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The Class of 1954 ' Presents the . ADUNIAN Volume XIX ik axe Adna High School Adna, Washington wiki? CO-EDITORS: Barbara Haase and Janice Tramm BUSINESS MANAGER: Virgil Rayton Dedication We, the graduating class of 1954, dedicate this edition of the Adonian to the following parents and guardians who have guided us and provided for our needs during the last twelve years. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. n and Mrs Anton C. Adolphsen and Mrs. Earl L. Boche and Mrs. Alexander F. Carroll and Mrs. Lester L. Cody Mary Coie and Mrs Nelson Fay and Mrs Dewey Gowen and Mrs Arthur M. Haase and Mrs John Hein and Mrs. Sousten Johnston Merle Johnson and Mrs Jack Kerrigan and Mrs Walter E. Marth and Mrs Shirley R. Mitchell and Mrs. William Belcher and Mrs Tay J. Ozar and Mrs Norman E. Rayton Erwin Schmidt and Mrs. Ferd P. Siegwarth and Mrs. Jacob Skoff Lewis E. Thomas and and and and Mr-s. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Leland Tramm Ray C. Wink Elwin A. Wisner Ralph W. Young lf is ,w,,5g:w sg F135' 5,39 gA.,,.w?K 5,2 Aw wmv: tsl A 3 X' si' .,- . ., Q1 mx , Y .M .A A - ..,..:. .,., A. 1 4. . ,W W f wif L fgwfggssigzf Q ffqfwmwg, SQ uf., W wr g 559' ,g"'2?i'.i2'wS My ,sv Wffxvgiy' :E::::: ' 'F' fx fm A W xii' as A 5, .. A ' .W w 16, W J 4 1 ,A ,. x A A ,,W,7,.f wwf . img? hw 1 1 f :Mit M. ss A ?:'2,mJ GM? Liggw A A isa k ff I Nm Wwfgfg ' 4 N I I 0 In W .5525 in 3 M 0 v 0 , Q1 ,Q 4 2-WW 'HA , Q Zig, peg W ' .4 K W ' Hwy , W 4 ' . 'H - W Q , . .. . , , W "Vg A H Qjf iia N 2' f ' dxg:ww5fggg?2 L ' f'ff"? fv f ifljiwizig 'xg g giihwe. '-'f fggtf iw EV X' - V Y H: ff ,Q ef ' , gzw-Qffwghf. " A' W ' ' , 'WA :.g'?w52:f,,X 6 1 wfsfa f w w -':., .:. .,s x z m ' mg.:- . 1 WW K ' + ' A 1 -- fx, wk. if . X' ' ' ' swffwszag-,I " -swf rg?5g5fxii:-1 ,.,. ff ', TN J I . X mb. --'-f ' A Q E r 1-21" -.-. ' - , wi as Q Www ,Q X i W , vw 1t?B5'm:s'! 0 .Iu- K . A ss 4, S' ,W W gm X ag,.M.w, wmwiw fi ,V . , E it A . as ' ' wg - , ' .ln Q ' fist wg- UH' ? ggi Q4 K, fe qgqxiigv Q :Q as Q mmm ,xv- Qi' if 'Fa me -an ..,... -we , 4 i . ,S ...W ., ,. . My M N. 4 ' g I ' M ' Q 'f 1, .,-nggmo 4-?7Wl!'HwTw51g,q?fL ,f x fswingw- f' 1 ft A . 5255 sf.-5:5 6 F A 'RANK A wg-fiffak WA' '23 . J Q 1, Y Q Lg . ,- ig-2 f ., it , - N F' -A gf' W y. 2 M ,, A , , A 4 'Aa Q. -xg W 4, i' -L Q W 5, W D ' F 5, Y 'iz 'WBKQIT S Y f QAM X335 45 fe 'Q'-rf To the Senior Class of 1954: to look back into the past, it is my hope that you will find that the four years you spent in high school at Adna are among the mo cherished years of your lifeg that the friend- ships made are among those most la-stingyg.. that the ideals created are soundg and thatV the information gathered makes you a bet- In the years to come, when you take time 53: f ter and happier citizen. Sincerely, WALTER W. ROUNDTREIE L,--H-ri, Seniors of 1954 : You have at last come to the end of a long trail on which you have worked hard to achieve this goal you have now reached. To you I want to say, your class has been exceptional in hard Work and cooperation. I congratulate you on your successes and hope that you will continue to be the fine citizens in the future that you have been in the past. We will all miss you very much. EDWIN L. BOLTON I J f f 1 I lj: t .,,. I N. x YN ' x X X -J 'I 1 ,fxx I x ' ' . 'J Ruff' THOMAS MORRIS: Eng. I, Il, III, Library, Dramatics. INEZ SCHERER: Home Econ. I, II, III, Girls' P. E., Girls' Athletics. JAMES ROBINSON: World Hist., U. S. Hist., State Hist., Eng. IV, Boys' Athletics, Boys' P- E., Dramatics. EARL WEBER: Typing, Shorthand, Gen. Business, Band, Glee Club, Journalism, Annual. RALPH NELSEN: Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Advanced Mathematics. WALTER ROUNDTREE: H. S. Principal, Ind. Edu- cation I, II, III, IV, Mechanical Drawing, Health. WALTER MARTH V. E. WALTAR CLERK School HAZEL DUNCAN Board PA GE BENNETT RALPH YOUNG Grade School Staff Left to right: Gladys Krebs, Third grade, Richard Ferguson, Eighth grade, Kathryn Nielsen, Seventh grade, Agnes Thomas, Second grade, l Rachel Alleman, First grade, Cora Siegwarth, Fifth grade, Flossie Vil- , ,, .,., wock, Fourth grade, George Burton, Sixth grade and Grade school prin- cipal. " J ANITORS gm BUS DRIVERS Roy Richter Uarl naase First row, l to r: E. Weber, J. Robin- son, R. Ferguson. Second row, lto r: T. Morris, W. Roundtree, R. Nelsen. Mess Hall Booth s for Chow time COOKS K, P. Duty Estelle Bolton Gladys Haase Lydia Ickes Winn, The Adonian Proudly Presents The Adna High School Graduating Class Of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty Four KATHRYN CARROLL JANICE TRAMM Valedictorian Kathryn Carroll, with an accumulative grade average of 3.84, led all senior students in academic honors. Throughout four years of high school, she has consistently striven for perfection, proving her- seli a worthy symbol for undergraduate-s to follow. In addition to her academic honors, Kathryn has been very active in extra-curricular activities. During her four years at Adna she participated in dramatics, girls' athletics, girls' glee club, drill team and girls' league. She served as editor ofthe "Blue and Gold" and was a member of the annual staff. She lead the drill team three years, served as band drum majorette one year, and held both student body and class offices. A xx , vi Ly Salutatorian Janice Tramm, salutatorian of her class, com- piled a four year grade point average of 3.63. Always near or at the top of the honor roll, Janice proved herself scholastically superior. Janice, too, was very active in extra-curricular activities. Her activity plaque listed girls' athletics, drill team, glee club, dramatics, journalism, girls' league, and annual editor. SECRETARY JAN ICE TRAMM HJanH Letter Winner 1-2-3-4 Adonian Editor 4 Dramatics 3-4 Drill Team 1-3-4 Class Officer 4 Glee Club 3 Journalism 3-4 G. L. Officer 4 GORDON YOUNG nGabbyn Basketball 2-3-4 Football 1-2 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Council Rep. 2 Class President 1 Class Officer 1-4 Annual Staff 4 Journalism 4 J. V. Basketball 1 SGT.-AT-A R M S 1 ,J ,f' , 1 ,, ,., ,... 5 IVA' WENDELL DEBOER "Little Corky"5.x Basketball 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Class President 4 Council Rep. 4 J. V. Basketball 1 "A" Club Sec. 4 KATHRYN CARROLL "Katie" Letter Winner 1-2-3-4 Band 1Drum Major! 3 Editor "Blue 8a Gold" 4 S. B. Secretary 2 S. B. Treasurer 4 Dramatics 3-4 Drill Team Leader 2-3-4 Council Rep. 2-3-4 Class Officer 3-4 Glee Club 2-3 Annual Staff 4 f Journalism 2-3-4 - at LJ .J 9- ii if RAY WINK "CIuck" Football 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 X l YR Dramatics 3-4 Vice-Pres. "A" Club 4 Council Rep. 4 Class Officer 3 J. V. Basketball 1-2-3 BAR BARA HAASE uaabsu Letter Winner 3-4 Band 3-4 Adonian Editor 4 S. B. Secretary 4 Girls' League Pres. 4 Drill Team 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Council Rep. 4 Journalism 2-3-4 Pep Band 4 Band Officer 4 G. L. Sec. 3 X JOHN NORMAN "John" Trans. from Oregon 3 ADDISON DEBOER "Big Gorky" Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Baseball 2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Council Rep. 4 "A" Club Pres. 4 Football Captain 4 J. V. Basketball 1-2 Class Officer 1 BEVERLY KERRIGAN uBev!r Trans. from Chehalis 3 Dramatics 3-4 Letter Winner 2 Glee Club 3 . CLARA MARTH "Blondie" Dramatics 4 Drill Team 1-2-3-4 Class Officer 2 Play Production Crew 3 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Journalism 3-4 Office Secretary 4 Glee Club Accom- panist 2-3-4 TANNY THOMAS 111-annyn Trans. from Chehalis 3 Football 3 Dramatics 4 Play Production Crew 3 N MARILYN SCHMIDT "Smittie" Trans. from South Bend 2 Dramatics 3-4 Class Officer 2 Glee Club 1-2 VIRGIL RAYTON nspiken Baseball 2-3-4 Football 4 Dramatics 3-4 Council Rep. 1-2 Class President 2 Class Officer 1-3 Adonian Business Mgr. Journalism 4 J. V. Basketball 1-2 RAY BOCHE Heochl! Baseball 3-4 Football 2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 S. B. Vice-Pres. 4 J. V. Basketball 3 Council Rep. 4 4 BOB FAY "Church" S. B. Pres. 4 Basketball 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Baseball 2-3-4 Class President 3 Dramatics 3-4 - Class Officer 1-2 J. V. Basketball 1 EVALYN ozAR -fem" Dramatics 4 Drill Team 3-4 Class Officer 3 Play Production Crew 3 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Journalism 4 G. L. Officer 4 LENA SKOFF "Little Lena" Letter Winner 1-2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Drill Team 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 G. Athletics Pres. 4 Journalism 3-4 G. L. Officer 2 . P t cA1.vlN. cone DAVID SIEGWARTH "Spider" Baseball 2 Basketball 3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Photo Club 4 Movie Operator 2-3-4 J. V. Basketball 2 ANNA HEIN KKAnn!! Letter Winner 1-4 Dramatics 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Journalism 3-4 Pep Club 1 .,.,. .....-.-,-,..... ,.,.,.,. lm..- W......W,l,... Trans. from Elgin, Ore. tical!! L Dramatics 4 Play Production Crew 3 Movie Operator 1-2-3-4 Photo Club 4 DAN OLSON uspeedu Basketball 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 J. V. Basketball 1 Ziff!! , A ? LEE ROY WISNER "Wisner" Football 3-4 Play Production Crew 3-4 Movie Operator 1-2-3-4 NORMAN ADOLPHSEN llpetefl X Band 1-2-3-4 Dramatics 4 Play Production Cr Librarian 1-2-3-4 Band Officer 4 Annual Staff N my Ja few Room EY conv R' N HRod!l Trans. from Centralia 4 Play Production Crew 4 FFA 1-2-3 Council Rep- 2 BOB JOHNSON "Johnson" Baseball 2-3 Football 3-4 Athletic Mgr. 1 Play Projection Crew 3-4 Y ' i ' . ' 1 ,:, - an Q11 ..:,a .El ' C' -kill Q' ELVIN Mrrc ,ELL "Mitchel ' Football 3-4 Play Production Crew 3-4 Movie Operator 1-2-3-4 . V i Senior History Chapter One fFreshmenj The 1950-51 school yea.r found thirty students enrolled as green Fresh- men the class of "54". At the first class meeting, class officers were elected with Gordon Young as president. Our class officially became a part of Adna High School after the initiation which was ably handled by the sophomores on September 29. A few aches and pains followed, but we a.ll agree it was one of the most enjoy- able events of our high school career. Just to prove there were no ill feel- ings held over from initiation, we gave the Sophs a return party on April 5. The entire class worked hard decorating the gym, preparing food, and cleaning up to make this dance a success. And a success it was too, with the combined cooperation of the class and adviser, Mr. Weber. A class picnic was held at Deep Lake the last day of school. Chapter Two fSophomoresJ The class of 1954 was happy to return to school September 4, 1951, as Sophomores. The first item of business that year was to elect class officers and Virgil Rayton was chosen class president. On September 21, we initiated the freshmen in grand style. However, they thoroughly enjoyed the ordeal, refreshments and dance, as Well as the devilment we dealt them. During the year, several parties were held at va.rious homes. Some of these get-togethers were Halloween, Christmas, surprise birthday and theatre parties. Mr. Weber again served as our class adviser and attended the class picnic at Puget Sound which was held on the last day of school. Chapter Three Uuniorsj Upperclassmen at last! Yes, we are now next to the top with a full calendar of events for our eleventh year. Our first activity of the year was the sponsorship of the Junior Prom. It was held on October 17, with decorations and refreshments following the theme "Harvest Ball" . Class officers were elected a-s usual at the first of the year and Bob Fay was voted in as president while Mr. Morris served as our adviser. Our long-awaited class rings arrived on November 10, and We felt very important as we showed them around. We really exploited our talent in the presentation of the annual Junior Pla.y, March 6, 1953, entitled "Beanes for Breakfast". This hilarious comedy set the audience rolling in the aisles. There were rumors that this production was the best seen at Adna in many years. Mr. Morris proved himseH a very capable director. The annual class picnic was held at Offut Lake with a good time had by all. 5 Chapter Four CSeniorsD August 31, 1953, found the class of "54" headed down the home stretch, mighty Seniors of AHS. ' The activities of Seniors are many and important, as we soon found out. The Senior boys led the sports activities of AHS, many being indis- pensible members of the athletic teams. Wendell DeBoer was elected president of our class at the first class meeting and Bob Fay served capably as Student Body President. November 13, was the date of the Senior Play production "You're Only Young Once", which was acclaimed tops in entertainment by many fans. On April 30, accompanied by Mr. Robinson, we journeyed to Seattle for the annual Senior Trip. This trip proved to be very educational and enjoyable for the entire class. On May 14, we sponsored the Alumni Dance, which proved to be another attribute to the class of "54". The final events for our class were Baccalaureate, held May 23, and Commencement, on May 27. After this date, the Class of "54" became past history at Adna high school. A i Class Will We, the class of 1954, of the city of Adna, county of Lewis, and state of Washington, being of sound mind-s and memories, do herby make, pub- lish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. First. We direct that our picture be hung in the hall and be given due respect by all future students of A.H.S. Second. We give, devise, and bequeath unto each of the faculty the following: Mr. Bolton, a year with no laryngitis. Mr. Roundtree, a shortcut from Boistfort to Adna. Mrs. Scherer, a class that makes no failures. Mr. Robinson, two 7'3" giants for basketball. Mr. Weber, an automatic system of filing for his desk. Mr. Morris, a bus whose gears can't be stripped. Mr. Nelsen, an air conditioner for the chemistry room. Third. We give, devise, and bequeath the following to the custodians and cooks of A. H. S.: Carl Haase, a remote controlled broom. Roy Richter, a robot to shovel coal. Gladys Haase, Lydia Ickes, and Estelle Bolton, a class who likes their cooking as well as we did. f AFIoIurth. We give, devise, and bequeath the following to the students o . . S.: I, Addison DeBoer, will my climbing ability to Jim Stafford and Bobby Smith. I, Beverly Kerrigan, will my extra curricular activities to Tiny Smith. I, Norman Adolphsen, will Mr. Morris a private secretary to do all his library typing. I, Virgil Rayton, will my ability to get ahead of Gail in the lunch room to the entire freshman class. I, John Norman, will my 1940 Chevrolet to anyone who can fix it. I, Rodney Cody, will my math class and my trouble with cars to Joe Grigsby. I, LeeRoy Wisner, will my fortune to anyone who can find it. I, Gordon Young, will the rest of my life to Lois Orloske. I, Anna Hein, will my flirting ability with soldiers to Patty Walch. I, Lena Skoff, will my job as Girls Athletic President to anyone who wants an easy job. I, Tanny Thomas, will my ability to make typing errors to Mabel Grim. I, Ray Boche, will my sense of humor to Lois Torporke. I, Ray Wink, will my car to Janice Ozar. I, Kathryn Carroll, will my hectic job of "Blue and Gold" Editor to some unsuspecting Junior. I, Janice Tramm, will my small feet to anyone who can find shoes to fit them. I, Bobby Fay, will my slowness at taking a shower to Lee Thomas. I, Calvin Coie, will my line of baloney to the guy with the strongest pitchfork handle. I, Elvin Mitchell, will my ability to miss school to Tiny Smith. I, Bob Johnson, will my ability to sleep in class to anyone. I, David Siegwarth, will my height to Jim Bureleson. I, Dan Olson, will my singing ability to Rocky Enbom. I, Wendell DeBoer, will my bashfulness around girls to Donny Haase, I, Clara Marth, will my ability to talk fast to Bobby Smith. I, Marilyn Schmidt, will my ability to keep from going steady to Jackie Young. I, Barbara Haase, will my knowledge and love of shorthand to Susan Scherer. Class Prophecy ADOLPHSEN, NORMAN: Band leader. World-renowned band leader and drum major. He recently signed a ten year contract to lead' the equally famous E. C. Weber Marching Orchestra. During the winter months Mr. Adolphsen is a star performer with a troupe of traveling acrobats. BOCHE, RAY: Television specialist. Television and radio maintenance specialist for Admiral Company of New York City, also designer of the new Bochevision with the sensational 5-D dimension. Also a famous T.V. comedian, Boche has a two-hour program daily, competing closely with Arthur Godfrey for popularity. Boche's theme song is "Istanbul". CARROLL, KATHRYN: Baseball club owner. Upon conducting thorough examinations of green cheese cultures from the moon, she has found that "Moon Chee-se" contains high nutritive value. Miss Carroll feeds her championship baseball team a, strict diet of this cheese, and as a result, her team has a record of no defeats. CODY, RODNEY: Doctor of Science. Has just completed a nation wide sur- vey on the domestic habits of the American House Mouse, Dr. Cody has also obtained valuable information as to the whereabouts of the near extinct "Shmoo" once famous in the comic strip "Lil Abner". COIE, CALVIN2 Secretary of Agriculture. Successful because of previous he has been in office. DeBOER, ADDISON: Industrial designer. Noted authority on Lane Cedar Chests. He is world renowned for his modern and highly dif- ferent designs. Also was former star on the Michigan State Football Team. Q DeBO'ER, WENDELL: Actor. Hollywood film star of the romantic type. Academy award winner in 1963 for role in t'Lover, Come Back To Me". Conducts rodeo tours as a hobby. FAY, BOBBY: Guide. Famous hunting and fishing guide in Equatorial Africa.. In his spare time he captures wild animals for Clyde Beatty. HAASE, BARBARA: Famous journalist. Is at present residing in Switzerland while writing a history of her ancestry. She has a part time job making holes in the Swiss Cheese. HEIN, ANNA: Concert pianist. She has a lead on the whereabouts of 'The Lost Chord". She thinks it contacted pneumonia. at the 1953 Daffodil Festival in Puyallup and is still recovering on the French Riviera. She is now searching that area. JOHNSON, BOB: Governor. Newly elected governor of Lower Slobovia. His favorite hobby is raising Siberian Pot-licker Hound Puppies. They make ideal gifts for lazy housewives. KERRIGAN, BEVERLY: Automobile racer. World famed automobile racer Ctwo tone blue FordJ who has recently made news headlines for capturing the first known flying saucer. She reports that men from Mars are very disappointing. MARTH, CLARA: Court reporter. Famous shorthand genius in the United States Supreme Court. Avera.ges 200 words a minute in short- hand and sometimes can take down 250 words if they are hard words. In her spare time she gives piano concerts at Carnegie Hall. MITCHELL, ELVIN: Adna High School Superintendent. He introduced the 2-4-6 education plan. School two days a week-four months a year-with only six years required to graduate. NORMAN, JOHN: Doctor of Philosophy at Northwestern University. Devised the present plan for world unity and lasting peace. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 1964. Q OLSON, DAN: Phychologist. Foremost authority on the mental dis- orders of the guppy. He reports that guppies have very intelligent brains on the average, which he may someday try to transfer to human heads. OZAR, EVALYN: Bookie. Owner of an establishment which handles wagers on horses at Santa Anita. She is currently being investigated by the Senate Crime Committee. RAYTON : VIRGIL: Journalist. Writes for the famous New York Times. He covers all the fashion shows around New York and attends all the high society functions. Leads a well rounded and successful life. His hobby is the task of returning pencils to Mr. Weber, Adna High School Commercial Teacher. SCHMIDT, MARILYN: Night club singer. World renown entertainer with main headquarters at Paris, France. On the side, Miss Schmidt owns and operates the "Super Stay-fast Never Fade" Hair Dye Com- pany in Albany, New York, and is doing very well for herself. SIEGWARTH, DAVID: Famed scientist. Known for his invention of the jet plane that will run a life-time without refueling. It also is crash resistant and this is a great boon to women flyers. SKOFF, LENA, Snake charmer. The foremost official snake charmer of Mandalay, Burma. Travels world-wide with husband, wealthy cattle rancher in Argentina. THOMAS, TANNY: Archaeologist. Famous for his vast exploration of the Amazon River Valley and Tanganyika. Has considered joining the French Foreign Legion. TRAMM, JANICE: Hula dancer. A very accomplished hula dancer in the best known pavilions at Waikiki. In her spare time Janice takes care of her six adorable children, two sets of triplets, while her husband at- tends to his many coffee plantations in Brazil. WINK, RAY: Construction engineer. Drew up the plans for the bridging of the Atlantic Ocean. Al-so designed the St. Lawrence Seaway. In his spare time he replaces Yogi Berra on the Yankee team. WISNER, LeeROY: Fur trapper. - Traps in the lower regions of Deep Creek. Millionaire who can be compared with John Jacob Astor. Working on plans for the ecoomic development of this region. YOUNG, GORDON: World famous farmer. Invented a breed of cattle that when butchered can feed 2,000 people and only have to be milked every three days. They give 100 gallons of milk each three days. Senior Poem Our high school days are over Dear old Adna Senior High, But we never will forget you From now until We die. We were Freshmen when we came here, As green as greenest grass, We leave you now as Seniors, And admit we are some class. We owe to you, Old Adna High, Our stores of knowledge great And novv vve're going to leave you And follow out our fate. We take with us fond memories Of things that we have done, Of when we Worked, of when We played, Of victories we have Won. The world is big and We are not, But we will find our placeg You've taught us how to get ahead Ilrlife' ' ce. 'si M V' JS R The friendships made Within your walls Are strong as iron bandsg And things look bright and hearts are light When friends have shaken hands. We love you, Adna Hi, for the fun We've had while we were here, And Were it not that we were done, We'd come again next year. But now at last the time has come, We leave you With a sigh, They're gone, those carefree days of youth, Old Adna High, Good-by. Motto: The elevator to success i-s out of order, take the stairs. Color: Blue and White Flower: Red Rose .1 .J .mmce TRAMM LEE ROY WISNER Baby Daze , 5' EW 42:1 Q jimiig, , :L X A T, 3 .Q , .,,, , mg rm X xg f .. ,. -,,-. 1:22-,Eg 5 Q llbvl I Z 4! 5 ff ax 'SFC If KATHRYN CARROLL RAv BOCHE . MW RAY WINK VIRGH.. RAYTON PS L ANNA Hem BQLBLFA CLARA MARTH VHZGYL VALYN OZAR ADDISON DEBOER DAVRD SIEGWARTH CALVIN COIE GORDON YOUNG ATL I-1 1, , l '35 TY Te as Lev 'T in his ann? ,P oxifin me 135 X VN Ravifa t Ege- Q 'Jl,.,m f creams ll f secvefagy U' have Cowes Nr. 'B 45" Q25 Cal: Sesamn X, FW 8, Den? 2 vv--S+' - .4 Q K JS. WV R yy, A if mwz'ur'0'CJ 1 zz 3' Q7 . 1 My 22, 1 : 45' if L 'ai-1. Q Mk, 2 4 Frei F45- 51 df f A irfdamf 5 aol Uncfzrul fandom .lineage 3743, jeu 85" M J"ut7' Carve 8017 hippy 706 Adm, First row, left to right: H. Thayer, S. Wilson, J. Leonard, B. Nowlen, S. Johnson, J. Aldrich, B. Mohoric, L. Orloske, S. Thompson. Second row: Mr. Weber, adviser, B. Chandler, C. Tanks- ley, S. Leland, N. Hein, P. Walch, M. Wisner, W. Cody. Third row: E. Anderson, M. Skoff, J. Froman, J. Burleson, B. Smith, B. Saylor, B. Johnson. SOPHO PRESIDENT BobSmith kwa 0 M560 URES Left to right: Mr. Weber, Advisor, Helen Thayer, Representative, Matt Skoff, V. President, Lois Orloske, Secretary, Erroll Anderson, Sgt.-at-Arms. N Si ii Q Gab E 4 2? Q S, ax W if 1 1 mn Pffxzwwmsmwqwwmly A 4'-we ' , 'lf wa..-nah 4 x First row, left to right: E. Vetter, M. Patch, J. Balsley, J. Ozar, M. Simonds, M. Setzer, S. Kerrigan, I. Norman, A. Geizler. Second row: Mr. Nelson, adviser, B. Norman, L. Adolphson, M. Tanksley, E. Geizler, M. Courtney, E. Toporke, B. Thayer, D. Fertig, W. Geizler. Third row: D. Haase, A. Waltar, C. Dykes, L. Thomas, K. Wilson, R. Dykes, J. Morgan, J. Grigsby. F. Ambsdorf. FRESHM N PRESIDENT Clare Dykes Left to right: Mr. Nelson, Advisory Barbara Thay- 4057! er,.Representativeg Ross Dykes, V. President, Anna Gelzler, Secretary, Lee Thomas, Sgt.-at-Arms. as ' 6 ,W E 'Fra , . ff? , ws- A , .5 kv A A. I, ' 21V 5 .1 Ai 1 117 f J 177 Fair' ., .. . U31 3' X I Y -Dorff Easb N-Soi, E S , wg SM 5 5 rn Q. 4 ., - I: K ? In xp our A ua w vo L G u u-10.3 I. tag Cf' X, ,,fQ 'T QL? 'E it f A vu .L . v . Lwvvvxvxx, Lux. xvLL5uoUu, l1Cd4b1lC1 , KJ. LNUCLA, LJ. LYLGDDIIIEILELIII, P. I111' derson, C. Karvia, D. Scherer, R. Richardson, O. Lininger. Third row, 1 to r: J. Long, T. Johnson, R. Anderson, W. Marth, J. Berrier, G. Mattis, B. Mullins, J. Berrier. row,J1 to r: J. Nowlen, D. Tramrn, J. Lester, R. Scherer, T. Tufts, F. Snod- grass, D. Sherman, J. Leonard. 1 gh N wvitws -r wa Nz., Calendar of Events August 31 September September September --School Began-took us a while to get used to wearing shoes again. 12-Football Jamboree-we won and the band looked good. 18-Freshman Initiation-oh, Murder! . 25-Beat Lebam 39-18 there. Teacher's Reception that night. October 10-Wi-shkah there 18-21-Guess who lost? October 13-Ugh! Report cards. ' October 15-Scalped Rainier here 55-8. Band made first appearance at the half . October 16-Junior Prom big success. Delegates to Student Leaders Con- October October 30 October 31 November November November November December December December December December December ference at U. of W. - 23-Played Napavine there-A real brawl. 34-29 our favor. -Tolo. Lots of fun. Toutle Lake here Cwe lost and it was a close onej and the Seniors began selling annual ads. COHHH! My achin' feetj. -P. L. C. Student Congress. 11-Beat Boistfort here on Armistice Day. 13-Senior Play-Howling success! 24-Those terrible report cards again. 26, 27-Thanksgiving Holiday-Turkey--Turkey-Ugh! 5-Jamboree at Chehalis-tied Pe Ell 14-14. 11-Lebam here-Sock dance afterwards. 15-Rainier traveled to Adna to get trounced. 23-Out at 1:20 for a nice restful vacation. 29-Rainier there-we won 39-35. 30-To Tenino to win close one--40-38. January 8-Boistfort here-Too bad for us--another Sock Dance. January 15-Pe Ell there-Same old story. Semester ended. January 22-Toutle Lake here-rough! February February February February February March 12 March March March March 2-Tenino here-we won. Assembly at. Nap-avine. 6-At Napavine to win 33-36-Goody! Goody! 9-Upset! Beat Pe E11 by big score. Hurrah! 12-Lost to Toutle Lake again. 19-Napavine here-we won. Press Conference at the U. of W. -Junior Play-Really a "Madhouse". First baseball game at Rochester-Started the season with a win. 22-Rochester here-won again. 26-Band Concert-"Cat" day at A. H. S. big success. 27-Band Festival at Longview-tune up those Woodwinds. 29-Rainier here--Eastman, you should know that you can's beat the A. H. S. boys. March 31-Senior Day-Experts at brainwashing. April 7-Beat State School 2-1. April 10-Daffodil Festival-OHHHHH! Our aching bones! April 15-Boistfort here. ' April 16-End of six week-s-only six more weeks to go. April 23-Tolo-Wonderful time ha.d by all. Beautiful formals. April 29-At Pe Ell-What a thriller. COh yes, we won.J April 30- May 7-Pa Senior Trip-so educational. rents' Reception-made a good showing. Boistfort here-best game of the year. May May May 14-Alumni Dance--best dance ever. 23-Baccalaureate-thankful we made it. 27-Graduation-end of four wonderful years of fun and hard Work. Left to right: B. Smith, R. WinltR2V. DeBoer,-E. Andmson, K. Carroll, B. Haase, H. Thayer, Mr. Roundtree, principal, A. DeBoer, T. Smith, President Bob Fay, Y. Enterwegner, C. Conrad, R. Boche, C. Dykes. STUDE T GUVERNMENT S. B. Officers ev -se -M Left to right: Kathryn Carroll, Treasurer, Errol Anderson, Sgt. ' at Arms, Bob Fay, President, Ray Boche, Vice-Presidentg Bar- Bob Fay, President bdra Haase, Secretary. Y W uh Left to right: C. Coie, R. Saylor, C. Dykes, D. Siegwarth, A Walter, R. Dykes, D. Haase. Movie Operators Eiice Secretary Clara Marth Library Staff Standing l to r: L. Toporke, N. Adolphson, S. Leland, Mr. Morris, Librarian. Seated l to r: M. Tanksley, S. Johnson, C. Tanksley. akviwwiii Kai m y 445 'I said no 2" u er Th No more BangS Twins I I i Junior Play F1ISt row, l to r: J. Young, Y. Unterwegner, J. Waltar, G. Scherer, S. Scherer, W. Duey Second row, l to r: E. Richter, I. Bowers, M. Grimm, C. Hopper, C. Conrad, Mr. Morris, Ad v1s . ird row, l to r: L. Olson, C. Dykes, R. Elnbom, J. Stafford, T. Smith. Grandma Stanly Crazy mixed up kids 'Wteladq Wtaddoau ' John Stanley .......................... .- Mary Stanley ........ ....... John, Junior ....... "S1ster" ..,..................... Grandma Stanley ....,............... Mrs. Austin ........... Mr. Austin ................ ........ Stevens the Butler French Maid ........ Dottie Austin ........ Dollie Austin ......... ..... The Radio Man ........ ....... Kenny ................... . Joe ....................... Polly ...... Jack .,..... Louise ....... Charlie Dykes Joyce Waltar Rocky Enbom Gail Scherer Gladys ...................................... .... Yvonne Unterwegner .. Jackie Young Susan Scherer Lee Olson Eugene Richter Connie Conrad Mabel Grim Winnie Duey Glen Thqmpson Tiny Smith Jim Stafford Carol Hopper Neil Long Irene Bowers Blue and Gold Staff n. .... l J, -, Toporke, G. Scherer. . Waltar. V. Ravton. S. Saated l to r: Lena Skoff, Assembly and distribution' Bar- KATHRYN CARROLL bara Haase, Art Editorg Kathryn Carroll, Editor in Chiefg EDITOR Janice Tramm, Grade Editor. Standing l to r: Clara Marth, Eeaturg lilditorgv-Qordon. Youngl Sports 'Editorg -Eyalyn 775577 bnfeunoe Deleqatea .M 71 sewn em fgfwsifmw 'Q EM QM 1 M Ai, ' 2' W if 'E' f 5 gif , L g 4 4 513: QQ ' in 'we r 'Q Q Jw I Wi , if ' ' 5, 7? N ways b I af M .. EL 91? W fm fi 2 F55 M, f' iiwvzgvjw N ..:' I ' ga i W W 2' r WB Q I 6 Ei ,f I . 'f A , 1 2 :'5ffef5:1f' r ' A ' VJ' QA, ,wx X ' 9 1 'IE i ' fx 5 X ,A 'Q 1 'V 5 , my W: M W ' im A uf f xv Y 63 M Q K. v',, x A ' , ':'Q:f lx K 3? Sf' ? ' ' 5.i, E : . M 'KQV HELL!! i P: 1 wi 22 Q fgk 4 3 fi ,fn " X f"f' fQQe 1 if gin., A ,M F ?f""""" x 'S YQ 'Sgt 'ig K E , - ..,,,A 'xwgy Q3 , I igfzigi,,i? 1 , 'Q A Ag 3 1 gajizi- nigga A A 3 Y f We 4 ' gf 4' fm 'be 'W' 55- 5 6 b 'Q f As.. an A., , rf 'XV ,nl f X X E ' I ' 'Q GT C. Hopper, C. Conrad, Y. Unterwegner, L. Orloske. 5-Th0mPS0n,Sousaphone M. Waltar, Bell Sax Section. D. Tramm, M. Patch, G. Reed, P. Siegwarth. Trombone Section I. Sato, J. Waltar, S. Scherer, A. Waltar 5 IA and First row, 1. to r.: H. Thayer, J. Ozar, E. Ozar, S. Wilson, I. Bowers, J. Young, J. Aldrich, P Walch, E. Vetter. Second row: S. Scherer, N. Hein, C. Marth, J. Waltar, C. Conrad, W. Duey M. Grim, L. Skoff, E. Geizler. Third row: A. Hein, B. Thayer, J. Balsley, S. Kerrigan, B. Now- len, I. Norman, M. Simonds, M. Courtney, M. Setzer. f 2 CLARA MARTH, Accompanist Mr. Weber, Director 7 , V .M ,ww . . ,, ..,, - V? .Xi,..i....E 2 .5 ,..A f A 5,,.L ....,., ,AX, ,?,,3W 5 5 3, WF 35 5 ' 5 5 wi W I 5 Y' 3 3 Q a - Q ggtgvfu 'Y W. E12 ?,iA LxW Lgffifijijfifiigm, A3 Wifi g5i"i S M ,WMi 1 W ,m..,,1.,,....TM..L ,JM , u W ,mf ' ' M P X f Q ' b4" Yi 3 "1""'? if H-Q . Q 4, 1 lg W . XY " . 'Wg :Qu w"g QQ, in Q W. I kk ' 7 K5 A I V , K x ,':1,,:- 'jmzgiw :.. ,Q me V Q. I 'ik ' Axdwbhwh is R w4 ,ff fl? W may -NS' k .J dw Aj L by ,Q ,M43 L ks ,, Ai It Il Bw., as Song Queens Left to right: Mabel Grimm, Carol Hopper, Connie Conrad. fm wmv? nw HP' 'W , M... .W NW N vial gym gay S A M.m fm' M ,,N 5 Tm, f i 5, X. an . Sb , 4 SM 3-wi? - Arn! gg k , Q , 5- W. ff is girl N Aw y W W., fli QQMWQMWML s .......m....,,,.mM ,, , , M 525:53 Mew? Q M31 MX W A.xv.M. M D146 W f -NNW... M., Awww.. WW Q... ,...... a 2 - ...,x,.,. . ,M . ,. i .fm-1 ......,.., - .,.. v ,. 1 1 - X 2 .. my ., , K K Wx 1 .:: ' 'T , 'Ii,. .I E. ."' MW ....,.... :.:...7 ..,,..... Q -f .: ' iii N HL L M MQ fee - ,LW T Y N a D ,A mu X31 A, H .... , ..., -51, H ag M ., 2 'M- .. .11 ,T ,.,, . ,, , fi 'Q-J 1 . I A '14-wr 4 W 7 K' , ..-....-,-V..,-.:..:.,.:,: , , X , G R 35 Wg: , Counter-clockwiseg J. Tramm, Editorg L. Skoff, Historiang E. Ozar, Historiang V. Ray- ton, Business Managerg D. Olson, R. Wink, G. Young, Sportsg K. Carrol, Historiang B. Haase, Editor. Annual Staff After a good deal of work and fun, this edition of the Adonian finally went to press. Throughout the planning and Work on this annual, our one guiding thought has been to build an annual that you would enjoy. In this we hope We have not failed. The photography was ably done by Mr. Frank Everndon of Centralia. The printing, engraving, and binding were handled by the Chehalis Advocate Printing Company. The staff wishes to thank those individuals who contributed pictures or in any Wa.y helped in the production of this annual. We wish to give special thanks to Mr. Ted Bar- tholamew for the excellent aerial photo of our school. Co-Editors .... Barbara Haase, Janice Tramm Sports Editor .............,.............. Gordon Young Business Manager .................... Virgil Rayton Staff ........................ Evalyn Ozar, Dan Olson, Kathryn Carroll, Lena Skoff, Ray Wink Adviser ............................................ Mr. Weber S 'C I I II 3 1: 'I Adna Hugh at Work I lb Q, I I All is not play within the walls of Adna High School. A wide 'I Q variety of traditional academic courses and vocational subjects are 1' 1' offered to students of Adna High School. i 'Q I A total of thirty-two credits are required for graduation, eighteen 1' l of which must be academic credits. Academic credits include: Eng- I I' lish, science, mathematics, social studies, and foreign languages. Non- 1' 'I Academic credits are: commercial, shop, home economics, health and I I' P. E., music, library. Among the required subjects are: Four years of 1' 'I English, two year-s of social studies, one year of science, one year of I I' mathematics, two years of health and physical education, two years of J I . . I 'I home economics for all girls, and two years of shop for all boys. 1+ I: The English department, under the supervision of Mr. Thomas 1: :I glolrris, offers English I, II and III. English IV is taught by Mr. James 1' I o inson. 0 'I History and social studies are taught by Mr. James Robinson. 'I I' The courses include state history, United States history, world his- I' 'I tory and civics. Current events are integrated into the various his- 'I I' tory courses in a manner which points up the importance of every I' :I day changes in the world. I 'I ,' The Home Economics Department, very complete in every detail, I 1: is under the guidance of Mrs. Inez Scherer-Home Economics I, II 1' and III are offered to all girls. These courses include advance sew- 1: ing, cooking, diet management, problems of homemaking, child care, , 1' and other subjects of this nature. I' If Industrial Education, more commonly known as shop, offers wood- 'I 1' Work I, II, III and IV. Mechanical drawing is also included in this I' 1: department. The shop is equipped with the latest and best wood- 'I 'I working tools available. Adna High School has long been widely 1' known for the excellence of its woodworking classes. The depart- rf ment is under the supervision of Mr. Walter Roundtree. I Commercial subjects are taught by Mr. Earl Weber. This depart- 'Q ment includes typing I, shorthand I, general business training and " bookkeeping. Journalism is integrated with the commercial subjects to give additional training. A wide variety of science and mathemetics are offered at Adna I High School. They include algebra I, geometry, advanced algebra, 'I biology, chemistry and physics. These subjects are taught by Mr. I Ralph Nelsen. The science labratory is complete in every detail giv- I ing students an excellent opportunity for experimentation. I' Physical education courses are instructed by Coach Robinson I and Mrs. Scherer. Health is studied in conjunction with physical education. 'I Band can be taken for full credit. However, most students use I' their band credits as activity credits. Band is offered to all students, 'I grades seven through twelve. I' Library credits are given to those who manage the grade school 'I and high school libraries. Mr. Morris, a certified librarian, supervises I' the two libraries. 1' Damatics are combined with junior and senior English. Nearly 'I all A.H.S. students get the opportunity to take part in at least one I dramatic production. ' Adna High School students have an excellent opportunity to pre- I' pare themselves for college entrance, or to make a living in the world. The facilities and equipment are available, the rest is up to the I student. I A A.,x,1,-s,vA,A.A.-fffxfw,-v-.-Y-,af-Y-Y-Y-f - - -Y-,AfA,x,sfvAfY-.Af.A,A. .Av-.-.fvxf-,AY-fv- I In 1' AA-.Aft M-13' 1 ,..,.-v-f-"""""" -w OOPS' MISSED A STITCH' K Y S V-ff 5 5 N 1 wx ,A YW' ,iw , ,Q 5 ,f ve ,fi fag Wx ,,,.,'-M iifffiig Nu.. aww H Mg, H'Jnx' fa' Q .W Lair, A ,, "'-vnu-.... ff no-M . l 'ga wa. . ,gbsff fm 'M sa b Wg? Football The 1953-54 football season was, without question, one of the most successful for the Adna Pirates in recent years. The team compiled a season record of six wins against only two losses. Both losses were by very close scores. Addison DeBoer, a four-year letterman and mainstay in the Pirate line-up, captained thelAdna gridders. Some who very definitely contri- buted to the team's power were Tiny Smith at quarterback, Ray Wink at center, Dan Olson at right end, Errol Anderson at left end, Bob Johnson at defensive halfback, and Rocky Enbom at right halfback. The Pirates showed exceptional strength in their passing attack, spearheaded by quarterback Smith and made deadly by the pass receiving ability of the remainder of the team. - Addison DeBoer, Tiny Smith and Errol Anderson were named to the league all star team a-s a result of their splendid efforts during the season, and Ray Wink received honorable mention. The athletic program at Adna makes a special effort to include every boy in some phase of sports, whether or not he is a star or a regular on the team makes little difference. The boys have learned the important fact that athletics is not an individuals game, but a challenge which de- mands the co-operation of everyone in order that the team may emerge triumphant. ,Q The following is a. list of boys who turned out for football this year. Perhaps each of these boys did not make la. touchdown or a brilliant tackle, but you may be sure they did their utmost for the team, and in no small way added to the success of the season. Ray Bochet Dan Olsont Harmon Chandler Bob Fayt Ronald Mullins Jim Froman Virgil Raytont Ronald Tanksley Bob Chandler Tanny Thomast Lee Olson Lee Thomas Bob J ohnsonf Roger Maddox Kennith Wilson Wendell DeBoert Gene Richter Tiny Smith Elvin Mitchellt Jim Stafford Errol Anderson Addison DeBoer" Glen Thompson Ray Winkt Rocky Enbom ' tSeniors Basketball For the Adna Pirates, the 1954 b-asketball season was not spectacular, however, it was certainly deserving of credit. At the beginning of the year, the team seemed weak and perhaps even a little short on "fight", however, as the season progressed, the boys improved tremendously. At the end of their schedule, the Pirates defeated teams which had previously given them severe beatings. Although Adna. placed but third in the league, some special mention should be made of the manner in which the team fought back and came through when the chips were down. Coach Robinsons own words can briefly summarize the comeback, "It was the most improved basketball team I have ever coached." The Junior Varsity had a good season, winning thirteen games and losing seven. This team made up entirely of lower classmen, un-der the part time direction of Ray Wink and Ray Boche, also showed great im- provement and should contribute to a strong varsity next year. Those turning out for basketball, other than varsity players, were: JUNIORS: Harmon Chandler, Ronald Mullins, Lee Olson fnd Jim Staf- ford. SOPHOMORES: Bob Chandler, Bud Johnson, Bob Saylor and Bob Smith. FRESHMEN: Ronald Haase, Walter Geiszler, Lee Thomas, Alan Waltar and Kenneth Wilson. ,"5 an i. f7nJe v5o X ffuff-will ,fi w1 Qi, 'f W K ' , , fN"q"vi5 ? Q 4 W 6,,,, ,Z A if W ER Adna vs 6 Ad O k II L ANDERS Oakvill 0 Laba 18 ON CE INY SMITH QQB 38 Adna at wx KH 00101 ENB0 Wishkah 29 RAY WINK CCD Y All Star Members 5 2 E 2 E E 1 J T w w as J Q 9 S Y , :.. Y Ya 122 5 gi.. ' H br .,, A N A j 5 l 1", 'iw 5 iff. 'fi .Zz ' 1 'E A R 2 A .H s .:, N: .J mx ' ag. la fag at is-N A fx? 4' 2 'K in fe- f ff gf B N 1:" 1" J ,ae xg --5vQ- C' ff? J E ...:1,. ,A J, A nuqgg J h-.:. .- V uf' Q' fa 1 -. ,S W lm Kneehng 1 to r H Chandler, B Chandler, J Stafford L. Olson, K. Wllson, W Geizler Standing 1 to r. J Morgan, manager, B Johnson, C Dykes, B Saylor, A Waltar, D. Haase, R Boche, asslstant coach. 9 2 'Tk 'X D MEGWARTH W DEBOER nn 6. X . NM. R ENBOM annum fa M G YOUNG '-H-w ""'HHA T.SMlTH My Baseball The Adna High School Pirates are celebrating their 10th anniversary as undisputed champions of the Western Lewis County Class "C" base- ball league. So far this year they have played a total of thirteen games and have lost only one. They have not been defeated in league play and their wins include a close one over the Centralia Junior College Blazers. The Pirates Won their league championship in 1945 and have held it ever since. Three years 1950-51-52 they won the Lewis County champion- ship and several other years they won the Northern Division Champion- ship of Lewis County. The Western Lewis County League alwa.ys strong, is made up of State School, Pe Ell, Boistfort and Adna. Each ye-ar, one or more of the other members of the league have been top contenders for the crown won by Adna the past ten years. Two of the county championships f1951-523 were under the coaching of James Robinson, the present coach. The other 119501 was coached by Robert Eastman, now Superintendent of Schools at Rainier. Coach Robinson attributed the winning streak enjoyed by his Pirates to exceptionally fine pitching and a great deal of "hustle" on the part of the entire team. This year's team was paced by a first rate pitching staff in the persons of Gordon Young and Bob Fay. Both Young and Fay are graduating Seniors. Mr. Robinson further stated, "The boys here at Adna have an appreciation for baseball that is very unusual. Coaching them is a pleasure when you meet their tremendous enthusiasm." Ray Wink, co-captain of the the Pirate club, handled all the catch- ing for his team and proved himself to be a genuine competitor at all times. Gordon Young, also co-captain, shared the pitching duties with Bob Fay. Neither Young nor Fay lost a game up to the time the Adonian went to press. First base was very cap-ably guarded by Wendell DeBoer, a senior letterman and clean-up hitter. Dan Olson covered second base and also swung a heavy bat. Tiny Smith was a regular at the shortstop position and leadoff hitter for the Pirates. Lee Olson played third base and saved a good many base hits through his fielding efforts. Collectively, Adna's infield was one of the best in the league, always -showing plenty of "hustle" and co-ordination. Addison DeBoer, Jim Stafford and Glen Thompson patrolled left, center, and right fields respectively, contributing equally to the success of the team. u First row, l to r: D. Fertig, manager, H. Chandler, R. Boche, T. Smith, L. Olson, J. Morgan, manager. Second row, 1 to r: B. Fay, A. DeBoer, R. Wink, D. Olson, W. DeBoer, Mr. Robinson, coach. Third row, 1 to r: J. Stafford, B. Johnson, V. Rayton, R. Enbom, F. Young. ,i f ' ' .. i 5 ' 'F' Yuri . " fn' i f A if f. '. ,f " ' Sze " ,Q I .. e 3 1,5 K Vw A t V tax .W S 4 X '- " ..,,' sa ,.,. . fu,gSf,. ,, . i . , 'L' , ., is ?' ' f, , A f ff- ...s:.....,,' fy - ., is 4 .36 gg, ' . if , 41552 5 V ,. 7 ,S " ' if 4 ,- - 'IYQQX W 5 E - fi- if . .. -X ' ' .I ' 1 'A ms, h Wx J r . , . ,... .H -. ..,, m - 1 B if iz: Hg Q, Q, A. if V - 51 . 6.31 , Wy . .... J, if ...,,, .1 , ,,,A ' H, Y-f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 gil J. STAFFORD Center Field 0250 TH sm WA ight OMPS be FlQ,d 9 Q 5, 5? ,.,, 5, we .E,.-.- . . 1:1 T. SMITH Short Stop L. OLSON 3rd Base B. FAY and G. YOUNG Petchers R. WINK Catcher D. OLSON 2nd Base W. DeBOER lst Base me hh, 1-'W 14-Jna 'Ili' Baf' akin'-155, gi ,.,7 it MA 522' g NJPQEQ Y Q 1 n , , ww' Z? if 2 ,wk 4. .. Y svl L - 6 t -I :V A A ,lx V- -.,'-' ' A if iff, egg, lg ,,., Q ""' "" Q A W .bl ff, ,.,, .4 --'- ' W L' Q fgisrqhifs , ix- 'lv , hx? ,.,,:-Q1 . ::. . in Mm s, Q' SP 'gf 'ZW' 4, 'Ay , f g Q? ., , , 3 A ,S QXK , kg I mf 9 f Q 2 V x X. M 1 Z IV' M1 1 1 1' :1 1' 1 1' 11 1 1 1 1 1' 11 1' 1 11 1 1' 1 :1 11 1' 1 1' 1 1' 1' 1' K' 1' 1 1' 1' 1: E 1: O C :b 1 A vertnsmg 1 1' 1' 1 The advertisers who have purchased space in this year- 1: book have provided approximately 80? of the entire annual 1: 1 budget-obviously, there would be no "Adonian" if these bus1- 1 1: ness houses did not advertise with us. 11 1 1 1 Your patronage of these fine Lewis County business 1: hou-ses will be appreciated by this, and future Adonian staffs. 1: 1 By advertising in our school annual, they have demonstrated :1 1 that they are interested in the of our school and stu- 1: : dents, thus, they surely deserve your patronage. :1 1 A fine gesture on your part would be a word of thanks 1: to these business people-just say that you saw their ad in the 11 1 "Adonian". That would let them know that their advertislng 1 1: dollars were well spent. :I 1 11 The Adonian staff, in addition to wishing these business 1 1 . . . 1 1: houses continued success, would hke to thank the Chehahs 1: 1 Chamber of Commerce, and the Centralia Chamber of Com- :1 1 merce for their generous assistance in setting up our advertis- 1: ing campaign. : 1 :1 Ig 1 1 1 1 1 if 1 1 1: 1, 1 1: 1 1 :1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 :1 ,-,-ff.-Y-Y-.Av-,Av A.- 11 1 Af,A.A.A -f-fff.,-v-YAff,-.A.A.-v-Y-.A.-.-.A -,Av-v-Y-.1-Y-fff.A.A.-ff - - -ff.-f A.-Y-vv-A.-Y-if -ef-xfyAYA.A.A,-.AY-YA. QvA-vxAafveA+- A-,A.,.----- A-,-,.. The Chehalis Advocate Q We are proud to have been chosen by the Q Class of '54 to again print the C cial P i ti g d Lth g phy of n ki d iw 895 M rket Stre t Wedding Stationery Chehalis, Wash. .,,N,,,x.,-,,-.fL,x,.,x.,x,-e,x,x, -,MA.A,A.A,A,1AAf,-YA,A,A,A,A.,.,-,,,,. Lewis-Pacific Dairymen's Associa ion Producers of Dry Milk Cheese Butter Feed and Implement Departments Telephone 8-4438 Chehalis, Washington - :Y-ffffffff.-v-rv-fv-,-.Av-x,e,x,-efefxfsf-sv-v- Lewis Count Medical Societ Look Healthy! Feel Healthy! Be Healthy! Good Luck and Good Health to Adna High's Graduating Seniors Y-74.-vA,xfvAv-f,Af,-Y-f, SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Retail Store - 801 Market Phone '8-4473 Save Time - Save Money at Sears Catalog Sales Dept. Farm Store - 859 Pacific Ave. Phone 8-4473 Chehalis, Washington SAA---V?- 5,.fry-f.-,A,,,AYQ,N,x, Electricals Contractors WIIR-MUR ELECTRIC CCMPIINY Industrial and Residential Wiring 3l2 S. Iron Phone 6-4282 Centralia, Wash. .AQAYA.-ffefxfv-.-v-aff,-,-sfsfxf.-.fvAvAfv-fff fer.,-,V Y-.-.-.-.-fff,-,A,,A,-,-Y-Vvvv-vA,q,x,xAfvvx1 , "He who serves agriculture serves all mankind ." Graham Implement Co. lVIcKinnell Tractor Co. Lewis-Pacific Dairymen's Assn. Western Tractor Co. St. I-lelens Tractor Co. Grange Supply Buck and Sons Murphy Campbell Co. Coleman Equipment Co. LEWIS COUNTY IMPLEMENT DEALERS' ASSOCIATION -,Av-f.- YA,-sfv-.-,A,xfx:f.,ffY-.fvf-Y- -.-Y-Y-ffffff.Aff.-.-fffffv-.ref-,A,A.A .,.,.,.v.,.,.,.,4,.,A,.,.,A,.v,,.,.,.,.,A,A,.,.,t,, I I BARTEL'S MEN'S STORE 881 Pacific Avenue Phone 8-3871 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON A,,.,,.,.c.v.,...,.,.,.,...,,,.v.v.,A.A,,. - ,MI WASHINGTON FUEL CO. Congratulates The Seniors of Adna High I - - .,.. a,V,,,.,.,A,,,,,..,.,v.,.,,, - - - I ""A-"--'AAAA----AA'-AAA----I I QUICK SERVICE TRANS'FER 1056 Prindle Street Phone 8-3221 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 'I I I I I I I I I I I ,IYAY,-AY,Y,Y,','A'A',Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,','AYAYA'A'AY-vAY,v,Y,Y,'AQI Lrv-YAY-Y-YA-A147--Y---YA---.-YA.-.Av-Y-YA.-.4f.-sf? I I Since 1927 KORTEN'S "Music Brings Happiness" Commerce at Broadway - Longview Centralia, Wn. Richland, Wn. I I I I I I I I -V-ff-Y-Y-ff,-'AVA'-.-Y-,-Y-.-Y-Y-.-J.-.-f,-.A.Af.-, --,--,-,,,,--Y,,-,-Vv-.,-Y - - AA, - - ...,, - vvt,-.,v.,.,,,.,,,,a,,,, I I WEYERHAEUSER TIMBER COMPANY 4 Go CI? oc J' r 9.09 Camp MacDonald llperation "Timber is cl crop--- Help prevent foresl- fires. nfVvvfffA I I "BIG WHEEL" On Washington Highways The "By Ways" of Progress PHT 8: IMF Pacific Highway Transport Inland Motor Freight 'll rv--Y-YAYAvAYA.,s,xf.-v-74.474,A.A,-.-.-.-.A.A.A.,-,-,-,- I FECHTNER'S JEWELRY 901 Chehalis Avenue Phone 8-4313 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON , ,- I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I 9 I I I I I I I I I I I I Sundaes - Cones -- Shakes Broiled Burgers South Market Street Phone 8-8381 - CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON -efvxfxf.-ff.-fJ.-fs,-,AY-Y-Y-Y-Y-.A,-,AfVv I I I I I I I I I ,A,,.-A, --, - -,- -,,.,. ---.1xfxfx,v--,-x,x.,-x,x,--,A,s,- A 5 1+ Congratulations to the fi l ' F d , 1: or Graduating Class of "54" 3 l '1 91705 57' Public Utility District No. I 0 QI" 95? 4 . ' in ii of Lewis County 98l Pacific Ave. CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Willrich Lumber Co. Reliable Building lnformation l52l Marlcet Phone 8-4722 Chehalis, Washington fAAfv r :, Q 1 li li 0 Lincoln I Mercury 1 5 lllrlmann Motors Telephone 8-3366 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON A,A,A.A,4,,-..,,,,x,-,,-,A,,C,-x,-c,.Av-,A.f-.- ,Vy,,,VvfyVVVv ANOUSE'S ORNER Frank Kanouse, Prop. Groceries - Meats 1769 lVlarket St. Cl'lEl'lALlS, WASH. TWIN CITY THEATRES 5 WlLSON'S GRILL F -chhl'-o'-i H oxchehani 3 mcenzrili: n "A Good mace fo Eat 6 6223 lg?-234135 6 5189 Centralia, Washington "instituted to Serve You" 328 North Tower 2 Z.xZ ZufNl C g tlti to The Graduating Class of 1954 C pi t f WlLSlri1N:gn.il1'AliiERN CENTRAL T.V. 8: APPLIANCE Your T.V. and Appliance Center 911 Chehalis Ave., Phone 8-8351 ceases? Vessels i, A,-x,s,x,Q,q.,x, BLISS' GRILL Ten Miles South of Chehalis "Nothing fancy but the food." Orville and Betty Bliss, Owners I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f e 1 HARRIET GOFF 'S CORSETS Fundation Garments and Bras Carefully Fitted 207 S. Tower CENTRALIA, WASH. 1 1 1 1 1 Vf,vf,,vvffV-vxfvt AAA, TAUSCHER AUTO PARTS Auto Glass - Auto Wrecking Wrecked Cars Bought and Sold 501 West Main Street CENTRALIA, WASH. 'I 1 11 '1 I1 11 1 A, V,i 1 RILEY MOTORS :E DeSoto - Plymouth 1 Guaranteed Used Cars and Pickups 1: 301 West Main St. 1 CENTRALIA, WASH. 1 VWNVWAAVMNAMVMWAANAAMAG1 1 Portraits 1 Commercial I: Finishing I1 Evernclen Studios 213 North Pearl, Centralia 1 1 Cameras 11 Films 1 Supplies vv I GEORGE SEARS' DRUG CO. Prescription Specialists Your Doctor's Prescription is Our First Consideration 905 Market St. Phone 8-7721 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 gl Townsend Stationers 1 , ,HY I i 1' 1' 1 1 "I -U11 11"I1lI1111111111113 1' 1 IIIII' IIIIIA """ ""' "" ""' ' 5 Q g gn..,,,-ffKi5iiIglI1l""i 'IAI I 'U .1111 1, 1' r"f"'J'fIJ7fFnr1- '-'11 ' I 1 II 1111111 1 '1 ,,-'1:-we-,j-l'f1-BTI.Im 11' ,,., :1 i W ilgFr'e:f'iT"':C Mil: I "" 1,11 I 1 1 11 1111111111111111111111111f11 1 1' 111111111111 11'11l1'1"P 1 1: Typewriters SoId- Repaired - Rented ,I 1 215 North Tower Phone 6-6242 1' :1 CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON AAA-1: 1 1 11 NATUROPATHIC CLINIC 1 1: Spinal Adjustments, Lame Back, 1 1 Rheumatism, Arthritis, Rectal, 1 1 Colon Diseases 1 11 DR. E. A. MATZ 1 S CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON 11 1, Sanipractic and Naturopathic Physician 1 1 1 Congratulations Seniors 1 CHEHALIS sAw SHOP 1 1 asa Pacific Avenue, Phone 8-7802 1 1: CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON I :1 Roy Deshler Merle Nordland 11 1 1f 'YYY' Y YYYYT-Yvvvvvvvil Building Since 1889 :I 11 Centralia Branch I THE NATIONAL BANK OF lg 1 COMMERCE OF SEATTLE gl I CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON 1 Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation :1 1I , 2: HOME DAIRY gl tl 11 'Ir Ii 11 Call 8-7911 for Home Dairy Complete Fountain Service I 915 chenelie Avenue if CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON ' l1 Avafx,-x-,Q-v4,4,.y,-,Av47474,Av4v4,-1474747474-,xi-xi-,AJI Y.-Cfs,x,mf,fsfsf-fs,v-,-v-,,4s,-.--Y-Yv V"'TTN'mM'WvM'M"TNW' T1 I COOK'S KORNER CAFE gi UPTON ENGINE REBUILD sua south Tower if Rebuildfpg k CENTRALIA ? Autos and FUC S Fish and chips To Go 75C II 72W2 NO- T'-'We' Phone 5-487' Phone 6-9029 11 CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON 1, lvl'-vAv.'AvQAvA-A'AvAv-AvA'-vAiAvAvAvAvA,,'A'Av-v4 AfvvvO-Y-f.-J-YA.-ef.-v-C,-,vsf-.-.-.--.-A-v-'A ,fNAAA'vv I KELLEY'S SPORT SHOP 1E PERRY BROS. Gmxirtizaitizv':i:Ii.3tT:.aI.GU'i 1: - - Mercury Outboard Motors I Phone 8-8121 512 State Street CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON WWW 1 MACOMBER'S A Thrifty Place to Trade h Groceries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 11 Congratulations Phone 8-7242 875 Market Street 1: to the Class gf 1-54" CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1, ,,XAQAff4 -- li VVVVVYVVMAAXVVWJVVMAAAAAXVVYI 11 KENNETH E. CHASE CO. QI BIRLEY'S FLOWER SHOP I Two Shops To Serve You Insurance - Real Estate 1 F . , or Any Occasion 905 Pacific Ave. Phone 8-3322 :I 3-3333 ... phone - 34353 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 'I CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON . I AME I ' ' R ,J . S E'-ECTR C. . Ig STUIIIJY PHOTO and GIFT SHOP esidential and Industrial Wiring mi Motor Rewinding 1 322 M k t St. CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON :I ar e Telephone 8-4281 1504 Market street E CHEHAU5. WASHINGTON 1l mAM,MAA.Y.M,v.v,v,-A,W,,,,,,,Y,. WWxMMMNfWmMMMAMM7 W'mMNMM'fNWWDMM'M BOONE S GARAGE ADOLPHSEN S GROCERY C- C- BOONE, PYOP- 1721 Cascade Avenue DeSoto and Plymouth CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Sales and Service Phone 8-7941 HITCHCOCK RADIO SERVICE 5 E CLARK'S RADIO SERVICE Phone 8-3212 1120 aoisifm street Come to Us With Your Radio Problems phgne 8-4124 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON I ci-IEHAI.Is, WASHINGTON VV1 VvAAfye NUCE'S DEPT. STORE, INC. Latest in Ready to Wear Dry Goods, Drapery, Bedding CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON QVV MOREHEAD'S GRILL g For Fine Food fsfafsfvxfvwfvsf """'A""""""""""""""'" """"A'x7 MOORE'S Q1 Hart Schaffner 8r Marx Clothes "Better Quality for Less" 1: 886 Market Street ' cHEHALls, wAsHlNG1'oN 1, ,AY-YA,Vt,Y-YAYAYNAAYY-Y-Y-YaAffYAYAY-YAYYYY .1 'j 1 1 CharIel"s Furniture 11 Company "Quality Home Furnishings For Less" 1, 1 CENTRALIA, wAsH1No1'oN lg 1 Phone 6-3367 1 L af E Bottling co. 1 . 1' Pepsi-Cola 1 . 1 Nesb1tt's Orange I: Seven-Up 1 , 1 Hires Root Beer 1 Full Flavor Beverages 1 cHEHA1.1s, WASHINGTON 1 901 stare st. Phone a-a244 1 .,.YY..YY, ..YYYYYYYY.YYY.Y...YYY.. A1 ,,,.,.,.,YY,,YYYYY.,..,YYYYYY.,YYYYYYY 1 1 BLAKELY 8: HOUT 1 1 1 "Your Building Supply Friends" Lumber - Millwork North City Limits Phone 8-3377 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON ,x,x,N,c,-c,x,Y A---AA-AAA---A-AAAA 1 1 1 '1 1 sAfYY CHEHALIS READY MIX CONCRETE CO. Lewis County's Only Locally Owned Independent Concrete Co. Phone 8-4141 -Y-YAYAYAY-Y-YA.,s,Y-fY-YAY-Y-YAfffY. YAYAY-YAfY+f.fvsfYAY-YAY-Y-Y-fYAY-ffY-Y-YAY-f "A Good Place to Come Clean" SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY Automatic and Conventional Washers Large Tumbler Dryer 985 State St., Phone 8-3812 YY--.,,.----YA----YY ..Y--- Evergreen Breeders Association Congratulates the Senior Class of 1954 Route 4, Box 495 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 11 11 11 11 '1 1 11 1 1 '1 1 11 1 Y Y-fx,-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-,,s,x.,x,L,-Y-YA,-Y-Y-Y-,-,-Y-Y-,A,A,-,1 1 1 Compliments of RECTOR'S between Chehalis and Centralia f 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 BRUCE'S SERVICE "Service With A Smile" Clean Rest Rooms CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON f-sry,-Y-.f-Y-Y-.1-Y-YAY-YN,-Y-YAY-.f-YYAYAYAYAYYYYAJY-Y1 HY..,.,.. 54 Years Service to Washington State Residents Fa rmers' Mutual INSURANCE CO. OF ENUMCLAW, WASHINGTON 'if Chehalis 8-7421 Fire-Auto-Liability Coverage J. W. Hawkins-Warren E. Smith 865 Pacific Chehalis, Wash. Y Y Y Y Y .,c,-Y Y Y Y-.AY-ff.fY-Y-YYA ---Y-Y------YYY,,.- Y,,-Y-Y-.YY,- 1 Lfv "1 1 :1 1 11 1 1 1 1 Q1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 .-.vY-YA 1 1 1 1 '1 '1 11 1 11 11 1 1 :1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 ffyf ?vA,Af.a,-Y-4.-, -.-.,wAvAff,-.A,Av-s,x,s.f-fsfs. N,vxAfv COME TO ADNA FLORAL For Your Sturdy Geraniums, Vegetables and Floral Plants. Phone 8-4062 -- ED .IARMAN Furniture Repairing and Refinishing CH EHALIS, WASHINGTON Phone 8-7106 They Profit Most Who Trade At PROFFITT'S CENTRALIA - ci-IEHALIS y V,,V, ARDEN FLAVOR FRESH ICE CREAM Where The Best Is Served Phone 6-3181 CENTRALIA - CHEHALIS AAfA DYSON'S FOOD "Centralia Grocery Paradise" II06 West Main CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON x- , ROY and AL'S SERVICE Auto Repair - Gas - Oil - Tires Accessories and Used Cars 1203 Harrison Street CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON GENERAL MILLS FEED STORE Larro Sureline Feeds 300 South Tower, Phone 6-6402 CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON g i C. C. WHITE PAINT CENTER Phone 8-3822 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON ggggggi 1,-.,Q,x .A -t,,,t,-,,N,-,,,,x,-A,,,,-A- ,,, A-, Y-t,-s,-Y-,AY-x,s,-f.A.,x,-,-.A,A.,N,-fv-.,.-Y-,A.,x,.,s,x X,-t,x, CUSTOM COMBINING XMA. VVS! -,.,.,,. A N A----A ,.,.,. - NV., "Ted" Bartholomew and "CarIie" Laakso Route 4, Chehalis - Phone 8-7003 A A -.AY-f.-.fy-Y-Y-ff,-fi-v-.-f.-7434,-Y-ff sfxfsf-.-,fxfv--,-s.Yf,-.,xf,,--,.f,-.-Y IRVING'S MOTOR PARTS 81. MACHINE SHOP 1121 Main St. Phone 8-7951 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON ,A, When in Centralia, Shop at PENNEY'S 208 North Tower CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON -v-Y-,A,vxf,-Y-.-.vvA.-fvaff. , COLEMAN'S SECOND HAND STORE 411Vz North Tower CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON Y --,A,,,x,-,,A.,s,--.f-, LEWIS PLUMBING 8: HEATING Pipe - Fittings - Fixtures Repair Parts 1018 W. Main CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON HOPE'S DAIRY I "We operate our own plant" Congratulations Seniors CENTRALIA ROLLERDROME Skating Every Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. 8 p.m. - II p.m. Sunday Afternoons --' 2 - 4:30 p.m. CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON Phone 6-3282 or 6-9034 ,,x,x,e,s,x,.ft,x,x,,-.,x,N,x,.4s,-y-x,Cft,s.,x INTER-CITY TRANSFER Ray Williams, Owner 1600 South Gold St. CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON 1,-.-.,1A,-.-Y-.,A.A,,,,,s,-.AY-v-Y-Q fg,y,AYAvAv-ff fvvsfVwfvvw -'A'Af'A'A'A'A P"A'4'A"'A'A'A'A"' A""'A""'A'- -'-'A'A'A'A'A'A"'A'i1 1f""""""""'i1 3 E E 3 1 1' 1 U, :1 W O Q t5 :1 1: :1 Q " ,, 11.49255 'U 1-11: gg..-1 1 Q 'U G3 1 3.eg5g'5?1-:1 gel- 1 e 051:13 M211 FY -2-0059-'E -125 592-1a"'5r 222 111-1-2:1 ,Em :J :,--r- l'l1 1119, G 14 an 2-13, 5,7 ,111 :1-125g 'JU I ,.,. 1: 9, Q 3 ying o ar - 1 1 3, as Q - I' 9: . 2 n z fo F' 1 I na 543CI1,.eC1'11 1:2 2.5:-.el gg'--1:02111 - o,.,'UOe'T'Q PEE :wifes ,g5,3"::?5.1..uS1: E H I 1-1 llll 5' 1 S -kg, F' N CD '1 1: 2 J" aww S -P 5253 11252212 ite:-'tinge CD CP 1 CD UI 4 1 m P '- I 4 UQ 10 UI 5' 'U e F N zen fb : 522 2535" 553311155-it Q gg QQ S 5' 51 8- 5 'U U1 3' 2' :1 1: Z S Z 0 :1 'U -l UQ .4 G Z 1:1 ,117 gU T 2 :4 3, C5 1 1 3 u-4 "' ' 3' 0 Q Q " .4 :1 303' in S G 5 v- F1 1 1' O : 3 Z Z :I 0 Z3 52 3 :r 3 S 1 Z S5 Q Q 1 3 2. ' 111: Q - 1 00 , '1 qv 3 -I G 1 1 ' '1 6 11 NI 00 in O . I 1: 2 1 - w 5 : 1 -ll 1: 'ES S 2 : :I -A-Afee-MA-AM-----fe-ve'-e- ee.-YA,-v-v-.-mfr. L-.A Ye,-,,e.e. .Y..A..,.,. ,AK L,.,,.,.......,-.- ee .V RMMHOME IMPROVEMENT co. "A Home Town Company With A Home Town Guarantee" ROOFING -- SIDING : :: Weatherstripping -- Insulation 1 1: 944 West Street chehelis, Wash. 1 '1 1 ' ST. HELENS HOTEL 1 "For the best in comfort" :1 910 Market Street :1 Phone 8-4441 Chehalis, Wash. 1 1 1 ff--I-YA----fYA----Af,-.-f-Y-ve.-.A,e,A.-,-,-Y-.4 1: 1: 1 1 1 W o o 1 lg Curtis Mercanhle Co. 11 1 1 1: 1: 1: Cold Storage Lockers 1: '1 11 1 1 1: - Owners - 1 1: "Ed" and "Tep" Panush :I I 1 1 1: Groceries -- Feed - Seed 1: 1 1 1: cuR'ris, wAsHiNG'roN 1: 1 1: 1: T1 1I5-R,gA7AvAvAv-YAvAvAvGfv4vA,xfY-vAvA 1 c. NORRIS HEADDING 1 1: Complete Myopractic Health Service 1: :1 Special Foot Manipulation ,I Massotherapy and Allied Methods 1: c. Neh-is Headding .- Pearl Headding 11 neo Lewis st. chehaiis, a-8245 MlLLER'S PRINT SHOP Commercial and Society Printing Phone 8-7442 2100 l3th St. Chehalis, Wash. : Lewis 'County " Lumber Company "Quality Building Materials" I "Buy Here for Less" 1: .f . ,L 'L 1 f.:411ff:iMf+ 1. . f ,f, T' 1: X - "!!.g I ' - :', 1: X 1 1: XA. 1 11 Phone 6-7655 1' : 916 "B" Street Centralia, Wash. AAANIAAAMAAIVVWNMIMAAANMA1: EDDY AUTO PARTS, INC. :Q 1019 Market Street :I CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1: Phone 8-3341 It 11 1: Compliments of 1, EVANGELICAL 1: UNITED BRETHREN 1: ADNA, WASHINGTON I: 11 , V I 1 1: Congratulations To 1: The Class and Faculty It of 445471 I 1 1 1' from Chehalis Music Co. 1: Your Most Complete Music Store 11 :I, wAsHiNoToN gl Phone a-7914 827 Market si. 1F Ne 11'A"'A"'A"""""'A'""""""""""""A'A'VV' 11 PEMERL'S SHOE REPAIR 1' Hi-Line Handmade Calks 1 I: Santa Rosa Work Shoes 1 1071 Chehalis Avenue CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON A 1 1 CENTRALIA KNITTING MILLS :E Skookum Sports Wear Sweaters for all the Family 1 1 223 South Tower 1' cEN'rRAi.iA, wAsi-iiNGToN 1: 1 W 1 11 C O 'Chehalis City Laundry 1 1 Serving Your Territory 1: We have appreciated 1' your Business in the past as we would like to in the future. 1 , ioss Main Phone a-4822 1 1: CHEHALIS, wAsi-iiNGToN I 1 1 1 GARRISON'S REXALL STORE S "Two stores to serve . . . :I vous" 1: CHEHALIS - CENTRALIA 1 q ,I MARSHALL-WELLS STORE 1 1: Hardware, Paint, Appliances and 1 Sporting Goods ' Phone 8-4232 11 1, wAsHiNGToN 1 1,xf fxzxf-v. e-,,GAAf,---,.A,vVy.. DAILY BREAD SHOP CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Phone 8-7943 814 Market St. AfA,c,VeA vvxA, T. F. Willms, Owner THE BEN FRANKLIN gl Nationally Known - Locally Owned I 1 815 Market St. 1 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1 11 1 gf l 1: Old Fashioned Hospitality :I If Mary McCrank's 11 1 1 Shamrock Inn 1 1 1' Four Miles South of cHEi-iALis, wAsHiNGToN xA,.VVf WILLIAMSON'S GROCETERIA Congratulations to the Class of 1954 Q Phone 8-3801 1107 Market St. xAQAfVxfVxA. Good Furniture at Low Prices THE GESLER-McNIVEN CO. 305 North Tower, Phone G-6363 CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON C1 Phone 8-3823 Helmer Verplank MODERN PLUMBING 8: HEATING Contracting and Repair Work "GOOD GOING SENIORS" CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1313 Market St. VxAA, vvVf A,-Y-.Af.-YA,Af,x,1,A,-N,n,A.-Y-.-v-vs Y-s,,,-Y Y fufsfwfyfs,-e,x,s,y, ' "" "" ' " """"" """, 'I SONNEMANN'S CITY CLEANERS Congratulations Seniors of 1954 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1055 Main St. Phone 8-7483 'I ,-.-.-.A.-.-.A,-,-Y-,-.-.-Y-Y-Y-.-.-v-Y-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.I -Avfffv-.-.-Y-YA.-fv-Yafffff.-fv-v-f.A.A DOANE'S DRUG STORE "For Dependable Work" 856 Market Street Phone 8-3200 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON .-.-.A,e,s,x,-.-,Af-7.-YA.,-vs ,AWAY-Y- A.-Y-sf-Y-fsfsfsf.-.-e,x,x,A,-,-.-YA.-.A.Av-,Av-Y-s.-,Av YOUNG FASHIONS SHOP Phone 8-7223 930 Chehalis Ave. CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON I Coburn? Appliance Store "Buy Where You Get Sermficev Chehalis, Washington AA -----Q,v-AA--V4 -.,s.,,,x,-,--,,, ---- ,VV,,A,AA I I Phone 8-4030 ARNE'S SERVICE Dorns Corner fs,-.-v-.-Y-.-.-f.-.fsfsf-six.-Y-.A,A.,x,,,x,Nf.-Y-v-V-.-f SECURITY STATE BANK 900 Chehalis Avenue CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Phone 8-3711 A,-?A-------,- ,,-----,A--, -,-,--.,s,-c,v-.,s,s,s,-s.vA,,xf-5,-fvf, CHEHALIS FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. Douglas Mentze "The family who prays together, stays together." 644 Folsom CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON .1-.-.-f.Af-ff.-,4.4.-YA.,-?.-fv-v-s,x,-J.-fv-fv ff.Affv-ffv-f-4.-ff.-Y-Y-fffgf-.-ff,AY- IGNAL TATION 1255 Market Street "Come to us with your car troubles" CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON I ,.....,-V-.-Y-Y-.-Y-,-V-.-Y-Y-Y-.-.A--Y-vA.A,A,-.-Y 1 A,-Y-,-,-.AA,-.-Y-fAA,.A,-,A I 1 I F ORGET-ME-NOT ICE CREAM "Use Our Convenient Ice Vendor" 867 State Street CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON sf.-Y-Y-Y-V-ff,-Ya,-.-,A,,,x,,Affffff,-ff 1 .Y-,.,-,A,A.A,-Y-,A,-Y-,A,yA.-.-.-.-.-YA,A.-.A.A.-v- I MOUNTAIN ROAD INN "We take special interest in our customers" MARv's CORNER, wAsH. I 1 'I a'1'v'w'v4v'v'v'NfSfSf'v'-'v'Sf5'-4-Av4v4v4v'v'-Avi? ' 'I LILLEGARD HARDWARE Good Luck Seniors 881 Market Street Phone 8-7923 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 9,-fv-.Af-f.Aff.,s,-Y-Y-J,A,-Y-rv-v-Y?-Y-f.-f H. c. COFFMAN sz co. Insurance of All Kinds 844 Market Street CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Phone 8-7711 s.f-v--,,-,,,,-,YYA.,,,,,,,.,x,x,s,-v,,----- NNN'N JAMES Mel-IENRY Authorized Shell Dealer 501 South Tower Phone 6-9012 CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON We Give S8tH Green Stamps -.-t,-G-Y-.,-,-,,-,G-Y-X,-.-f-Vx,-.AY-.-,-.,.-,-.-.-,4,c1 I MOIRS GROCERY Fresh Groceries 2015 Maret Street, Phone 8-4132 Chehalis, Wash. KAIJA FEED 8: SEED Purina - Albers Feeds Phone 8-4221 770 State Street CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON BURGER .IIMS 1118 South Gold CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON Phone 6-7252 Compliments of MR. GEORGE GARBE'S TAVERN F. G. FOSTER Your Hotpoint Dealer We Have Our Own Parking Lot 1015 Chehalis Ave., Chehalis, Washington ,.,,x, WAYSIDE GROCERY 1010 South Gold Phone 6-4268 "A small store, with big values." CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON ,,,.,,,,x,,Q,,,x,x,x,-,x.fx,s.fsfw.f- I BURNETT'S .IEWELERS Rings, Silverware, Bracelets, Watches 847 Market Street Phone 8-7861 Chehalis, Wash. gy-A,cf----.,x,,-Are,---A,--AA,,-A-,-- I SCHWARTZ lVIEN'S STORE 833 Market Street Phone 8-7291 Chehalis, Wash. -,-vVVv-,4Afyf.-,Q-.A,VvA.- STAR LUNCH Violet Kaye, Owner 851 Pacific Avenue Phone 8-4797 Chehalis, Wash. LEWIS COUNTY STATE BANK Main and Tower CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON Phone 6-7247 "The Food ls Heavenly" 111B North Tower Phone 6-4781 , CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON 9 VlOLA'S FINE Foous NORTH FORK STORE Groceries - Gas and Friendly Service Route 2, Chehalis Phone 8-4582 TWIN CITY SAND 8: GRAVEL Plummers Lake CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON "May you seniors build your education as 2 strong as our building materials." ANN,.y,WW ,,x,1,c,-cfxfcfxfsfsfnfvsf 1 TERMINAL BARBER snor , ,,,,x4-- 1 1 NORTHWEST LUMBER 1 8: MILLWORK CO. 1 South City Limits 1 CHEHALIS, wAs1-i1NoToN 1 Phone 8-4429 1 1 'fir ws Made Of Wood-We can Build iv' ,f...N, .,A, M, ,.,.,2NV,A.Av.....,.,,,,A,.,.,.,.,,b 11 Dine At 1 1 ROD'S CAFE 1 1 Elma and Rod Stewart, Owners 1 1 ii Miles South of chohaiis 1 11 Phone Chehalis a-4051 1 1L,,.,,,A,,.A,.,WN,wAA,,v.,,VvMA,,1 Palmer Lumber Co. 11 Building Supplies and 1 o o 1 Manufacturers of Fine Millwork 1 1 "The Sign of Quality" 4 1 1 1 Ph6ne 8-7162 925 Prindle st. 1: 1 1 ci-iEHAi.1s, WASHINGTON 11 1x X 1 51 7E 1 Tires - Batteries - Gas 1 1 LuBRicATioN - Ai.1GN1viENTs 1 1 Corner of Market and East Main St. 1 1 Phone 8-4469 1 1 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1 wwV 1 1'AMVMNvh 1 1 1 1: Compliments Of 1 1 1 11 Charles G. Osborne, Prop. 1 1 yff7v WEST COAST MILLS Builders of Farwest Homes Distributed in United States and Alaska 555 State Stret, Phone 8-3351 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 N,,,,fx,k.fsf-V Ve, Louis A. Vimont Printing and Stationery Office Equipment See Me For Wedding Stationery 896 Market Street, Phone 8-3201 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON National Bank of Washington Three Locations in Lewis County Chehalis - Toledo Winlock - .Y. A .Y.Y.-.YA-.vAvA - ,Y..Y.Y.'Av.,.,,.Y.,.'AY.'.',,,x,,1i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . .v4,A,-,AY-s,A.-GAY-efxfv-s,-Y-Y-N,-,A,s.A,-V-.-V-s.-YLAYA THE MONFORT AGENCY R. H. Monfort D. W. Monfort "Yours For Good Insurance" nos Park street Phone 84742 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON x,,,x,-efyfefsfsfs. Washington Junk Company 1 336 Chehalis Ave. Phone 8-7201 - Chehalis, Wash. Congratulations Seniors 11 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 ,1 .Y.v.. ,. A,..N-,VVCAA-YAAAA. ,,,. -., v Y -7, 1 HIWAY REALTY 2014 Market Street, Phone 8-7312 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Fred D. Melton, Broker Henry Huntting Doris E- G09 Ruth Melton Katie O. Huntting Assoc. Brokers 58195 Ladies 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 KA,f,,xA AAAfvRf.AAfVv J. J. Rudolf YOUR MARX MAN for delicious Marx bread CHAMPION DRIVE-IN 'Let our carhops wait on you" Route 1, Phone 6-9030 CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON fVxAAf Vf. MURPHY-CAMPBELL CO. 314 South Tower For Emergency Parts Call B-7970 or 6-6909 For Emergency Service Call 6-3756 or 6-6909 CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON ,VV TINGSTROM'S AUTO ELECTRIC 309 West Main Phone 6-4852 CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON TWIN CITY MOTORS 805 West Main CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON Phone 6-4431 KELLEY PACKING CO. Congratulates ADNA HIGH SCHOOL Graduating Seniors of 1954 Phone 8-8251 Pacific Highway ,ffyvxA, Route 2 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Phone 8-4802 g HOME GAS COMPANY 886 Market Street , CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Phone 8-7813. 2 MULLEN'S CAMERA SHOP FISSELL FUNERAL HOME 1003 Market Street CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Phone 8-4497 LN.,,N.,.A,,,W.,Wv.M b Aw'MNVVA JOHN W. BOONE MORTUARY 1166 Prindle Street CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Phone 8-4220 Af FOX SWEET SHOP "Treat the sweet sweety to sweets!" 113 So. Tower CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON g Phone 6-9078 FLOE'S GARAGE 1339 Chehalis Avenue Phone 8-3331 5 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON A -,,x,x,x,- .,,-,,t,-t.,1,A. ,,,N,x,,,-,v v 1,x,x,t,c,x,-C,-,cfvv SCHERERS STORE Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1954 Meats and Groceries Phone 8-3137 ADNA, WASHINGTON ,,,.,,,,-.,,x,-,,x,-c,c, .-..,Vffv-,N-.AAfvA.AfvAffv -t,N,e,-cf ,s,M,c,x,1.fx,x,x. Vx,-. 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