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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1956 volume:

f M7 A ffw ,fvrgippy W M " Jf ff MW W ff My M ,Wm fff Qg 1 , IM MW jk K Q ,l'l'?l5',a ,ff - Rl WLM .JXNC-ffl HANG.: W. A . Q ,y,Vm,f.,!f- f X k ff f2 myfjggdf - ' nf ,af ff Wggfghf 'Wm M M ilfwm Q '?0 W ff fi QP' ,.f.ff'fQlW Q-ff .ff ice 4 Q5 M L ffv, in , A ffrziw if S 3 SM SEQ wifi ESQ Q la 3333 "TE ESEDNNWWNIQI 1 M l W 'XWLSQLTX I o9Tk3Q-9""'A'J'UxQA R93-KARL ggyiwifffi by ffl-lw+w3mw NWQXSWMQXMM m-P-UU 60.3, Us Qpffba Bur ' CJ-JNS' ' ffwiiisw wfwgfi ,CD qxggvim' ':',,,,p-NX' QM WD 3 5vi,jVfAiv,W"'5fL3QJ,Qw u- . J.,-I-2 1 a,,Lu.LU2,-OJ!! , RJ to LA.:-Lal'-J. ugwkwk up-. Slmkuai 'YL4yk.v-w,l'-Qdxu-vqb 'I-J"'0'v L,f9of.M9,:.4,b-wi -Ae:4LoLl-71-ll-w 'na dxfkx-AML.H Omwlgwwgigmwgf JLQAUXF Qowghmmkhmmd iw- Q8 "' 1. ., f il D ' A 'Sh GK: gd , Looking back into the night we see our memories, revived by the "Antelope," glowing like lights against the years in our community. The staff hopes that this book will draw you back in memory to the community and school where you grew to young man and womanhood. May it be a source of pleasure to you in the years to come. 3 Q of N .Q Q 1 X lx y,.fz1-Q23 ' B' I 1 , 3. . I-we Tim, I Published by the Annual Staff Advisor. . . '. . .Mr. Samuel E. Tyson Editor . . . . .Roger B. Howes Assistant Editor . . . . .Vanae Stoker Business Manager . . . . . .Vi IM. Lee 4 ecldcaidan We dedicate this book to our parents. To their uns elfishness, Wisdom and countless virtues that have governed our lives to become better citizens. STUDENT BODY: fLeft to Righty: President, Jerry Cleverlyg Vice-President, Catherine Thiel: Secretary, Kaye Hammon and Treasurer, George Jelinek. tcwlenz' STUDENT COUNCIL, STANDING fLefr to Righty: Ieorge Ielinek, James McKinley, Dick Shenk, Mr. Tyson, Advisorg Fred Jensen and Kay Cleverly KNEELING: Fred Schafer, Sharon Roberts, Kaye Hammon, Jerry Cleverly, Sherry Cebulski, CarhyThiel and Norton Cleverly. Proving to be the most outstanding students scholastically are Vanae Stoker and Fran Peter son, Co-Valedictorianst and George Jelinek, Salutatorian. To these hard working students we respect- fully dedicate this page. Y MLM JL Q5 ..,,. ,A--,,,, M , 60 no uf! ff' f-""'1M Sponsored by--BOISE-PAYETTE LUMBER CO. Nyssa Iii' S . 1 f 5 3 X1 V X Q v 1 at A kk xv . W 37' 3 1- fi ,W , U, i: J v-Q . ' W, 4. if H' X b if Q . I X' 1 X . l - ' ' .WW .. "f'. L' 5 Mtg' .x 1 f.. ' ' A - -V v Ag H x V . W :W K . K MLM .. g , ' Q ' , ' , - 1f'g,1,,,,5:f' fa U M x ff ,LQ 'l 'L 1 ' ' 1 ' "f we gf" ' " 'L 3 3 A 4 ' ialfzaldan 'Nw L,,, Jfff"X JW 0 AW We are extremely grateful for Mr. Sayre's encouragement and enthusiasm at the times when our zeal was almost gone. He has helped to make our work enjoyable, and we trust his wisdom will be remembered long after he is gone Carol Jones, Joane Wood, Winnie Nelson, Dolly Search, Ofiice Girls. ' fiisziiizi X 5- fl ' 'sl Q: lisa MRS. RAASCH MISS HARRELL 4 C MR. WARD MR. WEATHERSPOO N MR. REUTER MRS. MOORE MR. HARPER MR TYSON ifmedcuu. This year, Mrs, Moore and her capable staff of librarians have kept the library running in top condition. Librarians were Mary Louise Hite, Arnold Strawn, Larry Norris, Darlene Davis, Gary Hastriter, Mrs. Moore, Norman Price, Bernice Jorgenson, and Jerry Cleverly. game! LEFT TO RIGHT: Glen Brown, Clerk: Harvey Bennet, Tom Jones Claud Eachus, Athol Sayre, Lee Stoker, Chairman, Wilbur Chapin ,sm 51 1 331? Q f F endow Edith Matthews showed her fine qual- ifications as President- of the Class of '56. Lending a helping hand were Bob Parker, Vice-Presidentg Margie Quick, Secretaryg Connie Montgomery collecting the money and Sam Tyson advising the foursome. Two of the enjoyable events sponsored by the Seniors were the Homecoming Dance and the Sweethearts Ball. The goal of our four years in A. H. S. was doubly repaid by our sneak. Compliments of HARANO STUDIO, Ontario, Oregon MARY NAOMI KANEASTER "He knows most who speaks 1east"' Adrian I,2,3,4g Pep Club 1, Girls League Ig Chorus 2,3,4: Thespians 3,45 Class Play 4. CONNIE IRENE MONTGOMERY "Age will not wither her, nor custom stale her in- finite variety". Adrian I,2,3,4g Pep Club I,2,3,4: G. A.A. I,2,3, 4: fSecretaryj 4, Class Tre- asurer 4, Song Leader 45 Thespians 3,49 Class Play 33 F.H.A. l,2g Band I,2g Girls League Ig Paper Staff 3,4g Librarian 3g Attendant at Homedale Homecoming 4. BOBBY LEROY DILL "Young fellows will be young fellows"- Adrian 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Paper sraff4. MARGIE SALTER "Laughter is cheap medicine, take it while you may". Adrian I,2,3,4g Pep Club I,2, 3,4g Girls League Ig Class Play 4 fStudent Directory G. A. A. I,2, 3,4g Class Treasurer 35 Librarian 3. ORVID FREDERICK SCHAFER "He can talk, oh how he can talk". , Adrian 1, 2, 3, 4g F. F. A. I,2, 3,45 Student Coun- cil 3,4g Photo Club 3,4g Thespians 3,4g Class Play 4g Annual Staff 4: Ag Treasurer 3. MARK DICKSON SHENK "He is a well made man wh has determination". Adrian I,2,3,4g Football 1, 2, 3,4g Track 33 Class Treas urer Ig Student Sergeant at Arms 43 Class Sergeant at Arms 3,4g F.F.A. I-4 fSentinel 33g Paper staff 4. NORMAN DWIGHT PRICE "A man who has lots of pals. " Adrian I,2, 3,43 Football 4, Basketball r,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g Letterman's Club I, 2, 3,4g fTreasurer 4Qg Thespians 3, 45 fPresident 453 Librarian 4. .ARRY DEHAVEN Youth is on the prove and vleasure at the helm". ldrian I,2,3,4g Baseball Aanager Ig Lettermans Club ,2g Class Play 4g F.F.A. I 2D 304 ' IOHN LOUIS THIEL "God grant my lessons I may learn, tho trial my teachers? Adrian 1,2,3,4, F.F. A. 1,2, 3,4g Letterman Club 2, 3,4g Baseball I, 3, 4g Football Man- ager 2. CATHERINE LEONA THIEL "She scatters her smiles as the sun does it beams". Adrian l,2, 3,45 Annual Staff I, 2.4: fArt Editorj 41 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4g QPres- identp 4, Pep Club 1,z,3, 4, Girls League Ig Vice- President of Student Body 4: Drum Majorette 35 Cheer Leader 4, Chorus Ig Thespians 3,45 Potato Bowl Princess 4g Paper Staff 3,4, Office Girl 3. VIVA MAE LEE "No thought save for Service. " Gates High rg Adria.n 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,43 F.H.A. 2,43 Hockey 25 Class Play 33 Paper Staff 3: Annual Staff 4 QBus- iness Managerjg Librarian 3. ROBERT A I0 WEBSTER 'Variety is the spice of life". Adrian I,2,3,4g G.A.A. I,2,3: F.H.A. I,2,3,43 fPar1amenta.rian 3,453 Hi- Y I,2,3,43fSeCIeta1'y 3,3 Pep Club I,2,3,4g Thes- pians 1,2,3,4: Class Play 3: Girls League Ig QSec- retary lj, Cheer Leader I, 2, 33 Snow Princess 1gBand 1,23 Class President 33 Class Representative 43 Officer 43 Paper Staff 33 Photo Club I,2,3,4. THHMA SEARCH "A manner so winning and a smile so rare" . Parma I,2, 33 Adrian 43 G.A.A. 43 Pep Club 43 Annual Staff 43 Paper Staff 43 Class Play 43 Office 43 Homecoming Princess 4. NORTON A. CLEVERLY "A quiet worker who accom- plishes things without saying much" . Adrian I,2,3,43 F,F.A. I,2, 3,43 Class Representative to Student Council 43 Track I3 Paper Staff 4 . FRANCENE PETERSON "To her the Gods gave beauty and also wisdom" . Adrian I, 2, 3,43 Girls' League I3 Pep Club I, 2,3'4: F.H.A. I, 2, 3,43 CPresident 413 Photo Club I, 23 G.A.A. I, 2, 3,43 fSecretary 253 Annual Staff 43 Paper Staff 33 Thespians 3, 43 CSecretary 413 Chorus 33 Band I, 2, 3,42 QSecretary 43 Princess for Sweethearts Ball 3. WINIFRED ROSE NELSON "Sweet as the rest of them, good as the best of them" . Adrian l,2,3,4: Chorus 1,2, 3 QPresident 333 Girls League 13 Pep Club I,2, 3,43 Nice- President 3,3 Hi-Y 1,233.43 QChaplin 2, President 3,413 F.H.A. 1,2,3,43QVice- President 453 Paper Staff 3, 43 Thespians 3,43 Nice- President 473 G.A.A. 1.2. 3,4: fTreasurer 4j3 Class Representative to Student Council r,2,33 Class Play 3,43 Office Girl 43 Annual Staff 2,4. GEORGE EARL IELINEK "He uses his head for more than a hat rack" . Adrian I,2,3,4: Baseball I, 23 Class Representative 23 Basketball Manager 23 F.F. A. I,2,3,43 Vice-President F.F.A. 43 Letterman 3.4: State Judging Team 3. WESLEY SCHLEGEL IR. "Youth is full of sport". Adrian l,2,3,43 F.F.A, I,2,3,43 Football I,2, 32 Baseball 23 Paper Staff 3-4- ROBERT ERNEST PARKER VANAE STOKER "The more he is exalted the "Wisdom flows from her pen more humbly he bears him- and friendship from her heart'1 self". Adrian 1,2,3,43 Pep Club Adrian I,2,3,43 Football 1, I,2,3,45 qPresident 433 G.A. 2.3.43 BHSRCIM11 1.2.3143 A. I,2,3,43 fPoint Secretary Baseball 1,2,3,43Lettermans 3,415 Chorus 1,23 Paper Staff Club 2, 3.4: qPresident 413 Assistant Editor 33 Annual C1358 Play 3.43 C1358 Pres- staff Class Representative 3, ident 2, and Vice-President Assistant Editor 43 Thespians 43 Paper Staff 3, fBusiness 3,43 C1355 Play 3,43 Can- Managerj. didate for Sweetheart Ball Queen. TERRY BATT CLEVHILY "He is always ready to welcome a fellow worker into the hall of fame" . Adrian I,2,3,4S Hi-Y 2, 3,43 Pep Club 43 Basketball Manager 2, 33 Football 2, Manager 33 Letterman33 Photo Club 43 Annual Staff 2.4: Sports Editor 43 Paper Staff 3,43 Thespians 43 Librarian 43 Paper Sports Editor 3. EDITH IRENE MATTHEWS "A dash of beauty, knowledge and fun". Adrian I, 2, 3,43 G.A.A. I, 2, 33 Secretary 33 F,H.A. I,2,3, 43 Class Vice-President I, Secretary 2, President 43 Hi-Y 2, 33 Secretary 33 Class Play 3, Student Director 43 Girls' Lea- gue I, Pep Club I,2,3,43 Band I, 2, 3,43 Student Body Vice- President 351 Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 Sweethearts Ball Queen 33 Edi- tor of paper 3, Annual Advertis- ing Mgr. 43 Thespians 3,43 Stu-' dent Council 3, KAYE DURLENE HAMMON "She is one who does her own rowing" . Adrian I.2,3,4: Girls League I3 Pep Club I,2, 3,43 G.A.A. I,2,3,43 Annual staff 1,23 Photo Club 23 Paper Staff 3.4: Chorus I3 Class Play 3, 43 Secretary of Student Body 43 Thespians 3,43 Cheerleader 3,43 Hi-Y - 43 Student Council 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Camival Queen 2. GUY RALPH JONES "In twenty years I'll settle down and work, work, work". Adrian I,2,3,4f F.F.A, I,2,3, 43 Football I,2,3,4Q Basketball 1.2: Track 13 Letterman 2,3, 43 Class Play 3. MILDRED JUNE FACKRELL She is as kind as she is quiet." Pep Club 1,25 Girls' League 1 5 Paper Staff4. MARY LOUISE HITE "Would that she were better known." Adrian I, 2,3,4g Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Librarian 43 Paper Staff 3. MARGIE LAREE QUICK "Al1 her faults are such that one loves her all the better for them." Homedale Ig Adrian 3,4g Kuna Ig Pep Club 3,43 GAA 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Class Secretary 4: Home- coming Princess 4g Chorus President 45 Cheerleader 4g Paper Staff 35 Class Play 3,4 . SHARON JOANN SMITH "The greatest intellecrs often lie unseen. " Nyssa I3 Adrian 2,3,4: Librarian 2,3: GAA 4: Class Play 4: Thespians 4. ROGER BYRON HOWES "Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in deserving them." Adrian 1,2,3,4g Band 1,25 Class Play 3,4g Thespians 3,4g Class Secretary Ig Annual Representative 3 Editor 4g Paper Staff 3g Photo Club 3,43 President 43 Class Vice-President 3. DOROTHY LOUISE STRADLY "I know thee for a woman of many thoughts. " Adrian I, 2, 3,45 Majorette 3 4: Chorus I, 2, 3,45 Pep Club 1,4, GAA I,2,3. .Q - 4 -iwfs sf? H! -.Eat I' Higniighting the Junior year was the presentation oi the Junior -Senior Prom. Behind the eight-baii w a s L ar r y Cuibertson b e in g prodded by E dn a Recording the e v ent s w a s Fox and Russei hern Linyiiie, es. Sharon s s i s ti ng t at Arms. Caroi Jon Bassett abiy were a matters and Sergeant in money S P0Hs01-e d BERNAR D EASTMAN-Ny ssa DR Jo I Im 1 H1003 21-Ontari ERT SEED 0 GENE HANEY .IEANIE CROCKER DICK SULLIVAN SALLY REED HERBERT MACHULE CAROL JONES EARL WILSON SHARON FOX JIM PACKWOOD WAYNE SMITH I ,, ,I EDN A LIN'VILLE RUSSEL BASSET DALLAS CHANEY FRANK PRATT EUGENE BRIDGEDALE KEITH FARR IRA PRICE DALLAS CHANEY camera shy LARRY CULBERTSON IOAN WOOD FRED JENSEN NANCY CLEVERLY ARNOLD STRAWN GARY SMITH LARRY HIGHTOWER WALLACE BUTLER JANET PARKER RICHARD LOVITT MARGARET BUTLER BILLY LOONEY CARLENE FENN TERRY BORGE MARY HOUTMAN RUSSEL HULSE DARLENE DAVIS 0, 1' 3 A U ' no .M , ... ,, ,L ! I s 2 C 1 T I U . R I ES I 1- .....l, .l n l ... .. .1..,. .,... Eddy Nelson, President, of the Sophomore Class spent a busy year shouting order-s to his loyal followers. Helping to see that his orders were carried out was Vice-President, David Foster, Secretary, Karen Roberts, and Treas- urer, Donald Kolsky. Rounding a full year of activities was the Sadie Hawkins Dance. I af 3 X! is 'Kia' fm J' DAVID FOSTER CARLY BOREN EDDIE NELSON KAREN MITCHELL LARRY NORRIS NORENE HOWES S TEVEN SAYRE HELEN FITZSIMMONS LEE GAREN SHARON ROBERTS DONALD ASHCRAFT KAREN ROBERTS BOB BARNHILL MARILYN MUNN IIM WEBSTER LINDA COSTLY BRENT HARTLEY JOYCE BOWERS Lf Q Ocfa,11.,f 'ff,y1,f,,,,,2 Jgicwwyf QZTKIZX ,440-c47?rw7L 1 !w7fw fg,f:M1f A M1-f' VZZ-all yM,wPL.,1 gy- .QAJZMX XEMW Q?Z744.fL4,f in 011.19115 C? 111-11.--fff Y ff , I, ffrgulif 'X LINDA SMITH Lyle" HENRY BESSENDORFER xafgfif -ZJEfn,cw,d"3- 0 0 SHIRLEY SKINNER f' , ,D Mfg! , 'Z.f21..Q- .4Q,zffGfc,efa,.Lf A., kj Q WMU L PETE HAMMON LLL!! A! NANCY HAMMON I ' ' ' IAME 1 L Y MQ! L SMCK N E C, MV DONNA FEHLMAN BILLY DAY A V M! ELAINE HANEY X I. DON KOLSKY KAY MCDONALD KENNY FENN BERNICE IORGENSON FLORENCE ANDERSON LES BRICE .av-X '57 FLORICE ANDERSON DENNIS REED K , fwfatime ' " S ,.,,,wiL,,k,,g, .MQ 4 A,-mf gf, L. -X Q, J , 4 , A ,,.,,:1 ,, - if J 311' . 'WG , L w g if A Q ,Q . My ' .Ia-11.111 :, V J "t'.gLvQ . -L img ve. Q x lfffwk .A 1372452 IL .-.,-uzzgff-fag ,k,, , W gym w 4 ,fxipj qw"- ,W ? tif ,ww - ' fi Twwfw 4151" 1 -ff- 4. W fix: px 'EPA ei 1 . Q '11 , mgizafif W 1 . M, fm Q Hi! everyone. Here we are-the Fr eshrnen oi 1955-56. in our ctass there are 44: Z9 boys and 15 giris. We were initiated on September 2.0, 1955. Our President was Phiiiip Hatch, Vice -President, Staniey Miiis, Se c r e tar y , Lorena Ashcrait and Sergeant at Arms, B e nj anfmin Zamora. She r r Nj Cebuiski and Kaye Cieveriy have done a fine job oi representing us in Student Council. Over seeing us dvisor, Mr. Ward. W3 S0013 R OBERTS-Nyss A Com ' INC. plefnents of POWER TOBL ERS FEED AND FU EL-N yssa LORENA ASHCRAFT IIM THOMPSON "" ALICE cAMPos OMER HITE IO ANN BARTON SANDA WOOD SHARON SLIPPY LeROY BENNET LINDA METCALF wiv if ss'M I.-Q, DONNA REUTER LEON ARD WOOD B ILL SMITH MIKE SILIONIS GARRY WILSON ELVIN CLUBB LAWRENCE PHIFER HENRY MENDAZONA CL AUDE TTE DAY BENJAMIN ZAMORA BILLY LINVILLE REX LANGLEY KAY CLEVERLY li K .fx .QI VERNON PETERSON MARGARET WHETSTONE KENNY CAROLL SHE RRY CEBULS KI BON NIE LOWTRIP SVN u IEANETTE CONANT JESSE MARTINEZ CLAUDIA PETERSON LAVINA SHY 'Q 'T' STANLEY MILLS HARVE HARRELL KAREN WILLOUGHBY 137' TONY SCHLEGEL BURTON SMITH PHILLIP HATCH -va' DALLAS MONTGOMERY BRENT HANEY LEROY BISHOP SALVADOR MARTINEZ RONNIE SMITH DON TOMPSON LEROY SMITH 5 'db idfbflzif . 4 awww 444, 0,-0 J Cxwfffcf - Gif 441 JU, QAQ if Jffji? fzgifzfilfff 23 55 1,49 QL auf-Z., I A LJv- Az 41, ZZJZM ,,,ffZl,,ML, Z2f,,74'W7'Mi Z fw, mwyidg, M y,Q,C,Q7 ,j,Z,ZMW,Q4 W 7 D 64, JW fgfggw gf M anal Q7 AA Z4-, ,Maw fawwfwffv C . 'gem 11,71-imc. BQ! iiiifwf fffwfjfw mm M C325 Wfii , 6bbLgV'N .ac GLZAM-.J W 'V S+ CW H' Z0 40 Www H614 56 W ak ji2'gififf 24 W Aff M if My r ' V W 4-,alff ' ",,4,4,d J A ZMM ,WA H,?i,p?.iif'zflQffzaJ Wai? nan El ' F4 KWQMQM fu ahaha' fi'B1f1?f4,ff7fi174ffHMfh62'bffg.Ls4,?65r4v:fSf22's'-fL 2 MM 1 fm 'L M 5071 77Mfif,p4 4, f,4.4,j,,,4 ,446 at fmai M, wduwmau 94k iw MMM- .. N-f" 41-.,v... if . ' Q X F 1' 7 , ab 3' f 4.4 ' X I4 1 -'01 QA" . at 5 fc Q, , 132' X A isis. M H OE v-:QW :g.,gp5g.3w .MU H' ,L sq f . waz, 1,1 'Q K Q Q I lag qffyh,-gg Ly. Qpgyk, I x Q -. -X K M :,A,,,,i 'fi ,, .5 " - 4 4 -, +"k'-- Q -A A S .. , .. f. M W N YQ 9 X' mime -IIMLW' ' A fix! m y ?ii'f,"r- 1 .- S "" 1 f,,1., V P' 3 QQ. x, ' 4 , , 4 Z Q M , , . ' -fs f x 1 x ' , mu' K k ' I L,v,-,wil x A . 5 K f A 0, Q ' 3 1 - 4 A L. an . , Q, A Y , zz " ' 1, N 155' Y Q Y 4 if a n The headlines spoke many phrases of the job well done by our boys on the gridiron this year of 1955, but only those of us who saw the games can r e c a ll the tremendous effort put out by the team. We will give special mention to the senior boysg Dick Shenk, Bob Parker, Norman Price, and Guy Jones for a year they can remember. They led the team to third place in the tough S. R. V. "B" League with 4 wits, 2. losses, and Z ties. Dick Shenk wa s picked by all the coaches as the outstand- ing player in the conference. He and Bob Parker are looking forward to playing in the shrine game in Pendleton nextAugust. These seniors leave a team of letter winne r s which will form the nucleus of the 1956 team. e ,ag GN, E y7,ll 9 ii-E - a-' 5 1 'Ti' r' 1 I b 91 Y 1 N f xxsx 6 ga. .W , -355 , ' .fb 41:-..... ,-, Wayne Callister Dick Sheuk Wes Schlegel VHA. " ful' wf LeRoy Dill Guy Jones Bob Parker Sponsored by - - 33 WESTERN CORRUGATOR-Nyssa HARRIMAN MOTOR CO. -Nyssa - ,I . ,,, 4 .rf m, Norman Price C :Q A 21' , -fb 2' 1AA K, 7 -A ' Q Q "" N' ' '1 A I ' A . so I A X , 4 A 'L' . g- L in X 15 , Q J an Q.. ,, X U mf I I ,UI ..-'- L 1 is , E D 9 .K W XJ! vw 3' in v 'fi Q .A 1 , ' 17 65 g"'?w?-44 in Q 4 yy N 'A 'NS 'A ,. JM!! g- .. :Q ' ff ig We 5 3 ,Nw N3 'J Wi' :Q gtg W .,,. wif: i f wx . W, P in 'Ry Qs! 45 '53 5 -g-is '.-Sy?5 '9'g Q? 3 A l ! My x mb vii 'X , ,,. iam I , , 'f .-.ui K ' 'Q Q "'1' WN if 'J' A. A 4 n -A: 'Q' ' 4 ,. SX 1 fS,,y,fJ 5629 f LJ gy H xe- WN A 5 .5 ...J 4 ,. M x H 53' 79 I " 'G N mfg ft 3 QQ? I 5 A + Q T354 ml 4 1 B it 1 af? 'll X 'y , ' X4gs S W . 4. ' 'A ' ..f x f 1, , S Q Q ,, . ' ii -f,'f " L 3 F E - f ir M :'w K f . ,-g5 , 1,v V , 13 1 ' 'W' ri Q , Q ., , L is , N ,, fbi?" 4' i f ,f ff be J T 1 S The Adrian Antelopes, under the coaching of Jim Harper, showed fine spirit even though they weren't able to hit the win column. They have prospects for a well improved team in next years returning team. 1-inte cpu AAA . 5-1 I 1 I a S4 1 J ' 'lib '3 A Q -.un-unsung- dm " 1 4 I GM! M.. V1 of-? 5?-'aw - U.. Q ' , I awetfad MRS. RAASCH, Coach ROULETTES SHOOT ING STARLETS BERMUDA BABES The Adrian Hockey team traveled to the h 4 College of Ida o times, only to win 3 d tie l This is an an . outstanding record for an outstanding t e a rn a wonderful coach, and Mrs . Raasch. N xx Q69 K4 ass 1' ,W w w 5 J 50. lr ggggv 'gg XRS. s S f 9 Q y A N Y ' g ,zo a f!! Q 'J 'Six 'b y f ' aisg 'x 'L gf S QQ I X ADRIAN A 4 2 I Q , ff' QI ax Q V, W gg we W X " v ,bl 1 go 1 X Q J 0 S Q N 4' V ,apo 1001. F S 5 61- O .390 K 6 to doe G' ,got V12-for Y px' KF ,aloe Q' J' X xg i fb S, O K In ' 'QP 6 , - get 6 o Q 6 2-'fy 009 09 gl by Of x x at 61' 1- .N I eq 44,0 6 ago oqb 5 6 5 el- 12 N E504 1 di' ixxxt Garb- E x 4' 4 6, evo ' ' f 9 1 ew I 1 e K P w 5, ex A ,.. H U--2-i ,r - :S 2 . f' A A 1 'L 4! r 'li s'm""f?x - ' f 1 .J ' :fm ' x'li?1"ff-ififiii3547152 ' .VX N ,f L Q R K X fgffikliik mm g if :JI A 63 A I 'ZW f ,. ,, 5 ,L w , xswa M . in ., ' J' 3 Y aa N, ' . N, x f ' 5 'Af' W -WL .J 24 ' 4 , , fkig lxi f Q? 5 .f w ' A grew, .,m, 116557 'N W.,-:Ln ' 11- , Q H.. 5 Q, L, A ,, Vi , x ., QP :1-5 K . 1 x Q gal? , ,ggw if: , , ,x x ,Sa 3 . S , by Q. fx 5 LM- Lk 1 Ak ,Q an r 1 ' f 1 A X' , 3 iw ' A . G e 3 i This club is sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. The purpose of the club is to promote, extend, and create throughout the school and comm- unity standards of christian char- acter. Thanksgiving and Christmas programs were two of the main activities of the year. Also dele- gates were sent to the Youth Leg- islature. Sponsored by - EVERYBODY, INC. ,Nyssa PAULUS JEWERLY, Nyssa We-Z T 60-Z4 STANDING: Mr. Tyson, Mrs. Bassett, Sharon Roberts, Roger Howes, Mr. Reuter, Donna Reuter SEATED: Miss Harrell, Mrs. Noris, Mrs. Chaney, Mrs. Roberts, James McKinley, George, Ielinek, Shirley Skinner. Z Sponsored by BLACKABY INSURANCE, Ontario A group composed of our moms, dads, teach ers and the students. . .a chance to discuss our problems. . . the solution to our problems is the outstanding device of our P. T. S. A. Under the leadership of Mrs. Roberts, this active group sponsored a scholarship and pro- moted a deep understanding of the parent, teach- er and student problems. Po To sl A 0 47 deapdmw in I fr HI . f .1 Q, , 'X V311 2 'l Kaye Hammon, Clerkg Normon Price, Presidentg Fran Peterson, Secretary, Janet Parker, Historiang Sharon Fox, Treasurer, Winnie Nelson, Vice-President. STANDING: Sharon Fox, Bobby Io Webster, Kaye Hammon, Fran Peterson, Vi Lee, Edith Matthews, Margie Quick, Janet Parker, Winnie Nelson SEATEDg Fred Schaeffer, Bill Looney, George Jelinek, Vanae Stoker, Margrette Butler, Nancy Cleverly, Sally Reed, Connie Montgomery, Cathy Thiel, Norman Price, Jerry Cleverly, Roger Howes. X . ORE -IDA POTATO PRODUCTS, INC. 8 Ontario, Oregon xB L... HOME AMERICA FIRST ROW fLeft to Righty: Winnie Nelson, Sharon Fox, Claudia Peterson, Margaret Butler, Shirley Skinner, Fran Peterson SECOND ROW: Carol Jones, Janet Parker, Bobby Jo Webster, Donna Reuter, Linda Costley, Marilyn Munn, Karen Mitchell, Mrs. Moore, Vanae Stoker THIRD ROW: Norene Howes, Karen Roberts, Sharon Roberts, Kay McDon- ald, Joyce Bowers, Carly Boren FOURTH ROW: Edna Linville, Mary Houtman, Jean Crocker, Edith Matthews. Sponsored by - - TOGGERY BILLS , INC. Ontario BRACKENS DEPARTMENT STORE Nyssa POWELLS SERVICE Nyssa LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Jones, Historiang Janet Parker, Secretary: Winnie Nelson, Vice -Presidentg Fran Peterson, Presidentg Shirley Skinner, Treasurer, Vanae Stoker, Point Chairman. LJ gnu" F, , -a STANDING: Gary Wilson, Fred Schafer, Roger Howes, Benjamin Zamora, Billy Linville SITTING: Bobby Jo Webster, Edith Mat- thews, Jeanie Crocker, Edna Linville, Sharon Fox, Joyce Bowers, Karen Willoughby, Mary Houtman. OFFICERS: Roger Howes, President: Jeanie Crocker, Vice-President: Sharon Fox, Secretary, Edna Linville, Treasurer. an A 1 Q L Q 'W .., Af 3 5:26 5 1 ,1 sg aw ,F x If ' if f Q 5? D 31,5 fs Km X K . ,Swim if ' fgj- 5' s r g, 5 ff Q32 ,Saga t M, fa , ag iii. 2 if L x 4 sy W, ff 5 ft HA , ",.f su rf 51? 5 W , as M, ,.,,.. , W, 93, 11 5 4 1 V S f P 415' 1 ,pf 5-953- 1 5 11 Sponsored by LAND, TITLE, INSURANCE, Ontario ONTARIO SURPLUS CO, Ontario PETERSON FURNITURE, Nyssa EARL W ILSON President HENPY REUTER Advisor Sponsored by AMALGAMATED SUG AR COMPANY Nyssa PARLIAMENTRY TEAM: FRONT ROW QLeft to Righty: Fred Schafer, George Jelinek, Dallas Chaney BACK ROW: Earl Wilson, Larry Culbertson, Billy Looney, Mr. Henry Reuter, Advisor. This year, Adrian has just reason to be ' proud of their F, F. A. Chapter. Among their many achievements of the year, was taking State honors in the parliamentary procedure contest. Other activities included the annual work day and banquet. A donkey basketball game was sponsored this year for the first time. Larry and Leroy .... A typical scene around the Ag Shop. 'H' we '35 V 4 V fx ag, Q Xxql' ' 4,7 fi' ' ' A ' ' A I 2 sm! 'Q f , ffl AAAA , if 'W H V V: 'fiif Adi , 4 4'! 4...l-. 5 X A 5 12 Cathy Thiel was situated on the first rung of the ladder of success as President of G.A.A, Climbing, very high were Vice-President Winnie Nelson, Secretary Connie Montgomery, Treasurer. 4. ,4. ,4. Supporting this ladder is the organizations Z1 members. Advising the club and doing an excellent job was Mrs. Joyce Raasch. The G,A.A, and the Lettermen co-sponsored the Christmas Formal, one of the highlights of the year. I 1 t The G.A,A, , Playday is an event sponsored annually and well supported by the G.A.A. organizations of the Snake River Valley. Sponsored by VAN ENGLENS Scaeetdemu. 2546! 1177. www 4,9 'ui' ' -1-4 mn- -s .L'A7f ', My -anim ,, ff.-M1 ,J f 7 'f ,V . -or 1 ew 13. 1 Q ,,, ,f45.fjfL, ,rx g s :Gini j5?3f"'v I fag, 2 px g , I 1 w. .N 1 X A X H5 ' L ke? 255' k sa :au- . X X ' i Z.,,f' , wwf H A ,Q ff ,, .M 1 J my , , - ,, 'sf 'f W. ' K, F , Qi'-f fm' A A ' K . N . if :fl rm Mk 4' 5. I, f' f A. Al , 0 , Q 1 X , V X I fg-fi i ' q J 1 1 I Y E K Vw 4 6? Q - y k MW .X f will 1 1 4 XE , Y A . ,ar I Q , . , ' :M Q ' .. ' f 'E 1 4 , yan f wg f A " x f V .1 ,, , ,. , m1 , I 6 I 0' 0 1402045 V1 LEE, Business Manager CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Donna Reuter Margaret Butler James McKinley 'Xi 'T Li Q rw rl i 1 LH' f X 1 L u...,W. 'v ...- . Sally Rood........2O . Qonna Folhmon ... t Anna Harrell .... Zh fo ,E N h u f H ONCE ROLL SENIORS , Francene Peterson Sharon Smith Vanae Stoker ..,.,..,.?, Cuthoyinw Toiel Fred Schaffer Rogor Fuses Herbert Machule .TITNK-C WS , . Carol Jones Bill Looney 4 Frank Pratt Edna Linville Hv-gu. A Margaret Butler Zohovt E. Loo woo horn at Stratford, Hoot- SOPHOMORES eland County, Virginia, but his family oooh: Shirlev Skinner 'J A " M ' ' More Ya 40JJes Karel!! A'Xmf3C.lL6'LL SENIOR 3 During tho la V of school th Q? notes, ou? a tion hooks fomi1y'oQ the soniors I record dances now planning hearts Ball, taka place in Two of o boys, Dick Bob Parker w to play Bn th Football game loton, Orego fall, At our lo mrofing taho mana er ave each memm Vooo Vonao S+Wk0F Pod to fd ' - 8 3 vw M5 L..,o.g24.L Cf a ooh od the funeral ber of the class a Czar' .vwnmn 'hm wmfxrfnfifnii -n 14-.. r1--,.,n...,U . ..- - A -- received tFGil f R dual cords, t F .T af QQ Q ff ig Mk EL, ft, 5 2? .4 ya fag .ig 5 3' 5 gn , 'I 5h M ,Bw Af iz 5 Q F Pzdnoeaaea Margle Qulck Dolly Search Adli .nib YYKDCBSS an Horneco mm mmia 111600 3 P1111 Gian W' O cess A Q O owl Pqm-,ess S Home-,dale vrwcgs Potato B Cathy Thiel Comue Montgomery Adrian High School band, under the leadership of Mr. Weatherspoon has shown superb quality at pep assemblies and games. Climax of the season is their presentation of the Annual Spring Concert. I I BAD 1 X .1- .x 1 ,ill Xlllll INSTRUCTOR fat extreme leftj -Mr. Weatherspoon. FIRST ROW: QLeft to Righty Elvin Clubb, Terry Borge, Lavlna Shy Claudia Peterson, Fran Peterson, Rex Langley, Janet Parker SECOND ROW: Linda Smith, Donna Renter, Edna Linville Florence Anderson, Karen Mitchell, Phil Hatch, Kay Cleverly THIRD ROW: Larry Culbertson, Ede Matthews, Norene Howes, Lorena Ashcraft, Shirley Skinner, Earl Wilson, Benjamin Zamora FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Smith, Jean Crocker Sandy Woods, Joyce Bowers, Margaret Butler, Billy Looney FRONT: Majorettes: Carleene Fenn, Helen Fitzsimmon, Dorothy Stradley. The year 1955-56 saw a change in one of our organizations in the music department. The chorus was changed from a girls chorus to a mixed chorus of both boys and girls. This new organization was received with enthusiasm and adequate balance was maintained in the sections of the groups. Some of the activities of the groups included a Christmas Program for the student body, a trip to Ontario to the S. R, V. Music Clinic, a trip to Huntington to present a concert, to the Huntington High School and a Spring Concert. 63 Wilbur Hercules Celeste Nina Frankie Aunt Mary Uncle Bob Granny Mr. Quigley Dr. Brown Madline Him? Claude Student Director Director George Jelinek Fred Schaeffer Winnie Nelson Dolly Search Kaye Hammon Sharon Smith Norman Price Edith Matthews Roger Howes Bobby Parker Naome Kaneaster Norton Cleverly Larry DeHaven Margie Salter Mr. Tyson , 55,5537 C u-in Finders A ,n,,,,Ry.colr:vr ul mu: - . . . lb U pagan nyx-on 'f 3- r - 5. --qiqvzzi'-ff -.',,:L lg gi -A 'sr' .. S l - " -5 w igs r-: 'ff-E1ff'. r fa , .....V.Y . mice Joe Pendleton. . Mr. Jordan ..,, Messenger 7013 Julia Farnsworth Tony Abbott. . . Bette Logan . . . Max Levene . . . Mrs. Ames . . . Nurse ....... Susie ...... Ann ...... Williams ---- First Escort ---- Second Escort - - Workman . . . .. Lefty .....nQ. DQCIQ1' .... Q . . 0 Plainclothesman Student Director . . . .Billy Looney . . . Richard Lovitt . . . Frankie Pratt . . . . . . . .Edna Linville . . . . . Larry Culbertson . . . . . . Sally Reed . . . Dallas Chaney 0 0 0 v 0 1 C3101 Jones - - -Mary Houtman - - - - Nancy Cleverly . - - - Darlene Davis - - - - Wallace Butler Eugene Bridgedale Jimmy Packwood - ----- Arnold Strawn Q..--... Ira Pricg - - - - - - Larry Hightower ...Q oasosTefryB0rge - - - -Janet Parker Mr, Tyson ......-feeuqnn................... Adviggf 771 'ea ,f s B . i 1 ll- LaDAWN WOOLLEY MAW GILBERT WAYNE CALLISTBR Adrian 1. 2.3.4: F.H.A. Adrian I,2,3,4gBasketba1l I.2.3:G.A.A. 1.2.35 1 '2'3: Baseball I, 2,33 Girls' League Ig Pep Club Lettefrnafl 2, Thespians 3: In 2: Chorus I: Junior Class Play 35 Paper Adrian I 2 3 4, Football 1.2: 5Ch0l81'ShiP Award 1.2: Staff 3- Ig Basketball 1,23 Baseball Annual 2: Hockel' 2'3F MPC' Staff 3: Thespians 35 Office 1,2,3g Track I,2,3. . 3: Iunlor Class Play 3. ..,., 1, Fencing This year, for the first time, a square dance class was started at Adrian. Under the able direction of Neal and Ruth Peterson everyone has learned the fine arts of square dancing. Compliments of U. S. NATIONAL BANK, Ontario EVERYBODY'S INC. , Nyssa qw I" - 1 5- ,.,M a - ,, - A 1 -mfr:-w '11 ..... , ,visit '1Q."2Q:s2"-'5.i'i QE ,saga R if? 'sf -'1faaf.,29 fgfwitsw-as-1M..'EUibarfiQS.wkQ Z2 ADRIAN WE FOUR MERC ADRIAN DRIVE INN BROWN'S REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE WEBBS SERVICE ADRIAN OIL COMPANY lgdddlfdlldf pdf! 4. PARMA LDAHO FIRST NAT1. BANK GREEN's JEWERLY EveRYBoDY's, INC. CALDWELL I. C. PENNY CO. MCCLURES BAKERY NAFZ IGER-BANKS If you ever happened to need something repaired, all you had to do was holler for Junior. Always on the job doing his work cheerfully, we find Junior typically posed above. Mrs. Matthews also deserves a great deal of the credit for a clean building. NYSSA FIRST NATIONAL BANK WILSON BROS. DEPT. NYSSA AUTO PARTS NYSSA FURNITURE WESTERN CORRUGATOR TOBLERS FEED AND FUEL ROBERTS-NYSSA, INC. WILSON'S SUPER MARKET BROWNIES CAFE FIRESTONE STORE minute for the photographer, Mr. Harano. NYSSA HERRIMAN MOTOR CO. DR. JOHN OLSEN SINCLAIR SERVICE O K RUBBER WELDERS IDAHO POWER CO. ONTARIO BUNTING TRACTOR CO. ONTARIO MERCANTILE FRED W. KINNEY ONTARIO ARGUS OBSERVER Junior pauses a WZMJ W My Ji?-5525 WwWdMwwLN W . . M .-A ,. , A4!, 21 xv ,- , VM2 UC? J' I ,-f1'g .3 fww,Wffl2,AZ',?Wmi,zf2mff A f .N zjgff' gl , A Y S 5 3 3 'bf -Kq' f? ' If ,,.4,, ,L U , , . 2,4 I 5 W3 5M . I . .A QAL -5, ' V T V, I' ' , 9 Mama ifwffm Qi eff Magik I F V, I , ,im ,, g 'W ' .a .WW-mv: - .rf -1 I zvuffsxp ,T.',T,gfre-'V -v.,. . M-. A Jw :- H ' 4' V xx ' u - ' ' P: . V , ' N 0 9 Ji fs ef X SV Ffyczxffflfgwig XM 6 fwfiw f + Ngvifd Pfffbw my 5 fwpiffffkjpjfi . ,MJF .A Qffwff OWN F V - , 14 HER: ig 1 A X , , . ' 'l rd 1..r.7,,,,y,W, an-fo-I-Luv. Nw.-.. TL. -' 'V-AJ-.4,.qg,,,K",,e ""'4'-Nqlltmfll QA sz, LL, . .3 I "1 3 ?M..MhJu'.THJH"iQa 'fL""4'-'4 t.,uU-,:ewJHte,ftM',3'offf'2A1 'k if'9.Qgfn+fvfffbw+...H 03fi?fQ,Mff+53Mm?fii,yf'U bw-AA, Q MAE V" to' 'uw ff' 0 , - QE" Quiisigaywygf I TP 'fy ,P 9.91, 1 n'1L9Lfy'Y"Z fwwffiwnf fwwmvf ffm Qffffffhaf W7 fm W WM? If , Qzfzfgv 1.2 x ' 1 N L ' ' - Q.: . . A.. m hu... L fw 5 fi dw ,M MMU., q I I f V U02 I ! W 'N +1 A 1 A . n ' JL X . f M 3 W UMJUL 0. feacfacflfzq C2 4-WL J hh LJ Q migmmiuwjflmeagmhallwhwfgkw f.5 X OGWML5 L ,MQ Dwi wil lik mn .W GL C atlkai My gp X . X 'U B Led 122 ii? JE' f 9' Q59 QQWQQMLM Y QW! QM xx ,Q wg, X ,. X V X- A. an 3 5 N 'hi - I NA W X 5 U :LR X k 5 . ' JA x , J , N X my X A 7 -X xA N x N-J - ,R KU X 'T I t X 5 rx x. ' , . Xy 9 J 1' , , U f Y V34 Y l g 5 H . N: jj X ,J L . ' 0 Q a X X 1 ' X' X J Y 1 , X. X 'N H Y I ,N rl P ,X K X Q NB V 4 1 ,I W. jf . , NJ 5 ,K M X ,N Xia. J - b x H 'L--Q "HAn1 'l.1'P'x.f Job W MfT1 w T'5"'5Z fs Ei? ig YQZSQ XFVQQQ X T S3 fx ofa- P .l"" 97,12 'fu WSJ f MQ wb AJMMMQ M ? Wwgfgiiifwwmggy MW? a,,M,,,,,7,0wd9vff,Yw ' Dawg, ,fm M iw? of J,R"jPw34Qpwwg'l7?Lf",UfLUW,W QQ www i 3EbbMy J ,W if Sew- 6 3 Mmijjwffwxg? D MNWL Qi My-ffw-f'1'v"'7V fo 29 7f2'l4f""'Q,""""'-'v'?"74"f MQ wMfw MMM Qfffvwwg ffm, mm W, , JL,1ffWf 0 f Q MH I 5' 6 "1- Qv JI-y-+"', Mffgfwffff ggwjffw WMWWW Q ZETEM ', wfjzlffk! . .V fsgfwiaw mf O ifkfbwfzwfwf 0 Qi, gy on Mita, Xfjfoy J 12 W xfwy MW UWWZVMW Q44 Lf ., ,QQ aQI.ffWl' Q2 Yi K W W w, 'ig if WWW E giiigkgi Lwffjjggilwyx QQQQSQFQL gfgwjfgwf s Qg3Qi3i5 E Y swiiiai N , Fi? fFNggj'WP1fxQWWjfp,,fMp , L W3 gg39 gf?X, d,Qiffp!jQ,ff1A A . 3 WWW J SEM My M '45 K1 EF 2335? Q Q k way Nfmkgxf L3 Q Li Yi e as Q 3 2 KE ffm M 'Y Q KW NJ Q Ekixigi WS Q nf QS Q Q if V J

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