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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1957 volume:

5 V""'f""'m -W ' ni' W Cf4xQ1'y 'V""f' A l , '3 Jwgfv ' b . fwi' D X W ,J 3391 aw! X fx? 7, may My E Ldv ' ,Q rf? "W - Ab N SM Qffwg 1 5' . WA' all if 3535512 H95 MXQWM w JQZQWK5 MQW' WWW WW ,bg ,f,,f my W W fvafgrfmyyyf gvffwff KQV Bgfwm ' 'bfi' P24 my NVEWZWKQ 32 Eff? 333 YJ Y Aw? Mi Mfxmvi iirglif Wy NL Q . x A- A -I-'Ar' ' - - W ff' f --- - V 7, -- V T - . A -- - - '- . . - 4 -, --3. ,... ' - I' ' ' ' . , YW WW 'W f M QFKWEW Whjjff fair., N ,X A g Kffwiw Q 6 776NWJJfW,Jv 0 J M ,, ix .-Q, wa . 1 Nw WWW J fffwyfmkj ja dw",? gbafolpxda ,,,,J,L!ff' . ' JQ S,'A Wm M ff?-'jQ,J Z3 My W 'Q' 'WU aff! fMM -' .L2 , X 360766 !iTL! f ' fl, 54' ' f QQ. ' Cijuf- Q A A W 5 f Pf ,W QV f of W w in GX V M ff M Q ' f Q! 45,6 if!! ' a L., 'f wp M aw V M ,ppl A 7 Qlswyxj Q1-'UB yiyylw 1.1-Jriiwgrkp XBITX U13 +L: NA OJYL1 XL xjjuy , dj' 'WL' o,f,,Js ,ZW-A ALL, Jig Bl ,QW W . 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'K Q n 'Q ', 1,1 5' 1 N X ' ml ' 6 QQ 235' F fi: 1 ,Vt Q 4i'gf3 5 I 3 W QA' ff!! in w.. - .qw H '1 ,f 1 ' "fr . f 1 I wx. jf...-t ,. . rl an x Mi 1 f ' , U l I 'll 1, I , Ig Q A 1 , l ?o , ' ,' if . , ' E ' "Dix .s I Y . X t I A ' , I ., M, . A 5, in n K X ' 3 'f -I 'ii P' "". ' ! i X 1 . 7 i :L ,Ai f.'!,Jz'XbA it it . A hx X A lg, . J, 'v I fl 1 ..-'73 if . YNY- ' '13 -5' ' -. ' -pm f ,I-. ri 2- tjw M ff .1 Ni-'Q' ' - ' ' A X .Q 1 f X K X- - ' r si lj -xxx ,QQX '5 1, a . xv " Rx .11 9 f 1 K 1 I' f I XX M m . ' .V 1 . . - ox IL.-: Q -'M H ,Q t ' 1' ' "lr,..,,LAk. llflr Nr- 1 i - ' ' .SP .,'zi r A . 1 ' 4 Nu 1' 251: jf - -.r '53, ' - .- M' -I ,- r- A I- ,, " ,fu ' ff, ', ,1t, ' If ' Q iii'--3 "'f- L-5. fiat 4. I" . . 5, ' -U' A-'lg 5 1 ' , 'p ' ' A . 'FWESJ A Xin .u , f K ,EZ I' xr 4: Q .wig 'i' 4 l PUBLISHED BY ANNUAL STAFF Advisor .................. Mr. Samuel E. Tyson Editor ........ .... J anet M. Parker Assistant Editor.. . . .... Carol Ann Jones Business Manager .... .... J eanie Crocker 'J . 'N- 1:2 MR, GLEN WARD To Mr. Ward, for his numerous un- selfish contributions to the school and his ever ready willingness to help everyone in anything worthwhilep for these things we, with deep gratitude, dedicate this annual to Mr. Glen Ward. To Margaret Butler, Vale- dicforian, and Bill Looney, Salutatorian, we dedicate this page. MOLLERUPS - Homedale WILSON'S JEWELRY - Homedale 'W-rv 05 l rf" V . nfl 1' I' . X Here we have our school's own principal, Mr. Sayre, looking just like the friend he is to all of us. But don'f let the casual look 'throw you, he can mean business too. Mr Sayre, to you we give our hearty thanks for being such a friend and guiding us so well. Here are Mr. Sayres helpers, in the office. Edna Linville, Mary Houtman, Larry Culbertson and Carol Jones. X ""'5 R MR, WITTY MISS BURMAN MR, WEATHERSPOON MR, WARD MRS, MOORE MR, HARPER MISS KEYSOR MR. TYSON 'X LEFT TO RIGHT: Athol Sayre, Glen Brown, Clerk, Wilbur Chapin, Claud Eachus, Tom Jones, Iohn Thomspon. NOT PRESENT: Lee Stoker, Chairman. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Slippy, Ronnie Lowtrip, Mrs. Moore, Gary Hastrider, Jo Anne Wood, Pete Hammon, Ira Price, Jimmy Webster, Larry Norris, Sally Reed. I -Q l 1 3 'I 'se' ! N STANDING: Edna Linville, Jim Thomspon, Janet Parker. SEATED: Mrs. Skinner, Mrs, Chaney, Mrs. Norris. A group composed of parents, teachers and the students. . .a chance to discusss our problems. . .the solution to our pro- blems is the outstanding service of our P. T . S . A. Under the leadership of Mrs. Chaney, this active group sponsored a teaching ' scholarship and promoted a deep under- -2 standing of the parents, teachers and 2 students problems . -ef A' STUDENT BODY: President. . . . . . . . . . . . Larry Culbertson Vice President . . . . . . . Eddie Nelson Secretary . . . . . . . . . . .Carol Jones Treasurer......................Richard Lovitt School Board Representative . . . . . . Billy Looney Sergeant at Arms . ...Terry Borge STUDENT COUNCIL: STANDING: Philip Hatch, Sharon Slippy. Jeanie Crocker, Shirley Skinner, Josephine Mendazona, Alan Boatright. SITTING: Mr. Tyson, Eddie Nelson, Larry Culbertson, Carol Jones, Terry Borge, and Mr. Sayre. H .,,.,,,Wma-Q ,SN ,. 5.55 'In Remembrance of DALLAS W. MONTGOMERY March 24, 1941 Man, with his burning soul, Has but one hour of Breath To build c ship of truth ln which his soul may soil. Masefield 10 July 21, 1956 SENIOR OFFICERS 1957 The Senior Class of i957 has been a very active class all through their high school years. Besides winning the annual magazine drive for three years in a row, they have presented two successful plays and a successful Junior-Senior Prom. Leading the Seniors in their last year at school is Dallas Chaney as President. His reliable Vice President is Jean Crocker. Recording the events of the meetings is our accurate secretary, Sally Reed. Keeping track of our money and paying our bills is our class Treasurer, JoAnne Wood. Trying to keep order at our class meetings is our Sergeant at Arms, Janet Parker. Our very able and likable advisor is one of our favorite teachers, Glenn Ward. Sponsored by NAFZIGER - BANKS, CALDWELL McCLURE'S BAKERY, CALDWELL IDAHO DEPARTMENT STORE, CALDWELL MARY MARGARET HOUTMAN "You're a sweet little headache, " G.A.A. I,2, 3, Pep Club I,2,3.4, Band I, Class Play 3,4, Photo C1Ub1.2.3.4:F.H.A. I, 2, 3,4, fSecretary 43, Annual Staff 4, a EDNA LEE LINVILLE "An ingenous gal who will always be a pal. " G. A.A. I,2, 3, Pep Club I,2, 3,4, fVice President 3, President 4j, Band I,2, 3, Photo Club l,2,3,4g F. H,A, I,2, 3,4, fVice President 41, Class Secretary 2, Thespians 4, Annual Staff 4, Class Vice President 3. SALLY IO ANNE REED "A pal to many, a friend to all" Pep Club I,2, 3,4, Class Play 2, 3,4, Photo Club 4, Thespians 3,4, Paper Staff 3, Class Sweetheart 3, Secretary of Class 4, Annual Staff. WALLACE VERNON BUTLER "An individual with an individuality. " F.F.A. I,2, Class Play 3, Basketball I,2, 3,4,'Paper Staff 3. DALLAS ELMER CHANEY "Cowboy Auctioneer" Football I,2, 3,4, Basketball Manager I,2,3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, F.F.A. fParliamentary Team 3, Vice President 45, Thespians 4, Class Play 4, Business Manager of Paper 4. GARY LEE SMITH "I'm a lover, not a Fighter.' Baseball I,2, 3,4, Letter- man I,2,3,4, Class Presi- dent 2, Annual Staff 2, Class Play 3.4, Track 4. WILLIAM CLARK LOONEY KEITH BARNEY FARR "Quick With the Answers" "Good Nature and full of fun" Football I. 2. 3. 43 Basketball School Play I, Photo Club 3, 1. 2. 3. 4253115 I. 2. 3.45 Pep Club 3, Paper Staff 4. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, QParliamentary Team 3, Secretary 43, Class Play 2,3.4: Thespians 3,4, Chorus 3, Paper Staff 4, Lettermans I, 2, 3, 43 QPresi- dent 43, Hi-Y l,2, 3,4, Boys State 3. SHARON MARIE FOX "She May Be little but no one steps on her toes." G.A.A.. I,2,3,45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,43 Band I,2, F.H.A. l, 2, 3,4, f'I'reasurer 2, 3,43 Class Treasurer 2. 3: LV. Cheer- leader 2, Varsity 4, Photo Club 2, 3, 4, fTreasurer 33, Thespians 3, 4, fTreasurer 33 fPresident 43. EUGENE BRIDGEDALE "l-landsomeness is Written in his smile. " Football I, 2, Track 2. MARGARET ADA BUTLER "Speech is silver, silence is golden." G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1 2,3,4,F.H.A. l,2,3,4:lP0im Chairman 33, Thespians 2, 3, 4, fVice President 43, Band I, 2, 3, 4, fsecretary 43, Chorus 2, Annual Staff 3, P.T.S.A. 3, 4, Homemaking Award 2, 3 RICHARD WAYNE SMITH "A man of Leisure" F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Football 4, Basketball l,'2,4, Baseball 4. DARLENE DAVIS "The quiet and kind type"? Homedale 13 Adrian 2,3,4: G.A.A.1,2, 3,43 F.H.A 33 Class Play 3. IO ANNE WOOD "I-lerdreamis paradise for two" John Day I3 Adrian 2, 3,43 Pep Club 2, 31lVl3j0l'CtIC 23 Hi-Y 23 F.H.A. 23 Paper Staff 33 Student Council 33 Class Play 43 Class Treasurer 4, ELLEN JEAN CROCKER "Two can live cheaper than one" G.A.A. I, 2,33 Pep Club I, 2, 3.43 Chorus 33 Student Council 1,42 F.H.A. 3,43 Class Vice President 43 Annual Staff 43 Class Play 43 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Photo Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CARLENE FINN "Her fabulous smile is always in style" G.A.A. I, 2,33 Pep Club I,2,3,4: F.H.A. I3 Hi- 'Y 43 Majorette 2, 33 Class Play 4, LARRY DEAN CULBERTSON "What? No girls in heaven, then just leave me here" Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Lettermans I, 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. I,2, 33 fReporter 3,3 Basketball I, 2, 3,42 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball I, 2, 3, 43 Track I, 2, 3,43 Student Council 43 Class President 33 Student Body President 43 Class Vice President I3 Football 4. LARRY GENE HANEY "Man of few words" Football 1, 2, 3,4Q Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 43 Lettermans I, 2, 3,43 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Class Vice President I. -41' TERRY IAKE BORGE "Young Man With a Horn" F,F,A, r,z,33Band1,z, 3,43 Football 3,43 Sargeant at Arms 23 Basketball 33 Class Play 33 Paper 43 Sergeant of Arms of Stu- dent Body 3. CAROL ANN JONES "She Looks Shy But Don't Let That Fool You" Hi-Y I, 2, 3,43 Student Council I3 Chorus Pianist I,2, 3g F.H.A I, 2, 3,42 flflistorian 233 P.T. S.A. 2, 3,43 Class Secretary 33 Student Body Secretary 33 Thespians 4: Annual Staff 4, NANCY LEE CLEVERLY QSMITHQ "Short and Sweet" F.H.A. I3G.A.A. 2,3,53 Chorus I, 33 Class Play 2, 3g Thespains 2, 3, 43 Pep Club I, 2. RUTH EVELYN BISHOP "She Has The Power to Laugh" Eugene I, 2, 33 Adrian 43 Pep Club I,2,3,43 G.A.A. I, 2, 3,42 Science Club 23 Photo Club 33 Senior Class Play Advisor, JANET MARIE PARKER "She Has An Understanding Heart" Pep Club I,2, 3,43 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 43 fTreasurer 23 Secretary 33 President 433 Band I, 2, 33 fPresident 3,2 Hi-Y 3,42 fChap line 433 Citizenship 2, 33 Thespians 2, 3,43 Annual Editor 43 G.A.A. I, 2, 33 Class Play 2, 3,42 Girls State 33 P.T.S.A. 2, 3, 43 fSecretary 4,3 Sergeant at arms of Class 4. IRA WAYNE PRICE, IR, "We1l Here I Am Girls" Football I, 2,3,43 F,F,A, I,2,33 Hi-Y I,2,3,43 Baseball I, 2, 33 Lettermen's 1, 2, 33 Paper Staff 3, ARNOLD STRAWN "From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripo1i" RICHARD LEE LOVITT "A Wise man, Like the moon, only shows his bright side to the world." F.F.A. I,2,3,4: Baseball 2,3, 43 Football 2, 3g Class Play 3, 45 Thespians 43 Lettermans 3, 43 Student Body Treasurer gg F.F.A. Treasurer 43 Editor Antelope Antics. GARY L. HASTRITER "Anchors away my boys anchors away" LOUIS FRANKLIN PRATT "The college type" F.F.A. I, 2, 3, Boys State 3g Class Play 2, 3. JAMES FRANKLIN PACKWOOD "Quiet and shyg a wonderful SUY- " F.F.A. I,2, 3,45 Football 2,3g Class Play 2, 3,4g Lettermans 3,4g Baseball 4g Track 4g Chorus 3. .1 , 'hor Following a noble Adrian tradition, the football team chose lovely Sharon Fox as Queen with Edna Linville and Jo Anne Wood as attendants. W . 3 ,V ' oi' " 1 I, . , E ,up -f""'.f I v A-O' Class Will of 1957 We, the senior c .ass of l957, being of sound mind and body, make our last will and testament and leave our most valued possessions as stated below. We, the senior c ass, will to the freshmen all the timidness that we started to high school with, but soon lost. We, the senior c ass, will the sophomores a very bright future and not the shock and disappoint- ment that we received at the start of our sophomore year. We, the senior class, will to the juniors the fun we had on our sneak. We, the senior c ass, will leave the faculty, with peace and quiet. I, DARLENE DAVIS, will my athletic ability to Norene Howes. I, JIMMY PACKWOOD, will my height to Darrell Slippy. I, IRA PRICE, will my ability to keep out of trouble to anyone who needs it. I, GARY SMITH, will my errorless typing to Florence Anderson. I, CARLENE FENN, leave my knack of talking at the wrong time to Shirley Skinner. I, SHARON FOX, will my ability to lose my voice at the ball games to Karen Mitchell. I, WALLACE BUTLER, do leave my basketball ability to Kenny Fenn. I, LARRY CULBERTSON, leave my bashfulness to Ralph Fackrell . I, TERRY BORGE, leave my sawed off steeringwheel to Jr. Haney. KEITH FARR, leave my citizenship grades to some innocent person. BILLY LOONEY, do leave my appetite to Larry Norris. I, DALLAS CHANEY, leave my weight to Charles Nelson. I, CAROL JONES, would gladly give my high altitude to Eileen Stradley. JEANIE CROCKER, will my gabbiness to Sharon Roberts. If I. lf If I, SALLY REED, leave my quietness to Joyce Bowers. I, JO ANNE WOOD, leave my "big brown eyes" to anyone who has blue eyes and doesn't like them. I, NANCY SMITH, give to Kay McDonald my shortness. I, WAYNE SMITH, will my bachelor leanings to Jim Webster. I, JANET PARKER, will my ability to stick to one guy to Donna Fehlman. I, GENE HANEY, will my track ability to those people who can't get out of low gear. I, EUGENE BRIDGEDALE, leave my quietness to Ed Nelson. I, GARY HASTRITER, gladly give my good grades in U. S. History to Charles Johannesson. I, EDNA LINVILLE, will my ability to get letters from Air Force guys to Sharon Slippy. I, ARNOLD STRAWN, give to Steven Sayre my ability to stay out of school. I, MARGARET BUTLER, leave to Kenny Carroll my nights of studying. I, RUTH BISHOP, give to anyone who can get a good grade in them all of my old chemistry tests. l, FRANK PRATT, will my love of hot rods to James McKinley. I, KENNETH BARSTAD, leave my volleyball serve to Alan Boatright. 18 MARY HOUTMAN, with pleasure leave my temper to anyone who can keep it under control. ,X HEADING UP THE ACTIVITIES OF THE JUNIOR CLASS THIS YEAR ARE: President . . . . . . . . . . Karen Mitchell Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . Elaine Haney Vice President . . . . . . . .Linda Costley Sergeant at Arms. . . . . . . . . Steve Sayre Secretary . . . . . . . . . . .Sharon Roberts Sergeant at Arms. . . . . . . . .Jim Webster The main activity this year for the Juniors is the Junior and Senior Prom. Along with its coming, come the worries of raising funds to put it on, then the final planning and putting it on. Sponsored by EDER HARDWARE CO., NYSSA NYSSA AUTO PARTS 19 'CI7 LINDA COSTLY PETE HAMMON NANCY HAMMON o 3 Y'I"'x IA MES MCKINLEY JOYCE BOWERS DONALD ASHCRAFT Juniors 54 ,1""""x A STEVEN SAYRE K Y MCDONALD CARLY BOREN SHIRLEY SKINNER 1r"" V Y' x, " N , xx ,. 20 BERNICE JORGENSON OMAR HITE i -. 'rf N 1 KENNETH FENN Juniors LINDA SMITH ...JS DENNIS REED BRENT HARTLEY FLORECE ANDERSON ,X rf FLORENCE ANDERSON EDDY NELSON is ELAINE HANEY S4 0 DAVID KANEASTER NORENE HOWES BILLY DAY DAVID FOSTER 'Wu LES BRICE 3 f' f R I KAREN ROBERTS SHARON ROBERTS Juniors LARRY NORRIS DONNA FEHLMAN HMMEY WEBSTER KAREN MITCHELL THE IUNIORs PAGE SPONSORS: HAMILTON CORNER SERVICE BROWNIES CAFE FIRST NATIONAL BANK NYSSA GATE CITY JOURNAL NYSSA VETERINARY CLINIC WILSON BROS. . NYSSA wILsONs SUPER MARKET IDAHO POWER COMPANY 22 if Xi Ig iffffrx N ii 1 XX xx Q THE OFFICERS OF THE LARGEST CLASS IN SCHOOL ARE: President ........ .... J im Thompson Vice President .... .... H enry Mendazona Secretary ....... .... C laudia Peterson Treasurer ......... ...... S tanley Mills Sergeant at Arrns .... ..... R ex Langley The Sophomores are sponsors of the Sadie Hawkins Sock Hop. This year they treated the school to a lot of fun with their dance. The music was fumished by Junior Nanney from Vale. Sponsored by JACKSON JEWELRY FIRESTONE STORE NYSSA FURNITURE D '97 JIM THOMPSON ELVIN CLUBB ALICE CAMPOS HAROLD SCOTT CLAUDIA PETERSON MIKE SILLONIS CLAUDETTE DAY BOB MCREYNOLDS LaVINA SHY STANLEY MILLS KENNY CARROLL REX LANGLEY BILL SMITH Sophomores GARY WILSON RONNIE SMITH IEANETTE CONANT 1 'VW L! N 1" I Rf .m RONN IE LOWTRIP Yzzv 'll'-"' 'v"T F 1:21:19 11:9 ,, X 9, - If Nw... -., L - Y V . . -QV. , BENJAMIN ZAMORA BRENT HANEY X .4 .f" ALAN BENNETT PHILLIP HATCH 1.-gc: LORENA ASHCRAFT LAWRENCE PHIFER DONNIE THOMPSON LEONARD WOOD LEROY SMITH KAY CLEVERLY L,....- L. 4:1 In Remembrance of EDDIE LEE NELSON June 21, 1940 January 23, 1957 He is not dead, this friend of our affection, But gone on to that school Where he no longer needs our kind protection, And Gocl Himself doth rule. Laying the foundation for four successful years are the i956 Freshmen. Attempting to set an example for the rest are the class officers. President of the class is Don Costley. Pinch hitting for him when he is gone is Charles Nelson as Vice President. Keeping track of events is Cliff Looney as Secretary and counting their money is Henrietta Carroll. Good luck, kids, may you study, have lots of fun, and gain the treasure that both have to offer. QP CIEISS 0 99 174' 'Nm KK' DARRELL WILSON I! KAREN DEF FER x ' V CHARLES NELSON qu-..,.,'X RALPH FACKRELL Freshmen '11 i DONALD COSTLEY CLIFFORD LOONEY 1 ALAN BOATRIGHT KAY BORGE PAT STROH nw 28 JOHNNY FOSTER Z' K HELEN IOHANNESON JUNIOR HANEY YN-'Q TOMMY SMITH ELDON IORGENSON Freshmen I ri KATHERINE AUKER CROLETTA MILLER 95 DARRELL SLIPPY CHARLES IOHANNESON x 9 W SUZANNE HAMMON GARY NIELSON RUI ATAGI Q 29 ...Ln T' LavoRA SMITH JIMMY CHANEY 'Y JOE MACKEY 3 1 'Q 'nr-Q JOSEPHINE MENDAZONA KAY CLUC AS HENRIETTA CARROLL Freshmen BRUCE DeHAVEN l 1 EILENE STRADLEY THE FRESHMAN PAGE SPONSORS: ONTARIO MERC. ROBERTS AUTO CO. EVERYBODYS, ONTARIO MAULDING CLINIC EASTSIDE CAFE, ONTARIO DR. OLSEN, MD. NYSSA MOTORS, INC. BOB THOMPSON REALTY 30 A A -s 4 .. ls BACK ROW: Benjamin Zamora, Dallas Chaney, Terry Borge, Billy Looney, Jimmy Packwood, Ira Price, James McKinley. THIRD ROW: Eddie Nelson, Jim Thompson, Phillip Hatch, Pete Hammon, Leonard Wood, David Foster, Jimmy Webster, Brent Hartley. SECOND ROW: Ronald Smith, Bob McReyno1ds, Kay Cleverly, Steve Sayre, Harold Scott, Elvin Clubb. FIRST ROW: Alan Bennett, Junior Haney, Charles Nelson, Donald Costley, Darrell Slippy, Jimmy Chaney, Mike Sillonis, Manager, Richard Lovittg Coach, Mr. Ward. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Adrian 20 Wilder 0 Adrian 7 New Plymouth 20 Adrian 26 Middleton I4 Adrian 0 Notus l8 Adrian 33 St. Teresa O Adrian 6 Fruitlcnd I9 Adrian 6 Homedale 31 Adrian 20 Mcrsing 20 Sponsored by GREEN'S IEWEIRY - PARMA IDAHO DEPARTMENT STORE - PARMA V 7 9 Vlf ,gr .222 Nuo, 3, -Q1 - Q A FP!" in '33 4 Q 7' 3 'Q 9 ffl 1 J Q X. ii?,, gg 5? Q 55' - , ,9 ,e YI ' A ,a.+,9,'. .Mg 150151 Q SQ' K , Q nzgfg,-' 'AUS gg- ff f ?QgW'f ff fixffff ji Q X 7 QI Q 7 2' KAI 1 J ,MD Butch, Steve, Larry, Jim, James, Phil, Wayne, Kay, and Gene on the squad. Hard working managers were Joe Mackey and Darrell Wilson. Coach Harper, center. This year Adrian 's basketball team was composed of four seniors and two iuniors and three sophomores. The Seniors, who will be greatly missed next year are Wallace Butler, Larry Culbertson, Wayne Smith, and Gene Haney. Although losing more games than they won, many of the games were not decided until the final minutes of play. The team displayed a good brand ot basketball and at all times maintained an excellent record of sportsmanship, team play, and scholarship. Next year's team will be built around the two juniors--Steve Sayre, and James McKinley--three sophomores--Jim Thompson, Phil Hatch, and Kay Cleverly--and this year's Junior Varsity team. The ..lV's have proved to be a scrappy squad by coming from behind in the final moments of play to squeeze past many unexpecting quints. The team is comprised of three freshmen and eleven sophomores. They are: Gary Neilson, Alan Boatride, Mike Sillinos, Harold Scott, Donnie Thomspon, Leroy Bishop, Salvador Martinez, Knute Stoneburg, Jesse Martinez, Bob McReynold, Merlin Smith, Rex Langley, Leonard Wood, and Benjamin Zamora. Managing are Joe Mackey and Darrell Wilson. Around these fourteen underclassmen, Coach Harper has developed a well co-ordinate team whose members are prospects for future varsity teams. TOWN AND COUNTRY HOMEDALE SUPPLY WILSON'S IEWELER Homedale Homedale Homedale wwwwfv e K5 004, e l w 4 I The girls hockey team, whose supervisor is Miss Keyser has had an active year. They traveled to the College of Idaho to play the scheduled games. The first game the Adrian team was defeated i-0. The other game ended with the score tied 0-0. Sponsored by PARMA HARDWARE PARMA WATER LIFTER PECKHAM FURNITURE STCRE, PARMA PARMA FOOD CENTER WATSON 81 LA MANTIA Y 4- -JMWW ' -' bmw ,gnbb UAL! -44255 SANDY WOOD NORENE HOWES SHARON FOX SHIRLEY SKINNER M J R. V A SHARON SLIPPY R LORENA ASHCRAFT S T Y Aff? ' r QW J 1... , 1 ' n H f V, .. Wa.- 14" Nur I lb go' 8 3:1 ut N77 A :BNF L Snapshots 1. Fixin' for the prom. 2. Ain't they yellin, Mr. Sayre? 3.' What shall I write? 4. Keep going-or else! 5. Close your mouth, Nancy. 6. Recognize anyone? 7. How old did you say you were? 8. Blue Hawaiian Moonlight. 9. Wanted -by the F.B.l. IO, What is this. 11. Hey Carol! 12. Daydreamer. 13. Ready for a swim? 14. What did you say, Ian? 15, Is that for later use Jean-2 16. Don'r take our picture! 17. The Line-up. 18. Well-good morning Miss Jones. 19, Ready to go. 20. What's wrong Josephine? 40 Presiding over the meetings of this dramatic club is Sharon Fox, Pres- ident. Margaret Butler, Vice President, Sally Reed, Secretary, and Mr. Tyson is our advisor. BH fl I This organization consists of members who have earned points by participating in dramatical arrange- ments. 41.1-. DMEM XSRORE fax Afff' S Y AMERJCA BACK ROW: Linda Costley, Claudette Day, Carly Boren, Kay McDonald, Joyce Bowers, Jean Crocker Norene Howes, Bernice Jorgenson, Margaret Butler, CarolJones, Karen Mitchell, Claudia Peterson, Shirley Skinner. FRONT ROW: Sharon Fox, Mrs. Moore, Edna Linville, Janet Parker, Mary Houtman, Mrs. James Peterson. Heading the group of F,H.A, through the year are these girls who have devoted their time in many activities. These are the officers, and we face the future with warm courage and high hopes. Shirley S kin ne r, Reporter, Margaret Butler, Point Keeper, Carol Jones, Historian, Mrs, Moore,Advisor, Mary Houtman, Treasurer, Jean Crocker, Songleader, Janet Parker, President, Edna Linville, Vice President, Sharon Fox, Secretary. Ffh BACK ROW fLeft to Righty: Laurence Phifer, Jimmy Chaney Harold Scott Jimmy Packwood Jim Thompson, Merlin Smith, Donald Ashcraft, Ronnie Smith Elvtn Clubb THIRD ROW Rui Atagi, Tommy Smith, Charles Nelson, Donald Thompson Gary Neilson Leroy Smith Darrell Slippy, Mateo Sillonis, Ralph Fackrell. SECOND ROW Clifford Looney Darrell Wilson Joe Mackey, Kenneth Fenn, Charles Johannesson, Mr. Joe Witty FIRST ROW Donald Costley Dallas Chaney, Billy Looney, Eddie Nelson, Brent Hartley James McKinley Eldon Jorgensen THE F.F.A. OFFICERS ARE: President ................. .... E ddie Nelson Vice President . . . .... Dallas Chaney Secretary .... , , . Richard Lovitt Treasurer .... .... B illy Looney Reporter .... ..... B rent Hartley sentine1...... . ....IameSMcKin1ey Among other activities participated in by the F.F.A. this year are: the Greenhancl initiation, the Father-Son Banquet, and the work day. Billy Looney had the honor of representing the Adrian chapter at the National F. F.A. Convention choir in Kansas City, Missouri. Sponsored by ONTARIO ARGUS OBSERVER U.S. NATIONAL BANK lv " '-Fl The G.A.A. is an athletic association which has many activities going on during the school year. Belonging to this organization are: BACK ROW: Bernice Iorgenson, Elaine Haney. Claudette Day, Advisor, Miss Keyser, Kay McDonald, Karen Roberts, Ruth Bishop, Jeanette Conant. FOURTH ROW: Joan Barton, Lorena Ashcraft, Margaret Butler, Karen Mitchell, Norene Howes. THIRD ROW: Shirley Skinner, Linda Costley, Ianet Parker. SECOND ROW: Sharon Fox, Nancy Smith. FRONT ROW: Darlene Davis. G.A.A. HEADING THIS GROUP ARE: President . . . . . . Vice President Secretary...... Tl'63Sl.ll'el' . . . . Point Keeper. , , , , , Advisor. . . . . :noon .Darlene Davis . .Elaine Haney .Shirley Skinner . Linda Costley . .Lorena Aschraft . . .. . . Miss Keyser 7 K-11- Lettermens officers are: Ben Zamora, Sergeant at Armsg Dallas Chaney, Vice President, Billy Looney, President: Eddie Nelson, Secretaryg Brent Hartley, Treasurer. Their Advisors are: Mr. Harper and Mr, Ward. Their main project for this year was the building of a score keepers stand for our gymnasium. LEFT TO RIGHT: Philip Hatch, lim Packwood, Mr. Harper, Brent Haney, Elvin Clubb, Stanley Mill, Leonard Wood, James McKinley, I im Thompson, Pete Hammon, Henry Mendazona, Gary Smith, Ira Price, David Foster, Larry Culbertson, Gene Haney, Billy Looney, Ben Zamora, Mr. Ward, Ed Nelson, Mike Sillonis, Harold Scott, Kenny Carroll, Dallas Chaney, Wallace Butler, Brent Hartley. . 1111 lflz W6 .1 fd., ,... 'Fi-'Q ,ff Q ff The Hi-Y, club is devoted to making good citizens of all of us. It is a club to further the Christian Standards in the school. To welcome our new members this year, we had an initiation dinner. We have had some very enlightening discussions during our meetings, on subjects that we all are interested in. Our advisor this year is Mrs. McKinley, the mother of our President. u I l I STARTING AT THE TOP fLeft to Righty: James McKinley, Janet Parker, Ed Nelson, Sharon Slippy, Pete I-lammon, Carol Jones, Bill Looney, Cliff Looney, Mary Ann Jones, Steve Sayre, Karen Deffer, Carlene Fenn, Katherine Auker, Linda Costley, Dennis Reed, Henrietta Carroll, Shirley Skinner, Suzanne Hammon, Kay Borge, Sally Reed, Josephine Mendazona. Mary Houtman, Edan Linville, Billy Linville, Benjaman Zamora, Gary Wilson, lean Crocker, Sharon Fox, Joyce Bowers .1 'K F .f UV HEADING THIS GROUP ARE: President.. . .-.-Beniamafl Zamora Vice President . . . . . . . . . . .Billy Linville Treasurer. .......Sh2rOl'1 Fox ji ., , 'sf 1'-'Grd 5 5 . ,N 5. if? ' ""i .1war:24b lg 8 ln-.1 ,4""4.a ' r was "UL ,4- l Xe xxx-nik I., 2., 81 3. Our Study Halls! 4. Soo Boss 5. Goin' Somewhere? 6. Sailor Nancy H. 7, Play Practice? 8. What's so funny? 9. Here comes's a teacher, Larry! Io. Is he cute? II, Hi Dickl 12. Day dreaming again Kay? 13, Whaddya want? I4. This is a Dance? I5, What's goin' on here? 16. G01 Adrian!! I ,fi- The ANTELOPE ANTICS, the school paper was printed by the Speech and Journalism class. Staff Leaders for the first semester: Dick Lovitt, Editor, Bill Looney, Assistant Editor, Dallas Chaney, Business Manager. The second semester: Bill Looney, Editor, Kenneth Barstad, Assistant Editor, Dallas Chaney, Business Manager. The group was directed by Samuel E. Tyson. Sponsored by U. S, NATIONAL BANK, Ontario NYSSA VETERINARY I Laboring under the tireless task of assembling the annual and seeing that ends meet, the editor, Janet Parker, spent many hours of ardent work in Ably assisting as an ideal person, Edna Linville, Assistant Business Manager. Mary Houtman, Advertising Manager, S h a ron Fo x , Class Manager, Carol Jones, Assistant Editor, Jeanie Crocker, Business Manager. Okeying copies and acting as advisor is Mr. Tyson. Sponsored by PRICE'S - Parma MOORS GROCERY - Notus SEELY DRUG - Parma FIRST NATIONAL BANK - Parma HAL JOHNSON - Caldwell QM. Mr, Weatherspoon, Rex Langley, Phillip Hatch, Bill Looney, Ben Zamora, John Foster, Cliff Looney. SECOND ROW: Darrell Wilson, Kay Barge, Linda Smith, Jean Crocker, Elvin Clubb, Ronnie Smith. THIRD ROW: Margaret Butler, Karen Mitchell, Shirley Skinner, Claudia Peterson, Florence Anderson, Joyce Bowers, Donna Fehlman. FIRST ROW: LaVina Shy, Norene Howes, Sandy Wood, Joe Mackey. "Stranger, that isn't the angels in heaven singin' or them celestial musicians playin' that dreamy music. Stranger, that is our band and chorus tunin' up for a little melody." They're all conducted by our very own maestro, Mr. Raymond Weatherspoon. FIRST ROW: Eldon Jorgenson, Darrell Wilson, Dennis Reed, Gary Wilson, Rui Atagi, Cliff Looney. SECOND ROW: Henrietta Carroll, Suzanne Hammon, Florice Anderson, LaVina Shy, Kay Clucas, Karen Deffer, Kay Barge, Alice Campos. LAST ROW: Pat Stroh, LaVora Smith, Kay McDonald, Claudette Day, Florence Anderson, Mr, Weatherspoon. 4 a C nah dna dr u S .. "JANET ' ..q-,095 'C Jn? ,ieiq NE" IO AN -Ne ln 4 The Big Wheel --5 "RUTH" m"'r FX! Senior Play 5 if awk "Pride and Prej udice" 'Q Mrs. Bennett .,,,, Mr. Bennett , H Jane Bennett ,,.,, Kitty Bennett ..,, Lydia Bennett ,.., Mary Bennett . , . , , Elizabeth Bennett . Fitzwilliams Darcy Charles Bingley , , Caroline Bingley , Captain Wickham , . , , 0 , William Collins , , .ne CAST Lady Catherine de Burgh, , , 0 Hiulllllllllllllllil Student Director . , AdVB0L....... , , Janet Parker Richard Lovitt . . , Sally Reed , . , Carlene Fenn . . . Sharon Fox . Jean Crocker Edna Linville . . . Billy Looney . . . Gary Smith Mary Houtman - - Ken Barstad . . . Frank Pratt .JoAnne Wood .Jim Packwood -- Ruth Bishop - - - Mr. Tyson A, "Madam President Please! Carol Davis Sissy Davis Stanley Davis, Jr. Ann Davis, Mother Stanley Davis, Sr. Alice-Themaid Elmer Elsie Bradman Robert Marks Grace Marks Jim Barrett Connie Rose Carpenter Student Director Advisor 99 Shirley Skinner Karen Mitchell Steve Sayre Linda Costley Donald Ashcroft Florence Anderson Larry Norris Kay McDonald David Foster Bernice Jorgenson James McKinley Norene Howes Florice Anderson Brent Hartley Sharon Roberts Mr. Tyson This Page Sponsored By: TOWN AND COUNTRY HOMEDALE HOMEDALE SUPPLY Mr. Matthews, better known as Junior is the man that we always call on when an object needs repairing. He always wears a smile, though sometimes his patience is at its end by the unnecessary work the students create for him. WILSON 'S JEWELRY HOMEDALE MOLLERUPS HOMEDALE 57 x ,-4 NANCY HAMMON SUSANNE HAMMON SHARON SLIPPY SANDY WOOD SHIRLEY SKINNER LINDA COSTLEY X NORENE HOWES KAREN MITCHELL KATHERINE AUKER BONNIE LOWT RIP DENNIS REED SALLY REED KAREN ROBERTS LES BRICE SHIRLEY SKINNER IAMES MCKINLEY SHARON FOX IEANIE CROCKER EDNA LINVILLE BRENT HARTLEY IRA PRICE LARRY CULBERTSON al Plctures MARGARET BUTLER RUTH BISHOP DARLENE DAVIS CORELLETTA MILLER EILENE STRADLEY PAT STROH CAROL IONES LARRY CULBERTSOIN ALAN BOATRIGHT BRUCE DeHAVEN KAREN ROBERTS SHARON ROBERTS RONNIE LOWTRIP BONNIE LOWTRIP 59 WALLACE BUTLER KENNETH BARSTAD KATHERINE AUKER KAREN DEFFER JOHNNY FOSTER IIMMEY CHANEY "'Ng LOCAL SPONSORS BILLS FOOD MART ADRIAN DRIVE IN ADRIAN OIL CO. WE FOUR MERC Rai' 0 OWYHEE HARDWARE xv Y' ADRIAN FEED STORE PILLSBURY FEEDS nu, ,,,,gw,l. EDER HARDWARE fe.: uve! Joan ,gl-fbd-1' dh 3fWYNCu,fkJQ t 'A I WEfWflkK fl nn ' 'N mf ,ff Q1 SW S , gpfifgjy gikgksxi QS KQJXJDNCQQ jxjsjfp gi SX 5 E Rf. CQ- x ATJUWJNJJ NU N ik X5 A Q -ff Wf w M NM i w wmiS R mxiy N S? SX KX ' 'v V 3 5 RkbNxX NW Ya W 5 Q WX S W Q X? +wxgJ NN E xx AX F -Q 33 x QRW J S99 A QWMSWQS V WS R px Qwxiyi N,W 5 fQm ,KKUWAWU Sw w W' Q Ng? w ,iw f' wwfmgvifxismi, Q39 W ,ff f A ww J A si5XfQaviSNiQRg X My NM5YfFNW?S5Q3wS x,f QSEQXNSQSS . . 1 -. '. .. ., V,'g".:'T"-'iid 7 "' .' . . ,. , A ... . , W... . ,Vg-1, Q- -- A - r-- ,-,--1 .--r-S4 -. Ji- .-., b .. .?x.. Z I . .' . i .V A .'!, ,::1-It A 51 . v , .,, v. -1.1.7, f f, .. : .5 ,P , , ,i r. . . , Fra ' I. I ...Lf --lt . A v.. . H , I ., u - . M J ju Wim ,ff f W CV W M fll?'57ffW,w Jpfjyfydljyl mfumfffwa M' W M2 ffww WW f'f'Mi'3!ff'f'yff Maw fj9if5nfffifff'?5gf',,ffH3,,f5,f,f ffffw' f W, , , wiv, N3jL3fQiffK I wMM?i55?'72 fjj,fM,Q'Zffff Afwfwmmj C 5 -..,,,g,. - M- 7-4, , . V - --VA - VAY- 4--N ---n..+f--1 I M ' ' '! 'un Gu H fx H A. 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"A w- , 1 - N 51,12 , "r ' x -Am, ,, .A ' -ai '-'1 Diff . .,xi3 u U-- w 3 x 'eh ,. ...., - .. ,V , ww, Cf. -.1 . 11' , J- s NJ -1. hN, .lW , , f " f -V. - .I -. . ,. - 1 . , LY.-..4--3 4214,-'..-, yin fp. .Jil A gf? Y' J- x 1' '11,-7.',l.e V- ,,, . ':,,'.

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