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.4-. K I w ' 1 x ' gf ,sf 'Q ' F311 .w 2' v ' 1 ,k,"3a: h ,rv 14:7 5 'mg-7 f A P wg' . 'iff .S 1 ,fi 4 ,gg , ' 'ew : 1 441 JT' -. 55 . I 7 f X V 'V ,Lb A 1 I , 'K' 4.7 '1 f L' 1 kia , 'ff " A rv x QQ, if Sv! 1 V, W sr K 1 J' -54 3 x 1 4 , . 1 . X 'E is A if ,W 1 . 'xx .x If 1 Q W a s sf I 3 U 1 mg J. i g 1-if 9' ,V 15 g 5 -4,4 .z:. ,mf c-f-'N , 1 2 2 ' .wx ,",z'. affix xiii ,,j...-,1, 1 , '1 -15' 'EEF Q TY? 1--42. iff' i : JV,-f.-5 my-3 "-"YJ . 'N ' ,1 Sq: , 3,1 if- V .. .71 L12 gf N .ri , . ,FQ '- .iff . - ,Adv 51, .nd i 'U U N 5 s 5, RYRNQ x, lj, w l members living on campus was sent to the old New York Central station to meet the new music teacher and his wife, who were arriving on the evening train. When the train arrived the 01'11Y persons getting off were a fellow and girl looking much too Young to be teachers, so the older instructor went back to the college leaving Dr. and Mrs. lames HOUSTON their first View of the community stranded on the New York Central Depot p1CIif01'm- next 32 years "Doc" and his charming wife have become known and admired area. Dr. Spsncer's fame rests not upon one but upon several points: his out- as an artist on the piano and organ: his thorough knowledge and appreciation of music and the ability to impart that knowledge to others: his genius as a composer: and 1115 explosive exterior covering a keen sense of humor and a deep philosophy of life centered UPOH the integrity and worth of every individual. . I 0 t4 On a warm september evening in 1921 one of the faculty Spencer to get D'uring the throughout the standing talent "Iimmy" as he is known to his many friends is a graduate of the New England Conservato1'Y of Music, has spent several summers at the MacDowel1 Artists Colony at Peterboro. New I-IamP' shire, and traveled in Europe on a Cromwell Fellowship. His compositions included many SOHQS' orchestral suites, student compositions, and an elaborate- lyrical fantasy entitled The Song of Solo- man. Not only because of his artistry but because of his friendship and his loyalty to Adrian C01- lege the Mound for 1952 is dedicated in his honor. alfle of Cmwul lntroduction .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, g ,,,,, A 7 North Hall History ,,..,,, ,,,,,,,, ll Cffices of Administration ,,.,.,,, ,,,,, l 2 L Faculty L ......,......4..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 4 South and Metcalf Hall History .... ., ......... 21' Senior 'Class ,,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ......... 2 2 Iunior Class .......... ..... - 27 Sophomore Class ....... ..... 2 9 Freshman Class ...,.. ......... 3 l Library History ..................,. .... ......... 3 7 Student Union. ..............,..........,,......,,.,,, ......... 3 8 Metcalf and -South Hall ccunciis 39 lntertraternity Council .........i......... 40 , Campus Religious Council ....... .... '40 Dining Hall Committee ............ 4 ..... 4l Social Committee ............... ..... 4 l 'Chi Psi Omega Sorority ............................ ......... 4 2 American Commons Club Fraternity ..... ..... 4 3 Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity ................ ......... 4 4 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity ...... - ......... 45 Science Club A .... L ............................ ......... 4 6 Music Club .......... ......... 4 6 Language Clubs .......... I ................ ......... 4 7 Lambda Phi Literary Society ......... ......... 4 7 Choir , ............................................... ......... 4 3 College Christian Fellowship ..... ------.. 4 3 ' Ccontinued t I PC1993 ' " -fs-L ',:-fiqifi-"W'1:jv4j1f'l,, 3, 34. V. 5.1 Q.. -ry Q 1- . Q. ,Jr-, A 4 Y ,A U I A l g Z 1 'Eau-.': '2'S " 'al 'wtf' , :N Vg:-5 -- Q -12-nv: , --j-,:g.u1:2?K,'- -km: ' 4. Q- , iggbgsf -'JV . 4 t . . :--,. In j 51:,,- ,Zi TL :vr ' A - - '- Alpha Delta 'Chi ............. Major Cole Association ............. Women's Athletic Association Letterman's Club ...................... Adrian College World Staff ...... Mound Staff ........................,... Downs Hall History ......... Faculty Reception ....... Homecoming .............. Every-Day Doings ....... High Society .......... Dorm Life .........,..,,.. Commencement ........ Gymnasium History ....,. t- Cheerleaders .,,,,.,,,,,, Sport Shots ..... Football ,,,,... Basketball ....... Track .......... Golf ........ Tennis ...,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Women's Sports ........ Intramurals ........ Advertisements .... Introduction It is with full knowledge of its imperfections and limita- tions that the editor and staff of the Mound! present the 1952 edition to the students of Adrian College. Because of the circumstances beyond the control of the staff, it has been necessary to omit various pictures and articles which would have been included. A yearbook should provide a record of college life, and to this end we have endeavored to give an accurate picture of the campus and its personalities from the every- day activities and special' social events to the very buildings in which these events took place. The editor wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Fritz Nofziger whose resourcefulness and technical knowl- edge have been a primary factor in the production of this volume. Other persons who should be included in a list of acknowledgements are Mr. Richard Brier, Dr. Edmond H. Babbitt, and Evelyn Wangerin. I - B Gilbert E. Smith Editor in chief May, 1952 7 ' A -V' 'U'T'2im ' ""f-'Ql"-YET-355723 T7 3 fi" L.ff13 11 4- ': . YA 2391. 15 A 'vb -if' ' m':l,'?5f'1r...1J ,: :r..',. .'.-'- , Ja JDYQ..-. 1, , ,- g. .j 1,1 T..-FC I. A L iz, ww X5 zqwwwvw -,gm 'NK' W!! W X , Z! ,ff , J 4 Y.-gw ' xx M X , ,ki 3 I I x x. YW wxwvzswxff bi CII CC til HT of th CC pl A CC Sc US et IICI D bi C I I H In Admznzstratzon Hallway ' GI Pictured above in the hall of the administration wing of North Hall are ic ' Edith Buffet, secretary to the president, Evelyn Wangerin, Alvera Smith, Lue11CI Hoagland, and Frederic Nofziger. by In this wing the offices of the president, dean of men, registrar, business manager, work co-ordinator, finance, and public relations are found. I Especially during registration time this hall is an extremely busy place. CIS students come to have plan cards and class schedules checked and approved. 0, make satisfactory financial arrangements with the business office, seek in f . . . . ormation and guidance in the offices of the Dean of Men, Counselor of Women. t and Registrar, and often times inquire for part-time work of the work coordinator Th h " ' ' ' e c airs fsome picturedl lining the Walls of the hall are frequently filled Wiih students, resident and pros ectiv " ' ' ' selling. p e, waiting their turn for an interview or coun- 10 llcvttlt .lfall In the year 1845 Michigan Union College was founded at Leoni, a community near Iaclczon, by the Wesleyan Methodist Church. lt possessed two hundred acres of land, a few buildings, and almost sixty students. By the late 1850's it had run into financial and other difficulties and contemplated moving. The pastor of the Plymouth Congregational Church in Adrian was at that time Dr. Asa Mahan, formerly the first president of Oberlin College. He became a leader in the movement to bring the College to Adrian, and in March, 1859 was inaugurated as the president of Adrian College. The Methodist Protestant Church took control of the College in 1888. . M On April 20, 1859 . 1.. J gf on the first floor: and .G Y ,R the first building K' 'ir' a men's dormitory .",.v1 N11 P my ' 1611" ' 1 committee met and Milfs' 5 on the second and lan l 'd ' 'A 1' ' h' d fl 1 1 1 p s were ai to ,lF4,,5-If ff . .,y., Agfvwg t 1r oors. n 88 complete North and ,vim F ',. ,l j it housed the Fourth ll f Hs 4' f, 8- 1 South Halls by Aug- Q:-rw 'll H gg '1-.3 'i lgyfs Regiment of Michi- , - AN g fl ,,' ' , -' .',3'-ep-93-5 f' V r. 1 'Wg IT 'Y "iW - ust of that year. How- ',1-5- .- . , - u f gan Volunteers tram- ever North Hall was 5 .. "-f2iiL.w x L Egg ' ing for service 1n the not completed until yy... fl L.. ,li 6,15 , fs A ,Q . Q-Z 1v1 ar. ire e ' ll' 'I--i ' ' f't' hflffxf. . .2 -gf.,-1 V I ' f. "hi 'SJ ' -"1 - .I a.. 'fs,vgl1':-:fi '. -'I' - ' ' December. It was I 1 X i n I 'q,.. s7,g. .1 5' A . s.royed the entire 111- bullt to house the , -i fe' I T. j,,Ljy4,W si- -i f terror of the bu1ld1ng College library, ad- l , ,554 on October 21, 1880, 'E ' - 1.5 ' -'.i itll Fi.:-15" ' . . ministration offices, .4'.'f",f fffgf ' ,QA gggqq ..g Z or iff - .. Wm- but lf WGS 191311111 The 'f..-ft fh'??i:'i5,':Q.' 'J' 5 'J' 4 . and recitation halls nw . """' . A nge, following year. 1 Beginning in 1941 North Hall was completely remodeled. The' Liarary was moved to the former science building, and the administration offices were installed in the south wing of the building. The dormitory was removed from the upper floors which were converted into class rooms and science laboratories. Other laboratories were installed in the old executive offices on the first floor. A short time later the offices of the Michigan Christian Advocate were brought to Adrian and moved into the recitation hall at the rear of the building. ll - - N 15 7-pp.:fgg:ir,r.1gg5Q:fgjA 3.-,Epi-1 'Q' ' tg?-yjyygijgg-4151+ .' 1-1.1 -.-fgig, I-1 , M .H 5137 SAMUEL I. HARRISON PRESIDENT It is difficult to describe our presi- dent. He is, to be sure, mast friend- ly, kind, and ever willing to help: a Christian gentleman. Upon meet- ing him one can not help be re- minded that here is a president of a friendly college, based on the principles of Christianity and end- eavoring to follow them for the betterment of the lives of each and every one of the students. This is the aim of our president. An aim and ideal that he has done much to carry out to its completion. Under his leadership many changes have corne about on this campus. South Hall and the C :apel were redecorated, the old Science Hall was made into a' library. Executive offices were added to North Hall and the Cornelius Memorial House was built. Tobias Home Economics House was com- pleted last year. This fall the completion of a lounge connecting Metcalf and South Halls was- added to the list of improvements, followed in the spring by the finishing of the gymnasium in time for Commencement Exercises. He also developed the "self-help" plan, which has placed Adrian in a unique position among the na- tion's schools and by this plan students who sincerely desire a college education have been able to make their dream come true. These are just a few of the many things that our president has done for the school, for the students, for the community. Now possibly you may better understand why it is not an easy task to describe President Harrison to you, the reader. 12' fm flcl " lm Dr. Edmond H. Babbitt ' Vice-President in charge of Finance and Public Relations. in reality two seperate tasks, keeps a very efficient and hard work- ing man like Dr. Babbitt exceedingly busy. Outside of recruitment work, helping plan and carry out fund campaigns. speaking be- fore various organizations throughout the state. directing the program that keeps news of Adrian College before the public not closely associated to the college he has found time to act as faculty advisor for both the Adrian College World and the Mound. Dr. E. Bruce Wilson As Dean of Men, he offers words of wisdom and encouragement to students seeking his counsel. He interviews resident and prospec- tive students who wish to become more fully acquainted with the ideals of Adrian College. He stands ready at any time to assist a stu- dent in need and has yet to steer them on a wrong course. He also serves as a pro- fessor of religion. Dr. Corley S. Ritchie Needless to say, the busines manager of a college has a great responsibility. He must be ever watchful that the various campus organizations do not exceed their budgets and he gives advice to them endeavoring to aid in securing the best benefit for their ex- penditures over each school year. Many hours are spent with students, making ar- rangements concerning their obligations to the college. Too, he is to a great degree respon- sible for the budget that keeps the institution itself running smoothly. He came to Adrian in 1925 and has served the school ever'since that time. Mrs. Viola Miller Registrar of the College, she has charge of all incoming applications, keeps all student records, offers guidance and counselling to prospective students and transfer students, heads the campus social committeef and is the Counsellor to Girls at Adrian. Mrs. Miller came here in 1942 as assistant Registrar and in 1945 the full burden and responsibility of Registrar was given her. A task she has most adequately and efficiently handled for the past seven years. s- W 1 .1 ..151f'i , . ff 1' 'f -'f- -.:11'- --f1S11-- . 'lte2.'.1iwe?-5:iRv.:sbfCf:3frQ'fS3'vv:-:+f:f5gs1igi, 13 HOWARD W. ALEXANDER FLORENCE BENEDICT A.B., A.M., Ph.D. A.B. Professor, Mathematics C Ass. Bus Mgr- THEODORE R. BOYETT B.S., M.S. Director of Physical Education for Men RUTH ELIZABETH CARGO EDITH C. BUFFETT B.S. Sec. to Pres. BARBARA YUNKER CRUMM B.S., A.M. A.B. Associate Professor Secretary of History ROBERT MQCFARLAND LACY FLORENCE LEE B.A., M.A. A.B. Work Co-ordinator, Dietitian Economics Instructor 14 HOPE LOWRY MARY E. MCCORMICK A.B., A.M. in Ed.. A.M. Professor of Modern Lornguczges ALICE E. MCKEEHAN MILES A.B.. A.M.. Ed.D. I Professor, English A.B.. M.A. Professor of Home Economics L. PEELLE B.S.. A.M. Professor, Biology ESTHER PELLOWE THOMAS ROGERS R.N. B.A., S.T.B.. Th.D. Dormitory Professor, Religion Director and English WILLIAM SCHUHLE GEORGE C. SEECK A.B., A.M. A.B.. S.T.B.. A.M., PhD Professor of History Professor, Education and Political Science 15 IAMES HOUSTON SPENCER IOAN YOUNG STEPP Mus. D. B.S., A.M. Director of Music Dept. Director of PhYSiCU1 Education for Women RUSSELL S. TOWERS B.S., M.A. Instructor, Chemistry HERSCHEL LEE WALDRON A.B., B.S., M.S. . Instructor, Economics and Business RUTH FREDERICK BURR CLIFFORD A.B.. B.D,.. A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Humanities Not Shown: ,Iohn Day Robert Tuttle Helen Wernimont Iohn Marvin CHARLES B. VANCE B.S.,'s M.S.. Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Geology THOMAS B.A., M.A., B.L.S. Librarian REBECCA KATHERINE WALKER B.S., M.A. Ass. Prof. of Physical Education for Women n 13" ' , ,.,. , , .,, . . ff, 1. Vfflyi-Aj,31'1,g:i.'5:r-3q,x5z7g-qvg-n.w,7r7wi,7.-,,-.3n:f.:- 1-H '.-1-is 'r ' I. , ,a... . ... :,. ,-. . .. . : . ,. '.. ., .X t. , i i . . '1 1 1 , 5 ,. ll ,. Lu...- -' '- -r'r-my .Sunni v- 51 if -f E' I f 1 tu L -. fig e Q, J r Q , A 6 X y ,Aldin- 9 lv v n Broomfield Lounge The new lounge was made possible by a S5,000 annuity fund left by BishOP and Mrs. louis Broomfield.. Bishop Broomfield was a former student at Adrian College in the class of 1896. He received an honorary LL.D. degree from Adrtdll in 1939. The new structure is of brick in keeping with its two connecting bulld- ings. This new lobby connecting Metcalf and South Hall serves as a IGCIGCIUOH room, lounge, and hall. Here tables are set up for students who wish to PlUY games. Other students may prefer sitting around on the new furniture discussing events of the day and future plans, or reading. Smoking is permitted in the lounqe during the winter months. When the weather is warm the deck, west Of the lounge, is reserved for smokers. A Pictured above are tl. to r.l Bill Waara, Lorraine Schultz. Bill Lewis. Barbgffl Hizer, and Lou Hoagland. 20 sequ ccrtefl the Soui H B the 1 sufiel seric uhm then ofier ing UP suck dhu Y A lllqd 1947 Hoa UPF 2, asm :Q P11103 3 A6553 :SG build' zecrvdfm 5 to 9157 5, gavage sf ff the .. what South sf llletcalf Jfalh South Hall is one of the two oldest buildings on campus. The foundations were laid in the spring of 1859 at the same time as North Hall. By August 23 the walls were reported complet- ed but work was halted awaiting the arrival of a shipment of slate from Vermont. The build- ing was ready for the opening of the first term on December 1. Built as a girls dorm, the west wing of the basement housed the dining hall until Metcalf Hall was constructed in 1896. Sub- sequently the Little Theater was built in that place. The home economics laboratories were lo- cated on the first floor until the opening of the Tobias Memorial House last year. Fire destroyed 5 tained a heating the west wing of X s 2 stove. . butyl f S h H ll 1 69. 1 f f- - out a in 8 g H , I, N J X SH Under the leader It is surprising that V nv ' X S ship of Dr. Dennison the College did not 1 U I .L If C. Thomas, president suffer more than two L-I .55 y, L2 'T' ,W 1893-98, Metcalf Hall serious fires Old -,J 1 f rm'-' 'T I .fs-Q:-Fla? ? ff A wa' constructed alumni returning to , ljigii-it ! XV? 25--5 IW David Metcalf of their Almag Mater 5.11. 4 I Q -- . Adrian gave an an- ! iv ll Wulf- gy , in ing wood and coal lirMmsll1E -ff., financing current im- up to their rooms, "fav .1-in-,L T 1 .nr 97- provements. The first each of which con- - f , - V., dining hall and kitchen: the second housed the Adrian "ladies' gymnasium." With the event of the New Era Program, the upper 1947 the old familiar wooden porch on the front of the floor of the p-resent lobby built to house the construction floor contained the College Conservatory, and the third, a floors became the men's dormitory. In building was removed and the ground department. During the past year the upper level of the addition was completed providing a covered passage to South Hall. 21 The class that enrolled at Adrian College back in September of 1948 was one of the last large classes to enter Adrian. It was composed to a large degree of returning veterans seeking an education: 'and also a number of "green kids" just out of high school. S . Four years have passed. They have passed quickly. On Com- mencement day this year about 54 students will receive their diplomas. Due to the transferring out an-d drop- ping out of students, the draft and accelerated program the number of the class of '52 has dwindled. Quality, vitality, and spirit have not dwindled, however, for this is a class that has been active in campus social and scholastic func- tions from the time they set foot on campus. Members of the class have held 1 responsible positions in the public relations, sports, publications, sci- ence, music, and publicity depart- ments, as well as in the offices of the alumni, work-coordinator and others. Many have been student teachers and pastors: still others have held outside jobs that have aided them in continuing their edu- cation. A With all of this extra work this class has still found t'me to win , the Mardi Gras the two years it was held. With this went the award of the annual skip day to the class having the best booth at the Mardi Senior class members elected Iordan Iatrou, of Detroit, Cseatedj ' to the presidency for the third straight year. William Aeber- sold, of Tecumseh, was chosen vice president, and Barbara Amato, of Indianapolis, Ind., handled the secretary-treasurer , duties. Gras. Each year the class of 52 Q has sponsored a dance and is well known for their unique decorating themes. To lead them the members of the class chose lordan Iatrou as president for three of the four years. . . This year's graduating class leaves as their gift to Adrian College: first, an electric clock, with the inscription "Class of '52." This is to be placed in North Hall. Second, new shrubbery in front of the library and newly completed gymnasium. Final exam week, Baccalaureate, and finally Commencement will end a busy but most f pro itable four years at Adrian College. At 5:15 on the afternoon of Iune l the blue 'and white colors of the class of Nineteen Hundred a d lF"ft -T - n 1 y wo will be passed down to the class of '53- We dare say that long after the class colors are faded and tattered, long after the faces and names of the class members are forgotten, the influence and heritage they left within the halls at Adrian will long, long be remembered and recognized. At Adrian one can find the type of education, association, and religious fundamentals that will aid him to become the type citi- ieln that America, the World so -desperately needs. For all of this the entire class is most grate- u and thankful for the opportunities Adrian has given them. 22 WELIFJ ATO ff 111011 Ci vice pn BAHW E551 .1 sity BC Queen, cldS5' LOLS 51 Home Music C STEWU A.r.o. 1 InlICI11'!U-V HAROLD ACC, Ch VVILI-IAN ACC lP1 president Intertrfiii Music C the Uflil Tennis. I NORMP1 Chorus, fsecretcnj EVELYN WAA te Chi Psi C denti, Al treasurer Club, it Campus Senior c GERALI ACC lv Music C LAWRH Varsity lworthy DONRIL ATO QC murals, leges Q RICHAR World lbusines DONM ACC, if Mujer Q Phi like Club, 1, JOHN lNl'1Q'S Aff bully man .O- ve-E-1 .2-f"'n-r if-. .,, Nitin .943 95 to 'xl to lv 'ISHS N w st G ill Qt N i.gSX' x . som. of - gl N. - KISS. RTCC . v I liftber Nd. , l H . nite A. - ...S 1: A NIH V 'H ...HC- PCZ O11 x 'N ll S C v v. -sum- .....,1lC S SCI- ie ...fu . I C95 Ol r . :mal .N- F-.A . :ters have cent -- ecu- IS LM tg 'rin e-:rs it gwvctftl . '- ,3 CICS: Mardi gf '52 3 well ct 319 :lod- lbbefl' .1 105 I while nf 33' EQ' and 2 .535 of .54 fit- swf? X I-Y' ravi.. 2-uw--.,i,,'t,' :Y .ll -...hw .N-, ,',.',.,d,.u1v.,,..z.. sgiaH,qnJqN V. , , -.M I.. . y ,,. , , . .. ,J . A - .-If Aj 4' pt, jf:-Eg '- -' ' .fair-2. 1.:,ij .'- Z!-EY?-g-FSE,-' Uffiffip YF , ,. , . 3"'E1i'3f'F5'f' . 19 - - - - 1 ,f , '-- V, - nj,-g f s tn- 'W' A r KNAW is'-.FNEMT-ities-fiiiirr SSW''ff'1ft1t-fihhtfkiits,.tif I ' T Ptdtffg ' WILLIAM AEBERSOLD 1' ATO Ckeeper ot the annalsl, IFC, Ger- man Club, Intramurals, Senior class vice president. BARBARA AMATO Chi Psi Omega Cpresident: treasurerl, W.A.A., Intertraternity Council tsecre- tary-treasurerl, Intramurals, Girls' Var- sity Basketball, 1951 Homecoming Queen, Secretary-Treasurer of Senior class. LOIS ARNOLD Home Economics Club Csecretaryl, Music Club Cscribel, Science Club. STEWART BACHUS A.T.O. tkeeper of the annalsl, Choir, Intramurals. HAROLD BAKER ACC, Choir, Intramurals, Varsity Track WILLIAM BATEMAN ACC Cpresidentl, CCF tpresident: vice presidentl, Major Cole, College Band, Interfraternity Council, Science Club, Music Club, College Representative to the United Nations in 1951, Varsity Tennis, Intramurals. NORMA IEAN BAXTER Chorus, Chapel Choir, Music Club Csecretary: presidentl, Intramurals. EVELYN BERRY WAA tsecretary: project chairmanl, Chi Psi Omega Csocial chairman: presi- dentl, Alpha Delta Chi, IFC Csecretary- treasurerl, Choir, Home Ec Club, Science Club, Mound, Intramurals, Archery, Campus Social Committee fsecretaryl, Senior class social chairman. GERALD BONNEVILLE ACC tvice presidentl, College Choir, Music Club, Band. LAWRENCE BROWN Varsity Football, Intramurals, ATO Cworthy keeper of the exchequerl. D'ONALD BURKETT ATO Cchaplainl, Lambda Phi, Intra- murals, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. RICHARD BUTLER World Cbusiness managerl, Mound Cbusiness managerl. DONALD CRUMM ACC, CChaplainD, CCF Cvice presidentl, Major Cole Cvice presidentl, Lambda Phi Cpresiclentl, International Relations Club, Intramurals, Student Work Co- ordinator, French Club. IOHN FLEISCHMAN ACC tathletic directorl, Student Council Cpresidentl, Major Cole fvice presidentl, CCF Cvice presidentl, Lambda Phi, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. WALTER FUNK A.T.O. fworthy masterl, Varsity Base- ball-Football, Intramurals, 1.F.C., Ger- man Club, Letterman's Club. , ! 2 , 5 P my me-ff' W. is SIN v. IOHN GAULT German Club, Marriage Club. MARY IOAN GEPHART Music Club fvice presidentl, Spanish Club, Choir, WAA Csecretaryg scng leaderl, Girls' Varsity Basketball, South Hall House Council Cpresidentl, 1950 Homecoming Queen ,Intramurals, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. GEORGE HART A.T.O., German Club, Band, Science Club, Varsity Football. FOREST HAYS Choir, ATO, Varsity Football, World, LOUIS HASKELL Major Cole. MICHAEL HIMICH S.A.E. teminent archon, deputy archon chaplain, warden, correspondentJ,I.F.C., Intramurals, Science Club. r RICHARD HOCKINS ATO Cpledgemasterl, Varsity Tennis, Letterman's Club, Intramurals, Chorus Science Club. ' I FRANCES HOLLOWAY Cheerleader, WAA, Chi Psi Omega tvice president: chaplainl, Sophomore class secretary-treasurer, Student Union tsecretary-treasurerl, Girls' Varsity Bas- ketball, Intramurals, Athletic Council, Campus Religious Council. IORDAN IATROU Varsity Football and Basketball, Presi- dent of class of '52 tthree yearsl, Press Club, Sports Publicity, Letterman's Club tvice presidentl, Student Representative to the MIAA, SAE twardenl, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. ERMIL IONES ACC ttreasurerl, Intramurals, Music Club Ctreasurerl, Social Science Club, United Nations Club Cvice president: presidentl, Choir, Interfratemity coun- cil, Science Club, Lambda Phi, World, Dining Hall committee. EDWARD KLEIN Major Cole, Intramurals, Recreational D'irector of Wayne Methodist Church. FELICISIMO LLOSA Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Music Club, Deputation team, Lambda Phi. BETTY MCDONALD Cheerleader, Alpha Delta Chi, W.A.A.. Intramurals. ROBERT MCDONALD A.T.O.., Intramurals. RUTH MEAD Chi Psi Omega. gint lc0P P1 mCID MOI Vursl C-ol! ATC GEO Vers ball spar IOHI LEO SAE war: dent mur: mur: ball. IOPJ Alpl pres, Sw cm Hou CH! Intrr MUE Wo: lddx Pres Plcj IOH .U ma: Vet IM Mc cil Cm WE AI Str Int GI At sic te Ct Pt C. ci R. X-.jxt.H Wezli .-.g -. 1 ..t..I1, - -U.. Tennis, Q. it s-'us' Cage j::.c::acre .. . If JZIOD SLT? Bcs 'sq--Q " ......c1, Ll Presi- s.?tesS : s Club ncfcxtive Q .5 WTSO rgfiiei Musf , atm, .jdgnii r ffm' ' 'mlm ,Czicnal aL ZS Musk Phi- w AJ'-' LEONARD MORRISON A.T.O fworthy scribel Sophomore class vice president Lettermans Club Intramurals Varsity Football-Baseball WILLIAM MUNDY S.AF Cdeputy archon treasurer - corderb Intramurals RICHARD NIMS Iunior class vice president AT.O fworthy sentinal worthy usherl Var- si ty Football-Basketball-Golf-Baseball Intramurals I.F.C Cvice presidentl. FREDERIC NOFZIGER ACC Cextension secretary correspond- ing SS-Cretaryl World Cnews editor asso- ciate editor, editor-in-chiefl, Mound Ccopy editorl. Intramurals, College Players, Press Club lpresidentl, Ger- man Club, Interfraternity Council. MONTE OCHA Varsity Track, Baseball, Football, and Golf, Interfraternity Council fpresidentb, ATO Csecretary: social chairmanl. GEORGE OSENKO Varsity Football, Baseball, and Basket- ball, Letterman's Club, World fassistant sports editorl, Intramurals. IOHN PALMER LEO RENCH SAE Krecorder, EDA, herald, preceptor, warden, athletic director, correspon- dent, deputy archonl, College Intra- mural Director, Letterman's Club, Intra- murals, Varsity Football-Golf-Basket ball. IOAN ROSSO Alpha Delta Chi Qworship chairman: presidentl, CCF Csecretaryl, WAA, Spanish Club, Lambda Phi fsecretaryl, Campus Religious Council, South Hall House Council, Deputation Team. CHARLES SAYRE Intramurals, Band, World. MURRAY SAYRE World Cadvertising managerl, Mound Cadvertising managerl, Intramurals, Press Club, German Club, College Players. IOHN SCOTT A.T.O. Cworthy chaplain, social chair- manl, Freshman class vice president, Varsity Football, Intramurals. IAMES SIMMONS Major Cole, Mound, Metcalf Hall Coun- cil Cpresidentl, Lambda Phi, Intramurals, Campus Religious Council. WALLACE SKINNER ATO Cworthy keeper of the exchequerl, Student Union Cexecutive secretaryl, International Relations Club, Mound. GILBERT SMITH ACC Ccorresponding secretary, exten- sion secretary, social chairmanb, Mound Ceditor-in-chiefl, World' Cfeature editorl, CCF, Major Cole Cchaplainl, College Players, Music Club, Lambda Phi. Campus Religious Council, Campus So- cial Council, Intramurals, International Relations Club. " ' ' :it i ,Si ""..7F' 7"----. - 5,:f'il'f1-I-"' -- 1 M .-. x 1 ' .1 . .-.., ... .-,-..,,:': .- 'f '.. ..- 'm 01- .... .K . .' ., I ,B--4--,v-5'-23-.-1-P-af es, " .-..,g - .-, 5 1.-V-:f .J-:fst 'A-1 f' -Q4 1 ' Not shown: Willis Bosserman Ivan Cassidy Benjamin Dalos Doris Frazier Iames Geehan Iames Norwood Alexander' Karagas Lloyd Peters Gerald Bice Alvera Smith Eleanor Smith Gladys Spooner Benjamin Van Riper Gerald Wallace IOHN STEPP Varsity Football, Basketball, and Base- ball Letterman's Club, ATO. FREDERICK SWEGLES A.C.C. Crecording secretaryl, Intra- murals. IAMES THOMAS SAE, Student Union Cexecutive secre- taryl, Press Club, Mound fassociate editorl. GENEVA WALTON Press Club, World, Mound, Lambda Phi, Chi Psi Omega Cvice presidentl, lnterfraternity Council, Secretary of Iunior class, Adrian College Players, South Hall Council lpresidentl, Intra- murals. ' SETH WARE Letterman's Club Csecretary-treasurer: presidentl, ATO lpalm reporter: worthy sentinall, Varsity Track, Intramurals. HAROLD WEAVER ACC Ctreasurer: recording secretaryl, Music Club, Csecretary: vice presidentl, College Band, College Choir, World. Intramurals, Major Cole, Interfraternity Council. PHILIP WIGEN T Varsity Baseball, Student Union Cpresi- dentl, ACC Cvice president: pledge- masterl, Intramurals, Science Club, Letterman's Club, Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. ETHEL WOODEN 1 u" s x. ia. ' -' 'I ' -F 3 - -1 . - -,.. :U - ,i ..- -.-4 .... .,-...,-7- , f a- . - "f" f -f . 'gf v. .:,.,- U: - . Aw, .fl . Q A H, . 5 x , ,,,, N . . 4- - -f -- W A... - ...Q -. ,. , , L , . ' im - , if ' f' f ,- ...TD ,,, "-s'.. v-1: L 'M 'mimi , 5. , .' gf 'L ,- 11'-. '-,113 -' Xl:1:3.,5.i.-19 .gs-: .mf '-' 1 Q - ' ' ' " ' ' ' 1' " '- I "' '1' " -'V' .nfi"?'V-l"'i'iY1?'5"I'2"'.fi"ff-3? JS fi f9. 1lfYLlG'L4., Cl. to r.D Ioanne Beamer, of Carrollton, Ohio, vice president: Arthur Antonelli, of Detroit, president: Madelon Leech, of Morenci, secretary-treasurer were chosen by the members of the Iunior class as their leaders this year. Arthur Antonelli Keith Bovee Barbara Brown - Thomas Buehrer Gerald Campbell I Ioyce Damon Dorothy Davis William Deighton Clarence Gable William Gephart Ivah Graves Thomas Hewitt Doris Heyn Robert Horner Ronald Ienkins Madelon Leech Ioanne McKercher Dennis Martin Blaire Minier r ,5nrvy9f2z-afgf'1-.p--,fv-fw--tv-t.--:u-vnf-'f------f----f-- 1 :vw ifafi--Lai. 'tx."g.1.s:f-f:1+ivT"' f -44 1 r' 1 . 1, ,, - -4. .E M 5... .,7e ,R v - - f .te v ..,'q., N., 'H vi' lean Minney Orval Minney Charles Norvell Dean Parrott Calvin Rice Lorraine Schultz Walter Schultz Willard Schultz Robert Schurrnan Ned Spencer Harry Stalker l Donald Strohl Ronald Tuck V Mildred Ware W ' Edward Winter Those not shown: Jerry Andrews lack Baughey Ioanne Beamer Ellis Brinnon Raymond Duncan Edwin I.eButt Rex Riley Phyllis Salmon Adrian VanNieuwal lack Williams . 28 NN. 1' ' c-., ,fg:f. .'-- . M 0 ' f "" 11.' 'I-ff' " 'f , gig.-1"'1--Q1 1-rgfeff-f"'2f'F-'52F'7EHAT'-?Y.gI'.z ws- In - ,vs ,gr . .3 . .v . ,, . -- L - L 5 1 Q f I K' . . ,. , . v ': ., . . - 1 .- 1 ,V . ,4 ' l.'.f -1 -1- .. ,Q J , J 1 51:11, - A ,B"f:'-if ., fr- gi "- -1:-V 3-L-1' U ' " ,J-.-:'1"f1"'J 'ff - .- g:-?'!5"5!!E!P-vrwf-- -- -- Sophomores chose Iames Patterson, ot Adrian, to lead them as presi- dent, with Evelyn Wangerin, Step- henson, secretary-treasurer, and Wayne Smith, Dundee, vice presi- dent. Iames Bowden Eve Clark Raymond Conway William Cooper Gary Corbin Charles Cottle Daisy Crumback George Fisler if Nicholas Gemolas Mary Glancy Leo Gleeson Mildred Hawthorne '- Edwin Hindes Barbara Hizer Luella Hoagland Marilyn Hoffman Mary Inwood' Wilma Ireland Clarice Iones Richard Lackie Regis McConnell Donald Medley Hugh Moran Iames Patterson 'William Pinnell Wright Sawyer Iohn Smith Evelyn Wangerin ' Dean Wells Richard Wiegert Ronald Willnow Not Shown: Robert Aten Iohn Cavas Arthur Clay Richard Croll Charles Dean Francis DeMarais Eugene Deuel William Duley William Edinger Rodger Ferguson Mariene Gallanis lohn Gilligan 30 Amos Green Barbara Grimes William Hodge Richard Kelly Po-Kum Lee Robert Peverly LeRoy Rhynard Robert Robb Eugene Schmidt Clyde Silverthorn Mary Sinclair Wayne Smith Richard Van Doren :ai , . i Ml ' Raymond Chcalei 3 'I orif lea pro I Col we be: we' OCC bro mc Con It I mes sep OIR the VN 1 u 2 z 2 NM, '4k+ 'wa-slifteikw' enmeim- MN.-n.w-an-xwm, t Raymond Barnes Billy Brentlinger Ronald Capoon Anna Fagan Gerald Bender GWend01Yn Bntt Vaneita Elliott Dors Gfgf ChaIleS Heller Horner Iulian William Lewis Consuelo Montoya GW91'1d0lYT1 Iohnson Bruce Kelsel' Donald Merry Marlene Palmeter The class of '55 began its activities, after orientation week, by electing officers to lead and represent it throughout the year's program of study and recreation. Adrianas Rex, Eternal King of Adrian College, proclaimed the law for freshman Week activities and name cards, green beanies, and the words, l"beat Albion," were familiar to campus personnel, with occasionally the strains of the "Alma Mater" being heard. Offenders of the law were brought before Kangaroo court which cli- maxed the week's events prior to Home- coming. Now the first year is past and as each freshman looks forward to becoming a sophomore he may also look back, reflect on the year just past and think of the fun, the work, the joys, the sorrows of his first year at college. 'lhe class of 1955 elected Walter Rentsch, Mendhcrm. New Iersey, as vice president: Lawrence Smith, De- troit, president: Daisy Crumback, Port Huron, S9019- tary. tx S N S . Iames Pres on Sandra Schultz Lawrence Smith Marjorie Speers lack Stewart William Waara Seymour Warner Not shown: Steven Andrews Iohn Antico George Barber Iack Birchiield Iames Bond Iames Bonner Ann Butcher Fernando Chaparro Guy Cox Iohn Dace Richard Feller Ida Ford Viclor Ford Larry Goodes Don Harlan Larry Iones Sidney Iones Lewis Kirkwood Ronald Lahmon Gerald Lanning Darlene Lear Iames Lilly Mary Lyle Earl Michener Dean Mills Iames Mohler Edmund Norvell Robert Ohrman Cap Orr Walter Rentsch Ierold Rice Edward Saters Richard Siegrist James Smith Robert Sombom Richard Steudle Richard Sunderland Thomas Offiah . .X. FQNH sm-v-'ii-. My Q41 . V n '-U -.,.,,,- .. , , . , . - -. . , . . ' A , fig ,fw'X1-'v uv K-'H X M' -L" - , w ' Q - 11-X-.'t' uf , 'H i : -' , x . AJ 5 p.1gBf," '.?.:iiiQl5!!I 'ho A ,,, . 1 , I ,.,,9.., -. 3-is-3, V, , ' - I 1 1 , ,,-.CM ,, .I ,- agua. I , ,, yv H ui I ' f - -' '- 4'-'-u -- H. . Zh . :Ly . , u J .5 -, g K :ffm -' . 1 ,ff .:-v- ' ' ' 1 -1. f 1 1 5'-., . , Y ' -X-.ff,,f'-721 .,'.'t ' '4'gj'L- ng, ,j +. -V sf ' - A 1 -A . lgvxmhi - 1-, f ff'-Q4-.. , . 1, - 1 33- ef' -I-'Ja U, Q U V.:,5xA -,254 v. ,,r-safm' L, . , uihffyfl . dc. , 4 I, -,M . an . . , -My--u 7 33 -vi .., fu ' 5 I . 4 , 1 A , if K ,px-,-m..,,.,.1........1..,,.r- . M. ,,,,,., ,,,,,,,, , .- , .. ----,rww.-.-.ANY-.1-f.Q -rw-111' "'wi1ff3'-- -T-' T' " ' ' ' ' """"" "'Ti1""""P l i . Library Conference Room The Library Conference Room is a combination museum, where relics of Adrian Col1ege's progress through the years are kept on display: a pl10lO library, Where a photographic history of Adrian College, including each graduating class, has been kept up to date: and a tile, where records, papeIS. and volumes tell of the College's advance since its inception up to the present day. This room is used today primarily for meetings ot the College Board of Trustees, Faculty, Student-Faculty committees, panel and round-table dis- cussions, and special student organization meetings. 36 an Stu sta he sci Le' in tlo Buy int for all an thi YG Th of leg Ch L. Co f relics g photo 5 each papers, to the Oayd of :le dis' was consi Chemistry and Geology. WW Near the end of the Civil War the Trustees voted to build the Cabinet Building to house the 510,000 collection presented to the school by Dr. lohn Kost. Upon its completion the museum dered "the best west of Yale University." Dr. Kost was elected the first professor of For years the community abounded with stories of the strange Dr. Kost. The house which he built Cwhich was later remodeled into the Tobias Memorial Housel 'contained twenty-one rooms -one with seven doors K Hall. During Dr. An- and no wlndows-three -L K. 05' O,-yi ihonyfs first Year as SMHWCIYSI and Of four f ig:-2, ' of-Qt? president 119041 elec- 1' 1 E- C N' if Y if ' 1 . . . . St0fY tower. However 1 05'-e 43 - 653.45 tr1c1ty was installed in 1 gl 3 I zii :z X 'N' . . -V71- I 14419 JC - . he was a brilliant 11. - h um gf! -17 by ., the College bulldmgsb X , .1 ' rf . I S ' . . ' 5 " W: :Fi 44. ' J sc1ent1st. ,f gig Mig' F ,gg The next year, through . . h r- i. ' -' . U n d e r President 029452555 at - ' ' Qu the generosity of Adrian -I -- - .. -. ,-' -' , . . Lew-15 S qdmlmstrcmonl v .. I . resident Dorcas Whit- . Q' L1E:?'t -. . 2. rw. -1 'Il 111 1902. The SeCO11Cl 3 Q , gem ' I 41 ney, the remodeling of f,,?..7q'g1:'Y.-gtg:--' DL it . LQ?-Q, . -' 1 '-..'.- I .. 5. - r. . floor of the Cabinet -E Q - 'U ,T the gYm-naslum WGS . , , - . -as .45-, is - at 1 Bu1ld11'1g Was turned 111:-45f'-if" i 5 1- ""-rw? 3 1 2' . completed and the first f-A 'Q' '-13' it 's-'Ai- S . , . '-,P-. ' llll- A ' "' " P into a g mnaslum. The ., Q e Q- -'lw"'. .-.: fifiizb ' 291, My floor rebuilt to house Y iiiu' -5- ' p m F-551 f Ef'2EL'l-fzriitft-Y - Z "Mp: I. A 1 'E Tift'-"Ffa fl, 232 l ag, - ormer museum was ,,5j5ij,-,-sqigig. ,-.I 5 - .-5,1535--M- f. Q? f,,, the laborator1es. The 1, .:.f,:h-yfgetafilljn . , s f fsg f allowed to deteriorate 14--'l z ?iA'5fgff!F5!"""l' 'v 'S .7 .1 4 ...fri " building was renamed Qgrazhp -,gh livin rv ,5,,..:t.f,,.1,,.g: i3 A? and was stored on the 647 2,3 H -1- 11 11 Q1-H'-v Science Hall. lt was to , -V" .if 'J k -Z- ' I third floor of Metcalf 'H' "' " 'i'-s.. "' Science Hall the next '-"if year that Dr. Elmer M. Iones came to be the renowned Professor of Chemistry for over thirty years. During the summer of 1941 work was begun to rebuild' and recondition old Science Hall. The former gymnasium was turned into the main reading room for the library. Almost half of the ground floor was devoted to library stacks. A large room was created to house the col- lege historical collection and the historical collection of the Detroit Conference of the Methodist Church. Named 'fThe Americana Boom" and dedicated in honor of President Emeritus Harlan L. -Feeman, it is popularly called the Library Conference Room. The building also houses the College bookstore, classroom facilities, and storage space. 37 " 'A 1 ' ' figa mwszesd 75? if 3-r?J.Afs.3?'7"r3'?QQliEQQi3f'?cv1.' "52e-tsgij' 1 ' 'WT P ' 'fl' ' -Lv,:.1... g ,.n,,,,. , - A , , . J , . , . ,. ,,. . 5 3,.,.,Y,, - S' 'R N A 5 ' ' ' tSeatedJ I v a h Graves, I o h nv - F 1 e i s c h m a n, . 5 Madelon Leech. CStandingD Law- rence Smith, Ar- " t h u r Antonelli. Professor W i 1- 1 i a m Schuhle. Wayne S m i t h, I o r d a n Iatrou, and Iames Nor- ' 1 t ----M-N wood. -2 . ,. n,.,r . rhn, X . eff'-ffvy 2:-11, . - Student Union With the .purpose of organizing the students into 'a workable unit, the Student Union was established. This year it was headed by lack Fleischman, president: Iames Norwood, vice presi- dent: Ivah Graves, secretary: and Madelon Leech, executive secretary. Remaining seats on the Council were filled by the respective class presidents. Professor William Schuhle was the fa- culty advisor. ' Examples of activities sponsored by the Student Union throughout the year were fresh- man-week activities, record dances following home basketball -games, announcing of basketball games, and' the regular monthly meeting of the Student Union in the Adrian College Auditor- ium. Cne of the more outstanding events this year was the basketball game between the Council officers and Faculty members. y The Student Union also maintains a lost an-d found department in Downs Hall under the direction of the executive secretary. One of the main aims of the organization this year was to plan a series of all-college co- recreational nights. There are hopes that this was only the beginning of such a program. The election of Student Union officers for the 1952-53 term brought to a close the 1951-52 program. 1 38 I 1 1 1 1 l l 1 E WG' 'YW ,-iSf ?t i'fffrfv f t M Qi. :A A I 4, aff :f f 1' 4 - 'A -' it l .Q K 9 D tesi- the ta- esh- ball itor- the the co- l-52 5, l Metcalf and South Hall Councils Governing bodies for the men's cmd Women's dormitories are the Metcalf Hall Council and the Women's House Council. Their duties are to maintain order, neatness of appearance, estab- lish Cwith the consent of the students involved? the dorm laws and enforce them. The councils work in cooperation with the Dean ot Men and the Counselor of Women. , - Activities of the Women's House Council this year included the Faculty Reception and Open House, the Christmas tree trimming party, .he Christmas party tor the dormitory girls, and "Buddy" week in March. Men's House Council members are Robert Robb, president: lohn Smith, vice president: Cal- vin Rice, secretary: Gary Corbin, treasurergt and Robert .McFarland Lacy, advisor. Geneva Wal- ton heads the Women's House Council with Barbara Amato Cseniorl, vice PI'9Sid91'1'f7 Doris G1'Of tfreshmanl, secretary: loanne Beamer Cjuniorl, treasurer: Mildred Hawthorne Csophomorelg Mrs. Esther Pellowe and Miss Florence Lee, house mother, and Mrs. Viola Miller, girls' counselor. South Hall Council includes tl. to r.l Mildred Hawthorne, Ioanne Beamer, Barbara Amato, Mrs. Esther Pellowe. Geneva Walton, and Alvera Smith. I Metcalf Hall Council consists of tl. to r.l Cal- vin. Rice, Robert Lacy, Willard Schultz, Gary Corbin, and lohn Smith. 39 , rv-fmt.- .,,W .. .,.' A , -7553:-I 1-,.- -'wff- :gs-5 ,,,.nr.L.q,. if"' 'ffql""-' ' Inte1'f1'ate1'n1ty Counc1l The purpose of the Interfraternlty Council 1S to promote fraternity l1fe and activity to the best interests of the college. In this manner 1t re ""'i'f!hu.'tQ , S, - I - - . H . Y v Y I I Y , , A . y , . , '-iv: - 5 ' .Qi ' 5,,..:,i,-..-.g.t.3Z,- p Q.-j, -, :QQ-A 1hg.,'4,yf.3 Jqljagp-5jf'1'5,yl-g g,1,' 1. V - - ' ' ' - A ' ' r 5' ' ' . - " . '. .' . ' . F" f'."f:1.a'r.- JL7.,-.'1"L.1.'. .1 ., ' pf ",' '-12"'f--- .-qffrf-1-5 -1- -gf :ff-T ff- -1:1-.f . -:: . W- ---- - - --- ---' '- -Y-' W' '-'A' " ' ' ' ' " "' ' ' " ' ' -'- n I' ' I Interfraternity Council members include: Cseatedl Evelyn Berry, William Bateman, Benjamin Van Riper, Alvera Smith, Richard Nims, Michael Himich: lstandingl Walter Funk and Frederic Nofziger. Campus Religious Council: Seated are Mary Inwood, Barbara Crumm, Professor William Schuhle, Lorraine Schultz, Frances Holloway. Standing: Barbara Hizer, Ioan Rosso, 'Gilbert Smith, William Bateman, and Arthur Antonelli. moves unfounded prejudices again- st the organizations. Activities of the year were high- lighted by the sponsoring of the annual all-college Christmas dance, "Silver Bell," and Greek Week, held in May. Officers were: president, Benjam- in Van Riper CS.A.E.D: vice president, Richard Nims U-X.,T.O.J: secretary- treasurer, Alvera Smith and Evelyn Berry CC.P.O.D: and Dr. E. B. Wilson, advisor. Others taking part in the Council included William Bateman and Fritz Nofziger CACCD, Ioanne B e a m e r tC.P.O.l, Ed Winter and alternate William Aebersold pCA.T.O.D, and Michael Himich, and Calternatel Iordan Iatrou CS.A.E.l Campus Religious, Council The Campus Religious Council main- tains an active interest in religious func- tions on Adrian's campus. The council directed the Religious Em- phasis Week activities and guides the planning of money making campaigns of religious interest. It is a clearing house for the other campus religious organiza- tions: coordinating their activities. Each campus organization's chaplain is a member of this council. Faculty mem- bers include Dr. Thomas Rogers, chair- man: Mrs. S. l. Harrison, Miss Edith Buf- fett, Mrs. Donald Crumm, Dr. lames H. Spencer, Dr. E. H. Babbitt, Dr. F. Burr Clifford, Professor William Schuhle, and Rev. A. H. Wallschlaeger. TTIIIV L g. -1:9 3 or YS 'wi .x.,Yj. iqh. he ace, :eld Cm- Ent, :ry- rlyn son, rrcil 44 'YU ie! .ate md :tel lin- BC' - 9 IHS .52 U. d Dining Hall Committee The Dining Hall Council arranges for all of the banquets held in the college dining hall and enforces the rules to be observed concerning dress in the dining hall at meal time. Banquets supervised by this committee are at Homecoming, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Student members include Daisy Crumback, Marlene Palmeter, Eve Clark, Ivah Graves, Robert Robb, Ennil lones, and Gary Corbin. Fac- 'ulty members are Mrs. Esther Pel- lowe and Miss Florence Lee. Dining Hall Committee: Cl. to r.D Erm'l Iones, Marlene Palmeter, Eve Clark, Mrs. Esther Pellowe, Ivah Graves, Miss Florence Lee, and Gary Corbin. Social Committee The Social Committee, composed of faculty and student members, ad- justs all social problems arising on campus, schedules all social events, and enforces observance of rules governing campus social functions. In addition to the social chairman of each organization the committee is headed by Mrs. Viola Miller, chair- man. Miss Ruth Cargo, Miss Flor- ence Lee, Miss Mary McCormick. Miss Ruth Thomas, Mrs. Esther Pel- lowe, Robert Lacy, Robert Tuttle, and William Schuhle comprise the remainder of the committee member- ship. - Campus Social Committee: lfirst rowl Norma lean Baxter, Ivah Graves. Madelon Leech, Geneva Walton: lsecond rowl Lorraine Schultz, Doris Heyn, Barbara Hizer, Ioanne Beamer, Ioan Rosso, MissF1orence Lee, Benja- min Van Riper, Arthur Antonelli. Gerald Bender: lthird rowl Dennis Martin,gMiss Mary McCormick, Miss Ruth Cargo, Miss Ruth Thomas, William Schuhle, Mrs. Esther Pellowe, Gilbert Smith, Evelyn Berry, William Bateman and Gary Corbin. Seated at the table are Evelyn Berry and Geneva'Walton. Standing: Barbara Brown, Frances Holloway, Wilma Ireland, Barbara Amato, Joanne Beamer, Ioyce Damon, Mrs. Esther Pellowe, Ruth Mead, Alvera Smith, Phyllis Salmon, Evelyn Wangerin, Lorraine Schultz, Mildred Hawthorne. ' at QL tl. to r.J Evelyn Berry, president: Geneva Walton, secretary: Mrsj Esther Pellowe, advisor. Chi Psi Omega sorority has come through another year of exciting events. The soror- ity which is the only one on the Adrian campus was organized on October l3, 1945 by seven girls who felt a need for a social sorority on campus. It has maintained its purpose well, which is to develop character and personality intellectly, morally, and so- cially and to establish and maintain a bond of friendship among its members. Among the activities of the year were the fall and spring teas: the pledge parties: hayride, record dances, Dogpatch Drag and the spring cookout. The spring formal held at the Secor Hotel in Toledo, Ohio, was the highlight of the year. There were sixteen active sorority mem- bers at the close of the year. The officers Were: president, Evelyn Berry: vice presi- dent, Geneva Waltong secretary, Joyce Da- mon: treasurer, Barbara Amato: social chair- man, Phyllis Salmon: publicity chairman. loanne Beamer: and chaplain, Frances Hol- loway. fm Q 'X 1-YN.-'U t I.. . ---- ftlrgg . -.1.'.. ,gn 'A .,,. . 1 . ,- - - ff, tm. 4 A " ' ' mtv : ' I s . , ., I 1'--'pw 1.-z ia'-HJ-' in ,, Q -. ' .. - -it-Vt." ?"i5,:" -P'-W' -Jk t .- . V 1. G , ,'u.:1LfJ' 1 qi- ,-- , f .asv ,,, " ,. - 1 ' ' flmefucam C CM Seated: Harold Weaver, Gerald Bonneville, William Bateman, Ermil Iones, Donald Crumm. Standing: Iames Preston, Raymond Barnes, lack Williams, Gilbert Smith, Harold Baker, Frederic Nofziger, Philip Wigent, Iohn Fleischman, Walter Rentsch.' The local chapter of the American Association of Commons Clubs Was founded in 1936 by Greek letter pledges, actives, and independents who felt the need of a more democratic 'S organization. V The organization emphasizes' four main precepts. They are University first, Brotherhood, Democracy, and Open door policy. Highlighting this year's events Were the annual Homecoming open-house, the formal Founder's Day open- house, rush parties, Christmas party, and the annual Spring dinner-dance held May 3 in the Crystal room of the Hotel Hayes in lackson, Michigan. William Bateman was president during 1931-527 assisted by Gerald Bonneville,vice-president2 Harold Weaver and Frederick Swegles, recording secretary: Ermil Iones, treasurer, Frederic Nofziger, corresponding secretary: Gilbert Smith, extension secretary and social chairman: Philip Wigent, pledge trainer, Donald Crumm, Chaplain: and lack Williams, house committee chairman. ' 43 'f""'?YIiPiTf+f'----- f -Y Cl. to r.l Professor Miles Peelle, advisor: William Bateman, president: Miss Ruth Cargo, Commons Club mother. tFirst rowl Iohn Antico, Iames Bond, Victor Ford, Cap Orr, Iames Bonner, Iames Mohler. fSecond row: Charles Dean, Donald Medley, Iohn Scott, Richard Van Doren, Dennis Mart in, Wallace Skinner, Richard Lackie, Richard Hockins. CThird rowl Iames Bowden, Ronald Willnow, Edward Winter, William Aebersold, Lawrence Brown, Walter Funk, Richard Nims, Donald Burkett, George Hart, Dean Wells, James Patterson. fFourth rowl Regis McConnell, Ronald Tuck, William Cooper, Iohn Cavas, William Deighton, Lloyd Peters, Charles Norve ll, Iohn Stepp, Gerald Wallace, Thomas Hewitt, Ronald Ien- kins. it Clfplla Jau Cl. to rj Dr. Edmond H. Babbitt, advisor: Walter Funk, ' worthy master: Dr. Alice McKeehan, dormitory mother. Alpha Tau Omega is the oldest frater- nity on campus, having been founded December 17, 1881. R The Alpha lVlu chapter holds the ath- letic trophy. The largest event of the year is the annual spring dinner-dance held in lVlay. Other highlight events during the past year have been the 1:'ounder's Day dinner celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the chapter and the spring conclave held this year at Michigan State College in East Lansing. Officers, elected in March, are Edward Winter, worthy master: lohn Cavas, worthy chaplain: Richard Lackie, worthy keeper of the exchequer: Ronald Will- now, Worthy keeper of the annals: Iames Patterson, worthy scribe: larnes Bowden, Worthy usher: Richard VanDoren, worthy sentinel: Dean Wells, pledge master: Ronal.d Tuck, house manager: William Cooper, social chairman: Ronald Ienkins. athletic chairman: and lames Bonner, song leaderif-'VW P .jp 'Ulu :Nik mise! hugh. sr imm- mnded he 720' held in jg ie 's VQTSC-fl' nic'-72 Zeller? 5-md 13765, -mth? Will- 511195 ,dem arfhr' ge!! Ham 5115, met, CSeatedJ Alexander Karagas, Dean Mills, Ierry Andrews. fKneelingD Bruce Keiser. Walter Schultz, Richard Siegrist, Leo Glee- son, Francis D'eMarais, William Lewis, Robert Ohrman. fStandingl Richard Croll, Benjamin Van Riper, Richard Wiegert, Leo Rench, Hugh Moran, Iordan Iatrou, Iames Thomas, Ned Spencer, Michael Himich, William Pinnell, William Mundy, William Gephart, Edwin LeButt, Arthur Antonelli. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity believes that man, being primarily a social being, is at his best when his relations with his group are satisfactory. To accomplish this an attempt is made to draw into the bonds of SAE men who are socially acceptable with this group, locally and nationally. Michigan Alpha at Adrian College, founded in 1887, was the forty-ninth chapter to be founded and is one of the oldest established chapters above the Mason- Dixon line. Officers this past year: Eminent Archon: Michael Himich, William Gephart: Eminent Deputy Archon: William Mundy, Leo Rench: Eminent Recorder: Leo Rench, William Pinnell: Eminent Treasurer: Benjamin Van Riper, Hugh Moran: Eminent Herald: Richard Wiegert: Eminent Chron- icler: lame Thomas, Edwin LeButt: Eminent Correspondent: Hugh Moran, Raymond Con- way: Eminent Warden: Iordan Iatrou, Mi- chael Himich: Chaplain: Raymond Conway, Ned Spencer: Preceptor: Edwin LeButt, Ben- jamin Van Riper. SWUMQM Cl. to r.l Michael Himich, lfirst semesterl Eminent Archon: Dr. Iames H. Spencer, advisor: William Gephart, fsecond semes- terl Eminent Archon. 45 ' L' Wm. ,:..,. -----................ 'yn-,Q-.' fn .IL-ix.-L Grouped around the table are Profesor Miles Peelle, A Front Row: Dr. Iames H. Spencer, Ioyce Damon, Harold Richard Wiegert, William Bateman, Gary Corbin, ' Weaver, Anna Fagan. Second Row: Marjorie Speers Mary Sinclair, Barbara Brown, and Blaire Minier. Standing are Charles Helzer and Robert Horner. Science Club The Science Club was revived this year after one year of inactivity. Though small in number, composed of students and faculty members interested in fur- thering their scientific interests, the club has obtained the services of outside speakers and talks have been given by club members on various types of scienti- fic research. Faculty advisor professor Miles Peelle has been assisted by Dr. Charles Vance and Dr. Howard Alexander. Officers of the club consist of president, Richard Wiegert: vice president and program chairman, Madelon Leech, and secretary, Blaire lVlinier. One of the program highlights was an illustrated lecture, "Oceanic 'V'olcanos," given by Miss Helen Foster. Miss Foster, a native of Adrian, spent five years in lapan studying geology. Walter Rentsch, Raymond Barnes, Ermil Iones, Gilbert Smith, Doris Grof, Dorothy Davis. Music Club The Music Club was organized to give music students at Adrian College an op- portunity to develop their talents and to learn the importance of music in the world. It has always been the club's policy to open its membership to all per- sons who enjoy various types of music. Over a period of several months the club has heard works of such well known composers as Bach, Beethoven, Mac- Dowell, and Victor Herbert. The autobio- graphy of each composer is read and the person in charge points out certain things to listen for, which distinguishes that composer. The club tries to attend outside activi- ties and concerts in other towns, as well as A-drian, such as those in Toledo and Ann Arbor. Officers include: Norma lean Baxter, president: Harold Weaver, vice president: secretary-treasurer, Ermil Tones: program chairman, Gilbert Smith: publicity chair- man, loyce Damon: refreshment chair- man, Mary Ioan Gephart: and faculty advisor, Dr. lames H. Spencer. The Spanish Club is an organization consisting of students who are either tak- ing Spanish courses now or have in the past. Its purpose is to provide further opportunities for Spanish- conversation and to better understand the culture of Spanish speaking countries and when possible to become acquainted with Spanish people. A Spanish banquet and a Mexican dinner are the highlights of the year's activities. This year's officers were: president Lor- raine Schultz, vice president Ron Will- now, and advisor Miss Hope Lowry. The German Club is a student organi- zation, including faculty members and a group of German speaking people from the community. Its purpose is to give further opportunity for German conver- sation and to become better acquainted with German people and culture. Edward Winter served as president and Arthur Antonelli, vice president this past year. Language Clubs Front Row: Dr. Thomas Rogers, Lorraine Schultz, Iohn Gault, Miss Hope Lowry. Back Row: Marjorie Speers, Victor, Ford, Connie Montoya, Earl Michener, Ronald Willnow, Larry Iones, Frederic Nofziger, Richard Feller, Edward Saters, Mary Lyle, Walter Rentsch, D'oris Grof. Lambda Phi is an organization of stu- dents interested in literature. It meets informally twice a month to discuss any phase of literature with which the mem- bers are acquainted. Qualification for membership is that the candidate must contribute some ori- ginal work, either in the form of a written paper on some phase of writing or an oral talk such as a book review or read- ing. This past year several book reviews, readings, movies, and records pertain- ing to literature have been enjoyed by the group. A Members attended the Iohn Mason Brown and Charles Laughton lectures at the University of Michigan. Lambda Phi also supported the Adrian Community Concert series. Officers were Donald Crumm, president and Ioan Rosso, secretary. Miss Ruth Thomas was advisor. Lambda Phi Vaneita Elliott, Ioan Rosso, Iames Simmons, Donald Crumm, Gilbert Smith, Ruth Thomas, Barbara Crumm. .. . 1. , . . . .,,. - ,Ji lx Q34 U, .---............,,,,,,. Choir lfront rowl Ioyce Damon Daisy Crum back Anna Fagan Darlene Lear Dons Grof Cback row? Iames Bonner Walter Rentsch Gerald Bender, Calvin Rice, Raymond Barnes. Choir This year's Adrian College Choir under the direction of Dr. Iames Spencer has participated in every Chapel service during the school year. It took active part during Religious Emphasis Week and the Pre-Easter week services, furnishing special music. One of the highlights of the year's activities was the annual Christmas Concert, given in the Chapel prior to Christmas vacation. Due to the lowered enrollment at Adrian Colege this year the choir is necessarily smaller than in past years and it was therefore decided to cancel the annual choir tour which has pre- viously been made each spring. ln recent years these tours have in- cluded engagements in the .principle cities of Michigan, Ohio, and western Pennsylvania. The choir has also sung in Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. This year the college choir has been composed mostly of freshmen. Dr. Spencer is looking forward to next year when these members of this year's choir return to form the nucleus from which to build another fine Adrian College Choir. CCF: lfront row? Ida Ford, Ioanne Beamer, Barbara I-lizer, William Bateman, Sandra Schultz, lsecond IQWD Ierry Andrews, Lorraine Schultz, William Waara, Robert Ffobb, Iohn Dace, Raymond Barnes, Homer Iulian, Billy Brentlinger, Luella Hoagland, Gilbert Smith. College Christian Fellowship College Christian Fellowship is an in- terdenominational group which meets on Sunday evening to express itself in reli- gious and social' aspects of campus and community life, emphasizing develop- ment of Christian personalities. lt is affiliated with the Michigan Meth- odist Stu-dent Movement, the National Methodist Youth Fellowship, student work of the YMCA and YWCA, and works with the WSSF drive and participates in Reli- gious Emphasis Week activities. Speakers from the faculty, as well CIS outside the campus circle, are invited to speak before the group. Discussions. vesper services, and recreational meet- ings were also held during the year. Officers include Barbara I-lizer, presi- dent: William Bateman, vice president? secretary-treasurer, loanne Beamer: wor- ship chairman, Lorraine Schultzp public- ity, Ierry Andrews: MSM representative. Harold Baker: and advisors, Dr. Thomas Rogers and Professor William Schuhle. it Q .HJ 1:55 bA!A, net., .,bL,,,- .. -3, ,,.,,,,,., .,.. ,f:7j,5.,,,l, t- ...J ,B , ri .IWW All i W .,. 1 . .K Hx .f..3t4v gi.: f D nin- ts on rch- ,kv a and felop- Meth- ional work 9 with Beli- ell C15 ted to SiOI15f rneel' gr. PIQSI- 4idGI1l7 I WO!- zublic' sativa' zorrlas uhle. Alpha Delta Chi Major Cole Association Seated-Vaneita Elliott, Luella Hoagland, Mary In- wood, Joan Rosso, Marjorie Speers. Standing: Consuelo Montoya, Gwendolyn Johnson, Doris Grof, Joanne Beamer, Gwendolyn Britt, Ida Ford, Anna Fagan, Ann Butcher. Alpha Delta Chi means "man serving Christ," which is the essence of its aim. Its stated goal is "to serve the present age in whatever way. the Master calls: to hold high the ideals of Christian teach- ing: to keep our lives clean and pure." Members' fields of service are Religious Education, Missions, and Social Service. Various projects are carried out during the year. One of which was the "adop- tion" of the children of Peek Home in Polo, Illinois. I Individually, many of the girls help locally in churches as Sunday School teachers, recreation leaders, choir mem- bers, and youth advisors. This year Mary Inwood served as president: Joan Rosso, vice president? Marjorie Speers, secretary-t r e a s u r e ri Luella Hoagland, worship chairman: Vaneita Elliott, social service, religious education and missions chairman: and Eve Clark, membership chairman. Ad- visors were lVIrs. Samuel Harrison and Mrs. Viola Miller. First row: Ronald Cappon, Steve Andrews, William Lewis, Billy Brentlinger, Richard Steudle. Second row: Edward Saters, Larry Smith, James Norwood, Gilbert Smith, Willard Schultz. Third row: Calvin Rice, Gerald Bender, William Waara, Robert Robb, Gary Corbin, John Smith, Raymond Barnes, John Dace, Homer Julian, John Palmer, Robert Peverly. The Major Cole Association is the men's religious organization on campus. Its membership is open to all men who have definite Christian convictions. Some of the members are pastoring churches in the rural areas near Adrian. Others are helping to organize youth groups and choirs in churches of various denominations. ' Members of the M.C.A. have traveled over 1,600 miles and have spoken to well over 2,000 people in deputation- work since the beginning of the school year in September. The organization offers a wide variety in its program so that it may .fill the needs of each member. Officers this year included James Nor- wood, president: Donald Crumm, vice president, Lawrence Smith, secretary- treasurer, and Gilbert Smith, chaplain. Dr. F. B. Clifford is the faculty advisor. 'imftq' X'f.i!'w:' , W'--Ztv'7rf' J 2" -'fr Q - 'rg 253451 l1.?Zfl'i 3133. -f r-M 1 1 VCV' "' "' L .4 . , .T,,'fQ!' 1' of . .....-......... ru., .. ., . 6 '57-Z7 -V K Y ., N A X Pg X .Q N 4 ' 'S 5 ., xii, -is Q 'ss' 1: I1 K-l' A:.:.N3E Xa.. . xv i xr. Yan' .gx. ' ' .N N5 " -at Q Ns U ,QQ X-ig. .fl -,vii 1 NX .XI S , 5 First row: Darlene Lear, Betty McDonald, Frances Holloway, Clarice Iones, Barbara Amato, Ann Butcher, Sandra Schultz. Second row: Mildred Hawthorne, Madelon Leech, Mildred Ware, Eve Clark, Mary Inwood, Doris Heyn, Third row: Sandra Smith, Ivah Graves, Mary Sinclair, Marjorie Speers, Gwendolyn Iohnson, Doris G-rof, Lorraine Schultz, Ioanne Beamer, Edith Buffet Iadvisorl, Rebecca Walker Cadvisorl, Evelyn Wangerin, Evelyn Berry, Mary Lyle, Luella Hoagland, Ioanne McKercher, Marlene Palmeter, Gwendolyn Britt, Anna Faganf Women's Athletic Association The Women's Athletic Association of Adrian College is composed of women interested in athletics. It sponsors a point-award system for athletic participa- throughout the year and sponsored an All-College tea, an intramural program, and a Women's Athletic Association birthday party. In May, after final tion, intramural sports, varsity sports, and various social events during the year. The girls sponsored the Girls' Bid Dance in Ianuary and co-recreation nights in the auditorium during the year. Also Adrian College WAA were hosts to other WAA groups from the MIAA schools this fall at a college play-day and held a high school playday for high schools of this county this spring. The girls held candy, magazine, bake, and card sales exams, the girls took an overnight hik-e. Officers: Mildred Ware, p r e s i d e n ti Madelon Leech, vice president: Eve Clark, secretary: Mary Inwood, treasurer: Doris Heyn, social chairman: Evelyn Berry, proj- ect chairman: Sandra Schultz, song lead- er: Mildred Hawthorne, intramural direc- tor: Ioanne McKercher, publicity: and Misses Rebecca Walker and Edith Buf- fett, advisors. I I , 1 I I I I I I .. 1 I I I I I I I I I I N ..L..'A- X.. , . e Q- .ww .. ........L. FZZIEIJ I'...'I1l".e an tion al 'Q .ff v n t, Pl kr ris 1 Oj' d. SC' ll d uf. 1 rf 2 Q fb MM Q wwf-.v Q ww- M.-wwf vs., . U' sqx1'g1pn-: vt,j.f.,'.-wg-3gfl.-wg-n -lv .1-yt 7,J,.:'n1.'3.I5 ,p3..',.',.,...,,Q, A 4' .151 'ff 1 "" '- V vp 4 I gwgg-2, "hpi3rQgv-mw A' ' ' ' f1t1"3'!'if212l"mt'-ESIQWHIEQP ., ' 1- 'gl F1-'rf'-r 'g.g, l.,m'v" .,1,.,f -'P' . -fi.-gf ' ' tftfimtflhtl ir:-, 32:1 -nf -1 'f 2 nf' i..::,ps4fS. .ft t f 1'U: ,:. 73? "l g i T ' WV' MY TW P W-4' 'W L Lette1'man's Club The Letterman's Club is an honorary organization composed exclusively of men who have won Adrian College var- sity letters. The club had a concession at football games and track -meets: the proceeds going into a loan fund to help Worthy Adrian athletes in need of financial as- sistance. A luncheon was held on Home- coming Day for all active and alumni lettermen. Seth Ware lead the group as president this year until his induction into the army, at which time Regis McConnell, vice p-resident, took over the duties of the head office. Hugh Moran Was the secre- tary-treasurer. The trophy the Lettermen are grouped around is the "Robert Harsh Memorial Trophy," which this group presented to the College. It is awarded annually to the most outstanding Adrian College athlete. This trophy is in memory of Robert A. Harsh, class of 1949, Who lost his life in a plane crash While enroute to the Korean baltle front. He Was serving with the United States Navy at the time of his death. An athlete While at Adrian he was one Who carried the true fighting sp'rit and sportsmanship typical of the school he attended. Sitting on floor: Ric- hard Nims, Hugh Moran, Eugene Deuel. Seated: Philip Wigent, William Bateman Ronald Willnow, Ge rald Wallace. Stand ing: Richard Hockins Francis DeMarais, Vic tor Ford, Robert Ohr man Leonard Morri son, William Gephart leo Rench, Iohn Cavas Thomas Hewitt, Leo Gleeon Richard Steud- - 2,1-"..!',," f"'F' 1Tf"'." i f.,,- n ,1,:'-"' Q , - - ff I' ' - l V V .4 ,- V .,, .., t.LL,4 .-,.4..-,l-... R ,-, , . . -- . L' ,',ii!u4wiUe5F-if-iii-i-'51?r4v5rff1i 'Z f.. U i 9 1.1, 4 if Adrian College World Stall The Adrian College World, weekly news- paper published by the students, serves as a mouth piece for our College, giving a clear picture of student life and campus happenings. F It holds membership in the Associated Collegiate Press, and each year sends dele- gates to the national convention of the or- ganization. Editor-in-chief for the first semester was Fritz Nofziger. Bon Willnow, who served as sports editor, moved up to the head office in February. His former position was filled by Dick Lackie. Gilbert Smith held the feature editorship until February. lames Patterson took over as news editor in February. Ioanne Beamer held the posi- tion of society editor during the past year. Murray Sayre headed the advertising department, assisted by Wright Sawyer and George Barber. loanne McKercher was the circulation manager: Gwendolyn Iohnson assisted her. The office of busi- ness manager was held by Benjamin Dajos. Columnists, other than those already men- tioned, consisted of Gerald Campbell, Larry Iones and Ermil Iones. Faculty advisor, Dr. E. H. Babbitt. Seated: Vaneita Elliott, Ronald Willnow, Ioanne McKercher, Gwendolyn Iohnson. Standing: George Barber, Ermil Jones, Gilbert Smith, Frederic Nofziger, Richard Lackie, Iames Patterson, Ioanne Beamer, Edwari Wia- ter, Gerald Campbell, Murray Sayre, Dr. E. H. Babbitt We N Srsvtwftv ,NR UT 1 xgQng,,III IBM IX-vt t ,,Hgx3a3,Igsg m-lIg:g Is ,II 1 . . X -5-, 1, x-- rf -v N. .-44-gm. .ff - gg,-J, . ,,- . , I ...AI I II I I I I II -7' - -. L '...-q'f.At,-r.v.- N -A-H? N ' . ' '- . . I . ' . ' ee-ww ,r - A . -. . . , , . . , . A .- -. -. .. " - - -g,,- Ig rv:-1. tv I is -V ,-':--g,,.,IIl I ,I -IRI IMI I I, W I, I,:,t I1 , 4 -F I,1yI,. I I wa, V, V. , . . I .,..L. :,fI,.-'l.IL:!,,.:.I., ,mg 3I.,II,II,,, - 1 X ' . A -. A rt --1 - .t.,,-4,15 ALL .. . - im 1-it '-f. fact! E It II IMII III- --- I-II , ,,,,, bruqn. 4- ' 541301 , . 9 N ' F931 ,fusing 51 ' was fl-lOlYn busi. Dcios. ' men. Lam' Wiser, l raft - tSeatedD Wright Sawyer, Iames Thomas, Gilbert Smith, Frederic Nofziger. CStandingD Wilma Ireland, Mildred Hawthome, Evelyn Berry, Evelyn Wangerin, Geneva Walton. The purpose of the Mound is to record through pictures - and the printed Word an- other chapter in the life of Adrian College, Which will adequately portray coll.ege life as you have experienced it and as it still exists in vivid memory, as another success- ful year comes to a close. This year's staff has, as have those in the past, Worked continuously from before school began in September until these books were - , .A,.q,,. gf--'u-.--Y, f- K.. - - -- rr, . I , j'.,.'.' :.. -'gh'-. -.I.-'I VIIE I' I .I',:',:1:.Ig I I ,,.....m,:,M , 4, at-.3 fc Mound Staff completed and ready for the final approval of the students. Countless, hours have been spent in writ- ing and rewriting articles, taking pictures, planning lay out, reading copy and proof, rearranging lay out and correcting mistakes. Even before the students received this year's Mound records from the 1952 edition had been turned in and Work begun on or- ganizing a staff for 1953. ..m.z!.-..l.-D47-r W M -zzzvxmkmwc .. .X-QmvqxxxmwxmxwmmxxwwmxxxxxvmxmwM-.- www ww-X - -uamw s : X x Mmmxv. - t, . . V - -, -, - . t, H - -v -4- K1 fini . . . gf.: 'Ll ' 1 ,ggi-' fi11,--L-EW-- :sum -.14-..-, ,r.,.s, K W - - ' ""' "-A" "' " " ' ' " ' ' ' fell ' Rail . lla t .Wi Q Q 'Q' I , pg Ymlll- ' , Z I 3 1 i I l I t i . , , l f i 1 e , 1j,, Chapel Pictured here is the interior, front portion, of the Adrian College chapel, of which the students are particularly proud, as it appears just prior to the chapel services held each Monday. Wednesday, and Friday.: Speakers from neighboring communities, as well as pastors of various Protestant churches in Adrian and college faculty members, appear at these services: each bringing a new message of hope, faith, and Christian love to the students and faculty members present. Each year an impressive pre-Easter Communion service is held in the Chapel, patterned after the "Last Supper." 56 -:y . M i Dcnm1f1fHaI3K Iune 10-12, 1880, saw the first Commencement to be held on the new campus at Adrian. At that time the corner-stone of the new Chapel was layed. It was in this building that the following ninety Commencements were to be held. On the first floor were rooms occupied by the literary societies for over half a century. Lamda Phi, The Star, and Theological Literary Society played roles of great importance on the campus during their life-times. The library of one of these societies was brought to Adrian by 2 rf". . An 56 og1 was Qs af' L 5 ox-cart from Leoni when the College was moved in 1859. About the same time that G.. 2 Metcalf Hall was construct- ed, a gift from Iordan Downs of Vps .1 of ohio enabled the admin- lff Rlga istration to remodel the build- ' l . J V-13 4, I ing and it was subsequently M It 1 named Downs Hall. - s . my . . gd i 7 E rs 1nn1e e ogg 'Y 'Y' ji-T 1 lt M . M K 11 11 lj ', l Larned, an alumna and 5, . Illljll 1125! ll y 1 noted vocal teacher, and the ii .wife of a Detroit industrial- l ist, offered her services for building up the Conserva- ,Trib b tory. Through her vision and leadership a four man- ual Hutchings-Voety pipe organ was purchased and installed. The dedication-recital took place on February 18, 1909. In 1919, Dr. H. L. Feeman led in the founding of the Major Cole Association. The organiza- tion furnished a room on the first floor which is still used .as its chapel. Across the hallway was Theological Hall Where generations of pre-ministerial students have studied. When the New Era Program was innaugurated the Literary Society rooms and Theological Hall were rebuilt to house the studios and practice rooms of the Music Department. That year the presses of the former Methodist Protestant Publishing House in Pittsburg were brought to Adrian and housed in the basement of Downs cnd South Halls. Later the presses and equipment of the Michigan Christian Advocate were added making the Adrian College Press the largest collegiate printing establishment in the state. 1 57 " ' f ""' -. rr :f ' . :-. . "' - , ' " 'v -'fir'--3 L--. :,,:1.-If :W 7 -,if-,F Pwr. .zz ir- irfr-A-5'-Sw y-:ii,xi.f55L-1: x-'E,j':2:iiE:1,-5 Lzjlsitgjl sirffwalysff-'ff.f5TT5 ' Lv A ' w .-gir,-r:t'?4r1:f-'.Vg- -- si QL", ' ' f :'-:' ..-1-.'f--,L-zv.grL.5wY.-'..54'A.,.i:i:.?1f,j.-if ,Q L :si g . -..f7y,.': .v3v7 .,3,.:g- ,g,,4,3 . tf1 f.Q-S,a31Q4Z,'f1g,tQy3ug,,ff'5Lsi7is:7Sf!S'x74'.W 5, ... . '. - ' -: ,Z .37-'.k'. --uf., . . Faculiy Reception Upper left on Stairway: Doris Heynl Ivqh Graves, Lower lett in one of the parlors we find Eve Clark. Alilera Smith, Frances Holloway, Barbara Amato, Mrs. Viola Miller, Mrs. Esther Pellowe and Robert Gwendolyn Britt. Lacy. Pictured at left-center is William Gephart being Upper right: Frances Holloway and Alvera Smith greeting upon his arrival by Charles Cottle and serving punch to Charles Cottle and Lois Arnold. William Bateman. Lower right the shutter clicked on Eve Clark, Bar- bara Hizer and Iohn Palmer. 58 'Egg' df -1-4-sqqq my :ht-v V -1-, .-W. , -it.. ' ,- ,.. ,. , f . . r .4 - t . .-.14 - Qq3s',x',x-Q 1- 'ivy' 'X Q-:-F 1 'x--'QT'-it 'YhQ,"t'Qf-Wu' .f A' Q : -, .Y . .-Q ,, 2 .r .4 un a- . 1 . . . '. , 1 - . , N . 14 sb., -N1...,4.-e ., ex NA. ,D ,y et, Mt. . . X .-,HLN g ,Q-U, ji r 4, ig - Q 1- ,., K . ,A ,Ar -I -, er M g P M ,, ,,. . HWILH E.: 5-LL U, . x.31...,4,'g is.- - fsbJMw55W:g 'n?k when ss,,,wzWs-ir , t,,4wLwsnEeQoowwawvnQnw ff f iii! l i A W ' M -a,---hms,Wm H will sown Homecoming I 1 1 Pictured at upper left is 1951 Homecoming Queen Taken during the half-time presentation program Barbara Amato and her escort, Benjamin Van we see the queen, her court and escorts. tl. to r.l Riper. Daisy Crumback, escorted by Robert Robb tMetcalf At upper right is the queen and her Court. Pie, Hall Council presidentl: Luella Hoagland, escorted tured here are Evelyn Wangerin, Daisy Crumback, bY William Bateman' UXCC Pfesidentlf Queen BUI- Madelon Leech' Queen Barbara Ammo' and Lueuu bara Amato, escorted by Iohn Fleischman CStudent Hoagland. Union presidentl: Evelyn Wangerin, escorted by M' h l H' ' ' - At lower left is a picture of the spectators in the LisCgecesigxcicffiioflvrgnent Archonl' and Madelon bleachers at the Island during the Homecoming ' game. ,rc. c H H c o - . .,,,, . . ., , ',..1--v.,r-,V . -1 t,.' . ..,.1.-g z. , .. f' . ' - 'Lt'-r "---hs' ' .ln-.-of -.uszx-'.-' , 1 t ?.ggy,,,:,rtyqs,gg,,..-.,.5.L ,.:,,St.,,,,,,, fp, . ., Rf- ,-tm -X ,--., . W.-.-.K -,-, t V Ni' i? , .Iii 5 35. I ' ' R f-Lfyiv l F' X421 A , :.:: R l xx A-me X, x sr Q: S: Q N lfsigkgiigxi Everyday One of the chapel services is pictured at upper left. Leitcenter shows Ierry Andrews, Barbara Hizer. Iames Thomas, Mary Glancy and Robert Horner studying in the library. ' Lower left: Dr. C. S. Ritchie opens the sate to begin the days work as Mrs. Florence Benedict looks on. Lower right: Walter Funk, Doris Heyn and Wil- liam Bateman at work in the chemistry laboratory. N Doings Upper right: Working in the Biology labora- tory are William Bateman, Professor Miles Peelle, and Blaire Minier. Center: Dr. E. H. Babbitt gives counsel to Mary Ioan Gephart. Lowe: left: Billy Brentlinger and Dorothy Davis set the tables in the dining hall. Lower right: Harold Weaver Cassisiant lib- rarianl looks on as Iohn Fleischman signs for a book he wishes to take out of the library. :sith ICG. 1011, of BVCI urls' ces 1on 81-6 np.,-1 .W -:Zz-Q1 -r ,,. - ,ze N 5-A R55 X W, X SFR- 'xr .X G. XX X Q31 Ik. k w X Qx X p XQ X X X S mx X X x N P, . A F, A 1 .KT G: v ACL Cs YN L C K V ,,',,,-ff K IW' Dorm Lzfe Pictured at the entrance to Tobias House are Frances Holloway, Marlene Palmeter, Barbara Amato, Alvera Smith. Grouped around the card table in the Metcalf Hall lounge are Robert Lacy, Willard Schultz, Ronald Cappon, Homer Iulian, Gary Corbin, Wayne Smith, Don Harlan. Shown at upper right is the Cornelius Memorial House. Homer Julian and Ronald Cappon prepare to study in their Metcalf Hall room. Picture at lower left. Commencement Above picture is ot the senior procession, beginning the long awaited Commencement Day exercises. At right is a scene at the traditional cane ceremony. This ceremony climaxes Commencement day activities. Below Dr. and Mrs. Samuel I. Harrison are pictured relaxing in their home after the formal reception held each year for the seniors at the Harrison home. mu..-,x X' ir ' N 15 X , I- vu M - ' . c, up-gf. v. - . ,. - :Q , . v , ,., '- - ,A . . .- - .. ., , , . , , , ,, . I' -N, " ' X ' ' "" I' ! ,I xl , f. ,v 1-Hx 9. -5 Q.-1I3As'lIW,.f-'lvl-fJ':3!dH'f, 'WEwld.:.! .,1:wnJn!i41,5?A:A,IFw! , .Hs155nQ'H.i'2:'3c!:+tB.sb4Luicasn1-x,i1nz 'L--.i5,:,ff.1w-.AU A 1 f,-L, ,. . A, A .-- I. K 65 ,--.. JAX. X 5 2' 1 , , - . .XX f NN x N-fMxxwvxw.-P.Y.naw2wmmwxxxvwxmvmQmxxwwmxxxwxxmxwmwmxmxmmxxxwwmxxmxxmxwAm-ms-mwxxxwxc- N .- - ' ' if 'Q a 4 V A ' e i ff " W-.. .,,.,,,.,. .........,...m,..m.wQ:4-W l Interior of Gymnasium Here, looking southeast, you see the interior of the gymnasium as it has appeared for the past several years. Last spring the stage was finished. A new floor, lighting and public address system, and curtains were installed. This spring the final phase of completion was begun on the east side of the building, where the board partition is seen in the picture, and was scheduled to be finished in May. Completed, the gymnasium will be one of the best among MIAA schools.. With full use of both balconies and chairs on the main floor it will seat close to 2,100 people, having the largest seat- ing capacity of any building in the community. Offices for the coaching staff, college physician, a medical examining room, secretarial offices, a new girls' locker room, and a utility room were constructed. 68 gg vb. . EE 93-E'E'3.293-E3-23. Q. zr 'Q C o Q. cn'-ai mag.- QWQ- 3' E. 53 QH2 Qgg CD 833 E109 CDO'-4 QBK: 'U Q- E35 Q Q,,6" r-'ETH CD,cn"" Q- 3' fuss., 3. 8 Q. O n-I Q,-ILS 9. if Q .':-'YCDS Q 3 E? 5 7- 5i'8 O,,., QQ? mkqm ' mm QQPE- S. ij QL 'QEQ 00953 55.91 m'S!3 HOLQ HQH, F159 Sim CLD-'9. m 1-4- -+ 'Q 9.3 .223 mag-' '-H O Q o QQ 5233 QQ-11 ""..--co 3 Q a W "C co CD LQ co 5 o Q cn H4 Q- Sl Q H LQ I-4 Q Ei 'Rf' o B 5 m "FII O CI .5 Q- Q .C-'Z O D Q D Q- D-" ro 53? 6' 5 co O o Z m LQ an U' '4 TF' CD Fi' Q l'.' co U Q F1 U Q Q :I O o LZ' cn LQ co 'U H cn U1 cn I! Q H4 CD H U2 Ei CD Q- u f-i 35" CD EF? rn D' O 'U m- E Q Ei 5 Q s Q U2 5 CD Q. CD Q1 e uopnor SA ug-1 qu EB. LQ E '41 punsnom I bugmo mel 5 CD n-I Q F1 LQ CD EP. Q LQ CD 2 Q rn CD .Q E. 'U 'U CD Q- Q D Q- Q- fmugm eouenuulog III me HSGAA O v-on v- CD U1 v-I 55 CD 'P' Q-4 Q. Q U l-I 33" CD HT 5 ueunnog 1s SD III me P191-I SCI 01 gl E? CD oupnrn 121 'LIIT1 SDAA 5' 9. O H- 9 CD .Q- Q CD U2 O H-C 9-I CO U1 9 Vi 23" CD Ph O 5-I I " Q 55, 'U Q U 'P cr Q 'U rr Q o D' " 5 Q- Q I 'D Q 0 ' o Q 4 CD B H, v- Q Q cr ,Q U E Q Q. CD Q 3 ... .., '-4 O m I3 O CD U' H' ' Q- Q .-o- .-o- 'FL S: CD "' 5 tu U' O Q G H 5 C - ,... ,.,. H1 Q -' O '14 Q o ' LQ cp rn L4 pr' 8 cr CD Q .Q ' Q. L94 g 3 co DH 6. CD : Q' 3 3 Q CD CD g D Q1 Q co LO 53' o EL Q U' 5' O E. K: Q. S H, U Q m Q U1 I-1- "" Q' B Q 0 3 U1 S 0- 0 Q1 6' .. cn 5 3 .1 Q 'D EF 3 "" Q o 3- Q. 9 . Q. cn 'TP' cn W Q Q LQ W s cu 1 ..Q-- ' 5 CTW H! F f ff S ' 'I' ,Q -- -Q! 5' ' f fy. Sl 1 U f JH it 'W F-I Y I 'I' l -Q -r . b. rffMm' H D- C QQ - .- ' X 5' Dv A' f . -I ,C Dm. j ' .grqv U' , 'qi.i:aaaaaae-n-Q-- ------ - X 'rx 5. ' WH D' 7 A A V' I f gl ' "- S11 V A Ti "' I- 5-9-, V I ' ijlllii' 'Q X ' 1 N 'iflrv . . il S' - .EQ ' ' -.9 4 lgiigygggf XX CD E25 I 1i'f-l' Q O . ' '. - 4 'I 1 Q ' 23 - A 1 1 CD 5 "-" I r Q-Q3 :f .-. 2 .5 L - ' g' 1 gf: 4 5 - ' ' 5 ,, ., 'Asif-"' . . ., C 4 4 'fa 'J X. . 'LE B. g Q ' fflxw ' an '. ll ?-. 1 ,- f ' .C K, . ' .l x If , v ,Q .!:::jS!i:1::E:2'ilml1l.IL ' 5, .1 5 dl ,Q C, . ve - 'C W W ' V J Q , I 5' 5 TE S T2 E 3' C3 S 3 f2 3 5 .. 8 Q H 3 9. Q 9+ G ,. B 9. D-l H 'Tl ,,... n-- O O H- C-' fb 'Q U' Q.. O H U' tr' Q' Q .PQ- H' ... III cn U CD CD LQ CD U' Q 9. 2 E- Q ""' CD fb CD O C CD H ' I-h 1+ "' CD Q-I H Q 5 H 5' :rr N 3 H H 0 QagS95""HD'Q2's.:, . "' co 5' co LQ 9, cn S DP- ,Q -' 'U CD O E ad E? 5 5 C ST 5 af Q fi Q Q. H an . 2 L9 Q 9 co Q B '42 UI 6861 SIU. Sql. 1:m11s Tl SI 59.2. CDO 2,35 UIQ. 'S E CDO HW' Q. Q E Q QQ. QI HB 'Do 'AHL O OO Q-.Ph 1-0- CU' ECD U1"U Q5 EQ. CDLQ 'ro U2 U' CD 0 Q B CD sd 23 Q .2 6 Sl Q E SD 'TI O H Fo' 23 '-4 CD Q H U1 Ev' ro I-h O Q I3 Q-1 9. gl I3 Q I3 Q- GI 8Z SLU, 3 IO o1s1eu SU AA puzo pelllol sn -J,:m11suo3 'unbeq uor 1g exogeg E Q U2 O o 53 HQ SP. co Q-1 5 co Q- cn 'U VC cn if' 'U O15 ro Q- LQ co P-' cu 25 noq1 qogqm go puns AA SD PIDCI U' D4 O 'J' CD O PT' U' "4 E Q ou Q H Q :Q Q B o Ph lb' Q. 215. Q P ON UI SA 'lequl Q. I1 4 CD l-h o H D-h Q Q Q. U2 6' O O Q U1 Q Q 9. Q Q cu S LUKE: II SD Tl! UI UELIQCI P T-IUCN 'HDH 613 E D4 OLIII, STI smuop pun AA SD O Q D14 3. 31 gli QE 0.5 Q 'Q I-h QF4 Q. 8 E5 2 9. 6' SH :EF 5-'CD .-.-.'I-'T E' Ei 5:5 Q Q. LQ Q. 5.12 'DS O.-Q H' 3' Q0 8 O 'Q Q: 'DCD I3-LQ 'cn 55.5. U: l-In-F E5 E? Q 3 U' Q 3. EQ FTB 29. CD ia CD Q-.3 55, 8-'CD 9.2. U 'E QT' Ivah Graves, Mildred Hawthorne, Frances Holloway, Evelyn Wangerin, and Ioyce Damon. The Cheerleaders The unsung heros of the athletic pro- gram again were the cheerleaders. They deserve a great amount of credit for the loyalty, spirit, and fight they showed dur- ing the past year. They continually stood behind our teams-win, lose, or draw- cheering the fellows on: never giving up until the final whistle blew. The squad braved rain, wind, snow, and at times a very apparent lack of enthusiasm on the part of the spectators, to carry the colors of Adrian College into battle. . loyce Damon, a sophomore, in her sec- ond year as a cheerleader, piloted the cheering squad during the season just past. Frances Holloway, also a second year veteran, is the only senior member of the squad. Ivah Graves Cjuniorl' Mildred Haw- thorne, Evelyn Wangerin, and loyce Call sophomoresl will provide a good nucleus for next year's yell leading team. Each fall all aspirants for the cheer- leading squad begin training, at the end of which time a demonstration is held before the student body in the gymnasium, A vote is then taken to select those be- lieved to possess the best cheerleading ability. iiliisiew' NW 'K wr- we ww. st rr of 111 is td ld 1 e- Q - A 'N ,, af V - - X- -- 1-.Wav P , . 1 . ,A X mit-M it - is fr si - 1 .tkf-misfit w.c,.Mc ' "h"52Pm'w"ii l Pictured at left is Iordan Iatrou, All-MIAA center and Most Valu- able Player award winner of the 1951 Bulldog eleven. Shown at right is Adriarfs fresh- man record setter and Most Valuable Player award Winner in basketball, Robert Ohrrnan. Below is the line-up that Coach Tey Boyett intended to start to begin the court campaign Cl. to r.l Iohn Dace, Iohn Cavas, Robert Somborn, Robert Ohrman, Hugh Moran, and coach Theodore Boyett. l v 1 I... .r'-vtfrfvr . - ,f 71 ,, " - "" i- if. 2,1-"':,Lw,' 1 1 f- J---M. V Inexperience and injuries, plus a lack of depth, again plagued the Bulldog grid- men. The team, under the guidance of its new coach Ted Boyett, improved great- ly as the season progressed, but lacked that 60 minute punch that brings victory. Oi the forty men who went out for foot- ball this past season only eight will gradu- ate this Iune. These men are Richard Nims fguardl, Gerald Wallace Chalf backl, Iohn Stepp Cendl, Benjamin Van Riper lendl, Iordan Iatrou Ccenterl, Leo Rench lguardl, Lloyd Peters Ctacklel, and Walter Funk fendl. One consolation, however, was the con- sistent sparkle in the line play of lordan Iatrou that won him the selection to both the offensive and defensive All-MIAA teams and also his team's most valuable player award and was elected honorary captain of the squad for the season. Football Score: Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Olivet 6 Hillsdale 25 Alma 70 Albion 25 Hope 26 Kazoo. 32 Totals 185 Kneelil'-Q5 ll. to r.l Larry Wright, Kenneth Horwath, Iohn Gleeson, Ri h d N' D U i - I c ar ims, ennis Martin, Walter Funk, Ronald Will- now, Iohn Antico, William Edinger, Richard Steudle, Robert Aten, Walter Schultz, Raymond Conway Guy Cow Middle row: Iordon Iatrou, Richard Weigert, Victor Ford, Lawrence Smith, Ronald Ienkins, Iarnes Mohler, Richard Siegrist Leo Rench Gerald Wallace, Ronald Tuck, Howard Smith, Benjamin Van Riper, Charles Dean, Donald Merry. Back row' Mariene Gal- lanis, Francis DeMarais, William Deighton, Clarence Gable, Richard Croll, Lloyd Peters, Iohn Stepp. Dean. Mills Robert Ohrman, Hugh Moran, George Hart, Richard Sack, and asst. coach Kenneth Stepp. 72 Basketball A combination of inexperience, ineligi- bility, and a definite lack of depth led Adrian College through one of its worst post-war basketball seasons. The Bull- dogs won 2 while losing 21 contests. With only three veterans on hand to mold a suitable working basketball machine, Coach Ted Boyett, who initiated his basketball coaching career at Adrian last winter, had an unenviable job of rebuilding a completely new squad. Iohn Cavas, Eugene Deuel, and Hugh Moran, high scorers on the team the previous year, served to form the nucleus of the Adrian unit all season. Boyett picked a freshman, Bob Ohrman, to handle the center chores. Plagued by ineligibility the team was weakened the second half of the season. But the return of Iohn Stepp, who had been injured during the football season, and the progressing performances of Ron Lahman, Dick Nims, and Bruce Keiser caused an improvement in the squad's exhibition in the latter part of the season. Freshman Ohnnan paced his team consistently, breaking the individual scoring record twice and capturing a new seasonal record for total points scored. He received the V.F.W. Trophy for being selected "Most Valuable Player" and Hugh Moran was crowned Honorary Captain by his teammates. Ohrman presently holds the individual scoring record of 37 points in one game and also the season total with 345 points. He has three years of eligibility left at Adrian. Row 1: Philip Wigent, William Pinnell, Walter Schultz. Willard Schultz, Bruce Keiser, Eugene Deuel, Coach Theodore Boyett. Row 2: Manager Gerald Campbell, Richard Nims, Victor Ford, Robert Peverly, Clarence Gable, Iohn Dace, Ho- ward Smith. Row 3: Lawrence Smith, Charles Norvell, Iohn Cavas, Robert Somborn, Robert Ohrman, Hugh Moran, Ed- mund Norvell. Bottom row: Coach Ted Boyett, Larry Iones, Thomas Hewitt, Gerald Wallace, Hugh Moran, ICIIHGS PIeSlOI1, ViCl01' FO1'Cl. TOP row: Willard Schultz, Iohn Antico, Gary Corbin, Iames Mohler, Steven Andrews, Walter Schultz, William Pinnell, William Deighton. Track With only two lettermen on hand to ence field day at Kalamazoo. resume their Cinder duties this year, Boyett Counted on newcomers Iohn hePeS cf the trgek tegrh ggrhrhg g feet' Cavas, lack Birchfield, Bon lenkins, hold in MIAA and local competition is Hugh Moran, and Bm pin-neu to can-Y net Very bright- the rest of the load. Other hopefuls who Attheugh g regSehgbtY tgrge turheut showed interest in the Cinder sport in- ef 19 trgekrheh rePerteet te their new cluded Bill Deighton, Ivan Cassidy, Iim coach, ,Ted Boyett, suitable talent was Preston' Iohrr Antica Steve Andrews' S1111 cf eccffce item Since meet cf the Vic Ford, Dick sreudle, Walter Schultz, candidates were freshmen and sopho- Willard Schultz, Gerry Corbin, hm moms' Mohler, Larry Iones, Fred Chaperro, and 95 The return of veteran distance ace Clarence Graber. Tom Hewitt, after a ear's absence, un- , , , fl, doubtedly boosted thie team in that de- The held events were bard hu thls partment. Hewitt is the present holder of Sprmg Smce the gmducmon ef Such the MIAA Cross Country record set at notables ee George Henry' Marc Weed- Adrian in 1950 with Q time of 20:07 Over efclf end Al ehecktef- r S 2 the four mile COurSe. Spring Schedule: Rose Relays at Terre at gttgftg rx The other letterman available once Haute, Indiana CApril 263, University of 0 more this season was lerry Wallace, who Detroit, there tMay ll, Triangular meet r is ranked as the top sprinter in the with Hillsdale and Albion at Hillsdale sr MIAA. Wallace won the l00 yard and CMQY 165, and 1119 MIAA Field Day qt rr 220 yard dash last year in the confer- Kalamazoo May 22-23. Adrian's hopes were greatly bolstered by these three runners this year. tl. to r.D Thomas Hewitt, Gerald Wallace, Hugh Moran. he Burg, t . .. Tennis lf the number of returning lettermen is a basis for deciding the success of a sport season then Adrian's tennis will loom as the strongest bid in the spring sports program. With three numeral winners on hand to lend their services again this season a bright outlook was in store for the fans and players alike. L Coach Boyett welcomed the return of these lettermen and moulded the back- bone of the court squad around return- ing number one man Bill Bateman along with Dick Lackie and lim Bowden. New participants who filtered into the line-up this season were Ierry Bender, Bill Lewis, Dick Hockins, and Clarence Gable. An eight game schedule confronted the squad at the beginning of the sea- son. The program included the five MIAA schools CAlbion, Alma, Hillsdale, Hope, and Kalamazoo? and three non- conference schools, Lawrence Tech, a top contender from Detroit, the University of Toledo, who opened the season at Adrian, April 7, and Olivet, who was added to the schedule late in the season. Bruce Keiser, Richard Nims, Leo Bench, and Richard Hockins, From the top of the steps down: William Bateman Gerald Bender, Iames Bowden, Richard Hockins, William Lewis Clarence Gable, and coach Ted Boyett. Golf Lack of candidates for the golf team this spring prompted Coach Boyett to put out an emergency call for more recruits. This brought in prospects with little or no previous experience in the game which will have a definite bearing on the squad's showing this spring. Dick Nims was the only letterman re- turning, which left six others with no collegiate experience. They are Dick Hockins, Walter Schultz, lim Lilly, Bruce Keiser, Leo Bench, and Larry Iones. The loss of Earl Wilke, Tom Gilman, and Bud Bennett from last year's squad, left a large hole in the roster this spring. The schedule will consist only of the five MIAA schools to be followed by the annual field day at Kalamazoo. 1 Women s Sports The Women's physical education pro- gram is divided into fall, winter, and spring sports seasons. Fall sports center around archery, ' - tramural touch football and soccer. Those participated in during the winter months were intramural volleyball, bas- ketball, and badminton. The girls' var- sity basketball team, a consistently high finisher in the City League, wound up in third place this year. In the spring, varsity tennis competition 1n the Women's Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association and intramural soft- ball claimed top spot in the sportlight. The Women's athletic program has been under the direction of Mrs. Ioan Young Stepp, since 1942 until her resignation in December, and Miss Edith Buffet. Mrs. Stepp's position was filled by Miss Be- becca Walker. The slogan of the girls' athletic pro- gram reads, "Play for Fun." Awards are made on the basis of the number of points earned by each girl. This year "Block A" letters went to Madelon Leech, Mildred Hawthorne, and Ioanne McKercher. "Old English A" letters were awarded to Doris Heyn. Mildred Hawthorne, and Mary Inwood. Sweaters were won by Frances Holloway, Madelon Leech, and Lorraine Schultz. To earn a "Block A" award 500 points must be earned. For an "Old English A" one needs 800 points and 1,000 points for a sweater. Seated: Madelon Leech, Mildred Ware, Frances Holloway, Ann Butcher, Marjorie Speers. Standing: Rebecca Walker, Bar- bara Amato, Mildred Hawthorne, Lorraine Schultz, Ivah Graves, Anna Fagan, Edith Buffet. Walker and Buffet are the girls basketball coaches. 1 I 4 fl, to r.l Marlene Palmeter, Sandra Smith, Madelon Leech, Ioyce Damon fforegroundl, Geneva Walton Cbackgroundl. Darlene Lear, Mildred Hawthome, Evelyn Wangerin. Wanning up for the tennis season we find Cfar courtl Geneva Walton, Frances Holloway, Lorraine Schultz, Ivah Graves and Cnear courtb Barbara Amato and Gwendolyn Iohn- son. i Setting up a play in touch football are ll. to r.J Mary Lyle, Sandra Schultz, Luella Hoagland, Ivah Graves, Frances Holloway, Anna Fagan. Gwendolyn Iohnson, Doris Heyn, Evelyn BGTIYI and Lorraine Schultz. 1254352522 ff fe 1 1 Z -dy. I 1 6 , 4 1 1 fy 4' 2 1 1 1 Z 1 f .. ,. ' ' ii H gi 51V:V1V111212:r13:1:,:5:1-5:5:5:g-A-Q-1:5-Q: 52255255 5 H -1.f:: T-.-.-.-:-:-L+: szrzrf -:1:1ss:1:r:y35:5:5:515:5g:5:5:5:5: :,.-:F-.5 , '1sEzEzE51S.2:,. I7I5:317I3Z7Z7Z5fX-. A . . ' '252??i1E2if?y nes. . , W 2, 'R ex NX Q V9 tr Qt 'fx wg 1:-1-:-ss.. :r :4:w.,,:q5,, 1g:g1g.,.g:g:. 'f'''PQ''2E5Eriigigigirigiglglrjgig :I:i:2:2E2i:1:-252 ss . ' r X tx xivxx X5 X X X xXx X X SX: ml Q xxx X X :A Nr xw o-.. .qi 'thug' '-5155525555: NI-555 it ..,. I , W sn 77 Intramurals Scene at top is of the men's intramural football games being played on the athletic field. Shown at right Jim DeMarais receives the champion- ship trophy from Leo Bench, Intramural Director, for the SAE basketball team. fl. to r.D Bill Lewis, Bench Calso a member of the teaml, Bill Hodge, John Gleeson, DeMarais, and Iordan Iatrou. Below is pictured the girls' champion touch football team. Kneeling: Fran Holloway, Barbara Amato, Doris Heyn, Lorraine Schultz, and Mary Sinclair. Standing: Gwen Iohnson, Bob Robb Ccoachh, and Margaret Knapp. Picture at right: Robert Harsh Memorial Trophy 1 x N ,X 5- , -Hx . I '-. .. A 1 .- . X -4 .s X X. ,-, X., ln- x lv- -:- . , J- 141' rg. :gu 4.,h.aj,:i-Q. V 'cg' 'pi-3gj,j1Q'f'gQqf1.,R,e'2,:a, lim meat? 5fi.,':Z',?3gg ,,,3., PI.. . '1:b:,-g1'4sLl,.g52.5g- h 'xy' -' r 4,4-xqaf? .1 1 1. M. , 1, g,gh.h: r,:,V.,, .4 :WML A 2 -N I In um: 4 l ,. ,, A-. , ,. ..,. ,, My -,,..-Klein A ., V . Q- . 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Their congratulations to the graduating seniors are received with appreciation. 81 x fu - W i t- 1 " 1 'f" i Nix , Can mtulations, . ,.,.,.f-.c?'1:1:5:5x V. :..:::,.,.,.-:-E.. xg. ,H+ QQ! x::,:,.....g wQ:.g.g.g.. ra uates .22-.r5rZr5..'5E"151i 5151?-5'-5:"i': 'Str5113-?5"f'ririffiif'-:5:b. -5555255553: -sm , I ,s:s:s:s:s:f2fix -5 '-rf: - :1:s:sS-.f'fI-::11- , ' 55555E5S5S353E51- 112:55-" E51AfQ. ' 2:f:f:f:5:1:5-5+ ,.f:5:222S: 'T-'-I-'f '-. "'-5. .2'g.g' .-:2:2:-'- 5:5:5:5:555555. ,:5::,:,:gg5:5S5552:'er52- ErS?'w N?2. 'i-:1E1E1-j.j" f x of the ,XX IQ 6' I M' , 1 for ' ,ffl J I 'golf r I PIL"-:"fff52'r '54:"'3Iv I +4 f ff 4 .f -. - .-3 "-2-,lfglgpf f-' xff.-'iv-Fr fi 5, A .. . Aff ' f"',X I " " 4 A 3 1,-rv:-ff D. 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Michigan A ia oily., qgkfgi "' ' L 9""M." ' - 'QR 'HN XMQN y 4 ' - -l-Q1-.-1-1-fri--.. 5, -5: lziiiiqifii- s 3 , ,V , X- ., .n .A -- , ,, ,. ,. . , , M in , , ,, YK .i . i ' ,.,--if 1,-rj f , 5' 5- ,L .-5x'- 'ff-'Ein 'V , 2 7 -':.'.7gr-.47-1. 1-, 125.3 1-,,3,,.,+g3-,-f-pg...--qi,-1.3K :v ,mf . 5-,., Q w5..:,-x-,rw 4,L.r.',-5-I-,-'gm',21q,s 5 Q4 f - -3 ' j .. ,- -- .Z - - -- -- - 1 --:-., ., .,..., .i, , , ,.. ..,i,. ,.... .2 ,. ,, ,,., ,,,.V V Q, H- A Vilm- A-J' Hu- A -. w -J J - VA -f if A ,'vi,--.m'x,x-.-1-.'.'- . f K Wafpei LUZVZl.fLL9Z6 Qmpcmg . Established 1903 135-139 E- Maumee . Phone 195. Adrian A Furniture Institution ot Quality Furniture at Moderate Prices 250 Pearl, Phone 1060 West Side Service 804 W. MAUMEE PHONE 1562 ., .P , ,e eng- .-,. . - ,... .P A -. M x : ,,wf.sff -Wm., -5 -- "f f-me-waf31ff' 'r5..iS:' gabflfbyv "l"1.' 7 'H'-1 -2 ,"'?'r1-.-f,"7."'T:-2:3-'bxwtffsg 'i f- , zf'-' 7 521 112 -..,1-1, ,??.'EL':4lL7,,:Qg::1i-:,gs.1-nt.,-guysQ-fn?-Q4-4-iielf-f4'e5f?5efe1a'glQsQ'.1fs3i1iia'-:- . iifwzf- ,- . . Scientific Industrial, Educational and Hospital Laboratory Furniture In Either Wood or Metal Special and Standard Chemical l-loods ENGINEERING SERVICE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST IN PLANNING LAYOUTS ' and ESTIMATES WITHOUT OBLIGATIONN Kewaunee anufzwturing Co YWWWWJWQ L C. G. CAMPBELL, President Greetings to the Class oi .1952 The Stubnitz Green Spring L orporation FOR FINE -WEARING APPAREL FOR ALL OCCASIONS Stop at Ierry Lane's McGregor Sportswear Arrow Shirts ci Ties ' Michaels Stern Suits Dobbs Hats Hicko-k Belts 6 Jewelry , Botany Slacks ci Shirts cuuo1rmnN-1? A in ana S I E uart1nnneulxrnulN1brA D 123 N. Main St. A Adrian, Michigan Ph01'1e 3 . lv The MAUMEE 00. SPORTING GOODS ' and Paints 218 W. Maumee Phone 898 EAT AT . EXCELLENT Eoobs E. S. ELLISON, Manager . AT U.S. 223 and M-52 I 'H HVIS and Ball The Friendly Store Where Your Trader is Appreciated. ADRIAN MICHIGAN RERNMW KK Phil Sanford , I wABJ TOPS IN MUSIC IPL TTER PAlIL0lt" I 10,000 Records O A11 Request Program 1-3:30 P.M. Daily CExcept on'Baseba11 Daysi 1500 on Your Radio - 24 Hour Service - JENKINS SUPER SERVICE STATION 1 , 4' CITIES SERVICE GAS AND OIL FOR YOUR LATE PARTIES Groceries ' Package Meats Frozen Foods ' Treat and Beecher A Phones 9150 - 18071 - 370 Adrian, Michigan DRY GOODS, FLOOR COVERINGS, 6: WOMEN'S READY TO WEAR 117 South Main ,..4..7...,Y,,,h ' . E 'X'.',7'?f Q-NF '. .41 'QL .Q url- . ' -- 7-f'-:-'T.," " lv. 1131" .-1 S '.,.""J fi'l,'L, Q' S," ' Q 1' 1. ':"tx'Z ,. '- W . . . -- -r . ,, 1,9 -v.,.,'r r"5L,,, ,,X.:,-Zi..-W..-..-.-.5 -.-'gQvg1.:.:g,v 5. K Q 1 ,N , .1 1 2.1 A' '7"'31"-1- Q.f'I'3f'-iw fig?-1,,-.:,..-5, ,--V9-ax--.,.zI4i'4f-4. 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Carving aid is finest silverplate, authentic reproduction of old f ' 9 ws cc- -Pu A, , . . . . . 'I as ' .p 0 Z,gf'N"' 3 English "joint fork." Carve-elle, at a lower price, has stainless steel tines and if 1 r wi handle finished in lustrous Gerity chrome. Georgian rat-fail serving spoon-another distinguished gift item in tOp quality silverplate. This beautiful, long-handled spoon is an authentic replica of an Y, E English original, now a prized collectors piece more than 200 years old- .::1'..f' 'L '- , W , '- , , ir. Especially popular as a wedding or holiday season gift. ',..rp.,tg., 1, ...:,:5,ifFf4::f1 , r-,,.--i-'1"' V A Gerity's famous medicine cabinets and bathroom accessories-the choice Of discrimi- "'3"i" V nating home owners the world over. Gerity handles six complete lines of bath- room iixtures, including the world renowned Dover and Vernon lines. Gerity's ik, Dover line of accessories is the finest that money can buy. The Stuart line rep- X-. 4 f resents bathroom beauty at slightly lower cost. Gerity bathroom cabinets are ' ' outstanding in beauty, durability and design. Many separate models provide I a wide range of choice in both style and price, yet all are made to the most exacting Gerity standardsg durability, utility and beauty 1 Ll,k ,rx ..,,,,,.,.,, I Q fm Q , H wwlww, 3 "" .f-- 'U ' ' ' Z ,J -' ,,,n.,,pmv41WW""'iu Z ..., . -,f.f i f lll' " ""' 1, ':----4-4-- '-., ... ,. sl.. , , -""1 I .-.-.' 3,-.ummm x. i i '4", ,. ggwuqgtlililh' , t, .,... X l , ' 1 ' ff" I' H p ,,,, ,,..,V. EA - fitt 'l" Q Q ti Q Lg, 4-,lv 2 , 4 I ,. V vv- V in t , 3: .gf .L ff.,,.,, 1 I ., lb xmmia WL was-ng' MK.-swf x ws, X if., ll iii EE ll fa: .Ea -E! -1 .fav F251 e I I ' 1 ui mi 4' 2 'E ...X Ahead of the paint line comes the Bonderite line. The nation's most carefully finished products travel a Bonderite line, and in a few minutes acquire a nonmetallic coating which is corrosion resistant and is a per- fect base for paint. These few minutes in the Bonderite line can add years to the service and appearance life of products from automobiles and home ap- pliances to military equipment and supplies. Bonderite is extremely versatile, easy to control, uniform in results, dependable in operation, economical to use. Works as well in immersion tanks for limited production as on the largest mass production lines. Get complete information on Bonderite now. Write today! BONDERITE-corrosion resistant paint base Pa Ike 1- Rusf P1400 If Company 1 BONDERITE and BONDERL UBB'-aids in cold forming of metals 2155 E MILWAUKEE AVE PARCO COMPOUND-rust resistant Bonde te Bo de lube Parco Parco Lub ite-Reg US Pat OE PARCO LUBRITE-Wear resistant for friction surfaces 'S N -A ' J l 1 , ' ,. .u In 10 hlrlf ' ,I ' ' ' ' ' v . Y , , ' ' . 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