Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ)

 - Class of 1948

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Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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v x Q MQ, N iffy , 4 iff, LH , - 1 ,sf fx rv ,w K , M, 1 K ,4xg'w.1QE W A fy Wf'554?5fL,j:' A sf ,A ' K f V ' W' Qimfw zffh is 2f'?!f fgx K .41 N W .W V I k - V , ,W gg V N' 1' M I A ,nf , ,L Z Q is V Q in ,X Q H, 4 af, Q' N K , A J.a,-vmiyffy ,Aff"5?l awk f,s3' 5 y 5 A 3 9 , 41 , .WZ ,R , wa V Wg a 'is 4. rv 5 . fs., V 2. f 4 'ggw'c9 1 in N fi. ' m 4,-5 - 1 -P ,H 1 S fix f My ,wg ' ' , 5 'A Rx' fy R -A ,K ax ' f ' ,wfkx " I wr, Qi M 35.15633 X i,.NAX,,i Wil- 1 tau f we w 51" as ff: f tw 1. ja m wsfwsiggi 1, X :W . 5 4 7 Z x ,X M .. sf 'Q 5542? ii Q90 if f I Y 5 N NX' I 5 'sf' 5 x it xl 5 'YCADEY5 FOREWORD The pasl four years af Farragul have been on lhe whole average years The usual evenls and some unusual We have been sludyung during fhe lransuhonal period be iween war and peace and now we are going our lo .om lhe world ai lhe clumax of +hns peruod When fhe presenl becomes foo overwhelmung one en loys falllng baclc info +he pas? wufh good frlends and fond memorues and I+ rs for 'lrhus reason fhal we have here recorded a lyplcal year our Fursl Class year al Farragur ,daqafwf J BERNARD LEWIS Edlfor nn Chnef Q 1 . , - Nr , -' . X . ' . . . . - 'J-.gk . . . 'I' s I n A 0 Kg LL" ,V :D . -:H ' J. T., ,C I - ' Q A' ' Ki" . . . . . I . yfr. y yy , s ' ' " . 1 . 5- I, -. - l ."a4f' ' Q . qfg THE CLASS CDF 1948 presents THE TIQIDENT J 1 'fan' Qfpfzxf C-zw1f,r rzboarrf Mc U. S. S. ff FflRRflC1 bglbre fl'llll.ffg7'l'l.7lg' fo Me Mzp qfffze Kf2zfzzrc. In Appreciation lo Ihcm mm LL ho hL1LL ClLlIdLd Lzs lh1oLLL1h Ihe9L mos! Il7717OI1CI!7f ILJLL1 L1Lc11s ln 1lwsL mm LL ho hLLLL IL1L1L1hL us IIJL I f?Cl1ISf7LlI7d 'xllltblll I 1l7osL mm LL ho hL1Le tczucfhl us spozlsmczmhzp bolh on Lmd off 76 L11hILI1L ILLIL1' T Iho9L mm LL ho l7L1Le fozned us ll? ou: CJIIQLCIVILQS Lmcz' OLLL yous ILJLYLLLJ Lmcz' lhL p1LszdLnt Lzd LLLL p1LsLLILnI of fOI'I7OIIOLL I 1 ham :mn ow ILL1LhL1s LoL1LhLs CIUCIY ILCICHIS XXL 8,11 L L1 L 1LatL 1L Il L 1 5111LL1L L1 L Lo prLsL1xL a11LhaLxxLl1.1xL g11nLLi hLrL at I 111 wgut THE CLASS OF I948 I I ze., , , L .L , I1 , 1 1 -L E O K 1 1 1 ' 1 l b L1 ' - -' 1 1:11 - l R? EQ? To Ihoxv mm who hL1L'Lf 177616110 fha L'CI!L'LI'IlCIOI'l'C1!? and .sL1lLL1LLIL11'z'L1n of wr -1 f 1-1 1 , - 1 - 1-K-4 1 - LIL, 1 1-K+ 23? " L1 ulxf l1yLi-Li" X111 1948 'I"'d'11t-Wou' ' -'t'u1'L Sl1ip's Qfficers A Salute to . . . hh nrul N N Hub: on l NN Rc! Brig. General f 9 Radford USMT, Rel Sup: flllfl lllilflll I9 f 5--4 7 Superintendent 1942-46 I rr sul: nl In mil an I rush 1 Q l hmrnmn Bll0flllIf1 ruslws I o l TTT g and proper ThaT The Class oT l948 Takes ThTs opporTun1Ty To saluTe Two T rg omcers and members OT The Academy s admlnl TraTTve sTaTT Th Cl e a .1Tes you Admlral Roblson and General RaoToro because oT your un P e eT ano cear vson n your years oT asso aT on wTTh The Aca erny F om The Tlmc oT The A ademys Toundnng To The pre-senT yea you nave always demon TraTeo c ce lenT w dom n your admTnlsTraTuve duhes You have been an nspurahon To Thousands T T Trner cadeT and we feel sure ThaT a They wenT ouT TnTo Th ld Tn e r munds They musT have had wTTh Them The lessons you Two qc Tc Ter TmoarTed To T em W hcl y qu aan c n luence ard deTermTnaTTon To se an Tdea grow TnTo a real Ty a l T nc Academy could ave ac reved Ts pr er' hgh acadernc an nafal 13 1 horl percd oT TTme c a 1 repJTaT on oT Adm al FarraguT Academy ha oreao T clT ovcr Thc cnT re m wc you oe croud oT The Told you have onc oT The parT yo have olayeo r a d Tn rnalf rg Tne name FarraguT ynon mom wTTn D TTncTTon Ex ellence ano H r . 1. I .1. .Qp .5 . ..1,v. - .ra v :qs 4 Q vs A Q ,lr-. ' , 1 ,. 'D . . , . 1 . . T f . A , T f TT y T 'n ' ' V ,, ,, T . . . ou wand T ' s . T . . T T TT ass 1 " - T T - p - Tu" TQ Gqjflf, T7rm Tj TT , . ' l Tj T T f cl I A T d . In 4, . 3 l . Y' , . T , .b . . . . . I . . . TI -11 ITS il V ' I l o' s . T . s ' e wor and achieved many .urccf,fTul Thlngs, somewhere' Th f ' ' ' .nl .., X 'I 5' 5 , , . , A . T . . . . . T 17 T C T' ' c 4. 1 T , T e T , we arc- douiTT.,T 1 Tl - h h' I, es .T ,T T d T 'artrlfrd 'n 'T th f ' ' ' , ThcTan' r' 1 'T 'r 'i Tw - 11 5 zqrlohc- arg . my -T r ' ' d - . .. T T. W ' . N . f 4. T . , T .T . . . y , , Tn ocnev rug T 1 n T X 5 o. . s , c , cfo. Our New Skipper Admiral Arthur S. Carpe-ndvr. U.S.N., Rel To The Class of 1948, l exfend my sincere congraruiafions on lhe successful comple- Tion ol your worlc al Farragut On your gradualion you will lalce wilh you, nol only lhe diploma which signifies The successful complelion of your academic sludies and your compliance wifh The Academy regula- fions, buf also rhe symbol which lhis diploma carries wilh if-your resporsibilily in measur- ing up To The slandards if represenls. ll is my belief fha? our mission has been accomplished, and fha? in aodifion To lhe groundwork you have acquired in lhe arls and sciences, you leave here young genllemen - i 7- . . d 'mbued wilh honor, moral courage, upwghlness and lrulh, young men wno have a deep an everlasling love of God, love of Counlry, and love of Home. Your school days have been compleledy lhe door fo college lo business, or +o lhe walk ol life in which you may lind yourselves. is open. On +he road 'ro success you will encounler many hardships: buf by honesl endeavor and hard worlc, you will succeed: and as you go on in life, if is my earnesr hope lhar lhe loundalion you have laid here a+ Farraguf has been wel builr. You have done well, for yourselves and For your School. l say lo you. Well done! Superimendenl I :plum NY K IKIISSCH slsmnt Supermlemlvnt I' mum P mul Supply lap! un ,I Tuner lfvglslrnr Th Skipper mll 00 INS 1 V 1 Y 1 ' I i 4 I Y N I 3 4 r j , A IA. li lr. . l. '. . Captain R. O. Dodge Headmaster Executive Staff Cnmnlander N. F. Reinhard Cummanllant 3 lil? V 53:2 ,. ,, ,V Y ,K Lt. Cdr. J. Dalton Lt. Cdr. C. Shappell Director of Athletics Asst. Headmaster INSTRUCTORS AND STAFF WI. Boyd D. Elms J. Cuerlz Heml, Munir Hwul, l4llll,L'llllKl'8 Lilrruriun F Guy C Lewis H1 all History Heml Math Head I'llgIl8h ,Ir 51 haul llvrul Sru-m'ex ' s ' 9 K. Sheesley R. Snyder .-L Soderman , I . . K. I g A. . INSTRUCTORS AND STAFF N Bldql, H Bobo I fooke Mmh Scn-nces Alhlclu s ,I frescenvo I, Damel F Hd: lon K Horner I' Jalllet A Le Ser Hlsturv I nnguagvs Sczences N r Y ' , Jr. School Sciences English , . .. ' . . s- INSTRUCTORS AND STAFF F Mules A Rc-mel J Strucker Pngllsh Math Lnghgh J Swagert J Thompson L Wlllls Math History I' ngllsh Dr. C' Pecora F Doty ,I Adnan Medical Ufjzu r Mmlu ul Asst tn RPgl8lf0f 4. . ,, ' 1 4 1 - . INSTRUCTORS AND STAFF A Bonnell W Masclangelo H 'Norrl Supply Clerk Public Relutums Tactzcal Offlrer june Aberle I-lathe Campbell l urolme Merganthuler Secretary Bookkeeper Qvcretary Gertrude Milla Alice Russell Nurse Asn lu Finance OH: r Secretary .9 a ' -1 5 I , 1 v . - . V . ., .. OFFICERS Paul R fllard I fl Qulpnt 'CT' Tlmmd T 'Vllllc r N1 c ra lun OF THE CREW Pl xerll Blundell Vw? Prvsulvnt 'loin I, Zllllld Historian kff J, . . . . 1 1,- nf ' , . . . ' 1 5 .S .DF x A',., . Ship s Crew lfc DONALD M ABRAMS 5 Park Drlve S Harrlson New Yorlc Enfered A F A Achvlf es Acluevemenfs Favorufes Amblhcn "Ask me no q Able O Co vepfember I944 Varsafy Wresflnng J V Foolball Traclc ln+erCo Foolball Soccer Boxing Soflball Culler Crew Champs Capsfan Trndenl Boos fer Club oeaman Slwarpslwooler Monogram Cub Ballerina Begun llwe Begunne Vaughan Monroe Chemlslry Jane Wyman Fnslwung Two Years Fushnng and Hunhng In Norllw America uestwns, I Il tell you no Iles '48 First PETER A AMUNRUD Enfered A F A Achvrhes Aclnevemenfs Favorufes Amblhon Anna llllnons o ZPO Co 3 Seplem ber I946 lnler Co Foolball Baseball Crew Radlo Club Avxahon Club US uarfermasler Love In Bloom Raglume Cow boy Joe June Clwrusiy Naval Arr Corps S enre somenmes speaks more than uorfls, 2 P. . . 2 I lr 1: ' : - I : : - 9 - as 7 I IIP pll NR. A I .- . Q H G- il ' - 9 CARL A ANDERSON I34-52-232 Slreel Laurelfon N. Y. Andy Ba CPO C I Enfered A F A Achvrhes Achnevemenfs Favordes Ambmon Sepfember I944 Narsrry Wresllung lnfer Co Fool' D Soffball C u + 1 e r Track Wresflnng Chapel Club U S N R Monogram Club Seaman Sharp sl1oo+er Tommy Dorsey Llfe Magazunc- June Allyson U S Navy I am n man whom I'orlu e hath cruelly Class '48 THEODORE ANTONIOU Enferecl A F A Achvuhes Achnevemenfs Favornies Ambnhon l57 Wayne Avenue Palerson N J e C02 ebruary I947 Varsufy Rrfle lnfer Co Track Cuwrer Cvlee Club Monogram Club Valli All Sem: classucal Music To Become a Cuvrl Engrneer ' He speahelh not, nnll vet there Iles a aonwrsatzon m hrs eyes scrau hell ll ll H. . . . o. - - , . . . I all, , , 5 g .. . sc ' n , l . . Sv IIT dll . , . . . - - ,, 7 . 6 . . I Q Q . U- ,, RUDCLPH F BADUM AlrcesWonderland R D 32 Enfered A F A Achvuhes Aclnevemenfs Favora+es Amblhon Mxddleburg N Y Rudy Ensign C I Sepfember I944 ln1erCo Foofball Soccer Wresll :ng Baslcelball Cuffer Traclc Scuence Club Capslan Trndenf U S N R Honor Soclefy uarfermasfer Begun +l'1e Begunne They Dndnlr 3elreve M Vaughan Monroe 'vlafb Marfanne Sludy Medrcme 4Il bow to vlrlue 9 48 First WALTER S BENNETT ZOO Carllon Terrace Teaneclc N J Enslgn Bull P O an Enfered A F A Achvuhes aepfember I944 Varsufy Foolball Varsufy Baseball lmanager J V Foofball ln+er Co Boxung Baslcerball Baseball Hop ommn++ee Dance Band Leader U S N R Achuevemenfs Honor Socnely Monogram Club Concerfo To End All Concerfos oy Sfan Kenfon Main Gene Tier ne Favorlfes Amblhon To be a new car dealer The fl mul no uw ul llllffjlll ll Ill T . ' o. . . . : : : ' : . - . :Q . - - ,. . . . . V . en: 2 I I 664 ' 9 I l T X ll U ".ll' I . . B d I 11. . y - . , . 1 C I l ll cw - : ' ' : : ' - - Y 6, I I . u . ,. ,. Class '48 WILLIAM E BISHOP JR 6 Slwaver Slreel Sodus N Y Bug Bull C En+eredA F A July IQ46 Achvul es nler Co Foolball Baskelball Cul lr Soflball Traclc Soccer U S Acluevcmenfs Apprenluce Seaman l-avorlles olrls and Model T Amblhon To Be Succe sul and Refure al 35 rtlelkelarn s LEONARD J BERMAN IO Wlllslwnre Road Brrgnlon lvlassaclwusell Lennie C 3 En+eredA F A Seplember I947 V Baskelball Slam Cub Trudenl Achvlhes Ach evemenfs vlonogram Club Moonllglnl Serenade Near fou Tex Benelce Rnfa Hayworlll A D En Favorrles Amblf on To Be a Successful Busxness Man A rwnlllv Smile or eleryone' o. ' " - - J. . 1 p l I P. .I .5 gllslwl I 1 . C5 f ' I ' 1 j , 7 2P.O. o. 3 rxT.'R. ' ' ' ' ' . ' - - fn' 'GL' if fl' 'I' 1 1r.':"' PEVERIL BLUNDELL 44 Highland Place Ridgefield Park N J ev sgl En+ered A F A oepfember l944 Achvlhes Varsify Foofball Wreslling J V l'oo'rball lnler Co Foolball Soc cer Crew Wresfling Boxing Bas lcefball Traclc Hop Commiffee Honor Sociefy Parliamenfaraan Jace Presidenl of Class Monogram Club Apprenfice Seaman Dues ommiffee Achievemenfs Favorlfes Harry James Jane Russell Ambihon Naval Academy I do as I please and I do It wuh ease En+ered A F A Achvihes Achuevemenfs Favorifes Ambihon '48 First ROLAND A BOUCHARD Oak Sfreef Foxooro Massaclwusefl Bulch C 2 aeplember IQ46 Varsnfy Traclc J V Foolball Bool er Club lClweerleader Triden Cwpsian U S N R S aman Monogram Club Sfar Dusf Vaughan Monroe Maflw and Hislory Lana Turner Tommv Dorsey :ngineer Heller lo glue than lo lake IIP ll L+.l . . Co.I I I I I ' . . 2 ' 2 ' : ,, . XJ gg - - 99 , ' I i ll ll f , . I V' V A o. i in I lr ' al: Q A ', i c I . . . . 5 A . - 8 I ' 66 r', 99 I' " xl Class '48 ANDREW F COCCIA IJ4 Slmpson Slreel Eynon Pennsylvanua Andy C I Seplember I946 lnfer Co Foofball Baslcefball A s1s+anI Baseball Manager Glee C ub Sfardusl A' Jolson Vauglwan Monroe I-luslory and Engluslw Lmda Darnell En+ered A F A Achvnhes Favornies Amblhon Go lo a Business College 1 he was nluavs human uhen he talked, Enfered A F A Achvuhes Achuevemenfs Favonfes WILLIAM R BUCKINGHAM l48 Vonfgornery Cnrcle New Rochelle N Y Buc Co Se-plember I 944 Varsnly Wresllnng lnler Co Soc cer Foolball Track Culfer Baslcel Dall Boxing Wresllunq Naval Has Tory Club U S N R Honor Socuefy Monogram Club Jummy Dorsey Vaughan Monroe Ma n Ie Mood s Always Jo Slallord One stall strong man ln a nolsy worll ,- N. ,- ll kll 2P.O. . 3 I ' +hgV"l :J ":"Tl1i I Ambifion - - Nor ambifious cc - ' ' f99 o. - - - . . 7 s- I I "Anl v v 1 . ' ROBERT C COHEN 2933 Moll Avenue B yswaler N Y UITII1 C02 En+eredA F A Oclober !945 Achvrhes Boos+er Club Glee Club Truclenf Capslan Musnc Apprecuahon Club Favornfes lravel Muswc Polnhcal Scrence Flying Peace and uuef Amblhon Lawyer or Busnness Man A man a Ier has own hearty '48 Flr t CHARLES 6 CONANT Brooklyn N Y Chuclx M P O and Seplember IQ43 V rsuly Wresllung J V Foolball In er Co Sollball Foollnglwlers Eniered A F A ACflVIfl6S Acluevemenfs Seaman You Do Laz Ruver l-larry James Engllsb l-llslory and Span usb E5+her Wxlllams Favoruies Amblhon Dulce College To Gam Wenglwl HP fha! lull no! uhvn hr mm When he uoulll hc' shall lldll' nm a , . . IIQ I ll ,V - - f-x I Z. . :. Z V . : Q. 1 G6 f ' I I 459 Easl 2l Slreel . . . B . '. - - E l ' I . . I + - . - ' ' --' Y ' lf 56 1. 1 I ' l ,f , 4 I Q ,99 If M5 Class 48 Enfered A F A Achvuhes Achnevemenis Favordes Ambshon RODRIGO CRESPO San Jose Cosla Rnca Cenlral Arneraca o O o July l945 J V Baslcelball Inler Co Foolball boccer Baslcelball Boxung Sol? ball Culler Crew Foolllghlers fxpprenllce Seaman Xavler Cugal Algebra Geom elry Danclng Travelmg All Over he World Colleg and Then Go Home Ilnrhw IS thy mulalle name' PATRICK J. CONNOR Enfered A F A Achvuhes Achnevemenfs Favordes Amblhon Whv nren I 5 I A77 Slreef Brooklyn, N. Y. llPa+ll O . Seplember l945 Varsuly Baseball ln+erCo CuHer Foolball Boxing U S N R Honor Soclefy Monogram Club Vaughan Monroe I Love I am une S C P thaw ull ronlvnlwl lllw me' W1 IP. . Co I ' - -' , 'N n n V . ., ' ' - - Bus' 3, . .A. as 9 ' . :U IIR dll 4 ZP. . C .2 Y hi .. . I . . ,, lf GUERNSEY CURRAN Ill En+ered A F A Achvnhes Acl'uevemen+s Favorrles Ambuhon From the South, son The deep South Qndgevxew Drive Palm B ach Florsda efe 2P O Color Guard Co 2 Seplember I'-745 Transfer from .nouflnern School Jarsnly Foolball Wresllsng Swim mnng 'ifamp Club Nflonogram Club Hughes? Seaman snap Rafe Medal Slwavung Cream Pnl l-larrus lane Russell cngnneer as '48 First LEIGH J DANELUZZI Enfered A F A Achvuhes Achuevemenfs Favorlfes Amb hon Voflvvly Burlnngron Avenue Brndgelon N J an Co 2 Sepfember I946 lnfer Co Foofball Boxnng Culler Baslcelball Capslan U S N R Inler Company Awards Ballerma Vaughan Monroe lfsfher Wu laams Swnmmung Tenn: Chemuslry o Be A Surgeon IS not only un nrnmnl nl I . e , A IIP II ... 1 l C' I W, . ... X . . . - - I Q - K I' ' -. I' . . .l . ll . . - - ' l ' 1 I .. r- . 54 . - A l ,. . IID Il .. . ... - - -. - . . . , , - - I .. I . . .K I 4 - as T i - -2 su '. I 99 Class '48 WILLIAM F DOOLING if Freehold N J Dugger O o En+ered A F A Achvrhes Sepfember l946 Varsnfy Foofball lnrer Co Cufler Track uarfermasler Monogram Club Marlcsman Achuevemen+s Lunda Sian Kenfon Buology Joan Leslre Paul Mum Favorlfes Amblhon rinngs Pounl ' I have u heart with room for Pverv jovv MARSHAL DAVID I32 Maduson Slreel' I'all Rrver Mass Pmlcy 2 P O and En+eredA F A Sepfember i946 Achvlies Rfle leam Manager? ln+erCo Foorball Baslcerball Soccer Box :ng CuHer Boosfer Club 500 Club Dance Band Goal Keeper USNR Achnevemenfs Coxswarn Monogram Club nmers French Jane Russell My Nose Ambuhon Affend Boslon Unrversrly '61 he las! our years 0 hugh schf I are the hardvet g- . . B . - I q r - . A Favorifes - - "Tha+'s My Desirew: The Dream- ' f f ' ' D0 R.D. I 2P. . C .3 ' - Q : : DEAN DORAN I7 Gordon Road Mrlfon Mass Dubber O Enfered A F A Seplember I946 Infer Co Foo ball Soccer Sofl oall Cuffer Sanlrnq Baskefball Tr denf U S N P Achvrhes Achuevemenfs Seaman Frnesl Tubb and Hns Texas Trouloa dours Careless Darlnnq Seaman ship June Russell Favordes Ambrhon Naval Arclwslecf Val.: Ilm most 0 la 0 or when wc' arf' llvall ll IS or n long time 48 Fur I I4 So Broad Sfreel Penns croxe N J Chief Co 2 Sepfember I 946 I V Baslcefball Inler Co Soffball Track Soccer Cuffer Chosen Few Club Enfered A F A Achvahes Foofball Achnevemenfs Monogram Club Honor Socuefy Apprenhce Seaman Favordes ear You Sung Sung mg :of Lwrence P A D an Russell Amblhon pennsylvania Pnlof Assocvahon llc' loolw quul mr a Iumb but look ugmn ZP. . Co.I n ' '. ' ' I -1 I i I I .. .x. ' -, f'j,f 0 9, . I ' t I , .I - RICHARD B. DOWLING . --,N ..: EII' a I . . .IJ e Class 48 En+ered A F A Achvuhes Achnevemenfs Favorufes Am bifion ROBERT EHRMAN 2410 Bayswaler Fa Rockaway N Y as C I Sepfember i945 Varslly Wresllmg J V Foolball daskefball Ir1IerCo Foolball Bas xelball Wresflmg Rockaway Boys Assoclahon Vlonoqram Club Begun The Begume Arhe Shaw Charley Barnel, Geomelry, Lmda Uamell Busrnessman "Small in stature but great in mind" WILLIAM L EDWARDS Enfered A F A Ac'nvu'I'les Achnevemenfs Favoruies Ambrhon O Box I Rumson N J COJro Iebruary I946 Varslfy Fo yall Cwlanaqerl Cross Counlry J V Foolball ln+erCo L,u+'rer Soflball Baslcelball Monogram Club Marksman uarlermasler P Q O My I-learf Louis Prima Fngllslx Greer Gar on Que s nq Weuglfwl Engmeer am a llll rry jvc! fn in , I , fl P. . I3 . y I "Bm" ' .P. . .c. Q . - - I e W: . . I GGI , ' . 99 IIFI hll 0. I PAUL R ELLARD 38 I4 llOS+r el Baysude N V oc Ll' ll g l-Ba'H' Adgudan+ En+ered A F A Achvvhes Achnevemen+s Favornles Ambrhon C I Seplember I944 llarsufy Wre flung J V Foolball lnler Co Foofball Soccer Cufler Iiaskelball Boxung Wresllunq Sal ng Track USNR l-lonor Socnely Monogram Club Amerncan L e g I o n Seamanshnp Award Sfarboal Champnon Cox warn and Crew lnlercornpany Track Award Boalswauns Male fc Peg O My l-learl Tex Beneke 'vlalh Scuence Dorofhy McGunre He that hath sence hath Qlrvnglh, 48 Flr t THEODORE J FLICKER Enfered A F A Achvuhes Achlevemenfs Favoru+es Ambnhon I2 Morris Sfreel Freehold N J l'IC O Seprember I9-46 lnler Co Foorball Soccer Cufler lzoolluqhlers Radio Workshop Trndenf Capsfan Boosfer Club Dramalscs Medals Seaman Je vous Aume L nda Darnell Swan Lake Baller My Achng. Girls F rs+ dscfalor ol lhe world Horn llllll a LI I 0 Iaughla r mul u sane: llml llw mall uorhl nr hw , . e Q I I' ' 4 A , . l. r . .ID ll ly 0. ' . ' . ' . l- : , 5 . . . . C ' ' 2 2, I . ' : ' ' ' - - Mechanical En ineer Q CS 9 I ' l'Pll kll . 2P. . Co.l A ' - - ' W: F : ' E .. Q - E . 1-1' V -- -' rj 'f 1 . I., 1, V ' ' ,Q Class '48 ELLIOT D GOLDSMITH Far Rockaway N Y Goldle Co 3 Janua y I946 nfer Co Foorball Baskefball Base oall Curfer Sfamp Club Glee Club Rockaway Boys Assocnafuon Enfered A F A Achvnhes Achlevemenfs Apprenhce Seaman Vaughan Monroe Mafh Far Roc away Favordes Amblhon Brown Unrversny There I8 only one thang tn the world worse than being talked about and that as not bemg talked about at all Cnfered A F A Achvnhes Achuevemenfs Favordes Ambahon GEORGE P GILLESPIE 2739 W 4411 Srreef l-arrn burq Pa The Weed L+ Ig Ba'H Sfaff v0 2 bepfember l945 Infer Co Foofball Rowung Soccer Marksman Apprenhce Seaman .une Had To Go And Lose If A+ The Asfor Tex Beneke Lassuc Room Sfudy rngs Ponnf A hard lIPglllIlIllg, maketh a good emllng , rx I - -c 66 ' ' , ' 9 IO46 Beach 25 Sfreef jk frry- . 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Wallle P O an beprember I945 J V Foolball lnfer Co Sarlboal Baskefball Soffball Traclc Cap sfan USNR uarfermasfer Mrs Hughes Sal uno Trophy Monogram Club In The Mood Sfardusl Glenn Muller Sfudy Hall To Be A Success a heart as sound as n bell '48 First MASON HIRSH JR En+erecl A F A Achvlhes Achnevemenfs Favornfes Ambahon Harvey Cedars Tony Ensign Co 2 Jwnuary l945 lnler Co Foofball Soccer Culler Qanlboaf Tumblung Club U S N R Marksman Coxswann Mam selle Louis Jordan Tom fry Dorsey Duane Lynn Saulung Tumblung Annapolls Well here I am ay , ll ' ' ll l . . B d . . I ' - - ..: ., H: C5 Q, , L' New Jersey ll ll 1 a Q u C N I I I V . . . ' as ' 99 I Class '48 ROBERT JOHNSON 22 Wayland Drlve Verona N J sl Enfered A F A Sepler'-ber l945 Ach nhes Acl1uevemen+s Favorules Ambuhon "To :lo a arsuly Traclc Varsuly Foolba llvlanaqer Vlonoqram Club Seaman olenn Muller s Ornqlnal and Near You Moonlnglwl Seren ade , Jrs an Clarlc l-lall Zo Own a Molor Transporfahon Company great right, do a Iillle wrong" Enlered A F A Achvnhes Favorlfes Am buhon MARVIN A HOLLAND Smnllnlown Branch land N Co 2 eplember l947 Trudenl Foofluglnlers Mu IC Ap orecnalson Club Erskune Caldwell Jane Wyman Wresfllng Plwolograplwy Raduo Music Sleeping Lawyer Wrrle a Smash Broadway I I 0011 rnunwllors lruh no fllenle , f K - V Lonqls , .Y. ,' I 66 ' I , , ' 9 w. lf IIB bll Lf. . Co.l ' J . - - ,. . l . . B : ROBERT JONES 4I2 S. E. 26II1 Avenue FI Lauderdale, Florida Leach C02 Enfered A F A Seplember 945 Achvuhes nler Co Foofball Soccer Saulang Culler Baseball Tumblnng Club Glee Club Achlevemenfs uarlermasler Valselrnsle Glenn Muller Mallw Lrnda Darnell Favorrles Am': hon Become Mechanlcal Engnneer and Go To Sou+I1 Amernca He has won his punmanehlp Achvnhes Achlevemenfs Favordes Ambrhon 48 First CONSTANTINE KAROS 5 I 6 Rockaway Slreel Slalom Island N Y Greek En+ered A F A Seplember 1946 I V Baslcelball Inler Co Foolball Baskelbal Sanlung Soccer Sofl ball C pslan Glec Club U S N R Monogram Club Coxswaln Sanlboaf Pacing Baslcelball A nnversary Song June I-Iaver Naval Academy H0 rheer ul no rvml as uzsur lrruvllul . . . I , .. 66 ' . ',, ' I 2P.O. Co.2 ' - -F' X ' 1 I" n- " - j 3 ' J 'x Q z,, Class '48 GERALD F LAUGHLIN JR 300l Wa hungfon Road Wesf Palm Beach Flornda Gerry Band Enfered A F A aeplember l947 Achvrhes Varsufy Rifle Swing Band U S N R Achlevemenis xper+ Favorlfes Whnflenpool Song Eahng Ambrhon Fhemucal Englneer nn fhe Navy I shall laugh mysvl to death' Eniered A F A Achvnhes Achuevemenis Favonfes Am blhon WILLIAM B KELLY Easl Welling Avenue Pennungfon N J 27 O Co 'Sep+em ber I 946 lnler Co Foofball Baseball Soc cer Track Basnefball Boosler Club Raduo Workshop Sfarnp lub Capsfan Trndenl U S N R I947 Tlme Award Honor Soclely Seaman Marlcsman Honor School Appolnlmenf l Wash l Dudnf Love You So Tommy Dorsey lsf Perlod Sfudy Hall Rufa Hayworth Annapolus Then Talce Over Ad mural Nnmulzs Job I t his work praise ham L. a I . l ll'll Bell ZP. . .2 - - . ' I I - ' I . I I fa . . - . L, , , ,.. .. . - . l . I , , I l - - 7 I I l - - ,.- . X . ..n V2 66 ' ' ' 99 ,e . . S. . ll I' C' . -E L. I - - 3 - -V EC if 9 LAWRENCE A LEVINE 382 Crown Sfreel Brooklyn N Y Larry IXCCI Sepfember I944 wlarsufy Wresflanq CManager J V Foolball lnler Co Foofball Soc er Baslcelball Soflball CuHer Mechanics Club Chapel Club Monogram C l u b Marlcsman uarlermasler If l Loved You Franlc Smafra l.ou1s Jordan Mailw Engluslw Marla lv1on+ez Eniered A F A Achvlhes Achnevemenfs Favorufes Be gone dull care" Thou and I shall never agree '48 First DAVID LECHTRECKER D Freehold N J Lech O o EnferedA F A rebruary I942 Achvuhes r1+erCo Foolball Baslnelball Box mg CuHer Radlo Club Achnevemenfs 'vl arksm an Favorlfes Because Tommy Dor ey Harry James Jo Slaflord Supplymg Vlusuc for Farraguf Hall Ambuhon Clmarfer Fluglwl Operalor Bvtlor Iale than nmvr . l 7 G. M. A o. . . . - - , . . ,Z D i Q , . Ambifion - - Universify of Pennsylvania y as H y 99 I R. F. . I 2 P. . C . 3 y .. y , ., Class '48 MARSHALL J MCANERNEY I7 Wullel Courf llandome N Y Mac EnsngnlS+affl C En+ered A F A Achvuhes Jeplember I944 ln'rerCo Eoolball Baskefball Box lng Wres lung Soccer Crew Sal ng Track Trudenf Exlra Duly Tfme Currenl Evenls Honor So rely Boalswalns Male Zfc Acl'uevemen+s Favorlfes Duck Hunlnng wullw Romney Linda Amblhon Hunl Mongoose IH Mongolla Prom the crown o his head to he lp o has lou ho IS all mlrlh ' BERNARD J. LEWIS En+eredA F A Achvrhes Acluevemenfs Favornfes Am bnhon 305 Deering Avenue Porlland Maine Bernie . Ig, an Seplember I945 Varsnfy Eoofball Wresllfng Base call Golf J V Eoolball Dramal cs Raduo Workshop Trndenl Ed :lor Hop Commullee Dramallcs Medal Honor Socuely off? Commzllee Monogram Club uarlermasfer Marksman 'lavels Bolero Vaughan Mon roe Women Golf Maine Drum and Bugle Corps To Pu+ Lewlss Supernor Brand Meal All Over New England By his uork one knows the workman Cl . ll ll L+ fl . B d , : . . : - I : . I . - I . ' - ' 1 ' 1 ,. . g : . Q 1 . - - . ,.: 1 : z : ' z . ' Y s6 ' 7 , 99 I ' 5 ' A S 7 A 1 ' ll ll A . V' ' 0.3 ' ' ' 3 ' ' L. ' ' .' A v ' 1 I - ' 'd I A A ' f 7 P ' A 4 .: I. I g t 4 27,3 64. I f . I to j o I. n 1 , E I, THOMAS P. MARPLE Enfered A F A Achvuhes Acluevemenfs Favorlfes Amblhon 2 Linden Avenue Haddonfield, N. J. llTornll 2P O and bepfember 1945 Varsuly Track J V Foolball Bas lfelball Track lnler Co Cufler Capslan Glee Club Raduo Club Monogram Club Ballermna Vaughan Monroe Maflw Es+lwer Wnlluams Foofball Women af Georguan Courl Admunnslrahve Englneer I am the masler o my , I am the captain o my soul' '48 First GILBERT F METZ JR Farqulwar Eslafes R D 1756 Eniered A F A Achvuhes Acluevemenis FBVOTIVCS Ambuhon Smceruv as a heazenlv g York Pa 1 O oeplember I946 V rsnfy Track Cross Counlry lnfer Co Soccer Foolball Baslcef ball U S N R 600 Club Honor Socuely Quarlermasler Monogram Club Marlcsman 've Go? You Under My Slcn Daybreak Ma+ln Enqlsln June rl ver Vaughan Monroe Naval Career or Enguneerlng 99 . . B " f fate' I j , Y R ' I IIGOIII A ' ZP. . Co.l . 4' 6 i A . .. - - 5 - I : .Vx - - - HI' "I " 1 z E : . 6 I 65 . .i . Q v if' Class '48 Enfered A F A Achvnhes Acluevemenfs Favorlfes Amblhon He luewr to Pendennus Mounf Annapolns Md Tom Enslgn Jr Co .Jeplember I944 Varsuly Foolball Wreslllng Traclc Honor Socnely Seaman Mono gram Club Slwarpslwoofer All Sfale Football Team Fred Warnng Glenn Muller Lvtfle Brown Jug Cherokee Sanlnng Guns Naval Officer Docfor learn In ll e s hard school Enfered A F A Achvnhes Achnevemenfs Favonies Amblhon FRANK MILLER I7 Douglas Road Glen Ridge N. J. e 2P O and Sepfem ber I946 J V Baslcefball lnler Co Foolball fraclc Capsfan U S N R Trndenl Sfaff Monogram Club Apprenfnce Sea man Tommy Dorsey Errol Flynn Lana Turner If s The Same Old Dream Engineer A red head wlth eparlt ms earl o temper IIR dll . . B l ,, . t . . . J I ,, l THOMAS MILLER F if ', . ' 'j 9 99 ROBERT C. MULHERON 4Ol Chicago Blvd. .sea Girl N. J. o C I Enfered A Seplember l947 Achvnhes lnfer Co Foorball CuHer Baslcef b II Soccer USNR Favorlfes Charley Barneff Redslcnn Rhum PAD Lana Turner Amblhon Crumunal Lawyer H0 has enough ulm I9 ronunl '48 First DONALD R NARDONE Eniered A F A Achvrhes Acluevemenfs Favoruies Amblhon I nm alum: I64 Hugh Sfreef Weslerly R I on 2 P O and Jepfember I945 l V Foofball lnfer Co Baslcelball Baseball Dance Band U SN R Monogram Club Molen Swing Harry James Tex Benelce lllnnous Jacque? Axeronauhcal Engnneer umlvnl lull: wlml lmppa nw F I ll ll Bb O. .F.A. ... -- - . I I - 6, I . rl . ---, l - .!..' ' Do,.... .. .. as , - ,sa . ... IID ll . . B C .. . ... --.. I - . , . I . -I . .r ... -- I I 7 l --, M. .xl Q. ,.99 Class '48 RICHARD W PRUGH En'I'ered A F A Achvnhes Achuevemenfs Favornles 40 Hvgh Slreel coffslown N I-I Duc O Seplember I946 Varsuly Tennis Cross Counlry J V Baslcelball Infer Co Foofball Soccer Culler Chapel Club Radio Club Slamp Club Music Appreclahon Club 600 club A F A Award under classes Monogram Club uarfermasfer Shanlylown Vaughan Monroe Physucs Donna Reed Slcung 600 Counlry Club Amblhon Fleclru al Engnneernnq al M I T None but hlmsel can Im has paralle WILLIAM E PASTORI 3 I 7 5O'rh Slreel Wesl New York N J Eniered A F A Achvlhes Achnevemenfs Favorlfes Amblhon I nm no O C aeplember I 945 Varsuly Wresllung Inler Co Fool ball Soccer Sazlunq Soflball Cao slan Glee Club Boosfer Club Monogram Club Seaman Near You Frances Cralg Vaughan M o n r o e Mechanlcal Drawmg June Allyson Rensselaer lnslnlule lover 0 pompous H18 I ' "Bill" n M.P. . o. I 66 I " 99 ll ' kill . l k 2 P. . Co. I 'f , ' I I ' - . . . I I: - , : Q A4 ' sc - f 4 - 4155 M DAVID RAFKIN 70 Buckingham Road Wollasfon Mass. Bunny C 2 EnferedA F A Jepfember I946 lnfer v0 Foolball Soflball Foo? vghfers Sfamp Club Glee Club Achvnhes Achnevemenfs :eaman Marksman Relurn lo Sorrenfo Sian Ken lon Hnslory Rnfa Hayworlh Favorlfes Amblhon To become successful I will slrwv wllh things lmposslll ' '48 First BRADFORD W RAYWORTH I2O Worcesler Sfreef Wes? Boylslon Mass LO C02 Sepfember l945 Varsufv Rlle Caplann lnler Co Solfball Track U S N R Monogram Club Experl Rnfleman Medal Seaman Enfered A F A Achvuhes Acheevemenfs How Soon Tex Benelce Wayne Kung Plwysucs PAD Lrnda Dar ne Favonies Travel and Tnen Refurn fo New England Ambnhon -I rwnfl In nwvl I8 a FIPIIII IIIIIPPI' o. ,, ..... .,P, I HBfadu ".P. . . - - .A I K .V - Q H, . . . .I - ,,' I. . . I. . .,, Class '48 RICHARD S ROSEN Enfered A F A Achvmes Aclnevemenfs Favornfes Amblhon Hn only 49 Easl Fullon Slreel Long Beach L I Playboy Co 2 January I 947 lnlerCo Baskelball Culler Base ball Track Soccer Boosler Club apslan 'lrudenl Radlo Work shop Foolllglulers Monogram Club Slan Kenlon Vlrqnnua Mayo Eng leeprng Arllslry an Rylhm Folie hoolw uere uomen Q loolur En+ered A F A Achvlhes Achlevemenls Favornles Ambuhon FRED ROMNEY 35-24 l9l Slreel Flushing, N. Y. Fre Ensugn Co 3 Sepfember I944 lnler Co Foolball Soccer Wresll g B skelball Baseball Track Culler Trldenl U S N R nerCo Track ad Cu r Awards Honor Socuely Seaman Marksman Begun 'rlwe Begunne Tommy Dor sey Rlla Hayworth Foolball Bas kelball Loalung Luncla To Luv ln llwe Counlry and Loaf Any lung for a quiet ll e ll dll in. a . . , ' - ll - . n He .. - - .e. cc t ' - -f 99 ll ll F ' I , . ,4w,, lf lislw: Sl ' 7" ' ' " , " - - V ge as ' . . . , s ,as 4 ll. Enlered A F A Achvnhes Acluevemenfs Favonies Ambrhon GEORGE ROVITTI 253 Sfegman Sfreel' Jersey Cily, N. J. um C I .uepfember I947 infer Co Foofbal' Baslrelball Cul er fompany Foolball Award Cuffer Crew Award Fran Snnafra Begln Hue B gume Gary Cooper Arfue Shaw r-rench Chemlsfry and Math Docfor or Arclnfecl 3 ll II um! Im ln no lnurrv '48 Flr 1: S ROBERT SANTOS Enfered A F A Achvlhes Acl1nevemen+s Favorufes Am bnhon 4 Acorn Road Easf Rockaway L I OS O Co January l945 Varsafy Baseball Manaqerl J V Basketball lnfer Co Baslcefball Baseball Foolball Cuffer Soccer Bcosfer Club Rockaway Boys Assoc ahon USNR Monogram Club Apprenhce Sea 'nan Moonllglwl Serenade Glenn MII er Cee Gee Coasl Guard Academy Naval Archalecl 4ml lhe uomvn are has llvllght IIL ll 0. ' ' ' - - - . I. , - 'l . - I k . I .. . e- ' ": z 2 , . Q, , 5 -S - ,sa 1 ' l IIT ll I . . riff 2 P. . . 3 . 1 V . : ' . . 0 . g - ' ,6 , . . ., Achvuhes Favornfes Amblhon Class '48 THOMAS B SETTLE c o Rear AdmnralT G SeHle Navy Deparfmenf Washungfon D C Tom O Sepfember I946 Varsufy Cross Counfry Rifle infer po Fooiball Soccer Baskefball Track Sanlnng U SN R Sharpshooier Seaman Monogram u Enfered A F A Achvnhes Achnevemenfs Sfardusf Vaughan Monroe Rnfa '-iayworfh Alan Ladd Teachnng Physncs fo The Boys Favornfes Ambifion Engrneernng Physics 46PIumler of earth shall be all his own who travels the fastest and travels alonen HAROLD R SAWYER 55 Fawlee Road Waban Ma s Tuc sg o 2 En':eredA F A Jepforrber l945 In+erCo Foofball Baskefball Soff ball Soccer Curie-r Rad4o Work shop Hop Commdfee haf S My Desire Harry James purhnq Ciasses Llzabefh Scoff To qraduafe Wnelv and slowlw M - ' 'V AQ ",. . 5 . V' V V' If kll '- - S A A L+.f . C . C' , ,.,: Achievemenis - Honor Socie+y: Seaman 66 "Q ,Us X f ' . . 2 P. . Co. I CI b ' ' ALBERT F. SINCLAIR 29 Clubway l-larfdale, N. Y. 0 C I En1'eredA F A July l947 Achvrhes J V Foolball Foolllghfer US Favorrles Rosemarle Vaughan Monroe nglush Amblhon Physncal Educahon Teacher luv re IP minutes more '48 Fur t ABBY R SOLOMON Enfered A F A Achvnhes Achnevemenfs Favorafes Ambnhon Happy as Shore Drnve Oakdale L I Happy O Co July 945 farslly Wresflung lnler Co Soc cer Baskefball Cuffer Sanlmg Track Sollball Slarboaf Racnng Oapsfan Trndenf Monogram Club Sanllng Medal Boafswalns Ifc Musuc Mafhs Sclences Teresa Wruglml Lana Turner Hall Sweep :ng 'rhe og Io Be Successful and Happy lw ulm I8 ree rom rare :IP pn D x O. l ' ' ' N.R.' ' ' ' ' A 66 :'7 n fa ' 99 l ' IP. . .3 2' V t I I HD H 1 ' H .t 1 - j I as Class '48 PETER Y STANTON Enfered A F A Aclnevemen+s Favorvfes Amblhon 45 Maple Drrve Creal Neck L I Pefe O o Seplember I944 ng Foofball Baseball Baslcelball boccer Culfer Traclc Trudenf USNR uarlermasfer Begun The Begume Sfardusl Slam Kenlon Malhs Loreffa Young Rnla l-layworflm Go To College Whatever I8 worth zloung at all worth domg well ' JACK SPRINGHORN Enfered A F A Achvuhes Achlevemenis Favorsfes Ambnhon Maple Sheer Blue Point L. l. llnocll Ifc Sepfember IQ46 Varsnly Wresllung lnler Co Ca+ ooaf and Slarboaf Races Fool ball Glee Club Clwapel Club Seaman Monogram Club Swanee Bogue Vaughan Monroe Maflw Rufa Hayworfh Wresflvng Saulung Rlwumbas afar? a Business Physwlans mend or erul . H.C. Co. I 55 ' ' us9, M.P. . c .3 , Ac+ivi+ies . - Varsify Wres+ling: lnler-Co. Sail- . - Q AV V- ' cs ' ' is ' 9 JOHN D STONE JR Fas? Mann Sfreef Nuanhc Conn Sfony O En+eredA F A Sepfember I946 Achvrhes Narsnfy Cross Counfry ln+erCo Boxing Baslcelball Capsfan Rnng Commuffee Glee Club Trndenf USNR Slardusl All By Myself John ny Long Freddy Marian Englusn Rlfa Hayworfh Favorlfes Amblhon To Enfer Field of Journalism Not all the labor o the worlll as done I y hardened hands' Achvnhes Favorufes Am bnhon 48 First OLIVER H TALLMAN II I4 Harms Ave Bruele N J o C 3 En+eredA F A Junuary 1948 Iwlcr Co Baslcefball Soffball Vaughan Monroe Tomafo pac Annapolas lommon sense as the besl sense 2P. . Co.l I . . .. - , . . h I Achievemenfs - Monogram Club: Marlcsman CC f ' , 9 ' I 'l , . . HB bl' o. 66 1' ' 99 Class '48 HUBERT TEER JR Au Achvnhes Achuevemenfs Favornfes Ambmhon P C Box I I3I Durlwam N C Huby cle fo Commandani Ensugn Co 3 Varslly Cross Counlry Wresllong Traclc J V Foolball Manager mler Co Soccer Baslcelball INFSSIIIHQ Saulnng Culler Plwolog raplwy Xflonogram Club Honor Socnely uarfermasfer Vaughan Monroe Andre Koslela nelz June Allyson Mona Free man Begun II1eBeguune Moun Iam Dew Unuversufy of Norfh Carollna I lnow Im not handsome but 150000 women can,t be wrong JOHN W. TAYLOR JR. Enfered A F A Achvnhes Acluevemenfs Favorsfes Ambnhon It may ram I3 Norllw I lib Slreef Poffsville Pa. Jac C I aepfember I947 Varsnly Foolball Traclc Foolllgnl ers Glee Club U S N R Monogram Club Trumpel Blues Gene Krupa Elllof Lawrence Llzabelh Scofl Eluzabefh Taylor Annapolns but say isnt It ne today? ll kll o. cc ' -1 - 9 - fi as Eniered A. F. A. Seplember ICI44 I : . . I I: I Q s6 , -9 T I' 9 9 7, , JOSEPH THAL i098 Seneca Slreel Far Rockaway L I oe Co 3 En+erecI A F A Achvuhes aepfember l945 Varsnfy Baslcefball T nnus J V Foofball Cheerleader lnfer Co Foofball Soccer Baslcefball Cul Rockaway Boys Assocuahon Achvevemenfs Favorufes Monogram Club I Have Bu? One I-Iearf Polo nause Vaughan Monroe Social Sludues June Haver Wrufung Lef fers Ambxhon College Then a Successful Bus: ness T be or not to be? Tha! I8 the quesuon '48 FIRST CLASS '48 HEBERTON C WILLIAMS 654 Chesler Avenue En+ered A F A Achvnhes Achnevemenfs Favonies Amblfion A silenl I Moore Iown N J Wullle O o oepfemloer l946 Infer Co Foolball Cu++er Soccer Baslcelball Traclc Baseball f-Ionor Socuefy Seaman Sharp shoofer Ivy ', ' Senhrnenfal Journey" Glenn Muller, Vaughan Monroe Rula Hayworfh To Be A Success ongue shows a wise haul" HJ ll I O C . QA' . . . - - . I e . 7 I i K r 1 - - Qfggg Ter, Baseball. Wresfling: U.S.N.R.: H 55 0 . ' ' 99 2 P. . C . 3 TONY G ZILUCA kvreenw ch Towers Jreenwmch Conn Tony L+ Comdr Sfaff C I En+eredA F A eprember l942 Achvlhes Varssly Wresflmq T cle J V r-oolball Jumor School Foolball Hop Commvrfee Boosfer Club Qmg Commrffee Trldenl Class -lusfornan 600 Coun+ry Club U S N R Class Pres denl of Jr School Achlevemenfs nallmg Medal AFA Underclass 'nan Award Gold Medal from Qwafhmore lnvlfahon Wresflmng nasler Sharpshoofer Favorlfes To Each Hrs Qwn Vaughan Mon Maureen O Hara Wme Women and Song Amblhon a e Oh' It 1-r uomler ul to haze u glanfs strength, MID YEAR GRADUATES Standing Santos, Thal, Slttmg Sawver, frespn, Glllesple n . . . ' . S - . - - F h ' , ra 1 . V: Me-ef: Monoqrarn Club: QuarTer- ' I - - foe: 1' : ' . . - - , ' " . '. ' f , 1. ' 21? 23? 23, ii? 23, :Sr MY ' ff-, f 4" ENIS V BURCHAM JR Enfered A F A Acluevemenfs Favordes Amblhon H0 I-new IOO3 Elm Avenue Carmu Ill u Co 2 Sepfember I944 Track J V Baske+ball Capslan llfdllorl lnler Co CuHer Soccer Foofball Baslcerball Head Waller Trudenf Ring Commuffee Cryp 'rograplny Club Hop CommlHee Glee Club Rndmg Club Honor Socaely Parlnameniarnan Presndenf Monogram Club Cap sian Award Seaman Slwarpslwooler Wane Women and Song Naval Career the prvclse psw hologlcal moment uhen lo say nothing, Eniered A F A Achvrhes Achuevemenis Favorufes Amblhon FRANK BRADY Soullw Four'rl'1 Sfreef Minersville P . FIS C02 Seplember I947 Varslfy Foofball Baseball Track Chosen Few Club U S N R Monogram Club All Slale Fool a Engluslw lngrud Bergman Naval Academy I nm at home on a ootball ld , a III U hl' ' b H ' I 66 f he 99 IIB All I Adivifies. - Varsify Ba s lc elba ll, Wreslling, .gif El xt. Enfered A Achvuhes Favorlfes Am blhon Men NORMAN CARNEY 580 Empire Blvd. Brooklyn, New York llTigerll C 3 t-ebruary I948 Baskefball Track Tommy Dorsey Rafe Hayworth Phfsmc Become a pearl dnver 0 uords are the best men Grads '48 ROBERT D CARROLL 307 Ralengh Avenue Hampfon Vlrgnma Rebel Band Enfered A F A Sepfember I947 Achvrhes Achlevemenfs Favordes Ambrhon 6 The onlw Varsnfy Foofball Track U S N R Monogram Club All Sfale Foo? a Though We Saud Goodbye Tex Beneke Esrher Wnllnams Annapolns uav to get rul o temptation I8 0 welll to lt" CM 0. - .F.A.' xhg I 66 fjeuja If 99 ll ll ' T - - ' , 7.. . . , bll c '. .. ' I ' . I F. . XA ,, 5 I CHARLES R CONLEY 762 Oak Avenue Charlie C 3 Sepfember I947 Varsufy Foorball U S N R Monogram Club Enfered A F A Achvuhes Achuevemen+s Slardusf Benny Goodman In grd Bergman Marh Favornfes Ambnhon Naval Career or Engnneernng l wall srl flown now but the time will rome uhen vou wall hear me GEORGE COHEE 73 I Sherman Avenue Plannheld N J C I En+eredA F A Seplember I947 Achvrhes J V Foo+loall 600 Counlry Club Achlevemenfs Monogram Club Favordes Penguun a+ +he Waldorf Claude Thornhill Sanlung Terry and +he Purafes Amblhon Darlmoulh 99 es an no an mebbe an mebbe not '48 Po 1: O. . ' l : " : GGY . 9 , 7 , 9 Weslfield. N. J. ll ' ll O. i 2 ,, - -I . . ,S . . . . 9 7 ' 99 JEAN B FALGOUST Enfered A F A ACllVIlI6S Achnevemenfs Favornfes Am buhon 23 I Forsfer S+ree+ l-larru burg Pa Barry Ensign Bancl nepfember I945 V rsufy Traclc Caplam Cross ounlry Caplaun J V Baslcelball nfer Co Baslcefball Capsfan D nce Band Chosen Few Club U S N R Aonogram Club Honor Socnely Dulslandmg Traclc Award orenhce Seaman You Do Vaughan Monroe Geo mefry Sunny Naval Academy As a lruck man he lell the park Grad '48 RICHARD C FILGO 74 Pnckwnck Road Manlwasser N Y Bug Duck C 3 Enfered A F A Achvlhes epfember I944 J V Foolball lnler Co Boxnng Wresrlmg Dramalncs Club Acl'nevemen'l's Monogram Club uarfermasler Favorlfes Collechng Records Conan? Ambrhon Marnne Engnneer Tarts and gurvc' Put em floun . .. ll ll ' . 4 , .V I, .K, . - . , by - ' 6 l l- R' R fx ' . . . ' c 1 1, . . , W ! V , . V' 1 - 1 I , U., I 6 I 1 . K . . . .. , v I ii 7 Ap- . I1 vl- - . I I . 2 . . GC 99 . M. -' . . Q' 2 ' ll - Q ul r , , O. ,J wl ef C 'f, . . . -1 ' . . . . - , , - ' - . . y ' . l . - r Q , A . . ' ' v , , . . ROBERT F FOUNTAIN III 2 I 8 Allen Avenue Allenhursl N J o Commander IAucIe Io Supfl Enfered A F A Achvlhes Achuevemenfs Favornies Ambuhon C02 Seplember I943 Varsuly Baskefball Tennis IMan aqer ln+erCo Foolball Soccer Culler Sallnng Baskelball Wresll :ng Boxmq Track Soflball Boosler Club Buble Club Chapel Club Glee Club Trndenl Capslan Hop ommlllee U SN R Honor Soclely Secrelaryl Furs? Class Vuce Presndenl Monogram Club Seaman Vaughan Monroe Malh Successful Career Tall and statelv he stands like a monument to the Gods EnferedA F A oeplember I944 Achvnhes Achnevemenfs Favonfes Amblhon FRANK E FINNEGAN JR 6 Greenacres Kensmglon Greal Neck Long Island New York L sg o 2 Varsuly Rnfle Ilvlanager Inler Co Foolball Soccer Baskelball Soft oall Track Boosler Club Chapel Club Glee Club Dramallcs Club lvlechanncs Club Radio Workshop Capslan Trldenl I-lop Commul lee U S N R I-Ionor Socuely Seaman Golclen Weclclung Guy Lom bardo Al Jolsons Songs Engllsh Adverllsmg Fun IH Lnfe 'Uh that drled drudgery at h desk s dead wood ' I IlF.F.ll +.I..I C. l ' ' le IIB b:l 0 T I - T II . I . T C ' :: .I. I ' ' . ' .l 1 ' PAUL W FUELLING Mashc Beach N Y Dufch ZPO Co 2 nferedA F A Seplember 1946 llarsufy Rifle lnler Co Foolball Soccer Culler Soflball Track USNR chvnhes Monogram Club Honor School Apponnlmenl American Lequon Bronze Medal for Rnllery Seaman Experl chuevemen+s Boslon Pops Glenn Muller Malh Hzsfory Doodles Weaver avorl+es My honor I8 clearer to me than my 1 e Grads '48 GILBERT A GIBBS l I I Grand Avenue Rndgefueld Parlc N J C03 Enfered A F A Achvnhes oepfember I947 farsnfy Foolball lnrer Co Boxunq Baslcelball Wresllnng U S N R Achlevemenfs Monogram Club Favorlfes Tessnlorn Henry Morgan Amblhon Doclor Radlo Announcer Shall I begun wllh the usual jokes th the audience always laughs at l . JR. E . . . A - -- . . : l D I A ' - 1 I F ' - - Q : ' 2 : Ambifion - -Naval Academy sc ' rf 99 X IIGUIII ff ' ' ' - at . 4 1-9, as WILLIAM A HANSEN 77 Daylon Avenue Toms Rnver N J C 3 Achvrhes lnler Co Foolball Cufler Trndenl Chapel Club Favonfes Mnssourn Wallz Tommy Dorsey June Allyson l-lnslory Ambrhon Naval Career Ins: rumble rolnesal aml alum' '48 Po t FRED H HARTLEY JR Magnolia Road Vineland N J Fuzzy C 3 Enferecl A F A Sepfember l947 AC+lVlfl8S Varsnly Foolball Track J V Baslcel ba U S N R Achievemenis Monogram Club Favorifes 'Besf Tlungs rn Lufe are Free", Wune Women, and Benny Good man Amblfion Muhlenberg "Vineland isn'l that a plan' where grapes grou 'U rf v '7 Girl? ,gil ', "Bill" J o. Enlered A. F. A. Sepfember IQ47 55 I.. . ll. , 9, o. "'u1....' ' DONALD E HEMPEL 4I7 Browerlown Road L 'r+le Falls N J Hemp C I Enfered A F A Jeplember 5947 In+erCo Foo+ball Cuffer Baslcei oall Boxing Boosfer Club Tr: denf Capsfan Achvuhes Favorrles Ballerlna Near fou Vaughan Mafn Women Amblhon awyer Journalasl I owl at uork but lwltrr al pluv Grads '48 EUGENE R HOFFSTADT 25 Nor'rl'1Ten+l'1 Sfreel' Slroudsburg Pa Jabby C 3 Enfered A F A Sepfember I947 Achvlhes ln+er Co Baskelball U S N R Favorufes Nnghf and Day Woody Her m n Gene Krupa Algebra Lana Turner Ambuhon Be as successful as my fafher Peg, 0 Uv Hear! l . , . . Y . 'xx' ll ll V o. A W' Y V - - I I Monroe: June Allyson: Hnsfory: . . , . ca 7 , 99 ll ll ,V 'A . o. - - - . 5 . . . . 6 I : I G6 r 9 99 Enferecl A Achvrhes Favorl+es Ambuhon WILLIAM R KIRWAN I' :Pri 54 Luncoln Avenue Rullwerlord N J D pper Co 3 F A eplember IQ47 Varsuly Foolball lmanagerl Paradise Tex Benelne Lan ner Frank Sunalra Foolball Radio Commenlafor uhs hath u uhvre ore a Tur RICHARD E. KERSTEEN 45 N. Welles Avenue Kingsfon Pa. Duc C03 EnfereclA F A aeplember I947 Achvrheg Varsnfy Foolball Baseball lnler Lo Baslcelball USNR Acluevemenfs M onoqram Club Favonieg Malh Tommy Dorsey Eslher Wal Iuams Slarclusf Varga Gnrls AmbIflOh Annapolns or College Sllenre the mos! per PN expression o sa-orn '48 Po I: . lllkll . ,. - - I I 'D . . , . . -l 1 1 . , . "' is I f 99 . D! . ll' ll I . . f' I 0 0Nw . . . I - I I aj, ,., . f 99 LYNN KRAEUTER 478 Prosoecf Avenue Wesl Orange N J A e C I En+ered A F A Seplember l947 ln+erCo Foolball Culler Baslcef ball Wresflung Rado Club US Achvahes Wmfer Wonderland Physrcs lngrud Bergman Favorafes Amblhon To become an eleclrucal engnneer 0 unlll the happy Pndn I663 Brake Avenue Lo Angeles Calif o Band En'reredA F A Seplember I947 Achvlhes Varsuly Foofball Track 600 Coun fry Club U SN R Achnevemenfs Monogram Club Favorufes Calufornna Swurnrnung Dnvanc Aunf She Sweef Ambuhon To graduafe from Annapolns When mth IS lost when honor IIIPY he man I8 :lead u b ll ' V 0. K, - - ,- l ' 7 I I I p . NR. GCS ' . U ' ' Q A ROBERT LOWELL . I nB bu Q A A 11' , - ,-. . . . . . . . . 64 - I . . I , . ', I ' 4 99 JACK MARCHEL 505 E Crawford Avenue Connellsvllle Pa Johnny Ensugn Co 2 En+eredA F A Sepfember I945 Varsnly Baslcelball Caplaunl Base ball In+erCo Foofball Soccer uHer Class Gulf Commnffee 1 loosen Few Club Honor Socnefy Monogram Club ln+erCo Foolball and Culler Champaons Achvvhes Achlevemenls :lenn Muller Moonlnghf Seren ade EslherWnllnams U S Naval Academy Favorafes Amblhon For all IIIIIY have, 1 they flare try, a glorzous ll e, ROBERT K. MANGELS 27 Hill Slreel Floral Parlc, N. Y. Slworfy Band EnferedA F A Seplember I947 AC'llVI'l'leS Varsaly Baslcefball Dance Band Glee Club 600 Counlry Club Acluevemenis Monogram Club Favordes Sfan Kenfon Mel Torme Tall Gnrls Smoked Ham wnllw Pmeapples and Brown Sugar Ambnhon Puf Tommy Dorsey Ouf of Busnness' usu' as my world '48 Po 1: ll Il . . . ... . - - . 1 I . . . . . ' ' i l 1 .. . CSM ' ' 39 , . Il Il . . . . - . Q Q - I ' - . . fx . ' ' . v . . "1 .J I . Q 1 - I I I5 '. . - hr- . In . h .. .. , .- ss' 'I - - af 3 BRUCE A. MILLER 5IO Van Buren Slreel' Brooklyn, N. Y. 2 P.O. Co. 2 En+ered A F A Achvrhes aeplernber l946 Varsu+y Foo+ball Baseball lnler kO Baslce+ball Crew Capslan Glee Club Chosen Few Club U S Jlono ram Club Honor Socrel Acl'uevemen+s q y Vlarlcsrn n rred Warlngs Glee Club Nof Berng Cooped Up ln One Place Nancy Favoru+es Ambuhon Naval Academy Mechanucal En QIUGSF Your ll e shall neler lack a rleml Grads '48 En+ered A Achvlhes 33-5r2G"' 5' Aclnevemenfs Favorlfes CHARLES F MOODY 48 Bruqnlon Avenue Long Branclm N J Fre C I Qeplember I947 Varsrfy Foolball Wresllrng Track 600 Counlry Club Glee Club Fooflrgblers U S N R 'vlonogram Club All Slale Fool oall Team Jauqlwan Monroe Elrzabeflw Scolf cal Drunlc and Be Merry Amblhon Axrnapolns The Ifemun lomelh Qi? ROBERT W OSTERHOUT 298 Oruenl Way Rullwerford N J O 2 P O Color Guard Co 2 En+ered A F A Achvuhes Aclwlevemenfs Favorifes Ambifion CS 9 Seplember I946 Varsuly Foolball Caplaln Baslcel ball Baseball Capsfan Trndenf IJ S N R 'vlonogram Club All Sfale Fool Dall Team I946 Besf Afblele for l946 47 Honor Socuely Honor Councul - Dave Forres+'s Band, Rnfa Hay worl'l1 To enler Annapolas Tas a mad mad worlflv FLOYD NORTON Edgariown Mass Oo Band En+eredA F A Sepfember l947 Achvrhes Varsuly Wresflmg lnler Co Fool' ball CuHer Dance Band 600 Counfry Club Favonies Sfamp Collechon Recordings Sleep Esflwer Wnlluams Amblhon Worcesfer Tech He who salls the seas has gamed the knowledge of the world ' '48 Pa 1: 'f 3 u fn ' A ' " - - -M.1.T. 4: v 66 ' ', IIB bl' . . . - . . K . ,I s - THOMAS J PIKE IO3 Calumel Avenue Aurora lll Shorfy C I Seplember I947 Varsmly Foolball Baslcefball Glee Club 600 Counlry Club U S N R Enfered A F A Achvlhes Achuevemenfs Monogram Club Meadowlands lllnnous Loyallly Song Fred Warung s Glee Club Eluzabelh Taylor Jinx Fallrenburg Favorlfes To Fund fhe Longesl' Bed Available To Malce Annapolvs Ambrhon 'Threescore and ten I ran remember wel Grads '48 o. l . . . ,' ' ' "l' Alv' E DWARD B. RICHTER ir G6 fl. 9 I ,, 2 Lalcevrew Drnve Whale Plalns N Y Shrfly Shirley Shapiro 2 P O Color Guard Co 2 En+ered A F A Achvuhes Achuevemenfs Favorvfes Ambvhon Seplember I946 Varslly Baseball lnler Co Fool ball Culrer Soccer Baskelball 'JSNR I-lonor School Appounfmenl Mon ooram Club Apprenhce Seaman Serenade of lhe Bells Golden Wedding Elluol Lawrence Malh June Allyson Doodles Weaver Naval Academy Aml wheresoe r thou go, good luck shall mg her old shoe a ter Q7 0 9,0P WALTER F SCHIFFERLI JR Enfered A F A Achvlhes Achrevemenfs Favorufes Amblhon 39 Walnul Slreel Rm.fl1er'Iorcl Schiff Band Sepfember I947 Narsrfy Foolball b U S N R Monogram Club Baslcelball Base fauqhan Monroe Blue Moon Marh o Graduale From Annapolrs and Qfay In flwe Navy am a ul mrulv man WILLIAM A RYAN l I6 amafca N Y Fearless C 3 En'I'eredA F February i948 Achvrhes Baslcelball Traclc Jealousre Dorn ane Browne Favoruies Ambuhon Become a pearl dnver I :an ell and look al ll or hours ' 82-3. 7S+. , . I y o. I ' - - 'l ' "7 Phil 5 J "I like workg il fusrinalos nw. ' ,N.J. ... ' Q Q , . Q ally . . . . . . - - Y , nl . ,j- Q, X . if CHARLES C. SHIPPS 73? Cl1es+nu+ Slreel Delanco N. J. oc C I En+eredA F A aeplennber I947 infer Co Foo+loall Culfer Baslcel ball 600 Counlry Club AC'l'IVl'lI9S Aclnevemenls Apprenlnce Seaman Four Leaf Clover Vaughan Mon roe Boals Favorufes Ambrhon allege uere some uonller ul plarve lanrl 0 lmglnnlng ngmn I wash lhvre fullwl the Grad '48 En fered A F Achvuhes l'avoru+es Amblhon ALAN H SITZER f Bealruce Courl Far Roclcaway Long lsland Band June I 946 'n+erCo Culler Sollball 600 ounrry Cluo Rockaway Boy Asocfahon Too Pal Pollca Arflwur Godfrey Jane Russell Vaughan Monroe Seamanslwlp l-lobarl College 0 ln-:ure pear? 0 mlnrl Ignore the 1 es aml regulations 'ID ll 0. . cc ,' H Q j . . I If . . . 3, , N. Y. ' U HZHII . .A. MT . I if . . rll ' ,' FRANK J TONER 2l S Calufornna Avenue Allan+1cCx+y N J Hu+cl1 Co 3 Enfered A F A Ceprember I947 Achvuhes farsury Foorball Track Baskefbal Achuevemenis Monogram Club Clwanly ln Old Slwanry Town Johnny Long Beer Dracula Sleep and Ea? Favorufes Amblhon To Be A Toe Dancer 4ll hall ilu ullzlf If WILLIAM L SMITH 6I OalcS1ree'r Clmcaqo Ill SmrH'y s g J o En+eredA F A Seplember I943 Achvlhes Jars y Foolball Wresflrnq Trac Hop Commnrfee Naval Hnsrory plub Crypfograplwy Club Cap 'ran U S N R Achlevemen+s -lonor Socuefy Vlce Pre ldenl Monogram Club lpresrdenl Quar rerma lei' Favordes l Can 'r Gel Slarfed Clawre De Joan Caullneld Ambrhon ace Sea Horses fenler the ball or I um about lo kuh a 0111 5.0111 '48 Po 1: L+.l . . C .3 ' ' ' - - ' E+ , ' , kr s 7' . . . . I V . - Q . . t S. J: lf - Lune"g Ray Mcliinlelfg Spanish: . . - - R 1 as I f ' . . F r 59 HENRY TROGER Woodbrrdge Avenue N v Brun w cr 6 C I En+eredA F A eplernber I947 J V Foolball Glee Club OO Counlry Club U S N R Achvnhes Achuevemenfs Monogram Club Favorlfes Vaughan Monroe Modern H Tory apanusn Boalung Hunlxng E V J Nolhmg, epozlc n roman: e so mu: h as a Sl nee o humor ln the woman Grad '48 En ered A F A Achvlhes Achnevemen+s Favoru+es Amblhon EUGENE F TYNDALL 256 Rufledge Avenue Easl Orange N J Bloop C I Seplernber l 947 Varsufy Foofball Baslcelball Base ball 600 Counlry Club U S N R Monog am Club bpor+s Tex Benelce June Allyson Denfnslry aml uv Il flame the lllslll away Gv S l.N.J. IIR dll o. ,V - - .. 1 1 6 g ' - - : is : Ambifion - -College as V . 7. .. ' -' ' . . f ' ." o. HL , 9 ,4 -,, 99 LEO L WARD 24 P rlc Sfreel Porlsvrlle P Bleep C I Enfered A F A Achvrhes Seplernber I 947 Varsr+y Foorball Basebal J V Ba Icefoall 600 Counrry Club US Aclwuevemenfs Xflonogram Club Favorrles coll Ambuhon v I Erg neer Th: alms llllll malw us happy nmlw us ulse 'Y Eniered A F A Achvlhes Aclnevemenfs Favoruies Amblhon F. RICHARD UHL IO3 Allanlic Avenue Poinl Pleasanf, N. J. Dic L, I beprember I947 J V Ba Icefball Inler Co Foolball Fuller Sa lrng U S N R Nflonogram Club Slar Dusl Near You Glenn Muller Be++y Grable Algebra II To Ge-I a Good Job and Gel Warned I am ufrv oml 0 the company 0 Iarlwe I Sporrs Vaughan Monroe Lnzabellu ll k.l I Ao. - -I I as ,gf lf . . I -.av ' . a. v o. ' In " - -Gil ,I .. , ,., . i, . 1 ,- sa FII Fx CLIFFORD HARRISON WILLIAMS 3I6 Wellesley Road Ml. Airy - Phila. Pa. Houseboaf Harry C I Seplember I947 Boosler Club Traclc U S N R Enfered A F A Achvnhes Tlnal' s My Desire I-low Soon Guy Lombardo Veromca Lalce Chemlslry Favonfes Manufaclurer Wan a Gold Cup Race Amblhon There 9 something ln the wlml Grads '48 HOWARD L YOHE Enfered A F A Achvlhes Achnevemenfs FBVOFIICS Amblhon 427 Hugh Sfreel Howie C 3 Seplember l947 Varslly Foolball ba U S N R Monogram Club Baslcelball Base I-lunlnng Fool Hlslory Fishing ball Jean I-lollman Dureclor of Allnlellcs Teacher of Huslory I Il make a toast lo the general joy o all ll ll o. ' ' I I : ' 2 I G6 , ' ' ' 97 Jersey Shore, Pa. ll 9 ll o. . . . - - l . I ' - ll: . . . . - - . I: . . A . I A I CG, ' f ,, Paar l ROBERTO A. ZAPATA Ave. IO do Mayo if IO9 Mexico Cily, Mexico C.I En+eredA F A 'anuary l947 Acflvrhes r1lerCo Foofball Baslcefball Soc ev Sarlmg Wrenllng Glee Club Favorl+es Whv+eChrus+mas AlJolson H Tory P A D Vaughan Monroe Amblhon l'1o'rel Busmess Pnl rlrmlx aml lm mvrrs '48 POST GRADS '48 ROBERT R ZASTROW 7 I 4 Fremonf Sfreel Algoma Wns En+erecl A F A Sepfember I947 Achvlhes Varslly Foofball Baslcelloall Base U S Achuevemen+s Monogram Club Favorrles Sfardusl Es+herWnlllams Far raqul Women Gomg Home Amblhon Annapolus l-hgh School Coach ll hal man rlurv I flarv o g 9 n J . . . , - - l - ' 1 1 as ' - , ,so llzugll X Co. 3 ballg ..N.R. ,I Q5 K' H9 9 fllff. pf Q5 7 M, flaw: hm, N , 'Q wi? ,. In R.-K1'IIy, U JIIIIIINIPII RING l,U.U.1III"I'I','If . UH.. Ziluru. T., Shun' Ill I' 9 FOMUITTFF 0 I to R Ifunznm Blun ol toll lenls 'llc-lnenwv Ile I dell llllllgl' 'I' Ifzulum lJlI"'I' l.ll.'ll.'lIl1'Tl'.l',' m mg I' Hard Ship s Crew 21: H BRUCE ALLIN EUCLIDES BATISTA JR MERRILL BAKER RICHARD C BERRY THEO H BIGELOW n rook L I N Domumcan Republxc Brookllne Mass G-Ien Rudge N J Tuxedo Park N Y A LEO BRANDENBURG JERALD BORNE HAROLD BRESSLER DAN F CHLEBOWSKI RONALD M COOPER Union Clfy N J Malden Mass D a N J Pa+erson N J Richmond WILLIAM B, CONLEW JOHN CROSS DOMINICK CUSANO RENE DE VALERY MARVIN DOLLIN Philadelphia, Pa. Baltimore, Maryland PI1iIadeIpI1Ia4 Pa, Brooklyn, N, Y. Worcesfer, Mass. JAMES B EDWARDS RICHARD A EISELE LOUIS M FEAD GEO L FREDRICKS H M GLADSTONE Newporf News Va Sea Gurf N J Ann Arbor Much Long IsIand Cl+y N Y Lynn Mass RON M GOODMAN DAVID F GORDON RICHARD GUDIS WM M HAGEMEYER RUSSELL F HARNEY Lakewood N J DeIrol+ Much Paichogue L I N Y TucIraI'1oe N Y Worcesfer Mass SAM HEINEMAN III THEO HUTTINGER ERIC C JACKSON JOEL JACOBS L F JOHNSON Columbia Pa Phnladelphua Pa New RocIleIIe N Y Chicago III S+ra+ford Conn C' ROBT B JOHNSON JEROME A KAPLAN DONALD R KAUFMAN B M KELLY JR SPENCER KENYON Drexel Hull Pa Worcesier Mass Be e Harbor L I N Y Bloomfield N J Waferpod N Y DON A KOMONDY STAN A LABOVITZ DANA S LANDERS A J LETHBRIDGE PEER LOVFALD is RICHARD F MARONI M W MATHIASEN JOEL M MESHBERG KARL E NICOLAI GEORGE J NORCOM Provndence R I Haveriown P Phnladelphua Pa Montclaur N J Red Bank N J . . . . . . , . H. ' . . , . II , . ., . . ' , . . , . . Bronx, N. Y. MarbIeI'1ead.Mass. New Rochelle, N. Y. PI'1IIadeIpI1ia,Pa. PhaIenx, N. J. Q QP A - IAVI N 5- - p ' , . . , a. ' ' , . ' , . . , . . FRANK PASSARO HENRY R RAPP PAUL G ROSSANO JOHN L RUSEAU E C SAMMARTINO Farr Lawn N J Farmungdale N J Brooklyn N Y New York N Y Providence R I DON A SCHWARTZ NORMAN SEGEL ED B SMITH JR L S SUGARMAN GEORGE H SWART Brooklyn N Y Cambridge Mass Madison N J Cambridge Mass Hurlay N Y PETER VAN WINKLE CARLS VOLLMER PETER R WALKER JAMES S WIGHT ROBT L WRIGHT JR New Rochelle N Y Old Greenwich Conn Wyckoff N J Woodbndge N J Shed' Hills N J fra Ship s Crew 31: IRWIN E. CANTER FRANK J. CAROCCIO Pl'1ila:lelpl1ia,Pa. Egg Harbor, N. J. wlLuAM H. B. ANDERS, JR. Frederick, Md. X. RAMON Ansuoe ' R. BARRY BELT Mexico, D. F., Mexico Mamaroneclr, N. Y. ARTHUR BENEROFE PorfCl1esfar, N. Y. STANLEY BLUMSTEIN Foresi Hills, N. Y. JOHN T. BRACKETT Soufh Porflancl, Maine HOWARD C. BREDER Egg Harbor, N. J BILL F. BULCK Oysl-sr Bay, L. I., N. Y. J. HENRY CLOWARD DENIS COLIVAS Dominican Republic Monlreal, Canada 1 I Q- WILLIAM COLUMBUS ROLAND T. CRESSWELL Manasquan, N. J. WesI'bury, L. I., N. Y. PETER B. EASTON Washingion. D. C. PAUL A. DOLLARD Olean, N. Y. CARL R, FINER New+on Cenire, Mass. HERBERT E. EISENBERG Belle Harbor, L. I., N. Y. CARL A. FORDIN BrooI:Iyn, N. Y. NATHAN FINKELSTEIN Easf Orange, N. J. M . K, WILLIAM T. FRAMES i -'wil Maywood, N. J. ROGER T. FORTIN Rye, N. Y. ELMER F. DIECKMAN,JR. LAURENCE E. DIMEO Hollis, L. I., N. Y. CIif+on, N. J. DAVlD J. FRANK EDWARD FRITZ Stamford, Conn. Drexel Hill, Pa. ROBERT C. GREENE SIGMUND HELLER Fairfield, Conn. New York, N. Y. CHARLES L. FURER Long Beach, L. l., N. Y. WILLIAM P. GARWOOD Elizabeih, N. J. CHARLES T. GENS Boston, Mass. JOSEPH E. GILROY Spring Lake, N. J. ROBERT GLASBERG Dorchesler, Mass. CARL R. GLINES, JR. Allenlown, Pa. ' ef GEORGE s. GOLDSTEIN ' ' Brooklyn, N. Y. v Hlif- -- SAMUEL J. GREENBERG Lakewood. N. J. 9 1 ROBERT HUTT I Jamaica, N. Y. ROGER HUTT Jamaica. N. Y. NATHAN H. ISRAEL Rahway, N. J. JAMES F. INGRAHAM, JR. Augusia, Maine ROBERT S. JACOBS Highland Perl, N. J. EDWARD C. JACKLE Flushing, L. I., N. Y. JOHN JOHNSTON Jersey Cify, N. J. EMANUEL JOHNSON New York, N. Y. WILLIAM F. HOLTZ CHARLES C. HULL. JR Irvingfon, N. J. Meriden, Conn. HENRY K. JUSTI HARVEY R. KAHN Ardmore, Pa. Jamaica. L. I., N. Y DENNIS MARKS GEORGE MICHALS New York, N. Y. Asbury Park, N. J. ROBERT J. KANE Passaic, N. J. J V 'ff Ames R. KING T:T T Dorchesfer. Mass. ROBERT J. KOLB Basking Ridge, N. J. BRUCE KREIDLER HARVEY S. LAN Upper Montclair, N. J. GSAM running, L. I., N. Y. KENN ETH F. LATOU RETTE MARVIN H. LIC Brooklyn, N. Y. New Hyde Park, N. Y. HT JACK S. McBROOM Phoenix, Arizona ROBERT M. MILLER RICHARD MORING New York, N. Y. Wesffield, N. J. JOHN M. MOSER DANIEL MOY Bellaire, L. I.. N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. GEORGE R. RUBIN Chestnuf Hill, Mass. MARTIN ROAMAN New York, N. Y. DANIEL R. SHEEHY New York. N. Y. JERROLD J. SCHREIBERSDORF New York, N. Y. LAWRENCE D.f SIMKINS Philadelphia, Pa. EUGENE B. SIEMINSKI. JR. Greenwich, Conn. fl RICHARD G. STABILE Bayonne, N. .I. w 'RT Q ROBERT L. SLIFKA Lawrence, L. I.. N. Y. ALBERT H. REDLES, JR. RICHARD D. REVIE Philadelphia, Pa. Tuclrerfon, N. J. JOHN J. TIERNEY JUAN R. TORRUELLA Springfield, Mass. San Juan, Puer+o Rico THEODORE F. ZIPF JULIAN ZWEIG PHILLIP R. TROULLOS Trenfon, N. J. Freepor-I, III. Bronx, N. Y. RICHARD S. VAN DE WALKER Whife Plains, N. PHILIP A. VENTO Flushing, L. I., N. Y. Y. RONALD B. WALDSTEIN New York, N. Y. GEORGE W. WEIGOLD, JR. Hawfhorne, N. Y. HERBERT K. WHITING, JR. U pper MonIcIair, WILLIAM S. WOODSON, JR, Burbank, CaIifornia FRANK W. ZELEN GreenwicI1,Conn. N. J. NICHOLAS G. SIKOUTRIS Brooklyn, N. Y. Z Sl1ip's Crew 4!c fu- 'A F. w. Barnabei B. B. B090 H. w. Bra.-,B+ E. J. Carlson C. Chrisiopufos R. B. Cram R. T. Daniel L, De La Cruz M. Erens+.f+ J. manger D. O. Fausf J. G. Fletcher J. I, Gardner R. A. Gennaru P. Giannopoulos J. G. P. Gerken M. N,Goldsor1 R. Goffseqen M. P. Helper? H. Hirsch E. Holland J. Howie R. Howie D. R. Huber S. Kaplan D. Karagias L. Klausman H. W. Kramer M, L. Lehman P. McDowell Jr. E. L. Mclieown J. Mallalleu "" sf 'lt' Q51 9' Mn- if R. Mewmo H, Phvsky J. Porve'a 41 P Rach A. Rlseman A. Rivers G. Rodgers G. R. Rubin G, GrimmeH R. S. Slnnekf R, H. Sfellwaq V. Suskomfz J, F. Svahra U A.V,1rcs H. E.Vog1 E. Weinrlch W L. NVQQSS r 'K' 15 1 1 'WBT L- ful' Q-f - ,vw '34, 'Invar- 7. 1 . K 1. 4 8 'Yum Q. 5 Vfgr-:vw-1' J' 3 ans-J 43. H Liu r K 1 l . sap. ZZ' M, Cohen T, Coleman J. Esposho M. N. Gdden D. B. Grimes C. L. Heck? W. M. Marx? Jr. T. Mans R. Minoprio A4 N9"bUVY F.Ra+h1II A. H. Ross T. M. Ryan R- M- SUMMU9 D.Szway1re J. Torruella 2 J WHO 'r. bs mr my 27' V Nw- W , 16.151, " f ,I ,--- Vi" s wf: -f ' ,:,,.,,45- -v ifhi, fy V. 7 "1 , b' 2' r Q nip' .-' W ' ,,,..1gvr' mf T - v , . ,11,.f . ffbm-Af f15'f.1' f ',-qt - Ship's Organization L BLUNDELL PEVER L Cade Ol'Y'lfT'l5l"I JACK STEVENSON L I7 Offic cfic Ta HAROLD SAWYER FINNEGAN FRANK L euienani Cade Lieufenanf Cade? dyea G ad M Ofi ancling Comm 'P HOWARD BAKER ac ca Of GYIBYI GU Ommd IZ! JOHN CH ELLE Tac? ca Of BEARNARD LEW S Command ng Off BOYD M. A. ufenanf, A.F.A. Us Diredor 110' 'S Hun X xx! x XR Xl fx m Y Z qw STAFI' la 1 1 Ani: In I vmnunullml M1 All! rnvv Aulv In I W S K 'I illiiii iililll lr- IUIUR ll -IRD I tnr lim m r me 1 1 a -N K ' E . W , AP ,,. , WWW' L . ern JLAWWH , , , , I ' I. In r.-Millvr. T.. lfull. l,'.l'.0.: Gillespie, Alljlllllllff Zilm-u, Hall. lfnrnnz ".,. ' , A' . . , ' '.. ' V. V I 7 .1 . I 1 Z in I 'K it 7""XZ':'A"' . - "' . 4 .- I 'I' g, ll: II 'I. U 'glrl. Hua 'll l OMMISSIONPD 0I'FIl ERS I I to R Ist Ron Schuartz, I'lIurrI Romrmv lunll mklv johnson W Miller T BIMHIIPII ,llllS,2lllIR1Pll Ifa1Ium,Luston Smith I'mnP an 'Iur Uurclwl WlcAmrnev Hrrsh M fusuno irll Run IHHIIIIIIII 4111 Ifou Zllllfll Gan- Pl' IJDIF OFF!! I' R9 I to R Svaterl Solomon Sumnmrtmo louum Imlur W johnson, I Stanton Anderson IIIIIIIIIPIIIIUI, Sprlngllorn IIIFPIUII Ifavuorth fllllfllll IIIIIIIFIIN Standing Ist Rau Ben m ll Sa ttlf I'Ill'Ll!' lonnor Iullv ll ll all-or I Amunnul 'Uarpla I znrdljrm M1lIerI' llrulstom Iru I1 Ilnums Bishop Hoxuulo Iulltrrfrlwr llflt A Iwluunls ll Hall Moy, IIIIIII If Iuuos lurrnn Ihuul 'ml lnou lf1ll'IxlIl,.Ilfll1I Ustl rhoul Rlrhlar Ihnwu Duollng, U tllmnu II 'Ut Iloran Iflma Ilollural Naraluna Hartman l,llSIltl'l 1 - v 1, , . 1 A H . Q V 1 W -1 . A' ' ' 5 4 7 , 1 V ' 7 'Q 9 .7 , 4 ' ' ' 'f v - v F-' 4 ' ' - A s A ' . 1 Q '9 , .' g . ': 5 ': . it xl , , , . . . . , . . I 1. , . I . ,. . . --. , . . r , , A ., .., . , , ' '11, . f , 'f -. .' A , . . z ' .', 1.3 . '- .' A: - . . . - - V- , - .. . . , . , . . I . . - ' ', ' . . . ' . ., . ., , . ', 1 , A , ., ' - I . . ' . . - ' . v ' f . '. g . f ., . . . . , ' , ' , ., , ., ., , ,. . . . . . .. . . ' 9 'v ' - ' - 1 I- - " Q - ' 9 ' s 4 . . .v I. Y I I . - , .. . Hu., , , ' ', . A . , - . ship' Athletic X ff ' 'AX X xx , 'N OKI Civ 9m ions of t 720 Military .School League f -,,,1-'l f3,flf' f2?fff "3,-gif.-1 , ,EEZE f ' ' " AT Date Opponent Place X946 Score Farragut Opponent om. 4 Puxmxcmow PREP Home o-zo Q, ocgr. 11 mfwuus scnom Mzwuus X3-25 4. ' OCT. ma NEW YORK M. A. HQME D,N,P, gMurnm Homecoming, Dayp OCT, 25 LA SALLE M. A. LASALLE D,N,p, 1+ S NOV. 1 BLAIR ACADEMY HOME 13-7 31 NOV. 8 BORDENTOWN M. I. 50RDENT0xvN 32-6 NOV. X5 STAUNTON M. A. HOME D.N.P. 2 Nov.21 NAVY Puamas ANNAPOUS DNP. Ng 1 Head Coach ..... . .LL Comdr. J. J. Dzdton Coiors . . . Bhxe and Snver Line Coach . ....... Lt. Qjgj L. Cooke Nxckname . . Middxzs . CadetNV. Johnson Mascot . . . Goan Manager. .. . Ist Row: l. tu r.-Tvssitnri, 'l'mu'r, Kerslven, Schijfvrli. Miller, T.. Osterlmut, Miller, B., Tuylur, lirvssler, Carroll. 2nd Row: l. lu r.-Lt. Cook:-, Ifflwurrls, W.. Hall, Hartley. Tymlall, Pikv, Lnzrvll, Illumlell. Lewis, Johnson, W.. lfmalr. 3ral Row: l. In r.-Bennett, Warsl. llilrhs. Brady, Znstrmr, lfmalr. Lev, Mnmly, Smith, W.. Ynlm. lfusanu, Vnllm I Varsity Football All hail Hue Champions!! And al fne ena cl the N747 foofhall zeafon lhal Es erfacly what everyone was doing. Farraguf Copa Mlfarv League Championehlp , rho newioawer capfon read, And coaches Dahon, Lee, ani Coole como oe ming r' rner le gm for 'r wp, ,h o:gh lhefr Corn bined elllorls fha? Lire Navy we-nr rn oagn we fa? T' 'img'-c,,r aghezi.. f-, 'C Q' we wi voorioui. And, To 'ne v':'or oe orga 'ns :Q . Vl 51 'n rrferrea 'C 'he :ev 'a :gee arg infer Of lhe All Slale Canofoalei were announced wxrh Car ., l."k1r Qgrevhcal Moody fn' 1 Toner ai receiv- Ing berlhs on lhe Team, ol the oeif, Reporhng lwo weelf. ahead ol ina corn lor a gm.e.1fngna"'rg program To get in shape for one of The lougneel ac,hedule1 a Modle .omg na ever had, the pam worked hard and raoidly anna was soon seeking gcfmnnagez. The hy-,+ wa W"-5 A-hwy Parlg Hgn Qfhegf Feefraj linf gm-1, gl Farraguf 5 new +earn They wenl horne w' n Lowe: ,1 1. Tre fQf'3rf1'gr7fnn1age wa wlih Swarihrnc e College Varslly' 'ne Node, who had new new ar. W frgverwerr omoo lhc f.oleo'arg II fouchdowne fo 3. Tne Quad in neu if ' f fr' when 'neg nwe' rhe R11 ger, Frefh men. Thie scfnnrrage orcweo 'C hge a gl 1 tm. Q 'rig were ::a,w..'54Q:ng-cl 3, every pc5'+'or. W-5-r 'rule :ears-1, 73.3 H 9-E. The lvlddbe Lia' Ther Wo" or f"j1"' wp, f rf ng- pqfnrglrfn ipwi' gr rgmg gromof. The nel, 4' 'Vi wwe a finial ,fa ' Vinny r " .1 6-6 llfg, Dalton Pr, lf. The second sTop on The run was aT The Manluus School n Syracuse New York The army Ifes faced The saulors wITh a 26 consecufrve game wrnmng sfreak and al o a boasf of never havmg been beafcn by Farraguf IH fooTbalI LuTTle Navy pulled The game ouf of The fare when Frank Brady s Touchdown and exfra ponnf conversron was backed up by Gene Kuller Tyndall who smeared a Man lnus back for a safefy lvlanlnus wnnnnng sTreak was broken by a 9 6 counT Pullmg The ThroTTle ouT The Mvddses found Themselves facnng New York Mulnfary Academy Thus was The second Mullfary School League conTender The sanlors faced and To add To The Tensnon The game was played before a large alumna crowd on a day conTunually dvsrupfed by raun Ouf of The mud of The faeld Frank Brady and Leo Ward crossed up The Mu e Keepers by a counf of I3 O The blue sfreak raced away agaun To sfop aT La Salle Mulufary Academy The second of The league conTenders Tnme wasnT wasfed as The sarlors found The weaknesses of The La Salle Team Bob Osferhouf led The scorung wlfh Two Tall es and an exTra pornf Ward Zasfrow Toner Smnfh and Yohe also haf payd rT Bull SmuTh kncked Two placemenTs Barr came nexf as The coal was shoveled In They w nf under The wheels for a devasfafung slaughfer 32 O The Mnddnes romped Through Them confunuou ly spreadung havoc wherever They were on The neld Toner led The parade wnTh Three Touchdowns Four more of The blue and snlvers Because The BordenTown game was posfponed we played our Thrrd league confender STaunTon M1l1Tary Academy They succumbed mannly because of The brnllnanf runnung of Frank Brady and Frank Toner l"owne Yohe also playung heads up ball gave Farraguf :Ts Thnrd and fnnal Touchdown when he recovered The ball on The kickoff IH Sfaunfon s end zone STaunTon s aTTack sfrengfhened n The second half buT To no avaul AT The frnal whusTle Farraguf havung won 20 I4 was sfnll undefeaTed The posfponed game wufh BordenTown was played ne T and The lvluddues won wuTn ease 3l O Sparked by ZasTrow The Team had garned undnspufed ownershrp of The fnrsf MuluTary League TnTle and Trophy The season ended wuTh The Muddues Trave Ing down To Annapolus To play The Plebes There They recelved Therr only defeaT of The season by a score of I4 O The season s ToTal sTood 6 wms I he ancl I defeaT a good record To be well proud of CongraTulaT1ons Champs" THUM X9 T 'VIII LFR RUHFRT W. OSTI' RHOUT l u l aplam lo laplam . 4 I , , A . . - l ' .4 I ' : ' . e ' ,I - ' . ' J . , aTTempTs To score were called back. . . . 1 . i . . . . , X , , ' . . ' . . ' I u It - , .. 11 ,M , ii Q. L 'f'53'X'if"AQQ 4 4 F. . , 3, ' f A ,f Vg, . .., -f no il -.. 1 X 4-...., 2. f 1 .. ' K aa. x if .. , I ft S a ,, Q 4 A 1 Gi' ,ffffff-'X 2 .N X i Sgwu 'SMA QA 'lfusn I -vxud Q 1 'Q . 1 i .., , " ' ', A R 5 -. - i fq"'f--fi" ' , ' S' Av 2 . ' ' - - ' , ' Q ' q 1 'A ., 1 - 3 ff?-if'fH! A in . saw I ' 'E ,, 1 A' 'ff-U.: S' A , 1 'Q' Y- S: 3- sq' 'uf' 1'f'Qf - V Y , ' T. . ,, v hflufif g, A Y f- A Q ' '- 'Q - . ' ' f q, L -1 Nr, ' -I L .... ..,, 1 . ' --'Iwi' ' r. ' g,1f,.1, , Vs' -f .. , 1 .1 "YA, if - Y. - .. - JAYVEE FOOTBALL CROSS COUNTRY - yi -if: ix . JAY VEE FUOTBALL Ist Row: 1. to r.--Rubin, C. Pumerantz. 2nd Kmv: l. lu r.-Ellarll, Passaru, Mflrarni, Thal, Rus- sanu, Sammartinu, Ziluca, Bouchard, Sinclair, Hartman, Marplv. 3rd Raw: I. tu r.-Ll. Guy, Slabilv, Halpvrl, Kaplan, Baker, Cnhvo, Furdin, Uallcvr, ljuliras, Klein, Paslnri, Pingitnre, Wight. Tierney, llimvn. 4th Raw: I. to r.-Columbus, Mvnilln, Cnltsvgwr. Mrllramm, Kaufman, Rerip, Zipf, lfrnss, Wnoalson, Finer, Trnger, Flvtvhvr. C ,f - . if' The '47 squad had more +han i+s share of work +his year 'frying 'lo keep The pace sel by fheir big bro+hers of +he gridiron, and Though +hey were noi as successful, fhey did Themselves proud. Their firsl con+es+ was wifh an annual rival, Toms River. Under quarferback Sammar+ino's leadership and 'lhe wonderful playing of such men as Ziluca, Klein, Ellard, and Rossano, +he Middies gave +he local boys a real fighl' for 'lheir money buf were edged ou+ by one point Asbury Park was nexf To mee+ The Middies and Though +hey were vicforious by +he scan+ margin of 7-0, fhey knew They had been given a good fight I+ was +hen fime for a meeling wi+h our old rival -Bordenfown. ln whal' was frue Army-Navy spiril Coach Guy's squad played The muleleers +o a 0-0 deadlock. a definife moral vic+ory. And so i+ ended -Though nof wholly successful, +he Army had been held down and The mission was accomplished. ,Q If H. N T, A. Ll. JI' fy ii I ,, V75 pk Qxxff L X xy Q' T C -,V ke .. , ' 51 5, R 'vp 'fi rf Wilh Barry Falgousf, capfain and number one man, leading all +he way, Coach Swager+'s Cross Counlry squad, consisfing of such veferan runners as Johnny Slone, Dick Prugh, Bill Edwards, and Hugh Teer opened +he '47 season wi+h a 23-32 vicfory over fheir worfhy opponenfs-Peddie. A viclory lucked securely under fheir bells, fhe squad 'lhen mel an alliance belween Freehold and Asbury Park High Schools. The boys were noi quile as successful fhis fime, Though, and succumbed +o las+ place. The big mee+ followed. and +he Middies mel Bordenlown in anofher of 'rhe Army-Navy rival- ries. Taking advanlage of +he facl +ha+ our squad did nof know +he newly laid course and +ha+ one of +heir men had ius+ won 'rhe s+a+e championship, The armyi+es squeezed Through 'fhe winning score. Ofher members of 'I'he squad which Coach Swagerl' can well be proud of, are Rodgers, Seflle, De Valery, and Melt. is UNSW: 5 ,Aww Ylnstrmr, Mnrrhvl O L. tu R. Sitting-'lst Rmr: Tuner. . 1110-llllptuirlj, Flillllfllill Ufo-lfuptllillj, Yuhv. Hrmly' Slnmlingf-Zml Row: Yollnwr flfgnj. Sr'hiffPrli 'ikP, Ifisvlv. Rnssrum fMgrj. y,llllLZPI8,I X, X ' r 1 .Q ' f ,,1 q, x .-"2 . .' . 'J' -'.',W .. 753, at Nfl. A . vi , A f-, A ,, "' Q f.4l'f' . f Q , ms 2' W, KY x2 .i Q r , 4 , 1 -MA ' I' Y x X 1 ' ,x 8 4 x if ,, an 1 1 1 S 1 42 , ' 1 0' "5 " ,559 99' . qc: PM if 9 x Q .L ..u 5 if ,C 4 izgsiw, , an ,732 5' ' SEK: in I , Q f- 1 A gf -+A Jw V . 24 Y- '- 24'-,--Ai' 5. 1 ' 51, .Q. 2 1 - f.i'--x',f'::'. L' ' :X . 'fj,i,i1i': , 4, 1.4 if , '4' - ,. Lf V if ,J , A 'Sag' r ff?- 5' ,iii rw Y PA A I A,f,,Q.4,fsa-f ik E A Q5 Q in 7, A xl W X 'vga W3 Wal .W , 4 A .0 2 1 f ,QT r ,My as ' 49 1' F 1 k 2 M 4-:Q ,..f " V, Z' N ' , , 1 . ' , ' , t :':..f' - 3 c ,- , ,ff ,S , Q5 . , 15914 , ' 'UIQ' J I liASlxl'7BAlI I I l K Seated Tuvl r IIVIIIIIIU U tvrll lt II u rl HP man sfllllllllll, llll D NIIIIL, Pru h Hurt! Hnlp rl IH Recap of Season DATE OPPONENT an an dn dn an 9 8 e e e e Mar 3 deno+esJ V game Lalcehursf NAS Pedclle Borden+own LaIreI1ursIMarlnes Alumm Lalcehursf NAS Pc-nn ngfon LaSalle New Yorlc M Brown Prep Navy Plebes Rrder College ,. g .- . pyi ,P , A zur., , - . J . I0 J . I4 ' Jan. I7 Valley Forge J . 23 J . 28 ' J . 3I ' F b. 5 I: b. I3 I F ID. I4 I: b. 2l .A. F b. 25 . F ID. 29 KN A Ay, A A A , ' O I. lu R. Sitting-Ist Rmr: Weignlrl, Ehrman, Rapp, H.g 2nd Row: Pasluri, Bressler Ziluca, Buckingham, Anderson, Mundy, Cvarrlijang Standing-Isl Raw: Rubin, f' Waldstein, jackie, Marnni, Ellarrl, Lt. lfnuke flfnarhj, Springhnrn, Kaufman, Solo mon, Barnabei, Levine fMgr.jg 2ml Row: Curran, Smith, E., Segal, llullarrl, Miller T Stanton, Tear, Krvidler, Howie, R. Wrestling The ieam 'ihis year has made Farraguf hisiory because of iis spirii. inifiafive, and iraining. The leadership and excellenf coaching displayed by L+. Cooke and fhe example sei by capfain Bill Buckingham were a perfecf inceniive for +he mafmen who, whelher viclorious or noi, were always a credif fo lhe Navy. The refurn of a greai number of leifermen was a decided advanlage as fhe ieam prepared for one of i+s mosl rigorous seasons, which included mee+s wifh +he Ruigers Freshmen and fhe Navy Plebes. Though bo+h of 'rhese meefs were defeais. fhe grapplers showed 'rheir 'irue colors in vic+ories over lhe compeleni opposilion of Penninglon and New Yorlc Mililary Academy. A .awry .2 ,sg HN!!! 0 fx Q6 pk K W -,Z , la I! TEAM O L. lu R. Knwfling-lfdwurrls. J., S4-nl:-, Laughlin, Rnynrurth flfaphjg Standing-Ihnul f.'ll,qr.j, Vento, Brandenburg, Anlnninu, Fuelling, lfupt. Norris. RIFLE The rifle squad began Hs season in +he lale fall and compleled a beller fhan average year of compelilion in fhe early spring. The feam, as in previous years, was well coached by Caplain Norris. The ve+eran riflemen, Fuelling, Brandenburg, Ed- wards and Venlo, elec+ed Brad Rayworlh as +heir caplain. The ofher posilions on The 'ream were filled by Se++le, Anfoniou, and Laughlin, fhe consis+en+ high scorer: while David look 'lhe imporlanl posifion of squad manager. The squad's opponenls were of varying degrees of compe+i+ion from 'lhe crack Navy plebe leam down. The season ended a+ Annapolis wi+h fhe Milifary League Championship Meer, in which +he Middies placed fif+h. I 'AIISIT Y TISIWNIS TENNIS Wifh fhe excepfion of one veleran. Dick Prugh, fhe Tennis leam fhis year is complelely newg noi only +he players, buf also fhe coach. L+. Thompson, wefl known in Farraguf sporfs for his abilify fo 'lake newly organized 'reams and whip fhem info shape, has again friumphed. O'I'her oulsfanding nelmen, along wilh Prugh, are Bigelow, Howie, Hal erf, Weigold, and Cohee. This slarling six, plus a hard working reserve group, make up one of The largesf squads in 'Tennis hisfory al' Farragut Their schedule included such nolable opposilion as Peddie, Bordenfown, Valley Forge and New York M. A. Affer beginning 'rhe season wifh a defeal' by Peddie, +he nelmen came back wi+h a smashing 4-3 vicfory over Bordenlown. 'XYlH'l'lilI,2. 1. lu l'.1,f1l,fl'l', llmrirf. lf., Krvilllvr. Halpvrt, uNPiH0lll. Rapp. P., Zipf. Wlumling, I. lu r.--l.l. Tlmmpsnn. llnlalxmilh, lfnhwf. lfi,'Zl'IlIIl'., Prugh, lfurrvll, ITIIIFIIFIIS, ll Hill I" .. , 1'I', . P' . Xxvfx VARSITY BASEBALL 7 Y Ist Row: 1. to r.-Bennett, lVarrI, Richter, Marchel, Cusano, Berman, Harwood, Weiss, Cresswell. 2nd Row: I. lo r.-Usterhoul, Kersleen, Connor, Yohe, Miller, B., Faust, Halpern, Sieminski 3rd Row: I. to r.-Lt. Cooke, Sugarman, Kaplan, Hall, Zaslrmr, Mangels, Schigerli, Rovitti, Lethbridge, Uhl, Svahra, Corria. For fhe second successive year, six leffermen refurned for anofher 'four of duly on 'fhe A. F. A. diamond. Led by Nick Cusano, Pai' Connor, Johnny Marchel, Bob Osler- houf, Ed Richter, and Skippy Hall, fhe feam looked forward +o i+s mosf oulsfanding season for many a year af Farragut Added fo fhis greaf array of diamond dusfers were fhe no less oufsfanding Bob Zas- +row a+ shorfslop, Wall Schiliferli behind lhe plafe, Gene Tyndall in soufhpaw alley, and Leo Ward in fhe meadows. This combinaiion of new and old. under +l1e superb guidance of Coach Cooke, faced fheir opponenls wifh knowledge and spirif familiar in Farragul Sporls fhis pasl year. The be++er fhe +eam, +he belfer +he compefifiong and +his year's squad definifely had compe+i+ion. Besides +he annual rivals from Valley Forge, Bordenlown, and N. Y. M. A.. 'lhe Rufgers and Columbia Freshmen ioined fhe schedule 'ro give Hue boys somefhing +o really work for. 009 7 x.. 'Q7 4 .Q lst Row I to r Ellard Taylor Metz Teer Falgousl Blundell, Hoffstadt Toner, Brad Znd Row I to r Frsrle Torruella I , johnson, R Dollarrl Torruella Norcom, Coleman Quart, I onley Lolwas frrl Ron I to Imrlr Dalton laughlm lwlnarrls I Hartman, Walker, Harney, llmrner ZeIenz,Bresslcr Frrtz Moody ,Iohnson ll ,Lorull Varsity Traclc ln fhe Sprlnghme an alhlele s fancy lurns lo lhe lrack and no be'Her proof of lhls could be shown fhan by fhe large squad of hopefuls +ha+ answered Coach Dalfon s call Sparked by velerans Barry Falgousf Tony Zuluca Jum Edwards Bull Smulh Hubre Teer Bud Burcham and Tom Muller plus such oufsfandrng newcomers as Frank Toner a dash man Duck Ensele over +l1e hurdles and Fred Moody Bob Lowell and Denny Coluvas all rn field evenls fhas years cmdermen have a well balanced group Because of fhus Coach Dal+on had a chance fo exerl fo lhe ufmosf hrs exlensrve knowledge and experience and look full advanlage all of which wenl' 'lowards fhe making of an almosf perfecl frack leam To meel' fhe slandards of lhe leam an excephonal schedule was made up mclud mg fhe Penn Relays George School lnvrfahon Meer Holy Spurul Mlllfary League Champnon shrp Meer af Wesf Polnl' and lhe annual Headma fcrs and Coaches Ass n Meef 3 - -"' 9 9 9 9 9 9 y' i Y : ' if I," ' 9 9 ' '9 9 9 9 . ' A , . v: . nil . l , , ', ff , ., 5 V D , , 1' , 0 4th Row: I. to r.-Abrams, Rodgers, Vollnwr, V., Carney, Miller, T., Smith, IV., Burcham, , , . ' ' . l . . . . I I I . I I ' . . I . I I . I . I I I ' I . . . , I I I I I I - I I I - I U I TRIDI' 'VI' STAFF ll wk SPIIIIII It Wnsnarlgaln I'lIU7lll1llI,IPIl'lB Pdzlnr Fllllllgllll It Shvvslvv Standing ht Rmb Bouch arll Smnlun lru,f.h Rmwn Hemprl Zllllfll Pllrker Bmlum Kpllv U Wzllvr I' Abrams Zllll Roll' Ellard, lnlu n K llullmul 'l1,lInrnn Ustfrlmut Solomon, H4 rmun WM: Sturm Ship ctlvltles 'Xf 12 "H" IQ X ANN-'Q F IA ni X K f 'nx- ,Q K Wav P' :AI nu ,. -,' ' , 'II' J," 1 '-- g . Q.A -". . 'Q . . - ,Q -,1 .-. 5' : , ' . ., ,1. ., ' , . ' .1 , . . I 1 if 'xffi x f, LN, -f -- x X, UU, ggi' , f XV - xx Q w -NX ,Lf f ,, . NM- S! Q WIA 1' ,. X L -f-X ' XXX , N ,Lgm x ,HX " fs ,M X! F and XX J' ' GJ Q f l Mei. to 'X , XY . KX BU-Q!! ffcfl' , wx 5 I FOOTI IFHTI' RS I I lull Sputml lllllllllf lllflufr ll Slrurlur Ivins Fin negun sflllllllll Slllllllll Raflun Kuun Nicola: Wmn rich Rnamun Nnrrnnz frenz: Snuth I' Dullln HIDIIUNII W Marks Sli l'Wl O 41 lmnn-lt lfnwl I In R In Km 'Nurdnru Ihnnrll llmul 'ml Hun feud 'H11ng,el.s llIllL'llllI Unger ,Iuhnsun K ll-IND . W-: , 1 , . 1. ., -, . " . 1.. ", 1 ' Q ' . . gi- ' Q ' - -"nl y ' , ,z , 1' ' ',. . ,., , , . .,, '- 2, 'Z'1-: ' x,,,.b dr! WX ' A Y W if xg i 1 Q , H ' ,T ' A ,gf . , 1' . ., , , , .' .' .. ' . .. D . .. .- 4 .. , , ,- . . . ' , 4 ' ., ' , I , . U IX XX ax 2 Fi QU n Q W HOP l 0MMlTTl'l' O I tuR Seated lflumlell Iwnuntam lllllfll Finnegan Stamlmg. Burnett lnus Smith U Burcham llll ll I I I tnlf Ist Run l'mrw,'.an lhnul Zrlura 'Husar Pastor: Nicola: luhvn R Mangvls lt lfuvrl lnmlurtur Murph Karma Harmv Romano Laughlin Trnullos 2nd Run llumman flicker lfaalum Solomon Sprmgjmrn, Fuldsmlth Jacobs, uvhlllflg An tonmu btune, Mwlzrtls O0 Ol a g K . ixxxjena IQ fjx , If ff cz., Ml SIF 4PPRl'llA'llUN llllf O I wk Srtlmg Hmm man It lfnwl IIUIISIIIIIC Stand mg In Ram Dmul Iflhlzrul e Prugh, Zelenz Muller, I' I'rnuIIos Iluls, Znd Run Ifenmt! lrattv Holland, M lreen I' Ixarabzrxs, 'Uarlu Hxrsh, M luhcn, If III-IPII IIIH I In K Mu! I Imru an laplmn lhul P Ialuuralx SIIIIIIIIIIL Isl lfnu An Pr .um Ia! Nprmglmrn Ixunmmlw l arlsnn U 1 ulrn I1 'nfl Rum lonla u Hansen, Inrullns IIULII Marconi Iabullt Iramm 1 . 4 . A . I .4 1. . . - ' , .. ' , 1 3 . - . .- h H A. I . U I . . . . , . , . , ., I 1 u. l ' up , I 9 4 ' Y ' 19 ', 1 , ', " . '.', I ., A ' . . . S X xxx X X Q I.. . f' c'l- I' 'g . , ' 5: . ' , 1.3 .' ' '- ': 11 - ' , ."llll'. . ' , , .' , ' ' g - ': . ' A, . Q .', ' ,. ., ' . . , . -, .- ,z f K , ,,.x .' iw M . -fl STAMP IIIB an C 4 u 1 1 ur I an nunmn lu 1 I lu' v 1 lllfllljllll Slumlm lfulun l lnrrlu Hu Anil: rs I rugh lxnnmmlv lflulnsla Ill U Plllfll h RAIHU Ll l If ll tu R lxrmuifr sllfhll, It I nnull Bohn, R1 IIIPK Iru,.l1 '44 ff 2-f J ONOR new IIUNUR SUI Il 'll I lull Srllmg Illurzl lmmmv INumI4II Smith II Iiur flmm l'lIIllIIllllI IIUII nlmsnn U Sflllllllll, Isl Kun I'1nnPf.1ul lnnnur Hrlrrlwl lf1l1LllI,..IIllllI IQCIIIIPH lusrum WIAIIIFIIIV Ixellv U Iwux ZIIUIH, 2mI Ram Ihslmp Wlller I Muller If Iimlum llstvrlmut, Ulllmrns H, Tver VIP! Ilnullng luuum IIUUSTI R III If In lu' Sa all rl II ll ul I'lu I-mr I' nm 1 Il Hun mn 1 In Numnmrlnm Iwnunlmn Iufllv U Stumlm In! Ifnu Hull: I vnu rrmlz -llrrurns In lor: Us nnllln Ifnuclmral lu uu Nnnluns U lllmmx I Ilulpwl Inrnulla 7mI Kun I uulem PIIILIPBIPIII Ifulun I II: nu rn Ku vn I Plhlrrul 1 Ifuxa n II: mpvl Ih Um lrnlh II: me man, U 1 mru I1 Q u . - Q.- . w. KN . .f ,V 4,-af , . . N". , ,'..4 o.. .. I-. , V . ., . ' , , . ,I .' . .1 . U- ': ' 7 ' Yi U I. U 1 l U A I , - . .- ' ' .' ' . . ' -. ' . ,, ,. .. . , . , 1 . ... , ., , .' , . ,. z, ' , , 'I . .:57l Ir." IA fi' X. li' X I Us if OI.. .AV --1"."",'i 'gur.,.. " ,2'..' ' ,v ', j, ',u, I: . ' ' .A 's ,. ' . ' . .lAs., '.'. .... . ':- A:-', ' . . ... ' ' fv, ' . ,2'. '. ' , r . . j. ' ' I APSTA N S7 AFI- to C Svalwl It xlllllllllll :In ul nusl I'1nm nn, ur vhum Illltnr l'uunt11 I'I I1 1 u un l'llIImIl stein llmu Imrrl Uxlvrlunul I aslnrl Ixahn Rus: n Ifmlum slll 1 hv 'Hurlls Il: mr num Alrrumx Snlunmn Sunluns 'ml Ron Iflumxtpm Ilulpe rl f nuum om mnlsnn nnpvr 0 nu r 'U I I wmx run: Ixurnx lnlmn I Ilfmpvl Iiulur 'II Hzlllr I' Thns ends our ln++le eplsode Of everyone we know We ve run all ou+ of pucfures and I+ means +l1a+ we musl' go We know good fhlngs musl' come 'ro end And +herefore so musl' +l1ese We ll look al +l1em agam wn+l1 friends When grouped +o slwoo+'rl1e breeze We II muss 'Hwese days we've known so well Bu+'ll1rougl1fl1lsll'H'le book Well er regann The fumes we spenl By lus+ anoflwer look Jolwn Slove ,on- of , I" - Q, ,HN , 9 ', f .' 1' .1 Y V Ol.. I..' -' ,u-.Pg ':: B - , 2' ' , ' in, 'if-wr. IJ. ICVIIIISQ Stmuling-Isl Row: R I' . IJ., " ' ' , ' . . ' ', S! '.U .' ,lf .ill I. l"'. .. ,.., ' . "...,..',v. I . . . . . . . . . . fzfwf M' Shup s I944 45 Well gang fhus us uf' Thus us fhe year we have all been waufung for' Bur before we begun fo bursf forfh wufh 'oy and hapuness lef me fake you unfo fhe pasf so fhaf we mughf remunusce over our four years af Farraguf Remember fhaf firsf day Sepfember 2I I944 We sfarfed fhe four mosf umporfanf years of our luves on fhaf day Whafever course we decuded fo fake our prep school educafuon would be fhe mosf unfluenfual and beneficual fhaf we would ever know Also begunnung ufs firsf year of servuce af Farraguf was fhe new Suck Bay and wufh a full swung busuness foo Thus was a year of many firsfs as all fhe school walks were paved wufh concrefe and luned wufh sulver raulungs The annual Navy Day dunner was a huge success wufh food ouf of fhus world and excellenf ad dresses by Commodore Mulls and Commander Lamb Soon affer fhus evenf fhe eagerly awaufed Chrusfmas Hop and fhe wonderful musuc supplued by fhe Debonaures plus fhe unusually large array of beaufues gave fhe dance lusf fhe rughf afmosphere Some of us even resfed The refurn was hard buf we were soon back unfo fhe swung of fhungs and bracung ourselves for our firsf mud year exams Affer fhese fhe fume flew fasf and before we knew uf June Week was upon us For fhe firsf fume sunce fhe war had begun Farraguf fook parf un fhe Memorual Day Parade un Toms Ruver Thus was fhe begunnung of June Week fhe end came wufh fhe wunnung of fhe colors by fhe Fughhng Fursf and fhe June Ball wufh fhe gym beaufufully decorafed and wufh musuc by fhe colorful Louus Pruma A hard buf grafufyung plebe year had ended I945 46- We refurned un Sepfember and much fo our dusmay fhe school hadn f changed Prumed wufh an excellenf speech by Vuce Admural Russell Wullson we were soon on our way fo anofher successful year An excufung foofball season plus lofs of hard work made fhe fume fly by almosf before we realuzed whaf had happened fhe Chrusfmas Hop had come and gone and we were clamorung for seafs on fhe buses fhaf would fake us home for anofher Yulefude Season ln March of fhaf year fhe school became fhe proud owner of fhe Navy LC I Q6 538 and fwo LC V P s All hands fook greaf prude and unferesf un fhese fhree oufsfandung addufuons fo our fleef The V P s were firsf puf unfo use when fhey fransporfed parf of fhe corps fo Toms Ruver where we agaun fook parf un fhe Memorual Day Parade Agaun June Week and deparfung were upon us Thus year fhe Thunderung Thurd capfured fhe colors and we all leff wufh a feelung of happuness and success I946 47 Jusf fwo more years full graduafuon was our cry as we agaun fook up fhe dufues of cadefs and genflemen nof fhaf we weren f genflemen durung fhe summer Hs lusf fhaf loafung was so much more unferesfung Per usual fhe foofball squad had been pracfucung for fwo weeks before our refurn and as ' I 60 vlvofvtvlvlTATOTOTQLTATQTL , . . . I .- ' . I . I ' l II Il 0 , . I - I I 0 ll l ll T I ll ' II ' ' , . Chrisfmas Leave followed in furn and whaf a fime we had! Dances, dafes, and wonderful parfiesl ' I i . I . I . ' I ll 0 O ' ll l I l 0 I I I . . . . . , . : . I , . . . . . . , . . . . . I, . - n - . . . I U II I ' ' Il ' 1 I ' l U I u I JNIQ J? we eyed 'lhem for rhe firs+ 'hme +hey had fhe malungs ofa good feam Navy Day rradahon was upheld by a 'rurkey dsnner and an InspIrIng speech by Admral Carpender who larer became our superIn+enden+ Thanksguvmg Leave was cancelled +ha+ year buf all dlsappomrmenf vamshed when plans 'For a Thanksglvung Hop were announced Thls IhhOV6l'IOI1 made Chrlsfmas Leave more apprecIa'I'ed and Il' was cer+aInly lusf +ha+ Before we lefl' +he Foo'rlIgh+ers enferfamed us wI+h a superb performance of The Devll and DanIel Websler Eughreen Inches of snow was raken In s+rIde as +he Mud Wmfer Hop Iolned fhe ranks of success ful dances pul' on by fhe Hop CommIHee Then our of fhe Dark Ages evolved a beauhful sprmg and durlng June Week fhe FooflIgh'rers agam enlerfa ned us wI+h an excellenl' performance of Arsenlc and Old Lace The Second Company fook fhelr furn af wmnmg fhe colors and fhen ihe cllmax of fhe +hIrd year fook place In lhe form of fhe June Ball wI+h musuc furmshed by Bob Shebley and hIs orches +ra The Commencemenr speaker was +he newly elecfed governor of New Jersey Alfred Drlscoll I947 48 Then finally I+ was here Thai' year of years when we became FIrs'I' Classmen Boy whal a l9fl'IflC year +ha+ was' The foofball +eam sfar+ed us off by wmmng fhe Mullfary League ChampIonshIp and from +hen on we had an unsurpassable class The Navy Day program was as enloyable and as successful as ever and for fhe second year we subsfrlufed a beauhful dance for Thanksgnvmg Leave When ChrIs+mas came along I+ found +he +hree compames a feudm and a Hghhn +o break Info firsf place On re+urnIng from leave mosi ol us had +o plow fhrough fhe snow leff over from fhe bug s+orm bul' If was nof wI+h heavy hearfs fha? we refurned for fhere were only four mon'l'hs lefl' of our hugh school career WI+h all fhe snow plus zero femperafure we sweafed and sfudled and passed fhe mud year mark Wmfer broughr on more sensahonal afhlehcs wI+h fhe baskefball 'ream losmg only four games fhe whole season We were really proud +ha+ year The Mud Wmfer Dance +hough posfponed un1'Il March Sfh, was shll a huge success wI+h +he fauihful Debonaures supplymg fhe sweef melodIes and fhe beaufiful drags supplymg 'rhe sweel' +hough+s and memorues The clrmax of our always +0 be remembered FIrs+ Class year was June Week. Salurday +he Foo+lIgh+ers were a success as usual, wI+h +heIr produchon of "Charley's Aun+ " Sunday, MemorIal Day, and +hIs year we dnd no'l' par+IcIpa+e In fhe Toms Rlver parade The Band Concerf, fhe Declama hon Confesf and fhe DrIll Compe+I'I'Ion followed In ihelr order' and +hen came 'lhe nIgh+ of nIgh+s' The June Ball, wlfh a Du+ch fheme. superbly decoraled by fhe Hop CommIHee, was +he dance of fhe year Claude Thornhlll and has band supplled wonderful musIc for fhls, our lasl' nighl' af Farraguf Tuesday mormng, June first and seven'l'y +wo of us wull remember fhe day as one of fhe greafesl' In our lnves Commencemenf exercIses were held In fhe SenIor Gym wifh Admural T L. Sprague, Chuef of Naval Personnel as fhe speaker. Thus ended four years of hard work and good hmes as we iurned our blues ID fo "Joe" and proudly wenf our ways In "cIvvIes " T ZILUCA Class Husforuan -AA-AAA44-4444--44AAA4444A--A-AAA- 44-4-4 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvv4 --AAAAAAAAAAAAA4A4A444444444AA4AA4 AA--- ivvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvf -A-AA-4AAAA4A4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQQAA--- vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv- I I , I I ' I I I ,I I Il I I I I II - 0 II I I I I I I I I I I I o . - II - II I - - II v ,I I I I I I - I I I II I I ' I I , I I - 0 II I I v III I ' I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I , I I I II I II I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I .. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I Class Prophecy The power of prophesyrng fhe fufure rs one many people would lrlre fo possess Lef us suppose we had a frme machrne fhaf could carry us rnfo fhe fufure We sfep rnfo a small werrd uranrum lrned room and sef fhe drals fo deposrf us somewhere rn fhe vrcrnrfy of fhe year umpfy yea seven We arrrve af a small arrporf complefe wrfh fhe lafesf supersonrc anfr gravrfafronal devrces and charfer one of fhe newer roclzef shrps from Dave Lechfreclrer s Round fhe world rn fhorfy seconds flrghf servrce Frrsf fravellrng easf across fhe rollrng blue Aflanfrc we soon pass over a group of U S warshrps on maneuvers lf rs fhe Norfh Aflanfrc Fleef under command of ADMIRAL BILL KELLY Commander rn Chref of fhe U S fleef Admrral Kelly rnvrfes us aboard hrs arrcraff carrrer fhe U S S Amos Roundseaf and as we are rnfroduced fo hrs sfaff we recognrze some famrlrar faces There rs CAPT BLUNDELL Sfaff Commander CMDR TAYLOR Sfaff Adlufanf and CMDR GUS KAROS Execufrve Officer now all fine naval officers and graduafes of fhaf school of hard 'raps Annapolrs Affer a fine meal prepared by CHIEF STEWARD ANDERSON we drsembarlu fo confrnue our lourney easfward Two and a half hours lafer we arrrve over Egdon Heafh and as we crrcle fhe land rng field we see PAT CONNOR and Eusfacra Vye crossrng fhe Rarnbarrow Affer a shorf vrsrf af whrch frme we rnqurred abouf fherr lrffle famrly of Calrbans we agarn soared rnfo fhe blue only fo find ourselves rn Afrrca and roy of loys whom do we see buf fhose famous hrppopofamus hunfers Affer acqurrrng a few monkey farls fo brrng baclr fo our famrly physrcrans BADUM and GVARDI JAN who are worlung on an anfrdofe for fhe cure of cancer we are off agarn fhrs frme nof sfopprng unfrl we reach fhe far Easf Affer much aslung of quesfrons we find our oblecfrve McANERNEY S Mongoose Manor of Mongolra and sure enough ouf fronf baslung rn fhe sun rs Macs old roommafe ROAMING ROMNEY Wallung around we find much fo our surprrse fhaf many old frrends are wrfh Mac As fhe moaf was empfy because of fhe dry season BILL BENNETT had renfed rf so fhaf he could drsplay hrs new cars Bull has furned ouf fo be qurfe a salesman lnsrde fhe manor we find Ol TOM SETTLE confenfed and happrer fhan ever Buf why nof srnce hes among hrs dreams come frue-gurl baclx scrafchers We have lourneyed some 24000 mrles and we are now nearrng fhe good old U SA agarn Our firsf sfop on fhe Wesf coasf rs of course Hollywood where we see TED THE DICTATOR FLICK ER complacenfly malnng love fo Lrnda Schmrdf successor fo Jane Russell Here also we find fhe boys who are malung Tommy Manvrlle loolu lrlce a prlrer none ofher fhan fhose playboys of fhe cenfury AL BELT and DICK ROSEN Headrng Easf we fravel af crursrng speed so fhaf we mrghf enloy fhe scenery and of all fhe scenery fo enloyll below us rs a convoy of fruclrs from BOB JOHNSON S Mofor Transporf Corn pany Whaf a specfacle-all women drrvers under fhe supervrsron of BOSS DANELUZZI Bobs foreman And now we ve come fo our lourney s end As we ve looked rn on many a frrend And you have learned our fafe From fhe class of 48. "Bring-'em-back-if-l'm-lu'clcy" ABRAMS and DON "RADAR" GOUVEIA. .- Last III and Testament We fhe class of l948 bemg of sound sane and sober minds do hereby graciously bequeafh fhe followmg fo fhose forfunafe souls whom we have chosen fo be so honored as fo have somefhmg fo remember us by Ellard s presidency fo Truman Conanf s build fo Ryan Teer s monsfer fo Frank Buck Smclaar fo Esso Cohen s physical fheones fo Cusano A new busldmg Sknppy Hall Laughlm s drawl fo Jlm Edwards Benneff s rehremenf pay for an officer s fund Spranghorn s knowledge fo Lf Dofy McAnerny s seamanshup rafe fo Norcom Bushop fo fhe Cardmal Johnson s mudgef racers fo Lf Elms Seffle fo an upsef sfomach Rovnffn s fhus here s fo Lf Mules Harfman s horn fo Gabrnel Sfone s anhcs fo fhe zoo Sfanfon s dog bnscunfs fo Gu Rayworfh s membership nn Tom Max Sfralghf Shoofers fo Capf Norrus Edwards wenghf guessmg abllufy fo fhe locker room scales Zlluca s bed fo fhe nexf Baffalnon Commander Gouvena s radar fo Lakehursf A boffle of permanenf wave sef fo Lf Wlllas Kelly s brams fo Coluvas Blundell s bar bells fo Sheehy A Taff buffon +o Dr Guy Badum loyfully leaves Farraguf Uncle Tom leaves hrs Cabm fo Harruef Beecher Sfowe Rosen s rackefs fo Cmdr Lee Some of Anderson s spare hanr fo Lf Cooke Harsh s knofs fo anyone who can unfne fhem Flicker s achng fo Vufamnn Flmfharf David s nose fo fhe Pune Beach Fare Fughhng Brigade A Baskef fo Cmdr Rennhard A fomahawk fo fhe barber Daneluzzl s car fo Miss Aberle n I 1 u u . I . u . . .. I . - I . s i I . . I . . u - . . . . I . I . Q u - u . - l . u u - n - n . I . u I . . n - . I . 0 'I ll 0 I ll ' , . I . . . . I . . I . . . . I . . I . . S . I . . I, . . na - " ' I 4 Q h Mosl Popular Bes+ Loolung Funn esl Mosl Lulcely lo Besl A+hle+e Mos? Slucllous Richard Prug Pal' Connor Paul Ellard Pal Connor Succeed Tom Sellle Tom Muller h Ska Hall Mos+ Nauve ppy Besl Personalufy Jack Taylor Mosr Dngmfned Huberl Teer Mosl Bashful Huber? Teer Besl Dance r Roland Bouchard Besl Sporl Bull Buclungham Mosl Ambuhous Bernie Lewis Bull Kelly Nolslesl Bob Jones Smar'I'es+ Women Slayer Tony Zlluca Woman Haler Andy Coccna Dreamer Skippy Hall Mos? Muslcal Bull Bennelf Bull Kelly + Aclor Ted Fllclcer Mos+ Arhshc Bes Mos? Respecled Tony Zlluca Mosf Pleasanl Bernne Lewus Mosl Pugnacsous Pev Blundell Besl Saulor Paul Ellard John Slone Bes+ Leader Tony Zrluca Mos+ Typacal Cade' Rudy Badum Mosl Popular Orcl1es+ra Vaughn Monroe Mosr Popular Magazin Lufe Mosl' Popular Raduo Program Cheslerfueld Supper Club Blggesi' Slave Driver Pev Blundell Mosl' BI'06dmInde.l Don Gouvela The gurl wllh whom we would mosf lulce +o be reslrucled Eus+acua Vye ----------- -- vvvvvvvvvvvv ver, nunnnAvnAvAvA,A,e ------------ vvvvvvvvvvvvrrrv wunnnnn1AvA,AvAve ----------------- - vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvff, ,------, , . . . f Q 14 Famous Faculty Sayings Capl Dodge Cmdr Remhard Cmdr ee Cmdr Dallon Cmdr Bobo Cmdr Shappell ms Guy Lewus Sheesley Soderman Baclc Damel Goerlz Horner Lesser Ml es Remel Slruclrer Swagerl' Thompson Halslon Crescenzo Jaullel Wrllls Capl' Norris Ll Doly Ll Boyd Chnef Balmer Chief Chelew Chief Slevenson W l n w y ur rec ou o ou er hl o a w f6 eof u ma a Good a nl ome Odf K odo al Q n ng ve r e ne l-'eadrra hex Who ralclng he Co lege Boards7 Teh Teh e I J eo fc w n x or ln for lem Tale a rna e one row aparl Euslacla I mean Connor S l Up' Now gel ln row Mr Zlluca you have lwo lrlp el SC warlz p alrg ornuch Who yell rq7 I PAVE NEVER SHOUTED' Cn lh lesl all Denno ra begln wllh 85 ahd worlc d w Zaslrow l o l l y u lyou weren l b qqer lhan rne I sland correcled r Carry on When I was a lao we wor ed W osa d ro e Y Cray bud rnanl lre lne foo ll you can gel rnl one you can gel lhem all Nahk ol' lh Tank You re on r po l clcay Gee bul I rn ll ed Corn on uo lo a up ol ollee er u ou r lufn My God N le l Four walch squad owes u Oo n nn back al cl a Canlyou eelfnealro row? lake llrorn mrnea u e oelore To be a good ofllc r you l-le s a e 'nar Loolc who w caugnl oed Anderson I . El lc , efgloolamo ord. . ' 'Abs lely- lcoufse-y r 7g 'ul 'ne or: ef 's NC. Ll. .L 'lhefacl lea' ler. Ll. . ' Yo l lie Q L rl fefe 5 l, I .L L+. . Th 5 ellfng 'nlc zo'hel I f e nol qe'lffq 'P'o. Ll. . l Se Y ' . l fferwvf- l l. l.l.El 'N ' le' ' f ll , .. l .N L+. ' Wh -n 3 4' orl lor Be ol ... Ll. ' lhh leel ls l . e no ay-. , lle l A seals , Ll. L ' - , I Ll. ' ' , , ' If l .' Ll. l 'N . ' , ' sl lf Ll. Coolce "Good news bad news-nlce wealher, len apef L+. ' ' h ,sro e ll 2 ' Ll. , N 5 'S . I . Ll. 'L ls C ls ' ' , o nfl Ll. f ,L sicclo ' ' I 1 . L+. 'l ,, ,sl. Ll. ., 'l ' l. l L+. H , l h , T 3 T f A, l, , Ac: l' Ll. . L ll 's , .N L+. , , ' .f e ' 7n. L+. ' , ' ' e f - 7 Ll. , ' 'r .' Ll. ' ,, ll e X f Q Q Ll. " Mill ,sh lup-Posevy 'es -'. . 'Co e C l. a , I J . , , , , Fm . Leo Holland and Mrs Robert F Fountazn Jr E 2 Si Patrons and PatronessesQ deeply mdebted to our Parents and Frzends the Patron! and Patronesses of the 1948 Trtdent wtthout whose actzce support we could not haue successfully publtshed thzs Annual Mr and Mrs G1lbertF Metz Mr and Mrs Frank Uhl Mr and Mrs Joseph Pastor: Max and Rosaltne Solomon and Mrs Mr and Mrs Irurng Rubtn Mr and Mrs W1ll1amA Lechtrecker Mr and Mrs Harry Gtannopoulos Rear Admzral and Mrs T G W Settle and Mrs T J Hutttnger and Mrs HammeIlP Shzpps and Mrs Wm A Mzller Jr and Mrs Anthony Gtbbs and Mrs Paul Meshburg and Mrs HermanC Kersteen and Mrs Dmytro Szwayka Sr Captazn and Mrs M A Mathzasen and Mrs W H B Anders and Mrs AlbertH Redles and Mrs T L Kane and Mrs W S Bennett 7 heodort V and Mabel Hall Mr and Mrs W1llardC Mallalzeu Mr and Mrs Samuel Halpert Rev ThomasG Conboy Mrs F S Romney Mr and Mrs JohnR Hoffstadt M arton Meagher Fletcher Crystal Brook Farm Inn Anton Mznoprto Mr and Mrs G W Wetgold Sr CadetG W Wetgold Mrs ConstanceM Rath Cadet Donald Faust Mr and Mrs JohnJ Tzerney Mr and Mrs Gtrard P Nardone Mr and Mrs Feltx Kltne Capta1nardMrs H G Walker Mr and Mrs Joseph Esposzto Mr and Mrs Georgel Leu.1s Mr and Mrs John Gerken Mrs P A Lethbrzdge and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Adelrne r and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Malcolm and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Morrzs Rafktn Carl Carlson Marcellt Coccza John Kolb L Vogt Charles B Jacobs John S Routttz Charles H Ellard Jr George D Conant Blundell Irutng Bressler Fred Pomerantz Frank Passaro GeorgeE Gtllespte Todd Dantel Louzs Sunshzne Albert M Ptke Louzs E Leuzne Stdney Flicker Morrzs Dauzd Charles E Johnson Guernsey Curran Jr Russell W Johnson Wzlltam A Hartman Arthur Schwartz B J Kelly F A Earle Lousell C Harrtson Wzlltams JosephG Netdznger Frank P Rtuers Frank H Zelenz John W Howte Henry Troger Jr Major A A Amunrud Mr and Mrs Wtlltam M Manzt Mr Gabr1elL Mennzllo Mrs Theresa Menntllo XVesley Sprtnqhorn F and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mtchael Komondy Luts de la Cruz lrumg Benerofe Joseph H ftluca John T Doran Mrs Joseph1neDtmeo Mr and Mrs Frank L Itnnegan Mtss Bet y Lou Fznneqan Mr and Mrs GeorgeC Borne Mr James Antonlou MVS M FOHGCF Mrs Ceorae Cohen Mrs A R Hempel Mrs larl B Mzller TheS1nrla1rs Mr ArthurA Ltsclt 'Wr A J Creenc Mzss Arlme Eberhard Mr and Mrs HubertO Teer Sr Mr and Mrs A Blumstem Mr and Mrs JosephE Gtlroy Dr and Mrs G Herbert Rzchter Mrs A I Goldsmtth I' F Mr Col and Mrs A Frames XV1ll1amL Fredrzcks XValterF Schtllerlt and Mrs R C Dou,l1na and Mrs L B Osterhout and Mrs Mtchael I ehman and Mrs XVm P Johnson Jr onel Frankltn Berry CecylH Grimes FthelC1IlJert 'Vlr Harry I :ner Mrs D L Mclxtoun Mr. . Mr. . . ' , . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' ' Dr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . .',. Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Dr. . . ' . h Mr. . . lil . . . Mr. . , . Mr. . . ' ' ' . . . ' Dr. . . , . Mr. . . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. Mr. . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . T ' . Mr. . . . ' . ' Mr. . . ' ' . . Mr. . ' . . Dr. . ' ' . . . Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' - Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . . . ' Dr. . . . . Mr. . A ' . Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph F. Faust Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wight r. . . . . ' Mr. . . . . . ' . Mr. . . . ' . , ' ' Mr. . . ' ' ' ' 2 . . . Mr. . . ' ' . . . V Mr. . . , , Mr. . . ' , , , ' Mr. . , . MF. . - -. .v . . Mr. . ' - Mr. . . Mr. . ' M . ' ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. , ' ' M . . . M . .... t ' b . . '. 5' h Mr. . ' . Ship s Boosters Q4 Q99 Q G, 559 SS if ' I fyxx' X 9 wch- f x 'I K figs 'T 4- 'T THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TOMS RIVER N I 1 IOXIJII nl n 4 U mm SI 1 I 1 RESOURCES Cash on hand and tn Banks U S Government Bonds Muntctpal Bonds Publtc Ut111t1es R R lndustrral and other bonds F I-I A Not sand Mortaaaes Loans and Dlscounts Veterans Home and Busmess Loans Federal Reserve Bank Stock SE 2 970 525 12 7 21 1 038 51 2 567 480 03 None 605 649 18 3 857 721 08 1 468 198 68 37 500 00 T1'11rteen Other Stocks 13 00 Two Banlctnq Houses Furnlture and F1xtures Other Real Estate Sold Under Contract 2 481 87 Stx Other Parcels S18 746 874 86 LIABILITIES Common Capltal Stock S550 000 00 Surplus 700 000 00 Undtvtded Proltts 244 178 16 Total Capttal Funds 1 494 178 16 Reserves 31 059 47 Unearned dtscount on F H A and Contract Loans 41 323 73 Other Lrabrltttes 17 463 00 Deposrts 17 162 850 50 S18 746 874 86 OFFICERS FRANK W SUTTON lr CECILIA BEATRICE BUNNELL Prestdent and Trust Ofltcer A ststant Casht r DR RALPH R IONES IOHN G EBERE Vtce Presrdent WILLIAM I GRULER Vtce Prestdent ROY H TILTON Vtce Prestdent ROGER N LANE Casnter CS Trust Otttcer GEORGE GUION PIKE Asststant Cashter Counsel Asststant Cashter ADELAIDE F SVVAN Asststant Cash er THEO M LANE Asststant Trust Ottt er FLOYD R Sl 1TH IR Cor tptroller HOWARD EWART O S'l'A"l'1Ml'1N'17 UI" ' f "ION Attl - '1 s' fli css Ol"1'0l Cl' titll. IJ-1' ' ,V,A .bwl 1, L, as 2100 ' ' ssssss.. ..tssssss 0 .1 0 L, 2.00 ' , at at fQffQQf aaaa iff ' 6100 Other Assets .,,....,......,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , Y, H ,....r.,t,..,,,, ,.,t,t 2 6,257.39 THE CANTEEN O JOHN M PETTIT Jr . , . Manager 7ndm20zce Teawq Wea' eweg Acifh :All f OYTObfDOIld0I1'C IOP O H0111 O11 NOWIG1 cy Congrcrtulcxtlons to the CLASS OF 1948 OII 111911111 yOL11 Q41 11110 y 1 II ow If 5 KPDV1 G11 Q cum Que N WC xlend 'A 5 1 1G Os 1 1 O 11601 GEORGE THEOBALD '39 0 I Q51 f A ,, qv .'. , - ,533 By Q 1, ' 5 Y' :C I1 CE 11111 CiOlIW'j yf3L11 111 't Vw ci' 1.c.VAJ'I1L your Co111111y 111 the fOIG oi world c111t111Q, Ddl,1CLII1OII, SCQ1OIlT1flC cxccornphs 111 '11, " 131111 ESQ. - e 51:1 Q eat -11-211 ' L1 ymx f'11Cc'c5S 111 yiur zfifw '.'c?11t1 -P Q 221114 APPLIANCES ESSOTANE GAS FRIGIDAIRES OIL BURNERS POPULAR AND CLASSICAL RECORDS Essotane TOMS RIVER NEW JERSEY Ofice Phone T R 8 0474 Home Phone8 0045 R .I. W. I"INl.ICY YOU KNOW THAT There IS a counfry club af AFA namely fhe 690 CoLn+ry Club Thus ouffnf has a hlgher percenfage of Hs mmaies parhcupahng In varslfy afhlc :cs fhan any ofher bulldmg If IS honored by fhe Admvrals falr ng pleasu e Io glve Hs members a greafer amounf of S O s fhan any ofher braun facfory If5 of nfs members are cadef officers Ifs members are fhe following Isffle Lord Faunfleroys TONY ZILUCA who had never heard of fhe Bees and fhe Flowers unful he embarked hs career af A FA TOM PIKE who sflll hasnf reached has pealr HANK TROGER who would make a good wresfler he can fhrow fhe bull BOB MANGELS who s a hof kd IS a son of a In em GENE TYNDALL who has gone fo 5 dlfferenf schools In rhe Iasf 5 years LEO WARD who lives near Ihe coal mines has never been IH one FRED MOODY who never wresfled before fhls year Ioolcs If foo DOC SHIPPS In sails who ns prumplng for fhe All Ame :can man confesl BOB LOWELL who says fhaf fhere ns no place like Los Anceles raclrefeer DICK PRUGH who IS fhe Sugar Chnld Robinson of fhe org mzahon GIL METZ who nf he sfayed af AFA for fhe nexf IO years would shll be a 2 PO FLOYD NORTON who IS well on hrs way fo The N A OC C champlonshlp Nahonal Assoclahon OI Garbage Collecfors KID FREDERICKS who as the undxspufed I40 lb c amp of fhe 600 C C n cnmlnalrons fhaf were nof held yef AL SITZER who IS frying fo ge? hlmself on the Brooklyn Dodoers so fhaf he can ref hsmsclf lnfroduced fo LARAINE DAY WILLIAM PETERS who IS an honorary roemher even af he doesnf Irnow If hes our houseman DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS THING COST EACH OF US TWO Icounf ml BUCKS WELL DUNE CLASS UF 48 WMM 'I424 CHESTNUT ST PHILA 2 America s OLDEST and FOREMOST Makers of U S Officers' Uniforms of Fme Quality DO : T " " ' on I i I . . . he ' ' . an. No. 79I2090 now residing up fhe river af fhe B7g House was formerly GEORGE COHEE . . . fhe . . ' l I Y 0, 0 1 ARTI C,US'1 OM BUILT U11 RIFA S MOSI MARTIN CIJ STOM TIRES CORPORATION 621 Wesi 54th Street NEW YORK 19 COMMUNITY THEATRE TRACO THEATRE Tel T R 80888 Tel T R 80156 'l'0ML IHIEH THFATRE C0, Inn N -N IDIS'l'l.X'Ci!,'l.S'HIfD 'I IRI1' 1 J ' ' 0 0 L G BALI-'OUR CCMPANY Known wherever there are schools cmd colleges MAKERS OF FINE School R1ngs and Pms D1p1omas Commencement Announcements Medals and Trophles Adm1ra1 Farragut Class Rlngs 1601 Chestnut Street Phllcxdelphla 3 Penncr Comp11ments of Beacon Restaurant 27 Maln Street TOMS RIVER NEW JERSEY O Telephone Toms R1ver 8 1089 I I n u 1 e ' . . . . G. DAHROUGE WHOLESALE Meats and PPOVISIOHS N ASBURY PARK NEW JERSEY DALVA BROTHERS Inc FRENCH EIGHTEENTH CENTURY FURNITURE Best Wlshes For The Future Works of An cmd Textiles to my Classmates TONY G ZILUCA i' XIEW YQRK e P 8 PARIS Q Q "WT S4-I' '1' The- S4-llfmlw f , . i' I X 44Ec1st 57th Street. I Tf-10g,ho1'1 , Lcmzfw -2297 f1t't'tl!7 C.NULU7fll'-S 14114111741 ,lvuwlvr J SCHOEFER Watches 0 Dlamonds Sxlverware Traco Theatre Bulldmg Phone Toms Rxver 8 1148 x Lax f well qr PY mlje Gcenn ffounicg ,Sun J S MATT-HS Pubhsher rhshed every Pmdcxy hy the Sun Publlshmg Corporahon Eusmess Gnd Ed.1fOI101 Offlces 229 M0111 Street TOMS RIVER N I Phone T R 8 HOU RUSSO BROS 1 1 MASON CONTRACTORS 1 1 cement Blocks OPPN ALL YEAR P lone Toms RIVOT 8 0399 7 1 ll'0l'?fll'll' fnlef 1 fluff Afifllllfllllf r cmd Mrs Fmz Prop IJUILAT Genders nah! On the RIVOT 77 Water bt Toms River N T ODERN AIRY ROOMS ml I xt OOD FOOT X! A v' ' . . w - T T, ru, , ,, . , , . . Y : ' - 1 . ' - . f . . ' 9 , f , E . N! ' Witipcez' ' ' T TJ . . - , .I ' , Lv. .N ' ,- . " V ' ' '.T'ffIl5' !lf.Y1VflYP ,f :. ff-wfw 7 1.1 vtjdg THE A B NEWBURY C0 BUILDING MATERIAL OI CIYPI VA DID? IAPK HEAHTH 6. HOME SHOP For the Unusual G11 A QTDEV I r M D mo TL, fS RIVVQ N THE OCEAN DINER Best Foods 26 Mum Street Toms Rlver N VI Your Host In Central Iersey ,AQTE I 0 Y M YJ Q Ii Ps Q TAP Room X1 "The Forslest Place 1n N. I." I - - , , , Iffzirg ,Ifbeimf TITQI TOYS RIVER FI. T. rlrfzwgh Ywrfir , fff1.,H, Hftfig-Tl ' f'IrIf fi " n l f K ttf iff A ,tiff ,Ii'1'I': II ,wx ,Y Ahh, is , 'I' M UA' ' I' 1175.13 River 8-UH5 , 'Q X C 15 ' W YY It 3 Xl ,X 4.8 Vs z I- -' xx ' 'X YE OLD CEDAR INN Route 37 One 'Yule fro'r to vm of TOMS RIVER N I COCKTAIL LOUNGE UINNERS AND A LA ARTE Famous ior STEAKS For Reservcuorx Phone LOCAL BROTLERS Toms Rlver 8 1452 SIDEWALK CAFE NOW OPEN COMPLIMENTS OP WOODLAND GARDENS Inc R H IOHNSON Preslclem IRVING KAHN Secretc1ryTreosurer COMPLIMENTS Or WESLEY AMUSEMENT C0 ASBURY PARK N 1 COMPLIMFNTS OF TOMS RIVER MOTOR CO. DODGE 1 PLYMOUTH 1 'A C MAINE LOBSTERS Toms River 8-1256 , . 1V Try T HOLLYWOOD INN S ok Spoql' 1 Clmckeq PG no 5. K Q fDrm S Eqst VVGSIW ngto S TOTS R11 I IN V Ps! Dulwf 3 A LEN PA TNT COMPANY 20 'fq1nStree In Abc WGsh1nqtof1St D Po T fl Fmlse Du Pon 1-10,13 Palm 1 or r Bri P41 For Creamler Flavor For Extra Nutrxtlon SHEFFIELD VITAMIN D HOMOGENIZED MILK cfadzsz' Qafufen Slale fmwead MAIN STREET .-,loaiwullfuuda Phones Duc ov. 988 8 0923 BEST WISHES to the "CLASS" from the 1948 TRIDENT STAFF " f'9'1'.CCLY' W .' Q'5 ff For Rezllylj AQJEUTH1! CWM S HAYES AJ In dem Pumt more - 59 'Dxlccw ' . 'F I -, .. Q'-1" I te S ' leii M ft - VD V ff ' A L X 'Z Toms River, N. I. QHJRSQ 'k' 4 :1T1.f'1ne'hS f .if on t., .. We,T.I. tv"9 'IS Yfev Ifsrsey CQ ,Q , torn ' 'nts 4I I . 4 +V' ,94- i Q 1 I l A Q' 4 O TSC T, R. 8-I T. R. - CHALIF SCHOOL OF DANCE Ballroom Tap Acrobatrcs Ballet 113 We t57tl1 St NewYorlc19 N Y Compllnsents of THE W WOOLWORTH Toms Rrver N I QUAUTY Headquarters for V' UNITED 'Q' Lawn Seed FEED O L rons .fczspgof Mm Ferulrzer Lrme Peat Moss TOU45 RWGT N l Games Doa Food Phone T H 8 C010 Complrments ot ToMs RIVER LIQUOR and DELICATESSEN STORE Beer Wmes Lxquor 2 Washmqton Street Toms RIVGY 8 lO75 Complrment t HUBERT O TEER SR TOMS RIVER PLUMBING SUPPLY 249 Nam Street Toms Rrvor 81173 SAM S BAR and RESTAURANT F1 h and Chips our Specxalty Steak Dmners xll krnds of sandwrches Be rchwood N I THE SWEET SHOP Schenone and Carroll Breyer s Ice Cream Best Quahty Chocolates 53 Mam St Ton s Rrver N I Phone T R 80742 A F. . co. Q A '25 4' gg A . . . , Q l A V - 1 BRAD TUCK WEED PYROFAX GJ Drstnhutors EDWARD W RUSSELL 50 Mann Street To'ns Rrver N I GOOD LUCK TO THE CUXSS OF 19118 R Om 329 Rldor GOUVGICJ Skrppy I-Ioll Leo Brandenburg A Complete Travel Servlce POP TER TRAVEL AGENCY Noshrngton Burldlnq Toms Rwer N I TR 80806 TREBOZSQMI Cotnphrr ents THE PHILADELPHIA UNIFORM co ,Inc Conshohocken Po J H MOUNT C0 26W Mcun ot Freehold N WES TINGHOUSL APPLIANCES Phllco Emerson Wostrrlq house Zenrth RADIO TELEVISION Gomphrnents of THE MUSIC STORE I South St Freehold N I Phone 8 I377 EVERYTHIIXG IN MUSIC MARON S ARMY aa NAVY SUPPLIES WI ns ond Boys SHOES AND CLOTHING Mann St Toms Rrver FS 4 I of I 300 I , . . "T if O I' YY W I ' f ' ' I I , . . I , W, I if' -- -2- - V t I I I of ' a . W ' H Y ' v , . 7 ' I 9 Compliments of THE HIGHLAND LAUNDRY Compliments of H E L D ' S GENERAL STORE Pine Beach New Iersey Comphments of HANDY SHOPPE Beachwood New Iersey VICTORY MARCH' The Mahon W1d9 march of HANOVER Umformed Cadeis IS a vlctory for quahty MORE MITITGTY Academles have adopted HANOVER Requlahon Mlhtary Shuts than any other brand HANOVER UNIFORM CO BALTIMORE MARYLAND MARION TAXI CABS Phone 8 0964 Toms RIVGT INEZ HOME FOOD SHOP DELICATESSEN AND HOME FOOD Vkfashmqton St Toms R1ver pl arl sM1ller Ir Prop Co nphmems of GEMSCO Factory and mam ofhces 'J Q If xth fvenue New York lf N wanuia ure of NNE UNIFORT' EOUIPVENT AND INEIGNIA BEST WISHES Prom 1 GITHENS REXSAMER 85 CO '7 md 244 Nc rth DGTCINCII Avenue ETIITCIGCII nail Pa Q IS 11 rso1Oua1 Tooa E e 8 . , H W Y YW VY Y O . e' ' , ., . , 1 ' 1 UQ! 'Ju' Q. , ' ' U, .Y. s - , 24- f ' , z ' e by GC1CIT1ZlIl'J,S1IlC9 1881, , . 5 ' uf the W' cz o X. A A , NT!1SUT1lT1k'IlC1 up Q ' My VL lvl . . 1' 's 'mc Y 61" Cornphmonts t Grenander s Jewelry Store Tones RIVGT N I Cornphm nts of GEORGE S TAVERN rr ehold N I WM GENS 85 SON ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION Boston Mass Luqqaae Trunks Personal Leather Goods LEE FORDIN 19 Vv 44th St New York C1ty CLobbyJ 20 D1scount to Cadets and therr Famrhes Best Wrshes To The CLASS OE 48 JOE FUCCILE tSchool Barber? Cornphrnents ot Barber B Ma1n St Toms Bwer I eachwood New Iersey Best Wrshes To The CLASS OF 48 Frorn The Four Handsomest Guys 1n School" Pete Bm: Boo Ed Beachwood Meat, Market Eugene Erath QS Son Meats Grocenes Dehcatess n Frosted Foods or AtIant1c C1ty LS Beachwood Blvds Beachwood N I Q Q X H ,, TED FISCHER ECONOMY SALES Q2 34 Ma 11 Sireet To S RIVGT N 1 CJIFTD RIA D103 FURN11 URL VCT1 5 Be O11 R 18 To S ESQUIRE DRY CLEANERS HC 1 5119 5 IVICG 1 A O11 P1e11 ISGS rc 13 1 Q1 De11ve1y 01111111 1115 O DE GRAW S SHLLL SERVICE STATION CURTIS BAR GRILL Q11 JU 111C 11V 1'11j11WUY Reuie 9 Z 11111 bOL111'1 O1 101115-111VC,1 1'11N 1gST BEL11 L1QUQ11b F1NEST O17 PQCO P 116 TQ 115 Ru GI 8 051,14 4 11 11C1S y 11 1: IV 11 c 111111130111 THE CIRCLE SHOP B c1L11wood Sod 191111 111 Servme 111141 '111 hes 1 e111:- CENTRAL HOUSE HOTEL and RESTAURANT BLSV 7151115 T 1111 1 5 O1 1 CORNELIUS SERVLCE CENTER IVILQ 1111 CHARNEY S 1 J1 LN1 C11 P 1 b1.A.T1ON RY R V91 1 P1111 P10110 81490 1 111 R1'fGYf'12SE . l ITT ' , . . 1 u Z7 VJ. X'.'11f,- ' let ' ' X ' Tex.: 111551, N. 1. ir 24 H3141 me " F1951 C5 " 'YV ' C1111 A11 1 Tff1ZDL1IIf5 1' Tciis ive -01155 P me lckmbin 1 1'f:11'z3': '1 1 SU C' he 1 i "OL 1, U 13 ' H 5 e ' ' 1 1 1 C1 " S 1 C LPJTP Tomb H1101 N' 1' C,u11d1e5 1.1ULJL1Z1I1GS Tobcxccos ,M QD, .r ClQIl,,'1lf!.1 ' Q1 1 1U1 L, A - '12 'es ' " ' ' Q 11C 1 ' 'f - ' Aj: .4.1I.1f1 'E U L. .. '1'yg,11w1xt'1: 11111111111 111411: 1e5 Q ' . 5 'TLI S ' " 8-lc CF1.L'Q PfL1,1121.1 1 1' ,.1d QCD,.,,,Q,. 1 E 7 1.13111 Street 11111115 1 f, N. . ' 1 XII!! 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COMPI IMENTS RICHMOND F ROUTH 'T C I PALM HOUSE BAKERY A ir ocean Gate New Iersey if if IAMES A PARKS IPTOPIIBIOFJ THE MARION INN Fmest Hotel Accommodclhons WesQern Unlon Ofhce m the Lobby rr R1 J I W LE S FLOWER SHOP IEE flfxlffim FD? AEE 3 .IIOHQT QFUPLE Of' I 23, 'V :Lf Im,-if 55'-U3Ul-I If ::.f-' HV!"-r 50340 YOH5'.'.f'fIf-119 HY WIRF - - '."ff'v n'f:Tf'r IH V1'Yfli11Tf'2Ci"f' VII f ' . . . . T575 'Y ff. I. T-7. 'If :uf Ilrxft .zflwfnff SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 48 FROM The Chos n Few Cl b LRF WK KING BRADY I ARR J Im gore EALGOUST IUIIN Wmep IVIARCHEL BRUCE Nfuls MILLER BILL Brcxm KELLY ILRANK Fare MILLER Protect your eyes wuh Ncxhonally adverhsed S O I A R E X sUN GLASSES BACHMAN BROS 1400 38 E Erle Ave Phlladelphxa 24 EDU T BOARD MOTGRS wmfzf-'QQ """'f' GV: HOTALING S BOAT YARD I I II Phone UBI4 CGIVIPI IIVIVNTO HAROLD SCOTT WHOLESALE EGGS I I , I I sa sv 6 'll L J , , ,, 'X I x A - 3 ,, -. I K ,, K N ,I I If , - . 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I I r- v a Z1 Ljfiflllf A er re lbo' Anderson Qcvl Xllrn Bruno Bodrrnr Budy Botrstcr Buglrdee Brqelow Ted Blundoll P Borne lerry lzrcrglcell lolrn Bulok Brll Coroccro Fronk Lhnstopulous Chr Cloword Henry Coccro Andy Colree George Colernon Trrr Conlew Brll Connor Pol f folly Drck llovrd Prnky Dollnr Morv Boron D rbber ldwords Brll Frsele Drclc Flrrrnon Bob Lllfrrd Pdul leod Creep llelglrer lonr Plrclcer Ted lrrrnlx L 1 l r rrr 4 L C34 P J lC1Q Ulir lrraf Cr C loner oe volrneon nun r Q ll P-l jf: 5 fill Il l Kem 1 Ho' lime ne y ll I l fl!! I X K rgr f x . . . C.B.l!l. SI- if 'I " .. l.,1,::-'9ffIj,li 1 V' 1 lf lf' , ' . Glrrree Sklg ffrl: .f,- roy 1' ' , -- flgldex lwfxgrr E, flier. ,ir ljy ',' , CBC rr, llf E :s1sf::w,f'z': ' , " ,' Gr, l'l.flll, Bm. :lo lf:slffrl,B1.l "' , , 1 Grf4f1r1ff,Bc,E: lloru , , ev. rlfflr' Clrfrrlfr-1' l 'ri 1lr,lDi 21 , rlf1:re:1,f1rr,Sfrf' f' rg l'l.1 B' B 1 , - 'lellxg.ySlfrr13" U1 +1 , 'r l'l,,I'1??El, Dlx, 7" SHYIAO. 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Suggestions in the Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ) collection:

Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 116

1948, pg 116

Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 88

1948, pg 88

Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 135

1948, pg 135

Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 83

1948, pg 83

Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 119

1948, pg 119

Admiral Farragut Academy - Trident Yearbook (Pine Beach, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 153

1948, pg 153

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