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55 ' . Q. .fa - , , 213wE'j, ju ' S .. lx, Y is 3:16 ' 'V'-K-, U 3 :Ja 4 1 y N 4 ,, x 'W' - L ,,.1,,. V ,, Li , ,gl vV xw?4.V... 1?, g.vt , ,V . ,-.- , ,., .. 1 mzwfgsw ffl- - if ' L 2 a 4 Q - ww., 'f 3, . KN L f 4341 Q, -F. , :Y :KM , fi. ' 'wt' ' kifzf I ' - 7, QQ. . jj , D :J V Zum 7 ,E .iff ,, W 1,55 K ,L . - , , 1.- K 'y isw1 i31e2'S.'f.:fl, , . ,J , f K v -. Wg-. f I s . ' afi- E I 149 Qlass of IQSQ PRESENTS THE ADONIAN QH5 Hducz High School ADNA, XNASHINGTON EDITOR: Elsie Rich ter K oreworcl y In the following pages We have endeavored to illustrate by Words and pictures the day to olay activities at Adna High School. We hope We have succeeded in this mission. In the years to come, We genuinely hope that this book will serve as a treasure of Wonder- ful memories. As time passes, you Will lose contact with your classmates and teachers. This book Will help you recall their names and faces. J' 1' In recognition of thirty-one years devoted to the field of education we the class of 1952 dedi- cate this edition of tne Adonian to Fiorence Simmermacher, teacher and friend of many graduates past and present. We indeed feel fortunate for having had the opportunity of knowing and studying under Florence Simmermacher. A - J.. ui SIC "2 . ,-.L L-T1 A , ,bv '. ' 895' .Nb ELF- e .f FZ" 1. . . i'6'..xb1': gf-'?i.Q3f' :T ' -' g,:'g?,ZE'6,'--, K, 4. . 7. gy .:."'1.'Ff", "' . . ., -fu' 1 '-if "1 .' A '.:'-I-lQ.z".'g .3 -'- -.,L,, A is iwllf, ,, 's-.-.QS!F'Z'L5'.1': .. .. mn .J - nglu-.1 ...-., h- 1. 13 19 ,fx el -,.-f-'w.g.vq .Q ,g 'gfga 51- . 11' -4 If Elf 5- , fx, r 35,33 , l.., A SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE Seniors of 1952, yours has been a class that I have enjoyed. You are graduating at one of the most interesting times in history. You are facing a future which differs in many ways to what your parents faced, and yet there are certain things in their future and yours which are the same. The im- portant thing in common then, now, and in the fut- ure, is that sincere hard work leads to success, regardless of what constitutes success. Education is more important for you than it has ever been before. Education, with a variety of interests,is the surest security for you. The future of our country is being formulated in our schools today. You who will soon be grad- uating are typical of many similar groups through- out our great land. In this great host of young people the fate of our country for good or bad, must lie. It is my hope that what we have given you will help you to live wisely, serve ably, and lead successfully in your time. I am happy to have been your superintendent. i .1 'I Q A 52 ga 5, ? 2. 5 2 , i E 5 S 5 5 2 5 2 E A 5 9 F 4 s 5 i l 3 i 3 1 i i 1 i w 1 w I Y 1 1 2 f i 4 f n i 1 ER-A X, WALTER ROUNDTREE Illr sg? if f'N22V . Z' ?iXAH QJKCI ELIZ TH CURTIS, QB. A. Xxx L , Washington Industrial Educ Wash gton State College Home Economics, Gir1's P. E.j DONALD GIBBS B. A. BALPHS21E1gi131,PEgi?'ig A. B. seame Uniirersity Mathematics, Science English' Library .N "" ' ,- 5, ff Nic-,Q-'L , ,jf Q1 vc - 1 . X J JANLBS ROBINSON, B. A. '53 EARL WEBER' B- A' h Seattle University University of Washington History, English, Athletics Commercial, Music , WA M I QAM h-WAAAA- Y , , ,,, ,, V A a -Q 2 5 E 5 i 2 Q s 2 2 E 2 E 2 3 Q 5 5 2 1 SIIHIIIIJL NDIIIIRD V.E . WALTAR CHAIRMAN WALTER MARTH CLERK HAZEL DUNCAN l. RALPH YOUNG EA. HOBBS STMDEB5? ESB? QFS QERS Front row: Vernon John, V. Pres., Kemp Keen, Pres., Harvey Cox, Sgt. of Arms Back row: Kathryn Carroll, Secretary, Elsie Richter, Treasurer 1'uo:N1' COUNCIL Q Leit to right: Harmon Chandler, Claudell Rich, Alice Orloske, Kathryn Carroll, Elsie Richter, Mr, Bolton, Kemp Keen, Vernon John, Marvin Duncan, Harvey Cox, Wesley Curtis, Jim Siegwarth Standing: Virgil Rayton, John Enbom, Gordon Young Student Body History The first Student Body meeting was called on September 5, 1951. It was decided that Yvonne Unterwegner choose another yell leader to yell with her during the year, since the two who were chosen to yell with Yvonne last year moved away during the summer. During the year, a great deal of business was transacted by the stu- dent body. Football blankets were purchased. The trophy case was lined with blue velvet. New stage scenery was purchased. The girl's room was redecorated. Emblems for the band, drill team, and glee club were or- dered. ' A spring Carnival was held on Ap-ril 4, 1952, and was a huge success, both financially and socially. The profits from the carnival went towards the purchase of band uniforms. The student body accomplished a great deal this year and the school plays, dances, ball games, and other events were successful. Student Council History The first student council meeting was called on October 3, 1951. A committee was appointed to see about goal posts for the football field. New records were purchased for the nickelodeon. Slip covers for the davenport and chair were purchased. Kemp Keen, Student Body President, Claudell Rich, Girl's League President, Harvey Cox, "A" Club President, and Mr. Robinson, advisor, attended the High School Leaders Conference at the University of Wash- ington in Seattle. It was decided to give the janitor and School Board members student body tickets. The student council was active on all orders of business and a great deal was accomplished during the year. I 9 I 3 1 I I 2 I 5 2 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ? I I I Z' 1- '- I . l x I I . 5 - A A S , nl, V 1 , u . '-, ' O J s J 1 ,m V1 ' sg.: n 1 . r F- , s I .- Z- w i 4' ' : - V- iii'A',N ,f,E:'.,- , ,- ' " 1 . 355 -5- V. ' V. F11 ff,-I ja. - 1 :rf-fi A 'jL',- -' .fv2..iT' 95,1'L1-,-"-5-1:-i,4-'..-.g,Lf,j- .7,-,g-,wc H ' 'I --, 1, . , -l. w- , . ij, .' 'fi gg-5 f-' f 31- wdlf .' ,V " iv - ff- ifl, .-- - .- -V -, . , . 1- 1: 2--Q--e ,gg T f.-n . X. 1' . ' '.Lg " 3: I :I-it-.3'5xE,'25sgi ct"fY',wfL,,-'L-,-'f'l,mj.a-"L,'-vg5j'ZEJ"::'g.f'.,' QI,-:rf--. -3-if 1- I D " - ' -V -'n n . '-' ,, "f'4...:.F V:-"--2'-gf-a-.,'fP I -' ' X ,, :'V::fegV'fw if5!f3Q?.f'f.?:f---.3155-aa,--?:w..1V V,-fa, ,ff , -. K.. 5, V ---33.,:g,-A.,,..,,QN,V,.-.,f,,g,-n,. . 4-,g 4-w'tf'a!,3.4--Q1-,,' 2, ..,:,, -lf: .VV-,V.V, .---- - "f'-:'j,j.jA:Q.f'f'Axizi-Q'.v'3ll1-5 -Vila. -y:, -:QM--s sf, - -' .iq img 1-2 .Q .- ,- Q '- f ..:.. , ,..,- .-V48 -V:-V"-4,.-,n -9---in ,n.-,,.p,.,.r,, , -.,- .A -..-Q-N ini2'--ifffy61,4--'Vqfffyrif s-15-1'1" W ' -f fc -.V., 1 V: -jf:-'hf1.5'. m -Fm. SEQ-.+sV'Q-'ff -Q2 qpjfn-efif 'PL' 1 7 1- f -if V ''.,'2----.,'-sq-Wg-f"3-iv:'Q'?:'e'n1?fgg4.1iS?5i'5?f?'l .- -' 'T"'-:-."vf.- Qrwi. 2 --,V . aj.,'-1'-sg-5,,l:':..,g:91-:L'.1.1yg ----' by -, '22,-.575-45 gf' ,' if .li " -V: , - ' V 4.'-Q.-f:-rr-',.1-a V -- ':: - 41. . .ga-' Q 'ff - 1 'N f V 4,113.9-1-,gfg?4'?VV Q 'f 31556, I 'Qlg,g5fgfVf:V,5.'.-:,: -f -' ,,,1.. 5 4 . ' In-e1'fa11V'3':3',fi.fn ' ' -VM-f.if-Tic'-.'f.fV1f..r14-i'-A - . .- 3332 N O 7 . -Vmfsf Je.-iii' n f-f. ' if mr" -4' V1'.ff2f1.. 4 . , 'U -af Klf1?7-W,iX5?f.'?"'.--fa-'2 g-Q lb, Fm ,yi vi " ' - 1 'fi' ' lk ,' ' '-'f 15.51 't P if 4-"Q A -1 J V T' ' . ,, - . .23 M314 445. .---'55 1Q1'.'ziE5"5" -- F A --ff rr-ff-'g.d!gqaV . , f:5':1-ws H - 5- -V -, Fri, :V l , . 3: .1.g,ic.,ay-,5?,g.1- 154: .gf 324.5 -. L, ,. ,,,!. x?.,1-,fgrgk 7.3" "-Aj -'--51,51 1-Vg. I9 Q. -, A ,351 '35, 5 5.:,L.,3V: -fn? :9g.jQ:.f'T::,?-ggi,-f"1,-, ..V.-I .-'lg.g,f. 1.2 I nf., -14:13---' ,. . - - fx - .1. ..-77, 'Q ...,..LU-.5-at-V J fi. 4. , -. . V ,K , -. f.-V.- - J. 3- ,gzj 4 I . Q . .--. -'-5 ".,, Vs - . - -- .A x -V,V-:- . , -- ' .3 -2-Tb 3 ' 'I' yi' - 'f-7L'1,I-391-i',f'1f:"f ff . M n . V13 1:.jT'1 1-g1,.ffg-53yg',3 T, 3" ' ,Q ." g g, . -F. V . : .w -PP'-"tv-VV.-..-., Vs V--'. .'- V .- -if-f:V. - -ul.- V' , g - -V S- 1 - v ! - v - N 1 -. '- L' r V ,.. -A . fun. , n U -,-... 53- w. , t ,. i , f:g5kQ,','gjQ'j.g J'-V,aY-+ - V .za -V. V-fix-.fiis wi- ' "rl N' QT--4221212-'2" -.1:"tS'P 5 H. ' I ' ' x f A I Aiifizf-we ,124 1 . .. , 5: E G I V .l y Lk.f.i,LV:z: if VT -5, t .ff .. . - K . 1 Ax. we ff. :gf - "' ' 234' "'- -0- i'4'-"'l "if . I' ' X - ,.-- v. I -W , I- -:u.. 4-.-- -.,:- . -. --0 s T- Q 4 " " 2 Li f-x Vw.-..1" .., I W V, A-. X - -2 L. 6 'S:5V,-,iz-A-,QF1-'--sf 51? T - Q . lf -. M ww: . A. Q1 ,. r x: .. .rua--, 'sf - 5 V 5 ,I ..-rp. .M ,L A. V A 4 4 , H-, yi "-, FE -'V . .- .- N .4 -1.-1:5 . 1 V- , , 1 ' ' g a g .f -1' bf- . -:- ' . an I 5 -fffgi f-'rf -' ., V f 5 A , Y ' if -.v ,' 5 I s' " .f'+.. ' T, ,,V -1 . t ,. -' -ff' ' -K I 953' ,, I. ' l,"Q,:-'1.::i-If,Qf5s,:- .'. LJ. 1 -- 1 Q -4 .-"',44:.,r?w 'V i ' 'EL-. .9'.4 'J 'cg - ,lizggn V A Ta q gg' - - T' " IH-Q: .4-1,5-gi '. :pain .V -r'-JV A .QV my - fan. , V-.yi I 1.11 gl ,sk , ,V-am.. .-VVrV,.--- ' - ". .-Va.'--+- 4- --- V V .f. V-1-11-:Vw--f.f',np" I - 1 n l T75 . E-1I'f1 5 N -. --M, 4- ,1m:+1a- .-' im . wtaigw flzfix , ...ya QQ. - six faq Ex.. .nw -A 1xz'+:g,'Y-5' ,rj-3-151. ...Z5 ffff , - xg V '4,a15.-Q. "-'Q-5,1-'S . 5 iijjyg I . 'J 5 ,. -.f:w'.,q':1ii , ' " ' 1' 525'-'Z-21. "" " -. Q - ' -Q ' .05 ' n 6 A ' T-A:-afiif-155332:-i 5 jf' -.5 F, 3 V. ' 4 " f"i:-:.':x--g:"Z- ' er' , A P ' 1 L- ' mV -1 gQVg'Q,,..V , 'H Z f2,,g, ' .fum 'V .-TL ' ' 9 ' :"lEP9'ff2'EiAMvff- V - Li ' X' '. ,Vu .VJ .- 5 H, , , , , . g,J,,ffL A gi. ' ,- 4.5521-S .V ffl ' V 1 ,V ,K ., Jiff y 1 , I 4 4 -gg ..g,. glflifgf In Gia . A- 4,-g 5 ' Hx A - N in ,dy ph. 1, . M x ,V ,S II r 5 M .V . -' Vfv'ii','fi'-43515 '- -+"'l A 'g '- 'fig S f,- M" " - 1 ' P:-, 0, ' QW 4 I 2-4823?-?E'fEJ-' " 'Q if 2, I .4 'I ' V - - V- ff, .4 . , 1 ..ff- 5' - I .V ir- -- --------- iq WM 1,17 ':L' 1 '55 9 t Kenneth Thompson President 1 y W l , igaf 1 e .. 123 xzfxggigg Egg 5 "A Veva North Vice-President We Sidney Davis James Sieewarth Katherine Anderson Sgt. of Arms Representative Secretary-Treasurer 2 1 P I I r K W 1 4 Leslie Mohoric Christle DeBow Beverly Maddox Harvey Cox Wesley cm-his V Duane Olson i -MAALM-Ag AAAWMAA A-,MAD Wm AM , , V, WL, M-, Kemp Keen Claudell Rich 'K .N it Esgff 'xgrk f fi 1 wwf r' EfEfQf ,eey X , KL , fig Elsie Richter James Greger Slii Vernon Mitchell Lou Ann Johnson WY YV V YV 5 3 i r ? J 3 z E 5 if 3 P E F ! E I E E E g, l Q e I i L J lass oem OF OLD SAT FREEDOM ON THE HEIGHTS Of old sat Freedom on the heights, The thunders breaking at her feet: Above her shook the starry lights: She heard the torrents meet. There in her place she did rejoice, Self-gathered in her propher-mind, But fragments of her mighty voice Came rolling on the Wind. Then stept she down thro' town and field ,To mingle with the human race, And part by part to men revealed The fullness of her face- Grave Mother of majestic works, From her isle-altar gazing down, Who, God-like, grasps the triple forks, And, King-like, wears the crown: Her open eyes desire the truth. The wisdom of a thousand years Is in them. May perpetual youth Keep dry their light from tearsg That her fair form may stand and shine, Make bright our days and light our dreams, Turning to scorn with lips divine The falsehood of extremes. MOTTO Sailing on to a brighter future. COLORS--Red and White. FLOWER-Red Rose Bud. W.., -,-..,,,..--.,,.-,,- Www My .W g I i z i i l .L...........A.., -. ., . Senior Class History FRESHMAN YEAR ' Yes, we were green, but no more so than the average Freshman class. Perhaps we were a little more scared than the average Freshman class, but we soon got over that. T At our first class meeting, we elected our class officers. This was an important event for us, thus we chose them wisely. Elsie Richter was chosen President, with Wesley Curtis as Vice-President. Jim Siegwarth was elected Secretary-Treasurer, Vernon Mitchell was elected Sgt. of Arms, and Harvey Cox was elected to act as Class Representative. Mr. Jones was our class advisor. Naturally we were Worried about initiation, but on the first of October, it came off without serious mishap. Some of us suffered indigni- ties, but we lived through the event. After the initiation we immediately began planning for the Frosh Re- turn, and on the 5th of November, we showed the Sophomores that we really held no grudges because of the ill treatmeent we receeived at their hands during Frosh Initiation. All in all, our Freshman year was a good one. It showed us how much we had to learn and gave us the confidence with which to face the future. SOPHOMORE YEAR At the beginning of our Sophomore year, the class consisted of twenty-three members. Later in the year our number increased to twenty- five. Harvey Cox was elected President, Vernon Mitchell, Vice-Presidentg Christle DeBow, Secretary-Treasurer, Leslie Mohoric, Representativeg Katherine Anderson, Sgt. of Armsg and Lou Ann Johnson, Reporter. Mr. Nelson was our class advisor. October llth, we initiated the Freshmen. We believe we did a fairly good job. The class of "53" can bear us out on this statement. Three of our girls won school-wide acclaim during our Sophomore year. Claudell Rich and Ginger Rider were chosen as drill team major- ettes and Beverly Maddox was chosen as one of the school yell leaders. The majority of the boys made a letter in at least one sport and many of the girls participated in the drill team and girls' athletics. JUNIOR YEAR Finally we were upper-classmen. We began our eleventh year of school by sponsoring the annual Junior Prom. This event was one of the high- lights of the 1950-51 school year. The class also presented "No Foolin"', a three-act comedy. We didn't realize how much talent we actually had. The class decorated the auditorium for Baccalaureate and commence- ment. , fContinued on Next Pagej Senior Class History fContinued from Previous Pagel Mrs. Poe was class advisor during our Junior year. Class officers were elected as follows: President ,..,......... .e.o. VS 'esley Curtis Vice-President ...... ...... K emp Keen Secretary ............ ...... C laudell Rich Representative ....... ....... H arvey Cox Sgt. of Arms ...,.. .....,.,,, J im Gre-ger Reporter ....... e,.ee.. M argaret Wink SENIOR YEAR Proud Seniors were we. At the beginning of the year, the class num- bered twenty students, but three of the group left school. Class officers for our Senior year Were: ' President .............................. Kenneth Thompson Vice-Pre-sident ....... ....................,, V eva North Secretary ............ ....... K atherine Ander-son Representative ....... ............... J im Siegwarth Sgt. of Arms ................................,. Sidney Davis The people of Adna really had a mad night of entertainment when we presented our play, "The Nit Wits", on November 9th. Wonder why some people said the play was very appropriate? We also entertained the school the Friday before Christmas with a program. Members of our class took a leading role in putting on the Band Uni- form Carnival. The class certainly was glad to see the band get uniforms. A Spring baseball dance was sponsored by the class. Everyone had a wonderful time. Then on May 9th, We also sponsored the annual Alumni Dance. This was a great success. On April 18th, members of our class became teachers in the high school for one day. We thought that We did an excellent job. May 16th was Senior trip day. Went to Seattle for educational pur- poses. Had a wonderful time, and learned a few things along with our fun. Sunday evening, May 25th, our class had its baccalaureate service. Rev. Hayes delivered the sermon. May 28th was graduation night. The big day finally arrived. This was the culmination of four years of hard Work. It was both a sad and joyous occasion for us. We can truthfully say we were both glad and sorry to leave Adna High School. Senior Activities KATHERINE ANDERSON CHRISTLE DEBOW Letter Winner 2-3-4 Dramatics 4 Class Secretary 4 Class Sgt. of Arms 2 Girls' League Sgt. of Arms 2 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Letter Winner 1-2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Annual Asst. Editor 4 Journalism 4 Drill Team 2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 Class Secretary 2 V. Pres. Girls, League 4 Librarian 1 Salutatorian 4 Band 1 Journalism 3-4 Librarian 4 SIDNEY DAVIS WESLEY CURTIS Dramatics 3-4 Football 2-3-4 Class Sgt. of Arms 4 Basketball 4 BEVERLY MADDOX Letter Winner 2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Yell Queen 2-3 Drill Team 2-3-4 Journalism 3-4 Class President 3 Dramatics 3-4 Class V. Pres. 1 A Club Representative LOU ANN JOHNSON VERNON MITCHELL Letter Winner 1-2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Class Reporter 2 Annual Staff 4 Journalism 3-4 Drill Team 2-3-4 Girls, League V. Pres. 2 CLAUDELL RICH Letter Winner 1-3-4 Class Secretary 3 Dramatics 3-4 Glee Club 3 Girls' League Rep. 3 Girls' League Pres. 4 Annual Staff 4 Journalism 3-4 Drill Team 1-2-3-4 LESLIE MOHORIC Baseball 2-3-4 Football 4 Dramatics 3-4 Class Representative 2 KENNETH THOMPSON Dramatics 4 Class President 4 Football 3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Class V. Pres. 2 Class Sgt. of Arms 1 Movie Operator 2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 DUANE OLSON Football 2-3-4 Basketball 3-4 Baseball 3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Class Representative 3 S. B. V. Pres. 3 Class Reporter 1 JAMES GREGER Football 3-4 Dramatics 4 Class Secretary 1 Class Representative 4 A Club Secretary '4 Band 1-2 4 sn- .,.. VEVA NORTH Letter Winner 4 Dramatics 3-4 Drill Team 3-4 Band l Class V, Pres. 4 Glee Club 2-3 Journalism 3-4 Valedictorian 4 ELSIE RICHTER Letter Winner l-2-3-4 Annual Editor 4 Journalism 3-4 S. B. Treasurer 4 Class President l Drill Team 2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 HARVEY COX Baseball 1-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Class Representative Dramatics 3-4 Class President 2 A Club President 4 S. B. Sgt. of Arms 4 Annual Staff 4 Journalism Staff 4 A Club Representativ JAMES SIEGWARTH Dramatics 3-4 Class Sgt. of Arms 3 KEMP KEEN Football 2-3-4 Basketball 4 Class V. Pres. 3 Dramatics 3-4 S. B. President 4 Annual Staff 4 1 e3 Senior Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1952, of Adna, Washington, being of sound mind and marked intelligence, do hereby write, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. FIRST. We ask that all our graduation expenses be fully paid as soon as possible after our gra.duation. We also ask that our Class Picture be hung in the hall and due respect be paid by all underclassmen. SECOND. To the faculty we will the following: To Mr. Bolton, We will a senior class that will not write on the new stage scenery. To Mrs. Curtis, we will a dog to clean up the scraps after her Home Ec. cooking classes finish. To Mr. Gibbs, we will a group of students who will not shoot paper while he shows a movie. To Mr. Weber, we will ten cases of bird seed for his whistle. To Mr. Roundtree, we will ten new fingers for his shop experiences. To Mr. Robinson, we will a senior class that knows something about Literature. To Mr. Nelson, we will a geometry class that can draw a straight line While using a ruler. To Mr. Haase, our janitor, we will classes that will not take screws out of the chairs. To the cooks, we will another senior class that will appreciate their cooking as much as we have. THIRD. To the Juniors, we will as much luck in their senior year as we have had. To the Sophomores, we will as much luck in their Junior Play as we had. To the Freshmen, we will a future Without any draft calls. FOURTH. To our fellow school students, we will the following: I, Katherine Anderson, will my whistle to a worthy Junior, Charlene Thompson. N I, Harvey Cox, will my "FliVer" to anyone who will have it. I, Wesley Curtis, will my Chev. to Glen Thompson. I, Sidney Davis, will my devilishness to anyone who wants it. I, Christle DeBow, will one slightly used bottle of Hadacol to anyone who needs it. I, James Greger, will my temper to anyone who wants it. I, Lou Ann Johnson, will my ability to blush to Vernon Mitchell. I, Kemp Keen, will my Olds to Mr. Weber so he won't have to push a Ford around. I, Beverly Maddox, will my specs to Carol Ann Roberts. I, Vernon Mitchell, will my ability to sleep in class to anyone who can get by with it. I, Leslie Mohoric, will my poetic ability to anyone who wants it. I, Veva North, will my ability to get a parole from second period study hall to Bill Mattis. I, Duane Olson, will my ability to sprain ankles to anyone who doesn't want it. I, Claudell Rich, will my gift of gab to Louise Duey. I, Elsie Richter, will my job as editor of the annual and school paper to anyone who wants it. I, James Siegwarth, will my motor scooter to Jackie Young so she won't have to ride her bicycle to Yvonne Unterwegner's. I, Kenneth Thompson, will all my English books to Fred Huber. i z f S E P 3 5 Qf F s Q ? E 2 1 , 3 i i 1 i n s 1 r 1 Class Prophecy The following news item was taken from the May 28, 1962 edition of The Adna High School "Blue and Gold". "On May 28, 1962, in the Adna High: School Gym, the graduating class of 1952 held its tenth anniversary reunion. In 1952, when they graduated from Adna High School, they agreed that they would all return to Adna High School in ten years and hold a. class reunion. Some of them had a difficult time getting to the reunion, but fortun- ately all seventeen were present. Most of the members have gone a long way since they have left A.H.S., and the Blue and Gold is very pleased to be able to tell you about them. Their advisor, Mr. James Robinson, was also present at the reunion. He is now coach of the Ford Lewis Yardbird's Baseball Team. Harvey Cox also made a career in baseball. He is leading the American League in homeruns this year. We hear he gives Mr. Robinson's team plenty of competition. , Maybe some of you remember "Babe" Rich and "Bev" Maddox. Bev- erly is still an old maid, living in the same house with her twenty-nine cats. "Babs" is the piano tuner for the Weber Music Co. She does this in her spare time. The rest of the time she spends eating! Jim Greger is now the Strawberry King of Ceres Hill. His wife, the former El-sie Richter, is the Strawberry Queen. She helps Jim raise healthy little strawberries. Vernon Mitchell, the boy who was always sleeping in class, has final- ly worked himself up from P.F.C. in the National Guard, to the rank of General of the Army. He is stationed in Washington, D. C., and owns twenty deep freezes and six Cadilacs. Veva North and Lou Ann Johnson also attended the party. Lou Ann just returned from Africa where she owns and operates a zebra riding academy. Veva never traveled very far away from home. She is now steadily employed at the Triple X Restaurant as a car hop. Her specialty is root beer. Several members of the class of 1952 are making headlines. Kenneth Thompson invented a radio so powerful that he can communicate with the people on Mars. It is said that he is making millions on this invention. Katherine Anderson has gone up in the world since her graduation. She just finished making a campaign speech on "Why the United States should have a woman president." She is one of several women working for the 1964 Republican presidential nomination. Sid Davis is a lazy bachelor, but performs for the circus every year with his army of trained flees. We all knew Sid had talent. Leslie Mohoric is considered to be America's greatest contemporary poet. Leslie was always poetic while in school. His latest creation is "Twenty-First Century Nursery Rhymes". Kemp Keen, the great lumber king, is one of the richest members of the class. He is now the president of Weyerhaeuser Timber Company. Dr. Wesley Curtis is now teaching Chemistry at the University of Michigan. Wes was always good in Chemistry. Speaking of Chemistry and complicated things, Jim Siegwarth, the brain of the class, is assistant grease monkey at Scherer's Service Station. Duane Olson is the private lawyer for James Robinson. He is a very busy man. Duane and his wife are living in New York. Christle DeBow is now happily married to Warren Johnson. They are living in Lower' Slobovia. Christle is making a fortune in the Smink Busi- ness. She has taught the Sminks to act like minks. The party was a rousing success. The hall of A.H.S. has not heard so much noise and laughter since 1952." Name Chri-stle DeBow Lou Ann Johnson James Greger Harvey Cox Wesley Curtis Kenneth, Thompson Beverly Maddox i Elsie Richter Sidney Davis Claudell Rich Leslie Mohoric Duane Olson Kemp Keen Katherine Anderson Veva North James Siegwarth Vernon Mitchell cnior Nick-name "By-Wordv Chris Gee whiz Louie What'cha say? Jim Huh? Shorty Howdy Wes You don't know Kenny Holy Cow Bam You think so ?. Shorty Oh, nuts Sid Man alive Babs Really now Les Darn it Ole Maybe Weed Fiend You'l1 learn but it'll cost you Kandy I ain't going to tell you South s What that make me? Lefthanded? Jim I don't know Wineo Boy, you know it cope Why Still Living I'm too ornery to do otherwise To make a million The army wants me Nothing better to do than live To have a lot more fun Sometimes I wonder Nothing else to do Too young to die Good driver You tell me Nothing else to do A lot to look forward to To chase women around Not ready to die Have lots to do yet Too lazy to die To date all the girls Doomed to Die For: Warren To own a herd of horses Elsie Uncle Sam Something important Time will tell Oklahoma Jim Hot rod That Packard Uncle Sam Sondra Women Her friends Her talking For wanting 't explosives My driving o make Secret Ambition To be a good wife Own a cattle ranch in Oregon Own a Palomino horse ranch Haven't found it To own an airplane Have a. new car Haven't figured that out yet Learn to drive Be a hot rod driver Do something right for a change Undecided Make the biggest chicken house in the country To have nothing to do but drive the Olds To graduate Become immensely wealthy' Build a rocket ship .lust loaf around Junior Class History On September 19, 1951, fourteen Juniors held their first class meet- ing of the year and elected the following officers: President .................................... Marvin Duncan Vice-President ...... ........... M ax Santee Secretary .....,..... ..... A lice Orloske Sgt. of Arms ......... ................... L eon Craig Representative ...... .................... N 'ernon John Reporter ............................ Charlene Thompson On October 19, the Juniors held their Junior Prom. The theme of the dance was "Blue Moon". The dance was a big success. On March 7, the Juniors presented the three-act comedy, "'Hil1billy Courtship". The cast included eleven characters. The last activity of the year was decorating the auditorium for com- mencement- and baccalaureate. Pictured on next page: Left to right: lst row: Charlene Thompson, Sandra Olson, Louise Duey, Carol Ann Rob- erts, Rita Hobbs, Alice Orloske. 2nd row: Marvin Duncan, Fred Huber, Vernon John, Leon Craig, Mr. Gibbs. 3rd row: Gene Givens, Bill Mattis, Donald Thomas, Max Santee. X5 CJ JUNIOR PRKVATEERS- 1Eai'Hn'Ful Crew for 'Hwee -full HearS--- J Q Q5-,.pN Ill K N-QQ X X 3 X , he A ' X my S' emanfn fm move ,ear 5 s mdk We SMP AHS V' . 1, -1- 'L -f 1 O Sophomore Class History At the beginning of this year, the Sophomore Class elected the fol- lowing officers: President, Virgil Rayton, 'Vice-President, Bob Fay, Secretary-Treasurer, Marilyn Smithg Reporter, Barbara Haaseg Represen- taitive, Gordon Young. The class enjoyed having Mr. Weber as class a visor. The class initiated the Freshmen in the usual manner with one da.y of torment, topped off with an initiation party at night. The Sophomores enjoyed it, and hope the Freshmen did. The class of "54" numbers twenty-seven members. Of these, three have gone to school at Adna since the first grade. The Sophomores were unfortunate in losing two members this year, Sally Martin and Betty Kerkhoff. Both were given a going away party. We gained a new class- mate, Glenna Grauman, from Napavine. The class enjoyed several activities in addition to the regular high school parties. At Hallowe'en, a party was given at the home of Barbara Haase. At Christmas time, a theater party was held. On both of these occasions a good time was had by all. The class turned out well for all the high school dances and other activities. I At the end of the school year the customary picnic was held. Pictured left to right: 1st row: Sharon Deeds, Marilyn Smith, Betty Lou Kerkhoff, Clara Marth, Barbara Haase, Kathryn Carroll. 2nd row: Bobby Fay, Janice Tramm, Evalyn Ozar, Glenna Grauman, Ar- lene Potter, Norman Adolphsen, Mr. Weber. 3rd row: LeRoy Wisner, Gordon Young, Addison DeBoer, Bob Johnson, Calvin Coie, Ray Boche. 4th row:Ray Wink, Virgil Rayton, David Siegwarth, Mac McKinley, Wen- dell DeBoer, Dan Olson. Freshman Class History The Freshman class entered its first year of high school with thirty members enrolled. Roberta Mitchell and Bill McConnachie both withdrew during the year. On the first class meeting, officers were elected as follows: President ...........,.....,,........e......,,,, Rocky Enbom Vice-President ...... .,.,,.,.,........,, J im Stafford Secretary ...,,..,.r ....... Y vonne Unterwegner , Representative ..... ......,.,, H armon Chandler Sgt. of Arms ....... ......... E dwin Smith Reporter .....,,.,.., ........ J ackie Young Treasurer ,........,.......,.........,......,. Eugene Richter The class was very pleased to have Mr. Nelson as class advisor, and wish to thank him for his co-operation and friendly attitude. The class went to the Freshmen Initiation feeling terrified, but it turned out to be fun for all. A few weeks later the class presented the Sophomores with a Frosh Return. The class, as a whole, enjoyed their first year of high school and look forward to the remaining three Left to right: First row: Ronald Tanksley, Jim Stafford, Ronald Mullens, Harmon Chand- ler, John Enbom, Edwin Smith, Glen Thompson. Second row: Donald Benberg, Doris Craig, Winifred Duey, Dorothy Wei- gant, Gail Scherer, Lois Toporke, Irene Bowers, Joyce Waltar, Susan Scherer. Third row: Mabel Grim, Jackie Young, Connie Conrad, Carol Hopper, Yvonne Unterwegner, Bobby Adolphsen, Roger Maddox. Fourth row: Darrell Cairns, Charles Dykes, Eugene Richter, Bill McCon- nachie, Delbert Greger, Lee Olson, Mr. Nelson. w W ff 0760- x Pmmvt xgxfjgffi 1- I "" 'ovngancl v 1 4 , , w f I X W , 1 x x X X My' 1 5 . 1 -v X , k ..-'N , -fp-1 ,r ,, ' :iw 'J Fkfpx " A Q Wm . WT' V Ninn 59:4 2 lx A . . 7. X K . . V ,g3g,1i4. Q. ,iii A L ,Q-. I' was :Madam wwf swam wane mmf sum Nami l we nvlualuirllh was XHWAEGABHIMP was nam: fee aww mis wwe wwe mm ar' K 4749 1 H Wi' W"g 9 S3211 .3 IH UF? M ' Li mil Sis! l '15 SW BEF? '91 1 PM ,g 1575 35555 xiii . E-V9 54 'ch w Y ,hy 1 E 2 : H E I 5 E u s 1 s A V W w Eighth Grade History On September 5, 1944, twenty-four little people were enrolled in the first grade. Some of these people fell behind, some moved away, while others came to take their places. Of the original group, one boy, Matt Skoff, and six girls, June Aldrich, Shirley Thompson, Lois Orloske, Janice Leonard, Marlene Wisner and Bernice Mohoric, are still together. The class now numbers twenty-one members. At Christmas time the class had a party and exchange of gifts. The girls took part in the Christmas program given by all the grades. In the magazine subscription contest, the eighth grade won first place. Lois Orloske was general manager for the campaign, and also high salesman for the grade. Robert Saylor was room manager. We get to keep the trophy until the school year is over. New basketball suits were purchased with the money raised by the sale of subscriptions. The suits are green and white. The yell leaders and song queens wore green skirts and white blouses. Our team won two games and lost four. A picnic on the school grounds was enjoyed one day during the last week of school. On May 29, eighth grade diplomas were given to the class. Pictured on previous page: Left to right: 1st row: Bernice Mohoric, Patricia Walch, Marlene Wisner, Lois Orloske, June Aldrich, Janice Leonard, Beverly Nolan, Sandra Wilson. 2nd row: George Mattis, Shirley Johnson, Carol Tanksley, Shirley Thomp- son Mat Skoff, Bud Johnson, Mrs. Simmermacher. 3rd row: Jim Froman, Norman Giezler, Bobby Chandler, Bob Saylor, Bobby Smith, Jim Burleson Errol Anderson. Seventh Grade History On a bright morning early in September, 1945, a group of happy boys and girls greated their first grade teacher, Miss Whittaker. Some of this original group since moved away and new children have moved in to join the class. Now in 1952, the seventh grade has twenty-three student-s, ten boys and thirteen girls. Of the original group, Lee Thomas, Kenneth Wilson, Alan Waltar, Joe Morgan, Lawrence Adolphsen, Anna Geizler, Mary Simonds, Marian Tanksley, Edith Geizler and Marion Patch are still members. New stu- dents joining since are: Donald Haase, 6th, Walter Geizler, 2nd, Fred Ams- dorf, 4th, Ellen Toporkey, 2nd, Shirley Smock, 4th, Janice Ozar, 2nd, Evelyn Vetter, 6th, Donna Benberg, 3rd, Mary Lou Setzer, 6thg Mary Courtney, 5th, Ross and Claire Dykes and Joanne Balsley joined this year. The seventh grade has had an interesting year. They went over their quota in the magazine drive, helping the basketball team buy their new suits. Alan Waltar was high point salesman in the room and Kenneth Wil- son was room manager. Kenneth and Alan were the two seventh grade boys to make the team with Donald Haase as the manager. The class gave the eighth grade a Hallowe'en party and held a Christ- mas program and gift exchange in their own room. Coat hanger swags were made to take home. We also took part in the school Christmas pro- gram. ug Joann Balsley, Marian Patch, Donna Benberg and Janice Oizar are members of the high school band. Mary Courtney, Joe Morgan, Mary Setzer and Shirley Smock are learning to play instrument-s so they can join the band next year. The seventh grade gave a program for the P. T. A. in February and helped with Parents night. The class has been emphasizing map study and exhibited maps for parents night. ' The Seventh grade room teacher was Mrs. Nielsen. Pictured Previous Page: Left to right: lst row: Janice Ozar, JoAnn Balsley, Evalyn Vetter, Mary Simonds, Edith Geizler, Mary Courtney, Ellen Toporke. 2nd row: Mary Lou Setzer, Anna Geizler, Marian Patch, Donna Benberg, Shirley Smock, Marian Tanksley, Mrs. Nielsen. - 3rd row: Allen Waltar, Walter Geizler, Joe Morgan, Lee Thomas, Donald Haase, Lawrence Adolphsen. 4th row: Kenny Wilson, Freddy Am-sdorf. , Tlmns as our Sclmool. Yheahs 6. gveaf Cleft! -t0 each QF us. We Lmfe 'Huff If will Slve dS Ifnuck +o'H1e S't'ucfevTf? o-ff 'Hxe -Fu+ure as fl' has Swan JCQ us. -these SYS 'Hwe men who 'take C-are o-P our Sclnool MY.-Rick+ev MY. Haase s 5 Q 5 E 5 ia fm Q I A P x V V 1 1 - ,"s 4. I 'fo . 34 , .I fl," - Ffa , ss.- I .' ,'. --. Q-asf. 1 2. I.,-"Q 4 x M 1-, 3 ,.-.3 . 01 AJ HV? '- , ,, ., . ,.. ' n -. 'n ff- rf Q 'i'..'1 H. J -"ff Lx' Pal - -.1..- 'eg -S ., 4: , fu.:-gb-. vb: pa. . 'nf Calendar of Events 1951 - 52 September 4 School started-a dark day for all. 15 Football Jamboree-we won. 21 The Freshmen were initiated-what fun! 28 The teachers had a. reception. October 5 Our first football game here with Ranier-we lost. 9 The Frosh Return was given by the Freshmen. 19 Juniors sponsoredthe Junior Prom. 26 Adna traveled to Ryderwood for a football game-We lost. November 2 Girls' League sponsored their first tolo of the year. More fun! 7 Several seniors attended the Senior College Conference. 9 "The Nit Wits" was presented by the Senior Class-very appropriate! 22-23 Thanksgiving Vacation. December 1 Basketball Jamboree held in Chehalis-we lost. 4 Oakville came to Adna for first basketball game. 7 Adna played a basketball game at Oakville. 8 Adna Pirates went to the Jamboree at Napavine. 11 Tenino was defeated here by the Adna Pirates. 19 Grade school presented their Christmas program. January - February Basketball was main event every Friday and Tuesday evening. The Drill Team and the Band made many appearances at the home games. March 7 Junior presented their play, "Hillbilly Courtship". 21 Seniors sponsored a baseball dance. 27 Skating party was held to raise money for band uniforms-big success. April 4 First League baseball game at State School-we won. 4 Carnival was a huge success. 11 Spring vacation. 14 New band uniforms were ordered for delivery on May 25. 18 The Seniors taught school for the day-ugh. 25 Girls' League gave spring tolo-formal. May 2 Parent's Reception was held. 9 Alumni Dance-old grads had a Wonderful time. 16 Seniors went on their trip, educational trip, that is! 25 Baccalaureate. ' 28 Graduation. It's been a long, long road. 1 29 School ended today! ,..,.- ,--,m.. -H 1. . A . Senior Play History Then Senior Class of Adna High School put their talents into action, as was shown in the Senior Class play, a three act comedy, "The Nit Wits." What happens to Tommy Winter and Steve Grinnell, two college boys, while Tommy's folks were away on a vacation, shouldn't happen to a dog. In an attempt to earn money for college, Tommy became a psychologist, and turned the home into a doctorfs office. Mr. and Mrs. Winter, learning of Tommy's plans, send in some of their actor friends as lunatics., Ste-ve and Tommy were swamped with troubles, but the real excitement be- gan when Mr. and Mrs. Winter arrive unexpectedly. To complicate mat- ters the boys' girl friends were trying to have a party at the Winter's home. Nellie, the cook, was completely bewildered by the actions of everyone. Of course, everything was -straightened out in the end. ' Appearing in the cast were: Tommy Winter Emily 'Winter ...... Nellie, the cook Steve Grinnell .. Kemp Keen Lou Ann Johnson Katherine Anderson James Greger William Winter ...... ...... D uane Olson Jean Hammond ......, ....... ......... V e va North Lou Prentice .................................. Elsie Richter Miss Constance Dinwidzdie ........ Beverly Maddox Henry Short ,..................,.............. Wesley Curtis T. T. Trumbull Vernon Mitchell Maude Middleton ,,,,... ........ C hristle DeBow i Bert Baxter ..,,......... ............ H arvey Cox Milton Geer ............. ...,... L eslie Mohoric Madeline Short ,.,,... ......... C laudell Rich Jack Dempsey ,,,,.. ....... J ames Siegwarth f A- - Asylum Guard ,......,,......,.... Kenneth Thompson Policeman .....................................,.. Sidney Davis Directing the play was Mr. James Robinson. l L Pictured on next page Left to right: B lst row: Elsie Richter, Lou Ann Johnson, Veva North, Claudell Rich, Beverly Maddox. 2nd row: Christle DeBow, Vernon Mitchell, Harvey Cox, Leslie Mohoric, Wesley Curtis, Katherine Anderson. 3rd row: James Greger, Kemp Keen, Sidney Davis, Kenneth Thompson, James Siegwarth. ' uxaw. Cy. 'Now guvuue M W ff? 235 Sf-5-o35f-gpg' Q' 2:33 vnslanlvl, - , ff " 'mf JK' " Q, A 0 A 'jg :ff X A - 4 f' ' X - +V -n 'l m , L, - v ., . U L -Q I' 9 X f N 4 x K f K .- .. V,,L L 5-:.,,,f D 1 yGe3 uDrfdEsUs5Qp Pvesenfecl 133 -We Dfmov Class .X 42 .X wl'-u1ulu+---- - . A I' I - VM -wfM"19' - .,.. -'wx -fmi:Qm'.."f:.f..,AMmL' " W 6 . , - ' " M4 E 2 3 li E E 3 E Q Q1 ! 2 5 R E 2 9 Q Q 5 Q Z I F 3 f 5 . Q 1 T I 1 4 1 l 1 1 I i 5 F i W . 5 4 W 1 V 1 1 W l l 1 1 Junior Play The Junior Class presented the three act comedy "Hillbilly Court- ship" on March 7, 1952. The scene was in the hillbilly home of Ma Peppin. The story told of a feud between Pa Stilsby and Ma Peppin. Pa Sti1sby's pigs ate some of Ma Peppin's corn. Emmy Peppin and Luke Stilsby Were in love during the play, which thickened the plot. With some hillbilly singers and some Wild people from the matrimony bureau, the play turned out to be a big success. The characters included: Pa Stilsby ,,,,..... ...... M arvin Duncan Ma Peppin .,..,..,.., ...... A lice Orloske Emmy Peppin ....... ........ R ita Hobbs Luke Stilsby ........... ,.... M elvin Tennant Seedie Triffet .....,.. ....... L ouise Duey Lulu Triffet ........ ..... C arol Roberts Louis Cattero ........ .,..... V ernon John Sol Silvertain ............. ..........,.. L eon Craig Reverend Boswell ..,,...... ............... D on Thomas Bridgett O'F1aniggan ........ Charlene Thomp-son Wash J eddo ..,,..,,...............,.............,,, B111 Mattis State Crew and Prompters Max Santee, Gene Givens, Fred Huber Directing the play was Mr. Gibbs. ' Pictured on previous page Left to right: Marvin Duncan, Louis Duey, Fred Huber, Ticket Manager, Max Santee, Stage Crew, Bill Mattis, Donald Thomas, Alice Orloske, Mr. Gibbs, Director, Leon Craig, Charlene Thompson, Vernon John, Carol Roberts, Melvin Ten- nant, Rita Hobbs. amg , ,.,,, . 2 S E S Z! 2 5 3 E 1 S E 5 E s E z I 5 Q E : I I i I ! Band History Adna High's band grew by leaps and bounds this year. At the end of the school year a total of twenty-six students were either in the band or learning to pla.y an instrument. New instruments were purchased by both school and students and more are yet to be purchased. The band played at just about every home athletic contest through- out the school year. In addition to playing at these athletic contests, the band appeared at the School and Grange Christmas programs, a P. T. A. meeting, and the Parents' reception. Seven members of the band, Joyce Waltar, Jackie Young, Alice Orloske, Jo Ann Balsley, Irene Bowers, Shir- ley Thompson and Carol Roberts, attended the Centralia Junior College Band Clinic in April. Claudell "Babs" Rich represented the school at the Centralia J. CL Band Clinic and won first place in the senior division baton twirling contest. Perhaps, the highlight of the year was the uniform drive. More than anything else, new uniforms were what the members of the band wanted. The drive was put into motion by a Student Body decision to sponsor a carnival for the purpose of raising money to buy the new uniforms. Then Mrs. E. A. Hobbs suggested that the band raffle off a cedar chest full of linens and household items. A great many wonderful people and com- munity organizations donated items to fill the cedar chest. Mrs. Hobbs acted as chairman of the chest raffle, which made nearly 5500.00 profit for the band. Both the Centralia Rollerdrome and the Crego Hill Grange sponsored parties to raise funds for the new uniforms. With this type of wonderful community support, the uniform drive was bound to end suc- cessfully. The new uniforms were ordered on the 14th of April to be de- livered before the 25th of May. The band is looking forward to next year with marked enthusiasm. More students will join the band and the group will play an even greater part in Adna High School's activity and scholastic program. Pictured on next page: Left to right: lst row: Gail Scherer, Joyce Waltar, Alice Orloske, Glen Thompson. 2nd row: JoAnn Balsley, Bernice Mohoric, Irene Bowers, Sharon Deeds, Donna Benberg. 3rd row: Marian Patch, Bob Saylor, Jackie Young, Carol Roberts, Shirley Thompson. 4th row: Carol Hopper, Gene Givens, Norman Adolphson, Mabel Grimm, Mr. Weber. l I I l E i r F F + ,, Glee Club History The Glee Club had twenty-three members at the close of the school year. This was one of Adna's largest clubs in recent years. The club appeared at P. T. A. meetings, Christmas programs, parent's reception, a Gardeen Club meeting, Ba.ccalaureate and Commencement. A number of new pieces were learned this year and all were Well re- ceived by the Glee Club's audiences. Clara Marth served as accompanist for the club throughout the year. Barbara Haase acted as president. Senior letters were awarded to Katherine Anderson, Elsie Richter and Christle DeBoW. Regular letters went to Kathryn Carroll, Irene Bow- ers, Connie Conrad, Winifred Duey, Mabel Grim, Carol Hopper, Doris Nick, Carol Roberts, Gail Scherer, Susan Scherer, Marilyn Smith, Yvonne Untervvegner, Joyce Waltar, Evalyn Ozar, Clara Marth, Dorothy Weigant, Sharon Deeds, Barbara Haase, Jackie Young and Lena Skoff. GLEE CLUB PICTURE lprevious pagej Left to right: lst row: Mabel Grim, Yvonne Unterwegner, Connie Conrad, Carol Hopper, Elsie Richter, Irene Bowers, Susan Scherer, Joyce Waltar. 2nd row: Mr. Weber, Christle DeBoW, Jackie Young, Marilyn Smith, Evalyn Ozar, Winifred Duey, Betty Kerkhoff, Clara Marth, accompanist, Glennabelle Grauman. 3rd row: Katherine Anderson, Dorothy Weigant, Sharon Deeds, Kathryn Carroll, Gail Scherer, Barbara Haase, Carol Roberts. TH by PAUL Yomaa C in Mo .--N RY E muff P' MCH f Wgmf -77 4 7 Tbillute on vfaf - a"-'5 .fe-5.-F' 7 1'-4450 H' b ,, -gg ,xiii X ' 2' b 91623 , , gf-35" ,UI la. ff ' fn s M NOTRE DAME wc 131 fQff!'fr 57 PAUL YODER T 5 Eb A110 Sczxophqne CHN F, 'SHE ' FL J. UA S!- 1-1 H A.- ku KAIIIIZ-.. f' !..L-4..1.!-l 1 . . ad, Q..-Q 999 6' PO LKA 1. B Y WLADIHIR and .IAROMIR 72" wwf? .T..?......i.Y.,. Y iwtifv an - V.. lue' and Jold Published by the Adna High School Journalism Class Editor .......................,...........,,,,..,., Elsie Richter Assistant Editors Grade School News ..,......... Christle DeBow Features .......................... Lou Ann Johnson Sports ............ ............ H arvey Cox Artist ................ ......... B arbara Haase Mimeograph ........ ....... K atherine Anderson Rita Hobbs Staff Members ................,,,, Charlene Thompson Kathryn Carroll, Beverly Maddox, Claudell Rich, Alice Orloske, Louise Duey, Veva North. Advisor ..........,,.......,....................,....... Mr. Weber Adna's "Blue and Gold" may not be the best newspaper in the World, but it is all about Adna's students. No other paper can make that claim. Many dead lines were barely met, but the "Blue and Gold" managed to go to press every two weeks. The first semester staff was largely made up of Senior boys and girls, however at the beginning of the second semester, a number of Junior girls joined the staff. Two Sophomore girls were on the staff the entire year. Those Junior and Sophomore girls who worked on this year's "Blue and Gold" have gained valuable experience for coming years. The "Blue and Gold" has endeavored to keep you, the students and friends of Adna Schools, as well posted on school affairs as possible. 4.7- Journalism FIRST SEMESTER Pictured next page: Left to right: lst row: Lou Ann Johnson, Veva North, Beverly Maddox. 2nd row: Rita Hobbs, Kathryn Carroll, Barbara Haase, Elsie Richter, Christle DeBow, Kathern Anderson, Claudell Rich. 3rd row: Mr. Weber. SECOND SEMESTER Left to right: lst row: Elsie Richter, Charlene Thompson, Claudell Rich. 2nd row: Alice Orloske, Rita Hobbs, Christle DeBow, Katherine Ander- son, Beverly Maddox. 3rd row: Louise Duey, Kathryn Carroll, Barbara Haase, Veva North, Lou Ann Johnson, Mr.. Weber. Q , .J 'E 1 J COMMUNITY NEWS C-X D 5 9 o or YT .A , J HIGH SCHOOL GRADE SCHOOL NEWS News r VOLUME 951 Q30 VOLUME ADNA Blue and Gold Staff, lst Semester wwmwwmsm emii Blue and Gold Stafr, 2nd Semester A total of twenty-seven students accumulated 'BW or better averages for the first eemester of the 1951-52 school year, and were named to the Honor Roll. This is indeed a very good sign for the coming school year. Let us hope that these and other students of Ldna Hiuh School continue to strive for hiah scholastic rnnnrdn. 5 2, f -91: Q-if 5 5 Q J N sl 4 J .AE ' S VX N U p54 ki' Q ' QQ. if 17,114.11 ' I ' 7 " f' E31 ' . 22.23 TN- ,1 ?,0Lw my i W- I' .5425 .. ,J ,QQ WXEIB f rff"5tQ :+ 'V ' , P ' wb' r 4: J-i"""u LD5iQlxF'g',Xh 'f'3ffL'f?W':1 ag 3 ,Y --We-:wa"g'7L ,,x1f.,:- . H, 1 I f 1.5 H 1 429. x X 7' Q Gi + sf H.. ,Y ,W Pictured left to right: Elsie Richter Editorg Kemp Keen, Artistg Claudell Rich, Business Managerg Mr. Weber, Advisorg Vernon Mitchell, Artistg Lou Ann Johnson, Historiang Harvey Cox, Sports Editorg Christle DeBow, Assistant Editor. This is the Adonian staff, small crew, but all hard workers. We have tried to make this edition of the Adonian the type of year book you will like. Yes, we made some mistakes, but we hope you will overlook them. We feel that this book represents school life at Adna High School. We hope that through this year book you will come to know and understand our school better. "" ' S ,hr E 5 J'oIvi'F6,r ""' UNYDHDSTRUAL ARTS DE PARTNENT TLS SQA 4 4 eFav+me.mT wx our SLI c oo of Wlaucly We ave Fvoucl. 3 ,, B.l"la'lZ1!xs o erat vx -H, 'Fable saw? is I5 bJov Shelf f'flP' "'-M an N, W- K -E' +51 Wigs gif' Q 'L ?-g2'?'f ' "' 499' an-in 1 A :Q v """ megka. c I ' 1 v s-if I If , ' 5' K ' ' 'i i 'Wwe 4"'f"f-"chew a- PQ,- sf- w w' f'-' ,U- 'S- Q-wpsw mmggw -,,, Q--er iw PE5If'21. ,ea -'fa Q x44v ln. -,gin 'S xr 'Q vw -.5 ,mx -ef -J'f3'i4 34, f- - , 1-A ' -.1."l""f"mff' "l"""i "' Z.. 'W' '. " ' Q - - ' ' .f'4" a1- L ff.. 43" 1 , ' ' , " . g N 3: . 1 "-. L :. ., v .,., N' ., '. -' . i '- ' . U Q ,i-A ,..: w ,,f1-Asa, 4-12 '4 f , 'vi' x g: 1 ze.- r FJ-fa M' . ,, r .. ' iv -mp-L,-1 5 s , Sa- :f'fwwHangfr I 9 2 . aziwrwzj ' 5 ' -' 7 1-Ll' xx 1-Q.: wif. -' I N -43 -45 , Tl , ' ' Ll . 2.4 r .ga--Q 'j en' env ' 'Lv -Z "Te ' 'fzr ?'73 .. -1' k a 1+ ffffxif 'A ' ' ---Io' ' -. .. i w, V 'ning' 'ffiffzf "1-Fiflf: ""r7"'- gr-"15fi-afwlr H.-"5 Hfnfri.. " My s ' ' -' fu.. my :, 4: A--f,. X- f .-'wr- bi -4, . ff-urkggv--3 - .. fa-Q?-f-we -, -" 1- .Lea .,.-, ,if "rip A FQ." ii-jigs'-..5:-,Z . ny. gg.,-5,11-A .?'E1fj2'ff1 7Q-r.,':g- 3. S 5:1-..f.,-ji. ffzfr -fa: , 1.4 af' ' . - I-.: it 1 17 1. Le-'rw' wi" ' -. '. ,la-,U ' Q- 5 ,QF - -X, V, X J.. ,. in ' 'N -' "",J',f" ' ff-1 5- Li 63555 . fi: 3'-j aggli',ql, .. 1 '+,,,F1g. -Q f J ' L, '- -2 ' - -' ' ,. 5..- 'Rr F i 'ff 5-1 : S ' ' "7-. ' M , . xg:-s ,j M ,,. '11 'fi' 'fi'ffff-.J 'if fri?-1' f.. . , j .L ,9- fir' 4 , "i.'5"'-- "1 Wg: 4. - ' ",", ,.,, -,W f""' . , 1.1 an C ' , 3-55:'QF1-:mf 15 vfafapfr C , ' 5 fgglf... 'Fw---,,,,,, .A ag -V 2- T , 2.15-fue' . , '- -.x. 5 "-. ,J ' "' .". -V A '-9' .'1 -.v V "--' .J-'I' . Q- -waffwvaf Q1 -,E ef M wr'a -'Lew b T' ,Av Q "xv Qs Es-if S--1 a 51" -i:.fSi: -l'J.'-f?', A ' 1' ' ,Z Q. M4 , -- 'M,,.gff1, X1-,' '.: fra? "'-'L , j Ffa- '-if 1.1. - . 'Y Q." 2.21. . ' -L -J ' 'if' 1' f I ' V' , -:K J., " FH-5'-f'-1.52-3'f . Q Q.. 1'-51, ,auf 'QT - f?l""' , " Y' , 's, ':','b. . 'Z L'-.11"ai-"lu 3.1 'rv K N' 2-4,-gi, 4, ,351 ---'-an ' 'X iL1,erg.,,gj:v-1.,,M453i:-.f, ,A . , .7 - Ea-51 -G -L-gm. 3355! 1 ' :rr we 9-ran A. K Mt nm ' 'MEAC 'C '55 'ksf-sae-if-,,3?g .ra ' ..,,-:gl M .Q if-:,,4,,, 5 -'-59?'i',,. arwwi- '55, 'QAM-mgks Siigegf, J A 'wr fe Aa: w-1, g 3 ' M 'u""""'ig'zw-an ' -2.-sq. Mfif 1' 4g,g.,,,Nx 9-E' '3' :Sv -N., -we wr s':s.Q.:-,,,m NM wr C L- - mom, Team First row, L. to R. : Connie Conrad, Charlene Thompson, Lou Ann Johnson, Louise Duey, Kathryn Carroll, leader, Barbara Haase, Clara Marth Second row: Alice Orloske, Rita Hobbs, Mabel Grim, Yvonne Unterwegner, Veva North, Christle DeBow Third row: Elsie Richter, Beverly Madaox, Claudell Rich, majorette, Irene Bowers -KW L4 1 QQAQX X xl- k Yvonne Unterwegner Carol Hopper 'FT' vff, hh'-5 Gir1's League Officers Gir1's Athletics Q -Xwwww mmww -nwsmvw M-wa-ww wjww-W mwwm M---'-"ff 'k'k A eff" "'kAW " 2 "lj .gi "" 4. . . ,Q Q . - ,QQ-. i W ., ., 7i,,w,M WN -m:gQ f5M N ,QQ ,, fig ggi ' f S5536 V Ries g . V, 33 1 p IJ" ,, 4' , fe 'w we 4Q,i fs- Q05 G5 gbxnuunnv- X. i f 2 i I x I I I v E ! 2 , 5 2 1 E 3 s p v Girls' League History .The first meeting of the Girls' League was called to order by the prlesldent on September 12, 1951, under the supervision of Mrs. Curtis, the a visor. The officers for 1951-52 were elected a-s follows: President .....,.......................,.....s.... Claudell Rich Vice-President ....... .......,.,.. C hristle DeBow ' Secretary ............. ...,, C harlene Thompson Representative ...,.., ............. A lice Orloske Sgt. of Arms ..,.....................,............. Lena Skoff Other Girls' League committess were as follows: Social Chairman ,..,.........,.,..,...,,...,..,, Rita Hobbs Decoration Chairman ................ Barbara Haase Girls' Room Chairman ,...... ,........ V eva North Refreshments Chairman ......,.,..... Jackie Young Program Chairman ..,............... Beverly Maddox Advertising Chairman .......,....,..... Gail Scherer The Girls' League sponsored two Tolos during the year. The first was held on November 2, 1951, and the second was a formal dance held on April 25, 1952. A skating party was also sponsored by the Girls' League. Girls' Athletics A group of twenty active high school girls turned out for athletics this year, with Mrs. Curtis acting as advisor. All the girls made a letter by the end of the school year. Baseball, basketball and volleyball were played. Those receiving a letter were: Katherine Anderson, Irene Bowers, Kathryn Carroll, Christle DeBow, Louise Duey, Rita Hobbs, Carol Hopper, Lou Ann Johnson, Beverly Maddox, Veva. North, Alice Orloske, Claudell Rich, Elsie Richter, Carol Roberts, Gail Scherer, Lena Skoff, Charlene Thompson, Janice Tramm, Yvonne Unterwegner and Jackie Young. Yell Queens . Yvonne Unterwegner and Carol Hopper led Adna's cheering section at both home and away from home games. Their enthusiasm and school spirit was a big lift for the teams. 11, . . fluid, LL. , 4 55 55 an 5 is-N 8 HS Express 9 5: , 'r f-if he LD Left to right: Isfiiiito rcgglfti c 1 L R wi L Mr. Roundtree Mr-. Robin M . N 1 ng' 8 V n 0 6' e OV sner' Son Mr. Weber, Mr: Eastman SOD, T 6 SON, Craig, Vernon Mitchell Standing: Max Santee, David Siegwarth Elvin Mitchell, Jim McKinley. oiamy Jag ilzlfllgir ily D kiss ,w s'9 Left to right: Sitting: Katherine Anderson, Lois Toporke, Doris Craig Standing: Arlene Potter, Norman Adolphsen, Mr. Gibbs, Gene Givens P 3,044 Qfg 8 QW Sched an- W M is 11 -Q i , ,,, ,WY ,, 4 1 N l 1 .08 Left to rightg Front row: James Siegwarth, Vernon John Back row: Wesley Curtis, Harvey Cox ,fm IILUB , 0' ' Q1 YQ- 9 First row: Harvey Cox, Vernon Mitchell, Gene Givens, Ray Wink, Wesley Curtis, Dan Olson, Second row: Don Thomas, Bobby Fay, Gordon Young, Addison De- Boer, John Enbom, Wendell D6Boer, Coach James Robinson. Third row: James Siegwarth, Kemp Keen, Duane Olson, Ray Boohe- Fourth row: Leslie Mohoric, Jim McKinley, Vernon John, Marvin Duncan, Ronald Mullins. "A" Club History The "A" Club officers for 1951-52 were elected on September 14, 1951. President ......................,.......,..,........ Harvey Cox Vice President ........ .,.,....... V ernon John Secretary .........,...... ...... J ames Siegwarth Representative ............................ Wesley Curtis The planned activities for the year were to attend a football game in Seattle, hold a football banquet, and a basketball-baseball banquet. Because the treasury funds were low, a pig raffle was held on October 5 to buy tickets to the University of Washington vs. the University of Southern California game on October 6. About forty dollars was taken in on the raffle. ! I 4 E 2 5 I F E H Q I l 9 3 5 L 'Ev' P .., 1 '. A 'W ' Qw Ll -fA, g: A W M f W r ,iw A wa V 9' ' ' , K 5 L v 1-wf. ,t K KVM , . X-H may 1, fa, ,' , jf --X- L 'ff Q ' 3. f-1 wi Y af : -K + ' Q .x my . gw,,3,W , - M , ,M 9 A ' " Y 5 . N G t HQ , wf:+gf,y5fS,v,,g . ' -V A A , LJ g Vj A A' F iw M- ,R K - z ' ' vw 1 W 1 g T? , Q ,f V iw Jw, , W wk SK. Y A fi, K ' we , .V , A, NJ I A Ae Z W .- ,. k 14 5. V uf, 2 , T Q L! ,nf . , . TQ- K i X ff' mf if ' . X 1 WA ,:,, A. ng. A L. X--,- AL Y I w AV' 'Qu 1 L 5 i I 'fi x 5 ' mv. 'L ' MW X . st X laik I ,Q x , y -. A 1 Y m , ' K' ,H XVV- 1 fy A , +G 1 M Q Q ' LA-A ' K ,ffwgf 5 1-25' A f ' ' V 4 f 3, "' x Wx I -v"fA'2, Ae .Z vii' -1 1 ,M " il! ag 5 A we A .V M, . f H ,.... W W X f 1, i 2 'VF " i K A f 9'LiQfCQQ'i9Y'fv . G A fag: A 5 'QX ,iz , 3 f 3 , 4 k k wif X - 6 .2 , A 1, ,ff Y K' 412, E? 9 LCM? Q' . s S f 'fiqgfga g A W2 f l ' X QW X .' S14 .ed :ffl-1 A., . g h Z , , ..t x 1 va 2 'I K 4 P. .mm , 3 f R 1 -L i E . I E S s E I E 2 i i 5 1 I 5 e 2 E E 5 5 - E L , n f I 3 1 1 r v 3 i 4 1 i I ? i Y X . 1 1 1 N I 4 i 1 1 5 S Football The 1951 football season, in terms of games won, was not very suc- cessful. However, the season was a success in other ways. For example, valuable experience was gained by the underclassmen who will be the teams of the future. The student body enjoyed every game, even though the pirates were defeated the majority of the time. ' With the experience gained this year, the Pirates certainly will be a strong contender for league champions in 1952. LEAGUE GAME SCORES Adna ,,,,vi,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,.. 25 Oakville ...... Adna ..... 7 Rochester -- Adna ......,,. 47 Rainier .... Adna ..... 0 Napavine .... Adna ......... 12 Toutle Lake Adna ......... 13 Ryderwood Adna Lebam JAMBOREE SCORE Adna 6 Rochester 0 N .J f N P Gil. W .f 'Erik Row: MTf'ennan'ijWDeBoev5W Curfns, B 'F-33 I D. Olson, H. Cox, D. Cawns S-td-'VAWSZ A-DEBOEY' John, K.Keevx P4.Duncah'G: Young, COACH ROLH1 SOI! 'Farsi Row: JT 5'l'af1forJ, L. Olson, E.. SWITHII B. Maifug D. Bankers Sflahclxvisg 1 R.Wmk, D. Gvecgevq D- 5Ig3wavH,R.Enbom, R.NuIl-ng Coach Rolmnsdn Basketball The Adna High School cage team had at fair season, winning five games. In league play, the Pirates won 2 and lost 8. In practice games, the Pirates Won 3 and lost 6. The team gained a great deal of valuable experience and will give a good accounting of themselves next year. League Games Practice Games 48 50 56 Adna .,...... Boistfort ........ Adna ........ Oakville ......,... 29 Adna ,..,.... 21 Toutle Lake .... 65 Adna ........ 41 Tenino ........,,,. 26 Adna .,...... 38 Ryderwood .... 53 Adna ........ 43 Alumni ,......... -60 Adna ........ 43 Pe Ell .............. 46 Adna ........ 50 Rochester ...... 35 Adna .,...,.. 52 Napavine ........ 55 Adna. ........ 30 Lebam ............ 65 Adna ........ 59 Boistfort ........ 56 Adna ........ 42 Oakville .......... 44 Adna ........ 0 Toutle Lake ..., 35 Adna ........ 33 Tenino ..........., 51 Adna .,..,... 33 Ryderwood .... 63 Adna ........ 36 Rochester ..,.,. 66 Adna ,.,,.... 33 Pe Ell .............. 69 Adna ........ 34 Lebam ............ 41 Adna .....,.. 54 Napavine ,.,..... 51 Individual Scoring League Practice Total Harvey Cox ,,,,., ......... 1 12 86 198 Vernon John ........ ..... 8 7 101 188 Wesley Curtis ,..,... ,..... 7 9 77 156 Duane Ol-son ,....... ..... 2 3 37 60 Kemp Keen ....,. ..... 2 7 31 58 Dan Olson ........ ..... 3 8 6 44 Gordon Young ...... ....,. 8 6 14 Wendell Deboer ,...... ..l.l 6 7 13 Bobby Fay ............... ..... 2 5 7 Marvin Duncan ..... ...... 2 3 5 Ray Wink .........,....... .,.... 0 2 2 Donald Thomas ....... ..... 0 f 2 2 Addison Deboer ..,........... 1 0 1 Second Team The second team had a very good season this year, losing only one game and winning seventeen. They beat Oakville, Tenino, Rochester, Le- bam, Toutle Lake, Boistfort, Pe Ell twice each, and Napavine, Ryderwood and the Alumni once. This team was under the excellent coaching of Coach Robinson. Individual Scoring Points Bobby Fay ...c,..,,..,,. ....... 1 40 Addison Deboer ,,,,.. ....... 1 06 Wendell Deboer ...... ....... 9 4 Ronald Mullins ........ ..,.... 8 9 Marvin Duncan ,..... ....... 8 1 Dan Olson .......... ....... 4 7 Gordon Young ........ ....... 3 2 ln, L-, Points John Enbom ...... ...... 2 1 Lee Olson .....,....... ..... 1 3 Ray Wink ,,.,.,,..,....... ..... 1 2 Tiny Smith .................. ..... 8 David Siegwarth ,....... ...... 7 Donald Thomas ....... ...,. 6 Bill Mattis ........ Baseball 1951 The baseball team of 1951 played excellent ball throughout the entire season, being an undefeated team. The Pirates were champions of both the league and of Lewis county. During the year the entire team made a total of 1201 hits and 123 runs. The opposing teams scored a total of thirty-four runs. The Student Body congratulates the 1951 team for their outstanding season. The scores of the games were as follows: Adna ........................ 7 Rochester Adna - -------- 6 State ....... Adna ..... .. .,,..... 10 Chehalis - Adna ...... ........ 1 1 Boistfort . Adna ..... 9 Napavine . Adna ,,... ......... 7 Pe Ell ....... Adna. ..... ......... 1 0 Rochester Adna ...... ........ 1 4 State ,.,.. .. Adna ...... ........ 1 2 Boistfort , Adna ...... 4 Chehalis - Adna ..... 5 Pe Ell ....... Adna ...... i.... 9 Tenino ,,,,, Adna ...... ......... 1 1 State ,..,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.. 3 Adna ..... ..... 5 Mossyrock ,,,,,, ,,,.,,, 1 Baseball 1952 As the annual goes to the press, the Adna Pirates have played six games, winning four and lo-sing two. The two loses, both practice games, were to Rochester. The wins were with Napavine twice, State once and Boistfort once. The team is looking forward to a good season and the championship again this year. f 01 y l w 5 QXJ n Azsiq o Br 1-2,-915 lst row: Tod Nolan, W. DaBoor, G. Young, G. Givens R. link, B. Johnson 2nd row: H. Cox, H. Storm, J. Sato, L. Mohorio, D Olson, Coach Robinson 5rd row: C. Hopper, H. Anderson,V. John, B. Amstutz D. Olson, H. Patel, G. lohorio ,kk 'If Q, 51559 ' ,fi Q 5 Fix G5 nam PSDVY X rw X EQ, ' n '22 W ' A W ? EV NOHORIC OLSON DE. Bom DUNCAN Cox BAS EBALI. smug A 'Reaclmg Tveg-91' IT? I iflgkl' - " ' T-sg 1 Y ,V V1 51' k fm fi A Jigs X X J' if Fm' E 'f M v- 4 wwf r Q- f v "' WW 'ix , t .g .5-. A ' Yi ' xx " Q, 1 Q.. A in 'y 'S '- 'K' in 4 iq ,A X P f - 3 hgmidw x l .N x N .- ' Q 'BA L' I y ' 1 Q A K' K Y , I x !, 5XA f v '- " 'T L . s gf 4.1-isa' .5 W A H , g gi, wg A A A ' 1 - 'fsm.., , K-kkial K Q rw ' if Q A ,rl ""' A Em I KS 3 ra... 5 ? 3 z 5 3 s I 1 2 V F S 2 i x V i 1 Claudell ,. ., ,yuh ar nf wwf.- an ,QQ . -m e , F' -' A 1v'ir+w ,QQ . ""1rf'4-ff w4f?f5?1v. V K "fVQQff':Qf' fix 35" V L, hi , Q ' - . , - .Q diff -aft' sk , -. m i ' ff -F x .- "V , M, 'QW 4 Lou Ann Jim S. I4 G, Kem Y kv .57 5, F . M 2 ' " Q, g3,,Q, Jim Ill 2 5 2 i i E 3 v 5 5 i Q i I Y X I ! I L I pana snee r Baldy df--N ' 5i'v'f ,I ' . S Mr. Nelsen. 5?ff,f1 5535325 -,LS K --f K ??RQ55NW Ai 1 V+- U ' ' I Na pole on Aids You Q in E5 k ,FL A Hs ., ,cw :W 1 4 . 49- 95, Q, 1Q'f f gg, ,.,' Ron gh 1.1 ' Yes , coach -W 3 , , V Santee ,Ee 5 Q! Q- E9 Clara -,ff ' .Q ffifmf S Andy Smilin' Young . an f9', Concentx-ating Wa ming the beneh rilvn Bashf'u11 Sm I Mrs C. - M, vi' Nix nf ,,: if A svhm Q S gh 231: , q S K Sggred ? , dd idon E ' Wi? Tarzan A A Q Q 'i ,,,, ,I Ai ,T V h E K 'N NN Q' A v E75 S . .. I If-A In E Shoulders 3 ,Q KW' 1 Cheoze-Cake ' W 1 E' Rand y , V' P" Q N34 "wa - -- 8- 4 J Bag-shoe .h J 1 S DN 3' -WW .- ii if i' ihr in ' Cal S ,Smile Prefs 52" X. gg .. EA fig Old 'gg' In Pep-Smile 1 'f I f 'ff' Jig... Wi' f 1 A , ,z I, 1 ' -.,.g,. Aftentjicnk ,ff 1.h - 'gif' w s? Sf'-R 1 any Fi? . .1 A 2 L S05 1,4 X DAAMAH W Y Ba rb Q Wesley 1 yn' ff, 11 S y , Professor Siegwarth fbi Smile gjmrls wiv Wei Just Alice sig sale -se- Silly Louie Ma k Pa Kettle Curly A Horse WHO is Rock a uh? my pp...--Q Q If why J Leg 4 Are yw iya goin! Les Don't we look alike? .JSR- Gene Jim' 1 R P0 in A11 smiles Toni Twins S impid S Tickets wwf, ' 1- I ' lr' " - K J , Q, V' V , A A3 H .x Wx! I see a Wabbit Clxeorful Gall Bill If. Hot Roc? Jim J """x,, Two bits, Four bits! l'.D Svensk? 'Enos one X," ' 4 E Le Roy A H543 3 5, r I P E 9 i 1 5 i k 3 a 2 E Y F 5 5 5 s E r 1 k 1 1 u l 6 '. ,. X' 95 -4 COPY Co P7 'Q XZ f A,yAA,VVvx1 ,A,- . Compliments of C hehalis Grocery l If QP .,.r,A.A,A..,-.-.A.A.-.,-.-1-,Av-.AA,,,-v.,-..,-,A,-,AAQ Peerless Sausage Company "Sausage at Its Best" 10th and William Sts. Phone 8-4431 Chehalis, Wash. :I Q 6 Lewis-Clark Hotel Centralia Famous For Fine Food Dining Room - Banquet Room and Coffee Shop L E 1: 3 Grange Supply Co. If Co-Operative l Gas -- Stove Oil - Diesel l 'I IE Massy Harris 1: Farm Machinery l 1: Phone 8-3831 Chehalis, Washington f I 1 6 Xfvxf-.A.4f.-f.-,Av-.1-.Affff.-,f-xxx,-Y-Yx,-e,r.,x,e, L. 6? S. Service C. Bruce Long Phone 8-7111 State and Main Sis. Chehalis, Wash. Lubrication and Mechanical Work fx,-c,.A,N,-,AY-f.,-v-.fxf-.AYAY-YA.,-v-v-vyA.A.,x,x,-e,N, Doane's Drug Store The Friendly Store On The Main Corner Chehalis, Washington xgfafxf-ef.,-. .,x,x,s,-Y .1-ve,-v , JV- ,.,...,vY -.AQ Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 Fred Hess Tractor 6? Implement. Co. Your Friendly Ford Tractor Dealer Chehalis Washington ,, Congratulations To The Graclnating Class of '52 ' 1 if P glliii 'Pr AT YOUR SERVICI Public Utility District No. 1 of Lewis County 981 Pacific Ave. Chehalis, Washington 9AAfAAAAA -V,1.1 Af,-,-1,-,AffY-.-.A.-rv-Y-Y-Y-Y-rv-.f-ff,-.Av-ef MN,W . r ' I Lewls-Pacific Dairymen's Association Producers of Dry Milk Butter D I G Cheese Emporated Milk Feed and Implement Departments Telephone 8-4433 Y-Y-,4L,.A.A,-.-x,x,-V40-Y-.-V1-, ,Vx,..,.,.A,A..,A,V,,t,..,A..,,,,,,....tA,.,....-4e CARTER'S TIRE SERVICE TIRES A . XXX N 'X "Use Oar Easy Pay Plaaif' 1040 Market St. Back of Fox Theatre Chehalis Centralia 4 , si Chehalis, Washingion Af ffv Compliments of Lute's Tavern L. A. Wrigglesworth Clielialis, Washington Xa-.-.vVVvY.,.Y....A..,v.,,,,,v.,,.,,,.,,VV, I ,,-x,x,-.,---,--,-.,x,,,-Y-.A.,-V-A Compliments of the Olympic Dr. W. F. Loughnan Dr. R. C. Huntington Optometrists Columbus Block Phone 8-7403 Chehalis, Washington Phone a-3733 "Quality Work - Quick Service" 892 Pacific Avenue Chehalis, Washington , 1fV fJf, N,y ,-VV, -Vv vafvx, wfefcfxffvv BRUNSWIG'S Self Service Shoe Co. Smarter Styles Lower Prices Chehalis Wash. Palmer Lumber Company Building Supplies and Mam1faCi1l1'e1'S of Fine Millwork ffvnv4-.,YAY.vA,g,s,,-rv-Y-c,,,VvAYAfs,x,c,x, c, "The Sign of Quality" Phone 8-7162 925 Prindle Chehalis, Washington A,,.- Whitmarshis Body and Fender Worlssl Safety Glass - Auto Repairing 644 National Ave. Phone 8-7333 Chehalis, Washington Y.Y.Y,YAY.Y.,,,,,,,.Y.v,Y.Y.Y.v.Y,Y.,Y.',Y.Y.,.,,1,N, Q 1 4fyVxA,.x Moir's Grocery "A Thrifty Place to Trade" 2015 Market St. Chehalis, Washington VyvxAAAA,xA, Q N uce' s Dept. Store, Inc. Latest in Ready to Wear Dry Goods, Drapery, Bedding Chehalis, Washington 5 fsfxfx,-efofefxfvxfxfxfi,-on .,,.,x,,,, . VxA,vxf, 1.fx.,x,x,s.,, l,-fx,L xAfAAfV,, Old Fashioned H ospitality: Mary McCrank's Shamrock Inn ls i ' 4 Miles South of Chehalis, Washington +I -9NvmfNN vN ? l F. G. Foster Company Incorporated li . li Wholesale Hardware t E Iron and Steel, Pipes and Fittings fr Logging and Mill Supplies, Wire Rope If Belting, American Sawmills S Powder, Sporting Goods 1: Chehalis, Washington l pv V, -J li "A Good Place to Come Clean" Self Service Laundry Automatic and Conventional Washers Large Tumbler Dryer 985 State Si. Phone 8-3812 9 VV o,:,-Vv xxAAA, Western Tractor Equipment Company ' John Deere Dealer for Lewis and Pacific Counties 985 Prindle St. Call 8-3313 Chehalis, Washington . xQ WNW'i?zfoE75fAi1x'f5fMWWM International Trucks Parts, Service, Welding, Lathe Work, Forge Commercial Repairing - Honest, Reliable Service 1337 Chehalis Avenue Chehalis, Washington AfvvV xA fN,x,.,-of-.,a.,y,,.-efxfxf,A.,1.,C,x Xf,A,A,-ff,-Y-,A,J.-4Af.-,,A xfxf-Lfxlxfx,-,,x,1,,,,x,.,, a,fff A,,,xAA,, FOR- Sport News .fxfxfxfefxfsf School News Society and Other News Read ci: ...X E fe :S se- i , N- , ' R ,' ? ' A BE5I1S .Hdxmeofgf "Your County Paper" l't Printing Qua 1 y 895 Market St. Use Our Classified Ads Phone 8-3335 For Quick Results Chehalis, Wa-slnngton Tauscher Auto Parts :I Stephens-Moses - A w ki ' 2 6V:2lkEr:.a?ars Boggs! ar:ZcS0xlg 5 AZEAFNS Zlfear Q OW 1' 501 Main St., Centralia, Wash. ,E Ceniralia O e Washinsivn SPURGEON' S ll Townsend Stationers Mission Orange - Grapette If phone 6,4087 d 1 Qlignch 114m So. Tower Centralia so Xa Upton Engine Rebuild V Kelley's Sport Shop Rebuilding G1ll1Smi1hin9'. Complete Stock of Guns Auto and Trucks .A1'IlI1'luI1iii0Il, Fishing Tackle 7213-Q No. Tower Ave. Phone 6-4871 Mefcufii 0ufb0a1'd,M"f0IS Centralia, Washington p Chehfalls, Washmfgtfm 1? Miller' s Martzn Motor Parts, Inc. Body 5, Fender Shop 221 SO' Towel' Phone 56493 Painting - Glass Installed 489 Penn. Ave. Phone 8-4921 Centralia, Washington V Chehalis, Washington cy .. 9 5 Af.- . 5 5 5 5 Q Ford 5 I 5 5 1 Q Lmcoln 5 1 E 5 5 5 Q Mercury 5 . 5 . 1, 5 5 I 5 : 5 I E UHLMANN MOTORS 15 5 5 Telephone 8-3366 5' 5 5 Chehalis, wash. I 1' 5 5 5 5 5M-MM--MfWMN-MMNWVQ g Northwest Lumber ' Q at MILLWORK COMPANY 5 One-Stop Builders' Supply Center 4 5 Route 2, Box 67-B ,5 I Chehalis, wash. Phone 8-4428 ,Q T Boone, s Garage L C. C. Boone, Prop. I DeSoto and Plymouth , Sales and Service X Phone 8-4282 aaa Marko: sz. ,I Builder s Supp y 5 W. M, Stanton. Owner I 1 "Everything for the Builder" I 1211 Harrison Street Phone 6-3832 5 Centralia Washin ton X 9 4 5 5 For et-Me-Not Ice Cream 5 5 Flavor in Full Bloom , Irresistable Taste Appeal 5 asv state sr. Phone 8-4801 5 o o 6 Chehalis, Washington y ,-,,,A,s.,-X.-xfxfx,-X,-.. MLu Aff, .af-C -.o 6 1 5 5 5 I5 15 5 5 5 15 15 5 I .x9 qz 5 4 5 Hagerman Farms 5 Registered Jerseys 5 5 5 VI, 5 nr. 1, Box zsa Phone a-4581 5 Chehalis, Washington 5 15 6 o. A I, wi 55 ri ,5 If M cK1nnell Tractor 5 5 5 It Company 1: 5 S 5 , . 15 Alhs - Chalmers 1, 15 15 5 Phone 8-8331 Highway 99 2 ii X qi 5 Chehalis, Washington 5 5 1: 5o----W--f---W--A--N--ANWWco 15 Lillegard Hardware 1 15 Phone 8-7923 Market sn-ee: 5 Chehalis, Washington , 42 5Ka w,A 53 Boone's Beauty Salon Steam Baths and Massage Phone 8-7231 780 Market St. Chehalis, Washington . ,-,,-e,x,-.-.A.fCf.A.A.,s,s,x.,-,A.,-s.f-,-.,-.A.AYA.fe,x,x,-x,5,,,f- 1 Distributor of Wilson Athletic Goods 1080 Boistfort - Phone 8-3742 Chehalis, Washington 5 Q Lewis County Hardware - - 0 .4.A.+.,x,A.A.,-x,x.,-vA,-,A..,y,sf-v-.-fs.,-,Av-.fxfxfyfxfx.fxfk0 ' 3,QAVVvVv,AA AW,Qg Bartel's Men's Store 881 Pacific Avenue Phone 8-3871 Chehalis Washington I ! 3NA,YV,ffYfA4 ' Y -9 1 1 '1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 I1 11 11 1 9 i? 11 '1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Evergreen Breeders Assn. R. T. Coie, Manager Your Artificial Breeding Association Of Western Washington Rt. 4 Box 495, Chehalis, Wash. Phone 8-8281 Congratulations to the Class of '52 Congratulations to the Class anol Faculty of '52 Chehalis Music Co. Your Most Complete Music Store Chehalis, Washington sMAMM,,W.,,, 9 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. ' 49 1 ' 1 1 it 1 1 11 11 1 , l1 , 1 E , 1 . i ,, They Profit Most Who Trade at PROF F I TT'S Centralia Chehalis . E Ei E Donut Shop A "The Home of the Big Rolling Pin" 103 So. Tower Centralia 1 9 1 -Neve A, 1 3? 1 1 E 1 Centralia Pharmacy Q Phone 6-4321 401 No. Tower 1 I Centralia, Washington 1 1.i 1 M 1 'i 1 1: When in Centralia Shop at ' 1 PENNEY'S 1: 208 North Tower 1: Centralia Washington 1 1 1 L.........i...... ,,., ,, ,H ......-...-ng,........,--,-,.-?.--,.- "Go Get-Um Pirates" C hehalis Packing Company is 1 1 1 11 vv.,t,.,.,,,..,..,,,v.,..,.,.,, 1 1 1 1 1 Freezing Lewis County Grown , Fruits, Berries, Vegetables 1 1 1 'i for the Nation ancl the 11 Arrnecl Forces 1 3. Phone 8-4525 770 state si. 1 Chehalis, Washington 11 t9 AA, 1:1 Compliments to the 1' Seniors of '52 from the Ig Dairy Dan ' 1 . . 1 Chehalis, Washington ?m 1 Shattuck Motors 1 1350 Market Phone 8-4466 1 Wesley Shattuck 1 Chehalis, Washington 1 11 .3N lg Ai -eA,.,VVVx,c,.,VVcA,x,. 1 Albert Jewelers "Personalized Service" Two Convenient Locations 6-4951 To Serve You Chehalis Centralia 1 to yfx,e,-c,x,cAfV.,,,,N,- Q""Tgaf tate Bank Centralia, Washington Member Fecleral Deposit Insurance Corporation Shop at Sears and Save RETAIL STORE - 801 Market Phone 8-4473 SAVE TIME - - SAVE MONEY At Sears Catalog Sales Dept. FARM STORE - 859 Pacific Phone 8-4473 Chehalis, Washington Geo. Sears Drug Co. Prescription Specialists Your Doctor's Prescription is Our First Consideration 905 Market Street Phone 8-7721 Chehalis, Washington 'L 'L 'L 'L 4 'L :L 5 'L 'L L L 'L 'L 'L 'L 'L 'L 'L L 'L 'L 'L 'L 'L :L 5 'L L 'L 'L :L l 'C 1 5 1 'L 5 li Q, 'L 6x .A,,,,.,.,.,A,.,.,....,,.,A,,.,.,.,.,,...,.,.A,,,QL Congratulations To The Graduating Class of '52 Scherefs Store Meats and Groceries Phone 8-3137 Aclna, Wash. AfxAA,XA.fy-.o 'ia Qx wi x 1 5 1 1 I Blakely 6? Hout lg 3, "Your Building: Supply Friends" S 'E Lumber - Millwork A 5 1, I' fi North City Limits, Chehalis ft 5 ft Phone 8-3377 1: 15 lLMWW.MMMMMN,NM,NNf 1 O X? Q- QL 'L L Schuster Sheet Metal Works li 960 Chehalis Avenue Phone 8-7233 ,L 4 5 1 Chehalfls, Washington 1 1i li 'L Iron Fireman if Automatic Heating Equipment If 3? 'o ,'A i 1 gl . L' The Natzonal Bank ,h N '5 of Commerce 1' I 1 1 1 'L 'L 1 1 'L 'L 'L Centralia, Washington '9 Aff'g5 .g 6,,.i,, Uhr Eailg Glhrnnirlv 1 Lewis County's Only 'L Daily Newspaper IL 964 Pacific Ave. Pearl and Maple 1 L Chehalis Centralia 1 L ,VNrw g, l l Qf l l 'u P . . , gi C. C. White Paint Center Phone 8-3822 I: Chehalis, Washington 3 fb-4--f-----f-4--V-Y-------N-ANYQ 9 Compliments to 11 11 Seniors of '52 5 E Chehalis Brick 6? Tile Co. 2 o----I-V-Y--Iv--I-Af'-V-,V-,MA-AMif- sr-AW--A-4-f----ef--NW---W--we lg Burnett's Jewelry 1' E Pioneer Jewelry Store of 1. Lewis County :Q Chehalis, Washington 1. GAANYVVV- AY-V- Y --Y-V-Y-f.-'-,-'-e-e-e-.-me ? Q gl Fechtner, s Jewelry E ft 901 Chehalis Ave., Phone s-4313 +I ii Chehalis, Washington 1 Xb Q Q 4,y lr fl Chehalis City Laundry I - Serving Your Territory - 1, We have appreciated +1 your business in the past 1: as we would like to in the future. ft 1065 Mein Phone 8-4822 if S Chehalis, Washington iN,.MANWV,M,,wVW,WWW, 5 1: i ii l l gl S 67 e e, l gi 'L i 1 i l 1 Congratulations to 1 Seniors of '52 Ii from lg Gishis Lunch Q ' ,V,Y,,A,VvA Y,', ,N,, Y ,',',Y,Y,'AV,v,Y,Y ,V ,Y,,,,.,,V.VQ 32 MOREHEAD'S GRILL Chehalis, Washington 4, russell l 43 AA,, Evergreen Market Quality Meats 875 Market Street Phone 8-7242 Chehalis Dr. W. L. Hines Optometrist Phone 8-7702 884 Market sz. Chehalis, Washington .,- ,vxA,,,, ,,A, Daily Bread Shop Phone 8-7943 Chehalis, Washington Q wNvmWmNWA ,VV,q,v.,.,cA,.,.,,,,,.,t,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,.A,.,.,., C lark's Radio Service 1120 Boistfort St. Phone 8-4124 Chehalis, Washington x Hitchcock Radio Service Phone 8-3212 892 Pacific Avenue Chehalis, Washington f5L, Compliments to Seniors of '52 The Eat Shop Kai ja Feed Eff Seed Purina - Albers - Crown Feeds Phone 8-4221 707 State Si. Chehalis, Washington Young Fashions Congratulations to Seniors of '52 ,,A,x,4,xAf-fy-f,fVx,VVCA,---1-4 A,x,. . - v -CA,x,xfe,x,.,.A,x,x, n,,e, ,e.,N,.,.,t,e,,e z a vN Q Centralia Knitting Mills I 1 CQ 1: Skookum Sports Wear Relubknuddmq emma Sweaters for All the Family -I 1: if 1521 Market Phone 8-4722 if 1. 223 So. Tower 1: ' 1' . . 1 Clzehalis, Washington Ii Centmlwi Washmytw if L 35 ? i, e-Y'ef-Y-4.11,-.AYA-.1-.Avnf-v-Y-.-.-n,e,-.A.A,AfVe,-.-v " :I Washin ton Junk Com an i Home Dairy 3 g , P y ji 11 1336 Chehahs Ave. I 1 ft Gnu 8-7911 for Home Delivery Q: Clwlwlw, Wflslnngwn 1' ANV I: Complete Fountain Service at 915 Chehalig Avenue Ii Good Furniture at Low Prices 1 The Gesler-McNiven Co. 1 V I 0 IE Chelwhs' Washington :I sos Ne. 'rewer Phone s-sees 1 M., ji Centralia, Washington h O I 3: Enterprise Electric Compliments of 1 Telephone 8-3324 , I' sas cneneue Avenue Centralia Flower Sho 11 , . y. 1' Chehahs' Washmgton I 119 No. Tower Centralfia MOORE'S fiMW'MMW'WN'WT'Vm ii Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Cloihes Lohr Brothers Music If "Better Quality for Less" Cen1rai1a's Complete Music Store i 1' 869 Market Chemie, Ifvfieh. G- A- Lohf -' W- D- LOW , Q Wg, 307A N. Tower Centralza Warren Motor Company ' cnevre1e1 - Oldsmobile - cndiuee Portraits 2 Sales and Service Commercial ji 1113 Prindle Phone a-aasa Finishing Q Chehalis, Washington Erefndfn Sfudifl 1' P EN N EY'S 213 No. Pearl Centralia S Shoes -- Clothing - Millinery li Dry Carneras 891 Market Phone 8-4331 Films Chehalis, Washington supplies -V12 Q Q -fx,,,,,e,,,N,-,,,xfx,'nfN,1.,1fx,ee,,,xfx,x,-,,1,.,n,-n,--fx, 1i . 13 Coleman Equipment Co. 1 Complete Line of 1 ' Agricultural Implements It Oliver Plows. Superior mins :1 Myers Pumps 1' Oliver and Cletrac Tractors 11 1. P.O. Box 86 Chehalis, Wash. I 1: Phone 8-4451 1 e es 1 1 1 ? ?' 1 1 1 Security State Bank 11 2 Locally Owned 11 Independent Bank .1 Phone 8-3711 Chehalis Ave. 1, Chehalis, Washington 1 1 11 I 1 if Irving Motor Parts S 1121 Main Street 1 Chehalis, Washington 11 Phone 8-7951 ff Fissell Funeral Home 11 40 Years Of Distinctive :I Funeral Service 1' "A Trust Held Sacred" 1 1003 Merkel, Chemie 8-3671 'Sf ,e .3. Stop and Eat at the TOWN TAVERN 1535 Market Street Chehalis, Washington s wNAA,- xe4, , - Coffman-Dobson Branch ' National Bank of Washington 'E Good Luck to the 11 Graduating Class of '52 11 gl Phone 8-4411 Chehalis, wash. 11 1 1 MM Farm Equipment J. I. Case Farm Machinery 1 1 11 "Bi1l" "John" 1 1 1 Graham Implement Co. 1 1 2394 Market sr. 1' Chehalis, Washington I1 Phone 8-7122 i 1 S Titan Power Saws Repair Service -Qfsfsfsfs-A-Af-Y-Y-s-f-ve-A.,-Y-Y-Y-.-,x,vVeA,A.-.-AA, p, Eddy Auto Parts, Inc. 1019 Market St. Chehalis, Washington Phone 8-3341 9 4A Warren and Helen Myers 2025 Market St. Phone 8-7381 Chehalis. Washington g Flying Saucer Cafe x, 0 9 871 Market Street Chehalis, Waslnngton V Doyle's Chehalis Pharmacy Drugs Prescriptions 892 Market St., Chehalis leeanen a C oburn's Appliance Store 1149 Park Street Chehalis, Washington h9 z, ,-AA ,V,, Modern Plumbing and Heating Quality Merchandise and Service 1313 Market Phone 8-3823 Chehalis, Washington 3- f9f of T. F. Owner RECTOR5S The Ben Franklin Now A Self Service Store Chehalis, Washington Chehalis, Washington QIt .J N. ci: L' 'r Phon s-am I TQ, ' . Z 111115. . .e S11 H onsolidated Service 1 . TORES 3 u 'n ' ' ' m P1 mm 9 Hemg Wm' Pu Ps 809 Market St. chehans Compliments to the Graduating Class Schwartz Men's Wear 833 Market Chehalis, Wash. , Garrison's Rexall Drugs Two Stores to Serve You Chehalis Centralia Vx'-vvvv -'N-fsfw .3 VVVvVYY, Sonnemann's City Cleaners Phone 8-7488 1055 Main St. Chehalis, Washington John W. Boone Mortuary A Distinctive Service at a Price Within the Reach of A11 Chehalis, Washington Ai g. .fefsv-,x,1 - , .f ' Q Phone s-3612 5 SELDEN'S 9 First in Floor Coverings f Linoleum. Carpet, Draperies, Shades Chehalis, Washington ,, llbll Xl It ppreciatiou The ADoN1AN Staff of 1952 wishes to thank all those who have helped make this edition of the annual possible. Those who have helped most are Mr. Weber, Mr, Bolton, Miss Peterson, and the Evernden Studio. Without their help, this edition of the an- nual would have been impossible. M if ff M W f fiifj WMM X Qffqfygiggfx f X K 2 3 ll X v xv xi' ' 3 N , x 1 y W L' ,f ' , ' " - ,, My ' -+ff "' X f W w 1ff+f9 45 QQ, if if C2-L., ,Q WW YQ,-as mi 55? if ff fjZf+'0' i" Q, I-O In 1 b ' TUV 2 - , Wy. .s l " A' .N - - ' N ff- V . 5 -X if ,., . Q X ,V , ,A x L , ik N m , , . I y . k W f X ,, . X 1 , ! . X A ry ff' M' !f' "Af Q' 3 W ,J A' f J V 2 .. R, if Lifx V 6 A Y if f JAM f? ' f ftp 95' X K -. . x i V A Xifkqggg -- f' Ok- h fuk wig A ,XA dry S X X f nf , , ax fmfki Q , Xl' f f 'Q 'h ,- "' .. 4 f f f H Q 5' , M I H, :X f 5 ' .- . A E' ' . L av 1 ' 5. Y' 1, , Y i F-" ,V ' ' ,-If . . 1 - :lf -'T , AV xl- " i XY! X -JT . P 0' P 3 R x ' ' ' Y ' , ' k ' :kf'u' Y M V55 ' - U ef ' ,f if Q f , 0'yFQiLiQvd6'bcj3.PJri V f 1 W fb 1- Q63 ,W x 1' - 3 if fb g Q ' x 1' f ., " ' 1 4 Pg A' - ' , L f ' L Q, VQX 5 ' -TY fi 3 x J A' gfu' ' 1 --wx , , , .- , , , ' R , , ' Hz L gif A- , 3 1 :A Ju' If will 5 0 -f f X , W L39 X J' I! F' , 1 V ,swf T l- . Tw.- rl 1 Y ., Km 1 lk N X X J : Ap, Qkufb, XD mv 1 . .I l Sv v 3 , , 1 Q I V, 4 if ff if 1 .,'r. , ', .Q , F x X WL If U F I6 Xi 1 MF EL X ,K Q ,TJ il J gffllqxdk 5 W1 S55 x .K Q I E ff5 f Q Q my ff' J : X NV W QQ If -vvf b -J -fi? L MQW JV Ji' My CX fp x . t X fx" 4b'4 ' ' '1 W wwf? ,ya ' . I ' . X W' .- J, Q. 'J' . 1. W Q2 if W - f- fb , , up ff? ' J' '-, X -" ' ' A QX,,Z,J W, Jw A 3,0 U ff vw mf 64'-A 1' N VVXU QQ ,,A' f V jbywl Q4 vw! flmjjj ,. if icy. J Q iii Vifiyfgb 4 I ,,' .V V fvf ya b-', . . 'V ': ' l Q H' u p 'gfvl q Q f' ,V ' -vy I A ' I f'L' ' .1 Q :Q W I If 3 wig ' Z iW G r J-3 - ' '! X .1 11' if , A, fwkbff ' Ihv V . I M vm Pdwspfj E pl X 1 , Q '71q cf-vm sf n W E30-JQQ WP 55 Q-Q3 Vw gffigjwjabj xii Qgbfifffawgvw 2 cwfievfw Nh fwflfffl f1"'W' 6 MMG? 6 Q5 X ff Q B , 'QLXS I J ' QV' 1 f . V : s ' " ,, , 6,25 Z A :NWS KU NA ' t ' , ' ff! f ,fi xii In H " I , I J 4 V . , I , V ,n 7-1. V - 8 V' ' ' I , 4 ' . Q, ,I . .ff 1 Q .f5pK1,s'x' 'grep 'P I If ' . X9

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