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I "1 ,. LO 5 H. v f-v .J lui' P uN.-va w -I' I "1 ,. LO 5 H. v f-v .J lui' P uN.-va w -I' "Alma Mater" Alma Mater, wise and lorious Q , Shrine ot Light and home of Truth, Over fate cmd trials victorious, Crown-ed with eternal youth, Boast oi son and pride oi daughter, Loved by all who know thy lore, Dear Old Adrian Alma Mater, God be with thee evermore. Fair among the great lakes founded, Where the Raisin winds its way. Campus fair with rnaples bounded, Lends enchantment night and day. Mid fair spot of all creation, Wreathed in flowers and forest cleared, Stands thy vine-clad habitation, By devoted 'talents reared. Dear humble yet beloved halls, Where drunk we from Pierian spring, Thy mem ry yet our heart enthralls, And to th'y mother love we cling. Happy days of joy and laughter, While we filled our knowledge store, Dear Old Adrian, Alma Mater, God be with thee evermore. -Samuel E. Watters. 1 47144 jffaznza' Adrian College 1946 In the one hundred and first year of the co1lege's history, we take pleasure in giving you the Mound -not a book about Adrian's history over the past century, nor its well founded plans on the horizon of the future, but simply a book about the people who make up our college and what they do, in this yen! 1946. HAUGHTON KOST FOX C1872-19457 A flowery tribute would not be appropriate for the memory of one of Adrian's greatest personalities. We want merely to say that we miss this kindly, courteous gentleman who, in his quiet Way, played such an important part in this, our college, first as a student in the class of '95, then as professor and as dean for many years. With humble respect, we dedicate the 1946 Mound to the memory of Dean Fox, a friend of everyone and a Christian gentleman everywhere. THE PRESIDENTS I MESSAGE Dear Readers of the MOUND: Each generation of students stands on the shoulders of their predecessors. In the presentation of the activities of the year the MOUND gives us a faithful record. This has been a year of fast moving events. With peace in Europe and peace in the Pacific we began to feel the impulse of new life at the Adrian Campus. Returning service people, men and women, increased activities, the return to MIAA com- petition in athletics and the imperative for new housing due to increased student enrollment are all insistent demands upon us this year. We rejoice in the increased activity and in the outlook for the future. ,May you enjoy with us the graphic portrayal of this year's life as presented faithfully by the editors of the MOUND. Very sincerely, -f:24,.....J Samuel I. Harrison, President. ,2 tp' f s . P, 1 ' -,...-m-- eniota' lx .jf I . ,jf f jf' ,E , - l ' . ta, 5 jj., . ,-7 f ,J M My .ril l fl i f i j I V: f jj. . K Q" f -, r ,x , if . 7 W, ff? .1 , Xi X qi' fly x l N Robert Cox Bob transferred here from Toledo U. in the summer of '42, but went into Civilian Public Service du.ring the war and came back this spring to finish his college education. A member of Major Cole, the ministry or youth counselling work is his occupational choice. His home town is Toledo. Alice Louise Dennis Allie Lou is the younger of the two Dennis sisters who will bid good- bye to Adrian this year, She is president of South Hall, a member of W.A.A., and forward on the bas- ketball team. Her major is biology, with a minor in chemistry. Allie Lou, from Detroit, plans to be a medical technician. - M lil it 'l Margaret Dennis "Red" hails from Detroit, Michigan where she first heard about Adrian from Phil Gentile. Being an active member in the Co-op and Co-op Buying Club, besides practice teach- ing at Adrian Ir. High School she manages to keep herself busy. She is majoring in history and plans to teach history and biology. Her fav- orite hobby is painting. v fl f r I J ' Silas Foltz ' Si was a popular student here before the army called him away from his educational pursuits for a while. He is a member of A.C.C. and the Major Cole Assn. His wife, the former Meredith Radabaugh. graduated while he was in the amiy. but this semester she's been back in the library almost every evening studying along -with Si. Frances A. Gcrny Fran comes from Grand Blanc, Michigan, but now lives in a home of her own wit.h a girl friend just outside of Adrian. She is a member of WfA.A. and Alpha Delta Chi. She is a physical education major and is the official referee for girls' basketball. She works in a radio store in Adrian in her spare time. my-fx 1,42 Virgil C. Hahn Vimg, or "the bishop," hails nom Bay City, Mich., and ls president of Major Cole, treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and co-business man- ager for the Mound. He intends to enroll in Garrett tn September. He is now serving as pastor of the Clay- ton and Weston Methodist Churches. HH hopes some time to enter pdf toml counselling work. In the mean- time he takes 8 mm. color movies and is the campus leading crooner. Frank Harrold Frank left college in 1942 and, after 30 months overseas carne back at the beginning ol the second sem- ester. He is a member of Si gma Alpha Epsilon and is on the basket- ball tea:m. Physical education is his major: he plans to coach after grad- uation. And his hobby is sports, too. Frank is from Cleveland. Ohio. Wesley Herkimer Wesley is a pre-ministerial stu- dent. hailing from Clawson, Michi- gan. He drives the biggest wreck on campus loves to eat. and is a reporter for the "World." He re- ceived a Bachelor of Science and Business Degree from Lawrence In- stitute ot Technology at Highland Park and is now a senior at Adrian. Besides having a church at Spring- ville, Michigan, he belongs to Major Cole, C.C.F., and is on the Mound stair. lune Hicks A native of Homer, Mich., lune is already well on the way toward real- imrg her ambition as a teacher ol mathematics and the social sciences For the past school Yet'-U" Pafmime teaching at Onsted High School has kept her well occupied and happy. She is a member of International Relations Club, and this Yew WGS elected to WHO'S WHO AMONG sninms IN ANIHRICAN UNIVER- srrms COLLEGES. V lean Horton From Pitcairn, Pa., Iecm is the pres' ident of Alpha Delta Chi and a mem- ber of the Spanish Club and the Campus Religious Council. One oi- ten finds her working in the College Press as her part of the sell-help plan. Sociology is her major sub- ject and her future lies in home mis- sions in the Methodist Church. gas 5' Robert M. Iuclrmfm bb, an Adrian resident, is a Sen- ior this year. He is majonng in Chemistry and at present is doing research work. I-le has returned to college life alter several years of overseas duty with the Bth Air Farce Command. F x " " fy, 9:18 I A Albert Mandigo Al, formerly of Wharton, N. I., and now living in Quincy, Mich., is an- other one ot these Adrianites who is constantly busy from morning 'til night. Of course, we can under- stand why when we realize he is a ministerial student with a full time church to manage at Quincy. and in addition takes part Li. the activities of Major Cole Association, Alpha Tau Omega. the Spanish Club, and Intemational Relations Club .t . 'S X x Nj , Earl Mattill Earl hails from Montana. Before coming to Adrian he was a student at Billings Polytechnic School from 1940-1942. He is now a senior and is majoring in sociology, though his main interest is in psychology. He plans to go on to graduate school after he is finished. fly f ,, '..-i Z., ff: .A , .71 A , 4. - ,ja Z .T f f Evelyn Montgomery "Rover" comes from Trenton, Michigan. She editor of the Col- lege World, Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior class, a member of Chi Psi Omega. the House Council, and the Spanish Club. She is on assist- ant to Mrs. Pellowe and hopes to be a nurse or a journalist. She says the only unusual thing that ever happened to hor was just being her- self. f' ,-A., JA, ,, ,,-x,.-. 4 ... , v if Q, L A ,, , ...K .,, Q-P . - . , , ,-,,,.- i ,H 1.-' ' Q' .lv 4 '7 ,,w,,.k ,n F Q- Doris Miller As student teaching assistant, Doris is "teach" once a week to the second year Spanish Class. She is also president oi La Sociedad His- panica, vice-president of the- senior- class, organist at the Berea church in Detroit, and a member ot Alpha Delta Chi, International Relations Club. the Adrian deputation team, and the college choir. She was hon- ored this year by being included in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Uniyersitiesf' Ai S Qt Hall. Duncan Patterson "Dune" comes from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Besides practice teach- ing at the Adrian Ir. High School. he is Worthy Master of the A.T.O., Vice President oi the Student Union, President of Metcalf Hall, cmd AS- sistant Editor of the Mound. and be- longs to the Co-Op, CO-OP Bl-1YiD9 Club, and lnterlraternity Council. Some ot his interests are hunting, fishing and a certain blonde in South Elizabeth Blair St. Clair "Mickey," formerly of Bad Axe, Michigan, is this year completing her course with a teaching certifi- cate in history and political science. Besides her present occupation as a housewife, she is also Senior class president, a member of lntemational Relations Club, and Alpha Delta Chi--all oi which constitute a very active schedule. pw- ,- 4 . - - i t x S. " x N. ... xg fs-, I Mary Schuhle Mary originally came from Olathe, Kansas. She came from the Na- tional College ot Christian Workers in Kansas City in 1945 where she met a certain professor named Wil- liam Schuhle. They were married last summer and came to Adrian last fall. She plans to go one year at Adrian and receive her Bachelor of Arts Degree and will major in religious education. Her favorite hobbies are music, art, and sewing. ..,,,,U....---ee Darwin Secord "Lucky" finished his last yeca of college at Ohio Northem U. in Ada, Ohio, but transferred back to Adrian to get his diploma here. While he was here he raised a mustache, bought a motorcycle, and married a co-ed named Ieanne Duncan. By leannie's preference the mustache and motorcycle are gone. Lucky's already started on his profession, the and the Secords live in the parsonage of a four-church Meth- odist charge near Lima, Ohio. Franklin Wade "lake," a biology major and pre- med student whose home is in Litch- field, Nlichigan, is president of the Student Union, president of the Inter- Fratemity Council, belongs to the A.T.O. fraternity, and appears in "Who's Who In American Colleges." He also acts as Prof. Peelle's assist- ant. If you want to know anything in German, ask "lake," for he also belongs to the German club. L XLR' , V NWN I N iii-'wish Mary Wickwire Mary is majoring in English and after graduation intends to do some kind of ofiice work. She is a mem- ber oi the lntemational Relations Club, the representative of the sen- ior class in the Student Council, and business manager for the College World and the Mound. Mary is trom Tecumseh, Michigan. 3.0 1, LC- uniou Iris Benner Clayjton. Michigan, claims Iris. She 'is vice-president of Beta Pi Theta, and a member oi the Delta Delta Delta sorority, Chi Psi Omega, and the Spanish Club. Iris is a Spanish major and plans to teach or interpret Spanish. Bob Bobilin Brooklyn-bred. Bob is a Sociology and Econ major. Interested in "the propagation of the homo sapiens," Bob intends to enter work connected with labor and religion. On cam- pus he is active in both Co-ops and in C.C.F. Music is one of his pre- dominating interests. x Robert Brittain Bob is the loyal guardian of 'the gym. and he spends the rest of his working hours in the Co-op. An ex- serviceman, he comes from Traverse City, Michigan. His major is in Psychology. Vlfhen he was a fresh- man Bob described himselt in his English comp. autobiography as "a Cherub blown up with a tire pump." Herbert Brown Herb is vice-president of the sophomore class and president of his fraternity, the A.C.C. Here's a fellow who has had some experience fanning and really appreciates the open air. His major subjects are political science and history. After graduation he plans to enter the University of Michigan Law School. Ben Butler Meet Ben and "Myrt. The big husky fellow is Ben. and the plot little vehicle that carries him around is Myrt. Dofn't worry about Myrt. though. She stops whenever shi gets tired. Ben is earning his honor points the hard way-by reading 100 books. This junior from Tipton is a history major. F3 its Donn Downall Another one ot those students who come from Pittsburgh Donn is editor of the Mound president of the Din- ing Hall Co-op Secretary-Treasurer of Major Cole cmd a member of Beta Pi Theta. A pretheological student he is at present pastor at the Seneca Community Church, It g ' . V. I I I l , .. I . - . .,,, Y'-f Marqaret Edwards This young lady with the sun- lcissed locks and mischievous blue eyes says she prefers to be called Marge for obvious reasons. You usually find Marge somewhere on the campus lawn working tor Mr. Paschal. Her major field is music. and she plans to teach public school instrumental music. Her home town is Fenton, Mich., and spent two years at Michigan State she thought she would like two years at a small college. 1 . Paul Gibbs Paul ot Adrian, manages to keep busy through a number ot ways! particularly as a lournalism major and as assistant editor oi the COL- LEGE WORLD. After these two hob- bies take up the remainder of his time and energy-writing poetry and the care of "Constance," his constant troublefmaking flivver. Dorothy Livezey , ,.Dot.. or ..Red'.. as You prelerfxnja proudly claims Bamesville, Ohio, as her home. "Dot" b ngs to C. .. W.A.A., Alpha Delt ' and i CI star on the basketball var .Ajorf ing in physical education, plugs' to-teach physical educati or act as a recreation director. Her accent reminds people oi Texas, which, she says, is a suburb oi Barnesvi.lle. w '- a r t Grace Niemann Grace can often be found in some secluded comer seeking the re' wards of knowledge. Grace, wh0 comes from Mt. Clemens, Michigan. is a Iunior. She is president of C.C.F., treasurer of the South Hall Council. belongs to Alpha Delta Chi. the Co-op, the German Club, and is at the present time a librarians as- sistant. Sociology is both her major and her plan for a liie's work. E .Agg- if: I' ,fv- v, 9 exe' X. N .f s I :L 11" Don Pellowe Give the man a test tube, and he's happy! Don is a Chem major, and assistant to Prof. Schroyer in the lab. A resident of "almost any town in central Michigan" Don at- tended Northwestern University dur- ing his sophomore year. Likes to read, too. He's buyer for the Coop and an SAE man, as well as junior class president. fd 9' W., 5 , . E Ianet Sanderson Ianet, whose home is at Wayne. Michigan, is an English major, and plans to be a librarian. You prob ably have seen her working around the library some time when you were there. if you could spot her behind that big desk, Sally Scott Sally is from Adrian. She is sec- retary of the Iunior Class and takes part in the activities of the Delta Delta Delta and the Chi Psi Omega sororities. Her major is mathematics and science with the idea oi teach- ing mathematics in the future. MAJOR Dean Walton This smiling red-head is an ex-GI who was here at Adrian before the war. Returning at the beginning of the spring semester, Dean took up his studies where he left oii. When he was here before, he met a coed named Mary. They became Mr. and Mrs. in a lovely wedding out in the woodland chapel. Mary graduated last year and is now teaching school at Ida, but we see her quite often on week-ends. I l t l 1 .jfai :"t ..i Betty lane Williams When "Bets" was a little girl just so high, she dreamed oi being an art teacher. Now, a little older but not much bigger, she spends her spare time gathering material on in- terior decorating and working in the oiiice of Michigan Dairy Co. This dark-eyed miss. a native of Adrian. is a member oi the Spanish Club. loves to dance and collect piano re- cordings. Her first two years of col- lege were spent at Michigan State. Thursa Wolfe "Terry" is the gal with plenty of determination and cr promise of suc' cess in the literary field. A Lit major. she comes from Calumet. She was president oi Beta Pi Theta last semes- ter, and she is a charter member oi Chi Psi's. She's the gal that did the drawings for the Mound. Q 1099 00000 0Dl:A Q . 1? .x ,1 J . 4 7 lirgiico f ' 1 ,I 'iinffizif N 19' s.2i:' Q X cv '-1-5 fopiomozes William Benner Bill lives in town. During the WCB, he was an aviation student-Texas niost of the time. Hes majoring in electrical engineering. Says he likes "most everything" but seems to have a slight preference to "Sherrie" His hobby is radio. He was one ot the best ot the Bull-pups baskeibdll squad. 'fl m fisuw- "1 hx. .. ll., -. r nr, s -41, . lf" xx ,ff ,fx ' A ..'3i7.a:n- v , Iean Bailey lean came to Adrian as a sopho- more from Siena Heights. She's a Lit major and names dancing as one of her main interests. A Tecum- seh resident, she plays the piano. The girl behind the shell rimmed glasses is one of the busiest misses on campus. pr ,, .A 4 . ' .f A . 4, ' Fern Bieber Fem is now working as assistant personnel manager for the Co-op. She belongs to the Co-op, W.A.A., C.C.F., Chorus, and is an ardent ad- mirer of the A.T.O. fraternity. Biol' ogy is her major with bacteriology as her goal. Basketball is one of her steady interests. By the way, she hails from Petersburg, Michigan. , in fbi W Gloria Beebe t Gloria plays the piano, and she's one-third of the trio which provides impromptu singing in the dorm. Be- sides music, Gloria is interested in social work. Shes on the C.C.F. cabinet, and a member of both W.A.A. and Alpha Delta Chi. Flint Michigan is her home town. K X V ex Mildred Briley "Millie" from Mt. Clemens, Mich- igan, is majoring in English and plans to teach it some day. You have probably seen her around some place on campus reading a book, for she reads constantly. Look in the dining hall just before supper and you'll find her there playing the piano. I ,rea A Q, JL ' if . D- J ,ss 1 -- 'J ,-' 4-gi' Edith Buffett Edith comes from Detroit, Michi- gan and is well known on campus as "Edie." She is interested in phy- sical education and plans to teach that subject in high school. At present, in addition to her studies and duties as President ot W.A.A., she is gym and swimming instructor at the Girls Training School. Frances Clark thfran hails from Detroit. This tall in blonde likes to sing, and to prove it she takes voice lessons fr om Mrs. Spencer. She is vicepresident of Ch' P' 1 si Omega, works on the C0-op, and plans to be a dress de- signer. Her major is Home E . Sh ' c es the former hali oi the partnership Cl k ar and Vedder, tamed for break- fasts, duets, and hilarity. Lyle. E. Clay 0 Lyla a Sophom re, hails from Dearborn, Michigan. She is the vice-president of the W.A.A. Lyla is interested in the more serious elements of life and plans to enter th . . . e held of religion, preferably youth work. Her interests in singing and athletics will be of great value to her in this type oi work. I eanne Crowe Another Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania student, Ieanne is ma'orin . 1 g in Sociology. leanne is Business Man- ager oi the Co-op Buying Club Re- ligion in Arts Chainnan of C.C.F. and Deputation Chairman ot Al h p c. Delta Chi. She is a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Social Action Committee. For the future Ieanne plans to be in Chris- tian social service. Ethel Dillon lf "Peg" doesnt' find you iirst while searching for some Annie to do the pans and put the cups and saucers away, you'll probably tind her i.n the library. She is a mighty busy gal as Personnel Director of the Co-op and an acitve member of C.C.F. and Alpha Delta Chi. This pre-med student has had two years ot civil service work in Washington D. C., and calls Coudersport, Pa., her home town. Margaret Doster Peg s nose for news makes her a valued reporter for the College World, and she is an able tire mar shal in South Hall. Peg comes from Doster, Michigan, she likes to draw and bang out a piece by ear on the piano. On the basketball floor she's fast enough to warrant her a place' on the varsity team, as cr guard. Ur vii p-Y Cecelia Dragisity Cecelia. our little bell ringer, from Detroit wakes the late risers by ring- ing the Breakfast Bell every mom- ing at 7:00 a.m. A junior now, Ce- celia is the Press Representative to the Student-Faculty Labor Board. She also is a member of the Span- ihs Club. works for the College Press, and works for Fellows Magazine. Biology is her Major field which she hopes will help her in her planned faccujgrti n Medical Research. fr Mary Fleming Mary. from Springfield, Ohio, holds offices in C.C.F. and Alpha Delta Chi. She also belongs to the dining hall Co-op., F.O.R., W.A.A., Spanish Club. and the Coop Buying Club. Her major field is sociology which she plans to use by doing rural social work-probably in a foreign country. As anyone can readily see she works on the con- struction crew. , , if Betty Folker "Brown" is the blonde from Gar- den City, Michigan. She spent her time last summer travelling in Mary- land, St. Louis, and Indiana. She is interested in joumalism and wrote the "Hear 'N Tell" column which appeared in the College World, She is majoring in English. When asked why she came to Adrian, she re plied, "I wanted to find out what it was like to get a dean call every day." R Betty Francis Oxford, Michigan, has brought Adrian College Betty, who hopes to become a dress designer. A very busy person, Betty belongs to the Co-op, W.A.A., und plays on the varsity basketball team. Sports, es- pecially swimrning and soccer, are her favorite pastimes. A sophomore now, Betty is majoring in Home Economics. Another of her varied activities is being publicity officer for W.A.A. A x S-ew i .V 1 I Ga er , . uny ' h ' assisted ss q mes 1 , . 5- 5 . H1 I Cl. X l Q d er a ici in almo :f s rt: s irnming, 'e - she's on the nd team i asketball. W.A. ., the Spanish Cl .1 and Chi Psi Omega, occupy a lot of her time. Puny comes from Flint. Betty Hixon Q ' A sophomore, Betty is very busy this year writing for the Mound, and living up to the reputation she gain- ed by graduating from Cass Tech, "the biggest and best high school in the state of Michigan." She plans on teaching Math after her grad- uates. Her major fields at the pres- ent time are Math and Psychology. 1 ,: xj Dll... ' Paul Holland Paul comes from Onsted, and was here for his freshman year betore going into the navy. Back again now, he is continuing his studies which will lead him to the Christian ministry. Paul is a member of Major Cole and the American Commons Club. Iosef Horak Ioe, the busiest man on campus. comes to us from Milokost, Czecho- slovakia, by way of France, North Africa, and a couple of concentra- tion. camps. He belongs to A.T.O., Beta Pi Theta, and is monitor for the House Council of Metcalf Hall. A sophomore, Ioe is working his way through Adrian, and at the present time is General Manager ol the Co- op. Ioe's major fields are History and Government. After graduation Ioe has hopes ot working in the field of international affairs. .fx Dale Hostetler Dale lives in Adrian and is mar- ried and has a baby daughter. He's a business administration major, and returned to college this spring after interrupting his education to serve as a pilot in the Army Air Corps. - I ,,.x-. g X 5 vt J X N 1:33 -4 ' t 5 Toshi Kawano Honest Toshi is treasurer of the Dining Hall Co-op and the C.C.F.. a ' member of Alpha Delta Chi and works in-'the Public Relations Ofiice. She is majoring in Sociology and plans to enter social work. Origin- ally from Tacoma, Washington. she now resides in-Chicago, Illinois. K. Y Esther Kfiierim Esther, kid sister of ballplayer Ozzie Knierim, comes from Blisstield, Mich. She came to Adrian on a scholarship and works for room and board off campus. Esther is a mem- ber of W.A.A. She plans to become a costume designer. Marion Landgarten Marion, a Detroit girl, hopes to be- come a physical therapist or hos- pital social worker after grr1dUtIii0l'l- Her major field is Science. Belnq U very active sophomore she takes an in the C0-op program, belongs ll W.A.A., sings in the choir, and is ' ' Marion treasurer of Chi Psi Omegu. 1 loves all sports, esp6ClUuY Pmg' pong. Gail Leithauser She knits flashy socks-moming, noon, and night - her hobby, she says. She attended the University of Michigan last year - Cqme to Adrian because she knew Dunc and Allie Lou. Gail, a science major, hails from Grosse Point. She is Q member oi WAA. lames Letcher Iims from Pittsburgh, and is pre- paring for the ministry. He's mm-. ried and has a very cute little daughter. During the war he was a first lieutenant and spent quite a while both in the Aleutians and in Europe. l'le's one of the most cap- able and active members of the Major Cole Association, F, Edward C. Lewin Ed claims Cheboygan, Michigan as his home town. As a veteran of the Army Air Forces, he was a cap- tain: pilot in the 8th Air Force, in the European theatre. His major field is history which he plans to teach to high school. Ed left Adrian College in 1941, and has now re- turned to complete his last two years. Stanley Lucas "Stan" comes from Detroit, Michi- gan. After serving in the Army Air Corps for three years-26 months overseas, he was discharged as a Sergeant. He is starting at Adrian as a sophomore, having gone to College in Detroit one year before he went to the army. He is a pre- medical student. tfitiiffv .tgllgtiglvinf Lorraine McAfee - Lorraine is our Alpha Delta Chi pianist, a member of the college choir. and a Chi Psi Omega pledge. She divides her time between piano keys and number please." She hopes some day to be a musical therapist. She came to us from Salem, Ohio, but that accent comes from her native state where she was bom and spent the lirst 16 years ot her life-good old Pennsylvania. rr The man behind the ul it is the Robert McNiel H ,, Bob came in thislsemester after a spell' in the Hasaw service tn Europe for 14 months as a T-5 with the 75th Infantry Division. He comes from near Hudson, Mich. Sci- ence is his major and he plans a teaching career. Katherine Miller Kay is from New Wilmington, Penn. She is one of the cheerful members of Saint's Construction Crew, president of the sophomore class and vice president of Alpha Delta Chi. Her major is sociology and plans social work as her liie career. 'w F ...W IF. li to f JW' ' txgxjxi -1. .ie Iii Ralph Moden t Ralph, a member of Major Cole. the Co-op, and the track team, comes here from Morenci, Michigan. Even though he is majoring in Enqlish, he still has interest in physical edu- cation and social science. In the future Ralph would like to work with junior high students. till: 5 ' If ' f' L-qihffs , I, .V ,a 1 I '14 Lyle Powers "Cub" comes from Morenci, Mich- igan. His main interest is in ath- letics. He played guard on the bas- ketball team. He is majoring in Phy- sical Education ancl wants to be a coach. lust returning from twenty- two months of overseas duty out ot his three years of army life, he was discharged as a Staff Sergeant. Albert Raloff P P pastor of the local Nazarene church. He ccnne to the church last August and is a part time student at the col- lege. He lives at 161 Park St., has two little girls and a boy, and is Q member of the Spanish Club. In order that his little son might learn Spanish at an early age, he brought him to a meeting once last semester, but "Sonny" insisted on speaking English. Mary Lena Robinson Mary Lena from Linden, Michi- gan, plans to enter into medical so- cial work after graduation. She is a sports enthusiast and an active member of the W.A.A. board. Alpha Delta Chi, Chi Psi Omega, and the Spanish Club occupy her time that is not devoted to serious studying. Xt' al wish its in M I X Barbara Russell One of the most popular students on campus, whether she's at the piano, singing a solo. or leading an infonnal song fest, Barbara shows real musical ability. She's in Alpha Delta Chi, the chorus, and the depu- tation te a m. Psychology is bel' major, but her main interest . x x ' "ll Y X , x . 2 r 7 4' , V Andrew Sabo "Andy" hails from Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, and was an Adrian student before the Army took over. His probable major is in Chemistry: he's at home on the tennis courts in a swimming pool or on the softball field. "Andy" also plays a trumpet. Oat, .. qi QW .."'-WM Margaret Stl! Germain One ot the Calumet trio, "Peg" spends a lot of her time doing some very capable assisting in the kitchen. She is a Home Economics major, with ambitions to be a dietician. Peg names swimming and letter writing among her special interests. is represented by that new diamovik she got this semesnpl ' ip H' M, -gg j , 9 lf. ,W f Margaret Stutsman Maggie comes from Dowagiac, Michigan. Besides being Publicity Chairman of the Alpha Delta Chi. belonging to the C.C.F., and Span- ish Club, and being on the Mound staff, she teaches the beginners Sun- day School Class at the Methodist Church. She is a sophomore and is majoring in early elementary edu- cation. Some of her hobbies are writing poetry, collecting material about famous people, and arguing with her roommate. Ellen Syiert It's no maybe that Ellen hails from Maybee. Michigan. She is a major in science and hopes that some day she will discover t.he l31st element. Ellen is Sec. and Treas. of the Sopho- more class and President of Chi Psi Omega. In addition she is a mem- ber of the W.A.A. and the Co-op. Colleen Vedder Colleen, who comes from Monroe, Michigan. belongs to Chi Psi Omega, Chorus, and Co-op. Colleen is majoring in music, and has delighted many audiences with her truly beau- tiful voice. She is also one oi our prettier janitors and a member of the sophomore class. rv., Alice Wolfe Alice. from Calumet, Michigan. was introduced to Adrian through her sister Thursa. She is a member of the W.A.A. and the Co-op. Be sides being a sophomore, Alice is interested in sewing and taking care of children. When she graduates lBetty Wood Betty, from White Pigeon, Michi- gan, is a very active student, being secretary of Alpha Delta Chi, pub- licity chairman of the C.F.F., secre tary of the Coop Buying Club, and member of the Religious Council. She takes part in the W.A.A., and she hopes to do some teaching. Her . . th h . H . 5 ld major field is Home Economics. gssigholiqihomvvhjli ngggorgrid- t , V of wmes Betty hopes to enter some lorm bf social work. V J a V Mabel Wright Mabel is from Adrian. She is president of Beta Pi Theta and is a member of the Spanish Club and Student Council. Mabel is major- ing in French but she also plays the piano and loves to sing. We might add that Mabel does pretty well in other studies besides French. g' ' ' YN 'ini ig, a N 1 NX tif' K S f li 1 f ' U sly ,Q . X e,2d6'052QJ 1470.3 ' fm 'ik' "nf 690 45 lf 15,950 aascy of 0152893 Wg! I 6-a,'g '1'J'YfyffI 9: 1 5- f is the if 'fa 0, ' f 54 Q-0 43,6 o,- 15- 46, '13 0.9,- I Ip 'itz 'J e 96, sfo' e e, 08,2 I ffl' 9 90 0 Gb "V 6 of 095 Ga 2' - icy 11,697 'P '4 SIB G 'iv ff' Ur . 1 5. O .4 906064715 '90 'fe 6 In-of sbp! G of 091- qw 'I fbbf 6' 'fe 5,6 01-0, XD-O ' 4QE'0,'Vo,7 'fp 6,1 " X I 1 -1200 hi' .fa 56 521, to f 9 fs Ufdove 4400 6fZ"ofE" ' M, J, fy .Po le ,xp 2. 66, 01- Q6 ,. 04, 494. L 'IL -H ' A ob, llf6,0,,e -'go - 9 Q fo be s Giga, 6696, 1 lf, "ef 'Is r- 0' '29 9 'Yo Q9 Ba- l':'rS- If 6, 69 , 56 'fy Q14 'Vg Qs 0 'll' 00 1' :WW -X ii 0 0, e 56 r 5 ago, 1' Ib Q, 0 "nf N 'Y ef- Br 0 io--1' Oo BQ Ge fo G '- ,Lff,,,"'f ,f 4.1 "0 "fe 000 'of ofa UQ- be 2' e ar- '30 0 be 5 A G 7j7ez,,.!0 Sobre, de wld 50 ea ,Q ,fb lo I0 .veg 96, abd ooo' Q tfiogby Q.. 'Vit 0, '90, .1-00 96 .rep ,iv 66 Sq I I X 0 .9 jboeao oo 'Q '0 lou, '9c6'o9z-0 X 'if ' ' " 001' 94' ?.96q9 '6,.. 862 OU! G05 4 I f 'bo 651-G Oo, Oo, 10 A , 'Pe - 1 ' gf 0 :O aa! 00 5 925, -W' f 'fy' 4 159 X A D 00,1 6121 C f 541 Us ,JJ 0' Q K We . x RW N I A - fi 'I . ' 4 , M., N 6 l f 5 , DJJ W g I 4,0 Zwffb ' WL e - , ,NP- CE Hs Zi?" 7-ze.-ulmen P15 -11-'- ..---3 Charles Albertson "Charlie" hails from Dowagiac, Michigan, which sounds somewhat like "Dogpatch" so he is known as "Li'l Abner" and Margaret Stutsman as "Daisy May." Charlie just re ceived his discharge from the army after serving sixteen months in Eng- land. France. and Gemiany. He was in service for three years. Majoring in mathematics he hopes to be a civil engineer. Naoma L. Ambs This young lady comes to us from Colon, Michigan and is major- ing in music. Naoma is a member ot C.C.F. and Alpha Delta Chi. She plans to teach music in high school after graduation from college. In her leisure hours, Naoma enjoys hiking. .3 f .I L- ' " '. pi., 1..- . ., ,ij 'H' Maxson Andrews 1 Max comes from West Branch where he was active in Methodist Youth Fellowship work. Now you'l1 find him lugging vegetables from the basement for the Co-op 01' swinging a paint bmah or hammer tor Dorothy lean Bacon Edinville, Michigan has sent us lean. She is majoring in elementary education. lean is a member of the W.A.A. and the Co-op. lean's hob- bies are sewing and cooking and her favorite subject is Mathematics. As her work project. lean is engaged as janitor of Downs Hall. Charles Badura When his discharge papers came, Chuck gladly gave up his staff ser- geant's stripes to be a plain civil- ian after three years in the Air Corps. He is majoring in political science and history and plans to be a teacher. He spends much ot his time in the press as an apprentice printer. 0-.f Franklyn Bailey A resident of Adrian, Frank or h sical education 'Buls." i8 G P Y major. He entered college this spring, after serving 25 months in the South Paciiic as a corporal .in es He was on Bougaxn the Marin . ' ' Guam and Iwo ville. West GQOTQIC. lima. but prefers the Adrian climate to any. f Rl J Carolyn Baker This young lady comes to us trom Tipton, Michigan. Carolyn is a member of the W.A.A. When she 'th her studies concem- isn't busy wi ing Home Economics she is either at her position in the Commercial Sav- in s Ba nk or enjoying a tew 9 'th one oi her moments of leisure wi - hobbies. either drawing or an out- door sport. Robert N. Ball Bob taught a rural school in Vir- ginia, was a missionary in India and Brazil, and served his country in the Qucrterlnuster Corps before entering Adrian College. He is studying the techniques of teaching high school education. Bob a mem- ber oi the Major Cole group and Chaplain of the local American Legion. comes from Roanoke, Vir- ginia. Barbara Barrett Barbara, a future nurse, comes to from Ponitac Michigan. She is us . a member ot the Red Cross as a ' ' d t the Volunteer Nurses Aid an o W.l-LP.. She plans to enter a school of nursing in Chicago next fall. In time Barbara likes to draw her spare . and play recordings. Here we see her taking lite easy in "Mac" Lodge. Iames Bates Can you top this? Yes, lim can keep us laughing, but he also can keep us thinking. His occupational plan is the rural ministry and he is sewing as associate student pastor of the West Adrian Church. He is a Student Council member, cochair- man of the C.C.F. worship commit- tee, and member of Major Cole. He came from Madison, Wisconsin be- cause he liked Adrian's small size and democratic Chriman spirit. 4 'S Harold W. Baughey om the city of Adrian comes ' who is majoring in English. LlAfter two years oi foreign service pilot in the Air Corps he still ' wants to make flying a career. He Q? came to Adrian because, as he says it is his "home town college " Y' Frances Bellgraph Sparta, Michigan sends us Fran- ces. Frances is engaged in a busi- ness course and wants to do steno- graphic or secretarial work when she graduates. She is a member of the W.A.A. .ln her spare time, Fran likes to read, dance, or participate in an active sport. She is an em- ployee of Mrs. Spaur in the Public Relations Office. who hails from Battle Creek belongs to the Chi Psi sorority. W.A.A., and the Co-op. Her major in music leads her to play in the string ensemble. You no doubt have seen her working in the library as one ot Miss Pierce's assistants on the self-help program. Sarah Berkhouse Byesville, Ohio. is Sarah's home. She belongs to the W.A.A., and she works on the Co-op and lor Mr. Paschal. Sarah says that she will probably be majoring in home eco- nomics. Her impromptu comedy causes a riot wherever she goes. Nobody has more tun out ol lite than Sarah. Eugene Betz A trumpet man, Gene plans to have his own dance band some day. He's a music major from Bliss- tield. Gene was in the European theater with the Army. He likes to dance, and makes a good show- ing on the dance floor. -F of rjatiiii 'I-r-A Donc1TdABleaxri ' LQ.,,,t.3 Don comes direct from the army to Adrian. He lives in Grand Rapids and likes to travel, dramat- ics, and people. He likes Adrian because it is a small school. He hasn't decided what he'l1 major in yet. Dorothy Bowen "Comment allez-vous" or "Como esta usted" would be Dot's way of greeting you. A student oi French and Spanish, she comes from Pal- myra, Michigan, likes dancing, and is a member of the French Club. Dot lives off campus, commuting be- tween school and home. Edward Braun Q - .: ' , B ewer Ed is back seein me x o hails from Pittsbur h . , ,, . - 9 1 sight-seemg in Norlhfl-Xfnca, Ita mlm, is Secretary-Treasurer Gnd FIU-T109 Us U T4 the ' -'55 Freshman Class. In addition lViS3iCC11 CCQPS- - 5 t V -1- is Freshman Representative oi Pe 95- an G en I 0 "' ' ' e South Hall House Council, Wor- Whefe he k ' t th 'X ship Chairman of C.C.F., and Student 3101.511 PUDFYG Om -', Reporter to the Adrian Telegram. gy ' She is a member of W.A.A. and La 9 Sociedad Hispanica. 'r 1 r gh X 'ts 9 Carolyn Bryant Carolyn is that cute brunette who wears glasses and acts just like a "kid." She is from Sand Creek, lVIich. She is a member ot the Span- ish Club and spends her spare time as an usher at the Croswell Thea- tre. Carolyn's pet hobbies are to eat, sleep, play the piano, and sing. She loves horseback riding and owns her own horse. Frank Brig Frankie comes to ,Adrian from De- troit. ln high school he was a mem- ber oi the Drarnatics club and the track team: he is one oi the "milers" on Adrian's track team. As a pre- medical student, Frank hopes to realize his ambition as an optome- trist. Kleo Carter "Doc is a whiz on the hardwood plqying guard on the girls' varsity A town student, she likes sports and dancing, and is talented with the needle and thread. A PhY5lC'-'11 ed major, Kleo wants to be teacher- Robert Casler A new Adrianite at the beginning of the second semester, Bob plans to major in chemistry and eventually find his place in chemical research. Prior to this he was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Corps serving as a navi- gator, but now he has settled down to earth and driving between his home near Iasper, Mich., and school each day. Herbert Cleveland Herb registered th' IS semester ai- t . . er returning from the Air Corps. His home town is Tecumseh, and as h ' es married, it's convenient for him to d . nve back and forth every day. Herb is another one of those fellows who hopes to t h day eac school some Wesley A. Coftey "Wes" is from Adrian, Michigan. He is a veteran ot the United States Army Air Forces. Biology is his major, and future plans concem for- estry and conservation Adri . an College is his choice because it is convenient to home. That micro- scope is his pet "hobby" and an A in biology proves it's a paying one. Carlton Dettmcm One of the most ambitious stu- dents on the campus is the young mlm trom Cheboygan, Michigan Carl Dettman. In addition to his studies as a premedical student. Carl is the Freshman representative of the Metcalf Hall Council and is a pledge of the A.T.O. Carl is also a l c erk at the I. C. Penney Co. Iordon Detzer Pro , , Iordan is at Adrian as a rl' ' e igion major. He served in the Anny Air Co - rps as a member of a B-29 crew during the war. Mrs. Detzer plans t o start school in the summer. They both th' mk the school and the town are great! lordon's a Major Cole member and plans to enter the min- istry. m Whitefish Bay Wisconsin Ioan Dickens This young lady, whose home is near Morenci, Michigan is vitall I Y interested in the health of those mo d h ' ' un er. In fact, she is so sin- cere that she is working hard to reach her goal ot becomin g an "Angel of Mercy." Ioan's major subject is Chemistry. She is also a member of the W.A.A. Irving Dils Irving resides in this "fair Maple City." After spending four years in the anny he decided to continue his education In the arm Irvin - Y 9 was a radar repairman and an in- structor in operation ot radar and radio. He is planning to be an en- gineer. f 9 .' , Q g ig Lorraine Edge Lorraine, posing there with the hydra. carrie to us lrom Pittsburgh Pa.. last fall, and has been busy ever since. She is Secretary-Treasurer of Chi Psi Omega timekeeper for the girls' varsity basketball team. and a member of Alpha Delta Chi, W.A.A. and the Coop. Lorraine's ultimate goal in life is to be a doctor d psychology. Richard French Richard, better known as "French- ie," is another one of our students from Detroit. He's always the first one to be heard in the cheering sec- tion. Besides being manager for the basketball team he belongs to the C.C.F. He is majoring in religious education and came to Adrian be- cause he is "looking for the right kind ol fellowship as well as an education." tt Beverly Everitt "Bev" hails from Burr Oak. Michi- gan, which we are told is near Sturgis. She belongs to the Co-op. Chi Psi Omega, Spanish Club, W.A.A., and C.C.F. A general lib- eral arts course takes up her time right now besides being janitor at North Hall. .I , I Nancy Every This Tipton, Michigan student is a very active member of WJ-LA.. plays on the Varsity Basketball Team works on the Co-op. and sings in the choir. She is taking part in the work program as Dr. Iames Spencer's assistant. She has not decided on an occupation yet but is majoring in music. . 1 p. 9 Ruth Gallinger Ruth is a freshman from Meno- minee. Mich. She has blonde hair, hazel eyes and a cute smile. Ruth belongs to W. A. A., C.C.F., the Chorus, and is a member of the Girls Varsity. For recreation, she sketches or plays the piano. Her major is sociology, and she came to Adrian on the recommendation ' of Lucy Campbell.. Malcolm Garvoclr "Mal" hails from Royal Oak Michigan. He served in t.he,Mczrin1 Corps in the South Pacific, bu you're more apt to find him nov working on North or Downs Hall cr a member of Saint's construction crew. His intellectual interests lit in history, French, and architecture but everybody knows his main in terest is Helen. X A i t m. Emest Gittus "Russ" is from the city of Adrian. Since he spent two and a half years ot foreign service as a carpenter's mate Zfc in the Navy, he wants to live at home for a while, so he came to Adrian College. He is interested in aviation and has made it his hobby. After graduation he hopes to be -a mechanical engineer. George Gobba George entered Adrian College in lanuary but has lived in Adrian all his life-except for his three years service in the Marines. Two of these years he spent in the South Paciiic on Okinawa, Saipan, and Kyushu. Now he is back in Adrian continuing his hobby-life-and in- cidentally. working toward a degree in mechanical engineering. Charles Greenfield If one looks at the right time he CC111 See HCl'lI.lCl!" dishes in the Co-op kitchen as his part of the work program. He Came to Adrian from Clinto n, Michigan. After eighteen months in the army he de cided to finish his education and be- cgme an electricalengineer. Zllgigd' -'l 1 Charles Hall Here we see Chuck writing his novel, "White Boy," which has al- ready been accepted ior publication by one of the, leading publishers, He comes from Lawndale, North Carolina, and is majoring in psy- chology. An ad in Fellows magazine caught his eye and led him to Ad- rian. He is a member of Major Cole and the representative on cam- pus for the Y.M.C.A. His plans are to be a minister and do creative Writingf Flora Hazen Flora, called, Floppie by her friends, is an oft campus student who calls Adrian home. She is an English major, one of the Chi Psi Omega girls., and makes music with the string band. I ohn Holland Iohn is from Onsted, Michigan. He spent two years in the Navy as a radioman and saw action in North Africa. Iohn is now studying to be a structural engineer. He's a broth- er of the other campus "Hollander," Paul. .W IK f is ' fidj ,tl fb f,,t7df5"' QLD, ' 1 Ayn, t flffltdlj El Y "rl "N , 11. I Margaret Savage Margaret entered Adrian at the beginning of the second semester, and hails originally from Detroit. She is now cm active member of W.A.A. With science as her major field, future occupational plans lead toward her becoming a laboratory technician some day. We hope then that her second great interest-Spark ish-will some day also lead her toward Mexico and Spam for a e sift' Paul Shaffer "P. I." is a newcomer to the cam- pus this semester. We iind him here coming out of the library, where he's been reading. about athletics, no doubt. A phys. ed. major, Paul was a shot put star with the track team. His home is in town. Dorothy Schlltts Dottie is another one of our fresh- men trom Port Huron, lVIichigan. She worked in the chemistry laboratory of the Mueller Brass Company. and is now assistant to Prof. Schroyer. She is the daughter of a Methodist minister and is taking a pre-medical course. Eunice E. Schweinfurth Eunice is from Grass Lake, gan. Being a member of Alpha Delta Chi, WJLA., Co-op Buying Club, and C.C.F.. she is kept pretty busy. She is interested in Sociology and plans to be a Recreational Therapist atter graduation. She likes to spend her leisure hours with a good book. Guy Sherman Another newcomer this semester. Guy is a pledge of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. His home is in town. This relaxed pose is faked. as Guy is really albusy. industrious fellow. lack Smith This good-looking redhead comes from Pontiac, and lives in town with theMrs. HewasintheAirCorpl. a staff sergeant. and chalked up 44 missions. He came in for the seo- ond semester and plans to major in mechanical engineering. , x , fx I Mariorie Kelly "Marge" is from Flint, Michigan. As a member of W.A.A. she is very active in all the women's athletic activities on campus. Marge is a physical education major and plans to teach it some day. 4" 17 I. Alice lean Kibler Alice lean is another freshman from Morenci. Michigan. She is a member of Chi Psi Omega, the Span- ish Club, and Co-op. She is taking a business course, and wants to be come a commercial teacher. She likes Adrian College because it is quite close to her home town. Y Iuanita Knox lust about every day finds "Windy," from Sand Creek, at the Adrian Telegram-her work. She expects to major in biology. She likes all kinds of sports, to roller skate and to read. Iuanita is a mem- ber of W.A.A. Robert Krebill Bob is an ex-service man, and hid home is in Adrian. A music lover, he plans to major in engineering. Students and profs agree that Bob's a nice guy. He entered college in the spring semester this year. . of Q ' We K I Robert La Reau Bob's bundled up in the overcoat as if it were cold. It was! Another of the ex-service men who entered during the spring semester, Bob lives in town. . ug flu .' Lang Michigan sends us this pre-ministerial student. He came in at the beginning of the second semester and is active in the Co-op and Major Cole. He's majoring in religion and chose Adrian because of its religious atmosphere. Q if Kathleen Leu "Mickey" comes from Clayton. Mich. She plans to join Chi Psi Omega, and at present is working in the mailing room oi the Adrian Daily Telegram. She is majoring in home economics and wants to be a dress designer or a rnerchandiser. Mickey loves tb dance, to roller skate, to ice skate, to play the pit'm0. and to sing. She has travelled m Minnesota cmd Wisconsin. ,ya ' ii Robert Lewis Bob lives about a quarter of a mile from the college on a farm. A few years ago while serving on the police force in Kalamazoo, Mich- igan. Bob decided he would rather wrestle with mules than wrestle with drunks. When it came his time to defend his country, he was in- ducted into the navy and assigned to a destroyer. Bob saw action in the South Pacific. He is now preparing for his responsibilities as an agriculturalist. Edwin MacBride Ed, a freslunan, calls Adrian his home town. For the last two years he worked at Hurd Lock. He is still indefinite about his plans for the future. but would like to be either an architect or an interior decorator. vel!" XX 'Q Claude Massengig "Duby," from Monroe, Mich.. en- tered Adrian in lanuary of this year. and soon gained hirnseli the well- earned reputation of an all-around athlete. You should watch that bas- ketball soar, to say nothing of the ping-pong and tennis balls, too. Ai- ter spending 40 months in the Ai! Corps. he has come back to major in physical education with later pos- sibilities ot a coaching position. Elizabeth McGregor - McGregor, Michigan has sent us this fine young lady who is a mem- ber of the Co-op, Alpha Delta Chi, C.C.F., and W.A.A. A Freshman, Hizabeth likes roller and ice skat- ing, bowling, and hildng. She hopes to become a teacher when she fin- iishes college. At the present time her major is speech. Earl Minster Earl enrolled in school at the be- beginning of the second semester, but Adrian itself is his home town. He was discharged from the Army as a Technical Sergeant in the En- gineers after 36 months service- part oi which took him to France. Holland, Germany, and Scotland. Now he plans to major in Civil En- gineering and later enter govern- ment employment under Civil Service. Our "Baby Snooks" comes from Doris Moyer Doris is one of the Detroit girls on campus. She belongs to Alpha Delta Chi, the choir, cmd C-C.F- Doris is taking part in the work pro- gram being in the Coop and GC5119 as janitor in Downs Hall. At the present time her major is Science. and Nursing her planned occupa- tion. Tennis and PiI1Q'P0n9 CU? Doris' favorite sports. 1 vi t Herbert Nabb Herb is from Detroit. As cor- poral in the Army he participated in several major battles. His major is philosophy and psychology, and his greatest ambition is to be a "good" minister. Herb is an active member of Major Cole and his cam- pus job is in connection with the work program. Q. we Robert Paschal Bob's in the Navy now but before he left in March he was one of the most popular fellows in the freshman class. He spent a lot of his time here working in the College Press, as we see him here at the Iinotype machine. The Mr. Paschal who we see around campus sewing as care- taker and general handy-man is Bob's dad. Florence Powell Flo is a Detroiter. She is the W descendant of a long line oi Ad- : rianites. On campus she is a mem- L ber of College World staff, w.A.A. land Coop. She plans sociology l as a major and will make social work her life career. Marion Pratt A voice, a devilish gleam in her eye, and an irrepressible amount of energy characterize this music major from Saginaw. Marion is a member of Alpha Delta Chi, W.A.A. and Chi Psi Omega: using some of that ex- cess vitality as a cheerleader. Ella Rayburn Evansville, Ind. She is a member of W.A.A. ,Alpha Delta Chi. and the varsity basketball team. She wants to be an author, but right now you are most apt to End her in the li- brcny, kitchen, or on week-ends out roaming the countryside observing nature, tor she is majoring in biology and is interested in the boids cm trees an stuff. Richard Probyn "Pop" is a Detroiter, a graduate of Cass Tech. He's the campus Com- edian and is a member of the Co-op. Dick was in the service and was overseas for 38 months in Iceland. England, Gen-nany. Belgium, and France. He hopes to be a Michigan State Trooper some day. 1. xr' aj' .J Marion A. Redman Marion, a former carpenter's mate second class in the Navy, comes to Adrian for a refresher course. Since he lives in Adrian, this college gives him the benefit of living at home and having a college lite. too. His plan for the future is to be an op- tometrist. .'. 5: ri a Norman E. Reed Nonnan is a life long citizen of Adrian, Michigan. After spending a few years in the United States Army with the Field Artillery, he decided to enter school and prepare for o career in Commercial Arts. Corporal Reed saw action in Italy: when things were a bit quiet he spent some time visiting the sights in Europe he had studied about in high school. lean Robinson lean comes from Pitcairn, Penna: She is a member of Chi Psi Omega. Alpha Delta Chi, and WJ-LA. She works in the business office and is majoring in sociology. She came to Adrian last year to visit her friend. lean Horton, and decided it was the place for her, too. 2 5 r ' Q . 19 Robinson s from Bancroft, Michi- has an interesting hobby famous people. He l-MS et Gen. Eisenhower, Anthony Pres. Truman, and then ldie Pres. Roosevelt. Other hobbies are wrestling and baseball. He served overseas with the lst, 3rd, and Sth Armies. Wes belongs to Major Cole. He isn't sure of yet -- either the ministry or ioumulism Or a combination of the two. X - N is ' 1 xx Virginia Sanborn ' "Ginnie" plans to go to Michigan State next year. She's majoring in science-going to be a nurse. She belongs to W.A.A.-has as a hobby cooking and baking. Spends time playing her guitar, too. The girl's 1 from Morenci, cmd resides at "Mac Lodge. Cf Velma comes from Beme, Indiana, fa WMM LWZH -- we .X 6, Q,,f"fJ 310.5019 5.9 Betty Holmes A Mac Lodge resident, Betty comes from Blissiield. Michigan. She is a College World reporter, and plans to follow the joumalistic bent in the future. With music her sec- ondary interest, Betty plays the piano. 9 xj. ' x 1 6353 Q A v ii, - .wr-Xl I r . Patricia Howey "Hooey" is a freshman from Ar- cola, Illinois. She is a member of Alpha Delta Chi, W.A.A., College Christian Fellowship, Co-op, and she takes care of children on the Side. For hobbies-she is musically in- clined and knows how to play the French horn, violin, and piano. She 0150 Sings. dances, and hikes. Biology is her major. Frances Hudnut "Lulu" comes to us from Manitou Beach. Michigan. You can always remember her by that mischievous smile on her face. She is a fresh- man and plans to major either in Home Ec. or Business. The organ- izations she is a member ot are the Chi Psi Omega, W.A.A., and the Co-op. ' Xl Velma Huser She is a member of the W.A.A. and the Co-op, and is taking .part in the work program. helping out in the library. Her plans at the present time are to do secretarial office work: in preparation for this wok she is majoring in Commercial Science. Alice Ito A freshman, Alice comes from sunny Califomia-Los Angeles. Her ambition is to become either a nurse or a social worker, She is major- ing in Sociology. Besides working in the registrars ottice she is a mem- ber of the Co-op, W,A.A., and C.C.F. A Barney Iones Barney is back at Adrian again after serving in the U.S.M.C. as a sergeant in t.he Pacific area. A val- uable addition to the "Bull Pups" he is very active in sports. As a fresh- man in 1941 Bamey was a letterrnan. He is now a member of the Coop. S.A.E., and C.C.F. , -4.-q, . Q .v .lohn Raymond Tatu lohnny came to Adrian from De. troit. In high school he was a mem. ber of the speaker's group and the debating squad- lOhnny spent a summer in Europe and thinks it was the most delightful summer he has Spent in his entire liie. He is study- ing business administration. George Teller George is one of our off-campus students, and is a citizen of Adrian. He is majoring in mathematics cmd his hobbies are slding, swimming, cmd horseback riding. He plays the trumpet, and is usually seen behind the steenng wheel of his car, going to or from the campus or just driving. Floyd Tenney Floyd comes to in from Addison, Michigan. We see him here in waiters jacket carrying a tray. 301118 special guests of the Co-op, no doubt. He is secretary-treasurer oi the Met- cal! Hall house council and belongs to the Co-op, and Spanish Club- If all goes according to plan, Floyd expects to enter the teaching Held. Ben I. Thielan Ben, who was a radar mcm in the Mm-me Corps, wants to be an electrical engineer. During his iw years and three months in the sery- ice he strayed fm' UWUY from hw native city ot Adrian. When he re turned he enrolled at Adrian 0011999 because it was the rnost convenient thing to do. He is mighTY Glad he did, too, for more reasons than 0219 -but especially one- Frances Garden Thielan "Frankie" came down from Ot- tawa, Canada last fall to enroll ior a journalism course. She soon be- came interested in another fresh- man, ex-Marine Ben Thielan. In February they became M.r. and Mrs., Dean Rush periorming the ceremony in the chapel one evening by can- dlelight. Frankie and Ben are still seen strolling around campus hand in hand. Carl Townsend Tall, good-looking Carl came to the campus this spring after being dis- charged from the service. A local boy, Carl is still a familiar figure aramid the dorms, especially South Hall. Iacqueline Sproull "Iackie" is one of our ireshrnen from Morenci, Mich., who is very fond of classical music, and quite proud of her twin brother--in the Philippines at present. Incidentally. are proud of her ior an outstand- we ing record of 10 years as a drum majorette in the Morenci High School Band. Her occupational plans? Mar- riaae-in the near future. 9 ' I pf' ' ,Y Mariorie Shbpn Next to nothing in sfgfure, Margie started college with the intent of be COUIIDQ ct kindergarten teacher. An Adrian resident, she likes to dance :ti Emml gg: :he claims she can a ' . . in th? collgege chialztrs, Margie smgs Y? Dorothy Stites Dorothy came to Adrian, as Qt Icmuary 28th. from Detroit. Mich.. and is now a member of the COL I-EGE WORLD staff and the Women's Athletic Association, She is quite fond of Adrian as a small college, plans to major in the field of sociol- Oqy. and upon graduation, worlr with the Young Women's Christian Association. 1 t 1 1 , , Laney sfodamd Onsted, Michigan sends us this fellow who is majoring in Mathe- matics. It you are in the boiler room at the right time. as we happened to be to get this picture, you can 'see him "firing" the boiler as part of his job as engineer's assistant. He plans to go into engineering after graduation. Q. UNXY my , XJ, , - R X nw , , I ,". 5 f N f, my . '. Q 9- l ,iv 5- V 1' ,M ,t ' , X b . X I, - - A : 3 Q: , 'Q Q ,V ' . i 5 NV fi.-1, af, b Rs , V' ' is .- ' 4 - ,a t A 'NS vi' Y , . al 5 3 is 1 Ii-A xxx' I 1 -1 Y 'Qt ' Q gig Q i ' 1 "' i ffif ""' , if ' ' E ' 2' , L f Viola Sirahan Marilyn Stonq Look at that gal smile! Wonder ii she does all the time. Marilyn is from Morenci. She is majoring in commercial work and thinks she'1l probably be a secretary or book- keeper. Playinq her violin is Mar- l1yn's hobby. She swings a wicked bow-but good. Our lady ex-Marine hails from Riga, Michigan. She was in the service two and a half years-spent most of the time in North Carolina and Washington. D.C. Viola frank- ly admits that she came to Adrian because it was "handy" but adds that now she "really likes it." Her hobbies are reading, hiking. and horseback riding. Robert Bob is another of the fellows whose home town is good old Ad- rian. He's also an ex-serviceman, having been a flight officer in the Army Air Corps. He'll be seeing a lot oi Prol. Schroyer during his stay at Adrian. for he expects to major in chemical engineering. 4.1, ',fyr-351 Wayne Ellis Turner Wayne was formerly a Staif Ser- geant in the Marines. He saw ac- tive duty in the South Pacific, was overseas more than two years: he was much impressed with the sim- plicity ot New Zealand society. Wayne comes from Garrison, Iowa. and is a journalism major. He plans to be a reporter. Herman Van Opynen Herman came to Adrian at' the beginning of the second semester from Holland, Mich. He has recent- ly been discharged from the U. S. Field Artillery which took him to Africa and Italy for some time. Now he is back in the states and at Ad- rian to study business administration in preparation tor an auditing posi- tion. at ft, . 'Y 3' s-9' N4 , ,Q SX -5.A , -riff? ti uf itl- ., ...1:1 1.? : . Vi Alfred Varndell "Al," another Pennsylvania rep- resentative, is a pre-ministerial stu- dent. He likes music, and can give forth with a good vocal himself. Al belongs to Major Cole, and has charge of a rural church near Adrian .in co-operation with Iim Bates. His home is in Uniontown, Pa. William Vollmer We see Bill here lounging in Met- calf Hall's loungef' but he is just a visitor there, for he lives near Tipton and drives back and forth to school each day. He is "tamed" for his broad grin and for leading Prof. Dersham's "stretch and stride" ex- hibits. Robert Webb From Detroit hails curly-headed Bob, who hasn't been here very long. He came in after mid-semester when he received his discharge from serv- ice. He is one of the most cheerful of all the residents of good old Met- cali Hall. ' Carl Wilson You don't see much of Carl be- cause he is a town student and lives off campus. He is a freshman just receiving his discharge from the navy last April. l-le served fourteen month, five of which were overseas. History is his favorite subject and he plans to major in it and teach it after he graduates. His favorite hobby is roller skating. Robert Wooster Bob lives in Adrian. He spent two and a half years with Uncle Sam. While serving in the South Paciiic. Bob had the opportunity to have a brief chat with General Douglas Mac- Arthur. l-le is studying to be an Engineer. Robert Worden Bob lives in Adrian. He is a min. isterial student. Early in this semes- ter Bob volunteered for three years service in the Army: he wqmed to get the experience. His chief inter- est is better labor and race relations. Eunice Wyqocki This science major hails from De troit. "lunior" has big plans-she wants to be a brain surgeon or a psychiatrist. Her hobby is music- especially singing. Eunice is a member of W.A.A. and just "loves" to dry dishes for the Co-op. She's one of the few girls who came in with the mob of men for the spring William Young Bill arrived in Adrian in Ianuary immediately upon graduation from high school in Detroit. While there he was a drum major and cheerlead- er, with an interest in dramatics also. Now he is finding dramatic action climbing ladders and maneuvering a paintbrush as a member ot the construction crew. After graduation, however, he plans to make his vo- 'semester. I A , J rflrbufffdk-' AL X cation that of managing hotels. - 1 1 I .f I J " N " ff ,AH if ' - f..L, ' ' ' .gf ' ' ll I" , - ,CZ ' X .J" 'V f If-v J 4.,L-iufff M ' 12'f" Richard Zeluff Dick is a pre-med student and he plans to enter the University of Michigan next tall. H-iS hobby is collecting stamps: he has around 2,000. Dick works for his father in a grocery store here in town. A speedy basketball player, he was another member of the Bullvpups iedm. ,N A Q Fnlfgi 'xcbcxvt ff-fr' Lyf -- -Qfajj an 7-acufty Howard Alexander New to us this term is Dr. Howard Alexander. He is a graduate Of Toronto, where he received his M.A. degree, and of Princeton University where he received his Ph. D. degree in mathematics. Dr. Alexander is Professor of Mathematics and Phys- ics. The Alexanders' small son will no doubt be helping his Daddy with some of the problems soon. Sophie Anderson Another familiar faculty face is that of Mrs. Sophie Anderson. Like Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Anderson is very well experienced for the position she holds in the language dept. She is a native of Baden, Germany. This fact enables her to teach Ger- man Conversation with qreat skill and efficiency. You also find her quite often down in the Press, help- ing out with the work there. Odette Bailey Mrs. Bailey is a native of Cognac, France. For this reason, she is es- pecially fitted for her position as a tutor in French conversation and pronunciation. Mrs. Bailey is plan- ning to visit her family in France this summer. Ruth E. Carqo Miss Cargo teaches history and drives Freshmen crazy over Politi- cal Science. One of the best loved of all the teachers yet the frequent prayer of her students is less col- lateral and easier tests. She has recently added a small pooch to her responsibilities. Wonder if she learned anything from him to help her with college students? 1 I Ellis W. Dersham Prof. Dersham, though a new member of the faculty, is not a stranger at Adrian College since he received his A.B. degree here. He is Professor of Education and as such is in charge of practice teach- ing in the Adrian Public Schools. In addition, Prof. Dersham is a coun- selor to many of the returned vet- erans. He also finds time to assist t.he men in athletics. Myrla E. Fox Miss Fox is a member of the Music Department. She received her Bachelor of Music degree lrom Adrian College. In addition, she has studied at the University of lVlichigan, Detroit institute of Musi- cal Art, and at Augustana College Conservatory at Rock Island, Illinois. Almost any day of the week you see children of all sizes heading toward Downs Hall for their piano lesson from Miss Fox. Miss Fox's father, the late Dr. H. K. Fox was a professor and dean of the college for many years - Philip Gentile Mr. Philip Gentile of Detroit is Vice-president in charge of public relations. is a graduate of Wayne University and has his Mas- ter's Degree in Religious Education from Northwestern University. Among other things he has served as Director of Youth Activities at Central Church in Detroit. Phil is a favorite with everyone on campus. Hope Lowry Miss Lowry is head of the Mod- em Language department. She teaches Spanish. Latin, German and French. At the present time she is spending part of her time working on her doctor's degree at the Uni- versity of Michigan. She is, also sponsor of the German and Span- ish clubs and Beta Pi Theta. Her hobby is pets, especially dogs and cats. Yes, she likes students, too. ,-57, .,,f Guy Luke N 'Pdifa f "Luke" the "boiler room general" is college engineer cmd electrician. He's been at the college for eighteen years. He isn't sleeping here, he just doesn't like flash bulbs. He is "father-con!essor" for many of the gals, listening to their troubles and offering them advice which usually proves to be sound. ,X x 'tl 'ix K All N. t Xgfzx 'J -l i Norman MacNaughton , Dr. MacNaughton is one of the favorite teachers with the students, He has charge of all the psychology Cmd philosophy courses offered at Adrian. Many of his favorite ex- pressions, such as "Think on these things." have become a pmt of the everyday life of his students. Dr. MacNaughton can be found six days a week at eight o'clock with his classes on third floor. Iohn E. Marvin The editor of the Michigan Chris- tian Advocate and instructor in Christian loumalism. Dr. Marvin is a good friend to those students who get to lmow him. He is usually just going someplace or already gone. He spends more time in his car or on a train than anywhere else, but he always manages to get back in time lor his classes. Viola Connor Miller The Registrar and Director of Placement at Adri C011 - M, Miller. Sh ege is si e received her A.B. de- Qfee from Huntington College and her degree from the Universit . Y of Michigan- Mrs. Miller has been FSPBCRIUY b11Sy this year with the increased enrollment but she still f1IIld.S time to have friendly little chats with the students. 1 5 Myron Partridge Prof. Partridge came in this sem- ester to teach speech and English composition, and assist counsel- ling the men's sports, Previous to that he had been an officer in the U. S. Navy. A graduate ot Adrian in '32, he had done adult educa- tional and recreational work, U. oi M. extension work, and high school teaching. He and Prof. Schtmle to- gether led the college back into In- ter-collegiate sports this spring by directing the track team. Profs home is in Blisstield. Horace Paschal Mr. Paschal has been at Adri an for six years. He is maintenance man for all the buildings. He and his fumillf Glso live in Adrian. Their son Bob used to work in the College Press and was a freshman here last tall, but is now in the navy. Miles L. Peelle Prof. Peelle received his ILB. de- gree frorn Wilmington College and his M.A. degree from Haverford Col- lege. Though Prof. is very busy with his work as instr'uctor of all the Biology courses he always has time for a word of advice and encour- agement. The Sunday evening rec-' ord concerts in the home of Mr. and . Mrs. Peelle are weekly highspotst for music loving students. Prof. spends his spare time with his hob- bies of bird banding and collecting: A l Esther Iohnson Pellowe Sewing as Dietician for the Co-op, Director of the Dormitories, and cam- pus Nurse, Mrs. Pellowe is always kept busy. However, she always has time for a friendly chat with any of the students. lncidentally, one of the lasting memories of pleas- ant things that many of the students leaving Adrian College take with them is the cheerlul smile that is so much a part oi Mrs. Pellowe. rgygwhya -Mt' 1 The college libra n, Miss Pierce' is the authority for t gh pro ms about almost anything. Her h e is in Chicago. She came ,to Adrian in 1942 and lives in South Hall. She also teaches history and English as well as being, librarian. Maisie Pierce - ' .- , fa, f warg Homer K. Powell Although he's been emeritus pro iessor for several years, popular Prof. Powell still keeps teaching. This versatile gentleman has taught geography, geoinetry, astronomy. physics. and practically everything else you can think ot in his 30 years at Adrian. His favorite means of transportation is his faithful bike. Bessie Richardson Dr. Richardson is headof the Eng- lish department. She teaches com- position, literature, ,and drama. A new faculty member this year, she formerly taught at Huntingdon Col- lege. A graduate of Olivet College, with a Ph. D. from Iohns Hopkins University, Dr. Richardson once spent a summer studying in Rome. ' f ,. f 'ff ili! f' I 1 f 4 K Corley S. Ritchie Dr. Ritchie is business manager of the college. VVhile he is the one who keeps all the students broke, therefore unhappy, he is loved by everyone for his patience and Chris- tian character. Almost any hour of the day or night you'll find him in his office or behind the book count- er looking after the business end of Adrian. Dean W. A. Rush Our friendly dean of students, whose oiiice is as busy as Grand Central Station. Here he talks to Editor Donn Downall about this y0ur's Mound. Or has he called hirn on the carpet? The dean tried his hand at teaching speech' this year until a new professor arrived to fill the gap. Students who came in con- tact with him in this position said, as they always do, "He's okav!" Leslie C. Sayre Dr. Sayre is professor of religion. His experience as a missionary to the Belgian Congo plus his present occupation as pastor of the Addison Methodist charge, makes his well qualified for this position. Here we see him arriving from his home in Addison to start another day. n ,, , II I , 5' f A j ,.' . 'f -'A' " ' ' I V N P ,. ,1 1 N! Iames Schroyer The precise head of the Chemis- try department wouldn't look up at the camera. He was doing some- t.hing very technical, he said, and it wouldn't look accurate for him to take his eyes from it. He is well known to all students for his mania for mimeographing, his terrific tests, and his good hu.rnor. He wakes up at six in the moming because two year old Freddie has decided that that was the time to get up. William Schuhle "Professor Bill," he of the Louis- iana drawl, sly humor, and artistic talents, came to Adrian last fall to teach history and economics. He brought with him his new bride, Mary, who finished her senior year here. He coached the track team for the fellows this spring, and is quite a track star himself, being cr one- time Olympic finalist. Q7 James Spencer "The Doc" is head of the music department. He is widely known as a songwriter, composer and or- ganist. Loved for his gayety cmd informality, when he is in charge of chapel there is sure to be a large attendance. Every Sunday moming you'1l see him heading for Toledo to play the organ in one of the big churches there. Cornelia Spencer Mrs. Spencer is instructor of voice in the Music Department. The wife of Dr. Spencer, she has a busy life with her teaching and home life. She also does a fine job of vocaliz- ing in her own right, but gets that gleam of pride in her eye only when one of her students has come thru okay. S. L. St. Clair "Saint" is the college construction director and the best handy man we've ever seen. He teaches the fellows and girls who work on his construction crew to swing a hom- mer, a paintbnish, work on a draft- ing board, or build anything build- able. Since he's been here, the cam- pus has been having its "face lift- ed." The library. the dining hall., and now the chapel, owe their at- tractive appearance to him. lo ert Tuttle loan Young 7? Mrs. Lynn Stulry One ot the familiar faces in the business office, Mrs. Stuky is on the college staff doing secretarial work. She lives in Adrian, but her original home is the Hoosier state. it r, Mildred Sweet Our Dean of Women, Miss came to Adrian last September from Ann Arbor where she was di- rector oi the Wesley Foundation at the University ot Michigan. l-ler home is in Peoria, Illinois. An or- dained deaconess bt the Methodist church, Dean Sweet is campus di- rector ol religious activities as well as being professor of sociology. Estelle Tandy Miss Estelle Tandy, our quiet Home Economics professor is a native ol St. Louis, Missouri. She received her M.A. degree at Colum- bia University in New York City and her B.S. degree at the University of Missouri. She teaches cooking, sew- ing, and art courses. 0 .Tv l L T b "Bob" is a very busy man. He is he head ot the college's print shop, eaches journalism. supervises the VORLD, is editor of FELLOWS, and 5 president of Adrian's Iunior Charn- rer of Commerce. 'l'he father of two mall children, he is keenly inter- 'sied in keeping track of the older ine. i . l .4., Helen M. Wernimont J Miss Wernimont is the director oi the Secretarial Staff and inst1'uctor in Commercial Science. She is the "mecca" for all the WORLD report- ers seeking news. This year she. is trying to beg, borrow or hook enough money to furnish the Commercial roorn with modern equipment. Howard H. Western The executive secretary of Town and Country work lor Michigan Methodism. Mr. Westem has his of- fice in North Hall and teaches courses i.n mral sociology and ro- ligion. He's also sponsor of Major Cole and "converts" most of the student ministers to his pet belief- the need for cmd the future of the rural church. That young woman that hurries around campus is not a student but a sure enough teacher. Miss Young is head of the Women's Athletic De partment. Her main goal in life is tuming out winning teams and this year was very successful. She's :rlso a very capable artist, as many college posters will verify. , . 'G 3, ' r . ,az J "J ggi 'La' ' ' f I n ' 4 rl 4-Y , L- cp i Ze L -' Tsfzf'--3,5 .. . -f A 4- .-Lv F75 ' A l , JL - ie- ' 'Ji "if """"' W j ,gg f:J4l uf' CAMPUS SCENES mi m-gin up ,.ni?'9"" ,nw ,589 De , . . , Q new cout, 5. Registrars cl the T.B. William cmd Mary, 2. The Big 1. cxl 3 Mr and Mrs. 4. Mcxc gets Clinic, 6. Don't Feed the Animals 7. The Girls' String Ensemble. af? aff ,l ti , r ' E51 -9 . ' -75:1-' ' Q QI' - ' ' N - ' 1 :ff I . -it P1 fir... .' N it w : f 3 'S ' 1 .fi-if X -I 5, y K I .1 Y 5 I Q FXS 'x X Y- F ' I A i S' , . , r . X . .i ' ' A ' 4 , ,1.,,,,.r0-"""'rw X 596 , Y: 5 ' A' 1 5 XNO ,h "' 5 2 90 5 , ,.: hllix k X V N QX K: If Rig as 5 x. ' f 33 'W I A- ,- we W wnqgx -'f'Kif.1'1'S1 W 'I : -v"fVS?sQ i I-5 ,fx 'W 2 f ef F -Q Q 5:- , -- -.M.,M,wMsv 2 Wi 1 gi, 3 - ' . 4 :Wa f- rr'-'.,Q" - -. W..-x GX I A ., , , Q, ry. . . f f -. 1 M , ,.f. . .. . . xnxx? W . F Q Q , ..,,. , 4- ' .. -if-QW, , fav? -nf, . S f A -ffQ31?3:.:: .nw I , -5. . V M 5 q .- R -f -' , Q 1"' ab 'f ' . - r,'- 2 "A 'if 4 'M " y- :X V 4 ' ,M.v dx? ' Mi'-L - 4 'A 45+ 'J' va f A " ' ' x ig' '4 E-1 r? ' i-..i4..s1v:.-.. - -,. f ff? Mgr ' E -:+A .A 5 - I ' 6 2- , '.: -, Q . -S ' 5 V I A -A '- x 'L 1' . " . E+ xx xxki ' '7' .' A - ... - . 9 - ,--Q. '.,, . . ff ,Q nf. . , , i , . kk' ,553 V 0. ,A . :gh 'Q , . ,, Y .. ,, n-' , , a - , A . , fx . Egg., an-,- ,fv - -U. ins .3 ks - . 'J ,HM , A ,I Ab- 1- ' X, NK Q-ywu . f AQ -. ' ' - , ' J? " gf ' 1' Q I 1' if 4 5' " XP - U if .5 553' as-gf' E'-ws ov: ' fs Gag mga .m-Q N123 -C0 5 - go 552 .-'IEP LO ang EEE A: o :z U n. E TU E L4 -ci 5 o E an -S 'o U 5- cs. U 3 E aa .E E aw 5 U2 G5 5 an I3 an I s. 0 -- CL E ui 5: E I- 2 :J- u 3 un fc S cn .E 3 rn oi ai 'E n-1 bm, pm' wg I 6 E Hi- 'Er' f 1 if fl' ' ff x Qc K "'ikQ':igQ:? -4 . we- W . , in .,, 5+- g .5 5 if L , gl. P' ' WL '3-' Tfw ,N Q x fy :A N. xv - ,--v -. A -,-X- 5, X1 gf-ax: V. , 5 Q" "af 1 -an s., 1 gl ' Wi , ...A-. .A-a.4.., .L'1.I.'j.I.'.." .f-.... Tina- -'-' ..-... ? ONSTITUTIQIII- 'l'he group in charge of student govemment is pictured here. It is com f pmed of one representative from each of the classes and the officers of Student Union, elected annually by the entire student body The popular Student Union president this year is Franklin Wade. These are the oiicers of C.C.F.. the 'campus-wide religious organiza- 'tion which sponsors Sunday night worship programs social action projects and many social and recreational events. Grace Niemann has been president for the past year. These officers, together with the officers oi Major Cole and Alpha Delta Chi. are the student repre- sentatives to the Campus Religious Council. COLLEGE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP .., -.. MAJOR COLE The Umor Cole Aslociation is a group ai men interested in the min- zltry or other full time Christian service. Every Thursday night they all eat supper together and then come over here tolthe Major Colo Chapel in Downs Hall for a discussion, which usually centers on the glroblernsfthe boys face in their churches. They't.heir name from ajor Iames H. Cole, a famous Adrian evangelist of a generation ago. 'I'he president oi the group this year was Virgil Hahn. Prof. Howard Western is their sponsor and "D.S." Here on the chapel steps we find the Alpha Delta Chi girls. This -:Q--71 club is composed of girls who plan careers as missionaries or social A A workers. lean Horton was the president of the group this year. They usually meet in the home of their sponsor. "Aunt Myrtle" Harrison, and take part in many constructive service projects. Y. 1-4' A N ,J l tl e:.- V. fl, WOMAN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I yt Its, These rugged individuals are the gals who vie for letters in girls spo sell refreshments at college functions, and get up at five g'c1ock on a snowy winter's moming to eat an outdoor breakfast down.1n the park. With Coach Ioan Young to sponsor them and peppy "Ed1e" .Buffet G5 their president. it's no wonder they have an abundance of vim, vigor, and vitality. We have many fellows. and one qirl, 'who served their country during the wax. They have formed the Veterans Organization of Adrian College to meet the needs of the ex-service students on campus. lt's our newest organization and we haven't seen much of it as yet, but they have a fine group of officers and members and ought to ac- complish big things. The Vets' president is Dale Hostetler. VETERANS ORGANIZATION .10 i limi lllk N -.-, Q '-' if -Z YW Z' V The ATO frat rooms are located downtown on North Main Street. They have been the scene of many enjoyable "open houses" as well as the regular Monday night meetings of the boys. Worthy Master of Alpha Tau Omega for this year has been Duncan Paterson. ATO A pins, shaped like maltese crosses, seem to be wom more often by lucky girls than by the original owners. 'V-f'fl r tg " U Adricm's oldest "frat" has cx cute little fraternity house across the street from the campus. 'It is the scene ot "Sig" meetings every Monday night. 'l'he Eminem Archon of the SAI-'Ts this year was .Don Pellowe. Cub Powers was "pres" of the large pledge group. x I? f- .- w' ' X f ov, 13,0 qrli JJ 5 X , . . mi ,ilgufiil 1231Xv'3g15g 5-34 uv' ,-::-- I . ...- "'2---- AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Qiocaihiffflvfllffflg fgegfsnlfwifeiglfiii of the group. Then clubroorns, equipped with lablenand recred OF hon equipment, are located in the home ol their mom, Mrs Iulra Cairns at ll29 College Avenue. Our social sorority was organized last fall by a group of girls who felt the need for such a group. It is strictly local in character. During its it added many new members and pledges and carried on a social program for the girls. Ellen Syiert was the first pree- ident of CPO. Their May-Pole dance in Metcalf Hall was one of the highlights of the yea-r's social life. S- gif CHI PSI OMEGA GERMAN CLUB Do you speak German? If you do, you probably belong to the German Club. The "gang" pictured here as cz great time in its meetings doing dramatizations of the apple scene from William Tell, etc. Miss Hope Lowry and Mrs. Ferdinand Anderson. the German instructors, are seen here with some oi the student members. "lake" Wade was president of the club this year. I F People who can't pronounce it call it the Spanish Club. and it is composed ol the Spanish speaking students and their. instructor. Miss Hope Lowry. They've had an enjoyable time at their meetings dur- ing the past year, singing Spanish songs, and quests like Rev. Iohn Emig of the Presbyterian church, who was a former mis- sionary in Colombia. Doris Miller has been president this year. LA SOCIEDAD HISPANICA 2 1 X 'I'he college's French language society meets once a month.with a tea or a supper meeting. Mabel Wright is now president of the group. Besides the students pictured here with the French instructors, Misa Lowry and Mrs. Bailey. several school teachers and other French speaking residents of the town are members. Members must have BETA PI THETA two years of college French with a "B" average to join the qroup. Under Prof. William Schuhle's expert guidance, this group of students takes the world apart and put it back together again every two weeks. Some of the seniors do extra research and get credit for this course. Other students do it purely for the love of current events-not to men- tion honor points. The group is representative of one of Ad:-ian's finest traits a keen interest in what s going on in the world. . fiilll 77 IF at 494 1' Nbr ts 'lggggfl tQ!4r", , I B INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB ollege World Volume LXI Adrian, Michigan, Friday, December 7, 1945 No. 5 ll TCH UND lilllllllllllll ARMY L AIIEH-C.C.F. PEAKER Edmund Peter Wellenstein was bo Berkhouse Works Wf' at the Hague, spent most of his Adrian College Day Is ' to the age of fourteen in the 'B .-.1 R - Through College f ways ,dies where his fame , U Adnan And Mlrdndy r Q ment official, and er , 1 -L 't, ' 1937, 1- d Wal, swan Q w to glelft C. W x, y 0 e she Pity . ax bsouqlcla ident O ' 'x B W een A as e - , ball exp .1 losing our Q D a vo Q lose the ga' 1 I ' but ty did a goof' 6 X, 65 Aft cl ue, things ef 'udp ki 3 0 "lags" Mrs nu.. Phil Lv started o lg thllase P g 9 65 'r a trip that Michigan has need and we J just f' A fy! 6, 'er four flags. The French "Rover" M ' 9 A ' "ed notable gervfh 0 W 'ish in 1761, the Spanish crowd f 0 'fndd lfrsecute eww 0 2? 47, 11-ican in 1783. that's ow- mu en S' A I K 67 KY I girls, Frances Sarah B , 9 H pemf. On suspicion for his undeis .27 0 QV Q Black and lVlBl'l 3. te s f 111 of Llolll ,nh 0 Q ty the pyo- This Cold +V. Peg Dill 3 sold "extra ow' B-wg with f C en 0 ,I escape insu .mee Q "t fig Pe' "Cary, L W what's the matt Qi eww A student n les to Melon. 60 C Pajamas. Aft: , qwspaper devoted to U' f"'ank to '- " Ma 6 monica, she pl' LN Q g explresswn gg all phases of life 01" I 65 .i - Q E on e campus. ve i?fg:3.:.,..Z2f'r QP .:s.i::. In emeste 9 530 , 5 , "--------" ---- n ---'- E Velyll Montgomery C I' S E Well hav' B , A Ass1stant Edltor .q---,--. v'--..--,.. P aul Gibbs 'N .eos E., S N A F 'R N th' QQ ,S .9 hw.. Qi? Q Gorney, some mus Q 4 The frolics dancing again line Harms for t enuff to Sf Business Manager ........ Mary Wickwire Asst. Business Mgr ..... Wesley Herkimer Staff Reporters --------'--- Margaret Duster Betty Holmes Mary Wickwire' B. Tuttle Donn Downall Betty Folker Faculty Advisor .,.. ii Urpa melll A SS , fllce 196s All 0th'P1'S I 42 .Q tea table was clecoraru. row white chrysanthemums and white hostesses for the day were Mrs. Daly and Mrs. E .J. Reed. fates Attend Campus Gardner 3. i Conference but ma' 0 Horak and Bob Bohi' X floor 4, Q s delegates to 6 you rence held Q ii f li I? n ohio, D1 -. 0 i elected Q Q, -Hg- The 27 , Ono Q, if John on the vt 6 16 Q Q, -.ul-keyS to started plat, 0 ,QP Q 9 bowm? 41131915 ian and after 0 S 6? 'm er O . re we all gathered CALENDAR OF EVENTS Q6 as .-P12111 b0l1gl'eg3t10nal 'th - Ch X if Zag 22133 Crow QP Q' ec. 17-Initiation Religionf XS if nal dinner has been planed sore throat. But I hear 0 Dec. 17-Alpha Delta Ch' X li -'0-OP fm' WedU9SflaY evenlngi boul Say usum Funi, V Dec. 18-College Choir Q Q, 19. Faculty and off campus stu- T.. is Metcalf open h X Q .nts are invited. Q Christmas dinner will be held on Are they talking about YOU. Dec' 20-Gerinan Club' , S Wednesday evening Dec. 19. The dinner Dec- 22-Christmas Vacatlol will be 551.00 for guests. Turkey will on page 2 ? Jan. 8-Classes resume. be on the menu. 1 Well, there it is! Your 1946 Mound. We, the staff hope you like it, and we say thanks to you, the student body, for allowmq us the fun oi working on it. THE MOUND STAFF Editor ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Donn Downall Associate Editor ...... Duncan Paterson Art Editor ,,,,,,,,,,..............,, Terry Wolfe Co-Business Managers ....,,.......... ......Virgil Hahn, Mary Wickwire Faculty Advisor .,...... Robert B. Tuttle Staff Members: Ralph Moden Dorothy Stites Mabel Wright Ben Butler lean Horton Lyle Powers Margaret Doster Wesley Herkimer Ella Raybum Wesley Robinson Betty Folker Betty Holmes Mary Lena Robinson Charles Hall Betty Hixon Margaret Stutsman f s 'T f I X ' avnmw funn I f 04.0 X CQ ff' X ,' Q 1 f""f ft! A r" - ""'N C Qc 'dr f r 4 .ff-A -' M"-w GS? Our fhbn ds in Dun n,-n-.1-...I--...1-1.1-11.111n1u-.uu..-..1nn.-..-nu1np1I.-I.1..1l.1u.-.-.-...-.u.-1.1.11 :urn-1: +::- -I: nz 15111: .n4::v-: : .- .- 7--Y -- -. - I I - 1 " 1 l- -q-u..u1.,i. Q SCIENTIFIC Laboratory Furniture WOOD OR METAL Catalogs Sent on Request Our Engineers at Adrian, Michigan are readily available to assist in planning layouts, estimates, etc., without cost or obligation. C. G. CAMPBELL, President 11, Compliments of THE American Chain and Cable Co Compliments of 92dQ!2fldf QMQW cf Cgfzykx '-1. -u -2115...-g --1..QgL:1.g ,xf :n : 1:11---u-n1..1,,..r-14. Phone 1363-I "1"1""1l-1-Q-1.1.--.-.-,,1,,, Doc's Frame and Axle Service Complete Chassis Alignment.. Wheel. 330 W. Church St. 11.1.- Hub and Drum Service D. D. DUNLAP Compliments of sm Mg Adrian, Michigan 1-..1....u-'u1..1...-...-. , ' """i"-"-ll-n-...I--4.-...1,,,.. 1..1n.-..1..1l.i .- 1llinl1..1..i.,.-.p1..1.y1u1..1..1u1n.,-.1..1. Compliments MAGNESIUM FABRICATORS ..,..1,,.1,..-,,.,1nl1.niln.-. Compliments of A FRIEND ,,1,.1..1..- ...i.....1....u1..1..1..1u1 .1..1u1.-1nn..nn..u 1 1-min- .- 1 - -.ll-..1., 1 1 1 1 7: 11 1-. 7: Simplex Paper Corporation Adrian, Michigan Manufacturers of WATERPROOF PAPERS AND AUTOMOTIVE FOUNDATION PANELBOARD -. 1 1 1- 1 .. -. -......n1..-...1.,1..1 1 1 1 1.1.11-linli.-11-...uni Compliments of HM BROWN STORE .. 1 1 -. - 1 1 1 1 1 -ll-.n.-n....,n1-1.1.1 ... ,..1u-....,.1n.1u1 TUBNITZ GREE E Plil G U0. 1' ' " " ' -- u -1 "r-' " " f.. .. .nn-,f . -,,.... ,. ....... .-1-.......,.-.--.....u-1.15-4.. -1 :I -J- :- -:: n --1 -gg 1 L L L L L L L L L L L 1 L L L L L L L L L L L 1 L L L L L L L L LET GAS do the FOUR BIG IOBS COOKING REFRIGERATING WATER HEATING HOUSE HEATING CITIZENS GAS FUEL COMPANY i 127 N. Main St. Tel- 1800 L Natural Gas for Home and Industry ...-I.-...1..1..1... 1. 1 ,.......1,.1..1..1..1...1..1..---. .--.1..-..1..1.-,,,.,,,1,,,-,,1.,1,,1,,,1.,, RUGS FURNITURE GIFT SHOP Good Furniture . . . A Sound Investment in Happiness and Satisfaction Buy With Confidence Walper Furniture Co. Adrian, Michigan ziz.. 11 :n :1n-n-nfxizg-azfuiu : u-u 1: 17: 7:1 1:-1 .-:Q .-g 1: -1 1 1u1..1......1-unigqigq-p.1..1-,,, Y, .- 1 ...-, --7 1--Z ------niuir I-7 CIJMIJLIMIINTS FRIEND -1 - 1 1 -n..n....-nu-n-nn-,.. 5:1 1 1:7 1:- -Pen Headquarters- Shedfefs, Parker, and Eversharp Portable Typewriters School Supplies TYPEWRITER SALES 8: SERVICE CO. l25 N. Main Sf. Adrian, Mich. Phone I 529 uf . .7..Y,,:..- .- : .. gg .W nf: nnqgg-..1..14g 1:1 Compliments of ADRIAN FRUIT MARKET W1 .. : ' : -: 1 7- u:7n.1n....1........-...1.,-,.1q. ,-.g1u.1......n..n-q-. I I I I I I Compliments I Compliments of I of H. L. JUDGE I 'i I A. B. PARK CO IEWELER : I I I I HARD and BAILEY 141 S. Main SL ll The Rexcxll Drug Store" Prescription Specialists Kodaks - Films - Candy -u --:: :nl -1-n:7nu1v-an 'r 1 - ' "' "1 7i3"':": 1 10-....1..1u...u..--n...u-1. 1..- 1...- Compliments of ADRIAN WHOLESALE Successors to L. W. Smith G Co. 1 ... 1 1 1 1-..1...-n.1.p1..-nn--1 - - - I I I I I I 1 I I I I 1 I I I Compliments of SOUTHERN MICHIGAN PRODUCE CO -..-n.-p.1..1..- 1 Qu.-..1nn1.u1nu1.u..un....1. Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of 1946 from MIUIIIGA PIHIIIUCERS DAIRY 00. u1..1n1u1n.1- in..-I-.n1n1...i.1.-1..1.u1u...w1'.,...-.-q.1n-n--qu II1...-..1.p1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11---l.1n1.-1.-1 1'-11.1 I KUEHMANN'S Original Potato Chips - Iulienne Potatoes Popcom - Pretzels Americcfs Quality Telephone 1745 Adrian, Mich. 419 Comstock Street 1 - 1 1 -- 1 1 1 1 --u1n.1n-n.1..1n1t-.11 Compliments IENKINS SUPER SERVICE STATION "Bi11's Place" Cities Service Gas 6 Oil Chicken Dinners Comer Treat 6 Beecher Adrian, Mich. .1.1..1u.1...-gg-...1..1un..u1ll1 .g.1..1..1gl1qp1nn .1..1..1 1.I.1.,..n.1n1..,.1..1..1u1-.1-,1. Compliments of M A U R I C E ' S Compliments of IACK McADI-IM 1..1l,.1,u1un1np1 1 1 1...-u1,.1u1n1 1 1 1.111 -Hin.. ini 1 WHIT Compliments of E CROSS RADIATOR CO. Collision Service Welding 6: Painting W..-in-..-.Iii 1 1 i..1..1.,1..1..1. Compliments WILLBEE MORSE CONCRETE CO. Dependable Concrete Products Compliments , NU-WAY STRETCH Compliments WHITE CROSS EMERGENCY SERVICE A.A.A. Towing Service Day or Night Phone 960 , W W . .inlni u . 1 1 -:1 7:1 :.7::7 .-u: nz' 191.1-H Compliments of LENAWEE HOTEL Compliments of LEO MARKS IEWELERS ,-U.-..1u.1nn-u-nn-In M :F I E 1. H 1- U L ll il ll 1 U ll Compliments of SCHWARTZ RESTAURANT Compliments of SHEPHERD 6 STOLL DRUGS -5- ,,. W -rain-in-.1.:1ng :4 1 V :A 1, - 11: n1nU-l:' n: 11 1 1 1 Compliments of WHITE HARDWARE 1.1,,1,.1..1.,.-1.1--1n1u.1u..u1 1 1 - Compliments of DIXIE SHOP UHI.MAN'S 140 N. Main Women's 6. Chi1dren's Ready to Wear Shoes G Millinery .. 1 1 ..-I..-...1.n-u1nn1u.1-1..1--1 - 1 Compliments of HM GREEN Compliments of HARVEY CLEANERS Compliments of STEVENSON'S RESTAURANT I I I I I I I U I ,I ix I H 1 1 Compliments of MAPLE CITY FLORAL CO Compliments of ECONOMY snos srom: 1..1,.1,,1n1.,-...1.,1.,1n1g.1,.....1.1..1-.1..1..1..1 1 1 1,.1n--...V -- A. . . . , , Compliments of K I G E L ' S Compliments of JERRY LANE Compliments of DAVENPORT HOTEL Adrian. Mich. 1 1 1.11.-1..1..1'.1-.1 1 1 1.----1,-1 Compliments of DAVIS 5. BAILY 132 S. Main St. 1 1 1 --:1 ---:.:4,.1..1 1:1 1:1 1:1 71:1 1: i1 : 12 -1 1.,.1..1q-1...-.n-.11I..-n1u1u1u1n.....u1 1 1 1 S. S. STULI., Ieweler Watch and Iewelry Repairing 140 South Main Street Telephone 479 Adrian, Mich. DeMERITT HARDWARE STORES Quality Merchandbe Priced Right 132 N. Main St. Adrian Also at Morenci. Milan. Hudson 1 I-...-nn1.l1,.i-.1111 -n1u-n- u1,.1n1 .1..1..11.1..1q Compliments of SCHMIDT MARKET 1 1 1..1..1..-4.11.-...1 1 1--1..1.,1. Compliments of ROBERT I EWELERS 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.11.1111-u1h..1ul1nl1 1.11.-.un-...1-1-,1..1 1 1 1 15 11-1 --:..u.-11131-n - :1 For finer portraits maize! rgfzzzzibs 11633 IOS. Campau Townsend 8-2807 Detroit x . uv' ' ' r A . , I , Q I . ia'- " V V3 1" rffjvtx 'Y ' I ,rb- . - VIL, 1 '4 1 H b '- .. 5 ,J W-14 . eg. Enf- w '1 1 , 24 1 Q w. iff' .I 1 we nl , ,,, I , vu 1 P -4. , X, . 1 'I' ' FL, 1' 'xl' ' 'lg' z 14- MM! 5,75 326 My WWW 4016 galdfma. U,,.,,,M,gf, M1244 gH.5l.mM I . 'A ri 1 a Us 41.7 .IA "5 ., I1 . .-V1.1 E 1' - ,-'uf . ul- 1 . 11 ,I 14, , , i , x 111.13 I .. ,, , Gul '1 Jm J 3.15"-O 3-'41 'r 5 ' .L , .:f""'.i'11 'lb :' .17 gf . 'M . , J-. 'g '..1., , .I 1 41 4, ,.'- 1 H.. ' . 'l'l ff 1 '91 5s . -5 44 . T, 1 'I I I 1 "f"Il'l'f"' 'n' n' ' ' I 'I 1 qlfy' 'lfffd 15. ', S hmm! 313' ' g'1.'.. vp J 1, lx 1 n' 15 !.1 Ml 1 :gli JH' v ll I r w , f!,1Hh,':? 'Wh-1 -W' gy I 4 . 1 41, n. ,'. g,.+,rw J- A ,K U. ., :nil vi 1 ri 1 51 . 'fr 'bl . .9 iam Iiiui ,. Will 1 -D1 n , 4. - Q." . i Ame' --6' P" I ' nam , :.'l'-- ,'.uV1.'qg-X K 'I I i e3"'1'4U '5. 'I '-ue. ., ,fx . 2. r w , f!,1Hh,':? 'Wh-1 -W' gy I 4 . 1 41, n. ,'. g,.+,rw J- A ,K U. ., :nil vi 1 ri 1 51 . 'fr 'bl . .9 iam Iiiui ,. Will 1 -D1 n , 4. - Q." . i Ame' --6' P" I ' nam , :.'l'-- ,'.uV1.'qg-X K 'I I i e3"'1'4U '5. 'I '-ue. ., ,fx . 2.

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