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.s sr., , v dl VT. Q 'Q 4 Dr. Frederick Burr Clifford One of the most efficient and popular professors at Adrian is leaving to inaugurate his :famous Humanities course in Emory-at-Oxford. Dr. Clifford will long be remembered for his superior scholarship, his expert teaching, his friendliness, his keen sense of humor, and his understanding of student problems. We shall neverforget Dr. Clifford, and we are envious of Emory for obtaining his services. Dean E. V Bruce Wilson I Dean Wilson is leaving us to be the head of the Department of Religion at Scarritt College. This is a splendid promotion for him, and we should be happy for him, but it is going to be difficult to imagine Adrian without him. Students who have been fortunate, ,enough to be in ,fhe,DQan's classes will always have- the inspiration of his sincerity, his" kindness, and his wonderful mastery of our language.. Students who have encountered him in his official capacity have always found him fair and. eager to help them help themselves. We will miss Dean Wilson, but we wish for him all the best in life. The 1953 Mound departs lrom the traditional cleciicgullon to rr sinqlf: mfllvviwfll lf' l"'1' honor to several oi our laculty members who am leaving Admin, um! whom I-.flwm It going to miss very much. l J 1 jf, hs 'ug' Y , 1 5 D- 5 rr r 5:94-4'r A if-Qf..,.-7 , Dr. and Mrs. S. I. Harrison Adrian College and the Harrison's are almost synonomous. It is hard to look forward to an Adrian without "Uncle Sam and Aunt Myrtle", who, for thirteen years, have been advisors, friends, and sponsors for generations oi Adrian students. We shall particularly' miss Dr. Harrison who, as president, has brought Adrian from a run-down nearly defunct institution to a place where it is respected by educators throughout the state and nation. Dr. ,Harrison had a dream for Adrian College which is not yet realized. In his new position with the Michigan Colleges Foundation he will be able to secure financial aid for us which may help to accomplish his dream, and we wish him success, personally and professionally. The transition to a new administration will not be easy. but not only out of loyalty to Adrian,-but because it is the thing that he would want, we shall try to carry on the glorious tradition which D'r. Harrison has left to us. Miss Edith Buffett . One of Aclrian's most loyal alumnae, a popular and effective teacher, a fine secretary, and an all-round goosl sport is leaving Adrian to teach in Britton High School. We know that Edie will be happy wherever she is, but We are going to miss her friendliness and her pep. We wish that she would stay, even if she does mark us absent from chapel, hut we wish her luck, and we expect to see her at all our games. Z-"' f Zee Z LAT Z 742 ! From registration to commencement through classes, parties, games. chapel, and meetings oi all sorts the yearly procession goes. Nga 69 mfg Dedications .... Administration Faculty ........,.., General views l Classes ............ Sports ........ Picnio ........ Play ....................... ..... Organizations ......... ......... Seniors .............. ......... Iuniors .......... Sophomores ....... ......... Freshmen ........ ......... Ads ............ 2- 5 8- 9 10-l l 12-27 28-37 38-48 49-50 517 52-67 69-72 73-75? 76-782 79-81 82-96 President Samuel I. Harrison Whether it be perplexing problems, an encounter with the Albion police. or just the announcement of a new baby. Dr. Harrison's door was always open to every student, and his understanding friendliness and sage advice made his counsel sought often. Faculty members, too, have found him ever ready to share his time to share their problems. Then, as we get ready to go to press, we find that he will not be with us next year. Words seem futile-but he will be a hard man to replace. 8 T AD I I TRATI Q KA guide for those who have escaped the offices so far.l Mrs. Webster and Dr. Babbitt Want to donate a million? Drop into the P.R. office. Want to make a speech? Try the same place. Want a speech made or a news flash sent out? Try the same place. They're grand folks. V Dean Wilson Have you gotten yourself in d jam over grades, cuts,. or maybe something worse? See the Dean. He'11 get you straightened out somehow. He's O.K. Barb, Mrs. Miller, Ginny Does your program need fixing or are your honor points mixed up? See the Registrar's office. They may be busy, but they'l1 take care of you. Mrs. Ritchie CBennyl and Dr. Ritchie Of course, if you are as eager to pay your fees as Robb seems to be you'll call at the Business Office-or maybe you'll call, eager or not. They're friends of ours. it T. R. BOYETT Athletic D'irector and Coach. .Physical I Education MORTIMER CLINGAN Mathematics and Physics ALICE McKEEHAN English and Geography A EDITH BUFFETT Commercial Subjects and Secretary to the President. IOHN DAVIS Iournalism CNight Schooll IOHN' MARVIN Ioumalism 3 , 'fullE"' r RUTH CARGO History and Political Science HOPE LOWRY Foreign Languages and English ELIZABETH MENZI Women's Physical Education 10 40' ,. .qw l , K 'rf BURR CLIFFORD Humanities and English MARY McCORMICK Home Economics MILES PEELLE Biology THOMAS ROGERS Religion I History and Sociology RUTH THOMAS EARL TWEEDIE Librarian Chemistry No pictures were available for Press and Instructor in Printing. WILLIAM SCHUHLE GEORGE SEECK IAMES SPENCER Education HUGO WEISS Business and Economics Mrs. Viola Miller, Registrar, ll Music BRUCE WILSON Religion and Speech or Robert Tuttle, Director of the 5:3534 V?-:X PQ Q ! L -E 3 V Q Q V . '39 Q --an 'Q ,Qv ' 4, f I 'X . Q, , - ,, f- A E o 0 Nw "' 4' A -- up 5 'G' I Af , Q J? L, E . ,v. . 'K '! I' " 'T , wi- l In " ,Q . F f' E f I , var", K XV if , A H r E M - , 426 2.1 N ' 2 an 3 , -11" M , fm 'Vf f E f., Q 3 1, X HERE PILED LIKE PUMPKINS ARE VARIOUS STAGES OF 12 , . V ., . , . , , , 'ij-,-:,:,-,,.,:.,,.:,,.,:,'1,V,,-:P-Ar.---V--wi. ,Q w.,. .. -V . . .. ..f - V V X . , q -' 4 ,Q , ,a- , V ' V , - '. V A .- - ,' '-- 1-".: 1-' ..i.y'V',.,-L..-'14,-V,p,',3NM'-33: ' ',...".vV.,-H-,,g,, w .,,V V-.'-:5,-:V.V-1,-"1-'Q -, V' :vw -x-V-E , : M , - ' . V - - V . , H , f - , , f , -V QU , V V '- V - . - I 4 '- wtf: ,f2Lf,-:,-i,g'-,:,'- - -g,L."' VV,, ','-21,-V.g1.s-V: Ig. ,- L V big pw K. . . , VV- - - .h ' ., w ,: V ',- , V - . , ,V , . V .V IV I. -r :.ff,-,i.VJ,-3 ,-.-, g..,L..:, V :4-.:.....,,.tg.:...':-.:--..:fJi1:::41.:1.4:g.q x ,.fg1.v. ---X f- '-' - '- '-,'- " ' 5: 1 - -' f ' ' ' - - , - - , , V - A 'f V--. VV. V-,,V-, ,-.H-V".,q,..V:-.V-,.g,..-.V- ,-Q 4,.,--j.'--XX: : : - ' if-f---V V - - V - i-li i-B-Y? ' ' ' V: .5 -' .J ' :i-sf41':--f.:,":.-'V-1,FE1-Qiiiyi'5-f2'Siff-1A,::E?:-LQe"if.19:-5.:VVf.ZA'gV:nf-1:fT'f--:12:2'wiv-" .' L'.5'.Zr'ff-2Q'kf- . 2. - - N ww LEARNING FROM FROSH TO FACULTY 13 I, 1 mfwff Mffm. qwffm fmffff. ,,,,wf, WMM W, ,,,. . M mfffw ,mf,ff,. ,ffww ,,,,,,.f. ww,w.f, vamw, ,vwmm ffnffffm fff,f,.,,, ff,.fw,,, ffmwfm .,,.,.,,,f, M,.,.,,,f , fm, W' f 3 ZW:-z We m M .M ww .M -M W ':.,f 7 .W V, ,M-WM '-mwn -,mmf -'www wdwm f-mmm ,www mmm I ff .4..w,.-wr new-W, M.-MW: Mvu-M. 'Awww ,mum-vff WWMM m,,,.vw. myfvfffy kw x:SzQ.z.:t- ...N if fff fiv-51' .i.....-...- When students are up in the air about exams or the multitudinous frustrations of college life our campus no doubt looks like the above photograph, though perhaps much distorted. Below, however is the common view occasionally seen when the student looks up from his book on the dash between dorm and class. --....,,,,. lfj ll I :Try-..,.. . ,W- W, 3111 YQ. . K it . ' ,r"""'C1h3' 4, wr H l Even the freshmen soon get sewed up. Tai Kim, far from Korea. flaunts thatch of frosh greenery. Typical tornioolery of frat initia- tion tests temper of neophyte characters. XT 7 A4-..:5',1.-rsfgzx 55411.-,.-tv.-. ', W u- ,L . V - . . I It 1 -. A at-T.-p 3 ' ' . . "-51.12. 1:5111-1 - - "1 ' P . M, ,,,., ,',,,:: 5-.Q-Q.,-1,,.',,,1r,--, mi N X' - - . 'V -- ' ' ' fx?-'jill1-:ia-,F.rdf?-525?f-t111:5-'P-'.N---?Z-I-5t1f:'t51f1-'-:I:':1F-Q"maint--if."f1-1---2.q-gk:::"-1r-'-,'-N:iNr'gizY1"1 ' ' . . - 'w,,.ff'.f.-1u'.'2:f:'-1-f1'Z-r.:Tf:'.:fl'v -' r',T.??:,1l-'-'. ':' -v .12 f W f' ' ' ' N - ' -' ff-2f'PFl.Ll1'- -11:14Q2if2s1raf1.g-1-:---.ra.-f:4.zff-1521-5:1 L'F'2:':.'.-'fI.,' :4".1-fir -W , 1 Y R V Mr. Tuttle in act of out knowledge embalmed in printing ink. students concerned only with price. Cookies are much easier to obtain and enjoy than information from books. And it was more fun to go to a game than to the library. ,off 1 ' E Aim ' .L QUEEN AND HER COURT From left to right: Ioan Musser, Virginia Munk, Wilma Ireland, Elaine Evans, and Iune Coleman. STARS OF THE PARADE S,'Ws 'X' The Winner! Runner Up! These look like angels, but they These- Sigma Alpha Epsilon boys are really Chi Psi Omega Girls. had the right idea on their float. 3 18 Typical hi-life in our swank boys dorm. 'YNY' X1 tiff-Gigi? A little practice at arm limbering is a sympton of spring fever. Oh look, iel1a's. there is that obnoxious photographer again. HI KK M , Y 1 ff t WW X , U HI Yltf 7 'Qt 51647 Wfffff ' X WWW Our photographers tell down on getting up pictures of parties and dances, but what do we care when we have such artists as Prof. Schuhle and Tom Wright. In a way a drawing is better because YOU can be the beautiful gal or the handsome boy. 20 Tw 4M.i,t 'l. I ---is-Y - Y V YYVY - ' - f ' 4--- r- - t' f ., Below you see one of the reasons for the high scholastic average at Metcalf Hall. But don't think the fellows aren't getting an education. Only a part of the learning at college comes from books. These fellows have learned to live together. We don't remember iust what was the matter with Doug Kane, but he survived. He didn't even disturb the chess and card games. 2,-15 Not iust during Religious Emphasis Week, but throughout the year this lighted painting of Christ serves as a local point tor all services held in the Chapel. In the quiet atmosphere oi the chapel, alone or in services. the sincere student finds the true spirit of Adrian College. Here many have resolved to devote their talents and their lives to the service of Christ. 23 Doc and Willi take time out from chasing the photographer. Ivy and Ron handled the Sports Publicity. It was a good iob well done. All our publications eventually wind up in the care of the iovial manager of the Adrian College Press, Bob Tuttle. we wb Vp "f"fg1.f H.' n wQ,xf3tg3.A X . I om hom the Sports i iob well Bw mls' 3 Nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor heat, nor anything but sleep ever keeps Adrian students from trudging gaily to classes each day.. And just as happily they trudge to Metcalf for lunch. We can't prove it, but we think the boys just had a quiz. 25: WW' Above we see a few of the commuting students about to indulge in their noon lunches. This group, which met with the regularity of a scheduled class, got together in room 313. .After eating they usually had a rousing hymn sing. Such groups of folks with similar interests are a grand thing for any college. 26 I 5 This is a posed picture, but it is a familiar sight in the library, because this is one of the- most popular spots to get ready for a report, read an article of current interest, orfcatch up on recreational reading. 27 515,- f L 1 5 1, M- : 1 Q J 1 f fx 1' qluiylhl-9 bc, ' Mega One of the thlngs some students come to college for xs to attend thmg else happens we are devotxnq a large sectxon of thts years Mound f to snaps of classes ln actxon 05 E bb. ' 1 ' classes. Since this is true, and since classes meet oftener than any- -f 5 X . ' ' ' ' ' . . . J .I :'xu 1 Q' flf bf I 'lr X. , fl Prof. Schuhle expounds on matters of grave importance, he says. ,-1:9 A K ,,-V-',. ' V za A - a , ti l Q-. sf f '- ' . 'X Q as . S, ,S , s,. af,.',, I K , '528 Miss Cargo's class indulges in cr drop quizz Miss Buffett gets cr little revenge for the number of letters she takes herself. Prof. Weiss takes time off from his investments to give the benefit of his wisdom 'I W f ij? 0 V 1 . 5 MZ "2 if I f 722 f 'f If , fi 2 , wi . Zh EWG iff' 'PX x M, , Miss Lowry's classes have a lot of fun trying to talk. sing, and even eat as the French, Spanish, and German do. ,f 9 Dr. Seeck is showing a small group from his large Psychology class some physiologic reason for our behavior. or what makes us click If you stay at Adrian long enough, and ii you take enough courses in education. you'1l wind up Practice Teaching. It's fun, but it's strenuous. Q3 'KP lllltiifggtti :w':lll::Cg" 1 L , I Ili I ' nmmu-lil - 0 0 o az- 0 fab 0 .- xl mx ll! ff. l .-SEi':::::: - ' Jin 2: I 'iii I ' ' pifinili Since Adrian is a church-related college there is naturally a great deal of stress on classes in religion and philosophy. Below two of Dr. Rogers groups show that they are interested in what is being said and the way it is being said. l H, WVVS-v1AAAf One night a week, all year. a group of would-be reporters had a class with Iohn Davis from the Adrian Telegram. It was a three hour stretch each time, but they liked it. The geography class members worked hard on proiects and reports to persuade "Doc" that they should pass. Here a few of them look over part oi the work. The Dean's classes in Speech were at a bad hour but still attracted an interested group who enioyed them a lot. . N ml .ln l. ,. :H Pl i. 1, ,, lt , is , You iust can't appreciate the atomic age unless you have had a course in physics 5 I F in r, i, V tl - M Kal fi 1 n Q i Chemistry isn't all watching pretty colors in test tubes or l fixing messes to blow up your l friends-it's a fascinating l subiect. 1 F i i Q 1 It isn't so bad to collect leaves and pull apart flowers. L but it means using your brains Q to know all the other things E about a good course in botany il -I Q f I 21 Iv s Y t , Early to bed and early to rise probably means you are enrolled in ornithology. The songs and singers are beautiful, but knowing which is which is strictly for the birds. If you think learning all the bones in the body was a task you'd. better not try kineseology. It will tie your muscles in knots No matter how hard we try we can't think of a clever crack to make about math. We just can't figure it out. What could be more fun than to have an eleven o'clock class in meal planning, unless it would be to be the only boy in the group. It you expect to have . a home after you graduate and ii you want to make it an attractive spot take out insurance by studying interior decoration. u P. im 'wld be WD. n O in .nun 4 .,.,,.,, , V .,,, ,.,.,,,.,. , ,, , ,.,, M , ,,,.,.,,,. ,, , , ' 655: V ., '-'Um - 1? 4 .fW'4:,wW:'f,wfWf., 1',Vwwazz.:-.4-1-1--1:-1 -'1- -4 :rm 4--1-54:4 V --.:,g.4::,:1:,:fV,V.:.:::',:---:- ,V 1h:ff-:rf-.y7fM,f'7wf-'4V,5v gf 1 , X f4V-:-s:.-hfgys-wggggw-:4:-'-4-:V:V,:-1141" :,,V,,:: .:. '---.:,1-I-,zz-:f..,.', 4 ,V iff., X V '- jg --:-,Vzg-:.,V1 VSV M. ,,,, 1:2'3:3.j:1Vr: 1 'iffiifffff 5:,.3'-94 340 ,. .m5:?j:E?'K:3mg::Vg:-9' A'A'- V . . "M: 5 Vrr-3:-.gzv s:Vf'1.4:V,,.:,. e1e:sV5.:.:- 2 , -, if fy -:swf 1-:,5.:::s--Ig ..1::::arVr:f::::1.1g.-.-:f:z.z-z:- .rf z . 16. 1... M. . ,::.MA:w--. ,,. V I .1.:,-:fy .- ,, ,, , ,, ,., ,,,, . ..,,.,,t,...,.:,,1,1, :,.,,:,,-, ,,. -1551555511,-1.-:z:m:f:g'g1.a:s1q-1513-gg--V 15 - ' ' WW N4- ' U , 1ff1w4,:1:f.g.,.1 ' Q.,1,..g-164: ' Q 1 sff2fSsQ:1f1.. l. 12 ti? 13: H2122 ?l32,Ii':::i' 2.-,si ,LSL :,se:W"' . ,V - , ' f f:-1 ' ,IE-W'"s:P55v5f'f'f ' .f ' . ' W t "-' I " , .. . ::::-5a:5:5:2:5.::af' . ----A f 1 .' fm - , 112 'W' ,:,',:Q:.fzf:V,-"-. " ff ,J ' l , .,,. A --A-- - 2:mfs-auf.:::.f:f:::::as:az:sz4:s:::e:e:5f2 ' A 1-42' 411 + -f'P2ff:41:5fW2 21. ,f ,- f ff .:.:., ,, 3,.,:,fg51gg55:55:5555555Q25:5:1:5:5:5:5:5Hz5ng5:5::r::f:r fgdwssy q:z,,::,2 ' - wifi' f..... f - ......,,, Y .,,,. V .mf .. ..... 1, ---------- , 1 .,,, -.,,km4fmW, ,..,.,.51g:5:5.g,.,. I..,11:,q:,:::,:V:,::3ygzqzw:Ig45,g:,:-:5Ei:3x5:2r-75123 ::' A Q::v'-A-. Q': ..::,zg3- :1:1:2P15:13V 'iiivfff f j5"".112'5?594 -.2:':V' t::,:V-+:V:-:-:rar s-2:::r:r:1:2f -r:::r:21:2:r:r-Zr:r:2-rVS:-:-:--:1--FM-'rv- .f' -4-' -"ss: "W:-:If W1-.?3:2:2:1:F1:2'.r44-4422! .-.-:Z-111:24 fm..-V-2-ffrf " liz?"-'-2611115 ,. ,, -4 .V .' :HU .4z2'f:1:. .,-,1,5155135:sail-Mg:--VV ..., , sy:2::rr:1:get:::::1:5f:5:1::Zsf:1:fsg?4: W V:'-fm:E:5:er2:5f9gw5:szisf:fF2aVYf?2fff4i2:22f12'4ffP3Z211fff' J - if tfi fiffffff-'QV ' 'ff' " 1 at ,fur-2V.::a:i-1.1. A'-"f2:s:s:s-"' "":'i'5f fV'd: :zl.1zIsffV " V f " 542512 ::5gV:Vg1g.g1g:g:g: -V" -sf ,... 1, ., ,r,fxf., eg-,: gfw mi We-aa: 'Eff 5 Q .- W ... .... . N , , ...,... ..... , ..... . ,. .... , .sm .. . z.., T- -'iii .sw '-5 , :.g:gx :ff ef 1:5-:Em-5.2.53 - :M iff' . . .,.. p1.V::V:'- 11114 r giggsisigf 1,V,. F2Ef:5525E55Q-i 5525? 5V5,155f"'i1f'Y ' 31533235525:151555352355233,5555sggzgagagsgsggggisizia, ,,, i .... 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VVVVVV.. t .x.-W.. .... it-.. -. ff .4 .y .. 2- 'Y .. .. .... :t'-:ff- V-if 5 is -ml... wvmwizwf.: mfs:5:2s:s:s:1f::s:aaszfixazfvqefm--1-:ffs gm, ,,,,,,,,. . 9551- : ,... :tgygigiesze-vefyfggbs mQ,2.:5.-:F-mm-:-X +..-1:-zz-:Q-:-Q:-1-:-:V-1-:-14:-:-ww.,:.a.:.1:f::-sxs- ::a..::-f- I3, '-::s:fgzg1gagggeg:1 , '- ' """' .g-g+::-:1 , - " :ge:g.5g' gg :2e5sgzg1:a::g:-:Vz ,::,' Q'-.' --5 5?:'f92wSs2,wVa:1:::::zfni5?3:,,-ff-:.,, , "-- :sv-.::: 35f2Q-' ' W Some folks get the idea that qirl's who are in P.E. classes just learn to be Amazons. Gaze on the artistic poses here to disprove that notion. Believe it or not, this is a class. Boy's P.E. isn't always this much lun, but you can't expect to be a big strong man 1 . . I if you dont exeicise.. Hey fellows, 1et's enroll in this class X . 1- w4:s, " X' ' VW ff ' ' ww Z .2 4 " " 4 'A gill, L . A 1 U40 f 'Zi r. 4' 1 ff, Cy' ,H11"' XM 7 f-if 9 , V1 ' :O . itil. l . f.. I ' ' ' Y ' - 'mf . f,,,,' VI: ",.1-,Jjf-, I II I iiiliffiii 'H 4, I A fl 4 W 4.1 ,yr 'H' 1 0 W WJY' JJ, I 'ff af' X 'QW 'www , X 'Ml' jf ' lg! 2 ,. if rx ' I - v H miiggiiiiilfgfx i N"'Lvl-AlW44-1 uv S Mmkwxiyybwu b 38 Former "Civic Auditorium"-now our very own gym This has been a banner year for athletics here at Adrian. Not only have our teams been unusually successful, but we have Mxdlso' been fortunate that this year, after year's of trying to accomblish what often seemed impossible, the gymnasium has finally been completed so that we now have remodeling possible, but only the untiring efforts of Dr. Harrison secured the funds and straightened out the many legal tangles in the way. 39 The Best Football Team In Years First row: Moran, Willnow, Bales, Lubiarz, Kafer, Schultz, Ford McGinnis, Willey, Knick, Schultz, Anderson, I. Campbell, Mgr Second row: Coach Boyett, Croll, McCrary, Stuk, Slivenski, Birch- field, Stafford, Ohrman, Henry, Bastien, O'De-ll, Tuck, Loehrke, Haas, trainer. Third row: Ienkins, Gibson, Wheeler, Gannon, Steudle, Antico Hawkins, Plate, Scott, Niebauer, Lee, Brown, ' Swoish Kraieovic, Sampson, Shea. I , 40 I Il. ll . 1 u J-aff We may have won only three games, but we took that big one-Homecoming. the first time in years. , THE RECORD Adrian Opponent Olivet Grand Rapids I.C. Defiance Kalamazoo Hillsdale CHomecomingJ Rose Poly Alma Albion Hope TOTAL A We tound ourselves right in the middle of a rip-roainrq basketball season. all oi a sudden We Just got over being thrilled about football, when X Hot Qver Mm 0 when Ill Cheer Leaders Deluxe What's all the shouting for? Part of the upsurge in athletic spirit this year must be accredited to our peppy cheerleaders. Here they are: lim Snell. Ivah Graves, Ioyce Ecklund. Ioyce Damon. 43 ey Werenlt Beaten n Their Qwn Floor I. Campbell, Mgr. Gene Deuel, Nate Martin, Mike Slivenski, Iohn Cavas. Harold Dukes, lim Smith, Bob Ohrman. lack Birchfield, Hugh Moran, Coach Boyett. Not only did Adrian achieve third place in the M.I.A.A., but it won a place in the NI-XII tournament at Kansas City. The team averaged 70 points per game, and reached 97 in one. Two victories -one over Kalamazoo and one over Albion-marked the first tilne an Adrian team had defeated either school in 27 contests. ,,Another win was the iirst over Alma on the Scots home floor since 1906. Coach Boyett did a fine job with a young team. The season record was 18 wins and 7 loses. Adrian scored 1732 points to the opponents 1501-a good record anywhere. ' 44 K we fff The Record Toledo Hillsdale Assumption Aquinas Rose Poly Olivet Cleary Kalamazoo Alma Assumption Defiance Albion Hope Northern Michigan Aquinas Hillsdale Hope Kalamazoo Alma - Albion Defiance Cleary Olivet D.l.T. East Texas 47 55 64 53 54 56 92 61 65 58 84 68 76 60 62 50 80 87 41 88 51 29 63 63 57 45 The long and the short, of H eil- .. .-W, ,Z f 7 5 Track Team j Iohn McCrary. Steve Andrews, lack Birchfield, Russ McGinnis, Fred Klemm. Harold Dukes, Bill Pinell, lim Smith, Iack Budgis, Ron Ienkins. Coach Boyett. Iim Preston, lim Sampson, Ierry Ward, George Henry, Ass't Coach. 1 4 4 4 1 5 1 . E . I i 1 1 1 gl. ! 'E 3 7 RECORD Adrian Opponent 92 V2 Spring Arbor 29 V2 85 Defiance 25 81 Olivet 19 75 V2 Alma 55 V2 69 V2 Kalamazoo 64 V2 67 Detroit 63 71 V2 Ohio Northern 51 V2 Defiance The cross-country track team. ofvwhich no picture was available won 5 E meets and finished second in the M.I.A.A. llllzl ' "' 2 o . I -If ' Cl ,-A X ' W eff? Iohn Fountain, Dickie Lackie, Ierry Bender Pete Carroll, Bill Green, Coach Boyett, Don Rutherford The tennis team had bad luck and won only one meet a non- conference engagement with Lawrence Tech. Iohn Cavas, Bud Bennett, Coach Boyett, Bob Forbes The Golf Team iust cou1dn't get going and didn't register a win. A Typical Intramural Team Hind a Winner, Tool Intramural sports play a big part in the lives of most gi.rls at Adrian. No one kept statistics on how many took part and who won what for us to use in the MOUND. but ask any girl and she'll give you her version of who should get all the honor, regardless ot the scores. 48 The second annual All-College picnic was a big success even if it was so cold that only the hardiest souls dared go swimming. Volley-ball, tennis, nature-trail hiking, and food combined to give every- one something to do both before and alter the most essential part of a picnic-iood. Prize for batting form went to the Dean H o ri o r s for pitf hmq w e r e d i v 1 d e d b e- tween Dr. Har- rison and Don- na Kelsey, with the I a c u l t y pitcher winning out on the basis of score. Bud Bennett and Bob O h r rn a n who joined the fa- c u 1 t y just in t i m e f o r 1 h e g a m e m i q ht have been a factor in the win. t R lg int .wife :W Hu: ll Ik u I n. Wim IQHHY PM R We Bud if-dn lwh 'Pe fi 'N in lb! the 'might 'FM mike The season marked the revival of a class in Play Production. The group augmented by volunteers Presented GOWN of GLORY. The cast included Rev. Davis Lyall ,....,,,.,..,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ron Willnow Mary Lyall, his wife ...... ,,,,,,.,,, L orrie Schultz Ieremy Lyall ............... ......... I im Bowden Faith Lyall ............... .,,.,,,.,,., I vah Graves LUCY Lyall ...... ........ D aisy Crumback Ninian Ross ....... ........... R ichard Croll Mr. Boss ........ ..,,...... I ohn Wynn Mrs. Ross ....... ............ I o Baran .Mrs. Ienkins ............, ..... A nn Butcher Iohn Ienkins ............... .......... B ob Robb Peggy McDonald .,..... ......, I oyce Damon Iohn Harvey ...,......... ............ B ill Deighton Minnie Masters ........ .Sandy Schultz Mr. Dilling ,,,,,,.,.,,,,,, Willard Schultz Iosiah Hunt .................. -.-Alex Kcrragas Colonel Henderson ....... ..... G ary Corbin Mrs. Faraday .............. .......... l OYCG Smith Mrs. Crombie .......... ........... B etsy Pruitt Mrs. Bellamy ........ Oliver Coates ...................................... .................. --Gwen Iohnson .--...Bob Peverly Art Antonelli and Ned Spencer acted as stage crew and property managers. Dr. McKeehan directed the play. 11 51 nr ' , - ..,,, , ,Women's Athletic Association ll'he mostlvigorously active group of girls on the campus is to be found in W.A.A. Here they are: Cleft to rightb , , First row: Ann Butcher, Doris Heyn, Miss Elizabeth Menzi, Millie Hawthorne, Barbara Grimes. Second row:'Pat Saunders, Iackie Mills, Ioyce Eklund, Barbara Douglas, Cheril Slayton, Barbara - Moeller, Barbara Forbes. - Third row: 'lvah Graves, Daisy Crumback, Virginia Munk, Io Baran, .Connie .Montoya, Wilma FoffYf ,Gwen Johnson. ' B ' M ' B P A ' 52 1 4 f y f if fi , .fy 4 . "QW 217, 3232: tx im be Letterman's Club Sealed: Hugh Moran, Lowell Kafer, Sian Plate, Fuss McGinnis, Steve Andrews, Ron Willnow, Roger Bastien, Vic Ford, Bud Bennett. Standing: Art Antonelli, Frank Denny, Tom Gannon, Vaughn Fathbun, Merrill Bales, lack Birchfield, Dick Croll, Ron Ienkins, Walter Schultz, Willard Schultz, lim DeMarais, Iohn Cavas, Bill ' Pinnell, Bob Ohrman, Larry Brown. P.E'. Majors and Minors First row: John Cavas, Miss Menzi CWomen's Directorl, Coach Boyett, Millie Hawthome, Bill Pinnell, Madelon Leech. Second row: Barb Douglas, Ron Lahman, Ivah Graves, Bud Bennet, Willi Ireland. Student Council These folks help to plan the social program and are active in all affairs of interest primarily to students in a non-academic way. They discuss all sorts of problems and are otten able to iron out diliiculties, which are usually nothing more than misunderstandings. To be a member of this group is a real honor. n Seated: Bob Robb, President: Io Baran, Senior representative: Daisy Crumback, Sophomore representative and secretary: Bon Willnow, Vice-president. Standing: Iohn Cavas, Iunior representative: Russ McGinnis, Freshman representative. 54 Interiraternity Council Seated: Ralph Bennett, Io Baran, Dean Wilson, Hugh Moran, Willi Ireland. Standing: Ed Winter, Ron Tuck, lack Williams, Wally Rentsch. Seated: President Harrison, Mrs. Harrison, Dr. Rogers, Lorrie Schultz, Gwen Iohnson, Wilma Forry. Standing: Dean Wilson, Dr. Babbitt, Dr. Clifford, Gary Corbin, Edie Buffett, Bill Brentlinger, Iohn Cavas, Bud Bennett. Campus Religious Council 55 MW Dining Hall Committee Gary Corbin, Betsy Pruitt, Ioyce Whit- more,, Mrs. Pellowe, Daisy Crumback, Barbara D'ouglas Metcalf Hall Officers Russ McGinnis, Willard Schultz, Ierry Bender, Pres., Bill Lewis South Hall Officers Ginny Munk,' Betsy Pruitt, Mrs. Pellowe, Doris Heyn, President, Phyllis Salmon. Barbara Rockwell f n Social Committee This group, made up of representatives oi all organizations on the cam u - A p fs works with the faculty and Student Union to keep the social calendar full and without conflicts. It also takes up other matters of general interest to students h ' ' ' ' ' ' suc as surveying study difficulties and sunilar problems. Seated: Iohn Cavas, Doug Clapper, Bob Robb, Rodger Ferguson. Standin g: Pat Saunders, Ginny Munk, Io Baran, Mrs. Pellowe, Russ McGinnis, Doris Heyn, Willi Ireland, Phyllis Salmon, Miss Menzi. 57 ,... ,.... ...,,..,. . . ,. ., ,, . .... , ....,. , ,V , ,I ,I Sigma Alpha Epsilon Proud owners of the "Hut," these S.A.E.'s are active in all campus activities. First row: Doug Kane, Dick Siegrist, Vic Ford, Roger Bastien. Second row: lim Milliken, Walter Schultz, Eminent Archon Art Antonelli, Willard Schultz, Gene Deuel. Third row: Bill Lewis, 'Cuz' Karagas, Dick Croll, Bill Pinnell, Bob Ohrman, Bob Forbes. 58 I 'C 'M f I """'w-.Q +.......f' W! ff' sw- ff' 'QR 'pin' KJ 'E 9 Alpha Tau Omega Seated Dick VanDoren I B d lm ow en Doc McKeehan Ron Willnow Tom Hewitt Ron Ienkins Standing Dean Wells Dick Lackie Ixm Patterson Ca O St P rr A ci R Cavas Worthy Master Ed Winters eve n rews on Tuck lohn 51.00 Pledges Seated: Ed Bust, Don Harlan, Ron Cappon, lim Carlson, Fred Chaparro, Bill Gardiner. Standing: Carl Dukes, Bob Bliss, Gary Stanley, Chuck Koller, Iack Brown, Art Abbey. These are the boys who inhabit Cornelius House. There are very iew Campus activities which aren't weli represented by Pl.T.O.'s. American Commons Club The A.C.C. group is the smallest fraternal organiza- tion on the campus, but the members are all active sup- porters of all phases oi campus lite. The club rooms are down town. Seated: Harold Baker, President Iack Williams, Ray Barnes. Standing: Iim Preston, Dick Sunderland, Mark Iulian, Rodger Ferguson, Russ McGinnis, Bob Simmons 60 P 'awe Q5 -:nf Chi Psi Omega The only social sorority on the campus is this group of CPO's. They meet in the South Hall Club rooms and provide a good share oi the dormitory pep. Seated: Willi Ireland, Ida Ford, Lorrie Schultz, Phyllis Salmon, Darlene Lear, Gwen Johnson Standing: Mary Sinclair, Milli Hawthorne, Io Baran, Sandy Schultz, Ioyce Damon. 61 4 Alpha Delta Chi This organization is composed oi g'rls who are especially interested in some form ot Christian service. They meet at the Harrison home. Seated: Dawn Hiemstra, Mrs. Harrison, Io Baran, Barb Bauman, Mrs. Webster, Betsy Pruitt. Standing: Cheril Slayton, Connie Seiter, Vaneita Elliott, Wilma Forry, Ginny Munk, Barb Forbes, Gwen lohnson, Willi Ireland. College Christian Fellowship Every Sunday evening the CCF meets either in Metcalf or the Maior Cole Chapel tor fellowship and discussion. Seated: Wally Rentsch, Dawn Hiemstra, Lorrie Schultz, Betsy Pruitt, Cheril Slayton, Bill Brentlinger. Standing: Ioyce Eklund, Barb Douglas, Ed VanHartesvelt, Io Baran, Barb Forbes, Iackie Mills. TZ-TY! ff f f 1 '-uf? Z 1' , Major Cole Association Here under the picture of the man in honor of whom the organization is named are the MCA boys, all of whom expect to enter full-time Christian service, usually in the ministry. First row: DT. Clifford, Ray Barnes, Gary Corbin, Bob Peverly, Don Vogel. Second row: Bob Simmons, Earl Eden, Wayne Berridge, Ed VanHartesve1t, Bill Brentlinger, Bob Robb Third row: Gerald Bender, Tom Wright, Bill Waara, Iim Snell. 63 N W 'l M lr S l L 1 Chorus They render real service three times a Week all year: Band The band deserves a better picture than this, but . . . First row: Donna Kelsey, Dee Lear, Dick Sunderland, Carl Dukes, Gary Corbin, Tom Wright. Second row: Vaneita Elliott, Ida Ford, Ginny Munk, Bob Robb. Third row: Behind Baritone-Bob Freydl, Ray Shoup, Music 'Club They're trying to .look digni- fied. but they have fun: Wally Rentsch, Gerald Bender, Barb Douglas. Daisy Crumback, Ioyce Whit- more, Al Bender, Margaret Lamming, Ioyce Damon, Dr. Spencer. Lett to right: Mark Iulian, Ray Barnes, Harry Smith, Al Bender, Gerald Bender, Ellis Brinnon, Norma Pifer, Barb Douglas, Ioyce Whitmore, Wally Rentsch, Cheril Slayton, Margaret Lamming, Dawn Hiemstra, Daisy Crumback, Ioyce Damon. 6 rf .6 , 'a 'l w yi ,,. W A494 Z'f3:3f'V:9f' Lf Stlzwi' Ju? " fZ,:1i4:X9 'V 1 MZ?-f:::,:1.:1 1 '?5ZE?'?f'E5f . Ygfiffv ' ::'mfe1a,:' V - -115,1 .1 .:. .- .5: , , -gagfgf, .12 -I-vt 1' 1-'7.'f.' iw JMMH ' -251 , -1 , ' IW - -, - Esnw S TV? 'T ir- -ss : Q l if ligv X? ' ff L: S: 'fr :T :- "Yi, . :' i:j,j2:i:Q' fi Lewin ""' Z I - ii2-.LlS5:5.5:21i12'1iri3E . , '.4Ii5Jl2I'2.2 ll '-'.. 1 1 'f"' 1 14:40 'f .- 1:?1f4fz1':? 255522 iihh 2 -1 Z LITERARY LANGUAGE .es Q ben 2 Z -..f ' 'W-my 1 X. ,, 'X f,,fV"H'v,, f A but fly V fn Nvflq 4' 'Cf " I J'1f 4 fy eww, Lf. ff ,ff ,, aff- fu , HMT s ,w ,,, ' D ff. .e, Elem Dick f .W t 5' ' mllcoyhin L 1 ' ' - ' ull' "A1l0tt,1d ' , DQR G Fwd' gt 'f fa , Bfrntoxngoh y fy. ..,, ,.,,, "" o look digni. I. 121 Ioyce Wml 51 lub .A fl .-mer, Barb f agp, .ffff I 1 2222 lcmminq. German Club First row: Miss Lowry, Wally Rentsch, Ellis Brinnon, Tom Wright. Second row: Ed Vanl-Iartesvelt, Don Strohl, Mark Julian, Earl Eden, Iohn Gault. Spanish Club Gerald Bender, Miss Lowry, Connie Montoya, Carl Dukes. Lambda Phi First row: Wally Rentsch, Rodger Ferguson, Miss Thomas, Gary Corbin. Second row: Earl Eden, Bill Brentlinger, Mark Iulian, lack Williams. lournalists From time to time all of these folks served on the World Staii, most oi them a.s part of their course in iournalism. g Seated: Victor Ford, Ron Willnow, Dick Lackie, Iim Patterson, Editor, Rodger Ferguson, Lorrie Schultz, Dean Wells. Standing: lack Brown, Pete Carroll, Dick VanDoren, Dr. McKeehan, Dick Croll, Bud Bennett, Bill Pinnell, Hugh Moran, lim DeMarais. 66 "'C'-:Y 'mx More Iournalists The Mound would have reached you sooner if the staff had been a bit larger or ii these people hadn't been so busy. Seated: Tom Wright, 'Doc' McKeehan, Ron Willnow. Standing: Willi Ireland, Ann Butcher, Cheril -Slayton, Betsy Pruitt. 67 X, at :ll lllllllllllllllu Classes College classes, especially in a work college and one Where the percentages of commuting and married students are large, don't usually have a great deal oi group loyalty. d Adrian classes, however. do seem to have lots oi group spirit and have had some very successlul parties and .dances this year. 'QP ,,-Z IVAH GRAVES IO BARAN MADELON LEECH Secretary-Treasurer President Vice-President Senior Class Officers The members of the class of '53 are now alumni. It wasn't a large class. but, when we consider the large number oi its ionner membership who are in service in Korea and other places all over the world, we realize that cr fine proportion of those who could stayed around to graduate. Some of the 53ers are going to be missed, ior a number oi rea- sons, and the class oi '57 will never know what it might have known. 69 IOANNIZ BAHAN ADX: WAA: Music Club: Depuiatiori Teams: CCF lSec-Treas., Motive Repre- sentativel: Sec.-Treas. of Junior Class: President ol Senior Class: House Coun- cil: World Staff CSociety Editorl: Chi Psi Omega CSocial Chairman, Presi- dentl: Interfraternity Council tSec- Treas.l: Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities: WAA Outstand- ing Senior Woman. BLAIRE BOHS Science Club fSec.-Treas.l: College Players: Sec.-Treasr. of Sophomore Class: Intramurals. ELLIS BRINNON German Club: Supply Pastor BARBARA BROWN Home Economics Club fPublicity Chair- manl: Science Club: Chi Psi Omega CPublicity Chairmanl. RICHARD BUTLER IOYCE D'AMON Cheerleader CCaptainl: M u s i c Club tPublicity Chairman, Presidentl: Chi Psi Omega CSecretaryJ: C h a p e l Choir: Choir: Who's Who In American Col- leges and Universities: College Players: World Staff. WILLIAM DEIGHTON Alpha Tau Omega: Camera Club: Col- lege Players: Varsity Track: Letter- man's Club: Intramurals. lOHN GAULT College Married Couples Club CEdito1' of Paperl: German Club CPresidentJ: CCF. IVAH GRAVES WAA CProject Chairman, Intramural Chairmanl: Intramurals: Girls Varsity Basketball: CCF CTreasurerD: World Staff: Athletic Council: Campus Reli- gious Council: College Band: Campus Social Committee: Adrian College Players: Senior Class Sec.-Treas.: ADX CSec.-Treas.J: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Dining Hall Committee: Student Union Secretary: Cheerleader. llllqtion Repre. Cluss: e Com "lf Chi Presi. 1 tsec. Q11 Col. Ulstqnd. couege phomfite if Chair. Omega ' n I Chi Psi 5 Choir: CCF- Col- ' Plqffefs: lub: Col- rf Letter- : -Editor Fresidentl: hzzziurul s Varsity World agus Heli' M Cczxptw Cclleqe ns: ADX P.-.iewll tt.,-TQHGH 5.y::etG-'Yi 3 71 THOMAS HEWITT Intramurals: Varsity Football: Track fCaptainl: and Cross-Country tCaptainl: Alpha Tau Omega lSocial Chairmanl: l.etterrnan's Club. 'OBIS HFYN WAA lSocial Chairman, Vice-Presidentl: ADX: Choir: Social Committee: Chem- istry Lab Assistant: Intramurals: South Hall President: Archery. ROBERT HORNER Science Club: Biology Lab Assistant. RONALD IENKINS Varsity Football: Intramurals: Alpha Tau Omega tAthletic Director, Worthy Scribel. DEAN PARROTT Chapel Choir: Student Pastor PHYLLIS SALMON PATRICIA SAUNDERS WAA lSocial Chairman: World Staff CFeature and Associate Editorl: ADX lAttendance Marshalll: Sec.-Treas. of Freshman Class: House Council lSecre- taryl: Intramurals: Archery: D'eputa- tion Teams: CCF. LORRAINE SCHULTZ Chi Psi Omega tSongleader, Rush Chair- manl: WAA tSongleaderJ: Intramurals: Girls' Varsity Basketball: CCF CMotive Representative, Vice-Presidentl: Music Club: Chorus: Chapel Choir: World Staff lSociety Editorl: Campus Social Committee: Campus Religious Council: fpanisi Club lPresidentl: Adrian Col- lege Players: Deputation Teams. ROBERT SCHURMAN Student Pastor did not have pictures taken: ARTHUR ANTONELLI German Club tPresidentD: Varsity Base ball: Intramurals: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon CEminent Archonl: Iunior Class Pres ident: Social Committee: Student Coun- cil: Dining Hall Committee: Letter- man's Club: Interfraternity Council. RALPH BENNETT Letterman's Club: Sigma Alpha Epsilan: Interfraternity Council tPresidentl. KEITH BOVEE Major Cole CSec.-Treas.l: Intramurals: CCF: Student Pastor. DOROTHY DAVIS College Choir: Chi Psi Omega: WAA: Intramurals: Music Club. NED SPENCER Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Intramurals: Adrian College Players. DONALD STROHL Student Pastor: Committee Member "What is a Christian College?" NELL TOWNSEND Transfer Student from Cleveland Bible College: Church Work in Adrian Friends Church. IACK WILLIAMS American Commons Club KPresidentl: Interfraternity Council: Intramurals. RAYMOND DUNCAN College Work Program ALEXANDER KARAGAS Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Intramurals: MADELON LEECH Adrian College Players. Vice-President of Sophomore, Iunior, and Senior Class: Science Club tVice- Presidentl: Homecoming Court K3 yearsj: WAA Nice-Presidentl: Executive Secre- tary of Student Union: Varsity Tennis: Varsity Basketball: Intramuralsq WALTER SCHULTZ Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Varsity Football and Golf: Intramurals. Lungs: Iember l Bible Hdrigm Sidentlp als, -, X153 HMM! X ,af W, F 32 egg 4 ly. ,ly fag .mf Z, A ,, y I, Zrff ,L - ,wg , X mf ' f ,fg,.ga .4 1 .' - ,1 ' , :'1'Eg1-, ff . . . - f 2 , - 1 1' " 1 f I .' fmy,.-.-19--.-14---v ' , '-A' , . ...',1-2:1-',,:1w'1-6-''::w,+:f,.wv:1.x-.:-ns'-' E?z,r5EE2.-If . 4. 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Our class. of '54, is no exception. The only difference is that we ARE iust as studious as the seniors Cwe won't claim staidnessl, we have iust as much fun as the silly sophs or the foolish forsh. and WE KNOW that the world is breathlessly awaiting our talents. Wayne Berridge Gary Corbin Rodger Ferguson Mildred Hawthorne Wilma Ireland Tai Kim Iamee Patterson Elizabeth Pruitt Raymond Shoup Iohn Smith Mary Smith Richard Van Doren Dean Wells Ronald Willnow : VKX xx. xx M E V 5 fl ' 122251, Am, -.-., ..-.., . . . , Q ..., .iam .,., ':Af:1:ais212'2'i'...z--sssffgsfsi X X ..... Q ,.i. :"' '-'-:-1-:-:-:-:-km ::::-: .-.ce .-5.-,-wi. fi.-x.. Ax lSi iii iii uuurr 1,:,:,:.5:3'f. QDNQEQEQ '-:1:1:::m::a:, . 1:5:5:5:5:1.'-1.5555555255 - 'X S "" . f-5555525 .M-.-::::::s::m:::4. mr, nz.:-:M-11 z ,, 1 1 . : - ,:-: -:Zi ': -ZH:-:-:-:i:j35S:::E5:i:5:5:f:EESSQ-I-T264-:-: 3 '- -:,,-mf:-1514:me-z.:-3:4-:Q , ,T 4 ..,. I IW2?:a?:54??SE:::E:1:1:4,I:1:1:2:IE15252:IEr?1E2E25EiE2E2E1E1E2?:E2ff2-2' .:,:.::6i:.:N,.Eg ,,f, V. .ELA fifff' -"': it ,, ---.. 1' za- :1:,1:"g:g:1: 74 NN Juniors who did not have their pictures taken Iames Bowden Iohn Cavas Gerald Campbell Daisy Crumback Iames DeMarais Eugene Deuel Iohn Fountain Mary Glancy Barbara Grimes Mildred Hawthorne William Hodge Richard Lackie Hugh Moran Robert Peverly William Pinnell Robert Robb Mary Sinclair Harry Smith Ronald Tuck Richard Wiegert Edward Winter Marcus Woodard 75 .Sophomore Officers There is a little poem we used to say in high school the general idea of which was that you can always tell a sophomore, but you can never tell him much. How true! There is nothing that we can think of off hand that we need to be told. We are undoubtedly the smartest, as well as the best looking class, that Adrian has had in a longtime. Poor Adrian, after 1956 we will be gone. A ' 76 Iohn Antico Robert Badgley Raymond Barnes Gerald Bender lack Birchiield Bill Brentlincjer Ann Butcher Gwen Johnson Bill Lewis Iames Mohler Connie Montoya Mel Oberst Cap Orr Wally Rentsch A Jerald Rice rchard Steudle B111 Waara Thomas Wnght Sophomores who clid not have their plcturea taken. Stove Axrclxevm Goorqo Barber Richard Buxton Ronald Cappon Earl Eden Vanoita Elliott Ida Ford Victor Ford Larry Goodes Donald Harlan Homer Iulian Ronald Lahman Darlene Lear Iames Lilly Robert Ohrman Iames Preston Sandra Schultz Larry Smith Richard Sunderland .78 Freshman Gfflcers Vrrginicr Munk Bob Bliss Russ McGinnis Merrill Bales Allen Bender Bob Bliss Floyd Brown lack Brown I crmes Carey Ictmes Carlson Pete Carroll Ida Clough Iune Coleman Robert Connin Frank Denney Ioyce Eklund Elaine Evans Barbara Forbes Wilma Forry Roger Frazier Bill Green Dawn Hiemstra Lowell Kafer Douglas Kane Donna Kelsey Paul Krajnovic Margaret Lamming Ann Langschxed I ackre Mills EF , .,'. 1 r i ' Est--illf.. : Barbara Maallaf 2 ' '- - I ' -a-. ' f ' .1 if 1:5-' ' Ginny Munk Norma Piier Vaughn Rathbun Donald Reetz Gerald Schurig Barbara Schwalm Connie Seiter Cheril Slayton Iames Smith Iames Snell Bob Snyder Gary Stanley Ed VanHartesvelt Joyce Whitmore Freshmen who did not have their pictures taken. Arthur Abbey Caroline Albrecht Larry Anderson Roger Bastien Barbara Bauman Patricia Bernhardt Wallace Boshaw Mary Brown Larry Brown Iack Budgis Douglas Clapper Burton Dennis Barbara Douglas Carl Dukes Margaret Foltz Robert Forbes Dan Frazier A Iudy Galloway Thomas Gannon William Gardiner Iames Sampson Iames Silberhom Robert Simmons Mike Slivensky lean Stacey Iohn Stafford David Stuk Grant Swift Iames Swoish Donald Vogel Gerald Ward Iohn Wynn Ioyce Hinson Mark Iulian Fred Klemm Iulian Lippons Duane Loehrke Iohn McCrary Russ McGinnis Ruthmary McKean Nat Martin James Milliken Ronald Nichols lames Niebauer Vemon O'Dell A D'onald Rutherford Advertising The staff of the Mound wishes to express its gratitude to the following business firms whose interest in the College and its students have helped to make this yearbook possible. Their congratulations to the graduating seniors are received with appreciation. ' N83 .FEI glzga- - ' Congratulations, Graduates of the Class of 1953 YCJU'VE A GREAT FUTURE "Cor1groItu1cItions on successful completion of your college course May the future brin ou Health, Q Y Happiness, and Prosperity" ADRIAN STATE SAVINGS BANK COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK LENAWEE COUNTY SAVINGS BANK ADRIAN. MICHIGAN Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ' Members oi Federal Reserve System THE TALK OF THE CAMPUS 1 HE HUB CLOTH! G COOPERATING WITH YOU IN EVERY RESPECT ON THE FOUR CORNERS S. S. STULL IEWELER 136-140 South Main Street ADRIAN. MICHIGAN HART? and BAILEY 141 S. Main "THE REXALL DRUG STORE" Prescriptien Specialists KODAKS - FILMS - CANDY COMPLIMENTS OF gfzczyewaq ,hwy EAT AT EXCELLENT FOODS The Elhsons AT U.s. 223 and M-sz est ate omlra ompany CLOTHIERS AND F URNISHERS North Mdin Adrian, Michigan - 4 f ' . .. , . f f, , , .w,f,W,.,WW!.m, vmwfrf . ,,,, X , , '4 Z " rf .... A "'- -- ' -" 1 ,. ..WV A. gf 441,-,ffefyw 10-,4'1':'Q. 6' v'f. '-r1?:"f-ws., .4., if ' ,U 1 "V' f V- , 4,4 ,,2j0,A?f!!,:!7-3 .-Aff, , .. .-we ,, . ., -,f ,, ...- . .... f , .. ff f ' Mifwyfyff WM M, f f , , ll, ff! ff!!! f,,,,l,,f,W I Q ff' f f Q11 f ffff , ff if f ' 4 4 ff '4 M ' 'Hf fff ZW f 1 fy, M , Q41 X, , , , , ff , 2, ,, WX I , I ,W 42, ffj, I, "2,5,h f,,'f ,ff i ' ff , fry' f 'fffwf 176' ff w f ff .f y f fx ff f 4 1 ,,f,fy,f 5 0 ffffzf ,J 'QU Wfgff' Q4 " A ffff ,f ' f 41 X ffffff fff ZWW 0 , f , X50 aff ,AX ffifrjf , 'fofflf 7 2 17, QV, 1" ,, 4 , ff 4,1 fi f f 4 ffff ,,, ff,f 1 ff , f,fff X ff ff! ' M1 f ' f ff f f , ',.e4"f,fQpf ff , ' ,f f 1 Z' ff KZN fc offyfcwffzy! 5 7, f 9 f vi ,off 54 , f,f,, ,f f ,yon M f , , f .W , 1 , f f 4 1 4 -' f , , 4 if 1 f in every year there ll RKER Vw v-,.I ,i.:-,1:s!5asafs:S2s:f: f f i ' ',.. 'i,.f:w' :,- 2 "" 'T-fi:aT:1?2?S . ..rV A q ivibi '11A 1-n X V ff ff 011 66. 3 54162: 1-5 ' . " , -"- MH -. r.... Z" cram. M'52E55f55f5"::fZffffEffs::I:gffW' 9 . 444, f "'r' 49 bjffqrvqyyf' QM -ffvhi ' M' I f X ff My mg, ,gf f ,C 143 N f f 4 f 9 fq, X pw. f w eq N6 f 1 , 4 +zWf::wf..-..-rw-1 ,hw '39 N- ..,',S, s f fu, 4215: ''-:s::::2:5:,:r'1-'',"- N , ' ,M 541, f f, ,Yfff,,f 4 49 ff ,rc ff' M Q ff ef, fff 4 1 1 f 9 Q f ff f fy., I WM ff '12 QQ SLE f 4 I ff ,Zip J sw eff X ,fa ,Z ffnff if s Q, ,Q , 4, ff ,, 4, afn, y 1 f +1 0 off, , sf W ff " " 44 iffy' iff 9" ' 1 f A 1 ' N5 Vffif n s 0, , ,,, f ,,v fi 4 J Q Q' A , BONDERITE--corrosion resistant paint base PARCO COMPOUND - rust resistant PARCO LUBRITE-wear resistant for friction surfaces fwf 'FBonderite, Bonderlube, Parco, Parco Lubrite-Reg. US. Pat. Of - RUST PROOF COMPANY Detroit ii, Michigan West Side Service 804 W. MAUMEE A PHONE 1562 KIGEEPS 5.235 ADRIAN'S BIG STORE FOR DAD AND LAD -1 .41 ' ,vf vi' W-2:-wa2z521zz:5:5:3:sw-1-f-"1-"'"W'ly"7 , V 72,317 .,:.- -fzvfffv ' ----A" , . 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Suggestions in the Adrian College - Mound Yearbook (Adrian, MI) collection:

Adrian College - Mound Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Adrian College - Mound Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Adrian College - Mound Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Adrian College - Mound Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Adrian College - Mound Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Adrian College - Mound Yearbook (Adrian, MI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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