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Wfwwgf pf DAM 'b.' 1 '21-"3" oy au , ju A Q1 3 4 E X ' Z "" ffvwhi V aj, M 44314711 MV -W' 'f9'f"Jy7i Y I f Q J W ' pMj f'-iifflbfl of-Vcfllic V ' CR h ,mn ' 14.4, , an J ix WWW "D 2 52 -A 'ggi' Q fu5 1, Q Sz ER Q Www N Nw REQ ! Q -'Q 5 S' SKI ' Q iq 3 QE VV VMigQgw Z 45 -L' M D Q f ,ww Zffbfffwz ,f,,-uf,2,L,,',?,,1Up5,mJ-1 V ,I 9 ,H ,W M W, iff M My Us ' 301 X ,I I 5' J UQ J, Q N JVQIZPJ W in Zi"'NLf A lfxwpp U Afjtf fw2fW fp Nik MMV "2 A A ' Q if any JW p 'WSL . , lzfwf p,pw,72K Aozjfflfw 60932 1 j W Q0 W J v C, jp , ip ji A y 49 " , Q!!-V7 DLGAJIJLQ ,ga lmifkganmwf 'Ky PPL! ff V ff' 4?'D?""'L0'UQQf4- 1 Siufff ffll ,A+ JW ,fm ,622 yoj Mliwfj My pam? QQ-Z Q f.,V! 'ff f M0 L7,f'?Lif,JDp!1J-Zo' Cl QM Maw! X522 ff Cl Z K ' G 'f Jw WQYUMJ I W Q33 - Nj Cf fsgflfa ' I qwy F IV ,f W 1 K 6' W , V T3 W N X VWMQM if my tgifjffjffj L - x A 'OVAM ' ' 5 fjmfgigmlf M xii QZWQVZQEZ- Claw W5 fm ZMLZWWMWKLZW sa 35 fi UWM 5 EX is WJ Zack Q X Q, X ' 'D "1 ' 1,50 X Q 4,61 352 E, lv, 1 QQ S 5- Us R A2 Q Lu , K Z! life 1. N . v ,A 'J I, 32'- fi, .Qfllua MIM .. - yy T10-U . ggi? MLM MLM fb, 7 M- AJ 6U AML fl A-,MJCJ W L all by - g, 411. Wufif H M WM IL MMV M Ma ' iF h6 8 ti river of ' - . C40 M e t tine o ch 01 e, thegfun we had au ' t M 5 mn e e. afEZ?Hh o?,N UE dm 05411, Qhi 1954- F Antelolae siiif Lira? as Lmgigiglfljs . Q,QMMJa .L NJ w11 recap ure those moments and the R1ver J is MT 9Zn,,.,,, ,w-Q AMUUJ Ah awww, M ,tA.,!H-!Ju,fa,lJ.fJ,AU,! ' M4711-. We 27iz,i21L..'Jf1f WW. J' WMM if . A Qf4h70M'u-X3 ffhagwf Lpgzagvi max GQI4ZigJWfffwff- - MMS" e X I iff 4 I F' M +: v 1 , Qi . v . - vi Published by the Senior Class Of ADRIAN UNION HIGH SCHOOL I. m, K I I... 5 "ga-f. 1 ',, ' f"f,:,f - 'il NV Q.,-f ,f 'X 5 fs llll! llllee: in 11 V" wif!! H, 'la Ax-F" 1 Q fi in ?' V1: 1-Q," f ,, .gwjigi W v wtf 9- r -'AM fi-c'g pry A , me - ?fJf"?Q ' I 5 V 4 qi, N: 42 we P ,445 4 5 'V r V ,.+,, M MR. ATHOL SAYRE As a means of thanking Mr. Athol Sayre for his years of hard work and unselfish devotion at Adrian High School we dedicate the 1955 "Antelope" to him. We are very grateful to him for all that he has done for A. U. H.S. during the past four years. In the years to come we hope this volume will bring back many pleasant memories. 4 f"n-fitws.-ts.. . -1,5 I ' , -I qi f - .N "' 2 .v T,5."'u'f i , ""' ........,.,... .. A-fr -M ' i My I ' fi We are very grateful to the school board for their intelligence and guid- ance in leading our school during the current and past years. From left to right are: Mr. Sayre, Harvey Bennett, Glen Brown fClerkQ, Lee H. Stoker fChairrnanl, C. W. Eachus, and Wilber L. Chapin. Tom .Tones is not pictured. Mr. Sayre graduated from college in 1939. He has spent 14 years teach- ing in Snake River Valley schools. This is his fourth year as principal ofAdrian Union High School. He received his B,A. from the Col- lege of Idaho and his M.S. Ed. at the University of Idaho. i Q mm 1-v 'P -r""" FAC LTY MRS. MOORE Bryson College, B, S. g Memphis State. Graduate work at Oregon State. Library, Home Economics. MR. HARPER Farragut College, Collete of Idaho, B, A, and graduate work. Math., Algebra, Geometry, P. E., Coach. L.-,ia MRS, LOWELL College of Idaho, B. A. English, MR, NEWMAN Southem Idaho College of Education, B. A. Sociology, Economics. MISS HARRELL College of Idaho, B. A. g Nampa Business College, Bookkeeping, Typing, Shorthand. Q lj if up I WI fy f I ' X ii 9 o MR. TYsoN I F I ,H ,M College of Idaho, B.S.g ' X, W' Graduate work at the QV MJ y . . gy a University of Idaho. 5 y jf -- English, speech. If W I Miss DEAN X X College of Idaho, B.A.g Westmont College, Univer- W sity of California: Graduate work at the University of Washington. Chemistry, biology, P.E. MR. PUTNAM Brigham Young University, B.S. Band, chorus . MR. WARD College of Idaho, B.A.g University of Idaho, Graduate work. World geography, coach, world history. MR. REUTER Oregon State College Agriculture . Top: --Student Body Officers-- The heart of our student body is its officers. Those elected for the l954 year were: president, Junior McGinnis, vice president, Edith Matthewsg secretary, Karen McKinley, treasurer, Charlotte Parker, sergeant at arms, Bob Skinner. They have worked hard and we all wish to thank them. Bottom: --Student Council-- Our student council consists of the student body officers and a represent- ative from each class. They all strive together to solve the problems of our school. The members are: Bob Skinner, Edith Matthews, Junior McGinnis, Karen McKinley, Winnie Nelson, Charlotte Parker, Fred Schaffer, Dede Connaughy, Jean Crocker, Sharon Roberts, Jim Stoker, Steven Sayre, Mr. Harper, Advisor. 5 - v--1 ,, fftfffm. "Sf - ,,.., N Thirty-seven new names appeared on the school regis- tryin the year of 1951 as the class of "55" made its en- trance into the halls of A. U. H. S. Through the struggles of academic work, activities and participation in organi- zations twenty-nine "55" ers lasted into the senior year. Events in the class's school career to merit prominence were the Fr. and Sr. Plays, the Sneak, and the Proms, which were all high lighted by graduation. This occa- sion marks the dispersion of this group of scholars in- to the world of higher education, adventure, decision, profession and SUCCESS. Holding the reins of the energetic senior class was Robert Munn being capably assisted by Dwayne Bennett. Greasing the wheels of finance, Amber McKay kept the ink in her pen running while Bernadine Price chalked off the miles of progress. All these were overseen by Mr. Tyson, the kingpin of the '55 wagon. This page sponsored by -- Harano Studio Quality photography Ontario, Oregon GENEVA "Dede" CONNAUGHY "I'll find a way or make it". Adrian I,2,3,45 Girl's League 1,25 G. A. A. 25 Pep Club 3,45 F,H, A. I,2,3,4 qReporter 3 - Historian 415 Thespians 45 Paper Staff Editor 35 Class President 35 Student Council 45 Class Play 3,45 P.T. S. A. Treasurer 45 Band I,25 Chorus I5 Photo Club 3,4. ROBERT MICHEAL SKINNER "A woman is a difficult thing to choose". Adrian I,2, 3,45 Sergeant at Arms of Student Body 45 Lettermen 2, 3,4 CSecretary 3 - President 455 Hi -Y 2,3,4 CTreasurer 2, 315 Student Council 3,45 Foot- ball 4 fManager 2,3j5 Basketball I,2,3,45 Baseball I,2,3,4g Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 35P, T, S, A. 4 fStudent Vice Presidentj. L. BETTY ANNE DEFFER "Friend1iness is a priceless gift". Adrian I,2,3,45 Chorus Ig Band 1,25 F.H. A. l,2,3,4: Girls League 1,25 Pep Club 3,4. MELv1N RAASCH ' "A dreamer lives forever, a toiler dies in a day". Egbert, Wyoming If25 Adrian If2, 2,3.45 Band I,2,3,4. DAVID CHANEY "Every man is a volume if you know how to read him Adrian 1,2,3,45 F.F,A, I,2,3,4 fReporter 315 Lettermen 2,3,45 Baseball 35 Football 3,45 Basket- ball Manager 25 Paper Staff 35 Thespians 4. CARL LEE HILL "Gone fishin'. " Adrian I,2,3,43 F.F.A. 1,2,35 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Lettermen 3,4 fSec- retary 3.495 P. T. S. A. 4. CHARLOTTE PARKER "A giggling Miss is she". l-lomedale I5 Adrian 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4: G.A. A, 2,3,4 KVice- President 3j5 Student Body Treasurer 35 Girl's League I,2. DWAYNE BENNETT "Men rattle their chains to show they are free ". Adrian I,2,3,4: Class Vice -Presi- dent 45 Football 2,45 Track 3,45 Track Manager 2: Hi-Y 25 Photo Club 3. - Q DICK BENNETT "I love a life whose plot is simple" Adrian l,2,3,4g Photo Club 3g Foot- ball 4: Football Manager 3. RONALD THOMPSON "A curious mixture of high brow and low brow material". Adrian 1,2,3,4g F.F,A, I,2,3,4g Lettermen 3,4 fTreasurer 41: Basket ball I,2,3,4g Football 4. DUANE SMITH "There 's no time like tomorrow". Nyssa Ig Adrian 2,3,4g Baseball 3. EFFIE ROSE SMITH "A sense of humor and the power to laugh". Adrian I,2,3,4: Pep Club 3,4: Thespians 3.4: F.l-I. A. I,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4 fStudent Director 41. ..L....u.,' WILLIAM GAIL CLEVERLY "Tie me and never let me stray". Adrian I,2,3,4g Lettermen 2,3,4 QSecretary 3 - Vice -President 41, Track I,2,3,4g Basket- ball 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Football I,2,3,4. GLADYS IUANITA MOLT "An understanding heart". Adrian I,2,3,4g Pep Club 2.4: Thespians 3,4, Baseball 2, 3g Paper Staff 35 Class Play 4, Class Play Student Director 3, BERNADINE MAY PRICE "Those sparkling brown eyes are full of mischief". Adrian I,2,3,4: Class Secretary 1.4: Class Treas- urer 2g Pep Club 2, 3,4 KSecretary 31g Cheerleader I,2,4p G. A. A. I,2,3,4 QSecretary 2 - President 41: F. H. A. 2,3,4fSeCl'ef,a1'y 21, Annual Staff 2, 3,4 QCirculation Manager 41, Class Play 35 Band I,2, 3,4g Hi -Y 2, 3,4 QSecretary 2, 31g Homecoming Princess 4: ' s League 1,25 Potato Bowl Princess 4. JAMES WILLIAM MCGINNIS, IR. "A grand person to count among your friends". Adrian I,2,3,4g Student Council I, 3g Student Body President 4g Class President 2g Student Body Sergeant at Arms 3g Annual Staff I, 4 fSporrs Editor 41: Letterman l,2,3,4 Qvice -President 315 Football 1,2, 3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball I,2,3,4Q Class Play 3,4, Band I,2,3,4. ALAN FAHRENBRUCK . "There are whole worlds of facts waiting to be discovered by experimenting". Caldwell I5 Adrian 2, 3,45 Thespians 45 Debate Team 35 Class Play Stage Manager 35 Paper Publication Manager 35 Photo Club 3,45 Annual Editor 4. ANITA MARY PRATT "To be or not to be, let our hearts discover". Adrian r,2,3.45 P.H. A. 1,2,3.4 150118 Leader 2,355 Pep Club 3,45 Thespians 3,4 QVice -Pres- ident 455 Girls League I,25 Chorus 1,45 P. T. S. A. Secretary 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Paper Staff 3. RONALD B. PETERSON "An all around 'Grade A' guy". Adrian I,2,3,4: Band 1,25 ThespiansClerk 3 - President 45 F.F.A. I,2,3,4: Track 1,25 Paper Editor 35 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 3. KAREN LOREE MCKINLEY "Roya1 are her thoughts and deeds ". Adrian I,2,3,4: Class Treasurer I, Class Sec- retary 25 Student Council 35 F.l-I, A. I,2,3,4 QReporter 2 - Parliamentarian I55 Hi-Y 3,4 QPresident 455 G. A.A. 2, 3,45 Girls League 1,2 QSecretary 255 Paper Staff 35 Annual Staff 35 Student Body Secretary 35 Class Play 3,45 Homecoming Princess 45 Debate Team 35 Pep Club 3,45 Thespians 3,4 QSecretary 455 Chorus I,4. ROBERT LELAND MONTGOMERY "A mind unafraid to travel even though the trail be not blazed ". Utah 15 Adrian 2,3,45 Photo Club President 3,45 Annual Staff 3,4 iPhoto Editor 455 Class Play 35 F.F.A I,2,3,45 Paper Staff 3. WAN'DA MYRLE BASSETT "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". Adrian I,2,3,4: Girls League I,25 G, A. A. 2,3,4 1Treasurer 455 Chorus 1,45 F.H. A. I,2,3,4 fDegree Chairman 255 Thespians 3.4 CTreasurer 455 Class Play 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff 3. ROBERT O, MUNN "Youth is wholly experimental". Utah 1,25 Adrian 3,45 Student Council 35 Class President 45 Basketball 45 Track 35 F.F. A. 3,4. AMBER MCCAY "Blessed are the joy makers". Payette I5 Adrian 2,3,45 F.H. A. I,2,3,4 QPresident 4 - Parliamentarian 355 G. A. A. 2,3,4 CVice -President 455 Pep Club 2,3,4 fTreasurer 45: Class Treasurer 45 Student Council 35 Annual Treasurer 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Band 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4. 5 DORIS ELAINE COOK "California here I come". Adrian I,2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,4: Chorus Ig Annual Staff 35 Pep Club 3,4 QPresident 41: F. H. A. 1,2 fkeporter I - Recorder 2y5 Photo Club 35 Girls League 1,2 fSecretary 255 Thespians 3,4 fVice -President 3 - Clerk 415 Student Council 25 Class Sec- retary 35 Class Play 35 G.A. A. 2,3,4 fTreasurer 31. LAWRENCE "Larry" KREAGER "I got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill", Adrian I,2,3,45 Photo Club 35 F, F, A, I , 2, DAVID HURST "Called by Uncle Sam", Adrian I,2,3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Band 1,35 Chorus 2,45 Photo Club 35 Basketball Manager 4, JIMMY B. STOKER "By the work one knows the workman". Adrian I,2,3,4g F.F.A. I,2,3,4 fPres- ident 3,455 Lettermen 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Band 1,25 Football I,2,3,4: Basketball 1,25 Student Council 2,45 Class Vice- President 35 Debate Team 35 Paper Staff 3 Annual Assistant Editor 45 Class Play 3.4. DAVID WITTY "They who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God". Adrian 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 fSecretary 3,415 Lettermen 3,45 Football I,3,4g Hi-Y 3,4. Tllll GLASS 0F Sponsored by-- Junior Class As president of the "class of 56" Bobby Jo Webster presided over the junior class meet- ings. Ably assisting her were Marvin Patter- son, vice presidentg Kaye Hammon, secretaryg and Margie Salter, treasurer. The important matters confronting the class were the Prom, class play, school paper staff,and the usual business faced by every class. The class also contributed much to the school by furnishing officers to many of the organizations and providing a good many out- standing athletes in the major sports: football, basketball and baseball. With the help and guidance of Miss Harrell the class had a successful year. 15 1.1 '1T7lj 'GP GUY JONES La DAWN WOOLEY ROGER HOWES KAYE HAMMON MARVIN PATTERSON VANAE STOKER Sponsored by -- The Junior Class of f. , DICK SHENK DOROTHY STRADLEY FRED SCHAFER FRAN PETERSON WESLEY SCHLEGEL ' CATHERINE THIEL Sponsored by -- Adrian Oil Company Adrian, Oregon MARGIE QUICK BOBB Y PARKER JERRY CLEVERLY MILDRED FACKRELL JOHNNY THIEL BETH BOREN insv' , W . SHARON SMITH KOLENE GUNTER MARGIE SAL TE R C ONNIE MON TGOME RY LeROY DILL VIVA LEE . im. E GLENN FEHLMAN NAOMI KANEASTER GEORGE .IELINEK ROBERT UZ ZEL EDITH MATTHEWS LARRY D8 HAVEN QNot Picturedj Sponsored by -- The Junior Class Numbering forty, the sophomores are the largest class in A. U. H. S. this year. They started the year with a very successful Sadie Hawkin's dance and have been going strong since. Also they came out first in the magazine selling contest. Leading the sophs' were, from left to right, identg Gary Smith, presidentg Edna Linville, secretaryg and Terry Borge, Sergeant at Arms. We wish to congratulate Mr. Harper on his fine supervision of the class of '57. Sharon Fox, treasurerg Earl Wilson, vice-pres- 5 7 Sponsored by- - Peckharn's Music Center, Caldwell Sears, Roebuck and Co. , Caldwell 19 Sponsored by -- Adrian Locker Plant Adrian, Oregon Niel's Department Store Homedale, Idaho 0Pll0MOIlE Eugene B ridge dale Edna Linville Ira Price Wayne Smith Carlene Fenn Dick Sullivan Jeanie Crocker Kenneth Barstad Margaret Butler Darlene Davis Gene Haney Dallas Chaney Ronald Day 'f-...-1 0l'lIOM0llE Janet Parker Bill Looney Mary Houtman Frank Pratt Linda Blanch Earl Wilson Guyanne Glenn Theo Blackburn Sharon Fox Russell Hulse Terry Borge Dixie Uzzel Fred Jensen Compliments of - - Bill's Food Market Adrian, Oregon Caldwell Sporting Goods Caldwell, Idaho Sponsored by -- J. C. Penny Company Caldwell, Idaho Dessert Seed Company Nyssa, Oregon Larry Culbertson Nancy Cleverly Jimmy Packwood Gary Smith Gerald Schlegel Wallace Butler Carol Jone s Arnold Strawn Gary Hastriter Glenn Molt Sally Reed Russell Bassett On September 2, l954, thirty new Freshmen entered the halls of Adrian Union High School. The class gathered and elected as their officers for the year: President, James McKinleyg vice- president, Brent Hartleyg secretary, Shirley Skinner, treasurer, Pete Hammong student repre- sentatives, Karen Roberts and Steven Sayre. We wish to express our gratitude to Miss Dean for an excellent job of advising the class. W Sponsored by-- Golden Rule Store Homedale, Idaho Bob Thompson Insurance Agency Nyssa, Oregon Norene Howes Kenneth Fenn Louise Hutchison y Brent Hartley i r-fx ,P-1 y David Foster Sally Gregg i A ' Pete Hammon - Karen Mitchell r ,U 4, Billy Day Carly Boren Jimmy Webster Linda Smith Donald Ashcraft Marilyn Munn David Kaneaster Linda Costley Larry Norris Joyce Bowers I 1 .rg iffy . AU 1. bv, -"' ,LU -X Velda Daugherty Karen Roberts Sharon Roberts Donna Fehlman Kay McDonald Lee Garren Helen Fitzsimmons Dennis Reed FRE IIME Eddie Nelson Bernice Iorgenson James McKinley Shirley Skinner Fred Babcock Mary Linville Les Brice Elaine Haney Steven Sayre Nancy HarI1rr10n i wg . , we 12' 1 209 5 ,vwmrspif , 4 T i , ti fa UJ- wb ANL 0'YLL. Ln. MA Qu!-L wvlililf 7'Xw,w.L,x5 Jimi gjwpvd daw- M. J, 1Q55 i?3 QM U33 Jwfrwwjdl JV7' u Mii15f'5'mJ1k ci, .SLK J ff. iff rfifjwg Y' W' JL, 6 , A ,ALA A 'j 49 v5 if AW? M ,A . jk '49 PL.. A A VJ V 77'-fu! Sf LUvrr,CJL- H if W X , ff'N, ,W ' ' ' I I, r., 3j,l,aLfv Jfq, g QUsf1,Y'..k.xbYl' J-mf., g ,kV ,ljkw Vg, 'VK' J 1 ' I 1 ybgk-5 .v fr -GAL ML Lbiw gm- 1? .QOL ' i, T x ' X YA . UU ow- -wQ1f,x AJ cdr CI ,ff N, r 9? GRIDIRO AUTIO l L Q A P' fd f 1 ,A g Q Q ,ff 'a"'- O sl ,asf "isa w"'.- - .U 7 5 VI -P Q P "' -. '5,4' .- ' rw The Adrian High football team, bolstered by their stellar quarterback, Jr. McGinnis, and such other stalwarts as Gail Cleverly, Jim Stoker, Diick Shenk, and many other fine ball players, was able to make a very fine showing this year by placing 3rd in a 9 team league with a record of 5 wins, Z losses and l tie. The team showed fine spirit throughout the season even though injuries hurt them consider ably. Never during the year did the team display other than the fine sportsmanship for which Adrian High is noted. Sponsored by-- Prices Clothing Store - Homedale 23 Jackson's Jewelry - Nyssa O 8 Q David Chaney' I Jim Stoker . Dick Bennett 5 N Dwayne Bennett V' Kr' 'A Adrian-N game played on gridiron. The fighting Antelopes edged past the powerful Notus squad 14, to 6 for the third victory ofthe season. With the . blocking of the line the backs were able to make considerable yardage through the Pirates's.,line. Also, effectiverwdore Mc- Ginnis's passes to the halfbacks and ends. i i Sponsored by-- B Jimmie's Fountain and Cafe - Adrian Adrian Feed Store Adrian Drive In .u ' 3 Ig KUQIYY' shadin- Gail Cleverly . Ron Thompson David Witty 'B 418 I 'S Jr. McGinnis Bob Skinner -1 Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian 0 Kuna 33 20 Homedale 13 12 Wilder 12. 6 New Plymouth 31 l2 Middleton C 0 Fruitland 20 14 Notus 6 20 Parma 19 19 Marsing Z Sponsored by-- Ontario Surplus Centerx Adrian Supply and Repair i. w1xf,,.upf+1f-I 4' - 61 in ,I Q.: ,,. -.Y - Q? fi ' 3 , , is ..- ., 5 ,I I , fx N M. . 9 ,. f . 1 s , - P t C 1 U ,1 n., im , ,-L . Q i ff, f.,, 1' - 'Q 5, 1 k . -103' , A 'T ' . 'V , 1 . , wr K WIA' . l 'img A 5-J, Q in A' S' 'A , " , - ' ' A +' ' - . W . w."",,"'k H y L s. A I l .',' , ,Q Q, . s ...- ":,",fa.,frg Av- "w, A Q ,,-, ,, up -gg-xf,L . ,A -' Q ' X H fidsw' K ,Lt ..,"-,m:,'p- Sty. K. I . ' . .ha - . - , . - , - S 4, ,- ,, V - x, , K :,M.,,.,5-A KAW," g-,nam ni'-:fi I 5 x ,,,-Yyxkvlxfa its-A . . .g1,y.,, i I J. i R v i 1. A A + n it ,f , , , ,fuer'.4wcff-"ivis1':Q,'.43'.if ff- X A fr Athi, ,W Ax M . TL,-. wg. rf W :K 'f "V" ' ' Y " r .vi wi-ui. ' , lf? 'Sf , Q 'H' wa S151 4' 9 51254, t 5 ' w L.. 1"-+V 1 "A a i"'1o-- 4-V?" ,, ..v a. ' f 47" xxvx mi, A, ., 1'f'T."'f f-' 'S-, '1,,f'v-r'L?Pw. fi M W ,,,S, ,Q .,. 1 , Nm, ,. n. X 4 3. 'gk V' af., J.-'M A If W 2 l v ix Q "WGA ifa. lk., -4 F' Y , , ,,' QQ' X' 3 'Iggy' 'r . s'.f+!f."i"1ffl'.kf"-It" f'y'1i"': . . V, .wi ,f .Af 'aj"n4,,,,. Q Seniors seeing their last season of gridiron are: line- rneng Skinner, Eg Witty, TQ Thompson, C3 Dick Bennett, G3 Chaney, Tg Backfield is represented by Stoker, HB3 McGinnis QB: Cleverly, FBQ and Dwayne Bennett, HB. 1 Q. . . 4- ,Q Q.. , my K Jr 1 Adrian - Notus Hi-Lights Sponsored by The Outdoorsrnen, Ontario V1 Eder Hardware and Groceries Adrian VAR l'l'Y BASKETBALL Bob, Bobby, Ron, Norman, Carl Lee, Junior, and Wayne on the squad. Hard working managers were 'Doc' Chaney ,and George Ielinek. Coach Harper, center. -La f If A 16' QS This year Adrian's basketball team was composed of four seniors and three juniors. The Seniors, who will be greatly missed next year are Carl Lee Hill, Junior McGinnis, Bob Skinner and Ronald Thompson. Although losing more games than they won, many of the games were not decided until the final minutes of play. The team displayed a good brand of basketball and at all times maintained an excellent record of sportsmanship, team play, and scholarship. Next year's team will be built around the three juniors--Wayne Callister, Norman Price, and Bobby Parker--and this year's Junior is Varsity team. Sponsored by -- Bauman Farm Nys sa Equipment Tobler's Feed and Fuel Ken Pond Real Estate Nyssa Nyssa 'QF . ,Q vt L' 1 , fs.. . 1 . X 5 G . X, 4' , F' 4 Q s M r G I aim I in -'W fa A' 31 ,R -9' N. Q wg 7 7' ....., ll -9' 1 ii, ig.,- 9 ,lm F Lgni 0 JU l0Ii VAR I'l'Y J. V. SCORES Visitors Adrian Jordon Valley 48 The JV's have proved to be a scrappy Homedale 42 squad by coming from behind in the final Nyssa 32 moments of play to squeeze past many Parma 48 unexpecting quints. The team is com- New Plymouth 22 prised of ten sophomores and five fresh- Marsing 40 men. They are: Bill Looney, Russell Nyssa 47 Bassett, Fred Jensen, Gene Haney, Fruitland 36 Tommy Campos, Wayne Smith, Larry Wilder 33 Culbertson, Kenney Barstad, Wallace Notus 23 Butler, James McKinley, Pete Hamrnon, Middleton 26 Steven Sayre, Jimmy Webster and Eddie Homedale 41 Nelson. Managing are David Hurst and Parma 41 Theo Blackburn. New Plymouth 42 Around these fifteen under classmen, Marsing 47 Coach Harper has developed a well co- Fruitland 22 ordinated team whose members are Wilder 32 prospects for future varsity teams. Notus 56 Jordon Valley 43 Idaho First Homedale Tractor G. and B. Furniture National Bank and Equipment Company -Parma- -Homedale- -Ontario- ? Q7 4 Q.: BACK ROW: D. Reed, B. Hartley, D. Kaneaster, F. Schafer, L. Garren THIRD ROW: F. Babcock, R. Lovitt, E. Wilson, D. Foster, E. Nelson, D. Sullivan SECOND ROW: I. Price, W. Callister, G. Smith, R. Peterson, G. Hastriter, I. Thiel, B. Looney, Coach Ward FIRST ROW: G. Cleverly, J. McGinnis, T G K L. Culbertson, B. Skinner, B. Parker. BA EBALL Forming the nucleus of this years impressive baseball team are seven returning lettermen who promise to drive on to an even more successful season than last year when the record was well above the .500 mark in games won. Sparked by 3 returning let- termen, Gail Cleverly, fShot Put - 42'j and our representa- tives to the state track meet, Dwayne Bennett and Gene Haney, this year's track and field team promise to rack up many points for Adrian this SCBSOH. Sponsored by-- The Senior Class .Xa- P fi 3, -- A 'M ,- N Y V qui. fu K l tix 5 x T . Al F F . sf ' T - F " - , , . 7' 1 . L , X v l ,,. e 1 "X , .3 a N t ,Y ,wkkfiin V f Yi V. ' .Y , QXJXX skgws-wi' P P ' Q. 'fP,-:M XXX . 1. 5 M s rf BACK ROW: L. Dill, D. Shenk, D. Sullivan, G. Cleverly, G. Haney, Coach Harper FRONT ROW: D. Reed, T. Borge, L. Culbertson, F. Jensen, T. Campus, I. Webster. 36 . ' ' . ami IIIDCKEY Q ,. e: i xi lflii. p. Since its start in Adrian last year, field hockey has played an important part of the girls' athletic program. Four games were played with the College of Idaho along with an exhibition game at the half of a home football game. Attributed with being one of the best high school field hockey teams seen by several authorities, the girls, and their coach, Miss Dean, deserve considerable praise. Sponsored by-- Morfitt Stores Inc. Homedale Golden Rule Store Homedale ,gf ,JJ v Connie . of, Edith, Wanda, Doris, Karen and Bernadine. Not pictured, Amber wifi. 'Sax .F fu La Dawn, Catherine, Kaye, Winnie, Margie and Undefeated, "The Six Shooters" came out victorious in G.A. A. intra-school basketball tourney. Hard playing and ener- getic, these girls deserve their champion- ship. For coaching them as well as the other teams, they wish to express their appreciation to Miss Dean. Winning the champi- onship last year, under the name " Dribbling Dames", "The Green Garter Girlies" came in second this year, being de- feated only by the "Six Shooters . " Green Garters added an exotic touch to the team's hard fought games. Sponsored by- - A1exander's, Ontario Everybody's, Ontario 3 r COL0li TEAM N. ,Y 2. was Introducing a new high in sportsmanship Y ' and school spirit, the color team system of ,X 'NA- M The students were divided into four sections L with the attempt to have on them an equal A amount of athletic ability. Each team is F made up of students from all four years of school. A system of allotting points for partici- pation in noon games and also in gym tour- naments in P. E. was made to determine placement of teams. A few of the activi- ties students entered to earn points for their team were basketball, checkers, horse- shoes, ping-pong, football and badminton tournaments. 1. George and Norton enjoy a game of horseshoes, one of the color team activities. intramural activities was initiated this year. t 5 ABOVE: With perfect form, Herbert Machule lays the ball across the net in a game of ping-pong. RIGHT: Fighting for a place in the checker ladder, David Chaney and Johnny Thiel match wits in a noon game. Sponsored by-- Nyssa Auto Parts Herriman Motor Company Nyssa, Oregon Nyssa, Oregon ,, f Z "1 X if X f -J' iw wi Q N X H X ii' I is X 'V WQLA 1 , ,X gf xx a 1' H d-,.':V i ., .3 BACK ROW: R. Peterson, D. Chaney, F. Schafer, G. Jelinek, V. Lee, E. Smith, W. Bassett, S. Smith, K. Gunter, W. Nelson SECOND ROW: Mr. Tyson, J. Stoker, J. Cleverly, R. Howes, L. Wooley, C. Parker, K. McKinley, D. Cook, E. Matthews, M. Quick, A. Pratt FRONT ROW: A. Fahrenbruck, G. Molt, M. Salter, C. Montgomery, C. Thiel, F. Peterson, V. Stoker, K. Hammon, D. Conaughy, N. Tllll PIA Since its introduction in 1953 to A. U. H. S. by the able Mr. Tolliver, Thespian Troupe 645 has increased from I2 to 30 in 1955. Named after Thespis, the Greek who introduced the mask to drama, the Thespians has a membership made up of high school actors and actresses and those who have an interest in furthering dramatics. Affiliated with the National Organization, Troupe 645 has helped in the productions of many plays and enter- tainment. Assisting the hopefuls from inexperienced players to well seasoned actors is Mr. Tyson, spon- sor ofthe group. At the annual " Antelope Antics' the Thespians display and develop their talent to the enjoyment of all. Sponsored by-- Mitchell Bros. , Owhyee Garage, Owhyee Blackaby Insurance Agency, Ontario V FOURTH ROW: B. Price, F. Peterson, C. Jones, K. McDonald, C. Boren, B. Iorgenson, K. Roberts, S. Roberts THIRD ROW: K. Mitchell, M. Munn, J. Bowers, L. Smith, M. Butler, V. Lee, E. Smith, Mrs. Moore SECOND ROW: E. Matthews, W. Nelson, M. Linville, S. Gregg, L. Wooley, D. Uzzel, W. Bassett, A. Pratt FIRST ROW: D. Fehl- man, B. Webster, N. Howes, V. Stoker, B. Boren, A. McCay, M. Houtman, I. Parker, D. Connaughy, S. Skinner, K. McKinley NOT PICTURED: I. Woods, B. Deffer, C. Montgomery. The purpose of the F.H,A. is to encourage democracy, and wholesome group recreation, worthy home membership, and to further interest in home economics. Their functions for the year have been the initiation of 16 new members, serving refreshments to the Freshmen at initiation, serving at the district F, F. A. meeting, and making curtains for the homemaking room. The activities of the Future Homemakers of America were capably carried out by their advisor, Mrs. Moore. FUTURE EEMEMAKEE EEAIIEE 0E 1954 BACK ROW: Mary Houtman, Vice president, Amber McCay, President, Dede Connaughy, Historian, Beth Boren, Secretary, Janet Parker, Treasurer FRONT ROW: Shirley Skinner, Reporterg Bobby Io Webster, Parliarnentariang Qjfi? fi! Vanae Stoker, Recorder NOT PICTURED: Bernadine Price, Song Leader. g f !! 'L E 'jg' 'KW . F FOURTH ROW: G. Molt, L. Garren, D. Ashcraft, T. Borge, L. Culbertson, I. Webster, J. McKinley, G. Haney, R. Peterson, B. Montgomery THIRD ROW: R. Day, W. Smith, F. Pratt, G. Jelinek, F. Jensen, L. Dill, G. Jones, D. Chaney, G. Cleverly SECOND ROW: I. Thiel, N. Cleverly, E. Wilson, W. Butler, K. Fenn, D. Reed, F. Bab- cock, D. Kaneaster, B. Hartley, E. Nelson, Mr. Reuter FIRST ROW: I. Packwood, B. Looney, D. Chaney, W. Schlegel, B. Day, D. Witty, I. Stoker. NOT PICTURED: R. Munn, L. Del-laven, F. Schafer, D. Shenk, l-I. Besendorfer, I. Price. The FFA, one of the most important of the organizations at Adrian, has a backbone of those boys who have an interest in agriculture. Future Farmers actually get experience in agriculture and are faced with the problems confronted by farmers through the vo-ag program. The boys manage and keep records on projects which range from a single animal to a complete farming operation. Robert Munn's Blue Ribbon steers lead the parade of outstanding projects in the chapter. The animal being ex- T. amined is the grand champion steer of the FFA division, Malhuer CO. Fair and received the highest price paid at the Fat Stock Sale. Weighing 1, 015 X .. S . at e V 5 3 3... c 9 i 5' c lbs. it brought 5513 a lb. or a total of s 1 lf,, , -6' S tif X' v s 55558. 2.6. 4 . J.. it Amalgamated Sugar Co , V 1Sponsored by -- Nyssa, Oregon t , .adn it 4 s , I no if -Q- Much of the success and activity ofthe F. F. A. is due to its officers. Heading this group is Jimmy Stoker, a man of expe- rience with a state farmer degree and two years on the parliamentary team under his belt. George Jelinek holds the office of vice-president and David Witty, steno- grapher of the sextet, is the man who writes the minutes. Fred Schafer sits on the money box while Robert Munn, reporter, takes the news events. Keeping the room comfortable and caring for chapter equipment is Dick Shenk, sentinel. ln a decade of teaching at Adrian Mr. Reuter, better known as "Henry", has overseen the supervised farming careers of eight state farmers and nurtured a livestock judging team to win the state judging championship. The team earned the right to represent Oregon in the National contests held in Kansas City in IQSI . Compliments of - - Andrews Seed Company Wilson's Super Market Ontario Nyssaa Nix The chapter parliamentary team put a lot of study into "Roberts Rules of Order" and placed second in the district contest. They also made a good show- ing at the sectional meet. The team consisted of David Chaney, Chairmang Jim Stoker, David Witty, Bob Mont- gomery, Earl Wilson and Ronald Peter- son. George Jelinek is substituting for Wilson who was unable to be pres- ent for the picture. FOURTH ROW: Carlene Fenn, Charlotte Parker, Sharon Smith, Wanda Bassett, Miss Dean, Doris Cook, Mary Houtman, Amber McCay, Bernadine Price THIRD ROW: Margie Salter, Karen McKinley, Janet Parker, Margie Quick, Viva Lee, Jeanie Crocker, Guyanne Glenn, Edna Linville, Winnie Nelson SE- COND ROW: Nancy Cleverly, Catherine Thiel, Dixie Uzzel, Bobby Io Webster, Connie Montgomery, Sharon Fox, Darlene Davis, Margaret Butler FIRST ROW: Kaye Hammon, Fran Peterson, Vanae Sto- ker, Edith Matthews, Dorothy Stradley, La Dawn Wooley. Furthering girls' athletics and encouraging sports- manship and good conduct are the aims of the Girls' Athletic Association. In order to earn her award each year a girl must participate in three sport seasons with five games in each one. In addition it is necessary for her to engage in certain activities outside of school. The main social event of the year was the Christmas formal co-sponsored with the Letter-men. Camping at Payette Lakes for a weekend provided the highlight for this school term. Part of the success of this organization is due to the time and interest spent by their advisor, Miss Dean. Sponsored by -- Parma Theater and Motor Vu Green's Jewelry - Parma Valley Floral - Caldwell Clllll TMA FORMAL Dancing to the romantic strains of George Shurtleff's Orchestra, those attending the annual Christmas Formal were enthralled by the decor carried out to the theme of "A Winter Scene". This outstanding social event was co-sponsored by the Girl's Athletic Association and the Lettermen. Delicious refreshments served by the girls concluded a successful evening. Heading this organization was Bernadine Price while Amber McCay acted as vice president. Edith Matthews filled the office of secretary and Wanda Bassett managed the financial affairs. t. 'X' G. A. A. 0FFlCER Sponsored by -- Skinner's Service - Owyhee City Cleaners - Ontario l or owen? ' . ,. BACK ROW: C. Parker, S. Roberts, G. Glenn, E. Haney, Miss Harrell, E. Smith, S. Smith, D. Connaughy, L. Wooley THIRD ROW: L. Hite, C. Thiel, E. Linville, W. Nelson, I. Crocker, J. Wood, M. Houtman SECOND ROW: N. Cleverly, M. Butler, F. Peterson, K. McKinley, V. Stoker, J. Parker, D. Cook, E. Matthews, W. Bassett, B. Deffer, B. Iorgenson, N. Howes, L. Costley, K. Mitchell, S. Skinner FRONT ROW: S. Fox, L. Blanch, J. Bowers, B. J. Webster, .. UB Organized in 1953, with the primary purpose of promoting school spirit, the Pep Club has done much to organize AUHS girls. With pride in their club and its accomplish- ments such as the Homecoming Dance, the mem- bers realize that memberships is a privilege, Under the direction of their advisor, Miss Harrell the Pep Club has advanced greatly. Led by Doris Cook, with Edith Matthews writ- ing the minutes, Amber McCay handling the money, and Winnie Nelson serving as vice president, the officers of the Pep Club have been working dil- igently to promote the school spirit and make it a better club. Sponsored by-- First National Bank of Portland Nyssa Branch THIRD ROW: I. Cleverly, S. Skinner, K. McKinley, V. Lee, C. Jones, A. McCay, B. Price, C. Boren, D. Fehlman, D. Witty SECOND ROW: N. Howes, I. Bowers, K. Mitchell, E. Matthews, K. MacDonald, B. Boren, B. Skinner FIRST ROW: D. Hurst, L. Culbertson, I. Price, E. Wilson, W. Nelson, B. Webster, L. Costley, M. Munn. NOT PICTURED: B. Hartley, N. Hammon, Ill-Y The Hi-Y is a Christian organization to promote a Christian attitude throughout the school, sponsored by , the YMCA and the YWCA. As part of the year's activities, the Hi-Y sent a delegation to the conference at Ontario, and we pro- vided a special Thanksgiving program for our new B. Looney, E. Nelson. members. Our officers are: Winnie Nelson .............. .... P resident Earl Wilson ...... .... V ice President Bobby Jo Webster . . . .... Secretary Linda Costley .................... Treasurer Shirley Skinner .................... Chaplin Under the able direction of their new advisor, Reverend Kenneth Himple, the Hi-Y had a success- ful year. I. A .fif.ri5fflQQ'.li1:"LfQfffl ' Sponsored by -- K S R V - Ontario Ben Franklin's - Nyssa Powell Service Station - Nyssa BACK ROW: Coach Harper, P. l-Iammon, G. Ielinek, J. Cleverly, A. Strawn, G. Smith, G. Haney, L. Culbertson, R. Thompson, E. Nelson, J. Thiel, Coach Ward FRONT ROW: F. Jensen, D. Chaney, G. Jones, B. Parker, C. Hill, J. McGinnis, B. Looney, D. Witty, G. Cleverly, D. Chaney, W. Callister CENTER: B. Skinner, I. Stoker . NOT PICTURED: N. Price, W. Schlegal, D. Sullivan. Stressing citizenship, the Letterman's Club has its place in the mechanism of the schoo1's function. All members have made a letter in a major sport. Besides helping the members to attain leadership .qua1ities, it has aided the student body in a financial way by assisting in the purchase of sports equipment. Filling the position of advisors admirably are Mr. Ward and Mr. Harper whose timely advice proves valuable from time to time. Sponsored by-- Paul Roberts Garage, Ontario Robert's Myssa Inc , Nyssa Leading this organization are: Bob Skinner - president: Gail Cleverly - vice president: Carl Lee Hill - secretary: Ron Thompson - treasurer Bobby Parker - sergeant at arms. Mrs. Dyre Roberts, mother of two Adrian High School students, and past head of the former P.T.A., was chosen to be the first president of the Adrian High School P.T.S.A. Unselfishly devoting much of her time during the past year to P.T .S .A. affairs, she has been re -elected as presidentlfor the coming year. Under her efficient direction this has been a success- ful year for this new organization. T saw A ' BACK ROW: Mrs. Chaney, Programg Mrs. McGinnis, Budget 85 Finance, Mrs. Moore, Hospitality: Mr. Reuter, Legislative, Mrs. Hammon, By-Laws FRONT ROW: Kaye Hammon, Artg Miss Harrell, Publicity, Anita Pratt, Secretary, Mrs. Borge, Vice President: Goldie Roberts, President, Bobby Skinner, Student Vice President, Dede Connaughy, Treasurer, Mrs. Bassett, Membershipg Mrs. Connaughy, Social. The first of its kind in Malheur county, the A.U.H.S. Parent-Teacher- Student-Association was organized in the spring of 1954, for the purpose of giving the students an opportunity to discuss their problems with the parents and teachers on an equal basis. Patterned after the units in Caldwell and Boise, the Adrian P.T.S.A. has proved quite satisfactory thus far and promises to make Adrian an even better school. Sponsored by-- Ontario Supply Store Owyhee Blacksmith Shop Peckh1m's Furniture Ontario Owyhee Parma M ,fn W A if X V at 'V 1 u ,A Y li 5 s , N 4 . , K - ,ju 64 Our teachers? ? ? Did you make it yourself? Blondie! It would be a tragedy to me. A silver deposit! Hum-m-m! ! ! Those big brown eyes. Fair time? Post no bills. "When do you guys think we should ha the sneak?" Hamm PAPER TAFF mm 'fuwf The ANTELOPE TIMES is published monthly by the Junior Class in co-opera tion with Mr. Tyson and the English Department. The paper is published to further interest in all school activities and to experience students in the jour nalism field. Leading the paper staff was Edith Matthews, assisted by Vanae Stoker. The matter of publishing was taken care of by Kaye Hammon and Bobby Parker. Wesley Schlegel was the artist and Bobby Jo Webster and Jerry Cleverly were the sports editors. Roger Howes and George Jelinek were responsible for circu- lation. Under the able direction of Mr. Tyson the juniors put out a fine paper. Sponsored by -- Gate City Journal - Nyssa 54 Sinclair Service - Nyssa Laborrng under the tireless task of assembling the annual and seeing that ends meet, the editor, Alan Fahrenbruck, spent many hours of ardent work in the production of this annual. Ably assist- ing as idea man, copy writer, and right hand man was hard work- ing Jimmy Stoker, associate editor. Bob Montgomery, editor of the photo department, represents the third person in this trio. Okeying copies and acting as advisor is Mr. Tyson. "A 'l'ELOPll" f..-my T N I Junior McGinnis, sports editor, gives interesting sidelights on copies. Assisting him are Carl Lee Hill and Bob. Skinner. Compliments of-- Harano Studios Ontario This picture shows a cross section of the work required in annual production. Bernadine Price, circulation manager and Dede Connaughy, business manager, are involved in a financial problem. Not pictured is Amber McCay, Treasurer. The class representatives are: Anita Pratt, senior, Vanae Stoker and Roger Howes, juniorsg Gary Smith, sophomore, and Ed Nelson, freshman. 1 , TOP ROW: B. Looney, J. Crocker, E. Matthews, B. Price, Culbertson, E. Linville, S. Fox, D. Cook, K. Mitchell, F. D. Fehlman, J. Parker, S. Skinner, I. Bowers, M. Butler, With about twenty -one Adrian High students, and Mr. Putnam directing, the band has, during 1954-55, added a lot of spirit and pep to our home games by playing at the halves. Dedicated to the proposition that music plays a very important part in the education of our youth, the band seeks to improve the physical co-ordination as well as the music appreciation of the student. The band was fortunate to have Mr. Putnam directing and coaching their musical adventures. lb, 4! Sponsored by -- Stunz Lumber Co. 09 W5 xl T 0 s 5 19- C' Q Q X 6 .5 ' K r b C ' . , i. Nyssa, Oregon J. McGinnis, M. Raasch. SECOND ROW: L. Peterson, T. Borge. FIRST ROW: Mr. Putnam Drummers: A. McKay and N. Howes. nn ii. TOP ROW: A. Pratt, W. Nelson, D. Stradley, Matthews, K. McKinley, M. Linville, C. Jones, K. McDonald, W. Bassett, C. Boren, L. Blanch, J. Bowers, N. Howes, M. Munn, K. Mitchell. FIRST ROW: N. Cleverly, D. Fehlman, N. Kaneaster, M. Butler, L. Hutchison, F. Peterson, L. Costley, S. Skinner, N. Hammon, B. Jorgenson, J. Parker, and the chorus director, Mr. Putman. During the school year, the Adrian High Chorus scheduled sev- eral activities, the main one being the Christmas Concert, Dec- Winnie Nelson was elected to preside over this group and Anita Pratt was chosen as vice -president. To take over the ' secretary's post Linda Costley was selected. This group is under the able direction of Mr. Putnam, their leader. C H 0 R ember 20, done to the theme of "Winter Wonderland." MAJ0llE'l"l'E Our majorettes, Catherine Theil, Edna Linville, Dorothy Stradley, and Jo Anne Wood, have given us halftime entertain- ment during our home ball games and their work has further devel- oped our school spirit. We appreciate the hours they spent per- l fecting their precision routine. iff! Compliments of -- v I Barrentine Motor Co. Ontario Il0MEO0MI G ,mzy H E T, if i -f'Y 5533? K iff 4 0 -'X L ' 11:'E:355'::5fiEi5ia:E:e:1-1-., a 5 I . Y '- n-- 3' --:-5: 5 ' ff.-: " PFIE5' " -v-t+,4-'-' 'L+ 5 f 1 9" New wfakifwizf ,.,,,..f ss, -.-. li, ..,,, aw., ,,.. .M , . ff?iii155255S523fiE155:filiiiZli55iQif5f5E225H!55-:fffff 'fidtfiit ,X meI:.'1T'f11'fe11.-2'x5s215s:2T2Q2'f5FMLif '?'1x5"2t4SE5?I?if521 K i AV,,.., ,,,,551 :,,...:,,f f,,.. ,, .,,. ,,.,.,,M..a-1 1,1 1. ,, .A,,.,,.,.,.,, .a ,. .. if Sw ? t i with ,, E S , jg e Following a noble Adrian tradition, the football team chose lovely Amber McCay as Queen with Karen McKinley and Bernadine Price as attendants. And to make it a success- ful night the Antelopes beat Middleton 19-0. 58 ',...,, , .-ati, -:.: W , -:.1 is 7 a Playing in 'Great Smokies, ' Bill Looney, an eligible widower, woos Janet Parker, a widow, but complications evolve because of their children, Margaret Butler and Sharon Fox, and Frank Pratt and Nancy Cleverly. Sally Reed chases I immy Packwood while Russell Bassett plays a mountaineer to com plete the cast. E Lap Sponsored by -- Everybody's Department Store Nyssa Karen McKinley determined to trap Ronald Peterson--Ronald chasing Dede Connaughy--Bemadine Price and Bobby Skinner 'buddy-buddy' Qbut Bob 's look-I ing astrayj--Bemie helps Karen imper- sonate Aunt Miranda Qto disapprove of Dedej--Anita Pratt fthe real aunt, and Ronnie Thompson upset the apple cart --but everything tums out 'hunky- dory. " Gladys Molt was student direc- torg Effie Smith, Ronald's mother. This year the "Antics" have been enlarged from a variety show as originated last year by the Thespians, to a two night feature of one act plays performed by each of the four classes. On the first night, March 11, the seniors presented a farce entitled "Aunt Miranda's Will' which swept the audience with roars of laughter. Also presented was 'Great Smokies, ' a hillbilly comedy put on by the sophomores, that kept 'em in stitches. On April 25 the remaining two classes, juniors and freshmen, presented 'His First Shave, " another rollick- ing farce, and "The Little Red School House, " a so- phisticated comedy, The "Antics' gives the Thespians a chance to prac- tice their skills to the enjoyment of all. 4 Paulus I ewelrf S' 59 . Nyssa 1 t I 4,4 4 The production of "Swing Your Part- ner" was made possible through the un- tiring efforts of Mr. Tyson, who filled capacity of director. Assisting him was Effie Smith, Student Director. The stag- ing and technical assistance came from Ronald Peterson, Stage Manager, and Alan Fahrenbruck and Robert Montgomery over the sound effects. The action of the play is set around the living room of the Dudley Dude Ranch, which is situated in the heart of Arizona. -PLAYERS- Charlotte Parker .... Gladys Molt . . . . Wanda Bassett . . . Anita Pratt . . . . Jimmy Stoker .... Larry Kreager . . Dede Connaughy ..... Junior McGinnis .... David Chaney . . Karen McKinley . . Jane Christian . . . , Bessie Palmer ............Hu1da Henrietta Dudley , , , . , lim Dudley . . . . . Sam Banks . . . . . Sally Dudley . . . . . Bill Hicks . . . . Hubert Young . . . . Barbara Young Bob Skinner . .... . . . . Bertram Young Effie Smith . . . . . . . Student Director Compliments of -- Ontario Branch The U, S. Bank of Portland -Ontario- Blackaby Insurance Agency JUNl0Il PLAY The mysteryicomedy, "Stranger in the Night,' was presented by the junior class, on March 25. Plotted around murder with the name of the vic tim hidden in a gift found in a gift shop owned by Silvia Lee and Mabel Crane, this drama's conflict is built up by Grant Terry, a newspaper columnist who overhears the plan and seeks to expose the con spirators. After three acts of swift action and mounting sus pense the would-be assassin was caught and the play came to a thrilling climax as the large audience applauded with satisfaction. Part of the success must be attributed to the di rector, Mr. Tyson, and the student director, Edith Matthews . -The Players- - Rose Jordan . . Nona Pollard . . . Eddie Beach .... Marcella Bender . . . Winnie Nelson . . Kaye Hammon . . . Wayne Callister . . . . Margie Quick Clifford Newkirk. . . . . . . ..... . Bob Parker Mable Crane. . . . . . . . Sandra King .... Sam Fisk . . . Sylvia Lee . . . Grant Terry .... J. T. Rutledge . Understudy . . . Velda Stevens. . .Connie Montgomery . ..... ....Viva Lee . . . . Guy Jones . . .Vanae Stoker . . . . .Roger Howes . . . . Norman Price . . . . . Johnny Thiel . . . . . Bobby Io Webster l f "3 pw J' S 1 A , V X ' x Q , I Filled to the brim our tiny With stench and goopy gore Forlom and despondent, lockers overflow into the the biology students mutilate the erring typist fills file hall. preserved U D specimens, I3 with continuous copy. Above - "What did I do? 2" A teacher's harsh rebuke echoes in the halls, Top left - 'I'he Monday noon teacher's meeting, where the destiny of each student is shaped. Left - Out of this, the very mouth of Hades, come the hideous odors and deadly fumes of chemistry. I 1 0 1 lf, I 'I ff , S. -- 4 5 S' L 5 X V! ' xl . . 'x. 1c', Q '1 . 'TNQ' .y'-gm: -M r' . ., wc, 'Tait T-'21, .vkfvnefs . g,,, me ,ty WJ i A , gk s 'P ,,. None, 072 mmf fgiwh- i s 3 1 QR ,946 .NV x B - 2564. 1. 2. 3. 4- 5 6 7 3. 9- Io. Soc. and -- EEEEKI Newman! Our star quarterback, "Driver" Dean. Fugitives! Where's your humor, Skinner? Big Chief Standing Heifer and sqaw, Smiling Cow. lsn't he a dolll I Sic 'em Jerry! Extra curricular activities! Ohl Happy night! Dig me, Daddy--I 'm hot tonighti ff-- . . ' IO 'K' Q O- Q , This is the proposed 855, 000 addi- 3 L s W tion to be built on the east side of the building. This extension will house the science and music departments, above, and a boys dressing room below. The plans for revising the rooms in ' the school areg to take out the partition .X -Elf: UL ' Ljjlq' -fy 'l fri" ' Qg f ff A utr ,f if ,fy if p ,ff J. gf - , .X if .i,,,!' ,1 1: -A -f . if a if ,sf rr is 'fe fry" 5, QW i 4.., W, 7' "ff A p A A vs s, f' if 3 6,1732 1 s ' L sti,- ' in l -V J ,ii ,.'A 2 half' 1 ,Mfi f i f -I, 5 ,f a gi , ", , ' '5 . , V, ' ' JL4 1 f, ,l F V " i i, f . ,Rst 3 Q A A. A . S li VV, I E 1 4 by fe ,. 'lv fi I 5 I A V' ' Q -'Q' f 'Quik in it ,rf , i ,Ap ,, 'rf j' av ,L ' Q, k l .-:k X .' 7, rx - ,if it A , ,pf fp :JN pry J, ,Y, ,z Q . ,, My 'fl l I I Q . g A , , V I Z K 2 A ,A A 4, r, ,- 2, A i if ' - , nf I j 1' 1 A ' between the present girl's and boy's dressing room and making a larger dressing room for the girls and extend- is ,ff ing the Home Ec. room into the pre- 1 . . s -' f ' , I, ,fi rarr fr fluff lylUyffog.5i5'5tu GVlA:AD'O1T!O!li fo 'V 'Af tfivtmim HIGH scuoet I , . , , X " ,f 1 1 r , 1 2 I U "' ' . :d - A X A .1 Q ., , W I 1- no , 'Yi , , V: . ., , 4 4 :- u i C fx A L na A 0 L L G O N ai f 4. ff :XJ rf" 1,1-4 gi 5' fi cumirrt vs 90'-MAYTCQ ,rffiku his I 'NJA Xi":f' , l K Purchased this year by the school district at a cost of 31750, the new bleachers have not only added to the seating capacity and the over-all appearance of the gym but have influenced school spirit. We are looking forward to the purchase of two more sections of these folding bleachers next year. sent science room . The "Antelope" staff wishes to take this opportunity to express their appreciation to the sponsors, without whose generosity the "Antelope" would not have been possible. -Additional full page sponsors- Senior Class Dairymen's Co -op Creamery Caldwell Eder Hardware Adrian -Additional half page sponsors- Frank Bicandi Cafe and Tavern Adrian Jarvis at Holly - Building Contractors Adrian Bracken's Department Store Nyssa Bemard Eastman Insurance Nyssa Wilson Bros. Department Store Nyssa Palmer's Gas and Oil Ontario A typical Pose of Junior Ontario Argus Observer Ontario Matthews is this one with First National Bank of Portland Ontario the broom in hand. Keep- Dr. John Eastley - Optometrist Ontario mg floors clean' building Kenny Insurance Agency Ontario warm, and students comfort- Farmer's Co-op Creamery Ontario able are just a few of the many United States National Bank Vale jobs undertaken by Junior in Owyhee Fiardware Owyhee his duty as a building super- The 03518 Owyhee imendem. Owyhee Grocery Owyhee - Additional one-third page sponsors- Vale Locker Service Vale Peckham Chapel - Dignified Funerals Caldwell 4 KS Tw """f'-L7:,4,v , 9 M71-Z2'f0 f3wQ WU, ' fi!! M b ' ' gf-I 1,-'jL,jW 1' J nj- ,A LL ,LA b . I ' 7lkff..A,J at V dAL1,,J,,,x , fyuvcxo fue.- 'X , ' 've 1-J " , 'f - - ' jLk'Z' , J- 7,jL U , L QW ff'N 2 ' fffdmpf QM vM qw Wm f 41 - AA ,U 'fff w?f?4i,TM5ffw I fm f had 3, My Q-UJV , Kb fffuaym ,Lf-iz X '-ff 9 www ' 0,5 of A AmMM'ff.X1,1 ' JOY 5 g ff ' ' xi sffb 3 SC 'Q-G S ' L4 X gif: nm 3 ff 92 Q Q 1 k N xg 5 fx ' XR E E Q ' Hi, an " F K5 ws I X '?-big si Q3 iii? 'X.QI'9'?"'s Nb t ,Q 'fab . EL 1: U dvii' ,oxrmsf 3 J 9 Q 42' 'in' V . . ax 7 'f v W 255 V V15 A Q3 'av up ff 1 ya QM if Hi X 'E V Mb m4,rf" IW If Q MQNZ' L,,YQmf' iJ,,L7fJu CL , 5 VJ WV :E mc JJLV10 yay! '51-Ly' , f T18 f pl'YYljf'fj1'bt J' 5 33? X 1 X fifxff' 47911 'P' GJ 76 - V 'ff L' VJ ' J J X Q Ui" X WJ Ca O- , JOM 9' My 9 ',,ffpff 4535 fusvff TL JJ N MW f 5 ? X- px If 2 E ,, 3 K M , 9 , f ' y Vllncf' V 3.31 V ' i xx ,ak I- 4, V- 1' -' H .' f JJ 4.1 N L' lf-, W Mu 4 JL, rpg' X' . A X ' I i OV iff xvqy Q' W H MJT? 1' ' ' ' i oi If 4 x xl I wa gf dw 6 Q ,A E-5 ,xy 1.11 Orff Cf H, A 1 ,gk X "1 fl., Q 'ff 'A if" px fi Q? ei, 'ij W. i A 2' W -LQ if bf " ,bfi , ' fp JM? J, ., 1, -Q .gy i!,5 y f- WJ,- 1? .BN -2- -'-N ju x-P 'L W ,fu ' ' U. ,fy J Q? f 2 ,gl -fy iz -m if , ' f .,, Q, , U N Vf g AQ N A ,ju RA 5 . K J'. I xi . A JJJ U1-J -QM U '. ' . 1' -..' L MB' 'J - .iw 'fu ,, .5 ' ' ,ff --- -'J b ,mx jx . ,S 2 I , , V, Q V, f"b WMM. xp 64377777 4533 f -auf .,g,,,, NL xc All ll I .64 ' Ei Zicfmdfiy 33119 of-f.L,.u 'Ss . Q nf R i ,L.,1,kf, ?4'fQt'flY Cf. EA, L Q 1914121 7?M1,w: gb 54. hifi? X 55 ggi Mil igjf Eg? igiizffffff if M 5 5 ' fxjawgff ,567 Jil In ,Z4.f 0LMQ ifff4.,i'J' W A f H . ge fJ,tfA'7,c1, ,. I -xx , , Cl' rf ' f ffm V f -N , 'Q ' 1 ,f ' " -1 1 'W ffrffwf ,'. 1 aj 4, 5 fi K-f.J.57' -Voip ,L f-1 "'f X ' YQ' 5 " QD . r 'ff , jf, Q I A Q" u ' A iYfUCpV,'f2'f 7 f J, nw", ' ,ff TX WA, 4' U ' wf'm-rvvlf, Rf" if U Vg-'O 1 U I Wlpl ., X Mvoulx '

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