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. N get ., 2 Ky I Q gat I , 3,5 'x 45 :SKY Mm-,M - A EWR ' " Q x .. ., , '. w if 1' A 1: W is. W '5L'?'1 , x 1 1 W- 'mqfgmfwww W- g ,K L ,, ,X U wwfmm ,,- fp W 42' ff? ,f ' ' 'mwwwwv w fffvfw., :vm Y W, w f 1 ,MSL 4, gm:-, 462 , ' "rw eeelvmlwk K fl - , ' W W. Q My 5, - ,ff 5 , 5 wh bah? W. 'gi K , diff 'X ri ACN L 1 .M gfq 'f?4f1.'-7 Mft! ' '. fr A f H pf P MJ, ,? J'..j'.:4,fri9W'm,f"4jDQj,4"i,fKi if , 1+f W M A 'M Wjj 4 'MQ ' W' 1 Uri! WK M W , A if if mf My ff 2,2 61105 , I , :rv u4441-l x.. " ,-.. '::5, m - , . 'I-I i I I .,-A ' N-',g, ,,,, ! f ,:" X : M .. 1' - J ' Y ' V " ' ' - A ' f i f' I ' ii ' W i fn I-H -5-i-, fil f - H' K m- lhfii i ' A m a' mv, ,If -gg j 'ig wane! 'VK 32356 . K....L..C- ,ff cg- 7 .431 X wma, 621:-?k""d,-I . , . X th yawn ,- A XE- In . . C, '- get - f-HX 'ffhf -Q? 5-fa-,Wea . NC' ,Q Q- cf Q:-fcMtT r:.q,,?J Nm , ef. - ' Q ,A 753' ' ggi: ,, . ,T . QMEA ,,,. Q, A A 1 A ..-1.-' 'f., T ADNA HQGH SCHQQL up SENIOQ CLASS Pre se nJcS 'Zh CG- EQLJI TOMS I ANNA GEISZLER AND MARY Lou SETZER 'fozewozd We have attempted, by the illustrations and writings found in the following pages, to record Adna in the school year 1956-57. Our purpose is to retain the fond memories of our many friends and teachers. As we gaze through the pages of this yearbook in the coming years, may they bring back to all of us the joy of those never-to- be-forgotten days. 2 - -nge-s ffm? fl' X 4 1'- 'D l U' my if ,Kwai- Z4' , 4,24 MMA Mfg ,MM5 pQ .9 b M , W 49 peclication For his patient understanding, co-operation, leadership abilities, excellent shop instruction, listening ability, for his sense of humor, and for his down-to- earthness while serving for three years as our principal, and this past year as shop teacher, we, the seniors of 1957, hereby dedicate this 1957 annual to Mr. Walter Roundtree, one of the most admired and well-liked persons we have known in our high school years. Mr. Roundtree is a person who would always take a minute to listen to our troubles, who would never turn away from us because we were younger. We hope you liked having us, Mr. Romidtree, as much as we like you. THE CLASS OF '57 , , -.,,,q..,...,...,,..-...,,,.n X, ,,.,. ,A ,, Y. 3 ,.l ,1 If f"f'fL' ' fjjfx f' l f . 1 1 ,l 'jx-n '17 I M ij ' ,. f, Ai , 1 35' W" . pl- J L I V , I E A J-1111 I .4 ' 'gcfpgzz , ,-'1 " f 5 A ff V1 ' f "" M6492 I sg' r ' . x f i. , I A J A I 4 Q 4,v ' 'TD V. C ' , K I Qvgffya 554.4513 Q42 Z6 , ve jk , I r H M?:2A6J ffkff 4, 63264210 X 1 x x A241141 gjfgyyfy 0722! gifldflnf 0 707gu,qzA.J, I pdpyelgviap-wi fd' 6 ,a Qcffydfff-J N X x Xl -Q 55 N5 x 54:4 ,jd ,,56oe ' ?,f,,ffo1,! fmt! J Cv'rz4fff"6"gj , Xi S S M I . .ff x V XX Q N3 xx 13 X gs X ,A ,f N mg FX X m,. A X Xi N SA X X5 NN A X XX, ii X-X, 4 gi g T il Nw H xg 3 if QMQ -E Q, fx X' 'gi xy e Q TN N Q VX -X D xx ggi 'V Xx Q NX FX X w x 5 A N, A X Rx S X . X Q ,A X SJ ,x i sv 3 A X b 'xi .,A, Ns-ax A M wi N QQ 3 Ai M kk Ri xg rf, .Q X9 4 P X S X Q 55 'Xb Q X3 Q x. A QNX 5 .QNXA X ,dx wt, ,77, '4 WW T010 .f'TL!?ZAf7'5' 07 '57 After four years of strenuous study and activity, Anna Geiszler achieved valedictorian honors with an almost perfect 3. 97 grade point average. This is the highest average that has been obtained at Adna for a number of years. Appropriately enough, Anna served as president of the newly-formed Honor Society and led Adna's spelling team for two years. Anna was co-editor of this year's annual as well as sports editor on the paper staff. Other activities in which she has taken an active part include: Drill Team, Band, Glee Club, Drama Girls' Athletics, and Girls' League. Anna is of the finest character, to which the Adna teachers will vouch. Alan Waltar obtained the academic honor of salutatorian with a very commendable grade point average of 3. 91, as a result of his constant strive for perfection. Alan proved his superiority in the scholastic field by representing Adna at Boys' State. Being active in extra-curricular activities, Alan has participated in basketball, baseball, the "A" Club, the annual staff, Band and Drama., Offices held by the salutatorian are: class president and representative, "A" Club secretary, Band president and lieutenant. Alan, a member of the Honor Society, was one of its founders. VW' ELLEN TOPORKE Girls' Athletics ..... Drama ........ Drill Team .... Journalism .......... Class Representative Annual Staff ........ Office Secretary .... Student Council . . . Honor Society ....... MARY LOU SETZER Annual Co-Editor . . . Drama .....,..... Glee Club ....... Journalism ..... Library Staff .... WALT GEISZLER Drama .......... Stage Crew . . . Baseball ....... Class Officer ....... ELSWORTH FERNEN Stage Crew .......... Drama ...... Baseball .... Yell King . . . MARIAN PATCH Girls' Athletics. . . Band ........... Drama ...... Stage Crew .... AFTON JOHNSON Girls' Athletics ....... Band ................ Blue gl Gold Co-Editor. Student Body Secretary Drama ............... Drill Team .... . . Majorette ............ Girls' Club President . Journalism.. . .. Annual Staff . . . Glee Club 10 JOANNE BALSLEY Girls' Athletics ..... Band ............. Drill Team .... Drama ...... Glee Club ........... Journalism ........... Class Representative . . Annual Staff. ......... . KEN WILSON Student Body President. Baseball ...........,.. Football .......... Boys' Basketball . . . Drama ............ Class President .... Student Council ...... Annual Staff .......... Torch Honor Society . . . BARBARA THAYER Student Body Treasurer Drama ............... Drill Team . . . Glee Club ........... Journalism ........... Class Representative . . Office Secretary ...... Annual Staff ........ Student Council ..... Torch Honor Society. . . J OE GRIGSBY Baseball ....... Football ..... Drama..... Stage Crew . . . JANICE OZAR Band ......... Drama .... Glee Club . . . Journalism . . . Annual Staff .... Drill Team . . . DON HAASE Football .......... Boys' Basketball ...... Drama ............... Student Body Vice- President Class President ....... Annual Staff ........ "A" Club Secretary .... Student Council ...... 11 EDITH GEISZ LER Girls' Athletics ..... Drama .......... Drill Team .... Glee Club .... Journalism . . . Library ................. . . Class Officer ............. . .. Girls' Club Representative . . . . . . 3 D. A. R. Representative .... . Student Council ....... MARIAN TANKSLEY Drama ....... ........ Stage Crew .I . . . Library Staff . . . ALAN WALTER Band ............ Baseball ......... . Boys' Basketball . . . Drama.. ....... . . Class Officer ......... Class Representative .... Annual Staff ......... Movie Operator ..... Honor Society ............ LAWRENC E ADOLPHSEN Boys' Basketball ................ Sports Manager . . . Drama ......... Stage Crew .... EVELYN VETTER Drama .......... Glee Club .... Journalism . .... . ANNA GEISLZER Girls' Athletics .... Band . ............. . Annual Co-Editor .... Drama ............. Drill Team .... Glee Club .... Journalism.............. Honor Society President . Class Officer ............ Student Council .... 12 .'. .1, 2, 3,4 .3,4 .3,4 .l,3,4 3,4 .2 3 ...4 4 3 3 1,2 l,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 3,4 3,4 4 4 l,2,3,4 4 3,4 2 4 3 3,4 l,2,3,4 3,4 1,2,3,4 2,3 4 3,4 l,2,3,4 2,3 3,4 4 1 4 - fx ,f!'x :fg ,f '59 i wc? ik' 0-, ? . 5 .2 5-fl LEE THOMAS iBasebal1. . . . . . . Football . . .... Drama.......,.... "A" Club President n..o. a-an uo..a. Class Officer .... . . . . . ..4 ....l,2,3,4 2,3,4 - , RQ. X. MARY SIMONDS Girls' Athletics . . . ..... Blue 8: Gold Editor ..... Glee Club. . . . . ......... Journalism. . ........... ...4 Girl's Athletic President Annual Staff., . ,....., . . . 13 FRED AMBSDORF Drama........... ...3,4 Movie Operator. . , . , , , 1, 2 Muir'-"""h 5, . figs xi ml' eniot 61444 -ffbtoty The graduating class of '57 entered A. H. S. in '53 with 27 members. Our first high school class officers were elected proudly. With Mr. Nelson as our class advisor we chose Claire Dykes, President, Ross Dykes, Vice-President, Anna Geiszler, Secretary, Barbara Thayer, Representative, and Lee Thomas, Sgt. at Arms. On September 18, we were made full-fledged Pirates after a rough but enjoyable initiation. To prove we were good sports, we presented the Frosh Return in the Spring. Deep Lake was the scene of the class picnic on the last day of school. As Sophomores we were 26 members, having lost Sharon Kerrigan and Don Fertig but gaining Afton Johnson from Centralia. However in the middle of the year we were sorry to lose Claire and Ross Dykes. After electing Alan Waltar, President, Lee Thomas, Vice-President, Afton Johnson, Secretary, Joanne Balsley, Representative, and Don Haase, Sgt. at Arms with Mr. Nelson again our advisor, we proceeded to initiate the new Freshmen.- During the year we enjoyed two or three class parties ending with the last day picnic again at Deep Lake. Now as upperclassmen we were again 24 in number having lost Bob Norman but gain- ing Elsworth Fernen from Seattle. Miss Aumann became our advisor and we again, elected class officers. Elected to serve were Ken Wilson, President, Fred Ambsdorf, Vice-President, Edith Geiszler, Secretary, Ellen Toporke, Representative, and Lee Thomas, Sgt. at-Arms. With much ado and as a great success we presented our Junior Prom with "Stairway to the Stars" as our theme. In the Spring everyone's talent became known as we present- ed "One Big Happy Family" in grand style. The class again joined each other at Deep Lake at the end of the school year for the annual last day school picnic. Twenty-one proud Seniors entered the A. H, S. Halls for the last time on September 4, 1956. We were sorry to see that Joe Morgan, Mary Courtney and Iris Norman had left our ranks. The first business of elections was settled with electing Don Haase, President, Walter Geiszler, Vice-President, Mary Simonds, Secretary, Ala.n Waltar, Representative, and Lee Thomas, Sgt. at-Arms. Ken Wilson was our able Student Body Prexy, and Mr. Robinson served as class advisor. In 'the fall our talents again came out in "Headin For The Hills which of course, was a huge success. Miss Anne Rankin served as advisor for this play with Don Haase as our brilliant student director. During November ma.ny Seniors suffered from sore feet and almost frostbite after sell- ing "many" annual ads during three days in town. In the Spring came that educating and enjoyable Senior Trip to Seattle at which everyone seemed to have had fun. Four Seniors were very happy to skip a day of school and journey to the University for a Leadership Conference. The two final events, long looked forward to, were Baccalaureate and Graduation which showed we had at last reached the end of the climb, or is it the beginning? The class of '57 has entered into the past at good old A. H. S. but we trust we will be remembered. U Il 15 BE ST ALL AROUND LIKELY TO SUCCEED FRIENDLIEST sg ANNA GE I SZLER AND ALAN WALTAR LARRY ADOLPHSEN AND ELSWORTH FERNEN AND JOANNE BALSLEY ELLEN TOPORKE X 0 p lo 0 emo? euona dm: L KEN WILSON AND AFTON JOHNSON FRED AMBSDORF AND JANICE OZAF' ,Q 55 1 w fm ,sf S53 BEST LOOKING 16 M O S T PM T A 1. E N T E D EDITH GEISZLER AND LEE THOMAS EVELYN VETTER Y I . ,:,.:, A M ?.Z".1'Z!'.2 -.J-. . E Ll..- ,-.-1.- '6 . f O ' ' X k XNE X S f :EQ lv "f " 5 A :,f .gil-11. . r 117' 1K4- Vx - If T A X '65 M ' Q S 5 c ii H EEE ' I T E Va- 2 4. 3.1 U gy G9 ' Q QD S 1'-Y L L:f MARY SIMONDS AND NIARIAN PATCH WALT GEISZLER AND MARIAN TANKSLEY DON HAASE AND MARY LOU SETZER B E S T D A N C E R 1.6! Wiff and Teftament We, the class of 1957, being of sound minds and memories, do hereby make, publish. and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills here- tofore made by us. FIRST. We ask that due respect and admiration be fully paid to our picture, which is hanging in the hall, by all present and future students of A. H. S. SECOND. We give and devise unto each of the faculty the following: Mr. Bolton, another Senior Class that will not go in the hole on school dances. Mr. Cochran, an elevator so that he won't have to continue walking the ramps. Mr. Robinson, a Senior Class who can memorize the Constitution of the United States. Mrs. Scherer, a private gymnasium for girls' athletics. Mrs. Davis, an automatic irrigation system for her potted plants. Mr. Nelson, a perfectly silent study hall. Mr. Roundtree, a new ultra-modern shop with the very latest machines. Miss Rankin, a class with an office atmosphere. THIRD. To the Cooks and Custodians of the Adna School, we give the following: Carl Haase, halls that do not have to be swept. Roy Richter, a robot bus driver to drive the buses out and line them up. The Cooks, the latest thing in automats. FOURTH. We give generously to the students of A. H. S. the following: I, Don Haase, will all my expense-paid gas to Robert QBillJ Mullins. I, Ken Wilson, will my crew cut to Walter Marth. I, Evelyn Vetter, will my singing ability to Barbara Chandler. I, Fred Ambsdorf, will all my tire troubles to anyone who can afford to buy tires. I, Anna Geiszler, will my annual experience to next year's editor. I, Lawrence Adolphson, will my ability to stay awake in Physics to Ron R. I, Alan Waltar, will my ability to stay up late at night to Dan Scherer. I, Mary Lou Setzer, will my love for horses to Bonnie Rocker. I, Joanne Balsley, will my abiltiy to get home early to Peggy Duey. I, Joe Grigsby, will my curly hair to anyone who wants it. I, Marian Patch, will my ability to get a drivers license one day, and Wreck a car the next to anyone who might be that unfortunate. I, Janice Ozar, will my ability for careful driving to Irene Sato and Sheila Stafford. I, Barbara Thayer, will my position as Glee Club accompanist to Sharon Orloske. I, Elsworth Fernen, will all my good fortune to Don Sherman. I, Afton Johnson, will the knowledge I have gained working on the school paper to next year's editors. I, Walter Geiszler, will my bus seat to anyone who likes noisy girls. I, Lee Thomas, will my football suit to Nancy Mohoric. I, Edith Geiszler, will my quiet manner to Mary Studham. I, Mary Simonds, will, and gladly, my job as editor of the Blue and Gold to anyone who thinks he can get it out every two weeks. I, Ellen Toporke, will my enthusiasm for basketball to next year's rooting section. I, Marian Tanksley, will my ability to answer questions in World Problems to anyone who thinks he can do better. 18 1491914 612149110 TL' eoifivfzrff ufolefv 7010? Miss Barbara Thayer, a member of Adna High School's class of 1957, returned August 4, 1967 , from a world-wide tour. When Barbara was in high school she amazed people with her piano playing and now she has presented her talents to the rest of the world. On this trip she visited with her 20 form- er Alma Mater friends. On her tour, Barbara's first date was with Pan American Airways where whe met Anna Geiszler who was hostess aboard the plane. Miss Geiszler is unmarried, but very happy with her job. The reason Miss Geiszler hasn't married yet is because she hasn't persuaded the proper man. The proper man being fof coursej the pilot of that very plane, Alan Waltar. Alan wants to wait a little longer before their marriage because he feels it would endanger their happiness to rush into such an important contract. The pilot and Miss Geiszler are now 27 and enjoy the same interests together. On the same plane, which was going to France, was Sir Elsworth Fernen who was go- ing to Europe for avacation. Elsworth informed Barbara as they talked, that he was head Yell King at Adna University. He also informed her of the outcome of the latest city elec- tion at Adna where Miss Afton Johnson won over her opponent to become lady Mayor of Adna, and that Mary Lou Setzer had recently visited the little city. Mary Lou has been livingin the Ozarks since the class Senior Play QHeadin' For The Hillsj when she fell in love with the atmosphere of hillbilly life. When the plane rolled down the runway in Paris, Barbara was surprised to see the photographer who was there to take her picture for the Paris Daily Tribune. It was none other than Janice Ozar who was photographer for the 1957 Adonian. Janice had found life too boring around Adna fsince everyone was up to her tricksj and went to Paris for some thrills. After her concerts in Paris, Barbara boarded the plane bound for Spain. When the plane landed in Madrid, she was welcomed by another of her former classmates, who was quite the Casanova. It seems as though all the girls around Adna were getting sparse, so the poor unfortunate lad left the country to get over his sorrows. It was Ken Wilson. As Ken a.nd Barbara enjoyed lunch together, two of their former fellow students, Fred Ambsdorf and Lawrence Adolphsen, joined them. Fred is head usher at the Opera house in Madrid and Lawrence runs his own construction company which is, at the moment, build- ing another of the United States' air bases in Spain. As Barbara bid them farewell, she awaited her next stop which was Sydney, Australia. At the same concert in which Miss Thayer was to appear, Evelon Vetar fEvelyn Vetterj is billed to sing a solo. Evelon, though she changed her name slightly, is the same happy-go- lucky person she was in high school. Evelon a.nd Barbara went to Sydney Stadium the follow- ing evening where Lee Thomas was the feature attraction of the night. Lee is the most famous wrestler in Australia and was trying to uphold his all-time high Olympic wrestler' s record. Miss Thayer's next destination was Havana, Cuba. Here she planned to see two of her school pals whom she heard were doing so well there. Miss Thayer knew them previously as Marian Patch and Joanne Balsley. Both are famous musicians in the Lation American world. Her tour almost over, she was on her way to New York. Upon arrival at the airport, she called for a taxi, and who should be driving the cab but Joe Grigsby. He informed Miss Thayer that he was the owner of the Leopard Skin Taxi Company. He specializes in lavender cars, "More enjoyment for the customers in a different atmosphere, " he stated. 19 While walking to her hotel room, Barbara passed by a novelty shop which caught her eye. It was a Stretch Shop for making short people taller. And who should Miss Thayer see, but the owner, Mary Simonds. Mary had grown four inches with her own treatments. Her co-partner Qas alwaysj was Marian Tanksley. While conversing, the girls spied a large crowd gathered across the street. Of course, being Adna girls, they couldn 't go away without finding out what was going on. Upon their arrival at the scene of the crowd, they sighted a middle-aged woman in bobby sox -- bopping! As they looked closer, they discovered that it was one of their classmates from the more quiet set-Ellen Toporke. Although the girls couldn't get close enough to talk to her, and no one, but no one could stop her, the girls heard someone ask her why she was continuing such a conspicuous scene by doing a popular dance from 10 years ago. She announced abrupt- ly , "It took me nine years to learn this dance step and I'm not stopping now!" With that, the girls returned to the Stretch Shop with exclamations concerning Ellen. "Why, she's bopped her way from Adna, across the U. S. A. to New York. Well, maybe she'll be exhausted by the time she bops her way back to Adna and will return to the quiet type of life she led for so many years before. " With many good-byes, the girls parted company and Miss Thayer was on her way to her hotel room. At the hotel, Miss Thayer bumped into another of her old friends, Walt Geiszler. Walt, chosen Dairyman of the Year 119571 from Lewis County, was attending a meeting of Dairyman in New York. Walt informed Barbara of the whereabouts of his cousin, Edith Geiszler. Edith was working on a rodeo to be performed on her Bar G Horse Ranch, one of the largest in Texas, enclosing three counties. It seemed as though Edith was the same ambitious horse lover that she was in high school. A While on her journey home, she heard over the news telecast that Don Haase, another former classmate, had just won a.n annual auto race at Santa Anita. He is the only contes- tant ever to win the finals for the loudest horn, of which Don's was perfection. When Barbara reehed home, she felt she had been very fortunate in meeting and hearing about her former AHS classmates. 20 ORTH X ,y,: ,mx gg U . . A -vm 4 ., PM fag : gi .2::.:.:f-- on e. .:s,:.,:::- Qs' 4 MQ .. 3 -' fr ,..,... ':5 .::,::'.:f-:f. A ':5'2?f:' "" 5 QQ HE - H, T f -Ew s i f Q in Nw xt 'k A' wg mf In Q? ig QM Hiring? KX A CLASS POEM: COURAGE This is courage: to remain Brave and patient under paing Cool and calm and firm to stay In the presence of dismayg Not to flinch when foes attack, Even though you're beaten backg Still to cling to what is right, When the wrong possesses might. This is courage: to be true To the best men see in youg To remember, tempest-tossed, Not to whimper, "All is lost!" But to battle to the end While you still have strength to s Not to cry that hope is gone While you've life to carry on. This is courage: to endure Hurt and loss you cannot cureg Patiently and undismayed, Facing life still unafraidg Glad to live and glad to take Bravely for your children's sake Burdens they would have to bear If you fled and ceased to care. CLASS MOTTO: Not at the topg but climbing. CLASS COLORS: Blue and White CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose 22 pend 9 iiil -H dn a mini.4t'cation l 956-5 7 SUPERINTENDE NT Elawzfmh Mr. Edwin Bolton, our Adna High Super- intendent for fifteen years, graduated from Lincoln High School in Seattle. He attended the University of Washington where he re- ceived a B. S. Degree in Engineering and an M. A. Degree. He also attended the Univer- sity of California for six summers. HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Cf Mr. George Cochra.n, graduate of Jeff- erson High School in Portland and Lewis and Clark College, also in Portland, is in his first year at Adna as High School principal. He received a B. A. Degree and a B. M. Degree. GRADE PR INCI PAL .M J 44741 .6 Mr. George Burton, who earned his B. A. Degree at the Western Washington College of Education, will complete his fourth year as Adna Grade School principal this year. His high school graduation took place at Roosevelt in Seattle. Mr. Burton has been working on his Master's Degree. 25 sr' Q fe fx, - '3 3 fl .gg .Sf my fa' 9:4 BOARD MEMBERS ' LEF TO RIGHT: Mrs. Hazel Duncan, clerk, Mr. Lowell Rayton, Mr. Page Bennett, Mr. Edwin Bolton, Mr. Vaino Waltar, Mr. Jack Moon. l oat! of fducation Serving ably as chairman of the school board this year has been Mr. Page Bennett, assisting as clerk, Mrs. Hazel Duncan. In striving to better our schooling situation, they have devoted much time and work to many school problems, such as the consolidation with Boistfort. The l board has considered this problem very seriously and is still working on it. The Adna students i are very grateful to the board for all the work they have done to better our education. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Lillia.n Sayler, program chairman, Mrs. Emma Lou Anderson, secretary, Mrs. Inez Scherer, vice president, Mrs. Mai Lou Anderson, president. 10. 7.14. Among various activities sponsored by the Adna PTA this year are included the teen-age dances, contribution to the i IFYE fund, PTA Circus Night, and others. One of the most debatable points of the entire year was the Adna-Boistfort con- 5 pl solidation. There was a large meeting held in the courthouse in Chehalis, which was attended by some 400 Adna-Boistfort people. As of this date, the matter is 2 yet unsettled. Another new feature of the PTA is the page in the Blue Sz Gold, which is written by Mary Lou Anderson, the PTA president. On the whole, this year has been a very successful and cer- tainly a very active one for the PTA. MRS, INEZ SCHERER HOME ECONOMICS, GIRLS' P.E. MR. JAMES ROBINSON HISTORY, ATHLETICS ORIVERSI TRAINING QISIIH' MR, RALPH NELSON SCIENCE MATHEMATICS lligh fcloof 7acul 1? MISS ANNE RANKIN COMMERCIAL EDUCATION MR. WALTER ROUNOTREE MANUAL TRAINING MRS, DE LORES DAVIS ENGLISH L.IIaRARv DRAMATIC eudtodianii Mr. Haase, known to most as Carl, keeps our school in tip-top shape. fool: 2 Mr. Richter lines the buses up and keeps the grade school clean. HE LPE RS Mrs. Haase and Mrs. Ickes gave us many delicious meals. OFFICE Mrs. Bolton is a member of the office staff. These grade students are a big help to the cooks. We appreciate the services and friend- ly manners of the cooks, custodians, and helpers who have been with us this year. Mrs. Bolton and Carl Haase have worked in the high school while Mr. Richter and Mrs. Ickes and Mrs. Haase participated in grade school activities. The seniors are sure of the fact that We have the best cooks in Lewis County. Mrs. Bolton really' brightens up the of- fice with her cheery ways. A11 the children who Work in the lunchroom are a lot of help when it comes to washing dishes and cleaning. 28 3255 a . 1 ' 5 I Xa 4 ug-2 -' , f if'-:EL 52 u nz 79 0025 MBLE.: f, V Aw ,S . xg f an 5 . X E e 1 te Peggy Duey Go1ng places ? If you know the whereabout of these two most wanted crumnals Top Secret How's that 'P or s...'-ig P R unioz 614.44 5 I D ' E N FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Trarnm, F. Douglas, P. Duey, L. Metzen- T berg, P. Siegwarth, J. Fischer, O. Lininger, B. Chandler: SECOND ROW: D. Scherer, R. Richardson, G. Reed, R. Anderson, Jim Berrier, J. Long, M Mrs. Davis, THIRD ROW: R. Mullins, W. Marth, Jerry Berrier, F. Ander- A son, G. Mattis, D. Thompson, C. Karvia. R T H i 'f ' as W . , . ,. .,.... , .ii , ,,, ..., . A ik V . .. - f . .,,:- v gf Robert Mullins Ron Richardson Joan Fischer Dan Scherer Vicc-President Sgt,-at-Arms Scc. gl Treas. RepI'GSOr1t8.tiVG 33 fi A yr Buses! I on't budge!" 5 Mary Lee Wisner ., - -:-,:....:, . .. : II- 1 I x I ..,. ., .:, K V.kv : 5 ,af I ,E J, af I pr : ' fs, N N'fN x I "' 1 7 5 1 I Q +92 4 Huh? 25 ' 5:E" EE Esf i:EZgzi:Ee .,1 . eiifgfif , Q g U DU D a 2: 1 gp - 5 112 24: E535 ,!?::::55g3w.,,s55ZZ??, f Z- fa N ,Q Q2 ' 1: Ohm 1 I I I At Deep Lake What a car! Dear-, Barbara Back As you were. Ah - lo - ah Mary Sz Jim , K HWS so Confusing.. 34 Irene Sato Representative Sheila Stafford Secretary .1 W ' ' P R 1 wif . E f f S 2 D ' Barb Back Bonnie Rocker E ..-...M 1 fl Treasurer VICE!-PI'6Sid8Ilt N A T T Q? X W R W' I P. A ig sy' 1 Q74 K M I EB rr Sftfioifms opiomote 61444 FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Stafford, B. Back, Z. Orr, P. Tanksley, B. Morgan, A. Olsen, SECOND ROW: B. Rocker, M. Wisner, G. Creamer, M. Waltzlr, P. Wilson, E. Allison, I. Sato, N. Mohoriog THIRD ROW: R. Scherer, F. Snodgrass, J. Nolan, D. Massingham, D. Sherman, D. Tramm, J. Leonard, J. Lester, Mr. Nelson. 35 44 "fi l l , . v' 7 Q li. .I Z 0 5 A Oh, a party! Play Ball! Elma Sue Johnson I Initiation Dance-Intermission ., .v,': 1 52:4 Going to the Prom? 2 Q Q f gg 5 22 if "fQH!"L'N 2 V E T F , ' if Linda Douglas l ore punch anyone? and they all went home , 1 Q f A- , 1:4 ii,, Sg r' A' V H 1. i 1 any A ' ' I xr 1' Jeanie Ayres Hey! we were dancing- 36 Dig that Crazy bop ! P H ,,.,A,,A , i, Ziff W E 1 . V , W 4, ,egg L,i. ' S W S , . ,. D . Q.Vi J gf Herb Sayler Sharon Orloske V. Jerry Figrd Sgt. -at-Arms. Secretary ice-Presi ent J O H S Janie Sato Larry Jordan I? A Treasurer Representative FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Marth , J. Ayers, L. Douglas, E. Johnson, D. Rutzer, J. Tramm, M. Merriman, SECOND ROW: D. Creemer, S. Orloske, J. Sato, S. Thompson, S. North, K. Balsley, M. Studhamg THlRD'ROW: B. Mitchell, R. Jones, H. Sayler, J. Back, J. Barrett, L. Jordan, J. Hokanson J. Ford, L. Reed, FOURTH ROW: J. Bradford, D. Wisner, L. Bodine, F. Swinth, J. Walch, J. Santee, B. Orr, Mr. Nelson. 37 2 UK Q32 ZIXYAIA 'fade The eighth grade also chose their officers for three months terms. Their teacher was the grade school coach, Mr. Ferguson. The results of the election of officers was: T. Hostetter, W. Ford, and J. Duncan, president, J. Jordan, H. Ayers, and W. Morgan, vice presidentg L. Smith, P. Rocker, and P. Richardson, secretary: H. Smiley, G. Bennett, and I. Lininger, treasurer: D. Wisner, N. Budgett, and K. Walter, news reporter, D. Rutzer, M. Bodine, and D. Dorning, sports reporter, T. Ferren, J. Moon, and J. Reed, sgt.-at-arms. H. Smiley and N. Budgett topped the class as spellers and Judy Duncan was the high sales- man of the magazine drive. Of their class of 20 boys and 13 girls there are two new students, Ken Loomer and John Thompson. Boys who won football letters this year are H. Ayers, C. Barrett, G. Bennett, M. Bodine, B. Carter, G. Duey, W. Ford, E. Geiszler, T. Hostetter, J. Moon, W. Morgan and B. Vil- wock. Their record was two wins and two losses. Basketball letter winners were H. Ayers, C. Barrett, G. Bennett, M. Bodine, W. Ford, T. Hostetter, and J. Moon. Five lost and none won was the record this year. eventh grade p With Mrs. Nielsen as their teacher, the seventh graders had, as usual, a very active year. Their class officers were elected to serve for three months each. Serving as president were: B. Johnson and J. Hokanson, assisted by G. Simmons and D. Swinth. Keeping the minutes were D. Young and G. Simmons while L. North and L. Merser kept track of the treasury. S. Reed and D. Walls served as the sgt.-at-arms officers. Two new' students were gained during the year, Leslie Mercer and Beverly Mitchell, while only one was lost, Nancy Gavin, who moved to Centralia. J. Back was the top magazine salesman of the year. The spelling contest was headed by D. Young with L. North as alternate. Five boys participated in football this year. They are: L. Mercer, D. Piper, D. Walls, B. Johnson, and J. Becker. Those who played basketball are D. Piper, B. Johnson, L. Mercer and G. Massingham. Grade .SQ-A001 Teacieu SITTING: Mrs. Krebs, Mrs. Alleman, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Vilwock. STANDING: Mrs. Siegwarth, Mrs. Nielsen, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Burton. EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW, left to right: H. Ayers, M. Bodine, J. Moon, G. Bennett, E. Geiszler, W. Ford, G. Duey SECOND ROW, K. Waltar, J. Duncan, L. Metzenberg, L. Smith, D. Wisner, P. Richardson, J. Moerke J. Ree. THIRD ROW, B. Carter, V. Reed, J. Jordan, P. Rocker, I. Lininger, H. Smiley, N. Budgett, D. Rutzer, T. Hostetter. FOURTH ROW, C. Barrett, J. Fischer, D. Dorning, C. McElroy, J. Thomp- son, W. Morgan, T. Ferren, Mr. Ferguson. K. Loomer not pictured. SEVE NTH GRADE FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Walls, L. Mercer, K. Nelson, SECOND ROW, J. Back, K. Smiley, J, Moerke, S. Smiley, L. Long, THIRD ROW, J. Wisner, P. Nowlen, S. Ayers, L. Bodine, D. Berrier, L. North, L. Stafford, J. Grigsby, D. Young, FOURTH ROW, Mrs. Nielsen, B. Johnson, J. Becker, D. Piper, G. Simmons, D. Svinth, G. Massingham, S. Reed. STANDING5 left to right: Mr. Ferguson, Jimmy Moon, Wayne Ford, Mickey Bodine, Gary Bennett, Howard Ayers. SITTING: Gene Massingham, Tommy Hostetter, Bruce Johnson. grade KCAOOI Cheerleaders: D. Wisner Ka L. Smith 'gctivitiei Songleaders: J. Reed, L. North Ka I. Lininger Majorettes: J. Jordan Sz P. Richardson J Mr. Nelson I structor ,.. Sl n ome fconomics glasses Q FRAND 03 WORLD ,ZW Ax - D .,.., , .,.,, ,. h ' 1 Hi, 'ss ' 9 glasses 5 s If s Mr . Robinso Instructor ptivet Tta:'n1'ng ENGLISH 4 K 9- X 8 , KX .K ug A ff f""' Q- -F if 31, 3 Wgqfr .. -'lif gzv " -n,. N ':'5: Eg.., . V 19" ,ing 33,,'ug" L . Q ,f:v' QQISQM riff, ,img ,fiftaty 'X E 1, .,.. . QQEW I ,mf 1 4 Q k .Q V vu 1,0 KQV? A fit!-in 'fffv 9 'sw . fj?'Z?!.7f1'6f1f Mrs. Davis Instructor ff I l t MECHANICAL DRAWING .f'A.,,, Mr . Roundtree Instructor B if WEQ Qssqpggf f If , .:.. .,, , v A wi kk :mu MISS Rankm Instructor 5,4 i n ll K - 0 ,x " , 75 VK N " . W Q 5' R tif? Don Haase Vice- President f1 5 Afton Johnson Secretary Ken Wilson President George M9-ttiS Barbara Thayer Sgt. at Arms Treasurer Left to Right: E. Johnson, W. Marth, D. Scherer, G. Mattis, Mr. Cochran, A. Johnson, A. Waltar, K. Wilson, L. Jordan, D. Haase, L. Thomas, J. Fischer, M. Simonds, B. Thayer, I. Sato, D. Tramm 49 I1 Had I ALAN WALTAR .sz KEN WILSON JANICE ozAR at JOANNE Sports Co-Editors MARY SIMONDS Historian .9145 ANNA GEISZLER Sz MARY LOU SETZER Annual Co-Editors Photography With all of the annual work done Qwell, we hopej the staff can relax, The Ed- itors feel that the members of their stall along with the class Worked with excell- ent teamworla to make the best possible annual for you. Eleven seniors, eight girls and three boys who were elected by the class, work- ed together under the supervision of Miss Anne Rankin. lhotography was done by Janice Ozar and Joanne Balsley except for group pictures taken by Evcrden stu- dios, As soon as they were elected, Anna Geiszler and Mary Lou setzer, C0- Editors, started work on the dummy an- nual. A contract for printing and publi- cation was signed with the R. Wallace Pis- chel company in Pasco, Washington, BARBARA THAYER Business Manager E LLE N TOPORKE Art Editor DON HAASE Class Will AFTON JOHNSON Prophecy 2 3 il,-1 1 4 BLUE AND GOLD SENIOR EDITORS JUNIOR PAPER STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Duey, Joan Fischer, Frieda Douglas, Eloise Tramm, Linda Metzenbert, Patty Siegwarth, Dan Scherer, Barbara Chandler. outnalhm Heading the Blue and Gold Staff for the 1956-57 year were Co-Editors Mary Simonds and Afton Johnson. They were assisted by: Social Editor Barbara Thayer, Editorial Editor Joanne Balsley, Exchange Editor Evelyn Vetter, PTA News Editor Edith Geiszler, Assembly and Distribution Editor Mary Lou Setzer, Grade School Editor Janice Ozar, Feature Editor Afton Johnson, Art Editor Ellen Toporke, and Sports Editor Anna Geiszler. The Junior Staff, shown above, assisted by acting as reporters. Serving as advisors for the paper was Miss Anne Rankin, commercial teacher. Due to unforseen difficulties, the paper was not published at equal intervals as before. On February 22-23, Co- Editor Afton Johnson journeyed to Seattle to the annual PSSP Conference with three Junior Staff members. These included Peggy Duey, Pat Siegwarth, and Dan Scherer. 53 Drum Majorette Anita Olson A. H. S. BAND Of all the clubs and activities in progress this year the band was one of, if not the busiest, of all. In furnishing entertainment not only to Adna but to other audiences as well, they have been kept quite busy. There is much practice involved in playing an instrument in the band. Not like other organizations that meet only two or three times a week, the band meets every single day. Some of the events which the band has participa- ted in are: the Armistice Day parade in Centralia in November, the football games, the pep band at basket- ball games, the Daffodil Festival in Puyallup on April 13, the mass band in Morton on April 17, a spring con- cert at Adna, the IFYE Talent Show, and the baseball games., Extras, Alan Walter KL Dan Scherer Band Manager Janice Ozar o B M-BOOM 4311, It If Director George C. Cochran ii 0, " 1- ix 'Y ' ', Flag Bearer Anna Geiszler . firm ,j, lst 4 xg 13 T C 54 fx? X ef 356 N4 wtf-59 fig? Q N X iff-9W.9'1V' of The iff!!! "Headin' For the Hills", a hillbilly play in three acts, by Le Roma Rose, was presented Nov. 16, at the Adna High School Auditorium by the '57 class. Such characters as Cy Goolus, a hillbilly who ran a general store in Lone Mule, Tenne- ssee, and Widow Squiggins kept the stage lively with action to send off this comical play in true hillbilly style . Z V111 fig " I f 'I' xl o , -who X ,l's - . o '- Q 'vo I .C O AJ Cornelia Wellington Heister ------------ Dorthea Wellington Heister- ------------ Cyrus Goolus ------------------------- Betty Belle Goolus -Barbara Thayer Mary Simonds Alan Waltar - ------ ------- ------ Mary Lou Setzer "Happy" Goolus ------- -------------- Af ton Johnson Skeets Goolus ------- ------ ------- -J an ice Ozar Hank Goolus- -------------------- ---- -K en Wilson Widow Squiggins- ---------- - ----------- Joanne Balsley Aunt Sukey--- ----------------- ----- An na Geiszler Miss Oggie- ------------------ ------ E dith Geiszler Slim Hawkenshaw -- - ----------- ---- Fred Ambsdorf Miss Winslow ------------------------- Ellen Toporke Horseface Dilly- ---------------------- -Lawrence Adolphsen Jake Slasser ---------- -------------- D on Haase Emmy Jean ---------- --- ----------- E velyn Vetter Zeke Slasser- ---- --------------------- Elsworth Fernen Ma Slasser --------------------------- Marian Patch The' Squiggins Children -------- ---- J oe Grigsby, Walter Geiszler, 2, Tpn Thnmam 'Q-Q.. L ww FIRST ROW, left to right: S. North, W. Wisner, M. Setzer, A. Olson, S. Gunn, Z. Orr, J. Ozar, J. Balsley, G. Creemer. SECOND ROW: B. Rocker, D. Creemer, B. Chandler, K. Balsley, M. Studham, N. Mohoric, J. Sato, S. Orloske, M. Simonds, M. Patch, D. Marth. THIRD ROW: J. Tramm. M. Merri- man, E. Vetter, E. Tramm, I. Sato, P. Wilson, E.Allison, S. Thompson, J. Ayers, D. Rutzer., FOURTH ROW: B. Thayer, P. Siegwarth, S. Stafford, B. Back, E. Johnson, P. Tanksley, L. Metzenberg, B. Mor- gan, A. Geiszler. FIFTH ROW: M. Walter, J. Fischer, P. Duey, F. Douglas, E. Toporke, Mrs. Sherer, advisor, L. Douglas, E. Geiszler, M. Tanksley, A. Johnson. GIRLS' LEAGUE HAS ACTIVE YEAR Of the events sponsored by the girls' league this year, perhaps the Spring Tolo, held on April 26, was the most exciting and im- portant to all who attended. There were many lovely formals shown off by the girls and boys were also dressed at their best. Another important dance was the Fall Tolo, which was not as formal as the spring dance, and the students wore school clothes. At Christmas time, when the Basket-fillers were doing such a magnificent job, the girls filled a basket of food, toys, and clothes and sent .it into Chehalis as their contribution. There was a meeting once a month at which Afton Johnson. presided as president, Mary Lou Setzer as vice president, Nancy Mohoric as secretary, Freida Douglas as sgt.-at-arms, and Joan Fischer as representative. Afton Johnson, Freida Douglas, Orean Lininger, and Linda Douglas at- tended a conference at Mossyrock in November. SITTING, left to right: N. Mohoric, sec., A. Johnson, pres., STANDING: M. Set- zer, vice pres., F. Douglas, sgt-at-arms, J . Fischer, representative. 58 FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Chandler, J. Sato, D. Marth, S. North I Sato Z Orr S Thompson B Rocker, S. Orloske. SECOND ROW: E. Allison, M. Merriman, B Morgan E Geiszler E Johnson S. Stafford, B. Back, M. Setzer, P. Wilson. THIRD ROW: J. Ayers J Fischer P Siegwarth S Gunn E. Vetter, M. Waltar, A. Olson, J. Ozar, J. Balsley.. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Singing to the best of their ability, with a very capable leader, the Adna. Glee Club part icipated in many school and extra-curricular activities during the 1956 57 year Much pro gress was made due to the excellent leadership of Mr. George Cochran Some of the events at which they performed were the Grange Christmas program, at which they sang a medley of songsg the IFYE Talent Show for Virgil Rayton, where they sang "Little Old Lady " a.nd "Falling In Love With Loveg" the PTA meeting on March 25 and the Chorus Festival at Mos y rock on April 17. This was the first venture of this type taken bv the AGC Accompanist Barbara Thayer CN i sweet and low o'er the hill sweet and low o'er the hill fd li HN 5, 1 yy 3 at 4 Q G3 X ,n uniot efau pfay THE SWEETHEART OF U BAKA PI gave play goers a peek into the initiation adventures of sorority and fraternity pledges who are to have "trouble" for ten days. Answering questions in rhyme, getting down on all fours and barking like a dog, Duane scared innocent bystanders. Rheba's trouble started when she had to get a date with Duane, who was forbidden to have "dates" of any kind. The college expected the arrival of a "kitchen queen," whose identity became switched, a necklace dis- appeared and Duane found himself with several girls accepting his proposal of marriage. As the plot unrollcd the Dean revealed she had made up the story about the stolen necklace and the girls had plotted against Duane to enable him to have "trouble, " Elva, the Kitchen Queen, finally helps the pledge out of his dire trouble although she, because of sorority vows, is at first pledged to tell "untruths" and later forbidden to speak to Duane. Rheba's muscle-bound boy friend, Dyke, takes matters into his own hands and makes a few decisions which brought the play to a happy 4.41 Pat Siegwarth - Elva Anderson, "Her Highness from Oshkosh." Barb Chandler - Opal Rogers, E1va's plump girl friend and "stand-in. " Elouise Tramm - Kathleen Emery, president of U BAKA PI. Freida Douglas - Beatrice St. John, sorority member and guardian. Peg Duey - Rheba Saunders, U BAKA PI pledge. Joan Fischer - Loraine Daly, sorority member. Ron Richardson - Duane Runyon, Sic 'Em Fido pledge, knee deep in trouble. Johnny Long - Grant Richards, president of Sic 'Em Fido. George Mattis - Oscar Hapwood, a misunderstood frat member. Dan Scherer - Willie Wright, native son of Oshkosh. Walt Marth - Archie Oswald, another frat member. Bill Mullins - Lloyd Ilonnally, Duane's guardian. Linda Metzenberg - Mrs. Mulholland, the Dean of Women. Charlie Karvia - Dyke Ransome, Rheba's muscle-bound boy friend. Grant Reed - Hermann, the janitor. Joan Fischer - Emma, Herman's girl friend. ending. SITTING, left to right: E. Toporke, B. Thayer, Z. Orr, B. Back, D. Scherer, A. Geiszler, P. Siegwarth, E. Geiszler, F. Douglas, J. Fischer, J. Tramm, P. Tanksley. STANDING: D. Sherman, P. Duey, A. Waltar, R. Scherer, F. Swinth, J. Ford. QMissing is K. Wilsonj Torch onot .gociety A newly formed club called Torch Honor Society has been organized at Adna. This new club is headed by Anna Geiszler, this year's valedictorian. There were, all told, nineteen members at the beginning of the fifth six weeks. Six seniors were present at this time, five juniors, five sophomores and three freshmen. To participate in the club's activities and retain membership, one must maintain a 3. 3 average for 6 subjects, a 3.4 average for 5 subjects, and a 3. 5 average for 4 subjects. The object of this chapter is to create an en- 1 thusiasm for scholarship, to encourage the devel- l opment of character in students of Adna High School. There are only three offices to be held, that of president, which was held by Anna Geizsler this year, vice president, which was held by Dan Scherer, and secretary, held by Pat Siegwarth. Mr Cochran served as advisorg he held the grades and admitted students to this club. Membership in this organization shall be based upon scholar- ship, service, leadership, and character. Pins for one semester membership will be awarded to the graduating seniors 'Many activities, such as viewing a court trial and taking some field trips are in the planning. A. Geiszler, pres., D. Scherer, vice pres., P. Siegwa-Fth, SCC- 1 V - ,.., . t.'w ilZ't?E . :Y v . :.'j:g 35332 35 233 ' ' " .:5:i:ja :s'sQw95"5,7, M HZ? '- - ' .... :-..: zr' :rf - . :. :g:5:.s-' R I Ik a 5, K' if Q ' 1 , kifmiii iiiiliik lr ,, 10:2 A wbgsw ggzggg :amazing , i,n:?,. A ,i 1 ,5,,, .W ,W.M,,,f.WQ:Nf,. 5T5 f:??'S 1 5S2:fs:sz?Q: fiisizsmffsfiilmsszffzssitfwswirff :'5.g:ff.f,2ff 'fzzff nrwihf iil fy ggmw . rtmmioqfm ,,.t WsiZ,,:2. H :,2:t f -. ----- YRSZZQESZES " . lm' -"-" ' "" ,. .,.,..., ,.,. . .. .. . ..... ....,. . , Q ,... ,... , . ..... Alan Waltar attended Boys' State during June of 1956. Edith Geiszler was voted D. A.R. Representative. HONORS GAINED AT A.H. S. Jerry Berrier and Ken Wilson were named football all-stars. Lee Thomas, Mary Simonds, Ken Wilson, and Afton Johnson were leadership delegates. 4 940066 ga Q5 PQ Ov- ge Ellen Toporke, secretary to Barbara Thayer, Secretary Mr' Bolton' to Mr. Cochran. PROJ ECTIONISTS FL A .552 ef ,, ' Left to right: Grant l ' sz "' ' ,H M Reed, Larry Reed, Fred Y. avid? Anderson, George Mattis, I' 32 X ? ,M p 5 Alan Waltar, Fred Ambs- lflxf Q9 dorf, and Jerry Nowlen. ,E ff, These boys made it pos- .541 sible for us to enjoy I 1 Y movies in the classroom. ProJec,t1Or1 brew i TEEN-CLUB NEWS LUNCHROCM CLERK Janice Ozar at her post as teen-Club reporters Dan Scherer, lunchroorn clerk. 64 ig On 7:1 ' ,AS 0 gf! Q' 5 KX ,W 1 "A" CLUB OFFICERS Pres. Lee Thomas Sec. Don Haase Vice-Pres. John Long Sgt. -at-arms Bill Mullins 1 an-gif' ' Front Row, Left to Right, R. Anderson, L. Adolphsen, W. Geiszler, J. Leonard, G. Reed, L. Thomas. Second Row, D. Sherman, R. Richardson, J. Long, W. Marth, J. Berrier, R. Mullins. Third Row, Coach Robinson, K. Wilson, J. Grigsby, A. Waltar, F. Anderson, D. Haase, R. Scherer, C. Karvia, D. Tramm. 67 FIRST ROW, left to right: K. Wilson, J. Hokanson, J. Leonard, W. Marth, D. Sherman, J. Berrier, D Wisner. SECOND ROW: R. Jones, L. Jordan, J. Ford, H. Sayler, L. Thomas, D. Tramm, manager. THIRD ROW: R. Scherer, J. Long, R. Richardson, D. Haase, J. Grigsby, J. Barrett, R. Mullins, coach GRIDIRON SQUAD SHOWS POWER After splitting a pair of games in the Jamboree Qlosing to Oakville 6 to O a.nd tripping Napavine 13 to 121 the Adna Pirates romped off to an easy victory over Boistfort 49 to 6. With this polishing-up job, the Pirates entered league action by again dumping the Braves, this time by the score of 57 to 13. With high hearts from the previous victories, the Adna pigskinners rolled over Quilicene by a strong 44 to 6 decision. From there on in, the Pirates seemed to save their power for alternate games, losing to 'Toutle Lake by a 59 to 24 count and then returning to normal by trouncing Wishkah 46 to 15. An aggressive Rainier ball club left Adna on the short end of a 40 to 6 score but Pirate combinations again began to click as Napavine fell victim of a 20-13 encounter. After a hard fought battle, Adna dropped the last game of the season to Oakville by a 56- 30 margin. Final standings found the Pirates in a well-earned tie for 4th place in the Southwest Washington Six- Man Football League. Ken Wilson and Jerry Berrier were honored for their outstanding contributions by being named to the six man all-star team. Lee Thomas, Joe Grigsby, Bill Mullins, Ron Richardson, John Long, John Leonard, Larry Jordan, and Ray Jones also contributed heavily to the Pirate cause. A misfortunateupre-season ankle injury sidelined another pro- bable starter, Don Haase. All in all, this season proved very successful. There is every reason to believe that the Pirates will take advantage of their young material to produce another strong contender for next year's crown. A 68 Ni O H151 -'Q Q - .q' -Q-:fg:i ? 53N 2 - Q 7 21l?"'l7f4Ag'f3W.WQ15dT?ii5im ---- " BERRIER QBACKJ RICHARDSON QBACKJ MULLINS QENDJ THGMAS QBACKJ COACH ROBINSON WILSON QCENTERJ H I JORDAN QBACKJ GRIGSBY QENDQ LONG QENDD 69 11 OFFENSE riiiiiy w - f vs . ' nn . . D 3 E' :Mfr ,v',, if ' ' ....i......... ,. ...Y I IH V. .A ,. ., . . v ff f 5 . ,h ,.,..:.,.: . . - I :Q , N ,mn 'Y-ar ., - : 1' , -: . . - . . . .. ,,. ' . ' I' 3 ' .,. , ' ,. - . H , .5 1 bi - 4 - 1 E in E h V... f:2wi,E-Yf E nrr ? an Dr r n ren f I 3 f, ".'-'- 1 Q :" f :": :2' .if ""' .,,",-- - ..'. I: ' :,E. Q r. . D n rr D r r i, D an . DEFENSE Injury D. Haase Manager: D. Tramm Subs: J. Barrett, J. Back and D. Wisner. W. Marth and J. Leonard R. Jones, D. Sherman J. Hokanson and H. Sayler KNEELING, left to right: L. Adolphson, J., Leonard, J. Berrier, W. Marth, J. Nowlen. STANDING: Coach Robinson, L. Jordan, A.lWaltar, R,Scherer, B. Mullins, R. Jones, Manager D. Tramm. BOYS' BASKETBALL VARSITY SQUAD Hampered by a short list of turnouts plus fall outs along the way, the Adna Pirates us- ually found themselves at the short end of the score during the 1956-1957 basketball season. Although the Pirates weren't too successful in their practice games, they came back much stronger in league encounters. The first league action found Napavine shaving Adna in a tight 52-49 contest, but the re- turn game showed a reversal as the scoreboard read Adna 51, Napavine 50. History was We made as the Pirates dumped Boistfort at the Braves home court for the first time in nine years, 34-29. Pe Ell nipped Adna by a slim 45-41 margin after it looked as though an upset were in the making. Final standings found the Pirate hoopshooters in 4th place in the Western Division ofxthe' Lewis County League. Lack of experience proved an important factor as only seniors Alan Waltar and Lawrence Adolphsen made the varsity. Bill Mul- lins showed great improvement this year as did his fellow juniors, Jerry Berrier and Walt Marth. Sophomore contributors included Roy Sherer, John Leonard, and Jerry Nowlen, while Larry Jordan and Ray Jones showed great promise as freshmen. With these underclassmen in mind, it looks as though the Pir- ates will come back much stronger in future years and it is entirely possible that they may revolutionize our trophy case with a basketball monument. 1 l CAPTAIN and COACH 72 Adna i ge N 'WS . dna Pirates oistiort .NA iS1r:giAVINE apa Vi Na G S A I1 CO Dawnflnal C1 on dna h e hprunzy 9 Tj mi 6 Ou fgh f e W ge Hug K 0 sch T Frjd este T-9' 1 es tof th 001, Pir raflin ey rn n a ed 9 fi 5 West, 2 e ganftes bg 51"-io ge :fe To lon 49-486 anggan encofewfj peuf5?1Lake j g 5 ' w L Borsfrrorvr 1 rn a cioseiy gforei, with Ute, Adna Lf ' 5 0 Pct. fought name, marked with a riare jeffd Oar,-' jagvay, t Boistfo 3 2 1-000 up oi ternpers, the visiting Adria 51 5 the ' 6 in the Napavirt , ,f ig 2 3 -500 Pirates riipped the Boisiort Braves, ghg50, glheage UEF ri 1 3 34-29, here Pridayvrliight in a Lewis rch 11 , Tgut rl 1 - 0 County League 3 division in Ente, lg gage U59 Adm? 5159-ke 5 'F-lj, ,esulfg 4 -200 game. The victory Pirates for te in icondf Tenino ' Na .i E11 35. in a three-way tie ior it .-"' nd piace 1319 he 17,101'ontS 65, Be i -ven 50. and piaced the Braves' .,,, the cei- W-orto the ' at' Ngpavin Ga 39. iar oi the ioop, ,gvf f if ggi 22 took Dolgslg T esat 'fday t PxiQessed4ai1tAhe wal ' W -ilxitors W art. 1 e ts 011451 sms jg J 00 a 6 WP , ini . fy lanza. in fri? .'!?dD20w1iay Adneeafqge -" fda! M MW 1 . their-1 3.'-iivigna W the Ing helbezqf Bo ,Q r-"'A iiska. a two po ""-' 1 . third - .- 011 Ono -istf0rt 'f f.:2' "" jf " quar er ' ..,-a my 1911, ened Ade te fs Nam at Uday the gap with a iivegli v,28-23, Miz? 5511 am-9 hit vine B "'i Kath 1ead before going on 'K 14-29. yirds 515,11 gam ' The pressure carn biast Un X e in the iiriai eight i ef as the Q, Iss 2, Leo two squads battie H Que haii. apavlmenl Hard Walt 1, Brave guard Gary and Pi- 4 He ' Ma' Hr ef rate Larry Jordon -evicted fs rn 6- 20 - h. Ad subs irorn the garne in a tu, at .marking mph' thiidmaxnqgager' t i J tte t na i ou o fa rnps irorn the iieid and is out oi 24 rorn the free throw Boistiort hit 14 out oi 48 atterribts at the rim and 1 out oi 8 irorn the charity e horne aii the rnarhies 30-22 ' C gll 311' 03 frds 0118-' For Lyogg K0gintg'aDdS,SJ 1, Gfatq, T,8M,,Qf0n. las afllisi 8? Ori 'Yroiaus Yirates e E11 'siting Pe E11 Tr0- rn Adria ADS 5,119-e yi hed hack a stubbo A e Friday meht in the Xin kdna took by winning the B garne, The iineups: ' Forwards f Scherer aitar 133 Adria GD. 10' center 1 W Jordon 'Ig suhs 3, Nluiiins . guards f Jones 1, f Leonard. 'Roistiort C2951 Forwards Maher- ffisneyg center f Stone 42 9 Wiison 83 subs '-'elier , 'L-fee, Forth. Adu ers Um ADN 8 ' . nate! M15 P115 mate team haf 5.41, to grab second piace A D l Lewis Count ,y., 5,,.:, 1 'estem dwmon hoop ioop. , The Pirates j on irorn a 16- S DBLDCXCSYL ,.b' - '- arlter ntl r Meow Du Tfhifd fr lr C' 'thefk-S N Ymd ik,-A .,.v' - ',-- dj 2' f of T Ib . .,:- wsiooufih oufle e ju f i ,rg-V . ,.,,, f . 1:31113 . 4 g ofelyctoegwt ,ge E2 n H wi a fee 2 ---- ' th 11 .. ,." a .v W0 'Hams ' 57 'f 0' dow wie r . Z"?' ,. 'fsdaye'gterr- wire in the 100- WM W2 , 1 - 'vet fa Sc fn we Afrff ...- miss. ufvej' minutes ici? fi , 1 center Lair? E' 5 .. if ble L Ore lube fi r'Z,l,' .fti.,?z1n I-41' BYYMS mm f ' miie with gout Toutle -"' ' . sl lhglftilzke 3 them 'recoirst quick bas 286 NS team' gafpavin i n lon ur ee De qngabrgg .."-:' '1 evrd. mates to vit X AS E11 y ,.,. 1 Q 1,000 E. Ucks :I-Ex th een B1-yan an -I 1. 5.10 QBIWBY A B 113, Q. 4. 1 1 .500 last 9 E V b--s 13 Tr 11 Waitar tied in i point honors 015-tfort 'iigfg ' ' 1 1 .500 A18 Quarflte -53,2 Wil gk' f'- with 16 point , si 1 P Elymhgp 0 1 .500 for walter at Youbl- gmt In the B E1 12 VENUE Tm' Ag E11 535 ,sum 1 .ooo mug gh .st"1'f ? if e Vx, ians took a 40-'Sa victory irorn the na 43,5 43 :nd WDU .--" .ta giespe Pirate B sam-1 B , gn 29 'ch end Jon Y C 'ite The iiyreuvs. NZISUQTT P5 Bsday Dull: tbto 17 pager Adna 1411: Forwards,Scherer 1, Roggvnff i J Tot gorckwe :, ':" h the E is Muiiins 111 center f Waitar 163 esf if at Lake T,-V ovgs fine Duck' JF:-envi gilarcisf-Tories, Jordan 43 subs, g1Ch0ug1el' .4'1ster the Dofngh Leonard 3, Berrier. ' W Jess ard -flmiofd i wife S Pe E11 1455: Forwardsfiverson, 1 is Mattel: 5 f54J P11-a zrfeke Miiier 83 centerfBryan 161 guards '11-52, gym!! 7: A Buarafnin 5 F, ""' E Vic. figoyg Ncgak 83 suhs,How- Zeke? Ioubs fSDNeJ10.01'M ar, uya, apps. 6 d-5113.41 c .15,cen SN aasarfw- 73 subsfds j aj ieaward L. hgh uf. x Af0I.Bel'1-qtel' S x , ch.. Pig Jef X W Sch 4 1 8,115 61- , 1 J 1 e 011Es'Jgfd,:I: 17g- eonargg MGR? 41 Zig. ig 3 .. ,r if ,. 4 . 'g 1 N' 'W N .?' 3 , A i, fi. 4, l s Il' . A-vu F ai Af 55355 U -wfldgsl, ? f W , s S 4 . QE. : : ' T A :::- ..A,. 'z::-' "" ' ' gl N g yikax- Y U w -::wa53,a.,:,z:.?-.5.g:.g:g-Wt. ,. b m .2 W nvffigl w xfh 'F fuk' i .-' Qggzxl P , ax , w U , 4 NW- , -G? HQ V Q "mn Sv? XR xgx I . 331, fifvf. ' 4 ZW if SK fm' ,Qi ,w si - ' 'Z I ,I' gg Jw 3? gk ins! MMM FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Mattis, J. Nowlen, J. Ford, J. Barrier, J. Leonard. SECOND ROW: G. Wedin, W. Marth, L. Jordan, R. Richardson, B. Mullins. THIRD ROW: J. Grigsby, R. Anderson, A. Waltar, R. Scherer, J. Long, R. Anderson, C. Karvia, COACH. QMissing is K. Wilsonl '57 BASEBALL As the annual goes to press, the Pirates have yet to begin their season play. We anticipate a strong team backed by the bulk of last season's regulars. The Lewis Co- unty finals is our goal and with our team's high spirit and the excellent coaching of Mr Robinson, the annual staff wishes the 1957 team the best of luck. RVIH Q3 Zz, W , 'g,LAm we wnrrf-1R Q L t 'll 1 2 A' QT P 5 0 fi L lr. f Ja KNEELING, leftto right: Z. Orr, I. Sato, P. Wilson. STANDING: S. Orloske, J. Sato. pep .yfdff Cheering the boys on is the job of the Pep Staff and cheer them on they did! Whenever, wherever they went, no matter how cold or warm the weather, or how defeated our team was, the Pep Staff was on the job, never giving up. Not one of the girls missed a game during both the basketball and the football season. Their moral support means a lot to the men on the team and without it they would undoubtedly lose the will to win. yell feeder: ongleacleu Janie Sato gl Sharon Orloske P. Wilson, I. Sato, Kg Z. Orr 'rr-ns PAGE IS SPONSORED BY BLAKE LY AND HOUT IVYOUR BUILDING SUPPLY FRIENDS!! L-UNlBER-'-'-'- ---- -----NIILLWORK NORTH CITY LIMITS CHEIHALIS, WASHINGTON PHONE SH8-3377 78 sl' Y 2'-f ' FIRST ROW left to right E. Geiszler, S. Orloske, A. Olson, P. Wilson, I. Sato J Balsley SECOND ROW M Simonds O Lininger, L. Douglas, B. Morgan, E. Torporke, A. Geiszler P Siegwarth A Johnson THIRD ROW Mrs. Scherer, instructor, Z. Orr, D. Rutzer, K Balsley E Tramm M l-'atch B Chandler N Morhoric. g'..4..4. The 1956-57 GAA was made' up of 21 girls from the four high school classes. Mary Simonds was this years president and Mrs. Scherer was the athletic in- Structor. Four of the girls attended the annual athletic play-day held in the Centralia High School gym. The sports which the girls play are: indoor baseball, basketball, volleyball, and softball. 67 +++i++i+ii+++iii+++++++i??+?+?++?Q E They Profit Most Who Trade at a- -s 5 "PRoFF1:rTs', 5 if Centralia-Chehalis E :iii4iiiiiiikkiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig g'l'4"t"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"r'L"A"o"A"A"s''r1"A"r'A"r'4"l"A"l"l"4"l": E Perry Bros. Q ,E Eggs - Chickens - Turkeys 1 E 512 State St., Phone SH 8-8121 I 5 Chehalis, Washington 3 r :PT 'A"I"A'-'55 1' P F E E 9 F 9 L 9 9 9 5 s B s s B s s u s s b u Q s mmmmmmmmammaanasg H ... VW?'F1"P'5'1"P1'5"P'6'6"o"P'F??'P'P1"F'P'F1"F"8"P'l"F'P BRUNSWIG'S . Self Service Shoe Co. 3 3 5 T 'C' Smarter Styles Lower Prices 'I' W T FWTTTWWWTTWVTTTTTTvvvvvvwvvwvvvvvn Washington Market I and Grocery x Quality Meats and Groceries - Ph. SH 8-8151, SH 8-4941-Free Delzvery .3 I 825 Market St., Chehalis, Washington 4 L.1..a..v..a..a..v..1.4..1..1..v..y..v..1..m.n.v..n..1..a..1..v.a.m..l.J.4..t..l-A..L.Y4.! g'l"l"l"l"l"l"F'l"l"l"l"l'1"f'l"l"f1"l"l'1'1"FT'b"A"l"l"l"l'1"l": 3 Centralza Knztttng M ills g If Skookum Sporis Wear fl il: Sweaters for all the Family :ll rl: 1071 South Tower 3 ll: Centralia, Washmgton 3 Qiiiiiiibiiiiiiii-Biiikiiiiiiiioliiii jTTTTfTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT 9 4 9 4 5 4 S 4 Willrich Lumber Co. 9 3 Reliable Building Information Z P Q T .L J. 4 ? Q Congmwlations Seniors 3 1521 Market, Phone SH 8-4722 Chehalis, W2.Sl1iI1gt01'1 3 Chehalis, Washington InnaAAummnnmaiJasiubianbiduhiunbainbiidalduh: 5nunAnnumAppLgapgquggupggnggqhgqnggggngggngif Z 3 9 4 9 -I 4 " LEWIS PACIFIC i 51 3 f' 2 1' i 5 DAIRYMEWS ASSOCIA'l'l0N 4' 72 5 E 33 Producers of Dry M ilk and Fresh M :lk 4 I Ii 9 4 33 3 P Im 4 5 lllk of xnxx-xx 5 DARIGOLD 2 Cheese ' e ------1-U J Butter " tg 2 I If' P 4 '11 Il 3 Feed and Implement Departments gg I Il F 4 33 11' gg Telephone SH 8-4433 Chehalis, Washington 1,1 9 4 9 4 i L11mL1Ll1LL141mmm1AlLL1x1 m,.? La.LA-4.A.J.n.4.a.a.4.A.nALL4..L.L4.J.LA.iL4.4.1L4.n.Ln.414m.14 S-1--1--x-1-1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1-21-:--1--1-!--x--1--x--1--1--1--x--1--1--1-1-1--x-2r--1--!- 1, -1 E Chehalis Music Company E V4 ii Congratulations to the 53 Class and Faculty E of 4:57 9 :xi qq FYYWW -x-1- 'Zi' 3-1- -133 :Ig-1 -133 -1,-1 -1-1 1-1- 'iii' -1-1 4-1- 'Ii' 'XFX' -1-1 -1-1- -1-1 -1-1 -1-1- -1-1 -1-1 -111- 'Ei' -11- 'ffl' 'Ei' 'li' -1-1 '?-'13 2 -1-1--1--1--1--1-,1-4--4--1--1--M Q 1 1- o'4"0"4"i"A"I' oo ga E 3 1 22.54 we? mnfh Q-gums Qggib QESQ gg-'klglm rn'-H U1 v i-25592 .wma 2:8 N il rn 5' Pd S Ammmmmmmmmm F I' I' 9 E 9 5 3 3 5 5 9 3 9 9 P F If if E 2- K' K+ Z' F 3 A 827 Market Street Phone SH 8-7914 Cltehalis, Washington 'wwwvvwvvwwvwvvvvwvwwvwwwwwvvwwwwwe F A if Dairy Queen E li: "Service with a Smile" :Il 'g 901 So. Gold, Centralia, Wash. If 5 Phone PE 6-3437 I2 ELLLA4 .L 4. ,o. .o. 4. 4. 1. 1. 1. 4. 4. J. 4. 1. 1. 1. .o. .v. 4.4-,Y-.L.Y.J..1...L.Lj QWTWTTTWTTTWWWVTTTWTVWTVTWWVTTWTTTK gg Kenneth E. Chase Co. if 'I li Insurance and Real Estate gg li Phone SH a-aazz - Pacific Ave. -1 g Chehalis. Washington If 1 "Congratulations Class" 3 nmmaamaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-L-hmmm-si "'W""i'I7'15'l'ii"'zv1l",'Z1"i'i's'l'1-l'?fs"0"W' Body and Fender Works ????W? iiiiii 22 Auto Glass If 1,3 Phone SH a-1333 3 5- National Ave. Chehalis. Wash. aj Shiiiiikbhikihiiiiiiiibihmmiiimiii FWWQTWW WTWTTTTW?T?7?WWW?W???TTT?? BERRYHILLS 'l"l"4"A"o' -101--x--14--1 SWWTTTT EQ ,K 55 E-M' 52 I' gi :SF Bti E2 I' If I' li I' Pkiiii FWTTWWW Tvrwvvvvvvvrwvvvvvwvwvwwvw 4 :E "A Good Place to Come Clean" 3 5: Self Service Laundry 3 31 Automatic and Conveniional Washers li: Large Tumble Dryer 4-Ig 985 State St., Phone SH 8-3812 'I 'I i-I--X-I-X-4-4-rl-'X--X--X--P'X-'I+-X'-B4--ki-m1-1--14--Z--1-1-A--1--aa-4-4.4.11 1 J 'X 'X 'Z 'I 'X 4 'I 'X +I 'X 'X 'I 4 'X 4 'Z +2 'X 'X 6 4 4 'X 'I 'I W 1- 2 1 2 Z' 51 - 1 Irving s Motor Parts 4, Machine Shop Service 'I' 1 'I Complete Motor Rebuilding 3 5' Z Phone SH 8-7951 3 ZZ 4.4..v..v..v..v..1..1..v..v..v..v..v..v,.v..v..s..1..v..f..L.-..v..-..-..v.4..v..r..1..1..1.,x.4i F 'A' 'l"C"4"l"l"l"L"l"l"l"l"l"5''l"5"1"A"5"4"L"4"4"4"T"4"6"l"4"4"4"X'5 If -1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1-+2 ' ""'T"'3 'i""""""""""'N"' Q SS 3- :nd 21' rm Sm 2 35 in S' 'Wmcu H H5 33 CD '94 Sm Q- fs RG 1908 mglsimb- gf :fee :+-1559-view:-'s Sinai agmgmi-Z'-risen 27,'-z":'r?gI?r-.f'JHg.f,l2iH,3f'J'Dnw,:-, " N's4q-5' L-5 2' Q W0 K Y 9 . 2 as-3 I?g'5'152'5'l'11gg5m""'E 99 .pg Q..-.IL QQAAQQ my mg-.m.1Oe,::m .mooo-Um 5-:BQZP-'e:fenn41w'o'u:-, H, ,,. 4,1 .-.5-3,-1.41-e.f4en.:,,, 5 Q-M -523-ezizliams UQ,.3o-11113 ew-1-em-,gcff f"' sg.,'3'1P1Q 2 'Eno van' O Qin H- 0 O :S 1-4 QXQLC-D 5- , ns-Q fb 'X' Bri' '15 g an Q iigw "' 11 9 215+ -if ,y,p..1..v..v..v.,1..a..a..g.5: :""""""""""""""""': gint-.l..v..v..l..a..vA.v..',.e. 'M' A if i' 5 I' I' I' 1+ K' If If K' K' B F K' I' ? ? I' P P if 1 5 5 P'I"f'l'1'1"1'1"l"P'A'1"l"P'L"L"1"l"l"l"l"L"i"5''l"8"1"P'i"l'Q"l"X"l' Arden Ice Cream Arden Flavor Fresh "Where the Best is Served" Centralia-Chehalis .L.Y..l..f..f..f..1-..o..v.,o.r' ' ' '- - - - - - - Q 44.1. Q Q .4 4.q.,v..v.,m Wivvwvvvvvv 'X-'X--X--Z--!-'Bd-'!-'X-'X-'B I7W7W?W?WW7VW7??77WWWWTWTTWWWWFQQQ 1 French Cleaners "l'i'1"l"l"l"X"3"?'A' oo no N E O QU ar 2. .5 321.51 OG 55. gpbmo. 4144-p me gg CDO :gg 905:-15' ww 4: 4735- milf'-' P-Mmm wmwm V H 0 5 Z 3 1: P' Mhiiiiiiiii F 1- 1- E 1 1 1 1 P 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 !' P 9 1 1 1 L iii? Z 'I' 'I' Z 'X' 'X' 'F 'I' 'X' 'I' 'X' 'X' 'I' 'X' 'I' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'I- 'B 'I' 4, 'X' AAA+ Universal Furniture Co. 'I"I"l"l"l"l"l"!' 5 W cu ev- CD S+ CU II' CD 5' N IIA vm N rn F' sY0Y.J.J.oY4-Yo-744. Phone SH 8-3261 v!-vX-v!0!-'X0X4'!+'I4'I+'I0X"!"!"X"X"!+'X4'I"B'X''F'!4'I-'X-'X-n?'!-'X--!--!--Z-v!--3--1 ??i??7????4??44444+444444444444444 Virgil R. Lee Insurance-Bonds-Real Estate 917 Market St. - Phone SH 8-3328 Chehalis, Washington Kkiiiiiiiiiiiiikbiiiimmikiiiiiiiik i0v'z0A"x"A+4'a"r-A'-wwfnfnf-wemf'vsafsfmf-v'r'v4'r'A'd+'r'a'-rv: ol 944444444444 44444444444 W -5-1--x'-x--v-x--1--xr-zf-r-as-his 'ijt--x-'x--x--ra--x--M IE? 30 g of 4' 'X' . -K P 33 rn '55 4- Gm :ix-Q oo 5? 5351100 af 590 Ti1ii'rD"'1 -9 514 +2 4+sQOr-U 4 N,.q O 4 P gfg N 5'f0O 'U 'F 'PC'-'mo T bo 8 Q 4 5' Ulm. ' 5 ii! 'IH 500 Q ,Emo 3. S2 oo -'I ' .i. x- Q oo 4. fe 4: zz' ., hy- DP 4+ H' 4 z's.C"74 ? 3 E: on 4 F 3 GHG sms: 3 'P WQQCS 2' N.-g ru -2 fm-tl-U: if QW- vm 'Z :Q fp 513m 'P' 4,3 1- " Iii' is U2 4- if -I' Sf" 'X' 5' A I i 'Elf -If9..s.y..:..z..x..r01-e..x..1..+1. -X+.f..f..1..y..m..x. Y .A A Bartel's Men's Store 'l"l"l"l"l"A"A"A"l"l"A"A"1"A"A"K''l"L"8"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"X"3"X"l"l"l"l"l' if Compliments of :E 53 Dr. E. A. Johnson if T i 571' 'A' 'A' 'F 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A"A"A"A"l': Daily Bread Shop 914 Marker Sh., Ph. SH 9-7943 Chehalis, Washington ' -1 9 Y-.L -L -L J- J- J- J- L J- -L J. J. .VA -Y. JA .'..!..'4.V..V. AJ. J. J. .L J. .V4J4.'4.Y.J. .L A 4- -4- 4- -.- -.- -.- 4- 41 T -f -.1 1- Q-1-fr-.'v-uw-aw'fx-'a"v'r's'-A'-10x"x"r'A"M J E Burnett s Jewelers I Rings, Silverware, Bracelets 2 Watches Q 2 847 Market St., Ph, SH 8-7861 I Chehalis, Washington ++immmmmmnmmAwmAammhimahaamemmmimw 4444T44444?+44???4????4???W??????4 Northwest Lumber 4 ff . 4 21: Ei Millwork Co. 22 H' . . . 4 5 So. City Llmlts, Ph. SH 8-4429 3 21 If Ii's Made of wood-we can Build It jg +++i++++++++4+++++i++++++++++b+6B4 FYFWTYWW????????????TT???????????4 C. C. White Paint Company -x'-wr-L--1--r O 5 G M rv- O 'U "Ei N P-4 s L3 er- I CD 99 Q.- .Q C 2-J H 4+ G H rn 4--1.4-4--x--r.. 5 1149 Chehalis Ave. E 2 , , , 2 5 Chehalis, Washington 3 3 Chefwlw, Washington Z Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iikiiiiiikkiMbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig gQW???77???f???V?T?7 WFTTQTTWWWQTTTTTTT W2 51 If '32 n n 35 9 4 P 4 P 4 i and Ffankls SETVICB 3 P 4 F 4 P 4 33 . . 3' gg General Auto Repairing gg il , Electrical Repairing ff 33 Wheel Balancing and 5, 13 Allignment Brake Relining ff I Il 2 Tractor and Truck Tune Up E 4 A Q E Repairing E 4 4 I . . 3 3 W. S. fB1llj Literal Frank Unterwegner gg 4 4 E If I 1136 Main St., Chehalis E 4 4 5 Phone SH 8-7829 3 2 Zi 4' 4 84444 Q iiiiiii 77777777777777 'ITC' '4' 'O' '4' 'A' 'f7'T7777'f75'77 G arrison's Rexa ll Stores 7777777777 +5 51' Q o 23' U1 9 5' ii 3 Un' m I 9 S' U2 3 fp H: f-s sw 4 3:1 cu sv P4 o cw Joleulnhpkuinklnhqhbl TWTWWI 1 ? E E .v..v..f..v..1.'I' I- 4. 'X' 'I 5 Furrer Brothers E fi If 'I' E 2 'E E 5 0K Rubber Welders f. 311 if I I , 'I' E Complete Tire Servwe g 3 pn if 1 '20 If 3 111 Market Street 12 Ulf l 'P E Chehalis, Washingim E 'I"x"l"1"l'5F'I' 'JU 2 sv 'U T FU cn 'U E. Z rn T Cf Z3 Q-I -1--x--n-.x.-x.-101. E'I"!"I'-I"I"I"!"I"I' iiiiiiiiii COAST TO COAST YWWWWWTWF P4 F-1 'r UU 2 5? 9 2. Q fj- 2 fs E1 3 E Le 31 Q Q on Q.. M .L 'Cl OO P4 Aviv!-aio!-rio!-vivlvi "The Food Is Heavenly" Centralia, Washington iiiiiii , ' 'l"I"l"l"l"l"I"l"l"l"l"l"l' 7? ki "' 2 3 51112 4 .wig Qlhrurntle "' 2 Q Lewis Connty's Only E Ti Daily Newspaper E js 'I E 964 Pacific Ave., Chehalis ji 'E Q Pearl and Maple, Centralia 2 'I' 'I' iiiiliiii :'l"A"l"l"l"l"l"r1"l"A"A"r'r'r1"r'r1'1"r'u"r'v'a"v'f'a"5"r'4"4'3 5 Lillegard Hardware if P Good Lack Seniors E' 881 Market Street, Chehalis. Washington 3 A Phone SH 8-7923 3 s mmmammmmmmmmmig Mhkkhh ?T????7??77?77???7 TTT?T??T1 9 3 b Electrical 'O' 'F i..lJ.l..Y..1..Y..LJ-J--Bimini Contractors 773' 'O' T' 'O' 'U ar-Mar TTT ni 5 Electric 3' Company ' 'A"r1"r'4"'A'1"'l"4"'l"l'fA"l"8"l' PN 3 Q.. S U5 F!- "E Q 0 Q V? 5 e e cm Pd N U5 Q. Q.. fb 3 32 Q i nxmmmamimmimmf g 312 S. Iron Phone PE 6-4282 .2 -1 E Centralia, Washington 3' Eammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammamamiiimiig F????????W?????????????????????7?l S Dr. W. F. Loughnan 2 ff Dr. R. C. Huntington fl OPTOMETRISTS 1 'Pl' 4.4. iwwru-Q.-wvuvevrvrwwwvvw :WWW SE fl 0 mm ZF Qcsrv '1 U5 E- gg- oo ' I5 'Q F592-133 Y H953 ewaeeoeiie fame 5ee'S'fn55'QS.U1'5' VI gq l? 22.3,-gn ' co :er we P-cn s--1 5 S '4 is D-3.g'E5'EQI Qg.E"w?4E+ 32-.tri eefeeesgpa-wrgfr O m H F1 4 ? fs?-:.'E351" .mi QGWFZ v Cn .Aff E3 'Q Ur' figa fo gs 2 .25 jg-e. 43 ,, 2 wif' 4 e E722 :E 3 Lm4L4mALL1L111Lm1L1L444j tmgg fl 3 5 0 0 n s o s P Q 9 r 4 o i 5 9 9 3 P 3 9 3 5 o o 3 s 1 .L V EYERHAEUCSER Tl M BER QQM PAN Y gifmw-22 4-3QUf3 R jf "TIMBER IS A CROP ------ K 'nf HELP PREVENT FOREST FIR ES!! VAIL - MC DONALD OPERATION LEWIS COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION. . . . . . Buy your new and used cars from a Portraits -.-:ff Commercial - Finishing E member of the Lewis Co. Dealers' Ass n. 5 CE NTRALIA Carter's Garage--Chrysler-Plymouth E V E R ND E N Countryman Motors--Hudson Eddins Auto Company--Ford-Nash E Howard H. Hutchins--Nash-Rambler E1-'E S T U D I O Ed S. Mayes--Dodge-Plymouth Riley Motors--DeSoto - Plymouth 5 Seip 8z Hansen--Oldsmobile 5 213 North Pearl Warren Bros. --Chevrolet-Cadillac CHEHALIS 5 I Chehalis Garage--Chrysler-Plymouth : Centralia Enterprise Electric--Electric Parts E Lindsey Motors--Studebaker-Packard -.-:E Cameras Hans Culmback--Chevrolet Films Severns Motors--Buick 5 Supplies Oakes Pontiac Corp--Pontiac E Uhlmann Motors--Ford-Mercury-Lincoln lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll Illllllll 2 'r'r'l"X"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"P1'5'1"f'f'5"8"l"1"f'f'l"f ,tl P W i IE Katja Feed and Seed E E Purina Feeds 22 T be F14 U' cb +1 rn '111 as cb D-1 rn 'X' -J 3-H --4 UQ O Q55 sfffb vmcbui FLUJSE' sp ' Q 2 swim We S031 Uglfb swag 3U2 U1 sag ssh AS' wa. w P-4 'X- vivi- Jolniii .nmwmwmwwwmwm - m,mwx,mmWwnwm :-:-:iz-:5:g:g:gZg1g2g2g1gIg1gIziziglzizizi:Ir-zizggzgzglgcgrgl Ig211:3:11212:2:5:1:-:g:g:g:-:-gzgzfi-25:1-C QHMmwWRM3H4gwy xwwmwnr N PALMER LUMBER Co. Building Supplies and :-' Manufacturers of Fine PALCO--"The Sigh of Quality" Phone SH 8!7162. . . 925 Prindle st. 515' Chehalis Washington :E., ,. .-.-. 1:55:Qz3:312121EIEIE12IE2515IE13IECE12221Slfgigifif255132EISIE151352E122SIE121E121E1315121325252E2i1:C:2:1:-:-:-: -.-.-.-. -:T23:311:12325IfI315231722?fi212I:3:1:I11:2:1:113232115132515252212221255151211113135:1:111:3:1211523:E:E132EIEIEC?Iii?21:2:1:2:1:Z:1:ZS:Z:Y:1:5t5Z31f5I?1-1-1-C4'1'1f3'1'3'5'5'5'2 rl- 'z 3. fs al , 'I' EQ Congratulations to the lg PX: E? Graduating Class of "BYU B E 1125: I 1+ E . r 2 13,3 4 5 F 'wh I ' it-p 44 5 1 31 3: 53 9 4 2 Public Utility District N 0. 1 5 W 2 of Lewis County 5: Z 4+ 2 981 Pacific Ave. E ZZ Chehalis, Wash. E 5 Phone SH 8-4461 sg 'l"X"l"l' -I+ 'X' 'I' 'I' 'X' 'X' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'X' 'X' 'I' 'X' 'I' 'I+ 'X' PX' rl' PI' '33 'I' 'X' E 'I' E 'I' 'I'-X"Z' i ii W?+?+?Fiiiii??+??????i?i??ii?iii?4HHMM 03 8 . 2,4 o'4Q0,o'o'Q',0,o8'o'49 0'o889'08'? 1407 S. Gold-PE 6f4844-Centralia, W DOCTOR GAUKEL'S INTER CITY VETERINARIAN HOSPITAL Q9 Large and small animals treated ,Q 09 5 O 9 to - Q' Q 6: 49 4' 'I . 0, O .9 9 4 4 ' QQ, ,0,o,o,4 ,0,0,o 4 40,54 o 09,0 o 8 5 WE LL DRILLING Keto Drilling Co. . . Phone PE 6! 6557 1411 S. Gold Centralia, Wash. ' l ST. HELENS TRACTOR CO. Ford Tractors and Implements Old Highway 99 Phone SH SX3345 'X' 9 ' U o o 0 9 4 Q 4 ,C HE HALIS LIVESTOCK MARKE T Sale Every Friday .... 476 State Street. .... Phone SH 8f9061 Chehalis, Washington 74 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 if 4 ii 4 4 'f 'i 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 A4 Z "HELEN 14,89 E ij Congratulations to the :AE 5 Class of 'iff' if gf Al and Ann Helena E 54444444iiik4444444i4444i44ibAAik4 . ..... , ........ ,:::::::.... . ,:.:.:v,., . . .......-.,. . .........'.,.A::l, . . . ..... . . it Compliments of - M. c. GRIFFETH District Agent Farmers Insurance Group - -,-.,-t.u..t-,...u.........- ,.-, .1--. --.-....-.-...-.4--v-1:--'19-I, 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 E 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 A94 5 T1NGsTRoM's IE E Auto Electric E gl: sos Wes: Main. Phone PE 6-4852 3 Centralia, Washington 3 gggggggggimmaAmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmahm :44444444444444444444444444444444: 1: Northwest Lumber If 9 . 4 1,2 6? Millwork Co. If 4774? Liiii If It's Made of Wood-We Can Build It iiii LLALLiLLLbi.8A4iLALALLb 4 SO. City LiII1itS, Ph. SH 8-4429 +a0r+10xw-M-4-'x--ra--r-r-x0xf+s0r-r-r'rs'-v-ra-u's-a-1-xf4i 440P44UF44UP44' IP E 55' oogsw U3 fb hd Q29 sag s- X-Q' saga Egg PEG 52-3 SNL? 'D sw Q.. CD54 m4ub44Hi40k4UP4 Phone SH 8-4254 Chehalis, Washington aammmammmmmmaabAmmmmiimmmmLLmA+414 4-4--x--x-'x-x--x0x--x--x--x--x--x--x-+-x--x--x--g--x--x-4--x-4--x--x-4--x--x+-x-a--x--x--x- Congratulations to the 4 4 4 4 I Class of HS?" E Dr. W. O. Kerns gf 114 West Magnolia 1' I Centralia, Wash. 32 44444444444444444444444444444++44+ 51' 'A"o"o"o"4"o o o 'rw''o''vi'1''o"r'o"v'4'T1'T'f'5"5"F'f'l"l"5"l"Q E F loe's Garage ' ii 1339 Chehalis Avenue Phone SHS-871 1 3 Chehalis, Washington 3 kikiiiiihimiikhmAiiiimiikihiiiiiid 1030 Market Street- 8-7121 Chehalis, Wash. gg Dr. Earl W. Gumn If E . Optometrist 3 3, Lewis-Clark Hotel Blolg. 3 ij 121 W. Magnolia If 543 Centralia, Wash., Ph. PE 6-7385 3 iiiiiiiiiiiiiikhikiiiiiiiiiiiiikih 544477TWTTYTTVWTVTWTWTTTYWWYTUWT7 Z 4 +44 E H. C. Coffman 6? Co. Insurance of All Kinds E 4447 4444 844 Market Street 5 Chehalis, Washington :E 5 "Congratulations Class" EE Z Phone SH 8-4493 E 9 4 5? 2 1 P 1 sz z 2 E l z z 4 z Z.. 4 4 EA E 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 S3 Ee.. V-'Nd UD is Es: N P+ '16 W' QT! 'sz UQ 'Q C+ FP ge' G ff? 9 4-4444444-P Q 3' cm 5' Q EFI um -rf Y Sf va 3' S4 . .3 W2 Pl- Cr 3 aYuYn1..YnJnJnYn.!4Jn Phone SH 8-3341 iALAAALLiiiiiiiiiikihiikwihhiii 'I ff? 4 P 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'i '4 -4 'E 'i 'B 'F 'i 4 4 4 4 'Z 4 f! '4 14 'E i'.aa.a. TT 'H Q 2 M n F' ru -: Da. 2 P+ Q 'U Q -4 Cl' L44 4' 4. E Autoglassf Auto Wrecking E1 S Wrecked Cars Bought and Sold If xl: 501 W. Main, Centralia, Wash. v..L3.44inuYnuYoY0YooY4vYoYovY4aY44ooY4vYo+!4qYq,fYoYuY4J4-L-Y440!0!0!44.4..L,1.4 I' 'r 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 4 4 'E I4 -3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 -Q-6 'P 5 Centralza Plywood Inc. 9 4 E We Purchase Peeler Logs if Q4 E44' E B F F P E P P E B P 9 i 4 4 4' 4' Q4 4' 4' 45 5' y'v1"4"4' 'vw 'o"A"5'3 E H 5 9 3 bv: Z O N32 HQW Q4 9 CD va -4 5 M. E501 M4 1-Fi, U05 Pio HQ? 527323, Q23 E" 1-an :HSE :Yj g is C3 E? :IJ4 3515 '1 4 258 O9-E mm HTQQ gsm Q-2 5-goo QQ 5 cb P2 g. 4 'ii 4. A me 5' N 3 lammmihmmnmml VVWTTYTT Pi Q i 0 4 ... za. wg Bea U 0 :gl Q 5 -e ii 225 mag Q2 9'fl'g "' 35.3 "3 NST Y 5' E2 0 I-J-nhlinlii Wilson Athletic Goods TTT?TTTTVTTT?????YT??T?T????T???W5 'l"l"L' 5441-4- 216 So. Tower, Centralia, Wash. 408.941uhububokalalolloukolinohcluluiululubiaiiJ-.LJ-.!..1..1..A.L 4: 4: PF LEWIS Sz CLARK HOTEL Celebrate your birthdays and special occasions with us Phone PE 6-3326 Ik Ik bk ROBERT'S BEAUTY SALON "Every Beauty Requirement" Phone SH 8-4233 Pk 4: Pk Compliments of the BACK BROTHER S "Congratulations Class" Route 1, Adna, Washington lk lk Pk HENRY WESTFALL "Everything in ROOFING 8: SIDING" Phone PE 6-7021 Pk Pk 4: TWIN CITY T V "We Repair all Makes of Radios 8: Television" Phone SH 8-3659 Pk lk Pk GESLER- MCNIVEN CO. "Congratulations Class" 305 N. Tower, Centralia, Wn. Pk 4: 4: H. F. "Don" Donaldson Wholesale Tobacco-Candies-Sundries Phone SH 8-3494 4: 4: Pk XXX THE SMOKE SHOP "We specialize in Hamburgers and Chile. " 831 Market St. Chehalis, Wash. 4: Pk bk Chehalis City Laundry 1065 Main St. Chehalis, Wash. "Serving your territory" Phone SH 8-4822 Ik Pk Pk --AfLFRED'S AUTO REPAIR Let us repair your car. Phone PE 6-7911 lk lk lk PERRY BROTHER S Peerless Food Products Phone SH 8-8621 521 State St. Chehalis, Wash. wk 4: 4: CENTRAL FUEL COMPANY We sell Dry Slabs 2347 Market St. Chehalis, Wash 4: 4: 4: Carpenter Roofer Sider Ernest Ambsdorf Route 4 Box 122A Chehalis, Washington Phone SH-8-4095 Pk Pk 4: T.F, WILLMS, Owner THE BEN FRANKLIN 815 Market Street Chehalis, Washington if HK Pk 4444444744???????4??44444T4444V??4 4444 E FF 6 3' G Q G F' N Q CL in C 5 F 4444 4444 O E5 ,Um gs Q5 E5 g! H3 9: G01 5-'J QU we W0 Fw is NE III FB IA 4444 4444 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'Ti rs rs 3' FE 3 rs -2 wt 94 rs Q ru 5 -2 N4 2 Eghd o CD 513' me Ulm E: ajm I IP 34 '-'S ws Q 4 4 35 4 4 ics is 4 9 SV 23- +35 S 25 Pm 42? 4 Q. 2:2 Z5 Z 4 I 5 L ??????fi 4 I If 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 E I5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4444444 Phone SH 8-3213 44444444444444444444444444444444: 44474444444 94444444444 George Sears Drug Co. 4 'Q Prescriptions SpeC1311StS I 9 -x- i Your Doc'tor's Prescription if E4444?4?????? E P E E E444444444444 W4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4' 4' 4' 4 4' Q14 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 'P 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 44 -I--M CU o 5 E ,xii 5 cn I5 C+ W o r-s 444 Is Oar First Consideration 905 Market St., Ph. SH 8-7721 Chehalis, Washington if 44 PU U1 C5 "1 Q FE' vi 4 4 gg between if 1 Chehalis and Centralia If 4 4 4 4 4 E2 :Lx- 22 353 EF? U3-x--i Q 4 4 milf of? 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 32 4+ 333 4 4 4 4 4 4 PUC EE V101 4 9 4 2 22 EE 22 22 4 4 4 4 +2 4 22 22 E? Q r H 22 4 4 ,,..I',i', '4' 44444444444 C5 ar Q sr Q Cid S. W S! 3 SL C3 Q 3 0?- Q 9 Z2 Q ++++++++++e 9 Building Since 1889 If E Centralia Branch 5 The National Bank of is Commerce of Seattle kg Centralia, Washington ii Complete Banking Service 'g Member of E Federal Deposit . ,Y Insurance Corporation P 4 k444444444444444444444444444444444 L. 5 5 T T TT.......g....,..,..,...,.,.,,,.., ., Q , 0 B L 2 PENNEY'S g Shoes - Cloihes - Millinery 2 Z Dry Goods 2 ,lj 891 Market St., Chehalis, Wash. P Phone SH 8-4331 2 5 4 L.h.L.L.L,L.L.Y.J..Y.J..f..L.L.'..1..V..1. .L .v. J. J. J. J. .v. .Y.J..Y.J..LJ4J4J4u: 22 2 2 2 2 2 Z 4 2 E 2 E ???7 Q S2 in V5 N' C0 fb 'i 'Q is F5 fb H 'Q SA ZS W fb 'Q 4444 'l"l"l"l' we CD cn CD C3 m C5 C+ m w C72 F? 'U P' UO E Q0 co D0 DO he mama Chehalis, Washington 4444444444444444444444444444444444 f'l"l"l'!"U"4"l"l"l"l"4"l"4"t"l"t"l' Tw 'A' 'Q' 1' 'r 'A' 'A' 'A' 'l"I"l"l"l"I"K P 9 9 3 1? 44 E E'l"l"l"5' 4 I E 3 2 If 1- + P 4 P 4 P " ii I 1- " ii ' 2 E 2 4 P 4 5 2 '13 3 P + E I 2 I 1- : iz! P' Gb Q an G Qu Si IS Fl' N-E Go FF 21 vm fb U5 Sh ZS PS' 5 Hagerman Farms Registered Jerseys 5 Rn. 1, BOX 268, Phone SH 8-4587 3 s 4 Chehalis, Washington 4 4444444 5 cr m H o hh U1 m CL m n N F-I CJ m T5 c M I-in C+ +a+++++ Insurance Corporation Centralia, Washington amaaeaam++++++++++++a++++++++++++i TTTVTTTTTTWTTTTTTTTVTWWTWWWTTTTWTT Burger Bar +4044 2444 i"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"K"8"4' C3 Q 2 S S2 Ol- 2 E Q s.h gt ..Q M if :e+ Cb Ol- ES' Q Q 2 AQ444444444 727 South Gold SI.. Ceniralia, Washington ammmaammamammmm+mam4m4+mm4m+m4amm4 P444444444444444444444444444444444 SEARS Roebuck and Co. Tvvvwkvvvwwvvvvw 5 OD ET 5 5 he e+ QD S C+ CO OO O E3 F4 SD E 5 H Q.. 5 S? F' 11 UQ G F' .I-Aintlninlntiubidnlndyh Phone SH 8-4473 In Save Time - Save Money If E at Sears Catalog Sales Dept. If 2 Farm store - 859 Pacific Ave. 2 T? 1.1.3. Phone SH 8-4473 9444444444444444444444444444444444 rv rwwwwvw' Www www 'W "" vvvvvvf E i 2 - f 5 Burger .l1m's 2 2 F 2 E "Meet Me 5 Where The Gang Goes" 5 2 xf 3 tl: Between 3 ,'Z Chehalis and Centralia 3 E 3 I' 2 mmLLammLmmmmaAmALALiiJ g'4' T' 'F 'l"l"?'T'l'T'l"l"l"5"l"'l' 1"v 'F 'J' 'Q' 'F 'F 'I' 'F 'I' 'F 'O' 'F 'Y 'O' 'T 'Fa ,E Centralza Rollerdrome 3,1 E Skating every: :Il 2 Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from +1 Q 7:30 to 10:30 :xl If Sunday afternoons. 2 to 4:30 'I Phone PE 6-3282 and PE 6-9034 8iLLiALLLLL gLAAALAAAiAii4 TTTTTTVTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTW TT R44 a"l"l"l"l'T'l"l'T 1 :E Hunter House 3 gg 319 N. Iron, Centralia, Wash. ll: For Reservations Phone PE 6-4005 K- Dinners - Banquets - Luncheons if Special Parties - Wedding Receptions ,I Li iiibiikiid lst Federal Savings and Loan Association "Pay Yourself First" SH 8-4423 921 Chehalis Ave.. :???TT7vvvTvvvvvvvvwvvwmvvvvwv1??? g Benny's Flower Shop fl, E One Shep to Serve You fy' P For Any Occasion :ll gg Phone SH 8-3333 3 ,lf Chehalis, Washington gil LiiiiiiliLAALLAiiikiiiiikiiiiiiiil BUCK St SON FARM EQUIPMENT CO. 2155 Market Street SH 8-7872 Chehalis, Wash. TWWQTWTTWTTT?TT???????????????Tf?T Kulien Shoes Cost Less to Wear vvvvvvvvvvv hmhmmmmmmimm Centralia, Washington Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii F???????+?T????+??+?????2 -i 3 'I' 4 4 'F 'F 4 'X' 'I- 2 'X' 4 2 miii kiiiiiiiiiig 1- vw-r1"r'r3 E 4 4 6 6 H 6 6 6 S 5 2 4 4 G 6 i 5 i 5 6 6 G 5 E Q .a..r..v..1.4..1..n..u..r. Security State Bank 900 Chehalis Avenue Chehalis,- Washington Phone SH 8-3711 Li-i Schwartz Men's Wear Ph. SH 3-7291, 333 Market st. Chehalis, Washington mnnmli iiii fvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvwvvwwwwwwwwvvvwv Louis A. Vimont ww? 1445 lg Printing and Stationery 1 9 Office Equipment -1 F f lg 896 Market St., Ph. SH 8-3201 3 2 Chehalzs, Washzngton j EA4LL44gL4LLxA41Lm41mmmmmiiiiiiddd Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. We also sell Paint and Wallpaper 111 North Tower PE 6-5264 awww?vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwwwwwwvvvW2 'l E St. Helens Hotel 3 If Dining Room and Coffee Shop fl' ll: 910 Market Street fl . 'I E Ph, SH 3-4441, Chehahs, Wash. 2 E1iiiiiigiiihbiiibiiliiiiiLiiiiiig Kanouse 's Food Center 1769 Market St. Groceries- -Meats Frank Kanouse, Prop. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 'I 3 E 2 3 '! .sg Dyson's Food E "Centra1ia Grocery Paradise" 5 1106 W. Main, Centralia, Wash. Zi 2 liiiiiiiiLiiitliiiiiiiiiiliiihiiLJ FLOWERS Complete Floral Service at the FOLSOM FLORAL CO. Phone PE 6f3040 CHEHALIS AUTO ELECTRIC "Robinson's" Motor Tune Up Phone SH 8f'7311 LEWIS COUNTY LUMBER CO, Quality Builders' Material Buy Here For Less Phone 6X 7655 CENTRALIA JUNK CO. , INC. Saw Mill Machinery Logging Supplies-Scrap Ion 901 West Main Centralia MARTIN MOTOR PARTS "Congratulations Seniors" 221 S. Tower St, Centralia, Wash. Phone PE 6f6493 WASHINGTON JUNK COMPANY Congratulations, Kids Phone: PE 6f5222 SH 8!720l PETE AND MYRON'S TAVERN "The Friendly Tavern" 537 North Tower Street MC COY - YOUNG INC. a u t o p a r t s Logging and Mill Supplies Phone SH 8f4436 Singer Sewing Machine Co. "WHERE TO BUY IT" 893 Market Street Phone SH 8!8362 "We Take Better Care of Your C BUDZISZEWSKI CHEVRON SERVICE 1070 Market Street Phone SH 8f9045 GISHES SHELL SERVICE "Congratulations, Kids" Open 24 Hours a Day WILLIE"S SPORT SHOP Voit and Spalding Distributor 113 West Main Street Phone PE 6f4122 PACIFIC AVE. BARBER SHOP "Best Haircut in Town" Carl Adolphsen 863 Pacific Avenue BARNER-SWENSON FUEL CO. Wood - Heating Oils Phone PE 6! 5826 Centralia, Washington GRAYSTONE Concrete Products Phone PE 6f3305 CE NTRALIA PHARMACY Prescription Service Phone PE 6f4321 FARMERS BEEF CO. High Quality Meat for a Low Price Phone PE 617081 TWO YARD BIRDS Old Hiway 99 Shopping Center Chehalis, Wn. LINCOLN CREEK LUMBER CO. Building Materials Phone PE 6f7655 JONES DRUG STORE The Friendly Drug Store Phone SH 8f3200 HOME GAS CO. Congratulations Class Phone SH 814802 MC KINNELL TRACTOR CO. Farm Implements of All Types South City Limits Phone SH 8f8688 ADNA POST OFFICE Sz STORE Susie K. Blakemore Phone SH 8-3560 Adna Compliments of OLYMPIC TAVERN Chehalis Washington HUGHES SHOE STORE Ladies' Sz Children's Shoes Phone SH 8f7933 KEEN Sz HOWARDS' INC. Your Home Supply Store" 1412 South Gold H JOHNN'IE'S GRILL Where the Kids Meet Phone PE 6f7040 COBURN'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE STORE Modern Home Furniture Phone SH 8!3375 FORDS PRAIRIE BUILDERS New Construction and Remodeling Your Local Contractor C. A. Tock Proprietor Phone PE 6f3102 JOHN MAY COMPANY Congratulations Class Phone SH 8f4421 . RAY HEINRICHER. . Gas and Oil BARTHOLOMEW GREENHOUSE 417 S. Tower Avenue Adna Florists with Plants of All Phone PE 6X 6976 Types Phone SH 814062 I . Adna, Washington Centralia Washington SCHERER'S STORE Compliments of 1 . "Your Local Store" V RASHKE P BROTHERS i Meats - Groceries Gas Oil Known to Dairymen. . . Phone SH 8X 3137 Adna, Wash . Throughout the Northwest As . The Breeders of Purebred I Olympic Holsteins. . . . . . . . CENTRALIA BUSINESS COLLEGE. . . . Route 1 Box 263 Shorthand and Typing I PIIOHG PE 6f4365 Centralia, Wash. Chehalis, Washington Zimmer Building Phone SH 814692 ' A - b - 55' "L.-'4 .. ' ' ' ' Ffff hm x I l X ' Lkvnhg ' ,M X,Xk,MXf7'- SWK QMMAQXX I-5 Qxkkvf ,VL- L ' ' N , k , A VvJi'K-Lffafxf ,f5 kb ILJXIP-.LX QF-l -nl A , sg MAA kkdvop, DXNJ-A. 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Suggestions in the Adna High School - Adonian Yearbook (Adna, WA) collection:

Adna High School - Adonian Yearbook (Adna, WA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Adna High School - Adonian Yearbook (Adna, WA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Adna High School - Adonian Yearbook (Adna, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Adna High School - Adonian Yearbook (Adna, WA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Adna High School - Adonian Yearbook (Adna, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Adna High School - Adonian Yearbook (Adna, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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