Wxss Varg t Lebrxng Mrs. G. R. Biewen Thlrd Grade MISS Varllyn ixdbarden M155 ancy Thom s aa eestex 9 U l 1 W J ! H IL L 7 . 'I r 4 J N l I r Fourth Grade Fifth Gfade ' is . riis 5111 - Custodians Cogkg Wayne Owens Rosqce Biclze Mrs. Poppen Mrs. Kussman I . Y - F x K , r 10 Cafeteria H el p Bus Drivers GEORGE ABBAS JOE BITTNER WILFORD JOHNSON MILVIII JONES CARL KGUTZ WILBERT FEIS L...-. Cfariried 3, - 4-N,,qK Howard Olson Class President Y 1 'Qs 'bf we--v Thou Class Vice President Ralph Gebhard Jr Class Secretary Student Council representative Donns Blsing Student Council representative Dale Reisdorfer Student Council President 12 Q9 4:22 Judy Hansen Clsss Treasurer Student Council Secretary Cynthia Stangeland Student Council representative like fa: 'S are, y.. 'Q :xx , ix 5 q, ig, 0 L, i gt:-. E. AQ? EY' , 1 4 4 1 , Ei, ..-2'-em N. ,fx 4gfr 2 , is, v,. 4- ff, in ' ' . V ' F 1' Ml..- Ardi, Birkesttmd Margaret Birkeatrand Thelma Broeader William Bliaa Q, 1IiL.- f M M MQ X 4. Leroy Ennenga B- Q"" 'NM X1 '99 Vx X'H1,s Wx M Barbara Hieronimus Grace Huismn David Lgig ig..- Hn.. wilnu' n'di'on Charles Marston 'x L I aw- K A C. Donald Rust 'VTNQQZ ' V 'x M af: X 'Wav-1 for X-- Bq x ,lx A L Laverne Meyer ll. Morris Roe Irene Schulz A K- lofa fish N I X - -1 LH ze ,.. - !-,. xt gif , E Gary Obele QQ. lj ,C ' '-,X V Class President .4 42-1 'ffl NN J - ffffrr at x ff V f 'S lu fn '5 5 Em 4, Y Roger Poppen Class Vice President A-' "W 1' I .Z Charlotte Lund Class Secretary Student Council Treasurer Patsy Tweet Class Treasurer Student Council Vice President Rallah Mgdigon Annette Dale John Brandt Student Council Student Council Student Council representativg representative representative 14 3.31. K .. K' ,L 'Q ,ij -'21, w 6 N455 ri 25.441 ,V Y I Q X Q 3 Q' x ' A Nancy Jo Sailor Barbara Hansen Class President Class Vice President Student Council representative 5-. Sandra Carter Class Secretary Grace Bauer Robert Viessman Class Treasurer Student council representative Jill' 'er sa ,-ff Nsdyne Arnold Nancy Bickett Robert Baumgertner Betty Birkestraud Beverly Birkestrsnd 16 Q G- 4? an X s e we - 4 f Q' .,,, . ff' ophomoro Judith Brandt J1m Broesder Daryl DeGroot Dwlght DeGroot har11s DeGroot 1rv1d beling Carolyn qllds tarxe E1s1ng Iancj Pshleman obert Friemuth Frank q1EIOR1mUb Jr Gerala Jeffers arvxn A Johannxng lenoell Loosbrock 1111am Loemellng enneth aieve Jake erlman Harr1et llnk 1 Gary 711m I a 5. 'I K 1. .1 k,.E 'P r , Margaret Honerman I M 'Q .. ' i H' ' 1 ' I1 'Y 1 S? steve Nelson Ronald Breuer Darlene Kuhnau Joyce Vieasman President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Q.. Y J' Arthur Bortz Student Council Representative Student Council Representative Delbert Gonnerman fsdf First row, left to right, Billy Broich, William John, Darlene Kuhuau, Joyce Viesaman, Kathleen Balster, Lois Kruger. Georgia Hens, Second row, left to right, Dorrene Duwenhoegger, Carol Reiter, Judith Laikole, Verlyn Julius, Daryel Buss, Gaylord Thom, Darwin Sieve, Barbara Blsing, Bonnie Tweet, Third row, left to right, Wanda Larson, Colette Olson, Elaine Krueger, Richard LeBruL, Richard Lupkes, Johnnie Homan, Elmer Brake, James Gebhard, Ronald Breuer, Delbert Gonnerman, Fourth row, left to right, Joan Rust, Lawrence Roeder, LeRoy Lohr, Margie Mai Prine, Chris DeGroot, Glenn Sell, Orlen Beckering, Steve Nelson, Arthur Bortz. 18 VQ1- ' ' 5, ,gg gglQ'go 4- EQ ki F fa, .lin . gi l ' 'R I .. ft XT' - A I I a 0 L I' fy I k A lf. R "f G ' S 'CF N ' 1 ,, 2 , 1' " - ng, M: Cz.. I- y . J ir Nu. XL , ns l om1b Joan Kan Peu sem ,QSLC nt Vlce Bres1dent J c etary lb- '1"S Ak E 1lC C1SOP Dale Iac unrels Q Student Council nt tlvc 5.17 1,5 Ti First row left to right Beverly Owens, Larry Boots David DeGroot Wendell Pieper Thomas Lohse Joel Stsngeland Robert Hiese, Keren Blrkestrsnd, Second row left to right Bobby Cyrus Roemeling Donald Lupkes, Gary Kuhnsu, Herbert Kuper, Mary Lou Hoagland Jeanette Mackunnels Mary Lund Karen Obele Vincent Madison, Marvin Huismen, Third row, left to right, Ronald Haken Dale Mackunnels Irma Hokeness LsVonne Breuer, Marie Lienau Carol Freimuth, Judy Hieronimus, Morris Bnnlnga Mr. Clarence Anderson, Fourth row, left to right, Myrtle Brandt, Joan Var Peursem, Charlene Carter, Cheryl Hansen, Dennis Moerke, Gerald Wiese. Edward Jederberg, David Jacobs. 19 f5 Zgig NW N , 4, 1 ,,V' Q . in 1 ' A:- fv . . , 2 5. ix W 4 I 'H ll. ,g 'ti A 3 :Q ' y , ., .. I 'iii YT x ' , I Q 12, Kermit: Liide Larry I-lick XGCUYYU Gunderson President Vice President becretary gun JLeven luet 1 1 L3f8S3Ut3C1VE th TIICFG Judl Leasu btueent Councl f' 'A V ll I' ff' D Front Jo nn Vobby Iouul Zlln Mary kodne row, left to rlght rs Sylve Ylght, Larry 1CL, Cernl 1ue Ioogland K thle n n t, JUUlCH l1tche11 Georve .oen ' me11n0 Jeconc row, left to rlnht Jerlyn Dammer venaa Ihyl11 Tynn oe D, t orare om'n John S ld Quss, Fsther 11C et f ro rinnt etty Jean Buss mhlrley GLOUIHUW, 11r row e t , Steven mst, aywonc x81HdQfS Fllen Qelthe, .af yn JLwOE1, W ' e alkola, Qthlyn Funderfen y llllam trnola, ene op 1 20 4 iw 5 C O I :HN 7' '24, ch UL her, J 'Er I K " 0, 1 , 'gr 'I' I' , S fwww .1 . 5 MQ- "' If -lp.. J, A 'A -n..Y'y, Steve Nelson ii Morris Roelofa Dale Reisdorfer Q QA, ,Nr . -32, A -6 ' 4 X ,M , 'f ' 5' 1 'wi ' Gerald Uiese .1 Ag E A 853' Football ,, ,g n . f, , X ig. ,I 9 f '., X 1 Robert Weise If Arthur Bartz John Brandt P , E x yk gfj , 'fa 1 . v , wi mlm? ZZ in... . :gm '7 A . . ..4w . ag --,, s,.g, ,, Ro dns- y Arnold in 1,71 .1 J 1 g, , , ,fum :1 De lbe rt Comme nnan Q i. , ,4 .9 " A Vjwf, ny, - A 1 'H-Q? ,fl A' I. Q tx 5' PV 4 'su roi., a - 4- 'K 'A ' L . , hi K . 'fl A E X U . ,Q 39f,,1"" t Dale HacRunnel ., V1, l?,Q4q Gary Obele xg Howard Olson " ' g, T ' .M-.2 Q .JA f - z., Y f X M e Philip Mohler ,.,' I. fi if :.J'l,AYg', A V : I .rf N4 fv 1 A f , 1. " -4 f , AW. CQ As. Glen Sell Mr. Znhorsky 'V Rnna ld Breue r - 0145 S 29 I xX mm' Homecoming Ln fttobex l t e HOmCCOW1hV weelenc st1zLed wlth LOAOI1Cl0H evenlng pmogr m wlth Charles Marston s1n lng One God Tne P1OCCSS10U8l was next wlth Irene Scnul Cynth1a stangel1nt no Patsy Tweet as queen c1nu1date Howard Olson, Pobert Thom and Norrrs oelofs were 1Ug candluates The orlnce and PFIHCQSS were Terry S'1lOf ard karen RLIC son Duane Graf and JaneL Grove last fear s klnv anu queen, rollowee tne candldates The muswc for tne DlOCESS1OU was PIOVIQEQ ny Dorotny Ann Bleuer Alter the PIOCESSIOHGI Judy Van Peursem sang I Dreant I Dwelt ln Marble Ualls The mxstress of ceze1on1es, Judy Hanson, zntrouuced br Torbenson and he wave a short speech Ie t xrthur Bortz ana Ronald Breuer ayeu a trunpet OUEL, Twelfth Street Pao Mr fanorsky ave a few remuras and ntroduced the football players Jumet 1nu Duane were lntroduced and they opened the x,ter1ous whlte euveloges conta1n1ng the names of tne new Lng and queen Janet crowned Howard as Homecomlng nlhc and Duane crowned Cynthla Stangelend as queen After all tne suspense everyone was pleased w1tn Lhe results Lne new Lng anu queen lea the 1EC6SS1OH3l Z4 r r 0 N w, . ' ' . , -A ' , m., K1 - Y. 0 X 1. the ' T 1. ' ' 5 a. . - - ,,- vs vu 1 . ' . ' . r, . . . - 7 . ,. A Z H , .., K L. . . 4 H Q . ,, .. -. ' ' 4 ' . . i . , VA. ,I V 1 4... u. . A A .. . , F X -,I . . - t . . C, . . . 1 . . . . . , l I , , I1 , rr . . - . 1 4 1 ' I. A ' 4. .. f.- - ' 1 U . , .. . - A - .. .1 . 1: , -1 ' Pi, - 4" L U A G. . H A 1, ' : E1 L 4, '. , -A . al c , . . , 1 .W rf- -A . ' ' n., - - - Y ll . . ' . , . K . ., . C- D u 1 - x. I ,,.,. .I .Q V. . - , .r , L4 .iw -ya!-M1 ,. 57 l we ,S-i,,' . sl Text came the bonfire contributed Ly :ht Freshman. N-nl - " ' f- Gary 0u-ie lou the traoitional snage tante which stoppeu : anu icrmed :ircles at the inCe:se:Lions. Alter the snake lance came the movie at the local cheater. On Friday afternoon the Adrian Dragons playec the Vagnolin Bulldogs. Magnolia won oO-25. During the half time the king, queen, ana attendants were driven onto the field on new cars. Friday night the dance was held at the auditorium with Arlen Steen's orchestra furnishing Lhe music. A very lwrge crowd enjoyed the dancing in the auditorium. Phe theme, 'Autumn Leaves , was used when the Sophomores dwtorntei the auditorium. fum- 1,Jli..,'3 2 fM...,,f.. y wi .L .A W-, fL.J0 W 550 ,Sz Ware f we u All l Basketball !3l li 34 3 Xl Adr an Aorlan kdr1an Adr1an xdfl3H Adrlan Ad 1an farxan Adr11n Adrlan Adr1an Adrian Adrlan Adrlan Adrlan AGFIBD Adrlan Ieft to Plfht, Dale Re sdorfer, Roger Poppen, Fowerc Olson, Charles larston, Cary Obele, John Brandt, W1111am M3ClSOH, Coach, Mr Zahorsky .--:-- Team --- --: 0 Edgerton Magnolma Beaver Creek Brewster Hxlls Ellsworth Lake Uxlson Edgerton Beaver Creek Chandler Magnol1a Round Lake Brewster Lake w11SOD H1118 Ellsworth Chandler 26 Adrlan Adrlan Adrlan Adrlan Adrlan Ad11an Adflan Adrlan Adrlan Adrlan Adrxan Adr1an Adr1an Adrlan Adrlan Adr1an Adrlan Team Edgerton Magnolla Be ver Creek Brewster H1lls Ellsworth lake Wllson Edgerton Beaver Creek Chandler Magnolza Wound Lake Brewster Lake w1lSOH Hllls Ellsworth Chandler pt' -Q I J' 'X Q Yvo- 3-g wx " E pg x. Front row, Lett to r1ght Dwight DeGroot, Delbert Gonnerman Ronald Breuer, John Koens Wllllam Qoemellng Second row, left to rlght, LeRoy Lohr Steve Neleon Arthur Bortz Glenn Sell Tom Lals Dennls Peters Coach Nr A Zahorsky And 3 N Front row, left to right, Larry Wick, Robert wiese, Wendell Pieper, Joel Stangeland Thomas Lohse, David DeGroot, Gerald Pieper. Second row, left to rlghtg Steven Rust Dale MacRunnels, Dennis Moerke, Gerald Wiese, Rodney William Arnold, Gary Kuhnau Robert Sm1Lu, Howard Homan, Coach, Mr. A. Zahorsky. Z7 Chorus .. gn G YM r N'L R T11St ow, left to Flfht Jane Hokeness, Barbara VlG1OHlNUS, Donna LISLDU nfQ1S lzlest and Judy V1n P ursem, Charlotte Iund, Patsy Lweet, WTIUILQC .1r' stra d, Grace Uuxsman, fatuleen Balster, nonna Cpoelstra knnette Dale, Juoy h11son Dlrector, nr Glapa Secono row, left to r1ght, Judy D1d1er, Beverly L1r1est1and, Eetty T ene hu 7 Fjnthxa Stangeland, Harrlet Jlnkel, Barbara Hansen Darlene iuhnau, nonnle Fweet, Colette Olson Tnxrd Low, left to r ght Ano e1 ter, barber F1S1Hg, Iadyne krnolo Dorothy Ann Breuer, Thelm arg t Hal PIIDS lourth row, le t to f1gHC ChL1s DeGroot, Lux Pebnu d De1be1t 'onnern n, Alvld vbellng, obert V1 ssman, Allan Johnson obtrt Enom harles 'arston anea arson, 'incy shleman, G1 ce Bauer, l11ne Kruege fi Yloesd Narle u1S1H0 Iancy B1C,6tC IHFIIS DeGroot Sort? U1l113F John Verly1 Jullus 1Ch'L0 Elde, Ualph 564 .-,.,f Z8 Z1 'Z' r tkpt 1 Q f- E. ,J cr .b E! 4 nl - 'Q ,i b vu S Q , , , .. V - , .3 Tr' 41 ' .4 ,, , K 4 . X Q, 4 A , .4 A 3 nf . 7 , ' bf ,X , W dl . ' v ' - ,. . ' .m. 'I ' ' It fww 5, x I .flf ll I f Q' ' 5 A '5 g ' " .' ' '. . f 0, I " 3"g r , L e , , N .. oe' J' ge n J ' T ' . . 1. .., 1. ' . ' u. U , . .L. , . , . . , U . . Q .E..: , In Eirkestrand, Helen Homan, Carol Reiter, Dorrene Duwenhoegger, -:- Sc 1., or ' ' . " i' ' , , - rx ' ' ' ' . . . . . i g H' T L ' L. E . 'a Y L' r, Sa 'ra .r ' -3 A ' 3 : . , A Q NS- lx. -O15 Ar f . A 3 -. ,N ,n 3 1 ., Q A , r 1 ' , 3",-' ' K ' u 'Y , ' ' Q xa ' ' M 't U 'G r . W , ., P .4 J ' U ' V, . , . , J ,, . 7 P . Y A 'Qi I 1 g? . gr The Senior Class presented its play Friday evening, November lo, to a full house. Ten members of the class were included in the cast, the other members acting on various committees. HAlmost Summer' is a comedy portraying the problems of a senior who wants desperately to graduate, so he can spend a summer at the lakes with his friends before going on to college in the fall. The part of Paul was played by Bob Thom, who gave a very realistic performance. His best girl, Jane, was ably played by Thelma Broesder, as were the parts of his mother and iather, Mr and Mrs. Jones, played by Bill Madison and Judy Hanson. Paul's best friend, Jack, was played by Charles Marston. Other members of the Jones family consisted of the sister, known to us as Irene Schulz, and the mischievous brother, Junior, who had no use for girls, Dale Ueisdorfer fitted naturally into this role. LeQoy Enninga was the severe principal, Mr. Smudgely, who proved he had a sense of humor. Cynthia Stangeland, the maid, was uneasy about the strange actions of the Jones famil . D E1 ' y onna sing furnished much of the humor in her portrayal of Lilan, Junior 5 girl ffl6hQ who was loc EG in the coal bin to avoid being seen by the family 29 Q- A ' l ' I g w I . f Wi:ew-ed bn - Hrs. S. High ,I Q 3 ' lf .xA iii, 1 y , is ,1'Q '2l,, nnl ily- A Q Q, ,I ' x, ,mul abil-.'fHhin Tzon, row, LelL no right1 Judy NiQCh8LL, Cyncnia Szan5e.and, Grace Bauez, Second row, .elg as :l5nLg Dorothy Ann Bremer, Parlis DeCroot, Caro.yn Elias, Qallah Madison, Marilyn DeBoer, Judy Lalxola, Third row, Left to rivhgg DelLepl Gonnezmand Kelml- Eide, Larry Jlcg, Beverly Owens, Joyce Viessman, Fourth row, Left LL righu: Wendel- Piepel, Judy Hanson, Nadyne Arnold, Richard Eide, Sandra Carter, .Charlene Carter, Fifth row, leit to rl54,g Sgeven Yusc, Howard Homan, Nancy Sai.or, Nanoy Eshleman, Wanda Larson, Helen Homan. Left: to riglxcg Artluu: Bortz, 'Ronald Breuer, , ., . Daryel buss. Gaylord Thom. 'Dm Left to rightg John Brandt, Judy Brandt t4 First row, left to rightg Marie Lienau, Marie Elsing, Penelope Laikola, Second row, leit to rightg Ronald Breuer, Glenn Sell, Steve Nelson, Jane Hokeness, Judy Branet, John Brandt, Third row, left to rightg Jeanette MacRunnels, Dale MacRunnels, Verljn Dammer, Tom Lohse, Daryel Buss, Gaylord Thom, Arthur Bortz, Dale Qeisdorier, Qobert Thom, Fourth row, lelr to rightg Hubert Stoddard, Vincent Madison, James Gebhard, Qobert Viessman, Charles Marston, Fifth row, left to rightg Arvid Ebeling, Gary MacRunnels, Director, Mr. Glapa. Q- F E 4' P B 5 aQr - ' 1 4 ' i F r t' . ! , V mf " r ' Majorettes This year the Eand partici- , prged in many activities , 1 1 'M' f. L, including: Turkey Day at Worthington, played at Foot- ball games, and entered into the Tri-State Band Festival at Luverne. Mfr' The Uep Band, 5 division tf the MAN Banu played at the Basketbfil names. Lett to rightg Carolyn Elias, Charlotte Luna, Nancy Eshleman, Nancy Sailor, Jane Hokeness, Dorothy Ann Breuer. 31 nnmaf .JR9 ' "4 Am-. X 7 I . sy, gf sl, dnl k KY' 34 First row, left to rightg Richard Eide, Annette Dale, Nancy Bickett, Charlotte Lund, Ralph Gebhard, Judy Van Peursem, Barbara Hansen, Dorothy Ann Breuer, Second rowg left to rightg Tallah Madison, Charles Marston, Arvid Ebeling. The cloak room of last year nas been converted by Hrvid Eoeling and molly Madison to a dark room io: developing pictures for the Annual. 4 4 Fi Left to rlght Do othy Ann Breuer Ixancy Szulor, XX Cynthla Stangeland 'N x Cheerleaders Leit to rlght Wanda Larson, Darlene kuhnau, Judlth N1tche11 N1 33 Nl . V xx V ,Q ,fy 3' l -g ! r X S' SQ N ' - f v - Na hl X4 ' , , ncy Es eman, w n ,ix Y , xy ' 0 X D I c'-ir M ug I N .9 ff, ' ' Q , ' ' ' . -4 K 1 v K XP Ll, f 4, I """ JILLIAM MADISON SCORES FOR THE l9Q7 YEAH ADRIAN ADRIAN ADRIAN ADRIAN ADRIAN ADRIAN ADRIAN O EDGERTON Q0 3 ELLSWORTH L2 ll LAKE WILSON 10 5 CHANDLER 2 1 ELLSWORTH lu 4 CHANDLER L4 0 FULDA 9 WENDELL ILISBROCK JOHN BRANDT TOM LAIS DELBERT GONNERMAN Baseball RONALD BREUER LEFT TO RIGHT: LeRoy Ennenga, Ralph Gebhard, Robert Thom Arthur Bortz, Glenn Sell, Steve Nelson, Daryl Bus,Gaylord Thom. 34 ROBERT BAUMGARTNER ' s gi.. f 4 GARY OBELE MORRIS ROELOFS BASEBALL COACH HR. A. ZAHORSKY JERRY JEFFERS r'- ,aw , , lil' 1 .UQ f ,, 1-af ,a 4- ,fzfmv V fs.:?3f,f,f x .K pf? 19,9-f if Wfvkvi' "fri, 4 . ',.,IrrlJ.1 'V ' - " K ' -?V?'f"f 44. 1 'Y :uw 'Q A N,5,f:,f'13 . . ,, H ,. . . . "- W - ' ' 1 . . , X 1 in 4 ,-9 . , f 3l?gz1,, 2' Mf f' 'fa f if , 232 "HQ- Q 1' 1 V ,-9, ig 1? k i 11 , ' X 'Z an X is? Pf'fn,f'Sj, ,,,, , sa wg Hass? 1 1. "No More Boys" ONE ACT PLAY Speech class members gained experience in practical dramatics through the production of two one-act plays in the spring. First, class members learned how a play begins by selecting two suitable ones for their own use. After the plays were chosen, a comedy, NNo More Boys,N and a serious drama, NGirl From Nowhere,H casting began. Annette Dale and Thelma Broesder were student directors for WNo More Boys.H The play told the story of a teen-age girl, Delia, played by Charlotte Lund, who decided that she preferred more intellectual things to boys. Of course, the intellectual young man, Tim Harvey, Bobby Thom, introduced her to the intellectual qualities of himself, a Peursem played weren't quite played by Judy Gary Obele. college man. John Brandt and Judy Van Delia's parents. Her teen-age friends who willing to go along with her ideas were Hanson, LaDonna Lienau, Richard Eide, and The serious drama, HGir1 From Nowhere,N was directed by Dorothy Ann Breuer and Charlotte Lund. Dorothy Ann played the title role of Gloria, the girl who felt that no one cared For her. She was about to make a decision that would've changed the course of her whole life, but the helpful housekeeper at Miss Adams' school, Mrs. Perkins, persuaded her to change her mind. Annette Dale played the housekeeper, a woman whose past was a mystery. The very proper Miss Adams, director of the exclusive private school for girls, was played by Rayola Lienau. Two of the rather snobbish Students were Edith, played by Thelma Broesder, and Joyce, played by Donna Spoelstra. Speech class members also took care of the make-up, lighting and stage management, under the supervision of Hrs. Engelkes. "Girl From Nowhere" Q, r we-,sw rf va M w 4 ----L .' y , was --N.. K.,-W W r x 'il tix, 'L Q is l X 4 Banquet 4f An :mi 1 I SJ Y AP' QM s Yggyaea Moonlight 3 Qolly Nadxson Master of Ceremon1es Master of Ceremonles Prayer Toastmaster Speech Solo Moon11ght and Roses Welcome Response Prophecy W111 Garden 1n the Ra1n Prom Qolly badlson Pharlotre Lund oger Poppen Nr Torbenson Judy Van Peursem Gary Obele Howard Olson Donna Spoelstra alph Gebhard Star11ghters Fharlotte Lund Prayer Mr Torbenson Speech S 4 Judy Van Peursem accompanled by Dorothy Ann Breuer Garb' 05916 Jelcome Howard Olson Response Donna Spoelstra Prophecy R81-Ph Gebhafd Will 39 f I A xx I x Starllghters accompanled by Mr Glapa MENU nose hectar Moonllgnt and 'ose Speclal Moon Beams Crescent Moon and Star Dust Fleecy Clouds Rose Petal Salad Lover s Dellght Buds and Seeds Rose Water or M1lky W WBICIESSGS are from left to r1ght, Marlus DeGroot, Nancy Blckett, Judy Brandt, Betty Blrkestrand, Beverly Blrkestrand, Darlene Kuhnau, Nadyne Arnold, Sandra Carter, Grace Bauer, Barbara Els1ng, Carol Relter, Mar1e Elsxng. y ev-. ' 'U W , - S 5 4 5. - ,, ff , E , PROW, 1 ' ' -M ZW! il' 4 I ll I Q ' 7' Q, , Ny' LEFT T0 RIGHT! Annette lhle, Charlotte Lund, Wanda Larson, Nadyne Arnold, Donna Spoelstra, Rallah Madison, Helen Homan, Chris DeGroot, Barbara Hansen Mrs. J. Engelkes was the dramatic coach, andDorothy Breuer. ANNETTE DALE Declam CHARLOTTE LUND "MAGIC NIGHT" CDRAHATICQ LOCAL CONTEST WINNER BARBARA HANSEN EXTEHPORANEOUS HANUSCRIPT READING LOCAL CONTEST WINNER IXJNNA SPOELSTRA LOCAL CONTEST WINNER if WAND! LARSON -1' KHUMOROUSQ ' LOCAL CONTEST WINNER RALLAH MADISON 'THE BRIIISE ANIITE' NON-ORIGINAL ORATORY LOCAL CONTEST WINNER NADYNE ARNOLD EXTEMPORANEOUS MANUSCIIIPT READING LOCAL CONTEST WINNER 42 "HOW MINNESOTA CAN BEST CONSERVE IT'S NATURAL RESOURCES' QDISCUSSIONQ LOCAL - SUBDISTRICT - AND DISTRICT CONTEST WINNER 'ANGEL UNAWARE' LDRAHATICI "THE TERRIBLE MISS IDVE' CHRIS DEXIROOT 'LOCOHOTIVE 38 OBIJWAY' CHUMORGJSJ HELEN HOHAN 'THE CURFEW SHALL NOT RIN? TONIGHT' KDRAHATIC, DOROTHY ANN BREIIER 'WFDDIIG VEIL' CDRAHATICD ArnoId's Park 1. lofi .:-11.',"g.1 1 pig ,ii jk i +5 'I .P 'Y Turkey Day At Wortington "1 'ii' ff ,wav ' P, Tschaikowsky Baccalaureate B A C C A L A U H E A T E P R O G R A M Processionaln - - H - N - -Mrs. D, C, Pederson Invocation- - - - -- - - Rev. George E. Abbas nCrown Himifith Many Crowns'- --N - - Audience nChoirs of Angels Praise Theenw N - - - Choir Address - nPoverty or Richesn by- - e - - - - Rev, B. R, Quanbeck Solo -'The Lost Cha'dW- m - - -Charles Marston MRS. D. C. PEDERSON Crown Him wi+h Many Crowns Crown Him with many crowns, The Lamb upon His throne, Hark! how the heavfnly anthem drowns Lll music but its Own. Awake, my soul, and sing Of Him who died for thee, And hail Him as thy matchless King Thro' all eternity, REV. G. E. ABBA? Crown Him the Lord of years, The Potentate of time, Creator of the rolling spheres, Ineffably sublime. All hail, Redeemer, hail! For Thou hast died for meg Thy praise shall never, never, fail Throughout eternity. O God of Mercy, God of Might O God of mercy, God of might In love and pity infinite Teach us, as ever in Thy sight To live our life to Thee. REV B R qUANnL,L For all are brethren, far and wide, Since Thou, O Lord, for all hast died, Then teach us, whatsoefer betide, To love them all in Thee. CHARLES MARSTON UO God of lhrcy, God of Might - - N Q Audience Benedictionw Q - - - - - u Rev, George E, Abbas CHOIR DIRECTED BY MR. GLAPA H Y. Y N 1 ' J- qi, if .'1 ' L mls- . Q VEANDHRS D C 43 ufaiorla 9' K , f 'a 1 f CODE PRESIDENT. . . . . VICE-PRESIDENT . . SECRETARY. . . . . TREASURER. . . . . -P VP .S .t ARDIS W. BIRKESTRAND, F.H.A. 9 -10 Chorus -10 MARGARET M. BIRKESTRAND F.H.A. 9 -10 Chorus THELMA I. BROESDER Class officer F.H.A. 9 One act play Class play Honor Award Pep Club WILLIAM E. ELIAS Class play Baseball 9 -l0 Rand 9 -l0 Pep Club DONNA R. ELSING F.ri.A. 9 -10 F.H.A. reporter Class play Chorus 9 -10 Glee Club 9 Student Council Pep Club LEROY J. ENNENCA Class play Baseball Pep Club RALPH H. GEBHARD Class officer Class play Baseball Annual Chorus -l0 Student Cou cil Honor Award ll ll -12 ll ll -12. ll -llvp ll ll -l2 12 -12 -ll -ll 12 -ll -ll -ll -12 -ll -12 -12 -12 -ll -12 -12 -12 -12s -ll -12 -ll -12 -ll -12 -12 -12 Senior Achvlhes JUDITH H. HANSON Class officer -lOs -llp -l2t One Act play ll Class play ll -12 Band 9 -10 ll -12 Chorus 9 -l0 ll -12 Glee Club 9 -l0 Cheerleader -l0 ll Student Council -l2s Pep Club 112 Honor Award -12 BARBARA A. HIEROLHMUS F.H.A. 9 -10 -ll Jr. Red Cross 9 Class play -ll Pep Club -12 Chorus 9 -1C -ll -12 Glee Club 9 GRACE M. HUISMAN F.H.A. 9 -10 -llt Class play ll Chorus ll -12 Honor Award -12 DAVID R. LAIS Class play -ll Baseball 9 -l0 -ll -12 WILLIAM G. MADISON One Act play -ll Class play -ll -12 Basketball -10 -ll -12 Baseball 9 -l0 -ll -12 Chorus -ll CHARLES R. MARSTON One Act play -ll Class play -ll -12 Basketball 9 -10 ll -12 Annual -ll -12 Band 9 -l0 -ll -12 Chorus 9 -10 -ll -12 Glee Club 9 Soloist 9 -10 -ll -12 LUVERNE J. MEYER HOWARD C. OLSON Class officer -12p Class play -ll Fbotball -10 -ll -12 B sketball 9 -10 -ll -12 Band 9 -10 Chorus 9 Glee Club 9 46 DALE A. REISDORFER Class officer 9p -lOs Class play Football -lO Basketball 9 -10 Baseball 9 -10 Band 9 -l0 Chorus 9 -10 Glee Club 9 Soloist 9 -10 Student Council Honor Award MORRIS H. ROELOFS Class play Fbotball -10 Basketball 9 -10 Baseball 9 -10 Pep Club Phy. Ed. Award 9 DONALD H. RUST Class play IRENE A. SCHULZ Class officer -lOp F.H.A 9 -10 One Act play Class play Pep Club Chorus 9 -10 Glee Club 9 -10 CYNTHIA B. STANGELAND Class officer Class play Band 9 -l0 Chorus 9 -l0 Glee Club 9 -10 Cheerleader -10 Phy. Ed. Award 9 -lO Student Council ROBEEFT F. TTKG! Class officer Class play One Act play Baseball Band 9 -l0 Chorus 9 -l0 Glee Club 9 Pep Club -ll -12 -ll -12 -11 -12 -ll -11 -12 -ll -11 -12 -12 -ll -ll -12 -ll -12 -12 -11 lls lls ll ll -12 -12 -11 -12 -llvp -ll -12 ll -12 -ll -12 -11 -12 -12 -l2vp -ll -12 -ll -12 -ll -12 -ll -12 -12 2 rganizafionzi -'14 -.-,A X., wa-A K.. fa? 9 Eighth Grade Quartette Left to rightg Karen Obele, Cheryl Hansen, Joan Van Peursem, Charlene Carter. Af' A 1 iv Fust row, left to r1ght, Wendell P1eper, Gerald WIESC, Joel Stangeland, Dale Mackzunnels, Johmue Homan, V1ncent Madxson, Tom Lohse, Robert W1ese, Second row, left to r1ght, Adv1sor, Mr Kos1tsky, Rallah Ma.d1son, R1chard E1de, Arv1d Ebelmg, Robert V1essma.n, Jake Werkman, James D1d1er, Roger Poppen, Delbert Gonnermn, Arthur Bortz, Steve Nelson, Glenn Sell, Ronald Breuer YI r . Industrial Art Club in 50 Pep Club , Ps 0 Q D1 J 'U First row, left to right, Joan Van Peursem, Robert Weise, Joel Stangeland, Advisor, Mr. Zahorsky, Secretary and Treasurer, Dorothy Ann Breuer, President, Judy Hanson, Vice President, John Brandt, Shirly Groninga, Joyce Viessman. Second row, left to right, Annette Dale. Jeanette Maclhmnels, Steven Rust, Mary Lund, Karen Obele, Donna Spoelstra, Marilyn DeBoer, Marie Lienau, Judy Laikola, Penelope Laikola, Myrtle Brandt. Third row, left to right, Carolyn Elias, Colette Olson, Barbara Elsing, Bonnie 'INreet, Judy Brandt, LaDonna Lienau. Margaret Honerman, Rayola Lienau, Marian Markus, Donna Elsing, Arlene Renken, Ronald Lawrence, Billy Elias, Richard Eide, Fourth row, left to right, Arvid Ebeling, Jim Broesder, Judy Van Peursem, Charlotte Lund, Thelma Broesder, Jane Hokeness, Barbara Hieronimus, Joan Rust, Nadyne Arnold, Gerald Peters, Morris Roelofs, LeRoy Ehninga, Bob Thom, Chris DeGroot. Freshman Q92 4" nf Sophomores e fn. if S' I I of Q rl , 53 5 kj., Y 1 ' 1- Nr' 3 5. fs Left to rihtg Nancy Bickett, Marlis DeGr-oot, Marie Elsing. P. T. . 52 Officers of P. ---.1 T. A. President. . . . . Vice President. . . . . . . Secretary. . . . . Treasurer. . . . Chairmans Publicity ..... Hospitality. . . Program ...... Lunch aquoe 0 0 0 Historian. . . . . ..Mr. William Brickson . . . . Mrs. Henry Hanson ... Mrs. William Elias ..Mr. Edward Erlandson ...Mrs. L. C. Mitchell .Mrs. William Brickson ...Mrs. C. G. Hokeness ....Mrs. E. Mackunnels .....Mrs. L. Jederberg Membership Magazine . . . . . .Mrs . Robert Sailor Greg, C? Ql'f,t"', 'snag First row, left to rightg Advisor, hr. Satterlund, Cynthia Stangeland, Ralph Gebhard Jr., Donna Elsing, Treasurer, Charlotte Lund, Secretary, Judy Hanson, Vice President, Patsy Tweet, President, Dale Reisdorfer. Second row, left to right, Steven Rust, Dale Mackunnels, Arthur Bortz, Delbert Gonnerman, Robert Viessman, Nancy Sailor, Annette Dale, John Brandt, Rallah Madison. Student Council PING PONG CA RROM CHRISTMAS PARTY DANCING VALENTINE PARTY HORSE SHOE 53 Nv- MY? fini' 'ff M M V, Seniors ,E-'wg Left to nght, Cynthia Stangeland, Irene Schulz, Judy Hanson, Thelma Broesder Starllghters Seventh Grade First row, Joel Stangeland, Second row, left to rightg Wendell Pieper, Larry Wick, Third row, left to rightg Bobby Roeneling, Donald Lupkes, Fourth row, left to rightg Dale Macllunnels, Jerry Weise, Edward Jederberg, Bobby Weise. 54 u -l ffsnhgqp 0' 5- ' T-' 3 -,. e , n Sy f 2. if A' , f f n ' ur' n ff f 5,2 51,2 l 3 X -5, x ' A 'Y K -1 A " -if ie " - 'is-' K' " " A ,Y ' Q QQ ' Y, proiectlon . .' ,Quay I !-an they IECQIVE 3' Z X 5, f'!!!igsV NX X , D 'Y 2 f 5 K L y ,sl X .fgcluerfiding x 'D x X' L y The Path lo Progress Conhnue wrih your educahon as long as you can Some folks wart hopefully for the whlrlmg wheel of forlune io stop a! ihexr number educahon as ihe mos! zmportant step that can be ial-ren Ii pays Adnan State Bank Adrian Mxrnesota Congratulatrons SENIORS FACULTY PARENTS AND SCHOOLMATES Its been our pleasure !o serve each of you and many thanks for your contnbunons io our school and Our commumiy MR AND MRS HENRY SMITH AND STAFF Smrlh s Bakery Adnan Mmnesota Congratulatrons SENIORS OF 1957 DRS ARNOLD LAIKOLA NEALY FOR TOP PRICES Sell Your Eggs AT THE BRENTWOOD EGG CO. Adnan, Mmnesota I Bu! the wheel favors mos! those who are best prepared. A good ' ' - I . I S J ICKS CASH GROCERY BREAD SERVICE HI WAY GROC Bancks Fashlon Shop Lad s8zChld RadyT We I fa ts Wea se e AGNES BAIN CK Ad 9. BECKER S CAFE Dr Murphy Denhsl A nan Minnesota BRATSBERG JOHNSON 5 AND ENTWISLE CO. Groceries and Dry Goods Adrian, Minnesota TEXACO T SS l J DONNEllY DRUGGIST QUALITY DRUGS Adi lan Minnesota M51 ELECTRK MOTOR RERAIR UNWBJFHS HrMr ' "T we nn Adnan Cal EAT THERE NOW X? P Schrecks Furnrlure And Funeral Home y gAdAyih F Y 33521 PONTlAC ERLANDSON AUTO SALES 3 2171 Y ri PONTIAC Dr C l Werbeler Denlrsl A rran Mrnnesola BECKER S VARIETY School Supplies Greetmg Cal ds Comic Books Story Books Toys Billfolds Jewelry and Small Clothmg' Artlcles Adrian Minnesota ROERIG S Jewelry T k Y bool: T R 107 D I O ANY PURCHASE Wh H 9 9 Y 1: "Don't Let Thrs Opportunity Go By Illll, UIDQSO I 415 H 1-v--Q , W X Wkhm I I if W f ' Aiea-, -. . UclreNo un: our c mg cs nor ... .T..5,,, nfl C as va ' l cs 0 Or In .' ' Ph ' .0 1 X l B ' ' . - H , .nl 5 1 ' Dinners '69 ' " Lunches - E th' ' 9 H me - f ' Home Made as! ' Ph H a - n L ated On Main Street" l I l I I I HUdson - 'Auto Repairing 'Good ear Tires ,spa S and Acces - ffice A S! et F m The o G rage Soles and Service ' I Vacation Trailers d ' Adrian M' . I I 7 4 7 - ur Year o oerig's. Receive a 0 ' , 7 n en Mr. oeri Si n ' , ' Your earboo . Ad ' M' 8 ' ,. HU 34191 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Class or '57 J. C. BECKER LUMBER COMPANY Adrian. Minnesota Egan's Market Adrian, Minnesota - Phone Hudson 3-4131 L k . P ' g. Fresh Fruits, Vegeiabl G ' d Fresh Meats "Delivery Every D y FORD SALES And SERVICE SGFVICC Is Our Speclalty Not A Sldellne AAA SERVICE Brunk Steenhoven Motors ADRIAN MINNESOTA PHONE HU 3 2221 SCHUIZ HARDWARE HARDWARE APPLIANCES WIRING HEATING AND PLUMBING Adnan Mrnnestoa CDMPLEMENTS W E MARSTON ADRIAN MINNESOTA ADRIAN BOWLING CENTER WM. L PRIDEAUX BOWL FOB HEALTH RELAXATION AND RECREATION SCF DRINKS An LUNCHES Gr bert Appunucns A 'rv SALES at ssnvxcr: Lmmox runmtcns xox-:Lan sz Bmccs PLUMBING nxrunss PLUMBING nzmm Ph Hdlo 33251 Ad!n.Mmn ia B E ST W I S H ES For A Successful Future Mr Clarence Hokeness P HU 3 GSH LIVESTOCK DEALER ADRIAN MINNESOTA of .'...L.'.o' EA ll I PLUMBINGEHEATING COIIGRAILILAIIUII AND LEWIS HARDWARE C0 HARDWARE JOHN DEFRF FARM IMPLEMENTS Ad1 lan 'Vlmnesot 1 BENSON CHEVROEET CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE A nan Mmnesola Wailea Ucwuufq Rewew E W Thompson publushe Adnan Mxnnesota GROVE MUNNS YOUR COMPLETE FARM EQUIPMENT STORE IN Adnan, Mmnesloa I 1 I . . . . , A c I 5 IN w d - n f . . . , ' r E34 ,5111:!i1f'isL1 Czufunzrz U-Rhine: Afls 1 M S1 1 5, :rnunnun IHIVKSYII 1 1 I

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