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W4.I 1 • 1 - irV ' V7 AD i ' t t-- J ADRIAN HIGH SCHOOL ADR lAN G EORG I A - -IT ' Allen County Public Liorary • 900 Webster Street PO Box 2270 FortWayne, IN 46801-2270 OBf5a3fj; ,7?? ii. i -«!Pi ifT- ' Wi?- ' P - ■ v- ' " ' - sk: ' " 1973-MISS ADHISCAN MISS VERA JO LUMLEY . Sponsbred by A ' Club ; -J J ' . ' ' . I fss VickieywHeeler .SpohsoredvlpV: Beta Club Miss Vera Jo L urn ley -Miss Adhiscan 1973 Vera Jo, the top selection out of 20 girls representing each class and club in Adrian High School is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe 0. Lumley. Vera Jo is fifteen. Each girl was judged on the qualities of poise, personality, scholastic achievement, beauty, and participation in school activities. Vera Jo is a member of Beta C lub, A C lub, and the Girl ' s Varsity Basketball. She served as reporter for the Beta Club and as class secretary during her freshmen year. Vera is cLirrently serving as secretary of Beta Club and A Club, as Copy Editor for the annual staff, and as president of her class. She has previously held such coveted titles as Miss Congenia- lity, Most Likely to Succeed, and she is currently a semi- finalist in the Governor ' s Honor Program in the field of Social Science. Front Row, Left to Right- Jan Morton, Vickie Wheeler, Sheila Bailey, Gayla Gillis, Kathy Smith, Janelle Colston, Jean Braddy, Wynette Harrell, Jane Flanders, Sharon Williams, Marlene Wilson; Second Row-Vera Jo Lumley, Daphne Morgan, Suzanne Poole, Patricia Belote, Kathle Morgan, Debbie Pull en, Karen Lumley, Patty Lowery, and Judy Morgan. You would not believe the questions they asl ed me! ADRIAN CONFUSION!!!! It ' s what makes man human, what makes life worth living. It ' s Friendship. Hey! Miss Spivey! Who ' d you say your boyfriend was? Alright you guys! Who used all the hot water? Education lias many faces Wlio said Icindergat-ten was easy? Have you seen my senior ring? Hang ' em High ii. « jfiffin Thompson DEDICATION To you .... Griffin Thompson, because of yoLir endless dedication to tlie betterment of Adrian High School we dedicate this 1973-1974 annual to you. We tlie students of A.H.S., want you to know how mucfi we appreciate the hard work and moral support yoLi ' ve given us in organizing the " Student Council " . Also, in helping stress the importance of academics, good sportsmanship and school spirit in our school. You made us realize the importance of good academics through the Honor Roll and Merit List. This made us work for better grades. You stood by us during trying moments. You ' ve stressed the i mportance of " LIVING " to us ... of living a good and wholesome life, and of facing the problems of life with confidence and calm- ness. Mr. Thompson, we love you. We care about you. And you ' ll never know all the things you have done for us to make us fully aware of our meaning in life. You ' re much more than a teacher, you ' re a friend. 1 I ' i P E I m - • y | v ' ' ' H B iim Ml " A • l.uj l H I ii III B The 3:27 Rush. • ' " - m ■r% f| Mr. David Frazier-Principal Mr. H. Clyde Poole Superintendent Mrs. Matilda Meadows Secretary 12 Mrs. Beth Mullis Kindergarten Irs. Hilda Faull ner First Grade U- .11 ' Mrs. Bettie Fountain First Grade Mrs. Cilia Wanimock Second Grade .♦mil Mrs. Jiianita Anderson Second Grade Miss Emma Rutli Murray Grades 1,2, and 3 M ' ■ ■ ' - ' m ' f 13 Mrs. Julia Flanders Third Grade Mrs. Lynette Coleman Third Grade Mrs. Clyde Poole Fourth Grade Mrs. Samuel Thomas Fourth Grade Mrs. Mary Ann Peebles Fifth Grade Miss Lynn Gerrald Fifth Grade 14 Mr. Harvey Smitli Jr. High History Mrs. Latha Tyson Sixtli Grade Math Miss Betty Colston Sixtli Grade Science CoLinselor Psychology Sponsor of Annual Mrs. Patricia Meadows Seventli Grade Sponsor Jnnior Beta Mrs. Mary Kalmanson Eighth Grade Sponsor B-Teani Cheerleaders Mr. Hubert Stevjart Eightli Grade Eng I ish 15 Mrs. Bethene Chapman Remedial Teacher ' s Aide iVIiss Elaine Spivey Librarian Sponsor of Y- Teens IVlrs. Phyllis Pitner Freshman Class English Mrs. Martha Newsome Freshman Class Commercial Sponsor FBLA Mr. Michael Meadows Sophomore Class Sponsor of Sr. Beta Sponsor of B-Team Boys Mrs. Grace Smith Sophomore Class Sponsor of FHA 16 Mrs. Neila Anne Simons Junior Class IVlath Sponsor of V- Cheerleaders Griffin Thompson Senior Class History Sponsor of Student Council Jack Drake Coach Health Sponsor of A ' Club Not shown: Mrs. Inman Gerrald Teacher ' s Aide 17 LUNCHROOM STAFF Clara Grant, Mattie Tyson, Niza Stephens, Marian Johnson, Leila Mae Dollar, and Shelba Bailey II 1 L K S5 M f f 1 Jf " ' ' - 1 yi V 1 r. . 1 1 1 Shelba Bailey - Manager 18 BUS DRIVERS Roger Moore, Herman Kitchens, Ralpli Meeks, John B. Moore, Myrtis Phillips, Ed Drake, and Joe Hall. Not shown Vann Irving and Troy Douglas. JANITORIAL STAFF Annie Pearl Drummer, Carl Smith, and Geneva Holder. 19 lBi -) - ' — 1 4 • ■ ' S0i CLOVERLEAF 4-H 22 JUNIOR 4-H JUNIOR BETA standing: S. Flanders; S. Thompson; F. Hutcheson; D. Davis; W. Braswell; M. Fountain; Mrs. Meadows - Sponsor; D. Edwards; 0. Jones; L. Lane. Seated: J. Jolnnson; E. Knight; C. Whittington; D. Lumley; M. Hutcheson; D. Flanders. 23 STUDENT COUNCIL The STUDENT COUNCIL an Adrian First, is the great beginning of many changes at Adrian High School. Every stu- dent and teacher should be proud of this new organization and strive to make it work. It cannot be successful with only the help of the members on the council, but through cooperation with the entire student body to get things done. We hope you will help us carry out the goals of the ADRIAN STU- DENT COUNCIL. Mr. Thompson - Sponsor; Mary E. Woods - V. President; Hughie Foskey Secretary-Treasurer; Frankie Wheeler - President. Front Row; Left to Right, D. Meadows; J. Lumley; W. Lane; S. Williams; K. Smith; B. Stephens; J. Thompson; M. E. Woods; V.J. Lumley. Second Row: Left to Right, H. Foskey; G. Gillis; K. Lumley; S. Bailey; F. Wheeler; Mr. Thompson - Sponsor; S. Foskey. 24 SR. BETA CLUB Seated, Left to Right: Sam Foskey - Parliamentarian; Frankie Wheeler - Vice President; Kathy Smith - Treasurer; Vickie Wheeler; Reporter; Vera Jo Lumley - Secretary; Bonnie Stephens - President. Seated, Left to Right; Foskey; Wheeler; Smith; Wheeler; Lumley; Stephens; Standing: Mike Meadows Sponsor; Dowd; Meadows; Flanders; Morrison; Foskey; Lane; Lumley; Bailey; Hutcheson; Fountain; Skinner. 25 A ' C L U B Kneeling: Vera Jo Lumley - Secretary; Gil Gillis- Presi- dent; Gayla Gillis - Treasurer; Standing: Bud Brantley - V. Pres.; Ronnie Foskey - Parliamentarian; Brain Frederick - Reporter; Jack Drake - Sponsor. 26 SENIOR 4-H CLUB OFFICERS: Wanda Lane - FVesident; Suzanne Poole - Secretary- Treasurer; Bonnie Stephens - Girls Vice-President; IVlark Fountain - Boys Vice-President; Teresa Dixon - Song Leader. Kneeling: Summer; Fountain; Fosl ey; Wilson; Poole; Dowd; Stepiiens; Rowland; Foskey; Standing: Powell; Stepliens; Wilson; Ceplius; Carter; Jackson; Dixon; Baker; Carter; Foskey; Jones; Lane; Gibons; Bouyers IVlills; Tiiompson. 27 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS: INVOLVED YOUTH PROUD CITIZENS Kim Morris - Reporter; Janelle Thompson - Secretary; Mrs. Smith - Sponsor; Kathy Smith - President; Bonnie Stephens - Vice President. Not shown Jean Braddy - Treasurer. Front Row: Left to Right, G. Giliis; B. Stephens; K. Smith; J. Thompson; K. Second Row: S. Bailey; K. Hightower; B. Odum; F. Wheeler; V. Wheeler; J. Smith - Sponsor. 28 Morris; R. Stephens. Flanders; M. Wilson; and Grace Y-TEENS Left to Right: Janelle Thompson - President; Denise Carter - Secretary; Louise Foskey - Reporter. Not shown: Jean Braddy - Vice President; Judy Morgan - Treasurer. Y-Teens got a new start this year after it had a slack year last year. Thanks to Miss Elaine Spivey for taking time to get Y-teens going again. ririi Kneeling: Left to Right, D. Gibbons; M. Plole; R.J. Poole; J. Thompson; M.E. Woods; K. Morgan. Standing: Miss Spivey - Sponsor; J. Wilkerson; F. Garnto; J. Norton; M. Wilson; L. Foskey K Hiqhtower- P. Lowery; P. Smith; D. Carter. - • 29 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Seated: Left to Right, Ronnie Foskey; Kim IVIorris; Shelia Bailey; Gayla Gillis; Vickie Wheeler; Hughie Foskey. Standing; Suzanne Poole; Pat Smith; Darrell Peebles; Jeff Braswell; Wayne Rowland; Wynette Harrell; Debi Pullen; Martha Newsome - Sponsor. Not Shown; Danny Webb. Left to Right: Gayla Gillis - President; Shelia Bailey - Secretary; Hughie Foskey Treasurer; Kim IVIorris - Reporter; Vickie Wheeler - Historian; Ronnie Foskey - Parliamentarian. Not shown: Gil Gillis- Vice President. 30 PIANO STUDENTS Left to Right, Front Row - K. Dudley; Mrs. Coleman; B. Lane; Second Row - W. Sumner; T. Whittington; A. Thomas; C. Whittington; W. Harrell; S. Clements; E. Knight; D. Foskey; T. Thrift; R. Clements; Third Row - Vickie Lane; J. Mullis; M. Johnson; D. Flanders; M. Gerrald; P. Keene; K. Scott. Front Row - Left to Right: D. Hutcheson; D. Foskey; J. Williams, D. Drake; Mrs. Jerles; B. Thompson; M. Loyd; N. Dixon; A. Gr ant; M. Dickens; Second Row - K. Braswell; S. Loyd; L. Flanders; V. Jackson; W. Braswell; S. Thompson; S. Bailey; G. Gillis; V. J. Lumley; M. Monroe. 31 MRS. JERLES ' CHORUS AND BELLS Not Shown: N. Dixon; A. Grant; M. Mimbs; D. Monroe; D. Hutcheson; D. Foskey; D. Flanders; M. Gerrald; T. Morris. 32 CHEERLEADERS Left: Top to Bottom, Kathy Smith; Bonnie Stephens; IVlary E. Woods; Debbie Pullen; Right: Wynette Harrell; Gayla Gillls; Frankie Wheeler; IVlarlene Wilson; fVlissy Wommack - IViascot. C0-CAPTAII 1: MARY E. WOODS CAPTAIN - BONNIE STEPHENS 34 3onnie Stephens - Senior Mary Elizabeth Woods Junior Wynette Harrell Senior Gayla Gillis Sophomore Marlene Wilson Junior Frankie Wheeler - Senior G O D E V I L 35 Kathy Smith - Senior ADRIAN DEVILETTES Melissa Poole; Sheryl Jones; Vickie Wheeler; Teresa Dixon; Gayla Gillis; Karen Lumley; Sharon Williams; Scleter Jones; Shelia Bailey; Wanda Lane; Suzanne Poole; Vera Jo Lumley; Frankie Wheeler; Coach Jack Drake. CO-CAPTAINS Sharon Williams; Coach Drake; Frankie Wheeler 36 Sharon Williams Guard Frankie Wheeler Forward Sheila Bailey Forward Regis Stephens Guard Vickie Wheeler Forward Karen Lumley Guard 37 Gayla Gillis Guard Sheryl Jones Forward Vera Jo Lumley Guard Wanda Lane Forward Suzanne Poole Forward B sHesSS SisiSs: S S H l vGj Teresa Dixon Forward Melissa Poole Forward Scleter Jones Guard 38 ADRIAN DEVILS Tim Heri-ing; Jerome Baker; Ronnie Ricks; Ronnie Palmer; Ronnie Foskey; Bud Brantley; Robert Cephus; David Foun- tain; Roy Carter; Darrell Peebles; Greg Rowland; Coach Jack Drake. CO-CAPTAIN - Ronnie Foskey; MANAGER - Johnny Cephus; CO-CAPTAIN - Ronnie Palmer. 39 Brian Frederick Forward Greg Rowland Guard Jerome Balcer Guard Darrell Peebles Forward ■1 s ■B mm fl T itJ K ' li M ELm ■ W -j K BR. .Br ' v ' L M. 40 Robert Cephus Forward Ronnie Foskey Center Ronnie Palmer Forward David Fountain Guard Bud Brantley Forward Ronnie Ricks Forward 41 KHB aT? Bog BlR 1 B-TEAM BOYS Kneeling, Left to Right: Mark Fountain - IVIanager; Greg Rowland; Tom Hightower; Hughie Foskey; Danny Woods; Nathaniel McClendon; Darrell Peebles. Standing: Coach IVlike Meadows; Jimmy Bishop; Joe Cephus; Gary Dixon; Jerome Boatwright; Brian Frederick; Sammy Mills; Ronald Foskey. B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS Wendy Braswell; Connie Whittington; Starlet Carter; Faye Hutcheson. Not shown: Lisa Spearman; Alice Smith; Kelly Braswell. 42 TENNIS TEAM Left to Right: Jeff Braswell; Vickie Wiieeler; Ronnie Ricks; Bud Brantley; Frankie Wheeler; Gil Gillis; Gayla Gillis; Ronnie Palmer. 43 CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT The Adrian Boys beat Swainsboro to capture the 1973 Christmas Tournament. Ronnie Foskey accepted the trophy on behalf of the team . WINNING mal es a crowd cheer and a coach happy. 44 ■ i . 1 H yl " £w i ■ .: :i.Mi, r ,IS STEPHENS cort: Ronnie Foskey HOMECOMING 73 Regis Stephens, the 1973 Homecoming Queen, was crowned by Frankie Wheeler the 1971 Queen on Homecoming niglnt at Adrian High School. Frankie was escorted by Wendall Wilson. Mistress of Ceremonies Suzanne Poole 47 HOMECOMING Wynette Harrell - Senior Escort - Dale Garnto Bonnie Stephens - Senior Escort - Ronnie Palmer Wanda Lane - Junior Escort - Ronnie Ricks Mary E. Woods - Junior Escort - Bud Brantley 48 COURT Gayla Gillis - Sophomore Escort - Brain Frederick Vickie Wlieeler - Sophomore Escort - Greg Rowland Karen Lumley - Freshman Escort - Hughie Foskey Melissa Poole - Freshman Escort - Johnny Stephens 49 1973 CHRISTMAS QUEEN MARY ELIZABETH WOODS The 1973 Christmas Queen Contest sponsored by the Future Homeinakers of America was held on Dec. 18, 1973. Sixteen high school girls competed for the Christmas Queen title and out of these IVIary Elizabeth was chosen the top one. Frankie Wheeler was first runner-up, Kim Morris - second runner-up, Pat Smith - third runner-up, and Kathie Morgan - fourth runner-up. Janelle Thompson served as Mistress of Ceremonies. 1972 Queen, Wanda Lane, crowns the new Queen, Mary Elizabeth Woods. Left to Right: Mary Elizabeth Woods; Escort - Ronnie Ricks; Frankie Wheeler; Escort - Ronnie Foskey; Kim Morris; Escort - Ronnie Palmer; Pat Smith; Escort - Dale Garnto; Kathie Morgan; Escort - Gil Gillis. 51 V r m ri n . »--:..X, S DONNA ' LORD -PHILLIP WILLIAMS NOELS Left to Right: Cecelia Hightower; Donna Lord - Princess; Becky Hall - first runner-up; Teresa Moore; Madelyne Hall; Michelle Clements; Sharon Jackson. PRINCESS AND PRINCE CONTESTANTS Left to Right: Phillip Williams - Prince; Melvin Melbin, Jr.; Timmy Bush - first runner-up; David Hightower; Dennis Holley. 53 v; .-- " - i: ,s;; i . ■ -«»f,. r -: I MISS AHS FRANKIE WHEELER A H S R O Y A L T Y Frankie was crowned by the 1973 Miss AHS, Gayla Gillis. Melissa Poole; f irst runner-up - Bonnie Stephens; Queen - Frankie Wheeler; second runner-up - Mary Elizabeth Woods; Pat Smith. 55 JR. MISS WENDY BRASWELL LAND OF BEAUTY Left to Right: Jean Soles; Faye Hutcheson; Jean Foskey; Jr. Miss - Wendy Braswell; Lisa Spearman first runner-up. 57 FBLA TALENT CONTEST 1 " First Place - Frankie Wheeler Third Place - Shelia Bailey Raymond IMasworthy - M,C. Alice Smith Earlene Knight 58 r V w SENIOR CLASS Left to Right: Kathy Smith - Secretary; Janelle Thompson - Reporter; Frankle Wheeler - Treasurer; Wynette Harrell Parliamentarian; Jeff Braswell - Vice President; IVIr. Thompson - Sponsor. Wot Shown: Gil Gillis -President. -i v s , Z53;x ' ' " Sy, s T ? SARA JEAN BRADDY Jean JEFFERY LAMAR BRASWELL Jeff JOHNNY SHAFT CEPHUS Johnny RONNIE LEE FOSKEY Ronnie EVA WYNETTE HARRELL Wynette KAREN MARGARET HIGHTOWER Karen KIM SHAREE MORRIS Kim •,U ' .vH;;;- v.;. v, RONALD KEITH PALMER Ronnie SUZANNE ABNEY POOLE Suzanne DANNY LANIER POWELL Danny RONNIE LAMAR RICKS Ronnie PATRICIA ANNE ROWLAND Pat KATHY ANN SMITH Kathy BETTY ANN STAPLETON Betty Ann BONNIE FAYE STEPHENS Bonnie REGIS STEPHENS Regis JAMES EUGENE SUMNER Jimmy JANELLE COLSTON THOMPSON Janelle FRANKIE WHEELER Frankie Not Shown: ANDREW COLAN TAPLEY Andy 63 ■- M " ;j ;A;- " - ;-v „, ,. ,, i ,..•. ' . » ail-. -.i. (PUUAJLJ (pO : " ■;. ' ■ ' ;■ .V ' , ' ; ' ■ v ' - ' K .-, ' - ' PROPOSED HONOR GRADUATES BETTY AIMN STAPLETON KATHY SMITH BOWIMIE STEPHENS FRAMKIE WHEELER 65 SENIOR DIRECTORY Jean Braddy Annual Staff - 9,10,12 - Activities Editor; Basketball - 9; Beta Club - 9,10; President of Freshman Class; FBLA - 10; F.H.A. - 9,10,12 - Treasury; 4-H - 9; Y-Teens - 12 - Vice-President. Jeff Braswell 4-H - 9,10; A-Club - 9,10,11,12; FBLA - 12; Annual Staff - 9; Manager of Varsity Basketball Team - 9,10, 11,12; Tennis Team - 9,10,11,12; Track Team - 11, 12; Vice-President of Sr. Class, Senior Superlative - Best Looking. Angle Dickens Chorus - 9; 4-H - 9; Senior Superlative - Wittiest. Wynola Dixon 4-H - 9,10,11; Student Council - 12; Basketball - 9, 10. Louise Foskey Annual Staff - 9; 4-H - 9,10,11,12; Y-Teens- 9,10, 12 - Reporter. Ronnie Foskey 4-H - 9,10,11; Basketball - 9,10,11,12; A-Club - 9, 10,11 - Vice-President, 12 - Parliamentarian; FBLA - 12; Senior Superlative - Most Popular; Track - 10. Dale Garnto 4-H - 9,10; A-Club - 10; Manager of Varsity Basket- ball - 10; Senior Superlative - Best All Round - Most Dependable. Gill Gillis 4-H - 9,10; A-Club - 9,10,11,12; Tennis Team - 9, 10,11,12; FBLA - 12 - Vice-President of Freshman Class; President of Senior Class; Senior Superlative; Good Citizenship Award - 12. Wynette Harrell 4-H - 9 - Parliamentarian, 10 - Jr. Leader and County Winner; Beta Club - 9,10; FBLA - 9,10,12; Annual Staff - 9,10,11 - Ad-Manager; A-Club - 12; Cheer- leader - 10,12; Senior Superlative; Music - 5 years; Class Officer - 12. Karen Hightower 4-H - 10,11,12; F.H.A. - 12; Y-Teens - 10,12 - Parliamentarian. Kim Morris F.H.A. - 9,10,12; FB LA - 10,12 - reporter; 4-H - 9, 10; Basketball - 9,10; Annual Staff - 9,10; Track - 9; Senior Superlative; Parliamentarian of Freshman Class. Ronnie Palmer Basketball - 9,10,11,12; 4-H - 9,10,11; A-Club - 9, 10,11,12; Track - 10; President of Freshman Class; Senior Superlative. 66 Suzanne Poole 4-H - 9,10,11,12 - Song Leader - 9, Reporter - 10, (Secretary East District Board of Directors, Secretary County Council, Vice-President of County Enrichment Club, Georgia Key Award Recipient)- 12; F.H.A. - 9,10,11; Reporter Junior Class; Basketball - 10,li,12; Senior Superlative - Best School Spirit. Ronnie Ricks 4-H - 9,10; Track - 10; A-Club - 9,10,11,12; Basket- ball - 11,12; Senior Superlative - Most Likely To Succeed. Pat Rowland 4-H - 9,10; Beta Club - 9; F.H.A. - 9,10. Kathy Smith Beta Club - 9,10,11 - Secretary, 12 - Treasurer; Class Officer - 9,10,11,12; FB LA - 9,10 - Program Chair- man; F.H.A. - 9,10 - Secretary, 11 - Reporter, 12 - President; Annual Staff - 9,10,11, activities editor, 12 - Business Manager; Crisco Award Winner - 10; Govern ' s Honor Roll - 11; A-Club - 12; Cheerleader - 12; Student Council - 12; DAR Citizenship Award Winner - 12; Senior Superlative " Miss Senior " ; 3rd Runner Up " Miss Adhiscan " - 11. Bonnie Stephens 4-H - 9 - Citizenship Short Course, 10 - reporter. President of Emanuel Co. 4-H Champion Club, Ga. 4-H Key Award, 11 - Secretary of 4-H East District, President of Emanuel Co. 4-H Champion Club, Secretary of 4-H, IMational Safety Congress, 12 - Vice- President of 4-H, President of Emanuel County 4-H County Council; Beta Club - 9,10,11 - Vice-Presi- dent, 12 - President; F.H.A. - 9 - Project Chairman, 10 - reporter, 11 - President, 12 - Vice-President; A-Club - 12; Student Council - 12; Annual Staff - 9,10,11 - Ad Manager, 12 - Editor; Basketball - 9, 10; Cheerleader - 11,12 - Captain; Music - 3 yrs. Class Officer - 9,11; Certificate of Merit Winner - 11; Senior Superlative. Regis Stephens 4-H - 9,10,11 - reporter, 12 - Parliamentarian; Annual Staff - 9; F.H.A. - 9,10,11 - Secretary, 12 - Historian; A-Club - 11,12; Basketball - 10,11,12; Homecoming Queen - 12; Senior Superlative - Best Dressed. Janelle Thompson 4-H - 9,10,11 - President, Citizenship Shortcourse - Washington D. C. - 11; 4-H County and District Winner - 10,11; F.H.A. - 9,10,12 - Secretary, Honor Roll Chairman; A-Club - 9,10; Basketball - 9,10; FBLA - 10; Y-Teens - 12 - President; Student ' Council - 12; Class Officer - 12 - reporter; Senior Superlative - Best All Round. Frankie Wheeler Beta Club - 9 - Program Chairman, 10 - Reporter, 11 - Treasurer, 12 - Vice-FVesident; F.H.A. - 9 12- Basketball 9,10,11,12; Class Officer - 9,10,11,12; ' Tennis - 9,10,11,12; Track 11,12; A-Club - 9 ' ,lo ' ,ll - President, 12; Annual Staff - 9,10,12 - Ad Manager Homecoming Queen - 10; Most Valuable Player 10; Cheerleader - 12; Winner of Talent Contest - 12; Miss Adrian High School - 12; Senior Superlative. SENIORS OF 74 O.K. You guys! Act like you ' re a senior. MERRY m CHRISTMAS . Have we changed that much in 17 years? Won ' t 3:30 ever get here? Future actors at work. Right IVlrs. Pitner? IVIAY THE CONTRIBUTIOIMS WE HAVE IVIADE TO ADRIAN AND OUR VOICES ECHO FOREVER THROUGH THE HALLS OF ADRIAN HIGH SCHOOL. 68 SPECIAL RECOGNITION Vera Jo Lumley Shelia Bailey Semi-Finalist in Governor ' s Honors Program - Social Science Semi-Finalist in Governor ' s Honors Program - Piano j y- ' ' ' ' v. IlII Wanda Lane Gil Gillis Star Student Who ' s Who Among American High School Students Who ' s Who Among American High School Students and Good Citizen Award 69 Jerry Lumley Kathy Smith Star Teacher Bonnie Stephens Griffin Thompson MR. AND MISS SENIOR Kathy Smith 70 Gil Gillis BEST ALL AROUND Janelle Thompson 71 Dale Garnto MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bonnie Stephens 72 Ronnie Rlcl(s BEST DRESSED Regis Stephens 73 Ronnie Palmer ■ M " MOST TALENTED Wynette Harrell 74 Gil Gillis msmfm BEST LOOKING Jeff Braswell 75 ' r MOST POPULAR Franlde Wheeler Ronnie Foskey vV. b SS -JS ' m} MOST DEPENDABLE Betty Ann Stapleton Dale Garnto V V ' M: MOST ATHLETIC Frankie Wheeler 78 Johnny Cephus V " BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Suzanne Poole 79 Danny Powel I X WITTIEST Angle Dickens Jimmy Sumner THE WAY WE WERE " In perfect harmony ' " Cool, calm, and collective " " Friendly ' IN 74 " Working hard " 81 ' Just a little more paint right there. Yes. That ' s beautiful. I knew I could paint. tm J m MA iflCTZii P ISm Boys on one side 82 girls on the other. JUNIOR CLASS Top to Bottom: Don Wilkes- Vice President; Jerry Lumley - Reporter; Wanda Lane Sec.-Trea.; IVlary Elizabeth Woods - President; Sponsor - IMeila Ann Simons. 84 Bud Brantley Dell Dudley Andy Fennel! David Fountain Vickie Wilson IVIai-y Elizabeth Woods 85 SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row, Left to Right: Darrell Peebles- Rep.; Kathie Morgan - Sec. Brian Fredericl - Trea.; Jane Flanders - Rep.; David Skinner - V. Pres. Second Row: Randy Webb - Sec; Hughie Foskey - Pres.; Linda Jo Garnto - V. Pres.; Wendell Wilson - Pari.; Sara Jackson - Trea.; Vera Jo Lumley - Girl ' s President; Sponsor - IVIike IVIeadows; Donna Hopkins ■ Pari.; Grace Smitli - Sponsor. ■ yy Q eJi-COl 86 fs f . Co . y- v ' - -.: 6 .,.1 ' ' C ' y . : . :;. ' . O oS rr- . -.- V i -V- ' .-. ' - »A-JL ■-•■ ■. ' - ■ : T4:. ■ " j i ' - ■- ' ; o)w«5L S kikmJV Mife Si " .v.? A ' . : ■ ■J 0 ) -;e . Sheila Bailey Patricia Belote Jimmy Bishop Jerome Boatright Delores Burley Joe Colston Donna Dowd Terry Edenfield Jane Flanders Brian Frederick Charles Garnto Linda Jo Garnto Gayla Gillis Donna Hopkins Sara Jackson Scletor Jones Vera Jo Lumley Nathaniel McClendon Daphne Morgan Kathie Morgan Darrell Peebles Dale Powell Wayne Rowland David Skinner Patricia Smith Kandis Stephens Kelly Jean Sumner Bill Thompson Susan Thompson Mike Webb Randy Webb Vickie Wheeler Tammy Whittington Wendell Wilson Hughie Foskey 89 FRESHMAN CLASS Front, Left to Right: Mrs. Pitner - Sponsor; Mark Fountain - V. Pres.; Melissa Poole - Reporter; Patty Lowery Sec.-Trea.; Karen Lumley - Pres,; Ronald Foskey. C ' L xuzU ' -yJi Yu LJL ' ' y ' - ' . v: i, 7 ' -7cXi ' - I my " 4 90 Denise Carter Chester Clements Stanley C lements Jimmy Crabb Eugene Dixon Gary Dixon Teresa Dixon Darrell Dowd Beverly Duncan Ronald Foskey Sam Foskey Terry Foskey Mark A. Fountain Faye Garnto Diane Gi les Leon Gillis Dale Harrell Tom Hightower Jan Norton Sheryl Jones 91 Ronnette Jackson Patty Lowery Karen Lumley Connie McNeely Debbie Meadows Sammy Millis Judy Morgan Maci ey Morrison Jeannine Moxley Melissa Poole Ruby Jean Poole James Proctor James Ricks Greg Rowland Gerald Shepherd Kim Smith Ben Roy Stapieton Dean Sumner Elmer Thompson Stevie West 92 Judy Wilkerson Mike Williams Danny Wilson Danny Woods Bonnie, are you and Jean ever going to class? We ' ve got SPIRIT! Yea! Is he going to take my picture? Oh! My Gosh! He did. 93 EIGHTH GRADE Teddy Bailey Wendy Braswell Keith Brooks Lydia Bryant Starlet Carter Irene Cephus Sheila Clements Diane Davis Debra Duncan Dale Edwards Lewis Edwards Phyllis Fennel! Stanley Flanders Kay Foskey Patricia Foskey Jeff Garnto Roger Garnto Leo Gillis Patricia Grant Etta Mae Hackale Dorthy Hightower Denise Hopkins Fay Hutcheson Jeff Hutcheson 95 Mitizi Hutcheson Carol Jones Oleatha Jones Michael Kennedy Glynis Kersey Earlene Knight Lindy Lane Denise Lumley Dana McLean Thaxton McLendon James MImbs Lynn Mimbs Nancy Mimbs Calvin Mincey Jimmy Moore Alec Morrison Kenny Powell Suzanne Pullen Gary Smith Danny Soles Jean Soles Tammy Soles Lisa Spearman Dale Stapleton 96 Anita Tliomas Carolyn Thomas Terrolyn Thomas Buddy Thompson Patricia Thompson Randy Thompson Susan Thompson Connie Whittington Alfonso Wilburn Vi cl i Wi I kerson Charles Wilkes Carl a Williams 97 SEVENTH GRADE James Bai-wick Grady Bennett Marsha Braswel I Zelda Dennis Louise Eastman David Flanders Debra Foskey Jean Foskey Teresa Foskey Marsha Fountain Danny Graham Tammy Herring Don Hightower David Hutcheson Vickie Sue Jacksor Jeff Johnson Susan McTier Chris Mimbs Chris Moore Johnny Moore Linda Morrison Daphne Moye Alice Smith Debra Soles Vickie Thompson Tammy Thrift Ti m Wilson Darlene Moxley 98 SIXTH GRADE Wanzy Axson Kelly Braswel! Geneva Billiard Ml chele Brooks Charlotte Carter Chris Coleman Madeline Dickens Clayton Dixon Alice Eastman Horace Eblen Dwayne Edwards Kathy Edwards Lorl Flanders Candace Foskey David Foskey Floyd Foskey Jimmy Foskey Toni Foskey Deborah Gay Annette Gillis Will iam Gil more Charles Grant Debra Hall Doyle Harrell Becky Horton Sherri Loyd Everlene Jackson Gary Jackson Terri Mathis Lesa McLean 99 Cathy McPhedrin Pete McPhedrin Joel Mimbs Jon Mills Missie Monroe Rusty Moore Raymond Morris Charles Morrison Kenny Odom Ty Powell Hubert Ricks Debra Shepard Tracy Soles Chris Stapleton Wayne Sumner Harold Thomas Daveda Williams Craig Williamson Pam Wilson ' Strike Two! One more and you ' re out! 100 FIFTH GRADE Greg Barwick Donell Bryant Sherry Bullard Everlene Cephus Regina Clements Ralph Copeland Franklin Davis Norma Jean Davis Jerry Denson Steve Dixon Debbie Drake Angie Sue Dudley Kellie Dudley Darlene Edwards Emory Edwards Cindy Evans Kenneth Foskey Craig Frederick Cathy Garnto Delton Gay Andrew Gillis Linda Gillis Teresa Grant Melinda Gregory 101 Teresa Hudson Neal Hutcheson Leslie Lumley Stanley McCoy Emily Mimbs James Mimbs Kim Mimbs Teri Phillips Lisa Smith Stanley Soles Paulette Stapleton Ricky Sumner Chris Sumner Brian Thompson Patrice Thompson Kenny Wilcher Angle Wilkes Jack Williams Jerry Wi lliams FOURTH GRADE Chaumain Bullock Ashley Carter Vickie Carter Danna Copeland Johnny Copeland Denise Dickens Neal Dixon Dana Flanders Diane Foskey Doris Foskey Rhonda Foskey Randy Gay Marcia Gerrald Glynis Giles Glenda Gillis Angel ia Grant Melinda Holder Joseph Hudson Dale Hutcheson Norman Jackson Sherry Jackson 103 Marilyn Jordon Janet Lord Terry Lovette Belinda Marina Bill Mathis Bret McLean Robbie Mosely Tracy Morris Dana Monroe John Glenn Moxley Melody Mimbs Cotena Ricl s Daniel Smith Lynn Stapleton Jeff Sumner Mary Ann Tri mble Jeffery Ward Jerry Wheeler Terri Wilson Althea Williams Lonzie Woods 104 THIRD GRADE Annette Barfield James Bui lard Tim my Bush Joy Carter Stevie Clements Dennis Lee Dudley Lori Dudley Fran Fields Cynthia Foskey Kenny Foskey Mel isa Fountain Cindy Garnto Tuesday G ivens Billy Joe Grant Wanda Hackle David Hightower Tonzie Hudson Rosie Ann Jackson Sheila Jackson Karen Jones Michel le Johnson Tracy Jordon John Kennedy Barbara Lane 105 Vicki Lane Dennis Meeks Joe Mimbs Tracie Mimbs Quentin IVlimbs Connie IVloore James Mullis Nannette IVlullis Dawn Phillips Karen Scott Tammy Shepard Lanny Soles Jeff Soles Jenny Lee Stapleton Vic Steptoe Brian Sumner Dwayne Tatum James Talley Allan Thompson Sandy Thompson Tommy Tri mble Denlse Whittington Jan Williams mm 106 SECOND GRADE Troy Bennett Juanel le Brooks Patra Bui lard Richard Carroll Caroline Carter Lisa Clements Eugene Coleman David Crabb Rocky Dennis Ned Dixon Kevin Dowd Cindy Faye Eblen Terry Edenfield Dean Foskey Wayne Foskey Barry Frazier Jonathon Gi les Matthew Givens Keith Grant Lisa Grant Tammy Grant Cecel ia Hightower Holley Dennis Stacy Hutch eson 107 Calvin Jackson Preston Jackson, Jr. Angela Johnson Phillip Jones Paula Keene Donna Lord Mark Loyd Valeri Lumley Rickey Lumpkin Kathy Miinbs Tracy Morgan Ragan Morris Benny Owens Mike Powell Robby Powell Harry Ricks Dennis Shephard Tina Soles Mary Alice Spence Melissa Sumner Tracy Wilkes Reginald Williams Robby Williams 108 FIRST GRADE Michael Anderson Mark Barwick Michelle Clements Charlotte Duncan Penny Durden Jeff F OS key Tony Foskey VIcki Foskey Frank Hackle Dunnell Jackson Betty Ann Jackson Debra Ann Jackson Donald Jordon Gene Meeks Teresa Moore John Morrison Tim Pull en Burnice Ricks Richard Shepard Stacey Smith James Soles Shelia Steptoe Danny Trimble Greg Whittington Glenn Wilcher Charlotte Williams Phillip Williams Teresa Williams Shea Woods 109 KINDERGARTEN Debra Brown Johnnie Cook O ' Neal Drummei Wayne Foskey Frank Holder Melvin Holder Jimmie Jackson Sharon Jackson Lee Glllis Tim Grant Becky Hall Madelyne Hall Bobby Jones James Lumpkin Bryon Marina Stacy McClendor Julia Trimble Davina Warnock Michael Webb Tommy Wheeler Reginald Wilcher Tammy Wilson 110 1974 ADHISCAN STAFF Front Row, Left to Right: K. Smith; W. Lane; S. Bailey; V. J. Lumley; D. Meadows. Second Row: P. Lowery; V. Wheeler; S. Foskey; Sponsor - B. Colston; Third Row: J. Braddy; F. Wheeler; S. Willaims; H. Foskey; B. Stephens; K. Lumley; D. Sumner; M. Fountain; R. Foskey. 1974 — A YEAR TO REMEMBER IVIartha IMewsome Sponsor 112 Co-Editor Sharon Williams Photographer Jane Flanders ■ ■» ' ■■■.- «rt . ii Copy Editors - Ronald Foskey; Vera Jo Lumley Business Managers - Shelia Bailey; Kathy Smith 113 Sports Editor -Vickie Wheeler Activities Editor - Jean Braddy Organization Editor - Patty Lowery Advertising Managers - Franl ie Wheeler; Mark Fountain Class Editors - Wanda Lane; Karen Lumley 114 EDITOR ' S MESSAGE This annual has been many hours of work, headaches, mind-searching, and yes — many tears. I hope that I can say all those tears were worth it and that you will think so too. I have tried to capture " the way we were " in the 1973 74 school year in this yearbook. I watched your habits, your activities, your happiness, and your moments of despair to portray each page as it really was. I would like to thank the Adhiscan Staff for their efforts to make this annual a good one. Each one will have their own feeling for the annual, but none more than me. This Adhiscan, Volume IX, has been a large part of my Senior year - a part that will never disappear. Any errors that may appear in this book were not intentional and please overlook them. As you look at the last pages of this annual I hope you will be smiling, because it has made you remember this year and you can see the days ail over again. IVlay this annual be an everlasting memory of " the way we were " in ' 74. (3 aruTuuL Tsio hji rxAy 115 ADRIAN HOUSING CORPORATION P.O. BOX 246 TELEPHONE 668-3231 Adrian, Ga. 31002 118 J. p. Stevens and Co., Inc. THE COMPANY WHERE PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! ! When you join Stevens, you ' ll be part of America ' s largest textile manufacturers. You II be helping to produce some of the finest textiles in the world— fabrics used for everythuig from dresses and suits to parachutes and missile nose cones. You ' ll work for a company that takes pride in YOU— a company where people make the difference. Ten years from now, will you have a good job with a first-rate salary and a promising future: ' Or will you be stuck in a dead end? Choosing a career now with Stevens can make the difference! ! For details on job opportunities, contact the Personnel Department at the J P Stevens plant nearest you. ' ' An equal opportunity employer. the graduating class 119 Larkin Furniture Factory Outlet Stoi-e Hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Friday Closed on Saturdays - Open by appo intment Phone: 237-2311 Highway 80 East Swainsboro, Georgia Congratulations to the Seniors of ' 74 120 Ponderosa Mobile Homes CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATING SENIORS 237-6489 Highway 80 East Swainsboro, Georgia 121 Ricks ' Glass Company -OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE - AUTO GLASS INSTALLED .?=»» Cathedral Glass Windows For Churches Insulated Glass Specialty In Store Fronts - Marquee Decor Wall - Alliance Wall - Mirrors Sliding Glass Doors - Desk and Furniture Tops Sales and Installations of Carports Awnings Specializing In Door Closures Locks For All Types of Doors " We Carry Workman Compensation To Protect Our Customers Employees " - 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE - 668-3278 C.L. Ricks - Proprietor Rt. 2, Adrian, Georgia 122 ROWLAND ' S GIN AND BONDED WAREHOUSE Telephone 864-3848 WRIGHTSVILLE, GEORGIA YOUR BUSINESS IS APPRECIATED!! BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rings Invitations Personal Cards P.O. Box927 Milledgeville, Georgia NATHAN MORGAN JEFF MORGAN 123 Thinking about College? Join your friends at CONSIDER THESE ADVANTAGES QUALITY PROGRAMS LOW COST QUALITY FACULTY DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Interested? For more information about programs, costs and financial aid, call (912] 237-7029 or write: Director of Admissions Emanuel County Junior College Swainsboro, Georgia 30401 Emanuel County Junior College A UNIT OF THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA THE CITIZENS BANK OF SWAINSBORO ADRIAN BRANCH 668-3215 OR 668-3216 ADRIAN GEORGIA 124 Spivey State Bank Phone - 237-6619 P.O. Box 10 211 N. Main Street Swainsboro, Georgia Sweat ' s Bar-B-Q ' Real Pit Barbecue ' Phone: 529-3637 Soperton, Georgia Best Wishes to the Seniors of ' 74 125 Sumner ' s Beach Largest Man Made Beach in Southeast Georgia U.S. Route 221 Camping Facilities Trailer Park Snack Bar " Fun for the Entire Family! " CUSTOM FURNITURE Complete Home Furnishings 104 and 106 West Pine Street Swainsboro, Georgia OWNERS: PETE BOATRIGHT AND HAROLD FLANDERS 126 SEVEN SHOPS IN ONE Men ' s, Women ' s, Shoes Children ' s, Fabrics, Jewelry, and Snack Bar. 237-2821 Swainsboro, Georgia SAMMONS FUNERAL HOME 212 Main West Phone - 529-4411 Soperton, Georgia 30457 24-Hour Ambulance Service Air Conditioned Chapel 127 RANCH PARK AUTO SALES HIGHWAY NO. 1 SOUTH 237-5944 Swainsboro, Georgia Owners: Harry Carter and Bo Bishop COMPLIMENTS OF PLAZA PHARMACY MASON PLAZA Swainsboro, Georgia Phone: 237-6621 128 SCONYERS MOTORS, INC. 237-6472 U.S. Highway 1 South Swainsboro, Georgia Imperial - Chrysler - Plymouth - Dodge - Dodge Trucks JOHN H. POWELL Dealer for Red Hat Feeds Bulk and Bag Fertilizer of all Kinds Bag and Liquid Nitrogen leeks, Georgia Phone - 668-3335 129 Hooks Milling Company Fertilizer Feed Seed Peanut Market South Circle Drive 237-8777 or 237-6643 Swainsboro, Georgia 30401 Coleman Gin and Fertilizer Company Phone - 237-3421 Swainsboro, Georgia 30401 130 BANK OF WRIGHTSVILLE A Full Service Bank I ember of FDIC Phone - 864-3347 Wrightsville, Georgia OUR 76th YEAR OF SERVING YOU Lumley Construction Co. Lumley Trucking Co. Dozer Loader Backhoe Grader Pond Building Grading Clearing 668-3273 P.O. Box 103 Adrian, Georgia Dump Trucks For Hire Sand Gravel Fill-dirt Asphalt 131 THE BANK OF SOPERTON lember FDIC Full Service Bank Soperton, Georgia DEKLE-GIBSON INSURANCE COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE P.O. Box D SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA 30401 YOURi andependent Insurance gJAOBHT scitvu YOU mnsT fcsy Amana Bassett B R and D R Maytag FARMERS F URN ITU RE Soperton, Georgia 529-4220 Magnavox Samsonite Sumter Cabinet B R Simmons Adrian exact Pharmacy R. W. Mullis, Jr., R. Ph. Phone: 668-4505 Adrian, Georgia lODERN SERVICE WITH OLD FASHIONED COURTESY Simons Store Phone: 529-3215 Soperton, Georgia HARDWARE and BUILDING SUPPLY Vi?il 133 Farmers Merchants Bank Downtown Office Dublin, Georgia Member F.D.I.C. Two Locations to Serve You Best " WE INVITE YOUR ACCOUNT " BUtBS BANK ■auvnema mi Bellevue Office WAMMOCK ' S FURNITURE " WHERE THE UNUSUAL IS USUAL " PHONE: 237-7011 230 West Moring Street ) Swainsboro, Georgia V Faulkner ' s Walgreen Agency Pharmacy Medicine - designed for health - prepared with care Keith Faulkner, R. Ph. Day Phone 668-4692 Adrian, Georgia Free Prescription Delivery Night Phone 668-4607 134 h J Swainsboro Forest- CRCa East Moring Street Phone: 237-2641 Swainsboro, Georgia Follow the Devils in The Forest Blade J ll MENS SHOP SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA Troup Drug Store MXM Prescription Chemists 864-3432 Wrightsville, Georgia 135 Western Auto Associate Store Lovett and Tharpe Hardware Co. Home Owned and Operated by Charles S . Hazen Dublin ' s Leading Hardware Store 108 2nd Street North 201 W. Jackson Street Soperton, Georgia Phone: 529-6614 Dublin, Georgia Farmers Mutual Exchange COMPLIMENTS OF p. 0. Box 815 Jepeway-Craig Commission, Co. Dublin, Georgia EB DUBLIN, GEORGIA B J Qfl 136 Compliments of Canady Supply Co., Inc. Johnson County Owners: Pete Larry Canady Nursing Home " Building Supplies for Your p. 0. Box97 Every Need! " Phone: 237-8407 or 237-6451 Scott, Georgia Swainsboro, Georgia Phone: 668-3225 Compliments of Compliments of H. Kelmer Durden Whittington ' s Service Station Judge Court of Ordinary 668-3876 237-8301 Adrian, Georgia 31002 Emanuel County " For the Finest of Service Swainsboro, Georgia and American Oil Products " 137 WAYNE ' S RESTAURANT ADRIAN, GEORGIA Shakes Burgers Steaks Chicken Pit Cooked Barbeque Breakfast Served Anytime Swainsboro Print Works, Inc. TEXTILE PRINTING and FINISHING South Circle Drive P.O. Box 130 Swainsboro, Georgia Phone: 912-237-7821 Dairy Queen of Swainsboro Dairii Queen SOUTH MAIN STREET SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF Lorene S. Canady TAX COMMISSIONER of EMANUEL COUNTY SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA 138 SEARS AUTHORIZED CATALOG SALES MERCHANT OWNED and OPERATED by Jim B. Harrison 103 E. College Street Wrightsville, Georgia Just Call 864-3305 Claxton-Lawrence Ford, Inc. Authorized Sales and Service Phone: 272-0511 Dublin, Georgia THE BACK ALLEY SWAINSBORO GEORGIA Harrison ' s Pharmacy 108W. Main 237-3821 SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA 139 Helena Chemical Co. Southeast Division p. 0. Box 48 Wrightsville, Georgia Phone: 912-864-2247 HELEIilA CMm CM.C0tA1 Mn SOUTHEAST Daily Pharmacy Phone: 529-4545 SOPERTON, GEORGIA " Don ' t forget our Jewelry Department " E-Z Mills WRIGHTSVILLE, GEORGIA A Subsidiary of Cluett, Peabody, and Company, Incorporated An Equal Opportunity Employer Congratulations to the Seniors of ' 74 BestWishes Morris State Bank TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Dublin Mall Downtown Member FDIC Full Service 140 Compliments of Congratulations Tyson ' s Print Shop 204 West Moring Street To The Seniors Phone: 237-6442 Swainsboro, Georgia The Home Shop Wedding Invitations Bibles Swainsboro, Georgia Religious Literature Compliments of Compliments of Hunnicutt Monument Co. Bob White Motel and Funeral Home Highway No. 1 South U.S. Highway 1 South 237-8888 Swainsboro, Georgia Swainsboro, Georgia 141 James Hairstylist DUBLIN MALL DUBLIN, GEORGIA 272-7226 Laurens Equipment Company rii International Harvester Highway 80 Phone: 272-0400 Dublin, Georgia BestWishes to the Graduate SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA 30401 IpW Office Phone: p 237-8667 Gary Mimbs Sales Representative Georgia Farm Bureau - Mutual Insurance Company Southern Farm Bureau - Life Insurance Company P.O. Box 629 Swainsboro, Georgia 30401 142 Carrlee Grocery, Inc. Black ' s Pharmacy 125 E. Main Street " Your Prescription Is Our Swainsboro, Georgia Business " Wholesale Groceries Built on Service. 237-2721 Maintained on Friendship Complete Rock Service Phone: 237-8835 237-5188 101 S. Main Street Continuous Sales Since 1890 Swainsboro, Georgia Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF Hallman Volkswagen Elanma Restaurant Cf EAST DUBLIN, GEORGIA East Dublin, Georgia 100% Guaranteed Used Cars Congratulations Sr ' s 143 202 N. Green Street SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA 30401 Phone: 237-7521 H. E. Frazier Oil Co. YOUR AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR Phone: 668-3677 Adrian, Georgia Compliments of Rick ' s RED WHITE Food Store Soperton, Georgia Phone: 529-4526 Fordville in Swainsboro, Georgia 237-7811 Mustang Pinto Thunderbird Torino Maverick Ford Trucks Cougar Lincoln 144 - OSS ( 0 . ' " Sponsors COMPLIMENTS OF SOPERTON PHARMACY CHALKER ' S STANDARD SERVICE STATION, SWAIIMSBORO, GA. MR. AND MRS. JOE JERLES AND SALLY, ADRIAN, GA. SMITH ' S HARDWARE AND BUILDING SUPPLY, WRIGHTSVILLE, GA. HARRISON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE, WRIGHTSVILLE, GA. 145 MIMBS SUPERMARKET Phone - 668-3823 Scott, Georgia Shadow Lawn Mortuary 237-8311 N. Main Street Swainsboro, Georgia Compliments of J. RUFUS YOUMANS Adrian, Georgia Congratulations Seniors ' 74 146 Compliments of Compliments of TRI-COUNTY GAS COMPANY JOHN B. SPIVEY AND MILTON A. CARLTON, SR. Dublin, Georgia Swainsboro, Georgia Best Wishes Swainsboro Hardware Stwirtscte JEWELERS Rudolph McBride, Owner Member of National Bridal Service Court House Square 237-8710 Phone: 237-7241 Swainsboro, Georgia Swainsboro, Georgia Compliments of H. CLYDE POOLE Harrison ' s Florist and Gifts Emanuel County School Superintendent 237-8856 Swainsboro, Georgia 820 West Main Swainsboro, Georgia Starland Dairies, inc. Burt Price, Insurance P.O. Box 5145 ■ Bull and 41st Streets C-«r Savannah, Georgia Z- Mrs. W.G. Stephens -Adrian Distri. Wrightsville, Georgia 121 W. Elm Street 147 Compliments of Rountree Transfer Company, Inc. David M. Hill, Owner East Main Street Swainsboro, Georgia Western Auto Swainsboro, Georgia 237-7187 " The Family Store " COMPLIMENTS OF L and L Chiick Charles and Linda Flanders Swainsboro, Georgia Compliments of Strange Drug Co. Prescription Druggist Phone: 272-5151 Dublin, Georgia Home of Good Cosmetics Sheppards General Store Rt. 1 Box 111 Kite, Georgia Meeks Community Speed Queen Fabric Care Center It Costs So Little To Look Your Very Best Swainsboro, Georgia Levins Dept. Store Court House Square Phone: 237-7281 Swainsboro, Georgia Rebecca ' s Ladies Ready to Wear 107-109 N. Greene Street Swainsboro, Georgia 148 Mercer ' s Food To Go 502 Central Avenue East Dublin, Georgia Phone: 272-0430 Roberts-Cruce Tractor Company East Main Street 237-8372 Swainsboro, Georgia Cook Furniture and Electric Co. WRIGHTSVILLE, GEORGIA Larry ' s Feed and Seed Feeds - Quality Name Brands Red Rose Swift Veterinary Supplies 864-3547 Wrightsville, Georgia Compliments of J.M. WAMMOCK Adrian, Georgia Sumner Pharmacy Phone: Day - 864-2217 Night - 864-3839 WRIGHTSVILLE, GEORGIA Johnson County Farm Bureau Insurance Co. Gerald Foskey - Agent Wrightsville, Georgia Phone: 864-3349 Or 668-4559 Adrian Outlet Clothing for entire family 668-3370 Adrian, Georgia 149 Compliments of R. H.WARNOCK CLERK of Courts Soperton, Georgia Compliments of FENNELL FURNITURE CO. WRIGHTSVILLE, GEORGIA Brache ' Gift Shop N. Marcus Street Mrs. Nelle S . Bray, Proprietor Phone: 864-2342 For Gifts With A Personal Touch Member National Bridal Service Whiteway Fannily Center 237-8222 Swainsboro, Georgia HOWARD ' S Men ' s, Ladies and Children ' s Wear Shoes for the family Soperton, Georgia 539-3030 Swainsboro Supply 118 Central Avenue Phone: 237-8876 Swainsboro, Georgia Seab Herrington, Manager D-n-J Launderette Coin-Operated Adrian, Georgia Best Wishes CHARLOTTE BEALL Ordinary Johnson County 150 Compliments of NEWSOME FORD CO. WRIGHTSVILLE, GEORGIA Harrell ' s Table Supply Super Market Soperton, Georgia " Better Groceries! " Compliments of THE SPORTS SHOP Swainsboro, Georgia Peebles-Curry Mortuary 201 East Pine Street 237-6604 or 237-2131 Swainsboro, Georgia Woods Roofing Co., Inc. 272-2088 East Dublin, Georgia Town and Country Beauty Salon 529-3733 Soperton, Georgia " Remember Your Beauty is Our Pleasure! " Compliments of Hall Brothers Dept. Store Wrightsville, Georgia Hobbs Sporting Goods Dublin Mall Dublin, Georgia 151 Tastee-Freeze Highway 80 East Swainsboro, Georgia Smith ' s Jeweler ' s Gifts For All Occasions Dublin, Georgia Kimball ' s Photography 128 W. Jackson Street Dublin, Georgia Portraits Weddings Commercial aerial Murals Thompson ' s Tire Service Owner: James R. Thompson Scott, Georgia Phone: 668-3363 Outlaw Pontiac Co. Phone: 864-3578 Wrightsville, Georgia Compliments of Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals Swainsboro, Georgia Smith and Flanders Auto Parts Auto Tractor Bicycle Parts Wrightsville, Georgia Phone: 864-3323 Compliments of Paul M. Sheppard Clerk Superior Court Johnson County 152 BEST WISHES Firestone Home and Auto Supply Roland Attaway J. C. Webb, Owner Sheriff of Johnson County Soperton, Georgia Wrightsville, Georgia 529-4835 Citizens Southern Bank World ' s Largest Mobile Home Dealer of Bonanza Dublin Mobile Homes Free Parking Drive in Banking 209 Central Avenue East Dublin, Georgia Dublin, Georgia 272-4112 Compliments of Piggly-Wiggly COMPLIMENTS OF The 1973-74 237-7343 Adhiscan Staff Mason Plaza Swainsboro, Georgia 153 Tastee-Freeze : ' Phone: 529-4824 SOPERTON, GEORGIA Compliments of Petty Officer Hugh Brantley, Navy Recruiter Navy Recruiting Station First National Square VIdalia, Ga. 30474 Phone: 537-8500 Claxton Chevrolet (III Kin I I FINA OIL DISTRIBUTOR Phone: 864-2244, or 272-7261 WRIGHTSVILLE, GEORGIA Woods Service Station 668-3891 ADRIAN, GEORGIA Complete line of Tires, Eateries, Accessories 154 PATRONS Mr, Sidney Stephens, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Bailey and Family, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Robert Faulkner, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Garbutt Fountain, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Edwards and Family, Adrian, Georgia Miss Gerrald ' s 5th Grade Class, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Carter and Family, Adrian, Georgia Rev. and Mrs. Griffin Thompson and Family, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meadows, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Obie Foskey, Adrian, Georgia Marie Johnson, Norristown, Georgia Rev. and Mrs. Inman Gerrald, Adrian, Georgia H. G. Powell Shoe Store, Soperton, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. James H. Norton, Adrian, Georgia Mrs. Alta Pearl Baxter, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Meadows, Adrian, Georgia Albert and Melanie Hood, Statesboro, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Grant, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Giles, Adrian, Georgia PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Powell, Meeks, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Ral iMeeks, Meeks, Georgia The Flip Jacksons, Meeks, Georgia Betty and Rhonda Foskey, Meeks, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Copeland, Meeks, Georgia ' Mr. and Mrs. Hildred Meeks, Meeks, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Sam T. Schwalls, Meeks, Georgia Mr. " and Mrs. Billy Flanders and Family, Meeks, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Flanders, Meeks, Georgia Bobby Coxwell, Swainsboro, Georgia Ricky Fbskey, Scott, Georgia Jimmy Lee Donaldson, Scott, Georgia Mrs. NeilaAnn Simons, Soperton, Georgia Gayla Gillis, Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Braswell, Adrian, Georgia Nana Lou Spires, Vidalia, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Skinner, Sr. Adrian, Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Larry Allen, Swainsboro, Georgia The Donald Stephens ' , Adrian, Georgia Carl Green, Adrian, Georgia MOMENTS TO REMEMBER vA : - t AUTOGRAPHS 158 AUTOGRAPHS 159 ADRIAN HAIL TO THEE! •? - r- ' » 1. - J. h1 , ,. y, - " Mi aft| ) t |,J 4 IPH jffm rv Hfll Lpl t ' j |i x H h f; V ' m . ' . = .» V , - f i - £ ' V ' : .tt:. N ' Jy-- I t

Suggestions in the Adrian High School - Adhiscan Yearbook (Adrian, GA) collection:

Adrian High School - Adhiscan Yearbook (Adrian, GA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Adrian High School - Adhiscan Yearbook (Adrian, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 136

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Adrian High School - Adhiscan Yearbook (Adrian, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 130

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Adrian High School - Adhiscan Yearbook (Adrian, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 52

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